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Miki Radicci



Collected for the first time are the first 9 short stories in the Miki Radicci series. In these stories you will experience adventures not found in the novels.

What does Miki go through after she kills someone and how does it affect her psychic ability, her crossroad of trust between Gray Delisle and Frank Welker, the night she met Lorelei Cox, and others.

Also find stories about Gray Delisle, best friend and psychic partner, KC Kasem, psychic healer from Surly Girly, and Lily Mathews, manipulative kidnapper from Bawling Sugar Soul, and others.

The Space Between
Badland of the Brain
The Soul and the Screen
Genetic Kiss
A Girl and A Gun
Nobody, Nothing
Scorched Heart
Dick in a Dish
Deeper Than A Sleepy Head

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