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Witch Tower

356 pages5 hours


An unexpected opportunity
A secluded New England university campus
It's a chance for a new life, right?

When would-be professor "Mac" Mackenzie accepts a job at Miskatonic University, he's eager to get started. He has few prospects, overdue student loans and a desire to begin a career. Mac is willing to leave friends and family behind for the right teaching position. But is this the right position?

With its isolated location, medieval architecture and run-down reputation it's not the most prestigious college.
And why is Miskatonic so interested in him?

This special edition contains the complete text of the short-story prequel The Interview.

About The Miskatonic University Novels
Amid a backdrop of witchcraft, myth and science, "Mac" Mackenzie tries to make new friends, teach quantum physics, avoid formal dinner parties and, just possibly, save the world.

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