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Understanding The Mystery Of Life Purpose, Passion And Dreams: An Insight Into Discovering Yourself, Spiritual Gifts, Calling And Mission

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The first journey every man must begin on earth is the journey of understanding his makeup and his divine assignment.

In this book, Author Moses Omojola unravels the mystery surrounding the divine destiny and life purpose of every man on earth. He reveals how every man grew up without knowing his destiny and mission on earth.

Furthermore, he delves into the meaning of destiny, how work becomes job and leads to suffering rather than blessing as God intended for man, how you can take appropriate actions that would lead you to your destiny and life purpose, and fulfilling them.

This book is very helpful in career counseling, career development, career coaching, life coaching, living your best life and setting goals.

Understanding the mystery of destiny or life purpose is paramount in everyone's life who wants to make impact in life, as it helped brought great people Like Jennifer Eivaz, Jennifer Leclaire, Joel Osteen, Charles Capps, Cindy Trimm, Creflo Dollar, D.A Carson, Daniel Okpara, Dr Juanita Bynum, Dr Olukoya, Tb Joshua, to their various levels of achievement today.

You won't be able to stop reading this book, until you've added the wisdom in the book to your life.

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