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The Fat Bird

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A compelling story that depicts the lives of a working class family, and how it can all fall apart when given the right set of circumstances. A story of trust, hope, despair and how relationships within the family unit are interdependent on each other for a healthy, and a brighter future!

When Josie's failed relation leads her on a journey of overeating and tremendous weight gain, she finds solace in an unlikely friend. A Robin, she names, the fat bird. After a one night stand with her ex-boyfriend, she not only realises she is pregnant, but now faces the prospect of raising her child alone. Her parents relationship is also falling apart, and they too must try to come to terms with the prospect of divorce. Josie's father has also been overindulging for many years, and he too faces a bleak future with his weight-gain now putting his job at risk. All three must now try to find a path in life which can bring them back from the brink of a complete family melt down, or face a destiny only reserved for those on a path of self-destruction, and ultimately...death. Can a family turn back the clock and overcome their failings towards each other? And more importantly to themselves! Is blood thicker than water? Or will fate intervene, and take them on a journey they were always meant to take!

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