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Afflicted: The Prince's Collection

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Hunter, Prince of Baskaria, always knew that one day he would marry and ascend the throne. He thought that woman would be Emmaline, a lady of his court and his mistress of several years. That is until one day, he meets the beautiful and innocent Briella, a common girl raised by her father in the nearby village.

Lady Emmaline, jealous of the girl that has stolen not only her love’s heart, but her chance at the throne, has devised a plan. Using her mother’s book, she casts a spell on all those who stand in her way. If she can’t have Hunter, then no one can.

Briella, smart and kind, is caught in the middle of a love affair. Unbeknownst to her, they’ve been here before. Loving a prince, isn’t easy- especially one like Hunter.

Can love truly exist between a beauty and a beast? One can only hope that they won’t always be: Afflicted.

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