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Allegan Lakeshore


Event: $72,000 Current:$1,439

Tuesday Feb. 26, 2013 Welcome and Introductions
Mission Moment 1-800-227-2345

Team Fundraising Club Team Fearless has already reach the RISING

Sponsorships: $7,000 current: 0

Individual Fundraising Club design to recognize and motivate

participants for their fundraising efforts. If team members want to be recognized please highlight them on team envelope that you turn in with money Pack the Track (increase team members) This year we want to PACK THE TRACK and the only way to do that is to help you find team members. -Sphere of influence (see attached handout)

Teams: 28 current: 12

1. Any team that has 10 or more participants pick from the Relay For Life swag bag 2. If those same participants like us on Facebook they get to pick twice!

-Event #2 Challenge

Survivors: 75 current: 5

Goal Setting actitivity -Event goals our goal is 72,000 if we get 28 teams then we need
each team to have a goal of $2,500 (or higher). THAT IS POSSIBLE! -Team goals the first thing any team should do is set your team goal and DREAM BIG! ACTIVITY: put up sheet of post it paper and put amounts on those sheets ($100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500), divide up the groups. We got lots of great ideas! FUNDRAISING 101 1. ONLINE! Start with donating yourself online then send out those emails 2. Letter Writing April 23rd - how it works 3. Feeder events: Bark For Life, Coaches for Cancer, Relay Recess and Field Day, Kids Walk 4. Sponsors we have a list of sponsors from the previous year, if your team is going to try to secure this sponsor again then put your name beside your sponsor. If you have a new one

ACS Cancer Action Network Members 40 Current: 14


that you are going to approach then let us know so that the committee or another team does not approach them. Event Meeting winners 2. Top Online Individual Tyzza Dingus Team Fearless 4. Top Communications Individual Amber Latchaw Team Turtle Tracks 5. DRAWNINGS Next Meeting: March 26 , 2013 7PM

Jaime Onken 616-283-8881 Hedy Morse 269-561-2075 Tonee 269-349-8710