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When your with Jr. Suzy and your wife Mable, at your dinner table,
What kind of conversations, about topics, do you discuss.
In the things that you say, will your children, understand in every way,
Or, some things, should a husband and wife keep, between us.

Children develope attitudes, sometimes based on their moods,

And sometimes those moods, are based on half truths.
That they heard from mom and dad, while eating supper.
What ever you say, make sure you offer proof.

Parents must be the leaders, of their family unit,

They are suppose to be the responsible people, of the family.
When there is any question, children look to parents, for the key,
Cohesivess, in a family, should not be an anomaly..

A culture is only as good, as it's complete family unit,

Survival of our species, is a close nit fmily's, success.
Trust in one another, keep your negatives, undercover,
And living life to it's best, will take care of the rest.

Author: Timothy B. Thayer