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You Don't Want to Be Published (And Other Things Nobody Tells You When You First Start Writing)

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Lots of writers focus their attention on getting their current project published, but not enough time looking at how to achieve their goals. You Don't Want To Be Published (and Other Thigns Nobody Tells You When You First Start Writing) takes another path, offering real tips from the trenches of the writing life, including some counter-intuitive advice that will help focus your practice and business on what really matters to you.

This is a book about the mindset and psychology at the heart of making a living as a writer: learning to think of your business as a business, building a network, setting smarter goals, and dealing with the realities of earning your living through words. You Don't Want to Be Published collects together sixteen of the most widely read blog pieces and essays from Peter M Ball, based upon his own experiences writing, organising conferences for authors, and working with new authors to figure out where they're going. 

Essays featured in this book include:

- The Nine Business Mantras of a Cranky Writer
- You Don't Want To Be Published
- Focus on the Mountain, Not the Map
- Writing, Budgeting, and Shame
- Let's Be Clear: I Know Fuck-All About Writing and Publishing
- How To Process Writing Advice: Use What Works
- How To Process Writing Advice: Diversify Your Sources
- There Is Nothing Surprising About A Writer Getting Rejected (Even JK Rowling)
- 5 Reasons Rejection Letters Are Actually Awesome
- Yes, You Are Wasting Your Time As A Writer
- The First Rule of Write Club
- The Incredible Sucker-Punch Of Success
- Networking Tips For Reclusive, Introverted Writer-Types
- How To Get The Most Out Of An SF Convention As An (Introverted) Emerging Writer
- Al Snow's Advice For Writers
- Patroen, Tools, Tactics, & Strategy

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