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Elves In the Machine and Other Oddities of the 4th Dimension

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Elves in the Machine

And other Oddities of the 4th Dimension

By The Abbotts

Are you intrigued by mysterious and odd happenings in the world and want to know, why they are happening?

Then this new book by paranormal experts, The Abbotts will explain to you the true meaning of odd phenomena such as 'Elves in the machine', Clown Gods, sightings of mythical creatures, past life recall, magical horns in the sky, the crystal light body, nature devas and more!

Written in an easy to understand manner and with simple exercises for you to investigate these odd sightings yourself, you will discover a new world of mystery and adventure!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading.

A Beacon of Light Book


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