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HRM Notes

HRM Notes


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Published by: welcome2jungle on Sep 17, 2010
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Multi Skilling is The Integrated Skills Program that has been developed to build on the
existing skills of the current work force to reduce redundancies and avoid downsizing
situations. The objective of this program is to gain total integration of skills.

The program is based around ‘on-the-job’ & ‘off-the-job’ competence. That is the ability to
do the job on the shop floor (training to gain work experience) and ‘off-the-job’ (training in
the classroom) to gain underpinning knowledge.

The program requires the individual to demonstrate competence in a number of different
skills and this competence is measured and assessed on the job.

Multi-skilling of course works best with more advanced skilled workers because their
individual skills levels are developed enough where they can fluidly transition from one skill
to the next without degradation of a skills performance. If you are multi-skilling and a
great percentage of your workers are having problems executing one of the skills effectively
it is probably a good signal you need to go back to basics with that skill and pull it out of
the multi-skilling sequences. Another advantage of multi-skilling is the positive effect of
what is called "contextual learning". Contextual learning involves discovery and


improvement from two skills, which don't, on the surface, appear to have a direct

The disadvantages of multi-skilling include the obvious danger of moving on to quickly
toward advanced skills and combinations without sufficiently drilling basic skills. While
there is a great desire to learn quickly I think this is one of the reason we are seeing better
skilled from some of the best workers. The consequence is that we become "partially
skilled". The greater the number of partial skills we develop, the less chance we ever have
of reaching our full potential.


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