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04 Proverbs+Phrases

04 Proverbs+Phrases


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Published by: Fouad Pecco on May 11, 2011
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Prepared By

Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
2- Actions speak louder than words.
4- Adam's ale is the brew.
5- Advice when most needed is least heeded.
6- After a storm comes a calm.
- All are not thieves that dogs bark at.
!- All cats are gre" in the dark.
#- All good things come to an end.
1$- All is fair in love and war.
11- All's fish that comes to the net.
12- All's well that ends well.
1%- All la" loads on a willing horse.
14- All roads lead to &ome
15- All that glitters is not gold.
'( )*+,-. ./012 345 6789: ;<=5 >?*@A9:B C<D9: E F@(/49: G,H/I9:
J(K*<LM NO*PCQ2 64R JS2 T2 .6@DU C@<V ;1 W: F@V/<9: FA79:
.J+- 35C@<V :XL:Y *L /012 JVK*P2M
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ TX+9: 3L TX\9: [ 55$ >
3L /012 ] ^X,_L `XaV bC4IR c*,-d: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.bC4IR c*,<9: N/IS W2 6=5 E )Y*- cX8S 34SM . `*,7e9:
[6<79:M C=9: 3@V C49: )CU '( 6Ie9: f O*DS2 gCQ2 h@_9: [
FiY*U 3L j5*kIR l W2 6=5 JS2 T2 . ;m:X<9: 3_U2 '( bC4R
n<V bC4R )K:Yo *\+_U2M `*_pq,9: /D12 r( 'IU GSo so .)/V*-
B ;0,9: /ZS: 1$6 B > 2$ B > 256 B > 2!! B > 416 B > 565 >
%- Accidents will happen in the best regulated
?/v Cw F4@aS XxM .?:/v 3_U2 O*,9: Wo *+9 X85 ;0,9: :yx
F,71M cX4e9: Adam's ale z5CP /@D<R XxM .fY{ F<H '+<R
|,Z- *,71 E T2 .;x*=9: GV yu}5 lM ;P*<9: *\H*I45 l F4@a+9:
.'8,49: C+- *\9XDP c*,IU: ;P *,71 ] F4@a+9: '9o FH*49:
/<v |@DS f /tv F@V/<9*V ;DP *L T2 E F~Q*- ;1 OMCx 'R}@p
[O*uK *\RCv C<V 'R}@p [ cX85
•D+I( 65/€ ;1 *x/@05 )Y*- ?•e9: Wo T2 E ‚p 65/€ ;1 ƒ@9
./V*„,9*V ‚D+R l /…*+,9*( .*†D@‡ •† HK 65/A9: :yx WXe5 CP 3e9M
B ;0,9: /ZS: 4! >
W2 E '+<,9:M TY*LK *\SX9 f•Z9: '( ˆt89: ;1 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
c*PM .j7„9: GV*‰I5 ;u:C9: 3,( .F@,x2 G9 )/‰D79 'HK*„9: c*,=9:
.`•@,H O*_+9: ;e( ^MX,‰9: ‚~t+R *LC+- EF~p•~9: CU2
l KM/_9: E'+<,9:M .F5*\S *\9 F+_49: O*@vd: ;1 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
'+<LM .?/49:M 649: r( GV ŠX,_L ‚v ;1 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( *,1 F@~‡*<9: JR*P•- r( `*@=@R:/Ipl: c*,<Ip: J+e,5 E;0,9:
.64R 3L 678V /~Z79 ‹/~9: ;AI_R W2 J@7- JSo Œ2 .?/49:
;0,9: F,e49:M .J,p X\( FeD‰9: •Y*taR *L *1 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
X9M 'IU JRCm*( '7- cXa49: r( FQ/~9: Ž\I+R W2 6=5 JS2 :yx
.F7@7P )Cm*~9: •yx |S*1
|L:Y *,( .F5*\+9*V )/D<9: /@u '7- |\IS: :so /@„x KXLd: ;1
KXLd: [ .;‰( 3L W*_S•: G(Y*Q *L z\5 •( F+_U F5*\+9:
;,4I5 l C@+<9: W*a49: W*e( .;8+9: r( ;,I<_R ;@„9: |S*1 *LC+-
Ty9: •„vl '7- ;0,9: jDt+5M .‘t@,9: W*a49: ;0L g*‰,9:
3L WXe5 g*‰9: ;,<9: W2 C=S J9s ‘LM ‹•uoM ’*‰SM C=V ;,<5
j4I_5 l F~Q rxM >;Av K*,UB F@L*<9: '( G+- c*85M ] FD@aS
B C=S F5Ž@7=Sl: r~( .*\V hQX5 W2 ;L*<9: •„‰9: “illing
horse >6€:K W*_UB r(/49: *x*+<LM >
>*LMK '9o TYqR g/t9: ;1B
.CU:M ”C\9: 3e9M ;m*pM N*+x W2 '+<R
T2 .>F,4v O*k@V *1 *LB F@V/<9: '( G7V*85M .*†Dxs ‘,75 *L ;1 ƒ@9
B ;0,9: /ZS: .*x/\ZL 3L O*@vd: '7- ze4R W2 6=5 1# >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
16- All things are difficult before the" are eas".
1!- An" port in a storm.
1#- Appearnces are deceptive
/@aP |PX9: 3e9M *\,7<R 3e,5 )/@01 `:K*\L N*+x 21- Art is long• life is short.
22- As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.
2%- As "ou make "our bed• so "ou must lie in it.
24- As "ou sow• so shall "ou reap.
25- Ask no –uestions and be told lies.
26- Avoid a –uestioner for he is also a tattler.
2- —ad news travels fast
2!- A bad penn" alwa"s comes back.
2#- A bad shearer• never had a good sickle.
%$- A bad workman alwa"s blames his tools.
%1- ˜he bait hides the hook.
%2- —arking dogs seldom bite.
%%- —e ™ust before "ou are generous.
.'9Md: F9M*4,9: TC9 FD<Q MCDR O*@vd: ;1
B c*0Ld: /ZS: %2$ B > %!# B > 562 >
CV l Œ2 .*†<I,L fX@9: ;<=5 ƒ~+79 ^*ILo )/I( WMCV 6m:Y ;,-
W*_S•: /,I_R W2 3e,5 lM ] G@(/R M2 6<9M FU:K )/I( 3L W*_Sš9
B ;0,9: /ZS: .J9s WMY ;,<5 $! >
1- All works and no pla" makes ›ack a dull
.O*+@L Œ2 ;D8S F5/4D9: h‡:X<9: bMCU F9*U r( EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 '7- jDt+5 ;0,9: :yxM .’/I‰S lM •*SCHM *L ;D8S W2 6=5 T2
[O:X\9: c*D4V j7<I5 65/A9:[ ‚v T2 ;D85 FH*49: F9*U r( W*_Sš9
B ;0,9: /ZS: %5! >
F-:Cu /x*Z,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 15 B > 4! >
r9: W2 '9o /@‰5 ;0,9:M E '7U2 *†,m:Y *SK*H Š*~R EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .3_Ud: *†,m:Y Xx Ge7,S l 22$ >
2$- ˜he apples on the other side of the wall are
the sweetest
F,\I9: G@7- |Di :so *†8+v fC<5 F,5C89: F+L.d: '( f*+€d: gK*p *+1
Wo EcX85 ;0,9: :yxM .F=<S M2 •† ,U gM/_,9: W*1 :so *L z\5 lM
.gM/_,9: F,@P `/AQ f2 `/D1 O:Xp )CU:M FP/_9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: %42 >
.GV f*+I5 Œy9: |S2M Jv:/( 6RK Œy9: |S2 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.J7,- `*<DR ;,4R ;0,9: :yx 3L F,e49:M
Wo Œ2 [CaU ^K. 3L[ '9o jV*_9: ;0,9: '9o ?/P2 ;0,9: :yx
:soM ]:†/v '87R :†/v |-K. :sœ( .*\9 GI,pK *L jD‡ rR}R •m*I+9:
.:ž/@u '87R :†/@u |-K.
B ;0,9: /ZS: [W:CR 35CR *,1[ 2% >
3- z\I7Ÿp2 )/01 C+- K*Aa9: z\m*+Vd O*V: ?:XH Xx )Y*- :yx
.z\,\R l KXL2
./@A9: '9o JIVXH2 ;8S r( YY/I5 l :†/@01 c}_5 Œy9: •„‰9:
*†<5/p ;8I+5 ‚_@9: /D„9:
B ;0,9: /ZS2 %% B > 5$! >
'9o *\<(CV W2 CU2 cM*U :so F~m:Ž9: F7,<9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( ;,<I_5 ;0,9: 3e9M .f*5d: fX5 '( G@9o ‘H/R W2 CV l ] 35/u:
.*†Dw*€ G9Ž+L N/I5 ] •9*Q /@€ •„v 3- ] F@-*,IHl: c:XUd:
.G@w*L '_+RM F7m*<9: G7D8R W2 ;L2 '7- f*52 C<V YX<5 zi
fX75 l ] f*+€d: ”:XQ2 ŽH GI+\L Œy9: •„‰9: E'(/49: '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: ./x*L /@€ Xx W*1 :so GR:MY2 %$ >
'7- FP*~uo F<DR O*89o cM*45 *L :†/@01 F,\L O:Y2 r( j~„5 3L [
[”M/Z9: M2 ] /xC9: M2 3LŽ9:
'7- G7,- OXp F<DIV r875 ^K*D9: /@€ ;L*<9: .jV*_9: ;0,9: r( *,1
.FŸ@_9: F7,- F=@IS r( 6D_9: *\S2 :†/x*ZIL ] GR:C<LM GR:MY2
3L Ky49: 6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M .)K*+_9: r~„5 z<t9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.6m*aL F~7u r~„5 *,VK so .ŽAL ¡/-
*,7P :†/@01 YC\5 Œy9: W2 '+<,9:M .n<R l :†/@01 •D+R rI9: ?•e9:
.•C5C\R y~+5
[GS*_9 •C5 `/aP 3L [
6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M [*†,5/1 WXeR W2 ;DP l† Y*- 31[ EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F7L*=L *5:Cx ‘5.XIV 2CDR W2 ;DP z\PX8U ¢*+9: O*t-o J@7-
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%4- ˜he beaten road is the safest.
%5- —eaut" is but skin deep.
%6- —eaut" is in the e"e of the beholder.
%- —eggars must not be choosers.
%!- ˜he best dish swims near the bottom.
%#- —est is cheapest.
4$- ˜he best is often the enem" of the good.
41- ˜he best of friends must part.
42- —etter an egg tode" than a hen tomorrow.
4%- —etter be a fool than knave.
45- —etter be sure than sorr".
4- —etter bend than break.
4!- —etter late than never.
l W2 6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M .WXL},9: Xx KXi},9: j5/t9: E;0,9: F@(/U
3L C~Ip: EM2 .F(M/<L /@€ K*e(2 '( c*,9: M2 C=,9: 3- £4DR
.35/u: ?K*=R
B ;0,9: /ZS2B 425 >
*†4DP G~7u r~„5 C8( 'HK*„9: c*,=9*V /IAR l
ˆ8( C7=9: j,<V c*,=9: E F,H/I9:
MCD5 ;@,=9: W2 '+<,9:M E•:/5 3L 3@- '( c*,=9: E'(/49: '+<,9:
*0L Xx F@V/<9: FA79: r( ;0L ?/P2M E•† @,H •:/5 3L 3@<V J9y1
CP •† @,H •:/R *L ] F@D_S F,@P c*,=9: [ c:Ž€ FL2 3@<V Y/89:[
./@€ /ZS r( •† @,H WXe5l
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 1!! B > 5%5 B > 642 B > 65 >
3LM /tk,9: W2 '+<,9:M .WMK*I„5 l WMs*4‰9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
[’K*‰LM s*4p[ .YXHX,9: cXDP G@7- 6HXI5 ] K*@u G9 ƒ@9
B 3@70,9: /ZS: 4!! B > 2#% >
:yx 3L )/D<9:M E g*,-d: r( •D_R )C@=9: Fe,_9: E'(/49: '+<,9:
.F,@P G9 ƒ@9 6<R WMY G@7- ;a4R Œy9: W2 Xx ;0,9:
.•uKd: Xx YXHd: Er(/49: '+<,9:
'7- *\9*,<Ip: J+e,5M - •5X‡ '8DR )C@=9: O*@vd: W2 J9s /@_~RM
ƒe<V .•uKd: rx C@<D9: TC,9: '7- *\Sœ( F@7-M cX‡2 TCL
*\V cCDI_I9 :†C€ ;t<IRM fX@9: *\5/I‰R rI9: ] Fa@u/9: O*@vl:
r( *+So Œ2 .3_479 :†MC- WXe5 *L *†D9*€ 3_Ud: E'(/49: '+<,9:
•*+7,- Ty9: > 3_UB ¤¤9: ;,<9: ?/„SM ‚t„S CP 3_Ud: X4S *+@<p
B ;0,9: /ZS: %1# >
B zPK ;0,9: G@7- jDt+5 :yx # ;k(2 'IU F5*\S ‚v ;e9 W2 •*+<LM .>
B ;0,9: /ZS: .G@( W•a~+5 Œy9: fX@9: 'R}5 W2 6=5 O*PCQd: # >
EXx :y\9 rV/- ;0L ?/P2 .C¥ € FH*HY 3L 3_U2 fX@9: Fk@V
|4R ;0,9: :yx 'R}@pM )/=‰9: '7- )/‰<S f /@u C@9: r( KX~a-
B zPK 52 .>
CP £D„9:M /e,9: 3e9M ./v 3@+il: •1 .*†0@Du 3eR lM *†@D€ 31
`C9M F~Q O*DA9:M ] J9 z7p2 O*DA9: *,+@V ] 3=_9: '9o JV W*5Yq5
.•C,<IR ‚v £D„9: *,\+@V J<L
3L 3_U2 .X=- ;H/9 >FHM. Œ2B FD@DU 'SX1 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
¦MŽIR W2 '9o )2/,9: *†V:XQ M2 }tu - X-C5 ;0,9: :yxM .?*‰9 FLY*u
.*xCD<Ip ?*v 3L l† CV *\79C5 KX=- ;H/V
44- —etter be an old man's darling than a "ouag
man's slave.
F,71 sure - z5C89: *x*+<,V F7,<I_L *+x safe '+<LM .3L{ Œ2 -
/ZS 3L [ hp}R W2 3L l† CV C1}IR W2 J9 3_U2 EXxM •w:M ;0,9:
[*\<wXL Xt„9: ;DP J7H/9 KCPM[ [6m:X+9: 3L z7p 6P:X<9: r(
Cp2 ;5s lM 671 ¢2K 31
] F@,\9: ;@7P ˆ@_V c*=L r( J9s W*1 WoM 'IU :†Cm*P M2 *†_@mK 31
z@Z- W*_S• *†<V*R WXeR W: 3L ;k(2
46- —etter be the head of a dog than the tail of a
E/_e9: lM O*+4Sl:
cM*+I5 W2M ] 67aI5 l W2 6=5 W*_S•: W2 '9o X-C5 ;0,9: :yx
3L l† CV ] G(•uM O*p§K 3L •/L2 zxC@V 3L FD€/9 ‚‰9: n<V
.r+4+5 W2 3L l† CV /_e+@( ] )X89: GHXV ”XPX9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 11 B > 2% B > 5%# >
EfC<9: lM ] •† @7P :†/u}IL
] C-XL 3- zxCU2 /u}I5 *LC+- O*PYd† : 3@V )Y*- ;,<I_5 ;0,9: :yx
G7,- fC- 3L 3_U2 :†/u}IL X9M 6H:X9: ;,-: E XxM /u{ '+<L G9M
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5$- —etter to ask the wa" than go astra".
51- —etween two stools "ou fall to the ground.
52- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
5%- —irds in their little nests agree.
54- —irds of a feather flock together.
55- ˜he biter is sometime bit.
5- —lood is thicker than water.
5!- —ooks and friends should be few but good.
5#- —o"s will be bo"s.
6$- —read is the staff of life.
61- —revit" is the soul of wit.
62- ˜he bull must be taken b" the horns.
.?/@€ W*t@v lM G(/<R W*t@v
/@u G(/<R GHM[ .F(M/<L /@€ K*tu2 3L :†/tu ;P2 F(M/<L O*tu2
[G@9o ”/<IR GHM 3L
4#- —etter the devil "ou know than the devil "ou
don't know.
X\( .*\(/<5 l KXL}V F7\H K*eSo '9o F,Z<9: •/D=R ¢*+9: n<V
l *,- c:q_9: ?XHM '9o X-C5 ;0,9: :yxM .*\+- c:q_9: n(/5
.¡Kd: '7- ˆ8_R J7<=5 35C<8L 3@V ¢X7=9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
)/,i r+=R 'IU ] K*I„R 35/Ld: Œ2 K/8R W2 6=5 GS2 *+x )/D<9:M
.*†<L 35/Ld: `:X( 3L l† CV NK:/P
B ;0,9: /ZS: %%% >
[)/=‰9: '7- 35KX~a- 3L /@u C@9: r( KX~a-[
3L )/D<9:M E)/@Aa9: *\v*‰-2 ;u:Y j~IR KX@t9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.`X,5M ‘8@p *,xCU2 W2 CV •( KX@t9: J7R j~IR z9 :so GS2 ;0,9: :yx
.F@7m*<9: `*P•<9: '7- jDt+5 ;0,9:M
[G@9o ?y=+L ‚‰9: FDv[
cX@,9: £@U 3L WX\V*‰I5 35y9: Olqx [‘8R *\x*Dv2 '7- KX@t9:[
.3@<,I=L zxC=S *L )Y*- ‘Dt9:M
B c*0,9: /ZS: 411 B > 455 B > 2$ B > 2# B> 5#$ B > 62 >
F,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9: biter FA79*V *\+e9M ] ¡*k<9: r+<R
.rV/<9: ;0,9: ?K*85 *+x ;0,9:M .^Y*„,9: r+<R )K:C9:
[*\@( ‘PM G@ud )/~U /~U 3L[
NO*H X9 ;L2 FD@„V ?*aR l 'IU ;D8I_,9*V :†CH ;† m*~IL 3eRl
B ;0,9: /ZS: .‘PXIL /@€M GD4R l ‚‰V ;D8I_,9: 655 >
56- —lessed is he who e¨pects nothing for he
shall never be disappointed.
/„DI5 O*,9: W2 YXa8,9:M .O*,9: f 3,i2 fC9: Wo *+x ;0,9: cX85
>FV:/89:B fC9: FtV:K W2 *+x '+<,9:M .fC9: /„DI5 l *,+@V F-/_V
'7- r,- 3V:M *S2M ] r,- 3V: '7- ru2M *S2 [ F(/<,9: 3L TXP2
.[*LX7ZL M2 *†,9*… N*u2 /aS: [ [65/A9:
W2 *+x )/D<9:M .)C@H F7@78SXeR O*PCQd:M 6Ie9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F8@PY )O:/P *\RO:/89 r(*e9: |PX9: C=5 *,7P )/@01 6I1 F5C9 3L
] WM/@01 O*PCQ2 G5C9 W*_+(: WX1 F9*U r( J9y1 ] *\+L )Y*~Ipl:M
.G8U z\+L ;1 O*t-• r(*e9: |PX9: C=5 •(
)/@01 6I1 3L l† CV )C@~LM F7@7P *†DI1 J5C9 WXe5 W2 ;k(d: 3LM
3L ;@7P YC<V ©~I4R W2 ;k(d: 3,( J9y1M ] ‘~+9:M TMC=9: F,5C-
.FP:Ca9: r-CL 3L /@0e9: 3L l† CV 3@a7„,9: O*PCQd:
.YlMd: zxYlMd:
F=@IS >)Y*- cŽ+,9: r(B ?:/u K*i{ Cx*‰R *LC+- ;0,9: :yx c*85
/1y9: ;~t9: Wœ( ] GI@V/RM ;~t9: FŸ@V |~7Iu: *,\L c*~‡d: £D-
^*Dt9: r( z\<L GV*‰I@( ] G9*0L2 3L c*~‡d: F@a„‰V ©~I45 ;Z@p
.`:Y*<9:M cX@,9:M
F,71 bread EcX85 ;0,9:M .fX,<9: GHM '7- f*<t9: *\V Ca85 *+x
B ;0,9: /ZS: E)*@49: FL*-Y f*<t9: 162 >
E/‡*„9: F-/p ŠMK .*=5•:
.*I,R W2 6=5 /‡*„9: F-/_V ”/<5 *L M2 ] F@1y9: FVXHd: Wo T2
M2 Š/,9: /a+- *\@( ;uC5 rI9: FVXHd: '7- jDt+5 :yxM ..*=5•*V
.`:/@D<I9: n<V r( ”/<5 *,1 >£D„9:B
)Y*- W:/@09: ^K*aL .G+5/P 3L KX09: J_,5 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
:yx 3L yu}SM .g.}L '( G_~S CHM :so G@S/P 3L KXa9: J_,5
F~5/‰9: F85/t9*V ¦/49: hPX,9: F\H:XL ?XHM rxM )/D- ;0,9:
3L l† CV *\e_,+7( ] FU•p rx KX09: WM/P |L:Y *,( .”Xu WMCVM
.G71 hPX,9: 3L ?/\S W2
B ;0,9: /ZS2 2#$ >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
6%- A bull" is alwa"s a coward.
65- A burnt child dreads the fire.
66- —usiest men find the most time.
6- ªall a spade a spade.
6!- ªall no man happ" till he is dead.
6#- ªare killed a cat.
$- ªast never a clout till «a" is out.
1- ªast not the first stone.
2- A ¨at has nine lives.
%- A cat ma" look at a king.
4- ªatch as catch can.
.W*DH )Y*- F0=9: z„w
zx 3L 3@V 3L lo •*5*4w C=5 l F0=9: z„w W2 '9o /@‰5 ;0,9:M
.G,=4V zx f F\H:XL '7- )KC89: G5C9 ƒ@9M ] GSMY
[K}~9: h@„R re9 JI@V g/4R l[
B ;0,9: /ZS: 6%% >
64- —urn not "our house to fright the mouse
W2 E '+<,9:M E*\(*„5 ;Z@p K*+9: GIP/U2 ;~‡ EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
GI€C9 3L[ EcX85 *+5C9 rD<‰9: ;0,9:M .'_+R l F,9q,9: bCH:X49:
.[;D49: 3L ”*u F@U
B ;0,9: /ZS: 526 >
Wo Œ2 -E/(:XI,9: |PX9: z\5C9 35y9: zx .:†/@01 WX7,<5 35y9: c*H/9:
|S*1 *,\LM ] FPK*u FP*‡ F5C9 WXeR )Y*- :†/@01 ;,<5 3L
.|PM /@(XR z\I-*tIp*D( z\R*@9XŸ_L
B ;0,9: /ZS: %1 >
.C@8<R WMYM ŠXwXV z7eR Œ2 [)*4_L[ )*4_,9: zp
'IU C@<p GSo W*_So Œ2 '7- ;8Rl EcX85 XxM zm*‰IL ;0,9: :yx
rU f:Y *L O/,9: W2 r+<5 CPM .)Y*<p )*@49: r( CHX5 lM `X,5
lo *\+L •7„I5 lM O•D9: ?/wM *5:./9: h7I„,9 Fw/- X\( g./5
.FtP ;IP z\9:
J9*V *,( .z\9: *\7IP J9s ‘LM ] Š:MK2 F<Dp Wo Ft89: 3- c*85
.J+xs 6<IRM :†/@01 zI,\R l E Œ2 )CU:M ŠM/V |S2M ] J_~+V
[>zxB f/\9: *07i[
F7@7P f*5}V )Y*- ‘@V/9: 2CD5M .:/I7=So r( h@a9: F5:CV X5*L /\v
C8( ] F@(Xa9: J_V•L |-ŽSM `/‡*u :sœ( .)YM/D79 YX<5 zi )K*U
F,71M Y/D9*V ?*aR cast clout F,7e9 F,5CP )K*D- leave off
clothes .F7@809: J_V•L 3L r7,R Œ2 E
.FL•,9: 3L c*u |S2 ;x J_~S c}p: 35/u: '7- fX79: O*89o ;DP
.[/=4V *\L/@7( FŸ@tu •V ze+L 3L[ FpC8,9: 6Ie9: 3L sXu}L ;0L
.Š:MK2 ‘_R *\9 F<t89:
3- c*85 X\( .z7eI,9: KX<v 6_UM ] ‘p:M c*,<Ip: G9 ;0,9: :yx
3,- c*85 *†+_U •0L ƒ@9 G+e9M ] bY:X49: 3L X=+5 Œy9: •„‰9:
`X,R l *\S2 z\,-Ž9 [F@U 3L /,-2[ E WX9X85 ?/<9:M ] z\D4R
.;I8R 'IU
f:Y *L GS2 '+<,9:M .J7,9: '9o /Z+R Ft879 3e,5 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
Ft879 f:Y *L GS2 '+<,9:M J9X,9: '9o 'IU /Z+R W2 '( j49: Ft879
;,<R :s*L /ZS2 W2 j49: Wœ( ] NX7,9: r9o 'IU /Z+R W2 r( j49:
¬G,7<R *L '9o /Z+9: 'IU ‘@tIp2 l r+S2 FHKC9 z\L r+So ;\( .|S2
Y*taR W: 6=5 - '+<,9:M E ‘@tI_R *L J_L: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
F(/U *xKCaL F,7e9: •yxM .J5C9 )/(XIL F7@pM FV}V ] ‹/9:
F-X+,,9: F\=9: 3L lo F\H F52 3L J,au J_,R £@U ]F-K*a,9:
.*†(/-M *†P*~R:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
6- ªatch "our bear before "ou sell its skin.
- ªaveat emptor.
!- ªharit" begins at home.
#- ªharit" covers a multitude of sins.
!$- ªherche- la femme.
!1- ˜he child is father of the man.
!2- ªhildern should be seen and not heard.
!%- ªhristmas comes but once a "ear.
!4- ªircumstancess alter cases.
!5- ªleanliness is ne¨t to godliness.
!6- ªlothes do not make the man.
!- ªoming events cast their shadows before.
!!- ªomparisons are odious.
!#- ªonscience does make cowards of us.
3L Ky45 ;0,9: :yx .;Qd: N/IRM ;Z9: J_,R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
^*w :yx *+7,- X9 *+Sd *\+L )Cm*( l )/@AQ KXL2 r( |PX9: ‘@@kR
.zxd: *+7@-
[3@Ssd: fX70L Y*<( 3@S/P 67t5 K*,49: 6xs[
[ M .G9 W*1 *L /_„@( G7@S ‘@tI_5 l *L r( ‘,t5 3,9 ?/k5M •M
[/@De9: ‘@kRM /@Aa9: ©~4R l [ T2 [®:/~9: ;I8RM n@D9: z4R l
5- ªatch not the shadow and lose the
'7- jDt+5 :yxM E `M/( ‘@DR W: ;DP *†e5Y CtQ: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B zPK ;0,9: 4#% B zPKM > 124 B M > 21$ fC- 6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M .>
.GV ”/aI9: zi 3LM l† M2 /Ld: g*88Uo 6=5 ;V .c§*~I9: r( ’:K•:
[/4D9: r( J,_9: ‘@V[ E;m*89: ;0,9: G7V*85 F@V/<9: r(M
'+@R•9: Ga+V ©~IU: ;0L :yx
)K*D<9 '+<,9: ƒ~S XxM ¯et the bu"er be–are >%#! >
.Ft@49: yu}5 W2 Œ/I‰,9: '7- W2 r+<5M
'9M2 WXV/Pd: E '+<,9:M E |@D9: r( 2CDR F+_49: E F@(/49: F,=R/9:
ht<9:M FD4,9: 3e9M FPCa9: ƒ@9 *+x W*_U•:M ] ”M/<,9*V
3,V 2CV:M '7~_9: C@9: 3L /@u *@7<9: C@9: [ WX<9: C5 CLM W*+49:M
;x2M F_~+V 2CD@7( :†/@u z1CU2 '9*<RM NK*DR °: 't-2 :soM [cX<R
[ FŸ@_9: X4,R F+_49: [ E '+<,9: E?XSy9: YC<R rtAR F+_49:
E©~IU: ;0,9: :yx
F5Ž@7=S•: GI,H/R 3L /012 '_S/~9: Ft8+V ±ind the woman
.6-*I,9: /012 r( 6D_9: )2/,9: Wo Œ2 .)2/,9: 3- £4V: E •*+<LM
[z@Z- 31C@1 Wo[
jt+L h9*„5 *†<D‡ :yxM .;H/9: C9: Xx ;~t9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
‘@tI_S ;~t9: NX7p Fp:KY 3L GS2 *+x YXa8,9: 3e9M .O*@vd:
F-Xt8L 3L sXu}L ;0,9:M ] •Da@p c*H/9: 3L ^XS Œ2 cX89:
>bKM.YKMMB /-*‰79 F5/<v
:X_@9M 3@@m/L :XSXe5 W2 c*~‡d: '7- EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
l W2M .K*De9: KXk4V |,a9: Xx ;~t9: g•u2 3_U W2 '+<,9:M
.c:q_9: G@9o GHM :so lo z7eI5
)/L 'R}5 /Ld: f:Y *L GS2 '+<,9:M .F+_9: '( )/L rR}5 •@_,9: fX5
.GD-*IL ;,4R *+@7- 6HXI@( .:†/,I_L ƒ@9M )CU:M
B ;0,9: ‘H:K .”M/Z9: /@@AIV `l*49: /@AIR 1 >
.^KX9:M '8I9: r7R rI9: F7U/,9:: rx F(*Z+9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.[W*,5•: 3L F(*Z+9:[ '+<,9:M
;H/9: W: '+<,9:M .;H/9: ‘+aR l ƒV•,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
zPK |4R ;0,9: :yx ƒe- /ZS: .•/\Z,V ƒ@9M GI+t(M F1X7_V
B 6%$ B ;0,9: /ZS: > 2$6 >
.*\-XPM ;DP *\7ZV F7D8,9: b:CUd: £<DR EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
cC5 `*45/aI9: n<V YMKM M2 ] c*<(d: n<V bMCU W2 E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .bCU cXaU ?/P '7- 621 >
ze49: fC- 6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M E FxM/eL FSK*8,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•† w*( W•( WX1 '+@<5 •( ./u{ •„v ‘L GISK*8,V •„v '7-
.gCaI5 l GSd *†4@DP G7@L. W2 gCaI5 GSd
6U*Q W2 '+<,9:M E O*+DH *+7<=R *S/m*,w E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
ƒ~SM .'SMyu cX85 65/9: Y*e5 E M2 .*†L*mY ”X„9: GV*I+5 6Sy9:
B zPK ;0,9: '( '+<,9: 22 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
#$- ªonstant dripping wears awa" the stone.
#1- A constant guest is never welcome.
#2- A contented mind is a perpetual feast.
#4- ªourtes" costs nothing.
#5- ªowards die man" times before their death.
#6- ˜he cowl does not make the monk.
#- ªreaking gate hangs long.
#!- ªross the stram where it is shallowest.
##- ªurses• like chicken• come home to roost.
1$$- ªustom makes all things eas".
1$1- ªustom reconciles us to ever"thing.
1$2- ªut "our coat according to "our cloth.
1$4- ²ead men tell no tales.
W2 '+<,9:M E )/„a9: /~4R )/,I_,9: `:/t89: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
;,<9: '( K:/,Ipl:M ;‰~9*V ”:/I-l: fC- ?XHM Xx G,7<IS Ty9:
B f*PKd: '+<L ƒ~+V F70,9: ‘H:K .”C\9: '9o ;aS 'IU 55 >
B 6$% B > 5!! B > 41# B > 415 B > %56 B > %2$ /@‰R *\71 rxM - >
)/„a9: r( •K:/eIV ;D49: T/R *L2 [ .K:/,Ipl:M /Da9: '9o
K*+9: zZ<L[ [/4_9: 3L TXP2 W:s: '7- WŽ9: [ [/i2 CP O*,a9:
[K/‰9: /AaI_L 3L
¢*+9: W2 '+<,9:M .GV 6U/L /@€ zm:C9: h@k9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
`/01 *,71 3e9M .F<t8IL z\R:K*5. |L:Y *L n<D9: z\,k<V WXD45
.*DU YYŽR *D€ K. E M2 .h@k9: ;8i *,71 )Y*5Ž9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: [h~uM K:. 3L |„V *5[ 15$ >
l Ž+1 F-*+89: M2 .F,m:C9: F<I,9: Xx ^X+89: 3xy9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
;0,9: yxM .•† \p ƒ@9 '8@849: 649: T/=L EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L CV l GS2 E '+<,9:M ./@D_e‰9 [h@Q F7@9 z7U [ 3L sXu}L
.3@D4,9: 3@V jm:X- YXHM
#%- ˜he course of true love nerver did run
*†Ÿ@v C8~R l JS2 '+<,9:M .*†Ÿv h7eR l F7L*=,9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
;0,9: /ZS: .FD@‡ F7L*<L 35/u: F7L*<LM F+_U g•u}V |<I,R X9
B 6$ >
[*\+L /012 ‚@kR *\+e9M F<,v O*85• 3L /012 h7eR l FL*_IVl:[
[ /@D_ev F@U/_L 3L sXu}L cXP E)/L 3L /012 O*+D=9: `X,5
[/a@P ŒX@75X5
/,5 GS2 F=@I+9: WXeRM `X,9: JvM '7- GS2 *†,m:Y ;@„I5 W*D=9:
.F8@8U `X,5 W2 ;DP `:/,9: `:/‰- `X,9: FV/=IV
;5Xt9: ht<,9: Wo .6x:/9: WXeR l )X_+789: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
l Œ2 .*†@8R *\_Vl ;<=R l )Y*- W*Dx/9: *\_D75 'I9: )X_+789:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: E /x*Z,9: JS/AR 4! >
.•† 5X‡ ³@<R )Y*- :†/5/Q KCaR rI9: FV:XD9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•KCPM FŸ@‰,V •† 5X‡ )Y*- WX‰@<5 F@+D9: ”*<w W2 Xx E '+<,9:M
ˆ_V}V O*@vd: ;,<R W2 cM*U Œ2 .Ft8S ;4w2 3L T/=,9: /D-:
.F+e,L F7@pM
.*\kV:/L '9o YX<R ] ¦*HC9*1 `*+<79: E F@(/=9: F,H/I9:
.J@9o JRX-Y |<HK *,V/( CU2 '7- /‰V ^CR l E'+<,9:
B zPK ;0,9: '7- cX89: :yx jDt+5M .•† \v ‚v ;1 ;<=R )Y*<9: 562 >
:yx W*1 X9 'IU ] G7D8IS *+7<=5 ‚‰9: '7- YX<I9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*†=-ŽL ‚‰9:
.Jv*,P F@,1 6_U J~t<L ;a(
B .[J7@HKCL J(*49 KCP '7- [ EM2 62% >
.F@9*,9: JRKC8L 6_U ”/Q:
./4_9: jD_R rI9: F-*_9: 'x F-*p J7U2 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .¦/~9: *\<DI5 )C‰9: W2 '+<,9:M %4# GV*‰L X\( >
|H/( *\R*87U |,e4Ip: *,7( |P*w [ >rH/~+R )FL.2 *5 ŒYC‰RB
[¦/~Rl *\+…2 |+1M
1$%- ˜he darkest hour is that one before the
3(C5 /_9: W2 '+<,9:M .*†aaP WMM/5 l WXI@,9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.[jt+@( W*_9 |@,79 ƒ@9 [ .G7L*U ‘L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
1$5- ²eath is the great leveller.
1$6- ²eeds• not words.
1$- ²esert and reward seldom keep compan".
1$!- ²esires are nourished b" dela"s.
111- ˜he devil finds work for idle hands to do.
112- ˜he devil is not so black as he is painted.
11%- ˜he devil take the hindmost.
114- ˜he devil was sick.
115- ²iamond cuts diamond
116- ²iscontent is the first step in progress.
11- ²iscretion is better part of valour.
11!- ²istance lend enchantment to the view.
F@p:Xp WX4Da5 ¢*+9: Wo T2 .M¥ *_R /@u `X,9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
./@8( M: r+€M /@AQM /@D1 3@V g/( J+x ƒ@7( :XR*L :so
Ec:XPd: ƒ@9M c*,-d:
r( F_~S '+<,9: rR}5M .cX85 *,V ƒ@9M G9*,-}V G@7- ze45 O/,9*(
B zPK ;0,9: 4 [6=<9: '+V*I+5 NKXL2 TK2 JPCQ2 JL•1 ‘,p2 [ >
[67<09: ´M/5 *,1 J+- ´M/5M )M•U W*_79: ”/‡ 3L J@t<5M[M
.W*8~I5 l CP )}~e,9:M g*84Ipl:
l G+e9M GV f*P ;,- ;- /e‰9: j4I_5 CP *L *†a„v W2 E'+<,9:M
G@7- ;a4R F84I_R *L ;1 ƒ@7( .G7,- '7- )}(*e,9: M2 /e‰9: C=5
.W:/e+9: n<V C=R C8( F9X\_V
.FD€/9: z=U 3L C5Ž5 /@u}I9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*\@9o *†PXv *SYY.: ¤ j@84I9: 3- *+ID€K `/u}R *,71 *+S2 E'+<,9:M
.*†k52 •† I8I_L GH•- WXe5 CP ;I8I_,9: ¡/,9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
c*,<Ip: ?XHM FHKC9 ‚@p ‘wM r( /Ld: •Da5 CP GS: E'+<,9:M
lo C5C49: ;~5 l ... ;~5 C5C49*V C5C49: Wo [. F\H:X,9 )KX\IL cX7U
1$#- ²esperate diseases must have desperate
FpC8,9: 6Ie9: 3L `:/8~V W*t@‰9: C\‰I_5 CP EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
WX,85 35y9: 3@8(*+,9: '7- fX=x Xx '+<,9:M .Fw:/€2 j@84I9
.^KX9: CxŽ9: `:K*D- c*,<Ip*V F4@D89: z\9*<(2 F@tAIV
11$- ˜he devil can cite µcripture for his
.F7‡*<9: ŒC5¶9 •† ,- C=5 W*t@‰9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.FŸ@p c*,-: '9o YX85 CP ´:/~9: W2 E '+<,9:M
.G+- ”M/,9: Y:X_9*V ƒ@9 W*t@‰9:
ƒ@9 ;,<9: :yx 3e9M .G€/P: ;,- '7- f•5 CP •„‰9: W2 E'+<,9:M
/u{ ;0L N*+xM .*†wX(/L :†KyP *S*_So •„‰9: ;<=5 Ty9: Y:X_9*V
B zPK |4R '+<,9: ƒ~+V 1!$ >
./@ud: htI„5 W*t@‰9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•7Q¶9 O*8D9: WXS*P Xx E '+<,9:M
- 6m*a,9: cX7U M: ¡/,9: C+- FD@‡ `:K:/P ¢*+9 *k<V y„I5
.)C‰9: cMŽR *LC+- *\SX_+5 z\+e9M
.Fp*,9: ‘t8R Fp*,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ ?/<9: ;0,9: M2 .n<D9: *,\k<V ‘t8R 3@RXP W}V E '+<,9:M
.[Fk<V ;~5 C5C49:
B zPK ;0,9: '7- J9y1 jDt+5 E '+<,9:M 44 >
.fC8I9: j5/‡ r( '9Md: )Xt„9: Xx *w/9: fC- EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.3_Ud: '9o *+@<p *,9 ‚v ;1 3- 3@w:K *+1 X9 *+S2 E '+<,9:M
.F-*=‰9: rP *L zx2 Xx ;8<I9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
J_~S /\ZR re9 K*tud: f*4IP:M KX\I9: fC- ?XHM E '+<,9:M
'+<,9: ƒ~+V F70L2 N*+xM W*<=‰9: F-*=v ;DP T2/9: E M2 .*†-*=v
B f*PK2 |4R 4 B > 5%# B > 24 >
.l† *,H /Z+,9: rt<5 C<D9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
T/S rI9: c*D=9*1 .GVX@- `/\Z9 ‚‰9: '9o *+V/IP2 X9 *+S2 '+<,9:M
*x*SYXHX9 ?/P 3- *\@9o *S/ZSM *x*+_Ll X9 *++e9M C<V 3- *\9*,H
B ;0,9: /ZS: /Z+,9: F4@DP c*evd: FH/<IL KX„Q Y/=L 1#5 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
11#- ²o as · sa" not as · do.
121- ²o as "ou would be done b".
122- ²o not cast "our pearls before swine.
12%- ²on¸t change horses in the mid-stream.
125- ²on't cross a bridge till "ou come to it.
126- ²on't cr" before "ou are hurt.
12- ²on't cr" stinking fish.
12!- ²on¹t cut off "our to spite "our face.
12#- ²on't cut the bough "ou are standing on.
1%1- ²o not halloo till "ou out of the wood.
º*-X9: Cw )K*vo ;0,9: :yx .;<(2 *L l ] cXP2 *L ;,<R W2 J@7-
J9s '7- WXL•5 *LC+<( .*\SX9M:Ž5 zx KXL2 r( WX+<t5 35y9:
*k52 /ZS: .;<(2 *,V l cXP2 *,V ;,- W2 J@7- Ez\LX75 3,9 WX9X85
B zPK ;0,9: 56% >
¢*+9: bC4I5 ymC+- .¢*+9: zZ<L ;,<5 *,1 ;,-: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
:†/@u J+-
F-X,=L h9*„R W2 cM*4R l ] s*v /@€ M2 ] *†PXL/L re9 E'+<,9:M
B 3@70,9: J9y1 /ZS: ¢*+9: 61 B M > 4! >
12$- ²o as most men do• then most men will
speak well of "ou.
.GV NX7L*<5 W2 64R *,V ¢*+9: ;L*- E M2 .;L*<R W2 64R *,1 ;L*-
6DU2 E•† m*P *,\+- °: 'wK 3_49: 6S2 r7- f*L•: 'QM2 [
W2 64R l *,1 z7ZR lM .*\9 •/eR *L •/1:M J_~+9 64R *L N/@A9
.[J@9o 3_45 W2 64R *,1 3_U2M z7ZR
./5Ž+„9: f*L: JŸ9 f/R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
l W2M .*\SMKC85 l 3,9 F+@,i O*@v2 rt<R l W2 6=5 JS2 E'+<,9:M
WKMC85 lM *\SX,\~5 l ¢*Sd G,@P `:/w*4L M2 £5:CU2 rt<R
.F@VYd: *\I,@P
.T/=,9: haI+L '( ;@„9: /@AR l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
/I„R •( cX@„9: *x/=R FV/- r( O*L T/=L /D<R *LC+- E'+<,9:M
K*@Iu: ?XHM '7- jDt+5 ;0,9:M .J9X@u /@AR r1 T/=,9: haI+L
.K:/P s*„Rl M2 ;,<79 6p*+,9: |PX9:
'7- ;a4Ip JS2 C8I<R l Œ2 E ƒ8~5 W2 ;DP n@D9: 6_4R l
G9X8S ;0,9:M .`*k@V /‰- '7- CP/R FH*HC9: |S*1 :so ®:/(2 )/‰-
jDt+5 F_~S cX89: .*\-XPM C1qL /@€ KXLd `:Y:C<Ipl: 2CD5 3,9
EF70Ld: '7-
B 655 B > 4#% B > 21$ B > 1%1 B > 6 >
124- ²» not count "our chickens before the" are
z9 KXL2 '7- j78R l E Œ2 .F@9o ;aR 'IU /_=9: KXD<V 2CDR l
B .c*0Ld: J9y1 /ZS: .J(M*„,9 *†p2 C=R l *,V/( .C<V ;a4R 62 >
B 4#6 B > 1% B 126 >
.?*aR W2 ;DP JDR l
.bC4R l *,V/( ] F<PXI,9: Cm:C‰9 3@7R l W2 6=5E JS2 E '+<,9:M
B F70Ld: J9y1 /ZS: 1% B > 4#6 B > 62 B > 125 >
G+IS Fe,p '7- Y*+Rl
F,71 cr" 3,( *\w/<5 M2 ] ‘@D79 *\LC85 M2 ] >'7- ŒY*+5B *x*+<L
”/I<R W}V ] NC\H F,@P 3L ;78R lM .JI-*kV ŠCI,R W2 J9 TCHd:
*,1 ƒe<9*V rR}5 ƒ~+9: ŠCL J9y1M .‘(*S C@H /@€ C\=9: :yx W}V
B ;0,9: r( 5#5 >
.J\HM C@eI9 J~S2 ‘t8R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
rw/I9 ˆ8( J_~+V K/k9: g*49o GS}v 3L •† ,- ;,<R l E '+<,9:M
.J_~S lo :†CU2 *\V /kR l ] F@_~S )KXi M2 )MŽS
.G@7- h8~R Œy9: 3kA9: ‘t8R l
JS2 C1}IR 'IU *†@9*U Ge7,R ‚v r( ˆ5/~I9: fC- 6=5 E'+<,9:M
.G+- r+AI_R W: 3e,5
.rDa9: G7u:CVM ;@_A9: O*L ´/~R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
|7_€ *LC+<( E *L /L: .*=So C<V F7=<9: C- '9o X-C5 E'+<,9:M
;~t9: f/R z9 JS2 3L C1}IR W2 J@7- 6=5 3e9M >F,\L `Ž=S2B ;~t9:
.;@_A9: ‘L
1%$- ²on't empt" the bab" out with the bath
zi ] FV*€ r( W*_S•: /@_5 *LC+- .FV*A9: 3L ¦/„R 'IU Š/~R l
¦/~9: 3L •Da@9 ] FUXI~,9: ¡Kd: '9o ¦/„5 halloo CP 3e9M .
f ¦/„5 z9 GS2M ] )/@AQ F<8V rx FUXI~,9: ¡Kd: •yx W2 C=5
hP:F,9: O•=S: r( :†/@01 WX9O*~I5 3,9 ;0,9: c*85M .C<V FV*A9:
f*PK2 |4R T/u: F70L: .*\,ku r( WX9:Ž5 l zx *,+@V ] FD<a9:
B 655 B > 4#% B > 21$ B > 124 B > 6 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
1%2- ²on't have too man" irons in the fire.
1%%- ²on't kick against the pricks.
1%4- ²on¸t nmale a mountain out of a molehill.
1%5- ²on¸t make a rod for "our back.
1%- ²on¸t meet trouble half wa".
1%!- ²on¸t outrun the constable.
14$- ²on¸t put all "our eggs in one basket.
141- ²on¸t put new ™uice into old bottles.
142- ²on¸t put the cart before the horse.
14%- ²on¸t –uarrel with "our bread and butter.
144- ²on¸t ride the high horse.
145- ²on¸t speak to the man at the wheel.
146- ²on¸t take "our harp to the part".
>•/\a9B K*+9: r( :ž/@01 :†C5CU ‘kR l
WXeI_( CU:M W{ r( O*@v2 )C- ;,- |9M*U X9 JS2 E'+<,9:M
:†CU:M KX,9: yu}R W}V ;0,9: •a+5 .*†Ÿ@v ;,<R z9 JS2 *†D9*€ F=@I+9:
F,71 prick F@v*,9: •9*Q 3L ƒ@9M .F@v*,9: GV g*_R .*„+L -
ƒ@9 W*_S•: Wo Œ2 .F@S*i )Ž„S *\RO*=9 ] J9s |7<( X7( G_(/R W2
.G+L TXP2Ft7p FLM*8L G49*Q 3L
lB .*†,@Z- *†Ÿv F\(*I9: KX,9: 3L ;<=R l E Œ2 .•† DH ;I9: f ;,<R l
B ;0,9: /ZS: >FDP FD49: 3L ;<=R 6%% >
'9o JV TYq5 CP •† ,- ;,<Rl Œ2 .N/\… GV ?/k5 *a- C<R l
.;D8I_,9: r( 6-*IL
FQ/( ¢*+9: Ž\I+@( 3D=R l Œ2 .Ft89: J71}I( :†K}( J_~S ;<=Rl
B J9y1 /ZS: .JSX-C„5M ] 3D=9: J9s 4%# B > 12 >
1%6- ²on¸t meet "oursrif a mouse• or the cat will
eat "ou.
B J9y1 /ZS: .C<V ;a4R z9 KXL2 '7- j78R l 62 B > 4#6 B > 126 >
B 125 >
3e9M .r‡/‰9: jV*_R l .r‡/‰9: jV*_R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
'9o ;aR l M2 .35C9: r( ^XPX9: 3L Ky49: J@7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
WXS*89: F~9*„L Ft8S
.hZ+R W2 ;DP •*@,9: j(CR l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G@9o JIH*U fC- 3L C1*IR 'IU ‚v r( ˆ5/~I9: fC- 6=5 E '+<,9:M
1%#- ²on¸t pour out the dirt" water before "ou
have clean.
3@I7p r( G<wB )CU:M F7p r( Jk@V ‘kR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>F@7e9: )K*_„9: 6+=IR 'IU
.CU:M ^M/‰L r( NC+- *L ;eV )/L*A,9: fC- 6=5 GS2 E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: 44 >
.F,5CP /5K:XP r( C5CH G1:X( /@a- ‘kR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
”Ž- •† 0L 6=5 •( .`*aP*+,9: 3@V ˆ7„9: fC- ?XHM Xx E '+<,9:M
/\Z,9: FŸ5YK 31*L2 r( F@+,i `*UX9 j@7<R M2 ).*+H r( '8@pX,9:
.W*a49: f*L2 FV/<9: ‘kR l
.FDp*+,9: *\+1*L2 r( O*@vd: ‘w E '+<,9:M
*,x )CVŽ9:M ŽD„9:MB JRCV.M NŽDu ‘L zQ*„IR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>:/I7=So r( f*<t9: F,71 ŽLK
Ft@_V KXL2 6D_V J7,- N/IV /e~R l W: J@7- 6=5 GS2 E '+<,9:M
;,<9: C=R 37( J7,- |1/R X9 *,VK JSd .Jm*p§K 3@VM J+@V |7aU
.F9X\_V 6p*+,9:
.*†@9*- *†S*aU 61/R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.N/@€ '7- /DeIR l W2 6=5 E '+<,9:M
.)Y*@89: F7=- '7- Xx 3L ‘L bC4IR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\1/RM 35/u: `*@9Mq_L r( ;uCI9: fC- ?XHM E '+<,9:M
/ZS: .FL*<9: FL•_9: z\R `*@9Mq,9: •yx |S*1 :so *†QXau *\SMYq5
B ;0,9: %2# >
.;~49: '9o >'8@pX,9:B N/RM ;,4Rl E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
ƒ~+V bC4I9: r( /,I_R l Œ2 ./RX9: ƒ~S '7- ”Ž<R l E '+<,9:M
B f*PK2 |4R F\V*‰L c*0L2 .¢*+9: G7L Œy9: ^XwX,9: 515 >
B %$ B > 26% >
.n@D9: ?/v F@~@1 JRCH z7<R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\,7<R •( ] FV/=R /012 WXSXe5 )Y*- J+L /D12 zx 3L W: E '+<,9:M
.WX(/aIV h@1
14- ²on¸t teach "our grandmother to suck
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
14!- ²on¸t tell tales out of school.
14#- ²on¸t wash "our dirt" linen in punlic.
15$- ²on¸t wear out "our welcome.
151- ²og does not eat dog.
152- A door must be either shut or open.
15%- A drpwing man will clutch at a straw.
155- ²"ing is as natural as living.
156- ˜he earl" bird catches the worm.
15- ½arl" to bed and earl" to rise.
15!- ½asier said than done.
15#- ½ast or west• home is best.
16$- ½as" com"• eas" go.
162- ½mpt" sack cannot stand upright.
16%- ½mpt" vessels make the most sound.
cX8R F@(/49: GI,H/RM ] FpKC,9: ?•t9: ‘,I=L 3L ;0,9: :yx O*H
?/8I9: YX5 K*Aa9: n<V Wo £@U .FpKC,9: ¦K*u 3L :†K*Du2 M/R l
.FD7t9: 3- :†K*DU2 Gm*t-œV z7<,79
c*85 Œy9: ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: .K:/pd*V •DR l E Xx rp*pd: '+<,9:M
B zPK XxM `:/e_<,9: ;u:Y 5$ >
.¢*+9: f*L2 )Ky89: J_V•L ;_AR l
./@A9: f*L2 FQ*„9: *SKXL2 £4V C- 6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M
GS: '+<,9:M .rk8+R JV 6@U/I9: F9*U ;<=R lE F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .JRK*5. M2 JL*8L cXt5 l W2 6=5 #1 >
E 67e9: ;1}5 l 67e9:
gK J9y1 /ZS: .‘,I=,9: Cw WMCIL OX_9: c*HK W2 E '+<,9:M
Bf 65% B zPKM > $ [*†a9 g/_5 l •79:[ >
*†87AL M2 *†UXI~L *Lo ?*D9: WXe5
*L K*I„R W2 J@7- 6=@( .3@V 3@V rv J+x ƒ@9 GS2 E '+<,9:M
B F70,9: /ZS: !1 B > !! B > #$ B > !# B > !2 B > >
B 5$2 >
.F‰8V £D‰I5 j5/A9:
[O:X\9: c*D4V j7<I5 j5/A9:[
.*†<L 3@+il: 3L /012 T/5 g•,<9: ”*I12 '7- ^X(/,9: fŽ89:
] /012 ?K*=R Ms /u{ ‘L F7@7P Ms •„v •LCS: X9 GS2 E '+<,9:M
.*†<L *\VK*=R )Ž@L '7- •a49
154- ²warf on a giant's shoulder sees the
farther of the two.
.*\_~S )*@49: F<@Dt1 '<@D‡ /L2 `X,9:
./eD,9: /@t9: *xY*ta5 )YMC9:
.‹/~9: `X~R l 'IU :†/eDL º*8@Ipl: ?XHM '9o X-C5 E '+<,9:M
B zPK |4R '+<,9: :y\V ;0L N*+xM 211 3L [ [KXeD9: r( F1/D9: [ >
.>jD49: zvB [ jD+9: ;12 jDp
[C<_R /1*V [ :†/1*V ©8@Ip:M :†/1*V zS
.*xy~+5 lM YX-X9: C<5 3,9 ;0,9: :yx ?/k5 .;,<9: 3L ;\p2 cX89:
B J9y1 /ZS: 1$6 >
zPK J9y1 /ZS: .3_Ud: Xx 3‡X9*( .*†V/€ f2 *†(/p E F,H/I9:
B 661 >
TX\9: 3L |Ÿv £@U NY:q( ;8S
cMd: 6@D479 lo 649: *L
'I~9: G~9}5 ¡Kd: r( cŽ+L z1
cŽ+L cMd :†CV2 G+@+UM
.>G-•tL ;\p G9*uCL ;\p *L B .G9X\_V G@7- *+7aU *L
X-C5 ;0,9: :yx .z\_~S: 3- *†+_U *†Ÿ@v WX<,_5 l ‘,_9: XP/I_L
‘,_R W2 bC45 CP GSd .35/u: K*Du2 ^*,p 6UM |+aI9: fC- '9o
.J_~S 3- FŸ@p :†K*Du2
B F70,9: /ZS: 214 B > 2#4 B > 6#6 >
161- ½avesdroppers never an" good of
.*†€K*( W*1 X9 h85 l j@PC9: ƒ@1
B ;0,9: /ZS: .ŽD„9: M2 f*<t9: WMY WX‰@<5 l /‰D9: W2 '+<,9:M 6$ >
.F<~R/L *†R:Xi2 KCaR F€K*~9: 'S:Md:
X€K*( zx :†/@01 WXiMC4I5 35y9: ‹*„vl: W2 '9o /@‰5 E '+<,9:M
B J9y1 /ZS: 6% >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
164- ˜he end ™ustifies the means.
165- ˜he end makes all e–ual.
166- An ½nghishman's house is his castle.
16- ½nough is as good as a feast.
16!- ½ven a worm will turn.
16#- ½ven ¾omer sometimes nods.
1$- ½ver ass like to hear himself bra".
11- ½ver cloud has a silver lining.
12- ½ver cock crows on his dunghill.
1%- ½ver" dog has his da".
15- ½ver" flow must have its ebb.
16- ½ver" horse thimks its own heaviest.
1- ½ver" ›ack must have his ›ill.
1!- ½ver" law has loophole.
1#- ½ver" little helps.
n<D9*( .*\@7- ^.*+ILM F(M/<L )C-*P •yxM .F7@pX9: K/DR F5*A9:
*L *\9 r\( > F4@DP |S*1 X9 'IUB ;m*pM 3L `y„R: *,\L GS2 T/5
.•† @DS ¡/A9: W*1 :so *xK/D5
B ;0,79 '+<,9: ƒ~S Xx :yxM .‘,=9: 3@V TM*_R F5*\+9: 1$5 >
.•/aP Xx TŽ@7=S•: ;H/9: cŽ+L
.X=5 lM ] F5/_9:M F9Ž<9: j4V G9Ž+L ;u:Y ‘I,I5 •„‰9: W2 T2
B J9y1 /ZS: .Wso WMY G9Ž+L f*4IP: CUd %$1 >
J9y1 /ZS: .'+~5 l Ž+1 F-*+89: E M2 .*†L*,R F,@9X9*1 Xx F5*~e9: CU
B zPK 465 >
;,<9: *\+L ‘PXI5 lM /@AQ W:X@U )YMC9: W: *,V .z8I+R )YMC9: 'IU
W*1 *,\L *†Ÿ@v /8I4R l E Œ2 .‚† @v bC4R W2 *\S*eLœV GS: lo /@De9:
n<V r( ‚t„5 >rS*SX@9: /<‰9:B ¢M/@LXx 'IU EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.:†/@01 WXiC4I5 z\( ] z\R:XQ2 ^*,_V WXL/AL .W*@Ud:
O*~„_9: n<V J9y1 .>*†4@DP W*1 X9M 'IU Œ2B GRXQ 645 K*,U ;1
.:†/@01 WXiC4I5 z\( ] z\R:XQ2 ^*,_V WXL/AL
] ’X+89: fC- *+@7- 6=5 Œ2 .>F7@,H B F@k( F(*U *\9 FV*4p ;1
.*†k52 c*,=9: 3L Orv *\@( ] *+- ƒ,‰9: 6=4R rI9: FV*4_9*(
B zPK ;0,9: J9y1 .F7@,H 6S:XH G7( *†D<Q /Ld: W*1 *,\( 4#2 M >
B 52$ B J9y1M > 5# >:†/_5 /_<9: ‘L Wœ( B .>
O/,9: F-*=v Wo Œ2 .GILX1 gX( •@a5 J5Y ;1 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
GV*DV 671 ;1 [ ./u{ 65/€ W*eL r( ƒ@9M Gt@4L r( )Y*- /\ZR
.GLX5 671 ;e9 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
rR}5 *,V/( fX@9: :yx ©49: JR*( X7( J@7- fX5M J9 fX5 E '+<,9:M
B zPK *†k52 /ZS: .:†C€ JD@aS % f*5d: [ [*+@7- z5M *+9 fX5 [ >
>c¥ :MY
?lMC9: r( *†D„L W*_So ;e@x *\5C9 F7m*- ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>F,5/H FL•-B
fC- cM*4RM G@~„R :†/p *\5C9 W2M CV l F7m*- F52 W2 E '+<,9:M
.GV FU*V•:
14- ½ver" famil" has a skeleton ·n the
.KŽH G9M CL ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)*@U •yxM ] O*u/9: J9y1M ] •† 5X‡ fMCR l Cm:C‰9: W2 E'+<,9:M
.;8id: Xx G7,U W2 C8I<5 W*aU ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2M •/@€ 3L /012 ;,<5 GS}V C8I<5 W*_So ;1 W2 E '+<,9:M
.G7@L. 3L /D12 GR*@9XŸ_L
*I,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9: ›ack and ›ill rI,7e9 W:ŽLK *,x
.'0Sd:M /1y9: M2 ] )2/,9:M ;H/9:
.)*@U J5/‰V GD@aS '87@p W*_So ;1 W2 E '+<,9:M
.y~+L G9M f*ZS ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F,ZSd: '7- ;5*4I9: 6€/5 Ty9: ´M/,9: •„‰9: W: E '+<,9:M
.GLK¿L '9o *\+L y~+5 f*Z+9: r( F4I( Y*=5o ‘@tI_5
F(*w•: J7R |S*1 X9M 'IU ] G@9o F(*w•: K:/,Ip*V ‚‰9: X,+5
'IU *†@Ÿv `/(M :sœ( ] Y*aIPl:M /@(XI9: '9o X-C5 ;0L :yxM .F7@7P
B zPK |4R /u{ ;0L .3LŽ9: ‘L X,+5 GSœ( •† @7P W*1 X9M 446 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
1!1- ½ver" man has his price.
1!%- ½ver" man is his own worst enem".
1!4- ½ver" medal has two sides.
1!5- ½ver" oak must be an acorn.
1!6- ½ver" wh" has a wherefore.
1!!- ½ver"one to his taste.
1!#- ½ver"thing comes to him who waits.
1#$- ½ver"thing must have a beginning.
1#1- ½vil be to him have a beginning.
1#2- ½¨ample is better than precept.
1#%- ˜he w¨ception proves the rule.
1#4- ½¨change is no robber".
1#5- ½¨pectation is better than reali-ation.
.fX89: /u{ W*t@‰9: htI„5M ] G_~+9 ;HK ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] F<@Dt9: r( WXS*P fCP2 XxM ] )*@49: '7- º*~49: 6U E '+<,9:M
B /ZS: .`*De+79 ¡/<,9: Xx h@<k9: Wo Œ2 5#6 ;0L N*+xM .>
[z+A9: 3L F(K*t9: ;1}5 6my9:[ E cX85 'D<v
1!$- ½ver" man for himself• and the devil takes
the hindmost.
GS}V r-C5 /u*p ;0L :yxM .•/<p G9M ;HK ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.)/@D1 )XvK G5/AR CP GSœ( *†~5/v W*1 *,\L
F@U*S r( h<w F7au *\7V*85 ] *L •„v r( F+_U F7au ;1
G<+,5 *L ):C- ] G7,- r( •7„,9: r49: /@,k9: Ms ;H/9: • † 0,(
/@u}I9: 3e5 z9M ./@u}R J9s 3- •I+@( ] *L /L2 r( F7=<9: 3L /@,w
.r49: /@,k9: :yx F<@D‡ TXp
1!2- ½ver" man has the defects of his own
F=@IS F_~+V )K*w l† *,-2 W*_S•: ;,<5 .YMC79: F_~S MC- W*_S•:
.;,<9: J9s G@7- ¡/~R W*_S•: J9s F<@D‡M F@a„v WX1
.W*\HM F@9:C@L ;e9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.GR*Ÿ@pM GR*+_U ‚v ;e9 E '+<,9:M
z=U /AQ 3L fO*‰IS l W2 6=5 F@7-M .FDU |S*1 )/=v ;1
B zPK J9y1 ./De@p GSd .*DU *+H*ISo /AQM *+9*,-2 255 zZ<L [ >
[K/‰9: /AaI_L 3L K*+9:
.6Dp ‚@v ;e9 T2 [Wd[ *\9 [ :s*,9 [ ;1
F,71 *+x business J9s W*1 :sœ( [ F,\L [ M2 [ 6H:M [ '+<R
fX85 3L ”M/<L /@€ M2 F-X,=L 3@V *†-.XL F,\,9: M2 6H:X9:
3L ;,<9 ::yx W2 C8I<5 CU: X71 W2 ¢*p2 '7- .N/I5 GSœ( ] GV
./u{ •„v 6H:M
N/L2 ‘@,H |S2 cXI( N/~… ;0L NC7H JU *L
1!-½ver"bod"'s business in nobod"'s
B F70L2 /ZS: .•/e5M 645 *L G9 *+L ;e( ] FPMsM W*_So ;1 5%5 >
B %6 B > 65 B > 642 >
/Da9: [ .F9M*4,9: r( /,Ip: :so •*AIDL '9o ;a5 /Da5 •„v ;1
.'+,R *L c*S 'S}R 3L [c*S /DQ 3L [ [¦/~9: Š*I~L
./De5 zi :†/@AQ MCD5 ^M/‰,9: M2 Or‰9: Wo Œ2 .F5:CV Orv ;e9
zPK r_S/~9: Ga+V ©~IU: Œy9: ;0,79 F5Ž@7=S•: F,H/I9: •yx
B %1$ r9:XU £9*09: YK:MYo GV TY*S Œy9: K*<‰9: XxM > 1%44 3- .
Œ2B GV OX_9: 3Z5 3L °: ”/v l E '(/49: /@D<I9: cX85M E GL*ZS
.>f*Z+9: :y\V
.F4@4a+9: 3L /@u ;0,9:
.F4@a+9: 3- r~e5 J9y( •/@A9 *†+_U l† *0L W*_S•: W*1 :soE '+<,9:
B ;0,9: '7- '+<,9: :yx jDt+5 56% >
.)C-*89: |D0R `:O*+0Ipl: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- ‘‡*P ;@9Y :y\( `l*49: n<V r+0I_S *LC+- *+S2 E '+<,9:M
/@aP Xx F7_9: j5/( r( 6-l 3_U2 Wo *+7P :sœ( ] WXS*P YXHM
?XHM XxM G@7- ”/<I,9: WXS*89: 3L )*+0I_L F9*49: •y\( ] FL*89:
.cXt9: ˆpXIL ;Pd: '7- M2 •† 5X‡ F7_9: 6-l WX1
.FP/p |@_9 F9Y*D,9:
CU2 /\Z5 zi ] *L F-*kV W*(/‡ cY*DI5 *LC+- ;,<I_5 ;0L :yx
F-*kD9: *+9Y*DR *+So T2 ] :†C@H ƒ@9 G@7- ;aU *L 3@V W}V ”:/‡d:
.*+RY:Ko n4,V
z<t9:yx •8+5M ] '\v z<‡ G9 WXe5 F<PXIR M2 *†Ÿ@v XH/R *LC+-
B zPK ;0,9: *k52 /ZS: .•*+,IR *L '7- ;a4R *LC+- 11! >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
1#6- ½¨perience is the mother of wisdom.
1#- ½¨perience is the teacher of fools.
1#!- ½¨trmes meet.
1##- An e"e for an e"e• and a tooth for a tooth.
2$$- ˜he e"e is bigger than the bell".
2$1- ±aint heart never won fair lad".
2$2- ˜he fairest rose is at last withered.
2$%- ±amiliarit" breeds centempt.
2$4- A fault confessed is half redressed.
2$5- ±inding is keeping.
2$6- ±ine feathers make fine birds.
2$- ±ine words butter on parsnips.
3L z7<I9:M F,e49: rR}R FV/=I9: 3,( ] F,e49: f2 'x FDH/I9:
B zPK ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 4!$ >
.3@7~A,9: z7<L rx FDH/I9:
:soM F,@7<I9 *†+,i ‘(C5 W*_S•*( ] z7<L 3_U2 rx FV/=I9: Wo ;@P C8(
•m*I+V ‘I,I9: ;DP FV/=I9: )K:/L rp*85 W2 6=5 z7<I5 W2 Y:K2
*L2 .z\m*tu2 3L WX,7<I5 ˆ8( 3@7~A,9: W2 T/5 ;0,9: :yxM ] GI(/<L
B /ZS: .35/u: O*tu2 3L WX,7- O*@1sd: 6 >
/@u [ WlY*<IL ‘w:XI9: r( F(/tI,9:M Fp/tA9: r( ”/tI,9:
[*\tpM2 KX,9:
.3_9*V 3_9:M 3@<9*V 3@<9:
.3tD9: 3L /D12 3@<9:
z=U /5C8R WXŸ@_5 ] c*~‡d: •ud*VM ] *+L /@0e9: W2 E '+<,9:M
GS2 W*_Sš9 KXaR CP f*<t9: F5§/( .>*QXau f*<t9: C+-B ] 3tD9:
G+tV ;,4I5 *,L /D12 F@,1 f*\I9: ‘tI_5 l
W2 *x*+<LM .*†DS*H ;=„9: N/I9M ] ‘@=‰I79 /@01 ;,<I_R )K*D- •yx
WMY cX4@p G7=u Wo Œ2 .O:/8‰9: )2/,9*V .X~5 l 6789: Ms ;H/9:
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 52% >
.;VŽR YMKX9: ;,H2
./,I_5 l )*@49: O*+x Wo M2 ] fMC5 l Or‰9: c*,H W2 E'+<,9:M
.K*8IUl: M2 f*,Ixl: fC- C9X5 Y*@I-l: M2 ] F~9d:
’*@IUl:M W*D_49: yu}V cX8R •( ‚‰9: '7- `CI-: JS2 E J9s '+-M
C<R z9 .F@9*<9: ¦:/Vd: r( ;,<5 Ty9: O*V/\e9: ;L*- F70,( ] G7H2 3L
CP )/5C8R OXp )/01 3L GS2 FHKC9 ] GV Ft@4,9: K*t„9: )/01 G,\R
•/5C8R OXp )/01 3L GS2 G71 J9s r( 6D_9:M ] /t„79 G_~S ¡/<5
z\,9*( .;,<9: h92 GS2 G71 J9s r( 6D_9:M ] /t„79 F_~S ¡/<5 CP
B ;0,9: /ZS: [?*\,9: 6xyR FU:Ž,9: [ •*+~92 :so *,\L C<5 z9 5$% >
W2 Œ2 [ G9 6Ss l 3,1 6Sy9*V /8,9: [ )K*D<9: •y\9 rV/- ;0L ?/P2
.G~aS J+- X4,5 }t„9*V ”:/I-l:
3e,5 l /Ld: :yx 3e9M .G9 X\( *†Ÿ@v CHM 3L E'(/49: '+<,9:
F,@7_R J@7- 6HM F,@P :s *†Ÿ@v `CHM X9 JSo £@U 2CDL •K*DI-:
O*@v2 '9o /Z+5 ;0,9: :yx 3e9M .FDU*aS ^ :X04D5 re9 F‡/‰79
‹*QK z7P M: ˆ‰,9: M2 F4D_,9*1 .:†CU2 *\S:C8( Œsq5 l )/@AQ
/@t9: lo F<@Dt9: ƒ~S *\9M GV*‰IR KX@t9: /01}( ] *\I,@P /x*Z,79
/\ZL '7- jDt+5 :yxM ./012 K*ZSd: 67=5 ;@,=9: ³5/9: Ms
B zPK ;0,9: '7- '+<,9: :yx /\Z5M .;H/9: 6%$ nP*+5 J9y1 XxM >
B zPK ;0,9: !6 >
[FpM/- •DaR FQXD9: ƒD9[
>n@Vd: KŽ=9:B
[c:XPd: 3L /012 bC4IR c*,-d: [ F9X8,79 T/u2 F85/t9: •yx
F70L2 N*+xM c*,-d: 3- *†wX- WXeR l cX_<,9: f•e9:M YX-X9*(
B f*PKd: r( F\V*‰L 1$6 B > 565 B > 416 B > 2!! B > 256 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
2$!- ±ingers were made before forks.
2$#- ˜he first blow is half the battle.
21$- ±irst catch "our hare.
211- ±irst come• first served.
212- ±irst impressions are most lasting.
21%- ±irst thrive and then wive.
215- ±ling dirt enough and some will strick.
216- A fool and his mone" are soon parted.
21- ±ools rush in where angels fear to tread.
21#- ±or want of a nail.
22$- ±orbidden fruit is sweetest.
3L c*85 ;0L :yxM .NX‰9: ;DP ‘V*Qd: |87u C89 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.3@e_9:M F1X‰9: 3L l† CV ;1d: r( C@9: c*,<Ip*V Š*,_9: ;H2
'7- ;a45 3L W2 J9s r+<5M .F1/<,9: haS '9Md: FV/k9:
r( *,1 ] za„9: '7- )Ž@,9: G9 WXeR ] KXLd: cM2 r( rmŽH K*aIS:
WXe5 ] '9Md: jm*PC9: r( ”Cx r7- ;a45 Œy9: j5/~9*( fC89: )/1
./u: j5/~79 F5X+<,9: ŠM/9: n~u 6D@aS G9
W2 ;DP G712 M2 G„D‡ ‘@tI_R •( .lM2 JDSK2 Y*taR W2 J@7-
'IU Orv r( ”/aI9: K/8R l W2 6=5 GS2 r+<5 ;0,9:M •Y*taR
.JR.XU r( ‚@‰9: J9s WXe5
B f*PK: |4R |4R F\V*‰L F70L2M 4#% B > 1%1 B > 124 B > 6 >
cMd*( cMd:
•/@€ 3L FLC„9*V '9M2 X\( l† M2 fC85 3L Œ2 .l† M2 fC„5 l† M2 `}5 3L
zPK ;0,9: /ZS: .FQ/~9: '7- cXa49: r( *ZU /012 J9y1 XxM ]
B 156 >
'8DR rI9: rx > )/L cMd GI7V*8L C+- •„‰9: 3-B '9Md: )/e~9:
.3xy9: r( F89*-
.¦:MŽ9: `*D7tIL /@(XR ;,eI_R 'IU ¦MŽIR l E cX85 z5CP ;0L :yx
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 51 >
;0L :yxM .c*49: r( *xY*@tQ: zI5 z<‡ ;1 zk8R rI9: Fe,_9: >z<‡B
B zPK |4R F\V*‰L c*0L2 N*+xM .cXk~9: C<V •a+5 646 B > 2#4 >
B 161 >
214- ˜he fish will soon be caught that niibbles at
ever" bait.
.*\k<V ja75 ”XpM ] )/@01 `:KMs*P ”yP: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
JS2 CV •( ] *L •„v 3- ?ye9: cX8V |5/,Ip: X9 JS2 E '+<,9:M
B zPK J9y1 /ZS: .JPCa@p ;Pd: '7- :†CU:M C=Ip 2%$ B > 2%1 >
.)sX~S ‘L ;~A,9: gK*~I5 W2 CVl E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
ƒe<V •/@e~RM f*Z+V 3e9M G9:XL2 j~+5 r1y9: ;H/9: W2 '+<,9:M
B zP/V *†\V*‰L •† 0L C=RM .O*Dx G9:XL2 j~+5 Œy9: ;~A,9: 16$ >
E }t5
M2 .Fem•,9: *xKy45 rI9: F+eLd: r( O*@DA9: ;45 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.Fem•,9: *x}t5
O*@v2 WX7,<@( zx/L2 3L F7=- r( WXSXe5 3@7~A,9: ]2 E '+<,9:M
*L Ky45 Œy9: r1y9: /e~,9: ƒe<V ] z\V/R CP rxM ] *\SX9X85 M2
.G9X85 *L M2 G7,<5
W*_S•: f:Y *L CHXR l 3LŽ9: c*LK '7- K*i: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
c*,-}V *S/1s C7„R W2 *SYK2 :so *+S2 XxM ] •w:M '+<,9:M .*†_9*H
.¢X7=9:M ;_e9: 3L l† CV ;,<9: *+@7- 6HXI@(
21!- ±ootprints on the sands of time are not
made b" sitting down.
EK*,_L FH*U r( E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
rI9:M ] *SKXL2 r( )/@Aa9: O*@vd: K*8IU: fC- 6=5 GS2 E '+<,9:M
c*,<Ip: 3e,5M ./Ld: `*LX8L CU2 |S*1 *,VK *\Sd .F\(*R MCDR
ˆ@_V Orv 6D_V /@D1 ;,- c*,1o 3- W*_S•: h85 *LC+- ;0,9:
3@7eS:/( 3@L*+V c*P CPM /‰- ‘V*_9: W/89: '9o YX<5 ;0L :yxM .:†CH
^*wM .O:y49: 6D_V W*a49: ^*wM .K*,_L 6D_V O:y49: ^*w
|-*wM .¢K*~9: 6D_V F1/<,9: |-*wM .W*a49: 6D_V ¢K*~9:
.W*aU O:yU r( K*,_L 6D_V W*1 J9s ;1M .F1/<,9: 6D_V C7D9:
;0,9: /ZS: ] ?X€/L ^X+,L ;1 M2 ] '7Ud: rx F-X+,,9: F\1*~9:
B 6#6 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
A forced kindness deserves no thanks.
222- ±orewarned is forearmed.
22%- ±orgive and forget.
224- ±ortune favours the blod.
226- A friend in need is a friend indeed.
22!- ±ull of courtes"• full of craft.

22#- Àather "e rosebude while ma".
2%$- Àive a dog a bad name and hang him.
2%%- Àive and take.
2%4- Àive credit where vredit is due.
j4I_5 l K*DH•: j5/‡ 3- Œ}5 Œy9: ht79: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l FD€K /@€ 3- *†~t9M Fv*‰V ŒCD5 3L W2 Œ2 E •w:M '+<,9:M
./e‰9: j4I_5
B zPK ;0,9: r( '+<,9: ƒ~S %#% .•L*_+9M rw*,9: ƒ++9 XxM >
’*@IU: s*„R: ymC+- *++e,@( ] ‚‰9: bMCU c*,IU*V K:yS•: *+7QM :so
>Ky-2 C8( KyS2 3L B rV/<9: ;0,9: G@7- jDt+5M /L¶9
B zPK ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: ./L*A,9: ‘L )Y*- 'R}5 ©49: 2$1 J9y1M >
B zP/9: 52% >
.;Pd: '7- )CU:M )/L W*_So ;L ?*V ©49: g/t5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 CV l rR}R *LC+-M ] )CU:M )/L }@\IR ‹/~9: W2 E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .*xŽ\I+S 546 >
225- ±ortune knocks at least once ever" man's
|PM JSM*<5 Œy9: Xx j@849: J85CQ Wo Œ2 .)C‰9: |PM j5Ca9:
B zPK |4R ?K*8L ;0L N*+xM .)C‰9: 52 [j@k9: 3- j5Ca9: [ >
[W:Xu•: ”/<R Cm:C‰9: C+- [
XepXL 3L FV*4_S: C<V WX@7V*S j@7<I9 F@(/U F,H/R Xx ;0,9: :yx
f*- 1!12 '9o z\L •„v ¡/<I5 *LC+- .*†@9*U ;,<I_5 XxM f
.hpqL bY*U M2 /i*- ©U 6D_V F5/„_9:
22- ±rom the sublime to the ridiculus is but a
.*†-:Cu M2 F-:/V ‚7I,L .*†~t9 ‚7I,L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*,VK GSl ] *†VYqLM •† L*=L MCD5 Œy9: •„‰9: 3L Ks*U E '+<,9:M
.J-:Cu cM*45
.J9s 3L *†+e,IL |LY *L NYKM z-:/V ‘,H: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
|4R '+<,9: ;0L J+xM .F4S*p |L:Y *L ‹/~9: Ž\IS: E '+<,9:M
B zPK 4%6 B J9y1M > 546 .>
B zP/V YK:X9: ;0,9: ƒ~S Xx ;0,9: :yx 215 >
] G8+v:M *†Ÿ5YK *†,p: 67e9: ˆ-2 E yx ;0,9: :y\9 F@(/49: F,H/I9:M
.*†5X+<L r\I+5 ”Xp GS2 *x*+<L G8+v: F,71M
O*k89*V F7@~1 •„_9: 3- FŸ5YK F<,p Œ2 W}V E ;0,9: '+<LM
.*†5X+<L G@7-
F7\L FVye9: ˆ-: EF@(/49: F,H/I9: 24 39 J9s C+-M ] F-*p
/‰I+I_( ] •:X(d: 3@V *\7P*+RM FVye9: ¦M/u Y/=L W2 T2 E *\8D_R
f*PK2 |4R c*0Ld: 3L YKM *L J9y1 /ZS: .*\D5yeR '9o KY*DR z9 Wo
B 215 B M > 2%$ >
2%1- Àive a lie twent"-four hours' start• and "ou
can bnever overtake it.
Œ2 G_~S j+‰V fX8@pM .*†@(*1 •† DU •79: ˆ-: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F_~S '7- rk8@p X\( ] OTYK W*_S• FQ/~9: |@t-2 :so JSo
F,71M G_~+V rope G@( zI5 Œy9: ;D49: r+<R r\( .3@@+<L `:s *+x
3L l† *=L r+<R J9y1 XxM .F,5C89: KXa<9: r( gK*_9: f:C-o
2%2- Àive a thief enough rope and he will hang
yuM ˆ-2
C5/R *,1M J8U 3L OŽH 3- c.*+I9*V 35/u: )C-*_L J@7- Wo Œ2
J9s WMCD( ] z\m:K{ '9o ‘,I_R |S2 J@7- Jm:K{ '9o ¢*+9: ‘,I_5 W2
.:Xv*<I5 W2 ¢*+79 3e,5 l
F,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9: credit M2 ;@,=9*V ”:/I-l: *x*+<L *+x
”*aS•: '9o *SX-C5 ;0,9:MM .YX8+9*V F7Q *\9 ƒ@9M .g*84Ipl:
3- /Z+9: nAV *†D@‡ *†Ÿ@v :X7,- :so /@A79 g*84Ipl: O*t-oM
F+e9M r+D=- l •„‰9: J9s [ cX8R W}1 •† 0L .F9Y*DI,9: *+IP•-
B zPK ;0,9: /ZS: [F5K:Y•: GRO*~1 '7- /5C8I9: j4I_5 112 J9y1M >
B 2%6 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
2%6- Àive the devil his due.
2%!- Àlutton" kills more than the sword.
2%#- Àod helps those who help themselves.
242- Àod tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.
244- ˜he golden age was never the present age.
245- A golden ke" opens ever" door.
24- Àood fences make good neighbours.
24!- A good husband makes a good wife.
24#- A good names is sooner lost than won.
'+<LM .)YK*5 J+L 67t@pM FQXV z@Ÿ79: ˆ-2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|S2 :so [ )Y*5Ž9: J+L 67t@_( z@Ÿ79: f:/1o r( |5Y*,R :so JS2 ;0,9:
[:Y/,R z@Ÿ79: |L/12
2%5- Àive knaves an inch and the" will take a
.F84I_5 *L W*t@‰9: ˆ-2 E[ F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.3_U /L2 M2 Or@v G+L KCa5 CP ¢*+9: 2Xp2 'IU GS2 E '+<,9:M
M2 ] G7Q GV JtV/R l •„‰9: W*1 X9 'IU G8U jU Œs ;1 ˆ-}(
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .FŸ@p F<,p G9 2%4 B > 112 >
;v/‰R WXI_SM *\9*P )K*D<9: •yx E ;,<9: r\++pM `:MYd: *SXt-2
f*- 3@@e5/L¶9 1#41 *\Itp:XV rI9: ;m*pX9: r+<R `:MYd:M .f
.F@S*09: F@,9*<9: ?/49: •V/S
B zPK ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: !6 >
2%- Àive us the tools• and we will finish the ™ob.
•w:M '+<,9:M - h@_9: 3L /012 ;I89: '7- GRKCPM ;I85 z\~9:
.z\_~S2 WX- r( zx 3L WX- r( °: WXe5
J_~+V J9y9 '<_R W2 CV •( Š*=+9: r( ‘,tR |LY *L JS2 E '+<,9:M
.JSX- r( WXe@p °*( '<_R |LY *LM
z@Z<9: °: gCQ [ > z\_~S}V *L :M/@A5 'IU fX8V *L /@A5 l °: W:B
[ J<L zP2 ŒCD- *5 zP [ [
B /ZS: .TXP¶9 GD7A9: M2 .TX89: h@7U /a+9: 46$ >
[h@<k9: 3Lq,9: 3L °: '9o 6H2M /@u ŒX89: 3Lq,9: [
24$- Àod is alwa"s on the side of the big
3_U2 X\( ] °: G<+Q Œy9: >h5/9:B F<@Dt9: c*,H ŠCI,5 ;0L :yx
.W*_S•: *\<+Q rI9: F+5C,9: 3L
241- Àod made the countr" and man made the
•5/9: )CU 3L h~„5 '9*<R °: WœV E *†@(/U cX85 ;0,9: E *+x
.h@<k9: zU/5 °: W2 '+<,9:M .*x/\v ŽH rI9: F=<+9: '9o F\=I,9:
.z\9 W*+p2 l 35y9: JŸ9Md .X=9: °: ;p/5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G@9o ¦*I4S l *,L /@0e9: *+5C9 WXe5 )*@49: •yx r( GS2 E '+<,9:M
j749: rt<5 B FHK:C9: F@V/<9: r( G7V*85M .G@9o ¦*I4S *,L ;@789:M
r( •-M ;H j9*„9: F,e479 W*@_S G@( ;0L XxM >W:s{ G9 ƒ@9 Œy9:
.‘+,9:M O*t-•:
B zPK r( *†D5/P •† 0L J9y1 /ZS: 1 >
24%- ˜he Àod sends nuts to those who have no
cX85 ;0,9: :yxM .K*xYKl: /a- Xx ?X09: /,- r( 'Dxy9: /a<9:
W2 :XZU•V z9 rw*,9: r( K*xY.l: /a- r( :Xv*- 3L Wo
.'Dxy9: /a<9: W*1 zx/a-
B zPK r( *†D5/P •† 0L J9y1 /ZS: 1 >
O*uK /_- W*1 WoM 'IU G@( ³@<5 Œy9: /a<9*V CU2 'w/5l
?*V ;1 •I~5 'Dxy9: Š*I~,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B J9y1 /ZS: .`*VX8<9: ;1 J9 ;4R YX8+9: W2 E '+<,9:M 46# >
W2 Œ2 .6@t9: j@(/9: ‘L G<t8R *L Xx :†K*aIu: /01d: j5/t9:
/aI„5 j5/t9: 3e9M .•† 5X‡ j5/t9: C=@_( •CUM K*p :so W*_S•:
[ j5/t9: ;DP j@(/9: [ 6@t9: j@(/9: `CHM :so G_~S
246- Àood compan" in the road is the shortest
Wo Œ2 .FD@t9: )Ž@=9: CHXR )C@=9: ŽH:X49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .:†/@01 *+k<V T/S l *+LY *L '8DR *+IP:CQ %$1 >
;<=R /@A79 F+4_9: F7L*<,9: .FD@t9: FHMŽ9: ‘+a5 6@t9: ;H/9:
.JSXL/I45 *†p*S2 z\+L
.F-/_V C8I~5 3_49: zpl: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J+- cMŽR ] F75X‡ )CL r( *\I@+V rI9: F+_49: JI<,p W2 E '+<,9:M
F+_49: g•ud: 3- C@<V ”/aR M2 )X~x Y/=,V F-/_V
z\RC9:M 3L WXD€/5 c*~‡d: )Y*- E 3@R/L *xY:Y/IV Fa89: OX_R l
.F+@<L FaP Y/p
25$- A good tale is none the worse for being
told twice.
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
251- Àood wine needs no bush.
252- ˜he grapes are sour.
25%- ªrasp al• lose all.
254- A great cit"• a great solitude.
255- Àreat oaks from little acorns grow.
256- ˜he greatest talkers are the least doers.
25- A growing "outh has a wolf in his bell".
25!- ¾alf a loaf is better than no bread.
261- ¾andsome is as handsome does.
262- ¾app" is the countr" that has no histor".
26%- ¾arp not forever on the same string.
264- ¾aste makes waste.
yx O*HM .>)/=vB W•-o '9o ¦*I4R l ‘m*kD9: 3L F+4_9: F@-X+9:
'7- F<P:X9: `X@D9: |S*1 *,+@U ] ?/A9: r( F,5CP )Y*- 3L ;0,9:
‘@D5 Œy9: |@D9: f*L2 )/=v ^yH '7- FL•- j7<R Œ/D9: j5/t9:
¢*+9*( ] F5*-Y '9o FH*4V ƒ@9 X\( :†C@H ?:/‰9: W*1 :soM ] yD+9:
.G<PXL ”/<Ip
ymC+- fX8@( ‚‰9: '7- cXa49: 3- Ž=<5 3L '7- jDt+5 cX89: :yx
.>6+<9:M 67<09: FaPB .FŸ5Y/9: ”*QMd*V ‚‰9: J9s hQXV
M2 ] FH*I4R *L '7- 'IU ;a4R l C8( J9y1 |+1 Wœ( *†-*,‡ 3eR l
.J5C9 *L C8~R
E cX8R *+x F@(/49: F,H/I9:M
[ [ ‘,H *L ;85 ‘,t9:[ .;e9: C8~I_( ;e9: J_,R W2 `YK2 Wo
[ ‘~S *LM /w ‘,t9:M
.)/@D1 F9Ž- ŒM*_R )/@D1 F+5CL E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cXA‰L ;e9:M ] )/@D1 F+5CL r( W*_S•: W*1 :so GS2 E '+<,9:M
r( ³@<5 3,9 *\IDU*aL G9 FDU*aL WXeR )CUX9: Wœ( G_~+V
.F9MŽ<L )/5ŽH
.)/@AQ F‡X7V 3L |,S )/@De9: )/=‰9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.X,+5 zi )/@AQ F5:CV Orv ;e9 W2 E '+<,9:M
B zPK J9y1 /ZS: .3@7L*<9: ;P2 Xx - 3@iC4I,9: /012 % B zPKM > 16% >
.•† @7P •I+5 :†/@01 bC4I5 3L W2 )Y*<9*(
.*†Dms F+tV r( ;,45 ?*‰9:
.*†<(*5 *†V*v f:Y *L f*<t9: '9o ¦*I45M ] ‘m*H *†,m:Y GSo T2
.Orv 3L 3_U2 h@€K haS E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G@7- ;aU *,V *†-X+P W*_S•: WXe5 W2 rx ;0,9: :yx r( F,e49:M
[;L*e9: ',<9: 3L /@u ',<9: haS [ .GD7‡ *L ;1 3e5 z9 X9M 'IU
.T/ud: G~aS )*@U 3- *†Ÿ@v z7<5 l z9*<9: haS
*\k<V )*@U ;\=R F@-*,IHl: `*8Dt9: Wo cX85 ;0,9:M E '+<,9:M
`*8Dt9: *\+- ”/<R l ] *L F<D‡ *\@S*<R rI9: ;1*‰,9*( n<D9:
/(:XI9 r9*49: |PX9: r( ;0,9: :yx T/_5 l CPM .T/ud: F@-*,IHl:
F+p TŽ@7=S•: ?Yd: r( YXHXL G+e9M `*LX7<,9: )Ž\H2 164$ .f
25#- ¾alf the world knows not how the other half
.z9*<9: Ž\R ] ;~t9: C\L Ž\R rI9: C@9: Wo EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
yu}5 ;@H O*‰SoM ;~t9: F@V/R r( )2/,9: KMY XxM •w:M '+<,9:M
.)*@49: r( •KMY
g:/-d: 6@‡ *D<v `YC-2 *\RYC-2 :so FpKCL fd:
26$- ˜he hand that rocks the cradle rules the
F,7e( ./\Z,9: 3L /@0eV zx2 Xx *\@( ³@<9: f*ZSM )*@49: F85/‡
*†k52 f/e9: ;V - /\Z,9: c*,H ˆ8( '+<R l ;@,H
jm•„9:M G7<( r( 3e5 z9 :so G9 ”/v 'I~9: GHM r( 3_49: *LM
.¼5K*R WMCV rI9: rx )C@<_9: Y•D9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ GV*I1 r( WXD@H YK:MC5o G9*P TŽ@7=S•: ?Yd: r( Cm*p ;0L :yx
•† =p GSX1 C<I5 l ¼5K*I9: Wo cX85M [F@S*LM/9: F5KX‡:/DL•: ’X8p
.F_@<I9: b:CU¶9
.)/L ;1 r( /RX9: ƒ~S '7- ”Ž<R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( ^XwX,9: ƒ~S 3- bC4IR W2 6=5 l GS2 E '9*,H•: '+<,9:M
.ƒ7=L ;1
B ;0,9: J9y1 2/P: 146 B M > %$ B M > 515 >
F7=<9: r( - F@V/<9: FA79: r( G7V*85 *L M2 .)K*_„9: 6D_R F7=<9:
B J9y1 ‘9*‡ FLY*+9: 4$ >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
265- ¾aste trips over its own heels.
26- ¾e gives twice who gives –uickl".
26!- ¾e is rich that has few wants.
26#- he laughs best who laughs last.
21- ¾e that cannot obe" cannot command.
2!- ¾e that is down need fear no fall.
2#- ¾e that toucheth pitch shall be defiled.
.jV*_9: Š/‰9: G@7- ;0,9: :yxM
*†iC4IL ƒ@9 X\( ] GS*_9 N*_Lo ‘@tI_5 l 3L F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.c*=L £5C479 WXe5 l *LC+- |,a9: F,@P Xx E '+<,9:M
266- ¾e cannot speak well that cannot hold his
c*0L ?/P2M .3@R/L rt<5 X\( F-/_V ˆ<5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[G7H*- /D9: /@u [ Xx F@V/<9: r(
.;@789: lo ¦*I45 l W2 FHKC9 ] r+€ GSo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lo ¦*I45 l Œy9: ^X+89: •„‰9: W2 ;0,9: :yx h7u E '+<,9:M
WXeR Œy9: c:XLd: 6U*Q •„‰9: 3L '+€2 Xx GIH*U C_9 ;@789:
.)/@01 GR*D7tIL
.:†/@u2 J4k5 3L 3@eU*k9: 3_U2
KXLd: [ F@eDL •m*I+9: WXeR C8( J4k9*V ;=<I_R l W2 E '+<,9:M
GI~7<L WXeR W2 F@7<( K:/vd: ‘L hv/5 3L E F@(/49: F=R/9:
;<=R z\It9*„L Y/=L Wd .K:/vd: Ft9*„L 3L Ky45 E '+<,9:M
B c*0Ld: J9y1 /ZS: .z\70L O/,9: 62 B > 5#$ B > 2# ƒ~S r\( .>
.[•*VoM N*5oM OX_9: ƒ@7H 64aR •( [ '+<,9:
2$- ¾e should have a long spoon that spups
with the devil.
:yxM ./L:Md: O*t-o ‘@tI_5 39 ] /L:Md: ‘@t5 h@1 z7<I5 z9 3L
.F(/<,9:M /D„9*V NX8Dp 3L /L:M2 F-*‡o '7- £45 ;0L
B 3@70,9: J9y1 /ZS: %1 B > 6!% >
65/89: ;0,9:M .}t„9: J9yV z7- CP ;e9: W2 C8I-: ] }tu 6eRK: 3L
B zPK Xx G+L !# [rSMyu cX85 W2 65/,9: Y*1 [ >
22- ¾e that commits a fault thinks ever"one
speaks of it.
FL ?K*4@9 ³@<5 CP ] ?/\5 zi ?K*45 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 3L z€/9*V ] )/L*A,9: fC-M Ky49: '7- £45 ;0L :yxM T/u2
B zPK ;0,9: :yx 3L 65/P .)YX,4L F-*=‰9: 11 >
2%- ¾e that has fights and runs awa" ma" live
to fight another da".
.G+- bCIR ¢*+9: ;1 W2 C8I<5 :†/@D1 *†~S2 J7,5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G@( W*1 X9M 'IU G_~+V jt+5 W2 •„‰9: '7- 6=5 GS2 '+<,9:M
.F@87„9: ?X@<9: n<V
24- ¾e that has a great nose thinks ever"bod"
is speaking of it.
WÁL 6@=9: f:Y *L O*PCQd: '9o ¦*I4R 39 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B zPK ;0,9: G+L ?/85M ”M/<L '+<,9:M 626 B ;0,9:M > 2!5 >
25- ¾e that hath a full purse never wanted a
:†/5/U J7,5 W2 G@7- ] GD@H r( Fk( J7,5 l 3L EF@(/U/9: F,H/I9:
.GS*_9 r(
•C,5 3L '9o Or_5 W2 ‘@tI_5 l :†YX8S J7,5 l 3L W2 E '+<,9:M
.TY*,9: WX<9*V
26- ¾e that hath not silver in his purse should
have silk in his tongue.
Œ2 .)/L*A,9: ‘@tI_5 37( c*~‡:M FHM. F5C9 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FD5/P c*0L2 N*+xM ./‡*„,9: ?X1K r( :†/@01 YY/I5 F7m*<9: ?K W2
B zPK rxM ;0,9: :yx 3L 122 B > 2!4 >
2- ¾e that hath wife and children hath given
hostages to fortune.
.’X8_9: '‰„5 l ;~pd: '( Xx 3L EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
*,( j5/A9: *S2B cX85 Œy9: rV/<9: /<‰9: /tv ;0L Xx E '+<,9:M
.>;7D9: 3L r(Xu
.)K:y89: G847R FD7e9: ƒ,75 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B c*0Ld: G+L FD5/PM E OX_9: O*PCQ2 Cw :†K:ySo E '+<,9:M 62 >
B 5#$ B > 2$ [F@7- >F77DRB cŽ+R ”Xp FVX80L FV/P ;,45 3L [ >
.n(/9: r+<R *+x )/@ud: F7,e9:
`:X( ;DP *\9•AIp:M F4S*_9: FQ/~9: f*+I€: ?XHM r( E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: G+L 65/PM .W:Md: 546 >
2!$- ¾e that will not when he ma"• when he will
he shall have na".
.).X=9: /_e5 W2 CV l 679: ;12 6€/5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•Y:/L Â7D5 re9 C\=9:M ;,<9: 3L W*_Sš9 CV l GS2 E '+<,9:M
2!1- ¾e that would eat kernel must crack the
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
2!4- ¾e travels the fastest who travels alone.
2!6- ¾e who denies all confrsses all.
2!- ¾e who e¨cuses himself accuses himself.
2#1- ¾e who hesitates is lost.
2#%- ¾w who pa"s the piper calls the tune.
2#5- ¾e who eides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
;,4I5 W2 G@7- n@D9: '7- cXa49: 6€/5 3L E r(/49: '+<,9:
r‰9: r( 6€/5 O/,9: W*1 :so E;0,9*V YXa8,9:M .¦*HC9: )}PXP
3L C\‰9: WMY CV lMB ¦*-.o 3L J9s 3- •I+5 *L ;,4I5 W2 G@7<(
.>;4+9: /Vo
2!2- ¾e that would have eggs endure the
cackling of hens.
6_eV 2CD5 W2 G@7<( F+Vl: 67P 6_1 Y:KY2 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.¦:MŽ9: ;DP FHMŽ9: )C9:M KMY XxM ”M/<L '+<,9:M .fd: 67P
2!%- ¾e that would the daugher win• must with
the mother first begin.
.•Y/~,V /(*p 3L 35/(*_,9: ^/p2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
./@u}I79 Fw/- 35/u{ GD4aV /~_9: W2 XxM ] •w:M '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 2 >
CU:M |PM r( O*@v2 )C- ;,<V O/,9: 2CV :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- Ž@1/I9: W2 XxM ] •w:M '+<,9:M .;@789: lo r\I+V l ”Xp
[?:y1 3@9*V 6U*Q [ .:†.*=So /012M TCH2 WXe5 )CU:M F,\L
2!5- ¾e who begins man" things• finishes but
.Orv ;eV ”/I-: C8( Orv ;1 /e+5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L G@7- /\Z5 J9s Wœ( •O*~uo C5/5 O‚v G5C9 3L f2 E '+<,9:M
.F05CU F85/‡
.F_~S z\I5 X\( K:yI-l: /0e5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 TCHd:M ] )/@0e9: K:y-d: 6U*Q WX,\I5 ¢*+9: W2 E '+<,9:M
.F@x:M K:y-2 Y*=5o 3L l† CV FŸt„V O/,9: ”/I<5
.F€K*( F87<,V J,<t5 3_49: f•e9: JD\5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.f•1 Y/=L Xx O*+09:M ] •CUM r~e5 l J9 •5C,9: W2 E '+<,9:M
B zPK |4R J9s 3L 65/P ;0L N*+x 2$ B M > 565 >
2!!- ¾e who gives fair words feeds "ou with an
empt" spoon.
GHM r( h85 3L cX8R F,H/I9:M ] C5C=I9:M FwX,9: 3- ;0,9: :yx
h85 3L 'IU GS2 YXa8,9:M .*\9 CD- *†k52 X\( >C5C=I9:B FwX,9:
‘wX9: ‘L fO•I@9 GR*@U r( *L *†Ÿ@v cC<5 W2M CV l C5C=9: Cw
2!#- ¾e who goes against the fashion is himself
its slave.
‘_75 ] j(/V Jm*‰9: `*D+9: ‘L ;L*<I5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F-*=‰V /‡*„,9: F\V*=L ?XHM E '+<,9:M
2#$- ¾w who handles a nettle tenderl" is
soonest stung.
YY/R 3L ^*w C89 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.YY/R WMYM F-/_V K:/89: s*„R: ?XHM Xx M] •w:M '+<,9:M
B J9y1/ZS: 426 >
.;,<5 l X\( ‚t„5 l 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.K*tu¶9 WXw/<L *†<@,H *+S2 E '+<,9:M
2#2- ¾w who makes no mistakes makes
.3479: 67t5 ”.*<79 ‘(C5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
£@U ] T/89: r( `l*~IU•9 F,5C89: g/t9: 3L sXu}L ;0L :yxM
.z\+L ;1 *\V ^/DI5 YX8S ;V*8L KX\,=79 ”Ž<R F@8@pXL g/( KMCR
O:CV• ;xq,9: X\( *L O‚v F~e7R ;,4IV f*P 3L GS2 E '+<,9:M
[/L}5 ‘(C5 3L [ .•/@€ 3L /012 Œ2/9:
.•/e5 *L T/5 CP ?*D9: 68i 3L /Z+5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.cXk~9: fC<V •a+5 X\( ] •w:M '+<,9:M
[ G@w/5 l *L ‘,p G+@<5 l *,@( ;uCR 3L [
2#4- ¾e who peeps through a hole ma" see what
will ve¨ him.
.cMŽ+9: ³„5 /,+9: 61/5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] GD1:K /,+9: ;1}5 CP cMŽ+9 :K*@u r( GS2 XxM ] ”M/<L '+<,9:M
W2 C5/5 l X\( ] )/‡*„L *\@( c*,-}V rR}5 f '7- ;0,9: jt+5M
.G(*‰I1: F@‰u G7,- ‘PXL 3- C<ID5
'+<,9:M .GD=<5 l *L ‘,p GD=<5 *L c*P 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
2#6- ¾e who sa"s what he likes shall hear what
he does not like.
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
2#!- ¾ealth is better than wealth.
2##- ¾eaven helps those who help themselves.
2$$- A heav" purse makes a light heart.
%$1- A hedge between keeps friensshià green.
%$2- ¾elp a lame dog over a stile.
%$4- ¾ide not "our light under a bushel.
%$5- ˜he highest branch is not the safest roost.
%$6- ¾istor" repeats itelf.
%$- ¾itch "our wagon to a star.
%$!- ¾oist "our sail when the wind is fair.
%$#- ¾onest" is the best polic".
%1$- ¾oni soit –ui mal " pense.
%11- ¾ope deferred maketh the heart sick.
.G7~p2 3L 2CD5 W2 G@7- z7_9: j7_I5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cXQX9*( .c*,79 /aI„L j5/‡ CHX5 l GS2 XxM ] ”M/<L '+<,9:M
)Xtu )Xtu zI5 ”:Cxd: '9o
[ )CU:M )Xt„V 2CD5 ;@L h9d: j5/‡ [ Xx ?K*8,9: ;0,9:M
2#- ¾e who would climb the ladder must begin
at the bottom.
.•w:M '+<,9:M ] '+A9: 3L ‘~S2 F4a9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B zPK ;0,9: r( ˆ@_V ”•u ‘L ] ;0,9: :yx C=SM 2%# F,H/I9:M .>
.G_~S WM*- 3L °: W*-2 E rx
*+x h@~u F,71M *†~@~u 6789: ;<=R F7@P FZ~4L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.JU/L Y:. *,71 :†YX8S J5C9 •DQ2 *,71 GSo Œ2 .Š/,9: 3L rx
./012 FP:Ca9: X,+R ŽH*U YXHXV E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
M2 FDU*Q 3L ;,5 W*_S•: ;<=R `:O*879: )/01 W2 E '+<,9:M
J9y1 /ZS: .> *DU YYŽR *D€ K.B F@V/<9: FA79: r( ;0L ?/P2M ] GD5/P
B 3@70,9: 24 B > 4%4 >
.K:C=9: j7_R '7- ¦•-d: 67e9: C-*p E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'9o FH*U r( Xx 3LM h@<k9: )C-*_L '7- £49: Xx E '+<,9:M
.F,5C89: F5Ž@7=S•: FA79: r( ;0L XxM E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.JSX@- r( *5*Z‰9: ˆ8_R l 'IU ] *†@9*- ¢}~9*V ?/kR l
.GR*S*eLo KCP '7- ³@<5 W2 W*_S•: '7- GS2 XxM ] •w:M '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 2$1 >
%$%- ¾ew not too high lest the chips fall in thine
XxM > ?XD479 c*e@LB ;RXD9: |4R NKXS h„R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
>¢X@i*LB ;@=S•: 3L sXu}L ;0L
JV W*1 WoM .6H:X9: 3L /012 FHKC9 ‘w:XIR l2 6=5 GS2 E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .*xK*\…o J@7- )Ž@L %1 >
.3Ld: z4I,9: ƒ@9 '7-d: 3aA9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F‡X8p W*1 *,71 FDa+LM W*_S•: GDRK |<~RK: *,71 GS2 E '+<,9:M
.*†<PM :†Cv2
B ;0,9: /ZS: $6 >
.G_~S ¼5K*I9: C@<5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ FUK*D9*V F7@79: GDv2 *L [
.z=+9*V JIV/- ˆVK: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;0L :yxM '7-d: '9o /Z+R W:M *†UX,‡ WXeR W2 6=5 E '+<,9:M
.> WXp/,5oB 'e5/Ld: ”X_7@~9: 3- ?X_+L
.fX=+9: WMY *,V ‘+8R •( fM/L ”/v r( `/,€ :so
.•5/9: 2C\R *LC+- > /4D9: r(B ^:/‰9: ‘(K: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
”M/Z9: WXeR *LC+- K:/89: y„I5 l W2 W*_S•: '7- W2 E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: *k52 /ZS: .rS}I9: '9o )X-Y J9y1 ;0,9:M .F@R:XL /@€ 546 >
'<,9:M .Fp*@p 3_U2 rx >”/‰9: M2B FS*Ld: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B •w:M 546 3L [ [FS*,w /@u FS*,9: [ [;HK2 G9 ƒ@9 ?ye9 [ >
[ *=S °: gCQ
.r_S/~9: F8t+V ;0,9::yx ©~IU: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F+p YK:MYo J7,9: G87‡2 K*<v Xx 1%44 .F,ZSd: CU2 KCQ2 *LC+-
>f*Z+9: Ca85B G@( :†OXp /e~5 3,9 ŒŽ„9: E cX85 £@U
E 6789: ‘HX5 c*L: K*ZIS: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;<=5 ;L2 M2 C-M j@84I9 )YMC4L /@€ )C,9 K*ZISl: W2 E '+<,9:M
.;7,9:M ’*DU•*V ?*a5 W*_S•:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%1%- ¾ope springs eternal in the human breast.
%15- ¾unger is the best sauce.
%16- ¾"pocris" is a homage that pa"s to virtue.
%1- ·dle folk have the least leisure.
21#- ·f a thing is worth doing well.
%22- ·f [ifs[ and [ands[ were pots and pansÄ
%26- ·f the cap fits• wear it.
.2Xp¶9 J_~S Ž\HM 3_49: 67‡: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
‘PXIS W2 *†k52 *+@7- 3e9M ] 3@7m*~IL WXeS W2 *+@7- W2 E '+<,9:M
%12- ¾ope for the best and prepare for the
.W*_S•: KCQ r( Ž~85 *†,m:Y ;,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L z€/9*V 3_Ud: '9o ‘7tI5 W2 W*_S•: F<@D‡ 3L GS2 E '+<,9:M
.;@P:/<9:M 6-*a,9:
.”XPX9: '7- TX85 l G_~S '7- z_8+,9: |@D9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F7m*<9: *+x |@D9*V YXa8,9:M
%14- A house divided against itself cannot
.•w:M '+<,9:M E `*@\‰,9: 3_U2 ^X=9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ )*\t9: /\L2 ^X=9: [
*5*t„9: *\<(CR rI9: OlX9: ¡/( Xx g*~+9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 WXD45 /‰D9: cs:K2 'IU GS2 ] ;0,9 ::yx 3L YXa8,9: '+<,9:M
.F7@k~9*VM /@„9*V :X~QX5
.F<I,79 *†IPM WMC=5 l ] ¢*+9: 3L '9*_e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cXDP r( YY/I5 X\( ];_e9: •„‰9: F<@D‡ f W*1 :so GS2 E '+<,9:M
.cXA‰L ;HK GS2 ¢*+79 /\Z@9 ] *_=9: c*,-d: n<V
] G@7- K*- X\( )CU:M )/L ;HK r+-Cu X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•w:M '+<,9:M ] *S2 ] r7- K*- X\( 3@R/L r+I-Cu X9 3e9M
%1!- ·f a man deceives me once• shame on himÅ
if he deceives me twice• shame on me.
;,<5 W2 6=@( ] ;,<5 W2 j4I_5 Or‰9: W*1 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ G+8I5 W2 •† ,- z1CU2 ;,- :so 645 °: Wo [ .C@H ;e‰V
)/L cM*U zi cM*U '9X9: )/,9: r( •=+R z9 X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B z8VK ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: .•w:M '+<,9:M - T/u2 6$% B > 5!! >
B 41# B > 415 B > %56 B > #$ B > 55 >
%2$- ·f a first "ou don't succees• tr"• tr"• tr"
G9Ž+L f*L2 F<P:X9: F<8D9: ƒ+eV *+L ;1 f*P X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C,I<R ‘,I=,9: FL•p W2 /\Z5 '+<,9:M .F~@ZS F+5CL *+5C9 •DQd
.•Y:/(2 WM*<RM FL•p '7-
%21- ·f each would sweep before his own door•
we should have a clean cit".
*\-X,=L W*1 M2 ] O† *-M [ X9 [ ):Yd: |S*1 X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.¼9o . . F@-M2
.>'_-M ;<VB `*,71 F@V/<9*V G7V*85M .C@~5 l r+,I9: W2 *x*+<LM
B ;0,9: *†k52 ‘9*‡ %%$ X9B :MKyU: [ [ |@V /,<R l |5K*5 [ F,71 >
.[W*t@‰9: ;,- •I~R r\( >
.6789: zt4I9 ;Ld: YXHM lX9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.Cm:C‰9: cX7U C+- ¢}@9: 3L *+<+,5 ;Ld: W2 E '+<,9:M
[ ;Ld: F4_( lX9 ³@<9: j@w2 *L [
%2%- ·f it were not for hope• the heart would
”:/„9: GI<DI9 )/~U gX( ”:/„9: CU2 Ž~P X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
CVl M - ˆ8( cMd: ?/=,9: jR*- '7- ‘8R )/‡*„,9: W2 E '+<,9:M
.35/u: 3L ‘=v2 GS2
%24- ·f one sheep leaps over the ditch• all the
rest will follow.
.)/~U r( W*<8@p *,x•e( /u{ ',-2 Y*P X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ .zx/@€ :X7,<5 W2 z\+e,5 l WX,7<5 l 35y9: JŸ9M2 ]2 E '+<,9:M
.[ G5C\R W*@,<9: 6R*1 f ;w CP
%25- ·f the blind leads the blind• both shall fall
into the ditch.
.*\_D9*( JDp*+R F<D89: |S*1 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:†CU2 ‘,p X7( ] •0L ?ye9*1 F,@Ls F~aV haI5 3,9 ?/k5 ;0,9:M
.;0,9: :yx G9 c*8@( .YXa8,9: Xx GS2 C8I- l ?ye9: fy5
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%%$- ·f wishes were horses• beggars would ride.
%%1- ·f "ou cannot bite nerver show "our teeth.
%%2- ·f "ou do not like it "ou ma" lump it.
%%%- ·f run after two hares "ou will catch neither.
%%6- ·f "ou want peace• prepare for war.
%%- ·ll news comes apace.
%%!- An ill pa"er never wants an e¨cuse.
%%#- ·ll weeds grow apace.
%4$- ·mitation is the sincerest form of flatter".
%41- ·n a calm sea ever" man is a piloptE
%42- ·n for a penn"• in for a poundE
.G@9o 6xs*( ;D=9: JR}5 z9 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G7H2 3L ;,<9: J@7<( ;@4I_,9: GDv 67tR |+1 :so JS2 E '+<,9:M
%2- ·f the mountain will not come to "ou• "ou
must go to the mountain.
Wo Œ2 .ƒ,‰9: *+I<IL2 *,9 64_9: CHXR z9 X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
rt<R rI9: rx W*_S•: '7- /,R rI9: Cm:C‰9:M 6-*a,9: n<V
.*†,<‡ OMC\9:M )Y*<_9: `*PM2
[ ¡*@D9: /\… *L 3@<9 *@( Y:X_9: lX9 [
%2!- ·f there were no clouds• we should not
en™o" the sun.
61/5 W2 3L CV •( W*aU '7- W*+i: 61K X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*L F47a,9 W*_@mK CHX5 W2 3e,5 l GS2 •*+<LM .h7„9: r( *,xCU2
.*L C7D9 W*,@-. M2
B F70Ld: J9y1 /ZS: 6!% B > %1 B > 21 B > 145 >
%2#- ·f two men ride one horse• one must ride
'+<,9:M .WMs*4‰9: *\D1/9 •† @u rS*Ld: |S*1 X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B r( •C=RM •w:M %22 >
F,71M .JS*+p2 /\ZR •( n<9: ‘tI_R z9 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3- ^*(C79 M2 fX=\79 •„‰9: Y:C<Ip: '7- cCR W*+pd: K*\…o
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS:M .G_~S 11 >
.*\7,4R JD=<R f: :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*\+L /~L l KXL2 3L re‰5 3,9 *†V:XH WXe5 ;0,9: :yx
Œ}V J_,R l ”X_( 3@DSK2 h7u |k1K X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/ZS: .CU:M W{ r( 3@I,\L ;,<5 W2 C5/5 3,9 c*85 ;0,9: :yxM .*,\+L
B ;0,9: 51 >
.;@79: ;DP reDI_( K*t(•: ;DP |@+€ :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F9*U E /xC9: :yex [ •† 5X‡ fMCR l )Y*<_9: W2 T/5 zm*‰IL ;0L :yxM
[ O*8V W*LŽ9: ‘L c*49 *L Cw zi
%%4- ·f "ou sing before breakfast• "ou will cr"
before night.
G7,-*( F+_U F85/tV *†Ÿ@v ;,<R W2 `YK2 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
CU '9o 3e9M ] ƒ~+9: '7- Y*,I-l: r( F4@aS /DI<5 ;0,9: :yxM
`:KY*DL 67_9 ] G_~+V Orv ;eV •„‰9: f*P X9 GSo :so ] 3@<L
zPK ;0,9: Xx ;0,9: :yx ƒe- .j@t5 l *L G_~S ;,UM ] 35/u:
B 64 >
N/L2 ‘@,H |S2 cXI( N/~… ;0L NC7H JU *L
%%5- ·f "ou want a thing well done• do it "ourself.
.?/479 C<Ip*( z7_9: `YK2 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/tu ;785 :y\( ] W:MC<79 ŒCaI79 Y:C<Ipl*V •a+5 ;0,9: :yxM
.O:C<9: fX=x
.F-/_V ;8I+R FŸ@_9: K*Dud: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: r( J9y1 /\Z5M ] •w:M '+<,9:M 2 >
.K:y-2 '9o ¦*I45 l ;5*4I,9: 35C,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.6p*+,9: Ky<9: C=5 *†,m:Y GSX5Y C5C_R r( ;‡*,,9: W2 E '+<,9:M
.F-/_V X,+R FŸ@_9: `*R*D+9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] *+8m:CU r( F+_49: `*R*D+9*V F8m*~9: F5*+<9: z€/V GS2 E '+<,9:M
/‰D9: '7- ;0,9: :yx j7t+5M .F-/_V ?X€/L /@€ *†R*DS N*+x Wœ(
c*ev2 3L gY*Q ;ev rx )*1*4,9: M2 C@78I9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3- /D<I9 *L ;,- r( J85CQ M2 NK*H C78R W2 r~e5 GS2 Œ2 .O:/‡•:
.;,<9: J9y9 Jm:/‡o
E W*tDP CU:M ;1 ÆY*\9: /4D9: r( E F@+~9: F,H/I9:
ƒ@9 f:Y *L .FSX<9 :Y:C<Ip: '7- ‘@,=9: C=5 W*_S•: W2 E '+<,9:M
./tu N*+x
fŽI7,9*1 >)/@AQ F5Ž@7=So F7,-B ƒ+D9*V fŽI7,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G@+=9: r(
.:†/@AQ W*1 *,\L )§*\So *+@7<( Or‰V *+LŽI9: *+LY *L *+S2 *x*+<LM
B zPK |4R ;0L CHX5 22 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%4%- ·n peace prepare for warE
%45- ·n vion veritasE
%46- ·n wine there is truthE
%4- ·t is foolish bird that spoils its own nestE
%4#- ·t's a long lane that has no turningE
%5$- ·t is a sad heart that never re™oivesE
%54- ·t is better to give than to takeE
%55- ·t is better to wear out than rust outE
%56- ·t's dogged that does itE
%5- ·t is easier to pull down than to buildE
Š/v /LY gM ?/479 J_~S ©\H z7_9: |PM r( E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B zPK |4R ;0,9: :yx %%6 >
'+<,9:M .*†e7L KX-d: WXe5 ] W*@,<9: C7V r( EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
./aDL W*@,<9: C7DV ',-d: E cX85 F@V/<9: FA79: r( YXHXL
%44- ·n the countr" of the blind• the one-e"ed
man is kingE
/\Z5 F5Ž@7=So: r( •*+<LM E F@9*t5o )K*D- •yx E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cM*+I5 3L Wd WXLCPd: G@7- ”K*<R Š•Q2 XxM .y@D+9: ‘L j49:
Œy9: ;0,9: '7- jDt+5 *L ƒ~S XxM .•/‡*u WX+eL ŒCD5 /,„9:
.jV*_9: ;0,9: r( •/1s /L
.G‰- r( ®*pMd: N/I5 Œy9: Xx j,Ud: /m*t9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G@9o ¢*+9: ?/P2 Œsq5 l W2 6=5 O/,9: W2 E '+<,9:M
l .6my9: r( *\I8i ‘kR rI9: rx O*8,49: F=<+9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B J9y1 /ZS: .N/p f/I45 l 3,9 /_9: 't<R 4#5 >
%4!- ·t is a foolish sheep that makes the wolf his
.;5X‡ j5/‡ Xx .ht<+L G@( ƒ@9 Œy9: j5/t9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.)C‰9: G@( cMŽR |PM rR}5 W2 3L CV •( ] fMCR l )C‰9: `*PM2 Wo
B f*PK2 |4R FD5/P c*0L2 J+x 1$% B > 424 >
.?/t5 l Œy9: Xx 35Ž49: 6789: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F~aV )*@49: 3L z7Z,9: 6S*=9: '9o /Z+S l2 6=5 *+S2 E '+<,9:M
'7- ¦*HC9: Š*@Q G@( X7<5 Œy9: cŽ+,9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.ƒ@<R cŽ+L X\9 J5C9: `XQ
h<k9: 3L ¦MŽ9: WXe5 *LC+- :†C@<p |@D9: WXe5 l GS2 E '+<,9:M
.F@x*+9: )/L: rx FHMŽ9: WXeR £@4V
%51- ·t is a sad hous where the hen crows louder
than the cockE
Td /@„V 6\R l rI9: J7R F,@8- Š*5K *\So E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
M2 FiK*1 F52 r( F,m:Y /@„9:M )Cm*~9: 3L *†DS*H N*+x W2 E '+<,9:M
.>35/u: 6m*aL 3L W*_S•: C@~I_5 CPB W*_S•*V j@4R )K*_u
[ Cm:X( fXP C+- fXP 6m*aL [
%52- ·t's an ill wind that blows nobod" an" goodE
6\R •*=R: Œ2 r( W*_S•: z7<5 W2 /@„9: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
bC4R CP rI9: `:KXtI9: z7<5M /VCI5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:M
.YXHX,9: r9*49: ‘wX9: 6_U ;D8I_,9: r( G9
%5%- ·t is as well to know which wa" the wind
.yu}R W2 3L l† CV rt<R W2 ;k(d: 3L E F@(/49: FH/I9:
[ '7~_9: C@9: 3L /@u *@7<9: C@9: [
2CaR W2 3L l† CV r7DR W2 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
g*v YX\=L F=@IS N*\S•*V ?*a5 W2 W*_Sš9 ;k(d: 3L E '+<,9:M
.F9*tD9:M ´K*~9: Xe‰5 W2 3L l† CV ] h0eL ’*‰SM
.•=+5 Œy9: Xx /V*05 Œy9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)/V*0,9:M K:/Q•: '9o X-C5 ;0,9:M .;QM ?KC9: '7- K*p 3L
.”C\9: ´X9M Š*=+9: '9o cXQX79
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 55 B > 6$% B > 5!! B > 41# B > 415 B > %2$ B > #$ >
.O*+D9: 3L ;\p2 fC\9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G@7- 6<a9: 3L 3e9M zt45 W2 W*_S•: '7- ;\_9: 3L E '+<,9:M
W2 3L 35/u: C8I+5 W2 W*_S•: '7- ;\p}( J9y1M .^CD5M r+D5 W2
.)O*+V `*U:/IP: fC85
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%5!- ·t is eas" to be wise after the eventE
%5#- ·t is eas" to bear the misfortunes of otherE
%6$- ·t is good fishing in troubled watersE
%61- ·t is ill ™esting with edged toolsE
%62- ·t is ill striving against the streamE
%6%- ·t is ill waiting for dead men's shoesE
%64- ·t is love that makes the world go roundE
%65- ·t is never too late to mendE
%66- ·t is no use cr"ing over spilt milkE
%6!- ·t is the une¨pected that alwa"s happensE
.bC49: ‘PMM C<V F,e49*V haIR W2 ;\_9: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
ymC+- W*_S•: '7- ;\_9: 3L GSœ( ] KXZ4,9: ^XPM C<V E '+<,9:M
.•}tu ”/<5 W2
.35/u: 6m*aL ;,4R ;\_9: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*LC+- c§*~I9*V 35/u: •a+5 W2 W*_S•: '7- ;\‰9: 3L E '+<,9:M
J9y1 rUX5 ;0,9:M .*\+- C@<V G_~S Xx GSd J9sM FiK*1 WX\H:X5
.z\@9o *+It„R *\Sd 35/u: 6m*a,V C<_S *+P*,-2 r( *†<@,H *+S}V
.>K*+9: r( •C5 ;0,1 ƒ@9 O*,9: r( •C5 Ty9:B
FV/tk,9*x*@,9: r( C@a9: ;k(d: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.> F=m*\9:B
GS2 Œ2 F=m*\9: •*@,9: r( C@a9: W*_S•: '7- ;\_5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:M
34,9:M ?:/twl: `*PM2 r( *QXauM ] 35/u: 6m*aL ;AI5
.G_~+9 )Cm*~9:M •V/9: j@84I9
.)Y*U `l{ f:C„Ip*V FD-:C,9: }t„9: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L GSœ( J9y1M )Y*49: `l: Ftp:XV X\79: /t„9: 3L E '+<,9:M
.6-*I,9: J9 67=5 CP Orv Œ2 r( ;uCI9: /t„9:
.K*@I9: Cw FU*D_9: }t„9: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 3L l† CV ”M/Z79 *†<DR G_~S h@e5 W2 W*_Sš9 ;k(d: E '+<,9:M
.KC89: ?K*45M [ /„a9: •t+5 [
.|@L ;HK O:yU '7- cX4a79 K*ZISl: }t„9: 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lo bC45 l CP Orv j@84I9 K*ZISl: ?:Xa9: /@€ 3L E '+<,9:M
.;5X‡ |PM O*k8S: C<V
.)*@49: > K:/,Ip:B W:KMY 6Dp 649: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/‰D9: 3@V h‡*<I9:M YX9: ƒ@p*U2M FD@t9: /-*‰,9: W2 E '+<,9:M
.FV*€ '9o ?/P2 )*@49: •DaR *\SMCVM '+<L )*@479 ;<=R
.Š•Qš9 :†/u}IL :†CV2 WXe5 l |PX9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|PX9: W2 C8I<5M ¢}@9*V ?*a5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 l E '+<,9:M
.;k(2 )*@UM )C5CH F4~Q 2CD@9 `*( CP
.?Xe_,9: 3D79: '7- O*eD9: )Cm*~9: /@€ 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L )Cm*( lM bCU CP bCU *,( rw*,9: '7- O*eD9: 3L TMCH l
;0,9: /ZS: .•Y:Y/Ip: '9o ;@Dp l Œy9: ‘m*k9: '7- /_4IR •( fC+9:
B 2# >
F@x:M F+~U ;H2 3L F+@~_9: 65/„R 3L )Cm*( l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.K*89: 3L
/u{ ‚v c*uY: ;@Dp r( :†/@D1 *†Ÿ@v YC_~R W2 FP*,49: 3L E '+<,9:M
./@_5 Orv Y*aIP: JI9M*4,9 J(Cx j@84R r( ;‰~R :y\VM /@AQ
B 3@70,9: /ZS: 6% B > 61# >
%6- ·t is no use spoiling the ship for a ha'p'orth
of tarE
Œy9: *†D9*€ Xx FPMCU ‘PXI,9: /@€ Or‰9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
CP Orv Œ2 Wo ] bMC49: C@<V •K*DI-*V *†Ÿ@v ”/aR l E '+<,9:
B /ZS: .`l*,IUl: C<V2 'IU bC45 51! >
FP/p C<V ;DtQl: ?*V g•€o 3L TMCH l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 C<V F7L*e9: `*‡*@IUl:M FL.•9: /@V:CI9: yu2 3L Fm*( l E '+<,9:
.W*_S•: fC+5 W2 ;DP ‹/49: ;k(d: 3L .KXZ4,9: ‘PM
[ cy<9: h@_9: jDp [
%6#- ·t is too late to lock the stable when the
horse has been stolen.
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%$- ·t is useless to flog a dead horseE
%2- ·t never rains but it poursE
%%- ·t takes all sorts to make a worlsE
%4- ·t takes two to make a –uarrelE
%6- A ›ack of all trades is master of noneE
%!- ›udge not• that "e be not ™udgedE
.|@,9: W*a49: > ?/wB C7H 3L TMCH l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G~9 ^XwX,V f*,Ixl: /@0R W2 |9M*U X9 JIPM ‘@kR JSo E '+<,9:
.C@<V 3L. y+L G@7- g*~Rl: zR Orv F‰P*+L |9M*U X9 M2 ] W*@_+9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 26% >
/012 )K*\L 67tI5 rS*09: W*,e9: '7- ”Ž<9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.GV f*@89: ‘@tIp2 *,L
r( zx*_5M C-*_5 h@1 z7<I5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
•O*p§K ‘@t5 W2 G@7- 6=5 *,1 ] FSM*<,9: 67tIR rI9: c*,-d:
.;,<9: •=+5 'IU ;L*e9: •C@5}R z\9 fC85M
B ;0,9: /ZS: 21 B > %2# B > 6!% >
%1- ·t needs more skill than · can tell to pla" the
second fiddle wellE
£@A9*V YX=R *\+e9M :†KY*S lo /t,R l O*,_9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F<(Y 6a+R ;V TY:/( rR}R *L :†KY*S 6m*a,9:M 6-*I,9: Wo E '+<,9:
.F<,I=L /,\+RM ] )CU:M
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 46% >
.z9*<9: ‘+a5 ^X+I9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/@e~I9:M ;e‰9: £@U 3L h7I„S ;V 3@7i*,IL *†<@,H *+_9 E '+<,9:
3L *+- WX~7I„5 zx 3L f/4S W2 J9s '+<5 lM > NX7_9:B g•u:M
;0,9: /ZS: .f•p r( ‘@,=9: ³@<+S 2 ;k(d: ;V ] )*@49: r( z\8U
B 422 >
.3@+i 3@V lo WXe5 l K*=‰9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
”•„9: F@9XŸ_L /U: *,xCU2 ;,45 l2 6=5 l W*+i: /H*‰I5 *LC+-
r( zx*pM N/Iv: *,x•e( ] )/H*‰L OCD9 3@+i: 67tI5 /Ld*( •CUM
.”•„9: '\IS l ] hPX,9: FmC\R '7- CU2 ;,- X7( ”•„9: C@<aR
B ;0,9: /ZS: 6$5 >
.W: 3L f*- Fm*L C<V Xx *,0L /Ld: WXe@p E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C<V *,+@V )/w*49: 6-*I,9:M fX,\9*V *+_~S2 ;A‰S s*,9 E '+<,9:
c§*~I9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9:M ¬YXHM Œ2 6-*I,9: •y\9 WXeR 39 f*- Fm*L
.*†DS*H j789: N/RM ;Ld*V J_,I9:M
%5- ·t will be all the same a hundred "ears
.*,\+L *52 38I5 l )C5C<9: ‘m*+a9: 6U*Q E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|PM '( F~7I„L c*,-2 )C<V f*@89: cM*45 Œy9: W*_S•: Wo E '+<,9:
'9o MŽ-C5 ;0,9:M .c*,-d: •yx 3L Œ2 W*8Ro ‘@tI_5 39 ] CU:M
6U*Q [ .•=+5 W2 ‘@tI_5 'IU GS*8RoM CU:M ‚v '7- Ž@1/I9:
[ ?s*1 3@9*V
'V/L N*+x ƒ@9 3e9 :†C€ 'V/LM ƒLd: 'V/L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*†P•‡o fX@9:
] CA9: M2 ƒL2 WXe5 CP `*PMd: ;k(2M f*pd: C<p2 Wo E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .fX@9: ƒ@9 C@1}I9*V 3e9M 244 >
%- ›am tomorrow and ™am "estersa"-but never
™am toda"E
.35/u: J,1*45 l 'IU 35/u: '7- ze4R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|S}( ] 35/u: O*tu2 3- £4D9: cM*4R lM N/@€ C8I+R l E '+<,9:
cM*4RM F@a„‰9: JSX@- 3- £4DR W2 ;k(d: .C8+79 ¡/<L J_~S
B 3@70,9: /ZS: [ W:CR 35CR *,1 [ 121 B > 6!$ >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%#- Çeep something for a rain" da"E
%!1- Çind hearts are more than coronetsE
%!%- Çnowledge is powerE
%!4- ˜he labourer is worth" of his hireE
%!5- ˜he last drop makes the cup run overE
%!6- ˜he last straw braks the camÅe's backE
%!- ¯augh and grow fatE
%!#- ¯earn to walk before "ou runE
%#$- ¯east said• soonest mendedE
%#1- ¯end "our mone" and lose "our friendE
./@t,9: fX@79 *†Ÿ@v ;uY: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l .?*<a9:M Cm:C‰9: f*52 r( J<~+@9 *†DS*H Or‰V ©~IU: E '+<,9:
/uY:M CaIP: ;V ] z@<+9:M C€/9: f:MY '7- :žC,I<L J5C9 *L ;1 j~+R
/ZS: .G@( G@9o ¦*I4R fX5 r( NC@~5 CP N:y( ] /@_@9: È KŽ+9: X7U
B ;0,9: 15 >
.*†@Dxs *†k@V J@t<R 'I9: ).Md: ;I8R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G5C9 *,L /012 '7- cXa49: r( GID€KM W*_S•: ‘‰H Wo E'+<,9:
[ ‘,H *L ;85 ‘,t9: [ •C+- *L ;1 •C8~5 W}V /5C=9
%!$- Çill not the goose that la"s the golden
.W*=@I9: 3L /012 FD@t9: ?X789: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
M2 GD_U ;DS ƒ@9M G1X7pM GI@a„v W*_S•: r( z\,9: E '+<,9:
.G7Q2 FP:/-
.z\m*tud 35/u: FS:Yo ;DP NO*tu2 ”/-: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: '+<L ƒ~S '+<,9: %! >
%!2- Çnow "our own faults before blaming
others for theirsE
.)X89: F(/<,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.35/u: FT7- NsX~SM N/@i}R )XP `Y:. ] JI(/<L `Y:. `*,71
.•/H2 j4I_5 ;L*<9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L G9yV : f /@ZS :†/H2 '87I5 W2 6=@( *L ;,<V CU2 f*P :so E '+<,9:
.*†S*+IL:M :†/ev WXe5 ;Pd: '7<( l† *L /Hd: 3e5 z9 :sœ(
.?Xe9: |w*(2 )/@ud: )/t89: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B /@<D9: /\… |,aP rI9: F‰89: E ;0L '+<,9: %!6 >
./@<D9: |,aP )/@ud: F‰89: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F5C=9*V /x*ZI9: 3L l† CV Š/,9:M c§*~I9: '9o ;0,9: '9: X-C5 '+<,9:
'9o X-C5 ;0,9*( :y9M 3@Ÿ7Ie,9: 3L /012 F@=9: '9o ;@,5 h@4+9: Wo
.3@U/‰+,9: 3@U/,9: ;0L /,4I9:M O•ILl:
.3,p:M J4w: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Wo .F5C=9*V /x*ZI9: f l† CV Š/,9:M c§*~I9: '9o ;0,9: X-C5 '+<,9:
'9o X-C5 ;0,9*( :y9M 3@Ÿ7I,,9: f /012 F5C=9: '9o ;@,5 h@4+9:
.3@U/‰+,9: 3@U/,9: ;0L /,„I9:M O•ILl:
.NCUM JDR J5:M z9*<9: J4k5 J4w: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
WM/u: J1K*_5 W2 ;\_9: 3,( ] *†ŸS*x *†u/‰+L :C@<p |+1 :so
J+- WMC<ID5 ‘@,=9: C=I_( ] ?*ŸI1l: JV*Q2 :so *L2 ] N/-*‰L
%!!- ¯augh and the world laughs with "ou• weep
and "ou weep aloneE
.T/=9: z7<IR W2 ;DP r‰,9: z7<R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
6=5 ;V ] )CU:M F<(Y F(/<,9: ;1 c*+5 W2 W*_S• 3e,5 l E '+<,9:
zi ] KXLd: 3L /@_@9: ;\_9*V 2CV*( .•5KCI9*V *\@7- ;a45 W2
.6<Q2 Xx *L '9o '8RK:
.Š•Q•: r( ^/p2 cX89: ;P2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
}t„79 Fw/- /012 W*1 ] •XA9 /01M W*_S•: f•1 Y:. *,71 E '+<,9:
W*_S•: cM*45 CP E G@( }tu2 *,@( ^XH/9: G@7- 6<a9: 3L •DQ2M
.*\H•- 3L l† CV O*tud: 3L C5Ž@( *L }tu Š•Qo
.J85CQ C8(:M J9*L ¡/P2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•† H*- Wo GxC8~R ”Xp JS2 z7-*( l† *L CU2 J+L ¡/IP: :so E '+<,9:
r( zŸI75 l ®/p '9o ŒYqRM `*(•„9: *,e+@V /0eIp so •† H{ M2
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .*,eIP:CQ 45 B > 4!% >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
%#2- ˜he leopard cannot change his spotsE
%#%- ¯et b"gones be b"gonesE
%#4- ¯et not ths sun go down on "our wrath.
%#6- ¯et not "our wits go wool-gatheringE
%#- ¯et sleeping dogs lieE
%#!- ¯et the bu"er bewareE
%##- ¯et the cobbler stick to his lastE
4$$- ¯et the world wagE
4$2- ¯iars should have good memoriesE
4$%- ¯ife is not all beer and skittlesE
4$4- ¯ife is short and time is swiftE
4$5- ¯ife is sweetE
.GItPK /@A5 W2 ‘@tI_5 l /,+9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
^*D‡ 3L G@7- /t( *L /@A5 W2 ‘_tI_5 l O/,9: Wo E '+<,9:
'7- Y*I<5M ’KXI5 CP G+e9M ] :†/5/v W*_S•: C9X5 l CP .NX7pM
.j5/t9: :yx 3L )YX<9: ‘@tI_5 l 'IU /‰9:
[ ‘DtI9: 3L TXP2 ‘Dt9: [
.rw*,79 rw*,9: ^Y E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
rw*,9: ƒS:M •~Q: .3eR z9 W}1 F@w*,9: b:CUd: /DI-: E '+<,9:
.rk,R F@w*,9: O*@vd: ‘@,H ^YM
[ h7p *,- °: *~-M `*L `*( *L [
.6w*€ |S2M ?/AR ƒ,‰9: ^CR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F7_9 3L /01d N/-*‰L |DeR l JDk€ W*_So K*i2 :so E '+<,9:
./Ld: r\I+@9 JDkAV G\H:M ;V )CU:M
.'+,@9: C@9: G7<~R *L z7<R T/_@9: NC5 ^CR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
^:y5 l :†/p O*P/~79 W*_UoM /V 3L GV fX8R *LM )/@„9l*,-d: jV2
.FPCQ 3L GLC8R *,V /u*~IR M2 'x*DIR lM
%#5- ¯et not th" left hand know what th" right
hand doethE
”Xa9: ‘,=5 J78- N/IR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.f•Ud:M f*xM¶9 z7_I_R l E '+<,9:
.f•_V CP/R F,m*+9: ?•e9: ^Y E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'+€ r( |S2 6-*IL '9o TYq5 CP *†Ÿ@v ;<~R lM 3I~9: /0Rl E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: [*\Z852 3L °: 39 F,m*S F+I~9: [ 12 >
.¢/I45 Œ/I‰,9: ^Y E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
GI5/Iv: *L W2 3L C1}IRM *†k5/U WXeR W2 J@7<( ‚v O:/‰V |,P :so
Xe‰R W2 3L ;k(2 J9s .c*L 3L GI<(Y *L j4I_5M )C@H F9*U rP
.W:Md: `:X( C<V fC+RM
.O:y49: 69*8V J_,I5 r(*ep•: ^Y E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
35/u: '7- r7,R W2 c*4R lM G@( z\~R l *,@( ;uCIR l E '+<,9:
*L ‹Xa„V )KX‰,9:M •a+9: fC85 W2 W*_Sš9 3e,5 .z\SMqv
37( ] FQ*aIu: YMCU rt„R cM*U :so *L2 ] FpK*,5 M2 FpKC5
.:yx G+L CU2 ;D8I5
>KMC5B rk,5 z7<9: ^Y E F@(/49: FL/=I9:
.KXLd: /@p r( ;uCIR lM *\9 KCP *,1 rk,R O*@vd: ^Y
.F8@849: c*P :so ?s*e9: gCa5 CU2 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
?ye9*V /\Iv: W*_So j5CaR fC- '7- ¢*+9: Y*I-: :so E '+<,9:
.)/L F8@849: c*P X9M 'IU •XPCa5 37( ^:C„9:M
4$1- A liar us not believed when he tells the
.F5XP z\R/1:s WXeR W2 3@Vs*e9: '7- 6=5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
X\( ?s*e9: *L2 ] :†CV2 F_~S nP*+5 l gY*a9: W*_S•: Wo '+<,9:
/ZS: .G@~S nP*+5 X\( :y9M ] ;DP 3L )/1s *L W*@_SM }t„79 ¡/<L
B ;0,9: 5%% >
/5K:XP FD<9M >F<HB :†/,u *\71 |_@9 )*@49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] /,9:M X749: 3L *†=5ŽL ;V *†D<9M :†X\9 *\71 |_@@9 )*@49: E '+<,9:
.O*8‰9:M z@<+9:M ] C=9:M cŽ\9:M
.}†<5/p rk,5 |PX9:M )/@aP )*@49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C@P '7- |S2M J9s |<tIp: *L )*@49*V ‘,I_R W2 cM*U E '+<,9:
JIPM ‘@kR lM FU*I,9: ‹/~9: Ž\IS: .CV¶9 *@4R 39 JSo so ] )*@49:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .TCp 2## B > 546 >
.)X7U )*@49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•w:M '+<,9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
4$6- ¯ight not a candle to the sunE
4$- A light purse makes a hav" heartE
4$!- ¯ightl" come• lightl" goE
4$#- ¯ike father• like sonE
41$- ¯ike master• like manE
411- ¯ike will to likeE
41%- ¯isteners hear no good of themselvesE
414- ¯ittle and often fills the purseE
415- ¯ittle b" little and bit b" bitE
416- A little help is worth a deal of pit"E
41- A little learning is a dangerous thingE
. ƒ‰,79 F<,v ‚kR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l .r7H •w:M /L2 '7- OXk9: 3L C5ŽL O*89o cM*4R l E '+<,9:
FD<Q KXL2 r( £4DR W2 cM*U .F4w:X9: O*@vd: /@_~R cM*4R
‘@w:XLM O*@v2 K:/eR r( NC\HM JIPM ‘@kR l2 3L l† CV FkL*€M
WM/@01 J7DP *\9M*+R
6789: ;<=5 h@~„9: zx:KC9: > FZ~4,9:B ƒ@1 Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•† @8i
6-*IL G7A‰R |L:Y *L :†C@<p WXe5 W2 W*_Sš9 3e,5 l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: ƒe- %$$ >
'+<L ƒ~S . F9X\_V ‘@k5 ] F9X\_V 'R2Ã *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: 16$ >
.G@V2 3L )KXQ C9X9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J9y1M /\Z,9:M ;e‰9: r( ] z\m*V¿V GD‰I9: WX9M*45 O*+Vd: 67€2 Wo
3L ;D‰9: :yx [ ] [ z7… *,( •*V2 GDv 3L [ .NX7_9:M ^*Dt9: r(
B ;0,9: /ZS: .[ Cpd: N:s 2! >
.;H/9: ;0L ] C@_9: ;0L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\71 |@D9: ;x2 F,@‰( :†K*w ”C9*V |@D9: ?K W*1 :so E '+<,9:
.G@9o ?y=+L Or‰9: FDvE F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cX@,9: £@U 3L *+SX7i*,5 35y9: Olqx FD4Q Tdo ;@,5 *†,m:Y
;0,9: /ZS: .‘8R *\9*ev2 '7- KX@t9: E'+<L ƒ~S ;0,79M .^*Dt9:M
B 455 >
K}~79 ;k~9*V Cpd: 35C5 CP E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
GI‡KM 3L •y8+5M ŒX89: C-*_5 W2 h@<k9: ‘@tI_5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
r( GSMY zx 3L F7L*<L Or_5M ŒKYŽ5 l2 W*_S•: '7<( J9y9M ]
.G@( z\H*I45 Œy9: fX@9: rR}5 CP so TXI_,9:M )X89:
412- A lion ma" come to be beholden to a
.z\_~S2 3- :†/@u WX<,_5 l ‘,_9: XP/I_L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: '+<L ƒ~S 161 g:/Ip:M |a+I9: fC- '9o X-C5 ;0,9: >
.FZ~4,9: •† ,5 zm:C9: ;@789: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FDP*<IL `:/I~9 ] c*,9: 3L F7@Ÿw F@,1 W*_S•: '87R :so E '+<,9:
)K/eI,9: )/@Aa9: O*@vd: ] FIZ~4L ‚@7I,R *L W*-/p )YC<ILM
.KC89: F,@Z- O*@v2 '9o TYqR
B ;07L :/ZS: 446 >
> F<tP F<tPB /@AQ OŽHM •† @7P •† @7P E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J@9o C\- *L :so JI,5Ž- ˆD0R •( ] )/V*0,9:M /Da9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9:
'9o ;aIpM ’*‰SM F,\V J7,- ‘V*R ;V ] F\(*R MCDR Ft@_V F,\,V
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 55 B > 5!! B > 41# B > %56 B > %2$ B > #$ >
.ht<9: 3L /@0e9: 3L ;k(2 WX<9: 3L ;@7P E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
N/-*‰L 3- /D<RM ] cX89*V 35/u: NK*‰R W: 3L lCV E'+<,9:
/ZS: .;,<9:M ;<9*V zxC-*_RM WX<9: C5C,R W2 ;k(d: ] `*,e9*V
B ;0,9: % >
./tu Orv ;@789: z7<9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
GSd J9sM Fe7\I9: '9o GV ŒYqRM *\DU*Q ;7kR CP F(/<,9: E '+<,9:
.;\=9: 3L /tu2 z7<9: haS [ .)C5C- K*tu2 r( ‘8@( G7\=V z7<5 l
B ;0,9: /ZS: 664 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
41!- ¯ittle pitchers have long carsE
41#- ¯ittle strokes fell great oaksE
42$- ¯ittle things please little mindsE
421- ¯ive and learnE
422- ¯ive and let live.
52%- ¯ive not to eat• but eat to liveE
424- ˜he longest da" must have an endE
426- ¯ook before "ou leapE
42- ¯ookers-on see most of the gameE
42!- ¯ove is blindE
42#- ¯ove laughs at locksmiths.
.F75X‡ W:s{ *\9 )/@Aa9: j5K*Vd: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
f*L2 J9s zI5 W2 6=5 •( :M/H*‰I5 W2 ;xd: Y:K2 :so E '+<,9:
ƒ8+9*1 /Aa9: r( z@7<I9:M WX<,_5 *,V WM/i}I5 c*~‡d*( .z\m*+V2
./=49: r(
.F,„k9: K*=vd: ‘t8R )/@Aa9: `*V/k9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/DQM z@,aR W*_Sš9 W*1 X7( .)/V*0,9:M /Da9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9:M
.)/@AQ 3@e_V K*=pd: z„w2 ‘t85 W2 G+e,@(
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 55 B > 6$% B > 5!! B > 415 B > %56 B > %2$ B > #$ >
.)/@Aa9: cX8<9: C<_R )/@Aa9: O*@vd: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
O*@vd*V ˆ8( WX,\I5 F@4t_9: F\(*I9: cX8<9: ?*4Q2 E '+<,9:
.F@,\9: F,5C- F\(*I9:
.z7<RM ³- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*,71 .)*@49: 3L )C@~,9: ?K*=I9:M `:/D„9: ?*_I1: '9o X-C5 ;0,9:
.*\ID_I1: rI9: F(/<,9: F7@aU `Y:. *,71 ] /012 |‰-
.³@<5 N/@€ ^YM ³- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'IU j49: ƒ~S z\9 WM/u*( ] )*@49: '( j49: 6U*Q NCUM |_9
?X@- 3- rw*AI9*V )*@49*V ‘I,Ip: .nm*8SM O*tu2 z\9 |S*1 WoM
}t„9 *†@p*P *†,eU W*_So '7- ze4R lM zxO*tu2 ;D8RM 35/u:
.;i*,L F70L }tu ?*eRK: '9o ”M/Z9: J<(CR C8( ] GDeRK:
B c*0,9: /ZS: %% >
.;1}I9 ³<R lM ³<I9 ;1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
f*<t9: WXe5 W2 6=5 l ;1d: r( ”:/p•: K:/w2 3L *SKy45 ;0,9:M
)*@U *@4+9 r~e5 *L ;1}S W2 6=5 ;V ] )*@49: r( C@UX9: *+(Cx Xx
.F5*\S *\9 f*5d: cX‡2 'IU E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F8‰,9*V *†Ÿ@7LM •† 5X‡ fX@9: :CV *,\,( .fMCR l 6-*I,9: E '+<,9:
;0,9 :/ZS: .W*_S•: G@( •5/I_5 ;@9 •C<V rR}5 W2 CV •( ] N*\S•:M
B %4# >
.|@D79 j5/‡ ?/P2 Xx hI7L j5/‡ cX‡2 Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.)/‡*„L 3,kI5 J9s Wœ( g/t9: K*aIu: cM)*4R l E '+<,9:
;,<9: O:Yd - cX‡2 |S*1 WoM - F4@4a9: F85/t9*V fŽI7R W2 ;k(d:
.;‰~9: '9o ŒYqR CP - /aP2 F85/‡ ^*DR:M |PX9: K*aIu: 3L l† CV -
425- ˜he longest wa" round is the nearst wa"
.Ž~8R W2 ;DP :†C@H /ZS: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
`*‡*@IUl: y„IR W2 WMCV ‘(C+R lM KXLd: ;=<IR l E '+<,9:
nP*+V lM .;,<9*V ^/‰R W2 ;DP :†C@H NKXL2 /VCIR W2 6=5 .FL.•9:
B zPK /u: ;0,9: ;0,9: :yx 2#1 so ] [ /_„5 - YY/I5 3L [ ;m*89: >
] J9s |7<( :sœ( ] /@VCI9:M Ky49:M ‹/49: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: :yx Wo
.YY/I9: '9o FH*49: C=R 39
.):K*D,9: 67€2 WM/5 WMCx*‰,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L ):K*D,9: `*@9*<( F5§K r( ;k(2 FQ/( ):K*DL ‘V*I5 3L E '+<,9:
.*\@( 3@1K*‰,9: 3@D-•9:
G@( WX1K*‰5 lM ] *L KXL2 r( 3t5KXI,9: /@€ ‹*„vd: Wo
r( :X1K*v 3,L ;k(2 bC45 *L '7- ze49: z\+e,5 F@7<( F1K*‰L
.',-2 649: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'w*A5 *L )Y*- ] .:Ž-•:M YX9: /-*‰L W*_S• 3e5 3L E '+<,9:
.Gm*tu2M GVX@- 3-
.c*<(d: ‘S*Q '7- J4k5 649: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G(Cx j845M C5/5 *L '9o ;a5 W2 ‘@tI_5 645 3eL E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: 4%% >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
4%$- ¯ove me little• love me long.
4%1- ¯ove me• love m" dog.
4%2- ˜he love of mone" is the root of all evilE
4%%- ¯ove will find a wa"E
1- «ake haste slowl"E
4%6- «ake ha" while the sun shinesE
4%- «ake the best of a bad bargainE
4%!- «ake the best of a bad ™obE
44$- A man can onl" die onceE
.•† 5X‡ 64R •† @7P 6U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•*=R N/-*‰L ^CR lM *L •„‰V j@7<I9: r( Â9*DR l E '+<,9:
/-*‰,9: Wo .*†<5/p C,„R l 'IU )XPM F-/_V ;<I‰R •„‰9:
h‡:X<9:M /-*‰,9: 3L cM[2 fMCS F9CI<,9: h‡:X<9:M FmY*\9:
.r<L rD71 6U2 r+DU2 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J9y1M ] G@9o 3@V/8,9: 645 W2 *L *†a„v 6U2 3L '7- E'+<,9:
.Gam*8SM GVX@- ;D8I5M •O*tu2 ;,4I5 W2 G@7<(
645M r+D4RM *\DU2M [ J9y1M [ j@7<9: '8_5 YKX79 *†L:/1o [
[ Œ/@<V *\IP*S
.KM/‰9: ;1 ;Q2 Xx c*,9: 6U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
j0D+R ] /‰D9: 3@V `*(•„9:M f*i:M KM/‰9: ^:XS2 ;1 Wo E '+<,9:
?*eRK: '9o z\<(CR CP rI9: FD€/9: J7R ] O:/09: r( z\ID€K 3L
.rQ*<,9:M zm:/=9:
.G85/‡ C=@p 649: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.?*<a9: ;@9yR '7- )KC89: G9 649: E '+<,9:
.JH*@p fC\R l 3e9M ] NK*H 6U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
N*+x *†L*mY ;<H: 3e9M 35/u: ‘L FD@‡ FP•<V ©~IU: E '+<,9:
.z\+@VM J+@V F9X8<L F(*_L
B ;0,9: /ZS: %$1 >
4%4- ¯ove "our neighbour• "et puÅÅ not down
"our fenceE
.OˆDV ;=<Ip: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Ž=S2 .^/_I9:M F7=<9: 3- Y*<IVl:M rS}I9: '9o ;0,9: X-C5 E '+<,9:
F7=<9: r(M GL•_9: rS}I9: r( [ .rS}I9: ‘L 3e9M ] F-/_V NKXL2
[ FL:C+9:
.FP/‰L ƒ,‰9: |L:Y *L 3DI9: ‘+Q: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;DP F@R:X,9: ”M/Z9: 3L )Y*~Ipl:M ‹/~9: f*+I€: '9o ;0,9: X-C5
‘@kRM K*tLd: ;t\R C8( Y*a479 CA9: /ZI+R l .FQ/~9: |7~R W2
.CA9: '9o fX@9 •,- ;HqR l .FQ/~9:
[ 3u*p XxM C5C49: g/‡:[
B 3@70,9: /ZS: 546 B > 624 >
>)/p*uB FŸ_5 F8~Q 3L C~Ip: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cM*UM FD<Q ”M/… JI\H:M WoM 'IU cO*~IR W2 cM*U E '+<,9:
.G+L C@~I_I9 OrkL 6S*H 3- *\@( £4D9:
.>/u*pB ;,- 3L C~Ip: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/‰DR lM FŸ@p F@9*49: J(M/… |S*1 WoM 'IU .jV*_9: '+<,9: ƒ~S
r( NC\H cyDR W2M *\9*U '7- KXLd: ;D8IR W2 cM*4( Š*=+9*V
.?*Vy9: J,\I7@pM ;_- '9o J_~S cXU EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L ;L*<R ”X_( ] ;9yI9:M h<k9:M ^X+„9*V |~aR :so E '+<,9:
.K*8IU*V ‘@,=9:
B 3@70,9 :/ZS: 1%6 B > 12 >
4%#- «ake "ourself all hone" and the flies will
devour "ouE
.ˆ8( )CU:M )/L `X,5 W*_S•: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•w:M '+<,9:
)2/,9:M ] J9yV KX<v KC8V •† \1 WXe5 ;H/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.J9s *\@7- MCD5 *L KC8V F7\1 WXeR
W*1 Wo z\,9: 3L ƒ@7( ] WCD9: z@7p *†5XP ;H/9: f:Y *L E '+<,9:
/,<9: 3L zx2 /\Z,9:M ;e‰9*( )2/,9: *L2 ./,<9: r( *†LC8IL MCD5
.*\x*=R z\52KM *\@9o 35/ul: )/Z+V :†/@01 zI\R *\So so .r8@849:
441- A man is as old as he feels• and a woman
as old as ahe looksE
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
44%- «an proposes• Àod disposesE
445- «anner maketh man.
446- «an" a little makes a mickleE
44- «an" hands make light workE
44!- «an" kiss the hand the" wish to cut offE
45$- «arriage is a lotter"E
451- «arriages are mad in heavenE
452- «arr" in haste• and repent at leisureE
FŸ@7L F85CU ;0L c*<(d: ƒ@9M cXPd: ;HK Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.)K*k9: ?*‰-d:M ³m*‰49*V
] C@~L ;,- Œ}V fX85 lM :†/@01 bC4I5 Œy9: ;H/9: Wo E '+<,9:
³m*‰49:M ?*‰-d*V ‚7,R F<(*+9: K*,09: fC8R l F85C4V GDv2 WXe5
B 3@70,9 :/ZS: 256 B > % >
442- A man of words and not of deeds is like a
garden full of weedsE
.:†/L2 °: KC85M :†qL2 O/,9: fŽI<5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*1 :so K/85 Œy9: °: W2 /@€ ] *L Orv ;,- r( W*_S•: 6€/5 CP
;H2 3L ‘k@( ] :†/L2 O/,9: O*‰5 *L :†/@01 ] l f2 zI@p Or_9: :yx
YK: lM J9s /@€ O*‰5 °: 3e9M ?*Dpd: Or@\5M ˆt„9: G8@84R
[ /@VCI9: r( ?/9:M /@e~I9: r( CD<9: [ [ K:CPd: J4kI( WMKC8RM [
:†/=IL •I~V W2 6=5 l z_IDL GHM G9 3e5 z9 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3m*VŽ9: ‘L ;L*<I9: '9o K*=I9: X-C5M r+@Q ;0L XxM E '+<,9:
.z\Vy=9 F~@t9M )YMYM F85/tV
444- A man without a smiling face must not
open a shopE
.;H/9: ‘+aR g•ud: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.W*_S•: '7- GV ze45 Œy9: K*@<,9: *,x NX7_9:M j7„9: E '+<,9:
:†C@,U *†-*DtS: WXe@9 z5X89: j7„9*V WŽI75 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 :y9M
.35/u: TC9
:XDxs z\P•u2 |Dxs X,x Wœ( |@8V *L g•ud: zLd: *,So
./@0e9: ‘+a5 ;@789: 3L /@0e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'9o ;@789: |<wM :so .Y*aIPl:M c*uYl: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E ',+<,9:
./@0e9: J5C9 WXe@p *L *†LX@( ;@789:
[K/‰9: /AaI_L 3L K*+9: zZ<LM [ [ ):X+9: )/=‰9: cM2M[
B 3@70,9: /ZS: 6%1 B > 1# >
.;,<9: O6- 3L h~„R TC5d: )/01 E F@(/49: F@,H/I9:
CU:X9: 6@aS ;P *,71 ] ;,- r( 3@1/I‰,9: YC- Y:. *,71 E '+<,9:
F-*,=9: ‘L °: C5 [ *†<5/p ;,<9: s*„R: zI5 J9yVM ] ;,<9: r( z\+L
.*\<tP WMYX5 rI9: C@9: WXD785 WM/@01 E F@(/49: '+<,9: l
WMCD5 ¢*+9: 3L /@0e( ] g*~+9:M O*5/9: /x*ZL J-C„R l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .Tsd: WMX+5 zxM YX9: WM/\Z5M WX~„5 *L /@€ 22! >
F-*=‰9: z\5C9 |S*1 X9 3D=9: WMCDp WM/@01 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\+DH 35/u: h‰Ie5 W2 )/e( z\-/8R ¢*+9: 3L /@01 E '+<,9:
”X„9*V zxKX<v F8@8U O*~uo '9o z\<(C5 J9sM ] cs*„I9*V WX,\I5M
.f:CP•:M F-*=‰9: K*\…oM ]
44#- «an" would be cowards if the" had
courage enoughE
.> ©U F9}_LB 6@0S *5 ¦:MŽ9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F@a„v WXeIp h@1 ‘PXI5 W2 ¦:MŽ9: r( ”/‡ ;1 ‘@tI_I5l
)Y*<_9: G9 /(X5 *†e5/v •V/5M :†C@<p ©U WXe5 CP ] /u: ”/t9:
.Orv ;1 /_„@( ©49: ƒ<R WXe5 CPM ] O*+\9:M
.O*,_9: r( zIR `*=5Ž9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J5/‰9: K*I„5M 3,V ¦MŽI@p 3L YC45 Œy9: Xx KC89: WoE '+<,9:
lM 6@A9: ŠX9 r( *†…XZ4L ;8I_,79 *†e5/v lo ] Ge5/‰V ˆDR/@9
.GV }D+I5 CU2 ‘@tI_5
.;\L '7- fC+Ip ] F7=- r( ¦MŽR E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/e~I9: WMCV *L •„‰V ’*DRKl: r( ;=<I9: fC- '9o X-C5 ;0,9:
.G-/_I9 fC+9*V /<vM /@0e9: •„‰9: 'S*- loM ] Fp:KC9:M
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
454- «en are blind inm their own causeE
455- «en are known b" the compan" the" keepE
456- «en are not to be measured in inchesE
45- «en leap over where the hedges is lowestE
45!- «en make houses• women make homesE
45#- «en strain at gnat and swallow camelsE
46$- «ight is rightE
462- ˜he mills of Àod grind slowl"E
;@~1 *S}( rm:C-2 *L2 'm*PCQ2 3L '+,U: ?K E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*1 GSd J9sM Jm:C-2 3L /012 K/k9*V j5Ca9: JD@a5 CP E '+<,9:
h<k9: *t8S z7<5 X\( :y9M J_~S *5*+UM NK:/p2 z7<5M J@9o *†V/8L
.Tsd:M /t„9: C5Cv WXe5 MC- '9o j5Ca9: cX4R X9 ] ymC+-M J5C9
)/L h92 J85CQ KyU:M )/L cMC- /U:
)/k,9*V z7-2 W*e( j5Ca9: 678S: *,V/7(
45%- «a" Àod defend from m" friendsÅ · can
defend m"self from m" enemiesE
.z\I@kP r( ',<9*V WXV*Q c*H/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L O*@vd: :M/5 W2 z\+e,5 •( jU '7- z\S}V c*H/9: ‘+I85 *LC+-
J9yVM ] ?:XQ '7- z\S2 '7- WM/a5M /u: ”/t9: /ZS F\HM
.FŸ‡*u |S*1 WoM 'IU z\m:K¿V WXe_,I5
.*\@9o r,I+5 rI9: F4Da9*V O/,9: ”/<5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Gm*PCQ2 '7- ”/<I9: j5/‡ 3- W*_S•: '7- ze4S W2 *++e,5
.‘8R *\9*ev2 '7- KX@t9*( .G5do 3@V/8,9:M
.`*QXD9*V ;H/9: ¢*85 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
¼\7evM 'HK*„9: /\ZL '7- C,I<R l ;H/9: F,Z- Wo E '+<,9:
:†KMY |D<9 rI9: `*@a„‰9: 3L W}‰9: O*,Z- 3L /@0e( ] r9*,=9:
`•k<9: M2 •K*~9: cXt9*V :X~aI5 l :XS*1 ¼5K*I9: r( :†.K*V
3L :†/@01 zx2 F@Dxy9: GRK*\LM •O*1sM O/,9: F@a„v Wo .F9XI~,9:
.FL*pX9: M2 /\Z,9:
.*†k~„+L ¦*@_9: ^*~RK: WXe5 £@U c*H/9: Ž~85 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'9o cXQX79 g/t9: ;\p2 W*_S•: y„I5 l2 r<@Dt9: 3L E '+<,9:
FD<a9: 6@9*pd[:M )C8<,9: g/t9: O/,9: J7_5 Wd r-:Y •( ] G(Cx
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F5XI7,9: #! >
.*†+ep 3<+ap O*_+9:M c.*+L WX<+a5 c*H/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
ŒXI45 ] *†@8@8U *†+ep WXe5 l 3e9M l† Ž+L ;H/9: Œ/I‰5 CP E '+<,9:
.fd: M2 FHMŽ9: YXHXV lo O*,ISl:M FUKl:M O”C9: rS*<L ;1 '7-
¡X<D9: F@~aR r~( z\_~S2 WMC\=5 c*H/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.•† ,H WX<7ID5 z\+e9M
z\R:XQ2 WX<(/5 35y9: ‹*„vd: n<V g*~S cXU ;0,9: '+<LM
zx WXDeR/5 3@U r( ] z\V |849 Gt@_V FS*x• *†D=vM *†H*=IU:
.F‰U*( rQ*<LM O*tu2
.z\_~S2 WXk(/5 O*5X89: ] j49: rx )X89: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•*@,9: Ftp:XV 34tR W2 3e,5 l FSXU*t9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
> F,5C89:B F@w*,9:
E W*@+<L ;0,79M
B 1 W: *\@( )K*,9: •*@,9: Ftp:XV ˆ8( W:KMC9: *\+e,5 FSXU*t9: >
)Y*~Ipl: *++e,5 l *+S2 '+<,9:M .ƒL2 |LC„Ip: rI9: •*@,9: |_@9M
W2 ;k(d:M /k49*V )/D<9: ] F8V*_9: f*pd:M F@w*,9: `*PMd: f
.WXe5 *L ;k(}1 G9•AIp: cM*4S
B 2 •( |kL F7@,H f*52 '7- zU/I9: M2 `*( *L '7- fC+9: f )Cm*( l >
] •/LM •X74V ] /w*49: ;D8R ;k(d:M rw*,9: ^*H/Ip: 3e,5
.G@( ³@<9:M
B 3@70,9: /ZS: 2# B > %66 >
461- A mill cannot grind with the water that is
.OˆDV 34tR °: 3@U:X‡ E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM ;~AR l °: 3@- 3e9M *†S*@U2 ‚t„R CP /‰D9*P F9:C- Wo E '+<,9:
;,\5 lM ;\,5 °: [ .G@( 65K l `{ X\( O:Ž=9: /u}R *,\LM ] f*+R
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
46%- «isfortunes never come singl"E
464- A miss is as good as a mileE
465- «oderation in all thingsE
466- «one" begets mone"E
46- «one" burns a hole a hole in the pocketE
46!- «one" is the root of all evilsE
46#- «one" talksE
4$- «ore haste• less speedE
42- «ore than enough is too muchE
4%- ˜he more "ou have• the more "ou wantE
45- «uch would have moreE
.TY:/( rR}R :†KY*S 6m*a,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F<,I=LM F<V*IIL 6m*a,9:M 6-*I,9: rR}R *L )Y*- E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: %2 >
.)C@<V )K*_u ;i*,R FD5/P )K*_u Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FD5/P F(*_,V J(C\9 cXQX9: r( |8~u2 CP |+1 Wo z\5 l E '+<,9:
.|8~u2 CP |S2 3@I9*49: *I71 r~( ] )C@<V M2
.Orv ;1 r( c:CI-l: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L l† CV ˆpMd: j5/t9: y„I5M cC<I5 W2 W*_Sš9 ;k(d: E '+<,9:
[ ˆpX9: KXLd: /@u [ .ˆR/~‡•:M ”/tI9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 16 B > 42 B > 5#1 >
.c*,9: C9X5 C9*,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- cXa49: J@7- ;\_9: 3L •DQ2 ] c*,9: J5C9 W*1 *,71 E '+<,9:
3@5•,9: 3L :†/@0eV 6<Qd cMd: WX@7,9: Wo WX9X85 zxM /012 c*L
B ;0,9: /ZS: .G@9*I9: 522 >
.6@=9: r( *†D8i g/45 c*,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\9:XL2 WX8~+5 ‹*„v2 N*+x E ”:/p•*V •*+<L ˆDR/5 E '+<,9:
:y9M .*\D8iM z\VX@H g/U2 CP c*,9: W2 MCD@9 'IU F9X\_VM F-/_V
.‘@k5M *\+L ˆP*_I5 X\(
.‘m*v }tu XxM ] KM/‰9: ;1 ;Q2 Xx c*,9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.).*+I1: r( FD€/9:M c*,9: 6U Xx ;V KM/‰9: ;Q2 Xx c*,9: ƒ@7(
B ;0,9: J9y1 /ZS: 4%2 >
.bC4I5 c*,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:y9M .”:Cxd: j845M ?*<a9: ;9y5 X\( ] ŒXP sX~S c*,79 E '+<,9:
/ZS: .`:XQd: 'P*V 3L '7-2 *†S*@U2 WXe5 >)/@i}R Œ2B c*,9: `Xa(
B *0,9: 245 >
.;P2 F-/p ] /012 F7=- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
ŒYqR *L :†/@01 F7=<9: r( FA9*D,9*( .F7=<9:M ^/_I9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9:
3L F7=<9: [ .G(Cx '9o O/,9: ´X7V /u}I@( .F@_e- F=@IS '9o
[ FL:C+9: F7=<9: r( [ [ W*t@‰9:
3L ”/<5 l G+e9M [ cX( fXR [ WX(/<5 WM/@01 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G_~S Xx ”/<5 *,L /012 > cX( fXRB WX(/<5
l ‹*„v2 *+(/<5 CP .‘PXIS *,L :†/@01 /012 *++(/<5 3L E '+<,9:
41- «ore know ˜om ±ool than ˜om ±ool knows.
>f.•9: 3L /012B :†CH :†/@01 /DI<5 F5*~e9: 3L /012 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*+@~e5 *,V ‘+8S 2 6=5M ] ”:/p•: 3- C<D9:M c:CI-•9 X-C5 ;0,9:
/ZS: [ '+~5 l Ž+1 F-*+89: [ ¦*I4S *,L /012 Xx *\@( ‘,tS lM
B c*0Ld: 465 B > 4#1 B > 16 >
.67tR *L /01 *,71 ] J5C9 *L /01 *,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;aU *,V r~Ie5 l GSo .‘,t9:M ‘‰=9: '9o ;@,5 W*_S•: E '+<,9:M
.•C+- ƒ@9 *L r\I‰5 ;V G@7-
zI5 ”Xp ] :†CU:M :†/4H TXp J7,5l Œy9: K2š9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*†<5/p Y*@tQ:
/4=V ©~I4R •( ] Ft@49:M ‹/49*V z_IR )Y*- W:/Ÿ~9: E '+<,9:
l}V F(*a49: f WXeS W2 J9y1 *+@7- 6=5M .KX4H )C<V ;V ] CU:M
^*w :sœ( .)C‰9: `*PMd 35/u¿V ©~I4S ;V ] CU:M Orv '7- C,I<S
B ;0,9: /ZS: ./u{ *+9 r8V Orv 14$ >
44- ˜he mouse that has but one hole is –uickl"
./01d: C5/5 /@0e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.WX<+I85 l ] /@0e9: z\1•IL: 3L z€/9: '7- ] ¢*+9: n<V E '+<,9:
./0e9: ;@+9 WX<_5 ;V
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
46- «uck and mone" go "ogetherE
4- «urder will outE
4!- Éature abhors a vacuumE
4!$- Éecessit" us the mother of inventionE
4!1- Éecessit" knows no lawE
4!2- Éeed must when the devil drivesE
4!%- Éeither a borrower not a lender beE
4!4- Éever ask pardon before "ou are accusedE
4!5- Éever b"a a pig in a pokeE
.W*tDR/L )K:y89:M c*,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.C\=9:M g/<9*V J5C5 bX7R z9 *L O:/09: j84R W2 J+e,5 l E '+<,9:M
.l† M2 6<IR W2 6=@( C€/9:M FUKl: '9o cXQX9: `YK2 :so
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ r9*@79: /\p •<9: 67‡ 3L [ 465 >
.h‰e+R ”Xp F,5/=9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3… *,\LM ] f*eUoM FPCV )y~+L F,5/=9: |S*1 *,\L E '+<,9:
Œy9: fX@9: rR}5 W2 6=@( ] ?*8<9: 3L WXI7~p z\S2 WXL/=,9:
;0,9: /ZS: .cY*<9: zxO:ŽH )*+=9: '875M F,5/=9: G@( h‰e+Ip
B 6## >
.´:/~9: |8,R F<@Dt9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*L *†,m:Y N*+x ;V ] ´:/( M2 F<@Dt9: r( *+9XU C=S *L :†KY*S E '+<,9:
.•8+9: C_5M ´:/~9: :yx •† ,5
.°: 3- F(*_,9: `C<IV: ] F_@+e9: |V/IP: *,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L ƒ@7( .?X789: r( 3e,5 °*V j49: W*,5•: Wo E '+<,9:
*†+LqL )Y*D<9: KMY '7- YY/I9: /@0e9: W*_S•: WXe5 W2 ŒKM/k9:
4#- ˜he nearer the church• the farther from
.^:/Iu: f2 FH*49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F85/t9: C=@p *†,IU GSœ( *L Orv '9o W*_S•: ¦*I45 *LC+- E '+<,9:
^:/Iu: M2 K*eIV: '9o /tw: WoM 'IU ] Or‰9: :yx '9o cXQX79
`*-:/Iul:M `:K*eIVl: J9s '7- c*0LM .G(Cx j@84I9 F05CU F7@pM
B ;0,9: /ZS: .?/49: ”M/… *\LC„I_R rI9: 14 >
.*†SXS*P ”/<R l )KM/k9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*_S•: TXa89: )KM/k9:M F5/\89: ”M/Z9: ‘(CR *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
FP/_9: '9o /\Z5 CP ‘m*=9*( .GR:Y*-M F<m*Dt9 h9*„L ;,<V f*@879
.G8LK C_9
[`:KXk4,9: •@DR `:KM/k9: [
[ f*eU2 )KM/k79M[
.YX85 ƒ@7Vo W*1 :so Or‰9: 3D=R 3e,5 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G<(CRM GR*D€K FLM*8L ‘@tI_5 lM W*_S•: h<k5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
W*_+(: '7- 6=5 l 3e9M .}t„9: r( ^XPX9: '9o /‰9: ¢M*pM
.z@8I_,9: ’:/a9*V J_,I79 *†,m:Y C,<5 W2M /‰9: ^.:X+9 f•_Ipl:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 4!1 >
.*†SCL lM *†+5CL 3eR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] GRY*-o 3L 3e,IR l C8( ] j5CQ 3L l† *L ¡/I8R l N '+<,9:
l C8( ] j5Ca9 l† *L ¡/8R lM ] ¦/U hPXL r( WXeR ymC+-M
lM ¡/I~R l :y\9M . G+P:CQ C8~R ymC+-M ] ¡/89: YK 3L 3,eI5
B ;0,9: /ZS: .l† *L ¡/8R 45 B > %#1 >
.z\IR W2 ;DP •~a9: c}_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
loM f*\Rl: J@9o GHX5 W2 ;DP )/~A,9:M •~a9: 67tR l E '+<,9:
.6SyL JS2 ‘,=9: h_I1:
.FD@8U r( :†/5Ž+u /I‰R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
‘(CR W2 ;DP *\I5/Iv: rI9: ‘m*kD9: •4~R W2 J@7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
[O*,9: r( c:. *L XxM J,_9: /I‰R lM [ .*\+,i
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
4!6- Éever do things b" halvesE
4!- Éever ™udge b" appearancesE
4!!- Éever look a gift horse in the mouthE
4!#- Éever make threats "ou cannot carr" outE
4#$- Éever make two bites of a cherr"E
4#2- Éever sa" sieE
4#4- Éever spur a willing horseE
4#5- Éever tell "our enem" that "our foot achesE
4#6- Éever troble till trouble troubles "ouE
4#- Éew brooms sweep cleanE
.ha+9*V O*@vd: ;<~R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/u{ ;,- '9o ”/a+9 G1/IR lM ] G,II7( •† ,- `2CV :so E '+<,9:
TK*aP G@( cyDRM ;,<9: 3~8IR W2 6=5 ... C<V G+L GI+R z9 |S2M
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ G+8I5 W2 •† ,- z1CU2 ;,- :so 64=5 °: Wo [ %1# >
./x*Z,9*V ze4R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/x*Z,9*( rHK*„9: Or‰9: /\ZL ¢*p2 '7- J52K WXeR l E '+<,9:
.•/\ZL 3L 2Xp2 Or‰9: /xXH WXe5 ŒCPM ] ^C„R
B c*0,9: /ZS: 15 B > #6 B > B > 6%$ B > 1# B > 6 >
.J@9o TC\,9: W*a49: W*+p2 '9o /Z+R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*xY*8IS: cM*4R •( ] F4+L M2 F5Cx *L •„v N*t-2 :so E '+<,9:
/ZS: .:†C@<p :†/1*v *\7D8R ;V ] nm*8SM ?X@- 3L *\V *,- £4D9:M
B 3@70,9: % B > 2#% >
.•y@~+R ‘@tI_R l |+1 Wo C5C\IV j7R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
39 :†C\- J_~S '7- yu}R lM ] *†(:ŽH JR:C5C\I5 j7R l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .GV f*@89: ‘@tI_R %%1 >
.3@R/L )./e9: zk8R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
GmŽ=R W2 6=5 l ] )CU:M )/L *L ;,- O*\So |+1 Wo E '+<,9:
.:†KX( ;,<9: Ž=S2 ;V ] C<V *\@( G@9o YX<I9 G1/IRM
.fX@9: G7,- ^*tIp: *L CA9: '9o ;HqR l z1 F@(/49: F,H/I9:
[ CA9: '9o fX@9: ;,- ;HqR l [
B c*0Ld: /ZS: %5 B > 5%! B > 624 B > 6%# B > 6#2 B > 56 >
B 22# B > 4%6 >
4#1- Éever pull off till tomorrow what ma" be
done toda"E
.|L :†CV2 ;8R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.)/,I_L )*@49: |L:Y *,( .’X+879 z7_I_R lM ¢}@R l E '+<,9:
.[¢}@9: ‘L )*@U lM )*@49: ‘L ¢}5 l [ ;L2 *†,m:Y N*+\(
.*\@7- ;a4R W2 ;DP NYX8S j~+R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
6P:X- r( /Z+9:M ;8<I9:M /VCI9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: •yx E '+<,9:
rI9: n@D9: F<m*V ;0L 3eR lM O:X\<9 *@( :†KXaP 3DR l .KXLd:
‘@V ‘V F7<~R ”XQ *,L c*@„9: r( F<p:M l† *L{ r+DRM z74R |U:K
W2 J@7- 6=5 .n@D9: z‰\I( F7_9: |t8p2 *\I7~€ r(M n@D9:
.‘P:X9: 3L ¢*p2 WMCV cO*~I9: r( Â9*DR lM ‹/49: fŽI7R
4#%- Éever spend "our mone" before "ou have
.*†D@=I_L *†S*aU ƒ~+R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;7L M2 ;71 •V ;,<5 *†S*_So ;,<79 Ž~„R M2 £4R W2 cM*4R l E '+<,9:
C8~5 W2 '9o J9s TYd ] C\=9: cyV )Y*5Ž9 G0U r( |A9*V X9 *,V/( ]
.•Y*\IH: ;85M Gp*,U
.J,9qR JLCP W2 NMC- /D„R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*,V/( ] J~<w ’*8S 3- J@_(*+LM Jm:C-d h‰eR l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .JV K/k9: g*49• :X7AIp: %4! >
.O•D9: J=-Ž5 W2 C<V lÊ O•D9: •-ŽR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C8( C<V bC45 z9 Orv '7- j78R lM 6<I,9: 3- £4DR l E '+<,9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: .J87P ?*Dp2M J(M*„L j84R l 1% B > 62 >
B 125 B > 126 >
.FL*R F(*ZS hZ+R )C5C=9: `*‰8,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
T/D1 `:/@@AR b:CUo '9o C,<5 :†C5CH :†Ž1/L ;I45 3L E '+<,9:
[ .GRY*HoM ;,<9: W*8Ro r( FA9*D,9*V J9sM *†4w:M :†/i2 N/I5M
[)X8V YMC‰L C5C=9: c*V/A9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
4##- Éo answer is also an answerE
5$$- Éo cross• no crownE
5$1- Éo gain without painE
5$2- É» man can serve two mastersE
5$%- Éo man is a hero to his valetE
5$4- Éo man is content with his lot.
5$5- Éo man is indispensable.
5$6- Éo man is infallible.
5$- Éo names• no pack drill.
.g/- 3- )K*D- rUX9: 3L Fm*,9*V WX<_R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3e9M )C@~L `:K*eIV:M )C5CH K*e(}V W*_Sš9 'UX5 CP E '+<,9:
g/<9:M C\=9: cyD5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=@( ] r~eR l *xCUM K*e(d:
3- KX+9: '9o •K*e(2 ¦/„R :y\VM ] y@~+I9: ‘wXL K*e(d: •yx ‘wX9
.Y*\=9:M 6<I9:M Š*~e9: j5/‡
4!#- Éinet" percent of inspiration is
.FV*Ho *†k52 rx FV*H•: fC- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•*+<L GI,Q W2 z7-*( ] c:q_9: ^ 6=5 z9M *†S*_So |9}p :so E '+<,9:
[ z<S [
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ *w/9: GL•- |,a9: [ 6$1 >
‘k5 z9 :so F,@P :s *†Ÿ@v c*+5 W2 ‘PXI5 W2 W*_Sš9 3e,5 l E '+<,9:
/\p •<9: 67‡ 3L [ .z9d:M Y*\H•: 3L /@0e9: J9s ;@Dp r(
[ ;4+9: ‘_9 ;,4I5 W2 G@7<( ;_<9: Y:K2 3L [
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 6!2 B > 5$1 B > 662 >
.z92 •V •VK l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
re9 g*‰,9: ;,4IR W2 6=5 .jV*_9: ;0,9: '+<L ƒ~S E '+<,9:
.J(:Cx2 j84R
.35C@p fC„5 W2 ;H/79 3e,5 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:†C@H :†/@p ;,<9: /@_5 37( ] *L •† ,- W•HK ¢/R :so E '+<,9:
r,I+5 W2 W*_Sš9 3e,5 l .g*8‰9:M `*(•„9:M `*-:/a9: /0eIpM
.CU:M |PM r( 3@_(*+IL 3@85/( '9o %
B c*0Ld :/ZS: [g/AR 3@_@m/9: `:s G+@~_9: [ !# B > !1 >
B !2 B > 152 B > B > !! >
GLY*u X4S F9XtD9: /\Z5 ;HK N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z7-2M G@9o ¢*+9: ?/P2 WXe5 rQXa„9: ;H/9: fY*u W2 E '+<,9:
F~<w ’*8+V ¢*+9: TKY2 X\( :y9M ] •*5*~uM •K:/p}V ¢*+9:
. FVs*e9: F9XtD9*V GL*L2 /x*ZI5 W2 G+e,5 l •C@_( :y\9M Gam*8SM
B 3@0,9: /ZS2 2$% B > 5!% >
.KC8V 'w/5 CU2 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•,t5 *L )Y*- ] )*@49: 3L GD@a+V 'w/5 W*_So N*+x ƒ@9 E 'I<,9:
.‘+I85 lM 'w/5 l GI<@DtV W*_S•: Wo ./D12 6_@aS '9o
.z@Z<9: °: gCQ >YX+e9 GV/9 W*_S•: WÊ B
.G+- O*+AIpl: 3e,5 l ;HK N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
N*+x ƒ@9 ] T/De9: `*_pq,9: z9*-M c*,-d: *@SY r( E '+<,9:
F47a,9 G9:CDIp: 3e,5 W*_So T}( ] G+- O*+AIpl: 3e,5 l W*_So
.¦*IS•: F7=- hPXIR W2 WMCV )*@49: /,I_R re9M ;,<9:
.fXa<L W*_So N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L WXŸt„5M WX9Ž5 z\( /‰D9: *L2 ] •CUM ° F~Q c*,e9: E '+<,9:
G_~SM Gam*8+V z7<5 GS*4Dp XxM W*_S•: °: j7u CPM ] /u W{
O:/a79 GI5:C\9 O*@DSd:M ;p/9: G@9o ;pK2 C8( :y9M ] G~@<k9:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .z@8I_,9: 16# B > 6#$ >
./v*U ?*80L l ] O*,p2 l E F@(/49: F,H/ID9:
:yx zp2 zxCU2 /1y5 W2 6=5 •( ] F-*,H r( Y/( }tu2 :so E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .?*8<9: 3L ‘@,=9: |7~5 :y\VM ] ‚t„,9: 14! >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5$!- Éo news is good news.
5$#- Éoblesse oblige.
51$- A nod is as good as a wink.
512- Éone but the brave deserves the fair.
51%- Éone so blind as those who won't see.
514- Éone so deaf as those who won't hear.
515- Éot good os ot to harp on the fra"ed string.
51- Éothing is given so freel" as advice.
51!- Éothing is so certain as the une¨pected.
.C@H /Du G_~S Xx K*Du2 YXHM fC- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*\9*pKo zI5 £@4V F@,xd: 3L WXeR )Y*- FŸ@_9: K*Dud: E '+<,9:
‘PXI5 *L )Y*- X\( ] FmK*‡ F@P/V *L •„v '87R :sœ( :y\9M ] :†KX(
W2 •*+<L J9s W2 /DI<5 X\( ] K*Du2 Œ2 j7I5 z9 :so *L2 ] *†Ÿ@p :†/Du
.f:/5*L '7- Orv ;1
.6HX5 Y•@,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F5/p2 F@~7uM 6_SM 6_U MsM ;@DS ;Q2 3L W*_S•: Wo E '+<,9:
3L ‘PXI5M ] G@7- FVX_4L G9*<(2M GR*(/aR WXeR ] W}‰9: F,@Z-
.c*,-d: zZ-2 *†,m:Y ‘@,=9*x
.)Ž,A9: ;0L ¡/A9: ŒYqR O*,5•: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] `*,7e9*V •/‡:Xu 3- /D- W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 l *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.•/‡*„V cX=5 *,- /@D<I79 F7@Ÿw FL•- M2 Ft@_V )K*vo r~eR ;V
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ z\~5 )K*vo*V 6@D79: [ $ >
./5/w W*a49 )/,A9: ;0L ¡/A9: ŒYqR W*,5•Ë : E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/a5 W*_S• •@,7I9: 3L )Cm*( l .jV*_9: ;0,9: '+<L ƒe- E '+<,9:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .G,\( fC- '7- 51% B > 514 >
511- A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.
.O*+_49: )*I~9: j4I_5 ˆ8( ^*=‰9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
re9 f:CP•:M F-*=‰9:M F809*V YMŽI5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: .)Žm*=9: c*+5 2#1 B > 52% B > 244 B > 2$1 >
W2 WMC5/5 l 35y9: JŸ9M2 3L ',- Cv2 CU2 ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,=R/9:
*L T/5 W2 W*‰So ^*+Po F9M*4L 3L TMCH N*+x ƒ@9 E '+<,9:
'IU M2 ] G,\( fC- '7- /k5 *L z\~5 3S2 M2 ] •:/5 W2 n(/5
;x*=R '7- W*_So /a5 *†S*@U2 .G7x*=I5 W2 K/P Or‰9 Gx*DIS: ?yH
6<a9: 3L WXe5 ymC+-M ] FQ*„9: GR:C88I<L ‘L ¡K*<I5 *L ;1
.`:C8I<,9: •yx /@@AI9 G@7- /@i}I9: M2 G-*+Po F9M*4L
W:s{ M2 *\V WX78<5 ?X7P z\9 WXeI( ¡Kd: r( :M/@_5 z9M2 B
r( rI9: ?X789: ',<R 3e9M K*aVd: ',<R l *\Sœ( *\V WX<,_5
.z@Z<9: °: gCQ [KMCa9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 511 >
W2 WMC5/5 l 35y9: JŸ9M2 3L *†,,Q Cv2 ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.GV ‘+I85 W2 C5/5 l Or‰V •„v ^*+Po 6<a9: 3L GSo Œ2 .:X<,_5
.ÆŽ\I,9: /RX9: '7- ”Ž<9: 3L TMCH l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|87€2 z5CP ^XwXL F‰P*+L '7- K:/Q•: 3L TMCH l E '+<,9:
B E c*0Ld: /ZS: .C@<V 3L. y+L GR*~7L %$ B > 26% B > 146 >
;DP G@7- MCD5 *L KC8V G9*,H WXe5 ‚v l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( Xx `*,L ;,H2 MCD5 G7<=5 •K*ZIS:M Or‰79 J<PXR E '+<,9:
r( Xx *,L ;,H2 c*@„9: r( W*1 GS2 C=I_( /Ld: bCU :sœ( .‘P:X9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .‘P:X9: 1#5 >
516- Éothing is as good as it seems beforehand.
.F4@a+9: ;0L ;V*8L •V •+,5 Orv l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*++e9M ] *\7D8IS lM •m*a+9: ^*,_V 6U/S l 34S )Y*- E '+<,9:
YX=9: 3L /@0e9*V c*,‰9: `:sM 3@,@9: `:s *\-.XSM *\4+,S *L :†/@01
/@€ ‚‰9: ;0L FiMC49 :†C@1}R /012 Orv l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Œy9: Xx ] bC45 W2 3e,5 l GS2 C8I<S *L WXe5 )Y*- E '+<,9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
51#- Éothing seek• nothing find.
521- Éothing stake• nothing draw.
522- Éothing succeeds like success.
52%- Éothing venture• nothing have.
524- »f two evils choose the lesser.
525- An old poacher makes the best" keeper.
526- »nce bitten• twice sh".
52!- »ne cannot be in two places at once.
52#- »ne cannot put back the clock.
.•C=R Orv l ] G+- £4DR Orv l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( C\=9:M g/<9: cyVM Y*\IHl:M )KY*D,9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
.”C\9: j@84I9 r<_9:
.2Xp2 WXe5 W2 3e,5 l Orv l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
GIV*Q2 :sœ( ] GV/9 :†KXev :†CL*U WXe5 W2 W*_S•: '7- E'+<,9:
F5§K cM*4@9M /D12 GID@aL WXeR W2 3e,5 W*1 GS2 z7<@7( FD@aL
B ;0,9: /ZS: .6m*a,79 Ork,9: 6S*=9: 11 >
52$- Éothing so bad but might have been worse.
.64p l ] W*xK l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;@Dp r( Or‰V r4k5M /L*A5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 *S*@U2 E '+<,9:
:/ZS: .)C5C- 6p*eL *\<DIR CP )K*_„9: 3L ;@7P .zZ-2 ”Cx ;@S
B ;07L 52% >
.Š*=+9: ;0L •=+5 Orv l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|88U :so *L2 ] ;U:/,9: 6<Q2 Xx Š*=+9: '9o cXQX9: E '+<,9:
.Š•~9:M Š*=+9: 3L )C5C- ;U:/L J9s ‘DI5 W2 ;\_9: 3,( Š*=+9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 466 >
.6_eL l ] F(.*=L l E F@A(/49: F,H/I9:
*†S*@U2 .)Cm*~9:M •V/9: c*+R W2 ‘PXIR •( `l.*+I9: n<V fC8R z9 :so
Œ}( ] FŸ5/H `:Xtu y„I5M f:CP•*V haI5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5
/ZS: .F(.*=,9:M )/L*A,9: Œ/a+- 3L ;@789: 3,kI5 z@Z- Š*=S
B 3@70,9: 521 B > 224 >
.:†/v *,\7P2 /Iu: 35/v 3@V 3L E F@(/49: F,=R/9:
K*I„R W2 6=5 •( ] 35/v 3@V K*@Iu•9 ”M/Z9: JI<(Y X9 E '+<,9:
[ .:†K/w WXxd:M :†/v ;Pd: K*I„R W: ?C=5 ;V zZ-d:M /D1d:
[;L*e9: ',<9: 3L ;k(2 ',<9: haS
.¢:/49: ;k(2 6m*I9: •79: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
‹Xa79: ;@4V ¢*+9: z7-2 WXe5 6m*I9: •79: Wo E '+<,9:
C+- z\(*85oM z\<L ;L*<I9: F+e,5 3L ;k(2 X\( :y9M z\D@-l2M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .zxCU 5#! >
.l† X=u 3e5 ] )/L n<79 ¡/<R 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( N/IR *\Sœ( ] F@p*P FV/=I9 )/L W*_S•: ¡/<R :so E '+<,9:
)/L FDH/I9: •yx ;0,9 ¡/<I9: 6+=R r( FD€KM F5XP :†K*i{ G\_~S
.:†KyUM *†Q/U ¢*+9: /012 WXe5 :y9M ] F@S*i
3L ”*„5 W*D<i GQ/P 3L [ [ 3@R/L /4=9: 3L 3Lq,9: ´C75l [
[ ;D49:
.KX@t9: Y*ta5 /u:M K*=vd: ?/k5 •„v E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
n<D9:M ] Fe\+,9: FD<a9: c*,-d*V fX85 ¢*+9: n<V E '+<,9:
/ZS: .)/_@L F7\p z\@R}R rI9: •m*I+9: Ca45M J9s )/,i r+=5 /u:
B ;0,9: 5%4 >
52- »ne beats the bush• and another catches
the birds.
.CU:M W{ r( 3@S*eL r( WXe5 W2 W*_S• 3e,5 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W{ r( 3@I7,<V W*_S•: fX85 l re9 F=4L ;0,9::yx y„I5 E '+<,9:
.F-*_9: /@u}R W*_Sš9 3e,5 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
¢*+9: n<V .O:KX9: '9o 3LŽ9: )Y*-o G+e,5 l W*_S•: E '+<,9:
'7- ] F@9*„9: F7@7,=9: f*5d: 3- bC4I5 }I~5 lM rw*,9: r( ³@<5
•( GV :X8475 W2 z\@7-M *†<5/p fC8I5 3LŽ9: W2 :X1KC5 W2 Olqx
B ;0,9: /ZS: .3LŽ9: fC8R ”*Po z\+e,5 6!# >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5%$- »ne foot is better than two crutches.
5%1- »ne good turn deserves another.
5%2- »ne is never too old to learn.
5%%- »ne lie makes man".
5%4- »ne man sows and another reaps.
5%5- »ne man's meat is another man's poison.
5%6- »ne must draw back in order to leap better.
5%- »ne must draw the line somewhere.
5%!- »ne of these da"s is none of these da"s.
54$- »ne swallow does not make a summer.
.35.*- 3L ;k(2 CU:M fCP E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.GV*Q2 •M/eL Œ2 '7- GVK C,45 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
fCP G5C9 |9:. l GSd °: C,45 W2 G@7<( *†LCP W*_S•: C8( :so 'IU
B ;0,9: /ZS: .T/u2 25! >
.*\70,V Y/R W}V )/5C=9 FD@‡ )CU:M GI~9 Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;,<V G(M/<L ;V*8R W2 6=@( ] *†(X-/L W*‰So J@9o fCP :so E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: ¬ •† i*,L :†/@u /@„9: O:ŽH WXe5 ;i*,L 2%% >
.z@7<I9: '7- :†CV2 /De5 l W*_+(: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
67‡ ;Q:X5 W: O/,9: '7-M *xC+- h85 3p z@7<I79 ƒ@9 E '+<,9:
.[C479: '9o C\,9: 3L z7<9: :XD7‡: [ .:†KY*P f:Y *L z7<9:
.?ye9: 3L /@0e9: ‘+aR )CU:M FVy1 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*_S•: ?y1 :sœ( .*\@7R 'I9: J7R 3L 6<Q2 '9Md: FVye9: E '+<,9:
:yexM .'9Md: FVye9: h‰e+R l 'IU ?ye9: ;Q:X5 W2 G@7- C=5 )/L
.?ye9: '7- :†Y*I<L •Da5
B ;07L :/ZS: 4$2 >
.Ca45 /u{M ^KŽ5 ;HK E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/ZS: .N/@€ K*,09: r+=5M |S2 ;,<R W*@Ud: n<V r( GS2 E '+<,9:M
B ;0,9: *†k52 52 >
./u *,p WXe5 CP ;H/9: f*<‡ E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
CP GA@_I_R *LM ] K/k9*V /u{ 6@a5 CP W*_So C@~5: f E '+<,9:
./u{ GI8,5
[Cm:X( fXP C+- fXP 6m*aL [
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 65 B > 642 B > 1!! B > %6 >
F85/tV Ž~85 re9 ‘H:/I5 W2 O/,9: '7- 6=5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.KXLd: r( |D9: r( ;=<I9: fC-M ŒM/I9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
F@(:M Fp:KY KXLd: ¢KCR W2 J@7- 6=5 *L ;,- r( ^/‰R W2 ;DP
`:Y:C<Ipl:M /@V:CI9: y„II9 6S:X=9:M GHMd: h7I„L '7- GD78RM
.*L W*eL r( }tu ‘k5 W2 O/,9: '7- 6=5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:†CU ‘k5M *†,p*U :†K:/P y„I5 W2 *†S*@U2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
] ;Q*~9: K:/89: yud ;‡*,5M W*_S•: ”X_5 *†S*@U2 .•:C<I5 l •† Q*(
J,€/R W2 ;DP y@~+I9: ‘wXL K:/89: :yx ‘kR W2 ;k(d: 3e9M
.GV f:ŽI9l: '7- ”M/Z9:
.f*@9: •yx 3L :†CU:M f*5d: •yx CU2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
JS2 r+<5 :y\( [ *L fX5 r( [ *L ;,<V fX8R W2 |w/- :so E '+<,9:
'7- ;,<9*V fX8RM :†C-XL YC4R W2 ;k(d: .*†P•‡o ;,<9*V fX8R 39
.?yVyI9: 3L l† CV KX~9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 6%# B > 6#2 B > %5 B > 56 B > 22# B > 4%6 >
B 4#1 >
3L 3@HM. ŒM*_V ?*8-d: 3L CU:M ¦M. E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
6-*a,9: GHM 3L W*_S•: /~5 W2 ;k(d: 3L WXe5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.*\\H:X5M h85 W2 '7- ] Cm:C‰9:M
B c*0Ld: /ZS2 2% B > 11 B > 41 >
5%#- »ne pair of heels is often worth two pairs
of hands.
fC8L r+<R l [XSX+_9: [ KX@‡ 3L :†CUM Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>‘@V/9:B h@a9:
)/e( ¦*I+Ip: M2 K:/P s*„R*V ;=<I5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 l E '+<,9:
W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5M s:Xv )C-*P ;e7( .CU:M ;@9Y '7- :†C,I<L *L
.”*1 ¢*p2 •V F<5/p `:K:/P y„I5 lM TM/I5
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
542- »ne volunteer is worth two pressed men.
544- »pen confession is good for the soul.
545- »pportunit" makes the thief.
546- »pportunit" seldom knocks twice.
54- »ther times• other manners.
54#- »ut of debt• out of danger.
F71 z9*<9: ;<=R F<@Dt9: 3L )CU:M F_,9 Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F_,9M FD@‡ FI~9 W*_Sd: F@ud W*_S•: ŒCD5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
h<w Ft8S /\Z5 'IU M2 ] O*~a9:M YX9: /-*‰L G9 /\Z5M ] F@S*U
z\+@V ?/85M /‰D9: 3@V ŽH:X49: ;5Ž5 W}V ;@~1 :y\( ] F@S*_So
.z\VX7P 3@V *L ‘,=5M
541- »ne touch of Éature makes the whole
world kin.
.3@,€/L 3@7H/9 3L ;k(2 :†CU:M *-XtIL Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F,\,9: O:Yd GRY:Ko n4,VM :†K*I„L W*_S•: fC8I5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
CU:M ;HK ;,- WXe5 :y\VM .*\S*8Ro M2 *\U*=So '7- ;,<5 39 GSœ(
.3@,€/L 3@7HK ;,- 3L ;k(2 ‘m*‡
¢*+9: z7-2 ˆt8( O:y49: ŒCR/5 Œy9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
> z9q5 B )C‰V O:y49: G@( ˆAk5 Œy9: `*,7e,9*V
*\V /,5 Œy9: ;0L FV/=I79 ;L*e9: /@i}I9*V /<‰5 CU2 l E '+<,9:
'7- KY*89: •CUM Xx *L *†~PXL GH:X5 Œy9: W*_S•: Wo .*\+5*<5M
.hPX,9: :yx Y*<V2 ?*<@Ip:
54%- »nl" the wearer knows where the shoe
.ŠM/9: C@~5 r+7<9: ”:/I-l: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
j5/t9:M ] GPKq5M GVy<5 GSœ( ] /_V W*_S•: ©~I45 *LC+- E '+<,9:
”:/I-d: Xx ] z9d: :yx 3L •7„I79 Ge7_5 W2 G+e,5 Œy9: C@UX9:
FL•pM 3xy9: O*~Q W*_S•: C@<I_5 ymC+-M ] /_9*V ŠXD9:M r+7<9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .ƒ~+9: 2$4 >
.*†a9 |<+Q FQ/~9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'9o X-CR JS2 z7-*( ] •m:M/9:M ŒY*A9: f*L2 O*@v2 |1/R :so '+<,9:
r( /e~5 z9 *†S*_So O*+I-: •V •*87,9: O*@vd: •yx ŒŽAR CP .*\IP/p
6m*_9: c*,9: [ *†a9 ‘+a5 c*,x•: Wœ( :y\VM *xyu2 '9o ] FP/_9:
[ FP/_9: z7<5
.3@R/L ?*D9: g/tR *L :†KY*S FQ/~9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)/L W*_Sš9 z_ID5 ©49: Wœ( *\<@kR lM FQ/~9: z+I€: E '+<,9:
39 *\S2 z7-*( ] FQ/~9: |I7(2M |_-*8R M2 |7p*eR :soM ˆ8( )CU:M
.F@S*i K/eIR
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 6!5 B > 651 B > 624 B > 2#1 B > %$! B > 4$4 >
B 4%6 B > 2!$ B > 22# >
.T/u2 6@9*p2 ] T/u2 `*PM2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r-:Y •( .)*@49: r( GVX7p2M /@e~I9: r( GI85/‡ ;DH ;e9 E '+<,9:
z\@7- ;V ] O*+Vd: '7- z\m:K{M zxK*e(2 ¡/( O*V: cM*45 Wd
)*@49: r( z\85/‡ WMK*I„5 zxO*+V2 :X1/I5 W2 '7- Y*vK•:M •a+9*V
.F~@ZS F85/t9: •yx |L:Y *L ]
3L ;‡K 3L ;k(2 ‹/49: 3L )CU:M FaSM2 Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
>FP*D79:M ”/Z9:B Fp:/~9:
FD‡*„L r( Ky49:M ‹/49: fŽI75 W2 W*_Sš9 ;k(d: E '+<,9:
;Z9: F~uM ”/Z9: K*\…• )/i/09: r( FA9*D,9: cM*45 lM 35/u:
K/k9: b:CUo r( 6D_I5 CP M2 n<D9: ¢*_Uo Š/=5 C8( ] FP*D79:M
[ JS*aU JS*_9 [ .ŒKC5 W2 WMCV
54!- An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of
./tu r( |_9 ] *†@S:CL |_9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
¡/<RM g.}L r( J_~S ‘kR JS2 z7-*( l† *L |w/IP: :so E '+<,9:
ymC+-M ] ¡/89: YC_R 'IU /RXI9:M j789: ?*Dp2 3L /@0e9 J_~S
.3xy9: O*~QM r_~+9: OMC\9: C@<I_RM /t„9: F8t+L 3- C<IDR
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
55$- »ut of sight• out of mind.
551- Ìadle "our own canoe.
552- Ìatience is virtue.
55%- ˜he pen is mightier than the sword.
554- Ìer ardua ad astra.
55- Ìleasant hours fl" fast.
55!- Ìossession is nine point of the law.
55#- ˜he pot called the kettle black.
.c*D9: 3- C@<V ] 3@<9: 3- C@<V E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G5Xt5 C8( G+- :†C@<V |78IS: M2 W*_So 3- `C<IV: :so E '+<,9:
f*L2 Xx *,V ;A‰+5 )Y*- W*_S•*( . . |PX9: 3L )/I( C<V W*@_+9:
G@( /e~5: f :†KY*+( ] G+@<S ^ C@<D9: *L2 ] ‹*„v2 M2 KXL}S f G@+@-
.GV ;A‰+5 M2
[ O*~H C<D9: [
B ;0,9: /ZS: 1 .>'+<,9: ƒe-B >
.J_~+V JVK*P ”CH E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM G_~+V G9*,-2 ŒYq5M G_~S '7- CI<5 W2 W*_S•: '7- E '+<,9:
.G+- G9*,-2 O:Y}V WM/u: fX85 W2 /ZI+5
[ N/~… ;0L NC7H JU *L [
.F7@k( /Da9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F,UK 3L ¢}@5 lM /Da9*V '74I5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 62 >
.h@_9: 3L TXP2 z789: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.Š•_9: 3L zZ-2 :†/@i}RM *†<PM FVXIe,9: F7,e79 WXe5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 6#4 >
.fX=+9: '9o ?*<a9: /D- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'9o ;a5 'IU ?*<a9:M g*‰,9: ;,4I5 W2 W*_S•: '7- E '+<,9:
.[ r9*@79: /\p •<9: 67‡ 3L [ .G(:Cx2 j845M GL:/L
B ;0,9: /ZS: 6!2 >
zt4I5 'IU /ŸD9: '9o cMŽ+9: r( /,I_5 X9C9: WÊ E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F5*\+9: r(
F5*\+9: r( /Ld: GV r\I+5 CP K/eILM /,I_L Š*=S Œ2 W2 E '+<,9:
W2M CV l ] zm:C9: ?*8<9:M O:Ž=9: 3L K:/~9: F9*4LM ] ;‰~9: '9o
Œ2M F5*\S Orv ;e9 .cY*<9: O:Ž=9:M ?*8<9: '9o F5*\+9: r( ;aR
.*L CU C+- h85 r9: fX@9: rR}5 W2M CV l K/eI5 ;,-
555- ˜he pitcher goes so often to the well that it
is broken at last.
.GS*eL r( Orp ;1M ] Orv ;e9 W*eL E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•@4a9: W*eL Orv ;e7( ] 6@R/I9:M f*Z+9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
./_52M ;\p2 )*@49: MCDR ”X_( ]
556- A place for ever"thing• and ever"thing in its
.*†<5/p /,R )X749: `*-*_9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*†<5/p /,@V |PX9: W2 C=S ] KM/_9:M )Y*<_9*V /<‰R *LC+- E '+<,9:
C=+p ] fX,\9: n<V *+7A‰R M2 ;7,9: T W*<S W*1 :so GS2 3_U r( ]
[ /@aP KM/p•L X5 [ .'t„9: F7@8iM FŸ@tV rk,R `*-*_9: W2
B ;0,9: /ZS: 16 >
.WXS*89: r( ’*8S ‘_R G9 N•ILl: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] Or‰9: :yx r( rSXS*89: j49: /D12 G9 Or‰9: J7I,5 3L E '+<,9:
G@7- ^.*+I,9: K*8<9: W*1 3L .G9XU zm*P ^:ŽS N*+x W*1 WoM 'IU
z9 WoM 'IU K*8<9: J9*L F@SXS*89: F@U*+9: 3L X\( ] GR.XU r(
.F@(*e9: F+5XS*89: 3@x:/D9:M F9Yd:M GI@e7L `*Dio ‘@tI_5
.YXpd*V j5/V•: |<S KC89: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- *\V haI5 'I9: `*~a9: g•‡o '9o W*_S•: ;@,5 E '+<,9:
;,<V z\L*@89 W2 M2 35/u: fX75 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 l .35/u:
.*\V Xx haI5 Fa@8S z\@( C8I+5 M2 ] GV fX85
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
561- Ìovert" is no sin.
562- Ìractice makes perfect.
56%- Ìractise what "ou peach.
565- Ìraise without profit puts little in the pot.
566- Ìrevention is better than cure.
56- Ìrocrastination is the thief of time.
56#- ˜he proof of the pudding is in the eating.
5$- ˜he proper stud" of mankid is man.
.*\@7- |5Ž9: O*89œV K*+9: O*~‡o zI5 39 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
CP cX8V GRKXi 3L YŽR l ] /m*i W*_So FmC\R `YK2 :so E '+<,9:
n~„5 *†L•1 G9 GHXR W2 cM*U ;V ] GRKXi c*<vo 3L C5Ž5M GDkA5
56$- Ìouring oil the fire is not the wa" to –uench
.:†K*- ƒ@9 /8~9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;,<5 W*_S•: f:Y *L ] F,5/H ƒ@9M *†@D- ƒ@9 /8~9: E '+<,9:
.F7@DSM F~5/v ;m*pXV
.c*,e9: r92 TYqRM > 65KCI9:B FpK*,,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( c*,e9: FHKY '9o cXQ: M: *L )K*\L W*8Ro J+e,5 39 E '+<,9:
/ZS: .G@7- 65KCRM )K/eIL `:/L Or‰9: yx ¢K*,R z9 *L *L ;,-
B c*0Ld: 16 B > %2$ B > %!# >
.G@9o X-CR *L ¢K*L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
6=5 .G70,V `}R M2 GV z8R •( G+- |@\IS: M2 :†/L2 |D- :so E '+<,9:
3- G+R l [ 35/u: X-C5 *,V fŽI75M G9X85 *L C8~I5 W2 O/,9: '7-
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ G70L rR}ISM j7u 1#2 >
.2Xp2 ‚@_9:M ;k(2 C@=9: ;<=5 O*+09: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
r( /,I_5 G7<=R ;w*( W*_Sd ‘@=‰I9:M O*+09: `*,71 W2 E '+<,9:
Orv W*_So '9o |\HM :so *L2 .;k(2 WXe5 W2 '7- •/~4RM Gtu
.FŸ@_9: GRY*- 3- ‘785 39M •/v r( /,I_@_(
564- Ìraise makes good men better and bad
.KC89: r( ;@789: ‘k5 •VK WMCV E F@(/49: F@,H/I9:
'7- WM/u: r+05 *LC+-M 3,_5 lM r+A5 l •CUM •5C,9: E '+<,9:
W2 ;k(d:M ] F@8@8U )Cm*~V z\R*,71 J@7- YX<R 37( ] GV |,P *L
.F5Y*L F85/tV z\<45CL 3- :M/D<5
B c*0Ld: /S: % B > 2$ B > 2!! >
.¦•<9: 3L /@u F5*PX9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
‘+,9 FL.•9: `*‡*@IUl: W*_S•: y„I5 W2 ;k(d: 3L E '+<,9:
z9 X9 *,@( ‘8@p Œy9: K/k9: ¦•-M Š•Qo W2 '7- ] Or‰9: bYXU
.`*‡*@IUl: •yx y„I5
[ ¦•- K*t+P 3L /@u F5*PM zxKY [
> |PX9:B W*LŽ9: •9 ;@H}I9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
fC- '9o JV r\I+5M ] |PX79 F<@kL ;@H}I9:M j5X_I9: W2 E '+<,9:
.Orv T}V f*@89:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 666 B > 6#2 B > %5 B > 5%! B > 624 B > 6%# >
B 22# B > 4%6 B > 4#1 >
./_e+R re9 |<+Q ] )/@t~9: /‰P ;0L YX-X9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
G~7I„L :†YX\- G_~S '7- yu}5M )/@01 :†YX-M W*_S•: fC85 E '+<,9:
*†S*@_S /012 G+e9 YX-X9: /@01 W*_S•:M .*\V fŽI75 *L :†KY*S G+e9M
.YX-X9: •y\9
56!- Ìromises arelike pie-crust• made to be
.'9X49: )YXH ”/<R g:y,9*V EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L F5/Z+9: M2 Œ2/9: Š•Q W*_S•: ”/<5 FV/=I9*V E '+<,9:
C<V lo FŸtu M2 /Ld: ?:XaV ze45 W2 W*_Sš9 3e,5 •( .*,xY*_(
[ W*\5 M2 O/,9: f/e5 W*4ILl: C+- [ 65/89: ;0,9:
.G5/‰D79 FDp*+,9: Fp:KC9: rx W*_S•: Fp:KY E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\iX4V :X~…X5M F@+xy9: z\R*@S*eLo :X7AI_5 W2 /‰D9: '7- E '+<,9:
G<QM 3@_4R F9M*4LM W*_S•: c:XU2 z\( F9M*4L r( z\Ip:KYM
.GV O*8RKl:M
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
54- Ìunctualit" is the politeness of kings.
56- Ìut the saddle on the right horse.
5- Íueen Anne is dead.
5!- &ain before seven• fine before eleven.
5#- &ats desrt a sinking ship.
.GI@VM G+‡M r( lo h5/‰I9: `*5{ rD+9: fC<5 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FL*- WX+‡:X,9:M O*PCQd:M 'V/89: MMs 3Z5 *L :†/@01 E '+<,9:
GIV/€ K:Y r( G@7- ;a45 Œy9: /5C8I9: 3L Or‰V z@Z<9: '7-
.GDx:XLM GR*@S*eLœV Œ/8D<9: F7m*- ”/I<R *L :†KY*SM
[ ?/t5 l r49: /L:. [ [ G+‡M r( r+9 FL:/1 l [
B 3@70,9: /ZS: [ 5!% B > 2$% >
51- A prophet is not without honour• save in
his countr"• and in his own house.
.z\+4I,R bK:Xe9:M ] O*PCQ2 J9 ‘+Q O:/09: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FP:Ca9: WX-C5 3,L C5C<9: G9XU C=5 Œ/0I9: W*_S•: E '+<,9:
zx/-*‰L F8@8UM r8@849: z\SC<L h‰Ie5 l G+e9M ] 'S*~I9:M
.GRM/i C8~5 *LC+- lo Gx*=R
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ W:Xu•: ”/<R Cm:C‰9: C+- [ 226 >
52- Ìrosperit" makes friends• adversit" tires
.F5X89: 6m*Ie9: 6S*H r( *†,m:Y rx F@\9d: F5*+<9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
cs*„I9: 3L Ky45M )X89: ?*Dp}V yud: '7- ;0,9: £45 E '+<,9:
MC- GV WXDx/R ;@„9: ’*VK 3LM )XP 3L zI<tIp: *L z\9 :MC-M2M B
z@Z<9: °: gCQ >z1MC-M °:
°: cXpK g CQ [ h@<k9: 3Lq,9: 3L /@u TX89: 3Lq,9: [
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 24$ B > 26$ >
5%- Ìrovidence is alwa"s on the side of the big
.NX7,9: ?:Y{ 3L C@-:X,9: FPY E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- FZ(*4,9:M C@-:X,9: FPCV W*_S•: fŽI75 W2 z\,9: 3L E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .GR*PM2 ’*DkS: 4! >
.¡/,9: CL2 ;@tR n5/,9: FZ~4L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/@u}IV 6@t9: J9s T/€2 *,71 ] *†5/i n5/,9: W*1 *,71 E '+<,9:
.G+L )Y*~Ip•9 Gm*~v
55- ˜he purse of the patient protracts the
.6p*+,9: W*a49: '7- ¦/_9: ‘w E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
jU Œs ;1 ©-2 .:†CU2 z7ZR lM F84I_5 3,9 fX79: GHM E '+<,9:
.|@(XR W2 Fe7,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F,5CP K*Du2 rx |7@P rI9: K*Dud: W}V h5/<I79 ;0,9: c*85 E '+<,9:
.‘@,=9: *\(/-
.)/‰- TY*49: ;DP X4Q ] F<V*_9: ;DP K*tL2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
KXLd: `C8<R *,\,( .c§*~I9:M ;Ld: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<\,9:
j789: W*eL )Y*<_9M f•_9: ;45 *L W*-/p `*L.d: `CIv:M
[ ¦/~R l *\+…2 |++1M |H/( .*\R*87U |,e4Ip: *,7( |P*w [
.FPK*A9: F+@~_9: /=\R WK*Ÿ~9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
K*tud: jDtR *LC+- FL•_9: XH/5 3L cM2 n<D9: WXe5 E '+<,9:
)KY*V cM2 C+- 3e9M ] *+IP:CaV n<D9: /x*ZI5 CPM .?*<a9: gC4RM
.K*ZSd: 3- WX~I„V ] 6-*I,79
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5!$- ˜he receiver is as bad as the thife.
5!%- &espect is greater from a distance.
5!4- &evenge is sweet.
5!5- A rich man's ™oke is alwa"s funn".
5- A rolling stone gathers no moss.
5!!- &ome was not built in a da".
.•79: ;0L 6SyL r87I,9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
£L }tu 6eRK: C8( ] gM/_L GS2 G,7- ‘L ‚‰V ©~I45 3L E '+<,9:
•Cw j7t5M W*_SœV /\‰5 3L Wœ( :yexM .FP/_9*V f*P Œs•9
3L G<,p *L YY/5 ˆ8( GS}V Ky<9: ƒ,I75 W2 3e,5 •( ] `*<m*‰9:
O*,p ] r-:/79 )Y*<p ] ;@79: '( O:/,U O*,p E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.r-:/79 /5y4R ] Š*Da9: '( O:/,U
W2 ”M/<,9: 3L ] ƒ8t9*V ‹*„9: rD<‰9: b:/I9: 3L E '+<,9:
*L2 ] r9*I9: fX@9: r( :†X4Q :†XH r+<5 )C5C‰9: )/,49*V Ž@,I5 *†8~v
.678IL h‡*- X=5 *†D9*€ Ky+@( )/,49: C5Cv /=(
5!1- &ed sk" at night• shepherd's delughtÅ &ed
sk" in the morning shepherd's warning.
.O:MC9: 3L 2Xp2 O:MC9: WXe5 CP E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|DiM ] *L /tu F=9*<,9 ;m*pM '9o W*_S•: }=75 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
/012 K/k9: 3L |8492M :†OXp hPX,9: `Y:. F7@pX9: W2 ”M/Z9:
.)Cm*~9: 3L
5!2- ˜he remed" ma" be worse than the
.F(*_,9*V Y:YŽ5 c•H•: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'8D5M F(*_,V 35/u: 3@VM G+@V ;a~5 Œy9: O/,9: Wo E '+<,9:
3- f:/IUl: 3L /D12 :†KCP G@9XR ¢*+9: Wœ( ] ¢*+9: F@8V 3- cŽ<,V
B ;0,9: /ZS: .35/u: TXI_,9 G_~S rSC5M c.*+I5 Œy9: 2$% >
.g:y,9: X7U f*8ISl: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] K}09*V yu}5M GL*8IS: y~+5 *LC+- F<I,V z8I+,9: /<‰5 CP E '+<,9:
3L r+=5 39M ] 35CU Ms Š•p f*8ISl: f2 C<V *,@( h‰Ie@p G+e9M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .?:y<9:M fC+9: TXp Gm:KM 1## >
.Fe4kL *†,m:Y WXeR Œ/09: *\87t5 rI9: GIe+9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
‘@,H 3e9M F~@~u M2 F~5/… Œ/09: FIeS WXeRl CP E '+<,9:
.F<m:K *\S2 WM/x*ZI5M *\@7- WXe4k5 G+L 35C@~I_,9:M 3@8(*+,9:
WoM 'IU ] *\SFA@_I_5 lM ] /@8~9: `*eS CU2 ‘,_5 l 3@U r(
.Œ/09: `*eS 3L ;k(2 |S*1
.FD@t9: *5:X+9*V ÎM/~L z=+,9: '9o j5/t9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FD@‡ c*,-2 *\<DI5 z9 Wo *\+e9M FD@‡ *5:X+9: WXeR CP E '+<,9:
3L 2Xp2 /@i}R *\9 WXe5 C8( ¢X,7L ‘P:X1 *\8@84R r( *\7‰(M
F@L*_9: *+mY*DL 3- r7„I79 j5/t9: *+9 C\,RM ] F0@D„9: *5:X+9:
.c•4Sl:M Y*_~9: F5M*x '9o K:C4Sl:M
5!6- ˜he road t ohell is paved with good
.69*4t9: ‘,=5 l C4+,9: /=49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*eL r( /I,_5 l Ty9:M ] ¦:Ž,9: 678I,9: rm:X\9: W*_S•: E '+<,9:
Ž1/L M2 )M/i 35XeR ‘@tI_5 39 ] F75X‡ )C,9 |V*i ;,- lM CU:M
.F,m:Y `*P•- M2 C@H
.CU:M fX5 '( 3DR z9 Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
¦*I4R c*,-d: 3L ;m•=9*( ] )/V*0,9:M /Da9: '9o X-C5 E '+<,9:
F=41 ;0,9: yuq5 C0P 3e9M .*x.*=S• ;5X‡ |PMM g*v YX\=L '9o
.q‡*DI9:M /@u}I79
B c*0Ld :/ZS: 415 B > 41# B > 6$% B > 55 B > #$ B > %2$ B > %56 >
;ZIp ] /u{ zp: Œ2 )/xŽ9: '7- *+87‡2 X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.J9s 3L z€/9*V F7@,H *\I4m:K
F8@8UM r‰9: WX1 zxd: ;V F@,x2 `:yV O*,pd: |_@9 E '+<,9:
.>GI@x*LMB G7Q2
5!#- A rose b" an" other name would smell as
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5#$- ˜he rotten apple in™ures its neighbours.
5#1- µafet" lies in the middle course.
5#2- µa"ing is one thing and doing another.
5#%- µecond thoughs are best.
5#4- µeeing is believing.
5#5- µelf-praise is no recommendation.
5#6- µelf-preservation is the first law of nature.
5#!- µet a thief to catch a thief.
5##- µhare and share alike.
6$1- µilence gives consent.
.*\S:/@H C_~R )Cp*~9: FU*~I9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/k5 Cp*~9: Wœ( ] OX_9: O*8(K 3- W*_S•: C<ID5 W2 6=5 E '+<,9:
G@7- cXp/9: GDv CPM .K*k9: /@i}I9:M OX_9: z\9 67=5M G9XU 3,V
*+<7_RM GS:/@S *+4~7R /@e9: ¼(*+V OX_9: j@(K f•_9:M )•a9:
/I‰S z9 Wo ] FD@t9: •m:M/9: ‘m*DV GDv}( /@„9: j@(K *L2 ] •*5*Zv
[•K*+V TXI1: Y:C49: KM*H 3L [ .G=5K}V ‘,I_S ;Pd: '7<( ] G+L
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 2$ B > 2# >
.ˆpX9: j5/t9: r( 3,eR FL•_9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.”/tI9: 3- C<D9:M c:CI-l: '7- ;0,9: £45 E '+<,9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: [ *\tpM2 KXLd: /@u [ 42 B > 462 B > 16 >
./u{ Orv ;<~9:M Orv cX89: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L 3e9M ] FS*S/9: c:XPd*V W*_S•: gC‰I5 W2 ;\_9: 3L E '+<,9:
B ;0,9 :/ZS: .c:XPd: •yx j@84RM y@~+R 6<a9: 15! >
.;k(2 rS*09: /@e~I9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C@<5 ;V `K:/89: s*„R: ;=<I5 l W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
K:/89: 3L ;k(2 rS}I,9: K:/89: W2 C=@pM GR:K:/PM •K*e(2 r(/Z+9:
.‘5/_9: ¦Xxd:
.>G(CaR Or‰9: T/R W2B j5CaR F5§/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.3@<9*V GI5§K YC<V lo Or‰9: WXPCa5 l ¢*+9: 3L /@01 E '+<,9:
.F@QXIV ƒ@9 `:y9: O*+i E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
zm:C9: ] G_~+9 •5C,9: /@01 ] GR:yV /„~9: C5C‰9: W*_S•: E'+<,9:
.•Y*8I-: G1K*‰5 M2 GPCa5 3L C=5 *L :†KY*S GR:.*=SœV rx*DI9:
.F<@Dt9: ƒ@L:XS cM2 `sl: ©~U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- FZ(*4,9: '7- W*_S•: ;,<5 W2 F@S*_S•: )Ž5/A9: 3L E '+<,9:
F@S*S¶9 F<5Ky1 ;0,9: y„I5 CPM .Fe7\I9: '9o G_~S O*89o fC-M GIL•p
.`:y9: K*05oM
B ;0,9 :/ZS: 1!$ >
GV j7t+5 ”XpM W*aU /\… '7- l† X_IL ‘w E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.W*t@‰9: '9o
3- '7„I5 *L :†/@01 GSœ( ] )}=( /@8( W*_So T/05 *LC+- E '+<,9:
.Fp/tA9:M F(/=<9:M FU*PX9*V haI5M ‘w:XI9:
5#- µet a begger on horseback and he'll ridw to
the devil.
.•9 '7- nD879 *†a9 ;pK2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
GSd z\9 ŒCaI9:M ‹Xa79: h‰1 *T7- ¢*+9: KCP2 •79: E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .z\P/‡M z\7@4V ¢*+9: z7-2 252 >
.W•i*,IL 6@a+9:M 6@a+9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*,p*8I5 W2 6=_@( ] ^M/‰L r( W*+i: NK*‰I5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
./uÁ9 F5M*_L *,\+L ;1 FaU WXeRM ] ”*aS•:M cC<9*V *,\D@aS
.|@D79 g/t9: cX‡2 ru F~I7,9: g/t9: /aP2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C8( ] J(Cx '9o ‘5/_9: cXQX79 g/t9: K*aIu: cM*4R l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .)C5C@- /‡*„L J9s 3,kI5 425 >
6$$- ˜he shortest wa" round is the longest wa"
.cXD89: '+@<5 |,a9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/D<R )Y*- JSœ( ] G9 *D7tL |k(K M2 W*_So ‘L |~7Iu: :so E '+<,9:
fC- rS*<5 *L )Y*<( |,Q :so JS2 3@U r( ] Jk(K 3- FU:/Q
.¡:/I-: YXHM
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ *w/9: FL•- `Xe_9: [ 4## >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
6$2- µilence is golden.
6$%- µlow but sure wins the race.
6$4- µo man" countries• so man" customs.
6$5- A soft answer turneth awa" wrath.
6$6- µome are wise and some are otherwise.
6$!- µow the wind and reap the whirlwind.
6$#- µpare the rod and spoil the child.
61$- µpeak fair and think what "ou like.
611- µpeak the truth and shame the devil.
612- µpeak well of the dead.
61%- µpeech is silver• silence is golden.
614- ˜he spirit is willing• but the flesh is weak.
616- A still tongue makes a wise head.
.6xs 3L `Xe_9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;07L :/ZS: .•w:M '+<,9: 61% >
.g*D_9: 6_eR F80V 3e9M OˆDV E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;V g*84Ip*V KXLd: yu}5 lM ;=<I5 l2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
cX‡2 )CL J9s yu2 WoM 'IU •C\H cyD5M W*8R•M F80V G7,- TYq5
..X~9:M Š*=+9: 3L C1}I5 'IU |PX9: 3L
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 55 B > 5!! B > 41# B > 415 B > %56 B > %2$ B > #$ >
.F~7I„L C@9*8R W )C5C- W*‡M2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Ž@,,9: FVX7p2M FQ*„9: •C@9*8RM GR:Y*- 6<vM 3‡M ;e9 E '+<,9:
.)*@49: r(
B ;0,9: /ZS: 4! >
.6kA9: C<D5 j@P/9: Y/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l ] 6kAV J\HM r( Š*QM GV*a-2 C8(M zxCU2 K*i :so E '+<,9:
FDk€ 3L C4R J9yV JSœ( ] OMCxM FP/V GDU2 ;V ] ;0,9*V G@7- Y/R
B ;0,9: /ZS: .GRKXi ÆC\RM %4 >
.J9s /@€ /u:M O*@1s2 n<D9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l /u: *k<D9:M O*1yV WX(/aI5 ¢*+9: n<V E •w:M '+<,9:
.*5:Ž,9: •y\V WX~aI5
.K*=vd: 6D_V FV*A9: WM/5 l ¢*+9: n<V E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l z\S: 'IU F8@PC9: ;@Q*~I9: z\7A‰R ¢*+9: n<V E '+<,9:
.;e9: WX1/I5M OŽ=9: yu}@( .;e1 /Ld: WXD-XI_5
6$- µome people cannot see the wood for the
. ‘V:MŽ9: CaU:M •5/9: ^K.: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
./‰9: r+=5 W2 TXp /kI+5 l /‰9: W*@RœV 2CD5 3L E '+<,9:
.;~t9: C_~R *a<9: /(M E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.GP•u2 `O*pM C_(l•M }tu2 Wo J7~‡ 6P*<R W2 6=5 E '+<,9:
['a- 3,9 *a<9:M [ *a<9: ?Yq,9: z<S [
.|Ÿv *,~@1 /e(M ht7V bC4R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 '7- ] J_~+9 35/u: •*=R Jm:K¿V ©~I4R W2 J+e,5 E '+<,9:
.)YMYM FVy\L F85/tV - z\@( J52K W*1 *,\L - z\7L*<R
.W*t@‰9: Žu:M F8@849: ;P E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F\H:XL r( j49*V fŽI7RM *†,m:Y F8@849: cX8R W2 J@7- E '+<,9:
.?ye79 J<(CR rI9: `:O:/ۥ:
.`:XLd: 3- /@„9*V bC4R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\,\IR lM z\VX@-M `:XLd: ÆM*_L 3- bC4IR l W2 6=5 '+<,9:
[ z1*RXL 3p*4L :M./1s: [ z\_~S: 3- ^*(C9: WX<@tI_5 l z\(
.6xs 3L `Xe_9: 3e9 Fk( 3L f•e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.f•e9: 3L z7p2M Â7V2 |,a9: WXe5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
[ 6xs 3L `Xe_9*( Fk( 3L f•e9: W*1 :so [
.h@<w C_=9: 3e9M ] FP:XR ŠM/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*+I9*U *+<+,R 3e9M *L Orv O:Y}V f*@89: '9o '9o gXIS CP E '+<,9:
.G@9o X~\S *L j@84R 3- F5CD9: *+I9*U h8R *L :†/@01 .F5C_=9:
`*,7e9: 3e9M rL*Z- W*@a<9:M K*=Ud: |I~R CP E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.:†CV2 r+5sqR 39
*\+e9M *†5Y*L W*_S•: ŒsqR l F5K*=9: `*,7e9:M zm*I‰9: E '+<,9:
3L /tu N*+x •Da5 ymC+- ] `*,eD9M `*LC1 '9o cX4IR *LC+-
.f*Z<9: z@t4R
615- µticks and stones ma" break m" bones• but
words will never hurt me.
.*†,@eU ;8<9: ;<=5 |L*a9: W*_79: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 3L 3_5/u: '9o ^*,Ipl*V /012 z7<IR W2 J+e,5 E '+<,9:
.z\<L /i/0RM bC4IR
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
61- µtill waters run deep.
61!- ˜he sting of a reproach is the truth of it.
61#- A stitch in time saves nine.
62$- µtolen pleasures are sweetest
624- µtruke while the iron is hot.
526- µuccess has man" friends.
62- µufficient unto the da" is the evil thereof.
.KXA9: F8@,- FmY*\9: •*@,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
WX~„5 z\+e9M |,a9:M OMC\9*V WM/x*I5 Y:/(d: n<V E '+<,9:
WXDu*a9: z\,Z<,( F<5C„9:M /e,9: '9o *†-MŽS M2 O† *xY J9s O:KM
/@e~I9: '9o WX7@,@( WXIL*a9: *L2 /@e~I9: r( F@4t_9: '9o WX7@,5
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ rx:MY rx:X_9: |4R [ .j@,<9: 16% >
.GI8@8U r( ?*I<9: F<_9 E F5/49: F,H/I9:
G7,4IR JSœ( ] *†~4=L *†LX9 W*_So J9 GHM :so .z9qR F8@849: E '+<,9:
ŽuXV /<‰R JSœ( ] *8@8UM GS*eL r( GLX9 W*1 :so *L2 ] F9X\_V
.F<_R y8+5 6p*+,9: |PX9: r( jR/9: Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)KM/w 6+=IIp JSœ( /@AQ j5Ž,R Š•QœV |-/p2 :so E '+<,9:
r( F<5/_9: `:O:/H•: s*„R: Wo .C<V *,@( z„w 68i Š•QœV f*@89:
3L C5Ž@( ;@H}I9: *L2 •s*8So 3e,5 *L s*8So '7- ;,<R )/eDL F7U/L
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .F7e‰,9: z=U 6% B > %6 >
.?y-d: 'x F_7I„,9: `:y7,9: E F@(/49: F,=R/9:
*L )Y*-M ] ?X€/L ^X+,L Œ2M )X7U FL/4,9: )/,09: E '+<,9:
CxŽ5 GS2 3@U r( ] c*+,9: 6<QM G@7- ‘+I,L Xx *L W*_S•: r\I‰5
B ;0,9: /ZS: .G5C9 /(:XI,9: KX_@,9: ;\_9: r( 22$ >
F,@Z- F7@7H Cm:X( KXLd: 3L /m*Aa79 WXe5 CP E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;0,9: /ZS: .;D8I_,9: r( bC4Ip FD@xK KXL}V Ky+R CPM W}‰9:
B ! >
621- A straw will show which wa" the wind
.F87U h<w2 r( 3,eR F7_7_9: )XP E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Wœ( ] `*8749: F+@IL F7_7p ˆpM r( F87U h<kR *LC+- E '+<,9:
)Y*- .*\<7„9 F9*4L r( F8749: •yx '7- ŽeR/RM 6@a+R *\71 )X89:
h@<k9: Xk<9: '7- `:K*DIul:M ?K*=I9: z1:/IR W2 ”Y*aI5 *L
.ŒX89: Xk<9: F1K*R
622- ˜he strength of the chain is in the weakest
.JRO•L ¢*8L 6_U J@LCP YCL E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FU*I,9: ”M/Z9: 6_U z7P}I9:M h@eI9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
.[ J7@HK CL J(*49 CP '7- [ .J7uY G@9o J7xq5 *L 6_U ³-M
B ;0,9 :/ZS: 1$2 >
62%- µtretch "our legs according to "our
.*†@L*U f:Y *L C5C49: '7- g/‡: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*L O:Yd ^K*pM F@Dxy9: FQ/~9:M 6p*+,9: |PX9: z+I€: E '+<,9:
/ZS: . zm•,9: ‘wX9: /@AI5 M2 F@R:X,9: FQ/~9: ‘@kR W2 ;DP rAIDR
B 3@70,9: 546 B > 4%6 >
*†,m:Y •DaI_( )/L /‰9: ^.:X+9 |,7_Ip: X9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
./‰79 :†/@p2M :†CD-
625- µubmitting go one wrong brungs on
.WX5C- O*PCQ2 Š*=+79 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
r-CLM O*PCQd*V *†‡*4L )Y*- WXe5 •U*+9: Œ/09: W*_S•: E '+<,9:
3L ‘,=9: n~+@p FU*=SM GRKXi C8( :so *L2 3@<~I++,9:M FP:Ca9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F9XU 25 >
.G+L KY*a9: •/v CU:X9: fX@79 r~e5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J9yV JSœ( .CA9: zx ;,4R lM j78R lM JLX5 WMq‰V zIx: E '+<,9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: .F@(*wo *†LX,x JLX5 fX,x '9o h@kRM C5ŽR 4#6 >
B 1% B > 126 B > 125 B > 6#1 >
.bM/9: GLX1 '7- g/‰R W2 ƒ,‰9: 6@<5 l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:yexM .3@t9: r( ^/-/RM X,+R W2 *\5/k5 l FD@t9: GID+9: E '+<,9:
.F0@Du |S*1 WoM 'IU z\IŸ@V zxC_~R l ¢*+9: K*@u Wœ(
62!- ˜he sun is never the worse for shining on a
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
62#- µweet are the uses of asversit".
6%$- ˜he tailor makes the man.
6%2- ˜ake heed of the snake in the grass.
6%%- ˜ake not a musket to kill a butterfl".
6%4- ˜ake the bull b" the horns.
6%5- ˜ake the rough with the smooth.
6%6- ˜ake the will for the deed.
6%- ˜ake things as the" come.
6%!- ˜ake things as "ou find them.
6%#- ˜ake time b" the dorclock.
64$- A tale never loses in the telling.
.)C@H GSXeR 6m*a,9: Cm:X( E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•w:M /@€ :†/@uM *†,<S *\I8@8U r( 6m*a,9: WXeR *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.z@Z<9: °: gCQ > ze9 /@u XxM *†Ÿ@v :Xx/eR W2 '_-M B
.;H/9: ‘+a5 ’*@„9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F@9*A9: F8@Sd: ƒV•,9: ;<=R CPM ] ŒXP /@i}R /\Z,79 E '+<,9:
’*@„9: C-*_5 J9yVM ] GI8@8U 3L /012 *†,@Z- MCD5 ;H/9: 3,09:
B 3@70,9 :/ZS: .F@-*,IHl: GR*@U r( •=+5 W2 r( ;H/9: 2$6 >
B !6 >
.”X_( `*\@+=9: *L2 > ƒ+VB Î/89*V '+I-: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'7- Ž@1/I9: '9o X-C5M /@VCI9:M Y*aIPl: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E'+<,9:
W*_S•: TC9 /(:XIp |PX9: KM/,VM c*,9: 3L F7@789: `*@,e9: c*uY:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .c*,9: 3L )/@D1 F@,1 466 B > 1# >
6%1- ˜ake care of the pence and the ponds will
take care of themselves.
.³m*‰49: r( W*D<09: 3L ¢/IU: E F@(/49: F,=R/9:
.3@-Y*„9: FSX„9: 3L FQ*u *†a5/U :†KyU 31 E'+<,9:
.Fv:/( ;I89 F@PC+V yu}R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•7„IR re9 Ft@_D9: KXLd: cX\R lM Â9*DR lM ”/tIR l E'+<,9:
/ZS: .F5M*p}L 6m*a,9 F\(*I9: J71*‰L cX4R l .)C8<L F85/tV *\+L
B ;0,9: 1%4 >
[FDP FD49: 3L ;<=R l [
.G@S/P 3L KX09: J_L: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 6=5 ] FD@a- `*Z49M ;1*‰L W*_S•: GH:XR *LC+- E'+<,9:
.*\+L ?/\9:M *\5Y*~R cM*45 lM F-*=vM )2/=V *\\H:X5
.j@P/9: 3L 3‰„9: yu EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
)C\,LM )CD<L F7\p *\71 )*@49: r( JP/‡ WXeR W2 ‘PXIR l E'+<,9:
ŠM/V *\7D8RM ] 6-*I,9:M F@Da<9: `*Z479: J7V*8R W2 ‘PXR ;V ]
.;,<79 )Y:K•: yu E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/e‰9: G9 GHXR W2 6=5 ] F7@DS W*_S•: *5:XS |L:Y *L E '+<,9:
/5C,9 *†P:XR WXe5 C8( G(Cx j@84R r( ;‰( 3€M 'IU ] W*(/<9:M
.GI<+L ”M/Z9: 3e9M WX<9:
[`*@+9*V c*,-d: *,So[
.rR}R *,1 O*@vd: yu E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FD<Q |S*1 *,\L - ‘m*PX9: ;D8RM *\<P:M '7- O*@vd: yu E'+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .KCQ FV*UKM OMCx r( - )C5CvM F@p*PM 125 >
.*xC=R *,1 O*@vd: yu E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Œ2 ‘L z7P}IR W2 cM*UM `*t@4,9: ”M/Z9: j(M J_~S h@1 '+<L
B ;0,9: /ZS: .C=I_L ”/… 4! >
.F@L*Ld: F7a„9*V |PX9: yu E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3@70,9: /ZS: ./w*49: |PX9: 3L C~I5:M FQ/~9: z+I€: E'+<,9:
B 666 B > 461 >
.'e4R *LC+- Fa89: /_„R l EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
;@Q*~I9: *\@9o h@k5 GSœ( FaP W*_S•: re45 *,71 E '+<,9:
F5:X9: 3L Fa89: 6_eR J9yVM F<ILM K*io *xC5ŽR rI9: ÎXR/9:M
.F<I,L `*(*woM )C5CH :†Y*<V2
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
641- ˜ake of the devil and he is sure to appear.
642- ˜astes differ.
64%- ˜ell it not in Àath.
646- ˜here are tricks in ever" trade.
64- ˜here are two sides to ever" –uestion.
64!- ˜here are wheels within wheels.
64#- ˜here's a black aheep in ever" folck.
651- ˜here is a tise in the affairs of men.
.Gp2K ^•‡o '9o ^K*_5 W*t@‰9: 3- bC4R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
‘PXR /@€ '7- /k4@( ] •„v 3- ¢*+9: bC4I5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
[G9 /ZR Š*Dvd: 3L h„5 3L [
.h7I„R g:Msd: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•yxM Gx/e5 *,@(M G7a~5 *,@( ‹*„9: GPMs W*_So ;e9 E'+<,9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: .F~7I„LM F-X+IL g:Msd: 65 B > 5%5 B > 1!! >
B %6 >
>b*HB r( *\78R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
©~IU: ;V ¢*+9: 3- K*Dud: /‰I+R lM `*<m*‰9: j7R l E '+<,9:
.J_~+9 K:/pd*V
.G+L ¦/u *,L /012 N*,p2 3L /4D9: r( CHX5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)/( '7- J9XaU 3L ¢}@R •( ‹/~9: TCUo `C8( Wo E '+<,9:
3L C5C<9: J9 /uCRM ‹/~9*V FŸ@7L )*@49*( ;D8I_,9: r( T/u2
B ;0,9: /ZS: .)C@<_9: `¿H*~,9: 4# >
644- ˜here are as good fish in the sea as ever
came out of it.
*\8+u 3L l† CV FtP ;I89 )C5C- g/‡ N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>F,5/e9:B )C‰89*V
'9o cXQX9:M J9*L{ j@84I9 F-X+ILM )C5C- ;m*pM N*+x E '+<,9:
645- ˜here more wa"s of killing a cat than b"
choking it with cream.
.F(/U ;e9 ;@U N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z7<IR W2 J@7- 6=5M ] *x*5*~uM *xK:/p2 F+\LM F(/U ;e9 E '+<,9:
.*\@( •=+RM F(/49: •yx r( ^/DR W2 `YK2 :so *\+8RM K:/pd: •yx
•yx r( Š*=+79 `:/\,9: •yx z7<R 6=5M *\D7tIR `:K*\L F+\L ;e9
.W*DS*H c:qp ;e9 EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
3R*\HM N*+x WXe5 ] *L Œ2K M2 F@kP cXU ”•u Œ2 r( E '+<,9:
.F4a9:M ?:Xa9: 3L 6S*H *,\+L ;e9M ] /Z+79
.`•=- CHXR `•=<9: ;u:Y r( E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;,<9: TYqR F5/p ;L:X-M F@~u ŒC52 N*+x WXeR *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.O*~„9:M /_9: '( b:CUd: N/4RM
.YXpd: ”M/„9: CHX5 ‘@tP ;1 r( E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Œy9: Cp*~9: Xk<9: *†,m:Y CHX5 ] ‘,I=L M2 F7m*- ;1 r( E '+<,9:
.GI7m*<9 K*<9:M ŒŽ„9: 67=5
O:Yd: r( }tu CHX5 *,1 c*,xd: r( }tu N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F85/tV *\5YqI( ] *L F,\L O:Y}V f*@89: r( *†S*@U2 ‚t„R CP E '+<,9:
.g•‡•: '7- F,\,9: •yx O:Y}V fX8R l *LC+- J9y1 ] F7v*(M FŸ‡*u
.)/5/=V f*P 3L GL TM*_IR JSœ( /@„9: ;,<V f*@89: 3- |,=U2 :so
z9 Wœ( ] GS*_7D( ‘@tI_5 z9 Wœ( ] •C@V )/@A@7( :†/e+L T2K 3L [
[ W*,5•: h<w2 :yxM ] GD78D( ‘@tI_5
65$- ˜here is a sin of omission as well as of
./‰D9: c:XU2 r( CL N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:sœ( ] Š*=+V *L Or‰V f*@879 FDp*+L FZ49 *†,m:Y N*+x E '+<,9:
FQ/~9: ^*@wM ;‰~9*V /‡*„S *+Sœ( ] FZ479: •yx c•AIp: r( *+8~u2
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F,m•,9: 546 >
.|,a79 |PMM f•e79 |PM N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
l 'IU ] |,aR W2 FU*a~9:M ;8<I9: 3L WXe5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
T/u2 W*@U2 r(M ] K/k9*V z\D@aR M2 J9XU 3L ƒ@p*U2 ¦/„R
/ZS: .•/ZS `*\HMM )K*e(2 3- /D<5M bC4I5 W2 W*_S•: '7- 6=5
B 3@70,9: 266 B > 61% >
652- ˜here is a time to speak and a time to be
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
65%- ˜here is honour among thivesE
656-- ˜here's man" a true word spoken in ™estE
65- ˜here is no disputing about tastesE
65!- ˜here is no fool like an old foolE
65#- ˜here is no garden without its weedsE
66$- ˜here is no peace for the wickedE
661- ˜here's no place like homeE
662- ˜here's no pleasure without painE
66%- ˜here is no rose without a thornE
664- ˜here is no ro"al road to learningE
665- ˜here's no smoke without fireE
.‹Xa79: 3@V ”/v N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;@,5 l G+e9M ] h5/v ;HK FP/p r( •79: YY/I5 l CP E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .;@L. •9 FP/p '9o 151 >
'7- *\(Ž<S W2 3e,5 )/@01M F7@,H W*492 N*+x E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.z5C89: W*,e9:
3L C@~I_S W2 6=5 .G+p '7- W*_S•: `:KCP C,I<R l E '+<,9:
)Cm*( l O*D-2 '9o z\75X4R 3L l† CV ] 3_9: K*D1 `:K*\LM `:/Du
654- ˜here is man" a good tune pla"ed on old
.)/@01 j9:ŽL •*~‰9:M fC89: 3@V E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 C8I<R CP .G@7- J9XaU C<V lo C1qL Orv N*+x ƒ@9 E '+<,9:
‘+,R `¿H*~L bC4RM KXL2 C=I_R zi JR.XU r( •DQ2 Or‰9:
.J@9o cXQX9: 3L Or‰9:
[ c*U '9o c*U 3L °: cCD5 *Ix*DIS:M 3- Fk,€ 3@V *L [
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 21$ B > 4#% B > 6 B > 124 B > 1%1 >
655- ˜here's man" a slip twi¨t the cup and the
.)Y*H `*,71 ¦:Ž,9: ;,45 *L :†/@01 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;,4L '7- yuqR 3e9M FD-:C,9: 3L ^X+1 F,71 cX8S *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.F8@8U |S*1 *\S2 C<V *\@( h‰IeSM C=9:
.g:Msd: cXU )/H*‰,79 c*=L l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
6_U F@a„‰9: GP:Ms2 K*@Iu: r( G8UM GPMs W*_So ;e9 E '+<,9:
?*Dp2 cXU •„‰9: cY*=S Wd r-:Y lM ] GR*x*=R:M G9X@L
.G9X@LM GRK*@Iu:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: %6 B > 1!! B > 5%5 B > 642 >
..X=<9: j,Ud: ;0L j,U2 N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
haI5 W2 G+L ‘PXIS 34+( ] /,<9: r( W*_S•: fC8I5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
34+( ] FSX-/9:M j,49*V haR: :so *L2 .F,e49:M ;8<I9:M FS:./9*V
2Xp2 >:†/,-B /@De9: j,Ud*( .3_9: /@Aa9: ?*D‰9: 3L /012 G+5CS
.3_9: £5C49: j,Ud: 3L
.>³m*‰UB ?*‰-2 •V F85CU CHXR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] O*tud: 3L F,a<9:M c*,e9*V haI5 )*@49: r( Orv l E '+<,9:
.z\~<w ’*8SM z\VX@- z\9 ¢*+9: ;k(2 'IU
.K:/v¶9 f•p N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F=@IS J9sM ] f•_9: M2 FUKl*V /<‰5 l 6Sy,9: W*_S•: E '+<,9:
.6Sy9*V ¢*_U•:M /@,k9: ŽuX9
.>|@D9:B 3‡X9: ;0L W*eL N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:†/@8( G+‡M W*1 X9 M2 ] *†<w:XIL W*_S•: cŽ+L W*1 *,\L E '+<,9:
FU:/9*V G@( /<‰5M ] GV ŽI<5M G7k~5 J9s ‘L X\( ?X@<9*V *†Ÿ@7L
B ;0,,9: /ZS: ./u{ W*eL Œ2 3L /012 15# >
.fd2 •V G<IL N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
g/<9:M z92 3L 6S*H '7- ŒXI4R W2M CV l Š*=S M2 Œ2 E '+<,9:
[ ;4+9: /Vo 3L C\‰9: WMY CV l [
.F1Xv /@€ 3L )YKM l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F7L*e9: Fa9*„9: )Y*<_9: ] jV*_9: ;0,9: '+<L ƒ~S E '+<,9:
.z@7<I9: '9o re7L j5/‡ N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
`:/D„9: '7- cXa479 )/_@L F7\p F85/‡ N*+x ƒ@9 E '+<,9:
cXQX79 j-KlM F8‰,9:M C\=9: cyV 3L CVl ] )C@~,9: ?K*=I9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .z7<9:M F(/<,9: '9o 41 >
.K*S •V W*uY N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*_S•: J‰5 `*<m*v F52 r( F8@849: 3L ;@7P *†,m:Y N*+x E '+<,9:
.*\I4Q r(
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
666- ˜here is no time like the presentE
66- ˜here is no wheat without chaffE
66!- ˜here is no nothing new under the sunE
61- ˜here is safet" in numbersE
62- ˜here also serve who onl" stand and waitE
6%- ˜he" brag most who can do leastE
64- ˜he thin end of the wedge is dangerousE
65- A thing of beaut" is a ™o" foreverE
6- ˜hings are seldom what the" seemE
6!- ˜hings done cannot be undoneE
6!!- ˜ime is the great healerE
KX~9: '7- FQ/~9: Ž\IS*P *L ;,- O:Y2 `YK2 :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*L y@~+I9 |PM ;k(2 Xx W: .CA9: '9o G7HqR lM W: Gm:Y}V zPM
c*0Ld: /ZS: .[CA9: '9o fX@9: ;,- ;HqR l [ .GV f*@89: ŒX+R
B 6%# B > 6#2 B > %5 B > 56 B > 22# B > 4%6 B > 4#1 B > 5%! >
B 624 >
.>)/‰PB ³P WMCV •,P N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] F~m:. Fa@uK )/‰P O:KM F+@,09: O*@vd: ‚DI„R *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
*\R/‰8S ^ *\7a(M *\~‰1 3L )/@D„9: )/@aD9: 3@<79 CV lM
.3@,09: '8@849: WC<,9: /\Z5 'IU F@HK*„9:
.C5CH ƒ,‰9: |4R ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Xx ;V /eIDL M2 YC@H Or‰V ƒ@9 W: )*@49: r( bC45 *L E '+<,9:
.Y*<5M YC=I5 z5CP Orv
./@AI9: TXp |V*i Orv N*+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F8@8U N*+x ƒ@9M ] cX4I5M cCDI5M /@AI5 )*@49: '(: f ;1 E '+<,9:
.O*@‰9: F<@D‡ /@@AR F8@8U 3L *†R*Di /012 )*@49: r(
66#- ˜here is nothing permanent e¨cept changeE
.65y\I9: TXp ;P2 h7e5 *L J+x ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*†Ÿ@v J9s J~7e5 37( ?Y2M YMM FP/V 35/u: |7L*- :so E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .z\5C9 NKCP 3L ‘(/5 G+e9M #4 >
6$- ˜here is nothing that costs less than
.)/@De9: Y:C-d: r( W*Ld: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Jm*PCQ2 Y:. *,71M .¢*+9: 3L C‰U ˆpM O*8D9: z7pd: 3L E '+<,9:
./012 F809:M W*+Ÿ,‡l*V `/<v *,71 Jm*~7UM
.*†k52 FLCu ŒYq5 X\( /ZI+5M h85 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
WX,x*_5 35y9: Olqx 6S*H '9œ( ] /Da9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
WXD<75 WM/u{ z\@9o F(*w•*V N*+\( ] *L ;,- r( ºX47L ’*‰+V
.’*‰+9: ºX47L M2 c*<( /@€ W*1 WoM ] :†X@UM *,\L *†,m*P :†KMY
B ;0,9: /ZS: .;‰~5 J9s WMCVM 552 >
.:†/@01 /u*~I5 •† @7P ;,<5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
X\( ] cX85 *L y~+5 W2 WMCV cX89*V gC‰I9: 3L /0e5 3L E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .C@~5 l *,@( •C\HM GIPM 16% >
.)/@tu WXeR F<@(/9: > 3@~p•:B F(*U Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*†t@_V :†/@@AR M2 O† :/Ho 2CDS M: '9M2 )Xtu Xt„S *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.)/@D1 |R:KXtRM ] )/@tu •m*IS '9o YX85 G+e9M
.F5CV2 G<IL ;@,=9: Or‰9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)Y*<_9:M F<I,9: '8DR 3e9M `X,RM F@7,=9: O*@vd: '+~R CP E '+<,9:
.F,m*P O*@vd: •yx T/1s |@8V *L ] CVd: '9o *\I~7u rI9:
.GI,@P |S*1 *,\L *†<~R/L G+,i WXe5 FH*I4R l *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 /<‰R JSœ( ] J5C9 )KM/w ŒyV ƒ@9 Or‰9: W*1 :so E '+<,9:
O:/v O:/€o Cw Ky45 ;0,9:M .*†a@uK G+,i W*1 *,\L F<~R/L GI,@P
.3,09: •@uK GS: Y/=,V Or‰9:
66- A thing "ou didn't want is dear at an" priceE
r( MCDR *,1 O*@vd: F8@8U WXeR *L :†KY*S E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.F8@849: 3- *+7kRM FVs*e9: /x*Z,9: *+-C„R *L :†/@01 E '+<,9:
Xx WXe5 l CP *++@-}V •:/S *LM /xX=9: 3- h7I„5 /\Z,9*(
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F8@849: 4! >
.FiMCU ‘+L 3e,5 l bCU *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3e,5 l GSd bCU *L '7- fC+9*V W*_S•: /<‰5 Wd r-:Y l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .T/H *L/@@AR 2# >
.>ŒM:CLB 6@D‡ ;k(2 3LŽ9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] *+I\H:M rI9: FD@a,9: FL*„w M2 z9d: FU:C( |S*1 *,\L E '+<,9:
.f*5d: ‘L *+U:/H zŸI7R :y\VM |PX9: KM/,V ;8RM h„R *\Sœ(
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
6!#- ˜imes changeE
6#$- ˜o err is humanE
6#1- ˜omorrow is another da"E
6#2- ˜omorrow never comesE
6#%- ˜he tongue ever turns to the aching toothE
6#4- ˜he tongue is not steel• "et it cutsE
6#5- ˜oo man" cooks soik the brothE
6#6- ˜oo much curiosit" lost paradiseE
6#- A tree is known b" its fruitE
6#!- ˜ruth is stranger than fictionE
6##- ˜he truth will outE
$$- ˜wo blacks do not make a whiteE
./@AIR `*PMd: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L ƒ@9 ƒLd*V *†Dp*+LM *†4@4QM *†5K*p W*1 *L E '+<,9:
cCDIR c:XUd:M /@AIR ”M/Z9: Wd ] fX@9: J9y1 WXe5 W2 ŒKM/k9:
W2 '7- fC8I9: ?:Cx}V J_,I9:M KXtI9*V fŽI7S Wd *SX-C5 ;0,9:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: ./a<9: `:/@AI,9 *SO:K{M *SK*e(2 h@eS 52# >
./‰V 34+( ‚t„S Wo E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F9Ž+L |7- *,\LM ] O*tud: 3L fXa<,V ƒ@9 W*_S•: E '+<,9:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .;9Ž79 *†w/<L ;Z5 •Ž1/LM W*_S•: 16# B > 5$6 >
./„T fX5 :†C€ E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.C5CH ;L2M C5CH fX5 *†,m:Y N*+\( ] c§*~I9: '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: 62 >
.:†CV2 'R}5 l :†C€ E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.CA9: '9o ;@H}I9:M q‡*DI9: fC- '9o X-C5 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
B /ZS: .[ CA9: '9o fX@9: ;,- ;HqR l [ 56 >
>z9}I,9:B n5/,9: 3_9: '9o *†,m:Y YX<5 W*_79: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*+9X8- '7- YY/I5 ;Z5M *+8785 *L '9o *SK*e(2 YX<R *L :†/@01 E '+<,9:
.)/,I_L F~aV
.‘t85 G+e9 ] *†D7Q ƒ@9 W*_79: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F,7e9: WXeR *†S*@U2 .z\,9q5M 35/ul: Š/=5 ˆ@7_9: W*_79: E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .Š•_9: f *†eI( /012M *†L•5o Cv2 F@p*89: 55% >
.g/,9: WMC_~5 )*\t9: 3L /@0e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*1 :so GSd ] ¼Dt,9: r( CU:M ®*D‡ N*+x WXe5 W2 6=5 E '+<,9:
z\k<V WXD1/5M ] Y:C-•: g/‡ cXU WX~7I„5 ”X_( /012 N*+x
‘5K*‰,9: '9o FD_+9*V /Ld: J9y1M ] f*<t9: WMC_~5 CPM n<D9:
ƒ~S r( ;,<9: ƒ~+V f*@89: Y:/(d: 3L YC- cM*U :so ] ˆt„9:M
.'wX~9: '9o J9s TYq@p ] |PX9:
.¢MY/~9: ^*w2 cXk~9: 3L /@01 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
6-*I,9: '9o W*5Yq5 *†,m:Y ^•tIpl: 6UM cXk~9: Wo E '+<,9:
c*0Ld: /ZS: [G@w/5 l *L ‘,p G+@<5 l *,@( ;uCR 3L [ 161 >
B 214 B > 2#4 >
.*xK*,0V )/=‰9: ”/<R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.z\9*,-2M z\9*<(2 3L /‰D9: '7- ze9: 3e,5 E '+<,9:
[ GS:X+- 3L ?*Ie9: 2/85 [
.c*@„9: 3L ?/€2 F8@849: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*,L F(:/‡ /012M ?/€2 rx ‘P:X9: r( KXL2 bC4R *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.F@9*@„9: •a89: r( •2/8S
.>YX_RB /\ZR ”Xp F8@849: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
fMC5 l J9s 3e9M )Ž@HM )/I~9 F8@849: O*~uo ‘@tI_S CP E '+<,9:
.•† H{ M2 •† H*- Wo F8@849: /\ZR ”X_( ] CVd: '9o
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ 67€2 j49: [ [ G@7- '7<5 lM '7<5 j49: [ 4 >
.n@V2 W*D=+5 l W:YXp2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Jm*tu2 C5/DR cM*4R l ] /@A9: O*tu2 •/D5 l N}tu E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .35/u: O*tu2 '9o )K*v•*V $5 >
?/\5 £9*i 671M ] F,Z- '7- W*-.*+I5 W*D71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:yx 3L C@~I_5 £9*i N*+x Wœ( ] W*+i: /H*‰I5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
.Gm:KM 3L •V/5M K*=‰9:
$1- ˜wo dogs finght for a bone• and a third
runs awa" with itE
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
$2- ˜wo heads are better than oneE
$%- ˜wo is compan"• there is noneE
$4- ˜wo of a trade can never agreeE
$5- ˜wo wrongs do not make a rightE
$6- Ïneas" lies the head that wears a crownE
$- Ïnited we stand• divided we fallE
$!- Ðariet" is the spice of lifeE
$#- Ðerb• sapE
1$- Ðirtue is its own rewardE
12- “ake not a sleeping lionE
.CU:M 3L ;k(2 W*p2K E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
CU:M Œ2K 3L ;k(2 W*52KM O6<9: 3L h„R ŒC5d: )/01 E '+<,9:
[F-*,=9: ‘L °: C5M [
.•( b•i *L2 ] FD4Q W*+i: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\+@V /0e5 C8( £9*i *,\+@V ;uY :so *L2 W*85CQ j~I5 CP E '+<,9:
.^:Ž+9:M ”•„9:
.W*8~I5 l F(/49: ƒ~S 3L W*+i: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
WlY*DI@_( F(/49: M2 F+\,9: ƒ~S r( W*+i: N/Iv: X9 E '+<,9:
.)/@A9:M C_49:
.*†4@4Q *†Ÿ@v W*<+a5 l W¿tu E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B zPK ;0,9: '+<L ƒ~S E '+<,9: $$ >
>j78VB FU:K •V f*+R ] *†H*R ;,4R rI9: ¢2/9: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.K:/8Ip: /@AV
*@7<9: Ž1:/,9: ?*4Q2M W}‰9: F7@7=9: F,@Z<9: `*@a„‰9: E '+<,9:
W}V ] F,Z-M C=L 3L GV WX<I,I5 *L 3,i WX<(C5 ] Fp*_49:
*\V ‘I,I5 CP rI9: ƒ~+9: FL•pM W*+Ÿ,‡l:M c*D9: FU:K 3L :XL/45
.T/D1 F@9XŸ_L ;,45 l GSo £@U - F9Ž+L ¢*+9: ;P2
.ˆ8_S 3@P/~IL ] h8S 35C4IL E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\k<V K.2 WMC‰5M WX<,85M O*P/~9: C4I5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
T/p :so *L2 ] )X89*V WX<I,I5M W*L2 r( WXSXe5 ”X_( ] n<D9:
[ .O:C-d: JI~9 h<w Ž1/L r( WXSXe@_( ] FP/~9:M ”•„9: z\+@V
[ F-*,=9: ‘L °: C5M[ [)XP Y*4Rl:
B 3@70,9 :/ZS: 61 B > %14 >
.)*@49: ;V:XR Xx ^X+I9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)*@49: •DaR ] rLX@9: 3@RM/9: r( /@@AI9:M ^X+I9: WMCV E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .FD@Ÿ1 F7,L 1 >
.z@e479 r~eR )CU:M F,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.z\~5 )K*v•*V 6@D9 ;1 E '+<,9:
.*\R}(*eL *\R:s rx F7@k~9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J@~e5 3e9M ] GILCP Œy9: /@„79 F5Y*L )}(*eL '87IRl CP E '+<,9:
•a5 *LM 6=5 *L |7<( CP JS}V Jp*_UoM J_~S 3- N§*wK :†/„(
.;<~5 W2
.°: `XQ Xx 6<‰9: `XQ E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM /aI+R ”Xp GRY:Ko W2 CV •( Œ2K '7- 6<‰9: C4R :so E '+<,9:
.F52K YX_5 W2 CV
[KC89: 6@=I_5 W2 CV •( )*@49: Y:K2 *†LX5 6<‰9: :so[
11- ˜he voice of the people is the voice of ÀodE
.zm*+9: Cpd: ©PXR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
O*@vd: N/R: ;V ] ;1*‰,9: 3- £4DR lM 6-*I,9: /0R l E '+<,9:
.*\9*U '7-
B ;0,9: /ZS: .[*\Z852 3L °: 3<9 F,m*S F+I~9: [ %# >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
1%- “alls have earsE
14- “ant is the mother of industr"E
15- “aste not• want notE
16- A watched pot never boilsE
1#- “e are all slaves of opinionE
2$- “e soon believe what we desireE
21- ˜he weakest goes to the wallE
22- “edlock is padlockE
2%- “ell begun is half doneE
25- “hat can't be cured must be enduredE
.W:s{ W:/=79 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
rAD+5 l *,V ŠXD9: 3L Ky45M W*,Ie9: '9o ;0,9: X-C5 E '+<,9:
.?*=U O:KM 3L ‘,_9: g/I_5 3L F,i WXe5 W2 F@‰u GV ŠXD9:
[*†S:s{ W*t@479 Wo [
.K*eIVd: f2 FH*49: EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
c*,9: ?*_I1:M c*,-d*V f*@89: '7- ¢*+9: z€/R FH*49: E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .³@<79 6@9*pd: K*eIV:M 4!$ >
.¦*I=4R •( ] ”/aR l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'R}@_( ] K*_@9: N:sM 3@,@9: `:s J9:XL2 KyDR |UK :so E '+<,9:
37( ] :†/VCL *†a5/U |+1 :s: *L2 ] 35/u: '9o G@( ¦*I4R Ty9: fX@9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .CU2 Œd J5C,9 ¦*I4R %# >
.r7A5 l 6P:/,9: KC89: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|PX9: W}V /<‰R JSœ( ] FDP:/RM ‚@v bMCU /ZI+R *LC+- E '+<,9:
./ZI+,9: Or‰9: :yx ^XPM /u}IV /<‰RM •† @8i *†Ÿ@tV rk,5
.G+<75 j5/A9: 3e9M ] O:/4a9: r( F,<<S O*,9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
¦*I45l *,L :†/@01M GH*I45 *,L •† @7P W*_S•: )*@49: *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
3@70,9: /ZS: ./u{ ”/… |4R G+<7R CP ] fX@9: )C‰V GD€/R *LM
B 24% B > !4 >
1- “ater is a boon in the desert• but the
drowining man curses itE
.GRC<L /D- /,5 ;H/9: 67P '9o j5/t9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)Cm*L '7- GRY*(M f/1}( ;HK YM 6_1 r( |D€K :so E '+<,9:
[ 3@<9: •I_R z~9: z<‡2 [ [ 6789: Š*I~L )C<,9: [
1!- ˜he wa" to a man's heart is through his
.Œ2/79 C@D- *+71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\R/ZSM *+@( 35/u: O:K{ *\,e4R *+9*<(2M *+R*(/aR Wo E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .*+@9o 4$ >
.6€/S *L gCaS *L *†<5/p E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .GPCaS W2 YXS *L gCaS *L *†<5/p E '+<,9: 6! >
.ˆm*49: '9o 6xy5 h<wd: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
h@<k9: *L2 .Š•Q¶9 O*8D9: Wœ( ] F@p*89: )*@49: •yx r( E '+<,9:
.)*@49: NK*<L r( /_„5M rS*<@(
.;~89: ;0L F@HMŽ9: ’*VK E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM G+L /~L l 3=p 3- )K*D- n<D79 - F@HMŽ9: )*@49: E '+<,9:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .)*=S 452 B > 2!4 >
.;,<9: ha+V |,P C8( :†C@H •2CDR *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
O*\So •† 5X‡ *†IPM yu}R ”X_( FŸ@p F85/tV `2CV X9 E '+<,9:
F85/tV `2CV :so *L2 .;,<9: *†Ÿ@p :†/@i}R /iqR FŸ@_9: F5:CD9*( ] ;,<9:
.F4H*SM F@<@D‡ F7\p F85/tV Orv ;1 zI@( )C@H
`XQB ^*D89: TXp /5Ž+„9: 3L ‘PXIR :s*L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)X_89:M J1X7_9: OXp *L •„v 3- z7<R |+1 :so E '+<,9:
;0,9: /ZS: .g•ud: ;DS M2 F8@P/9: F,7e9: G+L ‘PXIR •( ] F…*Z~9:M
B !4 >
24- “hat can "ou e¨pect from a hog but a
.G9*,IU: 3@<I5 FH•- 3e,5 l *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J@7- 6=5 ] G+@_4R M2 *L hPXL ¦•- ‘@tI_R 3eR z9 :so E '+<,9:
.Xx *,1 G7D8RM G@7- z7P}I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: [•7Q2 G1/R ] •7a5 l *L [ #4 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
26- “hat cost little is little esteemedE
2- “hat is a workman without his tools
2#- “hat's done cannot be undoneE
%1- “hat is the good of sundial in the shadeÑ
%2- “hat is worth doing wellE
%4- “hat man has done• man can doE
%6- “hat must be must beE
.:†/@01 ¢*+9: •KC85 l •† @7P h7e5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
XxM ] G9 *†+,i *+<(Y *L 6_U Or‰9: z@@8R '9o ;@,S 34S E '+<,9:
3,i2M '7€2 WXe5 ;@789: *+~7e5 *L *†S*@U}( ]*†,m:Y *†4@4Q *†,@@8R ƒ@9
F4a9*( ] F4a9: '7- J9s jDtS W2 3e,5M ./@0e9: h7e5 *,L G,@P
'IU *xKCP jU *xKC8S lM *\V 3@\I_S *++e9M ] *†Ÿ@v h7eR l )C@=9:
¬GRK:Y2 WMCV ;L*<9: ŒM*_5 :s*L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
WMCV Or‰9: F-*+Q ‘@tI_5 l z\7k(2M c*,<9: /\L2 'IU E '+<,9:
W2 *+@7<( ] *L F,\,V f*@89: *SYK2 :so 34S J9y1M .GR:C<LM GR:MY2
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .;m*pM 3L *+LŽ75 *L Y:C-œV *+_~S2 O'@\S !6 >
B 2% >
.:†CV2 z479: 3L ¦/„5 l f*Z<9 *@( C9:XI5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM *+7u:Y ;Z5 `*~QM •m*au 3L *SY:CH2 3L Gi/S *L E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .G@7- ;@45 *L '7- W*_S•*( :†CV2 ¦/„5 W2 3e,V 4$# >
2!- “hat is bred in the bone will never come
out of the fleshE
.FiMCU O*A9o 3e,5 l bCU *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
f:Y *,( ] 'k8S:M `*( *L '7- /_4I9:M fC+79 r-:Y l E '+<,9:
3@70,9: /ZS: .FiMCU O*A9o F9M*4L 3L )Cm*( •( bCU CP Or‰9:
B 1 B > %66 >
•7a5 ] ).M¶9 Fa7a1 >•7a5B /DI<5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.).Md: /1y9 Fa7a1
.N/@€ z9q5 J,9q5 *LM ] N/@A9 •7a5 J9 •7a5 *L E '+<,9:
%$- “hat is sauce for the goose is sauce for
the ganderE
¬;Z9: r( > F@_,‰9: F-*_9:B F9MŽ,9: )Cm*(: f E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
FSX(CLM FŸDI„L |S*1 :so `*@S*eL•:M 6x:X,9: )Cm*( *L E '+<,9:
6x:X,9: WXeR W2 6=5 ¬*\SMKCPC5 M2 ¢*+9: *x:/5 l £@4V
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F<(*SM F4w:M `:KC89:M %$4 >
F85/tV ;<~5 W2 j4I_5 ;<~5 W2 j4I_5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3_U2 '7- GV z8( ] JL*,Ixl /@0L Orv O:Y2 |5XS :so E '+<,9:
.C\=9: TK*aP G@( cyV:M GHM
[G+8I5 W2 •† ,- z1CU2 ;,- :so 6=5 °: Wo [
.r9 X\( Ge7IL2 *LM ] ;T cX\( Ge7I,R *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.c:XUd: ‘@,H r( Žm*~9: *S2 r+S2 GV Ca85 /u*p ;0L E '+<,9:
%%- “hat's "our is mine and what's mine is m"
.G7<( W*_S•: ‘@tI_5 ] W*_S•: F7<( *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
M2 *†D<Q W*1 *,\L ] ).*=So M2 G@84R W*_S•: ^*tIp: *L E '+<,9:
J9s c*0LM ] GV f*@89: )Y*-o /u{ W*_So Œd 3e,@( ] G8@84R :†/tu
.O*k~9: ”*‰eIp:
T2 r( •§:Y2 zI5 l ] |PM Œ2 r( •§:Y2 3e,5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.g•‡•: '7- >:†CV2B |PM
GI7<( *,9 loM Orv O:Y}V )KY*D,9: r( gX_R lM ;HqR l E '+<,9:
.|PM Œ2 r(
%5- “hat ma" be done at an" time is done at no
.GiMCU 6=@( GiMCU 6=5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 6=5 *,( .GiMCU zI4,9: /Ld: ;D8R TXp *+9 ;5CV l E '+<,9:
.*+k(K M2 *+7DP O:Xp bC4@p bC45
B c*0Ld: /ZS: [3@<9: •:/R W2 6=5 3@D=9: '7- ?XIe,9: [ #4 >
B 25 B > 1%% >
W*_S•: GwX<5 •@H:Kd: '7- W*_S•: •C8~5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>F5/m:Y FHXHK2B ;@„9: FL:MY '7-
;m*pX9: 3L C5C<9: 3L GI‰@<L 6_e5 W2 W*_Sš9 3e,5 E '+<,9:
r( GRK*_u ¡X<5 W2 3e,5 ] *L ^M/‰L ;‰( :sœ( ] F-X+I,9:
.h7I„L c*=L M2 /u{ ^M/‰L
%- “hat one loses on the swings one makes
up on the roundaboutsE
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
4$- “hat will «rs. Àrund" sa"Ñ
42- “hen all men speak• no man hearsE
46- “hen in doubt do nowtE
4- “hen in doubt leave outE
4!- “hen in &ome do as th &omans doE
4#- “hen one door shuts another opensE
./e_9: F4a~5 ] X4a9: G@~„5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*L2 ] GS*_9 r( ze4I5M G9X85 *,@( ¢/I45 GD+I,9: ;H/9: E '+<,9:
3@70,9: /ZS: .•K:/p2M •KXL2 3- YMCU •VM g•tS*V bC4@( /@e_9:
B %46 B > %45 >
%!- “hat soberness conceals• drunkenness
.Y:q~9: G@7- rp}5 l 3@<9: •:/R l *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.G,7<S lM •:/S l *L '7- 'p}S lM /_4IS l 34S E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: [ WŽ45 67Pl M ‘‰8R 3@- l [ 54 >
%#- “hat the e"e does not see the heart does
not grieve overE
¬ŒCS/H Ž_L cX8Ip :s*L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*+@( z\52KM *+9 35/u: )/ZS r-:/SM zI\L *†,m:Y 34S E '+<,9:
6_IeI9 f*<9: Œ2/9: ‘L *+9*<(2M *+R*(/0R r‰,IR W2 cM*4S J9y9M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F8(:X,9:M *w/9: 1# >
.•Ca4@p ] W*_S•: G-KŽ5 *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
)Ks c*80L ;,<5 3LM ... •/5 /† @u )Ks c*80L ;,<5 3,( B E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: > •/5 :†/v 24 >
41- “hatsoever a man soweth• that shall he
also reapE
.‘,_5 CU2 l ] ‘@,=9: bC4I5 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Orv Œ2 z7<IS 37( ] n<D9 *+k<V ‘,I_S h@1 z7<IS z9 :so E '+<,9:
.C@~I_S 39M
CP z\( ] WXe_9:M |,a9*V c*~‡d: fŽI75 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.*L }tu :XDeRK:
WXe_9*V - z\RY*- /@€ '7- -c*~‡d: fŽI75 *LC+- E '+<,9:
.Or_5 *L :X7<( M2 *L }tu :XDeRK: CP z\S2 z7<+( ] OMC\9:M
4%- “hen children stand –uiet the" have done
some illE
.;D49: Cv FD<9 rR}Ip ] r85/€o r8I75 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2M CV •( ] sX~+9:M )X89: r( W•i*,IL W:CS r8I9*5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F@p*PM F75X‡ *,\+@V F_(*+,9: WXeR 115 >
44- “hen Àreek meets Àreek• then comes the
tug of warE
c*,9: |D7‡ *LC+-M ] '85CQ W*1 GIw/P2 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.>*@p*PB :†MC- K*Q
|w/-M GIP:CQ `C8( loM j_5Ca9 l† *L ¡/8R l E '+<,9:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .^:Ca9:M /RXI79 *,eIP•- 4!% B > %#1 >
45- “hen · lent · had a friend• when · asked he
was unkindE
.*†Ÿ@v ;<~R l ] Jv r( WXeR *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•( *L F,\,V f*@89: )KM/w M2 F4Q 3L :†C1}IL 3eR z9 :so E '+<,9:
[ ;<~R l |~u :soM h„R •( |7<( :so [
.*†DS*H G1/R: ] Orv 3L Jv r( WXeR *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Œ2/9 ¢*+9: ;D8R M2 ^XwXL F@U•Q cXU Jv r( |+1 Wo E '+<,9:
.•/1s fC-M *†DS*H G1/R ;k(d: 3,( ] F‰P*+,79 GU/‡ r( /e~R *L
”/aI5 *,1 ”/aR *LMK r( WXeR *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W2 cM*4( ] *\V `}‰S 'I9: J7R /@€ FŸD@V r( WXeR *LC+- E '+<,9:
3L JV ˆ@45 *L ‘L h@eI9: cM*UM )C5C=9: FŸ@D9: •yx ‘L z7P}IR
z\I85/‡ 3L ¢*+9: /@A5 W2 ‘PXIR lM ] J+- FD5/€ C@9*8RM `:Y*-
.J7H2 3L )*@49: r(
z\wK2M ] zxK:XH r( |LY *L zxK*HM ] zx:KY r( |LY *L zx:KY [
[ z\wK2 r( |LY *L
./u{ •I~5 ?*V j7A5 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] )K*_u M2 ;‰( J(Y*a5 *LC+- fŽ\+R lM ¢}@R l E '+<,9:
;0,9: /ZS: .GR/_u *,- JwX<R )C5CH *Q/( C=R *L W*-/_(
B 644 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5$- “hen the cat is awa" the mice will pla"E
52- “hen the word is out it belongs to anotherE
55- “here there's a will there's a wa"E
56- “here there's muck there's brassE
5- “here there is somke there is fireE
5#- “™ile there is life there's hopeE
6$- “ho chatters to "ou will chatter of "ouE
.W:/Ÿ~9: 6<7R )/\9: 6@AR *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J9s WX7AI_5 ¢*+9: 3L :†/@01 Wœ( ] Ft7_9: 6@AR *LC+- E '+<,9:
Ft7_9:M FV*P/9: ?*@€ FQ/( ¢*+9: 3L /@01 Ž\I+5 ] z\I47a,9
.ˆtu 3L z\9 MCD5 *L :My~+5M F5/4V :X1/4I@9 ] /D1d:
[ K}( }5 6<9*( ˆ89: ?*€ Wo [
¦K*u 649: ;7_I5 ] ?*D9: 3L 6my9: ;uC5 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/8( r( W*HM. ³@<5 *LC+- .[/8~9: [ *+x 6my9*V Ca85 E '+<,9:
GS*eL ;uC5M *,\R*@U 3L 649: ?/\5 *L W*-/p ] C@9: `:s j@wM
B ;0,9: /ZS: .Y/,I9:M /=k9:M ”•„9: 21% >
51- “hen the wolf comes in at the door• love
creeps out of the windowE
./u *†e7L •DaR F,7e9: ¦/„R *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
'I9: F,7e9*( ] `*<m*v M2 f•1 3L G87tR *,@( *†a5/U 31 E '+<,9:
B 3@70,9: /ZS: .*\<H/Ip: J+e,5 l ¦/„R 1 B > 2# >
*,V h5/‰9: ©~I45 ] ‹Xa79: ˆP*_I5 *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
J9s z\7A‰5 ] z\+@V *,@( WX~7I„5M ‹Xa79: ^.*+I5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
.O*(/‰9: FP/p 3-
5%- “hen thieves fall out• honest men come b"
their ownE
54- “here ignorance is nliss• it is foll" to be
.F7@pX9: /(:XIR >)K:Y•:B F@+9: /(:XIR *LC+- E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z@,aI9: J5C9 /(:XR :soM ] Orv ;<( '7- fŽ<9: `C8- :so E '+<,9:
.G@AIDR *L j@84I9 j5/t9: C=Ip JSœ( ] F,5Ž<9:M )K:Y•:M r(*e9:
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 5!! B > 6$% B > #$ B > %2$ B > %56 B > 415 B > 41# >
.WC<,9: C=R ] )K:y89: C=R *,0@U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L •*+,IR *L '9o ;aR 'IU C\=9:M g/<9: cyV 3L CV l E '+<,9:
.*†D_1M *†U*=S C=R ] O*8vM ] g/- N*+x WXe5 *,0@U ] C=LM Š*=S
B ;0,9: /ZS: 46 >
.K*+9: CHXR W*uC9: CHX5 *,0@U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .F8@8U /a+- 3L `*<m*v F5d CV l E '+<,9: 665 >
/=49: fCtQ: M2 ] /=49*V j5/V•: fCtQ: :so E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.j5/Vš9 FD_+9*V 3@I9*49: r( FŸ@p F5*\+9*( ] j5/V•*V
] h@<k9: ”/t9: •2CD5 CPM ] K*=‰9: TX89: ”/t9: 2CD5 CP E '+<,9:
.F5*\+9: r( /p*„9: Xx h@<k9: ”/t9*( ] 3@I9*49: *I71 r( 3e9M
5!- “hether the pitcher strikes the stone• or
the stone the pitcher• it is bad for the pitcherE
.;L2 N*+\( )*@U N*+x |L:Y *L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|L:Y *L 3e9M ] *†\=IL ;D8I_,9:M *†Ÿ@p hPX,9: MCD5 CP E '+<,9:
FQ/(M hPX,9: 3_4I9 F@S*eLo *†,m:Y N*+\( ] )/,I_L )*@49:
.;D8I_,9: FL*_IVl
B c*0Ld: /ZS: .[¢}@9: ‘L )*@U lM )*@49: ‘L ¢}5 l [ %1% >
B 4#2 B > 52$ B > 11 >
.J@7- /i/05 CP J<L /i/05 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] ¢*+9: K*Du2 J@9o ;8+5 Ty9: •„‰9*( ] F,@,+9: KyU2 E '+<,9:
NCw j7t5M :†K*Du2 J+- ;8+@p GS2 z7-: ] z\+- `*<m*‰9: j7t5M
¬'(*ep•: GHM. ;<S 3L 2Xp2 F<7S 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C5C‰9: ;„D9:M F‡/~,9: F@S*Sd:M c*,x•*V W*_S•: Ž@,I5 CP E '+<,9:
G,\L O*@v:Ò 3L G@9o 3@V 3@V/8,9: ?/P2M F_~S f/45 GS2 FHKC9
CP ¢*+79 F5yUd: F-*+Q 3L 6_e5 Œy9: r~ep•: W2 'IU F5X@UM
.C5CH O:yU c*<R: 3L GIHM. f/45
[‘7„L K*=+9: ?*V [
61- “ho is worse shod than the shoemaker's
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
64- “h" keep a dog and bark "ourelfÑ
65- “in at first and lose at lastE
6!- ˜he wish is father to the thoughtE
6#- A wonder lasts but nine da"sE
$- A word is enough for the wiseE
1- A word spoken is past recallingE
2- “ords cut more than swordsE
4- “orse things happen at seaE
.O:X<9: z7<I@p 6my9: j(:/5 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F0@D„9: z\R*~Q J@9o |78IS: loM OX_9: O*8(K 3- C<IV: E '+<,9:
.FŸ@_9: z\R:Y*-M
[ G+L :MK*QM z\+L K*Q *†LX5 3@<VK2 fX89: /v*- 3L [
B c*0Ld: /ZS: 2$ B > 2# B > 5#$ >
62- “ho keeps compan" with the wolf learn to
G9Ž+L Š•Q• /tk@p F<@9:XV •7a5 z9 3L E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*_S•: ‘(C5 Œy9: hm:Ž9: Y*aIPl: FP*,U 3L ;0,9: Ky45 E '+<,9:
•=+R *†S*@U2 ] F,@Z- `*8~S ”/Q '9o G<(CR CP F7@Ÿw `*8~S /@(XI9
/ZS: .hPX,9: y8+I( F7@Ÿw `*8~+V F@4kI9*V FZx*V `*8~S /@(XR r(
B 3@70,9: %6 B > 61# >
6%- “ho repairs not his gutters repairs his
whole houseE
¬J_~+V •D+RM 67eV ©~I4R :s*,9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
¬J_~+V GV fX8R zi Or‰V f*@879 35/u: ‘(CR :s*,9 E '+<,9:
.F5*\+9: r( /_u:M F5:CD9: r( •VK: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
KM/A9*V ?*a@( G7,- F5:CD9: r( /@0e9: W*_S•: •V/5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
.F5*\+9: r( F@,_H )K*_u r( G9 6D_I5 *,L G@I9:M
*LC+- G@7- Xx *,- )CUM ;P2 :†CV2 WXe5 l z@e49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.:†C@UM WXe5
O*1y9: 3L z\Sd ] )CUX9: )}‡XV WM/<‰5 l O*,e49: E '+<,9:
YC<I,9: K*e(d:M )C@~,9: c*,-d: 3L /@0e9: WMC=5 £@4V F+t~9:M
.)CUX9: 3- z\7A‰5 *,L ;@49:)
66- A wise man is never less alone than when
O*@D€d:M ] 35/u: O*tu2 3L WX,7<I5 O*@1sd: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.z\m*tu2 3L WX,7<I5
rI9: O*t„9: rP•R j5/‡ 3- 6-*I,9: 6+=R ;k(d: 3L E '+<,9:
C<V 3L z7<I9:M }t„9: r( ^XPX9: 3L ;k(2 J9s .WM/u: *\DeRK:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .J9s 1# >
6- “ise men learn b" other men's mistakes•
fools b" their ownE
.)/e~9: f2 rx FD€/9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3Lq5M ‘+I8@( Orv j@84R r( FD€K W*_S•: ?*I+R *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
:yx j@84R F8@84V F87<IL F+@<L :†K*e(2 GID€K G9 WXeI( ] Or9: :y\V
.f*52 F<_R fMCR FVX=-d: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/@05 39 ] GI(:/‡M GIV:/€ FHKY |A7V *,\L bCU Œ2 E '+<,9:
G5Xt5 zi ¤ f*5d: 3L YMC4L YC- 3L /012 •*DISl: ?y=5M 6=<9:
.z@e479 r~eR )CU:M F,71 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\~@9 •@,7R M2 )K*vo 3L /012 •R*45 l r1y9: W*_S•: E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: [z\~5 )K*v•*V 6@D9 ;1M [ 51$ >
*\<H/Ip: 3e,5 l z~9: 3L |H/u rI9: F,7e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] W:Md: `:X( C<V G@7- fC+R CP f•e9: jt+9: r( ^/_IR l E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .•X4L M2 GRY*-o J+e,5 l GI7P *L Wd 2# >
.h@_9: 3L Cv2 ‘t8R F,7e9: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
Š/=RM z9qR £@4V )X_89: 3L F7,e9: WXeR *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .h@_9: 3L /012 ƒ@p*Ud: 6#4 >
)/,9: ;k(2 ©U >W:B )/,9: •yx ‚@p ©U E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
JV CI‰R CPM ] J@7- z5M J9 fX5 )*@49:M ] c:MY f*5d: E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .;k(2 *ZU J(Y*aR CP :†C€ 3e9M W: `*L.d: 1% >
%- ˜he worse luck now• the better another
./4D9: r( bC45 J9s 3L 2Xp2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
*+_~S2 Œ/AS ] 6-*I,9: CI_RM `*L.d: *+9XU j@kR *LC+- E '+<,9:
.2Xp2 `*L.}V FŸ@7L )*@49: W}V
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
5- ˜he worst wheel of the cart creaks mostE
- Óou cannot burn the candle at bot™ endsE
!- Óou cannot catch old birds with chaffE
#- Óou cannot get a –uart into a pint potE
!$- Óou cannot get blood >waterB out of stoneE
!1- Óou cannot have it both wa"sE
!2- Óou cannot have "our cake and eat itE
!6- Óou cannot make bricks without straw.
./5/Q '7-2 bC4R FV/<9: `•=- 2Xp2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
zx•-2M TXev zx/012 Xx )K*\L z\7P2M c*,<9: 2Xp2 E '+<,9:
.•† ,7,R
.G@9o FH*49: C+- ;k(2 Or‰9: F,@P ”/<R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•C8~S *LC+- TXp •KCP jU )KC8S lM Or‰9: z@8S l *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .G+L f/4SM 1 >
6- ˜he worth of a thing is best known b" the
want of itE
.*\@(/‡ 3L F<,‰9: c*<vo ‘@tI_R l |S2 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM CU:M |PM r( 35Y*kIL 3@7,<V f*@89: O/,79 3e,5 l E '+<,9:
FZ(*4,9: F9M*4L zi ] *L c*=L r( JIP*‡ cyVM J_~S Y*\Ho J+e,5
c*0Ld: /ZS: ./u{ c*=,9 *,x/(XRM 3@I,@7p JIP*‡M J‡*‰S '7-
B !# B > #$ B > 152 B > !1 B > !2 B > !! >
*†+p /@De9: KX@t9: C@Q ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:y9M GVK*=RM GR:/Du `Y:Y.: /,<9: r( W*_S•: fC8R *,71 E '+<,9:
.G77k5 M2 G-C„5 W: W*_So Œ2 '7- /@_<9: 3L •DQ2
‘_I5 O*-M r( WX9*H ‘VK ‘wM ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.WX9*H 3,09
'7- fY*P•: cM*4R W2 M2 ;@4I_,9: cM*4R W2 FP*,49: 3L E '+<,9:
W2 cM*4R l :y9M .*\<pM lo *†_~S h7e5 l °*( ] FP*t9: gX( *L
.GV J9 FP*‡ l *L J_~S ;,4R
./=U 3L >O*,9:B ¦:/„Ip: KX_@,9: 3L ƒ@9 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3L F+5:CH:X9: F1K*‰,9: M2 ht<9: ^ŽI+R W2 ‘@tI_R l JSo E '+<,9:
3L F@9*,9: )C-*_,9: 67‡ ‘@tI_R l J9y1M ] 6789: ©@7€ ©( Æ/L2
.35/u: X4S ht<9*V /<‰5 l •@4v ;@„V ‘‰H W*_So
.3@8@‡/9: '7- cXa49: ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
|PX9: r( G9 ;5CD9: K*I„R zi *†Ÿ@v K*I„R W2 ‘@tI_R l E '+<,9:
.`/Iu: *,V J_,IRM NK*@Iu: YC4R W2 6=5 JIU:K ;H2 3L G_~S
B ;0,9: /ZS: >
.*\712M Fe<e9: '7- FZ(*4,9: ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3@75CV K*@Iu: ‘@tI_R l JSo jV*_9: ;0,9: '+<L ƒ~S E '+<,9:
|PX9: r( *xK*uY:M J9:XL2 ”/Q ‘@tI_R l •0,( ] 3@kP*+IL
B ;0,9: /ZS: .G_~S >
j5/‡ r( rk,5 /4D9: W*‡/p ;<H ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/@AR ;0L ;@4I_L: ;,<9 F<m*k9: `lM*4,9: 3L Ky45 ;0,9: E '+<,9:
.W*_S•: `*~QM ^*D‡
!%- Óou cannot make a crab walk a crab walk
'0S2 W:s{ 3L T/5/U > ƒ@1B ;,- ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
;1 'I4( ] F-*D‡M W*_S•: F@a„v /@@AR /@_@9: 3L ƒ@9 E '+<,9:
W*_So '9o ‘@wX9: rV/D9: ©~9: W*_+(: cX4R 39 F(K*<LM z9*<9: z@7<R
./k4IL ;@DS
!4- Óou cannot make a silk purse out sow's
.n@D9: /_1 WMCV F=9: z7- ‘_tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
c.*+IR W2 J@9 ;45 ;V ] ;V*8L WMCV •V/R W2 ‘PXIR l E '+<,9:
.F5*\+9: r( 6_eI9 •† @7P r4kRM
!5- Óou cannot make an an omelet without
breaking eggs.
.³P WMCV ?Xt9: ‘+Q ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
F-*+a9 FL.•9: )Ž\Hd:M `:MYd: C<R W2 J@7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
/ZS: .*†4H*SM :†C@H ;,<9: ¦/„5 'IU J7,- r( ^M/‰9: ;DP Or‰9:
B ;0,9: 2 >
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
!#- Óou cannot sell the cow and drink the milk.
#$- Óou cannot serve Àod and mammon.
#1- Óou cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
#4- Óou must grin and bear it.
#5- Óou must lose a fl" to catch a trout.
#- Óou scratch m" back and ·'ll scratch "ours.
#!- ˜he "oung will sow their wild oats.
##- Óouth will be served.
”*I12 gX( *+p )/@D1 ¢M§K ‘wM ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
/012M *†+p /D1: zx 3L F,eU ?*D‰79 WXe5 W2 ‘PXIR l E '+<,9:
!- Óou cannot put old heads on "oung
?•1 ‘L C@aRM 6SKd: ‘L MC<R W2 ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
j5/( '9o O*,ISl: WX-C5 ¢*+9: 3L 3@-Y*„,9: n<V E '+<,9:
G9 ƒ(*+L /u{ j5/( '9o j5/~9: :yx K:/p2 WXLC85 zi G9 ‹•u•:M
B ;0,9: /ZS: .3@DS*=9: 3L )Y*~Ipl: WX9M*45 :y\VM ] >
!!- Óou cannot run with the hare and hunt with
the hounds.
.3D79: ?/‰RM )/8D9: ‘@DR W2 ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•( CU:XV |@4w :sœ( ] 35/L2 3@V K*I„R W2 J@7- 6=5 E '+<,9:
B ;0,9: /ZS: .GR/Iu: *L 6S*H '9o GV ©~I4R W2 cM*4R >
.‘‰=9: W*t@vM °: )Y*D- ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
3@70,9: /ZS: .)/u: z@<SM *@SC9: ^*IL 3@V K*I„R W: 6=5 E '+<,9:
B 5$2 B > >
.)C5CH ;@U .X=<9: 67e9: z@7<R ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
lM )*@49: F@( GI85/‡M GD@9*p}V J_,I5 ;,<9: r~L C8I5 3L E '+<,9:
./@@AR M2 C5C=R T}V 6€/5
3L G71 ƒ@e9: TXI4L '7- ze4R W2 ‘@tI_R EF@(/49: F,H/I9:
.)CU:M G+~U
‘P:M 3L •Y*_( M2 Or‰9: F@U•Q '7- ze4R W2 ‘@tI_R E '+<,9:
‘@tI_R |S}( ] ‹*„vd: '7- jDt+5 J9sM ] /@AQ OŽH M2 F+@-
[ Ft@_V F,71 M2 /@AQ bCU ‘P:M 3L W*_So F@a„v '7- ze4R W:
.[GS:X+- 3L ”/<5 ?*Ie9:
#2- Óou ma" know b" a handful the whole
l J+e9M O*,9: '9o W*a49: YX8R W2 ‘@tI_R E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.?/‰9: '7- GL*€Ko ‘@tI_R
f •„v ;<=9 C\H 3L |<tIp:: f cyDR W2 ‘@tI_R E '+<,9:
Ft8SM •*t„I5 39 f CU N*+x .3e9M *\V ‘+I85M NK*e(2 J1K*_5:
*\V G-*+IP: 3e5 z9 Wo ] Jm:K{M NK*e(}V ^*+IPl: 3- *xC+- hPXI5
.*†5XP *†8@,-
!%- Óou ma" take a horse to the water• but "ou
cannot make him drick.
.*\7,4IRM z_IDR W2 6=5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
W*_S•: '7- 6=5 ;1*‰,9: '9:XIRM 6m*a,9: z1:/IR *LC+- E '+<,9:
:/ZS: .*xYK ‘@tI_5 l f:Y *L ] G~PXL ‘L z7P}I9:M *\7,4R cX45 W2
B ;0,9 25 >
.Fe,p C@aI9 FV*Vs C8~R W2 6=5 E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
.:†/@io •V/I9 •† @7P r4kR W2 6=5 E '+<,9:
*LC+- lo G,7- ‘@t_R *L z7<R W2 ‘@tI_R l E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
C8I<R *†S*@U2 .;<~5 W2 G+e,5 *L K:C8,9 W*_S•: ;xy5 *†S*@U2 E '+<,9:
*,V/( |9M*U :so J+e9M ] *L F,\L O:Y2 ‘@tI_R l JS2 *†„p:K :†Y*8I-:
.*\m:Y2 r( /x*D9: JU*=+5 }H*~R
#6- Óou never know what "ou can do till "ou
.N/\… Î/x}pM Œ/\… Î/x: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
:s•M ] ;0,9*V *xYK2 ”X_( F+_U F7L*<L r+I7L*- :so E '+<,9:
.*\70L FLCu J9 fCP2 ”X_( FLCu r9 |LCP
[3@‡:/@P J@-:K2 ”X_( ’:/@P r+I@-:K :so [
.F5/D9: W*(X‰9: K*,i ?*D‰9: Ca4@p E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
z\@7- 3e9M *\R:X\vM )*@49: `*P*,U r( ?*D‰9: ƒ,A+5 E '+<,9:
.z@8I_,9: O:/a9: '9o )YX<9: J9s C<V
.?*D‰9: fC„5 ”Xp E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
•yx c•AIp: cM*45 GSœ( ] ®/v r( O/,9: WXe5 *LC+- E '+<,9:
*L •† x*SM )*@49: '7- •† D8LM *†<I,I_L c•AIp: 'aP2 F7U/,9:
.)Y*<_9: ^XD+5 3L ^*tIp:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
!$$- Ôeal without knowledge is runawa" horse.
`*47ta,9: ·²·»«µ
Alpha and omega
animal spirits.
apple pie order.
an arch look.
an armchair critic.
onec and for all.
for all know.
all · coild do.
apple of discars.
apple of m" e"e.
affect ignorance of some thing.
askig for triuble.
keep him at arm's length.
the" were up in arms about wages.
we welcomed him with open arms.
at it
at some one's back and call.
at his best.
at cross purposes.
at crossroads.
at daggers drawn.
at end of m" tether.
at the holm.
at home with.
at large.
at logger head.
.?K*x W*a4V GDv2 ] F(/<L WMCV ¢*,49: E F@(/49: F,H/I9:
] *†<(C+LM *†+-K2 *†HXx2 •Da5 W*_SœV Fp*,49: CI‰R *LC+- E '+<,9:
3L /@0e9: '9o ŒYqR CP ] F(/<,9:M z7<9*V Fp*,49: W/I8R z9 :soM
.F5*\+9:M F5:CD9:
.?*D‰9: F5X@UM Š/L
.•† L*1 *†D@R/R 6R/L
.O*xY .6@\L /Z+L :s
.^XwX,9: r( NK*‰5 l G+e9M .CP*S
B F,71M armchair FA79*V ;V*8R rxM .•5/,9: ƒ7=,9: rx >
.[C5C\R F,71 [ )/L /u{ [Î*8S[ F@V/<9:
.F(/-2 *L ;1
.G7,- r++eL2 *L ;1
.c:CH ;1 ^XwXL
.[r+@- )/P [ :†CH r7- Ž5Ž-
.Or‰9*V F(/<,9: fC- K*\…o
.;1*‰,9*S ^ £4D5
.GIP:CQ r( j,<IRl
.KXHd: ‘(/V 3@D9*tL . . WM/x*ZI5
.:†/@01 GV *+DUK
E•0L . . K:/,Ipl: r+<5M [FH:KY F=\9 [
he promised to stop smoking but he is at it
.*L •„‰9 f*I9: ”/aI9: |4R
.[•„‰9: [ GRl*U 3_U2 r(
.3@I@a„v 3@V z\( OXp
.¼9o ... )*@U g/I~L M: ] FL.2 r(
.ze4I_,9: O:C<9: r+<R [ 3@I-*,H M2 3@a„v 3@V [
.Œ:XP F5*\S r(
.FL*-Ž9: È )Y*@89: ‘PXL r(
.'7- YX<IL
.j@7‡ - /U
.^:ŽS r(
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
at a loss.
at one.
WX8~IL 34S we are at one.
at sea.
at si¨es and seves.
at the top of the ladder.
at his wits' end.
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 A. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
absence makes the heart grow founder.
actions speak louder than words.
all good things come to an end.
all's well that ends well.
all roads lead to &ome.
all that glitters us not gold.
all work and no pla" makes ›ack a dull da".
as "ou make "our bed• so "ou must lie in it.
F@9MY `:/aI„L A. A——&½Ð
A—ª. >vsB American —roadcasting ªoporation.
A·². >vsB Agenc" for ·nternational ²evelopment.
A.A. Automobile Association.
A -bomb.
A - level e¨am >advance levelB.
A- >personB.
in the black.
black ice.
dressed in black.
blue mood.
bolt from the blue.
don't blue "our mone".
.Œ/=5 :s*L zx*( /@€ .³xC+L
.³xC+L .zx*( /@€ ] JDR/L
.³xC+L [•„‰9: 3-[
.FDR/L /@€ [O*@vd: 3-[
.F,89: r(
.6@DU C@<V ;1
.c:XPd*V |_@9M c*,-d*V )/D<9:
.fMC5 l KM/_9:
.[F+_U F@m*\+9: F=@I+9: |S*1 :so [ E/@D_e‰9 F,eU
.;‰( 3L •„‰9: •*S*- *L z\5 •(
.*LMK '9o ŒYqR g/t9: ;1
.*†Dxs ‘,75 *L ;1 ƒ@9
[ ;,<9: O*+i2 FU:/9: 3L CV l Œ2 [ 'V/9 '-*pM rD789 F-*p
.J7,- F=@IS ;,4R
.F@e5/Ld: F-:s•: FŸ@x
.F@HK*„9: F@,+I9: F9*1M
.*e5/L2 r( `:K*@_9: ŒY*S
.:/I7=So r( `:K*@_9: TY*S
.F5Ky9: F7D+89:
r( [ F<L*=9: cXuC9 3@4H*+9: ;xq5 Ty9: F5XS*09: W*4IL:
.r,xM •„v .¢*+9: 3L C5.
.Orv ;1
[F@9*L: c:XUd: '([
.fXa„9: 3L /D12 J5C9 cXQd: WXeR *LC+-
.>GI5§K 6<a9: 3L Wd F5/D9: j5/t9: r( •/tuB .h@~u •7i
.>35ŽUB Y:X_9*V •‰IL
.‘PXIL /@€ Orv
.O† *Dx J9:XL2 j~+R l
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
blue pencil.
blue blooded.
true blue.
once in a blue moon.
blue film.
he is in a brown stud".
he is browned off with his work.
brown paper.
black - leg.
black - ball someone.
black out.
to black-list someone.
he is not so black as he is painted.
black magic.
black spot.
birds of feather flock together.
· have butterflies in m" stomach.
breaking up the wrong tree.
to beat the air.
blow "our own trumpet.
it boils down to.
buck "our ideas up.
don't burn "our own boat.
to burn a hole in one's pocket.
"ou burn the cansle at both ends.
it is goodÅ "ou burn "our finger.
do "ou still burn the midnight oilÑ
do "ou tr"ing to butter me upÑ
to but pig in a poke.
his bark is worst than his bite.
he will beat "ou black and blue.
let us have it in black and white.
.}‰+,9: r‡:/8IpK2
.rS*t5/D9: 3@Z(*4,9: ?ŽU r( :†CH •7„L Xk-
.K:/eI9: ;@7P
.r_+H z7@(
.•/ZS |~9 6<a9: 3L - •/@e~R r( gK*€
.G7,- 3L 6<R M2 - ;L
.[r+V GSX9 W2 ’/I‰5 lM [ YM/t9: h79 ;,<I_5 ŒXP gKM Œ2
.?:/wo r( •§•L. *,+@V GR*LCu ¡/<5 ;L*<9:
] FP/( M2 Y*S '9o f*,kSd: M2 .X~9: 3L *L •„v ‘+,9 :†C\H cyDR
.G4@v/R Cw JI5XaIV J9sM
.'m*V/\e9: K*@I9: ^*t8S: - FŸH*~L O*,€o F9*U
.O:YX_9: F,m*89:
.;<~1 *\~@+aR 3e,5M
.G+- ¢*+9: *x/1y5 rI9: )KXa9*V *†Ÿ@p ƒ@9
.bY:X49: r( /01: F@LX,<9: g/t9: r( W*eL
.‘8R *\x*Dv2 '7- KX@t9:
.*L hPXL 6D_V [W: rDa- r+So[ *,x*+<L Š•tQ: M2 F7,H
.>FH:KY FA9B YXa8,9: •„‰9: 3@@<R r( ˆ7€ ] •@„‰I9: r( }tu
.G+L )Cm*( l :†C\H cyDR
.F@a„‰9: JI‡*‰SM J9*,-2 ŠC,IL
.F5*\+9: r( r+<5
>FH:KY FA9B .J7,- 3_U .J_~S KX‡ r+<R
.C<V *,@( *\+L •7„I9: 6<a5 KXL}V J_~S fŽ7R l
.>gM/„L 6@HB :†/@01 j~+5 G<7=R
.;@79: /u{M K*\+9: cM2 ;,<R - JIP*‡ 3L /@0e9: j~+R
.F@S*i ;,<9: ƒ~S '9o YX<R l2 z7<IR 'IU *†+_U
¬;@79: haI+L C<V 'IU ;,<R M2 - /1:yR |9. l ;x
¬>FH:KY FA9B r+8(*+R |S2 ;x
.•/R z9 *†Ÿ@v N§:/v - /4D9: r( J,_9: Œ/I‰5 Œy9*1
l G+e9M :†/@01 YC\5 •„vl '7- j7tR [ Gk- 3L OXp2 GU*DS
.[•C5C\R y~+5
. gK.2M YXp2 NC7H •Da5 'IU JV/k5 ”Xp
.gKM '7- GV*I1 /,9: 6IeS *SX-Y
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
˜he" do it behind "our back.
let me break the back of this mission.
· was glad to see the back of this worker.
· will take the back seat..
· will put m" back into this matter.
· have m" back against the wall.
a bone of contention.
· made no bones about sa"ing the truth.
beat "our brain.
to pick his brains.
to make clean breast some thing.
· will bring this thing home to m" brother-
to bring the house down.
to bring the house down.
bring this matter to light..
bring something into line.
bring this to m" mind.
bring it into pla".
bring and blue.
bird's e"e view.
blank verse.
blind alle".
blind date.
blood horse.
boat train.
born teacherÈ foot fanÈ pilot.
bosom friend.
brass farthing.
broad da" light.
big four.
the black death.
.>JV*@AVB N/\… h7u 3L *\SX7,<5
.*\+L /D1d: OŽ=9: r\S2 Œ2 - F,\,9: •yx /\… zaP2 r+-Y
.F<HK WMY ;L*<9: :yx 6xy5 W2 :†CH rS/p
.z\L /@€ >^MXk,9: :yx r(B ŒKMY WXe5 ”Xp
.^XwX,9: :yx r( :†/@D1 :†C\H cyV2 ”Xp
.r_~S 3- ^*(C9*V •C+- /D=L hPXL r( r+So
.^:ŽS ^XwXL
.F8@849: cXP r( YY/R2 z9
.:†C@H /e(
.JI47aL r( G9*,<Ip l 3e9M ^XwXL r( G52K yu}R
.‘PXR WMY `O*H - )/m*‡ )/e(
.*xO*~uo |9M*U W2 C<V ] *L ^XwXL 3- F8@849: cXP
.Or‰9: : yx z\~5 ru2 ;<H}p
1 .*†S*_4Ip: j@~aI9: '7- ;aU -
2 .WM/w*49: G@7- J4w -
.‘@,=9: TC9 *†(M/<L G7<H:M ^XwX,9: :yx /\…2 T2
.*†8V*tIL G7<H:M Or‰9: 6RK
.:y\V rS/1s
.G+L C~Ip: ] G7,<Ip:
.[ F,1•,9: M2 ’X8_9: C+- [ z_=9: r( `*V/w
.^XwX,9: M: )Y*,9: M2 '9o F7L*v )/ZS
.F@(*P G9 ƒ@9 Œy9: /<‰9:
Er+<R *k52 *\+e9M [y(*+9: /@€ ^K*‰9:[ r+<R *†@(/U F,7e9:
.;D8I_L WMY 3L Ž1/,9: M2 F~@…X9:
.G(/<R z9M ;DP 3L •/R z9 •„v ‘L C-XL
.;@Q2 W*aU
'9o ?*1/9: ;,49 3@<L |PM r( GIt4L 3L /@_5 Œy9: K*t89:
N/4R ?:/IP: G9XQM ”Y*a5M G+L WM/(*_@p Œy9: O*+@,9:
.¼9o .. *†pKCL WXe5 W2 r( )/@D1 FDxXL G5C9 Œy9: •„‰9:
.F8i j5CQ ] Ž5Ž- j5CQ
.G9 F,@P l Orv
.K*\+9: •wM
.*@S*t5/V r( K*De9: F<VKd: NX+D9:
./‰- ‘V:/9: W/89: r( *VKM2 z- r9: WX-*t9: ¡/L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
black power.
—omba" duck.
—o¨ing ²a".
bone of contention.
bull in a china shop.
to bond" words >with some oneB.
to bear the brunt of some thing.
b" and large..
bad debts.
bag of bones.
the whole bag of tricks.
bags under the e"e.
baker's do-en.
bed of roses.
bed of thorns.
bill of fare•
bill of health.
f*8L G9 /8I_5 l Œy9: •„‰9: bird of passage.
birds of a feather.
bolt from the blue.
broken ½nglish.
burning –uestion.
busman holida"•
break the horse in
he is breaking fresh ground
break the bank
let me break the back of this ™ob.
break the bound.
to break the ice.
break the news.
break a record.
break short the conversation.
to break someone's spirit.
to break the strike.
.z9*<9: r( YX_9: gX8U F5*,U F1/U
.•@_,9: Y•@L fX5 r75 Œy9: fX@9:
.g*~Rl: fC- )Y*L M2 c:C=9: )Y*L
r( KX09*1B Xx r(/49: )/V*<9: '+<LM .zZ+L /@€ .ŒXw X( •„v
.>F@+@a9: rS:Md: /=IL
.F9*=,9: O*+i2 F~‡*u `*8@<7R
.*L ;,- 3L g*‰9: M2 ./D1d: O6<9: ;,4I5
.fX,<9: '7-
.:†CH h@4S
.O*+0Ip: WMY .Orv ;1
.3@<9: |4R z-*S C7H
[.*D„9: W.KY [ /‰- Fi•i
*\+L l† CV rR}R £@U *,m:Y ;,<I_R lM ] f*<t9: F,m*P >F@,pK F=\9B
B F,71 «enu .>
.F@4Q )Y*\v
F~Q ;,4R l F7,=9: •yx 3e9MB Y*<9:M F5:X\9: ƒ~S z\9 F-*,H
.)/_eL F5Ž@7=So FA9
.G7U 6=5 c:CH ^MXkL
.G7,<9 •† i*,L •† ,- ŒYq5 M2 G7,- /8L r( W*_S•: *\@k85 ).*Ho
.?X1/9: '7- W*a49: 35/,R
.CU2 F@7- F8D_5 z9 [.*=SoB ;,<V fX85
3L ŒY*+9: Ge7,5 *L ‘@,H WXe5 CP /@D1 Â7D,V .X~9: B K*,89: r(
.W: F,\,9: •yx zZ<L r\S2 '+-Y
.G-X+,L j‡*+L '9o cXuC9:
.F-X,=,9*S ^ YX,=9: F9:.• bC4IR
.*†@(*u W*1 W2 C<V /D„9: F-:so
.rp*@89: zP/9: z@t4R
.£5C49: /aIu:
.ŠMK•x r( ;I8R M2 ] G9yR
.)X89*V ?:/w•: O*\So
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
babes and sucklings.
bag and baggage.
bed and breakfast.
beer and skittles.
bod" and soulE
· am with "ou bod" and soul.
backstairs gossip.
backstairs influence.
bad blood.
bad language.
bad shot.
bestting sin.
big shot.
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 —. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
bad workman alwa"s blames his tools.
barking dogs seldom bite.
beaut" is onl" skin deep.
beggars must't be choosers.
better late than never.
bird in the hand is worth tow in the bush.
F@9MY `:/aI„L —. A——&½Ð.
——ª. E —ritish —roadcasting ªoporation.
—.A. E —achelor of Arts.
—·¯. E —ill of lading.
countr" cousin.
crocodile tears.
a cross e¨amination.
cr"ing shame.
a curtain lecture.
clean bill of health•.
cast in the e"e.
in the air.
.O*5/V2 c*~‡2
.ˆ8( KXt~9:M FL*+,79 gC+(
Š/( .ƒS2
EfX85 W}1 .zU•I9: 3L C@1}I79 c*8RM .ŠMKM C_H
.*†UMKM *†,_H ze<L *S2
.fC„9: )/i/i
.r~„9: /@i}I9:
.3@a„v 3@V )M:C-
.^K:X‰9: FA9
.‚‡*u ¦*I+Ip:
.W*@U•: n<V r( /\ZR ] FŸ@p )Y*-
.>F@,pK /@€M FHK:Y F=\9B F,\L F@a„v
fX75 ‚@_9: ;L*<9: [ EG7‰( /@VCI9 6Dp 3- £4D5 3,9 c*85 ;0L
.:†KY*S lo n<5 l Š*D+9: 67e9:
.c*,=9: 3L zx2 f*a„9:
.J9y9 *†‡M/v YC45M *†(M/<L J+L 67t5 3,9 c*8R
.F@71 F9*,xo 3L 3_U2 :†/u}IL X9M Or‰9: ;,-
.J@7- 65/€ /tu 3L WXx2 ] G(/<R /v M2 /tu better the devil "ou know than the devel "ou
don't know•
./=‰9: '7- 3@+i: 3L /@u C@9: r( KX~a-
.F@S*t5/D9: F-:s•: FŸ@x
.?:Y{ ¢X5KX9*eV
.34‰9: Fa@9XV
.F@SC,9: )*@49: '7- YX<I5 z9 Œy9: •„‰9:
.[Š•tQ: [ Š*_,I9: ^XLY
W2 jDp c:XP2 K*DIul[ F,e4,9: r( Cx*‰9: '7- '87R rI9: F7Ÿpd:
.[*\V '9Y2
.;=„L ‚v
.*\HMŽ9 )2/,9: ¼@VXR
.)Y*L M2 •„‰9 ] F@4Q )Y*\v
.3@<9: r( ˆ@_V cXU
.c*@„9: r( /5XaR
.F-X,=,9: r( z\,9: •„‰9: z@-Ž9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
cockof the wald..
cog in the machine.
cuckoo in the nest.
crack of doom.
close vote.
cock-and-bull stir".
cold feet >to haveB
;x*=IR cold shoulder > to giveB.
cold war.
FA9*DL coloured statement.
c*- W*eL 3L /Z+L commanding view.
?Ž-2 '8D5 W2 K/P •„v confirmed bachelor.
‘Dt9: YK*V cool head.
YK*V c*D8Ip: cool reception.
corrupt passage.
capital offence.
cardinal points.
cast iron.
casting vote.
cat burglar.
chance meeting.
chief mourner.
circumstantial evidence.
closed fisted man.
close shave.
F@k89: /xXH cru¨ of the matter.
crumbs from a rich man's table.
celtic fringe.
civv" street.
closed shop.
/_e+5 to come apart.
[:†CH )/@D1 F_pqL M2 F,Z+L r( [ f*x KMY G9 ƒ@9 •„v
.G5C9:X9 GRX+V |D0R z9 ;~‡
.Š*Da9: r( KX+9: g*0DS:
./‰D9: F5*\S .KXa9: ¼~S
.K:/P ‘L M2 Cw `:XQd: YC- ?K*8R
.?MyeL /Du .F-/I„L FaP
.Ft@_V F@w/R
.F5*-C9: ?/U È)YK*D9: ?Ž4„9:
[FV*Ie9: r( [ `:/@@AR M2 O*tu2 6D_V •w:M /@€ ;a(
.f:C-•: *\IVX8- )Y*- .',Z- F,5/H
.F@7Qd: `*\=9:
.W/~9: 3L *†p2K .KX\a,9: C5C49:
F_7=9: ƒ@mK G4+,5 Œy9: `Xa9: Xx ] `K:/89: '7- |5XaI9: r(
.`:XQd: cY*<R C+-
.6@V*Sd:M ŠXt_9: Ftp:XV c.*+,9: ;uC5 Œy9: gK*_9:
W2 r+<RF,I4L )K*D<9: •yx 3e9M .ˆ@DS/89: `*DS r+<R '9Md: F7,e9:
.F,1•,79 F=@IS FLKXIL Wsd:
.F(Ca9*V ^*,IH:
.|@,9: O*V/P2 ?/P2
`*LX7<,9: rt<R *\+e9M z\I,9: 35CR l rI9: )Y*(•:[ F,5/=9: r(
.[F,5/=9: 3- F@(*e9:
[;@„D9:[ FwXD8,9: C@9: Ms
FVX=-}V > FiY*U M2 /tu WB )*=+9:
./@8~9: r+A9: G4+,5 )C-*_L M2 f/1
.F@S*t5/D9: KŽ=9: r( F@P/- F~m*‡
ƒe- WX@SC,9: ¢*+9: r+<RMB ˆ8( *@S*t5/V r( ] FH:KY F=\9
FV*8S O*k-2 '7- *\V ;,<9: KXa8L ] F_pqL M2 ‘+aL M2 FvKM
.F+@<,9: F@(/49:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
come clean.
to come a cropper.
to come down in the world.
come down to earth.
to come into foce
he came into his own.
¬Ft4,9: •y\V ;,<9: 2CD5 rIL when will this station come into pla".
)M/i bKM he came into fortune.
F@SXS*89: 3_9: |A7V she came of age.
come off it.
)KM*4L M2 g*Dp r( /_u Œ2 he came off second best.
Š*=+V F,\,9: M2 ;,<9: '\S2 he came through with fl"ing colours.
GIu2 ‘L N:/<9: 2CV he came to blows with his sister.
FL.2 '9o :X7QM the" came to a head.
rw*,9: /\‰9: y+L *†(M/<L /Ld: •DQ2 it come to light last month.
•† v*( •DQ2 he came to little.
· came to a prett" pass.
JV:XQ '9o C- ] ;8-2 come to "our senes
to cut it fine.
JR*@S*eL: 6_U '7- NKXL2 6RK cut "our coat according to "our cloth.
:†CH ;@7P Â7D,V lo G9 ‹X5 z9 his father cut him with a shilling.
the" cut the ground from under "our feet.
˜o clip some one's wing.
:†K:/P y„IR ”Xp G@7-M hPX,9: r( z\,9: •„‰9: JSX1 to call the tune.
JIIeS 3L 3_U2 GIeS cXP}p · shall cap "our ™oke.
· caught him napping.
*_D7IL G@7- |kDP · caught him red-handed..
rttu 3- r+@+05 W2 cM*45 he is tr"ing to clip m" wings.
*\+- ^XH/9: 3e,5 l )Xtu `y„R: · cross the &ubicon.
to carr" favour >with someoneB.
· will get this matter off m" chest.
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ª. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
clothes do not make the man.
cowards die man" times before their deaths.
[FH:KY F=\9[ ”/I-: - j49: ;P
1 ˆ8_5- 2 .[FH:KY F=\9 [ ;‰~5 -
.r-*,IHl: •Ž1/L C8~5
.J9*@u 3- ‘HK2
[WXS*89: r([ s*~+9: )XP G9
.)/\v 3L G84I_5: f '7- ;aU
lM2 .`*(:/„9: .•yx ;8R l M2 .h5/„R :yx W2 r+<RM [FH:KY F=\9[
³xC9: M2 .cXxy9: 3L F9*4V |DQ2
.F,\,9: .*=So 6=5 G9•u Õ :†CH /@aP |PM N/R r+<R [FH:KY FA9[
6<Q hPXL r( NX1/R [JI4R 3L ’*_D9: XD4p[
GR*(/aR '7- `/t@p JS2 Er+<R [FH:KY FA9[
G@9o ;1X,9: ;,<9: /@€ •† ,- ;,<5 GRCHM 'So .r+<RM FH:KY FA9
”M/<L '7- cXa49: ;H2 3L .j(*+R
.Œ/@,w 3- ƒ~Sd ^XwX,9: :y\V ŠXV2
.zx/x*Z,V :X_@9M zx/V*„,V c*H/9:
WXRX,5 O*S*D=9: W2 E r+<RM [ /a@P ¢X@9XV r( /@D_e‰9 )K*D-
.)/L 3L /012
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
a creaking gate hangs long.
cross the stream where it is shallowest.
J@7HK CL J(*49 KCP '7- cut "our coat a cccording to "our colth.
F@9MY `:/aI„L ª. A——&½Ð.
F5C+e9: F-:s•: FŸ@x ª—ªE ªanadian —roadcasting Ðorporation.
ª—µE >vsB ªolmbia —roadcatings µ"stem.
F@p*@p FŸ@x ª² E ªorps ²ipolomati–ue.
ª½É˜» E ªentral ˜reat" »rganisation.
ª·A E ªentral ·ntelligence Agenc".
ª·² E ªriminal ·nvestigation ²epartment.
fX@9: :y\9 ;,<9: hPM2 call it a da"
;D8,9: ^XDp•: 3L fX@9: :yx ;0L this da" week
O*+0Ip: WMY fX5 ;1 da" in• da" out.
J9 /aIS: to win a da"
f:Ž\S: to lose a da"
O:y49: 3L ^X+9: :yx W*L. '\IS: this kind of sgoes have had its da"
FU*@_9: r( *†<I,L :†K*\S rk,S *SX-Y let us make a da" of swimming
/\Z5 *,L /012 `*@7V*89: 3L G5C9 Œy9: •„‰9: dark horse
`*<7tR *\9 ƒ@9 F~@…M dead end ™ob
diamond wedding
:†CH c*- ^*~RK: di--" height
c*,<Ipl: )/01M fC89: 3L GR*~4Q `XI9: ?*I1 dog-eared book
dog in the manager
F@_,‰9: F-X,=,9: r( fX=+9: ‘,92 CU2 dog star
double agent
double ²utch
W*(/t9: *\@( cY*<R FD<9 a drawn game
/,„9: ?/‰9 F=@IS rR}5 rI9: F-*=‰9: M2 F,5Ž<9: ²utch courage
GD@aS 3@-C,9: 3L ;1: G@( ‘(C5 rI9: )X-C9: M2 F7~49: ²utch ˜reat
•w:M Orv r92 ŒYqR l )/e( M2 ] YMC_L ^K*v dead end
.M/D9: M2 G@(/I79 c*=L G@( ƒ@9 ;,- M2 F~@…M a dead end ™ob
;,- .*=S• YC4L ¼5K*R deadline
G9 YC4,9: |PX9: r( ;,<9: O*\So to meet a beadline
W2 E'+<,9: 3+e9M •† 5X‡ ³@<5 /5/a9: Ms ?*D9:[ F,H/I9:
.)}=( WXRX,5 lM •† 5X‡ WX‰@<5 )Y*- F@+D9: ”*<w ‹*„vd:
;4w2 3L /\+9: /D-: [ F@(/49: *\I,H/RM ] G7@pM ˆ_V2 3- £4V:
[*e5/L2[ *@D,9X1 F-:so
[ XI+_9: [ ŒŽ1/,9: h749:
[*e5/L2[ F5Ž1/,9: `:K*D„Ip•: F9*1M
.rm*+=9: j@84I9: F47aL
KM/L 6$ ¦:MŽ9: '7- G+p
.G_~S Xx G7,<I_5 l .Or‰V ^*~ISl: 3L 35/u: ‘@,5 .rS*S2
.G_~S Xx G9 •7a5 l Œy9: h7<9: 3- F@v*,9: Y/t5 67e9*1
.¦MYŽL ;@,-
FLX\~L /@€ FA9 Œ2 .FH:KC9: 3L ;P2 FA9
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
j@,- fXS a dead sleep
F5Žm*+H F@8@pXL F<tP dead march
:†CH ;@8i W.M a dead weight
;@79: haI+L the dead of night
to cut >someoneB dead
to flog a dead horse
a dead set at some bodo"
|@L F1/R M2 6a+L K*ZIS: to wail for a bead man's shoe
ƒ,4R WMY Or‰9: ;,- dead-alive
sdead to all senses
F7=<V Ž=S2 ;,- dash something off
¤V /H*I5 deal in something
‘L ;L*<I5 deal with some one
die down
:ye9 F47L FD€K M2 FH*U die for something
*L ¡/A9 F9*,<Ip: 3e,L do for something
Or‰9: YC=5 do something up
3- r+AI_5 do with out
draw >someoneBin
draw on
•† =u ;P2 G7<=5 draw >someoneB out
J+D9: ?*_U r( *,1 ] •C@QK 64_5 draw >somethingB out
draw up
Y*U ?*I- M2 ‘5/8R dress >someoneB down
FL*x F7V*8L M2 F7~49 ƒD75 dress up
dress >someoneB up
dress >some thingB up.
)CU:M )/L G7L*eV Or‰9: ?/‰5 drink >somethingB off
G71 Or‰9: ?/‰5 drink >somethingB up
G05CU r( Ca85 drive at something
^*+P: cM*45 drive something in
G+- £4DR *L C=R l to draw a blank
*\H*-.: 3L ?M/\9 cX4e9: ?:/v '9o GI<(Y she drove him to drink
YMC_L j5/‡ '9o [•† 0L[ `*wM*~,9: cXQM
G(/<R z9 JS}1 *†L*,R [•„‰9:[ ;x*=IR
[YK*V C5CU r( ?/k9: [ |PX9: F<@kL
[‘5/8R[ `*,7e9*V fX=x
r4I_5 l Œ2 - ¢:X49: W:C8(
G9X<~L cO*kI5 .GR}‡M h4R
do with something• > could do with a cup of
>W•-•: r( *,1B ?yI=5
>;@79: ?:/I(: r( *,1B ?/I85
)K*@_9: ”XPM F9*U r( *,1 .h85
G_V•L /@€ ƒD75 - /e+I5
> Š:/IP: M2 ^M/‰L '7- B )/@ud: `*_,79: ‘k5
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
dog in the manager
· will draw in m" horns
da"s of grace
G-XS 3L C5/(M C@H Orv diamond of the first water
67‡ *\9 CHX5 lM FwM/<L ‘m*kV drug in the market
dark ages
)C4I,9: `*5lX9: 3L F@P/‰9: F@VX+=9: `*5lX9: ²eep µouth
*L •„v ¦*-.• ;,<5 to drive someone man
m" son drives me mad
WX+=9: FHKC9 ever" morning
¢*+9: •*DIS: ?y=5 draw people in
3- r+AI_5 do without
draw on
draw out
Or‰9: J9s .*=S• •5X‡ *IPM yu}R Œ2 dewell on something
˜o do someone
· will do m" best
he is doing his work in "our friend last night
"ou did the dirt" with "our friend last night
do not do me down
do me a favour
FU:/9: 3L ;@7P NC@~5 a little rest will do "ou good
h@k,9: WX12 ”Xp · will do the honours
do some one in
F(/A9: hZS2 W2 C5K2 · want to do the room
C5y9 G,<‡M :†C@H ®XDtL z479: :yx this meat was done to a turn
TXI_L will done
O:XIp: haS half done
NC@~5 ”Xp WX,@9 ¢}1 ¬Y/D9*V ?*aL |S2 ;x
to do wonders >with mathsB
a dead language
a bead letter
a deadline
dead link
h7<9: ;1}5 l 67e9*( ] YX_49: '7- j7t5 hQM Eh7<,9: r( 67e9*1
G71}R T/ud: `*S:X@49: ^C5 lM
[FH:KY FA9 [ :†/@01 j~S2 lM CaIP2 ”Xp
.g*84Ipl: ¼5K*R C<V 35C,79 't<R F7\L
/v*<9:M ƒL*„9: W/89: 3@V *VKM2 r( rxM .F,7Z,9: YX\<9:
Š*DQ ;1 '+=-Ž5 TC9M E•† 0L cX8+(
>Á† 0L f•Z9:B ?/I85
[•† 0L K*\+9:[ CI,5
.l† :XL2 G+L ŽIDR M2 G-C„R E *x*+<L FH:KY F=\9
.ŒC\H cyV}p
¼9o .. hPXI5 zi 2CD5 ] ‘t8IL ;e‰V 3e9M ;,<9: ŒYq5
] FŸ@p F7L*<L J85CQ |7L*- F@w*,9: F7@79: r( [ FH:KY F=\9 [
FŸ@p F85/tV GI-Cu
1 rV Ky<R l - 2 .35/ud: C+- r+D_R l -
.*†(M/<L ;,-:
[ FH:KY FA9 [ G7IP:
have "ou got clodÑ A glass of lemon will do the
`*@w*5/9: r( - |-CV2
F@+@Rl*1 .;,<I_R C<R z9 FI@L FA9
:†y(*S C<5 z9 WXS*P - W:X+<9: ;\=9 C5/D9: r( NM/IL ?*tu
r( )YXHXL C<R z9M .*\@7- 67t9: ;P F-*ZV E TK*=I9: ;,<9: r(
[ •0L O*t- z5C8I9 [ C-XL /u{
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
*\@7- 67t9: ;P F-*kV dead stock
dead wire
F+‡:X,9: jU ?X7_L 3‡:XL dead in the e"es of law
go dead
/,„L :†CH W:/ep dead drunk
a dead loss
f*R OMCx dead silence
dead slow
sead against
)C5Cv O*,€o dead faint
;L*1 hPXR dead halt
*†L*,R Or‰9: Ž1/L r( F<P:X9: Ft8+9: dead centre
dead heat
*L*,R ”C\9: ?*Q2 Œy9: •„‰9: ded shot
on a dead level with
|x*V WX9 dead colour
•w:M 3e9M ^X,_L ] r~u M2 ] ³L*€ `XQ dead sond
y(:XS WMCV ˆm*U dead wall
dead certaint"
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ². Ì&»Ð½&—µ
GV NX7L*<5 W2 64R *,V ¢*+9: ;L*- do as "ou would be done b"
*\_8( ;DP ®:/~9: C<R l don't count "our chickens before the" hatch
G@9o cXQX9: ;DP /_=9: /D<R l don't cross a bridge until "ou come to it..
don't have too man" irons ins the fire
FDP FD49: 3L ;,<R l don't make a mountain out of the molehill
son't put all "our eggs in one basket
*\+1*L2 r( O*@vd: ‘w ] W*a49: f*L2 FV/<9: ‘kR l don't put the cart before the horse
g*v ;,- elbow grease
elbow room
65/P within elbow reach
^XwX,9: :yx r( J52K '7- J<L j(:M2 · see e"e with "ou on this matter
J@9o FV*Ie9: JvM r7- |+1 · was with an e"e on writing to "ou
K*@I9: GV/,5 l J7p E O*V/\e9: r(
)K:/U WMCV E hR*\9: r(
1 *\+- n5X<I9: 3e,5 l )K*‰u - 2 )Cm*~9: z5C- •„v -
hPXI9: FHKC9 F-/_9: h@~„R - N/4I5 Y*e5 l
j~IL /@€ - ¡K*<L
)X89: ƒ~S r( WX_(*+I,9: £@U [ g*D_9: r([
‘L M*_IL [`*P*D_9: r([
C1qLM .G+L ´M/~L /L2M 2 Orv
[ CU:M ;,- '7- Ž1K [ ] K*+9: '7- CU:M ¼@_S f /012 ‘kR l
[)/‡*„,9: 3D=R [ .)CU:M F7p r( n@D9: ;1 ‘kRl
•„‰9: FS*eL KCP '7- F@(*1 GQ/( .F@(*1 FU*_L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
he has an e"e on her
)/1:y9: 3L *†S*492 ”Ž<R ˜o pla" music b" ear
`*A79: z7<I9 Y:C<Ip: F5C9 he has a good ear for languages
· am all ears
he is up the ears in his work
wet behind the ears
within earshot
c*L 3L GR.XU r( *,@( ] •/L2 /VCI5 make both ends meet
*L ^XwXL cXU Î*P*+9:M c:C=9: /,I_5 never hear the end of it
F=@IS •V to no end
F7@pX9: K/DR F5*A9: the end ™ustifies the means
Š*DQ ;1 :†/eDL ©8@I_5 Œy9: •„‰9: earl" bird
:†/eDL `X,9: earl" grave
*\9•u 3L N/4I5 FQ/( M2 W*eL elbow room
eternal triangle
e¨tra - mural studies
· have his ear
˜o gain one's end
end of one's tether
· tried man" wa"s to solve this problem but was
at the end of m" tether
to be at a loose end
· was at a loose end after finishing m" e¨ams
bad endE to come to a bad end..
deep endE to go at the deep end
keep one's end up
:C+9/5o ½merald isle
*LMK ½teral cit"
·t is all m" e"e
[FD€/9:M FDP:/,9: ‘(:CV [ 601 3- *\DP:/5
W:s{ r71 .:†C@H J9 ‘,Ip2
F7,- r( cXA‰L [ƒ‡*€[
:†/@AQ c:Ž5 l .Æ/V .)/D„9: z5C-
65/P - ‘,_9: 'L/L
E•† 0L · spent all m" salar" and am finding it sifficult
to. make both ends ends meet
E•† 0L · have lost m" bic"cke• m" father will be ver"
E F5*\+9: '(M with meE for a month · will never hear the end of
it in the end
[W*R2/L:M ;HK M2 )2/L:M W•HK G(:/‡2 [ r~‡*- ^:/Q
z\S2 Œ2 F<L*=9: r( :X,ZI+5 z9 ?•t9 .`:/w*4L M2 `*p:KY
¦K*„9: 3L WXpKC5
.rL•1 r( j05 Xx .r9o ‘,I_5 Xx
.F5*A9: '9o cXQX9:
.F7t‰,9: ;U KCaL M2 F7@pX9: f:C<S:
E•† 0L
./@D1 ´:/( |PM F5C9
E•† 0L
[•† 0L 3=_9:[ F+_U /@€ F5*\S '9o cXQX9:
.C5C‰9: 6kA9: 6D_V ƒ~+9: '7- )/t@_9: W:C8(
B E cX8R keep "our end up ‘L*_9: •„‰9: 3L 67tR Œ2 >
.GLX,x 3L z€/9*V GU/L '9o YX<5 W2
G9 F,@Pl .?y1 .h@„p f•1 :yx [FHK:Y FA9[
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
˜o be all e"es
he has an e"e for cars
this is an e"e opener
keep an e"e on this
to err in the safe side
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ½. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
6@aS G9 ;1 ever" dog has has his da"
6Dp Orv ;e9 ever" wh" has a wherefore
3_9*V 3_9:M 3@<9*V 3@<9: e"e for e"e and a tooth for tooth
F@9MY `:/aI„L ½. A——&½Ð.
F1/I‰,9: F@VKMd: gX_9: ½ec E ½uropean ½conomic ªommunit"
F@VKMd: )/49: )K*=I9: ½±˜AE ½uropean ±ree ˜rade Association.
?/U F9*U r( fre and sword
flesh and blood
¢*+9: G7,<5: f ;,<R to follow the crowd
· shall force his hand
to flog a dead horse
6<I5 za„9: ;<HM /Da9: F@=@R:/Ip: fabian polic"
F~@ZSM )C,I<L F„_S fair cop"
F9X\_V *\R:O:/P 3e,5M )X5C5 FV*I1 fair hand
fair se¨
O*u/9: j5CQ fair weather friend
/4D9: `*VX<Q G(Y*aR z9 K*4V fair weather sailor
z@<L 6Dp WMCV :†CH c*€ fanc" price
c*,<Ip•: M2 ;_A9*V /@AI5 l Œsy9: ] |V*09: WX79: fast colour
fast living
;,<9: ‘PXL r( F@p:KY )KMY field course
F7@,=9: WX+~9: fine arts
fi¨ed stars
Š*=+V ;,<9: M2 F,\,9: r\+R fl"ing coloursE >to do somethng withB
fl"ing ™ump
F~‡*u )Y*5. fl"ing visit
?*Ie9: )/uqLM FLC8L r( F@9*u F4~Q fl" leaf
forrced landing
)KM/k9: ”M/… |4R F5/e_- `*1/4R forced march
Â9*V f*,IxœV .cXk~V .FPCV /Z+R
*x.:/‡M *\IwXL . `:K*@_9: c*1:ÒM ^:XS2 3- )/e( •C+-
.‘PXIL /@€M *†ŸH*~L *†Ÿ@v GSXe9 K*ZSd: |~75 :yx
[G+L J9*V yu [ .:yx 6P:K
C,<IR .W*a8+9: 3L *†(Xu .Or‰9: r( )Y*5Ž9: C,<IV Ky49: 6S*H y„IR
.FPC9: fC-
[F7m*<9: M2 )/@‰<9: r( [ CU:M fMY 3L
rS/D„5 G7<H}p ./_9*V ŠXD9: '7- •/DH}p
/i{ G9 ƒ@9 GV fX8R Œy9: ;,<9: .YK*V C5C4V ?/kR
)2/,9: .h@t79: ƒ+=9:
ƒ~+9*S ^ G@(/I9: r( *\D7€2 ;,<I_R rI9: .F\(/,9: )*@49:
.*\<P:XL /@AR l fX=S
[r9*<9: 6iX9: [ n1/V 2CD5 Ty9: Ž~89:
[`:/m*t79 [ ŒK:/twl: cMŽ+9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
*\D+=R 3e,5 l •m*IS forgone conclusion
65/€ z_H foreign bod"
Š*=+9: 3L :†CH ;@7P 6@aS *\9 Ftu forlorn hope
fort" winks >to takeB
fourth state
/U O*+@L free port
6m:/v M2 NK*,H ] )/U •K*=R free trade
Wso WMCV ).*H2 french leave
FSXe7V M2 F85CU '7- ŠXI~L ¦MYŽL ¦*HŽV N*Dv french window
fresh water saikor
r8@849: •/@e~R ^*,_79 /\…2 ] bC4I,9: 3L YXa8L /@€ }tu freudian slip
the four freedoms
FLŽI9: /@€ |S*I_RM/D9: ƒm*+e9: free churches
)C-*,_79 G@9o ‘H/5 fall back on some one
F(Ca9*V G@7- ”/<I5 fall in with some one
fall off
f*R K*eSo flat denial
flat refusal
flat t"re
‘wX9: zx*( /@€ ] ³xC+L go into flat spin
to tell someone flat
YX8S GxC+- M2 G<L ƒ@9 6@=9: r9*u flat broke
W*<,9 GV ƒ@9 W*xY flat paint
ŽH:XU WMCV ] F5XI_L ¡K2 '7- g*Dp flat paint
ˆ8_5 za„9: ;<=R FV/w flat racing
˜o knock some one flat
and that is flat
F+@<L F~@4Q ‘L *†tDR/L ƒ@9 G+e9M r~4Q KXaL freelance writer
F+@<L F~@4aV *†tDR/L ƒ@9 G+e9M r~4Q KXaL freelance photogragher
he wants to feather his nest
· will fell his pulse
J85/‡ ƒ_4R Ky=5 3e9M /,Ip: feel "our wa"
*L •„v 6+=R F9M*4L to fight sh" of someone
/e<9: O*,9: r( Y*@tQl: to fish in troubled waters
[ FH:KY F=\9 [ ;@7P fXS ] F7@_<R
[ F<V:/9: Ft7_9: [ ] F(*4a9:
'7- j7tRM ]`:/@4D9:M K*\Sd: •*@L 3- :†C@<V /4D5 z9 Œy9: K*4D9:
Orv r( `:/Du G5C9 ƒ@9 •„‰9:
EF@S*_S•: `*5/49: ¢*p2
3L F5/49: .”X„9: 3L F5/49: ] £5C49: F5/U ] W*5Yd: F5/U
.[•0L `*<@D,9*1 [ ] z=U cŽ+5 M2 ] ;85
.f*R n(K
[•† 0L )K*@_9: r( [ G+L c*u M2 O:X\9: ;@7P K*‡o
[ŠXwMM FU:/aV *L •„v [ ] G<L bC4R
[FL*<9: *\7,<I_5 [ Î*8+9:M cC=9: O*\S• ;,<I_R F,71
F+@<L F~@4Q ‘L *†tDR/L ƒ@9M .6I1M `l*8L 6R*1
W2 ;H2 3L F~5/v /@€ F85/tV ] c:XLd: '7- cXa49: r( 6€/5
F45/L )*@49: '7- ;a45
[K:/p2 3L G5C9 *L F(/<,9 [ GkDS ƒH2 ”Xp .39M /,Ip:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
to flog a dead horse
•:C4IR to fl" in the face of some one.
¬F+\,9: r( NC9:M ;0L •DaIp ;x will "oue follow in "our father's footstepsÑ
the fall of man
GV |,P z@Z- .*=So a feather in "our cap
h@<w M2 W*DH feet of cla" >to haveB
r7,<9: M2 r-*,IHl: Ft@4L 3L Š*R/,9:/@€ •„‰9: fish out of water
flash in the pan
KM/_9: C_(2M ;aU Orv fl" in the ointment
Ftp:M friend at court >to haveB
Y•@,9: C@- FDp*+,V zx*5:Cx c*~‡¶9 67=5 .X=- r(:/u ;HK father christmas
^XwX,9: r( Orv zx2 first and foremost
he falls between two stools
make sure that "ou fall on "our feet
Fttu '7- F8(:XR to fall in line with some one
F<5Cu F@4w |<PM fall over oneself to do some thing
3_U2 J+L ‘PXR: |+1 · fall a pre" to his tricks
;‰~Ip Ft„9: •yx "ou fall short of m" hopes
this plan will fall to the ground
:†CH KY*S fair and far between
:†/@01 }D<5 l free and eas"
;aU Œy9: ;aU for good or ill
F7@pM Œ}V b" fair means or foul
GI<,p C8~5 ”Xp he will lose face
J4k9: '9o X-C5 hPX,9: W2 z€K :†Y*H ;… GSo he kept a straight face
GL*L2M FU:/aV *\9XP}p · will sa" this to his face
/\Z5 *,1 on the face of it
YXHM 3L z€/9*V in the face of
3=\I_R to pull a face
:y1 '7- F,€/R twist him round his finger
· have a finger in the pie
)/@01 `*P•-M ‘@w:XL r( G_~S /‰45 he has a finger in ever" pie
.G7,- zR W2 jDp Orv ;,- r( |PX9: ‘@@kR
FŸ@t„9: '9o )O:/D9: 3L '9Md: )Xt„9: E O:XUM fY '9Md: FŸ@t„9:
*xC<V r~Iu:M T/D1 F=w G9 |,@P2 Orv M2 ] •† 5X‡ fMC5 l Orv
.;‰( '9o 678S: M2
3@IQ/~9: C8( r+<R E •„‰9:
3L JHM/u 3L C1*R 3@(/t9: •e9 •7aR l *\S2 r+I- E FZ479
.*†,@7p F7e‰,9:
F~Q*+L [ FH:KY F=\9 [
[ )/@t~9: r( ‘DQ2 r9 [ r+,\5 ^XwX,9: Wo
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
his fingers are all thumbs
/@0e9: *\+- ”/<5M FP*@_9: r( :†/x*L he has driving at his fingers tip
¬X5:/9: :yx ;7u r( 6D_9: 3@@<R ‘@tI_R ;x can "ou la" "our finger on the radioÑ
keep "our finger crossed
his wife put the finger on him
FVK*k,9: M2 F7=<9: 6D_V /_„R W2 ;DP ^MXk,9*V /e( be careful not to burn "our fingers
· will foot the bill
ŒC\H cyV2 ”Xp · will put m" best foot forward
CS*<R l don¸t put "our foot down
he falls on his feet
he is rushed off his feet
· feel m" feet now
J@LCP '7- hP stand on "our own two feet
he votes with his feet

JI9*U 3_4IR *LC+- when "ou get back on "our feet
r+=-ŽR l don't get m" back up
GILŽx · got the better of him
get doen to brass tacks
;,<9: 2CV: get down to business
G<L zx*~R2 ”Xp · will get even with him
}tu /Ld: |,\( |S2 "ou got hold of the wrong end of the stick
"ou will get into hot water
¦/U hPXL r( WXeR to get into a mess
G@7- ¼VXR CP hPXL J9 ;a45 to get into scrape
to get mand at
get a move
F84I_5 Œy9: ?*8<9: '7- ;a45 z9 he got on in world
*†@-*,IH:M *†@9 *L •=S don't get om m" nerve
r+=-ŽR l to get on m" nerve
;,<9*S f Y/tR to get the sack
ŒCUM )*@49: 6U2 `2CV M2 `YX<R · got grips with living alone
get to the sub™ect
.*\U•Qo 3L l† CV O*@vd: C_~5 ] GI(/U r( :†/x*L ƒ@9
/@„9*V r9 c§*~R . . :yeV r9 ^Y:
M2 f/=L [ G+- `/Du2 rI9: rx GIHM. W2 r+<R [FH:KY F=\9[
¼9o . . [ ?K*x
/u{ •„v 3- [)Y*-[ ?*_49: ‘(Y}p
[)/‡*„L 3L *=S [ :†C@H W*1 GZU
)/@01 c*,-2 - G7,<V :†CH cXA‰L
[ ;,<9: r( [ r_~+V ji2 `2CV W:
?*„ISl: j5/tV l Or‰9: '7- ;a45 ] GS2 r+<RM [FH:KY F=\9[
./v*D,9: ;,<9*V 3e9M |5XaI9:M
^XwX,9: /xX=V zIx: [FHK:Y F=\9 [
[6P*<R[ 6-*IL J9 ;a4R ”Xp
3L 6kAR [ FH:KY F=\9[
^/p: [FHK:Y F=\9[
¬Y:/,9: *L E^XwX,79 c*<R
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
rL*,Ix: /@05 ] '+85*k5 he got under m" skin
:†/@01 ƒ,4IR to get up steam
)XP ‘PXL 3L to get the upper hand
· got the wind up
W*x/D9*V J9s `*DiœV fXP}p · will give chapter and verse of this matter.
G8Ul ] G<V*R give him a chase
*†L*,Ix: •/<Rl goive him a cold shoulder
hQX9: r( Â9*DR l don¸t give a false colouring to the sub™ect
/_9: ‘5yR to give the game awa"
Or‰9: FDP:/L ;,\R to give a loose rein to something
· will give him a pecae of m" mind
•YXHM r( 6D_R to give rise to something
G+L ?/\IR W2 cM*U tr" to give him the slip
· was given to understand
he gave up the ghost
give to "our sorrows
:ye9 z7_Ip: give awa" to
GI<@D‡ h9*„5 going against the grain
2CV: go ahead
rI(/<L WMY M2 ] rV*@€ r( *†Ÿ@v ;8R M2 *†Ÿ@v ;,<R l don't go behind m" back
*†Dk€ JV:XQ C8~R to go berserÇ
to go broke
to go burst
h@9*eI9: zp*8I+p · will go dutch with "ou
ht7V G7L*- go eas" with him
:†/@01 *\I,@P 3L ;P}V ^*DIp )K*@_9: •yx W2 3…2 · think this car will go for a song
Or_9: :yx J,p*P}p · will go haves with "ou
to go ha" wire
C5C@H /5CL WMY 'wX( Ft„9: •DaIp
to go mad
Y•D9: ;x2 ‘DtV ‘@tR to go native
”M/<,9: j5/t9: 3- ¦/„R l don¸t go off the beaten truck
*w/9: f C- M2 6kA9: /\ZR l don¸t go off deep end
go off his head
`*<m*v |<,p *x*+<LM [FH:KY F=\9[
G„@VXIV fXP2 ”Xp [FHK:Y F=\9[
|<,p C89 E '9o rUM2 C89
ŠM/9: z7p2 C89 [ FHK:Y F=\9[
JUMK 3- ƒ~S .¦/„R W2 JS:ŽUd •,p:
E•† 0L .FVK*w 'wX(M2 .F@71 zZ+L /@€
without a good manager the plan will go ha"
.*†SX+=L •DaR
FP*,4V ”/aRM .:†/@01 ƒ,4R
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
to go on the dole
;,49: ‘+L ?XDU yu}V OCD9: to go on the pill
to go put
?*8- WMY ?/\R to go scot-free
;@Dp r( Orv ;1 ;,<R to go through fire and water
to go to the dogs
· wnet to great e¨pense
*†P*v :†C\H |9yV to go to great length
h<wd: JSd FŸ@_9: F7L*<,9: ;L*<R to go to the wall
to go up the wall
G+L :†OŽH ƒ@9M Or‰9: c*,1: to go the whole hog
C@H ‘@+Q good dead
C@H c*D8Ip: good reception
good works
*L •„v ‘L *†(M/<L ;,<R to do someone a good turn
to give some one a good talking
)/0eV good deal
F78V good few
*\<(Y ‘PXIL WX5Y good debts
as good as gold
as good as
this book is as good as nwÖew
as good as one word
to be good for
m" bic"cle is good for another "ear
good mone"
*L Orv ;,- r( )C5C‰9: FD€/9: G5C9 to have good mind to
)/m*t9*V /~_9: r( )C5C‰9: FD€/9: F5C9 · have a good mind to travel b" air
‘I,I5 to have a good time
to hold good
"our visa still holds good
to make good
m" father went to America and made good there
grabbled –uotation
;,<9: 3- •‡*- |+1 :so F9MC9: 3L .*†S*,w 64_R
;t<IR M2 /_eIR [ F9:[
K*@\S•:M zt4I9: 3L F9*U '9• cXQX9: '+<R [FH:KY F=\9[
[*†@9*L [ :†/@01 |~7eR
[FHK:Y F=\9[ 6kAR
¦*I4,9: )C-*_L ./@„9: z7-
[;~t9: )Y*-M [ 6Sq5
[;~t9: '7- /@D<I9: j7t5 )Y*- [ ?YqL
•† 0L . :†C5CH W*1 X9 *,1 C@H
C5CH GS}1 . . . •9*Q ?*Ie9: :yx
•† 0L .GI,71 C+-
· said · am coming• and · will be as good as m"
E •† 0L G@( /R:/,Ipl: M2 ;,<79 ;V*P
GV ¢}V l Â7DL [FL*<9: f•1[
EÁ† 0L .cX<~,9: W*5/p M2 K:/,Ipl:
E•† 0L .cX<~,9: F5K*p JR/@v}R
E•† 0L .*†@9*L C=L ;,- r( *†D9*€ .•=+5
.”/4L •5/aR M2 K:/P:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
*†D<Q zx*~I9: ;<=R rI9:M c*@Hd: 3@V )YXHX,9: )X=~9: generation gap
gilded "outh
gilt edged stock
•H*S ;,- M2 )K*=R going concen
•C-*8R C+- •- 6a+L Ts ;H/9 't<5 c*,9: 3L Â7DL golden hand shake
c:CI-l: golden mean
golden rule
golden weddeing
r7Qd: G8SMK C8~5 G7<=R F85/tV Or‰9: F(/u. to glid the lul"
F~@t9 F85/tV G7L*- handle him with kids glove
•KX<v Š/=R l 'IU G~@t9 G85/tV G7L*-
don¸t look a gift horse in the muoth
to go at snails pace
;,<9: 3- ?:/wo haS M2 ] Or‡*DI,9: ;,<9: to go slow
WC,9: cXU }‰+R `*V*€ M2 K*=v2 ] /kud: f:Ž49: green belt
FU:/Ipl: `*PM2 *V rk85 Š/_,9: r( F(/€ green room
jm:C49: F-:K. r( C@H he has a green finger
green light
GR/Du F789 G-:Cu ;\_5 •„v Xx he is green
•/<v n@V: to turn gra"
gra" matter
)K*_u ¡X<@9 :†/@01 j~+5 throw good mone" after bad
for good
)YX- WMY F1/‰9: KY*€ he ledt the compan" for good loss
G49*a9 for his own good
in good time
”*1 |PXV K*t,9: |7QM · arrive at the airport in good time
good riddance
· sold m" broken car• it is good riddance
g:K rU r( 3e_9: good address
W*=9: the good prople
G8V*p F(/<L WMY /@A9: )C-*_L '7- WX,m*89: ¢*+9: ;@=S•: 3L good samaritan
good hand
FD<Q F9}_L M2 ] FP*v F,\L Àordian knot
F7@pM F5}V F7e‰,9: ;4R W2 6=5 Œ2 cut the gordian knot
FwX,9: G@7- r7,R *L 6_U /@_5 Œy9:M .G(/,9: ?*D‰9:
*\+,i •8+5 l Œ2 .•w:M *\4VK F-*kV
;L*- E cX8R 'I9: •@_,9: C@_9: z@9*<R [ F@4@_,9: GS*5C9: '([
.GV NX7L*<5 W2 64R *,V ¢*+9:
KM/L 5$ ¦:MŽ9: '7- G+p
3- *w/9: fC- O:CVo r+<RM ] F5Cx XxM W*a49: z( r( /Z+9:
:†CH rtV [)*~47_9: r‰L [
OCD9: )K*vo ./kud: OXk9:
O*1y9: - ¼,9:
E•† 0L .)/,9*V
E•† 0L ”*1 |PM r(
3L ‹•„9: '+<RM [F@,p/9: `*D‡*„,9: r( ;,<I_R l F,7e9: •yx[
rRK*@p 3L |a7„R E•† 0L
[gKX9: FD<9 r( [ F7k~,9: FPKX9: [ h@+aI9:M ƒ,4I9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
¦MŽ9: 6@AR 6D_V )C@UX9: )2/,9: grass widow
/u{ ”/‡ ?*k€o M2 )K*io *\7m*P *\V Ca85 z9 F,@Iv gratuitous insult
?*D‰9: K*e(2M ŠM/V *\DU*Q ‘I,I5 *LC+- FuX„@‰9: green old age
gutter press
go about
please help me• » can't go about this problem
K/e5 go over
rDxy9: /a<9: golden age
3@4@_,9: C+- FL*@89: C@- jD_R rI9: F<,=9: Àood ±rida"
great crash
Àreat ¯akes
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 À. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
F4@4Q |S*1 X9 'IU G,p: ¼t7R •„‰9: cXU `*<m*‰9: give a dog a bad name and hang him
F@9MY `:/aI„L À. A——&½Ð.
)K*=I9:M F(/<I79 F@9MC9: F@P*~Rl: ÀA˜˜ E general Agreement on ˜arrif and ˜rade
rLX,<9: C5/D9: ÀÌ» E Àeneral Ìost office.
¾½A&˜ E
C=9: yu}L *xyu}R l don't take it to heart
67879 6789: 3L £5CU heart to heart talk
67P /\ZL 3- *\Z~U: learn it b" heart set on it
· have m" heart in m" mouth
home countries
J@u2 ‘L |9Y*=R · had a brush with "our brother
OŒ/V GSo he has clean hands
JR:K:CH K*\…• FQ/~9: J5C9 "ou have the field before "ou
"ou have had it
G<L ^XwX,9: r\S2 hp "ou have it out with him
"ou have on back bone
zx2 /L2 *+5C9 we have other fish to fr"
hard cash
hard core
FD<Q F7,- hard currenc"
:†CH ŒXP r9X41 ?M/‰L hard drink
•a89:M `*<m*‰9*V Faa„I,9: F(*4a9: .`*<8I_,9: F(*4Q
E•† 0L .Or‰9*V ”/<I5
EcX8I( WX<9: 67tRM F7e‰L J7V*8R
[ 1#2# ŒK*=I9: Î*<ISl: /a- O*\IS:M .NKX5X@S FQKXV O*@\S: [
.:C+1 )C4I,9: `*5lX9: .3@V ƒ,„9: ',Z<9: `:/@4D9:
> *L Orv K*ZIS*VB *†@Da- *†_,4IL |+1 ] G@7- cXa49: YM2
WC+7V F@4,9: j‡*+,9: >*@S*t5/V r(B
. . FQ/( È YX8SB Orv /u{ Xx G@7- |7aU *L [FH:KY F=\9[
F9X\_V N§:/€o 3e,5 .FL.•9: FV•a9: F5C9 ƒ@9
`*e@v |_@9 .F@8@8U YX8S
Ž1/,9: FZ8S .Or‰9: Ž1/L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
W*LY•: '9o ŒYqR /@P*8- hard drugs
•.M*=R 3e,5 l f*ZS hard and fast rule. ¾ard lies
hard luck
Fem*v F9}_L r+<R hard nut crack
”XPX9: 3e,5 £@U ] F5/D9: jP/t9: 6S:XH the hard shoulder
FD<a9: `*PMd: hard times
F@p*P `*,71 hard words
to be hard hit
/=‰9: `*Vs2 ƒ,‰9: the tree have been hard hit b" the hot sun
‘,_9: ;@8i hard of hearing
to be hard on som one
"ou should not be hard on "our child
to be hard press >for somethingB
YX8+9: '9o TXaP FH*U r( 34S we are hard pressed for mone"
to be hard put
6@9*pd: Š/v G@7- 6<Q he was hard put to give good e¨plaination
•§*wKo 6<a5 hard to please
YX8S '9o FH*4V to be hard up
the hard wa"
•/@A5 l F52/V YC‰I5 to take a hard line
:†CH TXP hard as nail
:†CH 65/P hard b"
F~x/L )*@U high life• high living
high noon
K*4D9: r9*-2 high seas
high tea
C,9: G@( ‘~R/5 Œy9: |PX9: high ttide
r,Z<9: FS*@„9: high treason
)C5Cv M2 F@9*- •5K high wind
to be due for high ™ump
KM/_9:M Š/,9: F9*U to be in high spirit
to be high
ƒ~+9*V .:ŽR•-:M /„~9: ¢*D9 ƒD75 to be on one's high horse
W*@A‡M /DeI5 3e9M 6H:X9: M: Or‰9: ;,<R to do something with high horse
>;‰~9: G9*U r( *†,m:Y c*8RMB ©49: OXp
E•† 0L .:yeV :†/@01 /i}I5
E•† 0L .)M*_8V *L •„v F7L*<L
E•† 0L .FH*49: M2 ˆAk9: |4R
E•0L .:y1 ;,- r7- 6<a5
E•† 0L FD<a9: j5/t9*V
re9 :†/@01 |7,- *,+@V ] G+V: )K*@p F,@P ‘(Y Ž5Ž- C9:M W2 *x*+<LM
.G70L )K*@p Œ/Iv:
A-i- bought a car with his father's help. · had to
bu" it the hard wa"
/\Z9: [ƒ,‰9: F~PM[
/\Z9: C<V ;1qR F~@~u FDHM [ˆ8( *@S*t5/V r([
?*8<9: j4Ip: [FH:KY F=\9[
/e_9: FHKC9 3e9M cX41 ?K*v [FH:KY F=\9[
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
•† =u F\HM /,45 to have high colour
high and dr"
W*eL ;1 r(
F@€*‡ high handed
high powered
high and dr".
high and low
· have been looking for "ou high and low
high and might"
¬¦K*„9: '( Œ*‰9: cM*+I9 *†<L 6xyS W2 r( J52K *L how about going out for teaÑ
¬:yx ;aU h@1 how is thatÑ
•/<v ¡/- FiK*e9: 3@VM G+@V ] FVX=-}V )*=+9: hairs - breadth esape
happ" medium
)/0eV cX4e9: ?K*v hard drinker
•/@@AR 3e,5 lM |V*i f*ZS hard and fast rule
GIHM. G@7- /t@_R Ty9: ;H/9: henpecked husband
:†/@D1 :†C\H 67tI5 ;,- herculean task..
c*@„9: '9o •/@e~R •YX85 Œy9: ŠXt9: •„‰9: high flier
Fw*@( h‡:X- high flown swntiment
h5/‰9: Î/89: honest penn"
3@_@mK 3@V /v*DL WX~@7R ˆu hot line
hot potato
hot goods
the hot seat
hot water
K:yI-l*V ƒ~+9: clso humble pieE >to eatÄB
Orv 3- `Xe_9: O*89 YX8S hush mone"
hushed up affair
•:XP ;eV hammer and tongs
hard on the same string
· will haul him over the coal
',pK KCaL 3L ƒ@9 3e9M Or‰9: :yx |<,p · heard it over the grapevine
JR:KCP /\ZR l ‘w:XIL |S2 "ou hide "our light under a bushel
cC- /@AV cY*=R M2 ?K*4R ] f:Ž49: |4R ?/k9: "ou hit beÅow the belt
E •† 0L ] cMŽ<L
people will leave "ou high and if "ou have no
mone". high and low.
E•† 0L ] F5XP F5X@4V
the head master should be a high-powered man.
3- /@D<I9: C+- ;,<I_RM .W*eL ;1 r( •CUX9 NM/IL ] :†C@UM
E•† 0L *L Orp M2 •„v 3- £4D9: Cv
.:†CH KX„(
”/tI9: 6+=R .ˆpX9:
;=„L ^MXkL [F@,pK /@€ F=\9
*\~5/aR 6<a5M FPM/_L F-*kV [F@,pK /@€ F=\9
M2 'm*V/\e9: 'p/e9: 2 `:K:/89: G+- KCaR z\L 6a+L -
;1*‰L *x*+<LM *†@,pK ;,<I_R lM [FH:KY F=\9
.KX\,=9: ^*,p2 3- *xO*~uo zI5 F@kP M2 ^XwXL
”Ž<R ] ¢*+9: *\7,5 'IU CU:M F@kP M2 F7e‰L 3- K:/,Ip*V z7eIR
./RX9: ƒ~SM CU:M /RM r7-
[Or‰9: ;,<9 [ •C‰V G„@VXIV fXP}p
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
•@4a9: 6D_9: |@t-2 M2 F4@4a9: FV*H•: 6DH2 "ou hit the nail on the head
WXI5Ž9: 3a€ ;,4R to hold out the olive branch..
ˆ@_8I9*V O:/‰9: hire purchase
to have kitten
who holds the reinsÑ
the hardcore
)/e~9: ƒ~S J@7- /@t_R "ou have a bee in "our bonnet
zx2 /L2 *+5C9 "ou have other fish to fr"
/DQ: hold "our horses
)Y/~,V F5*+- '9o ¦*I45 *\+L ;1 )/@01 c*,-: F5C9 he as too man" irons in the fire
*†@9*U G@7- ;Q*U |S2 *,V J_,R hold "our ground
GL/IU2 r+So · hold him in high esteem
:†C<I_L 31 hold "ourself in readiness
he is holding the ™ob down
· hold m" sides with laughter
¬F5/„_79 l† *=L r7<H JI@S r( ;x are "ou tr"ing to hold me to scornÑ
r+7<9: Y:Ž,9 *@( ‘@D9: under the hammer
FZ49 /u{ r( at the eleventh hour
'9Md: Š*Da9: `*-*p small hours
:†CH :†/u}IL M2 :†CH :†/eDL *Lo ] 6p*+L /@€ |PM under the hour
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2
¾. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
half a loaf is better than none
honest" is the best polic"
•I„L /@€ G7m*P ŠCL idle compliment
idle talk
F@-/v /@€ ;m*pXV *\@7- ;aU YX8S ill-Àotten gains
·ndian summer
an inside ™ob
65/€ *\V z85 z9 Œ2 ;u:C9: 3L |,R FP/p an iron hand
lover ˜ower
iron curtain
ŒC5C49: K*I_9: to iron out differences
[FHK:Y F=\9
/@a,9: W}V C@1}R GDv J5C9 W2 M2 ] Orv /@aL '7- j7P JS2 '+<R
¬r\+9:M /Ld: •C@V Œy9: Xx 3L [ FH:Y F=\9
;,<9: 3- ?:/w•: F@7,- r( .F(/tI,9: M2 FD7aI,9: F\D=9:
GDa+L O'9*L .6a+,9: KCP '7-
>:y1 ;aU *LC+-B :†/@01 |e4Q
F<@t89: lM ¡X<9: [ Orv l 3L 3_U2 )ŽDu haS
.Fp*@p 3_U2 FS*Ld:M ”/7v:
h9*PM ;@P - )/i/i
/u: h7u G@( CU:M ;1 /@_5 KXV*‡ [ r‰,9: r(
>*VKM2 r(B h5/„9: r( )Y*- rR}R ”*~HM /U )/I(
C5CU 3L C@V ?/k9: - F@V/<9: r( ;V*85
[ ‘P:X9: 3- C@<V Œ2 [ rH*- ¦/V
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
”•„9: )CU h@~„R /‡:X„9: FmC\R ·v" ¯eague
in the air.
in the blance
he is in m" good books
F_7=9: ƒ@mK Xx he is the chair
r<P:M /@€ c*@u r( •D_5 he is in the cloud
*+IkDP |4R M2 *+(/aR |4R Xx he is in our clutches
^XwX,9*V CU2 rS/D„5 z9 · am in the dark
/tu ^XwXL r( Xx he is in deep water
she is in the dog - house
he was down in the dumps
G9 F@R:XL F@-*,IHl: ”M/Z9 •1 he is in his element
)C@H F@78<9:M F@S*,_=9: JI4Q "ou are in good fettle
"ou are in fi¨ scrape
*†~m*uM :†KX-yL |+1 · was in a flat spin
*\V*_U 6_45 z9 F7e‰L 6D_V *_,4ILM *†@Da- W*1 he was in a flutter
65/P *,- F7e‰L G9 ;a4R ”Xp he is in for trouble
)K*p )}H*~L G9 ;a4R ”Xp he is in for good surprise
G7DP 3L .*@IL*V 'ZU2M r+7k~5 Xx · am in his good grace
F+@L2 C5 r( in good hand
in hot water
‘L *†@‰,R in keeping with
FŸ@_9: FiY*49: :†/w*U |+1 · was in at the kill
· am in the know
she is in the limelight
im m" line
)/@01 c:XL2 '7- ;a45 he is in the mone"
in the pink
)C5C=9: GRK*@_V ƒ,4IL Š/( Xx he is in rapture over his new car
F7,L |4DQ2 GR*@U W2 C8I<p he thinks that he is in a rut
we are in the same boat
:†CH W*U/( Œ2 F<V*_9: O*,_9: r( we are in the same boat in the sevnth heanven
*\9 rI9:M F85/<9: ƒ,„9: `*<L*=9: '7- j7t5 Š•tQ: *1/@L2 r(
:yx Wd .?•D79: )/=v Œ2 |@,pM .3@<L r(*8iM r-*,IH: ‘V*‡
.F,5C89: *\R*@71 n<V gXt5 `*D+9:
E •† 0L WX,kL /@€ /Ld: 3L C1}IL /@€
r(B F@V/<9: r( *\7V*85M WX,kL /Ld: r+<RM [ FHK:Y F=\9[
its is stillin the air whether of not the pro™ect will
be completed in the bag.
•K:/Po M2 G-XPM C1qL /@€ .G@( K/8L /@€ /@L2
.ŒC+- 3@7k~,9: 3L [ FHK:Y F=\9[
r( *\9*,<Ip: ;85 FH:KY F=\9 rxM ] *\@( ?X€/L /@€ F7k~L /@€
F@,p/9: `•p/,9:
FLŽ\+L FUMKM .FŸ@p GI9*U W2 r+<RM [ FHK:Y F=\9[
F7e‰L r( rx [FHK:Y F=\9[
F7e‰L r( E r+<R [ FHK:Y F=\9[
r( *\9*,<Ip: ;@7PM ] `*LX7<L TC9 E r+<RM [ FHK:Y F=\9[
F@,pK F7p:/L M2 FiY*4L
*\@7- )Ž1/L O:Xwd: |S*1 M2 .‘,I=,9: KX4L |S*1
rI5:Xx M2 rL*,Ix: ˆ@4L r( [ FHK:Y F=\9[
)C@H F4Q r+<R E [ FHK:Y F=\9[
”M/Z9: ƒ~S *+9 [FHK:Y F=\9[
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
hs is in the soup
in the swim
W*Dk€ in a temper
FL:MY r( in whirl
¤V FD@‡ FP•- will in with
•† 0L F+\,9: ] Or‰9: ¦K*„LM ;u:CL ins and outs
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ·. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
)/L 3L /012 cXU •=+R re9 ·f at first "ou don't succeed• tr" tr"• tr"• again.
:†/_5 /_<9: ‘L Wo it is a long lane that has no turning
it is an ill wind that blows nobod" an" good
G+- F9Mq_L ”:/‡d: ;1 ] f*a„9: bC45 *LC+- it takes two to make a –uarrel
3@R/L /4H 3L 3Lq,9: ´C75 l it is eas" to be wise after the event
;‰~9: z=U W*1 *,\L J<wM 3@_4I9 :†/u}IL |PX9: ƒ@9 it is never too late to mend
`*( *L '7- JDR l it is no use cr"ing over split milk
TY:/( rR}R l 6m*a,9: it never rains but it pours
it takes all sorts to make a world
F@9MY `:/aI„L
·. A——&½Ð.
r9MC9: C8+9: gX+Q ·«±E ·nternational «onetar" ±und.
›ack frost
z\P•u2 '7- M2 Ž@7=S•: '7- j7tR F~Q ¾ohn —ull
*†L*Z-M F,=,H ;,45 Œy9: W*Q/89: z7- ›oll" &oger
F5/4D9: c*,-d: r( ;,<I_5 F@D‰u ?*I- Ms c*D49: 3L z7p Çacob's ladder
6‰„9: )/‰DL ›ack - plane
6@=79 /@D1 F+@ep ›ack - Çnife
«a" · ™og "our memor"
he ™umped on the band - wagon
FL*R )Y*Ho *\+L )CU:M C@=5 l 3e9M ] )/@01 ”/UM c*,-}V ;,<5 ›ack of all trades
)/L 3L /012 3=p •„v ™ail bird
O*tud: 3- £4D5 Œy9: ™anudiced e"e
*†<@,H O:/‰9: M2 ‘@D79 FwM/<L O*@v2 F-X,=L ™ob lot
/DeRM Fp/tAV ¢*+9: ;L*<5 /@AQ h…XL ™ock in office
keep the ball rolling
6-*aL r( Xx r+<R [FHK:Y F=\9[
FL*<9: )*@49: r( F1K*‰,9: r+-M [ FHK:Y F=\9[
G@v:XU ‘@,=V .)C@H )KXaV /Ld: .*=So 6=5 if a thing is worth doing it is worth doing it is
doing it is worth doing with
Cm:X( fXP C+- fXP 6m*aL M2 .F+@<L bY:XU 3L CU2 C@~I_5 W2 CVl
W*eL ;1 r( OŒY/9:M 6@t9: N*+x [ |V/„9 |@7u X9
)YK*D9: r9*@79: r( C@7=9: ;,45 .X=- ;HK [F(:/u
[FHK:Y F=\9 [ J+xs '9o C@-2 r9 •,_R
¼9o . . £5CU ] Œ/a- ] •H*S GS2 3L *†+… ^M/‰,79 zkS:
[FHK:Y F=\9[ hPXR WMY ;,<9: M2 F‰P*+,9: r( /,Ip:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
³5*- he is keeping bod" and soul together
:†CU2 /D„Rl keep it dark
)/L*- )/~p G5C9 a good table
r9 ^: keep "our finger cross
cŽ+,9: /5CR to keep house
^XwX,9*V f•A9: :yx /D„R l keep this bo" in the dark
c*aR: '7- 31 keep in touch
™us to keep the pot boiliong
G+- /Du2M G<V*R keep track of
F8@849: h9*„5 /\Z,V KX\Z9: keep up appearance
3LŽ79 ):K*=L WX7,<5 *,V ?K*Pd:M W:/@=9: C@78R keep up with the seneses
FH*49: '7- ˆ8( cXa49:M ”*~e9: F‰@- to keep the wolf awa" from the door
keep "our shirt on
keep "our hair on
37<,9: /<_9: 3- F-*kD9: /<p r( ;5Ž+R M2 n@~„R knock mone" off goods
/=4V 35KX~a- ?/kR kill two birds with one stone
to knock him his prech
rVK*=R ;k~V 6-*a,9: |(/- · know where the show pinches
rI47aL ”/-2 · know which side m" bread is buttered
W† }IV G7,4R M2 ] j(/V G7L*<R kid gloves E to treat someone with kid glove
FD<Q F7e‰L knoot" problem
z7- '7- *\DU*Q W2 '7- cCR )/ZS knowing look
F@9MY `:/aI„L Ç. A——&½Ð.
'pM/9: `:/V*„,9: Žx*H Ç.À.—
Fp*<I9: *\9 |DDp "ou lead her a dog's life
r+-C„R l don¸t lead me up the garden path
¡:K /@€ to leav much to be desired
`*L `*( *L let b"-gones be b"-gones
J@9o FH*4V W*1 *LC+- NC9:M |1/R "ou left "our father in the lurch
Orv r( ;uCIR l to leave well alone
6-*IL '9o TYq5 CP *†Ÿ@v ;,<R l to leave well alogs lie
/_9: ^:s2 he left he cat out of the bag
· look after number one
don't look me up and down
rIv*-• r~e5 *L '7- ;aU2 re9 r+<R [FHK:Y F=\9[
JV*a-2 '7- /t@p [ FHK:Y F=\9[
2Cx: [ FHK:Y F=\9[
3@a49: G<PXL 3L G9Ž+R GLŽ\R [ FHK:Y F=\9[
³@‰49: ;<=R l [ F@(/49: *\I,H/RM .;,- WMY jDRl .*†Ÿ@v ;,-:
[JL:CP2 |4R X,+5
do something• don't let the grass grow under
"our feet.
rI47aL r+,\R r+S2 r+<R [FHK:Y F=\9[
[FHK:Y F=\9[ >3<,IVB :yex '9o /Z+R l
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
GL*L2 ¡/<I_R to lord it over someone
f*a„9*V T¶L )*@U ³@<R Œ2 to lrad cat and dog life
‘DtI9: 67A5 ‘Dt9: leopard can't change its spots
fX+9: C+- c*~‡d: /@V*<R land of nod
FSX,kL /@€ *\=m*ISM *L Orv ;,<9 )/tu F9M*4L leap in the dark
life and soul of the group
to la" something bare
Ft„9: h‰eR l don¸t la" this plan bare
z7I_R to la" down "our arms
Orv ;@Dp r( `X,R to la" down "our life
to la" some thing on thiek
la" him to rest
FVXIe,9: `*,7e9: j7u *L z\~5 to read between lines
m" son did not tell me the stor"• but reading
between the lines · think he has broken m" pen
G@( F<HK M: c:CH l *†~PXL y„I5 to take a firm È haed È strong line
/Ld: ‘@t5 ˜o too the line
all along the line
hard lines×
‘L *†@‰,R in line with
)2/,9: F8(:/,V ‘I,I5 Œy9: ;H/9: ladies man
lame duck
*\7,4R 3e,5 l G@9*49: F7e‰,9: ;<=R ] F@(*wo F7‰eL last straw
latch ke" child
laughing gas
leading article
leading –uestion
3@9*‰+9: M2 K*Aa9: ‹Xa79: r7- j7t5 ‘,H zp: light fingered gentr"
light reading
h@~u GLXS light sleeper
live wire
67=5 Œy9: •„‰9: M2 .F-X,=,9: TC9 K*ZSd: Ž1/L •„‰9:
.F-X,=,79 Š/,9:
E•† 0L .Or‰9: /p h‰eR
[FHK:Y F=\9[ ] Orv •5CL r( Â9*D5
[|@,79 [ F+(Y:
police will get a line on the criminal's where
E•† 0L
c:XUd: ;1 r( M2 .ˆ„9: cX‡ '7-
[©49: OX_9*5 [ r+<R 6=<R F,71
FSX<,9 ¦*I4R rI9: F_pq,9: M2 •„‰9: r+<RM [O*H/<9: FtD9:
*†,m:Y /@A9:
G5C9:M XS2 6D_V *†€K*( •C=5M cŽ+,9: '9o To YX<5 Œy9: ;~t9:
J4k79 6D_,9: .*A9: XxM [¢M/I@+9: C@_12
F@U*III(l: [ F(*4a9: r(
r( )C@aL GV:XH r( WXe5 W2 ;L2 '7- GDU*Q FU/t5 c:qp
)Y*- `*,1*4,9:
‘V*‡ ;,4R lM G@7_I9: *\+L Ca85 6Ie9: M2 `:O:/89: 3L ^XS
[ O*V/\e9: r( 1 ?/\eL J7p - 2 F=\9 ] r49: ˆ‰+9: •„‰9: -
;m*p/9: r( ;,<I_R l FH:KY
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
living theatre
loaded –uestion
`X,9: long last sleep
long shot
to laugh up "our sleeves
/t„9: N:C<I5 *,m:Y "ou lead a charmed life
6-*I,9: 3L :†/@01 G9 6Dp "ou lead him a dance
Cpd: CaU lion's share
r‡/‰9: M2 rL*4,9: limb of the law
the lake poets
hot line
part" line
j(:X5 to be in line
¡K*<5 to be out of line
ne¨t in line
"ou sit ne¨t in line for promotion
bring some one into line
· disagree with m" manager• but he
managed to bring me into line
35/‰9: WXx2 K*DIu: to follow the line of least restance
fall into line >withB
if "ou speak the truth• uour case might not
be that serious• and "our father will realise this
and will fall into with "ou
j7<I5 *,@( *†QXau ] 6m*a9: j5/t9: along the rigt lines
· am thinking along the right lines
O*\ISl: Ft8S M2 ] C5C4I9: to draw the line
"ou can not draw the line between
some where
)/@aP F9*pK G9 6Ie5 Œ2 to drop >someoneB a line
to get a line
>*†@a„v ;0,,9: GZ5 £@UB Š/_,9:
.*L Or‰V ”/<I@9 •„‰9: Y*@tQ: G+L Ca85 c:qp
Š*=+9: *\9 ‘PXI5 lM F7k<L ;49 F9*4L 2 ;L2 ‘L 3@,„R -
>CU2 '7-B N/p r( J4kIS
F5:CV r( F@S*t5/D9: `:/@4D9: F8t+L r( :Xv*- Œy9: Fi•09: O:/<‰9:
bKM .YKMM ] ¦C5K lX1 ] riM*p zxM /‰- ‘p*I9: W/89:
3@,1*U 3@V >•† 0L WX~@7RB /v*DL ˆu
N/I‰L >rSX~@7RB ˆu
¼9o . . `:.*Hd: M2 ‘@PXI9: r( E '75 Ty9: •„‰9:
E•† 0L
*L j5/‡ M2 f*ZS '9o ^XH/9 .O*w/Ip: M2 ^*+IP:
E•† 0L
E •† 0L E jV*t5 ] j(:X5
E•† 0L . /@e~I9*V
./~9: FVX<Q E F70L2
· gave "ou enough mon"• and have to draw the
.•† 0L /i2 M2 ˆ@u Y*=5o
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
"ou are pulling m" leg
· have not a leg to stand on
he is on his last leg
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ¯. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
•5KCI9*V ;,<9: learn to walk before "ou rum
let sleeping dogs lie
look before "ou leap
meek and mild
*D5/8R more or less
r7@„R r( in m" mind's e"e
out of mind
r52K r( to m" mind
don¸t make an ass of "ourself
don¸t make a beast of "ourself
G@9o g/t9: /aP2 y„R: make a bee - line for it
)/u*D79 '9Md: F7U/9: maiden vo"age
W*,9/V Xk- G@875 ?*tu cM2 maiden speech
marked man
)YX8~,9: F8749: missing link
moonlight flit
Orv *\S}‰V K/8I5 z9 F9}_L moot point
monke" business
G-XPM C1qL Orv moral certaint"
W*_S•: ‘L )C9X,9: F@<@Dt9: Fp*49: mother wit
fd: 3‡X9: mother countr"
keep "our mind on something
C5/R :s*L ”/<R
FU:/aV bC4IR
to take "our mind off something
r7- 61yR |S2 - ŠŽ,R |S2
F~@<w rI=U [ cC=9: M2 Î*8+9: r(
[ FHK:Y F=\9 [ )/@ud: F7U:/L r( - fŽ\S:
Orv 6D_V 6-*I,9: /0R l .G74L r( Orv ;1 N/R2 .`*L `*( *L
Xt„R W2 ;DP /ZS: .FL:CS F7=<9:
[ FHK:Y F=\9 [ :†/@01 zx:/S l ¢*S
.:†K*,U J_~S 3L ;<=R l
[FHK:Y F=\9 [ FP*,4V ”/aIR l Œ2
>;@789: 35/u•9 N/IRM )/0eV ;1}R l B *†‰UM J_~S 3L ;<=R l
[¡*L 6D_V[ `*\D‰9: G9XU fX4R ;HK
[WX5Y 6D_V )Y*-[ rm*=~9: O*~Iul:
Ts2 M: K/w [FHK:Y F=\9[
E•† 0L . Ž1/5
"ou should keep "our mind on the road while
driving. ˜o know "our own mind
E•† 0L .K/P "ou keep changing "our car• · thinl "ou don't
make up "our mind
E•† 0L .G@_S WXe5 CP Or‰V •/1yR make up "our mind• which hotel "ou want to go
toÑ Ìut someone in mind
E •† IL J+xs 3- ?*€ · had to put him in mind of his father's arrival
this week otherwise he would have forgotten it.
µlip "our mind
it has slipped "our mind to give me "our
telephone number to speak "our mind
K*p /@€ bCU M2 .Orv 3- N/ZS J(/aR
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
*L ^XwXL cXU *†+@<L :†K:/P y„I5 z9 to be in two minds
)/e~9: ƒ~S ;,4R to be of the same minds as
WX+=9: FHKC9 W*Dk€ out of m" mind
W*xsd: '9o )Y*-•: bring something to mind
*L Orv r( J52K `/@€ to change "our mind
:†/@D1 *†L*,Ix2 Or‰9: :yx ;H2 3L cyDR Œ2 to give "our mind to something
if "ou give "our mind to this problem
"ou will save it so –uickl"
?X7t,9: KC89*V ^XwX,9*V zI,\R z9 to have half a mind
th have a good mind
· have a good mind to beat this nought" bo"
to have something on "our mind
bear in mind
please bear it in mind that · want m" suitcase
read" at 6 o'clock
JIU:K yu make "ourself at home
*†p2K ^XwX,79 c*<R make a bee line-for the sub™ect
he nade the best of a bad ™ob
r+DkAR l ] rLY .X~R l don¸t make m" blood boil
J5C9 Œy9: Â7D,9*V NKXL2 /@VCR cM*U tr" to make both ends meet
;@4I_,9: ;,- cM*4R *x do "ou tr" to make a brick without strawÑ
`*@S*eLo 3L ŒC9 *,V /,Ip2 W2 cM*U2 · will make so and mend
he alwa"s tr" to make himself felt.
”X„5 ] /<‰9: hPX5 ¡/<9: :yx this show makes m" hair stand on end
Wso WMY Or‰9: c*,<Ip: make free with
•C_~Rl don¸t make a hash of it
FP/‰L ƒ,‰9: |L:Y *L h7<9: ‘,H: ] FQ/~9: ;AIp: make ha" while the sun shines
to make heav" weather of it
fC8R r( Xx he is making headwa"
F‡*@„9: F\+L 3L ³@<I5 he makes living as a tailor
;‰~9: '9o M2 Š*=+9: '9o to make or mar
GV ¢*+9: )/1yI5 •† ,- TY2 he made his mark
E•† 0L .O:K: jV*tR ·f "ou travel abroad it will help to take "our mind
of "our troubles to be of one mind.
m" son and · are of one mind about the idea of
moving from our house
E •† 0L
6kA9: F9*U r( *†QXau .Orv ;<( '7- *L.*- WXe5 Y*e5
E cX8R £@U
FH:/uo C<V ‘tI_R z9M J+xs r( Orv J5C9 Œ2 [}D„L[ Orv NC+-
E cX8R W}1 E /1yR
['ev WMY ;‰~9: [ ‘PX9: /Ld: ;DP
[ )X89: O*-Y: [ •YXHXV ‘@,=9: /<‰5 W2 *†,m:Y cM*45
•† e‰L .*†D<Q •C=R
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
don¸t make minced meat of me
JV*<9 ;@_Ip TX749: •yx this sweet will make "our mouth water
*†D<Q ;\_9: 3L ;<=R make a mountain out of a mole hill
F@k89: •yx z„kR l don¸t make much ado about this case
F<,pM *†I@Q G_~+9 ;<H he made a name of himself
G9*P: zL *†Ÿ@v z\(2 z\9 · nade neither head nor tail of what he said
:yx r( *†PY*Q 31 make on bones about this
:y\9 *†S*eL ˆ-2 ‘pM make room for this
6k€M Fp*,U ^XwXL :yx 3L ;<=R l don¸t make a scene about it
F-/_V •Ž=S2 make short work of it
/@AQ XxM G,„wM ^MXk,9: /D1 he made songs and dance about this matter
‘m*k9: |PX9: ¡X- make up for lost time
)KM/w Xx F8@849: *,+@V ] F+_U F7au GS2 X9 *,1 *†Ÿ@v ;,<R to make a virtue of necessit"
F+5Ž9: `:MY2 make - up
F,5Žx /v fŽ\S: he met his water low
g*~R: '9o ;a+9 `l.*+I9: n<V *+5/DH2 X9 if "ou meet me half wa" down
don¸t mice "our words
J+@<5 l *,@( ;uCIRl mind "our own business
Orv ^*DtS: J+- yuq5 l 'IU G7,<R M2 G9X8R *,L C1}R mind "our business
Š*=+79 JS*eLœV *L ;1 ;,-: move heaven and earth to pass "our test.
K*DIul: r(
F\(/,9: F+5C,9: )*@U '7- YX<R ;HK man about town
z7<IL ] FV*Ie9: ”/I4L man of letters
man of spirit
h@<w ;HK man of straw
K*~pd:M cMC9: r( )/Du G9 ;HK man of world
F8V*_9: ;,=9: '7- ):/,9: F~Q g•‡o 3e,5 woman ofÄ
*†Ÿ@v ŒM*_5 l GS2 |Di 3e9M FI,@P G9 W2 /Ld: cM2 /\… ”*‰I1: mare's nest
35/u: '7- ht<9*V KX<‰9: mild of human kindness
mone" of ™am
W•-•: F-*+Q ^K*v XxM ] NKX5X@S r( ^K*v «adison Avenue
the melting pot
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP: «. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
F4S*p |L:Y *L ‹/~9: ;AIp:
;,<9: ¢*p2 WM*<I9: man" hands make light work
[ /AQd: rSXe9 [ r7- '9*<IR W2 cM*4R l
;=„9: 6D_V `*,7e9*V z07<IR l .FU:/aV z7eR
ŒX@U .^*=v
6<R WMY |R2 c:XL: [ FHK:Y F=\9[
F~7I„L *†VX<v *\SX1 z€K ] ¢*+Hd: ³5*<IR £@U .)C4I,9: `*5lX9:
make ha" >h7-B while the sun shines
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
•† @7P W*1 X9M }tu }t„9: a miss is as good as a mile
z7eIR YX8+9: mone" talks
more haste less speed
F@9MY `:/aI„L «. A——&½Ð
« 15 >«ilitar" ·ntelligenceB
F,@89: ŒM*_R l F-*kD9: W2 J7,- z€K F,@89: ‘(CR to pe" through tour nose
rSMqv r( ;uCIR l don¸t poke "our nose into m" business
FU:K WMY •† 5X‡ *IPM ;,<R keep "our nose to the grind stone
*†L*,R •w:M it is as plain as the nose in "our face
6-*IL '9o ŒYq5 *,VK Or‰V jt+R l2 lM*U tr" not to stick "our neck out
W*5M*_IL neck to neck
to breath down his neck
he is pain in the neck
WX+9: ;DP yuq5 Œy9: ?:/‰9: night cap
he is on night
new world
neither here nor there
here nor there
name the da"
X,+R l 'IU *xC\L r( F@k89: •yx ;IP: nip this case on the bud
)Y/=,9: 3@<9: naked e"e
)Y/=,9: F8@849: naked truth
/tu 3L )*=S narrow escape
*†05CU :X+AIp: ¢*S2 the new rich
ne¨t world
nine da"'s wonder
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP: É. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
^:/Iul: f2 )KM/k9: necessit" is the mother of invention
F5Cx r( ?X@- 3- £4DR l never look a gift horse in the mouth
new broom sweeps clean
[ ;P2 F-/p /012 F7=- [ FL:C+9: F7=<9: r(
.r+‡X9: 3Ld: *\@9Ê YX\<,9: F@S*t5/D9: F5/e_<9: `:/V*„,9:
.G85*k5 *†Ÿ@v ;,<5 W2 G+L 67tR )/,I_L F~aVM :†C@H GDP:/R
[ FH:KY F=\9 [ ¦ŽL ] ;@8i G7…
[F@7@9 F5Y YKM r( [ ;@79: r( ;,<5 Xx
3@I@e5/Ld: .C5C=9: z9*<9:
E•† 0L .F@,x2 G9 ƒ@9
there is small mistake• but don¸t woor" it is
Y*<@,9: YCU .fX@9: /Iu:
`X,9: C<V *L ./u: z9*<9:
*,@( *xK*i{ |~Iu:M *\iMCU O*+i2 .•*DISl: bK*i2 F<PXIL /@€ FiY*U
O:/Ho r( •YXHM |D05 W2 cM*45 C5CH •„v ;,<79 rR}5 *LC+-
)C5CH `:/@@AR
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
z92 WMCV .X( l no gain without pain
no news• is good news
F@9MY `:/aI„L É. A——&½Ð.
F@e5/Ld: O*k~9: F9*1M
rS*=,9: 6t9: *@S*t5/V r( 3@L}I9: f*ZS ɾµ >Éational ¾ealth µerviceB
*@S*t5/V r( c*~‡d: F5*,U F@<,H
)Žx*H rS*a,P Œ/Iv2 · bu" m" shirts off the peg
^XwX,9: 3- ¦/„R l do not get off the point
he went off the rails
off the reel
off the scent
FŸ‡*u `*LX7<L rm*t-œV r7@7kR cM*U
/u{ j5/‡ '9o •*=Rl: M2 c*,-d: M2 K*e(d: r( ‚H*~,9: /@@AI9: fl" off a tangent
don¸t go off the top
;5X‡ /aDR WMY K*e(2 3- /@D<I9: *x*+<L speak of the top of "our head
to get off the track
)C@H /@€ JI4Q "ou are off colour
WX+=,9*1 ”/aI5 out of his head
old maid
old hat
F<L*H M2 FpKCL r( jV*p Xk- old bo"
)/Du Ms old hand >at..B
/4D9: WMqv r( F5:KY G5C9 z5CP K*4V oos salt
odd wives tale
open house
FV*Ho WMY c:Ž5 l Œy9: ŠXI~,9: c:q_9: open –uestion
:†/p C<5 z9 Œy9: /D„9: open secret
open verdict
open letter
`*Z~4R WMY ] C@a9: zpXL open season
T/u2 F_pqL r( 6a+,9: ƒ~S ;A‰5 Œy9: •„‰9: opposite number
)/t~9*V /5/v W*_S•: W}V fX85 Œy9: 2CD,9: original sin
‘PXI5 W*1 *,L /D12 Or‰9: /\Z5 Œy9: z@88I9:M /5C8I9: outside estimate
/D„9: WXe5 *D9*A( /D„9: :yx `}5 z9M :†/Du /ZI+5 •„‰9: W*1 :so
F-/_V /‰I+5 Or_9: /D„9: Wd .:†K*p
ÉAµA E >Éational Aeronautics and µpace
ɵ̪ª E >Éational µociet" for the Ìrevention of
ªruelt" to ªhildrenB
>FH:KY F=\9 [ r<@D‡ /@€ •DQ2 .•KX‡ 3- ¦/u
K:/,Ip*V .hPXR WMY
E•† 0L .?:Xa9: 3- C<D9:
he tried to put me off the scent b" giving worng
6kAR l [FHK:Y F=\9[
^XwX,9: 3- y‰R [FH:KY F=\9
[FH:KY F=\9[ ¦MŽIR z9 )2/L: >ƒS*-
[FH:KY F=\9[ FwX,9: ‘L j~I5l >z5CP
jm*8U '9o C+I_R l )Y*-M n<D9 *\k<V c*@Hd: *\@e4R •aP
)X-Y WMY K:MŽ9: •Ca85 .ŠXI~L |@V
‘(:C9: YC45 z9M ] F,5/=9: r( :†CU2 WC5 z9 Œy9: 3@~74,9: K:/P
F9Y2 YXHM fC<9 J9sM .*\V*eRKl
[/‰+9: Ca8V [ ŠXI~L ?*tu
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
:†YXHXL C<5 z9 ] 6@749: C8S milk is off
"ou are of the beam
F‡K*„9: '7- )YXHXL |_@9 F+5C,9: •yx this town is off the map
F+_U F5:CV M2CV the" are off to a good start
?*_49: '7- Â9*DL yu}R to take mone" on account
on no account
on the alert
on appro
)/u*D9: /\… '7- on board
ŒC+- WXV. on m" books
· have this matter on the brain..
;,- F7UK r( on business
to stand on ceremon"
no on condition
^XwX,9: :yx 6D_V 6Sy9*V KX<v ŒC+- · have this matter on m" counscience
ƒe<9: '7- on the contear"
on credit
on demand
on a diet
on the dot
eight o clock on the dot
what on earth
what on earth have "ou done with "our carÑ×
on fire
on foot
f:CPd: '7- on the hour
on the house
;4,9: ?*_U '7- ] *†S*=L on the loose
Š:/_9: j7tL on the move
/u{ '9o W*eL 3L ;8I+5 ] ˆ‰S ] N/4IL to pa" on the nail
don¸t get on m" nerves
to do something on the off chance
NCUX9 |S2 ;x are "ou on "our ownÑ
}tu r+I,\( JS2 r+<R [FHK:Y F=\9[
’M/v WMCV - ”M/… Œ2 |4R
K:yS•*V M2 .Y:C<Ip: '7-
[FHK:Y F=\9 [ FDH/I9: |4R ^XwX,9: W: r+<RM ] F,7e9 K*aIu:
G9 ƒ,4ILM .r+xs r( *†,m:Y ^XwX,9: :yx
;,- r( *,m:Y .Š*R/5 l
n(K F7,H rxM .’M/v F52 |4R
?*_49: '7- M2 .35C9*V
[`l:X49: [ r( 67t9: C+-
[ f*<t9: 3- [ F@,49: |4R
cX8R W}1 .*†L*,R
E •† 0L
E cX8R W*1 K*e+Ip: '7- cCR [ 6=<R F,71
*\V :†/e+I_L :†/L2 Cx*‰R *LC+-׬JRK*@_V |7,- :s*L
g/I45: 2CV - ;<I‰5
¼9o È F09*09: ] F@S*09: È )CU:X9: r( Œ2 .F-*_9: f*,R ;1
l† *U ‘(CR [ FH:KY F=\9
.r+=-ŽR l
h@<w •.*=So r( ;Ld: W2 X9M )/‡*„,9: ;@Dp '7- Or‰9: ;,<R
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
*\7,4R2 W2 3L /012 FD<‰ILM )/@01 r9*,-: · have plent" on m" plate
T/ud: F9*49: r(M on the other hand
F@~u on the sl"
jV*p ˆ@t„R M2 /@e~R WMY on spec >speculationB
we went out on a speree
)/@D1 Â9*DL g*~S: on spending spree
YY/R M2 /@e~R WMY on the spru of the moment
rS*_9 ”/‡ '7- on the tip of m" tongue
6-*IL r9 6D_5M ] :†/@01 r+85*k5 M2 r+=-Ž5 he getd on top of me
W2 `C8I-o · tool this matter on trust
‘PXIL /@€ Or=L to come out of the blue
GR/t@p 3L M2 ] GIkDP 3L |V/x · got out od his clutches
*†@-*,IH: ¢*+9: F7x*=R he was left out in the cold
F,5CP FwXL out of date
F,5CP FwXL out of fashion
FU:/9: fC<V /<v2 · feel out of m" element
¦/U ] ”/aI9: ‘@tIp: l hPXL r( *S2 · feel out of m" depth
?X€/L /@€ out of favour
out of focus
K*+9*V OnL/9: 3L /@=I_,9*1 M2 ] K*+9: '9o )•8,9: 3L Ž~P he ™umped out of the fring pan into the fire
)/t@_9: ¦K*u out of hand
r-:/Iu: 3L out of m" head
•C<D9 F-*,p 3e,5 l out of heaving
Œ/‰U out of humour
;Av r9*u out of ™ob
C@<V 3L. y+L since time out of mind
3@8(:XIL ] 3@,m•IL to be one
one up
this bo" thinks he is one up on the others
;,- M2 F,\L 3L /01}V f*@89: all in one
for one thing
‘I,I79 .)/@D1 F+5CL ;u:Y )Y*- ] F4_~79 *+Dxs
O:Xwd: ¦K*u
F(*_,9: )Ž1/,9: /@€ F@(:/ARX~9: )KXa9: '( J9y1
E •† 0L m" sister and · are alwa"s at one when we
discuss music
E•† 0L - /@A9: '7- •Ž@L
E •† 0L 6D_9: :y\9
· will not give more mone" for one thing• · have
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
one and all
WC+9 r( T/De9: `*5*+=9: F,e4L »ld —aile"
‚‡*‰9: 3- :†C@<V off the cost
r_@m/9: ^K*‰9: 3- :†C@<V off the main road
· did this off m" own bat
get this thing off m" chest
"ou did this work off the cuff
to catch him off his guard
to fl" off the handle
|e,9: :yx F@9Mq_L 3L r+a7u get this table off m" hands
get off the mark
F<5/p F5:CV 2CV2 be –uick off the mark
out off office
W•t- out of order
out of print
G@( Â9*DL out of proportion
G@( /Z+9: 3e,5 l out of the –uestion
F@SXS*89: 3_9: gX( over age
GSso WMY *†Ÿ@v ;,<R "ou go over someone's head
|@D9: '7- ‘7tR J7<H2 ”Xp · will show "ou over the house
F5/D9: g/t9*V over land
F7@9 z@8R to sta" overnight
WX~@7I9*V over the phone
to look over his shoulder
*†,m:Y *\iMCU ‘PX,9: M2 F@LX@9: )Y*<9: order of the da"
rain in ½ngland is the order of the da"
¡/<5 z7@~9: c:Ž5 l the film is still on
on the air
on the alert
*†,m:Y r+SMC8I+5 the" are alwa"s on at me
on the beat
F,e4,9: r( *†@w*P W*1 he was on the bench
CU: X71 .‘,=9:
CU2 )C-*_L WMY Or‰9: :yx |7,- r+S2 r+<R [FH:KY F=\9
)/@De9: F,\,9: •yx M: O*+<9: :yx 3L r+a7u r+<R [FH:KY F=\9
¼9o .. JLX=x ˆ@t„R M2 /@e~R WMY ;,<9: :y\V |,P [FH:KY F=\9
¼9o .. JLX=x ‘PXIL /@€ M: ¤ J9 C<I_L /@€ XxM FŸH*~R
)}=( |@Dk€ JS: •*+<L [FH:KY F=\9
[•† 0L ;,<9*V [ 2CV:
F@9Mq,9: ƒ~S •† L*U C<5 z9 GS2 Œ2 E F@9Mq_,9: g*tS ¦K*u
YXHXL /@€ [6Ie9: '(
J9 *†<w*u M2 .G@7- :†/@i}R J9 W2 Œ2
E•† 0L
[WX5Ž~7I9: M2 F-:s:Ë r( O:X\9: '7-
K:yS•*V ?M*+L .ÆK:X‡ Œd Žx*H
[^K*‰9: r( KMC5 Œy9: ?M*+,9: [ F‡/‰9: r(
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
on the bootle
on call
on the cards
he is on the dole
*†„@VXR '87I@p he will be on the carpet
the matter is on the carpet
*†L*,R on the dot
F+_U *\,IP•- the" are in good terms
be on "our guard
on his high hours
on his last leg
on the level
GiMCU ‘PXIL Orv 3- £4V: be on the look out
he is still on the mend
F,m:Y F1/U F9*U r( on the move
GI@U•Q FV/=I9 3@=_79 •+,R ¦M/u )/I( O*+=_9: on patrol
on patrol
Y/‰IL to be on the road
zt4R he was on the rocks
F9:C<9: 3L ?K*x he is on the run
*†@_~S j7<L on tenter hook
F4V/L •/e( •C+- he is on to a good thing
· am on m" toes
· am on the trot
F+_U F9*U r( Xx he is on velvel
*L Orv ;,- JvM '7- on the verge of doning something
on the wane
/,„9: ?/v 3- hPXR he is on the wagon
r~R*\9: ˆ„9: '7- /ZI+5 ] hR*x F5C9 on the phone
;1*‰,9: 3- :žC@<V out of the wood
W*4ILd: r( •=+5 W2 z,aL he is out to pass his e¨am
FiK *\_V•L she is out at the elbows
jm*849: 3- £4V he is out for facts
out for the count
ŒYX8S `C~S · am out of mone"
out of bounds
[cX41 [ :†/@01 ?/‰5
[)Y*- O*D‡d:[ O*-CIpl: 3xK
;a45 3e,L r+<R [FHK:Y F=\9[
F9MC9: 3L W*,w 6R:K z7I_5 Xx [FHK:Y F=\9[
.¢KC9: C@P ^XwX,9:
[ ˆ8( ?*4Qd: 3@V ;,<I_R [ FHK:Y G=\9 W*+il:M
[ MC- 3L [ NKyU yu
¢/tAIL [ FHK:Y F=\9[
h7I9: 65/P 2 •/,- /u{ r( -
gY*Q M2 •7„L [ FHK:Y F=\9[
Fx*8+9: )/I~V /,5 GS2 r+<RM [FHK:Y F=\9[
[ F‡/‰79 [ F5KMY .GVXS r(
[ FHK:Y F=\9 [ C<I_L ] Žx*H *S2
cXA‰L ] )/@01 c*,-2 ŒC9 [FHK:Y F=\9[
GI@,x2 cO*kIR E •† @7P •† @7P /Aa5
ˆ8_( ?/w [ F1•,9: '(
[¢/e_- /@D<R [ *\V ŠX,_,9: F8t+,9: ¦K*u
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
:†CH F5C@=9: F+@1*,9: GI7Av he is out of his depth with his new machine
c:XL2 WMCV out of funds
¬WX+=L |S: ;x are "ou out of "our mindÑ
W*DH ] 6p*+L /@€ out of place
out of the –uestion
out of the running
f:/5 *L '7- |_@9 GI4Q ] 6<IL out of sorts
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ». Ìeoverbs
6H:M ”M/<,9: YK one good turn seserves another
O*+aIp: WXeR Ci so r~eR l )CU:X9: )C-*89: one swallow does'nt make a summer
r9*5 G+- •p '+@- 3- 69*€ 3L out of sight out of mind
F@9MY `:/aI„L ». A——&½Ð
cM/ID79 )KCa,9: cMC9: F,Z+L
‘L NK*‰R M2 WM*<IR pla" ball with
FQ/~9: ;AI_5 h@1 ”/<5 he pla"s his card will
pla" it cool
:†/p *\_e-M *†+7- O*@v2 ;,<R W*\HM NC+- "ou pla" a double game
)KX<‰9 )*-:/L WMY •„v •*=R f*,Ix: WMY ”/aIR to pala" fast and loose with somone
|PX9: 6‰1 F9M*4L to pla" for time
JI4Q /LCR |S2 "ou pla" havoc with "our health
to pla" into someone's hand
F9XH/V ”/aR to pla" the man
to pla" second fiddle >to..B
)/Du '9o ¢*_U Orv r( ;uCIR l don¸t pla" with edged tools.
pull his leg
C8I+R M2 z=R*\R pull his punches
pull "our socks up
F+@<L )Ž@L '7- ;a4R 'IU z\L •„v 3- M2 Ftp:M 3- £4V: pull strings
;,<9: 3L JD@aS yu don¸t pull me up sharp
r05CU O*+i2 )}=( '+8(:XR l pull "our wight
¬r+-C„R W2 cM*4R ;x are "ou tr"ing to pull the wool over m" e"es
to put "pur egges in one basket
[•† 0L Š:/IPl:[ ] G@( /Z+9: 3e,5 l
E•† 0L F_(*+,9: r( E FD749: ¦K*u
»Ì½c E »rganisation of Ìetroleum ½¨porting
[FH:Y F=\9 [ F‡*_DV /Ld: yu
)Ž@L '7- ;a45 ‘7=R F85/tV ./u: ”/t9: GD€/5 *L ;,<R
./ud: •„‰9: 3L F@,x2 ;P2 ‘PXL r( WXeR
[FHK:Y F=\9[ .G-C„R .G+L /„_R
/D12 C\=V JH*ISo 3_U r+<R [ FH:Y F=\9
[ /Ld: r( /‡*„S [ )CU:M F7p r( n@D9: ‘kR
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
Š*R/5 G7<H: put him at his ease
FH*49: |PX9 c*,9: :yx /uY: put this sum of mone" b"• for rain" da"
"ou put the cart before the horse
don¸t put the cat among the pigeons
put me in the picture
hPX,9: ƒ~S GH:M2 r+S2 ;@„RY put me in "our shoes
this will put him in his proper place
put him on his guard
G@7- YCv M2 G@7- ˆAw: piut the screw on him
GR/@_L ‘+L: M2 G7P/- put spoke on his wheel
GR*@7V*P W*4IL: put him through his paces
•„v M2 3@<L ‘wM 3- ¦*I+Ip: '7- ;a4R put two and two together
pass awa"
)/1yI9: /<p 3,w Orv ;1 *\@( ;uCR F7UK M2 ).*H2 package holida"
•:/I‰,9: )Y*,9: j4I_R *,L /012 ‘(CR to pa" through the nose for something
/‡:X„9: FmC\I9 F~@t79: `*,7e9: c*,<Ip: to pour oil on the troubled waters
to pla" cat and mouse with some one
*†+_U •DQ2 W: G<wM he is sitting prett" now
•† 0L Š*=+9*V GŸ+x pat him on the back
)/H*‰L Y*=5o '( 6D_IR pick a –uarrel
6P*+L 3- £4DR to pick holes
"ou pip me to the post
*\~t- KCI_@9 FŸ@_9: GIV*U *\9 /1y5 he plucks at her heatstring
*\wX,€ ”/-d F@k89: •yx r( j,<R2 ”Xp · will plumb the depths of this case
poor suppl"
G@HM /@€ M2 ”*1 /@€ 6Dp poor e¨cues
FDau /@€ FV/R poor soil
h@<w ;,- poor work
F4a9: )O:YK poor heatlth
*L Orv 3- F,@7p /@€ )/e( poor opinion
hPX,9: ŠXwM fC- 3- /@D<I79 )Y*- ;,<I_R F7,=9: •yx a prett" keetle of fish
·t was a prett" kettle of fish
ƒe<9*T7- GI,\( M2 ^XwX,9: z\~R z9 .*\S*eL r( O*@vd: ‘kR z9
>'wX~9: 6D_5 CP *†Ÿ@v ;,<R l Œ2B f*,49: ‘L Ft89: ‘kR l
E•† L*1 ^XwX,9: r9 ;P
r<@Dt9: GS*eL '9o •C<@<p ] •† 0L .Y*8ISl: :yx
E•† 0L MC- 3L )K:ySœV J@7-
[ `*L [ )K*D<9 FVy\L F,71
[K}~9:M ˆ89: FD<9 [ *L •„v 65y<R C,<IR
ˆ@_V gK*~V r+I8Dp JSo r+<R [ FHK:Y F\9
F5*~e9: G@( *,V /@0eV ƒ@9 .;@7P
:CH r+<R [ FHK:C9: F=\79*V
[ j5/Vo r( J,p [ E •† 0L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
^XwX,9*V F7Q G9 ƒ@9 it is beside the point
on the point of doing some thing
^XwX,9: `*x
6D_9: z\( 3- `Ž=- · fail to see the point
FiY*4,9: r( GR/@€ M2 ^XwX,9*V |V/x to get awa" from the point
NCaP |,\( · see "our point
JR/e( •wM make "our point
Or‰9: :yx ;,- r( 6D_9: z\~R to see the point of doing something
F8@849: r( in point of fact
)YX- •9: Ft8S point of no return
K/DL CHX5 l there's no point >doingB
'9o F(*w•*V what is more to the point
what is the point
^XwX,9: r( Â9*DR stretch the point
F<DI,9: )Y*<9: gX( W*_+(: 6xy5 W2 r+<R )K*D<9: •yx stetch a point
· know that m" father would not allow it• but
· hope he would str. ½tch the point.
· take "our point
£4D9: c*=L ^XwX,9*V F7Q *\9 F@kP a case in point
when it comes to the point
Orv ;1 G@( ;uC5 rI9: F_U*@_9: F7U/9: package tour
)Ž@,IL 3@~74L FŸ@x packed ™ur"
O®/9: f*52 palm" da"s
paper tiger
parallel passage
parting shot
E •† 0L E c*,9: 3L /@D1 Â7DL · came home last night and found man" people
waiting for me a prett" penn".
E •† 0L .*†D5/8R m" car cost me a prett" penn" to bu" prett"
E •† 0L .*†D5/8R µulaiman's house is prett" much the same as
his father's prett" will
· have pertt" well dinished m" work in the
E •† 0L *L Orv ;,- JvM '7-
· was ™ust on the point of going to bed when "ou
arrived. come to the point
E •† 0L EC@~I_S :s*L
what is the point of goin g to the station• we can
not catch the train.
E cX8R W}1
NCaP |,\( M2 JI,\( '+S2 E *x*+<L
E •† 0L .‘P:X9: r( M2 ] F8@8U
m" mother sa"s she wants to take us to swim•
but when it come to the point• she will not.
[ J9y1 ƒ@9 G+e9M Fp:/‰9:M )X89: /\Z5 •„v [ gKM 3L /,S
F+<79: M2 K*1•d: r( ./u{ •a( FD‰5 ?*I1 r( ;a(
^XwX,9: È ;,<9: G1/R ;DP •„‰9: *\5Yq5 )/@u2 F9M*4L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
part" line
rp*@_9: GVŽ49 •„‰9: ƒ,4R part" spirit
FIPqL FD4L M2 ?*=-o passing fanc"
¢*,49: Fm*t-o M2 ‘L*_9: ‘@=‰R G+L YXa8,9: ] ŒYM £5CU pep talk
:†CH •M/eL Orv M2 •„v pet aversion
?*8- WMY zR O:/Ho M2 ;,- pain sailing
‘@PXR WMY `*-*vo M2 FŸ@v `*V*tu 6Ie5 •„v poison pen
practical ™oke
N•\9: '9o *\DU*aV ŒYq5 rI9: ^*I,Ipl:M X\79: )*@U primrose path
privileged classes
put up ™ob
)/@D1 )/m*_u WXeR Ty9: /a+9: p"rrahic victor"
promised land
pie in the sk"
pig in a poke
C@9*8I9: '7- º*~49: *,\@( ¡/I~L ‘,I=,9: 3L W*R.K*V W*I@a„v pillars of societ"
an" port in astorm
pros and cons
^*a9: ƒ~+V G9 ;@e5 pa" someone back in his own coin
j,Ud*1 ”/aI9: pal" the fool
6Dp WMY FpKC,9: 3- C<IDR to pla" truant
G,\( 6<a9: 3L past comprehension
G@7- )/t@_9: 6<a9: 3L past control
G7,4R 3e,5 l past endurance
G@( ;L2 l past hope
•/1yR 3e,5 l C@<V ¡*L past recall
F5K*_5 cX@L G5C9 he is pink
in the pink
he sees pink elephants
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2
Ì. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
35/u: WX- ‘PXIR lM J_~S '7- C,I-: paddle "our own canoe
c*,e9: '9o ŒC5q5 65KCI9: practce makes perfect
Gm:Y2 FV/=RM Or‰9: ;@A‰R r( W*x/D9: the proof of the pudding is in the eating
–ualified praise
N/I‰L [WX~@7R [ ˆu
/Z,V rS*09: K*\…o *\+L C85M /u{ Cw •„v *\V fX85 F-Cu
>*†@9*LM *†@-*,IH: [ FwXk4,9: F8Dt9:
G,7- WMY *L •„v ¦*-.o M2 ¦:/U• F8D_L Ftu [ FHK:Y F=\9[
YX\@9: C+- [Y*<@,9: ¡K2 [ /,_5 *L
?XP/- C@-:XL [ FHK:Y F=\9[
*†Ÿ@v ŒM*_R l *\S2 /\…M .•4( WMY |5/Iv: F-*kV
r( JV*xy( .Fp*,9: FH*49: C+- *\@9o 6xyR CP F\HM2 •„v T2
[Î*8+9: F9*U [ '( ‘L M2 Cw
•aI_L - )C@H FI4Q
/ep - :†/@01 *†V:/v ?/v
YMC4L M2 .C@8L •5CL M2 O*+i
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
–ueer customer
–ueer fish
–ui¨itic prokect
²on Íui¨ote
T/u2 `:Ž@L M2 *†V*892 WX7,45 l 35y9: WX5Y*<9: ¢*+9: the rank and file
ŒKX\‰,9: 3@L/=,9: KXQ ‘,H rogue's galler"
the root of all evil
*x/_1 ;\_5 YX-M F-X,=L rope od sand
FV/=I9*V GI@U•Q |Di2 zeeU M2 f*ZS rule of thumb
*,\+L Žm*~9: ;AI_R re9 ] 3@-.*+IL 3@(/‡ C@5}R to run with the ghare and hunt with hounds
F4H*S )K*=R to do roaing trade
O'H*~L 6k€ he sees red
G-XPM ;DP /t„9: |(/- · saw the red light
6R*e,9: r( 3@RM/9: red tape
”:/„9: M2 g/D9: z49 red meat
YX\‰,9: rLX5 GSo it is m"red letter da"
red hearing
red handed
z\L •„‰V 6@U/I9: FL•- red carpet
paint the town red
he is round the bend
round the clock
JRC9:M ^*+Po cM*U get round "our mother
get and read"
F@D5/8R f*PK2 rough and read" figures
J+D79 35CL Xx he is in the red
Fe7,9: M2 J7,9: F7e,5 Œy9: W*a49: '7- ‘wXR W:X92 ro"al colours
rolling passion
rum fllow
rain" da"s
3@,„R random shot
FPC9: G@( ^:/R z9 /5/8R random statement
raw deal
G<L ;L*<I9: 6<Q WXV. [FHK:Y F=\9[
G<L ;L*<I9: 6<Q WXV. [FHK:Y F=\9[
.G~@9*eR O•A9 *Lo .r9*@u ^M/‰L
F5:MK r( ;tD9: zp: 3L )sXu}L rxM .F8@84R FVX<a9 M2
.F@9*@„9: G<5K*‰,V K/\‰,9:M ƒ+S*(/@p
>c*,9:B /‰9: KMyH
ƒ@9 *†-XwXL '+<R F,7e9: •yx E 3e9M . . [J,_9: 3L ^XS[ ;Qd:
3- K*ZSd: .”/Q Xx GRK*io 3L Ca89:M Î*8+9*V F7Q G9
.r7Qd: ^XwX,9:
[:y1 ;,<V [ ƒD7IL
/@0L ;e‰V - FDp*+,V c*~IUl:
;Du ƒL GV*Q2 r+<R [ FHK:Y F=\9[
24 |PX9: cXQ - F-*p
cX8R W*1 .*†D5/8R
¼9: [)/\‰9: 6U M2 c*,9: 641 [ •„‰9: r( ze4I,9: ‘(:C9:
TY*- /@€ •„v [ FHK:Y F=\9[
FH*U r( W*_S•: WXe5 *LC+- ..X<9: f*52
[FHK:Y F=\9 [ F5Y*- /@€ F7L*<L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
res" wit
)Žx*H F5C8S F9X@p read" mone"
read" pen
c*~IU: M2 6p*+L fX5 red letter da"
cMd: C-*_9: right hand man
C-*a9: ;@=9: rising generation
;,- M2 W*eL r( /8I_5 l Œy9: •„‰9: rolling stone
3@,„R rough guess
;L*1 W.KY round do-en
)K:ŽAV /,R to rain cats and dog
°: N*t-2 *,V ‘+P: rest with the laruels
*†,m:Y F7k~,9: JRY*L 3- £5C49*V ¢*+9: •-ŽR "ou ride a hopp"
Or‰V rS/e5 :yx this ring a blle
^*wX9: /@€ ring the changes
)O*~eV hPX,9: F\\H:XL to ruse to the occasion
gCaII9 g/_R l don¸t rob Ìeter to pa" Ìaul
it runs in his blood
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 &. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
;,<9: *\<DI5 z9*L ] F@(*1 /@€ F+_49: F@+9: the road to hell is paved with good intention
c*U/I9: )/01 r( c*L l rolling stone gathers no mess
&ome was not built in a da"
F@9MY `:/aI„L &. A——&½Ð
F@e7,9: F5X=9: )X89: &A±E >&o"al Air ±orceB
F@e7,9: F5/4D9: Š•p &ÉE >&o"al Éav"B
f*,Ixl: fC- M2 ;x*=R ªold shoulder >to giveB
rob shoulders with someone
FU:/Q F\H:XL to come straight from the shoulder
*†<,‡ )*@479 WX7<=5 35y9: WM/@„9: ¢*+9: the salt of the earth
F(CQ /\… 3@,„R shot in the dark
F-*=L M2 ?/U F\V*=,9 ¡/~R rI9: c:XLd: the news of war
skeleton in the cupboard
j84L /tu 3L FVX=-}V X=+R Œ2
slap in the face
W*_9 F9. slip of the tongue
snake in the grass
¼9o . .FSK*8,9: r( M2 FV*H•: r( ./‡*„9: F-/p
h@9}I9:M FV*Ie9: - F-/_V .*I,5 6R*1
F@i:KM )Y*- È GLCV Œ/=R
[ )/V*0,9:M /Da9: '9o )X-Y[ CU:M r( *LMK 3DR z9
*†@-*,IH: - G7V*8R
F7=„L *\Sd .W*,Ie9: r‡ /p ©~U .F8V*p FiY*U
skin of one's teethE >to escape b" the skin of
"our teethB
FS*xo [ FHK:Y F=\9[
MC- G+e9M FD4,9: r-C5 •„v E ³@‰U F@U
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
soldier of fortune
*L •„v `:Xtu M2 ‘5K*‰L ;P/<R a spoke in someonr's wheel
a stone throw
G(*R ^XwXL r( ®:/QM ;5X‡ Î*8S W*=+( r( F~Q*- a storm in a tea cup
z<S ;P sa" the word
see stars
*\9 YXHM l O*@v2 ;@„I5 seeing things
JIPM z@_8R to serve two masters
Jttu h‰eR to show "our cards
6kAR M2 ;-ŽR to show "our teeth
”X„9: /\ZR *x*+<LM O*k@D9: F‰5/9: to show the with feather
to strike "our flag
h‰eIp: see into
GRKY*AL W*eL 'IU F8(:K see him off
;,4I5 see >some thingB out
we must see it out
K:/,Ipl: r+<R J9y1 · don¸t think this car will see the
"ear out
see some one through
¬JRC-*_,9 F@(*1 l† *5K WXIp ;x · have si¨t" ri"als• will this see "ou throughÑ
Or‰9: |D7‡ sent awa" for >some thingB
*L *Ÿ@v ;,\R sit on something
c.*+I5 M2 64_+5 stand down
G+- FV*@S ;,<9: ŒYq5 M: G+- ?X+5 stand in for some one
stand up to something
F+‰„9: )Y*@89: ;,4IR l )K*@_9: •yx this car will not stand up to rough driving
)K:Y•*V F7Q G9 ƒ@9 J5/v sleeping partner
)K:Y•*V F7Q G9 ƒ@9 J5/v silent partner
G<(Y 6H:X9: 3L ;P2 F5C8S Fe( short change
F(*_,9: /aI„L j5/‡ short cut
F7@7P F@,eV fC85 r9X41 ?M/‰L short drink
YX8S 3L G+- ‘(Y *,- ;85 W.M M2 ¢*@8L short measure weight
/012 ‘(C5 3,9 ?K*45 È gŽR/L
[ FD5/P F(*_L [ /=U rL/L
¢2/9: r( FV/w C<V F5§/9: ^XwM fC- r+<RM [ FHK:Y F=\9[
O:Ø: r( 3@VK*kIL 3@Dt8S rV F49*aL M2
[f•_Ipl: FL•- [ z7<9: c:ŽSo
[ G,74IS W2 CVl [ E cX8R W}1
F+p *\@7- rk,Ip )K*@_9: •yx W2 C8I-2 T E cX8R W}1
E •† 0L C-*_5
E •† 0L .;,4I5 M2 fM*85
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
short pastr"
F@,e9: •8S short suppl"
to be taken short
”*1 ;,- YXHM fC- 6D_V f:MY ha+9 ;,<5 to be on short time
to cut some thing short
we had to cut short our discussion besause
6kA9: ‘5/p short tempered
'-/_V ;,<9: M2 ^XwX,9: •9*<R to make short work >of some thingB
F@,e9: r( W:C8( M2 •8S to run short
O'H*~L hPXR to stop short
little short of
he drives car little short of madness
^XwX,9: z\5 *L *1 the long and the short of it
for short
[call me ›im for short[
K*aIu*V in short
short of
¾e is good at an" thing short of driving
F8(XL /@€ FwM*~L sorr" bargain
•:M 6Dp sorr" e¨cuse
G9 'i/5 •„v sorr" fellow
/aI„L short and sweet
slow but sure
sharp practice
sabbatical "ear
safe conduct
salad da"s
sales ch"s
Fp:KC9: O*+i2 rt<R F@7,- F@D5KCR )KMY sandwich course
F,@eU Fp*@p sane polic"
3,_9: M2 CVŽ9: 3L )/@D1 F@,1 ‘L ‘+Q F7i*,5 *L M2 `Xe_V M2 J<1
*†<5/p f*,49: )Y*5. G@7- 6=5 ;R*89: W2 *x*+<L [ FHK:Y F=\9[
;DP [ •† 0L F‰P*+L [ *L Orv O*\So 6H:X9: 3L W*1 GS2 *x*+<L
E •† 0L .K/8,9: *\+L. O*\IS:
E cX8R •† 0L .*L )Y*L W:C8( M2 ƒ8S *x*+<L our teacher was not feeling well that da" to go
· can not give "ou m" mone"• because• · ma"
go. µhort of them
E cX8R W}1 .3L 65/P M2 ;i*,L
WX+=9: '9o ?/P2 F85/tV GRK*@p gX_5 GS2 [ F7,=9: '+<L
E cX8R W*1 Or‰9: K*aIul Š•tQ:
.:yx ?K*85 *L M2 c*+H M2 •† @,H J,p: W*1 Wo
E cX8R W}1 .O*+0Ipl: ):Y2
.FP*@_9: lo Orv ;1 r( C@H
F,@7p G85/tV G7,- Ž=+5 G+e9M .W}IL
FŸ@_9: F7L*<,9: [ )K*=I9: r(
M2 F@,7- bX4V O:/H• ] F<L*=9: )yR*pd )Y*- 't<R E´/~R G+p
’Xtu 3L KM/,79 ?M/49: O*+i2 't<5 FwK*<,9: fC- ?*tu
)/D„9: F7PM - ³@t9: f*52
Gm:/€o ;L2 '7- WXVŽ9: f ‘m*D9: F5/=5 £5CU [ F@L*- F=\9
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
£5C49: ‘L zm*I‰9: *\@( ;u:CIR 'I9: FA79: sanguinar" language
saving clause
)/@01 FŸ@p `*~Q G9 *L •„‰9 ‘~‰R )C@H F~Q saving grace
”X„9: )K*io Ca8V ).K*V ”M/4V ‘Dt5 /@0L F~@4Q r( W:X+- scare headline
*\+L MC<9: W*L/49 rS*D,9: fCxM F7A9: g:/Uo Fp*@p scorched earth polic"
3@<L |PM M2 W*eL r( lo *\4I~5 lM •„‰9 't<R F5/p /L:M2 sealed orders
seam" side of life
FL*<9: `*Dp*+,9:M Y*@-d: rS*\R season's greeting
/\DL f*<‡ seasoned food
)K*a- G@( '8D5 l 'IU F@71 h=5 N/R :so 6‰„9: seasoned timber
second fiddle >pla"B
rud FD_+9*V F@,x2 :s |_9 r+So · pla" second fiddle to m" brother
GI8Q lM *†@<@D‡ •„‰9: *\@7- ;a4R )KCP M2 )Y*- second nature
/Ld: ;D8I_L N:KYo FxKCP M2 FDP*09: )/Z+9: second sight
T/u2 )/L /@e~I9: M2 Œ2/9: /@@AR second thoughts
3Ld: YC\5 CP Œy9: •„‰9: secrit" risk
senior citi-en
/@01 /@e~R C<V 3xy9: r( `/8Ip: )/e( M2 Y*8I-: setted coviction
X=9: /8Ip: seeled weather
the seven deadl" sins
f:CPd: '7- '‰,9: shanks's mare• >onB
F<V*_9: O*,_9: seventh heaven
;Z9: FLXeU shadow cabient
sham battle
sharp practice
Y*U W*_9 sharp tongue
FL•_79 F7@pM /u{ sheet anchor
F-/_V bC45 Y*U z92 shooting pain
C@a9: Fw*5K 3L CU:M ^X+9 WXS*89: •YC45 Œy9: C@a79 zpXL shooting season
shooting star
*,\@,_H O:ŽH2 n<V r( *,\k<DV 3@tDR/L :C9M W•~‡ siamese
F@w/L ).*Ho sick leave
side issue
r7Qd: G7,- Xx ƒ@9M ] *L •„v GV fX85 z7- side line
©~4I9: F~Q *\9 ¢:XPd: 3@V /\ZR F,71 [ F@SXS*89: YX8<9: '(
^X=9: ./8~9: .f/=9*1 .)*@49: f Or_9: 6S*=9:
E •† 0L .F5XS*i F@,x2
3@+‡:X,9: K*D1 [35C-*8I,9: [ F@,_I9 FVy\L F85/‡
] C_49: ] F@x:/‰9: ] 6kA9: ] ‘,t9: ] XxŽ9: E rxM ‘D_9: *5*t„9:
‘‰=9: ] ;_e9:
`*V*„ISl: r( Š*=+9: ;L2 '7- W*,9/D9: r( FwK*<,9: F,@8R ‘,=R
;H2 3L ³@=9: *\,@85 F@,xM F1/<L FLXe49: 35XeRM F7D8,9:
;m*pM F5C9 3,9 F,7e9: •yx j7tR E F5K*=I9: `*P•<9:M c*,-d: r(
.ŒK*=I9: F7L*<R r( F~@ZS /@€
?*\v .NŽ@S
[ £4D9: ^XwX,V )/v*DL F7Q *\9 ƒ@9 [ F@DS*H F@kP
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
FH*49: C+- ;,<I_RM /,0I0R c:XL2 sinking fund
stting duck
sitting tenant
FpY*_9: Fp*49: si¨th sense
FUK*H º*~92 G@( |9YXDR ^:ŽS singing match
F~@~u F47p2 small arms
)/@AQ 61/L small craft
small fr"
*†U*DQ F<V:/9:M ;@79: haI+L 3@V F<P:X9: `*-*_9: small hours
F@,x2 :s ƒ@9 £5CU small talk
r7,„,9: ‘,I=,9: K*Du}V zI\R F7=L societ" ™ournal
r-*,IHl: *S:XI_L '7- ¢*S2 social e–ualsE >m"È"ourB
*a„v M2 Or‰9 ?*=-o M2 FD4L soft spot
soft option
soft soap
•/1s C+- •-Ž5 M2 /@05 Œy9: ^XwX,9: sore point
j@,- fXS sound sleep
*\@7- cXa49: r( FD€/9: z€K j7tR l rI9: O*@‰9: sour grapes
´:/~9: |PM spare time
*†L*,R FV*‰R spitting image >of somethingB
spitting headache
3@(/t79 F~a+L F9*,<L s–uare deal
Gt@4L M2 G7,- M2 GDa+L ‘L j~I5 l •„v s–uare peg in a round hole
F7L*1 F@m:y€ FDHM s–uare meal
Š/,9: M2 Š:Ž,9: 645 l ŒCH •„v s–uare toe
ˆ8( c*H/79 )X-Y stag part"
Œ/p ^M/‰L O*~uo /\ZL stalking horse
rL*Z+9: ³@=9: standing arm"
stading order
standing orders
C1:/9: O*,9: standing water
f•e9*V M2 *†5C_H *Lo h@+- N:/- stand up fight
/@,k9: the still small vpice
)/e<IL F@a„v `*P•- strained relations
3e,,9: Or‰9: M2 •„‰9: Œ2 ”C\9: •„‰9: [ FHK:Y F=\9[
”C\1 GIV*Qo
¼9: ] |@D9: ] F8‰9: ;A‰5 Œy9: •„‰9: [ 31*_9:
z\L /@€ •„v *x*+<L [ FHK:Y F=\9[
cMd: K*@Iu•9 •† i*,L M2 .l† XD8L WXe5 W2 3e,5 G+e9M ./u{ K*@Iu:
h9Ž+R M2 g*~S [ FHK:Y F=\9[
ŒXP ^:CQ [ FHK:Y F=\9[
|V*09: C@,<I9:
/u{ •„v M2 F\=9 *†5/\v 3@<L Â7DL ‘(CV )Y*- J+D79 C@,<R XxM
3L *\m*A9o C<V 'IU ] cX<~,9: F5K*p r8DR 'I9: F,ZSd:M 3@S:X89:
*\RKCQ: rI9: F\=9: ;DP
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
*x/@€M z\pd: K*Du}1 )Cm*( '7- cXa479 G@7- Y*,I-l: 3e,5 /Du straight tip
straw vote
striking force
strong language
strong point
stuffed shirt
sugar dadd"
•„‰9: TC9 ƒV•,9: 3_U2 µunda" best
sweeping statement
WY*\I9: 6€/5 l MC- sworn foe
`*,7,9: j5CQ sworn friend
santa claus
F@e5/Ld: )C4I,9: `*5lX9: z7- the star spangled banner
to see back
‘wX9: '7- ‘7‡2 M2 hPX,9: TK2 '+-Y let me see how the land lies
'_~+V TK2 r+-Y let me see for m" self
let me see how the wind blows
to see the light
F+_49: O*@vd: ˆ8( T/R
*\7,- O*+i2 W.*„,9: 3L FP/‰9: shop lifting
set the ball rolling
J@9o /Z+9: |~79 :†C\H cyV: set "our cap at her
set "our own house in order
cX1XRM/D9: C-:XP ‘DII5M F@,pK F85/tV h85 Œy9: •„‰79 c*8R he stands on ceremon"
3- C<V: stand clear of
J~PXL r( |V*i stand firm
r( Š*=+79 FQ/( J5C9 "ou stand a good chance of doing
Î*8+9: r( jV*_9: J~PXL '7- |Di: stand "our ground
;D8I_,9: r( G9 *†SX- ] F92/us WX1}p · will stand him in good stead
W*@<79 •w:X9: 3L ·t stands to reason that
^XwXL cXU f*<9: Œ2/9: Fp:KY G+L ¡/A9: r,pK /@€ ^:/IP:
‘5/_9: N/4I9: ¡/A9: F7e‰L F5/e_- )XP rxM .FVK*k9: )X89:
FUK*=9: `*,7e9: 3L :†/@01 ŒX4R .6k€ FA9
•/@€ 3L /012 G+4_5 M2 .•„‰9: •C@=5 Ty9: Or‰9:
KM/AL •„v [FHK:Y F=\9[
`*@I~9: '7- z<+5 Ty9: .r+A9: .X=<9: ;H/9: r+-M [ FHK:Y F=\9
GV ¦:MŽ9: ;L2 '7- F@9*L *5:C\V
.;@Q*~I9: N/I5M f*- GHM ^XwX,9: '9o ”/tI5 .•5/aR M2 W*@V
Y•@L Y*@-2 r( c*~‡d: '7- *5:C\9: ^.X5 r(:/u E .X=- ;HK
B ”/U |4R /ZS: .•@_,9: f >
[FHK:Y F=\9 [ G+L •7„IR M: •„‰9: gK*~R
F@( ¢*+9: Œ2K TK2M hPX,9: '7- ‘7‡2 r+-Y
KX+9: TM/5 2 ^XwX,9: z\~5 -
"ou see things through rose coloured
;,<9*V 2CV: [ FHK:Y F=\9[
J@7- E F@V/<9*V *\7V*85 ] 35/u: `X@V Y*8IS: ;DP 6@R/IV J@7-
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
.X~9: 3L G+e,5 hPXL r( Xx he stands to win
FQ/~9: f*+I€: Ca8V 3e9M *†8U G70,R l Or‰V /x*ZI9: to sail inder false colours
he saved his bacon
•Y/tR to send some one about his business
•-ŽL GSd •Y/tR to send someone packing
OŒY/9: 3L 6@t9: g/~R to separate the wheat from the caff
:†C5*4L WX1}p · will sit on the fence
"ou are skating on thin ice
to smell a rat
C5qR to speak volumes for
¡K*<R to speak volumes against
/_9: ^yR l don¸t spill the beans
*\9 F5Y*L F,@P l Ft@_V gM/( 3- bC4R2 l ”Xp · shall not split hairs
G+L O:Xwd: g/p}p r+S}V C8I<5 he thinks that · will steal his thunder
:†/tu W*1 *,VK ] 'm*V/\e9: J7_9: :yx 3- C<IV: steer clear of this wire
stick around
;m*U ^M/‰,9:: yx j@84R 3@VM r+@V h85 l ”Xp · will stick at nothing to accomplish this pro™ect
· would not stick m" neck out
stick out a mile
stick to "our guns
to strtch a point
F4S*p |L:Y*L FQ/~9: •yx Ž\IS: strike while the iron is hot
this word will sugar the pill
don¸t talk shop
WM/@„9: ¢*+9: the salt of the earth
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 µ. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
G+- ;p*eIL G+e9M /@u ;,- r( FD€/9: G5C9 3,- c*85 ;0L ˜he spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
rx:MY rx:X_9: |4R ] j@,- C1:/9: O*,9: still waters run deep
;H: 6<I9: /(X5 ;H*<9: ;,<9: a stitch in time saves nine
*†+u*p C5C49: f:Y*L ?/w: FQ/~9: z+I€: strike while the iron is hot
F@9MY `:/aI„L µ. A——&½Ð
*@p{ rP/v ?X+H )Cx*<L µ½A˜» E >µouth ½ast Asia ˜reat" »rganisationB
"ou talk through the top of "our hat
GL*L2 G@( r5:K cXP}p r+S2 Œ2 ] ?:/-•: 3L G<PXL G,7-}p · will tell him where to get off
;‰~9: 6+=R M2 /t„9: 3L ?/x GS}V r+<R [ FHK:Y F=\9
•I+5 l 'IU F5*+-M :†C\H 67tIR ] Fp*_U O*@v2 ;,<R M2 .cX8R |S2
*\,\( O*_5M 2 F@_e- •m*IS *\+-
Je‰IR [ FHK:Y F=\9[
NK*ZIS:M CU:M W*eL r( NO*8V r+<R [ FHK:Y F=\9[
r_~S /‰U2 W2 C5K2 l [ FHK:Y F=\9[
/012 •wM [ FHK:Y F=\9[
J@7- /iqR /@A9: K*e(2 ;<=R l [ FHK:Y F=\9[
[ CU2 )C-*_,9 )Y*- [ f.•9: 3L /012 ;,<R
l† XD8L /,9: ;<=Ip [ F+_49: F,7e9: •yx
C<D@p £5C49: :yx W2 J,7- z€K .ˆ8( Jaa„R r( bC4IR l
FiY*4,9: XH 3- 35/u:
FP*,4V z7eIR .cX8<L /@€ Orv 3- z7eIR |S2
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
/‡*„R to tempt providence
F,5Ž\9*V WX7D8@p z\S}V C8I-: · think the" will throw in the towel
don¸t tie m" hands
· will tighten m" belt
|PX9: cX‡ GR:Y*8IS*V r+85*k5 W*1 all the time he was treading on m" toes
J49*a9 /Ld: r( K/P2 ”Xp · will turn the scale in "our favour
to turn the table on someone
FD@„9: c*5s2 /=5 ‘HK to turn tail
:ye9 N/\… /5CR to turn "our back on
FD<a9: F7U/,9: .*I=R to turn the corner
F@€*Q *†S2 /<R z9 to turn a deaf ear
•/L2 |@9XR ] ^M/‰,9: :y\V `C\<R · truned m" hand to this pro™ect
:†KM/AL G7<=p c*,9: :yx this mone" will his head
r9o •K*ZS2 ?yH ‘@tIp2 z9 · can't turn his head to me
"ou will turn "our nose uo at this picture
turn over a new leaf
*†_P |4DQ2 to take hol" orders
to take the rough with the smooth
¬;@,R 3@85/~9: Œ2 r9o which side do "ou takeÑ
take it sas"
C=9: yu}L *,,xyu}R l don¸t take it to heart
?/x: take to "our heels
take some one b" surprise
to take someone for granted
take a gamble on something
to take the hint
*†@a„v JV ¢*_,9: GV Ca85 z9M Y*8ISl: ;DP: take this in good part
^XwX,9: :yx /L2 cXR take this matter in hand
Or‰9: :yx ?*_U 6_U: take this thing into account
ŒK:/p2 Fm*t-o r( GV ji2 l take this thing into secret
JDk€ 3- ƒ@~+I79 )Y*L *\7<=R l don¸t take it out on her
he takes the bull b" the horns
•X89*V •K:¥M •„‰9: F,H*\L to take someone b" storm
rR:K:/8V ;,-2 W2 r( FQ/~9: r+t-: .ŒC5 ;‰R l
[f:Ž49: Cv}p[ rR*(M /a,V CaIP}p
•9*Q r( |_@9 KXLd: •DaI9 ] 68- r7- *†p2K /Ld: 678R
rS*09: •„‰9:
[W*_4Ipl: fC- ;@9Y [ )KXa9: •yx '7- J~S2 ‘(/R ”Xp
[ J1X7p M2 JR*@U 3L [ )C5CH F4~Q 2CV:
X749: C<V /,9: O*H X9 'IU .;,4I9: 3- /@D<R
[ ;\,R [ j78R l
J9 C<I_5 W2 WMY G,H*\R .)/€ '7- rR}R O‚H*~R
[F~7e9: |9:. [ GV f*,Ixl: `C8(M GI_9*=LM •KXkU '7- `X<R
[F7v*( WXeR CP [ )/‡*„L ;,-2
[)K*v•*V z\(:[ GV G9 jt+5 W2 WMY YXa8,9: z\~R Œ2
;1*‰,9: F\H:X,9 Y:C<Ipl: G5C9 W2 Œ2 [G@S/P 3L KX09: J_,5
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
¼9o ;‰~9: K*I\Ipl*1 J+- ”M/<L /@€ NX7_V ‘,I=,9: ‚H*~R to take the cake
to take a dim view of someone
•O*5/D1 ztU}p · shall take him down a peg or two
to take something for granted
a talk of the town
/D12 KXL2 M2 `:/@@AR '9o ŒYq5 CP ˆ@_V ^XwXL a thin end of the wedge
`*L.d: r( G@7- Y*,I-l: 3e,5 Œy9: •„‰9: a tower of strength
WXVŽ9: ?y=9 F9*<~9: F7@pX9: M2 F+\,9: K:/p2 tricks of the trade
NK*‰5 takw part
ƒ7H: take a seat
throw a part"
z\L •„‰1 M2 FL*-ŽV ”/aIR to throw "our weight about
throw dust in some one's e"es
*L ^M/‰L M2 )/e( 3- F,\,9: ˆ@D0R throw cold water on something
WM/P )C<9 throuh the ages
G7@Dp r( g*‰,9: |7,4R · went through fire and water for his sake
˜hrough thick and thin
^Ž+5 ˜hake some thing off
take some one on
¬F9: ?*I1 3L C5Ž,9: 67tR F1/‰9: •yx |9:. l ;x [ is this compan" taking on an" more t"pists[Ñ
take out
?•8S: /@AR take over
a bit thick
taking me to swim ever" da" is a bit thick
F47aL M2 FP:CQ ”C\V 3@a„v 3@V ;L*1 ˆV:/R as thick as thieves
through thick and thin
˜o la" it on thick
F~@~u )/@V ˜hin beer
‘+8L /@€ 6Dp ˜hin e¨cue
‘I,L /@€ |PM ˜hin time
FŸ@p )/e( G+- ;,4R [ FHK:Y F=\9[
GiMC4V M2 .Or‰9*V z@7_I9:
|4DQ2 rI9: FiY*49: M2 z\,9: •„‰9: r+<RM [ FHK:Y F=\9[
‘,I=,9: £5CU
;~U FL*Po [FHK:Y F=\9[
;@7kI79 .WX@<9: r( Y*L/9: Ks
[F-/_9:M OˆD9: '7- .KXLd: ;1 r( .6<a9:M ;\_9: '7-
E •† 0L ] h…X5
[ •† 0L FauK [ '7- ;a4I5
[rD€[ r+<R FHK:C9: F=\79*V
E •† 0L ./=k9: FHKC9 f.•9: 3L /012 M2 /@01
E •† 0L c:XUd: ;1 r( ’*DRK:
m" school mate and · are ver" close friends•. “e
went through thick and thin
*L Orv r( Â9*D5 Œ2 [ FHK:Y F=\9[
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
˜hin air >vanish into thin airB
Â9*D5 too far
onl" too
*L ;,- '7- C5C‰R F~Q · would be onl" too pleased to help "ou.E
z\9*,-2 r( )/\,9: ¢*+9: top people
cX4e9: ?/v 3- F@71 ^*+ILl: total abstinence
F7L*‰9: ?/49: f*<9: /@~+9: total war
tough customer
tough luck
C5C‰9: 6kA9: F9*U towering passion
turkish bath
/e_9: gX4_,V 'tAL ] ;1},9: z-*S TX749: 3L ^XS turkish delight
|@e5/e9: FD<9 r( r‡*@IUl: twelfth man
)YY/L F5*eU ] F(M/<L FaP twice told tale
third world
take - home pa"
'8@pX,9: z9*- F-*+Q tin pan Alle"
G8@84R 6<a5 67‡ M2 FD<Q F,\L tall order
*\iMCU F9*4Ip l *\85CaR 3e,5 l FaP M2 F5*eU tall stor"
3@+_I9: fl{ teeth ing trouble
FDU*Q G@7- /e‰5 l /@D1 ;,- thankless task
£9*09: ”/t9: third part"
ˆ@_V zpKM2 hQM thumb- nail sketch
ticklish situation
tight spot
*\@7- FZ(*4,9: |,RM *xC\- fY*8R )Y*- time honoured custom
token strike
top drawer
top dog
3LŽ9: ‘L g*Dp r( ;,<R to work aginst time
6xs 3L |PX9: time is mone"
keep up with the times
high timeE
it is high time "ou stopped smoking
)/i2 '~Iu: .fC<9: r(
;1*‰,9: 6U*Q M2 ;L*<I9: 6<Q •„‰9: [FHK:Y F=\9[
©49: OXp [ FHK:Y F=\9[
[K*„D9*V [ r1/R f*,U
[rL*+9: [ £9*09: z9*<9:
3@L*I9: M2 FD5/k9: z_U C<V ;L*<9: G@7- ;a45 Œy9: Â7D,9:
M† /RM FPCV GR:K:CL 6=5M ¢*_U hPXL [ FHK:Y F=\9[
¦/U hPXL [ FHK:Y F=\9[
/D12 ?:/wœV C5C\I79 ./@aP ?:/wo
[*†@-*,IH: [ F@P:/9: F8Dt9:
z@-Ž9: .z\,9: •„‰9: [ FHK:Y F=\9[
®do . . |PX9: ‘L r‰,R .3_9: /5*p
/@u}R M2 O*tVo WMY *L Orv ;,- 6HXI5 *LC+- E c*8R )K*D<9: •yxM
E •† 0L
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
/w*49: |PX9: r( for the time being
Ft@_V F(*_L FQ/~9: ?*xs 3@VM G+@V in the nick of time
•@4a9: ^*85•: '7- r+AR sing in time
r8@pX,9: ^*85•: '7- ;HKd: M2 ŒC5d: J5/4R to keep time È to beat time
F‡XDkL F-*_9: this clock
F5YX9: `:K*D<9: n<VM F@LX@9: `*@4I9: G<L cY*DR2 · pass the time of da" with him
;=<I_L *S2 · am pressed for time
/u}IL behind time
on time
*+<L N:O:C€ cM*+IR W2 6=5 |PM r( |7QM JSo Œ2 in time for
"ou are ™ust in time for lunch
Ž@HM |PXV in no time
in good time
cX8<L |PM r( K*t,9: ;aS we will reach the airport in good time
c:XUd: 3_U2 r( at the best of times
it is about time
· feel tired• it is about time to go to bed
g:y,9: )X749: O*@vd: 6=5 GSo he has sweet tooth
)M:/kV WX,Q*„I5 the" fight tooth and nail
C\H C<V Or‰9: :yx ;,- |<tIp: · did this b" the skin of m" teeth
/Ld: :y\V :†/@01 zIx: get "our teeth into this matter
to to the line
:†C<I_L 31 keep on "our toes
)KX<v |U/H JS2 C8I-2 · think "ou stepped on his toe
hold "our tongue
£5C49: '7- KY*P /@€M ] ;=u to have lost "our tongue
it is on the tip of m" tongue
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 ˜. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
c*H/9: 3L TXP2 3LŽ9: )XPM F@<@Dt9: ;L:X<9: )XP time and tide wait for no man
;,<9: C_~R )/@01 Y*52 too man" cooks spoil the broth
F@9MY `:/aI„L ˜. A——&½Ð
*@S*t5/V r( `*V*8+9: Y*4R: ˜Ïª E >˜rade Ïnion ªongressB
E •† 0L . . :y1 . . ”Y*a5 GIPM r(
E •† 0L ./(XIL |PM
z9M )CL y+L G7,- 6=5 W*1 Orv ‘L ;,<I_R *\+e9M E |PX9: W*U
E cX8I( .;,<5
/L:Md: ‘@tR .GV `/L2 *,V ;,<R
˜»ÉÀϽE W*_9
[ |ep: [ JS*_9 J_L2
rS*_9 ”/‡ '7- [ ^XwX,9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
CU2 )C-*_L WMY Or‰9: :yx |,7- did this under m" own steam
YXHX9: r( Orv l nothing under sun
KyS F@7,- under a vow
2CV under wa"
under age
under age
c*8I-l: 3xK under arrest
|(*u `XaV /D„9: G9 |7P · told him the news under m" breat™
£4D9: r‡ under consideration
under cover
K*+9: rL/L r( under fire
•:/1•: M2 ˆAk9: |4R under duress
?:/‰9: /@i}R |4R under the influence of drink
W*L2 r( ºX~4L under lock and ke"
GL*L2 under someone's nose
fŽI7L under an obligation
•@7aI9: r( under repair
under a cloud
¦•<9: |4R under the doctor
under lock and ke"
under the sod
rR/t@p |4R under m" thumb
f:/5 *L /@€ '7- GI4Q he is under the weather
O*+0Ip: WMY G8@DtR 6=5 f*ZS universal rule
/eDL `XL untimel" end
*†VXIeL ƒ@9M ”/<9*V GRXP 6_I1: f*ZS unwritten law
FP*v F,\L upill task
F@-*,IH: F8D‡ '7-: upper crust
upper store"
*\8@84R 6<a5 3e9M )Cm:K )/e( M2 Ftu utopian scheme
F@e5/,9: ^*Dt9: M2 F@e5/Ld: )C4I,9: `*5lX9: uncle sam
up m" street
¬;,<R W2 cM*4R :s*L what are "ou uptoÑ
/Q*P .F@SXS*89: 3_9: WMY
Š•p G<L - •7_L
K*ZSd: 3- K:XIL .‚DI„L
NXev G9XU .G@( ?X€/L /@€
|@L *x*+<L [FHK:Y F=\9[
W*_S•: ¼L [FHK:Y F=\9[
E •† 0L .rI5:Xx ] rL*,Ix: g*tS r( ;uCR
`*D‡*„,9: r( ;,<I_R l ˆ8( ?*4Qd: *\7,<I_5 [ FHK:Y F=\9[
· like horse riding• but foothall is not up m"
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
J9 •H:K :yx it is up to "ou
GR:KCP 6p*+5 Œy9: ;,<9: Gt-2 give him a ™ob which he is up to
:yx ;,<R W2 JRO*~eV ‘@tI_R 39 "ou are not up to it
he is up a tree
· couls'nt break it• it is all up with me
he is well up on histor"
what is upÑ
¡/,9: C<V r‰,5 2CV he is up and about
r+\H:XR rI9: F7e‰,9: F<@D‡ ”/-2 l · don¸t know what · am up against
¦*=IU: /\ZL up in arms about something
O*k89: f*L2 cX0,9: up before a ™udge
up and coming
FP/_9: F,\IV O*k89: f*L2 ;0L up for the theft
WX5C9: r( gK*€ he is up to the neck in debt
¼5K*I9: )Y*L r( ?X7t,9: TXI_,9: '7- ;aU he is up to the mark in histor"
up the pole
up the spout
Ft„9*1 C_~R l don¸t upeset the apple cart
:†/eDL n\+R up with the lark
ups and dowms
F@9MY `:/aI„L Ï. A——&½Ð
)C4I,9: zLd: ÏÉ E >Ïnited ÉationsB
F@,+I9:M )C4I,9: zLd: /,RqL
F@9MC9: bXA9: F9*1M
F@a„v F<~+L *\+L Ca85 FP•- vested interest
;U WMY *†,m*P r8D5 G+e9M ] cC=9: 3L :†/@01 /@05 c:qp
ve¨ed –uestion
vicious circle
virgin soil
vulgar feaction
^XwX,9: r( ‚@p KMY C9 Œy9: •„‰9: villain of the piece
“¾A˜ E
so whatÑ
what aboutÑ
what about coming to m" house for tea
[ FHK:Y F=\9 [ 6-*aL r( Xx
F9M*4,9: |\IS:M |7‰( .*x/‰1 ‘@tIp2 z9
*†<H/L /DI<5M .:†C@H ¼5K*I9: ”/<5 Xx
¬/Ld: '+<R [ FHK:Y F=\9[
Š*=+79 Y:C<Ipl: G5C9 .*†+_4R ŒCD5
[FHK:Y F=\9[ 1 6-*aL r( - 2 W*t7€ -
[FHK:Y [ )Cm*~9: z5C- E r+<R O*@v¶9 6-*aL r( E r+<R •„‰79
¼9o . . OŒY/9:M 6@t9: . )*@49 *@( /,9:M X749:
Ïɪ˜A² E Ïnited Éations ªonference on ˜rade
and ²evel-opent
Ïɽµª» E Ïnites Éations ½ducational µcientific
and ªultural »rganisation
ÏÉ&“A E Ïnited Éations &elief and “orks
*\+L *\R*DD_L 6D_V .*\7U 6<a5 F7e‰L F€/~L )/m:Y
C<V b/4R z9 .O:Ky- FV/R
:yex ŒY*@I-l: /_e9: 5È4
*†@,pK ;,<I_R lM [FHK:Y F=\9 [ ¬z\5 :s*L
E •† 0L Š:/IP•9 ;,<I_R F7,=9: •yx
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
what is upÑ
;,U ¢*D7V 6ms wolf in sheep's clothing
`*,7e9: 3L /012 bC4IR c*,-d: W2 Œ2 actions speak louder than words
b" word of mouth
K*aIu*V in a word
FwXL /u{ the last word
)/@ud: rI,71 M2 r,eU m" last word
GI,71 C+- ;HK a man pf his word
K:ySœ1 ;,<I_R ] rL•1 ‘,p: mark m" words
;@9C9: J7,5 l *S•1 "our word against mine
FVy\L 6=<R F,71 m" word×
F,71 lM not a word
*†@(/U word for word
/@D<I9: r+S*u words fail me
/„( big words
Y*8IS: hard words
*†L*,R ©(*U word perfect
JI,71 C+- as good as "our word
C-X9: n8+R to go back on "our word
cion a word
Jm*tu}V ”/I<R to eat "our words
f•e9: r( FQ/~9: ˆ<5 z9 not get a word in edgewa"
NCx*-2 · give "ou m" word
to have a word with someone
cC=I5 to have words >withB
NC-M '7- ©(*U keep "our word
minced >one'sB words
'7- r+05 ŠCI,5 to put good word >forB
*L •„v f•1 gCaR to take someone at his word
;@9C9: r9 /\ZR W2 WMY JIPCQ · took "our word for it
*\IPM r( `O*H F4@aS word in season
ŒC+- c*€ he mwans the world to me
to be for all the world like someone
µa'ad is for all the worls like his father
Xx*L M2 bCU :s*L r+<RM [ *†@,pK ;,<I_R lM FHK:Y F=\9 [
/@‡*pd: M2 •a89*1 [?XIeL /@€ [ r\~v
C<V *,@( `*D09: F~Q *\9 WXe5 *,VK [?Yd: r( [ F,71 ^/I„R
£4DR M2 .‘L bC4IR
>•w:M /@€B G05C4V h75
E •† 0L .:†CH G\V*‰5
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
KM/_L •aI_L he feels on top of the world
r-*,IHl: M2 r9*,9: •Ž1/L C8~5 to come down in the world
/@D1 ‘~S world of good
/@D1 K/w world of harm
J7,- r( •=+IS to get om in the world
JIS*eL ‘~R/R to go up in the world
F@,9*- )/\v G9 a man of the world
*†5K:Yo M2 *†@DIeL •† ,- ŒYq5 Œy9: ;L*<9: white collar worker
;,<9: 3- N/@€ ;t<R to be in the wa"
on the wa" out
on the wa" out
to get "our own wa"
their own wa"
GV 2CDR to get something under wa"
to go a long wa" towards >doingB• something
‘@tI_R *,L /012 39yV to go out of "our wa"
to have it both wa"s
NX7_9: M2 ;,<9: r( JVX7p2 •7Q2 mend "our wa"
j5/‡ 3- M2 j5/tV b" wa" of
)K*49: r( J+e_L 3L :†CH 65/P down "our wa"
Œ/u}V M2 F85/tV in an" wa"
•1 M2 ƒ@9 in no wa"
*†D5/8R in a wa"
a long wa" out
G5do cXQX9: 6<Q out of the wa"
Œ/u2 M2 F7@pM wa"s and means
fCS worm of conscience
6-*aL M: /tu ^XPM ?/8V Ky+R `:K*voM b:CU2 the writing on the wall
to work "ou passage
*\IPM `*( >FwX,9: r(B
cX<~L Œs /@€> •„‰9: r(B
E •† 0L .C5/5 *L 6_U ;,<5
there are traffic regulations• drivers must not
•† 0L .:†/@01 C-*_5
the mone" "ou give me will go a long wa"
towards pa"ing for m" new house
E •† 0L .3@I9*49: )/,i r+=R
["ou can be a doctor or an engineer• but "ou
can't have it both wa"s[
E •† 0L .F8@849: 3- ’*v 2 .•@4Q /@€
[this meter is inaccurate• its readingis a long
wa" out[
C7D9: ;a5 'IU )/H2 WMCV Œ2 .*\@7- /~_9: O*89 •/u*V r( ;,<9:
*\1/I5M YXa8,9:
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
Fk5/- F,L*_IV: wall to wall smile
NKX5X@S r( c*,9: ^K*v wall street
WC+9 r( F+5C,9: Ž1/L west end
white house
O*_+9: weaker se¨
wee hours
wilsh rabbitÈ rarebit
wet blanket
G@7- KX0<9: r( h@<w ;Ld: Orv 3- £4D9: wild goose chase
wishful thinking
working lunchÈ dinner
cX8<,9: YMC4V within reason
^XDp2 c•u within a week
F-*p c•u within an hour
`*@,pK WMCV without ceremon"
O*tV¬o WMY without dela"
C@1}R ;eV J5do 6I1}p · will weite to "ou without fail
6Dp WMY without rh"me or reason
KM/p ;eV with pleasure
F@€/V G7,<R to do something with good grace
FD€K WMCV G7,<R to do something with bad grace
.*@IL*V •=S pass the e¨amination with credit
with effect from 1$ ›an
with the intention of
O:C+9: ‘,_5 GS: FHKC9 :†CH 65/P within call
O:C+9: ‘,_5 GS2 FHKC9 :†CH 65/P within hearing
F(*_,9: 65/P within eas" distance
cŽ+,9: fŽ7R Œ2 to sta" within doors
J7uY YMC4V ³- live within "our income
:†CU2 ŒsqR l rI9: 65s*1d: whit lie
white elephant
[ re5/Ld: [ n@Vd: |@D9:
'9Md: Š*Da9: `*-*p [ F@e5/L2 F=\9[
;m*p 3DH GPX(M .•,4L ŽDu
z\U/L r( 35/u: NK*‰5 l Œy9: •„‰9: [FHK:Y F=\9[
'+,I5 GSd ‘P:M G@( /e~5 *L W}V W*_S•: *\@( KXaI5 rI9: F9*49:
] z\9*,-}V j7<I5 *†05CU WM/w*49:: G@( cY*DI5 rI9: FDHX9:
r( WX<,t5M
3L O:CIV: 1$ /5*+5
:y1 . .”C\V
FZ(*4,9:M GIIS*@Q 6<a9: 3LM .)Cm*( Œs /@€ •§*+IP:M .c*€ Orv
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
6@749*V •X\P with coffee
wite meat
z@_7I9: FL•- white flag
white collar worker
”*u he showed the white feather
/@A9: /ZS r( F+_U /\ZRM ] •§*tu2 r~I„R to white wash some one
*†@9*U YXHXL Xx *L J<+85 lM Orv ;1 67tR to want a ™am on it
don¸t wash "our dirt" linen in public
· will wash m" hands of it
he wears the trousers
6-*aL '7- 67AIR M2 FL.2 3L X=+R to weather the storms
· like to wet m" whistle
)Cm*( *\9 ƒ@9 ‘5K*‰L r( n1/5 GS}V T/R ;x do "ou think he whistles in the wind
to pwipe thw floor with somwone
C5CH 3L OCD9:M }t„9: •@4aR to wipe the slate clean
/u W*eL 3L ;8I+5 rHK*u ;,- work in the firld
;,<9: worker
‘+a,9: r( ;,<5 Œy9: h…X,9: blue collar worker
wait till the cows come home
he had a whale of a time
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 “. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
/u{ *†V*V °: •I~V ?*V j7A5 *LC+- where one door shut onother opens
K*( *5 6<9*( ˆ89: ?*€ :so when cat is awa" the mice will pla"
6-*a,9: |S*x FD€/9: `CHM :so where there is a will there is a wa"
;Ld: CHM )*@49: `CHM :so where there is life there is hope
F8@8U •DaR W: WMYX5 z\Sd O*@vd: n<DV ¢*+9: n<V C8I<5 the wish is father to the thought
)K*v•: G@~eR /49: a word is enough to the wise
|7P *L '7- |~p2 *,\L GD4p 3e,5 •( Or‰9: ;@P :so a word spoken is past recalling
F@9MY `:/aI„L “. A——&½Ð
F@,9*<9: F4a9: F,Z+L “¾» E “orld ¾ealth »rganisation
"ollew pages
ˆ8( F@~‡*<9: KXLd*V zI\R rI9: F(*4a9: the "ellow press
Š*=+9: G9 ;Lq5 Œy9: ŠX,t9: "oung hopeful
)KXi}L `:K*D-M c:XP2 Ó. Ì&»Ð½&—µ
3@+il: 3L :†CU:M /Iu: "ou can't have "our cake and eat it
/5.*+„9: .cX=<9: .¦*HC9: z49
‘S*a,9: ;L*- ”•u [ h…XL [ 6R*eL r( ;L*-
F@7m*<9: JR*(•u /\ZR l [ ¢*+9: f*L2 J7@_€ /‰I+R l [
[/Ld: :y\V F7Q r9 WXe5 39 [ G+L TC5 ;_€}p
F1:/‰9: r( ŒX89: M2 .K/8,9: J5/‰9: Xx
6‡/L ?:/v r( FD€K r9 W2 r+<R [FHK:Y F=\9[
J_~S `/\…2M ] c:C=9: '( G@7- |D7AR JS2 r+<R E FHK:Y F=\9[
/Ld: r7=+5 'IU ze49: r( ;=<IR l Œ2 [/8D9: )YX- /ZIS:[
:†/@01 J_~S ‘IL r+<R [ FHK:Y F=\9 [
`*LC„9: ”/49: ŒX45 ] `*SX~@7R ;@9Y [ *@S*t5/V '(
Prepared By,
Mohamed Fou'ad
English Instructor
35Y*kIL 3@(/t9 *†@9:XL WXeR W2 3e,5 l
FiC4I_,9: O*@kvd: ;D8R G+e,5 l z5C89: ;@=9: "ou can't teach an ole dog new tricks
?/‰9: '7- G,R*€Ko J+e,5 l 3e9M O*,9: '9o W*aU )Y*@P J+e,5
"ou scratch m" back and · will scratch "ours
F@9MY `:/aI„L Ó. A——&½Ð
F@9MC9: ?*D‰9: `X@V F,Z+L Ó¾AE Óoth ¾ostels Association
ƒ4@_,9: ?*D‰9: `X@V F,Z+L Ó«ªA E Óoung «en ªhristian Association
`*@4@_,9: `*V*‰9: `X@V F,Z+L Ó“ªA E Óoung “omen ªhristian Association
/~a9: F-*p -ero hour
"ou can't run with the have and hunt with the
"ou ma" lead a horse to water• but "ou cannot
make him drink
3,09: ;V*8L J@7- 6<a5 Œy9: ;,<9*V J9 fXP2 [ NC-*p2M rSC-*p

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