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Arabic Proverbs

Arabic Proverbs

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منشور بواسطةMohammed Al-Wajeeh

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Published by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh on Jul 22, 2011
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[ةكرشلا مسا بتكا


Arabic Translated Proverbs
• مهءارضخ لا دابأ
o God destroys their greenland
• !"ا#$ !#د !%&'(" )*با
o Gi+e yo,r -riend yo,r .lood and /oney
• 0e+er 1,sti-y yo,rsel- 2o,r ene/ies 3on4t .elie+e yo, and yo,r
-riends 3on4t need it
• 56 7#89 :; <رب=
o > needle in a haysta?@
• <اABCD E# FGبأ
o Hlo3er than a t,rtle
• ا&رI"ا E# 'Jبأ
o Karther than Lleiades
• MN"ا E# OPQأ
o Kollo3s /ore than a shado3
• RS خT UCV WX# اXCYZ[ Q\ا
• <86 داBQ]ا
o ^nity is _o3er
• !9ر`& رa"ا bرQا
o cea+e e+ild it 3ill lea+e yo,
• O6ار"ا UCV eرf"ا OgQا
o hhat hole in the dress is .igger than anyone ?an -ii
• j&ر"ا W`%Ak اPlاm WX# nJ6o اpC9 qCf"ا r8I"ا9 qpstا اpl= WPB(Q uأ qpstا qQا اXه$
o ve a3are o- the idiotd -or he is li@e an old dress w+ery ti/e yo,
_at?h itd the 3ind 3ill tear it .a?@ again
• xضy اzا م{CB"ا ر| qQا
o ve3are o- the le+el}headed 3hen he is angry
• MPm E# M%~أ
o •ea+ier than a /o,ntain
• 7#اJl E# EPmأ
o €ore ?o3ardly than an ostri?h
• WT 6Y '• ([ QT ‚; W{"= ƒoرG„ا u…; rا*Z"ا 7Psا(# xX`mا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o >+oid the ?o/_any o- a liar >nd i- yo, ?an4t a+oid hi/d don4t
.elie+e hi/
• ر† ‡[ QT$ !Cmرب *خˆ& ‰{s ŠC‡Q ]$ ر† P[QT$[ b'{ب *T خ[ ˆY &T ‰{s ŠCmا
o Hit 3here yo, are 3el?o/ed and hel_ed ‹3here yo,r hand is
ta@en and good is done to yo,Œd and don4t sit 3here yo, are not
3el?o/ed ‹3here yo, are dragged -ro/ yo,r legŒ
• ]*# uا8خ•"$ ]'# uاGCg"ا UCV uا9 E# ŽاX"ا M•mأ
o hhe /ost ignorant is he 3ho leads •ings .,t har/s -riends
• مQاs E# د8mأ
o €ore genero,s than •ati/ ‹•ati/ >l ha4eed a +ery genero,s
/an 3ho li+ed in the _re}‘sla/ eraŒ
• <رضp"اب مCVأ 8•; q&'("ا xC%lا u…; <ر# ’"أ !%&'k$ <ر# b$'V o*sا
o ve ?are-,l o- yo,r ene/y on?e and o- yo,r -riend a tho,sand
ti/esd -or a do,.le ?rossing -riend @no3s /ore e+il ‹or @no3s /ore
a.o,t 3hat har/s yo,Œ
• “ر| E#ˆ& ]$ “ر{خ Umر& ] E# ا$o*sا
o ve3are o- he 3hose goodness yo, ?an4t as@ -or and 3hose e+il
yo, ?an4t .e _rote?ted -ro/
• م•ب8C6 'PJ`gQ ŽاX"ا :"= EY g” sY أ[
o •o good to _eo_le and yo,4ll ensla+e their hearts
• xض–& م" E# ابا8m ŽاX"ا رضsأ
o hhe .est ans3er ?o/es -ro/ the /an 3ho isn4t angry
• ار{mأ MY G• J[ QT ]$ ار—ب م\ ˜T $[ ار—ب رAsا
o •ig a 3ell then ?lose the 3elld .,t do not ,ne/_loy a 3or@er
• د8Dtا !#8{" ™{بtا !|ر6 šAsا
o citeral /eaning› Ha+e yo,r 3hite _enny -or yo,r .la?@ day
o ‘dio/ati? translation› > _enny sa+ed is a _enny earned
• œ‚Z"ا ET gT BY &[ ] E{s np("ا 7y‚P"ا 'psأ
o hhe /ost _raised -or/ o- elo•,en?e ‹or rhetori?Œ is silen?e
3hen s_ee?h isn4t 3ise
• ءا'Vtا “اد$ ء[ اA9Y tY ا žŸ
o hhe .rother o- the .lind and the si?@ness -or ene/ies
• ‚D ر{–ب ا‡{•"ا U"= ¡¢ اg9[ W" اخأ ] EY #[ u= bاخأ bاخأ
o 2o, need a .rotherd 3itho,t one yo,4re li@e a _erson r,shing to
.attle 3itho,t a 3ea_on
• E&رa"ا u8هأ ر`خا
o Li?@ the lesser o- the t3o e+ils
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• م•CباXب م•Cباs £C`خا
o hhe ro_e/an got /iied 3ith the ar?her ‹hhings got ?haoti?Œ
• ƒ8p"ا <ا{B"ا رخŸ
o hhe end o- li-e is death ‹ci-e 3ill ends one dayŒ
• د8%XJ"ا رخŸ
o hhe end o- the gra_e ?l,ster ‹2o,ngest ?hild in a -a/ilyŒ
• !Xب] xGfQ ]$ !`Xب] xGخا
o ¤or@ -or the engage/ent o- yo,r da,ghterd .,t don4t 3or@ -or
the engage/ent o- yo,r son
• Š{`"ا x"اs q[ A[خY أ[
o hhe /an 3ho 3anted to /il@ the /ale goat -ailed ‹‘ndi?ates
• 7B{(X"ا !6'k E# b8خأ
o 2o,r .rother is 3ho gi+es yo, honest ad+i?e
• !6'¥ k E# ] !6'[ k[ E# b8خأ
o 2o,r .rother is 3ho4s honest 3ith yo,d not 3ho .elie+es yo,
• اهر{J`g# ا¦o'6 §د¥ أ[
o hhe .orro3er led it to its end
• '&o8"ا MPs E# Ulدأ
o ¨loser than the ?arotid artery ‹>s ?lose to a _erson as is
h,/anly _ossi.leŒ
• '6 WCJC; Wp(خ !{QF& U`s W" ™%Q ‚; WX{V nY —[%”;T '6$ E{p(f"ا 'sأ bاQأ اz= “اX{V nY —[%”;T
o ‘- one o- the t3o ad+ersaries ?a/e to yo, 3ith a _,/_ed eyed
don4t 1,dge -or hi/ ,ntil yo, see the otherd -or /ay.e he got .oth o- his
eyes _,/_ed
• ¡اG`g& اpب ر#F; ¡اGQ uأ ƒدoأ اz=
o ‘- yo, 3anted o.edien?e ?o//and 3ith 3hat is _ossi.le
• o'%"ا x{‡`g& uأ 'ب ‚; <ا{B"ا داoأ ا#8& xJa"ا اz=
o ‘- the _eo_le 3anted li-ed destiny .etter res_ond ‹i- the _eo_le
ha+e the 3illd they ?an ?ontrol their destinyŒ
• M{pm W&'Qر& ءادo MZ; W„رV œˆC"ا E# Šl'& م" ءرp"ا اz=
• ادرpQ م{—C"ا n#ر9أ nlأ u=$ W`ZC# م&رZ"ا n#ر9أ nlأ اz=
o ve genero,s to a genero,s _erson and yo,4d 3in hi/d .e
genero,s to a /ean _erson and he4d re.el on yo,
• Wبoاa# 8A(Q ŽاX"ا ©أ$ n—pª §*%"ا UCV اoار# rرaQ م" nlأ اz=
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• œ«اs 7B{(l $أ jkاl œ¬Bب EJ`Dا; <o8ap"ا ©أر"ا -Cب اz=
o ‘- there4s no ?hoi?e .,t ad+i?ed as@ -or the de?isi+eness o- an
ad+isor or the ad+i?e o- a de?isi+e _erson
• e$رgp"ا ر•ª uا(C"ا مkاfQ اz=
o ‘- t3o thie+es •,arreledd 3hat 3as stolen e/erges
• ءابر‡"ا ¬XJ"ا ا•Qدا6 مX–"ا n6رAQ اz=
o Hhall the shee_ go astrayd they 3ill .e led .y the ill goat
• ا•`ZC# ا•ب مCZ`Q م" اz=$ !`ZC# 7pCZ"اب npCZQ اz=
o ‘- yo, s_ea@ the 3ord it shall o3n yo,d and i- yo, don4t yo,
shall o3n it
• œ‚Z"ا R%l M%J"ا مQ اz=
o hhe s/arter yo, get the less yo, s_ea@
• رIZ`Dا; n{XpQ اz=
o ‘- yo, 3ish®as@d 3ish®as@ -or /ore
• WpZsأ ا¦'%V U"8Q اz=
• E{J"ا ƒoاs E{B"ا ءاm اz=
• ءاضA"ا eا„ ءاض%"ا uاs اz=
• مp{`"ا MGب ءاp"ا رضs اz=
o ‘- the 3ater is a+aila.le yo, need not ?lean ,_ 3ith sand
• )¬–"ا$ 8•C"ا !XV 'VاPQ '%; œره E# <FgXp"ا UCV nPبد اz=
• ا(J"ا W" 'VF; x¯*"ا ƒر9z اz=
o ‘- yo, /entioned the 3ol- yo, .etter _re_are the sti?@
• o*B"ا *f; x¯*"ا ƒر9z اz=
o ‘- yo, /entioned the 3ol- yo, .etter 3at?h o,t
• M{"z 8•; U"8# )z اz=
• مg`P& ‰{C"ا uأ EXNQ ‚; <«oاب ‰{C"ا r8{l n&أo اz=
o ‘- yo, see the -angs o- the lionsd don4t thin@ the lion is s/iling
‹Kro/ a -a/o,s _oe/ .y >l}€,tana..iŒ
• م° "[اV W`"¬ب )« مT "”اJ"ا )« اz=
o hhe /ista@e o- the s?ientist leads to /ista@es .y /any _eo_le
‹or to .ad e--e?ts in generalŒ
• مه8Q E# “دا`J& ا# e[ '\ k[ $[ Wl8Xª ƒءاD ءرp"ا MJ; ءاD اz=
• ±8¥ D M—D u=$ ’B"أ )FD اz=
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• “'{k :; OpGQ ‚; 'Dtا E# npCD اz=
o ‘- yo, are sa+ed -ro/ the liond do not .e greedy and h,nt it
‹€eaning› ²•on4t _ress yo,r l,?@²Œ
• ا# رa"ا E# !{; )8%& uأ E#FQ ‚; !{; Š{" ا# ر{f"ا E# !{; )8%& Mmر"ا nJpD اz= !{; Š{"
‘- yo, hear a _erson tal@ing good a.o,t things that aren4t in yo,d don4t .e s,re that he
3o,ldn4t also say .ad things a.o,t things that aren4t in yo,
• <o8ap"ا W`C%kأ ©أر"ا أ'k اz=
o >d+i?e shar_ens a r,sty o_inion
• اهرهاª E# Egsأ ا•X˜اب uا9 <د8p"ا n[ XY kT اz=
• <'sا$ 7#‚p"ا u…; Om$F; nبر„ اz=
o ‘- yo, are to hit then /a@e it _ain-,ld .e?a,se yo,4ll get one ‹the
sa/eΠ.la/e either3ays
• !68; E# rا%V E#FQ ‚; !l$د E# npCª اz=
o ‘- yo, o_ress 3ho is .elo3 yo, then yo, 3on4t .e sa-e -ro/ the
_,nish/ent o- 3ho is a.o+e yo,
• x‡J"ا MGب xPg"ا ±[ ر” VT اz=
o ¤hen the reason is @no3nd there 3ill .e no /ore 3onder ‹Haid
3hen yo, are 3ondering 3hy so/ething ha__ened and then -ind o,tŒ
• œ8‡X"ا u$د اpب OX%Q ‚; œ$ر# ±ر| :; ƒ[ رY #[ اy اz=
o ‘- yo, rea?h -or the highest o- idealsd yo, sho,ldn4t settle -or
less than the stars
• دا6ر"ا xهz داˆA"ا ³ر; اz=
o ‘- the heart is e/_tyd the rest 3ill soon a.andon yo, too
• رZa"اب !lاg" M({C; <F;اZp"ا EV b'& ƒر(6 اz=
o ‘- yo, ?an4t re3ard then yo, sho,ld than@
• “´ا# M6 اz= Wm$ :; ر{خ ]$ “´ا{s M6 Wm8"ا ءا# M6 اz=
µ,deness @no3s no .o,nds o- sha/e
• <8Cs W`P6اJ; ار¶ #T رP("ا uا9 اz=
o ‘- _atien?e is .itter then its res,lt is s3eet
• xهz E# ƒ8Zg"ا; 7ض; E# œ‚Z"ا uا9 اz=
o ‘- tal@ is sil+er then silen?e is gold
• مNVأ 7P{(p"ا; ©o'Q ] nX9 u=$ 7P{(# !C`; ©o'Q nX9 اz=
o ‘- yo, @no3 then it4s a disasterd and i- yo, don4t @no3 then it4s a
greater disaster ‹ci@e› i- a leader @no3s or doesn4t @no3 a.o,t the
?orr,_tion in his gro,_Œ
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• اددر`Q uأ ©أر"ا داg; u…; 7p&¬V اz EZ; §¢ أo اz n[ X9 اz=
o ‘- yo, ha+e an o_iniond .e deter/inedd the only -a,lty o_inion
is to hesitate
• Om$F; 76رG# nX9 اz=$ رPkا; ا¦lا'XD nX9 اz=
• WPQاJQ ] ©*"ا qCQ م" !%&'k اPQاJ# o8#tا M9 :; nX9 اz=
• ا•ب89o ]= رGضpC" ©أo ‚; اP9ر# 7T X\D” t[ ا ]= EZ& م" اz=
• Wa&o ’`lا; ©«اP"ا !JAX& م" اz=
o ‘- an eagle ‹-al?on·Œ is no goodd ?,t its -eathers o--
• §8•"ا MGب ©أر"ا ر[ (” lT اz=
• ا•pX`yا; !sا&o nY P\ه[ اz=
o ‘- a 3ind .lo3sd ride it¸ ‹‘- a ?han?e ?o/esd ta@e ad+antage o-
• ءاaQ ا# MJ;F; :B`gQ م"اzا
o ‘- yo, ha+e no sha/e then do 3hate+er yo, 3ant
• )اmر"ا eاXVأ MfP"ا )zأ
o Htinginess de/eans the +al,e o- /an
• W•m$ ءا# eاoأ
o hhe 3ater on his -a?e are ?leaned
o €eaning› •is de?en?y is _reser+ed
• <ر(P"ا :; رp`"ا E# Rخoأ
o ¨hea_er than dates ‹-r,itŒ in vasra
• Wk8Q ]$ اp{Zs MDoأ
o Hend a 3ise /an and don4t ad+ise hi/ ‹•e sho,ld @no3 3hat
to doŒ
• ءاpg"ا E# O;oأ
o •igher than the hea+ens‹s@yŒ
• م{gX"ا E# eoأ
o H/oother than a .ree¹e
• W{; 8ه ©*"ا x{J"ا EV UpJ&$ “ر{y x{V §ر& uاgl= M9 §oأ
o w+ery _erson is o.ser+ant to the -la3s o- others and .lind to his
o3n -la3s
• WباP| ءا# E# q&oأ
• M9FQ œ8& M9 ¡o«ا
o Llant ea?h day and yo, 3ill eat
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• Ž$$ا˜ E# Uه«أ
o €ore arrogant than a _ea?o?@
• 7باm= ءاDF; اJpD ءاDأ
o •eard the •,estion 3rongd ans3ered 3rong
• Mmtا E# qPDأ
o Kaster than death‹-ateŒ
• oاZ;tا E# qPDأ
o Kaster than tho,ghts
• !{; WpCJ& اp" !{خأ <o8V ر`Dا
o Lrote?t yo,r .rother4s _ri+a?y -or 3hat he @no3s o- yo,
• “oاب'`Dا E# ر{خ ƒ8p"ا )اP%`Dا
o €eeting death is .etter than es?a_ing -ro/ it
• M¢ ¯ا# R¢ خ U"= ƒ'X`Dا
o ‘ leant on a .ent 3all
o €eaning› ‘ de_ended on so/eone 3ho is not de_anda.le
• Mp‡"ا e8X`Dا
• 7#اJl r$رB"ا :;$ :\ CV 'Dأ
o > lion on /e and an ostri?h in 3ar ‹Htrong in a _la?e and 3ea@
in anotherŒ
• eرP"ا E# ¡رDأ
o Kaster than lightning
• j&ر"ا E# ¡رDأ
o Kaster than the 3ind
• ±رG"ا E# ¡رDأ
o Kaster than eye .lin@
• م•D E# ¡رDأ
o Kaster than an arro3
• “'& :; £%Dأ
o ‘t -all on his hand
o €eaning› •e didn4t @no3 3hat to do or say
• اXB˜ §oأ ]$ 7J‡Jm OpDأ
o ‘ hear ?ra?@ingd .,t ‘ don4t see grinding
o €eaning› ‘t4s 1,st 3ordsd .,t no a?ts
• ƒاoاPJ"ا EV x{PC"ا :X–Y QT ƒاoا|ºا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o Kor s/art _eo_led signs ?an re_la?e 3ords
• Ž8gP"ا E# œF|أ
o €ore 1inied than >l}vassoos ‹>l}vassos is a 3o/an 3ho
?a,sed a 4» year 3ar .et3een t3o ara.i? tri.esŒ
• :mرAXQ 7#«أ ا& ©'`|ا
o > _ro.le/ is sol+ed 3hen it gets to,gher
• !&د E# O‡|أ
o volder than a rooster
• 7#اps E# U‡|أ
o •as a .etter +oi?e than a _igeon
• š{–"ا <'ها‡# دا•‡"ا '|أ
o hhe hardest -ight is -ighting yo,r anger
• M%J"ا œ'V 76اA"ا '|أ
o hhe greatest _o+erty is the la?@ o- intelligen?e
• bرZ| E# UCV مY J” lY أ[$ !{CV م[ J[ lY أ[ E# رZ|ا
o hhan@ 3ho gi+es yo, and gi+e 3ho than@s yo,
• 7#اJl E# م|أ
• م” C[V[ UCV oاl E# ر•|أ
o •igher than a -ire on a /o,ntain
• MXQ رPkا
o •a+e _atien?e and yo,4ll get 3hat yo, 3ant
• ر{ب'Q$ n6$ W" ر#أ M9$ ر{g{Q رgJ"ا 'JP; ‚{C6 رPkا
• '” C\f[ #T ر{y ره'"ا uFب مCVا$ '” C¶‡Q$ 7¢ P{(” #T MZ" رPkا
• oاps E# رPkأ
• €ore end,ring than a don@ey
• م{Jl :; )8%J"ا rاBkأ
o H/art _eo_le are .lessed
• 7J#'"ا E# UAkأ
o L,rer than a tear
• د8%Ap"ا oاN`lا E# ر{خ د8m8p"ا ‚k=
o Kiiing 3hat yo, ha+e is .etter than 3aiting to get 3hat yo,
don4t ha+e
• ¬%"ا د$د E# OXkأ
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o €ore s@ill-,l than a sil@ 3or/
• b's$ !PQ !با$ !J# م"اJ"ا !Bض& !B„ا
o ca,ghd and the 3orld la,ghs 3ith yo,¼ 3ee_d and yo, 3ee_
• ا¦{#اs '&'B"ا œاد ا# rY ر” „Y ا”
o veat the iron 3hile it is hot

o ‘- yo,r greetings had not _re?eeded yo,r 3ordsd yo,r .ones
.e-ore yo,r -lesh 3o,ld ‘ ha+e eaten
• Žارs x¯*"ا uFب npCV ا#أ ا•Doاs x¯*"ا nCJm <ا| nJ„أ
o 2o, lost a shee_ that yo, /ade a 3ol- its g,ardiand didn4t yo,
@no3 that the 3ol- is a thie-·
• ءا`a"ا رp6 E# O{„أ
o €ore lost than the /oon in the 3inter
• ½رA"ا E# “اlدأ ر#tا q{„أ
o hhe hardest the _ro.le/ is the ?loser it is to .e sol+ed
• <ربºا x%~ E# q{„أ
o highter than a needle4s eye
• رANQ xC˜ا
o Hee@ to get
• !J;ر& م~ x{J"ا$ §ztا :AX& !JAX& ا¦pCV œ8CJ"ا E# xC˜ا
o >s@ -or the @no3ledge that 3o,ld .e ,se-,l to yo,d 3o,ld @ee_
yo, -ro/ har/ and sha/ed then ele+ate yo,
• 'BC"ا U"= '•p"ا E# مCJ"ا ا8PC˜ا
o Hee@ ed,?ation -ro/ the ?radle to the gra+e
• E{("ا :; 8"$ مCJ"ا ا8PC˜ا
o Hee@ ed,?ation e+en i- it ta@es yo, to ¨hina
• xJ|أ E# Op˜أ
o €ore greedy than >sha4a. ‹> +ery greedy /anŒ
• ا¦6‚خأ م•Xgsأ ا¦6ارVأ ŽاX"ا ر•˜أ
o hhe _,rest _eo_le are the ones 3ith good /anners
• WX{p& E# W" ¡8˜أ
o •e is /ore o.edient to hi/ than his o3n right hand
• ءا`a"ا M{" E# )8˜أ
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o conger than the 3inter4s night
• eارA"ا œ8& E# )8˜أ
o longer than a se_ration day
• UJ;أ E# مCªأ
o €ore +i?io,s than a sna@e
• M{C"ا E# مCªأ
o •ar@er than the night
• W"داJ& اPC9 ء8g"ا xCZ" ا$'¥ Vأ
o Lre_are -or the dog o- e+ild a dog as strong
• roا‡`"ا د8•a"ا )'Vأ
• uا¬{p"ا E# )'Vأ
o €ore -air than s?ales
• W" لا مg6 اpب مها„oأ لاب ŽاX"ا ±رVأ
o hhe one 3ho @no3s God /ostd is the one 3ho a??e_ts 3hate+er
God has gi+en hi/
• W9رQا$ !Psاk ±رVا
o @no3 yo,r -riend then lea+e hi/
• rا`9 uا#¬"ا :; Š{Cm ر{خ$ jباD ½رD اl'"ا :; uاZ# ¬Vأ
o hhe .est _la?e in the 3orld is on the .a?@ o- a horsed and the
.est -riend in all ti/e is a .oo@
• '"8"ا '"$ '"8"ا E# ¬Vأ
o ¾nly yo,r grand ?hild is dearer to yo, than yo,r ?hild
• ر•| M#oأ ]$ رهد r¬Vأ
o vetter .e single all yo,r li-e than .e a 3ido3 -or a /onth
• WA(l M9أ 8"$ “«اPf" ¬Pf"ا £Vأ
o citeral /eaning› Gi+e the .read do,gh to the .a@er e+en i- he
eats hal- o- it
o ‘dio/ati? /eaning› Gi+e the 1o. to a _erson 3ho @no3s ho3 to
_er-or/ it .est e+en i- it 3ill ?ost yo, /,?h
• ا•&oاب Ž8%"ا £Vأ
o Gi+e the .o3 to its /a@er
o ‘dio/ati? /eaning› Gi+e the 1o. to a _erson 3ho @no3s ho3 to
_er-or/ it .est e+en i- it 3ill ?ost yo, /,?h
• رBP"ا :; :X#oا$ ا¦Ns :XGVا
o Gi+e /e so/e good l,?@ and thro3 /e in the sea
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• bا„oأ اp" !Pضyأ اpV ’Vا
• ŽاXC" مY هT oT *[ VY أ[ ŽاX"ا MT %[ Vأ[
o hhe 3isest is the one 3ho ?an -orgi+e
• M98Q$ ا•C%Vا
o hie yo,r ?a/el and rely on God ‹Lro_het4s sayingŒ
o wlse3here ‹a si/ilar· this·Œ _ro+er. is inter_reted as› µely on
Godd .,t tie yo,r ?a/el
• :lا#o “ T 'T V” اD '`|ا اpC; œ8& M9 7&ا#ر"ا WpCVأ
o ‘ ta,ght hi/ ar?hery e+erydayd and 3hen he got good at it he
thro3 an arro3 at /e
• MDtا UCV UXP& ا# !"اpp"ا UCVأ
• رBP"ا W#oا$ ا¦ر{خ MpVا
o •o good and thro3 it in sea ‹•on4t ei_e?t re3ards -or good
• !C# uا{pJ"ا £D$ :; o8Vtا
o >/ong the .lindd the one}eyed /an is @ing
• x¯z E# o'yأ
• €ore trea?hero,s than a 3ol-
• Š{%"ا ¿ر#ا E# )¬yأ
• /ore -lirty than ‘/r,4 al}Àais ‹an ara.i? _oet -a/o,s -or his lo+e
• M{g"ا E# مayأ
• 76رg"ا EV W`{"$ E# Eyأ
• ا¦ر{Dأ MfPC" EZ& م" E# ءا{Xytا UXyأ
• اX¦Pm$ <ر{yأ
• r*Z"ا ‰&'B"ا 7;Ÿ
o cies are the _lag,e o- s_ee?h
• §8•"ا ©أر"ا 7;Ÿ
o vias is the _lag,e o- the o_enion
• uا{gX"ا مCYJ” "ا 7;Ÿ
o Korgetting is the _lag,e o- @no3ledge
• 7"*p"ا xC‡& O„ا8`"ا :; Áار;ºا
o hoo /,?h h,/ility .rings h,/iliation
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• UD8# œأ داˆ; E# ³ر;أ
• Ž8g"ا E# 'g;أ
o €ore ?orr,_t then /ites
• ر¯اm uاGCD 'XV )'V 7pC9 دا•‡"ا MT ض[ ;Y أ
o hhe .est 1ihad ‹deter/ined str,ggleŒ is saying the tr,th in the
-a?e o- a di?tator
• 'V8p"ا MP6 ءاGJ"ا د8‡"ا Mض;أ
• 7"Fg# ر{y E# )*PQ uأ د8‡"ا Mض;أ
o hhe .est genero,sity is gi+ing 3itho,t .eing as@ed
• )ا86tا E# -Cبأ )اJ;tا
• >?tions s_ea@ lo,der than 3ords
• Mض; ‚ب W{Q W{`"ا jP6أ
• رBg"ا E# jP6أ
o ^glier than /agi?
• )8–"ا E# jP6أ
o ^glier than an ogre‹gho,lŒ
• ر&¬Xخ E# jP6أ
o ^glier than a _ig

o hhe /on@ey in his /other4s eye is a ga¹¹elle
• 7pJX"ا )ا$« E# jP6أ
o €ore hideo,s than the disa__earen?e o- good -ort,ne
• در6 E# jP6أ
o ^glier than a /on@ey
• MJ; ‚ب )86 E# jP6أ
o €ore hideo,s than 3ords 3ith no a?tion
• M{l UCV E¥ # E# jP6أ
• 7a{Jp"ا ’(l 7%AX"ا :; دا(`6]ا
o €oderation in s_ending is hal- o- all li+ing
• uاXDÂ" uاgC"ا E# rر6أ
o ¨loser than the tong,e to the teeth
• ±$رJp"اب U"$أ u8بر6tا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o 2o,r relati+es ‹in needŒ are /ore deser+ing o- yo,r generosity
‹Ka/ily .e-ore -riendsŒ
• ر‡B"ا E# Ug6أ
o ho,gher than a stone
• <رfk E# Ug6أ
o ho,gher than a ro?@
• د8gB"ا ا¦o$رD ŽاX"ا M6أ
o hhe en+io,s _erson is the least ha__y
• !#اX# '‡Q !#اJ˜ MC6أ
o wat less to slee_ /ore
• M{p&$ <oاQ )'J& ره'"ا$ M{C6 ءا%P"ا; !با`V MC6أ
• 7Xgب !XV ±رJ& œ8{ب !X# رP9أ
o ¾lder than yo, .y a dayd /ore @no3ledgea.le than yo, .y a
• Ãotا E# م`9أ
o €ore silent ‹or @ee_ing _ro/isesŒ than the earth
• ا•`~'s اz= ŠAX"ا r*9ا
• rارD E# r*9أ
o Ka@er than a /irage
• 7pC{g# E# r*9أ
• WX;د n{p"ا œار9=
o v,rial is the 3ay to honor the dead
• ء:lد M9 EV !gAl œر9أ
o •istan?e yo,rsel- -ro/ e+ery dirtiness
• rر|$ ره'"ا W{CV M9أ
hi/e has eaten and dran@ ,_on it ‹‘t4s too oldŒ
• oاX"ا E# M9Ÿ
o wats /ore than a -ire
• ƒ8s E# M9Ÿ
o wats /ore than a 3hale
• npk$ M9أ E# ر{خ 'ps$ M9أ
o vetter eat and _raise God than eat and stay silent
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• ©ر#أ ا8(V$ ©ر{خ ا8C9أ
• x{(l :s M9 E# ÃoÂ"$ x&ر6 ƒŸ 8ه ا# M9 ]أ
• xC9 E# ’"Ÿ
o Kriendlier than a dog
• 'Dtا 7"8k اخاA`lا :ZB& ر•"ا9 ا•J„8# ر{y :; 7ZCp# rا%"أ
• ر‡B"ا Wp%"أ
• :#'6 nY a[ #[ :A`s U"=
o €y -eet too@ /e to /y death
• U„رp"ا ]= “ار& ] ءاBktا Ž$´o UCV ½اQ 7B("ا
o Good health is a ?ro3n on the heads o- the healthy that only the
ill ?an see } Ali ibn abi Talib
• eارVtا x{˜ ا¦PJ| ƒد'Vأ ا•Qد'Vأ اz= 7Do'# œtا
o a /other is a s?hoold _re_aring her is li@e _re_aring a good
• œاGA"ا <T ر\ #T ¡ا„ر"ا <8Cs <oا#ºا
• )¢ ا8\ 6[ œا#= E# ر{خ )اJ; œا#=
• مCs E# 7N%& ا&اXp"ا$ 7N%& :; مCs :lا#tا
• Š{"اAp"ا )ا# Ž$ءo :lا#tا
• ر#tا Wl$د ÃرJ& ر#tا
• م%CJ"ا E# ر¥ #أ
• “رD م`9 E# WgAX" ŽاX"ا !C#أ
o hhe one 3ho ?ontrols hi/sel- /ostd is the one 3ho ?an @ee_ his
o3n se?rets
• 7Z# œاps E# E#Ÿ
o Ha-er than the _igeons o- €e@@ah
• 'Dtا ’lأ E# OX#أ
o €ore se?,re than the nose o- a lion
• bاDا$ E# bاخأ u=
o yo,r .rother is that 3ho ?onsoles yo,
• Ã$ر6 ©دا&tا u=
o hands are loans
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• 'Dtا 7[ C%Y #T :#'Y QT 7„8JP"ا u=
o > /os•,ito ?an /a@e the lion4s eye .leed
• رgX`g& اX„oFب Äا–P"ا u=
• W68; E# WAT`Y s uاP‡"ا u=
o hhe death o- a ?o3ard ?o/es -ro/ o+er hi/
• رIJ& '6 دا8‡"ا u=
o > horse /ay tri_
• دا•m$ <'{%V <ا{B"ا u=
o ci-e is to ha+e a .elie- and -ight -or it ‹ÅihadŒ
• WlاGCD :; )د E# M{"*"ا u=
• x‡`BQ E{s Um[ رY QT ءاpg"ا u=
• O"8# Eª ء8gب q{Aa"ا u=
• qCJ& MPs MZب q&ر–"ا u=
o > sin@ing /an 3ill try to ?at?h any ro_e
o €eaning› Ho/eone in a di--i?,lt sit,ation 3ill do anything to
get o,t o- it
• n"'`Vا ا•`#86 اz= u8(–"ا u=
• 7Vا„8"ا :;$ ÆرB"ا :; )*"ا$ 7VاX%"ا :; ¬J"ا$ UX–"ا u=
• ‚{A"ا Ã8JP"ا رm اpبر"$ WC{C6 u8{J"ا ©zˆ& §*%"ا u=
• د¢ ا8\ m[ M9 xB& د° ا8\ m[ لا u=
o >llah is @indd and he li@es those 3ho are @ind too
• ا•ADاAD ™–P&$ o8#tا :"اJ# xB& لا u=
• Mp•& ]$ M•p& لا u=
o God gi+es ti/e .,t doesn4t ignore ‹or -orgetŒ
• م#z U•X"ا Mهأ :; ±oاJp"ا u=
• 7N{AB"ا x[ ه” *Y QT <o'” %Y p"ا u=
• M{C6 ر{y M%p"ا '•m u=
• “'ض" xC%X& “'s EV ء:a"ا دا« u=
o ‘- so/ething in?reased /ore than it sho,ldd it 3ill t,rn against
• x&ر6 “رªاX" ا'y u=
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o ho/orro3 is ?lose i- yo, 3ait -or it ‹ho/orro3 is another
• R{خo رP("ا; مBC"ا ‚y u=
o ‘- /eat is ei_ensi+e then _atien?e is ?hea_
• W{خŸ !Xبا رP9 u=
o ¤hen yo,r son gro3s ,_d .e?o/e his .rother ‹.e-riend hi/Œ
• اoا(V= n{6] '%; اB&o nX9 u=
o ‘- yo,4re a 3ind then ‘4/ a h,rri?ane
• ا¦o89z EZ; ا¦ب$*9 nX9 u=
o ‘- yo,4re a liard yo, .etter ha+e a good /e/ory
• eارA; eا;$ EZ& م" u=
• ‘- no agree/entd then se_aration
• <'Jg# ا& ا'y œ8{"ا O# u=
o hhere4s al3ays to/orro3
• م¯ا¬J"ا o8#tا j{QاA# u=
• the @ey to all things is deter/ination
• ارBg" uا{P"ا E# u=
• اهءاo$ ا# 7” p9[ t[ ا ءاo$ u=
• MCP"ا E# :;8خ اp; q&ر–"ا اlأ
o ‘4/ already dro3ning so 3hy sho,ld ‘ -ear getting 3et·
• 7p{NV MZ"$ ا•" اlأ
o ‘4/ ,_ to it and to e+ery great thing
• nC6 ا# دo UCV !X# o'6أ M%Q م" ا# دo UCV nlأ
• rار–"ا x{a& U`s رN`lا
• 'V$ ا# رs ¬‡lأ
• ر{ب'`"اب لا$ ر{ZA`"اب uاglºا
o •,/an thin@s and God _lans
• ¡'mأ uا9 8"$ !X# !Alأ
o 2o,r nose is a _art o- yo, e+en i- it 3as ?,t ‹or ,glyŒ
• دoاب '&'s :; rرضQ !l=
o 2o, are stri@ing ?old iron ‹2o, ?an4t ?hange itŒ
• FX•`" ا¦—lاه n[ {p• DT اpl=
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• <رp`"اب <رp`"ا E# Wب WP|t Wl=
• “'s$ Ç{gl Wl=
• <o8ap"ا œ¬B"ا )$أ
o hhe -irst ste_ to leadd is to ?ons,lt
• <o*ب <ر‡a"ا )$أ
o > tree starts 3ith a seed
• œ'l “رخŸ$ u8Xm xض–"ا )$أ
o >nger .egins 3ith /adness and ends 3ith regret
• رA9 <'{(%"ا )$أ
• jGl jG| ا# )$أ
o >s soon as he startedd he 3ent -ar
• 7ب8%J"ا UCV مهo'6أ 8AJ"اب ŽاX"ا U"$أ
o hhe one 3ho sho,ld .e -orgi+end is the one 3ho4s a.le to
• ƒ8PZXJ"ا n{ب E# Eه$أ
o €ore +,lnera.le than a s_ider4s 3e.
• q&رy E# ŽF&أ
o €ore des_erate than a dro3ning _erson
• <oاm ا& :JpDا$ :XV bا&=
• !%XV !lاg" rرض& uأ$ bا&=
o ve3are that yo,r tong,e /ight ?,t yo,r ne?@
o €eaning› ¤at?h o,t 3hat yo, are doing 3ith yo,r to,nge
• “ر~أ jP%&$ “رNX# EgB& Wl…; ء8g"ا xsاk$ bا&=
• WX# o*`J& ا#$ bا&=
o >+oid 3hat /ay re•,ire an a_ology
• )$د œا&tا
o days are ?o,ntries
o €eaning› •ays are li@e the ?o,ntriesd today a ?o,ntry is the
greatestd to/orro3 its notd sa/e -or _eo_led yo, /ay ha+e l,?@ todayd
.,t to/orro3 3ho @no3s
• x¯z E# š%&أ
o €ore a3a@e than a 3ol-
xC%"ا ¡ م•"ا E# رI9أ È
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
زري نوكي يشب كويع نإ و ريرح سبلا تسبلإ نإو يمأ رشاع ترشاع نإ
ييعلا !
"يوا# $%بإ &' نإ !
(و)ب اي $*رعي +م ا,إ !
"),- -ا.لا /م 0ي1ا او/2يل و,إ !

ي34ا 5وسيب +ميمأ ا6أ و يمأ ت6ا ا7إ !
$بعب $28إ !
+علا ي2س9 :لا :ع;إ !
<ي/ب=لا رس'و <ي/>ا 0'أ !
اور.' تاي=ع?او او&@ تي?ا 0Aأ !
تو3يب B.كلاب CDوEيلا /عوأ !
DوFعم ركG DوF%علا ر#H !
(و; رم=لا ر#H !
يكلا او/لا ر#H !
"ي)ع I.يب و ".' J)ع "%بإ !

W{Qد8V ا# UCV b«8m $ W{`{بo ا# UCV !Xب= È
[edit] ب
• 'gB"ا oاJa"ا Š—ب
o hhe 3orst e/otion is en+y
• ر`Dا$ “'D j&ر"اب !{QF& ©*"ا rاP"ا
o ¨lose the door -ro/ 3hi?h the 3ind .lo3s and relai
• OC\f[ # oا‡X"ا rاب
o hhe ?ar_enter4s door is loose
• <ر(J# §ر`|ا$ W#ر9 ¡اب
o •e sold his +inyard and .o,ght a s•,ee¹er
• !#أ !Q'"$ Ãotاب
o ‘n warth yo,r /other had .egotten yo,
• ÆT ر[ AT"ا bT o[ 'Y QT :lF`"اب
o ¤ith ?are-,lness yo, reali¹e yo,r o__ort,nity
• E{XP"ا$ ءا;ر"اب
o ¤ith ra__ort and o--s_rings Said to congratulate newlyweds
• e‚خtا ر{–k eا$ر"ا م{NV M{fP"ا
o hhe stingy has a .ig _or?h and little /orality
• رA6 WfPG#$ ر%; “اXy M{fP"ا
o hhe /iser4s ri?hes are _o+erty and his @it?hen is _oor
• §رخtا W&'& §'s= M† PTQ[ ] M{fP"ا
• ر;ا9 xC6$ رmا; u'ب
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• r$*Z"ا jض`A& Wp; ƒا*ب
o ¤ith the sa/e ‹liar4sŒ /o,th the lies are ei_osed
• 8C& W•m$ :; م&رZ"ا رT aY ب”
• œرZ"ا UCV )اد ر[ aY P”"Yا
• 7PBp"ا UCV r8C%"ا '%J& رaY P”"ا
• <oا‡Q u” 8بT¬\ "اب ر(P"ا
o Heeing a ?lient is in itsel- a trade
• ا¦$'V 'CQ ] EGP"ا
• 7XGA"ا M&¬Q 7XGP"ا
• Ãotا E# اpg"ا 'JبT
o as -ar as the hea+ens®s@y -ro/ the earth
• ءاAm 'JP"ا
o •istan?e is disa--e?tion
• )z مCB"ا ™Jب
• ’J„ 8AJ"ا ™Jب
o Ho/e -orgi+eness is 3ea@ness
• xC%"ا EV '{Jب E{J"ا EV '{JP"ا
o hhose 3ho are -ar -ro/ the eye are -ar -ro/ the heart
• ا¦خار; اهرI9أ ر{G"ا Äا–ب
• )Ép"ا رN`X& )ا#Êاب$ )اmر"ا رP`JQ ©أر"ا o'%ب
o €en are 1,dged .y their strength o- their o_inion and 3ith
ho_es®drea/s /oney a3aits
• مNJ"ا E{Zg"ا -Cب
• Uب[¬† "ا M{g"ا -Cب
• ©د$'‡ب ] ƒT رY f[ ;[ :gAXب
o ‘ ta@e _ride in /y a??o/_lish/ents and not in those o- /y
• EgB"ا ’(l Ãا{P"ا
• rارخ م"اN"ا n{ب
o hhe ho,se o- a tyrant is a r,in
• oاpV EgBp"ا n{ب
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o ‘- yo, do ?harityd yo,r ho,se 3ill .e al3ays ri?h
• :Pl <ر`; “«ا‡l=$ “'V$ E{ب
• ر¯ارض"ا ءاد م•X{ب
[edit] ت
• Žا{# M&*"ا M&8˜ :X–"ا u= ا•D´oأ ’a9 ]= مهاo'"ا UبFQ
• ادار;أ ƒرgZQ E6ر`;ا اz=$ ارgZQ EJp`mا اz= ا#ر"ا :بFQ
• O„ا8`"ا <ء$رp"ا ½اQ
o the ?ro3n o- ‹+irt,eŒ is /odesty
• 7#‚g"ا :lا`"ا :; $ 7#ا'X"ا 7C‡J"ا :;
o ‘n haste there is regret and in ta@ing ti/e there is _ea?e®sa-ety
• uاG{a"ا E# 7C‡J"ا$ Epsر"ا E# :lF`"ا
• E” gY BT "Yا E# ر{خ ET g† B[ `\"ا
o ¨ontin,o,s i/_ro+e/ent is .etter than .eing good
• <دا&« :; ا•X# ءرp"ا$ 7&ا•l ا•" ng{" roا‡`"ا
o wi_erien?es®wi_eri/enting has no end and one al3ays gains
-ro/ the/
• ر{PZ"ا مCJ"ا 7بر‡`"ا
o wi_eri/enting is the great s?ien?e
• EAg"ا :•`aQ ] اpب ا&ر"ا ©ر‡Q
o ¤inds .lo3 ?o,nter to 3hat shi_s desire
• ا•{&'Iب M9FQ ]$ <رB"ا ¡8‡Q
• 7a{Jp"ا ’(l £{Gf`"ا
o Llanning is hal- o- li+ing
• ر{IZ"ا د'P& ر&*P`"ا$ ر{g{"ا رpI& ر{ب'`"ا
• oا*`V]ا E# رg&أ xl*"ا bرQ
o >+oiding /ista@es is .etter than a_ologi¹ing a-ter
• R{ب R{s :; م•`9رQ
o 2o, le-t the/ lost and .e3ildered
• 7p&¬ه Wب رAN"ا$ 7p{Xy W9رQ
• ا$o$ا‡`Q ]$ ا$o$ا¬Q
o Ëisit ea?h other .,t don4t .e neigh.ors
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• <ءاlد !{"اpp"ا UCV £T C†g`"ا
• E{V 'Jب ا¦ر~أ xCGQ
• ءابر–"ا9 ا8PDاBQ$ uا8خºا9 ا$ر|اJQ
o Get together li@e .rotherd and @ee_ ea?h other in ?he?@ li@e
• rارytا9 ا8C#اJQ$ uا8خºا9 ا$ر|اJQ
o Get together li@e .rothersd and 3or@ together li@e strangers
• :#اB"ا رAX`gp"ا 7"8k :%`Q$ W" r‚9 ] E# UCV rا¯*"ا $'JQ
• FPD ©'&أ ا86رAQ
• 7بار%"ا UCV ا8CZ`Q ]$ <د8p"اب ا8بoا%Q
• O#اGp"ا )اmر"ا eاXVأ OG%Q
• '{(& ا# Ìارخ ©o'& اp; Ìارخ UCV ءاPN"ا ƒر~اZQ
• O„ا8Q رPZ`p"ا UCV رPZ`"ا
o >rrogan?e o+er the arrogant is /odesty
• UD8# لا مC9 '%; مCZQ
o H_ea@d -or God s_o@e to €oses
• )8%J"ا WCpBQ اpب oاPخºا e'("ا œاpQ
• اoF; '"8; MP‡"ا ™fpQ
• مY هT د† $T !" œ'& uا8خºا ¿$اg# ŽاXQ
• ±رa"ا '¯ا(# E# O„ا8`"ا
• “oا*`Vا$ :lا‡"ا 7ب8Q
[edit] ث
• )ا¬–"ا9 xه*Q$ <اABCg"ا9 :QFQ <$رI"ا
o ¤ealth ?o/es li@e a t,rtle and goes a3ay li@e a ga¹elle
[edit] ج
• <‚("ا boاQ ا& ƒ8p"ا !" ءاm
• م•{بأ <رZب EV ا$ءاm
• 7” J[ AY a† "اب U"$أ oا‡"ا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• oا'"ا MP6 oا‡"ا
o hhe neigh.or ?o/es .e-ore the ho/e meaning: Choose your
neighbours before you choose your home
• oاpXD ءا¬m
• ر¢ #” اV œ• أT ر” {‡#T ءا¬m
• MpJ"ا ŠXm E# ءا¬‡"ا
o 2o, rea_ 3hat yo, so3
• 7P{(# 7P{(p"ا 'XV ¡¬‡"ا
• WCI# ءرp"ا Š{Cm
• !{"اpp"ا )اJ;أ$ b8Cp"ا W{Q اp•X{ب œ¬B"ا ¡ا„ E&ر#أ nJpm
• Žا'QT ] Žاl u$'ب 7X‡"ا
o Laradise 3itho,t _eo_le is not 3orth li+ing in
• ƒا•#tا œا'6أ nBQ 7X‡"ا
o Laradise is ,nder /others4 -eet
• 56ارب ا•gAl UCV nXm
• rاBktا ر| M•‡"ا
o ‘gnoran?e is the 3orst a?•,aintan?e
• ءا{stا ƒ8# M•‡"ا
o ‘gnoran?e is the death o- the li+ing
• <ر|اJp"ا ا•A(Q e‚خtا رها8m
• د8‡"ا 7&اy U(6أ ŠAX"اب د8‡"ا
o hhe .est gi+ing is the gi+ing o- the so,l
o ‘n other 3ordsd ²hhe .est gi-t ?o/es -ro/ the heart²
• د8m8p"ا E# د8‡"ا
• ر;ا9 ¡8‡"ا
o •,nger is an in-idel
• 7Vاg"ا œا{6 U"= qB"ا 7"8m$ 7VاD M˜اP"ا 7"8m
o Kalseness lasts an ho,rd and tr,th lasts till the end o- ti/e
[edit] ح
• 7C{B"ا q`AQ 7mاB"ا
o 0eed ei?a+ates the tri?@
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• ا•"ا$« ]= W{„ر& ] 7pJX"ا 'Dاs
• W{CV 7pJl !`pJl )ا$« §ر& 'DاB"ا
• MVاXب رfg& ±¢ اs
o >n ,nshod /o?@s a shoe
• UpVأ xB"ا
o co+e is .lind
• uاp&ºا E# E˜8"ا xs
o co+ing yo,r ?o,ntry is _io,s
• eo$ UCV رPs
o ‘n@ on _a_er
• ر{(6 r*Z"ا MPs
o hhe ro_e o- lies is short
• u8Jmاo ŽاX"ا$ Çs
o ¤ent to •a1 3hile _ilgri/s are ?o/ing .a?@
o µe-ers to _eo_le 3ho are late in doing things
• اlاgl= لا qCخ ’J„أ Eه$ Wب bارs
• ’&ر| 7¢ X{•ب[ ‚ب :#ارs
• )ا‡D rرB"ا
• 79رب 79رB"ا
o €o+e/ent is a .lessing
• WVاpD رa"ا E# !Pgs
• ا'{6 uاZ; ا'{k WPgs
o hho,ght he 3as a great ?at?hd t,rns o,t he is a sha?@le
• WC#اs WJض& ] M° %Y ~” 'gB"ا
o wn+y is a 3eight not _la?ed .y its .earer
• WX# أرP& ] ءاد 'gB"ا
• )*"ا :;ا~أ r*Z"ا$ eاAX"ا$ 'gB"ا
• E&ر6 ر{خ qCf"ا ET gY sT
o Good /anners is the greatest -riend
• '{C‡"ا Špa"ا x&*Q اp9 ا&اGf"ا x&*& qCf"ا ET gY sT
• <د8p"ا xm8& qCf"ا ET gY sT
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• دT 8gT &[ ] د8gB"ا
• MP‡"ا E# <ا(B"ا
o hhe _e..le ?o/es -ro/ the /o,ntain
• Ž$ر"ا ¡اG6 ا& )86 $ Ž$ر"اه E{ب !Dاo £s
o _,t yo,r head .et3een these heads and sho,t ?,t o,r heads o--
o €eaning ²¤o,ld yo, do 3hate+er anyone else is doing e+en i-
it /eans yo,r li-e·² ‹li@e the english _ro+er. i- yo,r -riend 1,/_ed
-ro/ a .ridge 3o,ld yo,Œ
• rار`"ا :; M%V$ rاBg"ا :; šs
o c,?@ in the s@y and .rains in the gro,nd
• 7lا#أ رg"ا šAs
o •ee_ing a se?ret is a ?o//it/ent
• ÇC‡" M˜اP"ا$ ÇT C[بY أ qB"ا
• 7"8m M˜اP"ا$ 7"$د qB"ا
• M{Cª Mª qB"ا
• رPXJب م`f& uأ !gpب x`9 E# qs
• W{CV UCJ& ]$ 8CJ& qB"ا
• M%J"ا E# M† m[ أ مCYB” "ا
• W" ءا$د ]$ ءاد qT pY BT "ا
o Ht,_idity is a disease 3itho,t a /edi?ine
• ™Jب E# u8هأ رa"ا ™Jب !{lاXs
• اX{CV ] اX{"ا8s
• n{p"ا E# U%بأ :B"ا
o hhe li+ing is /ore i/_ortant than the dead
• WV8#د ¬mاJ"ا 7C{s
o hhe only tri?@ the in?a_a.le hasd are his tears
[edit] خ
• اpه'sأ UCV r*Z& E&'{D œداخ
o > ser+ant 3ho has t3o /astersd lies to one o- the/
• MQا%"ا 8خأ )zاf"ا
o hhe deserter is the .rother o- the /,rderer
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• W&أرب UX–`Dا E# ر˜اخ
• ±Y ر[ JY QT ’"اخ
o •issent and yo, 3ill .e @no3n
• '|رQ bا8ه ’"اخ
o ¾__ose yo,r a--e?tion to -ind rationality
• Up\ BT "اب U„ر& U`s ƒ8p"اب “T *Y خT
• ءاGgP"ا “ا8;أ E# 7pZB"ا $*خ
o ¤ords o- 3isdo/ ?o/es o,t o- si/_le _eo_le /o,ths
• Rp¥ sT ‚ب '"8p"ا E# ½رخ
o citeral /eaning› •e le-t the _arty 3itho,t ha+ing Í•o//osÎ
• ©رAkا$ :ض{P; 8‡"ا !" ‚خ
• ءاaQ اp9 n[ %Y CخT '6 !lF9 x{V M9 E# أ¦ر\ P[#T n%Cخ
• م•#'6أ uا8خºا ر{خ
• اه'&'m ءا{|tا ر{خ
o hhe .est thing is the ne3est thing
• ا¬p"ا bرQ E# ءا6'ktا ر{خ
o hhe .est -riend is the one 3ho does not 1o@e aro,nd
• 7p&د uا9 ا# )اpVtا ر{خ
• uاgC"ا šAs )‚f"ا ر{خ
o ¤at?hing 3hat yo, say is yo,r .est -riend
• )د$ M6 ا# œ‚Z"ا ر{خ
o hhe ideal _hrase is that 3hi?h is short and to the _oint
• W`[•mY $” WT `[•Y m\ $[ ا# )اp"ا ر{خ
• rاBktا !C¥# u= Wب 8CfQ rا`9 Š{C‡"ا$ ÄداBp"ا ر{خ
• WgAX" مهر{خ ŽاXC" ŽاX"ا ر{خ
• ر{f"اب ŽاXC" ر; E# ŽاX"ا ر{خ
• اهدT 8[ VY أ[ م&رZ"ا ƒ” ‚k” ر{خ
• E&دoا8"ا œ$'6 UCV ر{f"ا
• !JAl ا# !"ا# ر{خ
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o hhe .est o- the things yo, o3nd is 3hat is ,se-,l to yo,
• ر{¥–[ & رa"ا$ ر{•f[ &T رT {Y f[ "ا
• ا•DoاAب ±رVأ M{f"ا
o hhe horse @no3s its @night the .est
[edit] د
• :p” J&T roا6tا uاخد
H/o@e o- the neigh.o,rs renders yo, .lind
• مهار# مهاo'"ا
€oney is a ¨,re
• ءاض%"ا مZs اpب اgAl x˜$ ءاaQ ا# MJAQ œا&tا ¡د
• ءا# ر{(& ] œ'"ا
o vlood ?an ne+er t,rn into 3ater
• ر;اZ"ا 7Xm$ E#ˆp"ا E‡D ا{l'"ا
ci-e is the Kaith-,l4s _rison and the non}.elie+r4s _aradise
• ر#$ 8Cs uا#8& ره'"ا
o ci-e is /ade o- t3o days ¾ne 3hi?h is s3eet and the other is
• W{CV رP("ا ره'"ا ءا$د
hhe ?,re -or -ate is _atien?e
• 7B{(X"ا E&'"ا
o > good ad+i?e is _art o- the µeligion ‹‘n re-eren?e to a good
€,sli/ has to gi+e ad+i?e 3hen neededŒ
[edit] ذ
• :lاI"ا “رpV U`A"ا ر9z
o µe/ind the yo,ngster o- his neit li-e
• W" ’{D ] E# )z
o hhe one 3itho,t a s3ord gets h,/iliated
• 5{Jب M{"*"ا š{–& E# )\ zT
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o •is -a,lt is .esides hi/
• W&8a& ر%("ا ±رJ& ] ©*"ا
o •e 3ho does not @no3 the -al?on 3o,ld grill it
• !C•‡& !;رJ& ] ©*"ا
o •e 3ho does not @no3 yo, is not in-or/ed o- yo,
[edit] ر
• <رZA"ا ƒءاm$ <رZg"ا nsاo
o hhe idea ?a/e a-ter the dr,n@ness _assed a3ay
• uاJ‡a"ا 7Vا‡| MP6 ©أر"ا
o ¾_inion ?o/es .e-ore the .ra+ery o- the .ra+es
• )ا# “'XV E# U"= ا8"ا# '6 ŽاX"ا n&أo
o ‘ sa3 _eo_le tending to the one 3ho has /oney
• x&ر6 E# OAlأ '{Jب ro
• WPsاk E# ‰{–`g& r8~ ro
• œاo ر{y E# 7{#o ro
• “ا8D 'kاs WgAX" ¡oا« ro
• œ‚9 E# -Cبأ ƒ8ZD ro
o Ho/e silen?e is /ore in-or/ati+e than tal@
• xlz E# jP6أ o*V ro
o >n ei?,se is so/eti/e /ore ,gly than a g,ilt
• )8k E# '|أ )86 ro
• r$رB"ا ر{I& œ‚9 ro
• :XVد ا•Psا(" n"ا6 7pC9 ro
• W{CV n{Zب “ر{y :; ƒرk اpC; WX# n{Zب رهد r\ oT
• W" xlz ] œ8C# r\ oT
• اAB"ا E# ر| MJl r\ oT
• r8C6 ro !بo
o 2o,r lord is the lord o- hearts
• bرض; !JAl qpstا داoأ اpبo
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o hhe st,_id /ight ha+e 3anted to hel_ yo,d .,t ended ,_ h,rting
• )ا8#tاب )اmر"ا
o €en are /eas,res .y their /oney
• E{Xs :Afب Omo
o ¨a/e .a?@ 3ith •,nain4s shoes meaning: Came back with
• 7p&'%"ا ا•QداJ" 7p&o nJmo

o µi/a ?a/e .a?@ to her old ha.its
• M˜اP"ا :; ©داp`"ا E# ر{خ qB"ا U"= ¡8mر"ا
• W{Cmo :; W6T«Y o”
• UpJ"ا E# u8هأ '#ر"ا
• œاo ر{y E# 7{#o
o > thro3 3itho,t a thro3er
• ’{˜ eoا˜$ ’{k j&o
[edit] ز
• اl´اXبأ M9F{" ¡o¬l$ اXC9F; اl´ابŸ ¡o«
o ¾,r _arents _lanted so 3e ated and 3e _lant -or o,r ?hildren to
• u8C9F{; ¡o¬l$ اXC9F; ا8Vo«
o hhey _lanted so 3e ated and 3e _lant so they 3o,ld eat
• Oبر# ا& 7#‚D )8Gب رaبأ ا¦Jبر# M`%{D uأ eد«رA"ا مV«
• rT ر” GY &T ] :B"ا oT ا#\ «
o hhe +illage4s _i_er does not eihilarate
• M"¬C" W&'•& '6 ءرp"ا qGX#$ MpJ"ا :; R%X"ا :ZBQ )8%"ا <دا&«
[edit] س
• œ8`Z# W"ا#$ œ$رB# M{fP"ا M¯اD
• uT اP9Y ر† "ا Wب ƒoاD
• W6oاAQ اpV ا„8V '‡Q ر;اD
o Åo,rney and yo, 3ill -ind re_la?e/ent to the ones le-t .ehind
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• ا¦بار| مهرخŸ œ8%"ا :6اD
o hhe _erson 3ho _o,rs 3ater to other is the last one to drin@
• Žرخأ uاG{| qB"ا EV n9اg"ا
o > _erson 3ho does not s_ea@ o,t against the 3rong is a /,te
• )'J"ا ’{g"ا qPD
o vla/e ?o/es .e-ore s3ords
• ‚هاm nX9 ا# œا&tا !" ©'P`D
o ci-e 3ill sho3 yo, 3hat yo, did not @no3
• ا&ر"ا اه$o*Q ’{k 7باBD
• œا#tا U"= ر{gQ uأ 8ه œا$'"ا UCV ا‡X"ا رD
o hhe se?ret to s,??ess is to 3al@ -or3ard
• bر{Dأ bرD
o 2o,r se?ret is yo,r ?a_ti+e
• ا¦lا(s oاpB"ا MT J‡& ] xه\ *pT "ا ½رY g\ "ا
• 7—{D <ر9اz$ <'{m 7Bk <داJg"ا
• E{P"ا ƒاz 'gA& ء8g"ا ر{AD
• ارA9 qGl$ ارهد nZD
• ا„ر"ا 7#‚V ƒ8Zg"ا
o Hilen?e is the sign o- a__ro+al
• اAZ"ا م~ ‚g"ا
o hhe 3ea_on -irstd -ighting se?ond
• uاgC"ا <$‚s :; uاglºا 7#‚D
• uاGCg"ا EV '[ JT ب[ E# uاGCg"ا
• 7ض; ]$ ا¦Pهz رGpQ ] ءاpg"ا
o hhe s@y does not rain gold or sil+er
• “ارQ uأ E# ر{خ ©• '” {Y J[ pT "Yاب !VاpD
• ءا# :; !pD
o ci@e a -ish in 3ater
o citeral /eaning› ¨oo@ing -at on honey
o hranslation› ho get along +ery 3ell
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• م•#داخ œ8%"ا '{D
o citeral /eaning› hhe _eo_le4s lord is their ser+ant
• x`Z"ا E# ءاPlأ e'kأ ’{g"ا
• M&8˜ uاGCg"ا ’{D
o citeral /eaning› hhe s,ltan4s s3ord is long
• ]8Cg# §ر&T ا# )8هأ ’{g"ا
• “'‡ب UJg& ءرp"ا “'Bب OG%& ’{g"ا
• لا u8af& E&*"ا bر#أ :; o$ا|
• W(JQ ]$ ا¦P{P" o$ا|
o ¨ons,lt the 3ise and do not diso.ey hi/
• ا—{Gب ا`; O¯ا‡C" n† AT& uاJPa"ا
• 7ACZ"ا M&¬Q 7A"tا <'|
• )$¬Q$ <'|
o ‘t4s a hardshi_ that 3ill go a3ay
• W{; q&'k ] د‚ب د‚P"ا ر|
• !Bض& ا# 7{CP"ا ر|
• r*Z"ا ‰&'B"ا ر|
• ءاp"ا o'Z& !pg"ا ر|
• ا—{g# ŽاX"ا “ار& uأ :"اP& ] E# ŽاX"ا ر|
• ا$رT P”6T u=$ UXA& ] ŽاX"ا :; رa"ا
o w+il in _eo_le does not go a3ay 3hen they get .,ried
• ر{I9 WC{C6 رa"ا
o a little .it o- e+il is too /,?h
• q[ C”خT رaC" رa"ا
• o8l Áرa"ا
• ا¦ر{خ ŽاX"اب EN& ] ر&رa"ا
• رPZQ §8\ %[ Q[ اz= O{„8"ا$ O„ا8Q §8\ %[ Q[ اz= ’&رa"ا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• œارB"ا nخأ 7T •[ PY a† "ا
o H,s_i?ion is the sister o- the 3rong
• اlر{y jp6 ]$ اlر{J|
• :Alأ nV'm EZ"$ :gAl n{A|
o ‘ ?,red /y sel- .,t ‘ a/_,tated /y nose in the _ro?ess
• 7VاG"ا ا(V q|
• o8Ja"ا Žا{%# E{J"ا O#د$ :J#'ب مZJXk M{pm ƒرZ|
• ءاAJض"ا ‚D §8Za"ا
o ¨o/_laining is the 3ea@4s 3ea_on
• 7"*# لا ر{–" §8Za"ا
o ¨o/_laining to so/eone other than God is disgra?e-,l
• œˆ" r8ZXp"اب 7Qاpa"ا
• رpX"ا 'Cm ŠP"ا$ o¬`¯ا$ رY p• |[
• œ¬خأ E# ا•;رVأ 7XaX|
• x{J"ا MP6 x{a"ا
• :ay œا 8#أ ¬{˜ ±ا| d:| ±ا| ا# :| ±ا|
o he see so/ething he didn4td he sa3 his /other4s ass and -ainted
[edit] !
• '” V” اg[ #T qC˜ ا{Bp"ا M•D 'mا# M9 nPsاk اz= xsاk
• 7&86 WX{V qB"ا xsاk
• دا{k Ìر%"ا xsاk
o citeral /eaning› hhe -isher/an is the shar@4s -riend
• ابo اP("ا
• xBQ ا# UCV رPk$ “رZQ ا# UCV رPk ›uارPk رP("ا
• U"$tا 7#'("ا 'XV رP("ا
• ½رA"ا ا`A# رP("ا
• لا rا*V UCV bرPk E# رg&أ لا œoاB# EV bرPk
• :¥ CV ŽاX"ا رPk ]$ :gAl UCV ©رPk
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• e‚خÂ" <'gA# ء8g"ا 7PBk
• bرg" OD$أ bo'k
• §8%`"ا M{"د e'("ا
• Wب8{V E# xgB& r*Z"ا$ U`A"اب EgB& e'("ا
• oارDtا o8P6 oارstا o$'k
• OAa& uأ ا#=$ OAX& uأ ا#= q&'("ا
• q{ض"ا n6$ q&'("ا
o citeral /eaning› hhe -riend in tight ti/es
o hranslation› > -riend is the one that lends a hand d,ring the
ti/e o- need
• q&'k E# bر%; 'XV !" ا#$ ر{I9 UX–`gQ E{s !%&'k
• UX–"ا ]$ nT {(• "ا
• م%`gQ e‚خtاب ŠAX"ا œ8• %[ ;[ WJmر# e‚خtاب bر#أ ‚k
• ا#اk ]$ UCk اp; “اض6 U`s WC#F& uا9 ر#t œاk$ UCk
• M6اJ"ا 7"¬9 Mها‡"ا rا8k
[edit] "
• œoاy E#اض"ا
• rدtا 7C6 E# xPD ‚ب !Bض"ا
o ca,ghing -or no reason is r,de
• Žا'DFب اDاpخأ rر„
• œارs n{p"ا :; rرض"ا
o veating the dead is a sin
• م¢ C•J[ #T 7ب[رY „[
• UZ`|ا$ :X%PD$ UZب$ :Xبر„
o •e .eat /e and ?riedd and 3ent .e-ore /e to ?o/_lain
• ƒاo8NBp"ا j{PQ ƒاo$رض"ا
[edit] #
• OPG`"ا xCy OPG"ا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o ¾ld ha.its die hard
• M{CV 8ه$ ŽاX"ا ©$ا'& x{P˜
• M{Z"ا jA˜
o citeral /eaning› hhe ga,ge has o+er-lo3n
o hranslation› ho r,n o,t o- _atien?e
• 7X‡"ا :; Š{Cب= Op˜
• )اP‡"ا œ'•& )اP"ا )8˜
• O%Q ا•"اZ|أ UCV o8{G"ا
o virds o- a -eather -lo?@ together
ƒاP{GC" u8P{G"ا
[edit] $
• '%B"ا E˜اب E# ر{خ rا`J"ا رهاª
• 7p&¬ه ’{Jض"اب رT A[ N\ "ا
• )ا$¬"ا O&رD uاGCg"ا Mª
• 7pJl M&'PQ$ 7p%l M{‡JQ U"= ء:| ¡رDأ مCN"ا
• ’{g"ا E# اJ6$ '|أ roا6tا مCª
• م{خ$ WJQر# مCN"ا
[edit] %
• Wبا(l U"= ر#tا داV
• م•XV nCso ا#=$ م•X# ƒرk ا#…; ا¦#8& E{Jبoأ œ8%"ا ر|اV
•3ell a/ong _eo_le -or -orty days 2o, either .e?o/e one o- the/ or _art 3ith the/
• ‚˜اب qB& ]$ ا%s MGP& ] M6اJ"ا
• ¡¬‡ب ا•Vد8& ]$ رGPب 7pJX"ا MP%`g& ] M6اJ"ا
• “o'6 M•m E# Mها‡"ا$ Wlاg" M%V E# M6اJ"ا
• q{C˜ Wm8ب U%CQ E# q"ا$ q{;o ©أرب ŽاX"ا M#اV
• Wب b8C#اJ& uأ xBQ اpب ŽاX"ا M#اV
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• <oا|ºا W{AZQ رB"ا$ ا(J"اب ¡ر%& 'PJ"ا
• '%B"ا E# ر{خ rا`J"ا
• xC%"ا u8باk rا`J"ا
• rا%J"ا MP6 rا`J"ا
• rاPstا 7&'ه rا`J"ا
• رNX"ا UCV x`J"ا
• uاgC"ا <رIV E# مCDأ œ'%"ا <رIV
• u8p{C"ا :; د'J"ا
• !CYpT "Yا ŽاDأ )'J"ا
• م{—C"ا E# ½ا`sا E# م&'J"ا
• W‡gl qB"ا )8`& م" o*V
• M{f"ا :kا8l :; ¬J"ا
• Op˜ E# )z$ OX6 E# ¬\ V[
• اP‡V §رQ اPmo 5V
• م&ر9 nlأ$ n# $أ ا¬&¬V 5V
wither li+e 3ith dignity or die genero,s
• د8XP"ا qAخ$ اX%"ا EJ˜ E{ب م&ر9 nlأ$ n# $أ ا¬&¬V 5V
• <ر‡a"ا UCV <رaV E# ر{خ '{"ا :; o8A(V
> .ird in the hand is .etter than ten on a tree
• 'gs <رNl ]$ 'Dأ 7ضV
hhe .ite o- a cion is .etter than an en+ies loo@
• œ¬•&] 5{m 7AJ"ا
• <o'%p"ا 'XV 8AJ"ا
• م{—C"ا 'gA&$ م&رZ"ا jC(& 8AJ"ا
• rاPstا ±ر|أ M%J"ا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• 7X&« M%J"ا
hhe /ind is a de?oration
• o8#tا UCV مZB"ا e'k M%J"ا
• اهo'9 M•‡"ا$ ŠAX"ا ءاAk M%J"ا
• roا‡`"ا ا•{برQ <¬&رy M%J"ا
• ’{g"ا rT ا•&T ] ا# rT ا•[ &T M%J"ا
• WgAl 'DاB"ا 7ب8%V
• م•lا#« o” 'Y 6[ UCV œ86 M9 )8%V
• ’CB`g# ر{y E# E{p{"اب “د8m rا*Z"ا 7#‚V
• rاgstا ر•|أ مT CYJ” "ا
• 'T C\f[ p"ا “'"$ Mmر"ا مT CYV”
• رp~ ‚ب ر‡a9 MpV ‚ب مCV
• اgP`%# naV ا# اP"ا˜ W" E9$ اPg`Z# مCJC" EZ; E&« مCJ"ا
• ر‡B"ا UCV 5%X"ا9 ر” –[ (• "ا :; مCJ"ا
• WX# ŠP`6ا Wب ر# E# ½ارg"ا9 مCJ"ا
• WX# qT A[ XY &T ] ¬XZ9 OAX& ] مCV
• :Q”FY &[ ]$ UQ[ˆY &T مCJ"ا
• E{s U"= §'mأ u=$ UXA& )اp"ا$ ا'بأ U`AC" U%P&$ ©'‡& مCJ"ا
• ±رa"ا$ ¬J"ا n{ب œ'•& M•‡"ا$ W" داpV ] ا`{ب O;ر& مCJ"ا
• ءا{Pltا 7~o$ ءاpCJ"ا
• ر¯ا$'"ا o$'Q :yاP"ا UCV
• ا‡X"ا bاoد= :CV Š{"$ UJDأ uأ :CV
• 7a&o WDأo UCV
• <°'\ VT ء‚P"ا :;$ WX&« ءاخر"ا :; م•l…; uا8خºاب !{CV
• ’Z"ا :; oاX"ا u…; 7X‡"اب !{CV
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• x•" :بأ UCV ا# W{CV
• 'sا$ rر"ا$ 'sا$ رpJ"ا
ci-e is .,t one and God is .,t one
• r¢ اGخ -Cبأ MpJ"ا
• 7X{B˜ رBP"ا MpV
• xC%"ا UpV ]$ E{J"ا UpV
• WX&ر6 EV MD$ )FgQ ] ءرp"ا EV
• uا•& $أ ءرp"ا œرZ& uاB`#]ا 'XV
• u8{J"ا UpJQ u8GP"ا 'XV
• qبا8g"ا ±رJQ uاهر"ا 'XV
• uا8خºا ±رJQ '¯ا'a"ا 'XV
‘n _erilsd yo, @no3 yo,r -riends
• §رg"ا œ8%"ا 'pB& اP("ا 'XV
• E{%{"ا رPf"ا 7[ X[{Y •[ mT 'XV
• uار{A"ا xJCQ <ر•"ا x{–Q ا#'XV
• uا#$ر"ا ±ر(`& اp9 ±ر(Q ا#$o :; u8ZQ ا#'XV
• ng{``Dا ¬XV
• اهاVرpب UVرQ <¬XJ"ا
• م¯اد دا•m ا{l'"ا :; 5{J"ا
• jC#$ 5{V
• Eg"اب Eg"ا$ E{J"اب E{J"ا
>n eye -or an eye and a tooth -or a tooth
• xmاB"ا UCV 8CJQ ] E{J"ا
hhe eye does not .e?o/e higher than the eye.ro3
[edit] &
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• WJ# “oT *Y VT x¯ا–"ا
hhe ei?,se o- the a.sent is 3ith hi/
• E{Xs :Y A\fT ب” ءاm$ E{"8s rاy
• ¡اPض"ا nPJ"$ ¡اPg"ا nباy
• W{; WXp~ :"ا–"ا
hhe _ri?e o- the ei_ensi+e is 3ithin hi/
• 7"ا*l q&'("ا EPy
• ا¦ر{(ب uا9 8"$ UpVأ x&ر–"ا
> stranger is .lind e+en 3hen he sees
• WCJ; :; M6اJ"ا xضy$ W"86 :; Mها‡"ا xضy
• M%J"ا أ'k xض–"ا
• WAlأ ±ر˜ UCV WPضy
• 7برy E˜8"ا :; “ر%;$ E˜$ 7بر–"ا :; ءرp"ا UXy
• )اp"ا UXy E# ر{خ ŠAX"ا UXy
• )اp"ا UXy ] xC%"ا UXy UX–"ا
• رGP"ا Äo8& UX–"ا
• ½ا{g"ا :; O6أ اlأ$ ½اm'"ا M9F& ©ر{y
[edit] '
• W{GJ& ] ء:a"ا '6ا;
• د8g# M{C"ا MI# رJa"ا$ ™{P# jP("ا MI# Wm8"ا;
• 'Dا; M•‡"اب xB"ا ر{I9 u=$ j"اk M%J"اب xB"ا M{C6 u…;
• u‚; 'ضV :; n;
• 7%ب8p"ا o8#tا :; u8V$ Šlأ 7%I"ا uا8خ= nPg9 ا# ر{f;
• rاBg"ا ر\ #[ ر† pT Q[ ÆT ر[ AT"ا
• ء8g"ا ءاlر%" 7PgZ# Šltا Áر;
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• ءا'Vtا Wب ƒ'•| ا# MضA"ا
• رp~ ‚ب ر‡|$ رG# ‚ب eرب u‚;
• E{•m8ب u‚;
• '%J"ا 7GDا$$ ½ا`"ا <T o\ دT u‚;
• :l$ر(PQ ] )ا6$ M{A"ا x9o '6 u‚;
• oT ا¬`[gY QT ]$ oT ا¬QT 7PJZ"ا9 u‚;
• E{J"ا E# MBZ"ا eرg& u‚;
• م{#*ب ŠباV Wm$ M9 ]$ 7|اaب M9 uاX{J"ا 'pBQ اp;
• M„ا; R%X"ا :V'& م9 اADأ ا$$ R6اl MضA"ا :V'& م9 اP‡V ا8;
• ا•Cهأ ر{y U"= ا•PC˜ E# ر{خ 7mاB"ا ƒ8;
• 7#ا'X"ا 7C‡J"ا :;$ 7#‚g"ا :lF`"ا :;
• <ر{aJ"ا bر`aQ <ر&ر‡"ا :;
• uا8خºا ±رJ& '¯ا'a"ا :;
• )اmر"ا رها8m مCV )ا8stا xC%Q :;
• eا«otا «8X9 e‚خtا 7JD :;
• ءا# Wp; :; E# qGX& Mه$ ءا# :p; :;
• x{ap"ا MJ; اpب “رPخF; ا#8& د8J& rاPa"ا n{" ا{;
• اه´8„ bر{–" اoاl ا'68# ا{;
[edit] (
• Š{˜8"ا Ups '6
• 'p–# 8ه$ ’{g"ا U68`& '6
• ‚D ‚ب ¡ا‡a"ا EP‡& '6
• WJpm E# ر{y )اp"ا M9F&$ WC9Ÿ ر{y )اp"ا Op‡& '6
• <o\ '† "ا ر{y 7;'("ا E# ½رf& '6
• ‚¦ هاm م"اJ"ا ر•ª E# qCf& '6
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• M"¬"ا M‡J`gp"ا O# u8Z& '6$ W`mاs ™Jب :lF`p"ا bo'& '6
• o8ه¬"ا £D$ b8a"ا nPX& '6
• ا•J„8# 8Gf"ا MP6 ![ C”mY ر” "” oY '• 6[
• ر{PZC" Og`& ر{PZ"ا o'Y %”"ا
• 7B{(X"ا E# ر{خ 7XgB"ا <$'%"ا
o ceading .y eia/_le is .etter than gi+ing and ad+i?e
• 7{k8"ا E# ر{خ 7XgB"ا <$'%"ا
o ceading .y eia/_le is .etter than ?o//and/ents
• E{V <ر6
• )ا¬y W#أ E{V :; در%"ا
o hhe /on@ey in his /other4s eye is a ga¹elle
• د8Dtا œ8{"ا :; OAX& ™{بtا Ìر%"ا
o hhe 3hite _enny 3ill .e?o/e ,se-,l in yo,r dar@ days
• مX–"ا <رI9 W"8•Q ] rT ا(\ % [ "ا
• WPBl Uض6
• WC{"د E#ˆp"ا xC6
• E• ‡[ p” "ا ر•ª W" xC6
• 7"z 7C%"ا
• ا•ضJب 'XV r8C%"ا
• داgA"ا O# ر{IZ"ا U%P& ]$ U%P{; WBC(Q )اp"ا M{C6
• OG%X# ر{I9 E# ر{خ م¯اد M{C6
• x{–"ا :; ر{I9 E# ر{خ x{‡"ا :; M{C6
• UXA& ] ¬X9 7VاX%"ا
o ¨ontent is an e+erlasting treas,re
• ا%&'k :" ¡'& م" qB"ا )86
• :"اخ ŽرA"ا² )ا6 ²b8بأ E#² ›M–PC" M{6²
o hhe /,le 3as as@ed› ²¤ho is yo,r -ather·² ‘t res_onded 3ith›
²hhe horse is /y ,n?le²
• 7با`Z"اب مCJ"ا ا$'T {•6[
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o ‘ns?ri.e s?ien?e in 3riting
• رZa"اب لا مJl ا$'T {•6[
[edit] )
• ا¦رA9 u8Z& uأ ر%A"ا دا9
• 7lا&رV :ه$ اهر{y :gZQ <ربºا9
ci@e the needle 3hi?h ?lothes others 3hile re/aining na@ed
• 7;\¬\ "ا :; Ìر˜tا9
ci@e a dea- /an in a _arade
• o*& ]$ U%P& ] ›دار‡"ا9
• ر{Jب W" Š{"$ ©داB"ا9
• x~$ EZpQ اz=$ rره xC˜ اz= ›x¯*"ا9
• ¡8m E# :X–& ]$ Epg& ] O&رض"ا9
• ءاp"ا UCV ™با%"ا9
ci@e so/eone trying to ?a_t,re 3ater in his -ist
• ر{JP"ا ر•ª np(6 :`"ا 7a%"ا9
• ƒ8PZXJ"ا n{Pب :p`Bp"ا9
ci@e the /an 3ho shields hi/sel- 3ith a s_iders ho/e
• oاX"اب ءاض#ر"ا E# ر{‡`gp"ا9
• مg"ا ا•باlzأ :;$ 8CB& MgV ا•ها8;أ :; ›MBX"ا9
Hi/ilar to a .ee› in their /o,ths they ?arry s3eet honeyd and in their tails _oison
• MpBQ ]$ ر{GQ ] ›7#اJX"ا9
ci@e an ostri?h› ?annot -ly and ?annot .ear .,rdens
• Ïا`–{" qCخ اpl= 'DاB"ا uF9
hhe en+io,s 3as ?reated only to .e in-,riated
• W#ارs E# OCGQ Špa"ا uF9
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• ر{G"ا م•D$ءo UCV uF9
• Wlا8XV E# أر%& rا`Z"ا
• 7P{•"ا xه*Q !Bض"ا <رI9
• rاPstا eرAQ rا`J"ا <رI9
• ءاض–P"ا Äo8Q rا`J"ا <رI9
• ءا$د e'("ا$ ءاد r*Z"ا
cying is the disease and tr,th is the ?,re
• eر–&$ ©$ر& ءاp"ا رpy !"*9
• “'{D 7#ار9 E# 'PJ"ا 7#ار9
• j&ر"ا x•# :; 7a&ر9
• oارstا œر9أ E# م&رZ"ا
• W`BQ E# مCN& م{—C"ا$ W68; E# مCN& م&رZ"ا
• 'Dtا E&رV :; '{("ا x"اG9
• «ا8Vº UgZQ ] لا 7PJ9
• WP&اJ# '\ J[ QT uأ ‚ض; ءرp"ا UA9
• )8pB# ءاب's 7"Ÿ UCV ا¦#8& W`#‚D n"ا˜ u=$ UIlأ Eبا M9
• x&ر6 ƒŸ M9
• WXgB& اpب ¿ر#ا M9
• jضX& W{; ©*"اب ءاl= M9
• M¯ا« م{Jl M9$ Žˆب M9
• Wبoاy UCV MPs M9
• )ا`fQ M&z ƒاz M9
• ¡ا'kT Wب Žأo M9
• R6اl '¯ا« M9
• ¡ا| E{X~]ا «$اm رD M9
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• )ا{`sا ا&اXpC" Š{" uأ ر{y )اmر"ا W{; )ا`f& ء:| M9
• x{gl x&ر–C" x&رy M9
• jPX& WباPب xC9 M9
• ŽاX"ا :•`a& ا# ŠP"ا$ :•`aQ ا# M9
• )اpVtا 7‡{`l ]= Š{" )ا8#أ E# د‚P"ا :; ا# M9
• j"اk E{J"ا Wب ƒY ر\ 6[ ا# M9
• )8Cp# )$*P# M9
• r8yر# ¡8Xp# M9
• ½ر; U"= مه M9
• دا#$ دا6 W" 'sا$ M9
• ™JQ ا# ا¦oداl 7sاPX"ا r‚Z"ا
• ر{gQ 7C;ا%"ا$ jPXQ r‚Z"ا
• oا•X"ا “8Bp& M{C"ا œ‚9
• MDtا9 ¬° y$$ MgJ"ا9 œ‚9
• ™باo 'Dأ E# ر{خ )° ا8\ m[ xC9
• '{k xC˜ مZC9
• WsاXm R6 oا˜ اpC9
• WC`6 uاه rاب*"ا رI9 اpC9
• ءاGJ"اب œ86 ¬J& bا*9 ا#86 )† *” &T )اˆg"ا uأ اp9
• '(BQ ¡o¬Q اp9
• x¯*"ا :بر& Ep9
• م•"ا E# ر`gQ ر{f"اب رaC" اX;اد E9
• ’XV ر{y E# ا'&'|$ ’J„ ر{y E# اX{" E9
• ’XV ر{y :; ا¦'&'|$ ’J„ ر{y :; اX¦{•"[ E9
• MV8"ا Wlر6 Uه$أ$ اهرض& مC; اهرgZ{" ا#8& <رfk j˜اX9
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• اهد]$أ M9FQ <ر•9
[edit] *
• MBX"ا رب= E# '•a"ا u$د 'ب ]
• ‰AX& uأ E# o$'(pC" 'ب ]
• '–"ا U"= œ8{"ا MpV MmˆQ ]
o •on4t delay today4s 3or@ ,ntil to/orro3
• bر{y <'¯ا# UCV b¬Pخ M9FQ ]
o •on4t eat yo,r .read on so/eone else4s ta.le
• !{CV r*Z& uأ !" r*9 E# E#FQ ]
• E&'ب ا¦'%l OPQ ]
• j"ا˜ œ8{ب ا¦B"اk ا¦#8& OPQ ]
• WQo8k ءرp"ا M{"د ECJ‡Q ]
• !"اp| UCV !X{p& E‡Q ]
• MJ; )ا6 اz= E# مkاfQ ]
• eاaV اXCZ; bا8ه ر|ا$ eا8|tا !ب nJXk ا# ’fQ ]
• WX# nC‡خ ÐWXV nC—DT اz= ا¦—{| MJAQ ]
• اB"ºاب <o$رض"ا Rخ• ر[ QT ]
• “دo !{CV رgJ& اp•D œرQ ]
• 7"درخ WA9 E# £%gQ ]
• MNXB"ا ŽF9 ¬J"اب :X%Dا; Mب 7"*ب <ا{B"ا ءا# :X%gQ ]
• مخر"ا$ uابر–"ا U"= j&ر‡"ا §8Z| W`pa`; qCخ U"= u8ZaQ ]
• x{lF`"اب 8AJ"ا Wm$ EaQ ]
• oرض"ا u8#F# ر{y uاgC"ا u= ر(ب ر{y :; )8%"ا E%CGQ ]
• W6«ر" اP"ا˜ ’XJQ ]
• اPl*"ا ا•Dأo OPQF; اp•| nX9 u= ا•CDرQ$ UJ;tا xlz EJG%Q ]
• اBباD ]= رBP"ا EJ%Q ]
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• 8"اB" :X–& U`s :Xy :X–pC" )8%Q ]
o •on4t as@ the singer to sing ,ntil he 3ishes to sing .y hi/sel-
• U#ر`; ا¦ر# ]$ M9ˆ`; ا¦8Cs EZQ ]
• §ztا ر{I9 Žأر"ا; اDأo EZQ ]
• رgZ`; اgبا& ]$ ر[ ([ JY `T;[ اP˜o EZQ ]
• 7” &['Y pT "ا EV ‰BPQ ¬XJ"ا9 EZQ ]
• )اP‡"ا :%`CQ ]
o •on4t -a?e the Giants
• اo'k bا*ب n%„ '6 nlأ$ ارD !{"= :aAp"ا مCQ ]
• Uبأ ره'"ا$ œ¬J"ا :X•#” jk اPl ’{g"ا اz= :A9 مY CTQ[ ]
• !{CV أر‡`{; ء:l'"ا ]$ !{CV qXB{; ’&رa"ا «اpQ ]
• ±$رJp"ا EV ƒر(6 ا'& :"اJp"ا U"= u'¥ pQ ]
• م{NV nCJ; اz= !{CV oاV WCI# :QFQ$ qCخ EV WXQ ]
• ±رJQ ] اpب ±ر•Q ]
• r8Zgp"ا EPC"ا UCV ءاZP"ا E# §$'m ]
• Špa"ا nBQ '&'m ]
• 7#ا'X"ا 'Jب œ[ رY mT ]
• o'6 E# o*s ]
• ±8V ©دا8ب رs ]
• UgX{; n{# ]$ Umر{; :s ]
• ’"ˆ& ]$ ’T "[FY &[ ] Ep{; ر{خ ]
• 'sأ W" œ$'& ] Ep{; ر{خ ]
• د8gB" 7sاo ]
• r$*Z" ©أo ]
• ¡اG& ] Ep" ©أo ]
• مهo'"ا9 )8Do ]
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• Ep{"ا xXV ]$ œاa"ا ƒ8Q )ا˜ ]
• ر{AX"ا :; ]$ ر{J"ا :; ]
• ر{AX"ا :; ]$ ر{J"ا :; ]
• WX˜$ :; :¥ PX" 7#ار9 ]
• M{fP" <ء$ر# ]
• M•‡"ا E# مNVأ 7P{(# ]
• uاخد u$'ب oاl ]
• Mpm ]$ ا•{; :" 76اl ]
• '6اX"ا ر{y oاX&'"ا ر(P& ]
• )اs UCV ء:| U%P& ]
• WgAl E# Mها‡"ا -CP& ا# Mهاm E# ءا'Vtا -CP& ]
• xXJ"ا b8a"ا رpI& ]
• MpB"ا$ x¯*"ا Op`‡& ]
• 'py :; uاA{D OT p[ ‡Y &T ]
• xQر"ا Wب 8CJQ E# '%B"ا MpB& ]
• ŽاX"ا$ لا E{ب ±T رY JT "ا xه*& ]
• ƒ8pQ U`s د8gB"ا !XV U„ر& ]
• ½8Vأ د8J"ا$ MN"ا م{%`g& ]
• اهرDا9 ]= <«8‡"اب O`p`g& ]
• oاPy W" q† a[ &T ]
o •,st does not .,rden hi/
• لا رZa& ] E# ŽاX"ا رZa& ]
o Leo_le don4t than@ so/eone 3ho doesn4t than@ God
• r‚Z"ا اPl rاBg"ا رض& ]
• ا•Bبz 'Jب ا•fCD <اa"ا ر{ض& ]
• x"اG# “ءاo$ qs O{ض& ]
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• xmo œا{k ]$ x‡J"ا WP‡J& ]
• E{Qر# “رBm E# E#ˆp"ا ³'C& ]
o •a3n does not ?o/e t3i?e to a3a@en a /an
• WAlأ ر{(6 ¡'m ا# ر#t
• م•A& <oا|ºاب x{PC"ا
• WA`s ا`A# Mها‡"ا uاg"
• Wlاg" )« ءرp"ا M%V )« U`# WlاpmرQ WC%V EV U`A"ا uاg"
• داˆA"ا œ'خ E# ءرp"ا uاg"
• !lاه W`Xه u=$ Ñ!lاk W`Xk u= !lا(s !lاg"
o 2o,r tong,e is yo,r horseÒ i- yo, ta@e ?are o- itd it ta@es ?are
o- yo,¼ i- yo, .etray itd .etray it 3ill
• rارg"ا “رy E# )$أ ng"
• ©داXQ Ep" <ا{s ] EZ"$ ا{s n&داl 8" nJpDأ '%"
• ŽاX"ا U"= ½ا`sا E# ŽاX"ا UCV uاه '%"
• <*" '&'m MZ"
• <°8[ PY 9[ د¢ ا8[ m[ MZ"
• Mmأ :s MZ"
o ho ea?h li-e a _,r_ose
• ƒ8p"ا ]= ءا$د ءاد MZ"
o w+ery disease has a /edi?ine ei?e_t -or death
• ا•&$ا'& E# n{Vأ 76اpB"ا ]= Wب xG`g& ءا$د ءاد MZ"
+n,lis- .need ori,inal Arabic /roverb0
• •e ¤al@s >/ongst ^s v,t •e ‘s 0ot ¾ne ¾- ^s
• > .oo@ is li@e a garden ?arried in the _o?@et
o x{‡"ا :; œا6 7%&'s MI# rا`9
• hhe .est to sit 3ith in all ti/es is a .oo@
o rا`9 uا#¬"ا :; Š{Cm ر{خ$
• > lot got the ?ro3 to his /other
o W#t rار–"ا rاm ا#ا&
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• )ا¬y W#أ E{V U; در%"ا ‹this one a?t,ally /eans literally ²to his /other4s
eye a /on@ey loo@s li@e a deer² /eaning that yo,r /other 3ill al3ays tell yo,
that yo,4re .ea,ti-,l and ne+er say that yo,4re ,glyŒ
• > /o,th that _raises and a hand that @ills
!{CV م•;8{D $ !J# م•ب8C6
• > _ro/ise is a ?lo,d¼ -,l-ill/ent is rain¼ and the .est _ro/ise is that
3hi?h has .een _ro+ed .y rain
o oاG#ºا W6'k ا# '{Vا8p"ا Egsأ$ رG# «ا‡lºا$ 7باBD 'V8"ا
• > se?ret is li@e a do+e› 3hen it lea+es /y hand it ta@es 3ing
• > sense o- h,/or is the _ole that adds .alan?e to o,r ste_s as 3e 3al@
the tightro_e o- li-e
• > tho,sand ene/ies o,tside the ho,se is .etter than one 3ithin
• > 3ise /an asso?iating 3ith the +i?io,s .e?o/es an idiot¼ a dog
tra+eling 3ith good /en .e?o/es a rational .eing
• >ll /an@ind is di+ided into three ?lasses› those that are i//o+a.led
those that are /o+ea.led and those that /o+e
• >ll s,nshine /a@es a desert
• >n ar/y o- shee_ led .y a lion 3o,ld de-eat an ar/y o- lions led .y a
• >rrogan?e di/inishes 3isdo/
o 7pZB"ا ’Jض& رPZ`"ا
• >rrogan?e is a 3eed that gro3s /ostly on a d,nghill
• > .ite -ro/ a lion is .etter the loo@ o- en+y
'gs <رNl ] $ 'Dأ 7ضV
• >s@ the ei_erien?ed rather than a do?tor ‹the learnedŒ
o x{P˜ )FgQ ]$ rر‡# )FDا
• >s@ thy _,rse 3hat tho, sho,ld4st .,y
• >t the narro3 _assage there is no .rother and no -riend
• velie+e 3hat yo, see and not all yo, hear
o OpgQ ا# M9 e'(Q ]$ §رQ ا# e'k
• vetter sa-e than sorry
o W#‚g"ا :lF`"ا :;$ W#ا'X"ا 7C‡J"ا :;
• vetter late than ne+er
o :QFQ ] uأ E# Mض;أ ارخF`# :QFQ uأ
• ¨all so/eone yo,r lord and he4ll sell yo, in the sla+e /ar@et
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• •o not .,y either the /oon or the ne3sd -or in the end they 3ill .oth
?o/e o,t
• •ogs .ar@d .,t the ?ara+an /o+es on
o ر{gQ 7C;ا%"ا$ ©8JQ r‚Z"ا
• •3ell not ,_on thy 3earinessd thy strength shall .e a??ording to the
/eas,re o- thy desire
• wat 3hate+er tho, li@estd .,t dress as others do
ŽاX"ا x‡J& UC"= ŠP"ا $ !P‡J& UC"ا M9
• wat 3hate+er yo, li@ed .,t dress as others do
• w+ery a/.itio,s /an is a ?a_ti+e and e+ery ?o+eto,s one a _a,_er
• w+ery day o- yo,r li-e is a _age o- yo,r history
• w+ery s,n has to set
o r$ر–"ا Šp| M9 ر{(#
• wia/ine 3hat is saidd not hi/ 3ho s_ea@s
)اmر"اب qB"ا ±رJ& ] $ qB"اب )اmر"ا ±رJ&
• wia/_le is .etter than _re?e_t
• Kor e+ery glan?e .ehind ,sd 3e ha+e to loo@ t3i?e to the -,t,re
• Kor the sa@e o- the -lo3ersd the 3eeds are 3atered
• Gi+e a /an so/e ?loth and he4ll as@ -or so/e lining
• •e -asted -or a 3hole year and then .ro@e his -ast 3ith an onion
o M(ب UCV رG;ا$ 7XD œاk :C"ا MI#
• •e said 3here are yo, going gra_ed Hhe sighed › ‘ a/ staying on the
• •e 3ho has health has ho_e¼ and he 3ho has ho_ed has e+erything
• •e 3ho _ee_s at the neigh.or4s 3indo3 /ay ?han?e to lose his eyes
• •e 3ho got o,t o- his ho/e lessened his +al,e
“oا'%# M%`& “oاد E# ½رf& UC"=
• •e 3ho _lants thorns /,st ne+er ei_e?t to gather roses
• •e 3ho s_ea@s a.o,t the -,t,re liesd e+en 3hen he tells the tr,th
o ا86'k 8"$ u8p‡Xp"ا r*9
• •e 3ho 3as le-t .y the .ald is ta@en .y the hairy ‹0ot the ?o/.Œ
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• ‘ tell nod ‘ donÓt yo, no .,t the ha.it in yo, _re+ails >0• the tail o-
the dog ne+er straightens ,_ e+en i- yo, hang to it a .ri?@
o )'JX& ا# xCZ"ا M&z
• ‘- a _oor /an ate itd they 3o,ld say it 3as .e?a,se o- his st,_idity
• ‘- the hair 3as _re?io,sd 3o,ldn4t gro3 on the ass
• ‘- thy .elo+ed 3as honeyd donÓt li?@ all o- hi/
o WC9 WgBCQ ا# MgV !ب8PB# uا9 uا
• ‘- yo, are going to .elie+e all 3hat yo, readd then don4t read
• ‘- yo, ?ond,?t yo,rsel- _ro_erlyd -ear no one
!{; b$'V oا`B& )'V Ua#=
• ‘- yo,r ho,se is o- glassd don4t thro3 ro?@s at others
<oا‡B"اب ŽاX"ا œرQ ‚; ½اm« E# !`{ب uا9 uا
• ci+e together li@e .rothers and do .,siness li@e strangers
• €a@e yo,r .argain .e-ore .eginning to _lo3
• €any are the roads that do not lead to the heart
• €eaningless la,ghter is a sign o- ill}.reeding
rدأ 7C6 xPD ر{V E# !Bض"ا
• €eas,re yo,r •,iltd then stret?h yo,r legs
o !{Cmo '# !;اB" '6 UCV
• €eat and /ass ne+er hindered /an
• 0e+er gi+e ad+i?e in a ?ro3d
7B{ض; ر•‡"ا U; 7B{(X"ا
• 0e+er s_ea@ ill o- the dead
م9اQ8# EDاB# ا$ر9z=
• 0o ?ro3d e+er 3aited at the gates o- _atien?e
• 0o ?,red no _ay
• O! my brother Kli_ the _ot on its /o,thd the da,ghters t,rn into their
o ا•#] nXP"ا OCGQ ا•p; UCV <ر‡"ا xC6ا
• O! my sister ?lose thy doord and eno,gh 3hat ha__ened to yo,
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• O! my sister 2o,r son is li@e ho3 yo, raised hi/ >nd yo,r h,s.and is
li@e ho3 yo, trained hi/
W&د8JQ ا# UCV b«8m $ W{برQ ا# UCV !Xب=
• ¾¸ ¨o,nt thy shee_ Goha Goha said one is aslee_ and the other is
• ¾¸ ¨o,nt the 3a+es o- the sea Goha Goha said the ?o/ings are /ore
than 3hat _assed
• ¾¸ 2o, sittingd /ay God _rote?t yo, -ro/ the e+ils o- the ?o/ers
• ¾ne day yo,r li-e 3ill _ass in-ront o- yo,r eyesd so /a@e it 3orthy to
loo@ at
• ¾n the day o- +i?tory no one is tired
• ¾ne hand -or onesel- and one -or the shi_
• ¾nly the tent _it?hed .y yo,r o3n hands 3ill stand
• ¾nly three things in li-e are ?ertain .irthd death and ?hange
• Lro+er.s are the la/_ o- s_ee?h
• Haid› ¤hat 3o,ld the .lind 3ant· Haid› > .ag o- eyes
E{X{V 7A6 ر{y UpVtا $'ب 8| )ا6
• Hee@ ?o,nsel o- hi/ 3ho /a@es yo, 3ee_d and not o- hi/ 3ho /a@es
yo, la,gh
• He+en trades .,t no l,?@
• O&ا„ nfP"ا$ O&اXk OPD
• hhe ant shall ne+er ?ra3l on its @nees
• hhe ass 3ent see@ing -or horns and lost his ears
• hhe de+il is ?,nning
o ر˜ا| uاG{a"ا
• hhe dogs /ay .ar@ .,t the ?ara+an /o+es on
ر{gQ 7C;ا%"ا$ ©8JQ r‚Z"ا
• hhe end o- the 1234 is 5++P ‹Ho,ndsŒ
• hhe ene/y o- /y ene/y is /y -riend
o :%&'k ©$'V $'V
• hhe -ool has his ans3er on the ti_ o- his tong,e
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
o Wlاg" Žأo UCV qpstا rا8m
• hhe -r,it o- silen?e is tran•,ility
• hhe -r,it o- ti/idity is neither gain nor loss
• hhe @ni-e o- the -a/ily does not ?,t
• hhe /an and his 3o/an is li@e the gra+e and its dead
• hhe /ind is -or seeingd the heart is -or hearing
• hhe onion o- the .elo+ed is a shee_
±$رخ xBp"ا 7C(ب
• hhe one}eyed _erson is a .ea,ty in the ?o,ntry o- the .lind
• hhe sinning is the .est _art o- re_entan?e
• hhe 3his_er o- a _retty girl ?an .e heard -,rther than the roar o- a lion
• hhe 3o,nd o- 3ords is 3orse than the 3o,nd o- s3ords
±8{g"ا رm E# qpVأ œ‚Z"ا رm
• hhe 3o,nd that .leeds in3ardly is the /ost dangero,s
• hhe 3rath o- .rothers is -ier?e and de+ilish
• hhey did not -ind a -a,lt in the rosed they said ²¾¸ 2o, are red
E&'f"ا رpsأ ا& ا8"ا6 WP{V دo8"ا :; Ì8%" ا#
• hhin@ o- the going o,t .e-ore yo, enter
• hhose 3hose hands are in the 3ater sho,ld not ei_e?t sy/_athy -ro/
those 3hose hands are in the -ire
oاX"ا :; “$'&= :C"ا ©« 5# W{p"ا :; “$'&= :C"ا
• ‘ got yo,d ²¾¸ ¤orshi_er o- the hel_er²d to hel_ /e .,t yo, are in need
o- hel_
!X{J& E# b'ب !`{%" E{JQ E{Jp"ا 'PV ا& !`Pm
• ho/orro3 3e sit .y the 3all and here it all
7G&¬"ا OpgXب$ 7G{B"ا UCV 'J%Xب <رZب
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh
• Ëisit rarelyd and yo, 3ill .e /ore lo+ed
:"اy nX9 8" RخرQ d’C`Q ’•"ا رI9
• ¤e 3ere silen?ed .y o,r _atien?ed he entered 3ith his don@ey
• ¤hat is learned in yo,th is ?ar+ed in stone
o ر‡B"ا :; 5%X"ا9 ر–("ا :; مCJ"ا
• Hee@ @no3ledge -ro/ the ?radle to the gra+e ‹€eaning› Hee@
@no3ledge -ro/ the day yo, are .orn till the day yo, dieŒ
o 'BC"ا U"= '•p"ا E# مCJ"ا ا8PC˜ا
• ¤hat starts 3ith a ?ondition has a good ending
o8l “رخŸ Áر| W"$أ :C"ا
• ¤hen a door o_ens not to yo,r @no?@d ?onsider yo,r re_,tation
• ¤hen 3hat yo, 3ant doesn4t ha__end learn to 3ant 3hat does
• ¤hen yo, are deadd yo,r sister4s tears 3ill dry as ti/e goes ond yo,r
3ido34s tears 3ill ?ease in another4s ar/sd .,t yo,r /other 3ill /o,rn yo,
,ntil she dies
• ¤hile the 3ord is yet ,ns_o@end yo, are /aster o- it¼ 3hen on?e it is
s_o@end it is /aster o- yo,
• ¤ishing does not /a@e a _oor /an ri?h
• ¤it is -olly ,nless a 3ise /an hath the @ee_ing o- it
• ¤rite the .ad things that are done to yo, in sandd .,t 3rite the good
things that ha__en to yo, on a _ie?e o- /ar.le
• •e 3hose a?e gets ?,t ond gets his ,nder_ants o-- ¤hen yo, ?,td ?,t
high hhe hhird •and is the highest hand
• ²Kil /ish/ish²
o citerally› ‘n the a_ri?ots
o >?t,al €eaning› Korget it¸ ‹si/ilar to› ‘n yo,r drea/s¸Œ
• Hhe 3ho steals a _i?t,re 3ill steal a _i?t,re al.,/
o Mpm eرg{ب 7ض{ب eرg{ب :C"ا
Prepared & Collected by: Mohammed Al-Wajeeh

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