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Voodoo Vortex: A Badass Hippie Tales (Book 3 of Badass Hippie Tales)

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Combine sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and throw in a little S & M. Mix with a healthy shot of death--and bingo! Things can get out of hand before you can say "qualudes." Bridget is a harried caregiver who, up until now, has lived peacefully in her hippie mountain town. When a coffin is delivered to her front door just a little too early, it unleashes an unbelievable chain of events that results in tragedy. Well, that's not what everyone thinks.... Badass Hippie Tales are a kind of rock ’n’ roll homage to the bawdy humour of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, an antidote to the smarmy feel-goodness of The Vinyl Cafe, and a one-fingered homage to gonzo journalism’s once-glorious past. Brace yourselves, we’re going on a politically incorrect Magic Carpet Ride through the Voodoo Vortex, complete with forbidden sex in an ashram, lethal doses of chemical pick-me-ups, accompanied by an unforgettable 60s and 70s soundtrack.

Here's a peek into the Voodoo Vortex:

"The Badassers were being remarkably well-behaved considering their usual comportment, treating the viewing in the back of Frampy’s van with all the solemnity of a full-blown funeral. That is to say, the raucous band of octogenarians was drinking heavily, blasting tunes out of the van’s enormous speakers, and looking like they were settling in for a long night of partying. Though they called it “waking the dead.” Mort and his sons were scampering back and forth from the funeral parlour to the parking lot with more liquor and had already set up an improvised bar on one of Mort’s notorious “previously loved” coffins. He kept a whole set of them for just these sorts of occasions.

I did not want to be around when the coffin love started. That’s when things always got out of hand....."

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