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A Falling Knife: An Evan Adair Mystery

402 pages5 hours


Numbers can be deadly.

Ex-detective Evan Adair has a gift for working out how the dead got that way. But the truth never brought anybody back. After twenty-three years at the NYPD and a devastating private loss, Evan Adair is done with death.

But an old colleague comes calling with a tantalizing riddle. A Wall Street wunderkind has taken a bizarre public dive from an opera balcony. Was the fall the young man's own idea? And his injuries, as it turns out, weren't enough to kill him. So how -- and why -- did he die?

Soon there is another death, this one a vicious knife attack. The dual investigation draws Adair into the byzantine worlds of finance and high-stakes biotech. He finds secrets with long histories and numbers that can talk -- if only he can figure out how to listen.

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