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See the baby meet the Great Eget!

Having Outpets – enjoying animals around us – can be done almost everywhere in the World. It is very important for you.

The wildlife in Florida is quite different from that in Denmark.

In the book Deer in Dyrehaven – Outpets in Denmark we showed how you can enjoy fantastic encounters with deer – absolutely free!

The only expense you have is to transport you to Dyrehaven North o Copenhagen plus the wear and tear of your shoes as you wander around the 1100 hektar big enclosed park.

In the book Birds of Play you can see the birds that you can regularly encounter in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our experience in Florida was quite different.

The animals and birds lived among us on the Western Coast of Florida, near St Petersburg and Tampa, in Pinellas county.

There was no need to drive anywhere – the animals and birds were right there!

This was an absolutely unique experience that brought us so much joy and happiness!

The Floridians were also very happy and protective about their wildlife in the middle of the towns!

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