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The Astrology Guide for 2018

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A complete Western Astrology guide to the phenomena of the 2018 skies.Topics include major sign changes, eclipses, out-of-bounds planets, retrograde planets, and more. Unique to this guide is a month by month rating for intensity and for happiness. Another unique feature is a discussion of specific degrees within each sign that are emphasized in 2018. Of course, there is a sign-by-sign analysis of the astro-events of 2018. So you have an overview of the big events in the heavens during 2018 as well as a look at the action in three ways: sign by sign, month by month, and degree area by degree area. There is also a whole section for each sign on relationships from your perspective. In addition to this being a practical guide to success in 2018, it also incorporates a lot of explanatory material telling you why certain aspects or positions are good or bad for you.

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