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Michael J. Klinefelter
Company Consultant Profile

Mike Klinefelter is the owner of M.J. Klinefelter, a consulting firm specializing in providing environmental
documentation, planning, permitting services and due diligence investigation for land development projects.
Mike has over 15 years of experience in wetland delineation, regulatory permitting, mitigation planning, and
geographic information systems (GIS). His professional experience has focused on accurate and efficient
assembly and assessment of technical data for compliance with state and federal regulations (Clean Water
Act, California Fish and Game Code, Federal Endangered Species Act, and State Endangered Species Act)
and finding scientifically sound solutions to development challenges where potential impacts to biological
and aquatic resources may occur. He has successfully processed Army Corps Individual and Nationwide
permits, RWQCB 401 Certifications, RWQCB Waste Discharge Requirements, ESA Section 7 consultations,
and CDFG Streambed Alteration Agreements. He has significant experience in the implimentation of the
Western Riverside Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSHCP). Mike is extremely knowledgeable in the
requirements and practical application of the MSHCP conservation requirements.
Professional Services

Planning & Entitlement EnvironmentalPermitting

CEQA and NEPA Documentation Wetland Regulations
GIS Mapping and Analysis Endangered Species Regulations
Environmental Due Diligence CWA Section 404 Permitting
Cost Estimation CDFG Section 1600 Permitting
Environmental Entitlement Planning Environmental Permit Strategies
Feasability Analysis Alternatives Analysis
Peer Review, Expert Witness GIS Impact Anlysis
Project Management Mitigation Planning

Consultant: Michael J. Klinefelter

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