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Guard & Cultivate

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James is a scientist,who comes across a potential world-wide ethical conspiracy, then becomes obsessed with discovering more. With each discovery, comes more questions and increasing danger. But he may not be the only one who has seen this conspiracy and allies are found which build friendships.
He begins to change his life from a secure, safe and organised existence, into a chaotic, dangerous, confusing and nomadic one. Threats to himself, members of his family and new found friends, leads him to get involved in activities which he could never have envisaged.
Looking for any evidence of a conspiracy, plots and ways to expose a system of control become James' obsession. But like any addiction it can lead to self harm. With each new discovery, comes the increasing likelihood of losing his home, career, family and reputation, so he must balance whether continued investigation is worth it.
There are reasons why the world has restrictions on specific types of scientific research, advancement and enhancement; controlling what is considered safe to change and what must be approached with caution.

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