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Blunt Force Kharma: Section 4: Blunt Force Kharma, #4

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Blunt Force Kharma is an urban sci-fi noir from the author of the long running noir fantasy Miki Radicci series.

On a barely populated planet far from Earth, Kelly Kharma runs her private investigation and security business out of her downtown office in the Central District. Most of the time she takes on boring background work for corporations, investigations for lawyers, or divorces but sometimes…

Construction for the underground Tube between Central District and the suburbs has been going well until a technician is found dead in one of the tunnels. Kharma, hired by the company, searches for the killer but only finds resistance from the law enforcement and government, forcing her to start from scratch.

The last time Kharma met Jasper he had her in a tank filled with water, ready to killer her. Now he needs her help. The anarchist wants Kharma to protect and smuggle a special teen-aged boy out to the desert. Of course Kharma is sketchy of the offer. She doesn't want to me seen and she doesn't want to kill. Jasper promises to take care of both. But there is one aspect he can't seem to control, the leak in his organization.

Two teens, both strangers to each other, attacked and killed their dates the same way. Both had sullen moods months before the attacks, both were clean of drugs, and both had normal teen-age lives. So what pushed them to such violence? At first Kharma agrees with the official report and doesn't find anything more...until the families feud and the ashes fall.

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