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Twisted Iron MC




I've only ever lived and breathed for one thing, and that was my club, my family.

They're all I've ever had since I was a child. My birth parents were original Twisted Iron MC members who were among the slaughtered during an attack. The only mission I ever thought I'd find myself on was protecting this club—not my heart. Not the heart that beats within my chest, no, she has a name. Talia. She saved my life once, and I'm willing to risk it all if I can keep her safe. She thinks she can martyr herself to protect me, but I won't let her go that easily.


He was a living and breathing embodiment of everything I had been running from. Or so I thought, the day I found his near-lifeless body. It's true what they say. Looks can be deceiving. Every single horrible thing his physical appearance represented to me, turned out to be untrue. I was in hiding, on the run from my past. That's when the present, and my possible future, found me. Some might say that I found and saved him, but that wouldn't be my truth. Now that we've found each other, my past is being forced out into the open. I've been down this road before, and I refuse to let anyone else be victimized—even if it means walking away from the happiness I've finally found.

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