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Published by: Rehab Habiba Almuhajira on Apr 08, 2011
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A-Bomb (or Atom Bomb) ةيرذ ةلبنق
A (argon) ** (chem.)
A or A.U. ** (h!s.) - (Angstrom or Angstrom "nit)
A #osteriori $%&'()*
A #riori ة+*',
A. B. -
a. c.. A. -. (a/ternating c"rrent) 012ن(3 ر245
A. 6.. a. 7. (a"8io-7re9"enc!) $:;<%* ==>(%*
A. U. ? Angstrom Unit (h!s.) @1>(<ABC D'E1
A.6.-. (a"tomatic 7re9"enc! contro/) ==>(%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%*
A.L.. a.m. (ante meri8iem) >MN%* Oبق
Ab- (P/ec. Png.)
Abac"s (n.) (Arch.) =G;:%* Q25 ة4لبR =*':3
Abam#ere (P/ec. Png.)
Aban8on a c/aim SGT= 1C UE VT WX2ن5
Aban8on a Ye// 2MنT Zل[5 1C >\ب%* ]>5
Aban8one8 (a8^.) رG_M3
Aban8one8 Yorkings (et. Png.) DرG_M3 ة`ر1
Abate (a.)
Ababia/ (A8^.) (Bot.) رGK;ل% 'T2ب3
Abbe re7ractometer (-hem.)
Abbreaiate8 (a8^.)
Abbreaiation (n.)
Abbreaiation o7 7ractions (Laths.) رG<J%* W*c(d*
Abco"/omb (P/ec. Png.)
Ab8omen (n.) (eoo/.)
Ab8"ctor (n.) (eoo/.) D':ب3 ةلfT
Abeam (ga"t.) ةن4h<%* iB2j kl(ن;% m,2n3
Aberrance (n.)
Aberrant (a8^.)
Aberration (n.) (h!s.. Astron.)
Aberration o7 /ight (h!s.) $oGp qيX
Aberration. chromatic (h!s.) $BGل%* qيc%*
Aberration. s#herica/ (h!s.) r1>s qيX
Abe!ance (n.) tقu3 O4v:5 1C U4ل:5
Ab7ara8 (P/ec. Png.)
Abhenr! (P/ec. Png.)
Abi8e (a.)
Abi/it! (n.)
Abiogenesis (Bio/.) $5*ذ '%G5
Ab/ation (me8.) W2l\()*
Ab/ation (n.) (weo/.) ةيرx5
Ab/aye (a8^.. a8a.)
Abmho (P/ec. Png.
Abnorma/ (a8^.)
Abnorma/ contact ذ2` z3m5
Abnorma/ 8i# (weo/.)
Abnorma/ mo/ec"/ar Yeights (-hem.) Dذ2` {4\يcj |*X1C
>4} . & . |1', ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
|G}رH*) |Gjر•% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~Gj)
>(;4ل;%* V3 V4يm3 D>€T V3 *•cj r12<5 D'E1) @1>(<_Bm% c3ر ~C)
•2بh%C ‚ (VF 1C IلT) ƒ=2ب3
Uلv3 ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
V3 1C VT *'4:, ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
~Uلv3 >4ب3C „… >4ب3C
VT Zل[5 . ]>5
†h[B* .><KB* . †hd . ><E . ‡nB
Oo*G<%* ر2<JB* O32:;% ˆ0‰ˆ Š24n3
if(n3 . >l([3
W*c(d* . ر2l(d*
~Uلv3 @G%Gs „… @G%Gs
‹Gj . Vv,
qيX ‚ ذ1x` . ‹*>KB*
‹>Kن3 . qo*X
|2AيX . qيX . ‹*>KB*
=*ر2F |G4ل3 k%C ~Uلv3 =*ر2F
~Uلv3 r>ن+ „… r>ن+
ŒJ3 -(0) •<;5
ةT2v()* . Dر'ق
Ž+G(3 . >:(<3
•G3 |G4ل3 k%C ~Uلv3 •G3
r=2T >4} . ذ2`
rG) >4} ر*'KB* .ذ2` O43
Abnorma/ #henomena Dذ2` >+*G•
Abnorma/ #ress"re ذ2` •Ap
Abnorma/ s#ectr"m (h!s.) ذ2` k4R
Abnorma/ stress (Lech.) ذ2` =2Mj‘
Abnorma/it! (n.)
Aboar8 (a8^.)
Abo8e (n.)
Abohm (P/ec. Png.)
Abo/ish (a.)
Abo/ition (n.)
Abomas"m (n.) (eoo/.)
Abort (a.)
Abortiae (a8^.) I4nT ‚ VيGJ(%* ‡ق2B
Abo"n8 (a.)
Aboae gro"n8 ’رH* “v) ”GF
Aboae sea /eae/ >Kب%* “v) SG(<3 ”GF
Abra8abi/it! Q2K<B&* ة4ل,2ق
Abra8ant (a8^.) (Png.) ]2E
Abra8ant (n.) ةs2E D=23
Abra8e (a.)
Abrasion (n.)
Abrasion marks (hotog.)
Abrasion o7 ins"/ation (P/ec. Png.) ة%X2:%* D=2;%* Os•5
Abrasion resistance
Abrasion testing machine (Png.) •K%* 1C Os•(%* ر2ب(d* ةنJ3
Abrasiae (a8^.) ]2E
Abrasiae (n.)
Abrasiae Yhee/ (Png.) –4ل_5 ةل_T
Abrasiae c/oth
Abrasiae har8ness (Png.)
Abrasiae #a#er
Abrasiae #oY8er D>hن<%* 1C •K%* ”GK<3
Abrasiae stick
Abrasiae stone
Abrasiae Year (Png.) •K%2, r>, 1C Os•5
Abreast (a8a.) iنj Z%‘ 2بنj
Abreast connection (Png.) iB2_(3 •,*>5
Abri8ge8 (a8^.)
Abri8gement (n.)
Abr"#t (a8^.) ر*'KB&* 'ي'` ‚ D—_F ˜vnن3
Abscess (n.) (Le8.)
Abscissa (n.) (Laths)
Absence (n.)
Absent (a8^.)
Absent (a.)
Absent s#ectr"m (h!s.) ‡ق2B 1C =Gnh3 k4R
Absentee (n.)
Absentmin8e8 (a8^.)
Abso/"te (a8^.)
Abso/"te a/coho/ (-hem.) ‹>™ WGKs
Abso/"te a/timeter (Leteor) Uلv;%* š2h5ر&* Š24n3
Abso/"te am#ere (P/ec. Png.) Uلv3 >4ب3C
Abso/"te boi/ing #oint (h!s.) ةnلv;%* |24لA%* ةvnB
Abso/"te cei/ing (Aero.) Uلv;%* ZlقH* š2h5ر&*
Dذ2` ة%2E . ذ1x`
ر2vn%* 1C D>o2v%* 1C) ةن4h<%* >M• ZلT)
>n3 . VJ<3
@1H* V3 |G4ل3 k%C V3 •cj ~Uلv3 @1C
Ov,C . ZA%C
•2K;B* . GK3 . •2A%‘ . W2v,C
ةKhB‘ . ةKhن3
†MjC ‚ UhdC . G;ن%* VT kقG5
>dX 1C ŽT . >›s . رc}
S>بB* . Os—5 . •(E* . ŽK) . r>, . •E
ŽK) . r>, . Os—5 . •E
Iل4h%* ZلT) œ1'd)
Os•(%* ة312n3 . Q2K<B&* ة312n3
•K3 . ةs2E D=23
D>hن) 1C) •E œ2;ق)
•Kل% (D=2;%*) ة312n3
D>hن) 1C) •E ”ر1)
D>hن™ 1C) D>hن) i4fق)
D>hن™ 1C) D>hن) >_E)
cjG3 . >l([3
ر2l(d* . X2_ي‘
ةj*>d . Q*>E
$nFH*) $ن4<%* $•*'Ež*)
=Gj1 @'T . 024}
=GjG3 >4} . io2}
i4A5 . 02}
i4A(3 . io2}
V+x%* =ر2` . O+*ذ
‹>™ . Uلv3
Abso/"te coe77icient Uلv;%* O32:;%*
Abso/"te constant Uلv3 t,2•
Abso/"te 8ensit! (h!s.) ةnلv;%* ةF2›J%*
Abso/"te 8eaiation Uلv;%* ‹*>KB&*
Abso/"te 8ra"ght (Leteor) Uلv;%* ‹2h_%*
Abso/"te e/ectrometer (P/ec. Png.) Uلv;%* >(31>(J%ž*
Abso/"te error (Laths.) Uلv;%* —v[%*
Abso/"te eb#ansion (h!s.) Uلv3 =';5
Abso/"te ga/aanometer (P/ec. Png.)
Abso/"te h"mi8it! (Leteor.) ةnلv;%* ة,GR>%*
Abso/"te in8eb o7 re7raction (h!s.) Uلv;%* ر2<JB&* O32:3
Abso/"te ^o"/e (h!s.)
Abso/"te /eae/ Uلv;%* 0G<ن;%*
Abso/"te magnit"8e (Astron.)
Abso/"te motion (Lech.) ةnلv3 ةs>E
Abso/"te n"mber (Laths.) Uلv3 ='T
Abso/"te #otentia/ (-hem.)
Abso/"te #oYer ةnلv3 Dر'ق
Abso/"te #ress"re (h!s.) Uلv3 •Ap
Abso/"te re7ractiae in8eb (h!s.) Uلv;%* ر2<JB&* O32:3
Abso/"te s#eci7ic graait! (h!s.) Uلv3 $TGB |X1
Abso/"te strength (Png.) ةnلv3 ة312n3 ‚ ةnلv3 ةB2(3
Abso/"te s!stem o7 "nits (h!s.) ةnلv;%* Ÿ*'EG%* @2NB
Abso/"te tem#erat"re (h!s.) ةnلv;%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Abso/"te term (Laths.) Uلv3 'E
Abso/"te thermo8!namic tem#erat"re (h!s.) ةnلv;%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Abso/"te "nit o7 c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) ر24(ل% ةnلv;%* Ÿ*'EG%*
Abso/"te "nits (h!s.) ةnلv3 Ÿ*'E1
Abso/"te aac""m (h!s.) Uلv3 *>F
Abso/"te aa/"e (Laths.) ةnلv;%* ة;4n%*
Abso/"te ae/ocit! (Lech.) ةnلv3 ةT>)
Abso/"te aiscosit! (h!s.) ةnلv;%* ةj1cل%*
Abso/"te ao/t (P/ec. Png.)
Abso/"te Yeight (-hem.)
Abso/"te yero (h!s.)
Absorb (a.)
Absorb a shock (or a thr"st)
Absorbab/e (a8^.) 0>€(%* 1C ¡2l(3m% O,2ق
Absorbent (a8^.)
Absorbent materia/ ة™23 D=23
Absorber (n.)
Absorber aa/ae ¡2l(3* @2;™
Absorber. harmonic (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ24nF*G5 ‡(;3
Absorber. shock (Png.) Ÿ23'l%* ';[3
Absorbing #oYer
Absor#tiometer (-hem.)
Absor#tion (n.)
Absor#tion ban8s (an8 /ines) (h!s.)
Absor#tion coe77icient (-hem.) ¡2l(3&* O32:3
Absor#tion contro/ (¢a8io.) ¡2l(3&* $F IJK(%*
Absor#tion 8iscontin"it! ? Absor#tion e8ge (h!s.) ¡2l(3&* š2vnB*
Absor#tion 8!namometer (Png.) $™2l(3* >(3G32ني=
Absor#tion e8ge (h!s.) ¡2l(3&* ةF2E
Uلv;%* (>(3GB2h%2_%*) >(3GB2hلA%*
~Uلv3 WGj „… ر‘ V4يm3
ةF2<3 ZلT) I_نل% Uلv;%* šGlن%* £¤.¥ ة4oGp ةن) )
WGلK;%*1 cلh%* V4, Uلv;%* 'M_%* ”>F ~Uلv3 'Mj
•لh%* V3 |G4ل3 ةo23 V3 •cj ~Uلv3 •لF
*>h%* $F) Uلv3 |X1)
-) Uلv;%* >hl%* ةjر= ¤¦£.¤… =*>A(ن) )
iTG()* ‚ 0>€5 . ‡3 . ‡(3*
ة:F'%* 1C) ة3'l%* ‡(3*)
¡2l(3&* ة4ل,2ق . ة4™2l3
¡23 . ‡(;3
¡2l(3* X2Mj . ¡23 . ¡2l3
ة4™2l3 . ¡2l(3&* Dر'ق
ة4™2l(3&* Š24n3 . ة4™2l;%* Š24n3
‡3 . ¡2l(3*
¡2l(3&* (§Gvd1) @cE
Absor#tion 7actor ? Absor#tion coe77icient (¨//"m.) ¡2l(3&* O32:3 1C O32T
Absor#tion h!grometer (Leteor.)
Absor#tion /imit ¡2l(3&* 'E
Absor#tion /oss $™2l(3* 'nF
Absor#tion mo8"/ation (¢a8io) ¡2l(3&2, V4;f(%*
Absor#tion mo8"/ator
Absor#tion o7 gasses (-hem.) Ÿ*X2A%* ¡2l(3*
Absor#tion o7 /ight •Gf%* ¡2l(3*
Absor#tion o7 ra8iation š2:`ž* ¡2l(3*
Absor#tion o7 so"n8 (h!s.) ŸGl%* ¡2l(3*
Absor#tion oi/ (et. Png.) ¡2l(3&* tيX
Absor#tion #/ant (et. Png.) ¡2l(3* D'E1
Absor#tion ratio (h!s.)
Absor#tion re7rigerator (Png.) ¡2l(3&2, 'ي>ب5 D'E1
Absor#tion s#ectr"m (h!s.)
Absor#tion toYer (Png.)
Absor#tion toYer (et. Png.) ¡2l(3* Q>,
Absor#tion t"be (-hem.) ¡2l(3* 0GبBC
Absor#tion Yaae-meter (¢a8io) $™2l(3* $jG3 Š24n3
Absor#tion. heat o7 (h!s.) ¡2l(3&* Dر*>E
Absor#tiae (a8^.) ¡2l3 ‡(;3
Absor#tiae #oYer ? absor#tance (h!s.)
Absor#tiait! (n.)
Abstain (a.)
Abstract (a8^.) ‡ل[(<3 ‚ =>_3
Abstract (n.) ة™md
Abstract eb#ression r'ي>_5 >4ب:5
Abstract mathematics ةي'ي>_(%* Ÿ24p2ي>%*
Abstract n"mbers (Laths.) D=>_3 =*'TC
Abstraction (n.) Q*>[()* ‚ 'ي>_5
Abstriction (n.) (Bot.) @2lhB*
Abs"r8 (a8^.)
Abs"r8it! (Laths.) k[) ‚ Uvن;ل% ‹2ن3 >3C
Ab"n8ance (n.)
Ab"n8ance c"rae D>FG%* ZنKن3
Ab"n8ance o7 isoto#es (h!s.) >o2Nنل% ة4ب<B D>›s
Ab"n8ance ratio (h!s.) D>FG%* ةب<B
Ab"n8ant (a8^.)
Ab"se (a.) W2;:()* •2)C
Ab"t (a.) ZلT cJ5ر* ‚ Id25
Ab"tment (n.) (Png.)
Ab"tment #oint
Ab"tting ^oint (Png.) ةبs2ن(3 ةل™1
Abao/t (h!s.)
AbYatt (P/ec. Png.)
Ab!sma/ (a8^.) U4K)
Ab!ss (n.)
Ab!ssa/ area (weo/.) ة4v4K3 W2;TC ةnvن3
Ab!ssa/ 8e#osits (weo/.) {يرG} i)*1ر
Ab!ssa/ 8e#th (weo/.)
Ab!ssa/ enaironment (Pco/.) ”2;TH* ة\4,
Ab!ssa/ rocks (weo/.)
Ac (actini"m) (-hem.)
Acacia (n.) (Bot.)
$™2l(3* 02R>3 . $™2l(3* ة,GRر Š24n3
$™2l(3* (W':3 1C) V;f3
¡2l(3&* O32:3 . ¡2l(3&* ةب<B
¡2l(3&* k4R . $™2l(3* k4R
'ي>ب5 D'E1 $F) ¡2l(3* Q>,)
ة4l(;3 . ة4TGB ة4™2l(3* . ¡2l(3&* DGق
ة4l(;3 . ¡2l(3&* DGق
˜ن(3* . •<3C
$nvن3 >4} . k4[)
D>F1 . D>›s
>يc} . >F*1
—J(3 .k(s
X2J5ر&* ةvnB . cJ5>3
•لh%* V3 |G4ل3 ةo23 V3 •cj ~Uلv3 •لF
§*G%* V3 V4يm3 D>€T V3 •cj ~Uلv3 §*1
ةn4K) DG+ . رG}
U4K) رG} . •4K;%* ij
{يرG} رG[™ . ”2;TH* رG[™
@G4ن(s•% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~ts
24ق2قH* 1C) •ن<%* D>_`)
Acacia g"m ? g"m arabic (Bot.)
Aca8emic (a8^.)
Aca8emician (n.) ة4;ي=2sC 1C ˜;_3 $F GfT
Acanth"s (n.) (Bot.) ŠG›نFH* Ÿ2بB
Aca"/ine ? aca"/ose (Bot.)
Acce8e (a.) CGب5 ‚ IfB*
Acce/erate (a.)
Acce/erate8 7i/tration (-hem.)
Acce/erate8 motion (h!s.) ةTر2<(3 1C ةل_:3 ةs>E
Acce/erate8 motion "ni7orm/! (Lech.) šر2<(%* ة;N(ن3 ةs>E
Acce/erate8 reaction (-hem.) O_:3 OT2h5
Acce/erate8 s#ee8 (Lech.) ةل_:3 ةT>)
Acce/erating (a8^.) O_:3 ‚ šر2<(3
Acce/erating contactor (P/ec. Png.) O_:3 z3m3
Acce/erating e/ectro8e (P/ectronics) O_:3 =1>(J%‘
Acce/erating 7orce (h!s.) ةل_:3 DGق
Acce/erating #otentia/ (P/ectronics) O_:3 'Mj
Acce/erating #"m# (Png.) ةل_:3 ة[f3
Acce/eration (n.) (Lech.)
Acce/eration 8"e to graait! (h!s.)
Acce/eration o7 graait! (Lech.) ة4,ذ2_%* šر2<5
Acce/eration o7 s#ee8 (Lech.)
Acce/eration. ang"/ar (Lech.) r1*X šر2<5
Acce/eration. centri#eta/ (Lech.)
Acce/eration. /inear (Lech.) $vd šر2<5
Acce/erator (n.)
Acce/erator o7 n"c/ear #artic/es (#h!s.) ةي1Gن%* Ÿ2;4<_%* šر2<3
Acce/erator #e8a/ (Png.) O4_:(%* ة<T=
Acce/erometer (n.) (Png.) šر2<(%* Š24n3
Accent (n.) D>بB
Accent (©!#og.) ªhل%* 'ي'€5 ة3mT
Accent"ation (n.) D'K%* X*>,‘
Acce#t (a.)
Acce#tance test (Png.) WGبn%* ر2ب(d*
Acce#tor (n.)s
Acce#tor circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ةلبn(3 D>o*=
Access (n.)
Access e!e (Png.)
Access roa8 ةل™G;%* Uي>v%*
Accessibi/it! (n.) W2ن;%* ة%GM)
Accessories (n.)
Accessor! (a8^.)
Accessor! b"8 (Bot.) rGB2• 1C $F2p‘ IT>,
Accessor! e/ement $F2p‘ >lنT
Accessor! minera/s (weo/.)
Accessor! #/ates ة4F2p‘ “o*>`
Acci8ent (n.)
Acci8enta/ aariations ة4p>T Ÿ*>4A5
Acc/imatiyation (n.) (Bio/.)
Acc/imatiye (a.)
Acc/iait! (weo/.)
$,>T q;™ . •ن<%* q;™
r>NB . $Kلvl3 . $;ي=2sC
˜;_3 . ة4;ي=2sC
”2<%* Iي'T . ”G<3 >4}
šر2<5 . O_T . šر2)
•Af%2,) O_:3 “4`>5)
O4_:5 . ةل_T . šر2<5
ة%2nن%* šر2<5 . ة4,ذ2_%* šر2<5
ةT><%* O4_:5 . ةT><%* 'ي*c5
x,2j šر2<5 . rcs>;%* 0x_%* šر2<5
šر2<3 . š><3 . O_:3
ZلT UF*1 . Zpر . Oبق
ةnF*G3 . WGبق
O,2ق . Oبn(3
•ل<3 . O4ب) ‚ O™G3 . xhن3
kي>l5 D2نق $F) ذ2hB ةK(F)
{4%‘ WG™G%* VJ;ي . W2ن;%* OM)
UE*G% . ˜,*G5
UE& . 'T2<3 . $F2p‘
ة4F2p‘ |=2:3 . ة4)2)C >4} |=2:3
ة,2™‘ ‚ ’ر2T . «=2E
'لب5 . Iلق—5 . ة;لقC
Iلق—5 . IلقC
'T2™ ر1'E . ر'E . ر1'E
Acc/iao"s (a8^.) *=G:™ ر'Kن3
Accommo8ate (a.)
Accommo8ation (Bio/.)
Accommo8ation (n.) VJ)
Accommo8ation /a88er (ga"t.) D&'3 Iل)
Accommo8ation o7 the e!e V4:%* k4J5
Accommo8ations ةE*>%* Oo2)1
Accom#an! (a.) UF*ر
Accom#an!ing minera/ (Lin.) UF*>3 W':3
Accom#/ish (a.) c_BC
Accor8 (n.) @2_<B* ‚ ”2h5*
Accor8 (a.)
Acco"che"r (Le8.) '%G3 i4بR
Acco"nt (a.) VT |24, @'ق ‚ OلT
Acco"nt (n.)
Acco"nt 7or (a.) W'T ‚ VT 2B24, @'ق
Acco"nt. c"rrent ر2j 02<E
Acco"ntant (n.)
Acco"nting (n.) ةب)2K3
Acco"nting machine ةب)2E ةنJ3
Acco"nts ةب)2K3 ‚ Ÿ2,2<E
Accre8ite8 agents |1';(:3 •ms1
Accretion (n.)
Accr"e (a.)
Acc"mbent (a8^.) @23•% $نKن3 ‚ ¬J(3
Acc"m"/ate (a.)
Acc"m"/ation (n.)
Acc"m"/ation o7 c"ttings (et. Png.) i4nن(%* 1C >hK%* Ÿ2j>[(<3 Is*>5
Acc"m"/ation o7 m"8 (et. Png.) V4v%* Is*>5
Acc"m"/ation o7 #etro/e"m (et. Png.) •hن%* ˜;j
Acc"m"/ation. commercia/ (Lin.) ر2;›()&* UK(<ي X2sر
Acc"m"/ator (P/ec. Png.)
Acc"m"/ator (-!8.) ˜;_3
Acc"m"/ator bob (P/ec. Png.) Is>;%* ”1'ن™
Acc"m"/ator ce// (P/ec.) Is>3 ة4لd
Acc"m"/ator gri8 (P/ec. Png.) ة4™2™>%* Is>;%* ةJب`
Acc"m"/ator ins"/ator (P/ec. Png.) Is>;%* WX2T
Acc"m"/ator /am#
Acc"m"/ator #/ate (P/ec. Png.)
Acc"m"/ator sYitchboar8 (P/ec. Png.)
Acc"m"/ator tank ˜4;_(%* |*cd
Acc"m"/ator aehic/e (P/ec. Png.)
Acc"m"/ator. 7ractionator re7/"b (-hem.) ƒc_;%* Z%‘ =2:;%* Oo2<%* ˜;_3
Acc"m"/ator. oaerhea8 (-hem.) ةيGل:%* Ÿ2_(ن;%* ˜;_3
Acc"m"/ator. stem (Png.) ر2[ب%* ˜;_3
Acc"rac! (n.)
Acc"rac! o7 a ba/ance |*c4;%* ة4)2<E 1C ةق=
Acc"rac! test ةق'%* ر2ب(d*
Acc"rate a8^"stment U4ق= Oي':5
Acc"rate rea8ing
Acc"rate/! (a8a.)
W ˜<5* ‚ cMj ‚ k4s . @•&
k44J5 . k4J5
D>•—3 ‚ @2;5‘ . X2_B‘
“ن3 ‚ I_<B* . @•&
>ي>n5 ‚ 02<E |24, . 02<E
ةب)2K;%* IلT . ةب)2K3
Ÿ2,2<E i52s . i)2K3
'ي*c5 . Is*>5 ‚ @2f5 . Iن5
ة_4(نs —€B . Is*>5
Is*>5 . ˜;_5 . Isر ‚ ˜;j . @Gs
˜;_5 . Is*>5 . IيGJ5 . zي'J5
ة4o2,>Ms D>d'3 . Is>3 . Is>3
˜;_;%* 1C) Is>;%* ®2بl3)
Is>;%* ®G% . Is>;%* ةK4h™
Is*>;%* (qي>h51 VK`) “452h3 ةEG%
Is*>;%2, 1C) Ÿ2;s>;%2, O;:5 ةبs>3)
@2JE‘ . |2n5‘ . ةق= . •بp
ةn4ق= D•*>ق . ةRGبf3 D•*>ق
@2JE¯, . ةق',
ة;M5 . @2M5*
Acc"se (a.) IM5*
Ace//"/ar (a8^.) rGلd &
Acentric (a8^.) cs>;%* Iي'T
Acerate (a8^.)
Acetab"/"m (eoo/.) $nE kيG_5
Aceta/8eh!8e (-hem.)
Acetami8e (-hem.)
Acetate (-hem.)
Acetic aci8 (-hem.) •4ل[%* †32E
Aceti7ication (n.) (-hem.)
Aceti7! (a.)
Acetometer (-hem.)
Acetone (n.) (-hem.)
Acet!/ (-hem.)
Acet!/ 8eriaatiaes ? acetates (-hem.)
Acet!/ate (a.)
Acet!/ation (-hem.) ةل()C
Acet!/ene-generator (n.) (-hem.) V4ل4(4)H* '%G3
Acet!/ene-sa/ic!/ic aci8 ? as#irin (-hem.)
Acet!/ene (-hem.) V4ل4(4)H* X2}
Acet!/ene b/oY#i#e (n.) (Png.) V4ل4(4)H* Qm;E
Acet!/ene b"rner $ن4ل4(4)C 'قG3
Acet!/ene c"tting V4ل4(4)H2, ˜vق
Acet!/ene h!8rocarbons (-hem.) ة4ن4ل4(4)H* Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4M%*
Acet!/ene /am# $ن4ل4()* ®2بl3
Acet!/ene Ye/8ing (Png.) V4ل4(4)H2, @2K%
Ache (Le8.) >;(<3 1C t,2• I%C
Achene ? akene (Bot.)
Achieae (a.)
Achieaement (m.)
Achromatic (a8^.) (°#t.)
Achromatic /ens (°#t.)
Achromatic aision (Le8.) |*G%H* Z;T
Achromatin (Bio/.)
Achromatism (±ight)
Achromic (a8^.) |Gل%* Iي'T
Acic"/ar (Bio/. Lin.)
Aci8-7ast (a8^.) †3*GK%* 'p t,2•
Aci8-7orming (a8^.) †32K%* '%G3
Aci8-7ree (a8^.) †32K%* V3 W2d
Aci8-resisting (a8^.) †3*GKل% @12n3
Aci8 (a8^.)
Aci8 (n.) (-hem.)
Aci8 ami8es (-hem.) ة4f32E Ÿ*'43C
Aci8 anh!8ri8e (-hem.)
Aci8 bath $f32E @2;E
Aci8 Bessemer stee/ (Let.)
Aci8 8e#o/ariyer (P/ec. Png.) $f32E 02vn()* ˜B23
Aci8 8!es ة4f;E 2ب™C
Aci8 esters (-hem.) ة4f32E Ÿ*>()‘
Aci8 etching (-hem.)
Aci8 7ormic (-hem.) •43رGh%* 1C •4ل;ن%* †32E
Aci8 h!8rogen (-hem.)
Aci8 inhibitor (-hem.) †32K%2, Os•(%* ˜B23
=2E . OJ€%* r>,‘
$لd '4+'%C . '4+'%2(4)‘
$()C '43C . '432(4)*
Ÿmd . Ÿ2(4)C
Oل[5 . O4ل[5
Oلd . †;E
O[%* Š24n3 . >(3G(4)C
|Gلd . |G(4)C
O4لd . O4(4)C
Ÿ2Bmd) ة4ل4(4)C Ÿ2n(€3)
ZلT 24ل4(4<% 2n` Od=C ~O)C
Vي>ب)C . •4ل4<4%2<%* O4(4)C †32E
@Gن4(4نdC . D>4nF D>;•
c_BC . ]ر=C
I4NT c_ن3 ~D>•—3 X2_B‘
$5231>sC . |Gل%* Iي'T . $BG% &
ة45231>sC ة)'T . ة4BG% & ة)'T
ة%GM<, |Gل(ي & ة4ل[%* D*GB V3 •cj ~ V45231>sC
ة45231>sH* . ة4BG% m%*
$sG` . r>,‘
$f;E . †32E
$f;E . †32E
•2;%* ˜3 2f32E |GJي) rcلF & '4<sC)
$f32K%* ˆ>;<,ˆ ذ&GF
†32K%2, >hK%* ) †32K%2, ²;B)
cلh, {%*'ب()* VJ;ي) $f32E V4j1ر'4+)
Aci8 /ining (Let.) ة4f32E ةB2v,
Aci8 n"mber (-hem.) $f;K%* =':%*
Aci8 oba/ic (-hem.)
Aci8 obi8e (-hem.)
Aci8 #hos#horic (-hem.) •يرGh<h%* †32E
Aci8 #rocess (Let.)
Aci8 #roo7 brick †32Kل% '32™ 0GR
Aci8 #roo7 (a8^.) †3*GKل% '32™
Aci8 #roo7 a//o! (Let.) †32Kل% D'32™ ةJ4ب)
Aci8 #roo7 casting †32Kل% D'32™ ة,Gبl3
Aci8 #roo7 /ining (Png.) †32Kل% D'32™ ةB2v,
Aci8 #roo7 stee/ (Let.) †32Kل% '32™ ذ&GF
Aci8 #r"ssic (-hem.) •4)1>ب%* †32E
Aci8 ra8ica/ (-hem.) $f32E U`
Aci8 restoring #/ant (et. Png.) †32K%* D=2:()* D'E1
Aci8 rocks (weo/.) ة4f32E رG[™
Aci8 sa/t (-hem.) $f32E “ل3
Aci8 sett/ing 8r"m (-hem.) †32K%* i4)>5 •2T1
Aci8 so/"tion $f32E WGلK3
Aci8 stee/ (Let.) $f32E ذ&GF
Aci8 strength †32K%* DGق
Aci8 tartaric (-hem.) >4R>v%* †32E
Aci8 test Š2ق 1C I)2E |2K(3* ‚ †32K%2, ر2ب(d*
Aci8 treate8 c/a! (-hem.) †32K%2, Ž%2:3 V4R
Aci8 treatment †3*GK%2, ة_%2:3
Aci8 aa/"e ة4f;K%* ة;4n%*
Aci8 Yashing †32K%2, O<}
Aci8 Yeak k4:p †32E
Aci8 Ye// treatment (et. Png.)
Aci8. acetic (-hem.) •4ل[%* †32E
Aci8. boric (-hem.) •يرGب%* †32E
Aci8. carbo/ic (-hem.) •4%G,>J%* †32E
Aci8. carbonic (-hem.) •4BG,>J%* †32E
Aci8. chromic (-hem.) •431>J%* †32E
Aci8. citric (-hem.) |G;4ل%* †32E
Aci8. h!8rio8ic •ي=GيC1ر'4M%* †32E
Aci8. h!8robromic •431>,1ر'4M%* †32E
Aci8. h!8roch/oric •يرGلs1ر'4M%* †32E
Aci8. h!8ro7/"oric (-hem.) •4%1>F1ر'4M%* †32E
Aci8. h!8ros"/#h"ric (-hem.) •4(ي>بs1ر'4M%* †32E
Aci8. io8ic (-hem.) •ي=G4%* †32E
Aci8. /actic (-hem.) •4نبل%* †32E
Aci8. nitric (-hem.) •ي>(4ن%* †32E
Aci8. #icric (-hem.) •ي>Jب%* †32E
Aci8. s"/#h"ric (-hem.) •4(ي>بJ%* †32E
Aci8ic (a8^.)
Aci8i7ication (n.)
Aci8i7! (a.)
Aci8imeter (n.)
Aci8imetr! (n.) ةpG;K%* Š24ق
Aci8iye (a.)
Aci8iying o7 Ye//s (et. Png.)
Aci8o/!sis (-hem.) †32K%2, O4لK(%*
’2;K%*) •4%2<s1H* †32E)
rcلF & '4<sC . $f32E '4<sC
ذ&Gh%* ˜نl%) ة4f32K%* ةnي>v%*)
†32K%2, (•hن%*) >\, ة_%2:3
$f;E . $f32E
†;K5 . †4;K5
†4;K5 . †;E
’2;K3 . ةpG;K%* Š24n3
ةf32E . ةpG;E . ة4f;E
†;EC . †32K%2, Ž%2T . †;E
†32K%2, (•hن%*) ر2,‰ ة_%2:3
Aci8ometer (P/ec. Png.)
Aci8osis (Le8.)
Aci8"/ate (a.) †;K()* ‚ m4لق †;EC
Aci8"/ate8 Yater (-hem.) †;K3 •23
AcknoY/e8ge8 (a8^.)
Ac/ina/ (a8^.) $ل43 &
Ac/inic /ine (or magnetic e9"ator)
Acme (n.)
Acne (Le8.)
Acno8e (Laths.) ةnF*>(3 ةvnB
Acno8e (n.) ةلlhن3 D'nT
Acorn (Bot.)
Aco"meter ? aco"simeter (P/ec. Png.)
Aco"stic (a/) (a8^.) (h!s.)
Aco"stic absor#tion $5G™ ¡2l(3*
Aco"stic ca#acitance ة45Gl%* ة:<%*
Aco"stic com#/iance ة45G™ ةT12v3
Aco"stic concentration $5G™ c4s>5
Aco"stic 8is#ersion $5G™ ”>h5 1C t(€5
Aco"stic 8istortion $5G™ ³G€5
Aco"stic echo so"n8ing (´"ra. Png.) $5Gl%* S'l%2, >ب)
Aco"stic 7i/ters ة45G™ Ÿ2K`>3
Aco"stic 7re9"enc! $5G™ ==>5
Aco"stic grating (Aco"s.) $:;<%* =G4K%* DXcK3
Aco"stic horiyon $5G™ UFC
Aco"stic im#e8ance ة45G™ ة:B2;3 1C ةق12:3
Aco"stic intensit! ة45Gl%* D'€%*
Aco"stic meas"rement $5Gl%* Š24n%*
Aco"stic ohm (Aco"s.)
Aco"stic #en8"/"m $5Gl%* W1'نب%*
Aco"stic #ro#erties ة45Gl%* ‡o2l[%*
Aco"stic ra8iator
Aco"stic reactance ة45G™ ةلT2h3
Aco"stic re7raction ŸGl%* ر2<JB*
Aco"stic re#ro8"ction ة45G™ D=2:()*
Aco"stic resistance ة45G™ ة312n3
Aco"stic resonance $5G™ V4Bر
Aco"stic sat"ration $5G™ ˜ب€5
Aco"stic scattering ة45G™ Dر2v()*
Aco"stic sha8oY (Aco"s.) $5G™ O•
Aco"stic so"n8ing $5G™ >ب)
Aco"stic sti77ness ة45G™ D•G<j
Aco"stic s!nchroniyer $5G™ V3*c3
Aco"stic transmission $5Gl%* W2n(B&*
Aco"stic transmission 7actor (or coe77icient) $5Gl%* W2n(B&* O32T
Aco"stic transmission s!stem $5Gl%* W2)رž* X2Mj
Aco"stic ae/ocit! ة45Gl%* ةT><%*
Aco"stic Yaae ة45G™ ةjG3
Aco"stician ŸGl%* Š'نM3
Aco"sticon Š2<E $BGhل5 X2Mj
Aco"stics (n.)
Ac9"aint (a.)
Ac9"ainte8 (a8^.)
Ac9"iesce (a.)
t4%1>(J%ž*) $F ة4f;K%* Š24n3)
’2;E . ’2f;E‘ . |Gل[5
{, ‹>(:3 . WGبn3
$<4R2نA;%* •*G()&* •d . $ل43m%* •[%*
Q1C . D1رذ . ة;ق
02ب€%* iE ~'T
§Gلب%* (DXGj 1C) D>;•
˜;<%* D'E Š24n% $o2,>Ms Š24ق ~ š2;<3
$:;) . $5G™
ة45Gl%* ة:B2;;%* D'E1 ~$5G™ @1C
ر2M_;%* $F ) ة45Gl%* Q*G3H* O)>3)
Ÿ24:;<%* . Ÿ245Gl%* . ŸGl%* IلT
ZلT) ˜لRC . >بdC . (ZلT) ‹>T)
0) Iل3 . (ZلT) ˜لv3)
VTذC . Oبق
Ac9"ire (a.)
Ac9"ire aariation (Bio/.) i<(J3 šGن5
Ac9"ire8 character (Bio/.) ةب<(J3 Dc43 1C ةh™
Ac9"ire8 reaction (Bio/.)
Ac9"isition (n.) 02<(s*
Ac9"it (a.)
Acre (n.)
Acre 7oot (et. Png.)
Acre !ie/8 'E*G%* |*'h%* Q2(B‘
Acreage (n.) Vي=*'h%2, ةE2<;%*
Acreage. /ease8 X24(3&* 'n:, ة%G;€;%* ةE2<;%*
Acri8 (a8^.)
Acri8it! (n.)
Acrobatics Ÿ24B*GلM,
Acromega/! (Le8.)
Acr!/ic aci8 (-hem.) •4لي>sH* †32E
Acr!/ic resins (or 7ibers)
Act (a)
Act (n.)
Acting 7orce (h!s.) ةلT2F DGق
Acting. 9"ick (a8^.) O:h%* ˜ي>)
Acting. 9"ick (n.) ˜ي>) O:F
Actinic ra8iation (h!s.) $ن4(sC š2:`‘
Actinic ra!s (hotog.) ة4ن4(sC ة:`C
Actini8es (-hem.)
Actinism (n.) (-hem.)
Actini"m (Ac) (-hem.)
Actinometer (n.) (-hem.)
Actinometr! (h!s.)
Actinomor#hic (Bio/.) >•2ن(%* =':(3
Actinon (n.) (-hem.)
Action (n.)
Action 8e/a!e8 ”G:3 O:F
Actionab/e (a8^.) SGT= ة32ق‘ ijG(<3
Actiaate (a.) (-hem.)
Actiaate8 •€ن3
Actiaate8 a8sor#tion (-hem.) •€ن3 X*c(3‘
Actiaate8 carbon (-hem.) •€ن3 |G,>s
Actiaate8 catho8e (©hermionics) •€ن3 =G•2s
Actiaate8 charcoa/ (-hem.) •€ن3 $52بB IKF
Actiaate8 c/a! •€ن3 V4R
Actiaate8 mo/ec"/es (-hem.) ةv€B Ÿ24ocj
Actiaation (-hem.)
Actiaation energ! •4€ن(%* ةق2R
Actiaation. therma/ rر*>E •4€ن5
Actiaator (n.) (-hem.)
Actiae (a8^.)
Actiae aeria/ (¢a8io) $M4jG5 $o*G+
Actiae h!8rogen (-hem.) •`2B V4j1ر'4+
Actiae carbon (-hem.) •€B |G,>s
Actiae charcoa/ (-hem.) •`2B $52بB IKF
X>EC . OlE . i<(s*
|>(n;%*) i<(J;%* O:h%* =ر)
2ني=) =') ‚ C>,)
{(E2<3 r12<5) |*'F µ¶µ… . 1C ة:,>3 D=ر2ي …µ…µ¥ ر2(JM%* V3 )
•hن%* Š24ق $F I_E D'E1 ~@'ق |*'F
kي>E . c32E . šذ& . =2E
ةF*>E . D'E .
c;E . ةF*>E . D'E
OبT . ‹*>RH* I[f5 ~24%2_31>sC
˜3 *'32:(3 . >بT . 2p>T . >d‰ iB2j V3
ة4لي>sC (‹24%C 1C) Ÿ2_ن45*ر
$F) >•C 1C O:F)
•*>j‘ ‚ O:F . ˜4ن™ . O;T
š2:`ž2, ةي12;4s Ÿ*>44A5 «'K3 ~$ن4(sC
VT rرx%* 2+='T 'يcي $(%* >™2ن:%* ~ Ÿ2ن4(sH* ¶¶
ة4o24;4J%* •Gf%* ة4%2:F) ة4ن4(sH*)
ts) ³c3ر ˜€3 >lنT ~ @G4(sC)
š2:`ž* D'` Š24n3 . >(3Gن4(sC
z;€%* V3 ة™2d) ة4T2:`ž* ةق2v%* Š24ق)
|1=*>%* >4NB ~ |Gن4(sC
•*>j‘ ->•C . >4•—5 . O:F . O;T
$T2:`‘ §2€B *ذ O:j . ة4لT2h%* =*X . •€B
ة4لT2F -chE . •4€ن5
DX2hE D=23 . ’>K3 . •€ن3
W2:F . •`2B . •€B
Actiae com#onent (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ةبs>;%*
Actiae c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) W2:F ر245
Actiae 8e#osit (-hem.) •€B i)*ر
Actiae e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) W2:F =1>(J%*
Actiae 7orce (h!s.) ةلT2F DGق
Actiae imm"niyation (Le8.) ة%2:F ةT2ن3
Actiae materia/ (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:F D=23
Actiae mo/ec"/es (-hem.) ةv€B Ÿ2\يcj
Actiae nitrogen (-hem.) W2:F V4j1>(B
Actiae #o/ar s"r7ace (Lagn.) W2:h%* $بvn%* “v<%*
Actiae #oYer (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:F Dر'ق
Actiae #rinci#/e (Le8.)
Actiae seraice
Actiae trans8"cer (P/ec. Png.)
Actiae ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ة4vلh%*
Actiait! (n.)
Actiait! coe77icient §2€ن%* O32:3
Actiait! o7 mo/ec"/es Ÿ2\يc_%* §2€B
Actiait! series o7 meta/s (-hem.) Ÿ*cلhل% ةي12;4J%* ة4لT2h%* ةل<ل)
Actiait!. 8ri//ing (et. Png.) >hK%* ة4لT2F
Act"a/ (a8^.)
Act"a/ horse-#oYer (Png.) ة4ل:h%* ة4B2lK%* Dر'n%*
Act"a/ mechanica/ a8aantage (Lech.) ة4ل:h%* ة4J4B2J4;%* D'o2h%*
Act"a/ thickness ة4ل:h%* ةB2[›%*
Act"a/ aa/"e ة4ل:h%* ة;4n%*
Act"a/ Yeight $ل:h%* |XG%*
Act"ar! V43—(%* |1u€, >4بd
Act"ate (a.)
Act"ating c!/in8er (Png.) O4A€5 ةB*Gv)C
Act"ating s!stem O4A€(%* X2Mj
Act"ator (n.)
Ac"it! (n.)
Ac"it!. ais"a/ (Le8.) ر2l,ž* D'E
Ac"minate (a8^.) (Bot.) ‹>v%* ”'(<3
Ac"te-ang/e8 triang/e (Laths.) 2ي*1c%* =2E Œل›3
Ac"te (a8^.) =2E
Ac"te ang/e (Laths.) D=2E ةي1*X
Ac"teness D'E
Ac!c/ic (-hem. Bot.) $nلE &
Ac!c/ic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4nلE & Ÿ2بs>3
Ac!/ (-hem.)
Ac!/ gro"# (-hem.)
Ac!/ate (a.)
Ac!/ation (-hem.)
A8 hoc committee V4:3 šGpG;% ةن_%
A8 in7init"m ةي2MB & 23 Z%‘
A8 interim •%ذ |Gf} $F ‚ D>(h%
A8 aa/orem
A8am·s a##/e
A8amant (a8^.)
A8amant (n.)
A8amantine (a8^.)
A8amantine /"stre $)2;%* Uي>,
•*1'%* $F) ة%2:h%* D=2;%*)
0>K%* tق1 $F) ةي>J<T ة3'd)
W2:F ةق2R WGK3 . •€B Oق2B
ة4%2:F . §2€B . ة4%2:F
$n4nE . $ل:F . $:ق*1
chE ‚ OA` . ر*=C
]>K3 . OA€3
•2f3 . D'E
{ن3 O4<s1ر'4M%* ة%*X‘ ':, rGf:%* †32K%* ƒcj V3 $nب(;%* U€%* ~O4)C
ة4لf;E ةTG;_3 . ة4ل4)C ةTG;_3
Of;E . O)C
ةلf;E . O4)—5
ة;4nل% ةب<ن%2, . ة;4n%* i<E
@GnلK%* DXGj . D'ق>E
'ل™ . Š2ق
ةبل™ D=23 -ة4)2ق D=23
'ل™ . Š2ق
A8a#t (a.)
A8a#tabi/it! (n.)
A8a#tab/e (a8^.)
A8a#tation (n.)
A8a#te8 (a8^.)
A8a#ter (or a8a#tor) (n.)
A8a#ter #/"g (P/ec. Png.) ¬ي2M3 z,2ق
A8a#ter skirt (Png.)
A8a#tiae (a8^.) $R2بfB* ¬ي2M3
A8a#tometer (Le8.)
A8abia/ (a8^.) رGK;ل% ر12_3
A88 (a.)
A88en8 (n.) ةF2f3 ة4;s
A88en8a (#/. o7 a88en8"m)
A88en8"m (Png.) Š>(%* V) ‹>R
A88en8"m (n.)
A88en8"m circ/e (Png.) ةv4K;%* 1C ةللJ;%* D>o*'%*
A88ing machine
A88ition (n.)
A88ition agent (P/ec. Png.)
A88ition o7 s/ag Œب[%* ةF2p‘
A88ition o7 aectors (Lech.)
A88ition sign
A88itiona/ (a8^.)
A88itiona/ ebtension ة4F2p‘ 'ي';5 ةل™1
A88itiae (a8^.)
A88itiae (n.)
A88itiae com#o"n8s (-hem.) ˜;_%2, Ÿ2بs>3
A88itiae #ro#ert! (-hem.)
A88itiae reaction (-hem.) ˜;_%2, OT2h5
A88ress (n.) |*GنT ‚ 02vd
A88ress (a.) |GنT ‚ iR2d
A88ressee {4%‘ O)>;%*
A88"ctor (m"sc/e) (eoo/.) ة,>n3 ةلfT
A8enoi8s (eoo/.)
A8e#sine oi/ ? #ara77in oi/ V4F*>ب%* tيX
A8e#t (a8^.)
A8e9"ac! (n.)
A8e9"ate (a8^.)
A8here (a.)
A8herence (n.)
A8herent (a8^.)
A8hesion (n.)
A8hesion. 7orce o7 (h!s.) ”2l(%&* DGق
A8hesiae (n.)
A8hesiae (a8^.)
A8hesiae 7orce (Png.) ”2l(%&* DGق
A8hesiae ta#e (P/ec. Png.) U™& •ي>`
A8iabatic (a8^.)
A8iabatic ca/orimeter (h!s.)
A8iabatic change (h!s.) Dر*>K%* @GNJ3 >4A5
A8iabatic contraction (h!s.) $52بي=C ‡لn5
A8iabatic c"rae (h!s.)
—4+ . —ي2+ . k4s
ة4\ي2M5 . ة4h4J5 . k4J(%* ة4B2J3‘
k4J(%* OM) . D—ي2M;ل% O,2ق . k4J(3
u4M5 . uي2M5 . ة\4M5 . k44J5 . k4J5
':3 .Iom3 ‚ k4J3 . —ي2M3 . —4M3
¬ي2M3 . D—4M3 ةل™1 ‚ {jG3
¸1ر2l%* V3 V4(لE>3 V4,) •,>%* ةل™1 1C ةh`)
D•2pž* D'€% ةب<ن%2,) V4:%* k4J5 Š24n3)
IfB* . ˜;_B* . ˜;j . ‹2pC
UEm3 . Io2;p
UKل3 . ةF2p‘ . ة;4;p
=*'T•%) ˜;j ةنJ3)
˜;_%* ‚ ةF2p‘ . ˜;j
$o2,>MJ%* O4لK(%* $F) ةF2p‘ O32T)
ةMjG;%* Ÿ24;J%* ˜;j . Ÿ2M_(;%* ˜;j
˜;_%* ة3mT (¹)
$:;j . $F2p‘
$F2p‘ . $:;j
³*G) 1C =GقG%* Z%‘) ةF2f3 D=23)
ة4F2p‘ 1C) ة4:;j ة™2d)
Vي12ن:%* ةT2بv% ةنJ3 ~ةBGن:3
$3G:لب%* kBH* kيG_5 $F I[f(3 r'} Ž4<B ~Ÿ24B*'}
>+23 . >4بd
ةق24% .ةي2hs . ة4Em™
i)2ن3 . Uo& . ’>A%2, ‹*1
0) •<;5 ‚ Ul(%* . Ul%)
0) •<;5 ‚ ”*c(%* . ”2l(%*)
Qc% . ”2l(%&* ˜ي>)
”2l(%&* ة4,ذ2j ‚ @2K(%* . ”2l(%*
”Gl% .q;l3 •ي>`
U,= . ”X& . ”Gl%
Dر*>K%* I•2s . $52بي=C
$52بي=C >(;يرG%2s) >:<3)
{;_K, X2A%* •Ap ةقmT V4بي) $52بي=C ZنKن3)
A8iabatic e77icienc! (Png.)
A8iabatic e9"ation (h!s.)
A8iabatic eb#ansion (chem. h!s.)
A8iabatic #rocess (h!s.)
A8iabatica//! (a8a.) rر*>E W=2ب5 |1=
A8iathermic (h!s.) Dر*>Kل% xhن3 >4}
A8i#ic aci8 (-hem.)
A8i#ocere (weo/.) IKh(3 $ن+= ˜;`
A8i#ose (eoo/.)
A8it (n.) (Lining)
A8it c"t mining $بB2j $nFC Vي':5
A8it en8 (Lining) 0><%* ةي2MB
A8it entrance (Lining) 0><%* Od'3
A8it /eae/ (Lining) 0><%* SG(<3
A8^acent ang/es (Laths.) |25ر12_(3 |2(ي1*X
A8^acent 7ie/8s (et. Png.) ة;d2(3 WGnE
A8^oin (a.)
A8^oine8 c"rae (Laths.) Vي>n%* ZنKن;%*
A8^oining (a8^.)
A8^oining concession (et. Png.) ر12_3 X24(3*
A8^oining Ye// (et. Png.) ة;d2(3 >\,
A8^o"rn (a.)
A8^"st (a.)
A8^"stab/e (a8^.)
A8^"stab/e at Yi// =*>;%* i<E W':ي
A8^"stab/e b/a8e reamer (Png.)
A8^"stab/e c/am# (Png.) $R2بfB* •32ق
A8^"stab/e con8enser (e/ec. Png.) $R2بfB* k›J3
A8^"stab/e 8ie (Png.) $R2بfB* ةب%G% i%2ق
A8^"stab/e 7/oY bean (Png.) $R2بfB* |2ي>j UB2d
A8^"stab/e 7or en8-#/a! (Png.) $F>v%* i:ل%* •بf% W':3
A8^"stab/e /eae/ (´"ra.) $R2بfB* •*G()* |*c43
A8^"stab/e reamer (Png.) Oي':(ل% O,2ق 0Gn• ˜)G3
A8^"stab/e resistance (P/ec. Png.) Oي':(ل% ةل,2ق ة312n3
A8^"stab/e set-s9"are Oي':(ل% ةل,2ق WG43 ة;)>3
A8^"stab/e sh"tter (hotog.) $R2بfB* Uل}
A8^"stab/e s#anner (Png.)
A8^"stab/e s#ee8 motor (P/ec. Png.) ةT><%* W':(3 $o2,>Ms ]>K3
A8^"stab/e stee/ #ro# Oي':(ل% ةل,2ق ةيذ&GF ة32T=
A8^"stab/e sto# (Png.) Oي':(ل% O,2ق 'l3
A8^"stab/e tri#o8 Oي':(ل% O,2ق $•m• O32E
A8^"stab/e Yrench (Png.) $R2بfB* •,ر ®2(h3
A8^"ster (n.) (Lech.)
A8^"sting (a8^.)
A8^"sting (n.)
A8^"sting bo/t (Png.) •بp ر2;<3
A8^"sting bo/t n"t (Png.) •بf%* ر2;<3 ة%G;™
A8^"sting 8eaice •بp ةv4بB
A8^"sting /eaer (Png.)
A8^"sting n"t (Png.) Oي':(%* ة%G;™
A8^"sting rack ةنن<3 •بp D'ي>j
A8^"sting ring (Png.) Oي':(%* 1C •بf%* ةnلE
A8^"sting ro8 (Png.) •بf%* š*رذ
V4,رG5 1C ]>K;%) ةي252بي=H* ةي2hJ%* )
Dر*>K%* ة4%=2ب5 & ) ةي252بي=C ة%=2:3)
$J452بي=C =';5 . Dر*>K%* $%=2ب5 & =';5
rر*>K%* W=2ب(%* V3 ة4%2d ~ة452,2ي=C ة4ل;T
$ن+= †;E . •4بي=H* †;E
$B*G4E V+= . IK`
Od'3 . c4ل+= ‚ $nFC >4hE . 0>)
iي>ق . ر12_3
Ul(%* . ر12_5 . z3m5 . U™m5
Id2(3 .ر12_3 . Dر12_(3
2T2;(j*) †F ‚ OjC)
k4J5 . •بfB* . >ي2T . W'T . •بp . SG)
{vبp 1C {لي':5 VJ;3 . §2بfBm% O,2ق
Oي':(ل% O,2ق) $R2بfB* OK<3)
rc4لJB‘ ®2(h3) . $R2بfB* •,ر ®2(h3)
W':3 . •بp O32T
•,2p . W':3
•بp . Oي':5
Oي':(%* ةل(T . •بf%* š*رذ
A8^"sting screY (Png.) •بf%* $}>, 1C i%G%
A8^"sting screY n"t •بf%* $}>, ة%G;™
A8^"stment knob
A8^"stment time •بf%* V3X
A8^"stment. coarse $بي>n5 •بp
A8^"stment. 7ine U4ق= •بp
A8^"stor m"sc/e (eoo/.) ةv,2p ةلfT
A8^"tant (n.) 'T2<3
A8minister (a.)
A8ministration (n.)
A8ministratiae (a8^.)
A8mira/t! brass (or meta/)
A8missib/e (a8^.)
A8mission-#erio8 (Png.)
A8mission (n.)
A8mission o#ening (Png.) W2d=ž* ةK(F
A8mission #ress"re W2d=ž* •Ap
A8mission aa/ae (Png.) W2d=ž* @2;™
A8mission ae/ocit! W2d=ž* ةT>)
A8mit (a.)
A8mib (a.)
A8mibt"re (n.)
A8nate (a8^.) Ž3'ن3
A8nation (Bio/.)
A8nic (Let.)
A8o/escence (n.)
A8o/escent (a8^.) U+*>3
A8o#t (a.)
A8orn (a.)
A8rena/ g/an8 (eoo/.) >NJ%* D'}
A8rena/ine (-hem.)
A8ri7t (a8^. a8a.)
A8roit (a8^.)
A8sorb (a.) (-hem.)
A8sorbate (n.) (-hem.)
A8sorbent (a8^. n.) (-hem.)
A8sorbent c/a! (-hem.) c(;3 V4R
A8sor#tion (n.) (-hem.)
A8sor#tion in8icator X*c(3* O4%=
A8sor#tion metho8 X*c(3&* ةnي>R
A8sor#tion #rocess (-hem.) X*c(3&* ة4ل;T
A8sor#tiae (a8^.)
A8"/t (a8^.. n.)
A8"/terant (a8^.)
A8"/terant (n.)
A8"/terate (a.)
A8"/terate8 (a8^.) (-hem.)
A8"/teration (n.) (-hem.)
§2بfB* . D>ي2:3 . Oي':5 . ةيG<5 . •بp
•بf%* (رX 1C) ةfبق
S>jC . @2قC . Z%G5 ‚ (•*1=) ZvTC ‚ ر*=C
rر*=‘ ‹*>`‘ . Dر*=‘
rx4hن5 . rر*=‘
0'(ن3 >ي'3 .>ي'3
W*>43C . >Kب%* >43C
) SGn;%* >h™H* Š2Kن%* ¦… ºŠ2KB » ¤¼ º•BX » „ >ي'lق » )
{, ®G;<3 . WGبn3
ر2[ب%*) WGd= D>(F)
‹*>(T* ‚ WGبق . W2d=‘
>قC‚ WGd', “;) . X2jC
ةK32<3 ‚ WGd'%2, ®2;) . Oبn5
Qc(3* . 02` . •لd . Qc3
ةبo2` ‚ •4لd . Žيc3 ‚ 0G` . •لd . Qc3
”2l(%* . Q23'B*
>ي'ln%*1 OJ4ن%*1 Š2Kن%* V3 ةJ4ب) ~•B=C
•A% . ة_p
¬4B 0GR . Vبل%* V4R
ةn+*>;%* رGR ‚ ةn+*>3 . š2hي
Zنب5 ‚ (0) xdC
‹>dX . VيX
>NJ%* ة™md ~Vي>Ns . V4%2نير=C
ر24(%* ˜3 ر1>_3 . ”2<ن3
Uب% . ”ذ2E . >+23
r>:€%* O:h%* |1',) ‡(3* . c(3*)
Dc(;;%* D=2;%* . c(;3
X23 . c(;3
0*x_()* . 01c% . c(3*
0c% . rX*c(3*
'`*ر . q%2,
”ذ23 . œ2}
²Aل% ةل;:(<;%* D=2;%* ~O}X
²} . ”x3
kيc3 . œG€A3 . ”1x;3
O}X . ²} . ”x3
A8aance-hea8ing (Lining)
A8aance (a8^.)
A8aance (n.)
A8aance bore-ho/e (et. Png.)
A8aance 7o/8 (weo/.) kEc%* ة4R
A8aance Yaae (weo/.) kEc%* ةjG3
A8aance. rate o7 @'n(%* ةT>)
A8aance8 ignition Uب<3 W2:`‘
A8aance8 timing @'n3 t4قG5
A8aancement (n.)
A8aantage (n.)
A8aantage. mechanica/ (Lech.) ة4%½* D'o2h%*
A8aection (n.) (h!s.)
A8aent o7 Yater in an oi/ Ye// (et. Png.) tيc%* >\, $F •2;%* رGM•
A8aersar! Ild
A8aerse (a8^.)
A8aerse circ"mstances ة<s2:3 ‹1>•
A8aerse Yater a8aance (et. Png.) ر2f%* •2;%* kEX
A8aertent (a8^.)
A8aertise (a.)
A8aertisement (n.)
A8aice ةK4lB
A8aisab/e (a8^.)
A8aise (a.)
A8aise8/! (a8a.) *';T ‚ ةي1>,
A8aiser (or a8aisor) ر2€(<3
A8aisor! committee ةير2€()* ةن_%
A8!namia (Le8.)
A8ye (n.) (-ar#.)
A8ye (a.) >_B
Aegirine ? aegirite (Lin.)
Aeo/ian (a8^.) $Kير
Aeo/ian 8e#osits (weo/.)
Aeo/ian rocks (weo/.) “ي>%* رG[™
Aeo/ian so"n8 (Aco"s.) cيc+
Aeo/o#hi/o"s (Bot.) ر2€(B&* $Kير
Aeo/otro#ic (h!s.) ة4:4بv%* ¡*G[%* Vي2ب(3
Aerage ةيGM5
Aerate (a.)
Aerate8 Yater SGM3 •23
Aerating roots (Bot.) ةيGM(%* ر1xj
Aerating s!stem (Png.) ةيGM(%* @2NB
Aeration (n.)
Aeration air receiaer (Png.) ةيGM(%* •*G+ W2بn()* •2T1
Aeration ca# (Png.) ةيGM(%* DG<نلق
Aerator (n.)
Aeria/-t"ning con8enser (¢a8io) $o*GM%* ةh%*G3 k›J3
Aeria/ (a8^.)
Aeria/ (n.) (¢a8io.) $o*G+
Aeria/ cab/e-Ya!s $o*GM%* OبJ%* ”>R
Aeria/ cab/e (©e/eg.) $o*G+ Oبs
Aeria/ car (-ia. Png.) ة4o*G+ ة,>T
Aeria/ carrier (Png.)
@'n(3 ($nFC) UhB
@'n(3 . @'n3
”>5 -(r>J<T) kEX . @'n5
@'n(3 (>hE) in•
ة4ق>5 . •2n5ر* . @'n5
ة4لfFC . ةيc3 ‚ ة:hن3 . D'o2F
$nFC ³2_5* $F Dر*>K%* W2n(B* ~UF—(%*
$F2p‘ . $p>T
$<JT . =2f3 . k%2[3
{بن(3 . ªn4(3
2;ن4<%* 1C kKl%* 1C ةT*ذž* $F) VT VلTC)
>€B . D>€B . |mT‘
V<K(<3 . Iom3
0) ر2`C . “lB)
’>;%* iب<, ةيG4K%* k:p . V+1
@1'ق . @1'ق
'ي'K%*1 @Gي=Gl%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 @2d ~Vي>ب_ي*
ة4Kير Dر*>ق . ة4o*GM%* i)*1>%*
X2A%* 1C •*GM%2, Qc3 . SG+ . •*GMل% ’>T
•*GM%2, Qc3 . ةيGM5
ةيGM(%* X2Mj . ةيGM3
rGj . $o*G+
ةnل:3 ة,>T . $o*G+ Oق2B
Aeria/ conae!er
Aeria/ /a88er ¬F2v;%* Dر24) Iل)
Aeria/ /ine (Png.) $o*G+ •d
Aeria/ ma# ةيGj ةvي>d
Aeria/ naaigation ةيGj ةEm3
Aeria/ #ers#ectiae (hotog.) rGj رGNن3
Aeria/ #hotogra#h! (hotog.) rG_%* >يGl(%*
Aeria/ reconnaissance (´"ra.)
Aeria/ resistance (¢a8io) $o*GM%* ة312n3
Aeria/ root (Bot.) $o*G+ رxj
Aeria/ ro#eYa! (-ia. Png.) $o*G+ $لبE Uي>R
Aeria/ s"rae!ing (´"ra.)
Aeria/ sYitch (¢a8io) $o*GM%* ®2(h3
Aeria/ tramYa! (or trans#orter) (Png.) ةnل:;%* ة,>:%2, $o*G+ Oق2B
Aeria/ trans#ortation
Aeri7orm $;+1 ‚ $o*G+
Aeri7! (a.)
Aerobatics (Aero.) ة4o*G+ Ÿ2452,1>sC
Aerobic res#iration (Bio/.) $o*G+ zhن5
Aero8rome ? air#ort (Aero.) ر2v3
Aero8!ne (Aero.)
Aero7oi/ ? air7oi/ $o*G+ 024<B* “v)
Aerogram ةيGj ة%2)ر
Aerogra#h (n.) (aint.)
Aero/ite (weo/.)
Aero/og! (Aero. Leteor.)
Aeromagnetic #ros#ecting
Aeromechanics ةيG_%* 2J4B2J4;%*
Aerometer (Leteor.) •*GM%* ةF2›s Š24n3
Aerometric instr"ment (Leteor.) $o*G+ Š24ق X2Mj
Aerona"tica/ engineering |*>4v%* ة)'ن+
Aerona"tics |*>4v%* VF 1C IلT
Aero#a"se (h!s.)
Aero#h!te ? e#i#h!te (Bot.)
Aero#/ane ? air#/ane
Aero#/ane engine (Png.) D>o2v%* ]>K3
Aerosco#! (Leteor.) ةيG_%* W*GEH* ŒK,
Aeroso/ bomb
Aeros#ace (h!s.)
Aeros#here rG_%* ‹mA%*
Aerostat (Aero.)
Aerostatics ة4o*GM%* 2J452()ž* IلT
Aesthetics W2;_%* IلT
Aestiaate (a.) (Bio/.)
Aestiaation (Bio/.) $h4™ Ÿ2ب)
Aether (ether) (-hem.) >4BC
A7ebri/e (Le8.)
A77ect (a.)
•ي>hل5) $o*G+ Oق2B)
rGj (‹2€J()* 1C) šmv()*
rGj “<3 . ةيG_%* ةE2<;%*
rG_%* 1C) $o*GM%* Onن%*)
•*GM%2, ˜ب€5 . ةيGM5
ر2[, Z%‘ WGE ‚ •*GM%2, ˜ب`C . SG+
Ÿ2432ني=1>يž* . ة4o*GM%* 2J432ني'%* IلT
$o*GM%* $J4B2J4;%* ˜F'%2, ˜h5>5 D>o2R ~Vي*=1>ي‘
|2+'ل%) ة`>3)
G_%* k™1 . ة4F*>j1>ي&*
]c4B . Ijر . rGj >_E
G_%* IلT . •*GjH* IلT . ة4jG%1>ي&*
G_%* V3 ) $<4vنA3 ‹2€J()*)
|*>4R $J4B2J43 . |*>4R Š'نM3 1C >4بd
|*>4v%* O4K(<ي Œ4E 24ل:%* G_%* ةnبR ~XG,1>يC
$o*G+) Uل:3 Ÿ2بB)
Dر24R . D>o2R
rGj •2ب+ . •*GM%* 2Mل;Kي ةلo2) 1C ةبل™ Ÿ*>يرذ ~WG)1>يC
§GAf;%* •*GM%2, (رذ •2T1) ذ*ذ>3
2M, •4K;%* •2fh%*1 ’رH* ~rG_%* •2fh%*
=2vن3 . •*GM%* V3 kdC ةبs>3
k4l5 . k4™
Z;K%* ’*>TC |1= ) rG;E &)
ة%—<3 . |—`
$F O:F . $F >•C
A77ecte8 (a8^.)
A77erent (eoo/.)
A77i/iate (a.)
A77init! (-hem. Bio/.)
A77irm (a.)
A77irmation (n.)
A77ib (n.) ةF2p‘
A77ib (a.)
A77/"ent (n.) 'F*ر
A77/"b (n.)
A77or8 (a.)
A77orest (a.)
A77orestation (n.) Žي>K5
A7/ame (a8a.)
A7/oat (a8^.)
A7/oat (a8a.)
A7rican ´hie/8 (weo/.) $nي>FH* šر'%*
A7ter-b/oY (-hem.)
A7ter-b"rning UE& ”*>(E*
A7ter-8am# (Lining)
A7ter-image (°#t.)
A7ter-treatment (Lin.) ةnE& ة_%2:3
A7terbirth (Le8.)
A7tercoo/ (a.)
A7tercoo/er (Lining) UE& =>ب3
Ag (si/aer) (-hem.)
Agamic ? agamo"s (Bio/.)
agar-agar (-hem.)
Agate (n.) (Lin.)
Age (n.)
Age o7 the be8s (weo/.) ة4jG%G4_%* Ÿ2nبv%* >;T
Age. geo/ogica/ $jG%G4j V4E 1C >lT
Age. ¨ce (weo/.) r'4ل_%* >l:%*
Ageing ? age-har8ening (Let.)
Agena ? -enta"ri (Astron.) |XG%*
Agenc! ةv)*1 ‚ ة%2s1
Agen8a (n.)
Agent (n.)
Agent Yetting i4R>5 O32T
Agent. cata/!tic (-hem.) X2hE O32T
Agent. chemica/ (-hem.) r12;4s O32T
Agent. obi8iying (-hem.) '<su3 O32T
Agent. re8"cing. (-hem.) Wc([3 O32T
Agents. Yeathering (weo/.) ةي>:5 O3*GT
Agg/omerate (a8^.)
Agg/omerate (n.) (weo/.) $B2s>, ‡4™ر
Agg/omerate (a.)
Agg/omerating #/ant ˜4;_5 1C Isر D'E1
Agg/omeration (n.)
˜نl3 . ³G;3 .kلJ(3 ‚ >•—(3
cs>;%* Z%‘ ‹>v%* V3 Oق2B . =رG3
]>(`C .IfB* .]>`C . Ip
ة,*>ق . ةh%C
tب• .'sC
'4sG5 . Ÿ2ب•‘
‹2pC . UK%C . tب•
G;R . O4) . UF'5
ZلT ر'ق .VJ;5 . ”2RC
2j*>EC šرX . Q>E
m:(€3 . 2بM(ل3
Io2T .‹2R
2;o2T . 24F2R
ةي'T2n%* ˆ>;<,ˆ ةnي>R $F رGh<h%* ة%*Xž) UE& –hB)
ة_%2:;%* D>(F $ل5) ةnE& ةي2نT)
I_ن;%* $F) ر2_hB&* ':, Uب(3 UB2d X2})
O:F D=ر . UE& >•C
$;)>%* @*1'%* ':,) ة4F2p‘ Ÿ2T2))
“ب` . ةيGل5 DرG™ . k4R
¡m[%*) ة4€}C1 '[<%*)
•Af%* ':,) =>,)
Uب(3 †431 . UE& Ž+G5 . Uh`
ةfhل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~‹
$j1*c5 & . $n` &
2ي>4(Jب%* Ÿ2بن()& $3m+ •*x}) ر2}C ر2}C)
$B2;ي >_E . U4nT
V4E . ةبnE . >lT .®‚ >;T
U4(:(%2, =m™‘ . V3c%* ر1>;, 'لl(%* . U4(:5
D>sx3 . D>Jh3 ‚ W2;TC W1'j
§2ب5ر* O32T . O32T
@GJ(3 . O(J(3
Is*>5 . Š's . O(J5 . O(s
@2_5ر* . رGJ5 . O(J5 . ˜;_5
Ulل3 . |cل3
Agg/"tinate (a8^.)
Agg/"tinate (a.)
Agg/"tinating #oYer |Xm(%* 1C |cل%* DGق
Agg/"tination (n.)
Agg/"tination o7 coa/ (Lining.) IKh%* |Xm5
Agg/"tinin (Le8.)
Aggra8ation (n.)
Aggra8ationa/ 8e#osits (weo/.) ة4ني>} 1C ة44;R i)*1ر
Aggraaate (a.)
Aggregate (Lin.) $B':3 •لd
Aggregate (n.)
Aggregate (a.)
Aggregate 7r"it (Bot.) ة:;_(3 D>;•
Aggregate #o/ariyation (P/ec. Png.) ˜;_(3 02vn()*
Aggregation (n.)
Aggressiae (a8^.)
Aging (or ageing) (n.)
Agitate (a.)
Agitating (a8^.)
Agitation (n.)
Agitator (n.)
Ag/itter (a8a.)
Ag/oY (a8a.)
Agonic /ine (Lagn.)
Agrarian re7orm $T*رc%* ®m™ž*
Agree (a.)
Agreeab/e (a8^.)
Agree8 (a8^.) {4لT Uh(3
Agreement (n.)
Agric"/t"ra/ chemistr! ة4T*رc%* •24;4J%*
Agric"/t"re (n.)
Agric"/t"rist (n.) $T*رX >4بd
Agrimotor $%‰ ر*>j
Agro/og! (n.) ة4T*رc%* ة,>(%* IلT
Agronom! (n.)
Agrosto/og! (n.) ²o2€K%*1 02€TH* IلT
Agro"n8 (a8^. a8a.)
Ag"e (Le8.)
Ai8 (n.)
Ai8 (a.)
Ai8. 7irst $%1C ‹2:)‘
Ai8s. a"8io-ais"a/ ةي>lب%*1 ة4:;<%* ®2fيž* Oo2)1
Aig"i//e (B"i/8) Dر2_K%* ة,2n•
Aikinite (n.)
Ai/erons (Aero.) Ÿ2K4نj
Aim (n.)
Aim (a.)
Air- com#ressor goaernor (Png.) •*GM%* •}2p INن3
Air-bath $o*G+ @2;E
Air-b/ast in^ection (Png.) $o*GM%* ˜F'%2, VnE
Air-b/ast sYitch (or circ"it breaker) (P/ec. Png.) •*GM%* ˜F', O;:ي D>o*= ˜R2ق
Air-b/ast trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) •*GM%* ˜F', =>بي $o2,>Ms WGK3
U™m(3 . |Xm(3
|Xm5 . •*>A%2, Ul%C . r>}
¡*>5 . |Xm5 . ”2l%‘ . ةي>A5
ةBcل3 D=23 . |cل3
02)رž2, (’رH*) ةيG<5
Iق2h5 . D'E 1C *•G) (•$€%*) =*X
Is*>5 . ˜;_5 . ةل;j .@2sر
Is*>5 . ˜;_5 . Š's . ˜;j
˜4;_5 . ˜;_5 . Is*>5
':5 . |*1'T
“F2J3 . >32A3 . $B*1'T
V3c%* ر1>;, >•—5 . U4(:5 . @=2n5
Ž4M5 .Ž4+ . Qر . ]>E
>4›3 . Ž4M3
Q24+ . 0*>vp* ‚ ةf[fd . Q2_5ر*
’>K3 . Ž4M3 ‚ iلn3 . ]*>K3
2n%—(3 . 2\%•(3
2_+G(3 . *'قG(3
$<4vنA;%*) ‹*>KB*m%* •d)
ة4T*رc%* $p*رH2, Uل:(3 . $T*رX
I_<B* . @•m5 . Uh5* . UF*1
’>3 . WGبn3
ة3•m3 . ”2h5* . ة4ق2h5*
ةEmF . ةT*رX
ةT*رc%* IلT . $T*رc%* =2l(ق&* IلT
’رH2, Iv5>3 . “B2j
2Mp*>TC 'EC 1C 2يرm;%* . •*=>,
‹2:)‘ . D'T2<3 . |GT
'T2) . |2TC
˜3& $B':3 >[™ ~ t4ن4Jي*
'ي'<5 ‚ 'lق . ‹'+
=') . 0G™ ‚ 'lق . ‹'+
Air-b/oYing (Png.) •*GM%* –hB
Air-bob ةيGM(%* ”1'ن™
Air-brake sYitch (or circ"it breaker) (P/ec. Png.) •*GM%* $F {52<3m3 ®2(h3
Air-brick (B"i/8.)
Air-br"sh (Png.) •*GM%* •Af, O;:5 ة`>3
Air-casting (Png.)
Air-ce// (Png.)
Air-ce//s (eoo/.) ة4o*G+ 2يmd
Air-chamber ة4o*G+ D>_E
Air-circ"/ation •*GM%* |*ر1=
Air-c/assi7ier (Lining.)
Air-cock •*G+ zبK3
Air-com#ressor (Png.)
Air-con8enser (¢a8io.)
Air-con8ition (n.) •*GM%* k4s
Air-con8itione8 (a8^.) •*GM%* k4J3
Air-con8itioning (n.) (Png.) •*GM%* k44J5
Air-con8itions (Leteor.) G_%* W*GEC
Air-con8"ction (h!s.) $o*GM%* O4™G(%*
Air-con8"ctor $o*G+ O™G3
Air-contro//e8 (a8^.)
Air-coo/ (a.) •*GM%2, =>,
Air-coo/e8 (a8^.) •*GM%2, =>ب3
Air-coo/e8 engine (Png.) •*GM%2, =>ب3 ]>K3
Air-coo/e8 intercoo/er •*GM%2, =>بي $ن4, =>ب3
Air-coo/er (Png.) $o*G+ =>ب3
Air-coo/ing (Png.) •*GM%2, 'ي>ب5
Air-core cab/e ? 8r!-core cab/e (P/ec. Png.)
Air-core coi/ (P/ec. Png.) $o*G+ iلق 1ذ kل3
Air-crossing ةيGM(%* ˜R2n5
Air-8rain (Png.) $o*G+ ‹>l3
Air-8rie8 (a8^.) •*GM%2, kh_3
Air-8ri// (Png.) •*GM%2, ة,2n•
Air-8ri//ing (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, in•
Air-8riaen (a8^.) •*GM%2, ر*'ي
Air-8r! (a8^.) •*GM%* $F kh_3
Air-8r!ing •*GM%* $F k4h_5
Air-e^ector (Png.)
Air-e/"triator (Lining.) •*GM%* Ÿ*ر24(, k4نl(%* X2Mj
Air-ebha"ster (Png.) •*GM%* =>v% ةE1>3
Air-7/oY meter “ي>%* ةT>) Š24n3
Air-7"e/ ratio (Png.) =GقG%* Z%‘ •*GM%* ةب<B
Air-ga# ة4o*G+ ةj>F 1C DG_F
Air-ga# arrester (P/ec.) ة4o*G+ DG_F Ÿ*ذ UT*G™ ة:B23
Air-gas ? #ro8"cer gas (-hem.) Ÿ*'%G;%* X2}
Air-ga"ge (Png.) •*GM%* •Ap Š24n3 ‚ –hن%* Š24n3
Air-har8ening (Let.) •*GM%2, =m™‘
Air-heater •*GM%* ةن[<3 ‚ •*GM%2, V[<3
Air-/eae/ (´"ra.)
Air-/i7t #"m# (-!8.) •*GM%2, ة:F*ر ة[f3
Air-/ock (-ia. Png.)
Air-/"brication $o*G+ I4K€5 X2Mj
Air-motor hoist (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, š2F>3
ةT>h3 (D>j‰ 1C) ة,GR
$o*G+ ‡4;ق . •*GM%2, k4لA5
”*>(E&* •بf%) ة4o*G+ ة4لd)
•*GM%* (kنl3 1C) ”>h3
•*GM%* (“`>3 1C) $nن3
•*GM%* zبJ3 . •*GM%* •}2p
•*GM%* ة%X2T k›J3 . $o*G+ k›J3
§GAf;%* ) •*GM%2, INن3)
2RGAf3 •*G+ rGKي) $o*G+ iلق 1ذ Oبs)
2fh[ن3 •*GM%* •Ap $nب5) ةNF& ة[f3)
ة4o*G+ ةT2nF 1ذ) •*G()* |*c43)
$o*G+ (@2)= 1C) Uل}
Air-o#erate8 (a8^.) •*GM%2, OA€ي
Air-#i//oY ة4o*G+ D=2)1
Air-#reheater ? air heater •*GM%* V[<3
Air-#roo7 (a8^.) •*GMل% '32™
Air-#"m# (Png.)
Air-#"m# /"bricator (Png.) •*GM%* ة[f3 ة(يc3
Air-#"m#ing •*GM%* –p
Air-receiaer (Png.)
Air-san8 (coa/ c/eaning) #rocess (Lining.)
Air-sha7t (-ia. Png.) r=G;T ةيGM5 xhن3
Air-s/aking (B"i/8.) •*GMل% {fي>:(, >4_%* •2hR‘
Air-tight (a8^.)
Air-to-air missi/e (Li/.)
Air-tra# (´an. Png.) •*GM%* @2;™
Air (n.)
Air (a.)
Air a8mission (Png.) •*GM%* W2d=‘
Air ba77/e
Air base (Li//.) ةيGj D'T2ق
Air b/a88er (eoo/.) ة4o*G+ ةB2›3
Air b/ast
Air b/ee8 (n.) (Png.) •*GM%* ‹cB
Air b/ee8 (a.) (Png.) •*GM%* ‹cB
Air b/ee8ing (Png.) •*GM%* ‹*cن()*
Air b/oYer $o*G+ –F2B
Air brake (Png.)
Air b"m# (Aero.)
Air ca#acitor (P/ec. Png.) $o*G+ k›J3
Air ca#acit! ة4o*GM%* ة:<%*
Air carrier (Aero.) OnB Dر24R
Air caait! ? air s#ace (Bot.) $o*G+ kيG_5
Air c/"tch (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, †,2ق
Air com#artment ةيGM5 D>_E
Air c"rrent $o*G+ ر245
Air c"shion (Png.)
Air c!/in8er §GAf3 •*G+ ةB*Gv)C
Air 8am#ing
Air 8e7/ector •*GM%* ةFر2E
Air 8ensit! (h!s.) •*GM%* ةF2›s
Air 8ischarge •*GM%* qي>h5
Air 8is#/acement
Air 8istrib"tor (Png.) •*G+ šXG3
Air 8rag (Lech.)
Air 8ra"ght •*G+ ر245
Air 8riae (et. Png.)
Air 8"cts (Png.)
Air 8"sting •*GM%2, ر2بA%* †4hن5
Air engine (Png.) $o*G+ ]>K3
Air esca#e (/"mb.) •*GMل% 0>M3
Air 7an ةE1>3
Air 7i/er
Air 7/oY •*G+ S>_3
•*GM%* ة[f3 . ة4o*G+ ة}>h3
§GAf;%* •*GM%* Oبn(<3 . •*G+ |*cd
ة4o*G+ ة4لd . $o*G+ z4s
IKh%* ة4nن(%) •*GM%*1 O3>%* ةnي>R)
rGj •2fF . $o*G+ c4E
•*GMل% =1') . •*GMل% •4<3
Gj Gj ةhيxق . G_%* V3 ةhيxق
•*G+ . Gj
SGMل% ’>T . SG+
•*GM%* (UF'5 ˜ن;%) ةp>(:3
•*GM%* š2F'B* . $o*G+ ˜F=
§GAf;%* •*GM%2, ةل3>F . $o*G+ “بJ3
$o*G+ rGM3 . $o*G+ i4j
ة4o*G+ (D=2)1 1C) D'[3
•*GM%2, (=2;d‘ 1C) ة%•2f3
ةE*Xž2, •*GM%* Onن5 . •*GM%* ةE*X‘
ة4o*G+ ةق2T‘ . •*GM%* ة312n3
§GAf;%* •*GM%* VnK, (>\ب%*) ‹*cن()*
•*GM%* i4,2BC . •*GM%* •%2<3
•*GM%* “`>3 . •*GMل% “`>3
Air 7/"e (B"i/8.) •*G+ ‹>l3
Air 7orce (Li//.) |*>4v%* ®m)
Air 7reight *Gj Onن%* 1C VK€%*
Air 7riction $o*GM%* ]2J(E&*
Air 7"rnace $o*G+ |>F
Air gate (6o"n8r!)
Air g/oY (Leteor.) $o*G+ Ž+G5
Air goaernor (Png.) $o*G+ ةT>) Is2E
Air g"n (Png.) ة4o*G+ @2`>, ة:F'3
Air hoist (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, š2F>3
Air in8"ction •*GM%* W2d=‘
Air in^ection (Png.) •*GM%2, VnE
Air in/et ? air intake (Png.)
Air in#"t Ye//s (et. Png.) $o*GM%* VnK%* ر2,‰
Air ins"/ation (P/ec. Png.) •*GM%2, WcT
Air intake aa/ae •*GM%* W2d=‘ @2;™
Air ^et
Air /a!er ة4o*G+ ةnبR
Air /i7t (et. Png.) •*GM%2, Q*>[()*
Air /ine (P/ec. Png.)
Air /i9"e7action (h!s.) •*GM%* ة%2)‘
Air /og
Air manometer (h!s.)
Air mass (Leteor.)
Air mechanic rGj $J4B2J43
Air meter
Air motor §GAf;%* •*GM%2, ]>K3
Air naaigation ةيGj ةEm3
Air noyy/e
Air o"t/et •*GM%* Q>[3
Air oaen $o*G+ |>F
Air #assage •*G+ >;3
Air #atro/ rGj ‹2€J()* Dر1=
Air #i#e (Png.) ةيGM5 0GبBC
Air #ocket
Air #o//"tion •*GM%* «Gل5
Air #ress"re (h!s.)
Air #ress"re ga"ge (Png.) •*GM%* •Ap Š24n3
Air #ress"re reg"/ator (Png.) •*GM%* •Ap W':3
Air 9"enching ˜F'ن;%* •*GM%2, 'ي>ب5
Air rai8 ةيGj Dر2}
Air ramming (Png.) •*GM%2, ]=
Air reconnaissance rGj šmv()*
Air re7ining •*GM%* ة4nن5
Air re/ease aa/ae (Png.) •*GM%* ”mvB* @2;™
Air re#ress"ring (et. Png.)
Air resistance •*GM%* ة312n3
Air ro"te rGj •d
Air scoo# $o*G+ xhن3
Air si/encer (A"to.) •*GM%* ŸG™ tF2d
Air s#ee8 (Aero.)
Air stan8ar8 c!c/e (¨. -. Png.)
Air stan8ar8 e77icienc! (¨. -. Png.)
Air starter (Png.) $o*G+ ةs>E ƒ=2,
•*GM%* (kي>l(%) xhن3
•*GM%* xd—3 . •*GM%* Od'3
•*G+ DرGF2B . •*G+ ة›F2B
]m)H* 1C i4,2BH2,) $o*G+ OnB •d)
D>o2v%* O_) ‚ •*GMل% ةب<ن%2, D>o2v%* 2M:vn5 $(%* ةF2<;%* z4nي ~=*'T
$o*G+ (•Ap Š24n3) >(3GB23
Dc4;3 ‡o2ld Ÿ*ذ) ة4o*G+ ةل(s)
X2A%* 1C •*GM%* |2ي>) ةT>) Š24n% X2Mj ~•*GM%* Š24n3
•*GM%* رGبن™ . •*G+ ة›hن3
SGM3 . $o*G+ i4j
•*GM%* ˜F= . •*GM%* •Ap
§GAf;%* •*GM%2, (ة4%1>(, ةnبR) ة_%2:3
•*GMل% ةب<ن%2, D>o2v%* ةT>) ~ة4o*GM%* ةT><%*
Ÿ2s>K;%* Dر'ق ةBر2n;%) ة4)24ق •*G+ Dر1=)
ة4)24n%* Dر1'ل% ةب<ن%2,) ]>K;% ةير*>K%* ةي2hJ%*)
Air strainer •*G+ D2hl3
Air s"rae!ing ? aeria/ s"rae!ing ةيG_%* ةE2<;%*
Air tem#erat"re (Leteor.) G_%* Dر*>E
Air thermometer (h!s.)
Air too/ ة4o*G+ D'T
Air tra77ic rG_%* ر1>;%* ةs>E
Air trans#ort •*G+ zبK3
Air aa/ae (Png.) rG_%* Onن%*
Air aent
Air aesse/
Air. on the
Airborne (a8^.) *Gj WGnن3
Airborne mine 8"st (´an. Png.) •*GM%* $F U%2:%* Ij2ن;%* ر2ب}
Aircra7t carrier Ÿ*>o2R ةل32E
Aircra7t com#ass D>o2v%* ةل™G,
Aircra7t engine D>o2R ]>K3
Aircra7t engine oi/ Ÿ*>o2v%* Ÿ2s>K;% tيX
Aircra7t engineer |*>4R Š'نM3
Aircra7t maintenance Ÿ*>o2v%* ةB24™
Aircra7t mechanic Ÿ*>o2R $J4B2J43
Aircra7t seraicing Ÿ*>o2v%* ة3'd
Aircra7t Yiring D>o2v%* $F ة4o2,>MJ%* ]m)H* 'ي';5
Aircra7t. ^et ة•2hB D>o2R
AircreY D>o2v%* Iق2R
Air8rome ? aero8rome ر2v3
Air7ie/8 (n.) ر2v3
Air7oi/ (n.) “4نj ‚ $o*G+ 024<B* “v)
Air7rame (Aero.) D>o2v%* OJ4+ 1C |',
Airho/e ةيGM5 ةK(F
Airing (n.) ةيGM5
Air/ess in^ection ? so/i8 in^ection (Png.)
Air/iner Vي>F2<;%* Onن% D>4بs D>o2R
Airmai/ rGj 'ي>,
Air#/ane ? aero#/ane Dر24R
Air#ort (or air #ort)
Air#ort contro/ toYer ر2v;%* $F ةبق*>;%* Q>,
Air#ort tra77ic contro/ ر2v;%* ”GF Ÿ*>o2v%* ةs>E ةبق*>3
AirscreY (Aero.)
AirscreY b/a8e ةE1>;%* ة€ير
AirscreY tor9"e (Lech.)
Airshi# (Aero.)
Airsick (a8^.) G_%* ر*1', 02l3
Airstri# Ÿ*>o2R •بM3
AirYa! (Lining.) ةيGM5 xhن3
AirYa! (n.)
AirYa!s intake •*GM%* Od'3
AirYa!s ret"rn (Lining.) •*GM%* Q>[3
AirYe// (et. Png.) ةيGM5 >\,
AirYorth! (a8^.) (Aero.) |*>4vل% “%2™
$o*G+ >(3G3>5 . $o*G+ Dر*>E |*c43
•*G+ zhن3 . •*G+ xhن3
ة[f;%* V3 •2;%* ة%2)‘ INني) $o*G+ •2T1)
$Jل)m%2,) Œبي . ˜يxي)
ة4o*G+ ةن4h) . =2vن3 ‚ D>o2R
ŸmN;%2,) rGj W*cB‘)
rGj >;3 . $o*G+ X2_3
•*G+ |1=) ‹2j VnE)
|*>4vل% rGj •d . ةيGj §Gvd ةs>`
ر24R . rGj ®m3
rGj •2ن43 . ر2v3
D>)'3 . D>o2v%* ةE1>3
ةE1>;%* (|*ر1=) @cT
=2vن3 . ة4o*G+ ةن4h)
rGj •d . rGj >;3
Ais/e (n.)
A^"tage (n.)
Akene ? achene (Bot.)
A/ (a/"mini"m) (-hem.)
A/abamine ? astatine
A/aban8ite (Lin.)
A/abaster (Lin.)
A/ar (or a/ar!) (Bio/.)
A/arm (n.)
A/arm be// (©e/e#h.) {4بن5 Š>j
A/arm c/ock
A/arm 8eaice (Png.)
A/arm 7"se (P/ec. Png.) ر*xB‘ >Ml3
A/arm signa/ {4بن5 Dر2`‘
A/arm Yhist/e ر*xB‘ Dر2h™
A/arm. /eae/ (Png.) SG(<;%* >يxB
A/arm. #ost circ"/ation (Png.) |2ي><%* kقG5 >يxB
A/ate (a8^.) (Bio/.) “ن_3
A/bata (Let.)
A/be8o (h!s.)
A/be8o o7 a #/ant
A/bertite (weo/.)
A/binism (Bio/.)
A/bino (Bio/.)
A/bite (Lin.)
A/bitiyation (weo/.) Œب%—5
A/b"men (Bot.)
A/b"men (eoo/.)
A/b"minates (-hem.) ة4%&X Ÿ2بs>3
A/b"minoi8s (-hem.)
A/b"mino"s ce// (Bot.) ة4%&X ة4لd
A/b"mino"s com#o"n8s ة4%&X Ÿ2بs>3
A/b"mino"s see8 (Bot.) ة4o*'يG) Dرc,
A/b"mins (-hem.)
A/b"rn"m ? sa#Yoo8 (Bot.)
A/ca/oi8 ? a/ka/oi8 (-hem.)
A/chem! ة;ي'n%* •24;4J%* IلT
A/c/a8 (Let.)
A/coho/ (-hem.)
A/coho/ 7ermentation (Bot.) $%GKs >;[5
A/coho/ 7"e/ $%GKs =Gق1
A/coho/ /am# $%GKs ®2بl3
A/coho/ thermometer (h!s.) $%GKs >(3G3>5
A/coho/. am!/ (-hem.) $ل43C WGKs
A/coho/. b"t!/ (-hem.) $ل45G4, WGKs
A/coho/. 8enat"re8 (-hem.) Ÿ2hl%* WGK3 WGKs
A/coho/. iso#ro#!/ (-hem.) O4,1>,G<ي&* WGKs
A/coho/. secon8ar! am!/ (-hem.) O43H* WGKs $B2•
A/coho/. secon8ar! b"t!/ (-hem.) O45G4ب%* WGKs $B2•
A/coho/. s!nthetic (-hem.) $T2نv™* WGKs
A/coho/ase (-hem.) ة4%GKs D>4;d
A/coho/ate (-hem.) Ÿ&GKs
A/coho/iye (a.) (-hem.)
A/coho/ometer (-hem.)
kنs . Z€;3 . >;3
ة+GF . ةلبل,
D>4nF D>;• . @G4ن4dC
@G4BG3G%•% $o24;4J%* c3>%* ~G%
2()) ³c3ر ر=2B r12;4s >lنT ~(V452()*) V432,&*)
r'4(ي>بs @2d ~tي*'نب%*
Il4+ . >(<, . >;3
®2ن_%2, {4ب` . $E2نj
šcF ‚ {4بن5 . >vd Dر2`‘
{بن3 . {بن3 ةT2)
{4بن5 1C . ر*xB‘ ةv4بB
ة4B2;%C ةfF ~252ب%*
رGن%* zJT ZلT “v) Dر'ق Š24ق ~1'4ب%C
{4لT ˜ق*G%* z;€%* رGB V3 ر24) “v) {<J:ي 23 W':3 ~’24ب%*
ة4vnن%* Ÿ2nبv%* $F >_K(3 ر2ق ~t45>ب%*
Ÿ2بB 1C |*G4E I<j V3 |Gل%* |*'nF ~0*>}‘ . ةب<E . UM3
0>A3 . UM3C
@G4ن3G%H*1 @Gي=Gl%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 D=2T is>(ي $B':3 @2d ~tي2ب%*
@1>ب)1'B*) •*'يG))
®‰ . ’24ب%* ’24, . W&X
Ÿ24B&&X . Ÿ24%*>ب` . Ÿ24%&X {ب`
Ÿ2ن43Gب%C) Ÿ24%&X)
Dر2l:%* O4™G5 i€d. Gdر i€d
rGلق {ب` . $B*Gلق
V43GلB*رGي=1 @G4ن3G%C V3 ةبs>3 “o2h™ ~=mJ%*
WG} . WGKs
WGKs Z%‘ WGE) OلKs)
ة4%GKJ%* Š24n3 . WGKJ%* Š24n3
A/coho/ometr! (chem.)
A/coho/!sis (-hem.)
A/coso/ (-hem.) WGKJ%* $F $B*1>} WGلK3
A/coae (B"i/8.)
A/8ebaran (Astron.) |*>,'%*
A/8eh!8e (-hem.)
A/8en #oYer brake (Png.)
A/8er (Bot.)
A/e (n.)
A/ee (a8a.) “ي>%* ˜3
A/embic (-hem.)
A/ert (a8^.) {بن(3
A/ert (n.) ر*xB‘
A/ert (a.) >hن()*
A/ette ? a//ette (B"i/8.)
A/7a/7a (Bot.)
A/gae (#/. o7 a/ga) (Bot.)
A/gebra (n.)
A/gebraic (a/) (a8^.) r>بj
A/gebraic c"rae (Laths.) r>بj ZنKن3
A/gebraic e9"ation (Laths.) ةي>بj ة%=2:3
A/gebraic e9"iaa/ent r>ب_%* ¬F2J;%*
A/gebraic eb#ression (Laths.)
A/gebraic 7"nction (Laths.) ةي>بj ة%*=
A/gebraic 7"nction irrationa/ (Laths.) •2;™ ةي>بj ة%*=
A/gebraic series (Laths.) ةي>بj ة4%*G(3
A/gebraic so/"tion o7 e9"ations Ÿ&=2:;ل% r>ب_%* OK%*
A/gebraic s"m (Laths.) r>بj šG;_3
A/gebraic aa/"e (Laths.) ةي>بj ة;4ق
A/gerian on!b (Lin) r>o*cj U4nT
A/go/og! ? #h!co/og! (Bot.) i%2Kv%* IلT
A/ic!c/ic ? a/i#hatic-c!c/ic (-hem.) $nلE $ن+=
A/ic!c/ic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4nلE ة4ن+= Ÿ2بs>3
A/i8a8e ? sight r"/e (´"ra.)
A/ien (a8^.) (Bot.)
A/ien 7re9"encies (or tones) (Aco"s.) ةل4d= Ÿ2;AB 1C Ÿ*==>5
A/ienate (a.)
A/ienation (n.) $لnT Wm(d* ‚ >4hن5 ‚ ة4Jل;%* OيGK5
A/ienist (Le8.) ة4لn:%* ’*>3H* i4بR
A/i7orm (Aero.) OJ€%* $E2نj
A/ighting (Aero.)
A/ign (or a/ine) (a.)
A/igne8-gri8 aa/ae (©hermionics) ةيذ2K3 ةJب€% $BG43>• @2;™
A/igning reamer (Png.)
A/ignment (n.)
A/ignment (¢ai/Ya!s) ةي'ي'K%* §Gv[%* '3
A/ignment charts (Laths.) ة4B24, Ÿ2vv[3
A/ignment #in (Png.)
A/imentar! (a8^.)
A/imentar! cana/ (eoo/.) ة4;fM%* D2نn%*
A/imentar! s!stem (eoo/.) IfM%* X2Mj
A/i#hatic (a8^.) (-hem.)
A/i#hatic aci8s ة452h4%C 1C ة4ن+= †3*GE
A/i#hatic a/coho/s ة452h4%C Ÿ&GKs
Ÿ&GKJ%* >ي'n5 . ة4%GKJ%* Š24ق
ةللKs . $%GKs •Jh5
D>vنق . ”2R
24ocj WGKJ%* D'<sC Ž52B ~'4Mي'%C
Ÿ2s>K;%* Dر'ق Š24n% ˆVي'%Cˆ “بJ3
•2;%* ر2j . ة431ر DرGE
ة:j . D>4,
>4vn5 X2Mj . U43‘ . U4بB‘
Zنب3 $F) ®2نj)
rX2_E I4)>, . ةlF
i%2KR . Ÿ2ن`C
>ب_%* IلT . >ب_%*
ةي>بj Dر2بT . r>بj ر*'n3
'™>%* 1C “<;%* •*=C $F ]>K(3 š*رذ ~D=2fT
iي>} . O4d=
>hB . ‹>™ ‚ ة4Jل;%* OnB 1C WGE
D>o2v%*) §Gب+ . •E)
k™ $F IN(BC 1C INB . k™
2M:4)G5 1 0Gn›%* •بf%) ةيG<5 OK<3)
k™ . D*ذ2K3 . k™*>5
D*ذ2K3 ر2;<3 . ةF2l3 ر2;<3
$;f+ . $o*x}
$52h4%C . $ن+=
A/i#hatic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4ن+= Ÿ2بs>3
A/i9"ant (a8^.) (Laths.) ”2, m, *='T I)2ق >4}
A/i9"ot (a8^.)
A/iae (a8^.)
A/iyarin (-hem.)
A/ka/i (a8^.)
A/ka/i (n.) (-hem.)
A/ka/i (or a/ka/ine) meta/s (-hem.)
A/ka/i com#o"n8s (-hem.) ةيGلn%* Ÿ2بs>;%*
A/ka/i test (-hem.) ةي12J%* *=Gl%2, ر2ب(d*
A/ka/i treatment (-hem.)
A/ka/i Yash (-hem.) rGلق O<}
A/ka/i7! (a.) 2يGلق >4™ 1C ر2™
A/ka/imeter (-hem.) ةيGلn%* Š24n3
A/ka/imetr! (-hem.) ةيGلn%* Š24ق
A/ka/ine (a8^.) rGلق
A/ka/ine acc"m"/ator (P/ec. Png.)
A/ka/ine 8etergents (-hem.) ةيGلق Ÿ2hNن3
A/ka/ine earth meta/s (-hem.) ةيGلn%* ة,>5H* |=2:3
A/ka/ine earths (-hem.) ةيGلn%* ة,>5H*
A/ka/ine meta/s (-hem.) ةيGلق |=2:3
A/ka/ine sa/ts (-hem.) rGلق “ل3
A/ka/ine so/"tion (-hem.) rGلق WGلK3
A/ka/init! (n.) (-hem.)
A/ka/iyation (n.) ة4لn5
A/ka/iye (a.) 2يGلق >4™ 1C ر2™
A/ka/oi8 (-hem.)
A/ka/osis (-hem. Le8.)
A/kanes (-hem.)
A/kenes (-hem.)
A/k!/ (-hem.)
A/k!/ 8eriaatiaes (-hem.) ة4ل4J%C Ÿ2n(€3
A/k!/ ha/i8es (-hem.) ة4ل4J%C Ÿ*'4%2+
A/k!/ ra8ica/ (-hem.) uF2J(%* r=2EC r'ل4J%C U`
A/k!/ate (a.) (-hem.)
A/k!/ation (-hem.)
A/k!/ation #/ant (-hem.)
A/k!/ation #rocess (-hem.) ةلJ%H* ةل;T
A/k!/ation. therma/ (-hem.) ةير*>E ةلJ%C
A/k!/ene (-hem.)
A//- oaerha"/e8
A//-c/ear signa/ >v[%* W*1X Dر2`‘
A//-inc/"siae (a8^.) ¬` Os O32`
A//-ins"/ate8 (a8^.) {ل32J, W1c:3
A//-/eae/ sam#/e (-ia. Png.) ةv)G(3 ةن4T
A//-mains set (P/ec. Png.)
A//-meta/ constr"ction (Png.) ‡%2[%* |':;%* V3 •2€B‘
A//-seraice ’*>}H* @2T
A//-time high
A//-"# Yeight (Aero.)
A//-Yaae receiaer (¢a8io) Ÿ2jG;%* ˜4;_% •ق& X2Mj
A//-Ye/8e8 str"ct"re {ل;s—, @GKل3 •2€B‘
A//-Yoo8 (a8^.) {ل;s—, $ب€d
A//-Yoo8 constr"ction (Png.) $ب€d •2€B‘
”2, |1= *='T (=2T 1C) I)2ق
ةيG4E ¬ل(;3 . $E
IKh%* |*>vق V3 Q>[(<ي >;EC 2ب™ ~Vير*c4%*
r'T2ق . rGلق
$%2ق . $لق
ةيGلق |=2:3 . ةيGلق Ÿ*cلF
ةيGلق ة_%2:3 . $لn%2, ة_%2:3
rGلق Is>3 . rGلق Is>3
ة4omn%* . ةيGلn%*
$B*Gلق . rGلق {ب`
|Gلn5 . •mق
ة:ب€;%* ة4ن+'%* ة4BG,>s1ر'4M%* Ÿ2بs>;%* ة\F ~Ÿ2B2J%C
ة:ب€;%* >4} ة4ن+'%* ة4BG,>s1ر'4M%* Ÿ2بs>;%* ة€F ~Ÿ2ن4J%C
uF2J(%* r=2EC $BG,>s1ر'4+ $52h4%* U` ~O4J%C
Z%‘ 24ل4J%C 2n` Ip ~OJ%C
$BG,>s1ر'4+ $52h4%* U€, V4j1ر'4M%* W*'ب()* ~ةلJ%*
Ÿ*>o2v%* Vيcن, >4fK(% ~ةلJ%C O;:3
uF2J(%* $o2ن• $BG,>s1ر'4+ U` ~V4ل4J%C
{ل32J, “لl3 . {ل32J, I3>3
Ÿ24vلh%* ˜4;_% ZلT O;:ي ~ة4vلh%* O32` X2Mj
O_) 23 ZلTC . $)24ق Iقر
D>o2vل%) $%2;jž* |XG%*)
A// #"r#ose engine oi/ ’*>}H* @2T Ÿ2s>K3 tيX
A// re/a! s!stem (P/ec. Png.) O32` ŸmE>3 @2NB
A// stee/ {ل32J, rذ&GF
A//antois (eoo/.)
A//a! (a.)
A//ege (a.)
A//e/es ? a//e/omor#hs (wen.) Ÿ2hl%* D=2f(3 ة4•*ر1 Ÿ24Aب™
A//e/omor#hic characters (wen.)
A//e/omor#hism ? a//e/ism (wen.) $o*ر1 k%2[5
A//ergic (a8^.)
A//erg! (n.)
A//ette (or a/ette) (B"i/8.)
A//eaiate (a.)
A//e! (n.)
A//igation (Laths)
A//igator cr"sher (Png.) ة4E2<;5 Dر2<s
A//igator grab (Png.) $E2<;5 œ2بs
A//igator shears (Png.) $E2<;5 |=2:3 ‡n3
A//igator Yrench (/"mb. Png.) $E2<;5 •,ر ®2(h3
A//igatoring •mv%* ةnبR Un€5 1C iبn5
A//ocate (a.)
A//ocation ةlE ‚ ‡4lK5
A//ochromatic (a8^.) (±ight.)
A//ochthono"s (Pco/.) D—€ن%* ة,Gل_3
A//ochthono"s 8e#osits (Pco/.) ةل4d= i)*1ر
A//ochthono"s 7o/8 (Pco/.) ة4p>T ة4R
A//ochthono"s rock (Pco/.) $p>T >[™
A//ogam! (Bot.) $p>T “4nل5 1C 02ld‘
A//omeric (-hem.)
A//omor#hic ? a//omor#ho"s (a8^.) (-hem.)
A//ot (a.)
A//otment (n.)
A//otriomor#hic (a8^.)
A//otro#e (n.) (-hem.)
A//otro#ic (a8^.) (-hem.)
A//otro#ic changes (-hem.) ة4ل™•5 Ÿ*>4A5
A//otro#ic 7orm (-hem.)
A//otro#ic transition (-hem.) $ل™—5 WGK5
A//otro#ism ? a//otro#! (-hem.)
A//oY (a.)
A//oYab/e (a8^.)
A//oYab/e #ro8"ction (et. Png.) {, ®G;<;%* Q2(Bž*
A//oYab/e aariation (et. Png.) {, ®G;<;%* >4A(%*
A//oYance (n.)
A//o! (n.) (-hem.)
A//o! (a.)
A//o! cast-iron (Let.) $J4ب) i™ 'ي'E
A//o! casting (Let.) •o2ب<%* i™
A//o! e"tectic (Let.)
A//o!. (or s#ecia/) stee/ (Let.) $J4ب) ذ&GF
A//o!. 7"sib/e
A//o!. heat resisting Dر*>Kل% D'32™ ةJ4ب)
$n_) •2€} . $نق2n%
VJ) . C'+ . khd
0) šرx5 1C Ž(E* ‚ ITX . ZT=C)
¡md‘ . •&1
ة,ر2n(3 (ة4•*ر1) Ÿ2h™
ة4)2<K%* §>h3 . ‹'M(<3 . $j>4%C
24j>4%C . ‹*'M()*
k(s . ®2نj
VJ) . C'+ . khd
>;3 . ”2قX
k%2K5 . ةv,*ر
Žيc;%* >™2نT ة;4ق 02<E ~Oي':5
˜قG;%* 1C |2J;%* ='E ‚ V4T . ‡lE
$ل™H* {BG% >4} 2BG% i<(J3 ~|Gل%* c4;(3
r12;4J%* &) rرGلب%* i4s>(%* $F O•2;3)
rرGلب%* OJ€%* ةhل([3) r12;4J%* i4s>(%* ةM,2€(3)
‡lE . šX1
‡4lK5 . ةlE
{j1H* Iي'T . ة4نب%* rرGل, & . OJ€%* ‡ق2B
O™—(3 OJ` . ةل™—(3 DرG™
r12;4J%* i4s>(%* O•2;(31 OJ€%* kل([3 ~$ل™—5
ة%GK(3 DرG™ . $ل™—5 OJ`
ةل™—(;%* W2J`H* =':5 . O™—(%*
|ذC . X2jC . (0) “;)
co2j . {, ®G;<3
W', . i5*ر . i5>3 ‚ {4F “32<(;%* . “32<5 . ®2;)
$B':3 •4لd . ة,2`C . ةJ4ب)
ةJ4ب<%*) Qc3 . 02`C)
ة4بلl5 ة,2`C . 24B= ر2MlB* ةjر= Ÿ*ذ ~ةي>M™C ةJ4ب)
ر2MlB&* ةلM) ~DرGM™ Ÿ2,2`C
A//o!. iron-carbon (Let.) ة4BG,>s ةي'ي'E ةJ4ب)
A//o!. non-7erro"s (Let.) ةي'ي'E >4} ةJ4ب)
A//o!age •o2ب<%* Qc3
A//o!ing (n.)
A//"8e (a.)
A//"aia/ (a8^.)
A//"aia/ c/a! (weo/.) $,G)ر V4R
A//"aia/ 8e#osits (weo/.) ة44;R i)*1ر
A//"aia/ 7an (weo/.) ة4ني>} ةE1>3
A//"aia/ go/8 (weo/.) $4;R i+ذ
A//"aia/ stone (weo/.) $ني>} >_E
A//"ai"m (weo/.)
A//! (n.) k4لE
A//! (a.) k%2E
A//!/ gro"# (-hem.)
A/manac (n.)
A/man8ite (Lin.)
A/mon8 oi/ (-hem.) XGل%* tيX
A/nico (-hem.)
A/oo7 (a8a.. a8^.)
A/#ha-emitter (h!s.) 2h%C Ÿ2;4<j ŒT2,
A/#ha-ra!s (h!s.)
A/#ha an8 omega ةي2Mن%*1 ةي*'ب%*
A/#ha bronye (Let.) 2h%C cB1>,
A/#ha co"nter (h!s.) 2h%C Ÿ2;4<j =*'T
A/#ha 8eca! (h!s.) $h%C WmKB*
A/#ha 8isintegration $h%C WmKB*
A/#ha iron (Let.) 2h%C 'ي'E
A/#ha #artic/es (h!s.)
A/#ha #artic/es s#ectr"m (h!s.) ة4h%H* Uo2ق'%* k4R
A/#habetiyation (n.)
A/tair (Astron.) >o2v%* ><ن%*
A/tar (-ia. Png.) ‹2j ’GE ةh4(s
A/tayim"th (Astron. ´"ra.) ة4Jلh%* 2ي*1c%* Š24n% 0GJ<ل5
A/tayim"th theo8o/ite (´"ra.)
A/ter (a.)
A/teration (n.)
A/ternate (a8^.)
A/ternate (a.)
A/ternate ang/es (Laths.) ة%=2ب(3 2ي*1X
A/ternate segments o7 a circ/e (weom.) ة%=2ب(;%* D>o*'%* ˜vق
A/ternate/! (a8a.)
A/ternating ben8ing test (Png.) $%=2ب(%* $ل%* ر2;(d*
A/ternating c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(3 1C ==>(3 ر245
A/ternating c"rrent ba/ancer (P/ec. Png.) ==>(;%* ر24(%* |X*G3
A/ternating c"rrent comm"tator motor (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي W'ب3 1ذ ]>K3
A/ternating c"rrent e/ectromagnet (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(;%* ر24(%2, $o2,>Ms z4vنA3
A/ternating c"rrent generator (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(;%* ر24(%* '%G3
A/ternating c"rrent motor (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي ]>K3
A/ternating c"rrent #oYer s"##/! (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(;%* ر24(ل% Dر'ق ˜بن3
A/ternating c"rrent series motor (P/ec. Png.) 012ن(;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي W*G5 ]>K3
•o2ب<ل% |=2:;%* •لd . i4`—5
“;% . (Z%‘) ˜;%C
D>`2ب3 >4} Dر2`‘ . “4;ل5
$4;R . $,G)ر . $ني>}
ةي>MB i)*1ر . Vي>}. $;R
ة43G• ةTG;_3. ةيGfT ة4ل4%* ةTG;_3
ŽيX . IيGn5
>;EH* U4n:%* V3 0>p ~tي'ن;%*
'ي'K%* ˜3 tل,GJ%*1 OJ4ن%*1 @G4ن3G%H* V3 ة4<4vنA3 ةJ4ب) ~GJ4ن%*
ªhK(3 ‚ Wc:;, . *'4:,
ة4h%H* ة:`H* . 2h%C ة:`C
ة4h%C Uo2ق= . 2h%C Ÿ2;4<j
$o2بh%C) r'_,C i45>5)
$T2h5ر* $:;) (iق>3 1C) t4%1=G4•
WGK5 . W'ب5 ‚ W'T . WGE . >4} . W',
WGK5 . >4A5 . >44A5 . Oي'ب5
W=2ب(3 . iق2:(3 . 012ن(3
==>5 . iق2:5 . 012ن5
012ن(%2, . 2ير1= . 2بق2:5
A/ternating c"rrent trans7ormer ? trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms WGK3
A/ternating c!c/e (P/ec. Png.) ةبق2:(3 Dر1=
A/ternating motion ة,12ن(3 ةs>E
A/ternating saY (-ar#.) $,12ن5 ر2€ن3
A/ternating series (Laths.) Ÿ*ر2`ž* ة,12ن(3 =1'E ةل<ل)
A/ternating sti//s (-hem.) Dر*>K%* ةjر= ة512h(3 U4,2BC ةل<ل)
A/ternating stresses (Png.) ةبق2:(3 Ÿ*=2Mj‘
A/ternation (n.)
A/ternation /aY 012ن(%* |GB2ق
A/ternation o7 be8s (weo/.) Ÿ2nبv%* iق2:5
A/ternation o7 generations (Bio/.)
A/ternatiae (a8^.)
A/ternatiae (n.)
A/ternatiae connection ةلي', ةل™1 ‚ $%=2ب5 O4™G5
A/ternatiae inheritance (wen.) ةبق2:(3 ة•*ر1
A/ternator (P/ec. Png.)
A/ternator transmitter (P/ec. Png.) 0Gن3 1ذ O)>3
A/tigra#h (n.)
A/timeter. aneroi8 (h!s.) $B':3 š2h5ر* Š24n3
A/timetr! Ÿ2T2h5ر&* Š24ق
A/tit"8e (Aero.)
A/tit"8e (Astron. ´"ra.) UFH* VT š2h5ر&* ةي1*X
A/tit"8e (n.)
A/tit"8e (or height) (weom.)
A/tit"8e a8^"stment š2h5ر&* Oي':5
A/tit"8e chamber š2h5ر&* D>_E
A/tit"8e contro/
A/tit"8e o7 a cone (weom.) §1>[;%* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 a c!/in8er (weom.) ةB*Gv)&* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 a #rism (weom.) رG5G;%* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 a #!rami8 (weom.) @>M%* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 a rhomb"s (weom.) V4:;%* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 a star (Asrton.) UFH* VT I_ن%* š2h5ر* ةي1*X
A/tit"8e o7 a tra#eyi"m (weom.) ‹>Kن;%* V4:;%* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 a triang/e (weom.) Œل›;%* š2h5ر*
A/tit"8e o7 #o/!gon (weom.)
A/tit"8e. abso/"te Uلv;%* š2h5ر&*
A/tit"8e. act"a/ $ل:h%* š2h5ر&*
A/to-c"m"/"s caste//at"s (Leteor.)
A/to-c"m"/"s c/o"8 (Leteor.)
A/to-strat"s c/o"8 (Leteor.)
A/tometer (´"ra.)
A/"m (-hem.)
A/"m sha/e (weo/.) $ب` $KhR V4R
A/"mina (Lin.)
A/"minates (-hem.) Ÿ24ن3G%C
A/"mini7ero"s (a8^.) @G4ن3G%C ZلT G(K3
A/"mini"m (A/) (or a/"min"m) (-hem.)
A/"mini"m (P/ec. Png.) rذ&GF iلق 1ذ @G4ن3G%C Oبs
A/"mini"m a//o! bearings (Png.) @G4ن3G%H* •o2ب) V3 O;K3
A/"mini"m a//o!s (Let.)
A/"mini"m brass (Let.) @G4ن3G%H2, SGn3 >h™C Š2KB
W=2ب5 . >4A5 . 012ن5
W24jH* iق2:5 1C) 012ن5)
r>4[5 . $%=2ب5 . $,12ن5
ر24d . Oي',
24%=2ب5 . iق2:(%2,
012ن(;%* ر24(ل% '%G3. 0Gن3
š2h5ر&* ة;)>3 . ‹*>A4(%*
š2h5ر&* Š24n3 . >(;4(%*
>Kب%* “v) VT) š2h5ر&*)
GلT . š2h5ر*
$)'نM%* OJ€%*) š2h5ر*)
š2h5ر&* (“Kl3 1C) W':3
šmpH* =':(3) ˜لf;%* š2h5ر*)
Q>ب3 02K) . $Tmق $h4™ 02K)
šcق. •)G(3 $32sر 02K)
02,ر . •)G(3 $nبR 02K)
t4%1=G4• . Dر*1c3
i€%* >_E . ةب` . i`
@G4BG3G%H* '4<sC . 24ن3G%C
G%) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@G4ن3G%C)
@G4ن3G%H* 2M)2)C) ة43G4ن3G%C •o2ب))
A/"mini"m bronye (Let.) @G4ن3G%H*1 cB1>ب%* V3 ةJ4ب)
A/"mini"m carbi8e (-hem.) @G4ن3G%H* '4,>s
A/"mini"m 7oi/
A/"mini"m iron (Let.) r'ي'E @G4ن3G%C
A/"mini"m /ea7 @G4ن3G%C ةn4قر
A/"mini"m ore (Lin.) @G4ن3G%H* @2d
A/"mini"m Ye/8ing @G4ن3G%H2, @2K%
A/"miniyation (n.) @G4ن3G%H2, ة4vA5
A/"miniye (a.) @G4ن3G%H2, “h™ 1C Ž%2T
A/"minothermic #rocess (-hem.)
A/"mino"s (a8^.)
A/"min"m ? a/"mini"m @G4ن3G%C
A/"mna ة:32j ة_ي>d
A/"mn"s (#/. a/"mni) ة4لs 1C ة:32j ة_ي>d
A/"ms (-hem.) i€%* Ÿ2بs>3
A/"n8"m (-hem.)
A/"nite (or a/"mstone) (Lin.)
A/"nogen (Lin.)
A/aeo/"s (#/. a/aeo/i) (Bio/.)
Am (americi"m) (-hem.)
Ama/gam (-hem.)
Ama/gamate (a.)
Ama/gamation (n.)
Ama/gamation #rocesses
Amass (a.)
Amate"r (n.)
Ambar (weo/.) ةلEG3 D>hE
Amber (Lin.)
Ambergris (n.) @2d >بنT
Ambi8ebtro"s (a8^.)
Ambient (a8^.)
Ambient air kن(J;%* •*GM%*
Ambient con8itions (h!s.)
Ambient h"mi8it! ةhن(J;%* ة\4ب%* ة,GRر
Ambient tem#erat"re ةv4K;%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Ambig"it! (n.)
Ambig"o"s (a8^.)
Ambit (n.)
Amb"/ance (n.)
Amb"/ate (a.)
Amb"/ator (or #eramb"/ator) (´"ra.)
Ameba ? amoeba (eoo/.)
Amebic (or amoebic) 8!senter! (Le8.) $ب43H* ر2Ec%*
Ame/iorate (a.)
Ame/ioration (n.)
Amenab/e (a8^.)
Amen8 (a.)
Amen8e8 8ra7t ة%':3 D=G<3
Amen8ment (n.)
Amen8s (n.)
American stan8ar8 Yire ga"ge (Png.) ? BroYn an8 ´har#e Yire ga"ge rر24T $s>43C ]m)C Š24ق ='K3
Americi"m (Am) (-hem.)
@G4ن3G%C ةn4قر . @G4ن3G%C ةقر1
@G4ن3G%H* ”GK<;, (Ÿ*cلh%* '4)2sC) W*c(d*
$ن43G%C . $ب`
Dر*>Kل% D'32™ ŽK) D=23 ~@'ن%C
i€%* @2d ~t4BG%C
ة4o2;%* @G4ن3G%H* Ÿ2(ي>بs ~V4jGBG%*
D>4_E . kيG_5 . –ن) . D>nB
@G4<ي>3H*) @G4Jي>3H* >lن:% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~>3)
Uبoc%2, cلF Žيc3 ~IAل3
IAل;5 . IAل3
Q23=* ‚ IAل;5 . ة;Aل3
Vي':(%* $F) ة;Aل;%* Ÿ24ل;T)
ة;Aل;%* ة%‰ ~@2Aل3 ‚ IAل;3
Ÿ23Gs ˜;j . Š's
‹>(K3 >4} . 12+
²+'3 . O+x3
2,>Ms . >h™C Žن45*ر . |23>Ms
•بpC . ><ي ><TC
$\4, . •4K3 . kن(J3
Dر*>K%*1 •Af%*1 ة,GR>%2s) ةv4K;%* ‹1>N%*)
zب(ل3 >4ب:5 ‚ @2M,‘ . ’G;}
†32} . IMب3 . zب(ل3
=1'E . W2_3
Onن(3 Zh€(<3 . ‹2:)‘ ة,>T
Onن5 . W2j
ةE2<;%* $F) Ÿ2F2<;%* Š24ق ةل_T)
DرG;(3 . 2ب43C
“ل™ . V<K5 . “ل™C . V<E
®m™‘ . V<K5 . V4<K5
W i4_(<3 . š*Gv3
“ل™C . “nB . W'T
“4Kl5 . “4nن5 . Oي':5
ة4p>5 . †يG:5
>3) ³c3ر ˜€3 $T2نv™* >lنT~@G4Jي>3C . @G4<ي>3C)
Ameth!st (Lin.)
Ametro#ia (Le8.)
Amianth"s ? amiant"s (Lin.)
Amicab/e n"mbers (Laths.) ة,2K(;%* =*'TH*
Amicron (-hem.)
Ami8es (-hem.) Ÿ*'43C
Ami8o gro"# ةي'43C ةTG;_3
Ami8o/ (-hem. hotog.) W1'43C
Amines (-hem.)
Amino aci8s (-hem.) ة4ن43C †3*GE
Amino gro"# (-hem.) ة4ن43C ةTG;_3
Amitosis (Bio/.)
Amitotic (a8^.) (Bio/.)
Amit! (n.)
Ammeter (P/ec. Png.)
Ammeter sh"nt
Ammonia-so8a #rocess
Ammonia (-hem.)
Ammonia absor#tion re7rigerator 24BG3H2, $™2l(3* 'ي>ب5 X2Mj
Ammonia /i9"or (-hem.) 24BG3H* WGلK3
Ammonia re7rigerating #/ant (Png.) 24BG3&2, 'ي>ب5 D'E1
Ammonia s!nthetic (-hem.) ة4T2نv™* 24BG3C
Ammonia Yater(-hem.) ر=2€ن%* •23
Ammonia. /i9"i8 (-hem.) 24BG3H* Oo2)
Ammoniaca/ so/"tion (-hem.) rر=2€B WGلK3
Ammoniate8 (a8^.) 24BG3H2, QXG;3
Ammoni7! (a.) ر=2€ن%2, ˜ب`C 1C Qc3
Ammonite (weo/.)
Ammoni"m (-hem.)
Ammoni"m ch/ori8e (-hem.)
Ammoni"m h!8robi8e (-hem.) @G4BG3H* '4<s1ر'4+
Ammoni"m nitrate (-hem.) @G4BG3H* Ÿ*>(B
Ammoni"m #hos#hate (-hem.) @G4BG3H* Ÿ2h<F
Amm"nition (Li//.) ة4,>E D>4dذ
Amnesia (me8.)
Amnest! O32` GhT
Amnion (eoo/.)
Amoeba (eoo/.)
Amoebic (a8^.)
Amoeboc!te ة4ب43C ة4لd
Amoeboi8 (a8^.)
Amor#hism (-hem.)
Amor#ho"s (-hem.)
Amor#ho"s s"/#h"r (-hem.) >لب(3 >4} tي>بs
Amor#ho"s Yab (-hem.) rرGل, & ˜;`
Amortisse"r ? 8am#er (n.) (P/ec. Png.)
Amortiyation ةير1= q%2ب;, Vي'%* ]mM()*
Amo"nt (n.)
Amo"nt to (a.)
Am# (abbrea. 6or am#ere) >4ب3C
Am#erage (P/ec. Png.)
Am#ere-ba/ance (P/ec. Png.)
t<;j . t›;j
>lب%* WGR 1C >lق . >lب%* {45
IT2B r>[™ >ي>E) Ÿ2ن43C)
VT ³>vق Onي) $B1>J43 & I4<j ¾… @1>(<ABC )
V4, . •)1
ر=2€ن%* V3 ةيGfT Ÿ2n(€3 ~Ÿ2ن43C
$ل4(F &) •4<, @2<nB*)
($ل4(F &)
ةق*'™ . I+2h5
$o2,>MJ%* ر24(%* D'` Š24n% ة%‰ ~>(43C
>(43H* ر245 ƒc_3 . >(43H* š>h3
@Gي=Gl%* Ÿ2BG,>s >4fK(% ~ˆ$لFG™ˆ ةnي>R . *=Gl%*1 24BG3H* ةnي>R
ر=2€ن%* X2} . 24BG3C
’>nن3 |*G4K% D>_K(3 ةF'™ ~t4BG3C
ةير=2€B ةTG;_3 . @G4BG3C
ر=2€ن%* “ل3 . @G4BG3H* 'يرGلs
24BG3H* ƒcj V3 V4j1ر'4+ Dرذ ة%*X‘ ~Dر'€ن%*
|24<B . D>s*x%* |*'nF
D•2l%* . Zل<%*
DرG;(3 . ة(43C
2ب43H2, iب<3 . رG;(3 . $ب43C
rرG;5 . $ب43C
ةيرGلب5 & . ةيرGل, &
$لJ` & . رGلب(3 >4} . >لب(3 >4}
Oo2f3 . ';[3
O™2E . qلب3 . ة4;s
Z%‘ ر2™ . qل,
Ÿ*>4ب3H2, ر24(%* D'` . ةي>4ب3C
ر24(%* D'` Š24n%) r>4ب3C |*c43)
Am#ere-ho"r (P/ec. Png.)
Am#ere-ho"r ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.) ةT2) >4ب3H2, ة:<%*
Am#ere-ho"r e77icienc! (P/ec. Png.) ةT2) >4ب3H2, ةي2hJ%*
Am#ere-ho"r meter (P/ec. Png.) ةT2) >4ب3H* Š24n3
Am#ere-internationa/ (P/ec. Png.) $%1= >4ب3C
Am#ere-t"rn (P/ec. Png.)
Am#ere (P/ec. Png.)
Am#ere meter ? ammeter (P/ec. Png.)
Am#ere secon8 (P/ec. Png.)
Am#ere. abso/"te (P/ec. Png.) Uلv3 >4ب3C
Am#ere·s r"/e (P/ec. Png.)
Am#erometric aa/"e (P/ec. Png.)
Am#hibia (eoo/.)
Am#hibian (a8^.) $o23>,
Am#hibian (Aero.) ة4o23>, D>o2R
Am#hibian (n.) (Bio/.) $o23>, Ÿ2بB 1C |*G4E
Am#hibio"s (eoo/.)
Am#hibo/es (Lin.)
Am#hicar#ic (Bot.) ر2;•ž* 1C >;›%* Q1=c3
Am#hichromatism (n.) |Gل(%* Q*1=X*
Am#higeno"s (Bot.) V4(M_%* V3 @2B
Am#hitheater Qر'3
Am#hoteric (-hem.)
Am#hoteric ion ? yYitterion (-hem.)
Am#hoteric obi8e (-hem.) rGلق $f;E '4<sC
Am#/e (a8^.)
Am#/i7ication (n.)
Am#/i7ication 7actor (P/ec. Png.) I4[f(%* 1C >4بJ(%* O32T
Am#/i7icator! (a8^.)
Am#/i7ier (P/ec. -omm.) I4[f(%* 1C ةيGn(%* @2;™ ‚ I[f3
Am#/i7ier (hotog.)
Am#/i7ier t"be (P/ec. -omm.) I[f3 @2;™
Am#/i7ier. a"8io-7re9"enc! (©e/e#h.) $:;<%* ==>(ل% I[f3
Am#/i7ier. broa8casting (¢a8io.) $T*ذ‘ I[f3
Am#/i7ier. b"77er (P/ec. Png.) =2™ I[f3
Am#/i7ier. interme8iate-7re9"enc! (¢a8io.) Zv)G%* Ÿ*==>(%* I[f3
Am#/i7ier. /oY-7re9"enc! (©e/e#h.) ةfh[ن;%* Ÿ*==>(%* I[f3
Am#/i7ier. micro#hone (P/ec. Png.) |GF1>J4;%* D>o*= I[f3
Am#/i7ier. #oYer (P/ec. Png.) Dر'n%* I[f3
Am#/i7ier. ra8io-7re9"enc! (¢a8io.) ة4Jل)m%* Ÿ*==>(%* I[f3
Am#/i7ier. recor8ing (Aco"s.) O4_<5 I[f3
Am#/i7ier. tor9"e (Png.)
Am#/i7ier. Yi8e ban8 (P/ec. -omm.) ”2vن%* †ي>T I[f3
Am#/i7ier. ©e/eaision (©e/ea.) Dchل5 I[f3
Am#/i7! (a.)
Am#/i7!ing #oYer (Png.) I4[f(%* DGق
Am#/i7!ing trans7ormer (¢a8io.) I4[f5 WGK3
Am#/it"8e (n.) (h!s.)
Am#/it"8e 8istortion (P/ec. -omm.)
Am#/it"8e 7actor ? #eak 7actor (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* O32T
Am#/it"8e mo8"/ation (¢a8io.)
Am#/it"8e o7 osci//ation (h!s.) ة,x,x%* ة:)
Am#/it"8e o7 aibration (h!s.) X*c(+&* ة:)
Am#/it"8e o7 Yaae (h!s.) ةjG;%* ة:)
$T2) >4ب3C . ةT2) >4ب3C
ةh% >4ب3C . Dر1= >4ب3C
$o2,>MJ%* ر24(%* D'` Š24n% ة4ل;:%* D'EG%* ~>4ب3C
>4ب3H* Š24n3 . >(3 >4ب3C
@G%Gs ~ة4B2• >4ب3C
$B1cلE kل3 $F ر24(%* ³2_5* V4:(% ~>4ب3C D'T2ق
'%G(;%* 1C ر2;%*) ر24(%* Š24n, ر'n5 ة;4ق)
0X*Gق . Ÿ24o23>, . 24ب4h3C
0X2ق . $o23>,
2+*G)1 @G4<نA;%*1 'ي'K%*1 @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 Ÿ232d ~Ÿ*>o2K%* . Ÿ&Gب4h3C
ةنK€%* $hل([3) V4BGيC 1ذ . r>5Gh3* . rGلق $f;E)
ivn%* $o2ن• |GيC . rرG5Gh3* |GيC
i4Eر . ˜<(3 ‚ ‹2s . >يc} . >F*1
˜4)G5 . I[f5 . ةيGn5 . >4بJ5
$:4)G5 . $;4[f5
*>432J%* $F rرuب%* ':ب%* >44A(%) ة;[f3 ة)'T)
ةj1=c;%* I[f3 . >ي1'(%* @cT I[f3
˜)1 ‚ SGق . I[p . >بs
ة,x,x%* ˜<(3 . D1رx%* ة;4ق ‚ ˜<(3 . ة:)
ة,x,x%* ˜<(3 . ³G€5
ةjG;%* ة:) Oي':5 . D1رx%* V4;f5 . ة:<%* V4;f5
Am#o"/e ? am#"//a (Le8.)
Am#"tate (a.) >(,
Am#"tation (Le8.) >(,
Am!g8a/a (eoo/.)
Am!g8a/in (-hem.)
Am!/ (-hem.) ة4ل43C ةTG;_3
Am!/ acetate (-hem.)
Am!/ a/coho/ (-hem.) $ل43H* WGKJ%*
Am!/aceo"s (a8^.) SG€B
Am!/ase (Bio/.)
Am!/oi8 (Bio/.)
Am!/o#sin (-hem.)
Anabatic Yin8 (Leteor.) D'T2™ “ير
Anabo/ic (a8^.) $o2ن(,‘
Anabo/ism (Bio/.)
Anaemia (Le8.)
Anaerobes (Bio/.) ة4o*G+ & Ÿ2نo2s
Anaerobic (Bio/.)
Anaesthetic ? anesthetic (Le8.)
Ana/ (a8^.) $j>`
Ana/cite (Lin.)
Ana/gesia (Le8.) I%H2, Š2<Ež* |*'nF
Ana/gesic (Le8.) VJ<3
Ana/ogica/ (a8^.)
Ana/ogo"s (a8^.)
Ana/og"e (n.)
Ana/og"e com#"ter
Ana/og! (Bio/.) $h4•1 {,2€5
Ana/og! (n.)
Ana/!se (a.) OلE
Ana/!ser (-hem.)
Ana/!sis (n.) O4لK5
Ana/!sis. chemica/ (-hem.) r12;4s O4لK5
Ana/!sis. core (Lining.) ة,>(%* V3 ة4بلق ةن4T O4لK5
Ana/!sis. macrosco#ic
Ana/!sis. mathematica/ (Laths.) $p2ير O4لK5
Ana/!sis. microsco#e r>M_3 O4لK5
Ana/!sis. #etro/ogica/ (weo/.) رG[l%* ‡o2ld O4لK5
Ana/!sis. 9"a/itatiae $h4J%* 1C $TGن%* O4لK(%*
Ana/!sis. 9"antitatiae (-hem.) $;J%* O4لK(%*
Ana/!sis. se9"entia/ $:,2(5 O4لK5
Ana/!sis. s#ectr"m (h!s.) $h4R O4لK5
Ana/!sis. ao/"metric (-hem.) $;_K%* O4لK(%*
Ana/!sis. Ye//-core (et. Png.)
Ana/!st (n.)
Ana/!tic (or ana/!tica/) (a8^.) $ل4لK5
Ana/!tica/ a##roach (Laths.) $ل4لK5 0Gل)C
Ana/!tica/ ba/ance O4%2K(ل% U4ق= |*c43
Ana/!tica/ chemistr! ة4ل4لK(%* •24;4J%*
Ana/!tica/ geometr! ة4ل4لK(%* ة)'نM%*
Ana/!tica/ metho8 ة4ل4لK(%* ةnي>v%*
Ana/!tica/ #s!cho/og! $ل4لK(%* zhن%* IلT
Ana/!tica/ reactions ة4ل4لK5 ŸmT2h5
Ana/!tica/ reagent (-hem.) $ل4لK5 k`2s
D>4A™ Dر1ر2ق . ةل4, . ة%Gب3C
UلK%* DXG% . DXGل%*
XGل%* '4)GsGل} ~V4%*'A43C
O43&* Ÿmd . O43H* Ÿ2(4)*
ةيG€B D>4;d . c4ل43C
SG€B . $B*G€B
Š2ي>Jنب%* Dر2lT $F D>4;d ~V4<,Gل43C
$o2ن, †يC . •2(,‘
@'%* >nF . {4;4BC
U4لR V4_<sC m, ²o2T) $o*G+ &)
ر'[3 . Žن,
ة4B2s>, ة4o23 Ÿ2J4ل) ~t4<%2BC
r>•2ن5 . $)24ق
{,2€3 . >•2ن3
Vي>ق . {4ب` . >4NB
ة4ب<B ةب)2E . Š24n%2, ةب)2E
ةBر2n3 . >•2ن5 . {,2€5
02vn;%* $F $B2›%* ˆWGJ4Bˆ رG`G3 . ةللK3
D=>_;%* V4:%2,) $B24T O4لK5)
>\ب%* ‹Gj V3) ة4بلق ةن4T O4لK5)
O4لK5 $™2l(d* . OلK3
Ana/!tica/ trigonometr! (Laths.) $ل4لK(%* Ÿ2›ل›;%* IلT
Ana/!ye ? ana/!se (a.) OلE
Ana/!yer (n.) (-hem.) OلK3
Ana/!yer. netYork (P/ec. Png.) $Jب` OلK3
Anamor#hism (weo/.)
Anan8ro"s (Bot.) ةي')H* Iي'T
Anantho"s (Bot.) r>+X &
Ana#hase (Bio/.)
Ana#horesis (-hem.)
Ana#horesis (Le8.) ”>:%* ةلق
Ana#h!/abis (Le8.)
Anastigmatic /ens (hotog.)
Anastomose (a.)
Anastomosis (Bio/.)
Anabia/ (eoo/.)
Ancestr! i<ن%* ةل<ل)
Anchor (n.)
Anchor (a.)
Anchor bo/t (Png.) t4ب›5 ر2;<3
Anchor cab/e (ga"t.) •2)رž* Oبs
Anchor n"t (Png.) t4ب›5 ة%G;™
Anchor #o/e •2)رž* =G;T
Anchor ring (ga"t.) ? tor"s (Laths.)
Anchor ro8 •2)رž* š*رذ
Anchor screY D2)>;%* i%G%
Anchor. charge D>_h(3 ةنK` tب›3
Anchor. 8ea8 /ine t,2• •2)ر‘
Anchor. h!8ra"/ic ho/8 8oYn $لo2) •2)ر‘
Anchor. insert #"m# ة[f;%* •2)ر‘ tب›3
Anchor. rock (g"at.) ةي>[l%* ’رH* D2)>3
Anchor. t"bing i4,2BH* D2)>3
Anchorage #in (A"to.) t4ب›(%* رGK3
Anci//ar! (a8^.)
Ancon (#/. ancones) (Arch.)
An8a/"site (Lin.)
An8iron (B"i/8.) ilن3
An8ra8ite (Lin.)
An8roeci"m (Bot.)
An8rog!no"s (Bot.)
An8rome8a (Astron.)
Anechoic chamber (Aco"s.)
Ane/astic (a8^.) (Let.) ةB1>;%* $ب)2ن5 &
Ane/astic strain (Lech.) $B1>3 & W2:hB*
Ane/ectric (a8^.( (P/ec.) ]'%2, 0>MJ(3 >4}
Anemia ? anaemia (Le8.)
Anemic (a8^.) (Le8.)
Anemogra#h (Leteor.)
Anemometer (Leteor.) “ي>%* ةT>) Š24n3
Anemo#hi/! (Bot.) $o*G+ “4nل5
Anemosco#e (Leteor.) “ي>%* ‹2€J3
Aneroi8 (a8^.) $لo2) &
’رH* “v) š2h5ر* V3 'يcي) •2ن, WGK5)
$ل4(Fm%* ة4ل[%* @2<nB* $F) W2lhB&* WGR)
ijG;%* ivn%* Z%‘ (ةnل:;%* Ÿ2\يc_%*) OE>5
Š2<K5 . ‹*'M()* . ة4)2<K%* §>F
ةيGpGF . $pGF
ة+G€3 & ة)'T . ة4vnBm%* ةKKl3 ة)'T
IK(%* . Ol5* . O™1 . IK%
ة+12h3 . ة;}2h3 . I}2h5
“ي>€(%* VF . “ي>€(%* IلT
r>•2ن5 & . rرGK3 &
t4ب›5 . G)ر ‚ D2)>3 . >_BC
2)ر . tب• . Z)رC
D2)>;%* ةnلE . D2)>;%* 1C >_BH* ةnلE
Z)>3 ‚ t4ب›5 . G)ر . •2)ر‘
$F2p‘ . rGB2• . ˜,25
UF>3 . 2hنR IT'ي ŠGn3 •G(B ~IT= ةh4(s
@G4ن3G%H* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 0>p ~t4<%1'B*
ةي>بj ةي'ي'E Ÿ2J4ل) . U4n:%* V3 0>p ~tي=*ر'B*
D>+c%* $F >4sx(%* •2fTC ةل;j ~O4vT . ²j
ة4›BC1 ةي>sذ ر2+XC 1ذ ~Z›نd
ةل<ل<;%* DC>;%* ~*'431ر'B*
ةي==>5 & . ةي'™ & ةF>}
@'%* >nF . {4;4BC
@'%* >nh, 02l3 . $;4BC
“ي>%* ةT>) O_<5 ة%‰ ~“ي>%* ة;)>3
Aneroi8 barogra#h (Leteor.)
Aneroi8 barometer (Leteor.)
Aneroi8 ga"ge (Png.)
Aneroi8 manometer (h!s.) $B':3 >(3GB23
Aneroi8ogra#h (Leteor.) ة4523G5C ة;)>3 1ذ $B':3 >(31ر2,
Anesthesia ? anaesthesia
Anesthesia ? anesthesia (Le8.)
Anesthetic (a8^. n.) ر'[3
Anesthetiye (a.)
Ane"r!sm (Le8.)
AneY (a8a.)
Angar! 2+>4[<51 ة4بنjH* Vh<%* Dر=2l3
Angina (Le8.)
Angina #ectoris (Le8.) ةير'™ ةK,ذ
Angios#erms (Bot.)
Ang/e-c/oser (B"i/8.)
Ang/e-sha7t (B"i/8.)
Ang/e-sta77 (B"i/8.) ˜4Fر $ب€d cي>F‘
Ang/e-stone (-ia. Png.)
Ang/e-s"m theorem (weom.)
Ang/e (weom.) ةي1*X
Ang/e bar (B"i/8.)
Ang/e bea8
Ang/e bearing (Png.)
Ang/e b/ock (-ar#.) ة4ب€d ةي1*X
Ang/e boar8 (-ar#.)
Ang/e bracket (Png.)
Ang/e c/eat (B"i/8.) ةي'ي'E ةي1*X V3 ةh4(s
Ang/e 7/oat (B"i/8)
Ang/e ga"ge (B"i/8.) 2ي*1c%* D>ي2:3
Ang/e gear (Png.) r1*X U4€:5
Ang/e iron (Png.) r1c3 'ي'E
Ang/e /"n"/ar (Laths.) ة4%m+ ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 a /"ne ? /"n"/ar ang/e ة4%m+ ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 a8aance (Png.) @'n(%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 a/tit"8e (Astron.) UFH* ”GF š2h5ر&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 attack (Aero.) 0GبM%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 be88ing (weo/.) Ÿ2nبv%* k™*>5 ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 contact (Png.)s Š2;(%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 conaergence @m(%* 1C 0ر2n(%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 c"tting ˜vn%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 8ec/ination (Lagn.) $<4vنA;%* ‹*>KB&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 8e7/ection ‹*>KB&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 8e#ression (´"ra.) ’2h[B&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 8eaiation (±ight.) ‹2v:B&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 8i# (or inc/ination) (Lagn.) O4;%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 8iaergence (P/ec.) Q*>hB&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 e/eaation (´"ra.) š2h5ر&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 emergence Q1>[%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 entrance WGd'%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 7riction (Png.) ]2J(E&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 ha8e (weo/.) ة4)C>%* š'l%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 hee/ ®Gن_%* ةي1*X
rG_%* •Afل% ة4B':3 ة;)>3 . $لo2) & ‹*>}1ر2,
$لo2) &) $B':3 >(31ر2,)
$لo2) & >(3GB23 . $لo2) & Š24n3
Žن, . ر*'d . >ي'[5
ر*'d . >ي'[5
Žن, . ر'd
2;)رGBC . @'%* @C
'ي'j V3 . *='_3
ةK,ذ . ”2نd
ر1cب%* Ÿ24o2T1 . رcب%* Ÿ24)2s
•2ن, $F r1*c%* *>h%* '<% ) ةي1*X ') ة,GR)
ةي1*X W2l5* . ةي1*X ةل™1
ة\52ن%* Zنب;%* 2ي*1X ةي2قG%) r1*X cي>F‘)
ة:,>;%* ر2_K%* V3)Xر2, Vsر . ةي1*X >_E)
r12<ي Œل›;%* 2ي*1X šG;_3 ~2ي*1c%* šG;_3 ةي>NB „¶… ¿
r1*X i4fق . ةي1*X
ة\52B ةي1*X ةي2قG% ~r1*X cي>F‘
Oo23 O;K3 . Oo23 Dر*=‘ =G;T O;K3
®*G%H2, Oo23 “v) ة4vA5 'نT) O4;%* •بp D'ق)
V4بB2_%* D'32:(3 ةh4(s . ةي1*X ةh4(s
|*ر'_%* 2ي*1X •4ل;(%) r1*X Vي>v<3)
Ang/e o7 im#act @*'v™&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 inci8ence (h!s.)
Ang/e o7 inc/ination (Lagn.) O4;%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 incon7ormit! UF*G5 m%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 intersection (Laths.) ˜R2n(%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 /ag (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* kل[5 ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 /an8ing (Aero.) §GبM%* 1C •K%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 /ea8 (P/ec. Png.) Uب<%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 /ens (hotog.) ة)':%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 minim"m 8eaiation (±ight.) ZB=H* =G4K%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 ob/i9"it! (Png.) |m4;%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 #ara//ab (h!s.) >Nن;%* ‹m(d* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 #itch DGv[%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 #o/ariyation (±ight.) 02vn()&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 #ro^ection
Ang/e o7 recoi/ =*'5ر&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 re7/ection (±ight.) Š2J:B&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 re7raction (±ight.) ر2<JB&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 re/ie7 ? c/earance ang/e (Png.) ¡m[%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 re#ose (or reset) (-ia. Png.) ر*>n()&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 ro// ? Ang/e o7 bank ‹Gv:%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 rotation |*ر1'%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 r"#t"re (Let.) ”c;(%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 s/o#e ر*'KB&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 strike ³2_5&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 threa8 i%Gل%* V) ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 torsion •*G(%&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 traction >_%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 tYist (Png.) •*G(%&* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 aariation >4A(%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 aision ةيÀ>%* ةي1*X
Ang/e o7 !aY (-!8.)
Ang/e o7 yero /i7t (Aero.) ˜F>%* @*':B* ةي1*X
Ang/e #/ate (Png.) r1*X ®G%
Ang/e ra7ter (-ar#.)
Ang/e ratio (Laths.) ة4›ل›3 ةب<B
Ang/e shot ? Ang/e-aieY (-inema) ةلo23 ةي>يGl5 ةvn%
Ang/e stee/ (Png.)
Ang/e stragg/ing r1*X ®Gv5
Ang/e s"##ort (P/ec. Png.)
Ang/e aa/ae (Png.) r1*X $nF>3 @2;™
Ang/e. ac"te (Laths.) D=2E ةي1*X
Ang/e. a8^acent (Laths.) |25ر12_(3 |2(ي1*X
Ang/e. com#/ementar! (Laths.) |2(32((3 |2(ي1*X
Ang/e. corres#on8ing (Laths.) D>•2ن(3 2ي*1X
Ang/e. critica/ (±ight.) ةj>K%* ةي1*c%*
Ang/e. c"tting (Png.) ˜vn%* ةي1*X
Ang/e. 8e7/ection ‹*>KB&* ةي1*X
Ang/e. 8ihe8ra/ (Laths.) ة4j1X ةي1*X
Ang/e. 8iai8er(s) 2ي*1c%* I4<n5 ر2j>F
Ang/e. ebterior (Laths.) ة4jر2d ةي1*X
Ang/e. inc/"8e8 (weom.)
Ang/e. ob/i9"e (Laths.) ةلo23 ةي1*X
Ang/e. obt"se (Laths.) ةj>hن3 ةي1*X
=1رG%* 1C) §Gn<%* ةي1*X)
§2n)ž* ةي1*X . ‹xn%* ةي1*X
ةT><%* Š24ق ة%‰1 ر24(%* V4,) Q*>:B&* ةي1*X)
kn<%* ة;ن) $F ) ةي1*X D'F*ر)
r1c3) r1*X ذ&GF)
Onن%* •[%) ةي1*X ة32T=)
DرGlK3 ةي1*X . V4:لf%* V4, 23 ةي1*X
Ang/e. o#tica/ ةي>l, ةي1*X
Ang/e. #/ane (-ar#.) ةيG(<3 1C ة;4n(<3 ةي1*X
Ang/e. #/anner r1*X iv` ˜vn3
Ang/e. right (Laths.) ة;o2ق ةي1*X
Ang/e. shar# D=2E ةي1*X
Ang/e. so/i8 (Laths.) ة;<_3 ةي1*X
Ang/e. s#herica/ (Laths.) ةي1>s ةي1*X
Ang/e. s"bten8e8 (-hem.) ةل,2n3 ةي1*X
Ang/e8oyer (Png.) ”>v%* ةيG<(% ةF*>j
Ang/esite (-hem.)
Angstrom "nit
Ang"/ar (a8^.) r1*X
Ang"/ar acce/eration (Lech.)
Ang"/ar a#ert"re (hotog.) ةي1*X ةK(F
Ang"/ar c"tter (Png.) r1*X cي>h5 ˜vn3
Ang"/ar 8eaiation r1*X ‹*>KB*
Ang"/ar 8iameter r1*c%* >vn%*
Ang"/ar 8is#/acement (Lech.)
Ang"/ar 8istance
Ang"/ar 8iaergence
Ang"/ar 8ri//ing e9"i#ment (Lining.) r1*c%* >hK%* Ÿ*':3
Ang"/ar 7re9"enc! (P/ec. -omm.) r1*X ==>5
Ang"/ar height (´"ra.) r1*c%* š2h5ر&*
Ang"/ar incon7ormit! r1*X ‹m(d*
Ang"/ar /ength (Lech.) r1*X WGR
Ang"/ar magnit"8e (Laths.)
Ang"/ar meas"rement r1*X Š24ق
Ang"/ar moment"m (Lech.)
Ang"/ar motion (Lech.) ةي1*X ةs>E
Ang"/ar #attern 8iestock (Png.) ةب%Gل%* Inل% ةي1*X ةhs
Ang"/ar #itch (Png.) ةي1*X ةب%G% DGvd
Ang"/ar reci#rocating motion ةي1*X ةي==>5 ةs>E
Ang"/ar s#ee8 ةي1*X ةT>)
Ang"/ar s"r7ace r1*X “v)
Ang"/ar threa8 (Png.) ةي1*X ةب%G%
Ang"/ar ae/ocit! (Lech.) ةي1*X ةT>)
Ang"/arit! correction
Anharmonic (a8^.) $nF*G5 &
Anhi8rosis (Le8.) ”>:%* Š2ب(E*
Anh!8ri8e (-hem.)
Anh!8rite (Lin.)
Anh!8ro"s (a8^.) (-hem.)
Anh!8ro"s /ime (-hem.) $E >4j
Anh!8ro"s tar (-hem.)
Ani/ine (-hem.)
Ani/ine 8!e (-hem.) $(ن4ل4BC qب™
Anima/ ce//"/ose $B*G4E XG%G4ل)
Anima/ charcoa/ (-hem.) $B*G4K%* IKh%*
Anima/ e/ectricit! (Bio/.) ة4B*G4K%* ة4o2,>MJ%*
Anima/ grease $B*G4E IK`
Anima/ tiss"e (Bio/.) $B*G4E Ž4<B
Anima/c"/e (eoo/.) VيG44E
2ي*1c%* Š24n3 . D*1c3
¡2™>%* Ÿ2(ي>بs V3 @2d ~t4<4ل_BC
V3 •cj ~@1>(<AB* D'E1 . @1>(<_B* „…… >(;4(ن<%* V3 |G4ل3
r1*X šر2<5 . ةي1*X ةل_T
r1*X ®2يcB‘ . ةي1*X ةE*X‘
r1*X ':, . ةي1*X ةF2<3
r1*X 'T2ب5 . r1*X Q*>hB*
2M52hT2f3 1C Ÿ2jر'%2, ةي1*c%* ر*'n3 ~r1*c%* ر*'n;%*
r1*c%* ]>K(%* ة4;s . r1*c%* $s>K%* @c:%*
1c5 . ةي1*X
ةي1*c%* •بp . |m4;%* “4Kl5
•23 m, . 'ي=*>MB* . 'ير'B*
ة4o23 m%* @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2(ي>بs ~tير'4MB*
•2;%* V3 W2d . $o23 &
•2;%* V3 W2d ر2ق . $o23 & ر2ق
O4ن%* qب™ . V4ل4BC
Anions (P/ec.)
Anise (Bot.)
Anisochromatic (a8^.) (h!s.) |*G%H* kل([3
Anisomeric (a8^.) (-hem.) i4s>(%* {,2€(3 >4}
Anisotonic (a8^.) (-hem.)
Anisotro#ic (a8^.) (h!s.) ¡*G[%* Vي2ب(3
Anisotro#ic cr!sta/ (-hem.) ¡*G[%* ةني2ب(3 DرGل,
Anisotro#ic /i9"i8s (-hem.)
Anisotro#! (-hem.) رGK;%* ‹m(d2, ¡*G[%* Vي2ب5
Ank!/osis (Le8.)
Anna/s $[ير25 O_) ‚ ةير1= D>€B
Annea/ (a.) (Let.)
Annea/e8 stee/ (Let.) |'ل3 ذ&GF
Annea/e8 Yire (Let.) |'ل3 •ل)
Annea/ing (n.) (Let.)
Annea/ing tem#erat"re Vي'ل(%* Dر*>E ةjر=
Annea/ing. b/"e (Let.) ”رXH* Vي'ل(%*
Annea/ing. bright (Let.) ˜™2ن%* Vي'ل(%*
Annea/ing. o#en •*GMل% †ي>:(%2, Vي'ل(%*
Annea/ing. #it (Let.) Vي'ل(%* D>hE
Annea/ing. #ot (Let.) Vي'ل(%* •2T1
Anne/i8 (Bio/.) ة4nلE D=1=
Anne/i8a (Bio/.) Ÿ24nلK%*
Anneb (n.) UKل3
Anneb (a.)
Annihi/ate (a.)
Annihi/ation (n.) (h!s.)
Anniaersar! ةيGن) S>sذ
Anno"nce (a.)
Anno! (a.)
Ann"a/ (a8^.)
Ann"a/ /oa8 7actor (P/ec. Png.) rGن<%* $o2,>MJ%* O;K%* O32T
Ann"a/ #/ant (Bot.) $%GE Ÿ2بB
Ann"a/ rings (Bot.)
Ann"a/ aariation o7 a com#ass (´"ra.) ةل™Gب%* ³2_5* $F $<4vنA;%* rGن<%* >4A(%*
Ann"a//! (a8a.)
Ann"/ (a.)
Ann"/ar (a8^.) $nلE
Ann"/ar bit (-ar#.) ة4nلK%* rر2_;ل% 02n›3 ة;n%
Ann"/ar borer (Png.) ة4nلE ر2_3 02n›3
Ann"/ar ec/i#se (Astron.) $nلE ‹G<s
Ann"/ar gear (Png.) ة4nلE ةنن<3
Ann"/ar gear Yhee/ (Png.) ة4nلE ةنن<3
Ann"/ar grooae $nلE =1'dC
Ann"/ar saY (-ar#.) $nلE ر2€ن3
Ann"/ar seating (Png.)
Ann"/ar s#ace ة4nلE DG_F
Ann"/ar aa/ae ( Png.) $nلE @2;™
Ann"/ar ae/ocit! ة4v4K;%* ةT><%*
Ann"/ar Yhee/ (Png.) Od*'%* V3 ةنن<3 ةل_T
ةيG4E ‚ ]>K5 . ةs>E
ةب%2) =ر*G` 1C Ÿ2BGيC . Ÿ2BGيC
|G<4نيC . |G<B2ي
rXG3XH*) rر2€(B&* •Af%* r12<(3 >4})
¡*G[%* ةني2ب(3 Oo*G) . ¡*G[%* ةيرGل, Oo*G)
@'n%* q)ر . OE2s
D—<j . @2N:%* IEm5 . •<ق
ة4ق2<%* W*XC . |'%
ةي2n<%* ة%*X‘ . Vي'ل5
Z%‘) ‹2pC . IpC . UK%C)
>3= . ZنFC . =2,C
D=2,‘ . •2نF . رGB=
O4يx5 . ةي>4<h5 ة4`2E
š*ذC . VلTC
Uي2p . ر's . ŽTXC
$%GE . SG)
Ÿ2بن%* ”2) $F) ةيGن) Ÿ2nلE)
24%GE . 2يGن)
rGن) Od= . ة4+2ن)
–<F . Ov,C . ZA%C
$nلE ':n3 ‚ (@2;lل%) $nلE =2:ق‘
Ann"/et D>4A™ ةnلE
Ann"/"s (#/. ann"/i)
Ann"nciator (P/ec. Png.)
Ano8a/ (or ano8ic) (a8^.) r=GBC ‚ $بvق
Ano8e (P/ec.) ';l3 =GBC
Ano8e batter! ? B-batter! (P/ec. -omm.)
Ano8e c"rrent (©hermionics) =GBH* ر245
Ano8e 8issi#ation (©hermionics) r=GBH* $ق2v%* ='ب(%*
Ano8e 8ro# (©hermionics)
Ano8e e77ect (P/ec.)
Ano8e generator (©hermionics) ةK4hl%* ر245 '%G3
Ano8e g/oY (©hermionics)
Ano8e mo8"/ation (¢a8io) =GBH* ر245 •بp
Ano8e m"8 (Let.)
Ano8e obi8ation (P/ec. Png. Let.) ةي=GBC D'<sC
Ano8e ra!s (©hermionics) ةي=GBC ة:`C
Ano8e resistance (©hermionics) =GBH* D12n3
Ano8e s/ime ? Ano8e m"8 (Let.) =GBH* Ÿ2ب)>5
Ano8e ta# (©hermionics) =GBH* ر245 xd—3
Ano8ic etching (P/ec. Png.)
Ano8ic treatment
Ano8iye (a.) (P/ec. Png.)
Ano8!ne (a8^.) VJ<3 ر2nT
Ano/!te (P/ec. Png.)
Anoma/o"s (a8^.)
Anoma/o"s 8is#ersion IN(ن3 >4} t(€5
Anoma/o"s magnetiyation (Lagn.) ذ2` •نA;5
Anoma/!. e/ectrica/ Dذ2` ة4o2,>Ms D>+2•
Anoma/!. magnetic Dذ2` ة4<4vنA3 D>+2•
Anon!mo"s (a8^.)
Ano#he/es (eoo/.)
Anorthite ? in8ianite (Lin.)
Anosmia (Le8.)
Anobemia (Le8.) @'%* '<s—5 @'T
Anobia (Le8.) ة_<BH* V4_<sC ‡nB
AnsYer (a.)
AnsYer #rint (-inema) Ž(ن;%* ةnF*G;% ةp1>:;%* $5Gl%* Iل4h%* ة[<B
AnsYering ^ack (©e/e#h.)
Antaci8 (a8^. n.) ةpG;Kل% =2f3
Anta/gic ? anta/gesic (a8^.)
Antarctic -irc/e ة4,Gن_%* ة4بvn%* D>o*'%*
Antares (Astron.) 0>n:%* iلق
Ante meri8iem ? A.L. or a.m. >MN%* Oبق
Antebe//"m (a8^.) 0>K%* Oبق ˜ق*1 1C Vo2s
Antecambrian (a8^.) (weo/.) r>ب;J%* >l:%* Oبق 23
Antece8ent (Laths.) &1C رGsx;%* ةب<ن%* 'E @'n3
Antece8ent (n.) U,2)
Antechamber ? #recomb"stion chamber (Png.) @'n(;%* ”*>(E&* ةF>}
Ante8ate (a.) U,2) –ير2(, ¸رC
Antenata/ (a8^.) D=&G%* Oبق
Antenna (Bio/.)
|mv, . •2A%‘ . W2v,‘
”GR . D'لd . ةnلE
Š>_%* ر'l3 Z%‘ >4€5 ة%‰ ~ةنل:3
ةK4hl%* ةير2v, . =GBH* ةير2v,
rX2} qي>h5 0GبBC $F) r=GBH* 'M_%* §Gب+)
=GBH* 02vn()* iب<, ¬j2h;%* 'M_%* §Gب+ ~r=GBH* >4•—(%*
rX2} 0GبBC $F) r=GBH* Ž+G(%* ةnvن3)
$o2,>MJ%* O4لK(%* $F) =GBH* Ÿ2ب)>5)
$o2,>MJ%* •mvل% ة3'n;s) r=GBH* ²;ن%*)
=GBH2, (cلh%*) ة_%2:3 . D=GBC
=GBC . ةي=GBH* ةnي>v%2, Ž%2T
=GB•% ر12_;%* O4لK(%* Oo2) ~t4%GBC
D'T2nل% k%2[3 . ذ2` . rG) >4}
ة432N(B* & . ذ1x`
I)&* Iي'T . Oh}
z4ل4FGBC . ة4;jH* ةpG:,
ةير2ن%* رG[l%* †:, $F 'jGي @G4ن3G%H*1 @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 @2d ~t4•رGBH*
I€d . I€%* ة)2E 'nF
’>A%2,) ZF1 ‚ 02_()* . 02jC)
]>(€;%* •d O™G%) ة,2jž* zبn3)
†ق2ن5 . =2f5
I%•% =2f3 . VJ<3
$B2,X . ر2:€()* |>ق
Antenna ? aeria/ (n.) (¢a8io.) $o*G+
Antenna arra! (¢a8io.)
Antenna changeoaer sYitch (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* OيGK5 ®2(h3
Antenna circ"it (¢a8io.) ة4o2,>MJ%* $o*GM%* D>o*=
Antenna connection (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* O™1
Antenna co"#/er (¢a8io.) Ÿ24o*G+ ةB>n3
Antenna co"#/ing (¢a8io.) Ÿ24o*GM%* |>ق 1C •,ر
Antenna 8oYn/ea8 (¢a8io.) •,2M%* $o*GM%* •ل)
Antenna earthing sYitch (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* †ير—5 ®2(h3
Antenna e77ect (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* >4•—5
Antenna ins"/ator (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* WX2T
Antenna /ea8-in (¢a8io.)
Antenna /oa8ing coi/ (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* O4;K5 ة:4`1
Antenna /oo# (¢a8io.) rر2R‘ $o*G+
Antenna mast (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* ةير2)
Antenna omni8irectiona/ (¢a8io.) ة4nFH* Ÿ2+2_5&* ˜4;_% $o*G+
Antenna ree/ (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* D>J,
Antenna re7/ector (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* zs2T
Antenna resistance (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* ة312n3
Antenna shortening con8enser (¢a8io.)
Antenna s!stem (¢a8io.) $o*GMل% ةل32J%* D>o*'%*
Antenna t"ning (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* ةh%*G3
Antenna ao/tage (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* ة4vلF
Antenna Yire (¢a8io.) $o*GM%* •ل)
Antenna. 8irectiona/ (¢a8io.) $+2_5* $o*G+
Antenna. 7rame (¢a8io.) rر2R‘ $o*G+
Antenn"/e (eoo/.) ر2:€()* Vي>ق
Anterior (a8^.) $323C
Anther (n.) (Bot.)
Antheri8i"m (Bot.)
Anthoc!anin (Bot. -hem.)
Antho/og! (Bot.) ر2+XH* IلT
Antho/og! (n.) ة4,=C Ÿ2hvn3
Antho#hore (Bot.) $_يG(%* O32K%*
Antho#h!//ite (Lin.)
Anthracene (-hem.) V4)*>›BC
Anthracite (-hem.)
Anthraco-si/icosis ? miners· asthma (Le8.)
Anthrab (Le8.)
Anthro#omor#hic (Bio/.) |2<Bž2, {4ب`
Anti-aci8 (a8^.) (-hem.) †3*GKل% @12n3
Anti-aci8 a88itiae ’2;E•% ة312n3 ةF2p‘
Anti-aircra7t Ÿ*>o2vل% =2f3
Anti-atom (h!s.)
Anti-breakage 8eaice ><Jل% ة312n3 ةv4بB
Anti-b"rn ^e//! (Le8.) ”1>K%* 'p @m+
Anti-ca#acit! sYitch (¢a8io.)
Anti-cata/!st (-hem.) DX2hK%* D=2;%* >4•—(% t,2s
Anti-catho8e (h!s.)
Anti-c/ockYise (a8^.. a8a.) ةT2<%* 0ر2nT ³2_5* 'p
Anti-coag"/ant (n.) (Le8.) >([(ل% =2f3
Anti-corrosion (a8^.) Ÿ2K(ل% =2f3
W2بn()&*1 W2)رÁ%) Ÿ24o*G+ k™)
O™*G%* $o*GM%* •ل) . $o*GM%* Od'3
ةق12:;%* k4h[(%) $o*GM%* >4ln5 k›J3)
D>+c%* $F >4sx(%* GfT . >ب\3
Ÿ2ي>+Xm%* $F >4sx(%* GfT ~ةي>ب\3
r>+X qب™ ~V4B24)G›BH*
ŠG(<ب)H* V3 0>p ~tيmFG›BC
iلl%* IKh%* . t4)*>›B&* IKF . t4)*>›BC
V4B':;%* G,ر . $B*Gl%* $;Kh%* ر2K€%*
•لM3 ’>3 ~ D>;_%*
ة4jG%G,1>›B* . >€ب%* ˜o2بR IلT
W @12n3 1C =2f3 . 'p ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
Ÿ2,>4MJ%* ةبjG31 D*Gن%* ةب%2) Dرذ ~Dرx%* =2f3
®G(h3 G+1) ة:<%* O4\p ®2(h3)
zsC ة:`C 0GبBC $F) $بل<%* ivn%* >4NB)
Anti-corrosiae a88itiae (Png.) Os•(ل% D=2f3 ةF2p‘
Anti-crease (a8^.)
Anti-c!c/one (Leteor.) ر2lTž* 'ي'p
Anti-8ayy/e (a8^.)
Anti-8ecom#osition a88itiae (-hem.) WmKBm% D=2f3 ةF2p‘
Anti-8etonating (a8^.) ة:ق>h%* ˜B23
Anti-8etonating gaso/ine (-hem.) ة:ق>h%* 'p Ž%2:3 Vيcن,
Anti-8etonator (-hem.) ة:ق>h%* ˜B23
Anti-8im (a.)
Anti-e/ectron ? #ositron (P/ec. Png.)
Anti-7erment (n.) >;[(%* =2f3
Anti-7ermentatiae (-hem.) >;[(ل% @12n3
Anti-7/ash (a8^.) †3G%* @12n3
Anti-7oam agent (-hem.) DG}>%* ˜B23
Anti-7o"/ing com#osition (Png.)
Anti-7reeye (n.. a8^.)
Anti-7riction (a8^.) (Png.) ]2J(Em% @12n3
Anti-7riction a//o! (Png.) ]2J(Em% ة312n3 ةJ4ب)
Anti-7riction bearing (Png.) ]2J(Em% @12n3 O;K3
Anti-7riction meta/ ? Yhite meta/ (Png.) ]2J(Em% =2f3 |':3
Anti-7rost (a8^.) (Png.)
Anti-gas (a8^.) Ÿ*X2Aل% =2f3
Anti-gas #rotection Ÿ*X2A%* 'p ةي2ق1
Anti-gas res#irator X2A%* V3 ”*1 š2نق
Anti-g/are (a8^.)
Anti-ha/ation #/ate Ÿ&2M%* رGM• ˜ن;ي ®G%
Anti-icer (Png.)
Anti-incr"stator (Png.) Ÿ2يmA%* $F رG€n%* ˜B23
Anti-knock (n.)
Anti-knock com#o"n8 (-hem.) •ب[ل% ˜B23 is>3
Anti-knock s"bstance (Png.)
Anti-knock aa/"e (or rating) •ب[%* ˜ن3 ةjر=
Anti-knocking agent (-hem.) •ب[%* 1C ة:ق>h%* ˜B23
Anti-/eak (a8^.) 0><(ل% ˜B23
Anti-/eak #acking ring (Png.) 0><(ل% ة:B23 ةبلj
Anti-/ogarithm (Laths.) I(ير2}Gل%* O,2n3
Anti-magnetic (a8^.) ة4<4R2نA;ل% @12n3
Anti-matter (h!s.)
Anti-missi/e missi/e (Li//.) ko*xnل% D=2f3 ة4d1ر2™ ةhيxق
Anti-ne"tron (h!s.)
Anti-obi8ant (n. a8^.) '<s—(ل% @12n3
Anti-obi8ant a88itiae (-hem.) '<s—(ل% D=2f3 ةF2p‘
Anti-obi8ation (a8^.) (Png.) '<s—(%* 'p
Anti-#ara//ab (n.) (hotog.) >Nن;%* ‹m(d* 1C |2hيc%* ˜ن;% ةل4)1
Anti-#riming #i#e (Png.)
Anti-#roton (h!s.)
Anti-resonance (h!s.) $<JT V4Bر
Anti-r"st (a8^.) (Png.) C'lل% @12n3
Anti-sag bar (Png.)
Anti-ski88ing (a8^.) ”&cB&* =2f3
Anti-s#in (a8^.) (Aero.) Iي1'(ل% @12n3
Anti-static antenna (¢a8io.) œ*G€ل% ˜B23 $o*G+
Anti-s"bmarine (a8^.) (Li//.) Ÿ2™*GAل% =2f3
Anti-tank (a8^.) (Li//.) Ÿ2,2,'ل% =2f3
$ن›(%* ˜B23 . VfA(ل% =2f3
>Mب%* =2f3 . >M_%* ˜B23
$€A(%* ˜ن3 . •2;%* ر2[, W*XC
|1>(J%ž* r'ي'p . |1>5XG,
ةي>Kب%* Ÿ*•2€Bž*1 Vh<ل%) r>vh%* G;ن%* 'p •mR)
';_(%* U4:3 . ';_(%* @12n3
>بl%* =2f3 . ';_(ل% @12n3
Ž+G%* ˜B23 . >Mب%* =2f3
>بl%* =2f3 . '4ل_%* ˜B23
•ب[ل% ˜B23. •ب[%* ة:B23
¡2™>%* O4›ي‘ ˜,*ر O›3) •ب[ل% ة:B23 D=23)
D=2;%* '4ب3 .D=2;%* =2f3
|1>5G4ن%* 'ي'p . =2f3 |1>(4B
Oj>;%* $F (•2;%* VT) ر2[ب%* OlF 0GبBC
ةنK€%* i%2) |G51>, . |G51>ب%* 'ي'p
|Gل;_%* •2[5ر* ˜ن;% ) •2[5ر&* ˜ن3 D=*'`)
Anti-thr"st bearing (Png.) ˜F'ل% @12n3 O;K3
Anti-tor9"e (Lech.) $ل%* WcT @12n3
Antibiotic (a8^.) (Le8.)
Antibo8! (Le8.) =2f3 I<j
Anticer (Aero.) '4ل_%* |GJ5 @12n3
Antich/or (-hem.) رGلJ%* =2f3
Antici#ate (a.)
Antic/astic c"raat"re (Laths.) =2f(%* •2نKB*
Antic/ina/ (a8^.)
Antic/ina/ a#eb (weo/.) rGبق ŠCر
Antic/ina/ abia/ #/ane (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4vل% rرGK;%* SG(<;%*
Antic/ina/ abis (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* رGK3
Antic/ina/ b"/ges (weo/.) ةيGبق Ÿ*•G(B
Antic/ina/ c/os"re (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* Uل}
Antic/ina/ crest (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* ة;ق
Antic/ina/ 7/ank (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* iB2j
Antic/ina/ 7/ebt"re (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* ة4ن•
Antic/ina/ /ine (or abis) (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* رGK3
Antic/ina/ ri8ge (weo/.) ة4,'K5 ةل<ل)
Antic/ina/ str"ct"re (weo/.) ةيGبق ة4ن,
Antic/inori"m-com#osite antic/ine (weo/.) 0'K(%* ةبs>3 DGبق
Antic/inori"m (weo/.)
Anti8ota/ (a8^.)
Anti8ote (n.) (Le8.)
Antigen (Le8.) =2f;%* '%G3
Antig"m inhibitor (-hem.) q;l(%* ˜B23
Antimonate ? Antimoniate (-hem.) Ÿ2ن43G4(BC
Antimonia/ /ea8 (-hem.) $BG;4(BC ¡2™ر
Antimon! (´b) (-hem.)
Antimon! a//o!s (-hem.) |G;4(BH* •o2ب)
Antimon! b/ack
Antine"trino (h!s.) Gني>5G4ن%* 'ي'™
Antino8a/ region ? /oo# (h!s.) ةjG;%* Vv, ةnvن3
Antino8e (h!s.) ةjG;%* Vv,
Anti#ara//e/ (a8^.) (weom.) ³2_5&* $F =2f(31 X*G(3
Anti#ara//e/s (n.) VيX*G(;%* m,2n3
Anti#arasitic (a8^.) (Le8.) Ÿ24ل4hv%* =2f3
Anti#artic/e (h!s.)
Anti#artic/es (h!s.) |2ي1GB |*'ي'p
Anti#/eion (Leteor.)
Anti#o8a/ (Bio/.) ivn%* O,2n3
Anti#o8es (weog.)
Anti#!retic (a8^.. n.) (Le8.)
Anti9"ate8 (a8^.)
Antise#sis (n.) (Le8.)
Antise#tics (a8^.) (Le8.)
Antis/"8ge a88itiae i)>(ل% =2f3 ةF2p‘
Antis#ectrosco#ic /ens ? achromatic /ens (hotog.) ة4BG% & ة)'T
Antitobic (a8^.) I<ل% =2f3
Antitobin (n.) (Le8.)
Ant/ia (©he "m#) (Astron.)
An"c/eate (a8^.) (Bio/.)
An"ria (n.) (Le8.)
I4•*>_ل% '4ب3 1C =2f3 . =>3 . $5G4ب4(BC
Uب()* . ˜قG5
V4(ل,2n(3 V4(Mj $F ر'Kن3 . rGبق
D>4نE . ة,'E . 0'K3 VيGJ5 . Gبق . DGبق . ة,'K3 ة4R
ةنfA(3 ة,'E. is>3 0'K5 . is>3 Gبق
I<ل% =2f3 . $ق2ي>5
I<%* =2f3 . ”2ي>5
tB) ³c3ر †4,* rcلF >lنT ~';B‘ . |G;4(BC)
24B':3 2BG% ‡_%* •2vTž) |G;4(BH* ”GK<3)
=2f3 I4<j ~'ي'p
W':;%* V3 †hdC ة4d2ن;%* 2+>™2نT 'EC ~$d2ن3 †hd ةnvن3
24F*>Aj |m,2n(3 |2B2J3 ~|m,2n(;%*
Z;Kل% QmT ‚ Z;K%* 'p . Z;K%* †h[3
X*>v%* U4(T . Iي'ق
ةBGh:%* ˜ن3 . >4Mv5
ةBGh:ل% ˜B23 . >Mv3
|2hيc%* 'p . V4<J(%* 'p
ة4,Gنj @G_B ةبsGs ~•*GM%* ة}>h3
D*Gن%* Iي'T . r1GB &
@*رX . WGب%* š2vnB*
An"s (eoo/.)
Anai/ (Png.) 'l3 ‚ |*'ن)
Anai/ ? inc"s (eoo/.)
Anai/ chise/ ? anai/ c"tter (Png.)
Anbiet! (n.)
Anbio"s (a8^.)
Aorta (n.) (Le8.)
A#art (a8a.)
A#artment (n.)
A#atite (-hem.)
A#erio8ic (a8^.) (h!s.)
A#erio8ic antenna (¢a8io.)
A#erio8ic circ"it (P/ec.) ةير1= & D>o*=
A#erio8ic com#ass (Lagn.) ةير1= & ةل™G,
A#erio8ic ga/aanometer (P/ec.) rر1= & >(3GB2hلj
A#erio8ic instr"ment
A#erio8ic motion ةير1= & ةs>E
A#ert"re (Png. h!s.)
A#ert"re 8istortion (©e/ea.)
A#ert"re /ens (©e/ea.)
A#ert"re #/ate (hotog.) ةK(F 1ذ ®G%
A#ert"re8 8isc (©e/ea.)
A#eta/o"s (a8^.) (Bot.) ŽيG(%* @=2T
A#eb (#/. a#ices)
A#hanite (geo/.)
A#hasia (Le8.)
A#he/ion (n.) (#/. a#he/ia) (Astron.)
A#hi8 ? a#his
A#honia (Le8.)
A#hototro#ism (n.) (Bot.) •Gfل% =2f3 •2K(B*
A#h!//o"s (a8^.) (Bot.) ”*ر1H* Iي'T
A#ian (a8^.)
A#iar! (n.)
A#ica/ (a8^.) $;ق
A#ic"/t"re (n.)
A#/anatic (a8^.) (°#t.)
A#/anatic /ens (°#t.)
A#/ite ? ha#/ite (geo/.)
A#nea ? a#noea (n.) (Le8.)
A#ochromatic /ens (°#t.)
A#o8a/ ? a#o8"s (a8^.)
A#ogee (astron.)
A#o/ar $بvق &
A#o/ogiye (a.) رx(T*
A#o/og! (n.) ر*x(T*
A#o#h!sis (#/. a#o#h!ses) (eoo/.) •G(B
A#ort (a8a.) ةن4h<%* V3 ><يH* iB2_%* GKB
A#othecaries· meas"re (-hem.) ة%'4l%* $F O;:(<;%* Oo*G<%* Š24ق @2NB
A#othecaries· Yeight (-hem.) ة%'4l%* $F O;:(<;%* |*X1H* @2NB
A#othem (-hem.)
A#othem o7 a reg"/ar #o/!gon (-hem.)
A##a//ing (a8^.)
A##arat"s (n.)
A##arat"s rack
t)‘ . Q>`
|ذH* $F |*'ن<%* ة;4NT . Dm:%*
|*'ن<%* ($F is>ي) ˜vn3
U4p . Uلق
Uلق ‚ ”*G5 . kMل(3
V45G%* |2ي>` . V451
ةق>h(3 •*cjC Z%‘ ‚ D'E ZلT . 2بB2j
D>_E . ةh`
rرGh<F @2d ~t452,C
«1'K%* IN(ن3 >4} . rر1= &
2بي>n5 ة,2_()&* t,2• ~rر1= & $o*G+
ة,x,x%* Iي'T) rر1= & Š24ق X2Mj)
DGs . V4T . kيG_5 . ةK(F
ةK(h%* š2<5&) “<;%* ³G€5)
ة4vلh%* ة512h(3 ة4€}C >بT Ÿ2K(F ~ة4B1>(J%‘ ة)'T
˜يXG(%* ة4B1cلE ةل•2;(3 Ÿ2K(F 1ذ ر*1= ¡>ق ~$%½* “<;%* ¡>ق
Q1C . D1رذ . ة;ق
Ÿ*رGلب%* U4ق= rر2B >[™ ~t4B2FC
Uvن%* رx:5 . ة<بE
z;€%* VT ر24<%* •لF $F ةvnB ':,C ~ŠC>%* ةvnB
V;%* D>€E ~ةFرC
{(;™ . ŸGl%* 'nF
OKن%2, ¡2d . $لKB
OKن%* 2يmd V3 ةTG;_3 . ةلKن3
OKن%* ة4,>5 . ة%2KB
r1>J%* qيc%* “Kl3 . $AيX &
r1>J%* qيc%* ة3Gn3 ة)'T . ةAيX & ة)'T
t4B*>_%* V3 šGB ~t4ل,C
zhن(%* š2vnB* . >M,
D='<3 ة)'T . ة4BG%m%* ة325 ة)'T
OjرH* Iي'T . $3'ق &
’رH* VT >;n%* ر*'3 $F ةvnB ':,C ~Q1C
˜لf;%* $F ˜لp Z%‘ cs>;%* V3) '32T)
IN(ن;%* šmpH* =':(;, ) ةRGK;%* D>o*'%* >vق klB)
š1>3 . iT>3
X2Mj . D'T
DcMjH* ‹ر . DcMjH* O32E
A##arat"s. sa7et! (Png.) V3C DcMjC
A##are/ (n.)
A##arent stratigra#hic ga# (weo/.) ةي>+2N%* ة4nبv%* DG_h%*
A##arent (a8^.)
A##arent a/tit"8e (Astron. ´"ra.) r>+2N%* š2h5ر&*
A##arent ayim"th (Astron.) r>+2N%* t;<%*
A##arent coe77icient (#h!s.) r>+2N%* O32:;%*
A##arent 8i# (weog.) r>+2N%* O4;%*
A##arent e77icienc! (Png.) ةي>+2N%* ةي2hJ%*
A##arent e/eaation (´"ra.) r>+2N%* š2h5ر&*
A##arent eb#ansion. coe77icient o7 (h!s.) r>+2N%* =';(%* O32:3
A##arent horiyon $F*>A_%* UFH*
A##arent in8"ctance ةي>+2N%* ة•2K;%*
A##arent magnit"8e r>+2N%* @>_%*
A##arent motion D>+2N%* ةs>K%*
A##arent moaement r>+2N%* ]>K(%*
A##arent #oYer (P/ec. Png.) D>+2N%* Dر'n%*
A##arent resistance (P/ec. Png.) D>+2N%* ة312n;%*
A##arent s/i# r>+2• ”&cB*
A##arent so/ar 8a! (Astron.) $n4nK%* $<;€%* @G4%*
A##arent so/ar time (©ime.)
A##arent s#eci7ic graait! (h!s.) r>+2N%* $TGن%* |XG%*
A##arent thickness ةي>+2N%* ةB2[›%*
A##ea/ (n.) ‹2v:()* •*'B ‚ ‹2ن\()*
A##ea/ (a.) kB—()*
A##ear (a.)
A##earance (n.)
A##en8 (a.)
A##en8age (n.)
A##en8icitis (Le8.) ةي=1'%* D'o*c%* 02M(%*
A##en8ib (n.)
A##erceiae (a.)
A##ertain (a.)
A##/e scab (Bot.) ®2h(%* 0>j
A##/eton /a!er (¢a8io.)
A##/iance (n.)
A##/iance. sa7et! (Png.) |23C X2Mj
A##/icab/e (a8^.) i)2ن3 ‚ U4بv(ل% O,2ق
A##/icant (n.)
A##/ication (n.)
A##/ication 7orm iلR QذG;B
A##/ie8 (a8^.)
A##/ie8 chemistr! ة4n4بv(%* •24;4J%*
A##/ie8 sciences ة4n4بv(%* @Gل:%*
A##/! (a.)
A##oint (a.)
A##ortion (a.)
A##osition (Bio/.)
A##reciab/e (a8^.) {s*ر=‘ 1C ³>ي'n5 VJ;3
A##reciate (a.) ة;4ق =*X ‚ ]ر=C ‚ ر'ق
A##reciation >ي'n5
A##rentice (n.)
A##renticeshi# ةنM;%2, Š>;(%* ‚ iير'(%* D'3
Ÿ*c4M_5 . D'T . Š2ب%
$لj . “p*1 . >+2•
r>+2N%* ) $ل:h%* $<;€%* tقG%*)
“f5* . *', . >M•
WG\3 ‚ >MN3 . رGM•
Oيذ . ‹2pC . UK%C
ةnE& . UKل3 . D'o*X
Oيذ . UKل3
•,*>(%2, (24ن+ذ) ]ر=C
0 ‡(d* . 0 Uل:5
Gي=*>%* Q*G3C zJ:5 ةني—(3 ةيGj ةnبR ~ˆ|G(ل,Cˆ ةnبR
@*'[()* . U4بv5 ‚ $n4بv5 X2Mj
z;(ل3 . (O;T) i%2R
W2;:()* . U4بv5 ‚ @*'[()* iلR
Uبv3 . $n4بv5 ‚ @'[(<3 . W1xب3
O;:()* . @'[()* . UبR ‚ 2بلR @'ق
k•1 .V4T. ‡ld
‡lE . šX1 . I<ق
Q23'B* . is*>5
V4;[5 . >ي'n5 . I44n5
0ر'(3 . ة:نl%* $F Qر'(3 x4;ل5 ~$ب™ . Iل5
A##roach (n.)
A##roach (a.)
A##roach ang/e (Aero.) 0*>(ق&* ةي1*X
A##roach ae/ocit! (-!8.) 0*>(ق&* ةT>)
A##ro#riate (a8^.)
A##ro#riate (a.) ‡ld
A##roaa/ (n.)
A##roae (a.)
A##roae8 (a8^.)
A##robimate (a8^.)
A##robimate (a.)
A##robimate eaa/"ation (Laths.) $بي>n5 >ي'n5
A##robimate 9"antit! ة4بي>n5 ة4;s
A##robimate ratio ة4بي>n5 ةب<B
A##robimate res"/t ة4بي>n5 ة_4(B
A##robimate aa/"e ة4بي>n(%* ة;4n%*
A##robimate/! (a8a.)
A##robimation (a/) metho8 iي>n(%* ةnي>R
A##robimation (n.) ةn4nK%* 0ر2n5 ة4;s ‚ iي>n5
A##robimation error iي>n(%* —vd
A##"rtenant (a8^.. n.)
A#ron (Aero.)
A#ron (-ar#.)
A#ron (Png.)
A#ron (n.)
A#ron conae!or (Png.) ر*1= >4) 1ذ ةT2f, Oق2B
A#se (Astron.)
A#se ? a#sis (Png.)
A#se /ine ? /ine o7 a#si8es (Astron.) 2بn%* •d
A#si8a/ ang/e (Png.) ةيGبق ةي1*X
A#t (a8^.)
A#tero"s (a8^.) (eoo/.) ةKنjH* Iي'T
A#tian ´tage (weo/.) r>4`2بv%* >l:%* رG[™ V3 Zv)G%* ةnبv%*
A#"s ( ©he Bir8 o7 ara8ise ( (Astron.)
A9"a 7ortis (-hem.)
A9"a regia (-hem.)
A9"a8ag (-hem.) $B*1>} t4F*>}
A9"a7er ? a9"i7er (weo/.)
A9"amarine (n.) (Lin.) (a8^.)
A9"are//e (n.) ة4o2;%* |*G%H2, I)ر
A9"ari"m (Bio/.)
A9"ari"m (-inema)
A9"ari"s (©he Âater-Bearer) (Astron.)
A9"atic (a8^.) $o23
A9"atint (n.) (rint.) ')H2, رGl%* >hE
A9"e8"ct (n.) (Png.) ة4T2نv™* D2نق
A9"eo"s (a8^.) (-hem.) $o23
A9"eo"s h"mo"r (eoo/.)
A9"eo"s so/"tion (-hem.) $o23 WGلK3
A9"eo"s aa#or $o23 ر2[,
A9"ic"/t"re (Bio/.) ة4o2;%* •24EH* ة4,>5
@'n5 . 0*>(ق* . GB=
GKB @'n5 . 2B= . 0>(ق*
‡([3 . (0) ¡2d ‚ Uo& . i)2ن3
=2;(T* . ةF=2l3 . ةnF*G3
';(T* . >قC . UF*1
{4لT UF*G3 . {4لT ”'l3
0ر2n(3 . $بي>n5
0ر2n5 . 0ر2ق
iي>n(%* {j1 ZلT . 2بي>n5
Uh5>3 . ˜,25 . UKل3
Oي>,‘ . |2<4B
|*>4R (Qر'3 1C) >;3
V4h)‘ . V4h)
ةR>[;%* $F ) Š>(%* •2ق1)
WGي>3 . رc\3
iBx%* 1C ŠC>%* ةvnB . ةيGبق ةvnB
DGبق . 2بق
i)2ن3 . >ي'j ‚ (W) O,2ق . (W) ةp>T
ةق24% . =*':()* . ة4ل+C
ة4,Gنj @G_B ةبsGs ~Š1=>h%* >o2R
•2ن%* •23 . cs>;%* •ي>4(ن%* †32E
ةب<ن, Vيcs>;%* •ير=رGلJ%*1 •ي>(4ن%* $f32E V3 Žيc3 ~$Jل;%* •2;%* „ ~ µ
$pرC •23 š=G(<3 . •2;ل% ةBX2d ةnبR
•2;%* tK5 zhن(ل% ¡*GA%* >M• Z%‘ '€5 •*G+ Dر1ر2ق . ة4o23 ةoر
ةقرc%* Z%‘ 0ر2p >fdC =>3X . 'j>,X
ة4o2;%* •24E•% Z,>3 . ة+2;3
ة45Gl%* @mFH* >4fK(%) ŸGlل% ة%X2T D>_E)
$ق2<%* ~G%'%* Q>,
V4:%* $F) ة4o2;%* ة,GR>%* . $o23 •لd)
A9"i7er (weo/.) $pرC •23 š=G(<3
A9"i7ero"s (a8^.) •2;ل% 12E
A9"i/a ( ©he Pag/e) (Astron.)
Ara (©he A/tar) (Astron.)
Arabes9"e (B"i/8.) X*>v%* $,>T ²h5 1C ‹>dX
Arabian ´hie/8 (weo/.) $,>:%* šر'%*
Arabic n"mera/s (or 7ig"res) (Laths.)
Arab/e (a8^.) ةT*رcل% “%2™
Arachni8a (eoo/.) Ÿ245GبJن:%* ةho2R
Aragonite (Lin.)
Arbiter (n.)
Arbitration I4JK5
Arbitration boar8 I4JK5 zل_3
Arbor (Png.)
Arbor (n.)
Arbor #ress (Png.) $ق2` zبJ3
Arborea/ (a8^.) (Bot.) r>_`
Arc- cosine ? anticosine (Laths.)
Arc-contro/ 8eaice (P/ec. Png.) ŠGn%* •2hvB* O_:3
Arc-cosecant ? anticosecant (Lath.)
Arc-cotangent ? anticotangent
Arc-/am# carbon (P/ec.) ة4)Gn%* “4,2l;ل% $BG,>s =G;T
Arc-secant ? antisecant (Laths.)
Arc-sine ? antisine (Laths.)
Arc-tangent ? antitangent (Laths.)
Arc (P/ec.) $o2,>Ms ŠGق
Arc (weom.)
Arc absorber (P/ec. Png.)
Arc circ"it (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%* D>o*=
Arc conaerter (¢a8io.)
Arc crater (P/ec. Png.)
Arc 8e7/ector (P/ec. Png.) ŠGn%* ‹ر2E
Arc 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $)Gق qي>h5
Arc 8"ration (P/ec. Png.) ŠGn%* •2n, D>(F
Arc 7"rnace (P/ec. Png.) $)Gق |>F
Arc generator (¢a8io.) ==>(%* $%2T $)Gق '%G3
Arc ignition (P/ec.) ŠGn%* W2:`‘
Arc /am# ? arc /ight (P/ec. Png.) $)Gق ®2بl3
Arc /ighting (P/ec.) $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%2, D•2p‘
Arc mo8"/ation (©e/ea.)
Arc o7 a circ/e (Laths.) D>o*= ŠGق
Arc o7 a##roach (Png.)
Arc o7 contact (Png.)
Arc o7 recess (Png.)
Arc #rocess (-hem.) •*GM%* V3 Ÿ*>(ن%* >4fK(% ة4)Gn%* ةnي>v%*
Arc recti7ier (P/ec. Png.) $)Gق @Gn3
Arc resistance (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%* ة312n3
Arc shie/8 (P/ec. Png.)
Arc s#ectr"m (h!s.) $)Gق k4R
Arc stream ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) $)Gn%* S>_;%* ة4vلF
Arc s"##ressor (P/ec. Png.) $pرH* ŠGn%* ˜B23
Arc s!stem (¢a8io.) $)Gق O)>3 1ذ $Jل) & W2l5* X2Mj
ة4%2;` @G_B ةبsGs ~>o2v%* ><ن%* . 02n:%*
0>n:%* iBذ $,Gنj D>4A™ @G_B ةبsGs ~“,x;%* . D>;_;%*
24%2E ة4_B>FH* Ÿ2Aل%* $F ةل;:(<;%*) O™H* ةي'نM%* ة4,>:%* @2قرH*)
@G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s V3 0>p ~t4BG}*رC
•4)1 . IJE
Uلv3 . rر24(d*
˜vn%* D'T t4ب›5 ”24` . ”24`
0&1= رGK3 . ²ي>T . šxj
OJ€%* r>_` . >_€3
رGsx;%* =':%* 2M32;5 i4j $(%* ةي1*c%* ~@2;(%* i4j O,2n3
رGsx;%* =':%* 2M32;5 ˜vق $(%* ةي1*c%* ~@2;(%* ˜R2ق O,2n3
رGsx;%* =':%* 2M32;5 O• $(%* ةي1*c%* ~@2;(%* O• O,2n3
رGsx;%* =':%* r12<5 2M:R2ق ة;4ق $(%* ةي1*c%* ~˜R2n%* O,2n3
رGsx;%* =':%* G+ 2Mب4j $(%* ةي1*c%* ~i4_%* O,2n3
رGsx;%* =':%* G+ 2Mل• $(%* ةي1*c%* ~ON%* O,2n3
š2vق . ŠGق
ŠGn%* Oo2f3 . ر>€%* ˜B23
ŠGق rذ '%G3 $F {:ب(ي 231 =1>(J%&* X2Mj ~$)Gق >4A3
ŠGn%* (=1>(J%*) D>nB
D•2pž* D'` Oي':(%) $)Gn%* ر24(%* •بp)
0*>(ق&* ŠGق . 012_(%* ŠGق
z3m(%* ŠGق . Š2;(%* ŠGق
ر2<KB&* ŠGق . 'T2ب(%* ŠGق
|*>4نل% D'32™ D=23 V3) ŠGn%* 02_E)
Arc transmitter (¢a8io.) $Jل) & $)Gق O)>3
Arc ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ة32:%* ŠGn%* ة4vلF
Arc Ye/8ing (P/ec. Png.) $)Gق @2K%
Arc. s"bten8e8 (weom.) O,2n3 ŠGق
Arca8e (Png.)
Arch (Png.)
Arch beam (Png.)
Arch brick (B"i/8.)
Arch bri8ge (Png.)
Arch. horse-shoe (B"i/8.) rGfB 'nT
Arch. mine
Arch. ro"n8 ةي>o*= D>vنق
Arch. stee/ ةيذ&GF D>vنق
Arch. !ie/8ab/e ة:4R D>vنق
Archaean era (weo/.)
Archaean rocks (weo/.)
Archaeo/ogist ة4jG%G4sرC ر2•‰ I%2T
Archaeo/og! ر2•½*1 Ÿ2ي=2:%* IلT
Archaeoyoic era (weo/.)
Archegoni"m (Bot.) Ÿ24<d><%*1 i%2Kv%* $F Œ4B—(%* GfT
Archeo/og! ? Archaeo/og!
Archet!#e $ل™C QذG;B
Archime8ean 8ri// (Png.) r'4;dرC 02n›3
Archime8ean screY (Png.)
Archime8es· #rinci#/e (h!s.)
Archi#e/ago (weo/.)
Architect (n.) rر2;:3 Š'نM3
Architect"ra/ aco"stics (Png.) ةير2;:;%* Ÿ245Gl%*
Architect"ra/ 8raYing (Png.) rر2;:3 I)ر
Architraae (B"i/8.) =G;:%* ŠCر Z%‘ cJ5>5 ةب(T
Archiaes Ÿ2•GhK;%* D>o*= ‚ Ÿm_)
Arci7orm (a8^.) OJ€%* $)Gق
Arcing (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* rGn%* «1'E
Arcing gro"n8 (P/ec. Png.)
Arcing ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) 24B'%* ŠGn%* ة4vلF
Arcogra#h (Png.) Š*GقC ة;)>3
Arctic (a8^.) (weog.) $%2;` $بvق
Arctic -irc/e (weog.) ة4%2;€%* ة4بvn%* D>o*'%*
Arct"r"s (Astron.) “3*>%* ]2;<%*
Arc"ate (Bio/.) ŠGn3
Ar8or (n.)
Ar8"o"s (a8^.)
Are (´"ra.)
Area o7 se8imentation i)>(%* ةnvن3
Area o7 s"bsi8ence (weo/.) §GبM%* ةnvن3
Area ae/ocit! (Astron.) ة4E2<3 ةT>)
Area. a88itiona/ ة4F2p‘ ةnvن3
Area. concession X24(3&* ةnvن3
Area. contact Š2;(%* ةnvن3
Area. 7a"/te8 (weo/.) š'l(%* ةnvن3
Area. o77shore
>R2نق ةل<ل) . ”2R . D>vنق
ŠGق . 'nT. D>vنق
$)Gق U52T . ة)Gn3 ةب(T
'n:ل%) ة)Gn3 ة,GR)
D>vنق 1ذ ><j . D>vنق
I_ن;%* (UhB) D>vنق
U4K<%* >+'%* . $sرH* inK%*
r>ب;J%* >l:%* Oبق 23 رG[™ ~ ة4sرC رG[™
U4(:%* >+'%* . ةn4(:%* D24K%* ةبnE
ة;ي'n%* ر2•½* IلT ~ة4jG%G4sرC
Š'4;dرCˆ‹1=2` ˆŠ'4;dرCˆ رGبنRˆ
Š'4;dرC ˆ D'T2ق 1C C'ب3ˆ
رcj ةTG;_3 . O4بdرC
Dر2;:%* VF . •2نب%* ة)'ن+
D>vنق . D>vنق 1ذ Od'3
Dر'n%* OnB D>o*= $F) $pرC $)Gق Oلd)
ةKل3 ةب}ر ‚ 'ي'` >E. ةق>E
D>4›s ةق2R .xhن(<3 ”2` . >4<T
~ر‰ „…… ˜,>3 >(3
ةnvن3 . “v) . ةE2<3
¬R2€%* VT D'4:,) ة4jر2d ة4لE2) ةnvن3)
Area. #etro/i7ero"s (et. Png.) ة4%1>(, ةnvن3
Arenaceo"s (a8^.) (weo/.) $ل3ر
Arenaceo"s /imestone (weo/.) $ل3ر r>4j >_E
Areo/a (Bio/.)
Areometer ? h!8rometer (h!s.)
Argentic (a8^.) (-hem.) $fF
Argenti7ero"s (a8^.)
Argenti7ero"s ga/ena (Lining.) ة4fF 2ن4%2}
Argentite ? si/aer g/ance (Lin.)
Argi/ (weo/.)
Argi//aceo"s (a8^.) (weo/.) $ن4R
Argi//aceo"s san8stone (weo/.) $ن4R $ل3ر >_E
Argi//aceo"s tebt"re (weo/.) ة4ن4R ة4ن,
Argi//ite (weo/.) $%2lل™ >[™ •(4ل4jرC
Argon (A) (-hem.)
Arg"e (a.)
Arg"ment (n.) (Laths.)
Arg"ment o7 a 7"nction (Laths.) Uلv;%* ة%*'%* >4A(3
Arg!ria (n.) (Le8.) ةfh%* ®m3—, I;<5
Arg!ric (-hem.) $fF
Arg!ro/ (Le8.) WG4jرC
Ari8 (a8^.)
Aries (©he ¢am) (Astron.)
Aright (a8a.)
Ari/ (Bot.) Dرx%* kj
Arithmetic (Laths.) 02<E
Arithmetic ? arithmetica/ (a8^.) $,2<E
Arithmetica/ aaerage (Laths.) $,2<K%* •)G(;%*
Arithmetica/ 8i77erence (Laths.) $,2<K%* ”>h%*
Arithmetica/ mean (Laths.) $,2<K%* •)G%*
Arithmetica/ #rogression (Laths.) ة4,2<E ة4%G(3
Arm ®m) ‚ š*رذ
Arm o7 a ba/ance (h!s.) |*c4;%* š*رذ
Arm o7 a co"#/e (Lech.) ةj1=c;%* š*رذ
Arm o7 an ang/e (Laths.) ةي1*X ˜لp
Armat"re (P/ec. Png.)
Armat"re (Lagn.)
Armat"re ban8ing machine (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT k% ةنJ3
Armat"re ban8s (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ”*GRC
Armat"re bore (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT kيG_5
Armat"re coi/s (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT Ÿ2hل3
Armat"re comm"tator (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT $F ر24(%* zs2T
Armat"re core (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT iلق
Armat"re c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ر245
Armat"re en8 connections (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT $F ة4F>R Ÿm4™G5
Armat"re 7rame (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT OJ4+
Armat"re hea8 (or en8-#/ate) (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT $F ‹>v%* ®G%
Armat"re /aminations (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT Uo2قر
Armat"re /eakage (P/ec. Png.)
Armat"re /osses (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT Ÿ*=Gnh3
Armat"re reactance (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ةلT2h3
Armat"re reaction (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT $F O:h%* =ر
DG_F . ة_<BH* V4, Wmd . ة%2+
Oo*G<ل% $TGن%* Onن%* Š24n3 ~Oo*G<%* ‹2›J3
ةfF 12E . $fF
ةfh%* '4(ي>بs V3 @2d ~t4(نjرC
W2lل™ . W2hR
Gj) ³c3ر ر=2B rX2} >lنT ~|GjرC)
W=2_5 . W=2j
W*'j ‚ ]>K(;ل% r1*c%* ':ب%* . ةي1*X ةE*X‘
OKق . =>jC . OE2ق
ة%GKق . ‹2hj
²بJ%* Q>, . O;K%* Q>,
IيGق GKB ZلT . 2K4K™
“4ل<5 . c4M_5
رG523ر*). $o2,>MJ%* Q2(Bž* GfT . ’>K(3)
šر= . ةNF2E
Q2(Bž* GfT ($F) 0><5
Armat"re resistance (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ة312n3
Armat"re rotor (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ر*1=
Armat"re sha7t (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT رGK3
Armat"re s/ots (or #ockets) (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT 0Gn•
Armat"re t"rns (P/ec. Png.)
Armat"re Yin8ings (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ko2h%
Arme8 (a8^.)
Arme8 /o8estone (P/ec. Png.) V4ي'ي'E V4بvق 1ذ z4vنA3 >_E
Armistice (n.) ةB'+
Armor (a.)
Armor ? armo"r (n.)
Armorican 7o/8ing (weo/.)
Armo"r #/ate (Let.) ˜ير'5 ةK4h™
Armo"re8 cab/e šر'3 Oبs
Armo"re8 hose šر'3 @GR>d
Armo"ring ˜ير'5
Armo"ring. stee/ (Png.) ذ&Gh%2, ˜ير'5
Armo"r! ? armor! (Li//.) ةKل)C ˜نl3 1C š=G(<3
Aromatic (a8^.) (-hem.) r>vT
Aromatic aci8 (-hem.) $5231رC 1C r>vT †32E
Aromatic a/coho/ (-hem.) r>vT WGKs
Aromatic com#o"n8s (-hem.)
Aromatic 7ree #etro/e"m (et. Png.) ةي>v:%* Ÿ2بs>;%* V3 W2d W1>(,
Aromatic h!8rocarbons (-hem.) ةي>vT Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4+
Arrange (a.)
Arrangement (n.)
Arrangement. tan8em $F=*>5 i45>5
Arra! (n.)
Arra!. seismometer (weo/.)
Arrears (n.) D>d—(3 W2;TC 1C |Gي=
Arrest (n.)
Arrest (a.)
Arrest. therma/ (Png.) rر*>E “بs
Arreste8 antic/ine (weo/.) DرG(ب3 DGبق
Arrester ? Arrestor
Arresting gear (Png.) ‹2nيž* X2Mj
Arresting hook (Aero.) ةT><%* “<s ‹2vd
Arrestor. /ighting (P/ec. Png.) UT*G™ ة4ق*1
Arrh!thmic (a8^.)
Arris (B"i/8.)
Arriaa/ (n.)
Arriae (a.)
ArroY-hea8 (a8^.)
ArroY (n.)
Arsena/ (n.)
Arsenate (n.) (-hem.)
Arsenic (As) (-hem.)
Arsenic aci8 (-hem.) –4Bرc%* †32E
Arsenica/ ? arsenio"s (-hem.)
Arseni8e (-hem.) '4[4BرX
Arsenite (-hem.) t4[4BرX
Q2(Bž* GfT Ÿ2h% . Q2(Bž* GfT $F Ÿ2hل%* ='T
šر'3 . “ل<3
“h™ . šر=
˜يرx5 . “4hl5 ‚ šر=
$BG,>J%* >l:%* V3 ) ة4JيرG3رC ة4R)
'f:%* D>hE . •,‘
'€E . ²4j
>4بT . Sx`
ةي>5231رC ) ةي>vT Ÿ2بs>3)
—4+ . SG) . U<B . i5ر
i45>5 . U<B . @2NB . I4Nن5
Ÿ2p1>:3 . ’>T ‚ k4h™ . ةب5>3 ةTG;_3 . k™
{+2_5*1 {5'31 W*c%c%* D'` V4:(% ~WX&c%* z4ي2n3 V3 k™
‹2nي‘ . k4قG5
ZلT †بق ‚ “بs . kق1C
“32s . kقG3
U<(3 >4} . $32N(B* >4}
=2E ‹>E . =2E Vsر
=1ر1 . WG™1
qل, . O™1
O)u3. rر2;<3. $;M)
OبB . IM)
ةKل)C ˜نl3 . ةT2نl%* ر*=
–4Bرc%* †32E “ل3 . Ÿ2[4BرX
X) ³c3ر †4,C Ž+ر . –4BرX)
2[4BرX 12E . $[4BرX
Arseno#!rite ( Lin.)
Arson (n.) ';:(3 Uي>E
Art meta/ Yorks ة4B':3 ة4نF W2A`C
Arte7act (n.)
Arteria/ (a8^.) (eoo/.) $B2ي>`
Arteria/ roa8 $<4oر šر2`
Arterio/e (eoo/.)
Arteriosc/erosis (Le8.) $B2ي>` iلl5
Arter! (eoo/.) |2ي>`
Artesian Ye// (Png.) ةيX*G5ر* >\,
Arthritis (Le8.)
Arthro#o8 (eoo/)
Arthro#o8a (eoo/) Ÿ24لlh;%*
Artic/e (n.)
Artic"/ar $لlh3
Artic"/ate (a8^.) •*cjH* c4;3 ‚ ªhل%* “p*1 ‚ O™2h;, Ol(3
Artic"/ate (a.) ®GpG, UvB ‚ O™2h;, Ol5* 1C O™1
Artic"/ate8 (a8^.)
Artic"/ate8 connecting-ro8 (Png.) $لlh3 O4™G5 š*رذ
Artic"/ate8 ^oint (Png.) ة4لlh3 ةل™1
Artic"/ation (n.)
Arti7ice (n.)
Arti7icer (n.) >+23 ˜B2™
Arti7icia/ ageing (Let.)
Arti7icia/ antenna ? 8"mm! antenna (¢a8io.) $T2نv™* $o*G+
Arti7icia/ 8a!/ight (¨//"m.) $T2نv™* •*G+ •Gp
Arti7icia/ earth9"ake (Lining.) ة4T2نv™* ة4pرC Dc+
Arti7icia/ 7"e/ $T2نv™* =Gق1
Arti7icia/ graait! (Png.)
Arti7icia/ horiyon (´"ra.)
Arti7icia/ h!bri8iyation (Bio/.) $T2نv™* V4_M5
Arti7icia/ /eather $T2نv™* 'لj
Arti7icia/ /ines (P/ec. -omm.)
Arti7icia/ magnet (h!s.) $T2نv™* z4vنA3
Arti7icia/ ra8ioactiait!
Arti7icia/ rain (Leteor.) $T2نv™* >v3
Arti7icia/ res#iration (Le8.) $T2نv™* zhن5
Arti7icia/ r"bber (-hem.) $T2نv™* §2v3
Arti7icia/ seasoning (-ar#.)
Arti7icia/ si/k ? ra!on (-hem.) $T2نv™* >ي>E
Arti7icia/ s"n/ight (¨//"m.) ة4_<hنب%* ”GF ة:`H2, ة4ن} D•2p‘
Arti7icia/ Yoo8 $T2نv™* i€d
Arti//er! (n.) (Le8.) ة4:F'3
Artisan (n.)
Artist (n.) >+23 ˜B2™ ‚ |2نF
Artistic (a8^.) ˜نl%* Vn(3 ‚ $نF
Ar!/ (-hem.)
As (arsenic) (-hem.)
Asbestos (Lin.)
Asbestos gasket ŠG(<ب)H* V3 ة4€E
Asbestos ^oint ŠG(<ب)H* V3 ةل™1
Asbestos #acking (Png.)
r'ي'K%* –4Bرc%* '4(ي>بs ~Ÿ>4,GBG4)رC
WG™C ‚ ة4نF ةT2ن™ . ة4ل;T Dر2M3 . VF
|2<Bž* ˜ن™ V3) $T2نv™* ¬`)
U4ق= |2ي>` . V4ي>`
$لlh3 02M(%* . ة4•ر
rر2nF &) $لlh3 |*G4E)
ة%2n3 . D>nF ‚ D*=C ‚ kن™ . D=23
$لlh3 . O™2h3 1ذ
Uvن%* ®Gp1 ‚ Olh3 . $لlh3 W2l5*
ة4لE . ةv4بB ‚ Dر2M3 . ”xE
ko*X . ˜نl(3 ‚ ˜نvl3 . $T2نv™*
˜ي>) 'ي>ب5 ':, •2;Ež2, (•o2ب<%*) '4لl5
rcs>;%* =>v%* O:h,) ة:نvl;%* ة4,ذ2_%*)
ةي12;<%* @*>jH* '™>% UبoX {4F ”1'ن™ ~$T2نv™* UFC
ةير2ب(d*) ة4T2نv™* ة4o2,>Ms §Gvd ةJب`)
ة4T2نl%* ة4T2:`ž* ة4لT2h%* . $T2نv™* $T2:`‘ §2€B
24T2نv™* (i€[%*) $F ة,GR>%* ةب<B †4h[5
0ر'3 ˜B2™ . ة:ن™ iE2™
$BG,>s1ر'4+ ƒcj V3 V4j1ر'4+ Dرذ ة%*X‘ ':, Znب(ي r>vT rGfT U` ~OيرC
–4Bرc%* >lن:% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~X
r>ي>E >[™ . tB243C . r>[™ >ي>E . ŠG(<ب)*
ŠG(<ب)H2, k4لA5 . ŠG(<ب)H2, G€E
Asbestos sheet ŠG(<ب)C ®G% 1C ةK4h™
Asbestos !arn ŠG(<ب)H* §G4d
Ascaris (eoo/.)
Ascen8 (a.)
Ascen8ing (a8^.)
Ascen8ing or8er (Laths.) r'T2l5 i45>5
Ascen8ing #oYers (Laths.) ةي'T2l5 1C D'T2™ SGق
Ascension (n.)
Ascent (n.)
Ascentiona/ aenti/ation (-ia. Png.) ةي'T2l5 ةيGM5
Ascertain (a.)
Ascom!cetes (Bot.)
Ascorbic aci8 (-hem.) •4,رGJ)H* †32E
Ascribe (a.)
As8ic (or sonar) (Li//.) DرG;A;%* @2A%H* 1C Ÿ2™*GA%* VT k€J%* X2Mj
Ase#a/o"s (Bot.)
Ase#sis (Le8.) I4•*>_%* V3 Gلd
Ase#tic (Le8.)
Aseb"a/ re#ro8"ction (Bio/.)
Ash-#it =23>%* ˜;_3
Ash =23ر
Ash coa/ (Lin.) =23>%* >4›s IKF
Ash content (-hem.) r=23>%* SG(K;%*
Ash 8etermination (-hem.) r=23>%* SG(K;%* >ي'n5
Ash test (-hem.)
Ash Yoo8 (Bot.) ر*=ر'%* i€d
Ash. ao/canic (weo/.) $B2s>, =23ر
Ash/ar (B"i/8.) •2نبل% ŸGKن3 >Kj
Ashore (a8a.)
Asiatic cho/era (Le8.) ةيG4)H* *>4%GJ%*
Asi8e (a8a.)
AskeY (a8a.) ‹*>KB2,
As/ant (a8^.)
As/ant (a8a.)
As/o#e (a8a.)
As#ect (n.)
As#ect ratio (Aero.)
As#ha/t (weo/.)
As#ha/t base cr"8e (et. Png.) D'T2n%* $(لh)‘ @2d •hB
As#ha/t base oi/ (et. Png.) D'T2n%* $(لh)‘ tيX
As#ha/t base #etro/e"m (et. Png.) D'T2n%* $(لh)‘ W1>(,
As#ha/t bottom (et. Png.) •hن%* >4vn5 Ÿ2hل[3
As#ha/t cement (et. Png.) $(FX ”2l%
As#ha/t c/inker (et. Png.) ةبلl(3 tFX “o2h™
As#ha/t coating
As#ha/t content (et. Png.) $(لh)ž* SG(K;%*
As#ha/t em"/sion (-hem.) $(لh)‘ kلK(<3
As#ha/t 7i//er (et. Png.) $(لh)‘ G€E |G_:3
As#ha/t 7/"b (Png.) $(FX IEm5 'T2<3
As#ha/t ^e//! (-hem.) $(لh)‘ @m+
As#ha/t maca8am (-ia. Png.)
As#ha/t #aaement ة4(لh)‘ Dر2_E V3 k4™ر
As#ha/t #aaing (-ia. Png.) k™>%* tلh)‘
zير2J)H* |*'ي= . Ÿ2ي>h™
˜لR . ˜h5ر* . Zn5ر* . ':™
˜%2R . r'T2l5 . 'T2™
•2n5ر* . =G:™ .
Zn5>3 - Uل<5 . =G:™
VT S>K5 . V3 UnK5
Ÿ2ي>vh%* V3 ةب5ر ~Ÿ24قc%*
Z%‘) i<B 1C *cT)
Ÿ24)—J%* Iي'T . $)—s &
>Mv3 . In:3
$j1*c5 & 1C . $n` & >•2J5
=23>%* •2T1 ~D'3>3
=23>%* (ةب<B V44:5) ر2ب(d*
¬R2€%* Z%‘ . ¬R2€%* ZلT
=*>hB* ZلT . 2بB2j
Oo23 . ‹>Kن3
mo23 . ‹*>KB2,
mo23 . *ر'Kن3
ةMj1 ‚ >Nن3 . >MN3 . ة\4+
D>o2v%* $F ة™2d) ’>:%* Z%‘ WGv%* ةب<B)
tFX . tلh)‘ . ر2ق
tقX ة4لR . tFc%2, ة4vA5
ة4(لh)‘ ة3'J3 . tFc%*1 ZlK%2, k™ر
As#ha/t #aaing b/ock $(لh)‘ k™ر i%2ق
As#ha/t #rime coat (aint.) tFc%2, ة4%1C ة4لR
As#ha/t #"tt! $(FX |G_:3
As#ha/t rock (et. Png.) $(لh)‘ r>[™ ”>T
As#ha/t sat"rate8 7e/t (Png.) tFc%2, ˜ب€3 =2ب%
As#ha/t sea/ coat (-ia. Png.) 0><(%* ˜ن;% tFc%2, •mR
As#ha/t see#age $(لh)‘ cB
As#ha/t s"r7ace treatment tFc%2, ®Gv<%* ة_%2:3
As#ha/t tack coat tFc%2, ة4)2)C ة4لR
As#ha/t tar (et. Png.) $(لh)‘ ر2ق
As#ha/t tar #itch (et. Png.) tFc%* |*>vق
As#ha/t ti/e $(لh)‘ >j‰
As#ha/t aarnish (aint)
As#ha/t. c"t back (-ia. Png.)
As#ha/t. g"nne8 tلh)ž* ”GK<3
As#ha/t. ins"/ating WX2T tFX
As#ha/t. mastic (et. Png.) •للT tلh)‘
As#ha/t. natiae (et. Png.) $:4بR tFX
As#ha/t. re7ine8 (-hem.) $nB tلh)‘
As#ha/t. roo7 ®Gv<ل% tلh)‘
As#ha/t. Yater#roo7ing (-ia. Png.) 0><(%* ˜ن;% tلh)‘
As#ha/te8 (a8^.)
As#ha/tenes (-hem.)
As#ha/tic h!8rocarbons (-hem.) ة4(لh)‘ Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4+
As#ha/tic base cr"8e (et. Png.) D'T2n%* $(لh)‘ @2d •hB
As#ha/tic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4(لh)‘ Ÿ2بs>3
As#ha/tic non-ski8 treatment (Png.) ”&cB&* ˜ن;% ة4(لh)‘ ة_%2:3
As#ha/tic #aint (aint.) $(لh)‘ •mR
As#ha/ting (n.) (-ia. Png.) t4Fc5
As#ha/toi8 (-hem.) tFc%2, {4ب`
As#ha/t"m tلh)‘
As#ha/t"m #aint $(FX |2+=
As#herica/ /ens (°#t.) ةي1>s & ة)'T
As#h!bia (n.) (Le8.)
As#h!biate (a.)
As#h!biating gases (-hem.) ةnB2d Ÿ*X2}
As#irate (a.)
As#irating 7i/ter (Png.) •F2) “`>3
As#iration (n.)
As#irator (n.) (h!s.)
As#ire (a.) Z%‘ ”25 1C “;R
As#irin (-hem.) Vي>ب)C
Assai/ (a.) Ij2+
Assai/ant (a8^.) (n.) Ij2M3
Assa"/t (n.)
Assa! (n.)
Assa! (a.) (-hem.)
Assa! cr"cib/e (-hem.) ر2ب(d&* ةn5G,
Assa! sam#/e (-hem.) ر2ب(d&* ةن4T
Assemb/age (n.)
Assemb/e (a.)
Assemb/ing (n.)
Assemb/ing bo/t (-ar#. Png.) ˜4;_5 ر2;<3
Assemb/ing tab/e (Png.) ˜4;_5 D'fن3
$(لh)‘ (²4Bر1) U4B>,
”>v%* k™>%) kh[;%* tلh)ž*)
tFc3 . tلh<3
•hن%* ®1>, 01x5 & ة4(لh)‘ Ÿ2بs>3 ~Ÿ2ن4(لh)C
24<Jh)C . ”2ن(d*
Uن(dC . Uنd
k`. •h) . ¡2l(3&2, (•*GM%*) iK)
k` . •h)
§2h) . ة™2l3
•*'(T* . I_M5 . @G_+
‡KF . X1ر . |Xر
X*ر . D12nن%* >ي'n(% OلE . >ي2T
ةTG;_3 ‚ ˜4;_5 . i4s>5
˜;(j* ‚ isر . ˜;j . ˜;j
•,ر . i4s>5 . ˜4;_5
Assemb/! (n.)
Assemb/! conae!or (Png.) ˜4;_(ل% ر*1= >4)
Assemb/! 8raYing (Png.) $:4;_5 I)ر
Assemb/! ha// Ÿ2T2;(j* ةT2ق
Assemb/! /ine (Png.)
Assemb/! sho# ˜4;_5 1C i4s>5 ة`ر1
Assent (n.) ةnF*G3
Assent (a.)
Assert (a.) 'sC
Assertion (n.)
Assess (a.)
Assesse8 tabes D='K3 @G)ر
Assessment o7 c/aims Ÿ2fيG:(%* >ي'n5
Assign (a.)
Assimi/ate (a.)
Assimi/ation (weo/.) ةير2ن%* رG[l%* $F =*G;%* O›;5
Assimi/ation (n.) (Bio/.)
Assist (a.)
Assistance (n.)
Assistant 8irector >ي'3 'T2<3
Assistant engineer Š'نM3 'T2<3
Assistant instr"ctor 0ر'3 'T2<3
Associate (a8^.)
Associate (a.)
Associate8 minera/s (Lin.) ةnF*>;%* |=2:;%*
Associate8 #henomenon ةnF*>3 D>+2•
Associate8 sheets (weo/.) ةv,*>(3 Ÿ2nبR
Association (n.)
Associatiae /aY (Laths.) ةي>ب_%* =1'K%* ˜;j |GB2ق
Assort (a.)
Ass"me (a.)
Ass"m#tion (n.)
Ass"rance (n.)
Astatic (a8^.) (P/ec. Png.)
Astatic centre (Lech.) Uلv3 cs>3
Astatic coi/s (h!s.)
Astatic e9"i/ibri"m (Lech.)
Astatic ga/aanometer (P/ec. Png.) $52()* & $B2hل} Š24n3 {jG3 >4} >(3GB2hلj
Astatic nee8/e (Lagn.)
Astatic #air (Lagn.) ة452()* m%* •B2A;%* V3 Q1X
Astatic s!stem (P/ec. Png.)
Astatine (As) (-hem.)
Astern (a8a.)
Asteroi8 (a8^.) OJ€%* $;_B
Asteroi8 (n.) ? #/anetoi8 (Astron.) ر24) iJيGs
Asthma (n.) (Le8.)
Astigmatic (a8^.)
ةTG;_3 ‚ i4s>5 ‚ ˜4;_5 . š2;(j*
˜4;_(%* •d . i4s>(%* ةل<ل)
ZلT) ”'™ 1C UF*1)
ر*>™‘ ‚ @cj . '4sG5
ةبي>fل% ˜fdC ‚ ر'ق . V;d
Ÿ2Jل(;3 . Ÿ*=GjG3
•ل3 1C UE VT) WX2ن5 ‚ ='E . V4T . ‡ld)
23 O;:,) {4%‘ =GM:;%*)
D='K3 ة;M3 ‚ V44:5 . ‡4l[5
{,2` . Oo23 ‚ iTG()* ‚ (@2:v%*) O›3
{,2€5 ‚ O›;5 . O4›;5
]ر2` . IM)C ‚ |2TC . 'T2)
ةBG:3 . D'T2<3
|12:3 . 'T2<3
]>(€3 . ]ر2€3 . O43X . Vي>ق
kل(o* . UF*ر . |>(ق* . |>ق . •ب5ر* . •,ر
‹m(o* . ةv,*ر ‚ ˜;_5 . •,ر
šGB . U<B . kن™ . i5ر
ةل4J€5 . ةTGن(3 ةTG;_3 ‚ k4نl5
>+2N5 . O;K5 ‚ 'لn5 . Iل<5 ‚ ’>(F*
@GTc3 . ˜نvl3 ‚ ’>(h3
'لn5 . Iل<5 ‚ ’>(F*
V43—5 . ةn• ‚ Ÿ2ب•‘ . UnK5 . '4s—5
Dر2<[%* 'p) V3C ‚ 's—5 . 'sC)
ةjG3 & . $52()* & . Vs2) &
ة4BGJ) & Ÿ2nل3 .ة4J452()* Ÿ2hل3
Uلv3 |*c5* . Vs2) & |X*G5
ة452()* &) ةلv:3 D>,‘)
$+2_5* &) $52()* & @2NB)
2()) ³c3ر $T2نv™* >lنT ~V452()*)
ةن4h<%* >du3 GKB . •*رG%* Z%‘
ة;<B . G,ر
$vnB & . $;_()* &
Astigmatic /ens (h!s.)
Astigmatism (Le8.)
Astigmatism (h!s.)
Astigmometer ? Astigmatometer (h!s.) ة4;_()* m%* Š24n3
Asti//en •<3 cj2E
Astonish (a.)
Astra/ (a8^.)
Astra/ oi/ (et. Png.)
Astra! (a8^.. a8a.)
Astri8e (a8a.) V4ق2<%* Q*>hB2, ‚ V4بB2_%* ZلT
Astringent (n.) (Le8.)
Astrionics ة4o2fh%* Ÿ2BGيH*
Astro8ome (Aero.) ة4Jلh%* ةEm;%* ةبق
Astrogra#h! (Astron.) @G_ن%* ة4F*>Aj
Astroi8 (Laths.) |>n%* $T2,ر $(K5 r>ي1=
Astro/abe (Astron.) 0&>v)C
Astro/og! $Jلh%* D24K%* IلT
Astrometr! (Astron.) ة4Jلh%* Ÿ2)24n%* IلT
Astrona"t (Aero.)
Astrona"tics (Aero.)
Astronaaigation (Astron.) ة4Jلh%* ةEm;%*
Astronomer $JلF IلT
Astronomic /atit"8e (Asrtron.) $Jلh%* r1*c%* ':ب%*
Astronomica/ (a8^.)
Astronomica/ te/esco#e (°#t.)
Astronomica/ !ear (Astron.)
Astronom! (n.)
Astro#hotogra#h! ة4Jلh%* ة4F*>}G5Gh%*
Astro#h!sics (n.) ة4Jلh%* •2يc4h%* IلT
As"n8er (a8a.)
As!/"m (n.) —_ل3
As!mmetric (a8^.)
As!mmetric antic/ine (weo/.)
As!mmetric con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.)
As!mmetrica/ (a8^.)
As!mmetrica/ e77ect ? antenna e77ect
As!mmetrica/ 7o/8 ة4ل•2;5 & ة4R
As!mmetrica/ stabi/it! (Lech.) >•2ن(3 & ر*>n()*
As!mmetr! O•2;5 &
As!m#tote (Laths.) 0ر2n3 •d
As!m#totic (a/) (a8^.) (Laths.) 0ر2n3
As!nchronism (n.)
As!nchrono"s (a8^.)
As!nchrono"s motor (P/ec. Png.) $ن3*c5 & $o2,>Ms ]>K3
At (astatine) (-hem.)
Atabrine ? atebrine (-hem.)
Ataaism (Bio/.)
Ate/ier (n.)
Athermanc! (h!s.)
Athermano"s (h!s.)
Ath/ete (n.)
Ath/ete·s 7oot (Le8.) V43'n%* ةh:)
ة4vnB m%* “4Kl5 ة)'T . (ة4;_()* &) ة4vnB & ة)'T
>lب%* Q>E . ة4;_()* m%*
ةيرu, m%* . ة4vnB m%*
O+ذC . ²+=C
$;_B . $بsGs
X2s . V4)1>4s
“4Kl%* ³2_5&* >4} $F ‚ {o25 . W2p
ة4T1•% †,2ق . WGnT
•2fF 'o*ر . $o2fF ®m3
ة4Jلh%* 1C) ة4o2fh%* ةEm;%*)
$;_B . $JلF
$JلF (0GJ<ل5) 0*>n3
2M5'3) ة4<;` ةن) £¥¾ 1 23Gي ¾ 1 Ÿ2T2) µ¶ 1 ةn4ق= µ¾.¾„ ة4B2• )
ة\4M%* IلT . •لh%* IلT
Vي'T2ب(3 Vي>v` Z%‘ . ةق>h(3 ˜vق Z%‘
U)2ن(%* Iي'T . O•2;(3 &
ة4ل•2;5 & DGبق . ة4ل•2;5 & ة,'E
ر24(%* ³2_5* i<E {(ل4•G5 kل([5 ~$ل•2;5 & O™G3
>•2ن(3 & . $ل•2;5 & . O•2;(3 &
$ل•2;5 m%*) $o*GM%* >4•—5)
V3*c5 & . ة(ق*G3 &
tق*G(3 & . V3*c(3 &
V452()&* >lن:% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~2ن)
V4ن4J%* V3 0>p ~Vي>,25*
ة:j*ر ة•*ر1 . O)—5
OA€3 . O;:3
ة4T2:`ž* Dر*>K%* (ذ2hB‘ @'T) ¡2l(3*
ة4T2:`ž* Dر*>K%2, ªh(K3 . ة4T2:`ž* Dر*>Kل% xhن3 >4}
$p2ير ‡[` . $p2ير
AthYart (a8a.) iB2j Z%‘ iB2j V3 ’>:%2,
At/antic °cean (weog.) $vنلRH* •4K;%*
At/as (Arch.) Oj>% $hlB W2›;5 ة\4+ ZلT =G;T
At/as (Astron.)
At/as (weog.)
At/as (eoo/.)
Atmo/!sis (n.) (-hem.)
Atmometer (h!s.) >[ب(%* Š24n3
Atmos#here (n.)
Atmos#here (h!s.)
Atmos#here s"rro"n8ing kن(J3 Gj
Atmos#here. contro//e8 (Png.) {, IJK(3 Gj
Atmos#heric (a8^.) G_%* •*G+ >4•—(, Ž52B rGj
Atmos#heric absor#tion (h!s.)
Atmos#heric arc-recti7ier (P/ec. Png.) rGj $)Gق @Gn3
Atmos#heric boi/ing #oint (h!s.) rGj •Ap ZلT |24لA%* ةjر=
Atmos#heric brake (Png.) rG_%* •Af%2, “بJ3
Atmos#heric con8enser (-hem.) rGj k›J3
Atmos#heric con8itions (Leteor.) ةيG_%* W*GEH*
Atmos#heric coo/ing toYer (et. Png.) rGj 'ي>ب5 Q>,
Atmos#heric 8ist"rbances ةيGj Ÿ2,*>vp*
Atmos#heric 8rag (Lech.) ]>K(;%* I<_ل% •*GM%* ة312n3
Atmos#heric e/ectricit! (P/ec.) G_%* ة4o2,>Ms
Atmos#heric 7ractionating toYer (et. Png.) $لp2h(%* >4vn(ل% rGj Q>,
Atmos#heric /ine (Png.)
Atmos#heric #ress"re (h!s.)
Atmos#heric re7raction (±ight.)
Atmos#heric reg"/ator (Png.) •4K;%* G_%* W':3
Atmos#heric rer"n (et. Png.) rG_%* >4vn(%* D=2T‘
Atmos#heric to##ing (et. Png.) rGj >4vn5
Atmos#heric transmittance rGj ذ2hB‘ 1C OnB
Atmos#heric Yater
Atmos#heric Yeathering ( weo/.)
Atmos#herics ? static ? stra!s (¢a8io.)
Ato// (weo/.)
Atom (-hem.) (h!s.)
Atom mo8e/ (h!s.)
Atom n"c/e"s (h!s.) Dرx%* D*GB
Atom smasher ? acce/erator (h!s.)
Atom smashing (h!s.) Dرx%* t4(h5 1C I4vK5
Atomic (-hem.) rرذ
Atomic absor#tion coe77icient (h!s.) rرx%* ¡2l(3&* O32:3
Atomic arc Ye/8ing ( P/ec. Png.) V4j1ر'4M%* V3 Gj $F $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%2, @2K%
Atomic batter! (h!s.) ةيرذ ةير2v,
Atomic bomb ةيرذ ةلبنق
Atomic c/ock (h!s.) ةيرx%* ةT2<%*
Atomic 8iameter
Atomic 8isintegration (h!s.) rرذ WmKB*
Atomic energ! (h!s.) ةيرذ ةق2R
Atomic 7a//o"t
Atomic heat (h!s.) ةيرx%* Dر*>K%*
Atomic h!8rogen (-hem.) W2:F V4j1ر'4+
Atomic h!8rogen Ye/8ing (P/ec. Png.) V4j1ر'4M%* V3 Gj $F $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%2, @2K%
ة4p2ي>%* 02:%H* . SGn%* 02:%C
2ي>›%* $F I_B ~zلRH*
$F*>Aj رGl3 . zلRC
Z%1H* Uن:%* D>nF ~ةnMF
ر2€(B&* ةT>) ة512h(;%*) Ÿ*X2Aل% $o2€} Uي>h5)
’رH* WGE •*GM%* . Gj
) rG_%* •Af%* D'E1 „.…££¥ I<%* ZلT IAلs ¤ )
ŸGl%* D'€%) rG_%* ¡2l(3&*)
Š24n%* ة%‰ $F) rG_%* •Af%* (ZلT W'ي) •d)
~rGj •Ap „.…££¥ I<%* ZلT IAلs ¤ 1C „µ.¥¼ ²B&* ZلT 'B12, £
•Gf%* ة:`H) rG_%* ر2<JB&*)
>v;%* •23 . G_%* •23
rG_%* •4K;%* O:h, ةي>:5 . ةيG_5
G_%* ة4o2,>Ms 0*>vp* {بب) $T*ذ‘ ²يG€5 ~œ*G`
ة4nلE ة4B2j>3 D>يcj ~WG5C
=>F >+Gj . Dرذ
Dرذ QذG;B . rرذ QذG;B
rرذ šر2<3 1C O_:3 .Ÿ*رx%* IvK3
V3 ) Dرx%* >vق ….¥ Z%‘ µº¾ @1>(<ABC )
ةي1Gن%* Ÿ*>4_h(%2,) •ق2<(;%* rرx%* ر2بA%*)
Atomic mass (h!s.) ةيرذ ةل(s
Atomic mass "nit ? a.m." (h!s.)
Atomic mo8e/ (-hem.) rرذ QذG;B
Atomic n"mber (-hem.) rرx%* =':%*
Atomic orbita/ (h!s.)
Atomic #h!sics ةيرx%* •2يc4h%*
Atomic #i/e (h!s.)
Atomic ra8iation rرذ š2:`‘
Atomic reactor
Atomic re7raction(h!s.) rرذ ر2<JB*
Atomic s#ectr"m (h!s.) rرذ k4R
Atomic sto##ing #oYer (h!s.) rرx%* ‹2nيž* Dر'ق
Atomic str"ct"re (h!s.)
Atomic theor! (-hem.) (h!s.) ةيرذ ةي>NB
Atomic ao/"me (h!s.) rرx%* I_K%*
Atomic Yeight (-hem. h!s.) rرx%* |XG%*
Atomicit! (-hem.)
Atomiser ? Atomiyer (Png.)
Atomiyation (h!s.)
Atomiye8 (a8^.) (Png.)
Atomiye8 /"brication (Png.) ررx3 t4يc5
Atomiyer (Png.)
Atomiying noyy/e (Png.) رذ ة+GF
Atona/it! (h!s.) |2K%H* UF*G5 @'T
Atonic (a8^.)
Atresia (n.) (Le8.) =*'<B*
Atri"m (eoo/.)
Atro#h! (Le8.)
Atro#ine (-hem.) V4,1>5C
Attach (a.)
Attachment (n.)
Attachment 7/ange (Png.) O4™G5 ةn`
Attachment #/"g (P/ec. Png.) O™G%* z,2ق
Attachment screY (Png.) •,ر $}>,
Attack (n.) ة,GB ‚ @G_+
Attack (a.) Ij2+
Attain (a.)
Attainab/e (a8^.)
Attainment (n.)
Atta/ (n.) @=ر
Attem#er (a.)
Attem#t (n.) ة%12K3
Attem#t (a.) W12E
Atten8 (a.)
Atten8ance (n.)
Atten8ant (n.)
Attention (n.)
Atten"ant (n.)
Atten"ate (a.)
Atten"ation ( h!s.)
Atten"ation (n.)
Atten"ation coe77icient (h!s.) V4+G(%* O32:3
Atten"ation constant (h!s.) V4+G(%* t,2•
) ةيرx%* ةل(J%* D'E1 „.¥¥ à „… ‚ ¤µ I} )
rرx%* rر*';%* I_K%* . rرذ ر*'3
rرذ OT2h3 . rرذ V4;ق
rرذ OT2h3 . rرذ |>F
Dرx%* ة4ن, . rرذ i4s>5
>lن:%* ƒcj $F Ÿ*رx%* ='T . ةيرx%*
ة`>3 . Dرx3 . ذ*ذ>3
ةيرx5 . œر . رذ
Sرx3 . رx3
Dرx3 . ذ*ذ>3
IAن%* @=2T . $ن4نR & ‚ ¸>(<3
ZلTC $F . ”GF
$BذC kيG_5 . iلn%* VيذC
WGKB . رG;p
Ul(%* . •ب5ر* . Ol5C . Ul%C . O™1 . •,ر
Uل:5 ‚ §2,ر ‚ UKل3 ‚ §2ب5ر* . •,ر
qل, . ZلT OlE . ]ر=C
{4لT WGlK%* VJ;ي . U4nK(%* VJ;3
]*ر=‘ . Gل,
k4s . @•& ‚ Qc;%2, khd 1C kv%
I(+* . {ب(B* . @X& . >fE
ةب•*G3 . رGfE
i•*G3 . @Xm3 . UF*>3
ةي2نT . ¡>E . ³2ب(B*
V+G3 . UF>3 . kh[3
V+1 . thd . ”ر . Uقر . khd . k:pC . V+1C
D=2;%2, 2+ر1>3 'نT) ة4T2:`ž* ةق2v%* V+1)
O4لn5 . k4vل5 . k4h[5 . V4+G5
Atten"ation correction ? Atten"ation com#ensation (h!s.) V4+G(%* Oي':5
Atten"ation 7actor (h!s.) V4+G(%* O32T
Atten"ator (P/ec. Png.) V+G3
Atten"ator #a8 (P/ec. Png.) V4+G5 D'E1
Attest (a.)
Attic (B"i/8.)
Attit"8e (n.)
Att/e (Lining.) ة4B':3 io*G`
Attorne! genera/ @2:%* io2ن%*
Attorne!. Yarrant o7
Attract (a.)
Attracte8-8isc e/ectrometer (P/ec. Png.) V4,ذ2_(3 V4™>ق 1ذ >(31>(J%‘
Attracte8-iron motor (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2hل;%* •نA;5 ³>ي'ي r'ي'E iلق 1ذ ]>K3
Attraction (n.) 0ذ2_5
Attraction. e/ectrostatic (P/ec.) $52()* $o2,>Ms 0ذ2_5
Attraction. graaitationa/ On›%* ة4,ذ2j
Attraction. magnetic $<4R2نA3 0ذ2_5
Attractiae (a8^.)
Attrib"tab/e (a8^.)
Attrib"te (n.) ر2:` ‚ Dc4;3 ةh™
Attrib"te (a.)
Attrite8 (a8^.) ]2J(E&2, Os•(3
Attrition (n.) (Png.)
Attrition test (-ia. Png.)
Att"ne (a.)
AttYoo8·s machine (h!s.)
At!#ica/ (a8^.)
A" (a"r"m ? go/8) (-hem.)
A"b"rn (a8^.. n.)
A"ction sa/e $نل:%* =*c;%2, ˜4,
A"8acio"s (a8^.)
A"8ibi/it! (n.) (h!s.)
A"8ibi/it!. /imits o7 (Aco"s.) ة4TG;<;%* 1C ˜;<%* =1'E
A"8ib/e (a8^.)
A"8ience (n.)
A"8io-osci//ator ? A"8io- 7re9"enc! osci//ator (¢a8io.) ة4:;) Ÿ*==>5 1ذ 0x,x3
A"8io-ais"a/ ai8s ةي>lب%*1 ة4:;<%* ®2fيž* Oo2)1
A"8io 7re9"enc! (P/ec. -omm.)
A"8io 7re9"enc! am#/i7ier (P/ec. -omm.) $:;<%* ==>(%* I[f3
A"8io 7re9"enc! trans7ormer (P/ec. -omm.)
A"8iogram (h!s.) ˜;<ل% $B24, •v[3
A"8iometer (h!s.) ˜;<%* Š24n3
A"8iometr! (Le8.) ˜;<%* D'E Š24ق
A"8ion (¢a8io.)
A"8i#hone (n.) (Le8.)
A"8it (a.)
A"8iting (n.) Ÿ2,2<K%* ‡KF
A"8ition (n.)
A"8itor (n.)
A"8itori"m (n.)
A"8itor! (a8^.) $:;)
A"8itor! #ers#ectiae
ةKl, 'M` . 'sC
kn<%* tK5 ةK<F . ة4لT
ة\4+ . ˜p1 ‚ >NB ةMj1 . kقG3
@2K3 . O4s1
ة4;)ر ة%2s1 . $T>` †يG:5
0x(j* . 0ذ2_5 . 0xj
V52F . 0*xj
Z%‘ ³1cT VJ;ي .
Z%‘) i<B 1C *cT)
‹m5‘ ‚ Os•5 . ]2J(E&2, Os•5 1C Zل,
]2J(E&2, (Dر2_K%*) Os•5 . ر2ب(d*
|X1= . >ي2T
=1G5Cˆ ة%‰ˆ
$jذG;B & . ذ2` . $)24ق >4}
i+xل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~ذ
U32} $ن, . $)2KB >;)C
رGM(3 ‚ ƒ>j . >32A3
˜;<%* ة4B2J3‘ . ة4TG;<3 . ˜;)
{T2;) VJ;3 . šG;<3
|G:;(<;%* . |G:32<%*
$:;) ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
V3 |2<BÁ% ~$:;) ==>5 ¤… Z%‘ ¤… ة4B2›%* $F ة,x,ذ k%C
ة4:;<%* Ÿ*==>(ل% (ة,2_()&* IN(ن3) WGK3
$BG43>›%* @2;lل% Iي'ق I)* ~|Gي=1C
ةT2;) . š2;<3
UnE . Uق= . (Ÿ2,2<K%*) ‡KF
š2;()* ‚ ˜;<%* zE . ˜;)
Ÿ2,2<E Uق'3 . Ÿ2,2<K%* ‡E2F
š2;()* ةT2ق .Ÿ2T2;(j* ةT2ق
ŸGl%* ˜قG3 'ي'K5 {:3 VJ;ي š2;) ~$:;) 02:4()*
A"8itor! sensation area
A"ger (Png.)
A"ger bit (Png.)
A"ger stem (Png.) 02n›;%* šxj
A"ger York 02n›;%2, >hE
A"gite (Lin.)
A"gment (a.)
A"gmentation (n.)
A"gmente8 (a8^.) 'يc3
A"ra/ (a8^.)
A"ra/ harmonic
A"ra/ masking $:;) i_E
A"reo/e (n.) (Astron.)
A"reom!cin (Le8.) V4<ي23Gير1C
A"ric (a8^.) (-hem.)
A"ric/e (n.) (eoo/.) |ذH* |*G™ ‚ iلn%* ةنيذC
A"ric"/ar (a8^.) (eoo/.) $نيذC
A"ri7ero"s (a8^.) (-hem.) i+xل% Ž(ن3 1C 12E
A"ri7orm (a8^.) OJ€%* $BذC
A"riga (©he -harioteer ) (Astron.)
A"ri#hone (n.)
A"risco#e (Le8.) |ذH* ر2Nن3
A"rist (Le8.) |*ذ½* i4بR
A"rora A"stra/is (Astron.) ة4,Gن_%* ة4بvn%* •*GpH* $,Gن_%* Uh€%*
A"rora Borea/is (Astron.) ة4%2;€%* ة4بvn%* •*GpH* $%2;€%* Uh€%*
A"ro"s (-hem.)
A"r"m ? go/8 (A") (-hem.) i+ذ
A"stem#ering (Let.) Vي'ل(%* 1C ة4<n(%2, |':;%* ¡*Gd >44A5
A"stenite (-hem.)
A"stenitic stee/ $(4ن()1C ذ&GF
A"stra/ $,Gنj
A"thentic (a8^.)
A"thenticate (a.)
A"thor (n.) k%u3
A"thorit! (n.)
A"thoriye (a.)
A"thoriye8 (a8^.)
A"thorshi# k4%—5
A"to- $o2nل5 1C $5*ذ Zن:;, ةo=2,
A"to-actiaation (Bio/.) $o2nل5 1C $5*ذ •4€ن5
A"to-ana/!sis $o2nل5 O4لK5
A"to-cata/!sis (-hem.) $5*ذ chE
A"to-conaerter (P/ec. Png.) $o2nل5 WGK3
A"to-emission (©hermionics)
A"to-7ee8 (Png.) ة45*ذ ةيxA5
A"to-ignition (Png.) $5*ذ W2:(`*
A"to-intobication $5*ذ @2;<B‘
A"to-ioniyation (-hem.) $5*ذ Vي—5
A"to-obi8ation (-hem.) $5*ذ '<s—5
A"to-trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) $5*ذ WGK3
$:;) $B24, •v[3 $F) $:;<%* Š2<Ež* ةnvن3)
†بn3 1ذ 02n›3 . ة;ي>, . 02n›3
in›%* ةلlB . 02n›;%* ة;n%
ةير2ن%* رG[l%* $F 'jGي ة43G4ن3G%H* @G4<نA;%*1 'ي'K%*1 @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 @2d ~t4j1C
=*=X* . XcT . =*X
ة%2v()* . =2ي=X* . D=2يX
0‰ . zv<}C
ة%2+ ‚ >4بT . *x`
$:;) . $BذC
ة4:;) Ÿ2jر'3 . ة4:;) ة4nF*G5
{%GE ة%2M%*1 isGJ%* V4, ة4F2™ ةnvن3 ~ة%2+ . ة%Gير1C
uF2J(%* $•m• 2ب+ذ 12E ~•4ب+ذ
>بsH* 0'%*1 2ي>›%* V4, ةبsGs ~X2ن:%* . ةنTH* 1ذ
š2;<3 . ةT2;) . ŸGl%* >بJ3
Uh` . ”1>` . >_F
uF2J(%* r=2EC 2ب+ذ 12E ~ XGب+ذ
I<_%* Od*= Ÿ*G™H* ˜;<5 ‚ •2A™‘ . ˜;<5
|G,>J%*1 'ي'K%* V3 zB2_(3 '32j WGلK3 ~t4ن()1C
$n4nE . O4™C . ”G•G3
¬€%* ةK™ 1C ة%2™C tب•C . U•1
ةn• ˜j>3 . ة_E ‚ |2vل) . ةvل)
X2jC .WGd . ’GF
{, ‡d>3 . X2_3 ‚ ’Gh3
$5*ذ «2:(,* . «2:بB*
A"to-trans7ormer starter (P/ec. Png.) $5*ذ WGK3 1ذ ةs>E ƒ=2,
A"to (Lech.) Dر24)
A"to tr"ck VK` Dر24)
A"tobahn (-ia. Png.) Ÿ*ر24<ل% ˜)*1 Uي>R
A"tob"s 02sر Dر24)
A"toc/astic rocks t4(h(%* ة4B2J3 رG[™
A"toc/aae (-hem.)
A"tocon8"ction (h!s.) $o2nل5 O4™G5
A"to8rome (-ia. Png.) Ÿ*ر24<%* ”2ب) ر2;f3
A"to8!ne (a8^.)
A"to8!ne (n.) (¢a8io.)
A"toecio"s (a8^.) (Bot.) Oo2:%* '4E1
A"togam! (Bio/.) $5*ذ “4nل5 1C 02ld‘
A"togenesis ? A"togen! (Bio/.) $5*ذ '%G5
A"togeno"s (Bio/.) 245*ذ '%G(3
A"togeno"s c"tting $5*ذ 1C $o2nل5 ˜vق
A"togeno"s ignition tem#erat"re (-hem.) $o2nل(%* W2:(`&* ةjر=
A"togeno"s Ye/8ing (Png.) $5*ذ @2K%
A"togiro ? A"tog!ro (Aero.)
A"tohetero8!ne ? A"to8!ne (¢a8io.)
A"toico"s #/ant (Bot.) ر*>+X&* zhB $F ةيG›BC1 ةي>sذ ر2+XC O;Kي Ÿ2بB
A"to/!sis (Bio/.) $5*ذ WmKB*
A"tomatic (a8^.)
A"tomatic a8^"stment (Png.) $523G51C •بp
A"tomatic a/arm (Png.) $523G51C ر*xB‘ X2Mj
A"tomatic arc /am# (¨//"m.) $523G51C $)Gق ®2بl3
A"tomatic arc Ye/8ing (Png.) $523G51C $)Gق @2K%
A"tomatic brightness contro/ (©e/ea.) šGlن%* $F $523G5H* IJK(%*
A"tomatic carb"rettor (Png.) $523G51C V,>J3
A"tomatic cat hea8 (Png.) ة4523G5C ةيGEر
A"tomatic change-oaer sYitch (P/ec. Png.) $523G51C OيGK5 ®2(h3
A"tomatic circ"it breaker (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms D>o*'% $523G51C ˜R2ق
A"tomatic c/earance take-"# (A"to.) O[ل[(ل% $o2nل5 ]ر*'5
A"tomatic c/"tch (A"to.) $o2nل5 O™*1
A"tomatic contrast contro/ (©e/ea.) Vي2ب(%* $F $523G5&* IJK(%*
A"tomatic contro/ (Png.) $523G51C IJK5
A"tomatic contro//er (Png.) $523G51C 1C $o2nل5 IJK(3
A"tomatic co"nter (Png.) $523G51C =*'T
A"tomatic c"t- o"t (P/ec. Png.) ر24(ل% $523G51C ˜R2ق
A"tomatic 8irection-7in8er (¢a8io.) $523G51C ³2_5* V4:3
A"tomatic 8ischarge (Png.) $523G51C qي>h5
A"tomatic 8ri// (Png.) $523G51C 02n›3
A"tomatic 8"m# car (Png.) ة4523G51C ة,mقة,>T
A"tomatic ebchanger (©e/e#h.)
A"tomatic 7ee8er (Png.) $523G51C xA3
A"tomatic 7/"shing (-ia. Png.)
A"tomatic 7re9"enc! contro/ (¢a8io.) ==>(%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%* X2Mj
A"tomatic gain contro/ (¢a8io.) i<J%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%* X2Mj
A"tomatic generating #/ant (P/ec. Png.)
A"tomatic goaernor (Png.)
A"tomatic ignition a8aance (P/ec. Png.) $523G51H* W2:(`&* V3*c5 •,2p
A"tomatic in^ection $523G51C VnE
A"tomatic in/et aa/ae $523G51C ةR>[3 W2d=‘ @2;™
A"tomatic /athe (Png.) ة4523G51C ةR>[3
‹msG51C . '™G3 IK3
O:h%* $5*ذ . $ني*=G51C
$5*ذ O:F . Vي*=G51C
2ي=G;T •بM51 ˜h5>5 D>o2R ~1>4jG51C
$5*ذ >ي2A(3 O:F . Vي*=1>(+G5C
$%‰ . $5*ذ . $o2nل5 . $523G51C
$523G51C (W*>(ن)) W=2ب5 cs>3
$523G51C kv` . $523G51C †Eر
2M}*>F Oبق Ÿ2;s>;%* VK€%) 24o2nل5 O;:5 '4%G5 D'E1)
$523G51C (ةs>E) INن3
A"tomatic /i7ting (Png.) $523G51C ةR>[3 ˜Fر
A"tomatic /ock (Png.) $523G51C Ohق
A"tomatic /oom $523G51C WGB
A"tomatic /"brication $523G51C t4يc5
A"tomatic oaer/oa8 sYitch (P/ec. Png.) O;K%* X12_5 'نT O;:ي $523G51C ®2(h3
A"tomatic #hase contro/ (©e/ea.) رGv%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%* X2Mj
A"tomatic #i/ot (Aero.) $523G51C ر24R
A"tomatic #isto/ $523G51C Š'<3
A"tomatic #re#a!ment te/e#hone (©e/e#h.)
A"tomatic #ro#ortioning a##arat"s (Png.) $523G51C $ب)2ن5 Qc3 X2Mj
A"tomatic reg"/ator (Png.) $523G51C INن3
A"tomatic re/ease (Png.) $523G51C ”mvB*
A"tomatic remote contro/ (Png.) ':, 'نT IJK(ل% $523G51C X2Mj
A"tomatic sam#/ing 8eaice (Png.) $o2nل5 Ÿ2ن4T Q*>[()* X2Mj
A"tomatic sh"t-o77 aa/ae (Png.) $523G51C Uل} @2;™
A"tomatic sh"tter $523G51C Uل}
A"tomatic signa//ing (P/ec. Png.)
A"tomatic stabi/it! (Png.) $o2nل5 ر*>n()*
A"tomatic starter (Png.) ةs>K%* •'ب% $523G51C X2Mj
A"tomatic stoker (Png.) $%‰ 1C $523G51C =2ق1
A"tomatic sto# (Png.) $523G51C kقG3
A"tomatic s"b-station (P/ec. Png.) ة4523G51C ة4T>F ةvK3
A"tomatic sYitch (P/ec. Png.) $523G51C ®2(h3
A"tomatic s!nchroniyer (P/ec. Png.) $523G51C V3*c3
A"tomatic ta#-changing e9"i#ment (P/ec. Png.) WGK3 VT ة_52ن%* ة4vلh%* •بf% $523G51C X2Mj
A"tomatic te/egra#h! (P/ec. -omm.) $523G5H* $F*>Aل(%* W2)رž*
A"tomatic te/e#hone (P/ec. -omm.) $J4523G5C 1C $523G51C |Ghل5
A"tomatic te/e#hone ebchange (P/ec. -omm.) $523G51H* |Gh4ل(%* W*>(ن)
A"tomatic timer (hotog.) $523G51C tقG3
A"tomatic ti##er (Png.) ة4523G51C ة,mق
A"tomatic transmitter (©e/eg.) $523G51C O)>3
A"tomatic t"ning (¢a8io.) ة4523G51C ةh%*G3
A"tomatic ao/tage reg"/ator (P/ec. Png.) $523G51H* ة4vلh%* INن3
A"tomatic ao/"me contro/ (¢a8io.) $523G51H* Dر2M_%* •بp
A"tomatic. 7"// (a8^.) ة4523G51H* O32s
A"tomatica//! (a8a.)
A"tomatica//! o#erate8 aa/ae (Png.) 24523G51C OA€ي @2;™
A"tomation (Png.)
A"tomatism ة4o2nل5 ةs>E ‚ ة4o2nل5 ة45*ذ
A"tomaton (Png.)
A"tomobi/e (Png.) O4,G3G5C Dر24)
A"tomor#hic (a8^.) (weo/.)
A"tomotiae (a8^.) (Png.)
A"tomotiae engineer Ÿ*ر24) Š'نM3
A"tomotiae grease (A"to.) Ÿ*ر24<ل% IK`
A"tonomic ? A"tonomo"s (a8^.) 24h4•1 On(<3 ‚ IJK%* $5*ذ
A"tonom! (n.)
A"to#i/ot (Aero.) $o2nل(%* |*>4v%* X2Mj
A"to#s! (Le8.)
A"toreg"/ator (Png.) $5*ذ INن3
A"torotation $5*ذ |*ر1=
A"tos"ggestion $5*ذ •2Kي‘
A"tos!n ? A"tos!nchrono"s (a8^.) V3*c(%* $5*ذ
23'n3 {4F ة;%2J;%* D>jC ˜F'5 ~˜F'%* @'n3 $523G51C k52+
ةي'ي'K%* ةJ<%* ZلT) $523G51C ر*xB‘ X2Mj)
ة4523G5C DرGl, . 24o2nل5
$523G51C 1C $%‰ O4A€5 . ة4523G51C
ةs>K%* $5*ذ X2Mj ~|G523G5C
ة™2[%* {5*رGل, {j1—, ='K3 . {j1H* $5*ذ
Ÿ*ر24<%2, ¡2d . š2F'B&* $5*ذ . ةs>K%* $5*ذ
$5*ذ IJE . $5*ذ Wmn()*
D2FG%* 02ب)C ةF>:;%) ة›_%* “(F)
ة:€;%* >o2Nن%2, VnE I<_%) $5*x%* š2:`ž2, DرG™)
A"tos!nchrono"s motor (P/ec. Png.) V3*c(%* $5*ذ رG5G3
A"totobin (Bio/.)
A"t"mna/ e9"inob (Astron.)
A"bi/iar! (a8^.)
A"bi/iar! b"s-bar (P/ec. Png.) $F2p‘ $3G;T O™G3
A"bi/iar! circ/e o7 an e//i#se (Laths.) >بsH* Žل4ل+H* رGK3 2+>vق $(%* D>o*'%*
A"bi/iar! circ"it (P/ec. Png.) D'T2<3 D>o*=
A"bi/iar! contact (P/ec. Png.) 'T2<3 ®2(h3
A"bi/iar! e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) $F2p‘ =1>(J%*
A"bi/iar! engine (Png.) $R24(E* ]>K3
A"bi/iar! e9"i#ment ة4R24(E* Ÿ*':3
A"bi/iar! gri8 (©hermionics) ة4F2p‘ =1>(J%* ةJب`
A"bi/iar! #/ant (P/ec. Png.) '4%G(%* ةvK3 $F D'T2<3 Ÿ2nKل3
A"bi/iar! #o/e ? com#o/e (P/ec. Png.) 'T2<3 ivق
A"bi/iar! #"m#ing "nit (Png.) D'T2<3 –p D'E1
A"bi/iar! re/a! (P/ec. Png.) 'T2<3 OE>3
A"bi/iar! sha7t (Png.) 'T2<3 Dر*=‘ =G;T
A"bi/iar! sha7t (Lining.)
A"bi/iar! s#ark ga# (P/ec. Png.)
A"bi/iar! sYitch (P/ec. Png.) $F2p‘ ®2(h3
A"bi/iar! tank (Aero.)
A"bi/iar! aenti/ating "nit (Lining.) ة4F2p‘ ةيGM5 D'E1
A"bi/iar! aenti/ation (Png.) ة4F2p‘ ةيGM5
A"bi/iar! Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) ة4F2p‘ Ÿ2h%
A"bin (Bio/.)
Aaai/ab/e (a8^.)
Aaai/ab/e energ! (h!s.) D=2h(<;%* ةق2v%*
Aaai/ab/e hea8 (Png.) •n<;%* GلT
Aaai/ab/e ore s"r#/"s (Lining.) $B':3 @2d V3 $R24(E&*
Aaai/ab/e #oYer (Png.) W2;:()m% Dc+2_%* 1C ةE2(;%* Dر'n%*
Aaai/ab/e #oYer e77icienc! (P/ec. Png.) ةE2(;%* Dر'n%* ةي2hs
Aaai/ab/e #oYer res#onse (P/ec. Png.) ةE2(;%* Dر'n%* 012_5
Aaai/ab/e Yater (Bot.)
Aaent"rine (a8^.) (weo/.) S>dC |=2:3 V3 ةق*>, Uo2ق= 12E
Aaent"rine g/ass ةق*>, io*G` 1ذ ‹2h` >4} Q2jX
Aaent"rine 9"arty (Lin.)
Aaen"e †ي>T šر2`
Aaerage ann"a/ income rGن<%* Od'%* W':3
Aaerage c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* W':3
Aaerage c"rae (Laths.) •2نKB&* W':3
Aaerage 8ai/! $3Gي W':3
Aaerage 8ai/! o"t#"t $3G4%* Q2(Bž* W':3
Aaerage 8eaiation ‹*>KB&* W':3
Aaerage e77icienc! ةي2hJ%* W':3
Aaerage ha8e (weo/.)
Aaerage /i7e ? Aaerage /i7e time (h!s.) >;:%* •)G(3
$5*ذ I) . $5*ذ V4<sG5
kي>[%* OlF . kي>[%*
$F) $hي>[%* W*'(T&* ¤¤ WGليC )
'T2<3 . |12:3 ‚ UKل3 . $F2p‘ . $R24(E*
I_ن3 $F 1C >\, $F) ة4F2p‘ D*GM3)
Dر24<%* $F =GقG%* W2:`ž) ة4F2p‘ ر*>` D>A•)
$R24(E* (=Gق1) |*cd
Iن3 |G3>+ . V4<s1C
W2;:()m% c+2j .®2(3 . >FG(3
{™2l(3* Ÿ2بنل% VJ;ي rx%* ~®2(;%* •2;%*
r'4لj ر24+ . $_ل• ‹*>j
ةق*>, io*G€,) ²ق>3 1>3)
•)G(3 . W':3
r=G;:%* ˜pG%* VT) O4;%* W':3)
Aaerage #ress"re •Af%* W':3
Aaerage sam#/e ةv4)1 ةن4T
Aaerage s#eech #oYer (Aco"s.) ة43mJ%* Dر'n%* •)G(3
Aaerage s#ee8 (h!s.) ةT><%* W':3
Aaerage tem#erat"re (h!s.) Dر*>K%* ةjر= •)G(3
Aaerage aa/"e ة;4n%* W':3
Aaerage ae/ocit! (h!s.)
Aaerse (a8^.)
Aaert (a.)
Aaes (eoo/.) رG4v%* ةho2R
Aagas (aaiation gaso/ine) (-hem.) Ÿ*>o2R Vيcن,
Aaiation (Aero.) |*>4R
Aaiation gaso/ine (-hem.) Ÿ*>o2R Vيcن,
Aaiation s#irit (or 7"e/.) (Aero.) Ÿ*ر24v%* =Gق1
Aaiator (Aero.) ر24R
Aaiatrib D>o2R 'o2ق
Aaigation (Aero.) ةيGj ةEm3
Aaion D>o2R
Aaoga8ro·s constant (or n"mber) (-hem.)
Aaoga8ro·s h!#othesis (-hem.)
Aaoga8ro·s /aY (-hem.)
Aaoi8 (a.)
Aaoir8"#ois Yeight
Aat"r (-hem.)
Aa"/sion (Le8.)
AYakYar8 (a8^.)
AYar8 ( n.)
AYar8 (a.)
AYare (a8^.)
AYash (a8a.)
AYa! (a8a.) VT *'4:,
AYn (Bot.) ةلبن<%* ةJ<E
AYning 8eck
AYr! (a8^.. a8a.)
Ab ? abe
Abes (#/. o7 ab) Š1uF
Abes (#/. o7 abis) ر12K3
Abes. coor8inate (Laths.) Ÿ24•*'Ež* ر12K3
Abia/-c!/in8er engine (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* rرGK3 ]>K3
Abia/ (a8^.) rرGK3
Abia/ a8^"stment (Png.) rرGK3 •بp
Abia/ boring (Png.) rرGK3 kيG_5
Abia/ cab/e rرGK3 Oبs
Abia/ c/earance (Png.) rرGK3 ¡Gلd
Abia/ 8is#/acement (Png.) ةيرGK3 ةE*X‘
Abia/ 8"cts (P/ec. Png.)
Abia/ 7/oY rرGK3 UF=
Abia/ 7/oY t"rbine (Png.) rرGK3 $nF= 1ذ V4,>5
Abia/ inter7erence (h!s.) rرGK3 Od*'5
Abia/ /ine rرGK3 •d
V4:3 ³2_5* $F) ةT><%* W':3)
V3) >F2B . =2f3)
S=2h5 . iن_5
رG4v%* ة4,>(% |2J3 . >4v3
~ $3*>} ƒcj $F Ÿ2\يc_%* ='T ~ˆ1ر=2jGFCˆ t,2• ¥.…¤¥ à „… ¤£
1ر=2jGFCˆ ’>Fˆ
1ر=2jGFCˆ |GB2قˆ
ZFm5.VT ’>TC . iن_5
rc4لJB* |*X1C @2NB ~ *Gبي=ر*GFC On•
V4(sH* †4hd W1>(, ~ Q2(FC
Ÿ2s>K;ل% V4)1>4s ~ رG(F*
²(B . ˜لق . šcB
•,>3 ‚ i)2ن3 >4} . ”>dC
D—F2J3 . ةKن3
ZلT I:BC . “ن3
]ر'3 . š*1
]*ر=‘ . $T1
•2;%* ³>;Aي =2Jي . •2;%* “v) SG(<;,
X>[3 . ةبn›3 . X*>[3
OلN(%* “v) . ةل•
‹*>KB2, . ‹>Kن3
ةvل, . Š—F
ة%½* $F 'ي>ب(%* •*GM%) ةيرGK3 •%2<3)
Abia/ oaer/a# rرGK3 is*>5
Abia/ #itch (Png.) ةيرGK3 DGvd
Abia/ #/ane (Png.) rرGK3 “v)
Abia/ #/"nger #"m# (Png.) Dر*1= zR*G} Ÿ*ذ ة[f3
Abia/ res#onse (h!s.) ةيرGK3 ة,2_()*
Abia/ section
Abia/ stress (Png.) rرGK3 =2Mj‘
Abia/ s!mmetr! rرGK3 O•2;5
Abia/ thr"st (Png.) rرGK3 ˜F=
Abia/ ae/ocit! (Lech.) ةيرGK3 ةT>)
Abi/ ? Abi//a (Bio/.) •,‘
Abiom ة4Mي',
Abiomatic (a8^.) $Mي',
Abis (#/. abes)
Abis o7 co"#/e (Lech.) Q*1=X&* رGK3
Abis o7 a circ/e (Laths.) D>o*'%* رGK3
Abis o7 a circ"/ar cone (weom.) r>o*= §1>[3 رGK3
Abis o7 a circ"/ar c!/in8er (Laths.) ةي>o*'%* ةB*Gv)&* رGK3
Abis o7 a conica/ s"r7ace (Laths.) $R1>[;%* “v<%* رGK3
Abis o7 a cr!sta/ (-hem.) DرGلب%* رGK3
Abis o7 a /ens (h!s.) ة)':%* رGK3
Abis o7 a /o8e (Lining.) $B':3 ”>T رGK3
Abis o7 a #arabo/a (Laths.) ¬F2J3 ˜vق رGK3
Abis o7 a #ers#ectiae (Laths.) رGNن;%* رGK3
Abis o7 a s#here (weom.) D>J%* رGK3
Abis o7 abscissas (Laths.)
Abis o7 inertia (h!s.) $5*x%* رGln%* رGK3
Abis o7 or8inates (Laths.)
Abis o7 osci//ation (h!s.) ة,x,x%* رGK3
Abis o7 #recession (Lech.) rر*', 1C $nب) رGK3
Abis o7 reao/"tion (Lech.) |*ر1'%* رGK3
Abis o7 rotation (h!s.) |*ر1'%* رGK3
Abis o7 s!mmetr! O•2;(%* رGK3
Abis o7 the ce/estia/ s#here (Astron.) ةي12;<%* D>J%* رGK3
Abis o7 the earth (weog.) ’رH* رGK3
Abis o7 aorteb ر1=ر'%* رGK3
Abis. #rinci#/e (°#t.) $<4o>%* رGK;%*
Ab/e- bob (Png.) رGK;%* ”1'ن™
Ab/e-s#in8/e (Png.) rرGK3 |*ر1= =G;T
Ab/e (Png.)
Ab/e bearing (Png.) رGK;%* O;K3
Ab/e brass (Png.) ة4)2Kن%* رGK;%* ة;n%
Ab/e ho"sing (Png.) رGK;%* ‹m}
Ab/e ^o"rna/ (Png.) رGK;%* cJ5>3
Ab/e sha7t (A"to.)
Ab/e. 8riaen ر*'3 رGK3
Ab/e. 7ront (Png.) $323H* رGK;%*
Ab/e. rear (Png.) $hل[%* رGK;%*
Abon (eoo/.) ة4بl:%* ةh4ل%* رGK3
Ayim"th (Astron.) (´"ra.)
Ayim"th circ/e (Astron.) ة4(;) D>o*=
Ayim"th com#ass (´"ra.) ة4(;) ةل™G,
Ayim"tha/ ang/e (´"ra.) t;<%* ةي1*X
Ayim"tha/ e9"i8istant #ro^ection (´"ra.) =2:,H* r12<(;%* $(;<%* §2n)ž*
rرGK3 ˜vn3 . rرGK3 š2vق
رGK;%* •d .رGK3
$nFC $•*'E‘ . Ÿ2ن4<%* رGK3
$)Cر $o*'E‘ . Ÿ*=2l%* رGK3
0&1'%* رGK3 . šcj
رGK;%* šxj . ]>K;%* =G;T
t;<%* . ŸG;<%*
Ayim"tha/ #ro^ection $(;) §2n)‘
Ayim"tha/ 9"ant"m n"mber $(;<%* $;J%* =':%*
Ayo 8!es (-hem.) ةي1X‰ Ÿ2}2ب™
Ayoic (a8^.) (B"i/8.) D24K%* Iي'T
Ayoic era (weo/.) D24E m%* >+=
Ayotate ? nitrate (-hem.)
Ayote ? nitrogen (g) (-hem.)
Ayotic aci8 (-hem.) •451XH* †32E
Ayotiye (a.)
Ayotobacter (-hem.) ŸX—(%* 2ي>4(J,
Ay"re (n.. a8^.)
Ay"rite (-hem.)
Ay!mic ? aymo"s (a8^.) (-hem.)
B-batter! (©hermionics) ةK4hl%* ةير2v,
B (boron) (-hem.)
B. an8 ´. (BroYn an8 ´har#e) Yire wa"ge (Png.)
B.Ä.-. (bottom 8ea8 centre) (Png.) Zلh<%* ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
B.©.U. (British ©herma/ Unit) ة4B2vي>ب%* Dر*>K%* D'E1
B.Â.w. (Birmingham Âire wa"ge) $32M_ن3>ب%* ]m)H* Š24ق ='K3
Ba (bari"m) (-hem.)
Babbitt (n.)
Babbitt (a.) (Let.)
Babbitt bearing (Png.)
Babbitt 7ace8 (or /ine8) (a8^.) ]2J(E&* ة312n;% Vvب3
Babbitt /ining (Png.)
Babbitt·s meta/ (Let.)
Babbitte8 bearing (Png.)
Babbitting (Png.)
Baci//"s (Bio/.) (#/. baci//i)
Back-an8- 7orth motion
Back-co"#/ing (¢a8io.) $T2_5ر‘ |ر2n5
Back-e.m.7. o7 a ce// (P/ec. Png.)
Back-7ire (Png.) $hلd W2:`‘
Back-gear motor (P/ec. Png.)
Back-^et c"rrents (Png.) r =*'5ر&* Œhن%* Ÿ*ر245
Back-to-back ho"ses (-ia. Png.) ة™*>(3 ŸG4,
Back-Yater aa/ae (-!8.) '5>;%* •2;%* qي>h5 @2;™
Back (a8^.) $hلd
Back (a8a.)
Back (n.) >M•
Back (or reaerse) emission (©hermionics)
Back (a.)
Back ache (Le8.)
Back action r=*'5ر* O:F
Back am#ere-t"rns ? 8emagnetiying am#ere-t"rns (P/ec. Png.) zs2:3 ³2_52, ةh% >4ب3C
Back ab/e (Png.) $hلd رGK3
Back b"m#er (Png.)
Back centre (Png.)
Back c/earance (Png.) $hلd ¡Gلd
Back contact $hلd Š2;5
Back c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) zs2:3 ر245
Back c"tting (-ia. Png.)
Back c!/in8er-hea8 (or coaer) (Png.) ة4hل[%* ةB*Gv)&* “v)
Ÿ*>(B . Ÿ251XC
V4j1>(B . Ÿ1X*
Ÿ1XH2, Qc3 . Q>(B
r12;) ”رXC . r=ر1ذ&
ةي'T2n%* Š2Kن%* Ÿ2BG,>s . tير1XC
>4vF . >;([3 >4}
|1رGبل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~ 0
]m)•% rر24:%* ˆ0ر2`ˆ 1 ˆ|1*>,ˆ Š24n3
@Gير2بل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~ 2,
tي2,ˆ |':3 V3 O;K3 ةB2v,ˆ
tي2,ˆ |':;, Vv, 1C ZلRˆ
tي2,ˆ |':3 V3 O4;K5 $)>sˆ
tي2,ˆ |':;, ةB2v,ˆ
†4,H* |':;%* . ˆtي2,ˆ |':3 . ˆtي2,ˆ ةJ4ب)
tي2,ˆ |':;, Vvب3 O;K3ˆ
tي2,ˆ |':;, V4vب5ˆ
O)2, . zل`2, . ة4lT . ة;4lق
2,2+ذ1 ة\4j) “jر—(%* ةs>E)
ة4ل[%* $F D=2f3 (ة4o2,>Ms ة:F*= DGق) ] = ”
ةT><%* †4h[(% Š>5 1ذ ($o2,>Ms) ]>K3
˜;_(3 •23 . zs2:3 ر245
•*ر1 . 2hلd
=G•2J%* Z%‘ =GBH* V3 $B1>(J%‘ UF= ~ $<JT «2:(,*
˜j*>5 ‚ رX‰ . 'T2) . 'fT
>MN%* ˜j1 . ر2M•
D>R2ق 1C Dر24) $F) . $hل[%* @'l;%*)
ةR>[;ل%) ة4hل[%* ةبBx%*)
Uي>R ةF2E {,*>5 IT'ي) $F2p‘ >hE)
Back 8ea8-centre (P/ec. Png.) ة4hل[%* ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
Back 8ra7t
Back e/ectro-motiae 7orce (or Back e.m.7.) (P/ec. Png.) ة4<J:%* ة4o2,>MJ%* ة:F*'%* DGn%*
Back 7i// @=>%* 0*>5
Back 7i//ing machine (-ia. Png.) @=ر ةنJ3
Back 7/ash iMل%* =*'5ر*
Back 7/oY (Png.) $hلd UF=
Back 7/oY con8enser $:jر k›J3
Back 7o/8ing r=*'5ر* $R
Back gear (Png.) ةT><%* †4h[5 Š>5
Back g"!s (et. Png.) ة4hل[%* Q>ب%* t4ب›5 W2بE
Back /ath (B"i/8.)
Back n"mber ةh4K™ 1C ةل_3 V3 Iي'ق ='T
Back obseraation (´"ra.) $hلd '™ر
Back #ress"re (Png.)
Back #ress"re engine (Png.) $hلd •Ap 1ذ ]>K3
Back #ress"re #ro^ection (-inema.)
Back #ress"re reg"/ating aa/ae (Png.) r=*'5ر&* •Af%* •بp @2;™
Back #ress"re t"rbine (Png.) '5>3 •Ap 1ذ V4,>5
Back #ress"re aa/ae (Png.) '5>;%* •Af%* ˜ن3 @2;™
Back rest (Png.) ة4hلd D=2ن)
Back saY (-ra#.)
Back sha7t (Png.) ة4hلd Dر*=‘ =G;T
Back sight (´"ra.)
Back s/o#e $hلd ر*'KB*
Back sta! ? Back rest (Png.)
Back sto# (©e/eg.)
Back stream (-!8.) $<JT ر245
Back tYist zs2:3 $%
Backacter ? 8rag shoae/ (-ia. Png.)
Backboar8 >4M• $hلd ®G%
Backbone (Le8.)
Backe8 (a8^.)
Backgro"n8 (n.) DرGl%* ة4hلd ‚ ة4hلd
Backgro"n8 co"nt
Backgro"n8 i//"mination ة4hلd ةF2p‘
Backgro"n8 m"sic
Backgro"n8 noise (Aco"s.)
Backing- o77 (Png.)
Backing-"# 7/ange (Png.)
Backing (Leteor.)
Backing (n.)
Backing #/ate (Png.) IT= ةK4h™
Back/ash (Png.) ŸGF
Back#/ate /am#ho/8er (P/ec. Png.) ®2بl;%* D*1= t4ب›5 ةEG%
Backscattering (h!s.) ة4hلd Dر2v()*
BackYar8 (a8^.)
BackYar8 (or BackYar8s) (a8a.)
BackYar8 eccentric (Png.) ة4hل[%* ةs>Kل% cs>;(3 & ¡>ق
BackYar8 erosion (weo/.) $hلd Ÿ2K5
BackYar8 7o/8ing (weo/.) $hلd $R
iK<%* Ov:(%) |2d'%* 1C iMل%* =*'5ر*)
‹Gn<%*1 |*ر'_%* 2M, $<J5 ة4ب€d “o*>` ~ Dر2MN%* ='ق
zs2:3 •Ap . $hلd •Ap . '5>3 •Ap
24n4nE 1'بي >Nن;%* O:_ي) $hلd §2n)‘)
$B':3 >MN, SGn3 ر2€ن3 . >M• ر2€ن3
ةh%2<%* (ة32n%*) ‡d2€%* D•*>ق
ة32T= . ة4hلd D=2ن)
W2)رž* ®2(h;%) $hلd 'l3)
ةنJ;%* ³2_52, O;:5) ة4<JT ةF>_3)
r>nF =G;T . iل™
>MN3 . =Gن<3 . IT'3
ة4hلd Ÿ*=1':3 . $بB2j 'T
ةT*ذ‘ $F 1C Iل4F $F) ةnF*>3 Zn4)G3)
U;:%* Ž4_p . ة4hلd •2pGp
DX*>h%* |2ن)H) ¡Gلd ®2<F‘)
˜j*>5 . WX2ن5
02K<B* . ˜j*>5
0GبBH*) IT= ةh`)
ةT2<%* 0ر2nT ةs>E 'p Z%‘ “ي>%* ³2_5* WGK5 ~ ر2,=‘
>nMn5 . ˜j*>5 ‚ IT= D'B2<3 ‚ Dر2M• . 'ن)
ة4hلd ةEG% . ة4hلd ةK4h™
=2f3 . k%2[3 . ŠGJ:3 . $hلd
”mvB&* ةvnB GKB . •*رG%* Z%‘
BackYar8ness (Le8.) kل[(3 G;B ‚ $لnT >d—5
BackYoo8s ة€EG3 UR2ن3 1C Ÿ2,2} 1C W2}=C
Bacteria (#/. o7 bacteri"m) (Le8.)
Bacteria/ (Le8.)
Bacterici8e (-hem.) 2ي>4(Jبل% 1C I4•*>_ل% D'4ب3 D=23
Bacterio/og! (Le8.)
Ba8 8ebt @1':3 Vي=
Ba8 han8/ing W2;:()&* •G)
Ba8igeon 0Gn›%* '<% §m3
Ba8/an8 (weo/.)
Ba77/e (Aco"s) ŸGl%* 0xM3
Ba77/e (n.)
Ba77/e (a.)
Ba77/e #/ates (Png.) ’ر*GT
Ba77/e #/ates (h!s.) ر24(%* ³2_5* >44A(% ة4p*>(T* ®*G%C
Ba77/e si/encer (Png.) ’ر*GT 1ذ ŸGlل% †F2d
Ba77/er (et. Png.) Ÿ2[f;%* $F •hن%* UF'5 INن3
Bag (n.)
Bag (a.) Š24sC $F —بT 1C ˜p1
Bai/ (n.)
Bai/ (a.) ة%2hJ, 2FGقG3 Q>dC ‚ V;p 1C Ohs ‚ •2;%* ®cB
Bai/ o"t (Aero.) D>o2v%* V3 chق
Bai/ o"t (n.) ŸG`*ر2ب%2,chق
Bai/ o"t (a.) VT ة%2hs @'ق
Bai/er (et. Png.)
Bai/er aci8 8"m# (et. Png.) †32K%* *>F‘ 0GبBC
Bai/er cement 8"m# (Lining.) tن;)ž* *>F‘ 0GبBC
Bai/er aa/ae (Png.) qي>h(%* 0GبBC @2;™
Bai/e! bri8ge (Png.)
Bai/i77 ]m3C O4s1 1C >•2B ‚ •*>j‘ رG3—3
Bai/ing tank (Png.) ®cن%* |*cd
Bait (n.)
Bake/ite (-hem.)
Baking #oYer
Baking so8a
Ba/ance (n.)
Ba/ance (or ±ibra) (Astron.) |*c4;%* ةبsGs
Ba/ance (a.)
Ba/ance aero8!namic (Aero.) $32ني=1>ي* |*c5*
Ba/ance arm |*c4;%* š*رذ
Ba/ance batter! (P/ec. Png.)
Ba/ance beam |*c4;%* Uo2T
Ba/ance bob (Png.)
Ba/ance bri8ge ? basc"/e bri8ge (-ia. Png.) 0mق ><j
Ba/ance 8"e
¬R2€%* ZلT ³ر2<JB* ':, ~ QG;%* =*'5ر* ‚ (D>o2) ةن4h) kلd) •2;%* ة,>fd
Ÿ24بj*ر . I4•*>j . 2ي>4(J, . 2ي>(J,
r>4(J, . $3G•>j
ة4jG%Gي>4(J, . I4•*>_%* IلT
I4n) -ذu3 ‚ {ي>s ‚ ¬) . •r=ر
Dc4;3 ة3mT . ر2:` . Dر2`
|cE . ة\ي=ر ’رC
ةp>(:3 . ةpر2T . cj2E
’>(T* . ”2TC . •بEC ‚ 24TC
0*>j . zبs . ةب4nE
³>lT ':, >J<%* ilق 02ب% ~z4بي . On•
Ÿ231cK3 . ة:(3C . io2nE
Š24sH* ˜نl% Ž4<B . ²4d
ةB2;p . ة%2hs ‚ ةEcن3 ‚ G%= †بn3
ة4%23 ة%2hs . ة%2hs 'ن)
®cB 0GبBC . ةEcن3
2hل) D':;%* ˜vn%* V3 ~ ˆ$ل4, ˆ ><j
®cB . qي>h5
•*>}Á% Znلي 23 . I:R
$T2ن™ Žن45*ر . t4لs2,
ر2ن%* ZلT {h4h_(, ر2[ب%* ة4<n5 ‚ ¬` . k4h_5
>4;[(%* ”GK<3 . D>4;d
*=Gl%* Ÿ2BG,>J4, .c4ب[%* *=G™
02<E '4™ر ‚ W=2:5 . |X*G5 . ةBX*G3 ‚ |*c43
02<E '™ر ‚ W=2:5 . |c5* ‚ W=2T . |X*1
ةBX*G3 ةير2v, . ةBX*G3 D'`2E
š2F>;%* š*رx%) ةBX*G;%* ”1'ن™)
Vي';%* '4™>%* . UK(<;%* 02<K%* '4™ر
Ba/ance in han8 Vo*'%* '4™>%*
Ba/ance in8icator |*c5&* V4ب3
Ba/ance o7 #a!ments Ÿ2TGF';%* |*c43
Ba/ance o7 #oYer SGn%* |X*G5
Ba/ance o7 tra8e
Ba/ance sheet
Ba/ance stresses ةBX*G(3 Ÿ*=2Mj‘
Ba/ance trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3 WGلK3
Ba/ance Yeight (Png.)
Ba/ance Yhee/ ? 7/!Yhee/ (Png.)
Ba/ance Yin8ings (P/ec. Png.) ةBX*G3 ko2h%
Ba/ance Yire ? ne"tra/ Yire (P/ec.) 'ي2K3 1C |X*G3 •ل)
Ba/ance. 8!namic (Lech.) $32ني= |X*G5
Ba/ance. s#ring (h!s.) $s>بBX |*c43
Ba/ance. Yin8-t"nne/ (Png.) $J432ني'%* $o*GM%* Uhن%* $F |2ي>_%* W':3
Ba/ance8-armat"re /o"8s#eaker (Aco"s.) ةNF2K%* |X*G(3 ر2M_3
Ba/ance8 (a8^.)
Ba/ance8 circ"it (P/ec. -omm.) ةBX*G(3 D>o*=
Ba/ance8 c"rrent (P/ec.) |X*G(3 ر245
Ba/ance8 8ra"ght (Png.)
Ba/ance8 engine (Png.) |c(3 ]>K3
Ba/ance8 /eaer (Png.) ةBX*G(3 ة:F*ر
Ba/ance8 /oa8 (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3 O;E
Ba/ance8 mo8"/ate8 (¢a8io.) |X*G3 V;f3
Ba/ance8 netYork (P/ec. Png.) ةيX*G(3 ةJب`
Ba/ance8 oi/ aa/ae (P/ec. Png.) |X*G(;%* tيc%* @2;™
Ba/ance8 #iston aa/ae (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3 Š2بs @2;™
Ba/ance8 #o/!#hase s!stem (P/ec. Png.) {j1H* =':(3 |X*G(3 @2NB
Ba/ance8 #rotectiae s!stem (P/ec. Png.) O)>;%* ر24(%* ةBX*G;% X2Mj
Ba/ance8 #"//e! (Lech.) ةBX*G(3 D>J,
Ba/ance8 reaction (-hem.) |X*G(3 $o24;4s OT2h5
Ba/ance8 reaction coi/ (P/ec. Png.) |X*G(3 O:F =ر kل3
Ba/ance8 resistance (P/ec.) ةBX*G(3 ة312n3
Ba/ance8 s/i8e-aa/ae (Png.) |X*G3 U%cن3 @2;™
Ba/ance8 so/"tion (Bot.) |X*G(3 WGلK3
Ba/ance8 aa/ae (Png.) |X*G(%* @2;™
Ba/ance8 ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ةBX*G(3 ة4vلF
Ba/ancer-booster (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ*Xc:3 1ذ |X*G3
Ba/ancer (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3
Ba/ancing (¢a8io.)
Ba/ancing (´"ra.) Oي':5
Ba/ancing antenna (¢a8io.) |X*G3 $o*G+
Ba/ancing ca#acitance (¢a8io.) ةBX*G3 ة:)
Ba/ancing coi/ (P/ec. Png.) ةBX*G;%* Ÿ2hل3
Ba/ancing con8enser (¢a8io.) |X*G3 k›J3
Ba/ancing 8isc (Png.) ةBX*G;%* ¡>ق
Ba/ancing 8!namometer (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3 >(3G32ني=
Ba/ancing 7/"b (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3 UF'5
Ba/ancing im#e8ance ? /ine ba/ance ? ba/ancing netYork (P/ec. -omm.) ةBX*G3 ةق12:3
Ba/ancing machine (Png.) |X*G(%* •بp ةنJ3
Ba/ancing netYork ? /ine ba/ance ? ba/ancing im#e8ance ةBX*G3 ةق12:3
Ba/ancing #iston (Png.) ةBX*G;%* Š2بs
Ba/ancing ring ? e9"a/iyer ring (P/ec. Png.) ةBX*G3 1C ة%=2:3 ةnلE
Ba/ancing set (P/ec. Png.)
=ر*G%*1 ر=2l%* V4, ”>h%* . rر2_5 |*c43
ة4B*c4;%* k€s . ة4B*c43
W=2:3 On• . W'T
ةF*xE . ةBX*G3 ةل_T
|c(3 . |1XG3
rG_%* •Af%* ˜3) |X*G3 $o*G+ ر245)
ر*>n()* ‚ |*c5* . W=2:5
˜يXG(%* ةBX*G;% (Ÿ*'%G3) ةTG;_3
Ba/ancing s#ee8 ? 7ree r"nning s#ee8 (P/ec. Png.) ةBX*G;%* ةT>)
Ba/ancing test |X*G(%* ر2ب(d*
Ba/ancing thermo#i/e ? 8i77erentia/ thermo#i/e (P/ec. Png.)
Ba/ancing trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) |X*G3 WGK3
Ba/ancing. 8!namic (Aco"s.) ة432ني= ةBX*G3
Ba/ata (Bot.)
Ba/con! (B"i/8.)
Ba/e (n.)
Ba/e breaker
Ba/e hook
Ba/er (Agric.)
Ba/isage /am#s ر2ن;%* “4,2l3
Ba/k (or b"/k) (-ia. Png.)
Ba//-an8-socket bearing (Png.) $nE r1>s O;K3
Ba//-an8-socket ^oint (eoo/.) $nE r1>s Olh3
Ba//-bearing (Png.) Ÿ2ي>s O;K3
Ba//-bearing grease Ÿ2ي>J%* O;K;% IK`
Ba//-bearing ho"sing (Png.) Ÿ2ي>s O;K3 ةبلT
Ba//-cock (Png.)
Ba//-cock ga"ge (Png.) SG(<;%* •بf% ة3*GT 1ذ zبK3
Ba//-hea8e8 aiming screY (Png.) r1>J%* Oي':(%* $}>, 1C i%G%
Ba//-#ane (ein. #ean or #een) hammer (Png.)
Ba//-track (Png.) Ÿ*>J%* S>_3
Ba// (Let.)
Ba// cage (Png.)
Ba// camsha7t (Png.) ةي1>s ة32J, šxj
Ba// check (Png.) k4قG(%* D>s
Ba// c/a! ? #otters· c/a!
Ba// c"tter (Png.) ‹>v%* >ي'(<3 ˜vn3
Ba// 7/oat (Png.) ةي1>s ة3*GT
Ba// 7/oYer (B"i/8.) ةي1>s D>+X OJ` ZلT ةير2;:3 ة4لE
Ba// ga"ge (Png.) Ÿ2ي>s 1ذ Š24ق ='K3
Ba// goaernor (Png.) Ÿ*>s 1ذ Ÿ2T>) INن3
Ba// inc/inometer (Png.) r1>J%* O4;%* O4%=
Ba// ^oint (Lech.) ةي1>s ةل™1
Ba// #iaot r1>s cJ5>3
Ba// race (Png.) Ÿ2ي>s ةjر'3
Ba// socket (Png.)
Ba// test (Png.)
Ba// thr"st bearing (Png.) $:F= Ÿ2ي>s O;K3
Ba// t"rret (Png.) r1>s Q>,
Ba// t!#e 7itting (Png.) ةي1>s ةب4s>5
Ba// t!#e thrott/ing goaernor (Png.) ةT><%* •بf% r1>s UB2d
Ba// aa/ae (Png.) r1>s @2;™
Ba//ast (n.)
Ba//ast (a.)
Ba//ast car (or Yagon) (-ia. Png.) {Aي>h51 k™>%* ZlE Onن% ةنE2`
Ba//ast coi/ (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* “بs kل3
Ba//ast /am# (P/ec. -omm.)
Ba//ast /ine |X*G(%* •d
Ba//ast resistance “بs ة312n3
Ba//ast t"be ? barretter ر24(%* t4ب›5 @2;™
Ba//ing-#ress Ÿ&2ب%* @cE zبJ3
Ba//istic circ"it-breaker (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ر24(ل% $(<%2, ˜R2ق
|X*G3 OيG3>5 . |X*G3 rر*>E =G;T
Wc:%* '4j Qc% q;™ ~ {om,
|GJل,) ةF>`)
ة3Xر .ة3cE . ة%2,‘ . ة%2,
2M4nن51 2M€nن51 Vvn%* Ÿ&2, “(h5 ة%‰ ~ Ÿ&2ب%* D'_ن3
Ÿ&2ب%* (˜Fر) Dر2ن™
Ÿ&2ب%* @cE ة%‰ . ة3cK3
co2j . D'F*ر ‚ V45>4hE V4, @=ر
ة3*G:, رGبن™ . r1>s zبK3
ŠC>%* ةFGhل3 ةق>v3 . r1>s {jG, ةق>v3
ةhيxق . ةي>s . D>s
Ÿ*>J%* ‡hق . Ÿ*>J%* ةنp2E
V4F*c[%* V4R . |'% V4R
ةي1>s D=2)1 . r1>s UE
D>J%2, (D=ml%*) ر2ب(d*
“,2s ‚ k™>ل% ZlE ~Š2<E ‚ |X*G3 On• - DرG,2™
DرG,2l, On• ~>ب™ ‚ k™ر . ZlK%2, œ>F
{(312n;,) ر24(%* “بJ% ®2بl3)
Ba//istic coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) $Fxق O32:3
Ba//istic c"rae (P/ec. Png.) $(<%2, ZنKن3
Ba//istic ga/aanometer (P/ec. Png.)
Ba//istic missi/e (Lech. h!s.)
Ba//istic #en8"/"m (Lech. h!s.) $(<%2, 1C $Fxق W1'ن,
Ba//istic trai/s
Ba//istic tra^ector! (Lech. h!s.) $(<%2ب%* ‹1xn;%* ر2<3
Ba//istics (Lech.)
Ba//onet (Aero.) =2vن;%* D>4_E
Ba//oon (Aero.) =2vن3
Ba//ot (n.) š*>(F*
Ba/m (n.) (-hem.)
Ba/mer series (h!s.)
Ba/sa Yoo8 2<لب%* i€d
Ba/sam (-hem.)
Ba/sam. -ana8a (-hem.) *'نs I<ل,
Ba/sami7ero"s (a8^.) (Bot.) I<لبل% Ž(ن3
Ba/"ster (B"i/8.) Vيc,*ر= =G;T
Ba/"stra8e (B"i/8.)
Bamboo (Bot.) |*رc4d
Ban8-e/imination 7i/ter ? ban8 re^ection ? ban8 sto# 7i/ter (P/ec. -omm.) $ق2vB xبB “`>3
Ban8-#ass 7i/ter (P/ec. -omm.) $ق2vB ر*>3‘ “`>3
Ban8-#ass t"ning (¢a8io.) $ق2vن%* ر*>3m% ةh%*G;%*
Ban8-#ress"re /eae/ (P/ec. Png.) $vي>€%* •Af%* SG(<3
Ban8-sto# 7i/ter (P/ec.)
Ban8 (n.)
Ban8 (or be/t) conae!or (Png.) >4<%2, ةلق2B
Ban8 (¢a8io.) ة4jG;%* W*GRH* 1C Ÿ2,x,x%* V3 ”2vB
Ban8 (a.)
Ban8 brake (Png.)
Ban8 chain (´"ra.) rذ&GF Š24ق •ي>`
Ban8 c/"tch ? 7riction c/"tch (Png.) $s2J(E* †,2ق
Ban8 7riction (Png.)
Ban8 /osses (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT ”*GRC $F D=Gnh;%* ةق2v%*
Ban8 mi// (-ar#.) $vي>` >4<, D>€ن3
Ban8 #"//e! (Png.)
Ban8 rotating (Png.) ر*1= ”GR
Ban8 shock absorber (A"to.) ”Gv, ';[3
Ban8 s#ectr"m (h!s.)
Ban8 s#rea8er (¢a8io.) ةn4ق'%* ةh%*G;%* •بf% k›J3
Ban8 stee/ rذ&GF ”GR
Ban8 sYitch (¢a8io.) r==>(%* ”2vن%* ®2(h3
Ban8 Yhee/ >4) 2+>ي'ي D>J,
Ban8 Yi8th (¢a8io.) $vي>` š2<5* ‚ r==>(%* ”2vن%* ’>T
Ban8. bai/ing @cK%* •ي>`
Ban8. be/t
Ban8. e/astic
Ban8. 7re9"enc! (¢a8io.) Ÿ2,x,ذ ”2vB
Ban8age (n.)
Ban8e8 (a8^.) •v[3
Ban8ing machine armat"re (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT k% ةنJ3
Ban8saY (or Ban8 saY) (Png.) $vي>` ر2€ن3
$Fxق $B2hل} Š24n3 . $(<%2, >(3GB2hل}
š2F'B&* ة45*ذ ةhيxق . ة4(<%2, 1C ة4J4(<%2, ةhيxق)
$3ر 0ر2_5 . ‹xق 0ر2_5
$Fxق . $hيxق . $(<%2,
ةF*xق . ko*xn%* IلT . Ÿ24J4(<%2,
kvل3 ر2nT . I<ل,
V4j1ر'4Mل% رGNن;%* k4v%*) ˆ>;%2,ˆ ةل<ل<(3)
I+>3 . I<ل,
Vيc,*ر= . |1c,*ر=
$vي>` $hق1 “`>3 . $ق2vB xبB “`>3
>4) . •ي>` ‚ '4ق . ”2•1 ‚ ةv,*ر ‚ ة4n4)G3 ةق>F ‚ D>3X ‚ |Gل3 •d . ةvي>` ‚ =2;p . §2,ر
il(TC . 'K5* . ';p . •,ر . ilT
ة4قGR ةE2بs . >4) Ÿ*ذ ةE2بs
D>Jب%*1 >4<%* V4,) $vي>` ]2J(E*)
ة4قGR D>J, . >4) Ÿ*ذ D>J,
$vd k4R . $vي>` k4R
$vي>` >4) . @*cE
$R2v3 •ي>` . |>3 §2,ر
ةF2h% . §2,ر . =2;p
$نK3 . ŠGn(3
Banister ? ba/"ster (Arch.. -ar#) Vيc,*ر= =G;T
Ban^o-oi/er (Png.) ةيG_B2, ة(يc3
Ban^o ab/e (A"to.) rG_B2, رGK3
Ban^o bo/t (Png.) rG_B2, ر2;<3
Ban^o 7rame (Png.) rG_B2, O4™G5 i4fق
Ban^o t!#e rear ab/e ho"sing (Png.) $hل[%* رGK;ل% rG_B2, ';}
Bank-an8-bon8 #a#er 'nن%* ”*ر1C1 ]GJl%* ”ر1
Bank-note ةي'nB ةقر1
Bank (Png.)
Bank (n.)
Bank (©e/e#h.)
Bank (©!#og.) ة:,2R ة%‰ $F ةTGبv;%* ”*ر1•% k™>3
Bank (a.)
Bank ? embankment (-ia. Png.)
Bank acco"nt $F>l3 02<E
Bank che9"e (or bank check) $F>l3 •™
Bank 8isco"nt $F>l3 I<E
Bank o7 con8ensers (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2h›J3 ةTG;_3
Bank o7 trans7ormers (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ&GK3 ةTG;_3
Banking-"# (Png.)
Banking ( Aero.)
Banking (n.) ة4F>l3 Ÿ24ل;T
Banking 7ires Dر2:()* V3X ة%2R & =23>%2, >;_%* ة4vA5
Banking /oss (Png.)
Bankr"#tc! ŠmF‘
Banksman š2F>;%* O32T 'T2<3
Banner c/o"8 (Leteor.)
Bannock ة,'K;%* ة4v%* >ب<3
Banob C'l%* ˜B23
Ban9"ette (-ia. Png.)
Banting (Le8.)
Bar-channe//er (Png.) ة4ب4fق ر2_3 D>F2E
Bar-c/am# (-ar#.) $ب4fق •32ق
Bar-iron (Let.) |2بfق OJ` ZلT 'ي'E
Bar (-ia. Png.)
Bar (Png.) cj2E ‚ i4fق
Bar (Leteor.)
Bar ? comm"tator bar (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* i4fق
Bar ? ainc"/"m (Laths.)
Bar ben8er (Png.) |2بfn%* $% ةنJ3
Bar coa/-c"tting machine (Lining.) ة4ب4fق IKF ةB':3
Bar /athe (Png.) ة4ب4fق ةR>[3
Bar magnet (Lagn.) $<4vنA3 i4fق
Bar mi// (Let.) |2بfق ةنh%'3
Bar #i#e ر2T 0GبBC
Bar so/8er @2K% i4fق
Bar s"s#ension ? !oke s"s#ension (P/ec. Png.) $ب4fق 1C $B>n3 U4ل:5
Bar. boring (Png. Lech.) in›%* ةلlB
Bar. 8ra7t (Aero.) ‹*>KB&* Š24n3
Bara8 (h!s.)
Barbe8 Yire •o2` •ل)
k™ . ةTG;_3
D'T2ق ‚ k™ر ‚ ':n3 ‚ •` . ةhp . ‹>l3
V4:3 W2l5* ZلT WGlKل% Ÿ2K)2;%* 2MقGF >;5) Ÿ2<3m3 ةTG;_3)
@Gs . Š's ‚ ZنKB* . kv:B* ‚ ‹>l3 $F &23 š=1C
'E . ةF2E ‚ ') ‚ ><j
Oj>3 'قG3 $F ) ”*>(E&* W':3 †4h[5)
O43 . ‹GvT
Oj>3 $F O32J%* •Af%* ZلT ةfF2K;ل%) r=Gق1 'nF)
®2ي>%* ‹>lن3 $F Oب_%* ة;ق kلd |GJ(5 OJ€%* ة4)'T ة,2K) ~ >4ب™
Uي>v%* V3 ZلTC) U4p k4™ر 1C X2_3)
ةيG€ن%*1 ةي>J<%* Os•;%* 02ن(j* ~ ة4;K%*
{بl3 1C >Mن%* $F) ةي12lE 1C ة4ل3ر i)*1ر)
˜,>;%* >(;4(ن<%* ZلT Vي*= |G4ل3 W=2:5 •Af%* Š24n% D'E1) ر2,)
ŠGn%* WG%'3 {% r>ب_%* >4ب:(%* ZلTC $F •d ~ Dm:3
˜,>;%* >(;4(ن<%* ZلT *'E*1 2ني*= W=2:5 •Ap D'E1) =*ر2,)
ةل)C ‚ D=2E ةhnT . ‡`
•يرG4(,>ب%* †32E ®m3C ~ Ÿ*>يG(,>,
‹2hs ‚ W2, . «ر ‚ ‹G€J3 ‚ ر2T
Bare con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) ر2T O™G3
Bare e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) @2Kل% ر2T =1>(J%*
Bar77·s #rocess (Let.)
Bar77e8 (a8^.) C'l%* ة312n;% Ž%2:3
Bargain (n.) ةnh™
Bargain (a.) @12)
Barge. 8ri//ing
Barite ? bar!tes (Lin.) @Gير2ب%* Ÿ2(ي>بs
Bari"m (Ba) (-hem.)
Bari"m ch/ori8e (-hem.) @Gير2ب%* 'يرGلs
Bari"m h!8robi8e (-hem.) @Gير2ب%* '4<s1ر'4+
Bari"m obi8e ? bar!ta (-hem.) @Gير2ب%* '<4sC
Bari"m #/aster (B"i/8.)
Bari"m s"/#hate (-hem.) @Gير2ب%* Ÿ2(ي>بs
Bark (Bot.)
Bark (n.)
Barkha"sen e77ect (¢a8io.)
Barking ma//et '4%* D>4lق ة4ب€d ةق>v3
Bar/e! (Bot.) >4:`
Bar/e! s"gar (-hem.)
Bar/oY·s Yhee/ (P/ec.)
Barn (n.)
Barogram (Leteor.)
Barogra#h (Leteor.)
Barogra#hic charts rG_%* •Af%* ة;)>3 •o*>d
Barometer (Letero.)
Barometric co/"mn (Letero.) >(31ر2ب%* $F Uبoc%* =G;T
Barometric error (h!s.)
Barometric #ress"re r>(31ر2, •Ap
Baromi/ (Leteor.)
Barosco#e (Leteor.)
Barothermogra#h ? meteorogra#h (Leteor.)
Barracks (n.)
Barrage-7ibe (-!8. Png.) t,2• r>_E ')
Barrage-mobi/e (-!8. Png.)
Barrage (-!8. Png.) >MB ZلT $T2نv™* cj2E ')
Barrage o7 7ire |*>4ن%* V3 ')
Barre8 basin (weo/.) c_(K3 ’GE
Barre/-#/ating (P/ec. Png.) Dر*1= ةB*Gv)* $F $o2,>MJ%* $لv%*
Barre/ (Png.) šxj ‚ $B*Gv)* •cj ‚ ة4ق'ن, 1C ˜F'3 DرG)23 ‚ O43>,
Barre/ bo/t ? toYer bo/t (B"i/8.) DرG)23 1ذ Q&c3
Barre/ 8istortion (±ight)
Barre/ 8rain (B"i/8.) ة4B*Gv)* ‹ر2l3
Barre/ 7i//er 24%‰ O43*>ب%* ة\ب:5 X2Mj
Barre/ o7 a boi/er (Png.) Oj>;%* $F iMل%* >4)*G3 ةB*Gv)C
Barre/ aa"/t (B"i/8.)
Barre/ Yin8ing ? 8r"m Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
Barre/er (et. Png.) •hنل% ة_(ن3 >\,
Barren (a8^.)
Barren /o8e (Lining.) I4nT $B':3 ”>T
Barren Ye// (et. Png.) I4nT >\,
Barretter (P/ec. Png. ¢a8io.)
'ي'K%* $F) C'l%* ة312n;% ˆ‹ر2,ˆ ةnي>R)
W'ن™ . “v<3 0ر2ق . ‹GR . ة4o23 ة%2nB
>hK%* is>3 . >hK%* ة3*GT
2,) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~ @Gير2,)
zs‘ ة:`C Š2J:B* ˜ن;% |2v4K%* †:, {, $لv5) @Gير2ب%* ‡j)
>€ق . >_€%* •2K%
0ر2ق . $T*>` is>3
|XGMs>,ˆ D>+2•ˆ
D>4J) . Ÿ2بB >J)
ة4;_ن%* ˆ G%ر2,ˆ Dر*1=
D>4ب%* D>4;d . D>4;d
0GبE |c[3 . r>+
rG_%* •Af%* ةKh™ ~ @*>}1ر2,
rG_%* •Af%* ة;)>3 ~ ‹*>}1ر2,
X*1>3 . rG_%* •Af%* Š24n3 . >(31ر2,
rG_%* •Af%* >4A5 •*>j V3 W1'نب%* “jر—5 tق1 $F —vd) r>(31ر2, —vd)
r>(;%* @2Nن%2, >(31ر2ب%* Žير'5 D'E1 ~ O431ر2,
rG_%* •Af%* Ÿ*>4A(% $بي>n5 ‹2€J3) 0GJ)1ر2,)
2:3 Dر*>K%*1 rG_%* •Af%* Ÿ2بلn5 ر*>;()2, O_<5 ة4o2nل5 ة;)>3 ~ ‹*>}G3>51ر2,
>J<:3 . ةنJ•
•2;%* UF'5 •بf%) ةs>K(3 Ÿ2K(F 1ذ '))
ة)':%* $F) $ل43>, ³G€5)
³>vق V3 >بsC {%GR) 2بي>n5 r>o*= klB 'nT ~$ل43>, 'nT)
Q2(Bž* GfT iلق $F “v<%* tK5 2M4F Ÿm™G;%* |GJ5 $(%* ة4o2,>MJ%* Ÿ2نJ;%* $F) $ل43>, k%
OE2ق ‚ I4nT . >;›3 >4} . >ق2T
ر24(%*) “,2s . ر24(%* t4ب›5 @2;™)
Barrica8e (n.) Š*>(3
Barrier (P/ec. Png.)
Barrier (weo/.)
Barrier #i//ar (Lining.)
Barrier ree7 (weo/.) $B2j>3 cj2E
Barrier s!stem (Lining.)
Barrier. rock-8"st (Lining) 0*>(%*1 >[l%* cj2E
Barrier. so"n8 (Aero.)
Barrier. tar (weo/.) r>4ق cj2E
Barring gear (P/ec. Png.) ةF*xK%* •ي>K5 š*رذ
Barring motor (P/ec. Png.) ةF*xK%* •ي>K(% >4A™ ]>K3
BarroY (n.) 'ي ة,>T
BarroY #"m# (-!8.) ة%2nB ة[f3
Barter (n.)
Barter (a.)
Bar!center (Lech.) ةل(J%* cs>3
Bar!e ? bar
Bar!s#here (weo/.)
Bar!ta ? bari"m obi8e (-hem.)
Bar!tes (or barite) (Lin.)
Bas-re/ie7 (Arch.) X1>ب%* O4لق ²nB
Basa/ (a8^.)
Basa/ cisterns (Png.) D'T2n%* Žير2M™
Basa/ c/eaaage (Lin.) r'T2ق ”2n€B*
Basa/ cong/omerate (weo/.) ةي'T2ق ةfق
Basa/ /a!er
Basa/ metabo/ism (Bio/.) $)2)C †يC
Basa/ #/ate (weo/.) r'T2ق ®G%
Basa/t (weo/.)
Basa/t 8!ke (weo/.) $(%X2, cj2E
Basa/t rock (weo/.)
Basa/tic (a8^.) (weo/.) $(%X2,
Basc"/e bri8ge ? ba/ance bri8ge (-ia. Png.) 0mق ><j
Base- ebchange (-hem.) >d•, D'T2n%* cلF W*'ب()*
Base (a8^.)
Base (-hem.) D'T2ق
Base (Laths.) Š2)C
Base (n.)
Base (a.)
Base circ/e (Png.) ة4)2)C D>o*=
Base conic (Laths.) $)2)C $R1>[3 ˜vق
Base 7re9"encies ? bass 7re9"encies D>4Mj Ÿ*==>5
Base /eae/ ZB=C SG(<3
Base /ine (´"ra.)
Base /oa8 (P/ec. Png.) $)2)H* O;K%*
Base meta/s (-hem.) ة<4<d |=2:3
Base o7 a cone (weom.) $R1>[;%* OJ€%* D'T2ق
Base o7 a c!/in8er (weom.) ةB*Gv)&* $5'T2ق S'E‘
Base o7 a /ogarithm (Laths.) I(ير2}Gل%* Š2)C
Base o7 a #rism (weom.) V4يX*G(;%* رG`G;%* $Kv) 'EC
Base o7 a #!rami8 (weom.) @>+ D'T2ق
Base ore (Lining.) z4<d @2d
Base #/ate (Png.) D'T2n%* ةK4h™
Base ring (Png.) D'T2n%* ”GR
Ÿ&GK;%* $F) WX2:%*)
cj2E . O™2F 'E ‚ Uo2T
I_ن3 $F) $;KF cj2E 1C =G;T)
Vي':(%* $F) D';TH*1 cj*GK%* ةnي>R)
$5Gl%* cj2K%* . ŸGl%* ر*'j
ة%=2ب3 . ةfي2n3
W=2, . †ي2ق
I<%* ZلT Vي*= ~ ةnلv;%* •Af%* D'E1 . ر2, . rر2, ¤
ةل4n›%* ةنR2ب%* D>J%* . ’رH* ‹Gj
@Gير2ب%* '4<sC) 2(ير2,)
@Gير2ب%* Ÿ2(ي>بs ~tير2,
rرxj . $)2)C . r'T2ق
ة4لh) (§m3) ةnبR
k€B . k<B . t%X2,
ةn™m(3 D';TC OJ` ZلT) $(%X2, >[™)
r'T2ق . $)2)C
>4Mj ‚ $<4oر •cj ‚ D'T2ق . Š2)C
Š2)—s ˜p1 . z)C
r'T2ق •d . D'T2n%* •d
Base stock. #etro/e"m ة4)2)C ة4%1>(, D=23
Base. air ةيGj D'T2ق
Base. engine (Png.) ]>K;%* D'T2ق
Baseboar8 (B"i/8.)
Basement (B"i/8.)
Basement membrane $)2)C •2€}
Basement rocks (weo/.)
Basic (a8^.)
Basic (-hem.) r'T2ق
Basic a88ition (-hem.) ةي'T2ق ةF2p‘
Basic anh!8ri8e (-hem.)
Basic Bessemer #rocess (-hem.)
Basic Bessemer stee/ (Let.)
Basic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ةي'T2ق Ÿ2بs>3
Basic 8ata ة4)2)H* Ÿ24v:;%*
Basic 8e#th (Png.) r'T2n%* U;:%*
Basic 8!es (-hem.) ةي'T2ق 2ب™C
Basic 7re9"enc! (h!s.) $)2)C 1C r'T2ق ==>5
Basic /ea8 carbonate (-hem.) ةي'T2n%* ¡2™>%* Ÿ2BG,>s
Basic /oa8ing (P/ec. Png.) $)2)H* O4;K(%*
Basic ne"tra/ #oint (Lech.) ة4)2)H* W=2:(%* ةvnB
Basic o#en-hearth #rocess (Let.)
Basic obi8e (-hem.) rcلF '4<sC
Basic #rinci#/e $)2)C C'ب3
Basic #rocess (Let.)
Basic re7ractor! (Let.)
Basic rocks (weo/.) ةي'T2ق رG[™
Basic sa/t (-hem.) r'T2ق “ل3
Basic s/ag (-hem.)
Basic str"ct"re Š2)H* ة4ن,
Basic s!stem $)2)C @2NB
Basic training $)2)C iير'5
Basic Yage $)2)C >jC
Basic Yeight $)2)H* |XG%*
Basicit! (o7 an aci8) (-hem.)
Basi7! (a.) (-hem.)
Basi/ 0Gv€;%* ˜vn;%* ‹>R
Basi/ar (a8^.)
Basin. str"ct"ra/ (weo/.)
Basi#hi/ ? baso#hi/ (eoo/.) ةي'T2n%* 2ب™H* k%‘
Basket socket (Png.)
Basket s"b (et. Png.) i)*1>%* 0GبBC
Bass (Aco"s.)
Bass 7re9"encies ? base 7re9"encies (Aco"s.) D>4Mj Ÿ*==>5
Basset (weo/.. Lining.)
BassYoo8 (Bot.) |GFcيc%* i€d
Bast (Bot.) •2K%
Bastar8-c"t (Png.) ةBG€[%* ةv)G(3 |2ن)C 1ذ
Bastar8 U)2ن(3 >4} ‚ ذ2` ‚ ¬B= ‚ OAB
Bastar8 ash/ar (B"i/8.) ة5GKن3 ة:,>3 ر2_EC
Bastar8 break U)2ن(3 >4} ><s
Bastar8 coa/ (Lining.) Š2ق IKF
•o2K%* ر*X‘ . D'T2n%* ®G%
’رH* tK5) $لh) U,2R)
š2n%* رG[™ . ة4T2ق رG[™
$%1C . $ل™C . $)2)C
•2;%* ˜3 D'T2ق |GJي rcلF '4<sC . r'T2ق 'ير'4MB‘
ذ&Gh%* >4fK(%) ةي'T2n%* ˆ>;<,ˆ ةnي>R)
r'T2n%* ˆ>;<,ˆ ذ&GF
ذ&Gh%* >4fK(%) r'T2n%* ةFG€J;%* D>;_;%* 0Gل)C)
ذ&Gh%* ˜ن™ $F) r'T2n%* 0Gل)H*)
|*>FH* 2M, Vvب5) Dر*>Kل% ة312n3 ةي>4j D=23)
ذ&Gh%* ةT2ن™ V3 {4لT OlKي rرGh<F =2;) ~r'T2ق Œبd
†32K%*) ةي'T2ق)
2يGلق O:j ~Zلق
D'T2n%* V3 iي>ق . r'T2ق
>MB ’GE ‚ ة:lق . t<R . ’GE
$ل4J€(%* ’GK%* . $ب4s>(%* ’GK%*
Š2)C . Vsر . D'T2ق
ة4(ب) ةبلj . $vh) UE
D'K%* †h[ن3 ة;Aن%* U4;T ~>4Mj
’رH* “v) ”GF) ة4B':;%* ةnبv%* ‹>R X1>,)
Bastar8 7i/e (Png.) ةBG€[%* •)G(3 =>ب3
Bastar8 7/atting ? eggshe// g/oss
Bastar8 7o"nt (©!#og.)
Bastar8 siye
Bastar8 st"cco (B"i/8.)
Bastar8 threa8 (Png.)
Bastar8 tit/e (©!#og.)
Bastite (Lin.)
Bat (B"i/8.) >j½* V3 ة4N`
Batch (-hem.)
Batch (n.)
Batch 7"rnace (Let.) Ÿ2:F= ZلT O;:ي |>F
Batch ho##er ة\ب:(%* Š1=2ق
Batch n"mber ة\h%* Iقر
Batch o#eration ة:vn(3 ة4ل;T
Batch #ro8"ction Ÿ2:F= ZلT Q2(Bž*
Batch sti// (-hem.) ˜vn(;%* >4vn(%* U4بB‘
Batement (Arch.) D'T2n%* ةلo23 DxF2B
Bath-brick {ن3 ة:;ل;%* O4%2K;%* ˜نl% VK<ي $ني>} >j‰
Bath (n.) O4<A%* ’GE ‚ Ÿ232;E ‚ ˜_(ن3 ‚ zvA3 ‚ @2;E ‚ @2;K()*
Bath ? c/earing bath (hotog.) رGl%* >4MN5 zvA3
Bath /"brication (Png.) z4vA(%2, t4يc5
Bath sa/ts (-hem.)
Bath t"b
Bath. a/ka/ine rGلق zvA3
Bath. e/ectro/!tic
Bath. ga/aaniying ةنhل} zvA3
Bath. oi/ $(يX zvA3
Bath. 9"enching (Let.) ة4n<5 zvA3
Bath. s#e/ter •Bc%* zvA3
Bath. tem#ering (Let.) ˜4بv5 zvA3
Bathe (a.)
Batho/ith ? Bath!/ith (weo/.)
Bathometer ? Bath!meter (°cean.)
Bathometric c!c/e ةي>Kب%* ”2;TH* Dر1=
Bathonian ? Bra87or8ian (weo/.)
Bathotonic (-hem.) $Kv<%* >5G(%* †F2d
Bath!a/ yone (°cean.)
Bath!/ith (weo/.)
Bath!meter ? bathometer (°cean.)
Bath!metric c!c/e ةي>Kب%* ”2;TH* Dر1=
Bath!metr! (°cean.) ”2;TH* Š24ق
Bath!sca#he (°cean.) ”2;TH* ة™*G}
Bath!s#here (°cean.)
Batta/ion ةب4(s
Batten-/am#ho/8er ? back#/ate /am#ho/8er (P/ec. Png.) ®2بl;%* Dر*1= t4ب›5 ةEG%
Batten (¨//"m.)
Batten (n.) (-ra#.)
Batten (a.) (the hatches.)
Battening r"/e (B"i/8.) O4;%* •بp D>v<3
Batter (B"i/8.)
2ن4;%* |*G%H Vn(3 >4} On™ . V€d ˜4;ل5
24ب<B ŽK%* >4بJ%* (ةT2بv%* ‹>EC V3) Iق2v%*
I_K%* $)24ق & (|G5>s 1C) ”ر1
ة%Gnl;%* (ر*'j $F ’24ب%* Ÿ2nبR >d‰) Dر2MN%*
rر24T & cE . $)2ق >4} V)
02(J%* 1C $F OhA%* ةقرG%* ZلT i(Jي) 02(J% >l([;%* I)&*)
D2M;;%* @G4<نA;%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 {;N:3 $F |GJ(ي ة4B':;%* رG[l%* V3 0>p ~t4()2,
|>h%* $F Q2jc%* 2Mن3 ˜نlي $(%* @2[%* =*G;%* Žيc3 ~ة4j2jX ةن_T
ةTG;_3 . ة4;s ‚ ة\F . ة:F= ‚ ةن_T . Dcبd
{ل(h% m4M<5 Wc:%* Z%‘ tيX ةF2p‘ ~WcA%* t4يc5
><:%* •2;%* >4<4(% (@Gي=Gl%* Ÿ2بs>3 V3) ®m3C
zvA3 . @2;K()* ’GE
$,>Ms OE zvA3 . $B1>(J%‘ zvA3
•2;%2, >;} . O<}
U;:%* ةn4K<%* ةلd'(;%* ةير2ن%* رG[l%* V3 ة;[p ةل(s ~t4%G•2,
”2;:3 . (”2;TC Š24n3) . >(3G•2,
$)*رG4%* >l:%* •)*1C V3 ةي>[™ Ÿ2nبR ~|24BG•2,
V4, ®1*>(ي U;T ZلT •4K;%* 1C >Kب%* š2ق ~ة4_ل%* ةnvن;%* ¥…… 1 £……… @'ق
S'3 {n;:% ‹>:ي & (i%2A%* $F $(4B*>}) $)2)'B* >[™ ~t4%G•2,
”2;:3 . ”2;TC Š24n3 ~>(3G•2,
ة4F*>}GB24ق1m% @'[(<51) ”2;TH* D>s)
{A,= Oبق r>4;[5 WGلK3 $F {:nن, ~'ل_%* ةي>v5
•,2p @=2d . k4™1 ‚ W2)>3
®><3 Dر2Bž (ةnل:;%* 1C ة(,2›%*) “4,2l;%* V3 ةTG;_3
ةR&) . ةpر2T . (Xc% 2M:;j1) X*c%)
SGJ%* 1C xF2ن;%*) '))
O43 ‚ ر1'E . ر'Kن3
Batter (©!#og.)
Batter #ost (-ar#.) ةلo23 ة;T=
Battere8 (a8^.) 0Gv:3
Batter!-coi/ ignition (P/ec. Png.)
Batter!-gro"n8 connection (P/ec. Png.) ’رH2, ةير2vب%* O™1
Batter! (P/ec. Png.)
Batter! (n.) ة4:F'3 ةي>) ‚ D'E*G(3 ةTG;_3
Batter! booster (P/ec. Png.)
Batter! bob (P/ec.) ةير2vب%* ”1'ن™
Batter! ce// (P/ec.) ةير2v, ة4لd
Batter! charger (P/ec. Png.)
Batter! c/am# (P/ec.)
Batter! container (or bob) ةير2vب%* ةبلT
Batter! c"t-o"t (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%* Olh% $o2nل5 ®2(h3
Batter! e/iminator (¢a8io.)
Batter! ignition (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%2, W2:`‘
Batter! /ocomotiae (P/ec. Png.) Š Ÿ2ير2vب%2, >4<5 ة,>T
Batter! maintenance (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2ير2vب%* ةB24™
Batter! o7 boi/ers (P/ec.) Oj*>;%* 1C Ÿ2يmA%* V3 D'E*G(3 ةTG;_3
Batter! o7 generators (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ*'%G;%* V3 D'E*G(3 ةTG;_3
Batter! o7 #rimar! ce//s (P/ec. Png.) ة4o*'(,&* 2يm[%* V3 D'E*G(3 ةTG;_3
Batter! #/ate (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%* ةK4h™
Batter! #/iers (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2ير2v, ةي=رX
Batter! receiaer (¢a8io.) ةير2vب%2, O;:ي Oبn(<3
Batter! reg"/ating sYitch (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%* 2يmd I4Nن5 ®2(h3
Batter! se#arator (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%* WX2T
Batter! set (¢a8io.) ةير2vب%2, O;:ي $Jل) & W2بn()* X2Mj
Batter! so/"tion ةير2vب%* WGلK3
Batter! s#ear (P/ec. Png.)
Batter! stan8 Ÿ2ير2vب%* O32E
Batter! sYitch (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%* ®2(h3
Batter! termina/ (P/ec. Png.) ةير2vب%* $F O4™G(%* ‹>R
Batter! tester (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2ير2vب%* ر2ب(d* X2Mj
Batter! traction (P/ec. Png.) ة%G;K;%* Ÿ2ير2vب%* ر24(, >_%*
Batter!. charge8 ةBGK€3 ةير2v,
Batter!. 8ischarge8 (P/ec. Png.) ة}>h3 ةير2v,
Batter!. 8r! ? 8r! ce// (P/ec. Png.) ةF2j ةير2v,
Batter!. gri8 (©hermionics) ة4Jب` ةير2v,
Batter!. ignition (P/ec. Png.) W2:`ž* ةير2v,
Batter!. storage (P/ec. Png.)
Batter!. s"n (P/ectronics) ة4<;` ةير2v,
Batt/e7ront W2(ق ةMبj
Batt/ement (B"i/8.) Ÿ2K(F 1ذ $F>dX ر*'j ‚ Ÿ2K(F 1ذ ةي23ر Q>,
Ba"8 (©e/eg.)
Ba"/k (-ar#.) ة4ب€d ةل(s
Ba"/k ? ba/k (-ia. Png.)
Ba"me h!8rometer sca/e (-hem. h!s.)
Ba"me sca/e
Ba"bite ? bea"bite (Lin.)
–4pر ةT2بR ‹>E . 0Gv:3 1C I€M3 $T2بR ‹>E
ةير2v, V3 ($%2:%* >5G(%2,) Ÿ2hل;%2, W2:`ž*
D'`2E . ةير2v,
ةير2vب%* ة\ب:5 S'% 'M_%* D=2يc% @'[(<5 ]>K31 '%G3 ةTG;_3) ةير2vب%* Xc:3)
Ÿ2ير2vب%* ¬ب:3 ~Ÿ2ير2v, VE2`
ةير2vب%* 0ms . ةير2vب%* @23X
==>(;%* ر24(%* rذ) =*'3ž* šGبني ZلT O;:ي ةير2vب%* Gي=*ر O:_ي X2Mj ~ةير2vب%* Oي',)
ةير2vب%* ‡KF S'% Is>;%* 2يmd “o2hl, >(4;vلh%* Ol5) ةير2vب%* ةsG`)
Is>3 . Is>3
‹Gl%* 1C Vvn%* V3 “o2h™ . DG€E
W2(ق .ةs>:3
|*'4;%* Dc, . |*'4;%* Š2ب%
ةs>:3 |*'43 . W2(ق ةE2)
ةTر*= . ةjر2,
$F*>Aل(%* W2)رž* ةT>) Š24ق D'E1 ~=G,
co2j . D'F*ر ‚ V45>hE V4, @=ر
{43G,ˆ >(31ر'4+ Š24n3ˆ
{43G,ˆ Š24n3ˆ
@G4ن3G%H* '4<s1ر'4+ V3 2)2)C |GJ(ي) t4<sG,)
Ba"bite cement t4<sGب%* tن;)C
Ba!- sa/t ةي>Kب%* Ÿ2Em;%* V3 V€d “ل3
Ba!-bo/t (Png.) $بل[3 ر2;<3
Ba! (a8^.) |Gل%* $o2ن(<s
Ba! (B"i/8.)
Ba! (n.)
Ba! Yin8oY (B"i/8.)
Ba!er #rocess (Let.)
Ba!onet (Li/.)
Ba!onet c/"tch (Png.) Vير2;<;, †,2ق
Ba!onet ho/8er (P/ec. Png.)
Ba!onet ^oint (Png.) Vير2;<;, ةل™1
Ba!onet socket (P/ec. Png.)
Bayooka (Li/.) 2s1X2,
Be (ber!//i"m) (-hem.)
Beach (n.)
Beach (a.)
Beach 8e#osits
Beach·s 8eae/o#er (hotog.)
Beaching ¬R2€%* ZلT W*cB‘
Beaching gear (Aero.) ة4o2;%* Ÿ*>o2vل% §Gب+ X2Mj
Beacon (-!8. Png.)
Beacon (¢a8io.) V4Em;%* 1C Vير24v%* {4jG(% ة4oGp 1C ة4Jل) & Ÿ*ر2`‘
Beacon (a.)
Beacon ? airYa! beacon (¨//"m.)
Beacon 7/ashing (-!8. Png.) †3G3 ®2بl3
Beacon. aeria/ (or air) (-!8. Png.) ةيGj Dر2ن3
Beacon. airYa! marker (-!8. Png.) ةيG_%* ةEm;ل% ةي=*ر Dر2ن3
Beacon. homing (Aero.) D=G:%* {4jG5 X2Mj
Beacon. /ights (-!8. Png.) Dر2ن;%* •Gp
Beacon. marine (-!8. Png.) ةي>K, Dر2ن3
Beacon. ra8ar (¢a8io.) rر*=*ر '`>3
Beacon. ra8io $Jل) & '`>3
Beacone8 entrance (-!8. Png.) Iل:3 U4f3
Bea8-#/ane (-ar#.) cK3
Bea8-s/eeker (B"i/8.)
Bea8-too/ Ÿ2,'K3 ˜vn3 1C i%*Gق ˜vn3
Bea8 (-ra#.)
Bea8 aerometer ? Bea8 h!8rometer (h!s.) Ÿ*X>d 1ذ >(31ر'4+
Bea8 breaker (Png.) $jر2[%* ر2Rž* šX2B
Bea8 s/eekers (or too/s) (Png.) Ÿ2ب4بK%* z4ل;5 D'T
Bea8 tebt"re (weo/.) ة4ب4بE ة4ن,
Bea8 aein (weo/.) $ب4بE $B':3 ”>T
Bea8. ogee (Png.) Q1=c3 cK3
Bea8. sing/e (Png.) =>h3 cK3
Bea8er (Png.) in›3
Bea8ing machine (Png.) cيcK5 ةنJ3
Bea8ing ro// (Png.) cيcK5 V4h%=
Beak (-ar#.) ةFGn:3 ةJ<3
Beak (eoo/.) ر2nن3
Beak iron (beck or bick iron) ? bickern (Png.) ='K;%* |*'ن<%* ‹>R
Beaker (-hem.)
Beam-c/am#ing screY assemb/! (Png.) co2_%* t4ب›5 i%G% ةTG;_3
D>Nن3 ‚ •2ن, $F Vي=G;T V4, 23 ةj>F . ةK<F
|Gj . رGd ‚ Ž4لd
ة,>€3) ةF>€3 DxF2B)
@G4ن3G%H* Q2(B‘ $F Z%1H* ةلE>;%* ~t4<sGب%* ة4nن(% ˆ>ي2,ˆ ةnي>R
|2ن) . ة,>E
ة4B2ن) D*1= . Vير2;<3 Ÿ*ذ ®2بl3 D*1=
Vير2;<;, ®2بl3 D*1= ~ة4B2ن) D*1=
@c4لي>ب%* cلh% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~>4,
ةhp . OE2). •` . ¬R2`
¬R2€%* Z%‘ >j 1C ¬R2€%* V3 2بي>ق ر2) . •v`
ة4\R2` i)*1ر . k4<%* i)*1ر
WGلل}1>4ب%* {)2)C >MN3 . ˆ²(4,ˆ >MN3
ةلKf%* ³24;%* $F V4Em;%* >يxK(% >4A™ Q>, ~ر2نF
ة4oGf%* 1C ة4Jل)m%* Ÿ*ر2`ž2, =1X ‚ رxE .'`رC ‚ ˜` ‚ ر2BC
•*Gp . Dر2ن3 . (>يxK(%* 1C {4بن(ل%) ة4oGp Dر2`‘
>o2ن;%* 1C SGl%* ˜p1 . Ÿ*ر2`ž2, >يxK5 1C =2`ر‘
D>:n;%* 1C ة,'K;%* ®Gv<ل%) z4ل;5 ة_<3)
0'K3 ‹>R ‚ ةي>s ‚ ةB2;j ‚ 'nT ةبE . DX>d
0Gs . Š—s
Beam-7orming e/ectro8e (©hermionics) @cE =1>(J%*
Beam-s#/itter (or beam-s#/itting) -amera (hotog.) ة:`•% ةn%2F *>432s
Beam (n.)
Beam (h!s.)
Beam (¢a8io.) ة4jG3 ة3cE
Beam antenna ? beam aeria/ (¢a8io.) $3cE $o*G+
Beam ba/ance U52T 1ذ |*c43
Beam ca/i#er (Png.) U52T 1ذ $JF Š24n3
Beam com#asses ? tramme/s (Png.)
Beam c"rrent (©hermionics) $B1>(J%ž* >52<%* ر245
Beam ho/e (h!s.)
Beam o7 /ight (±ight.) $oGp š2:`
Beam o7 ra!s (h!s.) ة:`H* V3 ة3cE
Beam ri8er g"i8ance (¢a8io.)
Beam sca/es Uo2:%* 2(hs
Beam scanning (©e/ea.) $T2:` “<3
Beam strength (Png.) ةب(:%* ة312n3
Beam s"##ort ةب(:%* cJ5>3
Beam s!stem (¢a8io.)
Beam transmission (¢a8io.) $3cE W2)ر‘
Beam tra# (©hermionics) Ÿ2B1>(J%‘ D'4l3
Beam t"be (©hermionics)
Beam ao/tage (©hermionics)
Beam Yi8e 7/ange (B"i/8.) ةh€%* ةfي>T ةب(T
Beam. bob (B"i/8.) ة4ق1'ن™ ةب(T
Beam. broa8 7/ange ةh€%* ةfي>T ةب(T
Beam. 8iaergent (h!s.) ةj>hن3 ة:`C ة3cE
Beam. e9"a/iying (Png.) ةBX*G;%* U52T
Beam. str"ct"ra/ (B"i/8.) ة4o2€B‘ ةب(T
Beaming (Png.) D'F*ر ZلT W1cA;%* Vvn%* k%
Beaming (¢a8io.) Gي=*>%2, ة:`H* c4s>5
Bean (Png.) S>_;%* Uن[% ةي>s
Bean back (a.) (Png.)
Bean screY (Png.) UB2[%* ةي>s •بp ر2;<3
Bean "# (a.) (Png.)
Bean. a8^"stab/e (Png.) $R2بfB* UB2d ةي>s
Bear (a.)
Bearab/e (a8^.)
Bearer (-ar#.) O32E
Bearer cab/e ? messenger cab/e (P/ec. Png.) $o*GM%* OبJ%* U4ل:5 •ل)
Bearing (Png.)
Bearing (n.)
Bearing (´"ra.)
Bearing a//o! (Let.)
Bearing area (Png.) O4;K(%* ةE2<3
Bearing bar (B"i/8.) r'ي'E O4;K5 i4fق
Bearing b/ock (Png.) O;K;%* D'T2ق
Bearing bob (Png.)
Bearing b"sh (Png.) O;K;%* ةبلj
Bearing cage (Png.)
Bearing ca# (Png.) O;K;%* •2v}
Bearing ca#acit! (Png.) O4;K(%* ة:)
Bearing c/earance (Png.) O;K;%* ¡Gلd
Bearing cranksha7t UF*>;%* =G;T O;K3
|*c43 U52T . |*c43 š*رذ ‚ co2j . ةب(T . ة4ب€d ةpر2T
ة:`H* V3 ة3cE . š2:`
$nFC ر2s>, . U52T 1ذ ر2j>F
rرذ OT2h3 šر= $F) $T2:`‘ in•)
ر*=*>%2, (ةhيxn%* X2Mj) {4jG5
W2بn()&*1 W2)رž*) U4ق= r=*ر @2NB)
ةn4p @cE $F ة›:(ب;%* Ÿ2B1>(J%&* c4s>(% Ÿ*=1>(J%&* {4F •بf5) $BG3>• 0GبBC ~$3cE @2;™
$B1>(J%‘ @2;™ $F) ر24(%* ة4vلF)
UF'(%* (†hd 1C) Uنd
Uن[%* ةي>s =2:,¯,) UF'(%* =*X)
'ن) . IT= ‚ Ž(BC ‚ ZB2T . O;K5 ‚ ZلT SGق . O;(E*
{%2;(E* VJ;ي . O;(K3
X2J5ر* “v) . ةjر'3 . D=2)1 . O4;K5 $)>s . O;K3
ةقmT . ةل™ ‚ W2;(E*
t;) . r1*X ³2_5* . ‹*>KB*
O4;K5 $)*>s ةJ4ب) . O32K3 ةJ4ب)
O;K3 . O4;K5 $)>s
ةjر';%* ‡nF . O;K;%* ‡hق
Bearing 8istance (B"i/8)
Bearing 7or air aa/ae #in (Png.) •*GM%* @2;™ ”2) O;K3
Bearing 7riction (Lech.) O4;K(%* ]2J(E*
Bearing ho"sing (Png.)
Bearing in8icator (´"ra.) r1*c%* ³2_5&* V4ب3
Bearing ^o"rna/ (Png.)
Bearing /iners (Png.) O;K;%* ةB2v,
Bearing /ink (Png.) $ل™*G5 O;K3
Bearing /oa8 (Png.)
Bearing /ock (Png.) O;K;%* Uل}
Bearing meta/s (Png.)
Bearing o7 a /ine (´"ra.) 0Gن_%*1 W2;€%* VT •[%* O43 ةي1*X
Bearing o7 a /o8e (Lining.) Vي':(%* ”>T ³2_5*
Bearing #/ate (Png.) O4;K5 ®G% 1C ةKh™
Bearing #/ate c/am# /eaer (Png.) O4;K(%* ةK4h™ k4قG5 ةل(T
Bearing #oint (Png.) O4;K(%* ةvnB
Bearing #ress"re (Png.) O4;K(%* •Ap
Bearing retainer (Png.) O4;K(%* ة(ب›3
Bearing ring-oi/e8 (Png.) t4يc(% $nلE O;K3
Bearing ring (Png.) O;K;%* ةnلE
Bearing scra#er (Png.) O32K3 ةv€J3
Bearing s#ring ? bo/ster s#ring (Png.) O4;K(%* $)>s †,2B
Bearing strength O4;K(%* DGق
Bearing s"##ort (Png.) O;K;%* cJ5>3
Bearing s"r7ace (Png.)
Bearing Ya// (Arch.) IT*= ر*'j
Bearing. anti-7riction (Lech.) ]2J(Em% =2f3 O;K3
Bearing. babbitte8 (Png.)
Bearing. back (´"ra.) $<JT t;)
Bearing. ba// (Lech.)
Bearing. ba// thr"st
Bearing. big en8 (Png.) >4بJ%* ‹>v%* O;K3
Bearing. camsha7t (Png.)
Bearing. conica/ (Png.) $R1>[3 O;K3
Bearing. contact (Png.) $ل4;K5 z3m5
Bearing. contro/ sha7t D=24n%* šxj O;K3
Bearing. magnetic (´"ra.) $<4vنA3 t;)
Bearing. #e8a/ sha7t (Png.) ة)*1'%* šxj O;K3
Bearing. #i/e (-ia. Png.) O4;K5 Dc4sر
Bearing. #i/ot (Png.) $ل4%= O;K3
Bearing. #/ain (Png.)
Bearing. #resent (´"ra.) $%2K%* t;<%*
Bearing. ro//er (Png.)
Bearing. se/7-/"bricating (Png.) t4يc(%* $o2nل5 O;K3
Bearing. s/i8e U%cن3 O;K3
Bearing. s#/it رGv€3 O;K3
Bearing. stee/-backe8 /ea8-bronye (Png.) ذ&Gh%2, >MN;%* $™2™>%* cB1>ب%* V3 O;K3
Bearing. take-"# (Png.) ]ر*'(%* O;K3
Bearing. ta#er (Png.) ”'(<3 O;K3
Bearing. ta#er ro//er (Png.) ةق'(<3 Ÿ2B*Gv)* O;K3
Bearing. thr"st (Png.) $:F= O;K3
Bearing. Yorm Yhee/ r=1= Š>(, ةn€:;%* ةل_:%* O;K3
Bearings (´"ra.) ةي1*X Ÿ2+2_5*
Beat (a recor8)
ةpر2T $F ة3GT';%* >4} ةF2<;%* ~O4;K(%* ةF2<3
O;K;%* t4ب3 . O;K;%* •2v}
=G;:%* cJ5>3 . O;K;%* D':n3
$)>J%* ة%G;E . O;K;%* ة%G;E
O4;K5 •o2ب) . O32K;%* |=2:3
O32K%* “v<%* . O4;K(%* “v)
t,2,ˆ |':;, Vvب3 O;K3ˆ
Ÿ2ي>s ةjر'3 . Ÿ*>s O;K3
$:F= Ÿ2ي>s O;K3 . Ÿ2ي>s 1ذ @'l3
Ÿ232J%*) Ÿ2,'K%* =G;T O;K3)
•4<, O4;K5 $)>s . r=2T O;K3
$ن4h%= O;K3 . Ÿ2ن4v4)* O;K3
*'ي'j 24)24ق 2;قر O_) . $)24n%* Iق>%* IvE
Beat (n.)
Beat (a.)
Beat 7re9"enc! (¢a8io.)
Beat 7re9"enc! osci//ator (¢a8io.) $,ر2f(%* ==>(%* 0x,x3
Beat inter7erence (¢a8io.) $,ر2f5 Od*'5
Beat note (¢a8io.) Ÿ2,>p ة;AB
Beat rece#tion ? hetero8!ne rece#tion (¢a8io.) $,ر2f5 W2بn()*
Beats (h!s.) Ÿ2,>p
Bea"7ort notation (Leteor.)
Bea"7ort sca/e (Leteor.)
Bea"bite ? ba"bite (Lin.) t4<sG,
Beaaer Š'نn%* •*>F ‚ Š'نق
Beaaer boar8 (B"i/8.)
Beaaer c/oth
Bec carce/ (¨//"m.)
Beche (-ia. Png.)
Becket t4ب›5 D1>T
Beckmann a##arat"s
Beckmann thermometer
Bec9"ere/ ra!s (h!s.)
Be8-/athe (Png.)
Be8 (B"i/8.)
Be8 (weo/.) ة4pرC ةnبR
Be8 (n.)
Be8 ^oint (weo/.)
Be8 mining (Lining.) ”>:%* 1C ةnبv%* ر2;›()*
Be8 o7 stream (weo/.) S>_;%* š2ق
Be8 #/ate (Png.)
Be8 s"ccession (weo/.) Ÿ2nبv%* iق2:5
Be8 aein (weo/.) $nبR Vي':5 ”>T
Be8. air (Png.) ة4o*G+ ة`>F
Be8. com#etent (weo/.) D'32™ ةnبR
Be8. 7i/ter (weo/.) “4`>5 ةnبR
Be8. /athe (Png.) ةR>[;%* ة`>F
Be8. #etro/i7ero"s (weo/.. Lining) ة4vhB ةnبR
Be8. transition (weo/.) WGK(%* ةnبR
Be8. tr"nnion (Png.) رGK;%* 1C @>ب;%* >n3
Be88e8 (a8^.) Ÿ2nبR $F k™*>(3
Be88e8 8e#osits (Lining.) ة4nبR i)*1ر
Be88e8 rock (weo/.) ة™*>(3 ة4nبR رG[™
Be88e8 str"ct"re (weo/.) k™*>(3 i4s>5
Be88e8 aein (Lining.) $nبR $B':3 ”>T
Be88ing-in (o7 brasses) (Png.)
Be88ing-in (o7 mo"/8) (Png.)
Be88ing (B"i/8.) §m;%* V3 ة`>F
Be88ing (weo/.)
Be88ing (n.) >ي><%* ة4v}C
Be88ing 7a"/t (weo/.) $nبR ر2<JB*
Be88ing 7issi/it! (weo/.) $nبR X*G5 ر2v€B*
Be88ing #/ane (weo/.)
Be88ing. 7a/se (weo/.) $لJ` k™*>5
Be88ing. horiyonta/ (weo/.) $nFC Uبv5
Be8e (Lining.)
ةfبB . ةvبd . ة,>p . |2nhd
>4E ‚ *><ق ˜F= ‚ iل} ‚ †بB . Uhd . ”= ‚ Iv% ‚ §2) ‚ 0>p
V4(hل([3 V4(,x,x% $\4ب%* V4;f(%* VT ة_52ن%* 0ر2f(%* ة,x,ذ ~$,ر2f5 ==>5
0*>f3 ‚ šر2ق . 0ر2p
znv%* ZلT ة%&'ل% ˆŸرGFG,ˆ XG3ر
“ي>%* ةT><%) ˆŸرGFG,ˆ Š24n3)
§GAf;%* i€[%* ‹24%C V3 ةTGنl3) •2ن, ®*G%C)
kR2:;%* {ن3 ˜نl5) O4n• $FG™ Ž4<B)
~D•2pž* D'` Š24n% ة4<B>F D'E1 ¥ º ¼ ة:;`
ر2,½* >hE $F) D><Jن;%* ˜vn%* •nل3)
Oo*G<%* $F |24لA%*1 ';_(%* Ÿ2jر= Š24n%) ˆ|2;J,ˆ X2Mj)
ة4)2<K%* 'ي'` $nبoX Dر*>E |*c43 ~ˆ|2;J,ˆ >(3G3>5
ة:€;%* =*G;%* VT Dر=2l%* 232}1 2(4,1 2h%C Ÿ2T2:`‘ ZلT Uلvي |2s I)* ~ˆOي>J4,ˆ ة:`C
VيX*G(3 V44nFC V4n%cن3 Ÿ*ذ ~ةي'T2ق ةR>[3
Š2)C . ة`>F
ةn4قر ةnبR ‚ ’GE ‚ >:ق ‚ >MB S>_3 ‚ Š2)C ‚ †,>3 ->ي>) ‚ œ*>F
š'l%* Ÿ2nبR V4,) $nFC W2l5*)
D'T2n%* ®G% . Š2)H* ةEG% . =2ن()&* ةK4h™
ة4)2Kن%* Inل%*) ˜4_f5)
•ب<;%* ’رC $F i%2n%*) ˜4_f5)
ة4ق2بR . ة4nبR . Uبv5
r'T2n%* k™*>(%* “v) . Uبv(%* SG(<3
Olن%* >4lق) Vي':5 WG:3)
Be8rock (weo/.)
Be8s. a/ternating (weo/.) ة%=2ب(;%* Ÿ2nبv%*
Be8s. s"bs"r7ace (weo/.) ة4FGj Ÿ2nبR
Be8s#rea8 (n.)
Beech (-ar#.) |*c%* i€d
Beehiae (a8^.) $,1>[B
Beehiae (n.)
Beer (-hem.)
BeesYab (-hem.) O<:%* ˜;`
Beet-s"gar >_نب%* >J)
Beet/e (Png.)
Beet/e (eoo/.)
Bega (or beg)
Behaaio"r ? behaaior (n.)
Behenic aci8 (-hem.) |2ب%* †;E
Beige (a8^.. n.)
Bei/b! /a!er (-hem.)
Being (n.)
Beings. /oYer (Bio/.) 24B= •24EC
Be/ (P/ec. -omm.)
Be/a! (a.)
Be/emnite (weo/.)
Be/7r! (B"i/8.)
Be/ie7 (n.)
Be/ieae (a.)
Be//-an8-s#igot ^oint ? s#igot-an8- socket (-ia. Png.)
Be//-b"o! (Png.) ة4)>j ة4F2R
Be//-crank (or be//-crank /eaer)(Png.) ة4nF>3 ة:F*ر
Be//-mo"the8 ? tr"m#et-mo"the8 (a8^.) ة+Gh%* $)>j
Be//-#"sh (P/ec. Png.) Š>_%* رX
Be//-sha#e8 c"rae $)>j ZنKن3
Be//-sha#e8 ins"/ator OJ€%* $)>j WX2T
Be// Š>j
Be// ? cone (Let.) §1>[3
Be// ? socket (/"mb) DرG)23 W2d=ž ˜<(ي ‹>R
Be// arch (Arch.) OJ€%* $)>j ŠGق
Be// armat"re (P/ec.) Š>_%* z4vنA3 ةNF2E
Be// centre #"nch (Png.) cs>;%* I4ل:(% $)>j •بن)
Be// ch"ck ? c"# ch"ck (Png.) $E'ق 1C $nE ‹>•
Be// c/a##er (Png.) Š>_%* ةT>n3
Be// g/ass (Bot.) $j2jX ŠGق2B
Be// ^ar (-hem.) $j2jX ŠGق2B
Be// meta/ (Let.)
Be// receiaer (©e/e#h.) k52M%* ةT2;)
Be// ringing trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* Š>_ل% †hd WGK3
Be// roo7 (Arch.) $)>j “v)
Be// trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.)
Be//. a/arm
Be//. e/ectric (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms Š>j
Be//ie8 7i/e (Png.) •)G%* ˜<(3 =>ب3
Be//igerent (a8^.)
Be//oYs (-hem.)
Be//! /an8ing (Aero.)
Iي=H* >[™ . D'T2n%* >[™
œ*>h%* •2v} . œ>h3
ة(4KB . OKB ة4لd
ة:j . D>4,
D'M3 . ةق'3 . ةق>v3
•2<hنd . O:j
$BG4ل3 k%C) |G4ل, Zن:;, ةo=2, ~2_4,)
]Gل) . D>4)
|G%) Ž4,)
{لn™ •*>j V3 |':;%* “v) ZلT |GJ(5 D>لب(3 >4} ةnبR 1C ةn4ق= ةيرGل<, ةnبR) ˆ$بل4,ˆ ةnبR
=GjG%* . I%2:%* . |GJ%* ‚ Uomd . ةn4لd ‚ =GjG3 . Vo2s
==>(%* $ي12<(3 V45G™ V4, D'€%* SG(<3 $F Ÿ12h(%* D'E1 ~O,
OبK, U•1C . OبK, '`
D>_K(;%* ³>4F2EC) t4ن;ل,)
Š*>jC 1C) Š>j 1ذ Q>,)
Uي'l5 ‚ |2;ي‘ .D'4nT . =2n(T*
'n(T* . V3‰ ‚ ”'™
Vي>vn%* $hل([3 V4,GبBC V4, Od*'5 ةل™1 ~Oيذ1 Š*ر ةل™1
¡2™>%*1 •Bc%* †:, ˜3 >ي'ln%2, $نA%* cB1>ب%* V3 ةJ4ب) ~Š*>jH* |':3
$o2,>MJ%* Š>_%* (O4A€(% ة4vلh%* †hd) WGK3
ر*xB‘ Š>j . {بن5 Š>j
0>K%* $F ]>(€3 . 0ر2K3
>4s . ¸2hن3
Vv, . ة4نv,
Ÿm_T m, §Gب+ . 2Mنv, ZلT D>o2v%* §Gب+
Be//! /an8ing stri# (Aero.)
Be//! tank (Aero.) $نv, |*cd
Be//!ing o7 aehic/es (A"to.) Ÿ*ر24<%* ®Gنj
Be/ong (a.) @•& ‚ ‡d ‚ $;(B*
Be/t (Png.)
Be/t bo/t (Png.) >4<%* ر2;<3
Be/t c/am# (Png.) >4<%* D'` ةv32ق
Be/t coa/ (Lining.) r>_E IKF ”2vB
Be/t com#ressor (Png.) >4<%2, ر*'ي $o*G+ •}2p
Be/t contact (Png.) >4<%* Š2;5
Be/t conae!er ? ban8 conae!er (Png.) >4<%2, ةلق2B
Be/t co"ntersha7t (Png.) >4<%2, ة%12ن3 =G;T
Be/t co"rse (B"i/8.) rر*'j r>_E cي>F‘
Be/t cree# (Png.) >4<%* kEc5
Be/t 8ressing (Png.) رG4<%* iيxM5 =*G3
Be/t 8riae (or 8riaing) (Png.)
Be/t 8riaen (Png.) >4<%2, ر*'3
Be/t 8riaen #"//e! (Png.) >4<%2, ر*'5 D>J,
Be/t 7astener (Png.)
Be/t 7ork ? be/t striker (Png.) >4<%* •ي>K5 ةب:`
Be/t gearing (Png.) رG4<%2, ةs>K%* OnB
Be/t g"ar8 (Png.) >4<%* •2ق1
Be/t g"i8e (Png.) >4<%* O4%=
Be/t ho/8ing #aY/ (Png.) >4<%2, ]2<3ž* ةR2n)
Be/t hook >4<%* •ب€3
Be/t ^oining too/ (Png.) >4<%* O™1 D'T
Be/t ^oint (Png.) >4<%* ةل™1
Be/t /acing (Png.)
Be/t /eakage (P/ec. Png.)
Be/t /oss (Png.) >4<%* ”&cB& Dر'n%* 'nF
Be/t #erch (Png.) ><%* •,ر =G;T
Be/t #"//e! (Png.) >4<%* Ÿ*ذ D>Jب%*
Be/t #"nch (Png.)
Be/t reaersing (Png.) >4<%2, ةs>K%* $<JT
Be/t sagging (Png.) >4<%* •2[5ر*
Be/t shi7ter ? be/t shi##er (Png.) >4<%* ةلق2B
Be/t s/i##age (or s/i##ing) >4<%* ”&cB*
Be/t stra# (Png.) ”2vن%* ةل™1
Be/t stretcher (Png.) >4<%* =*'`
Be/t striking gear (Png.) >4<%* •ي>K5 X2Mj
Be/t tension (Png.) >4<%* >5G5 1C '`
Be/t tightener (Png.) >4<%* UB*X
Be/t tri##er (Png.) >4<%* ”2(T‘ ة4%‰
Be/t t"nne/ (Png.) >4<%* UhB
Be/t. chain (Png.) $ل<ل) >4)
Be/t. crosse8 (Png.) Š ˜R2n(3 r>o*= >4)
Be/t. en8/ess (Png.)
Be/t. 7an (A"to.) ةE1>;%* >4)
Be/t. /i7e (Aero.) D2_ن%* @*cE
Be/t. r"bber $R2v3 >4)
Be/t. sa7et! |23C @*cE
Be/t. Yeb W'_%* •,2€(3 >4)
Be/te8-t!#e cab/e $vي>` 1C r>4) Oبs
Be/te8 (a8^.) •ي>` 1C >4<, ”Gv3
rر*>vp&*) $نvب%* §GبM%* Qر'3)
@*cE . >4)
رG4<%2, ةs>K%* OnB . رG4<%2, Dر*=ž*
>4<%* Iيc,‘ . >4<%* •ب€3
رG4<%* ةR24d . §2,>%2, >4<%* O™1
”&cB* Ÿ2nلE rذ Z(E ]>K3 $F ~$قGR 0><5
رG4<%* in›% •بن) . رG4<%* ةبق2•
Ol(3 >4) . ر*1= >4) . >h3 >4)
Be/ting رG4<%2, Dر*=ž* ‚ رG4<%*
Be/ting. 8"ck O4(%* ‹24%C V3 >4)
Be/ting. /eather r'لj >4)
Be/ae8ere (B"i/8.)
Bench-York (-ar#. Png.)
Bench-York (Png.) •ب<3 $F D'fن;%* ZلT ˜نl5 D>4A™ i%*Gق
Bench (-ar#.)
Bench 8ri// ? bench 8ri//ing machine (-ar#.)
Bench grin8er (Png.)
Bench /athe (Png.)
Bench mark (´"ra.)
Bench #/ane ? ^ack #/ane ? smoothing #/ane ? t!#ing #/ane
Bench #ress (Png.) r'fB zبJ3
Bench screY (Png.. -ar#.) ةي'fB ة3cل3
Bench shears (Png.) r'fB ‡n3
Bench sto# (-ar#.) r'fB 'l3
Bench test (Png.) r'fB ر2ب(d*
Bench aise (or aice) ةي'fB ة3cل3 1C ةل_ن3
Ben8 (P/ec. Png.)
Ben8 (n.)
Ben8 (a.)
Ben8 a//oYance (Png.) •2نKB&* ®G<3
Ben8 test (Png.) •2نKB&* ر2ب(d*
Ben8. bar (Png.) |2بfn%* $ن• ةنJ3
Ben8. rai/ (Png.) ةJ<%* |2بfn%* $نE zبJ3
Ben8. t"be i4,2BC ة4B2E
Ben8ing (a8^.) |2E
Ben8ing (n.)
Ben8ing 7o/8s (weo/.) $ن›%* Ÿ24R
Ben8ing iron (or #in) (/"mb.) ة4™2™>%* i4,2BH* ˜4)G5 1C IيGn(% D*=C
Ben8ing /oa8 (Png.) ةي2نE O;E
Ben8ing machine (Png.) $ن• 1C $% ةنJ3
Ben8ing moment (Png.) •*G(%&* 1C $ن›%* @cT
Ben8ing o7 beams (Png.)
Ben8ing o7 strata (weo/.) ة4pرH* Ÿ2nبv%* •2ن›B*
Ben8ing #ress (Png.) $ن›%* 1C $ل%* zبJ3
Ben8ing #roo7 (Png.)
Ben8ing ro//s (Png.)
Ben8ing strain (Png.)
Ben8ing strata (weo/.) ة4نK;%* ة4pرH* Ÿ2nبv%*
Ben8ing strength (Png.)
Ben8ing stress (Png.) ةي2نK%* =2Mj‘
Ben8ing test (Png.) ةي2نK%* ر2ب(d*
Ben8ing. cross i%2l(3 •2نKB*
Ben8s (Le8.)
Bene7icia/ (a8^.) '4h3
Bene7iciar! (n.) '4h(<3
Bene7it (n.)
Bene7it (a.)
Benign (a8^.)
Bent-tai/ 8og (Png.) Oيx%* ة4نK3 ة,ms
Bent (a8^.)
Bent beam (Png.) ة4نK3 ةب(T
Bent ga"ge (-ar#.) ŠC>%* ZنK3 kيG_5 ر2hN3
ة4لT . Q>, . U3Gj
D>4A™ Ÿ2نJ3 1C ةي1'ي Ÿ*1=—, D'fن;%* ZلT c_ن5 ~ةي'fB W2A`C
•ن,) . O;:%* D'fن3 ‚ ةبvl3 ‚ ':n3 . 'fB)
ة4Jن, ة,2n• . ةي'fB ة,2n•
ة4Jن, ةdmj . ةي'fB ةdmj
ة4Jن, ةR>[3 . ةي'fB ةR>[3
š2h5ر&* V44:(% ة4;M) ة3mT ~0G<ن;%* ة3mT
ر2_ن%* Dر2F) . Q2K<3)
šGs . UF>3
kv:ن3 . ةhvT . ة4نE . ZنKن3
'` ‚ >51 . ŠGق . SGR . kvT . $ن• . ZنE . rG%
ة4B2E . •2نKB*
|2بfn%* 1C 'F*1>%* •2نKB* . Ÿ2ب(:%* •2نKB*
$نKني & . $ن›ل% '32™
zيGn(%* Ÿ2B*Gv)* . ةي2نK%* 1C $ل%* V4F&=
ةي2نK%* W2:hB* . •2نKB&* 'Mj
$ن›%* ة312n3 . •2نKB&* ة312n3
§GAf;%* •*GM%* $F V4ل32:%* i4lي ’>3 ~$نK(%*
“,ر . ة:hن3 . D'o2F
=2h()* . =2FC
k4v% . '4;E ‚ W'(:3
SGل3 . ZنK3
Bent /eaer (Png.)
Benthonic (weo/.)
Benthos ? benthon (Bio/.)
Ben"mb (a.)
Benyene ? benyo/ (-hem.)
Benyene ring (-hem.)
Benyene series (-hem.) ةي>v:%* Ÿ2بs>;%*
Benyine (-hem.)
Benyoic aci8 (-hem.) •ي1cنب%* †32E
Benyoin (-hem.) r12j |2ب% ‚ Vي1cن,
Benyo/ (or benyo/e) (-hem.) W1cن,
Bergi"s #rocess (-hem.)
Beriberi (Le8.)
Berke/i"m (Bk) (-hem.)
Berm ? bench (-ia. Png.)
Berm 8itch (-ia. Png.)
Berno"//i·s theorem (h!s.)
Berr! (n.) (Bot.)
Berth (n.)
Berth (a.) k4™>%* Z%‘ =2ق
Berth. anchoring (ga"t.)
Bertran8 /ens
Ber!/ (Lining.)
Ber!//i"m (Be) ? ga/"cin"m (-hem.)
Ber!//i"m bronye (Let.) @G4لي>ب%* cB1>,
Beset (a.) ˜™ر ‚ kن(s* ‚ UلقC
Besiege (a.)
Bessemer conaerter (Let.)
Bessemer #ig (Let.)
Bessemer #/ant (Let.)
Bessemer #rocess (Let.)
Bessemer s/ag (Let.)
Bessemer stee/ (Let.)
Bessemer stee/. aci8 (Let.)
Best se/ecte8 co##er (Let.)
Beta brass (Let.) $o2, >h™C Š2KB
Beta 8eca! (h!s.)
Beta iron (Let.)
Beta #artic/e (h!s.)
Beta ra! s#ectr"m (h!s.)
Beta ra!s (h!s.)
Betatron (h!s.)
Bete/ge"se (Astron.) •*XG_%* iJن3
Bethe//·s #rocess (B"i/8.)
Beton (-ia. Png.)
Betra! (a.)
Betra!a/ (n.) •2€F‘ ‚ 'M:%2, Wmd‘ ‚ ر'} ‚ ةB24d
Better (a.)
Bettering (n.) V4<K5
Betts #rocess (Let.)
Bett! D>4lق ةل(T
BetYeen-/ens sh"tter (hotog.) Ÿ2)':%* V4, Uل}
Beaatron (h!s.)
Beae/-saYing machine (-ar#.) Oo23 >€B ةنJ3
ة4نKن3 ة:F*ر . ة4TGs ة:F*ر
ة4T2n%* •24EH2, ¡2d ~$)G(ن,
Ÿ24T2n%* . ة4T2n%* •24EH* ~ŠG(ن,
ر'dC . O`
W1cن, . Vيcن,
IN(ن3 Š'<3 OJ€, |G,>J%* V3 Ÿ*رذ t) rGK5 ~Vيcنب%* ƒcj ةnلE
k4Nن(%*1 =GقG%* Vيcن, . Vيcن,
IKh%* V3 •hن%* >4fK(%) ˆŠG4j>,ˆةnي>R)
0 V432(4F $F ‡nB VT Ž52ن%* ) r>, r>ب%* ’>3 „ •*xA%* $F )
•,) ³c3ر $T2:`‘ rcلF >lنT ~@G4لs>ب%*)
®2v<3 . ة\52B ةF2E . '4E
ةfo2h%* ³24;%* kي>l(% ~'4K%* D2نق
$%GB>,ˆ ةي>NB~
ة4ب% D>;• -r>, ŸG5
˜_f3 . VJ<3 . >n3 ‚ D>_E ‚ >ي>) ‚ Z)>3
Vh<%* •,>3 . Z)>3
'B*>5>,ˆ ة)'Tˆ
Oي>, . r>l3 =>3X . 'j>,X
>4,) ³c3ر †4,C rcلF >lنT ~@G4لي>ب%*)
”GR . >™2E
ذ&Gh%* Q2(Bž) ˆ>;<,ˆ WGK3)
ذ&Gh%* ˜نl% ةK%2l%* ~OhA%* ˆ>;<,ˆ “4)2;5
>;<,ˆ ذ&GF Q2(B‘ D'E1ˆ
ذ&Gh%* ˜نl% ˆ>;<,ˆ ةnي>R
>;<,ˆ WGK3 Œبdˆ
>;<,ˆ ةnي>v, šGنl3 ذ&GFˆ
$f32K%* 0Gل)H2, ˆ>;<,ˆ ذ&GF
ةo2;%* $F ˜,ر VT {بo*G` On, ~ةب[B Š2KB
$o2, WmKB* . 2(4, WmKB*
$o2ب%* 'ي'K%* . •نA;ي & 'ي'E ‚ 2(4, 'ي'E
ة4o2, ةn4ق= . 2(4, I4<j 1C ةn4ق=
ة4o2ب%* ة:`H* k4R . 2(4, ة:`C k4R
ة4o2ب%* ة:`H* . 2(4, ة:`C
Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* ZلT ةno2h%* Ÿ2T><%* •2hpž) |1>52(4ب%* X2Mj . |1>52(4,)
02€dH* ªhK% ~ˆO(4,ˆ ةnي>R
ةB2)>d . tن;)ž‘ . |GR2,
VT IB ‚ >M•C ‚ Z€FC . ®2, ‚ ر'} . š'd ‚ 0 ŒنE ‚ |2d
iل} . x, ‚ ZلT ”Gh5 1C ”2F ‚ V<E
¡2™>%* ة4nن(% ة4B1>(J%‘ ةnي>R ˆz(,ˆ ةnي>R
•لF |G4ل3 ‹&‰ ة() $%*GE ³'Mj r1GB šر2<3 ~|1>52h4,
Beae/-s9"are (-ar#. Png.)
Beae/ (a8^.)
Beae/ (-ra#.)
Beae/ (a.)
Beae/ ang/e (/"mb.) iv€%* ةي1*X
Beae/ co"#/ing (Png.) ة4R1>[3 ةn4€:5
Beae/ 7riction Yhee/s (Png.) ةي1*X ة4s2J(E* Š1>5
Beae/ gear (Png.) $R1>[3 Š>5
Beae/ gear c"tter (Png.) ة4R1>[3 Š1>5 ˜vn3
Beae/ gear sha#er (Png.) ة,Gv€;%* Š1>(%* ة\ي2M3
Beae/ gearing (Png.) ة4R1>[3 Š1>5 ةTG;_3
Beae/ mortise Yhee/ (Png.) |2ن)H* $ب€d $R1>[3 Š>5
Beae/ #inion (Png.) >4A™ $R1>[3 Š>5
Beae/ #rotractor (Png.)
Beae/ shears (Png.) r1*X iv` ‡n3
Beae/ Yashers (Png.) ة,Gv€3 ةي'ي'E Ÿ2JلF
Beae/ Ye/8 (/"mb.) 0Gv€3 1C Oo23 @2K%
Beae/ Yhee/ ? beae/ gear (Png.)
Beae/. s/i8ing (Png.) U%cن3 2ي*1X ر2v<3
Beae/e8 ? beae//e8 0Gv€3
Beae/e8 boar8s ? beae//e8 boar8s
Beae/e8 e8ge
Beae//ing machine (©!#og.) iv` ةنJ3
Beboi8 (-hem.)
Be!on8 re#air (a8a.) {Em™‘ VJ;ي & OJ€,
Beye/ ( Lech.) O43Xž* V3 ة:R2n%* ةF2K%*
Beye/ (n.)
Bi-month/! (a8a.)
Bi-#hase ? tYo-#hase (P/ec. Png.)
Bi-#hase a/ternating c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* $o2ن• 012ن(3 ر245
Bi (bism"th) (-hem.)
Biang"/ar (a8^.)
Biann"a/ (a8^.)
Biartic"/ate (Bot.)
Bias (a8^.)
Bias (n.)
Bias (©e/eg.) X24KB&* Oي':5 ‚ X24KB*
Bias (a.)
Bias ce// (©hermionics) X24KB&* ة4لd
Bias 8etector (©hermionics) rX24KB* ‹2€J3
Bias recti7ier (©hermionics) rX24KB* @Gn3
Bias resistor (©hermionics)
Bias trans7ormer rX24KB* WGK3
Bias ao/tage (©hermionics) X24KB&* ة4vلF
Biase8 (or Biasse8) (a8^.) X2Kن3
Biasing trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) rX24KB* WGK3
Biabia/ (a8^.)
Biabia/ cr!sta/ (h!s.) r>lب%* رGK;%* ة4o2ن• DرGل,
Biabia/ 7ig"res (weo/.) رGK;%* ةبo2) W2J`C
Bib-cock (Png.) ةFGn:3 ة4hنE
Bib-aa/ae (Png.)
Bica#s"/ar (Bot.)
Bicarbonate o7 /ime (-hem.) zلJ%* Ÿ2BG,>J4,
ة,Gv€;%* ®Gv<%* ةق= ر2ب(d&) 2ي*1X ŠGs)
‹'`C . 0Gv€3 ‚ Oo23
ة;o2ق >4} ةي1*X . Oo23 •4v[5 ةي1*X . 2ي*1X ر2v<3 ‚ O43 . Oo23 ‹>R
kv`) . ‹'` . iv` ‚ W23C)
ةs>K(3 ةي1*X . ةيرGK3 ةلn›3 . ةs>K(3 ةلnن3
Vن<3 $R1>[3 0&1= . $R1>[3 Š>5
'ي'_(ل%) 2ي*1c%* 0Gv€;%* |1>(J%‘ V3 ®*G%C)
ةFGv€3 1C) ةF1'€3 ةF2E . ةلo23 ةF2E . ة,Gv€3 ةF2E)
•4()mب%* V3 0>p ~ 'يG<J,
I52d $F رGhK;%* ‡h%* . I52[%* ‡F
$o2ن• ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
>M€%* $F V45>3 -Vي>M` Os
012ن(;%* ر24(%* $F) رGv%* $o2ن•)
«G3cب%* cلh% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~c,
V4(ي1*X 1ذ . ةي1*c%* $o2ن•
rGن) klB . ةن<%* $F V45>3 «=2E
Olh;(%* $o2ن• . V45'nT 1ذ
Oo23 . ‹>Kن3
O32K5 ‚ D2,2K3 . X24KB*
{j1 . $F >•C
ةJب€%* X24KB* ة312n3 . rX24KB* @12n3
VيرGK3 1ذ . رGK;%* $o2ن•
ةي'لj ةJلF rذ ¡>n, Ohn5 ~ ةي=2T ة4hنE
V45>_K, ة%G<بs 1ذ . ةNhK;%* $o2ن•
Bicarbonate o7 so8a (-hem.) *=Gl%* Ÿ2BG,>J4,
Bicarbonates (-hem.) •4BG,>J%2f32E ®m3C Ÿ2BG,>J4,
Bice (n.)
Bice//"/ar (Bio/.)
Bicentenar! ? bicentennia/
Bicentric (a8^.) cs>;%* $o2ن•
Bice#s (eoo/.) V4)Cر Ÿ*ذ ةلfT
Bich/ori8e (-hem.) 'يرGلs $o2ن•
Bichromate ce// (P/ec. Png.)
Bichromate o7 #otash ? #otassi"m bichromate @G4)25Gب%* Ÿ231>s $o2ن•
Bickern ?bick iron ? beak iron (Png.) ='K;%* |*'ن<%* ‹>R
Bick7or8 7"se
Bico//atera/ aasc"/ar b"n8/e (Bio/.) Vي•2K% Ÿ*ذ ة4o2T1 ة3cE
Biconcaae (a8^.)
Biconcaae /ens (°#t.) V4MjG%* D>:n3 ة)'T
Biconaeb (a8^.)
Biconaeb /ens (°#t.) V4MjG%* ة,'K3 ة)'T
Bicorn"ate (eoo/.) (Bio/.) |>n%* $o2ن•
Bicro- (Laths.)
Bicron (Laths.)
Bic"s#i8 ? bic"s#i8ate (Bot.)
Bic!c/e (n.) ةj*ر=
Bic!/in8rica/ (a8^.) V44B*Gv)C V4Kv) 1ذ
Bi8 (a.)
Bi88er (n.)
Bi8entate (Bot.)
Bi8irectiona/ (a8^.) ³2_5&* $o2ن•
Bie/ectro/!sis (Le8.) Q1=c;%* $o2,>MJ%* WmKB&*
Biennia/ (a8^.) V4(ن) Os ˜ق*1
Biennia/ (n.) (Bot.) •nF V4%GE ²4:ي Ÿ2بB
Bienni"m (#/. ‚i"ms or ‚ia) V4(ن) D>(F
Bi7acia/ (Bot.)
Bi7ario"s (Bot.) رGK;%* WGE V4h™ ZلT INن3
Bi7i8 (Bot.. eoo/.)
Bi7i/ar •ل<%* $o2ن•
Bi7i/ar s"s#ension (h!s.) V4يX*G(3 V4Jل<, U4ل:5
Bi7i/ar Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) $o2ن• •ل<, k%
Bi7oca/ (a8^.)
Bi7oca/ /ens (°#t.) Dرuب%* ة4o2ن• ة)'T
Bi7orate (Png.) V4بn• 1ذ
Bi7orke8 (a8^.) V4ب:` 1ذ
Bi7orm ? bi7orme8 (a8^.)
Bi7"rcate (a8^.) (Bot.. eoo/.) V4ب:` 1ذ
Bi7"rcate (a.) V4(ب:` Z%‘ i:€5 1C i:`
Bi7"rcate8 riaet (Png.) V4(ب:` Ÿ*ذ ة32`>,
Bi7"rcation (n.)
Big-en8 bearing (Png.) >4بJ%* ‹>v%* O;K3
Big-en8 bo/ts ? connecting-ro8 bo/ts (Png.) O4™G(%* š*رذ >432<3
Big-en8 brasses (Png.) >4بJ%* ‹>v%* 2(;n%
Big en8 (Png.)
Big ho/e (et. Png.) ˜)*1 >vn, >hE
Big inch (et. Png.) >vn%* ˜)*1 i4,2BC •d
Bight (ga"t.)
Bi^ointe8 (a8^.) (Bio/.) Olh;%* $o2ن•
Š2Kن%* Ÿ2BG,>J4, V3 >fKي) ”رXC 1C >fdC •mR)
V4(4لd 1ذ . ة4ل[%* $o2ن•
ةن) Zن›3 D>(h, ‡([3 . ة4B2›%* ةيG\;%* S>sx%*
kh[;%* •4(ي>بJ%* †32E1 @G4)25Gب%* Ÿ231>J4, V3 WGلK3 2Mلo2)1 |G,>J%*1 •Bc%* V3 2+2بvق ة4%1C ة4لd ~Ÿ231>J4ب%* ة4لd
>4_h(%* •2v,ž ˆ=رGFGJ4,ˆ ةل4(F
V4MjG%* >:n3 . >:n(%* $o2ن•
V4MjG%* 0'K3 . 0xK(%* $o2ن•
|G4ل, V3 •cj Zن:;, ةo=2, ~1>J4,
>(;%* V3 |G4لب%* V3 •cj ~|1>J4,
Vي•G(B 1ذ . V4(ق'(<3 V4F>R Ÿ*ذ
®>™ . VلTC ‚ •2vT 1C 2p>T @'ق ‚ W—) . 2T= ‚ 24E ‚ >:<%* ZvTC ‚ >3C
cTG3 . š*= . >3‰ ‚ •2v:%* 1C ’>:%* @'n3 . 'ي*c3
V<%* $o2ن• . V4ن) Ÿ*ذ
{jG%* $o2ن• . V4Mj1 1ذ
V4;<ق Z%‘ ”Gn€3 . @>`C
V45رu, 1ذ . Dرuب%* $o2ن•
OJ€%* $o2ن• . V4لJ` 1ذ
i:€(%* |2J3 . ”>h3 ‚ š>h5 . i:€5
O4™G(%* š*رx%) >4بJ%* ‹>v%* . UF>;%* ŠCر)
رGd . Ž4لd ‚ OيGR ZنKن3 . kv:ن3 ‚ ةn,ر . OبE $F ةRG€BC . D'nT klB ‚ D1>T
Bi/atera/ (a8^.)
Bi/atera/ antenna (P/ec. Png.) V4بB2j 1ذ $o*G+
Bi/atera/ im#e8ance (P/ec. -omm.) ³2_5&* ة4o2ن• ةق12:3 1ذ $o2,>Ms X2Mj ‚ ³2_5&* ة4o2ن• ةق12:3
Bi/atera/ s!mmetr! (Bio/.) $بB2j $o2ن• O•2;5
Bi/atera/ trans8"cer (P/ec. Png.)
Bi/atera/ism (n.)
Bi/e-8"cts (eoo/.) ةي1*>hl%* ة4نقH*
Bi/e (eoo/.)
Bi/ge (ga"t.)
Bi/ge kee/ (ga"t.)
Bi/ge #i#e (ga"t.) ة;_%* QcB DرG)23
Bi/ge #"m# (ga"t.) ة;_%* ة[f3
Bi/ge stringers (ga"t.) ة;_%* $F ة4B&Gv%* šmpH*
Bi/ge Yater {ن3 D'o2F & ¬` ‚ ةن4h<%* >:ق $F V)½* •2;%*
Bi/gram aa/ae 8iagram ? aa/ae 8iagram (Png.)
Bi/haryiasis (Le8.) 24)>Mلب%* •*=
Bi// (weo/.)
Bi// (n.)
Bi// (a.) “o*G% 1C Ÿ2BmT‘ ‡%C ‚ Ÿ*>€ن, VلTC ‚ 02<K%* ة;o2ق $F Od=* ‚ W 02<K%2, ة;o2ق O)رC
Bi// (eoo/.) ر2nن3
Bi// o7 ebchange
Bi// o7 /a8ing VK€%* ةn4•1
Bi// o7 sa/e ˜4ب%* 'nT
Bi//boar8 (ga"t.) D2)>;ل% šر'3 ®G%
Bi//et (-ar#.)
Bi//et (Let.)
Bi//et mi//s ? b/ooming mi//s (Let.)
Bi//et shears (Let.) ة4B':;%* O(J%* ‡n3
Bi//et. 7orging O4J€(ل% D':3 ةي'ي'E ةل(s
Bi//hook ifn3
Bi//oY (n.) IRm5 ‚ ة3ر2T ةjG3
Bi//oY (a.)
Bi//oY! (a8^.) Q*G3H2s IRm(3
Bi/obate (Bio/.) V4lF 1ذ
Biman"a/ (Le8.) Vي'4%* 2(لJ, c_ن3
Bimester (n.) ةي>M` D>(F
Bimeta//ic (a8^.) (Let.)
Bimeta//ic a//o! (Let.) |':;%* ة4o2ن• ةJ4ب)
Bimeta//ic 7"se (P/ec. Png.) |':;%* $o2ن• >Ml3
Bimeta//ic re/a! (P/ec. Png.) V4B':3 1ذ OE>3
Bimeta//ic stri# (P/ec. Png. h!s.)
Bimeta//ic thermostat V4B':3 V3 Ÿ2()G3>5
Bimeta//ic thermostat (Png.) |':;%* ة4o2ن• ةKي>` 1ذ >(3G3>5
Bimeta//ic Yire (P/ec. Png.) V4B':3 V3 •ل)
Bimirror (°#tics.) ة4o2ن• D‰>3
Bimo/ec"/ar (a8^.) (-hem.) •rc_%* $o2ن•
Bimo/ec"/ar reaction (-hem.) •rc_%* $o2ن• OT2h5
Bimotore8 (a8^.) V4s>K;, =1c3
Bin (n.)
Bin (a.) ةB2d $F 1C ”1'ن™ $F ˜p1
Bin Yagon ة4ق1'ن™ ةبs>3
Binar! (a8^.) (-hem.) r>v` ‚ >lن:%* $o2ن•
$o2ن• . V4بB2j 1ذ
³2_5&* $o2ن• Oق2B . ³2_5&* $o2ن• ةق2R WGK3
$%23 1C r=2l(ق*) $o2ن• ”2h5*)
•*>hl%* . D>;%*
V)½* •2;%* ˜;_(ي Œ4E) ةن4h<%* ة:;j . ةن4h<%* >:ق)
ةن4h<%* $F V4بB2_%* ZلT) ة;_%* D'F*ر)
Ÿ232;l%* t4قG5 |24ب% ˆ@*>Aل,ˆ ZنKن3
r>3 . r1*>h™
>Kب%* $F '(;ي >ب%* V3 •G(B ~|2<%
ة%24ب;s ‚ $%23 'ن) ‚ |GB2ق š1>€3 ‚ ةKo& . D>sx3 . |24, ‚ |mT‘ . ةقر1 ‚ ةي'nB ةقر1 ‚ 02<K%* k€s
ة%24ب;s . iK) 'ن)
*>ي'(<3 ˜,*>%* ]>51 2Mن3 iB*Gj ة•m• Ÿ>€B) ة4ب€d ةل(s)
ة4B':3 ةJ4ب) ‚ rذ&GF 1C r'ي'E i4fق . ةنh%'ل% 1C ”>vل% 1C zبJل% ':;%* @2[%* 'ي'K%* V3 ةل(s
2;Mلn™1 ذ&Gh%* 1C 'ي'K%* ˜vn% O;:3 . O(J%* Ÿ2نh%'3
|2;%H*1 c4ل_Bž* S'% |G4ل3 |G4ل3 1 V44<B>h%*1 V44s>43H* S'% |G4ل3 k%C ~ |G4ل,
IRm5 . 0>vp*
V4B':3 V3 šGنl3 . |':;%* $o2ن•
Dر*>K%* >44A(, rG(ل5) V4B':3 V3 ةKي>`)
ةB2d .”1'ن™
Binar! a//o! (Let.) V4B':3 V3 ةJ4ب)
Binar! com#o"n8 (-hem.) Vي>lنT V3 is>3
Binar! conaerter (P/ec. Png.)
Binar! 8iaision (Bio/.) Vي>v` Z%‘ @2<nB*
Binar! 7ission (Bio/.)
Binar! sca/e $o2ن• Š24n3
Binar! sca/er (h!s.) $h:p =*':3
Binar! star (Astron.)
Binar! aa#o"r-engine (Png.) ر2[ب%* $o2ن• ]>K3
Binate (a8^.) (Bot.) Q1=c3 $o2ن•
Bina"ra/ ba/ance (Aco"s.) $o2ن• $:;) |X*G5
Bina"ra/ stethosco#e (Le8.) $o2ن• š2;<3
Bina"ra/(Aco"s.) V4BذC 1ذ ‚ V4BذH2, šG;<3
Bin8 (Lining.) ة4ن4R ةnبR
Bin8 (n.)
Bin8 (a.)
Bin8er (Agric.) ة3X2E D'lK3
Bin8er (n.)
Bin8er #"//e! (Png.) >4<%* '` D>J,
Bin8er! (n.) i(J%* '4ل_5 O;:3
Bin8ing (a8^.)
Bin8ing (n.) 02(s '4ل_5 $F ةل;:(<;%* =*G;%*
Bin8ing chain •,ر ةل<ل)
Bin8ing coi/s (P/ec. Png.)
Bin8ing energ! (-hem.) •,*>(%* ةق2R
Bin8ing /eaer (Png.) •,ر š*رذ
Bin8ing #ost (P/ec. Png.)
Bin8ing screY (Png.)
Bin8ing stra# (Png.) •,ر ”GR
Bin8ing Yire ? tie Yire (P/ec. Png.) •,ر •ل)
Bing-ore (Lin.) O(J%* >4A™ $™2™ر @2d
Binnac/e (ga"t.) ةن4h<%* ةل™G, ”1'ن™
Binoc"/ar (a8^.)
Binoc"/ar microsco#e (°#t.)
Binoc"/ar aision V4ن4:%2, ر2l,ž*
Binoc"/ars (°#t.) V4(4ن4T 1ذ ر2Nن3
Bino8e ? 8o"b/e-8io8e (©hermionics) Q1=c3 Gي*=
Binomia/ (a8^.) (Laths.)
Binomia/ (or binomina/) nomenc/at"re (Bio/.) ة4o2ن• ة4;<5
Binomia/ e9"ation (Laths.) Vي'E Ÿ*ذ ة%=2:3
Binomia/ series (Laths.) Vي'E Ÿ*ذ ة4%*G(3
Binomia/ theorem (Laths.) Vي'K%* Ÿ*ذ ةي>NB
Bio-aeration (Png.)
Bio-assa! (-hem.) 23 |*G4E ZلT ر2n:%* >4•—5 ر2ب(d*
Biob/ast (Bio/.) ةيG4E ة3G•>j
Biochemica/ (a8^.)
Biochemist rG4E $o24;s
Biochemistr! ةيG4K%* •24;4J%*
Bioc/imato/og! rG4K%* ¸2ن;%* IلT
Biogenesis (Bio/.) •24EH* V3 •24EH* '%*G5 ‚ D24K%* O™C
Biogenetic /aY (Bio/.)
Biogeogra#h! (Bio/.) ةيG4K%* 24F*>A_%*
Biogra#h! ‡[` D24E ة;j>5 1C D>4)
>;(<3 ر245 Z%‘ 012ن(3 ر245 V3) $o2ن• WGK3)
ة4ل[ل%) r>v€%* @2<nB&*)
]>(€3 ة4,ذ2j cs>3 WGE |*ر1'ي |2,ر2n(3 |2;_B . $o2ن• I_B
'4ق ‚ ة,2lT . §2,ر
2,2(s) 'لj ‚ ';p . ilT ‚ @c%C ‚ '4ق ‚ Ip ‚ @cE)
”*ر1C Dر2بp‘ ‚ ةn™& D=23‚ ‹m} ‚ D=2;p . §2,ر
'4n3 ‚ ijG3 . @cل3 ‚ ';f3 . U™& . •,*ر
ر*1'%* Q2(Bž* GfT ko2h% ]2JhB‘ ˜ن;%) •,ر Ÿ2h%)
O4™G5 •,>3 . $o2,>Ms •,>3
•,ر ر2<3 . •,>%* i%G%
V4(4ن4T 1ذ . ة4ن4:%* $o2ن• ‚ V4ن4:%* 2(لJ, Uل:(3
V4(4ن4T 1ذ >M_3 . ة4ن4:%* $o2ن• 0GJ)1>J43
'K%* $o2ن• . Vي'E 1ذ
•24EC 1C D24E ~2+2ن:3 ةo=2,
'<s—(%* Uي>R VT >ير2_;%* >4Mv5) ة4K%* ةيGM(%* ةnي>R)
rG4E r124;4s . r124;sG4,
rG4K%* $•*رG%* رGv(%* |GB2ق . –)2ن(%* |GB2ق
Bio/ogic(a/) (a8^.) (Bio/.)
Bio/ogica/ barrier (Bio/.) $o24EC Uo2T
Bio/ogica/ shie/8 (h!s.) š2:`ž* V3 ”*1 šر=
Bio/ogist (Bio/.)
Bio/"minescence (Bio/.)
Bio/!sis (Bio/.)
Biometer (Bio/.)
Biometr! (Bio/.)
Biomicrosco#e (Bio/.) $o24EC >M_3
Bionomic c/assi7ication •24EH* ة\4, k4نl5
Bionomics ? eco/og! (Bio/.)
Bios#here (weog.)
Biostratigra#hic co/"mn (weo/.) Ÿ2nبvل%* rG4E =G;T
Biostratigra#h! (weo/.)
Biostroms (weo/.)
Biota (Bio/.)
Biotic (Bio/.)
Biotic 7actor (Bot.)
Biotite (Lin.)
Biotron (¢a8io.) V4,GبBC Ÿ*ذ I4[f5 D>o*=
Biot!#e (Bio/.) $o24EH* X*>v%*
Biobi8e ? 8iobi8e (-hem.) '4<sC $B2•
Bi#artite (a8^.) (Bot.)
Bi#ass ? b!#ass (Png.) $بB2j >;3
Bi#e8a/ (eoo/.)
Bi#/ane (Aero.)
Bi#/ate (°#t.) $o2ن• ®G%
Bi#o/ar (a8^.) ivn%* $o2ن•
Bi#o/ar e/ectro8e ? secon8ar! e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) ivn%* $o2ن• =1>(J%‘
Bi#o/ar receiaer (P/ec. -omm.) V4بvق 1ذ Oبn(<3
Bi#rism (hotog.)
Bi9"a8ratic (a8^.) (Laths.) ˜4,>(%* kT2f3
Bi9"a8ratic e9"ation (Laths.)
Bira8ia/ s!mmetr! (eoo/.) >vn%* $o2ن• O•2;5
Biramo"s (weo/.) š>h(%* ة4o2ن•
Birch (-ar#.) &G(ب%* i€d
Bir8·s-e!e aieY (´"ra.)
Bire7ringence (Lin.)
Bire7ringent (a8^.) ر2<JB&* Q1=c3
Birmingham Âire wa"ge (Png.) $32M_ن3>ب%* ]m)H* Š24ق ='K3
Birotation ? m"tarotation (-hem.) ˜نl%* Œي'E WGلK;% 02vn()&* SG(<3 |*ر1=
Birth-mark ? naea"s (Le8.)
Birth contro/
Bischo7 #rocess (-hem.)
Bisect (a.)
Bisection (n.) (Laths.)
Bisector (Laths.)
Bisectrib (°#t.)
Biserrate (a8^.) V4ن<(%* Q1=c3
Biseb"a/ ? herma#hro8ite (Bot. eoo/.)
$o24EC . $jG%G4,
$o24EC I%2T . •24EC I%2T
ة4jG%G4, . •24EH* IلT
ة4K%* Ÿ2نo2J%* †:, VT رGن%* ر1'™ ~$o24EH* >h<h(%*
D24K%* kل5 . D24K%* WmKB*
ةيG4K%* Š24n3 . (zhن(%* I44n(,) D24K%* ر*'n3 Š24n3
D24K%* WGR >ي'n5 . D24K%* Š24ق . (ة4o24Ež* ŸmJ€;%* ZلT Uبv5 ة4o2lE‘ Ÿ2)*ر=) ة4o2lEž* ة4jG%G4ب%*
2M52\4,1 ة4K%* Ÿ2نo2J%* V4, Ÿ2قm:%* ة)*ر=) ة\4ب%* IلT)
ة4o24Ež* (2nيc4h%*) Ÿ24:4بv%* IلT
’رH* “v) V3 •24EH* {لA€5 rx%* •c_%* ~rG4K%* ‹mA%*
2M4F •24EH* 2ي2n, V3 ة4,G)>%* رG[l%* VيGJ(% $[ير2(%* ˜,2((%* ة)*ر= ~ةيG4E ة4F*>A45*>()*
ة4ب:` رG[™ . @1>()G4,
2M52B*G4E1 ةnvن3 Ÿ2بB ~Ÿ2يG4E
rG4E . $o24EC . $524E
Ÿ2بن%* ZلT ³>4•—5 {%) $524E O32T)
•*=G<%* 2J4;%* ~t45G4,
$o2ن• . V4;<ق 1ذ. رGv(3
V43'ق 1ذ . V4لjر 1ذ
V4Kv) Ÿ*ذ D>o2R ‚ V4E2نj Ÿ*ذ . (D>o2vل%) V4Kv) Ÿ*ذ
$o2ن• رG€ن3 . $o2ن• رG`G3
ة:,*>%* ةjر'%* V3) ة4T2,ر ة%=2:3)
@2T >Nن3 . OT V3 >Nن3
Ÿ*رGلب%* †:, $F) Q1=c3 ر2<JB*)
ة32` . W2d . ة;E1
O<ن%* •بp . O<ن%* 'ي'K5
D=2TÁ% . *ر>J3 . S>dC D>3
Q*'4h)H*) ةي'T2n%* ¡2™>%* Ÿ2BG,>s ˜نl% ~ˆ‹G€4,ˆ ةnي>R)
Žjc3 >4} ر2[F . WGnl3 >4} ‹cd
klB ‚ š>h5 . i:€B‘ . >v`
kl(ن3 ‚ k4lن5 . >v`
šGلp 1C 2ي*1X) kl(ن3 )
VيرGK3 Ÿ*ذ DرGلب% V4ي>lب%* VيرGK;%* V4, DرGlK;%* ةي1*cل%) ةي1*c%* klن3)
zن_%* $o2ن• . Z›نd
Bism"th (Bi) (-hem.)
Bism"th s#ira/ (P/ec. Png.)
Bism"tite (Lin.)
Bis"/#hate (-hem.) Ÿ2(ي>بs $B2•
Bis"/#hi8e (-hem.)
Bis"/#hite t4(ي>بs $B2•
Bis!mmetrica/ (a8^.) O•2;(%* $o2ن•
Bis!nchrono"s motor (P/ec. Png.) V3*c(%* $o2ن• ]>K3
Bit-brace (Png.) Inل, ‹2hل3
Bit-stock (Png.) 02n›;%* Dر*=‘ †بn3 ‚ in• ‹2hل3
Bit (Png.)
Bit (Lining.)
Bit (n.)
Bit ga"ge ? bit sto# (Png.) >hK%* U;:5 Š24ق ='K3
Bit. a"ger (Png.) ة;ي>,
Bit. b/a8e (Png.) ة4لlB ة;4n%
Bit. borer (Png.) 02n›3 ة;n%
Bit. boring (Png.)
Bit. brace-an8 (-ar#.) ‹2hل%* in›;%*
Bit. brace (Png.) ‹2hل3 In%
Bit. centre (Png.) rcs>3 in›3
Bit. chise/ O43Xž* ة;n%
Bit. co//a#sib/e (Png.) $vل% ةل,2ق ة;n%
Bit. co"ntersink ²يG[5 ة;n%
Bit. cross (Png.) ةب%2l(3 ة;n%
Bit. c"ttings (-ia. Png.) Dر2hK%* Dر2<s
Bit. 8rag (et. Png.)
Bit. 8ri// >hK%* in›3 ة;n%
Bit. eb#ansiae (-ar#.) ة4T2<5* ة;ي>,
Bit. 7ish-rai/ ةJ;<%* Oيذ OJ€, ة;n%
Bit. 7o"r-Ya! W2lBH* ة4T2,ر ة;n%
Bit. ^et (Png.) Œhن;, in• ة;n%
Bit. m"8 (et. Png.) $ن4v%* >hK%* ة;n%
Bit. m"/ti#/e b/a8e (Png.) W2lBH* D=':(3 ة;n%
Bit. #i/ot (Png.) ة4ل4%= >hE ة;n%
Bit. #"//er >hK%* ة;n% ة,ms
Bit. reamer (Png.) >يGn(%* 02n›3 ة;n%
Bit. reaming (Png.) 0Gn›%* ˜4)G5 ة;n%
Bit. rock (et. Png.)
Bit. rock ro//er (et. Png.) رG[lل% $B*ر1= >hE ة;n%
Bit. rotar! (et. Png.) $B*ر1= >hE ة;n%
Bit. s#"88ing (et. Png.)
Bit. star (et. Png.) ˜vn;%* ة4;_B >hE ة;n%
Bit. three-Ya! (et. Png.) W2lBH* ة4•m• ة;n%
Bit. too/ (Png.) ˜vn%* D'T ة;n%
Bitangent (Laths.) Q1=c3 Š2;3
Bitartarate (-hem.) Ÿ*>R>R $o2ن•
Biter#enes (-hem.) Ÿ2ن4,>5 $o2ن•
Bitheca (weo/.) $o2ن• ‹m}
Bitter /ake (weo/.) D>3 D>4K,
Bittern (-hem.)
Bitts (ga"t.) D';TH* Q1=c3 W2بE •,>3
Bit"/ithic (-hem.) >4n%2, •mv%*
Bit"mastic so/"tion (-hem.) ة,GR>ل% '32™ $Jvl3 r>4ق •mR
c,) ³c3ر †4,C rcلF >lنT ~«G3cب%*)
$<4vنA;%* UF'(%* Ÿ2)24ق $F @'[(<ي) «G3cب%* ]m)C V3 “v<3 kل3)
«G3cب%* Ÿ2BG,>s V3 >لب(3 >4} OJ` ~t45G3c4ب%* |':3
'4(ي>بs $B2• . رG(ي>بs $B2•
ة;n% ‚ ةي12J%* ŠCر ‚ ŽK;%* |2<% . ر2_ن%* in›3
•hن%* ر2,‰ Dر2hK% ة;n% . رG[l%* >hK% 02n›3
D>4A™ ة:vق ‚ ة;4J` . ة;JE
kيG_5 ة;n% . 02n›;%* ةلlB
DGd>%* Ÿ2nبvل%) œ2يرC Ÿ*ذ >hE ة;n%)
رG[lل%) ةنن<3 V4F&= Ÿ*ذ >hE ة;n%)
‹>v%* ةق'(<3) $لبs >hE ة;n%)
{ن3 @2:v%* “ل3 i4)>5 ':, $nب(;%* ~>;%* >Kب%* •23
Bit"men (-hem.)
Bit"mini7ero"s (a8^.) ر2nل% 12E
Bit"mino"s (a8^.)
Bit"mino"s coa/ (-hem.)
Bit"mino"s 7e/t (-hem.)
Bit"mino"s ^oint 7i//er (-hem.) $(لh)‘ G€E |G_:3
Bit"mino"s #aint (-hem.) r>4ق 1C rر2ق |2+=
Bit"mino"s #eat (-hem.) r>4ق Œd
Bit"mino"s #itch (-hem.) r>_K%* IKh%* tFX
Bit"mino"s #/astics (-hem.) ةي>4ق Vo*'%
Bit"mino"s rock (weo/.) r>4ق >[™
Bit"mino"s san8s (Lining.) ةي>4n%* W23>%*
Bit"mino"s sha/es (Lining.)
Bi"ret (-hem.) ة4ل432,>s 2يرGي
Bi"ret reaction (-hem.) V451>ب%*1 2يرG4%* VT k€Jل% $o24EC r12;4s OT2h5
Biaa/ent ? 8iaa/ent (-hem.) uF2J(%* $o2ن•
Biaa/ae (Png.) V432;™ 1ذ
Bk (berke/i"m) (-hem.)
B/ack- -bo8! ra8iation (h!s.) =G)H* I<_%* š2:`‘
B/ack- -bo8! tem#erat"re (h!s.) =G)H* I<_%* Dر*>E
B/ack-ban8 iron-ore (Let. Png.) @2[%* 'ي'K%* V3 ”2vB
B/ack-ban8 ironstone (Lin.) =G)C r'ي'E >_E
B/ack (a8^.)
B/ack (n.)
B/ack (a.)
B/ack am#/i7ier (P/ec. -omm.)
B/ack bo8! (h!s.)
B/ack concentrate (Lining.)
B/ack co##er (Let.)
B/ack 8am# ? 7ire8am# (Lining.)
B/ack 8e#osit •*=G) Dر*>ق
B/ack 8iamon8 ? carbona8o (Lin.)
B/ack g/ass (hotog.)
B/ack iron (Let.) =G)C 'ي'E
B/ack iaor! (a8^.) $j2T =G)C
B/ack ^ack ? b/en8e (Lin.) •Bc%* '4(ي>بs
B/ack ^a#an (Png.)
B/ack /ea8 (n.) rر2_5 t4F*>}
B/ack /ight (h!s.)
B/ack market •*=G<%* ”G<%*
B/ack mi// (6o"n8r!)
B/ack mortar (B"i/8.) =G)H* §m;%*
B/ack oi/ (Png.) Ÿ1X23 ‚ =G)H* tيc%*
B/ack #/ate (Png.) =G)C 'ي'E ®G%
B/ack re8-heat (6o"n8r!)
B/ack sa/ts (-hem.) @2[%* @G4)25Gب%* Ÿ2BG,>s
B/ack san8 (6o"n8r!)
B/ack stra# (et. Png.) ¡2™>%* t4(ي>بs V3 •*=G) Dر*>ق
B/ack tin (Let.) r>ي'lق @2d
B/ack aarnish (aint.) Q2ن<%2, =G<3 U4B>,
B/ackening (¨//"m.)
B/acking (7o"n8r!)
B/acking (hotog.)
tFX . >;E . >4ق . ر2ق
r>;E . r >4ق . rر2ق
$ن43G4(, IKF . r>;E 1C rر2ق IKF
$ن43G4(, IKF . r>4ق =2ب%
ةي>4n%* ةي>[l%* “o2hl%* . r>4ق OhR
@G4لs>ب%* >lن:% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~•,
=*G<%2, “€(3 . =G)C
ةTGبv3 ةh4K™ ZلT) ةبo2` ‚ =G)C |G% 1C qب™)
رGن%* i_E ‚ (ةT*ذ‘) ZلT œG` ‚ =*G<%2, ZلR
Ol(3 $R Ž+G(%* 'B {نT ر'lي) =G)C I<j)
>45 ZلT ةيG(K;%* ة,>5H* O<} ':, Znبي =G)H* 'ي'K%* '4<sC1 i+x%* IAل3 V3 Žيc3)=G)H* cs>;%*
>Ml%* |G5C $F '<su;%* Š2Kن%* Ÿ232d V3 Q>[(<;%*) =G)H* Š2Kن%*)
IKh%* Ij2ن3 $F) |G,>J%* '4<sC $B2•)
D>hن<ل% O;:(<ي >لب(3 IKF . =G)C Š2;%*
{4F 'ي'K%*1 c4نAن;%* Ÿ2بs>3 =GjG%) ';sC Q2jX)
‹2h_%* ˜ي>)1 ‹2h` {ب` G+1) =G)H* |2,24%* ²4Bر1)
رGNن3 >4} š2:`‘ . =G)C •Gp
$BG,>J%* ”GK<;%* ˜نl%) t4F*>A%* ةnK<3)
$%*GE) ةنs*'%* •*>;K%* Dر*>K%* ةjر= ¾µ… 1C =*>A(ن) ¿ „……… t4MB>F ¿ )
•ب<;%* ’رC $F œ>hي IKh%* 0*>51 O3>%* V3 Žيc3) =G)C O3ر)
=G)C ®G% . DرGب)
ةل4(h%* WmKB2, Od*'%* V3 $o2,>MJ%* ®2بl;%* =*=G)* ~=*=G)*
t4F*>} . $BG,>s ”GK<3
>يGl(%* X2Mj V3 ة4لd*'%* “v)H* 'يG<5 . 'يG<5
B/ackmai/ (n.) 'ي'M(%2, X*c(,*
B/ackmai/ (a.) 'ي'M(%2, c(,*
B/acko"t (or b/ack o"t) (n.)
B/acko"t (a.)
B/acko"t e77ect (P/ectronics) Ov:(%* D>+2•
B/acksmith (n.) =*'E
B/acksmithing (n.) D=*'E
B/a88er (eoo/.)
B/a8e (P/ec. Png.)
B/a8e (Png.)
B/a8e (eoo/.)
B/a8e ang/e (ga"t.. Aero.)
B/a8e back (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* >M•
B/a8e bit (Png.) ة4لlB ة;n%
B/a8e e/ement (ga"t.. Aero.) ةE1>;%* D>h` V3 •cj
B/a8e inter7erence (Aero.) ةE1>;%* ²ير Od*'5
B/a8e #itch ang/e (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* DGvd ةي1*X
B/a8e #itch in8icator ة€ي>%* DGvd V4ب3
B/a8e retaining n"t (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* UBX ة%G;™
B/a8e root (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* رxj
B/a8e section (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* ˜vn3
B/a8e shank (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* ”2)
B/a8e ti# (ga"t.. Aero.) ة€ي>%* ‹>R
B/a8e Yi8th ratio (ga"t.. Aero.)
B/a8e. saY (Png. -ar#.) ر2€ن;%* OlB
B/a8e8 (a8^.)
B/a8ing (n.) W2lن%* i4s>5
B/ame (n.)
B/ame (a.)
B/anc 8e chine (-hem.)
B/anc 7ibe (-hem.) ة4T2نv™&* @Gير2ب%* Ÿ2(ي>بs
B/anch (a.)
B/an8o/ (et. Png.) k4hd $%1>(, Oo2)
B/ank (a8^.)
B/ank (Png.)
B/ank (n.)
B/ank (a.)
B/ank bo/t (Png.)
B/ank cartri8ge
B/ank 8oor (B"i/8.)
B/ank en8 (o7 a #i#e) =1'<;%* ‹>v%*
B/ank eb#eriment ةv,2p ة,>_5
B/ank 7/ange (Png.)
B/ank ho/e U,2v(3 >4} in•
B/ank o77 (a.) ةK(h%* ')
B/ank #i#e (et. Png.) '<%* ة;JK3 >ب) DرG)23
B/ank test (-hem.) Oh} ر2ب(d*
B/ank Ya// (B"i/8.)
B/anket (n.)
B/ankete8 area ة,G_K3 ةE2<3
B/anking (Png.) W2h}H* O4J€5
B/anking (Let.) Ÿ2K(h%* ') 1C ة4vA5
B/anking (©e/ea.)
B/anking 8ie (Png.) W2h}H* OlF i%2ق
@m•‘ . I4(:5
Ov:5 . œG` ‚ I(T . Iل•C
$o2€} z4s .ةB2›3
$ن4J) ®2(h3 ة€ير . $o2,>MJ%* ®2(h;%* ةلlB
ةK4h™ ‚ OlB . D>h` ‚ ¡2F>%* 1C ةE1>;%* ة€ير
Ÿ2بن%* $F) ةقرG%* OlB)
¡2F>%* 1C ةE1>;%* $F) ة€ي>%* ةي1*X)
>vn%* Z%‘) ة€ي>%* ’>T ةب<B)
OlB 1ذ . Olن3
O€h%*) ة4%1u<3 . @G%)
O€F 1C —vd) VT &G\<3 >ب(T* . @&)
V4ل)1>بل% š2;% †4,C •mR ~$ن4™ ’24,
>ي'ln%2, (ذ&Gh%* “o2h™) ZلR ‚ |Gل%* †4, 1C >lق
ر2F ‚ ة,2(J%* V3 W2d‚ $BG% & . †4,C
O4J€(ل% D':3 ة4B':3 ة:vق ~Oh}
QذG;B ‚ ’24, . *>F
OlF . ˜vق ‚ z;R
ةب%G% |1', ~ Oh} ر2;<3
2M4F ¡2™ر &1 *=1ر2, rGK5 ~ة4بلd ة`GR>d
“(hني &) $لJ` 02,)
ة,Gn›3 >4}) ةnلA3 0GبBC ةh`)
{4F Ÿ2K(F &) t;l3 ر*'j)
•2v} . ر2•= . ة4B2v,
ةn,2<%* Dر2`ž* GK3 ~@m•‘
B/ast-7"rnace (Let.)
B/ast-7"rnace gas (-hem.) $%2:%* |>h%* X2}
B/ast-7"rnace s/ag $%2:%* |>n%* Œبd
B/ast (n.)
B/ast (a.) >_F ‚ “h% ‚ k<B ‚ klT
B/ast c/eaning (Let.) $o*GM%* ˜F'%2, k4Nن(%*
B/ast gate (Png.) •*GM%* 'l3 1C ة,*G,
B/ast ho/e kl:%* ةK(F
B/ast main (Let.) $<4o>%* kl:%* 0GبBC
B/ast noyy/e ? ebha"st noyy/e (¨.-. Png.) @=2:%* Œhن3
B/ast #i#e (Png.) ر2[ب%* kي>l5 DرG)23
B/ast san8 $ل3ر ˜h)
B/ast shock ر2_hB&* ة3'™
B/ast Ya// 2ي2N€%* V3 ”*1 ر*'j
B/ast. air (Let.)
B/ast. a/arm rر*xB‘ >4_h5
B/aste8 (a8^.)
B/aste8 ore (Lining.) Ÿ*>_h(;%* {(h<B @2d
B/aster 7"se W2:`ž* ة\4v, >4_h5 ةل4(F
B/aster oi/ ? nitrog/!cerine (-hem.) Vي>4<4ل}1>(B
B/asting ca# >4_h(%* ة%G<بs
B/asting charge
B/asting 7"se (P/ec. Png.) W2:`ž* •$vب%* k<ن%* O4(F
B/asting ge/atin (-hem.) >_h(3 @m+
B/asting machine >4_h5 ةنJ3
B/asting #oY8er >_h(3 ”GK<3
B/asting. coa/ (Lining.) r>_K%* IKh%* >4_h5
B/asting. e/ectric •2,>MJ%2, k<ن%*
B/asto8erm (Bio/.)
B/astomere (Bio/.) ة4%G()m, ة4لd
B/ast"/a (Bio/.)
B/ast"/ation (Bio/.)
B/aye (n.)
B/aye (a.)
B/each (n.) >4ln5 D=23 ‚ |Gل%* D>lق
B/each (a.)
B/each intake /ine ر1رGلJ%* ¡2l(3* 0GبBC
B/each intake aa/ae ر1رGلJ%* ¡2l(3* @2;™
B/each #aste zلJ%* ر1رGلs |G_:3
B/eacher! ة€;قH* †4ب5 |2J3
B/eaching #oY8er (-hem.)
B/eaching so/"tion (-hem.) |*G%H* >4ln5 WGلK3
B/ee8 (n.) ‹cن3
B/ee8 (a.)
B/ee8. air •*GM%* ‹cB ‚ ةيGM(%* in•
B/ee8er (or b/ee8er aa/ae)
B/ee8er c"rrent (P/ec.) $oc_5 ر245
B/ee8er resistance (P/ec. -omm.) ة4oc_5 ة312n3
B/ee8er screY (Png.) ‹cن%* •بp i%G%
B/ee8er aa/ae (Png.) qي>h5 1C ‹*cن()* @2;™
|=2:;%* >M™ |G5C ‚ $%2:%* |>h%* . >Ml%* |>F
˜h) . ةKh% ‚ ر2_hB*
$o*G+ š2F'B* . 0Gب+
®Ghل3 ‚ (D>_h(3 O:h,) >3'3
klT . ˜h) ‚ k<B
ةh)2B DG€E . k<ن%* ةنK`
@ر=G()m, . $3G•>j •2€}
D>s2ب%* رGv(%* OE*>3 $F V4ن_%* W2J`C V3 OJ` ~ة%G()m, . ة;›ي>j
I•>_5 . ة%G()mب%* |GJ5
¬j2h3 ر2_hB* ‚ Uي>E ‚ Ž+1 . ˜R2) iM% . i4M%
U%—5 . ˜;% ‚ iM(%*
W2E ‚ †4,‘. >lق . †4,
>4ln(%* X2Mj ~ Dر2lق ‚ œ2;n%* >lnي 1C †4بي V3 ~ر2lق
Dر2lق ‚ >يGK5 . >4ln5 .†4ب5
zلJ%* ر1رGلs ”GK<3 . †44ب(%* ”GK<3
ةd2hB . ةT2nF ‚ D>›,
'lhB* ‚ 'lF . ‹cB ‚ ‹cن()*
‹>l%* @2;™ . ‹*cن()* @2;™ 1C zبK3
B/ee8ing (Bot.) q<ن%* iلK5 1C “fB
B/ee8ing (Png.)
B/ee8ing (n.)
B/ee8ing (aint)
B/ee8ing (hotog.) رGl%* ZلT qبl%* ر2€(B*
B/ee8ing . grease (et. Png.) tيcل% IK€%* ‹cB
B/emish (n.)
B/en8 (n.)
B/en8 (a.)
B/en8e (or yinc b/en8e) (Lin) •Bc%* '4(ي>بs ‚ •Bc%* X2sر
B/en8e8 7"e/ (-hem.) k%G3 =Gق1
B/en8e8 gaso/ine k%G3 Vيcن,
B/en8e8 inheritance $•*رG%* Qc;%*
B/en8ing. in /ine i4,2BH* Od*= Qc;%*
B/ight (Bot.)
B/im# (Aero.) >4A™ =2vن3
B/in8 (a8^.)
B/in8 (n.) =*G_%* ة32;} ‚ D=*') ‚ Dر2()
B/in8 (a.)
B/in8 a##roach (Aero.) Z;TC 0*>(ق*
B/in8 a##roach beacon s!stem (Aero.) Z;TH* 0*>(ق&* {4jG(% r=*ر @2NB
B/in8 coa/
B/in8 8ri7t (Lining.) xF2B >4} 0>)
B/in8 7/ange (Png. /"mb) D=1'<3 •,ر ةh`
B/in8 7/!ing (Aero.)
B/in8 7/!ing instr"ments (Aero.)
B/in8 7/!ing #ane/ Z;TH* |*>4v%* ةEG%
B/in8 ho/e
B/in8 /an8ing (Aero.) Z;TC •E
B/in8 /o8e ? b/in8 aein (Lining.) ’رH* “v) ”GF X>بي & $B':3 ”>T
B/in8 mortise-an8- tenon ^oint (-ar#.) ة4hlB |2<%1 >nB ةل™1
B/in8 mortise (-ar#.) xF2B >4} kيG_5 1C >nB
B/in8 s#ot (Bio/.. ¢a8io.) •24;T ة:n,
B/in8 too/ing
B/in8ing (-ia. Png.) t4Fc(%* •2ن•C ر2n%* ZلT رG[l%* Dر2<s œر
B/in8ing (n.)
B/in8ness co/o"r |*G%H* Z;T
B/ink (n.)
B/ink (a.)
B/ink microsco#e (Astron.) †3*G%* >M_;%*
B/inker /ight (Aero.)
B/inker signa/ ’231 •Gf, Dر2`‘
B/inker. ob!gen V4_<sH* |2ي>) V4ب3
B/i# (¢a8io.)
B/ister (Aco"s.)
B/ister (n.) (Bio/.)
B/ister (a.)
B/ister bar (Let.) •hن3 i4fق
B/ister co##er (Let.) •hن3 Š2KB
B/ister gas •F2B X2}
B/ister stee/ (Let.) •hن3 ذ&GF
ةير2[, D'E1 $F ةيxA(%* ³243 V4[<(% ر2[ب%* V3 •cj ‹*cن()* ~ ‹*cن()&*
'lF . •23=‘ . ‹cB
ة4o2Mن%* ة4لv%2, ةنvب;%* ة4لv%* |G% §m(d* ~ ةل[%*
ةنo2` . i4T
k%*G(3 §Gل[3 ‚ ةh4%G5 . Žيc3
Qc3 . k%*G5 . ةh%*G;ل% •لd
•لd . Qc3 . k4%G5
>[B . ةF‰
=1'<3 . xF2B >4} ‚ 0G_K3 . >((<3 ‚ “p*1 >4} ‚ >lب%* ‹GhJ3 . Z;TC
>(<, ZhdC ‚ Iل•C . I(TC‚ Z;T . Z;TC
iM% |1', ”>(Kي ~k4hs IKF
ةي1ر m,) Z;TC |*>4R)
ةي1ر m,) Z;TC |*>4v%* DcMjC)
xF2B >4}) =1'<3 in•)
'ل_3 02(s ‹m} ZلT) •nF •Af%2, ˜بv%*)
V4ن4:%* 0Gl:3 . Z;:3
•2hd‘ . i_E . ة4;:5
ةي2;T . Z;T
†431 ‚ D>NB . ةK;%
†31 . †31C ‚ ²3رC
†3G3 ®2بl3 . †3*1 •Gp
ر*=*>%* ة`2` ZلT (ةfبB 1C) DرG™
•Af%* S'% ر2[ب%* ”mvB* VT Ž52B ةB*Gv)H* ZلT Oلd) ةR2hB . ة,2بE)
®>ق . D>›, . ةvnB
®>n5 . >›ب5 . •hن5
B/ity (n.) ? b/itykrieg (Li/.) ةhR2d 0>E
B/ity (a.) ةhR2d 2,>E V`
B/iyyar8 (Leteor.)
B/ob (n.)
B/ock-ho/ing (Lining.) >4_h(%2, رG[l%* >4<J5
B/ock-in-co"rse (B"i/8.) ة5GKن;%* ر2_EH2, '44€(%*
B/ock-re/ease s!stem $T2;j ”2(T‘ @2NB
B/ock (-ar#.)
B/ock (Png.) W2n•H* ˜F>% D>J,
B/ock (n.)
B/ock (aint.) {4€4لs
B/ock ? heart-b/ock (Le8.) $B2ي>` =*'<B‘
B/ock a/b"min (-hem.) @'%* W&X
B/ock brake (Png.)
B/ock c/"tch (Png.) $s2J(E&* †,2n%*
B/ock c!/in8er (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* ةTG;_3
B/ock 8iagram (Png.)
B/ock 7a"/ting (weo/.) $ل(s š'l5
B/ock ga"ge (Png.)
B/ock grease (Png.) i%*Gق OJ` ZلT IK`
B/ock han8/e (Png.) ةs>K%* ˜ن3 š*رذ
B/ock /aaa (weo/.)
B/ock /etters ةن4[• ةلlhن3 ‹1>E
B/ock /ine (Png.) $Jل<%* Dر2Jب%* •ي>`
B/ock mo"ntains (weo/.)
B/ock osci//ator (¢a8io.) ˜B23 0x,x3
B/ock #aaement (-ia. Png.) ةل4v(<3 O(J, •4لب(%*
B/ock #/an (B"i/8.)
B/ock #/ane (-ar#.)
B/ock signa/ (¢ai/Ya!s) ةي=2M%* Dر2`ž*
B/ock s!stem (¢ai/Ya!s) ةي=2M%* Ÿ*ر2`ž* @2NB
B/ock test (Png.) “بJ;%* ر2ب(d*
B/ock tin (/"mb.)
B/ock traae//ing (Png.) ةs>K(;%* Ÿ*>Jب%* ةTG;_3
B/ock. bottom (Png.) ة4لh<%* Ÿ*>Jب%* ةTG;_3
B/ock. b"m#er @'l;%* ةلبs
B/ock. chain (Png.) Dر*1= ةل<ل) Ÿ*ذ Dر2J,
B/ock. chains (Png.) ة4لp2h(%* Dر2Jبل% Dر*1= ةل<ل)
B/ock. 8i77erentia/ (Png.)
B/ock. e/eaating (Png.) š2F>3
B/ock. engine (Png.) ]>K;%* ةTG;_3
B/ock. 7ee8 (Png.) ةيxA(%* ةTG;_3
B/ock. 7orm (Let.) O4J€5 i%2ق
B/ock. hemis#herica/ (Png.) ةي1>s klB ةل(s
B/ock. motor (Png.) ]>K;%* ةل(s
B/ock. #o"n8ing (Png.)
B/ock. #"//e! (Png.) Dر2J,
B/ock. sto# (Png.) ‹2nيž* ةل(s
B/ock. t"be 7orming (Png.) i4,2BH* O4J€5 i%2ق
B/ocka8e ةب(T ‚ ر2lE
B/ockb"ster ر2_hB&* D'ي'` ة;[p ةلبنق
>›ب5 . •hن5
U3= . ة4_ل• ةh™2T
ةjc% D>ي'(<3 ةل(s 1C ةvhB . ةT2nF . ةvhB
OبE1 D>J, ~ Dر2J,
V4(ي1*X •)2;(%) ة4ب€d ة;n%)
@2E=X* ‚ i%2ق ‚ ةTG;_3 ‚ |':3 1C >_E 1C i€d V3 ةل(s ‚ “,2s . ˜B23 . Uo2T
i4ق2بn%2, ةل3>F . Inل%2, “بJ3
•<ب3 ŽMB . OE*>;ل% $v4v[5 I)ر
Š24ق i%2ق . (z4ي2n;%* $F ةق'%* ‡Kh%) D>ي2:;%* ةل(s
D>TG%* ةل(J(;%* ة,m%* I;E ~D>E
2M%GE 23 §GبM, 1C $+ 2MT2F'B2, tBGJ5 ~ةير2<JB* W2بj
2:3 ®>(n;%*1 =GjG;%* •2نب%* O;€ي) •2ن, •v[3)
Q2K<3 .ة_K<3
‹>™ >ي'lق . $nB >ي'lق
ة4لp2h5 Dر2J, . >Jب%* Ÿ*ذ
D=*'E ”'3 . ”'3
O4ب) ’*>(T* . ') . =*'<B*
B/ocke8 (a8^.) >™2K3 ‚ ';_3 ‚ =1'<3
B/ocke8 im#e8ance (P/ec.)
B/ockhea8 (a8^.)
B/ocking-o"t ة4بل<%* DرGl%* z;R
B/ocking con8enser (©e/eg.) ˜B23 k›J3
B/ocking /a!er (weo/.) ة:B2;%* ةnبv%*
B/ockish (a8^.)
B/ockn"t (Png.) UBX ة%G;™
B/ocks (ga"t.) ‹2j ’GE $F D'T2n%* ®*G%C
B/oo8-aesse/ (eoo/.) rG3= •2T1
B/oo8 bank (Le8.) @'%* •ن,
B/oo8 ce// ? haematob/ast (Bio/.) ةيG3= ة4لd
B/oo8 circ"/ation (eoo/.) @'%* Dر1=
B/oo8 c/ot (eoo/.)
B/oo8 cor#"sc/e ? er!throc!te ? /e"coc!te (eoo/.)ةيG3= ةي>s
B/oo8 cr!sta/s (eoo/.)
B/oo8 gro"# (Le8.)
B/oo8 gro"#ing @'%* Ÿ2\F k4نl5
B/oo8 #/asma (eoo/.)
B/oo8 #/ate/et ? thromboc!te (eoo/.)
B/oo8 #ress"re (Le8.)
B/oo8 ser"m (eoo/.)
B/oo8 test @'%* ‡KF
B/oo8 trans7"sion (Le8.) @'%* OnB
B/oo8 t!#e (Le8.)
B/oo8/etting (Le8.)
B/oo8re8 (a8^.)
B/oom (Bot.)
B/oom (Let.)
B/oom (hotog.) ة,GR>%* V3 •2€}
B/oom (a.)
B/oom stee/ (Let.) Ÿ*رGن%* ذ&GF
B/ooming mi// (Let.) Ÿ*رGن%* ةنh%'3
B/ossom (Bot.)
B/ossom (a.)
B/ot (n.)
B/ot (a.)
B/otting-#a#er ¡2l3 1C ‹2€B ”ر1
B/oY-an8- b/oY machines (Png.) 2l31 2[hB Q2jc%* O4J€5 Ÿ2نJ3
B/oY-ben8ing test (Png.) ”>v%2, •2نKB&* ر2ب(d*
B/oY-b! (¨.-. Png.) 0><(;%* ”*>(E&* X2}
B/oY-8oYn cock (Png.)
B/oY-8oYn 8r"m (Png.) kي>l5 •2T1
B/oY-8oYn #i#ing (Png.) ˜ي><%* qي>h(%* i4,2BC
B/oY-8oYn tank (Png.) ˜ي><%* qي>h(%* |*cd
B/oY-8oYn aa/ae (Png.)
B/oY-o77 cock (Png.) kي>l(%* zبK3
B/oY-o77 #i#e (-ia. Png.) kي>l(%* DرG)23
B/oY-o77 aa/ae (Png.) kي>l(%* @2;™
B/oY-o"t (Png.)
B/oY-o"t (Let.)
B/oY-o"t coi/ ? magnetic b/oY-o"t (P/ec. Png.)
ة<4بE ة:B2;3 . ة:4ن;%* ةق12:;%*
{ل,C . U;EC
VlE . On:3
') . >lE ‚ •,ر . t4ب›5
”>dC . U;EC
ةيG3= ةvلj . ةnلT
@'%* 02fd ~ رG;K4%* Ÿ*رGJ,
@'%* D>3X . @'%* ة\F
ةيG3= $%G4+ . @'%* Ol3 . @'%* 23Xm,
@'%* ';_5 $F 2MB—` 2M%) ةيG3= ةKيG%)
$B2ي>` •Ap . @'%* •Ap
@'%2, ةh%2:%* 2يm[%*1 V4h4ل%* ة%*X‘ ':,) @'%* Ol3)
@'%* D>3X . @'%* ة\F
•23=‘ . 'lF
@'%* |Gل,) >;EC)
Is . >يGن5 . ر2+X‘
O4J€(%* ر1= $F 'ي'E ةل(s . DرGB
Z+=X* . U%—5 . >+=X* ‚ ر2+X‘
Is . DرGB
>+=X* . “(h5 . >+XC
iv` . GK3 ‚ ةبo2` . ة;™1 ‚ >بE ة:n, . ة[v%
>بK%*) >€(B* ‚ 2K3 ‚ >بK%* k€B ‚ z;R ‚ –v%)
ةيmA%* š2ق V3) kي>l5 zبK3)
ةيmA%* š2ق V3) •2;%* kي>l5 @2;™)
D—_F 1C kن:, (ر2[ب%*) ”mvB*
$%2:%* |>h%*) •2hR‘)
$<4vنA;%* •2hRž* kل3 . •2hRž* kل3
B/oY-o"t #ress"re (Png.) ر2[ب%* kي>l5 •Ap
B/oY-o"t #reaenter (et. Png.) UF'(%* ة:B23
B/oY-o"t. Ye// >\ب%* |*رG•
B/oY-thro"gh cock (Png.)
B/oY (Lining.) rX2} š2F'B*
B/oY (n.)
B/oY (a.)
B/oY back (¨.-. Png.) ”*>(E&* Žيc3 =*'5ر*
B/oYer-ho/e (weo/.)
B/oYer-ho/e (Let.)
B/oYer (n.) (Png.)
B/oYer c"rrent (P/ec. Png.)
B/oYer 7an (Png.) –hB ةE1>3
B/oYer 7orge (Let.) =*'K%* >بs
B/oYer. b/ast 7"rnace (Let.) $%2:%* |>h%* ¸2hB
B/oYing-8oYn (Png.)
B/oYing-in (Png.) $%2:%* |>h%* O4A€5
B/oYing-o77 (a boi/er) (Png.) ر2[ب%* kي>l5
B/oYing-"# (n.) ر2_hB*
B/oYing (o7) a 7"se (P/ec. Png.)
B/oYing c!/in8ers (Let.)
B/oYing 7an (Png.) –hB 1C ةيGM5 ةE1>3
B/oYing thro"gh (Png.) ŒhB
B/oYing t"be –hن%* 0GبBC
B/oYing Ye// (-ia. Png.) ةيX*G5ر* >\,
B/oY/am# ? b/oYtorch @2K% 'قG3
B/oYn casting (6o"n8r!) Ÿ*G_F Ÿ*ذ ة,Gبl3
B/oYn g/ass –hن%2, OJ€3 Q2jX
B/oYn oi/ (-hem.) •*GM%* –hن, OA3 tيX
B/oY#i#e (-hem.) Q2jc%* –hB 0GبBC
B/oY#i#e (Png.)
B/oYtorch ? b/oY/am# @2K% 'قG3
B/"bber (eoo/.) ŸGK%* IK`
B/"bber oi/ (eoo/.) ŸGK%* IK` tيX
B/"8geon D1*>+
B/"e-g/oY (©hermionics) ”رXC Ž+1
B/"e-^ohn (Lin.)
B/"e (aint.) ”رXC
B/"e asbestos (Lin.)
B/"e bi//! (Let.)
B/"e b/ack (aint.)
B/"e g"m ? e"ca/!#t"s (car#.) ŠG5Gب4%2s1H* i€d
B/"e heat (Let.) •2قرc%* Dر*>K%*
B/"e /ea8 (-hem.)
B/"e /itm"s #a#er (-hem.) ”رXH* z;€%* =2بT ”ر1
B/"e m"8 (°cean.)
B/"e #o/e (o7 a magnet)
B/"e #rint
B/"e #rinting (hotog.) •2قرc%* ةT2بv%*
B/"e stone (-hem.) Š2Kن%* Ÿ2(ي>بs
B/"e aitrio/ (-hem.) ”رXH* Q*c%*
B/"e Yhist/er (et. Png.) $:4بR X2} >\,
B/"e. #r"ssian
B/"eing (Let.) ةقرc%* Z(E ذ&Gh%* V4[<5
ر2[ب%* 1C •*GM%* kي>l(%) ŒhB zبK3)
ر2MlB* ‚ 0Gب+ ‚ ة:h™ . ةق>R . ةق= ‚ ةب+ . ة[hB
>_hB* ‚ ŒM% ‚ >MlB* ‚ ˜F= ‚ ˜h™ . ”>R . ”= ‚ i+ . –hB
ةيX2} DG_F . X2} xhن3 1C •*G+ xhن3
$T2nF in• . ةvhB
¸2hB . –F2B
>Ml;%*) ة;™2h%* >M™ ر245)
ةيmA%* š2ق V3) •2;%* kي>l5)
>Ml;%*) ة;™2h%* ر2MlB*)
$%2:%* Q>ب%* $F) –hن%* Ÿ2B*Gv)C)
–hB ةبlق ~Qm;E
rرGلب%* @G4<%2J%* 'يرGلF ~tيرGلF
”رXH* r>[l%* >ي>K%* . ”رXH* ŠG(<ب)&*
'ي'K%* '4(ي>بs Ÿ232d V3 tي>بJ%* ”>E ':, Znبي ~”رXC r'ي'E @2d
Q2:%* =G)C . ةقرc%* Z%‘ Oo23 =G)C
$B':;%*) ”رXH* ¡2™>%*)
'ي'K%* '4(ي>بs rGK5 ةيGfT ةي>K, i)*1ر ~”رXH* OEG%*
z4vنA;ل%) $,Gن_%* ivn%*)
•v[3 1C I4;l5 VT رG™ . •2قرX ة:بR 1C ة[<B
Vs*= ”رXC ~$)1>, ”رXC
B/"eing ? B/"ing (aint.) ”رXH2, |2+'%*
B/"eness ةقرX
B/"77 (a8^.) 2MKvلh3 ةMj*G%* †ي>T
B/"77 (n.) (weo/.)
B/"ish (a8^.) ةقرc%* Z%‘ Oo23
B/"nge (a.)
B/"nt (a8^.)
B/"nt c"tting e8ge O4لs ˜vق 'E
B/"nt 7i/e V4بB2_%* rX*G(3 =>ب3
B/"nt s#ine ةل4لs ةsG`
B/"r (n.)
B/"r (a.)
B/"rb (n.) {Fm} ZلT >€ني 02(J%2, kي>:5
B/"ster (a.)
Boa (eoo/.)
Boar8-meas"re (-ar#.) ة4EGل%* @'n%2, ة4ب€[%* ®*G%H* Š24ق @2NB
Boar8 (n.)
Boar8 (a.) ة4ب€d ®*G%—, 2<s ‚ *ر2vق 1C ةن4h) isر
Boar8 ? contro/ (or 8istrib"tion) boar8 (P/ec. Png.)
Boar8 7oot
Boar8 o7 arbitration I4JK5 zل_3
Boar8 o7 8irectors Dر*=ž* zل_3
Boar8 o7 inaestigation ŒKب%* ةن_%
Boar8 o7 s"rae! •2ln()* ةن_%
Boar8 o7 ©ra8e Unit (P/ec. Png.)
Boar8 o7 tr"stees •2ن3C zل_3
Boar8. b"//etin ? notice boar8 |mTž* ةEG%
Boar8. instr"ment Š24n%* DcMjC ةEG%
Boar8. on D>o2v%* ZلT 1C ةن4h<%* ZلT
Boar8ing-ho"se •&cنل% ة32ن;%*1 @2:v%* @'nي WcB
Boar8ing (-ar#) ®*G%H2, ة4vA(%*
Boar8ing ga"ge (-ar#.) ة4ب€[%* ®*G%H* Š24ق ='K3
Boar8ing ^oist (B"i/8.) ®*G%H* X2J5ر* Dco2j
Boas· test (-hem.)
Boaste8 ash/ar (B"i/8.) ŸGKن3 >_E
Boaster (B"i/8.) Ÿ2Kن%* O43X‘
Boat (n.)
Boat (a.) 0ر2ق $F OnB 1C O;E ‚ 0ر2ق $F >K,C
Boat bri8ge (-ia. Png.) 0ر*Gق ZلT WG;K3 ><j
Boat 8eck (ga"t.)
Boat 7a//s (ga"t.) D2_ن%* 0ر*Gق š2F>3
Boat hook (or rai/)
Boat #/"g
Boat s/i# ةن4h<%* D>ب:3
Boat. co//a#sib/e rGvي ”ر1X
Boat. 8re8ge
Boat. 7/!ing ة4o23 D>o2R
Boat. #i/ot '`>3 ”ر1X
Bob-Yeight |X*G(%* On•
Bob. #/"mb WGق2`
Bobbin (P/ec. Png.)
Bobbin Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ*>J, ZلT kل%*
ر*'KB&* 'ي'` ˜h5>3 ~‹'™
V4v%*) Oبj)
W2s . O4لs
D12€} . ة4,2بp ‚ ة[v%
z;R . Z€} . >lب%* Z€TC ‚ –v%
D'€, i+ . klT
ةل™C . •*G,
ةEG% . |G5>s ®G% ‚ i€d ®G%
˜يXG(%* ةEG% . IJK(%* ةEG%
V3 *•cj r12<5 Š24ق D'E1 ~ ة4EGل%* @'n%* „¤ ةب:J;%* @'n%* V3
) ة4o2,>MJ%* ةق2vل% ةير2_(%* D'EG%* „ ةT2) §*1Gل4s )
ة4;fM%* Dر2l:%* $F •يرGلs1ر'4M%* †32E ‹2€J()&) ˆXG,ˆ ةnي>R (
”ر1X . 0ر2ق
D2_ن%* ”ر*1X ˜pG5 Œ4E) 0ر2n%* “v))
0x_%* 1C ˜F'ل%) 0ر*Gn%* ةF2nT)
>:n%* •23 ة4hl(%) ”ر1c%* =*'))
ةF*>j ةن4h) . D•*>s
W1'نب%* On• . |=2h%* On•
i:J3 . D>J, . kل%* ة:4`1
Iي>[5 . Iي>,
Bo8 (6o"n8r!)
Bo8kin (©!#og.)
Bo8! (n.)
Bo8! (a.)
Bo8! at rest (Lech.) Vs2) I<j
Bo8! ca#acit! (¢a8io.)
Bo8! centro8e ? bo8! /oc"s $;<_%* cJ5>;%*
Bo8! cor#orate ةير2ب(T* ة4l[`
Bo8! in motion (Lech.) ]>K(3 I<j
Bo8! Ya// I<_%* ر*'j
Bog (n.)
Bog iron-ore (Lin.)
Bogg! (a8^.)
Boghea8 (or canne/) coa/ (-hem.) =2ق1 r>4ق IKF
Bogie (or bogie tr"ck) (Png.) ةfh[ن3 OnB ة,>T
BogYoo8 $)Gن,H* |2ي'ن<%* i€d
Bohemian garnet (Lin.) 24;4+G, U44nT
Bohemian r"b! (Lin.) r=رG%* 24;4+G, 1>3
Bohr magneton
Bohr theor!
Boi/ (Le8.)
Boi/ (n.) |24ل}
Boi/ (a.)
Boi/e8 oi/ (aint.) $لA;%* |2(J%* رc, tيX
Boi/er-sho# (Png.) Oj*>;%* “4لl5 ة`ر1
Boi/er-smith (Png.) Oj*>;%* ®*G%C >4h€5 ةنJ3
Boi/er (Png.)
Boi/er accessories (Png.) Oj>;%* UE*G%
Boi/er a/arm (Png.)
Boi/er ca#acit! (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* ة:)
Boi/er c/eaner (-hem.)
Boi/er com#o"n8 (or com#osition) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* $F >€n(%* ˜ن3 is>3
Boi/er corrosion (Png.) Oj>;%* Os•5
Boi/er coaering (or /agging) (Png.) Oj>;%* k4لA5
Boi/er 8r"m
Boi/er e77icienc! (Png.) Oj>;%* ةي2hs
Boi/er eb#/osion (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* ر2_hB*
Boi/er 7ee8-Yater (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* ةيxA5 •23
Boi/er 7ee8 #"m# (Png.) Oj>;%* ةيxA5 ة[f3
Boi/er 7ee8ing (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* ةيxA5
Boi/er 7ittings (Png.)
Boi/er 7/oat (Png.)
Boi/er 7/"e (Png.)
Boi/er 7"rnace (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* |>F
Boi/er ins#ection (Png.) Oj>;%* ZلT rر1'%* ²4(h(%*
Boi/er insta//ation (Png.) ةيmA%* Ÿ•€ن3
Boi/er mo"ntings (Png.)
Boi/er #/ant (or ho"se)
Boi/er #/ates (Png.) ةيذ&Gh%* Ÿ2يmA%* ®*G%C
Boi/er #ress"re (Png.) Oj>;%* •Ap
Boi/er room (Png.) Ÿ2يmA%* D>_E
Boi/er sca/e (Png.)
Boi/er scar7er (Png.) Ÿ2يmA%* رG€ق ةv€n3
Boi/er seatings (Png.) ة4nFH* Oj>;%* D'T2ق
|*>FH* $F qي>h(%* in• '<%) V4R V3 @2Ns . =*'))
23 —vd ®m™‘ ة4ن, ‹>E ˜F>%) 'fن;%* X>[3)
ة\4+ . ةT2;j ‚ @*Gق ‚ @>j ‚ OJ4+ ‚ |', . I<j
'<j . V;p . I<j
{ن3 iي>n%* $Jل)m%* X2M_%*1 ‡[€%* I<j V4, ªEm5 ~ةي'<_%* ة:<%*
†4A3 . ة[ب) . ˜nن(<3
Ÿ2:nن(<;%* 'ي'E (@2d) X2sر
$:nن(<3 . –ب)
$<4vنA;%* |1>(J%ž* @cT D'E1 ~ˆرG,ˆ |Gv4نA3
>›sC 1C |1>(J%‘ 2M%GE ر1'ي ةنK€%* ةبjG3 D*GB V3 ةh%u3 Dرx%* |—, WGn5) ˆرG,ˆ ةي>NB)
Q*>d . O3=
Zل}C . $ل}
Oj>3 . ةيm}
{4F •2;%* SG(<3 ’2h[B* ZلT ة%&'ل% ~Oj>;%* >يxB
Ÿ2يmA%* $F) رG€nل% Oيc3 >fK(<3)
ةيmA%* (O43>, 1C) ةB*Gv)C
{4F ةبs>;%* ˜vn%*) Oj>;%* Ÿ2ب4s>5)
{4%‘ •2;%* WG™1 $F IJK(ل%) Oj>;%* ة3*GT)
Oj>;%* $F (ةنd2<%* Ÿ*X2A%* 1C) iMل%* 0GبBC
Vd*'31 Ÿ2:بl3 V3 ةيmA%* ZلT is>ي 23 ~ةيmA%* ‹=*1ر
D>d2, 1C O;:3 $F) Oj*>;%* D>_E)
2MB*ر'j ZلT ةب)>(;%*) ةيmA%* رG€ق 1C k`*ر)
Boi/er settings (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* D'T2ق
Boi/er she// (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* ر*'j
Boi/er sta!s (Png.) ةيmA%* IT= OJ`
Boi/er test (Png.)
Boi/er trai/ (Png.) ةيmA%* ةي2hs ر2ب(d*
Boi/er t"bes (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* i4,2BC
Boi/er Yater-t"bes (Png.) Oj>;%* 1C ةيmA%* $F ³24;%* i4,2BC
Boi/er Yater treatment (-hem.)
Boi/ermaker (Png.)
Boi/ing-#oint (h!s.) |24لA%* ةjر= 1C ةvnB
Boi/ing-#oint. 8e#ression o7 |24لA%* ةjر= ’2h[B*
Boi/ing (n.) |24ل}
Boi/ing tem#erat"re |24لA%* Dر*>E ةjر=
Boi/ing Yater reactor (h!s.) •2;%2, kvلي rرذ OT2h3
Bo/ar (a8^.)
Bo/8 (a8^.) (rint.) =G)C V4[• ‹>K, šGبv3
Bo/87ace =G)C V4[• ‹>E
Bo/e (Bot.)
Bo/e (Png.) i4+x(ل% O;:(<ي W2hv%* V3 šGB
Bo/i8e (Astron.) >_h(3 02M`
Bo// (Bot.)
Bo// Yeeai/ (Bot.) Vvn%* •2<hنd
Bo// Yeeai/ (et. Png.) •hن%* ر2,‰ >hE $F O32T
Bo// Yorm (Bot.) Vvn%* D=1=
Bo//ar8 (ga"t.)
Bo/ogra#h (h!s.)
Bo/ometer (P/ec. Png. h!s.)
Bo/ometric magnit"8e (Astron.) $T2:`ž* ر'n%*
Bo/ster (-ar#.)
Bo/ster (Png.)
Bo/ster bo/t (Png.) IT'%* ر2)=
Bo/ster #/ate (Png.) =2ن()* ةEG%
Bo/ster #/ate (ga"t.) =2ن)‘ ®G%
Bo/ster s#ring (Png.) =2ن()* ]>بBX
Bo/t-7orging machine (Png.) ةب%Gل;%* >432<;%* ˜ن™ ةنJ3
Bo/t (n.) (Png.)
Bo/t (a.)
Bo/t assemb/! (Png.) Q&c;%* ةTG;_3
Bo/t cam grooaes (Png.) Q&c;%* ة32s Ÿ*cE
Bo/t catch (Png.) k4قG(%* ر2;<3
Bo/t cro##er (or c/i##er) (Png.) >432<3 ةلvn3
Bo/t c"tter (Png.) >432<3 ˜vn3
Bo/t ebtractor (Png. -ar#.) ةBر2n%* >432<;%* ةTcن3
Bo/t hea8 (Png.) i%Gل;%* ر2;<;%* ŠCر
Bo/t hea8 an8 n"t (Png.) =*') i%G%
Bo/t hea8 rim (Png.) i%Gل;%* ر2;<;%* ŠCر cK3
Bo/t hea8er >432<;%* Š1Àر ةKv<3
Bo/t ho/e (Png.) i%Gل;%* ر2;<;%* in•
Bo/t knob (Png.)
Bo/t /atch (Png.)
Bo/t /eaer (Png.) Q25>%* ةل(T
Bo/t machine (Png.) >432<;%* ‹*>RC O4J€5 ةنJ3
Bo/t mechanism (Png.) Q&c;%* ة4%‰
Bo/t #/"nger (Png.) Q25>%* ة:F*=
r=2:%* 2MvAp ”Ghي •Af,) ةيmA%* W2;(E* ر2ب(d*)
i)>(%* ˜ن;%) Oj*>;%* •23 ة_%2:3)
Š2KB . Ÿ2يmA%* ˜B2™
$%2lل™ . $ن4R
Ÿ2بB) ”2) . (D>_`) šxj)
ةب4لT . 1>j ‚ Vvn%* ة(بB D>;•
is*>;%* $F) W2بK%* •,ر =G;T)
ة4T2:`ž* ةير*>K%* ةق2v%* Š24n%) ةي>(3G%G, ة;)>3)
ةير*>K%* ة4T2:`ž* ةق2v%* Š24n3 ~>(3G%G,
=G;:%* 1C ة32T'%* ZلTC $F) 'ن<3)
Iي>[5 1C zبs ةنJ3 $F) i%2n%* Oh)C O32E . =2ن))
”mA3 . Q25ر . Q&c3 ‚ $}>, . i%Gل3 ر2;<3
Ž5رC . I`>, . >)=
Q&c;%* D>ب:s . Q25>%* †بn3
Ohn%* ةR2n) . Ohn%* |2<%
Bo/t re/ease (Png.) Q25>%* U(:3
Bo/t ro8 (Png.) i%Gل;%* ر2;<;%* ”2)
Bo/t screY Q25>%* i%G%
Bo/t se/7‚/ocke8 Ohn%* $o2nل5 Q25ر
Bo/t tongs (Png.) i%Gل;%* ر2;<;%* ة3cل3
Bo/t Yith n"t ة%G;™ ر2;<3
Bo/t. anchor t4ب›5 ر2;<3
Bo/t. assemb/ing (Png.)
Bo/t. 7/at hea8 (Png.) ŠC>%* “v<3 i%Gل3 ر2;<3
Bo/t. ro"n8 hea8 ŠC>%* ر1'3 ة%G;™ ر2;<3
Bo/t. t"rne8 §1>[3 ر2;<3
Bo/te8-on attachment (Png.) >432<;%2, ةv,ر
Bo/te8 (a8^.) (Png.) ةب%Gل;%* >432<;%2, §G,>3 ‚ Q&c;%2, Ohn3
Bo/te8 bonnet Q&c;, Ohn5 DG<نلق
Bo/te8 connection (Png.) ةب%Gل;%* >432<;%2, W2l5*
Bo/te8 ^oint-connection (Png.) >432<;, ة(ب›3 ةل™1
Bo/ter (n.) $%‰ O[ن3
Bo/ting (Png.) ةب%Gل;%* >432<;%2, •,ر
Bo/tymann·s constant (h!s.)
Bomb (n.) ةلبنق
Bomb (a.)
Bomb aimer (Li/.) O,2نn%* ='<3
Bomb ca/orimeter (h!s.) >4_h(%* >:<3
Bomb sight (Li/.) rG_%* kln%* ة,Gl3
Bombar8 (a.) (h!s.)
Bombar8ier (Li/.)
Bombar8ment (h!s.) ةلبنق
Bomber (Li/.)
Bomb#roo7 (a8^.) O,2نnل% '32™
Bombs. ao/canic (weo/.) ة4B2s>, O,2نق
Bona 7i8e
Bonanya (Lining.) $ن} $B':3 ”>T
Bon8 (n.)
Bon8 (a.)
Bon8 ? chemica/ bon8 $o24;4s •,*ر
Bon8 /ength (-hem.)
Bon8 strength (P/ec.) •,*>(%* D'`
Bon8 tester (P/ec.) •,*>(%* ر2ب(d* X2Mj
Bon8 timber ? Ya// #/ate (B"i/8.) ةير*'j ةب(T
Bon8. 8o"b/e (-hem.)
Bon8. 8r! (6o"n8r!) ‹2j •,*>5
Bon8. green (6o"n8r!)
Bon8. rai/ |2بfn%* •,*>5
Bon8e8 goo8s
Bon8e8 Yareho"se
Bon8er ? bon8stone (B"i/8.)
Bon8eriyation (-hem.)
Bon8eriye8 stee/ (-hem.) ر'نب3 ذ&GF
Bon8eriying (-hem.)
Bon8ing (Aero. -hem. P/ec.)
Bon8ing brai8 (Png.) •,ر D>4hp
Bon8ing c/i# (P/ec.) §2,ر •ب€3
Bon8ing materia/ (B"i/8.) ةv,*ر D=23
Bon8ing. a8hesiae Ulل%2, •,*>(%*
•,ر $}>, . ˜;_%* Q25ر
ةnلv;%* {5ر*>E Z%‘ ة4لJ%* •rc_%* ةق2R ةب<B ~ˆ|23c(ل,ˆ t,2•
O,2نn%2, klق . O,2نn%* •n)C
O,2نn%2, klق . ‹xق
D>o2v%* V3) O,2نn%2, ‹ذ2ق)
(O,2نق ةFذ2ق (Dر24R
kيc3 >4} . ”=2™ . $ل™C
•,*>5 . §2,ر . ”2•1
@G)>%* ˜F'5 2;›ير ]>;_%* $F š=1C ‚ •)2;5 . •,*>5 . •,ر
r12;4s W2l5* 2;Mv,>ي V45رذ V4, ':ب%* ~ةل™G%* WGR
Q1=c3 §2,ر . ة4o2ن• ةل™1
•ب<;%* W23>%) ‡4;K(%* Oبق •,*>(%*)
2M3G)ر ˜F= ر2N(B2, (]>;_%* $F) Dc_(K3 ˜o2f,
':, 2M3G)ر ‹G(<5 I% $(%* ˜o2fبل%) $s>;j š=G(<3)
{% ةيGn5 ر*'j Wmd '(;ي >_E ~•,>%* >_E
Ÿ2h)Gh%2, •mv%* ةnي>R ~Dر'نب%*
C'l%* ˜ن;% Ÿ2h)Gh%2, •mR ~Dر'ن,
O™1 . •,*>5 . §2,ر . •,ر
Bon8stone ? bon8er (B"i/8.)
Bone-setter (Le8.) >ب_3
Bone (Lining.) '3>;%* r>_%* IKh%*
Bone ash (-hem.) IN:%* =23ر
Bone be8s (weo/.)
Bone b/ack (-hem. aint.) $;N:%* IKh%*
Bone con8"ction (Le8.)
Bone g/"e @2N:%* •*>}
Bone oi/ ? Äi##e/·s oi/ (-hem.) @2N:%* tيX
Bone #orce/ain >_K(;%* $;N:%* V4ل)رGب%*
Bone t"r9"oise (Lin.) >_K(;%* $;N:%* X1>4h%*
Bonnet (Png.)
Bonnet /o"are (Png.)
Bonnete8 sa7et! aa/ae (Png.) •2vA, |23C @2;™
Bont (Lining.) @2[%* Q*>[()& Oبs 1ذ ‡hق ‚ $B':;%* ”>:%* >l[5
Bon"s (n.)
Bon! coa/ ? bone (Lining.) '3>;%* r>_K%* IKh%*
Book-kee#er >52F= •)23
Book-kee#ing >52F'%* •<3
Book (n.)
Book (a.) 23'n3 c_E ‚ O_)
Book bin8ing i(J%* '4ل_5
Book 7o/8ing machine (Png.) @Xm;%* $R ةنJ3
Booking (n.) 23'n3 c_E ‚ >52F'%* $F '4ق
Booking (´"ra.) ةل_<;%* Ÿ2)24n%* Vي1'5
Booking o77ice c_K%* i(J3
Book/et i4(s
Boom (Png. ga"t.)
Boom (n.)
Boom (a.)
Boost (n.) (Png.)
Boost (a.)
Boost contro/ "nit. a"tomatic (Aero.) Xc:;%* •Af%* $F $o2nل(%* IJK(%* D'E1
Boost #ress"re (Aero.) Xc:;%* •Af%*
Boost. rate8 (Aero.) ر>n;%* cيc:(%* •Ap
Booster (Png.)
Booster batter! (Png.)
Booster charge (Aero.) cيc:5 ةنK`
Booster circ"it (Aero.) cيc:5 Dر1=
Booster coi/ (P/ec. Png.)
Booster 7an (Png.)
Booster ga"ge (Png.) cيc:(%* S'3 Š24n3
Booster #"m# (Png.) cيc:5 ة[f3
Booster #"m#ing station (Png.)
Booster s!stem (Png.) cيc:5 @2NB
Booster trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) Xc:3 WGK3
Booster. magneto (P/ec. Png.) •4نA;%* $F 'M_%* Xc:3
Booster. s!nchrono"s (P/ec. Png.) $ن3*c5 Xc:3
Booster. aac""m (Png.) *>h%* Xc:3
Boosting contro/s (P/ec. Png.) cيc:(%* •,2f3
Boot-boi/er (B"i/8.)
Boot (n.) •*xE
Boot (a.)
Boot. Yater (et. Png.) •2;%* ˜4;_5 i:s
ر*'_%* WGR ZلT '(;;%* ~ •,>%* >_E
ة4;NT Ÿ2nبR . >4F2EH* Ÿ*ذ Ÿ2nبv%*
ة;_;_%* @2NT >بT ة4لd*'%* |ذH* Z%‘ ŸGl%* O4™G5 ~$;NT O4™G5
ةي2قG%* ة;s . •2v} . DG<نلق
ةي2قG%* ة;s š*>l3 . •2vA%* š*>l3
D1mT . ة43ر2s‘ . ةKن3
O_) . >(F= . 02(s
U52T ‚ rر2l%* ةpر2T ‚ OيGv(%* š*رذ 1C D'F*ر 1C ة32T= ‚ ةEm;%* ةق2Tž cj2E ~ةبlB
œ2:(B* . ر2+=X* ‚ V4نR . cيXC . V4Bر
2T><3 >K,C ‚ ²:(B* . >+=X* ‚ XC . VR ‚ ر'+ ‚ S1=
rG_%* •Af%* Z%‘ ةب<ن%2, ”*>(E&* Žيc;% ) Xc:;%* •Af%*)
=*X ‚ ˜Fر ‚ SGق . XcT
•4€ن(%* 1C ةيGn(%* X2Mj ‚ •€ن3 . Xc:3
DXc:3 ةير2v, . ة4F2p‘ D'`2E
'M_ل% DXc:3 ة:4`1 . cيc:5 kل3
X2A%* 1C •*GM%* •Ap D=2يc%) cيc:(%* ةE1>3)
–f%* ةيGn5 ةvK3 . –f%* cيc:5 ةvK3
WX2ن;%* $F) •2;%* V4[<(% r1*X Oj>3)
Sx(E* . O:(B*
Bootes (©he -er8sman) (Astron.)
Boot/eg #acker (Png.) 0><(%* ˜ن;% DG€E
Boot! (n.)
Bo#8 (abbrea. 7or barre/s o7 oi/ #er 8a!) @G4%* $F •hن%* V3 O43*>,
Bo#h (abbrea. 7or barre/s o7 oi/ #er ho"r) ةT2<%* $F •hن%* V3 O43*>,
Boracic aci8 ? boric aci8 (-hem.) •يرGب%* †32E
Boracic ointment $JيرG, I+>3
Boracite (weo/.)
Borate (-hem.)
Borate8 (a8^.) (-hem.) •يرGب%* †32K, 1C ”رGب%2, ˜ب€3
Borab-bea8 reaction (-hem.)
Borab (Lin.)
Bor8 (Lining.)
Bor8ea"b mibt"re (-hem.)
Bor8er-#i/e (-ia. Png.)
Bor8er (n.)
Bor8er /ine
Bor8er o7 a ma# ةvي>[%* ر2R‘
Bor8er #/ane (-ar#.) $F2E X*>(F* ŽK<3
Bor8er stone (B"i/8.) $F2E >_E
Bor8er. 7ree U4لv%* 'K%*
Bor8ere8 (a8^.)
Bor8ering ribbon $F2E •ي>`
Bor8ering too/ (Png.) k4h[5 D*=C
Bore (Png.) $لd*'%* DرG)2;%* >vق ‚ kيG_5
Bore (a.)
Bore 8"st >hK%* 2ي2N`
Bore mea/ (Lining.)
Bore oi/ (et. Png.) >hK%* tيX
Bore #"m# (et. Png.) kيG_(%* 1C >hK%* ة[f3
Bore ro8 (et. Png.) in›%* šxj
Bore ro8 ^oint (et. Png.) >hK%* šxj ةل™1
Bore Ye// (-ia. Png.) ةيX*G5ر* >\,
Bore. ri7/e8 (Png.) ='[3 in•
Borea/ (a8^.) $%2;`
Borea/ #o/e (Lagn.)
Bore8 (a8^.)
Boreho/e (-ia. Png.) >hK%* in•
Boreho/ing #/ant (et. Png.) >hE D'E1
Borer (-ia. Png.) 02n• ‚ in›3
Boring-bit (Png.)
Boring (-ia. Png.)
Boring (Lining.) X2A%* 1C •hن%* VT 2ب4nن5 >hK%*
Boring bar (Png.)
Boring b! #erc"ssion (et. Png.) ”>v%2, >hE
Boring b! shot8ri//s (et. Png.) ذ&Gh%* ”=>[, >hE
Boring contractor (-ia. Png.) >hK%* 'M:(3
Boring c"tter (Png.) kيG_5 ˜vn3
Boring 7ibt"re (Png.) kيG_(ل% ة(4ب›5
Boring ga"ge (Png.) kيG_(%* Š24n3
Boring hea8 (Png.)
Boring /athe (Png.) 0Gn• ةR>[3
Boring /og (et. Png.) >hK%* O_)
ة4%2;` @G_B ةبsGs ~³2€%* $T*ر . •*G:%*
D>4_E . DرGln3
i<s . IنA3 . ة;4ن}
@G4<نA;%* 'يرGلs 'o*X @G4<نA;%* Ÿ*رG, ~t4)*رG,
•يرGب%* †32E ®m3C 'EC ~Ÿ*رG,
|':;%* '4<s—, ةBGل;%* ”رGب%* DX>d |Gل5 . ”رGب%* DX>d OT2h5
ة4o2;%* @Gي=Gl%* Ÿ*رG, . ”رG,
IKF ةnبR >بT) $بB2j 0>))
Ÿ2ي>vhل% '4ب3) zلJ%* '4<sC1 Š2Kن%* Ÿ2(ي>بs V3 ˆ1=رG,ˆ WGلK3)
02fBž* ') iB*Gj IT'% ~ةF2K%* Dc4sر
I[5 . 'E ‚ iB2j . ةF2E . ‹>E
O™2F •d . =1'K%* •d
=1'E 1ذ . =1'K3
>_pC ‚ >hE ‚ >ب) ‚ ‹Gj . in•
in›%* Oh)C $F ˜;_(;%*) >hK%* ر2ب})
W2;€%* ZلT W*'%* z4vنA;%* ivق . $%2;` ivق
رGn3 .رGhK3 . ‹G_3
{4F ر*1'%* $ب%Gل%* •c_%*) >hK%* 02n›3)
>يGn5 . kيG_5 . >hE
>hK%* šxj . kيG_(%* i4fق . >hK%* i4fق
kيG_(%* ŠCر . kيG_(%* ˜vn3 O32E
Boring machine (Png.)
Boring mi// (Png.)
Boring rig (et. Png.) >hK%* Ÿ*':3
Boring sam#/e (et. Png.)
Boring s#in8/e (et. Png.) >hK%* 0&1= =G;T
Boring stem (est. Png.) in›;%* šxj
Boring test (-ia. Png.) rر2ب(d* >hE
Boring too/ (Png.)
Boring toYer (et. Png.) >hK%* Q>,
Borneo cam#hor ? borneo/ (-hem.)
Bornite (Lin.)
Bornite 8etector (¢a8io.) t4BرGب%* ‹2€J3
Boron (B) (-hem.)
Boron carbi8e (-hem. Png.)
Boron chamber (P/ectronics) |1رGب%2, ةنvب3 Vي—5 D>_E
Boron co"nter t"be (P/ectronics) ة4B1رG, D>_E 1ذ Ÿ2B1>5G4B =*'T
Boro"s aci8 (-hem.) X1رGب%* †32E
BorroY #it (-ia. Png.) =*'3ž* D>hE
Bort ? boart (Lin.)
Bosch #rocess (-hem.)
Bosh ? sYab (6o"n8r!) i4R>(%* D2`>F
Bosons (h!s.)
Boss (Png.)
Boss (weo/.) ةld2` ةي>[™ ةل(s
Bosse8-o"t iبn3
Bossing (/"mb.)
Bossing machine (Png.) ر>l%* @2K% ةنJ3
Bossing ma//et (/"mb.) $ب€d ŠCر Ÿ*ذ ˜يGv5 ةق>v3
Bossing stick (/"mb.)
Botanist $52بB I%2T
Botan! Ÿ2بن%* IلT
Botch (a.)
Bother (n.)
Bother (a.)
Botr!oi8a/ 7orm (weo/.) ةي=GnنT ة\4+
Bott-hammer (Png.) D='[3 ة4ب€d ةق>v3
Bott/e-batter! (P/ec. Png.) ة4j2jc%* D'`2K%*
Bott/e-making machines >ير*Gn%* ˜ن™ Ÿ2نJ3
Bott/e-tight (a8^.) '<%* IJK3
Bott/e (n.)
Bott/e (a.)
Bott/e charge (Png.)
Bott/e g/ass (-hem.) >ير*Gn%* Q2jX
Bott/e ^ack (Png.)
Bott/er >ير*Gn%* ¬%23
Bott/ing machine >ير*Gn%* •O3 ةنJ3
Bott/ing "#
Bottom-sam#/ers (°ceans.) ة4T2n%* Ÿ2ن4:%* Q*>[()* DcMjC
Bottom casting (Let.) *=G:™ il%*
Bottom (n.)
Bottom (a.)
Dر*Gق . 0Gn›%* •بp ةنJ3 . kيG_5 ةنJ3
Dر*1= ة4لبR 2M4F >hK%2, @Gn5) r=G;T >hE ةنJ3)
V4:3 U;T V3) >hE ةب(T)
kيG_(%* D*=C . >hK%* D*=C
Vي':(%*) D ر2hE . kيG_(%* ةR*>d)
G4BرG,ˆ رGF2sˆ
$)2KB @2d ~t4BرG,
G,) ³c3ر rcلF & |1رG,)
ةs2E D=23 ~|1رGب%* '4,>s
ة:R2n%* =':%* {, Inل5 $nB >4} Š2;%* ~ŸرG,
V4j1ر'4M%* >4fK(%) ˆœG,ˆ ةnي>R)
Dرx%* i4s>5 $F ةي1GB Uo2ق= ~Ÿ2B1XG,
ة,'E . D>™ ‚ @'l3 . 'ن<3
Ÿ2ق1>v;ل%) ر>l3)
”'%2, (ة4™2™>%* ®*G%H*) ˜يGv5
¡2™>%* ®*G%C ';%) ˜يGv(%* 2lT)
|2n5* |1= (“ل™C 1C) O;T ~U3ر
Uلق 1C Q2TcB* ر'l3 . Q2TX‘
Uي2p . ŽTXC
ةن4نق . ةj2jX . Dر1ر2ق
Ÿ2j2jX $F —بT . Ÿ2j2jX $F ˜p1
rX2} Oo2<,) $B2نn%* ة\ب:3)
{لh)C $F OJ€%* rر1ر2n%*) $ب%Gل%* š2F>;%*)
ةلق>T ‚ Uن([3 . UBc3
@2E=X* . ةلق>T
š2ق . ر*>ق ‚ $لh<%* “v<%* ‚ D'T2ق ‚ Oh)C . >:ق
>ق . 2)ر . Z)رC ‚ š2n%* isر . >:ق
Bottom ben8 ? ano8e ben8 (©hermionics)
Bottom b/ock (Png.) ة4لh<%* Dر2Jب%* ةTG;_3
Bottom boar8s (6o"n8r!)
Bottom brass (Png.)
Bottom c/earance (Png.)
Bottom 8ea8-centre (Png.) Zلh<%* ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
Bottom en8 O4™G(%* š*رx% Oh)H* ‹>v%*
Bottom 7ee8 ة4لh<%* ةيxA(%*
Bottom 7"//er ةي>o*= klB ة4لh) ةق>v3
Bottom gate (6o"n8r!)
Bottom ho/e chock (et. Png.)
Bottom ho/e 7/oYing #ress"re (et. Png.) >\ب%* š2ق $F UF'(%* •Ap
Bottom ho/e #acker (et. Png.) >\ب%* š2ق '<% DG€E
Bottom ho/e #ress"re (et. Png.) >\ب%* š2ق $F •Af%*
Bottom ho/e sam#/e (-ia. Png.) >\ب%* š2ق V3 ةن4T
Bottom ho/e static #ress"re (et. Png.) >\ب%* š2ق $F Vs2<%* •Af%*
Bottom ho/e tem#erat"re (et. Png.) >\ب%* š2ق $F Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Bottom /eae/ (-ia. Png.)
Bottom #/ate (Let.) š2n%* ®G%
Bottom #/ating (ga"t.)
Bottom rai/ (-ar#.)
Bottom ro// (Png.) Zلh<%* ةB*Gv)H*
Bottom set be8s (weo/.) š2n%* Ÿ2nبR
Bottom sett/ings (or se8iments) (et. Png.) >:n%* i)*1ر
Bottom shore (-ar#.)
Bottom s/"8ge (et. Png.) >:n%* —;E
Bottom sto#es (Lining.) Zلh<%* ة4nFH* @2[%* Ÿ2nبR
Bottom sYage (Png.) $لh<%* ”>v%* i%2ق
Bottom aieY
Bottom !east (Bot.)
Bottoming (-ia. Png.) ‹G™>3 Uي>R V3 Zلh<%* ةnبv%*
Bottoming (¢ai/Ya!s) ةي'ي'K%* •J<%* ZلT k™>%* ZlE
Bottoming ta# ? #/"g ta# (Png.)
Bottoms (Let.)
Bottoms coo/er Ÿ2hل[(;%* =>ب3
Bot"/ism (Le8.)
Bo"gh (n.)
Bo"gie (¨//"m.) ة:;`
Bo"gie 8ecima/e ? 8ecima/ can8/e (¨//"m.)
Bo"/8er ? boY/8er (weo/.)
Bo"/8er c/a! (weo/.) r=G;لj V4R
Bo"/8er Ya// (B"i/8.) §m;%*1 Dر2_K%* V3 ر*'j
Bo"nce (n.) ة\j2h3 ةب•1 ‚ =*'5ر* ‚ D—j2h3 ة,>p
Bo"nce (a.)
Bo"ncing #in (et. Png.)
Bo"n8 (a8^.)
Bo"n8 (n.)
Bo"n8 (a.)
Bo"n8 charge (P/ec.) D'4n3 ةنK`
Bo"n8 e/ectron (P/ec.) '4n3 |1>(J%‘
Bo"n8 energ! (-hem.) D'4n;%* ةق2v%*
Bo"n8 Yater (Bot.)
Bo"n8aries. #rescribe8
$•m• @2;™ $F ةJب€%* ة4vلF1 =GBH* ر245 V4, ةقm:%* O›;ي ~r=GBC ZنKن3
i%2n%* š2ق ®*G%C . š2n%* ®*G%C
>h™H* Š2Kن%* V3) ة4لh<%* O;K;%* ة;n%)
ةn€:;%* Š1>(ل%) $B2(K(%* ¡Gل[%*)
•ب<%* i%2ق š2ق Z%‘ ~ة4لh) ة,*G,
•hن%* >\, $F) š2n%* Uن[3)
š2n%* 0G€ن3 . >:n%* SG(<3
š2n%* ®*G%C . $T2n%* “4hl(%*
ر2R‘ 1C 02, $F) ة4لh<%* ةpر2:%*)
•2نب%* iB2_%) ة(قG3 ة4لh) ة32T=)
Oh)H* V3) $لh) >Nن3)
WGKJ%* >4;[5 {4F S>_ي rx%* •2TG%* š2ق $F ˜;_(5) š2n%* D>4;d)
in›%* >:ق ةب%G% @2;5ž) $T2ق ةب%G% >sذ)
Ÿ2hل[(3 . i)*1ر
')2F G+ 23 OsC VT Ž52B I;<5 ~‡[,
$<4oر Vl} . Vl}
šGv<ل% ة4<B>h%* D'EG%* ~ةي>€T ة:;`
VT ³>vق 'يcي >_E ~=G;لj „… I)
i•G5 ‚ †h(B* ‚ (D>J%2s) '5ر*
•ب[%* Š24n3 $F) ةي=*'5ر* D>,‘)
02(J%) 'ل_3 ‚ 24BGB2ق 1C 24,=C @cل3 ‚ @G(K3 ‚ '4n3 ‚ (GKB) {_(3)
”2vB . 'E ‚ (D>J%*) =*'5ر* . Dchق . ةب•1
'5ر* ‚ chق . i•1 ‚ Id25 . 'E ‚ (0) §2EC ‚ “بs . '4ق
{™2l(3* Ÿ2بنل% VJ;ي & ~'4n3 •23
D='K;%* @G[(%* . ةن4:;%* =1'K%*
I[5 . 'E
Bo"n8ar! /a!er ة32[(3 ةnبR
Bo"n8ar! /ights (Aero.)
Bo"n8ar! /ine =1'K%* •d
Bo"n8ar! /"brication (Png.) U4قر t4يc5
Bo"n8ar! marker (Aero.)
Bo"n8ar! #ost (´"ra.) =1'E Iل:3
Bo"n8ar! s"r7ace O™2h%* “v<%*
Bo"n8ar!. /atera/ $بB2j 'E
Bo"nteo"s ? bo"nti7"/ (a8^.)
Bo"nt! (n.)
Bo"r8on ga"ge ? #ress"re ga"ge (Png.)
Bo"rse (n.)
BoY-/ine knot (ga"t.) ةn%cن3 >4} D'nT
BoY-saY (Png.) $)Gق ر2€ن3
BoY-tie antenna (¢a8io.) ŠC>%* V4ل,2n(3 V4›ل›3 OJ` ZلT $o*G+
BoY (Aero.)
BoY (n.)
BoY (a.)
BoY ca# (ga"t.)
BoY com#ass ? s#ring boY (Png.)
BoY connection n"t (ga"t.)
BoY 8iai8er (s) (Png.) I4<n5 ر2s>,
BoY 8ri// (Png.) $)Gق 02n›3
BoY heaa! (or boYheaa!) (ga"t.. Aero.)
BoY knot (ga"t.) ة4RG€BC D'nT
BoY #enci/ ¡2™>%2, I)>ي >4A™ ر2j>F
BoY sti77eners (ga"t.) ة3'n;%* ةيGn5 šmpC
BoY Yin8oY (B"i/8.) Dر1'3 ة\52B ةF>`
BoY Ying ski8 (ga"t.) ®2ن_%* ةn%c3
BoYe8 (a8^.) ةMj*G%* ŠGn3
BoY/. 7i/ter (Png.) “`>;%* ’GE
BoY/ing hoo# (Png.) =';(%2, “;<ي ®G(h3 ”GR
BoYse (a.)
BoYs#rit (ga"t.) ةن4h<%* @'n3 $F Oo2;%* rر2l%*
BoYstring gir8er (-ia. Png.)
Bob-an8-#in ^oint (Png. -ar#.) >sذ1 Z›BC ةل™1
Bob aeria/ (¢a8io.) $ق1'ن™ $o*G+
Bob anchor (-ia. Png.) ة4ق1'ن™ X2J5ر* DGs
Bob annea/ing ? c/ose annea/ing UلA3 •2T1 $F Vي'ل(%*
Bob beam (Png.) ة4ق1'ن™ ةب(T
Bob caisson (-ia. Png.)
Bob ca/7
Bob camera (hotog.) ة4ق1'ن™ *>432s
Bob car (¢ai/Ya!s.) ةnلA3 ةنE2` 1C DرGvn3
Bob casting (6o"n8r!.) il%* i%2ق ”1'ن™
Bob chronometer (ga"t.)
Bob coi/ (-ia. Png.) V4[<(%* i4,2BH $ق1'ن™ š2;j
Bob co/"mn (B"i/8.)
Bob co"#/ing ? m"77 co"#/ing (Png.) ةبs*ر ةبل_, ةBر2ق
Bob c"/aert (-ia. Png.)
Bob 8am (-ia. Png.)
Bob 8ri// ^ig (Png.) $ق1'ن™ i4nن5 O4%=
ر2v;ل%) =1'K%* •*GpC)
ر2v;ل%) =1'E ة3mT)
$[) . >F*1
ةB2T‘ ‚ †يG:5 . D—F2J3 ‚ WGlK3
Oo*G<%* •Af% ˆ|1=رG,ˆ Š24n3
ة4%23 ”G) . ة™رG, . Uhl3
ujuj . ةن4h<%* 1C Dر24v%* @'n3
ŠGق . D•2نKB‘ . D•2;ي‘
VTذC ‚ —31C ‚ ZنKB* . ZنE
$)Gn%* ر2j>h%* . †,2ن, ر2s>,
•,>ل% ˆ|=G,ˆ ة%G;™
O™Gل% ˆ|1=G,ˆ šxj
=2vن;%* 1C ةن4h<ل%) ة3'n;%* O4n•)
ة:lق . Š2R
W2بK%*1 D>Jب%2, ˜Fر . Dر2Jب%2, ˜Fر
رG<_%* •2نب%) ة4BGل;j ةpر2T)
ةبلT . ”1'ن™
•2;%* tK5 O;:ل% ~$ق1'ن™ |G<4ق
@1>J%* ®m3—, G,'3 O_T 'لj ~(zsG,) 'لj
$ق1'ن™ (tn43) >(3GB1>s
O4v(<3 1C ˜,>3 ˜vق 1ذ ‹GjC =G;T ~$ق1'ن™ =G;T
O4v(<3 xhن3 1ذ $لh) S>_3 ~–,>,
'44€5 ةnvن;, •4Kي) $ق1'ن™ '))
Bob 7rame (B"i/8.)
Bob gir8er (Png.)
Bob g"tter (B"i/8.) $ق1'ن™ 0*c43
Bob hook ? ba/e hook Uي=2نl%* ˜Fر ‹2vd
Bob meta/ (Png.)
Bob n"t (Png.)
Bob #/ate gir8er (-ia. Png.) ة4ق1'ن™ ةيذ&GF ةpر2T
Bob re/a! (©e/eg.) $ق1'ن™ OE>3
Bob sebtant (s"ra.)
Bob s#anner ? socket Yrench (Png.) $ق1'ن™ •,ر ®2(h3
Bob stan8ar8 (Png.) ةنJ3 1C ]>K;% rر24:%* $ق1'نl%* OJ4M%*
Bob. a##arat"s DcMjH* ”1'ن™
Bob. bearing (Png.)
Bob. contro/ (A"to.)
Bob. gear (Png.) ةT><%* Š1>5 ”1'ن™ ‚ ةT><%* ةبلT
Bob. #acking ة\ب:(%* ةبلT
Bob. too/
Bobe8 (a8^.)
Bobing (-ar#.) >nن%* $F |2<ل%* U4€:5
Bobing (n.) ة;sm3
BobYoo8 (Bot.) znب%* i€d
Bo!cott (n.) ةي=2l(ق* ة:R2n3
Bo!cott (a.) ˜R2ق
Bo!/e·s /aY (h!s.)
Br (bromine) (-hem.)
Brace (-ar#. Png.)
Brace (Png.)
Brace (a.)
Brace an8 bit (Png.) ‹2hل%* in›;%*
Brace bit (Png.) ‹2hل;%* ة;n%
Brace 8ri// (Png.) in›%* ‹2hل;, ة™2d ة;n%
Brace ro8 (A"to.)
Brace. ratchet (Png.) ةR2n<, ‹2hل3
Brace8 (a8^.)
Brace8 7rame (B"i/8.) OJ€%2, SGn3 OJ4+
Brace8 s"r7ace OJ€%2, SGn3 “v)
Brace8 tr"ss (Png.) OJ€%2, SGn3 |Gل;j
Brace/et ر*G)
Braces (Laths.) ةj1=c3 Š*GقC
Brachia/ (a8^.)
Bracing (Png.)
Bracing cab/e ةب%2l;%* Oبs
Bracing str"t (Png.) k4(J5 Io2ق
Bracing Yire (Png.)
Bracket (Png.)
Bracket (a.)
Bracket arms (P/ec. Png.) ةh4(J%* šرذC
Bracket ba/"ster (B"i/8.) Qر'%* |1c,*ر= =G;T
Bracket chain Yhee/ (Png.)
Bracket #e8esta/ ? Ya// bracket (Png.) ةير*'j ةh4(s
Bracket #o/e (B"i/8.) ko2(J, =G;T
Bracket saY ? 7ret saY (-ar#.) ةF>dX ر2€ن3
Bracket sca77o/8 (B"i/8.) ko2(J, ة%2n)
$ق1'ن™ (DxF2B) ر2R‘
ة4ق1'ن™ ةpر2T . $ق1'ن™ co2j
†4,H* |':;%* 1C ˜F*';%* cB1>بs) O32K3 ةJ4ب))
V4F>v%* 'EC D=1'<3) ة4ق1'ن™ ة%G;™)
2ي*1c%* Š24ق X2Mj) ة4ق1'ن™ ة4)'))
O;K3 . O4;K5 $)>s
D=24n%* ةبلT . •ي>K(%* ةبلT
Ÿ*1=H* ةبلT . D':%* ”1'ن™
iل:%* {ن3 ˜نl5) U4قر |G5>s)
”'نl3 . iل:3 . ”'نl3 . iل:3 . ”1'ن™ $F šGpG3
OيG,ˆ |GB2قˆ
@1>بل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~>,
02n›;%* {, ر*'ي †بn3 ‚ W2J` ‚ ةF2h% . ‹2hل3
ةh4(s . ةبلl3 ‚ §2,ر ‚ =2ن) . ة32T=
'` ‚ W2J€, SGق . k(s
ةيGn(%* i4fق . k4(J5 i4fق
OJ€, SGn3 . k(J3 . tب›3
$T*رذ . r'fT
k4(J5 . ةب%2l3 ‚ >™C ‚ OJ€%2, ةيGn(%*
ةب%2l;%* ر2™‘ . k4(J5 •ل)
ŠGق . D>™2E ‚ $)Gق =2ن) . ةh4(s
ko2(J, IT= 1C =1X . k(s ‚ (0) §2EC
ةj*ر'%* $F) Vن<;%* ةل<ل<%* 0&1=)
Bracket aa/ae
Bracket. cross sha7t (Png.) ة4p>:%* š1x_%* O32E
Bracket. s/i8ing (Png.) U%*X @23X
Bracket. ta#ere8
Brackets (©!#og.)
Brackett series (h!s.)
Bract (Bot.)
Bra8 (Png.) ŠC>%* >4A™ ر2;<3
Bra8 ? s#ring (6o"n8r!) ŠCر m, ر2;<3
Bra8 #"nch ? nai/ set (-ar#.) >432<3 D>)'3
Bra8aY/ (-ar#.)
Bragg metho8 (Lin.)
Bragsta8 conaertor ? motor conaertor (P/ec. Png.) $›E ر*1= WGK3
Brai8 (n.)
Brai8 (a.)
Brai8e8 (a8^.)
Brai8e8 Yire >hf3 •ل)
Brai/ (ga"t.) š*>€%* $R OبE
Brai//e (n.)
Brain (eoo/.) 23=
Brain. e/ectronic (P/ec. Png.) $B1>(J%‘ 23=
Braiye (Lining.) ]GJ%* IKF U4ق=
Brake-8og (or #aY/) (Png.) “بJ;%* ةJ)23
Brake-hea8 (Png.) “بJ;%* ة)*1= ة%2;E
Brake-/eaer (Png.)
Brake-/eaer #aY/ (Png.) “بJ;%* ة:F*ر ةR2n)
Brake-/oa8 (Png.)
Brake-ratchet rack (Png.) “بJ;%* ةR2n<% Vن<;%* š2vn%*
Brake-ratchet Yhee/ (Png.) r1'4%* “بJ;%* $F ةR2n<%* Š>5
Brake-r"bber (Png.)
Brake-sha7t (Png.) “بJ;%* =G;T
Brake (Png.)
Brake (a.)
Brake a8^"ster (Png.) “بJ;%* Oي':5 X2Mj
Brake ban8 (Png.) “بJ;%* ”GR
Brake ban8 c/earance (Png.) “بJ;%* ”GR ¡Gلd
Brake ban8 /ining (Png.) “بJ;%* ”GR ةB2v,
Brake b/ock
Brake cab/e (Png.)
Brake chatter (Png.) “بJ;%* ةnلn%
Brake connecting ro8 (Png.)
Brake contro/ ro8 (Png.)
Brake coaer (Png.) “بJ;%* •2v}
Brake cross sha7t (Png.) “بJ;%* ةpر2T
Brake c!/in8er (Png.) “بJ;%* ةB*Gv)C
Brake 8isc (Png.) “بJ;%* ¡>ق
Brake 8r"m (Png.)
Brake gear (Png.) ةل3>h%* 1C “بJ%* X2Mj
Brake hanger (Png.) “بJ;%* ة%2;E
Brake horse-#oYer (Png.)
Brake /ining (Png.)
{%GE i4,2BH* IT'ي) $h4(s @2;™)
V4F>v%* ةق'(<3 ةh4(s . $R1>[3 O32E
ةR2E‘ ‚ t4ب›5 . k4(J5 X I4T'5
|25>™2E 1C |&m+ ( )
V4j1ر'4M%* k4R $F §Gvd ةل<ل)) ˆt4s*>,ˆ ةل<ل))
ŠG<3 . ةEGل;%* Z%‘ 0ر2p . IfdC
ة,2نق . ة,2نق
in›3 . X*>[3
zs‘ ة:`—, rرGلب%* |24نب%* ة)*ر'%) ˆ*>,ˆ ةnي>R)
D>4hp . ةl4nT
>hp . ‡nT
>hf3 . ¡Gn:3
OبJ%* ةي2قG%) >hf3 •2v})
|24;:ل%) D>F2ن%* •nن%2, ةT2بvل% ˆOي>,ˆ ةnي>R)
“بJ;%* ة:F*ر . “بJ;%* š*رذ
$ل3>h%* O;K%* . ةE2;J%* O;E
“بJ;%* (In%) §2v3
ةE2;s . ةل3>F . “بJ3
O3>F . “بs
ةل3>F 02nبق . “بJ;%* ة;n%
“بJ;%* Oبs . “بJ;%* •ل)
“بJ;%* $F iK<%* š*رذ . “بJ;%* i4fق
“بJ;%* š*رذ . “بJ;%2, IJK(%* ”2)
“بJ;%* ةلبR . O3*>h%* Dر*=
ةنlEH2,) ة4KبJ;%* Dر'n%* . ة4ل3>h%* ة4B2lK%* Dر'n%*)
“بJ;%* ةB2v, . “بJ;%* ŠGب%
Brake /inkage (Png.) “بJ;%* O™1 |2بfق
Brake magnet (P/ec. Png.) $ل3>F z4vنA3
Brake master c!/in8er (Png.) ة4<4o>%* “بJ%* ةB*Gv)C
Brake mean e77ectiae #ress"re (Png.) “بJ;%* $F W2:h%* •Af%* •)G(3
Brake oi/ (Png.)
Brake #e8a/ (Png.) “بJ;%* ة)*1=
Brake #oYer (Png.)
Brake #ress (Png.)
Brake #"//-ro8 (Png.) “بJ;%* $F 0x_%* š*رذ
Brake ratchet (Png.) “بJ;%* ةR2n) 1C ة;JE
Brake re/ining (Png.) O3*>h%* In% 1C i4ق2بق >44A5
Brake resistance (Png.) ة4ل3>h%* ة312n;%*
Brake rigging (Png.)
Brake rim (Png.) “بJ;%* ةلبR ‹>E
Brake ro8 (Png.)
Brake shoe (Png.)
Brake shoe /ining (Png.) “بJ;%* ة;n% ةB2v,
Brake ste# (Png.) ةل3>h%* ¬RG3
Brake stra# (Png.)
Brake stri#s (Png.) “بJ;%* •o*>`
Brake s!stem (Png.)
Brake therma/ e77icienc! (Png.) ة4ل3>h%* ةير*>K%* ةي2hJ%*
Brake transmission (Png.) ةs>K%* OnB “بJ3
Brake Yhee/ (Png.)
Brake. air (Png.) $o*G+ “بJ3
Brake. ban8 (Png.)
Brake. b/ock (Png.) Inل%2, “بJ3
Brake. com#resse8-air §GAf;%* •*GM%2, “بJ3
Brake. 8i77erentia/ (Png.) $لp2h5 “بJ3
Brake. 8isc (Png.) $™>ق “بJ3
Brake. 8o"b/e-acting (Png.) O;:%* Q1=c3 “بJ3
Brake. emergenc! (Png.)
Brake. 7oot (Png.)
Brake. han8 (Png.)
Brake. h!8ra"/ic (Png.) $%1ر'4+ 1C $لo2) “بJ3
Brake. ro#e (Png.) ة4لبE ةل3>F
Brake. se/7 e9"a/iying (Png.) W=2:(%* $o2nل5 “بJ3
Brake. aac""m (Png.)
Braking (Png.)
Braking action (Png.) $ل3>h%* O:h%*
Braking e77ect (Png.) $ل3>h%* >•H*
Braking 7orce (Png.)
Braking #oYer (Png.) ةK,2J%* Dر'n%*
Braking #ro#e//er (Aero.) ة4ل3>F ةE1>3
Braking s"r7ace (Png.) “بJ%* “v)
Bramah #ress (Lech.)
Bramb/e •o2` •ل)
Bran ة%2[B
Branch (n.)
Branch (a.)
Branch ch"ck (Png.) š>h(%* $T2,ر ‹>•
Branch circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ة4T>F D>o*=
Branch connection
Branch c"rrent (P/ec. Png.)
“بJ;%* tيX . ةل3>h%* tيX
“بJ;ل% ة4s2J(E&* ة312n;%* . “بJ;%* Dر'ق
ة4B':;%* ®*G%•%) $ن• zبJ3)
D>R2ق 1C Dر24) $F) “بJ%* Ÿ*c4M_5)
ةل3>h%* ةل4™G5 š*رذ . “بJ;%* š*رذ
ةل3>h%* ة;% . ةل3>h%* 02nبق . ةل3>h%* •*xE
š2F>;%* $F) “بJ;%* ”GR)
‹2nيž* @2NB . ‹2nيž* Dر1=
ةل3>h%* ةل_T . “بJ;%* ةل_T 1C 0&1=
ة4قGR ةل3>F . $قGR “بJ3
kقG(%* 1C |23H* “بJ3 . ƒر*Gvل% “بJ3
ة)*1', “بJ3 . $3'ق “بJ3
ةي1'ي ةل3>F . r1'ي “بJ3
$o*GM%* qي>h(%2, O;:ي “بJ3 . $o*Gd “بJ3
ةل3>h%* . “بJ%* . ‹2nيž*
ة4ل3>h%* DGn%* . ةK,2J%* DGn%*
23*>,ˆ zبJ3 . $o23 zبJ3ˆ
'F*ر ‚ Vl} ‚ š>F . ةب:`
š>F . š>h5 . i:€5
š>h5 W2l5* . ة4T>F ةل4™G5
š>h(3 ر245 . $T>F ر245
Branch 8rain (Png.) kي>l(ل% $T>F 0GبBC
Branch ebchange (©e/e#h.)
Branch ^oint š>h5 ةل™1
Branch #i#e (/"mb.) š>h(3 0GبBC
Branch sYitch (P/ec. Png.) $T>F ®2(h3
Branch termina/ (P/ec. Png.) $T>h%* •[%* ةي2MB
Branch. ascen8ing 'T2l%* š>h%*
Branch. chie7 o7
Branch. #i#e/ine i4,2BC •d V3 š>F
Branche8 (a8^.)
Branche8 chain (-hem.) ةT>h(3 ةل<ل)
Branchia/ (a8^.) $3G€4d
Branching-o77 #oint š>h(%* ةvnB
Branching (h!s.) š>h5
Branching bob (P/ec. Png.) š>h(%* ةبلT
Branching ^ack (©e/e#h.) š>h5 zبn3
Branching /ine
Branch/et ? tYig (Bot.)
Bran8 (n.)
Bran8 (a.)
Bran8 neY
Bran8e8 oi/ (et. Png.) ة;<, c4;3 tيX
Bran8ering ? 7"rring (B"i/8.)
Bran8ing iron
Branning ? 8renching (-hem.)
Brash (weo/.) ةي'4لj 1C ةي>[™ 2ي2N`
Brash (Le8.) ةي':3 ةق>E
Brass-case8 (a8^.) >h™H* Š2Kن%2, kلA3
Brass-/ining (Png.) ة4)2KB ةB2v,
Brass-#/ating (Png.) >h™H* Š2Kن%2, •mv%*
Brass-t"bing >h™H* Š2Kن%* V3 i4,2BC
Brass (Let.) >h™H* Š2Kن%*
Brass a/"min"m (Let.) @G4ن3G%H* >h™
Brass bobbins ة4)2KB “o2`1
Brass bo/ts ة4)2Kن%* Ž%*c;%*
Brass borings ة4)2KB ةR*>d
Brass 7oi/ (Let.) ة4)2KB ةn4قر
Brass 7"rnace (Png.) Š2Kن%* >Ml% >4A™ 'قG3
Brass sheets (Let.) >h™H* Š2Kن%* ®*G%C
Brass so/8er (Let.) ة4)2KB @2K% ةJ4ب)
Brass Yare ة4)2KB Ÿ*1=C
Brass Ye/8ing (/"mb.) >h™H* Š2Kن%2, @2K%
Brass Yin8ing (Png.) ة4)2Kن%* ]m)H* k%
Brass Yire (Png.) $)2KB •ل)
Brasses (Png.)
Brassing (Png.) >h™H* Š2Kن%2, •mv%*
BrassYork (Png.) >h™H* Š2Kن%* V3 Ÿ2TGنl3
Brattice (Lining.)
Bra!er (©!#og.) ةي1'ي >4بK5 D2E'3
Braye (a.) Š2Kن%2, IK%
Braye8 7/ange (Png.) Š2Kن%2, ة3GKل3 ةh`
Brayier (B"i/8.)
ة4h52M%* Ÿ*>,2[;ل%) ¡2d $T>F W'ب3)
I<ق 1C š>F z4oر . ةKلl3 z4oر
š>h(3 . š>h3
$T>F •d . š>h(3 •d
QGل<T . V4l} . ˜ي>F
š>h5 . ˜ي>h5
ةsر23 . kن™ ‚ Dر2`‘ . ة;) . ة3mT . I)1
q3= . ة3mT ˜p1 . I)1
232;5 'ي'j . *'j 'ي'j
•4ل;5) |2ب€d)
I)G%* . q3'%*
V™>3 . I<43
ة}2,'%* 1C 2بl%* Uب<ي) >;})
ة4)2Kن%*) O;K;%* Ÿ2B2v,)
ةيGM(ل%) I_ن3 $F O™2F)
ة\F'(ل%) ة4)2KB D>;_3 . $)2KB |GB2s)
Brayier (n.)
Brayier hea8 (Png.) $)2R ŠCر
Braying (Png.) >h™H* Š2Kن%2, @2Kل%*
Braying so/8er
Breach (n.)
Brea8th. ebtreme ’>:%* ZlقC
Brea8th. mo"/8e8 (ga"t.) OJ€;%* ’>:%* ZlقC
Brea8thYa!s (a8a.)
Break-an8-make b"tton O™11 OlF رX
Break-in (a.)
Break-in ke! (P/ec. Png.) OيGK5 ®2(h3
Break-in re/a! (P/ec. Png.) OيGK5 OE>3
Break-^oint (B"i/8.) ةh%2[(3 ةل™1
Break-o"t (6o"n8r!)
Break-signa/ (©e/eg.) OlF Dر2`‘
Break-to- make ratio (P/ec. Png.) O™G%* Z%‘ Olh%* ةب<B
Break (n.)
Break (or ga#) /athe (Png.) ةj>F Ÿ*ذ ةR>[3
Break (a.)
Break contacts (P/ec. Png.) Olh%* Ÿ2<3m3
Break iron (-ar#.)
Break ^ack (©e/e#h.) OيGK5 zبn3
Break stratigra#hica/ (weo/.)
Break sYitch (P/ec. Png.) ˜vق ®2(h3
Break. remote contro/ (P/ec. Png.) ':, VT O;:ي ˜R2ق
Breakab/e (a8^.) ><Jل% O,2ق
BreakaYa! ‹*>KB* ‚ kقG5 ‚ ]2JhB*
BreakaYa! #oint (Aero.) t(€(%* ةvnB
Break8oYn (P/ec. Png.)
Break8oYn crane (Png.)
Break8oYn /orr! (A"to.)
Break8oYn o7 costs Ÿ2nhن%* ةoc_5
Break8oYn o7 em"/sion (-hem.) iلK(<;%* WmKB*
Break8oYn sYitch (P/ec. Png.) Ov:%* ®2(h3
Break8oYn tor9"e (P/ec. Png.) rر24MB&* |*ر1'%* @cT
Break8oYn ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ر24MB&* ة4vلF
Break8oYn. nerao"s (Le8.) $بlT ر24MB*
Breaker-gro"n8 (a.)
Breaker (P/ec. Png.)
Breaker contact #oints (P/ec. Png.) ˜R2n(%* z3m5 •nB
Breaker ho"sing (P/ec. Png.) ˜R2n%* ةبلT
Breaker im#"/se (P/ec. Png.) Olh%* ة:F=
Breaker #oints (P/ec. Png.)
Breaker. circ"it (P/ec. Png.)
Breaker. concrete (Png.) ةB2)>[%* ر2<s
Breaker. aorteb (et. Png.) ة3*1'%* ˜B23
Breaking-8oYn (-ar#.)
Breaking-8oYn (et. Png.)
Breaking-8oYn o7 ins"/ation Wc:%* ر24MB*
Breaking-8oYn o7 sheet meta/ (Png.) ة4B':;%* ®*G%H* U4ق>5
Breaking-8oYn #oint (Png.) ر24MB&* ةvnB
Breaking-8oYn #rocess (et. Png.)
Š2KB . ة4)2KB Ÿ*1=C ˜B2™
>h™H* Š2Kن%* V3) @2K% ةJ4ب))
ŒJB . ”>d . ><s ->4ln5 ‚ D>A• ‚ ةh%2[3
š2<5* . ’>T
2p>T . ’>:%2,
W2;:()&2, V4% . ’1ر
•ب<%* i%2ق $F) –<F)
O™2F ‚ D>A• ‚ š'l5 ‚ Oلd ‚ š2vnB* . @2lhB* . ر2<JB*
IvK5 . ><JB* ‚ ”c3 ‚ IlF ‚ IvE . ><s
2M:vق1 Dر2_ن%* $ن›%) Q2K<;%* ة;n% ةل™1)
ة4pرH* Ÿ2nبv%* $F) $h™*>(%* ‡nن%*)
Dر2<s ‚ š2vnB* . ر2<JB* . ><s
WmKB* ‚ $o2_F kقG5 ‚ ر24MB* . OvT
ةنE2` ZلT O;Kي) W2nB š2F>3)
“4لl(%* |G4;s . “4لl(%* ةنE2`
$o2€Bž*) >hK%* C',)
Dر2<s ‚ ة;vK3 ‚ ةل™2F .ة:R2ق . ر24(%* ˜R2ق
W2l5&* ˜vق •nB . Olh%* •nB
D>o*'%* ˜vق ®2(h3 . D>o*'%* ˜R2ق
D>4A™ ˜vق Z%‘ ر2_`H* š1xj ˜vق ~˜4vn5
•hن%*) >4<J5)
=GقG%*) >4<J5 ة4ل;T)
Breaking-8oYn tem#erat"re (-hem.) WmKB&* Dر*>E ةjر=
Breaking ca#acit!
Breaking c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) ˜vn%* 1C Olh%* ر245
Breaking /oa8 (Png.) ><J%* O;E
Breaking o7 em"/sion (-hem.) iلK(<;%* WmKB*
Breaking o77 (n.) š2vnB*
Breaking o"t
Breaking #iece (Png.)
Breaking #oint (Png.) W2lhB&* 1C ر2<JB&* ةvnB
Breaking strain (Png.) ر2<JB&* W2:hB*
Breaking strength (Png.) ˜vn%* 1C ><J%* ة312n3
Breaking stress (Png.) ><J%* =2Mj‘
Breaking test (Png.) ><J%* ر2ب(d*
Breaking thro"gh
Breaking "# (-hem.) >4<J5
Breakthro"gh (n.) >+2, @'n5 ‚ ”*>(d*
BreakYater (-ia. Png.)
Bream (a.)
Breast (a8^.) $323C
Breast (n.) (eoo/.) r'• ‚ ر'™
Breast 8ri// (Png.) ر'™ 02n›3
Breast hook (ga"t.) $323H* ‹2v[%*
Breast rai/ ر'l%* š2h5ر2, Vيc,*ر=
Breast Ya// (B"i/8.) ر'l%* š2h5ر2, ر*'j
Breast Ya// (Png.) IT= ر*'j
Breastbone (eoo/.)
Breasts"mmer ? bress"mmer (B"i/8.) DxF2ن%* “v) DX*G;, ةpر2T
BreastYork (B"i/8.) ر'l%* Gل:ي ر*'j ‚ Š*>(3
Breath (n.) zhB
Breath #i#e (Png.) zhن(%* DرG)23
Breathe (a.)
Breather (Png.)
Breather reactor (or #i/e) (h!s.) ر2v€Bm% ةل,2n%* Ÿ*رx%* '4%G5 OT2h3
Breathing a##arat"s zhن5 X2Mj
Breathometer zhن(%* Š24n3
Breccia (weo/.)
Breccia. se8imentar! (weo/.) ة4,G)ر 24`>,
Breccia. ao/canic (weo/.) ة4B2s>, 24`>,
Breech b/ock (Li/.)
Breech b/ock g"i8e (Li/.) ”mA;%* |', O4%=
Breech b/ock sto# (Li/.) ”mA;%* ةي1*X @'l3
Breech /oa8er (Li/.) D>du;%* V3 •;5 ة4ق'ن,
Breech /oa8ing (Li/.) D>du;%* V3 ة4ق'نب%* G€E
Breech /ock (Li/.) ”mA;%* Ohق
Breech /ock cam (Li/.) ”mA;%* Q25ر ة32s
Breech mechanism (Li/.) ”mA;%* ة4%‰
Breech sight (Li/.) ”mA;%* ‹*'M3
Breeching. 7"rnace stack (et. Png.) |>h%* ةنd';% ةل™1
Bree8 (n.) O<B
Bree8 (a.)
Bree8er '%G3
Bree8er reactor (h!s.) '%G3 OT2h3
˜vn%* ة:) . Olh%* ة:)
ر2_hB* . >_h5
><J%* ة:vق . ة€M%* ة:vn%*
”*>(d* . ”>d
QG;%* cj2E . (Q*G3H* š2F'B* V3 'Kي $T2نv™* 1C $:4بR cj2E) Ivل3 . Q*G3H* ><J3
•€n%*1 •2;Ež2, (ةن4h<%* >;ق) kNB
ر'l%* INT ~‡n%*
U€ن()* . zhن5
ةيGM(%* X2Mj . zhن(3 .ةh€ن3 . ةF2€B
ة;Em(3 ةي1*X 2ي2N` V3 k%u3 >[™ ~24`>, . {€ي>,
>du3 . inT ‚ ”mA3
”mA;%* |', . D>du;%* ”mA3
'%G()* . '%1
iيxM5 .ة4,>5 ‚ O<B ‚ '4%G5
Bree8ing ratio (h!s.)
Breeye concrete (B"i/8.) §2n<%* ةB2)>d
Breeye. coke ]GJ%* §2n)
Breeying (-inema.)
Bren g"n (Li/.)
Bress"mmer (B"i/8.)
BreY (a.) (-hem.) >;d
Bribe (n.) DG`ر
Bribe (a.)
Brick-re8 (a8^.) |Gل%* r>j‰
Brick bat (B"i/8.) ة4B&GR 0GR ةhn`
Brick c/a! ? brick earths 0Gv%* ˜نl% W2hR
Brick 8rier 0Gv%* k4h_5 |>F
Brick e/eaator (B"i/8.) 0GR ة:F*ر
Brick 7o"n8ation (B"i/8.) 0Gv%* V3 Š2)C
Brick grease i%*Gق OJ` ZلT IK`
Brick /ining (B"i/8.) 0Gv%* V3 ةB2v,
Brick troYe/ (B"i/8.) 0Gv%* •4ل;5 Ž%23
Brick. 7ire
Brick. re7ractor! Dر*>Kل% '32™ 0GR
Brick. s/ag $B':;%* Œب[%* 0GR
Bricking-"# (6o"n8r!) 0Gv%2, •2نب%*
Brickki/n (B"i/8.) >j½* •$€% |G5C
Brick/a!er (B"i/8.) •2ن,
Brick/a!ing (B"i/8.) 0Gv%* ¡ر
BrickYork (B"i/8.) '43>n%* 1C >j½* V3 $نب3
Brick!ar8(B"i/8.) '43>n%* 1C >j½* ˜نl3
Bri8ge-gir8er (-ia. Png.) ><_%* ةpر2T
Bri8ge-hea8 (Li/.) ‹>€3 $T2F= cs>3 ‚ ><j ŠCر
Bri8ge-megger (P/ec. Png.) r>vنق ة312n3 Š24n3
Bri8ge-#i/e (Png.) ><_%* ة32T'% c4s>5 ”1X2d
Bri8ge (Png.)
Bri8ge (a.)
Bri8ge . ra7t (-ia. Png.) ‹*GRC ><j
Bri8ge arms (P/ec. Png.) r>vنn%* |*c5&* šرذC
Bri8ge ba/ance (P/ec. Png.) D>vنn%* |*c5*
Bri8ge barge (Png.)
Bri8ge circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ةي>vنق D>o*=
Bri8ge connection (P/ec. Png.) r>vنق W2l5*
Bri8ge 7/oating (-ia. Png.) Io2T ><j
Bri8ge 7/oor (-ia. Png.) ><_%* ة4pرC
Bri8ge 7"se (P/ec. Png.) r>vنق >Ml3
Bri8ge ga"ge (Png.) $ب<ن%* ]>K(%* Š24n3
Bri8ge hanger (P/ec. Png.)
Bri8ge metho8 (P/ec.) $o2,>MJ%* |*c5&* ةnي>R
Bri8ge #ier (-ia. Png.) ><j Dc4sر
Bri8ge stone (B"i/8.)
Bri8ge sYing (-ia. Png.) ر*1= ><j
Bri8ge trans7ormer ? h!bri8 coi/ (P/ec. Png.)
Bri8ge traaerse (Png.)
Bri8ge tr"ss (-ia. Png.) ><_%* |Gل;j
Dرذ I4vK5 V3 D'%G(;%* ر2v€Bm% ةل,2n%* Ÿ*رx%* ='T) '%*G(%* ةب<B)
§2n) ‚ 'قG;%* =23ر ‚ I4<B . ة;<B
23 Oل[% ) ةp1>:;%* DرGl%* ®Gp1 @'T)
|>,ˆ ²4`رˆ
2MKv) SG(<;,1 DxF2ن%* WGR ZلT) ة4ب€d ةpر2T)
ة:_%* ˜ن™ . ة:_%* >4;[5
OR>, . 2`ر
ةنب% . ة,GR . D'43>ق . D>j‰
rر*>E 0GR . rر2B 0GR
D>vنق ‚ Dر2بT . ><j
*><j —€BC . ><j
Io2T ><j W'ن™ . ة;o2T D>vنق D'T2ق
><j tK5 1C UhB kn) $F) ]m)H* ةقmT)
D2نق 1C S>_3 ”GF '(;ي) r><j >_E)
r>vنق WGK3 . $ن4_+ kل3
ةي><j ةp>(:3 .
Bri8ge. ab"tments (-ia. Png.) ><_%* Ÿ•J(3
Bri8ge. a9"e8"ct (-ia. Png.) ة4o23 >R2نق ><j
Bri8ge. arche8 (-ia. Png.) >vنn3 ><j
Bri8ge. askeY (Png.) Oo23 ><j
Bri8ge. basc"/e (-ia. Png.) ]>K(3 ><j
Bri8ge. /i7t (-ia. Png.) $:قر I<j
Bri8ge. #ontoon (-ia. Png.)
Bri8ge. stone (Png.) r>_E ><j
Bri8ge. s"s#ension (Png.) Uل:3 ><j
Bri8ge. Âheatstone (P/ec. Png.)
Bri8geboar8 (B"i/8.) Iل<%* Ÿ2jر= $5c4sر S'E‘
Bri8geYork (Png.) رG<_%* •2ن,
Bri8ging 2Mo*G(%& 2:ن3 ة4pرH* ’ر*GT >4<_5
Bri8ging am#/i7ier ? monitoring am#/i7ier (P/ec. -omm.) ةبق*>3 I[f3
Bri8ging in8icator (©e/e#h)
Bri8ging ^oist (-ar#.)
Bri8ging re/a! (P/ec. Png.)
Bri8/e (n.)
Bri8/e (a.)
Bri8/e. toYing >vn%* @23X
Brie7 (a8^.. n.)
Brie7 (a.) ةn4ق'%* Ÿ2;4ل:(%2, =1X ‚ cj1C
Brie7case ةKv<3 ةي'لj ةNhK3
Brie7ing (n.)
Brig (n.) V4ير2l, ة4T*>` ةن4h)
Briga8e (n.) •*G%
Briga8e. 7ire •2hRž* ةي>)
Briga8ier ? briga8ier genera/ (Li/.)
Briggs· stan8ar8 #i#e threa8 (Png.)
Bright (a8^.)
Bright annea/ing (Let.) |=2:;ل% ˜™2ن%* Vي'ل(%*
Bright bo/t ? t"rne8 bo/t §1>[3 $}>,
Bright co/o"r ˜™2B |G%
Bright emitter (©hermionics)
Bright meta//ic s"r7ace (Let.) ˜R2) $B':3 “v)
Bright #/ating (P/ec. Png.) ˜™2ن%* $o2,>MJ%* “4hl(%*
Bright re8 heat
Bright stock ةj1cل%* $%2T ˜™2B tيX
Brighten (a.)
Brightener (P/ec. Png.)
Brightness (¨//"m.)
Brightness contro/ (©e/ea.) šGlن%* •,2p
BrightYork ة%Gnl;%* ة4B':;%* •*cjH*
Bri//iance (or bri//ianc!) (¨//"m.)
Bri//iance contro/ (©e/ea.) U%—(%* •,2p
Bri//iant (a8^.)
Bri//iant co/o"r ³*X |G%
Brim ةF2E
Brine-#roo7 (a8^.) ةEGل;ل% '32™
Brine (-hem.)
Brine agitator (Png.) $Kل;%* WGلK;%* 0mق
Brine coi/s (Png.) ةh(ل;%* $Kل;%* WGلK;%* >4)*G3
”ر*1X ZلT @2n3 ><j ~Io2T ><j
ة4o2,>MJ%*) ˆ|G(<(يG+ˆ D>vنق)
ةيX*G3 S>d—, ة4o2,>Ms D>o*= O™1 ~r>vنق O™1
rX*G(%* ZلT O™Gي) r>vنق V4ب3)
ة4pرH* ®*G%C IT'5 ~ةي>vنق ةpر2T
rX*G(%* ZلT O™Gي) r>vنق OE>3)
@23X . @2_%
IJ` . I_%C . U•1C . '` . V)ر
c4j1 . >l([3 . cjG3
Ÿ2;4ل:(%* •2vT‘ . ة;M;%* ®>`
•*G% . 'o2ق . '4;T
i4,2B•% rر24:%* ~zAي>,ˆ i%G%
>+*X . >4B ‚ >+2, . ˜™2B
ةnلv;%* ةjر'%* Z%‘ ³ر*>E‘ S'% Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* Œ:بي V(<Aن(%* V3 =G•2s) ة:™2ن%* ة›T2ب%* ¤¥……
$%*GE) ة:™2B •*>;E Dر*>E „……… ةيG\3 )
˜;% . ˜;% . ˜v) ‚ >+=XC ‚ >+XC
˜4;ل(ل% $o2,>MJ%* “4hl(%* WGلK3 Z%‘ ‹2fي 23) ˜;ل;%*)
šGv) . šGlB
G+X . U%—5 . |2:;%
U%—(3 . ³*X . š2;% . ˜3&
$:4بv%*) =G;:%* tي>بs)
“ل;%* •23 . $Kل3 WGلK3 ‚ Q2jC •23
Brine eaa#orator (Png.) $Kل;%* WGلK;%* >[ب3
Brine ga"ge ? sa/inometer (Png.) ةEGل;%* Š24n3
Brine #"m# $Kل;%* WGلK;%* ة[f3
Brine// har8ness (Let.) ة4ل4ني>ب%* D=ml%*
Brine// har8ness n"mber (Let.) ة4ل4ني>ب%* D=ml%* Iقر
Brine// har8ness test ة4ل4ني>ب%* D=ml%* ر2ب(d*
Bring (a.)
Brink (n.)
Brin! (a8^.)
Bri9"et 7"e/ i%*Gق OJ€, =Gق1
Bri9"ette ? bri9"et (Let.)
Bri9"ette man"7act"re i%*Gn%* ةT2ن™
Bri9"ettes (-hem.)
Brisket (n.)
Bristo/ boar8
Britannia meta/ (Let.)
British association stan8ar8 screY threa8 (Png.) ة4B2vي>ب%* ة4:;_ل% rر24:%* i4,2BH* ةب%G% V)
British ´tan8ar8 ¨nstit"tion (Png.) $B2vي>ب%* ةير24:;%* Ÿ2)24n%* 'M:3
British stan8ar8 #i#e threa8 (Png.) $B2vي>ب%* rر24:%* i4,2BH* ةب%G% V)
British stan8ar8 Yire ga"ge (Png.) $B2vي>ب%* rر24:%* ]m)H* Š24ق ='K3
British ©herma/ Unit (B.©h.U.) (Png.) ة4B2vي>ب%* ةير*>K%* D'EG%*
Britt/e (a8^.)
Britt/e iron (Let.) klق 'ي'E
Britt/e #oint (Let.) kln(%* ةvnB
Britt/e s/iaer ore (Lin.)
Britt/eness (Let.)
Broach #ost ? king #ost (B"i/8.) $<4oر 'fT
Broaching 7ibt"re >يGn(%* 1C U4ل[(ل% ة(4ب›5
Broaching machine U4ل[5 ةنJ3
Broa8-abe (Png.)
Broa8-ban8 am#/i7ier (¢a8io.) ”2vن%* ˜)*1 I[f3
Broa8-ban8 antenna (¢a8io.) ”2vن%* †ي>T $o*G+
Broa8-base toYer (P/ec. Png.)
Broa8-7/ange gir8er (Png.) ةfي>T ةh€, D'F*ر
Broa8 (a8^.)
Broa8 ga"ge (rai/Ya!)
Broa8 hatchet (-ar#.) 'K%* ةfي>T ةv4ل,
Broa8 irrigation (-ia. Png.)
Broa8 too/ (B"i/8.)
Broa8 t"ning (¢a8io.) ةfي>T ةh%*G3
Broa8cast (a.)
Broa8casting station (¢a8io) $Jل) & Œ, 1C ةT*ذ‘ ةvK3
Broa8casting (¢a8io.)
Broa8si8e (ga"t.) •2;%* •d ”GF $323H* ةن4h<%* iB2j
Broa8si8e ? broa8 (-inema) Gي=G()ž* D•2pž ةj2+1 “4,2l3 ةTG;_3
Broa8si8e 8irectiona/ antenna (¢a8io.) ’>:(<3 $+2_5* $o*G+
Broa8stone (B"i/8.) ŸGKن;%* >_K%* V3 •2ن, ‚ ŸGKن3 >_E
Brochette (n.)
O}C ‚ =ر1C . (0) •2j ‚ «'EC ‚ >fEC . iلj
>4h` . ةh` . ةF2E
“ل3 . “%23
iليGق . i%2ق
IKh%* Ÿ2ي2hB) §2n<%* V3 i%*Gق)
>_h(%* DGق . Iln%* DGق
|*G4K%*) ر'™)
>يcن[%* >:€s V€d >:` ~iل+
SGn3 O4n™ ”ر1 ~WG()>,
|G5>J%* V3) ˆWG()>,ˆ ®*G%C)
Š2Kن%*1 >ي'ln%* V3 ~24B2ن(ي>, ةJ4ب)
I4lق . k4lق . Ilق . klق
|G;4(B&*1 ةfh%* '4(ي>بs V3 Žيc3) ة4hln%* ةfh%* Ÿ232d)
klق . kln5
0Gn›%* U4ل[5 . 0Gn›%* •بp . >يGn5
D>h€%* ةfي>T ة;[p Š—F . ةvل,
$o2,>MJ%* •[%* O;K%) D'T2n%* †ي>T Q>,)
O;_3 ‚ “4<F . i4Eر . †ي>T
ةي'ي'K%* •J<ل%) †ي>T •d . ةfي>T 'ي'E ةJ))
ةv<بن;%* $p*رH* V3 ˜)*1 ”2vB ZلT 2M:يXG(, >ير2_;%* ³243 V3 ‡ل[(%*) i4E>%* r>%*
tKنل% †ي>T O43XC . Ÿ2Kن3
Œ, . >›B . š*ذC
Œ, . ةT*ذ‘
$ن4h)‘ '51 . V4h)
–4) . =Gh)
ة4نF D>€B . i4(s
Broi/ (n.)
Broi/ (a.)
Broken (a8^.)
Broken circ"it (P/ec.) ة%Glh3 D>o*=
Broken /ine (Png.) ><J(3 •d
Bromate (-hem.)
Bromi8e #a#er (hotog.) '431>, ”ر1
Bromi8e #enci/ (hotog.) ةي'431>ب%* ة4F*>}G5Gh%* رGl%* U4;ن5 Iلق
Bromination (-hem.)
Bromine (Br) (-hem.)
Bromine n"mber
Bronchia/ t"be (eoo/.) ةo>%* ةبlق
Bronchitis (Le8.)
Bronch"s (#/. bronchi) (eoo/.)
Bronye (Let.)
Bronye #oY8er
Bronye Ye/8ing cB1>ب%2, @2Kل%*
Bronye. a/"min"m (Let.) @G4ن3G%H* cB1>,
Bronye. #hos#hor (Let.) rرGh<F cB1>,
Bronying (Let.) DcB>ب%*
Bronying /i9"i8 (Let.) DcB>, Oo2)
Brony! (a8^.)
Broo8 (Let.) ة4B':3 io*G`
Broo8 (eoo/.)
Brook (n.) •23 W1'j
Brook/et (n.) Oي'j
Broom (n.)
BroY (Lining.) ر'Kن3 Oo23 0>)
BroY (n.) ij2E
BroYn (aint.)
BroYn coa/ (or /ignite) (-hem.)
BroYn san8 ´har#e Âire wa"ge (Png.)
BroYnian moaement (h!s.) |2€AB ‚ ة4B1*>, ةs>E
BroYnish (a8^.)
BroYnstone (weo/.) $ل3ر >;)C >_E
Br"ise (Le8.)
Br"ise (a.)
Br"nsYick green (-hem.)
Br"nt @'l%* DGق
Br"nton com#ass (weo/.)
Br"sh-bob (P/ec. Png.) |Gj>h%* •,>3
Br"sh-ho/8er |Gj>h%* O32E
Br"sh-rocker (P/ec. Png.) D2`>h%* O32E
Br"sh (n.)
Br"sh (a.)
Br"sh ang/e |Gj>h%* ةي1*X
Br"sh contact ? /aminate8 contact (P/ec. Png.) $BGj>F z3m5
Br"sh contact #ress"re (P/ec. Png.) $BGj>h%* z3m(%* 'p
Br"sh contact s"r7ace (P/ec. Png.) $BGj>h%* z3m(%* “v)
i_` . ر2_` . $`
Z;EC . V[)
Olhن3 . šGvn3 . رG<J3
•4)1 . ر2<;)
ر2<;<%* ة%G;T . D><;)
•431>ب%* †32E “ل3 ~Ÿ231>,
•431>,1ر'4M%* †32E “ل3 ~'431>,
@1>ب%2, ة_%2:3 ~ة31>,
>,) ³c3ر rcلF & >lنT ~@1>ب%*)
tيcل%) $ن431>ب%* Iق>%*)
$ب:€%* 02M(%&* . Ÿ2بln%* 02M(%*
ة4o*GM%* ةبln%* $(ب:` S'E‘ ~ةب:€%*
>ي'ln%*1 Š2Kن%* V3 ةJ4ب) ~cB1>ب%*
'ل_%*1C ”رGل%) ةB':3 ”GK<3)
|Gل%* rcB1>, . rcB1>,
D'E*G%* ة<nh%* 1C ةنfK%* Q2(B ~ةنfE
ة€n3 . ةنJ3
t4;s . $ن, >;EC
>;)C . |Gل%* $ن,
t4ن_4ل%*1 Œ[%* V4, •)G(3 r>_E IKF ~$نب%* t4ن_4ل%*
]m)H* >vn% ˆ0ر2`ˆ 1 ˆ|1*>,ˆ Š24n3
D>;<%* Z%‘ 0ر2p . >;<3
–pر . @'s . ’ر
–pر . @'s . ’ر
•4)2Kن%* 'يرGلJ4<s*) . ˆ•ي1cB1>,ˆ >fdC)
|G(B>,ˆ ةل™G,ˆ
D2`>h%2, ('ل_%*) qب™
D>h<3 . ة<K3 . |Gj>F . D2`>F
z3 ‚ D2`>h%2, kNB ~Z`>F
Br"sh 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $BGj>F qي>h5
Br"sh gear (P/ec. Png.)
Br"sh /ea8 ? br"sh shi7t (P/ec. Png.)
Br"sh s#ring (P/ec. Png.) |Gj>h%* †,2B
Br"sh Yhee/ (Png.)
Br"sh !oke (P/ec. Png.) |Gj>h%* |>n3
Br"sh. contact (P/ec. Png.) Š2;(%* |Gj>F
Br"sh. 8an8! (n.)
Br"shYoo8 (n.)
Br!o/og! (Bot.)
Br!o#h!te (Bot.)
B"bb/e (n.)
B"bb/e (a.)
B"bb/e air •*G+ ةT2nF
B"bb/e ca# (et. Png.) ةT2nh%* 0Gs
B"bb/e ca# tra! ˜4ق2nh%* 0*GsC ة4ن4™
B"bb/e chamber (h!s.)
B"bb/e /eae/ ةT2nh, D*G<3
B"bb/e /eae//ing (´"ra.) ةيG<(%* |*c43 ةT2nF
B"bb/e #oint (-hem.) ˜4ق2nh%* |GJ5 ةvnB
B"bb/e sebtant (´"ra.) ةT2nF Ÿ*ذ ة<ي')
B"bb/e toYer (-hem.) ˜4ق2nh%* Q>,
B"bb/e tra! ˜4ق2nh%* D=2:()* ة4ن4™
B"ck (Lining.) |':;%* @2d Dر2<s
B"ck (a.)
B"ck saY (-ar#.) r1'ي ر2€ن3
B"ck tai/ (Png.) I`>ب;%* Oيx%*
B"cket (Png.) ةي==>(%* ة[f;%* zبJ3
B"cket (n.)
B"cket chain (Png.) Dر*Gj zي=*Gق ةل<ل)
B"cket conae!or (Png.) zي=*Gn%2, ةلق2B
B"cket 8re8ger ? /a88er 8re8ger
B"cket #"m# (Png.) ة:F*ر ة[f3
B"cket aa/ae
B"cket Yhee/ zي=*Gق 1ذ 0&1=
B"cket. rotar! Dر*1'%* •&'%*
B"cking (Let.) {(;`>ب% @2`>ب%* ŠCر 'ن)
B"cking (Lin) 2ي1'ي @2[%* >4<J5
B"cking bar (Let.)
B"cking circ"it (P/ec. Png.) D=2f3 D>o*=
B"cking coi/ (P/ec. Png.) =2f3 kل3
B"cking too/ (Let.) @2`>ب%* ŠCر 'ن) D'T
B"ck/e (Png.)
B"ck/e (Let.)
B"ck/e (a.)
B"ck/e br"sh (hotog.) ³>بT >;ي •ل<, 0GبBC ‹>R Z%‘ '€5 @2[%* Vvn%* V3 ة:vق
B"ck/e8 (a8^.) •بK;%2, Ohn3 ‚ 0'K3
B"ck/e8 #/ate (Let.) 0'K3 ®G%
B"ck/e8 Yhee/ ZنK3 1C 0'E 0&1=
B"ck/ing (Let.)
B"ck/ing /oa8 (Png.)
B"ck/ing strain (Png.) iي=*'Ež* W2:hB*
B"ck/ing strength (Png.) iي'K(%* ة312n3
B"ck/ing stress (Png.) iي'K(%* =2Mj‘
ة4o2,>Ms ة%‰ $F) 2M:,*G51 Ÿ2BGj>h%* ةTG;_3)
W'ب3 Ÿ*ذ ة4o2,>Ms ة%‰ $F W=2:(%* ةvnB VT |Gj>h%* ةEcEX S'3 ~$BGj>F Uب)
Vن<3 >4} Š>5 ~$بل+ Š>5
zK%* D2`>F . ة<K3
z4d . Q>E . O}=
Ÿ2يX*cK%*) i%2Kv%* IلT)
X*cE . $بلKR Ÿ2بB
ةd2hB . ةR2nB ‚ ةT2nF
˜4ق2nh%* Q>dC . Uبn,
˜4ق2nh%* V3 kls Ÿ2BGيH* •%2<3 {4F >MN5 X2Mj ~ Ÿ2T2nh%* D>_E
><s . UK)
Š1=2ق . G%= . Ov)
Dر*1'%* zي=*Gn%2, D•*>s . ة;4ل) D•*>s
ةي==>(%* Ÿ2[f;%* †:, zبJ3 $F $:jر & @2;™ ~$)1=2ق @2;™
@2`>, D'B2) . 'ن<%* i4fق
•بK3 . Iيc,* ‚ 0*'ي'E* . iي'K5
0Gبl;%* |':;%* $F “v<%* •hن5 . >›,
O(F ‚ SG% . ZنE . 0=1'E* .0'E
•*G(%* . 0*'ي'E‘ . Q2:بB‘
Q2:بB&* O;E . iي'K(%* O;E
B"ck/ing test (Png.) 0'K(%* ر2ب(d*
B"cksta! (P/ec. Png.) t4ب›5 Dc4sر
B"ckYheat coa/ (Lining.)
B"8 (Bot.)
B"8 (a.)
B"8 sca/e (Bot.) IT>ب%* ة,2نق
B"88ing (Bot.) IT>ب5
B"88/e (Lining.)
B"88/ing (Lining.) |=2:;%* @2d O<}
B"8get (n.) ة4B*c43
B"8get (a.) ة4B*c43 ˜p1
B"77 (Png.) ˜4;ل5 ةل_T
B"77 (a.) ˜;%
B"77 co/o"r
B"77 /eather WGnl3 †4,C 'لj
B"77 stick (Png.) Onl%* i4fق
B"77a/o hi8e ŠG32_%* 'لj
B"77er (-hem.) INن3 WGلK3
B"77er (Png.)
B"77er action (-hem.) INن;%* WGلK;%* >4•—5
B"77er a8^"sting screY (Png.) ';[;%* Oي':5 i%G%
B"77er am#/i7ier (P/ec. -omm.) D=2l3 I[f3
B"77er batter! (P/ec. Png.) D=2l%* ة4;s>;%* D'`2K%*
B"77er con8enser (P/ec. Png.) D=2l3 k›J3
B"77er c!/in8er (Png.) ';[;%* ةB*Gv)*
B"77er 8isc ';[3 ¡>ق
B"77er mechanism (Png.) 'l%* ة4%‰
B"77er #/ate '4;[(%* ةK4h™
B"77er reagent ? b"77er (-hem.)
B"77er so/"tion (-hem.) $ن4j1ر'4M%* ŠH* t,2• WGلK3
B"77er s#ring (¢a8io.)
B"77er stage D=2l;%* ةلE>3
B"77er state (weog.) Dcj2K%* ة%1'%*
B"77er aa/ae (¢a8io.) =2™ @2;™
B"77er Yater (-hem.) $ن4j1ر'4M%* ŠH* t,2• •23
B"77er. h!8ra"/ic $لo2) 'l3
B"77ering (Png.) Q2_5ر&* ˜ن3
B"77ers (¢ai/Ya!s.) @*'v™&* Ÿ2hh[3
B"77et (n.)
B"77et (a.)
B"77eting (Aero.)
B"77ing (Png.)
B"77ing /athe ? #o/ishing bob (Png.) ˜4;ل(%* Ÿm_:, On™ ةنJ3
B"77ing oi/ (Png.) ˜4;ل(%* tيX
B"77ing Yhee/ (Png.)
B"g/e (n.)
B"h/ saY ر2Rž* ˜)*1 r1'ي ر2€ن3
B"i/8 (a.)
B"i/8er •2ن,
B"i/8er·s ^ack •2نب%* ة%2n)
B"i/8er·s /eae/ (B"i/8.) •2نب%* D*G<3
B"i/8ers· staging (B"i/8.) V4o2نب%* ة%2n)
B"i/8ers· ta#e (B"i/8.) Š24n%* •ي>`
'4ل_(ل%) Š2ق œ2;ق ~@>J,)
Ÿ2ب4بE OJ` ZلT ~$ب4بE IKF
ة;T>, . IT>,
IT>ب5 . IT>,
Ÿ232[%* 2M4F cs>5 (D>:n3 1C ة,'K3) D>hE
$;ي=C |G% . 'ل_%* |G%
';[3 . ة3'l%* kh[3 . 'l3
$BGيH* c4s>(%* $F Ÿ*>4A(%* ˜ن;% $B1>(J%‘ WGلK3 Z%‘ ‹2f5 D=23 ~D=2™ k`2s
'l;%* †,2B . Q2_5ر&* D';[3 †,2B
ة3'™ . ة;v%
šر2l5 . Iv(%* ‚ =2™ . šر2™ ‚ @'™
X*c(+* . 0*>vp* . “jر—5 . Q2_5ر*
On™ . ˜4;ل5
˜4;ل5 ةل_T . Onl%* ZEر
>4hB . ”G,
—€BC . =2` . Zن,
B"i/8ing-"# (B"i/8.)
B"i/8ing-"# (P/ec. Png.) •*'(,&* 'نT 24_ير'5 G32ني'%* ة4vلF 'ي*c5
B"i/8ing (n.)
B"i/8ing boar8 ? 7ibre-boar8 (B"i/8.) |*ر'_%*1 ‹Gn<%* V4vب(% ®*G%C
B"i/8ing cra8/e (B"i/8.) •2نب%* OJ4+
B"i/8ing iron (B"i/8.) •2نب%* 'ي'E
B"i/8ing /ines (B"i/8.) •2نب%* =1'E
B"i/8ing #a#er ? 7e/t #a#er (B"i/8.) ŸGl%* Wc:% V€d ”ر1
B"i/8ing site (B"i/8.) •2نب%* ˜قG3
B"i/8ing stone (B"i/8.) •2نب%* >_E
B"i/t-in beam (B"i/8.) ة(4ب3 ةب(T
B"i/t-"# (a8^.)
B"i/t-"# areas (B"i/8.) D'4€3 Ÿ2E2<3
B"i/t-"# crank (Png.) ˜;_3 'T2)
B"i/t-"# cranksha7t (Png.) is>;%* $nF>;%* =G;:%*
B"i/t-"# ga"ge (Png.) is>3 Š24ق ='K3
B"i/t-"# gir8er (Png.) ةبs>3 ةpر2T
B"/b-/ike (Bot.) OJ€%* $ل4l,
B"/b (Bot.)
B"/b (¨//"m.)
B"/b bar (Png.) ‹>v%* V4[• @1>ب3 i4fق
B"/b e/ectric (P/ec.) $o2,>Ms ®2بl3 ةj2jX 1C ةلl,
B"/b o7 a thermometer (h!s.)
B"/b/et (Bot.) ةn4ق= ةل4l,
B"/bo"s (a8^.) (Bot.)
B"/ge (n.)
B"/ge (a.)
B"/ge. tire ر2Rž* –hن5
B"/ge8 (a8^.)
B"/ging stress (Png.) –hن(%* =2Mj‘
B"/k (n.)
B"/k breaking
B"/k cement
B"/k 8ensit! ةي>+2N%* ةF2›J%*
B"/k e/asticit! I_K%* ةB1>3
B"/k mo8"/"s (Png.) I_K%* >ي2:3
B"/k mo8"/"s (Lech.) I_K%* >4A5 O32:3
B"/k #/ant š=G(<3
B"/k storage ة\ب:5 1C k4لA5 m, Vيc[5
B"/k. in io2) ‚ —ب:3 >4} ‚ ةل;_%2,
B"/khea8 (-ia. Png.…
B"/k! (a8^.) (Png.)
B"/k! "nit ة;[p D'E1
B"// (or ©a"r"s) (Astron.)
B"// gear (Png.) >بsH* Š>(%*
B"// gear /ock (Png.) >بsH* Š>(%* ةs>E Uo2T
B"// ro#e (Png.)
B"// Yhee/
B"//·s-e!e arch (B"i/8.) OJ€%* ةيGf4, 1C D>ي'(<3 DxF2B 1C ةق2R
B"//·s-e!e /ens (hotog.) رGن%* k4›J(% ةJ4;) ة)'T
B"//·s e!e (B"i/8.)
B"//·s e!e (n.) ةبo2™ ة43ر ‚ ‹'M%* cs>3
B"//8oye (a.) ة4%‰ ةF*>_, W*XC 1C 'M3
˜4;_5 . i4s>5 . ˜;_5
Zنب3 . Dر2;T . ®>™ ‚ •2ن,
ر*'j Od*= $F Zنب3 . t4ب3
˜;_3 . is>3
ةل4l, . ةلl,
ة,2بE . $o2,>MJ%* ®2بl;%* ةل4l,
>(3G3>(%* ةلl, . Dر*>K%* |*c43 ةل4l,
OJ€%* ة4لl, ر1xj 1ذ . ر1x_%* –h(ن3
¸2h(B* . •G(B . X1>,
–h(B* . X>, . —(B
Xر2, . –h(ن3 . ¬52B
IN:3 . Oj . ةل;j ‚ I_E . @>j
ةنK€%* V3 •cj qي>h5 . ة%G;K%* •F
—ب:3 >4}) io2) tن;)*)
S>dC1 D>_E V4, Olhي cj2E . $o2€B‘ cj2E
I4<j . I_K%* I4NT . I[p
رG›%* Q>, . رG›%*
>hK%* Ÿ24ل;T †:, $F) Dر*=‘ Oبs)
>hK%* Q>, Oh)C $F) Dر*=‘ 0&1=)
ةيGM(%* 1C Dر2BÁ%) D>ي'(<3 DGs)
B"//8oyer (n.)
B"//et (Li/.)
B"//etin boar8 Ÿ*>€ن%* ةEG%
B"//et#roo7 (Li/.)
B"//ing >4_h(%2, ةي>[l%* O(J%* OlF
B"//ing #/"g I[p =*')
B"//ion $ب+ذ 1C $fF •ي>` ‚ ةfF 1C i+ذ V3 ةJ4ب)
B"//nose (B"i/8.) Dر1'3 ةB>ق Ÿ*ذ ة,GR
B"//nose too/ (Png.)
B"//! in• ةق>v3
B"/Yark (n.)
B"/Yark (ga"t.)
B"/Yark ? breakYater (-ia. Png.)
B"m# (n.)
B"m# (a.)
B"m# ^oint (Png.) is*>5 ةل™1
B"m#. air $o*G+ rGM3
B"m#er (Png.)
B"m#er b/ock (Png.) @'l;%* ةل(s
B"m#er bracket (Png.) @'l;%* ةل32E
B"m#er. 8o"b/e bar (Png.) i4fn%* Q1=c3 @'l3
B"m#ing (-hem.) Oo2<%* |2€4j
B"m#ing (Png.)
B"m#ing bag (Png.)
B"m#ing hammer (Png.) ”'%* ”>v3
B"m#ing machine (Png.)
B"m#ing mo"/8 (Png.) ةق'ق= i%2ق
B"m#ing #ost (¢ai/Ya!s) Ÿ*>R2n%* =ر @'l3
B"m#ing. han8 (Png.) '4%2, ةق'ق'%*
B"m#ing. meta/ (Png.) |=2:;%* ”>R
B"m#! (a8^.)
B"m#! air r12M;%* >4›s Gj
B"m#! Yeather
B"na (-hem.)
B"na r"bber
B"nch /ight (¨//"m.)
B"nche8 cab/e (P/ec. Png.) Ÿm™G3 D'T V3 Oبs
B"n8 رG<3 •2ن43 k4™ر ‚ ')
B"n8 Ya// ”*1 ر*'j
B"n8/ing machine (Png.)
B"nga/oY (B"i/8.)
B"ngho/e O43>ب%* in•
B"ng/e (n.) Vn(3 >4} O;T
B"ng/e (a.) U3ر
B"nk ةن4h) $F >ي>) ‚ 'ق>3
B"nker (Png.)
B"nker ca#acit! (ga"t.) is>3 $F =GقG%* O;K% ةll[;%* ة:<%*
B"nker 7"e/ Vh<%* =Gق1
B"nker oi/ –)1 tيX
B"nker. coa/ IKF š=G(<3
رX1'%G, . ةيG<5 Dر*>j . ة4لn3
ة™2™ر . ةnلR
|24, . D>€B
¡2™>%* {ق>[ي & . ¡2™>%* ZلT ˜4ن3
0Gn›%* ˜4)G(% ŠC>%* Dر1'3 D*=C ~DرGn3
Š*>(3 . @2JK()*
rGل:%* ةن4h<%* k›s . (ةن4h<%* $F) >MN%* ZلTC
Q*G3C Oo2E . Q*G3H* 'l% Ivل3
ة3'™ . @*'v™* . @2v5ر*
Ž5ر* . c(+* ‚ IRر . @'™
IR>3 . Ÿ23'l%* ة4ق*1 . @'l3
X*c(+* . Q2_5ر* ‚ ةق'ق= . ”>R
¬R2€%* Z%‘ W1cن%* 'l3 . ';[3 z4s
$J4B2J43 Uي>v5 . ة4نJ;%* ةق'ق'%*
G(<3 >4} . Ÿ*•G(ن%*1 >hK%* >4›s
iلn(3 Gj . 0>vf3 Gj
>;لب3 $T2نv™* §2v3 ~2BG,
V4ي*=25G4ب%* D>;لب, >fKي) 2BG4%* §2v3)
=GnT ةv,ر . ة3cE . ةTG;_3
®><3 Dر2Bž) ة4o2,>Ms “4,2l3 ةTG;_3)
ة3cj . ة3Xر . ة3cE
ة3X*ر . @cE ةنJ3
ة,2J)‘ . =*') . ة,GJ)C
'E*1 U,2R V3 Wcن3 ~GلAن,
ةير2[ب%* Ÿ2يmAل%) =Gق1 |c[3)
B"nkering =GقG%2, Vh<%* VيG;5
B"nning (Lining.)
B"nsen b"rner (-hem. ¨//"m.)
B"nsen ce// (P/ec. Png.)
B"nsen #hotometer (¨//"m.)
B"nting irons Q2jc%* –F2B 0GبBC
B"o! (n.)
B"o! (a.)
B"o! /ight (Aero. ga"t.) ة32:%* •Gp
B"o!. 7airYa! (ga"t.) $Em3 S>_3 $F ة4ل4%= ة4F2R
B"o!. /i7e (ga"t.)
B"o!. mooring (ga"t.) •2)رž* ة4F2R
B"o!anc! (h!s.)
B"o!ant (ga"t.)
B"r ? b"rr ةن€d 1C ة€o*ر ةF2E ‚ ='[3 OK<3 ‚ |2ن)C DchK3
B"rb/e (Aero.)
B"rb/e (a.)
B"rb/ing (Aero.) >ي>d ‚ 024<B&* 0*>vp*
B"r8en (n.)
B"r8en ? on-costs (Png.)
B"r8ensome (a8^.)
B"rea" Q*ر=C 1ذ |*G™ ‚ i(J3
B"rette ? b"ret (-hem.) ةE2K)
B"rg/ar a/arm (P/ec. Png.) Gv<%* 'p ر*xB‘ Š>j
B"rie8 antenna (¢a8io.) V4F= $o*G+
B"rie8 cab/e (P/ec. Png.) رG;v3 Oبs
B"rie8 tank رG;v3 |*cd
B"rie8 Yiring (P/ec. Png.)
B"rin ? graaer (Png.) œ2nن3
B"r/ 8!eing
B"rn (n.)
B"rn (a.)
B"rner (-hem.)
B"rner. oi/ $(يX ”ر2E
B"rnett·s 7/"i8
B"rning-o77 (aint.)
B"rning (Let.) ة;lق “بl5 Z(E ةJ4ب<%* ”>E
B"rning (n.)
B"rning coa/ ”>(Kي IKF
B"rning contro//e8 iق*>3 ”>E*
B"rning 7"se O4(F
B"rning g/ass
B"rning o7 contacts (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2<3m;%* ”*>(E*
B"rning #oint (-hem.) ”*>(E&* ةjر=
B"rning 9"a/it! (-hem.) ”*>(E&* ة4TGB
B"rning rate (Png.) ”*>(E&* W':3
B"rning ra!s (h!s.) ةق>K3 ة:`C
B"rning s#ee8 (Png.) ”*>(E&* ةT>)
B"rning test (Png.) W2:(`&* ة,>_5
B"rnish (n.)
B"rnish (a.)
I_ن3 $F) Ÿ2ي2hن%* ةlن3)
|cن,ˆ ®2بl3 ˆ|cن,ˆ 'قG3ˆ
|cن,ˆ ة4لdˆ
ة4o24f%* D'€%* ةBر2n;% ~ˆ|cن,ˆ >(3G5GF
‹GR . ة4F2R . ة32T
Ghv%* i) . @GT . @2T . 2hR
D2_B ة32T . ذ2nBž* 1C D2_ن%* ة4F2R
Ghv%* ة4ل,2ق . ةيGhv%*
Ghv%* iب<3 ‚ Io2T . ‹2R
>ي>d ‚ (024<B&* $F) 0*>vp*
>d - 0>vp*
ةنK` ‚ •iT . On• . ة%G;E . O;E
ة4F2p‘) D>`2ب3 >4} Ÿ2nhB)
O4n• . U+>3
‡_%* tK5) DرG;v;%* O4™G(%* ]m)C)
Olhن3 2بl, (Ž4<ن%* $F io*G€%*) ة_%2:3
V€d $بنق Ž4<B . ²4d
•nل;%2, (io*G€%* V3 Ž4<ن%*) ة4nن5
”>E . ةق>E
”>(E* ‚ rGs . ”>EC . ”>E
”ر2E ‚ 'قG3 . ®2بl3
ةبق2›%* Ÿ*>€K%* V3 i€[%* ةي2قG% •2;%* $F •Bc%* 'يرGلs WGلK3 ~ˆtBر2,ˆ WGلK3
{NhK% (•Bc%* 'يرGلJ,) i€[%* ة_%2:3
”>K%2, (|2+'%*) ة%*X‘
Dر*>K%2, “h% ‚ ”*>E‘ . ”>E
ةقر2E D‰>3 . ةقر2E ة)'T
|2:;% . Uي>,
•K%2, mj . On™
B"rnisher (Png.)
B"rnishing (Png.)
B"rnishing #oY8er Onl%* ”GK<3
B"rnt-o"t bearing (Png.) ةق>(K3 O;K3 ةبلj
B"rnt a/"m (-hem.) ”>(K;%* i€%* >_E
B"rnt 8e#osit (P/ec. Png.)
B"rnt meta/ (Png. Let.)
B"rnt ochre (aint.)
B"rnt san8 (6o"n8r!)
B"rnt stee/ (Let.) ةB2(;%* O4\p ”>(K3 ذ&GF
B"rr (Png.)
B"rring machine
B"rring reamer I4:ن5 OK<3
B"rrock (-ia. Png.)
B"rroY (Lining.) I4nT >[™
B"rroY (n.)
B"rroY (a.) *>Kj >hE
B"rrs (B"i/8.)
B"rsa (eoo/.)
B"rst (n.)
B"rst (a.)
B"rst air •*GM%* $F ر2_hB*
B"rst centre ر2_hB&* cs>3
B"rst o7 7ire
B"rster (Li/.)
B"rsting charge (Li/.) >4_h(%* DG€E
B"rsting e77ect (Li/.) ر2_hB&* WG:h3
B"rsting #oint ر2_hB&* ةvnB
B"rsting #oYer ر2_hB&* DGق
B"rsting strength ر2_hB&* D'`
B"rsting s"r7ace ر2_hB&* “v)
B"r! (a.)
B"s-bar (P/ec. Png.)
B"s-bar sectiona/iying sYitch (P/ec. Png.) I4<n(%*1 Olh%* ®2(h3
B"s-co"#/er sYitch (P/ec. Png.) V4(43G;T V4(j1=c3 O4™G5 $(TG;_3 |>nي ®2(h3
B"s-/ine (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* •[%2, ةلF2K%* W2l5* •ل)
B"s-/ine co"#/ers (P/ec. Png.) 2M4ل5 $(%* ةلF2K%2, ة4o2,>MJ%* ةلF2K%* W2l5* Ÿ2Bر2ق
B"s-section sYitch ? b"s-bar sectiona/iying sYitch (P/ec. Png.) I4<n(%*1 O™G%* ®2(h3
B"s-Yire (P/ec.) $3G;:%* ˜يXG(%* •ل)
B"s 7ie/8 ebcitation (P/ec. Png.) ة43G;:%* Ÿm™G;%* V3 W2_;%* Dر2B‘
B"s #i#e (A"to.) •%2<;%* i:€(3 0GبBC
B"sh-hammering (-ia. Png.) Vن<;%* Ÿ2Kن;%2, Dر2_K%* ²nB
B"sh (Bot.)
B"sh (Png.)
B"sh. s#acing D'T2ب3 ةبلj
B"shing (/"mb.)
B"shing c"rrent trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) ةبلj 1ذ ر245 WGK3
B"shing 7/oating (Png.) ة;o2T ةبلj
B"shing o7 thermometer b"/b (h!s.) Dر*>K%* |*c43 ةل4l, ‹m}
B"shing retainer ةبل_%* UB*X
B"shing. cab/e Oبs ةبلj
B"shing. 8ri// (Png.) in• ةبلj
ةيذ&GF On™ Dر=‘ . ةلnl3
˜4;ل5 . On™
$o2,>MJ%* “4hl(%* $F ر24(%* D=2يX {بب) io2) $B':3 i)>5 ~ةق>(K3 Dر*>ق
ة4)'نM%* W2;T•% 2K%2™ ':ي I%1 ”*>(E&2, '<s—5 |':3 ~”>(K3 |':3
zلJ(;%* 'ي'K%* '4<sC V3 Q>[(<5 •*>;E ةAب™ ~ةق1>K;%* D>A;%*
2MنT i%*Gn%* ة%*X‘ ZلT 'T2<4F Ÿ2,Gبl;%2, Ulلي IT2B O3ر ~”>(K3 O3ر
ةن€d ةF2E ‚ 02n›3 . |2ن)H* i4بR D>hK3
{v4€;5 Oبق) ‹Gl%* X>F ةنJ3)
r>MB (S>_3 OيGK(%) ')
ر2j1 . >Kj
OJ€%* IN(ن3 >4}1 $€%* •2ن•C O(J(3 ~³G€3 0GR
Zلl3 0*>j . Zلl3 z4s
>_h5 . ر2_hB*
>_h5 . >_hB*
ر2ن%* $3ر . |*>4ن%* V3 ة:F=
>4_h(%* DG€E . >_h3
ر2_hB* . >4_h5
>;R . VF=
$3G;T O™G3 . ˜يXG(%* 'T2) . O4™G(%* i4fق
O}= ‚ |2l}H* ةh4›s ةf4hd D>4_` ~ةبنj
Š2[B . ةبلj
$%*GE {(:) W24J3 ~O`G, £¾ *>(4%
ةبلj . >4)*G3 ةل™1 . Q*1=X* ةل™1
B"shing. eccentric (Png.) cs>;%* ةF>Kن3 ةبلj
B"shing. gear case (Png.) Š1>(%* ”1'ن™ ‹m}
B"shing. gear sha7t (Png.) Š>(%* =G;T ‹m}
B"shing. recoi/ s#ring (Png.) ˜j>;%* †,2ن%* ةnلE
B"sh! (a8^.)
B"siness ho"rs
B"st/e (a.) ةT><, ”mvB&* ZلT O;E ‚ ةT><, UلvB*
B"s! (©e/e#h.)
B"s! back (©e/e#h.)
B"s! ho"r (©e/e#h.) ZlقH* ]2;MB&* ةT2)
B"s! signa/ (©e/e#h.) W2A€B&* Dر2`‘
B"ta8iene (-hem.)
B"tagas (-hem.)
B"tane (-hem.)
B"tane recoaer! V45G4ب%* X2} D=2:()*
B"tene ? b"t!/ene (-hem.) V4ل45G4ب%*
B"tt-^oint (a.) $بs2ن(%* O™G%2, ˜;j
B"tt-miter r1*X is2ن5 W2l5*
B"tt-riaeting (Png.) ة4بs2ن5 ة;`>,
B"tt-Ye/8ing (Png.) $بs2ن5 @2K%
B"tt (a8^.) (Png.)
B"tt (n.)
B"tt (a.)
B"tt co"#/ing (Png.) ةبs*ر ةبل_, ةBر2ق
B"tt hinge (-ar#.)
B"tt ^oint (-ar#.) is2ن5 ةل™1
B"tt ^oint (Png.) is2ن5 ةل™1
B"tt meas"rement (Png.)
B"tt stra# (Png.) $بs2ن5 •,ر ةKي>`
B"tt stra# (Li/.) ة4ق'نب%* ة%2;E
B"tt Ye/8e8 t"bes 24بs2ن5 ة3GKل3 i4,2BC
B"tter7/! (-inema) {ني2ب5 k4h[51 رGن%* >€B X2Mj
B"tter7/! antenna (¢a8io.) ة`*>F OJ` ZلT $o*G+
B"tter7/! n"t (Png.) ةKن_3 ة%G;™
B"tter7/! aa/ae
B"ttering (B"i/8.)
B"tting troYe/ (B"i/8.)
B"tton-hea8e8 screYs (Png.) Š1À>%* ةقGn€3 ةي1>s klB $}*>,
B"tton رX
B"tton contro/ (P/ec. Png.) ر*رXH2, IJK5
B"tton sYitch (P/ec. Png.) رc, ®2(h3
B"tton. /ight >يGن(%* 1C D•2pž* رX
B"ttonho/e D1>T
B"ttress (-ia. Png.)
B"ttress screY-threa8 (Png.) $h(s $ب%G% V)
B"ttress threa8 (Png.)
B"tt! (Lining.) IKhل% I_ن3 $F O32T •ي>`
B"t!/ acetate (-hem.) O45G4ب%* Ÿ2(4)*
B"t!/ a/coho/ ? b"tano/ (-hem.) $ل45G4, WGKs
B"t!/ gro"# (-hem.) ة452h4%* ة4ل45G4, ةTG;_3
B"t!/ r"bber (-hem.)
B"t!/ene (-hem.) V4ل45G4ب%*
B"t!ric aci8 (-hem.) r',c%* †32K%*
B"yy (a.)
k(ل3 . k4›s
@*1'%* Ÿ2ق1C . O;:%* Ÿ2T2)
OA€ن3 . WGA€3
$BGhل(%* •[%* W2A€B* ZلT W'ي ˜vn(3 V4Bر ~W2A€B&* ˜jر
$T2نv™&* §2v;%* ةT2ن™ $F @'[(<ي r>lنT is>3 ~Vي*=25G4,
§GAf;%* V45G4بل% rر2_5 I)*) X2}25G,)
|25G4ب%*) V45G4ب%* X2})
is*ر . $بs2ن5
>ي'(<3 ª4ل} ‹>R ‚ ‹>R ‚ O™C . ة31رC
is2ن(%2, O™1 . —(B
V4T*>l;%* V4, 2+2E2نj is*>(ي) ة4بs2ن5 ةلlh3)
Š24n%* >(3 ˜3) is2ن5 Š24ق)
'E*1 ³2_5* $F ر24(%* ر1>;, “;<5 ةق*>` . ¡>ق 1ذ UB2d @2;™
$%2(%* ]23';%* •2نب% §m;%* ˜p1 ~ةF>:%* •4ل;5
§m;%* >€ن% 1C V4بv(ل%) •2نب%* Ž%23)
D>F*X ة32T= . k(s . ة32T=
rرGK;%* ˜F'%* $nل(%) Oo23 $h(s V))
$T2نv™* §2v3. O45G4ب%* §2v3
B"yy saY X*XC r>o*= ر2€ن3
B"yyer (P/ec. -omm.)
B!-/ine (¢ai/Ya!s) rGB2• •d
B!-#ass (-ia. Png.) $بB2j S>_3
B!-#ass ca#acitor (-hem.)
B!-#ass con8enser (¢a8io.) $ocj ر*>3‘ k›J3
B!-#ass 7i/ter (Png.) $بB2j S>_3 1ذ “`>3
B!-#ass /ines (Png.) OيGK(%* §Gvd
B!-#ass #it (et. Png.) ةيGM(%* >\,
B!-#ass roa8 (-ia. Png.)
B!-#ass aa/ae (Png.)
B!-#it ةيGM(%* >\,
B!-#ro8"cts (-hem. et. Png.) ةي12ن• Ÿ2_(ن3
B!-Yash (-ia. Png.) †o2A%* •2;%* S>_3
B!-Ya! $T>F Uي>R
B!-York rGB2• 1C $F2p‘ OA`
B!/aY $لd*= |GB2ق
--batter! (P/ec. Png. ¢a8io.) ةJب€%* ةير2v,
- (carbon) (-hem.)
- (h!s.)
- ? centigra8e (h!s.)
-.g.s. ? centimetre ‚gram-secon8
-.g.s. "nit (h!s. P/ec. Png.) « Š D'E1
-.¨.6. (cost. ins"rance an8 7reight)
-.°.Ä. ? cash on 8e/iaer! I4ل<(%* 'نT ˜F'%*
-Åo ? care o7 ةv)*G,
-Ås (c!c/e #er secon8) ة4B2›%* $F Dر1=
-a (ca/ci"m) (-hem.)
-ab D>jC ة,>T ‚ D>_E
-abane (Aero.)
-abin-tem#erat"re contro/ (Png.) DرGln;%* Dر*>E ةjر= $F IJK(%* X2Mj
-abin ةن4h) $F D>_E ‚ DرGln3
-abin hoo8 DرGln;%* •2v}
-abinet-7i/e (-ar#.) ة:4vn%* =>h3 zل3C =>ب3
-abinet-York (-ar#.) ة4ب€[%* W2A`H*1 «2•H* Dر2_B
-abinet ةB*cd
-abinet maker (-ar#.) 24ل4,G3 ر2_B
-abinet #ro^ection (weom.)
-abinet resonance (Aco"s.) DرGln;%* V4Bر
-abinet. 7i/ing Ÿ2hل;%* ªhE ةB*cd
-ab/e-car ]>K(3 Oبs 2+>_ي ة,>T
-ab/e-/ength (ga"t.)
-ab/e-Ya! (P/ec. Png.)
-ab/e (P/ec. -omm.… ة4Jل) ة4ق>,
-ab/e (n.) (Png.)
-ab/e (a.) ”>,C ‚ OبJ, •,ر
-ab/e brake (Png.)
-ab/e b"o!
-ab/e casing OبJ%* k4لA5
-ab/e chain ة4لبs ةل<ل)
-ab/e c/am# (or c/i#) WGبJ%* U4ل:5 •ب€3
-ab/e co8e (©e/eg.) Ÿ24ق>ب%* W2)ر‘ D>h`
-ab/e core (P/ec. Png.) OبJ%* iلق
|2Bر . |2نR . X*XC
Ÿ*==>(%* V3 V4:3 ”2vن% ةق12:;%* O4لق k›J3 ~$ق2vB k›J3
ةني';%* Od*= >4<%* OيGK5 Uي>R . ة4T>F Uي>R
'T2<;%* @2;l%* . OيGK(%* @2;™
|G,>Jل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~]
*>h%* $F •Gf%* ةT><% c3ر ~Š
rG\3 ~=*>A4(ن)
I) £ i:J3 >(;4(ن) ر2l(d*) )
ة4B2• @*>} >(;4(ن) ~« Š
Onن%*1 V43—(%*1 ةhلJ(%*) . k4))
@G4<%2Jل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~2s
D>o2v%* $F) k4(J5 OJ`)
I<_3 I<_%) Oo23 §2n)‘)
r>K, O43 >€T r12<ي) $لبs $%GR)
•ي>h4ل5) $لبs ':l3)
ة%1c:;%* ]m)H* V3 OبE . Oبs
ةj*ر'ل%) $لبs “بJ3)
D2)>3 Z%‘) OبJ, ة(ب›3 ة32T)
-ab/e crab (Png.) $لبs š2F>3
-ab/e 8ri// ? #erc"ssion 8ri// (-ia. Png.)
-ab/e 8ri//ing (et. Png.) $لبs >hE
-ab/e 8riae (Png.) ة4لبs Dر*=‘
-ab/e 8r"m OبJ%* ةB*Gv)* 1C D>J,
-ab/e 8"cts (P/ec. Png.)
-ab/e 7a"/t tester (P/ec. Png.) $لبJ%* Oل[%* k`2s
-ab/e 7i//er OبJ%* G€E
-ab/e grease WGبJ%* IK`
-ab/e gri#
-ab/e hanger WGبJ%* U4ل:5 •ب€3
-ab/e hook OبJ%* ‹2vd
-ab/e ins"/ation (P/ec. Png.) OبJ%* WcT
-ab/e /a!ing WGبJ%* '3
-ab/e oi/
-ab/e #ress"re (P/ec. Png.) $vAp Oبs
-ab/e #rotector OبJ%* $ق*1
-ab/e rack OبJ%* O32E
-ab/e rai/Ya! ةnل:3 'ي'E ةJ)
-ab/e ree/ OبJ%* D>J, 1C iJ3
-ab/e section OبJل% $p>T ˜vn3
-ab/e sheath OبJ%* ‹m}
-ab/e stri##ing #/iers (P/ec. Png.) WGبJ%* >€ق ةي=رX
-ab/e termina/ OبJ%* ةي2MB
-ab/e too/ rig (et. Png.) ”'%2, >hK%* X2Mj
-ab/e t"be OبJ%* 0GبBC
-ab/e Yab WGبJ%* ˜;`
-ab/e. aeria/ $o*G+ Oبs
-ab/e. air core $o*G+ iلق 1ذ Oبs
-ab/e. armo"re8 (P/ec. Png.) šر'3 Oبs
-ab/e. abia/ rرGK3 Oبs
-ab/e. b"rie8 رG;v3 Oبs
-ab/e. co-abia/ (©e/ea.) رGK;%* r'K(3 V4ل™G3 1ذ Oبs
-ab/e. concentric (Png.) cs>;%* D'K(3 Ÿm™G3 1ذ Oبs
-ab/e. tYin (P/ec. Png.) Q1=c3 Oبs
-ab/egram ة4Jل) ة4ق>,
-ab/ing (P/ec. -omm.) WGبs $F Ÿm™G;%* ˜;j ‚ Dر'n%* ˜يXG(% WGبs ةJب`
-ab/ing (n.) WcA%* Q1=c3 @1>ب3 •4d ‚ WGبs
-aboose (¢ai/Ya!s)
-abrio/et SGvي “v) Ÿ*ذ Dر24)
-acao (Bot.)
-ache (n.)
-ache (a.)
-achet (Le8.) ة32`>,
-aco#hono"s (a8^.) 0ر2f(3 ‚ @2AB&* c`2B
-aco#hon! (n.) @2ABH* >F2ن5
-act"s (Bot.)
-a8astra/ (a8^.)
-a8astra/ ma# (´"ra.) ة4E2<3 ةvي>d
-a8astra/ s"rae!
-a8aaer ة›j
-a8ence ŸGl%* š2nي‘ •بp ‚ š2nي‘
-a8et •,2p x4;ل5
-a8mi"m (-8) (-hem.)
”'%2, Dر2hE . ة4لبs Dر2hE
WGبJ%* •%2<3 . ]m)H* ر1>3 i4,2BC
i4,2BH* Od*=) WGبJ%* ';% $,ms †بn3)
WGبJ%* (•O;%) tيX
ر2vق V3 >4dH* ة,>:%* ~ة<نب<%*
'نM%* XG% . 12s2s
ةبj2E ‚ (Ÿ*1=H* 1C |u;ل%) —ب[3
ZhdC . —بd
>4ب™ . ر2ب™
$K<3 . $E2<3
Ÿ*ر2n:%*1 ]m3•%) $ل4lh5 “<3)
's) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@G43=2s)
-a8mi"m ce// (-hem.)
-a8mi"m #/ating @G43=2J%2, •mR
-aec"m (eoo/.)
-ae/"m (©he B"rin) (Astron.)
-aesarean o#eration
-aesi"m ? cesi"m (-s) (-hem.)
-aesi"m ce// ة4oGp>MJ%* @Gيc4<%* ة4لd
-aesi"m c/ock
-a77eine (-hem.)
-age (n.)
-age (a.) ‡hق $F ˜p1
-age antenna (¢a8io.) OJ€%* $lhق $o*G+
-age /ightning #rotector OJ€%* ة4lhق UT*G™ ة:B23
-age rotor (P/ec. Png.) OJ€%* $lhق ر*1= GfT
-age Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) $lhق OJ€, k%
-ainoyoic (or -enoyoic) era (weo/.) Œي'K%* >+'%*
-airngorm (Lin.) $ن, 1C >h™C 1>3
-aisson (Png.)
-aisson 8isease ¡*GA%* Oل`
-ake coa/ (Lining.)
-a/amine (Lin.)
-a/careo"s (a8^.) (-hem.)
-a/careo"s cement (B"i/8.) $<لs tن;)‘
-a/careo"s c/a! (weo/.) r>4j W2lل™
-a/careo"s graae/ (weo/.) ة4<لs •2بlE
-a/careo"s iron ore (Lining.) $<لs r'ي'E @2d
-a/careo"s san8stone (weo/.) $<لs $ل3ر >_E
-a/cic (a8^.)
-a/ci7ero/ (Le8.)
-a/ci7ero"s (a8^.)
-a/ci7ero"s (or ca/careo"s) rocks (weo/.) ة4<لs رG[™
-a/ci7ication (n.) z(لJ5
-a/ci7ie8 (a8^.) zلJ(3
-a/ci7! (a.)
-a/cimine (aint.) |*ر'_ل% |Gل3 1C †4,C •mR
-a/cination (-hem.)
-a/cination o7 ores (Let.) Ÿ232[%* ‡4;K5
-a/cine (n.) (Let.)
-a/cine (a.) Dر*>K%2, t(F ‚ ‡4;K(%2, zلs
-a/cining 7"rnace (or ki/n) z4لJ5 |>F
-a/cite (Lin.)
-a/ci"m-base grease (et. Png.) @G4<%2J%* {5'T2ق IK`
-a/ci"m (-a) (-hem.)
-a/ci"m acetate (-hem.) @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2(4)C
-a/ci"m carbi8e (-hem.) @G4<%2J%* '4,>s
-a/ci"m carbonate (-hem.)
-a/ci"m ch/ori8e (-hem.)
-a/ci"m ch/ori8e t"bes (-hem.)
-a/ci"m 7/"ori8e(-hem.) @G4<%2J%* 'يرGلF
-a/ci"m h!8robi8e (-hem.)
-a/ci"m h!#och/orite (-hem.)
ةير24:%* @G43=2J%* ة4لd . ˆ|G()1ˆ ة4لd
]m3 . ر=2s ‚ ”2vB . ر2R‘
ة}>;3 . رGTH* $:;%*
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~Ÿ2Kن%* Iلق
'4%G(ل%) ةي>l4n%* ة4ل;:%*)
c)) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@Gيc4))
$F ة4B2›%* X12_(ي & 2M4F —v[%* S'3) @Gيc4<%* Ÿ*رذ ةق2v, ةل32:%* ~@Gيc4<%* ةT2) £…… ةن)
ةMبن3 D=23) V4ن, . V44F2s)
OJ€%* $lhق OJ4+ . ‡hق
Dر2_K%* V3 Iل:3 . ة;jر
ةقر2A%* Vh<%* kيGv(% ة3*GT -•2;%* tK5 O;:ل% '<%* ة;JK3 DرGln3 ~|G<4ق
i%2ق . ¡>ق ‚ ةJ:s
•*GM%* VT Wc:;, V[) *ذ‘ ]Gs Z%‘ WGK(ي) $sGs IKF)
•Bc%* rGKي @2d) 245G(%* >_E ~V43&2s)
@G4<%2J%* 12E . r>4j . $<لs
$<لs . r>4j
=) V432(4F ~W1>n4<%2s)
ةيرGلب%* @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s rC) t4<%2J%* 12E)
@G4<%2J%* ®m3C i)>(, $<nB . zلJ5
‡4;K5 . •2;Ež2, z4لJ5
@2[%*) ‡4;E)
ةيرGلب%* @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s ~t4<%2s
2s ) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@G4<%2s)
t4<%2s . @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s
>4_%* ر1رGلs . @G4<%2J%* 'يرGلs
•2;%* ر2[, ¡2l(3&) @G4<%2J%* 'يرGلs i4,2BC)
—hv3 >4j . @G4<%2J%* '<4s1ر'4+
>ln%* ”GK<3 . @G4<%2J%* tيرGلs tK5
-a/ci"m /ight
-a/ci"m obi8e (-hem.)
-a/ci"m #hos#hate (-hem.) @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2h<F
-a/ci"m s"/#hate (-hem.) @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2(ي>بs
-a/cs#ar ? ca/cite (Lin.)
-a/c"/agra#h (©e/e#h.) ة4BGhل(%* Ÿ2;%2J;%* ='3 ةل_<3
-a/c"/ate (a.)
-a/c"/ating machine ةب)2E ة%‰
-a/c"/"s (Laths.) Op2h(%*1 O32J(%* 02<E
-a/c"/"s (Le8.)
-a/c"/"s o7 aariation >ي2A(%* 02<E
-a/c"/"s. 8i77erentia/ (Laths.) Op2h(%* 02<E
-a/c"/"s. integra/ (Laths.) O32J(%* 02<E
-a/8era (weo/.)
-a/8ron ? ca"/8ron (Png.)
-a/en8ar (Astron.)
-a/en8ar month $;` >M`
-a/en8ar !ear ة4<;` ةن)
-a/en8er (n.) ”رG%* On™ ةنJ3
-a/en8er (a.)
-a/escence (n.) Dر*>K%* ةjر= =2ي=X*
-a/escent (a8^.) Dر*>K%* š2h5ر* >;(<3
-a/7 (weo/.) ة;o2T '4لj ةل(s
-a/7 (n.)
-a/7 /ine (Png.)
-a/iber ? ca/ibre (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* >vق ‚ ر24T ‚ $لd*'%* ر'n%*
-a/ibrate (a.)
-a/ibrate shock (Png.) >ي2:3 UB2d
-a/ibrate8 (a8^.)
-a/ibration (h!s.)
-a/ibration error Žير'(%* —vd
-a/ibration 7actor D>ي2:;%* O32T
-a/ibration sca/e (h!s.) Žير'(%* Š24n3
-a/ibration test D>ي2:;%* ر2ب(d*
-a/ibre ? ca/iber (Png.) ر24T ‚ $لd*'%* >vn%*
-a/iche (Lin.)
-a/i7orni"m (-7) (-hem.)
-a/igino"s (a8^.)
-a/ina (Leteor.)
-a/i#er ga"ge (Png.) $jر2[%* >vn%* Š24n3
-a/i#er micrometer (Png.) $JF >(31>J43
-a/i#ers ? ca//i#ers (Png.)
-a/i#ers. insi8e (Png.) $لd*= Š24ق ر2j>F
-a/i#ers. o"tsi8e (Png.) $jر2d Š24ق ر2j>F
-a/i#ers. s/i8e (Png.) U%cن3 ر2j>F
-a/i#ers. aernier (Png.)
-a/isthenic (a8^.) Ÿmf:ل% Gn3
-a/k (n.)
-a/k ? ca"/k (a.) (-ia. Png.)
-a/ker ةvhلj O32T ‚ ةvhلj ة%‰
-a//-bob @G;:ل% k52+ ةF>}
zلJ%* رGB . @G4<%2J%* •Gp
$E >4j . @G4<%2J%* '4<sC
ةيرGلب%* @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s . t4<%2s
'T . ZlEC . i<E
>,'3 •4v[5 ‚ >ي'n5 . 02<E
ةب)2E . i)2E
I<_%* V3 |2J3 $F) ة<لJ(3 D2lE)
ة;[p ة4B2s>, ة+GF ~*>ي'لs
D>4بs ر'ق . Oj>3 . V4nلd
rGن<%* IيGn(%* @2NB ‚ ة32BX1ر . IيGn5
zل3 . On™
i(J%* '4ل_5 $F O;:(<ي) O_T 'لj)
>hK%* •2ن•C) i4,2BH* W*cB‘ Oبs)
$لd*'%* >vn%* Š2ق ‚ Qر= . >ي2T
Qر'3 . >ي2:3
>4ب:5 . Žير'5 . D>ي2:3
@Gي=Gl%* Ÿ*>(B . ²4%2s
†4,C $نvق œ2;ق . t4` .GJ4%2s
ks) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@G4BرGh4%2s)
I52ق . I(:3
U4قر 02K) ~Ž+ر
ةs2;<%* Š24n% V4JF Ÿ*ذ ة%‰ ~V[›%* ر2j>F . ة3'ق
ة4Bر 1 Ÿ*ذ (ة4JF) ة3'ق
”&cB&* ˜ن;% (O:ن%* $F) ر2;<3
2J4<3 O:j . kلق . •hلj
-a//-co"nting meter (©e/e#h.) ة4BGh4ل(%* Ÿ2;%2J;%* =*'T
-a//-in8icator •*'ن%* ر'l3 V4ب3
-a//-/oan iلv%* 'نT =2:ي ’>F
-a// (n.)
-a// (a.)
-a// be// •*'ن%* Š>j
-a// 7in8er •*'ن%* V4:3
-a// /am# (©e/e#h.) •*'ن%* V44:5 ®2بl3
-a// signa/ •*'ن%* Dر2`‘
-a//e8 s"bscriber (©e/e#h.) S=2ن;%* ]>(€;%*
-a//er >o*X ‚ =2ن3
-a//igra#h! O4;j •d ‚ •[%* VF
-a//ing ^ack (©e/e#h.) •*'ن%* zبn3
-a//ing magneto (©e/e#h.) •*'ن%* •4نA3
-a//ing station (©e/e#h.) •*'ن%* ةvK3
-a//ing s"bscriber (©e/e#h.) S=2ن;%* ]>(€;%*
-a//i#ers ? ca/i#ers (Png.)
-a//o"s ? -a//ose (a8^.)
-a//"s (n.)
-a/m (a8^.)
-a/m (n.) •1'+
-a/m (a.)
-a/ome/ (-hem.)
-a/orescence (h!s.)
-a/oric (a8^.) rر*>E
-a/oric (n.) rر*>K%* W24<%* ‚ Dر*>E
-a/oric theor! (h!s.) rر*>K%* W24<%* ةي>NB
-a/orie ? ca/or! (h!s.)
-a/orie. big (h!s.)
-a/ori7ic (a8^.)
-a/ori7ic ba/ance (h!s.) rر*>K%* '4™>%*
-a/ori7ic intensit! (h!s.) ةير*>K%* D'€%*
-a/ori7ic #oYer (h!s.) ةير*>K%* Dر'n%*
-a/ori7ic aa/"e (-hem.)
-a/orimeter (h!s.)
-a/orimeter. bomb r>4_h5 >:<3
-a/orimeter. 8i77erentia/ $لp2h5 >(;يرG%2s
-a/orimeter. ice (h!s.) r'4لj >:<3
-a/orimetric (a8^.) Dر*>K%* Š24n, ¡2d
-a/orimetr! (n.) (h!s.) Dر*>K%* Š24ق
-a/oriying (Let.)
-a/or! ? ca/orie (h!s.)
-a/"met (-hem.) •r=ر $T2نv™* §2v3
-a/aing (n.)
-a/b (-hem.)
-a/b (eoo/.) inT
-a/!b (#/. ca/!ces) (Bot.)
-am-o#erate8 (a8^.) (Png.) ة,'E 1C ة32J, ر*'3
-am-stoo/ SGvي k4hd ':n3
-am (Png.)
-am (n.)
-am (a.) iلT
-am bob (Png.) Ÿ232J%* ةبلT
DGT= ‚ ة45G™ Dر2`‘ . •*'B
Vhل5 ‚ ZT'()* . S=2B
ةF>E . O;T ‚ •*'B . DGT=
ŠGn3 ر2j>F . V4JF Ÿ*ذ Š24ق ة%‰ ~ة3'ق
iنs . Vn• ¬)2j . 'ل_%* ª4ل}
D—<j . iنs . Vh•
0>vf3 >4} . Vs2) . ƒ=2+
C'+ . º•) . VJ) . C'+
XGnبoc%* 'يرGلs . O43G%2s
>lقC Q*G3—, 2MT2:`‘ D=2T‘1 ةق2v%* ¡2l(3* ~ةيرG%2s
>:) . rرG%2s
~>4بs rرG%2s „……… rرG%2s
V[<3 . Dر*>Kل% '%G3
ةي>:<%* ة;4n%* . (=GقGل%) ةير*>K%* ة;4n%*
>:<3 . >(;يرG%2s
@G4ن3G%H2, (ذ&Gh%* 1C 'ي'K%*) •mR
rرG%2s . ة:)
$_ل• W2lhB* . '4ل_%* ”c;5
>4_%* '4<sC . zلs
Is . D>+c%* Š—s
ةs>K%* OيGK5 ة,'E .ة32s
ةK4h™ . ة4B':3 ةبلT
-am 8isc (Png.) Ÿ232J%* ¡>ق
-am 7o//oYer (Png.) ة32J%* ˜,25
-am 7riction (Png.)
-am gear (Png.) Ÿ232J%2, Dر*=‘
-am goaernor (Png.) Ÿ232J%* Is2E
-am ignition (Png.) W2:`ž* ة32s
-am /eaer (Png.) Ÿ232J%* š*رذ
-am /obe (Png.) ة32J%* •G(B
-am #/ate (Png.)
-am #ro7i/e (Png.) ة32J%* ة4بB2j
-am re8"ction gear (Png.) Ÿ232J%* ةT>) †4h[5 Š>5
-am ring (Png.) Ÿ2,'K%* ةnلd
-am ro//er (Png.) ة32J%* Q*>E=
-am track ة32J%* Qر'3
-am Yhee/ (Png.)
-am. act"ating (Png.) O4A€5 ة32s
-am. in/et (Png.) iK<%* ة32s
-am. o"t/et (Png.) Q1>[%* ة32s
-amber-beam (-ar#.) ŠGn3 i€d ®G%
-amber (n.)(Png.)
-amber (a.)
-ambi"m (Bot.)
-ambrian ? -ambrian #erio8 (weo/.) r>ب;J%* >l:%*
-ambric (n.)
-ambric t"bing WcT i4,2BC
-ame/ hair
-ame/o#ar8a/is (©he wira77e) (Astron.)
-amera-man (-inema) $o2;ن4) رGl3
-amera (hotog.)
-amera e/ectron (©e/ea.) ة4B1>(J%‘ *>432s
-amera /"ci8a (°#t.) D•2f3 D>;ق ‚ ة4om_()* * >432s
-amera obsc"ra (°#t.)
-amera. aeria/ (Aero.) rG_%* >يGl(%* ة%‰
-amera. te/eaision (©e/ea.) ة4BGيchل5 *>432s
-amion (A"to.)
-amomi/e ŽBG,2,
-amo"7/age (n.)
-amo"7/age (a.)
-amo"7/age net {يG;5 ةJب`
-am# (n.)
-am# (a.)
-am# be8 SGvي >ي>)
-am#aign (n.) ةل;E
-am#aign (a.) ةل;K, ]>(`*
-am#aign. a8aertising ة4BmT‘ ةل;E
-am#an"/ate (a8^.) (Bot.) OJ€%* $)>j
-am#hene (-hem.)
-am#hor (n.) (-hem.) رGF2s
-am#hor oi/ (-hem.) رGF2J%* tيX
-am#horate (a.) رGF2J%2, ˜ب`C
-am#horic aci8 (-hem.) رGF2J%* †32E
-am#"s ة4لJ%* 1C ة:32_%* @>E
-amsha7t (Png.) Ÿ232J%* Dر*=‘ =G;T
-amsha7t bearing (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T O;K3
2+>ي'5 $(%* ة:vn%2,) ة32J%* ]2J(E*)
cs>;%* ‹>Kن;%* ~ة32J%* ¡>ق
$32s 0&1= . ة,'K3 ةل_T
ŠGn5 . 0*'ي'EC
0'E . ŠGق
iلق . @G4ب;s
|2(J%* 1C Vvn%* V3) U4قر IT2B œ2;ق)
r>,1 Ž4<B . >,1
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~ةF*رc%*
D>;ق ‚ >يGl5 ة%‰ . *>432s
رGl%* ’>:%) ة;لN3 D>;ق)
VK` Dر24) . |G4;s
>(<5 . ة4;:5 . {يG;5
>JB . Z;T . ³G3
I4[3 . >J<:3
I4d . >J<T
>4vn(%* ر>J;%* V4(ن,>(%* tيX ~V4h;s
-amsha7t b"shing (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T ةبلj
-amsha7t casing (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T •2v}
-amsha7t gear (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T ةنن<3
-amsha7t gear ho"sing (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T Š1>5 t4ب3
-amsha7t s#ee8 (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T ةT>)
-amsha7t s#rocket (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T Š>5
-amsha7t timing gears (Png.) Ÿ232J%* =G;T t4قG5 Š1>5
-an b"o! OJ€%* ة4R1>[3 ة;[p ة32T
-an. oi/ ة(يc3
-ana8a ba/sam (-hem.) *'نs I<ل,
-ana/ (-!8. Png. ©e/ea.) D2نق
-ana/ /ock
-ana/ ra!s (P/ec.) ةبjG3 ةيGنق ة:`C
-ana/ic"/"s (eoo/.) ة4نق
-ana/iyation (-!8. Png.)
-anar! “52F >h™C |G% ‚ ر2نs
-ance/ (a.)
-ance//ate ? cance//o"s (a8^.) (eoo/.)
-ance//ation (n.)
-ancer (Le8.) |2R>)
-ancer (©he -rab) (Astron.) |2R><%* Q>,
-ancer. ©ro#ic o7 (Astron.) |2R><%* ر*'3
-ancero"s (a8^.) (Le8.) $B2R>)
-an8e/a (a8^.)
-an8escent (a8^.)
-an8i8ate ilن3 1C ةh4•G% “`>3
-an8/e-ho"r (¨//"m.) ة4T2) ة:;`
-an8/e-meter (¨//"m.)
-an8/e-#oYer (¨//"m.) ة:;` Dر'ق ‚ ة:;€%2, D•2pž* D'`
-an8/e (¨//"m.) ة:;`
-an8/e coa/ ? canne/ coa/
-an8/e 7oot (¨//"m.) ة:;` @'ق
-an8/e. internationa/ (¨//"m.) ة4%1= ة:;`
-an8o-/"minescence (¨//"m.)
-ane-s"gar (-hem.)
-anes Æenatici (©he h"nting Äogs) (Astron)
-ango co#a/ (Lining.)
-ango re8 GAنJ%* >;E*
-anine (a8^.)
-anine (n.) (eoo/.) 02B
-anis La^or (Astron) >بsH* iلJ%*
-anis Linor (Astron) >A™H* iلJ%*
-anker (Bio/.) Ih%* ®>n5 ‚ ةE>ق
-anker (-hem.)
-anne8 (Aco"s.) Ÿ2B*Gv)* ZلT O_<3
-anne8 (a8^.)
-anne/ =2ق1 IKF
-anner! ة;:RH* i4ل:5 Iل:3
-anning i4ل:5
-anning in8"str! i4ل:(%* ةT2ن™
-annon (Li/.) ˜F'3
D2نn%* •23 š2h5ر2, IJK(ي ') ~zيG+
Ÿ*Gنn%* U` . ة4نn5
Wc(d* . –<F . Ov,C . ZA%C
•ب€3 . i4s>(%* $_نh)‘
iv` . ‹xE . •2A%‘
D•2pž* D'` D'E1 ~ mي'نs . ة:;`
Dر*>K%* D'` V3) Ž+G(3)
Q2+1 . Ž+G(3
D•2p‘ D'E1 ~(zJ%) ة:;` >(3
=2ق1 ($:;`) IKF
ةj2+G%* ةبلl%* @2<j•%) $oGf%* š2:`ž*)
'نn%* >J) . iln%* >J)
|*X>4d ‚ ةبlق . 2lT
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~|24قGل<%*
$:4بR Žن45*ر ~GAنJ%* W2,Gs
0mJ%* ةل4lh, ¡2d . $بلs
UE . D>4A™ ةبلT
D'<su3 1C) ة%2sC D=23)
iلT $F ÇGhK3 . iل:3
-anoe (n.) (ga"t.)
-anoe (a.) ‹'j
-ano#! U%cن3 •2v} ‚ ةل• ‚ ةبق
-ant (a8^.)
-ant (n.) ˜لf3 i%2ق
-ant (a.)
-ant beam (B"i/8.) ةF2K%* ة,Gv€3 ةب(T
-ant chise/ (Png.) ةF2K%* 0Gv€3 O43XC
-ante8 co/"mn (B"i/8.) ˜لf3 =G;T
-anteen D>v3 ‚ V4(B2s
-anti/eaer (Png.)
-anti/eaer beam (B"i/8.) ة4%G,2s ةب(T
-anti/eaer brake (Png.) $%G,2s “بJ3
-anti/eaer bri8ge (Png.)
-anti/eaer crane (Png.) $%G,2s š2F>3
-anting (a8^.)
-anting (n.)
-anaas (n.)
-anaas be/t iنn%* V3 >4)
-anaas g/oaes iنn%* V3 Ÿ*X2hق
-anaas hanger iنn%* œ2;ق V3 D>4NE
-anaas Yhee/ iنn%* ‹24%C V3 On™ ةل_T
-an!on (weo/.)
-ao"tcho"c (n.)
-a#-screY (Png.)
-a#-stone (B"i/8.)
-a# (n.)
-a# (a.)
-a# bo/t (Png.) i%Gل;%* •2vA%* ر2;<3
-a# n"t ة432+ ة%G;™
-a# rock (weo/.)
-a#. screY (Png.) $ب%G% =*')
-a#abi/it! (n.)
-a#acitance (P/ec.)
-a#acitance (n.)
-a#acitance a/timeter (Aero.)
-a#acitance bri8ge Ÿ2:)*G;%* ةBر2n3 D>vنق
-a#acitance coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) ة:)*G;%* O32:3
-a#acitance re/a! (Png.)
-a#acitance stra! (¢a8io.) D=ر2€%* ة:)*G;%*
-a#acitance. e77ectiae (P/ec. Png.)
-a#acitance. gro"n8 (P/ec. Png.) ة4pرH* ة:)*G;%*
-a#acitance. m"t"a/ (P/ec. Png.)
-a#acitiae co"#/ing (¢a8io.)
-a#acitiae /oa8 (P/ec. Png.) rG:) O;E
-a#acitiae reactance (P/ec. Png.) ةيG:) ةلT2h3
-a#acitor (P/ec. Png.) k›J3
-a#acitor motor
-a#acitor oi/ Ÿ2h›J;%* tيX
-a#acit! contro/ aa/ae (Png.) ة:<%* •بp @2;™
-a#acit! c"rrent (P/ec.) ة:<%* ر245
-a#acit! earth (¢a8io.)
-a#acit! 7actor (P/ec.) ة:<%* O32T
DرG([` . ”ر1X . 0ر2ق
Oo23 . ر'Kن3
kv:B* . kvT . W23 . W23C
ةnل:3 ةh45 . WG,2s
Uل:3 klB ><j . ة4%G,2s D>vنق
kv:ن3 .Oo23
‹2v:B* . O43
|2(J%* 1C) iنn%* V3 V4(3 œ2;ق)
UB2d . =1'dC
§2v3 . ]G€5Gs
ة%G;™ |1',) $32+ i%Gل3 ر2;<3)
•o2E $F) ة;n%* >_E)
ة;ق ‚ ة%G<بs . D=*') .•2v} ‚ ة;s . ة:بق . DG<نلق
”2F ‚ rGل:%* ‹>v%* Zv} . kل}
•hن%* 1C X2A%* >\, $F) kn<%* >[™)
ة4ل+C . ةT2v()* . Dر'n3
ة:)*G3 . ˜)1 . ة:)
ة4ل+C ‚ ةT2v()* . Dر'ق
ة4pرH* 2M(:)*G;% ةب<ن%2,) rG:<%* D>o2v%* š2h5ر* Š24n3)
ة:)*G;%* ”>h, O;:ي) $B1>(J%‘ ة:)*G;%* OE>3)
D>o*'%* $F V4(vnB V4, ) ة%2:h%* ة:)*G;%*)
V4h›J3 V4,) ة4%=2ب(%* ة:)*G;%*)
rG:) |ر2n5 . $:)1 |>ق
ر*>;()2, 1C •'ب%* 'نT 2(قu3) k›J;, Ol(3 رG5G3)
ة4ل+C . Dر'ق ‚ ˜)1 . ة:)
’رH* V3 tي>ق) |X*G5 $o*G+)
-a#acit! /oa8 (P/ec.) rG:<%* O;K%*
-a#acit! o7 acc"m"/ator
-a#acit! reactance (P/ec. Png.)
-a#acit! reaction (¢a8io.) rG:) O:F =ر
-a#acit!. 8ai/! (Png.) $3G4%* Q2(Bž* Dر'ق
-a#acit!. heat (h!s.) ةير*>K%* ة:<%*
-a#acit!. therma/ (h!s.) ةير*>K%* ة:<%*
-a#e (weog.) ŠCر
-a#e (n.) zB>,
-a#e borts (Png.) >hK%* Ÿ2)2;%*
-a#e chise/ (Png.) 'ي'[5 O43XC
-a#e. 7i//er ة\ب:(%* ةK(F =2)')
-a#e//a (Astron.) ”G4:%*
-a#i//arit! (h!s.) ةي>:€%* ة4,ذ2_%*
-a#i//ar! (a8^.) r>:`
-a#i//ar! action (h!s.) r>:` O:F
-a#i//ar! actiait! (-hem.) ةي>:€%* ة4,ذ2_%* ة4لT2F
-a#i//ar! attraction (h!s.) r>:€%* 0ذ2_(%*
-a#i//ar! interstices (weo/.) ةي>:` š1'™
-a#i//ar! migration (h!s.) r>:` W2n(B*
-a#i//ar! t"be (h!s.) r>:` 0GبBC
-a#i//ar! aiscosimeter (h!s.) r>:` ةj1c% Š24n3
-a#i//ator (-hem.)
-a#ita/ (a8^.) >4vd ‚ $<4oر
-a#ita/ (B"i/8.) =G;:%* Q25
-a#ita/ (n.) W2;%* ŠCر ‚ ة;™2T
-a#ita/ (©!#og.)
-a#ita/ stock {, I+2<;%* W2;%* ŠCر
-a#ita/ism (n.)
-a#it"/ate (a.) §1>€, Iل<()* 1C Iل)
-a#nometr! |2d'%* ةF2›s Š24ق
-a##ing (n.) ة4vA5 ‚ •2v}
-a##ing (et. Png.)
-a##ing #/ane (-ar#.) iي'K5 Q2K<3
-a#ricorn. ©ro#ic o7 r'_%* ر*'3
-a#ricorn"s (©he woat) (Astron.) r'_%* Q>,
-a#sic"m (Bot.)
-a#siye (a.)
-a#stan (Png.) ةيGEر
-a#stan bar (Png.)
-a#stan engine (Png.) ةيGE>%* ]>K3
-a#stan /athe (Png.) ة4j>, ةR>[3
-a#stan n"t (Png.) ةيGEر ة%G;™
-a#s"/ar (a8^.)
-a#s"/e (Bot.)
-a#s"/e (Png.)
-a#s"/e (Le8.)
-a#s"/e (eoo/.) $o2€} ‹m}
-a#tion (©!#og.)
-a#tiae ba//oon (Aero.)
-a#t"re reaction (-hem.) r>)C OT2h5
ةT2) >4ب3H2,) Is>;%* ة:))
012ن(3 ر245 D>o*= $F) ةيG:<%* ةلT2h;%*)
ةي>:` i4,2BC $F |Gل%* ةBر2n;, $ن4j1ر'4M%* Iق>%* Š24n3 ~>:€3
>4بs ‹>E . Q25 ‹>E
$%2;)C>%* =2l(ق&* @2NB ~ة4%2;)Cر
•hن%* 1C X2A%* 0><(% 2:ن3) >\ب%* '))
OhلF . ةلh4لF
iلق . iلnB*
ةيGE>%* (>ي1'5) =G;T
$%G<بs . $بلT
ر1cب%* ةب4لT . 1>j
•Af%* ة(,2• (¸1ر2™) ة%G<بs
ةB2`>, . ةNhK3 . ة%G<بs
•,2p . |2,ر . 'o2ق
DرGl%* (>4<h5 1C) @ms . I)>%* 1C DرGl%* ®>€ي U4ل:5 . |*GنT
ةبق*>;ل%) '4n3 =2vن3)
ZلT •m4()* ‚ X2_(E* . >)C
';l;%* DرGln3 ‚ Dر24) . ةبs>3 . ة,>T
-ar bo8! (A"to.) Dر24<%* OJ4+
-ar b"m#er (Png.) ة,>:%* 'l3
-ar 7are (n.) Dر24<%2, W2n(B&* @G)ر
-ar 7en8er (A"to.) Dر24<%* 'l3
-ar ^ack (A"to.) Dر24<%* š2F>3
-ar /oa8 (A"to.) ة,>T ة%G;E
-ar sickness
-ar. 8"m# ة,mق ة,>T
-araco/e (B"i/8.) $ب%G% Qر=
-ara#ace (eoo/.)
-arbamic aci8 (-hem.) •432,>J%* †32E
-arbami8e (-hem.)
-arbi8e (-hem.) '4,>s
-arbi8e 7"rnace (-hem.) r'4,>s |>F
-arbi8e insert '4,>J%* V3 ¡>ق
-arbi8e /am#
-arbi8e o7 iron (-hem.) 'ي'K%* '4,>s
-arbi8e s/ag (Let.) r'4,>s Œبd
-arbino/ ? meth!/ a/coho/ (-hem.)
-arboc!c/ic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4nلE ة4BG,>s Ÿ2بs>3
-arboh!8rate (-hem.) Ÿ*ر'4+G,>s
-arbo/ic aci8 (-hem.)
-arbo/ic soa# (-hem.) •4ن4h%* |G,2™
-arbo/iye (a.) (-hem.) WGن4h%2, InT
-arbo/o! (Let.)
-arbon-8"st resistance (P/ec. Png.) |G,>J%* Uo2ق= V3 ة312n3
-arbon-7i/ament /am# (¨//"m.) ة4BG,>s ةل4(F 1ذ ®2بl3
-arbon (-) (-hem.)
-arbon „µ
-arbon aci8 (-hem.) •4BG,>J%* †32E
-arbon aci8 gas (-hem.) |G,>J%* '4<sC $B2•
-arbon aci8 har8ening (Let.) •4BG,>J%* †32K, '4لl(%*
-arbon ano8e (©hermionics) $BG,>s =GBC
-arbon arc (P/ec. Png.) |G,>J%* V3 ³2بvق ŠGق
-arbon arc c"tting (Png.) |G,>J%* ŠGn, ˜vn%*
-arbon arc /am# (¨//"m.) |G,>J%* ŠGق ®2بl3
-arbon assimi/ation (Bot.) |G,>J%* O4›;5
-arbon b/ack (-hem.)
-arbon b"tton (P/ec. Png.)
-arbon contact (-hem.) $BG,>s z3m3
-arbon co#! $BG,>J%* SG(K;%*
-arbon c!c/e (Bio/.) ة4BG,>s ة[<B
-arbon 8e#osit |GJ%* $F |G,>J%* Dر1=
-arbon 8iobi8e (-hem.) $BG,>s i)*ر
-arbon 8iobi8e ice (-hem.)
-arbon 8is"/#hi8e (or bis"/#hi8e)
-arbon e/ectro8e
-arbon 7i/ter $BG,>s “`>3
-arbon gran"/es (©e/e#h.)
-arbon ho/8er (P/ec. Png.) |G,>J%* i4fق O32E
-arbon h!8ri8es (-hem.) Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4+
-arbon /am# (¨//"m.) ة4BG,>s ةل4(F 1ذ ®2بl3
Ÿ*ر24<%* (0Gsر) ر*1=
$j2jX ”ر1= . Dر1ر2ق
šر'3 |*G4K% ة4jر2[%* ة4<لJ%* D>€n%* ~O,ذ
V3 'E*1 ~§*>4ق ¤µ W=2:ي |X1 ‚ *•cj ¤…… @*>A4ل3
ة%G, . '432,>s
$ن4ل4(4)* ®2بl3 . '4,>J%* ®2بl3
$ل4›43 WGKs . WGن4,>s
•4%G,>J%* †32E . •4ن4h%* †32E
V(<Aن(%* '4,>s1 tل,GJ%* V3 D=ml%* D'ي'` ةJ4ب) ~rG%G,>s
]) ³c3ر rcلF & >lنT ~|G,>s)
|G,>J%* „µ |G,>Jل% $T2:`‘ >4NB ~
|G,>J%* =G)C . Q2ن)
|GF1>J4;%* $F) |G,>J%* Ÿ2ب4بE •2T1)
‹2j '4لj . r'4ل_%* '4<sC $B2•
|G,>J%* (رG(ي>بs 1C) '4(ي>بs $B2•
$BG,>s (=1>(J%‘) ivق
ة4BG,>s Ÿ2ب4بE . |G,>J%* V3 Ÿ2ب4بE
-arbon manganese stee/ (Let.) $BG,>J%* c4نAن;%* ذ&GF
-arbon micro#hone (Aco"s.) $BG,>s |GF1>J43
-arbon mo/!b8en"m stee/ (Let.) $BG,>J%* @GB'ب4%G;%* ذ&GF
-arbon monobi8e (-hem.) |G,>J%* '4<sC W1C
-arbon monobi8e 8etector (-hem.) |G,>J%* '4<sC W1C VT k€J%* X2Mj
-arbon ob!ch/ori8e ? carbon!/ ch/ori8e (-hem.)
-arbon #a#er
-arbon #enci/ $;KF Iلق
-arbon #ick-"# (Aco"s.) $BG,>s $5G™ •ق&
-arbon #i/e (h!s.) $BG,>s V4;ق
-arbon #i/e reg"/ator (P/ec. Png.)
-arbon #/ant ةن,>s D'E1
-arbon receiaer (-hem.) Q2ن<%* ˜4;_5 •2T1
-arbon resi8"e (et. Png.) $BG,>J%* kل[(;%*
-arbon resistor (P/ec. Png.) ة4BG,>s ة312n3
-arbon rheostat (P/ec.) >4A(3 $BG,>s @12n3
-arbon ro8 (P/ec. Png.) $BG,>s i4fق
-arbon stee/ (Let.) $BG,>s ذ&GF
-arbon tetrach/ori8e (-hem.) |G,>J%* 'يرGلs ˜,*ر
-arbonaceo"s (a8^.) IKh%2, {4ب` ‚ |G,>J%* 12E
-arbonaceo"s 8e#osits (weo/.) ة4BG,>s i)*1ر
-arbonaceo"s /imestone (weo/.) |G,>Jل% 12E r>4j >_E
-arbonaceo"s rocks (weo/.) |G,>Jل% ةي12E رG[™
-arbona8o (Lin.)
-arbonate (-hem.) Ÿ2BG,>s
-arbonate (a.) |G,>J%* '4<sC $B2›, ˜ب`
-arbonate o7 /ime (-hem.) @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s
-arbonate o7 magnesia (-hem.) @G4<نA;%* Ÿ2BG,>s
-arbonate o7 so8a @Gي=Gl%* Ÿ2BG,>s
-arbonation (-hem.)
-arboni7ero"s (a8^.)
-arboni7ero"s #erio8 (weo/.) $BG,>J%* >l:%*
-arboni7ero"s s!stem (weo/.) $BG,>J%* >l:%* رG[™
-arboniyation (-hem.)
-arboniye (a.) (-hem.)
-arboniye8 ano8e (P/ec. Png.) V,>J3 =GBC
-arboniye8 7i/ament (P/ec. Png.) ةن,>J3 ةل4(F
-arboniye8 stee/ (Let.) V,>J3 ذ&GF
-arbon!/ gro"# (-hem.) ة4ل4BG,>s ةTG;_3
-arbor"n8"m (Png.)
-arbob!/ gro"# (-hem.) ة4ل4<sG,>s ةTG;_3
-arb"ret ? carb"rate (a.) (-hem.)
-arb"retion ? carb"ration (-hem.)
-arb"rette8 air (-hem.) V,>J3 •*G+
-arb"rette8 h!8rogen (-hem.) V,>J3 V4j1ر'4+
-arb"retting engine (Png.)
-arb"rettor (or carb"retter or carb"rator) (Png.)
-arb"rettor a8^"stment (Png.) V,>J;%* •بp
-arb"rettor air heater (Png.) V,>J;%* •*G+ V[<3
-arb"rettor air reg"/ator (Png.) V,>J;%* •*G+ INن3
-arb"rettor choke (Png.) V,>J;%* ةnن[3
-arb"rettor contro/ ro8 (Png.) V,>J;%* •بp =G;T
-arb"rettor 7/ange (Png.) V,>J;%* ةh` 1C ةF2E
V4_<F . V4_)Gh%* X2}
|G,>J%* =G)C ”ر1 . |G,>J%* ”ر1
ة312n;%* D>4A(3) ة4BG,>s ¡*>قC 1ذ INن3)
=G)C Š23 ~1=2BG,>s
|G,>J%* '4<sC $B2›, š2ب`‘ . ةن,>s
$BG,>J%* >l:%2, Uل:(3 ‚ IKh%* 1C |G,>J%* ZلT SG(K3 ~$BG,>s
|G,>J%2, 0*>`‘ ‚ I[h5 . ةن,>s
|G,>J%2, 0>`C ‚ V,>s . IKF
|GJ4ل<%* '4,>s . @'BرG,ر2s
Oo*G<%* ªhK% ة€€n3 ةن4نق . ةB2_3*=
W1>(ب%* œ2`ر ˜3 •*GM%* Qc3 . V,>s
•*GM%2, $BG,>J%* =GقG%* Qc3 . ةن,>s
=GقG%*) ةن,>s ]>K3)
V,>J3 . رG(يرG,>s
-arb"rettor 7/oat (Png.) V,>J;%* ة3*GT
-arb"rettor icing (Png.) V,>J;%* $F '4ل_%* |GJ5
-arb"rettor intake a8a#ter (Png.) V,>J;%* Od'3 ¬ي2M3
-arb"rettor /i8 (Png.) V,>J;%* •2v}
-arb"rettor nee8/e aa/ae (Png.) V,>J;%* D>,‘ @2;™
-arb"rettor thrott/e contro/ (Png.) V,>J;%2, UB2[%* @2;l%* •بf3
-arb"rettor. atomiying ذ*ذر V,>J3
-arb"rettor. chamber ةن,>J%* D>_E
-arb"rettor. 8"#/eb (Png.) Q1=c3 V,>J3
-arb"rettor. s#ra! (Png.) œ2`ر V,>J3
-arb"riyation ? carboniyation (Let.)
-arb"riye (a.) Vي>s
-arb"riye8 stee/ (Let.) V,>J3 ذ&GF
-arb"riying 7/ame V,>J3 iM%
-arb"riying 7"rnace (Png.) V,>J3 |>F
-arcass ? carcase (B"i/8.) Ÿ*•2€B‘ OJ4+ ‚ OJ4+
-arce/ /am# (¨//"m.)
-ar8 (n.)
-ar8 (a.)
-ar8 cata/og"e Ÿ2ق2vب%* Š>MF
-ar8 com#ass (Lagn.) ة4™>ق ةل™G,
-ar8 7ee8 (P/ec. Png.)
-ar8 in8eb Ÿ2ق2vب%2, INن3 Š>MF
-ar8 #"nch (P/ec. Png.)
-ar8 rea8er (P/ec. Png.)
-ar8 !arn ®><3 1C ”G€;3 Wc}
-ar8an ^oint (Png.)
-ar8an sha7t ? #ro#e//er sha7t
-ar8iac (a8^.) $بلق
-ar8ice (-hem.)
-ar8ina/ (a8^.)
-ar8ina/ ch"ck (Png.) $<4oر ‹>•
-ar8ina/ n"mber (Lath.) $ل™C ='T
-ar8ina/ #oints (weo/.) ة4ل™H* Ÿ2M_%*
-ar8ina/ #oints (°#tics.) ة4ل™H* §2nن%*
-ar8ina/ re8
-ar8ing engine (Png.)
-ar8iogram (n.) iلn%* ةs>K% •v[3
-ar8iogra#h (n.) iلn%* •4v[(% ة%‰
-ar8ioi8 (Laths.)
-are (n.)
-are o7 (cÅo)
-areen (a.) (ga"t.)
-are7"/ (a8^.)
-are/ess (a8^.) Š1ر'3 >4} ‚ O;M3
-aret (©!#og.)
-argo (ga"t.)
-argo boom (ga"t.) ة%G;K%* ة%12ن3 š*رذ
-argo ho/8 ˜o2fب%* c4E
-argo #/ane VK` D>o2R
-argo aesse/ (ga"t.) ةT2f, ةن4h)
I4Kh5 . ةن,>s
W=2:ي) rر24:%* ˆO)ر2sˆ ®2بl3 ¥º¼ ة:;` )
WcAل% ةn€;3 ‚ ةRر2d . ة4B24, ةEG% ‚ ةق2v,
WcA%*) U€3 . ®>))
$B1>(J%‘ i)2E $F) Ÿ2ق2vب%* rxA3)
24B1>(J%‘ 2M4لT Ÿ23Gل:;%* O4_<(%) Ÿ2ق2v, ة3*>d)
ة3>[;%* Ÿ2ق2vبل% (ةيup1>Ms) DC>n3
|*=>sˆ ةل™1 . WGK(3 Olh3 . ةs>Kل% ة32T ةل™1ˆ
|*=>sˆ =G;T . ة4hل[%* Dر*=ž* =G;Tˆ
SGn3 ”ر1 . |G5>s
‹2_%* Žل›%* . r'4ل_%* |G,>J%* '4<sC $B2›% rر2_5 I)* ~zي=ر2s
$<4oر . $)2)C
|2ق >;EC . $B*GjرC
WcA%* “ي><5 ة%‰ . ةn€;3
D1>:%* '4E1 $قGF r>ي1= . $بلق ZنKن3
ةي2Tر . D'MT ‚ ¡>E . ةي2نT
Z%‘ {لfF V31 . ةv)*G,
I43>(ل% (ةن4h<%*) W23C . “نjC . W23C
ة:ن™ . ةF>E ‚ D>4)
رxE . ‡ي>E
) Dر2بT 1C ة;لs >€E ˜pG3 Z%‘ >4€ي IM) ŠCر ~@2Kق‘ ة3mT ¶ )
iق*>3 . Šر2E
ةنK` . ة%G;E
-aricat"rist rرG52Jي>s رGl3
-aries (Le8.)
-arina (©he Èee/ o7 ©he ´hi# Argo.) (Astron.)
-arinate (a8^.) OJ€%* rujuj
-ario"s (a8^.)
-ar/ing (ga"t.) ة4B&GR ةب(T
-arnation (Bot.) k4hd r=ر1 |G% ‚ OhB>ق
-arne/ian (Lin.)
-arniaora (eoo/.)
-arnot c!c/e (Png.)
-arnot·s #rinci#/e (Png.)
-arnotite (Lin.)
-arotene ? carotin (-hem.)
-aroti8 (n.) (eoo/.) $52ب) |2ي>`
-ar#a/ (a8^.) (eoo/.) $A)ر
-ar#e/ (Bot.)
-ar#enter (n.) ر2_B
-ar#enter·s /eae/ (-ar#.) Dر2_ن%* D*G<3
-ar#enter·s #/oY (-ar#.) 'ي'[5 Q2K<3
-ar#enter·s s9"are (-ar#.) ر2_ن%* ةي1*X
-ar#"s (eoo/.)
-arriage-7ree Onن%* D>jC ‡%2d
-arriage bo/t (Png.) ةبق>%* ˜,>3 •,ر ر2;<3
-arriage 7orYar8 r>(€;%* ZلT Onن%* D>jC
-arriage ^ack š2F>3
-arriage s#ring (Png.) ة,>:%* Q2_5ر* k4h[(% †,2B
-arrier S1':%* Oق2B ‚ ةل32E ‚ Oق2B
-arrier am#/it"8e reg"/ation (¢a8io.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* D1رذ •بp
-arrier be8 (weo/.) ةل32K%* ةnبv%*
-arrier c"rrent (©e/e#h.) O32E ر245
-arrier 7i/ter (P/ec. -omm.)
-arrier 7re9"enc! (P/ec. -omm.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* ==>5
-arrier mo8"/ation (¢a8io.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* V4;f5
-arrier #oYer (¢a8io.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* Dر'ق
-arrier signa/ (¢a8io.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* Dر2`‘
-arrier s"##ression (¢a8io.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* tبs
-arrier sYitch (¢a8io.) ةل32K%* ةjG;%* ®2(h3
-arrier transmission (P/ec. -omm.) O32E ر24(, OnB
-arrier Yaae (¢a8io.) ةل32E ةjG3
-arrier Yhee/ (Png.) Oق2B Š>5
-arrier. 8i77erentia/ $لp2h5 O32E
-arrot (Bot.)
-arrot (et. Png.) OJ€%* ةيرcj >hE ةن4T
-arr! (a.)
-arr! o"t(a.)
-arr!ing bars (B"i/8.) ةل32K%* |2بfn%*
-arr!ing str"ct"re (Arch.) O32K%* •2€Bž*
-ars. tank (A"to.) Žي>M™ Ÿ2,>T
-art (A"to.)
-art Yhee/ (A"to.) ة,>T 0&1=
ŠG<5 . >[B
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~uju_%*
ة_<BH* k%25 . ŠG<3 . >[B
$B*Gjر* 2ب™ . |Gjر* . c3>ق
1>;%* V3 šGB . >;EC U4nT
IKل%* ةلs‰ ~IE*Gل%*
GBر2sˆ Dر1=ˆ
GBر2sˆ C'ب3ˆ
@Gي=*>%* rGKي @2d ~t45GBر2s
Vيرcj . V451ر2s
ةل,>s . •2بd . ةق'3
Dر2_ن%* ةF>E . Dر2_B
§2<, . D2_)
q)>%* @2NT . Il:3
Onن%* D>jC ‚ OnB ‚ Vp2E ‚ ةبs>3 . ة,>T
ةل32K%* Ÿ*ر24(%* (”>hي) “`>3
Dرcj . رcj
O;E . OnB
c_BC . xhB
ةT2fب%* Onن% ةبs>3 . V4,&1', ة,>T
-artesian (a8^.)
-artesian abes (Laths.) ة45ر2Jي= ر12K3
-artesian co-or8inates (Laths.) ة45ر2Jي= Ÿ24•*'E‘
-artesian 8iaer (h!s.)
-arti/age (Bio/.) ‹1>f}
-arti/agino"s (a8^.) $F1>f}
-artogram (weog.) ة4o2lE‘ 1C ة4B24, ةvي>d
-artogra#her •o*>d @2)ر
-artogra#h! (weog.)
-artoon rرG52Jي>s I)ر
-arto"ch (Li/.) ة`GR>d
-arto"ch ? carto"che (B"i/8.) kنR
-artri8ge (Li/.)
-artri8ge brass (Let.)
-artri8ge 7"se (P/ec. Png.) $,GبBC >Ml3
-artri8ge 7"se (Li/.) ة`GR>[%* >4M™
-artri8ge #a#er
-artri8ge. b/ank ة4بلd ة`GR>d
-artri8ge. 7i/m (hotog.) Iل4h%* ةh4h%
-arae (a.)
-araing (n.)
-araing chise/ (B"i/8.) tKB O43X‘
-ar!ati8 (Arch.) DC>3* O•2;5 OJ€, =G;T
-asca8e (P/ec. -omm.)
-asca8e (n.)
-asca8e am#/i7ier (¢a8io.)
-asca8e connection (P/ec. Png.) $بق2:5 O™1
-asca8e contro/ (Png.)
-asca8e conaerter ? motor conaerter (P/ec. Png.) $›E ]>K3 1ذ ر*1= WGK3
-asca8e /i9"i7ier (h!s.) $بق2:5 O4<3
-asca8e motor-generator set (P/ec. Png.) iق2:(%* ZلT V4لl(3 ]>K31 '%G3 ةTG;_3
-asca8ing (n.) $بق2:5 O4™G5
-ase-har8en (a.) (Let.)
-ase-har8ene8 stee/ (Let.) “v<%* Z<n3 ذ&GF
-ase-har8ening (Let.)
-ase-har8ening bob (Let.) kلA;%* '4لl(ل% ”1'ن™
-ase-har8ening com#o"n8 (Let.)
-ase (n.)
-ase (a.) Zv} ‚ ”1'ن™ $F 1C ةبلT $F ˜p1
-ase (a.)
-ase histor!
-ase st"8! ة%2E ة)*ر=
-aseate (a.) (-hem.) Vب_%2s ر2™ ‚ Vب_5
-asein (n.) (-hem.)
-asemate (n.)
-asement (B"i/8.)
-asement (n.)
-asette ? cassette
-ash-book ”1'نl%* >(F=
-ash (n.)
-ash (a.) †بق
-ash acco"nt ”1'نl%* 02<E
V4_(ن;%* ”2h5* ~O45ر2s
Ÿر2Jي=ˆ ‹G<ل4h%2, ¡2d ~$(ير2Jي=ˆ
Ÿر2Jي=ˆ ¡*G}ˆ
Ÿ2vv[;%*1 •o*>[%* ˜p1 . •o*>[%* I)ر IلT
SGn;%* ”رG%* V3 ”1'ن™ . |G5>s ةبلT
Ÿ2nلv%* •€3 . ةJ€F . ة`GR>d . ةnلR
rGKي) Ÿ2nلv%* Š2KB £… V4™ر2[%* V3 » )
k4لA(%* 1C I)>ل% V€d ”ر1 . k% ”ر1
²nB . ˜vق . tKB
tKن%* VF ‚ ²nB . tKB
S>dH* 2+*'E‘ >ي'5 ~ة4بق2:5 Ÿ&‰ ةTG;_3
>4A™ Wm` . رG}2`
ةبق2:(3 Ÿ2[f3 D'T V3 k%—(ي ~$بق2:5 I[f3
2M4ل5 $(%* $F IJK(5 ةلE>3 Os ~$بق2:5 IJK5
ة4n<(%*1 ةنن,>J%2, ذ&Gh%* “v) Z<ق ~k4لA(%2, 'ل™
ة4n<(%*1 ةن,>J%2, rذ&Gh%* “v<%* ة4<n5 ~kلA;%* '4لl(%*
kلA;%* '4لl(ل% ($BG,>s) is>3
˜p1 . ‹>• . ة%2E ‚ ةبلT . ”1'ن™ . •2v}
kقG5 . kق1C . VT ˜vnB* 1C ks
O;:%* 1C ’>;%* Œ4E V3) D>4))
V4بj . V4يX2s
On:3 . ة\ير= . Il(:3
‹m} . ر2R‘ ‚ ة4)Cر Ÿmlh3 1ذ ]2ب`
>o2() œ2;ق . >o2(<ل% $نvق Ž4<B
Iل4h%* ةبلT . Iل4h%* ةNF2E . Iل4h%* •<;3
'nن%* . 'nن%* ةB*cd
-ash an8 carr! @m()&* Oبق ˜F=
-ash on 8e/iaer! I4ل<(%* 'نT ˜F=
-ash register 'nن%* O4_<5 ة%‰
-ashier (n.) ”1'نl%* V43C
-ashier (a.)
-asing (Png.) 24ب%G% ةلl(3 i4,2BC
-asing (n.)
-asing c/am# i4,2BH* 1C >RH* ةv32ق
-asing 8ogs (-ia. Png.)
-asing e/eaator (-ia. Png.) i4,2BH* ة:F*ر
-asing hea8 (-ia. Png.) 0GبBH* Š*ر ة4ق*1
-asing #i#e k4لA5 0GبBC
-asing shoe (-ia. Png.)
-asing. gear (Png.) Š1>(%* ةبلT
-asket ةق1'ن™
-assero/e (-hem.)
-assette (hotog.)
-assie ”رG%* ة3Xر V3 ةh%25 iB*Gj
-assio#eia (©he É"een) (Astron.)
-assio#ei"m (-hem.)
-assiterite (-hem.)
-ast-iron (a8^.) (Let.)
-ast-iron (n.) (Let.)
-ast-iron casting (Let.) >+c%* 'ي'E V3 ة,Gبl3
-ast-iron /iner (Png.) >+c%* 'ي'E V3 ةB2v,
-ast-stee/ (Let.) il%* ذ&GF
-ast-stee/ ingot (Let.) Ÿ2,Gبl;%* ذ&GF V3 ةب™
-ast-stee/ Yorks (Let.) Ÿ2,Gبl;%* ذ&GF V3 W2A`C
-ast (a8^.)
-ast (n.) 0Gبl3 i%2ق ‚ ةي2hB
-ast (a.)
-ast 7"rnace
-ast ho"se (Let.) il%* ةT2ق
-aste//ate8 (a8^.)
-aste//ate8 n"t (Png.) ة4j>, ة%G;™
-aster (n.)
-aster action (Png.) $ل4;%* ®1*>(%* O:F
-asting (n.) (Let.)
-asting bob (Let.) il%* i%2ق ”1'ن™
-asting /a8/e (Let.) il%* ةق>A3
-asting on (Let.) z4بل(%* i™
-asting #it (Let.)
-ast/e n"t ? caste//ate8 n"t (Png.) ة4j>, ة%G;™
-astor D>4A™ ةن4نق ‚ >4A™ 0&1= ‚ is2)
-astor oi/ (-hem.) š1>[%* tيX
-astor s"gar IT2B >J)
-as"a/ (a8^.)
-as"a/ (a8^.)
-at (Png.)
-at (eoo/.)
-at hea8 (Lining.) Š2vل3 ‚ ةF2n:, š2F>3
xبB . =>R . ة3'[%* V3 ‹>™
cT>3 . >4;€s . IT2B $FG™ Ž4<B
ر2R‘ . ‡4;ق . •2v} . ‹m}
>hK%* W2;TC $F) ةبo2<%* i4,2BH* iK) ة,ms)
{ق= O4M<(% 0GبBH* Oh)C $F is>5 ة:R2ق ة4قGR ةل™1 ~>hK%* 0GبBC O:B
•2T1 . O43>,
ة4Fcd Dmn3 1C ةيm} . ة%1><s
Iل4h%* ةNF2E . Iل4h%* ةبلT
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~2ي>›%* . $)>J%* Ÿ*ذ
@G4€5Gل%* cلF ZلT 2n,2) Uلvي |2s I)* ~@G4,G4)2s
>ي'ln%* >_E ~tي*>()2s
Š2ق . il%* 'ي'E V3 šGنl3
il%* 'ي'E . >+c%* 'ي'E
]Gب<3 . 0Gبl3 . Znل3
•ب) . i™ . •n)C . Z3ر . Zn%C
Ÿ2,Gبl;ل%) >Ml%* |>F)
Q*>,C 1ذ . $j>,
23 I<j {4لT ]>K(ي) >4A™ 0&1= ‚ D>4A™ ةن4نق ‚ •n<3 . is2))
$3ر . •2n%‘ ‚ ة,Gبl3 . i™ . •ب)
•ب<;%* ’رC $F) il%* D>hE)
IN(ن3 >4} ‚ ƒر2R . $p>T
iب<%* V4ب3 . $بب)
ة,2™‘ . ƒر2R >3C
D2)>;%* ˜F>% •نل, . ة:F*ر D>J,
•ق . >+
-at hea8 (ga"t.)
-atabo/ism (Bio/.)
-atac/astic (or katak/astic) str"ct"re (weo/.) ة4;€M5 ة4ن,
-atac/!sm (weo/.)
-ata8io#tric (°#t.) r1C>3 $)'T r>l, X2Mj
-ata/e#s! (Le8.)
-ata/!sis (-hem.)
-ata/!sis. negatiae (-hem.)
-ata/!st (-hem.)
-ata/!st regenerating s!stem (-hem.) X2hK%* O32:%* D=2:()* X2Mj
-ata/!st. contact (-hem.) $<3m5 cF2E
-ata/!tic action (-hem.) X2hE O:F
-ata/!tic agent (-hem.)
-ata/!tic a/k!/ation (et. Png.) chK%2, ةلJ%*
-atamaran (ga"t.)
-ata#horesis (-hem.)
-ataract (weog.)
-ataract (Le8.) V4:%* ة)'T @2(T‘
-atarrh (Le8.)
-atch-bo/t ةR2n) 1ذ Q&c3
-atch (n.)
-atch (a.)
-atch b"cket ةE2hv%* G%=
-atch 8rain (-ia. Png.) kي>l5 D2نق
-atch 7ee8er rر D2نق
-atch /eaer ةhقG3 ةل(T
-atch #/ate (Png.)
-atcha// (-ia. Png.)
-atching 8io8e (©hermionics)
-atchment area (-ia. Png.)
-atchment basin (weo/.)
-ategorica/ (a8^.)
-atenar! (a8^.)
-atenar! (n.)
-ater (a.)
-ater#i//ar (Bio/.)
-ater#i//ar (Png.)
-ater#i//ar tractor (Png.) D>_Bc3 Dر*>j
-athartic (a8^.) (Le8.)
-athartic (n.)
-atheter (Le8.)
-athetometer (h!s.)
-atho8e (P/ec.)
-atho8e bias (P/ec.) r=G•2s X24KB*
-atho8e co##er (Let.)
-atho8e co"#/ing (¢a8io.) r=G•2s |ر2n5
-atho8e c"rrent (©hermionics) =G•2J%* ر245
2Mn4ل:5 1C 2M:F>%) D2)>;%* @2jر)
$3'+ †يC . ’2n(B* . WmKB*
ة4pرC Dc+ 1C |2FGR) ¬j2h3 k4نT >44A5 ‚ ة•ر2s . ةKo2j)
Ÿmf:%* i€[5 . Dxd‰
2+ر2:)C1 ةT2fب%2, W1'j ‚ رGl3 Š>MF . QG%2(s
ةي12;4s ةR2)1 . chE
$<JT chE . tبs
'T2<3 O32T . DX2hE D=23
OT2h(%* O_:3 . X2hE O32T
Œ3ر . ‹GR
$o2,>Ms W2_3 $F (=G•2J%* GKB) ةnل:;%* Ÿ2\يc_%* W2n(B* ~D>h(s
D=*>T . U4ن_ن3
W'نj . Wm`
ة%cB . @2sX
ةبJB . ة4ل, . ة•ر2s
Q&c3 . 0ms . ]2<;3 . §2n(%*
UلT ‚ •n(%* . Znل5 . •<3C
ةR>[;%* $F) ]2<3ž* ¡>ق)
>\ب%* V3) ’2nBH* ˜Fر X2Mj)
]2<;3 . 0ms . ةR2n)
V4:3 'E 'نT ة4vلh%* ‹xnي & $o2ن• @2;™ ~kقG3
ر2v3C ˜;_(<3 . ’GE
‹>l%* ’GE . ˜;_(<3
˜4;_5 ’GE . ˜;_(<3
ة\F 1C ةnبv, ¡2d - “ي>™ . $:vق
ةnبR . ة\F . kن™
O<ل<(3 . $ل<ل)
$ل<ل) ZنKن3 ‚ ةن4(s . ةل<ل)
2F>Kن3 ر2) ‚ @2:v%2, =1X . (0) |G3
š1>)C . ةق>)
>j D>4lE . >4_BX
rG:3 >51 . 02lق
V4ل3 . OM<3
ة,>` . OM<3 •*1=
O43 . Q2_K3 . >v<ق
ة,ر2n(;%* ة4%Gق2€%* =2:,H* Š24n3 ~';:;%* . >(3G(o2s
•بM3 . =G•2s
Znن;%*) =G•2J%* Š2KB)
-atho8e 8ark s#ace (©hermionics) =G•2J%* $F IلN;%* c4K%*
-atho8e 8e#osit (-hem.) ةي=G•2s Dر*>ق
-atho8e 8isintegration (©hermionics) =G•2J%* WmKB*
-atho8e 8ro# (©hermionics) =G•2J%* $F ة4vلh%* §Gب+
-atho8e 7o//oYer (©hermionics) r=G•2s ˜,25
-atho8e g/oY (©hermionics) r=G•2s Ž+G5
-atho8e gri8 (©hermionics) ة(,2J%* =G•2J%* ةJب`
-atho8e heating time (©hermionics) =G•2J%* V4[<5 V3X
-atho8e inter7ace im#e8ance (©hermionics) =G•2J%* $F $ن4ب%* “v<%* ةق12:3
-atho8e #artic/es (h!s.) =G•2J%* Uo2ق=
-atho8e ra! 8irection-7in8er (¢a8io.) =G•2J%* ة:`—, ³2_5&* V4:3
-atho8e ra! 7"rnace (h!s.)
-atho8e ra! /am# (h!s.) =G•2J%* ة:`C ®2بl3
-atho8e ra! osci//ogra#h (©hermionics) ةي=G•2J%* ة:`H2, O;:5 Ÿ2,x,x5 ة;)>3
-atho8e ra! osci//osco#e (©hermionics) ةي=G•2J%* ة:`H2, O;:ي Ÿ2,x,x5 ‹2€J3
-atho8e ra! t"be (©hermionics) ةي=G•2J%* ة:`H* 0GبBC
-atho8e ra! ao/tmeter (©hermionics) ة4vلh%* z4nي r=G•2s ة:`C 0GبBC
-atho8e ra!s (h!s.)
-atho8e resistor (©hermionics)
-atho8e s#ot (©hermionics) =G•2J%* $F ة:R2<%* ة:nب%*
-atho8e s#"ttering (©hermionics) r=G•2s œر
-atho8e. thermionic (©hermionics)
-atho8e. "ni#otentia/ (©hermionics) 'M_%* r=2EC =G•2s
-atho8ic #o/ariyation (P/ec. Png.) =G•2J%* 02vn()*
-atho8ic corrosion (P/ec. Png.) =G•2J%* Os—5
-atho8o-/"minescence (h!s.) $B1>(J%ž* @*'v™&2, ة4o24p
-athogra#h! ? -atho8ogra#h! (hotog.) zs‘ ة:`—, >يGl5
-atho/!te ? cato/!te (P/ec.)
-ation (h!s.)
-ationic c"rrent (P/ec.) ةبjG;%* Ÿ2BGيH* ر245
-atYa/k bri8ge (Png.) U4p OيGR ><j
-a"8a/ (a8^.) (eoo/.)
-a"8ate (a8^.) (Bio/.)
-a"/ (eoo/.)
-a"/8ron ? ca/8ron
-a"/i7/oYer (Bot.)
-a"/k ? ca/k (a.) (Png.)
-a"/ker (Png.) ةvhلj ة%‰ ‚ ةvhلj O32T
-a"/king (Png.)
-a"/king o7 ^oints (Png.) Ÿm™G%* ةvhلj
-a"/king too/ (Png.) ةvhلj D'T
-a"/king Ye/8 (Png.) ”Gn€%* '<% @2K%
-a"sation (n.)
-a"satiae (a8^.)
-a"se (n.)
-a"se (a.)
-a"seYa! (-ia. Png.)
-a"stic (a8^.)
-a"stic (n.) ةي12s D=23
-a"stic c"rae (±ight.)
-a"stic /ime (-hem.)
-a"stic /!e (-hem.) rGلق WG<}
-a"stic #otash (-hem.)
=G•2J%* ة:`C (c4s>(, V[<ي) |>F
ة4vبM3 ة:`C . =G•2J%* ة:`C
=G•2J%2, ($%*G(%* ZلT) Ol(3 @12n3
{5ر*>E š2h5ر* 'نT Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* V3 *>يc} 2nF= $v:ي ~$BG43>• =G•2s
=G•2Jل% ر12_;%* O4لK(%* Oo2) ~t4%G52s
ةنK€%* ijG3 |GيC . |G452s
|*cd 1C ةن4h) iB2j ZلT) U4p >;3)
iBx%* V3 iي>ق . $بBذ
iBذ 1ذ . iBx3
INTH* 0>›%* . D—nF
D>4بs Dر'ق . V4nلd . Oj>3
•4بنق . •4بB>ق
kلق . •hلj
k4لA5 . ةvhلj
iب<5 . «*'E‘ . i4ب<5
ŒT2, . iب<3
š*= . ˜F*= . iب)
«'EC . iب)
D'ب:3 Uي>R . >ب:3
W2s‰ . šذ& . 12s
Dرuب%* WGE) ”*>Ež* ZنKن3)
r12J%* >4_%* . $K%* >4_%*
@G4)25Gب%* '4<s1ر'4+ . ةي12J%* 2)25Gب%*
-a"stic so8a (-hem.)
-a"stic s"r7ace (±ight) ”*>Ež* “v)
-a"stic treatment ةي12J%* *=Gl%2, ة_%2:3
-a"stic Yashing (-hem.) ةي12J%* =*G;%2, O<}
-a"stic. /"nar (-hem.) DرGMl;%* ةfh%* Ÿ*>(B
-a"sticiye (a.) (-hem.) 2ي12s O:j
-a"teriye (a.)
-a"tion (n.)
-a"tion (a.)
-a"tio"s (a8^.)
-aae-in (n.) (-ia. Png.) >hK%* iB*Gj ر24MB*
-aae (n.)
-aae (a.) •ب+ ‚ ‹G_5
-aae 8e#osits (weo/.) ة4hMs i)*1ر
-aae 7/oor (weo/.) kMJ%* ة4pرC
-aaern (weo/.) ˜)*1 kMs
-aaerno"s (a8^.)
-aaerno"s /imestone (weo/.) kMJ(3 r>4j >_E
-aaetto (B"i/8.) ةي>o*= ˜,ر ة4لE
-aait! resonance (Aco"s.) rG_F V4Bر
-aait! resonator (Aco"s.) |2Bر kيG_5
-b (or gb) (co/"mbi"m or niobi"m) (-hem.)
-8 (ca8mi"m) (-hem.)
-e (ceri"m) (-hem.)
-ease/ess (a8^.) ‹Gn5 |1= >;(<3
-e8ar (Bot.) XرH* D>_` ‚ XرH* i€d
-ei/ing ZlقC 'E ‚ kn)
-ei/ing ba//oon (Aero.) ZlقH* š2h5ر&* 'ي'K5 |G%2,
-ei/ing. c/o"8 (Leteor.) 02K<%* š2h5ر* ZlقC
-e/er! (Bot.) zF>s
-e/estia/ (A8^.) (Astron.)
-e/estia/ bo8! (Astron.) r12;) @>j
-e/estia/ circ/e (Astron.) ةي12;<%* D>o*'%*
-e/estia/ e9"ator (Astron.) r12;<%* •*G()&* •d
-e/estia/ g/obe (Astron.) ةي12;<%* D>J%*
-e/estia/ horiyon (Astron.) r12;) UFC
-e/estia/ meri8ian (Astron.) r12;<%* W*1c%* •d
-e/estia/ naaigation (Aero.) ة4Jلh%* ةEm;%*
-e/estia/ #o/es (Astron.) |2ي12;<%* |2بvn%*
-e/estia/ s#here (Astron.)
-e/estite (Lin.)
-e// (Bio/.)
-e// (P/ec.)
-e// . Äanie// (P/ec. Png.)
-e// am#/i7ication (©hermionics)
-e// batter! (P/ec. Png.) 2يmd ةير2v,
-e// casing ة4o2,>MJ%* ة4ل[%* ‹m}
-e// connector (P/ec. Png.) 2يm[%* O™G3
-e// constant (P/ec. Png.)
-e// /ining (P/ec. Png.) ة4ل[%* ةB2v,
@Gي=Gl%* '4<s1ر'4+ . ةي12J%* *=Gl%*
I)1 . $s
I)1 . SGs
D*GJ3 . I)1 . $s
{4بن5 . >يxK5 ‚ Š>(E* . رxE
{بB . رxE
{بن(3 . رxE
Dر2A3 . kMs
0>[ن3 . >nن3 . ‹GMJ%* >4›s . kMJ(3
ةبق1 . D>nB . kيG_5
@G4,G4نل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~i4B
@G43=2Jل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~'s
@Gي>4<ل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~>)
ةل_T . ةhd . ةT>)
$JلF . r12;)
ةي12;<%* D>J%* . ةي12;<%* ةبn%*
@G4€B>(<%* Ÿ2(ي>بs V3 @2d ~t4(<ل,
ة4K%* @2<jH* D'E1 ~ة4لd
ةير2v, . =G;T . ة4لd
W24B*=ˆ ة4لdˆ
2Mلd*= $F X2A%* Vي—(,) ة4oGp>MJ%* ة4ل[%* ة4)2<E I4[f5)
ة4TGن%* ة312n;%* r=2EC Oo2<, 2M\ل3 'نT @1H2, 2M(312n3 ~ة4ل[%* t,2•
-e// resistance. interna/ (P/ec. Png.) ة4لd*'%* ة4ل[%* ة312n3
-e// sa# (Bio/.) rGلd >4lT
-e// secon8ar! (P/ec.) ةيGB2• ة4لd
-e// Ya// (Bio/.) ة4ل[%* ر*'j
-e//. ca8mi"m (P/ec. Png.) @G43=2J%* ة4لd
-e//. 8r! (P/ec. Png.) ةF2j ة4لd
-e//. e/ectro/!tic (P/ec. Png.) ة4(4%1>(J%‘ ة4لd
-e//. 7"e/ (-hem.) ةي=Gق1 ة4لd
-e//. ga/aanic (P/ec. Png.) ة4B2hل} ة4لd
-e//. ±ec/anche (P/ec. Png.)
-e//. #hoto ? #hoto-e/ectric ce// (P/ec. Png.) ة4oGp ة4o2,>Ms ة4لd
-e//. #rimar! (P/ec.) ة4%1C ة4لd
-e//. stan8ar8 (P/ec. Png.) ةير24T ة4لd
-e//. storage (P/ec. Png.)
-e//. tester (P/ec. Png.)
-e//. ao/taic (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2vلF ة4لd
-e//. Âeston (P/ec. Png.)
-e//. Yet (P/ec. Png.) ةبRر ة4لd
-e//o#hane |2FGل)
-e//"/ar (a8^.)
-e//"/ar 8iaision (Bio/.) rGلd @2<nB*
-e//"/ar soi/ (weo/.)
-e//"/ar. ra8iation (A"to.) ةيGلd Ÿ2:€3
-e//"/e D>4A™ ة4لd
-e//"/oi8 (-hem.) 'يG%G4ل)
-e//"/ose (-hem.)
-e//"/ose acetate (-hem.) XG%G4ل<%* Ÿ2(4)C
-e//"/ose esters (-hem.) XG%G4ل<%* Ÿ*>()‘
-e//"/ose 7i/m (-hem.) rXG%G4ل) •2€}
-e//"/ose /ac9"er (-hem.) $_ن45*ر rXG%G4ل) •mR
-e//"/ose nitrate (-hem.) XG%G4ل<%* Ÿ*>(B
-e/si"s sca/e (h!s.)
-e/si"s tem#erat"re (h!s.) rG\;%* |*c4;%2, Dر*>K%* ةjر=
-ement (Png.)
-ement (eoo/.) V<%* tن;)‘
-ement co##er (Let.)
-ement gro"t (-ia. Png.)
-ement miber (-ia. Png.) tن;)‘ ةRmd
-ement mortar (B"i/8.) tن;)ž* §m3
-ement retainer (-ia. Png.) tن;)ž* 0><5 ˜B23
-ement setting (B"i/8.) tن;)ž* ';_5 1C •`
-ement s/"rr! (B"i/8.)
-ement. h!8ra"/ic (-ia. Png.)
-ementation (B"i/8.)
-ementation (Let.)
-ementation carbon (Let.)
-ementation 7"rnace (Let.) ة(ن;<%* |>F
-ementation #oY8er (Let.) ة(ن;<%* ”GK<3
-emente8 (a8^.)
-emente8 (Let.)
-ementing tن;)ž2, t4ب›(%*
-ementite (Let.)
-enoyoic (weo/.) ة›ي'K%* D24K%* >lT
ة4€BmJ%ˆ ة4لdˆ
D>d'3 ة4لd . ة;s>3 ة4لd
Ÿ2;s>;%* (ة4vلF Š24n%) >(4;vلF
|G(<ي1ˆ ة4لdˆ
DرG;v3 . Gبق . 0*=>)
2يmd V3 |GJ3 . rGلd
2يmd OJ` ZلT) ة:لf3 ة,>5)
XG4لd . XG%G4ل)
rG\;%* Dر*>K%* |*c43 . ˆŠG4<ل)ˆ Š24n3
§m3 . tن;)‘
ة4)2Kن%* Ÿ232[%* •23 ˜3 'ي'K%* OT2h5 VT Ž52ن%* ~ة(ن;<%* Š2KB
”Gn€%* '<%) Oo2) tن;)‘)
@*Gn%* Gdر §m3 . Gdر tن;)‘
•2;%* tK5 iلl(ي) $%1ر'4+ tن;)‘)
•4ل;5 ~ ة(ن;)
ذ&Gh%* ةن,>s ~ة(ن;)
ذ&Ghل%) ة(ن;<%* |G,>s)
Ulل3 . •ل;3
V,>J3 . tن;<3
t4(ن;) . 'ي'K%* '4,>s
-ensor (n.) i4قر
-ensor (a.) iق*ر
-ens"s |2J<%* •2lE‘
-entare ? centiare
-enta"r"s (©he -enta"r) (Astron.)
-entenar! (a8^.) rG\3
-entennia/ (a8^.) rG\3
-entennia/ (n.)
-enter. metric
-entere8 /ens s!stem (°#t.) ة4<4o>%* ر12K;%* ةn,2v(3 Ÿ2)'T Ÿ2TG;_3
-entering (B"i/8.) $ب€[%* D>vنn%* i%2ق
-entesima/ (a8^.)
-enti- ةo23 V3 •cj Zن:;, ةo=2,
-entiare (n.)
-entigra8e ةjر= ةo23 Z%‘ I<n3 ‚ =*>A4(ن)
-entigra8e 8egree (h!s.)
-entigra8e heat "nit (-.-.U.) (Png.) ةيG\;%* Dر*>K%* D'E1
-entigra8e sca/e (h!s.) Dر*>K%* Ÿ2jر'% rG\3 Š24n3
-entigra8e thermometer (h!s.)
-entigramme ? centigram
-enti/iter ? centi/itre
-entimeter-gram-secon8 (c.g.s.) (h!s.) ة4B2• @*>} >(;4(ن)
-entimeter ? centimetre
-entimeter Yaaes (¢a8io.)
-entimeter. c"bic (c.c.)
-entimeter. s9"are (cm¤)
-entinorma/ (-hem.)
-enti#e8e (eoo/.)
-enti#oise (h!s.)
-entistoke (h!s.)
-entra/ (a8^.)
-entra/ (n.)
-entra/ ang/e (weom.) ةيcs>3 ةي1*X
-entra/ abis (Laths.) rcs>3 رGK3
-entra/ bank
-entra/ contro/ (Png.) rcs>3 IJK5
-entra/ heating (Png.) ةيcs>3 ة\F'5
-entra/ ^oint assemb/! (Png.) ةيcs>;%* ةل™G%* DG;_3
-entra/ /oa8 (Png.) rcs>3 O;E
-entra/ nerao"s s!stem (eoo/.) rcs>;%* $بl:%* X2M_%*
-entra/ o77ice rcs>3 i(J3
-entra/ orbit rcs>3 ر*'3
-entra/ #osition •)G(3 ˜قG3
-entra/ #oYer #/ant (Png.) Dر'n%* '4%G(% ةيcs>3 D'E1
-entra/ station ة4<4oر 1C ةيcs>3 ةvK3
-entra/ station (Png.)
-entra/ station (n.)
-entra/ station (a.)
-entra/iyation (n.)
Ÿ2TGبv;%* ةبق*>3 . ة,2قر
r12<5 |X1 D'E1 ~W2(ن) µ¾.µ ) IAلs „…… 'B12, )
'E*1 ˜,>3 >(3 ~ر2(ن)
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~ŠرGvنق
ةيG\;%* S>sx%* . rG\;%* '4:%*
r12<5 |X1 D'E1 ~>ن(ن) µ¾.µ ). IAلs „…… 'B12, )
„…… IAلs
ةيG\3 •*cjC Z%‘ I<n3 . rG\3
ر½* V3 ةo23 V3 •cj .ر‰ $(ن) . ˜,>3 >(3
ر2ب%* V3 ةo2;%2, •cj ~ر2, $(ن)
=*>A4(ن)) ةيG\3 ةjر=)
rG\;%* Dر*>K%* Š24n3 . r=*>A4(ن) >(3G3>5
@*>A%* V3 ةo23 V3 •cj ~@*>A4(ن)
>(ل%* V3 ةo23 V3 •cj ~>(ل4(ن)
>(;%* V3 ةo23 V3 •cj ~>(;4(ن)
V3 2M%*GRC ~ةي>(;4(ن) Q*G3C „ Z%‘ „… I)
I)) i:J3 >(;4(ن) £ )
I)) ˜,>3 >(;4(ن) ¤ )
rر24:%* c4s>(%* V3 ةo2;%2, 'E*1 W=2:ي c4s>5 1ذ ~rر24T $(ن)
V4:,رC1 ˜,رC @C ~²ي>E
ةnلv3 ةj1c% D'E1 ~cيG, $(ن)
ة4(32ن4s ةj1c% D'E1 ~]G() $(ن)
r12<5 2ي*1c%* Š24n% D'E1 ~=*>(ن) ….¾¦£ ةjر'%* V3
$<4oر ‚ •)G(3 ‚ cs>;%* V3 iي>ق . rcs>3
$BGh4ل5 W=2ب5 cs>3 . W*>(ن)
ر*'™ž* •ن, . rcs>;%* •نب%*
ةR>[;%*) ةبBذ)
•)1 . •)G%* ةvnB ‚ cs>3
•)G%* $F ˜;_5 1C ˜;j . cs>5 . csر
Dcs>3 . cs>;5 . c4s>5
-entra/iye (a.)
-entra/iye8 /"brication (Png.) rcs>3 t4يc5
-entra/iying #/ate (Png.) Dcs>;%* ®G%
-entre-bit (-ar#.)
-entre-yero instr"ment (Png.)
-entre (a.)
-entre ? center (n.) cs>3
-entre arbor (Png.) rcs>3 رGK3
-entre bearing (Png.) •)G(3 O;K3
-entre boss (Png.)
-entre 8ri// (Png.) cs*>3 in›3
-entre e/ectro8e (P/ec.) rcs>3 =1>(J%‘
-entre 7ee8 (Png.) ةيcs>3 ةيxA5
-entre ga"ge (Png.) cs>;%* Š24ق ='K3
-entre hea8 (Png.) cs>;%* 'ي'K5 ŠCر
-entre in8icator (Png.) cs>;%* V4:3
-entre /athe (Png.) ة4بBذ ةR>[3
-entre /ine
-entre mark cs>;%* ة3mT
-entre marking (Png.) cs>;%* 'ي'K5 1C I4ل:5
-entre o7 area (weom.) ةv)G(;%* ةE2<;%* cs>3
-entre o7 attraction (h!s.) 0x_%* cs>3
-entre o7 b"o!anc! (h!s.) Ghv%* cs>3
-entre o7 circ/e (weom.) D>o*'%* cs>3
-entre o7 con7ig"ration OJ€(%* cs>3
-entre o7 conic section (weom.) $R1>[3 š2vق cs>3
-entre o7 c"raat"re
-entre o7 c"rae (Laths.) ZنKن;ل% O•2;(%* cs>3
-entre o7 8istrib"tion (Png.) ˜يXG(%* cs>3
-entre o7 e//i#se (Laths.)
-entre o7 e9"i/ibri"m (Lech.) |X*G(%* cs>3
-entre o7 7/otation (h!s.) @G:%* cs>3
-entre o7 graait! (h!s.) On›%* cs>3
-entre o7 g!ration (h!s.)
-entre o7 im#act (Lech.)
-entre o7 inertia (h!s.) رGln%* cs>3
-entre o7 /ens (°#t.) ة)':%* cs>3
-entre o7 mass (Lech.) ةل(J%* cs>3
-entre o7 motion (Lech.) ةs>K%* cs>3
-entre o7 osci//ation (h!s.) ة,x,x%* cs>3
-entre o7 #erc"ssion (Png.) ة3'l%* cs>3
-entre o7 #ers#ectiae رGNن;%* cs>3
-entre o7 #ress"re (h!s.) •Af%* cs>3
-entre o7 rotation (Lech.) |*ر1'%* cs>3
-entre o7 simi/arit! (Laths.)
-entre o7 simi/it"8e ةM,2€;%* cs>3
-entre o7 s#here (Laths.) D>J%* cs>3
-entre o7 stress (Lech.) =2Mjž* cs>3
-entre o7 s"s#ension (Lech.) U4ل:(%* cs>3
-entre o7 s!mmetr! (Laths. h!s.) O•2;(%* cs>3
-entre o7 thr"st (Lech.) ˜F'%* cs>3
-entre o7 ao/"me (h!s.)
-entre #in (Png.) rcs>3 رGK3
-entre #"nch (Png.) cs>;%* I4ل:5 •بن)
cs>3 $F ˜;_5 1C ˜;j . csر
'ي'K5 02n›3 . rcs>3 in›3
Žير'(%* kl(ن3 $F ³>h™ ~cs>;%* r>h™ Š24ق X2Mj
cs>3 $F ˜;_5 1C ˜;j . csر
•)G(3 iق . ةv)G(3 D>™
kl(ن;%* •d . cs>;%* •d
•2نKB&* cs>3 . رGJ(%* cs>3
{45رu, V4, ةF2<;%* kl(ن3 ZلT) ‡ق2ن%* ˜vn%* cs>3)
kل%* cs>3 . Iي1'(%* cs>3
ة,2™ž* cs>3 . @'l%* cs>3
O•2;(%* cs>3 . {,2€(%* cs>3
ةF2›J%* IN(ن3 iل™ I<j $F) ةل(J%* cs>3)
-entre reamer (Png.)
-entre s9"are (Png.) cs>;%* 'ي'K5 ةي1*X
-entre Yeight goaernor (Png.) rcs>3 On• 1ذ ةT>) INن3
-entre/ess grin8ing (Png.) rcs>3 & –4ل_5
-entric (a8^.)
-entri7"ga/ (a8^.)
-entri7"ga/ acce/eration (Lech.) rcs>;%* =>v%* šر2<5
-entri7"ga/ b/oYer (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, ةيGM5 ةE1>3
-entri7"ga/ brake (Png.)
-entri7"ga/ casting (6o"n8r!)
-entri7"ga/ c/"tch (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, †,2ق
-entri7"ga/ com#ressor (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%* DGn, •}2p
-entri7"ga/ cr"sher (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, Dر2<s
-entri7"ga/ 8rier (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, ةhh_3
-entri7"ga/ 7an (Png.)
-entri7"ga/ 7i/ter (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, “`>3
-entri7"ga/ 7orce (h!s.)
-entri7"ga/ goaernor (Lech.)
-entri7"ga/ /"brication (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, t4يc5
-entri7"ga/ motion (Lech.) Dx,2B ةs>E
-entri7"ga/ #"m# (Png.) Dx,2B ة[f3
-entri7"ga/ #"ri7ier (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, Uن3
-entri7"ga/ se#arator(Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, DX*>F
-entri7"ga/ starter (P/ec. Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, •', ®2(h3
-entri7"ga/ starting sYitch (P/ec. Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, •', ®2(h3
-entri7"ga/ s"#ercharger (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, |2K`
-entri7"ga/ tension (Png.)
-entri7"ge (n.)
-entri7"ge (a.) cs>;%* VT *'4:, =>R
-entring ? centering (Png.)
-entring contro/ (©e/ea.) cs>;(%* •بf3
-entring machine (Png.) cs>;%* 'ي'K5 ة%‰
-entrio/e (Bio/.)
-entri#eta/ (a8^.)
-entri#eta/ acce/eration (Lech.) rcs>;%* 0x_%* šر2<5
-entri#eta/ 7orce (Lech.)
-entroc/ina/ (a8^.)
-entroc/ina/ 8i# (weo/.)
-entrosome (Bio/.)
-entros#here (weo/.)
-entros!mmetr! (n.) rcs>3 O•2;5
-entr"m (eoo/.) D>nh%* I<j
-e#ha/ic (a8^.) (eoo/.)
-e#he"s (©he Èing.) (Astron.)
-eraceo"s (a8^.)
-erag!rite (Lin.)
-eramic (a8^.)
-eramic ca#acitor (Png.) $Fcd 1C rر2[F k›J3
-eramic ins"/ator (P/ec. Png.) ر2[h%* 1C ‹c[%* V3 WX2T
-eramic reactor (h!s.) $Fcd OT2h3
-eramic aa/ae (©hermionics) $Fcd @2;™
-eratoi8 c"s# (Laths.) ة4;M) ةB>ق
cs*>;%* (0Gn•) ˜)G3
•)G(3 . rcs>3
x,2B . cs>;%* V3 =ر2R
rcs>;%* =>v%* (DGn, O;:ي) “بJ3
rcs>;%* =>v%* (DGn,) i™
Dx,2B ةE1>3 . rcs>3 =>R ةE1>3
ةيcs>3 D=ر2R DGق . Dx,2B DGق
rcs>;%* =>v%2, (O;:ي) Is2E
rcs>;%* =>v%* (VT ¬`2B) >5G5
rcs>;%* =>v%2, DX*>F . Dx,2B
Dcs>3 . cs>;(%* •بp
WGي>(ن) . ةيcs>3 ةي>s
cs>;%* GKB ˜F'ن3 1C ˜F*= . x,2j
rcs>;%* 0x_%* DGق . Dx,2j DGق
'E*1 cs>3 GKB Oo23 ~O4;%* rcs>3
'E*1 cs>3 GKB (ةي>[l%* Ÿ2nبv%*) O43
rcs>3 I4<j . @G)1>(ن)
’رH* i% . (ةل4n›%*) ة4نR2ب%* D>J%* . ’رH* ‹Gj
ةن) ةo23 . |>ق
ŠC>%* V3 iي>ق . $)Cر
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~Š12h4ق
r>4ق ‚ OKن%* ˜;€, {4ب` . $:;`
>MN;%* $:;` ةfh%* 'يرGلs V3 @2d ~tي>4j*>4)
rر2[F . $Fcd
Ÿ24Fcd . ‹c[%* ةT2ن™
-era"nogra#h (P/ec. Png.)
-erea/ (n.) (Agric.)
-erebe//"m (eoo/.)
-erebra/ (a8^.) (eoo/.)
-erebr"m (eoo/.) –3
-erec/oth ˜;€3 œ2;ق
-erenkoa ra8iation (h!s.)
-eri"m (-e) (-hem.)
-eri"m a//o! (Let.)
-ermet (Let.) ة4Fcd ة4B':3 ةJ4ب)
-ertain (a8^.)
-erti7icate (n.)
-erti7icate o7 c/earance
-erti7icate o7 com#etenc! Dر*'j D=2M`
-erti7icate o7 7itness ةق24% D=2M`
-erti7icate o7 origin —€ن;%* 1C ر'l;%* D=2M`
-erti7icate o7 #ro7icienc! ة4نM;%* ة4ل+H* D=2M`
-erti7icate o7 registr! ةن4h<%* O4_€5 D=2M`
-erti7ie8 (a8^.)
-erti7ie8 co#! ةق'l3 ة[<B
-erti7ie8 #"bic-acco"ntant $BGB2ق i)2K3
-er"men (eoo/.)
-er"se (-hem.)
-er"ssite (Lin.)
-eraica/ (a8^.) (eoo/.) $nنT
-eraib (eoo/.)
-esi"m ? caesi"m (-s) (-hem.)
-essation (n.)
-ess#it ? cess#oo/ (n.) (Png.)
-esto8a (eoo/.)
-etane n"mber (-hem.)
-etane test rating (-hem.) $B2(4<%* >ي'n(%* ر2ب(d*
-etene (-hem.)
-et"s (©he Âha/e) (Astron.)
-7 (ca/i7orni"m) (-hem.)
-ha7e (n.)
-ha7e (a.)
-ha77 (n.)
-hain (n.)
-hain (a.) '4ق ‚ ةل<ل<, O™1 1C •,ر
-hain a8^"ster (Png.)
-hain barre/ (Png.) ةل<ل<%* ةيGEر
-hain be/t (Png.) $ل<ل) >4)
-hain b/ock (Png.)
-hain cab/e $ل<ل) Oبs
-hain com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4ل<ل) Ÿ2بs>3
-hain conae!or (Png.) Dر*1= ةل<ل) 1ذ Oق2B
-hain 8re8ger (-ia. Png.) ة4ل<ل) D•*>s
-hain 8riae (Png.) ةل<ل<, Dر*=‘
-hain hoist (Png.) ةل<ل) 1ذ •نل, 1C š2F>3
-hain h!8rocarbons (-hem.) ة4ل<ل) Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4+
-hain ^oint ة4ل<ل) ةل™1
$ق>ب%* qي>h(%* O4_<(% $B1>(J%‘ X2Mj ~‹*>}GB1>4)
Wm} . ةvنE . 0GبE
“Bر . –4[3
$}23= . $[3
{4F •Gf%* ةT>) ”Gh5 ةT><, ‹2h` I<j >بT D>o2<%* ةBGK€;%* Ÿ2;4<_%* {•'K5 •Gp ~ˆ‹GJB>4)ˆ š2:`‘
>)) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@Gي>))
Ÿ2E*'n%* ر2_EC ˜نl% ~@Gي>4<%* ةJ4ب)
V4:3 . 'su3
ةق'l3 . ة,G(J3 D=2M`
ةT2fب%*) ‡4ل[5 D=2M`)
';(:3 . |G;f3
ةKl, 'M` . 'sC
|ذH* ‹C . ¸m;™
ةي'T2n%* ¡2™>%* Ÿ2BG,>s ~Q*'4ب)‘
¡2™>%* Ÿ2BG,>s ~t4)1>4)
ةبقر . UنT
c)) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@cيc4))
kقG5 . š2vnB*
ر*xقC D>hE . rر2_;%* ةTG%2,
Ÿ24nvن3 . ة4vي>€%* |*'ي'%*
$BG,>s1ر'4+ is>3 ~|2(4)
=GقG%* W2:(`* ة4TGB ZلT ة%&'ل% ~$B2(4<%* =':%*
$ن4ل4›ي‘ $BG,>sر'4+ is>3 ~V4(4)
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~zv4ق
@G4BرGh4%2Jل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~ks
02M(%* ‚ ]2J(E* . S>,
Ž4+ ‚ •K%2, S>, . •E . ]>F
O,2ن<%* ko2lT . ²ق
W=2:ي WGvل% Š24n3 ‚ '4ق ‚ O<ل<5 . ةل<ل) ¥¥ 23'ق
ةل<ل<%* (>5G5) W':3
ةل<ل<, (Dر2J,) •نل,
-hain meas"re (´"ra.)
-hain #i//ars (Lining.)
-hain #"//e! b/ock (Png.) ةل<ل<, •نل,
-hain reaction (-hem.) ةل<ل<, OT2h5
-hain riaeting (Png.) ةل<ل<(3 ة;`>,
-hain tongs (/"mb.) ةل<ل) 1ذ >4)*G3 ®2(h3
-hain transmission (Png.) O)m<%2, ةs>K%* OnB
-hain Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) $ل<ل) k%
-hain Yrench (Png.) ةل<ل) 1ذ •,ر ®2(h3
-hain. branche8 ةT>h(3 ةل<ل)
-hain. s"rae!or·s (´"ra.) ®2<;%* ةل<ل)
-haining (´"ra.) ةل<ل<%2, Š24ق
-hair (¢ai/Ya!s)
-ha/aya (eoo/.)
-ha/canthite (Lin.)
-ha/ce8on! (Lin.) †4,C U4nT
-ha/cocite (Lin.)
-ha/co#!rite ? co##er #!rite (Lin.)
-ha/k (weo/.)
-ha/k /ine (B"i/8. -ia. Png.)
-ha/k #erio8 ? cretaceo"s #erio8 (weo/.) r>4`2بv%* >l:%*
-ha/k! c/a! (weo/.) r>4`2بR W2lل™
-ha//enge (n.) 'K5
-ha//enge (a.) r'K5
-ha/!beate Yater (weo/.) ةي'ي'E ³243
-hamae/eon (©he -hame/eon) (Astron.)
-hamber aci8 (-hem.)
-hamber o7 commerce Dر2_(%* ةF>}
-hamber #rocess (-hem.)
-hamber. c/o"8 (h!s.) ة4;4} D>_E
-hamber. comb"stion •Af%* D>_E
-hamber. comb"stion (Png.) ”*>(E&* D>_E
-hamber. 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) qي>h(%* D>_E
-hambere8 core (Let.)
-ham7er (n.)
-ham7er (a.)
-ham7er #/ane (-ar#.) iv` Q2K<3
-hamois ? chamois /eather
-hamosite (Lin.)
-han8e//e (Aero.) $B*':;` =G:™
-hange-coi/ instr"ment (P/ec. Png.) {52hل3 >44A(, ³*'3 >4A(ي $o2,>Ms Š24ق X2Mj
-hange-oaer (n.)
-hange-oaer cock (Png.) OيGK5 zبK3
-hange-oaer con8enser (P/ec. Png.) OيGK5 k›J3
-hange-oaer sYitch (P/ec. Png.) OيGK5 ®2(h3
-hange-oaer aa/ae (Png.) OيGK5 @2;™
-hange-#o/e motor (P/ec. Png.) V4(ني2ب(3 V4(T>) 1ذ 02vقH* >4A(3 رG5G3
-hange-re/a! (P/ec. Png.)
-hange-s#ee8 gear (Png.) ةT><%* >44A5 ةنن<3
ةل<ل<%*) $ل<ل) Š24n3 ¤¤ D=ر2ي )
I_ن3 $F ر24MB&* ˜ن;%) ةل<ل<(3 ةي>[™ D';TC)
r'ي'K%* •[%*) t4ب›5 $)>s)
ةن_ل%* z4oر . š2;(j&* z4oر
®½* §G4d . Xر= . *Xms
D—4;;%* Š2Kن%* Ÿ2(ي>بs ~t4(نJلs
Š2Kن%* '4(ي>بs V3 @2d ~t4)GJ%Gs
Š2Kن%* t4(ي>بs . tي>4,GJلs
W=2:ي IKhل% rc4ل_B‘ Š24n3 ~|1ر'لs £¥.µ >(ل%*
r>4`2بR $<لs >_E . >4`2بR
§Gv[%* I)>%) >4`2بv%* ”GK<;, «Gل3 OبE)
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~•2,>K%*
D>4_E . ةF>} . D>_E
•4(ي>بJ%* †32E ˜ن™ $F) ة4™2™>%* ‹>A%* †32E)
•4(ي>بJ%* †32E ˜نl%) ‹>A%* ةnي>R)
•ب<%* •2ن•C) رGhK3 iلق)
Oo23 'E . ة4بv`
mo23 2:vق ˜vق . iv` . ‹'`
³*G32` 'لj . ³*G32`
'ي'K%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 @2d ~t4)G32`
>4lB ‚ Uب<%* ilق co2E . Ov,
i4lB . ةF'™ . ة™>F
OيGK5 . WGK5
W'ب3 . OيGK5 OE>3
-hange-s#ee8 /eaer (Png.) ةT><%* Oي'ب5 š*رذ
-hange-s#ee8 motor (Png.) ة(,2• Ÿ2T>) D':, ر1'ي رG5G3
-hange (n.)
-hange (a.)
-hange co"rse (a.) ³2_5&* >4}
-hange gear (a.) ةT><%* W',
-hange o7 state
-hange o7 stat"s
-hange o7 tem#erat"re Dر*>K%* ةjر= >4A5
-hange o7 ao/"me I_K%* >4A5
-hange Yhee/(Png.)
-hangeabi/it! (n.)
-hangeab/e (a8^.)
-hanne/ (P/ec.) $o2,>Ms OnB D>o*=
-hanne/ (Png.)
-hanne/ (n.)
-hanne/ (©e/ea.)
-hanne/ (a.)
-hanne/ bar
-hanne/ ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.) Onن%* D>o*'% ZlقH* ˜)G%*
-hanne/ iron
-hanne/ section
-haotic (a8^.) O([3 ‚ œG€3
-ha# (n.)
-ha#eron resistor (P/ec. Png.) •ل<%* Q1=c3 I312n3
-ha#iter (Arch.) =G;:%* Q25
-ha#/et (-ia. Png.)
-ha#/et (Let.)
-ha#ter (n.)
-haracter (n.)
-haracteristic (a8^.)
-haracteristic (n.)
-haracteristic 7"nction (Laths.) Dc4;3 ة%*=
-haracteristic im#e8ance (¢a8io.) Dc4;3 ةق12:3
-haracteristic o7 a /ogarithm I(ير2}Gل% $B24ب%* =':%*
-haracteristic ra8iation (P/ec. Png.) c4;3 š2:`‘
-haracteristic(c"rae) c4;3 ZنKن3
-haracteriye (a.)
-harcoa/ (n) i€[%* IKF V3 I)ر Iلق ‚ $B*G4E 1C $52بB IKF
-harcoa/ 7i/ter (-hem.) IKh%* Uo2ق', “`>3
-harcoa/ Yoo8 (-hem.) $52بB IKF
-harcoa/. actiaate8 (-hem.)
-harcoa/. anima/ (-hem.) $B*G4E IKF
-harge (n.)
-harge (a.)
-harge bo8! (P/ec.) •2,>MJ%2, |GK€3 I<j
-harge 8ensit!(P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* ةنK€%* ةF2›s
-harge e/ectric (P/ec.) ة4o2,>Ms ةنK`
-hargeab/e batter!
-harge8 batter! (P/ec. Png.) ةBGK€3 ةير2v,
-harger (n.) (P/ec. Png.)
-hargÊ 8·a77aires W2;TH2, Io2ق
ة%=2ب3 . Oي', ‚ W'ب5 . >4A5 . >44A5
W'ب5 . WGK5 . >4A5 ‚ WGE . >4}
ة%2K%* >44A5 1C >4A5 . ة%2K()*
@2Nن%* >44A5 . ˜pG%* >44A5
ةR>[;%* $F) ةT><%* >44A5 Ÿ2نن<3)
ر*>n()&* @'T . >4A(%* ة4ل,2ق
>n(<3 >4} . W'ب(3 . >4A(3
0 ‹>E OJ` ZلT) ~$o2, ˜vn3 1ذ i4fق)
ةp>F ‚ S>_3 . D2نق
W2نق . D2نق ‚ Ÿ*==>5 ة3cE
’>F ‚ D2نق U` . Zنق
S>_3 OJ` ZلT) ='[3 i4fق)
S>_3 OJ` ZلT) V4F>v%* r1c3 'ي'E)
‹>E 1C) D2نق OJ` ZلT ˜vn3 U )
ZpGF . ²يG€5 ‚ $لs Wm(d*
@m} . Z(F ‚ ˜لF . U`
D*ر1= •&= Ÿ*ذ) ة4ل<ل) D•*>s)
•ب<%* i%2ق $F) iلn%* D'ن<3)
š>F . I<ق ‚ 02, . OlF
ة4+23 . ˜بR . ةh™ . c4;3 ˜,2R
¡2d . c4;3
c4;3 ZنKن3 ‚ I(ير2}Gل%* V3 $B24, ='T ‚ ة™2d . Dc43
ةقر2F Dc4;, ‹>T . c43
•€ن3 ($52بB) IKF
—ب:3 . |GK€3
@G_+ ‚ ة;M5 ‚ ة;M3 ‚ D'MT ‚ DG€E . ةنK`
I_+ . ZلT O;E ‚ 02<E $F '4ق ‚ (Z%‘) 'MT ‚ Os1C ‚ IM5* ‚ O;E . —بT . VK` . 2€E
2MنK` (D=2T‘) VJ;ي ةير2v,
Ÿ2ير2vب%*) VK` X2Mj ~|2K`)
-harging (n.)
-harging b! in8"ction (P/ec. Lagn.) >4•—(%2, VK€%*
-harging circ"it (P/ec. Png.) VK€%* D>o*=
-harging crane (Png.) O4;K(%* 1C VK€%* š2F>3
-harging c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) VK€%* ر245
-harging 8oor (Let.) $%2:%* |>h%* $F @2n%ž* ة,*G,
-harging #/at7orm (Png.) O4;K(%* ةlن3
-harging resistor (P/ec. Png.) VK€%* ر245 •بf% ة312n3
-harging station O4;K(%* ةvK3
-harging stroke (¨.-. Pngs.) VK€%* §G`
-harging "nit (P/ec. Png.) VK` D'E1
-harging aa/ae (Png.)
-harging ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) VK€%* ة4vلF
-hark (n.) IKF
-hark (a.)
-har/es·s /aY (h!s.)
-harnockite (weo/.)
-har#! im#act test (Let.)
-harre8 (a8^.) IKh(3
-harring (-hem.)
-harring chise/ (B"i/8.)
-hart (n.)
-hart (a.) W1'j 1C •v[3 ZلT V4,
-hart room •o*>[%* ةF>}
-harter (n.)
-harter (a.)
-harter #art!
-hartere8 (a8^.)
-hartere8 acco"ntant $BGB2ق i)2K3
-hartogra#h! ? cartogra#h! (´"ra.) •o*>[%* I)ر IلT
-hartometer (´"ra.) •o*>[%* =2:,C Š24n3
-hase (n.)
-hase (a.)
-haser (n.) =ر2v3 ‚ ةب%G% •€;3
-hasing chise/ (Png.) ˜4™>5 1C ةF>dX O43X‘
-hasing 8ia/ (Png.) ةب%Gل%* ة:,2(3 ¡>ق
-hasm (n.) U4;T U`
-hassis (A"to.)
-hassis grease (A"to.) Dر24<%* OJ4M% IK`
-hassis gro"n8 (P/ec. Png.) ة4B':3 †ير—5 D'T2ق
-hatter (n.)
-hatter (a.)
-hatter. brake (Png.) “بJ;%* ةnلn%
-hatterton·s ta#e (P/ec. Png.)
-ha"77e"r (n.) Dر24) Uo2)
-ha"77e"se (n.) Dر24) ةno2)
-hea# (a8^.)
-heat (a.)
-heck (n.)
-heck (a.)
-heck ana/!sis (-hem.) rر2ب(d* O4لK5
-heck bo/t (Png.) UBX ر2;<3
-heck book Ÿ2J4` >(F=
-heck /ine ة:j*>;%* •d
ة\ب:5 . VK`
ة\ب:(%* @2;™ . VK€%* @2;™
˜h) . IKF
Wر2`ˆ |GB2قˆ
Ÿ2ب4بK%* V€d t4B*>} ~t4sGB>`
$3'l%* ˆ$,ر2`ˆ ر2ب(d*
IKh5 . I4Kh5
Dر2_K%* ˜vn%) †ي>T O43X‘)
$B24, W1'j 1C •v[3 . ةRر2d
DX2j‘ . ة4;)ر D•*>, .”2€3
ةن4:3 D';% (D>o2R 1C ةن4h)) >j—()* ‚ DX2j‘ 1C D•*>, “ن3
ةن4h<%* ر2_\()* 'nT ‚ I<(n3 ('M:5 1C) X24(3*
$BGB2ق . X2_3
˜بvل% ةFGhl;%* >v)H* ˜;_% ر2R‘ ‚ =1'dC . Iل• ‚ in:5 . D=ر2v3
i%Gل%* Vن) ‚ •€3 ‚ in:5 . =ر2R
D>o2R 1C Dر24) OJ4+ . OJ4+
>ي>™ . ةnvnR . ةnلn% . Q2_5ر*
>™ . •v™‘ ‚ ŸG™
WX2T U™& •ي>` . ˆ|G5>52€5ˆ •ي>`
šGن%* •r=ر . z[, ‚ ةhلJ%* O4لق . ‡4dر
Vب} . š'd . ²}
•4`) •™ ‚ ة3mT . •بp . U4ق'5 . “بs)
U,2R ‚ ة3mT ˜p1 ‚ Uق= ‚ “بs . '™
-heck /ist ة:j*>;%* ة;o2ق
-heck n"t (Png.) UBc%* ة%G;™
-heck ring (Png.)
-heck s!stem
-heck "# (n.) (Le8.)
-heck aa/ae (Png.) ˜j>3 >4} @2;™
-hecke8 (a8^.) Ÿ2:,>;%* V3 Qذ2;ن, •v[3
-hecker (n.) iق*>3 ‚ Ÿ2:,>;%* ³x+ 'EC ‚ ةني2ب(;%* Ÿ2:,>;%* V3 QذG;B
-hecker (a.) Ÿ2:,>;%* V3 QذG;ن, •vd
-hecking (n.)
-heek (n.)
-heese-c/oth (n.)
-heese-hea8 screY (Png.) ='[3 $B*Gv)* ŠCر 1ذ i%Gل3 ر2;<3
-he7 8·oe"are ةhK5
-he/onia (eoo/.) kEm<%* ةب5ر
-hemica/ (a8^.)
-hemica/ (n.) ةي12;4s D=23
-hemica/ action (-hem.)
-hemica/ actiait! (Bio/.) r12;4s §2€B
-hemica/ a77init! (-hem.) ة4o24;4s ةh%C
-hemica/ agent (-hem.) r12;4s O32T
-hemica/ ana/!sis (-hem.) r12;4s O4لK5
-hemica/ ba/ance (-hem.)
-hemica/ batter! (-hem.) ة4o24;4s ةير2v,
-hemica/ bon8 (-hem.) ةي12;4s ةv,*ر
-hemica/ change (-hem.) r12;4s >4A5
-hemica/ combination . /aY o7 (-hem.) r12;4J%* =2K5&* V4B*Gق
-hemica/ com#osition (-hem.) r12;4s i4s>5
-hemica/ com#o"n8 (-hem.) r12;4s is>3
-hemica/ constit"tion (-hem.) r12;4s i4s>5
-hemica/ corrosion (-hem.) $o24;4s tE
-hemica/ 8ecom#osition (-hem.) r12;4s WmKB* 1C O4لK5
-hemica/ 8esa/ting (et. Png.)
-hemica/ e77ect (-hem.) r12;4s >4•—5
-hemica/ e/ement (-hem.) r12;4s >lنT
-hemica/ energ! (-hem.) ةي12;4s ةق2R
-hemica/ engineer r12;4s Š'نM3
-hemica/ engineering (Png.) ة4o24;4J%* ة)'نM%*
-hemica/ e9"ation (-hem.) ةي12;4s ة%=2:3
-hemica/ e9"i/ibri"m (-hem.) $o24;4s |X*G5
-hemica/ e9"iaa/ent (-hem.) $o24;4s ¬F2J3
-hemica/ ebchange reaction (-hem.) $o24;4s W=2ب5 OT2h5
-hemica/ 7erti/iyers ةي12;4s D';)C
-hemica/ 7i/ter $o24;4s “`>3
-hemica/ 7orm"/a (-hem.) ة4o24;4s ةh™
-hemica/ notation (-hem.) ة4o24;4s ة4;<5
-hemica/ #/ant (Png.) r12;4s O;:3
-hemica/ #otentia/ (-hem.) $o24;4s 'Mj
-hemica/ #reci#itation (-hem.) $o24;4s i)>5
-hemica/ #rocess (-hem.) ة4o24;4s ةnي>R
-hemica/ #ro#erties (-hem.) ةي12;4s ¡*Gd
-hemica/ reaction (-hem.) r12;4s OT2h5
-hemica/ reagent (-hem.) r12;4s OT2h3 1C k`2s
-hemica/ se8iments (-hem.) ة4o24;4s i)*1ر
ة%G;l%* ˜j*>5 ˜ن;% ~UBc%* ”GR
O;:%* Ÿ2ق1C) ةبق*>3 @2NB )
@2T $B2;<j ‡KF . ‡KF
U4ق'5 ‚ '™ . “بs
iB2j ‚ ةKh™ . ةpر2T ‚ ةنj1 . 'd
i) . k` . œ2`
$o24;4s . r12;4s
$o24;4s O:F . r12;4s O;T
r12;4s (Š2<E) |*c43
@2[%* •hن%* V3) 2ي12;4s “ل;%* ة%*X‘)
-hemica/ so/"tion (-hem.) $o24;4s WGلK3
-hemica/ stabi/it! (-hem.) r12;4s ر*>n()*
-hemica/ str"ct"re (-hem.) r12;4J%* i4s>(%*
-hemica/ s"bstance (-hem.) ةي12;4s D=23
-hemica/ s!mbo/ (-hem.) r12;4s c3ر
-hemica/ treatment o7 Ye//s (et. Png.) 2ي12;4s ر2,½* ة_%2:3
-hemica/ Yar7are (-hem.) ة4o24;4s 0>E
-hemica//! (a8a.)
-hemico-#h!sica/ (a8^.) $o2يcF $o24;4s
-hemi/"minescence (-hem.)
-hemise (B"i/8.) 0*>(%* 'l% IT*= ر*'j
-hemisor#tion (-hem.) r12;4s X*c(3*
-hemistr!. ana/!tica/ ة4ل4لK(%* •24;4J%*
-hemistr!. a##/ie8 ة4n4بv(%* •24;4J%*
-hemistr!. in8"stria/ ة4T2نl%* •24;4J%*
-hemistr!. n"c/ear ةي1Gن%* •24;4J%*
-hemistr!. organic ةيGf:%* •24;4J%*
-hemistr!. ¨norganic ةيGfTm%* •24;4J%*
-hemos#here (Leteor.)
-hemos!nthesis (Bio/.) r12;4s i4s>5
-hemotabis (Bio/.) r12;4s 0*x_B*
-hemothera#! (Le8.) ة4o24;4J%* ة_%2:;%*
-hemotro#ism (Bio/.) r12;4s •2K(B*
-hem"rg! (-hem.)
-he9"e (n.)
-he9"ere8 (a8^.)
-he9"ere8 #/ate (Png.) ˜لf3 ®G%
-herr! (Bot.)
-herr! re8 heat
-hert (weo/.)
-hert /imestone (weo/.) $B*G™ r>4j >_E
-hest (n.)
-hest n"t (Bot.)
-hest saY (-ar#.) >M• |1= >4A™ r1'ي ر2€ن3
-hearon (Li/.)
-hiasma (n.)
-hicken#ob (Le8.)
-hick#ea (Bot.) ‡;E
-hie7 (a8^.)
-hie7 (n.)
-hie7 8ra7tsman V432)>%* >4بs
-hie7 engineer V4)'نM;%* >4بs
-hie7 geo/ogist V4jG%G4_%* >4بs
-hie7 ins#ector V4€(h;%* >4بs
-hi/b/ain (Le8.)
-hi/8 /abo"r
-hi/e sa/t#etre (-hem.)
-hi// (n.) ة\j2h3 D>ي>:€ق ‚ Šر2ق =>,
-hi// (a.)
-hi// casting (Png.) ¬j2h;%* 'ي>ب(%* ˜3 i™
-hi// mo"/8 (Let.) ¬j2h;%* 'ي>ب(ل% i™ i%2ق
ةي12;4J%* ”>v%2, . 24o24;s
$o24;4s OT2h5 $F •Gf%* «2:(,* ~ةي12;4s ة4o24p
$o24;4J%* §2€ن%* . ة4o24;4J%*
$%'4™ ‚ $o24;4s . r12;4s
•24;4J%* IلT . •24;4s
š2h5ر* ZلT) ةيGj ةnبR ~>4h)G;4s ¤… 1C ¾… $oGp $o2,>Ms §2€B Ÿ*ذ (m43
2ي12;4s (ة4T*رc%* 1C) ةيGf:%* Ÿ232[%* WmA()*
•™ . •4`
˜,*>5 1ذ . ˜لf3
|2ق >;EC |G;% ‚ 24™*>ق . X>s
$%*GE) X>J%* >;EC Dر*>E ةjر= ¼…… ةيG\3 (
|*G™ . $B*G™ >[™
ر'™ ‚ IJK3 •2T1 . ”1'ن™
$o2ن(<s |G% ‚ Ov<ق . ةن(<s
ةي>J<:%*) ةب5>%* Dر2`)
i%2l5. ˜R2n5
•2;%* rر'j . ”2;E
$%1C . $)2)C . $<4oر
I4TX . z4oر
«>` . >lE
˜B2l;%* $F =&1H* O;T . =&1H* O4A€5
$ل4` =1ر2, “ل3 . @Gي=Gl%* Ÿ*>(B
¬j2h;%* 'ي>ب(%2, (2B':3) 'ل™ ‚ =>, . =>,
-hi// rooms
-hi//e8 stee/ (Let.) ¬j2h;%* 'ي>ب(%2, 'لl3 ذ&GF
-hi//er =>ب3
-hi//ing (n.) =>بل% {p>:5 'نT |2M_%* Uي>, W*1X ‚ ¬j2h3 'ي>ب5
-himes |2K%H* ةh%•(3 Š*>jC š>ق
-himne! ca# (B"i/8.) ةنd';%* œGبنs
-himne! 8ra"ght (or 8ra7t) ةنd';%* $F iK<%* ر245
-himne! e77ect
-himne! sha7t (B"i/8.) ةنd';%* =G;T
-himne! stack (B"i/8.) Vd*';%* >4)*G3 ˜;_3
-hina c/a! ? kao/in (weo/.)
-hinaYare ة4Fcd Ÿ2TGنl3
-hinese ink $ن4™ >بE
-hinese Yhite •Bc%* '4<sC
-hink (n.)
-hink (a.) ”Gn€%* 2€E
-hi#-abe (Png.) @1'ق
-hi# (n.)
-hi# breaker (-ar#.)
-hi##ing chise/ ? co/8 chise/ (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ˜vق O43X‘
-hiro#o8! (Le8.) @'n%* ’*>3C ة_%2:3
-hise/ (n.)
-hise/ (a.)
-hise/ bit (Png.) O43Xž* ة;n%
-hise/. centre (Png.) 'ي'[5 O43X‘
-hise/. co/8 =ر2ب%* ZلT ˜vق O43X‘
-hise/. go"ge (Png.) rر2hN3 O43X‘
-hise/. mortise (-ar#.) >nB O43X‘
-hise/. socket (Png.) 02lن%* ‹G_3 O43X‘
-hise/. Yoo8 (-ar#.) i€[%* O43X‘
-hitin (eoo/.)
-h/ora/ (-hem.) W*رGلs
-h/oramine (-hem.) V43*رGلs
-h/orate (-hem.)
-h/oric aci8 (-hem.) •يرGلJ%* †32E
-h/ori8e (-hem.)
-h/ori8e o7 /ime (-hem.) >ln%* ”GK<3
-h/orinate (a.)
-h/orinate8 oi/ (et. Png.) رGلJ%2, Ž%2:3 tيX
-h/orination (-hem.) رGلJ%2, ة_%2:3
-h/orination o7 ore (Lining.) رGلJ%2, @2[%* ة_%2:3
-h/orine (-¨) (-hem.)
-h/orine Yater (-hem.) رGلJ%* •23
-h/orite (-hem.)
-h/orobenyene (-hem.) Vيcن,1رGلs
-h/oro7orm (-hem.) @رGF1رGلs
-h/orometer (-hem.) @1>J%* Š24n3
-h/orom!cetin (Le8.)
-h/oro#h!// (Bot.)
-h/oro#/ast (Bot.)
Onن%* Vh) $F) 'ي>ب(%* ‹>})
Oي'نn%* ةj2jX . ةنd'3
iK<%* ر245 '4%G5 $F) ةنd';%* >4•—5)
$ن4™ ‹cd . $ن4™
ر2f} . V4%12s . $ن4™ W2lل™
O43>ب%* ةF2E . ةF2E
ةلlل™ . ة€[€d ‚ ˜لق . U`
ة52_B . Dذ*xj ‚ ةn4قر ةE>` . ة4N`
ة52Kن%* ˜vn%) Q2K<;%* ®m) •2v})
Dذ*xj . ة52KB
˜vn3 . œ2nن3 . ةنjC . O43X‘
>nB . ²nB . O43Xž2, tKB
ةي>€n%* Ÿ2B*G4K%* $vA5 ة4B>ق D=23 ~V4(4s
•يرGلJ%* †;E “ل3 . Ÿ*رGلs
•ير'يرGلJ%* †32E “ل3 . ر1رGلs . 'يرGلs
رGلJ%2, O32T . رGلs
Os) ³c3ر rX2} >lنT ~رGلs)
X1رGلJ%* †32E “ل3 . tيرGلs
I4•*>_ل% =>3 ر2nT ~V4(<ي231رGلs
O4F1رGلs . رGf[ي
•*>fd D'4()m, . رGf[4%* ةل4بj
-h/orosis (Bot.) rرGf[ي 0GK`
-h/oro"s aci8 X11>لJ%* †32E
-hock-7"// (a8^.)
-hock (n.)
-hock (a.) •,>%* IJEC ‚ co2s>, 'ن)
-hock b/ock
-hoice (a8^.)
-hoice (n.)
-hoke (n.)
-hoke (a.)
-hoke bore ة+Gh%* 'نT ةn4f(3 DرG)23
-hoke coi/ (P/ec. Png.) UB2d kل3
-hoke contro/ (¢a8io.) Uن[%2, IJK(%* X2Mj
-hoke co"#/ing (¢a8io.)
-hoke 8am# (Lining.)
-hoke 7ee8 (¢a8io.) Uن[%2, ةيxA(%*
-hoke in8"ctance (P/ec. Png.) UB2[%* ة•2K3
-hoke ^oint (¢a8io.) Uن[%2, |ر2n5 ةل™1
-hoke mo8"/ation ? choke contro/ (¢a8io.) Uن[%2, IJK(%* X2Mj
-hoke ni##/e (Png.)
-hoke aa/ae (Png.) Uنd @2;™
-hoke. a8^"stab/e (Png.) Oي':(ل% O,2ق UB2d
-hoke8 #i#e (´an. Png.) D=1'<3 DرG)23
-hoker (n.)
-hoking coi/ ? in8"ctor (P/ec. Png.)
-hoking gas UB2d X2}
-ho/era (Le8.)
-ho/estero/ (-hem.)
-hoose (a.)
-ho# (n.)
-ho# (a.)
-ho##e8 Yaae (P/ec. Png.) DرGv€3 ةjG3
-ho##er (P/ec. -omm.) 012ن(3 ˜R2ق
-ho##er am#/i7ier (P/ec. Png.) š2vق I[f3
-ho##er 8isc (Png.)
-ho##er mo8"/ation (P/ec. Png.) ˜R2n%* 012ن5 •بp
-hor8 (n.)
-hor8 o7 contact Š2;(%* >51
-hor8 Yin8ing r>51 k%
-hor8a/ grooae r>51 cE
-hor8a/ thickness
-hor8ata (eoo/.)
-hore (weog.) ’رH* “v) 1C {j1
-hore (n.) $ن451ر O;T
-horion (eoo/.)
-horogra#h! (weog.)
-horoi8 (or choroi8 /a!er) (eoo/.)
-hristmas tree (et. Png.)
-hromate (-hem.)
-hromatic (a8^.) $BG%
-hromatic aberration (±ight.) $BGل%* qيc%*
-hromatin (Bio/.)
-hromatogra#hic ana/!sis (-hem.) $F*>}G5231>s O4لK5
-hromatogra#h! (-hem.)
{(F2K% ¬ل(;3 . “F2R
ةnB*X ‚ W2بK%* O4%= ‚ V4h) . D'B2)
0&1'%* D'B2) . “بJ%* 'ن)
X2(;3 . ةي2ن:, ر2([3
DGh™ . D>4d ‚ ر24(d*
UB2d kل3 - UB2d . Uنd @2;™
”>` . Uن(d* ‚ Oق>T ‚ ') . Uنd
Uن[%2, (ةبق2:(;%* I[f;%* OE*>3) |>ق
DرG_M;%* ر2,½*1 Ij2ن;%* $F ˜;_(ي ~ UB2d X2}
D>ي2:3 ة;لE . Uنd ة;لE
ŸGl%* I52s . UB2d . ةnن[3
UB2d . ة•2K3 kل3
>h™C •*G+ . ةf4+ . *>4%Gs
D>;%* WG} . W1>(<4%Gs
i[(B* . ر2(d*
ة3cل;%*) •F ‚ رGR2) ‚ ة:[B)
U` ‚ ˜vق . xj
in›;%*) š2vn%* ¡>ق)
UF*G5 ‚ D>o*= >51 ‚ ˜4Fر OبE . >51
Š>(%* $F) ةي>5G%* ةB2[›%*)
ةير2nh%* Ÿ2B*G4K%* ةب5ر ~Ÿ24لبK%*
V4ن_%* kلAي •2€} . ة;4€3
•o*>[%* ZلT 2M()*ر=1 I4%2قH* k™1 VF ~ ة4F*>}1رGs
ة4o2TG%* V4:%* ةnبR . ة;4€3
•hن%* >\, Ÿ232;™ . UF'(%* •,2f3 š2;j
•431>J%* †32E “ل3 . Ÿ231>s
ة4Aب™ . V45231>s
|Gل(%* ةhل([3 Ÿ2nبR $F X*c(3&2, ~ $F*>}G5231>s OlF
-hromatometer (±ight.)
-hromato#hores (Bio/.) |Gل%* Ÿm32E
-hrome (n.) (-hem.) @1>s
-hrome (a.) @1>J%2, $لR
-hrome a/"m (-hem.)
-hrome green (-hem.)
-hrome nicke/ stee/ (Let.) $لJ4B $31>s ذ&GF
-hrome re8 (-hem.)
-hrome stee/ (Let.) $31>s ذ&GF
-hrome tanne8 (a8^.) @1>J%* ®m3—, G,'3
-hrome aana8i"m stee/ (Let.) $3Gي=2B2F $31>s ذ&GF
-hrome !e//oY (-hem.)
-hrome/ (Let.)
-hromic aci8 (-hem.) •431>J%* †32E
-hrominance (©e/ea.)
-hromite (-hem.)
-hromi"m (-r) (-hem.)
-hromi"m #/ating (Let.) @1>J%2, •mR
-hromometer (-hem.)
-hromo#hi/ ? chromo#hi/ic (Bio/.)
-hromo#/ast (Bot.) ةBGل3 ة4لبj
-hromosome (Bio/.) $Aب™ @G)G31>s
-hromos#here (Astron.)
-hromotro#ism $BG% •2K(B*
-hronic (a8^.) (Le8.) V3c3
-hronic/e (n.) «*'E•% $ن3X O_)
-hronogra#h (n.)
-hrono/ogica/ (a8^.)
-hronometer (n.)
-hronosco#e (n.)
-hr!sa/is (eoo/.)
-hr!soco//a (Lin.)
-hr!so/ite (Lin.)
-hr!so#rase (Lin.)
-hr!soti/e (Lin.)
-h"ck-8ri// (Png.)
-h"ck-7"// (a8^.)
-h"ck (n.)
-h"ck (n.)
-h"ck (a.)
-h"ck ga"ge (Png.) $F>• Š24ق ='K3
-h"ck ^aYs (Png.) ‹>N%* ]GJF
-h"ck /athe (Png.) ة4F>• ةR>[3
-h"ck. car8ina/ (Png.) $<4oر ‹>•
-h"ck. combination (Png.)
-h"ck. combination (Png.) ةR>[3 ‹>•
-h"ck. c"# (Png.)
-h"ck. in8e#en8ent (Png.) Inل%* On(<3 ةR>[3 ‹>•
-h"ck. in8eb (Png.) I4<n5 ‹>•
-h"ck. /athe (Png.) ةR>[;%* ‹>•
-h"ck. magnetic (Png.) ة4<4R2نA3 ةf,2ق 1C ‹>•
-h"ck. scro// (or se/7-centring) (Png.) cs>;(%* $5*ذ ‹>•
-h"ck. "niaersa/ (or se/7-centring) (Png.) cs>;(%* $5*ذ ةR>[3 ‹>•
-h"cking (n.)
|Gل(%* Ÿ2jر= Š24n3 . ة4BGل%* Š24n3
@1>J%* >fdC . @1>J%* i`
@1>J%* '4<sC V3 >fKي 2ب™) @1>J%* D>fd)
ةي'T2n%* ¡2™>%* Ÿ231>s V3 >fKي 2ب™) @1>J%* D>;d)
¡2™>%* Ÿ231>s V3 >fKي 2ب™) @1>J%* D>h™)
@1>J%*1 OJ4ن%* V3 ةJ4ب) ~O431>s
|Gل;%* |Gيch4ل(%* $F) ة4BGل5)
$31>s “ل3 . t431>s
>s) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~@1>s)
ة4BGل%* ‡o2l[%* Š24n3 ~>(3G31>s
2بl%2, >•—(%* 'ي'` . |Gل%* k%C
ة<s2:%* ةnبv%*1 O4لs&* V4, z;€%* Gj ~>4h)G31>s
ةل_<3 ة(قG3 . ‹*>}GB1>s
24ن3X i5>3 . $52n43
•بf%* ة;JK3 ةT2) . >(3GB1>s
ة(قG3 . 0GJ)GB1>s
ةhAB . ة_ل4F . Dر=2d
D—4;;%* Š2Kن%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 @2d ~msG<ي>s
@G4لي>ب%* Ÿ2ن43G%C V3 >fdC Iي>s >_E . 'j>,X
“52F >fdC U4nT ~cي>,G<ي>s
r'نs ŠG(<ب)* ~Oي25G<ي>s
Inل%* †بn% ‹>• 1ذ) $F>• 02n›3)
{(F2K% •$ل(;3 . “F2R
D>4lق ة43ر ‚ ةh4hd D>nB ‚ in›;%* In% †,2ق . ‹>R
ةN4ل} ة:vق . ةل(s
ةh[, >nB . t,ر ‚ $3ر . ®>R
D=>hن3 1C ة:;(_3 ة;n% ]>K(5 ~kل5u3
OJ€%* $E'ق (ةR>[3) ‹>•
ةR>[;%* ‹1>• $F OA€%* •بp ~kي>N5
-h"77s (B"i/8.)
-h"rn (n.) ةf[fd ‚ ةf[;3
-h"rn (a.)
-h"rn 8ri//ing (-ia. Png.) ”'%2, $لبs >hE
-h"te (Aero.) ŸG`ر2,
-h"te (n.)
-h"te. 7ee8 (Png.) ةيxA(%* >;3
-h!/e (eoo/.)
-h!me (eoo/.)
-¨ (ch/orine) (-hem.)
-ica8a (eoo/.)
-icatrib (Bio/.)
-i/ia (#/. o7 ci/i"m) (eoo/.)
-i/iar! (eoo/.) $,'+
-inchona (Bot.) 2ن4J%* >_` •2K% ‚ 2ن4J%*
-inct"re (n.)
-inct"re (a.)
-in8er i€[%* 1C IKh%* ”*>(E* 2ي2n, ‚ iM% |1= D'n(3 D>;j
-in8er ch"te ? cin8er ho##er (Png.) =23>%* qي>h5 S>_3
-in8ers. ao/canic (weo/.) ة4B2s>, I;E
-ine 7i/m $o2;ن4) Iل4F
-inematogra#h ة`2€%* ZلT @mFH* ’>T ة%‰ ‚ ة4o2;ن4) *>432s
-innabar (Lin.)
-innamon (Bot.) ةF>n%* |G% ‚ ةF>ق
-ion ? scion (Bot.)
-i#her (n.)
-i#her (a.)
-i#her message D>h€%2, ة%2)ر
-ircin"s (©he -om#asses) (Astron.)
-irc/e (weom.)
-irc/e (a.)
-irc/e o7 con7"sion (hotog.) œG€(%* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 c"raat"re (weom.) •2نKB&* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 8ec/ination (Astron.) $o*G()&* ‹*>KB&* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 8i77"sion ر2€(B&* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 /ongit"8e (Astron.) WGv%* •d D>o*= ‚ WGv%* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 origin C'ب;%* 1C O™H* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 re7erence =2ن)ž* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 simi/it"8e (Laths.) ةM,2€;%* D>o*=
-irc/e o7 "ncertaint! (Leteor.)
-irc/e. a88en8"m (Png.)
-irc/e. ayim"th (´"ra.) ة4(;) D>o*=
-irc/e. circ"mscribe8 (weom.) ة4v4K3 D>o*=
-irc/e. 8e8"n8"m (Png.)
-irc/e. great (weom.) S>بJ%* D>o*'%*
-irc/e. inscribe8 (weom.) ةRGK3 D>o*=
-irc/e. #itch (Png.) DGv[%* D>o*=
-irc/e. sma// (weom.) S>Al%* D>o*'%*
-irc/e. aertica/ ة4(;) D>o*=
-irc/et (n.) D>4A™ D>o*=
Vd2) G+1 {%m(,&) Un€(3 0GR)
kن:, iلق 1C †d ‚ (Vبل%*) †[3
Wm` ‚ •n<3 . Oo23 S>_3
{™2l(3* Oبق @GfM;%* @2:v%* iلK(<3 . ŠGل4s
D':;%* $F 24ocj ة%GK(;%* @2:v%* ةل(s . ŠG;4s
رGلJل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~Os
=2lK%* cيX . cيX
O3'ن3 ®>j >•C . ة,'B
®24<%* (UF*>ي) O4%=
{s*Gh%* >4lT . ®2h(%* >4lT
O;d . 0'+
”GR . @*cE
”GR . @cE
”>(K;%* IKh%* Ÿ2hل[3 . =23ر
2;ن4) ر*= ‚ $o2;ن4) Iل4F . 2;ن4)
¬B2ق >;EC |G% ‚ •4nبoc%* '4(ي>بs . >h_BX
I4:v(ل% Žل<T . ة;j2B
D>h` . D>h4` ‚ >h™
XG3>%2, i(s . i<E
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~(ر2s>ب%*) ر2j>h%*
ةnلE . D>o*=
”GR . §2EC . ر*=
•€%* D>o*= . WGM_;%* ”2vB
Š>(ل%) ة4F>v%* D>o*'%* . ةللJ;%* D>o*'%*)
Š>(ل%) ةيرx_%* D>o*'%*)
-irc/ing (a8^.)
-irc"it-breaker (P/ec. Png.)
-irc"it-breaker . air-b/ast (P/ec. Png.) •*GM%* š2F'B2, D>o*= ˜R2ق
-irc"it-breaker oi/ (P/ec. Png.)
-irc"it-breaker. air-brake (P/ec. Png.) •*GM%* $F {52<3m3 D>o*'%* ˜R2ق
-irc"it-breaker. oi/ (P/ec. Png.)
-irc"it 8iagram (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* D>o*'%* •v[3
-irc"it magnetiyation ? so/enoi8a/ magnetiyation (P/ec. Png.) $ب%G% $<4R2نA3 ˜يXG5
-irc"it tester (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* D>o*'%* ‡KF X2Mj
-irc"it. absor#tion (P/ec. Png.) ¡2l(3&* D>o*=
-irc"it. c/ose8 (P/ec. Png. ¢a8io.) ةلhn3 D>o*=
-irc"it. earth-ret"rn (©e/eg.) $pرC 'o2:, I(5 D>o*=
-irc"it. e/ectric (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms D>o*=
-irc"it. gro"n8e8 (P/ec. -omm.) ةpرu3 D>o*=
-irc"it. magnetic (Lagn.) ة4<4R2نA3 D>o*=
-irc"it. main (P/ec. Png.) ة4<4oر D>o*=
-irc"it. meta//ic (©e/eg.) ة4B':3 D>o*=
-irc"it. m"/ti#/e (P/ec. Png.) ةبs>3 D>o*=
-irc"it. o#en (P/ec. Png.) ةEG(h3 D>o*=
-irc"it. #o/!#hase (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* D=':(3 D>o*=
-irc"it. #rimar! (P/ec. Png.) ة4%1C D>o*=
-irc"it. resonance (P/ec. Png.) V4Bر D>o*=
-irc"it. secon8ar! (P/ec. Png.) ةيGB2• D>o*=
-irc"it. series (P/ec. Png.) $%*G(%* ZلT ةلl(3 D>o*=
-irc"it. short (P/ec. Png.)
-irc"it. sh"nt (P/ec. Png.)
-irc"it. si8e (P/ec. Png.) ة4بB2j D>o*=
-irc"it. three #hase (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* ة4•m• D>o*=
-irc"it. trans7er (©e/e#h.) OيGK5 D>o*=
-irc"it. tr"nk (P/ec. -omm.) ة4<4oر D>o*=
-irc"it. tYo-Yire (P/ec. Png.) V4Jل) Ÿ*ذ D>o*=
-irc"it. tYo #hase (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* ة4o2ن• D>o*=
-irc"/ar (a8^.)
-irc"/ar (n.) ةير1= D>€B
-irc"/ar a#ert"re ةي>o*= ةK(F
-irc"/ar arc (weom.)
-irc"/ar cone (weom.) r>o*= §1>[3
-irc"/ar cross-section r>o*= ˜vn3
-irc"/ar c"rrent (P/ec.) ةي>o*= ة:vn3
-irc"/ar c"tter (Png.) r>o*= ر245
-irc"/ar c!/in8er (weom.) ةي>o*= ةB*Gv)C
-irc"/ar c!/in8er s"r7ace (weom.) r>o*= $B*Gv)* “v)
-irc"/ar 7"nction (Laths.) ةي>o*= ة%*=
-irc"/ar grooae r>o*= cE
-irc"/ar inch
-irc"/ar /eae/ (´"ra.) ةي>o*'%* ®2<;%* D*12<3
-irc"/ar meas"re (weom.)
-irc"/ar mi/ (Png.)
-irc"/ar motion (Png.) ةي>o*= ةs>E
-irc"/ar n"t (Png.) ةي>o*= ة%G;™
-irc"/ar #i//ar 8ri//ing machine (-ia. Png.) r>o*= =G;T Ÿ*ذ >hE ةنJ3
-irc"/ar #itch (Png.)
>o*= . ر*1=
ةJ,2E ةnلE . ةي>o*= klB ةJ`
ة4o2,>MJ%*) D>o*'%* ˜vق ®2(h3 . D>o*'%* ˜R2ق)
$(يX ˜R2ق $F) D>o*'%* ˜vق tيX)
tيc%* $F {52<3m3 ~$(يX D>o*= ˜R2ق
ر*'3 ‚ Dر*= . D>o*= . Dر1=
D>4lق D>o*= . >lق D>o*=
ة4T>F Dر*= . ةT>h(3 D>o*=
r>o*= . >ي'(<3
D>o*'%* ŠGق . r>o*= ŠGق
ةي>o*= ة™G, . ²B‘ 2+>vق D>o*= ةE2<3 ~r>o*= ²B‘
ةي>vق klن%* 2ي*1c%2,) r>o*= Š24ق)
ة™Gب%* V3 k%C V3 •cj 2+>vق D>o*= ةE2<3 ) ]m)H* ˜vn3 Š24n% ةE2<3 D'E1 ~r>o*= O3
|2ن)H* DGvd . ةي>o*= DGvd
-irc"/ar #/ane ? com#ass #/ane (-ar#.) $B*ر1= Q2<3
-irc"/ar #o/ariyation (±ight.) r>o*= 02vn()*
-irc"/ar #o/!gon (weom.) r>o*= ˜لf3
-irc"/ar #ro^ection (±ight.) r>o*= §2n)‘
-irc"/ar saY (Png.)
-irc"/ar shears (Png.) $™>ق $B':3 ‡n3
-irc"/ar s/ot (Png.)
-irc"/ar stairs (B"i/8.) r>o*= Qر=
-irc"/ar tab/e (Png.) ةي>o*= D'fن3
-irc"/ar aa/ae (Png.) r>o*= @2;™
-irc"/arit! Dر*'()*
-irc"/ate (a.)
-irc"/ating (a8^.)
-irc"/ating air >o*'%* •*GM%*
-irc"/ating boi/er (Png.) $B*ر1= Oj>3
-irc"/ating ca#ita/ W1*'(;%* W2;%* ŠCر
-irc"/ating c"rrent (P/ec. Png.)
-irc"/ating 8ecima/s (Laths.) ةي>o*= ةي>€T رG<s
-irc"/ating oi/ s!stem (Png.) ر*1'%* t4يc(%* @2NB
-irc"/ating #"m# (Png.) Dر*1= ة[f3
-irc"/ating reactor (h!s.)
-irc"/ating Yater (Png.) DرGlK3 D>o*= $F ر2j •23
-irc"/ation o7 e/ectro/!te (P/ec. Png.) t4%1>(J%Á%* |*ر1=
-irc"/ation oi/ing (Png.) |*ر1'%2, t4يc(%*
-irc"/ation #"m# (Png.) –f%2, |2ي>j
-irc"/ation. graait! (Lech.)
-irc"/ator! (a8^.) $%1*'5 ‚ $B*ر1=
-irc"/ator! s!stem (eoo/..) ةيG3= Dر1=
-irc"m-centre (weom.) ةv4K;%* D>o*'%* cs>3
-irc"mambient (a8^.)
-irc"mcirc/e (weom.) ةv4K3 D>o*=
-irc"m7erence (n.) ر2(E ‚ D>o*'%* •4K3
-irc"m7erentia/ (a8^.) $v4K3
-irc"m7erentia/ ^oint (Png.) ة4v4K3 ةل™1
-irc"m7erentia/ #itch (Png.) ة4v4K3 DGvd
-irc"m7erentia/ riaeting (Png.) ة4v4K3 ة;`>,
-irc"m7erentia/ ae/ocit! (h!s.) ة4v4K3 ةT>)
-irc"m7erentia/ Yire (Png.)
-irc"m7/eb (a8^.)
-irc"m7/eb (a.)
-irc"m7/"ent (a8^.)
-irc"m7"se (a.)
-irc"mnaaigate (a.) WGE *>K, ‹2R
-irc"m#/anetar! s#ace (Astron.) isGJ%2, •4K;%* •2fh%*
-irc"m#o/ar (a8^.)
-irc"mscribe (a.)
-irc"mscribe8 circ/e (weom.)
-irc"mscribe8 7ig"re (weom.) •4K3 OJ`
-irc"mscribe8 #o/!gon (weom.) •4K3 ˜لf3
-irc"mscribe8 s#here (weom.) ةv4K3 D>s
-irc"mstance (n.)
r>o*= ر2€ن3 . $™>ق ر2€ن3
r>o*= in` 1C U` . ةي>o*= ةp>F
W1*= ‚ >€B . r>) ‚ ر*=
W1*'(3 . >€(ن3 . >o*=
ة4o2,>Ms D>o*= $F) rر2<%* ر24(%*)
ر*1= OT2h3 . $Bر*1= r1GB OT2h3
W1*'5 ‚ ˜يXG5 . |2ي>) |*ر1=
ة4,ذ2_%* O:h, |*ر1= . ة4,ذ2_%2, |2ي>j
Q1>3 . šXG3 . W1*'3
0) •4K3 1C WGE ~Zن:;, ةo=2,)
WGE D>o*= ‚ (0) •4K3
ةي>o*= ةبلl3 . $v4K3 •ل)
VKن3 . kv:ن3
kvT . ZنE
0) •4K3 . kن(J3)
§2EC . kن(s* ‚ WGE i™ 1C œر
ivn%* WGE Vo2s . ivn%2, •4K3
='E . =1'K%* V4T ‚ I)ر 1C OJ€, §2EC
$)'ن+ OJ` 1C ˜لf;,) ةv4K3 D>o*=)
W2K%* ˜ق*1 . ‹>• . W2E
-irc"mstantia/ (a8^.)
-irc"mstantia/ eai8ence ةني>n%2, O4%=
-ir9"e (weo/.)
-ir9"e (n.)
-irro-c"m"/"s (Leteor.) $32sر ”2K;)
-irro-strat"s (Leteor.) $nبR ”2K;)
-irr"s (Leteor.)
-issoi8 (Laths.)
-issoi8 ang/e (Laths.) ة4,mب% ةي1*X
-istern #"m# Žي>Ml%* ة[f3
-istern. 7i/ter “`>3 1ذ Žي>M™
-itrate (-hem.)
-itric aci8 (-hem.) |G;4ل%* †32E ‚ •ي>(<%* †32E
-itrine (n.. a8^.) $BG;4%
-itr"s (a8^.) Ÿ24f;K%2, ¡2d
-itr"s (n.) |G;4% ‚ Ÿ24f;E D>_`
-iaic (a8^.)
-iai/ (a8^.)
-iai/ aaiation (Aero.) $B';%* |*>4v%*
-iai/ engineer $B'3 Š'نM3
-iai/ engineering ة4B';%* ة)'نM%*
-iai/ /aY $B'3 |GB2ق
-iai/ seraice ة4B'3 ة3'd
-iai/ian (n.. a8^.)
-/abber >o2d Vب%
-/ack (n.)
-/ack (a.)
-/ack aa/ae (Png.)
-/a8 (a8^.)
-/a88ing “4hl5 ‚ k4لA5
-/aim (n.)
-/aim (a.)
-/am (n.) ةv32ق ر2K3
-/am (a.) •;ق
-/amber (n.)
-/amber (a.)
-/amm! (a8^.)
-/amor ? c/amo"r (n.)
-/am# (n.)
-/am# (a.)
-/am# bo/t (Png.) •,ر ر2;<3
-/am# bricks (B"i/8.) rG€3 0GR
-/am# connection (Png.) •;n%2, O™1
-/am# co"#/ing (Png.) •;n%2, |>ق
-/am# 8og (Png.) •;ق ة,ms
-/am# n"t (Png.)
-/am# ring (Png.) t4ب›5 ”GR
-/am# termina/s (Png.)
-/am# !oke (Png.) •;ق |>n3
-/am#. a8^"stab/e (Png.) Oي':(ل% ةل,2ق ةv32ق
Olh3 ‚ rGB2• . $ني>ق ‚ $F>•
'4ل_%* Dر*= . ةي'لj ةبلE
$:4بR Qر'3 . ةnلE . D>o*=
ر1>[R . šcق . U%2E . ˜h5>3 U4قر 02K) ~•2[R
$,mب% ZنKن3 . G(<3 $;M) ZنKن3
|*cd . ’GE . Žي>M™
On:3 . ة:لق . VlE
•ي>(<%* †32E “ل3 ~Ÿ*>()
$نR*G3 . ة4B';%* Ÿ2بjG%2, ¡2d . $B'3
$B'3 . $ب:` . $ل+C . $نR1
r>J<T >4} . $B'3
ة4B'3 . Dر2fE . Vي';5 . |';5
Uvnv3 @2;™ ‚ >ي>™ . ةnvnR
>™ . UvnR
Uvnv3 @2;™ . ”mAB&* 'نT ŸGlي ~ةلlh3 1ذ @2;™
kلA3 . ZvA3
iلv3 . •2T=‘
UK()* ‚ (0) i%2R . ZT=C
ة,G:l, •2n5ر* . Uل<5
ة,G:l, Zn5ر* . Uل<5
Ofd . Qc% iRر . i4Rر
Ž4_p . i[™
•)23 •ب€3 . ة3cل3 . ةv32ق
U•1C . •ب` . •;ق
•,ر ةقcE . '€%* ة%G;™
]m)H* •,>%) ة4F>R Ÿ2v32ق)
t4ب›5 . '` . •;ق
-/am#ing bo/t (Png.) •,ر ةق>(K3 1C Z}>,
-/am#ing chain catch (Png.) t4ب›(%* ةل<ل) 0ms
-/am#ing co//ar (Png.)
-/am#ing 8ie (P/ec. Png.)
-/am#ing 8io8e (©hermionics) ة4vلh%* t4ب›(% $o2ن• @2;™
-/am#ing han8/e '€%* †بn3
-/am#ing #/ate (Png.) t4ب›(%* ةK4h™
-/am#ing ring (Png.) •;ق ةnلE
-/am#ing screY (P/ec. Png.)
-/am#ing s/eeae (Png.) •32ق Is
-/amshe// rر2K3 G%= 1C Š1=2ق
-/amshe// b"cket (-ia. Png.)
-/amshe// b"cket 8re8ging machine (-ia. Png.) ة,ر2K3 zي=*Gق Ÿ*ذ D•*>s
-/amshe// ebcaaator (-ia. Png.) ة,ر2K3 zي=*Gق Ÿ*ذ Dر2hE
-/ang (n.)
-/ang (a.)
-/ank (n.)
-/ank (a.)
-/a#-boar8 (n.) is*>(;%* z4بل(ل% ®G%
-/a#-boar8 (a.) ةبs*>(3 ®*G%—, Zv}
-/a# (n.)
-/a# (a.) Iv% ‚ Uh™
-/a##er bob (Png.) ةv€n;%* ˜vn3 •,>3
-/a##er aa/ae (Png.)
-/arain (Lining.)
-/ari7ication be8 ةK`>3 ةnبR
-/ari7! (a.)
-/ari7!ing tank Uي1>5 |*cd
-/ark ce// (P/ec. Png.)
-/ash (n.)
-/ash (a.) ˜n:ق ‚ ’ر2T ‚ Iv5ر* @'™
-/as# (n.)
-/as# (a.)
-/as# hooks رGK;%* *'K(3 |2F2vd
-/as# kni7e D*Gv3
-/as# nai/ (B"i/8.) ŠC>%* |>n3 ر2;<3
-/as# n"t (Png.) ة4;يc,‘ ة%G;™
-/ass (n.)
-/ass (a.)
-/ass o7 7it (Png.) UF*G(%* šGB
-/assic (a/) (a8^.)
-/assi7ie8 (a8^.)
-/assi7! (a.)
-/astic rocks (weo/.) ة452(F 1C ة4K4pر رG[™
-/atter (weo/.)
-/atter (n.)
-/atter (a.)
-/aaate (a8^.)
•;ق 1C t4ب›5 ةبلj . '€%* ”GR
ة312n;%2, @2Kل%* ةنJ3 $F) O™G3 $JF •32ق)
•;ق $}>, . t4ب›(%* i%G%
²بJ%* 'نT |232f(5 V4:vق V3 ~rر2K3 1>s Š1=2ق
V4Bر . O4ل™
|ر . VR
ة€[€d . O4ل™
|ر . O™
'T>%*) klق . ة:ق>ق ‚ U4hl5)
ةق'3 ‚ Š>_%* |2<% . Uhl3
V4(K(F V4, O;:ي ~Uhl3 @2;™
š2;% klB r>_E IKF ~Vيرms
Uي1>5 . ة4nن5
kl3 . ”1>3
2h™ . ”*ر ‚ “p1C ‚ ZnB . ”1ر
•2h™ . •2nB . ®Gp1 . •mj
ةير24:%*) ˆ]رmsˆ ة4لd)
@=2l(%* ŸG™ ‚ @*'v™* . @*'™
0ms . Iيc,‘ . •ب€3
Ip . tب• . •ب`
ةho2R ‚ ةnبR ‚ šGB . kن™ . ة\F
ةnبR $F IN(B* ‚ U<B . kن™
$J4)ms . D=G_%* Uo2F
i45>5 . U4<ن5 . k4نl5
U<ن3 . kنl3
U<ن3 . kنl3
i5ر ‚ U<B . kن™
D><J(3 رG[™ . I4€+
ة:ق>ق . ةnvnR . ة€[€d
˜ق>ق . UvnR .. ²[€d
D>_T 1ذ . OJ€%* $5GبB
-/aaic/e (eoo/.) DGق>5
-/aY-hammer (-ar#.)
-/aY bo/t (-ar#.) $بل[3 ر2;<3
-/aY chise/ (B"i/8.) $بل[3 œ2nن3
-/aY co"#/ing ? c/aY c/"tch (Png.) $بل[3 †,2ق
-/aY hatchet
-/aY too/ (B"i/8.) ة4بل[3 D'T
-/a! (weo/.)
-/a! a"ger (-ia. Png.) $ن4v%* >hK%* ة;ي>,
-/a! be8 (weo/.) ة4ن4R ةnبR
-/a! b/eaching V4v%2, >lق
-/a! 8e#osit $ن4R i)*ر
-/a! 7i/tration $%2lل™ “4`>5
-/a! minera/s (weo/.)
-/a! #an (weo/.)
-/a! re7ining (et. Png.) V4v%2, ة4nن5
-/a! s/ate (weo/.) $ن4R X*1=رC
-/a! soi/ (weo/.) ة4ن4R ة,>5
-/a! treatment V4v%2, ة_%2:3
-/a! Yash (Let.) $%2hR WG<}
-/a! Yash (Let.) $%2hR WG<}
-/a! Yash (et. Png.)
-/a! Yash (et. Png.)
-/a!. absorbent ¡2l3 V4R
-/a!. 7ire rر*>E V4R
-/a!e! (a8^.)
-/a!ing •4ل;5
-/a!stone (weo/.) $ن4R >_E
-/ea8ing ? /agging (Png.) k4لA(%* =*G3 ‚ ‹m}
-/ea8ing ? /agging (Png.) k4لA(%* =*G3 ‚ ‹m}
-/ean-c"t (a8^.)
-/ean-c"t (a8^.)
-/ean (a8^.)
-/ean (a8^.)
-/ean (a.)
-/ean (a.)
-/ean b"rning k4NB ”*>(E*
-/ean b"rning k4NB ”*>(E*
-/ean "# (n.)
-/ean "# (a.)
-/eaner (n.)
-/eaner (n.)
-/eaner. a/ka/i (-hem.) rGلق kNن3
-/eaner. a/ka/i (-hem.) rGلق kNن3
-/eaner. aac""m
-/eaner. aac""m
-/eaning br"sh k4Nن5 |Gj>F
-/eaning br"sh k4Nن5 |Gj>F
-/eaning #in (Png.) k4Nن5 ŠG,=
-/eaning #in (Png.) k4Nن5 ŠG,=
-/eaning so/"tion (-hem.) kNن3 WGلK3
-/eaning so/"tion (-hem.) kNن3 WGلK3
-/ean/iness (n.) ةF2NB
>432<;%* ˜ل[% ة`2;s 2MF>v,) ة4بل[3 ةق>v3)
iل[3 . V•>,
”Gn€3 ‹>R Ÿ*ذ ~ة4بل[3 Š—F
W2hR . V4R . W2lل™ . OhR
V4v%* |=2:3 . Ohv%* |=2:3
iلl%* V4v%* V3 ة4لh) ةnبR ~رcB
“o*1>%* ة%*Xž ~V4v%2, O<}
“o*1>%* ة%*Xž ~V4v%2, O<}
V4v%2, •ل;3 1C ZvA3 ‚ $%2hR . $%2lل™
$لj . I%2:;%* “p*1
$لj . I%2:;%* “p*1
0G4:%*1 |*ر=H* V3 W2d . ZnB . k4NB
0G4:%*1 |*ر=H* V3 W2d . ZnB . k4NB
2h™ . Znن5 . ZnB . kNB
2h™ . Znن5 . ZnB . kNB
i45>5 . k4Nن5
i5ر . kNB
ةhNن3 D=23 1C ة%‰ . kNن3
ةhNن3 D=23 1C ة%‰ . kNن3
ة4o2,>Ms ة<نJ3 . $o*GM%* qي>h(%2, ةhNن3
ة4o2,>Ms ة<نJ3 . $o*GM%* qي>h(%2, ةhNن3
-/ean/iness (n.) ةF2NB
-/eanse (a.)
-/ear-c"t (a8^.)
-/ear-c"t image (±ight.) I%2:;%* ةKp*1 DرG™
-/ear (a8^.)
-/ear (a8a.)
-/ear (a.)
-/earance (n.)
-/earance a8^"stment (Png.) ¡Gل[%* c4E •بp
-/earance ang/e (Png.) ¡Gل[%* ةي1*X
-/earance certi7icate
-/earance 7it (Png.) $™Gلd UF*G5
-/earance ga# (P/ec. Png.)
-/earance ga"ge (Png.) ¡Gل[%* Š24n3
-/earance inYar8s WGd'%* DX2j‘
-/earance o"tYar8s Q1>[%* DX2j‘
-/earance s#ace (Png.) ¡Gل[%* c4E
-/earance ao/"me (Png.)
-/earing (n.)
-/earing agent (Bio/.)
-/earing bath (hotog.)
-/earing certi7icate
-/earing ho/e (Png.) $™Gلd in•
-/earing signa/ (©e/e#h.) ‡4ل[(%* Dر2`‘ ‚ ة•=2K;%* •2M(B* Dر2`‘
-/eat (P/ec. Png.)
-/eat (n.)
-/eat (a.)
-/eating (Png.) ة4ب€d ®*G%—, ة4vA5
-/eaaage #/ane (weo/.) ”2n€B&* “v)
-/eaae (a.)
-/eaaer رGR2)
-/eaaing-saY ? #it-saY (Png.) V4fبn3 1ذ U` ر2€ن3
-/e7t (a8^.)
-/e7t (n.)
-/e7t #a/ate (Le8.)
-/e7t timber (-ar#.) ‹24%H* ³2_52, ”Gلh3 i€d
-/e7t Ye/8ing ”Gn€%* @2K%
-/ench (a.)
-/ench nai/ing (-ar#.)
-/e#s!8ra ة4o23 ةT2)
-/ereco/e ? c/earco/e (aint.) ةي1>} ةf4ب3 D=2;, ةB2+= ةB2v,
-/erica/ (a8^.) $,2(s
-/erk (n.) i52s
-/erk (a.) i52Js O;T
-/eais (Png.)
-/eais hea8 (Png.) ة4ب:` ةب4s>5 1ذ ŠCر
-/eais ^oint (Png.) $F2vd Olh3
-/eais #in (Png.) $F2vd ر2;<3
-/eY (n.) OK%* ®2(h3 ‚ ة32Ns
-/eY (a.)
-/eY /ine (ga"t.)
-/ichÊ (n.) (©!#og.)
-/ick (n.)
ZnB . kNB
='K3 . I%2:;%* “p*1
§1>€3 >4} ‚ ‡%2d ‚ $لj . Uo*ر . ‹2™
232;5 . •m_,
X2(j* ‚ ‡لd ‚ W*XC . ZلjC ‚ Znن5 . ZnB
ة4hl5 ‚ ¡Gل[%* c4E . ةK<F
ةT2fب%* 1C ةن4h<%*) ‡4ل[5 D=2M`)
$o2,>Ms z4R2نA3 $بvق V4,) ¡Gل[%* ةj>F)
zبJ;%* ةB*Gv)* $F) ¡Gل[%* I_E)
ة™2n3 ‚ ة%*X‘ . ‡4ل[5 . ة4hl5
ةF2h` “o*>€%* O:_%) ة%*X‘ O32T)
رGl%* >4MN5 $F) t4ب›5 1C ة%*X‘ ’GE)
•2ن4;%* Dر=2A;, “ي>l5 . (ةن4h<%*) ‡4ل[5 D=2M`
”*>(Em% O,2ق >4}1 WX2T) WGبs O;K3)
ةيGn5 ةKي>` ‚ W2بK%* •,>% 0ms . •,>3
ةي'ي'K%*1 ة4ب€[%* ’ر*G:%2, rGق . •,>;, tب•
“hl5 . Žلh5 ‚ @2<nB* . ”2n€B* . U`
•<;()* . Œب€5 ‚ 'ق . UلhB* . UلF . ŽلF
“لFC . Žلh3 . ”Gn€3
˜لF . ŽلF . U`
•نK%* @>` . “لFC •نE
t4ب›(ل% {ق= ':, ر2;<;%* V) Z(E D'€, •<3C . @2JE¯, †بق
t4ب›(ل% {ق= ':, ر2;<;%* V) {4F $نKي ~ ة;`>, >4;<5
ة4لlh3 ةsG` . ة4ب:` ةب4s>5
ة32NJ%2, š*>€%* ]>E ‚ iJبs . رGs
š*>€%* OبE ~>s
I)1ر . {4€4لs
ةnR . ةJ(J5 . ةnvnR
-/ick (a.)
-/ick an8 ratchet (Png.) ةR2n)
-/ick s#ring ةR2n<%* †,2B
-/icks (P/ec. -omm.) œ*G`
-/i77 (weo/.)
-/i77 g/acier (weo/.) ر*'KB&* D'ي'` ة4:;ق ةjm•
-/imactic (a8^.)
-/imate (n.) (Leteor.)
-/imatic (a8^.) $;4لق‘ ‚ $d2ن3
-/imato/og! (Leteor.) ¸2ن;%* IلT
-/imab ةي2MB ‚ D1رذ
-/imb (n.)
-/imb (a.)
-/imb in8icator (Aero.) =G:l%* V4ب3
-/imbing irons Uل<(%* •*xE >432<3
-/imogra#h (Leteor.) $d2ن3 $B24, I)ر
-/inch (n.) ة;JK3 ةJ<3
-/inch (a.) (Png.)
-/incher (Png.)
-/ing (a.)
-/inic (Le8.)
-/inica/ thermometer (Le8.) $بR >(3G3G5
-/ink (n.)
-/ink (a.)
-/inker (Png.) ”*>(E&* Ÿ2hل[3 ‚ |=2:;%* 1C IKh%* Œبd
-/inker brick (-ia. Png.) k™>ل% Š2ق 0GR
-/inker b"i/t (a8^.) ®*G%H* is*>(3
-/inkering (Png.) >Ml%* 'قG;% rر1= k4Nن5
-/inogra#h (Png.)
-/inogra#h. magnetic $<4vنA;%* O4;%* ة;)>3
-/inometer (´"ra.)
-/i# (n.)
-/i# (a.)
-/i# screY (´"ra.)
-/i##er (P/ec. Png.) Q>[ل% $523G51C ='K3
-/i##er (n.)
-/i##ing (n.)
-/oaca (Png.)
-/oaca (eoo/.)
-/ock (n.) D>4بs ةT2)
-/ock meter (P/ec. Png.) $T2) =*'T
-/ock. e/ectric
-/ockYise (a8^.) ةT2<%* 0>nT ³2_52, ]>K(3
-/ockYise (a8a.) ةT2<%* 0>nT ةs>E ³2_52,
-/ockYise motion (Lech.) ةT2<%* 0ر2nT |*ر1= ³2_52, ةs>E
-/ockYork (n.) ةT2<%* ة4%‰ ‚ ة4T2) ةs>E
-/og (n.)
-/og (a.)
-/ogging (Png.)
-/ogging (n.) =*'<B*
-/oister (n.) ';:3 ”*1ر
UvnR . Olل™
OsG3 ‚ O4;T . |G,X
iM% . '4E ‚ >4` . ةn+2` D>[™
$j1C . r1رذ
¡2d ¸2ن3 1ذ I4لقC . znR . ¸2ن3
Zn5>3 . =G:™ . Uل<5
':™ . Zn5ر* . Uل<5
t4ب›(ل% {ق= ':, ر2;<;%* V) ZنE . I`>,
ة;`>ب3 . {ق= ':, ر2<;%* $ن• ة%‰
•<;5 . Œب€5 . UلT
¡2d k™G(<3 . D=24T
V4نR . ة€[€d . O4ل™
²[€d . O™ . VR
O4;%* ة;)>3 . ‹*>}Gن4لs
ر*'KB&* 1C O4;%* Š24n3 . >(3Gن4لs
ة™2lق ‚ •nل3 . ةvق& . •ب€3
if(ق* . •ق . ‡ق ‚ •ب€;, tب• . •ب`
t4%1=G4(%* ة4BXG%) t4ب›5 ر2;<3)
ة4T*>` ةن4h) ‚ ’*>n3 . c_3
Iلj . c_3
DX*cj . ة™2lق
ةTG%2, . kي>l5 S>_3
”رx3 . X>ب3
•2,>MJ%2, ر*'5 ~ة4o2,>Ms ةT2)
0*>5 1C V4R ةل(s . ةل(s
') . Uo2T . @2Ns
”2T . '<B* . ') . INs
ر2بA%*1 '<s—(%2,)tيc%* >([5)
-/on"s (eoo/.) D>+2• ة4لfT Ÿ2_ن€5
-/ose-cro##e8 ? c/ose-c"t (a8^.) *'j >4lق OJ€, ¡Gln3
-/ose-7itting (a8^.) UF*G(%* U4•1
-/ose-7itting #/"g (Png.) IJK3 =*')
-/ose-7ormation ة™*>(3 ةل4J€5
-/ose-graine8 (a8^.) (Bot.) ‹24%H* 0ر2n(3
-/ose-graine8 #ig iron (Let.) Ÿ2ب4بK%* 0ر2n(;%* 'ي'K%* “4)2;5
-/ose-ha"/e8 (a8^.) “ي>%* zJ:, >Kب3
-/ose-/ink chain Ÿ2nلK%* ة,ر2n(3 ةل<ل)
-/ose-"# (-inema)
-/ose (a8^.)
-/ose (n.)
-/ose (a.)
-/ose annea/ing ? #ot annea/ing (Let.) ةلhn3 ة4T1C $F Vي'ل(%*
-/ose co"#/ing ? tight co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) V45>o*= V4, U4•1 |ر2n5
-/ose range iي>ق S'3
-/ose range conae!or (Png.) S';%* iي>ق Oق2B
-/ose set (a8^.)
-/ose8-circ"it a/arm (P/ec. Png.) D>o*'%* “(F 'نT O;:ي ر*xB‘ X2Mj
-/ose8-coi/ Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
-/ose8-core trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) Ohn3 iلق 1ذ WGK3
-/ose8 antenna ? /oo# antenna (¢a8io.)
-/ose8 antic/ine (weo/.) ةلhn3 DGبق
-/ose8 chain (-hem.) ةلhn3 ةل<ل)
-/ose8 circ"it (P/ec.) ةلhn3 D>o*=
-/ose8 cock#it (Aero.)
-/ose8 c"rae (Laths.) Ohn3 ZنKن3
-/ose8 en8 =1'<3 ‹>R
-/ose8 7o/8 (weo/.) ةnبv3 ة4R
-/ose8 magnetic circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ةلhn3 ة4<4vنA3 D>o*=
-/ose8 meeting
-/ose8 #i#e ? sto##e8 #i#e (Aco"s.) =1'<3 0GبBC
-/ose8 ring ةلhn3 ةnلE
-/ose8 ring h!8rocarbons (-hem.) ة4nلE Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4+
-/ose8 s/ots ? t"nne/ s/ots (P/ec. Png.) D2vA3 ةي=1'dC ”Gn`
-/ose8 socket (Png.) ةلhn3 ةبلj ‚ UلA3 z4n3
-/ose8 traaerse (´"ra.)
-/ose8 t"nne/ (Png.)
-/ose8 Yrench (Png.) •h%* Ohn3 •,ر ®2(h3
-/oser (B"i/8.)
-/osing-"# (Png.)
-/osing error (´"ra.)
-/osing /ine Ohn%* •d
-/osing aa/ae (Png.) W2hق‘ @2;™
-/os"re (n.)
-/ot (n.)
-/ot (a.)
-/oth backe8 #a#er œ2;n%2, >MN3 D>hن) ”ر1
-/oth !ar8
-/oth. emer! (Png.) D>hن) œ2;ق
-/oth. 7i/tering “`>3 Ž4<B
-/oth. r"bberiye8 §2v;%2, Ž%2:3 œ2;ق
0>ق VT (ة4o2;ن4)) ةvn%
IJK3 . U4•1 . Xm(3 . iي>ق
ة;52d . ةي2MB
UبvB* . ZMBC . ') . Uل}C
¡*>(3 . Xm(3
ةلhn3 D>o*= $F (Q2(Bž* GfT ko2h%) k%
Ohn3 1C) rر2R‘ $o*G+)
D>o2v%* $F) ةnلA3 D>_E)
r>) š2;(j* . ةلhn3 ة<لj
UلA3 rX24(j* “<3 . UلA3 ”2vB
xhن3 >} UhB . =1'<3 $o*G+ UhB
ة4hlB ة,GR . ') ة,GR
DرGln3 . D>_E .ةB*cd
@2`>ب%* ر2;<3) ة;`>,)
UلA3 W2_3 $F V4(n,2v(3 V4(vnB V4,) Ohn%* —vd)
ةي2MB ‚ ”mAB‘ . ”m}‘ . W2hق‘
D>›[(3 ةل(s . ةvلj
•ل_5 . >›d . >›d
Ž4<B . œ2;ق
~D=ر2ي £ ~@*'قC ¼„.µµ I)
-/oth. Abrasiae D>hن) œ2;ق
-/othe (a.)
-/othes-/ine O4<A%* OبE
-/othes-#eg ? c/othes-#in O4<} •nل3
-/othing /eather Ÿ2)Gبل;ل% 'لj
-/otting (n.)
-/o"8-b"rst (Leteor.)
-/o"8 ( n.) (Leteor.)
-/o"8 (a.)
-/o"8 cei/ing (Leteor.) 02K<%* š2h5ر* ZlقC
-/o"8 chamber (h!s.) ة4;4} ةF>}
-/o"8 cirr"s (Leteor.)
-/o"8 c"m"/"s (Leteor.)
-/o"8 #oint (-hem.) I4A(%* ةvnB
-/o"8 rack (Leteor.)
-/o"8iness (n.) (Leteor.)
-/o"8! (a8^.)
-/o"gh (weo/.)
-/o"t nai/ (B"i/8.) ŠC>%* “v<3 ر2;<3
-/oae (Bot.) V) 1C ‡F ‚ OhB>ق
-/oae hitch '51 D'nT
-/oaer (Bot.)
-/oaer/ea7 intersection (-ia. Png.)
-/oaes oi/ (-hem.) OhB>n%* tيX
-/oaing (a8^.)
-/"b (n.)
-/"b (a.) D1*>M, 0>p
-/"b 7oot (Le8.)
-/"b hammer (B"i/8.)
-/"m# (Lining.) ة:;_(3 ة4;s ‚ ةل(s
-/"ms! (a8^.) ˜نl%* Vn(3 >4} ‚ ”>dC
-/"nch (weo/.)
-/"ster (n.)
-/"ster (a.)
-/"stere8 co/"mn (Arch.)
-/"tch-ho"sing (Png.)
-/"tch-/eaer (or arm)
-/"tch-/ining (Png.)
-/"tch (n.) (Png.)
-/"tch (a.) kvd ‚ DGn, †بق
-/"tch arc /am# (¨//"m.) $523G51C †,2ق 1ذ $)Gق ®2بl3
-/"tch arm
-/"tch ban8 (or co//ar) †,2n%* ”GR
-/"tch beae/ (or cone) (Png.) †,2n%* §1>[3
-/"tch brake (Png.) †,2n%* “بJ3
-/"tch cam (Png.) †,2n%* ة32s
-/"tch casing (Png.) †,2n%* ’GE
-/"tch cone (Png.) †,2n%* §1>[3
-/"tch co"#/ing (Png.) †,2n, |ر2n5
-/"tch 8isc (or #/ate) (Png.) †,2n%* ¡>ق
-/"tch 8og (Png.) †,2n%* 0ms
-/"tch 7ork (Png.) †,2n%* ةsG`
2<s . Zv} . zب%C
•2v} -z,m3
•ل_5 . >›[5
>;Mن;%* >v;%* V3 O,*1 ~0G,G`
ة32;} . ة;4} . ة,2K)
I4A5 . I4} ‚ ',رC ‚ @2}
•2[R . ”2K;)
šcق . @2sر
•2;<%* $F ةق>h(;%* 02K<%* ˜vق ~ šcق
ر*>Mhs* . ',>5 . I4A5
²ب}C . >JT . ',>(3 ‚ Io2}
ŽF . U4p =*1
OhB . I4)>,
ةhل([3 Ÿ2يG(<3 ZلT ”>v%* {4F ˜R2n5 ”>h3 ~ I4)>ب%* ةقر1 ˜R2n5
”Gلh3 . ”G€3
S'(ن3 . =2B ‚ 0*>f3 . D1*>+
•2T'F @'ق . ة<,'3 @'ق
0Gv%* O4J€(%) '4%* >4lق ةق>v3)
OK%* ®2(h3 . O4%=
Š2ق rر*>E V4R . $Ko2h™ V4R
ةTG;_3 . ة3Gs . =GnنT
'€(E* ‚ Isر . '€E
ةن32f(3 D';TC V3) is>3 =G;T)
O™*G%* ’GE . †,2n%* ”1'ن™
O™*G%* ةل(T . †,2n%* š*رذ
O™*G%* ŠGب% . †,2n%* ةB2v,
Q2ي>,= 1C ²(لs) O™*1 . †,2ق)
O™*G%* ةل(T . †,2n%* š*رذ
-/"tch 7riction ring (Png.) †,2n%* ]2J(E* ”GR
-/"tch /eather (Png.) ةي'ل_%* †,2n%* ةB2v,
-/"tch /ock (Png.) †,2n%* @2)=
-/"tch #e8a/ (Png.) †,2n%* ة)*1=
-/"tch #/ate (Png.) †,2n%* ةK4h™
-/"tch re/ease 7ork (Png.) †,2n%* ”2(T‘ ةsG`
-/"tch sha7t (Png.) †,2n%* šxj
-/"tch shi7ter (Png.) †,2n%* ®cEc3
-/"tch s/i# (Png.) †,2n%* ”&cB*
-/"tch s#ring (Png.) †,2n%* ]>بBX 1C †,2B
-/"tch sto# (Png.) †,2n%* kقG3
-/"tch. air (Png.) $o*G+ †,2ق
-/"tch. centri7"ga/ rcs>;%* =>v%2, O;:ي †,2ق
-/"tch. cone (Png.)
-/"tch. 8og (Png.) $,ms †,2ق
-/"tch. 7riction (Png.) $s2J(E* †,2ق
-/"tch. h!8ra"/ic $لo2) †,2ق
-/"tch. ^aY (Png.) $JF †,2ق
-/"tch. magnetic (Png.) $<4vنA3 †,2ق
-/"tch. #/ate (Png.) $™>ق †,2ق
-/"tter (n.)
-/"tter (a.)
-/!b"rn s#anner
-m (c"ri"m) (-hem.)
-o-abia/ (a8^.) رGK;%* 'K(3
-o-abia/ cab/e (©e/ea.) رGK;%* r'K(3 V4ل™G3 1ذ Oبs
-o-abia/ carbons (¨//"m.) رGK;%* 'K(3 |G,>s |2بfق
-o-abia/ circ/es (weom.) رGK;%* D'K(3 >o*1=
-o-abia/ s#rings (Png.) رGK;%* D'K(3 Ÿ2s>بBX
-o-abia/ transmission /ine (P/ec. Png.) رGK;%* r'K(3 V4ل™G3 1ذ OnB •d
-o-abia/ triang/es (weom.) رGK;%* *'K(3 |2›ل›3
-o-abia/ t"be 7ee8er ? concentric t"be 7ee8er (¢a8io.) رGK;%* r'K(3 V44B*Gv)* V4ل™G3 1ذ OnB •d
-o-ionic bon8 (-hem.) ]>(€;%* $BGيH* §2,>%*
-o-/og (Laths.) I(ير2}Gل%* @2;5
-o-o# (co-o#eratiae) (n.) $B12:5 |c[3
-o-o#erate (a.)
-o-o#eration (n.)
-o-o#eratiae (a8^.)
-o-o#eratiae (n.) ة4B12:5 ة4:;j
-o-or8inate (a8^.) ةjر'%* 1C ةب5>%* $F 12<(3
-o-or8inate (Laths.) $•*'E‘
-o-or8inate (n.)
-o-or8inate (a.)
-o-or8inate abes (Laths.) Ÿ24•*'Ež* ر12K3
-o-or8inate bon8 (-hem.) $n4<ن5 $ل™*G5 §2,ر
-o-or8inate geometr! (Laths.) ة4ل4لK(%* ة)'نM%*
-o-or8inate trans7ormation (Laths.) Ÿ24•*'Ež* OيGK5
-o-or8inate trans#osition (P/ec. -omm.) U<ن3 Oي'ب5
-o-or8inate. geogra#hic ة4F*>Aj Ÿ24•*'E‘
-o-or8inates (Laths.) Ÿ24•*'E‘
-o-or8inating bo8! U4<ن5 ة\4+
-o-or8ination (n.)
-o-or8ination committee U4<ن5 ةن_%
-o-or8ination com#o"n8s (-hem.) •,*>(%* ة4n)2ن5 Ÿ2بs>3
]2J(E&2, O;:ي) $R1>[3 †,2ق)
Ž4_p . ة:ق>ق . ةبلj
Žp . ˜ق>ق ‚ i45>5 m, '€(E*
|>ب4لsˆ ®2(h3 . ]>K(3 •F 1ذ •,ر ®2(h3ˆ
@GيرGJل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~Is
$F) ]ر2` . |12:5)
ة4B12:5 ‚ رX•5 . |12:5
|12:(ل% iK3 . $B12:5
>4NB . uhs
SG) . i5ر . U<B
i45>5 . UF*G5 . U)2ن5 . U4<ن5
-o-or8ination n"mber (-hem.)
-o-or8inator (n.) U<ن3
-o-#hasa/ (P/ec.) رGv%* O•2;(3
-o-#i/ot (Aero.) ر24R 'T2<3
-o-#"ncta/ (a8^.) D'E*1 ةvnB $F ”m(3
-o-Yorker O;:%* $F O43X
-o (coba/t) (-hem.)
-oach (n.)
-oach (a.) 0ر= ‚ ة,>T $F isر 1C O;E
-oach bo/t (Png.)
-oach screY (Png.) 02€dH* •,>% >4بs $T>,
-oaction (n.)
-oag"/ant (n.)
-oag"/ate (a.)
-oag"/atiae (a8^.)
-oak (B"i/8.) ة:,>3 D>4بs ةJلF ‚ V4(ب€d •,>ي ر2)=
-oa/-7ie/8 r>_E IKF OnE
-oa/-ho8 ? coa/ sh"tt/e IKh%* Ov)
-oa/-meas"res (weo/.)
-oa/-mine (Lining.) r>_K%* IKF I_ن3
-oa/-oi/ (-hem.)
-oa/-tar (-hem.)
-oa/ (n.) $52بB 1C r>_E IKF
-oa/ (a.) IKh%2, =1c5 1C =1X
-oa/ ash IKh%* =23ر
-oa/ be8 (weo/.) r>4_%* IKh%* rGK5 ةnبR
-oa/ be/t (Lining.) r>4_%* IKh%* V3 ”2vB
-oa/ breaker IKF Dر2<s
-oa/ b"nkers IKh%* Vيc[5 Ÿ2T=G(<3
-oa/ car
-oa/ ch"te IKh%* W*cBž Oo23 S>_3
-oa/ 8isti//ation (-hem.) IKh%* >4vn5
-oa/ gas (-hem.)
-oa/ #it $52بن%* IKh%* ˜ن™ D>hE ‚ IKF I_ن3
-oa/ screen (Lining.) IKh%* W2,>}
-oa/ sc"tt/e IKh%* Ov)
-oa/ s/ag (-hem.) IKh%* Ÿ&2fF 1C Œبd
-oa/ tar 8!es (-hem.) $;Kh%* ر2n%* 2ب™C
-oa/. bit"mino"s (Lining.) r>4ق IKF
-oa/er IKh%* Onن% ةن4h) ‚ IKF O32T
-oa/esce (a.)
-oa/escence (n.)
-oa/ing station IKh%2, =1c(%* —F>3
-oa/ite ?semi-coke
-oarse-graine8 (a8^.) (weo/.) Ž4<ن%* V€d ‚ Ÿ2ب4بK%* $€ي>j
-oarse-meshe8 (a8^.) Ÿ2J4ب€%* ˜)*1
-oarse (a8^.)
-oarse a8^"stment $بي>n5 •بp
-oarse aggregate (-ia. Png.)
-oarse 7i/e V€d =>ب3
-oarse 7i/ter (Png.) 0Gn›%* ˜)*1 “`>3
is>3 “ل;%) $n4<ن(%* =':%*)
tل,GJل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~Gs
0ر'3 ‚ ةلF2E . ةبs>3
0'K3 Š*ر1 ة:,>3 ةبقر 1ذ ~Ÿ2,>T $}>,
>F2f5 . |12:5
ةvل_3 1C D>›[3 D=23 . >›[3
0*ر . •ل_5 . >›[5 ‚ •لj .0 1ر . ';j . >›d
D>›[(3 ةل(s ‚ •ل_5 . iي1>5 . >›[5
>›[(%* iب<3 . >›[(ل% O,2ق
r>_K%* IKh%* rGK5 Ÿ2nبR ~ة4;KF Ÿ2BGJ3
V4)1>4s . ®2بl()&* tيX
r>_K%* IKh%* |*>vق . IKh%* ر2ق
ةي'ي'K%* •J<%2,) IKh%* Onن% ة,>T)
®2بl()&* X2} . IKh%* X2}
@2;fB* . Q23'B* . IK(%*
@2;fB* . Q23'B* . @2K(%*
$%cن;%* W2;:()m%) V,>J3 IKF)
ر2(E . cj2E ر2R‘
D'T2ب(3 ةب%G% . D>4بs DGvd
kنl%* •r=ر ‚ ²ي>j . ª4ل} . V€d
ZlE . Dر2_K%* ²ي>j ~•2بlE
-oarse graae/
-oarse grit (Png.) ةن€d ةي1*X Ÿ2ب4بE
-oarse t"ning ة4بي>n5 ةh%*G3
-oarsen (a.)
-oast-/ine OE2<%* •d
-oast-Yar8 OE2<%* ³2_52,
-oast (n.)
-oast (a.) 02<B* ‚ OE2<%* D*ذ2K;, >K,C
-oast g"ar8 OE*G<%* >hd
-oast roa8
-oasta/ (a8^.) $لE2)
-oasta/ 8e#osits (weo/.) ة4لE2) i)*1ر
-oasta/ 8"ne (weo/.) $لE2) i4(s
-oasta/ #/ane (weo/.) $لE2) OM)
-oasta/ re7/ection (¢a8io.)
-oasta/ re7/ection (¢a8io.)
-oaster (ga"t.) ة4لE2) ةن4h)
-oaster brake (Png.) ة4hل[%* ةj*ر'%* ةل_T “بJ3
-oat (n.)
-oat (a.)
-oat. 7ina/
-oat. gro"n8
-oate8 (a8^.)
-oate8 e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) $لv3 =1>(J%*
-oate8 7i/ament (P/ec. Png.) ةhلA3 ةل4(F
-oating (n.)
-oating machine (Png.) ”رG%* On™ ةنJ3
-oating. aci8-#roo7 (-hem.) †3*GKل% ة312n3 ة4لR
-oating. as#ha/t (-ia. Png.) ة4(لh)‘ ة4jر2d ةnبR
-ob (Bot.)
-ob (B"i/8.) ةيG€3 >4} ة,GR
-ob (Lin.) X2s>%* V3 ةل(s
-ob coa/ رGJ3 IKF
-ob Ya// ²n%*1 V4v%* •4لd V3 ر*'j
-oba/amine (-hem.)
-oba/t (-o) (-hem.)
-oba/t b/"e Vs*= ”رXC
-oba/t bomb tل,GJ%* ةلبنق
-oba/t #/ating (Let.) tل,GJ%2, “4hl5
-oba/t stee/ (Let.) $(ل,Gs ذ&GF
-oba/tite ? coba/tine (Lin.)
-obbe8 ore (Lining.) Znن3 1C i[(ن3 @2d
-obbing hammer (Lining.) Ÿ232[%* >4<J5 ةق>v3
-obb/e (n.) (weo/.)
-obb/e (a.)
-obb/e Yab
-obra (eoo/.)
-ocaine (-hem.) V4ي2sGs
-occ"s (#/. cocci) (Bot.)
-occ!b (eoo/.) ‡:lT
-ochinea/ (-hem.)
-och/ea (eoo/.)
-och/ear (a8^.)
-ock (Png.)
ةن€d ZlE . •2بlE
ªل} . V€d . V€d
¬R2` . OE2)
²4BرGs) ة4لE2) Uي>R)
ة<,24%* ZلT ( ة4Jل)m%* Q*G3H*) Š2J:B*
ة4Jل)m%* Q*G3•%) $لE2) ر2<JB*)
•mR ةnبR . ةnلA3 ةnبR ‚ kv:3
ZلR . Uل} . zب%
ة4o2MB (|2+=) ة4لR
ة4)2)C (|2+=) ة4لR
WGnl3 ‚ $لv3 . ة4jر2d ةnبv, kلA3
ة4لR . ة4jر2d ةnبR
iK%* O;Kي rx%* Dرx%* XGs ~ŠGB>T . >v3
0) V432(4F ~V43&2,Gs „¤ )
Gs) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~tل,Gs)
tل,GJ%* '4[4BرX1 '4(ي>بs rGKي @2d ~ V4(%2,Gs . t4(%2,Gs
=G;لj . zل3C >_E
•2بlK%2, k™ر ‚ U3ر . “ل™C
V4F2J<%* ر2ق . $ن+= ˜;`
>`2B . O™ . *>,Gs
r>M_3 r1>s 01>J3 . DرGJ3
c3>n%* ةب€d V3 Q>[(<ي) c3>n%* 2ب™)
|ذH* ة:قGق . |ذH* i%G%
OJ€%* rر2K3 . $B1cلE . $:قGق
=2BX ‚ zبK3 . ة4hنE
-ock (Leteor.)
-ock (a.)
-ock boat (ga"t.)
-ock 8rain (Png.) kي>l5 zبK3
-ock ke! zبK;%* ®2(h3
-ock meta/ (Let.)
-ock. air (Png.) •*G+ zبK3
-ock. ba// (´an. Png.) r1>s zبK3
-ock. bob (Png.) $ق1'ن™ zبK3
-ock. ga"ge (Png.)
-ock. grease (Png.) I4K€5 zبK3
-ock. /"bricating (Png.) U4%c5 zبK3
-ock. m"8 (Png.) V4v%* zبK3
-ock. #/"g (Png.) r=*') zبK3
-ock. re/ie7 (Png.) kي>l5 zبK3
-ock. tYo-Ya! (Png.) V4(J) 1ذ zبK3
-ocke!e8 (a8^.) 01رG3 ‚ WGEC
-ocking /eaer (Li/.)
-ock/e-strains (Png.) $B1cلE Qر=
-ock#it (Aero.)
-ock#it (weo/.) r>o*= †h[ن3
-ock#it cano#! (Aero.) ر24v%* D>_K% U%cن3 •2v}
-ockroach (eoo/.)
-ockscomb (Lin.)
-oco (Bot.)
-ocoa (Bot.) 12s2s
-ocon"t (Bot.)
-ocon"t oi/ (-hem.)
-ocoon (eoo/.)
-o8 ? co87ish
-o8 /iaer oi/ (-hem.)
-o8e (n.)
-o8e (a.) ة4Emv™* XG3>%* Z%‘ WGE
-o8e beacon ة4oGf%* Ÿ*ر2`ž* W2)رž Dر2ن3
-o8e8 (a8^.)
-o8eine (-hem.)
-o8e#osition (weo/.) V3*c(3 i)>5
-o8eb (#/. co8ices) ةRGv[3
-o8i7! (a.)
-o8/ing moth (eoo/.) ®2h(%* D=1=
-oe77icient (Laths. h!s.)
-oe77icient o7 absor#tion ? absor#tion coe77icient (or 7actor) (-hem. ¨//"m.) ¡2l(3&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 a8hesion ”2l(%&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 am#/i7ication (P/ectronics) I4[f(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 a##arent eb#ansion (h!s.) r>+2N%* =';(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 com#ressibi/it! (-hem.) §2AfB&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 con8"ctiait! (h!s.) ة4ل™G;%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 contraction (h!s.) œ2;JB&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 corre/ation (Laths.)
-oe77icient o7 co"#/ing ? co"#/ing coe77icient |ر2n(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 8etection (¢a8io.) k€J%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 8ischarge (h!s.) kي>l(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 8is#ersion ? 8is#ersion coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) t(€(%* O32:3
“ي>%* ³2_5* O4%= . “ي>%* Dر*1=
@Gs ‚ Zل™ . ®'ق
”ر1X . >4A™ kي'_5 0ر2ق
z,2K;%* cB1>, . z,2K;%* |':3
•2;%* š2h5ر* Š24n3 zبK3 . Š24ق zبK3
˜F';%* 1C ة4ق'نب%* $F) ®'n%* š*رذ)
>4A™ 0ر2ق ‚ Dر2K3 . ةF'™
D=24n%* cs>3 . ر24v%* >_E
|*=ر1 tن, . رG™>™
ةيرG€بv%* رG[l%* $F 'jG5) tي>4ب%* V3 ةل(s)
O4jر2B . 'نM%* XGj >_`
O4jر2B . 'نM%* XGj
O4jر2ن%* tيX . 'نM%* XGj tيX
ة_ل™ . ةnB>` . ة_4لF
ةلn, . 'n%* •;)
'n%* 'بs tيX . •;<%* tيX
WG™C ‚ ة4Emv™* XG3ر . D>h` . D>h4` . ةB1'3
D>h4€%2, 0G(J3 . rc3ر
|G4FH* $B*Gلق . V4ي=Gs
¡2d @2NB i<E i5ر . U<B
Z;<3 . O32T .O32:3
•,*>(%* O32:3 . §2ب5ر&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 e77icienc! (Png.) ةي2hJ%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 e/asticit! (Lech.) ةB1>;%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 e9"iaa/ence (Let.) uF2J(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 eb#ansion (h!s.) =';(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 7riction (Lech.) ]2J(E&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 harmonic 8istortion (P/ec. Png.) $nF*G(%* ³G€(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 heat trans7er (h!s.) rر*>K%* W2n(B&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 h!steresis (Lagn.) kل[(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 in8"ce8 magnetiyation (Lagn.) ة›K(<;%* ة4<4vنA;%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 in8"ctance (P/ec. Png.) ŒK%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 /inear eb#ansion (h!s.) $%Gv%* =';(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 magnetic /eakage (Lagn.) $<4vنA;%* 0><(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 magnetiyation (Lagn.) •نA;(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 m"t"a/ in8"ction (P/ec. Png.) $%=2ب(%* ŒK%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 #er7ormance (Png.) •*=H* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 #ermeabi/it! (h!s.) ةيذ2hB&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 #ro#ortiona/it! (Laths.) i)2ن(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 re7/ection (¨//"m.) Š2J:B&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 regression (Laths.) =*'5ر&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 resistance (P/ec. Png.) ة312n;%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 restit"tion (Lech.) =*'5ر&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 rigi8it! (Lech.) D•G<_%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 ro//ing 7riction (Lech.) $j>E'(%* ]2J(E&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 sa7et! (Png.) |23H* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 se/7-in8"ction (P/ec. Png.) $5*x%* ŒK%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 s/i8ing 7riction (Lech.) $ق&cB&* ]2J(E&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 strain (Lech.) =2Mjž* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 s"r7ace eb#ansion (h!s.) $Kv<%* =';(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 torsion (Lech.)
-oe77icient o7 "ti/iyation (¨//"m.) š2h(B&* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 aariation (Laths.) >4A(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 ae/ocit! (-!8.) ةT><%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 aiscosit! (h!s.) ةj1cل%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 ao/"me e/asticit! (Lech.) ة4;_K%* ةB1>;%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 ao/"me eb#ansion $;_K%* =';(%* O32:3
-oe77icient o7 ao/"metric eb#ansion (h!s.) $;_K%* =';(%* O32:3
-oe/enterata (eoo/.)
-oe/om (eoo/.) ‹Gj
-oeny!mes D'T2<3 Ÿ2;يcB‘
-oercimeter (Lagn.) ة4<4vنA;%* ةي>Mn%* Š24n3
-oercion (n.)
-oerciae 7orce (P/ec. Png.) ةي>Mn%* ة4<4vنA;%* DGn%*
-oerciait! (Lagn.) ةي>Mn%*
-oebistence (n.)
-o77ee (Bot.)
-o77er-8am (-ia. Png.)
-o77er-York (B"i/8.) Dر2_K%2, {jG;%* ²,'%* V3 •2ن,
-o77er (n.)
-o77ering (-ia. Png.) =1'<%* •2€B‘
-o7"nction (Laths.) ة;4n%* $F ةي12<(3 ة%*=
-og (n.) $ب€d |2<% ‚ 0&1'%* V)
-og (a.)
-og rai/ (¢ai/Ya!s.) ةنن<3 'ي'E ةJ)
•*G(%&* 1C) $ل%* O32:3)
ةير2nFm%* Vvب%* Ÿ2FG_3 . Ÿ2يG€Em%*
*>Mق ’>F . ³>sC . >بjC
><ق . ³*>s‘ . ر2بj‘
ة€ي2:3 . ²ي2:5
V, . DGMق
•2;%* c_K% tقu3 ') . 02fB‘ ')
•2;%* =1') ”1'ن™ . r'ي'E ”1'ن™
$ب€d |2<ل, (V4(:vق) O™1 ‚ Vن)
-og sha7t (Png.) Vن<3 Dر*=‘ =G;T
-og Yhee/ (Png.)
-ogge8 (a8^.) Vن<3
-ogge8 b/oom (Let.)
-ogging (-ar#.) $ب€d |2<ل, O™1
-ogging (Let.) ”>v%2, O4J€5
-ogging mi// (Let.) ةنh%= ˜نl3
-ognate inc/"sions (weo/.) VيGJ(%* ة<B2_(3 Ÿ2يG(K3
-ohere (a.)
-oherence (n.)
-oherent (a8^.)
-oherent osci//ator (¢a8io.)
-oherent ra8iation (¢a8io.) •,*>(3 $+2_5* š2:`‘
-oherent scattering (h!s.) ةv,*>(;%* Dر2v()&*
-oherer (¢a8io.) $v,*>5 r=*ر Oق2B
-ohesion (h!s.)
-ohesiae (a8^.)
-ohesiae attraction (h!s.) $J)2;5 0ذ2_5
-ohesiae strength (h!s.) •)2;(%* DGق
-ohobation (-hem.) $بق2:5 >4vn5
-oign (B"i/8.)
-oi/-/oa8e8 cab/e (©e/e#h.) ة•2K3 Ÿ2hل;, O;K3 Oبs
-oi/-s/i8e (P/ec. Png.)
-oi/ (n.)
-oi/ (a.)
-oi/ . ignition (P/ec. Png.) W2:`‘ kل3
-oi/ antenna ? 7rame antenna (¢a8io.) rر2R‘ $o*G+
-oi/ c/"tch (Png.) $ب%G% †,2ق
-oi/ coo/ing (Png.) 'ي>ب(ل% k(ل3 0GبBC
-oi/ 7ormer kل;%* O4J€5 ر2R‘
-oi/ heating (P/ec. Png.) V4[<5 kل3
-oi/ heating ? concea/e8 heating (B"i/8.) D>+2• >4} Ÿ2hل;, ة\F'(%*
-oi/ ignition ? batter!-coi/ ignition (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2hل;%2, W2:`‘
-oi/ #i#e (Png.) k(ل3 0GبBC
-oi/ s#an (P/ec. Png.) kل;%* š2,
-oi/ s#ring (Png.)
-oi/ Yin8ing Ÿ2hل;%* k%
-oi/. armat"re (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT kل3
-oi/. b/oY-o"t (P/ec. Png.) $<4vنA;%* •2hRž* kل3
-oi/. choke (P/ec. Png.) UB2d kل3
-oi/. com#ensating (P/ec. Png.) ة%=2:3 kل3
-oi/. 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) W2_;%* kل3
-oi/. in8"ctance (P/ec. Png.) ة•2K3 kل3
-oi/. in8"ction (P/ec. Png.) (P/ec. Png.) ŒE kل3
-oi/. #rimar! (P/ec. Png.) $%1C kل3
-oi/. rece#tion W2بn()* kل3
-oi/. re#eating (©e/e#h.) D=2T‘ kل3
-oi/. secon8ar! (P/ec. Png.) rGB2• kل3
-oi/. tri# (P/ec. -omm.) ”2(T‘ kل3
-oi/e8-coi/ $B1cلE •ل) 1ذ kل3
-oi/e8-coi/ /am# (¨//"m.) ةh(ل3 ة4B1cلE ةل4(F 1ذ ®2بl3
-oi/e8 (a8^.)
-oi/e8 ra8iator (Png.) k(ل3 ˜€3
ةنن<3 ةل_T . Vن<3 0&1=
ةنh%'ل% D':3 (ذ&GF) DرGB
ةي*ر= . ]*ر=‘ . ةF>:3
I_<B* ‚ •)2;5 . Ul(%*
”2<5* ‚ ”2l(%* . •)2;5
I_<ن3 ‚ IEm(3 . •)2;(3
D'5>;%* ر*=*>%* Ÿ2fبB ˜3) ة,x,x%* •,*>(3 0x,x3)
”2l(%&* ة4,ذ2j ‚ U™m5 . •)2;5
Ul(ل3 . •)2;(3 . $J)2;5
ة\52B ةي1*X . DXر2, ةB>ق
Q2(Bž* Gf:, Ol(;%*) kل;%* iB2j)
ة4% . ةh% ‚ ة:4`1 X ةh4h% . kل3
SGK5 . SGل5 . k(%* . k%
k(ل3 ]>بBX . $ب%G% †,2B
k(ل3 . rGK3 . ‹Ghل3
-oin (n.) $B':3 'nB ة:vق
-oin (a.)
-oin bob te/e#hone (©e/e#h.) =Gnنل% ةبلT 1ذ |Ghل5
-oinci8e (a.)
-oinci8ence (n.)
-oinci8ence. #hase (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* U,2v5
-oinci8ent (a8^.)
-oining (n.)
-oining 8ie (Png.) ةل;:%* •) i%2ق
-oir (Bot.) 'نM%* XGj k4%
-oir ro#e r'نM%* XG_%* k4% V3 OبE
-oke (n.) (-hem.)
-oke (a.)
-oke be8 (Lining.) ]GJ%* IKF V3 ةnبR
-oke breeye (B"i/8.)
-oke coa/ $:4بv%* ]GJ%* IKF
-oke 8ross (or 7ines) ]GJ%* §2n)
-oke 7"rnace (-hem.) ]GJ%* >4fK5 |>F
-oke iron (Let.) ]GJ%* 'ي'E
-oke oaen ]GJ%* |>F
-oke oaen gas (-hem.)
-oke oaen tar (-hem.) ]GJ%* |*>FC |*>vق
-oke !ie/8 ]GJ%* ةل4lE
-oke. gas X2A%* ]Gs
-oke. #etro/e"m W1>(ب%* ]Gs
-oker (-hem.)
-okes (Let.) >ي'ln%* V3 ةn4قر ةnبv, ة4لv3 “o2h™
-oking (-hem.)
-oking coa/ (-hem.) ]GJ%* ˜نl% “لlي IKF
-oking oaen •يGJ5 |>F
-oking #/ant •يGJ5 D'E1
-oking #rocess (-hem.)
-okite (Lin.)
-o/ (weo/.)
-o/ (Leteor.)
-o/an8er (n.)
-o/cothar (-hem.)
-o/8-b/oo8e8 (a8^.) (eoo/.)
-o/8-hammer (a.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ”>R
-o/8-hammere8 stee/ (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ”>v3 ذ&GF
-o/8-hammering (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT Uي>v(%*
-o/8-hea8ing (Png.)
-o/8-/ai8 (a8^.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ¡G™>3 1C šGpG3
-o/8-saY (Png.)
-o/8-sYage8 (a8^.) (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ”>v3
-o/8-Yorking (Let.)
-o/8 (a8^.) =ر2,
-o/8 (n.) (Le8.)
-o/8 ben8 (test) (Let. Png.)
-o/8 b/ast (Let.)
-o/8 cast (a.) (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT •ب)
-o/8 catho8e (P/ectronics) =ر2, =G•2s
-o/8 catho8e co"nter t"be =ر2, =G•2s 1ذ $B1>(J%‘ =*'T
-o/8 catho8e 8ischarge /am# (¨//"m.) =ر2, =G•2s 1ذ qي>h5 ®2بl3
=Gnن%* •) . 2™
V3*c5 . U,2v5 . U,2R
”2h5* . ةF=2l3 ‚ ةn,2v3 . U,2v5
V3*c(3 . UF*G(3 . U,2v3
ة}24™ . (ةل;:%*) •)
]Gs . ]GJ%* IKF
]GJ%* IKF Z%‘ WGE ~]Gs
]GJ%* §2n) . ]GJ%* ةي2hB . U4ق= ]Gs IKF
*=Gق1 O;:(<ي) ]GJ%* |*>FC X2})
IKh%* V3 ]GJ%* ˜نl% ~•يGJ5 D'E1
]Gs Z%‘ (W1>(ب%* 1C) IKh%* OيGK5 ~•يGJ5
]Gs Z%‘ (WGK(%* 1C) OيGK(%* . I4Kh5 . •يGJ5
$:4بv%* ]GJ%* IKF ~t4sGs
i:` . ŽF
V4hل([3 V4vAp V4,) W=2:5 ةnvن3)
ة4hl(ل% in›3 •2T1 . D2hl3
>;EH* •ي'ي'K%* '4<sC . >;EH* Q*c%*
ة\4بل% 2:ب5) Dر*>K%* ةjر= >4A(3)
=ر2ب%* ZلT ”>v%2, (>432<;%* Š1Àر) ةKvلF
=ر2ب%* ZلT ˜vق ر2€ن3 . ذ&Gh%* |2بfق ˜vn% $™>ق ر2€ن3
=ر2ب%* ZلT O4J€5 1C O4A€5 .=ر2ب%* ZلT |=2:;%* ة_%2:3
@2sX . =>,
=ر2ب%* ZلT ةي2نK%2, (ة4ل4v;%*) ر2ب(d*
>Ml%* |>F $F) =ر2ب%* •*GM%* –hB)
-o/8 catho8e emission (P/ectronics) =ر2ب%* =G•2J%* «2:(,*
-o/8 catho8e recti7ier (P/ectronics)
-o/8 catho8e t"be (or aa/ae) (P/ectronics) =ر2, =G•2s 1ذ $B1>(J%‘ @2;™
-o/8 chise/ (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ˜vق O43X‘
-o/8 cream
-o/8 c"tting (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ˜vق
-o/8 8raY (a.) =ر2ب%* ZلT iK)
-o/8 8raYn Yires (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ة,GK<3 ]m)C
-o/8 emission ? a"to-emission (P/ectronics) $5*ذ «2:(,*
-o/8 7/oY (Png.)
-o/8 7ront (Leteor.) D=ر2, ةMبj
-o/8 ^"nction (h!s.)
-o/8 /ight (h!s.)
-o/8 mi// (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ةنh%= ˜نl3
-o/8 mibe8 (a8^.) =ر2ب%* ZلT Q1c;3
-o/8 mo"/8ing (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT i%*Gn%2, O4J€(%*
-o/8 #ack (n.) (Le8.) D=ر2, D=2;s
-o/8 #ack (a.) D=ر2ب%* Ÿ*=2;J%2, Ž%2T
-o/8 #it (Lining.) ةيGM5 >\,
-o/8 #oint (h!s.) ';_(%* ةvnB
-o/8 #ress (a.) (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT zبJ%2, 2™
-o/8 #ressing (et. Png.)
-o/8 #ressing (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT zبJ%2, O4J€5
-o/8 riaeting (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ة;`>,
-o/8 ro// (n.) (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ةنh%'%* Q*>E=
-o/8 ro// (a.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ةنh%'%2, SG) 1C Vh%=
-o/8 ro//e8 (a8^.) (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT Vh%'3
-o/8 ro//e8 sha7ting (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ةنh%'3 Dر*=‘ D';TC
-o/8 ro//ing (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ةنh%=
-o/8 room (Png.) 'ي>ب5 D>_E
-o/8 r"nning (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT |*ر1'%*
-o/8 sector (Leteor.)
-o/8 sett (or set or sate) (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT ˜vق O43X‘
-o/8 setting (-hem.) =ر2ب%* ZلT i4)>5
-o/8 short (Let.) *=Ë ر2, Ov;ي 1C ”>vي &
-o/8 sh"t ? co/8 shot (Let.) ة4nب%* Oبق {ن3 I<ق =G;_% iلl%* IEm5 @'T
-o/8 sna# (Leteor.) =ر2ب%* znv%* V3 D>(F
-o/8 starting (Png.) =ر2ب%* ZلT Dر*=ž* •',
-o/8 steam ر2[ب%*1 •2;%* V3 Žيc3
-o/8 storage =ر2, •23 $F |cd
-o/8 Yater test (Png.)
-o/8 Yaae (Letero.)
-o/8 Ye/8ing =ر2ب%* ZلT @2K%
-o/e (Bot.)
-o/eo#tera (eoo/.)
-o/ic (Li8.) ‡A3
-o/ise"m (B"i/8.) Ÿ2ير2ب;ل% >4بs Qر'3
-o//aborate (a.)
-o//a#se (n.)
-o//a#se (a.)
-o//a#se ca/8era (weo/.)
-o//a#sib/e bit (Png.) $vل% ةل,2ق ة;n%
-o//a#sib/e boat (ga"t.) rGvي 0ر2ق
=ر2, (=G•2s) •بM3 1ذ @Gn3
D>€بل%) iR>31 kvل3 I+>3)
=2Mjž* O:h, IN(ن3 ³G€5 ~=ر2, 024<B*
rر*>E =G;T $F) D=ر2ب%* ةل™G%*)
رGلh(%* 1C >h<h(%2s) =ر2, •Gp)
“4`>5 ةv}2p $F) =ر2ب%* ZلT “4`>5)
$B1cلK%* ر2lTž* $F) =ر2, š2vق)
=ر2ب%* •2;%2, (Oj*>;%*) ر2ب(d*
D=ر2, {jG3 . =>, {jG3
I_ل` . th%
D—4;;%* @G4<%2J%* Ÿ*رG, ~t4ن;%Gs
ةKنjH* D';A;%* Ÿ*>€K%* ةب5ر ~ةKنjH* Ÿ*';A3
˜3 ]*>(`* . |12:5
’Gn5 . §Gب+ . ر24MB*
ZT*'5 . •ب+ . ’Gn5 . ر2MB*
ة4B2sر ة4pGE ة+GF ~ةv,2+ *>ي'%2s
-o//a#sib/e mast (ga"t.) rGvني ر2™
-o//a#sing #ress"re (h!s.) ر24MB&* •Ap
-o//ar-beam roo7 (B"i/8.) |Gل;j ة\4+ ZلT kn)
-o//ar-hea8e8 screY (Png.) •4<3 ”GR 1ذ i%Gل3 ر2;<3
-o//ar (n.) (Png.)
-o//ar (a.) ”GR
-o//ar beam (-ar#.) |Gل;_%* $(ب€d '€ي $nFC co2j
-o//ar bearing (Png.) ”*GRC 1C iلj 1ذ O;K3
-o//ar ce// ? choanoc!te (eoo/.)
-o//ar 7/ange (Png.) ”Gv%* ةh`
-o//ar ga"ge (Png.) $قGR Š24ق ='K3
-o//ar ^oint (Png.) ”*GRC 1C iلE 1ذ Olh3
-o//ar n"t (Png.) ةبقر Ÿ*ذ ة%G;™
-o//ar socket (Png.) ”Gv%* kيG_5
-o//ar thr"st bearing (Png.) $قGR $:F= O;K3
-o//ar. a8^"stab/e $R2بfB* ”GR
-o//ar. 8"st (Png.) ر2بAل% ˜B23 ”GR
-o//arbone ? c/aaic/e (eoo/.) DGق>(%* INT
-o//ate (a.)
-o//atera/ (a8^.)
-o//ation (n.)
-o//eag"e (n.)
-o//ect (a.)
-o//ecting br"shes (P/ec. Png.)
-o//ecting /ens (°#t.)
-o//ecting #it (-ia. Png.) ˜4;_5 D>hE
-o//ecting s!stem ˜4;_5 ةJب`
-o//ecting aat ˜4;_5 |*cd
-o//ection ةTG;_3
-o//ection basin ˜4;_5 ’GE
-o//ectiae 8riae (P/ec. Png.)
-o//ectiae 7arm (Agric.) ة4B12:5 ةTرc3
-o//ectiae 7r"it (Bot.) ة45G5 D>;•
-o//ectiae /ens (±ight.) ة3& ة)'T
-o//ectiaism (n.)
-o//ector e77icienc! (P/ec. Png.) ˜;_;%* ةي2hs
-o//ector #i#e (Png.)
-o//ector #/ate (P/ec. Png.) ˜;_;%* ةK4h™
-o//ector resistance (P/ec. Png.) ˜;_;%* ة312n3
-o//ector ring ? s/i# ring (P/ec. Png.) $nلE ˜;_3
-o//ector shoe (P/ec. Png.)
-o//ector stri# ? contact stri# (P/ec. Png.) ˜4;_5 ةKي>`
-o//ector. br"sh (P/ec. Png.) $BGj>F W'ب3
-o//ector. comb (P/ec. Png.) $v€3 ˜;_3
-o//ector. c"rrent (P/ec. Png.)
-o//ector. 8"st (Png.) ر2بA%* ˜;_3
-o//ench!ma (Bio/.) r1>} Ž4<B
-o//et (Png.)
-o//et ch"ck ? 8raYn-in ch"ck (Png.)
-o//et s/eeae (Png.) $ق2BX Is
-o//i8e (a.)
-o//ier (n.) @2KF ‚ IKh%* Onن% ةن4h)
V4,GبBC •,>5 ةنن<3 ةB*Gv)C . ةبلj . ”GR
ةقGv3 ة4لd . ة4:;ق ة4لd
˜j*ر . '4ل_(%* Oبق 02(J%* @Xm3 Uق= ‚ ‡KF
X*G(3 . X*G3 ‚ $T>F . $F2p‘ . $بB2j
ة:j*>3 . ةل,2n3 . ةBر2n3
k4™ر . U4Fر . O43X
'€E . Ip . ˜4;_5 . ˜;j
˜4;_5 V4j*>F . ˜4;_5 Ÿ*>h<3
ةj1=c3 k4›J5 ة)'T $F •Gf%* ر'l3 Z%‘ 0>قH* ة)':%* ~˜4;_5 ة)'T
ة4T2;j Dر*=‘ . $T2;j O4A€5
Q2(Bž* ZلT ة%1'%* D>v4) ~ة4T2;j ة4Jل3
˜;_3 . '`2E
0>) . ˜4;_5 DرG)23
r'ي'K%* •[%2, ة4o2,>MJ%* ةلF2K%* Olي ~˜4;_5 GfT
ر24(%2, ة4o2,>MJ%* ةلF2K%* O4™G5 š*رذ ~ر24(%* ˜;_3
'M:3 . ة4لs
ة;n% ‚ ';} ‚ ةبلj . ”GR . ةnلE
iK<ي ”GR 1ذ ~$قGR ‹>•
@'v™* . @=2l5 . @'™
-o//ier! (n.) {:,*G51 {5•€ن;, IKh%* I_ن3
-o//igate #ro#erties (-hem.) ةv,*>(3 ‡o2ld
-o//imate (h!s.)
-o//imating te/esco#e (Astron.) 'ي'<5 Dر2NB
-o//imation error (´"ra.) ة(32<;%* 1C •*c4()&* —vd
-o//imation. /ine o7 (´"ra.) ة(32<;%* 1C •*c4()&* •d
-o//imator (°#t.)
-o//inear (a8^.)
-o//inear #oints (weom.) ة(32<(3 ةvnB
-o//ineation ? co//imation •*c4()*
-o//ision b"/khea8 @=2l(%* cj2E
-o//ision co"rse (Aero.)
-o//ision 7re9"enc! @*'v™&* ==>5
-o//ision ioniyation (h!s.)
-o//ocation (n.) I4Nن5 ‚ ةn<ن3 ةTG;_3
-o//o8ion (-hem.) |Gي=G%Gs
-o//o8ion cotton (-hem.) XGل4ل)1>(B
-o//oi8 (-hem.)
-o//oi8 recti7ier (-hem.) $B*1>} =G•2s 1ذ @Gn3
-o//oi8a/ (a8^.)
-o//oi8a/ chemistr! (-hem.) Ÿ24B*1>A%* •24;4s
-o//oi8a/ c/a! (weo/.) $B*1>} V4R
-o//oi8a/ 8is#ersion (-hem.) $B*1>} t(€5
-o//oi8a/ e/ectro/!te (-hem.) $B*1>} t4%1>(J%‘
-o//oi8a/ 7i/ament (¨//"m.) ة4B*1>} ةل4(F
-o//oi8a/ 7"e/ (Png.) $B*1>} =Gق1
-o//oi8a/ gra#hite (-hem.) $B*1>} t4F*>}
-o//oi8a/ moaement (-hem.) ة4B*1>} ةs>E
-o//oi8a/ #artic/es (-hem.) ة4B*1>} Uo2ق= 1C Ÿ2;4<j
-o//oi8a/ so/"tion (-hem.) $B*1>} WGلK3
-o//oi8a/ state (-hem.)
-o//oi8a/ s"s#ension (-hem.) $B*1>} Uل:3
-o//oi8a/ s!stem (-hem.) $B*1>} @2NB
-o//"aia/ 8e#osits (weo/.) ة4,ذ2_%* i)*1ر
-o//! (n.)
-o//! (a.) Q2ن<%2, =G)
-o//!rite (Lin.)
-o/ogarithm (Laths.) I(ير2}Gل%* @2;5
-o/on (eoo/.)
-o/on s#irit ? methano/ (-hem.)
-o/one/ (n.) '4nT
-o/onia/ (a8^.)
-o/oniyation (n.) ر2;:()*
-o/onna8e (Arch.) D';TC k™
-o/on! (n.)
-o/o#hon! ? rosin
-o/or ? co/o"r |G%
-o/orimeter (hotog.)
-o/orimetric ana/!sis (-hem.) $BG% O4لK5
-o/orimetric #"rit! (-hem.) ة4BG% D12nB
-o/orimetr! (hotog.) |*G%H* Š24ق
-o/ossa/ (a8^.)
SX1C . =') . (>lب%* •d ˜3) t32)
ة:`H* {jG3 . D='<3
'E*1 I4n(<3 •d ZلT ˜ق*1 . t32<(3
ة3=2l3 . @=2l5 . @*'v™*
]>K(3 I<j1 ةhيxق V4, ~@*'v™&* ر2<3
•Af%* †h[ن;%* X2A%* Ÿ*رذ $F ة™2d) @*'v™&2, Vي—(%*)
ةي1>} {ب`) ة4B*1>} D=23)
r1>} {ب` . $B*1>}
ة4B*1>} ة%2E . ة4B*1>}
@2[) . Q2ن)
@G4ن3G%H* Ÿ2J4ل) ~tي*>4%Gs
ÇmA%* •2:3H* ~ |G%Gق
i€[%* WGKs . WGB2›43
r>;:(<3 . rر2;:()*
ةي>ق . OKB D>4;T ‚ D>;:(<3
>,Gنl%* q;™ . ة4BGhلق
|Gل5 . VيGل5
ة4BGل%* D'€%* Š24n3 . |*G%H* Š24n3
Oo2+ . I4<j . I[p
-o/o"r-/ight signa/ (-ia. Png.) |*G%H2, ة4oGp Dر2`‘
-o/o"r (n.)
-o/o"r (a.)
-o/o"r aberration (h!s.) $BG% qيX
-o/o"r a/b"m |*G%H* QG%2(s
-o/o"r am#/i7ier (©e/ea.) $BG% I[f3
-o/o"r ana/!yer (hotog.) |*G%C OلK3
-o/o"r at/as (hotog.) ةnF*G(;%* |*G%H* zلRC
-o/o"r ba/ance (hotog.) $BG% |X*G5
-o/o"r b/ee8ing (hotog.) DرGl%* $F |*G%H* §m(d*
-o/o"r b/in8ness (Le8.) |*G%H* Z;T
-o/o"r break-"# (©e/ea.)
-o/o"r cast (n.) |*G%H2, W2)ر‘
-o/o"r cast (a.) (©e/ea.) |*G%H2, Œ,
-o/o"r co8er (©e/ea.) ة4BGل%* DرGl%* XG3ر «'K3
-o/o"r contrast (hotog.) $BG% Vي2ب5
-o/o"r 8eco8er (©e/ea.) ة4BGل%* DرGl%* XG3ر OلK3
-o/o"r 8isc (hotog.) |*G%H* ¡>ق
-o/o"r 8istortion (hotog.) $BG% ³G€5
-o/o"r 7atig"e (°#t.) $BGل%* zK%* i:5
-o/o"r 7i/m (hotog.) |Gل3 Iل4F
-o/o"r 7i/ter (hotog.) |*G%C “`>3
-o/o"r 7ringes (hotog.) ة4BGل%* 0'M%*
-o/o"r gri8 (©e/ea.) |*G%H* ةJب`
-o/o"r harmon! (hotog.) $BG% UF*G5
-o/o"r in8eb (hotog.) $BG% O4%=
-o/o"r in8icator (-hem.) $BG% V4ب3
-o/o"r ki//er |Gل%* ةي=2EH* Ÿ*ر2`ž* t,2s
-o/o"r match (hotog.) |*G%H* ة3•*G3
-o/o"r osci//ator (©e/ea.) $BG% 0x,x3
-o/o"r #hase (©e/ea.) $BGل%* رGv%*
-o/o"r #ict"re t"be (©e/ea.)
-o/o"r #rinting (#rint.) ةBGل3 ةT2بR
-o/o"r #!rometer (Let.)
-o/o"r res#onse ة4BGل%* ة,2_()&*
-o/o"r sat"ration (hotog.) $BG% š2ب`‘
-o/o"r scheme $BG% U<B
-o/o"r sensitiait! (hotog.) ة4BGل%* ة4)2<K%*
-o/o"r se#aration (hotog.) |*G%H* OlF
-o/o"r signa/ (©e/ea.)
-o/o"r s#eci7ication (hotog.) |Gل%* ةh™*G3
-o/o"r stabi/it! (-hem.) |Gل%* ر*>n()*
-o/o"r stan8ar8s (hotog.) ة4)24n%* |Gل%* >4ي2:3
-o/o"r s!nchroniyation (©e/ea.) $BG% V3*c5
-o/o"r te/eaision (©e/ea.) |Gل;%* |Gيchل(%*
-o/o"r tem#erat"re (hotog.) ة4BGل%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
-o/o"r tem#ering (Let.) $BG% ˜4بv5
-o/o"r test |Gل%* D'` Š24n3
-o/o"r trans#arenc! (hotog.)
-o/o"r aision
-o/o"ration (n.)
-o/o"re8 7ringes ةBGل3 k_) 1C 0'+
-o/o"r7ast |Gل%* t,2•
|*ر'_ل%) |Gل3 $o23 •mR)
ةBGل3 D=23 . qب™ . |G%
|Gل5 . qب™ . |G%
ةT><, >Nن;%* >44A5 'نT 2(قu3) |*G%H* ”>h5)
ةBGل;%* رGl%* (W2بn()& r=G•2s ة:`C) 0GبBC
Dر*>K%* ةjر= Š24n%) $BG% >(31>4,)
ة4BGيchل5) ة4BG% Dر2`‘)
ةBGل3 DرG™ O;K5 Iل4F ةKي>` ~ةBGل3 ةKي>`
|*G%H* ر2l,‘ . |Gل%* ]*ر=‘
|Gل5 . VيGل5
-o/o"r7"/ |Gل%* ”>€3 ‚ ³*X
-o/o"ring matter
-o/o"ring #igment ? stainer (aint.)
-o/o"rtron (©e/ea.)
-o/ter ? co"/ter
-o/"mbite (Lin.)
-o/"mbi"m (-b) ? niobi"m (gb)
-o/"me//a (B"i/8.) >4A™ =G;T
-o/"mn batter! (P/ec. Png.)
-o/"mn 8ri// ةي=G;T ة,2n•
-o/"mn hea8 (Arch.) =G;:%* ŠCر 1C Q25
-o/"mn hoist (Png.) r=G;T š2F>3
-o/"mn. absor#tion (et. Png.) ¡2l(3&* =G;T
-o/"mn. 7ractionator (-hem.) ƒc_;%* =G;T
-o/"mnar (a8^.)
-o/"mnar basa/t (weo/.) r=2;T t%X2,
-o/"mnar 8ri// (-ia. Png.) ةي=G;T ة,2n•
-o/"mnar ^oints (weo/.) ة4B*';T O™*GF
-o/"mnar section (weo/.) r=G;T š2vق
-o/"mnar str"ct"re (weo/.)
-o/ya oi/ I_ل€%* X>, tيX
-oma (Astron.) iBx;%* ة,*1ذ
-oma (Bot.) Dرcب%* ‹>R $F i}X ‚ 2h)
-oma (Le8.)
-oma (h!s.)
-omb (n.)
-omb (a.)
-omb o7 acc"m"/ator (P/ec. Png.) $Jب€%* Is>;%* ®G%
-omb ri8ge ? cir9"e (weo/.) ةي'لj ةبلE
-ombat #/ane (Li/.) ةل52n3 Dر24R
-ombe (weo/.)
-ombe8 !arn ”G€;3 Wc}
-ombination (-hem.)
-ombination (n.)
-ombination ch"ck (Png.)
-ombination 8ie (Png.) ةhل5u3 ةب%G% ة;n%
-ombination 7"se WG:h;%* Q1=c3 @2;™
-ombination ga"ge kل5u3 Š24ق X2Mj
-ombination /ock
-ombination #/iers (Png.) ’*>}H* D=':(3 ةي=رX
-ombination rig (-ia. Png.) kل5u3 >hE InR
-ombination set ? combination s9"are (Png.)
-ombination tones (Aco"s.) ة4F2p‘ ةhل5u3 Ÿ2ن4نR
-ombination toYer (et. Png.) ةoc_51 >4vn5 Ÿ2ن4نR
-ombination t"rbine ? im#"/se-reaction t"rbine (Png.) $ل:F =ر $:F= V4,>5
-ombination Yrench (Png.) kل5u3 •,ر ®2(h3
-ombination. /aYs o7 chemica/ (-hem.) r12;4J%* =2K5&* V4B*Gق
-ombinations (Laths.) Ÿ24nF*G5
-ombine (n.) (Agric.)
-ombine (a.)
-ombine ba/er (Agric.) {3cE1 ²n%* ˜;j ة%‰
-ombine8-im#"/se t"rbine (Png.) kل5u3 $:F= V4,>5
-ombine8 (a8^.)
02fd . 2ب™ . ةBGل3 D=23
|Gل3 02fd . qب™
ةBGل;%* رGlل% W2بn()&* '4j r=G•2s ة:`C 0GبBC ~|G5>لs
2ي=G;T 0*>(%* ةل(s ˜vn5 $(%* ~«*>K;%* V4J)
c4نAن;%*1 'ي'K%* Ÿ&2(ن51 Ÿ2,G4B rGKي @2d ~t4ب;%Gs
i4B) ³c3ر @G4,G4ن%* cلh% W2;:()&* O4لق I)* ~@G4ب;%Gs)
رG,2R . O5ر ‚ ة32T= . =G;T
ةي=G;T ةير2v, . ˆ2(%GFˆ =G;T
r=2;T . r=G;T
rرG`G3 1C) r=2;T i4s>5)
–4ب<5 . |*>K, . Ÿ2ب)
ةبBx3 {ب<, ة4oGf%* ˜nب%* >MN5 ~$%2+ qيX
OKن%* iير2[B ‚ ةE><3 . ة<K3 . •€3
inB . ®>) . •€3
U4p r'4لj =*1 ~ةي'4لj ةبلE
$o24;4s Q*c(3* . =2K5*
ة4nF*G5 ‚ ةhل5u3 ةTG;_3 ‚ ˜;_5 ‚ Ip . ˜;j
D=>hن3 1C ة:;(_3 ة;n% ]>K(5 ~kل5u3 ةR>[3 ‹>•
ةن4:3 ‹1>E1 @2قر—, “(hي ) $nF*G5 Ohق)
cs>;%* V44:(% ŠCر1 ةلnن31 ة;o2ق ةي1*X Ÿ*ذ D>v<3 ~ةhل5u3 '32:5 ةي1*X
²n%* VT iK%* Olh51 'lK5 ~ة)*ر= D=2lE
2ي12;4s 'K5* 1C 'E1 . @2f5 . Ip . ˜;_5 . ˜;j
@2f(3 . 'K(3 . 'EG3
-ombine8 bath (hotog.)
-ombine8 carbon (Let.)
-ombine8 co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) •ل([3 |>ق
-ombine8 obseraation (´"ra.)
-ombine8 o#erations ةs>(€3 Ÿ24ل;T
-ombine8 #ress"re (Png.)
-ombine8 strength
-ombine8 stress (Png.) 'EG3 =2Mj‘
-ombine8 s!stem (Png.) rر2_;%* 'EG3 1C ]>(€3 kي>l5 @2NB
-ombine8 Yaae (¢a8io.) ة32f(3 ةjG3
-ombing (n.)
-ombing ca#acit! (-hem.) =2K5&* Dر'ق
-ombing e9"iaa/ent (-hem.) r=2K5&* ¬F2J;%*
-ombing 7orce (-hem.) =2K5&* DGق
-ombing machine (Png.)
-ombing ao/"mes (-hem.) D'K(3 @2_EC
-ombing Yeight ? e9"iaa/ent Yeight (-hem.) ¬F2J;%* |XG%*
-omb"stibi/it! (-hem.)
-omb"stib/e (a8^.) ”*>(Em% O,2ق
-omb"stib/e (n.)
-omb"stib/e constit"ents (-hem.) ”*>(Em% ةل,2ق Ÿ23Gn3
-omb"stib/e sha/e (weo/.) ”*>(Em% O,2ق OhR
-omb"stion (-hem.) ”*>E‘ ‚ ”*>(E*
-omb"stion ana/!sis (-hem.) ”*>(E&* Ÿ2_(ن3 O4لK5
-omb"stion chamber (Png.) ”*>(E&* ةB*cd 1C D>_E
-omb"stion contro/ (Png.)
-omb"stion contro/ . a"tomatic (Png.) ”*>(E&* $F $523G5H* IJK(%*
-omb"stion engine. interna/ (Png.) ”*>(E&* $لd*= ]>K3
-omb"stion gases (Png.) ”*>(E&* Ÿ*X2}
-omb"stion knock (Png.) ”*>(E&* •بd
-omb"stion /eg (Png.) ”*>(E&* >d—5
-omb"stion /osses (Png.) ”*>(E&* Ÿ*=Gnh3
-omb"stion #ress"re (Png.) ”*>(E&* •Ap
-omb"stion #ro8"cts (Png.) ”*>(E&* Q2(B
-omb"stion rate (Png.) ”*>(E&* W':3
-omb"stion resi8"e (-hem.) ”*>(E&* ةلfF
-omb"stion s#ace (Png.) ”*>(E&* c4E
-omb"stion tem#erat"re (-hem.) ”*>(E&* Dر*>E ةjر=
-omb"stion. heat o7 (-hem.) ”*>(E&* Dر*>E
-omb"stion. interna/ (Png.) $لd*= ”*>(E*
-omb"stion. s#ontaneo"s (-hem.) $o2nل5 ”*>(E*
-omet (Astron.) iBx3 I_B
-om7ort (n.)
-om7ort (a.)
-om7ortab/e (a8^.)
-om7ortab/e (n.) ‹2K%
-omit! (n.)
-omman8 (n.)
-omman8 (a.)
-omman8 g"i8ance (P/ec. Png.)
-omman8eer (a.)
-omman8er (n.)
{<hB WGلK;%* $F t4ب›(%*1 2بl%* =*G3 rGKي ~kل5u3 zvA3
il%* 'ي'E $F) {, 'K(;%* |G,>J%*)
•ل([3 (rرGK31 $بB2j) '™ر
]>(€3 •Ap . 'EG3 •Ap
D'EG3 ة312n3 . D'EG3 DGق
WcA%* “ي><5 . U€3 . •€3
ŽلK3 . Wc} ةv€;3
•4€;(%* 'نT •n<ي 23 ~ةR2€3 . ةق2€3
ة4ق*>(E&* . ”*>(E&* ة4ل,2ق
=Gق1 D=23 . ”*>(Em% ةل,2ق D=23
”*>(E&* $F IJK(%* . ”*>(E&* •بp
SGل) ‚ ®*>€B* . ةE*ر
ر'l%* ®>` . VT Zل) . ®*رC
®25>3 . “ي>3
ة)24s . ةل32_3
D>3‘ . >3C ‚ Dر*=‘ . D=24ق
=2ق . ZلT ‹>`C . >3C
{jG;%* ko*xnل%) r=24ق {4jG5)
>3‰ . 'o2ق
ةي>J<T ’*>}H) ر=2™)
>3‰ . 'o2ق
-omman8ing (a8^.)
-omman8o (Li/.)
-ommence (a.)
-ommencement (n.)
-ommen8 (a.)
-ommensa/ism (Bio/.) ة€ي2:3
-ommens"rab/e (a8^.)
-ommens"rate (a8^.)
-omment (n.)
-omment (a.)
-ommentar! (n.)
-ommentator (n.)
-ommerce (n.)
-ommercia/ (a8^.) rر2_5
-ommercia/ brass (Let.)
-ommercia/ 8e#osit (or 9"antit!) (Lining.) ر2;›()&* UK(<ي X2sر
-ommercia/ e77icienc! (P/ec. Png.) ةير2_(%* ةي2hJ%*
-ommercia/ 7re9"encies (P/ec. Png.)
-ommercia/ stan8ar8s ة4)24n%* ةير2_(%* Ÿ2h™*G;%*
-ommercia/ Ye// (et. Png.)
-omming/e (a.)
-ommin"te (a.)
-ommin"te8 (a8^.)
-ommin"tion (Lining.)
-ommissar! $B12:5 |c[3 ‚ |Gن;3 ‚ ’Gh3
-ommission (n.)
-ommission (a.)
-ommission agent ة%G;:%2, O4s1
-ommissione8 o77icer (Li/.) 'لn3 •,2p
-ommissioning (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%2, {ل™1 Oبق $o2,>MJ%* X2M_%* ر2ب(d*
-ommiss"re (eoo/.)
-ommit (a.)
-ommittee (n.)
-ommib (a.)
-ommibt"re (n.)
-ommo8io"s (a8^.) Iom3 ‚ ˜<(3
-ommo8it! (n.)
-ommo8ore (Li/.) r>K, '4;T
-ommon-ion e77ect (-hem.)
-ommon (a8^.)
-ommon abis (Laths.) ]>(€3 رGK3
-ommon ba/ance r=2T |*c43
-ommon carrier ة32T OnB ةs>`
-ommon channe/ inter7erence (¢a8io. ©e/ea.)
-ommon 8enominator (Laths.) ]>(€3 Q>[3 1C @2n3
-ommon 8i77erence (Laths.)
-ommon 8iaisor (Laths.) ]>(€3 I)2ق
-ommon 7actor (Laths.) ]>(€3 O32T
-ommon 7raction (Laths.) Qر*= 1C r=24(T* ><s
-ommon gro"n8 (Laths.) ]>(€3 Š2)C
-ommon ^aY ch"ck (Png.)
-ommon knoY/e8ge
$F IJK(3 . ZلT ‹>€3
$o*'F . ر*GA3
>`2, . š>` . C'(,*
ة4لs 1C ة)ر'3 $F) Žي>[(%* ةلhE ‚ •*'(,* . •',)
Z%‘ Os1 . 0Gl()* . ®'(3*
':ي . Š24nل% O,2ق
Š24n;%* Ÿ*x, z4n3 ‚ i)2ن(3 . ¬F2J(3
ةNEm3 . U4ل:5
ZلT) inT . UلT)
®>` ‚ ZلT i4n:5 . U4ل:5
in:3 . Uل:3
D>j2(3 . Dر2_5
rGKي) rر2_(%* >h™H* Š2Kن%* „… •BX » )
) ةير2_(%* Ÿ*==>(%* ¤¾ 1 Dر'n%* Ÿ*X*'% ¥… D•2pž* Ÿ*ر*'% )
ر2;›()&* UK(<5 •hB >\, ~ةير2_5 >\,
Qc(3* . Qc3 . •ل(d* . •لd
•M) .”= . UK)
œ1>_3 . t(h3
•M) . œ>j . t(h5 . t4(h5
ة%G;T ‚ ةن_% ‚ ة;M3 ‚ D•*>, . †يGh5
ة3'[ل% cMj ‚ 0'(B* . ’GF
ةن_% GfT ‚ ’Gh3 . 01'ن3
ةب4lT ةل™1 ‚ |>n3 . •2n(%* ةvnB
iJ5ر* ‚ (0) 'M:5 1C @c(%* . (Z%‘) Os1
zبE . 02J5ر* ‚ @*c(%* . 'M:5
ة\4+ . ةن_%
•ل(d* . Qc(3* ‚ •لd . Qc3
Žيc3 . Q*c(3*
ةT2f, . š2(3 . ة:ل)
r12;4J%* W=2:(%* ZلT) ]>(€;%* |GيH* >4•—5)
r=2T . ‹G%—3 ‚ ]>(€3 . @2T . ˜o2`
==>(%* ة,ر2n(3 ةل32E Ÿ2jG3 V3 W2بn()&* Od*'5 ~ةs>(€;%* ة4نقH* Od*'5
ةي=':%* ة4%*G(;%* Š2)C . ]>(€3 OfF
˜vn%* $•m•) r=2T $JF ‹>•)
@2T @GMh3 . ‹>T
-ommon /ogarithms (Laths.)
-ommon m"/ti#/e (Laths.) ]>(€3 kT2f3
-ommon #ractice
-ommon ra7ters (B"i/8.) ةh4hd ة4o2€B‘ 'F*1ر
-ommon ratio (Laths.)
-ommon ret"rn (P/ec. Png.)
-ommon root (Laths.) ]>(€3 رxj
-ommon sa/t (-hem.) @2:v%* “ل3
-ommon sense
-ommon si8e ]>(€3 ˜لp
-ommon s/i8e aa/ae (Png.) r=2T $ق&cB* @2;™
-ommon stock r=2T 'ن) 1C IM)
-ommon tangent (Laths.) ]>(€3 Š2;3
-ommon threa8 (Png.) r=2T rر24T ةب%G% V)
-ommon "se r=2T W2;:()*
-ommon#/ace (a8^.) Wx(ب3 ‚ r=2T
-ommon#/ace (n.) r=24(T* 1C ‹G%—3 ¬`
-ommotion (n.)
-omm"nicab/e (a8^.) S1':%2, On(ن3 ‚ {%2lي‘ 1C {لnB VJ;3
-omm"nicate (a.)
-omm"nicating aesse/s (h!s.) ةق>v(<3 |*1C
-omm"nication (n.)
-omm"nication /ines
-omm"nication receiaer (¢a8io.) ة4Jل) & Ÿm™*G3 Oبn(<3
-omm"nication set (P/ec. -omm.) W2l5* X2Mj
-omm"nications netYork (P/ec. -omm.) Ÿm™*G3 ةJب`
-omm"nications sate//ite (¢a8io.) Ÿm™*G3 @>j
-omm"nicatiae re/a! (P/ec. -omm.) O4™G5 OE>3
-omm"ni9"Ê (n.) $;)ر |24, ‚ m,
-omm"nism (n.) ة4TG4€%*
-omm"nit! (n.)
-omm"nit! centre $T2;(j* cs>3
-omm"tate (a.)
-omm"tating 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.)
-omm"tating machine (P/ec. Png.)
-omm"tating #o/e ? com#o/e (P/ec. Png.) $ن4, '4EG5 ivق
-omm"tation (P/ec. Png.)
-omm"tation (n.)
-omm"tation sYitch (P/ec. -omm.)
-omm"tation ticket
-omm"tatiae (a8^.)
-omm"tatiae /aY (Laths.) W=2ب(%* |GB2ق
-omm"tator (P/ec. Png.)
-omm"tator bar ? comm"tator segment (P/ec. Png.)
-omm"tator b"sh ? comm"tator h"b (P/ec. Png.)W'ب;%* ةبلj
-omm"tator coi/s (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* Ÿ2hل3
-omm"tator 7ace ? comm"tator s"r7ace (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* “v)
-omm"tator h"b ? comm"tator b"sh. she// or s/eeae (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* ةبلj
-omm"tator /osses (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* Ÿ*=Gnh3
-omm"tator motor (P/ec. Png.) W'ب3 1ذ ]>K3
-omm"tator #itch (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* DGvd
-omm"tator recti7ier (P/ec. Png.) W'ب3 @Gn3
-omm"tator ring (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* ةnلE
-omm"tator ri##/e (P/ec. Png.) W'ب(;%* ر24(%* ة4vلF $F QG;5
ةي>€T) ةي=2T Ÿ2;(ير2}G%)
˜ب(3 •*>jC . ‹>T
ة4)'نM%* ة4%*G(;%* Š2)C . ةs>(€3 ةب<B
>›sC 1C V4(لlhن3 V45>o*'%) ]>(€3 D=GT •d)
On:5 . I4ل) ”1ذ
ةن4(F . 0*>vp* . Q24+
Z%‘) S=C ‚ (0) Ol5* . O™1C . OnB)
m,‘ ‚ W2l5* ةل4)1 . W2lي‘ . OnB
Ÿm™*G3 §Gvd . W2l5* ةJب`
O•2;5 ‚ ةل4lF ‚ ةTG;_3 . ةT2;j
ر24(%* ³2_5* 'E1 . ³2_5&* W',
ر24(%* '4EG5 ZلT O;:ي $<4R2نA3 W2_3 ~'EG3 W2_3
ر24(%* ³2_5* '4EG(% W'ب3 Ÿ*ذ ~'4EG5 ةنJ3
ة32:%* D>o*'%* $F {+2_5* '4EG(% '4%G(%* Ÿ2hل3 $F ر24(%* ³2_5* Oي'ب5 ~'4EG5
Oي':5 . Oي'ب5
$523G51C) '4EG5 ®2(h3)
V4:3 •d ZلT ŸmEر D':%) >:<%* ةfh[3 ةق2v,)
$%*',‘ . $%=2ب5
ر24(%* zs2T . '4EG5 1C Oي'ب5 GfT . W'ب3
W'ب;%* ةلlB . W'ب;%* i4fق
-omm"tator segments (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* ŸmlB 1C ˜vق
-omm"tator s/eeae (P/ec. Png.) W'ب;%* ةبلj
-omm"tator trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) W'ب3 1ذ WGK3
-omm"te (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* ³2_5* D'E1
-omm"te (a.)
-omm"te8 c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) 'EG3 ر245
-om#act (a8^.)
-om#act (n.)
-om#act (a.)
-om#act san8stone (weo/.) @2f(3 $ل3ر >_E
-om#an8ing (P/ec. -omm.) §2<بB* ³Gل(ي §2AfB*
-om#an8or ? com#ressor an8 eb#an8or (©e/e#h.)
-om#anion-Ya! (n.) ةن4h<%* Od*= $F Qر=
-om#an! (n.) ةT2;j ‚ ةق>F ‚ ةs>`
-om#arab/e (a8^.)
-om#aratiae (a8^.)
-om#aratiae ca/ibration
-om#aratiae/! (a8a.)
-om#arator (h!s.) |ر2n3
-om#arator ga"ge (Png.) |ر2n3 Š24n3
-om#arator. 8ia/ (Png.) •2ن43 1ذ |ر2n3
-om#arator. inter7erence Od*'(%* Š24n, |ر2n3
-om#are (a.)
-om#arison (n.)
-om#arison /am# (¨//"m.) ةBر2n3 ®2بl3
-om#arison #rism (±ight.) ةBر2n3 رG`G3
-om#arison s#ectr"m (±ight.) ةBر2n3 k4R
-om#arison s"r7ace (¨//"m.)
-om#arison test ةBر2n3 ة,>_5
-om#art (a.) (Arch.)
-om#artment (n.)
-om#artment. cargo (ga"t. Aero.) ˜o2fب%* >بنT
-om#artment. creY (ga"t. Aero.) V4Em;%* D>_E
-om#ass (n.)
-om#ass (a.) c_BC ‚ §2EC ‚ ر*=
-om#ass bearing (´"ra. ga"t.) r1*c%* ةل™Gب%* ³2_5*
-om#ass bob ةل™Gب%* ةبلT
-om#ass brick (B"i/8.)
-om#ass car8 (ga"t.) ةل™Gب%* ¡>ق
-om#ass correction ةل™Gب%* D•*>ق “4Kl5
-om#ass co"rse (ga"t.) ةل™Gب%2, >4<;%*
-om#ass 8eaiation (Lagn.) ةل™Gب%* ‹*>KB*
-om#ass 8ia/ ةل™Gب%* 2ن43
-om#ass error (Lagn.)
-om#ass nee8/e (Lagn.)
-om#ass north $<4vنA;%* W2;€%*
-om#ass #/ane ? circ"/ar #/ane Ÿ24نKن3 Q2K<3
-om#ass rea8ing ةل™Gب%* D•*>ق
-om#ass saY (-ar#.) >4A™ Ÿ24نKن3 ر2€ن3
-om#ass s"rae! (´"ra.)
-om#ass sYinging (ga"t.) ةل™Gب%* IيGn5
-om#ass traaerse (´"ra.) ةل™Gب%2, rX24(j* “<3
-om#ass Yin8oY (B"i/8.) ة\52B DxF2B
W'T ‚ (ة,Gn:%*) †hd ‚ W'ب()*
cjG3 ‚ ¡*>(3 . 'بل3 ‚ Ž3'3 . @2f(3 . Iل;ل3
”2h5* . ة4ق2h5*
‡[% ‚ 'ب% . ¡ر . Ž3=
¡*>5 . (§2AfB&2,) QG3=
$5Gl%* Vي2ب(ل%) •)2,1 ةv}2p ةTG;_3)
O•2;3 . (0) |ر2n3
$ب<B . |ر2n3
ة4ب<B D>4:3 . |ر2n3 Žير'5
ةBر2n;%2, . 24ب<B
{,2` . Oo23 ‚ O,2ق . |ر2ق
ةل•2;3 ‚ ةلp2h3 . ةBر2n3
D•2pž* rر24:3) ةBر2n3 “v))
ةvي>[% 2nF1 I<ق . •*cjC Z%‘ OlF
I<n3 . ”1'ن™ . D>4_E
ر2j>F ‚ Dر*'()* ‚ •E . ةل™G,
Ÿ24نKن;%* •2نب%) ‹'`C 0GR)
ةن4h<%* OJ4+ VT Ž52ن%*) $ل™Gب%* —v[%*)
ة4<4vنA3 D>,‘ . ةل™Gب%* D>,‘
ةل™Gب%2, •4v[5 . ةل™Gب%2, “<3
-om#ass. a#erio8ic (ga"t.) ةير1= & ةل™G,
-om#ass. ayim"th (´"ra.) ة4(;) ةل™G,
-om#ass. boY (Png.) $)Gق ر2j>F
-om#ass. ca/i#ers r1>s klB ر2j>F
-om#ass. 8ra"ght Š1À>%* W'ب(3 ر2j>F
-om#ass. g!rosco#ic ة4,GJ)1>4j ةل™G,
-om#ass. mariner·s (ga"t.) ®m;%* ةل™G,
-om#asses (Png.)
-om#atibi/it! (n.)
-om#atibi/it! (©e/ea.)
-om#atib/e (a8^.)
-om#e/ (a.)
-om#ensate (a.)
-om#ensate8-ba/ance (Yhee/) (Png.) W=2:3 ةBX*G3 0&1=
-om#ensate8 (a8^.)
-om#ensate8 a/ternator (P/ec. Png.)
-om#ensate8 con8enser W=2:3 k›J3
-om#ensate8 ebcitation (P/ec. Png.) ة%=2:3 Dر2•‘
-om#ensate8 in8"ction motor (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 Z(E ]>K3
-om#ensate8 #en8"/"m (h!s.) W=2:3 W1'ن, 1C ¡2قر
-om#ensate8 #ro#e//er (Png.) ة%=2:3 ةE1>3
-om#ensate8 re#"/sion motor (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 r>F2ن5 ]>K3
-om#ensate8 resistance coi/ (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 ة312n3 kل3
-om#ensate8 series motor (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 W*G5 ]>K3
-om#ensate8 sh"nt bob (P/ec. Png.) ةيX*G;%* Ÿ2312n;ل% W=2:3 ”1'ن™
-om#ensate8 ao/tmeter (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 ة4vلF Š24n3
-om#ensate8 ao/"me contro/ (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 Dر2Mj •بf3
-om#ensate8 Yattmeter (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 >(;R*1
-om#ensating brake (Png.) W=2:3 “بJ3
-om#ensating carb"rettor (Png.) ة%=2:3 V,>J3
-om#ensating coi/s (P/ec. Png.) ة%=2:3 Ÿ2hل3
-om#ensating co//ar (P/ec. Png.) ة%=2:3 ”GR
-om#ensating co"#/ing (Png.) W=2:3 |ر2n5
-om#ensating c!/in8er (Png.) ة%=2:3 ةB*Gv)*
-om#ensating errors (Png.) ة\F2J(3 •2vdC
-om#ensating e!e#iece (±ight.) ة%=2:3 ة4ن4T
-om#ensating 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 W2_3
-om#ensating 7i/ter (hotog.) W=2:3 “`>3
-om#ensating gear (Png.) W=2:3 Š>5
-om#ensating goaernment (Png.)
-om#ensating ^et (¨.-. Pngs.) W=2:3 Œhن3
-om#ensating /ea8s (P/ec. Png.) ة%=2:3 Ÿm™G3
-om#ensating magnets (Lagn.) W=2:3 z4vنA3
-om#ensating mechanism (Png.) ة%=2:3 ة4%‰
-om#ensating #o/e ? com#/e (P/ec. Png.) W=2:3 '4EG5 ivق
-om#ensating ring (Png.) ة%=2:3 ةnلE
-om#ensating s#ring (Png.) W=2:3 ]>بBX
-om#ensating tank (Png.) †يG:5 |*cd
-om#ensating aa/ae (Png.) Oي':(%* @2;™
-om#ensating Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) ة%=2:3 ko2h%
-om#ensation ba/ance (Png.) ة%=2:3 |*c43
-om#ensation /eae/ Oي':(%* SG(<3
ر2s>, . ر2j>F
ة;om3 . @2_<B* . UF*G5
†4,H*1 =G)H2,) r=2T |Gيchل(, |Gل;%* $BGيchل(%* W2)رž* W2بn()* ة4B2J3‘ ~W2بn()&* I}2ن5
UF*G(3 . I_<ن3
ZلT) ³>s* . >بjC)
O;_3 . ‡[ل3
ScjC ‚ SG) ‚ —F2s . ’GT
V4:3 |X*G5 =2_يž W':3 . W=2:3
W=2:3 ==>3 . ة%':3 ة,Gن3
W=2:3 (ةT>)) INن3
W=2:(%* •بp Oo2)1 ‚ ة%=2:3 ‚ D—F2J3 . †يG:5
-om#ensation metho8 (-hem.)
-om#ensation #en8"/"m (h!s.) W=2:3 W1'ن, 1C ¡2قر
-om#ensation #oint (Bot.)
-om#ensation Yater (Png.) †يG:(%* ³243
-om#ensator (P/ec. Png. hotog.)
-om#ensator. tem#erat"re (P/ec. Png.) Dر*>K%* ةjر= >4A5 W=2:3
-om#ensator! (a8^.)
-om#ensator! s"r7ace †يG:(%* “v)
-om#ete (a.)
-om#etence ? com#etenc! (n.)
-om#etent (a8^.)
-om#etent be8s (weo/.) ة4lT 1C D'32™ Ÿ2nبR
-om#etition (n.)
-om#i/ation (n.)
-om#i/e (a.)
-om#/ain (a.)
-om#/aint (n.)
-om#/ement (n.)
-om#/ement (a.)
-om#/ement o7 an ang/e (Laths.) ةي1*c%* ة;;(3
-om#/ementar! (a8^.)
-om#/ementar! ang/es (Laths.) |2(32((;%* |2(ي1*c%*
-om#/ementar! co/o"rs (h!s.) ة32((;%* |*G%H*
-om#/ementar! correction I;(3 “4Kl5
-om#/ementar! 7"nction (Bio/.) ة;;(3 ةh4•1
-om#/ementar! 7"nction (Laths.) ة32((3 ة%*=
-om#/ete (a8^.)
-om#/ete (a.)
-om#/ete comb"stion (Png.) O32s ”*>(E*
-om#/ete c!c/e (P/ec. Png.) ةل32s Dر1=
-om#/ete 8i77"sion (±ight.)
-om#/ete 8issociation (-hem.) @25 •Jh5
-om#/ete 7/oYer (Bot.) ةل32s D>+X
-om#/ete integra/ (Laths.) @25 O32J5
-om#/ete ioniyation (-hem.) O32s Vي—5
-om#/ete isomor#hism (-hem.) O32J%* $لJ€%* {,2€(%*
-om#/ete mo8"/ation (P/ec. Png.) O32s Oي':5 1C V4;f5
-om#/ete oaerha"/ (Png.) O32s I43>5 1C ®m™‘
-om#/ete 9"a8rang/e (Laths.) @2(%* 2ي*1c%* $T2,ر
-om#/ete 9"a8ri/atera/ (Laths.) @2(%* šmpH* $T2,ر
-om#/ete ra8iator (h!s.)
-om#/ete reaction (-hem.) O32s OT2h5
-om#/ete reao/"tion (Png.) ةل32s Dر1=
-om#/ete "nit ةل32s D'E1
-om#/ete Ye// (et. Png.) Dc_ن3 >\,
-om#/etion (n.)
-om#/eb (a8^.)
-om#/eb (n.) ‡nB is>3 ‚ ةJ,2€(3 ةTG;_3
-om#/eb brasses (Let.)
-om#/eb com#o"n8s (-hem.) D'n:3 Ÿ2بs>3
-om#/eb co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) is>3 |ر2n5
-om#/eb c"rae (Laths.) is>3 ZنKن3
-om#/eb 7a"/t (weo/.) is>3 ر2<JB*
-om#/eb 7raction (Laths.) is>3 ><s
ة4o2,>MJ%* ة:F*'%* DGn%* Š24n% ~ة%=2:;%* ةnي>R
zhن(%* ˜3 $ل4F1رGلJ%* O4›;(%* 2M4F W=2:(ي $(%* D•2pž* D'` ~ة%=2:;%* ةvnB
W=2:3 . W':3
$%=2:5 . W=2:3 . ¬F2J3 . $fيG:5
Sر2, . zF2B
¡2l(d* ‚ ة4ل+C . ةق24% . Dر*'j
‡([3 - Dر*'j1 ة4ل+C 1ذ . uhs
ةn,2<3 . ة<F2ن3 . D*ر2ب3
ةTG;_3 . U4<ن5 . ˜4;_5 . ˜;j
kن™ . U<B . ˜4j
>3x5 . IلN5 . 2J`
ةلT . IلN5 . SGJ`
ة32;5 ‚ ةل;J5 . ة;(5
ةj2E 1C 2lnB ') . O;s . I;5
@2((3 . O;J3 . I(3
I;(3 . @25 . O32s . O;(J3
ZMBC . c_BC . O;sC . I5C
³ذ2hB‘ 1C {<JT |1= •Gf%* >€B . O32s ر2€(B*
=G)C I<j) š2:`ž* O32s ˜€3)
ةي2MB . W2;(s* . W2;s‘ . @2;5‘
i4s>(%* 'n:3 . is>3
S>dC |=2:31 >h™H* Š2Kن%* V3) ةبs>3 O32K3 In%)
-om#/eb h!#erbo/ic 7"nction (Laths.) ةبs>3 ةي'o*X Ÿ&*=
-om#/eb ion (-hem.) is>3 |GيC
-om#/eb n"mbers (Laths.) ةبs>3 =*'TC
-om#/eb ore (Lining.) is>3 @2d
-om#/eb #ermeabi/it! (P/ec. Png.) ةبs>3 ةيذ2hB‘
-om#/eb 9"antities (Laths.) ةبs>3 Ÿ24;s
-om#/eb sa/t (-hem.) is>3 “ل3
-om#/eb soi/ (weo/.) ةبs>3 ة,>5
-om#/eb s"bstance (-hem.) ةبs>3 D=23
-om#/eb aariab/e (Laths.) is>3 >4A(3
-om#/eb Yaae (P/ec.) ةبs>3 ةjG3
-om#/ebion (n.)
-om#/ebit! (n.)
-om#/iance (n.)
-om#/iant (a8^.)
-om#/icate (a8^.) (Bio/.)
-om#/icate (a.)
-om#/icate8 (a8^.)
-om#/ication (n.)
-om#/ications Ÿ2hT2f3
-om#/iment (n.)
-om#/iment (a.)
-om#/imentar! (a8^.)
-om#/! (a.)
-om#o (B"i/8.)
-om#o/e ? com#ensating #o/e (or inter#o/e) $ن4, '4EG5 ivق
-om#o/e ? comm"tating #o/e (P/ec. Png.) '4EG5 ivق
-om#onen8o (Laths.) i4s>5
-om#onent (a8^.)
-om#onent (n.)
-om#onent (n.) (Laths.) ةبs>3
-om#onent 7orce (h!s.) ةبs>3 DGق
-om#onent #arts (Laths.) ةبs>;%* •*cjH*
-om#onent tests (Png.)
-om#onent. horiyonta/ (Lech.) ة4nFC ةبs>3
-om#onent. aertica/ (Lech.) ةي=G;T ةبs>3
-om#onents (-hem.) ةبs>;%* •*cjH* 1C >™2ن:%*
-om#ose (a.)
-om#ose8 (a8^.)
-om#oser (a8^.)
-om#osing machine (©!#og.) ة4T2بv%* ‹>EH* k™ ةنJ3
-om#osing stick (©!#og.) ة4:بv;%* ‹>EH* kl3
-om#osite (a8^.)
-om#osite antic/ine (weo/.) ةh%u3 DGبق
-om#osite ba/ance (P/ec. Png.)
-om#osite bo8! is>3 I<j
-om#osite circ"it (©e/eg.)
-om#osite con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) is>3 O™G3
-om#osite constr"ction (Png.) is>3 •2€B‘
-om#osite 8e#osits (P/ec. Png.)
-om#osite 7o/8 (weo/.)
-om#osite 7r"it (Bot.) ةبs>3 D>;•
-om#osite gri8 (P/ec. Png.) ةبs>3 ةJب`
-om#osite ^oint (Png.) ةبs>3 ةل™1
D>€ب%* |G% . ةن[) . “3m3 . >MN3
•بل5 . 'n:5 . '4n:5
ة,2_()* . ةT12v3 . WGبق
=24nB&* OM) . š12v3 . i4_(<3
rGv3 . •,2€(3 . 'n:3
*•G) 1C D'E =*X ‚ 'n:5 . •ب% . 'nT
Oق>:3 . •ب(ل3 . •,2€(3 . 'n:3
ةhT2f3 . •,2€5 . '4n:5
•2ن• . ®'3 . •*>R‘
O32j . —ن+ . ®'3 . S>RC
ةي'Ms @'n3 ‚ $o*>R‘ . $Kي'3
Zf5ر* . Oبق . UF*1 . O›(3*
§m3 . ‡j
is>3 . |GJ3
‹>l5 . ]Gل)
=*>hB* ZلT Os) ةبs>;%* •*cjH* ر2ب(d*)
¡ر . INB ‚ |Gs . k%‰ . isر
œ—_%* •,*ر . ƒ=2+
¬€ن3 . I•2B . k%u3
k%u3 . is>3
ة4R*G%* Š24n% is>;%*ˆVhلsˆ |*c43 ‚ kل5u3 |*c5*
ةلd*'(3 & ة4BGhل5 ة4F*>Aل5 D>o*= ~ةh%u3 D>o*=
'<s—(%* ة312n;%) ةبs*>(3 Ÿ2ب)>5)
ةبs>3 1C) ةh%u3 ة4R)
-om#osite /o"8s#eaker (Aco"s.) is>3 ر2M_3
-om#osite n"c/e"s ةبs>3 D*GB
-om#osite n"mber (Laths.)
-om#osite #ro#e//ant (-hem.)
-om#osite signa/ (P/ec. -omm.) ةh%u3 Dر2`‘
-om#osite si// (weo/.)
-om#osite s!nc/ine (weo/.) ةh%u3 D>4:ق
-om#osite tr"ss (B"i/8.) is>3 |Gل;j
-om#osite Yaae-7i/ter (h!s.) is>3 $jG3 “`>3
-om#osite Yire (P/ec. Png.) is>3 •ل)
-om#ositing (n.)
-om#osition (n.)
-om#osition o7 7orces (Lech.) SGn%* i4s>5
-om#ositor (©!#og.) ةT2بv%* ‹1>E ¡2™ر
-om#ost (n.) •4لd $:4بR =2;)
-om#o"n8-catenar! constr"ction (P/ec. Png.) is>3 $ل<ل) •2€B‘
-om#o"n8-Yo"n8 (a8^.) kل%* is>3
-om#o"n8 (a8^.)
-om#o"n8 (n.)
-om#o"n8 (a.)
-om#o"n8 air #"m# (Png.)
-om#o"n8 a/i#hatic (-hem.) $52h4%C 1C $ن+= is>3
-om#o"n8 arc (P/ec.) is>3 $o2,>Ms ŠGق
-om#o"n8 br"sh (P/ec. Png.)
-om#o"n8 cab/e is>3 Oبs
-om#o"n8 circ"it (P/ec. Png.)
-om#o"n8 com#ression (Png.) OE*>3 ZلT §2AfB*
-om#o"n8 connection (¢a8io.)
-om#o"n8 c"rae (´"ra.) is>3 ZنKن3
-om#o"n8 8iaision (Laths.) ةبs>3 ة;<ق
-om#o"n8 8!namo (P/ec. Png.) ko2hل%* is>3 $o2,>Ms '%G3
-om#o"n8 engine (Png.) is>3 ]>K3
-om#o"n8 e!e (eoo/.) ةبs>3 V4T
-om#o"n8 7a"/t (weo/.) is>3 š'™
-om#o"n8 7raction (Laths.) is>3 ><s
-om#o"n8 7ract"re (Le8.)
-om#o"n8 7r"it (Bot.) ةبs>3 D>;•
-om#o"n8 generator (P/ec. Png.) is>3 '%G3
-om#o"n8 gir8er (Png.) ةبs>3 ةpر2T
-om#o"n8 im#"/se t"rbine (Png.) is>3 ˜F= V4,>5
-om#o"n8 interest (Laths.) ةبs>3 D'o2F
-om#o"n8 /ea7 (Bot.) ةبs>3 ةقر1
-om#o"n8 /ens (°#t.) ةبs>3 ة)'T
-om#o"n8 /eaer (Png.) ةبs>3 ة:F*ر
-om#o"n8 machine (Lech.) ةبs>3 ةنJ3
-om#o"n8 magnet (P/ec. Png.) is>3 z4vنA3
-om#o"n8 microsco#e (±ight.)
-om#o"n8 mo8"/ation (¢a8io.) is>3 V4;f5
-om#o"n8 motor (Png.) is>3 ]>K3
-om#o"n8 n"c/e"s (h!s.) ةبs>3 D*GB
-om#o"n8 n"mber (Laths.) is>3 ='T
-om#o"n8 oi/ (-hem.)
-om#o"n8 #en8"/"m (h!s.) is>3 W1'ن,
-om#o"n8 #ro#ortion (Laths.) is>3 i)2ن5
$%1C >4} ='T . k%u3 ='T
*'<su3 *=Gق1 rGKي ~k%u3 >)*= =Gق1
ةير2ن%* رG[l%* V3 š*GBC D'T O;€ي) k%u3 $nF* Š2)'BC)
i4s>5 . ˜4;_5
k4hl5 . •2€B‘ . k4%—5 . i4s>5
r=2K5* . is>3
ةبs>3 D=23 . r12;4s is>3
˜;j . isر
>›sC 1C V4(لE>3 Ÿ*ذ) ةبs>3 ة4o*G+ ة[f3)
ة%=2ب(3 ة4BG,>s1 ة4)2KB Ÿ2nبR Ÿ*ذ) ةبs>3 |Gj>F)
$o2,>MJ%* ر24(%* ]mM()*1 '4%G(% ر=2l3 D'T O;€5 ~ةبs>3 O<ل<5 D>o*=
OE*>3 ZلT) is>3 O4™G5)
'ل_%* ”c;5 {بKlي) kT2f3 ><s)
>M_3 . 0GJ)1>J43
$B':31 $52بB) is>3 tيX)
-om#o"n8 9"antit! (Laths.) ةبs>3 ة4;s
-om#o"n8 ra8ica/ (-hem.)
-om#o"n8 ratio (Laths.) ةبs>3 ةب<B
-om#o"n8 re7/eb (eoo/.) is>3 zJ:ن3
-om#o"n8 screY (Png.) is>3 i%G%
-om#o"n8 steam t"rbine (Png.) is>3 rر2[, V4,>5
-om#o"n8 train (Png.)
-om#o"n8 t"rbine (Png.) is>3 V4,>5
-om#o"n8 "mbe/ (Bot.) is>3 $;4d ر*>+X‘
-om#o"n8 aein (weo/.) is>3 ”>T
-om#o"n8 Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) is>3 k%
-om#o"n8 Yire (Png.) is>3 •ل)
-om#o"n8. ac!c/ic (-hem.) $nلE & is>3
-om#o"n8. binar! (-hem.) >lن:%* $o2ن• is>3
-om#o"n8. chemica/ (-hem.) r12;4s is>3
-om#o"n8. inorganic (-hem.) rGfT & is>3
-om#o"n8. minera/ (Lin.) $B':3 is>3
-om#o"n8. organic (-hem.) rGfT is>3
-om#o"n8. sat"rate8 (-hem.) ˜ب€3 is>3
-om#o"n8. stab/e (-hem.) >n(<3 is>3
-om#o"n8. "nstab/e (-hem.)
-om#o"n8e8 gears (Png.)
-om#o"n8ing (Png.) is>3 O4™G5
-om#o"n8ing gears (Png.) is>;%* Š1>(%* O4™G5
-om#rehen8 (a.)
-om#rehen8e8 ang/e (Laths.) ةن;f(3 1C DرGlK3 ةي1*X
-om#rehension (n.)
-om#rehensiae (a8^.)
-om#ress (n.)
-om#ress (a.)
-om#resse8-air brake (Png.) ^
-om#resse8-air con8enser (P/ec. Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%* V3 {%X2T k›J3
-om#resse8-air c!/in8er (Png.) §GAf3 •*G+ ةB*Gv)C
-om#resse8-air 8ri// (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, O;:ي 02n›3
-om#resse8-air e/eaator (or /i7t) (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, ':l3
-om#resse8-air hoist (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, š2F>3
-om#resse8-air /i7ting (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, ˜F>%*
-om#resse8-air /ine (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, i4,2BC •d
-om#resse8-air oi/ 7i/ter §GAf;%* •*GM%2, tيc%* “`>3
-om#resse8-air #i#e/ine (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%* i4,2BC •d
-om#resse8-air reseraoir (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%* |*cd
-om#resse8-air starter (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, O;:ي ةs>E ƒ=2,
-om#resse8 (a8^.)
-om#resse8 air §GAf3 •*G+
-om#resse8 7o/8 (weo/.) ةRGAf3 ة4R 1C •*G(%*
-om#resse8 s#ring (Png.) •Afن3 †,2B
-om#ressibi/it! (h!s.)
-om#ressibi/it! 7actor (Lech.) §2AfB&* O32:3
-om#ressib/e (a8^.)
-om#ressib/e 7/"i8 (Png.) •Afل% O,2ق ˜o23
-om#ression-chamber (Png.) §2AfB&* D>_E
-om#ression-cock (Png.) §2AfB&* zبK3
-om#ression-ignition engine (Png.) $R2AfB* W2:`¯, ]>K3
is>3 (r12;4s) U`
is>3 (Š1>5) ر2vق
WmKB&* ˜ي>)) >n(<3 >4} is>3)
O4™G(%* ةبs>3 (ةب%G%) Š1>5
k%u3 . is>3
SGE . V;f5 ‚ iTG()* . ]ر=C . IMF
V;f5 ‚ 02:4()* . ]*ر=‘ . IMF
iTG(<3 . O32`
Vvق zبJ3 ‚ D=2Fر . D=2;p
•AfB* . •Ap . zبs
§GAf;%* •*GM%2, (O;:ي) “بJ3
';f3 ‚ “v<3 . §GAf3 . ŠGبJ3
ة4RGAf3 . §2AfB&* ة4ل,2ق . ة4R2AfB*
•Afن3 . •Afل% O,2ق
-om#ression-#"m# (Png.) §2AfB&2, ة[f3
-om#ression-re/ease aa/ae (Png.) §2AfB&* >ي>K5 @2;™
-om#ression (n.)
-om#ression cab/e (P/ec. Png.)
-om#ression con8enser (P/ec. Png.) $R2AfB* k›J3
-om#ression c"rae (h!s.) §2AfB&* ZنKن3
-om#ression e77icienc! (Png.) §2AfB&* ةي2hs
-om#ression 7a"/t (weo/.) •Af%2, ر2<JB*
-om#ression ignition (Png.) §2AfB&* Dر*>K, W2:(`*
-om#ression /ine §2AfB&* •d
-om#ression /oa8 (Png.) §2AfB&* O;E
-om#ression /osses (Png.) §2AfB&* Ÿ*=Gnh3
-om#ression mo"/8ing (Png.) •Af%2, i%*Gn%* G™
-om#ression #rocess (Png.) §2AfB&* 1C •Af%* ة4ل;T
-om#ression ratio (Png.) §2AfB&* ةب<B
-om#ression re7rigeration (Png.) §2AfB&2, 'ي>ب5
-om#ression re/ie7 /eaer (Png.) §2AfB&* >ي>K5 ةل(T
-om#ression rib §2AfB* ˜لp
-om#ression ring (Png.) •Af%* @2JE‘ ر*G)
-om#ression s#ace (Png.) §2AfB&* c4E
-om#ression s#ring (Png.) §2AfB* ]>بBX
-om#ression strain §2AfB&* W2:hB*
-om#ression stroke §2AfB&* §G`
-om#ression test §2AfB&* ر2ب(d*
-om#ression tester §2AfB&* ر2ب(d* X2Mj
-om#ression ao/"me §2AfB&* I_E
-om#ression. a8iabatic (h!s.)
-om#ression. isotherma/ Dر*>K%* ةjر= t,2• §2AfB*
-om#ressiona/ aibration (h!s.) $v}2f5 X*c(+*
-om#ressiona/ Yaae
-om#ressiae 7orce ةv}2p DGق
-om#ressiae strain §2AfB&* W2:hB*
-om#ressiae strength §2AfB&* ة312n3
-om#ressiae stress •}2p =2Mj‘
-om#ressometer §2AfB&* Š24n3
-om#ressor b/ee8 •}2f%* ‹cن3
-om#ressor im#e//er •}2f%* ˜F= 0&1=
-om#ressor oi/ •}2f%* tيX
-om#ressor #iston •}2f%* Š2بs
-om#ressor ro//er
-om#ressor rotor •}2f%* ر*1=
-om#ressor sha7t •}2f%* =G;T
-om#ressor aa/ae •}2f%* @2;™
-om#ressor. air •*G+ •}2p
-om#ressor. centri7"ga/ rcs>;%* =>v%2, O;:ي •}2p
-om#ressor. 7"e/ gas =GقG%* X2} •}2p
-om#ressor. m"/tistage OE*>;%* =':(3 •}2p
-om#ressor. re7rigeration 'ي>ب5 •}2p
-om#ressor. rotar! $B*ر1= •}2p
-om#ressor. screY $ب%G% •}2p
-om#rise (a.)
-om#romise (n.)
-om#romise (a.)
§2AfB* . •Ap . zبs
W':ي •Ap ZلT V4j1>(4ن%* rGKي 0GبBC Od*= ~§2AfB* Oبs „£ 2يGj 2vAp
$52بي=C) Dر*>K%* t,2• §2AfB* )
•}2f5 ةjG3 . ة4v}2f5 ةjG3
ةvAf3 . •}2p
ةنh%';%*) •}2f%* ةB*Gv)*)
V4;f5 . ZلT O;(`* . SG(E* . O;`
•)1 ”2h5* ‚ U4FG5 . ةK%2l3 . ةيG<5
$p*>(%2, “%2™ . UF*G5 . UF1
-om#tometer (n.) ةب)2E ة%‰
-om#ton e77ect (h!s.)
-om#tro//er (n.) $%23 iق*>3
-om#"/sion (n.)
-om#"/siae (a8^.)
-om#"/sor! (a8^.)
-om#"/sor! seraice ةير2بj‘ ة3'd
-om#"tation (n.)
-om#"te (a.)
-om#"te8 a/tit"8e (Aero.) 0G<K;%* š2h5ر&*
-om#"ter (n.)
-om#"ter co8e ةب)2K%* XG3ر
-om#"ter #rogram ة32Nن%* 1C U<ن;%* Ž32B>,
-om#"ter. ana/og"e Š24n%2, ةب)2E
-om#"ter. 8igita/ ة4;قر ةب)2E
-om#"ter. e/ectronic ة4B1>(J%‘ ةب)2E
-om#"ter. mechanica/ ة4%‰ ةب)2E
-om#"ting machine ةب)2E ةنJ3
-om#"ting sca/e (´"ra.) i)2E Š24n3
-oncatenate (a8^.) O<ل<(3
-oncatenate (a.)
-oncatenate8 connection (Png.) $بق2:5 1C $ل<ل<5 W2l5*
-oncaae-hea8 #iston (Png.) >:n3 ŠCر 1ذ Š2بs
-oncaae (a8^.) >:n3
-oncaae (n.) >:n3 “v)
-oncaae 7ract"re (weo/.) >:n3 ر2<JB*
-oncaae /ens (±ight.) D>:n3 ة)'T
-oncaae menisc"s (h!s.)
-oncaae mi//ing-c"tter (Png.) >:n3 cي>h5 ˜vn3
-oncaae mirror (±ight.) D>:n3 D‰>3
-oncaae #/ane (-ar#.) D>:n;%* ®Gv<ل% Q2K<3
-oncaae #o/!gon (Laths.)
-oncaae 9"a8ri/atera/ (Laths.) >:n3 $T2,ر OJ`
-oncaae s"r7ace (weom.) >:n3 “v)
-oncaao-concaae (a8^.) >:n(%* Q1=c3
-oncaao-conaeb (a8^.) 0'K3 >:n3
-oncea/e8 erosion (weo/.) رG(<3 tE
-oncea/e8 7a"/t رG(<3 š'™
-oncea/e8 o"tcro# رG(<3 r>[™ X1>,
-oncea/e8 Yiring (Png.) D2h[3 ]m)C
-oncea/ment (n.)
-once8e (a.)
-onceiaab/e (a8^.)
-onceiae (a.)
-oncentrate (a.)
-oncentrate8 (a8^.)
-oncentrate8 aci8 (-hem.) cs>3 †32E
-oncentrate8 e77ort cs>3 'Mj
-oncentrate8 /oa8 (Png.) cs>3 O;E
-oncentrate8 so/"tion (-hem.) cs>3 WGلK3
-oncentrating coi/ (P/ec. Png.) c4s>5 kل3
-oncentrating re7/ector (¨//"m.) cs>3 zs2T
Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* O:h, |>;%* Ÿ2BG5Gh%* t(€5 ~ˆV(ب;sˆ D>+2•
><ق . ³*>s‘ . ر2بj‘
I}>3 . ³>J3 . $+*>s‘ . r><ق
$+*>s‘ . r><ق . $3*c%* . rر2بj‘
•2lE‘ . 02<E . 'T
ر'ق . ZlEC . 'T . i<E
U<ن3 . ة32NB . ةب)2E . i)2E
O<ل) . 2:3 O™1
D>:n3 ة4%m+ ة)'T . >:n3 $%m+ “v)
V3 >›sC ³2ي*1X S'E‘) >:n3 ˜لf3 „¶…¿ )
kيG_5 . >:n5
{يG;5 ‚ •2h(d* . •2hd‘
Oبn5 . (0) $pر 1C Iل)
³رGl5 VJ;3 . ]ر'3
0) tلبE ‚ >;pC . رGl5 . ]ر=C)
˜;_5 . cs>5 ‚ Š's . k›s . csر
˜;_3 . cs>3
˜4;_5 . '€E . c4s>5
-oncentration (h!s.)
-oncentration ca/ibration c4s>(%* D>ي2:3
-oncentration e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) cs>3 =1>(J%‘
-oncentration #/ant ? -oncentrator (Let.)
-oncentration #o/ariyation (P/ec. Png.) rc4s>5 02vn()*
-oncentric (a8^.)
-oncentric arcs (Laths.) cs>;%* D'K(3 Š*GقC
-oncentric cab/e (Png.) cs>;%* D'K(3 Ÿm™G3 1ذ Oبs
-oncentric ch"ck ? se/7-centric ch"ck (Png.) cs>;(%* $5*ذ ‹>•
-oncentric circ/es (weom.) cs>;%* D'K(3 >o*1=
-oncentric coi/s (P/ec. Png.) cs>;%* D'K(3 Ÿ2hل3
-oncentric 7a"/ts (weo/.) cs>;%* D'K(3 š1'™
-oncentric 7o/8s (weo/.) cs>;%* D'K(3 Ÿ*•*G(%*
-oncentric ^aY ch"ck (Png.) cs>;%* 'K(3 $JF ‹>•
-oncentric /a! cs>;%* 'K(3 W'j
-oncentric Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) cs>;%* 'K(3 k%
-oncentricit! (n.) cs>;%* =2K5*
-once#t (n.)
-once#tion (n.)
-oncern (n.) ةير2_5 ة<)u3 ‚ Uلق ‚ @2;(+* ‚ ¡2l(d* ‚ |—`
-oncern (a.)
-oncert (n.)
-oncession (n.)
-oncession area X24(3&* ةnvن3
-oncessionnaire (n.) X24(3&* iE2™
-onch (eoo/.) Dر2K3
-onchoi8a/ 7ract"re (weo/.) OJ€%* rر2K3 š'™
-onci/iate (a.)
-onci/iation (n.)
-onci/iation committee U4FG5 ةن_%
-oncise (a8^.)
-onc/"8e (a.)
-onc/"sion (n.)
-onc/"siae (a8^.)
-oncoct (a.)
-onco/or (or conco/oro"s) (a8^.) (Bio/.) |Gل%* IN(ن3
-oncomitant (a8^.)
-oncor8 (n.)
-oncor8ance (n.)
-oncor8ance. str"ct"ra/ (weo/.)
-oncor8ant be88ing (weo/.) $nبv%* |GJ(%* ةnF*G(3 Ÿ2nبR
-onco"rse (n.) Ÿ*>;3 Zn(ل3
-oncrescence (Bot.)
-oncrete-/ine8 sha7t (et. Png.) ةB2)>[%2, ةنvب3 >\,
-oncrete-aibrating machine
-oncrete (a8^.)
-oncrete (n.)
-oncrete (a.)
-oncrete be8 (weo/.) ةبلl(3 ةnبR
-oncrete b/ocks (-ia. Png.) ة4B2)>d ر2_EC
-oncrete /ining (-ia. Png.) ةB2)>[%2, V4vب5
-oncrete miber (-ia. Png.) ةB2)>d ةRmd
-oncrete n"mber (Laths.) r=23 ='T
cs>5 . '€E . ˜4;_5 . c4s>5
|=2:;%* Ÿ232d) c4s>5 D'E1)
cs>;(3 . cs>;%* 'K(3
ة4ن+ذ DرG™ . @GMh3
O;E ‚ š2بvB* . ]*ر=‘
0) Uل:5 . ‡d . ZنT)
0) Uل:(ي 23 $F)
”2F1 . @2_<B* ‚ ة4n4)G3 ةلhE
ر2;›()* ةldر . X24(3* ‚ •2p>()* . I4ل<5
V4, “ل™* . UF1 . Zp>()*
•2p>()* . U4FG5
>l([3 . O;_3 . cjG3
@>,C ‚ Ž(ن()* ‚ ZMBC . c_BC
@*>,‘ ‚ Q2(ن()* ‚ @2(d . ةي2MB
Ÿ2, . ˜R2ق . $o2MB
>,= . Uh%
0) |>(n3 . UF*>3 . @Xm3)
UF*G5 . ”2h5* . ةh%C . ”2F1
Š>MF - U,2v5 . zB2_5 . ”2F1 . ”2h5*
r>[l%*) i4s>(%* UF*G5)
*'EG3 mJ4+ |GJ(% 2:3 @2<ق&* G;B ~@2ن5
ةB2)>[%* Ž43'(% (ةلnن(3) DX*c+
$B2)>d . >_K(3 ‚ $:ق*G3 . r=23 . $n4nE
tن;)‘ . ةB2)>d
O(J5 . >_K5 ‚ ةB2)>[%2, Zv}
-oncrete #aaer (-ia. Png.) ةB2)>[%2, ”>R k™*ر
-oncrete #"m# (Png.) ةB2)>d ة[f3
-oncrete ramming (B"i/8.) tن;)ž* ]=
-oncrete shie/8 (-ia. Png.)
-oncrete s#rea8er ةB*c[%* ة`ر2F
-oncrete stee/ ذ&Gh%2, ةKل<3 ةB2)>d
-oncrete tank ةB2)>[%2, $نب3 |*cd
-oncrete Yater#roo7ing oi/ •2;ل% ةB2)>[%* '4;l5 tيX
-oncrete. ba//ast (-ia. Png.)
-oncrete. c!c/o#ean (B"i/8.) ²,= ةB2)>d
-oncrete. #restresse8 (-ia. Png.) =2Mjž* ةn,2) ةB2)>d
-oncrete. rein7orce8 (B"i/8.)
-oncreting #/ant ةB2)>d O;:3
-oncreting toYer ةB2)>[%* ˜F>% Q>,
-oncretion (weo/.)
-oncretion (Le8.)
-oncretion (n.)
-oncretionar! san8 (weo/.) iلl(3 O3ر
-oncretionar! str"ct"re (weo/.) ةبلl(3 ة4ن,
-oncretor (Png.) >4[ب(%2, >J%* '4;_5 X2Mj
-onc"r (a.)
-onc"rrence (n.)
-onc"rrent (a8^.)
-onc"rrent charge (Li/.) ة3=2l3 DG€E
-onc"rrent 7orces (h!s.) D'E*1 ةvnB $F ة4قm(3 SGق
-onc"rrent heating (Png.)
-onc"rrent /ines (weom.) ة4قm(3 §Gvd
-onc"rrent/! (a8a.)
-onc"ssion (n.)
-onc"ssion s#ring (Png.) Q2_5رm% ¡23 ]>بBX
-onc!c/ic #oints D>o*'%* zhB ZلT •nB
-on8emnation (n.)
-on8ensab/e (a8^.) k•2J(ل% O,2ق
-on8ensate (n.) (-hem.) k4›J(%* Ž52B
-on8ensate coo/er Ÿ2h›J;%* =>ب3
-on8ensate ebtraction (-hem.) Ÿ2h›J;%* ¡m[()*
-on8ensate gas reseraoir (et. Png.) k•2J(;%* X2A%* |*cd
-on8ensation (n.)
-on8ensation /osses k4›J(%* Ÿ*=Gnh3
-on8ensation #oint (h!s.) k•2J(%* Dر*>E ةjر= 1C ةvnB
-on8ensation tem#erat"re (-hem.) k•2J(%* Dر*>E ةjر=
-on8ense (a.)
-on8ense s!stem (-hem.)
-on8ense. back7/oY (-hem.) $:jر k›J3
-on8ense8 h"mi8it! (h!s.) ةh•2J(3 ة,GRر
-on8ense8 n"c/e"s (-hem.)
-on8enser (P/ec. Png. h!s.) k›J3
-on8enser ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.) k›J;%* D>o*=
-on8enser co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) k›J;, |>ق
-on8enser 8ie/ectric (P/ec. Png.) k›J;%* WX2T
-on8enser /eakage (P/ec. Png.) k›J;%* V3 0><5
-on8enser /o"8s#eaker (Aco"s.) k›J3 1ذ ر2M_3
-on8enser oi/ (P/ec. Png.)
ة4ق*1 ة4(ن;)‘ ةnبR . $B2)>d Oo2E
D>4Al%* Dر2_K%* 1C) ZlK%* V3 ة`>F ZلT ةB2)>d)
ةKل<3 ةB2)>d . “ل<3 tن;)‘
ةي>[™ ةBر= . D>_K(3 ةل(s
ة<لJ(3 D2lE . ة4lE
';_5 . >_K5
V3*c5 ‚ >F2f5 . ˜;(j* ‚ UF*1
•2n(%* ‚ V3*c5 . tق*G5 ‚ š2;j‘ . ةnF*G3
•nB $F ”m(3 ‚ V3*c(3 . tق*G(3 . @Xm(3
tقu3 V4[<5 . $F2p‘ V4[<5
tقG%* zhB $F . 2:3
ة3'™ . X*c(+* . Q2_5ر*
|*=C ‚ “بn()* . i_` . >Jن()*
ة32:%* ةKلl;ل% ر2n:%* ة4Jل3 šcB ‚ Iي>_5 . ةB*=‘
‡[ل3 ‚ (ة45Gl%* Q*G3H*) •}2f5 ‚ k•2J5 . k4›J5
>l(d* ‚ O4) ‚ csر . k›J5 . k›s
ر2[ب%* رGR 2M4F @':ني ) ةh›J3 Dر1=)
V44nلE V4ocj V3) ةh›J3 D*GB)
Ÿ2h›J;%* ($F Wc:%*) tيX
-on8enser #ick-"# (Aco"s.) k›J3 1ذ $5G™ •ق&
-on8enser rheostat (©e/eg.) k›J3 1ذ >4A(3 @12n3
-on8enser t"bes (Png.) k›J;%* i4,2BC
-on8enser. air (P/ec. Png.) $o*G+ k›J3
-on8enser. air coo/e8 (-hem.) •*GM%2, =>بي k›J3
-on8enser. b!-#ass (P/ec. Png.)
-on8enser. co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) |ر2ق k›J3
-on8enser. 8o"b/e s"r7ace (-hem.) “v<%* Q1=c3 k›J3
-on8enser. e/ectric (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms k›J3
-on8enser. ±iebig (-hem.)
-on8enser. oaerhea8 (et. Png.) ةيGل:%* Ÿ2_(ن;%* k›J3
-on8enser. #/ate (P/ec. Png.) ®Gل%* D>o*= k›J3
-on8enser. re7/"b ˜j>3 k›J3
-on8enser. s"r7ace (-hem.) $Kv) k›J3
-on8enser. aariab/e (P/ec. Png.) ة:<%* >4A(3 k›J3
-on8enser. Yater-coo/e8 (-hem.) •2;%2, =>بي k›J3
-on8ensi7i/ter (Png.) “`>3 k›J3
-on8ensing coi/s (Png.) k4›J(%* Ÿ2hل3
-on8ensing e/ectrosco#e $h4›J5 $o2,>Ms ‹2€J3
-on8ensing /ens (°#t.) ةh›J3 ة)'T
-on8ensing s"r7ace (Png.) k4›J(%* “v)
-on8ition (n.)
-on8ition (a.)
-on8itiona/ (a8^.)
-on8itiona/ acce#tance §1>€3 WGبق
-on8itiona/ ine9"a/it! (Laths.) ةR1>€3 ة4%=2:5 &
-on8itione8 air (Png.) k4J3 •*G+
-on8itione8 re7/eb (eoo/.) $R>` zJ:ن3
-on8itioning (n.) ة\4M5 ‚ k44J5
-on8itioning. air •*GM%* k44J5
-on8itions. c/imatic (Leteor.) ة4d2ن;%* W*GEH*
-on8itions. norma/ Yorking (Png.) r=2:%* O4A€(%* ‹1>•
-on8itions. Yeather (Leteor.) ةيG_%* W*GEH*
-on8"ce (a.)
-on8"ciae (a8^.)
-on8"ct (n.)
-on8"ct (a.)
-on8"ctance (P/ec. Png.)
-on8"ctance o7 a 8ie/ectric (P/ec. Png.)
-on8"ctance. s#eci7ic (h!s.) ة4TGن%* ةل™*G;%*
-on8"ctibi/it! (n.)
-on8"ctimeter (P/ec. Png.) ة4ل™G;%* Š24n3
-on8"cting me8i"m (h!s.) O™G3 •)1
-on8"cting Yire (P/ec. Png.) O™G3 •ل)
-on8"ction (h!s.)
-on8"ction c"rrent (P/ec.) $ل4™G5 ر245
-on8"ction e/ectron (P/ec.)
-on8"ction o7 heat (h!s.) Dر*>K%* O4™G5
-on8"ctiae (a8^.)
-on8"ctiae co"#/ing (¢a8io.) $ل4™G5 |>ق
-on8"ctiae 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $ل4™G5 qي>h5
-on8"ctiait! (h!s.) ة4ل™G3
-on8"ctiait! ce// (P/ec. Png.)
-on8"ctiait! 7actor (h!s.) ة4ل™G;%* O32:3
k›J;%* ة:) (ة4%2:%* Ÿ*==>(%* ر*>3H) $ocj ر*>3‘ k›J3
Ž4ب4%ˆ k›J3ˆ
§>` ‚ ‹>R . ˜p1 . ة%2E
§>(`* . k4s
§1>€, '4n3 . §1>€3
Z%‘) S=C . iب))
ŒT2, . iب<3
Dر*=‘ ‚ ‹>l5 . ]Gل)
O™1 ‚ '`رC . ر*=C ‚ •ل)
$o2,>MJ%* ر24(%* O4™G5 ZلT Dر'ق ~ةل™*G3
{(312n3 ŠGJ:3 ~WX2:%* ةل™*G3
O4™G(%* ة4ل,2ق . ة4ل4™G5
W2lي‘ . OnB . O4™G5
Onن%* |1>(J%‘ . O4™G(%* |1>(J%‘
$%2lي‘ . $ل4™G5 . O™G3
t4%1>(Jل%&* ة312n3 Š24n% ~ة4ل™G;%* ة4لd
-on8"ctiait!. e/ectrica/ (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* ة4ل™G;%*
-on8"ctiait!. heat (h!s.) ةير*>K%* ة4ل™G;%*
-on8"ctiait!. s#eci7ic (h!s.) ة4TGن%* ة4ل™G;%*
-on8"ctiait!. therma/ (h!s.) ةير*>K%* ة4ل™G;%*
-on8"ctor-/oa8 (P/ec. Png.)
-on8"ctor-rai/ ? contact rai/ (P/ec. Png.) O™G3 'ي'E ةJ) i4fق
-on8"ctor anchor (P/ec. Png.) O™G;%* ةJ<%* i4fق tب›3
-on8"ctor ins"/ator (P/ec. Png.) O™G;%* ةJ<%* i4fق WX2T
-on8"ctor #i#e (Png.) >hK%* $F $ل4%= 0GبBC ‚ O4™G5 DرG)23
-on8"ctor Yire (P/ec. Png.) O™G3 •ل)
-on8"ctor. ba8 (or #oor) (h!s.) O4™G(%* •r=ر O™G3
-on8"ctor. goo8 (h!s.) O4™G(%* '4j O™G3
-on8"ctor. /ighting (P/ec.)
-on8"it (Bot.) >,Gن™ DX>s 1C XGs
-on8"it (Lining.) ةيGM5 Dر12<3 1C S>_3
-on8"it (n.)
-on8"it (a.)
-on8"it bob (P/ec. Png.) O4™G5 ”1'ن™
-on8"it re8"cer S>_;ل% D>Al3 ةل4™1
-on8"it s"##ort (Png.) O4™G(%* S>_3 ة32T=
-on8"it s!stem (Png.) ر2_3 ةTG;_3
-on8"it t"be (P/ec. Png.)
-on8"it. 7/ebib/e •2ن›Bm% O,2ق O4™G5 S>_3
-on8"/et U4p O4™G5 S>_3
-one-hea8 riaet (Png.) ŠC>%* ة4R1>[3 ة32`>,
-one-in-cone str"ct"re (weo/.) ةلd*'(3 ة4R1>[3 ة4ن,
-one-roo7 tank $R1>[3 kn) 1ذ |*cd
-one-sha#e8 (a8^.) $R1>[3
-one (n.)
-one ang/e (weom.) §1>[;%* ةي1*X
-one bearing (Png.) OJ€%* $R1>[3 O;K3
-one bit (Png.) ة4R1>[3 ة;n%
-one ch"ck (Png.) $R1>[3 ‹>•
-one c/assi7ier (Lining.) $R1>[3 kنl3
-one c/"tch (Png.) $R1>[3 †,2ق
-one 8e/ta (weo/.)
-one 8ia#hragm (Aco"s.)
-one 8riae ? -one gear (Png.) Vي>vn%* $(jر'(3 V45ر*= V4, >4<%2, Dر*=‘
-one 8r"m (Png.) ة4R1>[3 Dر*=
-one 7o/8 (weo/.) OJ€%* ة4قر1X D>:n3 ة4R
-one ^oint (Png.) ة4R1>[3 ةل™1
-one /o"8s#eaker (Aco"s.) $R1>[3 02_E 1ذ ر2M_3
-one man8re/ (Png.)
-one noyy/e (Png.) $R1>[3 Œhن3
-one o7 e^ection (weo/.)
-one o7 7riction (Png.) ]2J(E&* §1>[3
-one o7 ra!s (±ight.) ة4oGf%* ة:`H* §1>[3
-one o7 reao/"tion (weom.) |*ر1'%* §1>[3
-one o7 si/ence (¢a8io.) |GJ<%* §1>[3
-one o7 "mbra (±ight.) ON%* §1>[3
-one #enetration test (Png.) r=2T §1>[;, ”*>(d&* ر2ب(d*
-one #/ate (Png.)
-one #"//e! (Png.) ة4R1>[3 ةjر'3 D>J,
{, Uل:ي 'ق 231) Uل:;%* O™G;%* On•)
'`>3 ‚ Oق2B . O™G3
UT*Gl%* (ة:B23) O™G3 . UT*G™ ة:B23
’رH* tK5 ة4o2,>MJ%* ]m)H* DرG)23 ‚ D2نق . S>_3
§>[B* . §1>[3 ¬` ZلT O:j
ة4o2,>MJ%* ]m)H* (ةي2قG%) DرG)23
OJ€%* $R1>[3 I<j . §1>[3
ة4ني>} ةE1>3 . 02بlB&* §1>[3
ر2M_;%* $F) $R1>[3 02_E)
Ÿ2nلK%* O4J€(%) $R1>[3 ”24`)
ة4ني>} ةE1>3 . 02بlB&* §1>[3
ة4R1>[3 0Gn• Ÿ*ذ (ةR>[3) D=2ن)
-one s#eaker (¢a8io.) OJ€%* $R1>[3 ر2M_3
-one aa/ae (Png.) $R1>[3 @2;™
-one Yhee/ (Png.) $R1>[3 0&1=
-one. a8^"sting (Png.) D>ي2:;%* 1C •بf%* §1>[3
-one. a//"aia/ (weo/.) $4;R §1>[3
-one. abia/ (weom.) rرGK3 §1>[3
-one. b"77er 7riction (Png.) ]2J(E* §1>[3
-one. c/"tch (Png.) O™G%* §1>[3
-one. gearing (Png.) U4€:(%* §1>[3
-one. tr"ncate8 (Laths.) šGvn3 §1>[3
-one. Yin8 (Aero.) “ي>%* Is
-one8 mi//ing c"tter (Png.) $R1>[3 cي>h5 ˜vn3
-on7e8eration (n.)
-on7er (a.)
-on7erence (n.)
-on7ess (a.)
-on7i8e (a.)
-on7i8ence (n.) ةn•
-on7i8entia/ (a8^.)
-on7ig"ration (weog.) zير2f5
-on7ig"ration (n.)
-on7ine (a.)
-on7ine8 s#ace رGlK3 c4E
-on7inement (n.)
-on7ining /a!er (or be8) (weo/.) Dcj2E ةnبR
-on7ining #ress"re (h!s.) •4K;%* •Af%*
-on7irm (a.)
-on7irmation (n.)
-on7irmation Ye// (et. Png.)
-on7irme8 (a8^.)
-on7iscate (a.)
-on7iscation (n.)
-on7/agrant (a8^.)
-on7/agration (n.)
-on7/ict (n.)
-on7/ict (a.)
-on7/icting (a8^.)
-on7/"ence ? con7/"b
-on7/"ent (n.) 'F*ر
-on7oca/ (a8^.) Dرuب%* 'K(3
-on7oca/ conics Dرuب%* D'K(3 ة4R1>[3 šGvق
-on7orm (a.)
-on7ormabi/it! (weo/.)
-on7ormab/e be8s (weo/.) Uبv(%* ةلs2€(3 Ÿ2nبR
-on7ormab/e 7a"/t (weo/.)
-on7ormab/e strati7ication (weo/.) UF*G(3 Uبv5
-on7ormation (n.)
-on7ormit! (n.)
-on7o"n8 (a.)
-on7ront (a.)
-on7"se (a.)
-on7"sion (n.)
-on7"te (a.)
-ongea/ (a.)
k%2K5 . =2K5*
ZhpC . “ن3 ‚ W1*'5 . ŒE2ب5
ة%1*'3 . >;5u3
‹>(T* . >ق*
Z%‘ VsرC ‚ š=G()* . >)C
@G(J3 . r>)
@2T OJ` . ة\4+
c_(E* . ='E . >lE
ة%cT . 'ي'K5 . >lE
'يC . 'sC . tب•C
t4ب›5 . Uي'l5 . '4s—5
'ي'j OnE $F ة4B2• >\, ~'s—(%* >\,
tب›3 . 'su3
ة4;)ر ةhl,) c_E . ر=2™)
•2hl()* ‚ c_E . Dر=2l3
O:(€3 . iM(ل3
”*>(E* . Ž4jC . >4بs Uي>E
†ق2ن5 . š*cB . 0ر2f5
’ر2T . šX2B . †ق2B
0ر2f(3 . ’ر2:(3
|>n3 . (Vي>MB) Zn(ل3 . ”m5 . |*>(ق*
k4J5 . U,2v5 . ijG;, O;T . Oo23 . U,2R
U,2v5 . Os2€5 . UF*G5
Uبv(%* O([3 >4} ر2<JB* . UF*G(3 š'™
ة\4+ . OJ` ‚ {,2€5 . k4J5 . U,2v5
ةل•2;3 . ةn,2v3 . UF*G5 . {,2€5
O+ذC . >4E . •,ر
{,2j . {j*1
V4,) •لd . Oبل, . >4E . •ب%)
0*>vp* . §m(d* . ZpGF
'نF . †nB . †E=
ªل} . 'n:5 . ';j ‚ 'nTC . ';j
-ongea/ing #oint (h!s.) =2n:B&* ةvnB
-ongea/ment ? conge/ation (h!s.)
-ongenia/ (a8^.)
-ongenita/ (a8^.)
-ongest (a.)
-ongeste8 (a8^.)
-ongestion (n.)
-ong/obate (a.)
-ong/omerate (a8^.)
-ong/omerate (weo/.)
-ong/omerate (n.) ةvل([3 ةل(s
-ong/omerate (a.)
-ong/omeration (n.)
-ongrat"/ate (a.)
-ongregate (a8^.)
-ongregate (a.)
-ongregation (n.)
-ongress (n.)
-ongress ohm (P/ec. Png.) $BGB2ق @1C
-ongress ao/t (P/ec. Png.) $BGB2ق •لF
-ongr"ence (Laths.) U,2v5
-ongr"ence (n.)
-ongr"ent (a8^.)
-ongr"ent 7ig"res (weom.) ةn,2v(3 W2J`C
-ongr"ent mibt"re (-hem.) ة;_<ن3 Ÿ2RGل[3
-ongr"it! (Laths.) U,2v5
-ongr"it! (n.)
-ongr"o"s (a8^.)
-ongr"o"s 7o/8s (weo/.) ةn,2v(3 Ÿ24R
-ongr"o"s 9"antities (Laths.) ةBر2n3 Ÿ24;s
-onic (a8^.)
-onic (n.) $R1>[3 š2vق
-onic section (weom.Ì $R1>[3 ˜vق
-onica/ antenna (¢a8io.) $R1>[3 $o*G+
-onica/ bearing (Png.) $R1>[3 O;K3
-onica/ bore $R1>[3 kيG_5
-onica/ 8r"m (Png.) ة4R1>[3 Dر*=
-onica/ 7/ask (-hem.) ة4R1>[3 Dر1ر2ق
-onica/ 7riction c/"tch (Png.) $R1>[3 ]2J(E* †,2ق
-onica/ gear (Png.) $R1>[3 Š>5
-onica/ horn $R1>[3 ”G,
-onica/ #en8"/"m $R1>[3 W1'ن,
-onica/ #iston (Png.) $R1>[3 Š2بs
-onica/ #iaot $R1>[3 cJ5>3
-onica/ #ro^ection (weog.) $R1>[3 §2n)‘
-onica/ #"//e! (Png.) ة4R1>[3 D>J,
-onica/ riaet (Png.) ة4R1>[3 ة32`>,
-onica/ scanning (¢a8io.) $R1>[3 “<3
-onica/ s/eeae (Png.) $R1>[3 Is
-onica/ s#ring $R1>[3 ]>بBX
-onica/ s"r7ace (Laths.) $R1>[3 “v)
-onica/ t"rning (Png.) $R1>[3 ةR*>d
';_5 . =2n:B*
UF*G(3 . Uo& . Iom3 . zB2_3
D=&G%* xن3) r>vF . $nلd)
Vn(E* . IEX
Vn(K3 ‚ ª(J3 . IE=c3
|2n(E* . @2E=X*
رGJ5 . رGs
˜;_(3 . رG;J3 . OJ€3
]Gل3= . ‡4™ر . ةfق
رGJ5 . رGs . O(s
ةvل([3 ةل(s . ˜;_5 . O(J5
Ul(%* . S>} . Ul%C
Qcل5 . ”Xm5
]ر2, . —ن+
˜;_(3 . '€(K3
˜;j . '€E . |GJ5 . '€(E*
رGM;j . ةTG;_3 . >M;_5 . =2€(E*
˜;_3 . >;5u3
UF*G5 . ةn,2v3 . ةnF*G3
Iom3 . UF*G3 . U,2v(3
”2h5* {j1 . UF*G5 . ةn,2v3
|ر2n(3 . U,2v(3 . U,2v3
§1>[3 . OJ€%* $R1>[3
-onica/ "ng"/a (Laths.) $R1>[3 >F2E
-onica/ aa/ae $R1>[3 @2;™
-onica/ Yhee/ $R1>[3 0&1=
-onicit! ة4R1>[3
-onicoi8 (n.) (weom.) $R1>[3 “v) 1C I<_3
-oni7er (n.) (Bot.) ةي>,Gنl%* ةل4lh%* V3 D>_`
-oni7ero"s (a8^.) (Bot.) r>,Gن™
-oning (n.)
-oning too/ (Png.) $R1>[3 ²يG[5 Dر*=‘
-on^ect"re (n.)
-on^ect"re (a.)
-on^oin (a.)
-on^oint (n.)
-on^"gate (a8^.)
-on^"gate (a.)
-on^"gate ang/es (Laths.)
-on^"gate arcs (Laths.)
-on^"gate atten"ation coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) $nF*>(%* V4+G(%* O32:3
-on^"gate com#/eb 9"antities (Laths.) |2(nF*>(3 |2(بs>3 |2(4;s
-on^"gate con8"ctors (P/ec. Png.) |2nF*>(3 |m™G3
-on^"gate 8o"b/e bon8 (-hem.) ة4B*>(ق* ة4o2ن• ةv,*ر
-on^"gate 7oci (±ight.) |2(nF*>(3 |25رu,
-on^"gate 7ract"re (weo/.) |2nF*>(3 |*ر2<JB*
-on^"gate h!#erbo/as (Laths.)
-on^"gate h!#erbo/oi8s (Laths.) |2nF*>(3 |*'o*X |2Kv)
-on^"gate im#e8ances (h!s.)
-on^"gate mirror (±ight.) |2(nF*>(3 |25‰>3
-on^"gate #/anes (Laths.) ةnF*>(3 Ÿ2يG(<3
-on^"gate trans7er coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) $nF*>(%* Onن%* O32:3
-on^"gate triang/es (Laths.) |2(nF*>(3 |2›ل›3
-on^"gate aein (Lining.) $B*>(ق* ”>T
-on^"gation (n.)
-on^"nct (a8^.)
-on^"nction (Astron.) |*>(ق*
-on^"nction (n.)
-on^"nctiaa (n.) (Le8.) ة;K(ل;%*
-on^"nctiae (a8^.)
-onk (n.)
-onnate Yater (weo/.) z4بE •23
-onnect (a.)
-onnecte8 (a8^.)
-onnecte8 /oa8 (P/ec. Png.)
-onnecting-ro8 (Png.) O4™G5 š*رذ
-onnecting-ro8 big bo/ts (Png.) O4™G(%* š*رذ >432<3
-onnecting (a8^.)
-onnecting (n.)
-onnecting bob (P/ec. Png.)
-onnecting circ"it (P/ec. Png.) O4™G(%* D>o*=
-onnecting gear (Png.) O™G%* Š>5
-onnecting /ink (Png.)
-onnecting #iece (Png.) O4™G5 ة:vق
-onnecting #i#e (Png.) O™G%* 0GبBC
-onnecting ro8 big en8 (Png.) O4™G(%* š*رx% >4بJ%* ‹>v%*
-onnecting ro8 sma// en8 (Png.) O4™G(%* š*رx% >4Al%* ‹>v%*
$R1>[3 ²يG[5 . §*>[B*
>ي'n5 . Š'E . ة4)'E
Š'E . ر'ق
Ol5* . IfB* . Ip . O™1
|>(n3 . ˜;_3 . Ifن3
W=2ب(3 . Q1*c(3 . $%=2ب5 . $B*>(ق* . UF*>(3
O:h%*) ‹>™ ‚ Q1XC . |>ق)
2;MTG;_3 ~|2(j1*c(3 |2(ي1*X £¥…
D>o*= 2;MTG;_3 ~|2j1*c(3 |2)Gق
|2j1*c(3) |2nF*>(3 |*'o*X |2:vق)
|2(nF*>(3 (|2(:B2;3) |2(ق12:3
W2:FH*) kي>l5 ‚ W=2ب5 ‚ Q1*c5 . |*>(ق* . UF*>5)
Ol(3 . 'K(3 . |>(n3
=2K5* . W2l5* . O™1
•,*ر . 'EG3 . O™G3
Ivd . kBC
•ب5ر* . Ol5* . •,ر . O™1
•ب5>3 . WG™G3
˜بن;%* D>o*',) O™G;%* ($o2,>MJ%*) O;K%*)
•,*ر . O™G3
O4™G5 . •,ر
]m)H*) O™1 ةبلT)
ةل™1 . O™G%* 'T2)
-onnecting screY (Png.) $ب%G% •,ر ر2;<3
-onnecting t"be (Png.)
-onnecting "#
-onnecting Yires O™G%* ]m)C
-onnection ? connebion (n.)
-onnection boar8 (P/ec. Png.) Ÿm4™G5 ةEG%
-onnection 8iagram Ÿm4™G(ل% $B24, •v[3
-onnection /a!o"t (Png.) Ÿm4™G(%* •v[3
-onnection #/"g (P/ec. Png.) O™G%* z,2ق
-onnection. branch (Png.) ة4T>F ةل™1
-onnection. bri8ge (P/ec. Png.) r>vنق W2l5*
-onnection. earth (P/ec. Png.) $pرC W2l5*
-onnection. 7/ebib/e (Png.) $ن›ل% ةل,2ق ةل™1
-onnection. #ara//e/ (P/ec. Png.) rX*G(%* ZلT W2l5*
-onnection. series (P/ec. Png.) $%*G(%* ZلT W2l5*
-onnection. star (P/ec. Png.) $;_B W2l5*
-onnection. tYo-sYitch (P/ec.) V4E2(h;, ةل4™G5
-onnectiae (a8^.)
-onnectiae tiss"e @2p Ž4<B
-onnebion ? connection
-onniae (a.) —R*G5 ‚ $p2A5
-onnote (a.) Z%‘ 2ن;p ر2`C
-onoi8 (a8^.) (Laths.) $R1>[3
-onoi8 (n.) $R1>[3 {ب` “v)
-on9"er (a.)
-on9"est (n.)
-onsang"init! (weo/.) i4s>(%* {,2€5
-onsang"init! (n.)
-onscience (n.)
-onscientio"s (a8^.)
-onscio"s (a8^.)
-onscio"sness (n.)
-onscribe (a.) ³*>sž2, 'نj
-onscri#t (n. a8^.) 'ن_3
-onscri#t (a.)
-onsec"tion (n.)
-onsec"tiae (a8^.)
-onsec"tiae /ines (Laths.) ة4%2((3 §Gvd
-onsec"tiae n"mbers (Laths.) ة4%2((3 =*'TC
-onsec"tiae #oints (Laths.) ة4%2((3 •nB
-onsec"tiae reaction (-hem.) W25 OT2h5
-onsec"tiae/! (a8a.)
-onsens"a/ (a8^.)
-onsens"s (n.)
-onsent (n.)
-onsent (a.)
-onse9"ence (n.)
-onse9"ent (a8^.)
-onse9"ent #o/e (Lagn.) ˜,25 ivق
-onse9"ent aa//e! (weo/.) W25 1C ˜,25 =*1
-onseraanc! (n.) ة4:4بv%* UF*>;%* ةB24™
-onseraation (n.)
$ن›ل% O,2ق) O™1 0GبBC)
•,ر . O™1
ةv,*ر . ةقmT . ةل™1 . W2l5* . O4™G5 . •,ر . O™1
@2p . •,*ر . O™G3
ةل™1 . •,*ر
ةv,*ر . ةقmT ‚ ةل™1 . W2l5* . O4™G5 . •,ر . O™1
ة™*G} 1C ةjر2, >M• ZلT) ةبق*>;%* Q>,)
ZلT iلA5 . ˜fdC . iل}
“(F . ةبل}
@'%* ة,*>ق . ة,*>ق
|*'j1 . >4;p
$E >4;p 1ذ . klن3
';:(3 ‚ (0) >T2` . š*1
]*ر=‘ . $T1
ة43*c%ž* ة3'[ل% 2T= . 'نj
˜,2(5 . iق2:5 . W2(5
=>v3 . W2((3 . ˜,2((3
$%2((%* ZلT . iق2:(%* ZلT
$nF*G5 ‚ $p*>(%2, @25 . $o2pر
ة4T2;j‘ ةnF*G3 . š2;j‘
WGبق . Zpر . ةnF*G3
Oبق . Zf5ر* . Zpر
|—` . ةبق2T . >4•—5 . ة_4(B
W25 . ˜,25 . Ž52B
ةB24™ . ªhE . ةNF2K3
-onseraation gaso/ine (et. Png.) =2:(<3 Vيcن,
-onseraation o7 energ! (h!s.) ةق2v%* •2n,
-onseraation o7 matter (-hem.)
-onseraation o7 moment"m (h!s.) ]>K(%* ة4;s •2n,
-onseraation o7 s#ecies (Bio/.) šGن%* ªhE
-onseraatism (n.)
-onseraatiae estimate W'(:3 >ي'n5
-onseraatiae s!stem (Lech.) $•2h(E* @2NB
-onseraatoire (n.)
-onseraator! (n.)
-onserae (n.)
-onserae (a.)
-onsi8er (a.)
-onsi8erab/e (a8^.)
-onsi8erate (a8^.)
-onsi8eration (n.)
-onsign (a.)
-onsignee (n.)
-onsignment (n.)
-onsignor ? -onsigner (n.) ةT2fب%* O)>3
-onsist (a.)
-onsistence ? -onsistenc! (n.)
-onsistenc! ga"ge (-hem.)
-onsistenc! in8eb •)2;(%* O4%=
-onsistent (a8^.)
-onsistometer (-hem.) @*Gn%* Š24n3
-onsociation (Bot.) D>4€T
-onso/e (n.)
-onso/i8ate (a.)
-onso/i8ate8 7ormation (weo/.) Ž3'3 VيGJ5
-onso/i8ation (n.)
-onsonance (n.)
-onsonator (Aco"s.) I}2ن3 I<j
-onsorti"m (Bot.)
-onsorti"m (n.) Ÿ*'T2<;%* Iي'n(% ة4%23 ة4%1= ة\4+
-ons#ic"o"s (a8^.)
-ons#ire (a.) >3•5
-onstanc! (n.)
-onstant-c"rrent generator (P/ec. Png.) D'€%* t,2• ر245 '%G3
-onstant-7re9"enc! osci//ator (¢a8io.) ==>(%* t,2• 0x,x3
-onstant-mesh gear-bob (Png.) U4€:(%* ة;o*= Š1>5 ”1'ن™
-onstant-#otentia/ reg"/ator (P/ec. Png.) t,2›%* 'M_%* INن3
-onstant-#oYer generator (P/ec. Png.) Dر'n%* t,2• '%G3
-onstant-resistance str"ct"re (h!s.) ة(,2• ة312n3 1ذ i4s>5
-onstant-s#ee8 contro/ (Png.) ةT><%* t4ب›5 •,2p
-onstant-s#ee8 gear (Png.) ةT><%* t,2• Š>5
-onstant-s#ee8 motor (Png.) ةT><%* t,2• ]>K3
-onstant-ae/ocit! recor8ing (Aco"s.) ةT><%* t,2• O4_<5
-onstant-ao/tage generator (P/ec. Png.) ة4vلh%* t,2• '%G3
-onstant-ao/tage motor (P/ec. Png.) ة4vلh%* t,2• ]>K3
-onstant-ao/tage s!stem (P/ec. Png.) ة4vلh%* ة(,2• ˜يXG5 ةJب`
-onstant-ao/"me c!c/e ? °tto c!c/e (Png.)
-onstant (a8^.) $F1 ‚ >;(<3 ‚ IN(ن3 t,2•
-onstant (n.)
D=2;%* ªhE . D=2;%* •2n,
Io2n%* ˜pG%* ZلT ةNF2K3 . >44A(%* ة312n3
$j2jX tبن(<3 ~ةن4F= ‚ Zn4)G3 'M:3
$j2jX tبن(<3 ~ةن4F=
>J<%2, ة•GhK3 ر2;• . Z,>3
i,ر ‚ |2™ . ªhE
$F >J(F* . >lب5 ‚ (0) I(+* . >ب(T*
>F*1 . I4NT ‚ IM3 . >ب(:3
IM52)2<E& ر'n31 Vي>d½2, I(M3 . klن3
Šر= . >Jh5 . >lب5 ‚ @*>(E* ‚ ر2ب(T*
O)رC ‚ =>FC . ‡ld ‚ ’GF . š=1C
Iل<(3 . {4%‘ O)>3
ة4%2)ر‘ . š*'ي‘ . W2)ر‘
V3) is>5 1C k%—5)
ة,m™ . •)2;5 ‚ @*Gق ‚ Ÿ2ب•
•)2;(%* Š24n3 . @*Gn%* Š24n3
'32j . •)2;(3 ‚ †ق2ن(%* V3 W2d . I_<ن3
X2Mj ةB*cd ‚ ةF>dc3 ةh4(s . cي>FH* ة4لE
iلl5 . ';_5 ‚ U•G5 . IfB* ‚ ';j . XcT . 'E1 . I;p
'4;_5 ‚ Q23'B* . '4EG5 ‚ cيc:5 . ةيGn5
I}2ن5 . š2nي‘ ‚ ةnF*G3 . ة3•*G3
24B'%* Ÿ252بن%* $F) $€ي2:5 =2K5*)
Xر2, . ةNEm;%2, >ي'j . |24:ل% D>+2•
•&1 ‚ @2N(B* . ر*>n()* . Ÿ2ب•
§*G`C ة:,رH* Ÿ*ذ t,2›%* I_K%* Dر1= . ˆG51Cˆ Dر1=
t,2• . ة(,2• ة4;s
-onstant acce/eration t,2• šر2<5
-onstant am#/it"8e recor8ing (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* ة;4ق t,2• O4_<5
-onstant boi/ing mibt"re (-hem.) |24لA%* ةjر= t,2• Žيc3
-onstant com#osition. /aY o7 (-hem.) ة(,2›%* i<ن%* |GB2ق
-onstant c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) D'€%* t,2• ر245
-onstant c"rrent mo8"/ation (P/ec. Png.) t,2›%* ر24(%* V4;f5
-onstant c"rrent reg"/ator (P/ec. Png.) t,2›%* ر24(%* D'` INن3
-onstant c"rrent trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.)
-onstant 8ie/ectric (P/ec.) WX2:%* t,2•
-onstant 8is#/acement oi/ #"m# (et. Png.) ةE*Xž* ة(,2• tيX ة[f3
-onstant 7/oY (Png.)
-onstant 7orce (Lech.) ة(,2• DGق
-onstant 7re9"enc! (h!s.) t,2• ==>5
-onstant in8"ctance choke (P/ec. Png.) ة•2K;%* t,2• UB2d kل3
-onstant /eae/
-onstant /eae/ /"brication (Png.) 0G<ن;%* t,2• tيc3
-onstant /eae/ t"be (´"ra.) 0G<ن;%* t,2• ةيG<5 0GبBC
-onstant /"minance (©e/ea.) t,2• šGlB
-onstant motion (Lech.) ة(,2• ةs>E
-onstant o7 graaitation (h!s.) ة4,ذ2_%* t,2•
-onstant o7 integration (Laths.) O32J(%* t,2•
-onstant oi/ 7ee8 (Png.) tيc%2, D>;(<3 ةيxA5
-onstant #ress"re (h!s.) t,2• •Ap
-onstant #ress"re engine (Png.) t,2›%* •Af%* ]>K3
-onstant #ress"re /ine t,2›%* •Af%* •d
-onstant #ro#ortions. /aY o7 (-hem.) ة(,2›%* ةب<ن%* |GB2ق
-onstant resistance (h!s.) ة(,2• ة312n3
-onstant s/o#e (weo/.) IN(ن3 1C t,2• ر*'KB*
-onstant s#ring (weo/.) UF'%* t,2• ˜بB
-onstant stroke #"m# (Png.) §G€%* ة(,2• ة[f3
-onstant tem#erat"re bath (Png.) Dر*>K%* ةjر= t,2• zvA3
-onstant tor9"e (Lech.) t,2• Iي1'5 @cT
-onstant traae/ (Png.)
-onstant. atten"ation (P/ec. Png.) V4+G(%* t,2•
-onstant. 8ec/ination (Lagn.) ‹*>KB&* t,2•
-onstant. e/ectrica/ (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms t,2•
-onstant. e9"i/ibri"m (-hem.) |X*G(%* t,2•
-onstant. gas (-hem.) X2A%* t,2•
-onstant. graaitationa/ (h!s.) ة4,ذ2_%* t,2•
-onstant. ioniyation Vي—(%* t,2•
-onstant. #hase (P/ec.) رGv%* t,2•
-onstant. #h!sica/ (h!s.) $o2يc4F t,2•
-onstant. #otentia/ (P/ec. Png.) t,2• $o2,>Ms 'Mj
-onstant. time (Png.) $ن3X t,2•
-onstantan (P/ec. Png.)
-onste//ation (n.) (Astron.)
-onsti#ate8 (a8^.) (Le8.)
-onstit"ent (a8^.)
-onstit"ent (n.)
-onstit"ent #arts (-hem.) ة3Gn3 •*cjC
-onstit"ent. ma^or $<4oر •cj 1C >lنT
-onstit"ent. minor rGB2• •cj 1C >lنT
-onstit"te (a.)
-onstit"tion (n.)
rGB2›%*) ر24(%* t,2• WGK3)
IN(ن3 Uق= . t,2• |2ي>j
t,2• 0G<ن3 . t,2• SG(<3
@2;lل%) t,2• ”&cB* S'3)
OJ4ن%*1 Š2Kن%* V3 ة312n3 ةJ4ب) ~|2(ن(<BGs
ة4JلF DرG™ . ةبsGs
Vvب%*) WGn:3 . ]2<3ž2, 02l3)
@Gn3 . |GJ3
$)2)C •cj . @Gn3
—€BC . k%C . |Gs
رG()= ‚ @*Gق . ة4ن, . VيGJ5
-onstit"tiona/ changes (Let.) ة43*Gق Ÿ*>44A5
-onstit"tiona/ 7orm"/a (-hem.)
-onstrain (a.)
-onstraine8 e9"ation (Laths.) D'4n3 ة%=2:3
-onstraine8 motion (Png.) D'4n3 ةs>E
-onstraine8 ra8iator (Aco"s.) رGlK3 ˜€3
-onstraint (n.)
-onstrict (a.)
-onstriction (n.)
-onstringence (±ight.)
-onstringent (a8^.)
-onstr"ct (a.)
-onstr"ction 8iagram (-ia. Png.) Ÿ*•2€Bž* •v[3
-onstr"ction engineer (Png.) Ÿ*•2€B‘ Š'نM3
-onstr"ction materia/ (-ia. Png.) •2نب%* =*G3
-onstr"ction. a//-stee/ (Png.) {ل;s—, rذ&GF •2€B‘
-onstr"ction. bri8ge (-ia. Png.) رG<_%* •2€B‘
-onstr"ctiona/ 8e7ect (Png.) $o2€B‘ Oلd
-onstr"ctiae (a8^.)
-onstr"ctiae criticism
-onstr"ctiae inter7erence (h!s.) •2ن, Od*'5
-onstr"e (a.)
-ons"/ate (n.) ة4لlنق
-ons"/t (a.)
-ons"/tant (n.) ر2€(<3 ‚ >4€(<3
-ons"/tation (n.)
-ons"/ting engineer rر2€()* Š'نM3
-ons"/ting geo/ogist ر2€(<3 $jG%G4j
-ons"/ting #ane/ ةير2€()* ةن_%
-ons"mab/e /oa8 (Png.) 'hن(<ي O;E
-ons"me (a.)
-ons"mer (n.) 'hن(<3 ‚ •لM(<3
-ons"mer goo8s ة4smM()* ˜ل)
-ons"mmate (a8^.)
-ons"mmate (a.)
-ons"mmation (n.)
-ons"m#tion (n.)
-ons"m#tion o7 #oYer (Png.) Dر'n%* ]mM()*
-ons"m#tion. home $لK;%* ]mM()&*
-ontact-bar (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact-breaker (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact-^aY (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact-#oint (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact (n.)
-ontact (a.)
-ontact aci8 (-hem.)
-ontact action (-hem.) z3m(%2, chE
-ontact agent (-hem.) $<3m5 chE O32T
-ontact a"reo/e (weo/.)
-ontact be8 (weo/.) ة<3m3 ةnبR
-ontact cata/!sis (-hem.) z3m(%2, chE
-ontact cata/!st (-hem.) $<3m5 cF2E
ة43*Gق ةA4™ . ة4نيGJ5 ةA4™
“بs . c_E . >lE ‚ I}رC . @c%C
@*c%‘ . '44n5 . >lE
†بnB* . U4p . @X
>l[5 . ’2بnB* . @X . U44f5
D=2;ل% t4(€(%* Dر'ق ŠGJ:3 ~$,½* Iق>%*
‡لn3 . †,2ق
I)ر ‚ —€BC . '4` . Zن,
Zنب3 . •2ن, ‚ '44€5 . i4s>5 . •2€B‘
$o2ن, . $o2€B‘ . •2ن,
@*'+ >4}) •2ن, 'nB)
W1C . ><F . Ij>5
˜لv()* . Z%‘ ˜jر . ر2€()*
Dر2€()* . DرG€3
=', ‚ 'hن()* . •لM()*
@25 . O32s
ةي2A%*) UnE . O;sC . I;5)
W2;(s* . @2;5‘ . W2;s‘
ةo>%* O) . O) ‚ ‹m5‘ . ]mM()*
•2,>MJ%2, @2Kل%* ة%‰ $F) z;ل%* i4fق)
z3m(%* ˜vق ة4%‰ . Š2;(%* ˜R2ق
•2,>MJ%2, @2Kل%* ة%‰ $F) z3m(%* •F)
z3m;%* ŠCر . z3m(%* ةvnB
z3m5 ةل4)1 . ة<3m3
W2l5* . Š 2;5 . ة<3m3
0) Ol5* ‚ Š2;5 . z3 . z3&)
z3m(%* ةnي>v, >fK3 ( •4(ي>بs) †32E
ة%GK(;%* رG[l%* V3) z3m(%* ة%2+)
-ontact c/earance (Png.) Š2;(%* ¡Gلd
-ontact c/i# (P/ec. Png.) z3m5 •ب€3
-ontact co/"mn z3m(%* =G;T
-ontact e.m.7 (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) z3m(%* =1>(J%*
-ontact ga# (P/ec. Png.) z3m(%* ةj>F
-ontact goniometer (Lin.)
-ontact insectici8e (-hem.) z3m(%2, Ÿ*>€K%* '4ب3
-ontact /enses (Le8.) ة<3m3 Ÿ2)'T
-ontact /o8e (weo/.)
-ontact maker (P/ec. Png.) z3m(%* ةل™1
-ontact ma# (Png.) z3m(%2, –<ن5 ةvي>d
-ontact metamor#hic minera/ (weo/.) z3m(%2, WGK(3 |':3
-ontact metamor#hism (weo/.) z3m(%2, WGK5
-ontact micro#hone (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact o7 circ/es (Laths.) >o*1'%* Š2;5
-ontact #/ane (Png.) z3m(%* “v)
-ontact #otentia/ (©hermionics)
-ontact #ress"re (P/ec. -omm.) z3m(%* •Ap
-ontact #rint (hotog.) $<3m5 ˜بR
-ontact #rocess (-hem.)
-ontact recti7ier (P/ec. Png.) $<3m5 @Gn3
-ontact resistance (P/ec. Png.) ة4<3m5 ة312n3
-ontact ro//er (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact screY (P/ec. Png.) z3m(%* $}>, 1C ر2;<3
-ontact segment (P/ec. Png.) z3m(%* ر*G) ةnلF
-ontact se#aration (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact series ? e/ectromotiae series (-hem.) z3m(%2, $o2,>MJ%* ˜F'%* ةل<ل<(3
-ontact shoe ? co//ector-shoe (P/ec. Png.)
-ontact s#ring (P/ec. -omm.) Š2;(%* †,2B
-ontact stri# ? co//ector stri# (P/ec. Png.) ˜4;_5 ةKي>`
-ontact st"8 (Png.) Š2;(%* رX
-ontact s"r7ace z3m(%* “v)
-ontact time z3m(%* V3X
-ontact tYins (weo/.)
-ontact aein (Lining.)
-ontact Yire (P/ec. Png.) z3m(%* •ل)
-ontact yone (weo/.)
-ontactor (n.) (P/ec. Png.)
-ontactor contro//er (P/ec. Png.) Š2;(%* ˜vق •,2p
-ontactor starter (P/ec. Png.)
-ontacts (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2<3m3
-ontagion (Le8.) ':3 ’>3 ‚ ة<3m;%2, S1'T
-ontagio"s (a8^.)
-ontain (a.)
-ontainer rock (et. Png.) r12K%* >[l%*
-ontainment (h!s.)
-ontaminant (n.) ةBGل3 D=23
-ontaminate (a.)
-ontaminate8 oi/ «Gل3 tيX
-ontaminate8 sam#/e ة•Gل3 ةن4T
-ontamination (n.)
-ontamination meter (h!s.)
Ÿm™G;%* †:, z3m5 VT ة_52ن%*) ة4<3m(%* ة4o2,>MJ%* ة:F*'%* DGn%*)
Š2;(%* 2ي*1X Š24n3 . Š2;(%* Onن3
رG[l%* V3 V4TGB V4, Š2;(%* •d $F $B':3 ” >T ~z3m3 ”>T
$o2,>Ms ر245 Z%‘ 2)Cر Ÿ2,x,x%* WGKي ~$<3m5 ر2M_3
$B1>(J%‘ @2;™ $F) z3m(%* 'Mj)
•4(ي>بJ%* †32E >4fK(%) z3m(%* ةnي>R)
•2,>MJ%2, @2Kل%* ة%‰ $F) Š2;(%* ةB*Gv)*)
V4ل™G3 V4, Š2;(%* Olh% 24B'%* ةF2<;%* ~Š2;(%* OlF
r'ي'K%* •[%2, ة4o2,>MJ%* ةلF2K%* Olي $B':3 GfB ~ z3m(%* GfB
ة<3m(3 (ةيرGل,) Io*G5
رG[l%* V3 V4TGB V4, Š2;(%* •d $F $B':3 ”>T ~ z3m3 ”>T
ة%GK(;%*) z3m(%* ةnvن3)
$o2nل5 ˜R2ق . z3m5 ®2(h3
$o2nل5 ˜R2ق 1ذ (]>K;%*) Dر*=‘ ƒ=2,
S1':%* Oق2B ‚ ':3 . ر2)
ZلT O;(`* . SGE . V;f5 . SG(E*
•2B‘ . •2T1
>lE . c_E
•,2` . •%2d . –v% . «G%
ŒيGل5 . «Gل5
$T2:`ž*) «Gل(%* Š24n3)
-ontem#/ate (a.)
-ontem#oraneo"s (a8^.)
-ontem#oraneo"s be8s (weo/.) ةن3*c(3 Ÿ2nبR
-ontem#orar! (a8^.. n.)
-onten8 (a.)
-ontent (a8^.)
-ontent (n.)
-ontent (a.)
-ontent. moist"re (h!s.) $,GR>%* SG(K;%*
-ontents (n.)
-ontermina/ ? contermino"s (a8^.) ةs>(€3 =1'E 1ذ
-ontest (n.)
-ontest (a.)
-ontestant (n.)
-ontebt (B"i/8.)
-ontebt (n.)
-ontig"it! (n.)
-ontig"o"s (a8^.)
-ontig"o"s be8s (weo/.) Dر12_(3 1C ة,ر2n(3 Ÿ2nبR
-ontinent (n.) Dر2ق
-ontinenta/ (a8^.) rر2ق
-ontinenta/ basin (weo/.) rر2ق ’GE
-ontinenta/ c/imate (weog.) rر2ق ¸2ن3
-ontinenta/ co8e (©e/eg.)
-ontinenta/ con8itions (weo/.) ةير2ق ‹1>•
-ontinenta/ 8e#osits (weo/.) ةير2ق i)*1ر
-ontinenta/ 8ri7t (weo/.) Ÿ*ر2n%* ةEcEX
-ontinenta/ #erio8 (weo/.) ةير2ق D>(F
-ontinenta/ she/7 (weo/.) rر2ق k4™ر
-ontinenta/ s/o#e (weo/.) rر2ق ر'Kن3
-ontingence (n.)
-ontingence. ang/e o7 (weom.) Š2;(%* ةي1*X
-ontingencies ةoر2R «*'EC
-ontingent (a8^.)
-ontin"a/ (a8^.)
-ontin"a//! (a8a.) ر*>;()2,
-ontin"ance (n.)
-ontin"ation (n.)
-ontin"e (a.)
-ontin"e8 7raction (Laths.) D>;(<3 1C ةلl(3 رG<s
-ontin"it! bon8 (¢ai/Ya!s.) |2بfn%* O4™G5 ةv,ر
-ontin"o"s-c"rrent arc (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي ŠGق
-ontin"o"s-8isc Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) O™*G(3 $™>ق k%
-ontin"o"s-Yaae te/egra#h! (¢a8io.) ةل™*G(;%* Q*G3H2, $Jل)& $F*>Aل5 W2)ر‘
-ontin"o"s (a8^.)
-ontin"o"s beam (Png.)
-ontin"o"s be/t (Png.) ر*1= >4)
-ontin"o"s brake (Png.) ةل™*G(3 ةل3>F
-ontin"o"s contro/ (P/ec. Png.) >;(<3 ةبق*>3 @2NB
-ontin"o"s c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) >;(<3 ر245
-ontin"o"s c"rrent 8!namo (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(ل% '%G3
-ontin"o"s c"rrent motor (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي ]>K3
-ontin"o"s c"rae (Laths.) Ol(3 ZنKن3
@c(T* . $F 24ل3 >JF
V3*c(3 . >™2:(3
0>5 . V3*c3 . >™2:3
I™2d ‚ (ةK™) ZT=* ‚ zF2B ‚ W=2j
˜B2ق . ’*ر
ةT2نق . Zpر ‚ I_E . ة:) ‚ |G;f3 . SG(K3
˜نقC . ZpرC
Ÿ2ن;f(3 . Ÿ2يG(K3
š*cB . ةj2K3 ‚ ةn,2<3 . D*ر2ب3
zF2B . Sر2, ‚ ZلT šX2ن5
šX2ن3 . zF2ن3 . ر2ب(3
ŸGl%*1 Dر*>Kل% ة%X2T ة4ب€d ®*G%C ~zJ5G4ل)
•4K3 . ”24) . ةني>ق
VيGJ5 . ة4ن, . Ž4<B
=*'(3* ‚ z3m5 . ر12_5
iي>ق . ر12_3 ‚ z3m(3 . Š2;(3
$F*>Aل(%*) $,ر1H* D>h4€%* @2NB)
«1'E |2J3‘ . W2;(E* ‚ z3m5 . Š2;5
§1>€3 ‚ $p>T . $%2;(E*
W*G(3 . >;(<3
ة;(5 . ر*>;()* . @*1=
ة:,2(3 . ‹2ن\()* . ر*>;()*
O™*1 . kB—()* ‚ '(3* . @*= . >;()*
>;(<3 . Io*= . O™*G(3
Ÿ*cJ5>3 D'T ”GF) ةل™*G(3 ةب(T)
-ontin"o"s 8eae/o#ment (hotog.) >;(<3 >4MN5
-ontin"o"s 8isti//ation (-hem.) >;(<3 >4vn5
-ontin"o"s 8"t! D>;(<3 ة3'd
-ontin"o"s e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) O™*G(3 =1>(J%*
-ontin"o"s e/ectro#hor"s (P/ec. Png.)
-ontin"o"s ebtraction (-hem.)
-ontin"o"s 7ee8 (Png.) ةل™*G(3 ةيxA5
-ontin"o"s 7/oY (Png.) >;(<3 UF=
-ontin"o"s 7"nction (Laths.) ةلl(3 ة%*=
-ontin"o"s 7"rnace (Let.) O;:%* O™*G(3 |>F
-ontin"o"s gir8er ? -ontin"o"s beam (Png.) ةل™*G(3 ةب(T
-ontin"o"s gir8er bri8ge (-ia. Png.) ةل™*G(3 Ÿ2ب(T 1ذ ><j
-ontin"o"s im#ost (B"i/8.) Ol(;%* =G;:%* ŠCر
-ontin"o"s /oa8 (Png.) D>;(<3 ة%G;E
-ontin"o"s /"brication (Png.) O™*G(3 t4يc5
-ontin"o"s mabim"m rating (Png.) ZlقH* r>ي'n(%* >;(<;%* O4A€(%* O;E
-ontin"o"s mi// (Let.) ةنh%= D'E1
-ontin"o"s miber (-ia. Png.)
-ontin"o"s motion
-ontin"o"s osci//ations (¢a8io.) ةل™*G(3 Ÿ2,x,ذ
-ontin"o"s #hase (-hem.)
-ontin"o"s #rogramme (-inema) >;(<3 ’>T
-ontin"o"s rating (P/ec. Png.) >;(<3 >ي'n5
-ontin"o"s r"nning (Png.) O™*G(3 |*ر1=
-ontin"o"s s#ectr"m (±ight.)
-ontin"o"s sti// (-hem.) O™*G(3 >4vn5 D'E1
-ontin"o"s aariation (Bio/.) $_ير'5 >4A5
-ontin"o"s ae/ocit! /ogging (Png.) ةT><ل% O™*G(;%* O4_<(%*
-ontin"o"s aent (/"mb.)
-ontin"o"s Yaaes (¢a8io.) ةل™*G(3 1C D>;(<3 Q*G3C
-ontin"o"s Ye/8 Ol(3 @2K%
-ontin"o"s Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
-ontin"o"s/! (a8a.) ر*>;()2,
-ontin"o"s/! rate8 (a8^.) ر*>;()2, ر'n;%* {ل;E O;K(3
-ontin""m (n.)
-ontort (a.)
-ontorte8 (a8^.)
-ontortion (n.)
-onto"r (n.)
-onto"r gra8ient (´"ra.)
-onto"r interaa/ (´"ra.)
-onto"r /ine (´"ra.)
-onto"r ma# (´"ra.)
-onto"r #/o"ghing (Agric.)
-onto"r recor8ing (Aco"s.)
-ontra-geometric #ro#ortion (Laths.) O,2n3 $)'ن+ i)2ن5
-ontra-harmonica/ #ro#ortion (Laths.) O,2n3 $nF*G5 i)2ن5
-ontra-rotating (a8^.) zs2:3 ³2_5* $F >o*=
-ontraban8 (a8^.) رGNK3
-ontraban8 (n.)
-ontrace#tion (n.) (Le8.)
-ontrace#tiae (n.. a8^.) (Le8.) O;K%* ˜B23
-ontrac/ockYise (a8^.) (a8a.) ةT2<%* 0ر2nT ةs>K% =2f3 ³2_52,
ŒK%2, ةنs2<%* ة4o2,>MJ%* '4%G(%) O™*G(3 رGF1>(J%*)
>;(<3 ¡m[()* . O™*G(3 Q*>[()*
O;:%* ةل™*G(3 (ةB2)>d) ةRmd
>;(<3 |2ي>j . D>;(<3 ةs>E
Ÿ2\يc_%* Uل:3 $B*1>} WGلK3 $F ة%G4<%* ة%2E ~Ol(3 رGR
Ol(3 k4R . >;(<3 k4R
kي>l(%* D>o*'%) Io*= zhن3)
ةNF2K%* WGE V4(يX*G(3 V45>o*= $F) O™*G(3 k%)
ةل<ل<(3 1C ةلl(3 ة4;s . O<ل<5
†بق . ³G` ‚ rG% . QGT
†بn(3 . $ل%2, ³G€3
³G€5 . †بn5 . •*G(%* . $%
Ohn3 ZنKن3 . ‹2hs . رG(نs
UFH* VT O4;%* t,2• •d ~rرG(نs W2;3
i4)2ن3 $vd V4, ةي=G;:%* ةF2<;%* ~ ةيرG(نs ةF2<3
š2h5ر&* ةي12<(;%* ®Gv<%* V4,) ‹2hJ%* •d . i4)2ن3 •d)
i4)2ن3 §Gvd Ÿ*ذ ~ ةيرG(نs ةvي>d
ة,>(%* ‹*>KB* ˜ن;%) ةيرG(نs ة•*>E)
˜;€%* “v) $F r=G;:%* cي>h(%2, ~rرG(نs O4_<5
W) zs2:3 1C =2f3 ~Zن:;, ةo=2,)
ة,>M3 ةT2f, . DرGNK3 Dر2_5
O;K%* ˜ن3 . OبK%* ˜ن3
-ontract (n.)
-ontract (a.)
-ontract #rice 'n:%* $F {نT ¡Glن;%* >:<%*
-ontract. breach o7 ”2h5&* ”>d
-ontract. con8itions o7
-ontracte8 (a8^.)
-ontracte8 metho8 D>l([3 ةnي>R
-ontracte8 res"/t ة,>n3 ة_4(B
-ontracti/e (a8^.)
-ontracti/e aac"o/e (eoo/.)
-ontraction (n.)
-ontraction coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) ‡لn(%* O32:3
-ontraction cracks (6o"n8r!) ‡لn(%* ”Gn`
-ontraction 7it (Png.) ‡لn5 UF*G5
-ontraction in area (Let.) ةE2<;%* ‡لn5
-ontraction r"/e
-ontractor (n.)
-ontractor. 8ri//ing (-ia. Png.) >hK%* 'M:(3
-ontra8ict (a.)
-ontra8iction (n.)
-ontra8ictor! (a8^.)
-ontra#osition (n.)
-ontra#tion (n.)
-ontrariYise (a8a.)
-ontrar! (a8^.)
-ontrar! (n.)
-ontrast (n.)
-ontrast (a.)
-ontrast am#/i7ication (Aco"s.) Vي2ب(%* I4[f5
-ontrast contro/ (©e/ea.) DرGlل% $oGf%* Vي2ب(%* •بp
-ontrast 7actor (h!s.) Vي2ب(%* O32T
-ontrast #hotometer (¨//"m.) |ر2n;%* D•2pž* D'` Š24n3
-ontrast. /ight D'K%* k4hd Vي2ب5 ‚ رGن%* Vي2ب5
-ontrast! (a8^.) (hotog.) Vي2ب(3
-ontrast! #a#er (hotog.) Vي2ب(3 Š2<E ”ر1
-ontraaene (a.)
-ontraaention (n.)
-ontrib"te (a.)
-ontrib"tion (n.)
-ontriaance (n.)
-ontriae (a.)
-ontro/-boar8 (P/ec. Png.)
-ontro/-/ine (P/ec. Png.) D=24n%* Oبs
-ontro/ (n.)
-ontro/ (a.)
-ontro/ a##arat"s (Png.) IJK5 X2Mj
-ontro/ area ةبق*>;%* ةnvن3
-ontro/ assa! (-hem.)
-ontro/ batter! (P/ec. Png.) IJK(%* ةير2v,
-ontro/ booth (Png.) IJK(%* D>_E
-ontro/ cab/e (Aero.) D=24n%* Oبs
-ontro/ car (Aero.)
-ontro/ centre D=24n%* cs>3
0G(J3 'ن) . ”2h5* . 'nT
'ق2:5 . 'ق2T ‚ >l(d* .C>(j‘ ‚ ‡لق . †بnB* . ‡لn5
§1>€%* >(F= . 'n:%* §1>`
U4f3 . >l([3 ‚ †بnن3 . ‡لn(3
†,2B . †بnن3 . ’2بnBm% O,2ق
ة4p2بnB* DG_F . ةf,2B ةلlيGE
ر2l(d* ‚ U44f5 ‚ †بn5 . ’2بnB* . ‡لn5 . œ2;JB*
ةب<ن, 2+'E1 'يc5 ~‡لn(%* D>v<3 ¶ Ÿ2,Gبl;%* $F ‡لn(%* >4•—5 $Fm(% ‹&½2,
@c(ل3 . @12n3 . 'M:(3
zs2:5 . zs2T . =2f5 . =2p ‚ ZF2B . †ق2B
D=2f3 . ‹2ن5 . †ق2ن5
’ر2:(3 .>ي2A3 . †ق2ن(3
=2f5 . Vي2ب5 . =2f3 ˜p1
ةv4بB . ةT',
W) 2Fmd ‚ zs2:3 ³2_52,)
k%2[3 . =2f3 . zs2:3
'p . †4nB . zJT
Vي2ب3 . 'p ‚ ‹m(d* . Vي2ب5
Ÿ12h5 . Vي2ب5 . c4;5 ‚ Op2F . ”>h%* |24ب% O,2ق
0) OdC . =2p . k%2d)
Wmd‘ . D=2f3 . ةh%2[3
i((s* . IM)C . š>ب5
ةبي>p . ة3'n5 . ة;+2<3 . š>ب5
]ر2€3 . IM<3
ةل4)1 . ةل4E . >4,'5 ‚ š*'(,* . ةv4بB . š*>(d*
W) •vd . >,= ‚ š'(,* . š>(d*)
IJK(%* “452h3 ةEG% . D=24n%* ةEG%
=Gn:3 . •بf3 . “بJ3 ‚ D=24ق . ‹*>`‘ . {4jG5 ‚ IJK5 . •بp ‚ ةبق*>3 . ة,2قر
INB . •بp ‚ “بs . *ر=C . $F IJK5 . iق*ر
•,2p (|Xر) X1ر
ة4o*G+ ةن4h) $F) D=24n%* D>_E)
-ontro/ charts ةبق*>;%* •o*>d
-ontro/ circ"it (P/ec. Png.) IJK(%* D>o*=
-ontro/ cock (Png.) IJK(%* zبK3
-ontro/ coi/ (P/ec. Png.) IJK(%* kل3
-ontro/ co/"mn (Aero.) D=24n%* =G;T
-ontro/ co/"mn /ock (Aero.) D=24n%* =G;T Ohق
-ontro/ 8eaice
-ontro/ e/ectro8e (P/ectronics) $;JK5 =1>(J%‘
-ontro/ e9"i#ment set (Png.) IJK(%* X2Mj
-ontro/ ebchange (©e/e#h.) IJK(3 W*>(ن)
-ontro/ eb#eriment
-ontro/ gear (Png.) IJK5 X2Mj
-ontro/ gri8 (P/ectronics) IJK(%* ةJب`
-ontro/ im#e8ance (P/ec. -omm.)
-ontro/ knob (Png.) D=24n%* †بn3
-ontro/ /eaer (Png.)
-ontro/ /ight (Png.) IJK(%* |24, •Gp
-ontro/ /imit-sYitch (P/ec. Png.) $;JK5 r'E $o2,>Ms ®2(h3
-ontro/ /inkage IJK(%* W2™1C
-ontro/ magnet (P/ec. Png.)
-ontro/ mechanism IJK(%* ة4%‰
-ontro/ #ane/ (P/ec. Png.) D=24n%* ةEG%
-ontro/ #oint ةبق*>3 ةvnB
-ontro/ #osition IJK(%* ˜p1
-ontro/ #ost ةبق*>3 cs>3
-ontro/ re/a! set $;JK5 OE>3 1ذ X2Mj
-ontro/ rocket (Aero.)
-ontro/ ro8
-ontro/ room ةبق*>;%* ةF>}
-ontro/ serao (Aero.)
-ontro/ sha7t $;JK5 Dر*=‘ =G;T
-ontro/ sha7t beating (Png.) D=24n%* =G;T O;K3
-ontro/ station IJK5 ةvK3
-ontro/ stick (Aero.)
-ontro/ s"r7ace (Aero.) {4jG5 “v)
-ontro/ s!stem (¢a8io.)
-ontro/ toYer (Aero.) ةبق*>;%* Q>,
-ontro/ "nit IJK5 D'E1
-ontro/ aa/ae (Png.) IJK5 @2;™
-ontro/ Yhee/ (Png.) D=24n%* 0&1=
-ontro/ Yire (Png.) {4jG(%* •ل)
-ontro/. a8ministratiae ةير*=‘ ةبق*>3
-ontro/. a/tit"8e (Aero.) š2h5ر&* $F IJK(%* X2Mj
-ontro/. a"tomatic (Png.)
-ontro/. a"tomatic 7re9"enc! (¢a8io.) ==>(%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%*
-ontro/. a"tomatic gain (¢a8io.) i<J%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%*
-ontro/. a"tomatic ao/"me (¢a8io.) Dر2M_%* $F $523G51H* IJK(%*
-ontro/. birth O<ن%* 'ي'K5
-ontro/. centra/iye8 ةيcs>3 D=24ق
-ontro/. 8"a/ (Png.) $o2ن• IJK5
-ontro/. ignition (Png.) W2:`ž* $F IJK(%*
-ontro/. man"a/ (Png.) r1'ي IJK5
-ontro/. remote (P/ec. Png.) ':, VT IJK(%*
-ontro/. stratigra#hic (weo/.) ةBر2n;%2, ةnبR 'ي'K5
IJK5 ة4%‰ . IJK5 D*=C
S>dC 0ر2_5 ةK™ V3 's—(ل%) ة;s2E ة,>_5)
'E*1 ³2_5* $F) ة4;JK5 ةق12:3)
D=24n%* š*رذ . {4jG5 š*رذ
Š24n3 ة4%‰ $F) IJK(3 z4vنA3)
ة4o2fF ةن4h) ةT>) 1C ر2<3 $F ~IJK5 ¸1ر2™
IJK(%* 2lT . {4jG5 š*رذ
ر24vل%) رX*u3 IJK5)
{4jG(%* š*رذ . D=24n%* 2lT
{4jG(%* @2NB . IJK(%* @2NB
$o2nل5 IJK5 . $523G51C IJK5
-ontro/. tra77ic >4<%* I4Nن5
-ontro/. ao/"me (P/ec. Png.) Dر2M_%* $F IJK(%*
-ontro//abi/it! (n.)
-ontro//ab/e ^et IJK(ل% O,2ق Œhن3
-ontro//e8 eb#eriment ةBر2n3 ة,>_5
-ontro//e8 7inance {jG3 =2l(ق*
-ontro//e8 motion (Lech.) ةMjG3 ةs>E
-ontro//e8 ra8iation (P/ectronics) {jG3 š2:`‘
-ontro//e8 recti7ier (P/ec. Png.) Ž52ن%* 'M_%* §Gبf3 @Gn3
-ontro//er (P/ec. Png.)
-ontro//er (n.)
-ontro//er. 8i77erentia/ (Png.) $لp2h5 IJK5 X2Mj
-ontro//er. #ress"re (Png.) •Af%* INن3
-ontro//ing circ"it (P/ec. Png.) IJK(%* D>o*=
-ontro//ing 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) IJK(3 W2_3
-ontro/s (Png.) D=24n%* DcMjC
-ontroaersia/ (a8^.)
-ontroaers! (n.)
-ont"se (a.)
-ont"sion (n.)
-onaa/esce (a.) •2h€ل% O•2;5
-onaa/escence (n.)
-onaection (h!s.)
-onaection coe77icient O;K%* O32:3
-onaection c"rrent rر*>K%* O;K%* ر245
-onaection heating rر*>K%* O;K%2, V4[<(%*
-onaection o7 heat
-onaectiae e9"i/ibri"m
-onaector (n.) rر*>K%* O;K%2, V[<3
-onaectron (P/ec. Png.) O4;%* Š24n% $B1>(J%‘ X2Mj
-onaene (a.)
-onaenience (n.)
-onaenient (a8^.)
-onaenient /ocation i)2ن3 ˜قG3
-onaention (n.)
-onaentiona/ (a8^.)
-onaentiona/ c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) $Emv™&* ر24(%*
-onaentiona/ 8esign
-onaentiona/ sign
-onaerge (a.)
-onaergence (n.)
-onaergence magnet (©e/ea.)
-onaergent-8iaergent noyy/e (Png.) 'T2ب(3 0ر2n(3 Œhن3
-onaergent (a8^.)
-onaergent (n.) (Laths.) ةلي‰
-onaergent /ens (±ight.) ة:;_3 1C ة3& ة)'T
-onaergent series (Laths.)
-onaerging (a8^.)
-onaerging /ens (±ight.) ة:;_3 1C ة3& ة)'T
-onaerging magnetic 7/"b (Lagn.) 0ر2n(3 $<4vنA3 Uق=
-onaerging menisc"s (±ight.) ة3& ة4%m+ ة)'T
-onaerging #enci/ (±ight.) ة,ر2n(3 ة:`C ة3cE
-onaerging ra!s ة:;_(3 1C ة,ر2n(3 ة:`C
-onaersation (n.)
ة4;JK5 . IJK(%* ة4B2J3*
IJK5 ®2(h3 . •بf3
I4ق . iق*>3
‹m[%*1 W'_ل% >4›3 . $%'j
‹md . W'j . W*'j
œ'd . @'s . ’ر
ةp>pر . @'s . ’ر
{nB . ة+2nB
$)Cر ³2_5* $F O;K%2, Dر*>K%* W2n(B* ~':l(%* . O;K%*
':l(%2, 1C) O;K%2, Dر*>K%* W2n(B*)
Dر*>Kل%) $ل;K%* |X*G(%*)
ZT'()* ‚ 'n:B* ‚ (2T2;(j*) 'nT
ةE*>%* Oo2)1 S'E‘ ‚ ><ي . ة3•m3
W2;:()&* OM) . UF*G3 . “ي>3
”2›43 ‚ ‹>T ‚ >;5u3 . š2;(j*
r'4لn5 . $F>T ‚ ‹G%—3 . $Emv™*
ةي'4لn5 ةvd . $Emv™* I4;l5
ة4Emv™* Dر2`‘ . “لvl3
ةvnB $F I(%C . 0ر2n5 . ˜;_5
•2n(%&* ةvnB ‚ (ةvnB $F) •2n(%* . 0ر2n5
ة4B1>(J%ž* @cKل%) ˜;_3 z4vنA3)
0ر2n(3 ‚ ةvnB $F ˜;_3 . @&
ة,ر2n(3 1C) ة4,ر2n5 ةل<ل<(3)
˜;_(3 . 0ر2n(3 ‚ 0ر2n3 . ˜;_3 . @&
Œي'E . ة;%2J3 . ة•=2K3
-onaerse (a8^.)
-onaerse (n.)
-onaerse (a.)
-onaerse o7 a theorem (Laths.) ةي>Nن%* zJT
-onaerse/! (a8a.)
-onaersion (n.)
-onaersion con8"ctance (¢a8io.) ة4ليGK5 ةل™*G3
-onaersion 8etector (¢a8io.) $ليGK5 ‹2€J3
-onaersion 7actor (Laths.) OيGK(%* O32:3
-onaersion gain (¢a8io.) $ليGK5 i<s
-onaersion #ig (Let.) OيGK(ل% ':3 'ي'E
-onaersion resistance (¢a8io.) ة4ليGK5 ة312n3
-onaersion tab/e (Laths.) OيGK5 W1'j
-onaert (a.)
-onaerte8 c"rrents (P/ec. Png.) ة%GK3 Ÿ*ر245
-onaerter (Let.)
-onaerter (P/ec. Png.)
-onaerter ? conaertor >ب:3 ‚ WGK3
-onaerter be//! (Let.) WGK;%* ‹Gj
-onaerter bottom (Let.) WGK;%* š2ق
-onaerter /ining (Let.) WGK;%* ةB2v,
-onaerter nose (or mo"th) (Let.) WGK;%* ة+GF
-onaerter #ig (Let.) OيGK(ل% ':3 'ي'E
-onaerter s/ag (Let.)
-onaerter tr"nnion (Png.) WGK;%* |*ر1= cJ5>3
-onaerter t"be (¢a8io.) OيGK5 @2;™
-onaerter aa/ae (¢a8io.) OيGK5 @2;™
-onaerter Yaste (Let.) WGK;%* Ÿ2ي2hB
-onaerter. Bessemer (Let.)
-onaerter. rotar! (P/ec. Png.)
-onaertibi/it! (n.) OيGK(%* 1C WGK(%* ة4ل,2ق
-onaertib/e (a8^.) SGvي •2v} 1ذ ‚ OيGK(%* 1C WGK(ل% O,2ق
-onaertib/e (n.) rGvني •2v} Ÿ*ذ Dر24)
-onaertib/e /ens (hotog.) ة%GK(3 ةبs>3 ة)'T
-onaerting (Let.)
-onaerting 7"rnace (Let.)
-onaerting station (P/ec. Png.) OيGK5 ةvK3
-onaertor ? -onaerter >4A3 ‚ WGK3
-onaertor reactor (h!s.) WGK3 OT2h3
-onaeb-concaae (a8^.) >:n3 0'K3
-onaeb-#/ane (a8^.) “v<3 0'K3
-onaeb (a8^.) 0'K3
-onaeb 7i//et Ye/8 (Png.) 0'K3 r1*X @2K%
-onaeb hea8 (Png.) 0'K3 ŠCر
-onaeb /ens (±ight.) ة,'K3 ة)'T
-onaeb menisc"s (h!s.) ة,'K3 ة4%m+ ة)'T ‚ 0'K3 $%m+ “v)
-onaeb mi//ing-c"tter 0'K3 cي>h5 ˜vn3
-onaeb mirror ة,'K3 D‰>3
-onaeb #o/!gon (Laths.) 0'K3 ˜لf3
-onaeb 9"a8ri/atera/ (Laths.)
-onaeb so/i8 ang/e (Laths.) ة,'K3 ة;<_3 ةي1*X
-onae! (a.)
-onae!ance (n.)
ŠGJ:3 . 0Gلn3 . zJT
ŠGJ:3 . †4nB . zJT ‚ iR2[5 . Œي'E
«=2E . Iلs . «'E
'f%2, . zJ:%2,
>يGK5 . Oي'ب5 . WGK5 . OيGK5
iلق . zJT ‚ W=2, . W', . WGK5 . WGE
>;<,ˆ WGK3 . WGK3ˆ
$o2,>Ms WGK3 ~ WGK3
>;<,ˆ WGK3 Ÿ2ي2hB 1C Œبdˆ
ذ&Gh%* Q2(Bž) ˆ>;<,ˆ WGK3)
>;(<3 Z%‘ 012ن(;%* ر24(%* OيGK(%) ر*1= WGK3)
>;<, ةnي>v, ) ذ&GF Z%‘ @2[%* 'ي'K%* OيGK5)
ذ&GF Z%‘ 'ي'K%*) OيGK5 |>F)
V3 OقC {4F ة4لd*= ةي1*X Os ~0'K3 $T2,ر OJ` „¶… ةjر=
iي=*'E‘ . 0'K5
O™1C . xnBC . O;E . OnB
OnB ةل4)1 ‚ W2lي‘ . OnB
-onae!er ? -onae!or (n.)
-onae!or be/t (Png.) ةلق2ن%* >)
-onae!or engine (Png.) ةلق2ن%* ]>K3
-onae!or. ban8 (or be/t) (Png.)
-onae!or. s#ira/ (Png.)
-onaince (a.) ˜نقC
-onaoke (a.)
-onao/"te (a8^.)
-onao/"te (a.)
-onao! (n.)
-onao! (a.)
-ona"/sion (n.)
-ook (n.)
-ook (a.)
-ooker (n.)
-ooker. #ress"re
-oo/ (a8^.)
-oo/ (a.)
-oo/ant (n.)
-oo/ant #"m# (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* WGلK3 ة[f3
-oo/e8-ano8e aa/ae (©hermionics) =>ب3 =GBC 1ذ @2;™
-oo/er bob (Png.) =>ب;%* ’GE
-oo/er cock (Png.) =>ب;%* رGبن™ 1C zبK3
-oo/er. oi/ (Png.)
-oo/er. Yater (Png.)
-oo/ie (n.) I_ن3 O32T
-oo/ing (a8^.)
-oo/ing (n.) 'ي>ب5
-oo/ing a##arat"s (Png.) 'ي>ب5 X2Mj
-oo/ing baths (Png.) 'ي>ب5 zR2A3
-oo/ing chamber (Png.) 'ي>ب5 ةF>}
-oo/ing coi/s (Png.) 'ي>ب(ل% ةh(ل3 i4,2BC
-oo/ing c"rae (Let.) 'ي>ب(%* ZنKن3
-oo/ing 8"ct (P/ec. Png.)
-oo/ing 7an (Png.) 'ي>ب5 ةE1>3
-oo/ing insta//ations (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* Ÿ•€ن3
-oo/ing ^acket (Png.) 'ي>ب5 ر2•=
-oo/ing /ag (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* kل[5
-oo/ing me8i"m (Png.) =>ب3 •)1
-oo/ing #ans (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* ’*GEC
-oo/ing #/ant (Png.) 'ي>ب5 D'E1
-oo/ing #/ate (Png.) 'ي>ب5 ®G%
-oo/ing #on8 (Png.) 'ي>ب5 ةs>,
-oo/ing #oYer (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* DGق
-oo/ing s"r7ace (Png.) 'ي>ب5 “v)
-oo/ing s!stem (Png.) 'ي>ب5 Dر1=
-oo/ing tank 'ي>ب5 |*cd
-oo/ing toYer (Png.) 'ي>ب5 Q>,
-oo/ing t"bes (Png.) 'ي>ب5 i4,2BC
-oo/ing "nit (Png.) 'ي>ب5 D'E1
-oo/ing Yater (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* •23
-oo/ing. air (Png.) •*GM%2, 'ي>ب(%*
OnB ةل4)1 . Oق2B
ةs>K%* Onن% ر*1= >) . >4<%2, ةلق2B
r'4;dر* ‹1=2` . ة4B1cلE ةلق2B
š2;(jm% 2T= . ZT'()*
rGv3 . G(ل3 . k(ل3
SGvB* . k(%* . SG% . k%
k4Fm5 . Ÿ24% . Ÿ2h%
UF*>3 Š>E . ةلF2ق
ةي2;Kل% UF*ر . >hd
Q2_5ر* . Qm(d* . Žن€5
¸2بR . ³2R
–بvB* . –بR
–بv%* (X2Mj 1C) •2T1
˜h5>3 •Ap ZلT –بvل% ~ة4vAp Dر'ق
ƒ=2+ ‚ D=1>ب%* W'(:3 . =ر2,
C'+ . =>, . C'+ . =>,
=>ب3 WGلK3 . =>ب3
D=>ب3 . =>ب3
tيc%* =>ب3 . $(يX =>ب3
•23 =>ب3 . $o23 =>ب3
²:ن3 . =>ب3
'ي>ب(%* •*G+ (D2نق) •M<3
-oo/ing. geYton·s /aY o7 (h!s.)
-oo/ing. s"r7ace (Png.) $Kv) 'ي>ب5
-oo/ometer (Png.) 'ي>ب(%* DGق Š24n3
-oom ? coomb
-oo#er--eYitt /am# (¨//"m.)
-oo#er (n.) ة4ب€d O43*>, ˜B2™
-o#a/ (aint.)
-o#a/ aarnish (aint.) $%2,Gs |2+=
-o#a/ine (or co#a/ite) (Lin.)
-o#artner (n.) •ي>`
-o#e (n.)
-o#e (a.) ˜بق ‚ Oo23 c4F2, =1X ‚ ®2_ن, Ž%2T ‚ Sر2,
-o#e ring (7o"n8r!) il%* i%2ق DG<نلق ”GR
-o#erio8ic (h!s.) ة4ن3c%* D>(h%* O•2;(3
-o#ernican ´!stem (Astron.)
-o#ing (Png.) Oo23 cي>F‘
-o#ing saY (-ar#.) Ovق ر2€ن3
-o##er- core8 carbon (¨//"m.)
-o##er-c/a8 stee/ con8"ctor ? stee/-core8 co##er con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) rذ&GF iلق 1ذ $)2KB O™G3 ‚ Š2Kن%2, kلA3 rذ&GF O™G3
-o##er-/ea8 a//o! bearing (Png.) ¡2™>%* 1 Š2Kن%* •o2ب) V3 O;K3
-o##er-matte (Let.) ة:;ل%* D—hv3 ة4)2KB ة4لR
-o##er-obi8e recti7ier (¢a8io.) XG)2Kن%* '4<sC V3 ةK4h™ 1ذ @Gn3
-o##er e/ectro8e (P/ec.) $)2KB =1>(J%‘
-o##er 7actor (P/ec. Png.)
-o##er 7oi/ (Let.) ة4)2KB ةn4قر
-o##er 7o"n8r! (Let.) Š2KB •ب<3
-o##er gasket (Png.)
-o##er ga"ye ة4)2KB ة4Jل) ةJب`
-o##er g/ance ? cha/cocite (-hem.) XG)2Kن%* '4(ي>بs @2d
-o##er ingot (Let.) O4J€(ل% D':3 ة4)2KB ةل(s
-o##er ^oint (Let.) ة4)2KB ةل™1
-o##er /ea8 (P/ec. Png.) $)2KB O™G3
-o##er /ine Yire (P/ec. Png.) $)2KB •ل)
-o##er /oss (P/ec. Png.) O4™G(%* ]m)C $F ةق2v%* š24p
-o##er master (Aco"s.) ةل_<3 ةB*Gv)& ة4)2Kن%* ة[<ن%*
-o##er mi// (Lining.) $)2Kن%* @2[%* c4s>5 D'E1
-o##er mine Š2KB I_ن3
-o##er mining Š2Kن%* Vي':5
-o##er nicke/ ? nicco/ite (Lin.)
-o##er n"mber (et. Png.)
-o##er ore (Lining.) $)2KB @2d
-o##er #/ate (n.) ة4)2KB ةK4h™
-o##er #/ate (a.) Š2Kن%2, ZلR
-o##er #/ating Š2Kن%2, •mR
-o##er #!rite ? cha/co#!rite (Lin.) Š2Kن%* tي>4,
-o##er re7ining (Let.) Š2Kن%* ة4nن5
-o##er riaet (Png.) ة4)2KB ة32`>,
-o##er sheath $)2KB ';}
-o##er sheet (Let.) ة4)2KB ةK4h™
-o##er sme/ting (Let.) Š2Kن%* >M™
-o##er stee/ (Let.) $)2KB ذ&GF
-o##er stri# ة4)2KB ةKي>`
-o##er s"/#hate (-hem.)
-o##er ao/tameter (P/ec. Png.)
D=1>ب%* W':;% ˆV5G4Bˆ |GB2ق
kنl%* •r=ر) Ÿ2,>T IK` ‚ @2[) . Q2ن))
Ÿ1G+ˆ1 ˆ>يGsˆ ®2بl3 . Uبoc%* ر2[, ®2بl3ˆ
|2+'%* ˜ن™ $F O;:(<ي Žن45*ر ~W2,Gs
>_K(3 $B':3 Žن45*ر ~V4%2,Gs
cي>F‘ ‚ ةبق . rGل:%* ةs2ب<%* i%2ق klB . DG<نلق
zJ4ني>,Gsˆ @2NBˆ
$)Gn%* ®2بl;ل% ) zKن3 |G,>s i4fق)
ة4لJ%* kل;%* ˜vn3 ةE2<3 Z%‘ Š2Kن%* ةE2<3 ةب<B ~$)2Kن%* O32:%*
®2€5ر&* ˜ن;%) ة4)2KB ةJلF 1C ة4€E)
OJ4ن%* '4[4BرX ~t4%GJ4B
$F D=GjG;%* |2(بs>;%* V3 Ÿ23*>A4ل;%* ='T ~$)2Kن%* =':%* „…… I) £ $%1>(, >fK(<3 V3
ة4o2;%* Š2Kن%* Ÿ2(ي>بs ~”رXH* Q*c%*
$o2,>MJ%* O4لK(%2, ر24(%* Š24n%) $)2KB >(32(لF)
-o##er Yire $)2KB •ل)
-o##er Yorks (Let.) Š2Kن%* •ب<3
-o##ere8 carbons (¨//"m.) ة<Kن3 ة4BG,>s |2بfق
-o##ere8 stee/ (Let.)
-o##er#/ate (rint.)
-o#ro/ite (weo/.) >_K(3 G_B
-o#se (n.)
-o#! (n.)
-o#! (a.)
-o#!. certi7ie8 ةق'l3 ة[<B
-o#!ing /athe ةd2<B ةR>[3
-o#!ing machine –<B ةنJ3
-o#!right (n.)
-o9"ina (weo/.)
-ora/ (a8^.) $B2j>3
-ora/ (n.)
-ora/ /imestone (weo/.) $B2j>3 r>4j >_E
-ora/ ree7
-ora/ shoa/ $B2j>3 k4™ر
-ora//oi8 (a8^.) $B2j>3
-oramine V43*رGs
-orbe/ (B"i/8.)
-or8-8riae (n.) W2بK%2, Dر*=‘
-or8 (n.)
-or8 (o7 Yoo8)
-or8 (a.) OبK, •,ر
-or8 circ"it (©e/e#h.) ة4لبE O4™G5 D>o*=
-or8age (n.)
-or8ate (a8^.) OJ€%* $بلق
-or8e8 (a8^.)
-or8ite (Li/.)
-or8on (n.)
-or8"ro! ˜لf3 $ل;[3 œ2;ق
-ore-t!#e in8"ction 7"rnace (P/ec. Png.) iلق 1ذ ŒE |>F
-ore-t!#e trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.)
-ore (P/ec. Png.)
-ore (n.)
-ore (a.)
-ore ana/!sis (et. Png.) ة4بلn%* Ÿ2ن4:%* O4لK5
-ore bar (6o"n8r!) ]Gب<;%* iلق i4fق
-ore bit (-ia. Png.) ة4بلn%* Ÿ2ن4:%* Q*>[()* ة;n%
-ore bob (Png.) Ÿ2sGب<;%* 0Gلق O4J€5 ”1'ن™
-ore cab/e (Png.) iلق 1ذ Oبs
-ore carbon (¨//"m.) Gdر iلق 1ذ |G,>s i4fق
-ore casting (6o"n8r!) ةFG_3 ة,Gبl3
-ore 8isc (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* GfT iلق ¡>ق
-ore 8ri// (-ia. Png.) Ÿ2ن4:%* Qر2[()& 02n›3
-ore e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) رGMl3 iلق 1ذ @2K% i4fق
-ore ho/e (Png.) il%* •2ن•C i%2n, OJ€3 in•
-ore /osses (P/ec. Png.)
-ore o7 antic/ine (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4لv%* iلق
-ore o7 s!nc/ine (weo/.) D>:n;%* ة4لv%* iلق
-ore oaen Ÿ2sGب<;%* 0Gلق k4h_5 |>F
Š2Kن%2, $لv3) zKن3 ذ&GF)
ةT2بvل% رGhK3 $)2KB ®G% ~{4€4لs
ر2h™ . Š2KB
ة;jC . O}=
O™H* UبR DرG™ . ة[<B
Zs2E . 'لق . –<B
k4%—(%* X24(3* . >€ن%*1 ˜بv%* UE
ةق*>, Ÿ*ر2<s rGKي ~$F'™ @2dر
x<, . |2j>3
$B2j>3 i:` . $B2j>3 kير
ة\52B ةF2E ة32T= . Dc4sر . kنR
>51 . •ي>` .OبE
W=2:ي ~i€[ل% $;_E Š24ق „¤¶ ةب:J3 23'ق
Š*>3C . W2بE
OبK, @1cK3 ‚ §Gv[%* ¬52B . ˜لf3
|2d'%* @=2T =1ر2, ~tي=رGs
Iي>, . •ي>` ‚ ر2lE . ”2vB
ko2hل%* {hلA5) iلق 1ذ WGK3)
$<4R2نA3 kل3 Od*= $F r'ي'E i4fق ~kل;%* iلق
ة4FGj ةن4T ‚ ‹Gj . i% . iلق
iل%* 1C iلn%* šcB . ‹Gj
$<4vنA;%* UF'%* >4A(, ة4o2,>MJ%* ةق2v%* š24p ~ة4بلق Ÿ*=Gnh3
-ore #/ate (P/ec. Png. 6o"n8r!) ]Gب<;%* iلق ةيGn(% ¡>ق ة4بلق ةn4قر
-ore sam#/e (et. Png.) ة4بلق 1C ة4FGj ةن4T
-ore san8 (6o"n8r!) ]Gب<;%* iلق O3ر
-ore trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) r'ي'E iلق 1ذ WGK3
-ore aa/ae (Png.) $بلق @2;™
-ore/ess armat"re (P/ec. Png.) iلق m, Q2(B‘ GfT 1C ’>K(3
-ore/ess in8"ction 7"rnace ? high 7re9"enc! in8"ction coi/ (P/ec. Png.)
-orer (°cean.) ة4FGj Ÿ2ن4T ة:R2ق
-or7 (Lining.)
-orian8er (Bot.)
-oring kيG_5
-ori"m (eoo/.)
-ork (n.)
-ork (a.) ةن4لh, ')
-ork borer V4لF 02n›3
-ork 8"st V4لh%* ”GK<3
-ork ^acket $ن4لF ‹m}
-ork #ress V4لF zبJ3
-ork sto##er $ن4لF =*')
-ork. mo"ntain (Lin.)
-orkboar8 (n.) V4لF ®G%
-orkscreY Ÿ*=*'<%* iK) ة;ي>,
-orkscreY staircase (B"i/8.) $ب%G% Qر=
-or/iss engine (Png.)
-or/iss aa/ae (Png.)
-orm (Bot.)
-orn (Le8.)
-orn (n.)
-orn (a.)
-orn oi/ (-hem.) Dرx%* tيX
-ornea (eoo/.) V4:%* ة4B>ق
-orneo"s (a8^.)
-orner-ro"n8ing c"tter (Png.) 2ي*1c%* >ي1'(% cي>h5 ˜vn3
-orner (a8^.) r1*X
-orner (n.)
-orner ti/e (B"i/8.) ةي1*X D'43>ق
-ornerstone (B"i/8.)
-ornerYise (or -ornerYa!s) (a8a.)
-ornice (B"i/8.)
-oro//a (Bot.) ŽيG5
-oro//ar! (Laths.)
-orona (n.) (h!s.. Leteor.)
-orona A"stra/is (©he ´o"thern -roYn) (Astron.) $,Gن_%* O4لsž* ةبsGs
-orona Borea/is (©he gorthern -roYn) (Astron.) $%2;€%* O4لsž* ةبsGs
-orona 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $%2+ qي>h5
-oronagra#h (Astron.) z;€%* D12hR ةبق*>;% X2Mj
-oronar! arter! (Le8.) $j25 |2ي>`
-orosi/ (P/ec. Png.)
-or#ora/ (a8^.)
-or#ora/ (n.) kي>T
-or#orate (a8^.)
-or#oration (n.) ة;+2<3 ةs>`
-or#orea/ ( a8^.)
-or#s (n.)
==>(%* $%2T ر245 1ذ ŒE |>F . iلn%* @=2T ŒE |>F
Ij2ن;%* $F O;:(<5 D>4A™ (ة,>T 1C) ةل)
D'n5 . D>,cs
'ل_%* VR2, . ة3=H*
•2K% ‚ $ن4لF =*') . ةن4لF . V4لF
ŠG(<ب)H* V3 0>p ~r>[l%* V4لh%*
z4%رGsˆ @2;™ˆ
ةلl, . ةي1>s 1C ةببJ3 ”2)
@'n%* WG%u• 1C ر2;<3 . Vh•
$B2vn%*1 ةvنK%* 0GبE -Dرذ
IKل%*) ='ق 1C “ل3)
|>n%2s iل™ . $B>ق
ةhvT . ةي1*X . Vsر . ةB>ق
Š2)H* >_E . ةي1*c%* >_E
ةل,2n3 S>dC Z%‘ ةي1*X V3 . 2ي>vق
kنR . cي>F‘
ة4:4بR ة_4(B . ة3X&
Q25 . O4لs‘ ‚ ة%2+ . Dر*= . D12hR
ة4<4vنA;%* 0Gلn%* O;:%) |GJ4ل<%*1 'ي'K%* V3 ةJ4ب) ~O)1رGs)
r'<j . $B', . $B2;<j
V32f(3 . kل5u3
ŠG<K3 . r=23 ‚ $B', . r'<j
ة;Nن3 ة\4+ . •ل) ‚ Uل4F . ةب4(s
-or#se (n.) ة›j
-or#"sc/e (n.)
-or#"sc"/ar ra8iation (h!s.) $;4<j š2:`‘
-or#"sc"/ar theor! (±ight.)
-orra8e (a.)
-orrasion (weo/.)
-orrect (a8^.)
-orrect (a.)
-orrecte8 /ens (°#t.) qيc%* ةKKl3 ة)'T
-orrecting signa/ (©e/eg.) “4Kl5 Dر2`‘
-orrection (n.)
-orrection ang/e (´"ra.) “4Kl(%* ةي1*X
-orrection 7actor “4Kl(%* O32:3
-orrection sca/e “4Kl(%* Iل)
-orrectiae (a8^.)
-orre/ate (a.)
-orre/ation (n.)
-orre/ation ana/!sis (weo/.) D2+2f;%2, O4لK5
-orre/ation coe77icient (Laths.) §2ب5ر&* O32:3
-orre/ation in8eb §2ب5ر&* O4%=
-orre/ation o7 strata (weo/.) Ÿ2nبv%* D2+2f3
-orre/atiae (a8^.)
-orres#on8 O)*ر ‚ UF*1
-orres#on8 (a)
-orres#on8 ang/es (Laths.) D>•2ن(3 2ي*1X
-orres#on8ence (n.)
-orres#on8ent (a8^.)
-orres#on8ent (n.) O4;T ‚ >4NB ‚ O)*>3
-orres#on8ing (a8^.)
-orres#on8ing 7/anges (Png.) |25>•2ن(3 O™1 2(n`
-orres#on8ing #oints (Laths.) D>•2ن(3 •nB
-orres#on8ing si8es (Laths.) D>•2ن(3 šmpC
-orres#on8ing states (h!s.)
-orri8or (n.)
-orrigen8"m (#/. corrigen8a) ة4:بv3 ةvل}
-orrigib/e (a8^.) ®m™Á% O,2ق
-orroborate (a.)
-orro8ant (-hem.) ر2sC 1C Ÿ2E O32T
-orro8e (a.)
-orro8ibi/it! (n.) Ÿ2K(%* ة4ل,2ق
-orro8ib/e (a8^.) Os•(%* 1C tKل% O,2ق
-orrosion-7atig"e (Let.) $o24;4J%* Ÿ2K(%* Wms
-orrosion-#roo7 (-hem.) $o24;4J%* tKل% '32™
-orrosion-resistant (-hem.)
-orrosion (n.)
-orrosion inhibitor (-hem.) Os•(%* 1C Ÿ2K(%* ˜B23
-orrosion #reaentiae (-hem.) $o24;4J%* Ÿ2K(ل% ˜B23
-orrosion test (Let.) Os•(%* ر2ب(d*
-orrosion. intergran"/ar Ÿ2ب4بK%* V4, Ÿ2K5
-orrosiae (a8^.) (-hem.)
-orrosiae (n.)
-orrosiae s"b/imate ? merc"ric ch/ori8e (-hem.) •4nبoc%* 'يرGلs
-orr"gate (a.)
-orr"gate8 (a8^.)
ةn4ق= . ƒcj . ةي>s . I4<j
Uo2ق'%* ةي>NB . (ة4oGf%*) Ÿ2;4<_%* ةي>NB
S>, . OsC . tE
$:4بR Ÿ2K5 . Os•5 . tE
Uo& . i%2™ ‚ IيGق . “4K™
•بp . @Gق . W'T . “K™
Oي':5 . ®m™‘ . IيGn5 . “4Kl5
@Gn3 . “Kl3
V4, •,ر . •ب5ر* . Ol5*
•,ر ‚ ة%=2ب(3 ةقmT . ةل™
§2ب5ر&* @Xm(3 . •,*>(3
>•2B . O•23
ةل)*>3 ‚ >•2ن5 . O•2;5 . ةnF*G3
UF*G(3 . >•2ن(3
O•2;3 . >•2ن3
V4(j>K%* 2;M(;4ق Z%‘ Dر*>K%*1 •Af%* ةب<B Œ4E V3) D>•2ن(;%* Ÿ&2K%*)
>;3 . Z€;3 . c4ل+=
tب•C ‚ XcT . 'B2) . 'يC
Ÿ2K5 . Zل, . S'™ . Zل,C . C'™C . tE
Os•(%* 'p . C'lل% @12n3 . $o24;4J%* tKل% @12n3
$o24;4s tE ‚ C'™ ‚ Os•5 . Ÿ2K5
Ÿ2K5 . W2s‰
ة%2s‰ D=23 . r12;4s tE O32T
':j . QG;5 . QG3 . VlA5 . Vl}
QG;3 . ';_3 . VfA3
-orr"gate8 7"rnace t"be (Png.) VfA3 1C QG;3 |>F 0GبBC
-orr"gate8 g/ass
-orr"gate8 hose VfA3 @GR>d
-orr"gate8 iron (B"i/8.)
-orr"gate8 ^aY (Png.) QG;3 •F
-orr"gate8 #a#er QG;3 |G5>s 1C ”ر1
-orr"gate8 sheet iron (Let.) ةjG;3 ةي'ي'E ®*G%C
-orr"gate8 s"r7ace QG;3 “v)
-orr"gating ro// (Png.)
-orr"gation (n.)
-orr"#t (a8^.)
-orr"#t (a.)
-orr"#tion (n.)
-orr"#tiae (a8^.)
-orteb (Bio/.)
-ortica/ (a8^.)
-orticate (a8^.)
-or"n8"m (Lin.)
-or!mb (Bot.) $ق'T ر*>+X‘
-os (abbrea. 6or cosine)
-osec (abbrea. 6or cosecant)
-osecant (Laths.) @2;(%* ˜R2ق
-osecant c"rae (Laths.) @2;(%* ˜R2ق ZنKن3
-osine (Laths.)
-osine c"rae (Laths.) @2;(%* i4j ZنKن3
-osine /aYs (Laths.) @2;(%* 0G4j V4B*Gق
-osmetic O4;_5 >fK(<3
-osmic ab"n8ance (-hem.)
-osmic 8"st $BGs ر2ب}
-osmic eon (weo/.) $BGJ%* >+'%*
-osmic noise (¢a8io.) $BGs œ*G`
-osmic ra8iation (h!s.) $BGs š2:`‘
-osmic ra! shoYers (h!s.) ة4BGJ%* ة:`H* Ÿ2`ر
-osmic ra!s (h!s.) ة4BGs ة:`C
-osmogon! (Astron.) |GJ%* D—€B $F ةي>NB ‚ |GJ%* D—€B
-osmogra#h! (Astron.) ة4BG;J%* Ÿ2)*ر'%* IلT
-osmo/og! (Astron.) Ÿ24BGJ%* IلT
-osmona"t (n.) •2fF 'o*ر
-osmona"tics •2fh%* IلT
-osmo#o/itan (a8^.)
-osmos (n.) UF*G(3 O32s @2NB ‚ |GJ%*
-osmotron (h!s.)
-ost (n.)
-ost (a.) kلs
-ost o7 insta//ation i4s>(%* k4%2J5
-ost o7 /iaing ة€4:;%* k4%2J5
-ost o7 #ro8"ction Q2(Bž* k4%2J5
-ost o7 "#kee#ing ةB24l%* k4%2J5
-ost #rice ةhلJ%* >:)
-ost. ins"rance. an8 7reight (-. ¨.6.) VK€%*1 V43—(%* D>jC ˜3 ةT2fب%* >:)
-osta/ (a8^.) $:لp
-ost/! (a8^.)
-ost"me (n.)
QG;;%* 'ي'K%* V3 ®*G%C . QG;3 Q2jX
QG;;%* 'ي'K%* V3 ®*G%C . QG;3 'ي'E
'4:_5 (V4h%= 1C) Q*>E=
QG;5 . VfA5 . V4fA5 . ŽيG;5
OKن3 . VhT . ')2F
Vh:5 . '<F . kل5C . '<FC
>[B . WmKB* . =2<F‘ . =2<F
WmKB&* 1C =2<hل% iب<3 . '<h3
‹>ق . D>€ق . •2K%
r>€ق . $o2K%
D>€ق 1ذ . •2K% 1ذ
rرGلب%* @G4ن3G%H* '4<sC . ŸGق2ي . @'BرGs
@2;(%* i4j) 2(j)
@2;(%* ˜R2ق) 2(ق)
2(j) @2;(%* i4j)
$;%2T . $BGs
|GJ4ل<ل% ةب<ن%2, >lن:% ~ة4BGJ%* D>FG%*
$;3C . UFH* $;%2T
Ÿ2BG51>ب%* ةTر2<3 ~|1>5G3XGs
ةnhB . ةhلs . V;•
k4%2J(%* ª+2, . V4;•
rX . ة%x, . Š2ب% . DG<s
-os! (n.) Dر*>K%* ªhK% •2v} 1C ةن4%
-os! ? coy! (a8^.) “ي>3
-ot (abbrea. 6or cotangent)
-otangent (Laths.)
-otangent c"rae (Laths.) @2;(%* O• ZنKن3
-otter (n.)
-otter bo/t (Png.) رG,2d 1ذ ر2;<3
-otter 8riaer (Png.) ةيرG,2[%* >432<;%* ةق'3
-otter #in (Png.) ”Gn€3 rرG,2d ŠG,=
-otter Ya! (Png.) رG,2[%* in`
-otton-coaere8 Yire (P/ec. Png.) Vvn%2, W1c:3 •ل)
-otton (Bot.) Vvق
-otton batting ةn4قر Ÿ2nبR $F ŠGبJ3 Vvق
-otton be/ting (Png.) Vvn%* V3 رG)
-otton 7e/t $نvق =2ب%
-otton gin Vvق ŽلK3
-otton s#inning Vvn%* WcT
-otton Yaste Vvn%* ةي2hB
-otton Yoo/
-ottonsee8 oi/ (-hem.) Vvn%* ر1c, tيX
-ottonYoo8 V4ل%* رGK%* i€d
-ot!/e8on (Bot.)
-o"ch (n.)
-o"ch (a.)
-o"ch grass
-o"/ee (weo/.)
-o"/isse (-ar#.) D='[3 D'ق
-o"/omb-ao/t (P/ec. Png.)
-o"/omb (P/ec. Png.)
-o"/omb. abso/"te (P/ec. Png.)
-o"/omb·s /aY (P/ec. Png.)
-o"/ometer ? ao/tameter (P/ec. Png.)
-o"marone resin (-hem.)
-o"nse/ (n.) @2K3 ‚ DرG€3
-o"nse/ (a.)
-o"nt-attraction (n.) =2f3 0xj
-o"nt (n.)
-o"nt (a.)
-o"nter-bore (Png.) $B*Gv)* ²يG[5 D*=C
-o"nter-c"rrent (n.) zs2:3 ر245
-o"nter-c"rrent breaking (P/ec. Png.)
-o"nter-8ra7t (Png.) zs2:3 ةيGM5 ر245
-o"nter-8rain (Lin.) =2f3 ‹>l3
-o"nter-7/ange (Png.) ةل,2n3 ةh`
-o"nter-7/a# hinge (-ar#.) ةل,2n3 ة,mق ةلlh3
-o"nter-7/oor (-ar#.) D>d2F S>dH ةl4dر ة4pرC
-o"nter-7/oY =2f3 ر245 1C UF=
-o"nter-7orce D=2f3 DGق
-o"nter-ga"ge ? mortise ga"ge
-o"nter-meas"re zs2:3 >4,'5
@2;(%* O•) 2(•)
2(•) @2;(%* O•)
V4h) . رG,2d . ةN4`1
ةn4قر Ÿ2nبR $F ŠGبJ3 Vvق . $بR Vvق . @2d Vvق
œ2(Bž* 'نT Dرcب%* $(قر1 S'E‘ . ةnلF
|2+'ل% ةB2v, ‚ ':n3 . ةJيرC
˜_vp* . •<, . ˜_pC
œ>JT . O4_B
ة4B2s>, I;E S>_3 ‚ U4p =*1 . i:`
WGj r12<ي) •لF @G%Gs)
ة4B2• >4ب3C ~ @G%Gs
W=2:ي ~Uلv3 @G%Gs „… @G%Gs
@G%Gsˆ |GB2قˆ
>(32(لF . >(3G%Gs
2ي=G;T 0*>(%* ةل(s ˜vn5 $(%* ~«*>K;%* V4J)
ةT2بv%* >بE1 ²4BرG%* ˜ن™ $F O;:(<ي ~|1ر23GJ%* Žن45*ر
˜;_3 . zل_3
>s*x5 . W1*'5 . ZلT ر2`C
$<JT 'T . $lق2ن5 'T
=1':3 . •2lE‘ . =*':5 . 'T
Vsر ‚ 02<K%* $F Od= ‚ >ب(T* ‚ i<E . 'T
O,2n3 . $<JT . =2f3 . 'p ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
$<JT ر24(, ($o2,>Ms ]>K3) “بs
ر2Jن`) . >nن%* @2ق>3 . ةيX*G;%* §Gv[%* I4ل:(% V4ن) 1ذ @2ق>3)
-o"nter-#/ate (rint) $ل4;J5 >hE ®G%
-o"nter-#ress"re (n.) =2f3 •Ap
-o"nter-recoi/ =2f3 =*'5ر*
-o"nter-s/o#e O,2n3 ر*'KB*
-o"nter (a8^.)
-o"nter (n.)
-o"nter (a.)
-o"nter e/ectromotiae 7orce ? back e.m.7. (P/ec. Png.) D=2f;%* ة4o2,>MJ%* ة:F*'%* DGn%*
-o"nter 7/"sh 8ri//ing (-ia. Png.) $<J:%* VnK%2, >hE
-o"nter /ath ’>(:3 $B':3 ”>T
-o"nter /ath (B"i/8.) ةp>(:3 ة4ب€d “o*>`
-o"nter magnetomotiae 7orce (Lagn.) D=2f;%* ة4<4vنA;%* ة:F*'%* DGn%*
-o"nter n"t (Png.) ةل,2n3 ة%G;™
-o"nter thr"st (Png.) O,2n3 ˜F=
-o"nter t"be (P/ectronics)
-o"nter. scinti//ation (h!s.) |2f3G%* =*'T
-o"nteract (a.)
-o"nteraction (n.)
-o"nteractiae (a8^.)
-o"nteractiae (n.) D=2f3 D=23
-o"nterba/ance (n.)
-o"nterba/ance (a.)
-o"nterba/ancing (Png.)
-o"nterboring (Png.)
-o"nterbracing ? cross-bracing (Png.)
-o"ntercheck (n.)
-o"ntercheck (a.) ة4B2• ˜j*ر 1C Uق= ‚ ”2TC
-o"nterc/aim D=2f3 SGT=
-o"nterc/ockYise (a8^.) ةT2<%* 0>nT ةs>K% zs2:3 ³2_5* $F >o2)
-o"nterc/ockYise (a8a.) ةT2<%* 0>nT ةs>K% zs2:3 ³2_5* $F
-o"nter7eit (a8^.)
-o"nter7eit (a.)
-o"nter7/oY ^et con8enser (Png.) O,2n3 UF= 1ذ rرGF2B k›J3
-o"nter7ort (-ia. Png.) X2_(E&* ر*'_% ة4بB2j k(s
-o"ntergear O,2n3 Š>5
-o"nterman8 (a.)
-o"nter#oise (P/ec. Png.) O,2n3 •ل)
-o"nter#oise (n.) W=2:5 ‚ ة%=2:3 DGق 1C >4•—5 ‚ |X*G3 On•
-o"nter#oise (a.)
-o"nter#oise antenna ? ba/ancing antenna (¢a8io.) |X*G3 $o*G+
-o"nter#oise bri8ge (-ia. Png.)
-o"nterscar# (-ia. Png.) $jر2[%* ”'ن[%* ر*'j
-o"ntersha7t (Png.)
-o"ntersign (n.) W1H* ˜4قG(%* ZلT ةق=2l;ل% |2• ˜4قG5
-o"ntersign (a.) •2f3‘ ZلT ”'™
-o"ntersink (or co"ntersinking) (Png.) $R1>[3 ²يG[5
-o"ntersink (a.)
-o"ntersinking bit (Png.) ²يG[5 ة;n%
-o"ntersinking machine (Png.) $%‰ 02n›;, ²يG[5
-o"nters"nk (a8^.)
-o"nters"nk ho/e œG[3 in•
-o"nters"nk riaet (Png.) ة<R2} ة32`>,
-o"nters"nk screY (Png.)
=2f3 . zs2:3
˜4ب%* ة%12R ~'fB . =*'T
@12ق . =2p
=*'T @2;™ . =*'T ة,GبBC ‚ =*'T
W=2T . Ov,C . @12ق . =2p
ة%=2:3 . W2v,C . ة312n3 . D=2f3
¬` WG:h3 Ovب3 . =2f3 . zs2:3
W=2:3 >4•—5 . |X*G3 On•
W=2T . |X*1
O,2n3 |XG,) |XG%* ة%=2:3)
$B*Gv)C (²يG[5 1C) >يGn5
’ر2:(3 (W2J€,) k4›J5
ة4B2›%* D>;ل% U4ق'5 . Uo2T
'لn3 . kيc3
³G3 . 'لق . kيX
†nB . ZA%C . Ov,C
O,2n3 •cj ‚ >4NB . O4›3
|c5* . W=2T . |X*1
|X*G3 On›, (]>K(5) D>vنق
•4)1 ة%12ن3 =G;T . •4)1 šxj
œG[3 in• $F ($}>ب%* ŠCر) X>} . œGd
ŠC>%* zR2} . œG[3
zR2} ŠC>, (i%G%) $}>,
-o"nteraai/ (a.)
-o"nterYeight (n.)
-o"nterYeight hoisting (Lining.) ةBX*G3 W2n•—, ˜Fر
-o"nting ho"se ةب)2K3 i(J3
-o"ntr! (n.)
-o"ntr! rock (Lining.)
-o"# (n.) ة\j2h3 ةvبd
-o"# 8·Êtat
-o"#/e (Lech.) Q*1=X* ‚ ةj1=c3
-o"#/e (n.)
-o"#/e (a.)
-o"#/e8 (a8^.)
-o"#/e8 circ"its (P/ec. Png.)
-o"#/e8 engines (Png.) ةBر2n(3 Ÿ2نJ3
-o"#/e8 #i#es (Png.) ةBر2n(3 >4)*G3
-o"#/e8 s"rge (P/ec. Png.)
-o"#/e8 sYitches ? /inke8 sYitches (P/ec. Png.)
-o"#/er (n.)
-o"#/ets (Laths.) ةب<ن%* *'E
-o"#/ing (n.)
-o"#/ing bob (Png.) O™G%* ةبلT
-o"#/ing ca#acitor (P/ec. Png.)
-o"#/ing chain •,ر ةل<ل)
-o"#/ing coe77icient (¢a8io.) |ر2n(%* O32:3
-o"#/ing coi/ (¢a8io.) |ر2ق kل3
-o"#/ing con8enser (¢a8io.) |ر2ق k›J3
-o"#/ing 7actor ? co"#/ing coe77icient (¢a8io.) |ر2n(%* O32:3
-o"#/ing gasket (Png.) O™1 ة4€E
-o"#/ing hook (Png.) O™1 0ms
-o"#/ing in8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) |ر2ق ة•2K3 kل3
-o"#/ing ^oint (Png.)
-o"#/ing /eaer (Png.)
-o"#/ing /ink (Png.)
-o"#/ing n"t (Png.) O™1 ة%G;™
-o"#/ing #in (Png.) O™1 ر2;<3
-o"#/ing #/ate (Png.) O™G%* 1C |>n%* ¡>ق
-o"#/ing resistance (P/ec. -omm.) ةBر2ق ة312n3
-o"#/ing ro8 (Png.)
-o"#/ing sha7t (Png.) O™G%* 1C |>n%* š*رذ
-o"#/ing s/eeae O™G%* Is
-o"#/ing socket (Png.)
-o"#/ing s!stem (¢a8io.) $Bر2n5 @2NB
-o"#/ing trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) |ر2ق WGK3
-o"#/ing. ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.) k›J;, V45>o*= V4, ة:<%* |>ق
-o"#/ing. c/ose (P/ec. Png.) U4•1 |ر2n5
-o"#/ing. c/ose (Png.) U4•1 •,ر 1C O™1
-o"#/ing. 8"mm! (Png.) ةho*X ةل™1
-o"#/ing. 7/ange (Png.) •,ر $(h€, |>ق
-o"#/ing. 7/ebib/e (Png.) •2€BÁ% ةل,2ق ةل™1 ‚ |>3 |>ق
-o"#/ing. in8"ctiae (P/ec. Png.) $›E |ر2n5 ‚ ة4%=2ب5 ة•2K;, V45>o*= |>ق
-o"#/ing. /oose (P/ec. Png.) k4:p |ر2n5
-o"#/ing. /oose (Png.) –5>3 O™1
-o"#/ing. m"t"a/ (P/ec. Png.) $%=2ب5 |ر2n5
-o"#/ing. tight (P/ec. Png.) U4•1 |ر2n5
W=2T . Ov,C . =2p
W=2:3 |X1 . |X*G3 On•
ة:R2n3 . ةي&1 ‚ kير ‚ =m, . I4لق‘ . >vق
X2s>%2, •4Kي ~k›J3 >[™
IJK%* @2NB iلق . 0mnB*
|2ني>ق . (|2j1X) Q1X
|ر2n5 . Q1=X* . |>ق . Q1XC
Q1c3 . |ر2n(3 . |>n3
|2(Bر2n(3 (|2(4o2,>Ms) |25>o*=
ر12_3 O™G3 $F رG;5 O:h, O™G3 $F ŒK(<ي ~$Bر2n5 رG;5
2:3 O;:5) ةل™*G(3 ة4o2,>Ms “452h3)
|ر2ق . •,*ر . ةB>n3
ةBر2ق . ةل™1 ‚ |ر2n5 . |>ق . O™1 . •,ر
ةj1*c3 k›J3 . |>F k›J3
|ر2n5 ةل™1 . Q*1=X* ةل™1
O™1 š*رذ . |ر2n5 š*رذ
|>n%* 1C) O™G%* ةnلE)
|ر2n5 š*رذ . O™1 š*رذ
ر24(%* xd—3 ةل™1 . O™1 †بn3
-o"#/ing. tight (Png.) IJK3 O™1
-o"#/ing. trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.)
-o"#on (n.)
-o"rier (n.)
-o"rse (n.)
-o"rse (a.)
-o"rse in8icator ³2_5&* O4%=
-o"rse /ight (Aero.) ³2_5&* 'ي'K5 •Gp
-o"rse o7 ore (Lining.) $B':;%* ”>:%* ³2_5*
-o"rse. in 8"e i)2ن;%* tقG%* $F
-o"rse8 r"bb/e (B"i/8.) @2_EH* ةhل([3 Dر2_K, •2ن,
-o"rsing (Lining.) ةيGM(%* Ÿ*'ي';5
-o"rt-martia/ (n.) ةي>J<T ة;s2K3 ‚ ةي>J<T ة;JK3
-o"rt (n.) ة;JK3 ‚ ةE2)
-o"rt o7 A##ea/ ‹2ن\()&* ة;JK3
-o"rt o7 -assation
-o"rt o7 in9"ir! U4nK5 zل_3
-o"rt #/aster (Le8.)
-o"rtes! (n.) ةل32_3 ‚ ة)24s ‚ kv%
-o"rt!ar8 (n.)
-oaa/ence (-hem.) $32M)‘ uF2J5
-oaa/ent bon8 (-hem.)
-oaa/ent cr!sta/ (-hem.) •,*>(%* ة432M)‘ DرGل,
-oae (n.)
-oaenant (n.)
-oaer (n.)
-oaer (a.)
-oaer #/ate ة4vA5 ®G%
-oaerage (n.) ة4vA(%* S'3 ‚ ة4vA5
-oaercro# (weo/. Agric.)
-oaere8 e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) kلA3 =1>(J%‘
-oaere8 g/ass ? coaer s/i# ة4j2jX ة4vA5 ةKي>`
-oaere8 aans D2vA3 Ÿ2نE2`
-oaere8 Ya! (Arch.)
-oaering (n.)
-oaering /etter
-oaering #/ate (Png.) ة4vA5 ®G%
-oaering #oYer ? coaerage #oYer (aint.)
-oaer/et (n.) k`>` ‚ •2v}
-oaerse8 sine ? coaersine ? aerse8 cosine (Laths.)
-oae! (n.)
-oY-#ob (Le8.) >nب%* rر'j
-oYhi8e (n.) >nب%* 'لj
-oY/ (n.)
-oY/ (a.)
-oY/ ring (Png.) ]>K;%* •2v} t4ب›5 ”GR
-oY/ aenti/ator (Png.) ة4ق*G%* ةE1>3
-oY/ing (n.)
-oY/ing. cock#it (Aero.) ر24v%* D>_E •2v}
-oY/ing. engine (Png.) ]>K;%* •2v}
-oY#er stoaes (Let.)
-#s.. cÅs (c!c/es #er secon8) (P/ec.) ة4B2›%* $F Dر1=
$%=2ب5 |ر2n5 . WGK;, |ر2n5
|G,Gs . ة;4<ق
IM(32ق‘1 I+>h) رG3C >4,'(% ~®24<%* UF*>3
]23'3 ‚ Dر1= ‚ ر>n3 ‚ ةnي>R . ةMj1 . •ل<3 . S>_3
UلvB* . S>j
c44;(%* ة;JK3 . @*>,ž*1 †nن%* ة;JK3
ةv4<ب%* ®1>_ل%) ”Gl%)
VK™ . •2نF . ةE2)
]>(€3 §2,ر . $32M)‘ •,*>5
in` ‚ ‹G_3 cي>F‘ ‚ >4A™ Ž4لd . رGd
”2›43 . ”2h5‘ . 'MT
—_ل3 . ‹m} . •2v}
i_E ‚ (ةF2<3) ˜vق ‚ >;} . >•= . Zv}
¸2<5&* V3 O32:%* 024• $nي 0G• ~رc\3 . š'43
ةي>:(%* $F ة,>(%* $nي ~”*1 WGlK3
V4o2ن, V4,) ‹Gn<3 >;3)
>() . •2v} . k4لA5 . ة4vA5
UF>3 =>v%) ةي>4<h5 ة%2)ر)
|2+'%* V3 D'EG%) ة4vA(%* Dر'ق)
'E*G%* VT (D=2K%*) ةي1*c%* i4j ”>F
˜4vق . 0>)
ة4ق*1 ‚ œGبنs . $B':3 •2v} ‚ DG<نلق . ˜بق
zنلق . Zv}
ة4ق*1 . $B':3 •2v}
$%2:%* |>h%* {%2d=‘ Oبق •*GM%* V4[<(% ~ˆ>,Gsˆ'ق*G3
|2J<%*) ةF'%* {jG3)
-r (chromi"m) (-hem.)
-rab (Png.) š2F>;%* œ2بs ‚ $%2nB š2F>3
-rab (or -ancer) (Astron.) |2R><%* Q>,
-rab (eoo/.)
-rab Yinch (Png.) $T*رذ š2F>3
-rack-"# (n.)
-rack (-hem.)
-rack (n.)
-rack (a.)
-rack 8etector (Png.) š'l(%* ‹2€J3
-racke8 (a8^.)
-racke8 bearing (Png.) š'l(3 O;K3
-racke8 8isti//ate (et. Png.)
-racke8 gas (et. Png.) @*'M%* >4vn(%* X2}
-racke8 gas oi/ (et. Png.) >4<J(%2, Ž52ن%* ر&G<%* tيX
-racke8 resi8"e (et. Png.) >4<J(%* Ÿ2hل[3
-racker (n.) >4<J5 X2Mj ‚ rر2B IM)
-racking (n.) (-hem.)
-racking ca#acit! (et. Png.)
-racking chamber (et. Png.) >4<J(%* >_E
-racking coi/s (et. Png.) ةh(ل;%* >4<J(%* i4,2BC
-racking intensit! (et. Png.) >4<J(%* D'`
-racking #/ant (et. Png.)
-racking #rocess (-hem.)
-racking sti// (et. Png.) >4<J5 >vn3
-racking tem#erat"re (et. Png.) >4<J(%* Dر*>E ةjر=
-racking "nit (et. Png.) >4<J5 D'E1
-racking. cata/!tic (-hem.) $o2;4J%* •4)G%2, >4<J(%*
-racking. therma/ (-hem.) rر*>K%* >4<J(%*
-rack/e (n.)
-rack/e (a.)
-ra8/e (B"i/8.)
-ra8/e (Lining.) DX*c+
-ra8/e (n.)
-ra8/e (a.) Dc+cM%2, |=2:;%* VT 0*>(%* OlF ‚ ة%2;K, IT= 1C 'ن) ‚ UF>, O;E 1C Ip
-ra8/e car ة,mق ة,>T
-ra8/e sYitch (©e/e#h.) ةT2;<%* O32E ®2(h3
-ra7t (n.)
-ra7tsman (n.)
-ra7tsmanshi# (n.) ةT2نl%* ةق=
-rag (weo/.)
-ragg! (a8^.)
-ram (a.)
-ram#-iron (Png.) ةv32ق
-ram# (Le8.) Of:%* Žن€5
-ram# (n.)
-ram# (a.)
-ram# 7o/8ing machine (Png.)
-ram#ing (©e/ea.)
-ram#on (n.)
-ranch (Lining.) D'ل™ @2d ةل(s
-rane-hook (Png.) š2F>;%* ‹2vd
-rane (Png.)
-rane (a.) š2F>;%2, ˜Fر
@1>J%* cلh% $o24;4J%* c3>%* ~>s
|G:vل)) |2R>))
O€F . ر24MB* ‚ IvK5 . I4vK5
$لp2h(%* >4vn(%2, (W1>(ب%*) ><s
ةnvnR . ة:ق>ق ‚ Un€5 . ˜لق . š'™ . U`
UvnR . klق ‚ š'l5 . U€B* . U` . UلF
“,C ‚ U€ن3 . š'l(3
$%1>(ب%*) >4<J(%* Dر2vق)
@2[%* W1>(بل% @*'+ >4vn5 ~>4<J5
$%1>(ب%*) >4<J(%* Dر'ق)
W1>(ب%*) >4<J5 D'E1)
@*'M%* >4vn(%2,) >4<J(%* ة4ل;T)
šc_3 (rر2[F) “v) ‚ ة:ق>F . ةnvnR
˜ق>h5 . UvnR
Ÿ*•2€B‘ O;K3 . ة%2;E
>ي>) ‚ —€ن3 . 'M3
ةن4h) ‚ Dر24R ‚ Dر2M3 . ةF>E . ةنM3
|2نF . >+23 ˜B2™
ر*'KB&* 'ي'` ‹>j ~Š2B>ق
>T1 . zير2f(%* >4›s
ª(s* . ªs . IEX . 2€E
ةv32ق . •ب€3
UBX . •ب` . •;ق
$R ةنJ3 . ة4B2E ةنJ3
cs>;%* $F 1C V4بB2_%* 'EC $F ~DرGl%* ‡لn5
”&cB&* ˜ن;% >432<3 1ذ kd ‚ iل[3 . ة,ms
²B1) š2F>3)
-rane (eoo/.) $s>s
-rane boom (Png.)
-rane crab (Png.) ²B1 ة,>T
-rane /a8/e (Let.)
-rane magnet (P/ec. Png.) š2F>;%* z4vنA3
-rane motor (P/ec. Png.) š2F>;%* رG5G3
-rane #ost (Png.) š2F>;%* =G;T
-rane rai/ (Png.) Onن(;%* š2F>;%* ”&cB* i4fق
-rane rigger š2F>;%* O32T
-rane shoae/ (-ia. Png.)
-rane toYer ? king toYer (B"i/8.) š2F>;%* Q>,
-rane tr"ck (Png.) š2F>3 Ÿ*ذ ةنE2`
-rane. canti/eaer (Png.) $%G,2s š2F>3
-rane. 7/oating (Png.) Io2T š2F>3
-rane. ^ib (Png.) $T*رذ š2F>3
-rane. oaerhea8 traae//ing (Png.) Onن(3 rGلT š2F>3
-rania/ (a8^.) (eoo/.) $;_;j
-rani"m (eoo/.)
-rank-check (Png.) 'T2)
-rank (n.) (Png.)
-rank arm ? -rank Yeb (Png.)
-rank bearing (Png.) >ي1'(%* š*رذ O;K3
-rank 8isc (Png.) UF>;%* ¡>ق
-rank e77ort (Png.) UF>;%* 'Mj
-rank han8/e (Png.) >ي1'(%* š*رذ ةfبق
-rank h"b (Png.) >ي1'(%* š*رذ D>™ 1C iق
-rank ^o"rna/ (Png.)
-rank s#rocket (Png.) ةل<ل<%* Dر*=ž Vن<3 Š>5
-rank throY (Png.) UF>;%* ةFxE
-rank Yeb ? -rank check (Png.) 'T2)
-rankcase (Png.)
-rankcase breather (Png.) UF*>;%* ةبلT $F ةيGM(%* ةK(F
-rankcase 7/ange (Png.) UF*>;%* ةبلT ةh`
-rankcase /"g (Png.) UF*>;%* ةبلT D1>T
-rankcase oi/ (Png.) ]>K;%* tيX
-rankcase s"m# (Png.) UF*>;%* ةبلT ’GE
-rankcase aenti/ation (Png.) UF*>;%* ةبلT ةيGM5
-ranke8 (a8^.)
-ranking (n.) UF>;, >ي1'5
-ranking motor (Png.) Dر*=ž* •', ]>K3
-ranking #in (Png.) rGB2• UF>3 ‚ UF>;%* ر2)= 1C ر2;<3
-ranking s#ee8 (Png.) >ي1'(%* ةT>)
-ranking. han8 (Png.) r1'ي š*رx, >ي1'(%*
-ranksha7t (Png.)
-ranksha7t bearing (Png.) $nF>;%* =G;:%* O;K3
-ranksha7t ho"sing (Png.) $nF>;%* =G;:%* ’GE
-ranksha7t ^o"rna/ (Png.) $nF>;%* =G;:%* cJ5>3
-ranksha7t sYee# (Png.)
-rank! (a8^.)
-rannie8 (a8^.)
-rann! (n.)
-rash-/an8ing (Aero.)
-rash (n.)
-rash (a.)
š2F>;%* (OيGv5) š*رذ
š2F>;%* (2Ms>Kي ة;[p) ةق>A3
š2F>;%* (2Ms>Kي) ةF>_3
kKق . ة;_;j
UF>3 . ‹Gn:3 šcj . >ي1'5 š*رذ
'T2) . šc_%* ةبنj
$nF>;%* =G;:%* O;K3 . šc_%* @>ب3
UF*>;%* ةبلT . ]>K;%* ’GE
UF>;, =1c3 . >ي1'(%* š*رxs OJ€3
‹Gn:3 šcj . $nF>3 =G;T
UF>;%* D>o*= >vق ~UF>;%* ةFxE
šcTc3 . i%2)
š'l3 . in›3 . Un€3
DxF2B >4} DGs ‚ š'™ . U`
D>o2v%* {:3 IvK(5 ~$32v5ر* §Gب+
§Gn) . IvK5 . @*'v™* . @2v5ر*
Iv5ر* . IRر . IvK5 . IvE
-rash he/met (A"to.)
-rate (n.) VK` ”1'ن™
-rate (a.) VK` ”1'ن™ $F —بT
-rater (weo/.)
-rater /ake (weo/.) ة4B2s>, ة4+GF D>4K,
-rater /i# (weo/.) ة4B2s>ب%* ة+Gh%* ةh`
-rateri7orm (a8^.) ة4B2s>ب%* ة+Gh%2, {4ب`
-raton (weo/.)
-raY/ (n.)
-raY/ (a.)
-raY/er crane (Png.) ‹2EX š2F>3
-raY/er tractor >_Bc3 ر*>j
-raY/er tr"ck D>_Bc3 ةنE2`
-ra!7ish (eoo/.) >Kب%* =*>j
-ra!on (n.)
-raye (n.)
-raye (a.)
-reak (n.)
-reak (a.)
-ream (n.)
-ream o7 tartar (-hem.) >4R>v%* D',X
-ream se#arator (Png.)
-reamer! (n.) |2ب%H* Ÿ2j>[(<;% O;:3 ‚ ةf[;3
-rease (n.)
-rease (a.)
-reaser ? -reasing too/ (/"mb.) V4fA5 D'T
-reasing (n.)
-reasing stake (Png.) ر2nن;%* Q1=c3 V4fA5 |*'ن)
-reasing too/ (/"mb.) V4fA5 D'T
-reate (a.)
-reation (n.)
-reatiae (a8^.)
-reat"re (n.)
-re8ence (n.)
-re8it (n.)
-re8it (a.)
-re8it acco"nt Vo*= 02<E
-re8it. /etter o7 $F>l3 =2;(T* 02(s
-re8itor (n.)
-reek (n.)
-ree# (Png. Let.)
-ree# (n.)
-ree# (a.)
-ree# /imit (Let.) |2hEc%* 'E
-ree# o7 rai/s (Let.)
-ree# resistance (Pgw.) kEc(%* ة312n3
-ree# stress (Let.) |2hEc%* =2Mj‘
-ree#er (n.)
-ree#ing o7 be/t (Png.)
-renate (a8^.)
-rene//ate (a.) ’>ق ‚ ‹>`
-rene//ate8 (a8^.)
-reoso/ (-hem.) W1XGي>s
Uo2<%* ŠCر ةي2;K%) @2v5ر&* DذGE)
|2s>ب%* Š—s 1C ة+GF . D>hE . D'+1
ة;ي'ق (ةي>[™ )O(s ~V_3
i4,= . kEX
رxE . O;B ‚ Oل<5 . kEX
VيGل5 Iلق . DرG€بR
«'K(<3 rX ‚ šc_5 . ˜يc_5
šc_5 . ةn4ق= ”Gn€, (ر2[h%*) šcj
kي>™ . >ي>™
UvnR . >™
kvل3 I+>3 ‚ D'€ق . Vبل%* I)=
rcs>;%* =>v%2, O;:5 ~D'€ق DX*>F
$v%* 1C $ن›%* >•C ‚ ة4R . Vf}
Zن›5 . VfA5 . Zن• . Vf}
';_5 . V4fA5
«'EC . 'j1C . Uلd
Dر1>4™ . VيGJ5 . Uلd
>J(ب3 . ”md
Vo2s . ”Gل[3
=2;(T* . =2n(T* . Uي'l5
=2;(T* ”*ر1C . D';(:3 Ÿ*=2M` 1C Uo2•1
$%23 02<E V3 Od*'%* =G;T. ‹>l3 $F '4™ر . =2;(T*
02<K% '4ق . W 24F>l3 *=2;(T* @'ق ‚ V;(o*
Vي'%* iE2™ . Vo*=
@>` . رGd . W1'j . i4}
{4لT >;(<;%* On›%* O:h, {(%2v()* 1C |':;%* ³G€5 ~|2hEX . kEc5
i4,= . kEX
ر'd . O;B ‚ Uل<5 ‚ 0= . kEX
Ÿ*ر2vn%* ر1>3 >4•—(,) |2بfn%* |2hEX)
œ>(:3 1C Uل<(3 Ÿ2بB . >4<%* ‹2EX
>4<%* kEc5 . >4<%* |2hEX
ةF2K%* $E1>3 ‚ XcK3 . Vن<3
’>n3 . ‹>€3
-reosote (n.) (-hem.) Ÿ1XGي>s
-reosote (a.)
-reosoting (n.)
-re#itate (a.)
-rescen8o (a8^.) ŸGl%* Dر2Mj 'ي*c(3
-rescen8o (n.) {5'` 1C ŸGl%* Dر2Mj $F $_ير'5 š2h5ر*
-rescent (a8^.) OJ€%* $%m+
-rescent (n.) Wm+
-reso/ (-hem.) W1XGي>s
-rest (a8^.)
-rest (n.)
-rest ang/e D1رx%* ةي1*X
-rest 7actor ? #eak 7actor (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* O32T
-rest /ine D1رx%* •d
-rest o7 antic/ine (weo/.) ة,'K;%* ة4v%* ة32+
-rest o7 threa8 V<%* ‹>E
-rest ti/e (B"i/8.)
-rest aa/"e ? #eak aa/"e (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* ة;4ق
-rest ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* ة4vلF
-rest ao/tmeter ? #eak ao/tmeter (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* Š24n% >(4;vلF
-rest. Yaae ةjG;%* D1رذ
-retaceo"s #erio8 (weo/.) r>4`2بv%* >l:%*
-retaceo"s s!stem
-reaasse (n.)
-reaice (n.)
-reaice oi/ (et. Png.)
-reY (n.) InR ‚ Uي>F ‚ Dر2K,
-rib (n.)
-rib (a.)
-ribbe8 ch"te 02€dH2, IT'3 •n<3
-ribbing (-ia. Png.) ة432T= 02€dC
-ribri7orm (a8^.) $ل[ن3 in›3
-ribYork (Lining.) ة4ب€d IT= D';TC
-ricket (n.) (eoo/.)
-rime (n.)
-rim# (n.)
-rim# (a.)
-rim#ing (Png.)
-rim#ing machine (Png.) V4fA5 ةنJ3
-rim#/e (a.)
-rimson (a8^.) rc3>ق
-ring/e (n.) (ga"t.) ˜لn%* D1>T
-rink/e (n.)
-rink/e (a.)
-ri##/e (n.)
-ri##/e (a.)
-ri##/ing /oa8 (Png.)
-ri##/ing stress (Png.) X2_Tž* =2Mj‘
-risis (#/. crises) (n.)
-ris# (a8^.)
-riss-cross (a8^.)
-riss-cross (a.) ة:R2n(3 §Gv[, IلT
-riss-cross be88ing (weo/.)
-riterion (#/. criteria)
Ÿ1XGي>J%2, (i€[%*) Ž%2T
Ÿ1XGي>J%2, (i€[%*) ة_%2:3
UvnR . ²[€d . Olل™
r1رذ . $;ق
D1رذ . ة32+ . ة;ق
OJ€%* ة4j>)) ة4;ق '43>ق)
r>4`2بv%* >l:%* رG[™ . ةي12(ي>J%* رG[l%*
š'™ . =1'dC
DG_F . š'™ . U`
r>_E tيX . ة4%2hv%* ”Gn€%* tيX
IT= 02€dC ‚ ةBGj . r>+ ‚ =1x3 ‚ 'M3
c_E . IT=
O4ل%* ر*>™ . 'j'j
ة\4vd . ةي2نj . @>j
D>4hp ‚ '4:_5 . V4fA5
Zن• . Vf} . ':j
V4fA(%2, U44f5 . V4fA5
':_5 . VfA5 . ':j . Vf}
k4hE . ة€[€d ‚ ':_5 . '4:_5
²[€d ‚ QG;5 . ':j . VfA5 . Vf}
':n3 . “4<s
O` . c_TC . ':قC
Q>K%* O;K%* . X2_Tž* O;E
|*>K, ‚ ةنK3 . D'` . ة3XC
klق . Ilق
ة:R2n(3 §Gvd 1ذ . ˜R2n(3 . i%2l(3
i%2l(3 $nبR . k™*>5
ر24:3 . D'T2ق
-ritic (n.)
-ritica/ (a8^.)
-ritica/ a/tit"8e (Aero.) Q>K%* š2h5ر&*
-ritica/ ang/e (±ight.) ةj>E ةي1*X
-ritica/ ang/e o7 attack (Aero.) ةj>K%* 0GبM%* ةي1*X
-ritica/ com#ression #ress"re (Png.) Q>K%* §2AfB&* •Ap
-ritica/ com#ression ratio (Png.) Q>K%* §2AfB&* ةب<B
-ritica/ corona ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) $%2M%* qي>h(ل% ةj>E ة4vلF
-ritica/ co"#/ing (¢a8io.) Q>E |ر2n5
-ritica/ 8am#ing (P/ec. Png.) Q>K%* WÀ2f(%*
-ritica/ 8ensit! (h!s.) ةj>K%* ةF2›J%*
-ritica/ eb#eriment (h!s.) ةj>E ة,>_5
-ritica/ 7/oY (h!s.) Q>K%* UF'%*
-ritica/ 7re9"enc! (¢a8io.)
-ritica/ item ةير1>p D=23
-ritica/ Lach n"mber (Aero.) Q>K%* $d2;%* =':%*
-ritica/ mass (h!s.) ةj>E ةل(s
-ritica/ #oint
-ritica/ #otentia/ (h!s.) Q>K%* 'M_%*
-ritica/ #ress"re (h!s.) Q>E •Ap
-ritica/ #ro8"ction Q>K%* Q2(Bž*
-ritica/ range (Let.) Q>E S'3
-ritica/ rate (Let.) Q>E W':3
-ritica/ reaction (¢a8io.) Q>E O:F =ر
-ritica/ reactor (h!s.) Q>E OT2h3
-ritica/ resistance (P/ec. Png.) ةj>K%* ة312n;%*
-ritica/ siye (h!s.) Q>E 'ق
-ritica/ s#ee8 (Png.) ةj>E ةT>)
-ritica/ state (h!s.) ةj>E ة%2E
-ritica/ tem#erat"re (h!s.) ةj>K%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
-ritica/ aa/"e ةj>E ة;4ق
-ritica/ ae/ocit! (h!s.) ةj>E ةT>)
-ritica/ aiscosit! (h!s.) ةj>K%* ةj1cل%*
-ritica/ ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ةj>E ة4vلF
-ritica/ ao/"me (h!s.) Q>E I_E
-ritica/ Yaae/ength (¢a8io.) Q>K%* $jG;%* WGv%*
-riticism (n.)
-riticiye (a.)
-rochet (n.)
-rochet (¢a8io.) ¬j2h3 rGj $<4vنA3 0*>vp*
-rock (n.)
-rocker! (n.)
-roco8i/e (eoo/.) ®2<;5
-roco8i/e c/i# $E2<;5 •ب€3
-roco8i/e shears (Png.) $E2<;5 ‡n3
-roco8i/e s#anner (Png.) $E2<;5 •,ر “52h3
-roco8i/e s9"eeyer (Png.) ة4E2<;5 ةvAf3
-rocoite (or crocoisite) (Lin.)
-roc"s (-hem.) >;EH* ]'ي'K%* '4<sC
-roc"s c/oth (Png.)
-roc"s martis (-hem.) 'ي'K%* |*>hTX
-rook (n.)
-rook (a.)
$%*GE) V4j1ر'4M%* V3 >(% |X1 ~tي>s ¼… IAل3 )
'n(ن3 . 'ق2B
>R2[;%2, ‹GhK3 ‚ i4lT . Q>E ‚ Uق'3 . r=2n(B*
ةj>E ة,x,ذ . Q>E ==>5
WGK5 ةvnB . ةj>E ةvnB
'nB . =2n(B*
@& . —vd . 'n(B*
Dر2نl%2, cي>v5 1C ةs24E ~{4`1>s
ر'ق . $Fcd •2B‘
Ÿ2ير2[F . Ÿ24Fcd
ة4:4بv%* ¡2™>%* Ÿ231>s ~tيGs1>s
D>hن™ 1C) D>hن) œ2;ق)
ةF2nT . 0ms ‚ •*G(%*
kv:B* . QGT . knT . SG%
-rooke8 (a8^.)
-rooke8 ho/e (et. Png.) Oo23 >hE
-rookes 8ark s#ace (h!s.)
-rookes ra8iometer (h!s.)
-rookes t"be (h!s.)
-ro# (weo/.)
-ro# (n.)
-ro# (a.)
-ro# (eoo/.)
-ro# 8"sting (Agric.)
-ro# rotation (Agric.) š1رc%* iق2:5
-ro##er (n.) Ovق •*=C
-ro##ing (Let.)
-ross-am#ere-t"rns (P/ec. Png.) ة<s2:3 Ÿ2h% >4ب3C
-ross-ab/e (Png.) ةي=G;T UF*>3 1ذ Dر*=‘ رGK3
-ross-bar sYitch (P/ec. Png.) $ب%2l5 O4™G5 ®2(h3
-ross-bearing (´"ra.) O,2n3 r1*X ³2_5*
-ross-be88ing (weo/.) k%2[3 Uبv5
-ross-b/ast oi/ circ"it-breaker (P/ec. Png.) {4بvق >بT ˜F'ن;%* tيc%2, ŠGn%* D>o*= ˜R2ق
-ross-bracing ? co"nter bracing (Png.)
-ross-bree8 (a.)
-ross-connection 7ie/8 (©e/e#h.)
-ross-c"t ’>:(<3 ˜vق ‚ >l([3 Uي>R
-ross-c"t chise/ (Png.) ’>:(<3 ˜vn3 1ذ O43X‘
-ross-c"t 7i/e (Png.) ة:R2n(3 |2ن)C 1ذ =>ب3
-ross-c"t(ting) saY (-ar#.) ’ر2:(3 ˜vق ر2€ن3
-ross-c"tting (n.)
-ross-7ee8 mechanism (Png.) ة4%=2ب(%* ةيxA(%* ة4%‰
-ross-7ee8 aa/ae (Png.) ة4%=2ب(%* ةيxA(%* @2;™
-ross-7ee8 aa/ae (Png.)
-ross-7erti/iyation (Bio/.) D'32:(;%* Ÿ2hل% $<4vنA;%* W2_;%*
-ross-7rogs ? -rossings (¢ai/Ya!s)
-ross-graine8 7/oat (B"i/8.) ‹24%H* ’ر2:(3 $ب€d Ž%23
-ross-graine8 timber (-ar#.) šc_(%* ’>:(<3 i€d
-ross-hea8 gib (Png.) O™G%* œG,>R رG,2d
-ross-/eae/ (´"ra.)
-ross-/eae//ing mechanism (´"ra.) ة4p>:%* ةيG<(%* ة4%‰
-ross-oaer (/"mb.) V4,GبBC V4, ةنن<3 ةل™1
-ross-oaer (¢ai/Ya!s) >d½ •d V3 OيGK(%* ةل™1
-ross-oaer 8istortion (¢a8io.)
-ross-oaer 7i/ter (¢a8io.) $nي>h5 “`>3
-ross-oaer 7re9"enc! (h!s.) $ق>h3 ==>5
-ross-#ane hammer
-ross-#oint screY 8riaer (Png.) i%2l(3 ‹>R 1ذ •h3
-ross-9"estion (a.)
-ross-ratio (Laths.) ة4%=2ب5 ةب<B
-ross-roa8s (n.) ”>h3 1C ”>R ˜R2n5
-ross-section ة4o2lE‘ ةن4T ‚ $p>T ˜vn3
-ross-sectiona/ area $p>:%* ˜vn;%* ةE2<3
-ross-sha7t (Png.) $p>T šxj
-ross-s/i8e (Png.) $p>T U%cن3
-ross-ta/k (©e/e#h.)
G(ل3 . QG:3 . I4n(<3 >4}
IلN;%* ˆzs1>sˆ c4E
š2:`ž* Š24n% ˆzs1>sˆ >(3Gي=*ر
zs1>sˆ 0GبBCˆ
r>[™ •G(B . X1>,
§G<%* †بn3 ‚ WGlK3 . O32E
Iل™ . cj . OvF ‚ >;›()* . “لF
>o2R) ةل™GE)
Ÿ*>€K%* Ÿ*'4ب;,) Ÿ2T1رc;%* >4n:5)
V4:3 WGR Z%‘ ˜vق . Ovق
ةبلl3 . i%2l(3 k4›J5
ةhل([3 Ÿ&m) V4, Q1*X . V_+
$BGhل5 W'ب3 $F) O4™G(%* Ÿ2<,2ق ةEG%)
’>:(<3 ˜vق ‚ (i€[%* ‹24%H ةب<ن%2,) ’ر2:(3 ˜vق
U4ق= 0*G_()* . ”2vن()*
$ن4_M5 02ld‘ . $vلd “4nل5
ةي'ي'K%* ةJ<%* §Gvd ˜R2n5 $F Ÿm_:%* ر2h`C ر1>;% ~ةب%2l(3 @m5C
D'32:(3 ةيG<5 |*c43 . ة4p>T D*G<3
V3*c(%* Wm(d&) OيGK(%* ³G€5)
rرG,2d >d½*1 “vلh3 2M4Mj1 'EC ~’>:(<3 Žير2ن, ةق>v3
ةق', 0G_()* . Uvن()*
’>:(<3 i4fق . ةpر2T
$لd*'5 Œي'E . r=*ر 1C $h52+ ²يG€5
-ross-ta/k atten"ation (©e/e#h.) $لd*'(%* @mJ%* 1C ²يG€(%* V4+G5
-ross-ta/k meter (©e/e#h.) $لd*'(%* ²يG€(%* Š24n3
-ross-tie (B"i/8.)
-ross-tree (ga"t.) rر2l%* ةlن3
-ross-aa/ae (Png.) $%*'ب5 @2;™
-ross-aision mirror '32:(;%* ر2l,ž* D‰>3
-ross-Yin8 (Leteor.) ةp>(:3 “ير
-ross-Yin8 /an8ing (Aero.) “ي>%* ˜3 '32:(3 §Gب+
-ross-Yin8 take o77 (Aero.) “ي>%* ˜3 '32:(3 šmق‘
-ross-Yire (Png.)
-ross-Yire bracing (B"i/8.) ة:R2n(3 ]m)—, k4(J5
-ross (a8^.)
-ross (n.)
-ross (a.)
-ross a8it (Lining.) ’>(:3 0>)
-ross arm (Png.)
-ross abis ? 9"a8rat"re abis (P/ec. Png.) '32:3 رGK3
-ross bar ? -ross beam (Png.)
-ross beam (B"i/8.) ةp>(:3 ةب(T
-ross be/t (Png.) ˜R2n(3 r>o*= >4)
-ross ben8ing i%2l(3 •2نKB*
-ross bit (Png.)
-ross bo/t (Png.) $ب%2l5 i%Gل3 ر2;<3
-ross coi/ antenna (¢a8io.) Ÿ*ر2Rž* i%2l(3 $o*G+
-ross connection ة4ب%2l5 ةل™1
-ross co"rse (weo/.) ’>:(<3 $B':3 ”>T
-ross crim# ’>:(<3 V4fA5
-ross c"rrent ’>(:3 ر245
-ross e77ect =2f3 >4•—5
-ross 7a"/t (weo/.) $p>T š'™
-ross 7ee8 (Png.) ةp>:(<3 ةيxA5
-ross 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) ’>:(<3 =>,
-ross 7i/ing (Png.)
-ross 7ire (©e/e#h.) ة:R2n(3 |*>4B
-ross garnet (-ar#.) 'E*1 ®2ن_, ةلlh3
-ross gir8er (Png.) ة:vق2(3 ةpر2T
-ross hatching (Png.) $p>T V4ق>5
-ross hatching (weo/.) ةب%2l(3 ة43CG5
-ross member
-ross mo8"/ation (¢a8io.) •%2[(3 V4;f5
-ross m"/ti#/ication (Laths.)
-ross obseraation (´"ra.) V4ل,2n(3 V4بB2j V3 '™ر
-ross #o//ination (Bot.)
-ross re7erence
-ross s/ot iلl3 U`
-ross s#ring $p>T †,2B
-ross sta77 (´"ra.) ®2<;%* Œل›3
-ross street
-rossbre8 (a8^.)
-rosse8 arm goaernor (Png.) V4T*رx%* i%2l(3 ةT>) INن3
-rosse8 be/t (Png.)
-rosshairs (´"ra.) ةب%2l(3 Ÿ*>4:`
-rosshea8 (Png.)
-rossing (n.)
ةp>(:3 D'F*ر . ةpر2T
$Jل) iلl3 . ˜R2n(3 •ل)
zن_%* •ل([3 . V_M3 ‚ zs2:(3 . ˜R2n(3
V4_+ . V4_M5 . ةE1*c3 ‚ i%2l5 . ˜R2n5 . i4ل™
V_+ ‚ X2(j* . >بT ‚ iv` ‚ iل™ . i%2l5 . ˜R2n5
ةp>:(<3 š*رذ . ةpر2T
’>:(<3 i4fق . ةpر2T
ةب%2l(3 (>hE) ة;n%
ةnF*>;%* ة4F*>Aل(%* §Gv[%* O:h, ة4BGhل5 D>o*= $F ~ةp>(:3 ةnvnR
’>(:3 ˜لp . ةpر2T
V4F>v%* $F V4v)G%* ~’ر2:(%2, 0>p
•ل([3 “4nل5 . >4,—5
$nF*>5 =2ن)‘ . ة%2E‘
>d‰ šر2` ˜3) ˜R2n(3 šر2`)
O<ن%* •ل([3 . V_M3
˜R2n(3 (r>o*=) >4)
O™G%* œG,>R . O4™G(%* š*رx, Š2بJ%* š*رذ ةل™1 ~ ‡;dC
V4_M5 ‚ •%2[5 ‚ رGبT ‚ >ب:3 ‚ ˜R2n5 . i%2l5
-rossing ang/e (¢ai/Ya!s.) ˜R2n(%* ةي1*X
-rossing #/ate (¢ai/Ya!s) ˜R2n(%* ¡>ق
-rossing #oint ˜R2n(%* ةvnB
-rossYise (a8a.)
-rotch (n.)
-rotch centre (Png.) V4(ب:` 1ذ cJ5>3
-rotchet >4A™ 0ms
-roY (n.)
-roY·s nest ةبق*>3 ةlن3
-roY8 (n.)
-roY8 (a.)
-roYn-b/ock (Lech.)
-roYn-7ace #"//e! (Png.) {jG%* ة,'K3 D>J,
-roYn-gate (-!8. Png.)
-roYn (n.)
-roYn (a.) 0'E ‚ QG5
-roYn g/ass
-roYn saY (-ar#.)
-roYn Yhee/ (Png.) $<4oر Š>5
-roYn. #iston (Png.) Š2بJ%* Q25
-roYne8 s"r7ace 0'K3 1C iبn3 “v)
-roYning (Png.)
-r"cia/ (a8^.)
-r"cib/e (n.) (-hem.)
-r"cib/e 7"rnace (Let.) U5*G, 1ذ |>F
-r"cib/e #rocess (Let.)
-r"cib/e stee/ (Let.) U5*Gب%* ذ&GF
-r"ci7orm (a8^.) OJ€%* $ب4ل™
-r"8e (a8^.)
-r"8e assa!
-r"8e booster #"m#s (et. Png.) @2[%* –f% DXc:3 Ÿ2[f3
-r"8e bottoms (et. Png.) @2[%* >ي>J5 Ÿ2hل[3
-r"8e 8isti//ation "nit (-hem.)
-r"8e meta/ (Let.) 0xM3 >4} |':3
-r"8e na#htha (-hem.) @2[%* •hن%*
-r"8e oi/ (-hem.) @2[%* tيc%*
-r"8e oi/ ana/!sis (-hem.) @2[%* tيc%* O4لK5
-r"8e oi/ graait! test (et. Png.) @2[%* tيc%* ةF2›s ر2ب(d*
-r"8e oi/ #i#e/ine (et. Png.) @2[%* tيc%* i4,2BC •d
-r"8e oi/ #rocessing (et. Png.) @2[%* tيc%* ة_%2:3
-r"8e oi/ #ro8"ction (et. Png.) @2[%* tيc%* Q2(B‘
-r"8e oi/ reseraes (et. Png.) @2[%* tيc%* $R24(E*
-r"8e oi/ storage tank (et. Png.) @2[%* tيc%* |*cd
-r"8e oi/. so"r (et. Png.)
-r"8e oi/. sYeet (et. Png.)
-r"8e #etro/e"m (-hem.) @2[%* W1>(ب%*
-r"8e r"bber @2d §2v3
-r"8e stabi/iying "nit (-hem.)
-r"8e !e//oY sca/e $ن4F*ر2, ˜;`
-r"ise (n.)
-r"ise (a.) (Aero. ga"t.)
-r"iser (n.)
‹2_% . ةp>:(<3 ة:vق
’>:%2, . 2p>T . 24:R2n5
š>h5 . i:€5
ةل(T . O[3 ‚ 0*>}
ةل(T . O[3
D>4بs ةTG;_3 . '€E
'€(E* . '€E
ة(,2›%*) ةيGل:%* Ÿ*>Jب%* ةTG;_3)
D2نn%* zيG+ $F) $%2:%* 0G<ن;%* ة,*G,)
D2)>;%* QX ‚ V<%* ŽيG5 ‚ D1رذ . ة;ق . O4لs‘ . Q25
•2hl%* 'ي'` ~$j25 Q2jX
$B*Gv)C ر2€ن3 . $j25 ر2€ن3
iبn5 . 0'K5 . iي'K5
Q>E ‚ Ÿ2, . I)2E
ةق=G, . ةn5G,
ذ&Gh%* >4fK(% ~U5*Gب%* ةnي>R
ª4ل} ‚ Žp2B >4} . 0xM3 >4} . @2d
@2[%* (W1>(ب%*) D>4:3
@2[%* (W1>(ب%*) >4vn5 D'E1
$(ي>بs •hB . UيxE @2d tيX
$(ي>بs &) GلE @2d tيX)
@2[%* (W1>(ب%*) c4s>5 D'E1
ةي>K, D>h) . ة%Gj
*>K, ®2) . WG_5 . ‹2R . 02j
ةF*GR ةن4h) . D=*>R
-r"ising a/tit"8e (Aero.) ‹*Gv(%* š2h5ر*
-r"ising s#ee8 (Aero. ga"t.)
-r"mb/e (a.)
-r"m#/e (n.)
-r"m#/e (a.)
-r"no8e (Laths.) ةلl(3 D'nT
-r"# (Lining.)
-r"sh (n.)
-r"sh (a.)
-r"sher ro//s (Png.) Dر2<J%* V4F&=
-r"shing #/ates >4<J(%* ®*G%C
-r"shing strain (Png.) >lM(%* W2:hB*
-r"shing strength (Png.) >lM(%* ة312n3
-r"shing stress (Png.) >lM%* =2Mj‘
-r"shing test (-ia. Png.) t(h(%* ر2ب(d*
-r"st (n.)
-r"stacea (eoo/.)
-r"stacean (eoo/.) Ÿ2ي>€n%* V3 |*G4E
-r"staceo"s (a8^.)
-r"sta/ (a8^.) r>€ق
-r"sta/ 8e7ormation (weo/.) r>€ق ³G€5
-r"tch (n.)
-r"tch han8/e ’>:(<3 †بn3
-r"b (n.)
-r!ogen (n.) 'ي>ب(%* Oo2) 1C X2}
-r!ogenic (a8^.) (h!s.) ةfh[ن;%* Dر*>K%* Ÿ2jر', Uل:(3 ‚ Dر*>K%* ةjر= $F 2p2h[B* Ž(ن3
-r!ogenic 7"e/ (Aero.)
-r!ogenics (h!s.)
-r!o/ite (-hem.)
-r!ometer (h!s.)
-r!osco#ic metho8 (-hem.) ';_(%* ةvnB ’2h[B* Š24n, $\يc_%* |XG%* =2_ي‘ ةnي>R
-r!osco#! (-hem.) Oo*G<%* ';_5 ةvnB 'ي'K5
-r!ostat (Png.)
-r!#tocr!sta//ine minera/ رGلب(%* $hd |':3
-r!#togam (Bot.) Ÿ2ي>+Xm%* V3 Ÿ2بB
-r!#togram (n.) ةي>) XG3ر 1C ة,2(s
-r!#togra#h! (n.)
-r!sta/ (a8^.) رGلب%2s $nB ‚ rرGل,
-r!sta/ (n.)
-r!sta/ ana/!sis (h!s.)
-r!sta/ bo"n8aries (Let.)
-r!sta/ ca/ibrator (¢a8io.) rرGل, $jG3 Š24n3
-r!sta/ ce// (©e/ea.) ةيرGل, ة4لd
-r!sta/ contro/ (¢a8io.) ==>(%2, rرGل, IJK5
-r!sta/ co"nter (h!s.) rرGل, =*'T
-r!sta/ 8etector (¢a8io.) rرGل, ‹2€J3
-r!sta/ 8io8e (¢a8io.) rرGل, $o2ن• @2;™
-r!sta/ 8riae (¢a8io.) rرGل, ˜F=
-r!sta/ 7ace (-hem.) DرGلب%* “v)
-r!sta/ 7i/ter (¢a8io.) rرGل, “`>3
-r!sta/ 7orm rرGل, OJ`
-r!sta/ 7re9"enc! m"/ti#/ier (¢a8io.) rرGل, ==>5 kT2f3
ةلE>%* ةT>) . ة4F12v(%* ةT><%*
t(F . I€+ . I€M5 . IvK5
†بn5 . VfA5
†بn5 . †بق . VfA5 . Vf}
I_ن;%* $F) kn<%* ر24MB*)
I€M5 ‚ >l+ . UK)
><J5 . UK<B* . UK) ‚ I€M5 . I€+
ة`*>j . Dر2<s . t(h3
ةبل™ D>€ق . D>€ق
ة4لlh;%* ة4o2;%* Ÿ2B*G4K%* V3 ةho2R ~Ÿ2ي>€n%*
D>€ق 1ذ . D>€n%2, {4ب` . r>€ق
ة32T= . X2JT
>3H* >+Gj 1C i% . >+Gj
Dر*>K%* ةjر= †h[ن3 ($d1ر2™)=Gق1
Uلv;%* >hl%* 0ر2n5 ةjر= ZلT =*G;%* ¡*Gd ة)*ر= ~ةfh[ن;%* Dر*>K%* •2يc4F
ةي'يرGلh%* @Gي=Gl%* Ÿ2ن43G%C ~t4%Gي*>s
Ÿ2ي=G;_%* IلT . '4ل_%* IلT
’2h[B&* D'ي'€%* Dر*>K%* Ÿ2jر= Š24n% >(3G3>5 ~>(3Gي>s
ةfh[ن;%* Dر*>Kل% Ÿ2()G3>5 ‚ Uلv;%* >hl%* ةjر= 2M5ر*>E 0ر2n5 'ي>ب5 D'E1 ~Ÿ2()Gي>s
D>h` . ةي>) ة,2(s
rرGل, Q2jX ‚ DرGل, . DرGل, ‚ رGل, . رGل,
zs‘ ة:`—, rرGلب%* i4s>(%* O4لK5 ~rرGلب%* O4لK(%*
Dر12_(;%* |':;%* Ÿ*رGل, V4, Š2;(%* ®Gv) ~ةيرGلب%* =1'K%*
-r!sta/ g/ass (-hem.)
-r!sta/ grating (h!s.) ةيرGل, =G4E DXcK3
-r!sta/ /am# (P/ec. Png.) rرGل, ®2بl3
-r!sta/ /attice (-hem.) rرGل, U<B
-r!sta/ micro#hone (Aco"s.) rرGل, |GF1>J43
-r!sta/ o#tics (h!s.) ةيرGلب%* Ÿ2ي>lب%*
-r!sta/ osci//ator (¢a8io.) rرGل, 0x,x3
-r!sta/ #attern (-hem.) rرGل, •;B
-r!sta/ #hasing (¢a8io.) rرGلب%* “`>;%* رGR •بp
-r!sta/ #ick-"# (P/ec. Png.) rرGل, $5G™ •ق&
-r!sta/ recti7ier (¢a8io.) rرGل, @Gn3
-r!sta/ se/ector (¢a8io.) rرGل, U(ن3
-r!sta/ set (¢a8io.) rرGل, ‹2€J3 1ذ $Jل)& X2Mj
-r!sta/ str"ct"re (-hem.) ةيرGل, ة4ن,
-r!sta/ s!mmetr! (-hem.) rرGل, O•2;5
-r!sta/ s!stem (-hem.) rرGل, @2NB
-r!sta/ tebt"re D>لب(3 ةل(s $F Ÿ*رGلب%* ‡o2ld
-r!sta/ trio8e (¢a8io.) Ÿ*=1>(J%&* $•m• rرGل, @2;™
-r!sta/ aarnish (hotog.) rرGل, $_ن45*ر •mR
-r!sta/ aio/et (-hem.) rرGل, Ž<hن,
-r!sta/ Yater (-hem.) رGلب(%* •23
-r!sta/. meta//ic (Let.) ة4B':3 DرGل,
-r!sta/. mibe8 (-hem.) ةvل([3 DرGل,
-r!sta/. tYin (-hem.) ة43CG5 DرGل,
-r!sta//ine (a8^.)
-r!sta//ine 7orm (-hem.) rرGل, OJ`
-r!sta//ine /ens (eoo/.)
-r!sta//ine /i9"i8s (-hem.) ¡*G[%* ة4B*رGل, Oo*G)
-r!sta//ine oaergroYth 2Mf:, WGE Ÿ*رGلب%* is*>5
-r!sta//ine rocks (weo/.) D>لب(3 رG[™
-r!sta//ine so/i8 (-hem.) رGلب(3 I<j
-r!sta//ine str"ct"re (-hem.) ةيرGل, ة4ن,
-r!sta//ine Yab (weo/.) >لب(3 ˜;`
-r!sta//init! (n.) رGلب(%* ةjر=
-r!sta//ite (weo/.) ةيرGل, Dرx,
-r!sta//iyab/e (a8^.) رGلب(ل% O,2ق
-r!sta//iyation (n.)
-r!sta//iyation o7 iron (h!s.) 'ي'K%* >لب5
-r!sta//iyation. 7ractiona/ (-hem.) $oc_5 1C $\يc_5 رGلب5
-r!sta//iye (a.)
-r!sta//oegra#hic notation ةيرGل, ة%&=
-r!sta//ogram (-hem.)
-r!sta//ogra#hic abis rرGل, رGK3
-r!sta//ogra#h! (n.) Ÿ2يرGلب%* IلT
-r!sta//oi8 (a8^.)
-r!sta//oi8 (n.) ة4B*رGل, D=23
-s (cesi"m) (-hem.)
-" (co##er) (-hem.) Š2Kن%* cلh% r12;4J%* c3>%* •KB
-"bat"re (n.)
-"be (Laths.) i:J3
-"be (a.)
-"be root (Laths.) $ب4:J5 رxj
-"be "nit ةب:J3 D'E1
-"bic (a8^.)
rرGل, Q2jX . رGل,
رGلب(3 . rرGل,
V4:%* $F) ةيرGلب%* ة)':%*)
رGلب(3 OJ` . DرGل, . رGلب5
*='K3 mJ` x[5* . رGلب5 . رGل,
zs‘ ة:`—,) rرGلب%* •;ن%* DرG™)
i4s>(%* 1C OJ€%* rرGل, . $B*رGل,
@Gيc4<%* cلh% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~c)
$;_K%* SG(K;%* . i4:J(%*
=':%*) i:s ‚ i:J3 OJ` ZلT 2™)
$;_E ‚ $ب4:J5 . i:J3
-"bic centimeter i:J3 >(;4(ن)
-"bic coe77icient $;_E O32:3
-"bic content $;_E SG(K3
-"bic cr!sta/ (-hem.)
-"bic c"rae (Laths.) $ب4:J5 ZنKن3
-"bic e9"ation (Laths.)
-"bic eb#ansion (h!s.) $;_E =';5
-"bic eb#ression (Laths.)
-"bic 7oot
-"bic inch
-"bic meas"re $;_E Š24n3
-"bic meter
-"bic s!stem i:J;%* ةل4lF ‚ rرGل, $ب4:J5 @2NB
-"bic !ar8
-"bic/e sYitchgear (P/ec. Png.) D>4A™ Ÿ*>4_E Ÿ*ذ “452h3 ةTG;_3
-"bi7orm (a8^.) OJ€%* i:J3
-"bism (n.) $ب4:J(%* Vh%*
-"boi8 (a8^.) i:J;%2, {4ب`
-"boi8 (n.) (-hem.) Ÿm4v(<;%* rX*G(3
-"c"mber (Bot.)
-"e (n.) •', Dر2`‘
-"77 (n.)
-"77 (a.)
-"/eb (eoo/.)
-"// (n.)
-"// (a.)
-"//et >Mlل% D':;%* Q2jc%* Dر2<s
-"/m (n.)
-"/minate (a.)
-"/mination (Astron.) 'بJ5
-"/mination (n.)
-"/tiaate (a.) Z;B ‚ kn• ‚ “لF
-"/tiaation (n.)
-"/t"ra/ (a8^.)
-"/t"re (Bio/.) r>4(J, Ÿ2بن()*
-"/t"re (n.)
-"/t"re (a.) tبن()* ‚ “لF ‚ kn›5
-"/aert (n.)
-"mbersome (a8^.)
-"m"/ate (a.)
-"m"/atiom (n.)
-"m"/atiae (a8^.)
-"m"/atiae action (-hem.) $;s*>5 O:F
-"m"/atiae e77ect (-hem.) $;s*>5 >4•—5
-"m"/atiae errors (Laths.) ة;s*>(3 •2vdC
-"m"/atiae #ro8"ction ˜;_(;%* Q2(Bž*
-"m"/atiae recti7ication (¢a8io.) $;s*>5 IيGn5
-"m"/atiae s!mbo/s (Laths.)
-"m"/i7orm c/o"8s (Leteor.) $32sر 02K)
-"m"/o-cirr"s (Leteor.) $ق2K;) $32sر 02K)
-"m"/o-nimb"s (Leteor.)
-"m"/o-strat"s (Leteor.) $nبR @2sر
-"m"/o"s (A8^.) (Leteor.)
-"m"/o"s (n.) (Leteor.)
ة•m›%* ر12K;%* D'32:(3) ة4ب4:J5 DرGل,)
ة›%2›%* Dر'%* V3) ة4ب4:J5 ة%=2:3)
ة›%2›%* ةjر'%* V3) $ب4:J5 r>بj >4ب:5)
~ةب:J3 @'ق ¤¶.£ *>(%
~ةب:J3 ة™G, „¥.£¶ I) £
~i:J3 >(3 £¾.£„ ةب:J3 23'ق
~ةب:J3 D=ر2ي ….¦¥µ¾ @ £
•2›ق . ر24d
ة:h™ . ة;v% ‚ Vي'4ل% 'h™ ‚ ة;s . ةhs
kJ%2, ˜h™ . Iv%
zJ%G4J%* ةpG:, . ة€}>,
DX>F . ةي2hB
WcT . X>F . Zn(B*
kنl%* •r=ر IKF . IKh%* 0*>5
Q1H* qل, . Z%‘ ZM(B*
D1رذ . Q1C ‚ W2;(s* . D1رx%* Gل,
k4n›5 - ةEmF . ةT*رX
$52بن()* ‚ $h4n›5 . $F2n•
ةEmF - Dر2fE . ةF2n•
–,>, . $لh) S>_3
O4n• . Oق>:3 . U+>3
˜;j . @Gs . Š'J5 . Is*>5
@2J5ر* . ة3Gs ‚ ˜;_5 . Is*>5
Is*>(3 . $:;_5 . $;s*>5
ة;<n%*1 0>f%* Dر2`‘ (à ºÍ)
i4™ . $Bc3 @2sر
=>F . $32sر
rرGMنs 02K) . @2sر
-"neate (a8^.)
-"ni7orm (a8^.)
-"#-an8-ba// ^oint (Png.) ةي1>s ة4hd ةل™1
-"# (n.)
-"# centre
-"# ch"ck (Png.) $E'ق 1C $nE ‹>•
-"# grease @*Gn%* '32j IK`
-"# hea8 (Png.) ةي1>s klB ŠCر 1ذ @2`>, 1C ر2;<3
-"# ^oint (/"mb.)
-"# /eather (Png.)
-"# shake ? ring shake $nلE š'™
-"# aa/ae r1>s klB @2;™
-"# Yhee/ (Png.)
-"#. grease (Lech. Png.)
-"#. /"brication U4%c5 UE
-"#boar8 /ock (-ar#.)
-"#e/ (Let.)
-"#e//ation (Let.)
-"#o/a (B"i/8.)
-"#o/a 7"rnace (Let.) t)'%* |>F
-"##e8 (a8^.)
-"#rammoni"m (so/"tion) (-hem.)
-"#reo"s ?c"#ro"s (-hem.)
-"#ric (a8^.)
-"#ric arsenite (-hem.) •4)2Kن%* t4[BرX
-"#ric ch/ori8e (-hem.) •4)2Kن%* 'يرGلs
-"#ric io8i8e (-hem.) •4)2Kن%* 'ي=Gي
-"#ric ion (-hem.) •4)2Kن%* |GيC
-"#ricammonia (-hem.)
-"#ri7ero"s (a8^.) Š2Kن%* 12E
-"#rite (Lin.)
-"#ro-nicke/ (Let.)
-"#ro"s (a8^.) (-hem.)
-"#ro"s ch/ori8e (-hem.) XG)2Kن%* 'يرGلs
-"#r"m ? co##er (-hem.) Š2KB
-"rab/e (a8^.) ة_%2:;ل% O,2ق
-"ratiae (a8^.)
-"ratiae (n.)
-"rator (n.) ةب(J3 1C kK(3 I4ق
-"rb (n.)
-"rb (a.)
-"rb roo7 (B"i/8.)
-"rbing (n.)
-"r8 (n.) Dر2(d
-"r8 (a.)
-"r8/e (a.)
-"re (n.)
-"re (a.)
-"rette (n.)
-"r7eY (n.) WG_(%* ˜ن3
-"rie (h!s.)
-"rie #oint (h!s.)
OJ€%* $ن4h)‘ . rر2;<3
rر2;<3 . $ن4h)*
|2_نF . 0Gs . ®'ق
$E'ق cs>3 . $nE cs>3
>d½* $F ($™2™>%*) 0GبBH* ‹>R W2d=¯, ة4لd*'5 ةل™1
Oo2<%* 0><5 ˜ن;%) D'ي'j ةJلF)
r1>s klB (D>hن)) 0&1=
Vن<3 •2v} 1C I4K€5 UE . ة;K€3
‹GFر Ÿ*ذ ةB*cd . ةB*cd
®2(h;, 2ي=G;T $لd*'%* {j25ر ]>K(ي ~Vo*cd Ohق
ةn5G, ~ةلبs
ةn5Gب%* ةnي>v, (|=2:;%*) ة4hl5 ~ةh5G,
rGبق رGن3 ‚ iبn3 “v) . ةبق
iبn3 . OJ€%* $,Gs
XG%G4ل<%* ة,*ذž) rر=2€B •4)2KB)
uF2J(%* r=2EC 2)2KB 12E ~XG)2KB
uF2J(%* $o2ن• 2)2KB 12E . $)2KB
XG%G4ل<%* ة,*ذž) rر=2€B •4)2KB)
>;EH* Š2Kن%* '4<sC ~tي>,Gs
V3 rGK5) OJ4ن%*1 Š2Kن%* V3 ةJ4ب) ~OJ4B1>بs ¤… Z%‘ £… OJ4B » )
uF2J(%* r=2EC 2)2KB 12E . XG)2KB
1*'3 . ‹2`
•*1= . QmT
ةF2E . cي>F‘ ‚ ة;JE . “بJ3
*cي>F‘ 1C ةF2E @2قC ‚ “بs . š=ر . '™
iB2j Os V3 ر*'KB&* Q1=c3 ~=>K3 kn)
ةF2E . cj2E . cي>F‘
Uي>v%* iB2j ZلT 0Glن3 >_E ~Iل:3
>›[5 . >›d . ><d
ªل} ‚ 'n:5 . 'nT ‚ >›d . ><d
“4ل;5 ‚ ة_%2:3 . D1*'3
ªhKل% 'TC . “ل3 ‚ Ž%2T . S1*=
‹>_3 . ة(KJ3 . ةv€J3
$T2:`ž* §2€ن%* D'E1 ~ rرGs
ة4<4vنA;%* {lo2ld •نA;;%* |':;%* 2+'نT 'nhي $(%* Dر*>K%* ةjر= ~ ˆrرGsˆ ةvnB
-"ring (-hem.) U4(:(%* 1C >4;[(%2, ة4:4بv%* Ÿ2jG(ن;%* ة_%2:3
-"ring (-ia. Png.)
-"ring (n.)
-"ring #erio8 (-ia. Png.)
-"riosit! (n.)
-"ri"m (-m) (-hem.)
-"r/ (n.)
-"r/ (a.)
-"r/! canne/ Ÿ2ب4بK%* U4ق= =2ق1 IKF
-"rrenc! (n.)
-"rrent-carr!ing ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent-co//ector (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent-7en8er (-!8. Png.) ر24(%* 'l3
-"rrent-/imiting reactor (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* 'ي'K5 OT2h3
-"rrent-trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent (a8^.)
-"rrent (n.)
-"rrent acco"nt ر2j 02<E
-"rrent am#/i7ication (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* I4[f5
-"rrent be88ing (weo/.)
-"rrent carr!ing /oo# (P/ec. Png.) ر24(ل% ةل32E ةير2R‘ Dر*=
-"rrent circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* D>o*=
-"rrent coi/ (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent 8ensit! (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ر24(%* ةF2›s
-"rrent 8istrib"tion bob ر24(%* ˜يXG5 ةبلT
-"rrent e77icienc! (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent e/ement (h!s.) ر24(%* O32E O™G;%* V3 >4lق •cj
-"rrent e9"a/iyer (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* W=2:3
-"rrent eb#enses ةير2_%* Ÿ2nhن%*
-"rrent 7ee8back (P/ec. Png.) ر24(ل% D'5>;%* ةيxA(%*
-"rrent 7/oY (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* |2ي>j
-"rrent generator (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* '%G3
-"rrent intensit! (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* D'`
-"rrent intermitter ? -"rrent interr"#ter (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* ˜vn3
-"rrent /imiter (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent meter (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* Š24n3
-"rrent meter (-!8.) ر24(%* ةT>) Š24n3
-"rrent reg"/ator (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* INن3
-"rrent re/a! (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* OE>3
-"rrent resonance (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent reaerser (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* zs2T
-"rrent sensitiait! (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent strength ر24(%* D'`
-"rrent s"##/!
-"rrent. a/ternating (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent. b/oYing (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent. charging (P/ec. Png.) VK€%* ر245
-"rrent. circ"/ating (P/ec. Png.) D>o*'%* $F ر2;%* ر24(%*
-"rrent. conaection (h!s.) rر*>K%* O;K%* ر245
-"rrent. 8irect (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent. earth (¢a8io.) $pرC ر245
-"rrent. e/ectric (h!s.) $o2,>Ms ر245
-"rrent. 7ee8 (¢a8io.) ةيxA(%* ر245
-"rrent. im#"/siae (P/ec. -omm.) †,2B ر245
{nn€(% 2:ن3) i4R>(%2, tن;)ž* Q2fB‘)
“4ل;(%2, =Gل_%* ªhE ‚ •2h` . ة_%2:3
{nn€(% 2:ن3 •2;%2, tن;)ž* i4R>(% ة3Xm%* D';%* ~Q2fBž* D>(F
ةF>:;%* iE . šmv()&* iE
Is) ³c3ر rcلF >lنT ~ @GيرGJ%*)
QG;5 . '4:_5 ‚ ة4% . D>4A™ ةh%
k(%* . k% . SG% . QG;5 . ':_5 . ':j
W1*'5 ‚ ةل;T . W1*'(3 'nB
ةن4:3 ةjر= Dر*>K%* $v[5 |1= {ل;E VJ;;%* ر24(ل% SGln%* ة;4n%* ~ OبJ%* O;E ة:)
ر24(%2, ة4o2,>MJ%* ةلF2K%* O4™G5 š*رذ ~ر24(%* ˜;_3
W*G5 WGK3 . ر24(ل% WGK3
W1*'(3 ‚ ر2) . ر2j
”24) . >4) ‚ S>_3 . ر245
Od*'(3 i45>5 . rر245 Uبv5
Dر'n%* Š24ق DcMjC $F) ر24(%* kل3)
r=*>Fˆ V4B*Gق i<E ة:قG(;%* ة4;J%* Z%‘ 24ل:F ةب)>(;%* ة4;J%* ةب<B ~ ر24(%* ةي2hsˆ
D>o*= $F ر24(%* 'ي'K5 OE>3 ~ ر24(%* ='K3
ةب%2<%*1 ةبjG;%* ةلT2h;%* |X*G5 ~ر24(%* V4Bر
ر24(ل% (Š24n;%*) ة4)2<E
ر24(%* ˜بن3 . ر24(%* =رG3
012ن(3 ر245 . ==>(3 ر245
>Ml;%*) ة;™2h%* >M™ ر245)
O™*G(3 ر245 . >;(<3 ر245
-"rrent. in8"ce8 (P/ec. Png.)
-"rrent. ionic (©hermionics) $BGيC ر245
-"rrent/! (a8a.)
-"rric"/"m $)*ر= ŽMن3
-"rrie8 /eather G,'3 'لj
-"rrier (n.) 2,=
-"rsor (n.)
-"rsor! (a8^.)
-"rtai/ (a.)
-"rtain (n.)
-"rtain (a.)
-"rtaining (n.)
-"rtate (a8^.) >™2n(3
-"rtate c!c/oi8 (Laths.) >™2n(3 r>ي1= $ل_T
-"rtate e#itrochoi8 (Laths.) >™2n(3 $قGF $ل_T
-"rtate h!#otrochoi8 (Laths.) >™2n(3 $(K5 $ل_T
-"rtate trochoi8 (Laths.) >™2n(3 $ل_T
-"raat"re (n.)
-"raat"re correction (´"ra.)
-"raat"re o7 a circ/e (Laths.)
-"raat"re o7 7ie/8 (°#t.) W2_;%* ŠGn5
-"raat"re o7 s#ectr"m /ines (±ight.) k4v%* §Gvd •2نKB*
-"rae (n.)
-"rae (a.)
-"rae o7 eb#ansion (h!s.) =';(%* ZنKن3
-"rae o7 intersection (Laths.) ˜R2n(%* ZنKن3
-"rae o7 #"rs"it D=ر2v;%* ZنKن3
-"rae ranging (Laths.) ZنKن;%* §2nB 'ي'K5
-"rae tracing ة4B24ب%* Ÿ24نKن;%* •4v[5
-"rae. 8istrib"tion (Laths.) $:يXG5 ZنKن3
-"rae. 7re9"enc! (Laths.) r==>5 ZنKن3
-"rae8 c"t ة)Gn3 ة4:vق ‚ VKن3 ˜vق
-"rae8 /ine (Laths.) VKن3 •d
-"rae8 motion (Laths.) ة4نKن3 ةs>E
-"rae8 s"r7ace ŠGn3 “v)
-"rae8 Ye// (et. Png.) >hK%* ة)Gn3 >\,
-"rai/inea/ ? -"rai/inear (a8^.)
-"rai/inear ang/e (Laths.) V4v[%* ة4نKن3 ةي1*X
-"rai/inear motion (h!s.) VKن3 •d ZلT ةs>E
-"raometer ŠGn(%* Š24n3
-"sec (-!8.) ة4B2›%* $F ةب:J3 @'ق
-"shion (n.)
-"shion (a.)
-"shion hea8 (-ia. Png.) Dc4s>%* ŠCر DذGd
-"shion steam (Png.)
-"shion. air ة4o*G+ D=2)1
-"shion. steam (Png.) ر2[, D=2)1
-"shioning (n.)
-"shioning gasket D';[3 ة4€E
-"s# (n.)
-"s#ate (a8^.) ‹>v%* ”'(<3
-"s#i8 (Le8.)
-"sto8ian (n.)
-"stom-b"i/t (a8^.) iلv%* i<E šGنl3
ŒK(<3 ر245 . ŒK%2, Ž(ن3 ر245
>p2K%* tقG%* $F . 24%2E
Š24n%* ة%‰ $F U%cن3 •cj ~ةn%cن3
ةي1ر |1= šGنl3 - $Kv) . >,2T
†hd ‚ ˜v(ق* . Cc(j* . >lق
02_E . Dر2()
i_E . Zv}
W'<5 . ({F2hj Oبق •mv%*) VfA5
•2نKB&* ةjر= ‚ ZنKن3 . ŠGn5 . •2نKB*
’رH* “v) ŠGn5 VT Ž52ن%*) •2نKB&* “4Kl5)
>vn%* klB ŠGJ:3 ~D>o*'%* ŠGn5
ŠGn5 . VKن3 •d . ZنKن3
ŠGn5 . ZنKB* . ŠGق . ZنE
ة4نKن3 §Gvd 1ذ . šmpH* ZنKن3
Ÿ23'l%* k4vل(% D'[3 . D'4fB . D=2)1
Ÿ*=2)G%2, ة3'l%* kv% . ')1
@=2:%* @2;l%* kل} ':, zبJ;%* ةB*Gv)C $F zبK3 ر2[, ~'4)G(%* ر2[,
ةs>K%* k4vل5 . '4)G5 . ة3'l%* '4;[5
kBu3 ŠCر . ةB>ق
ŠC>%* ةب,'3 V) . 02B
>•2B . I4ق . Šر2E
-"stom-ma8e (a8^.) iلv%* i<E šGنl3
-"stom (a8^.) ة4™G(%* i<E šGنl3
-"stom (n.)
-"stom 8"t! $s>;j I)ر
-"stom ho"se (n.)
-"stomar! (a8^.)
-"stomer (n.)
-"stoms tari77 ة4s>;j ةhي>:5
-"t-o77 (n.) (Png.) ]>K;%* ةB*Gv)* VT ر2[ب%* ˜vق ‚ ˜vق
-"t-o77 an8 7orming 8ie (Png.) O4J€51 ˜vق i%2ق
-"t-o77 bias (©hermionics) ˜vn%* X24KB*
-"t-o77 7re9"enc! (P/ec. -omm.)
-"t-o77 oi/ (or Yet oi/) (et. Png.)
-"t-o77 #otentia/ (©hermionics) ˜vn%* 'Mj
-"t-o77 aa/ae (Png.)
-"t-o77 ao/tage (©hermionics)
-"t-o"t (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* D>o*'%* ˜R2ق
-"t-o"t mo8e/ šGvn3 QذG;B
-"t-o"t sYitch (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* ˜vق ®2(h3
-"t (a8^.)
-"t (n.)
-"t (a.)
-"t gears (Png.) |2ن)H* ˜vق ةRGبf3 Š1>5
-"t in (a.)
-"t o7 a 7i/e (Png.) =>ب;%* ة4:vق
-"t rate (n.) †h[3 >:)
-"taneo"s (a8^.)
-"tback as#ha/t (et. Png.)
-"tback as#ha/t bit"men (-ia. Png.)
-"tback #ro8"cts (et. Png.) ةhh[3 Ÿ2_(ن3
-"tic/e (n.) (Bio/.)
-"tin (Bot.) Vي'4لj
-"t/er (n.) 2M:o2, 1C ˜vn%* Ÿ*1=C ˜B2™
-"t/er! (n.)
-"t/er! stee/ (Let.) W2lن%* ذ&GF
-"tter-hea8 (-ar#.) ˜vn;%* ŠCر
-"tter (n.)
-"tter bar (Png.)
-"tter bit (Png.) ˜vn;%* ة;n%
-"tter 8re8ger (Png.) ة:R2ق D•*>s
-"tter ho/8er ˜vn;%* †بn3
-"tter kni7e ˜vn;%* ةلlB
-"tter /oa8er (Lining.) O4;K51 ˜vق ةنJ3
-"tter stock (et. Png.) k4h[(%* D=23
-"tter. ang"/ar r1*X cي>h5 ˜vn3
-"tter. circ"/ar r>o*= ˜vn3
-"tter. c!/in8rica/ $B*Gv)C cي>h5 ˜vn3
-"tter. 8iagona/ (Png.) ة4بB2j ةT2vق
-"tter. mi//ing (Png.) cي>h5 ˜vn3
-"tters. #i#e (Png.) i4,2BC ةT2vق
-"tting-bench ˜vق D'fن3
-"tting-bit ˜vn%* ة;n%
-"tting-ga"ge (-ar#.) ˜R2ق ='K3
‹>T . D=2T
]ر2;_%* D>o*= . ]>;j
‹G%—3 . =2(:3 . r=2T
O4;T . |G,X
]>;j . ة4s>;j @G)ر
˜vn%* >5*G5 . ˜vn%* ==>5
iRر tيX . •2;ل% 12E tيX
rر2[, ]>K3 $F) ˜vn%* @2;™)
$BG43>• @2;™ $F) ˜vn%* ة4vلF)
†h[3 ‚ ¡Gln3 . šGvn3
S>_3 ‚ †4h[5 ‚ ة4:vق . ةlق ‚ š2v(ق* . ˜vق
˜v(ق* . Oلق ‚ ˜vnB* ‚ ‡ق . D=2E ة%•, U` 1C ˜vق
Œي'K%* •2ن•C) ˜R2ق)
$;ي=C . r'لj
”>v%* '4ب:(%) kh[3 tلh)‘)
Ÿ1XGي>J%* 1C V4)1>4J%2,) kh[3 $(لh)‘ ر2ق )
ة3=C . D>€, . D'لj
D'o2;%* ZلT ةل;:(<;%* ˜vn%* Ÿ*1=C . ˜vn%* Ÿ*1=C
”ر1X ‚ ˜vق ة%‰ . ةT2vق . ˜R2ق
˜vn;%* (IT=) i4fق
-"tting-"# $ل3>%* i%2n%* “v) V4€[5 ‚ ˜4vn5
-"tting (n.)
-"tting (et. Png.) k4h[5
-"tting ang/e
-"tting b/oY#i#e (or torch) ˜vق Qm;j
-"tting com#o"n8 (Png.)
-"tting 8oYn (Let.)
-"tting 8oYn (n.)
-"tting 8ri7t 0Gn• Uل[3
-"tting e8ge
-"tting 7/ame ˜vق ةل:`
-"tting hea8 (Png.) ˜R2ق ŠCر
-"tting iron (-ar#.) Q2K<;%* D>h`
-"tting /ist (-ar#.)
-"tting machine (Png.)
-"tting ni##ers (Png.) ةp*>ق
-"tting o77 (n.) ˜vق
-"tting oi/
-"tting #/ane (-ar#.) z4ل;5 Q2K<3
-"tting #/iers (Png.) ˜vق ةي=رX
-"tting s#ee8 (Png.) ˜vn%* ةT>)
-"tting stroke
-"tting too/s (Png.)
-"tting torch (Png.) ˜vق Qm;E
-"tting Yhee/ (Png.) ˜vn%* 0&1=
-"tting. 7/ame (Png.) iMل%2, ˜vn%*
-"tYater (-!8. Png.)
-"tYater (ga"t.) ةن4h<%* @'n3
-Yt ? h"n8re8Yeight
-!anami8e. ca/ci"m (-hem.) @G4<%2J%* '432B24)
-!anate (-hem.)
-!anic aci8 (-hem.) •4B24<%* †32E
-!ani8ation (Let.)
-!ani8e (-hem.)
-!ani8e bath (Let.) '4B24<%* V3 zvA3
-!ani8e har8ening (Let.)
-!ani8e. #otassi"m (-hem.) @G4)25Gب%* '4B24)
-!ani8ing (Let.)
-!ani8ing aat (Let.) D'ن4<%* =Gق*ر
-!anin (-hem.)
-!anogen (-hem.) V4jGB24<%* X2}
-!bernetics $523G51H* IJK(%* IلT
-!c/e (n.)
-!c/e (a.)
-!c/e o7 erosion (weo/.) ة4(E Dر1=
-!c/e o7 o#eration (Png.) O4A€5 Dر1=
-!c/e #er secon8 (P/ec. -omm.) ة4B2›%* $F Dر1=
-!c/e timer (P/ec. Png.) rر1= tقu3
-!c/e. carbon (Bio/. -hem.)
-!c/e. 7o"r-stroke (Png.) §*G`H* ة4T2,ر Dر1=
-!c/e. nitrogen (Bio/.. -hem.)
-!c/ic (a8^.)
-!c/ic com#o"n8s (-hem.) ة4nلE Ÿ2بs>3
U` . ˜vق ‚ ةل4<F ‚ ة3mق . ة™2lق
šGvn;%* “v<%*1 ˜R2n%* V4,) ˜vn%* ةي1*X)
˜vn%* ة4ل;T 'ي>ب(% |G,2l%*1 tيc%*1 •2;%* V3 Žيc3 ~˜vn%* is>3
On™ . ˜4;ل5
ةKvلF . “4v<5
˜R2ق 'E . ˜vn%* 'E
23 O;:% ة3Xm%* (W2J`H*1) Ÿ2)24n%2, |24,
˜vn3 . ˜vق ةنJ3
˜vn%* (Ÿ24;T $F 'ي>ب(%*)tيX
ر2€ن;%* 1C =>ب;ل%) ˜vn%* §G`)
˜vn%* Ÿ*1=C . ˜vn%* D'T
Ÿ2™2lق . ˜vق . Ÿ2:v(n3
•2;%* U€ي rx%*) ><_%* ة32T= iB2j ¼
~ tيGي=1ر'ن+ „„¤ 2يc4لJB‘ mRر
•4B24<%* †32E “ل3 ~Ÿ2B24)
'4B24<%* WGلK;, ة_%2:3 . D'ن4)
•4B24)1ر'4M%* †32E “ل3 ~رGB24) . '4B24)
D'ن4<%2, (ذ&Gh%* “v)) '4لl5
D'ن4<%2, $,*>(%* 2;M32d V3 ةfh%*1 i+x%* ¡m[()* ~D'ن4)
|Gل;%* >يGl(ل% @mFC {, Zلv5 Š2<E qب™ ~V4B24)
ة4ن3X Dر1= . >lT ‚ ةnلE . ر1= . §G` . Dر1=
ةj*ر= isر . rر1= OJ€, «'E
|GJ%* $F) |G,>J%* Dر1=)
|GJ%* $F) Ÿ1XH* Dر1=)
2ير1= «=2E ‚ $nلE . rر1=
-!c/ic c"rae rر1= ZنKن3
-!c/ic h!8rocarbons (-hem.) ة4nلE Ÿ24BG,>s1ر'4+
-!c/ic magnetiyation (Lagn.) rر1= •نA;5
-!c/ic or8er rر1= @2NB
-!c/ic #hase (h!s.) rر1= رGR
-!c/ic #o/!gon (Laths.) r>o*= ˜لf3
-!c/ic 9"a8ri/atera/ (Laths.) r>o*= $T2,ر OJ`
-!c/ic reactions (-hem.) ةير1= ŸmT2h5
-!c/ic stabi/it! (P/ec. Png.) rر1= ر*>n()*
-!c/ica/ 8e#osits (weo/.) ةير1= i)*1ر
-!c/ica/ aariations (Lagn.) ةير1= Ÿ*>4A5
-!c/ing (a8^.) 2ير1= >4A(3
-!c/iye8 r"bbers (-hem.) ة4nلE ة4R2v3 Ÿ2بs>3
-!c/o-o/e7ins ? na#hthenes (-hem.)
-!c/ogra#h (Let.)
-!c/oi8 (a8^.)
-!c/oi8 (n.) (Laths.)
-!c/oi8a/ gear (Png.) r>ي1= Š>5
-!c/oi8a/ teeth (Png.) ةي>ي1= |2ن)C
-!c/ometer (Png.)
-!c/one (Png.)
-!c/one (n.)
-!c/one se#arator (et. Png.)
-!c/o#ean (a8^.)
-!c/o#ean concrete (-ia. Png.)
-!c/o#e8ia (n.) ةTG)G3
-!c/ost!/e (n.)
-!c/ost!/e (a.) O<ن()&2, 2[<B ˜بR
-!c/otron (P/ectronics. h!s.)
-!gn"s (the ´Yan) (Astron.)
-!/in8er (Png. Laths.)
-!/in8er assemb/! (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* ةTG;_3
-!/in8er barre/ (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* |',
-!/in8er base (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* D'T2ق
-!/in8er bearing (Png.) Ÿ2ي>J%* $B*Gv)C O;K3
-!/in8er bit (-ar#.) ة4B*Gv)C ة;ي>,
-!/in8er b/ock Ÿ2B*Gv)&* ةTG;_3
-!/in8er boi/er (Png.) $B*Gv)C Oj>3
-!/in8er bore (Png.) $لd*'%* ةB*Gv)&* >vق
-!/in8er boring machine (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* >يGn5 ةنJ3
-!/in8er cam (Png.) ة4B*Gv)C ة32s
-!/in8er ca#acit! (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ة:)
-!/in8er casing (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ‹m}
-!/in8er c/earance (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ¡Gلd
-!/in8er cock (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* zبK3
-!/in8er coaer (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* •2v}
-!/in8er esca#e aa/ae (Png.)
-!/in8er 7/ange (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ةh`
-!/in8er ga"ge (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ر24:3
-!/in8er grin8ing (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* –4ل_5
-!/in8er hea8 (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ŠCر 1C DG<نلق
-!/in8er honing machine (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* On™ ةنJ3
-!/in8er ^acket (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ر2•=
-!/in8er /agging (Png.)
Ÿ2ن4›hن%* . ة4nلK%* Ÿ2ن4h%1H*
|=2:;%* ر2ب(d& $B1>(J%‘ X2Mj ~‹*>}GلJ4)
D>o*', {4ب` . r>ي1=
r>ي1= OJ` . r>ي1=
Ÿm_:%* Ÿ2h% Š24n3 . >(3GلJ4) . ر*1'3
ر2بA%* V3 •*GM%* ة4nن(% ~ة4R1>[3 DX*>F
$B1cلE ر2lT‘ . ة:,1X . ر2lT‘
ةoc_(%* X2Mj $F DX2hK%* D=2;%* Ÿ2;4<j X>h% ~ة43*1= DX*>F
@2_EH* ةn)2ن(3 >4} Dر2_K, $نب3 ~ $,GلJ4)
²,= ةB2)>d . ة4,GلJ4) ةB2)>d
O<ن()&* VT –<ن%* ˜بR ة%‰ ~ O4()GلJ4)
Ÿ2BG51>بل% rر*'3 šر2<3 ~ |1>5GلJ4)
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~ةj2j'%*
]>K;%* zبJ3 kيG_5 ‚ $B*Gv)C I<_3 . ةB*Gv)*
ةي>Kب%* Oj*>;%* V3) k•2J(;%* •2;%* kي>l5 @2;™)
ةB*Gv)&* I<_% (WX2T) $ب€d ‹m}
-!/in8er /ining (or /iner) (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ‡4;ق 1C ةB2v,
-!/in8er /ock (-ar#.)
-!/in8er /"brication (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* t4يc5
-!/in8er man8re/ (Png.) §ر2[;ل% ‹GjC ”24`
-!/in8er o7 reao/"tion
-!/in8er oi/s (Png.)
-!/in8er ring (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ةnلE
-!/in8er scoring (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* “v) Iل›5
-!/in8er Ya// (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* ر*'j
-!/in8er Year (Png.) ةB*Gv)&* $ل, 1C r>,
-!/in8er. gra8"ate8 Qر'3 $B*Gv)C ر2ب[3
-!/in8er. ob!gen
-!/in8rica/ (a8^.) $B*Gv)C
-!/in8rica/ cast-iron #ro# (Lining.) >+c%* 'ي'E V3 ة4B*Gv)* ة32T=
-!/in8rica/ co-or8inates (Laths.) ة4B*Gv)C Ÿ24•*'E‘
-!/in8rica/ core $B*Gv)C iلق
-!/in8rica/ 8r"m (Png.) ة4B*Gv)C Dر*=
-!/in8rica/ 7/"e boi/er (Png.) iMل%* >4)*G3 {ق>([5 $B*Gv)C Oj>3
-!/in8rica/ ga"ge (Png.) OJ€%* $B*Gv)C Š24ق ='K3
-!/in8rica/ /ens (°#t.) ة4B*Gv)C ة)'T
-!/in8rica/ n"t (Png.) ة4B*Gv)C ة%G;™
-!/in8rica/ #ro^ection (weog.) $B*Gv)C •n<3
-!/in8rica/ s#ring (Png.) OJ€%* $B*Gv)C ]>بBX
-!/in8rica/ s"r7ace (Laths.) $B*Gv)C “v)
-!/in8rica/ tank (Png.) $B*Gv)C Žي>M™
-!/in8rica/ "ng"/a (Laths.) $B*Gv)C cF2E
-!/in8rica/ aa"/t (Arch.) $ل43>, 1C $B*Gv)C 'nT
-!/in8rica/ Yaae (h!s.) ة4B*Gv)C ةjG3
-!/in8rica/ Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
-!/in8ri7orm (a8^.) OJ€%* $B*Gv)C
-!/in8roconica/ (a8^.) $R1>[3 $B*Gv)C
-!/in8roi8 (n.. a8^.) $B*Gv)C {ب`
-!mba/ (n.) Žن™
-!me (Bot.) $;ن) ر*>+X‘
-!mogene (et. Png.)
-!mometer (P/ec. -omm.) $jG3 Š24n3
-!mosco#e (P/ec. Png.) $jG3 ‹2€J3
-!#ress (Bot.)
-!st (eoo/.)
-!tochemistr! ة4K%* 2يm[%* •24;4s
-!to/ogist (n.) 2يm[%* IلT $F >4بd
-!to/og! (n.)
-!to/!sis (Bot.) 2يm[%* WmKB*
-!to#/asm (n.) (Bio/.)
Ä-bit (Png.) ˜vn;%* ةي>o*= klB in• ة;n%
Ä·Arsonaa/ ga/aanometer (P/ec. Png.)
Äabbing (B"i/8.)
Äabb/e (a.)
Äacron (-hem.)
Äa88ing (Lining.)
Äa8o (Arch.) ةF>A%* ر*'j V3 ‹>dc;%* ZB=H* •c_%* ‚ ةp>:(<3 D'd ‚ =G;:%* D'T2ق {j1C 'EC
Äa8o (a.)
Äa8o ^oint (-ar#.) ةp>:(<3 D'd OJ€, ةل™1
Äae8a/eo"s (a8^.) (Bot.)
OJ€%* $B*Gv)C (0*G,C) Ohق
O4v(<3 OJ` |*ر1= VT ة_52ن%* ~|*ر1'%* ةB*Gv)C
Ÿ2B*Gv)&* t4يc(% (O4<(%* ةjc%) ŸGيX
§GAf3) V4_<sC ةB*Gv)C)
Ÿ&GK;ل%) $B*Gv)C k%)
'ي>ب(ل% O;:(<ي |2s) k4hd $BG,>s1ر'4+ Žيc3 ~V4jG;4))
1><%* i€d . 1>)
$o2€} z4s . ةB2›3 . zبJ3
ة4ل[%* IلT . 2يm[%* IلT
DG€E . @Xm,G(4)
W2hBG)ر*=ˆ >(3GB2hل}ˆ
V€d §m;, |*ر'_%* œر ‚ (>_K%*) ²nB
•2;%2, œر . Oل,
|>3 $T2نv™* Ž4<B ~|1>s=
Ij2ن;%* $F Ÿ*X2A%* >vd O4لn(%) ةيGM5)
=G;T D'T2ق $F) ةp>:(<3 D'd ²nB)
':_(3 . VfA(3
Äagger (n.) >_نd
Äagger (©!#og.)
Äai/! (a8^.. a8a.)
Äai/! aaerage #ro8"ction $3G4%* Q2(Bž* W':3
Äai/! 7/oY $3G4%* UF'(%*
Äai/! ins#ection $3Gي ²4(h5
Äai/! o"t#"t $3G4%* Q2(Bž*
Äai/! re#ort $3Gي >ي>n5
Äai/! aariation $3Gي >44A5
Äai/! Yage
Äa/e (weo/.) =*1
Äa/ton com#"ter (h!s.)
Äa/ton·s atomic theor!
Äa/ton·s /aY
Äa/ton·s /aY (h!s. -hem.)
Äa/tonism (Le8.)
Äam (-ia. Png.)
Äam (a.)
Äam. retention (-ia. Png.) X2_(E* ')
Äamage (n.)
Äamage (a.)
Äamage assessment iv:%* 1C ر>f%* >ي'n5
Äamaging stress (h!s.. Png.) kل(3 =2Mj‘
Äamasc"s stee/ (Let.)
Äam#-#roo7ing (B"i/8.) ²ن%* ˜ن;% ة_%2:3
Äam# (a8^.)
Äam# (n.)
Äam# (a.)
Äam# air iRر •*G+
Äam# #roo7 (a8^.)
Äam#e8 (a8^.)
Äam#e8 ba/ance
Äam#e8 c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) D1رx%* ة;4ق Oo2f(3 ر245
Äam#e8 im#e8ance (P/ec. Png.) ةلo2f(3 ةق12:3
Äam#e8 osci//ation (P/ec. h!s.)
Äam#e8 aibration
Äam#e8 Yaaes (¢a8io.) ةلo2f(3 1C D';[3 Ÿ2jG3
Äam#en (a.)
Äam#ener (P/ec. Png.) ';[3
Äam#ener. #"/sation (Png.) |2fبن%* Oo2f3
Äam#ening (P/ec. Png.)
Äam#er (Png. Lech.) iK<%* ر245 I4Nن(% UB2d ‚ Q2_5ر&* ة:B23
Äam#er (Png.)
Äam#er #/ate (Png.) D';[3 ةK4h™
Äam#er reg"/ator (Png.)
Äam#er Yeight (Png.)
Äam#er Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) ةلo2f3 ةh4h%
Äam#er. 7riction (Png.) $s2J(E* Oo2f3
Äam#er. aibration (Png.) X*c(+&* Oo2f3
Äam#ing (P/ec. Png.)
Äam#ing a8^"sting screY (Png.) '4;[(%* •بp i%G%
Äam#ing a#erio8ic (h!s.) ةير1= & ة%•2f3
Äam#ing ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.) ة%•2f;%* ة:)
²32M%* Z%‘ ƒر2n%* O4K5 ة4T2بR Dر2`‘ ~ةي>_نd
243Gي . @Gي Os ‚ $3Gي
ة43Gي . ة43G4%* D>jH*
Vب_%*1 D',c%* O;:3 . ةنبل3
|G(%*=ˆ ة4`2Eˆ
|G(%*=ˆ ةيرx%* ةي>Nن%*ˆ
|G(%*=ˆW ةhT2f(;%* i<ن%* |GB2قˆ
|G(%*=ˆW $oc_%* •Af%* |GB2قˆ
|*G%H* Z;T ~ ة4BG(%*'%*
cj2E . ')
c_E . '™ . ')
ivT . ر>p . kل5 . SذC . Dر2<d
ivT . ر>p 1C Sذ—, 02™C . >pC . Sذ‰
ةjG;(3 §Gvd 1ذ ~$n€3= ذ&GF
S'B . iRر
ة,GRر ‚ (IKF I_ن3 $F) @2) X2}
W•2p . (Ÿ2jG;%* 1C Ÿ2,x,x%*) V+1C . ';dC ‚ iRر
²نل% ˜B23 . ة,GR>ل% '32™
Oo2f(3 . W•2f3 . ';[3
X*c(+&*) Oo2f3 |*c43)
ة%•2f3 ة,x,ذ . ةلo2f(3 ة,x,ذ
ةلo2f(3 ة,x,ذ . Oo2f(3 X*c(+*
iRر . iRر ‚ W•2f5 . W•2p . ';dC
“بs . '4;[5
Oo2f3 . ';[3
Ÿ2يmA%* $F iK<%* ر24(%) UB2d INن3)
iK<%* ر245 I4Nن(%) UB2d On•)
i4R>5 ‚ WÀ2f5 . ةلo2f3 ‚ “بs . '4;[5 . tبs
Äam#ing coe77icient (or 7actor) (P/ec. h!s.) WÀ2f(%* O32:3
Äam#ing coi/ (P/ec. Png.) Oo2f3 kل3
Äam#ing constant (h!s.) ة%•2f;%* t,2•
Äam#ing 8eaice
Äam#ing 8io8e (h!s.)
Äam#ing 8oYn (Png.)
Äam#ing gri8 (P/ec. Png.) ة%•2f3 ةJب`
Äam#ing magnet (P/ec. Png.) ة4<4vنA3 ة%•2f3
Äam#ing moment (P/ec. Png.) ة%•2f;%* @cT
Äam#ing resistance (P/ec. Png.) ة%•2f3 ة312n3
Äam#ing s"s#ension (P/ec. Png.)
Äam#ing test (P/ec. Png.) ةلo2f3 ر2ب(d*
Äam#ing t"be (©hermionics ) ';[3 @2;™
Äam#ing aanes (Png.) '4;[(%* œ2يرC
Äam#ing Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) ة%•2f3 ةh4h%
Äam#ing Yire (P/ec. Png.) Oo2f3 •ل)
Äam#ing. critica/ (P/ec. Png.)
Äam#ing. 8egree o7 (P/ec. -omm.) WÀ2f(%* ةjر=
Äam#ing. magnet (P/ec. Png.) Oo2f3 z4R2نA3
Äam#ing. s#ark (Png.) Ÿ*ر*>€%* '4;[5
Äam#ness (n.) ة,GRر
Äam#osco#e (Lining.) Ij2ن;%* X2} ‹2€J3
Äan (Lining.) O43>, ‚ >4A™ ”1'ن™
Äan b"o! •;<%* '4l% ة4F2R
Äan8! (Lining.) V4,&1= Ÿ*ذ 'ي ة,>T
Äanger >vd
Äanger area (or s#ace or yone) >v[%* ةnvن3
Äangero"s (a8^.) >vd
Äangero"s str"ct"re (B"i/8.)
Äang/e (a.)
Äanie// ce// (P/ec. Png.)
Äanie// h!grometer (h!s.)
Äanks ? bon! coa/ (Lining.) '3>3 r>_E IKF
Äant! (Lining.) r>_K%* IKh%* Dر2<s
Äara7 (P/ec. Png.)
Äark (a8^.)
Äark a8a#tation
Äark chamber (or room)
Äark cherr! heat (Let.) ة;52n%* ةيX>n%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Äark con8"ction (h!s.) @mN%* O4™G5
Äark c"rrent (P/ec. Png. h!s.)
Äark 8ischarge (©hermionics)
Äark 7ie/8 IلN3 W2_3
Äark /am# metho8 o7 s!nchroniying (P/ec. Png.) 2M32(T‘ tق1 “4,2l;%2, ةن3*c;%* ةnي>R
Äark /ine s#ectr"m (h!s.) •*=G<%* §Gv[%* k4R
Äark oi/s
Äark orange heat (Let.) ة;52n%* ة4%2n5>ب%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Äark reaction (-hem. Bot.)
Äark re8 heat (Let.) ة;52n%* •*>;K%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Äark resistance (P/ec. Png. h!s.)
Äark room (or chamber) (hotog.) ة;لN3 D>_E
Äark s/i8e (hotog.)
Äark s#ace IلN3 c4E
Äark s#ot (©e/ea.)
ة%•2f3 ةv4بB . ';[3 . '4;[5 X2Mj
ة%•2f;%* (=Gي*=) $o2ن•
tقu3 =2;d‘ (”*>(E&* W':3) ة%•2f3
®2_5رÁ%) Oo2f3 U4ل:5)
Q>K%* WÀ2f(%* . ةj>K%* ة%•2f;%*
{%2;:()* DرGv[, ة4لK;%* Ÿ2vل<%* tfق •2ن, ~>4vd •2€B‘
Z%= . $%'5
O4B*=ˆ ة4لdˆ
O44B*=ˆ (>(31>A4+) 02R>3ˆ
ةB*>;%* D'E1 ~(=*ر2h%* ŠGJ:3) ‹*ر*=
•%2E . I52ق . IلN3
ة;لNل% (V4:%*) k4J5
ة;لN3 ةF>} . ة;(:3 D>_E
ة4oGf%* ة4o2,>MJ%* 2يm[%* $F) @m•ž* ر245)
@mN%* qي>h5 -(ة}>h;%* i4,2BH* $F) IلN3 qي>h5
ةن€[%* ®Gv<%* t4يc(%) •*=G<%* ŸGيc%*)
$oGf%* O4›;(%* V3 ة4B2›%* ةلE>;%* ~ة;لN%* OT2h5
ة;لN%* $F 2+*G) 1C @G4نل<%* ة4لd ة312n3 ~ة;لN%* ة312n3
>يGl(%* ةEG% VT ~ة;52n%* ةKي>€%*
ة;52ق ة:n, . ة;لN3 ة:n,
Äarken (a.)
Äarkness (n.)
Äarn (a.)
Äarning nee8/e GF>%* D>,‘
Äart (n.) ²ي>3 IM) ‚ |2ن) ‚ ة;E ‚ D>,‘
Äart (a.)
Äart aa/ae (Png.) 0'K3 ŠCر 1ذ X2hق @2;™
ÄarYinian theor! (Bio/.)
Äash-an8-8ot /ine •nB1 §>` V3 •d
Äash-#ot (Png.)
Äash (n.)
Äash (a.)
Äash coi/ (P/ec. Png.) W2:(`&* Dر*>` chق kل3
Äash #ane/ (Png.) Š24n%* DcMjC ةEG%
Äashboar8 ? 8ash #ane/ (Png.)
Äashe8 /ine
Äas!meter (h!s.. Png.) ةF>lن;%* Ÿ*X2A%* O4لK5 X2Mj ‚ Ÿ*X2A%* ةF2›s Š24n3
Äata (#/. o7 8at"m)
Äata car8 Ÿ23Gل:;%* ةق2v,
Äata /ogger (P/ec. Png.) $523G51C r='T O_<3
Äata. estimate8 ةي>ي'n5 Ÿ24v:3
Äate (n.)
Äate (a.) ¸رC
Äate /ine (weog.) @G4%* –ير25 >44A5 •d
Äate /ine. internationa/ (weog.) $%1'%* t4قG(%* •d
Äat"m (#/. 8ata)
Äat"m horiyon (´"ra.) =2ن)ž* UFC
Äat"m /ine (´"ra.)
Äat"m #/ane (´"ra.) =2ن)ž* SG(<3
Äat"m #oint
Äa"b (a.)
Äa"ber (Lining.) >hE O32T
Äa"bing (B"i/8.)
Äa"ghter ce// (Bio/.) D'4%1 ة4لd
Äa"ghter e/ement (h!s.) '4%1 >lنT
Äaais a##arat"s
Äaait (ga"t.)
Äaa! /am# (Lining.)
ÄaY8/e (a.)
ÄaYn (n.) >_F
ÄaYn (a.)
Äa!-be8 ةJيرC
Äa!-shi7t ةير2MB ة,GB
Äa! (n.)
Äa! /abo"rer @1243 O32T
Äa!. mean so/ar $<;€%* @G4%* W':3
Äa!. si8erea/ $;_B @Gي
Äa!/ight ر2Mن%* •Gp
Äa!/ight 7actor (-ia. Png.)
Äa!/ight saaing time $h4™ t4قG5
Äa!/ight. arti7icia/ (¨//"m.) ر2Mن%* •Gf, {4ب` رGB
Äa!York (-ia. Png.)
Äayy/e (n.)
I(T . Iل•C
@2(T‘ . @m•‘
@m• . ة;ل•
U5ر . 2Fر
˜F'B* ‚ ‹xق . U`ر
š*GBH* O™C $F) ˆVي1ر*=ˆ ةي>NB)
X*c(+&* ˜ن3 ةv4بB . (ة%•2f3 1C) V4+G5 ةv4بB
@2K(ق* . @G_+ . š2F'B* . ة,>p . ة;v% ‚ ة3'™
–v% . 02` ‚ ˜F'B* . IK(ق* ‚ ><s . Iv% . @'™
Uo2<%* @23C) Š24n%* DcMjC ةEG% ‚ ةبj2K%*)
§>` •d . ˜vn3 •d
Ÿ23Gل:3 . Ÿ*'ن(<3 ‚ Ÿ2B24, . Ÿ24v:3
D>;• . ةKل, ‚ 'TG3 ‚ t4قG5 . –ير—5
=2ن)‘ ˜j>3 . ةn4nE ‚ |24, . Zv:3
>hl%* •d . =2ن)‘ •d
>hl%* ةvnB . =2ن)‘ ةvnB
V€d §m;, œر ‚ (>_K%* “v)) ²nB
V€d §m;, (|*ر'_%*) œر -(>_K%*) ²nB
Ghv%* ة%GM)1 zhن(ل%) ˆz4hي=ˆ X2Mj)
D2)>;%* •,>3 . 0ر*Gn%* §24B
Ij2ن;%* $F |23C ®2بl3 . ˆ$hي=ˆ ®2بl3
$B*G• ‚ S') (tقG%*) š2pC . =',
*', . ®&
ر2MB . @Gي
•*>:%* $F {5'` Z%‘ Zنب3 $F ر2Mن%* •Gp D'` ةب<B ~ rر2Mن%* •Gf%* O32T
ة31243) ر2Mن%2, OA`)
ر') . >Mj
Äayy/e (a.)
Äayy/ing Yhite ”2M% †4,C
Ä- (abbrea. 6or 8irect c"rrent) (P/ec. Png.) >;(<3 ر245
ÄÄt (Äich/oro-8i#hen!/-trich/oroethane) (-hem.)
Äe-aerate (a.) •*GM%* šcB
Äe-aerate8 Yater •*GM%* š1cن3 •23
Äe-aeration (n.)
Äe-aerator (Png.)
Äe-as#ha/ting (n.) tFc%* OlF
Äe-center (or 8e-centre) (a.) cs>;%* VT ®*XC
Äe-c/"tch (Lech.) †بn%* •F
Äe-c/"tching. a"tomatic (Lech.) $o2nل5 OlF
Äe-co"#/ing (P/ec. -omm.)
Äe-co"#/ing (Lech.) |ر2n(%* •F
Äe-em#hasis (n.)
Äe-energiye (a.)
Äe-icer ? anticer (Aero.)
Äe-icer s!stem (Aero.) '4ل_%* ة%*X‘ X2Mj
Äe-icing (Aero.) '4ل_%* ة%*X‘
Äe-icing 7/"i8 (Aero.) '4ل_%* ة%*X‘ ˜B23
Äe-sca/er رG€n%* Oيc3
Äe-sca/ing (Png.) رG€n%* ة%*X‘
Äe-Yatering (-ia. Png.) •2;%* ®cB
Äe Brog/ie e9"ation (h!s.)
Äe Brog/ie Yaaes (h!s.)
Äe 7acto (a8^.)
Äe ±aaa/ t"rbine (Png.)
Äeaccent"ator (P/ec. -omm.) D1رx%* †hd ةJب`
Äeaci8iying (-hem.)
Äeacon #rocess (-hem.)
Äeactiaate (a.) (-hem.)
Äeactiaation (-hem.)
Äea8-beat (P/ec. Png.) $E2_5ر‘ &
Äea8-beat com#ass ة4E2_5ر* & ةل™G,
Äea8-beat 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $E2_5ر* & qي>h5
Äea8-beat ga/aanometer (P/ec. Png.) $E2_5ر* & >(3GB2hل}
Äea8-beat instr"ment $E2_5ر* & Š24ق X2Mj
Äea8-centre (Lech.) ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
Äea8-centre. bottom (Png.) Zلh<%* ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
Äea8-centre. to# (Png.) 24ل:%* ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
Äea8-en8 coi/s (P/ec. Png.) '32M%* ‹>v%* Ÿ2hل3
Äea8-en8 e77ect (¢a8io.) '32M%* ‹>v%* >4•—5
Äea8-en8 7/oor (or Ya//) (B"i/8.)
Äea8-en8 sYitch (¢a8io.) '32M%* ‹>v%* OlF ®2(h3
Äea8-en8 toYer ? termina/ toYer (P/ec. Png.)
Äea8-en8e8 7ee8er (P/ec. Png.)
Äea8-7ront sYitchboar8 (P/ec. Png.) ةMj*G%* ة%1c:3 “452h3 ةEG%
Äea8-smooth 7i/e (Png.)
Äea8-Yeight sa7et!-aa/ae (Png.) >`2ب3 O;E 1ذ V3C @2;™
Äea8 (Aco"s.) †4hd
Äea8 (a8^.)
Äea8 (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ˜بن;%2, WG™G3 >4} ‚ 0>MJ3 >4}
Äea8 air (h!s.) zب(K3 •*G+
Äea8 ang/e (Lech. Png.)
>Mj . (•Gf%* D'` V3) >MبB* . >M,
r>€E '4ب3 ~ Ÿ = =
•2;%* $F 0*x;%*) •*GM%* šcB)
•*GM%* šcB •2T1 ‚ •*GM%* Oيc3 . •*GM%* šX2B
=2f;%*) |ر2n(%* †4h[5)
$5Gl%* W2بn()&* $F) D1رx%* †hd)
$ق2v%* >•u;%* ':,C ‚ •ب• . C'+
'4ل_%* Oيc3 . '4ل_%* VيGJ5 ˜B23
r1>, r=ˆ ة%=2:3ˆ
r1>, r=ˆ Q*G3Cˆ
m:F Io2ق . $:ق*1
W2F& r=ˆ V4,>5ˆ
ة4f;K%* ة%*X‘ . †32K%* šcB
رGلJ%* >4fK(% ˆ|GJي=ˆ ةnي>R
ةي12;4J%* ة4لT2h%* 'nFC . ';+C . ';d
ةي12;4J%* ة4لT2h%* O4v:5 . =2;+‘ . '4;[5
ŸGlل% WX2T 1C) ة%X2T (•o2E 1C) ة4pرC)
ة4o2,>MJ%* Dر'n%* OnB •d $F) $F>v%* Q>ب%*)
ة4T>F ةvK3 =*'3ž ~ On(<3 ةيxA5 •d
U4ق= =>ب3 . z4ل3 =>ب3
OR2T ‚ Ÿ*G3 ‚ cj2T . '32+ ‚ D24K%* 'ق2F . t43
ةs>K%* š2ن(3* ةي1*X . =G;M%* ةي1*X
Äea8 ab/e (Png.)
Äea8 ca/m Uلv3 |GJ)
Äea8 centre /athe (Png.)
Äea8 coi/ (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ*G3 kل3
Äea8 co/o"r (aint.) ة4o'ب3 ة4لR ‚ Oo2E |G%
Äea8 con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) 0>MJ3 >4} O™G3
Äea8 8i##ing (P/ec. Png.) ة:;ل%* •2hRž z4vA(%* 1C z;A%*
Äea8 earth (P/ec. Png.) U4•1 $pرC W2l5*
Äea8 en8
Äea8 en8 (Png.)
Äea8 en8 (¢a8io.) 0>MJ3 >4} 1C '32+ ‹>R
Äea8 gro"n8 (P/ec. Png.) U4•1 $pرC W2l5*
Äea8 gro"n8 (Lining.) Ÿ*G3 ’رC
Äea8 hea8 (Png.)
Äea8 ho/e (Png.) xF2B >4} in•
Äea8 knot (-ar#.) ةلlhن3 D'nT
Äea8 /eae/ (a8^.) •*G()&* @2;5 G(<3
Äea8 /ime (-hem.) —hv3 >4j
Äea8 /oa8 (or Yeight) (B"i/8.)
Äea8 matter (©!#og.)
Äea8 #oint ? 8ea8 centre ة(4;%* ةvnن%*
Äea8 reckoning (ga"t.)
Äea8 reckoning com#"ter (Aero.. ga"t.) ˜pG;%* >ي'n(% ةب)2E
Äea8 roasting (Let.)
Äea8 room (Aco"s.)
Äea8 shore (-ar#.)
Äea8 short (P/ec. Png.) ة312n;%* ةل4لق >lق D>o*=
Äea8 si/ence @25 |GJ)
Äea8 so"n8
Äea8 so"n8ing ? #"gging (B"i/8.)
Äea8 s#ace t43 1C ˜ن(;3 W2_3
Äea8 s#in8/e (Png.)
Äea8 s#ots (Aco"s.)
Äea8 stee/ (Let.) '32+ ذ&GF
Äea8 stick /an8ing (Aero.) ةhقG(3 ®1*>;%*1 •E
Äea8 sto# en8 #oint (-hem.) ة4o2Mن%* W=2:(%* ةvnB
Äea8 storage OيGR š*'ي‘
Äea8 time (h!s.) t43 tق1
Äea8 ao/cano (weo/.) '32+ |2s>,
Äea8 Yater (Png.)
Äea8 Yeight (B"i/8.)
Äea8 Yeight ca#acit! (Png.)
Äea8 Yeight #ress"re-ga"ge (Png.) >`2ب3 O;E 1ذ •Ap Š24n3
Äea8 Ye// (et. Png.) I4nT >\,
Äea8 Yire (P/ec. Png.) 0>MJ3 >4} •ل)
Äea8en (a.)
Äea8/ight (ga"t.)
Äea8/ock (n.) Z:<;%* ”2hd* 1C O€F
Äea8/! (a8^.)
Äea8Yoo8 ة<,2ي |2l}C
Äea7-m"te (a8^.) IJ,C I™C
Äea7 ai8 (Aco"s.)
Äea7en (a.) ŸGl%* WcT ‚ I™C
{4لT $(%* Ÿm_:%* ˜3 ر1'ي &) t,2• رGK3 . '32+ رGK3)
2M4(vnB V4, ˜vn%* ]>K(5 ~ ”24€%* ة(,2• ةR>[3
xF2B >4} Uي>R . 0=ر
xF2B >4} •ل<3 . =1'<3 ‹>R
Ÿ2,Gبl;ل%) ¬52B ŠCر)
Vs2) O;E . |GJ<%* O;E
Ÿ2Kh™ Z%‘ šXG5 I%) ة™G™>3 ‹1>E)
'™ر Ÿ&•, ةB2:()&* |1=) ˜pG;%* >ي'n5)
{4F tي>بJ%* ة4;s †4h[(%) $B':;%* @2[%* ‡4;K5)
ŸGlل%) ة;52s ةF>})
•2ن, $F I<ق rC IT'%) ة(قu3 ةي=G;T ة;T=)
Wc:%2,) @G(J3 ŸG™)
ة4pرH* tK5 œ>h5) ŸGlل% ة%X2T =*G3)
ر1'ي &) t,2• ”24`)
ŸGl%* D'` ةfh[ن;%* ˜p*G;%* ~ ة(4;%* ˜ق*G;%*
Oj>;%* $F) zب(K;%* •2;%* ‚ 's*>%* •2;%*)
Vs2) O;E . |GJ<%* O;E
Vh<%* $F) SGln%* ة%G;K%*)
®Gv<%*) V€d ‚ (ة:;ل%*) —hRC ‚ khd . ';d . thd . ';+ . ';+)
ةن4h<%*(iB2j 1C) >M• $F •4;) Q2jX ~ رGن3
23 O;T X2_Bž) 'TG3 >d‰)
t4;3 . O52ق
˜;<ل% I™H* V4:5 D*=C ~š2;)ž* ةv4بB
Äea7ening (a8^.)
Äea7ening (n.) (Aco"s.) ŸGl%* WcT ةB2v,
Äea7ness I;™
Äea/ (-ar#.) i€[%* V3 ®G%
Äea/ (n.)
Äea/ (a.)
Äea/ 7rame (-ar#.)
Äea/k!/ate (a.)
Äeamination (-hem.) ة4ن43H* ةTG;_;%* šcB
Äean Î ´tark a##arat"s (-hem.)
Äeashing (n.) =23>%* ة%*X‘
Äeassimi/ation (Bot.) O›;;%* @2:v%2, Ÿ2بن%* š2h(B*
Äeath #oint (Bio/.)
Äeath rate
Äeath ra!s
Äeayoti7ication ? 8enitri7ication (-hem.)
Äebac/e (Leteor.)
Äebac/e (a.)
Äebar (a.)
Äebark (a.)
Äebate (n.)
Äebate (a.)
Äebent"re 'ن)
Äebit ba/ance
Äebit si8e
Äebrie7ing Ÿ23Gل:;%* ¡m[()*
Äebris (weo/.)
Äebris 7a// ’2nBC •n<3
Äebris g/acier (weo/.) ’2nBC ةjm•
Äebris s/i8e (-ia. Png.) ’2nB&* ”&cB*
Äebromination (-hem.) @1>ب%* šcB
Äebt Vي=
Äeb"nching (h!s.)
Äeb"t (n.)
Äeb"taniyer (-hem.) V45G4ب%* Oيc3
Äeca8e #/an Ÿ*Gن) >€:% ةvd
Äeca8e (n.)
Äeca8e co"nter t"be (h!s.) r>€:%* =*':%* @2;™
Äeca8e resistance bob (P/ec. Png.) r>€T Ÿ2312n3 ”1'ن™
Äeca8e sca/er (h!s.) r>€:%* =*':;%*
Äeca8e "nit (P/ec. Png.) ةي>€T D'E1
Äeca8ence (or 8eca8enc!)
Äecagon (Laths.)
Äecagona/ (a8^.) (Laths.)
Äecahe8ra/ (a8^.) (Laths.) ®Gv) D>€T 1ذ
Äecahe8ron (Laths.) ®Gv<%* >€:3
Äeca/age (Aero.) r1*c%* ”>h%*
Äeca/ci7ication (Le8.. -hem.) @G4<%2J%* šcB
Äeca/escenece (Let. h!s.)
|*ذÏ% Il3 . |*ذ½* Ilي
ةل32:3 . ةnh™ ‚ ر*'n3
0) >j25 ‚ Ž%2T ‚ O32T . O32:5)
ةn4قر ®*G%C Z%‘) ة4ب€[%* ®*G%H* >€B ةنJ3)
VT 24ل4J%* 2n` OlF . ةلJ%H* šcB
ŸGيc%* $F •2;%* ر*'n3 ةF>:;% ~ ˆ]ر2()ˆ 1 ˆVي=ˆ X2Mj
ŸG;%* 'E . ŸG;%* ةvnB
Ÿ24FG%* (ةب<B) W':3
•2نh%* ة:`C . ŸG;%* ة:`C
V4j1>(4ن%*) Ÿ1XH* šcB)
˜4,>%* 'نT >MBH* $F) '4ل_%* ><J5 . '4ل_%* 01ذ)
•2;%* UF'5 . š2F'B* ‚ رG+'5 . ر24MB*
@>E . >NE . ˜ن3
ةن4h<%* >FC . >ب%* Z%‘ WcBC 1C WcB
qي>h5 . *>F‘ . Oيcن5 ‚ >ب%* Z%‘ W1cن%*
Dر12K3 . D>•2ن3 . ة€ق2ن3 . W*'j
ر12K5 . ر12E . >•2B . ²ق2B . W=2j
|G,c%* {,) Vي'3 '4™ر)
rر2_5 02<E V3) Vي';%* iB2_%*)
WmRC . ’2nBC ‚ Ÿ2(E . @2vE
W=2ب(;%* >F2ن(%2, (Ÿ2B1>(J%ž*) ”>h5
W1H* (’>:%* 1C) رGMN%*
'nT . V4ن) >€T
رG+'5 . §2vKB* . –<h5 . ة<JB
šmpH* 1C) 2ي*1c%* >€:3 . 2ي*1c%* >€:;%* OJ€%*)
šmpC >€T 1ذ . 2ي*1X >€T 1ذ
Ÿ23*>} D>€T ~ @*>}2Jي=
Oلب;%* “v<%* ZلT 2M:بR ]>(5 ~ ة4T2بvB* @G)ر
rر*>K%* Gب[%* . rر*>K%* š2:`ž* Gبd
Ÿ*>(% D>€T ~>(%2Jي=
ر2(3C D>€T . >(32Jي=
Äecant (a.) (-hem.)
Äecantation (-hem.)
Äecantation tank (-hem.) U4hl(%* |*cd
Äecanter (-hem.)
Äecarboniye (a.) (Png.) i)>(;%* IKh%* 1C |G,>J%* W*XC
Äecarboniyer (Png.) i)>(;%* |G,>J%* Oيc3
Äecarb"riyation (Let.) |G,>J%* ة%*X‘
Äecarb"riye (a.) (-hem.)
Äecast!/e (Arch.) D';TC D>€T 1ذ ”*1ر
Äeca!-resistant (a8^.)
Äeca! (n.)
Äeca! (a.)
Äeca! characteristic(h!s.)
Äeca! coe77icient (h!s.) WmKB&* O32:3
Äeca! constant (h!s.) WmKB&* t,2•
Äeca! 7actor ? 8am#ing 7actor (P/ec. -omm.) WÀ2f(%* O32T
Äeca! o7 /"minescence (h!s.) D•2f()&* WmK;p*
Äeca! o7 Yaaes Ÿ2jG;%* WÀ2f5
Äeca! rate (h!s.) WmKB&* ةT>)
Äeca!. ra8ioactiae (h!s.) $T2:`‘ WmKB*
Äece/erate (a.)
Äece/erating e/ectro8e (h!s.)
Äece/eration (Lech.)
Äece/eration test (Lech.) >™2n(%* 1C uR2ب(%* ر2ب(d*
Äece/erator (Lech.)
Äecentra/iye (a.) ةيcs>;%* Ov,C
Äece#tion. ais"a/ >lب%* š*'d
Äech/orinate (a.) رGلJ%* šcB
Äech/orination (-hem.) رGلJ%* šcB
Äecibe/ (P/ec. -omm.)
Äeci8e (a.)
Äeci8"o"s 7o/iage (Bot.)
Äeci8"o"s trees (Bot.)
Äecima/ (a8^.) r>€T
Äecima/ (n.) r>€T ><s
Äecima/ can8/e (¨//"m.) ةي>€T ة:;`
Äecima/ e9"iaa/ent r>€:%* ¬F2J;%*
Äecima/ 7ractions (Laths.) ةي>€:%* رG<J%*
Äecima/ /ogarithms (Laths.)
Äecima/ n"meration (Laths.) ةي>€:%* ةي':%*
Äecima/ #oint (Laths.)
Äecima/ sca/e (Laths.) r>€T Š24n3
Äecima/ s!stem (Laths.) r>€:%* @2Nن%*
Äecima/iyation (Laths.) r>€T ><s Z%‘ OيGK5 r>€:%* @2Nن%* š2ب5*
Äecima/iye (a.) (Laths.) r>€:%* @2Nن%* Z%‘ WGE
Äecima/s (Laths.) ةي>€:%* رG<J%*
Äecimetric Yaaes (h!s.)
Zh™ . (Ghl4% Oo2<%*) Uh™ . >d½ •2T1 V3 i™
Uي1>(%* >d½ •2T1 V3 iJ<%* . (Oo2<%*) U4hl5 1C Uh™
”ر1= ‚ 0*>€%* Uhl% @'[(<ي •2BC ~ Uhl3
ةن,>J%* ة%*X‘ . |G,>J%* šcB
Vh:(ل% =2f3 . WmKBm% @12n3
WÀ2f5 ‚ œm5 . WmK;p* ‚ V+1 . k:p ‚ Vh:5 . VhT . WmKB* . kل5
OK;p* . Zل, . Vh:5 . OKB* . '<F
WmKB&* ZنKن3 . WmK;p&* c4;3
—R2ب5 . >™2n5 . ةT><%* khd
>™2n(%* =1>(J%* . ةT><%* O4لn5 =1>(J%*
ةT><%* k4h[5 . >™2n5 . uR2ب5
¬vب3 . ةT><%* kh[3
>ب;<ي= . W1H* |GB2s
Ÿ2™2l(d&*1 Ÿ2vل<%* ˜يXG5 . ةيcs>3m%*
D>€T V3 •cj . >€T Zن:;, ةo=2, ~ $<ي=
ة:,>3 ر2(3C D>€T ~ر‰ $<ي=
V45G™ $5'` V4, Ÿ12h(%* 1C V4(ق2R 0G<ن3 $F Ÿ12h(%* Š24ق D'E1 ~O4<ي=
Zfق . I<E ‚ @cT . ر>ق
@2T Os W'ب(5) ةبل:3 ”*ر1C . OبT)
ة4fhB ر2_`C . ”*ر1H* ةبل:3 ر2_`C
@*>} >€T ~ @*>A<ي=
~>(ل4<ي= „…… I) £
ةي=2:%*) ةي>€:%* Ÿ2;(ير2}Gل%*)
r>€:%* ><J%* ةل™2F . ةي>€:%* ةvnن%*
Ÿ*>(;4(ن) D>€T . >(;4<ي=
>(;%*1 >(;4<ي'%* V4, 2Mj*G3C W*GRC ®*1>(5 ة4<4vنA31>(J%* Ÿ2T2:`‘ ~ةي>(;4<ي= Q*G3C
Äecine#er (P/ec. Png.)
Äecinorma/ so/"tion (-hem.) rر24T >€T WGلK3
Äeci#her (a.)
Äecision (n.)
Äecisiae (a8^.)
Äecisiae 7actor W2:F O32T
Äeck (n.) (ga"t.)
Äeck beam (ga"t.) is>;%* “v) ة32T=
Äeck bri8ge (¢ai/Ya!s)
Äeck crane (ga"t.)
Äeck /ine (ga"t.) “v<%* •d
Äeck #i//ar (ga"t.) “v<%* O4;K5 =G;T
Äeck #/ating (ga"t.) “v<%* ®*G%C
Äeck. contro/ D=24n%* “v)
Äeck. /oYer $لh) “v)
Äeck. main (ga"t.) $<4o>%* “v<%*
Äeck. s#ar (ga"t.)
Äecking (n.) “4v) ‚ ‹Gn<3 >4} “v)
Äec/aration (n.)
Äec/are (a.)
Äec/are8 e77icienc! (P/ec. Png.) ةنل:;%* ةي2hJ%*
Äec/inate (a8^.) (Bot.) ‹Gn:3 OJ€, ر'Kن3
Äec/ination (Astron.)
Äec/ination (h!s.)
Äec/ination abis (Astron.)
Äec/ination circ/e (Astron.)
Äec/ination com#ass (Lagn.)
Äec/ination o7 nee8/e (Lagn.) ة4<4vنA;%* D>,ž* ‹*>KB*
Äec/ination. com#ass (Lagn.) ةل™Gب%* ‹*>KB*
Äec/ination. magnetic (Lagn.) $<4vنA3 ‹*>KB*
Äec/inator (n.) ‹*>KB&* 1C O4;%* Š24n3
Äec/ine (n.)
Äec/ine (a.)
Äec/ine c"rae (Lining.)
Äec/ine. #ress"re (h!s.) •Af%* $F ’2h[B&*
Äec/ine8 stri#es (weo/.) ةلo23 ة4vd š1>F
Äec/inometer (P/ec. Png.) $<4vنA;%* ‹*>KB&* Š24n3
Äec/iaito"s (a8^.) W*'(T2, ر'Kن3
Äecoct (a.) •m}ž2, ‡ل[()*
Äecoction (-hem.) •m}ž2, ¡m[()&*
Äeco8e (a.)
Äeco8ing (n.)
Äecoherer ? anti-coherer (¢a8io.) •)2;(%* •F X2Mj
Äecoking (et. Png.) ]GJ%* ة%*X‘
Äeco//ement (weo/.) ة4%2lhB* Ÿ24ن,
Äeco//ement (Le8.)
Äeco/orate ? 8eco/o"re8 (Bot.)
Äeco/o"r (a.)
Äeco/o"rant (n.. a8^.)
Äeco/o"ration (Bio/.) |Gل%* ة%*X‘
Äeco/o"riye ? 8eco/oriye (a.)
Äeco/o"riying carbon (-hem.) |*G%•% Oيc3 |G,>s
Äecom#osab/e (a8^.)
V4+G5 D'E1 ~ >بن4<ي=
†32} ¬` Zن:3 k€s . D>h€%* •F . c3>%* OE
IJE . t, . ر*>ق
I)2E . O™2F
ةن4h<%* “v) . is>;%* >M•
D>4ln%* Ÿ2F2<;ل%) $Kv) ><j)
is>;%* >M• (ZلT) š2F>3
ةن4h<%* $F) rGلT $%GR “v))
•*',‘ ‚ ر*>ق‘ ‚ “ي>l5 . |mT‘
S',C . >ق* ‚ (0) ®>™ . VلTC
r12;<%* •*G()&* •d V3 2,Gنj 1C &2;` 23 I_ن% ~ r1*c%* O4;%*
‹*>KB* X ر*'KB* . O43
0GJ<ل(ل%) r1*c%* O4;%* رGK3)
‹*>KB&* D>o*= . r1*c%* O4;%* D>o*=
‹*>KB&* ةل™G, . ‹*>KB&* Š24n3
W*1X ‚ †Fر ‚ ر*'KB* . O43 . ‹*>KB*
†Fر ‚ O,ذ . OقC . •KB* ‚ †h[B* . •ب+ ‚ ر'KB* ‚ ‹>KB*
$B':3 ”>:%) =1'K%* ZنKن3)
O43 . ر'K5 ‚ iب™
D>h€%* OE . c3>%* •F
D>h€%* OE . XG3>%* •F
]2JhB* . W2lhB*
|Gل%* 'ق2F . |Gل%* O™2B
OlB . |Gل%* W*XC
Olن3 . |Gل%* Oيc3
|Gل%* W*XC . OlBC . OlB
OKني . WmKBm% O,2ق
Äecom#ose (a.)
Äecom#ose8 (a8^.) OKن3
Äecom#osers (n.) (Bio/.)
Äecom#osition (-hem. ±ight. P/ec.)
Äecom#osition inhibitor (-hem.) WmKB&* ˜B23
Äecom#osition #oint (-hem.) WmKB&* ةvnB
Äecom#osition #otentia/ (-hem.) WmKB&* 'Mj
Äecom#osition ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) WmKB&* ة4vلF
Äecom#osition. chemica/ $o24;4J%* WmKB&*
Äecom#osition. e/ectro/!tic (-hem.) $B1>(J%ž* WmKB&*
Äecom#osition. sensitiye8 (-hem.)
Äecom#ress (a.) ’2h[B&* khd 1C W*XC
Äecom#ression (n.) {h4h[5 1C ’2h[B&* ة%*X‘
Äecom#ression aa/ae (Png.) §2AfB&* k4h[5 @2;™
Äecom#ressor (Png.) §2AfB&* kh[3
Äecontaminant (n.)
Äecontaminate (a.)
Äecontaminating agent >Mv3 O32T
Äecontaminating so/"tion >Mv3 WGلK3
Äecontamination (n.)
Äecontamination a##arat"s >4Mv(%* X2Mj
Äeco##er (a.) (-hem.) Š2Kن%* W*XC
Äeco##ering (n.) (Let.) Š2Kن%* ة%*X‘
Äeco##ering agent Š2Kنل% Oيc3 O32T
Äecorate (a.)
Äecorate8 (a8^.) (Bot.) رG€n3
Äecoration (n.)
Äecoratiae (a8^.)
Äecoratiae /ighting (¨//"m.)
Äecorator (n.. a8^.) ‹>dc3
Äecortication (n.) (Bio/.)
Äeco"#/ing 7i/ter (P/ec. -omm.) |ر2n5 “`>3
Äeco"#/ing netYork (P/ec. -omm.)
Äeco! (n.)
Äeco! (a.)
Äecrease (n.) ‡ق2ن5
Äecrease (a.)
Äecreasing (a8^.) ‡ق2ن(3
Äecree (n.)
Äecrement (n.) (Png.)
Äecrement metho8 ‡ق2ن(%* ةnي>R
Äecrement. /ogarithmic (Laths.) $;45ر2}G% ‡ق2ن5
Äecremeter (¢a8io.) ‡ق2ن(%* Š24n3
Äecre#itation (-hem.)
Äec"rae8 (a8^.) Oh)C Z%‘ VKن3
Äec"ssate (a8^.)
Äe8en8"m (Png.)
Äe8en8"m circ/e (Png.)
Äe8"ce (a.)
Äe8"ct (a.)
Äe8"ction (n.)
Äe8"ctiae (a8^.)
Äee8 (n.)
WmKB&2, '<F . OلK5 . OKB* . OE . OلE
WmKB&* (iب<5) Ÿ24f:(3
WmKB* . OلK5
ر2›(<3 (r12;4s) WmKB*
>Mv3 . «Gل(%* Oيc3
>MR . «Gل(%* W*XC
>4Mv5 . «Gل(%* ة%*X‘
²قر . U;B . VيX
ةF>dX . U4;ن5 . V4يc5 . ةنيX
$نيX . $F>dX . U;ن3 . Vيc3
ةنيcل% D•2p‘ . ة4F>dX D•2p‘
>€ق . >4€n5
V4(4,>Ms V45>o*= V4,) |ر2n(ل% ة:B23 ةJب`)
ةل52[3 . ةT'd ‚ I:R ‚ ]>` . ة%GبEC
]>` $F ˜ق1C 1C ˜ق1 ‚ š'[B* . š'd
Oلق . Oق . ‡ق2ن5 . ‡nBC
@G)>3 . ر*>ق
‡ق2ن5 . |2lnB
Ÿ*رGلب%*) Ilh5 . (‡4;K(%2,) ة:ق>F)
¬J(3 . ˜_f3
˜R2n(3 . i%2l(3
Š>(%* $F) V<%* رxj)
Š>(ل%) ةيرx_%* D>o*'%*)
‡ل[()* . Ž(ن()*
Ž(ن()* ‚ I<E . ®>R . ˜v(ق*
Q2(ن()* ‚ I<E . ®>R . š2v(ق*
$%&'()* . $j2(ن()*
'ن(<3 . ةn4•1 ‚ O:F . O;T
Äee#-7reeye (a.)
Äee#-roote8 (a8^.)
Äee#-sea #/at7orm (weo/.) >Kب%* š2ق
Äee#-seate8 (a8^.) رGA›3 ‚ –)*ر
Äee#-Yater /ine (ga"t.) U4;:%* •2;%* •d
Äee#-Ye// #"m# (Png.) ةn4;:%* >\ب%* ة[f3
Äee# (a8^.)
Äee# borer U4;:%* >hKل% in›3
Äee# com#action (-ia. Png.) U4;T Ž43'5
Äee# 8raYing (Let.)
Äee# 8ri//ing (et. Png.) U4;T >hE
Äee# etching (hotog.)
Äee# mining
Äee#en (a.)
Äe7ace (a.)
Äe7eat (n.)
Äe7eat (a.)
Äe7ecate (a.) §GA5 ‚ io*G€%* V3 ZnB
Äe7ect (n.)
Äe7ectiae (a8^.)
Äe7ectiae casting (Let.) •ب<%* ةل([3 ة,Gبl3
Äe7ectiae n"mbers (Laths.) ةlق2ن%* =*'TH*
Äe7ects o7 aisions >lب%* 0G4T
Äe7en8 (a.)
Äe7ensiae (a8^.) $T2F=
Äe7ensiae (n.) $T2F= kقG3
Äe7er (a.)
Äe7erence (n.)
Äe7erment (n.)
Äe7erre8 (a8^.)
Äe7erre8 bon8s D'o2h%* ةلju3 Ÿ*'ن)
Äe7erri7ication (n.) 'ي'K%* Ÿ2بs>3 W*c(d*
Äe7eraescence (Le8.)
Äe7iance (n.)
Äe7icienc! (n.)
Äe7icienc! 8isease (Le8.)
Äe7icient (a8^.)
Äe7icient n"mbers (Laths.) ةlق2ن%* =*'TH*
Äe7icit (n.)
Äe7i/e (n.)
Äe7i/e (a.)
Äe7ine (a.)
Äe7inite (a8^.)
Äe7inite in7/orescence (Bot.)
Äe7inite integra/ (Laths.) =1'K3 O32J5
Äe7inite #ro#ortions (Laths.) D='K3 i<B
Äe7inite #ro#ortions. /aY o7 (-hem.) ة(,2›%* i<ن%* |GB2ق
Äe7inite/! (a8a.)
Äe7inition (n.)
Äe7initiae (a8^.)
Äe7/agrate (a.)
‚ $%*GE) ةfh[ن3 Dر*>E ةjر', ';j „¶ ةيG\3 )
ر1x_%* U4;T . O™—(3
‡يGT . 'n:3 ‚ U4;T
iK<%2, (D=ر2ب%* ة4B':;%* “o*>€%*) O4J€5 . U4;T iK)
U4;:%* $F*>A5Gh%* ²;ن%* . (Ÿ2M4€4لJ%* $F) U4;:%* >hK%*
$نR2ب%* 1C) $FG_%* Vي':(%*)
U;T . U;T
>MN;%* ³G` . ({jG%*) ³G`
i44[5 . §2بE‘ ‚ ة;يc+
i4d . •بEC ‚ @c+ . >Mق
ةبo2` . =2<F . ‡nB . Oلd . i4T
O([3 . i4:3 . ‡ق2B
Oل[%* k€s X2Mj . Oل[%* k`2s
Z;E . VT ˜F*=
{نT ˜F*';%* . {4لT ZT';%*
V4lK5 . ةي2;E . š2F=
ZT*ر . (W) ذ2nB‘ ‚ —jرC . OjC
D2T*>3 . @*>(E* ‚ O4j—5
>4d—5 . O4j—5
—j>3 . Oju3
Z;K%* ':,) Dر*>K%* §Gب+)
‹2h[()* . 'K5
رGlق . c_T . ‡nB
ةيxA(%* •G) VT ¬`2B ’>3 ~‡nن%* ’>3
>™2ق . cj2T . k4:p . ‡ق2B
رGlق . ‡nB . c_T
i:` . >;3
«G% . zB= ‚ &25رC ر2)
c43 . “p1C ‚ ‹>T ‚ V4T . ='E
U4ق= . “p*1 . ='K3
=1'K3 ر*>+X‘ . =1'K3 ر2+X‘
'4s—(%2, . ='K3 GKB ZلT
ةB2ب()* . ®Gp1 ‚ 'ي'K5 . kي>:5
I)2E . $o2MB ‚ 'su3 . ='K3
>_h5 . >_F ‚ QC . @'(E*
Äe7/agrate. e/ectric (Let.) $o2,>MJ%* >4•—(%2, ˜ي><%* ”*>(E&*
Äe7/agrating s#oon (-hem.) ”*>E‘ ةn:ل3
Äe7/agration (-hem.)
Äe7/agrator (P/ec. Png.)
Äe7/ate (a.)
Äe7/ation (weo/.)
Äe7/ation (n.)
Äe7/ect (a.)
Äe7/ecte8 #osition ‹>Kن3 ˜p1
Äe7/ecte8 Ye// (et. Png.) ةلo23 1C ةF>Kن3 >\,
Äe7/ecting (a8^.)
Äe7/ecting cam (Png.)
Äe7/ecting coi/ (h!s.) ‹ر2E kل3
Äe7/ecting e/ectro8e (h!s.) ‹ر2E =1>(J%*
Äe7/ecting 7ie/8 (Lagn.) ‹ر2E W2_3
Äe7/ecting magnet (h!s.) ‹ر2E z4vنA3
Äe7/ecting #/ates (Png.) ةFر2E ®*G%C
Äe7/ecting ao/tage (h!s.) ةFر2E ة4vلF
Äe7/ecting !oke (©e/ea.) ‹ر2E |>n3
Äe7/ection ang/e (´"ra.) ‹*>KB&* ةي1*X
Äe7/ection com#ass (Png. Lagn.) ‹*>KB&* Š24ق ةل™G,
Äe7/ection correction (Lagn.) ‹*>KB&* “4Kl5
Äe7/ection 8i77erence (Lagn.) ‹*>KB&* ”>F
Äe7/ection 8istance ‹*>KB&* ةF2<3
Äe7/ection 8oYn
Äe7/ection error ‹*>KB&* —vd
Äe7/ection in8icator (Png.) ‹*>KB&* V4ب3
Äe7/ection micrometer (Png.) ‹*>KB&* >(31>J43
Äe7/ection o7 bore ho/e (-ia. Png.) >hK%* in• ‹*>KB*
Äe7/ection o7 magnetic nee8/e (Lagn.) ة4<4vنA;%* D>,ž* ‹*>KB*
Äe7/ection o7 #ointer >`u;%* ‹*>KB*
Äe7/ection sca/e ‹*>KB&* Š24n3
Äe7/ection screY (Png.) ‹*>KB&* i%G%
Äe7/ection setting ‹*>KB&* •بp
Äe7/ection "#
Äe7/ection. base (Png.) Š2)H* ‹*>KB*
Äe7/ection. e/ectrostatic (P/ec. Png.) $52()1>(J%&* ‹*>KB&*
Äe7/ection. /atera/ $بB2j ‹*>KB*
Äe7/ection. magnetic (h!s.) $<4vنA;%* ‹*>KB&*
Äe7/ection. norma/
Äe7/ectiona/ sensitiait! (¢a8io) ة4F*>KB&* ة4)2<K%*
Äe7/ectiae (a8^.)
Äe7/ectiae 7orces ‹*>KBm% ةبب<;%* SGn%*
Äe7/ectometer (Png.) ‹*>KB&* Š24n3
Äe7/ector (P/ec. Png.) ةFر2E
Äe7/ector brattice (Lining.)
Äe7/ector coi/ (h!s.) ‹ر2E kل3
Äe7/ector #/ate (h!s.) ‹*>KB&* ةEG%
Äe7/ebe8 (a8^.) (Bot.) Oh)H* Z%‘1 Qر2[%* Z%‘ VKن3
Äe7/ebion ? 8e7/ection (n.) ‹*>KB*
Äe7/occ"/ate8 (a8^.)
Äe7oam (a.) DG}>%* W*XC
Äe7oamer (n.) (-hem.) DG}>%* Oيc3
ة:ق>h, 0GKl3) $o2_F ”*>(E*)
ةل4\p ة4لd*= ة312n3 Ÿ*ذ) ة4o2,>Ms ”*>E‘ ة4لd)
SGd . >F . SGdC . •*GM%* V3 >F
ة4Kي>%* i)*1>%*) ةيرx5)
W1*'(;%* 'nن%* $F ‡nB ‚ •*Gd . •*Gd‘ . ةيG[5 . •*GM%* V3 qي>h(%*
kv:B* . kvT . ‹>KB* . ‹>E
‹*>KB&* iب<3 . ‹ر2E
ةFر2E ة,'E . ‹*>KB&* ةل32s
•*G(%* . ‹2v:B* ‚ ‹*>KB*
>hl%* |1=) $بل) ‹*>KB*)
>hl%* ”GF) $,2_ي‘ ‹*>KB*)
$:4بR) rG) ‹*>KB*)
‹*>KB&* iب<3 . ‹ر2E
I_ن3 $F) ةيGM5 O™2F)
Ž3'ن3 >4} . 'لب(3 >4}
Äe7o/iate (a8^.) (Bot.) ”رG%* V3 =>_3
Äe7o/iate (n.)
Äe7o/iation (n.)
Äe7orestation (n.) Q*>EH* «2›(j*
Äe7orm (a.)
Äe7ormation (n.)
Äe7ormation abis (weo/.) ³G€(%* رGK3
Äe7ormation c"rae ³G€(%* ZنKن3
Äe7ormation #otentia/ (h!s.) ³G€(%* 'Mj
Äe7ormation tebt"re (weo/.) ³G€3 Ž4<B
Äe7ormation. contem#oraneo"s (weo/.) V3*c(3 ³G€5
Äe7orme8 (a8^.) O4J€(%* ³G€3 ‚ ³G€3
Äe7ormeter (Png.) •*G(%&* Š24n3
Äe7orming test {يG€(%* ر2ب(d*
Äe7ormit! (n.) ³G€5
Äe7reeye (a.)
Äe7rost (a.) ˜4nl%* W*XC
Äe7roster (n.) (Png.)
Äe7rosting (n.)
Äe7"rring (Png.)
Äegas (a.)
Äegasi7ication #rocess (Png.) Ÿ*X2A%* ة%*X‘ ة4ل;T
Äegasse8 oi/ (et. Png.) X2A%* V3 W2d tيX
Äegassing (h!s.)
Äegassing station
Äegassing toYer (et. Png.) tيc%* V3 X2A%* ة%*X‘ Q>,
Äega"ss (a.) ةvنA;%* Ov,C 1C W=2T
Äega"ssing (P/ec. Png.)
Äega"ssing gir8/e (P/ec. Png.) ة4<4vنA;ل% Ovب3 @*cE
Äegenerac! (Png.) WmKB*
Äegenerate (a8^.) OKن3 ‚ •Kن3
Äegenerate (a.) •KB* ‚ OKB*
Äegenerate8 c"rae (Laths.) OKن;%* ZنKن;%*
Äegenerate8 gas (h!s.) $%2›3 >4} X2}
Äegenerate8 s"r7ace (Laths.) OKن;%* “v<%*
Äegeneration (n.)
Äegeneration (¢a8io.) I4[f(%* ‹2:p‘ 1C k:p
Äegeneratiae (a8^.)
Äeg/aciation (weo/.) '4ل_%* ر2<KB2, ةي>:5
Äegra8ation (-hem.)
Äegra8ation (weo/.)
Äegra8ation (n.) ةب5>;%* †hd 1C Oيcن5
Äegra8ation o7 energ! (h!s.)
Äegra8e (a.)
Äegra8ing (a8^.)
Äegras (-hem.) ‹*>[%* ‹G™ V3 IK`
Äegrease (a.) IK€%* W*XC
Äegreaser IK€%* Oيc3
Äegree (n.)
Äegree (h!s.)
Äegree Ba"me (-hem. h!s.)
Äegree -entigra8e (- ) (h!s.) =*>A(ن) 1C ةيG\3 ةjر=
Äegree 8a! (Leteor.)
Äegree 6ahrenheit ( 6)
”*ر1H* V3 (>_€%*) =>j
”*ر1H* =*>_B* . ”*ر1H* •ق2<5
³G€5 . ³G`
$لJ` i4T ‚ ³G€5 . {يG€5
';_(%* 0*ذC . ';_(%* W*XC
˜4nl%* Oيc3 . ˜4nl%* ة,*ذ‘ X2Mj
';_(%* ة,*ذC . ˜4nl%* ة%*X‘
Oj*>;%* V3) رG€n%* ة%*X‘)
X2A%* =>R . X2A%* W*XC
Ÿ*X2A%* ة%*X‘ . Ÿ*X2A%* =>R
X2A%* ة%*X‘ cs>3 . X2A%* ة%*X‘ ةvK3
ةvنA;%* W2v,‘ . (•4K;%* O™G;%* $F ‡ق2ن(3 012ن(3 ر245 ر*>3¯,) ة4<4vنA;%* ة%=2:3
§2vKB* . WmKB* . –<h5
–<h(%* 1C WmKB&* iب<3 . $%mKB*
§GvE ‚ –<h5 . WmKB* . O4لK5
Os•5 . (ة,>(%*) tE
ةق2v%* §2vKB* . ةق2v%* §GvE
•KB* . •E ‚ ةب5>%* V3 =>j ‚ tE ‚ OE . OلE
§2E ‚ V4M3 . cK3
ة4;لT ةjر= ‚ S'3 ‚ ة%cن3 . ةب5>3
Dر*>K%* Š24ق D'E1 . ةjر=
ة43G,ˆ ةjر=ˆ
1 $3G4%* Dر*>K%* ةjر= W':3 V4, ”>h%* ~ ةjر= @Gي ¥¾ t4MB>Fˆ ˆ
t4MB>Fˆ ةjر=ˆ
Äegree Èe/ain ( È) (h!s.)
Äegree o7 acc"rac! (Png.) ةق'%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 an e9"ation (Laths.)
Äegree o7 bank (-ia. Png.) kv:ن;%* O43 ةjر=
Äegree o7 com#action (-ia. Png.) Ž43'(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 8am#ing (P/ec. Png.) ةلo2f;%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 8is#ersion (h!s.) t(€(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 8issociation (-hem.) •Jh(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 7/"i8it! (h!s.) ة%G4<%* 1C ةTG4;%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 7ree8om (-hem.. h!s.)
Äegree o7 har8ness (Let.) D=ml%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 h!8ro/!sis (-hem.)
Äegree o7 ioniyation (-hem.) Vي—(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 /atit"8e (Astron.)
Äegree o7 /ongit"8e (Astron.)
Äegree o7 mo8"/ation (P/ec. Png.) V4;f(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 moist"re (h!s.) ة,GR>%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 #recision (Png.) ةق'%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 sat"ration (-hem.) ˜ب€(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 sensitiaeness ة4)2<K%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 s"#erheat (h!s.) •2;Ež* ةjر=
Äegree o7 aariance (-hem.) >4A(%* ةjر=
Äegree o7 Yhee/gri# (Png.) i4%*1'%* ”2l(%* ةjر=
Äegree ¢ankine ( ¢) (h!s.)
Äegree ¢ea"m"r ( ¢) (h!s.)
Äeg"m (a.) ة4A;l%* D=2;%* W*XC
Äehermetiye8 (a8^.)
Äeh"mi8i7ication (n.)
Äeh"mi8i7! (a.) ة,GR>%* ة%*X‘
Äeh!8rate (a.) (-hem.)
Äeh!8rate8 (a8^.) (-hem.) •2;%* š1cن3
Äeh!8rate8 oi/ (-hem.) ‹2j tيX
Äeh!8rate8 tar (-hem. et. Png.)
Äeh!8rating agent (-hem.) •2;ل% Oيc3 O32T
Äeh!8ration (-hem.)
Äeh!8ration #/ant (-hem.) •2;%* šcB D'E1
Äeh!8rator •2;%* šcB •2T1
Äeh!8rator. centri7"ga/ (Png.) rcs>;%* =>v%2, •2;%* šcB X2Mj
Äeh!8rogenase (-hem.) V4j1ر'4M%* ة%*X¯, '<s—(ل% DcF2E D>4;d
Äeh!8rogenate (a.) (-hem.) V4j1ر'4M%* šcB
Äeh!8rogenation (-hem.) V4j1ر'4M%* šcB
Äeioniyation (h!s.) Vي—(%* W*1X
Äeioniyation #otentia/ (©hermionics) Vي—(%* @*':B* 'Mj
Äeioniyation time (©hermionics) Vي—(%* ة%*X‘ '3C
Äeisob"taniyer (et. Png.) V45G4,G<يH* Oيc3
Äe^ection cone (weo/.)
Äekametric Yaaes (¢a8io.)
Äekatron (h!s.)
Äe/aminate (a.) ةn4قر Ÿ2nبR Z%‘ OlhB* 1C OlF
Äe/a! (P/ec. -omm.) $o2,>Ms W2)ر‘ X2Mj $F>R V4, Dر2`ž* W2n(B* V3X
Vhلsˆ ةjر=ˆ
2M4F 'E ZلTC SGق ~ ة%=2:;%* ةjر=
>4A(%* ةjر= . ةي>K%* ةjر=
u4;(%* ةjر= . •2;%2, OلK(%* ةjر=
’>:%* •d) ’>:%* ةjر=)
WGv%* •d) WGv%* ةjر=)
V4JB*رˆ ةjر=ˆ
>431رˆ ةjر=ˆ
I4(s >4} . IJK3 >4}
UلhB* . “(h5
Uلhن3 . “(h(3
•2;%* šcB . •2;%* W*XC
•2;%* {ن3 š1cن3) ‹2j ر2ق)
k4h_5 . •2;%* šcB . •2;%* ة%*X‘
02بlB&* §1>[3 . ’2nBH* §1>[3
‹2:pC D>€T Zن:;, ةo=2, ~2Jي=
Ÿ*>(% D>€T ~>(%2Jي=
ر2(3C D>€T ~ >(32Jي=
>(3 ةo231 ر2(3C D>€T V4, 2M%*GRC ®1*>(5 ة4<4vنA31>(J%‘ Ÿ2T2:`‘ ~ ةي>(32Jي= Q*G3C
Ÿ*=1>(J%* D>€T 1ذ ~r>€T «2:(,* @2;™
Äe/a! (n.)
Äe/a! (a.)
Äe/a! action (hotog.)
Äe/a! action 8etonator WG:h;%* >d—(3 UT2™
Äe/a! action eb#/o8er WG:h;%* >d—(3 >_h3
Äe/a! b/asting ca# WG:h;%* D>d—(3 ر2_hB* ة%G<بs
Äe/a! cab/e (P/ec. Png.) UيG:5 Oبs
Äe/a! circ"it (P/ec. Png.) UيG:5 D>o*=
Äe/a! 8istortion (©e/ea.) UيG:5 ³G€5
Äe/a! e/ement (P/ec.) >4d—(%* O32T
Äe/a! enae/o#e ? enae/o#e 8e/a! ? gro"# retar8ation ‹mA%* 1C ةTG;_;%* ”G:5
Äe/a! enae/o#e ? gro"# 8e/a! (¢a8io. P/ec. Png.)
Äe/a! e9"a/iyer (P/ec. Png.) ”G:(%* W=2:3
Äe/a! /ine (Aco"s.) UيG:5 •d
Äe/a! netYork (P/ec. -omm.) UيG:5 ة4Jب`
Äe/a! #erio8 (Png.) ”G:(%* D>(F
Äe/a! time (Png.) ”G:(%* V3X
Äe/a!. #hase (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* ”G:5
Äe/a!e8-action mechanism (Png.) O:h%* ةقG:3 ة4%‰
Äe/a!e8-action #"m# (Png.) WG:h;%* D>d—(3 ة[f3
Äe/a!e8 (a8^.) ”G:3
Äe/a!e8 action ”G:3 O:F
Äe/a!e8 action 7"se (Li/.) WG:h;%* D>d—(3 ة32;™
Äe/a!e8 a"tomatic gain contro/ (¢a8io.) i<J%* $F ”G:;%* $523G5H* IJK(%*
Äe/a!e8 a"tomatic ao/"me contro/ (¢a8io.) Dر2M_%* $F ”G:;%* $523G51&* IJK(%*
Äe/a!e8 coking (-hem.) ”G:3 •يGJ5
Äe/a!e8 eb#/osion ”G:3 >4_h5
Äe/a!e8 7ission ne"trons (h!s.) D>d—(3 ةير2v€B* Ÿ2B1>5G4B
Äe/a!e8 ignition (Png.) ”G:3 W2:`‘
Äe/a!e8 o#ening (Aero.)
Äe/a!e8 ra8iation e77ects (h!s.) š2:`Á% D>d—(3 OT2h3
Äe/a!e8 res#onse ةق2n3 ة,2_()*
Äe/a!ing action
Äe/egate (n.) 01'ن3
Äe/egate (a.)
Äe/egation (n.)
Äe/ete (a.) (©!#og.)
Äe/eterio"s gases (Lining.) ةيذu3 11C Dر2p Ÿ*X2}
Äe/etion (©!#og.)
Äe/7 (Lining.)
Äe/iberate (a8^.)
Äe/iberate (a.)
Äe/iberate/! (a8a.)
Äe/iberation ';:5 ‚ OM;5 ‚ ة%1*'3 ‚ >lب5
Äe/igni7ication (Bot.) V4(Aل%* WmKB*
Äe/imit (a.)
Äe/imitation (Bio/.)
Äe/ineation Ye// ةي'ي'K5 >\,
Äe/in9"ent (a8^.) Vي= ˜F= $F >d—(3 ‚ “B2j ‚ O;M3 ‚ >ln3
Äe/i9"esce (a.)
Äe/i9"escence (Bot. -hem.)
ةلM3 ‚ >4d—5 . •2jر‘ . W2M3‘ . ”G:5
OM;5 . ”G:5 . OjC . —jر* . OM3C . ”GT
>d—(3 WG:h3 . ”G:3 O:F
‹mA%* ”G:5 . ةTG;_;%* ”G:5
§GبM%* ةلN;%) ”G:3 “(F)
U4:3 O:F . >4d—5 ة4ل;T
02BC . ’GF
’Gn3 'F1 ‚ ة,2B‘ . †يGh5
iv` . 0xE
iv` . ‹xE
'ي'K%* >_E 1C r>_K%* IKh%* V3) ةn4قر ة4B':3 ةnبR)
';:(3 ‚ >,'3 . ':3
W1*'5 ‚ O3—5 . >,'5
*'lق . *';T
2MA,= Oبق =Gل_%* VT ة4لJ%* ®m3H* šcB ~ zلJ%* ة%*X‘
•vd . V4T . ='E
•4v[5 . V4:5 . 'ي'K5
'ي'K5 ‚ >يGl5 . I)ر . •4v[5
>d—(3 Vي= ‚ ®Gنj ‚ W2;+‘ . >4ln5
O4<5 . ˜4;5
O4<5 . ˜4;5
Äe/i9"escent (a8^.) (-hem.)
Äe/iri"m (Le8.)
Äe/iaer (a.)
Äe/iaer! or8er I4ل<(%2, >3C
Äe/iaer! book Ÿ2;4ل<(%* >(F=
Äe/iaer! car ˜يXG(%* Dر24)
Äe/iaer! hea8 (o7 a #"m#) (Png.)
Äe/iaer! ho/e (Png.)
Äe/iaer! meter kي>l(%* Š24n3
Äe/iaer! noyy/e
Äe/iaer! #i#e (Png.)
Äe/iaer! #oint (Png.) I4ل<(%* ةvnB
Äe/iaer! #ress"re kي>l(%* •Ap
Äe/iaer! #"m# (Png.) kي>l(%* ة[f3
Äe/iaer! reg"/ator (Png.) kي>l(%* INن3
Äe/iaer! terms I4ل<(%* §1>`
Äe/iaer! t"be (Png.)
Äe/iaer! aa/ae (Png.)
Äe/iaer! aan ˜يXG(%* Dر24)
Äe/#hin"s (©he Äo/#hin) (Astron.)
Äe/ta (weo/.)
Äe/ta connection (P/ec. Png.)
Äe/ta 8e#osit (weo/.)
Äe/ta iron (Let.)
Äe/ta meta/ (Let.)
Äe/ta #/ain (weo/.) r12(%= OM)
Äe/ta #otentia/ (P/ec. Png.) $%*'%* 'M_%*
Äe/ta ra!s (©hermionics) 2(%= ة:`C
Äe/ta star connection $;_B $›ل›3 W2l5*
Äe/ta three-#hase s!stem (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* $•m›%* $%*'%* @2Nن%*
Äe/ta Ying (Aero.) $›ل›3 ®2نj
Äe/taic 8e#osits (weo/.) ةي12(%= i)*1ر
Äe/toi8 (Bot. eoo/.)
Äe/"8e (a.)
Äe/"stere8 (a8^.)
Äe/"strant (n.)
Äe/"be (a8^.) >d2F
Äe/ae (a.)
Äe/aing (Lining.) $Kv<%* Vي':(%*
Äemagnetiyation (P/ec. Png.)
Äemagnetiyation c"rae (P/ec. Png.) •نA;(%* W*1X ZنKن3
Äemagnetiye (a.) (Lagn.) •نA;(%* W*XC
Äemagnetiying c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) •نA;(ل% Oيc3 ر245
Äema/ so/"tion (-hem.)
Äeman8 (n.)
Äeman8 (a.)
Äeman8 7actor (P/ec. Png.) iلv%* O32T
Äeman8 in8icator (P/ec. Png.) iلv%* V4ب3
Äeman8 /imiter ? c"rrent /imiter (P/ec. Png.) ر24(%* ='K3
Äeman8 /oan (P/ec. Png.) iلv%* 'نT =2:ي ’>ق
O4<(3 . ˜o23 . ˜4;(3
|*>K, . |2يx+
Ÿ'%1 ‚ ةبvd Zn%C ‚ =ر1 ‚ W12B . Iل) ‚ ‡لd . Z_B
IJE ‚ D=&1 ‚ I4ل<5 ‚ ةo>ب5 . ذ2nB‘ . ‡4ل[5
D=&1 ‚ ة,2vd ‚ ة%12ن3 ‚ ‹>™ . kي>l5 ‚ 'يرG5 ‚ I4ل<5 ‚ ‡4ل[5
ة[f;ل%) kي>l(%* GلT)
kي>l(%* ةK(F . i4بl%* in•
kي>l5 ة+GF . رGبن™
kي>l(%* DرG)23 . ˜F'%* 0GبBC
O™1 ة,GبBC . i4بl%* 0GبBC
˜يXG(%* @2;™ . =ر2R @2;™ ‚ kي>l(%* @2;™
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~(i4لl%*) V4h%'%*
>Mن%* W*= .2(%=
$%*= W2l5* . 2(%= W2l5* . $›ل›3 W2l5*
ة4(%= i)*1ر . ة4%*= Dر*>ق
$%*'%* 'ي'K%* . 2(%= 'ي'E
>h™H* Š2Kن%* 2M)2)C ةJ4ب)) 2(%= |':3)
Œل›3 {ب` . $%*= {ب`
š'd . Oلp
>32} >v3 ‚ |2f4F . |2FGR
O4لf5 . Wmp . š*'[B* . I+1
{B2:;% W*c3 . ة:;ل%* —hv3
ة:;ل%* (¬hv3 1C) Oيc3
inB . >hE
ةvنA;%* šcB . •نA;(%* ة%*X‘
I<%* rGKي ~r>(% $3*>} WGلK3 £ 0*x;%* V3 243*>} 2\F2J3 {ن3
>3C ‚ Š2;(%* . ةب%2v3 . iلR
>3C ‚ W—) . iلR
Äeman8 meter (P/ec. Png.) iلv%* Š24n3
Äeman8 rate (P/ec. Png.) iلv%* W':3
Äeman8 seraice (©e/e#h.) iلv%* 'نT ة3'd
Äeman8 Yorking (©e/e#h.) >4j—5 |1', Vo2,c%* Ÿ2بلR V3uي O4A€5
Äemarcate (a.)
Äemerit (n.)
Äemethaniyation (-hem.)
Äemi7acet (eoo/) “4v) klB
Äemi^ohn ²n%2, DG<J3 ة;[p ةj2jX ةB2_3*=
Äemi/itariyation (Li/.)
Äemi/itariye (a.)
Äemi/itariye8 (a8^.)
Äemi/"nar (a8^.) $%m+
Äemister ة,GR>%* Oيc3
Äemobi/iyation (Li/.) 'ن_%* “ي><5
Äemobi/iye (n.) ®>)
Äemo8e8 (a8^.) X*>v%* U4(T
Äemo8"/ation (P/ec. Png.) V4;f(%* ة%*X‘
Äemo8"/ator (¢a8io.)
Äemo/ish (a.)
Äemo/ition (n.)
Äemo/ition eb#/osiae Iي'M(ل% >_hن3
Äemo/ition set Iي'M(%* X2Mj
Äemonstrate (a.)
Äemonstrate action r>+2N5 O;T
Äemonstrate 7/ight (Aero.) $p*>:()* |*>4R
Äemora/iye (a.)
Äemote (a.)
Äemo"nt (a.)
Äemo"ntab/e (a8^.)
Äemo"ntab/e aa/ae (P/ec. Png.)
Äem"/cent (a8^.) (Le8.)
Äem"/si7ication (-hem.) iلK(<;%* •Jh5
Äem"/si7ication aa/"e •Jh(%* ة312n3 S'3
Äem"/si7ier (-hem.) iلK(<;%* •Jh3
Äenar! (a8^.) (Laths.) r>€T
Äenar! sca/e (Laths.) r>€T Š24n3
Äenat"ra/iyation (-hem.) ة4:4بv%* Ÿ2hl%* OيGK5
Äenat"rant (-hem.) ة4:4بv%* Ÿ2hlل% ة%GK3 D=23
Äenat"ration (-hem.) ة4:4بv%* Ÿ2hl%* OيGK5
Äenat"re (a.)
Äenat"re8 a/coho/ (-hem.) Ÿ2hl%* WGK3 WGKs
Äenat"ring agent (-hem.) ة4:4بv%* Ÿ2hlل% WGK3 O32T
Äen8rica/ ? 8en8ri7orm (Bio/.)
Äen8rite (Let.) ةي>_` DرGل,
Äen8rite (eoo/.)
Äen8ritic (Bot.)
*=1'E ˜p1 . ='E . =1'K%* •vd
I[5 ‚ 'ي'K5 . =1'K%* •4v[5
i4T . ةl4nB
|2›4;%*) V4›4;%* ة%*X‘)
klB ~Zن:;, ةo=2,
ةي>J<:%* ةhl%* ة%*X‘ . ®m<%* šcB
VT ةي>J<:%* ةhl%* W*XC . ®m<%* V3 =>j
®m<%* š1cن3 . ®m<%* V3 =>_3
@2A%H* ˜Fر . @2A%H* šcB
V4;f(%* Oيc3 . ‡ل[(<3
V3c%* ZلT I+>4A5 >ي'n51 |2J<%* Ÿ24o2lE‘ IلT ~ 24F*>}G;ي'%*
0>d . ’Gق . @'+ . >3=
iي>[5 . †يGh5 . @'+ . >43'5
ZلT O4%'%* @2قC . 24ل;T V4, . (ةل›3H2,) “p1C
’*>:()* ‚ D>+2N3 ‚ Ÿ2ب•‘ . O4%= . |2+>, . $ل;T |24,
Ÿ2يGن:;%* ‹2:p‘ . •4ب›5
ة;يc:%* V+1C . •ب•
ة;4n%* 1C ةب5>%* WcBC . †hd
OlF . ˜لd ‚ •JF . •F
•4Jh(ل% O,2ق . {TcB 1C {JF VJ;ي
Ÿ*=1>(s&* >4A(%) {JF VJ;ي @2;™)
OlF ‚ •4Jh5 . •F
VJ<3 . kvل3
W12ن(ل% “%2™ >4} O:j .(W) ة4:4بv%* Ÿ2hl%* WGE
OJ€%* r>_` . >_€(3
ة4بl:%* ة4ل[%* $F) ةي>_` D'o*X)
š>h(%* r>_` . >_€3 . š>h(3
Äen8ro/ite (weo/.) >_K(3 Ÿ2بB
Äeng"e (Le8.)
Äenia/ (n.)
Äenitri8ing (Let.) D=>(ن%* ة%*X‘
Äenitri7ication (Bot. -hem.)
Äenitri7! (a.) V4j1>(ن%* šcB
Äenitri7!ing bacteria (Bot.) ة451X½* =*G;ل% ةللK;%* 2ي>(Jب%*
Äenominate (a.)
Äenominate n"mber (Laths.) $ن44:(%* =':%*
Äenominate "nit ةFG™G3 1C Dc4;3 D'E1
Äenominator (Laths.)
Äenote (a.)
Äeno"nce (a.)
Äense (a8^.)
Äense concrete (-ia. Png.) ةN4ل} ةB2)>d
Äense me8i"m (h!s.) k4›s •)1
Äense sha/e (weo/.) k4›s $Kh™ V4R
Äensi/og (et. Png.)
Äensimeter (h!s.)
Äensitometer (°#t.) ةي>lب%* ةF2›J%* Š24n3
Äensitometer (hotog.)
Äensit! (n.) (h!s.) ةF2›s
Äensit! bott/e (h!s.)
Äensit! meter (h!s.) ةF2›J%* Š24n3
Äensit! mo8"/ation (¢a8io.) ةF2›J%* V4;f5
Äensit! o7 e/ectricit! (P/ec.) 0>MJ(%* ةF2›s
Äensit! o7 gro"#ing ˜;_(%* ةF2›s
Äensit! o7 #o#"/ation |2J<%* ةF2›s
Äensit! ratio ةF2›J%* ةب<B
Äensit!. abso/"te ةnلv3 ةF2›s
Äensit!. air •*GM%* ةF2›s
Äensit!. a##arent (h!s.) ةي>+2N%* ةF2›J%*
Äensit!. 8etermination o7 (-hem.) ةF2›J%* 'ي'K5
Äensit!. /imiting(-hem.) ة4o2MB ةF2›s
Äensit!. magnetic (Lagn.) ة4<4vنA3 ةF2›s
Äensit!. norma/ (-hem.) ةي=2T ةF2›s
Äensit!. o#tica/ (°#t.)
Äensit!. #hotogra#hic
Äensit!. re/atiae (h!s.) ة4ب<ن%* ةF2›J%*
Äensit!. stan8ar8 (h!s.) ةير24:;%* ةF2›J%*
Äensit!. aa#o"r (h!s.) ر2[ب%* ةF2›s
Äent (n.)
Äent (a.)
Äent ga"ge micrometer (Png.) رGAل% r>(31>J43 Š24ق ='K3
Äenta/ (a8^.) (Bio/.)
Äenta/ socket (weo/.) $ن) †h[ن3
Äentate (Bio/.) Vن<3
Äentation (n.) Vن<3 •G(B ‚ Vن<5
Äenti7orm (Bio/.) OJ€%* $ن)
Äentin (or 8entine) (Bio/.)
Äentist |2ن)C i4بR
Äentition (eoo/.) |2ن)C رGM• ‚ |2ن)C
Äentoi8 (a8^.) (Bio/.) V<%* {4ب`
is>%* G,C . •نf%* Z;E
$hB . ر2JB‘
Ÿ1X½* OlF . V4j1>(ن%* šcB
ZلT W= ‚ in% . Z;)
ة\F . ةل3 . ةho2R ‚ t4nل5 . ة4;<5
><J%*) @2n3 . Q>[3)
ZنT . V4, . ZلT W=
IM5* ‚ i_` . |mv, VلTC ‚ ZA%C
cن(J3 . k4›s
>hK%* •2ن•C) ةF2›J%* O_))
ةF2›J%* Š24n3 . ‹2›J3
ة4F*>}G5Gh%*) DرGl%* ةF2›s Š24n3)
ةF2›J%* Dر1ر2ق . Oo*G<%* ةF2›s =2_يž ةن4نق
‹2h` •)G%) ةي>lب%* ةF2›J%*)
ة4F*>}G5Gh%* DرGl%* (=*=G)C D'`) ةF2›s
رG} . >nB . V) . cE . ةp>F
>nB . ’>F
|2ن)H2, Uل:(3 . $ن)
V4(B=) . Q2T)
Äen"8ate (or 8en"8e) (a.) S>T
Äen"8ation (Bot.. weo/.) ةي>:5
Äen"8e8 (a8^.) (Bio/.)
Äen"8e8 (weo/.) ة:4بv%* O3*G:, S>:3
Äen"nciation (n.)
Äeo8orant ? 8eo8oriyer (´an. Png.) ةKo*>%* Oيc3
Äeo8oriye (a.) ةKo*>%* W*XC
Äeoi/ing (-hem.) tيc%* šcB
Äeobi8ation (-hem.)
Äeobi8iye (a.) (-hem.)
Äeobi8iye8 co##er (Let.) Wc([3 Š2KB
Äeobi8iyer (-hem.)
Äeobi8iying a88ition (-hem.) ة%c([3 ةF2p‘
Äeob!genation (-hem.) V4_<sH* š*c(B*
Äe#art (a.)
Äe#art"re (n.)
Äe#en8 (a.)
Äe#en8ab/e (a8^.)
Äe#en8ence (Laths.) =2;(T* ‚ ة4:ب5
Äe#en8ent (a8^.)
Äe#en8ent contract §1>€3 'nT
Äe#en8ent station ة:,25 ةvK3
Äe#en8ent aariab/e (Laths.) ˜,25 >4A(3
Äe#hase8 (a8^.) (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* >4A(3
Äe#haser (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* >4A3
Äe#hasing (P/ec. Png.) رGv%* >4A5
Äe#h/egmation (-hem.) $\يc_5 k4›J5
Äe#h/egmator (et. Png.)
Äe#hos#horation (-hem.) رGh<h%* ة%*X‘
Äe#hos#horiyation (Let.) رGh<h%* ة%*X‘
Äe#hos#horiye (a.) رGh<h%* W*XC
Äe#ict (a.)
Äe#igmentation (n.) 2بl%* 1C 02f[%* šcB
Äe#i/ate (a.)
Äe#i/ation (n.)
Äe#i/atories (-hem.)
Äe#/anate (a8^.) (Bot.)
Äe#/ane (a.) D>o2v%* V3 Oj>5 1C WcB
Äe#/ete (a.)
Äe#/ete8 materia/ (h!s.) >o2Nن%* ةب<B ةfh[ن3 D=23
Äe#/ete8 stock 'hن(<3 |1c[3
Äe#/ete8 Ye// (et. Png.) D'hن(<3 >\,
Äe#/etion (n.)
Äe#/o! (a.)
Äe#o/ariyation (-hem. P/ec. Png.) 02vn()&* ˜ن3
Äe#o/ariyation (-hem.) D>;لب%* †F
Äe#o/ariyation. e/ectro/!tic (-hem. P/ec. Png.) $(4%1>(J%ž* 02vn()&* ˜ن3
Äe#o/ariye (a.) (-hem.) D>;لب%* †F
Äe#o/ariye (a.) (P/ec.) 02vn()&* ˜ن3
Äe#o/ariyer (P/ec.) 02vn()&* ˜B23
Äe#o/!merisate (n.) (-hem.) >;لب(ل% =2f3 >fK(<3
Äe#ort (a.)
S>:3 . >:(3
i_` . >4M€5
D'<sH* ة%*X‘ . V4_<sH* šcB
D'<sH* W*XC . V4_<sH* šcB
V4_<sH* Oيc3 . Wc([3
UلvB* ‚ OK5ر* . OEر
D>o*= . Dر*=‘ . W2;TC D>o*= . ةKلl3
”mvB* ‚ =2:(,* . W2K5ر* . O4Eر
ZلT) kقG5 . ';(T*)
{4لT ';(:ي . ةn›%2, >ي'j
V3) W'(3 ‚ ˜,25 . ZلT ';(:3 . ZلT kقG(3)
ةل4n›%* ة:o2;%* io*G€%* ة%*Xž ~ $oc_5 k›J3
k™1 . رG™
•;) . >:€%* W*XC
Ÿ2بن%* $F >:€%* •ق2<5 ‚ >:€%* ة%*X‘ . •;)
>:€ل% ةليc3 Ÿ*>fK(<3 ~ 2v32<%*
“v<3 . •<بن3
®cB . >FC . 'hن()*
0GfB ‚ ®cB . *>F‘ . =2hن()*
’>T . •<, ‚ šXG5 . >€(B* - šX1 . >€B
=mب%* V3) ':,C . OEر)
˜p1 . ة\4+ ‚ ]Gل)
Äe#osit (n.)
Äe#osit (a.)
Äe#osit. eo/ian (weo/.) ة4_ير 1C ة4o*G+ i)*1ر
Äe#ositar! (n.) š=G(<3
Äe#osite8 meta/ (Let.) i)>3 |':3
Äe#ositing bath (P/ec. Png.)
Äe#ositing ce// (P/ec. Png.) i4)>5 ة4لd
Äe#ositing o7 concrete tن;)H* ip
Äe#osition (weo/.)
Äe#osition e77icienc! (Let.) ة4ب4)>(%* ةي2hJ%*
Äe#osition #otentia/ (P/ec.) i4)>(%* 'Mj
Äe#ositor! (n.) š=G(<3
Äe#osits. a//"aia/ (weo/.) ة444;R i)*1ر
Äe#osits. carbonaceo"s (-hem.) ة4BG,>s i)*1ر
Äe#osits. o77shore (weo/.) D'4:, i)*1ر
Äe#osits. oi/ (et. Png.) ة4(يX i)*1ر
Äe#osits. onshore (weo/.) ة4لE2) i)*1ر
Äe#osits. s"bterranean (weo/.) ة4FGj i)*1ر
Äe#reciate (a.)
Äe#reciation {(4;+C 1C •$€%* ة;4ق V3 ¡2n(B* ‚ ]mM()*
Äe#reciation 7actor ]mM()&* O32T
Äe#reserae (a.)
Äe#ress (a.)
Äe#ressant (a8^.)
Äe#ressant. #o"r #oint (h!s.) 02بlB&* ةvnB †F2d
Äe#ressant. s"r7ace tension (h!s.) $Kv<%* >5G(%* †F2d
Äe#resse8 (a8^.) †h[ن3
Äe#resse8 (weo/.) >o2}
Äe#ression /imit sto# ’2h[B&* S'3 ='K3
Äe#ression o7 e9"ation (Laths.) ة%=2:;%* †4h[5
Äe#ression o7 7reeying #oint (h!s.) ';_(%* ةvnB ’2h[B*
Äe#ression. ang/e o7 (Astron.) ’2h[B&* ةي1*X
Äe#ressor (P/ec. Png.) †F2d WGK3
Äe#ressor (eoo/.) †F2d
Äe#ressor m"sc/e (Bio/.) ةfF2d ةلfT
Äe#ressor trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) †F2d WGK3
Äe#riae (a.)
Äe#ro#aniyer (-hem.) V4,1>ب%* Oيc3
Äe#th-a8^"sting mechanism (Png.) U;:%* •بp ة4%‰
Äe#th charge (Li/.) ”2;TC ةhيxق
Äe#th 7in8er (°cean.)
Äe#th ga"ge (Png.) U;:%* Š24ق ='K3
Äe#th in8icator U;:%* V4ب3
Äe#th o7 c"t (Png.) ˜vn%* U;T
Äe#th o7 8e7inition (hotog.) ةB2ب()&* U;:3 1C S'3
Äe#th o7 engagement (Png.) U4€:(%* U;T
Äe#th o7 7ie/8 (hotog.) W2_;%* U;T
Äe#th o7 7oc"s (hotog.) rرuب%* 'ي'K(%* U;T 1C S'3
Äe#th o7 har8ening (Let.) '4لl(%* U;T
Äe#th o7 mo8"/ation (¢a8io.) V4;f(%* U;T
i)*ر . Dر*>ق ‚ |G,>T ‚ ةB23C . ة:ي=1 . V43—5
š=1C ‚ i)ر . >قC
$(4%1>(J%‘) i4)>5 zvA3)
Dر*>ق ‚ i)>5 . i4)>5
|c[3 . š=G(<3
ة4;+H* 1C ة;4n%* Oلق . zs1 ‚ •لM()*
š=G(<;%* V3 iK) .
•ب• . †hd ‚ •Ap
•بM3 . †F2d
’2h[B* . §2vKB* ‚ U4p . ة,•s ‚ §Gب+ . †4h[5
WcT . 'ي>_5 ‚ ةق2F . |23>E
=>j . @>E
š2h5ر* ‚ رG} . U;T
ة4o2,>MJ%* 1C ة45Gl%* Q*G3H2,) U;:%* ر2ب<3)
Äe#th o7 #enetration (¢a8io.) ”*>(E&* U;T
Äe#th o7 threa8 (Png.) i%Gل%* V4, U;T
Äe#th o7 tooth (Png.) Š>(%* V4, U;T
Äe#th #erce#tion U;:%* ]*ر=‘
Äe#th #ers#ectiae (Aco"s.) $:;<%* 02:4()&2, ŸGl%* ˜قG3 'ي'K5
Äe#th screY (Png.) U;:%* 'ي'K5 i%G%
Äe#th so"n8er (ga"t.) ”2;TH* ر2ب<3
Äe#th. mo"/8e8 (ga"t.) OJ€;%* U;:%* ZlقC
Äe#th. sea-be8 (ga"t.) >Kب%* ”2;TC
Äe#thometer U;:%* Š24n3
Äerai/ment (¢ai/Ya!s)
Äerange (a.)
Äere/ict (n.. a8^.)
Äeriaatiae (a8^.)
Äeriaatiae (n.) (Laths.)
Äeriaatiaes. #re#aration o7 (-hem.) Ÿ2n(€;%* >4fK5
Äeriae (a.)
Äeriae8 circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ةn(€3 D>o*=
Äeriae8 c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) U(€3 ر245
Äeriae8 7ossi/s (weo/.) Dر2:(<3 Ÿ2ي>hE
Äeriae8 7"nction (Laths.) ةn(€3 ة%*=
Äeriae8 in8"str!
Äeriae8 "nits (P/ec. Png.)
Äerma/ (Le8.)
Äermato/og! (Le8.) ةي'ل_%* ’*>3H* IلT
Äermis ? 8erm (eoo/.)
Äerrick (B"i/8. -ia. Png.) >hK%* Q>, ‚ š2F>3
Äerrick barge ˜Fر Q>, 1ذ W'ن™
Äerrick barre/ (Png.) >hK%* Q>, Dر*=
Äerrick brace (Png.) >hK%* Q>, W2J`
Äerrick crane (-ia. Png.) >hK%* Q>, š2F>3
Äerrick 8ri// (-ia. Png.)
Äerrick 7/oor
Äerrick t!#e crane (Png.) $j>, š2F>3
Äerricking ^ib crane (Png.) š2ب%* >4A(3 š*رx, š2F>3
Äesa/ting (-hem.) ةEGل;%* ة%*X‘
Äesa/ting #/ant (Png.) ةEGل;%* ة%*X‘ D'E1
Äesan8 (a.) O3>%* W*XC
Äescen8 (a.)
Äescen8ing (a8^.)
Äescen8ing c"rrent •,2+ ر245
Äescen8ing or8er $%X2ن5 i45>5
Äescen8ing #oYers (Laths.) ة%X2B SGق
Äescen8ing stroke (Png.) W1cن%* §G`
Äescent (n.)
Äescent o7 #iston (Lech.) zبJ;%* 1C Š2بJ%* §Gب+
Äescent s#ee8 (Aero.) §GبM%* ةT>)
Äescribe (a.)
Äescribent (weom.)
Äescri#tion k™1
Äescri#tiae (a8^.)
O4s1 . io2B
ةJ<%* VT (ر2vn%*) Q1>d 1C Q*>d‘
'<FC ‚ (O;:%* VT) OvT . ”2TC
رG_M3 . O;M3
W2;+‘ . >4ln5
—€ن3 . O™C ‚ Q*>[()* . ”2n(`*
$ق2n(`* ‚ Q>[(<3 . š>h(3 . U(€3
ةn(€3 . U(€3
Ž(ن()* . Q>[()* ‚ U(`*
ةh4hd ةT2ن™ . ةيGB2• ةT2ن™
V3c%*1 WGv%*1 ةل(J%* ~«m›%* ة4)2)H* Ÿ*'EG%* V3) ةn(€;%* Ÿ*'EG%*)
$3=C . r'لj
D>€ب%* tK5 $(%* 'ل_%* ةnبR . ة3=C
$لبs >hE . $B*ر1= >hE
•hن%* ر2,½) >hK%* Q>, ة4pرC)
ر'KB* . WcB . •ب+
ر'Kن3 . WX2B . •,2+
ر*'KB* . §Gب+
I)ر . k™1
I)*>%* (“v<%* 1C) •[%*
r>يGl5 . $h™1
Äescri#tiae astronom! $h™G%* •لh%* IلT
Äescri#tiae geometr! (Laths.) ة4h™G%* ة)'نM%* IلT
Äescri#tiae /ist
Äesegmentation (Bio/.) ‹'€%* @2}'B*
Äesensitiyation ة4)2<K%* ة%*X‘
Äesensitiye (a.) ة4)2<K%* W*XC
Äesert (a8^.)
Äesert (n.) (weo/.)
Äesert (a.)
Äesert be/t (weo/.) r1*>K™ ”2vB
Äesert c/imate r1*>K™ ¸2ن3
Äesiccant (-hem.)
Äesiccate (a.)
Äesiccate8 (a8^.) kh_3
Äesiccation (h!s.. -hem.) k4h_5
Äesiccator (h!s.. -hem.)
Äesign (n.)
Äesign (a.)
Äesign 7eat"res I4;l(%* Ÿ2;)
Äesign /oa8 (Png.) I;l;%* O;K%*
Äesign o#eration (Png.) I4;l(%* i<E O4A€5
Äesign #oYer (Png.)
Äesign #rinci#/es I4;l(%* ƒ=2ب3
Äesign Yeight $;4;l(%* |XG%*
Äesign. basic
Äesignate (a.)
Äesigne8 (a8^.)
Äesi/ication |GJ4ل<%* ة%*X‘
Äesi/iconiyation (Let.) |GJ4ل<%* šcB
Äesi/iconiye (a.)
Äesi/aer (a.)
Äesi/aeriyation (Let.) ةfh%* šcB
Äesi/aeriye8 (a8^.) ةfh%* š1cن3
Äesire8 (a8^.) {4F 0G}>3
Äesiying (n.) •2€ن%* ة%*X‘
Äesk i(J3
Äesk sYitchboar8 (P/ec. Png.)
Äes/ag (a.) (Let.) Œب[%* W*XC
Äes/"8ge (a.) (Lining.) D—;K%* W*XC
Äesorb (a.) (-hem.) Ž3
Äesor#tion (-hem.) Ž;%*
Äes#atch (n.)
Äes#atch ? 8is#atch (a.)
Äes9"amation (Le8. weo/.)
Äestain (-hem.) qبl%* W*XC
Äestarch (Bot.) •2€ن%* W*XC
Äestit"te (a8^.) V3 Gلd ‚ XG:3
Äestit"tion (n.) |*'nF ‚ XGT
$h™1 |24, . ‹2™1H2, ة;o2ق
r1*>K™ ‚ 0'_3 . OE2ق
•*'4, . •*>K™
]>5 . >F . 0>+ . >_+
]1>(3 . رG_M3
ر*>F . 01>+ . >_+
O+—()* . ijG()* . UK()*
kh_3 O32T . kh_3
k€B . khj
k4h_5 •2T1 . kh_3
ةvd ‚ I4;l5 . •4v[5 . I)ر
š'(,* ‚ 'lق ‚ ‡ld . V4T ‚ I)ر . I;™
ة;;l;%* 1C) ة4;)&* Dر'n%*)
$)2)C I4;l5 . $)2)C š1>€3
V4T . Z;) . ‡ld
V44:5 . ة4;<5 . ‡4l[5
=Gln3 ‚ •([3 . I)>3 ‚ V4:3 . I;l3
@2)ر . I;l3
|GJ4ل<%* (W*XC 1C) šcB
ةfh%* šcB . ةfh%* W*XC
i(J;%* “v<s ةلo23 1C) ة4nFC “452h3 ةEG%)
X2_B‘ ‚ ة%2)ر . W2)ر‘
ZلT cMjC ‚ c_BC ‚ Œ:, . O)رC
k)G5 . >€n5
V4:3 ’>A%) =*>F‘ . ‡4l[5 ‚ =Gln3 |2J3 ~ 'ln3)
Äestro! (a.)
Äestro!er D>3'3
Äestr"ct (n.) (Aero.)
Äestr"ct. Yi//7"/ ';:(3 >43'5
Äestr"ctib/e (a8^.) ³>43'5 1C {Fm5‘ VJ;ي
Äestr"ction (n.)
Äestr"ction /imit ‹m5&* 'E
Äestr"ctiae (a8^.)
Äestr"ctiae a/k!/ation (et. Png.) ة3*'+ ةلJ%*
Äestr"ctiae 8isti//ation (-hem.)
Äestr"ctiae inter7erence (h!s.) $Fm5‘ Od*'5
Äestr"ctiae test (Png.) $Fm5‘ ر2ب(d*
Äestr"ctor (-ia. Png.) Ÿ2ي2hن%* ‹m5‘ D'E1
Äes"/7"riye ? 8es"/#h"riye (a.) V3 tي>بJ%* W*XC
Äes"/#h"riyation (Let. -hem.) tي>بJ%* šcB
Äes"/#h"riyation. cata/!tic (-hem.) chK%2, tي>بJ%* šcB
Äes"/#h"riyer (-hem.) tي>بJ%* šX2B
Äes"/#h"riying "nit (-hem.) tي>بJ%* ة%*X‘ D'E1
Äes"#erheater (Png.)
Äes"r7acing (n.) ة4Kv<%* Ÿ2nبv%* ة%*X‘
Äes"rger (P/ec. Png.) رG;(%* ';[3
Äetach (a.)
Äetachab/e-ke! sYitch (P/ec. Png.) Olhني š*رx, $o2,>Ms ®2(h3
Äetachab/e (a8^.)
Äetachab/e bit (Lining.) 2MلlF VJ;ي >hE ة;n%
Äetachab/e co"#/ing (Png.) Olhل% ةل,2ق ةBر2ق
Äetachab/e coaer (Png.) Olhني •2v}
Äetachab/e c!/in8er hea8 (Png.) •hل% O,2ق ةB*Gv)* ŠCر
Äetachab/e engine mo"nt (Png.) 2MلlF VJ;ي ]>K3 D'T2ق
Äetachab/e e9"i#ment (Png.) 2MلlF VJ;ي Ÿ*':3
Äetachab/e #arts Olh5 •*cjC
Äetache8 (a8^.)
Äetache8 coe77icients (Laths.) ةلlhن3 Ÿm32:3
Äetache8 contact (A"to.. ©e/e#h.) Olhن3 z3m3
Äetaching hook (Png.) Olh%* ‹2vd
Äetaching ro//er Olh%* ةB*Gv)C
Äetachment. sec"rit! V3H* DX>h3
Äetai/ (n.)
Äetai/ (a.)
Äetai/ 8raYing $ل4lh5 I)ر
Äetai/ #a#er
Äetai/ section $ل4lh5 ˜vn3
Äetai/e8 (a8^.)
Äetai/e8 #/an Olh3 I4;l5
Äetain (a.)
Äetar (-hem.) ر2n%* W*XC
Äetect (a.)
Äetection ? 8emo8"/ation (¢a8io.)
Äetection o7 so"n8 ŸGl%* ]*ر=‘
Äetector ? 8emo8"/ator (¢a8io.)
Äetector coe77icient (¢a8io.)
Äetector #robe (¢a8io.) k`2J%* ر2ب<3
kل5C . @'+ . 0>d . >3=
V4:;%* >4<%* •d VT '€ي V4E) ¸1ر2l%* ‹m5‘)
ر23= . ]m+ ‚ ]m+‘ . >43'5
r>43'5 . >3'3
$Fm5‘ >4vn5 . @*'+ >4vn5
‡;K;%* ر2[ب%* 'ي>ب(%) •2;Ež* ة%*X‘ X2Mj)
ة™2d ة;M;%) X>FC ‚ OE . šcB . OlF)
Olhني . Olhل% O,2ق
X1>h3 . Olhن3 . WGlh3
DX>h3 ‚ W2lhB* . WcT . OlF
V44:5 - DX>h3 ‚ 02M)‘ . O4lh5
V4T ‚ Ccj ‚ iM)C . OlF
I)>%* Uo2ق= Onن%) k` ”ر1)
Olh3 . $ل4lh5
O4™2h5 . Ÿm4lh5
”2TC . >dC ‚ c_(E* . c_E
W'()* . |2ب()* . k€s . k€(s*
ةن;f;%* (ة,x,x%*) ¡m[()* . V4;f(%* ة%*X‘ . ‹2€(s* . k€s
ةن;f;%* (ة,x,x%) ‡ل[(<3 . ‹2€J3 . k`2s
@Gn;%* $F ة_52ن%* >;(<;%* ر24(%* ة4vلF Z%‘ ==>(%* ة4%2:%* ة4vلh%* ةب<B ~ $h€J%* O32:;%*
Äetector aa/ae (or t"be) (¢a8io.) k`2J%* @2;™
Äetector. e/ectro/!tic $B1>(J%‘ k`2s
Äetector. /eakage (Png.) 0><(%* ‹2€J3
Äetent (Lech.)
Äetent han8/e k4قG(%* ر2;<3 †بn3
Äetergent (a8^.. n.)
Äetergent a88itiaes (-hem.) ¸2)1•% ةليc3 Ÿ2F2p‘
Äetergent oi/ kNن3 tيX
Äetergent. s!nthetic (-hem.) $T2نv™* kNن3
Äetergents (-hem.) ةhNن3 Ÿ2_(ن3
Äeteriorate (a.)
Äeterioration o7 emission (h!s.) «2:(,&* رG+'5
Äeterminant (a8^.)
Äeterminant (n.) (Laths.) D='K3
Äeterminate (a8^.)
Äeterminate e9"ation (Laths.)
Äetermination o7 8irection ³2_5&* 'ي'K5
Äeterrent (a8^.. n.)
Äetersiae ? 8etergent (a8^.) kv:ن3
Äetin (a.) (-hem.) >ي'ln%* W*XC
Äetinning (Let.) >ي'ln%* ة%*X‘
Äetonate (a.)
Äetonating (a8^.)
Äetonating 7/ame >_h(3 iM%
Äetonating 7"se >4_h(%* @2;™
Äetonating gas >_h3 X2}
Äetonation (Png.)
Äetonation inhibitor (-hem.) >_h(%* ˜B23
Äetonator >4_h5 ة%G<بs ‚ >_h3
Äetonator. chemica/ $o24;4s >_h3
Äetonator. e/ectrica/ $o2,>Ms >_h3
Äetorsion bar •*G(%&* ˜ن3 i4fق
Äeto"r (n.)
Äeto"r (a.)
Äetrimenta/ heating >f3 V4[<5
Äetrita/ (a8^.) (weo/.)
Äetrita/ minera/s (weo/.) ة452(E |=2:3
Äetrita/ se8iments (weo/.) ة452(F i)*1ر
Äetrition (weo/.)
Äetrit"s (weo/.) Ÿ2(E
Äetrit"s tank (-ia. Png.)
Äetr"ck (a.) ةنE2` V3 WcB*
Äetr"8e (a.)
Äet"ne (a.) VKل%* $F @2_<B&* 1C k%•(%* '<FC
Äet"ning (¢a8io.) ةh%*G;%* †F
Äe"teric changes (weo/.)
Äe"teri"m (-hem.. h!s.)
Äe"teri"m obi8e (-hem.. h!s.)
Äe"teron (-hem.. h!s.)
kقG3 . ةhقG3 . ة<,2E
k4قG5 . zبE
¸2)1•% Oيc3 . kNن3
رG+'5 . رG+= ‚ kل5 . kل5C . '<F . '<FC
kل5 . =2<F‘ . ‹m5‘ ‚ رG+'5
I)2E . $o2MB ‚ ر>n3 . ='K3
I)2E . $o2MB ‚ >n3 . ='K3
2Mل4+2_3 =':, 2+À*cjC ~D='K3 ة%=2:3
@cT . I4;l5 ‚ >ي'n5 . 'ي'K5 . V44:5
ر>ق . @cT ‚ ر'ق . ='E . V4T
˜B23 . Uo2T
>_h5 . >_hB* . >_F
UT2™ . >_h3 . >_h(3
>_h5 . ر2_hB* . >4_h5
Dر1= . ةhvT . kv:ن3
k(%* . kv:B* . kvT . ر*=
D>f3 . ر>p . SذC
Z(E . $52(E
t(h5 . Ÿ2(KB*
rر2_;%* ³24;%) 02)ر‘ |*cd)
DGn, ˜F= . ZلT zبs 1C •Ap
ةير2ن%* رG[l%* $F) ';_(%* Oبق 23 Ÿ*>4A5)
O4n›%* V4j1ر'4M%*) . @Gي>5Gي=)
@Gي>5Gي'%* '4<sC . O4n›%* •2;%*
@Gي>5Gي'%* Dرذ D*GB) |1>45Gي=)
Äe"tero#ores (weo/.) ةبs>;%* 0Gn›%*
Äeaa/ attrition test (Png.)
Äeaa/"ate ? 8eaa/"e (a.) ة;4n%* †hd
Äeaar8a a//o!
Äeaastate (a.)
Äeae/o# (a.)
Äeae/o#e8 area (et. Png.) D>;›(<3 ةnvن3
Äeae/o#e8 co"ntries DرGv(3 |*'ل,
Äeae/o#e8 8!es (-hem.)
Äeae/o#e8 Ye// (et. Png.) ة4%mA()* >\,
Äeae/o#er (hotog.)
Äeae/o#ing (hotog.) رGl%* >4MN5
Äeae/o#ing agent (hotog.) >4MN5 1C ر2M•‘ O32T
Äeae/o#ing o"t #a#er (hotog.) ر2M•ž2, Š2<E ”ر1
Äeae/o#ing ski//s Ÿ*ر2M;%* ة4;ن5
Äeae/o#ment (Bot.. hotog.)
Äeae/o#ment o7 s"r7ace “v<%* •<,
Äeae/o#ment #/an ة4;ن5 ةvd
Äeaebit! (-ia. Png.)
Äeaiate (a.)
Äeaiate8 Ye// (et. Png.) >hK%* ةF>Kن3 >\,
Äeaiation (ga"t.. Laths.)
Äeaiation ang/e ‹*>KB* ةي1*X
Äeaiation car8 ‹*>KB&* ةق2v,
Äeaiation sca/e ‹*>KB&* Iل)
Äeaiation sensibi/it! ‹*>KB&* ة4)2<E
Äeaiation. abso/"te Uلv3 ‹*>KB*
Äeaiation. ang"/ar r1*X ‹*>KB*
Äeaiation. ayim"th $(;) ‹*>KB*
Äeaiation. /atera/ $بB2j ‹*>KB*
Äeaiation. magnetic (h!s.) $<4vنA3 ‹*>KB*
Äeaiation. mean ‹*>KB&* •)G(3
Äeaiation. minim"m (h!s.) ‹*>KBm% S>Al%* ةي2Mن%*
Äeaiation. re/atiae $ب<ن%* ‹*>KB&*
Äeaiation. stan8ar8 rر24:%* ‹*>KB&*
Äeaiation. aertica/ r=G;T ‹*>KB*
Äeaice. a8^"sting @2JEž* 1C •بf%* X2Mj
Äeaice. a/arm ر*xB‘ X2Mj
Äeaice. ba//istic com#"ting ة4J4<%2, ةب)2E
Äeaice. com#"ting ةب)2E ةv4بB
Äeaice. /ocking W2hق‘ ةv4بB
Äeaice. sa7et! |23C ةv4بB
Äeaice. timing t4قG5 ةv4بB
Äeai/ (Leteor.)
Äeai/ (/"mb.) W2nB @2K% 'قG3
Äeai//ing (B"i/8.) ة4%2(%* ةnبvل% *=*':()* §m;%* ةnبR ةnبR œ'd 1C cيcK5
Äeaise (a.)
Äeaitri7ication (weo/.) ة4F2h€%* W*1X
Äeaitri7! (a.) ة4F2h€%* 'nF*
Äeaonian e#och (or #erio8) (weo/.) $BGhي'%* >l:%*
Äeaote (a.)
ÄeY-#oint (h!s.)
]2J(E&2, $لب%* ر2ب(d* ~ˆW2hي=ˆ ر2ب(d*
~ ˆ*=ر2hي=ˆ ةJ4ب) ¾… 1 Š2KB » µ¾ 1 @G4ن3G%C » ¾ •BX Î
®2(j* ‚ kل5C . 0>d
®24(j* ‚ ر23= . kل5 . 0*>d
>M• . 2;ل4F >M•C ‚ ˜)1 ‚ VT k€J5 ‚ Z;B . رGR ‚ •<, . >€B
2ي12;4s §G4[%* ZلT tب›5 ~DرGv(3 2ب™C
>4MN5 O32T . >MN3
>4MN5 ‚ ة4;ن5 . رGv5
Oo23 IT= ر*'j ‚ O43 . ر*'KB*
=2E . W23 . ‹>KB*
|*'4E . ‹2v:B* . ‹*>KB*
ةل4)1 ‚ X2Mj . ةv4بB
k4hd ر2lT‘ . ةh4hd ة4ل3ر ة:,1X
>J(,* . >,= . •بن()*
kق1 . ‡ld . Š>s
k•2J(%* ةvnB . S'ن%* ةvnB
ÄeY-#oint meter (h!s.) S'ن%* ةvnB Š24n3
ÄeY (Leteor.) S'B
ÄeYar 7/ask (h!s.)
ÄeYater (a.)
ÄeYabe8 oi/ (et. Png.) ˜;€%* V3 W2[%* tيX
ÄeYee8ing oi/ (Agric.) 02€T•% '4ب3 tيX
ÄeYbing ˜;€%* OlF
Äebtra/ ? 8ebtrorse (a8^.)
Äebtra/ 7a"/t (weo/.) $ن4;ي š'™
Äebtrin (-hem.)
Äebtrose ? 8-g/"cose (-hem.)
Äebtrotator! (a8^.) (±ight.)
Äeyinci7ication (-hem.)
ÄÊcor (n.)
Äiabase (weo/.)
Äiabasic tebt"re (weo/.) ة4B2s>, ة4ب4بE ةي>[™ ة4ن,
Äiabetes (Le8.) r>J<%* •*=
Äiaca"stic rر2<JB* $T2:` “v) 1C ZنKن;, ¡2d
Äiactinic (a8^.) ة4ن4(s&* ة:`•% xhن3
Äia8 $o2ن•
Äia8 abis (weo/.) $o2ن• رGK3
Äia8s o7 #oints (Laths.) •hن%* Ÿ24o2ن•
Äiagnose (a.)
Äiagnosis (n.)
Äiagnostic characters (eoo/.) Dc4;3 Ÿ2h™
Äiagona/ (a8^.)
Äiagona/ (n.)
Äiagona/ bracing Oo23 W2J`
Äiagona/ c"tters (or #/iers) (Png.)
Äiagona/ 7a"/t (weo/.) ‹>Kن3 š'™
Äiagona/ ^oints (weo/.) ةF>Kن3 O™*GF
Äiagona/ member r>vق GfT
Äiagona/ #itch (Png.) ةلo23 DGvd
Äiagona/ #/ane (Bio/.) r>vق SG(<3
Äiagona/ #/ates (ga"t.) ةلo23 ®*G%C
Äiagona/ sca/e (Png.) ‹>Kن3 Š24n3
Äiagona/ sta!s (Png.)
Äiagona/ triang/es (Laths.) ةي>vق Ÿ2›ل›3
Äiagona/ aenti/ation (Lining.) ة4بB2j ةيGM5
Äiagona/ Yiring ةي>vق ]m)C
Äiagram $B24, I)ر
Äiagram 7actor (Png.)
Äiagram. circ"it
Äiagram. Yiring ة4o2,>MJ%* Ÿ*'ي';(%* •v[3
Äiagrammatic 8raYing $v4v[5 I)ر
Äiagrammatic(a/) (a8^.)
Äiagrammatica//! (a8a.)
Äiagra#h @2)>3
Äia/-t!#e s/i8e ga"ge (Png.) Qر'3 ¡>ق U%cن3 Š24ق ='K3
Äia/ (n.)
Äia/ (¢a8io.) IAن%* •,*Gp Oي':5 ة4%‰
Äia/ ga"ge (Png.) Qر'3 ¡>ق 1ذ Š24ق ='K3
ŠG3>5 . ˆر*Gي=ˆ Dر1ر2ق
•2;%* ®cB . •2;%* (šcB 1C) W*XC
”xE . Dر2M3 . ة+*>F
$ن4;ي . V4;4%* Z%‘ W2;€%* V3 O(h%* $ب%G%
rG€B q;™ ~ Vي>(<s=
iن:%* >J) . X1>(<s=
|*ر1'%* V;يC . ةT2<%* 0>nT ³2_5* $F D>o*=
ة%G4<%* ة%2E $F |=2:;%* V3) •Bc%* šcB)
ة4لd*= ةF>dX . ةF>dX
$o2ن• ~ Zن:;, ةo=2,
iبK3 rر2B >[™ ~c4,2ي=
ةل:%* 1C •*'%*) ‡[`)
c4;3 k™1 ‚ (ةل:%* 1C ’>;%*) ‡4[€5
Oo23 . r>vق
˜لf;%*) >vق . r>vق ˜لp . r>vق •d)
ة4بB2j ةT2vق . ة4بB2j ة™2lق
Ÿ2يmAل%) ةلo23 Ÿ&2J`)
24B24, ’>(h;%* $%2›;%* •Af%* Z%‘ rر2[ب%* ]>K;%* ةB*Gv)* $F $ل:h%* •Af%* W':3 ةب<B ~$B24ب%* I)>%* O32T
ة4o2,>MJ%*) Dر*'ل% $v4v[5 I)ر)
$B24, . $v4v[5
24B24, . 24v4v[5
ة%1c3 ‚ Qر'3 ¡>ق . 2ن43
Äia/ in8icator (Png.) Qر'3 ¡>n, V4ب3
Äia/ /ock (Png.) Qر'3 ¡>ق 1ذ Ohق
Äia/ micrometer (Png.) Qر'3 ¡>n, >(31>J43
Äia/ sight (Li/.) Qر'3 ¡>n, ‹*'M3
Äia/ sYitch (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2<3m;%* =':(3 $™>ق ®2(h3
Äia/ thermometer (h!s.) Qر'3 ¡>ق 1ذ >(3G3>5
Äia/ tone (©e/e#h.) W2A€B* m%* V4نR 1C Dر2`‘
Äia/. /"mino"s ة\4f3 2ن43
Äia/8eh!8es (-hem.) ة4o2ن• Ÿ*'4Mي'%C
Äia/ect ة_M%
Äia/k!/ (-hem.) O4J%H* $o2ن•
Äia//ing tone (©e/e#h.) •[%* §2n(%* V4نR
Äia/!sis (-hem.)
Äia/!ye8 iron (-hem.. Le8.) $B*1>A%* 'ي'K%* '4<s1ر'4+ WGلK3
Äia/!yer (-hem.) $o2€A%* ر2€(B&2, DX*>F
Äiamagnetic (a8^.) (P/ec. Png.)
Äiamagnetic #ermeabi/it! (P/ec. Png.) ة4<4vنA3 2ي'%* ةيذ2hB&*
Äiamagnetic #o/arit! (P/ec. Png.) ة4<4vنA3 2ي'%* ة4vلh%*
Äiamagnetic s"bstance
Äiamagnetism (P/ec. Png.)
Äiameter (weom.) >vق
Äiameter o7 a circ/e (weom.) D>o*'%* >vق
Äiameter o7 comm"tation (P/ec. -omm.) '4EG(%* >vق
Äiameter. ebterna/ $jر2[%* >vn%*
Äiameter. interna/ $لd*'%* >vn%*
Äiametra/ (a8^.) r>vق
Äiametra/ #itch (Png.) ةي>vق DGvd
Äiametra/ #/ane (Laths.) r>vق SG(<3
Äiametra/ Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
Äiametra/ Yire r>vق •ل)
Äiametric(a/) (a8^.) =2f3 ‚ r>vق
Äiametrica/ connection r>vق W2l5*
Äiametrica/ ho/e r>vق in•
Äiametrica/ ta##ings (P/ec. Png.) ةي>vق xd•3
Äiametrica/ ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ةي>vn%* ة4vلh%*
Äiamon8-bearing rock Š2;%* 12E >[™
Äiamon8-#oint chise/ (Png.)
Äiamon8-sha#e8 (a8^.) OJ€%* ‹>Kن3 ‚ OJ€%* V4:3
Äiamon8-York (B"i/8.) Ÿ2ن4:3 OJ` ZلT Dر2_K, '4€3 •o2E
Äiamon8 (a8^.) V4:;%2s OJ€%* ‹>Kن3 ‚ $)23
Äiamon8 (n.)
Äiamon8 bit Š2;%* V3 ة;n%
Äiamon8 core (et. Png.) $)23 ih›;, DذGd—3 ةن4T
Äiamon8 crossing V4:3 OJ€, ˜R2n5
Äiamon8 8ie (Png.)
Äiamon8 8ri// Š2;%2, D=1c3 ة,2n•
Äiamon8 8"st (Png.) Š2;%* 0*>5
Äiamon8 7rame V4:3 OJ` ZلT ر2R‘
Äiamon8 mesh (B"i/8.. -ia. Png.) OJ€%* ةF>Kن3 ةJ4ب`
Äiamon8 #!rami8 har8ness test (Let.) $)2;%* @>M%2, D=ml%* ر2ب(d*
Äiamon8 #!rami8. Æickers (Let.)
Äiamon8 saY (Png.)
Äiamon8 Yhee/ (Png.) Š2;%* Dر2<J, –4ل_5 0&1=
Äia#ason IAن%* ر24:3
$o2€} c43 . $o2€A%* ر2€(B&2, X>F ~ Dcلي=
ة4<4vنA;%* ةيذ2hB&* k4:p) $<4vنA3 2ي= . $v4نA32ي=)
ة4<4vنA;%* ةيذ2hB&* ةل4لق) ة4<4vنA3 2ي= D=23)
ة4<4vنA;%* ةيذ2hB&* k:p . ةبB2_;%* ة4<4vنA;%* . ة4<4vنA3 2ي'%*
Q2(Bž* Gf:%) r>vق th%)
V4:3 OJ` ZلT) $)23 'E 1ذ O43X‘)
V4:3 ‚ Q2jc%* ˜vn% ة)23 ‚ Š23 . ة)2;%*
$)23 (iK)) i%2ق
D=ml%* ر2ب(d&) $)2;%* ˆX>J4Fˆ @>+)
Š2;%* 0*>(, ةB2:()&* ˜3) ر2_EH* ˜vn% r>o*= ر2€ن3)
Äia#horesis (Le8.)
Äia#hragm o#ening (hotog.)
Äia#hragm #ress"re ga"ge $قر •Ap Š24n3
Äia#hragm #"m# (Png.) ”ر Ÿ*ذ ة[f3
Äia#hragm aa/ae (Png.) $قر @2;™
Äiarrhea (or 8iarrhoea) (Le8.)
Äias#ore (-hem.)
Äiastase (-hem.)
Äiaster (Bio/.)
Äiasto/e (Bio/.) ³=';5 1C iلn%* §2<بB*
Äiastro#hism (weo/.) ة4pرH* D>€n%* ةلnلق
Äiathermanc! (h!s.) rر*>K%* š2:`ž* ةيذ2hB‘
Äiathermia (or 8iatherm!) (Le8.) $o2,>Ms ر245 ر*>3—, I<_%* ر*>K()*
Äiathermic (or 8iathermano"s) (h!s.) rر*>K%* š2:`Á% xhن3
Äiathermic coag"/ation (Le8.) DxF2ن%* Dر*>K%2, >›[5
Äiathermometer (h!s.) rر*>K%* ذ2hBž* Š24n3
Äiatom (Bio/.)
Äiatomaceo"s earth (-hem.. weo/.) $3G52ي= 0*>5
Äiatomaceo"s sha/e (weo/.) $3G52ي= $Kh™ V4R
Äiatomic (a8^.) (-hem.)
Äiatomic sca/e $BG52ي'%* Iل<%*
Äiatremes (weo/.) ة4B2s>, ة4,GبBC Ÿ*G_F
Äiatro#ism (Bio/.) ’>:(<3 •2K(B*
Äiayo com#o"n8s (-hem.)
Äibasic aci8s (-hem.) D'T2n%* ة4o2ن• ’2;EC
Äich/ori8e (chem.)
Äichotomo"s (a8^.) (Bot.) š>h(%* $o2ن•
Äichotom! (n.) i:€%* $o2ن• š>h5
Äichroic cr!sta/ (-hem.) |Gل%* ة4o2ن• DرGل,
Äichroic minera/s (Lin.) |Gل%* ة4o2ن• |=2:3
Äichroism (±ight.)
Äichromate (-hem.)
Äichromatism (Le8.)
Äichromatism (°#t.) ةj1=c;%* ة4BGل%*
Äic/ino"s (a8^.) (Bot.)
Äicot!/e8ons (Bot.) V4(nلh%* Ÿ*1ذ
Äi8actic (a8^.) $;4ل:5
Äi8act!/ (Bio/.) ˜,2™H* $o2ن• 1C ˜,2™H* ة4o2ن•
Äie-aYa! c"rae WÀ2f(%* ZنKن3
Äie-cast (a.) i%2ق $F i™
Äie (Png.) ةب%G% ة;nل, OJ` 1C ˜ن™
Äie (n.) (Png.) ةب%Gل%* ة;n% ‚ Gl%* i%2ق
Äie (a.)
Äie bob (Png.) ةب%Gل%* ة;n% •)23
Äie ch"ck (Png.)
Äie hea8 (or ho/8er) ? 8ie bob (Png.)
Äie maker (Png.) il%* i%*Gق ˜B2™
Äie n"t (Png.) ةب%G% ة%G;™
Äie stam#ing i%*Gn%2, I([%*
”>:%2, Žfh5 . ”>:5
”ر . cj2E . 02_E . •2€}
š2<5&* D>4A(;%*) ”>%* ةK(F)
•2€3 . W2M)‘
Ÿ243G4%* Vي1'(% >(F= . D>sx3 ‚ ة43Gي
—4;;%* @G4ن3G%H* '4<s1ر'4+ ~ رGب)2ي=
>J) Z%‘ •2€ن%* OيGK5 ZلT Dر=2ق ة,*1ذ ة452بB D>4;d ~ X2()2ي=
ة4ل[%* @2<nB& *=*':()*) Ÿ24Aبl%* ivn5)
2J4ل<%2, ة:ب€3 {B*ر'j ة4ل[%* r=2EC r>M_3 iلKR ~ @G52ي=
V45رذ V3 is>3 . Dرx%* $o2ن•
Ÿ1X½* V3 V45رذ 2Mن3 •rc_%* rGKي ~ ةي1X2ي= Ÿ2بs>3
'يرGلs $B2• - ر1رGلs $o2ن•
$o2ن• |Gل5 . ة4o2ن›%* ة4BGل(%*
Ÿ231>J4, . Ÿ231>s $o2ن•
•nF V4BG% {, 02l;%* c4;ي rx%*) $o2ن›%* |*G%H* Z;T)
Ÿ2ق'3 1C ةي')C 23‘ ر2+XC rGK5 ~ zن_%* Olhن3
Dm;3 . |GF2(s=
$%G™H* I4ل:(%* . zير'(%* VF
Inل% ‹>• Ÿ*ذ ةي1'ي ةب%Gل3 ~ ةب%Gل%* In% ةhs
Ÿ23 ‚ kقG5 . ';+ . ';d
ةلn(<;%* Inل%* ($•m• 1C) $o2ن• ‹>•
ةب%Gل%* In% O32E . ةب%Gل%* ة;n% •)23
Äie stee/ (Let.) il%* i%*Gق ذ&GF
Äie tem#er (Let.) D'لl%* Ÿ*1=H* ˜نl% Š2ق ذ&GF
Äie. bank an8 #ierce in›%*1 ˜vn%* i%2ق
Äie. b/ank an8 centre #"nch c4s>(%*1 ˜vn%* i%2ق
Äie. b/anking (Png.)
Äie. com#o"n8 (Png.) is>3 i%2ق
Äie. 8raYing (Png.) iK<%* i%2ق
Äie. h!8ro-#ress (Png.) $J4%1ر'4M%* zبJ;%* i%2ق
Äie. master (Png.)
Äie. #rogressiae (Png.) Qر'(;%* ˜vn%* i%2ق
Äie. screYing (Png.)
Äie. so/i8 (Png.) ة(;l3 ةب%G% ة;n%
Äie. s#/it (Png.) ةقGn€3 ةب%G% ة;n%
Äie. yinc (Let.) V4™ر2[%* V3 i%2ق
Äiecasting (Png.)
Äiecasting a//o!s (Let.) il%* •o2ب)
Äiecasting machine (Png.) ة4B':;%* i%*Gn%* i™ ةنJ3
Äiecasting. graait! (Let.)
Äiecasting. #ress"re (Let.) i%*Gn%* $F $vAf%* il%*
Äie/ectric (P/ec. Png.)
Äie/ectric absor#tion (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ة4™2l(3*
Äie/ectric break8oYn (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ر24MB*
Äie/ectric coe77icient (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* O32:3
Äie/ectric con8"ctance (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ةل™*G3
Äie/ectric constant (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* t,2•
Äie/ectric c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ر245
Äie/ectric 8is#ersion (P/ec. Png.)
Äie/ectric 7atig"e (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* Wms
Äie/ectric 7/"b (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* $F UF'(%*
Äie/ectric 7/"b 8ensit! (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* $F UF'(%* ةF2›s
Äie/ectric heating (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* V4[<5
Äie/ectric h!steresis (P/ec.) WX2:%* kل[5
Äie/ectric /ens (h!s.) ة%X2T ة)'T
Äie/ectric /oss (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* $F 'nh%*
Äie/ectric oi/s ة%X2T ŸGيX
Äie/ectric #o/ariyation (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* 02vn()*
Äie/ectric #oYer (P/ec. Png.) WX2:ل% ة4(K%* Dر'n%*
Äie/ectric resistance (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ة312n3
Äie/ectric rigi8it! (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ة,m™
Äie/ectric strain (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* W2:hB*
Äie/ectric strength (P/ec. Png.)
Äie/ectric stress (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* =2Mj‘
Äie/ectric s"sce#tibi/it! (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ةي>•—(3
Äie/ectric test (P/ec. Png.) WX2:%* ر2ب(d*
Äie/ectric Ye8ges ة%X2T Ÿ2ن4h)*
Äie/ectric Yire (P/ec. Png.) WX2T •ل)
Äie/ectro/!sis (-hem.)
Äiese/-e/ectric /ocomotiae (P/ec. Png.)
Äiese/ c!c/e (Png.)
Äiese/ 8es"/#h"ring "nit Wcي'%* V3 tي>بJ%* ة%*X‘ D'E1
Äiese/ engine (Png.) Wcي= ]>K3
Äiese/ hammer (Png.) Wcي= ]>K3 2+>ي'ي ةvق2) ةق>v3
Äiese/ oi/ (et. Png.) Wcي'%* tيX
W2h}H* OlF i%2ق . ˜vn%* i%2ق
$jذG;B i%2ق . $<4oر i™ i%2ق
ةب%Gل3 . ةب%G% i%2ق
2MK(F VJ;ي) i%*Gق $F il%*)
Onن%2, (i%*Gق $F DرGMl;%*) •o2ب<%* i™
WX2T . $o2,>Ms WX2T
ة,x,x%* =2ي=X2,) WX2:%* t,2• >4A5 WX2:%* ~ t(€5)
WX2:%* D'` . WX2:ل% ة4o2,>MJ%* ةB2(;%*
$o2,>Ms is>3 O4لK5 . $o2ن›%* $o2,>MJ%* O4لK(%*
Wcي= ]>K;, (ة4o2,>MJ%* 2M5*'%G3 ر*'5) D>R2ق ~ة4o2,>Ms Wcي= D>R2ق
Wcي'%* =Gق1 1C Wcي= ]>K3) Wcي=)
Wcي=ˆ Dر1=ˆ
Äiese/ sinker (Png.) i%*Gn%* ر2hE
Äiet ة4;E ‚ •*x}
Äietar! stan8ar8s (-hem.) @2:v%* V3 $3G4%* ]mM()m% ةير24:3 Š24n3
Äieth!/ ether (-hem.) O4•&* $o2ن• >4•C
Äietician (Le8.) ةيxA(%* I4Nن(, $™2l(d*
Äi77er (a.) kل(d*
Äi77erence (Bio/.)
Äi77erence 7re9"enc! (h!s.) $ق>h%* ==>(%*
Äi77erence ga"ge (Png.) $ق>F Š24ق ='K3
Äi77erence o7 /atit"8e (´"ra.)
Äi77erence o7 #otentia/ (P/ec. Png.) 'M_%* ”>F
Äi77erence tone (Aco"s.)
Äi77erence. ayim"th (´"ra.) $(;<%* ”>h%*
Äi77erence. 8istinctiae (Bio/.) c4;3 ”>F
Äi77erence. #hase (P/ec.)
Äi77erence. tem#erat"re (h!s.) Dر*>K%* ةjر= ”>F
Äi77erent (a8^.) kل([3
Äi77erentia (n.) Dc4;3 ةh™
Äi77erentia/ (a8^.)
Äi77erentia/ (n.)
Äi77erentia/ aeration ة4لp2h5 ةيGM5
Äi77erentia/ ai/erons (Aero.) ة4لp2h5 Ÿ2K4نj
Äi77erentia/ ana/!yer (P/ec. Png.)
Äi77erentia/ bearing (Png.) $لp2h5 O;K3
Äi77erentia/ b/ock (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ brake (Png.) $لp2h5 “بJ3
Äi77erentia/ ca/c"/"s (Laths.) Op2h(%* 02<E
Äi77erentia/ ca/orimeter (h!s.) $لp2h5 >:<3
Äi77erentia/ cam (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ ca#acitor (P/ec. Png.) $لp2h5 k›J3
Äi77erentia/ coe77icient (Laths.) $لp2h5 O32:3
Äi77erentia/ con8enser (¢a8io.) $لp2h5 k›J3
Äi77erentia/ contro/ (Png.) $لp2h5 IJK5
Äi77erentia/ 8riae (Png.) $لp2h5 >ي1'5
Äi77erentia/ 8"#/eb (©e/eg.) Q1=c;%* $لp2h(%* ”*>,ž* X2Mj
Äi77erentia/ 8"ties ة4لp2h5 ة4s>;j @G)ر
Äi77erentia/ engine (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ e9"ation (Laths.) ة4لp2h5 ة%=2:3
Äi77erentia/ erosion (weo/.) ة4لp2h5 ةي>:5
Äi77erentia/ 7/otation (Let.)
Äi77erentia/ gain (¢a8io. P/ec. Png.) $لp2h5 i<s
Äi77erentia/ ga/aanometer (©e/eg.) $لp2h5 >(3GB2hلj
Äi77erentia/ gasket (Png.) ة4لp2h5 ة4€E
Äi77erentia/ gear (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ gearing (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ hoist (Png.) $لp2h5 š2F>3
Äi77erentia/ instr"ment (Png.) $لp2h5 Š24ق X2Mj
Äi77erentia/ manometer (h!s.) $لp2h5 >(3GB23
Äi77erentia/ meas"rement $لp2h5 Š24ق
Äi77erentia/ motion (Png.) ة4512h5 ةs>E
Äi77erentia/ o7 a 7"nction (Laths.) ة%*'%* Op2h5
Äi77erentia/ #ermeabi/it! (P/ec. Png.) ة4لp2h(%* ةيذ2hBž*
Äi77erentia/ #hase (©e/ea.) $512h5 رGR
Äi77erentia/ #inion bearing (Png.) $لp2h(%* Š>(%* O;K3
|G, . ‹m(d* . ”>F
’>:%* (•d) ‹m(d*
”>h%* ة;AB . $ق>F V4نR
رGv%* ‹m(d* . رGv%* ”>F
$ني2ب5 . $لp2h5 . $512h5
Vي2ب5 . Op2h5 . Ÿ12h5
ة4لp2h(%* Ÿ&=2:;ل% (ة4ل4لK5) ةب)2E
ة4لp2h5 Ÿ*>J, ةTG;_3) Dر2J,)
ة4لp2h5 ة,'E . ة4لp2h5 ة32s
|*ر1'%* kT2f3 ]>K3 . $لp2h5 ]>K3
Ÿ*'4(ي>بJ%* Olh%) $لp2h(%* IيG:(%*)
ة4لp2h5 (Ÿ2نن<3) Š1>5 ةTG;_3
ة4لp2h5 Š1>(,) $لp2h(%* U4€:(%*)
Äi77erentia/ #iston (Png.) $لp2h5 Š2بs
Äi77erentia/ #ress"re (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ #ress"re ga"ge (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ #ress"re in8icator (Png.) $لp2h(%* •Af%* O4%=
Äi77erentia/ #ress"re sYitch (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ #rotectiae s!stem (P/ec. Png.) $لp2h(%* $ق*G%* @2Nن%*
Äi77erentia/ #"//e! b/ock (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ #"//e!. Âeston·s
Äi77erentia/ 9"enching (Let.) Ÿ12h(3 ˜ي>) 'ي>ب5
Äi77erentia/ reaction $لp2h5 OT2h5
Äi77erentia/ re/a! (P/ec. Png. ©e/eg.) $لp2h5 OE>3
Äi77erentia/ resistance (P/ec. Png.) ة4لp2h5 ة312n3
Äi77erentia/ ring gear (Png.) $لp2h5 $nلE Š>5
Äi77erentia/ rotation (Png.) $لp2h5 |*ر1=
Äi77erentia/ screY
Äi77erentia/ sett/ement (-ia. Png.)
Äi77erentia/ si8e gear (Png.) $لp2h5 $بB2j Š>5
Äi77erentia/ stain (Bio/.)
Äi77erentia/ strains (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ s"sce#tibi/it! (P/ec. Png.)
Äi77erentia/ s!stem o7 ski8 steering (Png.) $ق&cB&* {4jG(ل% $لp2h(%* X2M_%*
Äi77erentia/ thermometer (h!s.)
Äi77erentia/ thermo#i/e (Png.) $لp2h5 rر*>E =G;T
Äi77erentia/ thermosco#e (h!s.) $لp2h5 rر*>E ‹2€J3
Äi77erentia/ thresho/8
Äi77erentia/ thr"st bearing (Png.) $لp2h(%* $:F'%* O;K;%*
Äi77erentia/ titration c"rae (-hem.) $لp2h(%* D>ي2:;%* ZنKن3
Äi77erentia/ tone (Aco"s.) $ق>F V4نR
Äi77erentia/ t"rbine (Png.) $لp2h5 V4,>5
Äi77erentia/ "nit (Png.) ة4لp2h5 D'E1
Äi77erentia/ Yhee/ an8 ab/e (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) $h%2[5 k%
Äi77erentia/ Yin8/ass (Png.)
Äi77erentia/ Yorm gear $لp2h5 $;ي>, Š>5
Äi77erentia/. beae/-gear (Png.) $لp2h5 $R1>[3 Š>5
Äi77erentia//!-Yo"n8 motor (P/ec. Png.) kل%* $h%2[5 ]>K3
Äi77erentiate (Laths.) Op2h(%* Q1C
Äi77erentiate (a.)
Äi77erentiating (a8^.)
Äi77erentiating circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ة4لp2h5 Dر*=
Äi77erentiating 7i/ter (P/ec. Png.) Op2h3 “`>3
Äi77erentiation. magmatic (weo/.) rر2M™ cي2;5
Äi77ract (a.)
Äi77raction (h!s.)
Äi77raction ang/e (h!s.) =G4K%* ةي1*X
Äi77raction 7ringes (±ight.) ةي=G4E 0'+
Äi77raction grating (±ight.) =G4K%* DXcK3
Äi77raction o7 /ight •Gf%* =G4E
Äi77raction #attern (±ight.) =G4K%* •;B
Äi77raction s#ectr"m (±ight.) =G4K%* k4R
Äi77"se-transmission 7actor (¨//"m.) rر2€(B&* W2n(B&* O32T
Äi77"se (a8^.) WGv3 ‚ D>€(ن3
$512h5 •Ap . $ق>F •Ap
$لp2h(%*) $ق>h%* •Af%* Š24n3)
$لp2h5) $ق>F •Ap ®2(h3)
ة4لp2h5 (Ÿ*>J, ةTG;_3) Dر2J,
V4(4لp2h(%* V45>Jب%* Ÿ*ذ ˆ|G()1ˆ Dر2J,
$ق>F i%G% . $لp2h5 i%G%
•2نب%* D'T2ق $F) Ÿ12h(3 §Gب+)
ة_<BH* c4;3) $لp2h5 2ب™)
>4A(;%* O;K%* >4•—(, ~ ة4لp2h5 Ÿ&2:hB*
ة4لp2h(%* (ة4<4vنA;%* ) ةي>•—(;%*
|':;%* $o2ن•) $لp2h5 >(3G3>5)
$لp2h5 (Od'3) ‹>€3
$لp2h5 (˜Fر) ‹2hل3 . $ق>F ‹2hل3
ة4لp2h5 ˜Fر Dر*= . $لp2h5 0&1=
k%2[5 . c4;5 ‚ Op2F . ”>F . c43
”>h3 . Op2h3 . c4;3
cي2;5 . c4;5 . Op2h5 . Uي>h5 . c44;5 . ةلp2h3
Uo2T ‚ ة,G:™ . ><T
U4p in• >بT ³ر1>3 'نT •Gf%2s) kv:B* 1C '4E)
‹2v:B* . =G4E
Äi77"se (a.)
Äi77"se 8ensit! (hotog.) ةير2€(B&* ةF2›J%*
Äi77"se re7/ection (¨//"m.) rر2€(B&* Š2J:B&*
Äi77"se so"n8 (Aco"s.) >€(ن;%* ŸGl%*
Äi77"se transmission (¨//"m.) rر2€(B&* W2n(B&*
Äi77"se8-7oc"s /ens (°#t.) $BGل%* qيc%* ةKKl3 >4} ة)'T
Äi77"se8 ^"nction (h!s) ر2€(B&2, W2l5*
Äi77"se8 /ight >€(ن3 •Gp
Äi77"se8 /ighting (¨//"m.) D>€(ن3 D•2p‘
Äi77"se8 noyy/e (Png.) D>`2B œ2يرC
Äi77"se8 aanes (Png.) D>`2B DرGF2B
Äi77"ser (Aco"s.. Png. hotog.) Dذ*ذر ‚ D>`2B
Äi77"ser ^et (Png.) D>`2B ة+GF
Äi77"sing b"/b (P/ec. Png.) >`2B ®2بl3
Äi77"sing 8iscs (hotog.) D>`2B ¡*>قC
Äi77"sing re7/ector (P/ec. Png.) >`2B zs2T
Äi77"sing s"r7ace (h!s.)
Äi77"sion coe77icient ر2€(B&* O32:3
Äi77"sion c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) ر2€(B&* ر245
Äi77"sion /aY ? wraham·s /aY (-hem.)
Äi77"sion o7 7oc"s (hotog.) Dرuب%* ر2€(B*
Äi77"sion o7 gases (-hem.) Ÿ*X2A%* ر2€(B*
Äi77"sion o7 /ight (h!s.) •Gf%* ر2€(B*
Äi77"sion #/ant (-hem.)
Äi77"sion #otentia/ (-hem.) ر2€(B&* 'Mj
Äi77"sion #ress"re (-hem.) ر2€(B&* •Ap
Äi77"sion #"m# (Png.) rر2€(B&* qي>h(%* ة[f3
Äi77"sionometer (-hem.) Ÿ*X2A%* ر2€(B* Š24n3
Äi77"siae s"r7ace >`2B “v)
Äi77"siait! (h!s.) ةير2€(B&*
Äig (a.) >hE
Äigest (a.)
Äigester ”رG%* Ÿ232d V4[<(% Oj>3 ‚ Ip2+
Äigestion (Bio/. -hem.) If+
Äigestiae (a8^.) (Bio/.)
Äigestiae ^"ice (eoo/.) ة4;f+ Dر2lT
Äigestiae s!stem (eoo/.) IfM%* X2Mj
Äigger (Png.) ة4%‰ Dر2hE
Äigging (n.)
Äigging shoae/ >hE ²Fر
Äigging s#oon (Png.) >hE ةق>K3
Äiggings (Lining.) I_ن;%* V3 ةB':;%* =*G;%* ‚ I_ن3
Äigit (n.)
Äigita/ (a8^.) $:ب™‘ ‚ $;قر
Äigita/ com#"ter (Png.) ة4;قر ةب)2E
Äigita/ notation $;قر >4ب:5
Äigita/i7orm (Bot.) OJ€%* $:ب™‘
Äigitation (weo/.) ˜بl5
Äigression (n.) (Astron.)
Äihe8ra/ (a8^.) “v)H* $o2ن•
Äihe8ra/ (n.) V4ل,2n(3 V4Kv) 1ذ OJ`
Äihe8ra/ ang/e (Laths.)
>€(B* . >€B
ر2€(B&* ة4ل,2ق . ةي>€(ن;%*
{4لT ةvق2<%* Ÿ2T2:`Á%) >`2B “v))
Œ:€5 ‚ >€B . ر2€(B*
Ÿ*X2A%* ر2€(B& ˆ@2+>}ˆ |GB2ق
$لp2h(%* ر2€(B&2,) >o2Nن%* OlF D'E1)
If(+* . If+
@Gp2+ . $;f+ ‚ IfM%* ZلT 'T2<3
inB . >hE
˜ب™‘ ‚ (ة:<5 Z%‘ >h™ V3) Iقر
|*'4E . ‹*>KB*
ة4j1X ةي1*X . V4يG(<3 V4, ةي1*X
Äihebagona/ #rism Q1=c3 $)*') رG`G3
Äike (or 8!ke)
Äi/atabi/it! (h!s.)
Äi/atab/e (a8^.)
Äi/atation (h!s.)
Äi/ate (a.)
Äi/ate8 (a8^.)
Äi/atometer (h!s. -omm.)
Äi/atometric metho8 (-hem.)
Äi/atometr! (-hem.)
Äi/emma ةلf:3
Äi/igent (a8^.)
Äi/"ent (n.) kh[3
Äi/"ent (aint.)
Äi/"te (a.) (-hem.)
Äi/"te8 (a8^. -hem.)
Äi/"te8 so/"tion (-hem.) kh[3 WGلK3
Äi/"ting oi/ kh[3 tيX
Äi/"ting aa/ae (Png.) k4h[5 @2;™
Äi/"tion kh[3 WGلK3 ‚ k4h[5
Äi/"tion ratio k4h[(%* ةب<B
Äi/"tion aa/ae contro/ k4h[(%* @2;™ •بp
Äi/"ai"m (weo/.) Iي'ق $f4F i)*ر
Äim (a8^.)
Äim (a.)
Äimension (n.) (Laths.) =*'(3* ‚ ':,
Äimension (a.) =2:,H* ˜p1
Äimension /ine ':ب%* •d
Äimension stone (B"i/8.) ŸGKن3 •2ن, >_E
Äimensiona/ e9"ation =2:,H* ة%=2:3
Äimensiona/ homogeneit! r':ب%* zB2_(%*
Äimensione8 8raYing D='K3 ة4ب<B =2:,C 1ذ I)ر
Äimensions =2:,C
Äimer (-hem.) ة4\يc_%* ةA4l%* Q1=c3 is>3
Äimeric (a8^.) (-hem.) ة4\يc_%* ةA4l%* Q1=c3
Äimeth!/ s"/#hate (-hem.) O4›;%* ة4o2ن• Ÿ2(ي>بs
Äiminish (a.)
Äiminishing #i#e (/"mb. ´an. Png.) ةق'(<3 O4™G5 DرG)23
Äimin"tiae ”'(<3 ‚ ‡nن3
Äimmer (-inema)
Äimmer sYitch (P/ec. Png.) D•2pž* D'` †h[% ®2(h3
Äimming (n.) D•2pž* D'` †hd
Äimming resistance (P/ec. Png.) D•2pž* D'` †h[% ة312n3
Äimor#hic (weo/.) OJ€%* $o2ن•
Äimor#hism (-hem.) $o2ن›%* rرGلب%* OJ€%*
Äimor#ho"s (a8^.)
Äim#/e (n.) (Png.)
Äim#/e (a.)
Äim#/ing (Png.)
Äine"tron (h!s.) Q1=c3 |1>5G4B
Äing ŠGق2ن%* ŸG™
r>[™) cj2E ‚ ˜h5>3 k4™ر ~D—€ن3 ‚ '))
=';(%* 1C š2<5&* ة4ل,2ق . ة4T2<5&*
=';(3 . =';(%* 1C š2<5m% O,2ق
I[f5 . š2<5* . =';5
=';5 . ˜<5* ‚ ='3 . ˜)1
=';(3 . ˜)G3 . =';3
š2<5* . 'ي';5 . ˜4)G5
>(3G5mي= . Oo*G<%* =';5 Š24n3
Oo2<%* WGK5 •nB V44:(%) ةي=':(%* ةnي>v%*)
³=';5 ةبق*>;, Oo2<%* WGK5 •nB Š24ق ~=';(%* Š24ق
=2s . 'M(_3
V4(ن,>(%2s) |2+'%* kh[3)
c4s>(%* 1C ةj1cل%*) khd)
V+G3 . kh[3
tF2d . I52T . O4لs
thd . I(T
Oلق . ‡nBC . ‡nB
|2lnB . ‡nB . ‡4nن5
ر*GBH* th[3 . @2(:;%*
OJ€(%* 1C) رGلب(%* $o2ن•)
0Gلv;%* in›%* |2J3 Z%‘ >4€5 in›;%2, ةh4hd ة4R1>[3 D>nB ~ ة3c+
•Af%2, œGd . @c+
@cM%* . •Af%2, ²يG[(%*
V4نR . O4ل™ ‚ ةبلj . •2pGp
Äingh! (ga"t.)
Äinging (B"i/8.)
Äio8e (or 8io8e aa/ae) (©hermionics)
Äio8e 8etector (P/ectronics.) $o2ن• @2;l, ‹2€J3
Äio8e recti7ier (¢a8io.) $o2ن• @2;™ 1ذ @Gn3
Äio8e. 8am#ing ةلo2f;%* =Gي*=
Äio#si8e (Lin.)
Äi# s/o#e (weo/.)
Äi# so/8ering (Png.) z;A%* ةnي>v, @2Kل%*
Äi# stick (Png.)
Äi#o/ar (P/ec. -hem.) ivn%* $o2ن•
Äi#o/e (a8^.) (h!s.) V4بvق 1ذ
Äi#o/e (n.) ivn%* $o2ن• ƒcj
Äi#o/e antenna (¢a8io.) ivn%* $o2ن• $o*G+
Äi#o/e ion (-hem.) ivn%* $o2ن• |GيC
Äi#o/e moment (-hem.) V4بvn%* rذ @cT
Äi##e/·s oi/ (-hem.)
Äi##er (or 8i##er-b"cket) (Png.)
Äi##er 8re8ger (Png.)
Äi##er. Big (Astron.) >بsH* 0'%*
Äi##er. ±itt/e (Astron.) >A™H* 0'%*
Äi##ing (a8^.)
Äi##ing (n.) (Png.)
Äi##ing be8 (weo/.) ةلo23 ةnبR
Äi##ing nee8/e (Lagn. ´"ra.) $<4vنA;%* O4;%* D>,‘
Äi##ing #rocess (Png.) z4vA(%* 1C z;A%* ة4ل;T
Äi##ing re7ractometer (-hem.)
Äi#tera (eoo/.)
Äirect-acting #"m# (Png.) >`2ب3 O:F Ÿ*ذ ة[f3
Äirect-co"#/e8 (a8^.) D>`2ب3 |1>n3
Äirect-co"#/e8 generator (P/ec. Png.)
Äirect-co"#/e8 #"m# (Png.) D>`2ب3 ةB1>n3 ة[f3
Äirect-c"rrent ammeter (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(ل% >(43C
Äirect-c"rrent am#/i7ier (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* I[f3
Äirect-c"rrent arc Ye/8ing (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* ŠGn, @2Kل%*
Äirect-c"rrent circ"it (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* D>o*=
Äirect-c"rrent conaerter (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* >4A3
Äirect-c"rrent co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* |ر2n5
Äirect-c"rrent generator (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* '%G3
Äirect-c"rrent motor (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي ]>K3
Äirect-c"rrent resistance (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* ة312n3
Äirect-c"rrent s"##/! (P/ec. Png.) >;(<;%* ر24(%* ˜بن3
Äirect-8riaen 7an (Png.) D>`2ب3 ر*'5 ةE1>3
Äirect-8riaen s"#ercharger (Aero.) D>`2ب3 ر*'ي |2K`
Äirect-7/oY coo/ing s!stem (Png.) >`2ب3 UF= Ÿ*ذ 'ي>ب5 Dر1=
Äirect-in^ection #"m# (Png.) >`2ب3 VnE ة[f3
Äirect-rea8ing instr"ment (P/ec. Png.) D>`2ب3 D•*>ق 1ذ Š24ق X2Mj
Äirect-rea8ing tacheometer (´"ra.) D>`2ب3 D•*>ق 1ذ =2:,C Š24n3
Äirect-sYitching starter (P/ec. Png.) >`2ب3 ®2(h3 1ذ Dر*=‘ ƒ'ب3
Äirect-tri# 8eaices (P/ec. Png.) $<4o>%* ر24(%2, O;:ي X2Mj
Äirect-aision #rism (±ight.)
Äirect-aision s#ectrosco#e (±ight.)
Äirect (a8^.)
†ي>T 0ر2ق . ‹GR
$%1C •4ل;5 . ‡_%* 1C §m;%* V3 ةن4€[5
$o2ن• @2;™ . =Gي*=
VJ<;%* $o2ن• . zن_%* Olhن3
@G4<نA;%*1 @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2J4ل) V3 |GJ(ي V4<s1>4, ~'4<,Gي=
{(K5 Ÿ2nبv%* O43 ³2_52, ’رH* “v) ر*'KB* ~ O4;%* ر'Kن3
{ن3 D=GjG;%* ة4;J%* ةF>:;%) Oo2<%* U;T Š24n3)
‹2_%* >4vn(%* ةnي>v, 2Mن3 Q>[(<ي1) @2N:%* tيX)
ةF>A3 . ‹>} Š1=2ق
I[p 'E*1 Š1=2ق 2MT*رx% ~ ة4F>A3 D•*>s
zR2} . Oo23
•mv%2, |':;%* “v) ة_%2:;%) z4vA5 . z;})
zR2A%* (ة:`H* ر2<JB* Š24n3) ><J;%*
Ÿ*>€K%* V3) V4E2ن_%* Ÿ*1ذ)
³>ي'5 ة%•, (Š1>5 |1=) D>`2ب3 |1>n3 '%G3
ة;4n(<;%* ةيÀ>%* رG€ن3 . >`2ب;%* ر2l,ž* رG`G3
ة;4n(<;%*) D>`2ب;%* ةيÀ>%* ‹24v3)
>;(<3 . I4n(<3 . >`2ب3
Äirect (a.)
Äirect arc 7"rnace (P/ec. Png.)
Äirect ca// (©e/e#h.)
Äirect casting (Let.) >`2ب3 i™
Äirect circ"it (©e/e#h.)
Äirect common tangent (Laths.) $jر2[%* ]>(€;%* Š2;;%*
Äirect comm"nication (©e/e#h.) >`2ب3 W2l5*
Äirect com#onent D>`2ب3 ةبs>3
Äirect connection (Png.) >`2ب3 W2l5*
Äirect co"#/ing (P/ec.. Lech.)
Äirect cranking (Png.) >`2ب3 >ي1'5
Äirect cranking starter (Png.) >`2ب3 ةs>E ƒ=2,
Äirect c"rrent (P/ec. Png.)
Äirect 8iaision (Bio/.) $ل4(F & @2<nB*
Äirect 8riae (Lech.)
Äirect 8riae (¢a8io.)
Äirect 8riae airscreY (Aero.) D>`2ب3 Dر*=‘ Ÿ*ذ ةE1>3
Äirect 8!es (-hem.)
Äirect e/ectric 8rainage (P/ec. Png.) >`2ب3 $o2,>Ms ‹>™
Äirect eb#ansion (h!s.) >`2ب3 =';5
Äirect 7ire D>`2ب3 ر2B
Äirect 7ire 7"rnace >`2ب3 =2hي‘ |>F
Äirect 7"nction (Laths.) D>`2ب3 ة%*=
Äirect germination (Bot.) >`2ب;%* –ي>h(%* 1C Ÿ2ب•ž*
Äirect heating (Png.)
Äirect hit D>`2ب3 ة,2™‘
Äirect im#act
Äirect in8"ctiae co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) >`2ب3 $›E |ر2n5
Äirect in^ection (¨.-. Pngs.) >`2ب3 VnE
Äirect internationa/ ca// (©e/e#h.) D>`2ب3 ة4%1= ة•=2K3
Äirect /ighting (¨//"m.) D>`2ب3 D•2p‘
Äirect /ine (©e/e#h.) >`2ب3 •d
Äirect metho8 D>`2ب3 ةnي>R
Äirect mibing
Äirect n"c/ear 8iaision (Bio/.) >`2ب;%* ة4ل[%* @2<nB*
Äirect obi8ation (Let.) D>`2ب3 D'<sC
Äirect #ick"# (©e/ea.)
Äirect #ress"re >`2ب3 •Ap
Äirect #rocess (Let.) D>`2ب3 ةnي>R
Äirect #ro#ortion (or #ro#ortiona/it!) (Laths.)
Äirect ratio (Laths.) D>`2ب3 ةب<B
Äirect scanning (©e/ea.) >`2ب3 “<3
Äirect se/ector >`2ب3 U(ن3
Äirect so"n8 (Aco"s.) >`2ب3 ŸG™
Äirect so"n8er (©e/eg.) >`2ب3 ŸGl3
Äirect stoke (P/ec. Png.)
Äirect stress (Png.) I4n(<3 $v}2f5 =2Mj‘
Äirect tri#/eb r"/e (Laths.) ةي=>R ة4•m• D'T2ق
Äirect aariation (Laths.) r=*>R* >4A5
Äirect aieYing (©e/ea.)
Äirect ao/tage (P/ec. Png.)
Äirect Yaae (h!s.) D>`2ب3 {jG3
Äirecte8 (a8^.) {jG3
Äirecte8 ang/e (Laths.)
ر*=C . '`ر* . {j1
>`2ب;%* ($o2,>MJ%*) ŠGn%2, |>F
D'E*1 ة4%1= ة4h52+ D>o*= O;€5 ~ D>`2ب3 ة4h52+ D>,2[3
OE>3 |1= S>dC Z%‘ ةvK3 V3) D>`2ب3 D>o*=)
D>`2ب3 ةBر2ق . >`2ب3 |ر2n5
=>v3 ر245 . >;(<3 ر245
>`2ب3 •4ب€5 1C U4€:5 . D>`2ب3 Dر*=‘
0x,x;%*1 $o*GM%* $5>o*= V4,) >`2ب3 |ر2n5)
–)>3 Z%‘ Q2(K5 & ~ D>`2ب3 ةAب™C
ة:€;%* Dر*>K%2, ة\F'5 . >`2ب3 V4[<5
D>`2ب3 ة3'™ . >`2ب3 @=2l5
Vvn%* V3 ةhل([3 ‹2ن™H) >`2ب;%* k4%G(%*)
Uب<3 O4_<5 |1= ~ >`2ب3 ($BGيchل5) W2)ر‘
r=>R i)2ن5 . >`2ب3 i)2ن5
$o2,>Ms OnB •d ZلT ةnT2lل%) D>`2ب3 ة,>p)
Š2J:B* 1C I4[f5 |1= D>`2ب3 (ة4BGيchل(%*) DرGl%* {4F '+2€5 ~ >`2ب3 W2بn()*
D=>v3 ة4vلF . ³2_5&* D'E1 ~ D>;(<3 ة4vلF
ijG3 1C i%2)) ³2_5* Ÿ*ذ ةي1*X ~ {jG3 ةي1*X)
Äirecte8 /ight {jG3 •Gp
Äirecte8 /ine (Laths.) V4:3 ³2_5* 1ذ •d
Äirecte8 net (¢a8io) ةMjG3 ةJب`
Äirecte8 n"mber (Laths.)
Äirecte8 Yaae beam ةMjG3 ة4jG3 ة3cE
Äirecting circ/e (Lath.) ةMjG3 D>o*=
Äirecting c"rae (Laths.) $ل4%= ZنKن3
Äirection-7in8er (¢a8io.) ³2_5&* V4:3
Äirection-7in8er. a"tomatic (¢a8io.) $523G51H* ³2_5&* V4:3
Äirection-7in8ing (¢a8io.) ³2_5&* V4:5
Äirection {4jG5 ‚ ³2_5*
Äirection boar8 {4jG(%* ةEG%
Äirection cosines (Laths.) ³2_5&* @2;5 0G4j
Äirection g!ro (Aero.) {4jG(%* 0GJ)1>4j
Äirection in8icator (Aero.)
Äirection o7 a##roach (Aero.) 0*>(ق&* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 circ"/ation Dر1'%* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 7ee8 (Png.) ةيxA(%* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) W2_;%* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 7/oY
Äirection o7 7orce (Lech.) DGn%* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 /an8ing (Aero.) §GبM%* ةMj1
Äirection o7 /a!
Äirection o7 motion ةs>K%* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 #ro#agation (h!s.) ر2€(B&* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 rotation (Lech.) |*ر1'%* ³2_5*
Äirection o7 tYist
Äirection signs ³2_5&* Ÿ23mT
Äirection sYitch (P/ec. Png.)
Äirection theo8o/ite (´"ra.)
Äirection. com#ass (Lagn.) ةل™Gب%* ³2_5*
Äirectiona/ (a8^.)
Äirectiona/ aeria/ (or antenna) (¢a8io.) $+2_5* $o*G+
Äirectiona/ ba77/e (Aco"s.) ة4+2_5* ةpر2T
Äirectiona/ circ"it-breaker (P/ec. Png.) $+2_5* Dر1= ˜R2ق
Äirectiona/ co"#/er (P/ec. Png.) $+2_5* |ر2ق
Äirectiona/ 8ri//ing (-ia. Png.) $+2_5* >hE
Äirectiona/ 7i/ter (P/ec. -omm.) $+2_5* “`>3
Äirectiona/ g!ro (Aero. ga"t.) ³2_5m% $,GJ)1>4_%* ªF2K%*
Äirectiona/ g!ro contro/ "nit (Aero.( $+2_5&* $,GJ)1>4_%* IJK(%* D'E1
Äirectiona/ g!ro in8icator (Aero.( $,GJ)1>4_%* ³2_5&* V4ب3
Äirectiona/ g!rosco#e (Aero.( $+2_5* 0GJ)1>4j
Äirectiona/ /am# {jG3 ®2بl3
Äirectiona/ /ighting 7ittings (¨//"m.) ة4+2_5&* D•2pž* Ÿ2ب4s>5
Äirectiona/ /o"8s#eaker (Aco"s.) $+2_5* ر2M_3
Äirectiona/ micro#hone (Aco"s.) $+2_5* |GF1>J43
Äirectiona/ ra8io $+2_5* r=*ر X2Mj
Äirectiona/ receiaer (¢a8io.) W2بn()* X2Mj
Äirectiona/ receiaing antenna (¢a8io.) $+2_5* W2بn()* $o*G+
Äirectiona/ rece#tion (¢a8io.) $+2_5* W2بn()*
Äirectiona/ re/a! (P/ec. Png.) $+2_5* OE>3
Äirectiona/ res#onse (¢a8io.) ة4+2_5* ة,2_()*
Äirectiona/ se/ectiait! (¢a8io.) ة4+2_5&* ة4o2n(B&*
Äirectiona/ sensitiait! #attern ة4+2_5&* ة4)2<K%* •;B 1C DرG™
ijG3 1C i%2)) {jG3 ='T)
³2_5&* V4ب3 . ³2_5&* O4%=
024<B&* ³2_5* . UF'(%* ³2_5*
OبJ%* $F) W'_%* DرGvd ³2_5*)
$ل%* ³2_5* . •*G(%&* ³2_5*
>4<%* ³2_5* V4:ي ~ $+2_5* ®2(h3
ة4+2_5* (t4%1=G4•) D*1c3
$M4jG5 . $+2_5*
Äirectiona/ sight (Li/.) $M4jG5 ‹*'M3
Äirectiona/ stabi/it! $+2_5* ر*>n()*
Äirectiona/ transmission (¢a8io.) {jG3 W2)ر‘
Äirectiona/ transmitter (¢a8io.) $+2_5* W2)ر‘ X2Mj
Äirectiae (a8^.) (¢a8io.)
Äirectiae e77icienc! (¢a8io.) ة4+2_5&* ةي2hJ%*
Äirectiae 7orce (P/ec. Png.)
Äirectiae ten8enc! $+2_5&* š1cن%*
Äirectiait! (¢a8io.) ة4MjG;%*
Äirectiait! 7actor ة4+2_5&* O32:3
Äirectiait! in8eb (¢a8io)
Äirectiait! #attern (¢a8io.) ةMjG;%* •;B
Äirect/! (a8a.) 2ي=>R ‚ D>`2ب3
Äirect/! gro"n8 (P/ec. Png.)
Äirect/! heate8 catho8e (©hermionics) D>`2ب3 V[<ي =G•2s
Äirect/! #ro#ortiona/ (a8^.) (Laths.) 2ي=>R i)2ن(3
Äirector circ/e (Laths.) W&'()&* D>o*=
Äirector s#here (Laths.) W&'()&* D>s
Äirectorate (n.) ةي>ي'3 ‚ Dر*=‘
Äirector! Dر*=‘ zل_3 ‚ O4%=
Äirector!. te/e#hone (©e/e#h.)
Äirectrib (weo/.) @2lhB&* {_(3
Äirectrib (Laths.)
Äirigib/e (n.) (Aero.)
Äirt (n.)
Äirt be8s (weo/.) ة;ي'n%* >4F2EH* ة,>5C
Äirt inc/"sion ة,>5H* •*G(E* ‚ $,*>5 SG(K3
Äirt tra# ة,>5•% D'4l3
Äisab/e8 (a8^.)
Äisacchari8es (-hem.) ة4o2ن• Ÿ2ي>J)
Äisaccor8 (n.) >F2ن5‚ ‹md
Äisa8aantage (n.) ر>p ‚ Ÿ*G3 >4} ˜p1
Äisa8aantage (a.) >p ‚ Dc43 V3 @>E
Äisaggregation ? 8isintegration (-hem.)
Äisagreeab/e (a8^.)
Äisagreement (n.)
Äisa/ignment (n.) D*ذ2K;%* Wm(d*
Äisa##ear (a.)
Äisa##earance (n.)
Äisa##earing-7i/ament #!rometer
Äisarm (a.) ®m<%* V3 =>j
Äisarmament (Li/.) ®m<%* šcB
Äisassemb/ing Yrench (Png.) •h%* ®2(h3
Äisassemb/! (n.)
Äisban8 (a.)
Äisc (or 8isk) (a8^.) $™>ق
Äisc (or 8isk) (n.) ¡>ق
Äisc ano8e (©hermionics) $™>ق =GBC
$+2_5* . $M4jG5
ة4<4vنA;%* D>,Á%) {jG;%* DGn%*)
{4jG(%* ة4ل,2ق ةjر= . ة4MjG;%* O4%=
ةق12:3 |1=) D>`2ب3 ’رu3)
$o2;ن4)) Q>[3 ‚ >ي'3)
|Gh4ل(%* O4%= . k52M%* O4%=
$ل4%= •d . O4%=
ة4o*G+ ةن4h) . >44<(%* 1C {4jG(ل% O,2ق =2vن3
{% ة;4ق & rx%* |':;%* Ÿ2(F ‚ ة,>5C ‚ –)1 . Dر*xق
ةي2hJ%* @'T . رGlق . c_T
ة4ل+H* 'ق2F . cj2T
ة4ل+H* @'T . =2:ق‘ . c_T
>4<J5 ‚ OلK5 . ”>h5
WGبn3 >4} . $ن) . ةي>s
”2h5* @'T . ‹m(d*
Z`m5 . Zh(d*
œm5 . •2h(d*
ة4%2:%* Dر*>K%* Ÿ2jر= Š24n%) ة4h([;%* ةل4(h%* >(31>4,)
ZلT ةF=2l;%* †Fر ‚ >Jن()* . V_M()*
•JF . OlF . •F
•Jh5 . •4Jh5
ة•ر2s . ة4ل,
”>h5 . ®>) ‚ OE
Äisc armat"re (P/ec. Png.) $™>ق Q2(B‘ GfT
Äisc bit (Png.) ة4™>ق ة;n% ‚ $™>ق in›3
Äisc brake (Png.)
Äisc cam (Png.) ة4™>ق ة32s
Äisc c/"tch ? #/ate c/"tch (Png.) $™>ق †,2ق
Äisc con8enser (P/ec. Png.) $™>ق k›J3
Äisc co"/ter (Agric.)
Äisc crank (Png.)
Äisc 8ischarger (P/ec. Png.) ر*1= ¡>n, ر>` D>A•
Äisc e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) $™>ق =1>(J%*
Äisc e/ectrometer (P/ec. Png.) $™>ق >(31>(J%*
Äisc 7an
Äisc 7i/ter (Png.) $™>ق “`>3
Äisc 7/!Yhee/ (Png.) ة4™>ق ةF*xE
Äisc grin8er (Png.) ة4™>ق ةdmj
Äisc. 8riaing (Png.) Dر*=ž* ¡>ق
Äisc. 7riction (Png.) ]2J(E&* ¡>ق
Äiscar8 (n.)
Äiscar8 (a.)
Äiscern (a.)
Äiscernment (n.)
Äischarge (n.) “ي><5 ‚ kي>l5 ‚ qي>h5
Äischarge (a.)
Äischarge a batter! (a.) (P/ec. Png.) ةير2v, >F
Äischarge a g"n (Li/.) ة4ق'ن, V3 ر2ن%* UلRC
Äischarge air sha7t (Lining.) ةيGM5 >\,
Äischarge arch (B"i/8.)
Äischarge cock (Png.) kي>l5 zبK3
Äischarge coe77icient (-!8.) kي>l(%* O32:3
Äischarge crane (Png.) qي>h(%* š2F>3
Äischarge ga"ge (-!8.) UF'(%* Š24n3
Äischarge harroY (Agric.)
Äischarge hea8 (Png.) kي>l(%* GلT
Äischarge ke! (P/ec. Png.) qي>h5 ®2(h3
Äischarge /am# (¨//"m.) qي>h5 ®2بl3
Äischarge /ine (P/ec. Png.) qي>h(%* •d
Äischarge noyy/e (Png.) kي>l5 ة+GF
Äischarge #i#e (Png.)
Äischarge #ress"re (Png.) kي>l(%* •Ap
Äischarge rate (P/ec. Png.) qي>h(%* W':3
Äischarge resistance (P/ec. Png.) ة4Aي>h5 ة312n3
Äischarge ro8 (P/ec. Png.) qي>h5 i4fق
Äischarge s#ark (h!s.) qي>h(%* Dر*>`
Äischarge ta# kي>l5 رGبن™
Äischarge termina/ qي>h(%* ةvK3
Äischarge tongs (P/ec. Png.) Ÿ2h›J;%* qي>h5 •nل3
Äischarge t"be (©hermionics) qي>h5 @2;™ 1C 0GبBC
Äischarge aa/ae (Png.) kي>l5 @2;™
Äischarge ae/ocit! (Png.) kي>l(%* ةT>)
Äischarge. acci8enta/ $pر2T qي>h5
Äischarge. ann"a/ rGن<%* UF'%*
Äischarge. arc (h!s.) $)Gق qي>h5
Äischarge. br"sh (h!s.) $BGj>F qي>h5
Äischarge. corona (h!s.) $%2+ qي>h5
ة4™>ق ةل3>F . $™>ق “بJ3
ر1xب%* Iل5 U€%) «*>K;%* $F $™>ق ˜R2ق)
$™>ق UF>3 . $™>ق 'T2)
œ2يرC Ÿ*ذ) ة4™>ق ةE1>3)
®1>v3 ¬` . ةي2hB
®>R . Z3ر . xبB
V4ب5 . >l,C . ]ر=C . c43
ر2l,‘ . ]*ر=‘ . c44;5
Q>dC . UلRC ‚ UلvB* ‚ |Gل%* W*XC . >lق ‚ ZhTC . ®>) ‚ ‹>™ . >FC . >F
•o2K%* $F ةK(F ”GF =2€5 ~ qي>h5 D>vنق
’رH* '4M;(%) ة4™>ق ةnل€3)
qي>h5 ة,GبBC . kي>l5 DرG)23
Äischarge. c"rrent (P/ec.) qي>h(%* ر245
Äischarge. c"rae (-!8.) 0G<ن;%*1 kي>l(%* ZنKن3
Äischarge. 8ate o7 ‹>l%* 1C “ي><(%* –ير25
Äischarge. e/ectrica/ (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms qي>h5
Äischarge. gas (h!s.) rX2} qي>h5
Äischarge. #oint (Png.) $vhB qي>h5
Äischarge. #ort (Png.) kي>l(%* xhن3
Äischarge. s#ark (h!s.) rر*>` qي>h5
Äischargeabi/it! (-hem.)
Äischargeab/e (-hem.) Dر2lnل% O,2ق
Äischargeab/e Yeight {Aي>h5 VJ;;%* |XG%*
Äischarger (P/ec. Png.) qي>h5 X2Mj
Äisci#/inar! (a8^.)
Äisci#/inar! action $بي=—5 >4,'5 1C O;T
Äisci#/ine (n.)
Äisci#/ine (a.)
Äisci#/ine. breach o7 §2بfB&* ةh%2[3
Äisc/ose (a.)
Äiscoi8a/ (n.. a8^.)
Äisco/or ? 8isco/o"r (a.)
Äisco/ore8 (a8^.)
Äiscom7ort (n.)
Äiscom7ort (a.)
Äiscone antenna (¢a8io) $R1>[3 $™>ق $o*G+
Äiscon7ormit! (weo/.) UF*G(%* @'T
Äiscon7ormit!. ang"/ar r1*X k%2[5
Äiscon7ormit!. #ara//e/ (weo/.) X*G(3 k%2[5
Äisconnect (a.)
Äisconnect (a.)
Äisconnectab/e (a8^.)
Äisconnecte8 circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ة%Glh3 D>o*=
Äisconnecting gear (Png.)
Äisconnecting /eaer (Png.) OlF š*رذ
Äisconnecting /ink (P/ec. Png.) ة%X2T ةل™1 ‚ OlF ةnلE
Äisconnecting sYitch (P/ec. Png.) OlF ®2(h3
Äisconnection ? 8iscontin"it! (P/ec. Png.)
Äisconnector ? interce#tor (´an. Png.)
Äiscontin"it! (P/ec. Png.)
Äiscontin"it! (n.)
Äiscontin"it! #oint š2vnB&* ةvnB
Äiscontin"o"s (a8^.)
Äiscontin"o"s 8istrib"tion (Bio/.)
Äiscontin"o"s 7"nction (Laths.) ةلl(3 >4} ة%*=
Äiscontin"o"s aariation (Bio/.)
Äiscor8 (n.)
Äiscor8 (a.)
Äiscor8ance (n.)
Äiscor8ant (a8^.)
Äiscor8ant in^ection (Png.) UF*G(3 >4} VnE
Äisco"nt (n.)
Äisco"nt (a.)
Äisco"nt rate
Äisco"#/ing (P/ec. Png.. Lech.) |ر2n(%* •F
|*G%•%) Dر2ln%* ةل,2ق)
$R2بfB* . $vبp ‚ $بي=—5
iي=—5 ‚ @2NB ‚ §2بfB* . •بp
0=C . iق2T
Z€FC ‚ |24:ل% S',C . k€s
$B2™>ق . ¡>n%* {4ب`
{BG% W*X . OlB . |Gل%* W2EC . |Gل%* W*XC
{(%*X‘ 1C |Gل%* WGlB . Dر2lق 1C >lق
O™2B . |Gل%* Oo2E
ةn€3 . Q2TX‘
OlF . WcT . OE . •F
OlF . WcT . OE . •F
Olhني . Olhي . W2lhB&* 1C Olhل% O,2ق
Olh%* Š>5 . OlF X2Mj
W2lhB* . OlF
ةMي>J%* “o*1>%*) Š2ب(E* UF>3 ‚ O™2F)
O™G;%* $F) D>A•)
kقG5 . W2l5&* š2vnB* . ر*>;()&* @'T
>;(<3 & . Ol(3 >4} . ˜vnن3
š*GBH* 'EH) ˜vn(3 ˜يXG5)
ر=2B 1C $ocj ‹m(d* . Ol(3 >4} ‹m(d*
UF*G5 @'T . ‹m(d* . X2€B . c€B . >F2ن5
c€B . kل(d*
X2€B . (Ÿ*G™H*) >F2ن5
c`2B . kل([3 . >F2ن(3
Ild) . I<E)
Ild) . I<E)
I<K%* >:<3 . Il[%* >:)
Äisco"rse (n.)
Äiscoaer (a.) k€(s*
Äiscoaer! (n.) ‹2€(s*
Äiscoaer! Ye// (et. Png.) k€J%* >\,
Äiscre8it (a.) ZلT Uي'l(%* †Fر ‚ ة:;) ³G` ‚ 0xs
Äiscreet (a8^.)
Äiscre#anc! (n.)
Äiscrete (a8^.) (Bot.)
Äiscrete (weo/.)
Äiscrete #ro#ortion (Laths.) Olhن3 i)2ن5
Äiscrete Yor8 inte//igibi/it! ةق>h(;%* Ÿ2;لJ%* UvB ®Gp1
Äiscriminant (a8^.) c4;3
Äiscriminant (n.) (Laths.)
Äiscriminate (a8^.) c4;(3
Äiscriminate (a.) c43
Äiscriminating circ"it-breaker (P/ec. Png.)
Äiscrimination (Png.) Š24n%* X2Mj ة4)2<E
Äiscrimination (n.) c44;5
Äiscriminator (P/ec. Png.) c4;3
Äisc"s (n.) ¡>ق
Äisc"ss (a.)
Äisc"ssion (n.)
Äisease. contagio"s
Äise8ge8 (a8^.)
Äisembark (a.)
Äisembarkation (n.)
Äisengage (a.)
Äisengage8 (a8^.)
Äisengagement (n.)
Äisengaging c/"tch (Png.) U4€:(%* OlF †,2ق
Äisengaging co"#/ing (Png.) ة4%2lhB* ةBر2ق
Äisengaging gear U4€:(%* OlF Š>5
Äisengaging /eaer (Png.)
Äisengaging mechanism (Png.)
Äisengaging n"t (Png.)
Äisengaging sYitch
Äise9"i/ibri"m (h!s.)
Äisgrace (n.)
Äisgrace (a.)
Äisgrace7"/ con8"ct
Äisg"ise (n.)
Äisg"ise (a.)
Äish-bottom tank (Png.) š2n%* >:n3 |*cd
Äisharmonic 7o/8s (weo/.) ة4n)2ن5 & Ÿ24R
Äisharmon! (eoo/.) >F2ن5
Äishe8 bottom Uبv%2s >:n3 š2ق
Äishe8 hea8 >:n3 Š*ر
Äishe8 #/ate (Png.) >:n3 ®G%
Äishe8 Yhee/ (Png.) >:n3 0&1=
Äisincr"stant (a8^.) (Png.) رG€nل% Oيc3
Äisincr"stant (n.)
ة•=2K3 . Œي'E
Oق2T . I4JE . VvF
†ق2ن5 . ’ر2:5 . ‹m(d*
c4;(3 . Olhن3
•,*>(3 >4} . t(h(3
”>h5 . W2lhB* ‚ @cE . ةنvF
ة%*'%*) c4;3)
@Gل:3 ³2_5* $F ر24(%* r><ي 23'نT •nF O;:ي ~ c4;3 D>o*= ˜R2ق
ŒK, . ²ق2B
ة›E2ب3 . ة€ق2ن3
•*= . ’>3
ر2) ’>3 . ':3 ’>3
‹>v%* Iل›3 . 'K%* O4لs
>F . WcBC . ةن4h<%* V3 WcBC
qي>h5 . ةن4h<%* V3 W1cB . ةن4h<%* V3 W*cB‘
•hB* . OlhB* ‚ ZhTC . ‡لd ‚ U4€:(%* OlF . OlF
WGlh3 . ]GJh3
U4€:(%* OlF ‚ W2lhB* . OlF
Olh%* š*رذ . ”mRž* ةل(T
U4€:(%* OlF ة4%‰ . Olh%* ة4%‰
ةR>[;%* $F (•,>%* 1C) Olh%* ة%G;™
”mRž* ®2(h3 . U4€:(%* OlF ®2(h3
|X*G(%* @*':B* . |X*G(%* Wm(d*
ر2T . rcd
ةب5>%* V3 =>j ‚ WذC . |2+C
i4:3 ]Gل) . Vo2` ]Gل)
>() . ³G3 . >(<5 . >Jن5
{يG;5 . k[5 . >Jن5
UبR . ةhK™
Ÿ2يmA%*) $F رG€n%* ˜B23)
Äisin7ect (a.)
Äisin7ectant (-hem.)
Äisin7ection (Le8.)
Äisintegrate (a.)
Äisintegration (h!s. weo/.)
Äisintegration constant (h!s.)
Äisintegrator ? 8isintegrating mi// (Png.)
Äis^oin (a.)
Äis^oint (a.)
Äis^"nct (a8^.)
Äis^"nction (n.)
Äisk ? 8isc ¡>ق
Äisk 7riction (Png.)
Äis/ocate (a.)
Äis/ocate8 8e#osit (weo/.)
Äis/ocation (n.)
Äis/o8ge (a.)
Äis/o8gment (n.)
Äismant/e (a.)
Äismant/ement (n.)
Äismant/ing 7/ange (Png.) •hل% ةل,2ق ةh`
Äismant/ing se9"ence (Png.)
Äismant/ing too/ (Png.) •F D*=C
Äismember (a.) ”c3 ‚ •*cjC Z%‘ I<ق
Äismiss (a.)
Äismissa/ (n.)
Äismissa/ o7 charge
Äismo"nt (a.)
Äismo"ntab/e (a8^.)
Äisobe8ient (a8^.)
Äisobe! (a.)
Äisor8er (n.)
Äisor8er/! con8"ct ةv4<, ةKنj ‚ O([3 ]Gل)
Äisorganiye (a.)
Äisorient (a.)
Äis#arit! (n.)
Äis#art (a.)
Äis#atch (n.)
Äis#atch (a.)
Äis#atch centre ˜يXG5 cs>3
Äis#atcher O)>3
Äis#e/ (a.) ˜€ق ‚ =',
Äis#ensar! (Le8.)
Äis#ense (a.)
Äis#enser. oi/ tيc%* šXG3
Äis#ersant (n.) (-hem.) t(€3
Äis#erse (a.)
Äis#erse8 #hase (-hem.)
Äis#ersing agent
I4•*>_%*) =2,C . >MR)
I4•*>_ل% '4ب3 . >Mv3
I4•*>_%* D=2,‘ . >4Mv5
t(h5 . t(F
I4vK5 . WmKB* . t(h5 . t4(h5
ة:€;%* >o2Nنل%) WmKB&* t,2•)
VK<%* 1C UK<%* X2Mj . t(h3
•F . OE . OlF
W2l5&* •F . OE . OlF
š1cن3 . WGلK3 . WGlh3
W2lhB* . ‡F
{4F ¡>n%* |*ر1'% Oo2<%* ة312n3 ~ $™>n%* ]2J(E&*
˜ل[B* . {:pG3 V3 ®*cB* ‚ ®*XC . ˜لd
$ل™H* 2M:pG3 VT) . ةE*c3 Dر*>ق)
]2JhB* . W2lhB* ‚ ˜لd . šm[B*
Q>dC ‚ ®*XC . ˜لd . {B2J3 V3 =>R
Q*>d‘ ‚ ةE*X‘ . =>R
S>T ‚ Ÿ*':;%* V3 =>j ‚ •JF . •F
•F ‚ ةي>:5 . 'ي>_5
•4Jh(%* Ÿ*Gvd . •h%* ˜,2(5
=>R . ®>) . ‹>™
=>R . “ي><5 . ‹>™
SGT'%* {j1 •2n(B* . ة;s2K;%* ˜ن3
Oj>5 ‚ •JF . OE . ˜لd
•4Jh(ل% O,2ق . ˜ل[ل% O,2ق
Oj>5 ‚ OE . ˜لd . •F
ةh%2[3 ‚ =>;5 . |24lT
”2T . =>;(3 . ¡2T
k%2d . =>;5 . ZlT
ZpGF . @2Nن%2, Wmd‘ . @2Nن%* Oلd
I4Nن(%* =2<F 1C =2<F‘ . ²يG€5
i45>5 1C @2Nن, OdC . œG`
rG<%* ˜pG%* VT ‹>E ‚ OpC . Oلp
Vي2ب5 . Ÿ12h5 . ‹m(d*
I<nB* . OlhB* . I<ق . OlF
ةلj2T ة%2)ر . ة4ق>, ‚ X2_B‘ ‚ W2)ر‘
O)رC . ”>,C ‚ c_BC
$B2_3 k™G(<3 . Zh€(<3 . ة4%'4™ . k™G(<3
W'4™ ‚ VT ZنA()* . ZhTC ‚ •<ق . ”>F . šX1
=1c3 ‚ $%'4™ . ةي1=C šXG3
ر2›(B* . >•2ن5 . t(€5 . t4(€5
>›(B* . t(€5 . رذ . Œ, . >›B . t(`
$B*1>} WGلK3 $F) t(€3 رGR)
Ÿ2\يc_%* Ž3'5 ˜ن;%) t4(€5 O32T)
Äis#ersion coe77icient (P/ec. Png.)
Äis#ersion c"rae (±ight.)
Äis#ersion har8ening ? #reci#itation har8ening (Let.) i)>(%2, =m™ž*
Äis#ersion me8i"m (-hem.)
Äis#ersion o7 /ight (h!s.) •Gf%* t(€5
Äis#ersion #hotometer (¨//"m.)
Äis#ersion yone t(€(%* ةnvن3
Äis#ersion. chromatic (±ight.) $BG% t(€5
Äis#ersion. in8eb o7 (Laths.) t(€(%* O32:3
Äis#ersit! (-hem.) r1>A%* t(€(%* ةjر=
Äis#ersiae #oYer (±ight.) t4(€(%* Dر'ق
Äis#ersoi8 (-hem. Let.) ة(بن;%* D=2;%*
Äis#/ace (a.)
Äis#/aceab/e (a8^.) ةE*XÁ% O,2ق
Äis#/ace8 (a8^.) ®*c3
Äis#/ace8 mass (weo/.) ةE*c3 ةل(s
Äis#/acement (h!s.) ®*c;%* •$€%* |X1 1C I_E ‚ ةE*X‘
Äis#/acement correction k™*>(%* —vd “4Kl5
Äis#/acement c"rrent (¢a8io. h!s.) ةE*Xž* ر245
Äis#/acement /aY (h!s.) ةE*Xž* |GB2ق
Äis#/acement /"bricator (Png.) $E*X‘ tيc3
Äis#/acement meter ةE*Xž* Š24n3
Äis#/acement o7 /i9"i8s (h!s.) Oo*G<%* ةE*X‘
Äis#/acement #"m# (-ia. Png.)
Äis#/acement resonance $E*X‘ V4Bر
Äis#/acement series ? e/ectromotiae series (-hem.) r=1>(J%&* 'M_%* ةل<ل<(3
Äis#/acement yone (weo/.) ةE*Xž* ةnvن3
Äis#/acement. anti-resonance $<JT $E*X‘ V4Bر
Äis#/acement. e/ectric (h!s.) ة4o2,>Ms ةE*X‘
Äis#/acement. engine ]>K;%* Ÿ2B*Gv)* ة:)
Äis#/acement. /atera/ (±ight.) $بB2j |2KيX
Äis#/acement. #hase (P/ec. Png.) ةيرGv%* ةE*Xž*
Äis#/acement. #ositiae ة4,2_ي‘ ةE*X‘
Äis#/acements. #iston Š2بJ%* ةE*X‘
Äis#/acer (Png.) $F2p‘ Š2بs
Äis#/acer ? #/"m (-ia. Png.)
Äis#/a! (a.)
Äis#/a! #ane/ (©e/e#h.) ’>:%* ةEG%
Äis#osab/e /i7t
Äis#osab/e /oa8 ‡ل[(%* O;E
Äis#osa/ o7 a 9"estion
Äis#ose (a.)
Äis#osition (n.)
Äis#ro#ortion i)2ن(%* Wm(d*
Äis#roae (a.)
Äis#"tation (n.)
Äis#"te (n.)
Äis#"te (a.)
Äis9"a/i7! (a.) Dر*'_%* @'T VلTC ‚ ة4ل+H* 'nFC
Äisregar8 (n.)
®cn5 . Uي>h5 . ”>h5 . ر2€(B* . t(€5 . t4(€5
$(E رG5G3 $F) 0><(%* O32:3)
{j*G3C WGv% ةب<ن%2,) •Gf%* ‹2v:B* ZنKن3)
t(€(%* •)1 . t4(€(%* •)1
$)24n%* ®2بl;%2, 2M(Bر2n3 Oبق ةن4:3 ةب<ن, D'€%* kh[ي D•2pž* D'€% Š24n3 ~ ='ب3 >(3G5GF
OK3 OE . ®*XC
§GAf;%* •*GM%2, Oo2<%* 2M4F ®*cي ~ ة4E*X‘ ة[f3
ةB2)>[%* >4FG(%) ةE*X‘ >_E)
’>T . >M•C . •<,
{ن3 ‡ل[(%* VJ;ي ‚ —4M3 . c+2j . >FG(3
D>FG(3 (ة:F*ر) DGق
V3 ‡ل[5 ‚ ‹>l5 ‚ I4Nن5 . i45>5
ة%—<3 ة4hl5 . ة4fق OE
V3) ‡ل[5 ‚ (0) ‹>l5 ‚ —4+ . INB . i5ر)
O43 . ˜بR ‚ ‡ل[5 . >4,'5 . U4<ن5
|mv, tب•C . †E=
W'j . ة%=2_3 ‚ @2ld . š*cB
W*'j ‚ š*cB . @2ld
I™2d . šX2B
ة4ل+C @'T . رGlق
«*>(s* @'T . O+2_5 . ‹2h[()*
Äisregar8 (a.)
Äisre#air (n.)
Äisr"#t (a8^.)
Äisr"#t (a.)
Äisr"#te8 7o/8 (weo/.) ةقc;3 ة4R
Äisr"#tion o7 comm"nications Ÿm™*G;%* š2vnB*
Äisr"#tiae (a8^.)
Äisr"#tiae con8"ction (P/ec. Png.) $nيc;5 O4™G5
Äisr"#tiae 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $nيc;5 qي>h5
Äisr"#tiae s#ark (P/ec. Png.) Uيc;(%* Dر*>`
Äisr"#tiae strength (P/ec. Png.)
Äisr"#tiae strength o7 8ie/ectric (P/ec. Png.) $nيc;(%* =2Mjž*
Äisr"#tiae ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) Uيc;(%* ة4vلF
Äissect (a.)
Äissecte8 (a8^.)
Äissector m"/ti#/ier (©e/ea.)
Äisseminate (a.)
Äisseminate8 8e#osit (weo/.) D>›(ن3 Dر*>ق
Äisse#iment (n.)
Äissimi/ar (a8^.)
Äissimi/it"8e (n.)
Äissi#ate (a.)
Äissi#ate8 (a8^.)
Äissi#ate8 #oYer D='ب;%* Dر'n%*
Äissi#ating action r'ي'ب5 O:F
Äissi#ation (P/ec. -omm.)
Äissi#ation 7actor (h!s.) ='ب(%* O32T
Äissi#ation o7 energ! (Png.. h!s.)
Äissi#ation. e/ectro8e (h!s.)
Äissi#atiae netYork (P/ec. -omm.)
Äissociate (a.)
Äissociation (-hem.)
Äissociation b! heat (-hem.) Dر*>K%2, •Jh5
Äissociation constant (-hem.) •Jh(%* t,2•
Äissociation #oint (-hem.)
Äissociation. e/ectro/!tic (-hem.)
Äisso/"b/e (a8^.) OKل% 1C |2,1xل% O,2ق
Äisso/"tion (-hem.)
Äisso/"tion. r"bber (-hem.)
Äisso/ae (a.)
Äisso/ae8 carbon (-hem.) 0*x3 |G,>s
Äisso/ae8 gas 8riae (Png.) ة,*x;%* Ÿ*X2A%* =';5
Äisso/ae8 gases (-hem.) ة,*x3 Ÿ*X2}
Äisso/aent (a8^.. n.) iيx3
Äisso/aing agent (-hem.) iيx3 O32T
Äisso/aing #oYer (-hem.) ة,*ذž* Dر'ق
Äisso/aing "nit. ca"stic (-hem.) ةي12J%* =*G;%* ة,*ذ‘ D'E1
Äissonance (Aco"s.) V4Bر & ‚ >F2ن5
Äissonant (a8^.) (Aco"s.) >F2ن(3
Äiss!mmetric (a/) trans8"cer (P/ec. Png.)
0) k[()* . O+2_5 . VT $p2A5)
ivT . Oلd
š'l(3 . ”c;3
”c;5 . š'l5 . š'™ . OvT ‚ IvE ‚ ”c3
š'l5 . I4vK5 . ”c;5 . Uيc;5
$nيc;5 . ”c;3
$nيc;(%* qي>h(ل% (WX2:%*) ة312n3
Ccj ‚ ةق', ‡KF . OلE ‚ ®>`
Cc_3 . >v€3 . ®>€3
24B1>(J%‘ 2hT2f31 رGlل% mلK3 Ifي Q1=c3 X2Mj ~ OلK3 kT2f3
>›(B* . ”>F . =', ‚ رx, . >›B . >€B . Œ,
Œ, . 'ي'ب5 . ˜يXG5 ‚ رx, . ر2›(B*
O™2F •2€} . cj2E
ةE1>RC . WGv3 ŒK,
{,2€(3 >4} . >ي2A3 . Vي2ب(3
{,2€5 'T . >ي2A5 . Vي2ب5
Vي2ب5 ةvnB . Vي2ب5
t(` . ”>F . ='ب5 . =',
='ب(3 . ='ب3
='ب5 . 'ي'ب5
ةق2v%* 'ي'ب5 . ةق2v%* ='ب5
ةق2vل%) r=1>(J%&* ='ب(%*)
2+'ي'ب(% & ةق2v%* ¡2l(3& D':3 ~ ةي'ي'ب5 ةJب`
Wc(T* ‚ •Jh5 ‚ OlF . OE . •JF
WmKB* . •Jh5 . OE
•Jh(%* (Dر*>E ةjر=) ةvnB
Ÿ2BGيC Z%‘) $(4%1>(J%* •Jh5)
OE . WmKB* . |2,1ذ
U™& $R2v3 . |G_:3
0*ذC . 01ذ . t(F . OE
O•2;(3 & Oق2B . $ل•2;5 & ةق2R WGK3
Äiss!mmetric(a/) (a8^.)
Äiss!mmetric(a/) netYork
Äiss!mmetr! O•2;5 &
Äista/ (a8^.)
Äista/ en8 (Bio/.) '4:, ‹>R
Äistance-meas"ring e9"i#ment (Aero.) Ÿ2F2<;%* Š24ق Ÿ*':3
Äistance . yenith ة4(;<%* ةF2<;%*
Äistance an8 ang/e ga"ge ةي1*c%*1 ':ب%* Š24ق ='K3
Äistance bo/t (Png.) 'T2ب3 ر2;<3
Äistance contro/ ? remote contro/ (P/ec. Png.) ':, V3 IJK5
Äistance ga"ge (Png.) r':, Š24ق ='K3
Äistance mark (¢a8io.)
Äistance meter Ÿ2F2<;%* Š24n3
Äistance #iece (or b/ock) (B"i/8. -ia. Png.) D'T2ب3 ة:vق
Äistance #rotection ? im#e8ance #rotectiae s!stem (P/ec. Png.) ةق12:;%* Š24n, $o2ق1 @2NB
Äistance re/a! ? im#e8ance re/a! (P/ec. Png.) ةق12:;%2, O;:ي OE>3
Äistance ring (Png.) D'T2ب3 ةnلE
Äistance s/eeae ? 8istancing b"sh (Png.) D'T2ب3 ةبلj
Äistance. air (Aero.) ةيG_%* ةF2<;%*
Äistance. ang"/ar r1*X ':,
Äistance. inc/ine8 (´"ra.) ةلo2;%* ةF2<;%*
Äistance. mean ة4v)G%* ةF2<;%*
Äistance. norma/ (´"ra.) ةي=G;:%* ةF2<;%*
Äistant-rea8ing com#ass (Png.) ':, VT D•*>nل% ةل™G,
Äistant-rea8ing instr"ment (Png.) ':, VT C>nي Š24ق X2Mj
Äistant-rea8ing thermometer (h!s.) ':, VT C>nي >(3G3>5
Äistant (a8^.)
Äistant batter! (©e/eg.)
Äistant contro/ ':, VT IJK5
Äistant reconnaissance '4:, šmv()*
Äistem#er (aint.)
Äisten8 (a.)
Äistension ? 8istention
Äisti/ o77 (a.) >4vn(%2, W*XC
Äisti/ o"t (a.) >4vn(%2, OlF
Äisti/(/) (a.)
Äisti//ate (n.) (-hem.)
Äisti//ate recoaer! (-hem.) Dر2vn%* D=2:()*
Äisti//ate. ao/ati/e (-hem.) D>ي2v(3 Dر2vق
Äisti//ation (-hem.) >4vn5
Äisti//ation a##arat"s (-hem.) >4vn5 X2Mj
Äisti//ation co/"mn (-hem.) >4vn5 =G;T
Äisti//ation 7/ask (-hem.) >4vn5 Dر1ر2ق
Äisti//ation 7ractiona/ $oc_5 >4vn5
Äisti//ation 7"rnace >4vn5 |>F
Äisti//ation o7 coa/ IKh%* >4vn5
Äisti//ation o7 so/i8s ةبلl%* =*G;%* >4vn5
Äisti//ation o7 ao/ati/e so/aents
Äisti//ation #/ant (et. Png.) >4vn5 D'E1
Äisti//ation #ress"re >4vn(%* •Ap
Äisti//ation range (-hem.) >4vn(%* S'3
Äisti//ation resi8"e (et. Png.) >4vn(%* Ÿ2hل[(3
Äisti//ation tem#erat"re (-hem.) >4vn(%* Dر*>E ةjر=
O•2;(3 >4} . $ل•2;5 & . O•2;(3 &
Š ة4ل•2;5 & ةJب` . ة4ل•2;5 & ة4Jب`
ZlقC . $lق . '4:,
':, . S'3 . ةF2<3
ر*=*>%* ة`2` ZلT) ':ب%* Dر2`‘)
•2B . $lق . '4:,
•[%* ةي2MB $F ةير2v, ~ D'4:, ةير2v,
‹Gn<%*1 |*ر'_ل%) $o23 •mR)
I[f5 . ˜)G5 ‚ –hB ‚ '3 . •3
˜)G5 . ¸2h(B* -=';5 . •v;5
>vn5 . >vق
>4vn(%* Ž52B . Dر2vق
WGلK;%* $F) Dر24v%* Ÿ2بيx;%* >4vn5)
Äisti//ation test >4vn(%* ر2ب(d*
Äisti//ation "n8er 8iminishe8 #ress"re (-hem.) O[ل[3 •Ap tK5 >4vn5
Äisti//ation "nit. cr"8e @2[%* >4vn5 D'E1
Äisti//ation. atmos#heric rG_%* >4vn(%*
Äisti//ation. batch Ÿ2:F= ZلT >4vn5
Äisti//ation. 8estr"ctiae (-hem.) @*'+ >4vn5
Äisti//ation. 8r! (-hem.) ‹2j >4vn5
Äisti//ation. 7/ash ˜ي>) >4vn5
Äisti//ation. isotherma/ Dر*>K%* ةjر= t,2• >4vn5
Äisti//ation. #ress"re $vAf%* >4vn(%*
Äisti//ation. aac""m $}*>h%* >4vn(%*
Äisti//e8 (a8^.) >vn3
Äisti//e8 oi/ >vn3 tيX
Äisti//e8 Yater (-hem.) >vn3 •23
Äisti//e8 Yater coo/er (-hem.) >vn;%* •2;%* =>ب3
Äisti//er (-hem.)
Äisti//er! (-hem.)
Äisti//ing a##arat"s (-hem.) >4vn5 X2Mj
Äisti//ing 7/asks (-hem.) >4vn5 >ير*Gق
Äisti//ing #/ant (Png.) >4vn5 D'E1
Äisti//ing tank >4vn5 |*cd
Äistinct (a8^.)
Äistinct be88ing (weo/.) “p*1 Uبv5
Äistinct o8o"r ةن4, ةKo*ر
Äistinctiae (a8^.) c4;3
Äistinctiae characters Dc4;3 Ÿ2h™
Äistinctiae #ro#ert! Dc4;3 ة™2d
Äisting"ish (a.) c43
Äisting"ishing sign Dc4;3 ة3mT
Äistort (a.)
Äistorte8 (a8^.)
Äistorte8 cr!sta/s ةjG:3 Ÿ*رGل,
Äistorte8 Yaae (P/ec. Png.) ة+G€3 ةjG3
Äistorting mirror (h!s.) ة+G€3 D‰>3
Äistorting netYork (P/ec. Png.) ة+G€3 ة4Jب`
Äistortion-7ree (a8^.)
Äistortion (P/ec. -omm.)
Äistortion an8 8i/ation =';51 •*G(%*
Äistortion correction (©e/eg.) ³G€(%* “4Kl5
Äistortion o7 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) W2_;%* ³G€5
Äistortion set (P/ec. -omm.) ³G€(%* Š24n% X2Mj
Äistortion test (Png.) ³G€(%* ر2ب(d*
Äistortion to/erance (Png.) ³G€(ل% {, ®G;<;%* Ÿ12h(%*
Äistortion/ess /ine (P/ec. -omm.) {4F ³G€5 & OnB •d
Äistraint (n.)
Äistress ca// ة•2A()* •*'B
Äistress signa/ ة•2A()* Dر2`‘
Äistrib"tar! (n.) (weog.)
Äistrib"te (a.)
Äistrib"te8 /oa8 šXG3 O;E
Äistrib"te8 Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) šXG3 k%
Äistrib"ter ? 8istrib"tor šXG3
>vn3 . >4vn5 X2Mj
>4vn(%* |2J3 . >vn3
c4;(3 . $لj . “p*1
c44;5 ‚ •mj . ®Gp1
QGT . SG% . ³G`
QG:3 . G(ل3 . ³G€3
³G€(%* V3 W2d . ³G€(%* “Kl3
³G€5 . •*G(%* . {يG€5
Vي'% •2h4()*) >_E)
U4p . D'`
>MB V3) š>F )
”>F . I<ق . šX1
Äistrib"ter aa/ae (Png.) ˜يXG(%* @2;™
Äistrib"ting (a8^.) $:يXG5 ‚ šXG3
Äistrib"ting boar8 ? 8istrib"ting-bob (P/ec. Png.)
Äistrib"ting centre (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG5 cs>3
Äistrib"ting con8"it ˜يXG5 S>_3
Äistrib"ting main (P/ec. Png.)
Äistrib"ting mani7o/8 (Png.) ˜يXG(%* i:€3
Äistrib"ting netYork (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG5 ة4Jب`
Äistrib"ting #oint (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* ةvnB
Äistrib"ting reseraoir (-!8.) ˜يXG5 |*cd
Äistrib"ting station (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG5 ةvK3
Äistrib"ting sYitch (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG5 ®2(h3
Äistrib"ting sYitchboar8 (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* “452h3 ةEG%
Äistrib"tion (-hem.)
Äistrib"tion boar8 (P/ec. -omm.. P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG5 ةEG%
Äistrib"tion boar8 Yiring s!stem ˜يXG(%* ةEG% $F ]m)H* O4™G5 @2NB
Äistrib"tion bob (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* ةبلT
Äistrib"tion cab/e (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* Oبs
Äistrib"tion coe77icient ? #artition coe77icient (-hem.) ˜يXG(%* O32:3
Äistrib"tion c"rae ˜يXG(%* ZنKن3
Äistrib"tion 7actor (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* O32T
Äistrib"tion 7rame (©e/e#h.) ˜يXG(%* ر2R‘
Äistrib"tion 7"se-boar8 (P/ec. Png.)
Äistrib"tion /aY (-hem.. Png.) ˜يXG(%* |GB2ق
Äistrib"tion /osses (Png.) ˜يXG(%* Ÿ*=Gnh3
Äistrib"tion o7 charge (P/ec.) ةنs2<%* ة4o2,>MJ%* ةنK€%* šXG5
Äistrib"tion o7 8"ties Ÿ2بj*G%* ˜يXG5
Äistrib"tion o7 /oa8 (Png.) O;K%* ˜يXG5
Äistrib"tion o7 #ress"re (h!s.) •Af%* ˜يXG5
Äistrib"tion #ane/ ˜يXG5 ةEG%
Äistrib"tion #i//ar (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG5 =G;T
Äistrib"tion reseraoir (-!8. Png.) ˜يXG5 |*cd
Äistrib"tion sYitchboar8 (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* “452h3 ةEG%
Äistrib"tion s!stem (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* @2NB
Äistrib"tion. ran8om $o*G€T ˜يXG5
Äistrib"tiae (a8^.) $:يXG5
Äistrib"tiae /aY (Laths. -hem.) ˜يXG(%* |GB2ق
Äistrib"tor (P/ec. Png. ©e/eg.)
Äistrib"tor breaker (P/ec. Png.) šXG;%* ˜R2ق
Äistrib"tor coi/ (Png.) W2:`‘ kل3
Äistrib"tor con8enser (P/ec. Png.) šXG;%* k›J3
Äistrib"tor re/a! (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* OE>3
Äistrib"tor ro//er (©!#og.)
Äistrib"tor timing mechanism (P/ec. Png.) ˜يXG(%* t4قG5 ة4%‰
Äistrib"tor aa/ae ˜يXG(%* @2;™
Äistrib"tor. 7ee8 (Png.) ةيxA(%* šXG3
Äistr"st (a.)
Äist"ning (¢a8io.) ةh%*G;%* †F
Äist"rb (a.)
Äist"rbance (n.)
Äist"rbance (¢a8io) ²يG€5
Äist"rbance. atmos#heric rGj ²يG€5
Äist"rbance. magnetic (Lagn.) $<4vنA3 0*>vp*
˜يXG5 ةبلT . ˜يXG5 ةEG%
˜يXG5 šGبني . $<4o>%* ˜يXG(%* •d . šXG;%*
I4<n5 . ˜يXG5
D>o*= OJ% >Ml3) ةلlhن3 D>+2l3 Ÿ*ذ ˜يXG5 ةEG% )
$<4o>%* ˜يXG(%* •d . šXG3
>بK%*) ˜يXG5 Ÿ2B*Gv)*)
ةnvن3 . ة4E2B . ة:R2n3
0) U›ي I% . (0) 025ر*)
0*>vp* . ”mق‘ . Q2TX‘
Äist"rbing c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) ²يG€(%* ر245
Äist"rbing magnetic 7ie/8 œG€3 $<4vنA3 OnE
Äist"rbing Yaae (P/ec. Png.) ة`G€3 ةjG3
Äis"/7i8e ? 8is"/#hi8e (-hem.)
Äis"nite (a.)
Äis"se (a.)
Äis!mmetrica/ ? bis!mmetrica/ (Bio/.) O•2;(%* $o2ن•
Äitch (n.)
Äitch (a.)
Äitch . cab/e (P/ec. -omm.) WGبJ%* D2نق
Äitcher (-ia. Png.) ”=2نd Dر2hE
Äitching (Aero.) •2;%* ZلT rر*>vp&* W1cن%*
Äitetragona/ #!rami8 (weom.) Q1=c3 $T2,ر @>+
Äi"retic (a8^.) (Astron.) WGبل% ر'3
Äi"retic (n.) WGبل% ر'3 ر2nT
Äi"rna/ (a8^.) (Astron.)
Äi"rna/ /oa8 7actor (P/ec. Png.) $3G4%* O;K%* O32T
Äi"rna/ range (Leteor.) $3G4%* S';%*
Äi"rna/ aariation (´"ra.) $3Gي ‹m(d*
Äiaa/ent (a8^.) (-hem.) uF2J(%* $o2ن•
Äiaaricate (a8^.) V4(ب:` 1ذ
Äiaaricate (a.) (Bot.. eoo/.)
Äiae (a.)
Äiae ang/e (Aero.) ’2fnB&* ةي1*X
Äiae bomber (Aero.) ة4p2fnB* O,2نق ةFذ2ق
Äiae bombing ’2fnB&* •2ن•C O,2نn%2, ‹xق
Äiae brakes ’2fnB&* O3*>F
Äiae gear (Aero.) zvA%* X2Mj
Äiaer·s #ara/!sis ? caisson 8isease
Äiaerge (a.)
Äiaergence ? 8iaergenc!
Äiaergence 8i77erence ‹*>KB&* 1C 'T2ب(%* ”>F
Äiaergence /oss (h!s.)
Äiaergent (or 8iaerging)
Äiaergent beam (h!s.)
Äiaergent b"n8/e D'T2ب(3 ة3cE
Äiaergent 8"ct 'T2ب(3 •ل<3
Äiaergent /ens (±ight.) ةق>h3 ة)'T
Äiaergent magnetic 7/"b (P/ec. Png.) 'T2ب(3 $<4vنA3 UF'5
Äiaergent noyy/e (Png.) D'T2ب(3 ة+GF
Äiaergent ra!s (h!s.) ةق>h(3 ة:`C
Äiaergent series (Laths.) ةي'T2ب5 ةل<ل<(3
Äiaerging /ens (±ight.)
Äiaerse (a8^.)
Äiaersion c"t (-!8.) OيGK5 D2نق
Äiaersion 8am (-!8.) OيGK5 ')
Äiaersit! antenna (¢a8io) G_ل% ˜B23 W2بn()* $o*G+
Äiaersit! 7actor (P/ec. Png.) Vي2ب(%* O32T
Äiaersit! ratio (¨//"m.) Vي2ب(%* ةب<B
رG(ي>بs $B2• . '4(ي>بs $B2•
OlF . ”>F
>_+ . O;+C
D>hE . ”'نd
ةي>, D>o2v,) •2;%* ZلT •E ‚ D2نق 1C 2ق'نd >hE)
Uب) 2;ل›3 ~ Zن:;, ( ) Dر2`‘ . •%xs
$3Gي . rر2MB
i:€5 . š>h5
†nB* ‚ ¡2} . zv}
¡*G} . Š2v}
•Af%* tK5 O;:%* ’>3 ~ ¡*GA%* Oل`
kل(d* . i:€B* . Q>hB* . 'T2ب5
‹m(d* ‚ 02:€B* . Q*>hB* . 'T2ب5
'T2ب(%* 'nF . r'T2ب5 'nF
r'T2ب5 ‚ ”>h3 . 'T2ب(3 . Q>hن3
ةق>h(3 (ة:`C) ة3cE
D>:n3 ة)'T . ةق>h3 ة)'T
Z(` ‚ W2J`H* =':(3 . šGن(3
˜يGن5 . W2J`H* =':5 1C šGن5
WGK5 . OيGK5
W2J`H* šGن5 . ‹m(d* . Vي2ب5
Äiaersit! rece#tion (¢a8io)
Äiaert (a.)
Äiaerter (P/ec. Png.) OيGK5 ة312n3
Äiaerter re/a! (P/ec. Png.)
Äiaerting #"//e! (Png.) ةv4)1 D>J,
Äiaest (a.)
Äiai8e (a.)
Äiai8e8 bearing (Png.) I<nن3 1C ”Gn€3 O;K3
Äiai8e8 circ"it (©e/eg.) DCc_3 D>o*=
Äiai8e8 core (P/ec. Png.) Cc_3 iلق
Äiai8e8 /ens (hotog.)
Äiai8e8 #itch (Png.) DCc_3 DGvd
Äiai8e8 to"ch (Lagn.) Olhن;%* z;ل%* ةnي>v, ةvنA;%*
Äiai8e8 Yin8ings (P/ec. Png.) ةلlhن;%* Q2(Bž* GfT ko2h%
Äiai8en8 (Laths.) @G<n;%*
Äiai8en8 (n.)
Äiai8ers metho8 ر2j>h%2, I4<n(%* ةnي>R
Äiai8ers. s#ring ]>بBX 1ذ I4<n5 ر2j>F
Äiai8ing bob (P/ec. Png.) OبJ%* i:€5 ةبلT
Äiai8ing 8isc O™2F ¡>ق
Äiai8ing engine (Png.) rر24T I4<n5 ةنJ3
Äiai8ing 7i//et ? barrier (P/ec. Png.)
Äiai8ing hea8 ? in8ebing hea8 (Png.)
Äiai8ing /ine
Äiai8ing netYork ةoc_3 ةJ4ب)
Äiai8ing r"/er I4<n5 D>v<3
Äiaing-be// (-ia. Png.)
Äiaing a##arat"s ¡GA%* DcMjC
Äiaing ro8
Äiaing s"it (or 8ress) ¡GA%* Š2ب%
Äiaisibi/it! (Laths.) ة;<n%* ة4ل,2ق
Äiaisib/e (a8^.)
Äiaision o7 /abo"r O;:%* I4<n5
Äiaision #/ate (Png.) I4<n5 ®G%
Äiaision Ya// (B"i/8.) O™2F ر*'j
Äiaision. armo"re8 ةTر'3 ةق>F
Äiaision. binar! (Bio/.) r>v` @2<nB*
Äiaision. caaa/r! ة4%24d ةق>F
Äiaision. ce//"/ar (Bio/.) rGلd @2<nB*
Äiaision. 8irect (Bio/.) $ل4(F & @2<nB*
Äiaision. in8irect (Bio/.) $ل4(F @2<nB*
Äiaision. motoriye8 (Li/.) ة4%‰ ةق>F
Äiaision. re8"ction (Bio/.) klن3 @2<nB*
Äiaisiona/ (a8^.)
Äiaisor (Laths.)
Äiaisor. greatest common (Laths.) INTH* ]>(€;%* I)2n%*
Äoab/e {ل;T VJ;ي
Äock (n.) (-ia. Png.)
Äock (a.) —F>;%* 1C ’GK%* Z%‘ iK)
Äock 8"es —F>;%* ’GE @G)ر
Äock. 8r! (ga"t.)
Gب[%* ˜ن;ي W2بn()* ~ šGن(%* W2بn()*
‹>KB* ‚ VT ‹>™ . WGE
ر24(%* =2ي=X* V3 D>o*'%* ةي2قG%) OيGK5 OE>3)
S>T . =>j
I<nB* . OlhB* ‚ Ccj . OlF . I<ق
|Gل;%* >يGl(ل%) DCc_3 ة)'T)
“,ر . =*>ي‘ ‚ ةlE
ة32<ق . I4<n5 ر2j>F
WGK;%* $F) Wc:%* O™2F)
r1*X (in• 1C) I4<n5 ŠCر
O™2F •d . I4<n5 •d
¡*GA%* ŠGق2B . zv} ةF>}
|=2:;%* 1C W1>(ب%* 1C •2;%* =Gj1 VT 2M, —بن(<ي) ةF*>:%* 2lT)
Cc_(ي . I<nني . ة;<nل% O,2ق
I<ق ‚ ةق>F ‚ @2<nB* . I4<n5 . ة;<ق
O™2F . $;4<n5 ‚ (ةق>h% ˜,25) $ق>F
{4لT @G<n;%* . I)2n%*
ر') . “B>5 . ر*1=
•2ن4;%*) k4™ر . Vh<ل% ’GE . —F>3)
•2€Bž* ’GE . ‹2j ’GE
Äock. 7/oating Io2T ’GE
Äock. /oa8ing O4;K(%* k4™ر
Äockage †يGK(%* I)ر
Äocket (n.) W2;TC W1'j ‚ ةT2fب%2, |24,
Äocket (a.) W2;TH* W1'j $F Qر=‘
Äock!ar8 (ga"t.)
Äoctor (P/ec. Png.)
Äoctor so/"tion (-omm. et. Png.)
Äoctor sYeetening (et. Png.)
Äoctor test (et. Png.)
Äoctor treatment (et. Png.)
Äoctrine (n.)
Äoc"mentar! eai8ence
Äoc"ments. s"##orting
Äo8ecagon (weom.) 2:لp >€T Zن•C 1ذ ˜لf3
Äo8ecahe8ron 2Mj1 >€T Zن•H* 1ذ
Äo8ge (n.)
Äo8ge (a.)
Äoeskin ¸G_%* V3 šGB ‚ IT2B 'لj
Äog-/eg chise/ (-ar#.) ”2<%* ‹Gv:3 cي>h5 O43X‘
Äog-nai/ (-ar#.) ŠC>%* ‹Gv:3 >4بs ر2;<3
Äog (Png.)
Äog c/"tch (Png.) $,ms †,2ق
Äog co"#/ing (Png.) ة,ms ةBر2ق
Äog shi7t ة4ل4% ة,GB
Äog ´tar (or ´iri"s) (Astron.) ة4B2;4%* S>:€%*
Äogge8 (a8^.)
Äogmatic (a8^.)
Äo/8r"ms (Leteor.) $o*G()&* G+>%* ”2vB
Äo/erite (weo/.)
Äo//! (-inema) ة%2nB D>4A™ ةlن3
Äo//! (Png.)
Äo/omite (Lin.)
Äo/omitic /imestone (weo/.) t;%'3 r>4j >_E
Äo/omitiytion (weo/.)
Äo/#hin (eoo/.)
Äomain ذGhB ةnvن3 ‚ ة:R2n3 ‚ W2_3
Äoma/ str"ct"re iبn3 •2€B‘
Äome-sha#e8 (a8^.) iبn3
Äome (a8^.) iبn3
Äome (n.) ةبق
Äome /ight rGلT šGB
Äome. sa/t (weo/.) ة4Kل3 ةبق
Äomestic (a8^.) k4%C ‚ $لK3 ‚ $%cن3
Äomestic heating (-ia. Png.) ة4%cن3 ة\F'5
Äomestic re7rigeration $%cن3 'ي>ب5
2MEm™‘ 1C Vh<%* ةT2ن™ ر*= ~ Vh<3
*'4j ة4لv;%* >4} •*cjH* ZلT) $o2,>MJ%* $لv%* •بp ةv4بB)
¡2™>%* t4;ل, WGK3 ~ ˆi4بv%*ˆ WGلK3
ة4(ي>بJ%* ةKo*>%* ة%*Xž (•hن%*) ة_%2:3 ~ ˆi4بv%*ˆ ةnي>v, ة4لK5
•hن%* $F tي>بJ%* ر*'n3 ةF>:;% ~ i4بv%* ر2ب(d*
ة4(ي>بJ%* ةKo*>%* ة%*Xž~ ˆi4بv%*ˆ WGلK;, (ة4%1>(ب%* Ÿ*>fK(<;%*) ة_%2:3
i+x3 . D'4nT
'ن(<3 . ةn4•1
r'ن(<3 . $n4•1
Ÿ*'ن(<3 . $vd Ÿ2ب•‘
ة3Xm%* Uo2•G%2, 'ي1c5 ‚ Ÿ*'ن(<3 . Uo2•1
Ÿ*'ن(<3 . Ÿ2ب•‘ Uo2•1
ةل4E . ةT'd
‡ل;5 ‚ iن_5 . S=2h5 ‚ *1ر . *X
><E ‚ V3 ‡ل[5 ‚ šcB . ˜لd
Wc}) D><K3)
ةنJ;%* $F 2Mنs23C VT) WcA%* Ÿ2بs ˜Fر)
'l3 ‚ ةR2n) . ةJ)23 . 0ms
iل[3 1C 0mJ, ]Gب€3 . iلJ3
C'ب3 . D'4nT
@X2j . ˜R2ق
xF*Gن%*1 0*G,•%) Ÿ2J)23)
ة4B2s>ب%* رG[l%* V3 šGB ~ tي>%1=
|X*G3 On• ‚ ة<s2:3 D>)'3 . (@2`>ب%* ŠC>%) 'B2)
ةيرGلب%* @G4<4نA;%*1 @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s ~ t43G%1=
ة(;%'%* . t;%'(%*
zd= ~ V4h%=
Äomestic science Wcن;%* >4,'5 IلT
Äomica/ (a8^.)
Äominant (a8^.)
Äominant character (wen.) D'o2<%* ةhl%*
Äominant 7a"/t (weo/.) $<4oر š'™
Äominate (a.)
Äomination (n.)
Äonke! (Png.)
Äonke! boi/er (Png.)
Äonke! engine (Png.)
Äonke! #"m# (Png.)
Äonke! Yinch (Png.) 'T2<3 rر2[, š2F>3
Äonor. b/oo8 (Le8.)
Äoo8/e b"g (et. Png.)
Äoome8 to 7ai/"re O€h%* ³>4l3
Äoor-^amb (B"i/8.) 02ب%* D=2fT
Äoor-knob 02ب%* †بn3
Äoor-nai/ ŠC>%* >4بs ر2;<3
Äoor-si// 02ب%* ةب(T
Äoor 02,
Äoor check 02ب%* ةE2;s
Äoor sYitch (P/ec. Png.)
ÄoorYa! (B"i/8.) Od'3
Äo#e (n.) ر'[3 ‚ @23'%* 1C •ل%2, ة_%2:3 ‚ ²ن%* ˜ن;% ةي12;4s ة_%2:3
Äo#e (a.) ةيGn(ل% ةي12;4s D=2;, Ž%2T ‚ ر'd ‚ @23'%* 1C •ل%2, $لR
Äo#e. air#/ane (Aero.)
Äo#e8 7abric @23'%2, $لv3 œ2;ق
Äo#e8 7"e/ 23 ةF2p¯, Ž%2:3 =Gق1
Äo##/er·s e77ect (h!s.)
Äo##/er·s ra8ar
Äo##/er·s shi7t (h!s.)
Äora8o (©he wo/87ish) (Astron.)
Äore si/aer (Let.) i+ذ ZلT rGvن5 ة4fF ةJ4ب)
Äormanc! (Bio/.)
Äormant (Bio/.)
Äormant b"8 (Bot.) 'ق*ر 1C ˜j2+ IT>,
Äormant stage (Bio/.) Ÿ2ب<%* رGR
Äormant ao/cano (weo/.) '32+ |2s>,
Äormer (B"i/8.)
Äormitor! (B"i/8.)
Äorsa/ (a8^.)
Äor! (n.) >:n%* “v<3 ”ر1X
Äose (n.)
Äose (a.) 2+>ي2T 1C ةT>_%* ر'ق
Äose 7ractionation (Le8.) ةT>_%* ةoc_5
Äose #rotraction (h!s. Le8.) ةT>_%* ة%2R‘
Äosemeter (h!s.)
Äot-an8-8ash co8e (©e/eg.)
Äot-an8-8ash /ine (©e/eg.) §>`1 •nB V3 •d
OJ€%* $بق . iبn3
Wcن3 . VRG3
•ل<(3 . 'o2) . i%2}
V;4+ . >v4) . =2)
ةن;4+ . D>v4) . D=24)
ةب+ . ة4vT
D'T2<3) ة4F2p‘ ةنJ3)
ر2[ب%2, >MN%* ZلT ة(ب›;%* {5&‰ =*'3ž is>3 >M• ZلT ةيGB2• ةيm}) D'T2<3 1C ة3=2d ةيm}
'T2<3 1C @=2d ]>K3 . $F2p‘ >4A™ ]>K3
Ÿ (D'T2<3) ة3=2d ة[f3 . ة4F2p‘ ة[f3
“B23 . i+*1 . •:3
@'%* i+*1 . @'%* $v:3
•hن%* VT i4nن(ل% X2Mj . ‹*>}G3c4)
02ب%* ةs>K, O;:ي $o2,>Ms ®2(h3 ~ $,2, ®2(h3
{4لT ةT2ن;%* •2hpž) Ÿ*>o2v%* œ2;n% •mR)
>ل,1=ˆ D>+2•ˆ
0>(n;%* 1C ':(ب;%* I<_%* ةT>) Š24n% ~ ˆ>ل,1=ˆ ر*=*ر
>ل,1=ˆ ةEcEXˆ
ة4,Gنj ةبsGs ~ k4) G,C
šG_+ . =2قر . Ÿ2ب)
VJ(<3 . ˜j2+ . 'ق*ر . tب›3
Oo23 kn) V3 ة\52B DxF2B ~ V`1ر
D>)H* V3 >4›J% ˜<(5 S>بs D>_E ~ ة32ن3
$jر2d . r>M•
ةT>_%* >ي'n5 ‚ ة3X1 . ةT>j
ة3X1 . ةT>_%* ر*'n3 . ةT>j
ة4T2:`ž*) Ÿ2T>_%* Š24n3)
kل3 . Dر2بp‘
ŠرG3) D>h4` ‚ §>€%*1 •nن%* ةB1'3)
Äot (©e/eg.) ة4F*>Aل(%* ةfبن%* D'E1 ‚ ةvnB
Äot (a.)
Äot 7re9"enc! (©e/eg.)
Äot generator (©e/eg.) •nB '%G3
Äotte8 /ine •nن3 •d
Äo"b/e-acting (a8^.)
Äo"b/e-acting com#ressor (Png.) O:h%* Q1=c3 •}2p
Äo"b/e-acting c!/in8er (Png.) O:h%* ةj1=c3 ةB*Gv)*
Äo"b/e-acting engine O:h%* Q1=c3 ]>K3
Äo"b/e-acting #"m# (Png.) O:h%* ةj1=c3 ة[f3
Äo"b/e-acting re/a! (P/ec. Png.) O:h%* Q1=c3 OE>3
Äo"b/e-action #ress (Png.) O:h%* Q1=c3 zبJ3
Äo"b/e-beat aa/ae (Png.)
Äo"b/e-branch e/boY (/"mb.) V4T>h, UF>3
Äo"b/e-break sYitch (P/ec. Png.) Q1=c3 ˜vق ®2(h3
Äo"b/e-cambere8 (a8^.) (Png.) •2نKB&* Q1=c3
Äo"b/e-catenar! constr"ction (P/ec. Png.)
Äo"b/e-chain str"ct"re (-hem.) ةل<ل<%* Q1=c3 VيGJ5
Äo"b/e-coate8 7i/m (hotog.) V4MjG%* V3 $لv3 Š2<E Iل4F
Äo"b/e-coating ةj1=c3 ة4لR
Äo"b/e-coi/ 8irection 7in8er (¢a8io) V4hل;, ³2_5* V4:3
Äo"b/e-concaae /ens (h!s.)
Äo"b/e-con8"ctor cab/e (P/ec. Png.) V4ل™G3 1ذ Oبs
Äo"b/e-cone ins"/ator (P/ec.) V4ل,2n(3 V4R1>[3 V3 WX2T
Äo"b/e-contact #"sh (P/ec. Png.) Q1=c3 z3m5 1ذ رX
Äo"b/e-conaeb /ens (h!s.)
Äo"b/e-cotton coaere8 Yire (P/ec. Png.) Vvn%2, k4لA(%* Q1=c3 •ل)
Äo"b/e-coaer b"tt ^oint (Png.) k4لA(%* ةj1=c3 is2ن5 ةل™1
Äo"b/e-c"rrent 7"rnace (P/ec. Png.)
Äo"b/e-c"rrent generator (P/ec. Png.)
Äo"b/e-c"rrent re#eater (©e/eg.) Vير24(%* Ÿ*ذ ة4F*>Aل(%* @2NB $F '4:3
Äo"b/e-c"rrent te/egra#h! (©e/eg.) Vير24(, ة4F*>Aل(%*
Äo"b/e-c"rrent transmitter (©e/eg.) Vير245 1ذ O)>3
Äo"b/e-c"rrent Yorking (©e/eg.) Vير24(, O4A€(%*
Äo"b/e-c"t 7i/e (Png.) ة4:vn%* Q1=c3 =>ب3
Äo"b/e-8io8e (©hermionics)
Äo"b/e-8isc gate aa/ae (-!8.) ¡>n%* Q1=c3 ة,*G, zبK3
Äo"b/e-8isc grin8er (Png.) ¡>n%* ةj1=c3 ةdmj
Äo"b/e-8isc aa/ae (Png.) ¡>n%* Q1=c3 @2;™
Äo"b/e-8isc Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
Äo"b/e-e8ge8 (a8^.) (-ar#.) Vي'E 1ذ
Äo"b/e-e77ect 7"se Q1=c3 >4•—5 Ÿ*ذ ة32;™
Äo"b/e-en8e8 bo/t (Png.) V4F>v%* i%Gل3 ر2;<3
Äo"b/e-en8e8 nee8/e V4F>R Ÿ*ذ D>,‘
Äo"b/e-en8e8 s#anner (Png.) V4F>R 1ذ ة%G;™ ®2(h3
Äo"b/e-e!e ^oint (Png.) V4ن4:, ةل™1
Äo"b/e-7ace8 (-ar#.) “v<%* 1C {jG%* Q1=c3
Äo"b/e-7ace8 hammer (Png.) V4Mj1 Ÿ*ذ ةق>v3
Äo"b/e-7ie/8 magnet (P/ec. Png.) V4%2_3 1ذ z4vنA3
Äo"b/e-7i/ament /am# V4(ل4(F 1ذ ®2بl3
Äo"b/e-7/ange8 (a8^.) ةj1=c3 ةh` 1ذ
Äo"b/e-7/oY t"rbine (Png.) Q1=c3 UF= 1ذ V4,>5
Äo"b/e-7oc"s t"be V45رu, 1ذ @2;™
Äo"b/e-7re9"enc! osci//ator (¢a8io) Vي==>5 1ذ 0x,x3
2vnB 1C ةvnB ˜p1 . •nB
ة4B2›%* $F D=ر*G%* •nن%* ='T ~ ةvnن%* ر>J5 . •nن%* >5*G5
V4+2_52, O32T . O:h%* Q1=c3
ة4%2:%* §GAf%* Ÿ*ذ Oo*G<%* •بf%) ”'%* Q1=c3 $B*Gv)* @2;™)
$o2,>MJ%* >_%* •ل) ˜F>%) Q1=c3 $ل<ل) i4s>5)
>:n(%* ةj1=c3 1C) V4MjG%* D>:n3 ة)'T)
V4MjG%* ة,'K3 1C) 0'K(%* ةj1=c3 ة)'T)
012ن(;%* 1C >;(<;%* ر24(%2, O;:ي ~ ر24(%* Q1=c3 |>F
2,12ن(3 1C *>;(<3 *ر245 '%Gي '%G3 ~ ر24(%* Q1=c3 '%G3
$o2ن• @2;™ . Q1=c3 =Gي*=
ة4o2,>MJ%* Ÿ&GK;ل%) V4™>n, ةh4h%)
Äo"b/e-hea8 Yrench (Png.) •h%* Q1=c3 •,ر ®2(h3
Äo"b/e-he/ica/ gearing (Png.) ةب%Gل%* ةj1=c3 Š1>5
Äo"b/e-he/ica/ tooth (Png.)
Äo"b/e-h"m# e77ect (¢a8io.) ة4ن4B>%* Ÿ2;ن<%* Q*1=X* D>+2•
Äo"b/e-h"m# resonance (¢a8io.) V4(;ن) 1ذ V4Bر
Äo"b/e-image #rism (hotog.) DرGl%* Q1=c3 رG`G3
Äo"b/e-image tachometer (´"ra.)
Äo"b/e-^ointe8 com#asses O™2h;%* Q1=c3 ر2j>F
Äo"b/e-/a!er Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) V4(nبR V3 k%
Äo"b/e-/i9"i8 manometer (h!s.) V4لo2) 1ذ >(3GB23
Äo"b/e-magnet ion tra# V44<4vنA;, Ÿ2BGيC D'4l3
Äo"b/e-nee8/e te/egra#h! ةj1=c3 D>,¯, ة4F*>Aل(%*
Äo"b/e-#o/e (a8^.) (P/ec. Png.) ivn%* Q1=c3
Äo"b/e-#o/e be// (P/ec. Png.) V4بvق 1ذ Š>j
Äo"b/e-#o/e circ"it-breaker (P/ec. Png.) V4بvق 1ذ D>o*= ˜R2ق
Äo"b/e-#o/e c"t-o"t (P/ec. Png.) V4بvق 1ذ D>o*= ˜R2ق
Äo"b/e-#o/e sa7et! 7"se (P/ec. Png.) V4بvق 1ذ |23C >Ml3
Äo"b/e-#o/e sYitch (P/ec. Png.) V4بvق 1ذ ®2(h3
Äo"b/e-#orte8 aa/ae (Png.) V4,2ب, @2;™
Äo"b/e-range instr"ment (Png.) S';%* $o2ن• Š24ق X2Mj
Äo"b/e-rea8ing theo8o/ite (´"ra.)
Äo"b/e-riaeting (Png.) ةj1=c3 ة;`>,
Äo"b/e-roY (a8^.) V4h™ 1ذ
Äo"b/e-roY (n.) |2j1=c3 |2h™
Äo"b/e-roY ra8ia/ engine (Png.) Ÿ2B*Gv)&* V3 V4hl, r>vق klB ]>K3
Äo"b/e-seat aa/ae (Png.) Vي':n;, @2;™
Äo"b/e-seater (Aero.) Vي':n;, Dر24) 1C D>o2R
Äo"b/e-sensitiait! magic e!e (¢a8io) ة4)2<K%* ةj1=c3 ةي>K) V4T
Äo"b/e-shear stee/ (Png.) ‡n%* Q1=c3 ذ&GF
Äo"b/e-she8 ins"/ator (P/ec. Png.) V4(لN, WX2T
Äo"b/e-sh"nt #ara//e/ ebcitation (P/ec. Png.) rX*G(%2, ةj1=c3 Dر2•‘
Äo"b/e-s#in8/e broaching machine (Png.) =G;:%* ةj1=c3 0Gn• U4ل[5 ةنJ3
Äo"b/e-s#in8/e mi//ing machine (Png.) =G;:%* ةj1=c3 cي>h5 ةنJ3
Äo"b/e-s#ira/ 7i/ament (P/ec. Png.) V4B1cلE Ÿ*ذ ةل4(F
Äo"b/e-s#"n (a8^.) Wc:%* Q1=c3
Äo"b/e-stream am#/i7ier (P/ec. Png.) ة4B1>(J%ž* @cK%* Q1=c3 I[f3
Äo"b/e-threa8e8 screY (Png.) cيcK(%* 1C V4ن<(%* Q1=c3 i%G%
Äo"b/e-throY sYitch ? tYo Ya! sYitch (P/ec. Png.) V4(ليGK5 1ذ ®2(h3
Äo"b/e-t"ne8 (a8^.) ةh%*G;%* Q1=c3
Äo"b/e-tYiste8 a"ger (Png.) i%Gل%* ةj1=c3 ة;ي>,
Äo"b/e-Ya! (a8^.) V4Jل<3 1ذ ‚ V4(nي>R 1ذ
Äo"b/e-Ye/8e8 (a8^.) V4(4E2ن%* V3 @GKل3
Äo"b/e (-hem.)
Äo"b/e (a.)
Äo"b/e am#/it"8e (P/ec. Png.) ةhT2f;%* D1رx%* ة;4ق
Äo"b/e a#ron 7ence Q1=c3 Q24)
Äo"b/e arc bit (Png.) 'K%* ةj1=c3 ة;n%
Äo"b/e armat"re Yin8ings (P/ec. Png.) Q2(Bž* Gf:% ةj1=c3 ko2h%
Äo"b/e be/ting (Png.) ةB2[›%* ةj1=c3 رG4)
Äo"b/e ben8 (/"mb.) ةj1=c3 ة4ن•
Äo"b/e beae/ (Png.) Q1=c3 O43
Äo"b/e b/ast be//oYs (Png.) –hن%* Q1=c3 ¸2hن3
Äo"b/e b/ock (Lech.) ةj1=c3 Dر2J,
Äo"b/e bon8 (-hem.) ة4o2ن• ةل™1
V4لd';, $ب%G% V) . ةب%Gل%* Q1=c3 V)
DرGl%* Q1=c3 (=2:,C Š24n3) >(;4s25
ةي=G;T1 ة4nFC) V45•*>ق Ÿ*ذ t4%1=G45)
$o2ن• . kT2f3 . Q1=c3
k:p . kT2p
Äo"b/e bottom Q1=c3 š2ق
Äo"b/e bri8ge (P/ec. Png.)
Äo"b/e b"tton contro/ (P/ec. Png.) Q1=c3 رc, IJK(%*
Äo"b/e catho8e ra! t"be ivn%* $o2ن›%* =G•2J%* ة:`C 0GبBC
Äo"b/e contact (P/ec. Png. Laths.)
Äo"b/e contraction (Png.) Q1=c3 œ2;JB*
Äo"b/e conaersion (P/ec. Png.) V4(لE>3 ZلT OيGK5
Äo"b/e c"raat"re Q1=c3 •2نKB*
Äo"b/e c"tting bit (Png.) ˜vn%* ةj1=c3 ة;n%
Äo"b/e c"tting 8ri// (Png.) ˜vn%* Q1=c3 02n›3
Äo"b/e c!/in8er engine (Png.)
Äo"b/e 8agger (©!#og.)
Äo"b/e 8ecker V4n,2R Ÿ*ذ D>d2, 1C Dر24)
Äo"b/e 8ecom#osition (-hem.) Q1=c3 WmKB*
Äo"b/e 8istrib"tor Q1=c3 šXG3
Äo"b/e 8ri// (Png.) Q1=c3 in›3
Äo"b/e 8riaer ch"ck (Png.) šx_%* Q1=c3 Dر*=‘ ‹>•
Äo"b/e e77ect Q1=c3 >4•—5
Äo"b/e en8 ga"ge (Png.) V4F>v%* V3 Š24ق ='K3
Äo"b/e en8 Yrench (Png.) V4F>v, ®2(h3
Äo"b/e en8e8 boi/er (Png.) V4F>v%* V3 'قGي Oj>3
Äo"b/e entr!
Äo"b/e entr! com#ressor (Aero.) Od';%* Q1=c3 •}2p
Äo"b/e eb#ansion (Png.) Q1=c3 =';5
Äo"b/e eb#os"re (hotog.) Q1=c3 †ي>:5
Äo"b/e 7ee8 (Png.) ةj1=c3 ةيxA5
Äo"b/e 7erti/iyation (Bot.) Q1=c3 02ld‘
Äo"b/e 7/"i8 ce// (P/ec. Png.) V4لo2<, ة4لd
Äo"b/e 7oo/sca#
Äo"b/e geare8 /athe (Png.) Ÿ2نن<;%* ةj1=c3 ةR>[3
Äo"b/e gearing (Png.) ةj1=c3 Ÿ2نن<3 ةTG;_3
Äo"b/e hea8er train |25>R2ق ³>_5 ر2vق
Äo"b/e ignition (Png.) V45ر*>€, W2:`‘
Äo"b/e image (©e/ea.) ةj1=c3 DرG™
Äo"b/e im#eria/
Äo"b/e in8icator metho8 (-hem.) Q1=c;%* O4%'%* ةnي>R
Äo"b/e ins"/ation (P/ec. Png.) Q1=c3 WcT
Äo"b/e integration (Laths.) Q1=c3 O32J5
Äo"b/e iron #/ane (-ar#.) V4Em<, Q2K<3
Äo"b/e ^"nction (B"i/8.) Q1=c3 W2l5*
Äo"b/e /eaer (Lech.) ةj1=c3 ة:F*ر
Äo"b/e /ock (-!8. Png.) Q1=c3 Uل}
Äo"b/e magayine (-inema) Ÿ*>Jب%* ةj1=c3 @mFC ةBcd
Äo"b/e meas"re (-ar#.) V4MjG%* V3 ةلJ€3 ة4ب€d W2A`C
Äo"b/e mo8"/ation (¢a8io) Q1=c3 V4;f5
Äo"b/e ob/i9"e cr!sta/s (h!s.) ‹*>KB&* ةj1=c;%* Ÿ*رGلب%*
Äo"b/e o7 e/ectrons (-hem.) Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* V3 Q1X
Äo"b/e #acking (Png.) Q1=c3 G€E
Äo"b/e #ara//e/ Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) ةj1=c3 ةيX*G(3 Ÿ2hل3
Äo"b/e #hantom circ"it (©e/e#h.) ةj1=c3 ة4;+1 D>o*=
Äo"b/e #hase (a8^.) (P/ec. Png.) VيرGR 1ذ
Äo"b/e #/ane-iron (-ar#.) Q1=c3 Q2K<3 ®m)
Äo"b/e #/! be/t (Png.) V4(nبR V3 >4)
Äo"b/e #oint (Laths.) ة4o2ن• ةvnB
D>4Al%* Ÿ2312n;%* Š24n%) ةj1=c;%* ˆVhلsˆ D>vنق)
Q1=c3 Š2;5 . Q1=c3 z3m5
Ÿ2B*Gv)&* Q1=c3 (rر2[,) ]>K3
ةT2بv%* Ÿ*ر2` V3) ةj1=c3 ةي>_نd ~ )
Od';%* Q1=c3 -'4n%* Q1=c3
Š24ق V3 ˜بvل% $)24ق ”ر1) Q1=c3 02J<%GF „¦ à ¤¦ ة™G, )
Š24n, ”ر1 ~ Q1=c3 rرGR*>ب3C ˜vق ¤¼ à µ¾ ة™G,
Äo"b/e #rinting (-inema)
Äo"b/e #"//-oaer (P/ec. Png.) Q1=c3 =*'`
Äo"b/e #"r#ose aa/ae (¢a8io.) ةي2A%* Q1=c3 @2;™
Äo"b/e 9"otes (©!#og.) |2(,Gلn3 |2(j1=c3 |2(ل™2F
Äo"b/e reaction (¢a8io) Q1=c3 O:F =ر
Äo"b/e rece#tion (¢a8io) Q1=c3 W2بn()*
Äo"b/e re8"ction gear (Png.) V4(لE>3 ZلT †4h[5 Š>5
Äo"b/e re7ining (-hem.) Q1=c3 >ي>J5
Äo"b/e re7raction (h!s.) Q1=c3 ر2<JB*
Äo"b/e re#/acement reaction (-hem.) V4بs>3 V4, W=2ب(3 WmE‘ OT2h5
Äo"b/e roo7 (B"i/8.) Q1=c3 kn)
Äo"b/e sa/t (-hem.) Q1=c3 “ل3
Äo"b/e seam (Png.) ةj1=c3 DXر=
Äo"b/e seaming (Png.) $o2ن• •4ب€5
Äo"b/e shack/e (Png.) Q1=c3 W2J`
Äo"b/e shear (Png.) Q1=c3 ‡ق
Äo"b/e sheaae #"//e! (Lech.) cK%* ةj1=c3 D>J,
Äo"b/e shrinkage (Png.) Q1=c3 œ2;JB*
Äo"b/e sh"t-o77 (Png.) Q1=c3 Ohق
Äo"b/e si8eban8 (¢a8io.) ةj1=c3 ة4بB2j ة3cE
Äo"b/e si/k-coaere8 Yire (P/ec. Png.) >ي>K%2, ة4vA(%* Q1=c3 •ل)
Äo"b/e smoothing #/ane (-ar#.) Q1=c3 z4ل;5 Q2K<3
Äo"b/e s#ace (a.)
Äo"b/e stage (a8^.) V4(لE>3 1ذ
Äo"b/e star (Astron.) Q1=c3 I_B
Äo"b/e stroke (Png.) Q1=c3 §G`
Äo"b/e sYitch ca// (©e/e#h.)
Äo"b/e threa8 (Png.) ةj1=c3 DGvd
Äo"b/e throY cranksha7t (Png.) UF>;%* Q1=c3 Dر*=‘ =G;T
Äo"b/e thr"st-bearing (Png.) Q1=c3 ˜F*'5 O;K3
Äo"b/e toothe8 s#rocket (Png.) V4ن<(%* ةj1=c3 ةل_T
Äo"b/e to"ch (Aco"s.. Lagn.) Q1=c3 z;%
Äo"b/e transmission (©e/eg.) Q1=c3 W2)ر‘
Äo"b/e aibration (Aco"s.) Q1=c3 X*c(+*
Äo"b/e Ya// (B"i/8.) Q1=c3 ر*'j
Äo"b/e Yeighing (Lech.)
Äo"b/e8 (a8^.)
Äo"b/er kT2f3
Äo"b/et (±ight.) $o2ن• •d
Äo"b/et antenna (¢a8io) $o2ن• $o*G+
Äo"b/ets (hotog.) ةj1=c3 Ÿ2)'T
Äo"b/ing (or tYisting) 7rame §G4[%* O(F ةنJ3
Äo"b/ing #/ate (Png.)
Äo"bt (n.) •`
Äo"bt (a.)
Äo"che (n.)
Äo"gh V4_T
Äo"ghn"t ة4nلE ة,GبBC ‚ ةJ:s
Äo"g/as 7ir (Bot.)
Äo"se (a.) (-inema) ر*GBH* —hRC
Äoaetai/ (n.) (-ar#.)
Äoaetai/ (a.)
Äoaetai/ ang/e ةير2hن} ةي1*X
D'E*1 DرG™ ZلT V4(4بل) V45رG™ >4MN(%) Q1=c3 ˜بR)
ةT2بv%* $F) >d‰1 >v) V4, ةF2<;%* kT2p)
ة4;%2T >o*1= «m• O;€5) ةj1=c3 ة4%1= ة4BGhل5 D>,2[3)
*=رG,ˆ ةnي>v,) Q1=c3 |X1ˆ)
kT2f3 . Q1=c3
Q*1=X* . ةhT2f3
ةيGn(ل%) Q*1=X* ®G%)
•J€5 . •`
ةKfن3 . Q2_• ‚ WGv5 ‚ “fB
Ÿ2ي>,Gنl%* V3) ˆŠmj1=ˆ 0Gن5)
ةير2hن} ةp>F . ةn4€:5
ةير2hن} ةp>h, O™1 . U€T
Äoaetai/ brick (B"i/8.) $بs*>5 0GR
Äoaetai/ c"tter (-ar#.) rر2hن} ˜vn3
Äoaetai/ hinge (-ar#.) ةير2hن} ةلlh3
Äoaetai/ ^oint (Png.) ةير2hن} ةل™1
Äoaetai/ saY (-ar#.) D>hن} ر2€ن3
Äoaetai/ Ye/8ing (/"mb.) rر2hن} @2K%
ÄoY meta/ (Let.)
ÄoYe/ (n.) (Png.)
ÄoYe/ (a.)
ÄoYe/ bar (-ar#.) >)= V4<%
ÄoYe/ bit (-ar#.) ة4R1>[3 {ب` in• ة;n%
ÄoYe/ ho/e ر2)= in•
ÄoYe/ #in (-ar#.)
ÄoYe/ #/ate (Png.)
ÄoYe//ing ^ig (B"i/8.) >)'ل% i4nن5 O4%=
ÄoYk (Lining.)
ÄoYn-8ra7t carb"retor (Png.) •,2+ $o*G+ ر245 1ذ V,>J3
ÄoYn-8ra"ght •,2+ $o*G+ ر245
ÄoYn-gate (6o"n8r!) ةs2ب<%* il3
ÄoYn (a8^.) $لh)
ÄoYn (a8a.)
ÄoYn (n.)
ÄoYn con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.)
ÄoYn 7a"/t (weo/.) r=G;T š'™
ÄoYn 7/oY (n.)
ÄoYn gear (Png.) ةT><%* †hd Š>5
ÄoYn #a!ment ةيرGF ةي'nB ة:F=
ÄoYn take (n.) (Png.) $لh) kي>l5 0GبBC
ÄoYn time
ÄoYncast (a8^.)
ÄoYncast (or 8oYnthroY) si8e (weo/.)
ÄoYncast sha7t (Lining.) I_ن;%* ةيGM5 =G;T
ÄoYncomer ? 8oYn#i#e (B"i/8.) ة%X2B DرG)23
ÄoYncree# (weo/.) ”&cB*
ÄoYn8ra7t (Png.) •,2+ •*G+ ر245
ÄoYngra8ing ةب5>%* Oيcن5
ÄoYnha"/ (ga"t.) š*>€%* W*cB‘ OبE
ÄoYnhi// ر'Kن3
ÄoYn/ea8 (¢a8io) WX2ن%* $o*GM%* •ل)
ÄoYn#i#e (B"i/8) ة%X2B DرG)23
ÄoYn#o"r (n.) >يc} >v3 ‚ ر2;MB*
ÄoYnstream (a8a.) >Mن%* S>_3 ³2_5* $F
ÄoYnstroke (Png.) §GبM%* §G`
ÄoYnYar8(s) Oh)C Z%‘
ÄoYnYash (Aero.)
ÄoYnYash ae/ocit! (Aero.) $لh<%* ‹*>KB&* ةT>)
ÄoYnYin8 (a8a.) “ي>%* ³2_52,
ÄoYse (a.)
Äoyer ? b"/8oyer (Png.)
Ärachm. 7/"i8
Äraco (©he Äragon) (Astron.)
@G4<نA;%* 2M)2)C ةJ4ب) ~ ˆ1=ˆ |':3
'51 . ر2;<3 . ر2)=
ر2)', 1C) ر2;<;, tب•)
|2<% . ر2)=
ةق'(<3 0Gn• Ÿ*ذ iلl%* V3 ةK4h™ ~ >)= ةK4h™
@Gير2ب%* Ÿ2(ي>بs V3 $nB >4} @2d ~]1=
tK5 Z%‘ . Oh)C Z%‘
$ل3ر i4›s . >4A™ O5 ‚ i}X . >,1
†ير—(%* •ل) Z%‘ UT*Gl%* ة:B23 V3 ~ WX2B •ل)
|2ي>j . |m4) . UF'5
VK€%* 1C “4لl(ل%) kقG(%* tق1)
VيcE . >R2[%* ><Jن3
$jG%G4ل_%*) š'l%* 1C ةh<[%* iB2j)
Oh)C Z%‘ •Ap . $لh) ˜F=
$لh<%* ‹*>(j&* ةي1*X ‚ Oh)C Z%‘ •*GM%* ر245 ‹*>KB* ~ $لh) ‹*>(j*
|=2:;%*1 •2;%* VT) •2بن()&* 2l:, ŒK,)
ة()= . ةنيX=
”>v%* U€%) ر*>j ~ رX1'%G,)
W=2:5 |X1 D'E1 ~ I+ر= £.¼ I}
r12<5 I_E D'E1 ~ $لo2) I+ر= £.¾¾ I) £
ة4%2;` ةبsGs ~ Vبن(%*
Ära7t (Let.)
Ära7t (ga"t.) ةن4h<%* zR2}
Ära7t (a.)
Ära7t ? 8ra"ght (n.)
Ära7t contro/ (Png.)
Ära7t ga"ge (Png.) iK<%* Š24n3
Ära7t ho/e kي>l5 ةK(F
Ära7t marks (ga"t.) zR2A%* Ÿ23mT
Ära7t o7 shi# ةن4h<%* zR2}
Ära7t re#ort >ي>n5 D=G<3
Ära7t reso/"tion ر*>ق š1>€3
Ära7t stack
Ära7t sto# ? 7ire sto# (B"i/8.)
Ära7t t"be (Png.)
Ära7t Yhee/ iK<%* Š>5
Ära7t. in8"ce8 ŒK(<3 iK)
Ära7ting committee ة}24™ ةن_%
Ära7ting #a#er Ÿ*=G<3 ”ر1 1C I)ر ”ر1
Ära7ting Yater •n<%2, •2;%* ®cB
Ära7tsman ? 8ra"ghtsman @2)ر
Ära7tsman. engineering $)'ن+ @2)ر
Ära7tsmanshi# ة32)ر
Ärag-bar (Png.) >_%* i4fق
Ärag (Aero.) •*GM%* ة312n3
Ärag (6o"n8r!) i%2nل% $لh<%* klن%*
Ärag (n.)
Ärag (a.)
Ärag anchor (ga"t.) iK) D2)>3
Ärag abis (Aero.) iK<%* رGK3
Ärag bit (Png.) œ2يرC Ÿ*ذ >hE ة;n%
Ärag coe77icient (Aero.)
Ärag conae!or (Png.) Dر*1= ةل<ل<, Oق2B
Ärag 8irection (Aero.) ة312n;%* ³2_5*
Ärag e77ect (-hem.)
Ärag 7o/8s (weo/.) ة4ق&cB* Ÿ24R
Ärag 7orce (Aero.) ة312n;%* DGق
Ärag /ink (Png.) {4jG5 1C iK) ةل™1
Ärag o7 a Yhee/ (Png.) 0&1'%* “بJ3
Ärag ro#e iK<%* OبE
Ärag shoe
Ärag shoae/ (Png.) >j ةF>_3
Ärag skin-7riction (Aero. ga"t.) $o2€A%* ]2J(E&* ة312n3
Ärag str"t (Aero.)
Ärag Yire (Aero.) >_%* •ل) ‚ ة312n3 •ل)
Ärag. aero8!namic ة4o*G+ ة432ني= ة312n3
Ärag. brake (Png.) “,2J;%* $F 'ي'` ]2J(E*
Ärag. com#ressibi/it! (Aero.) ة4R2AfB&* ة312n3
Ärag. coo/ing (Aero.) ةي'ي>ب(%* ة312n;%*
Ärag. 7orm (Aero.) ة4لJ€%* ة312n;%*
Ärag. in8"ce8 (Aero.) ة›K(<;%* ة312n;%*
Ärag. inter7erence (Aero.) ة4لd*'(%* ة312n;%*
Ärag. mooring (Aero.)
Ärag. #arasite (Aero.) ة4ل4hR ةبE2) DGق
i%2n%* V3 ةJ4ب<%* ˜Fر OM<ي ”'(<3 ‹>R ~ ”2ق'()*
D=G<3 i(s ‚ 'نj ‚ iK) . >j
'4ن_5 ‚ D=G<3 ‚ I)ر ‚ iK) ر245 ‚ iK) . >j
iK<%* (ر245) INن3
iK<%* (ةنd'3 1C) DرG)23
Uي>K%* ر2€(B* |1= WGKي •2ن, $F •*GM%* S>_3 >بT cj2E ~ iK) Oo2E
•*GMل% =1')) •n) 0GبBC)
iK<5) '4™ ةJب`)
ة,2K) . ة%2nB ‚ D•*>s . ةF>_3 ‚ iK) . >j
Oق>T . ”2TC ‚ kل[5 ‚ >_B* . iK) . >j
iK<%* O32:3 . •*GM%* ة312n3 O32:3
$ن4ب%* 0ذ2_(%2, (Ÿ2BGيH* ةs>E) ةق>T
UيG:(%* O:B . “بJ;%* O:B
ة4لd*= ة32T= . $R2AfB* ة312n3 W2J`
'4R2ن;%* $F) §GبM%* OبE)
Ärag. #ress"re (Aero.) ة4vAp ة312n3
Ärag. #ro7i/e (Aero.) ة4بB2j ة312n3
Ärag. tai/ (Aero.)
Ärag. Ying (Aero.)
Äragee (-hem.) ة<بل3 •*1= ةبE
Ärag/ine ebcaaator (Png.)
Äragon-tie (-ar#.) r1*X W2J`
Äragon (-ia. Png.) šر'3 1C “hl3 ر*>j
Äragon·s b/oo8 (-hem.)
Ärain-tra# ? air tra# (´an. Png.) rر2_;%* •*G+ D'4l3
Ärain (n.)
Ärain (a.)
Ärain cock (Png.) qي>h(%* ة4hنE
Ärain c"rrent kي>l5 ر245
Ärain g"//ies kي>l(%* 'ي=2dC
Ärain mani7o/8 (Png.) kي>l(%* i:€3
Ärain #i#e (´an. Png.) kي>l5 DرG)23 1C 0GبBC
Ärain #it (-ia. Png.) rر2_;%* D>hE
Ärain #/"g (´an. Png.)
Ärain aa/ae (Png.) kي>l5 @2;™
Ärain. oi/ (Png.) tيc%* ‹>l3
Ärain. oaer7/oY “hv%* ‹>l3
Ärainage area ? catchment area (-ia. Png.) ‹>l%* ˜;_(<3 ةnvن3
Ärainage channe/s (-ia. Png.) ‹>™ Ÿ*Gنق
Ärainage coi/ (P/ec. -omm.) ‹>™ kل3
Ärainage o"t/et (-ia. Png.)
Ärainage sieae (-ia. Png.) ‹>l%* ر245 D2hl3
Ärainage s!stem (-ia. Png.)
Ärainage t"be (-ia. Png.) kي>l5 0GبBC
Äraine8 (a8^.)
Äraining arrangements (Png.)
Ära#er e77ect (-hem.)
Ärastic (a8^.)
Ärastic cracking (et. Png.) k4نT >4<J5
Ära"ght-bar ? 8raY-bar (Png.)
Ära"ght ? 8ra7t
Ära"ght com#ass Š1À>%* W'ب(3 ر2j>F
Ära"ght 7ans iK<%* ®1*>3
Ära"ght 7ree (a8^.) •*GM%* ر245 V3 $;K3
Ära"ght ga"ge (Png.)
Ära"ght marks (ga"t.) zR2A%* Ÿ23mT
Ära"ghtsman ? 8ra7tsman @2)ر
ÄraY-bar ? 8rag-bar ? 8ra"ght-bar (Png.)
ÄraY-bar cra8/e (¢ai/Ya!s)
ÄraY-bri8ge (-ia. Png.) ةs>K(3 D>vنق
ÄraY-7i//ing (Png.)
ÄraY-in bo/t
ÄraY-in ch"ck (Png.)
ÄraY-nai/ (6o"n8r!) iK) ر2;<3
ÄraY-o77 aa/ae (Png. /"mb.)
D>o2v%* š2F'B* •2ن•C Oيx%* ةs>E ة312n3 . Oيx%* iK)
®2ن_%* ةs>E ة312n3 . ®2ن_%* iK)
>vn%* Oبs . iK<%* Oبs
zي=*Gn%* iK<%) Oبs 1ذ ر2hE)
>;EC $_ن45*ر qب™ ~ V4ن(%* @=
‹>l3 . ةTG%2,
•2;%*) ‹>™ . ®cB . ‹>™ . Zh™)
qي>h5 D=*') . ‹>™ D=*')
‹>™ ‚ ‹>™ D2نق ‚ ة4hl5 . k4h_5
kي>l(%* ةK(F . ‹>l%* Q>[3
³24;%* ‹ر2l3 ةJب` . ‹>l%* @2NB
k`2B . kh_3
kي>l(%* Ÿ*c4M_5 . qي>h(%* Ÿ*=*'T‘
V3 *•cj r12<5 |X1 D'E1 ~ @*ر= „¥ zB1H* V3
$oGf%* ŒKل% ةي12;4J%* ة,2_()&* ”G:5 ~ ˆ>,*ر=ˆ D>+2•
Š ’2hfF •2v} . Dر2() . k_)
Š2ق . k4نT
>vق 1C) >j i4fق)
ةن4h<%* zR2} ‚ $o*G+ ر245 ‚ ة,>` . ةn€B . ةT>j
rر2[, Oj>3 $F •*GM%* 0><3 Š24ق ='K3 ~ iK<%* Š24n3
>_%* 'T2) . iK) 1C >j i4fق
ةي'ي'K%* ةJ<%* Ÿ2,>T $F) >_%* |2بfق •,>% Ohق ر2R‘)
Ÿ2ب4بK%* WGR ZلT) ’>:(<;%* =>ب%*)
$ق2BX ر2;<3 . iK<ي ر2<3
$ق2BX ‹>• . iK<ي ‹>•
رGبن™ . ةي=2T ة4hنE
ÄraY-#/ate (Png.)
ÄraY-screY ? 8raY-nai/ (Let.)
ÄraY-t"be te/esco#e (´"ra.) U%cن3 0GبB—, 0GJ<4ل5
ÄraY (n.)
ÄraY (a.)
ÄraY a b/ank (et. Png.) ة_(ن3 >4} *>\, >hE
ÄraY ho/e (Let.) ]m)H* iK) ةK(F
ÄraY kni7e ? 8raYing kni7e (-ar#.)
ÄraY /i8 U%cن3 •2v}
ÄraY /ine iK<ل% OبE
ÄraY set
ÄraY ta#er (6o"n8r!) iK<%* ”2ق'()*
ÄraY tongs (Png.) iK<%* 2(بلs
ÄraY Yorks (Png.) ة:F*>%* DcMjH*
ÄraYabi/it! (Png.)
ÄraYback (6o"n8r!)
ÄraYback (n.)
ÄraYee (n.) {4لT 0GK<;%*
ÄraYer @2)ر ‚ Qر= ‚ iE2)
ÄraYer. Yire (Png.) ]m)C ةبK<3
ÄraYing-boar8 I)ر ةEG%
ÄraYing-8oYn (Png.) 2sm)C “بl(% 2Mnي>v5 1C |2بfn%* iK) ة4ل;T
ÄraYing-in (Png.) Od*'%* Z%‘ iK<%*
ÄraYing-o"t Qر2[%* Z%‘ iK<%*
ÄraYing (Png.)
ÄraYing (Let.) ]m)H* iK)
ÄraYing cab/e >_%* Oبs
ÄraYing 7ires (Png.)
ÄraYing instr"ments
ÄraYing kni7e (-ar#.)
ÄraYing o7 #atterns (6o"n8r!)
ÄraYing o7 t"bes i4,2BH* iK)
ÄraYing o77ice I)ر i(J3
ÄraYing #a#er I)ر ”ر1
ÄraYing #en
ÄraYing #in I)ر ŠG,=
ÄraYing #ress (Png.) iK<%2, zبJ3
ÄraYing 9"a/it! iK<%* ة4TGB
ÄraYing re#ro8"ction (Png.) I)>%* ¸2<ن()*
ÄraYing ro//ers (Png.) iK<%* V4F&=
ÄraYing sca/e (Png.) I)>%* Š24n3
ÄraYing tab/e I)ر D'fن3
ÄraYing tem#er (Let.) $)2n%* ذ&Gh%* ˜4بv5
ÄraYing timber
ÄraYing to sca/e $ب<B Š24n;, I)>%*
ÄraYing. co/8 (Let.) =ر2ب%* ZلT iK)
ÄraYing. engineering (Png.) $)'ن+ I)ر
ÄraYing. hot (Let.) Vd2<%* ZلT iK)
ÄraYn-Yire 7i/ament (¨//"m.) 0GK<;%* •ل<%* V3 ةل4(F
ÄraYn (a8^.) @G)>3 ‚ 0GK<3
ÄraYn c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) 0GK<;%* ر24(%*
ÄraYn Yire (Png.) 0GK<3 •ل)
Ära! (n.)
Ära! (a.) ةj*>J, OnB
>4)*G;%* 1C ]m)H* iK) i%*Gق t4ب›(% ®G% . iK<%* ةK4h™
{ب%2ق V3 0Gبl;%* QذG;ن%* iK<% (i%Gل3) ر2;<3 ~ iK<%* ر2;<3
D*ر2ب3 $F) W=2:5 ‚ ةs>K(3 D>vنق ‚ '3 . iK) . >j)
kل[5 ‚ 0x(j* ‚ 0>(ق* ‚ O()* ‚ I)ر ‚ >j . iK)
•€Jل%) xبj V4J))
ة32`>ب%* ‹>v%) ةبE2) ةKv<3)
iK<ل% ة4ل,2ق . ة4,2K<B*
O4J€(%* i%2ق V3) {بK) VJ;ي •cj)
tب4T . Uo2T
I)ر ‚ iK) . >j
O;:%* kق1 'نT (Oj>;%* $F) |>h%* Œبd k4Nن5 1C iK)
I)ر Ÿ&‰ . I)ر Ÿ*1=C
•€Jل%) xبj V4J))
•ب<%* i%*Gق V3) ة,Gبl;%* Qذ2;ن%* iK))
ة€ي>%* Q1=c3) I)ر Iلق)
O;:%* 2M4F ZM(B* ةnvن3 V3) Io2T'%* ة%*X‘)
W2n•H* Onن% ةfh[ن3 ة,>T ~ ةj*>s
Ärea8no"ght ? 8rea8na"ght (ga"t.) ة4,>E ةjر2,
Äre8ge (or 8re8ger) (-ia. Png.)
Äre8ge b"cket (-ia. Png.)
Äre8ger ? 8re8ge (-ia. Png.)
Äre8ger. b"cket-/a88er (Png.) ةل<ل<(3 zي=*Gn, D•*>s
Äre8ger. #"m# (-ia. Png.) ة™23 ة[f;, D•*>s
Äre8ging scoo# D•*>J%* ةF>A3
Äregs (n.)
Äreikanter (weo/.) |>n%* ة4•m• ZlE
Ärench (a.)
Ärenching aa/ae (Png.) >;A%* @2;™
Äress (n.)
Äress (a.)
Äresse8 st"77 (B"i/8.) Dc+2j {ب` 1C ةلJ€3 02€dC
Äresser (Png.)
Äresser (Le8.) ®*>_%* ';f3
Äressing-o77 (6o"n8r!) Ÿ2,Gبl;%* iيxM5
Äressing-station ة4%1C Ÿ2F2:)‘ cs>3
Äressing •2<s ‚ ةيG<5 ‚ §m3 ‚ iيxM5 ‚ ة\4M5 ‚ D=2;p ‚ '4;f5
Äressing o7 ores Ÿ232[%* ة\4M5
Äressing o7 ro//s (Png.) ةنh%'%* Ÿ2B*Gv)* ةيG<5
Äressing. antise#tic >Mv3 1C In:3 =2;p
Äressing. 7ibe8 t,2• =2;p
Äribb/e (n.) O4\p ر*'n3 ‚ ذ*ذر ‚ D>vق
Äribb/e (a.)
Ärie8 (a8^.) kh_3
Ärier ? 8r!er (Png.)
Ärier ro//s (Png.) k4h_(%* Ÿ2B*Gv)*
Ärier. hair >:€%* kh_3
Ärier. hot air (-hem.) Vd2<%* •*GM%2, kh_3
Äriers (-hem.) Ÿ2hh_3
Äri7t-net ة;o2T '4™ ةJب`
Äri7t-t"be t"nne/ (h!s.) ةBGK€;%* Ÿ24oc_%* ”24<B* UhB
Äri7t (Png.)
Äri7t (weo/.)
Äri7t (-!8. Png.) ر24(%* |2ي>j W':3
Äri7t (Lining) 0>)
Äri7t (n.)
Äri7t (a.)
Äri7t ang/e (Aero.. ga"t.) ”24<B&* ةي1*X
Äri7t aaa/anche (weo/.) ‹ر2j ر24+
Äri7t bar (Aero.) ‹*>KB&* Š24n3
Äri7t bo/t (-ar#.) >)= ر2;<3
Äri7t com#"ter (ga"t.) ”24<B&* ةب)2E
Äri7t correction (ga"t.) ”24<B&* “4Kl5
Äri7t c"rrent (Leteor.) ‹ر2j ر245
Äri7t 8e#osits (weo/.)
Äri7t energ! (h!s.) ”24<B&* ةق2R
Äri7t ice (weo/.) ‹1>_3 '4لj
Äri7t in8icator (ga"t.)
Äri7t mining $بB2j Vي':5
Äri7t mobi/it! (h!s.) ”24<B&* ة4s>E
”2;TH* V3 $;v%* ˜F>% ‹GR 1C Œ3ر ‚ ةF*>j . D•*>s
D•*>J%* $F) >hE Š1=2ق)
$;v%* ˜F>%) ةF*>j . Ÿ*•*>J, cM_3 is>3 D•*>s)
i)*1ر . On• . ة%2›E
zv} . ˜nB ‚ >;(}‘ . >;}
zلJ%* ة%*Xž ('ل_%*) >;}
ة\4+ ‚ DG<s . Š2ب%
kv™* ‚ Vيc5 ‚ Z<(s* . zب% ‚ k™ ‚ ';p ‚ 0'+ ‚ SG) . —4+ ‚ VيX ‚ 2<s . zب%C
³>4)*G31 ¡2™>%* ®*G%C ةيG<(%) D*G<3 ‚ (2Mل4J€51 Dر2_K%* Onن%) Š2vل3 ‚ 'ي'E ةق>v3
Ÿ*'4<ل%) z,m;%* ةR24d)
D>vق D>vق W2) ‚ >vقC . >vق
k4h_5 ة%‰ . kh_3
@>[3 . in›3
r=G;لj OhR . ®>R
‹*>_B* . |*'4E ‚ @GJ5 ‚ ‹>j . ‹*>_B* . ”24<B*
‹>KB* . ذ2E ‚ Onن5 ‚ @GJ5 ‚ ‹>j . ‹>_B* . ”2<B*
ةF1>_3 i)*1ر . ةF1>_3 Ÿ*ر*>ق
‹*>KB&* O4%= . ”24<B&* V4ب3
Äri7t #in (Png.)
Äri7t #/"g (/"mb.)
Äri7t #oint ‹*>KB&* ةvnB
Äri7t san8 (weo/.) ”2<ن3 1C ‹1>_3 O3ر
Äri7t sca/e ‹*>KB&* Iل)
Äri7t sight (ga"t.) ”24<B&* ‹*'M3
Äri7t signa/ ‹*>KB&* Dر2`‘
Äri7t s#ace (©hermionics)
Äri7t ae/ocit! ”24<B&* ةT>)
Äri7t Yire
Äri7tage (n.)
Äri7ter (Lining)
Äri7ting (a8^.) ر24(%* ˜3 ”2<ن3
Äri7ting (n.)
Äri7ting o7 nee8/e (Lagn.) D>,ž* ”24<B*
Äri7ting #ick ? 9"arts #ick (Lining) ŠC>%* ”'(<3 ‹>j WG:3
Äri7ting test (Png.)
Äri7tmeter (Aero.) ‹*>KB&* 1C ”24<B&* Š24n3
Äriko/8 ? 8r! ice (-hem.)
Äri//-ro8 (-ia. Png.)
Äri// reg"/ations iير'(%* V4B*Gق 1C ة;NBC
Äri// (Agric.)
Äri// (Lining)
Äri// (n.)
Äri// (a.)
Äri// amm"nition (Li/.) iير'5 D>4dذ
Äri// abis in›%* رGK3
Äri// bit in• ة;n%
Äri// boY 02n›;%* Dر*=‘ ŠGق
Äri// b"shing (Png.) in• ةبلj
Äri// ch"ck (Png.) 02n›;%* ‹>•
Äri// core (Lining) ة4R1>[3 >hE ةن4T
Äri// co"/ter (Agric.) ر*xب%* ة%‰ $F 'ي'[(%* D'ي'E
Äri// c"ttings (Png.)
Äri// ebtractor (-ia. Png.) iق2›;%* ةj>[(<3
Äri// 7ee8 (Png.) in›;%* ةيxA5
Äri// 7ormation Dر12ن;%* ةل4J€5
Äri// ga"ge (Png.) 02n›;%* ر2vقC Š24ق ='K3
Äri// hammer (Png.) >hK%* ةق>v3
Äri// ho/8er 7ibt"re (Png.) iق2›;%* •,>3 ة(4ب›5
Äri// /athe (Png.) in• ةR>[3
Äri// /og (Png.) in• O_)
Äri// #a8 in›;ل% D'B2)
Äri// #i#e (-ia. Png.) >hE DرG)23
Äri// #/ate
Äri// #oint (-ar#.)
Äri// #ost (Png.) ة,2n›%* =G;T
Äri// ro#e (Png.) >hK%* Oبs
Äri// shar#ener (Png.) 02n›;%* V<3 1C xK€3
Äri// socket (Png.) in›;%* ةبق1
Äri// s#in8/e (Png.) in›;%* =G;T
Äri// stan8 in›;%* O32E
Äri// stee/ (Let.) iق2›;%* ذ&GF
Äri// stem (Png.) >hK%* =G;T
O™G%* ر2;<3 ‚ ر2)= .'51 . •بن)
{;يGn(% ¡2™>%* 0GبBC $F ˜F'ي رG,2d ~ •K€3
$B1>(J%‘ @2;™ $F ~ ”24<B&* c4E
iK<%* Oبs . ”24<B&* •ل)
‹*>KB* ‚ ”24<B* . ‹*>_B*
”2hBH* >hK%) رG[™ ة,2n•)
ر24(%* ˜3 @GT . kن:, ”24<B* . ‹*>KB* . ˜F=
ة4ل4v;%* Š24n%) >)'%* ر2ب(d*)
r'4ل_%* |G,>J%* '4<sC $B2• ~'%GJي*ر=
in›%* ةلlB i4fق . in• i4fق
ةيX*G(3 رGv) $F1 ةي12<(3 ”2;TC ZلT ر1xب%* šرc5 ة%‰ ~ Dر*x,
ر2,‰ ر2hK3 . ة,2n• . Vي':(%* Dر2hE . رG[l%* Dر2hE
02n›3 . in›3 ‚ رx, . >›B ‚ Vي>;5 . iير'5 ‚ >hE . in•
رx, ‚ IلT ‚ |>3 . 0ر= ‚ >hE . in•
>hK%* •2ن•C tj>[()* ˜vق) >hK%* Ÿ2(€n3)
ر*'™ . Dر'™
in›%* ةلlB . in• ةsG`
Äri// stock (Png.) r1'4%* 02n›;%* ‹2hل3
Äri// tem#er (Let.) iق2›;%* ذ&Gh% $BG,>J%* SG(K;%*
Äri// test in›%2, ر2ب(d&*
Äri// aise (Png.) 02n›;%* ة3cل3
Äri// Yeb (-ar#.) in›;%* >51
Äri//. bench (Png.) ةي'fB ة,2n•
Äri//. breast (Png.) ر'™ 02n›3
Äri//. e/ectric (Png.) $o2,>Ms 02n›3
Äri//. 7i88/e r>51 02n›3
Äri//. han8 (Png.) r1'ي 02n›3
Äri//. mobi/e str"ct"re (Png.) i4s*>(%* ةF>:;% On(<3 >hE X2Mj
Äri//. m"/ti7/"te (Png.) ='[%* =':(3 in›3
Äri//. #i//ar (Png.) ةي'T2ق ة,2n•
Äri//. #ress (Png.) ة4vAp ة,2n•
Äri//. ra8ia/ (Png.) ةي>vق klB ة,2n•
Äri//. ratchet (Png.) ةR2n<, 02n›3
Äri//. t"rret (Png.) ة4j>, ة,2n•
Äri//. tYist (Png.) $o*G(%C in›3
Äri//abi/it! (n.) >hK%* ة4B2J3‘
Äri//e8 (a8^.)
Äri//er ة,2n• ‚ iق2•
Äri//er. 8iamon8 ة)2;, ة,2n•
Äri//ing-air (Png.) §GAf;%* •*GM%2, in•
Äri//ing barge (et. Png.)
Äri//ing bit (Png.) in• ة;n%
Äri//ing cab/e (Png.) >hK%* Oبs
Äri//ing contractor (-ia. Png.) >hK%* 'M:(3
Äri//ing contro/ (-ia. Png.) >hK%* Dر*=‘
Äri//ing creY (Png.) >hK%* Iق2R
Äri//ing engine (Png.) >hK%* ]>K3
Äri//ing e9"i#ment (Png.) >hK%* Ÿ*':3
Äri//ing 7ibt"re (Png.) in• ة(4ب›5
Äri//ing 7/"i8 (Png.) >hK%* Oo2)
Äri//ing ^ig (Png.) i4nن5 O4%=
Äri//ing /ine (Png.) >hK%* Oبs
Äri//ing /og (-ia. Png.) >hK%* O_)
Äri//ing machine (Png.)
Äri//ing m"8 (et. Png.)
Äri//ing #/at7orm. mobi/e (et. Png.) ةلnن(;%* >hK%* ةlن3
Äri//ing #/at7orm. o77shore (et. Png.) r>Kب%* >hK%* ةlن3
Äri//ing rig (-ia. Png.) >hK%* X2Mj
Äri//ing ro8 (-ia. Png.) >hK%* =G;T
Äri//ing sha7t (Png.) $<4o>%* >hK%* =G;T
Äri//ing site (-ia. Png.) >hK%* ˜قG3
Äri//ing s#ee8 (Png.) >hK%* ةT>)
Äri//ing s#in8/e (Png.) ر*1'%* in›%* =G;T
Äri//ing tab/e (Png.)
Äri//ing. cab/e (Png.) $لبs >hE
Äri//ing. ch"rn (-ia. Png.) ”'%2, >hE
Äri//ing. 8e/ineation (Png.) r'ي'K5 >hE
Äri//ing. 8irectiona/ (Png.) $+2_5* >hE
Äri//ing. eb#/orator! (et. Png.) $F2€J()* >hE
Äri//ing. o77-shore (Png.) >Kب%* ’>T $F >hE
in›3 . 0Gn›3
ر2,½* >hE ‚ i4n›5 . in•
>hK%* ‹GR . >hK%* is>3
>hK%* X2Mj ‚ >hK%* . ةنJ3 . ة,2n•
in›;%* 'ي>ب(%) >hK%* V4R)
in›%* 1C) >hK%* D'fن3)
Äri//ing. #erc"ssion (Png.) ”>v%2, >hE
Äri//ing. reconnaissance (et. Png.) $Tmv()* >hE
Äri//ing. rotar! (Png.) $B*ر1= >hE
Äri//ing. shot (Png.) ذ&Gh%* ”=>[, >hE
Äri//ings >hK%* Ÿ2hل[3
Äri//ometer (Png.)
Äri#-8r! (a.)
Äri#-7ee8 /"brication (Png.) D>vn(;%* ةيxA(%2, t4يc(%*
Äri#-7ee8 /"bricator (Png.)
Äri#-#roo7 (a8^.) (P/ec. Png.) >4vn(ل% D'32™
Äri# (B"i/8.) •2نب%* VT >v;%* =>ي $B':3 ‹>Fر 1C cي>F‘
Äri# (n.)
Äri# (a.)
Äri# c"# (Png.) >vn%* ®'ق
Äri# 7ee8 (Png.)
Äri# 7/a# (B"i/8.) 0*c4;%* ”GR
Äri# mo"/8 (B"i/8.)
Äri# #an (Png.)
Äri# #i#e (Png.) >vق DرG)23
Äri# sink (B"i/8.)
Äri# aa/ae (Png.) >vn%* @2;™
Äri##ing eaae (B"i/8.)
Äri#stone (B"i/8.)
Äri#stone (weo/.)
Äriae (Lining)
Äriae (n.)
Äriae (¢a8io) cF2E
Äriae (a.)
Äriae ab/e (Png.) >ي1'5 رGK3
Äriae be/t ةs>K%* OnB >4)
Äriae bo/t (Png.) >)= ر2;<3
Äriae chain ? 8riaing chain (Png.) >ي1'(%* ةل<ل)
Äriae 7it ? 8riaing 7it (Png.) ”= UF*G5
Äriae gear (Png.) >ي1'5 Š>5
Äriae mechanism (Png.) >ي1'(%* 1C Dر*=ž* ة4%‰
Äriae motor (Png.) Dر*=‘ رG5G3
Äriae #inion (Png.) >ي1'5 1C Dر*=‘ Š>5
Äriae #i#e >hE DرG)23
Äriae sha7t (Png.)
Äriae. airscreY (Aero.) ةE1>;%* iK)
Äriae. be/t (Png.) >4<%2, Dر*=‘
Äriae. cater#i//ar (Png.) r>4_BX ˜F=
Äriae. chain (Png.) $ل<ل) ˜F=
Äriae. 8irect (Png.) >`2ب3 ˜F=
Äriae. 7o"r Yhee/ (Png.) Ÿm_T ˜,ر—, ˜F=
Äriae. 7ront Yhee/ ة4323H* i4%*1'%2, ˜F= 1C >j
Äriae. gas X2A%2, ˜F'%*
Äriae. Yater •2;%2, ˜F'%*
Äriae. Yhee/
Äriaen (a8^.)
Äriaen c/"tch (Png.)
Äriaen e/ement (¢a8io)
Äriaen #i/e (-ia. Png.) ”'5 Dc4sر
Äriaen #"//e! (Png.)
>hK%* (U;T) Š24n3
VfA5 |1=) >vn(%2, kj)
t4يc5 Dر2vق ~ D>vn(;%* ةيxA(%* |*cd
|*>vق . >vn5 . >vق
>vn5 . D>vقC . >vق
Ÿ*>vn%2, ةيxA(%* . D>vn(3 ةيxA5
ر*'_%* “v) VT >v;%* =>ي Xر2, cي>F‘ ~ >vn%* cي>F‘
D>vn3 . >vق Š2R
•2;%* kي>l(% ة4hنE tK5 ’GE ~ ةTG%2,
>v;%* =>% cي>F‘ . >vn%* cي>F‘
>v;%* =>% 02, 1C DxF2B ”GF r>_E cي>F‘ ~ >vn%* kنR
ةv,2+ . @G4<%2J%* Ÿ2BG,>s V3 •,2+ =G;T ~ t4(Jل()
ةB':;%* D=2;%* Od*= UhB ~ Vي':5 0>)
Uي>R ‚ =>R ‚ ˜F= ‚ ةs>E . Dر*=‘ . D=24ق ‚ >ي1'(%* ةل4)1 ‚ ةs>K%* Oق2B . =Gnh3
':,C . =>R ‚ ˜F= ‚ ر*=C . =2ق . ”2)
>_%* šxj . >ي1'5 =G;T . Dر*=‘ =G;T
Dر*=‘ ةنن<3 . Dر*=‘ ةل_T
=Gn3 . ر*'3 . ”2<ن3
=Gn3 . †,2ق
O)>;%* 1C Oبn(<;%2,) WG™G;%* $o*GM%* •cj)
Dر*'3 D>J, . D=Gn3 D>J,
Äriaen sha7t (Png.) ر*'3 =G;T
Äriaen Ye// ? t"be Ye// (-ia. Png.)
Äriaen Yhee/ (Png.) D=Gn3 1C Dر*'3 ةل_T
Äriaer (P/ec.) cF2E I[f3
Äriaer (n.) ةق'3 ‚ cF2E ‚ 'o2ق ‚ ر1'3 ‚ Uo2)
Äriaer co"#/ing (Png.) Dر*=‘ ةBر2ق
Äriaer #/ate ? 8riaing #/ate (Png.)
Äriaer. mechanica/ $J4B2J43 Uo2)
Äriaer·s /icence
ÄriaeYa! Ÿ2بs>3 Uي>R
Äriaing-#oint im#e8ance (P/ec. Png.) chK%* ةvnB 'نT ةق12:;%*
Äriaing ab/e (Png.) Dر*=‘ رGK3
Äriaing ban8 (Li/.)
Äriaing be/t (Png.) >ي1'5 >4)
Äriaing bob (Png.) >ي1'5 ”1'ن™
Äriaing b! be/ts (Png.) رG4<%2, >ي1'(%*
Äriaing b! 7riction (Png.) ]2J(E&2, >ي1'(%*
Äriaing b! gear Yhee/s (Png.) Š1>(%2, >ي1'(%*
Äriaing cam (Png.)
Äriaing chain (Png.) ةs>K%* 1C >ي1'(%* ةل<ل)
Äriaing chise/ ”= O43X‘
Äriaing ch"ck (Png.) >ي1'5 ‹>•
Äriaing circ"it (P/ec. Png.) DcF2E D>o*=
Äriaing com#artment
Äriaing 8isc (Png.) >ي1'5 ¡>ق
Äriaing 8r"m (Png.) >ي1'5 Dر*=
Äriaing engine (Png.) >ي1'(%* ]>K3
Äriaing 7it (Png.) ”'%2, UF*G5
Äriaing 7orce ة:F*'%* 1C DcF2K%* DGn%*
Äriaing gear (Png.) Dر*=ž* 1C >ي1'(%* Š>5
Äriaing in (n.)
Äriaing motor (Png.) Dر*=‘ ]>K3
Äriaing o"t (n.)
Äriaing #inion (Png.) >ي1'(%* Š>5
Äriaing #/ate (Png.) >ي1'(%* ¡>ق
Äriaing #otentia/ cF2K%* 'M_%*
Äriaing #oYer Dر*=ž* Dر'ق
Äriaing #"//e! (Png.) Dر*=ž* D>J,
Äriaing ro8 (¢ai/Ya!s) >ي1'(%* š*رذ
Äriaing ro#e (Png.) >ي1'(%* OبE
Äriaing sha7t (Png.) Dر*=ž* =G;T
Äriaing si8e (Png.)
Äriaing s#ring (Png.)
Äriaing s#ring ro8 (Png.) $<4o>%* †,2ن%* i4fق
Äriaing "nit (Png.)
Äriaing Yasher (Png.)
Äriaing Yhee/ (Png.)
Äriyy/e (n.) ذ*ذر
Äriyy/e (a.)
Ärog"e (Aero.)
Ärone (Aero.)
Ärone (eoo/.) OKن%* >sذ
Äroo# (n.) W'5
DGdر ةلKp Ÿ2nبR >بT ='[3 in›3 ‹>R rذ 0GبBC ”', >hK5 ~ ة4,GبBC (•23) >\,
Dر*=‘ •,>3 . >ي1'(%* ¡>ق
Ÿ*ر24<%*) ”G) DX2j‘)
Dر*=‘ . D=24ق . ”G)
ةnيxn%* $F) {jG3 ”2vB ‚ ˜F'%* ”GR)
Dر*=‘ ة32s . >ي1'5 ة,'E
D=24n%* D>_E . Uo2<%* D>_E
”'%2, W2d=‘ . >)=
”'%2, Q*>d‘ . =>R
>4<ل%) >ي1'(%* iB2j)
=*'5ر&* †,2B . D=24n%* †,2B
>ي1'5 D'E1 . Dر*=‘ D'E1
>ي1'5 ةJلF . >ي1'5 ةnلE
Dر*=‘ Š>5 . D=24ق ةل_T
ذرC . ذر
OJ€%* ة4R1>[3 (ة4o2;%* Ÿ*>o2vل%) ة;o2T D2)>3
24Jل) & 'jG5) ر24R m, D>o2R)
Äroo# (a.)
Äroo# correction (Aero.) O4;%* “4Kl5
Äroo#. ai/eron (Aero.) “4ن_%* $%'5
Äro#-7ee8 /"brication (Png.) ةvق2<(;%* ةيxA(%2, t4يc(%*
Äro#-han8/e (Png.) •ق2) †بn3
Äro#-in Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
Äro# (P/ec. Png.)
Äro# (Lining)
Äro# (n.)
Äro# (a.)
Äro# ? ann"nciator (P/ec. Png.)
Äro# a #er#en8ic"/ar (Laths.) *=G;T WcBC
Äro# arch (B"i/8.) •,2+ ŠGق
Äro# arm (Png.) {4jG(%* X2Mj ةs>E O4™G5 š*رذ
Äro# b/ack (aint.) $ب4بE $;KF qب™
Äro# e/ectro8e (-hem.) >vn(3 =1>(J%*
Äro# 7orge (a.)
Äro# 7orging (Let.) ةvق2<%* ةق>v;%2, O4J€(%*
Äro# gate (6o"n8r!) il%* ة,*G,
Äro# hammer (Png.)
Äro# o7 #otentia/ (P/ec. Png.) 'M_%* §Gب+
Äro# oi/er (Png.) •ق2<(%2, tيc3
Äro# o"t ao/tage (P/ec.) ˜vn%* ة4vلF
Äro# #ress (Png.) •ق2<%* Onن%2, zبJ3
Äro# sha7t (Lining)
Äro# si8ing (B"i/8.) ةلd*'(3 ة4بB2j ®*G%C
Äro# stam#ing (Let.)
Äro# test (P/ec. Png.)
Äro# test (Lech.)
Äro# aa/ae (Png.)
Äro# Yeight test (Png.) •ق2<%* Onن%* ر2ب(d*
Äro# Yorm (Png.) $R2n)‘ r=1= Š>5
Äro#/ight (-hem.) Z%'3 ®2بl3
Äro##er (-hem.) Dر2vق
Äro##er (or 8ro##ing) t"be (-hem.) Dر2vق
Äro##er 7/ask (-hem.… Dر2vق Dر1ر2ق
Äro##ing ang/e (Li/.)
Äro##ing bott/e (-hem.) Dر2vق ةj2jX
Äro##ing #oint (-hem.)
Äro##ing resistor (P/ec. Png.) ة4vلhل% †F2d @12n3
Äro##ing site (or yone) §Gn<%* 1C §GبM%* ةnvن3
Ärosometer (Leteor.) m4% ˜;_(;%* 1C >n(<;%* S'نل% Š24n3
Äross (Let. Lining)
Ärossing (Let.) ة,*ذž2, ¡2™>%* V3 Š2Kن%* Q*>[()* ةnي>R
Ärossing s#oon Dر*'J%* OlF ةF>A3
Äro"ght (Leteor.)
Äro"ght resistance ‹2h_%* ة312n3
Äroae (B"i/8.)
Äroae (-!8. Png.) r>ل% ةn4p D2نق
ÄroYn (a.)
ÄroYne8 aa//e! (weo/.) zR2} 1C رG;A3 =*1
z\ي . •نق . V+1 ‚ Z%'5
Q2(Bž* GfT U` $F {(4ب›5 VJ;ي ~ $R2n)‘ kل3
ة4vلh%* §Gب+ . 'M_%* $F §Gب+
$pرC š'l5 $F) ةي=G;T ةE*X‘)
§Gب+ . §Gn) ‚ ةvnB
kل[5 ‚ W')C . •n) . •n)C
Š>_%* ر'l3 Z%‘ >4€5 $(%* ~ ةنل:;%* ةR2n)
ةvق2<%* ةق>v;%2, (|':;%*) OJ`
ة4%‰ ةق>v3 . ةvق2) ةق>v3
I_ن3 $F V4ق>T V4, Olي ~ •,2+ 0>)
•ق2<%* ”>v%2, O4J€(%* . •ق2<%* ”>v%2, I([%*
W'ب;%* Ÿ2h% $F) 'M_%* §Gب+ ر2ب(d*)
ةيذ&Gh%* Ÿm_:ل%) §Gn<%* ر2ب(d*)
':n;%* $R1>[3) •,2+ @2;™)
D>4A™ D>vق ~ D>4vق
§2n)‘ . >vn5 . >vق
‹xn%* ةي1*X . §Gn<%* ةي1*X
IK€ل%) O4<(%* ةvnB)
|=2:;%*) Œبd . ةي2hB . Dر*'s)
•Kق . ‹2hj
tKنل% †ي>T O43X‘ ~ Ÿ2Kن3
>;} ‚ ”>} . ”>}C
ŸGl%*) i_E ‚ >;} . ”*>}‘)
Är"g-store (-hem.) ةي1=C |c[3
Är"g (n.) (-hem.)
Är"g (a.)
Är"ggist (-hem.) $%'4™
Är"m (n.)
Är"m (a.)
Är"m action (Aco"s.)
Är"m armat"re (P/ec. Png.) rر*= Q2(B‘ GfT
Är"m breaker starter (P/ec. Png.) Olhن3 ˜R2ق 1ذ rر*= O4A€5 ƒ=2,
Är"m contro//er (P/ec. Png.) rر*= IJK5 X2Mj
Är"m hea8 (Png.) ةيGE>%* ŠCر
Är"m o7 Yire ]m)C iJ3
Är"m #"m# ? rotar! #"m# (Png.)
Är"m scanner (©e/ea.) rر*= “)23
Är"m sha7t (Png.)
Är"m starter (P/ec. Png.) rر*= O4A€5 ƒ=2,
Är"m sYitch (P/ec. Png.) rر*= z3m5 1ذ ®2(h3
Är"m Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) rر*= k%
Är"m. amm"nition (Li/.) Š'<;%* ةBGE2R
Är"m. brake “بJ;%* ةلبR
Är"m. cab/e OبJ%* Dر*=
Är"m. 8e7/ection ‹*>KB&* ةلبR
Är"m. 8r!-c/eaning k`2ن%* ZلT k4Nن(%* ةB*Gv)*
Är"m. ear (Anat.) |ذH* ةلبR
Är"m. recor8ing (-inema) O4_<5 Dر*=
Är"m. scanning (©e/ea.) “<;%* Dر*=
Är"m. Yater (Png.) Oj>;ل% $لh<%* ˜;_;%*
Är"m/in (weo/.) r'4لj i4›s
Är"mm! (a8^.)
Är"nken saY (-ar#.) $™>ق 'ي'[5 ر2€ن3
Är"#e (Bot.) D*Gن%* D=>h3 D>;•
Är"se cr!sta/s ? c/"ster cr!sta/s ة:;_(3 Ÿ*رGل,
Är"s! (Lining)
Är"s! caaities (weo/.) Ÿ*رGلب%2, ةنvب3 ةي>[™ Ÿ*G_F
Är!-air b/ast (Png.) ‹2j 0Gب+
Är!-air #ress"re (h!s.) ‹2_%* •*GM%* •Ap
Är!-b"/b thermometer (h!s.) ةF2j ةل4l, 1ذ >(3G3>5
Är!-casting (Let.) k`2ن%* ZلT •ب)
Är!-c/ean (a.)
Är!-c/eaning (n.)
Är!-c/eaning so/aent (-hem.) ‹2_%* k4Nن(ل% iيx3
Är!-core cab/e (P/ec. -omm.) ‹2j iلق 1ذ Oبs
Är!-7"e/ rocket (Png.) =GقG%* ‹2j ¸1ر2™
Är!-ice (-hem.)
Är!-#/ate recti7ier (¢a8io) ‹2j ®G%
Är!-san8 casting (6o"n8r!) ‹2_%* O3>%* i%*Gn, il%*
Är!-san8 mo"/8 (6o"n8r!) ‹2_%* O3>%* V3 i%2ق
Är!-s#arkoaer ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ‹2j WX2:%*1 Dر*>€%* chق ة4vلF
Är!-aa//e! (weo/.)
Är! (a8^.)
Är! (n.)
Är! air ‹2j •*G+
Är! ana/!sis (-hem.) ‹2j O4لK5
IيGM5 . V)1
•*1= . ر'[3 . ر2nT
ر'[;,) 'd)
ةB*Gv)C . Dر*= . O43>, ‚ OبR
Oبv%2s) ”= 1C š>ق . OبR)
ة45Gl%* ةjG;%* O:h, On(<;%* ر*'_%* 0x,x5 ~ $قر O:F
ة4B*ر1= ة[f3 . Dر*1= ة[f3
š2F>;%* Dر*= (Dر*=‘) =G;T
|G3—3 >4} . >vd
0>[ن3 . Ÿ*G_F 1ذ
•2;%* >4A,) k`2ن%* ZلT kNB . rGfT iيx;, kNB)
k`2ن%* ZلT) ‹2j k4Nن5)
r'4ل_%* |G,>J%* '4<sC $B2•) ‹2j '4لj)
24%2E {4F •23 & ~ ‹2j =*1
k`2B . ‹2j
kj . khj
Är! assa! (-hem.) ‹2j X1ر 1C |Xر
Är! batter! (P/ec. Png.) ةF2j ةير2v,
Är! be8s o7 streams ةF2j •2;%* rر2_3
Är! bon8 (6o"n8r!) $F2h_%* •,*>(%*
Är! bone ore (Lin.)
Är! boring (-ia. Png.) k`2ن%* ZلT >hE
Är! ce// (P/ec. Png.) ةF2j ة4لd
Är! com#ression (Png.) ‹2_%* §2AfB&*
Är! co##er (Let.)
Är! 8isti//ation (-hem.) ‹2j >4vn5
Är! 8ock (-ia.Png.) ‹2j ’GE
Är! e/ectro/!tic con8enser (P/ec. -omm.) ‹2j $(4%1>(J%‘ k›J3
Är! 7abric air c/eaner ‹2j Ž4<ن, •*GM%* $nن3
Är! 7ining (Let.) k`2ن%* ZلT On™
Är! 7/ashoaer ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ‹2j WX2:%*1 Dر*>€%* chق ة4vلF
Är! 7/"e gas (Png.)
Är! 7r"it (Bot.) ةF2j D>;•
Är! ga/aaniying (Let.)
Är! gas (et. Png.) ‹2j $:4بR X2}
Är! grin8ing (Png.) ‹2j –ل_5
Är! ho/e (et. Png.) ة_(ن3 >4} >\,
Är! ki/n
Är! meas"re
Är! mo"/8ing (6o"n8r!) ‹2_%* O3>%2, i%*Gn%* =*'T‘
Är! mo"nting (hotog.)
Är! #ack (-ia. Png.) iRر G€E tن;)‘
Är! #i/e (P/ec. Png.) ةF2j ةير2v,
Är! #/ate (hotog.) k4h_5 DرG)23
Är! #rocess ةF2j ةnي>R
Är! #"88ing (Let.)
Är! rot ‹2_%* >[ن%*
Är! san8 (6o"n8r!) ‹2j O3ر
Är! sat"rate8 steam (Png.) ‹2j ˜ب€3 ر2[,
Är! screening (or scr"bbing) (Let.) @2[%* Olh% ةF2j ةل,>}
Är! steam (Png.) ‹2j ر2[,
Är! stone (a8^.) (B"i/8.) §m3 |1= Dر2_K, $نب3
Är! s"m# (¨.-. Pngs.. Png.) ‹2j ’GE
Är! test (-hem.) ‹2_%* ر2ب(d&*
Är! trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) ‹2j WGK3
Är! Ya// ةv4ل;%* >4} Dر2_K%* V3 ر*'j
Är! Yeight (Aero.) ‹2j |X1
Är! Yoo8 ‹2j i€d
Är!er kh_3
Är!ing-o"t (P/ec. Png.) V4[<(%2, ة,GR>%* =>R
Är!ing (-hem.) k4h_5
Är!ing agent (Png.) ةhh_3 O3*GT
Är!ing bob (hotog.) k4h_5 ”1'ن™
Är!ing b! 8isti//ation (-hem.) >4vn(%2, k4h_5
Är!ing b! h!8ro/!sis (-hem.)
Är!ing chamber k4h_5 ةF>}
Är!ing c!/in8er k4h_5 ةB*Gv)*
Är!ing 8r"m (Png.) k4h_5 Dر*=
Är!ing 7"rnace k4h_5 |>F
Är!ing o7 7r"its {s*Gh%* k4h_5
D>لب(;%* •Bc%* Ÿ2BG,>s) ةF2_%* @2N:%* @2d)
³*G) VT V4_<sH* ة4;s {4F =*c5 Š2KB) ‹2j Š2KB)
•2;%* ر2[, •2ن›()2,) ةF2_%* ةF>lن;%* ”*>(E&* Ÿ*X2})
k`2ن%* ZلT (•Bc%2,) ةنhل}
02€dH* k4h_(%) ‹2j |G5C)
2+>4}1) 0GبKل% W24J3)
‹2_%* i4s>(%* . ‹2_%* Ulل%*
š12v3 'ي'E Z%‘ >+c%* 'ي'K% ‹2_%* OيGK(%* ~ ‹2_%* •يG<(%*
D—;لK%2, 1C) •2;%2, OلK(%2, k4h_5)
Är!ing o7 /i9"i8s (-hem.) Oo*G<%* k4h_5
Är!ing o7 recr!sta//iye8 materia/ (-hem.) 2M5رGل, D=2:;%* =*G;%* k4h_5
Är!ing oi/ (-hem.) ‹Ghj tيX
Är!ing oaen (-hem.) k4h_5 |>F
Är!ing rack (hotog.) k4h_5 ilن3
Är!ing stoae (6o"n8r!) k4h_5 'قG3
Är!ing time k4h_(%* V3X
Är!ing toYer k4h_(%* Q>,
Är!ing "nit k4h_(%* D'E1
Är!ness ‹2hj
Är!ness 7raction (Png.) ر2[ب%* ‹2hj ةب<B
Ä"a/-am#/i7ication circ"it (¢a8io) Q1=c3 I4[f5 D>o*=
Ä"a/-gri8 aa/ae (©hermionics) ةJب€%* $o2ن• @2;™
Ä"a/-track recor8ing (P/ec. Png.) Qر';%* $o2ن• O4_<5
Ä"a/-aa/ae engine (Png.) Ÿ232;l%* $o2ن• ]>K3
Ä"a/ (a8^.)
Ä"a/ carb"rretors ةj1=c3 Ÿ2ن,>J3
Ä"a/ comb"stion c!c/e (Png.) ةj1=c;%* $لd*'%* ”*>(E&* Dر1=
Ä"a/ contro/ $o2ن• IJK5
Ä"a/ 7"e/ engine (Png.) =GقG%* $o2ن• ]>K3
Ä"a/ gear-bob steering s!stem ةT><ل% Š1>5 $(بل:, Dر*=ž* @2NB
Ä"a/ ignition (¨.-. Pngs.) $o2ن• W2:`‘
Ä"a/ ion ? yYitterion (-hem.)
Ä"a/ /i7t contro/ (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms ':l;, Q1=c;%* IJK(%*
Ä"a/ mo8"/ation (¢a8io.) $o2ن• V4;f5
Ä"a/ o#eration (Png.) $o2ن• O4A€5
Ä"a/ #"r#ose (a8^.) ’>A%* $o2ن•
Ä"a/ #"r#ose (n.) ةj1=c3 ةي2}
Ä"a/ Yhee/s ةj1=c3 Ÿm_T
Ä"a/ yone Ye// (et. Png.) V4(_(ن3 V4(nبR Ÿ*ذ >\,
Ä"a/it! ة4o2ن•
Ä"b (a.)
Ä"bbing (-inema)
Ä"bbing (n.)
Ä"bbing too/ (B"i/8.)
Ä"ck (a.) zv} ‚ ŠC>%* †hd
Ä"ck be/ting O4(%* ‹24%C V3 >4)
Ä"ck boar8 (B"i/8.)
Ä"ck·s bi// bit ? 8oYe/ bit (-ar#.) ة4R1>[3 {ب` in• ة;n%
Ä"ct (Png. Bio/.)
Ä"ct. air (Png.)
Ä"cte8 coo/ing (Png.) i4,2BH2, 'ي>ب5
Ä"cti/e (a8^.) (Let.)
Ä"cti/imeter (Let.) ة4ل4v;%* Š24n3
Ä"cti/it! (Let.)
Ä"cti/it! g/an8s (eoo/.)
Ä"cti/it! /imit (Let.) ة4ل4v;%* 'E
Ä"cti/it! test (Let.) ة4ل4v;%* ر2ب(d*
Ä"ctor (or 8"ct) (rint.)
Ä"ct"/e (eoo/.)
Ä"8 >_h(5 I% ةhيxق
Ä"e 8ate ”2nK()&* –ير25
Ä"77 (Lining) IKh%* U4ق=
Ä"//-emitter aa/ae (©hermionics) O4لs ŒT2, =G•2s 1ذ $BG43>• @2;™
Q1=c3 . Zن›3 . $o2ن•
2:3 ijG31 i%2)) ةنK€%* $o2ن• |GيC)
Žل,= . 'ي'j •ي>` Z%‘ O4_<(%* OnB . O4_<(%* D=2T‘ ‚ mj . I:B . zل3 . SG)
'ي'j •ي>` ZلT Ÿ*G™C 1C ŸG™ O4_<5 D=2T‘ ~ ة_ل,=
•4بل5 . (•o2K%* “v)) ةيG<5 . z4ل;5
z4ل;5 Dر*=‘ . ةيG<5 Ž%23
ة4ب€d ®*G%C . i€[%* ®*G%C V3 ة4pرC
”>T ‚ D2نق . S>_3 . 0><3 . •ل<3
•*G+ D2نق . •*G+ 0GبBC
”1>R . Uي>v(%*1 iK<ل% O,2ق . O4v3
ة4%Gv;3 . Ov;%* ة4ل,2ق . ة4ل4v;%*
ةيGنق & ='} . •2;™ ='}
ةT2بR ةنJ3 $F) >4Kل% @*cd)
D>4A™ D2نق . ة4نق
Ä"//-emitting catho8e (©hermionics) Ž+G(%* k4:p =G•2s
Ä"//-re8 co/o"r '32s >;EC |G%
Ä"//-re8 heat D'32J%* •*>;K%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
Ä"// (a8^.)
Ä"// co/o"r (h!s.) '32s 1C ';sC |G%
Ä"// 7inish D'32s ة4o2MB ة4لR
Ä"/ong an8 etit·s /aY (-hem.)
Ä"/! (a8a.)
Ä"mb-be// #iston (Png.) V45>s 1ذ Š2بs 1C zبJ3
Ä"mb antenna (¢a8io) ˜نvl3 1C ة43= $o*G+
Ä"mb screen 0ذ2s cj2E
Ä"mb Yaiter
Ä"mb Ye//
Ä"m8"m (Li/.) @'3= ¡2™ر
Ä"mm! (a8^.)
Ä"mm! (n.)
Ä"mm! aeria/ (¢a8io) ة43= $o*G+
Ä"mm! amm"nition (Li/.)
Ä"mm! antenna (¢a8io) ة43= $o*G+
Ä"mm! coi/ (P/ec. Png.)
Ä"mm! #iston ? ba/ance #iston (Png.)
Ä"mm!ing (Png.)
Ä"m# (n.)
Ä"m# (a.)
Ä"m# car ة,mق ة,>T
Ä"m# grate (Png.)
Ä"m# tr"ck ة,mق ةنE2`
Ä"m# aa/ae (Aero.) *>F‘ @2;™
Ä"m#. amm"nition (Li/.) D>4dx%* |1c[3
Ä"m#e8 moraine (weo/.) Vs2) r'4لj @2sر
Ä"m#ing gro"n8 (-ia. Png.) ’2nBH* ®>v3
Ä"m#ing Yagon (-ia. Png.) >o2hK%* 0*>5 Onن% ة,>T
Ä"m#! /eae/ (´"ra.)
Ä"ne (weo/.)
Ä"ne. 7ibe8 (weo/.) t,2• i4›s
Ä"ne. san8 (weo/.) $ل3ر i4›s
Ä"ne. Yan8ering (weo/.) Onن(3 i4›s
Ä"ng (n.) «1ر
Ä"ng (a.) «1>%2, ';)
Ä"o8ecagon (weom.) IN(ن;%* 2:لp >€T Zن•ž* 1ذ
Ä"o8ecima/ (a8^.) r>€T 2ن•‘
Ä"o8en"m (eoo/.)
Ä"o8io8e (¢a8io)
Ä"#/et (-hem.… V45رذ V3 ةs>(€;%* Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* V3 Q1X
Ä"#/eb (a8^.) Q1=c3
Ä"#/eb air #"m# (Png.) ةj1=c3 $o*G+ ة[f3
Ä"#/eb ba/ance (©e/eg.) Q1=c3 |*c5*
Ä"#/eb cab/e
Ä"#/eb carb"rettor (¨. -. Pngs.) Q1=c3 V,>J3
Ä"#/eb channe/ (P/ec. -omm.)
Ä"#/eb com#ressor (Png.) Q1=c3 •}2p
Ä"#/eb 7i/ter Q1=c3 “`>3
t+2, . ';sC . I52T ‚ O4لs ‚ '4ل,
t4(4,ˆ 1 ˆqBG%1=ˆ |GB2قˆ
$Aبني 2;s . {ن4E $F
V4n,2R V4, (’*>}H* Onن%) >4A™ ':l3
ة4)'نM%* ’*>}H*) ة43= >\,)
t32™ . Š>dC . IJ,C
˜نvl3 . $;+1 . š=2d . ko*X
$لJ` $T2بR QذG;B - ة43=
ة(32™ 1C ة}ر2F D>4dذ . Vي>;5 D>4dذ
|X*G(%* ªhK%) ة43= kل3)
|X*G(%* ªhK%) ة43= Š2بs)
ةvق2<%* ةق>v;%2, O4J€(%* Oبق) $o'ب3 O4J€5)
|1c[3 . ة3Gs ‚ ®>v3 ‚ |c[3 . š=G(<3
ةT2fب%2, ”G<%*) ”>}C ‚ iلn%* 1C ة%23ž2, >FC . >FC ‚ Š'J5 . Š's . |cd)
Oj>3 1C 'قG3 $F) =23>%* *>F‘ ةAبl3)
ة,mق ‚ ةF>A3 . >h3
”>v%* Ÿ2T2h5ر* Š24n% (ة4,GJ<ل5) D*G<3
W23>%* V3 O5 . i4›s
Žh:%* . r>€T Zن•ž* $:;%*
Q1=c3 =Gي*= . ®Gل%* Q1=c3 $o2• @2;™
W1'_3) Q1=c3 Oبs)
V4+2_5* ZلT @'[(<5 $o2,>Ms OnB D>o*= ~ ةj1=c3 D2نق
Ä"#/eb ignition (Png.) Q1=c3 W2:`‘
Ä"#/eb /athe (Png.) ةj1=c3 ةR>[3
Ä"#/eb mi//ing machine (Png.)
Ä"#/eb mirror ةj1=c3 D‰>3
Ä"#/eb o#eration (¢a8io) Q1=c3 W2l5* ‚ Q1=c3 O4A€5
Ä"#/eb #acking (Png.) Q1=c3 G€E
Ä"#/eb #ress (Png.) Q1=c3 zبJ3
Ä"#/eb #"m# (Png.) ةj1=c3 ة[f3
Ä"#/eb ra8io transmission (¢a8io)
Ä"#/eb re#eater (P/ec. Png.) ³2_5&* Q1=c3 '4:3
Ä"#/eb sYitchboar8 (P/ec. Png.) ةj1=c3 “452h3 ةEG%
Ä"#/eb te/egra#h! V3*c(;%* Q1=c;%* $F*>Aل(%* W2)رž*
Ä"#/eb te/e#hon!
Ä"#/eb transmission Q1=c3 W2)ر‘
Ä"#/eb Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.)
Ä"#/eb Yire (P/ec. Png.)
Ä"#/eb Yorking Q1=c3 O4A€5
Ä"#/eber (P/ec.) Od'%* Q1=c3 X2Mj
Ä"#/eber (¢a8io) W2بn()*1 W2)ر‘ Dر*=
Ä"#/icate (a8^.)
Ä"#/icate (n.)
Ä"#/icate (a.)
Ä"#/icate 7ee8er (P/ec. Png.)
Ä"#/icate ratio (Laths.) ة4:4,>5 ةب<B
Ä"#/icating machine ¸2<ن()* ةنJ3
Ä"#/icating #a#er ¸2<ن()* ”ر1
Ä"#/ication kT2f5 ‚ ¸2<ن()*
Ä"#/ication o7 be8s (weo/.) Ÿ2nبv%* Q*1=X‘
Ä"rab/e (a8^.)
Ä"rain (Lin.)
Ä"ra/ (Let.) W*رGي=
Ä"ra/"min (Lit.)
Ä"ramen ? neartYoo8 (Bot.) I4;l%* i€d
Ä"ration test @*1'%* ر2ب(d*
Ä"riron (Let.)
Ä"rometer O;K(%* Š24n3
Ä"sk! (a8^.)
Ä"st-#roo7 (P/ec. Png.)
Ä"st (n.)
Ä"st (a.)
Ä"st arrester ر2بA%* “32s ‚ ة,>5H* ˜;_3
Ä"st boY/ (weog.)
Ä"st ca# ر2بA%* V3 ”*1 •2v}
Ä"st catcher (Let.) ة,>5H* ‡ل[(<3
Ä"st co//ector (Png.) ة,>5H* ˜;_3
Ä"st core (Lagn.) D=*>ب%* V3 iلق
Ä"st co"nter (Letero.) ر2بA%* =*'T
Ä"st coaer (rint.)
Ä"st 8eai/ (Leteor.) ة4ل3ر ة:,1X
Ä"st 7i/ter ة,>5H* “`>3
Ä"st 7ree (a8^.) ر2بA%* V3 W2d
˜vn%*) ةj1=c3 cي>h5 ةنJ3)
ةل32K%* ةjG;%* zhB ZلT) Q1=c3 r=*ر W2)ر‘)
'E*1 tق1 $F Vي=2f(3 V4+2_5* $F) Q1=c;%* $h52M%* iR2[(%*)
>;(<;%* ر24(%2, ةل32:%* Ÿ2نJ;ل%) Q1=c3 k%)
V4يX*G(3) V4Jل) 1ذ O™G3)
–<ن(<3 ‚ Q1=c3 . Zن›3
O™H* UبR DرG™ . ةn,2v3 ة[<B
Zن• . kT2p ‚ Zs2E . –<B
$F2p‘ 1C $R24(E* ةيxA5 •d) $F2p‘ xA3)
O;K5 . ة4ل;K5
V4(3 . O;K(3
ة4;KF ة4ب4بE ة4}G, @cE ~ VيرGي=
@G4ن3G%H* 2M)2)C ةJ4ب) ~V43G%*رGي=
OjC . '3C . •2nب%* D'3
†3*GKل% D'32™ ةي'ي'E ةJ4ب) ~ |1>ي*رGي=
@mN%* WGلE . U<}
zبTC . I(:3 . Vs*= . I52ق
ر2بA%* {4%‘ 0><(ي & . ة,>5•% '32™
>hT . 0*>5 . ر2ب}
kNB . ر2بA%* †hB ‚ >ب} . >hT . 0>5
ةير2ب} k™*GT Ÿ*ذ ةF2j Uvن3 ~ •*>ب}
ر2بA%* V3 $ق*G%*) 02(J%* ‹m})
Ä"st #artic/es ر2بA%* Uo2ق=
Ä"st #reci#itation
Ä"st storm ةير2ب} ةh™2T
Ä"st tra#
Ä"st. coa/ IKh%* 0*>5
Ä"stbin Ÿ2ي2hن%* ”1'ن™
Ä"ster (n.)
Ä"ster (et. Png.) ة_(ن3 >4} >\,
Ä"ster. air (Png.) •*GM%2, kNن3
Ä"sting aero#/ane >4h:5 Dر24R
Ä"sting #oY8er (-hem.) >4h:5 ”GK<3
Ä"st#an ة)2نJ%* ةق>K3
Ä"tch arch
Ä"tch 8oor ةdGd 1ذ 02,
Ä"tch /i9"i8 (-hem.) V4ل4›يž* 'يرGلs $B2•
Ä"tch meta/ (Let.)
Ä"tch #rocess (-hem.)
Ä"t!-c!c/e 7actor (P/ec. Png.) O4A€(%* Dر1= O32T
Ä"t!-7ree @G)>%* V3 Zh:3
Ä"t! c!c/e (P/ec. Png.) O4A€5 Dر1=
Ä"t! 7actor (h!s.) O4A€(%* O32T
Ä"t!. c"stoms
Ä"t!. hayar8o"s D>vd ة;M3
Ä"t!. #atro/ ة4F2€J()* 1C ةير1= ة;M3
Ä"t!. stam# ˜,*Gv%* I)ر
ÄYe// o7 a cam (Png.) ة32J%* >n3
Ä! (8!s#rosi"m) (-hem.)
Ä!a8 (-hem.) uF2J(%* $o2ن• r12;4s >lنT
Ä!a8 (n.)
Ä!a8 atom (-hem.) uF2J(%* ة4o2ن• Dرذ
Ä!e (n.)
Ä!e (a.)
Ä!e b/eaching (-hem.) 2بl%* >4vn5
Ä!e mor8anting ? 8!e toning (-hem.)
Ä!eing (n.) ^ ة}2ب™
Ä!er 2ب™
Ä!est"77 (-hem.)
Ä!ke ? 8ike (weo/.)
Ä!nactinometer (h!s.) Ÿ2T2:`Á% ة4F2pž* D'€%* Š24n3
Ä!nameter >(32ني=
Ä!namic (a8^.)
Ä!namic am#/i7ier (¢a8io) $32ني= I[f3
Ä!namic ba/ance (Png.) $32ني'%* |*c5&*
Ä!namic ba/ancer (Png. Aero.) $32ني= |X*G3
Ä!namic brake (P/ec. Png.)
Ä!namic characteristic (Png.) $32ني'%* c4;;%*
Ä!namic conaergence (©e/ea.) $32ني'%* 0ر2n(%*
Ä!namic 8am#er (Png.)
Ä!namic 8riae (Aco"s.) $32ني= ŒE 1C ˜F=
Ä!namic e/ectricit! (P/ec. Png.) ةير2<%* •2,>MJ%*
Ä!namic e9"i/ibri"m (h!s.. -hem.) $J432ني= 1C $32ني= |*c5*
Ä!namic geo/og! ة4s>K%* ة4jG%G4_%*
Ä!namic hea8 (Png.) $32ني'%* Gل:%*
ة,>5H* i4)>5 . ة,>5H* i)>5
ة,>5C ˜;_3 . ة,>5C D'4l3
“<;%* ةق>d . ةfhن3
Oo2;%* 0Gv%* V3) “vلh3 ŠGق)
•Bc%*1 Š2Kن%* V3 ”1>R ةJ4ب) ~ r'ن%GM%* |':;%*
Q*'4h)ž* >4fK(% ~ ةي'ن%GM%* ةnي>v%*
zJ3 . ]>;j I)ر ‚ ة;M3 . ij*1
]>;_%* I)ر . zJ3
@G4)1>ب<ي'ل% r12;4J%* c3>%* ~ zي
|2ن•‘ . Q1X
2ب™ . ةAب™
|G% . qب™
2ي12;4s) 2بl%* –4)>5)
2ب™ . qب™
³24;%* '<s) D—ن<3 ‚ cj2E . I4Ns r>[™ '))
$s*>E . $J432ني= . $32ني=
@12n3 O;E 1ذ) $32ني= “بJ3)
$J432ني= ';[3 . $32ني= Oo2f3
Ä!namic /i7t (Aero.) $32ني= ˜Fر
Ä!namic /oa8 (Png.) $32ني= O;E
Ä!namic /o"8s#eaker (P/ec. Png.) $32ني= ر2M_3
Ä!namic metamor#hism (weo/.)
Ä!namic #/ate resistance (©hermionics)
Ä!namic #ress"re $32ني= •Ap
Ä!namic range $32ني'%* S';%*
Ä!namic ratio ة432ني'%* ةب<ن%*
Ä!namic resistance (Png.)
Ä!namic stabi/it! $32ني'%* ر*>n()&*
Ä!namic stress (Lech.) $32ني= =2Mj‘
Ä!namic thr"st (Aero.) $32ني'%* ˜F'%*
Ä!namic aiscosit! ة432ني'%* ةj1cل%*
Ä!namic(a/) simi/arit! $32ني'%* {,2€(%*
Ä!namic(a/) aa/"es ةي>NB ة432ني= I4ق
Ä!namite (-hem.) t432ني=
Ä!namite charge t432ني'%* V3 ةنK`
Ä!namiting (n.) t432ني'%2, k<B
Ä!namo (P/ec. Png.)
Ä!namo stra# (Png.) G32ني'%* O4A€5 >4)
Ä!namogra#h (Png.) O_<3 >(3G32ني=
Ä!namometer (Png.. h!s.)
Ä!namotor (P/ec. Png.)
Ä!natron (P/ectronics)
Ä!natron osci//ator (¢a8io) $B1>52ني= 0x,x3
Ä!ne (h!s. Lech.)
Ä!no8e (P/ectronics)
Ä!otron (P/ectronics)
Ä!sbarism (Aero.) •Af%* ’2h[B* ر*1=
Ä!senter! (Le8.)
Ä!s#e#sia (Le8.) IfM%* ><T
Ä!s#n(o)ea (Le8.) zhن(%* ><T
Ä!s#rosi"m (8!) (-hem.)
Ä!stetic mibt"re (-hem.) SGln%* ر2MlB&* ةvnB t,2• Žيc3
P-/a!er (or Èenne//!--eaaisi8e /a!er) (¢a8io)
P or e (Laths.)
P. m. 7. (e/ectromotiae 7orce) (P/ec. Png.)
P.´.U. (e/ectrostatic "nit) (P/ec.) ة4o2,>MJ%* ة452()&* D'EG%*
Pagre (n.) رGM45 ‚ ';%* {jG3
Par-8r"m (eoo/.) |ذH* ةلبR
Par-7/a# (n.)
Par-mark (n.) Dc4;3 ة;)
Par-mark (a.)
Par-m"77 (Aco"s.)
Par-#iece (n.)
Par-tr"m#et $قG, š2;<3
Par (n.)
Par ca# (n.) |ذH* •2v}
Par 8e7en8er (Aco"s.)
Par screY (Png.) D1>T 1ذ i%Gل3 ر2;<3
Paring (ga"t.)
Par/a# (Aco"s.)
Par/! (a8^.)
$s>E 1C) $J432ني= WGK5)
=G•2J%* ر24(% ~ ة432ني'%* ةK4hl%* ة312n3
O4A€(%* •2ن•C) ة432ني'%* ة312n;%*)
2J432ني'%* IلT . ةs>K%* IلT
@2B=) G32ني= .($o2,>Ms) '%G3 . G;B=)
SGn3 . >(3G32ني= . DGn%* Š24n3
$o2,>Ms '%G;s1 ]>K;s O;:ي X2Mj ~ رG5G3G32ني=
|1c4;ل% Iي'ق I)* ‚ I[f;s 1C 0x,x;s O;:ي >h3 @2;™ ~ |1>52ني=
V3 •cj ~ r>(;%* @2Nن%* $F DGn%* D'E1) Vي*= ¼¶„ @*>A%* V3 )
ةيGB2›%* Ÿ2B1>(J%ž* ر*'™‘ ة4<4o>%* {(;M3 =1>(J%* ~ =Gني*=
ةn4ق'%* Q*G3•% ة,x,ذ @2;™ ~ |1>5Gي*=
2ير2vBX= . ر2EX
zي) ³c3ر ر=2B cلF >lنT ~ @G4)1>ب4<ي=)
'ي2<4h4+ˆ1 ˆ$ل4نsˆ ةnبRˆ
? Ð+) $:4بv%* $;(ير2}Gل%* @2Nن%* Š2)C ¤.¦„¶¤¶¤ )
ة4o2,>Ms ة:F*= DGق ~ ] = ”
|ذH* (ة\F'(% W'<5) ة4dرC
V4T . ‡ld
|ذH* (ة\F'(%) ة4ق*1
Oبn(<;%*) ة4BذC)
>v3 . ةلبن) ‚ •2A™‘ ‚ D1>T ‚ |ذH* |*G™ . |ذC
Ž4_f%* V3) |ذH* ة4ق*1)
šGلn%* ZلTC •,>%) $`*GK%* OبE)
|ذH* ة\F'(%) ة4dرC ‚ |ذH* |*G™ . |ذH* ة;K`)
U,2) . >Jب3 . >s2,
Par/! (a8a.)
Par/! c"t-o77 (Png.) >Jب3 ˜vق
Par/! ignition (Png.) >Jب3 W2:`‘
Par/! a/aeoyoic (weo/.) >s2ب%* Iي'n%* >+'%*
Par/! setting cement (-ia. Png.) •€%* ˜ي>) tن;)‘
Par/! ©ertiar! (weo/.)
Par/! timing >Jب3 t4قG5
Parn (a.)
Parne8 income 0G<J;%* Od'%*
Parnest mone! |G,>T
Par#hone (Aco"s.)
Parshot (Aco"s.) ˜;<%* Z3>3
Parth-in8icator ? earth-8etector (P/ec. Png.)
Parth-/ine (P/ec. Png.) $pرH* O4™G(%* •d
Parth-oi/ (weo/.)
Parth-Yire (P/ec. Png.) †ير—(%* •ل)
Parth (Astron.)
Parth (n.)
Parth (a.)
Parth a"ger (or borer)
Parth bath (-hem.)
Parth borer (-ia. Png.)
Parth cab/e (P/ec. Png.) $pرC Oبs
Parth ca#acitance (P/ec. Png.) ة4pرH* ة:)*G;%*
Parth circ"it (¢a8io) ة4pرC D>o*=
Parth coa/ (weo/.)
Parth coi/ (P/ec. Png.)
Parth co/o"rs (aint.) —€ن;%* ة4,*>5 2ب™C
Parth con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) $pرC O™G3
Parth connection (P/ec. Png.)
Parth cree# (weo/.)
Parth c"rrent (¢a8io) $pرC ر245
Parth c"raat"re (weo/.)
Parth 8am (-ia. Png.) $,*>5 ')
Parth 8etector (P/ec. Png.) ’ر—(%* ‹2€J3
Parth 7a"/t (P/ec. Png.)
Parth 7/oY (weo/.) ة,>(%* kEX
Parth 7/"b (Lagn.) $pرH* $<4vنA;%* UF'(%*
Parth im#e8ance (P/ec. -omm.) ة4pرC ةق12:3
Parth in8"ctor (P/ec. Png.)
Parth in8"ctor com#ass ? in8"ction com#ass (Aero.) ة4›E ةل™G,
Parth /ea8 ? gro"n8 /ea8 (¢a8io)
Parth /eakage (P/ec. Png.) $pرC 0><5
Parth /oa8 ? earth #ress"re (-ia. Png.) 0*>(%* •Ap
Parth magnetism (P/ec. Png.) ’رH* ة4<4vنA3
Parth moaements (weo/.) ة4pرH* Ÿ2s>K(%*
Parth #i//ar (weo/.… $,*>5 =G;T
Parth #/ate (P/ec. Png.) †ير—(%* ®G%
Parth #otentia/ (P/ec.) $pرH* 'M_%*
Parth #ress"re
Parth ra8iation (h!s.)
Parth resistance (P/ec. -omm.) ’رH* ة312n3
Parth ret"rn (P/ec. Png.)
|*1H* Oبق . *>s2,
>s2ب%* ($›ل›%*) Œي'K%* >l:%*
OA€%2,) OlE . “,ر . Zنj . i<s)
Od= . Ÿ*=*>ي‘ . i)2J3
š2;<3 . |ذC ةT2;)
Wc:%* $F Oلd VT Ž52ن%* 0><(%* ‹2€J3 ~ ’ر—(%* ‹2€J3
@2d •hB . r>[™ tيX
ة4pرH* D>J%* . ’رH*
†ير—(%* •ل) ‚ >, ‚ 0*>5 ‚ (ة4pرH* D>J%*) ’رH* . ’رC
’رH2, (ة4o2,>MJ%* D>o*'%*) O™1 . ’رC
ة;ي>, . $pرC 02n›3
$ل3ر zvA3 . $ل3ر @2;E
ةنE2` ZلT is>3) >hE X2Mj)
t4ن_ل%* V3 0>p ~ $,*>5 IKF
’رH* ة4<4vنA3 Š24n%) $pرC (ة•2K3) kل3)
$pرC xd—3 . $pرC W2l5*
••ب,) ة,>(%* kEX)
’رH* (“v)) ŠGn5
’ر2T Ov:% ’رH* Z%‘ •2,>MJ%* 0><5 ~ $p>T ’ر—5
’رH* ة4<4vنA3 Š24n% ~ $pرC ة•2K3 kل3
†ير—(%* •ل) . $pرH* O™*G%*
$بB2_%*) 0*>(%* •Ap)
$pرC (rر*>E) š2:`‘
’رH* $F 'o2:%* ر24(%* S><3 . $pرH* 'o2:%*
Parth ret"rn circ"it (P/ec. -omm.) $pرH* 'o2:%2, ر24(%* š2jر‘ D>o*=
Parth sate//ite
Parth termina/ (P/ec. Png.) †ير—(%* ‹>R
Parth thermometer (Leteor.) $pرC >(3G3>5
Parth Yaae (woe/.) ة4%*c%X ةjG3
Parth. absorbent ¡23 0*>5
Parth. a/ka/ine (-hem.) rGلق 0*>5
Parth. 7"//er·s (weo/.) ر2ln%* 0*>5
Parth·s core (weo/.)
Parth·s cr"st (weo/.) ’رH* D>€ق
Parth·s 7ie/8 (Lagn.)
Parth·s magnetic 7ie/8 $<4vنA;%* ’رH* W2_3
Parth·s mant/e (weo/.) ’رH* •2€}
Parth·s s/i8e (weo/.) ة,>(%* ”&cB*
Parthe8 (a8^.)
Parthe8 circ"it (P/ec. Png.) ةpرu3 ة4o2,>Ms D>o*=
Parthe8 e/ectro8e (P/ec. Png.) $pرC =1>(J%‘
Parthe8 ne"tra/ (P/ec. Png.) ةpرu3 W=2:5 ةvnB
Parthe8 #o/e (P/ec. Png.) ’رu3 ivق
Parthe8 sYitch (P/ec. Png.) ’رu3 ®2(h3
Parthe8 s!stem (P/ec. Png.) ةpرu3 ة4o2,>Ms D>o*=
Parthen (a8^.)
Parthen 8am (-ia. Png.) $,*>5 ')
ParthenYare (n.)
Parthing (P/ec. Png.)
Parthing #oint (P/ec. Png.) †ير—(%* ةvnB
Parthing reactor (P/ec. Png.) †ير—5 OT2h3
Parthing resistor (P/ec. Png.) †ير—(%* @12n3
Parthing sYitch (¢a8io) †ير—(%* ®2(h3
Parthing termina/ (P/ec. Png.)
Parthing trans7ormer (P/ec. Png.) $pرC WGK3
Parth9"ake (weo/.)
Parth9"ake #erio8 (weo/.) ة4%*c%c%* D';%*
Parth9"ake. arti7icia/ ة4T2نv™* ة%c%X
Parth9"ake. sYarm (weo/.) ة4%c%X Ÿ2F2_5ر* ةل<ل)
Parths. rare (-hem.) Dر=2ن%* ة4pرH* >™2ن:%* '4)2sC
ParthYar8s (a8a.) ’رH* GKB 2M_(3
ParthYork (-ia. Png.) ة4)'نM%* >hK%* W2;TC ‚ ة4,*>5 ةs=
ParthYorm (eoo/.)
Parth! (a8^.)
Parth! /"stre (aint.) D—hv3 ة:;%
Parth! Yater (-hem.) ><T •23
ParYab (eoo/.)
Pase (n.)
Pase (a.)
Pase/ (n.)
Pasement (n.(
Pasement c"rae ? transition c"rae (´"ra.) W2n(B* ZنKن3
Pasers (Png. Lining) kي>l5 0Gn•
Pasi/! (a8a.) ة%GM<,
Pasing (Png.)
Pasing gear (Png.)
Past (a8^.)
Past (a8a.)
$pرC ˜,25 . $T2نv™* >;ق
’رH* i% . ’رH* VR2,
$<4vنA;%*) ’رH* W2_3)
’رH2, WG™G3 . ’رu3
rر2[F ‚ $ن4R . 0*>5
W2lل™ . ر2[F ‚ ة4Fcd |*1C . Ÿ2ير2[F
’رH2, O4™G5 . †ير—5
’رH2, O™*G%* ‹>v%* . †ير—5 ‹>R
ةhjر . ة4pرC Dc+ . W*c%X
|GR>d . ’رH* D=1=
’رH* ˜3 'M_%* r12<(3 . ’رu3 . $,*>5 . $pرC
|ذH* ˜;` . ¸m;™
z4hن5 ‚ |2ن\;R* . ><ي . ة%GM)
zhB ‚ C'+ . D'E khd . ><ي
@2)>%* ®G% 'ن<3 . O32E
>4<45 ‚ k4h[5 . ةo'M5
•2نKB&* ةB—;R . ŠGn(%* '4M;5
Oj>;%* $F) •Af%* k4h[5 X2Mj)
”>€%* V3 Ÿ‰ . $ق>`
”>€%* GKB . 2ق>`
Past (n.)
Paster/! (a8^.)
Paster/! (a8a.) ”>€%* ةMj V3
Pastern (a8^.)
Pastern -emis#here (weog.) ة4pرH* D>J%* V3 $ق>€%* klن%*
Pasting (n.) (ga"t.) ”>€%* GKB ³2_5*
PastYar8 (a8^.) 2ق>` {_(3
PastYar8 (a8a.)
Pas! (a8^.)
Pas! (a8a.)
Pas! r"nning 7it (Png.) OM) ر2j UF*G5
Pat (a.)
Pating (n.) OsC
Pa" 8e Ñaae//e ? Ñaae/ Yater (-hem.)
Paaes (B"i/8.)
Pbb (n.)
Pbb (a.)
Pbb an8 7/oY ';%*1 رc_%*
Pbb c"rrent
Pbb ti8e
Pbon! (a8^.)
Pbon! (n.) (Bot.) ŠGن,H* i€d
Pb"//ient (a8^.)
Pb"//iosco#e (-hem.)
Pb"//ition (h!s.)
Pb"//ition #oint (h!s.) |24لA%* ةvnB
Pccentric (a8^.) (Lech.)
Pccentric (Astron.) ر*';%* r>o*= >4}
Pccentric (n.)
Pccentric action (Png.)
Pccentric bit (Png.) cs>;%* ةhل([3 ة;n%
Pccentric bo/ts (Png.) •ي>(ن<sH* ¡>ق •,ر >432<3
Pccentric b"shing (Png.) ةيcs>;5 & ةبل_, V4vب5
Pccentric circ/es (Laths.) cs>;%* ةhل([3 >o*1=
Pccentric co//ar (or hoo#) (Png.) rcs>;5 & ”GR
Pccentric crank (Png.) rcs>;5 & >ي1'5 š*رذ
Pccentric 8isc (or sheaae) (Png.) rcs>;5 & ¡>ق
Pccentric 8riae (Png.) rcs>;5 & š2F'B*
Pccentric 7itting (/"mb.) ةيcs>;5 & ةب4s>5
Pccentric gear (Png.) cs>;%* ةhل([3 O4A€5 ةTG;_3
Pccentric hook (Png.) cs>;%* ‹>Kن3 ‹2vd
Pccentric hoo# (or stra#) (Png.) cs>;%* kل([3 ”GR
Pccentric /oa8 (Png.) cs>;(3 & O;E
Pccentric motion (Png.) ةيcs>;5 & ةs>E
Pccentric oi/er (Png.) cs>;%* ةhل([3 ة(يc3
Pccentric ro8 (Png.) cs>;%* ‹>Kن3 ”2)
Pccentric sector (Png.) cs>;%* kل([3 š2vق
Pccentric segment (Png.) cs>;%* ةhل([3 ة:vق
Pccentric sha7t (Png.) rcs>;5 & Dر*=‘ =G;T
Pccentric sheaae (Png.) rcs>;5 & ¡>ق
Pccentric s/eeae (Png.) cs>;%* ‹>Kن3 Is
Pccentric s#ira/ (Png.) cs>;%* kل([3 |1cلE
”>€%* ةMj . ”>`
”>€%* GKB {_(3 . $ق>`
2ق>` {_(3 . $ق>`
”>€%* ³2_5* $F . 2ق>`
¬v, ‚ Gdر ‚ š*Gv3 ‚ •4<, . OM)
><4, . ة%GM<,
S>, . tE . OsC
24BG%GJ%* >vT . 24BG%GJ%* •23
O4F2j ˆ •23ˆ
“v<%* ‹>Fر . cي>F‘ . kنR
>nMn5 . WmK;p* ‚ ر2<KB* . رcj
OK;p* . ‡nB ‚ رcj . ><KB*
رc_%* ر245 . ر2<KB&* ر245
¬R2€%* VT ';%* ر2<KB* ~ رc_%*
tي>بJ%2, Ž%2:3 'ل™ §2v3 . t4BG,‘
ŠGن,H2, {4ب` . $)Gن,C
>o2F . D>o2•
Oo*G<ل%) |24لA%* ةjر= ‹2€J3)
˜4ق2nh%* Q*>d‘ ~ ˜nh5 . |*رGF . |24ل}
cs>;%* Qر2d ‚ rcs>;5 & . cs>;%* kل([3
rcs>;5 & 0&1= ~•ي>(ن<s‘
cs>;%* kل([3 (š*رذ 1C) ¡>n, Dر*=‘
Pccentric stra# (Png.) rcs>;5 & ”GR
Pccentric throY-o"t (Png.) ةs>K%* Olh% ةيcs>;5 & ة4%‰
Pccentric t"rning (Png.) cs>;%* Qر2d |*ر1=
Pccentric t"rnings ةيcs>;5 & ةR*>d
Pccentric Year (Png.) rcs>;5 & $ل,
Pccentric Yhee/ (Png.) cs>;%* kل([3 0&1=
Pccentricit! (n.)
Pc8!sis ¸m<B*
Pche//e grating (°#t.) ة4jر= DXcK3
Pche/on (n.)
Pche/on (°#t.) ة4jر= =G4E DXcK3
Pche/on (a.)
Pche/on 7a"/ts (weo/.) ةjر'3 Ÿ*ر2<JB*
Pche/on 7o/8s (weo/.) ةjر'3 Ÿ24R
Pche/on 7ormation (Aero.) $jر= O4J€5
Pche/on grating (±ight.) $jر= XcK3
Pchino8ermata (eoo/.)
Pcho (n.) (Aco"s.)
Pcho (a.)
Pcho bob (¢a8io)
Pcho chamber (Aco"s.) ةي1'™ ةF>}
Pcho 8e#th-so"n8ing (Aco"s.) S'l%2, ر*G}H* >ب)
Pcho e77ect (h!s.) S'l%* D>+2•
Pcho meter (Aco"s.) S'l%* Š24n3
Pcho ranging ? sonar (°cean.) S'l%2, >ب)
Pcho room (Aco"s.) S'l%* ةF>}
Pcho so"n8er (°cean.) S'l%2, ر2ب<3
Pcho so"n8ing (°cean.) S'l%2, >ب)
Pcho s"##ressor (P/ec. -omm. Aco"s.)
Pchoic (a8^.)
Pchos#here (Pco/.)
Pc/ectic (a8^.. n.)
Pc/imeter ? c/inometer (´"ra.) ر*'KB&* Š24n3
Pc/i#se (n.) (Astron.)
Pc/i#se (a.)
Pc/i#se. ann"/ar (Astron.) $nلE ‹G<s
Pc/i#se. /"nar (Astron.) ‹G<[%*
Pc/i#se. #artia/ (Astron.) $ocj ‹G<d 1C ‹G<s
Pc/i#se. so/ar (Astron.) ‹G<J%*
Pc/i#se. tota/ (Astron.)
Pc/i#tic (a8^.)
Pc/i#tic (n.) (Astron.)
Pc/ogite (weo/.)
Pco/ogica/ 7actor (Pco/.) ة4\4, O3*GT
Pco/ogist (n.) ة\4ب%* Iل:, >4بd
Pco/og! (n.)
Pconomic (a8^.)
Pconomic geogra#h! ةي=2l(ق&* ة4F*>A_%*
Pconomic geo/og! ةي=2l(ق&* ة4jG%G4_%*
Pconomic ratio (-ia. Png.)
Pconomica/ (a8^.)
Pconomica/ 7actors ةي=2l(ق* O3*GT
Pconomica/ s#ee8 ةي=2l(ق&* ةT><%*
Pconomics (n.)
ذ1x` ‚ cs>;%* ‹m(d* . ةيcs>;5 &
ةjر= ‚ Ohق . Qر'(3 i45>5 . $jر= U<B
$jر= $n<ن, IN(B* 1C INB . Qر=
ةي>Kب%* Ÿ2B*G4K%* V3 ةب:` ~ 'ل_%* Ÿ24sG`
ŸGl%* ˜4j>5 . S'™
==ر . (S'l%*) ==>5 . S'l%* ˜jر
r1'™ |2B>3 . S'l%* ةبلT
S'l%* t,2s . S'l%* ';[3
S'™ 1ذ . r1'™
ة4K%* Ÿ2نo2Jل% ةK%2l%* G_%* ةnبR ~ >4h)GJي&*
$o2hv™* . $o2n(B*
‹2<JB* . ‹G<d . ‹G<s
V3 1C VT) رGن%* i_E . k<d . k<s)
Q1>ب%* V4, r>+2N%* z;€%* ر*'3 . Q1>ب%* •لF
$FG<s . $FG<d ‚ Q1>ب%* •لh, ¡2d
Q1>ب%* V4, r>+2N%* z;€%* ر*'3 . Q1>ب%* •لF
Ÿ2ب4بK%* V€d $n4nT >[™ ~ t4jGلsC
•24EH2, ة\4ب%* ةقmT ة)*ر= . ة\4ب%* IلT
=2l(ق&* Iل:, ¡2d . r=2l(ق*
ةKل<;%* ةB2)>[%* $F 'ي'Kل%) ةي=2l(ق&* ةب<ن%*)
'l(n3 . r=2l(ق*
Ÿ2ي=2l(ق* . =2l(ق&* IلT
Pconomist (n.) =2l(ق&* $F I%2T
Pconomiye (a.)
Pconomiyer (n.) >FG3 'l(n3
Pconomiyer. 7"e/ (Png.) =GقG%* 'l(n3
Pconom! (n.)
Pcto8erm (eoo/.. weo/.)
Pcto#/asm (Bio/.)
Pcyema (Le8.)
P88!-c"rrent brake (P/ec. Png.) ة;ي*1'%* Ÿ*ر24(%2, “بJ3
P88!-c"rrent heating (P/ec. Png.) ة43*1'%* Ÿ*ر24(%2, V4[<(%*
P88!-c"rrent /oss (P/ec. Png.) ة43*1'%* Ÿ*ر24(%* >4•—(, 'nF
P88!-c"rrent #/ate (P/ec. Png.) ة43*1'%* Ÿ*ر24(%* ةK4h™
P88!-c"rrent s#ee8 in8icator (P/ec. Png.) ة43*1'%* Ÿ*ر24(%2, Iل:ي ةT>) V4ب3
P88! (n.) $<4o>%* ر24(%* k%2[ي $3*1= ر245 ‚ ة3*1=
P88! (a.) zs2:3 ³2_52, ر*= ‚ @1=
P88! chamber (Png.)
P88! con8"ctiait! (h!s.) ة43*1'%* ة4ل™G;%*
P88! c"rrent (P/ec. Png.)
P88! 7/oY (-!8.)
P88! /oss (Png.) $3*1= 'nF
P88!ing motion ة43*1= ةs>E
P8ge-cross /a# ^oint (-ar#.) $ب%2l5 r'E is*>5 ةل™1
P8ge-^oint (-ar#.)
P8ge-mi// r=G;T >_E Ÿ*ذ ZEر
P8ge-nai/ing (-ar#.) $`*GK%* >4;<5
P8ge-#/ate Ohn%* ةK4h™ ‹>R
P8ge (n.)
P8ge (a.)
P8ge coa/ (Lining) ر*'KB&* D'ي'` ة4;KF Ÿ2nبR
P8ge crack (weo/.)
P8ge e77ect (P/ec.)
P8ge o7 a 8ihe8ra/ ang/e (Laths.) ة4j1c%* ةي1*c%* ‹>E
P8ge #/aning machine ة4F2E ةv€n3
P8ge ro//s (Png.) ة4F>R V4F&=
P8ge r"nner
P8ge seam
P8ge so"n8 (Aco"s.) ةF2K%* ŸG™
P8ge too/ (Png.) ˜R2ق 'E Ÿ*ذ D*=C
P8ge Ye// (et. Png.)
P8ge Yhee/ (or stone) ³'E ZلT ر1'ي ZEر Q>E
P8ge Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) $F2E k%
P8ge. c"tting ˜R2ق 'E
P8ge. /ea8ing (Aero.) W2بقž* ةF2E
P8ge. /ea8ing (Png.) ة3'n(3 ةF2E $323C ‹>R
P8ge. trai/ing (Aero.)
P8ge. trai/ing (Png.) $hلd ‹>R
P8ge8 (a8^.) (Png.) ˜R2ق 'E 1ذ
P8ge8 (Bot.) |Gل%* ةhل([3 ة4`2E 1ذ
P8ger (-ar#.) ‹*GK%* ˜vn% r>o*= ر2€ن3
P8geYa!s (or e8geYise) (a8a.)
P8geYise instr"ment (P/ec. Png.) ‹>v%* $ن›3 >`u3 1ذ Š24ق X2Mj
P8geYise stri# Yin8ing (P/ec. Png.) $F2E $vي>` k%
P8ging (n.)
P8ging machine k4hK5 ةنJ3
Ÿ2nhن%* †hd ‚ >F1 . 'l(ق*
r=2l(ق* @2NB . =2l(ق*
ة4jر2d ةnبR ~ @ر=G(s*
ة4jر2d ةلبj ~ @Xm,G(s*
ةل;B . •2,Gق . 23cs*
ة4o*G+) Ÿ23*1= D>_E)
GsGFˆ ر245 . $3*1= ر245ˆ
0>vf3 UF= . $3*1= UF=
$F2E Olh3 . ة4F>R ةل™1
˜R2ق 'E . D>h` ‚ ة4`2E . ‹>E . ةF2E . ‹>R
xK` ‚ 'E 1C ةF2K, §2EC . ='E
r1*X) r'E š'™)
k›J;%* $F V4(EGل%* $F>R WGE $o2,>MJ%* W2_;%* •G(B ~ ة4F2K%* D>+2N%*
r>o*= ’GE $F 2+'E ZلT ة4B*Gv)&* 2M5ر2_E ر1'5 ~ ةي'E ZEر
ةي'E @2\(%* ةل™1 . ةي'E DXر=
$%1>(, OnE $F) ة4F2E >\,)
2M(E1>3 ²ي>% 1C D>o2v%* ®2ن_%) ة4hل[%* ةF2K%* . ر2,=ž* ةF2E)
ةF2K%* ³2_52, . 24بB2j
ة4`2E . ‹>E . ةF2E
P8g! (a8^.)
P8ib/e (a8^.)
P8ib/e (n.) Os•% “لlي ¬`
P8ict (n.)
P8i7ice (B"i/8.)
P8i7! (a.)
P8ison acc"m"/ator ? nicke/-iron-a/ka/ine acc"m"/ator (P/ec. Png.)
P8ison e77ect (©hermionics)
P8it (a.)
P8ition (n.)
P8"cab/e (a8^.) I4ل:(%* 1C iير'(ل% O,2ق
P8"cate (a.)
P8"cation (n.)
P8"cationa/ 7i/m $;4ل:5 Iل4F
P8"catiae (a8^.)
P8"cator (n.)
P8"ce (a.)
P8"ct (n.) (-hem.) WmKB&* Ÿ2hل[3 ‚ Q>[(<3 ¬`
P8"ction (Png.)
P8"ction #i#e (Png.) Ÿ*X2A%* Q*>[()* DرG)23
P8"ction #ort (Png.) Ÿ*X2A%* Q*>[()* ةK(F
P8"/corate (a.) (-hem.) O<A%2, ZnB
Pe/ (eoo/.)
P77ace (a.)
P77ect (n.)
P77ect (n.)
P77ect (a.)
P77ect. b/ack-o"t (P/ectronics) Ov:(%* D>+2•
P77ect. 8i77erentia/ $لp2h5 >4•—5
P77ect. P8ison (P/ec. Png.)
P77ect. 7/icker (P/ec. Png.) œ2:5ر&* D>+2•
P77ect. g!rosco#ic $,GJ)1>4j >4•—5
P77ect. mechanica/ $J4B2J43 >4•—5 1C O:F
P77ect. mora/ rGن:3 >4•—5
P77ect. night (¢a8io)
P77ect. #h!sio/ogica/ $jG%G4<F >4•—5
P77ect. tobic @2) >4•—5
P77ectiae (a8^.)
P77ectiae aco"stic centre (Aco"s.) W2:h%* $5Gl%* cs>;%*
P77ectiae a#ert"re (±ight.) ة%2:h%* ةK(h%*
P77ectiae area ة%2:h%* ةE2<;%*
P77ectiae ban8 Yi8ths (¢a8io) r==>(%* ”2vنل% W2:h%* ’>:%*
P77ectiae b"ck/ing /ength (Png.) W2:h%* 0*'ي'EH* WGR
P77ectiae ca#acitance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:F ة:)*G3
P77ectiae c/os"re W2:F W2hق‘
P77ectiae c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) W2:h%* ر24(%*
P77ectiae c"t-o77 7re9"enc! (¢a8io) W2:h%* ˜vn%* ==>5
P77ectiae 8ate x4hن(%* •', –ير25
P77ectiae 8e#th (-ia. Png.) W2:h%* U;:%*
P77ectiae e/ectromotiae 7orce (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ة4o2,>MJ%* ة:F*'%* DGn%*
P77ectiae 7orce (Lech.) ة%2:h%* DGn%*
P77ectiae hea8 (-!8.) S>_;ل% $ل:h%* •n<;%*
P77ectiae heating s"r7ace (Png.) W2:h%* V4[<(%* “v)
P77ectiae height W2:h%* š2h5ر&*
˜R2ق . =2E
Osuي . Os•% “%2™
$;)ر رG€ن3 . @G)>3
|24ن, . ®>™
@Gق . 0x+ . IلT
|G<ي=Cˆ Is>3ˆ
|G<ي=Cˆ D>+2•ˆ
>€نل% 'TC . ر>E
D>€B . ة[<B . ة:بR
Z,ر . 0ر= . IلT
ة4,>5 . iير'5 . I4ل:5
kn›3 . rG,>5 . $h4n›5
0>3 . Iل:3
‡ل[()* . •بن()* . Q>[()*
Q*>[()* . qي>h5
•2;%* |2ب:• . z4لnB*
z;R . 2K3
>ي>K(%* z4oر . ر>K3
D>+2• ‚ WG:h3 . ة4لT2F ‚ ة_4(B . >•C . >4•—5
xhB . c_BC . iب) . >•C
|G<ي=Cˆ D>+2•ˆ
m4% ةي=*>%* Q*G3H2, {4jG(%* $F 02vn()&* —vd ~ ة4ل4ل%* D>+2N%*
WG:h;%* rر2) . xF2B ‚ ˜j2B . '_3 ‚ W2:F . >•u3
P77ectiae height o7 antenna (¢a8io) $o*GMل% W2:h%* š2h5ر&*
P77ectiae horse#oYer (Png.) ة%2:h%* ة4B2lK%* Dر'n%*
P77ectiae in8"ctance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ة•2K;%*
P77ectiae in#"t a8mittance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* Od'%* ةK32<3
P77ectiae in#"t im#e8ance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* Od'%* ةق12:3
P77ectiae /ength W2:h%* WGv%*
P77ectiae mass (h!s.) ة%2:h%* ةل(J%*
P77ectiae o"t#"t a8mittance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* Q>[%* ةK32<3
P77ectiae o"t#"t im#e8ance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* Q>[%* ةق12:3
P77ectiae #ermeabi/it! (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ةيذ2hB&*
P77ectiae #itch o7 #ro#e//er (Png.) ةE1>;ل% ة%2:h%* DGv[%*
P77ectiae #oYer (Png.) ة%2:h%* Dر'n%*
P77ectiae #ress"re (Png.) W2:h%* •Af%*
P77ectiae #ro#e//er thr"st (Png.) ةE1>;ل% ة%2:h%* ˜F'%* DGق
P77ectiae range (P/ec. Png.) W2:h%* S';%*
P77ectiae resistance (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ة312n;%*
P77ectiae section (Png.) W2:h%* ˜vn;%*
P77ectiae shear (Png.) W2:h%* ‡n%*
P77ectiae siye W2:h%* I_K%*
P77ectiae so"n8 #ress"re (Aco"s.) W2:h%* $5Gl%* •Af%*
P77ectiae s#an (B"i/8.) W2:h%* š2ب%*
P77ectiae stress (Png.) W2:h%* =2Mjž*
P77ectiae s"r7ace W2:h%* “v<%*
P77ectiae tem#erat"re (Png.) ة%2:h%* Dر*>K%* ةjر=
P77ectiae transmission (P/ec. -omm.) W2:h%* W2)رž*
P77ectiae aa/"e (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ة;4n%*
P77ectiae ao/tage (P/ec. Png.) ة%2:h%* ة4لvh%*
P77ectiae Yaae/ength (hotog.) W2:h%* $jG;%* WGv%*
P77ectiae Ying area (Aero.) ة%2:h%* ®2ن_%* ةE2<3
P77ectiaeness (n.) ة4%2:F
P77ect"a/ (a8^.)
P77erent (eoo/.)
P77eraesce (a.)
P77eraescence (n.)
P77eraescent (a8^.)
P77eraescent /i9"i8 ر*GF Oo2)
P77icacio"s (a8^.) ة,Gلv;%* Žo2(ن%* «'K3 ‚ W2:F
P77icac! (n.)
P77icienc! (n.)
P77icienc! c"rae ةي2hJ%* ZنKن3
P77icienc! 8io8e ? booster 8io8e (©e/ea.) $o2ن• cيc:5 @2;™
P77icienc! o7 a machine (Png.)
P77icienc! o7 recti7ication (P/ec. Png.) IيGn(%* ةي2hs
P77icienc! ratio (Png.) ةي2hJ%* ةب<B
P77icienc!. mechanica/ (Png.) ة4J4B2J4;%* ةي2hJ%*
P77icienc!. oaera// (Png.) ة4%2;jž* ةي2hJ%*
P77icienc!. re/atiae (Png.) ة4ب<ن%* ةي2hJ%*
P77icienc!. therma/ (Png.) ةير*>K%* ةي2hJ%*
P77icient (a8^.)
P77/oresce (Bot.)
P77/oresce (a.) (-hem.)
P77/orescence (Bot.)
P77/orescence (n.) (-hem.)
P77/orescent (a8^.)
$ل:F ‚ >•u3 . W2:F
ر'l3 . ر=2™ . ‹*>RH* Z%‘ cs>;%* V3 Oق2B
œ2j . ˜4ق2nh%* Q>dC . ر2F
˜4ق2nh%* ر*'™‘ . |2€4j . |*رGF
˜4ق2nh%* ر'l3 . >o2F . ر*GF
ةي>4•—5 Dر'ق . ة4لT2F . ة4%2:F
ة4لT2F . (ة%½*) =1=>3 . ةي2hs . ة4%2:F
ة%½* (ة4لT2F 1C) ةي2hs
>•u3 . W2:F ‚ uhs . Zhs
رGB . >+XC
rرGلب%* OJ€%* *'ق2F t(h5 ~ >+c5
r>+X =GnنT . ر*>+XC ‚ ر2+X‘
رGلب(%* •23 |*'nh% Ÿ*رGلب%* t(h5 . >+c5
رGن3 . >+c3 ‚ >+cن3
P77/"ence (n.)
P^ac"/ate (a.)
P^ac"/ation (n.)
P^ect (a.)
P^ecta (weo/.) ة4B2s>, Ÿ2F1xn3
P^ectamenta (weo/.) ة4B2s>, Ÿ2F1xn3
P^ection (n.)
P^ection ca#s"/e (Aero.) ة4F*xnB* ة%G<بs
P^ection seat ? e^ection-seat (Aero.) $F*xnB* ':n3
P^ection aa/ae (Png.) ‹xn%* @2;™
P^ector (n.)
P^ector con8enser (Png.) $Fxق k›J3
Pking #iece (Png.) ةل™1
P/aborate (a8^.)
P/aborate (a.)
P/aboration (n.)
P/a#se (a.)
P/astance (P/ec. -omm.)
P/astic (a8^.)
P/astic (n.)
P/astic a7ter-e77ect (h!s.) ةB1>;%* kل[5
P/astic abis (Png.) |>3 رGK3
P/astic bit"men ? e/aterite (-hem.)
P/astic coe77icient (Lech.) ةB1>;%* O32:3
P/astic co//ision (h!s.) |>3 @*'v™*
P/astic constant (Lech.) ةB1>;%* t,2•
P/astic cor8 (Png.) |>3 OبE
P/astic co"#/ing (h!s.) ةB>3 ةBر2ق
P/astic c"rae (Lech.) ةB1>;%* ZنKن3
P/astic 8e7/ection (h!s.) |>3 ‹*>KB*
P/astic 8e7ormation (Png.) |>3 ³G€5
P/astic 7atig"e (Png.)
P/astic 7/"i8
P/astic /ag (Png.) ةB1>;%* kل[5
P/astic /imit (h!s.) ةB1>;%* 'E
P/astic me8i"m (h!s.) |>3 •)1
P/astic mo8"/"s (h!s.) ةB1>;%* O32:3
P/astic mo"nt (Png.) |>3 Vp2E 1C O32E
P/astic n"t (Png.) ةB>3 ة%G;™
P/astic range (Png.)
P/astic resi/ience (h!s.) |>3 =*'5ر*
P/astic rigi8it! (Lech.) ةB>3 D•G<j
P/astic scattering (h!s.) ةB>3 Dر2v()*
P/astic stabi/it! (Png.) |>3 ر*>n()*
P/astic sti77ness (Lech.) ةB>3 DX*cs
P/astic strain (Png.)
P/astic strength (Png.) ةB>3 ة312n3
P/astic string |>3 •4d
P/astic Yasher (Png.)
P/astic Yaaes (h!s.) ةB>3 Q*G3C
P/asticit! (h!s.)
P/asticit! o7 b"/k (h!s.) I_K%* ةB1>3
P/asticit! o7 com#ression (h!s.) §2AfB&* ةB1>3
P/asticit! o7 e/ongation (h!s.) ة%2v()&* ةB1>3
02بlB* ‚ «2:بB* ‚ i4ب™ . †4F
ªh% . Q>dC . ‹xق
UF= . ªh% . ‹xق
ªh% . =>R . Q>dC . ‹xق
‹*xnB* . =>R . ‹xق
ªF& . =ر2R . ‹ذ2ق
ةn4ق= ةي2ن:, WGA€3 . U;ن3 . iM<3
ةق=1 ةي2ن:, c_BC . U;B ‚ ’2h()* . iM)C
U4;ن5 . 02M)‘
ZfnB* . W*X . Zf3 . >3
k›J;%* ة:) ŠGJ:3 ~ ةB*>3
D—ي2M;%* 1C k4›J(%* OM) ‚ §2v3 . |>3
$R2v3 §2,ر . $R2v3 •ي>`
$R2v3 {ب` tلh)‘ . |>3 ر2ق
|>3 Wms . ةB1>;%* Wms
|>3 (X2} 1C Oo2)) ˜o23
ةB1>;%* ”2vB . ةB1>;%* S'3
|>3 ³G€5 . |>3 W2:hB*
ةB>3 ةnلE . ةB>3 ةJلF
ةB1'% . ة4R2v3 . ةB1>3
P/asticit! o7 7/eb"re (h!s.) •2ن›B&* ةB1>3
P/asticit! o7 gases (h!s.) Ÿ*X2A%* ةB1>3
P/asticit! o7 shear (or rigi8it!) (h!s.)
P/asticit! o7 torsion (h!s.) $ل%* ةB1>3
P/asticit! test ةB1>;%* ر2ب(d*
P/asticit!. mo8"/"s o7 (Lech.) ةB1>;%* O32:3
P/astiait! (P/ec.) $o2,>MJ%* WX2:%* ةيxhن3 &
P/astometer (Png.) ةB1>;%* Š24n3
P/boY-^oint (Png.) ةnF>3 ةل™1
P/boY (n.)
P/boY ben8 ة4nF>3 ة4نE
P/boY connection $nF>3 W2l5*
P/boY crossing $nF>3 ˜R2n5
P/boY #i#e (Png.)
P/boY room
P/ect (a8^.)
P/ect (a.)
P/ection (n.)
P/ectiae (a8^.)
P/ector (n.)
P/ectret (P/ec.)
P/ectric-aco"stica/ trans8"cer $o2,>Ms $5G™ Oق2B
P/ectric-arc Ye/8ing (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%2, @2K%
P/ectric-/ight (¨//"m.) $o2,>Ms •Gp
P/ectric-/ight 7ittings (¨//"m.) •2,>MJ%2, Dر2BÁ% Ÿ*c4M_5
P/ectric (a8^.) $o2,>Ms
P/ectric (hearth) 7"rnace
P/ectric absor#tion $o2,>Ms ¡2l(3*
P/ectric acc"m"/ator (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms Is>3
P/ectric ana/!yer (-hem.) $o2,>Ms OلK3
P/ectric anoma/! Dذ2` ة4o2,>Ms D>+2•
P/ectric arc (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms ŠGق
P/ectric arc 7"rnace (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* ŠGn%* |>F
P/ectric ba/ance (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms |*c43
P/ectric batter! (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةير2v,
P/ectric be// (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms Š>j
P/ectric b/asting ca# (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةل4:`
P/ectric brake (P/ec. Png.) $<4vنA3 $o2,>Ms “بJ3
P/ectric braying (P/ec. Png.) Š2Kن%2, $o2,>Ms @2K%
P/ectric b"/b (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric b"yyer (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms |2BX
P/ectric cab/e (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms Oبs
P/ectric ca#acit! (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric ca"ter! (Le8.) $o2,>Ms $s
P/ectric ce// (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ة4لd
P/ectric chair $o2,>MJ%* @*'Tž* $)>s
P/ectric charge (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةنK`
P/ectric circ"it (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric c/"tch (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms †,2ق
P/ectric coa/ c"tter (Lining) ة4o2,>Ms IKF ة:vn3
P/ectric coi/ (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms kل3
P/ectric con8"ctance (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* ةل™G;%*
•G<_%* ةB1>3 . ‡n%* ةB1>3
$R2v3 {ب` tلh)‘ ~ tي>5&*
':n;%* $F) UF>;%* 'ن<3)
UF>;%* {ب€5 ة4نE ‚ šGs . UF>3
šGs) . UF>;, DرG)23)
˜<(3 . “4<F W2_3
ر2([3 . i[(ن3
Zn(B* . ر2(d* . i[(B*
•2n(B* . 02[(B*
š*>(ق&2, i[(ن3 . rر24(d*
i[(ن3 . id2B
V4;o*= V4hل([3 V44o2,>Ms V4بvق 1ذ WX2T I<j ~ tي>(J%*
•2,>MJ%2, {(4pرC V[<5 ~ $o2,>Ms |>F
$o2,>Ms ®2بl3 (ةj2jX 1C) ةلl,
=*ر2h%* 2M5'E1) ة4o2,>MJ%* ة:<%*)
ة4o2,>Ms (Dر*= 1C) D>o*=
P/ectric con8"ction (P/ec.) $o2,>MJ%* O4™G(%*
P/ectric con8"ctiait! (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>MJ%* ة4ل™G;%*
P/ectric con8"ctor (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms O™G3
P/ectric contact $o2,>Ms Š2;5
P/ectric contro//er (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms IJK5 X2Mj
P/ectric cooker (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric co"#/ing (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms |ر2n5
P/ectric crane (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms š2F>3
P/ectric c"rrent (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms ر245
P/ectric 8e/a! 7"se (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms UيG:5 @2;™
P/ectric 8e#osition (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric 8etonator(P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms >_h3
P/ectric 8eaice (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةv4بB
P/ectric 8i#o/e (P/ec.) $o2,>MJ%* V4بvn%* 1ذ
P/ectric 8ischarge (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms qي>h5
P/ectric 8ischarge /am# (¨//"m.) $o2,>Ms qي>h5 ®2بl3
P/ectric 8is#/acement (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةE*X‘
P/ectric 8issociation (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* •Jh(%*
P/ectric 8re8ger (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms D•*>s
P/ectric 8ri// (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms 02n›3
P/ectric 8riae (P/ec. Png.) •2,>MJ%2, Dر*=‘
P/ectric 8!namometer (Png.) $o2,>Ms >(3G32ني=
P/ectric e/asticit! (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةB1>3
P/ectric e/eaator (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms ':l3
P/ectric energ! (P/ec.) ة4o2,>Ms ةق2R
P/ectric e!e (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric 7ee8back (P/ec. Png.)
P/ectric 7ie/8 (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms W2_3
P/ectric 7ie/8 intensit! (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* W2_;%* D'`
P/ectric 7ie/8 strength (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* W2_;%* D'`
P/ectric 7i/tering (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms “4`>5
P/ectric 7iring (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms >4_h5 1C ”mR‘
P/ectric 7/"b (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms UF=
P/ectric 7/"b 8ensit! (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>MJ%* UF'%* ةF2›s
P/ectric 7orce ة4o2,>Ms DGق
P/ectric 7"rnace (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms |>F
P/ectric 7"se
P/ectric gas-/ighter (P/ec. Png.) X2A%* W2:`ž ة4o2,>Ms ةE*'ق
P/ectric generating set (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms Ÿ*'%G3 ةTG;_3
P/ectric generator (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms '%G3
P/ectric grin8er (P/ec. Png.) ة4o2,>Ms ةdmj
P/ectric harmonic ana/!yer (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms $nF*G5 OلK3
P/ectric heater (P/ec. Png.) $o2,>Ms V[<3
P/ectric heating (P/ec. Png.) •2,>MJ%2, V4[<(%*
P/ectric hoist (P/ec. Png.) $o2,&