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Peach-fronted Conures: The Latest Care, Feeding, and Training Tips for a Perfect Pet Bird

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Four decades of up-to-date peach-fronted conure experience...

This complete twenty-first-century guide will give you everything the beginner or intermediate pet owner needs to get started with one of the world's most personable small parrots, the peach-fronted conure, also known as the peach-fronted parakeet. You'll also get insights into the half-moon or orange-fronted conure, the peachfront's northern cousin.

This book is unlike any other pet bird guide you have ever read. Based on the diaries the author has kept since she acquired her first peachfront in 1982, this in-depth how-to book is based on real experiences with real peachfronts living well into their late twenties. Whether you are a complete beginner who has never owned a pet bird before or an intermediate hobbyist looking for deeper insights into this conure species, you will find real-world advice and real-world examples.

Includes a description of the author's visit to Bolivia to observe these birds in their wild environment, as well as a thoughtful discussion of her senior peachfronts.

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