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Good Hygiene Practices in abattoir

Good Hygiene Practices in abattoir


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Good Hygiene Practices in abattoir
Good Hygiene Practices in abattoir

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Published by: khaled on Jun 22, 2008
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Good Hygiene practices )GHP )
Good Manufacturing Practices )GMP( in slaughterhouse
ةيساسلا ا!"#$%&ا
'ا()*ا 'ا+ي,&ا $-ا.,&ا
• يرودلا صحفلا
• ميعطتلا
• بيردتلا
• ( ,تامامك , تازافق , ةيذحأ ) ةيقا¸لا ¸-`ملا
012%&ا 3&4 ا)ا+ي,&ا 5ي6$#
• (تاف-ا¸م) .--لا ة¹ي~و
• ¸¸ف-
• »اح~ز`ا
• ة-¸+تلا
• ة·ا~ملا
• -¹علا /-املا ص--
• ( ¸ف~لا _مح) ¸ا¸م`ا ¸ع-
ا)ا+ي,&ا 789س* :;ا9%< ا=>ا+%? $-ا.6 $ي@+#
• ةحا~ملا
• ة-¸+تلا
• --ا-`ا
• ة·ا=-لا
• -املا و -¹علا ¸ي·¸-
( GHP )
ة<Aا2&ا ا)ا+ي,&ا 5B!C#
• (¸معلا , ةل`~لا) تا=¸م=م ¸· تا-ا¸يحلا .¸= ¸~حت~ي
• .ي=~تلا و ميق¸تلا
• -املا / -¹علا ¸ي·¸-
• ةماتلا ةحا¸لا
DيE$9&ا F 5يG(9&ا
• رد-ملا
• _¸-لا
• ةل`~لا
• ¸-=لا
• ¸معلا
$-ا.,&ا Dي%1#
• - -~و¸م Crush gate
• ¸`=`ا و _تفلا ة¹+~ -ا¸-'- -~و¸م
• -ي¸-تلا -دي=
• --ا-`ا و ة-¸+تلا -دي=
H?I&ا 5JE
• ~ا+=`ا ب-=-
• -¸~لا -ايم ¸ي·¸-
• -¹علا ميد-- _-م
• ةحا¸لا
( GHP )
GHP/ all practices regarding the conditions and measures necessary to ensure the
saIety and suitability oI Iood at all stages oI the Iood chain
GMP/ describe the requirements Ior hygienic design and construction oI slaughter
premises and equipment .
In short this means hygienic rules translated to instructions and procedures Ior
employees and machinery
KKLPs/ describes how GHP is to be achieved
I.e. minimizing microbial, chemical and physical contamination .
Mairages/ The principal Iunction oI the lairage is to provide a reservoir oI animals
Ior the slaughter line. For the purposes oI Iood saIety, and on animal welIare
grounds, Iacilities must be available Ior the isolation and removal oI any animals
showing signs oI illness .
Pressurized water is preIerred to wash animal's prior slaughter
• Animals must be adequately rested beIore slaughter Ior 12hrs .
• Food should be withheld 12hrs beIore slaughter .
• Anti-mortem inspection must be diligently carried out to detect sick
animals. Many diseases is oIten more easy to detect during Am rather than
• Appropriate protective clothing should be worn and replaced each day or
when heavily soiled
• Hands and arms should be washed and knives and equipments regularly
• Workers should not move Irom dirty to clean areas .
• Slaughtering should be done in tables or in hanging rail (in case oI poultry)
to reduce contamination by regurgitation
GHP for Klaughtering
The slaughtering kniIe should be cleaned and sterilized between each carcass at
82°C .
The head should be removed and aIter skinning washed separately Irom the
carcass .
Tonsils should be removed cleanly as they are heavily contaminated with
pathogenic bacteria .
The slaughter and dressing operation provides many opportunities Ior contamination
oI the carcass with pathogenic bacteria which are not detectable at post-mortem
inspection. Good manuIacturing practices (GMP) can be Iocused on limiting this
spread and, likewise, the establishment oI control points at speciIic stages during
slaughter and dressing .
GHP for sNinning
• Prevent contact or dirt Ilicking Irom Ieed parts oI the hide and meat
surIace .
( GHP )
• Prevent contamination oI the carcass with dirty hooks, knives and
protective clothes .
• AIter the initial cut through the skin, sterilize the kniIe in water at 82°c and
then make all other cuts Irom the inside out .
• Do not create aerosols during mechanical hide-pulling .
• No hair or skin pieces should be leIt on the skinned carcass .
• No excess blood should appear on the skin oI the carcass .
• All staII must be adequately trained in good hygienic practice (GHP) and
• Be provided with proper working instructions .
• During dressing the oesophagus oI cattle and sheep should be sealed to
prevent leakage oI ruminal contents .
• In sheep this can be achieved by tying the
•esophagus in a knot while in cattle a technique termed €•oding‚ may be used
To Iree the oesophagus Irom the trachea and diaphragm and to position a rubber ring
or plastic clip on the
•esophagus close to the diaphragm .
• Similarly, it is
• recommended that a plastic bag is used to seal oII the rectum aIter
loosening ƒ
• This is sometimes reIerred to as €bagging .€
• •emoval oI hides or Ileece should be
• carried out so that contact between the outside oI the skin and the carcass
is avoided while hands and equipment that touch the outside oI the skin
should not
• Come into contact with the underlying carcass meat .
GHP for eOisceration
• Do not puncture the viscera (alimentary tract), uterus, urinary bladder and
gall bladder during separation cuts .
• Prevent contact oI viscera with Iloors, walls or stands .
• •egularly wash hands/aprons and sterilize knives, especially aIter any
possible contamination has occurred .
• IdentiIy/correlate viscera with the related carcasses
• Careless evisceration must be avoided to prevent contamination oI the
carcass with gut contents .
• During post-mortem meat inspection, palpation and incision oI lymph
nodes, inIected tissues or tissues with abnormalities can give rise to cross
contamination. Incision should be avoided where possible, and palpation
oI organs should be minimal .
• Presence oI veterinary certiIicates, availability oI adequate health status
inIormation about animal's source and history, application oI animal
identiIication „traceability system) will help to minimize invasive
inspection methods .

( GHP )
• Carcass splitting saws should be sterilized between each carcass .
• Proper cleaning and sanitation oI the slaughter Iloor and equipment should
occur daily and Irequently during the day to reduce contamination Irom
these sources. And it should be done under skillIul and Iirm supervision .
• Sanitary Standard operation procedures (SS•Ps) Ior cleaning and
sanitation oI all parts oI the plant should be in-place and well-
implemented .
• Premises should be designed and maintained in a hygienic state .
• †nives must be Irequently sterilized and cleaned particularly between
carcasses and between skin opening and Iurther Ilaying .
• Scabbards using should discouraged, much hygienic alternative should be
• Carcasses should not be washed to remove accidental contamination but
must be trimmed instead .
• The surIace temp. •I carcasses must be reduced to below ‡ˆC in as short
time as possible to limit the growth oI microorganisms and may
accidentally contaminate the carcass .
GHP for refrigeration
• Move the carcasses into the cooler as soon as possible to speed up the
surIace drying and hinder bacterial growth .
• †eep carcasses on rails and without touching Iloors/walls and other
carcasses to prevent cross-contamination .
• Do not overload the cooler .
• Ad‰ust the cooling rŠgime optimally in terms oI air temp., speed and
relative humidity, to achieve rapid reIrigeration to a deep muscle temp. •I
‹-‡°C with no condensation or weight loss .
• Do not open the cooler doors either unnecessary or Irequently to avoid
temp. Fluctuations .
• It is oI extreme necessity that adequate lightening should be maintained
inside the cooling rooms
†eeping carcasses spaced to allow surIace drying limits growth oI microorganisms .
Podent and pest control
( GHP )
• Adequate rodent and pest control must be occurring to prevent salmonella
contamination oI meat and handling equipment Irom these sources .
Qaste disposal
• There shall be Iacilities provided Ior the storage oI all waste types prior to
its removal .
• This area should be properly drained Ior any run-oII that may occur .
• It should be located away Irom the production area .
• Containers Ior waste material shall be clearly identiIied, leak prooI and
Iitted with covers .
Sasic training in hygiene
a . Nature and how it aIIects .
b . Hygiene practices .
c . •egulations and procedures oI meat plant .
d . Health requirements oI personnel .
These can be Iully explained in booklet given to new employees in which nature oI,
viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Along with occupational hazards .
•n the ‰ob training• can deal with
1 . Žse oI equipments and their sterilization .
2 . Protective clothing .
3 . Accedents, use oI dressing and Iirst-aid .
… . •isit to the lab will be oI great value .
• •n-going training programs• are concerned with Iurthering awareness
about hygiene practices by way oI posters, lectures, personal approached .

( GHP )
TU-ا+@F V<8س*ا H?I&ا ةي%WX
0>ا2%&ا V@ H?IY& Z[@U# \اJسX :$]^
1 . ةيم`~`ا ةي=¸~لا ة-ي¸طلا _¹= م- دق _-ذلا •أ ¸م دك'تلا -
2 . ي¸طي‘لا بي‘طلا ’ا¸“” •ح- م- دق _-ذلا •أ ¸م دك'تلا -
3 . ¸م~–ا »اد—ت~`ل ةحلا- ˜تحي-™ •أ ¸م دك'تلا -
… . ة‘~ا-م ةيح- ’و¸š ¸· _-ا-ذلا _م .ماعتلا •أ ¸م دك'تلا -
Œ . ة¹-ت-ملا و ةيرا~لا ¸ا¸م`ا ¸م ¸ي¹ماعلا ¸¹› ¸م دك'تلا -
‹ .ةمي¹~لا ةيح-لا ¸¸طلا- _-ا-ذلا تاف¹—م ¸م ص¹—تلا- ةœي‘لا ةح- _¹= ة=·احملا -
‡ . _-ذلا تاف¹—م ¸م -~افت~•ا- ¸-ž¸لا ~ا-تق•ا _¹= ة=·احملا ¸· ةمŸا~ملا -
8 . •ا~-`ا _ل” •ا¸يحلا ¸م ةك¸ت~ملا ¸ا¸م`ا .ا-ت-ا _-م -
9 . ةمي¹~ و ةفي=- _-ذلا ةي¹م= ¸· ةمد—ت~ملا تاو~`ا _يم= •أ ¸م دك'تلا -
10 .¸~لا -¸ي·- ةي¹حملا ¸“ا¸ملا -ا-” _-™ _-م- ةي-ا¸يحلا -و¸`لا _¹= =افحلا -

.-`ا اد= ام ةي“ام¹ل ة‘~-لا- _-ذلا· , •ا¸يحلا ¸ح- وأ _-™ ¸-ع- ¸+· ةي=¸~لا •ا¸يحلا -اك¸- ةيم`~`ا ¸يدلا متŸا
-¸-‘لا} ' -¸-- ا¸ح-ذ- •أ مك¸م'ي -ا •” ¨ • _لاع- ·ل¸-ل ‹‡ ¸م _-ذلا •¸´ي •أ ب=يو. ة‘ق¸لا ¸Ÿ _-ذلا .حم و ¦
. ¸+=لا ة+= اف-لا ¸م • رد-لا ة+= »ام`ا
. ةع-ر`ا -ذŸ ¸م ة```· رذع- •ا· -ي¸ملاو »¸-¹حلاو •ا= ~¸لا ¸Ÿ ¸و¸= ةع-رأ _-ذلا د-= _ط-ي •أ _-اذلا _¹=
. _-ذلا د-= ةحي-ذلا ¸أر .-· ز¸=ي •و بحت~م ¸ي= _—-لا
ة+= ¸· -¸=-حلا _-‘- •أ ب=يو _و¸لا _و¸› دع- ز¸=-و ( ةع--لا) -¸“ا‘م _-ذلا دع- ة‘ق¸لا _¹—- •أ ¸·‘-ي •
. ¸أ¸لا
ةحي-ذلا .ح- مل ادم= _-اذلا ا+ك¸- •ا· (¸‘كأ -او -ا م~- ) •ا¸يح .ك _-™ د-= ةيم~تلا =¸ت~-
. _و¸لا »ام- .‘ق _¹~لا- -د‘لا ز¸=ي •
¸·‘-ي ر¸´تي •أ ¸·‘-يو ·-ي´~ _-اذلا _·¸ي •أ .‘ق _-ذلا متي •أ يأ دحاو ر¸· ¸· _-ذلا •¸´ي •أ
_-™ د-= ا+ع·رو ديلا _-و .•ا¸يحلا
. ·¹كأ »¸ح .-`لا- •¹تق •ا· ا+¹-`- .ت-- • اح¸= _¸=- -~اح ¸ي´~- _-ذلا متي
( ة-فلاو بŸذلا •”) •دعملا ¸م _-ذلا ةل' _---
د-= ايح •ا¸يحلا •¸´ي •أو ¸يم¹~ملا د-= ·¹كأ ز¸=ي امم •ا¸يحلا •¸´ي •أ ةحي-ذلا- =¸ت~ي
. -¸-ت~م ةلاح ¸·و _-ذلا
··ل -اتك • ¸مو ¸~¸=ملاو ¸-`¸لاو د-¸ملا ةحي-™ ز¸=ي `· م¹~م •¸´ي •أ _-اذلا ¸· =¸ت~ي
¸م`~`ا ,¸لا ¸‘ل _م _-ذلا- ةم¹~ملا »¸-- •أ ¸م _-ام •و .قا= _لا- •¸´ي •أ _-اذلا- =¸ت~ي
¸يم¹~ملا د-= ة¹كأ .حي • تا-ا¸يح ,ا وأ ¸يزا-› ·ي¹= _-ذ- • _ات-” =› _¹= _-ذلا •¸´ي •أ ب=ي
·محل »¸· وأ ¸ي¸-—لا _-™ ¸· .معت~- تاو~أ »اد—ت~ا ز¸=ي •و
تاراي~ ¸· .---و ¸يزا-—لا ا+- =فح- • ة-ا› تا~ا¸- ¸· -ديم=- وأ -دي¸‘- ~ا¸ملا مح¹لا =فحي
.ا+تط~ا¸- ¸يزا-—لا .-- متي ¸تلا ¸ي=
اJ,9(<F _Cس •
.‘ق •ا¸يحلا ¸¹= -املا ¸¸عي .¸›أ »امأ •ا¸يح _-ذي •و ·ح-™

( GHP )
. ةيف¹—لا ,¸~يلا ةم-ا-لا ةل¸-عم · .-`ل ¸ح-لا
_-ميلا .=¸لا اد=ام ·م-ا¸ق -~ود~م ¸~ي`ا ب-=لا ¸¹= ¸-‘لاو م-·لا _=-ي
¸أر ˜~ميو ¸يميلا- ¸ي´~لا _-اذلا ذ›'يو ا+´ي¸حت- •ا¸يحلا _ي¸ت~يل ةيمام`ا
_ل” •ا¸يحلا ة‘قر ·=¸- و _-ذلا ةلاح •ا¸يحلا -¸ط-ي `œل را~يلا- •ا¸يحلا
¸-~لا -ذ+- .`›`ا •أ ¸´م' •” ة¹‘-لا ¸ل” ·+=¸- _-اذلا ·=¸تي ˜لذكو ة¹‘-لا
. ةم¸حلا ¸ل” .حلا ¸م ةحي-ذلا _¸—ي • تا‘حت~ملاو
`/ D(GY& ةJ(C&ا? ;اab 5c 3Y^ اaY1=) V^$]&ا H?I&ا U-ا+=& dا,يe+#F
1 /fgFU&ا ;اaG&ا `
¸يد= ~¸لا _طق Jugular veins ة‘ق¸لا- •ا¸مي •ا¸يحلا م~= ¸· ¸ييحط~ ¸يديرو ¸‘كأ امŸ •ا= ~¸لا و •
``م· ¸´مم •قو .قأ ¸· -امدلا ¸م ة-´مم ةيمك ¸‘كأ ’¸- _ل” ي~¸ي _-ذلا ةي¹م= -ا-`أ ام+عطقو
_ل” »دلا ةيمك .-- را--`ا • 9 - 10 _····ل” -ام~`ا ةي¹م= ¸¸·ت~-و م=ك ‹ 8 ¸· ام-ي- ¸-اق~
¸م »دلا ةيمك .-- »ا-=`ا 1 2.Œ ¸م -ام~`ا ةي¹م= ¸¸·ت~-و م=ك 3 Œ ¸‘تعيو . ¸-اق~
ة-يقدلا تا--ا´لا و تا-و¸´يملا ¸`ا´تل =~و .-·أ ·-أ -يح ةيمŸ`ا _لا- ا¸مأ »دلا ¸م ص¹—تلا
. ¸+=م¹ل ~ا~·” و مح¹لا- _-‘- ¸م ·‘‘~ي ام _¹= -و`=
¸-ا‘~لا _طق carotid arteries ·عطقو ةي¹›ادلا ةيحا-لا ¸م ¸يد= ~¸لا- -¸“ا‘م .-تم ¸Ÿو •
ةقا=”و -ا·¸لا ة=¸~ _ل” م` ¸مو , ةيمام`ا ’ا¸ž`ا _ل”و _ملا _ل” »دلا .¸-و »د= ¸· ب‘~تي
. ا+يل” »دلا .¸-و »د= ب‘~- _ملا ¸· ةي¸ك¸ملا مل`ا- ¸ا~ح`ا ¸كا¸م
h /V(=C9&ا ;اaG&ا `
ايوا~م •¸´ي ة-¸لا .›ا~ -ا¸+لا =·- •` , ة-¸لا _ل” -ا¸+لا .¸-و »د= _ل” _-ذلا- ةي-ا¸+لا ة‘--لا _طق ي~¸ي
م~=لا _ل” .-ي • ¸ي=~ك`ا ¸´لو --`ا ¸م ¸ف-تلا •ا¸يحلا .واحي -ا-``ا -ذŸ ¸·و , ¸=را—لا -ا¸+لا =·-ل
. -ا·¸لا ة=¸~ _¹= ˜ل™ د=ا~ي·
i /V%ja&ا ;اaG&ا `
-ي¸ملا ¸‘= ةي-ا¸+لا ة‘--لا _ل” ا+=ا=-را ¸م •د- _را—لا _ل” -دعملا تازا¸·” .و¸- _ل” -ي¸ملا _طق ي~¸ي
. _-ذلا »د= ةلاح ¸· ¸عي‘ž .ع· ~¸ك
k /VYj[&ا ;اaG&ا `
¸ل” ت`-علا ¸م »دلا _·دي امم _-ذلا دع- ¸-اق~ -دعل .معلا ¸· ت`-علا ¸ا‘--ا ¸مت~-
_را› ¸ل” ( ت¸ملا تا-¹--) ¸ي=¸ط-ملا ¸يد= ~¸لا ¸ل” م` ¸مو ةي~ا~`ا »دلا ةي=وأ ¸ل” ةي=¸فلا »دلا ةي=و`ا
. م~=لا
( GHP )
l /VJ1[&ا ;اaG&ا `
_امدلا ¸· مل`ا- ر¸ع~لا ¸كا¸م ˜لذكو _ملا ¸ل” »دلا -ق¸- ¸ل” ي~¸ي ¸-ا‘~لا _طق •”
m / H?IY& ةي(=C&ا U-ا+=&ا `
•أ .‘ق ·~ف- •ا~-`ا ديف- _Ÿو ·~ف- _-ذلا ة-ي¸ž ¸= ةيمŸأ .-- • ةمي== ,¸›أ ميق ¸ف—ي ¸م`~`ا _-ذلا •”
ا™'· _“ .ك _¹= •ا~ح`ا بتك -ا •” ¨ ·ل¸ق ¸· ةمي-لا -ذŸ ¸ل” م¹~و ·ي¹= -ا ¸¹- .¸~¸لا را“'· ·تحي-™ ديف-
يذم¸تلاو ~وا~ ¸-أو م¹~م -اور · ·تحي-™ _¸يلو ·-¸ف“ مكدحأ دحيلو _-ذلا ا¸-~ح'· متح-™ ا™”و ة¹ت-لا ا¸-~ح'· مت¹تق
. ·=ام ¸-او ¸-ا~-لاو
وأ .ت-لا -¸ي¸·ل -را`”و -¸~ق ¸م ةيفžا= تا~ا´ع-ا وأ ةي~ف- تا¸ي`'- يأ ¸ف-- ةيم`~`ا ةعي¸~لا ميلاع- _ا‘-أ •”
`- -~ا= _ل” ب¹-ت- •أ ¸·‘-ي ¸تلا -~ا‘علا ةيرا¸مت~ا- ·~ا~ح” ¸م-- •امأ تامام-- •ا~-`ا =يح-و -~ايت=ا _تح
-ارو _ا·د-•ا ¸م •ا~-`ا =فح- ,¸›أ تامام- ¸د-تلا ةي-¸·و -ا ¸ك™و •امأ »ام- ةي-لا را-حت~ا· , _ور
·=¸- ¸تلا تايدحتلا »امأ •‘`يلو ةيا=رو ·ي=¸- ¸م ·ل -ا -•وأ ام- م¹~م .ك ¸—تفيلو .ا+ل •ا-علا =¸-و -¸-ا¸=
. ·تحي-™ _-ذي ¸Ÿو _تح ·-دي-=
H?I&ا 5JE V^+&ا 'اU2=& ةnBU,&ا o$p&ا
 _يودتلا stunning • ¸يت-ي¸ž ¸= ˜ل™و
 ~~¸تم راي- .امعت~ا- ˜ل™و .=ر`او ¸أ¸لا وأ ¸أ¸لا ¸¹= »د—ت~ي ام ¸Ÿو• ¸-ا-¸+´لا ¸ع-لا -ا
-¸ق تا™ Œ0 .ا= •ل¸· -¸قو ¸-¸Ÿ ¸¹يك 300 -دمل •ل¸· 2 - 3 ¸ف—-م •ل¸· وأ ةي-ا` ‡Œ •ل¸·
-دمل ‡ ¸¸-تيو ة-`-- ~دم- م` ’ا¸ž`ا ¸-`-ت· •ا¸يح¹ل _ي¸~لا -ا¸ط-•ا -دحي -يح ةي-ا`
¸· .Ÿ¸- م` ة~=رو -ديد“ ةي¹-= تا-¹-- -دح- م` .ف~أ ¸ل” ¸يعلا ة¹-م رود-و ي¸-فلا ~¸معلا
ةلاحلا -ذŸ ¸مت~-و ت`-علا 2Œ .¸ح- ¸م _ا¸~`او _-ذلا .‘ق ~ا+=`ا .ي¹-- ¸Ÿ ·-ا¸يممو ةي-ا`
,¸ت~م =¸‘Ÿو ˜يتك`لا ¸مح _ات-”و ¸ي=¸´¹ي= ph ¸م .¹--و cold shortening -¸ي=و
ة-ي¸طلا -ذŸ belt burn . د¹=لا ¸و¸ح
 ة‘~-- •¸-¸´لا دي~كأ ¸-ا` »اد—ت~ا -- ‹0 - ‡0 -دملو -ا¸+لا ¸م° …Œ -دحي ام ¸Ÿو• ةي-ا`
يوا-ي- ¸ف- .امعت~ا- oval tunnel دع-م »اد—ت~ا وأ dip liIt ( -دي-م) ة¹== .امعت~ا وأ
-راو~ ةيديدح Ferris wheel ة-¸ع- -دحي م` صقا-تي م` ¸ف-تلا ة=¸~- ¸=¸لا •اد-· أد‘يو
ةي¹معلا -ذŸ ¸¸·ت~-و ت`-علا ¸· ديد“ .Ÿ¸-و ¸يعلا ¸· تا¸`¸م¹ل ة-ا=ت~•ا -اي=و ¸ف-تلا 2‹
¸· ةيا+-لا ¸· ب¹-لا -ق¸-و ( ¸ا-ت›•ا) د¹=لا ةقرزو -ام~`ا ة¹قو ديد~لا _اي+لا ا+-¸ي=و.ةي-ا`
,¸ت~م =¸‘Ÿ ¸Ÿ ا+-ا¸يمم امأ ~دحملا •ق¸لا ¸= -~اي¸لا ةلاح ph دع- ·ي=¸ل •ا¸يحلا _¸=رو 90
 / 3&ا[# qاE و -™¸ق¸ملا و ة--—ملاو ·- -ا ¸ي·ل .Ÿأ امو ¸ي¸-—لا محلو »دلاو ةتيملا م´ي¹= •م¸ح
. مي=علا -ا ¸د- ·· متيك™ ام •” _‘~لا .كأ ام و ةحيط-لا و ةي~¸تملا
( GHP )
r&ا(%&ا V@ ة<Us9(%&ا ا$ap%&اF ا=.C%&ا
.ة+ي¸´لا ~ا¸ملاو ة-¸-`او تارو™ا-لاو •¸Ÿدلا ةلاز” ¸¹= .مع- ¸تلا ~ا¸ملا ¸Ÿ•-=-ملا -ي¸ع-
-• ¸Ÿ .اعفلا -=-ملا تا¸يمم
1 ( ةي-املا _-‘لا) -ي=-تلا دع- را`' يأ =¸تي • ·-أ امك ¸~علا -املا ةلاز” ¸¹= ·-ردقو -املا ¸· •ا-وذلا ةل¸+~ -
2 ة-¹عم -ر¸- ¸· ا+¹ع=و _ط~`ا ¸م ة-¸-`ا ةلاز” ¸¹= -رد-لا-
3 ةي-Ÿدلا ~ا¸ملا -`حت~ا ¸¹= -رد-لا -
… _-او¸لا ¸م ¸لا›و »ا~ ¸ي= -
Œ .امعلا ¸¹= ¸`¸ي •و ت•–او ةي-دعملا _ط~`ا- .ك'- يأ ب‘~ي •-
‹ -يع- ي¸¹ق وأ ¸ماح =~¸لا -ا-- ¸ي¸ž ¸= ¸في=-تلأ -¸`أ ب-ا=- ة-يقدلا -ايح`ا ¸¹= ¸طي‘`- ¸`أ ·ل-
‡ ةيلا= -ط“ -ردق تا™و ,¸›`ا تاف=-ملا- =ا‘-ر•ا ¸¹= -رد-لا-
8 ( -¹´م ¸ي=) ي~ا-تقا-
9 ةœي‘¹ل -¸¹- يأ ب‘~ي • -
 / V&4 ا=.C%&ا tا+)X D(2C#F
 ةيعي‘ž تاف=-م -أ ¸= -ايملا =·- .-ي • -يح- -املاك • 1… _-¸م ¸تميت-~ .´ل ¸‘-ز مم
• -ي=-تلا ¸· »د—ت~ملا -املا =و¸“و
1 ةف=-ملا -~املا ة-ا™” ¸¹= -رد-لا ·ل -
2 • ·-أ امك -¸=¸لا _ات-` تاف=-ملا ¸م -¸ي‘ك تايمك ¸ل” _اتحي ¸~علا -املا •” -يح ¸~= ¸يلو ¸~ي -ام -
ةي-املا _-‘لا ب‘~ي water spots .ر¸~ق •¸´- ا+مكا¸ت-و
3 _--لاو .`-`ا ¸¹= -رد-لا ·ل - wetting and soaking
. ¸حط~لا ¸-¸تلا -¸-ل ˜ل™و ةيتي¸لا ةعي‘طلا تا™ تارو™ا-لاو _ا~و`ا تاي-¸=ل -¸ي~´- ة¹ق •·-¸ي=
ةي=ا--لا تاف=-ملا -- •ةيلاتلا _ا¸-`ا .م~-و•
¸حط~ =ا~- تا™ تاف=-م -* surIace active detergent •ا+-ا¸يممو
1 ا+ت-ا™”و ةي-Ÿدلا ب-ا¸~لا ةلاز” ¸¹= -رد-لا-
2 ,¸›`ا تاف=-ملا _م _ا¸تم•ا ¸¹= -رد-لا-
3 _--لاو .`-`ا ¸¹= -رد-لا -
… ب¹حت~م -ر¸- ¸· ا+¹ع=و •¸Ÿدلا •يتف- -
-ا ةي-¸ي`ا تاف=-ملا anionic detergent ¸· .›ديو ةي-¸-ا-لا تاف=-ملا .`م ة‘لا~ ةي-ا-¸+ك تا-¸يأ _ت--و•
ا~¸-لاو ةي-ا‘-لا وأ ةي-ا¸يحلا ت¸ي¸لا ا+‘يك¸-
ةي-¸ي-ا´لا تاف=-ملا -- cationic detergent ا+-ردق ¸´ل -¸ي·و -¸=ر تا™و ة‘=¸م ةي-ا-¸+ك تا-¸يأ _ت--و •
. ةفيع-
ة-ي'تم ¸ي= تاف=-م-_ non ionic detergent ¸ي= ا+-´لو -¸ي·و -¸=ر تا™و ةي-ا-¸+ك تا-¸يأ يأ _ت-- • •
ةي-¸ي-اكو ةي-¸يأ .مع- تاف=-م -~ دحاو •' ¸· amphylic group
¸يك¸- ¸¹= دمتع-و , ph .ةيذ=`ا ةح- .ا=م ¸· »د—ت~- •و =~¸لا ¸·
ةي¸¹ق تاف=-م -** alkaline detergent ا+-ا¸يممو •
1 •¸Ÿدلاو ب-ا¸~لا ة-ا™” ¸¹= -رد-لا-
2 •~اعملا _م .ك'- ا+-¸ي=و •¸-ا-لا _`مأ •¸´- •¸Ÿدلا _م ا+¹=اف- د-=-
( GHP )
»¸ي~¸-لا تا-¸-¸كو »¸ي~¸-لا دي~كورديŸ ة¹`مأ
ةي-محلا تاف=-ملا-*** •ا+ت¹`مأ ¸مو ¸-ا+-لا -ط~لا تاي¹م= ¸· ةيذ=`ا _-ا-م ¸· »د—ت~- -~ا=و •
1 .امعلا يديأ ¸¹= ¸`¸يو ت•–ا- .ك'- -دحي ·-¸ي=و ˜ير¸¹كوردي+لا ¸مح ا+-مو ةي-دعملا ¸امح`ا-
2 ا+-مو ةي¸-علا ¸امح`ا- gluonic ,tartaric , citric acids
تا¸+طملا sanitizers or disinIectants
يذلا ي¸ت~ملا ¸ل” -اذ·لا- ةطيحملا ةœي‘لا ¸· ة-يقدلا ةيحلا تا--ا´لا ~اد=أ ¸ف—- »¸-- ¸تلا -~املا •¸+طملا -ي¸ع-
.ا+تيح`-و ةيذ=`ا ةم`~- ¸-ي •
•¸Ÿ دي=لا ¸+طملا تاžا¸ت“او
1 . بلاحطلاو تاي¸طفلاو _ا¸-`او تا~و¸يفلاو اي¸يت´‘لا .`م ةف¹ت—ملا ة-يقدلا -ايح`ا -~ا-”و .تق-
2 ةف=-ملا ~ا¸ملا ايا--و ¸~علا -املاو ةي¸-علا ~ا¸ملا د=ا¸- د-= .اع· •¸´يو ةف¹ت—ملا ةيœي‘لا ’و¸=لا »وا-ي-
3 ¸-ي=وردي+لا ¸`ا ¸م ة-يا‘تملا تا¸يك¸تلاو ةف¹ت—ملا -را¸حلا تا=ر~ »وا-ي-
… .•اž¸~¹ل ب‘~م ¸ي=و ةي~ا~ح¹ل ب‘~م ¸ي=و »ا~ ¸ي=-
Œ ةيفي=-تلا ¸ا¸—لا ¸ع- ·ل •¸´- دقو ةح-ار يأ =¸تي •و -املا ¸· -وذي-
‹ ةفف—م -ر¸-- »د—ت~يو ¸لاعلا ¸يك¸تلا ¸· •-ا`-
‡ »اد—ت~•ا .+~و -¹´م ¸ي=و ي~ا-تقا-
/ا$ap%&ا tا+)X
1 - ةيرا¸ح تا¸+طم ¸ل” -را¸حلا ة=ر~ .-- يذلا ¸›ا~لا -املاك• 82 .-املا را—- ˜لذكو ةي¸œم ة=ر~
¸م ¸¹=أ) ¸~علا -املا »اد—ت~ا د-= ة-ا›و _ط~`ا ¸¹= ةي-ام _--و ر¸~ق •¸´-• ·-¸ي= ‹0 ( ¸تل .´ل م=م
2 ةي=اع“” تا¸+طم - تايف~ت~ملاو .ماعملا ¸· ¸¸طلا -ذŸ »د—ت~- ا‘لا=و اما= ةع“أ-ةي=~ف-- ¸¸فلا ةع“'ك•
-¸~لا -ايم _-ا-مو
3 ةي-ايميك تا¸+طم- ةي-و ر¸¹´لا تا‘ك¸ملا -أ • chlorine compounds ¸· ز¸ك¸¹=لا -د~كأ =ي‘`- ا+-ا¸يممو
•ا+ت¹`مأو تارديŸ¸-¸´¹ل ¸ي`ا تاي¹م= -قوو ةي¸يت´‘لا ةي¹—لا
.-ا~لا ر¸¹´لا-* liquid chlorine
»¸ي~¸-لا •ير¸¹ك¸‘يŸ-* sodium hypo chlorite
ي¸-= ¸ي·لا ¸يما ر¸¹´لا-* inorganic chloramines
ي¸-علا ¸يما ر¸¹´لا و ر¸¹´لا دي~كأ ¸-ا`-* chlorine dioxide and organic chloramines
ةي-دعملا _ط~`ا ¸· .ك'- •·-¸ي=و
»¸ي~¸-لا •ير¸¹ك¸‘يŸ• ·ماد—ت~ا 2Œ0 ر¸¹´لا تادعملا ¸ي+ط- ¸· •¸ي¹ملا ¸· -¸= 100 ¸· •¸ي¹ملا ¸· -¸=
_-ا-ذلا .ي~=
ةي=ا-¸لا »¸ي-¸م`ا تا‘ك¸م -- quaternary ammonium compounds
 •و ة‘=¸ملا اي¸يت´‘لا ¸¹= ¸طي‘`- ¸`أ ا+لو -ي=-تلا ¸· دي= ¸`أ تا™ ة-ح~لا ةي-¸ي-اك• ·-ا¸يمم
,¸›`ا تاف=-ملا _م =‘-¸-
¸يك¸ت- »د—ت~- •ا+ماد—ت~ا Œ00 1000 .•¸ي¹ملا ¸· -¸=
. ¸م`لا ةيلا=و ¸~علا -املا ~¸=و ¸· ا+ل¸عفم .-يو ةي-دعملا _ط~`ا ¸· .ك'- • ا+-¸ي=
¸ي·لا د=ا¸-لاو ˜ير¸‘لا ¸مح ˜ير¸¹كوردي+لا ¸مح .`م ¸امح`ا • ةي¸-= ¸ي·لا د=ا¸قو ¸امح`ا -_
. »¸ي~¸-لا تا-¸-¸ك »¸ي~¸-لا دي~كورديŸ .`م ةي¸-=
ةي¸ي-¸فم`ا تا‘ك¸ملا -_ amphoteric compounds وأ تاف=-ملا ¸م تا‘ك¸ملا _م دحت- ا+-ا¸يمم•
. ¸~علا -املا- ¸`'ت- •و تا¸+طملا
¸ييات-‘لا ةي-يم`ا ¸امح`ا • ا+ت¹`مأ betains .
ةي·`·لا تا‘ك¸ملا -_ tego compounds اي¸يت´‘لا ¸¹= ¸طي‘`- ¸`أ تا™و ¸حط~ =ا~- تا™ ا+-ا¸يممو•
. ةما~ ¸ي=و
.ةي¸-علا ~ا¸ملاو -ايملا ¸~عك ةف¹ت—م .ما¸ع- ¸`'ت- دقو ¸م`لا ةيلا= •ا+-¸ي=
. ¸ي¸~ي¹= .ي`يا¸-يم`ا ¸م ¸ت~- تا‘ك¸م • ا+ت¹`مأ
0>ا2%&ا V@ _يY<ا[&ا V@ اW$@+# 0bا+&ا ةي,1&ا uF$]&اF ةي,1&ا اسgا%%&ا
( GHP )
_م ¸“ا‘ملا م+¹ماع- ب‘~- ˜ل™و ·ةي-+ملا ةيح-لا ةقاط‘لا _¹= .¸-حلا ¸· ب--ملا ¸· ¸ي¹ماعلا ¸م د- •
·ي¸-¸لا .~لا ).`م »¸ح¹لا -¸¹-و .--- •أ ¸´مي ¸تلا ةيدعملا ¸ا¸م`ا ¸م مŸ¸¹› ¸م دك'تلا ب‘~-و ·»¸ح¹لا
.(ةيد¹=لا ¸ا¸م`ا ·`ي-¸ملا~لا ·¸-ا-¸لا د‘´لا -ا+تلا
v< $wاJ%&ا 5<ا[9&ا? 5<ا[Y& xا%(&ا 7U^ 0GBF y5<ا[&ا ة?ا>4 UC^ اaC^ z8?*ا 0GB V9&ا {ا,&اF |ا$<لا
1 . .ا+~`ا
2 . _محلا
3 . ¸ي-ز¸¹لا -ا+تلا
… . (--`ا ةل¸ي~لاو ةح´لا ) ¸~ف-تلا -ا+تل•ا
Œ . يدي`ا _¹= ة-ا›و ةيد¹=لا تا·–او ¸ا¸م`ا
‹ . •اق¸يلا- ة-ا-`ا
‡ . ¸· .معلا ).`م ,¸›أ »ا+م- ·في¹´-و ·_`علا ¸-¹تل _ف~ت~م¹ل .ماعلا .ي¸ح- ةلاحلا -ذŸ ¸· ب=ي
-اف~لا متي _تح اŸ¸ي=و (¸-ا=حلا
/5%]#F ةي1s]&ا ة@ا.C&ا
1 ¸·اš`ا -
2 ¸ع~لا -
3 »اد-+لا -
… .تا=ا~لاو _-ا-`ا ¸· ¸Ÿا¸=لا ¸‘ل -
Œ »امحت~•ا -
‹ (.¸ي¸ملا ·¸أ¸لا -اط= ·تامام´لا ·ةيذح`ا ) .`م ةيقا¸لا ¸-`ملا -اد-را -
‡ (دحت~ملا €ر¸žا~لا ·¸ي´~لا) ةي-—~لا تادعملا ة·ا=- -
8 .يدي`ا -ي=-- ¸· ام-ا~ •¸-ا-لا »اد—ت~ا -
•¸-ا-لا- ¸ي-¸م ¸يديلا .~= ب=ي »امحلا ¸م _و¸—لا د-=
/5%[&ا }اC~X ة%يY(&ا ةي,1&ا اسgا%%&ا
1 _-ذلا ت•ا- ¸· -¸~لاو .ك`ا »د= -
2 _-ذلا ت•ا- ¸· =¸حتملا --ا+لا »اد—ت~ا »د= -
2 (--`ا ·¸ع~لا ·=-`ا ).`م .معلا -ا-`أ م~=لا ¸م ة·¸~´ملا -ا¸=`ا ˜ح »د= -
3 تا·اط› »اد—ت~ا ).`م ا+ل ة--—م ¸ي= ,¸›أ ¸ا¸=` _-ذ¹ل ة-ا—لا ةي-—~لا تادعملا »اد—ت~ا »د= -
(ةلا-لا ¸· يرا=ملا تاحت· _ت· ¸· »¸ح¹لا ¸ي¹ع-
… ).`م ة-ا-`ا ة=لاعم دع- •” ةلا-لا _ل” _¸=¸لا »د=و .معلا ¸· ة-ا-`ا د-= ةيلو`ا تا·اع~`ا -ا¸=” -
(تامد´لا ·_و¸=لا
Œ ¸žا-ملا ¸ي- تاذلا-و دحاو •' ¸· ةم+م ¸م ¸`كأ ¸ي- _م=لا »د=و ·-ا--لا- ةž¸-ملا .معلا »ا+م- »اي-لا-
(¸¸´لا _¸-و ·»¸ح¹لا _يط-- ).`م ة`¸¹ملاو ةفي=-لا
‹ ¸›–ا مي-ع-و .و`ا ¸ي´~لا »اد—ت~• ˜ل™و -ا--¹ل ¸ي´~ ¸م ¸`كأ ¸ي·¸- ب=ي -
‡ -¸¹تي • _تح ةلا-لا ¸م _و¸—لا د-= .¸ي¸ملا _¹› ب=ي -
8 ¸ر`ا _¹= ¸يلو ·ل ص-—ملا •ا´ملا ¸· ·-ي¹ع-و .¸ي¸ملا -ي=-- -
9 تادعملاو ت•واطلا _¹= ¸¸¹=لا »د= -
10 تاي¸تحم -ا´~-ا »د= ا-يأو ·¸ع~لاو -و¸لا- ¸ي+=تلاو _¹~لا تاي¹م= -ا-`أ _-ا-ذلا -¸¹- »د= -ا=ا¸م -
ةحي-ذ¹ل ةي¹›ادلاو ةي=را—لا _ط~`ا _¹= -اعم`ا و ¸¸´لا
11 »د=و ·ار¸· بقا¸ملا _`-” ب=ي · -و¸لاو د¹=لا و -اعم`او ¸¸´لا تاي¸تحم- »¸ح¹لا -¸¹- ةلاح ¸· -
¸م ,¸›`ا -ا¸=`ا _ل” تا-و¸´يملاو تا`¸¹ملا را~ت-ا _ل” ي~¸ي دق ˜ل™ •` ·_-ا-ذلا .~·- -¸¹تلا ةلاز”
-املا- -ي=-ت¹ل ةي¹م= يأ .‘ق ¸ي´~لا »اد—ت~ا- ة`¸¹ملا -ا¸=`ا _طق ب=ي ˜لذل ·ةحي-ذلا
12 متي • •” ب=ي (اŸ¸ي= وأ تا=ا¸› ·ةي-¸م تا·' ).`م ةحي-ذلا _¹= ¸عي‘ž ¸ي= _-و يأ ~¸=و ةلاح ¸· -
»ز`لا -ا¸=`لأ ™ا—-• بي‘طلا _`-” ¸´لو ·-ا--لا .‘ق ¸م ا+تلاز”
0>ا2%&ا F 7+,Y&ا $يj,# V@ _يY<ا[Y& fUBلا 5(•& ةي,1&ا ة2B$p&ا
€ ZBUB 5(•# 39<
( GHP )
1 . ..معلا ¸· -د‘لا .‘ق
2 . ..م= ي'- »اي-¹ل تازاف-لا -اد-را .‘ق
3 . .م~=لا ¸م ¸›' -¸= يأ وأ ¸ع~لا ·¸أ¸لا ·مفلا ·•™`ا ·--`ا ¸مل دع-
… . .ةح´لا وأ ¸طعلا دع-
Œ . .--`ا -ي=-- »راحم وأ .ي~ا-ملا »اد—ت~ا دع-
‹ . ..ك`ا دع- و .‘ق
‡ . ._‘تلا .امعت~ا وأ ¸ي›دتلا دع-
8 . .-ايملا -رو~ _ل” -اŸذلا دع-
9 . ةحلا- ¸ي·لا تاف¹—ملا _م .ماعتلا .`م يدي`ا -¸¹- _ل” ي~¸ي •أ ¸´مي .م= ي'- »اي-لا دع-
.ة`¸¹ملا -¸+=`او تادعملا وأ ةمدعملا »¸ح¹لا وأ ¸م~–ا =`+ت~`ل
10 . .ةيحلا تا-ا¸يحلا _م .ماعتلا وأ تا-ا¸يحلا د¹= ¸مل دع-
11 . .ةيوامي´لا تاف=-ملا »اد—ت~او تادعملا وأ •ا´م¹ل -ي=-تلا تاي¹م= دع-
12 . ..معلا ¸= -ق¸- وأ ةحار -¸ت· .ك دع-
13 . .ة‘~ا-م ةي-مز تا¸ت· ,دم _¹=و .معلا -ا-`أ
€ ZBUB 5(•# •يc
1 - -املا- ¸يديلا .¹-
- 2 •¸-ا-لا ام+يل” --أ
- 3 ل ¸يديلا =¸·أ -دم 20 ةي-ا`
… - ¸·اš`ا ة·ا=-ل -ا“¸فلا »د—ت~ا
- Œ _-ا-`ا ¸ي- امو _-ا-`ا ’ا¸žأ =¸·أ
- ‹ ¸ي=¸´لا •و~ ام _لا ¸يد=ا~لا =¸·أ
- ‡ -املا- ¸يديلا م` ¸يد=ا~لا -ط“أ
8 - -ا¸+لا -ف=م وأ ةيقر¸لا »راحملا- ˜يد=ا~و ˜يدي -ف=
- 9 ة¹~لا ¸· ة¹معت~ملا ةيقر¸لا »راحملا _-

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