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Recipes: italian pasta in the zone diet. Balance meals, low carb

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Balanced meals, low carb. This recipe book is mainly dedicated to those who already follow the "Zone Diet" to have some extra recipe available, eating well without feeling diet. But It can be extended to all people who want to cook simple, light but tasty Italian recipes. In his books, Dr. Barry Sears, explains the key to the diet strategy in the diet zone. When you have little time the meals can be quicker and a good help comes from packaged products already balanced in "blocks" but when you have some time to cook, it is a pleasure to me and I dedicate myself with passion by taking simple recipes from my family tradition and not only. first dish is one of the strongest pieces of our kitchen. That is the pasta. As Dr. Barry Sears in his Books The best "good" carbohydrates are definitely the colored vegetables and fruit because with a low glycemic index but you will not have to say no! to the pasta that only needs to be resized and when you want to cook the pasta open this book :-)

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