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Imam Jafar al-Sadiq - Book on Dream Interpretation (English) Complete

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq - Book on Dream Interpretation (English) Complete


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Preface Ethics of Sleep The vision’s truth/verity and its segments What should be done to see what is desired to be seen [in the vision] Dreams of miracles associated with Imam AlSadiq (pbuh) Letter: Alif (‫)أ‬ Water Jar/container: Adam: Shaking Teeth: Fingers/Toes: Fingernails: Letter: Baa’ (‫)ب‬ Falcon/Hawk Well: Coldness/Hail: Sea: Garden/Orchard: Carpet/Rug/Mat: Onion: Watermelon: Construction [of a Wall]: Trumpet: Eggs: Letter: Taa’ (‫)ت‬ Crown: Dust/Dirt/Soil: Shield: Business/Trade:
Preface Ethics of Sleep The vision’s truth/verity and its segments What should be done to see what is desired to be seen [in the vision] Dreams of miracles associated with Imam AlSadiq (pbuh) Letter: Alif (‫)أ‬ Water Jar/container: Adam: Shaking Teeth: Fingers/Toes: Fingernails: Letter: Baa’ (‫)ب‬ Falcon/Hawk Well: Coldness/Hail: Sea: Garden/Orchard: Carpet/Rug/Mat: Onion: Watermelon: Construction [of a Wall]: Trumpet: Eggs: Letter: Taa’ (‫)ت‬ Crown: Dust/Dirt/Soil: Shield: Business/Trade:

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Preface 7
Ethics of Sleep 8
The vision’s truth/verity and its segments 12
What should be done to see what is desired to be seen [in the vision] 16
Dreams of miracles associated with Imam AlSadiq (pbuh) 20
Letter: Alif (أ) 23
Water Jar/container: 23
Adam: 23
Shaking 23
Teeth: 23
Fingers/Toes: 24
Fingernails: 24
Letter: Baa’ (ب) 25
Falcon/Hawk 25
Well: 25
Coldness/Hail: 25
Sea: 25
Garden/Orchard: 25
Carpet/Rug/Mat: 26
Onion: 26
Watermelon: 26
Construction [of a Wall]: 26
Trumpet: 26
Eggs: 26
Letter: Taa’ (ت) 27
Crown: 27
Dust/Dirt/Soil: 27
Shield: 27
Business/Trade: 27
Bed/Sofa/Coach: 27
Hill/high-land: 27
Tayammum 27
Letter: Thaa’ (ث) 28
Breast(s): 28
Ice/Snow: 28
Clothing: 28
Letter: Jeem (ج) 29
Mountain: 29
Forehead: 29
Jar/Vase: 29
Paradise/Garden/Shelter: 29
Janaba 29
Jewel/Gem: 29
Letter: ‘Haa’(ح) 30
Shop/Store: 30
Cupper 30
Glede/Kite [predatory birds]: 30
Movement of the Finger/Toe: 30
[Syringe] Injection: 31
Shaving of the Head: 31
Candy/Confection 31
Pigeon/Dove 31
Water Tub/Reservoir/Tank: 31
Snake: 31
Letter: Khaa’(خ) 32
Ring: 32
Seal/Imprint/Stamp: 32
Beads: 32
Vegetables: 32
Helmet: 32
Letter: Daal (د) 33
Home: 33
Chicken: 33
Tambourine: 33
Remembrance: 34
Animal’s Tail: 34
Letter: Raa’ (ر) 35
Head: 35
Two Legs: 35
Dancing: 35
Spear: 35
Temperate Basil: 35
Wind: 35
Letter: Seen (س) 36
Clouds: 36
Plate/Dish/Bowl: 36
Quince [fruit]: 36
Ladder/Stairs: 36
Sky: 37
Sword: 37
Flood: 37
Letter: Sheen (ش) 38
Rogue: 38
Gerfalcon/Peregrine Falcon [bird]: 38
Flute: 38
Grapevines: 38
Sun: 38
Letter: Sheen (ش) 39
Way/Path: 39
Prayer: 39
Cymbal(s): 39
Fasting: 39
Letter: Dhaad (ض) 40
Striking of Bell/Gong: 40
Letter: Ttaa’ (ط) 41
Cook/Chef: 41
Stains: 41
Spleens: 41
Basin/Washbowl: 41
Clay/Mud: 41
Letter: Ttaa’ (ط) 41
Letter: ‘Aayn (ع) 42
Staff/Stick: 42
Intelligence: 42
Flag/Banner: 42
Column/Pillar/Pole: 42
Grape: 43
Ambergris: 43
Letter: Ghayn (غ) 44
Attack/Assault/Military campaign: 44
Gazelle/Deer: 44
Letter: Faa’ (ف) 45
Ringdove/Wood Pigeon*: 45
Thigh: 45
Happiness: 45
Break of Dawn: 46
Cheetah: 46
Letter: qaaf (ق) 47
Cup: 47
Pot/Kettle: 47
Reciting the Quran: Surat AlFatiha: 47
Verse of the Chair (Ayat AlKursi): 47
Chapter Family of Imran (Surat Aali ‘Imran): 47
Nasaa’ (): 48
An’aaam (): 48
Yusef (): 48
Hajj (): 48
Israa’ (): 48
‘Ta Ha (): 48
Hajj (): 49
Mu’min (): 49
Furqan (): 49
Sha’araa’ (): 49
‘Aankaboot (): 49
Sajda (): 49
Ahzaab (): 49
Saba’ (): 49
Zamr (): 49
Ghafir (): 50
Dakhaan (): 50
Toor (): 50
Najm (): 50
Rahmaan (): 50
Waqe’aa (): 50
Mujaadala (): 51
Jum’aa (): 51
Munafiqun (): 51
Malik (): 51
Haaqqa (): 51
Nuh (): 51
Jinn (): 51
Muddathir (): 52
Qiyaama (): 52
Insaan (): 52
Muttafafeen (): 52
Burooj (): 52
Ttaariq (): 52
Fajr (): 53
Balad (): 53
Dhahaa (): 53
Anshiraah (): 53
Teen (): 53
Qadr (): 53
Zalzala (): 53
Takaathur (): 53
Hamza (): 53
Quraysh (): 53
Maa’aun (): 54
Kawthar (): 54
Falaq (): 54
Naas (): 54
Cage: 54
Necklace: 55
Cap/Cowl/Hood: 55
Moon: 55
Bow: 56
Vomit: 56
Letter: Kaaf (ك) 57
Ram (male Sheep): 57
Books/Messages and Communications 57
Chair/Seat: 57
Heel/Ankle: 57
Palm (of the hand): 57
Dog: 58
Belt: 58
Burning: 58
Letter: Laam (ل) 59
Pearl: 59
Carnelian/Garnet (red Gemstones) (*): 59
Stork: 59
Allah: 59
Night and Day: 60
Almonds: 60
Letter: Meem (م) 61
Minaret (tower of a Mosque from which calls to prayer are made): 61
Brain: 61
Mirror: 61
Woman: 61
Ceremonies: 61
Nail: 62
Spinning Wheel: 62
Key: 62
Scissors: 62
Masked/Veiled [female]: 62
White Salt: 62
Platform/Pulpit: 62
Sieve/Sifter: 63
Hankerchief/Napkin: 63
Balance/Scales: 63
Waters: 63
Letter: Noon (ن) 64
Fire: 64
Bitter Orange: 64
Narcissus [plant] (includes Daffodil): 64
Letter: Haa’ (ه) 65
Howdah (seat for riding on the back of a camel or elephant): 65
Letter: Waaw (و) 66
Roses [plant]: 66
Pillow/Cushion: 66
Minister: 66
Giving Birth: 66
Letter: Yaa’ (ي) 66


Imam Sadiq (pbuh) is a great academic personality
which the human history has come to know. He has
advanced this great colossal (amount) of constructive
and effectual contributions, in the interest of service to
humanity and the building of civilization. Such as, and
indeed he has [contributed to], bettering off the Islamic
intellect by means of what he propogated of the kinds of
sciences full of fundamentals of life. And in addition to
that, the brilliant intellectual treasures, and that which is
considered to be the pillar of the academic revival to his
era. So the Imam (pbuh) has left for us a collection of
the visions transmitted from him regarding his
interpretations of dreams. So that there is [a book] by
Imam Sadiq (pbuh) of Dream Interpretations specifically
by him, that is circulating among the people and to a
nearby age.
And the reality is that a book specific for this subject was
not provided by the Imam (pbuh). Rather it was upon
our gathering of visions ascribed to the Imam, we
discovered a large collection from these visions in the
book (Ta’ateer AlAnam) by Nablusi, and of which the
author backing [the chain of narrations] is Imam Ja’afer
AlSadiq is from a book ascribed to him called
(Biltaqseem(By Distribution)). And the author cites in his
book: (And I have accredited) concerning that upon the
foremost books and the respected Sheikhs’ views such
as: Essentials by Daniel AlHakeem, and the book the
Distribution by Ja’afer AlSadiq, and the book the
Compilers by Muhammed bin Seereen.

And we cherish the reader when we place before you
this book that we ask our Master, Praise and Glory to
Him, to grant the good of His acceptance. And lastly our
supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the


ماملا قداصلا ( ع ) ةيصخش ةيملع ةميظع
اـهفرع خيراتلا يرشبلا . دقف مدق اذه قلمعلا
ميظعلا تامهاسم ةيباجيإ ةلاعفو يف ليبس ةمدخ
ةيناسنلا ءانبو ،ةراضحلا امك هنأو ىنغأ ركفلا
يملسلا امب هرشن نم عاونأ مولعلا ةلفاحلا لكب
تاموقم ،ةايحلا ةفاضلابو ىلإ كلت تاورثلا
ةيركفلا ،ةقرشملا يتلاو ربتعت ةزيكر ةضهنلا
ةيملعلا ،هرصعل دقف كرت انل ماملا ( ع )
ةعومجم نم تاياورلا تلقانت هنع يف هريسافت
،ملحلل ىتح عاش نيب سانلا نمزلو بيرق نأ
ماملل قداصلا ( ع ) ريسفت ملحلل صاخ هب .
عقاولاو هنأ ل وي دج ماملل ( ع ) باتك صاخ
اذهب عوضوملا . نكل دنعو انعمج هذهل تاياورلا
ةبوسنملا ،ماملل انرثع يف باتك ( ريطعت مانلا )
يسلبانلل ىلع ةعومجم ةريبك نم هذه ،تاياورلا
يتلاو اهدنسي فلؤملا ماملل رفعج قداصلا نم
باتك هبسن هيلإ ىمسي ( ميسقتلاب .) ركذيو فلؤملا
يف هباتك ( : عاو تدمت ) يف كلذ ىلع بتك
نيمدقتملا لاوقأو خياشملا نيربتعملا لثم :
لوصلا لاينادل ،ميكحلا باتكو ميسقتلا رفعجل
،قداصلا باتكو عماوجلا دعحمل نب نيريس .
نحنو يزيزع ءىراقلا ذإ عضن نيب كيدي اذه
باتكلا لأسن ىلوملا َزع ّلجو نأ لاني نسح
،هلوبق رخآو اناوعد نأ دمحلا ل بر نيملاعلا .

Ethics of Sleep

Mentioned from Imam AlSadiq (pbuh) is several of
ethics and acceptable practices which have a great
significance in the world of visions. As well as [having] a
large impact in the validity of the vision’s expression.
And [they have a large impact in] denialing the tremors
of demonic whisperings. From these acceptable
practises and ethics are:

1. Regarding the self: Indeed cited from him (pbuh) is
that he had said in the following: (When midday arrived
he said [to me]: “O Ibn Adam, work good in your day, I
testify of it for you near your Lord at the Day of
Judgement. Thus I have not come to you in what has
passed, nor will I come to you in what remains”. And
when the night arrived, he said the same as that) (1).

2. Teeth cleaning: (if the people knew what [benefit] is
in the tooth-cleanser, they would lodge it overnight in
their bedcovers).
3. Ablution(Wudhu’): (Whoever performs ablution then
retires in his bed, he spends the night with his bed as
his mosque) (2). Similar to was transmitted from him
(pbuh) in that he said: (If a person wanted to see a
truthful vision, whatever is on his conscience is shown
to him [if] he sleeps in the state of ablution, on his right
side and he remembers Allah) (3).
4. The Du’aa when lying down: So whoever says three
times when getting into his bed (All praise is for Allah
Who is the Most High so He subdued, and all praise is
for Allah Who is hidden so He informed, and all praise
is for Allah

(1) Language of the respected shia, ‘Asfoor Muhsin,
library of Legislation, Kuwait print1986, page38.
(2) (3) the previous reference, page39.

مونلا بادآ

قداصلا ماملا نع درو ( ع ) نم ةلمج
تابحتسملاو بادلا أش اهل يتلا ن ملاع يف ميظع
،ايؤرلا ريبعت ةحص يف ريبك رثأو ،ايؤرلا
ةيناطيشلا سواسولا جلتخا عانتماو . هده نمو
بادلاو تابحتسملا :
1 - سفنلا ةبساحم : هنع درو دقو ( ع ) لاق هنأ :
( ءاج اذإ راهنلا نإ لاق : يف لمعا ،مدآ نبا اي
كبر دنع هب كل دهشأ ،ً اريخ اذه كموي موي
اميف كيتآ لو ،ىضم اميف كتآ مل ينإف ،ةمايقلا
ءاج اذإو ،يقب كلذ لثم لاق ،ليللا ( ) 1 .)
2 - كايتسلا ( : ،كاوسلا يف ام سانلا ملعي ول
مهفاحل يف هوتابل .)
3 - ءوضولا ( : تاب هشارف ىلإ ىوآ مث رهطت نم
ك هشارفو هدجسم ( ( 2 .) هنع لقن امك ( ع ) هنأ
لاق ( : ايؤر ىري نأ ناسنلا دارأ اذإ ،ةقداص
ىلع ،ءوضو ىلع ماني هريمض يف ام هل رهظت
لا ركذيو نميلا هبناج ( ) 3 .)
4 - عاجطضلا دنع ءاعدلا : ذخأي نيح لاق نمف
تارم ثلث هعجضم ( ،رهقف لع يذلا ل دمحلا
حلاو ،ربخف نطب يذلا ل دمحلاو ل دم
( 1 ) ةبتكم ،نسحم روفصع ،ماركلا ةعيشلا ةغلب
يوكلا ،هيقفلا ت ط 1891 ص ، 39 .
( 2 ( ) 3 ) ص ،قباسلا ردصملا 38 .

Who is the King so He predetermined, and all praise is
for Allah Who enlivens the dead, and deadens the
living and He has power over everything, He takes out
from the sins in the same manner of the day the
originator gave rise to it) (1).
Another Du’aa: If you retire in your bed, then lie down
on your right side, and say: (In the name of Allah, and by
Allah, and for the sake of Allah, and upon the creed of
the Messenger of Allah, O Allah I have submitted myself
to You, and turned my face to You, and have entrusted
my affair to You, and have sheltered my back wishingly
to You, of awe to You, there is no shelter nor rescuer
from You except [returning] to You, and have submitted
myself to You, O Allah I have believed in every book You
have sent down, and in every messenger You have
dispatched) (2).

5. Reciting the Quran: he (pbuh) said: (there is no
servant that recites [surat] AlKahf when going to sleep
except that he wakes up in the hour which he wants [to
wake up in]) (3).
6. Seeking refuge to repel wet dreams: Of what was
mentioned from him (pbuh) is that he said: Whoever
feared [going into the state of] Janaba(sexual impurity),
then he should say in his bed: (O Allah I seek refuge in
You from wet dreams, and from the association of
dreams, and from the Devil manipulating me during
wakefulness and sleep), afterwards he should recite the
All-Mighty’s saying: {Say: Who can protect you in the
night and in the day from the All-Merciful?} (4).
Afterwards he should recite the last [2 verses] of [surat]
Bani Israel: {Say: Invoke Allah or invoke the All-
Merciful, whichever you invoke Him (it is the same),
then for Him is the best names, and do not announce
your salat nor lower your voice in it but follow a way
between those, and say: all praise is for Allah who has
not taken a companion, nor a child, and there is no
partner for Him in the dominion, and there is no helper
for Him from lowness, and magnify Him with a
magnification(takbeera)} (5). (Note: this is surat israa’)
(1) the previous reference, page41.
(2) the previous reference, page42.
(3) the previous reference, page43.
(4) Surat AlAnbiya’(the Prophets), verse 42.
(5) Language of the respected shia, page 57.

يذلا كلم ،ردقف دمحلاو ل يذلا ييحي ،ىتوملا
تيميو ءايحلا وهو ىلع لك ءيش ريدق جرخ
نم بونذلا ةئيهك موي هتدلو همأ ( ) 1 .)
ءاعد رخآ : اذإ تيوآ ىلإ كشارف عجطضاف ىلع
كقش ،نميلا لقو ( : مسب ،لا ،لابو يفو ليبس
،لا ىلعو ةلم لوسر ،لا للا مه ينإ تملسأ
يسفن ،كيلإ تهجوو يهجو ،كيلإ تضوفو
يرمأ ،كيلإ تأجلأو يرهظ كيلإ ،ةبغر ةبهرو
،كيلإ ل أجلم لو اجنم كنم لإ ،كيلإ تملسأو
يسفن ،كيلإ مهللا تنمآ لكب باتك ،هتلزنأ لكبو
لوسر هتلسرأ ) 2 .)
5 - ةءارق نآرقلا : لاق ( ع ( :) ام نم دبع أرقي
فهكلا نيح ماني لإ تسا ظقي يف ةعاسلا يتلا
اهديري ( ) 3 .)
1 - ةذاعتسلا عفدل ملتحلا : امم درو هنع ( ع )
هنأ لاق : نم فاخ ةبانجلا لقيلف يف هشارف :
( مهللا ينإ ذوعأ كب نم ،ملتحلا نمو كارش
،ملحلا نمو نأ بعلتي يب ناطيشلا يف
ةظقيلا مانملاو ) مث أرقيلف هلوق يلاعت : { لق نم
مكؤلكي ليللاب لاو راهن نم نمحرلا } ( 4 .)
مث أرقي رخآ ينب ليئارسإ : { لق اوعدا لا وأ
عدا او نمحَرلا ّايّأ ام اوعدت هلف ُءاَمُ سَ لا ،ىنسحلا
لو رَهْ جت َكتلصب لَو تفاخُت اهب ِغَتْباو نيب
كلذ ،ً ليبس لقو دمحلا ل يذلا مل ذختي ،ةبحاص
لو ،ً ادلو ملو نكي هل كيرش يف ،كلملا ملو نكي
هل يلو نم لذلا هرِ بكو ًاريبكت } ( 5 .)
( 1 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 41 .
( 2 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 42 .
( 3 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 43 .
( 4 ) ةروس ،ءايبنلا ةيآ 42 .
( 5 ) ةغلب هعيشلا ،ماركلا ص 55 .

7. Seeking refuge to be secure from falling out of
covers: he (pbuh) said: (Whoever writes surat
Muhammed and hangs it on himself will be secure in his
sleep and his awakeness) (1).

8. Dispraise of the increase of sleep and its reason: he
(pbuh) said: (indeed Allah (the Mighty and Majestic)
dislikes much of sleep, and much of spare time) (2).

And mentioned from him (pbuh) is that he said: Much of
sleep is gilded to the religion and the dunya (3).

And from his (pbuh) recommendations to the servant of
Allah Ibn Jandib: “O Ibn Jandib, lessen the sleep in the
nighttime, and the words in the daytime, hence there is
nothing less thankful in the body than the eye and the
tongue. Verily Um Suleiman said to Suleiman: “O my son
beware of sleep, because it impoverishes you of time
which people need for their work”. O Ibn Jandib verily
the Devil has traps by which he entraps so guard against
his nets and his traps (4).” Then [Ibn] Jandib said: “O son
of the Messenger of Allah, and what are they?” He
replied: “As for his traps then it is turning away from
being kind to the (muslim) brothers. As for his nets then
it is sleeping away from carrying out prayer which Allah
has obligated. As for him not worshipping Allah, it is in
the example of the moving of feet until the ground of
the (muslim) brothers and visiting them. Woe to the
absentminded ones regarding the prayers, the sleeping
ones in mocking idleness at Allah and His signs in
udders, those are the ones who are not worthy of being
in the hereafter, nor will Allah speak to them on the Day
of Judgement, nor will He clear them and for them is a
painful punishment (5).

And in another narration he (pbuh) says: (There is no
worshipper but that he awakens in every night once or
twice or frequently, so if he rises he will be as he was,
otherwise [if he goes back to sleep] the Devil will pay
him a pilgrimage and then urinate in his ears, or does
not one of you see that if he rises he is not the same as
the one who does not rise and is thickened (6) heavy
and sluggish (7).
(1) the previous reference, page40.
(2) (3) Dar AlSalam/ AlTabrisi/ vol4, page30, Dar AlBalagha Beirut.
(4) To guard against something: to avoid it and to be careful of it.
(5) Language of the respected shia, page 57.
(6) AlFais (ra) said about Mutakhathir(thickened) – [he comments about
the abnormal word structure] – and in some transcripts the word is
(7) the previous reference, page33.
5 - ةذاعتسلا نملل نم طوقسلا نم تيبلا : لاق
( ع ( :) نم بتك ةروس دمحم اـهقَ لعو هيلع نمآ
يف همون هتظقيو ( ) 1 .)
9 - مذ راثكلا نم مونلا هببسو : لاق ( ع ( :) نإ
لا ( زع ّلجو ) ضغبي ةرثك ،مونلا ةرثكو
غارفلا ) ( 2 .)
يورو هنع ( ع ) هنأ لاق : ةرثك مونلا ةبهذم نيدلل
ايندلاو ( 3 .)
و نم هاياصو ( ع ) دبعل لا نب بدنج : اي نبأ
بدنج لقأ مونلا ،ليللاب ملكلاو ،راهنلاب امف يف
دسجلا ءيش لقأ ًاركش نم نيعلا ،ناسللاو نإف
مأ ناميلس تلاق يلسل م ا ن : اي ينب كايإ ،مونلاو
هنإف كرقفي موي جاتحي سانلا ىلإ ،مهلامعأ اي نبأ
بدنج نإ ناطيشلل دئاصم داطصي اهب احتف اوم
هكابشأ هدئاصمو ( 4 ) لاقف بدنج : اي نبا لوسر
،لا امو ؟يه لاق : امأ هدئاصم دصف نع رب
ناوخلا امأو هكابش مونف نع ءاضق ةلصلا
يتلا اهضرف ،لا امأ هنأ ام دبعي لا ثمب ل لقن
مادقلا ىلإ رب ناوخلا ،مهترايزو ليو نيهاسلل
نع ،تاولصلا نيمئانلا يف تاولخلا
ـهتسملا نيئز لاب هتايآو يف ،تارضلا كئلوأ
نيذلا ل قلخ مهل يف ،ةرخلا لو مهملكي لا
موي ،ةمايقلا لو مهيكزي مهلو باذع ميلأ ( 5 .)
يفو ةياور ىرخأ لوقي ( ع ( :) سيل نم دبع لإ
ظقويو يف لك ةليل ةرم وأ نيترم وأ ،ً ارارم نإف
ماق ناك ،كلذ لإو جحف ناطيشلا لابف يف ،هنذأ
َأ لَو ىري مكدحأ هنأ اذإ ماق ملو نكي كلذ هنم ماق
وهو رثختم ( 1 ) ليقث نلسك ( 5 .)
( 1 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 44 .
( 2 ( ) 3 ) راد ملسلا / يسربطلا / ج 4 ، ص 34 ، راد ةغلبلا توريب .
( 4 ) ماحت ى ءيشلا : هبنتجا هاقوتو .
( 5 ) راد ملسلا / يربطلا / ج 4 ، ص 34 .
( 1 ) لاق ضيفلا ( هر ) رثختم لاب ءاخ ةمجعملا ءاثلاو ةثلثملا ءارلاو
يأ ريغ بيط ،سفنلا لو ،طيشن يفو ضعب خسنلا ريحتم .
( 5 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 33 .

And of the reasons which result in excessive sleep, he
(pbuh) says: (And excessive sleep arises from excessive
drinking, and excessive drinking arises from excessive
fullness (of food) and they both encumber the soul away
from obedience, as well as harden the heart away from
contemplation) (1).

And from his (pbuh) hadith, regarding the onset of
Adam’s sleep after he went up on the platform/pulpit
and taught the Angels the Names, he (pbuh) said: (Adam
descended from his platform and Allah increased his
good-doing in multiples more than what he had from
good and grace, so when he came down He brought
near him picked fruit of white grapes. He ate it and it
was the first thing he ate from the food of Heaven.
When he had taken it he said: “All praise is for Allah the
Lord of the Worlds”. Allah the All-Mighty said: (O Adam
it is for this I created you and it is the Sunna of your
Prophet toward the last era). Subsequently slumber
overtook him i.e. sleepiness because it is the origins of
sleep. For there is no rest for a body that eats except
sleep. The Angels panicked and said: “Sleep is death!” So
when Satan heard, may Allah curse him, that Adam
(pbuh) had eaten he became joyful and took comfort of
what was in it, and he said: “I shall tempt him”) (2).
(1) the previous reference, page34.
(2) the previous reference, page34, 35.

نمو بابسلا يتلا جتني اـهنع ةرثك مونلا لوقي
( ع ( :) ةرثكو مونلا دلوتي نم ةرثك ،برشلا
ةرثكو برشلا دلوتي نم ةرثك عبشلا امهو نلقثي
سفنلا نع ،ةعاطلا نايسقيو بلقلا نع ركفتلا (
) 1 .)
يفو ثيدح ( ع ) نع ءدب مون مدآ دعب هدوعص
ىلع ربنملا هميلعتو ةكئلملا ءامسلا لاق ( ع :)
( لزنو مدآ نم هربنم دازو لا يف هنسح ًافاعضأ
ةدايز ىلع ام ناك هيلع نم نسحلا ،لامجلاو
املف لزن برق هيلإ فطق نم بنع ،ضيبأ هلكأف
وهو لوأ ءيش هلكأ نم ماعط ،ةنجلا املف
هافوتسا لاق : دمحلا ل بر ،نيملاعلا لاق لا
ىلاعت ( : اي مدآ اذهل كتقلخ وهو ةنس كيبن ىلإ
رخآ رهدلا ) ، مث هتذخأ ةنسلا يأ ساعنلا هنل
ءىدابم ،مونلا هنل ل ار ةح ندبل لكأي لإ ،مونلا
تعزفف ةكئلملا تلاقو : مونلا وه توملا ! املف
عمس سيلبإ هنعل ،لا لكأي مدآ ( ع ) حرف ىلستو
ام ،هيف لاقو : فوس وغأ ي ه ( ) 2 .)
( 1 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 34 .
( 2 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 34 ، 35 .

The vision’s truth/verity and its segments

In the Imam’s (pbuh) definition of the vision he says:
(Verily if the believers took to their beds, Allah raises
their souls toward Him. So whoever He ordained
death for, Allah positions him in the Gardens of
Heaven by the Light of His Mercy and the Light of His
Glory. And if He did not ordain upon him death He
sends them (the souls) in the company of His trusted
ones from the Angels [back] to the bodies in which
they were in (1).
Also the Imam (pbuh) was questioned about the
truth of the vision: (The believer sees the vision, then
it [could be] as he saw, but perhaps he sees a vision,
but it means nothing?” So he (pbuh) replied: “Verily if
the believer rested, outstretched/elongated activity
emerges from his soul to the Heaven. So whatever
the believer’s soul sees in the Kingdom of Heaven
about a matter of preordainment and planning then
it is the truth. And whatever it sees regarding the
earth then it is a confused dream.” – then the
questioner said: “Does the believer’s soul ascend into
the heaven[i.e. completely]?” So he (pbuh) replied:
“No. If all of it emerged until nothing remains from it
then he(the person) has died”. So he asked: “So how
does it emerge?” So he (pbuh) said: “As for you
seeing the sun in the sky with its location, its
illumination, and its rays at the earth; then likewise
the soul’s origin is in the body and its movement is
outstretched/elongated”) (2).
Also Abu Baseer asked Abu Abdullah (pbuh): (The
sleeping man here, and the sleeping woman both see
visions. Further, they are at Mecca and at Egypt of
regions [respectively], [so are] their souls outside
(1) Dar AlSalam/ AlTabrisi/ vol4, page 241.
(2) The previous reference, pages243, 244.

اهماسقأو ايؤرلا ةقيقح

ماملا فيرعت يف ( ع ) لوقي ايؤرلل ( : نإ
مهعجاضم اوذخأ اذإ نينمؤملا لا دعص
هلعج توملاب هيلع ىضق نمف ،هيلإ مهحاورأب
نإو هتزع رونو هتمحر رونب ةنجلا ضاير يف
اهب ثعب توملا هيلع رّدقي مل نم هئانمأ عم
اهيف يه يتلا نادبلا ىلإ ةكئلملا ) 1 .)
ماملا لئسو ( ع ) ايؤرلا ةقيقح لوح ( : نمؤملا
ايؤرلا ىري وكتف ن ىأر امبرو ،اهآر امك
،ايؤرلا باجأف ؟ًائيش نوكت لف ( ع :) نمؤملا نإ
اذإ ىلإ ةدودمم ةكرح هحور نم تجرخ ماق
توكلم يف نمؤملا حور هارت ام لكف ،ءامسلا
،قحلا وهف ريبدتلاو ريدقتلا عضوم يف ءامسلا
ملحأ ثاغضأ وهف ضرلا يف هارت ام لكو -
لئاسلا لاقف : ؟ءامسلا ىلإ نمؤملا حور دعصتو
باجأف ( ع :) خ ول ،ل ىقبي ل ىتح اهلك تجر
لئسف ،تامل ًاذإ ءيش اهنم : لاقف ؟جرخت فيكف
( ع :) ،اهعضوم يف ءامسلا يف سمشلا ىرت امأ
اهعاعشو ،اهئوضو حورلا كلذكف ضرلا يف
ةدودمم اهتكرحو ندبلا يف اهلصأ ( ) 2 .)
لا دبع ابأ ريصب وبأ لأسو ( ع ( :) مئانلا لجرلا
ايؤرلا نايري ةمئانلا ةأرملاو ،انه وأ ةكمب امهنإ
جراخ امهحاورأو ،راصملا نم رصمب
( 1 ) ملسلا راد / يسربطلا / ح 4 ص ، 241 .
( 2 ) ص ،قباسلا ردصملا 243 ، 244 .

of their bodies?” He said: “No, O Abu Baseer, so
indeed if the soul separated from the body then it
will not return to it. Yet it is at a [similar] standing to
the Sun’s eye which is centralised in the sky’s center,
while its rays are in the world/dunya.”) (1). [i.e. the
soul is centralised in the body and stretches
He (pbuh) also said: (By Allah there is no servant from
our followers(shia) that sleeps without Allah raising
his soul toward the heaven and then blessing it(the
soul). So if its term has already been completed He
places it in the treasures of His Mercy, and in the
Gardens of His Heaven and in the shade of His
Throne. And if its death was later, He sends it with
one of His trusted from the Angels to return it to the
body which it emerged from so that it resides [back]
in it) (2).
Regions of the Vision: he (pbuh) said: (The vision has
three sides/facets: good news from Allah to the
believer, an exhortation from the devil, and confused
dreams) (3).
As for the vision of the believer then he says: (If the
worshipper was pursuant to a sin/wrongdoing [to]
Allah (Praise and Glory be to Him), and Allah wants
for him good (then) He shows him in his sleep a vision
which scares him so he is deterred away from the sin
by it. And indeed the truthful vision is a seventieth
part of prophethood) (4).
The difference between the truthful and the lying
He (pbuh) said: (The truthful and the lying vision have
one gate/exit. Meaning the heart. So the inconsistent
lying vision is the one which is seen by the person in
the beginning (part) of his night from the disobedient
dissolute authority. And moreover it is something
that befriends the person, and it is inconsistent and
lying and there is no good in it. As for the truthful
one, if he sees it(the vision) after the two thirds of
the night [which is] with the advent of the angels,
and that is before Sahar(early dawn – small period
before fajr) then it will be a truthful consistent vision
unless he was
(1) Dar AlSalam/ AlTabrisi/ vol4 page244.
(2) the previous reference, vol3, page 241.
(3) Balgha AlShia/ ‘Asfur Mushsin/ page124.
(4) Bihar AlAnwar/ AlMajlisi/ vol61, page167.
لاق امهنادبأ نم : اذإ حورلا نإف ريصب ابأ اي ل
نيع ةلزنمب اهنأ ريغ هيلإ دعت مل ندبلا تقراف
،اهدبك يف ءامسلا يف ةزوكرم يه سمشلا
ايندلا يف اهعاعشو ) ( 1 .)
لاقو ( ع ( :) لاو لإ ماني انتعيش نم دبع نم ام
نإف ،اهيلع كرابيف ءامسلا يلإ هحور لا دعصأ
اهيلع ىتأ دق ناك ونك يف اهلعج اهلجأ ز ،هتمحر
ناك نإو ،هشرع لظ يفو هتنج ضاير يفو
ًارخأتم اهلجأ هتنمأ عم اهب ثعب م ةكئلملا ن
هيف نكستل هنم تجرخ يذلا دسجلا ىلإ اهّدريل )
( 2 .)
ايؤولا ماسقأ : لاق ( ع ( :) ةثلث ىلع ايؤرلا
هوجو : نم ريذحتو ،نمؤملل لا نم ةراشب
ملحأ ثاغضأو ،ناطيشلا ) ( 3 .)
لوقيف نمؤملا ايؤر نع امأ ( : اذإ ىلع دبعلا ناك
لا ةيصعم ( َزع ّلجو ) ًاريخ هب لا دارأو ، هارأ
كلت نع اهب رجزنيف هعورت ً ايؤر همانم يف
نيعبس نم ٌءزج ةقداصلا ايؤرلا نإو ،ةيصعملا
ةوبنلا نم ٌءزج ) ( 4 .)
ةبذاكلاو ةقداصلا ايؤرلا نيب قرفلا
لاق ( ع ( :) صلا ايؤرلا امهجرخم ةبذاكلاو ةقدا
دحاو . يه ةفلتخملا ةبذاكلا ايؤرلاف ،بلقلا ينعي
ناطلس نم هليل لوأ يف لجرلا اهاري يتلا
ىلإ ليخي ءيش يه امنإو ،ةقسفلا ةدرملا
امأ ،اهيف ريخ ل ةفلاخم ةبذاك يهو ،لجرلا
،ةقداصلا إ لولح عم ليللا نم نيثلثلا دعب اهآر اذ
رحسلا لبق كلذو ،ةكئلملا ل ةقداص يهف
نوكي نأ لإ فلتخت
( 1 ) ملسلا راد / يسربطلا / ج 4 ص 244 .
( 2 ) ج ،قباسلا ردصملا 3 ص ، 241 .
( 3 ) ةعيشلا ةغلب / نسحم روفصع / ص 124 .
( 4 ) راونلا راحب / يسلجملا / ج 11 ص ، 115 .

in the state of sexual impurity(janaba) or he sleeps in an
unpurified manner, and that he didn’t remember Allah
the AllMighty, then [in such] it would differ and linger
against its owner (1).
He (pbuh) said: (Verily Satan has an assistant that he
dismisses when the night arrives for the purpose of
anointment(خيرمت) to fill up whatever is between the
pulsating ones[this might be the soul pulsating while
asleep?]) (2).
Also in his (pbuh) words, in which he addresses
Muffadel’s monotheism, he says: (Consider, O Muffadel,
how is the matter administered within dreams, thus
their truthful (dream) stands out. By their lying (dream),
thus if they(the dreams) were all truthful (then) truly all
people would have been prophets, and if they were all
lying (then) there would not have been any benefit in
them, rather they would have been favors without a
meaning, thus they became truthful only occasionally so
that by them people can benefit in a use that guides
because of them, or a harm that cautions from them,
and (the dreams) lie frequently in order that one does
not depend on them with complete dependency (3).
Also in his (pbuh) explanation(tafseer) to the noble
verse: {Indeed secret conversation is from the devil in
order to aggrieve those that believe} (4) he (pbuh) said:
(The reason for bringing down this verse was that
Fatima (pbuh) saw in her sleep that the Messenger of
Allah (pbuhahf) was worried that he, Fatima, Ali, Hassan,
Hussein (pbut) would need to leave Medina. So they
travelled until they crossed one of the walls of Medina.
Then they were faced with two ways. The Messenger of
Allah (pbuhahf) took the right-sided one until he led
them to a location which had date palms and water.
Then the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf) reached a
female sheep of great size, and one of its ears was
completely white so he commanded to sacrifice it.
When they were eating they (suddenly) died in their
place. Fatima (pbuh) woke up in terror. She [decided]
not to inform the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf) of that
(vision). Then when she got up, the Messenger of Allah
(pbuhahf) arrived on a donkey. He then mounted upon
it Fatima (pbuh) and commanded the Prince of the
Believers, Hassan and Hussein (pbut) to leave
(1) Balgh Alshia/ ‘Asfur Muhsen/ page145.
(2) Ibid, page 109.
(3) Bihar AlAnwar, vol61, page183.
(4) Surat AlMujadala(the debate), verse 10.
ًابنج وأ ماني ىلع ريغ ،رهط ملو ركذي لا
،ىلاعت اهنإف فلتخت ءىطبتو ىلع اهبحاص (
) 1 .)
لاقو ( ع ( :) نإ سيلبل ًانوع لاقي هل جيرمت اذإ
ءاج ليللا لمي ام نيب نيقفاخلا ( ) 2 .)
يفو ملك هل ( ع ) بطاخي هيف ديحوت لضفملا
لوقي ( : ركف اي لضفم يف ملحلا فيك ربد
رملا ،اهيف ف جرخ اـهقداص . ،اهبذاكب اهنإف ول
تناك اهلك قدصت ناكل سانلا مهلك ءايبنأ ولو
تناك اهلك بذكت مل نكي اهيف ،ةعفنم لب تناك
ًلضف ل ىنعم ،هل تراصف قدصت ًانايحأ عفتنيف
اهب سانلا يف ةحلصم يدتهي ،اهل وأ ةرضم
رذحتي ،اهنم بذكتو ًاريثك لئل دمتعي اهيلع لك
دامتعلا ) 3 .)
يفو هريسفت ( ع ) ةيلل ةميركلا : { امنإ ىوجنلا
نم ناطيشلا نزحيل نيذلا اونمآ } ( 4 ) لاق ( : ناك
ببس لوزن هذه ةيلا نأ ةمطاف ( ع ) تأر يف
اهمانم نأ هلوسر لا ( ص ) َمه نأ جرخي وه
ةمطافو يلعو نسحلاو نيسحلاو ( ع ) نم
ةنيدملا اوجرخف ىتح اوزواج نم ناطيح
،ةنيدملا ضرعتف مهل ط ،ناقير ذخأف لوسر لا
( ص ) تاذ نيميلا ىتح ىهتنا مهب ىلإ عضوم
هيف لخن ،ءامو ىهتناف لوسر لا ( ص ) ةاش
،ءاربك يهو يتلا يف ىدحإ اهينذأ طقف ضيب
رمأف ،اهحبذب املف اولكأ اوتام يف مهناكم
تهبتناف ةمطاف ( ع ) ،ةرعذ ملف ربخت لوسر لا
( ص ) ،كلذب املف تحبصأ ءاج لوسر لا ( ص )
رامحب بكرأف هيلع ةمطاف ( ع ) رمأو نأ جرخي
ريمأ نينمؤملا ،نسحلاو نيسحلاو ( ع ) نم
( 1 ) ةغلب ةعيشلا / روفصع نسحم / ص 145 .
( 2 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 148 .
( 3 ) راحب ،راونلا ج 11 ، ص 193 .
( 4 ) ةروس ،ةلداجملا ةيآ 14 .
Medina [together]; just as Fatima (pbuh) had seen
in her sleep. When they left through the walls of
Medina, they faced two ways. The Messenger of
Allah (pbuhahf) took the right-sided one, just as
Fatima (pbuh) saw (in her dream), until they
reached a location which had date palms and
water. Then the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf)
purchased a female sheep of great size, just as
Fatima (pbuh) had envisioned. Then he
commanded to sacrifice it, so it was slaughtered,
and roasted. Then when they wanted to eat it,
Fatima (pbuh) stood up and she gave up, mournful
for them, crying in fear that they die. Then the
Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf) requested to find
out why she is crying with saying: “What is your
concern O my daughter”. She said: “O Messenger
of Allah I saw such and such in my sleep, and you
have acted like what I saw [in the dream]. Thus I
abandoned you so that I do not see you all dying”.
So the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf) stood up and
called out to the devil by saying to him: “Did you
show Fatima this vision?” He replied: “Yes, O
Muhammed”, then the Messenger of Allah spat on
him three spits, thus he fractured him in three
locations. Then Jibrael said to Muhammed: “Say O
Muhammed, if you see in your sleep a thing that
you hate, or (if) one of the believers sees (such),
then the person should say: “I seek refuge with
Whom was sought refuge of by Allah’s Close
Angels, His sent Prophets and His righteous
servants from the evil of what I saw, and (I seek
refuge) from my vision” and to recite Alhamd
(Surat Fatiha) and AlMu’adtien, and {say He Allah
is One} (Surat Ikhlas), and to spit on your right side
three spits, then indeed what he saw will not hurt
him”. And (then) Allah descended (the verse) upon
His Messenger: {Indeed secret conversation is
from the devil} (1).
(1) Bihar AlAnwar, vol61, page 188, ?.

ةنيدملا امك تأر ةمطاف ( ع ) يف اهمون . املف
اوجرخ نم ناطيح ةنيدملا ضرع هل ،ناقيرط
ذخأف لوسر لا ( ص ) تاذ نيميلا امك تأر
ةمطاف ( ع ) ىتح اوهتنا ىلإ عضوم هيف لخن
ءامو ىرتشاف لوسر لا ( ع ) ةاش ،ءاربك امك
تأر ةمطاف ( ع ) رمأف ،اهحبذب ،تحبذف
،تيوشو املف اودارأ اهلكأ ق تما ةمطاف تحنتو
ةيحان ،مهنم يكبت ةفاخم نأ اوتومي . اهبلطف
لوسر لا ( ص ) ىتح عقو اهيلع يهو يكبت
لاقف : ام كنأش اي ،ةينب تلاق اي لوسر لا [ ينإ ]
تيأر اذك اذكو يف ،يمون دقو تلعف تنأ امك
هتيأر تيحنتف مكنع لف مكارأ نوتومت . ماقف
لوسر لا ( ص ) ىدانف ناطيشلا لاقف ل ه : تنأ
تيرأ ةمطاف هذه ؟ايؤرلا لاقف معن اي ،دمحم
قزبف هيلع ثلث ،تاقزب هجشف يف ثلث
عضاوم مث لاق ليئاربج دحمحل : لق اي دمحم اذإ
تيأر يف كمانم ًائيش ،ههركت وأ ىأر دحأ نم
،نينمؤملا لقيلف : ذوعأ امب تذاع هب ةكئلم لا
نوبرقملا هؤايبنأو ،نولسرملا هدابعو نوحلاصلا
نم رش ام ،تيأر نمو يايؤر أرقتو دمحلا
،نيتذوعملاو لقو وه لا ،دحأ لفتتو نع كراسي
ثلث ،تلفت هنإف ل هرضي ام ىأر لزنأو لا
ىلع هلوسر : { امنإ ىوجنلا نم ناطيشلا } ) 1 .)
( 1 ) راحب ،راونلا ج 11 ، ص 199 ، ةسسؤم
ءافولا .

What should be done to see what is
desired to be seen [in the vision]
1. Of what was mentioned from the Imam (pbuh)
about whoever wanted to see the Noblest Prophet
(pbuhahf) is that he said: (Whoever persistently
recited Surat AlMazmal sees the Prophet
(pbuhahf) and asks him whatever he wants, and
Allah gives him whatever he wants of blessings).
And from him (pbuh) is a narration in that he said:
(Whoever recited Surat AlQadr after the midday
prayer (Salat AlZowal), and before Dhuhr twenty
one times he will not die till he sees the Prophet
(pbuhahf)) (1).
2. Also in another narration he said: (Whoever
awaits/expects someone that is coming to him and
wants to know his news then he should write
these letters on his palm and [then] go to sleep.
Thus indeed some of the souls/spirits will come to
him, then all of what he asked about him will be
answered. [The Letters are:] In the name of Allah
bihat, hat, fahat, lehat, lahat (cant translate
these)) (2).
3. And in a narration [relating] to Fatima the
daughter of Abdullah bin Ibrahim bin AlHassan
who said: When AlDuwaneeq killed Abdullah bin
AlHassan, after having killed his filial [relatives]
Muhammed and Ibrahim, he took my son Dawood
bin AlHassan from Medina to Iraq, shackling him in
iron with his uncle’s son AlHussein. Then he(her
son) became far away from me for a period of
time, and over there he was imprisoned, thus
news of him was cut off [from me]. I was baffled of
his trace and was supplicating to Allah and
beseeching Him, and requesting of Him for his
deliverance and asking for help from my brothers
of the ascetic and the people, and the people of
ancestry?, and [the people of] jurisprudence. I
asked them to supplicate to Allah for me to be
reunited with my son before my death. They did
[such of supplications] and they did not neglect in
[doing] that.
(1) Balgh Alshia AKaraam, page197.
(2) Ibid, pages 213, 214.

اميف يغبني هلمع ةيؤرل نم بغري يف هتيؤر

1 - امم ركذ نع ماملا ( ع ) لوح نم دارأ ةيؤر
يبنلا مركلا ( ص ) هنأ لاق ( : نم نمدأ ىلع
ةءارق ةروس لمزملا ىأر يبنلا ( ص ) هلأسو ام
،ديري هاطعأو لا ام هديري نم ريخلا .) هنعو
( ع ) يور هنأ لاق ( : نم أرق ةروس ردقلا دعب
ةلص لاوزلا ، لبقو رهظلا ىدحإ نيرشعو ةرم
مل تمي ىتح ىري يبنلا ( ص (( ) 1 .)
2 - يفو ةياور ىرخأ لاق ( : نم رظتني ًايئاج
ديريو ةفرعم هربخ بتكيلف هذه فرحلا يف هفك
،دقريو هنإف هيتأي ضعب ،حاورلا لكف ام لأس
هنع ،هبيجي مسب لا ،تهب ،ته ،تهف ،تهل
تهل ( ) 2 .)
3 - يفو ةياور ةمطافل تنب دبع لا نب ميهاربإ
نب نسحلا تلاق : امل لتق قيناودلا دبع لا نب
نسحلا دعب لتق هينبا دمحم ميهاربإو لمح ينبا
دواد نب نسحلا نم ةنيدملا ًلبكم ديدحلاب عم
ينب همع نيسحلا ىلإ ،قارعلا باغف ينع ،ًانيح
ناكو كانه ،ًانوجسم عطقناف ،هربخ يمعاـ؟ هرثأ
تنكو وعدأ لا تأو عرض ،هيلإ هلأسأو هصلخ
نيعتسأو يناوخإب نم داهزلا ،دابعلاو لهأو
،دجلا داهتجلاو مهلأساو نأ وعدي لا يل نأ
عمجي ،ينيب نيبو يدلو لبق يتوم اوناكف نولعفي
لو نورصقي يف كلذ .
( 1 ) ةغلب ةعيشلا ،ماركلا ص 185 .
( 2 ) ردصملا ،قباسلا ص 213 ، 214 .

And he used to communicate that he has killed?, and
the folk say: “no descedants have records of him with
his uncle’s descendants”. Thus my trouble increased and
my grief intensified. I did not see a response to my
supplication nor [a solution] arising to my problem. So I
became powerless therewith. I grew in age. And my
bones became thin. I came to the border of despair from
[seeing] my son because of my weakness and my
elapsing age.
She(Um Dawood) continued: Then I came to Abi
Abdullah Ja’afer bin Muhammed (pbuh). So when I
asked him how he was doing and prompted him that I
intended to leave, he said to me: “O Um Dawood, who is
it that has informed you about Dawood? While you had
breast-feed Ja’afer bin Muhammed [together] with his
milk?” Thus when he mentioned him to me I cried then
said: “May I be your ransom, where is Dawood? Dawood
was imprisoned in Iraq, and his news had been cut off. I
have lost hope of meeting him while I am truly intensely
longing for him and anxious about him. I request of you
to pray for him because he is your brother from
nursing.” Then Abu Abdullah (pbuh) said to me: “O Um
Dawood, so where are you from [supplicating] the
Supplication(Dua’a) of Opening, Reponse, and
Prosperity? This Dua’a is the one with which Allah (the
Mighty and Majestic) opens the doors of the heaven for
the supplicator. The Angels obtain and bring him the
good news of a response. And it is the Answered
Supplication which does not come between Allah (the
Mighty and Majestic) and its owner(the supplicator) as a
recompense without Paradise.
She(Um Dawood) continued: I said: “And how is it for
me [to know], O son of the Truthful Purified Ones?” He
said: “O Um Dawood, indeed this Haram month has
approached [and the supplication] requires the month
of Rajab(lunar calendar month). It is a celebrated, grand
and holy month in which a supplication is heard. Thus,
pray the three days 13
, 14
and 15
from Rajab, as
these are the White Days. Then wash yourself (Ghusul)
at the middle day of them, at midday of the sun. Then
pray eight rak’aats at midday; forwarding within them
well-done bowings, prostrations and Qunuts. In the first
Rak’aa recite Fatiha of the book (i.e. Surat Fatiha), and
{Say: O You Disbelievers} (Surat Kafiroon). In the eighth
recite {Say: He is Allah, One} (Surat Ikhlas). In the
remaining six (rak’aats) recite what you like from the
short suras. Next, pray Dhuhr. Then bow [again] after
Dhuhr [another] eight bowings(rak'aats) with the
bowings, prostrations and qunuts done well. Let your
prayers be in your cleaner clothes in a spotless house
and use perfume. Indeed the Angels love that [i.e. such
ناكو لصتي هنأ دق ،لتق لوقيو موق : ل دق ينب
هيلع هنوطسا عم ينب ،همع مظعتف يتبيصم
دتشيو ،ينزح لو ىرأ يئاعدل ةباجإ لو يتلأسمل
ًامجن قاضف كلذب يعرذ تربكو ،ينس و قر
،يمظع ترصو ىلإ دح سأيلا نم يدلو يفعضل
ءاضقناو يرمع .
تلاق : مث ينأ تلخد ىلع يبأ دبع لا رفعج نب
دمحم ( ع ) املف هتلأس نع هلاح توعدو هل تممه
،فارصنلاب لاق يل : اي مأ دواد ام يذلا كغلب نع
؟دواد تنكو دق تعضرأ رفعج نب دمحم ؟هنبلب
املف هركذ يل تيكب تلقو : تلعج ف كاد نيأ ؟دواد
دواد سبتحم ،قارعلاب دقو عطقنا ،هربخ تسئيو
نم عامتجلا ،هعم ينإو ةديدشل قوشلا هيلإ
فهلتلاو ،هيلع انأو كلأسأ ءاعدلا هل هنإف كوخأ
نم ،ةعاضرلا تلاق : لاقف يل وبأ دبع لا ( ع :) اي
مأ ،دواد نيأف تنأ نع ءاعد حاتفتسلا ةباجلاو
؟حاجنلاو هو ذ ا ءاعدلا لا يذ حتفي لا ( ّزع لجو )
هل باوبأ ءامسلا ىقلتتو ةكئلملا هرشبتو ةباجلاب
وهو ءاعدلا باجتسملا يذلا ل بجحي نع لا
( ّزع لجو ) لو هبحاصل دنع لا كرابت ىلاعتو
باوث نود ةنجلا .
تلاق : تلق فيكو يل اي نبا راهطلا ؟نيقداصلا
لاق : اي مأ ،دواد دقف اند اذه رهشلا مارحلا ديري
( ع ) رهش بجر وهو رهش كرابم ميظع ةمرحلا
عومسم ءاعدلا ،هيف يموصف هنم ةثلث مايأ ثلاثلا
رشع عبارلاو رشع سماخلاو رشع يهو مايلا
،ضيبلا مث يلستغا يف موي فصنلا هنم دنع لاوز
سمشلا يلصو لاوزلا نامث تاعكر نيلسرت نهيف
نينسحتو نهعوكر نهدوجسو نهتونقو . أرقت يف
كرلا ةع ىلولا ةحتافب ،باتكلا لقو اي اهيأ
نورفاكلا يفو ةيناثلا لق وه لا دحأ يفو تسلا
يقاوبلا نم روسلا راصقلا ام ،تببحأ مث نيلصت
رهظلا نيعكرتو دعب رهظلا نامث تاعكر نينسحت
نهعوكر نهدوجسو ،نهتونقو نكتلو كتاولص يف
رهطأ كباوثأ يف تيب فيظن يلمعتساو بيطلا
هنإف هبحت
And try hard to [make sure that] no one comes to you to
talk to you or occupy you. Then when you finish from
the Supplication, prostrate unto the earth and cover
your cheeks with dust and say: “To You I have prostrated
and in You I have believed. So have mercy on my
lowliness, my neediness and my missteps [which is] to
my direction.” And try hard to make your eyes flow tears
even if it’s the amount of a housefly’s head. Because a
sign of a response to this Supplication is the sorrow of
the heart and the shedding of a teardrop. Afterwards, be
aware that [the matter] will emerge from your
hand/control and into someone else’s hand; [someone]
who calls for other than the truth for him. Thus it is an
honourable Supplication. It contains the greatest Name
of Allah which, if supplicated by, Allah will answer [the
supplicator] and give him [what he wants]; even if the
heavens and earth were patched [together] without the
oceans entirely. And [if] all of such was between you and
your wanted need, then certainly Allah (the Mighty and
Majestic) will ease the arrival of what you desire. And
will give you your request, meet your need and cause
you to attain your hopes; as well as to each who
supplicate to AllMighty Allah by this Supplication of
Response whether male or female. Even if the Jinn and
Mankind were enemies to your son, certainly Allah
suffices you [from] their supplies; and silences their
tongues from you. And that you would have their necks,
if Allah the AllMighty wills.”
Um Dawood continues: Thus he wrote this Supplication
for me and I waited at my home. Then came the month
of Rajab, and I had in my mind the days [of the
Supplication]. So I fasted and supplicated in them just as
he instructed me. And I [also] prayed the Maghreb, ‘Isha
and the rest while being devoted. Afterwards, I prayed
through the night [for as long as] what was possible for
me. Then settled for the night, and saw in my sleep all of
whom I Prayed for - from the Angels, the Prophets, the
Testifiers, the Ibdaals and the worshippers. I also saw
the Prophet (pbuhahf). And Behold, he said to me: “O
woman, O Um Dawood, Rejoice! For all of whom you
see from your helpers and brothers and sisters are
seeking for your forgiveness and bring you good news of
the success of [gaining] your need thing. Rejoice in the
pardon and satisfaction of Allah for you have profited
well for yourself. Rejoice also that Allah has protected
your son, and will return him to you if Allah so wills.
Um Dawood continued: I then woke up from my sleep.
By Allah, I did not remain still after that except for the
distance of the course [that I took] from the diligent
hurried rider to Iraq, till Dawood was shown to me. Thus
he said: “O my mother, I have been imprisoned in Iraq in
the narrowest of cells.
ةكئلملا يدهتجاو نأ ل لخدي كيلع دحأ كملكي
وأ ،كلغشي اذإف تغرف نم ءاعدلا يدجساف ىلع
ضرلا يرفعو كيدخ ىلع ضرلا يلوقو : كل
تدجس كبو ،تنمآ محراف يلذ يتقافو يتوبكو
يهجول يدهجاو نأ حيست كانيع ولو رادقم
سأر بابذلا ،ً اعومد هنإف ةيآ ةباجإ اذه ءاعدلا
ةقرح بلقلا باكسناو ،ةربعلا مث يرذحا أ ن
جرخي نع كيدي ىلإ دي كريغ نمم وعدي هب
ريغل ،قح هنإف ءاعد ،فيرش هيفو مسا لا
مظعلا يذلا اذإ يعد ،هب باجأف يطعأو ولو
نأ تاومسلا ضرلاو اتناك ًاقتر راحبلاو
اهعمجأب نم اهنود ناكو كلذ هلك كنيب نيبو
كتجاح لهسل لا ( زع لجو ) لوصولا ىلإ ام
نيديرت . كاطعأو كتبلط ىضقو كل كتجاح
كغلبو كلامآ لكلو نم اعد اذهب ءاعدلا ةباجلا
نم لا ىلاعت ًاركذ ناك وأ ،ىثنأ ولو نأ نجلا
سنلاو ءادعأ كدلول كافكل لا ،مهتنؤم سرخأو
كنع مهتنسلأ كلذو كل مهباقر نإ ءاش لا ىلاعت .
تلاق مأ دواد : بتكف يل اذه ،ءاعدلا تفرصناو
ىلإ يلزنم لخدو رهش جر ب تيخوتف مايلا
اهتمصو توعدو امك ينرمأ تيلصو برغملا
ءاشعلاو ةرخلاو ،تفرصناو مث تيلص نم
ليللا ام حنس يل تبو يف يتليل تيأرو يف
يمون املك تيلص مهيلع نم ةكئلملا ءايبنلاو
،ءادهشلاو لادبلاو ،دابعلاو تيأرو يبنلا ( ص )
اذإف وه لوقي يل : اي ةينب اي مأ دواد ،يرشبا لكف
ام نيرت نم كناوعأ كناوخإو نورفغتسي ،كل
نورشبيو حجنب كتجاح يرشباف ةرفغمب لا
هناوضرو تيزجف ًاريخ نع كسفن يرشباو
ظفحي لا ،كدلول هدرو كيلع نإ ءاش لا .
تلاق مأ دواد : تهبتناف نم يمون لاوف ام تثكم
دعب كلذ لإ رادقم ةفاسم قيرطلا نم قارعلا
بكارلل دجملا ا عرسمل ىتح مدق يلع دواد لاقف :
اي هامأ ينإ سبتحمل قارعلاب يف قيضأ
،سباحملا يلعو
And the weight of Iron was upon me. I was in the
state of despair from being freed. And suddenly
when I went to sleep in the night of the middle day
of Rajab, I saw the earth had been scaled down for
me till I saw your prayer mat. And around it were
men with their heads in the sky and their legs on
the ground. They had green robes/clothing and
were Glorifying [Allah] around you. Then a speaker
spoke. I believe he had the face characteristic of
the Prophet (pbuhahf), spotless in clothing,
pleasant in smell and good in words. [he said]: “O
Son of the righteous Elderly Woman, rejoice! For
indeed Allah (the Mighty and Majestic) has
answered your mother’s Supplication.” I woke up,
and Behold, I was with Abi AlDawaneeq’s
messenger. Thus I was admitted to him out of the
night. He then ordered for the detachment of my
iron and [for others] to be kind towards me. He
also ordered 10,000 dirhams be given to me, that I
be held [on record] as being of noble descent and
for me to strive for the hardest of courses. Then I
hurried to enter Medina and proceeded to Abi
Abdullah (pbuh).” Consequently he(Dawood - who
was previously talking) greeted him(the Imam) and
narrated his story. Then AlSadiq (pbuh) said to
him: “Verily Abi AlDawaneeq saw Ali (pbuh) in his
sleep telling him: “Release my son or else I will
throw you into the Fire”. He also saw (in his
dream) as if there were flames beneath his feet.
He then woke up, was at loss [to what has
happened] and released you.” (1).
(1) Dar AlSalam/ AlTabrisi/ vol1, page193-195.

لقث ،ديدحلا انأو يف لاح سايلا نم صلخلا ذإ
تمن يف هليل فصنلا نم بجر تيأرف ايندلا دق
تضفخ يل ىتح تيأر يف ريصح كتاولص
كلوحو لاجر مـهسوؤر يف ءامسلا مهلجرأو يف
ضرلا مهيلع بايث رضخ نوحبسي نم ،كلوح
لاقو لئاق ليعج هجولا هتلخ يبنلا ( ص ) فيظن
بوثلا بيط حيرلا نسح ا ملكل : اي نبا ةزوجعلا
ةحلاصلا ،يرشبا دقف باجأ لا ( زع لجو )
ءاعد ،كمأ تهبتناف اذإف انأ لوسرب يبأ ناودلا ي ق
تلخدأف هيلع نم ،ليللا رمأف كفب يديدح
ناسحلاو يلإ رمأو يل ةرشعب فلآ مهرد نأو
لمحأ ىلع بيجن يعستساو دشأب ريسلا
تعرسأف ىتح تلخد ةنيدملا تيضمف ىلإ يبأ
ع دب لا ( ع ) ملسف هيلع هثدحو ،هثيدحب لاقف هل
قداصلا ( ع :) نإ ابأ قيناودلا ىأر يف مونلا ايلع
( ع ) لوقي هل : قلطا يدلو لإو كنيقلل يف ،رانلا
ىأرو نأك تحت هيمدق نارينلا ظقيتساف دقو
طقسأ يف هدي كقلطأف ( 1 .)
( 1 ) راد ملسلا / يسربطلا / ج 1 ص 183 ،
184 ، 185 .

Dreams of miracles associated with Imam
AlSadiq (pbuh)
1. From Ahmed bin AbiAbdullah AlTabrisi, from his
father, who said: I was informed by one who heard
Janaab bin Sadeer, who said: “I saw the Messenger
of Allah (pbuhahf) in what a person usually sees
during sleep (a vision). He had a plate covered with
a napkin in his hands. I came closer to him and
greeted him; so he greeted me back. Aftwards, he
lifted the napkin from the plate, revealing ripe
dates on it. He then began eating from it. So I
came closer to him and said: “O Messenger of
Allah, pass me a date.” So he passed one date to
me. I ate it then said: “O Messenger of Allah, pass
me another [one].” So he passed it to me and I ate
it. Thus every time I ate one, I asked for another.
Until he had given me 8 dates. After eating it(the
eighth date), I asked of him another. Consequently
he said: “That [many] will suffice you.” Then I
woke up from my sleep. The following day I went
to Ja’afer bin Muhammed AlSadiq (pbuh). There
was a plate covered in a napkin in his hands, like
the one in the Messenger of Allah’s hands
(pbuhahf) that I saw in my sleep. I greeted him and
he greeted me back. Next he uncovered the plate
and there were ripe dates on it. He then started
eating. I was amazed by that and said: “May I be
your ransom, pass me a date.” So he handed me
[one] and I ate it. [This continued] until he had
given me the eight dates. After that I requested
another from him, but he said to me: “That [many]
will suffice you. If my Grandfather had increased
you [in dates], I would have increased you.”
Thereupon I said to him: “May I be your ransom”
and informed him of the story [of my dream]. He
smiled, acquainted with what had happened (1).
(1) Dar AlSalam/ vol1, page311.

ىؤر اهيف زجاعم ماملل صلا قدا ( ع )

1 - نع دمحأ نب يبأ دبع لا ،يقربلا نع ،هيبأ
لاق : ينثدح نم عمسي نانج نب ،ريدس لوقي :
تيأر لوسر لا ( ص ) اميف ىري مئانلا نيبو
هيدي قبط ىطغم ،ليدنمب توندف هنم تملسو
هيلع درف َيلع ،ملسلا مث عفر ليدنملا نع
قبطلا اذإف هيف بطر لعجف لكي هنم . توندف
هنم ف تلق : اي لوسر لا ينلوان ةبطر ينلوانف
ةبطر ةدحاو اهتلكأف مث تلق : اي لوسر لا
ينلوان ىرخأ اهينلوانف اهتلكأف تلعجف املك تلكأ
ةدحاو هتلأس ،ىرخأ ىتح يناطعأ نامث تابطر
اهتلكأف مث تبلط هنم ،ىرخأ لاقف يل : كبسح .
لاق : تهبتناف نم ،يمانم املف ناك نم دغلا
تلخد ىلع عج رف نب دمحم قداصلا ( ع ) نيبو
هيدي قبط ىطغم ليدنمب هنأك يذلا هتيأر يف
مانملا نيب يدي لوسر لا ( ص ) ، تملسف هيلع
درف يلع ،ملسلا مث فشك نع قبطلا اذإف هيف
بطر لعجف لكأي تبجعف ،كلذل تلقو : تلعج
كادف ينلوان ،ةبطر ينلوانف اهتلكأف ىتح
يناطعأ نامث تابطر ،اهتلكأف مث لط تب هنم
ىرخأ لاقف يل : كبسح ول كداز يدج ،كتدزل
مث تلق هل : تلعج كادف هتربخأف ربخلا مسبتف
ًافراع امب ناك ) 1 .)
( 1 ) راد ملسلا / ج 1 ، ص 311 .

2. From ‘Ayashi in his Tafseer, from Muhammed bin
AlWalid AlBajli. From ‘Abbas bin Halal, concerning Abi
Hassan (Musa bin Ja’afer) (pbuh), who said: He (Musa)
mentioned that the master(mawla) Ja’afer bin
Muhammed (pbuh) is unquestionably my authority, and
that Ja’afer (pbuh) had said to him: “I wish for you to
become attuned to the name/designation”. Then he
knew the Quran in his sleep and woke up with the
knowledge. He said: “Muhammed bin AlWalid is from
the progeny of authority.” (1).
3. From Ibin Shahr Aashoob concerning his dispatched
investigators/scholars from Ma’atab, who said:
Someone was knocking on the door of my master
AlSadiq (pbuh), so I open the door and it was Zaid bin Ali
(pbuh). AlSadiq (pbuh) said to his seated companions:
“You [may] enter this house and close the doors but let
not any of you talk.” So when [Zaid] came in, [AlSadiq
(pbuh)] stood up for him. They embraced, sat down and
talked [with each other] for a long time. Then the
conversation between them became loud. Thus Zaid
said: “Not to mention, O Ja’afer, by Allah, indeed if you
did not extend your hand = [a gesture performed to
allow others to pledge their allegiance], I [would still
have] pledged allegiance. Then this is my hand, so
pledge allegiance to me; so that I can appoint you and
commission you to what you cannot bear. Thus you
have left the Striving(Jihad). And frozen until the
covering/screen is lowered and loosened, and you’re
included upon the wealth of the east and the west?”
AlSadiq (pbuh) replied: “May Allah have mercy on you O
uncle. May Allah forgive you O uncle.” At hearing this,
Zaid said: “Our appointment is in the morning, or is not
the morning approaching?” and he went. Then the
people talked about what just happened, so [AlSadiq
(pbuh)] said: “hush ( هص ) , do not say except good to my
uncle Zaid. May Allah have mercy on my uncle. Thus if
he shows up, he would have honoured/fulfilled [his
obligation/promise].” When it was early morning(Sahar),
someone knocked on the door; so I opened the door for
him [Zaid]. He entered and said, while sniffling and
crying: “Have mercy on me O Ja’afer, Allah has had
mercy on you. Be pleased/satisfied with me O Ja’afer,
Allah is satisfied with you. Forgive me O Ja’afer, Allah
has forgiven you.” AlSadiq (pbuh) replied: “Allah has
forgiven you, and has had mercy upon you, and is
pleased with you. So what is your news, O Uncle?” [Zaid]
said: “I went to sleep and saw the Messenger of Allah
(pbuhahf) preoccupied by me. On his right was AlHassan
and on his left was AlHussein (pbut). Fatima was behind
him, while Ali was in front of him (pbut). He had a spear
that was bursting into flames as though it was fire. He
was saying: “O Zaid. You have hurt the Messenger of
Allah (pbuhahf) regarding [your conduct with] Ja’afer.
___ (1) Dar AlSalam/ AlTabrisi/ page310&311.
2 - نع يشايعلا يف ،هريسفت نع دمحم نب
ديلولا ،يلجبلا نع سابع نب ،لله نع يبأ
نسحلا ( ع ) ، لاق : ركذ نأ ملسم ىلوم رفعج نب
دمحم ( ع ) يدنس نأو رفعج ( ع ) لاق هل : وجرأ
نأ نوكي دق تقفو مسلا هنأو ملع نآرقلا يف
مونلا حبصأف دقو ،هملع لاق : دمحم نب ديلولا
ناك نم دلوأ دنسلا ) 1 .)
3 - نع نبا رهش بوشآ يف هبقانم ًلسرم نع
،بتعم لاق : عرق باب يلوم قداصلا ( ع )
تجرخف اذإف ديز نب يلع ( ع ) لاقف قداصلا
( ع ) هئاسلجل : اولخدا اذه تيبلا اودرو بابلا لو
ملكتي مكنم ،دحأ املف لخد ماق هيلإ اقنتعاف اسلجو
ًليوط نارواشتي مث لع ملكلا ،امهنيب لاقف يز د :
عد كنع اي ،رفعج لاوف نئل مل دمت كدي كعيابأ
هذهف يدي ينعيابف كنيعل كفلكلو ام ل ،قيطت
دقف تكرت داهجلا تدلجأو لإ ى ضفخلا تيخرأو
،رتسلا تيوتحاو ىلع لام قرشملا ؟برغملاو
لاقف قداصلا ( ع :) كمحر لا اي مع غي ف ر لا
كل اي مع ديزو هعمسي لوقيو : اندعوم حبصلا
لأ سي حبصلا ؟بيرقب رضحو ملكتف سانلا يف
كلذ لاقف : هم ل اولوقت يمعل ديز لإ ًاريخ محر
لا يمع ولف رهظ ،ىفول املف ناك يف رحسلا
عرق بابلا تحتفف هل بابلا لخدف قهشتي
،يكبيو لوقيو : ينمحرا اي رفعج كمحر لا
ضرإ ينع اي ،رفعج يضر لا ،كنع رفغا يل
اي رفعج رفغ لا كل ، لاقف قداصلا ( ع :) رفغ
لا كل كمحرو يضرو ،كنع امف ربخلا اي ؟مع
لاق : تمن تيأرف لوسر لا ( ع ) ًلخاد يلع ،
عو ن هنيمي نسحلا نعو هراسي نيسحلا ( ع )
ةمطافو هفلخ يلعو ( ع ) همامأ هديبو ةبرح
بهتلت َاباـهتلا اـهنأك ،ران وهو لوقي : اي ديز
تيذآ لوسر لا ( ص ) يف رفعج لاو نئل
( 1 ) راد ملسلا / يسربطلا / ص 314 & 311 .
By Allah, indeed if he had not had mercy on you,
forgiven you and was pleased with you; I would stab you
with this spear. Thus I truly would have jabbed it
between your shoulders, and taken it out through your
chest after that.” Then I woke up, alarmed and
frightened. Then I came to you, so have mercy on me.
May Allah have mercy on you.” [Imam AlSadiq (pbuh)]
replied: “Allah is pleased with you, and forgives you.
Entrust me [as your Imam], for verily you have been
killed, crucified and burnt in the fire.” Thus Zaid
entrusted him with his family and children, and [with]
the completion of the religion from him (1).
4. From Abi Abd Muhammed bin Ahmed AlDeelmi
AlBasri, from Muhammed bin Abi Katheer AlBasri,
who said: I used to not start or end my prayers
except by cursing the two [worst creatures]. Then,
I saw in my sleep a bird that was with a Toor(small
jar) (2) made of gems. Inside it was something red
resembling AlKhalooq*(3). So [the bird] descended
toward the house that encompasses the
Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf). Then he took out
two individuals from the grave, scented them with
this Khalooq on their cheeks and then returned
them both to the grave. While he was ascending
back and was near me, I asked [that bird]: “And
what is this Khalooq?” He replied: “This angel
comes every Friday [to] perfume those two.” I was
annoyed at what I saw [in my dream]. Then I woke
up not perfuming myself by [first] cursing the two.
So I went to AlSadiq (pbuh). When he saw me, he
laughed and said: “Did you see the bird?” I replied:
“Yes, O my master(Sayyed)” He (pbuh) said:
“Recite: {Verily Secret Conversation is from the
Devil in an effort to sadden Those that believe,
and it is not a thing harmful to them except by
Allah’s permission}. If you see [in a dream]
something you hate, recite it. By Allah, he is an
Angel delegated with them two for anything
except honoring them. Rather, he is an Angel
delegated with the lighting and sunsets of the
Earth. If someone killed a victim wrongly, he takes
his blood by picking it from the necks of those two.
That is because they are the cause of all injustice
since their existence (4).
(1) Dar AlSalam/ vol1, page311,312.
(2) AlToor: Small jar/container/vessel.
(3) AlKhalooq: well-known remedy made from Safffron
and other pleasant types. Most of it is red and yellow.
(4) Dar AlSalam/ page312/313.
مل كمحري رفغيو كل ىضريو كنع كنعطل
هذهب ةبرحلا اهنعضلف نيب ،كيفتك مث اهجرخل
نم ،كردص تهبتناف ًاعزف َابوعرم ترصف
كيلإ ينمحراف كمحري ،لا لاقف ( ع :) يضر
لا كنع رفغو كل ينيصوأ كنإف لوتقم
بولصم قرحم ،رانلاب ىصوف ديز هلايعب
هدلوأو ءاضقو نيدلا هنع ( 1 .)
4 - نعو بأ ي دبع دمحم نب دمحأ يمليدلا
،يرصبلا نع دمحم نب بأ ي ريثك ،يرصبلا
لاق : تنك ل متخأ يتاولص لو اهحتفتسأ لإ
،امهنعلب تيأرف يف يمانم ًارئاط هعم وت ًار ( 2 )
نم رهوجلا هيف ءيش رمحأ هبش قولخلا ( 3 )
لزنف ىلإ تيبلا طيحملا لوسرب لا ( ص ) مث
جرخأ نيصخش نم حيرضلا امهقلخاف كلذب
،قولخلا يف امهضراوع مث امهدر ىلإ حيرضلا
داعو ًاعفترم تلأسف نم يلوح [ نم اذه رئاطلا ]
امو اذه ؟قولخلا لاقف : اذه كلم ءيجي يف لك
ةعمج ،امهقلخي ينجعزأف ام تيأر تحبصأف ل
بيطت احهنعلب تلخدف ىلع قداصلا ( ع ) املف
ينآر كحض لاقو : تيأر ؟رئاطلا لاقف : معن اي
،يديس لاقف ( ع ) أرقا : { امنإ ىوجنلا نم
ناطيشلا نزحيل نيذلا اونمآ سيلو مهراضب ًائيش
لإ نذإب لا } اذإف تيأر َائيش هركت اهأرقاف لاو
ام وه كلم لكوم لإ امهب ،امهماركل لب وه
كلم لكوم قراشمب ضرلا ،اهبراغمو اذإ لتق
ًليتق ًاملظ ذخأ نم همد اهفوطق هب يف امهباقر
امهنل ببس لك ملظ ذم اناك ( 4 .)
( 1 ) راد ملسلا / ج 1 ، ص 311 ، 312 .
( 2 ) روتلا : ءانإ ريغص .
( 3 ) قولخلا : ببط فورعم بكرم نم
نارفعزلا هريغو نم عاونأ بيطلا بلغتو هيلع
ةرمحلا ةرفصلاو .
( 4 ) راد ملسلا / ص 312 ، 313 .

Letter: Alif (أ)

Water Jar/container: interpreted upon 11 sides:
Woman, [male] servant, young girl & straightness
of religion, goodness of body, long lifetime,
wealth, blessing, good, prosperity, inheritance
from the direction of women.

Adam: Whoever sees Adam (pbuh), and if he was
married/qualified, he will be hurt by the
sovereignty and the grand Guardianship, on
account of the AllMighty’s Saying: {I am making a
Calipha on the Earth}.

Ears: A vision of the ears is interpreted upon 8
sides: a Woman – be it his wife or a relative,
truthful companion, suitable friend, boy in the
future, beneficial wealth & worry & sorrow,
happiness & delight, repentance, returning &

Shaking: the shaking of limbs is interpreted upon
4 sides: change & weakness, sorrow, fellow wife.

Myrtle [plant]: righteous child having good
character, pleasant living. If a woman saw that she
gave a bouquet of myrtle [flowers] to her husband
then it signifies the stability of the marriage
between them.

Lion: interpreted upon 3 sides: ? (cant find
translation maybe a typo for sultan= authority),
rigorous man, strong enemy.

Teeth: interpreted upon 6 sides: People of the
House (ahlulbait), wealth, usefulness, sorrow &
parting, a report from relatives.

فرح فللا

قيربلا : لوؤي ىلع دحأ رشع ًاهجو : ،ةأرما
،مداخو ةيراجو ماوقو ،نيدلا حلصو ،دسجلا
رمعو ،ليوط ،لامو ،ةمعنو ،ريخو ،ةكربو
ثاريمو نم ةهج ءاسنلا .

مدآ : نم ىأر مدآ ( ع ) نإ ناك ًلهأ بيصي
ةدايسلا ةيلولاو ةميظعلا هلوقل ىلاعت : { ينإ
لعاج يف ضرلا ةفيلخ } .

ناذلا : ايؤر ناذلا لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ :
ةأرما ءاوس تناك هتجوز وأ ،هتبيرق بحاصو
،قيدص قيفرو ،قفاوم ملغو لبقم لامو عفان
مهو مغو ، حرفو ،رورسو ،ةبوتو عوجرو
ًامأو .

شاعترا : شاعترا ءاضعلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ
هجوأ : ريغت عضو ،ف ،مغو ةرضلاو .

سلا : دلو حلاص وذ قلخ ،نسح ةشيعمو ،ةبيط
نإو تأر ةأرما اهنأ تطعأ اهجوزل ةقاب سآ
هنإف لدي ىلع تابث حاكنلا امهنيب .

دسلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،ناطفس لجرو
،ديدش ودعو يوق .

نانسلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : لهأ ،تيبلا
،لامو ،ةعفنمو مغو ،ةقرافمو ضحم ةر نم
براقلا .

Fingers/Toes: interpreted upon 6 sides: children,
brother’s children, [male] servants & companions
& strength, the five prayers.

Fingernails: a vision of nails is interpreted upon 6
sides: strength, quantity & courage, intelligent
child, a usefulness, [something] owned.

Prophets: interpreted upon 11 sides: mercy,
blessing, glory & elevation of importance & state,
victory & felicity, leadership & strength of the
people of the Sunna & a group & good in the
World and the Hereafter, comfort for the people
of that place. Whoever sees himself arguing with
one of the Prophets and/or disputes with him
and/or raises his voice over him, then that
[signifies] an innovation that he has brought about
into the religion and the traditions.

[Information about] Days: the best days of
what is seen [in dreams] is on Friday, next is
Monday, and Thursday. And whenever a person
dreams on a clear and bright day then it is better
in its truthfulness [the dream], and perfect
depending on his light and illumination.

عباصلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،دلوأ دلوأو
،خلا مادخو باحصأو ،ةوقو تاولصلاو
سمخلا .

رافظلا : ايؤر رافظلا لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ :
،ةوق رادقمو ،ةعاجشو دلوو ،لقاع ،ةعفنمو
كولممو .

ءايبنلا : لوؤت ىلع دحأ رشع ًاهجو : ،ةمحر
،ةمعنو زعو ولعو ردق ،ةلودو رفظو ،ةداعسو
رو ةساي ةوقو لهأ ةنسلا ةعامجلاو ريخلاو يف
ايندلا ،ةرخلاو ةحارو لهل كلذ ناكملا . نمو
ىأر هنأ شقاني ًادحأ نم ،ءايبنلا هلداجيو عفريو
هيلع هتوص نإف كلذ ةعدب دق اهثدحأ يف نيدلا
ننسلاو .

مايلا : نسحأ ام ىري يف مايلا موي ،ةعمجلا مث
موي ،نينثلا ،سيمخلاو املكو ىري ناسنلا
مويلا ًايفاص ًارين وهف نسح يف ،هقح ديجو
امبسح نوكي هءوض هرونو .

Letter: Baa’ (ب)

Falcon/Hawk*: If it was obedient, it is
interpreted upon 5 sides: acquirement of
something wanted & happiness, good news,
matter/affair passing through, acquirement of
wealth, in proportion to the falcon/hawk’s value
[ranging] from 1000 to 10,000, especially if it was
an obedient white one. And if it wasn’t obedient
then it is interpreted upon 4 sides: unjust
sovereign, tyrannical ruler that has no faith, child
ungrateful to his two parents, bandit.

Well: interpreted upon 5 sides: marriage &
scholar & great/old man & dying (not necessarily
death), deception.

Coldness/Hail: interpreted upon 5 sides:
affliction & dispute & soldiers, famine & sickness.

Lightning: it is [interpreted as] a treasurer of the
king/sovereign & enemy, admonition & mercy,
straight path.

Sea: a vision of the sea is interpreted upon 6 sides:
sovereign, leader, scholar & knowledge & wealth,
great labour.

Garden/Orchard: interpreted upon 7 sides:
woman, child & living & wealth, high rank, delight,
*: Falcon/hawk: of the predatory birds.

فرح ءابلا

يزابلا ْ*( :) اذإ ناك ًاعيطم لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ
هجوأ : لوصح دارم ،حرفو ،ةراشبو ذافنو ،رمأ
لوصحو ،لام ردقب ةميق يزابلا نم فلأ ىلإ
ةرشع ،فلآ ًاصوصخ اذإ ناك ًاعيطم ،ضيبأ
نإو مل نكي ًاعيطم هنإف لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ :
كلم ،ملاظ مكاحو رئاج ل ةنايد ،هل دلوو اع ق
،هيدلاول عطاقو قيرطلا .

رئبلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،جوزت ملاعو
لجرو ريبك ،تومو ركمو .

دربلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ءلب ةموصخو
،ركسعو طحقو ضرمو .

قربلا : وه نزاخ راد كلملا ،ودعو باتعو
،ةمحرو قيرطو ميقتسم .

رحبلا : ايؤر رحبلا لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،كلم
،سيئرو عو ملا ملعو ،لامو لغشو ريبك .

ناتسبلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةأرما ،دلوو
شيعو ،لامو ،ةعفرو ،رورسو ةيرسو .
)*( يزابلا : نم رويطلا ةحراجلا .

Carpet/Rug/Mat: if it was large and new, then it is
interpreted upon 8 sides: glory, high standing, honor,
rank, blessing, wealth, long lifetime, compliments in
proportion to his importance.
Onion: a vision of eating onion is interpreted upon 3
sides: forbidden wealth, backbiting & regret.

Belly/Abdomen: interpreted upon 4 sides:
knowledge, treasury/coffers, living & children.

White Duck: wealth or rich woman, and black
young girl.
Watermelon: interpreted upon 5 sides: sickness,
woman, boy, a usefulness & living especially if it was
Mule Driver/Mules: interpreted upon 7 sides:
travel, barren woman, long lifetime &
arrival/adulthood, victory, beauty, knowledge, foolish
man. And whoever rides the (male or female) Mule,
the vision is potentially indicative [of such] if he was a
Jurist [responsible] toward the appointment of the
judicial authorities.
Crying: whoever sees that he/she is crying, then
laughing after that, it indicates the nearing of his
term [death], because of the All-Mighty’s saying:
{And he laughed and cried, while he is deadened
and alivened}.
Construction [of a Wall]: Whoever sees he is
building a wall. If it was made from adobe [brick]
and/or mud, then it indicates the validity of his
religion and his trustworthiness. If he sees he is
building a wall from plaster then it indicates the
change of his religion.

Urine: interpreted upon these sides: if he was needy
he will become contented, liberated if he was a slave,
comforted if he was a prisoner, if he was a traveller
he will return to his homeland, if he was a scholar or
judge then he will not be commended.
Trumpet: a vision of the trumpet is interpreted upon
4 sides for those who (benefited, -maybe a typo for
blew(خفن) ) in it: a hated good & fake speech,
uncovering of a hidden secret, adversity.
Eggs: interpreted upon 9 sides: child, people of a
house, wealth, glory, rank, request of a need or
acquiring a mortgage/pledge/ guaranty, acquiring
something wanted, young girl.
طاسبلا : اذإ ناك ًاريبك ،ًاديدج هنإف لوؤي ىلع ةينامث
هجوأ : ،زع ،هاجو ،فرشو ،ةبترمو ،ةمعنو ،لامو
رمعو ،ليوط ءانثو ردقب همظع .
لصبلا : ايؤر لكأ لصبلا لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ :
لام مارح ، ةبيغو ةمادنو .
نطبلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،ملع ،ةنازخو
شيعو دلوأو .
طبلا ضيبلا : لام وأ ةأرما ،ةينغ دوسلاو ةيراج .
خيطبلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ضرم ،ةأرماو
،ملغو ةعفنمو شيعو ًاصوصخ نإ ناك ًاولح .
لاغبلا : لوؤت ىلع ةحبس هجوأ : ،رفس ةأرماو ،ميقع
لوطو رمع لبو ،غو ،رفظو ،لامجو ،ملعو لجرو
،قمحأ امبرو تلد ايؤر نم بكري لغبلا وأ ةلغبلا
اذإ ناك ًاهيقف ىلع ةيلوت ءاضقلا .

ءاكب : نم ىأر هنأ ،يكبي مث كحضي هدعب لد ىلع
برق هلجأ هلوقل ىلاعت : { هنإو كحضأ ىكبأو هنإو
وه تامأ ايحأو } .

ءانب : نم ىأر هنأ ينبي ،ًاطئاح نإف ناك نم نبل
،نيطو هنإف لدي ىلع حلص ،هنيد هتنامأو . نإو
ىأر هنأ ينبي ًاطئاح نم صج هنإف لدي ىلع ريغت
هنيد .
لوبلا : لوؤت ىلع هوجو : نإ ناك ًاريقف ،ىنغتسا
نإو ناك ًادبع ،قتع نإو ناك ًاريسأ جرف ،هنع نإو
ناك ًارفاسم داع ىلإ ،هنطو نإو ناك ًاملاع وأ
،ًايضاق سيلف دومحمب .
قاوبلا : ايؤر قوبلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ نمل عفن
هيف : ريخ هورـكم لوقو ،روز راهظإو رس ،يفخم
ةبيصمو .
ضيبلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعست هجوأ : ،دلو لهأو ،تيب
،لامو ،زعو ،ةبترو بلطو ةجاح وأ لوصح
،نهر لوصحو ،دارم ةيراجو .

Letter: Taa’ (ت)

Crown: whoever sees a crown on her head, then if
she does not have a husband, she will get married.
If she has a husband, then she will prevail
considerably over [other] women.
Dust/Dirt/Soil: interpreted upon 5 sides: wealth, a
usefulness, work of the world(dunya), use/a useful
thing from [the direction of] women.
Shield: interpreted upon 6 sides: brother,
companion, strength, child, peace & refuge.
Business/Trade: a vision of trade or whoever is a
trader [in the dream], is interpreted by: the
acquirement of the World’s ornament.
Bed/Sofa/Coach: a vision of a bed is interpreted
upon 9 sides: glory, honor, travel & rank,
elevation, Guardianship (wilaya), importance, high
Hill/high-land: a vision of a hill is interpreted upon
4 sides: elevation, wealth, strength, treason.

Berry: Blackberry: wealth & usefulness from his
earning or dispute between him and his wife.

Tayammum (wudhu’ with soil when water is not
available): acquirement of something desired
which is recovery & sustenance & pilgrimage,
happiness, liberation.

فرح ءاتلا

جات : نم تأر ىلع اهسأر ،ً اجات نإ مل نكي اهل
،جوز اهنإف جوزتت نإو ناك اهل جوز اهنإف دوست
ىلع ةوسن ةريثك .
بارتلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرا هجوأ : ،لام ،ةعفنمو
لغشو ،ايندلا ةدئافو نم لبق ناوسنلا .
سرتلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،خأ ،بحاصو
،ةوقو ،دلوو نمأو أجلمو .
تلا ةراج : ايؤر ةراجتلا وأ نم نوكي ،ًارجات لوؤي
لوصحب ةنيز ايندلا .
تختلا : ايؤر تختلا لوؤت ىلع ةعست هجوأ :
،زع ،فرشو رفسو ،ةبترمو ،ولعو ،ةيلوو
،ردقو هاجو .
لتلا : ايؤر لتلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،ولع
،لامو ،ةوقو ةنايخو .
توتلا : توتلا ،دوسلا لام ةعفنمو نم هبسك وأ
نم ةعزا ،هنيب نيبو هتجوز .
مميتلا : لوصح دارملا وه ءافش قزرو ،جحو
،حرفو قتعو .

Letter: Thaa’ (ث)

Breast(s): interpreted upon 5 sides: small children,
girls, [male] servants & companions, brothers.

Ice/Snow: Ice is interpreted upon 6 sides: immense
sustenance, life & considerable wealth & lowered
prices, soldiers. [Interpreted as] sickness if he
gathered it during summer.
Clothing: interpreted upon 7 sides: faith, wealth,
glory, high standing & a usefulness, righteous
work, justice, fairness, this is [so] if there was not
something in them [clothing] that he denies.

ءاثلا فرح

يدثلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : دلوأ ،راغص
،تانبو مادخو ،باحصأو ةوخإو .
جلثلا : جلثلا لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : قزر ،عساو
ةايحو لامو ريثك صخرو ،رعسلا ،ركسعو
ضرمو نإ هعمج يف فيصلا .
بايثلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةنايد ،ىنغو
،زعو هاجو ،ةعفنمو لمعو ،حلاص ،لدعو
إو ،فاصن اذه اذإ مل نكي هيف ام هركني .

Letter: Jeem (ج)

Mountain: a vision of a mountain is interpreted by:
the king/sovereign, the victory, the leadership,
encounter of comfort.

Forehead: interpreted upon 6 sides: high standing
& importance, glory, elevation of rank, living,
leadership, heavy rain/bounty.

Jar/Vase: interpreted upon 4 sides: hypocrite
employee, maid woman, straightness of religion,
goodness of body, long lifetime, blessing,
inheritance from [direction of] women.

Paradise/Garden/Shelter: interpreted upon 9 sides:
knowledge & flowers/blossoms & favour/kindness
& happiness & good news, good & prosperity &
felicity & peace.
Janaba [only in the dream maybe, because actual
janaba invalidates visions]: interpreted upon 3
sides: child, acquirement of wealth, his departure.

Jewel/Gem: interpreted upon 8 sides: (روخدم=cant
find, لوخدم=incoming, روحدم=expelled,
رخدم=hoarded) wealth, famous knowledge, well-
known child, or something valuable, beautiful
protective woman, helpful words & good,
prosperity, good deed.

فرح ميجلا

لبجلا : ايؤر لبجلا لوؤت ،كلملاب ،رفظلاو
،ةسايرلاو ءاقلو ةحارلا .

ةهبجلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : هاج ،ردقو
،زعو ولعو ،ةلزنم ،ةشيعمو ،ةسايرو دوجو .

ةرجلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ريجأ ،قفانم
ةأرماو ،ةمداخ ماوقو ،نيد حلصو ،ندبلا
رمعو ،ليوط ،ةمعنو ثاريمو نم لبق ءاسنلا .

لا ج ةن : لوؤت ىلع ةعست هجوأ : ملع رهزو ةنمو
حرفو ،ةراشبو ريخو ةكربو ةداعسو نمأو .

ةبانجلا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،دلو لوصحو
،لام هجورخو .

رهوجلا : لوؤي ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : لام ،روخدم
ملعو ،روهشم دلوو فورعم ، وأ ءيش ،نيمث
ةأرماو ةليمج ،ةريتس ملكو ديفم ،ريخو ،ةكربو
لعفو نسح .

Letter: ‘Haa’(ح)

Shop/Store: interpreted upon 6 sides: woman,
pleasant living, glory & high standing & commended
matters, raising/uprising & victory.

Cupper (one who draws blood from others, as a
medical procedure): interpreted upon 8 sides:
delivery of a trust, book of stipulations/signs &
Guardianship, evils & preordained friends & Sunna &
isolation. It depends [upon whether] an abscess/sore
appears, or [the spot is] amenable/complies. Also
contingent on [if] the cupper was a man who wastes
away the matters of people by his hands.

Glede/Kite [predatory birds]: interpreted upon 4
sides: modest/negligible wealth, honor, child, wealth,

Movement of the Finger/Toe: interpreted upon 5
sides: sickness, sorrow, dispute &
importunity/obstinacy, a violation with his people,
and his family.

Sanctuary/Harem: whoever sees himself sitting in
the Meki Harem, and was afraid [then] he will be
saved from a wrongdoer and become safe from his

Reckoning/Account of the Judgment: interpreted
upon 6 sides: of the torment from a sovereign/king or
labor or disease or sorrow, or pains or short lifetime.

AlHassan and AlHussein (pbut): whoever sees
AlHassan and AlHussein (pbut) then that indicates the
connection with some of the superiors, or peace of
mind, and perhaps he will die a martyr. And whoever
sees Ja’afer the navigator, will perform the
فرح ءاحلا

توناحلا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،ةأرما شيعو
،بيط زعو هاجو أو روم ،ةدومحم عافتراو
رفظو .

ماجحلا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ءادأ ،ةنامأ
باتكو طورش ،ةيلوو رورشو ةبحصو ةبتك
ةنسو ،لزعو امبرو نوكي بتاك ،جارخ وأ
،ًابساحم امبرو نوكي ماجحلا ًلجر لحني ىلع
هيدي رومأ سانلا .

ةأدحلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لام ،عضاوتم
،فرشو ،دلوو مو ،لا ةمعنو .

ةكرح عبصلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ضرم
،مغو ةموصخو ،جاجلو ةفلاخمو عم ،هلهأ
هلايعو .

مرحلا : نم ىأر هنأ سلاج يف مرحلا ،يكملا
ناكو ًافئاخ صلخي نم ملاظ نمأيو نم هديك .

باسح ةمايقلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : نم
باذعلا نم كلم وأ لغش وأ ءاد وأ ،مغ وأ ءانع
وأ رمع ريصق .

نسحلا نيسحلاو : نم ىأر نسحلا نيسحلاو
كلذف لدي ىلع لاصتلا ضعبب ،رباكلا وأ
ةحار ،لابلا امبرو تومي ،ً اديهش نمو ىأر
رفعج رايطلا هنإف جحي .

[Syringe] Injection: whoever sees himself injected in
a (bodily) part of his. If it troubles him then he will
not be commended. If he sees other than that, then it
is [interpreted as] good & a usefulness.

Shaving of the Head: interpreted upon 5 sides:
pilgrimage, travel, glory, high standing, peace, on
account of the AllMighty’s Saying: {[they are] shaving
their heads and shortened, not afraid}. As for if he
was from the people of the state/government then
he will not be commended.

Candy/Confection: considerable wealth, sincere
religion. A bite from it indicates the acceptance from
his son and his friend, or his companion.

Pigeon/Dove: a vision of a pigeon is [interpreted
upon] 6 sides: woman, sorrow, religion,
disablement/hindrance & confirmation, loan.

Donkey: interpreted upon these sides: fortune, state,
matter/affair passing through, leadership &
money, woman, young girl, happiness, glory,
attendance/arrival, rank.

Water Tub/Reservoir/Tank: interpreted upon 5
sides: a man helpful to the people, rich man or
collected wealth, or scholar that serves the people by
his knowledge. And contingently indicative
of/signifies the doing of good deeds [if] the reservoir
was built, and indicative of the opposite of that [if] it
was destroyed.
Snake: interpreted upon 10 sides: hidden enmity,
living & safety. Sultanate & emirate, state & woman,
child & dying & flood.

نقح : نم ىأر هنأ نقتحا لصو هل نم كلذ ام
ردكي ،هيلع هنإف سيل ،دومحمب نإو ىأر فلخ
،كلذ وهف ريخ ةعفنمو .

قلح سأرلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،جح
،رفسو ،زعو ،هاجو نمأو هلوقل ىلاعت : { نيقلحم
مكسؤر نيرصقمو ل نوفاخت } ، امأ اذإ ناك نم
لهأ ةلودلا سيلف دومحمب .

ءاولحلا : م لا ،ريثك نيدو ،صلاخ ةمقلو اهنم
لدت ىلع ةلبقلا نم هنبا ،هقيدصو وأ هبحاص .

مامحلا : ايؤر مامحلا ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،ةأرما
،مغو ،نيدو ليطعتو ،قيدصتو ضرقو .

ريمحلا : لوؤت ىلع هجوأ : ،تخب ،ةلودو ذافنو
،رمأ ةسايرو ،لامو ،ةأرماو ،ةيراجو ،حرفو
،زعو ،لابقإو ةبترمو .

ضوحلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لجر عفان
،سانلل لجرو ينغ وأ لام ،عومجم وأ ملاع
عفني سانلا هملعب اعبرو تلد ةرامع ضوحلا
ىلع لعف ،تاريخلا همدهو لدي ىلع دض كلذ .

ةيحلا : لوؤت ىلع ةرشع هجوأ : ةوادع ،ةيفخم
شيعو ةملسو . ةنطلسو ،ةرامإو ةلودو
،ةأرماو دلوو تومو ليسو .

Letter: Khaa’(خ)

Ring: interpreted upon 8 sides: child, wealth,
Guardianship, living, [male] servant & elevation of
rank, ornament, start of work.

Seal/Imprint/Stamp: interpreted upon 5 sides: high
rank, high standing, preservation/saving of
something & collecting of wealth, blessing.
Beads: interpreted upon 8 sides: woman, [male]
servant, young girl, wealth, good manners,
skillfuness, child, boy.
Vegetables: whoever sees himself eating from
them, then that is interpreted by sickness,
bankruptcy & sorrow.
Footwear: If it was flexible, and the foot inside it is
comfortable, that is interpreted upon 7 sides:
woman, young girl, [male] servant, strength, living,
victory, a usefulness. And [if] what is worn on the
foot is from buttons of banana, or (unknown
word), or (unknown), or a horseshoe or what
resembles those, then that is interpreted upon 7
sides: [male] servant, young girl & strength, a
usefulness & wealth, travel.

Wine/Liquor: interpreted upon 3 sides: forbidden
wealth, a marriage in secrecy, blessing of the
world. Whoever sees one of the Infallible Imams in
his sleep, and immediately after that in the dream
sees himself
as if he is drinking wine. Then that indicates
abandonment of allegiance to the AhlulBait (pbut)
and his differing from them.
Helmet: interpreted upon 7 sides: strength, wealth
& honor, child & continuation/endurance, good
situation, something that guards itself with

فرح ءاخلا

متاخلا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،دلو ،لامو
،ةيلوو ،شيعو مداخو ولعو ،ةبترم ،ةنيزو
سأرو لمعلا .
متخلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةعفر ،هاجو
راخداو ءيش عمجو ،لام ةمعنو .
زرخلا : لوؤي ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،ةأرما ،مداخو
،ةيراجو ،لامو ،بدأو ،ةقاذحو ،دلوو ملغو .
تاورضخلا : نم ىأر هنأ لكأي اهنم هنإف لرؤي
،ضرملاب سلفلاو مغلاو .
فخلا : اذإ ناك ،ً انيل لجرلاو نوكت هيف
سم ،ةحيرت لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةأرما
،ةيراجو ،مداخو ،ةوقو ،شيعو ،رفظو ةعفنمو .
امو سبل يف لجرلا نم رز ،ةزوم وأ ،طابس وأ
،نوبز وأ ةودح وأ ام هبشأ كلذ لوؤي ىلع
ةعبس هجوأ : ،مداخ ةيراجو ،ةوقو ةعفنمو ،لامو
رفسو .
رمخلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لام ،مارح
جوزتو ،ةيفخ عنو ةم ايندلا . نم ىأر يف همانم
دحأ ةمئلا ،نيموصعملا ىأرو هسفن يف ايؤرلا
هنأك برشي ذيبنلا لاح ،كلذ هنإف لدي ىلع كرت
ءلو لهأ تيبلا ( ع ) هفلختو مهنع .
ةذوخلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةوق ،لامو
،فرشو دلوو و ! ،ءاقب نسحو ،لاح ءيشو
ظفحي هب هسفن ركملاب .

Letter: Daal (د)

Home: The known built home, if it was linked with
the time/era, then it is [interpreted as] a worldly
affliction in proportion to its fineness of quality. If it
was made from adobe [brick], and/or mud then it is
halal. If it was [made from] something else or plaster
then it is haram. And contingently if he is working in
medicine then he should fear Allah the All-Mighty.
And it is interpreted upon 8 sides: woman & spouse
& wealth, peace & pleasantness/perfume & living &
wealth, Guardianship & glory & high standing, a trust.
Pin: interpreted upon these sides: whoever sees that
there’s a pin in his hand, then that indicates the
acquiring of a child.
Hedgehog: interpreted upon 4 sides: woman &
forbidden wealth, life & acquirement of
[something] desired.
Chicken: interpreted upon 3 sides: beautiful
woman, young girl, house servant.

Pleasant-Smelling Fat/Oil: interpreted upon 6 sides:
beautiful woman, good-looking young girl, good
compliments, pleasant words, good-natured
Tambourine: it is [interpreted as] activity and
happiness if he heard it from a woman or young
girl. If he heard it from an old man than that
indicates good fortune and good luck and state. If
he heard it from a young man then that indicates
the enemy’s appearance.

Bucket: if the bucket was new and clean then that
indicates a man [from] his association will take
funds without a reason and he will acquire good
from him for himself, and a usefulness.

فرح لادلا

رادلا : رادلا ةفورعملا ءانبلا اذإ تناك ةلصتم
،رودلاب إف ةباص ايند ردقب ،اهنسح نإف ناك نم
،نبل نيطو يهف ،للح نإو تناك رجآ وأ ًاصج
يهف مارح . امبرو هنأ لمعي ءاود قتيلف لا
ىلاعت . يهو لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ةأرما
جوزو ،ىنغو نماو بيطو شيعو ،لامو
ةيلوو زعو ،هاجو ةناماو .
سوبدلا : لوؤي ىلع هجوأ : نمف ىأر نأ هديب
ًاسوبد ، هنإف لدي ىلع لوصح دلو .
جاردلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ةأرما لامو
،مارح ةشيعمو لوصحو دارم .
جاجدلا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ةأرما ،ةليمج
،ةيراج مداخو تيب .
نهدلا بيطلا هحئارلا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ :
ةأرما ،ةليمج ةيراجو ،ءانسح ءانثو ،نسح
،ةعفنمو ملكو ،بيط عبطو فيطل .
فدلا : وه طاشن حرفو اذإ هعمس نم ةأرما وأ
،ةيراج نإو هعمس نم خيش هنإف لدي ىلع نسح
تخبلا نميلاو ،ةلودلاو نإو هعمس نم ،باش
هنإف لدي ىلع روهظ ودعلا .
ولدلا : اذإ ناك ولدلا ًاديدج ًافيظن هنإف لدي ىلع
هتبحاصم لجر ذخأي لاوملا ريغب ةفرعم
لصحيو هل هنم ،ريخ و ةعفنم .

Letter: Dhaal (ذ)

Remembrance: interpreted upon 6 sides: children,
wealth, high standing, strength, Guardianship &
glory, state.
Animal’s Tail: interpreted upon 4 [sides:] following
& companions & wealth, comfort, life.

فرح لاذلا

ركذلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،دلوأ ،لامو
،هاجو ،ةوقو ةيلوو ،زعو ةلودو .
بنذ ناويحلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ عبت باحصأو
،لامو ،ةحارو ةشيعو .

Letter: Raa’ (ر)

Head: a vision of a head is indicative of 12 sides:
leader, big group & father, mother, Imam, prince,
scholar, wealth, child, boy, young girl, woman.

Two Legs: interpreted upon 7 sides: living, age,
effort, wealth, strength & travel, woman.

Thunder: interpreted upon 5 sides: punishment &
wisdom & comfort & assault/influence & anger of
the sovereign/king.
Dancing: a vision of dancing is interpreted upon 3
sides: sorrow, adversity, scandal.

Lead: interpreted upon 3 sides: a usefulness,
[male] servant, goods of the house. Also the
melting of the lead is [indicative of] the people
working through him.

Pomegranate: interpreted upon 3 sides: collected
wealth, righteous woman, populated city.

Spear: indicative of 9 sides: strength, victory,
travel, Guardianship, woman, child, matter &
incapability, leadership in proportion to his

Temperate Basil: interpreted upon 6 sides: glory,
honor, child, friend, good words, assembly of
knowledge, knowing, remembrance & beauty.

Wind: interpreted upon 9 sides: good news &
effectiveness, wealth, death & punishment &
killing & sickness, recovery, comfort.

فرح لا ر ءا

سأرلا : ايؤر سأرلا لدت ىلع ينثا رشع ًاهجو :
،سيئر ريبكو ةعامج ،بأو ،مأو ،مامإو ،ريمأو
،ملاعو ،لامو ،دلوو ،ملغو ةيراجو ةأرماو .
نيلجرلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،شيع ،رمعو
،يعسو ،لامو ةوقو ،رفسو ةأرماو .
رلا دع : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ باذعلا ةمكحلاو
ةمحرلاو ةلوصلاو بضغو كلملا .
صقرلا : ايؤر صقرلا لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ :
،مغ ،ةبيصمو ةحيضفو .
صاصرلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،ةعفنم
،مداخو عاتمو تيبلا . بيوذتو صاصرلا لاغتشا
سانلا هب .
نامرلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لام ،عومجم
رماو ةأ ،ةحلاص ةنيدمو ةرومعم .
حمرلا : لدي ىلع ةعست هجوأ : ،ةوق ،رفظو
رفسو ،ةيلوو ،ةأرماو ،دلوو رمأو مدعو
،ةردقملا ةسايرو ىلع ردق هعافترا .
ناحيرلا يمامحلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،زع
،فرشو ،دلوو ،قيدصو ملكو ،نسح سلجمو
،ملع ،ةفرعمو ركذو ليمجو .
حيرلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعست هجوأ : ةراشب ،ذافنو
،لامو تومو باذعو لتقو ،ضرمو ،ءافشو
ةحارو .

Letter: Seen (س)

Clouds: interpreted upon 9 sides: wisdom,
leadership & sovereign & mercy & abstinence,
punishment & famine & affliction & trial.

Large Tent: interpreted upon 5 sides: sultanate,
leadership, Guardianship, ministry & the captain of
a military.

Sugar: interpreted upon 5 sides: nice words,
Qiblah, a usefulness, wealth & children, inasmuch
as he saw of sugar.

Plate/Dish/Bowl: interpreted upon 10 sides:
woman, [male] servant, young girl, straightness of
religion, goodness of body, long lifetime, wealth,
blessing, pleasant nice words, inheritance from
[the direction of] women.

Knife: interpreted upon 8 sides: Hujja, child,
victory, salvation, brother, strength, wealth,
affection, Guardianship. The Razor is [interpreted]
the same as Knife.
Quince [fruit]: whoever sees the Quince in his time,
and its colour is yellow, then that indicates
Ladder/Stairs: a vision of a ladder, for the people of
righteousness [it is interpreted as] victory over the
enemies. And for the people of corruption [it is
interpreted as] debt and committing a sin.
Qual [bird]: interpreted upon 4 sides: boy child, or
[male] servant, halal sustenance, a usefulness,

فرح نيسلا

باحسلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعست هجوأ : ،ةمكح
ةسايرو كلمو ةمحرو ،ةفعو باذعو طحقو
ءلبو ةنتفو .
قدارسلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةنطلس
،ةسايرو ،ةيلوو ةرازوو ةسآرو شيج .
ركسلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ملك ،فيطل
،ةلبقو ،ةعفنمو لامو ،دلوأو ردقب ام هآر نم
ركسلا .
ركسلا ةج : لوؤت ىلع ةرشع هجوأ : ،ةأرما
،مداخو ،ةيراجو ماوقو ،نيدلا حلصو ،دسجلا
لوطو ،رمع ،لامو ،ةمعنو ملكو بيط ،فيطل
ثاريمو نم لبق ءاسنلا .
نيكسلا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،ةجح ،دلوو
،رفظو ،ةاجنلاو ،خأو ،ةوقو ،ىنغو ،نادجوو
،ةيلوو و سوملا نيكسلاك .
لجرفسلا : نم ىأر لا لجرفس يف ،هتقو هنولو
،رفصأ هنإف لدي ىلع ضرملا .
ملسلا : ايؤر ،ملسلا لهل حلصلا رفظ ىلع
،ءادعلا لهلو داسفلا نيد باكتراو يصاعم .
ينامسلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : دلو ،ملغ وأ
،مداخ قزرو ،للح ،ةعنمو لامو .

Sky: whoever saw the sky’s colour as white then
there is in that [an indication of]: blessing and
fertility. If he saw it as green then it [means] good.
If he saw it as yellow then [means] disease &
sickness. If he saw it as red, then it [means] war &
bloodshed. If he sees it as black then it [means]
famine & distress. If he sees that the sky is being
coloured [then] there will be affliction & a grand
trial in that place.
Anvil: interpreted upon 5 sides: man of great
importance, a usefulness, strength &
Guardianship, prosperity in the labours/works.

Bracelet: interpreted upon 5 sides: leadership,
wisdom, deception, sorrow, child, or brother.

Sayyid: interpreted upon 12 sides: brother, sister &
partner, child & friend, strength, wealth,
Guardianship, wealth, Hujja, craftswoman, labor.

Sword: interpreted upon 6 sides: child,
guardianship, Hujja, a usefulness, wealth, victory
over the enemies.
Flood: interpreted upon 4 sides: big enemy, or
unjust sovereign/king, or predominant military, or
rigorous trial.

ءامسلا : نم ىأر نول ءامسلا ضيبأ نوكي يف
كلذ ةمعن بصخو نإو هآر رضخأ وهف ريخ
نإو هآر رفصأ وهف ،ءاد ،ضرمو نإو هآر
رمحأ وهف برح كفسو ،مد نإو هآر دوسأ وهف
طحق ،قيضو نإو ىأر نأ ءامسلا نولتت نوكي
يف كلذ ناكملا ءلب ةنتفو ةميظع .
نادنسلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : لجر يلج ل
،ردقلا ،ةعفنمو ةوقو ،ةيلوو لابقإو يف
لاغشلا .
راوسلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةساير
،ةمكحو ،ركمو ،مغو ،دلوو وأ خأ .
ديسلا : لوؤت ديسلا ىلع ينثا رشع ،ًاهجو ،خأ
تخأو ،كيرشو دلوو ،قيفرو ،ةوقو ،ىنغو
،ةيلوو ،لامو ،ةجحو ،ةعناصمو لغشو .
فيسلا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : لو ،د ،ةيلوو
،ةجحو ،ةعفنمو ،لامو رفظو ىلع ءادعلا .
ليسلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ودع ،ريبك وأ
كلم ،ملاظ وأ ركسع ،بلاغ وأ ةنتف ةديدش .

Letter: Sheen (ش)

Rogue: interpreted upon 4 sides: halal earning &
long lifetime, wealth, a usefulness & life. If he
didn’t see him well/fully then he will not be
Gerfalcon/Peregrine Falcon [bird]: [interpreted]
upon 5 sides: importance, rank, matter passing
through, wealth, blessing & child.
Flute: the rhapsodizing (reciting a poem) with a
flute, the sound of a flute, and listening to it,
[these are] interpreted upon 3 sides: adversity,
sorrow, dispute.
Grapevines: interpreted upon 5 sides: a usefulness,
loss of a sly man, trick, (possible typo for
ةموصخ=dispute), wealth with suspicion.

Barley: The selling of it is interpreted upon [the
fact] that the person chooses the world(dunya)
over the Hereafter.
(unknown..): interpreted upon 3 sides: woman,
young girl, [male] house servant.

Wax: The wax candle is interpreted upon 6 sides:
sovereign, judge, child, wedding, matter passing
through, leadership.
Sun: interpreted with the two crossings upon 8
sides: Caliph & authority, leader, great scholar,
justice, vow & wife, bright matter/affair. Whoever
sees that the sun is rising over his two feet without
his body, it is [interpreted as] wealth [he is
from the earth’s plants of either wheat or dates
which he prepares by his feet, and he expands it. It
is halal unless he exhausts himself in it just as
Adam (pbuh) had exhausted himself. Whoever
sees as if the sun darkened, dropped or blackened
[then] adversity will happen in the world from a
scholar’s death or a just authority or supporting
affliction or someone of his fatherly side dies thus
he crosses over depending on the dreamer’s
فرح نيشلا

ذاشلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : بسك للح
لوطو ،رمع ،لامو ةعفنمو ةشيعمو . نإو هآر
ىلع ريغ مامتلا سيلف دومحمب .
نيهاشلا : ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ردق ،ةلزنمو
ذافنو ،رمأ ،لامو ةمعنو دلوو .
ةبابشلا : بيبشت ،ةبابشلا توصو ،ةبابشلا
اهعامتساو لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،ةبيصم
،مغو ةموصخو .
رجش مركلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةعفنم
نارسخو لجر ،راكم و ح ،ةلي ،ةوصخو لامو
ةهبشب .
ريعشلا : هعيب لوؤي ىلع نأ يئارلا راتخي ايندلا
ىلع ةرخلا .
راولشلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،ةأرما
،ةيراجو مداخو تيبلا .
عمشلا : ةعمشلا لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،كلم
،ضاقو وو ،دل ،سرعو ذافنو ،رمأ ةسايرو .
سمشلا : لوؤت دنع نيربعملا ىلع ةينامث هجوأ :
ةفيلخ ،ناطلسو ،سيئرو ملاعو ،ريبك ،لدعو
رذنو لعبو ،ةأرما رمأو رين . نمو ىأر نأ
سمشلا ةعلاط ىلع هيمدق نود ،هدسج هنإ لام
نم تابن ضرلا نم رب وأ رمت هأطي ،هيمدقب
عستيو هيف وهو ح لل لإ هنأ دكي هيف امك ّدك مدآ
( ع .) نمو ىأر نأك سمشلا دق تملظأ وأ تعقو
وأ تَدوسا ثدحي يف ملاعلا ةبيصم نم توم
ملاع وأ ناطلس لداع وأ ءلب دماع وأ تومي
دحأ هيوبأ ربعيف بسحب لاح يئارلا .

Letter: Sheen (ش)

Chest/Thorax: interpreted upon 8 sides:
knowledge, wisdom, generosity & stinginess,
disbelief, belief, life, death.
Way/Path: interpreted upon 6 sides: upright
matter, or difficult matter, or fear or injustice by
the authority or misdeed or hypocrisy with the
Prayer: interpreted upon 7 sides: peace & delight,
glory & rank, happiness after distress, acquirement
of [something] wanted, fulfillment of a need.
Also, he (pbuh) said a vision of Prostration is
[interpreted] upon 5 sides: acquiring [something]
intended, state, victory & conformity to the
commandment of Allah the All-Mighty on account
of His saying: {O You who have believed. Kneel,
prostrate and worship your Lord}.
Sandalwood [wood]: interpreted upon 6 sides:
compliment & improvement, good, usefulness &
high standing, sanctity. White sandalwood is
better in interpretation than the red.
Cymbal(s): striking of the cymbal is interpreted
upon 4 sides: hated good, vain words, goods of the
world, worry & sorrow because of gathering
Case/Box: interpreted upon 4 sides: glory, high
standing, rank, woman.

Idol: whoever sees himself worshipping an idol
from the idols, that is interpreted upon 3 sides:
vain lie & hypocrite lying sly man, corruptive lying

Fasting: a vision of fasting is [interpreted] upon 10
sides: importance, leadership, good health, rank,
repentance, victory, increase of blessing,
Pilgrimage, glory & child.

Porcelain/Chinaware: a vision of porcelain is
interpreted upon 4 sides: woman, maid & young
girl, usefulness from direction of women.
فرح داصلا

ردصلا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،ملع ،ةمكحو
ةواخسو ،لخبو ،رفكو ،ناميإو ،ةايحو تومو .
طارصلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : رمأ ،ميقتسم وأ
رمأ ،بعص وأ فوخ وأ ملظ نم لبق ناطلسلا
وأ بنذ وأ قافن عم سانلا .
ةلصلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : نمأ ،رورسو
زعو ،ةبترمو حرفو دعب ،ةدش لوصحو ،دارم
ءاضقو ،ةجاح لاقو ًاضيأ ايؤر دوجسلا ىلع
ةسمخ : لوصح ،دوصقم ،ةلودو رفظو
لاثتملاو رمل لا ىلاعت هلوقل ىلاعت : { اي اهيأ
نيذلا اونمآ اوعكرا اودجساو اودبعاو مكبر } .
لدنصلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ءانث ،نيسحتو
،ريخو ةعفنمو ،هاجو ،ةمرحو لدنصلاو
يبلا ض نسحأ يف ليوأتلا نم رمحلا .
جنصلا : برض جنصلا لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ :
ريخ ،هوركم ملكو ،لطاب عاتمو ،ايندلا مهو
مغو لجل عمج لاملا .
قودنصلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،زع ،هاجو
،ةبترمو ةأرماو .
منص : نم ىأر هنأ دبعي ًامنص نم مانصلا كلذف
لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : بذك لطاب لجرو قفانم
بذاك ،راكم ةأرماو ةدسفم ةراكم .
مايصلا : ايؤر مايصلا ىلع ةرشع هجوأ : ،ردق
،ةسايرو ،ةحصو ،ةبترمو ،ةبوتو ،رفظو
ةدايزو ،ةمعن ،جحو زعو دلوو .
ينيصلا : ايؤر ينيصلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ :
،ةأرما ةمداخو ،ةيراجو ةعفنمو نم لبق ةوسنلا .

Letter: Dhaad (ض)

Hyena: interpreted upon 3 sides: bad woman,
magic, trick.

Striking of Bell/Gong: interpreted upon 3 sides:
words of falsehood, hypocrisy & love of disbelief.

Laughter: whoever sees himself laughing while
smiling, then it is good news of a boy on account
of the AllMighty’s saying: { she laughed, so we
gave her the good news of Isaac}.

فرح داضلا

عبضلا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ةأرما ،ةئيس
،رحسو ةليحو .
برض سوقانلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ملك
،بذك قافنو ةبحمو رفكلا .
كحض : نم ىأر هنأ كحضي ،ً امستبم هنإف ةراشب
ملغب هلوقل ىلاعت : { تكحضف اهانرشبف
قاحسإب } .

Letter: Ttaa’ (ط)

Mill/Grinder: interpreted upon 5 sides: authority,
great leader, strength, courage, start of
Cook/Chef: a vision of a cook, word without
reason, nor benefit.
Plate/Dish/Tray: interpreted upon 4 sides: servant
of an assembly, young girl & benefit from direction
of women, guidance in the quantity of his account.

Drum of distraction: inconsistent conversation that
has no good in it.
Stains: interpreted upon 5 sides: (family)
dependants, wealth, blessing, entourage, servants.

Cooked Food: every greasy cooked food that can
be eaten with ease, is [indicative of] good,
usefulness. And every cooked food that is different
than that, then it’s expression is opposite to that.
Spleens: a vision of spleens from any animal is
[interpreted as] wealth. So for whatever he eats
the flesh thereof [the spleen], then it (that portion)
is halal. And for whatever he did not eat of the
flesh thereof, it is forbidden.
Pathway/Road/Street: interpreted upon 5 sides:
religion, [something] wanted, good deed, good,
prosperity & comfort.
Basin/Washbowl: interpreted by: woman or helpful
young girl.

Clay/Mud: a vision of mud in a cold land, is more
difficult, than his vision in a hot land.

Letter: Ttaa’ (ط)

Back(side): interpreted upon 10 sides: strength,
companions, sovereign, Hujja, father, mother,
child, deriving, kindred brother.
فرح ءاطلا

نوحاطلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ناطلس
سيئرو ،ريبك ،ةوقو ،ةعاجشو سأرو ةبوت .
خابطلا : ايؤر ،خابطلا ملك لب ،لصأ لو ةدئاف .
قبطلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : مداخ ،سلجملا
ةيراجلاو ةدئافو نم لبق ،ءاسنلا ةيادهو رادقمب
هتميق .
لبطلا لوهذلا : ملك فلتخم ل ريخ هيف .
عوبطلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،لايع ،لامو
،ةمعنو ،مشحو مدخو .
خيبطلا : لك خيبط مسد لكؤي ،ةلوهسلاب وهف
،ريخ ،ةعفنمو لكو خيبط نوكي هفلخب هريبعتف
هدض .
تلاحطلا : ايؤر تلاحطلا نم عيمج تاناويحلا
لام . امف ناك امم لكؤي ،همحل ناك ،ً للح امو
ناك امم ل لكؤي همحل ناك ًامارح .
قيرطلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،نيد ،دارمو
لعفو ،نسح ،ريخو ةكربو ةحارو .
تشطلا : لوؤي ةأرمإب وأ ةيراج ةعفان .
نيطلا : ايؤر نيطلا يف دلبلا ،درابلا ،بعصأ نم
هايؤر يف دلبلا راحلا .

فرح ءاظلا
رهظلا : لوؤت ىلع ةرشع هجوأ : ،ةوق
،باحصأو ،كلمو ،ةجحو ،بأو ،مأو ،دلوو
،دادمتساو ،دجو خأو قيقش .

Letter: ‘Aayn (ع)

Scholar: a vision of a scholar is upon 4 sides:
elevation of importance, glory, high standing &
acceptance, Guardianship.
Staff/Stick: interpreted upon 3 sides: man of great
importance, sovereign, strength.

Perfume/Scent: a vision of perfume is interpreted
upon 9 sides: good compliment(s), words of truth
& helpful knowledge, good-natured character,
assembly of knowledge, noble man, saying of a
modest man, solemnity, worthy religion, cheerful
Intelligence: Intellect, and the Soul are both
interpreted upon 6 sides: fortune, state & father,
mother, wealth, honor.
Flag/Banner: interpreted upon 4 sides: honor,
travel, glory, high standing, good condition.

A Building/Construction: interpreted upon 3 sides:
validity of labours/works that pertain to the world,
good, usefulness, acquiring [something] wanted,
capacity/abundance in acquisition.
Column/Pillar/Pole: interpreted upon 3 sides:
honest man, words of glory/pride/honor, elevation
of rank.
Hugging: whoever sees as though a brother-in-
law/son-in-law of his has hugged him a hug of the
dead to the living, that indicates that the ages of
the embracers of the living [side] shall be

فرح نيعلا

ملاعلا : ايؤر ملاعلا ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ولع ،ردق
،زعو هاجو ،لوبقو ةيلوو .
اصعلا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لجر ليلج
،ردقلا ،كلمو ةوقو .
رطعلا : ايؤر رطعلا لوؤت ىلع ةعست هجوأ : ءانث
،نسح ملكو قدص ملعو ،عفان عبطو ،فيطل
سلجمو ،ملع لجرو ميرك ، لوقو لجر يذ
،ةمشح ،راقوو نيدو ،ميق ربخو راس .
لقعلا : ،لقعلا حورلاو نلوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ :
،تخب ةلودو ،بأو ،مأو ،لامو فرشو .
ملعلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،فرش ،رفسو
،زعو ،هاجو نسحو لاح .
ةرامعلا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : حلص لاغشأ
قلعتت ،ايندلاب ،ريخو ،ةعفنمو وصحو ل ،دارم
ةعسو يف باستكلا .
دومعلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لجر ،قداص
ملكو ،رخف ولعو ةبترم .
قانعلا : نم ىأر نأك ًارهص هل دق هقناع ةقناعم
تاوملا ،ءايحلل لدي كلذ ىلع نأ رامعأ
نيقناعملا نم ءايحلا لوطتس .

Grape: whoever sees that he has an orchard with
grape trees inside, and that they [the trees] bear
watermelon instead of grape, then that indicates
that his wife has become pregnant without him.
Also Black Grape, and the white [one] of his time is
interpreted upon 4 sides: children & knowledge,
opportunities, wealth.
Ambergris: interpreted upon the sides: usefulness,
guardianship, acquiring of [something] wanted,
good compliment(s).
Rod/Stick/Cane: interpreted upon 6 sides: man of
good exterior/appearance, nice words & a just
religious sovereign, compliment, improvement &
usefulness & wealth.

Eye: a vision of an eye is interpreted upon 5 sides:
elevation of importance, adversity & sorrow,
sickness, long lifetime.

بنعلا : نم ىأر هنأ هل ًاناتسب هيفو راجشأ ،بنع
دقو تلمح ًاخيطب لدب بنعلا كلذف لدي ىلع نأ
هتأرما دق تلمح نم هريغ . بنعلاو ،دوسلا
ضيبلاو يف هتقو لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ :
دلوأ ،ملعو ،صئارفو لامو .
ربنعلا : لوؤي ىلع هجوأ : ،ةعفنم ،ةيلوو
لوصحو ،دارملا ءانثو نسح .
دوعلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : لجر نسح
،هجولا فيطل ملكلا كلمو نيدتم ،لداع انثو ،ء
نيسحتو ةعفنمو لامو .
نيعلا : ايؤر نيعلا لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ولع
،ردق ةبيصمو ،مغو ،ضرمو رمعو ليوط .

Letter: Ghayn (غ)

[something] expensive/invaluable: interpreted
upon 5 sides: good manners & leadership, good
compliment(s) & improvement, pilgrimage, wealth
& usefulness.
Attack/Assault/Military campaign: interpreted
upon 6 sides: good & usefulness & revival of the
traditions(Sunnah) of the Messenger of Allah
(pbuhahf) & victory over enemies, good health
from sickness, obedience to the just authority,
acquiring of spoils.
Gazelle/Deer: interpreted upon 4 sides: woman,
young girl, child, usefulness from women.

فرح نيغلا

ةيلاغلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : بدلا
،ةسايرلاو ءانثلاو نسحلا ،نيسحتلاو ،جحلاو
لاملاو ةعفنملاو .
ةازغلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ريخ ةعفنمو
ءايحإو ةنس لوسر لا ( ص ) رفظلاو ىلع
،يداعلا ةحصلاو نم ،ضرملا ةعاطإو
ناطلسلا ،لداعلا لوصحو ةمينغ .
لازغلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،ةأرما ،ةيراجو
،دلوو ةعفنمو نم ءاسنلا .

Letter: Faa’ (ف)

Ringdove/Wood Pigeon*: interpreted upon 3 sides:
woman, child, [male] servant.
*: a kind of the wild pigeon.

(good) Omen/(favourable) Sign: interpreted upon 3
sides: acquiring of victory, if his Omen was
completely [good], and the arrival at the goal, and
the fulfilment of needs.
Thigh: a vision of a thigh is interpreted upon 4
sides: People of a house, companions &
entourage, wealth.
Happiness: whoever sees himself happy for no
reason, then it indicates the nearing of his death,
on account of the AllMighty’s saying: {until when
they cheered with what they arrived
Stone (of a ring, etc.): interpreted upon 8 sides:
child, wealth, guardianship, living & [male] servant,
honor, ornament, secret of working.

Bleeding: interpreted upon 4 sides: opening,
victory, travel, dispute, partnership.

Bubble: drinking of a bubble is interpreted upon 4
sides: usefulness, service & Qibla, service of the
inferiors & disappearance of sorrow & worry.

Farmer/Cultivator/Peasant: interpreted upon 7
sides: the requesting of a halal sustenance, good,
usefulness, sickness, glory, high standing, earning
of a halal living.

فرح ءافلا

ةتخافلا :)*( لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،ةأرما
،دلوو مداخو .
)*( ةتخافلا : عون نم مامحلا يربلا .
لأفلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لوصح ،رفظ نإ
ناك هلأف ،ً اديج لوصولاو ىلإ ،مارملا ءاضقو
جئاوحلا .
ذخفلا : ايؤر ذخفلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لهأ
،تيب باحصأو ،مشحو لامو .
حرف : نم ىأر هنأ حرف ريغب ،ببس هنإف لدي
ىلع برق ،هلجأ هلوقل ىلاعت : { ىتح اذإ اوحرف
امب اوتأ } .
صفلا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،دلو ،لامو
،ةيلوو شيعو ،مداخو ،فرشو ،ةنيزو رسو
لمعلا .
دصفلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،حتف ،رفظو
،رفسو ،ةموصخو ةكرشو .
عاقفلا : برش عاقفلا لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ :
،ةعفنم ةمدخو ،ةلبقو ةمدخو لفاسلا لاوزو
مغلا مهلاو .
حلفلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : بلط قزر
،للح ،ةعفنمو ،ريخو ،ضرمو ،زعو ،هاجو
بسكو ةشيعم للح .

Break of Dawn: interpreted by: religion, good,
righteousness, strength.

Mouth: a vision of a mouth is interpreted upon 7
sides: rank, shelter/refuge, treasury of knowledge,
opening of matters, market, doorkeeper.

Cheetah: whoever sees himself eating food alongside
a cheetah, then it indicates the acquiring of
peace/security, and safety, from the direction of the
enemy & a usefulness. Whoever sees a cheetah bite
him, or hurt him with it’s claws, then it indicates the
acquiring of harm/hurt & hostility, from the enemy to
the extent/degree of that wound [in the vision].
Whoever sees that there are many cheetahs at his
place or his home, and [someone] screams at that
place, then it indicates harm, affliction, great
discomfort from the enemy.

Elephant: interpreted upon 7 sides: non-arab
sovereign, homosexual man, a place & a man
possessing strength & appearance &
begrudging/envious man, drinking of blood, war &

قلف حبصلا : لوؤت ،نيدلاب ،ريخلاو ،حلصلاو
ةوقلاو .
مفلا : ايؤر مفلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةلزنم
،ىوأمو ةنازخو ،ملع حتفو ،روملا ،قوسو
بجاحو .
دهفلا : نم ىأر هنأ لكأي عم دهفلا ،ً اماعط هنإف
لدي ىلع لوصح ،نملا ،ةملسلاو نم ةهج
ودعلا ةعفنمو . نمو ىأر ًادهف ،هضع وأ ج هحر
هبلخمب هنإف لدي ىلع لوصح ةرضم ،ةوادعو
نم ودعلا رادقمب كلت ،ةحارجلا نمو ىأر هنأ
يف هناكم وأ يف ،هراد ًادوهف ،ةريثك حيصتو يف
كلذ ،ناكملا هنإف لدي ىلع ،ةرضم ،ءلبو
ةقشمو ةميظع نم ةهج ودعلا .
ليفلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : كلم ،يمجعأ
لجرو ،يطول ناكمو لجرو وذ ق ةو ةئيهو
لجرو ،دوسح براشو ،مدلا برحو ةموصخو .

Letter: qaaf (ق)

Outer Garment: interpreted upon 7 sides:
salvation, strength, travel, victory, honor, glory,
Cup: interpreted upon 3 sides: woman & young girl
& a [male] servant compliant to the house’s needs.
As for the Jug, then it is interpreted by: woman or
young girl.
Pot/Kettle: interpreted upon 5 sides: woman,
caretaker of the house. [missing others..?]

Reciting: whoever sees himself reciting at a place
in which reciting is not allowed [then that is]
indicative of 4 sides: peace & wealth, the
attainment of goals, Hujja, on account of his
(pbuh) saying: The Quran is a proof for you or
upon/against you.
Reciting the Quran:
Surat AlFatiha: whoever sees himself reciting it,
then that indicates: facilitation of the difficult
matters, acquirement of capacity & good, Allah the
AllMighty will grant him success for his obedience,
he becomes adhering to supplication(du’aa) &
seeking forgiveness & He seals for him with
Verse of the Chair (Ayat AlKursi): whoever sees
himself reciting ayat alKursi, he will obtain
importance & high standing & sanctity.
Chapter Family of Imran (Surat Aali ‘Imran):
whoever recites it, his religion and speech will
become accurate, he acquires the good of the
world and the hereafter, and he becomes
unique/peerless in his religion.

فرح فاقلا

ءابقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةاجن ،ةوقو
،رفسو ،رفظو ،فرشو ،زعو ةعفنمو .
حدقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ةأرما ةيراجو
مداخو رسيم جئاوحل ،تيبلا امأو ،ةقحلا ف اهنإ
لوؤت ةأرماب وأ ةيراج .
ردقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةأرما ميقو
تيبلا .
ةءارقلا : نم ىأر هنأ أرقي ناكمب ل زوجت هيف
ةءارقلا لدي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ملسلا ،ىنغلاو
غولبو ،دصاقملا ةجحو هلوقل ( ع :) نآرقلا ةجح
كل وأ كيلع .
ةءارق نآرقلا :
ةروس ةحتافلا : نم ىأر هنأ أرقي اه لديف كلذ
ىلع ليهست روملا ،باعصلا لوصحو ةعس
،ريخو هقفويو لا ىلاعت ،هتعاطل نوكيو
ًاصيرح ىلع ءاعدلا رافغتسلاو متخيو هل
ريخلاب .
ةيآ يسركلا : نمو ىأر هنأ أرقي ةيآ يسركلا
لصحي هل ردق هاجو ةمرحو .
ةروس لآ نارمع : نم اهأرق نوكي هنيد هلوقو
،ًاحيحص لصحيو هل ريخ ايندلا ،ةرخلاو
نوكيو ًاديرف يف هنيد .

Nasaa’ (): whoever recites it becomes chaste.
An’aaam (): whoever sees himself reciting it, Allah
the AllMighty will grant him success for his

A’araaf (): whoever sees himself reciting it, The
Creator is pleased with him, he guards the trust.

Tawba (): whoever sees himself recite surat
AlTawba becomes dearly-loved and desirable
among the creation and he behaves [in] the way of
good deeds.

Yunus (): whoever sees himself recite Surat Yunus
then he will better his expressions and his worship.

Hud (): whoever sees himself reciting it becomes
unobstructed in [pursuing] the way of religion.

Yusef (): he becomes honest in speech and
possessor of trustworthiness.

Ibraheem (): whoever recites it becomes esteemed
and venerable near Allah.

Hajj (): whoever recites it becomes accepted near
Nakhl (): whoever sees himself recite it then Allah
the AllMighty bestows upon him knowledge and if
he was sick He cures him.
Israa’ (): whoever recites it becomes stronger [in]
religion and faith, truthful in speech, and
Kahf (): whoever recites, that indicates the ending
of matters which he wishes [to end].

Mariam (): whoever recites it then he will lie about
the fornicator and slander him, and will be
innocence [of anything] from that.
‘Ta Ha (): whoever recites it will become well-
known with the religion and faith.

Anbiyaa’ (): whoever recites it will become a
working scholar, and obtain for himself happiness
after sadness and comfort after grief.
ةروس ءاسنلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًافيفع .
ةروس ماعنلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي هقفوي لا
ىلاعت هتعاطل .
ةروس فارعلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي نوكي
قلاخلا ًايضار ،هنع ظفحي ةناملا .
ةروس ةبوتلا : نم ىأر هنأ أرقي ةروس ةبوتلا
نوكي نيب قلخلا ًابوبحم ًابوغرم كلسيو قيرط
تاريخلا .
وس ةر سنوي : نم ىأر هنأ أرقي ةروس سنوي
هنإف نسحي هظافلأ هتدابعو .
ةروس دوه : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي نوكي ًاكلاس يف
قيرط نيدلا .
ةروس فسوي : نوكي قداص لوقلا بحاص
ةنامأ .
ةروس ميهاربإ : نم اهأرق نوكي دنع لا ًازوزعم
ًامركم .
ةروس جحلا : نم اهأرق نوكي دنع لا ًلوبقم .
ةروس لحنلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي لاف ىلاعت
هقزري ًاملع نإو ناك ًاضيرم هافاع .
ةروس ءارسلا : نم اهأرق نوكي يوق نيدلا
،ةنايدلاو قداص يف ،لوقلا داقتعلاو .
ةروس فهكلا : نم اهأرق لدت ىلع ةياهن رومأ
اميف هموري .
ةروس ميرم : نم اهأرق هنإف بذكي ىلع ينازلا
يرتفيو هيلع نوكيو ًائيرب نم كلذ .
ةروس هط : نم اهأرق نوكي ًافورعم نيدلاب
ةنايدلاو .
ةروس ءايبنلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًاملاع ًلماع
لصحي هل حرفلا دعب حرتلا ةحارلاو دعب حرتلا .

Hajj (): whoever recites it then he will behave in
the way of asceticism, & piety & he strives in the
worship of Allah the AllMighty and the doing of
good deeds.
Mu’min (): whoever recites it will have praised
conduct, and stronger in trustworthiness.

Noor (): whoever recites it, Allah will
illuminate/edify his inside with the light of belief.
Furqan (): whoever recites it will fixate the creation
and extinguish falsehood.

Sha’araa’ (): whoever sees himself reciting it, Allah
the AllMighty will protect him from the
Naml (): whoever recites it then that is indicative of
wealth and blessing.

‘Aankaboot (): whoever recites it will triumph over
the enemies.
Roum (): its recitation is indicative of striving for
the sake of Allah, and completion of a matter that
exists or something he wishes [to be complete] or
a fight existing between him and someone then he
will rejoice with victory.
Luqmaan (): whoever recites it, people will benefit
from his decision(s) and his preaching.
Sajda (): whoever recites it, the result of his matter
will be good.
Ahzaab (): its recitation indicates the acquiring of
success from Allah the AllMighty and following the
Saba’ (): whoever recites it will acquire the conduct
of the righteous and behaviour in the way of
Fatir (): whoever recites it, sustinence will open in
his direction.
Saafaat (): whoever recites it will be granted a
righteous child.
Saad (): whoever recites it will become bountiful in
wealth, and intelligent in labours/works.
Zamr (): whoever recites it will his importance will
be elevated, and his religion strengthened.
ةروس جحلا : نم اهأرق هنإف كلسي قيرط ،دهزلا
عرولاو دهتجيو يف ةدابع لا ىلاعت لعفو
تاريخلا .
ةروس نينمؤملا : نم اهأرق نوكي دومحم
،ةريسلا يوق ةناملا .
ةروس رونلا : نم اهأرق روني لا هنطاب رونب
ناميلا .
ةروس ناقرفلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي تبثي قحلا
لطبيو لطابلا .
روس ة ءارعشلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي هنوصي لا
ىلاعت نع شحاوفلا .
ةروس لمنلا : نم اهأرق نإف كلذ لدي ىلع لاملا
ةمعنلاو .
ةروس توبكنعلا : نم اهأرق رفظي ىلع يداعلا .
ةروس مورلا : اهتأرق لدت ىلع داهتجا يف ليبس
،لا مامتو رمأ نوكي وأ هموري وأ نوكي هنيب
نيبو دحأ ةمصاخم يف رشب رفظلاب .
ةروس نامقل : نم اهأرق ديفتست سانلا نم همكح
هظعوو .
ةروس ةدجسلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ةبقاع هرمأ
ًاريخ .
ةروس بازحلا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع لوصح
قيفوتلا نم لا ىلاعت ةعباتمو قحلا .
ةروس أبس : نم اهأرق لصحي هل ةريس ءاحلصلا
كولسو قيرط نيدلا .
ةروس رطاف : نم اهأرقي حتفي يف ههجو قزرلا .
ةروس تافاصلا : نم اهأرق ري ز ق ًادلو ًاحلاص .
ةروس ( ص ) : نم اهأرق ي نوك رفاو ،لاملا كذ ي ًا
يف لاغشلا .
ةروس رمزلا : نم اهأرق ولعي ،هردق ىوقيو هنيد .

Ghafir (): whoever recites it will acquire from Allah
(the Mighty and Majestic) mercy and forgiveness.

Fusalat (): whoever recites it will become religious
and behave in the way of righteousness.

Shoora (): whoever recites it will live for a long
Zakhraf (): whoever recites will become truthful in
speech, that [performs] a graceful good deed.
Dakhaan (): whoever recites it will acquire wealth,
and abundance of sustenance.

Ja’eeya (): whoever sees himself reciting it then
that is indicative of remembrance and repentance.

Ahqaaf (): whoever recites it then that is indicative
of a vision of wondrous/marvelous things.

Muhammed (pbuhahf) (): whoever recites it will be
praised in attributes and better in deeds.

Fath (): whoever recites it Allah will grant him
success in the striving(jihad).
Qaaf (): whoever recites it, Allah will extend the
good over him, and will give him from His
Dhariyaat (): its recitation is indicative of acquiring
sustenance from agriculture/farming.
Toor (): whoever recites it will be near Mecca
ofwhich Allah the AllMighty has honoured.
Najm (): whoever recites it, Allah will grant him
him a good righteous dearly-loved child.

Qamar (): whoever recites it will become
bewitched/mesmerised but it won’t harm him.
Rahmaan (): whoever recites it then it is [indicative
of] blessing in the world and mercy in the
Waqe’aa (): its recitation is indicative of acquiring
success, and obediences and devotions [of
Hadeed (): whoever recites it will be praised in
attributes and unobstructed in the way of religion.
ةروس رفاغ : نم اهأرق لصحي هل نم لا زع
لجو ةمحر ةرفغمو .
ةروس تلصف : نم اهأرق ي نوك ًانيد كلسيو قيرط
حلصلا .
ةروس ىروشلا : نم اهأرق ي شيع ًانامز ًليوط .
ةروس فرخزلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًاقداص يف
،لوقلا اذ لاعف ةليمج .
ةروس ناخدلا : نم اهأرق لصحي هل ،ىنغلا
روفوو قزرلا .
ةروس يئاجلا ة : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي كلذف لدي ىلع
ركذ ةبوتو .
ةروس فاقحلا : نم اهأرق كلدف لدي ىلع ايؤر
ءايشأ ةبيجع .
دمحم ( ص ) : نم اهأرق نوكي دومحم لاصخلا
نسحو لاعفلا .
ةروس حتفلا : نم اهأرق هقفوي لا داهجلل .
ةروس ( ق ) : نم اهأرق عسوي لا هيلع ريخلا
هيطعيو نم همعن .
ةروس تايراذلا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع لوصح قزر
نم ةعارز .
ةروس روطلا : نم اهأرق رواجي ةكمب اهفرش لا
ىلاعت .
ةروس مجنلا : نم اهأرق هقزري لا ىلاعت ًادلو
ًانسح ًاحلاص ًابوبحم .
ةروس رمقلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًاروحسم ملو هرضي
كلذ .
ةروس نمحرلا : نم اهأرق اهنإف ةمعن يف ندلا اي
ةمحرو يف ةرخلا .
ةروس ةعقاولا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع لوصح قيفوتلا
تاعاطلاو تادابعلاو .
ةروس ديدحلا : نم اهأرق نوكي دومحم لاصخلا
ًاكلاس قيرط نيدلا .

Mujaadala (): whoever recites it will debate with his
people and close ones, and will repair the
protest/objection, and will cast down love amongst
Hashr (): whoever recites it will subdue [some] from his
Mumtahina (): whoever recites it will acquire love and
possibly give rise to the destruction.

Saff (): whoever recites it will become a martyr at the
end of his lifetime.

Jum’aa (): whoever recites it Allah will grant him
success for his doing of good.

Munafiqun (): whoever recites it, if he was accused he
is free/cleared from hypocrisy and the hypocrites.

Taghaaban (): whoever recites it will be upright in the
way of the truth and speech of truthfulness.

Talaaq (): its recitation is indicative of his need with the
people of his house and the prevention of dowry.

Tahreem (): whoever recites it will be in avoidance to
the forbidden things.

Malik (): whoever recites it will acquire an elevation of
importance and significance.

Noon (): whoever recites it, Allah will grant him
eloquence and knowledge and ability.

Haaqqa (): whoever ecites it, he will not behave/act
except in the way of truth.

Ma’aarij (): whoever recites it will be safe from fright
and anxiety.

Nuh (): whoever recites it then he will instruct in the
well-known [thing] and subdue the enemies.

Jinn (): whoever recites it then Allah will grant him
inspiration/revelation and understanding,
subtly/delicately and helpfully.
Mazmal (): whoever recites it will acquire success for
his obedience and worship.
ةروس ةلداجملا : نم اهأرق لداجي عم لهلا
براقلاو حلصيو ،جاجتحلا يقليو مهنيب ةبحملا .
ةروس رشحلا : نم اهأرق رهقي نم هئادعأ .
ةروس ةنحتمملا : نم اهأرق لصحت هل ةبحم
برو م ا يدؤي ىلإ كلهلا .
ةروس فصلا : نم اهأرق نوكي يف رخآ هرمع
ًاديهش .
ةروس ةعمجلا : نم اهأرق هقزري لا قيفوتلا لعفل
ريخلا .
ةروس نوقفانملا : نم اهأرق نإ ناك مـهتم أربي
نم قافنلا نيقفانملاو .
ةروس نباغتلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًاميقتسم يف قيرط
قحلا لوقو قدصلا .
ةروس قلطلا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع هتجاح عم لهأ
هتيب عنمو قادصلا .
ةروس ميرحتلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًابنتجم
تامرحملل .
ةروس كلملا : نم اهأرق لصحي هل ولع ردق
نأشو .
ةروس ( ن ) : نم اهأرق هقزري لا ةحاصفلا ملعلاو
ةعاربلاو .
ةروس ةقاحلا : نم اهأرق ل كلسي لإ قيرط
قحلا .
ةروس جراعملا : نم اهأرق نمأي نم عزفلا
عزجلاو .
ةروس حون : نم اهأرق هنإف رمأي فورعملاب رهقيو
يداعلا .
ةروس نجلا : نم ق اهأر هنإف هقزري لا ًاماهلإ
ًامهفو ًاقيقد ًاعفان .
ةروس لمزملا : نم اهأرق لصحي هل قيفوتلا
ةعاطلل ةدابعلاو .

Muddathir (): whoever recites it, his conduct
among people will improve and his opinion will
become stronger.
Qiyaama (): whoever recites it then he will be
embarrassed and go back regarding swearing/oath
taking and repents to Allah.
Insaan (): its recitation is indicative of the
attainment of success regarding genorisity and
Mursilat (): Whoever recites it, his religion will
broaden over him and he acquires blessing.

Naba’ (): whoever recites it, his importance will
elevate, and his word will be implemented.
Nazi’aat (): whoever recites it, his heart will be
cleared from the impurity of doubt.

‘Abasa (): whoever recites it will become the doer
of good with the weak and the needy.

Takweer (): its recitation is indicative of favor after
fear, and happiness after sadness.

Infitaar (): whoever recites it will become
esteemed and venerable near the authority and
the superiors.
Muttafafeen (): whoever recites it will become fair
with everyone.

Inshiqaaq (): whoever recites it will become
plentiful in offspring and children.

Burooj (): whoever recites it will remove his sorrow
and end his worry.

Ttaariq (): whoever recites it will acquire happiness
and good, due to his child.

A’ala (): whoever recites it, the difficult matters
will be made easy for him.

Fasheya (): whoever seeings himself reciting it, his
importance and shop will elevate, and his word
will be implemented.
ةروس رثدملا : نم اهأرق نسحت هتريس نيب
سانلا ىوقيو هيأر .
ةروس ةمايقلا : نم اهأرق هنإف جرحي عجريو
نع فلحلا بوتيو ىلإ لا .
ةروس ناسنلا : اـهتءارق لدت ىلع لوصح
قيفوتلا ىلع ءاخسلا ةمعنلاو .
ةروس تلسرملا : نم اهأرق عستت هيلع هايند
لصحيو هل ةمعن .
ةروس أبنلا : نم اهأرق ولعي ،هردق ذفنتو هتملك .
ةروس تاعزانلا : نم اهأرق وفصي هبلق نم سند
تاهبشلا .
ةروس سبع : نم اهأرق نوكي لعاف ريخلا عم
ءافعضلا نيكاسملاو .
ةروس ريوكتلا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع ناسحلا دعب
،فوخلا جرفلاو دعب حرتلا .
ةروس راطفنلا : نم اهأرق نوكي دنع ناطلسلا
رباكلاو ًازوزعم ًامركم .
س ةرو نيففطملا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًافصنم عم لك
دحأ .
ةروس قاقشنلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ريثك لسنلا
دلولاو .
ةروس جوربلا : نم اهأرق فشكي همغ لوزيو
همه .
ةروس قراطلا : نم اهأرق لصحي هل حرف
،ريخو ببسب هدلو .
ةروس ىلعلا : نم اهأرق نوهت هيلع روملا
باعصلا .
ةروس ةيشافلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي ولعي هردق
،هلحمو ذفنتو هتملك .

Fajr (): whoever sees himself reciting it, his prestige
will be reduced, as well as his influence.
Balad (): its recitation is indicative of success because
of the feeding of nourishment and the respect of the
Shams (): whoever recites it will become a possessor
of comprehension and skillfuness, and a working
Layl (): whoever sees himself reciting it will be safe,
from crises and disabilities.
Dhahaa (): whoever recites it then he will revere the
orphan little one, and the poor one.
Anshiraah (): its recitation is indicative of acquiring
comfort after exhaustion.
Teen (): whoever recites it will acquire what he
anticipates in the dunya and the hereafter.

‘Aaqal (): whoever recites will become the humble,
the commendable of actions.
Qadr (): whoever sees himself reciting it, his
importance will elevate in the dunya and hereafter.

Bayyina (): whoever recites it, a party of (those)
astray will repent with his help.
Zalzala (): whoever sees himself reciting it will perish,
at his hands, a nation from the disbelievers.

‘Aaadiyaat (): whoever recites it then he will
invade/attack and triumph with the enemies.

Qaari’aa (): whoever recites it will become esteemed
and venerable near the creation.
Takaathur (): whoever recites it will become asetic
regarding the dunya.
‘Aasir (): whoever recites it, good and the increase of
sustenance from trade will reach him.
Hamza (): whoever sees himself reciting it then he
will spend his wealth for the sake of Allah the
Feel (): whoever recites it will acquire openings
through his action, and triumph with his enemy.
Quraysh (): whoever recites it will become desired
and dearly-loved near the people by an action that is
beautiful with every one.
ةروس رجفلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي صقن يف ،هتبيه
هتلوصو .
ةروس دلبلا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع قيفوتلا ماعطل
ماعطلا ماركإو نيكسملا .
ةروس سمشلا : نم اهأرق نوكي اذ مهف ،قذحو
ًاملاعو ًلماع .
ةروس ليللا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي ،نمأي نم
تامزلا تاهاعلاو .
ةروس ىحضلا : نم اهأرق هنإف رقوي ريغصلا
،ميتيلا ريقفلاو .
ةروس حارشنلا : اهتءارق لدت ىلع لوصح ةحار
دعب بعت .
ةروس نيتلا : نم اهأرق لصحي هل ام هلمؤي يف
ايندلا ةرخلاو .
ةروس قلعلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًاعضاوتم ديمح
لاعفلا .
ةروس ردقلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي ولعي هردق يف
ايندلا ةرخلاو .
ةدوس ةنيبلا : نم اهأرق بوتي ىلع هدي ةعامج
ةلاض .
ةروس ةلزلزلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي كلهي ىلع هدي
ًاموق نم ةرفكلا .
ةروس تايداعلا : نم اهأرق هنإف يزاغي رفظيو
يداعلاب .
ةروس ةعراقلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًازوزعم ًامركم
دنع قلخلا .
ةروس رثاكتلا : نم اهأرق نوكي ًادهاز نع ايندلا .
ةروس علا رص : نم اهأرق لصي هيلإ ريخ ةدايزو
قزر نم ةراجت .
ةروس ةزمهلا : نم ىأر هنأ اهأرقي هنإف فرصي
هلام يف ليبس لا ىلاعت .
ةروس ليفلا : نم اهأرق لصحي ىلع هيدي حوتف
رفظيو هودعب .
ةروس شيرق : نم اهأرق نوكي ًابوغرم ًابوبحم
دنع سانلا لعفب ليمجلا عم لك دحأ .

Maa’aun (): whoever sees himself reciting it, then
he will triumph with his enemies of difference and
of little religion.
Kawthar (): whoever recites it will perform good
deeds, and reward and recompense will reach him.

Kaafiroon (): whoever recites it will have strong
conviction in the religion and Islamic law.

Nasr (): whoever recites it, his death is nearing,
because when Gabriel brought it the Prophet
(pbuhahf) knew of the finishing of his age.

Masd (): whoever recites it, a party will endeavour
to harm him, but they will not triumph in it.

Ikhlaas (): whoever recites it, he importance will
elevate, and he acquires his goals in the dunya and
Falaq (): whoever recites it, will be safe from the
evil of the women, and the magicians and he
acquires abundant sustenance.
Naas (): whoever recites it Allah will save him from
the evil of Satan the accursed.

Earring: interpretred upon 4 sides: an increase of
ornament, beauty, learning of knowledge, Quran &
honor, high standing, sadness, sorrow due to
divorce, if he doesn’t have a wife then it indicates

Cutting/Haircut: interpreted upon 10 sides:
blessing, wealth, guardianship, rank & leadership,
honor, sultanate, acquiring of something wanted,
happiness and delight in proportion to his
elevation, and his goodness.

Harvest/picked fruits: interpreted upon 4 sides:
nice words, halal money, abundance of wealth and
blessing in proportion to what he saw.
Cage: interpreted upon 3 sides: confinement,
bottleneck/strait, house of drowsiness

ةروس نوعاملا : نم ىأر هنأ ،اهأرقي هنإف رفظي
يداعلاب فلاوخلا يليلقلا نيدلا .
ةروس رثوكلا : نم اهأرق لعفي تاريخلا لصيو
هل رجلا باوثلاو .
ةروس نورفاكلا : نم اهأرق نوكي يوق داقتعلا
يف نيدلا ةعيرشلاو .
ةروس رصنلا : نم اهأرق برقي ،هلجأ هنل امل
ىتأ اهب ليربج يبنلا ع مل غارفب هرمع .
ةروس دسملا : نم اهأرق ىعست ةعامج يف
،هررض لو اورفظي هب .
ةروس صلخلا : نم اهأرق ولعي ،هردق لصحيو
همارم يف ايندلا ةرخلاو .
ةروس قلفلا : نم اهأرق مأي ن نع رش ،ءاسنلا
ةرحسلاو لصحيو هل قزر رفاو .
ةروس سانلا : نم اهأرق هيجني لا نم رش
سيلبإ نيعللا .
ا طرقل : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ةدايز ،ةنيز
،لامجو ملعتو ،ملع نآرقو ،فرشو ،هاجو
،نزحو مغو ببسب قلطلا اذإ مل نكي هل ةأرما
لديف ىلع نزحلا .
صقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةرشع هجوأ : ،ةمعن ،لامو
،ةيلوو ةبترمو ،ةسايرو ،فرشو ،ةنطلسو
لوصحو ،دارم حرفو رورسو ردقب ،هولع
هنسحو .
فياطقلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ملك ،فيطل
لامو ،للح ةرثكو لام ةمعنو ردقب ام ىأر .
صفقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،سبح
،قيضمو رادو ساعنلا

And if there was a bird in the cage, then it
indicates badness to him of the indicated state of
that bird.
Lock: interpreted upon 6 sides: acquiring of a
matter, strength, Hujja, usefulness, woman,
reliance on a righteous man.

Necklace: indicative of: the man’s importance, &
his esteem, & his guardianship, and his prestige, so
the more it is long, [then] it is more generous. And
the small one, it is opposite to that.
Cap/Cowl/Hood: interpreted upon 6 sides:
guardianship, leadership, honor & glory, quantity,
Pen: interpreted upon 7 sides: wisdom & matter,
knowledge, splendour & the straightness of things,
the obtainment of the wanted thing.

Gambling: interpreted upon 4 sides for whoever
played: occupation/work in vain, sin & the
people’s blame & war & dispute, injury by a knife.

Moon: interpreted upon 10 sides: sovereign or
minister or king’s drinking companion or leader, or
an honourable person or young girl or boy or vain
matter, or ruler or corruptive scholar, or glorified
man or father, or his child, or wife or the husband
of a wife or child or grandeur.

Shirt/Jacket/Camise(a loose shirt or tunic): if it was
new and wide-spreading then it is interpreted
upon 6 sides: a vision of religious people, shelter &
living & pleasantness/perfume, leadership, acquiring
of something wanted, happiness & good news.

Canal/Waterway: whoever sees in his sleep that
there is a canal with him, if there was a ferrule in it
then a child will be born to him. And if there isn’t
ferrule in it, a young girl will be born to him.
Arch/Vault: interpreted upon 4 sides: courage,
sultanate, good & something wanted.

اذإو ناك يف صفقلا ،ريط هنإف لدي ىلع ءوس
لاح نم لدي هيلع كلذ ريطلا .
لفقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : لوصح ،رمأ ةوقو
،ةجحو ،ةعفنمو ،ةأرماو دامتعاو ىلع لجر
حلاص .
ةدلقلا : لدت ىلع ردق ،لجرلا ،هتميقو ،هتيلوو
،ههاجو املكف تناك ،ةليوط تناك ،دوجأ
ةريصقلاو اهيف دضب كلذ .
ةوسنلقلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،ةيلو
،ةسايرو فرشو ،زعو ،رادقمو ةلزنمو .
ملقلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ةمكح ،رمأو
،ملعو ةهبأو ةيلوو ةماقتساو ،ءايشلا لينو
دارملا .
رامقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ نمل بعل :
لاغتشا ،لطابلاب ةيصعمو ةملمو سانلا برحو
،ةموصخو ةحارجو نيكسب .
رمقلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبس رشع ًاهجو : كلم وأ
ريزو وأ ميدن كلملا وأ ،سيئر وأ فيرش وأ
ةيراج وأ ملغ وأ رمأ ،لطاب وأ ٍلاو وأ ملاع
،دسفم وأ لجر مظعم وأ ،دلاو ،هدلوو وأ ةجوز
وأ لعب ةجوز وأ دلو وأ ةمظع .
صيمقلا : اذإ ناك ًاديدج ًاعساو هنإف لوؤي ىلع
ةتس هجوأ : ايؤر سانأ ،نينيد رتسو شيعو
،بيطو ،ةسايرو لوصحو ،دارم حرفو
ةراشبو .
ةانق : نم ىأر يف همون نأ هعم ،ةانق نإ ناك
اهيف جز دلوي هل ،ملغ نإو مل نكل اهيف ،جز
دلوت هل ةيراج .
ةرطنقلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،ةعاجش
،ةنطلسو ريخو دارمو .

Bow: a vision of a bow is interpreted upon 7 sides:
travel, child, brother & woman, good
descriptions/depictions, strength, difficult men,
according to the bow’s rigidity/fastening.
Vomit: a vision of vomit is [interpreted] upon 6
sides: repentance, remorse, harm, deliverance
from sorrow, the fulfilment of a trust, the answer
to difficult matters.
Ressurection/Judgement: interpreted, regarding
the people of righteousness, upon 4 sides:
salvation, joys & success & righteousness & the
conclusion’s felicity. And regarding the people of
forgetfulness it is in opposite to that.

Tar/Asphalt: interpreted upon 4 sides: disbelief,
hypocrisy, stinginess, preservation of sin, and that
requires the dreamer’s point of view.

سوقلا : ايؤر سوقلا لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ :
،رفس ،دلوو خأو ،ةأرماو وأو فاص ،ةنسح
،ةوقو لاجرو ،باعص ردقب ةدش سوقلا .
ءيقلا : ايؤر ءيقلا ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،ةبوت
،ةمادنو ،ةرضمو صلخو نم ،مغ ءادأو
،ةنامأ لحو رومأ باعص .
ةمايقلا : لوؤت يف قح لهأ حلصلا ىلع ةعبرأ
هجوأ : ،حلفلا حارفلاو حاجنلاو حلصلاو
ةداعسو ،ةمتاخلا يفو قح لهأ ءاسنلا نوكي
دضب كلذ .
ريقلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،رفك ،قافنو
،لخبو ظافتحاو نم ،ةيصعملا جاتحيو كلذ ىلإ
رابتعا يئارلا .

Letter: Kaaf (ك)

Camphor(fragrant resin): interpreted upon 7 sides:
scholarly man & gold, friend & beautiful young girl,
abundant wealth, improvement, ornament of the
Ram (male Sheep): whoever sees two rams butting
one another over his wife’s private part then that
indicates that his wife has undertaken that matter,
so she has taken his hair by the scissors [proverb?].
Books/Messages and Communications: whoever
sees something from these mentioned/that
mention, and [if] in it is good or what is indicative
of good, and [of] good tidings, then it is
interpreted by: the reaching of the goals, and
attainment of hopes. And whoever sees different
of that then its expression/meaning is contrary.
Pear: interpreted upon 5 sides: halal wealth,
wealth, woman, acquiring of something wanted,
Chair/Seat: interpreted upon 6 sides: justice, glory,
guardianship, the elevation of the matter,
importance and high standing.
Heel/Ankle: interpreted upon 5 sides: gambling,
woman, child, firstborn/virgin young girl, wealth.

Ka’aba: a vision of the Ka’aba is upon 5 sides:
Calipha & great Imam, faith & submission(Islam),
safety for the believer.
Palm (of the hand): interpreted upon 6 sides: living,
wealth, leadership, child,

فرح فاكلا

روفاكلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : لجر ملاع
،بهذو قيدصو ةيراجو ،ةليمج لامو ،ريثك
،نيسحتو ةنيزو سفنلا .
شبكلا : نم ىأر نيشبك ناحطانتي ىلع جرف
هتأرما لديف كلذ ىلع نأ هتجوز دق تدمع ىلإ
كلذ عضوملا تذخأف هرعش ضارقملاب .
بتكلا تابتاكملاو : نم ىأر ًائيش نم هذه
،تاروكذملا اهبو ةباتك ةنسح وأ ام لدي ىلع
،ريخلا ،ىرشبلاو هنإف لوؤي غولبب ،دصاقملا
لينو ،لاملا نمو ىأر فلخب كلذ هريبعتف
هدض .
يرثمكلا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : لام ح ،لل
،ىنغو ،ةأرماو لوصحو ،دارم ةعفنمو .
يسركلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،لدعلا ،زعلاو
،ةيلولاو ولعو ،رملا ردقلاو هاجلاو .
بعكلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةرماقم
،ةأرماو ،دلوو ةيراجو ،ركب لامو .
ةبعكلا : ايؤر ةبعكلا ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ةفيلخ
مامإو ،ريبك ناميإو ،ملسإو نمأو نينمؤملل .
فكلا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،شيع ،لامو
،ةسايرو ،دلوو

courage, distancing away from haram, increase &
decrease, goodness & shame.

Dog: interpreted upon 4 sides: an enemy & a
despicable person, greedy sovereign, or [male]
servant that is bad in actions, winking and ignorant
Belt: interpreted upon 7 sides: usefulness from the
father, or from the brother, child, glory, high
standing, long lifetime, fairness, faith.

Burning: whoever sees himself burning in the fire,
then it indicates preventing the zakat, and perhaps
there is work concerning him.

ةعاجشو دعبو نع ،مارح ةدايزلاو ،ناصقنلاو
نسحلاو نيشلاو .
بلكلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ودع ،ءيندو
كلمو ،عامط وأ مداخ ءيدر ،لعفلا لجرو
زامغ لهاجو .
رمكلا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ةعفنم نم ةهج
،بلا وأ نم ةهج ،خلا ،دلوو ،زعو ،هاجو
رمعو ،ليوط ،فاصنإو ةنايدو .
ىوك : نم ىأر هنأ ىوكي ،رانلاب هنإف لدي ىلع
عنم ،ةاكزلا امبرو نوكي هنع ًلوغشم .

Letter: Laam (ل)

Pearl: interpreted upon 8 sides: knowledge, Quran,
wisdom, halal wealth, beautiful woman, child of
noble birth, friend.

Human Milk: interpreted upon 3 sides: hala
sustenance, the children’s wealth & sorrow,
sadness from living.

Rein/Bridle: interpreted upon 6 sides: honor, high
standing, sound/voice, silence, good manners &
solemnity in matters/affairs.
Carnelian/Garnet (red Gemstones) (*): interpreted
upon 4 sides: woman, or young girl, daughter,
blessing & wealth.
*: precious stone/gemstone, it is a Farsi word.
Stork: interpreted upon 4 sides: man who is a
farmer, weak sovereign, doorkeeper/guard & an
odd person, poor person.
Bite/Mouthful [of food?]: interpreted upon 5 sides:
Qibla, good words, wealth, usefulness in the
amount/size of that [bite].
Allah: interpreted upon 7 sides: the acquiring of a
blessing in the dunya, comfort in the Hereafter &
safety & comfort, light & guidance, strength to the
religion, forgiveness & entry into

فرح مللا

ةؤلؤللا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،ملع ،نآرقو
،ةمكحو ،ةقاذحو لامو ،للح ةأرماو ،ةليمج
دلوو ،بيجن قيدصو .
نبل ناسنلا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : قزر
،للح لامو دلولا ،مغو نزحو نم ةهج
شيعلا .
ماجللا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،فرش ،هاجو
،توصو ،توكسو بدأو راقوو ف ي روملا .
لعللا :)*( لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،ةأرما وأ
،ةيراج ،تنبو ةمعنو لامو .
)*( لعللا : رجح ،ميرك يهو ةملك ةيسراف .
قلقللا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لجر ،حلف
كلمو ،فيعض سراحو ،بيرغو ريقفو .
ةمقللا : لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : ،ةلبق ملكو
،نسح ،لامو ةعفنمو رادقم كلذ .
لا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : لوصح ةمعن يف
،ايندلا ةحارو يف ةرخلا نمأو ،ةحارو رونو
،ةيادهو ةوقو ،نيدلل وفعلاو لوخدلاو ىلإ

Heaven by His generosity. And He reveals the
justice and He subdues the darkness in that house,
He cherishes the dreamer and He views him with
the look of mercy.
Night and Day: whoever sees that he has left from
the darkness into the light, and is from the people
of righteousness then he will leave from neediness
[and go] into wealth/sufficiency. As for the light
which is the day then it is interpreted by: right
guidance. And the beginning of the day, is
interpreted by: the beginning of the matter which
he asks for. Its middle and last parts are compared
against that.
Almonds: a vision of almonds is indicative of two
sides: hidden wealth, recovery, comfort.

ةنجلا همركب . رهظيو لدعلا رهقيو لظلا م ة يف
كلت ،رايدلا زعيو يئارلا رظنيو هيلإ ةرظن
ةمحرلا .
ليللا راهنلاو : نم ىأر هنأ جرخ نم تاملظلا
ىلإ ،رونلا ناكو نم لهأ حلصلا هنإف جرخي
نم رقفلا ىلإ ،ىنغلا امأو رونلا نعي ي راهنلا هنإف
لوؤي ىدهلاب لوأو ،راهنلا لوؤي لوأب رملا
يذلا هبلطي ،هفصنو هرخآو ساقي ىلع كلذ .

زوللا : ايؤر زوللا لدت ىلع نيهجو : لام ،أبخم
،ءافشو ةحارو .

Letter: Meem (م)

Minaret (tower of a Mosque from which calls to
prayer are made): its interpretation is upon 4 sides:
authority & man of great importance & imam who
calls to prayer.
Lovemaking: a vision of the lovemaking of the
dead, if the dreamer did not ejaculate then: good
& usefulness & acquiring of [something] wanted. If
he ejaculated by the demand of his vision, it is
from the Devil’s doing.
Mihrab (niche in the mosque wall that is directed to
Mecca): Imam of a mosque, authority & judge &
aedile & instrument of good.
Brain: interpreted upon 3 sides: hidden wealth,
superior intellect & thanked patience.
Mirror: interpreted upon 7 sides: woman, child,
high standing, decision passing through, friend &
partner, manifest matter.

Woman: whoever was awoken/alarmed from a
woman coming to him [in the dream] and she is
the reason, that is [interpreted as] his non-
fulfillment of zakat to its rightful people.
Ships/Vehicles: interpreted upon 8 sides: child &
father, woman, mount/mounting/boarding &
happiness, boon, living, wealth.
Ceremonies: a vision of a ceremony is interpreted
upon 6 sides: guardianship, strength & usefulness,
wisdom, leadership over the people.

فرح ميملا

ةنذأملا : اهليوأت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ناطلس
لجرو ليلج ردقلا مامإو نذؤم .
ةعماجم : ايؤر ةعماجم تاوملا ام مل لزني
يئارلا ريخ ةعفنمو لوصحو ،دارم نإف لزنأ
بلطب ،هايؤر اكو ن نم لعف ناطيشلا .
بارحملا : ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : مامإ ،دجسم
ناطلسو يضاقو بستحمو ةطساوو ريخ .
خملا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لام ،يفخم لقعو
حجار ربصو روكشم .
ةآرملا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ،ةأرما ،دلوو
،هاجو ذافنو ،مكح قيدصو ،كيرشو رمأو
رهاظ .
ةأرملا : نم ناك عزفي نم ةأرما ت هيتأ نوكتف ةلع
كلذ مدع هتيدأت ةاكزلل ىلإ اهلهأ .
بكارملا : لوؤت ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : دلو ،بأو
،ةأرماو بوكرو ،حرفو ،نمو ،شيعو ىنغو .
ميسارملا : ايؤر مسارملا لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ :
،ةيلو ةوقو ،ةعفنمو ،ةمكحو ةسايرو ىلع
سانلا .

Nail: interpreted upon 4 sides: interpreted upon 4
sides: brother & child, friend, marriage.

Polytheist: whoever sees a polytheist, and [if] the
dreamer was hidden in presence, then it is
indicative of: knowledge, victory over his enemies.
And if he was not hidden in presence, then he will
befriend the deities of the corrupt beliefs/schools.

Quran: a vision of the Quran is upon 7 sides:
knowledge & wisdom, inheritance, a trust & halal
sustenance & a decision & strength.

Rain: interpreted upon 12 sides: mercy, prosperity,
appeal for help, sickness & affliction, war &
bloodshed, trial & famine & belief & disbelief, a lie.

Stomach: interpreted upon 6 sides: like the
Spinning Wheel: interpreted upon 3 sides:
travelling man, or woman, or [male] servant.
Key: indicative of the opening of difficult matters,
happiness from sorrow, recovery from sickness,
acquiring of his wanted thing, strength in religion,
fulfilment of a need, answering of a supplication,
knowledge & knowing.
Scissors: interpreted upon 3 sides: man of
elegance, man possessing manifest anscestry with
a usefulness, suitable friend.

Masked/Veiled [female]: interpreted upon 4 sides:
wife for a man [dreamer], husband for a woman
[dreamer], young girl & [male] servant, usefulness
from the direction of women.
White Salt: interpreted upon 5 sides: rejected
money, bad words & sadness, sorrow, non-activity.

Platform/Pulpit: is upon 5 sides: authority, judge &
imam, speaker & rank. And he (as) said: a person
from the people of Dhimmi/Protection (i.e. non-
muslims under muslim protection) going on the
platform is an indicator of a ruler’s reign who is
corrupt in religion, [ruling] in that place.
رامسملا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : خأ ،دلوو
،قيدصو جاوزو .
كرشم : نم ىأر ،ً اكرشم ناكو يئارلا روتسم
،لاحلا هنإف لدي ىلع ،ملعلا رفظلاو ىلع أ ،هئادع
نإو مل نكي روتسم ،لاحلا هنإف بحاصي بابرأ
بهاذملا ةدسافلا .
فحصملا : ايؤر فحصملا ىلع ةعبس هجوأ :
ملع ،ةمكحو ،ثاريمو ةنامأو قزرو للح
مكحو ةوقو .
رطملا : لوؤي ىلع ينثا رشع ًاهجو : ،ةمحر
،ةكربو ،ةثاغتساو ضرمو ،ءلبو برحو
كفسو ،مد ةنتفو طحقو ناميإو ،رفكو بذكو .
ةدعملا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : لثم ءاعملا .
لزغملا : لوؤت ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لجر ،رفاسم
وأ ،ةأرما وأ مداخ .
حاتفملا : لدي ىلع حتف روملا ،باعصلا جرفو
نم ،مغلا ءافشو نم ،ضرملا لوصحو ،هدارم
ةوقو يف ،نيدلا ءاضقو ،ةجاح ةباجإو ،ءاعد
ملعو ةفرعمو .
صقملا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : لجر ،ماسق
لجرو بحاص لصأ رهاظ يذ ،ةعفنم قيدصو
قفاوم .
ةعنقملا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لجرلل ،ةأرما
ةأرمللو ،جوز ةيراجو ،مداخو ةعفنمو نم ةهج
ةوسنلا .
حلملا ضيبلا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : مهارد
،ةدودرم ملكو ءيس ،نزحو ،مغو مدعو
ةكرح .
ربنملا : ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : طلس ،نا يضاقو
،مامإو بيطخو ،ةبترمو لاقو دوعص دحأ نم
لهأ ةمذلا ىلع ربنملا ليلد ىلع ةيلو مكاح
دساف نيدلا يف كلذ ناكملا .

Sieve/Sifter: interpreted upon 4 sides: a reconciler,
nosy/meddlesome woman & evil [male] servant, a
small usefulness.
Hankerchief/Napkin: interpreted upon 3 sides:
usefulness, [female] neighbour, daughter, small
Balance/Scales: interpreted upon 6 sides: judge,
scholar, jurist, engineer & worthy decision/ruling &
crooked decision.
Saw: child or sister, or brother, or partner. And
whoever sees himself cutting something with a
saw then he will triumph. And cutting wood is
[interpreted as] victory with the enemies.
Waters: interpreted upon 5 sides: truthful
certainty, strength, difficult matter, intimate
friendship with the superiors, work from the side
of an authority.

لخنملا : لوؤي ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لجر ،حلصم
ةأرماو ةيلوضف مداخو ،ءيدر ةعفنمو ةليلق .
ليدنملا : لوؤي ىلع ةثلث هجوأ : ،ةعفنم ،ةراجو
،تنبو ةيطعو ةليلق .
نازيملا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس هجوأ : ،يضاق ،ملاعو
،هيقفو سدنهمو مكحو ميق مكحو جوعم .
راشنملا : دلو وأ ،تخأ وأ ،خأ وأ ،كيرش نمو
ىأر هنأ عطقي ًائيش راشنمب هنإف رفظي . عطقو
بشخلا رفظ ءادعلاب .
هايملا : لوؤي ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ : نيقي ،قداص
،ةوقو رمأو ،بعص ةمدانمو ،رباكلا لمعو نم
هجو يذ ناطلس .

Letter: Noon (ن)

Fire: interpreted upon 26 sides: trial(s),
occupation/work, corruption &
ramification/branching, dispute, ugly words,
prevention of [something] intended, anger of the
authority, retribution, depletion, mismanagement,
knowledge, wisdom, way of right guidance,
adversity, fright, activity, authority, plague,
pleurisy, exanthems, advice, safety, haram wealth,
sustenance & usefulness.

Bitter Orange: interpreted upon 4 sides: friend,
child, dispute, usefulness from a strange man.
Narcissus [plant] (includes Daffodil): friend. And
whoever sees himself smelling a narcissus [flower],
then he will become popular, for/through kindness
& good. And if he sees a lot of narcissus on the
earth then it indicates an increase of his family.

Eagle/Vulture: interpreted upon 8 sides: honor,
matter passing through, leadership, good
remembrance, rank, matter & forbiddance.

Leopard/Panther/Tiger: interpreted upon 3 sides:
strong enemy, acquiring wealth from an enemy,
great fear from the sovereign.
Ant: is upon 4 sides: people of a house, relatives,
group & wealth.

فرح نونلا

رانلا : لوؤت ىلع ةتس نيرشعو ًاهجو : ،نتف
،لاغتشاو داسفو ،بعشتو ،ةموصخو ملكو
،حيبق عنمو ،دوصقملا بضغو ،ناطلسلا
،ةبوقعو ،دافنو مدعو ،ريبدت ،ملعو ،ةمكحو
قيرطو ،ىدهلا ،ةبيصمو فو ز ،ع ،ةقرحو
،ناطلسو ،نوعاطو بو ،ماسر ،تاطافنو
،ةحيصنو ،نمأو لامو ،مارح قزرو ةعفنمو .
جنرانلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ،قيدص ،دلوو
،ةعزانمو ةعفنمو نم لجر بيرغ .
سجرنلا : ،قيدص نمو ىأر هنأ مشي ،ًاسجرن
هنإف نوكي ،ً ارشتنم ناسحإب ،ريخو نإو ىأر
ًاسجرن ًاريثك يف ضرلا هنإف لدي ىلع ةدايز
هلايع .
سنلا ر : لوؤي ىلع ةينامث هجوأ : ،فرش ذافنو
،رمأ ،ةسايرو ركذو ،نسح ،ةبترمو رمأو
يهنو .
رمنلا : لوؤي ىلع َةثلث هجوأ : ودع ،يوق
لوصحو لام نم ،ودع فوخو ميظع نم كلم .
لمنلا : ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : لهأ ،تيب ،براقلاو
ةقرفلاو لاملاو .

Letter: Haa’ (ه)

Mash(Hareesa) (dish made from mashed grains):
whoever sees himself eating hareesa with sheep
meat [in it], then that indicates the acquiring of
blessing and meeting of needs.

Hoopoe [bird]: interpreted upon 4 sides: news of a
!!building, elevation of importance, victory,
Howdah (seat for riding on the back of a camel or
elephant): elevation of importance, glory, rank,
leadership & high rank, guardianship, contact with
the superiors.

فرح ءاهلا

ةسيره : نم ىأر هنأ لكأي ةسيره محلب ،منغ
كلذف لدي ىلع لوصح ةعفنملا ءاضقو جئاوحلا .

دهدهلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبرأ هجوأ : ربخ ،ناينبب
ولعو ،ردق ،رفظو مهفو .
جدوهلا : لوؤت ىلع ةعبس هجوأ : ولع ،ردق
،زعو ،ةبترمو ةسايرو ،ةعفرو ،ةيلوو
لاصتاو رباكلاب .

Letter: Waaw (و)

Roses [plant]: interpreted upon 6 sides: beautiful
child, friend, man that is bad in endeavour/liviness,
he has no loyalty, young girl & good boy. And for
the woman it is a good marriage & an absent
Pillow/Cushion: a vision of a pillow is interpreted
upon 5 sides: [male] servant, young girl &
leadership, pure religion, devotion/piety.
Minister: whoever sees that the minister has
bestowed honors upon him, 4 things are
interpreted from it: acquiring of the office/ministry
to whoever was from its people if he sees his eye
turn into a moon. And likewise [such] if he sees the
fraud of Baghdad, or he sees a king has tied his
waist, or he gave him an inkstand, or he sees one
of the four companions facing him.
Giving Birth: whover sees herself giving birth to a
son and he speaks with her soon after, then it
indicates her death. And if she sees herself giving
birth to a girl, and she talks with her soon after,
then Allah the AllMighty will grant her a son who
will dominate his nation.

Letter: Yaa’ (ي)

Jews: a vision of Jews is [interpreted as] the
clarification of a problematic matter, the
availability of a Hujja, strength of hand in the
Sunnah, and the Islamic Law, because the word
Jews is derived from [the word] guidance.
(Jews=Yahuud, Guidance=Hadya).

فرح واولا

درولا : لوؤي ىلع ةتس هجوأ : دلو ،ليمج
،قيدصو لجرو ءيند ،ةمهلا ل ءافو ،هل
ةيراجو ملغو نسح . ةأرمللو جوزت نسح
باتكو بئاغ .
ةداسولا : ايؤر ةداسولا لوؤت ىلع ةسمخ هجوأ :
،مداخ ةيراجو ،ةسايرو نيدو ،فاص ىوقتو .
ريزولا : نم ىأر نأ ريزولا هاطعأ ًافيرشت لوؤي
ىلع ةعبرأ ءايشأ اهنم : لوصح ةرازولا نمل
ناك نم اهلهأ اذإ ىأر هنيع تراص ،ً ارمق
كلذكو اذإ ىأر ةلجد ،دادغب ىأرو ًاكلم دق دش
،هطسو وأ هاطعأ ،ةاود وأ ىأر ًادحأ نم
ةباحصلا عبرلا ّوت ! ههج .
ةدلو : نم تأر اهنأ تدلو ًانبأ ملكتو اهعم يف
،لاحلا هنإف لدي ىلع ،اهتوم نإو تأر اـهنأ
تدلو ،ًاتنب تملكتو اهعم يف ،لاحلا نإف لا
ىلاعت اهقزري ًادلو دوسي هموق .

فرح لا ءاي
دوهيلا : ايؤر دوهيلا راهظإ رمأ ،لكشم رسيتو
،ةجح ةوقو دي يف ،ةنسلا ةعيرشلاو نل مسأ
دوهيلا قتشم نم يدهلا .

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