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The Folksinger 2013

229 pages3 hours


Vlad Hugg is a new pop idol. He looks good, sounds good, and writes his own songs. Young girls love him. Boys want to be him. The sales of acoustic guitars have shot up. Why, it looks so simple. Just write a few catchy songs, strum your guitar and you too can be a hero. Well, Vlad Hugg may be a solo performer, but he has an army behind him, a veritable corporation of lawyers, guides, trainers, P.R. people and secretaries. Strangely, most of them appear to be Russian. This is what has attracted the attention of Melia and the Unit. Her boss has alerted her to a potential problem. Young Vlad may be a spy. But he seems so innocent! So, why do people around keep dying, mostly in strange circumstances? Then, when someone tries to kill Vlad, things really get interesting. Who is trying to settle what scores? Does it really go back to the singer's origins in Salford, the town where Melia's cousin was born. Is there a possible link? And are they both in danger?

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