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When It Comes to Real Love

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When It Comes to Real Love is a collection of poems that offers a view of real-life experiences combining emotions and beauty with honesty. Author Sheremirah Jones captures the sheer happiness, sadness, and wistfulness of love; she offers an honest look at lovefor better or worse. The poems evoke the gentle longing that comes from first love and the understanding that increases as love grows. She sees the hope of love of all types, from children, friends, as well as lovers.

When It Comes to Real Love offers poems that speak to our very souls and take us on an emotional roller coaster of discovery of the way that we perceive and experience love.

I Need to Be

I need to be where the beautiful things are.
Where flowers flow and water ripples.

Where old plan leaves catch the wind breeze.
Where everything is quiet and at a stand still.
I need to be there is meditation.

I need to be where things feel alive.
Where things talk but dont actually have lips.
But you can just vibe there conversation is happening.

A place where love is so strong its what you look like.
This place is a feel good place.
A restrain from all evil.

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