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قواعد اللغة الانجليزية

قواعد اللغة الانجليزية

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Published by: Ahmed Salah on Apr 24, 2010
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Unit 1

New Friends
ددج ءاقدصأ
Wait of رظتني Turn into ىلا لوحتي Meaning ىنعم
Complete !"# $rien% &ي'( )ntro%u*e +',ي
T-e form ./0!ت12ا $a3ourite 45م Cool 6ر7ي
$ir8t name ل9:ا ;12ا <o==> ?ياو@ Au8ine88 ?ي/0Bتلا ل0!CD
Ege ر!علا F GHلا Iport ?J0ي/ Ket *ol%er LMNي
Oationalit> ?PHنBلا Qea%ing .RارS We =ot- T0نU2ا GحV
Wate of =irt- 6XP!لا Yي/0Z Were =orn in ا9'ل9 )n[ure% \0]م
^la*e of =irt- 6XP!لا حم Wa8 =orn in 'ل9 ^u__le `aل F ./9`b
E%%re88 Tاونعلا E -otel c'نb Clot-e8 deXم
fengt- of 8ta> ?م0S2ا .'م En offi*e gتhم Iale8 a88i8tant حم ىb ij0e
)nformation k0موMعم Mo3e lرحتي Wo*tor gP7m
^reparator> n6ا'Cا Mo3e to ىلا ل`عي Ie*retar> .رPZرh1
fa=orator> !عم )%ea8 /0hbا Cu8tomer Tوeo
Iale8 a88i8tant حم ىb ij0e Clot-e8 deXم Iport ?J0ي/
^oli*eman ?mرp q/ E nur8e ?Jر!م )ntere8t8 k0م0!ت@ا
I*ienti8t ;ل0C E me*-aani* ىhPV0hPم ^rogramm Lم0Vرe
Mare 8ure '"0تي Comforta=le sيرم Karage tارq
Au8> لوauم vngine8 lرحم Worr for 'نC !عي
Making ( wh……/ How … !"estions
#ا$%&'() *+,- . د/ا01 234 . 2/ا4 . 55555555 *,+678
9hen go :o" go to s;hoo< 8
How <ong does it take =ro> ?airo to @<eA8
9ho are :o" 8
Making ( Bes …/ No… !"estions
CقاD 234 د/ا01 234 . 2/ا4 . *,+67 8
Bes E……………………………55
No E………………………55not5
1 (
wx %o >ou 8pear vngli8- y x ze8 { ) %o x Oo{ i%on|t
}xare >ou goo% at vngli8-y x ze8 { ) am x Oo{ ) am not
~x-a3e >ou got a Car y x ze8 { ) -a3e x Oo{ ) -a3en|t
•x *an >ou 8€im y x ze8 { ) *an x Oo{ ) *an|t
MerN . er
MerN . or
Manage ري'ي Manager ري'م
We8ign ;!]ي E %e8igner ;!]م
Qeport iي•ي E reporter iPم
Tea*- ‚/'ي E tea*-er ‚/'م
Write gتhي E €riter gZ0"
Iail رح7ي E 8ailor /0حe
)n3ent ƒرت„ي En in3entor ƒرت„م
…i8it /9`ي E 3i8itor رjاo
Coor Y7†ي a *oor ‡07m PاQL) 23%L) )RS TU(
Veg"<ar WerNs *X'اXق Yا34)
Kue88 Kue88e% ',تعي F G!„ي ^-one ^-one% 0PVو5PMZ ]تي
Worr Worre% !عي Qeport Qeporte% iي•ي
<elp <elpe% 'C0Hي Manage Manage% ري'ي
E8r E8re% ل0Hي We8ign We8igne% ;!]ي
Wat*- Wat*-e% '@0uي Tra3el Tra3ele% رb0Hي
Coor Coore% Y7†ي fi3e fi3e% ˆPعي
^la> ^la>e% gعMي Want to Wante% to Tا 'يري
Mo3e Mo3e% lرحتي Tr> to Trie% to Tا ل90حي
Cool Coole% 6ر7ي Turn Turne% لوحتي
fire fire% gحي en[o> en[o>e% iت!تHي
Zntrod";e :o"rse<=
[0%D #دق
M> name i8 ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰ ) am ‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ >ear8 ol%Š
) go to prep 8*-oolŠ ) am in *la88 t€oŠ M> intere8t8 are‰‰‰Š
\ (
]n^o: _ `&+&0J
<ike abJ M 5
cNed interested in _ e&$1
wx ) en[o> rea%ing 8torie8 Š
}x -e lire li8tening to t-e ra%io Š
~x 8-e is intere8te% in %e8igning *lot-e8 Š
f (

Unit \
V"nning water
*JgاhL) iاX+L)
Wining room.ر5Hلا .رB‹ T-roug- لXŒ fi•ui% j01
Kran%mot-er .'q Oeig-=our /0q E mount of Gم ?P!"
Water 3apour R0!لا /0„e T-e groun% Ž/2ا $ull of Gم RوM!م
Iteam /0„e •ettle nX• Qain ر†!ي
Oe€8paper .'يرq E 8-ape hp E -alf ‘]V
v’periment ?eرBZ E form hp F ./0!ت1ا E •uarter ie/
<ome€orr ى1ا/'م gqا9 Minute ?,PS6 Clou%8 gح1
Ko out8i%e tر„ي Kre> n60م/ Weat-er d,m
Iurfa*e s†1 W-ite “Peا Map ?†يرŒ
I*ien*e +وMC Toget-er 0يو1 0عم Win%8 ”0يرلا
I*ienti8t ;ل0C Eir Rاو@ $ill •e%– RX!ي
•it*-en Y7†م Ti*ret .ر"•Z vmpt> —ر5ي
Oature ?عP7m Iugar رh1 Cup T0Bنb
Wrop8 kار†S E pan ?M‹ F R0Vا ^late &7m
T-e =at-room +0!حلا To>8 gعل Mone> لاوما F 6و,V
Mountain 7q Itone رB‹ $loor &e0m
En a%%re88 T0hم TاونC E trlle ?]S F \0ت" TاونC ˜oin •e%–™eري
jiWing adWi;e *bXkD ءاl/)
1m Bo" sho"<d . H) [X,/ nopqJ55…………………… gدk1
\m :o" sho"<dnrt . H) [X,/ nopqJ (5…………………… gدk1
fm she Nest thing to do when :o" …5 Zs to . ا1دq/ t,3%D uXv 2w4)… H) IS5… gدk1
wx zou sho"<d st"d: vngli8- €ellŠ
}x zou sho"<dnrt go to =e% lateŠ
~x she Nest thing to do when :o" -a3e an e’am is to re3i8e >our
@sking =or adWi;e *bXkqL) a,x
m yho"<d Z . z H) n,/ nopqJ 2S 8…………………………………… gدk1
m sho"<d we . z H) اqX,/ nopqJ 2S85………………………………… gدk1
{ (
m yho"<d Z te<< >: dad8 z اGاG Kp|) H) n,/ nopqJ 2S
she }resent yi>~<e sense
•X0pL) €gاw+L) •1‚
1 ƒ 23%,L Y„() …JKk&L) •1 HI6&Jm
Z / 23%L) gدk1 `+ج
دK%1 23%L) . (ies E es E s
wx ) al€a>8 he<~ m> mot-erŠ }x T-e> al€a>8 he<~ t-eir mot-erŠ
~x 8-e al€a>8 he<~s -er mot-erŠ •x-e u8uall> tries to -elp -i8
\m •/ Kp3J ƒ
wx ) get "~ at š ›|*lo*r e3er> %a>Š./رhتم kا60C
}x We often go to t-e *inemaŠ
~x Water 3apor rises in t-e 8r>Š?تe0U ?P!MC &j0,‹
•x W-en €ater Noi<s{ it ;hanges into 3aporŠ
fm †ا+,6L) ‡RS `1 •X0pL) €gاw+L) #دˆ&0J ƒ
yo>eti>es ا‰DاXU)
Us"a<<: iدا/ ‰
Š=ten ا‰pLا‹ Œ%D neWer )‰دG)
@<wa:s ا‰+•)د
( ]Wer: …55 اSK|أ „ *,+hL) Y„أ Œ4 n7Ž7 2-
the ~resent ;ontin"o"s tense
K+&0+L) €gاw+L) •1‚
1m •1 HI6&J ƒ
Z a>
دK%1 is 234 . ing
`+ج are
• (
\m •/ Kp3J ƒ
wx *-il%ren are pla>ing foot=all T2ا ىت‹ ر!تHم لاo0م عb
}x ) |m tra3eling tomorro€Š 7,تH!لا ىb i,ي œو1 عb
fm *L)دL) †ا+,6L) ƒ
• no€ T2ا • loor ž رظVا
•at t-i8 moment ?ظحMلا Ÿ•@ ىb • li8ten i!ت1ا
• at t-e time Sولا ا•@ ىb
{m K+&0+L) €gاw+L) n4 Y)•0L) ƒ
9hat . ( is / are . 2/ا4 . doing 8
wx €-at are >ou %oingy ) am €at*-ing TŠ…Š
}x€-at i8 -e %oingy <e i8 pla>ing foot=allŠ
?o>~<ete the >issing ~arts
wx E-me% ¡‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Šy
Iam> ¡ ) |m %oing a 8*ien*e e’perimentŠ
}x Mot-er ¡ ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰y
C-il%ren¡ €e are %oing -ome€orrŠ
~x <ala ¡ ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Šy
Mona ¡ 8-e i8 *ooring fun*-Š
Š~~osites ا$06/„ †ا+,-
v3aporate ر„7تي Con%en8e ‘Nhي Aoil ىMaي Cool 6ر7ي
v3aporation ر„7تي
‘PNhZ )n8i%e Œا6 ›ut8i%e t/0Œ
Ket €armer ¢b'ي Ket *ol%er 6ر7ي <ea3> P,U fig-t ‘P5Œ
Ket €et ت7ي Ket %r> ‘uني Aig رP7" Imall رPa(
$loat و5†ي Iinr cرaي Col% 6/0e <ot GŒ01
Wr> œ0q Wet M7م Turn off •o0£q–&Maي Turn on o0£q sت5ي
‘"antit: eA~ressions *X+6L) †)KXp37
xa liter of Gم رتل x a •uarter of Gم ie/
x a -alf of Gم ‘]V x amount of Gم ?P!"
x a *up of Gم T0Bنb x %rop8 of Gم kار†S lot8 of Gم رPN"
’ (
*1اS †)KXp37
$all to ىMC i,ي Qi8e into ىلا i5Zري
Wait for رظتني Turn into ىلا لوحتي
fate for GC رŒ0تم C-ange into ىلا رPaتي
E8r for gM†ي Con%en8e into ىلا ‘Nhتي
˜oin toget-er 0ي9و1 'حتي Ino€ 'PMq
<ig- up ىMCXل i5Zر!لا )*e LMU
?on^"n;tions •G)„KL)
1 #دˆ&07 m and ƒ •X“4)I&1 •X7K64 •GKL (
wx ) turne% on t-e T…Š ) €at*-e% t-e T…Š
) turne% on t-e T… and ) €at*-e% itŠ
\ •6L„ #دˆ&07 m N"t ƒ•X&wقاq&1 •X7K64 •GKL (
}x ) am -ungr>Š ) %on|t €ant to eatŠ
) am -ungr> N"t %on|t €ant to eatŠ
f [LRL #دˆ&07 m so ƒ *hX&qL) „ ap0L) •XG •GK,L (
ap' ( so *hX&D
~x )t|8 raining Š )|m not going out8i%eŠ
)t|8 raining so ) not going out8i%eŠ
Use and E so or N"t to >ake one senten;e5
wx $ill t-e rettle €it- €aterŠ Won|t fill it to t-e topŠ ( N"t
x ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰
}x Aoil t-e €aterŠ Won|t forget to mare t-e teaŠ (N"t
x ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Š
~x T-e 8un 8-ine8 on t-e €ater 8urfa*eŠ )t e3aporate8 €aterŠ (and
•x Water 3apour i8 lig-tŠ )t ri8e8 -ig- into t-e airŠ (so
¤x <e =oug-t a =oorŠ <e rea% t-e =oorŠ (and
x ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Š
” (
Unit f

Friends and neigh No"rs

H)KXج„ ءاقدص)
Tire% of Gم &ي04تم $rien%l> 6969 Canal ?CرZ
Ket in Œ'ي Carpenter /0BV I*ore PBHZ
$a*tor> iن]م Tool8 kا96ا Mo%el t¥و!V
Maga_ine ?MBم I*i88or8 ¦,م Ala%e .ر5p
Itor> ?]S ^lier8 ?ي6/o Wifferent ‘Mت„م
Metal T'عم Ipoon ?,Mعم Oe’t %oor ./90B!لا ?,uلا
Woo% guŒ Wrill \0,Nم Qoof ‘,1 F ”و†1
Woo%en ?P7uŒ Oee%le .رeا •in% gPm F ƒوV
^la8ti* §ت1Xe Oail /0!Hم Careful ¦ير‹
Ma%e of Gم ƒون]م <ammer ¨و"0p …illage ?يرS
Epie*e ?ع†S Ia€ /0uنم vn% ?ي0£V F œرm
E -ole ?حتb •nife ?نPh1 Ao%> ;Hq
E -an%le /0uنم F ?نPh1 'ي I-arp 60‹ Kro*er ل0,e
C-ee8e G7q <ar% gM( <elpful T90عتم
E =ri*r \وm gل0S $lat ?,p To€n .رPa( ?ني'م
Ve<atiWe ~rono"ns 2صIL) K•ا+•
}erson who n&L)/ –RL) — that
shing whi;h n&L) / –RL) — that
}<a;e where ˜XU
wx ) met the >an who -elpe% meŠ
}x T-i8 i8 the ;ar whi;h ) %ri3e to m> €orr Š
~x T-i8 i8 the sho~ where ) =u> *-ee8eŠ
Zrreg"<ar MerNs
iPاv Yا34)
I-ine I-one I-one cرuZ F i†HZ
I-o€ I-o€e% I-o€n sJوي F n/وي
<ol% <el% <el% §H!ي
fen% fent fent ‘MHي F ŽرS
™ (
C-oo8e C-o8e C-o8en /0ت„ي
Veg"<ar WerNs
*X'اXق Yا34)
Qetire Qetire% 'C0,تي ©8e ©8e% +'„تHي
E%% E%%e% ‘P4ي We8*ri=e We8*ri=e% ‘ن]ي
Men% Men%e% sM]ي Itart Itarte% #'7ي
$i’ $i’e% sM]يF7Nي <appen <appene% ª'حي
En8€er En8€ere% gPBيF 6ري •i*r •i*re% "ري
Qepl> Qeplie% gPBي F 6ري T-anr T-anre% رhuي
^u8- ^u8-e% ib'ي Ie€ Ie€e% ™P„ي
Aorro€ Aorro€e% ‘MHي F Žرت,ي Ie€ Ie€e% ™P„ي
T>pe T>pe% g10‹ ىMC gتhي Ve>e>Ner Ve>e>Nered ر"•تي
Iurpri8e Iurpri8e% ¢q05ي pa88 pa88e% sBني
FFFFFFFFFFFFFL #دˆ&0J "sed to ( gدk1
FFFFFFFFFFFFFL #دˆ&0J "sed =or ( 234 . ing
•FFFFFFFFF1 €Iqk1 >ade o= (KXo&7 ( iدا1
•FFFFFFFFFFF1 €Iqk1 >ade =ro> (KXo&7 iدا1
wx •ni3e8 are "sed to *ut foo%Š
}x I*i88or8 are "sed =or *utting *lot-Š
~x E %rill is >ade o= metalŠ
•x T-e -an% of t-e rnife is >ade o= €oo%Š
ا$L šاwJ •X&ج„د›1 •X&3lق •1 HI6&7 n&L) †)„د() œ s ƒ`+hL) *,1ا31 21ا37„ `+hL) (
x T-e8e are 8*i88or8Š We u8e t-emŠ
x T-e8e are plier8Š We u8e t-emŠ
• (
*+,- e$,pق ءاج )P) œ a ~air o= ƒدK%+L) t,1ا31 21ا37 (
x T-i8 i8 a pair of 8*i88or8Š We u8e itŠ
x T-i8 i8 a pair of plier8Š We u8e itŠ
she ~ast si>~<e tense
•X0pL) n•ا+L) •1‚
1 n'اXق 23%,L n7اžL) …JKk&L) •1 HI6&J m >ended Pاv ( went (
\ n•ا+L) n4 n$&D)„ e7 ŸدU •/ Kp3J m
f ƒ *L)دL) †ا+,6L) m
ze8ter%a> dما la8t «J0!لا ago •نم
›ne %a> +وي kا¥ on*e •نم «J0!لا ىb Yي/0Z nا
wx ) 3i8ite% m> un*le :esterda:Š
}x M> neig- =our lent me mone> <ast mont-Š
~x Šne da:{ ) -elpe% an ol% manŠ
•x ) €a8 goo% at vngli8- in prep wŠ
¤x T-e> €ere poor =ut no€ t-e> are ri*-Š
•X0pL) n•ا+L) n4 Y)•0L)
@sking !"estions in the ~ast
#ا$%&'() *+,- . did . *,+hL) *,+67 . gدk1 . 2/ا4 8
W-at %i% >ou u8e to *ut €oo%y
<o€ %i% -e men% t-e *ary
VeWision @
v’er*i8e gي/'Z ^oint to ىلا رPuي Cir*le .رjا6 iJ F .رjا6
^-oto ./و( Qoun% ./9'م faug- §ح4ي
)ntere8te% in ¬e ;ت£م Kla88 t0qo Comi* n'مو"
Ae-in% ‘MŒ )n[ure% \0]م <ungr> T0Cوq
Oame ;1ا F ى!Hي ^atient “يرم F PMC T-en §ل¥ 'عe F ;U
Qule8 'CاوS Waug-ter ?نeا E**i%ent ?U60‹
1 (
Itu%ent gل0m E=out T0p F GC We*i%e to Tا /ر,ي
Corre*t sح]ي $ill to t-e top ?M" ¢PMم Qe3i8e iqاري
Clini* .60PC $all o3er Ž/2ا ىMC ™,1 Qe3i8ion ?عqارم
Veg"<ar WerNs *X'اXق Yا34)
v’amine v’amine% ¦ح5ي fi8ten to fi8tene% to ىلا i!تHي
Walr Walre% «u!ي faug- faug-e% §ح4ي
Erri3e Erri3e% ]ي Corre*t Corre*te% sح]ي
Cr> Crie% ‡ر]ي C-ange C-ange% رPaتي
Carr> Carrie% !حي Cir*le Cir*le% .رjا6 i4ي
Oame Oame e% «!Hي Qe8t Qe8te% sيرتHي
11 (
Unit {
Un"s"a< stories *Jدا/ KX‹ Ckق
©8ual -60C E p-otograp-er «Zا/و]م $rig-tene% ‘j0Œ
©nu8ual -60C رP• E =ut*-er /ا`q Terrifie% \وCرم
Cartoon ?"رحتم +و1/ E poli*eman ?mرuلا q/ Worrie% &MS
E 8enten*e ?M!q •=e–on fire عتuي Iurpri8e% ˆ@'م
E _oo TاوP‹ ?,ي'‹ Em=ulan*e œ0ع1ا ?eرC Wream ;M‹
T-e lorr> ?ن‹0uلا ^oli*e 8tation ?mرp ;HS )mportant ;£م
Meat ?!حل $ell =etter ¨0عتV0e رعuي $anta8ti* ijا/
Tea -0p Imore GŒ'ي F T0Œ6 Iu%%enl> .®Bb
Oear gيرS I-opreeper حم g‹0( Emeri*a 0hيرما
We%%ing œ0bo 5‹ Trip .رP]S ?M‹/ foor after ¬¬¬¬¬e «نتعي
$lig-t TارPm ?M‹/ Ooi8e R0JوJ fu*r> ¯وظحم
Etten%ant ?5P4م Au8> لوauم F ;‹6`م )ll “يرم
$ine رP„e Iitting room‚وMq .رB‹ )llne88 Žرم
Kame ?7عل $ire 8tation «b0†!لا fou%l> ل0C kو]e
Ioun% ¢p kو( Koal œ'@ Klue Y!(
$lame g£ل Cir*u8 lرHلا Efrai% ‘j0Œ
ا$w3G `1 Œvا+&7 †ا+,- */I+h1 `+h7 *+,- weN word
<o8pital Iport I*-ool <otel
1\ (
she ~ast ;ontin"o"s tense K+&0+L) Œ•ا+L) •1‚
1 ƒ •1 HI6&J m
دK%1 was
M5 . ing
`+ج were
\ ƒ Œ•ا+L) Œ4 ا1 ¡ق„ Œ4 )K+&01 Hا- 234 •/ Kp3Jm
Eli €a8 eating lun*- at } ›|*lo*r >e8ter%a>Š
f ƒ *L)دL) †ا+,6L) m
x Et ‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ o|*lo*r >e8ter%a>
m 9hi<e ءاq¢) / ا+qXG m 9hen ا1دq/
9hi<e K+&01 Œ•ا1 „ •X0G n•ا1
W-ile €e €ere pla>ingŠ Iam> fell o3erŠ
9hen •X0G Œ•ا1 „ •X0G Œ•ا1
W-en ) -ear% a=out t-e a**i%ent { ) €ent to -elp t-e in[ure%Š
9hen •X0G Œ•ا1 „ K+&01 Œ•ا1
9hen fat-er *ame { ) €a8 %oing -ome€orrŠ
Veg"<ar WerNs *+£q1 Yا34)
Water Watere% -9ري F ى,Hي C-e*r C-e*re% iqاري
Clim= Clim=e% &MHتي Iear*- Iear*-e% GC °ح7ي
v8*ape v8*ape% \ر£ي C-a8e C-a8e% 6/0†ي
I-op I-oppe% cوHتي Imell Imelle% ;uي
Itop Itoppe% ‘,ي <eat <eate% G„Hي
دجIJ there is دK%1 e')
M — ing
دجIJ Hا- there was دK%1 e')
wx shere is a p-otograp-er taring p-otoŠ
}x there was a =ut*-er *utting meat €it- a rnifeŠ
1f (
دجIJ there are `+ج e')
M . ing
دجIJ Hا- there were `+ج e')
wx shere are t€o =o>8 ~<a: ing €it- a =allŠ
}x there were t€o €omen sho~~ ing in t-e marretŠ
H) TU¤D there is دK%+L) KX+wL) 2b1 2b7 ( he is (
H)„ there are `+hL) KX+wL) 2b1 2b7 ( the: are (
1{ (
Unit •
shings we wi<< do
ا$,3%D šI' ءاXv)
Certainl> 'P"®تل0e F i7†ل0e vnormou8 j0@ F ;„J Ium ?ل®Hم
)t|8 ›r ‚0e 2 farge ;„J F رP7" Main dPj/
…egeta=le8 kا9ر4Œ ^atient “يرم Qea8on g71
Wiffi*ult gع( Wit- ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬e F iم $le’i=le Tرم
›3er8ea8 t/0„Mل Wit-out T9'e ±uantit> ?P!"
Compan> ?"رp E**urate &PS6 $inall> ارPŒا
vle*tri* «eر£" exmail «V9رتhلD 'يرe T-e 8ame ¬¬¬¬¬لا d5V
vle*troni* «V9رتhلا Wa>8 cرm Qo*ret ‡9/0(
Qo=ot «ل² T0HVا Compa88 ?M(وe ^ro=a=l> !تح!لا Gم
Ipa*e R04b <i8tor> Yي/0Z E=le to «MC ا/60S
Mo%ern °ي'‹ Ket marrie% t9`تي fanguage ?aل
)n3ention ƒارتŒا ^ilot /0Pm $or >ou §Mq# Gم
Ma*-ine ?نPhم F ?ل² Itill لاo0م Mo8t ;ظعم
v3er> €-ere T0hم " «b Carrot8 /`q <elp €it- iم 'C0Hي
Courgette8 ?1و" $orming ?Cا/`لا ›nion ]e
Wo t-e 3egeta=le8 kا9ر4„لا i†,ي mare 8ure '"0تي
•=e– a=le to «MC ا/60S Tوhي ) t-inr 8o §ل¥ ',تCا
€ill =e a=le to «MC ا/60S Tوhي œو1 %on|t €orr> &M,Z 2
*%ص YاU
a**urate &PS6 E**uratel> ?S'e
±ui*r iي ر1 ±ui*rl> ?CرHe
ea8> £1 va8il> ?لو£He
goo% 'Pq €ell ا'Pq
1• (
Veg"<ar WerNs
Oee% nee%e% t0تحي I€it*- on I€it*-e% on sت5ي
)n3ent )n3ente% ƒرت„ي Ti*r Ti*re% ?مXC iJ
Clo8e Clo8e% &Maي ›pen ›pene% sت5ي
Control Controlle% ;hحتي Wa8- Wa8-e% Haي
follo€ $ollo€e% i7تي Itore 8tore% T`„ي
H) د“&37 2S do :o" think……………8 *J)g •/ Cˆv Yا0D ا1دq/
nQL) )RS Ÿ„دU Yا+&U) *جgد a0U HI6J دKL)„
wx ze8{ ) t-inr 8o §ل¥ ',تCا ;عV }x ze8 { pro=a=l> !تح!لا Gم ;عV
~x Oo { ) %on|t t-inr 8o §ل¥ ',تCا 2 •x ) %on|t rno€ œرCا 2
¤x )| m not 8ure '"0تم Hل

@<i ¡ Wo >ou t-inr ro=ot8 €ill -elp u8 in our -ome8y
Mona¡ ze8 { ) t-inr 8oŠ
Ha<a¡ Wo >ou t-inr people €ill =e a=le to li3e on t-e moony
Hagar¡ Oo { ) %on {t t-inr 8oŠ
she ="t"re si>~<e tense •X0pL) 2p“&0+L) •1‚
r<< gدk1 1 •1 HI6&J m
\m `“J šI' ŸدU •/ Kp3J
wx M> un*le wi<< telep-one me tomorro€Š
}x ) t-inr E-me% wi<< =e a %o*tor • و7نZ–
~x) r<< mare >ou 8ome tea •.'C0Hم ŽرC–
•x Itu%> -ar% or >ou wonrt pa88 e’amŠ •'ي'£Z–
i= >ou 8tu%> -ar% E >ou wi<< 8u**ee% (Z=fm *XxKQL) *LاbL) `1 #دˆ&0J
1’ (

*L)دL) †ا+,6L)
{ m
x tomorro€ ا'• x ne’t +60,لا
x 8oon 07يرS x in t-e future 7,تH!لا ىb
• }³ww ´ }³w¤ x}³}³– 7,تH!لا «b Yي/0Z -#
x9i<< >ou tra3el to fu’or neAt weeky
Z a>
دK%1 is aN<e to . gدk1 Œ,/ gداق HI6J
`+ج are
(was ¥ were aN<e to . gدk1 Œ,/ )gداق Hا-
wi<< Ne aN<e to . gدk1 Œ,/ )gداق HI6J šI'
Vead and ;orre;t the "nder<ined words ƒ
wx 9i<< >ou opening t-e %oor for mey
}x ) %on|t t-inr 8-e €ill =e aN<e to *oore% €ellŠ
~x Z think ro=ot8 €ill pro=a=le -elp u8 in our -oe8Š
•x Oo{ Z %on|t think 8a€Š
1” (
Unit ’
Šn the =ar>
$arm ?C/`م <u8=an% t9o Tra*tor /ارq
Crop8 \و7‹ FP(0حم Wife ?q9o Kra88 ˆj0u‹
I-eep +0ن•ا Kree%> ƒ0!m Oote ?µوحMم
Cotton G†S fet|8 0P@ Mine «hMم F «ت(0Œ
^lant8 k0Z07V Kol% g@¥ ^rett> P!q
Iugar *ane رhHلا g]S Kol%en ?P7@¥ <ar3e8t ']حي
W-eat s!S ^oun% ?Pنq Ipe*ial ¶0Œ
Koat .`نC Qi*- «ن• ^ro%u*t Lتنم
$lour &PS6 ^oor رP,b Weli*iou8 •ي•ل
$lo€er .6/9 F .ر@o fitter ?م0!S ©8eful 'P5م
Wool œو( v’*ite% ع5نم $at GP!1
Milr G7ل v’*ite%l> ل0ع5V0e I-o€ me «V/ا
¦a: ¦aid ¦aid •Xp7 yt"d: yt"died yt"died سردي
§ie §ied §ied †I+J ¨ee~ ¨e~t ¨e~t
¨i<< ¨i<<ed ¨i<<ed 2&“J Make Made Made عنصي
jet to jot to jot to nL) 2kJ jet o"t jot o"t jot o"t جرخي
}<ant }<anted }<anted €g›J }rono"n;e
}<o"gh }<o"ghed }<o"ghed ŸKbJ ¦earn ¦earned ¦earned ملعت
دkbJ ¦earn ¦earnt ¦earnt ملعتي
show showed yhown ©gIJ wa<k wa<ked wa<ked يشمي
1™ (
she }resent }er=e;t tense #ا&L) €gاw+L) •1‚
1 ƒ •1 HI6&J m
Z / `+ج haWe
دK%1 has
\ ƒK•اbL) Œ4 K¢) tL„ Œ•ا+L) Œ4 e7 ŸدU •/ Kp3Jm
x E-me% has <ost -i8 =oorŠ
x ) haWe had an a**i%entŠ
f ƒ K+&01 Y)‚ا1„ Œ•ا+L) Œ4 أدG ŸدU •/ Kp3Jm
We haWe <earnt vngli8- for fi3e >ear8Š
{ (اU / )I7 `ق„ ŸدU •/ Kp3Jm
T-e> haWe [u8t <e=tŠ
• ƒ *L)دL) †ا+,6L)m
Elrea%> i7†ل0e F [u8t 20‹ F re*entl> 0Nي'‹ F e3er 7S Gم
zet T2ا «ت‹ F8in*e •نم F for .'!ل
n%qL) œ NegatiWe ƒ
haWe (neWer haWe ( not
. }5} . }5}
has ( neWer has ( not
wx We -a3enrt 3i8ite% t-e p>rami%8Š }x I-e -a8nrt rea% t-e =oorŠ
~x ) -a3e neWer lo8t m> =oor Š •x-e -a8 neWer e3er 3i8ite%
#ا$%&'() œ ZnterrogatiWe ƒ
wxHaWe >ou =o"nd >our lo8t =oory }x Has 8-e =inished -er
~xW-at has -e taken y •x W-ere haWe t-e> goney
VeWision ª
Corre*t sPح( T-e top ?!,لا $iel% ,‹
Mi8tare ®†Œ T-e mi%%le ™1ولا Ma*-ine8 k·ا
em>ai< address H)Iq/
T-e =ottom ƒ0,لا fife .0Pحلا
1• (
Memor> .ر"ا¥ E partner §يرp To€n .رPa( ?ني'م
˜o= ?5Pµ9 ±ue8tion لا¸1 Cit> .رP7" ?ني'م
vn% ?ي0£V Auil%ing R0نe Eir port /0†م
^ro=lem ?Mhuم Egain ?PV0U .رم Mone> 6و,V
^i*r ^i*re% ^i*re% ‘†,ي
Itore Itore% Itore% T`„ي
T>pe T>pe% T>pe% رZوP7!hلا «MC gتhي
I-out I-oute% I-oute% ‡ر]ي
Talr Talre% Talre% ª'حتي
Come Came Come «Z0ي
I-out I-oute% I-oute% ‡ر]ي
Talr Talr e% Talr e% ª'حتي
Come Came Come «Z0ي
Come up &MHتي ¹ *ome %o€n ل`ني *ome -ome P7Mل «Z0ي
I-out up to º 8-out at ¦„p ?q9 «b ‡ر]ي
9i<< :o" gدk1 ……………55E ~<ease 8uv 23%J H) Cˆv …l3&0D ا1دq/ *oXkL) ‡RS #دˆ&07
z [,w4 •1mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ¤S
wx 9i<< >ou o~en t-e %oor { ~<ease y x ze8 { ) €ill x Oo{ ) €on|tŠ
}x ~<ease{ wi<< >ou <end me 8ome mone>y x ze8 { ) €ill x Oo{ ) €on|t
§i==eren;e Netween
she ~resent ~er=e;t and the ~ast si>~<e
\ (
wx We ~<a:ed foot=all >e8ter%a>ŠرJ0حلا «b رUا »ل dPل9 «£تVا9 ;Z ™PH7لا «J0!لا
}x We haWe won t-e mat*-ŠرUا »ل +0تلا ƒ/04!لا
she tag !"estions *,JR+L) *,«'()
ƒ Œ7() `p&D 2JR1 Y)•' •JI6&L
w x – +'„تHV 'qوي ;ل TD ?M!Bلا «b 6وqو!لا 'C0H!لا ع5ل0e «Z®V do ¥ does ¥
did •
} x ?P5ن!لا ?M!Bلا 7NV9 ?ت7N!لا ?M!Bلا «5نV
~ x رP!J hp «MC ?M!Bلا C05e «Z®V
• x «5نلا ر]ت„V – nrt not •
wx Eli -a8 arri3e% { hasnrt hey }x Mona -a8n|t left{ has shey
~x T-at|8 not >our pen{ is ity •x Eli an% E-me% pla>e% foot=all{didnrt
¤ <ala goe8 to 8*-ool e3er>%a>{ doesnrt sheyšxT-e> -elp t-e poor{donrt
\1 (
Unit ”
she ~:ra>ids †ا1)KS()
ª? ªe=ore ?hrist د¤X+L) 2pق Mu8eum ‘حتم she great ~:ra>id Kp-() #K$L)
^lan ?†Œ <or8e ri%ing T0]حلا \و"/ T-e 8p-in’ لو£لا وeا
^lane .رj0m To> *amel ?7عل !q Oot >et 'عe dPل
Tire% gعتم …i8it ./0يo Wa8-ing up c07m2ا H•
Trie% ل90‹ Train 8tation /0†,لا ?†حم Aoat \/0S
Ti*ret offi*e ر"ا•تلا gتhم Colle*t ¦„p (وي ^re8ent ?ي'@
Qe8er3e `Bحي vntran*e Œ'م Iailor -'نq
Ceremon> ل05ت‹ا ;1ارم Kroup ?Cو!Bم Ila3e '7C
Ao%> ?Nq We8ert Rارح( ^ull up «MC2 gحHي
Tom= .ر7,م Qam8e8 )) «V0Nلا dPHم/ Qamp /'حنم ر!م
•ing •-ufu وbوŒ §M!لا Temple '7عم Wea% Pم
Qo*r ر„( Eroun% لو‹ En*ient R0م'S
fare Oa88er ر(0V .رPحe T-ie3e8 ¶و]ل fi8t ?!j0S
Veg"<ar MerNs
^aint ^ainte% Tاول20e ;1ري Ita> Ita>e% ظي F «,7ي
vnter vntere% Œ'ي Aur> Aurie% Gb'ي
Qe8er3e Qe8er3e% `Bحي fift fifte% ibري
Tran8port Tran8porte% ,ني <ope <ope% م®ي
*o3er Co3ere% «†aي Colle*t Colle*te% ¦„p (وي F i!Bي
\\ (
?o>>a ( E *,صا%L)
1 Y„() Œ4 •G)g ا$qXG •GK7 •X&,+ج •XG 2k%7 m
x )f ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Š E ‰‰‰‰Š x W-en ‰‰‰‰ E
x Efter ‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠŠ E ‰‰‰‰Š x Aefore ‰‰‰ŠŠŠ E
x E8 8oon a8 ‰‰‰ŠŠ E ‰‰‰‰Š x >e8 E ‰‰‰‰ F x Oo E
\ ( *X•)K&/() *,+hL) *,+hL) ء)›ج) •XG 2k%7 m
v’F T-e manager E €-o €a8 *alle% Eli E rne€ a lot a=out t-e p>rami%8Š
`1 *q1‚() `Gا&7 „أ aقا37
@s soon as دKh+G
@=ter د3G
ªe=ore 2pق •X0G €gاw1 (Ne going to . gدk1
9hen ا1دq/
wx@s soon as -e arriWes -ome { -e is going to -a3e a %rinr Š
}x 9hen 8-e =inishes -er -ome€orr { 8-e is going to 8leepŠ
~x T-e> are going to 3i8it u8 a=ter t-e> p-oneŠ
•x t-e> p-one Ne=ore t-e> are going to 3i8it u8Š
?orre;t the "nder<ined words
wx T-e> are going to ~<a:ing foot=all a=ter t-e> st"d:Š
}x We re3i8e our le88on8 Ne=ore €e are going to ta<ks e’amŠ
~x @s soon as -e =inish t-e uni3er8it>{ -e is going to fl> to ©IEŠ
she ~ast ~assiWe •X0pL) Œ•ا+L) •1‚ Œ4 YI$h+L) *oXص
e$1 KX‹ „) š„K31 KX‹ *,+hL) 2/ا%L) HI6J ا1دq/ YI$h+L) *oXص #دˆ&0D 5
wx T-e an*ient vg>ptian8 =uilt t-e p>rami%8 Š +وMعم
\f (
x T-e p>rami%8 €ere =uilt => an*ient vg>ptian8 Šلو£Bم
}xWorrer8 %i% t-e €orr >e8ter%a>Š +وMعم
x T-e €orr €a8 %one => t-e €orrer8 >e8ter%a>Šلو£Bم
Unit ™
9or<d ~en =riends ;<"N
*,')K+L) ءاقدص¬ Œ+Lا3L) ©داqL)
^en frien% ?M1ار!ل0e &ي'( Mare frien%8 R0S'(ا Tوhي zoung people \07p
Clu= -60V ›t-er8 T9رŒ2ا $ree 0V0Bم
Me88age ?ل01/ Eppli*ation c0حتلD gMm $rien%l> -69 \0†Œ
^olite \•£م $orm ./0!ت1ا E%%re88 TاونC
$unn> ‘يرµ F ”رم ±uiet ¼60@ Wate Yي/0Z
•in% œو†C F gPm ±uite 0م '‹ «لا F 0½م0!Z C-eap ¦PŒ/
fa_> لوH" Ia% Gي`‹ v’pen8i3e «ل0•
Kree%> iuq F ƒ0!m Tonig-t ?MPلا Ÿ•@ Car% k/0"
Aoring !م Qoman8 T0م9رلا <i8tor> Yي/0تلا
Ooi8> gŒ0( Marrie% t9`تم Qeligion Gي'لا
Koo% at «b 'Pq Iingle \`Cا Te’t «M(2ا ¦نلا
Aa% at «b ¼6/ Common ij0p $rien%l> œو†C F 6969
Careful ¦ير‹ I-ort for ¬ل /0]تŒا vn3elope œ9رظم
<elpful T90عتم Wear -`ي`C fetter \0†Œ
Veg"<ar MerNs
Conta*t Conta*te% iم (اوتي F ]تي
Complete Complete% !hي
^refer ^referre% 45ي
pa> pa>e% ib'ي
^a> ^ai% ´ pai% ib'ي
\{ (
<ate <ate% Ÿرhي
Qemem=er Qemem=ere% ر"•تي
)t 8oun%8 ea8> X£1 رم2ا 9'7ي -ar%x €orring '£تBم
Ae *areful ¦ير‹ G" ) %on|t min% iV0ما 2 0Vا
Ae8t €i8-e8 k0Pنم2ا gPmا loor for€ar% to iM†تي
$a*e to fa*e ?qول 0£q9
Z>~ortant notes *1اS †ا£U¤1
(Ne good at
(Ne Nad at
<ook =orward to
~re=er ger"nd want to
<ike W5 . ing wo"<d <ike to in= gدk1
en^o: wo"<d ~re=er to
(Ne interested in
donrt >ind
wx Zrd ~re=er to 8ta> at -ome xZ ~re=er 8ta>ing at -ome
}x Z <ook =orward to 8eeing >ou x Z want to 8ee >ou
~x Z r> interested in rea%ing x Zrd <ike to rea%
@NNreWiations †)gاk&|()
Mi8terº Mr ¥0ت1اF'P1 Qoa% º Q% &يرm
Mi88i8 º Mr8 ?q9`تمF+ا'م Wo*torº Wr /وت"6
M8Š .¥0ت1اF.Rارما Mon%a>º Mon GPنU2ا
^reparator> º prep n6ا'Cا Iatur%a>º Iat 7Hلا
fa=orator>º fa= !عم Oo3em=er º Oo3 ر7!bوV
Mat-emati*8 º mat-8 k0PJ0ي/ ^ Š I \0†„لا ?ي0£V ىb œ04Z–?µوحMم
$or e’ample º vŠgŠل0N!لا P71 ىMC ) -a3e gotº )|3e got n'ل
vt*etera º et* .رŒا ىلاFYلا <e -a8 got º-e| 8 got
Itreet º ItŠ ƒ/0p <e -a8 ¾^Š^ º -e|8
\• (
Unit •
Š"r senses
Title TاونC Cir*le .رjا6 …illage ?يرS
Ien8e ?10‹ Weaf ;(اF¨رmا Ialt> sل0(
Iin*e •نم Iign ./0pا Qoug- GuŒ
I*ien*e +وMC fanguage ?aل <orri=le iPظb
Tea*-ing dي/'تلا Alin% ‘P5"Fى!Cا fou% ل0C
Irin .رu7لاF'MBلا Ta8te c9•تي Imoot- £1F;C0V
Tongue T0HMلا Ipell ىB£تي <ar% gM(
Mout- ;5لا Iee nري Wa> ?,يرm
v>e8 GPCا Tou*- d!Mي I-oul%er ‘ت"
$inger8 ie0(ا Imell ;uي Iinger ىنaم
Oo8e ‘Vا <ear i!Hي ^alm 'Pلا ‘"
var8 T¥ا ^art R`q Iurfa*e s†1
T-um= +0£e2ا i7(2ا T-e re8t ىS07لا <ealt- ?ح(
8>8tem +0ظV alt-oug- Gم ;•رل0e *aptain T0†7S
Veg"<ar WerNs
Communi*ate *ommuni*ate% (اوتيF]تي
foor lire foore% lire ?7uي
foor for foore% for GC °ح7ي
)n[ure )n[ure% gP]ي
Wream of Wreame% of \ ;Mحي
Cop> Copie% YHني
Ipell Ipelle% ىB£تي
Tou*- Tou*-e% d!Mي
Z>~ortant notes *1اS †ا£U¤1
Ko %eaf ?ع!1 ',5ي €ent %eaf she *%ص `+hL) *oXص .
Ko =lin% .ر]e ',5ي €ent =lin% T-e %eaf ;]لا T-e %um=
\’ (
Ko €et ت7ي €ent €et T-e =lin% GPbو5h!لا T-e poor
a E e E Z E o E " *X7() š„KbL) -lD •/ ®KˆJ †Iص ©أ ƒ
N E ; E d E =E g E h E ^ E k E ……)د/ ا1 *J›X,hD¯) š„KU -lD •/ ®KˆJ †Iص ©أ
ª: M5 . ing -JKx •/ / *l')IG
wx ¿›¿ i8 ma%e N: tou*- ing t-e top of t-e t-ir%
}x ¿ C¿ i8 ma%e N: u8 ing one -an%Š
wx W-at %oe8 it fell lire y x it feel8‰‰‰‰‰‰
}x W-at %oe8 it 8oun% lirey x it 8oun%8‰‰‰‰‰
~x W-at %oe8 it ta8te lire y x it ta8te8 ‰‰‰‰‰Š
•x W-at %oe8 it loor lire y x it loor8 ‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ
VeWision ?
Tutanr-amen Tوم² YنC kوZ Trea8ure `ن" E%3i*e ?حP]V
Tom= .ر7,م I*ienti8t ;ل0C Marret cو1
I-irt ¦P!S ›ppo8ite dhC Weli*iou8 •ي•ل
I€eet8 -وM‹ E Š M 0½‹07( ^ Š M اR0Hم
Wr> ¹ Wet <ar% ¹ Imoot-
Koo% ¹ Aa% ±uiet ¹ Ooi8>
Aig ¹ 8mall Wangerou8 ¹ Iafe
I-arp ¹ Qoug- v’pen8i3e ¹ C-eap
<ar% €orring ¹ fa_> Qig-t ¹ Wrong
<ot ¹ Col% I€eet ¹ 8alt>
¨ind — =riend<: year;h =or — <ook
\” (
Fantasti; — ni;e Nea"ti="< — ~rett:
?hange into — t"rn into ;o>>"ni;ate — ;onta;t
jet to — arriWe (in/at rest — Nreak
Ve~<: — answer >odern — new
Fa<< — dro~ ~<ant — grow
ywit;h on — t"rn on think — g"ess
ywit;h o== — t"rn o== take o"t — get o"t
\™ (
she ~resent si>~<e ~assiWe •X0pL) €gاw+L) •1‚ Œ4 YI$h+L) *oXص
Z a>
دK%1 YI3%1 is }5}
`+ج YI3%1 are
wx vngli8- 3o€el8 are >ade => to";hing %ifferent finger8Š
}x ¿ C¿ is >ade => "sing our -an%Š
?onne;tors •G)„KL)
ƒ( N"t ¥ @<tho"gh •X&wقاq&1 •X7K64 •XG •GKL ƒ
wx <e *oul%n|t 8ee N"t -e €ent to 8*-oolŠ
}x @<tho"gh -e *oul%n|t 8ee{ -e €ent to 8*-oolŠ
*,صا%L) #)دˆ&') TU¤D ;o>>a 5 Y„() Œ4 •G)KL) ¡Dا- H) •X&,+hL) •XG (
H) دKh+G as soon as 5 •XžJدbL) •XG */gا0+L) „) *Dgا“+L) •/ Kp37 (
~x @s soon as t-e a**i%ent -appene%{ ) p-one% t-e poli*eŠ
•x <e *an|t -ear or 8pearŠ ( or („
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– }Á •
Unit 1
9hat haWe the: Neen doing8 z HI,3%J eS )Pا1
Te8t •n– /07تŒا Wo a -o==> ?ياو@ ‚/0!ي C-e88 LVر†p
Te8t •3– /07تŒا -رBي Captain &يرb dPj/ Iailing /0حe2ا
›ffi*e gتhم .رB‹ C-ina GP]لا ^ra*ti*e gي/'Z
We8r ‚وMBMل gتhم Keograp-> 0Pbارaq ^ra*ti8e \/'تي
Itu%io وي6وت1ا ˜apan T0e0Pلا )n8tru*tion8 k0!PMعZ
T>re ?qا/6 /0mا $ran*e 0HVرb ^ot /0„b R0Vا
T-e ne€8 /07Œ2ا Eu8tralia 0Pلارت1ا va*- "
^ump ?„4م $ree time —ارb S9 ^er8on ¦„p
vnoug- œ0" )ntere8ting &Pp Team &يرb
Itamp8 ieاوm Term «1ا/6 ]b $rom Gم
<i8tor> Yي/0Z Weeren%
€Ip'() *Jا$D *,l/
E=out T®ue
<ang <ung x -ung &Mعي
^ump ^umpe% Y4ي
Colle*t Colle*te% i!Bي
8ail 8aile% ƒارp
Aump up t-e foot=all .رhلا Y5ني pla> for a team&يرb «b gعMي
she ~resent ~er=e;t ;ontin"o"s tens K+&0+L) #ا&L) €gاw+L) •1‚
•1 HI6&J
Z / `+ج haWe
ªeen . 234 . ing
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~³ •
دK%1 has
v’F Eli has Neen pla>ing all morningŠ
ƒ *L)دL) †ا+,6L)
اpJKق ¥ اžJدU Ve;ent<: — in the <ast =ew weeks
eقg . iد1
For iد+L a . iد1
@n .iد1
wx ) -a3e =een 8tu%>ing vngli8- =or =iWe :earsŠ
}x ) -a3e =een €aiting =or an ho"rŠ
#IJ ( yat"rda: ¥ y"nda: m …………
K$v ( Oan"ar: ¥ FeNr"ar: m ………55
*/ا' ( Šr;<o;k
yin;e Rq1 :ester da:
¦ast ……………5
#IJ •1 iK&4 ( >orning ¥ eWening m ……
#اقg) `Gg) •1 °Jgا7 \• m \{ m 1••™ …5
wx )|3e =een 8tu%>ing vngli8- sin;e \1Š
}x I-e -a8 =een €orring sin;e nine or;<o;kŠ
~x ) -a3en|t 8een Eli sin;e :esterda:Š
(sin;e ¥ =or `•
wx ‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠwÁÁ¤ Âx ‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠŠ š
}x ‰‰‰‰‰‰Š Ii’ %a>8 Àx ‰‰‰‰‰‰ ) €a8
~x ‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ We%ne8%a> Áx ‰‰‰‰‰‰
•x ‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ t€o €eer w³x‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠŠa long
¤x ‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ >e8ter%a> wwx ‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠan
šx ‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ la8t €eer w}x ‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠ
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~w •
what ( haWe / has 2/ا4 Neen doing8 Y)•0L)
wx €-at -a3e >ou =een %oing 8in*e morningy
}x <a3e >ou =een pumping up >our foot=ally
K+&01 #ا7 / #ا7 €gاw1 ( sin;e •X0G Œ•ا1 (sin;e
~x <e has Neen ~<a:ing foot=all sin;e -e was a *-il%Š
±“lL) *LاU •/ Y)•0L)
9hat is the weather <ike8
Zt is Wer: hot )دج gاU tD)
Zt is war> u4)د tD)
Zt is ;o<d دgاG tD)
دKL) Zt is s"nn: ±+Q1 tD)
Zt is wind: …صا/ tD)
Zt is ;<o"d: eXo1 tD)
¦etter 9riting
ƒ/0p x ;S/
?ني'م {
?ل9'لا {
Yي/0تلا {
§ear tXL) 2'K+L) E
Thank you for your letter. I am very happy that you want to be
my pen friend
[0%D …JK37 _اlˆL) €I•I1
^lea8e €rite an% tell me more a=out >our8elf an% >our *ountr>Š
Ae8t €i8-e8
]m >ai< writing ŒD„K&6L() دJKpL) *Lا'g *Gا&-
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~} •
Fro> ¡ ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Š«V9رتhل2ا Ÿ'يرe TاونC 9ا 1ر!لا ;1ا
so ¡ ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰Š»Pلا 1ر!لا ;1ا
@No"t ¡‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰?ل01رلا ƒوJوم
Message ¡ ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰‰?ل01رلا
ƒ *,«'() ‡RS TU(
wx <o€ long has Eli Neen in Cairoy
- He has been in Cairo for 5 years.
}x<o€ long -a8 Enn =een in Eu8traliay
- She's been in Australia for 7 yearsŠ
دK%1 has Neen in
Œ4 دIجI1
`+ج haWe Neen in
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~~ •
Unit 11
ya=e at ho>e and at sea KbpL) Œ4„ ¡XpL) Œ4 •1)

8afe Gما %angerou8 رP†Œ tin: — Wer: s>a<< )دج KXoص
€allet ?ظ5حم *oorer o0Bتe F 'Sوم o*topu8 Ãو7†Œا
traffi* /9رم E lone 'P‹9 F Ÿ6ر5!e t-e 8ame a8 Nم 0م0!Z
lig-t ./0pا =lue c/oا t-e €orl% ;ل0علا
tap ./و7( €-ale kو‹ t-e =ea*- tX7لا
=at- +0!حلا ea*- ot-er رŒ2ا 0!£نم " life=oat \/0S
8-opping kا9رتu!لا 8-arr ¨ر,لا ?h!1 ra%io «hM1Xلا
pan R0Vا F ?M‹ 8nare T07عU rea%> 'عتHم
%o€n8tair8 «M5Hلا &e0†لا riller Z0S 8torm ?5(0C
pa*ifi* -60£لا %ea% Pم ro*ret ‡9/0(
o*ean ™Pحم €or8e Rاو1 fire TارPV
€a3e8 tاوما 8urfa*e s†1
*lini* .60PC
%i*tionar> ‚وم0S tangerine8 «51وPلا 8inr Žو‹
re8taurant ;ع†م engineer ‚'ن£م fruit ?£"0b
8pell 8pelle% «B£تي
8pill 8pille% ghHي
*ro88 *ro88e% ر!ي F ر7عي
€eig- €eig-e% T`ي
-urt -urt ;ل¸ي
she ;onditiona<s *XxKQL) *,+hL)
Z= •X0G €gاw1 E wi<< . gدk1 ŒL„() *LاbL)
Z= you st"d: hard E you wi<< ~ass the test.
Œ7() TU( ¡
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~• •
9i<< šI' ŒL) Œ%q7 wonrt — wi<< not
9i<< šI' ŒL) Kk&ˆ7 r<<
Yا+3&') •6+J >ight •1 (دG 2p“&0+L) Œ4 ( wi<< ƒ 23%L) Ÿ„دU Yا+&U ( (
Z= you s~i<< the water E some one >ight =a<< over it.
Making instr";tions †ا+X,37 ءاl/)
#دˆ&0D NeWer ¥ @<wa:s ƒ Œ$qL) „ K1²L *,+hL) Y„أ Œ4 (
x NeWer ~<a: with match.
x @<wa:s Ne careful when you cross the road.
Œ$D NeWer gدk1 or (³„ ………55
K1) @<wa:s gدk1 or (³„ ………55
x NeWer ~<a: with knives or you might cut yourself .
x @<wa:s wash fruit before you eat or you might be ill.
Zrreg"<ar ~<"ra< Pاv `+ج
E man men ل0q/ a rnife rni3e8 GP"0h1
Woman €omen R0HV t-ief t-ie3e8 ¶و]ل
E *-il% *-il%ren ل05mا a toot- teet- T0ن1ا
E per8on people ¶0„p# a foot feet +ا'Sا
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~¤ •
Unit 1\
Fitness E diet and hea<th *bkL) „ eXجKL) „ *XDدpL) *قاX,L)

fitne88 ?PV'7لا ?S0PMلا rea8on g71 energ> ?S0m
fit 0PV'e &j2 3a*uum gتh!ل0e ‘ظني -ealt- ?ح(
%iet hل +0ظV ;Pq/ =uil%er R0نe م0C -ealt-> «ح(
%ie% k0م *ertainl> 'P"0تل0e >ogurt -60eo
%e88ert #ا3lL) د3G I,bL) get fit 0,j2 s7]ي =utter 'eo
%e8ert Rارح( *alorie -/ار‹ رع1 potatoe8 dm0†e
€alr up 'ع]ي *alorie8 kارع1 tomatoe8 ;m0!m
8tair8 ;لXHلا •uantitie8 k0P!" 8ugar رh1
a ta’i «H"0Z lift •n– ibري 8€eet8 -وM‹
inter3ie€ «5ح( /او‹ lift •3– 'ع]م =o%> ;Hq
8tamp ie0m train •n– /0†S ta8te c9•تي
inter3ie€er /90حم train •3– \/'ي 8alt> sMم F sM!م
~"t on weight H‚IL) Œ4 دJ›J
eAer;ise ;<asses †اpJgد&L) CkU
go =or a wa<k ŒQ+&J
No"ght =ood ©K&QJ #ا3x
do eAer;ise †اpJgد&G #I“J
take eAer;ise _gد&J
hea<th: diet Œbص ء)R‹
;ooked =ood ›Sاج #ا3x
do s~orts *•اJg gا+J
diet Œ•)R‹ #ا£qG #›&,J
Wi8*u88 ˆS0ني F e’plain ”رuي F ta8te c9•تي
soo >an: ´ too >";h ا$X4 _I‹K1 KX‹ *جgدL )دج KXž-
m soo >an: . `+ج e') / too >";h دK%1 e') .
1- !ve been watching too much ".#. $-She!s been drinking too many
]A~ressions o= !"antities *X+6L) †)KXp37
M";h KXž- m>ore Kž-) >an: KXž- m >ore Kž-)
دK%1 e') `+ج e')
<itt<e 2X,ق m <ess 2ق) a =ew2X,ق m =ewer 2ق)
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~š •
1- Ali has been eating more fruit recenthy. $- !m only eating a few
%- thinks Salma should eat fewer sweets. &- He should drink less tea.
5- you should use your com'uter more.
question words
ممممممممم ممممم
Who مممم مممم ) مم ) W-o i8 -e y
-e i8 EliŠ
What مممم ممم مممم ) مممم – مم ) W-at i8 t-at y
it i8 a *-airŠ
Which مممممممممم ) مم ) W-i*- 8port %o >ou pla> y
Where مممم ) ممم ) W-ere t-e tea*-er y
-e i8 at 8*-oolŠ
at • ?C01 –
on •+وي –
When ممم in • ?ن1 Ä ]b Ä ر£p –
W-at time >e8ter%a> ´ • la8t ‰‰–
tomorro€ ´ • ne’t ‰Š–
=e*au8e ?M!q T2
a8 ?M!q T2
Why ممممم to ىhل
W-at for in or%er to /']م
for ىhل • ¾ 3Š ¾ ing –
m> { -i8 { -er { it8
Whose مم ممم ممم >our { our { t-eir ?PhM!لا k05(
• |8 F 8| – ?PhM!لا
how ممممم مم مممم ) ممم ) fine .'Pq ?ح]e
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~Â •
€ell ا'Pq
<o€ are >ou y 3er> €ell ا'q 'Pq
=a% ?ÅP1 ?ح]e
How ممممممم مم مممم ) ممم ) by + ( v. + ing مم
ممم )
<o€ %o >ou go to >our 8*-ool y => *arŠ
<o€ *an t-e team €in t-e mat*- y => 8*oring goal8 Š
How much ممممم ممم) ممم مم)
<o€ mu*- %oe8 it *o8t y -o€ mu*- i8 it y
How much مممم مم ممم مم ممم))
<o€ mu*- €ater i8 t-ere in t-e =ottley
How many ممم ممم ) ممم مم + )
<o€ man> 8tu%ent8 are t-ere in t-e *la88y
مم ممممم
How much ?P!" ;" 'عي 2 ;1ا
How many i!q ;1ا 6'C ;"
How often ممم مم
›n*e .'‹ا9 .رم
t€i*e T0Zرم
<o€ man> time8 T-ree time8~ kارم
How good ممممم مم
3er> goo%
<o€ goo% i8 >our vngli8- y =a%
Ten minute8
How long ممم مم T-ree -our8
four %a>8
<o€ long %oe8 it tare from Cairo to Ele’y T€o mont-8
<o€ long -a3e >ou =een in vg>pt y $i3e >ear8
How long ممم مم
<o€ long i8 t-e 8ti*r y it|8 one metre Š
How heavy ممم مم
<o€ -ea3> i8 t-e =o’y $i3e rilogram8Š
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~À •
How wide ممممم مم
<o€ €i%e i8 *ar y t€o metre8 €i%e Š
How high مممممم مم
<o€ -ig- i8 *ary wŠ¤ metre -ig-Š
noوb 'PHلا F # ./ا6ا bو19رhم T9ارhلا gتhم 6ا'Cا Tvf ¡ ³w³š•ÀwwÁ} 'BH!لا +0ما œوV0†p ?@وe
– ~Á •

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