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The Last Days of Johnny Cane

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At a young age, twin brother Johnny realises he is different from his brother Mike. He doesn't want the middle class privileges they have, and decides as a teenager that a life of crime, and drugs is what he really wants. Not the well-educated path his brother has taken. As the years go by, Johnny's life spirals into a life that brings him nothing but spells in prison, and ultimately, estranges him from his family. After years of Heroin addiction, and even the loss of his parents, does little to sway him back from a life of addiction. The inheritance he receives does mean he no longer needs to commit crime to fuel his drug habits, but his life is still an empty shell, drifting from one drug fuelled binge to the next. A random dream that predicts his own death, suddenly changes everything he though he wanted. With only one month left to live, he must now find a way to repair all the damage he has done, but there is one person he must convince he has changed, in order for him to complete the list he has compiled to atone for all his wrong doings. With time running out, and the visions he has in the recurring nightmare, Johnny finds that it not as easy as saying he is sorry. Convincing his twin brother before the prediction comes true, is going to be a test he has no choice but to complete, if he is ever going to leave his past behind. Will he succeed, or will Johnny die with the pain he now had inside his heart for what he has put his family through? From the author. It was clear to me after getting so far in writing this book that the ending was going to need two different versions. As a self publisher, it does give me the flexibility to choose what I think is right for a book, so I have added an extra chapter to this book. It is an alternative ending at what else could have happened. If you are familiar with my writing, you will no doubt know I am unconventional and like nothing better than keeping you guessing. Happy reading Joe.

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