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Foraging: Discover Free Food from Fields, Streets, Gardens and the Coast

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“A useful and practical field guide” to finding delicious, indigenous edibles—full of color photos and including a forager’s calendar (The Countryman).
Long before there were convenient supermarkets, foraging for edible plants was as essential to survival as hunting and farming. For today’s forager, it’s a fun and practically free way to eat fresh and get to know your local environment. In Foraging, naturalist author Paul Chambers gives you the knowledge and knowhow you need to start going on your own foraging adventures.
Focused on the British Isles, this comprehensive guide includes lists of indigenous edible plants, arranged alphabetically and by region. A full range of environments are covered, from the fields and forests of the countryside to suburban gardens, city streets, and even the coast. Chambers offers practical tips for identifying, collecting, preparing, and preserving forageables, as well each plants’ historical, cultural, and medicinal meanings and uses.
Packed with helpful illustrations and trivia, this volume is the result of years of experience and a passion for naturalism, and shares more than one hundred plants suitable for eating.

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