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Can't Help Falling



Can't Help Falling series books 1-3

Out of the Mist: Left for dead, Juliet awakens in the rain with no memory how she ended up on an isolated road. Hunting a ruthless drug dealer, DEA agent Matt Barnes must rely on Julie's  memory in a case going nowhere. But can the woman he's fallen for ever forgive him for making her the bait?

Out of Reach: Member of an elite Army Ranger squad, Teagan returns to Boston before another dangerous tour of duty. Only to discover the beautiful woman he left behind. Alyssa has never forgotten Teagan, the guy who leaped from her bedroom window a decade earlier. Now, she'll be forced to rely on the proven flight risk to find a stalker who wants her out of the picture. For Teagan, hunting a stalker will be easier than resisting the woman he left behind. 

Out on a Limb: MaryJo is out on a limb. High in a tree in the middle of a gusting rainstorm. Rescuing her cat, Jack-- who doesn't realize he needs rescuing. Banker by day, hacker by night, she's given up on the male species. Except Jack.

Coding his next blockbuster software release, millionaire developer Travis discovers a spy perched in the tree outside his second floor window. A rival out for a little espionage? This time he'll take matters into his own hands.

Talking the sexy hacker into a hot, no-strings affair may prove challenging. Because MaryJo has rules. Specifically, a seven-date-rule. But, when corporate espionage morphs to threats against MaryJo, they will battle a faceless enemy. At stake: his company . . . or MaryJo's life.   

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