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Science Assignment Sheet

Class- VI
Light, Shadows and Reflections

1. Which of the following are luminous objects?

Sun, Table, Star, Planets, Moon, Firefly, Electric bulb

2. Which of the following are translucent objects?

Air, Tissue paper, plastic sheet, Frosted glass, cellophane sheet, tracing paper

3. When is a shadow formed?

4. What is the colour of the shadow formed:

(a) if the colour of the object is white ?
(b) if the colour of the object is red?

5. Match the following:

Column A Column B
(a) Periscope an object which gives out light
(b) Rectilinear propagation are the natural sources of light
of light
(c) Sources of light are the examples of man made
sources of light
(d) Sun, stars, firefly gives out its own light
(e) Torch, bulb, candle is a device to see the object at
higher level
(f) Luminous object light travels in straight lines

6. Fill in the blanks:

(a) __________ is formed when light is stopped by an object.
(b) The process of sending back the light rays which fall on the surface of an object
is called ____________ of light.
(c) The reflection of light in a plane mirror takes place at the __________ surface
inside it.
(d) An object forms shadow on the ____________ side to the source of light.

7. State true or false:

(a) The shadow of an object can be seen only on a screen.
(b) Virtual image is just an illusion.
(c)A plane mirror always forms a real image.
(d) A periscope is based on the phenomenon of reflection.

8. Write down five English alphabets which do not show lateral inversion on
suffering reflection from a plane mirror.

9. How many plane mirrors are used in making a periscope?

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10. How are the plane mirrors in a periscope arranged:

(a) with respect to one another?
(b) with respect to the ends of the tube?

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