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BROWNIES AND BOGLES - Background and Insights to the Little People: Stores and Background to Brownies, Bolgles, Elves, Fairies and the Little People

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BROWNIES AND BOGELS is more about brownies, bogels, elves, pixies, fairies and the little people than it is about the stories and tales which the little people tell to each other. It is an excellent volume which gives parents and grandparents background information for those moments when a child asks “Where did the fairies go?” or, “What is a Bogle?”

This volume covers aspects of brownie and fairy life, like What Fairies Were And What They Did. Who the Fairy Rulers were and how they went about ruling. It will also tell who the Black Elves and Light Elves were and how the little people were also House-Helpers but how some of them were also Mischief-Makers. So, if you ever find things out of place in your house, now you know who to blame. You will also read about Fairyland and the Water-Folk, Changelings and the eventual Passing Of The Little People plus much, much more.
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Light Elves, House-Helper, Water-Folk, Mischief-Makers, Puck, Poets, Passing

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