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Alcoholism in a Nutshell

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Nobody chooses to become an alcoholic. Alcoholics do not drink because they are weak or have poor control; we drink because our mind compels us to. Our brain mistakenly identifies alcohol as good, never bad, and enters into an automatic looping process whereby the act of drinking increases the urge to drink. Once the brain enters this runaway state the compulsion to drink becomes steadily more and more powerful, and the idea that we should not drink almost never occurs. We have absolutely no idea that this has happened to us. It happens without our consent or awareness and we have no control over it. People who drink compulsively are not weak, or useless, or lacking control; we have been hijacked by our own minds.

This book explains how our brain deceives us about alcohol: how it compels us to drink too much, too often, and at the wrong times, and how control and free will with respect to alcohol are taken from us. It is essential knowledge for anyone trying to stop drinking, or thinking they may need to. It explains how our emotions, memory, behaviour and thinking are changed and it shows you what you are trying to fight, and how it will oppose you.

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