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(This rate schedule applies to Rate Codes 108,110,121,148,123 and 115)

AVAILABILITY - Available throughout the territory served by the Public Works Commission in
accordance with the Commission's established service regulations.

APPLICABILITY - To electric service used for commercial, general service, or industrial

purposes where the maximum demand does not exceed 1,000 kW.

CHARACTER OF SERVICE - Service shall be single phase or three-phase, sixty hertz

alternating current at the Commission's standard available voltages. Service shall be provided
at a single point of delivery through one meter.


Basic Facilities Charge $16.50

Demand Charge
For the first 10 kW No Charge
For all additional kW $7.40 per kW

Energy Charge
For the first 2,000 kWh $0.09290 per kWh
For all additional kWh $0.05550 per kWh

DETERMINATION OF BILLING DEMAND - The monthly billing demand shall be the higher of:

1. The maximum kW registered or computed during any 15-minute interval using PWC's
metering facilities; or,
2. 50% of the contracted demand until such time as the registered or computed demand
first equals or exceeds the contracted demand.

PRIMARY DISCOUNT - A primary discount will be given where the customer takes service
directly from the Commission's distribution lines of 7,200 volts or higher, and where the
customer owns, operates, and maintains all transformation and other (not including metering)
equipment normally provided by the Commission. The primary discount will be given in the form
of a reduced demand charge as follows:

Primary Discount $ 0.50 per kW

WHOLESALE POWER COST ADJUSTMENT - All stated energy rates are subject to
adjustment according to Schedule PCA.

PAYMENTS - Bills are due when rendered and are payable within 20 days. If a bill is not so
paid, PWC has the right to suspend service in accordance with the service regulations.

SPECIAL FACILITIES CHARGES - As specified in the service regulations, a monthly

surcharge may be assessed for special facilities provided by PWC.
Street Lighting (RYI) $2.71

Schedule GS (Rev. 25)

Adopted: March 24, 2010
Effective: May 1, 2010