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In part 2 of this modern day classic horror, yet again King's twisted mind leads you on a guessing game, and just when you think you have figured it all out, you would be wrong!

With the birth of their daughter Meghan, William and Kate think the past is well behind them, but soon realise that it never actually went away and now, the sentinels are waiting to collect what they have always been after, Meghan!

A little taster of THE BOOK. Part 2. Meghan.

A few hours after Meghan was born the two sentinels where back in the cabin in Brookes wood. In the pitch black room all that could be seen was their eyes, glowing like candles in the abyss that was their home. They both never spoke, telepathy was their way of communicating in this nether world. One of them was holding an ornately carved oak box with writing illegible to anybody except them. It was their own secret language, like everything they did. Nobody could discover what they were doing, it was too dangerous. They both looked down at the box, then stared back at each other, communicating through their minds.
"Did you get it?"
"Did anyone see you."
"Good. Are the others there?"
"I don't think they were. They were hidden well if they were, and besides. They cannot interfere with us now."
"We are weaker now. It has been a long time finding the right one. We may not have the powers to control the others if they choose to fight."
"They will not dare enter our world, and soon it will not matter, we will be free."
"Open the box, let me see it."
Again they both looked down at the wooden box as it was slowly opened. A tension could be felt in the hut as they both looked on in awe. Inside, still warm, both could smell her blood still fresh with life still left in it. The placenta that was once attached to Meghan, giving her life, was now with the sentinels.
"We must keep it safe."
"Yes, soon my friend, soon."

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