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دستور الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وترجمته

دستور الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وترجمته

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Published by: ahmedomany on Oct 16, 2009
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ةيكيرملا ةدحتملا تايلولا روتسد

ةدححححتملا تاحححيلولا روتحححسد
The Constitution of the United
States of America
يكككل ،ةدككحتملا تايلولا بعش نحن
يكككلو ،ا
خوككسر رثكككأ ا
اككح!ا "ككل#ن
$كك%&ن رار&تككسلا نمكك'نو ،(ككلادعلا
)ا*دكككلا +كككسأ ,ككك'نو ،ي-خادكككلا
(ككك%.ا*رلا نككك/ دكككي0نو ،1رتككك2ملا
ا345ن6 (يرحلا (معن 7و8نو ،(/اعلا
روتككسدلا ا9. ,'ن ،(/ا&لا :ا%;<لو
=(%كير/6ا ةدحتملا تايلو-ل
We the People of the United
States, in Order to form a more
perfect Union, establish Justice,
insure domestic Tranquility,
provide for the common defence,
promote the general Welfare, and
secure the Blessings of iberty to
ourselves and our Posterity, do
ordain and establish this
!onstitution for the United States
of "merica#
:ىلولا ةداملا Article. I.
:ىلولا ةرقفلا
(%عيركك2تلا تا>-كك4لا ,كك%م; :وكك?!
تاككيلولا @رAنوكككل اكك3. (ككBو3مملا
Cن%كك4-A/ نكك/ "لDككتيو =ةدككحتملا
=Eاو3-ل رخFاو Gو%2-ل ام.دBأ
Section. 1.
"ll legislative Po$ers herein
granted shall be vested in a
!ongress of the United States,
$hich shall consist of a Senate
and %ouse of &epresen'tatives#
:ةيناثلا ةرقفلا
Hاكك'Iأ نكك/ Eاوكك3لا +كك-A/ Jك2ي
JككKL نكك/ ن%/اككI Jككك $MNاكك?تنا $ككتي
،(كك5-ت?ملا تاككيلولا يكك* بعكك2لا
(ككيلو Jككك يكك* 7وKخاكك3لا ,ككتمتيو
يكك* اكك.ر*او! بككAي يتككلا تO.#ملاN
(%عيركك2تلا +لاككAملا رثكككأ يKخاككن
=OKلا ي* ا
Section. 2.
The %ouse of &epresentatives
shall be composed of (embers
chosen every second )ear by the
People of the several States, and
the *lectors in each State shall
have the +ualifications requisite
for *lectors of the most numerous
Branch of the State egislature#
و'I PK8ي 7أ Q?ش R6 SوAي لو
T-N دL نكي $لا/ Eاو3لا +-A/ ي*
،UرمI ن/ نير2علاو (4/ا?لا نس
,Kككس 93/ ا
%كير/أ ا
3Vاو/ نكي $لا/و
يكك* نكككي $لاكك/و JL6ا W-I تاو3س
يتككلا (يلولا ي* ا
م%&/ XNا?تنا YLو
=اM%* XNا?تنا $ت%س
,o Person shall be a &epresenta'
tive $ho shall not have attained to
the "ge of t$enty five )ears, and
been seven )ears a !iti-en of the
United States, and $ho shall not,
$hen elected, be an .nhabitant of
that State in $hich he shall be
بZاركك'لا (ككم%Lو Eاو3لا دI دحتي
دككL يتككلا تاككيلولا نكك%N ةرككشاKملا
(K4ن ب4B اح!لا ا9. نم[ Jخد!
دككحتي R9ككلا ،(ككيلو Jككك 7اكس دI
@اككمخأ (كك\O\ (Kكك4ن (*اكك[]N UرودN
دككعلا Wككل^ (يلولا 7اكس ,%م; دI
&epresentatives and direct Ta/es
shall be apportioned among the
several States $hich may be
included $ithin this Union, accor'
ding to their respective ,umbers,
$hich shall be determined by

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