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Kannada-English Book Adding 15 Years to The Wellbeing of Our Indian Community In USA and Everyone Else In USA

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Adding 15 years to the well-being of our Indian community in USA and every immigrant in USA.Next three months are very crucial for our Indian community here in USA, crucial for us and our children and our junior and senior colleagues. it applies to all immigrant communities who look different.So, my vision is that we can take precautions in next three months’ period, how to keep us safe in next 3 months’ time period while it sinks into both USA Government and Indian Government and Indian community in India to come on the same page.Same page means our new president our President Donald Trump and especially republican leadership realizes the risk of (any level 1% to 100%) civil war which will seriously affect both countries, India, and USA.,
Both countries USA and India USA being the oldest democracy for the last 250 years and India being the largest democracy of 1200 million people compared to 300 plus people of USA population.

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