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Ncp Episiotomy Wound

Ncp Episiotomy Wound

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Published by: Clarito Isic on Aug 18, 2011
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CUES/EVIDENCES Subjectives: Client verbalized that y sakit ang akong tahi usahay y mag ngut-ngot pud

usahay ang akong tahi





EVALUATION At the end of our care all objectives were partially met as evidenced by:

Altered comfort: acute Within our 2 days of pain related to surgical nursing care the patient incision secondary to will be able to: episiotomy wound. y Vital signs in normal range T= 36.5 C-37.5 C P=60-100bpm R=15-20cpm BP=110-140/6090 mmHg y Monitor patients vital signs. y To obtain baseline data


Objectives: y VITAL SIGNS T: 36.5 C R: 17 cpm P: 75 bpm BP: 120/85 mmHg y Client rate the pain 4 (1 lowest10 highest)

Vitals signs: T=37.1 C, warm to touch. P=73 bpm, regular R=23 cpm, no use of accessory muscles. The patient was able to observed evidence of pain.


Observed evidenced of pain.


y y LABORATORY RESULT URINALYSIS Color: yellow Transparency: slight hazy y Patient report of less pain. y

Accepts clients percerption of pain. Acknowledge the pain experience and convey acceptance of clients response of pain. Assess patient s general health condition.


Pain is subjective experience and cannot be felt by others.



To determine deviations from normal and obtain subjective cues.


The patient reports less pain especially when she takes her medication.

y y Verbalize of relief. y y Facial Grimacing On the given. Medications ordered PRN basis should be offered to the client at the interval when the next dose is available. feeling y Perform cleansing bedbath to the patient. The client was able to take her prescribed medications. y Provide optimal pain relief with doctor s prescribed analgesics y y .Sp. y Provide adequate rest. y The patient verbalized the feeling of comfort. Each client has a right to expect maximum pain relief. y Promotes feeling of rested. Gravity: 1. comfort and also avoid fatigue.. To cleanse the body and feeling of relief also to reduce the risk of infection. The patient able to verbalize feeling of relief from cleansing bedbath. administer pain reliever to the client.5 y y y y Profused sweating Limited movement Restless y Verbalized feeling of comfort.030 Glucose: negative Protein: negative pH: 6.

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