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The Magic of Unkindness: The Books of Conjury, #1

451 pages8 hours


An unstoppable heroine takes on the infernal in a sweeping new fantasy triloguy set in a vibrant 18th Century Boston.

The demons want sixteen-year-old Kate Finch's soul. The governor wants her hanged.

And she's only been in the colony for a day.

Outrunning the murderous spirits leads her into the heart of Salem, where she uncovers the secret experiments of August Swaine, the greatest sorcerer of the age. Her talents at surviving mayhem make her the perfect apprentice for Swaine. But when the terrors that destroyed the witches explode out into the countryside, word of Finch's peculiar nature spreads to all the wrong ears.

As dangers close in, Finch discovers the only hope to stop the unimaginable threat facing the colony…

But will anyone believe her?

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