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31 Days of Affirmation: The Christian Version: 31 Days of Affirmation

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Do you wish you could feel spiritually stronger? Do you wonder how some people seem to sail through their days when you find yourself struggling? It's time to learn their secret.

Counteract negative spiritual influences with the strategic use of positive scriptural Truth statements. 31 Days of Affirmation: The Christian Version will help you do just that.

Here's what you'll discover:

The Biblical argument for statements of affirmation The science behind their effectiveness Scriptural backing for each day's affirmations How to use affirmations to strengthen your faith and improve your decision-making Daily affirmations for four key areas of your life that are common points of spiritual attack Practical, step-by-step instructions for the effective application of these affirmations Enough affirmation statements to keep you growing spiritually, healing from life's wounds, and thriving in all your relationships for months on end.

Life transformation begins from within; 31 Days of Affirmation: The Christian Version provides a clear roadmap.

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