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Kingdom AI, boxed set, Books 1,2 & 3: Kingdom A I, #10

729 pages9 hours



'Could not put this down, a highly plausible near-future thriller.
So well-paced, it is a brilliant page-turner. Six stars from me.'
Emina Hodzic

'Brilliant… so lucid …totally astoundingly good…'
K Denver

'…fast moving…horrendous cliffhanger…'
Robert Benniston

'…a great read… a great writer…'
dora thekid 

'Intriguing, hard to put down…'
Andrew Chapman

(U.S. spellings)

AI Apocalypse 


The Miracles of Rome

The Altar of Atlantis

The Heart of Singularity


Yin & Yang

-series to be continued...

Introduction to Book 1, AI Apocalypse

In 2025, a man-made magnetic pole shift triggers a planetary crustal shift with resultant giant tsunamis. Florida has disappeared and the Mississippi is now 250 miles wide. Starvation is rampant around the globe.

Saudi benefactors deliver emergency food aid mingled with military robots. They usurp Washington to rule the world from their favorite playground, Las Vegas. In this, they are aided by a malevolent, self-programming silicon entity, the Singularity. Twenty years after the sea level rise, humankind's last invention now colludes with the global dictator General Fahim Al Maktoum to brain-chip the human race. Who will oppose the General and his Frankenstein computer?

Kal (Abdullah Kaleb bin Salman Al Hakim) was once a Saudi king. Allied to a robot of 2016 vintage he leads the insurrection against the General. It is no ordinary robot. It has a heart of human stem cells.

In 2045, the final battle for global control erupts as Kal is deposed in a palace coup as the Singularity displays its own creative power. It too is inventive. And its own invention? A time machine. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Feed it the Godfather movies… what could possibly go wrong?    

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