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Fiber Distribution Unit (FDU)

Product Description
The Multilink FF-WM-8X is a high density wall mount fiber distribution unit designed to support
patching and splicing in one unit. The Network compartment has a lockable door, which functions
as a work shelf when open, capacity for (4) Splice trays, ample slack storage and (2) fiber entrance
points. The Subscriber compartment has a door with locking hasp, capacity for (8) adapter panels,
and (6) fiber entrance points.
The FF-WM-8X is a member of a larger family of Fiber Distribution Units.

General Specifications
Dimensions: 16.0"H x 20.0"W x 6.5" D
Capacity: Terminations: (8) Multilink Adapter Panels (see individual panel capacities)
Splices: (4) 2000-SSTA splices trays, 24 Single fusion splices each, 96 total.
Material: Steel
Coating: Polyester powder coat paint, available in Black and Off White.

Ordering Information
Part Number Description
045-030-10 FF-WM-8X (Black)
045-030-11 FF-WM-8X (Off White)
70506K 2000-SSTA Splice Tray, 24 Single Splices Phone (440) 366-6966
Fax (440) 366-6802
NOTE: 24 Hour Voice Messaging
Worldwide Distribution
For available adapter panels refer to the Multilink Catalog for detail.

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