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Anna Burgin



You know you've got problems when being hunted by a Serbian hitman is the least of your worries...

Balkan gangsters, corporate spies and a fugitive killer are all on the loose in London, but when a body shows up, all of the evidence points to the victim's wife.

Is it a domestic dispute, or part of a much bigger conspiracy? Fresh from suspension for alleged corruption, DCI Graham March seems far too eager to close the case.

Despite being warned off by his editor, journalist Danny Churchill wants to find the truth -  and enlists the help of his flatmate: fashion photographer Anna Burgin. But when an old friend gets involved, and reports emerge of a huge shipment of weapons heading to the UK, it soon becomes their most complex, dangerous and action-packed investigation so far.

And as Danny and Anna get closer to the facts, the more the odds seem terrifyingly stacked against them.

Packed with twists, intrigue and dark humour, Fade To Silence is a gripping British mystery thriller, and book 4 in the bestselling Anna Burgin series.

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