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God’s Voice vs Satan’s Voice: How to tell the Difference and Respond Appropriately

62 pages55 minutes


The key to walking and living victoriously in the Spirit is to be able to discern the voice of God and that of the devil in any given circumstance or situation and be able to respond appropriately.

There is the spiritual discernment and the natural discernment.

This book is devoted to helping you understand how you can naturally discern or tell the difference between God's voice and the devils voice and how to respond appropriately for victory, success and positive outcomes.

It uses simple but powerful natural day to day terms that are associated with how we feel when faced with a problem or a situation that needs solution and how to know which of the spiritual entities (God or Satan) is at work.

We encourage you to get this book and learn to gain mastery in discerning the voices and spiritual entities at work.

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