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A. K. Kumar Chief Accountant

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DubaiJebel Ali





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Cable maufacturers

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NITROGEN SERVICES, Pipeline services, PIPE cleaning, preINSPECTION/S commissioning, ERVICES, commissioning, a_hak_me@ www.a-hakPRESSURE Abu Dhabi 02-6458003 02-6458006 purging & drying, TESTING helium leak EQUIPMENT, detection, plant & PROJECTS/PRO pipeline ultrasonic JECT inline inspection. MANAGEMENT SERVICES All kinds of heavy aitrd@emirat SHELVING duty, medium & Dubai 04-3516313 04-3525785 light duty storage COMM & IND systems. Clearing & Forwarding, Packing & mahesh@am Dubai 04-3971800 04-3976700 Remoovals, Reefer Transportation & Trucks, Imports & Exports Dubai 04-3335575 04-3335376 Bearings tools equipment belts. BEARINGS, BELTS




Abu Dhabi 02-5540676 02-5543740

aadtra@eim. ae

Stockists of steel pipes & fittings, flanges valves (upto 24") industrial & oilfield supplies.





info@aalborg 04-3241061 04-3241790

Boiler repairs, burner automation, original boiler / burner spare parts.




acautrecepti Abu Dhabi 02-6264062 02-6263230 om

Specialized in the CONTROL field of Automation SYSTEMS & and Control SERVICES systems Consultancy services in area of reliability, Operational efficiency, Legislative complaince, Asset Integrity.



alan.dambro Abu Dhabi 02-6264062 02-6263230 com





abbdubai@e 04-3179500 04-3342597 ae



abbdubai@e 04-3179500 04-3342597 ae



zoeabblg@e Abu Dhabi 02-6277422 02-6277188 ae nancy.shaikh


Abu Dhabi 02-6272232 02-6273223

ELECTRICAL Manufacturing of ENGINEERING, Low Voltage ELECTRICAL Switchgear, Design EQUIPMENT & Engineering of SWITCHGEAR Substation &, CONTROLS, Automation. ELECTRICAL MOTORS Region Management based in Dubai and INDUSTRIAL covering 23 AUTOMATION countries in the SOFTWARE Middle East & North Africa CONTROL SYSTEMS & Supervisory SERVICES, computer control RADIO & systems, process TELECOMMUNI control & CATIONS HIRE instrumentation, SERVICE, telemetry, radio & RADIO & telecommunication TELECOMMUNI s. CATIONS, TECHNICAL SERVICES Delivering complete Power Systems with POWER engineering, GENERATION project management and services.

ABB VETCO GRAY (c/o Al Ahlia Oilfield Development Co)


Abu Dhabi 02-6813300 02-6813381

OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Oilfield equipment SUPPLIERS, & services OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES ABC Recruitment Global Executive Search & Management Consultants, H.R. Outsourcing & Payroll. Manufacture of Sheaves, Travelling Block,Fairleads, Hammer Unions, Swivel Joints, Integral Pup Joints & Fittings, Rotary Table, Mud Pump, Swivels, Needle Valve, Pressure Gauges, Ring Gaskets. ISO 9001, API, DNV Approved Products. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY , MANPOWER SERVICES, RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS



02abcuae@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6768558 6769280/676 9779



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arbqamzi@e Abu Dhabi 02-6440323 02-6444324 ae

Internal pipeline cleaning and epoxy coating specializing in oil and gas pipelines Agricultural eqpmt building materials pumps Company representation, sponsorship / joint ventures, oilfield maintenance & equipment supplies Pipe fittings tube fittings hoses



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The Leading Caterer to CATERING Industries & Offshore Oilfields. FIRE DETECTION/PR Fire & gas EVENTION detection, SYSTEMS &, protection EQUIPMENT, equipment, FIRE analysers, power PROTECTION suppliers. EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL, SUPPLIERS FREIGHT SHIPPING, CLEARING & Reliable Cargo Movers by Road, FORWARDING, Sea & Air. Clearing SHIPPING and Forwarding AGENCIES, Agents. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA Specialists in road ABNORMAL & marine LOAD transportation of TRANSPORTAT abnormal, extra ION, HEAVY wide & long loads CRANES, up to 5,000 tons HEAVY including handling EQUIPMENT, & erection, self HEAVY LIFT propelled trailers. SHIPPING



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neviswap@e 04-2690630 04-2690677 ae



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0404-3556541 3517188 / 3598988

Operations Assurance, Asset Integrity Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Assessments, GShirreffs@a Engineering bsconsulting. Technical Support com / www.abscon Services, GShirreffs@a Verification bsconsulting. Services, Health, com Safety and Environmental Management, Training Services, Third Party Inspection and Crane Inspection.



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Commercial aviation.




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adce@imcc.a e

Onshore/offshore consulting services, surface preparation, protective coating, hot metal spraying, fireproofing, insulation, scaffolding, corrosion protection & logistic services.



adcc@emirat Abu Dhabi 02-6722828 02-6723838

Onshore & offshore oilfield services & installation.



Abu Dhabi 02-6040000 02-6654839

EXPLORATION Exploration, &/OR drilling, PRODUCTION, production, OIL transport handling, COMPANIES, delivery of crude REPRESENTATI oil from Abu Dhabi VE OFFICE, emirate onshore & TRANSPORTAT shallow marine ION areas. AIR/LAND/SEA Distributors & importers of oilfield products, engineering products & services. CONCRETE & PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS, DRILLING PRODUCTS GAS PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS, OIL COMPANIES, REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE



abdaqmnt@e Abu Dhabi 02-5554079 02-5554614 ae



Abu Dhabi 02-6030000 02-6037414

Gas processing company


Abu Dhabi 02-6061111 02-6065500

Liquefaction and GAS www.adgas. export of natural PROCESSORS/ com gas and petroleum SUPPLIERS gas.


Abu Dhabi 02-6340403 02-6344430


OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS Dealing in line pipes & all kinds of oilfield tubular goods.

almasaoodty Abu Dhabi 02-6425148 02-6425106 res@masaoo



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Leading supplier of equipment & services to the oil & gas, power & water industries in the United Arab Emirates. Import, storage and distribution of ordinary and epoxy coated deformed reinforcing steel bars. Traders of plywood, cement and ceramics. Venue Owners, Regulators and Organisers of International Exhibitions and Conferences in Abu Dhabi.



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gec@emirate / 02-4446135 adipec@gec. ae




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Oil company, involved in exploration, drilling, development, production, refining, gas processing, chemicals, petrochemical industry, transportation, storage, distribution & marketing of the company's share of crude oil, liquefied gas & refined products.



02Abu Dhabi 02-6771300 6722322 / 6722244

Manufacturing & distributing oil products.




Abu Dhabi 02-6277733 02-6272940


ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT Ship owners & ION, transportation of PETROLEUM refined petroleum PRODUCTS products. MANUFACTURE RS/, SUPPLIERS


Abu Dhabi 02-6661100 02-6661327

Exploring, Developing and Producing Petroleum



publicrelatio n@takreer.c om / Abu Dhabi 02-6027000 02-6027001 recruitment m

Oil refining company. Takreer was created in 1999 to manage ADNOC’s oil refining activities. GAS Its areas of COMPANIES, operation include OIL the refining of REFINERIES crude oil and condensate, supply of Petroleum products and granulated Sulphur. DRILL PIPES, DRILLING DIRECTIONAL, DRILLING EQUIPMENT, DRILLING PRODUCTS DRILL PIPES, DRILLING DIRECTIONAL, DRILLING EQUIPMENT, DRILLING PRODUCTS


Abu Dhabi 02-5540525 02-5554577

Abu Dhabi 02-5511377 02-5511367




Abu Dhabi 02-6725822 02-6787604


Petrochemical industries, pipe, FLANGES, fitting, valves, HOSES & drilling eqpts. FITTINGS, construction, tools, OILFIELD hardwares, EQUIPMENT welding & safety SUPPLIERS, eqpts. hose & PIPES, TUBES fittings, & PIPE instrumentation, FITTINGS chemicals and general items. Producers & suppliers of industrial & medical gases MEDICAL SERVICES/MA NAGEMENT & SUPPLIES




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Abu Dhabi 02-5554351 Ras Al Khaimah




Abu Dhabi 02-6274288 02-6268248

Oil company.



02RESIDENTIA Abu Dhabi 02-6347577 6313654/634 7575 m


0202minazayed@ Abu Dhabi 6730600/70 6731023/673 0/027/296 0432 m

Abu Dhabi Plaza Hotel Apartment has Two Hundred and Sixteen apartments (216) Italian Restaurant & coffee shop with wireless internet connection in the mezzanine floor. House keeping HOTEL service is also available in to every apartments. 24 hours security service in the buildings. Abu Dhabi Plaza Hotel Apartment is located in the centre of the city. CONTAINER & Container services, CARGO sea/air, SERVICES, warehousing, CONTAINER storage, SALES & stevedoring, all LEASING, marine activities. CONTAINERS



Abu Dhabi 02-5510800 02-5510455


Ship Building, Ship SHIP REPAIR & Repair & Refit MAINTENANCE



adsaauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-6449100 02-6447783 ae



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Abu Dhabi 02-6338700 02-6346020


ONSHORE & OFSHORE Shipping agencies, OILFIELD air cargo, INTL SERVICE &, removals clearing INSTALATION, & forwarding, SHIPPING warehousing & AGENCIES, storage. SHIPPING COMPANIES & AGENTS GENERATORS - PORTABLE, Trading Services. GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S Is the leading travel agent in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain having 40 years of experience in travel and tourism industry. Offers competitive TRAVEL AGENT Airfares, Tours, Cargo, Umra Packages, Rent A Car and other allied services and equipped with quality automation system. Oilfield supplies and services. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS



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bte1710@e Abu Dhabi 02-6448129 02-6440100 ae


02Abu Dhabi 02-6942222 6789193 / 6942100

Oilfield equipment and services. The specialist supplier for the oil & gas industry Diesel engines & parts, diving & underwater equipment, fibreglass/GRP products, floodlights & electrical fittings, gauges & meters, hoses & fittings, instrument engineering, lubricants. Supply & manufacture of diamond & PDC bits, rock bits, coring bits, coring services, sponge coring, fibre tubes for cores, under reamers, hole openers, stabilisers






ProfabME@e 04-3450054 04-3460056 ae



Abu Dhabi 02-6267733 02-6266144


Design, Manufacture and Installation of all types of Overhead cranes, (single, double girder), Jib CRANE, cranes, Electric OFF/ONSHORE wire rope and CRANES chain hoists, Mobile gantries and specialized crane systems, 50 kg to 80,000 kg capacity. PEST CONTROL EPest control Clean Computer Cleaning Adhesives, adhesive tapes, industrial air tools, maintenance & lubricant products Structural Steel Fabrication ADHESIVES, AIR TOOLS, INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE




04-3241366 04-3241422




accuengg@e 06-5422982 06-5422983 ae



113269 Dubai

04-3401512 04-3401513


Specialists in Engineering & Fabrication works; Lathe Machine Works, Milling & Shaper Jobs, Plastic Moulds & Dies, Press Tools, Casting & Heat Treatment, Steel Fabrication. Bearings manufacture.



DubaiJebel Ali

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Leaders in Safety Shoe Manufacturing and HARDWARE holder of ISO 9002 RETAIL, Certification uses SAFETY latest technology CLOTHINGS to produce high level of safety. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT


Abu Dhabi 02-6731665 02-6730415


04-3550698 04-3550712


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Dealers for all Types of Timber, Plywood, MDF Board and Veneers. Specialised in Burma Teakwood and African Hard Wood, Indenters for Burma Teak, African Teak and Mahogany. Fabrication of steel storage tanks and pressure vessels and installation of fuel supply systems.





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06-5420655 06-5421655


ACTION is a specialist pumping equipment rental company providing purpose built OILFIELD eqipment to the oil EQUIPMENT & gas, marine, SUPPLIERS, industrial & PIGGING, construction PRESSURE industries. ACTION TESTING can provide high EQUIPMENT, volume pump PUMPS & PUMP units, high PARTS pressure pump units, water jetting & cleanig equipment & water filtration Stockists & suppliers of marine/industrial/o ilfield, life saving, fire fighting equipment & wide range of valves, IMO signs, ropes, ladders (pilot embarkation) & all types of nets.




Stockiest & Suppliers of Steel Wire Ropes, Explosion proof ventilation fans, Gaskets & Gland Packings, Spiral Wound Gaskets & Metallic Gaskets, Expansion Joints, Chains, Pneumatic Chain Hoist & winches, Non spark chain hoist, Double braided nylon ropes, 0404Shackles, Wire info@adamal www.adama 3243343/28 3243345/6/2 rope grips & 44848 844880 fittings, Spray paint equipments, Rust Converter, Personal Transfer Net etc... Distributorships: James Walker Co. (UK), Teufelberger (Austria), Ramfan (USA), Corroseal (USA), Toku (Japan), Anest Iwata (Italy), George Taylor (UK), Wade (UK), Billy Pugh Co. (USA)





adamship@e 04-3241762 04-3241567 ae

Ship repair services, control system and services, conveyors, electrical repair services and rewinding, ship building and maintenance, boiler repair and services.





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adptekno@e 04-2222382 04-2223183 ae





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0202sales@adosu Abu Dhabi 5540525/67 5554577/678 88800 7678


randolphtayl Abu Dhabi 02-6763635 02-6760199 or@halliburt

Hammerseal EXPLOSION Unions, Derrick PROOF Tapes & Bells, FITTINGS, Lewis Grips, GAUGES & Thread Protectors, METERS, Pipe & Kelly HOSES & Wipers, Valves, FITTINGS, Ring Gaskets and OILFIELD other Oilfield EQUIPMENT Equipment. SUPPLIERS Manufacturing: Spiral wound gaskets, Asbestos - free soft cut GASKETS / gaskets, metal SEALING jacketed gaskets, PRODUCTS, max profiles heat OILFIELD exchanger SERVICE gaskets, metal ring COMPANIES joint gaskets, flange insulation and other sealing products. (Sperry Sun) - Abu DOWNHOLE Dhabi District SURVEYS, Oilfield service OILFIELD company, surveys SERVICE downhole & subCOMPANIES surface.



DubaiJebel Ali

adpower@ad 04-8871749 04-8871753 m

Diesel Generating Sets, Sound Reducing Enclosures Electrical Control & Distribution Switch Board Automotive & Diesel Generators Spare Parts.





042824555 / 2824666



A division of Peeraj Group Calibration, CALIBRATION repair & supplies



dasadxb@e 04-3344545 04-3344546 ae



02Abu Dhabi 02-6335567 6344886 / 6215529

adso@emirat / victorjv@emi

Air cargo services, cargo handling agents, clearing & forwarding, removals & packaging, road transportation, shipping services, transport/haulage, warehousing & storage, specialists in heavy lifts




Abu Dhabi 02-6275899 02-6772442

Oilfield industrial supplier, welding equipment, OILFIELD protective clothing, INDUSTRIAL pipes, tubes, pipe SUPPLIERS fittings & all kinds of hardware. Engineering Procurement, Contracting, Turnkey Projects, Feasibility Studies. Designer, Manufacturer, Supply of FRP Pipes & Fittings. Accreditations: ISO 9001:9002, API ISLR, API 15 HR, WRAS, ABS, USCG, ISO 14692


Abu Dhabi 02-6277401 02-6277402






intsales@aco 06-5263113 06-5263112 m




Onshore / Offshore EPIC Contracts, Site Installation / Hook-up, Onshore / Offshore, Multidiscipline Construction Projects, Fabrication of Jackets, Top Sides, Accommodation CONSTRUCTIO Modules, Steel N/ Fabrication CONTRACTORS Structural Piping, , ELECTRICAL Fabrication of REPAIR Pressure Vessels, SERVICES & adyard@ady www.topazw Module Fabrication Abu Dhabi 02-5547722 02-5546767 REWINDING, & Packaged MACHINE Equipment, SHOP & Refurbishment of FABRICATION, Drilling Rigs and OFFSHORE Accommodation GENERAL Units, Dredgers & CONTRACTORS Marine Repair Works, Turnkey Shutdowns, Project Management, Repair & Maintenance of Rotating Equipment including HV / DC, Contract Maintenance.



Abu Dhabi 02-5554476 02-5554453






04-2200331 04-2200828


Helicopter offshore support, Photography, V.I.P Transport, Tourism, External load, Aircraft maintenance.



Abu Dhabi 02-6763191 02-6763931




065346527 / 28






04-3338282 04-3333272





06-5345999 06-5345959


AIR Rental Specialist CONDITIONIN for generators, G, DIESEL load banks, ENGINES & transformers (HV PARTS, DIESEL & LV), air GENERATORS, conditioners & fluid GENERATORS chillers. SALE / HIRE AIR Rental Specialist CONDITIONIN for generators, G, DIESEL load banks, ENGINES & transformers (HV PARTS, DIESEL & LV), air GENERATORS, conditioners & fluid GENERATORS chillers. SALE / HIRE


Abu Dhabi 02-5549494 02-5549495




DubaiJebel Ali

AIR Rental Specialist CONDITIONIN for generators, G, DIESEL customer.ser load banks, www.aggrek ENGINES & 04-8834059 04-8834145 vice@aggrek transformers (HV PARTS, DIESEL & LV), air GENERATORS, conditioners & fluid GENERATORS chillers. SALE / HIRE



04-3472408 04-3474809


REMOVALS AHMED SULTAN AL SUWAIDI 53112 PAINTS EST Dubai 04-3472408 04-3474809 Pipe Coating.AHMED SALEH PACKING 2606 Dubai 04-2854000 04-2854884 aspfuae@em irates. PACKING & STORAGE Removals & Packing REMOVAL. Sandblasting & PIPELINE & Protective Coating HOSE REPAIR to Structural Steel SERVICES Works & .

training for & certification of ISO 14001 environmental management systems. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . CRANE INSPECTION & Third party inspection. Abu Dhabi 02-5510041 02-5510930 vincotte@em irates. training for & certification of ISO 9000 quality management systems. inspection & certification of cranes & lifting equipment. non destructive testing.AIB VINCOTTE 52931 INTERNATIONA L ENVIRONMENT AL CERTIFICATIO N.A. environmental protection services (risk analysis. environmental impact studies) safety consultancy (HAZOP studies and risk management). corrosion assessment and survey. ISO CERTIFICATIO N BODIES .

DIESEL GENERATORS. firefighting & fire alarm systems. fabrication. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. 46333 AILU STEEL 32506 CONTRACTORS Dubai 04-3330077 04-3330076 ailu01@emir CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. distributors of submersible motors. machining and powder coating. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR & AIKAH ESTABLISHMEN 5804 T FOR GENERAL TRADING Dubai 04aikah@emira 3478005/31 04-3478006 tes. gensets. switchgear components. Specialists in all types of ENVIRONMENT AL CERTIFICATIO N.A. DUBAI Dubai 04-2975085 04-2975086 aibvin@emir ELECTRICAL CASING / TUBING . cables & light fittings.AIB VINCOTTE 50346 INTERNATIONA L S. ISO CERTIFICATIO N BODIES Manufacturers of switchgear equipment. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS .

PROCESSORS/ Oxygen and SUPPLIERS. Argon. Gas producer. .dxb@air france.auh@air Abu Dhabi 02-6215818 02-6217499 Airline. Kuwait. AIR FRANCE ABU DHABI 806 AIR PRODUCTS (MIDDLE EAST) 16912 FZE DubaiJebel Ali 04-8835578 04-8835411 apmei@emir ates. SERVICES Production of Speciality Gases and Related Equipments. Nitrogen) and their NITROGEN Regional Management of AIRLINES the UAE. Qatar. Manufacturing and Processing of High Purity Grade of GAS (Helium.AIR FRANCE 32919 Dubai 04-2945960 04-2952454 mail. passenger & Regional Management of AIRLINES Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Oman.

warehousing. transportation air. land. Graco paint spray Surface preparation equipment supplies. forwarding. EQUIPMENT & travel agents & services. rig FORWARDING mobilizations. dust SUPPLIES collection systems. AIRLINK INTERNATIONA 10466 L UAE Dubai 04-2821050 04-2821644 . equipment. project CLEARING & forwarding. freight forwarders. sea. gauges. suction JETTING.AIRBLAST MIDDLE EAST LLC 33419 Dubai 04-3242776 04-3242778 airblast@emi rates. FREIGHT clearing & SHIPPING. exhibitions & fairs. and recovery PAINTING systems. automatic HYDROBLASTI wheel blast NG/WATER machines. water jetting equipment and various types of blast media. blast cleaning equipment. BLASTING & Elcometer PAINTING instrumentation EQUIPMENT. blast cabinets. Air cargo services.

UPS & WORKBOATS. JACK. MARINE ENGINEERING BARGES. Suppliers of Equipment AJMAN MARINE 1290 SERVICES LLC Ajman 067470078 / 7470079 06-7470970 ajmar@emir Marine.AJMAN FREE ZONE 932 Ajman ali. An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company . AJMAN PORT AUTHORITY CUSTOMS 388 Ajman 06-7470111 06-7470333 PORT OPERATIONS .Operating ISM & ISPS Compliant Vessels. FREE ZONE AUTHORITY MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: COMPANY REGISTRATIO N& FORMATION Tugs and Barges. Operators & Charterers of OSV’s. LLC Ajman 067422133 / 7422961 06-7429770 agssuae@em irates. Brokering and Sales of Offshore Vessels. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: JACK.makt@aj 06-7425444 06-7429222 manfreezone . UPS & WORKBOATS AJMAN GENERAL SERVICES & 688 SUPPLIES CO.go. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT.BARGES.BARGES..


AJMAN PORT AUTHORITY MARKETING 388 Ajman 06-7470111 06-7470333 PORT OPERATIONS AJMAN PORT AUTHORITY OPERATIONS 388 Ajman 06-7470111 06-7470333 PORT OPERATIONS AJMAN PORT AUTHORITY (DEPT.PORT Yard. Emirates OPERATIONS Ports Services LLC Dubai 04-2270261 04-2274924 Auto Bearing. . OF 388 PORT & CUSTOMS. AJMAN) AKAPOLLO INTERNATIONA 8463 L AKER MARITIME AS ABU DHABI 604 Ajman mail@ajman 06-7470111 06-7470333 port. General Cargo. Ship. BEARINGS Abu Dhabi 02-6341051 02-6312325 A leading supplier DRILLING of drilling equipment for the EQUIPMENT offshore

net. and Cargo TRANSPORTAT Services ION AIR/LAND/SEA Generating Sets. Building Materials. QA/QC Secondment Services. Non Destructive Testing. INSPECTION SERVICES. Lighting Towers. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING) AKN WORLD TRADE LLC 74082 Dubai AKSA MIDDLE EAST 18167 DubaiJebel Ali Released Spare Parts 06-5533902 06-5533904 Cren Hardware. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS AL . info@aknwor www.AKKILA TESTING SERVICES & PROTECTIVE COATING 33229 Abu Dhabi 02-6745040 02-6746080 a_t_s@emira tes. Welding Consultation & Heat Treatment Services. aksame@em 04-8833292 04-8833293 Switch Gear.aknwo AIR/SEA. irates. OWNERS. Safety . Welding/ NDT Qualification & Certifications. Plant Inspection & Tank Flooring Testing. CARGO Tugs & Barges SERVICES Chartering. SHIP 04-3312667 04-3312677 Container Carriers ld. Third Party Inspection.JASAR ADVERTISING 25414 Sharjah AL ABBASI FASTENERS & HARDWARE 3982 Dubai 04-2222200 04-2274172 alabas@emir ates. BUILDING MATERIALS.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AL AHLIA OIL FIELDS 4033 DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Abu Dhabi 02-6813309 02-6813354 aodco@emir ates. gas & oilfield CONTRACTORS services. MACHINE SHOP SUPPLIES. CIVIL electrical & CONSULTANTS onshore & offshore /ENGINEERS/. mechanical CONSTRUCTIO contracting. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS AL AIN OILFIELD SERVICES EST 45676 alain272@e Abu Dhabi 02-6744979 02-6744989 mirates. General Civil Maintenance. Al Ain Rotana Hotel with 98 HOTEL Multi-discipline engineering & supply General contracting. . CONTRACTORS importing & trading materials & commercial agencies. . electronics. ae AL AIN 1210 ROTANA HOTEL Al Ain 03-7545111 03-7545444 alain. MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES. safety N & security ABDOUL ELECTROTECH 1450 Dubai 04-3470621 04-3470511 electech@em irates.hotel@r ELECTRICAL Supply of explosion proof electrical equipment for marine/ petrochemical.

Belts).net. gauges & VALVES general hardware AL AREEN INTERNATIONA 55050 L GROUP Dubai 04-3935588 04-3936688 alareen@emi rates. . ae Water Well ae AL ANHAR ESTABLISHMEN T FOR WATER 28247 WELL DRILLING anhardrl@e Abu Dhabi 02-4461934 02-4465539 AIN 8196 TECHNICAL CO. (rubber V . HARD RUBBER Industrial Belts PRODUCTS. flanges. Dubai 048817182 / 8814018 04-8817183 aqilstar@emi rates. FLANGES. AL AQUILA RUBBER 61044 BELTINGS INC. WATER WELL Production of DRILLING Agricultural Crops EQUIPMENT & Tamani Bio fertilizer Factory. ships stores. Dubai 042232163 / 2237862 mufazzal@e 04-2237534 mirates. AL AMIN BUILDING MATERIAL 3159 TRADING ESTABLISHMEN T Abu Dhabi 02-6724998 02-6793136 CHEMICALS/M Chemicals & UD/MINERALS/ Chemical Products DRILLING FLUIDS Stockists & dealers in valves. stockists ANCHORS of all types of ropes & slings. Trading. marine & oilfield supplies. INDUSTRIAL V/BELTS Anchor chains.

Butterfly. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. Fittings and Instrumentation Valves. PIPES.AL AREEN INTERNATIONA 7466 L GROUP .ABU DHABI 25874 Abu Dhabi 02-5559751 02-5559752 .ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6776655 02-6791444 ANCHORS AL ASAS CHEMICALS & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS (LLC) 1534 Sharjah 0606-5626343 5625001 / 5626833 asaschem@e mirates. ae Oilfield and Waterworks Suppliers Specialising in Gate. Globe. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. VALVE SUPPLIERS AL ASAS CHEMICALS & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS (LLC) . FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Pipes. Actuators and Control Valves. Solenoid. PIPES. VALVE SUPPLIERS CHEMICALS REFINING. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Check. CHEMICALS REFINING.

saturation diving. Ships CHARTERING/ Sales & Purcahsing SALES: chartering.BARGES. consolidation of sea & air JACK. CARGO handling chartered SERVICES vessels and tramp AIR/SEA. vessels. . GENERAL CONTRACTORS AL BADER INTERNATIONA 45230 L Abu Dhabi 02-6214444 02-6352006 albader@emi rates.AL AWEIDHA SHIPPING & MARINE SERVICES 10 02aweidhaa@e Abu Dhabi 6225066/62 02-6224835 mirates. sugar. TUGS. general maintenance works. local customs clearance. CONTRACTORS . travel. inland transportation. Representation of French Shipping Line: CMA-CGM Civil construction (general & oilfields). freight forwarding. UPS & underwater WORKBOATS surveys. operators CONTAINER & of Supply CARGO Boats/AHT/Bargers Savage MARINE Services. commodities Urea. 25333 ae Shipping & freight forwarding. /Jack Ups. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/.

process & temperature instruments. welding items & consumables. mechanical & precision tools. INSTRUMENTA sheets etc.. safety. gland LUBRICANTS packing. pressure switches. KYOWA. REOTEMP. PRODUCTS. CS & SEALING alloy steel rods. general sourcing of items from UK. TIONasbestos & nonPROCESS asbestos. GASKETS / fasteners. ASHCROFT. BECKCRESPEL & NORGREN. gasket CONTROL. general hardware CUTTING items & 88110 8112 Pressure. . angles.. consumables. also selling branded. WIKA. general hardware items & comsumables. TYLOK. Japan & Europe. DWYER. workshop. sheets. bars. USA.AL BADRI TRADERS 3476 0202albadri1@em Abu Dhabi 6789956/67 6786635/678 irates. LUDWIG.


SUPPLIERS.AL BAHRI HARDWARE & SAFETY EQUIPMENT L. SAFETY Equipment & Industrial CLOTHINGS Materials. EQUIPMENT HIRE .C. AL BANAR TRADING CO. COMPANIES Specialists in 55777 Dubai 04-2233999 04-2276668 58002 Dubai 04-3211181 04-3211900 Dealers of ae AL BAWARDI ENTERPRISES 51529 Abu Dhabi 02-6341119 02-6213581 Business & management 24317 Sharjah 065347050 / 5347090 06-5340306 albanar@emi rates. Hydraulic hoses. Cotton SAFETY & SECURITY Waste & Rags. ISO training. member of Adroit Group of Companies. AL BAWARDI 3711 ALAN DICK LLC Dubai admedxb@e 04-8818262 04-8818292 hydraulic towers & antenna systems. MAINTENANCE General CONTRACTORS maintenance & SERVICES Oil & Gas Utilities OILFIELD & Spare Parts SERVICE Trading.L. Heavy equipment hire & clearing. EQUIPMENTS industrial CONSTRUCTIO N EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY. HYDRAULIC industrial hoses. Personal Protective EQUIPMENT. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY AL BOOM AL FIDDI GEN LAND TRANSPORT EST 12216 Dubai 04-3333152 04-3331680 adroit@emir ates. forwarding agent. LLC AL BARAHA LAND AL BASTI TRADING 4465 Dubai 04042226126/33 2274294 / 80900 3380901 alldept@bahr i.

man power supply of skilled technicians. Sprinkler Systems. Abu Dhabi 02-4458528 02-4457327 boshia@emir Fire PROOFING Driven Portable EQUIPMENT Compressors For HIRE AL BUDOOR TRADING EST. Sharjah 06-5420101 06-5423478 .AL BOSHIA FIRE & SAFETY 560 AL BURHAN METALLIC 23713 PRODUCTS PLATING L. MATERIAL. Powder coatings. Fire FIRE Alarm ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AL BURAQ MARINE SERVICES 2046 Dubai 04-2650165 04-2650166 alburaq@emi rates. ae FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT Fire & Safety SUPPLIERS. EST. 277 albudoor@e Abu Dhabi 02-6722822 02-6784236 mirates. Equipment. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS Portable Compressor & COMPRESSOR Oilfield Certified S & GAS Diesel Engine TURBINES. CONTRACTORS . Onshore/offshore electro-mechanical contractors and ship maintenance. Epoxy & Polyester Powder Coating for Aluminium & Steel CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/.

ae BUILDING MATERIALS AL DANUBE BUILDING 50804 MATERIALS CO LLC DUBAI Dubai aldanube@e 04-8871234 04-8871235 mirates. pipe fittings. pumps & laboratory m Al Bustan Rotana Hotel in the city of HOTEL Dubai with 275 Rooms.AL BUSTAN 30880 ROTANA HOTEL Dubai albustan. oilfield chemicals. Suppliers / Agents / Service Providers of OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Mack Valves AL DANUBE BUILDING 51804 MATERIALS CO LLC aldanube@e Abu Dhabi 02-5544120 02-5541520 04-2820000 04-2828100 ae INTERIOR DESIGN/DECO RATION .net. AL BUSTAN TRADING 46721 ESTABLISHMEN T bustan2@em Abu Dhabi 02-6449668 02-6449515

Airport SERVICES. jetties & marine structures. air freight. customs clearance. and Seaport OILFIELD equipments. FREIGHT SHIPPING.G. precast piles. INSTALLATION system and Oil .ae . sheetpiled. pipe fabrication. wharves & cofferdams. PIPELINE & HOSE REPAIR SERVICES AL DHAFRA TRADING 25752 ENTERPRISES ATECO Abu Dhabi 02-6319001 02-6319270 AL DHARIS EST. driven cast-inplace. works & oilfield OFFSHORE equipment. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES.AL DHAFRA PIPELINE & CONTRACTING 2608 COMPANY (APPC) Abu Dhabi 02-6723923 02-6771646 apccem@emi rates. public MARINE & OFFSHORE CLEARING & FORWARDING 23935 Dubai 04-3330303 04-3200188 afco@emirat es. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS CENTRAL GAS Central L. {AFCO ( DUBAI CANADA)} 24654 Dubai 04-3316457 04-3315490 aldharis@em irates. sea freight. SERVICES Land transport. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. AL FADHIL CARGO FREIGHT FORWARDING CO.P. civil SERVICES/EQU defence. MANPOWER field supply. bored piling by CFA. process plants erection including pumps. specialist FABRICATIONS .

All kinds of steel MECHANICAL fabrication & REPAIR FABRICATION.L. STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION Stockists & suppliers of oilfield.AL FADIL AUTO SPARE PARTS & 40484 MACHINERY 7172 ae .ae All kinds of Mechanical works for Heavy Oilfield Services. 55313 AL FIZARI TRADING CO LLC 13650 Dubai 04nonferous@e 04-3337786 2720787/333 mirates. engine CRANE. HEAVY Mobile cranes. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS AL FATTH ENGINEERING & MECHANICAL 46236 METAL WORKS EST 02alfatth@emir Abu Dhabi 5554007/55 02-5559146 ates. Sharjah alfadil@emir 06-5341887 06-5341838 ates. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES AL FARIS EQUIPMENT RENTALS (L. rebuilding & STEEL casting. welding & engineering products. for CRANES.C.) 29089 Dubai 04-3477225 04-3479780 alfariso@emi rates. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. industrial. AL FANDI OILFIELD SERVICES EST 15 Abu Dhabi 02-6320620 02-6317158 alfandi@emir ates. hire from 7 to 500 TRANSPORTAT Ton capacity ION AIR/LAND/SEA MACHINE SHOP &

PIPES. ladders. ae Hand 4497 AL FULAIJ & COMPANY TRADING CENTRE 7664 alfuffjam3@e Abu Dhabi 02-5553538 02-4455685 GARAGE EQUIPMENT. STORAGE SYSTEMS: SHELVING/RA CKING AL FULAIJ & CO 1008 LLC Dubai 04alfujam@emi 04-2951110 2951112/295 rates. EQUIPMENT importers/stokists SUPPLIERS of oilfield equipment. STUD BOLTS Sole distributors in the UAE of SnapOILFIELD On tools. wood working machine. shelving & storage equipment. garage equipments. .net. GARAGE. NUTS & Oilfield supplies & Oilfield & industrial SHIP STORES supplies SUPPLIERS AL FUAD TRADING EST. FITTINGS. CLEANING MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. ae FLANGES. TUBES & PIPE services.AL FUAAD TRADING COMPANY 4582 Dubai 04-2248355 04-2214872 afmak@emir ates. 43695 Abu Dhabi 02-6774436 02-6782964 alfuad@eim.

service. DRILLING EQUIPMENT . production.AL FUTTAIM AUTO & 5502 MACHINERY CO (FAMCO) Dubai 042858807 / 2858861 famconet@e 04-2858446 mirates. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . ae Environmental Monitoring and Analytical odycote. parts of construction equipment. gas AL GHAITH OILFIELD SUPPLIES & SERVICES CO 268 ghaithss@e Abu Dhabi 02-5553422 02-5555499 mirates. Construction / Materials environmental works. instrumentation & control. INSPECTION SERVICES CASING / TUBING. ENVIRONMENT AL SURVEYS. electrical services. ENVIRONMENT AL POLLUTION MONITORING. Metallurgical Investigation. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS AL FUTTAIM BODYCOTE MATERIALS TESTING SERVICES LLC 34924 Dubai 04-3332201 04-3332772 dubai. ae Sales. Drilling. safety. corrosion. Cladding & Curtain Wall Testing. Testing Laboratory and Field Services.

PAINT . Decorative. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. agents & distributors of major electrical brands. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS AL GURG LEIGH'S PAINTS LLC 22334 Sharjah 06-5343919 06-5343983 enquiries@lei ghuae.WHOL & MANUFACTURE 04456 Construction chemicals manufacturer & supplier. Floor Coatings and Bacterial Paints. Marine.AL GHANDI GENERAL TRADING CO 5991 Dubai 04-3377300 04-3362665 Assembly of LV switchgear. Fire Protection. PAINT MANUFACTURE PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS .ae Manufacturers of Industrial. CONTROLS AL GURG FOSROC LLC 657 Dubai 04agfdxb@fosr 2858606/80 04-2859649 oc.

ae Oil & Gas Field Equip. . Receivers / Intelligent Pigging MARINE & & Pipeline OFFSHORE Inspection / Water SERVICES/EQU Leak Management IPMENT. D. Marine Equipment & Services / Foreign Co. .AL HABAISHI AGENCIES CO. Fittings Valves. C.S & S. Chemicals. System / OILFIELD Geographic SERVICE Information COMPANIES System (GIS) / Polyurethane Coating / Cement Lining / Environmental Assessment. Fuel Additives / Pig Launchers.Pipes & Fittings. & Services. Laboratory Equipment.S Pipes.I. Sponsorship & Joint Ventures.851 METCO LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6263900 02-6263223 info@metco.

LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6263900 02-6263223 info@metco. Telecommunicatio OILFIELD n Towers & SERVICE Networks / Electro COMPANIES Mechanical & Instrumentation Works / Micro Tunneling & Directional Drilling / Civil Works / Buildings / EPC Contracts / Sub Contracts / Marine Services / Joint Ventures. EST Abu Dhabi 02-6331516 02-6340549 Oil & Gas Field Services / Steel Storage Tanks / Steel Structures / Pipeline & Networks for Water & Fuel / Dismatling & Removal of Hazardous Facilities / Power Transmission & INSTRUMENTA Distribution / TION.AL HABAISHI CONTRACTORS 851 CO. ae AL HADHOUDH TRADING & 7715 CONT. Oilfield suppliers. BUILDING building materials MATERIALS and hardware .

net. Bearings & Oil OILFIELD Field Equipment EQUIPMENT Suppliers. 935 Abu Dhabi 02-5554235 02-5555667 ghaddar@em irates. BUILDING Pipes. 41359 ae AL HAJ GHADDER TRADING EST. Plates. along cable routes. AIR TOOLS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. ae Hand CONTROLS . SUPPLIERS Multicable transits CORROSION (MCT) for CONTROL & preventing the REPAIR TO spread of fire. & water leaks STRUCTRES &.ae AL HAMAD ASSOCIATES 3913 hamadass@e Abu Dhabi 02-6445478 02-6444797 mirates. ae Distributor of switchboards. MATERIALS Bars. Tools . Mild steel.Welding Equipment BEARINGS. Oilfield equipment suppliers.AL HADIYA EQUIPMENT 8767 02alhadiya@e Abu Dhabi 5540080/55 02-5540082 mirates. Stockist stainless steel. materials for LEAK offshore DETECTION/SE environment ALING AL HAMAS TRADING CO LLC 19546 Dubai alhamas@e 04-3350020 04-3356648 mirates. gas CONCRETE. Hardware. FIBREGLASS / GRP cable ladders. GRP Corrosion resistant PRODUCTS.

ae OILFIELD SUPPLIERS AL HANOORI METAL 4806 CONSTRUCTIO N marine engineering services & skilled man power supplies etc. Steels boats 22ft to 40ft and custom made boats. Medical & Laboratory Equipment. Fertilizer Trading. Marine. Oilfield supplies / services. HEAT EXCHANGERS. Oil & Gas Fields Services & Equipment Suppliers. fuel tanks pipe lines. engineers & fabricators. fabrication & erection of steel structure. Manufacturers of all kinds of fibreglass. PIG LAUNCHERS & FABRICATION 7 ERECTION OF STEEL STRUCTURE.a e Company Representation. MARINE ENGINEERING AL HAREB MARINE 2357 Dubai ahmarine@e 04-3241228 04-3241933 mirates. Sharjah 06-5347957 06-5347958 alnaw@emir ates.AL HAMED ITC 592 Abu Dhabi 02-6674777 02-6674477 itcauh@itc. PRESSURE VESSELS AL HAMRA TRADING EST (OILFIELD SUPPLIES & SERVICES) 392 Abu Dhabi 02-6271501 02-6269894 abaauh@emi rates. Architectural Glass. ae BOAT MANUFACTURE RS. FIBREGLASS / GRP PRODUCTS .

net. STEEL Steel Fabricators & FABRICATORS Engineers & ENGINEERS Ambient Air Pollution GAS Analyzers. Trading & .net. STAFF Transport. AIR/LAND/SEA Specialized in TRANSPORT Transport of MANPOWER Engineering. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. Manpower & Technical Services. ae AL HIRAH TECHNICAL ENGINEERING LLC 22206 Sharjah 065344959 / 5345252 06-5344979 sanju@emira tes. TECHNICAL Construction. 10053 Dubai 04-2857558 04-2851657 hgtc@emirat es. SPECIALISTS Agriculture. ae General GENERAL CONTRACTORS AL HILOU GENERAL TRANSPORT CO.AL HASSANI GROUP 7619 hassanit@e Abu Dhabi 02-6792279 02-6792278 mirates. ae 20361 Dubai 04-3338177 04-3339122 alhoriya@em irates. DETECTORS Laboratory and Process Analyzers SANDBLASTIN Sand Blasting & GPainting COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL AL HINDI MONITION 203 amh2000@e Abu Dhabi 02-6261088 02-6261503 mirates. Representation of Companies. Oilfield Equipments TRANSPORTAT / Heavy ION AL HISN ESTABLISHMEN 27315 T AL HORIYA SAND BLASTING & PAINTING alhisn19@e Abu Dhabi 02-6650900 02-6660690 mirates. Central A/C Maintenance & Electromechanical.

containers and oil & water tanks. base structures for generators.AL HOTYSTANGER 31039 LABORATORIES AL HOTYSTANGER 16756 LABORATORIES DUBAI Abu Dhabi 02-5542234 02-5547015 alhoty@emir ates. STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION. AL IHTEMAM STEEL 61840 Sharjah 06-5349023 06-5349024 AL INAYAH ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS 71611 alinayah@e Abu Dhabi 02-6337921 02-6335732 mirates. LABORATORY TESTING LABORATORY TESTING STEEL FABRICATION. WAREHOUSIN G ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS . Contractors Electromechanical works. food & oil Structural steel fabrication for skids. tanks. ae Independent testing laboratories & material consultancy Testing & contsruction manufacturing and repairing of trailers. High & Low DubaiJebel Ali 048818461 / 3472201 04-3472727 alhoty@emir ates. piping & valve fitting steel skeletons for portable cabins and preengineered ISO 9001 Certified Oilfield and Industrial MEP

SALES: project CONSTRUCTIO management N related to power & CONSULTANTS water. Construction and engineering CIVIL activities including ENGINEERING/ civil dredging. CONSTRUCTIO building. . /ENGINEERS/ petrochemical and industrial plants. electro-mechanical CONSTRUCTIO and pipeline N/ works. MARINE Marine charters & CHARTERING/ contractors. HEAVY EQUIPMENT HIRE. FABRICATIONS . jetty PLANTS. & minor docking facilities est AL JABER MARINE SERVICE 2175 02Abu Dhabi 5554300 / 5555200 02-5553370 Designing & CONCRETE & Executing all PRODUCTS systems of concrete and sheet SUPPLIERS.BARGES. oil & 10022 0007 AL JABER ENERGY SERVICES 47467 Abu Dhabi 02-5546550 02-5546106 ajes@emirat es. JACK. infrastructure CONTRACTORS development. UPS & WORKBOATS . structural CONTRACTORS steel erection and . works. N/. CONCRETE channel for yachts PROTECTION/T REATMENT.AL ITTIMAD FOUNDATIONS 2103 EST 0202itimadfn@em Abu Dhabi 6220277/55 6220274/551 irates. piling for various CONCRETE engineering BATCHING facilities.

steel Trading. FIBREGLASS / Manufactures of GRP Quality Fibre Glass PRODUCTS. road & building construction. aluminium extrusion & fabrication. Dealers for Hitachi Brand of power ELECTRICAL tools and Servicing MOTORS of all kind of power sign EQUIPMENT marine services. products. FIBREGLASS MATERIALS AL JAWAL TECHNICAL TRADING & SERVICES 5178 Abu Dhabi 02-6764883 02-6711063 AL JAWDA FIBRE GLASS INDUSTRIES 2651 Ajman 06-7432417 06-7432418 aljawda@emi . HIRE rebar coating.AL JABER TRANSPORT & GENERAL 2175 CONTRACTING EST 02Abu Dhabi 5554300 / 5555200 02-5553370 aje@emirate s. garage & workshops equipment & tools. transport. heavy Electrical trading AL JAMEA TRADING EST 5816 Dubai aljamea1@e 04-2822211 04-2822210 mirates. ae Oilfield. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS AL JALAL ELECTRICAL TRADING EST 2044 Sharjah 06-5389953 06-5389951 aljalal@emir

ae . Coveralls. flash lights. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Crane barges. Crew boats. rechargeble torches. protective cases. Landing crafts and offshore operational equipment Gulfwide.AL JAZEERA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC 1647 Ajman aljazeeralub 06-7446668 06-7420495 @hotmail. MARINE CONTRACTORS AL JAZEERA SAFETY SUPPLIES CO 13035 Abu Dhabi 02-5553075 02-5553033 jssc@emirat es. Accomodation & Work barges. 1749 Sharjah almelaha@e 06-5727281 06-5727284 m Manufacturing. safety shoes. For your requirements of Supply vessels. UPS & WORKBOATS. Fuel barges.BARGES. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: LUBRICANTS AL JAZEERA MARINE SERVICES CO. Tanker Berthing and Anchor Handling Tugs. Blending & Marketing of JACK. ae A Leading marine & offshore service company. Water barges.

Sheets. Pipes.all kinds of boats. Dunlop (hoses) AL KHALEEJ EQUIPMENT & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LLC 26665 02Abu Dhabi 5559658 / 5541534 akeisauh@e 02-5553518 mirates. Medium & RETAIL. Roofing Sheet & Gratings. ae AL KHALIJ ENTERPRISES LLC 3320 Dubai 043383116 / 2821008 042821040 / 3383110 bearings@e ae Steel POWER PLANT EQUIPMENT AL KHAIR TRADING CO. ae Oilfield supplies AL KHATTAL 27666 BOAT FACTORY Dubai 04-3244000 04-3242220 alkhatal@em ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT & Agents For Busbar SUPPLIES BOAT MANUFACTURE fibre made & wooden . OILFIELD Hollow Sections. POWER GENERATION. STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS AL KHAFAJY GROUP 5570 Dubai 04khaftrd@emi 2868444/33 04-2868696 rates.AL KHABEER METALLIC CONSTRUCTIO 6497 N INDUSTRIES LLC Sharjah kabsteel@e 06-5330316 06-5330783 Dunlop (belts).ae Manufacturers .ae 74716 Power & Water Engineering Projects. LLC 4583 Abu Dhabi 02-6787898 02-6784407 conti@emirat es.15 ft to RS 125 ft in size . STEEL STOCKISTS (STAINLESS STEEL) BEARINGS. Low Voltage ELECTRIC Switchgear and EQUIPMENT & Transformers SUPPLIES WHOL & MFRS All kinds of Steel Sections.

FIBREGLASS / Paints. offshore cranes. CO. POWER TOOLS SUPPLIES. NUTS & BOLTS 55369 Dubai 41 Dubai mhakeng@e 04-3331317 04-3331634 mirates. POWER TOOLS. DRILLING Industrial PRODUCTS. Stockists & suppliers of pipeline material. gas detection & chemicals. 79626 ae 04-2273057 04-2273059 Chemicals and Marine Supply MARINE / AVIATION CHEMICALS BUILDING Materials. Oilfield. GRP Laundry. and Food OILFIELD Sharjah 065424694 / 5424116 06-5424016 info@khowa hir. industrial power supply equipment & crane Plastics. LLC AL KHOORY ENGINEERING 20537 Dubai 04akmdubai@e 2673171/26 04-2673161 mirates. .AL KHATTAL MARKETING AL KHAZNAH BUILDING MATERIALS TRDG. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS AL MAAS TRADING EST 40377 Sharjah 06-5431487 06-5423537 gipi@emirate AL MADAR OILFIELD SUPPLIES & SERVICES 44542 almossa.@e Abu Dhabi 02-6222790 02-6222791 mirates. AL KHOWAHIR CHEMICALS 6870 TRADING LTD. Chemicals. Building materials and BEARINGS Bearings. ae CRANE. Textiles PRODUCTS. ae Steel Fabricators & STEEL Engineers FABRICATION CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ Trading in Fibre DRILLING Glass Raw FLUIDS.

ae Structural Steel Fabrication .AL MAHA METALLIC INDUSTRIES 25395 Dubai mahacont@e 04-3474925 04-3474927

satellite television.suite Abu Dhabi 02-6106666 02-6106777 s@rotana. The hotel offers the business as well as the leisure visitor a wide range of business and HOTEL recreational facilities with underground parking. in-room safe and underground parking. For . in close proximity to the business and banking district and main shopping malls. The 288 luxurious studios and suites offer sea and city views and are fully equipped with well appointed m Al Maha Rotana Suites is conveniently located in the heart of Abu Dhabi.AL MAHA ROTANA SUITES 5946 almaha. Al Maha Rotana Suites can accommodate small and medium meetings and conferences with the latest modern technological aids and equipment in addition to the video conferencing. mini bar.

seals & gaskets. marine sewage treatment MAIMOON TRADING CO LLC 2322 maymoon@e Abu Dhabi 02-6781782 02-6786242 mirates. fluorocarbon coated stud BUILDING MATERIALS. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. CUTTING Garage Equipment TOOLS. TOOL SUPPLIERS . LIFTING EQUIPMENT AL MAJARRAH EQUIPMENT CO 27089 LLC majarrah@e Abu Dhabi 02-5544770 02-5544771 mirates. ABSORBENTS. gratings & platform systems. safety shoes. ae Stockists & suppliers of high temperature ceramic fabric. HOSES Suppliers and & FITTINGS. Spill management products. ae AIR TOOLS. hand tools. carbon steel / stainless steel pipes. electric & pneumatic hoists. fire resistant tarpaulins. lifting clamps. yalehand. coveralls. fittings & valves. Oilfield Equipment MACHINERY & Suppliers. Drainage MATERIALS & Plumbing Materials. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES. . SOFTWARE/IT .ae AL MALIK PETROLEUM PRODUCTS TRADING 14686 Dubai 04-2667117 04-2626487 delta12@emi rates. CUTTING TOOLS. AL MAKAMIN COMMERCIAL PROJECTS COMPANY LIMITED 41233 makamin1@ Abu Dhabi 02-6223535 02-6223636 emirates. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/ AL MAMALEK BUILDING 61572 MATERIALS LLC Dubai 04-2862535 04-2862545 Building Material & General Hardware BUILDING Trading. INSPECTION SERVICES. HOSES & FILTRATION. MACHINERY & TOOL SUPPLIERS Electrical equipment systems. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. / Specialized welding electrodes can weld all types of steels and dissimilar steels. LUBRICANTS. instrument equipment & systems. ae AIR TOOLS. Revolutionary bypass filters can remove up to sub micron contamination / Specialized lubricants made from paraffinic base plus moly slippers can stand loads up to 500.000 P.AL MAJARRAH EQUIPMENT CO 171831 Dubai LLC DUBAI BRANCH majarrah@e 04-2288093 04-2288094 mirates.S.

Prequalified with all oil & gas companies for professional engineering & technical support services (on shore / off shore). and training. I. MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES AL MARWAN HEAVY EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY TRADING EST. An ISO certified company with professional management team. Selling Construction Equipment AL MANSOOR ENTERPRISES LLC 2840 mansoor@e Abu Dhabi 02-6815800 02-6815881 technical consultancy.T. 4174 Sharjah mar1951@e 06-5340990 06-5344337 mirates. N AIR Airconditioning & CONDITIONIN Refrigeration G. ae CIVIL MANARA TRADING CO (LLC) 1505 Dubai 04-2215482 04-2214470 roumiya@em irates. ae HEAVY EQUIPMENT HIRE. MARINE & Spare Compression REFRIGERATIO Fittings. CONTRACTORS . HEAVY EQUIPMENT . CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. OFFSHORE Marine Equipment SERVICES/EQU & Brass IPMENT. 30 years of experience in oil & gas industry. Over 800 employees of various disciplines.

temporary facilities. PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO USES BUILDING PORTABLE. AL MASAOOD MOWLEM LLC 322 Abu Dhabi 02-6772000 02-6727223 Building & civil engineering contractors. MARINE CONTRACTORS . BUILDING PORTABLE. generator sets Design. temporary facilities. drilling AL MASAOOD BERGUM ABU DHABI 322 Abu Dhabi 02-6742100 02-6720588 adoffice@am b. ae AL MASAOOD BERGUM 24089 Dubai 04-8802626 04-8802126 dxboffice@a mb. DRILLING CONTRACTORS . CONTRACTORS . marine engines. mobile units. Portable cabins.AL MASAOOD (MTU) 322 snsdmtu@e Abu Dhabi 02-5542700 02-5544116 mirates. MARINE CONTRACTORS . Design. steel fabrication and certified offshore accommodation. . fabrication & installation of pre-fabricated & pre-engineered buildings. PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO USES CIVIL ENGINEERING. DRILLING CONTRACTORS .net. mobile units. steel fabrication and certified offshore Agent for diesel engines. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. Portable cabins. drilling camps. fabrication & installation of pre-fabricated & pre-engineered buildings.

LIFTING EQUIPMENT AL MASAOOD TRADING SUPPLIES & 23347 SERVICES COMPANY .AL AIN AL MASAOOD TRADING SUPPLIES & 60932 SERVICES COMPANY JEBEL ALI AL MASHRIQ CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Al Ain 03-7210661 03-7210656 masalain@ei Marketing & Production of Chemicals. 27490 Sharjah 06-5347480 06-5347481 fabian@mtss . CHEMICALS REFINING. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & AL MASAOOD TRADING SUPPLIES & SERVICES COMPANY 60932 Dubai admin@mtss .AL MASAOOD TRADING SUPPLIES & SERVICES Dubai 04-8836428 04-8837538 amtssjbl@ei CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS . HYDRAULIC 04-2868641 04-2868649 mastrade@ei HOSES & 24271 Sharjah 06-5396040 06-5396080 mcind@emir ates.

net. Gaskets. Qatar & Bahrain. SUPPLIERS. ball valves.AL MATAF TRADING 15456 Dubai 04-2251631 04-2251607 almataf@emi rates. Seamless and ERW Ulma Flanges. AL MAZROUI ICAS . Lame EQUIPMENT Forged Fittings.DUBAI 60957 Dubai icasdxb@alm azrouicas. Seal and Ball OILFIELD Valves. Stud FITTINGS. & SUPPLY Oman. CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY Stocking a Large Variety of Belden Cables to Satisfy CABLE the Needs of our MANUFACTURE Customers in UAE. STRUCTURAL Structural Steel STEEL and Special Alloy TRADING 04-2826070 04-2865626 m aziz@mazrou icas. flanges & INDUSTRIAL valves. SUPPLIERS valves supplies OILFIELD SUPPLIES & SERVICES Stockist CHEMICALS/M and Suppliers of UD/MINERALS/ Gate / Globe / DRILLING Check / Bell-OFLUIDS. TUBES Benkan Butt Weld & PIPE AL MAZROUI ICAS (BeldenCDT) 97 icasdxb@alm AL MAYASA INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT 9713 almayasa@e Abu Dhabi 02-5559980 02-5559920 mirates. PIPES. Abu Dhabi 02-6724422 02-6742642 m aziz@mazrou . ae Oilfield & industrial supplier for pipe OILFIELD fittings. AL MAZROUI TRADING & GENERAL SERVICES LLC 97 Abu Dhabi 02-6729988 02-6742422 mtgs@emira tes. Equipment. ae ABSORBENTS. greases. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. (AFT) 5526 Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 aft@emirate s. brake LUBRICANTS fluid. HEARING PROTECTION Oilfield equipment & MAZROUI ENGINEERING COMPANY 97 Abu Dhabi 02-6724422 02-6742342 mazeng@em irates. Distributors of FIRE Complete Range of PROTECTION Personal Protection PRODUCTS. FIRE Manufacture. . /SUPPLIERS office automation Manufacturer & exporter of lubricating oils. PROOFING Stockiest & MATERIAL. battery acid & distilled water. safety & CONTRACTORS security products. GENERAL TRADING AL MAZROUI FLOWTRONIX General trading & services engineering & electromechanical AL MEHDAR DISTILLED WATER FACTORY 40319 Sharjah almehdar@e 06-5421002 06-5421003 mirates. ELECTROMECH electromechanical ANICAL

FORWARDING. Parts. Manpower GAS import/export CLEARING & consolidation. charter. Air Filters. split FORWARDING. MEDICAL SERVICES/MA NAGEMENT & SUPPLIES CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. HEAVY LIFT SHIPPING. FREIGHT Sea & air freight MANPOWER SERVICES. HEAVY LIFT SHIPPING. ae AL MOHERBIE CLEARANCE & TRANSPORT EST 47111 Abu Dhabi02-5553481 02-5554379 Mussafah AL MOHERBIE INTERNATIONA 47111 L FREIGHT EST Abu Dhabi 02-6210108 02-6219195 almoh@almo herbie.AL MELEHY TRADING 3883 almelehy@e Abu Dhabi 02-6271117 02-6270606 mirates. project SHIPPING. TRANSPORT COMPANIES CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. handling & CLEARING & transport. MANPOWER Gas Turbine TECHNICAL Services and STAFF Supply of GT SPECIALISTS. TRANSPORT COMPANIES . FREIGHT Heavy lift.

oil & COMPANIES gas services Electrification of ELECTRICAL Buildings. Also OILFIELD Trading of Various EQUIPMENT Electrical SUPPLIERS Equipments. Marine SHIP REPAIR & engineering. 132 KV. ae AL MULLA MARINE 52790 MAINTENANCE Dubai 04-3474988 04-3474990 amtec@emir ates. MARINE ENGINEERING. CONSTRUCTIO international N/ representation. ae AL MOUSAWE TRADING & 427 CONTRACTING EST 02Abu Dhabi 6271203 / 6271008 026275296 / 6269066 almosawe@e mirates. painting & PIPE MANUFACTURE Manufacturing PVC RS.AL MOHERBIE THERMOPLAS 46767 Abu Dhabi 02-6448936 02-6441714 AL MOOSA GROUP 24775 Dubai almoosa1@e 04-3371270 04-3353251 Pipes and steel MAINTENANCE fabrication. LV & HV MARINE Equipments upto ENGINEERING. Industries. SHIP repair. PRODUCTS. Marine ELECTRICAL Installations. SPARES. CONTRACTORS manufacturing. Representation of REPRESENTATI international ON OF companies. trading. REPAIR Testing & SERVICES & Commissioning of REWINDING. SHIP STORES SUPPLIERS . TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS Construction. ae AL MOZANNAB ELECTRICAL TRADING AND 85271 INSTALLATION S LLC Dubai bhaskarj@e 04-2673224 04-2672960 mirates. ship .

MARINE Import & ReExport of used Construction Machineries and Earth Moving Equipments. yellow gloves. HEAVY CRANES. wire rope HARDWARE WHOL & clip. general suppliers. SHIP STORES Lubricants Business LUBRICANTS .net. hardware ROPES tools. Ship chandlers. building materials. ship managers. SHIP CHANDLERS. AL MUTAIWIE GENERAL TRADING 62518 Dubai mutaiwie@e 04-3519688 04-3519701 mirates. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS AL MUTAWA HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRADING LLC 52814 Dubai mgte@emira 04-3478171 04-3478172 tes. offshore services & ship repair.AL MUSAFA TRADING EST 5768 Dubai 04-2239699 04-2210829 Welding accessories. HEAVY EQUIPMENT AL MUTAWA MARINE SERVICES LLC 12992 Dubai 043241552 / 3243114 04-3243908 daehun@emi ae Dealers for Shotblasting. SURVEYORS MARINE AL MUTHALATH AL DAHABI INTERNATIONA 3597 L OIL TRADING LLC Sharjah 06-5335710 06-5335701 lubes@emira tes.

OILFIELD SUPPLIERS Prefabricated buildings. LLC 36168 Dubai 04-3338611 04-3339370 antco@emira tes. desalination & fertilizer plant. ae . Oilfield of OILFIELD elettrotermochimic INDUSTRIAL a srl . PIPES. HARDWARE camel cutting & grinding disc & also complete range in fasteners. petro chemical plant.AL NADIR MARINE 61972 Sharjah 06-5685907 06-5685916 chowwdhry@ hotmail. Sharjah nahar99@e 06-5433620 06-5433707 mirates. Specialists in supplying to the oilfield division. Agencies held: We FIXING are the sole agents SYSTEMS. TUBES stabila measuring & PIPE tapes & spirit FITTINGS level. Sub Sea Specialists. cabins. AL NAESAR TRADING CO. semi permanent & movable offices PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO USES AL NAFOURA HARDWARE & METAL SALES LTD. ABRASIVES. Tools & WHOL & MFRS. 4856 Sharjah 06-5420118 06-5432926 AL NAHAR PREFABRICATE 2937 D HOUSES CO.welding SUPPLIERS.

CONSERVATIO specialising in N DEVICES. lifting tackle HARD METALS. HOSES & FITTINGS. SPECIALITY PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. Oilfield & industrial ENERGY & equipment WATER suppliers.AL NAHDA INTERNATIONA 8692 L CHEMICALS CO. ae Industrial. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. and equipment HARD RUBBER PRODUCTS AL NASR TECHNICAL TRADING AGENCIES (ATTA) 7355 02atta@alnasrAbu Dhabi 6733320/63 02-6733744 uae. Meters CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. AL NARIMAN TRADING COMPANY LLC 6103 Sharjah 065331749 / 5331735 06-5339409 nariman@em irates. AL NASR ENGINEERING 1106 Dubai 04-8835030 04-8835553 alneng@emir 31466 . General steel fabrication and machine shop services for the Construction & Oil industries. ANCHORS. Institutional. ropes. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Dubai aniechme@e 04-3473688 04-3472399 oilfield chemicals.

84965 ae Copper. MAINTENANCE Electric repair . BUILDING. man power supplies. MARINE marine ENGINEERING. AL NOOR HOSPITAL 46713 noormed@e Abu Dhabi 02-6265265 02-6264440 mirates. 7 ERECTION fabrications & OF STEEL erection of steel structure. M. Machine shop & MARINE & Fabrication. G. AL NEEL SHIPPING 41277 MAINTENANCE Sharjah 06-5534323 06-5735939 Marine engineers FABRICATION & fabricators. BUILDING MATERIALS. SERVICES. ae Medical services management and supplies. MEDICAL SERVICES/MA NAGEMENT & SUPPLIES AL OMRANIYA TRADING CO. ship Manhole covers & Sanitary Wares. tanks pipe lines. SHIP PVC.I. LLC 4806 Sharjah 065337957 / 5347957 06-5347958 alnaw@emir ates.AL NAWRAS STEEL CO. engineering MARINE services & skilled NAVIGATIONA L REPAIR. Marine SHIP Engineering. Pipes. LLC 10757 Dubai 04omraniya@e 2682730/26 04-2684117 mirates. Mechanical REPAIR & Engineering.I. Marine OFFSHORE & Offshore REPAIR services. PIPES. Eqpt. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS . services. fuel STRUCTURE. Pipe Fittings.

CONCRETE & PRODUCTS CIVIL ENGINEERING. electrical CONSTRUCTIO engineering & N/ construction. Oilfield. etc. and spare flow meters. CONTRACTORS precast concrete . speciality. INSTRUMENTA pipes. . cables. such as valves. cable test TION equipments. HEAVY EQUIPMENT Brings together. Instrumentation & electrical products. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ CONSTRUCTIO N EQUIPMENT & AL RABYAH GENERAL TRADING EST 2696 Abu Dhabi 02-6769724 02-6769726 rabyah@emi rates. HEAVY EQUIPMENT HIRE. mechanical & SUPPLIERS. process instruments.AL OTAIBA & GARG 43089 CONTRACTING LLC aogcauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-6274936 02-6275646 mirates. Heavy equipments SUPPLIERS. fittings. ae AL QASTAL TRADING 22606 Sharjah 06-5431654 06-5431358 alqastal@emi rates. lighting.


Abu Dhabi 02-5540226 02-5553583



armepco@e Abu Dhabi 02-5553011 02-5553020 ae

CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS , CONSTRUCTIO Specialized in Low N Ground Pressure CONSULTANTS (LGP) and Swamp /ENGINEERS/, machines. CONTRACTORS , CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE Approved fabricators and engineers. design, STEEL fabrication & FABRICATION, erection of steel STRUCTURAL structures. tanks, STEEL towers, industrial FABRICATION sheds, ship & barge repair and oilfield services.




imsships@e 04-3971999 04-3971991 ae

Shipping forwarding in the Gulf area.





042142599 / 2664300





06-5346550 06-5346551




04-3334949 04-3200309




06-5430426 06-5430427 Al Rawda Rotana Suites with 109 Rooms. Cleaning Products, Antiseptics, Coolants & Industrial Detergents. HOTEL

alrawda.suite Abu Dhabi 02-4457111 02-4457222 m 02Abu Dhabi 5544280 / 6262639 025544286 / 6262338 alrawdah@e ae






042279140 / 2222748



Import/export marketing of material testing & heat treatment equipment supplies, analytical laboratory instruments.




04-2627975 04-2627832

sales@alrizq. com



Abu Dhabi 02-5559295 02-5553979





043311767 / 3311898



HEAT TREATING METAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS ABSORBENTS, Absorbents for oil LIFTING & chemical spill EQUIPMENT, containment & OIL & clean-up, CHEMICALS bioremediation SPILL products. Tyvek RESPONSE, coveralls, lifting OIL SPILL slings, safety CONTROL harnesses, cargo EQUIPMENT & lashings. SERVICES GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS, GAS Industrial gases, PRODUCERS & safety & welding SUPPLIERS, equipment. INDUSTRIAL GASES, SAFETY & WELDING, EQUIPMENT OIL COMPANIES, REPRESENTATI Import & Export of VE OFFICE, Bitumen & Baseoil. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES




04-3472415 04-3472627

Manufacturer of plastic wares, plastic dies & moulds.





06-5339334 06-5337530


Providing Industry Automation & Process Control Systems, Building Management Systems, Plcs, Frequency Inverters.




alsafwah@e 06-5282700 06-5282701 ae

Oil & Gas Industry Supply & Service.



042220803 / 2225420



Stockists of stainless steel pipes, angle, flat bar, sheets, tubing, fittings & hardware.



nooralkhalee Abu Dhabi 02-6273270 02-6270960 j@alhassan.a e



alsalaam@e Abu Dhabi 02-6447476 02-6446372 ae

Trading of instrumentation, INSTRUMENTA telecom & TION, electrical products OILFIELD for transmission & SERVICE distribution system COMPANIES and lighting system. Consulting Architects Engineers & Planners, Interior CONSTRUCTIO Decoration, N LandscapingConsul CONSULTANTS ting Architects /ENGINEERS/, Engineers & CONTRACTORS Planners, Interior Decoration, Landscaping. Oilfield industrial suppliers. Import - Export Stockist of Electricals and Equipments, Cables and Accessories, Explosion Proof Fittings, Industrial Automation and Controls to the Engg. & Offshore Industry. CABLE ACCESSORIES, CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY, ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES, ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &



02ascabd@hot Abu Dhabi 5554571/55 02-5555227 54572



alsamier@e 04-2212137 04-2279899 ae




06-5747030 06-5744062






04-3373435 04-3370289


Oilfield equipment suppliers, sand blasting equipment, airless & conventional spray equipment, high pressure wash pumps, hydraulic & industrial rubber hoses Suppliers of Hardware Tools & Technical items to oilfield industries.




Abu Dhabi 02-6728424 02-6728401






06-5336327 06-5336139


Marine, Oilfield & general engineering





04-2851615 04-2859255


Welding & Welding Equipment and Welding Automation Equipment.




0404-3388776 3389559 / 3389008 ae

Scania & trailer HEAVY parts, heavy EQUIPMENT construction HIRE, HEAVY equipment & STILL EQUIPMENT forklifts division.




04-3472606 04-3472157


A leading fabricator in the UAE for Frac Tank, Cement Silo, Banana Bulker, Storage Tanks, Acid Tanker Trailers, Mud Tanks etc.





04-3474781 04-3474791

Transport Company



Abu Dhabi 02-6715000 02-6714111


CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ Representation of DRILLING international FLUIDS, companies in the OILFIELD oil sector. SERVICE COMPANIES Suppliers of valves, hose AIR TOOLS, fittings, pipe DRILLING fittings & stuctured EQUIPMENT, steel / Stainless FLANGES, Steel Pipe LIFTING Fittings / Plates, EQUIPMENT ropes & slings.



basil81@emi 04-3590267 04-3597471 alshuala@em




04-2214161 04-2285703


Oilfield, Industrial & Marine suppliers. Stockist for: C.S. Pipes:SUMITOMO, TUBOS, SILCOTUB, PETROTUB, FLANGES, NOVAHUT. Forged NIPPLES & Flanges:PLUGS, METALFAR, ULMA., OILFIELD M.G.I. Forged INDUSTRIAL Steel Fittings:SUPPLIERS, LAME, MEGA. PIPES, TUBES Buttweld Fittings:& PIPE BENKAN, ASK. FITTINGS Stud Bolts & Nuts:- BECK CRESPEL, O.M.E. Forged Steel Valves:- BONNEY FORGE. Power Tools:- Dewalt, Black & Decker. Industrial maintenance, oilfields, marine cleaning, water treatment & INDUSTRIAL sewage chemicals, MAINTENANCE desalination equipments, oil & gas valves & fittings, rig spareparts & filters



Abu Dhabi 02-6786790 02-6786709




Abu Dhabi 02-6266558 02-6266559





06-5563123 06-5564123




taifchem@e 06-5349085 06-5349095 ae



06-5344225 06-5344226

info@habasit .ae

Process equipment OILFIELD packages, marine SERVICE terminal, waste COMPANIES, water treatment & PETROLEUM management PRODUCTS system, oilfield MANUFACTURE services, RS/, manpower SUPPLIERS, suppliers & air RECRUITMENT treatment. CONSULTANTS Traders & Specialised contractors in Insulation, Gunite, INSULATION Fireproofing, Refractory, Acoustic & Spray Plasters. Chemicals Trading of food & industrial chemicals. Power Transmission, Conveyor Belts, Modular Link Belts, BELTS, Machine Tapes, CONVEYORS Round Belts, Timing Belts, Conveyor Systems.




farooq03@e 04-2236024 04-2236041 ae



04-2833343 04-2830404

aluboor@emi awen@emira


04-3332446 04-3332730

MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU Repair and IPMENT, maintenance of OFFSHORE offshore rigs and GENERAL barges at sea/port, CONTRACTORS supply of spares , OILFIELD and consumable. SERVICE Ship repair and COMPANIES, maintenance. SHIP BUILDING, REPAIR & MAINTENANCE Transport & Contracting PLANT HIRE Company. All kinds of MACHINE fabrications, SHOP & machining and FABRICATION, engineering jobs. STEEL MILLS Importers, Exporters & BUILDING Stockists of variety MATERIALS, of Standard / High JOINING & Tensile / Special FASTENING grade of Fasteners PRODUCTS, and Hardware, MARINE & Building materials, OFFSHORE Hand & Cutting SERVICES/EQU Tools, Oilfield IPMENT, NUTS maintenance & & BOLTS Ship repair items.




alwaseef@e 04-2288282 04-2272792 ae



02Abu Dhabi 6223400 / 6223200

026223334 / 6223335


Supply & service & MANPOWER manpower SERVICES Specialists in marine electrical and mechanical service, electrical motor & generator rewinding.



04-2699396 04-2976866


06-5342255 06-5341133

aztece@emir ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS, OILFIELD SUPPLIERS MARINE & OFFSHORE Design, SERVICES/EQU Engineering & IPMENT, Project MARINE Management ENGINEERING, Services for the MARINE marine & offshore SURVEYOR, Industries. OFFSHORE SERVICES Trading, oilfield supplies, electromechanical supplies & services.



Abu Dhabi 02-6723787 02-6727569


ALARCON L.L.C. 43391

Abu Dhabi 02-6446777 02-6459271




06-5422007 06-5434901


Importers and Distributors of Measuring gauges, Cutting tools and Engineering hardware items.




abelashj@e 06-5581238 06-5581044 ae

Airline & Airport Catering, Industrial Catering (Onshore & Offshore), Corporate, University & CATERING School Catering, Event & Hospitality Catering Services and Hotel & Restaurant Management.


abelaauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-6674610 02-6674608 ae

Catering, contracting, trading, hotel management, maintenance, business & industries, supermarket.





asa_ads@em 09-2228040 09-2228619

Underwater ship maintenance, shipping agency, marine engineering





abmarine@e 04-3241001 04-3241005 ae

Dry docking, repair, conversion of all types of MARINE offshore oil ENGINEERING, support vessels, SHIP REPAIR offshore platform maintenance. Producer and marketer of aluminium products for marine construction and engineering, and industrial minerals for the ceramic and cement industry.



04-8819216 04-8819190





043382313 / 3381952


To give plant & machinery on hire, aircompressors, welding machines, cranes, wheel loaders, diesel generators, excavators, sandblasting equipments, light towers, road rollers, bobcats, compactors & forklifts.



Abu Dhabi 02-5510466 02-5510446 Supply of fiscal oil & gas metering systems, pressure reduction stations, analyser houses, filtration systems, produced water systems, water sales@alderl www.alderle 04-8835140 04-8835295 injection systems, pollution control, Flow Computers, Specialist thermal insulation and passive fire protection and wellhead control panels.



DubaiJebel Ali





04-3471200 04-3471302

Manufacturers of oilfield equipment, Shale Shakers, heat exchangers, decanters, centrifuges, separators, desalination equipment, sanitary pumps & valves. Branch Offices: Alfa Laval Middle East Ltd., Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, LahorePakistan, TehranIran Manufacturers of diaphragm, butterfly valves, ball valves & actuators. Import & export for all kinds of building materials, Sanitary Wares, Oil Paints, Hardwares, Water pumps, Water Heaters, Water Tanks and Electrical items, Agriculture items, Locks.



Abu Dhabi 02-6273131 02-6273587




Abu Dhabi 02-6332234 02-6348632





04-2224648 04-2225825






042262220 / 2263220

alatarah@em 04-2262039

Marine, fishing, agriculture, irrigation, power tools, real estate.



robmk@emir Abu Dhabi 02-5542954 02-5543026



042239464 / 2278517



Electromechanical ELECTRICAL Repairs & REPAIR Services, SERVICES & Rewinding REWINDING Suppliers & importers marine PIPES, TUBES and oilfield & PIPE materials FITTINGS, specialised in pipes VALVES - BALL and pipe fittings.




04-3330105 04-3330104


Oilfield supplies, specialising in seamless pipes, forged steel & buttweld fittings, OILFIELD SS pipes, sheets & SUPPLIERS fittings, gaskets, alum Kamloks & Emco Wheaton fluid handling equipment




065388810 / 5386069



Cathodic protection.




DubaiJebel Ali

04-8838148 04-8838149

info@indpipe .ae

Pipes and piping components (stockists)




04-3405313 04-3405212






04-3473131 04-3472681


GALVANIZING SERVICES, PAINTING & Surface PAINTING Preparation, CONTRACTORS HotDip Galvanizing , SPRAY & Painting. PAINTING, STEEL FABRICATION Specialised in Steel and Alloy Steel Castings.



DubaiJebel Ali

amalloys@e 04-8802233 04-8801388 ae



06-5345533 06-5346155


Design, Fabrication MACHINE of Structural Steel SHOP & & Erection Works, FABRICATION, Pipeline Works, OILFIELD Industrial Shed, EQUIPMENT Storage Tank & SUPPLIERS, Pressure Vessels, SHIP Diesel Tanks, BUILDING, Scaffolding & Form REPAIR & Work, All kinds of MAINTENANCE Welding & Machine , STEEL Shop Works. FABRICATION




alliance@mo 04-3242888 04-3242207

SHIP Shipping agencies, BUILDING, ship repair & REPAIR & marine services. MAINTENANCE




06-5345533 06-5346155


Specialists in engineering fabrication, experience 31 years in UAE. Oilfield supply and general trading, hammer unions butterfly valve & pup joint, swivel joints, plug valves and spare parts.





alliedem@e 04-3972777 04-3963363 ae




04-2661571 04-2692246




general@alli 04-3383600 04-3383700 edpickford.c

International, domestic & office removals.




04-2851404 04-2850913




aljabri@alma Abu Dhabi 02-6779389 02-6784638



0202info@almans Abu Dhabi 6776335/67 6778696/678 76797 4638

Dealers: Carbon Steel :EN-8, EN-9, EN-19, EN-24, OHNS, HCHCR, D2 etc., Stainless ALLOYS Steel : Sheets of all Thickness 0.5mm to 30mm in all Grades & Finishes. OILFIELD Focused staff SERVICE selection for oil COMPANIES, and gas operating PIPE companies. INSPECTION/S Specialists in ERVICES, project PRODUCTION management plus LOGGING lead and senior SERVICES, project engineers. PRODUCTION TESTING Slickline Services, Production Testing, OILFIELD Tubular SERVICE Inspection, COMPANIES, Logging Services, PIPE Underbalanced INSPECTION/S www.almans Drilling, Early ERVICES, Production PRODUCTION Facilities, Rig LOGGING Inspection, Rental SERVICES, Tools, Technical & PRODUCTION Safety Training, TESTING H2S & Safety Services.




04-8801824 04-8801834

david@almar .ae

CONTAINER & CARGO Container Leasing, SERVICES, Sales Conversions CONTAINER and Purchases SALES & Gulfwide. LEASING, CONTAINERS, Painting contractors, scaffolding, sandblasting & fireproofing works. FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL, PAINTING & PAINTING CONTRACTORS


Abu Dhabi 02-5511581 02-5511582



Abu Dhabi 02-6427696 02-6428600


PIPES, TUBES Driving Conductor & PIPE Pipe. FITTINGS Management Consultancy. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY



04-3433688 04-3211988



Abu Dhabi 02-6333644 02-6211924

Enterprise computer solutions, COMPUTER enterprise NETWORK networking, SOLUTIONS structured cabling, computer systems.




04-2674557 04-2674337




alstomct@e Abu Dhabi 02-6272680 02-6272363 ae




mohamed.w 06-5563971 06-5562154

Extensive calibration capabilities: Electrical, Electronic, INSTRUMENTA Temperature, TIONPressure, CALIBRATION Calibrators, Gas Analyzers, Physical/Mechanica l and other Instruments. Engineers & contractors, electrical & instrumentation, Design & CIVIL installation of ENGINEERING/ Automation CONSTRUCTIO Controls, Start-up, N/, Technical CONTRACTORS Assistance, Maintenance for Onshore & Offshore Oil / Gas Industrial Sectors. COMBUSTION CONTROLS, CONDITION MONITORING, DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEMS/SALE S &, SERVICE




npfcl@nation 04-2852685 04-2852145




06-5329797 06-5329798


Paint manufacturer - decorative, PAINT industrial, MANUFACTURE protective, marine, RS/SUPPLIERS automotive & furniture paints. GAS COMPANIES, INSTRUMENTA Instrumentation. TIONPROCESS CONTROL Manufacturers of chemical injection VALVE valves, injection MANUFACTURE panels & R packages. Filtration HYDRAULIC PUMPS, HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS, Suppliers of HYDRAULIC hydraulic pumps, TRANSMISSIO motors, valves etc. NS/DESIGN SURVEY/, TESTING/COM PONENTS Marine & offshore charter operators, OILFIELD sponsorship & SERVICE representation, COMPANIES oilfield supply & services.

AM FLOW (c/o 16922 Proserv)


04-8819799 04-8819788


AMAFILTER BV (c/o Ali & 915 Sons)

Abu Dhabi 02-6723900 02-6723901



06-5626644 06-5616335



Abu Dhabi 02-6326677 02-6344252



Abu Dhabi 02-6428383


Steel Manufacturers





04-8816115 04-8816465

Manufacturing of all types of lubricants.





ashok04-3521304 04-3557582 m



asamcorp@a Abu Dhabi 02-5554134 02-5547449 samservices. biz

DANGEROUS CARGO, SHIPPING AGENCIES, Containerised SHIPPING shipping company. AGENTS, SHIPPING COMPANIES & AGENTS H2S/Safety Consulting, H2S/Airloop packages for offshore and onshore drilling H2S SAFETY, rigs, Calibration of RESPIRATORS, gas monitors, SAFETY SCBA/SABA CONSULTANTS Rentals, inspection /TRAINING, and repairs, Authorised Repair Centre of BW Technology in Middle East.


abudhabi@a Abu Dhabi 02-6728872 02-6773504

Manufacturer of industrial protective coatings. Electric & Electronic such as all kind of generators and communication equipment.





04-8838537 04-8838539






06065562000/50 5199555/556 99550 2823



DubaiJebel Ali

04-8813500 04-8813502


EXPLORATION &/OR Exploration, PRODUCTION, production & OIL export of oil & gas. COMPANIES, REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE Manufacturer of chemicals industrial, domestic & SPECIALITY institutional, CHEMICALS manufacturers of Gamlen Industries S.A. - France.




Amwaj is one of the leading supplier to Oil & Gas Industry in GCC Countries. Amwaj is having years of experience and an extensive knowledge of suppliers & stock holders in Oil & Gas Industries around the world to supply amw@qatar. www.amwaj 06-5572040 06-4426903 competitive products including - Pipes (SS, CS), Flanges & B W Fittings, Structural Steel, Stud Bolts, Gaskets (SPW, CAF, Ring Joints), Forged Fittings (Npt, SW), Valves, Hand and machine Tools, Compression Fittings, Pressure Gauges, Safety Items, etc.




04-2673634 04-2673885


KISWIRE is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of High Carbon Steel Ropes and Wire LIFTING products. KISWIRE EQUIPMENT, NEPTUNE® is MARINE & considered as the OFFSHORE World’s Strongest SERVICES/EQU Wire Rope for IPMENT, Offshore OILFIELD Applications. The EQUIPMENT Applications SUPPLIERS, include Mooring, OILFIELD Towing, Drilling SUPPLIERS line, Anchor line, Rise Tensioner, A & R Winch ropes, Heavy Lift Crane Ropes etc. Fishing, directional drilling, measurements while drilling, logging while drilling, drilling tools rental, mud logging. Fishing, directional drilling, measurements while drilling, logging while drilling, drilling tools rental.



04-3313015 04-3313965

ANADRILL INTERNATIONA 21 L SA (c/o Schlumberger)

Abu Dhabi 02-5553200 02-5554851





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MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE Manufacturing of COMPANY, Heating elements MARINE & Shipping, MotorREPAIR Rewinding. SERVICES, OFFSHORE SERVICES, Marine fire & safety supplies & services. Lamps FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &, EQUIPMENT



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Downhole adjustable stablisers.




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Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Dismantling & Scaffolding






Distributors of Electrical wire and CABLE cable and ACCESSORIES, communication CABLE MANUFACTURE products for & SUPPLY, onshore and www.anixter Dubai 2277585/88 2277344/883 COMMUNICATI offshore .ae 36299 6948 m ONS applications:EQUIPMENT, control, Instrumentation, ELECTRICAL Fibre Optic, Power CABLE cable and ACCESSORIES Accessories. Manufacturers of flowline equipment, wellhead, trees, API gate valves, chokes, hammer CHOKES, unions, pup joints, FLANGES, ansonuae@e swivels, check MANIFOLDS, Dubai 04-8838659 04-8838663 valves, plug OILFIELD ae valves, flanges & EQUIPMENT fittings, choke / kill SUPPLIERS / cement / standpipe manifolds. Rental, service & repair on all products. CATHODIC PROTECTION, FIRE aps_auh@e Corrosion control PROOFING Abu Dhabi 02-6722894 02-6792760 services & systems MATERIAL, ae INSULATION, LINING-TANK VESSEL



Corrosion engineering, vessel lining, rubber lining, brick linings, PTFE linings, fiberglass laminations, riser coatings, solvent free epoxies and polyurethanes, sales@apsdu www.apsdub pipelining, pipeline 04-3372877 04-3377389 inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation, HDPE pipeline fusion, installation and testing, pipeline field joint coating services, glass restoration and protection, CCTV services.


HDPE pipeline fittings. injections skids. Earth DIESEL Moving GENERATORS. EQUIPMENT Aluminium HIRE Portacabins and Structures. Heavy Duty Excavators. cans. ae . pipeline MATERIAL. Equipments. rub. grout seals. Heavy Equipments. ANWAR AL QUDS GROUP 24024 Equipment Division Sharjah anwartrd@e 06-5342134 06-5347760 mirates. grippers and diaphragm closures. engineered concrete formwork. boat landing packages.8091 (TRADING DIVISION) Dubai 04-3372877 04-3377389 sales@apsdu bai. chemical INSULATION. FIRE pipeline piggy back PROOFING systems. wipers. Diesel Power Generators. CATHODIC shock cells and PROTECTION. strainers. LINING-TANK fireproofing VESSEL materials. gratings and handrails.ANTICORROSIO N PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS LLC . strips. Aluminium Rolling Platform equipment.

Tools. Gift. GENERAL TRADING. Safex. tank lining and glass flake. safety items. garage equipment. DIY accessories. hardware. .net.APC INTERNATIONA 8319 L FZC Sharjah 06-5571450 06-5571410 apc@emirate s. Agencies held: Usag. APPLIED CORROSION TECHNOLOGY OVERSEAS COMPANY (LLC) 50946 Dubai 04-3456667 04-3451951 Abrasive and water Consultancy services from concept to commissioning of projects in the field of oil. ABRASIVES protective coating and concrete repairs and epoxy flooring. Dargon. gas. DOWNHOLE TOOLS. petrochemicals & Apex CUTTING APEX TRADING 47090 CO LLC 02Abu Dhabi 02-5555888 5552255 / 5559499 apexco@emi rates.

Valve & Pumps Refurbishment. Project Management. Specialized in steel. Cross Country Pipelines. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES. Riding Crew. 24hour emergency Blasting and Painting. Industrial maintenance. Specialized maintenance & fabrication works for all types of Dredgers. MARINE CONTRACTORS . Drydocking. Procurement and Expediting.APT GLOBAL MARINE SERVICES LLC 49222 Dubai gtsdubai@e 04-3400233 04-3404648 mirates. Quality assurance and control. Insitu machining. Full-serviceMachine Shop. piping and mechanical works. OFFSHORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS . ae Full-Service Fabrication Shop. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Engineering.

PIPES. ae DIVING & Diving contractors UNDERWATER for the oilfield & EQUIPMENT. Cold / Hot Water Piping Systems. MEDICAL SERVICES/MA NAGEMENT & SUPPLIES.AQUA DIVING (MARINE) SERVICES LTD 1875 Sharjah 065285323 / 5283287 aquadive@e 06-5281720 mirates. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS .net. MECHANICAL ae Pipe networks for Residential and Industrial Applications. marine industries DIVING & & civil engineering. GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. UNDERWATER SERVICES AQUA GAS 56790 Dubai aquagas@e 04-2674383 04-2674393 mirates.

STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS AQUIL MOHD. PUMP HIRE. Service. HEAVY LIFT Transportation SHIPPING Steel fabricators. Environmentally Friendly Water Project cargoes. upto 55000 psi. RIG REPAIRING AQUARIUS NAVIGATION LINE 33445 Dubai 04-3368811 04-3360633 rita@aquama ritime. Clearence. Ship CLEARING & agents. Custom FORWARDING. UHP Rental. Rope access Contracting. Sales. FREIGHT Freight forwarding. Slurryblast. NVOCC. Decks & Ballast Tanks. EQUIPMENT HIRE. TURNING WORKSHOP 20605 Dubai 04-3331277 04-3330989 . HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER JETTING. Aquajet.AQUABLAST MIDDLE EAST LLC 31230 Dubai 042824400 / 2824200 james.aquab 04-2824264 last@eurobla stme. Intransit blasting Services. SHIPPING. Waterblasting & Painting Contracting.

5263232 ae ARAB EMIRATES BANDAG CO LLC 2244 Dubai 04-2858317 04-2858891 A Member of the Keppel Group. MANUFACTURE rubber repair RS services. anchorage & voyage repairs. ae General trading.04-3241683 mirates. MARINE repairs/overhauls. joinery REPAIR works and SERVICES underwater services.ARAB EAGLE MARINE ENGINEERING LLC 8238 Dubai 04ahiaeme2@e 3241020/06. rebuilds/overhauls. Workshop facilities at Al Jadaf. steel renewals. ARAB GULF EQUIPMENT CO 1777 (DUBAI) LLC Dubai agecodxb@e 04-2950276 04-2950439 mirates. Rubber moulded / RUBBER extruded goods. OFFSHORE engine and SERVICES/EQU machinery IPMENT. Dubai. MARINE & drydock repairs. MARINE piping. ENGINEERING. MARINE electrical & CONTRACTORS generator .net. PRODUCTS rubber lining. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS . Afloat.

Repair and Conversion of Marine and Offshore Vessels. Agency representation. ae PROJECTS/PRO JECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES ARAB TANKER SERVICES 43649 secretary@ar Abu Dhabi 02-5543277 02-5543029 abtanker. BOAT MANUFACTURE RS . MARINE CONTRACTORS . Derrick and Pipe-laying Barges and Work/Accommodat ion Barges.ARAB HEAVY INDUSTRIES PJSC 529 Ajman ahiaeme@e 06-5263232 06-5263233 m Tanker/supply. Singapore. MARINE ENGINEERING. offshore maintenance. Construction. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES ARAB INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT 6802 Dubai aiemepd@e 04-3527542 04-3523874 mirates. oilfield services. Fabrication of Steel Structures for Offshore and Onshore Applications. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU boat owners. trading & project development. Repair of Jack-Up ae Managed by Keppel.

Repair. 24650 Sharjah 06-5345747 06-5345727 arabcal@eim . Repair. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS 27495 02abcuae@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6768558 6769280/676 PAINTS & COATINGS DIVISION ARABIAN BUSINESS & GENERAL SERVICES CENTRE (ABC) 7293 Abu Dhabi 02-5553935 02-5554945 Paints and coatings manufacturing. INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICES. Calibration & Certification of : Testing & Measuring Instruments. BREATHING APPARATUS. CALIBRATION. Calibration & Certification of NDT Equipments. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL CATERING . Rental of Breathing Apparatus. All Kinds of PCBs & Control Systems. NDT Division GAMMATEC SA: 9779 Technical recruitment & specialised training ARABIAN CALIBRATION & REPAIRING LLC. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS. ARABIAN CATERING & SERVICES EST 4717 Abu Dhabi 02-6222500 02-6255774 Supply. Catering & related services to oil companies onshore & offshore.

" AFEE THE ONE STOP EExd/EExe SHOP". Transmission & Distribution. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ARABIAN FALCON ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT ( L. 46764 Distributors & Suppliers of Electrical Goods for Oil & Oilfield Services OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. GERSAN. Industrial & Commercial sectors.L.ARABIAN COAST OILFIELD EQUIPMENT 44095 Dubai 04-3341332 04-3559212 dmonte_s@h otmail.000 line items in stock . KILLARK. Main distribution for: SILVER FOX. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES . More than 20 years experience with 30. HAWKE. OILFIELD SERVICE ARABIAN CONSTRUCTIO 2113 N COMPANY Abu Dhabi 02-6771225 02-6770513 acc@emirate s. CABLE General Contracting. CABLE TRAYS. Specialists in: Oil & Gas.C.) 30569 02afeeuae@ei Abu Dhabi 6765654/67 02-6745654 m. CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY.

compressors. Co2 Extraction pumps. crane. sales & services of : HP and UHP water jetting generators. accessories servicing & spares. Liquid ammonia pumps. Chemical pumps.i pump. pipe cleaning tools for industrial and municipal sector. Slurry pumps. Process Carbonate pumps.ARABIAN GERMAN PUMP 34692 EST Dubai ARABIAN JERUSALEM COMPANY 37 Sharjah Rental. Spunlance nfo hydro testing. Water injection pumps.agwa. Descaling pumps. Sewage cleaning agwa@emira www. Test pumps 04-3402767 04-3402768 tes. PUMP HIRE HEAVY CRANES . Standard and rotating nozzles. Diaphragm pumps Heavy equipment alquds@emir sales. Salt water injection pumps. Fatty acid 06-5341616 06-5341171 ates. HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER JETTING.

net. ae ARABIAN TECHNICAL & TRADING EST ARABIAN TECHNOLOGY NETWORKING COMPANY 2610 alkhaleej@e Abu Dhabi 02-6770206 02-6721069 mirates.PORTABLE. ae 043383995/6 info@arabian tech. GENERATORS SALE / Supplies of HVAC duct work and accessories . RS. VALVES. SOFTWARE/IT SERVICES DIESEL OASIS INDUSTRIES LLC 5745 Dubai aoi@emirate 04-8811414 04-8811227 s. line pipe. etc. ARABIAN OVERSEAS LIMITED 17429 DubaiJebel Ali gulfzone@e 04-8813149 04-8811371 Fabrication & MACHINE supply of dished & SHOP & flanged ends. OCTG (OIL COUNTRY 37088 Dubai 04-3383996 ARABIAN THERMAL AIRE 55164 INTERNATIONA L CO LLC 02Abu Dhabi 6267380 / 6273764 02-6275248 atai@emirat es. CHEMICALS/M Chemicals and UD/MINERALS/ Chemical Products. GENERATORS .net. tubing. CASING / TUBING. ARABIAN OILFIELD SUPPLIES & SERVICES FZE 8913 Sharjahaoss@emirat 06-5572606 06-5572610 SAIF Zone es. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS DRUM Trading in MANUFACTURE industrial cylinder. valves. DRILLING FLUIDS IT TUBULAR GOODS). products. GENERAL valve & agriculture TRADING. FABRICATION BITS. drill bits.

ARAS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT TRADING 1589 Dubai arasequp@e 04-2679091 04-2679092 mirates. ae AIR COMPRESSOR S. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS ARCELOR INTERNATIONA 16899 L Dubai ai04-3310435 04-3314520 dubai@arcel or. AIR . DRILL PIPES. INDUSTRIALPROCESS PIPES. GOODS). PNEUMATIC CONTROL CASING / TUBING. OCTG Supplier of (OIL COUNTRY Complete Range of TUBULAR Steel Products.

ae Buckner by Storm .USA for MP Rotators & Agricultural Rotors. V.ARID LAND DEVELOPMENT 5294 TRADING CO LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6319244 02-6318366 aridland@em irates. Singer Valve Canada for Speciality Valves. ARIES MARINE & 24496 ENGINEERING SERVICES Sharjah ariesmar@e 06-5614166 06-5614167 mirates. Nelson Turf . Design / Drawing (2D & 3D)..Italy for Rain & PIPE Gun Sprinklers.V. D. Walla Walla Sprinkler Co. Consultancy. Pipes /SUPPLIERS. V. Perazzi PIPES. Interface writing MARINE ENGINEERING. TUBES .L. Agrifirm USA for Drip Irrigation Fittings & Drippers etc. Guaging / NDT Marine Softwares. Marine Services. Products. .T. .USA for Irrigation for P. Kesin ELECTROMECH .USA VALVE for Turf Irrigation SUPPLIERS. & Fittings.India for Cast ANICAL Iron and Ductile CONTRACTORS Iron Valves. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING). MARINE SURVEYOR. FITTINGS.C. pressure fittings upto size 400mm dia. ae .net.

MARINE ENGINEERING Chemical raw Dubai armenfze@e 04-8819844 04-8819921 mirates. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. procurement. ae CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . ae 2892 Sharjah armarine@e 06-5341218 06-5347434 mirates. 3855 asahitek@e Abu Dhabi 02-4453400 02-4459799 mirates. ae CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS MARINE & Marine. INSTRUMENTA TIONCALIBRATION .net. SERVICES/EQU Oilfield Services & IPMENT. instrumentation & control systems. ae Middle East General Enterprises Engineering. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. fire & gas system. import and export. LTD. calibration. Supplies. OFFSHORE Engineering..L. control panel assembly workshop ASAHI TECHNEION INTERNATIONA 17521 L FZE ARROW MARINE SERVICES GROUP ARWANI TRADING COMPANY L.C. 8783 Dubai arwanimk@e 04-2828223 04-2828207 mirates. installation & commissioning.

net. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. ASAMI TRADING CO LTD 1732 Dubai 04-2862370 04-2862408 Building materials OILFIELD & oilfield industrial INDUSTRIAL suppliers.POWER 17034 TECHNOLOGIES DubaiJebel Ali 04-8834284 04-8834294 ASCO JOUCOMATIC 17034 DubaiJebel Ali ascojoucoma 04-8834494 04-8834495 tic@emerson dubai. Towing / Anchor Handing / Supply Vessels / Platform Supply Vessels / Tugs & Specialised Vessels for Offshore Industry. process control & instrumentation CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES PNEUMATIC CONTROL ASCO .com Manufacturers of Red Hat I and II Solenoid Valves & Pneumatic Control Equipment. SHIP ASEA BROWN BOVERI LTD 11070 Dubai abbdubai@e 04-3347788 04-3347557 Supervisory computer control Marine Vessel owners. SUPPLIERS asco@emers ondubai. Operators & Charterers. OFFSHORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS . ae POWER GENERATION .ASAKER MARINE & SHIPPING AGENCY 3763 Ajman 06-7429575 06-7444570 asaker@emir ates.

ASEP MIDDLE EAST FZE 17949 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8833515 04-8833514 info@asepm e. L7M. B7M. anchor CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY. standards in UNC. UN & Metric series NUTS & BOLTS for high / low/ special / limited temperature & corrosion resistance application in grades . services EQUIPMENT equipment. nuts & special engineering components for petrochemical industries as per ANCHORS. COILED Sales. hex bolts. threaded bars. BUILDING AFNOR. B8. L7. ASIA BOLTS INDUSTRIES LLC 60495 Dubai 04-3336015 04-3336017 asiabolt@em irates. B16. EXPLOSION PROOF FITTINGS Manufacturer of stud bolts. U bolts. HIRE. BS. B8M & others. FLANGES. UNI MATERIALS. DIN. Service and TUBING Rental of well SERVICES.

Process Control. Industrial PROCESS .DIESEL Engines. TIONCALIBRATION Quality replacement parts for Caterpillar. SWITCH GEAR MAINT. CONTROL. Cement & Building Materials. BUILDING MATERIALS. Detroit Diesel & Cummins.PARTS Flex brand autocables & heavy duty battery cables. STEEL SUPPLIERS ASLEY ELECT. Komatsu. 25392 Sharjah 06-5340240 06-5340240 ASSOCIATED AUTO PARTS LLC 19523 Dubai 04-2224875 04-2216055 aaphmh@em irates. .ae ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Electrical SWITCHGEAR Equipment &. Switchgear & Instrumentation INSTRUMENTA Calibration.ASIATIC BUILDING 10921 MATERIALS CO (LLC) Dubai 04-3388131 04-3384641 Importers and Stockists of Structural Steel. CONTROLS. Sole ENGINES & distributors for Q.

Repair EQUIPMENT. Drilling SERVICE Equipment. Pneumatic cutting CUTTING & grinding tools. EXPLOSION All kinds of PROTECTED Equipments and MATERIALS. TOOL SUPPLIERS ATA GRINDING PROCESSES 1518 CASING / TUBING. BOP’s. grinding & MACHINERY & finishing abrasives.aswan. & Gas industry. and Overhaul of all MACHINE Types of Valves. API 6A COMPANIES & 16A Approved. (C/o PCT Group Ltd. Downhole marketing@a www.ASTIC OIL & GAS EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES & SERVICES 32218 Dubai 04-2828005 04-2828006 asticdxb@em irates. Rotating OILFIELD Equipment. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS ASWAN INTERNATIONA L 31550 ENGINEERING COMPANY LLC Dubai Workshop DRILLING com MARINE Wellheads. Cutting.) Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. ABRASIVES. AIR TOOLS. FABRICATION. Supplies for the Oil TOOLS. 04-8851300 04-8851301 . swan. SHOP & Pumps.

hydrants. heat exchangers. leak detection.DCS PROTECTION.issa@a Abu Dhabi 6264062/62 6263257/627 e. and SCADA OILFIELD Systems. TUBES & environment & PIPE equipment. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS ATEEQ INTERNATIONA L GROUP-ABB 26275 ENERGY AUTOMATION SPA FITTINGS instrumentation. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. petroleum ENVIRONMENT equipment. special AL coatings. /SUPPLIERS. fire PROTECTION.ATEEQ INTERNATIONA 26275 L GROUP Abu Dhabi 02-6277001 02-6277002 aig@emirate s. PIPES. ELECTROMECH pumps. fire OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. CCTV. ANICAL piping & CONTRACTORS accessories. valves. ENVIRONMENT Controls AL Automation . electronic 77001 7002 . Oilfield Suppliesindustrial & electrical equipment. security & EQUIPMENT control automation SUPPLIERS.

ae ATLANTIC OFFSHORE SERVICES 6653 Sharjah 06-5692177 06-5692178 aoffshor@em irates.BARGES. Marine repairs and MARINE operator of CHARTERING/ offshore vessels.BARGES. MARINE Marine repair and CHARTERING/ Steel UPS & WORKBOATS. MARINE ENGINEERING .ae MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. MARINE ENGINEERING MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU SALES: TUGS. SALES: tugs & barges.ATLANTIC MARINE SERVICES LLC 6653 Sharjah atmarine@e 06-5263966 06-5260291 mirates. JACK. TUGS. UPS & WORKBOATS. JACK.

Rental of: Oil Free Air Compressors. . with a vision to be GENERATORS "First in mind.ATLANTIC OIL SERVICES 30765 02aos123@emi Abu Dhabi 6791291/67 02-6791391 rates.EQUIPMENT Rig Maintenance HIRE. First SALE / HIRE in Choice". HIRE. GRP Supply of PRODUCTS. TECHNICAL Technical STAFF Manpower Supply SPECIALISTS and Commercial Agencies. Air MANPOWER Fabrication. Oil Free Air Dryers. Shutdown. Oil Injected Air Compressors. and Generators. Being present in the Gulf Region for more than 40 24725 ATLAS COPCO SERVICES MIDDLE EAST 91070 02Abu Dhabi 5552600/55 02-5552606 48313 All Type of Onshore / Offshore Oilfield Activities . Equipment. ATLAS COPCO have constantly brought in global experience to the EQUIPMENT local Gulf Market. Instrumentation. FIBREGLASS / Turnkey Projects. MANPOWER Electrical & SERVICES.

AUTOMECH ENGINEERING CO. FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL. PRESSURE VESSELS.ATLAS SAFETY PRODUCTS 30595 Dubai 04-3438500 04-3435575 kamran@atla s-uae. SHIP BUILDING. .ae Manufacturers of high pressure vessels. ATOS INTERNATIONA 28226 L LLC Dubai 043241707 / 3243702 043241706 / 3241250 / info@atosuae. such as hearing. valves. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE AUTOCLAVE ENGINEERS USA 16922 Dubai 04-8819799 04-8819788 proserv@emi rates. HEAT exchangers & EXCHANGERS industrial heaters. Design construction & full service repairs of ship & offshore structures. adaptors & laboratory autoclaves. face and head protection. PRESSURE TESTING EQUIPMENT. TUBES / TUBING SERVICES. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. Design & drafting. 35366 Dubai 04-3333525 04-3333638 Manufacture and FABRICATIONS fabrication of heat . MARINE REPAIR Suppliers of safety and security equipments. HEARING PROTECTION. naval architectural. represent several international Car rental & leasing. WAREHOUSIN G DISTRIBUTION & STORAGE .ae 45670 HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING AVIS RENT A CAR 6891 Dubai 042959899 / 2957121 042958908 / 2956807 avisuae@emi rates. Dubai 04hydrotech@a 2851400/38 04-2851494 Trading of Fire & Safety Audio / Video Video Conferencing Conferencing Rooms Installations & Solutions.AUTOMECH MARINE & 60200 ENGG. LEASING & CAR RENTAL AVTELCO ELECTRONICS EST. SERVICES LLC. 28248 Dubai 04-2831950 04-2831951 zoran@avtel co. SHELVING & STORAGE EQPT & COMMUNICATI ONS EQUIPMENT AXON BUSINESS SYSTEMS LLC 46404 Abu Dhabi 02-6455442 02-6449478 axon@emirat es.

ae BAHRI & MAZROEI TRADING CO 1247 Dubai 0404-2691610 2664627 / 2698043 bmtc@emira tes. chemicals. JACK. GENERATORS/ machines. TUGS & BARGES. generators. LLC 49134 Dubai 04-2289839 04-2289836 bjt@emirate Tubes & Batteries. BAINUNA MECH. EGUIP. OILFIELD parts. EQUIPMENT & project supplies & SUPPLIES trading of RETAIL. OIL FIELD SERVICES 642 Abu Dhabi 02-6393303 02-6393169 bainuna@em irates. Tyres. UPS & Supply Vessels WORKBOATS. EQUIPMENT onshore & offshore SUPPLIERS gas & oil field MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: Marine charterers.BAHRAIN MARINE 5275 CONTRACTING Sharjah 06-5749803 06-5749802 bmscj@emir ates. TUGS. ELECTRIC Wholesale. PRODUCTS Importing & trading in pumps. TRANSFORMER equipment spare S. retail. ELECT. electrical ELECTRICAL materials. Barges. BAJABER TRADING BATTERIES .

c om BAKER ATLAS Geoscience & 8786 Customer Support Abu Dhabiluc.c Street om .BAKER ATLAS Abu Dhabi 8786 Operating Base ian.hunt@ba Abu Dhabi 02-5510240 02-5510082 kerhughes.bolle@ba Hamdan 02-6773200 02-6717399 kerhughes.

com A Division of Baker Hughes Baker Atlas offers a complete range of open and cased hole well logging.kewley@ba www.willems@ 04-8082487 04-8082489 bakerhughes .gray@ba 04-8082400 04-8082436 kerhughes. BAKER HUGHES DRILLING 567 FLUIDS Dubai Ian.c ughes. This om includes specialist engineering and analysis services. A Division of Baker Hughes Oilfield drilling.BAKER ATLAS DUBAI 567 Dubai jan. completion and chemical services r. completion and chemical services and specialty products. BITS. CHEMICAL MONITORING SYSTEMS BAKER HUGHES 1673 Dubai Oilfield drilling. BOTTOM HOLE PRESSURE SURVEYS.c om . Baker Atlas also provides Geoscience consultancy services. completion and data analysis services for every phase of drilling and production. products.bakerh and specialty 04-8082100 04-8082407 kerhughes. CASING / TUBING.

logging while Drilling. mud logging and drilling. coring. BAKER HUGHES INTEQ ABU 7621 DHABI 02Abu Dhabi 6773200 / 6972418 02-6726209 .BAKER HUGHES 567 INTEQ Dubai 04-8082300 04-8836500 A Division of Baker Hughes Directional drilling. measurement MUD LOGGING while drilling. completions and stimulation fluids. horizontal drilling. well-bore surveying.

liner hangers. service tools. fishing services. surface and subsurface safety systems. thru-tubing packers.BAKER OIL TOOLS 1673 Dubai 0404-8082100 8836488/883 7132 A Division of Baker Hughes Baker Oil Tools is the leading provider of completion. workover and fishing equipment and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. inflatable packers. Its major product lines are packer systems. BAKER OIL TOOLS ABU DHABI BAKER OIL TOOLS Musaffah 7621 Abu Dhabi 02-6773200 02-6722483 0 Mussafah 02-5510240 02-5511344 . gravel packing and screens. Other key product lines include flow control devices. thrutubing fishing services and milling/cutting services.

BAKER PETROLITE 7621 mark. well stimulation. Baker Petrolite also supplies specialty chemicals to refining and petrochemical. steel. BAKER PETROLITE DUBAI 9204 Dubai 04-3097015 04-3097050 .com A Division of Baker Hughes Baker petrolite provides oilfield chemicals for drilling.lewis@ Abu Dhabi 02-6972431 02-6714030 bakerpetrolit e. crop protection and water treatment industries. utility. chemical. production and pipelines in the oil and gas industry. mineral handling.

LTD 46015 bunduq@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6779922 02-6779477 rates. ... power stations. Paint. OIL COMPANIES. airports. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ BALMER LAWRIE (UAE) 11818 LLC Dubai 04-3382476 04-3381507 bldubai@bal Oil Producing company. Metal RS Containers range from 210 L Drum to . REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE BANDUQ CO. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .net. 20L / 5L / 4L Conical Pail Manufacturer of Metal and Plastic Containers for Lubricant. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. marine works. Chemical and DRUM Edible oil MANUFACTURE bridges.. CONTRACTORS .BALFOUR BEATTY (ABU DHABI) LLC 47770 Abu Dhabi 02-6767628 02-6767629 bbad@emira Civil & building contractors for petrochemical works.

BARBER DUBAI SHIPPING 8612 AGENCIES COMPANY LLC Dubai 04-3533633 04-3533915 FREIGHT Shipping. SHIPPING AGENTS BARCELONA MARKETING & SERVICES 47322 barcelon@e Abu Dhabi 02-6667141 02-6667136 mirates. & forwarding. Blowers. ship chandling. TURBO CHARGERS. Water. Rebuilding on GM Diesel REPAIR & MAINTENANCE . Piston Assemblies. airfreight & FORWARDING. Cylinder BARNSLEY UNIVERSAL INC. WORKSHOP SERVICES. Fuel & Oil Pumps. clearing SHIPPING. ae Importing & trading in electrical CENTRAL GAS SHIP BUILDING. 17251 Dubai barnsley@e 04-8833306 04-8833308 Crank Shafts. ae Trading MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM . Governors. ship CLEARING & supply. BARDAN MARINE & TRADING 22198 Sharjah 06-5339672 06-5339682 bvalsan@emi rates. Turbo Chargers. natural INSTALLATION gas & oil-field supplies.

Ship FORWARDING supply agents.C.roy.BARTAWI GROUP 1054 Dubai 043388901/33 04-3382357 88906 Civil engineering & building Germany DRILLING handling ind.) barwil.L. Oilfield Industry. Project Freight SHIPPING Forwarding to the AGENTS. SHIPPING COMPANIES & AGENTS. ae . REPRESENTATI Representative ON OF office of Bayer AG COMPANIES GMBH Representative CHEMICALS/M office of bayer UD/MINERALS/ AG. Shipping Container movable CONTAINERS houses.c om FREIGHT SHIPPING. FLUIDS chemicals & health care BASEEM TRADING 27028 COMPANY BAWADER GULF TRADING 92171 EST BAYER INTERNATIONA 17461 L SA BAYER INTERNATIONA 50012 L SERVICE GMBH bte1710@e Abu Dhabi 02-6448129 02-6440100 mirates. CLEARING & Professionals in @barwil.abudh Abu Dhabi 02-6733229 02-6734744 ranjan. concrete batching plant. packing CLEARING & & removals. SHIPPING. ae Dubai 04-2977099 04-2979788 bawaderl@e DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS BARWIL DUBAI 8612 LLC Dubai 04-3533633 04-3533915 barwil. CONTRACTORS BARWIL ABU DHABI RUWAIS 44805 (L. Compressors. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. FREIGHT Freight & Logistics. Dubai 04-8817774 04-8814323 Dubai 0404-3513117 3513114 / 3521826 bayeruae@e mirates. Diesel engines.rr @bayer. roads and drainage projects. Airfreight.

tech@e Abu Dhabi 02-6327906 02-6211125 mirates. sauna & fountains. CONTRACTORS . Abu Dhabi 02-6998400 02-6310091 Engineering. jacuzzi. 2661 m HOTEL BEACH WATER TECHNOLOGIES 29308 EST bwt. swimming pools. Construction Management. Procurement. . Consulting and Project Management. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ Chemical Dealers (Laboratory) Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers is in the city of Abu Dhabi with 414 Rooms. ae WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .BDH MIDDLE EAST LLC 28637 Dubai 04-2852211 04-2861331 bdhme@emir ates. EASTERN BECHTEL CO. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS BECHTEL INTERNATIONA L BECHTEL CO. Water treatment systems (filters). Construction. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS BEACH ROTANA HOTEL & 45200 TOWERS beach.hotel Abu Dhabi 02-6443000 02-6442111 @rotana.

VALVES designs and CONTROL. manufactures VALVES Actuators and m BEL Valves quality system is ISO 9001 and API QI accredited. BEL produce in a wide range of materials and trims to all the latest design standards and codes including API 6A and API 6D. . Control Systems providing single point responsibility for valve packages. A leading manufacturer of Sub Sea and Topsides Through Conduit Metal Seated Gate Valves.BEL VALVES 61363 Dubai mbovey@ 04-8811613 04-8811614 belvalves. BEL also R. Globe and Check Valves. with a comprehensive range of AP16A VALVE Sub Sea Ball MANUFACTURE Valves.

ae Design & manufacture of specialty wire and cables for the industrial Mechanical contracting: desalination. Columns and Heat Exchangers. Fabrication of critical pressure equipment as Vessels. CONCRETE PROTECTION/T CDT DubaiDubai 500158 Internet City 04-3910490 04-3918775 sales@belde ncdt. CRACK REPAIRS BELHASA PROJECTS LLC DUBAI 5102 Dubai 04-3331445 04-3330681 BELLELI ENERGY FZE 41697 Sharjah 06-5263734 06-5260046 ben78600@e im. CONVEYORS. CONCRETE PROTECTION/T REATMENT. Actioncrete International Division. Sports Flooring and Coating Division CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY CEMENTING/G BELHASA PROJECTS LLC 47162 bhapauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-6770775 02-6782795 mirates. . SWIMMING POOL CEMENTING/G ROUTING. tanks. piping & mechanical erection works. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. Swimming Pools and Water Features. Reactors.

ae Paints manufacturers & Suppliers. Oilfield. OILFIELD Offshore and EQUIPMENT Onshore MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT.BELLELI ENERGY SPA 322 Abu Dhabi 02-6411823 02-6410922 c/o Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons Design & manufacture of heat exchangers. BERKELEY SERVICES 7591 Dubai 043376208 / 3393111 berkeley@e 04-3345745 mirates. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS Marine survey consultants and international loss adjuster. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. SUPPLIERS. MARINE SURVEYOR. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS. Procurement OILFIELD Service . ae Security guards & Patrol services to Commercial & Industries. pressure PAINT .net.WHOL & MANUFACTURE RS. ae BERGER PAINTS 27524 EMIRATES LTD Dubai 0404-3391000 3391322 / 3391323 bergrdxb@e mirates. MARINE SURVEYS COATING PROTECTIVE. HEAT EXCHANGERS. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS BENCH-MARK INSPECTION SERVICES LTD 28321 Sharjah benchmar@e 06-5612542 06-5624929 mirates. PRESSURE VESSELS BELMAR 261458 Dubai 04-8818345 04-8818326 belmar@emi rates.

co m Fuel Supply . gas HYDRAULIC / hydraulic & electric PNEUMATIC actuators for ACCUMULATOR Providing Geophysical Services to oil GEOPHYSICIST Companies.Oil & Diesel. BUNKERING Petroleum BiProducts Trading AIR CONDITIONIN G AIR CONDITIONIN G EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS. . Bunkering. S Seismic Data Acquisitions & Reservoir Studies.BEST VALUE 62838 Dubai shiva@bestv 04-3330304 04-3330211 alueworld. ie. AIR CONDITIONIN G BETA INDUSTRIAL EST Branch Office 25204 Abu Dhabi 02-6450107 02-6450167 BETA INDUSTRIAL 50708 EST Head Office Dubai Dubai 04-3331486 04-3331673 Manufacturer of AC grills & diffusers. packages. Export & Import. BETTIS UK LTD 247 (C/o ADMMI) 02Abu Dhabi 6273131 / 6271098 02-6273587 Pneumatic hydraulic. S repair. BGP MIDDLE EAST 37519 Dubai 04-3211413 04-3211415 dubai@bgpin tl.

Aeroquip Hoses. Distributors for Cummins Engine Co. 04SERVICES. range of Chain and Wire Rope Fittings. BB-Lifting also provides services in the field of Testing and Certification of Lifting Equipment. Ropes. BHATIA ENGINEERING CO 1275 Dubai bec@becdxb. lifting@bbisd www. Kirloskar & Prestolite.bhatia. supplies a wide range of products like Wire Ropes and Fittings. STP. com Nylon Mooring 31696 EQUIPMENT. Spooling Facilities for Winch Wires and Anchor Lines. Webbing Slings. Grade 80/100 Chains and INSPECTION Fittings. stocks. GENERATORS . Cable Laid Slings & Grommets.PORTABLE . 04-2823063 04-2823499 com DIESEL GENERATORS. Polypropylene and 3332370/33 04-3332406 LIFTING . Onan Generators. CrosbyROPES.BHATIA BROTHERS (gulf) fze 1275 Dubai BB-Lifting manufactures.

oil field & BUILDING industries MATERIALS equipment suppliers. Preparation of shop drawings & bar bending STEEL FABRICATION BIN AWEIDHA EST. Manufacturer of concrete masonry blocks (solid.BHP PETROLEUM (BHP BILLITION) 73499 Dubai 04-3212818 04-3212515 DRILLING CONTRACTORS Drilling Company. tools. ae CONCRETE & PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS BILDCO REINFORCING 2443 STEEL SERVICES EST. ae . 266 rbagroup@e Abu Dhabi 02-6275899 02-6268478 mirates. Abu Dhabi 02-5544599 02-5555330 bildco@emir ates. retaining walls & all kinds of interlocking tiles of various colours. hollow & cellular blocks). . DRILLING EQUIPMENT Building materials. Shelving & Storage Equipment Suppliers BIER AL BALAH BUILDING 745 MATERIALS TRADING Steel reinforcement fabrication according to BS and ASTM standards. Dubai 04-2252799 04-2258026 BILDCO CEMENT PRODUCTS 32397 ambidco@e Abu Dhabi 02-5511990 02-5511994 mirates. All types of water ABRASIVES. WATER TREATMENT MACHINERY & TOOL SUPPLIERS FABRICATIONS 3595 bdgroup@e Abu Dhabi 02-6731222 02-6731770 mirates. ae OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS BIN DHAHI TRADING 55150 Dubai dxbcoast@e 04-2224454 04-2246629 mirates. ae BIN DARAWISH HEAVY 40484 EQUIPMENT BIN DESMAL OILFIELD SERVICES EST Sharjah 06-5342742 06-5342353 adilraja@emi rates. Hand Tools. PLANT ae BIN FADHEL MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT RENTAL 24602 Dubai 04-3496845 04-3446057 suhailfareed @dubai. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. Power PRODUCTS. Oilfield Supplies. Shipstores. Construction Equipment & Machinery Suppliers. Transportation.BIN BROOK GENERAL TRADING LLC 879 mbostany@e Abu Dhabi 02-5584600 02-5582090 Tools. FIRE Dealers of Safety PROTECTION Clothing. ae BIN BROOK MOTORS & EQUIPMENT LLC 32267 Dubai brookdxb@e 04-3395979 04-3395978 mirates. stainless steel. Nuts & SUPPLIERS. and water treatment with reverse osmosis technology. OILFIELD Industrial Chains & INDUSTRIAL Links. Bolts. All kinds of Mechanical & Fabrication works for Heavy equipment. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS Machinery and PLANT & Equipment rental EQUIPMENT plant hire HIRE . multistage & centrifugal surface & submersibles pumps.

Motor Control Centers. 561 Dubai BIN GHALIB ENGINEERING 6969 Switchgear Division Sharjah Hydraulic & industrial hoses & 04binfacom@e couplings.binghal Pillars. Instrumentation Panels. 69066 ae brass fittings & nylon tubings. Air handling unit/Air Conditioning ib. tube & fittings. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES. PLC Panels. Auto Mains Failure Panels. HYDRAULIC HOSES & FITTINGS SWITCHGEAR/ MOTOR CONTROLS LOW VOLTAGE .net.BIN FARES TECHNICAL & TRADING EST. Feeder www. steel 2668056/26 04-2669063 mirates. Specializes in manufacture of low Voltage Distribution Boards. Pump Control Panels. Synchronising Panels. Metering 06-5434111 06-5433747 bee@eim.

Control Relay. Cable.) FITTINGS. MCCB. Explosion MARINE & Proof Glands. CONTROLS Relay.a e BIN HAJAR TRADING 43631 Dubai bhte2001@e 04-3972688 04-3972689 mirates. IPMENT.I. Motor Manager. ELCB.) (C.BIN GHALIB ENGINEERING 14743 Trading Division Dubai 04-2674555 04-2674117 beetrdng@ei m.I. EQUIPMENT MCB. ELECTRICAL items such as BIN GHALIB TECHNOLOGY 20294 Dubai 04-2670969 04-2671321 btech@eim. ELECTRICAL testing and ENGINEERING maintenance of complete system of control panels and switchgear. ae Sourcing & Supply of Power + Control products from world renowned manufacturers. Overload &. OFFSHORE Electrical SERVICES/EQU Accessories. . Motor Protection. SWITCHGEAR PLC. PIPES. CABLE Marine & Offshore ACCESSORIES. BTech provides services of installation. TUBES Pipes & Pipe Fitting & PIPE (D. commissioning. Soft Starter etc.) (S. Speciality

ae BIN MOHSEN MECHANICAL 9158 BIN MALIK OILFIELD & IND. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. Flanges.BIN JABR FIRE 46711 & SAFETY EST Abu Dhabi 02-6418284 02-6415388 bjfse@emirat es. Building TRADING. Steel PIPES. EVENTION detection. Suppliers. ae FIRE DETECTION/PR Fire & PIPE Structural Steel FITTINGS. STRUCTURAL Galvanized STEEL Fittings. CO. 3242 Sharjah 065437669 / 5436986 binmalik@e 06-5436033 mirates. SERVICE Oilfield Industrial COMPANIES. Importers / Trading GENERAL TRADING BIN MOOSA & 307 DALY LIMITED bmdalyad@e Abu Dhabi 02-6446670 02-6444169 ae . centralised LPG SAFETY & system SECURITY EQUIPMENT. TUBES Suppliers. STUD BOLTS CUTTING TOOLS. LLC binmosen@e Abu Dhabi 02-5559720 02-5543047 mirates. Materials. Trading. SYSTEMS &. SUPPLIERS. safety & EQUIPMENT. TRADING CO. Pipes Tubes & Pipe OILFIELD Fittings. OILFIELD Suppliers of oilfield EQUIPMENT equipments. LTD.

protection. CORROSION Pioneers In MONITORING Cathodic & CONTROL. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR & CATHODIC pipelines & tanks. protection EQUIPMENT equipment. test FIRE equipments.BIN SARI SPECIALIZED 33464 TECHNOLOGIES Abu Dhabi 02-4460700 02-4460800 BIN SARI SPECIALIZED TECHNOLOGIES 0 . DETECTION/PR marine. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES.DUBAI & NORTHERN EMIRATES Dubai corosion@e 04-3476400 04-3476004 mirates. fire & gas EVENTION SYSTEMS &. . ae BIN SAUD TECHNICAL TRADING EST 70081 Abu Dhabi 02-6744482 02-6744483 bintek@emir ates. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR & CATHODIC PROTECTION. ELECTRICAL corrosion control & CABLE monitoring of ACCESSORIES. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL.

LOADING Environmental.BIN SEDDIQ INTERNATIONA 3568 L Abu Dhabi 02-6444220 02-6444226 bsi@eim. ON OF projects. ae BIN SIDRA NATIONAL PETROGAS 8217 Abu Dhabi 02-6778889 02-6778897 binsidra@em irates. .net. POWDER COATING BIN SHABIB POWDER 52926 COATINGS LLC Dubai 043470123 / 3471177 binshabb@e 04-3470101 mirates. ARMS. . GAS PROCESSING Central gas system EQUIPMENT. supply of COMPANIES oilfielld Aviation. wet coating. MOORING TERMINALS Powder coating. Services. BIN SUHAIL INTERNATIONA 46987 L binsuhail@e Abu Dhabi 02-6316400 02-6316604 mirates. CONSULTANTS Marine. heat ENVIRONMENT AL Oilfield.petrol general GAS contracting PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS Company REPRESENTATI representation. stone enameling.industrial. MARINE Safety . ae . Supply & IPMENT. & OFFSHORE Instrumentation SERVICES/EQU

midea 04-8811613 04-8811614 st@bindergr p. Pharmaceutical. PIPE SUPPORTS. VHP METALLISATIO water jetting units. Blasting & painting HYDROBLASTI equipment. Petrochemical. PAINTING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES . PIPES. Mining and Mineral Resources. NG/WATER marine/aviation JETTING. Binder Group. is the Region’s Largest Specialist in the Design and Manufacture of Proprietary and Custom-Built Pipe Suspension Solutions for a Broad Range of Industries that Includes. Offshore. chemicals. Oil & Gas. LNG/LPG. Established in 1982. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS BITEC 8609 Dubai 04-3241670 04-3243199 bitec@emirat es. Industrial and Building Services. Power BLASTING & PAINTING EQUIPMENT.BINDER GROUP 61363 PTY LTD. Dubai


intelligent pigging including corrosion & geometry surveying techniques.bjservi HYDROBLASTI 04-8835558 04-8838397 swabbing & project vices. retro-jetting. PRODUCTS/EQ product UIPMENT. gel FILTRATION. compressor run trials and temporary water injection and specialty pumping services. testing. nitrogen CLEANING purging / packing. JETTING nitrogen purging.BJ PROCESS & PIPELINE SERVICES 61110 DubaiJebel Ali Pipeline Services: pre-commissioning & commissioning of onshore & offshore oil & gas pipelines including flooding. gauging. pneumatic and hydrotesting. refinery reactor cool NG/WATER management. caliper surveys. pipe freezing. JETTING. dewatering & vacuum / air drying. . chemical cleaning and passivating. temporary fuel gas supply. Process Services: HYDROBLASTI nitrogen/helium NG/WATER leak ces. nitrogen drying. pigging. methanol bjpps@bjser www. changeover.

L. INDUSTRIAL CLEANING CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT. . houseware EQUIPMENT products & locks. electronic & ELECTRONICS cordless power & ELECTRONIC tools. CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ 10079 Dubai 04-2858455 04-2859392 bkgulf@emir ates. NG/WATER BK GULF L. Oilfield Pumping HYDROBLASTI Services. INDUSTRIAL CLEANING ELECTROMECH Electro mechanical ANICAL construction CONTRACTORS company /SUPPLIERS Manufacturers & COMPUTERS / marketers of ELECTRONICS. HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER SERVICES COMPANY MIDDLE EAST 6253 Dubai 04-2821500 04-2822544 BJ SERVICES COMPANY 4352 MIDDLE EAST Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi 02-5553980 bshotton@bj BLACK & DECKER 5420 (OVERSEAS) AG DUBAI Dubai mea_admin 04-2826464 04-2826466 @blackdecke r. FILTRATION.

drilling jars.BLACK MAX DOWNHOLE TOOLS .dub ai@nql.NQL 37621 (Barbados) Dubai facility stocks. Al 5526 Mazroui Flowtronix SUPPLIERS Specialist suppliers of abrasive ABRASIVES blasting Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps. repairs & redresses all downhole tools. Incorporating: Blackmax Downhole Tools DOWNHOLE TOOLS. (C/o. Dubai Branch Dubai 04-3477719 04-3477723 inquiries. DRILLING BLASTRITE GULF 17373 Dubai 04-8817850 04-8817851 brgulf@emir SANDBLASTIN G/SHOTBLASTI Trading of Blasting NG Equipments EQUIPMENT. DRILLING PRODUCTS BLAGDON PUMP .K. DRILLING Third party suppliers of downhole mud motors. shock tools. BLASTLINE LLC 30295 Dubai 043240420 / 3240301 04-3240421 blastlin@emi rates. (AFT)) Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 aft@emirate s.

ae BLUE BELL SHIPPING LLC .0 Jebel Ali DubaiJebel Ali bbswhse@e 04-8816311 04-8816341 mirates. Shipping SHIPPING line. Project FORWARDING. ae .net. AGENCIES AIRCRAFT CHARTER & RENTAL. CLEARING & FORWARDING. FREIGHT SHIPPING. Sea-Air. FREIGHT SHIPPING. shipping. CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. SERVICES Documentation AIR/ Airport Office Dubai bbsairdv@e 04-2822105 04-2822104 mirates. SHIPPING. CLEARING & Freight forwarding. SHIPPING AGENCIES AIRCRAFT CHARTER & RENTAL. Environmental CLEARING & protection. Warehousing and CARGO Distribution. and Clearing. AIRCRAFT Air freight. CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA.BLUE BELL SHIPPING LLC 24078 Dubai 04-3366969 04-3364533 bbship@emir ates. SHIPPING AGENCIES BLUE BELL SHIPPING LLC . Land FREIGHT freight. Sea CHARTER & freight.

net. forwarding CLEARING & (sea/air). G warehousing / BLUE WATER ENTERPRISE LTD 24857 Dubai bwecatco@e 04-3331137 04-3331349 mirates. clearingFORWARDING. freight SHIPPING. ae Special focus on ferrous and nonferrous castings. Gold & Cadmium Platings. Specialised on METALLISATIO hard chrome. Distributers of SAFETY & industrial building SECURITY safety automative EQUIPMENT products. ae BLUE SEA SHIPPING AGENCY LLC 51527 Dubai bluesea@blu 04-3528438 04-3528570 eseashipping . Rental DRILLING of oilfield 04-3330458 04-3333069 blif@trinitygr oup. . TOOL equipments and & EQUIPMENT oilfield services. forwarding WAREHOUSIN (sea/air). RENTAL Ship agency & husbandry FREIGHT BLUE OCEAN SUPPLIES FZE 17157 Dubai blueocean@e 04-8872726 04-8872727 mirates.BLUE LIGHT 8807 INDUSTRY LLC Dubai blif@trinitygr oup. CHEMICALS/M Supply of UD/MINERALS/ chemicals. N Electroless Nickle.

freight & removals. ERVICES. pipe VESSEL. TUBES CONTAINER Shipping 04-8845001 04-8845002 / bmcgulf@hot . concrete repair & PIPES. CLEARING & project cargo FORWARDING. road FREIGHT transport. Baku JECT & Tblisi.BLUE WATER SHIPPING 24245 Dubai 04-2826282 04-2824220 bwsdxb@bw s. world wide. LINING-TANK waterproofing membranes. MANAGEMENT SERVICES Trading & contracting in CONCRETE Geosynthetic PROTECTION/T products. BMC GULF TRADING & 33260 CONTRACTING LLC Dubai bmcikte@em irates. SALES & international LEASING. PIPE inspection & INSPECTION/S rehabilitation. forwarding. air SHIPPING. REATMENT. Aktau. also PROJECTS/PRO CIS. & PIPE environmental FITTINGS projects. 36 PROJECT branch offices CHARTERING.

c om Part of the Bodycote Materials Testing Group. corrosion SERVICES.lab Abu Dhabi 02-5582345 02-5584515 @bodycote. evaluation testing. the largest of its kind in the world. waters. fully equipped and integrated machine shop. full range LABORATORY of coating TESTING. Full range of materials testing services. accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025. . Metallurgical & FAILURE Mechanical ANALYSIS. Testing. both laboratory and site based. specialists for remote site laboratory operation. testing. full range of civils testing. failure investigations. METALLURGIC positive material AL ANALYSIS identification (PMI) and replication. chemical INSPECTION analysis.BODYCOTE MATERIALS TESTING SERVICES LTD 9191 abudhabi.

we sell your virgin. boodai@emir Abu Dhabi 5554024 / 02-5552727 engineering. CONSULTANCY . .BOMA PIPE MIDDLE EAST 17716 BOODAI TRADING COMPANY 46027 BOODAI TRADING COMPANY LLC 5108 Stockist of tubing & casing. brokerage services. buyers octg@bomap www. Spools. Valves. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY .bomap Dubai 04-8814884 04-8815985 of surplus OCTG & ipe. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Blowout Preventers. bodai@emira Dubai 04-2690080 04-2661361 Industrial supplies ipe. CASING / oilfield equipment. ates. Construction equipment. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS SHIP SPARES BOOZ ALLEN & 43754 HAMILTON INC Abu Dhabi 02-6270882 02-6275154 Management consultants & projects management. OCTG (OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS).ae & oilfieled supplies. Choke Manifolds. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS BOP RENTALS & SUPPLY DUBAI 38500 Dubai 04-3407972 04-3407973 pw. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS /MANAGEMENT . certified & new pipe & 5559237 industrial & oilfield supplies. Control Units. Construction 02equipment.

Chemical seals & calibration products. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE FLUID PURIFICATION BP Lubricants & Division Suppliers CONTAMINATI of BP Lubricants & ON. reclamation & all marine related activities.c om / Abu Dhabi 02-4488010 02-4488014 ahmed. DREDGING BOURDONHAENNI MIDDLE EAST (Formerly BourdonSedeme) 16954 DubaiJebel Ali 048833606 / 5848 JeanMichel.alha Dredging. ISO 9001 Certified. LUBRICANTS BP MIDDLE EAST (JANANA 9687 TRADING CO. transmitters & switches.Goup 04-8835997 y@bourdonh aenni. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL BP INTERNATIONA L (BP Chief 46600 Representative Office) Abu Dhabi 02-6323999 02-6330486 OIL c/o TROUVAY CAUVIN GULF FZE Manufacturer & supplier of pressure and temperature gauges.) alhaa3@bp. . CALIBRATION. Greases. LABORATORY TESTING. bp.BOSKALIS WESTMINSTER 4831 MIDDLE EAST info@boskali Abu Dhabi 02-6447306 02-6443158 s.

DESILTERS. CLEARING & FORWARDING .Palmer @nov. project handling services. OCTG (OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS).BP MIDDLE EAST LTD (BPME) 1699 Dubai 04-3317999 04-3318530 Marketing .oil products. Sharjah 06-5737374 06-5737379 Pipeline protection: antiPIPELINE corrosion coating. FREIGHT SHIPPING. com Global forwarding. OILSLUDGE TREATMENT BREDERO SHAW MIDDLE 1789 EAST LTD. heavy lifts handling. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES BRANDT NOV 22148 Dubai 04-3472468 04-3472340 Bob. DESANDERS. BRIDGEWAY SHIPPING & FREIGHT SERVICES 8109 Dubai info@bridge 04-2821421 04-2822399 Design / Manufacture of Solids Control Equipment & Waste Management Services. DEGASSERS. COATING & concrete weight INSULATION coating.

BRIGHT STAR CONSTRUCTIO 12862 N MATERIALS LLC Dubai 04-2672773 04-2671731 bstar@emira tes. ae Supply of steel wire ropes. STEEL FABRICATION .net. CONSTRUCTIO N MACHINERY. NUTS & WIRELINE LIFTING EQUIPMENT. ROPES. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS. chain slings & lifting products.BRIDON MIDDLE EAST 16931 DubaiJebel Ali bridonme@e 04-8835129 04-8835689 mirates.

Automatic fire extinguishers. to SYSTEMS &.com Bristol Fire Engineering. Hose reels and components. . Bristol’s DETECTION/PR range includes. dependability and FIRE durability. Full range of fire equipment cabinets complying with international standards. but EVENTION is not limited. the leader in innovative fire fighting equipments. Various types of hydrant valves and accessories.BRISTOL FIRE ENGINEERING 74582 Dubai 04-3472426 04-3472363 sales@bristol -fire. has become one of the premier fire fighting equipment manufacturer in the Gulf. SYSTEMS. PROOFING Trolley / Wheeled MATERIAL fir extinguishers. Portable fire FIRE extinguishers. the following : EQUIPMENT. Bristol Fire equipments are unsurpassed in FIRE ALARM the industry.

& m Specialist in Training for Safety Consultancy in First Aid. . EXPLOSION PROOF Regional office of TESTING/COM PONENTS CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS Unique provider of /ENGINEERS/. MAINTENANCE petrochemical and CONTRACTORS other industries. CABLE ACCESSORIES. Aviation Security & Maritime Security. Special CONSULTANTS Forces Training. /TRAINING VIP/CP Protection. TRANSMISSIO NS/DESIGN SURVEY/. CMP Products and HYDRAULIC Bel BRUNEL ENERGY CIC 5658 Dubai 04-3525535 04-3521132 mailbox@bru neluae. Fire SAFETY . gas. power. human resources CONTRACTORS services to the oil. MANPOWER SERVICES BRITISH ENGINES 61363 (MIDDLE EAST) FZE Dubai 04-8871012 04-8871015 cmpme@emi rates.BRITAM 502221 Dubai dubai@brita 04-3902309 04-3664085 mdefence.

Dead weight /4 Importers & stockists of building materials. fabrication. Boards & Fittings to British & European Norms. System Tubes. MATERIALS steel pipes. pressure gauges for chemical. oil & gas industries. ae BUDENBERG GAUGE COMPANY MMI 70 / 32393 Dubai 04-3241380 04-3241384 BUILDERS MERCHANTS 4112 Dubai 04bumga@emir 2665101/2/3 04-2661748 ates. ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICES & REWINDING. PRESSURE TESTING EQUIPMENT BSS GROUP 20762 Dubai 043332436 / 3332048 bss2000@e 04-3332404 mirates. Formwork Equipments. . BUILDING structural steel. electrical & hydraulic repairing. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS & GAUGES & pipe fittings & valves oilfield suppliers. works. transmitters. painting. test equipment. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. denting thermometers. Complete range of fire fighting equipment & all kind of machining.BSL MIDDLE EAST SCAFFOLDS 65525 MANUFACTURE RS LLC Dubai 04-3402227 04-3479331 httuae@emir ates. FABRICATIONS .

HEAT EXCHANGERS. . AL safety. CONSULTANTS environment and . Conformity CERTIFICATIO BUREAU VERITAS 9110 Dubai 04-3453560 04-3452391 bveritas@em Cutting Service On and Offshore. INSPECTION social SERVICES responsibility. Cleaning and Maintenance. INDUSTRIAL Bukom can serve you in different area’s such as. the areas of ENVIRONMENT quality.BUKOM INDUSTRIAL & 113688 Dubai OILFIELD SERVICES 04-3240044 04-3241060 bukom@emir ates. CRANE certification and INSPECTION & training applied in MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT BUMGA ENTERPRISES 4112 Dubai 04-2661628 04-2661595 bumga@emir ates. SHIP STORES Oilfield equipment SUPPLIERS. Coflexip hoses. Rental of Steam generators and Air compressors. supplies. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Production Sand Filtering System. EQUIPMENT HIRE. STEEL STOCKHOLDER S& MERCHANTS. health.

Business 30514 Abu Dhabi 02-6270040 02-6265140 besuae@emi rates. Engineering & Scientific Distributors & Stockists for Laboratory Equipments. of mechanical BUSINESS AID CENTRE 8743 (MIDDLE EAST) Dubai 043375747 / 3360350 04-3376467 recruit@bac me. CERTIFICATIO N. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS COMMUNICATI ONS SERVICES BURGMANN MIDDLE EAST FZE 61310 Dubai burgmann@ 04-8838841 04-8838843 emirates. BUSINESS COMMUNICATI 2534 ON LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6348495 02-6316465 bclauh@emir ates. Insutrial and Quality Management Conformity assessment. INSPECTION SERVICES GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. certification and training applied in the areas of .hoch Abu Dhabi 02-6444920 02-6444921 ar@bureauv Agents. RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS COMMUNICATI ONS QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL . environment and social responsibility. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . BUSINESS COMMUNICATI 233 ONS LLC BUSINESS ENTERPRISES SERVICES (BES) Dubai 04-2220186 04-2236193 bcllc@emirat es. Trading.BUREAU VERITAS ABU DHABI 26264 marcel. gaskets & packings. safety. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. MECHANICAL SEALS. Mfrs.

OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. services.c 38913 om BW Technologies is the leader in innovative gas monitoring instrumentation. utilizes advanced SAFETY & micro-controllers SECURITY and sensing EQUIPMENT technology to design and produce the smallest. Showcasing a full line of portable. . fixed and standalone GAS equipment. WATER WELL DRILLING BYRNE DRILLING COMPANY 5228 Sharjah 06headoffice@ 5332810/53 06-5336097 byrnerental.BW 18081 TECHNOLOGIES DubaiJebel Ali 04-8871766 04-8871767 mabdulla@b wtnet. most user-friendly and cost-effective instruments in the gas detection industry. Drilling & oilfield PLANT HIRE. BW DETECTORS.

DIESEL GENERATORS. and much more. Temporary Office / Accommodation Cabins. which includes Generators. Ablution Units. Pumps. Steam Boilers. Compressors.BYRNE EQUIPMENT RENTAL LLC 50283 Dubai 04headoffice@ 3471061/80 04-3471244 byrnerental. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE . EQUIPMENT HIRE. Cranes. Telescopic Handlers. Welding Machines.c 04134 om Byrne Equipment Rental has the most comprehensive range of rental equipment available in the region. AIR COMPRESSOR S.

Welding Machines. Steam m Byrne Equipment Rental has the most comprehensive range of rental equipment available in the region. and much more. . Pumps. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE BYRNE MODULAR BUILDINGS 50283 Dubai 04-3471061 04-3471244 rfurnell@byr nerental.A60 PREFABRICATE Rated BUILDING Oilfield camps PORTABLE. +2.BYRNE EQUIPMENT RENTAL LLC ABU DHABI BRANCH 41528 abudhabi@b Abu Dhabi 02-4466167 02-4466157 yrnerental.BUILDING/HO multi-level up to USES. on/offshore . Compressors. AIR COMPRESSOR S. gr. Ablution Units. D/PORTABLE STRUCTURES. Cranes. EQUIPMENT HIRE. Telescopic Handlers. D Modular buildings . Crate form PREFABRICATE units. Temporary Office / Accommodation Cabins. DIESEL GENERATORS. which includes Generators.

STEEL FABRICATION GAS DETECTORS. Stocking facility that helps you release your assets and buy only cables you need. Chemical injection skids. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS . Cutting and Respooling facility that provide you cable length tailored to your needs. Value Added Services: Availability of Belden cables in the region. PIPELINE COATING & INSULATION. Pressure vessels. BW technologies is the leader in innovative gas monitoring instruments. SANDBLASTIN G/SHOTBLASTI NG. Fabrication & Erection of steel structures. Grit Blasting & Painting. ae Specialists in: Designing. CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY .net.) 3374 Abu Dhabi 02-6778547 02-6784638 ysheikh@alm ansoori.C&J ENGINEERING ABU DHABI 7702 Abu Dhabi 02-5553453 02-5553966 cjeng@emira tes. Pipe fabrication & CABLE DEPOT FZCO 17187 Dubai cabldepo@e 04-8833767 04-8833765 mirates. Tanks. H2S SAFETY CABLE

A Weatherford Oil Tools Middle East Company ISO 9001: 2001 Certified Automation & control systems. CAC INC (ePRODUCTION 41829 SOLUTIONS INC) cacauh@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6261411 02-6261412 Speciality Chemicals. RTU & Scada/telemetry Systems. Fumed CHEMICALS Metal Oxides and REFINING Carbon Black. Red eye watercut Meters & Multiphase Metering EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS CAD GULF LLC 30235 Dubai cadgulf@emi 04-3314445 04-3313188 rates. 17894 Dubai Harald_Bern 04-8871800 04-8871801 hardt@cabot -corp. pipeline monitoring. Web enabled Well Management Systems (Lowis) Computer Data Processing pipeline. process control & safety S/D systems.CABOT SPECIALITY CHEMICALS COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SERVICES . wellhead.

& Desalination FLOW An ISO 9001:2000 certified company with vast experience in the field of Process Control Instrumentation. commissioning. The Instrumentation Laboratory and workshop located in Sharjah cater the needs of Oil Refineries.CALIBRATION TECHNICAL SERVICES 38384 Sharjah 06-5344099 06-5344660 caltech@emi rates. INSTRUMENTA Petrochemical. . We provide on-site calibration of instruments based on contracts using portable test equipment. Plants. Flow meters and routine shutdowns maintenance based on short/long term contracts. We VALVE provide Engineers SERVICING and skilled (ON LINE) Technicians for erection. Industry. Power CALIBRATION. Gas TIONand Processing CALIBRATION.

Services. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. rotating machinery POLLUTION and air CONTROL conditioning. greases MANUFACTURE & petroleum RS/. INSTRUMENTA TIONCALIBRATION DRILLING EQUIPMENT. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT CAMERON MIDDLE EAST OPERATIONS 3555 (C/O SIGMA ENTERPRISES) Abu Dhabi 02-5511313 02-5510441 CAMFIL FARR MIDDLE EAST 18105 Dubai 04-8871796 04-8871243 camfarr@ei PETROLEUM Marketing PRODUCTS lubricants. CONTROL. products. gas turbines & FILTRATION. SUPPLIERS 5589 Dubai 04-3372131 04-3349587 ANALYSERSPROCESS Oilfield Equipment. CALIBRATION. Industrial .CALTEX ALKHALIJ CALTEX ALKHALIJEPPCO 2155 Dubai 04-3373220 04-3372967 info@chevro ntexaco. Process FLOW Instrumentation CONTROL and Testing PRODUCTS. VALVE MANUFACTURE R AIR Air Filtration for FILTRATION. CALTROLS MIDDLE EAST FZCO 18173 Dubai 04-8839985 04-8839984 sales@caltrol s. EQUIPMENT.

QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL INSPECTION SERVICES. Industrial Projects. Conventional & Specialised NDT.CAMPENON BERNARD SGE -ABU DHABI 32369 vegpauh@vi nciAbu Dhabi 02-6764401 02-6764402 construction. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING). com Construction of major projects worldwide . CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. ae CAN MIDDLE EAST L. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Corrosion Control.L. QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL .C. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Silos. Project Management & Support. Buildings. Factories. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING). Thermal & Nuclear Plants.L. 52892 cangroup@e Abu Dhabi 02-6441338 02-6443949 mirates. Airports. Rope Access Services. OPERATIONS BASE 0 Abu Dhabi 02-6733357 02-6733573 INSPECTION SERVICES. Processing Plants. General Site Inspection. CONTRACTORS CAN MIDDLE EAST L.C.Ports.

Fishing Tools. We have the expertise to MACHINE undertake all types SHOP & FABRICATION. B. CANSCO DUBAI 37063 LLC Dubai enquiries@ca 04-3394353 04-3394363 nscodubai. Variable Bore Rams Inc. MECHANICAL Machining Jobs.O. Power Tools and WORKSHOP Motor Re-winding SERVICES works.’s & Associated Equipment including VBR’ Repair of Hydraulic REPAIR Equipments & SERVICES. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Hevi Wate. Drill Pipe: 2 3/8" Thru 6 5/8" OD. Wellmaster Round & Buttress Casing CANTER LUBE OIL LLC 40398 Sharjah 06-5421241 06-5420661 canter@emir m EQUIPMENT HIRE. ENGINEERING.P. Handling Tools. Drill . of Mechanical MECHANICAL Engineering. Oilfield Equipment Rentals & Sales.CANON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 37727 Dubai 04-3476750 04-3476740 canonengg@ yahoo.

com PAINT . PIPELINE COATING & INSULATION. PAINT MANUFACTURE and RS. MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS . Canada. Canusa-CPS. . is an ISO 9002 Company.Whole sale CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. a division of ShawCor. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. PAINT Manufacturers.WHOL & MANUFACTURE Paint . SURFACE PROTECTION MATERIALS CAPAROL LLC 62182 Dubai 04-3473538 04-3474256 ho@caprolme. adhesives and liquid coatings for pipeline corrosion protection with Abu Dhabi Warehouse Inventory and full Technical and Field Service Support.CANUSA-CPS 2621 canusame@e Abu Dhabi 02-6222305 02-6222306 mirates. ae A ShawCor Company c/o International Development Company The leading manufacturer of heat shrinkable sleeves.

Dubai. cctv. burglar COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS. INSTRUMENTA TION CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. regular services from COURIER/AIR Europe to US East CARGO Coast. FIRE ALARM SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT Air cargo transportation worldwide. electric & RADIO & hotel card locks. EQUIPMENT & Instrumentation & SUPPLIES Electrical Services. CAPITAL SECURITY & 2489 COMMUNICATI ON SERVICES cascom@cap Abu Dhabi 02-6321155 02-6321134 italgroupuae. REPAIRING. SYSTEMS.CAPELRIG LTD 4399 Abu Dhabi 02-6325111 02-6211934 unitech@emi rates. Kuwait. Africa. ELECTRONIC Process Control. Far East. Abu Dhabi. US West SERVICES Coast. Access CARGOLUX AIRLINES 5977 INTERNATIONA L SA Dubai 04-2822071 04-2822442 swaz@cargol ux. ELECTRICAL c/o Universal CONTRACTORS Technical LLC .com . id TELECOMMUNI badging systems CATIONS.

Quality Tools. safety shoes. Manufacture and LIFTING supply all types of EQUIPMENT / lifting equipment SLING / and accessories TACKLE. POWER TOOLS. Garage Tools.nautilu 06-5336334 06-5336553 mirates. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT CARL STAHL LIFTING EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY 26607 Dubai 04-3241946 04-3243116 cs_lei@emira tes. RUBBER PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Suppliers of sweb.CARIBBEAN TRADING ae equipments & services to the oil & gas (L. HOISTS. ship stores suppliers. LIFTING EQUIPMENT .) 4978 Sharjah importers stockists and distributors of high quality industrial safety products. marine & oilfield products. full body harness & fall arrest products. frozen fish & food products.L. www. explosion proof safety torches/lights. DEWALT Brand caribean@e Power Tools.

(LLC)) Dubai 04-2679894 04-2679895 ernie@casp. Supply. CONDITIONIN Related Spare G Parts & Tools.c om Trading in Airconditioning Equipment. Heating. Maintenance & AIR Installation of Air CONDITIONIN Conditioning & G Maintenance of Reefer System Trading in water desalination equipment Supply of bulk lubricants to offshore vessel DESALINATION PLANT EQUIPMENT DubaiJebel Ali caspiand@e 04-8817795 04-8817797 mirates. ae Dubai 04-3355455 04-3141250 LUBRICANTS . Ltd. Carrier products are specialized for the oil industry. CASTROL MARINE (C/o Freight 50965 Systems Co. & Technical Services.CARL STAHL MIDDLE EAST Lifting Equipment and Wire Ropes CHAINS CARRIER MIDDLE EAST LIMITED 61249 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8818068 04-8818075 Free Zone CASP AIRCONDITION ING & 16365 REFRIGERATIO N ENGINEERS CASPIAN SEA WATER 61252 DEVELOPMENT & Refrigeration AIR Equipment.C 26607 Dubai 04-3244077 04-3243116 stahl@emirat es.

subsea production & FPSO. providing the highest quality of commercial solutions to the international CAVOTEC MIDDLE EAST FZE 61124 Dubai 04-8838350 04-8838352 thomas@cav CB & I JOHN BROWN 0 Dubai 04-3342111 04-3344141 Supply of specialised lubricants and services to offshore/oil & gas/power generation industries. Trading in container handling equipment & power supply systems. Tailor made offers to meet lubrication needs of drilling. CB & I John Brown is an International Engineering & Construction Contractor. LUBRICANTS POWER TOOLS SUPPLIES. POWER TOOLS . and allied industries. surface production.CASTROL POWER GENERATION & 1699 OFFSHORE c/o BP Middle East Dubai 043079304/5 04-3311655 moulp2@cas trol. gas.

ISO 14000 Certification Services and Training. spheres. MARINE SURVEYOR.V Field erected A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Chicago Bridge & Iron CERTIFICATIO N. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING). ISO CERTIFICATIO N BODIES CCC (UNDERWATER 224 ENGINEERING) SAL Abu Dhabi 02-5553656 02-5553641 cccue@emira DIVING & UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES . Also We Carry out Gap Analysis.ABU 46826 DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6341718 02-6340336 CCAS QUALITY CERTIFICATIO 65561 NS Dubai ccas@emirat 04-3437552 04-3437559 es. TANK MFRS & SUPPLIERS Worldwide ISO 9000.CBI EASTERN ANSTALT 2750 Dubai 04-3342111 04-3341141 sknott@cbie pc. associated mechanical & painting works. field erected pressure vessels. Risk Assessment and Pre Assessment. CBI EASTERN ANSTALT .

POWER GENERATION . Electrodes and cegelec. ELECTRICAL industrial EQUIPMENT. PROTECTED MATERIALS Oilfield & water treatment CEGELEC 47055 Abu Dhabi 02-6272680 02-6272363 cegelec. electrical & instrumentation. INDUSTRIALPROCESS Maintenance for Onshore & Offshore Oil / Gas Industrial Sectors. SPECIALITY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . Design & installation of Automation Controls. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Engineers & contractors. protected material. WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS CECA 4352 Abu Dhabi 02-6274702 02-6267918 cecauae@em irates. CONTROLS.CEAG MIDDLE EAST LLC 30861 Dubai 04-3241519 04-3241640 duncan@cea Start-up. Welding ELECTRIC MOTOR REWINDING SERVICES. emergency lighting EXPLOSION and ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Manufacturers of SWITCHGEAR explosion &. INSTRUMENT ENGINEERING CENTAUR GEN TRADING EST 25024 Dubai 043367040 / 3350600 centrade@e mirates. Technical Assistance. 04-3367025 ae / sales@centra de.

weekly LCL service from Italy. UK & USA to Dubai & Sharjah. Extra Expense. automotive refinishing paints and tapes. Project Planning & PROJECTS/PRO JECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CENTRAL TRADING CO LLC 812 Dubai 04-2661600 04-2685529 sales@ctcuae. CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. SHIPPING AGENCIES. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS . Management & Project Services for Industry. lubricants. batteries. watercoolers. Extensions of Programme. Clearing. FREIGHT SHIPPING. (A member of Al Rostamani group) Tyres. Germany. Evaluation of Variations. CENTRAL PROJECT SERVICES 984 02Abu Dhabi 6769652 / 6769261 centproj@em 02-6769159 BATTERIES. forwarding. Development & Construction. . Spain. CLEARING & FORWARDING.CENTRAL FREIGHT SYSTEM 7388 Dubai 04-8839885 04-8839891 cfsdxb@emir ates.

net.CENTRILIFT 115819 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8082410 04-8082408 A Division of Baker Hughes Centrilift is the leader in proprietary technology for oilfield electric submersible pump (ESP) and progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems. Centrilift manufacturers all of the critical components of an ESP system including a full line of variable speed motor controllers and specialty armoured power cables designed for oilfield 2283550 WELDING & Trading of Welding WELDING Equipments EQUIPMENT . CENTRILIFT ABU DHABI 7621 CENTURY EQUIPMENT CO 3198 LLC Abu DhabiHamdan 02-6773200 02-6722936 Street 04ceco@emirat Dubai 2220486 / 04-2216525 es.

E. COR has. built up a significant inventory covering an extensive range from downhole tubulars and handling equipment to well 02control equipment CASING / 5501134/550 cor@emirate www. As well as high quality products. COR does carry one of the largest selections of high technology equipment in our particular markets. in 1999 as joint venture with Certified Oilfield Rental International (Head Office Singapore) which was established in Asia Pacific Region back in 1994 and has grown to be one of the largest independent suppliers of oilfield rental equipment in the associated tools. Abu Dhabi 02-5500588 0104/401/51 OILFIELD RENTALS LLC 4030 Certified Oilfield Rentals LLC Middle East was established in the U. m. CASING / 5 In addition to TUBING offering the standard range of equipment. over the and many other TUBING.

CETO ENVIRONMENT 4030 AL LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6715000 02-6741111 Contingency planning. such as pigging. PIPE INSPECTION/S ERVICES. commissioning. Pipe line Services. Engineering. oil & chemical spill response services. hydrotesting. Packaging. Complete turnkey solution in Designing. . Installation Commissioning & Servicing of CNG / LPG Fuelling Stations and provision of CNG / LPG Automotive Conversion ae CHALLENGER TECHNICAL SERVICES 768 Abu Dhabi 02-6767400 02-6766176 chllngr@emir ates. PROJECTS/PRO JECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES. decommissioning OIL & CHEMICALS SPILL RESPONSE CG TECH COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY 41758 Sharjah 06-5263727 06-5263728 cgtech@eim.

sheet metal cladding.C. COMMUNICATI ONS EQUIPMENT.L.CHALMERS ENGINEERING CO. Trading of blasting abrasives ABRASIVES (sandblasting). doors. SPECIALITY CHEMICALS. ( Ajman 06-7461132 06-7461304 6nor@emirat es. OIL & GAS Suppliers of oilfield AND ENERGY chemicals. panelling. plumbing & toilet systems. ELECTROCHLO RINATION OFFSHORE/ON SHORE CHAMPION TECHNOLOGIES INC (c/o Al 4033 Ahlia Oilfields Development Co) CHAND INTERNATIONA 3754 L gehad. AIR CONDITIONIN furniture. electrical distribution. . galley & laundry equipment. refrigeration systems. supply and installation of Marine & Offshore Accommodation and HVAC systems.diab@ Abu Dhabi 02-6763400 02-6763401 MARINE / AVIATION Design.) 12070 Dubai 04-3400900 04-3400990 mail@chalme rs. ceilings. windows. CATHODIC PROTECTION. antifouling systems. fire & gas detection systems. including thermal & fire insulation. vinyl and epoxy floors. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT .

REFINING . Experts in AMBULANCE. CARGO Medivac and SERVICES Helicopters AIR/SEA. worldwide. Metal m Aircraft Charter / AIR Leasing. Wire Drawing and Nail Passivation. Pickling. GALVANIZING SERVICES CHEMILINK LLC 80610 Dubai chemlinx@e 04-2971060 04-2663856 mirates. Galvanising. ae Chemicals and CHEMICALS chemical products. Aluminium Treatment. Corrosion Prevention. RENTAL. Executives CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT. Tube Drawing & Manufacture. all types of Cargo AIRCRAFT and Passenger CHARTER & Aircraft.CHAPMAN FREEBORN AVIATION SERVICES FZE 0 Sharjah 065570088/042997029 uae@chapm anfreeborn. Prepainted Coil Chemicals. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. Can Manufacturing and Non destructive Testing. AVIATION 7 days a week. COMMERCIAL Available 24 hours. COILED TUBING SERVICES. Cleaning. CHEMETALL PLC 43539 chemetalluae Abu Dhabi 02-5546335 02-5546769 @chemetalllt d.

DUBAI OFFICE Dubai megaab@em 04-3211426 04-3211416 irates. Importers and ELECTRICAL Suppliers of water MOTORS. CHINA NATIONAL PETROLEUM 72509 CORP. . Mechanical Seal and Packings ARC Composites SEALS Industrial Lubricants.A 17253 Dubai pbha@chevr 04-8816280 04-8814308 m CHINA CROWN INTERNATIONA 48512 L TRADING Sharjah huashiming 06-5739396 06-5739395 plant machinery GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S Promotes the EXPLORATION Development & &/OR Utilization of PRODUCTION Natural Gas & Oil. Gaskets and Maintenance products. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ . PRODUCTS. pumps. ELECTRICAL pipes & m Corrosion prevention coatings. DRILLING FLUIDS ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES.CHESTERTON (GULF 3448 SHIPCHANDLER S CO) Dubai 04-2855500 gscchest@e 2861024/5/6 ae CHEVRON ORNITE S. valves.

DRILLING cogozly@emi refinery equipment 04-8811367 04-8811369 EQUIPMENT. rates. production. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. gas & energy sales@steve ENVIRONMENT Stockiest & m AL ssupply. DRILL supply drilling PIPES. 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply.steven related industries.CHINA PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY & 17298 DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Dubai Chris Combes General ManagerSTEVE 38500 NS SUPPLY INTERNATIONA L Dubai Manufacture and BITS. Suppliers: Demco FIRE Valves DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS & . DRILLING Suppliers to the & provide various OILFIELD engineering EQUIPMENT construction SUPPLIERS oilfield services. oil.

Completion & Sub Assembly Engineering Services. COMPANY REPRESENTATI ON. Abu Dhabi 02-6267666 6262106/627 ae 3422 As one of the most diversified suppliers of oil & gas equipment.Chris Lambert DirectorAL MASAOOD OIL INDUSTRY SUPPLIES & SERVICES CO. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. Oil Refineries. Pipe Freezing & Emergency Services. Power & Desalination Plants . COMPANY REPRESENTATI ON . Production Chemical Products & Services. H2s Safety & Fire Fighting services.such as Casing & Tubular services. Drilling and Workover Operations. Mud Engineering Services. Onsite Machining Leak Sealing. Fire Fighting Equipment & Fire Trucks. Pipeline Pigging & Cleaning Services. we offer a wide range of supplies and services to. Gas & Petrochemical Plants. Cathodic Protection Services. 4352 02masoil@eim. Corrosion Monitoring Services. Marketing of PPE & various Safety BREATHING APPARATUS.

rental & repair of oilfield drilling equipments. DRILLING EQUIPMENT .CHRISTENSEN GULF SERVICES 73957 (LLC) Dubai cgul@emirat 04-8836351 04-8836474 Sale.

safety & environmental training & consultancy. CHSS delivers training & consultancy to clients from diverse industry sectors particularly oil & gas throughout the Gulf lf. . National Diploma with excellent success rates & a wide range of consultancy services by a large team of highly qualified & experienced accredited centre /TRAINING delivering the NEBOSH International Certificate. CHSS SAFETY info@chssgul www.CHSS GULF 502221 Dubai Corporate Health & Safety Solutions is a leading provider of health.chssgu 04-3625202 04-3625330 is a NEBOSH CONSULTANTS f.

Power ELECTROMECH Transmission & ANICAL Distribution. Technical TECHNICAL units. hydrogen GAS production & DETECTION & purification H2S & MONITORING CIRMAC (C/o Mohammed Bin 322 Masaood & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 CIMEL ABU DHABI 2889 Abu Dhabi 02-6773963 02-6722805 cimel@emira tes. systems. REMOVALS & instrument air PACKAGING. Associated gas. ISO Certified ELECTRICAL Turnkey CONTRACTORS Contractor for . Fields Services. oxygen generators. dehydration drying units. SERVICES Nitrogen generators. SCADA AUTOMATION LIMITED 61314 Dubai 04-8837013 04-8837014 cimac@emir ates. .net. removal SERVICES. DEOXO c/o REMOVALS. OILFIELD Building MEP SERVICE Services & COMPANIES. ae INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL. Solution providers & system integrators for the process & discrete manufacturing industries. fuel gas upgrading. On / CONTRACTORS Offshore Oil & Gas /SUPPLIERS. INSTRUMENTA TIONCALIBRATION.

NUTS Non spark Fasteners OILFIELD Optical flats. DIESEL GENERATORS. POWER GENERATION CITY COAST BUILDING MATERIALS TRADING LLC 1041 Dubai 042277846 / 2277940 04-2277940 citycsttrdg@ yahoo. Mono INDUSTRIAL chromatic light and SUPPLIERS Safety accessories. GAUGES & Pneumatic CITY CRESCENT TRADING CO.) Dubai 04-2233936 04-2218825 ccengoil@em irates. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. . MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. METERS.CITY ANCHOR MEASURING 34293 INSTRUMENTS LLC Dubai 04-2273447 04-2273407 ctancr@emir ates. INSTRUMENTA TION. Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings Importers of Pressure & Temperature Measuring Instruments.C. & OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Holland Stainless Steel Pipe and Screwed Fittings Italy. ELECTRICAL MOTORS. Industrial supplies. CONVEYORS. 81517 (L. Valves.L. Taiwan. Oilfield equipment.

INDUSTRIAL Manpower Supply CLEANING services & Security Services. 46649 IMPORTING & SERVICES EST. CLARIANT OIL SERVICES 43837 oilservices@ Abu Dhabi 02-5549299 02-5549298 clariant. Waste CLEANCO. INDUSTRIAL CLEANING Dubai 04-3598000 04-3598999 . TRADING.C 49865 Dubai 04-3988047 04-3988047 lawly@emira tes. CONTRACTORS CAMP ADMINISTRATI ON & MANAGEMENT. &/OR exploration & PRODUCTION refining CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/.ae Electro Mechanical Services. CONSULTANCY SERVICES CLASSIC ENGINEERING 27247 CONSULTANCY Sharjah 06-5616608 06-5612022 Engineering Consultancy. CLAYMORE SECURITY & 12997 SAFETY CONSULTANTS Dubai 04-2894409 04-2894430 Consultancy services. TRADING. Chemicals for oil & EXPLORATION gas Marine Consultancy. IMPORTING & 429 SERVICES EST.CITYLINE ELECTRO MECHANICAL Industrial Cleaning. BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6272600 02-6270833 cleanco@emi rates.L.

net. CLEGHORN WILTON & ASSOCIATES LTD 50350 Dubai 04cwadubai@e 3452541/34 04-3453340 mirates. to P&I associations Liberian & & underwriters. 53949 ae MARINE ENGINEERING. co. MARINE Marine surveyors SURVEYS. CONTROL manpower supply & pest control. safety inspectors STEEL & STEEL FABRICATED PRODUCT SUPPLIERS CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS CLEVELAND BRIDGE & ENGINEERING MIDDLE EAST (PRIVATE) LIMITED CLOISALL CHEMICAL CO LLC 16765 Dubai contact@clev 04-8835416 04-8835416 Structural steel fabrication. also.CLEANING & MAINTENANCE 12059 CENTRE Dubai 04-3373228 04-3344866 Sanitorial & building maintenance PEST services. 5156 Abu Dhabi 02-6264111 02-6264229 Suppliers of chemicals & Building Materials . Registries -. Marshall non exclusive class Islands survey.

ENGINEERS CIVIL. electrical & instrumentation works for oil. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT CMP PRODUCTS REGIONAL 61363 OFFICE Dubai 04-8871012 04-8871015 cmpme@emi rates. ELECTRICAL EXPLORATION &/OR The British Cable Glands & Accessories Manufacturer. Also specialised in Offshore & Marine Cable Glands. We manufacture complete range of Cable Glands for industrial & hazardous area applications. EXPLOSION PROOF FITTINGS.CLOUGH ENGINEERING LIMITED 53310 Dubai 04-3326701 04-3326702 lcourtis@emi Mechanical works contractors with civil. Exploration and production. EXPLORATION CABLE MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS CLYDE & CLOUDE CO 7001 Dubai mero@clyde 04-3311102 04-3319920 . gas power & industrial plants.

COURIER/AIR clearing & CARGO forwarding. CLEARING & FORWARDING CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. air & Steel fabrication & MACHINE machine shop SHOPS. INSPECTION heavy equipment. STEEL work FABRICATION .COMBINE CARGO SERVICES CO. FREIGHT SHIPPING. CONTRACTORS .ae COMMANDER SHIP REPAIR & 7151 MARINE ENG. CHARTER & transportation of 1696 . sea chartering. SERVICES Sharjah 06commandr@ 06-5431697 5431857/543 emirates. LLC 13438 Dubai combined@e 04-2895528 04-2895582 mirates. AIRCRAFT Rig moving. ae ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT ION. MARINE SALVAGE COMBINED DIVING & INSPECTION SERVICES 38105 Sharjah 06-5746777 06-5728700 mail@cdis.

janitorial & household liquid cleaning chemicals. SEISMIC EQUIPMENT. seismic processing & reservoir studies. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Services: Land & Marine operation incl. SEISMIC EQUIPMENT. SEISMIC OPERATIONS .COMMERCIAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTS (CCP) 13048 Dubai 04-3472583 04-3472199 COMPAGNIE GENERALE DE 27246 GEOPHYSIQUE Abu Dhabi 02-6346776 02-6343116 btertrais@cg g. Leading geophysical oil & gas industry supplier (products & services).com EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION. SEISMIC OPERATIONS COMPAGNIE GENERALE DE 17304 GEOPHYSIQUE . CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION.Dubai Dubai 04-8839464 04-8839465 dlemaillet@c gg. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Products: SERCEL develop & market Land/ marine seismic Manufacture of industrial & oilfield cleaning chemicals.

MAINTENANCE . balance. Reliability . alignment & CONDITION MONITORING. thermography.GENERAL COMPUTER NETWORK 46144 SYSTEMS (CNS) postmaster@ Abu Dhabi 02-6442888 02-6440151 cns. condition monitoring systems & Distributor of Computer & SYSTEMS (c/o 21 Schlumberger) Abu Dhabi 02-6333600 02-6349415 Downhole completion equipment. tribology. COMPLETIONS COMPUTATION AL SYSTEMS 17034 INC (CSI) Dubai csi@emerson 04-8838128 04-8838198 dubai. vibration. COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SERVICES COMPUTER NETWORK 52137 SYSTEMS (CNS) .DUBAI Dubai 04-3378822 04-3374753 postmaster@ COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS .Based Maintenance (RBM).

industrial gases. chemicals.c om PIPES.dub 04-8835111 04-8836611 ai@conares.CONARES METAL SUPPLY 2854 LTD Dubai Trading. STEEL TRADING. TUBES & PIPE Steel Trading. sewage Eqpt. Structural STRUCTURAL Steel Suppliers. machine tools. FITTINGS. Pipes and Tubes STEEL Manufacturing and SUPPLIERS. water Supply of Installation of complete range of fire & safety eqpt. CONCORDE TRADING COMPANY LLC 2617 02Abu Dhabi 6668770 / 6664804 02-6667863 concord@em irates. .



Abu Dhabi 02-4446900 02-4446135


Acknowledged as one one of the biggest Oil & Gas event in the World, the 12th ADIPEC 5-8 November 2006 provides industry manufacturers a unique international platform to promote their technologies, products and services to the major oil EXHIBITIONS / producing FAIRS companies from Middle East, North Africa, and beyond. Accompanying conference with theme "Meeting the increasing Oil & Gas demand through innovation" will focus on topics paramount to the future of the industry both upstream and downstream.




shama.k.hay 04-3310055 04-3012794 at@conoco.c om

Developing new business opportunities in the Middle East. Representative office.



Abu Dhabi 02-6276500 02-6276400



065722238 / 5722239





06-5680701 06-5680702





04-8872333 04-8872335





Abu Dhabi 02-6788834 02-6788835




Abu Dhabi 02-6449966 02-6442765




04-2858959 04-2852427




Abu Dhabi 02-5546565 02-5544165


addconst@e Abu Dhabi 02-6787144 02-6787578 ae




04-8817111 04-8816239


CONCRETE HANDLING EQUIPMENT, CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS , CONSTRUCTIO N EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY, SUPPLIERS Architectural CONSTRUCTIO Designing & N Decoration CONSULTANTS Design/supervision /ENGINEERS/, of architecture, CONTRACTORS interior design & , INTERIOR execution DECORATORS, decoration work. , Specialists in CONSTRUCTIO design & erection N ERECTION / of outstanding MAINTENANCE steel structures. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES


Abu Dhabi 02-6262000 02-6261000


Aviation & oilfield services

cse@emirate Abu Dhabi 02-5555778 02-5555045

Oilfield supply, CONSTRUCTIO Welding materials, N/ Construction CONTRACTORS Equipment.


customerser Abu Dhabi 02-6767965 02-6767956 vice@caeme. com

COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL Electrical, CONTRACTORS Instrumentation & , ELECTRICAL Control ENGINEERING, Contractors. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL Variable speed drives & panels, soft starters, ELECTRICAL industrial AC/DC MOTORS, motors, flameproof INDUSTRIAL or high AUTOMATION temperature AC motors.



DubaiJebel Ali

04-8838650 04-8838651





04-3474441 04-3474442


Abu Dhabi 02-6772643

Repair & maintenance of central A/C system, yearly AIR building CONDITIONIN maintenance, G, BUILDING repair & MAINTENANCE maintenance of PRODUCTS refrigeration & cold store, window units & split units.



Abu Dhabi 02-6786781 02-6782293


Middle East Operations Manufacturers of WKM, Demco, Foster & Cameron valves. Manufacturers of Air & Gas Compressors.



cesidxb@emi Dubai 04-3313160 04-3314417 thomasm@c cesidxb@emi 04-3313160 04-3314417 / thomasm@c


Manufacturers of Air & Gas Compressors.





04-3241519 04-3241640


ELECTRICAL CEAG Middle East EQUIPMENT Manufacturers of SWITCHGEAR explosion &, CONTROLS, protected material, ELECTRICAL industrial EQUIPMENT, emergency lighting EXPLOSION and systems. PROTECTED MATERIALS



DubaiJebel Ali

Inspection & NDT services. Plant condition monitoring & assessment, metallurgical services, mechanical testing, on-line valve gland maintenance, leak sealing, in-situ machining, hydraulic bolt tensioning, on-line ch.mejafz@s www.stork.c safety and relief 04-8834370 04-8834371 om valve testing, preheat, post weld & refractory heat treatment services, heat treatment equipment & consumables, ovens & furnaces, induction heating equipment, heat treatment & inspection engineering consultancy services.



Abu Dhabi 02-6327471 02-6326857





04emirates@ler 048838650/82 oy8838651/063 8



04-3337681 04-3337679




04-3337681 04-3337679


EQUIPMENT HIRE, HEAT TREATMENT, INSPECTION SERVICES, LABORATORY TESTING ELECTRICAL (Commercial EQUIPMENT, Industrial Motor INDUSTRIALGroup) PROCESS CONTROL CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING, MARINE Marine Surveyors, SURVEYS, Consultants & OILFIELD Engineers. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS, SAFETY CONSULTANTS /TRAINING CRANE INSPECTION & Testing and TESTING, certification of all MARINE kinds of lifting SURVEYS, equipment & OILFIELD pressure vessels in EQUIPMENT the industrial, SUPPLIERS, marine & offshore SAFETY Industry. CONSULTANTS /TRAINING Division of Oil & Gas Technology Services, Cooperheat Division




04-3200173 04-3200176


Supply of Marine & Offshore Equipment, Components & Spares, Seaport Cargo Handling Equipment, Navigational Aids & Ship Chandling Services. Reservoir Description, Production Enhancement & Reservoir Management.


CORE LABORATORIES 8503 INTERNATIONA L B.V. Abu Dhabi 02-5554428 02-5559010 abi@corelab. com






World leading manufacturers of perforating, TCP and pipe recovery products, x-span 0404www.corelab Casing Patch and 8835070/88 8835509/009 .com Zonal Isolation 32666 68696032 System, ThruTubing fishing tools & services, completion Products. Surveyors of clallc@emirat 04-3939602 04-3939604 Insurance Companies.





04-2668966 04-2624617


Fire & Safety Division Fire & Safety professionals specialised in supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of fire detection, fire prevention equipments, fire fighting systems, gas systems FIRE ALARM monitoring H2s, SYSTEMS, combustible gases, FIRE O2, Co2, DETECTION/PR calibration of EVENTION portable and fixed SYSTEMS &, gas monitors, EQUIPMENT, customised FIRE building PROTECTION management PRODUCTS systems and security systems for banks, multi storied complex and hazardous area, safety instrumentation, alarm annunciation for industries and factories, emergency lighting systems, updating and expansion of existing system.




04-3479895 04-3479896


Corodex Industries, manufacturer of Superior Quality Reverse Osmosis systems and Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants, has become the gulfs leading water solutions provider through its technological advanced systems and unmatched customer support. To extend its services, they now have branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Qatar, UK and Canada. With five standard models in Reverse Osmosis Systems, designed and engineered to customer’s specifications, Corodex has water purification systems for everyone.





04marine@coro 3472164/34 04-3472184 72153

Corodex Marine Division is a part of uniservice worldwide network covering 762 Ports, handling marine chemical products, dosing system & testing equipment, gases, refrigerants, and equipments, chemical cleaning on-board the vessel, metal surface treatments, stainless steel treatments & accessories, anticorrosion coatings and extending sales & services to oilfields, industrial & shipping sectors.




csagency@e 04-3557725 04-3551725 ae





04-3245460 04-3245461




06-5332444 06-5330938



113269 Dubai

04-2716440 04-2711297


Supplier of Construction Chemicals, PROTECTIVE Industrial Adhesive COATINGS and Marine Coatings. Cathodic protection, corrosion CATHODIC prevention, design PROTECTION, engineering, CORROSION monitoring MONITORING equipment - sales, & CONTROL service, installation & maintenance. Mcmaster BUILDING Products, Valve, MATERIALS, Pipes, Chain Hoists HOSES & & Winches, Belts, FITTINGS, Bearings, MARINE & Pneumatic & OFFSHORE Hydraulic SERVICES/EQU Products, Power & IPMENT, Hand Tool, Safety OILFIELD & Hardware INDUSTRIAL Products. SUPPLIERS Suppliers aviation industry. Liaison OIL office/representati MARKETING ve office (Refining COMPANIES in Japan).




coscoavi@e 06-5573811 06-5573812 ae


Abu Dhabi 02-6334155 02-6345417


Abu Dhabi 02-5553920 02-5559598


CIVIL ENGINEERING, General CONSTRUCTIO contracting, N/ construction works CONTRACTORS of , onshore/offshore CONSTRUCTIO gas/oil fields & N related services CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/, CONTRACTORS CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/, General CONTRACTORS contracting, , construction works CONSTRUCTIO of N/ onshore/offshore CONTRACTORS gas/oil fields & , related services CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ Purchase and sale CRANE, HEAVY of all types of cranes and rental CRANES, of crawler cranes HEAVY to 200 ton EQUIPMENT, capacity. Loss Adjusters LOSS ADJUSTERS




04-3451350 04-3451351




04-8810063 04-8810049



042236370 / 2238235

crawgenl@e 04-2224453 ae



attag@emira Abu Dhabi 02-6733320 02-6733744

Oilfield & industrial equipment suppliers, specialising in rockbits, downhole & wellhead tools.





06-5727000 06-5726000


Oil & gas exploration & production.




Abu Dhabi 02-6210000 02-6217444


City centre hotel, 236 rooms, 70 executive rooms, business centre, health club, beach HOTEL club, massage and sauna, pool on rooftop, 6 restaurants.



04-6328811 04-6324770


Manufacturers and System Integrator of Scada / Telemetry Systems, Pipeline Scada / Leak Detection, Integrated DCS / ESD / F+G Systems and Support Services. Well intervention services, line well services engineering & consulting.





04-3484927 04-3484937





048838998 / 3478184

048838997 / 3478185 kifathi@cum

Trading & Servicing of Diesel Generator Sets, Engines and their Spare Parts.




AIR FILTRATION, DIESEL Trading & ENGINES & Servicing of Diesel PARTS, DIESEL 8830461/80 04-8837971 kifathi@cum Generator sets, GENERATORS, 0-2866467 Engines and their ELECTRICAL Spare parts. EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR & Loss adjusters & surveryers, undertaking all aspects of insurance claims, including onshore/ offshore installations, refinery valuations, prerisk surveys and CAR claims. Automation PLC Programming, System Integration, Voice Over IP Solution (Corporate & Individual), Hydraulic elements.




04-2868636 04-2823379




Abu Dhabi 02-6760107 02-6760157




115784 Dubai

043201484/05 0 8501010Tele x:

anandlia@ei ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT & Electrical SUPPLIES distribution & RETAIL, control equipment. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT




04-3313938 04-3329239





Semco Maritime is predominantly known for its engineering, design, manufacturing and contracting activities in the offshore, marine and industrial sectors worldwide. Semco Maritime provides excellent bnor@semco www.semco electrical and 04-3477911 04-3477448 mechanical m m services, sales and experienced manpower. We have a fully functional electrical workshop, cable stock, diesel engine spare parts, stainless steel workshop and a black steel workshop.





04-3472648 04-3474379

LP gas tankers, pressure vessels, (ASME 'U' stamp authorised users), GAS storage tanks, pipe CYLINDERS laying & spooling, MANUFACTURE structural RS & fabrication, LP gas SUPPLIERS, cylinders, PRESSURE refrigerant gas VESSELS cylinders, cylinder shells for dissolved acetylene. Field of gas plant, petroleum refinery, petrochemical & chemical plant, power & energy project. Trading supply & services, electromechanical contractor. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/, CONTRACTORS , ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS , ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS, MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE COMPANY, OFFSHORE SERVICES,




juneskim@e 04-3439844 04-3439834 ae


dafftrdg@em Abu Dhabi 02-6778000 02-6781201




04-3934422 04-3934433


Fire protection.


dhab2002@e Abu Dhabi 02-6263554 02-6263557 ae

Fire alarm, fire fighting, safety & security systems.




DubaiJebel Ali

danemeng@ 04-8835293 04-8835513 .ae

All fabrication and related work of Oil & Gas, Power, Desalination Plants. Fabricate, Paint, and Install Industrial Structural Steel. CS, AS, SS piping fabrication & erection at site. Fabrication and Erection of Steel Tanks & Cross Country Pipelines. Manufacture & Install Equipments like Pressure Vessels, Silos, Chimmeney’s, Chute, Ducts, Exhausts, etc. Design, Manufacture, supply & Install under & above ground Storage Tanks including piping. Customised Design, manufacture, ENGINEERING Supply & Install CONTRACTORS Vessels, Silos, , Duct, Chute and ENGINEERING other equipments. CONTRACTORS Design, Manufacture, Install Structural Steel Buildings and Canopy. Construction of Fuel Filling, Service and




04-3473700 04-3473232


Supply and Turnkey Installations in Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation. Total Solutions to Industrial and Commercial Projects.




Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473




antoine.boui 04-2995222 04-2995244 n@edanzas.c om

Clearing & Forwarding, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Transport, Door to Door Service.





04-8834228 04-8834022


CASING / TUBING, International DRILLING supplier of EQUIPMENT, downhole drilling DRILLING tools and related PRODUCTS, equipment in alloy FISHING steel TOOLS & SERVICE



04-3392415 04-3389740




dasteel@emi 06-5340447 06-5340382


04-2827660 04-2827836

COMPUTER/DA Computer systems TA & software PROCESSING services. SERVICES ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT, Float equipment, PACKING stage collars, MATERIALS inflatable packers, MECHANICAL, centralizers. PACKING SERVICES & MATERIALS, c/o Stevens International (LLC) Coiled Tubing Units, Nitrogen Units, Hydraulic Workover Units, Pumping Skids, and Twin Cementers.

DAVIS-LYNCH, INC (c/o 23724 Woodhouse International)


davlynme@e 04-3472300 04-3474642 ae




sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 m





decent@emir 06-5344065 06-5344071





dgmsales@e 04-3389111 04-3382625 ae

COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS, ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Compressed air dryers, atmospheric air dryers, nitrogen generators, AIR compressed air FILTRATION filters. After sales: valves, filter elements, desiccant. GENERATORS - HIRE, Authorised dealers GENERATORS for Bharat Earth SALE / HIRE, Movers Ltd. HEAVY EQUIPMENT, LUBRICANTS PIPELINE Supply of Pipeline COATING & Materials and INSULATION, Equipment. PIPELINES MARINE ENGINEERING, N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING), RIG JACKING-RIG LEVELLING, RIG MOBILIZATION S


Abu Dhabi 02-6744364 02-6744365




delta200@e Abu Dhabi 02-5542554 02-5544754 ae



delta120@e 04-2728244 04-2728249 ae



Rig & vessel repair/steel works, sandblasting/vesse l chartering, hankir@emir www.deltagr agents & 06-5281154 06-5282425 brokers/NDT inspection, oilfield tubulars, equipment & spares.



04-8812569 04-8813077


Delton is one of the most experienced providers of recruitment, manpower and accredited competency based training for the International oil and gas industry.




04-8837784 04-8836861



Abu Dhabi 02-4486347 02-4489641



02-5543770 02-5543668




06-5281666 06-5281425


Seaports & customs




Abu Dhabi 02-6440903 02-6446786


CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/, CONTRACTORS Electro Mechanical , Contractors. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE , ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Compact filters, rigid box filters, aluminium media, FILTERS - AIR, aluminium filters, GAS & OIL, electro static FILTRATION filters, range hood filters & cube filters.




04-3336564 04-3336116




065386835 / 5384172

desrtfab@em 06-5388902



043331003 / 3331009


Portable houses, skid mounted, prefab house on wheels, fixed houses on concrete base, site office, labour accommodation camps, ablution blocks, decorative furniture items, etc. Waterproofing & heat insulation, lightweight concrete, polyurethane, safety & security products.






DNV is an independent and autonomous foundation established in 1864 with the objective of safeguarding life, property and the environment. Today DNV has 300 offices in 125 countries and 5600 employees. In addition to major activities in Classification and Technical advisory Services, DNV is a world leader in ISO Certification, DNV has certified more than 45,000 companies’ management systems. DNV established itself in the Middle East in 1972 and has been ENVIRONMENT active ever since. AL We are one of the CERTIFICATIO leading N, 04-3526626 04-3559433 m m certification bodies ENVIRONMENT in the region with AL a central resource CERTIFICATIO base in Dubai and N district offices in all Gulf States. In addition to DNV’s extensive certification services, DNV is the choice of market leaders for


Abu Dhabi 02-6457580 02-6452628 m




09-2281264 09-2228153




Abu Dhabi 02-6448721


ENVIRONMENT AL CERTIFICATIO Industrial activities N, ISO including CERTIFICATIO certification, third N BODIES, party inspection, MANAGEMENT ISO certification. CONSULTANCY , QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL Oil testing LABORATORY laboratory. Bunker TESTING, Quantity Surveys MARINE & Fuel Quality SURVEYS Testing. Gas Detection Systems for H2S, ENVIRONMENT Combustible AL POLLUTION gases, O2,and over 40 toxic MONITORING, gases. Drlg & GAS Prod, DETECTORS, H2S SAFETY, Petrochemical, SENSORS Refining, LNG Terminals, Pipeline, Storage


Abu Dhabi 02-6274134 02-6271765


Mechanical, electro-mechanical installation and construction services, engineering and project management, maintenance and operational services of power, oil, gas & petrochemical BOILER installations, SERVICE / power REPAIR, engineering, boiler ELECTRICAL maintenance and REPAIR repairs, SERVICES & instrumentation, REWINDING, control and ELECTROMECH electrical services, ANICAL maintenance of CONTRACTORS desalination /SUPPLIERS, plants, gas and GAS & STEAM steam turbines TURBINES repairs and REPAIRS & refurbishment, valves and rotating equipment repairs, technical manpower supply, machining services, supply of oilfield equipment and spare parts, diagnosis & monitoring services.

Logistics COURIER/AIR and Express CARGO Distribution. GAS DETECTORS International Air Express. Logistics COURIER/AIR CARGO and Express SERVICES Distribution.Development 26437 Abu Dhabi 02-6723900 02-6793504 Paint manufacturers & suppliers. Express Freight DHL EXPRESS UAE 6252 Dubai 04-8004004 04-2995116 DHL EXPRESS UAE ABU 47041 DHABI OFFICE 02Abu Dhabi 5589982/44 02-4431517 31914 . SERVICES Express Freight International Air Express. SUPPLIERS FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. fire PROOFING alarm. DRILLING CONTRACTORS . FIRE fire vehicles. gas MATERIAL. DHABI DRILLING 884 02phokayem@ Abu Dhabi 02-6272427 6262321/627 4963 DHABIA TRADING 4875 ESTABLISHMEN T Abu Dhabi 02-6263554 02-6263557 dhabia@emir ates. PROTECTION PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS DRILLING CHEMICALS. FIRE Fire fighting. detection systems.

ae HEAT EXCHANGERS. INSPECTION SERVICES DICOTECH (LLC) .biz 04-8833894 04-8833895 ancofer@emi and expense involved with trial & error methods in diognosing well problems. dillinger. babak@dhvi. which can com / www. FISHING TOOLS & SERVICE.ABU 33327 DHABI BRANCH DIESEL MARINE 8807 INTERNATIONA L Abu Dhabi 02-6317744 02-6318844 Dubai 04dmidubai@ei 3385008/33 04-3394437 Marine & Offshore dicotech@e Repairs. Sales & Marketing OILFIELD office of Dillinger SERVICE Hutte GTS for 94438 Reconditioning of ships and industrial diesel engines. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS DILLINGER MIDDLE EAST FZE 17592 DubaiJebel Ali sales@DME. Sand 04-3471581 04-3470580 04-8832248 04-8832264 dramatically melliott@dhv m reduce the time i. plates & fabricated PRESSURE products. ae Protective Coating & Water Proofing DOWNHOLE SURVEYS. DOWNHOLE TOOLS.DHV INTERNATIONA 1518 L LTD Dubai DICOTECH (LLC) 33327 Dubai DHV International Ltd provides the Oil & Gas Industry with down hole video services. STEEL SUPPLIERS .dhvi. VESSELS.

Plumbing and Fire Fighting Works and is supported with the state-ofthe-art duct manufacturing facility. stainless steel & sheet metal and manufacture ductworks to any size meeting International Standards.C. Air Conditioning. 40469 Sharjah 06-5336887 06-5336886 The Company specializes in Electrical. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . capable of handling fabrication works right from aluminium. DIPLOMAT ENGINEERING L.C. . Sharjah 06-5321619 06-5336886 The Company undertakes civil and interior decoration works for commercial and residential complexes. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE .L.DIPLOMAT BUILDING 41463 CONTRACTING L.L. equipped with machineries. AIR CONDITIONIN G. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . BUILDING MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS.

services. Concrete coated pipes & Electrical cable conduits. shipping. EQUIPMENT ship owners and HIRE.30934 DUBAI BRANCH Dubai 04-2829966 04-2822444 diver1@emir ates.L. Oil & Gas pipelines.Dubai 0 Dubai 04-3291360 04-3291361 dplomatg@ei m. HEAVY equipment hire. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. Poly coated pipes. SHIP OWNERS .ae DIVING & UNDERWATER ISO Certified EQUIPMENT. Company.DIPLOMAT ENGINEERING L. AIR CONDITIONIN DIVER SHIPPING LLC . PLANT & EQUIPMENT HIRE DIVING & UNDERWATER SERVICES. DRILLING EQUIPMENT DITCH WITCH / TATCO BORING & 2426 INSTALLATION EST ditch@emirat Abu Dhabi 02-6215511 02-6218884 es. Diving DREDGING. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. PLANT DIVER SHIPPING LLC 22751 Sharjah 06-5260671 06-5260672 diver1@emir ates.

net. metallurgical CONTRACTORS . CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .ae Construction of hydrocarbon & industrial plants. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. CONTRACTORS .ae Formwork technology & scaffolding systems. power stations.DODSAL PTE LTD 8034 Dubai 04-3431515 04-3434757 dodsal@emir ates. etc. DODSAL PTE 701 LTD ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6277905 02-6277910 dodsal@emir ates. power stations. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .ae Construction of hydrocarbon & industrial plants. . CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. metallurgical plants. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ SCAFFOLDING & SHUTTERING SERVICES DOKA GULF FZE 61407 DubaiJebel Ali doka@emirat 04-8818096 04-8818097 es.

Cooling Towers & Finned Tubes. and Food Processing & Refining Industries. These Equipments can be offered with ASME 'U' & 'S' Stamps for Design & Manufacture and with National FINNED Board 'R' Stamp www.000m2 of area with all modern fabrication infrastructures in the Ajman Industrial Area. Plate Heat Exchangers. Dolphin has a state-of-theart facility covering 3.C Ajman We are engaged in the field of Design & Manufacture of shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Petrochemical. . Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.DOLPHIN HEAT TRANSFER 20678 L. HEAT dolheat@emi for Repair & 06-7482504 06-7482506 heattransfer Pressure Vessels. Alteration. Storage Tanks. TRANSFER" caters to the above requirement of various clients in the Oil & Gas. Hotel. rates. PRESSURE "DOLPHIN HEAT VESSELS.dolphin TUBES.

HEAT Spares for Marine. DOLPHIN OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SERVICES LLC 8402 Abu Dhabi 02-5543700 02-5542232 doloilad@emi rates. NG/WATER boilers. ae HEAVY EQUIPMENT. EXCHANGERS. OILFIELD Oilfield & Water EQUIPMENT Well SUPPLIERS. . heat exchangers. condensors. We design. HYDROBLASTI cooling towers. G. plate FITTINGS. WATER WELL DRILLING EQUIPMENT Dolphin is an ISO 9001 certified company standing at the leading edge of the Heat Transfer Industry. HOSES & evaporators. repair and AIR maintain onsite CONDITIONIN heat etc. We JETTING undertake all types of maintenance & contracts for Airconditioning and Ducting works. MARINE Specialists in REPAIR Equipment & SERVICES. Pipeline fabrication and instrumentation.DOLPHIN HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRADING LLC 40473 Sharjah 065421172 / 5420099 065431938 / 5423313 dtmarine@e mirates.

product suppliers SAFETY to industrial & CLOTHINGS & marine gas projects. environmental domead@do consultancy. FLARES. DOMINION SAFETY 31946 Abu Dhabi 02-5544606 02-5544601 domsg@eim. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION DRILLING EQUIPMENT. Survey Services. environmental sales@domei www. oil & nt. SAFETY & Safety and SECURITY environmental EQUIPMENT. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS .DOME INTERNATIONA 24652 L (LLC) DOME OILFIELD ENGINEERING & SERVICES 6924 Representation.domei Dubai 04-3366144 04-3359434 consultancy. FLUIDS . Representation. FLARES. SAFETY CONSULTANTS /TRAINING CHEMICALS/M Drilling fluid UD/MINERALS/ chemicals & fluids DRILLING engineering. ACCESSORIES. oil & Abu Dhabi 02-6348800 02-6348826 meint. Survey Services. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS .com gas projects. oilfield services & supplies. ae DOWELL IDF FLUIDS SERVICES 2964 Dubai 048835852/88 04-8835022 35078 DRILLING EQUIPMENT. Workshop Services. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION ENVIRONMENT AL PROTECTION. Workshop nt. oilfield services & supplies.

CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .ae Manufacturer of Drill pipes for oil drilling DRILL PIPES DRAKE & SCULL INTERNATIONA 915 L (L. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS CALIBRATION. AIR CONDITIONIN G. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS DRESSER 61302 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8838752 04-8838038 dfcjafz@emir ates. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN Sales & Service.C) Abu Dhabi 02-6760511 02-6760512 dsiadh@emir ates. (ESD) Assembly & Mechanical & Electrical contracting and Facilities Management Services & Maintenance. INSTRUMENTA TIONINTRINSIC SAFETY . Testing of FLOW Control / Safety / CONTROL Ball Valve & Valve PRODUCTS.DPAL 261108 Dubai mid04-8835350 04-8835525 east@socono rd.

DRESSER c/o Gulf Automation Services & Oilfield Supplies (GASOS) 203 DRILLING SYSTEMS 30576 INTERNATIONA L DubaiJebel Ali TonyCranny @dsi04-8839711 04-8839713 pbl.saab@flo wcontrolAbu Dhabi 02-6265734 02-6265735 DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. . INSTRUMENTA TIONINTRINSIC SAFETY Oil & Gas Equipment & Supplier DRILLING EQUIPMENT SERVICES CO. DRILLING / dsldxb@eim. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS. ae PBL Multiple activation auto lock Bypass systems.a e CALIBRATION. 17487 INTERNATIONA L Dubai 04-8872828 04-8872829 descooil@em irates. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS.

ae FREE ZONE AUTHORITY DUBAI AL AHLIA TRANSPORT 13408 ESTABLISHMEN T Dubai 043337722 / 3332346 043332119 / 3333820 dxbahlia@e mirates.L. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. ae ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT ION. mudline hanger dtifzco@eim. OILFIELD DRILLING specialty connectors and associated pipe. wellhead connectors and divertors. DRILLING PRODUCTS.DRIL-QUIP MIDDLE EAST 17545 Dubai 04-8816610 04-8816570 Manufacturer of surface wellheads and Xmas trees. Dubai 042990038 / 2671529 042990048 / 2671532 drltools@eim .ae Metal products manufacturing DUBAI AIRPORT FREE 491 ZONE AUTHORITY Dubai 04-2995555 04-2995500 invest@dafza .C. BUNKERING . WELLHEADS & VALVES DRILTOOLS EQUIPMENT 25314 TRADING L. ae Oilfield & Waterwell Drilling Supplies & TUBULAR SERVICES DU METAL 38181 Dubai 04-3474000 04-3474999 dumetal@em irates.

SUPPLIERS. . 2629 Dubai 04-3525131 04-3525768 dbmsc@emir BUILDING MATERIAL SUPPLY CENTRE BUILDING MATERIALS. wiring & SUPPLY cables. gas & petrochemical industry. Ducab Smokemaster (low CABLE smoke & fume) MANUFACTURE cables. holders & OILFIELD merchants and INDUSTRIAL building materials. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS Manufactures low voltage cables upto 3. lead sheathed cables for the oil.3kV. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Steel Stock SUPPLIERS. Ducab Powerplus medium voltage cables upto 33kV. DUBAI CABLE COMPANY (PRIVATE) LIMITED 11529 Dubai 04-8082500 04-8082511 ducab@duca b. control & auxiliary cables.

air & sea freight. ae Shipping & forwarding. FREIGHT SHIPPING.DUBAI CLEARING & FORWARDING 2300 & TRANSPORT CONTRACTORS (DCFC) Dubai 043592395 / 3592593 dcfcdubi@e 04-3592692 mirates. DANGEROUS CARGO. CLEARING & FORWARDING. SEA/AIR CARGO TRANSHIPMEN T SERVICES . FREIGHT

. Specialised MAINTENANCE work such as . and the Afloat Repair Division are covered by the ISO Quality System. Supply Vessels and all kinds of commercial ships. Tank cleaning. (turbine and SHIP diesel). TANKER & Newbuilding (Tugs.DUBAI DRYDOCKS 8988 Dubai drydocks@dr 04-3450626 04-3450116 ydocks.a e Service. VLCC REPAIR Floating Dock. and industrial REPAIR & work. 3 Large Docks and 1 Floating Dock for Rigs. STRUCTURAL maintenance. RIG Engine repairs REPAIRING. Crane and Work Bargers. conversion. Dredger). Repairs and Conversions. Offshore BUILDING. STEEL damage and FABRICATION. All services offered and provided by Dubai

Land CLEARING & Transportation. SAFETY CLOTHINGS. CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA.DUBAI ELECTRICITY & WATER 564 AUTHORITY (DEWA) Dubai 04-3244444 04-3248111 contracts@d ewa. EQUIPMENT. EXHIBITIONS / 5514 Dubai 04-2044444 04-2044555 DEWA is part of Government Body & one of the largest buyers of Power.C. Sea FREIGHT Cargo Services. 8040512 17000 Dubai 04-3451545 04-3452002 42278 DUBAI EXPRESS ( ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. 3044 Dubai 04dxbeqpt@em 3242275/32 04-3242276 irates. FAIRS Environment products and organizing WETEX 2004 & 2005.L. Services.wetex. SHIPPING. For more Details www. FORWARDING.C. COURIER/AIR Air Cargo DUBAI EQUIPMENT COMPANY L. Water. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA Dubai Intl. CARGO Freight Clearing SERVICES.L. SAFETY & Welding machines SECURITY & Consumables.

com Stevedoring. manpower. OIL & GAS COMPANY DUBAI NATURAL GAS CO LTD 4311 Dubai 04-8846000 04-8846118 Gas processing. MARINE ENGINEERING GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. DUBAI PETROLEUM COMPANY 2222 Dubai 04-3432222 04-3012200 Exploration and Production EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION. MANPOWER SERVICES. marine & industrial services.DUBAI LABOUR 6238 SUPPLY Dubai dulsco@duls 04-3534020 04-3534082 co. OIL COMPANIES. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE .

Sharjah duketrdg@e 06-5341146 06-5341332 mirates.a e DUKE TRADING 23151 EST.DUBAI PORTS WORLD 17000 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8815000 04-8816093 mktg@dpa. ae Founded as a non profit making organization sponsored by the Dubai Economic Department to QUALITY provide the local ASSURANCE & community with a CONTROL forum to support the productivity improvement initiatives in the region. STEEL Steel Stoke STOCKHOLDER holders & S& merchants. MERCHANTS . SHIPPING AGENCIES DUBAI QUALITY GROUP 9278 Dubai 04-3431950 04-3431970 dqg@ dqg.

Salvage OFFSHORE Work. DIVING & & Construction. Subsea DIVING & Cable Installation. NDT PROTECTION. SERVICES/EQU Jetties & IPMENT Underwater Civil Works. Refurbishment and MARINE & Repairs.dulam. Topside Inspection. com com UNDERWATER Pipeline SERVICES. Mixed Gas & Saturation Diving Services. Project Management and . Hydrographic Surveys. Subsea Installation info@dulam. UNDERWATER RIG Surveys. Specialized Personnel Services. www. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES DULSCO MARINE ENGINEERING 6238 Dubai 04-3241600 04-3247100 marine@duls co. ROV Surveys.DULAM INTERNATIONA 3334 L LIMITED Dubai 0404-3241360 3241830 / 3241066 Air. Harbor. MARINE ENGINEERING. Inspection. Subsea Cathodic Protection CATHODIC Services. EQUIPMENT.

Fracktanks. CONTRACTORS . STEEL Civil .A. Dubai 04-8801010 04-8801515 dutcobb@em Civil engineering & CIVIL building ENGINEERING contractors CONSTRUCTIO N/ Pipeline CONTRACTORS ENGINEERING Process Piping. (C/o Al 5526 Mazroui Flowtronix Ltd. Construction. Construction. Tipper & Flat (AFT)) DUTCO BALFOUR BEATTY LLC 8944 aft@emirate Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 s. Lowbed. Pressure Vessels. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS DUTCO MCCONNELL DOWELL (ME) LLC 50733 Dubai 04-8801083 04-8801153 dmdme@emi Nomex® Delta C Permanent heat & Flame Retardant Workwears. HEAVY EQUIPMENT. ae Fabrication of Transport & Cargo Equipment. TANKS DUPONT DE NEMOURS INTERNATIONA L S. CONSTRUCTIO Mechanical N ERECTION / Installation. STRUCTURAL STEEL .DUMAK INDUSTRIES 34933 Dubai macsteel@e 04-3400611 04-3400612 mirates. MAINTENANCE Silos & Structure Fabrication to International Oilfield Standards. Tank . Storage Tanks.

DRILLING FLUIDS 0 Abu Dhabi 02-5546969 02-5546966 17120 Dubai 04-8819035 04-8818729 .DUTCO TENNANT LLC 2534 Abu Dhabi 02-6348495 02-6316465 Supplies & services to the oil.ABU DHABI DYNO OILFIELD CHEMICALS 5389 Dubai 04-3380300 04-3380301 dutest@bind asmal. water GAUGES & meters & water METERS distribution fittings. gas & power industries. gear equipment. fire protection equipment etc DUTCO TENNANT LLC DUBAI 233 Dubai 04-2220186 04-2236193 DUTEST INDUSTRIAL EST DUTEST INDUSTRIAL EST .com LIFTING Suppliers of lifting EQUIPMENT. LIFTING GEAR CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ Oilfield chemicals. valves & fittings. LIFTING GEAR LIFTING EQUIPMENT. GRP cable support systems.

EAE GULF (EMIRATES ARAB ELECTRONICS GULF) 2570 Abu Dhabi 02-6273234 02-6269453 mkemp@gib ca. TELECOMMUNI telephone CATIONS systems. corrosion control ENVIRONMENT engineering. Cathodic CONCRETE protection.E JAZIRA TECHNICAL SYSTEMS 85631 Dubai 04-2675118 04-2675119 info@jazirate Head protection. PROTECTION/T corrosion REATMENT. perimeter security systems. Complete range of Safety Helmets. Oilfield & industrial OILFIELD equipment EQUIPMENT supplies & SUPPLIERS . (AFT)) Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 aft@emirate s. D. EAST & WEST BIN OJAN TRADING EST 3762 ewojan@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6457777 02-6455230 Supply installation of telecommunication s equipment including radio RADIO & BULLARAD COMPANY USA (c/o Al Mazroui 5526 Flowtronix CATHODIC PROTECTION. Cables & Antennas. CORROSION speciality materials MONITORING supply and & CONTROL. AL PROTECTION E.

net. Fittings. Process Instruments. These include Valves. Hubs & Seals as Oil Field Products. Test Benches & Calibration equipment as Instrumentation products. Transmitters. Recorders. ABI. Cables & Accessories as Electrical Products. DELMAG) Brings together Oil Field. SOLGA. HEAVY EQUIPMENT ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. HEAVY EQUIPMENT HIRE. Test Equipments. Lighting. Cable Trays. Flow ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT .EAST & WEST TRADING EST 4458 Sharjah 06-5344595 06-5344396 EAST WEST TRADING 62240 INTERNATIONA L Dubai 04-2652550 04-2624742 ewi@emirate Instrumentation & Electrical products. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS EASTERN TRADING LTD 4621 Sharjah 06-5682601 06-5680602 estrntrd@em irates. Gas Analyzer. Alarm Annunciators. Sale & hire of heavy equipment (KOBELCO. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS.

Stainless Steel & Brass. Safety ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . INSPECTION SERVICES. Specialists manufacturer of GRP Cable management systems General Suppliers of Oilfield Equipment. CABLE TRAYS CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. EBO SYSTEMS FRANCE 61056 Dubai rameshkp@e 04-8832433 04-8832435 bosystems. ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICES & . k@ebara. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Petroleum Projects Operations PUMPS & PUMP PARTS CABLE ACCESSORIES. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY . OILFIELD SUPPLIERS EATON CUTLER HAMMER CUTLER 50048 HAMMER WESTINGHOUS E PRODUCTS EBARA MIDDLE 61383 EAST Dubai 0404-3313938 3473232/332 9239 SENSORS Dubai 04-8838889 04-8835307 duncan. Seamless Pipes Steel.EASTERN UNION 3489 CORPORATION 02Abu Dhabi 02-6732200 6732117 / 6732287 euc@emirate Pump Manufacturer. ECLIPSE SUPPLIES & SERVICES EST 3954 Abu Dhabi 02-6313165 02-6334123 eclipse@emir ates. Generators.

CASING / flanges. pipes. MOVS. pipe fittings. representing FIRE various European PROOFING manufacturers in MATERIAL. DRILL PIPES . materials. gaskets. marine & truck loading arms. BOILERS. CASING / TUBING. boilers & calorifiers. distributor. the region.ECO 29410 Abu Dhabi 02-6656607 02-6652737 info@ecooo. oil & gas REFRACTORY and industrial applications. couplings. repair HOSES. stockist of valves. Manufacturer. COMPOSITE HOSES. BOILERS. domes. tank ECO is in the supply solutions BUILDING business MATERIALS. COMPOSITE hoses. grooved TUBING.ESDVS. internal floating roofs. DRILL clamps.c om ECONOSTO MIDEAST BV 60789 Dubai 04-3400782 04-3406601 ECONOSTO MIDEAST BV ABU DHABI BRANCH 0 026334500/05 Abu Dhabi 0-506265935 econosto@ec onosto.tank PIPES accessories. control valves & instruments. TUBES Specialising in & PIPE construction FITTINGS. PIPES.

CIVIL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS & ELECTRICIANS Dubai jkcarter@em 04-8818140 04-8818139 irates.ED ZUBLIN AG (C/o Mohammed Bin 322 Masaood & Sons) EDISON LIGHTING ae Civil engineering contractors.E. 17130 LTD mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 Electrical Lighting Works LLC .

SA. junction boxes. SOLA/HEVI-DUTY ELECTRICAL Middle East EQUIPMENT Distributors Adwan SWITCHGEAR Marketing .Bahrain.Oman. &. control devices. Electromec Dubai/Abu Dhabi. plugs & sockets. Electra . Rashid AlKiyumi Trading Est .Dubai. conduit fittings.Abu Dhabi.EGS ELECTRICAL GROUP 17034 Dubai mark. Al Hathboor Manufacturers of electrical products for hazardous & non-hazardous areas. Gharabally Ltd . .T. CONTROLS.Kuwait. Jaidah EQUIPMENT Motors & Trading Qatar.jackso 04-8838831 04-8838652 n@egseg. APPLETON / A. / CURLEE / ELECTRICAL O-Z/GEDNEY / CABLE NELSON / ACCESSORIES. lighting fixtures. Strand Trading Est ELECTRICAL .

INSTRUMENTA positive TIONdisplacement CALIBRATION meters and related instrumentation products. ELCOME INTERNATIONA 306 L Abu Dhabi BRANCH ELCOME INTERNATIONA 1788 L LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6774558 02-6784253 Marine electronics. Dubai elcomint@e 04-3241333 04-3243465 mirates. ELECTROMEC CO (LLC) . OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Tank level gauges.EIGHT TRADING 32095 Dubai 04-3369974 04-3359116 eight@emira Pumps & pumping systems. marine MARINE navigational NAVIGATIONA repairs.ABU 28718 DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6391234 02-6342414 ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES WHOL & MFRS. marine L REPAIR safety equipment. ae ELECTROMEC CO (LLC) 7023 Dubai 042229352 / 2220398 04-2226281 Whole salers & suppliers of OILFIELD industrial. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT & INDUSTRIAL electrical & SUPPLIERS mechanical goods. .

CONTRACTORS Lubricants LUBRICANTS ELECTROWATT 26749 ENGINEERING Abu Dhabi 02-6740064 02-6740063 eweauh@em irates. Packing & CLEARING & Removals FORWARDING ELITE JETS 54532 Dubai info@elite04-2997644 04-2997646 ELITE SHIPPING L. CHARTER & Aircraft Rental and RENTAL Sales.ELECTROMECH 60204 ANICAL WORKS Dubai 04-2851145 04-2857890 Central airconditioning contractors & marketing of all related teom@zaker. escalators & fire fighting ELF LUBRICANTS UAE LLC ELGA . SUPPLIES Executive & VIP AIRCRAFT Aircraft Charter. SHIPPING. Oil and Gas /ENGINEERS/. Industries. ae 55197 Dubai 04-2236536 04-2272102 WELDING Welding equipment EQUIPMENT & and 87875 . CONSTRUCTIO Engineering N Consultants to the CONSULTANTS 32940 Dubai 04eliship@emir 2830831/33 04-3387876 AIR/SEA. switchgear items. CARGO Freight SERVICES Forwarding. Customs Clearing FREIGHT & Forwarding.L.ZAKER TRADING LLC 44474 Abu Dhabi 02-5552138 02-5553290 tlmedxb@em irates. elevators.

com EMASCO (LLC) 6314 recruitment Abu Dhabi 02-6463262 02-6763267 @emasco. Rental of wellhead & pressure control equipment & cross overs. MNC’s in the Middle East & Other Regions. . TOOL & EQUIPMENT RENTAL ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS 22316 Sharjah 065321616 / 5322022 06-5321711 emalu@emal u. Electrical & mechanical contractors. EM HIDROMONTAZ 73739 A EMA LUBRICANTS COMPANY LTD Abu Dhabi 02-6724283 02-6784595 emhidro@em irates. A First Select International Company EMASCO a First Select MANAGEMENT International CONSULTANCY Company provides . SPECIALISTS. Power. SLOTTED CASING. & Contract Staffing MANPOWER & Manpower TECHNICAL Services to Oil. CONSULTANTS Banking. greases & LUBRICANTS speciality m Marketing of Mobil & Esso lubricants. PRESSURE TESTING EQUIPMENT. Petrochemical. STAFF Manufacturers of wellhead & pressure control equipment. MANPOWER Executive Search SERVICES.ELMAR SERVICES MIDDLE EAST LTD (National Oilwell Varco) 1518 Dubai elmar04-8835910 04-8837087 dubai@varco .ae OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. manufacturers of perforating guns. RECRUITMENT Health Care.

HEAVY EQUIPMENT EMBARKUH TRADING CO. STAFF Gas. CONSULTANTS Banking. LLC 25018 Sharjah embarkuh@e 06-5327670 06-5327672 mirates. RECRUITMENT Health Care.C) Ajman perlin@emas co. HEAVY EQUIPMENT Heavy equipment. A First Select International Company EMASCO a First Select MANAGEMENT International CONSULTANCY Company provides .com / 06-7426442 06-7426443 emascoaj@ei m. & Contract Staffing MANPOWER & Manpower TECHNICAL Services to Oil. MNC’s in the Middle East & Other Regions. Power. ae . Petrochemical. Hotels.EMASCO RECRUITMENT 7037 CONSULTANTS (L. MANPOWER Executive Search SERVICES.

Industrial Storage Systems. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS . Electromechanical Contractors / Suppliers. Pipes. Welding / Welding Eqpt. Monel. Tubes. Refrigeration Eqpt. Telecommunicatio ns. Oilfield Eqpt Suppliers. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. Incoloy & Nimonic). Shelving / Racking. pipe & cable laying contractors. AIR CONDITIONIN G.EMCC ESTABLISHMEN 46565 T 02Abu Dhabi 6767225 / 6765670 02-6767226 emccest@em irates. Trading Trading.. Maintenance Contractors & services. Alloymetal Suppliers (Inconel. Pipe Fittings & Flanges. Nickel. A/C maintenance & cable works. Company Representation. civil contracting.

com Maintenance and Installation of electrical and HVAC systems. AIR CONDITIONIN G. 2) Projects & OILFIELD Services. maintenance of elevators. 4118 Abu Dhabi 02-6349999 02-6318181 info@emdad. Control. 3) SERVICE Engineering COMPANIES Products (Mechanical & Process. CATHODIC PROTECTION. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS EMDAD L. Instrumentation & Safety.L. ae Serving the Energy sector including Oil & Gas and Utility industries for over two decades by representing the ENGINEERING interest of well CONTRACTORS known . Electrical). structured in three OILFIELD divisions: 1) EQUIPMENT Drilling & Work SUPPLIERS.C. civil maintenance. MANPOWER manufacturers and TECHNICAL services providers. CIVIL ENGINEERING. STAFF EMDAD LLC is SPECIALISTS.EMCO ENGINEERING 3532 MAINTENANCE COMPANY Abu Dhabi 02-6340600 02-6329491 ssoares@em couae. civil construction and renovation works. . over.

com m/ process ENVIRONMENT management. climate. AL industrial SAFETY & SECURITY EQPT . is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering COMPRESSOR together to S & GAS provide innovative its network power.Saxe www. FLARES climate technologies. Louis. and appliance and tools businesses.emers customers through OIL RECOVERY 04-8832828 04-8832848 na@emerson onclimate. Health.6 billion. Safety & Environment Training courses. SYSTEM. solutions to ENHANCED Rakesh. Sales in fiscal 2004 were $ 15. automation. based in St.EMERSON FZE 26382 DubaiJebel Ali Emerson (NYSE: EMR). Environmental consultancy & Laboratory Analysis EMIRATES AMERICAN ENVIRONMENT 4840 AL SCIENCE CENTER Abu Dhabi 02-6788003 02-6788004 eaesc@emira tes.

net. Oilfield Equipment Supplies. Steel Grit & Shot. tape wrap MARINE and concrete CONTRACTORS coatings. Air Hose. Paint Hoses & . tank IPMENT. SANDBLASTIN G/SHOTBLASTI NG EQUIPMENT EMIRATES COATS LLC 1038 Dubai 04-3386663 04-3392500 ecl@binhendi .L. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Testing Instruments. Safety Products. Garnet. lining. protective MARINE & coatings. PAINTING EQUIPMENT & High Pressure Jet Washers. Air System Product. Australian Garnet. . BLASTING & PAINTING EQUIPMENT. SERVICES/EQU fire proofing.C. 8601 ebmaster@e Abu Dhabi 02-5543141 02-5540426 mirates. ae Sandblasting & Airless Painting Equipment. OFFSHORE onshore/ FIRE PROOFING Specialize in MATERIAL. Aluminium Oxide. PAINTING & PAINTING CONTRACTORS Solution provider & systems integrator COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SERVICES EMIRATES COMPUTERS 60983 Dubai eccdxb@emi 04-3216000 04-3214959 rates.EMIRATES BLASTMASTER L.

oilfield equipment PETROLEUM suppliers. EMIRATES CONTRACTING 4583 CO Dubai 04-3470011 04-3470018 ecctrdg@hot mail. over the world. CONSTRUCTIO N COMPANIES. INTERIOR DESIGN/DECO RATION. OILFIELD EMIRATES CROWN LUBRICANTS CO. SCAFFOLDING. Oilfield INDUSTRIAL industrial suppliers COMPUTERS ABU DHABI 7222 Abu Dhabi 02-6413400 02-6413401 COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SERVICES Plant hire & sale. scaffolding hire & sale and interior decoration. LTD 9200 emicrown@e Abu Dhabi 02-5542444 02-5541555 mirates. OILFIELD Your best choice EQUIPMENT for lubricants all SUPPLIERS. WASTE DISPOSAL EMIRATES ENVIRONMENT AL 43729 PROTECTION CO Dubai 04-3972277 04-3979212 eco@emirate s. ae LUBRICANTS. PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/ Treatment of oil waste disposal.

etc. Forklift Rental. . FACTORY (FIREX) Sharjah 06-5340300 06-5340090 firex@emirat es. HEAVY Lease. RENTAL OF FORKLIFTS. PROTECTION PRODUCTS FORKLIFTS. Most ORICA of the products we Explosives supply are manufactured in our SYSTEMS.EMIRATES EXPLOSIVES LLC 75252 Dubai 04-3431343 04-3431977 sales@emex dubai. and property from EQUIPMENT. which is located in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai. FIRE ALARM FIREX . organization FIRE dedicated to give DETECTION/PR extensive EVENTION protection to life SYSTEMS &. fire through a wide FIRE range of EMIRATES FORKLIFTS RENTAL LLC 4962 Sharjah 065422008 / 5432086 06-5432691 Supply of EMIRATES FIRE FIGHTING 22436 EQPT. Services EQUIPMENT. Mining and Seismic explosives throughout the Middle East and EXPLOSIVES East Africa.

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/.EMIRATES GAS 7736 LLC Dubai 04-2673299 04-2673909 Bottling of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). also supplying LPG to domestic & industrial users. LPG mix & aerosol propellants. marketing butane. propane. onshore SUPPLIERS & offshore .ae Oilfield supplies & OILFIELD services. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES EMIRATES GENERAL TRADING 45187 Abu Dhabi 02-6448721 02-6444845 egtco@emira te. SUPPLIERS EMIRATES GENERAL PETROLEUM 9400 CORPORATION (EMARAT) Dubai 04-3434444 04-3433393 Marketing oil products.

filtration and ODOUR separation. bags for CHEMICALS environmental as REFINING. services required CONSTRUCTIO for EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL 2365 FILTERS CO LLC Ajman 06-7437093 06-7437094 eif@eim. CHEMICALS/M Supplies UD/MINERALS/ equipment. . We are the leading manufacturers of AIR industrial filter FILTRATION. . DRILLING materials and FLUIDS.EMIRATES HOLDINGS 984 Abu Dhabi 02-6447373 02-6444066 emhold@emi Our CONTROL filter bags are used for solid and fluid pollutant separation in different industries and processes. well as process FILTRATION.Emirates Industrial Filters are specialists in industrial filtration solutions. N / oil & gas CONTRACTORS CHEMICAL MONITORING SYSTEMS. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/ We .

GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. .4942 FUJAIRAH BRANCH Fujairah 09-2281060 09-2281070 GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. MANIFOLDS. GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS.8409 ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-5559295 02-5553979 EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL GASES CO LLC .ae 60775 Manufacturing & Marketing of Medical & Industrial INDUSTRIAL GASES CO LLC 3763 Dubai 04eigco@emira 2660649/26 04-2664168 tes. GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. Speciality & Mixture Gases. EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL GASES CO LLC . MANIFOLDS. MANIFOLDS. MANIFOLDS. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. Installation & Commissioning.1523 AJMAN BRANCH Ajman 06-7435211 06-7437907 EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL GASES CO LLC . Bulk Industrial Gas Systems Design. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. Industrial Welding Equipment & Regulators.

ae Testing inspection & consulting LABORATORY TESTING EMIRATES INTERNATIONA L 4840 ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANCY eaesc@emira Abu Dhabi 02-6788003 02-6788004 ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . ENVIRONMENT AL POLLUTION MONITORING EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL LABORATORY ABU DHABI 26023 Abu Dhabi 02-5542889 02-5542886 eilad@emirat es.EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL LABORATORY 6892 Dubai 04-3457480 04-3452336 eilab@emirat es. Material LABORATORY Testing / TESTING Inspection & Consulting Environmental Monitoring. Services & Consultancy. . PARTS EMIRATES LINK 44586 MALTAURO LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6733338 02-6733944 elmad@emir ates. LTD 6700 Sharjah 06-5280335 06-5282533 elco@emirat es. & 8132 MACHINERY INTERNATIONA L Complete range of petroleum reservoir core LABORATORY analysis. TESTING. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . geological OILFIELD services. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . Dubai 04-2276058 04-2276058 eieme@emir Suppliers of water PUMPS & PUMP pumps. GENERAL CONTRACTORS .ae General LUBRICANTS EMIRATES LINK 31234 TECHNOLOGY Abu Dhabi 02-6733336 02-6733776 elite@emirat es. OFFSHORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS EMIRATES LINK 9685 RESLAB LLC Abu Dhabi 02-5541616 02-5541554 elreslab@em irates. and SERVICE reservoir fluid COMPANIES sampling and CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. INSTRUMENTA TIONINTRINSIC SAFETY Manufacturing of Lube EMIRATES LUBE OIL CO.

cable ACCESSORIES. ON OF stevedoring & COMPANIES. Supplier of oilfield. General trading. Adhesives. MARINE SURVEYS EMIRATES MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL 3546 ENG. products & REPRESENTATI services. GENERAL company TRADING. WD-40. MANAGEMENT oilfield equipment SERVICES. Junction Boxes / NUTS & BOLTS Light Fittings. cargo PROJECTS/PRO project JECT management. CABLE cables. PROTECTION Explosion proof PRODUCTS. . Items. representation. SUPPLIES CO (EMEESCO) emeesco@e Abu Dhabi 02-6424241 02-6426741 mirates. ae EMIRATES NATIONAL CHEMICALS COMPANY LLC 46611 Abu Dhabi 02-6338660 02-6338646 emochem@e mochem. support EMIRATES NATIONAL 7611 ESTABLISHMEN T Abu Dhabi 02-6328811 02-6320432 Suppliers of Electrical conduits ELECTRICAL & Accessories. ae ISO Certified Company Marine Surveyors. supply.EMIRATES MARINE SERVICES (LLC) 8966 Dubai emarserv@e 04-3381515 04-3381115 mirates. Wiring FIRE accessories. refinery & petrochemical OILFIELD process additives SUPPLIERS & toll manufacturing. ELECTRICAL Electrical Safety PRODUCTS. Upstream and downstream Oil and Gas GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. LLC Sharjah 06nortech@gm 06-5734412 5734416/17 ail. GEOPHYSICAL . REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE EMIRATES NORTECH 26140 SURVEYS Surveying & Mapping with considerable GPS capability as well as near shore hydro surveying & all types of Land surveying. OIL COMPANIES..EMIRATES NATIONAL OIL 6442 COMPANY (ENOC) Dubai 0404-3374400 3134004 / 3134202 webmaster@ enoc. SURVEYS AERIAL. SURVEYS LAND. SURVEYSHYDROGRAPHI C & SHALLOW.

resort and conference venue opened its magnificent gates in February 2005 in UAE’s HOTEL functional and com m technologically advanced conference and meeting facilities in UAE. a landmark hotel. espalace.EMIRATES PALACE 39999 Emirates Palace. not to mention hundreds of splendid suites and world class dining and recreation shops.emirat most luxurious. The Palace houses the Abdo. Abu Dhabi. TUBES glass reinforced & PIPE epoxy & vinylester FITTINGS pipe system . Abu Dhabi 02-6909000 02-6907879 @kempinski. Marketing & storage of petroleum products OIL MARKETING COMPANIES EMIRATES PETROLEUM PRODUCTS COMPANY (EPPCO) LLC 5589 Dubai 04-3372131 04-3375990 EMIRATES PIPE INDUSTRIES 29205 FACTORY 02Abu Dhabi 6270008 / 5510777 02-6270009 Manufacturer of PIPES.Kayali www.

Custom PIPES.EMIRATES PORTS SERVICES LLC 388 Ajman 06-7470111 06-7470333 Ports & Terminal Operators Managers PORT OPERATIONS EMIRATES PREINSULATED PIPES 73830 INDUSTRIES (LLC) 02Abu Dhabi 5501994 / 91 02-5501992 GMail@eppi. technical & semiskilled professionals. secretarial services. Thermally Recruitment agents for oil & gas industry. engineers. Preinsulated Piping PIPELINE Systems. TUBES Fabrication. & PIPE FITTINGS MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES. COATING & Corrosion INSULATION. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. MEDICAL SERVICES/MA NAGEMENT & SUPPLIES EMIRATES RECRUITMENT SERVICES 748 02Abu Dhabi 6310311 / 6215349 02-6312171 ersfadel@em irates. .net. MANPOWER SERVICES. ae CORROSION MONITORING Manufacturers of & CONTROL. Protection.

EMIRATES SAFETY SERVICES LIMITED 22197 Dubai 04-3477325 04-3477165 emisafe@em irates. COURIER/AIR CARGO SERVICES. SHIP OWNERS. testing. LTD 1051 Sharjah 065282326 / 27 eshco@emir 06-5282328 ates. Customs go. FREIGHT Ship owners. SHIP STORES. Survey & Inspection salvages. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA . SHIPPING AGENCIES. Shipping services. Ship management. Airline CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. EMIRATES SHIPPING CO. Shipping EMIRATES SKYCARGO 686 Dubai 042951127 / 2184218 042954049 / 2822600 Transportation / skycargo@e www. BREATHING servicing of lifting. CLEARING & FORWARDING. APPARATUS fire & breathing equipment.skycar Cargo Services / Inspection.

ae Construction Materials Suppliers. EMIRATES SPECIALITIES 46564 COMPANY LLC ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6784800 02-6778366 escoauh@em irates. Structural steel SKYCARGO CENTRE (UAE SALES) 686 Dubai 042184218 / 2184222 skycargodxb 04-2822600 @emirates. CONCRETE PROTECTION/T REATMENT. LEASING & CAR RENTAL EMIRATES TAXI 23661 LLC Dubai 04-3394455 04-3394405 . FREIGHT SHIPPING. CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. BUILDING MATERIALS. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS. CONCRETE PROTECTION/T REATMENT. COURIER/AIR CARGO SERVICES. Construction Materials Suppliers. erection. STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION BUILDING MATERIALS. CLEARING & FORWARDING. EMIRATES SPECIALITIES COMPANY LLC 3880 Dubai escodub@em 04-3470767 04-3470765 om EMIRATES SPACE ERECTORS 6484 Dubai 04-3470886 04-3470868 erectors@em irates.

Risktec (Risk TRAINING & Assessment) EDUCATIONAL U.U. General Safety and STCW Courses.EMIRATES TECHNICAL & SAFETY 35450 DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Abu Dhabi 02-5552034 02-5547717 enquiry@ets dc. Fire. partnership with SAFETY Nutec (Global CONSULTANTS Safety) . Uproud by Offshore & Onshore . Oil & Gas Company CONSULTANCY Working in SERVICES.K. such courses as: Sea and offshore Survival. . We deliver One of the Mutawa Group of Companies An OPITO approved Training Centre. HUET.K and /TRAINING. BOSIET. Defensive Driving. HSE Courses.

EMIRATES TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD EMIRATES TECHNICAL THERMAL SYSTEMS 2025 Sharjah 06-5334158 06-5336540 ets2025@em irates. substation. DIESEL EMIRATES TECHNICAL ASSOCIATES (ETA) POWER PROJECTS DIVISION 3532 Abu Dhabi 02-6351305 02-6331049 ppadh@etap Design. maintenance of ELECTRICAL turnkey projects in CONTRACTORS power generation . plumbing EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR sanitation. Engineering. etts@emirat es. SWITCHGEAR scada/DCS and & desalination plants. erection. installation. ELECTRICAL transmission line. ELECTRICAL current. DIESEL electircal. fire services.EMIRATES TECHNICAL ASSOCIATES (ETA) 3532 MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL DIVISION Abu Dhabi 02-6345454 02-6341310 etamneah@e 22577 Sharjah 06-5423077 06-5421099 . supply. ELECTRICAL EHV/MV ENGINEERING. servicing & GENERATORS. G. low . power GENERATORS. high ELECTRICAL voltage & low CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT cabling. building & management & security systems. commissioning and AIR maintenance of CONDITIONIN airconditioning.

MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS . USA. Portugal. EMIRATES TRADING AGENCY (ETA) (Mechanical & Electrical Division) 5239 Dubai 04-2713333 04-2729521 etamne@emi rates. Spain. OFFSHORE Representation in : SERVICES/EQU India. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . Abu Dhabi. / 06-7437635 aadil@etcdxb . CORROSION installation. Australia and Norway.EMIRATES TECHNO CASTING LLC 2895 Ajman 067433669 / 7434743 etccp@emira tes. IPMENT. suppliers of all CATHODIC equipment for the PROTECTION. industrial Holland. Qatar. UK. AIR CONDITIONIN . Saudi Arabia. MONITORING surveys. France. design MARINE & ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Cathodic Protection Division: Manufacturers of sacrificial zinc & aluminium anodes for the offshore & marine markets. Germany. Oman. Singapore. Greece. audits & & CONTROL. EMIRATES WELL SERVICES 41777 Abu Dhabi 02-6216868 02-6217500 ews@clients oft.BARGES. Nitrogen Services. Water treatment plant & Contractors. GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS. Manufacturer of transformers & switchgear. 29261 Abu Dhabi 02-6274848 02-6274846 sewtech@em irates. WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT EMIRATES WATER TECHNOLOGY Water and waste water treatment. Perforating.C. Completion and Data Analysis. COILED TUBING SERVICES.EMIRATES TRANSFORMER 16842 & SWITCHGEAR LTD Dubai info@emirat 04-8816288 04-8816693 estransforme rs. Filtration. COMPLETIONS EMIRATES WESTERN PETROLEUM SERVICES COMPANY L. Coil Tubing. 8107 0202ewpsco@ew Abu Dhabi 6725637/55 6781578/554 psco. JACK . Water treatment equipment.L. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS. Cementing. GENERATORS .ae 41855 1049 ACIDISING. Stimulation Vessel Services. Marine & its Related Services. Wireline Logging (Open-hole & Cased-hole). Grouting.

co.EMIS 46153 emis@eurom Abu Dhabi 02-6766412 02-6766493 Calibration. specialised COMPUTER/DA training. management. COMPUTERS / 0404-2860000 2862323 / 2853745 info@empost uae. COMPUTER m EMITAC EMIRATES TECHNOLOGY COMPANY 7310 Abu Dhabi 02-6711600 02-6711059 EMITAC LTD 8391 Dubai emitac@emit Plastics packaging. Repair and Management Services for Test & INSTRUMENTA Process TION. TIONHydraulic. COMPUTER SALES Computer INSTALLATION solutions. PRODUCTION PACKERS . Computers. Torque CALIBRATION & Linear Measuring Instruments & Equipment. software PROCESSING contracts. COURIER/AIR CARGO SERVICES EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION EMPOST 32200 Dubai ENCANA INTERNATIONA 9660 L (MIDDLE EAST) LTD ENER PLASTIC LLC 37561 Dubai 04-3314799 04-3316330 Dubai 04-8802955 04-8802966 enerplas@en erplastics. INSTRUMENTA / 04-2823777 04-2826329 encomdxb@ emitac. Instrumentation. SALES communications & INSTALLATION software. service TA bureau. facility SERVICES. & SERVICES. & SERVICES Courier Services Domestic & International.

net. Contract Personnel Services. TECHNICAL SERVICES .co m CIVIL ENGINEERING. E. Power CONTRACTORS Transmission. CONSULTANCY SERVICES A UK Trade Association for the Oil. Gas. energoad@e Abu Dhabi 02-6763554 02-6763559 mirates. Petrocemical and Power Sectors. SERVICES. Consulting and SOFTWARE/IT ENERGY SOLUTIONS 54258 INTERNATIONA L MIDDLE EAST Dubai aaga@energ y04-2995065 04-2994869 solutions. Oilfield Services. .ENERGO 52473 CONSULT L.C. Specializing in :Asset Management Services. CONSULTANCY SERVICES. ENERGY SERVICES 23090 INTERNATIONA L LTD Dubai mekavanagh 04-3593823 04-3593798 @solarturbin es. ae ENERGY INDUSTRIES 54455 COUNCIL UK M. /ENGINEERS/. Promoting trade opertunities for its 400+ mebership. (BRANCH) Dubai 04-2995945 04-2995946 info@eicmedubai.L. Technical Education Services & Solutions. Consulting CONSTRUCTIO Engineers for Oil N and Gas. LEAK Pipeline DETECTION/SE Management Solutions. Power & CONSULTANTS Water Generation.

ANALYSERSPROCESS CONTROL. premium COMPANIES tubular & production equipment . calibration services. analytical Instrumentation.ENERGY 73733 TECHNOLOGIES energy. ANALYSIS. SCADA. CATHODIC PROTECTION ENERGY VENTURES MID 17218 EAST INC Dubai 04-8816538 04-8816227 An international oilfield service & equipment Abu Dhabi 02-6029464 02-6029454 @maritronics . CALIBRATION. OILFIELD manufacturing drill SERVICE pipe.

Supply of Wide range of HEAVY equipment & EQUIPMENT services relating to HIRE. heavy & Enerpac is a manufacturer of High Pressure hydraulic tools for all industrial applications. HEAVY sulphur forming EQUIPMENT and ENGINEER MARINE SERVICES 40263 Sharjah sunilkp1@e 06-5333317 06-5330098 mirates. structures in the HYDRAULIC Oil & Gas and Construction LIFTING 04-8872686 04-8872687 hak@enerpa c. ENERSUL 41350 TECHNOLOGIES Abu Dhabi 02-6811077 02-6813170 enersul@emi rates. ae MARINE ENGINEERING .ENERPAC MIDDLE EAST FZE 18004 DubaiJebel Ali Enerpac EQUIPMENT has the technology to complete your most complex and toughest jobs with the highest level of accuracy in the industry. It offers integrated HOSES & Hydraulic Solutions FITTINGS. for the controlled HYDRAULIC movement of COMPONENTS large.


Waste ENVIRONMENT AL INTERNATIONA 54209 L CORPORATION Dubai 04-3390922 04-3390960 eicdxb@emir ates. Industrial Valves. BS6099. .net. Audits. SCH fishing DRILLING tools & services. Remediation. 6413 Sharjah 06-5423774 06-5423775 mail@etegro up. Water and Building Industries. BUILDING DIN8061/8062 MATERIALS. CASING / TUBING.L.C. CPVC PIPES & Pipes & Carbon Steel pipes and Fittings. SCH80. OIL SPILL RESPONSE ENVIRO TRADING COMPANY L. DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS & Environmental Assessments. BUILDING MAINTENANCE u PVC & c PVC PRODUCTS. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES ENTERRA OIL FIELD SERVICES (EOFS) 4503 Abu Dhabi 02-5544100 02-5542215 Drilling equipment. Projects Package specialist for Oil and Gas. EQUIPMENT oilfield equipment suppliers. Instrumentation and Control systems. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS .ENGINEERING SUPPLY ESTABLISHMEN 2016 T (TC GULF DIVISION) Abu Dhabi 02-6271496 02-6275410 eseauh@emi rates. BUILDING MATERIALS. BS3505. FITTINGS. drillpipe. Casing & Screen FIRE Pipes.

MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Oil esisys@emir www.esisys. WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT HOSES & FITTINGS. ENZED ABU DHABI 8543 Mussafah 02-5542754 02-5542354 info@enzedme. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES . OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. 06-5344310 06-5344210 pollution ates. POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT.enzed04-2858839 04-2850095 Flexible Fluid ENZED Oilfield Services Your single source for all Flexible Fluid Transfer Products and Related Services ENZED DUBAI 12973 Dubai ENZED Trading LLC Your single source for all Transfer Products and Related Services ENERGY & WATER CONSERVATIO N OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES HOSES & FITTINGS.ENVIRONMENT AL SYSTEMS 5992 INTERNATIONA L LLC Sharjah Pollution control me.www. ENVIRONMENT AL com consultancy services.

co m . MARINE & Fleximak Ltd Your OFFSHORE single source for SERVICES/EQU all Flexible Fluid IPMENT.ENZED JEBEL ALI 61046 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8815037 04-8817181 info@flexima HOSES & FITTINGS. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES Lubricants.sinclair@ 04-8833360 04-8833919 epsolutions. LUBRICANTS EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS. HYDRAULIC / PNEUMATIC ACCUMULATOR tim. Transfer Products OILFIELD and Related INDUSTRIAL Services SUPPLIERS. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS EPPCO 5589 Dubai 043372131/31 04-3349587 33708 ePRODUCTION SOLUTIONS 0 INC DubaiJebel Ali caceis@emir ates. INSTRUMENTA TIONDOWNHOLE.

INSTRUMENTA TIONDOWNHOLE. . process control & safety S/D systems. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS EPSCO CLEANING SERVICES LLC 5319 epscoauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-6713966 02-6769366 HYDRAULIC / PNEUMATIC ACCUMULATOR S. ae Cleaning & Restoration / INDUSTRIAL Specialised CLEANING cleaning services. Hydro Blasting. EPSCO LLC 53301 Dubai epscodxb@e 04-3336484 04-3336474 mirates. pipeline EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS. wellhead. RTU & Scada/telemetry A Weatherford Oil Tools Middle East Company Automation & control systems. INDUSTRIAL Legionella Testing CLEANING & Control. ae Industrial Cleaning. pipeline.ePRODUCTION SOLUTIONS 41829 INC (CAC INC) Abu Dhabi 02-6261411 02-6261412 cacauh@emi rates. Indoor Air Quality.

ae 04-2856908 04-2855702 / equint@emir ates. Perforated Metal MARINE & Sheets. WELDING accessories. up Legs. OFFSHORE Maintenance Paint SERVICES/EQU & ESAB MIDDLE EAST LLC 8964 Dubai info@esab. Jack.S. Pipes. Mesh & FILTRATION. . SS MONITORING & C.EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONA 5807 L Dubai equimet@em irates. IPMENT Welding WELDING & 04-3388829 04-3388729 .ae Suppliers of CLEANING Special Steel for PRODUCTS/EQ Oilfield & Industrial UIPMENT.& CONTROL. gas EQUIPMENT cutting machines. Wear CORROSION Resistant Steel.

countries. Fertilizer. Packaging. AIR FILTRATION.ESMA INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES LLC 51180 ESMA INDUSTRIAL 47425 ENTERPRISES LLC ABU DHABI We are proud to be a leading. Smelting. FITTINGS Manufacturing. Shipping. Gas.esmatc FLOW Dubai 04-8839100 04-8839495 target customers co.E & neighbouring o. in the U.A. Food and Beverages industries. ABRASIVES. Process. Asian AIR Sub-Continent & FILTRATION. HOSES & Power Generation. CIS countries. CONTROL constitute the Oil & PRODUCTS. HOSES & FITTINGS . reputed & prompt suppliers of the products mentioned below. FLOW Abu Dhabi 02-5544300 02-5544360 CONTROL PRODUCTS. Our sales@esmat www.

Sensors. Pumps. Heat UD/MINERALS/ Exchanger Tubes. Refractory Materials.ESQUIRE OILFIELDS EQUIPMENT TRADING EST. TUBES Cables. Raw Materials etc. SS Plates. OILFIELD Communication EQUIPMENT Equip. 41472 Sharjah 065311456 / 5344567 065311457 / 5344577 eoet@emirat es. Mechanical Seals. Motors. Lab TOOL Equipment. FLUIDS. . Engine Compressors and CHEMICALS/M their spares. PIPES. Hydrant & Parts. Turbine Parts. Fire SUPPLIERS. Pipes & Pipe MACHINERY & Fittings. Welding & PIPE Consumables. Air Conditioning. FITTINGS Crane & Truck Parts. & SUPPLIERS. Tools. Pressure Hose & Import. DRILLING Valves. Export & Trading of Industrial and Marine Equipment.


Engineering. Installation & Maintenance ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS / 9863 . Supply. ELECTRICAL High Voltage Substations. ETA .DIESEL ISO 9001 certified. LIFT & 24942 Design. ETA AWAJI SANGYO LLC 5239 Dubai 04etamne@emi 04-2713333 2729521/272 rates. generation and ELECTRICAL water desalination EQUIPMENT plants of med & ro SWITCHGEAR types and H V & cables. GENERATORS.POWER PROJECTS DIVISION 5239 Dubai 042713333 / 2665738 04-2729739 power ENGINEERING. specializes in EPC ELECTRICAL contracts of Extra CONTRACTORS .com ETA Power projects Division .ETA MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR DIVISION 023967/35 sh@etamelco Abu Dhabi 6349534/63 02-6347282 32 . MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT ETIHAD AIRWAYS 35566 0202Abu Dhabi 5058000/80 5058111 / 02277 5058044 AIRLINES ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI 0 02Abu Dhabi 6444490 / 6441695 02-6445351 AIRLINES . supply of cables (appointed Middle East agent for JINRO Cables) & equipment. specialising in the marine. CABLE ACCESSORIES. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. offshore & petrochemical industries.E-TECH GROUP 17309 LIMITED Dubai swe_tech@e 04-8833863 04-8833862 Manufacturer of switchgear. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. ae Electrical engineering.

ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI Commercial Department 35599 02Abu Dhabi 6321500/61 02-6324556 77745-57 AIRLINES ETIHAD AIRWAYS 0 ABU DHABI Contact Center ETIHAD AIRWAYS Airport Duty 0 Managers . Airport Abu Dhabi 02-6939711 02-6657966 AIRLINES 02-050 Abu Dhabi 6662857/81 80162Telex : AIRLINES ETIHAD AIRWAYS .Abu Dhabi Intl.AL AIN 0 Al Ain 037666100 / 7656607 03-7661100 AIRLINES .

ae 08920 AIRLINES Abu Dhabi 02-6656375 02-6656326 AIRLINES 02Abu Dhabi 6444490 / 6455138 02-6445351 AIRLINES .ETIHAD AIRWAYS DUBAI 72522 Dubai 04-3213902 04-3436667 AIRLINES ETIHAD AIRWAYS 35566 EMIRATES PALACE ETIHAD AIRWAYS 0 Khalidiya Ticketing Office ETIHAD AIRWAYS Ticketing 0 Counter Etihad AUH Mall 02etihadpalace Abu Dhabi 6908930/69 02-6908925 @etihad.

experienced & efficient manpower. responsible and reliable partnership. Marine & insurance surveyors & MARINE energy industry SURVEYS loss adjusters . 7392 Dubai 04-3527870 04-3527899 euroem@emi rates. long standing reputation for credibility.L. SPECIALISTS replacements at short Group of Companies Vast experience in sourcing and resourcing for oilfield and power projects. quality and cost effectivenes. abundant MANPOWER availability of TECHNICAL required STAFF EURO MARINE SURVEYORS LLC 6641 Sharjah 06-5690926 06-5690930 eurobath@e mirates. technically and marginally qualified experts for job evaluation and deployment.EURO EMIRATES L.

installation. onshore CONSTRUCTIO & offshore for the N/ oil. Dubai 04-2824263 04-2824285 CONSULTANTS training. hydroblasting PRESSURE equipment. SAFETY safety info@eurobla test electrical & CONDITION 3977874 3419 ae m instrumentation MONITORING. gas. projects. testing equipment. Abu Dhabi 6781133/04. LLC EUROBLAST MIDDLE EAST LLC 31230 EUROLINK SAFETY SERVICES 60767 Equipment supply.6781953/678 mirates. Dubai 2824200/28 04-2824264 PAINTING stme. CABLE construction. abrasive and SUPPLIES. power & water industries.EURO MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL 46153 CONTRACTING chemical injection 24400 EQUIPMENT & skids. OILFIELD hydrostatic and EQUIPMENT gas high pressure 04SUPPLIERS. safety audit. Specialist suppliers INSTRUMENTA of high pressure TION. . OSH training. manpower services. & SUPPLY. & CABLE commissioning of MANUFACTURE 0202euromech@e www. ACCESSORIES. CONTRACTORS petrochemical. risk /TRAINING assessments.eurom mechanical. echanical. and TESTING paint spray EQUIPMENT equipment.

24 hour airport service EUROPCAR INTERRENT 2533 Dubai 04-3394433 04-3394403 EUROPCAR INTERRENT DUBAI AIRPORT OFFICE EWBANK PREECE LTD MOTT MACDONALD 2533 Dubai 042245240 / 2245226 04-2244440 LEASING & CAR RENTAL 4336 Abu Dhabi 02-4434608 02-4456480 mottmac@m chauffeur office Engineering consultants CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. management and DANGEROUS move CARGO. CONTAINER & relocations. management.EUROMOVERS 2300 Dubai 04-3403970 04-3403921 info@euromo Window cleaning systems . LEASING & mobile International. CARGO domestic. project SERVICES. Car & bus rental. long term & short term lease. removals. CAR RENTAL free international reservations. freight CARGO forwarding. CONTRACTORS CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT EWCOX INTERNATIONA 33654 L Dubai 04-2869555 04-2868584 ewcox1@emi rates.

& hire of GALVANIZING SERVICES. LTD (SHARJAH) Dubai 19559 Sharjah 06-5331554 06-5335831 . SCAFFOLDING. scaffolding & STRUCTURAL formwork STEEL FABRICATION GALVANIZING LTD 1196 Ajman 06-7430320 06-7431074 excelind@em irates. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS. sale SUPPLIERS. OILFIELD Manufacture. Design.EXCEL INDUSTRIAL CO. STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION EXCEL INDUSTRIAL CO.

. Submersible Patrol Vehicle (SPV). Inspection submarine. Tourist operators. Submersible Yachts. Submarines ranging from one passenger to 20 passengers. Individual owners and Military applications.EXOMOS 261489 Dubai 04-8835222 04-8835228 exomos@exo Leisure submarines. Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV). Dry and Semi wet submarines.

Magnetic Particle Testing. Furnace & Local / NDT (Non Destructive Testing) / Ultrasonic XRay. HEAT TREATMENT. CALIBRATION. Hardness Testing. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING) . Dye penetrant Testing.EXOTHERM EQUIPMENT LLC 111894 Dubai 0404yakoob45@e 3407556/34 3407558/340 mirates. Thickness gage. Radiography. Gamma Ray / Industrial Inspection Services / Mechanical Inspection & Calibration. Welding Inspection & Certification. 08744 7559 ae An ISO 9001:2000 Cirtified Company Heat Treatment. INSPECTION SERVICES.

OIL & GAS EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION MIDDLE. REPRESENTATI VE CENTRE SHARJAH 3222 Sharjah 06-5770000 06-5770111 EXHIBITIONS / FAIRS EXXON (AL KHALIJ) INC 30686 Abu Dhabi 02-6335113 02-6338996 Oil Company. OIL COMPANIES. EAST. REPRESENTATI ON OF COMPANIES LUBRICANTS. . EXXON MOBIL 33369 Dubai 04-3431400 04-3437496 Marketing of Lubricants.

HEAT EXCHANGERS EZWARE 2322 TECHNOLOGIES Abu Dhabi 02-6710339 02-6710361 ezware@emi rates. Spare parts.Eyabhonni ChairmanGULF 2739 PIPING Fabrication. DECKS. Erection. CRANE. Fabrication. FPSO TURRETS & CALM BUOY’S. Supply & Maintenance of Port Container Handling Cranes Such as: SHIP-TOSHORE (STS).ae SOFTWARE/IT SERVICES F&M MAFCO INC 7857 SharjahSaif Zone mafcodub@e 06-5570165 06-5570139 mirates. Riggin CRANES & Welding Equipment. RUBBER-TYREDGANTRY Software Technologies. FABRICATIONS .net. ae Cranes. W. Design. Erection & Maintenance of Large Offshore Structures Such as: TOPSIDES. Abu Dhabi 02-5553395 02-5559301 gpc@imcc. Boom & HEAVY Accessories. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE . .

FABAIR 37944 Dubai 04-2994188 04-2994199 dubai@fabair. specialises in AIRLINES. cargo operations in CARGO UAE. PIPELAYING/CONS TRUCTION. Africa COURIER/AIR and the Indian CARGO subcontinent. SERVICES FABTECH GROUP Fabtech Abu Dhabi LLC 42287 Abu Dhabi 02-5500167 02-5500247 fabtech@fabt ech-auh. With a AIRCRAFT fleet of Russian CHARTER & freighters. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. destination and trans-shipment services can also be arranged. the AIR/SEA. SERVICES Afghanistan. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Middle East. it FabAir is an international cargo airline providing regular operations and adhoc charter services. Iraq. PRESSURE VESSELS .


. FREIGHT . Heavy Transportation. Clamps. HEAVY LIFT Heavy Lifting. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS. ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT Manufacturing & trading of "CANCO" industrial fasteners like Anchor Bolts. CLEARING & FORWARDING. OFF/ONSHORE CRANES FAIR DEAL HARDWARE TRADING 42257 Dubai 04-2287267 04-2287268 fht@emirate s. BT . Logistics Management. NUTS & BOLTS. Expansion Fasteners.24 Studs Bolts.FAGIOLI MIDDLE EAST LLC 33211 Abu Dhabi 02-4463700 02-4456808 fagioli@fagiol i. BUILDING MATERIALS.SHIPPING. General Hardware Supplies. Threaded Bars. V Botls.

items. STS operations. slops removal. firemen outfits. IMO signs. ship management and shipping agency. supply of fresh water. towage & salvage services. trade & transport. breathing apparatus. fujport@faird www. ENHANCED includes: Crew OIL RECOVERY changes. SYSTEM transferring riding squads.FAIRDEAL MARINE SERVICES LLC 298 Fujairah 092228145 / 2228427 092228147 / 2228206 An approved station for servicing. certification & supply of marine safety equipment: Liferafts. life jackets.fairdea portfolio of CERTIFICATIO eal. floating storage & oil spill response services. immersion suits. fire extinguishers. Our BUNKERING. .gr l. lube oil deliveries. supply of provisions. pyrotechnics etc. arranging repairs. life services also N. We are also stockists for the BREATHING above mentioned APPARATUS. first aid kits. clearance & delivery of spares.

suppliers of marine LUBRICANTS. hand & carpentry tools specialist. CUTTING TOOLS. HARDWARE RETAIL FAL INTERNATIONA 61053 L LIMITED Dubai 04-8812100 04-8812101 Trading of ELECTRICAL electrical products PRODUCTS & components FAL OIL & TRADING CO LTD 6600 Sharjah 06-5286666 06-5281437 technical@fal oil. BUNKERING. Manufacturers and whole salers of chemical & chemical products. liquid detergents.FAKHRUDDIN KADERBHAI TRDG CO LLC 1043 Dubai 042222644 / 2285767 fkabbas@em 04-2218430 irates. Manufacturers of sulphuric acid. fabrication. bunkering Oil trading. adhesives. FALCON CHEMICALS (LLC) 2924 Dubai inquiry@falc 04-8801444 04-8801717 onchemicals. COMPANIES. OIL lubricants & fresh MARKETING water. antifreeze & radiator coolants. com CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS FALCON 3568 CHEMICALS LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6444220 02-6444226 FALCON ENGINEERING 2810 Dubai 04-2856707 04-2856696 Precision Machining of heavy MACHINE equipment & Steel Cutting.

ae CONCRETE PROTECTION/T REATMENT. LUBRICANTS industrial & marine lubricants Specialised Coatings. COMPANY. OFFSHORE ship repairs and SERVICE ship maintenance. ae MANPOWER TECHNICAL Technical STAFF manpower supply SPECIALISTS. Industrial Painting / Epoxy Flooring. Thermal Insulation. CRACK REPAIRS. to marine and MARINE & industrial works. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE. PAINTING & PAINTING CONTRACTORS FAMM MIDDLE EAST LIMITED 9367 Dubai 04-3373220 04-3374406 LUBRICANTS. OIL Fuel & Marine COMPANIES. .net.FALCON MARINE SERVICES 783 Sharjah falconms@e 06-5332844 06-5332677 FAMECO GENERAL 51610 CONTRACTING CO. Concrete Repairs. OFFSHORE SERVICES Marketing of automotive. FALCON OIL COMPANY LTD 3461 Sharjah sohail@sharl 06-5283435 06-5285300 u. (LLC) 02Abu Dhabi 6329300 / 5544148 02-6329440 fameco@emi rates. LINING-TANK VESSEL. Lubricant Products. Crack Injection. Internal Lining of Tanks / Pipes. Grit Blasting.

Supply of chemicals. Bolt Nuts etc. Hardware. . Steel. I Stainless. Order Suppliers. UV water purification BUILDING MATERIALS FLUID PURIFICATION & CONTAMINATI ON. MATERIAL COMP 28268 Dubai 04-2214393 04-2215099 FARDAN HASSAN AL FARDAN TRADING 52879 Dubai 04-3332113 04-3333685 fardan@emir ates. Building Materials and G. ANALYSIS. polymergels.FAQHRI BULDG. inhibitors.

Water and Electricity We are leading Supplier for Drilling Equipment. Abu Dhabi municipality. Oil & Gas Field Installations. . Civil Aviation. Ship building and Marine Industry -all fields requiring products and services of exacting International Standards. Plant & Machinery. Waterwell drilling rigs.FARIS INTERNATIONA 43135 L Abu Dhabi 02-6723788 02-6723801 mail@farisint ernational. Refineries and OILFIELD Petrochemical SUPPLIERS Industries. Sea ports. ElectronMechanical & Instrumentation equipment to the Offshore / Onshore Oil well Drilling Rigs.

HEAT desalination EXCHANGERS. skids. columns. boilers.FAST TRACK INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES LLC 37885 Dubai 04-3382256 04-3382257 fasttrac@emi rates. PRESSURE stacks. Air / Electric / Ex proof EQUIPMENTS Hoists & FBM . FITTINGS. air coolers. HP & LP PLANT pipings. HYDRAULIC Wrenches. BOILERS. HYDRAULIC Hydraulic/Pneumat COMPONENTS ic/ Manual Torque & / 04-8835860 roy. etc. EQUIPMENT. High Pressure EXPLOSION Hydraulic PROOF Cylinders. petrochemical. .varghese @fbmknm.KNM FZCO (Formerly known as FBM 17101 Hudson Italiana Jebel Ali workshop) DubaiJebel Ali 048835681 / 8835691 general@fbm -knm. Specialists in design and fabrication of S&T exchangers. pressure vessels. reactors. heavy VESSELS structures. Powerpacks & Tools upto 700 HOISTS. components. jacket DESALINATION systems. oil & gas plants and structural buildings. For energy. chemical.

Deck fcFENDERS.fender Mooring 06-5281109 06-5281207 me@fenderc MARINE & 09-2282162 09-2282163 anti-pollution SPILL m m equipment. Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders and Oil Transfer Hose (Sale and Hire). Fender Refurbishment Services. Stud link chain and Equipment E. www. Navigation and Mooring OFFSHORE Panama Chocks. RESPONSE. STS Operational Base. pneumatic fenders OIL SPILL & marine oil Fabrication & ENGINEERS .fsrs.G are.C. ANCHORS. Quay Side Bollards.Z. F.L. sales & OIL & maintenance of CHEMICALS fsrs@fsrs. 4966 Fujairah FENDER CARE MIDDLE EAST LLC 25896 Sharjah FERROFAB LLC 14726 Dubai ENVIRONMENT Oil spill response AL SERVICES. Anchors. SERVICES/EQU Roller Fairleads.C. Chain Stoppers etc. STEEL wm600@emi Structural Steel 04-3477780 04-3477065 FABRICATORS rates. PREVENTION EQUIPMENT Marine solutions. IPMENT Smit Brackets.FENDER AND SPILL RESPONSE SERVICES L. Fittings.

net .com electrical control & distribution switchboard. fgwilson. Clearing and SHIPPING Forwarding. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. FZE 17977 Dubai 04-8871101 04-8871321 fsi@emirates . AGENCIES. Crating of Heavy PACKING & Equipment. CONTROLS FILTER SPECIALISTS n. GAS & OIL. FILTERS . sound reducing generators@ www.FG WILSON (ENGINEERING 16751 ) FZE DubaiJebel Ali Diesel generating sets.fgwilso 04-8035100 04-8035101 enclosures. WAREHOUSIN G& DISTRIBUTION . ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. Shipping. DIESEL GENERATORS.AIR. FIRST GULF SHIPPING 5512 Dubai ssshipping@ 04-3351350 04-3351353 emirates. STORAGE Packing Removals. FILTRATION PROJECT FORWARDING. Packaging and REMOVAL. Liquid Filtration FILTERS Products.

ae Miscellaneous Engineering INDUSTRIAL Project Cost MAINTENANCE Assessment . . special equipment fabrication. software SOFTWARE and services. Process management EMERGENCY products. PRODUCTS. and SHUTDOWN solutions. process INDUSTRIAL management AUTOMATION systems. Specialized and MAINTENANCE Technical related CONTRACTORS Maintenance & OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES FITWELL METAL INDUSTRIES LLC 27457 Dubai 04-3337442 04-3337443 fitwel@emira tes. INSPECTION Services.FISHERROSEMOUNT 17033 DubaiJebel Ali steve. Contractor for Structural Steel and Stainless Steel Fabrication including Machine Shop and Sheet Metal Works. CONTROL transmitters. SYSTEMS. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION. etc. including (ESD) control valves. FIVE CONTINENTS TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL 494 SERVICES ESTABLISHMEN T Abu Dhabi 02-6316546 02-6345368 fivecont@em irates. SPECIALISTS Industrial. Operation Services MANPOWER for Oil Projects and TECHNICAL for Industrial / STAFF Economic Projects. FABRICATIONS . flow measurement FLOW regulators.nicholl 04-8835235 04-8835312 s@emersonp rocess.

storage & haulage equipment. CONTRACTORS . OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO Engineering & N/ . Fluid Transfer OILFIELD Products and INDUSTRIAL Related Services SUPPLIERS. tools & equipment rental. Sharjah 06-5280637 06-5281490 fivestrs@eim . suppliers. Oilfields SUPPLIERS and Industry.FIVE STARS ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL 1750 EQUIPMENTS COMPANY LTD. construction. LUBRICANTS FLEXIMAK LTD 61046 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8813900 04-8813902 info@flexima FLOUR MIDEAST LIMITED 46858 Abu Dhabi 02-6316900 02-6311660 FLOW PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES (S) PTE LTD (c/o Gulf 54014 Oilfield Supplies & Services) FLOW TRADING 40492 LLC Dubai 04-3472747 04-3472332 Dubai 04-2248999 04-2215991 flowtrad@em irates. HOSES & Specialist suppliers OILFIELD to Marine. ENGINEERING SERVICES Fishing services. TOOLS & machine shop & SERVICE fabrications. MARINE & OFFSHORE Your single source SERVICES/EQU for all Flexible IPMENT. FISHING drilling fluids. ZIC 21st century lubricants.

FLOWSERVE 2621 Abu Dhabi 02-6222302 02-6222304 scollay@flow serve. c/o. Manufacturer of electrical power transmission and distribution equipments. engineered and special purpose pumps and systems Valves & controls Specialists. DRILLING . ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Your gate way to testing Manufacture preengineered. Haris Al Afaq Ltd. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES FLUKE 8141 Dubai 04-2734005 04-2719285 sales@haris. CONTRACTORS . PUMPS & PUMP PARTS FLOWTECH 27623 Dubai flowtech@e 04-3391298 04-3390018 mirates. ae CONTROL VALVES ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. com FMC TECHNOLOGIES 3228 AG Dubai 04-3313646 04-3310950 fmcdxb@emi INSTRUMENTA TION CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/.

www. FLOW CONTROL . Fluid Control Service Center and Spare Parts Management. Mobile Inspection and Repair. Hammer Unions. m Integrated Services consists of the following capabilities: Asset Management. installation & OILFIELD service-engineer SERVICE services COMPANIES FMC Fluid Control Sales. Swivels. FMC TECHNOLOGIES 3228 AG (DUBAI BRANCH) Dubai 04-8830303 04-8830404 CHOKES. supply of wellhead CONTRACTORS & drilling . Plug Valves. and Integrated Services of Chiksan / Weco flowline products.FMC TECHNOLOGIES 203 AG (C/O: GASOS) fmcwdauh@ Abu Dhabi 02-6271065 02-6270356 emirates.fmctec Butterfly Valves FMC Surface CONSTRUCTIO Wellhead Wellhead N Equipment Division CONSULTANTS Manufacture & /ENGINEERS/. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS . Service. Fittings. Rental. oil and Actuators. HOSES & FITTINGS. DRILLING equipment.

FOLK SHIPPING 88337 Dubai folk@emirate 04-2959494 04-2959493 s. HEAVY LIFT SHIPPING. .ae

FORESIGHT GLOBAL FZE 1907 Ajman info@foresig 06-7400848 06-7400849 htglobal. PET. Foils. Brewery. Medical Industry and additives. PVDF. tubing in Engineering Plastic Materials PTFE / Teflon. chemicals. chopped fibers/cloth in glass. Cigarette. POM. PP. PBT. ASBETOS ABATEMENT PRODUCTS. PEEK. hosing. graphite products. Parts. PVC. catalysts. tubing. Film. Nylon. HDPE. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES .com Manufacturers & Traders of Rods. PBI Also PTFE powders. PTFE thread seal tape. UHMWPE. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. elastomeric sheets. lined PTFE pipes and fittings. Sheets. accelerators. PTFE fiberglass Cloth. HOSES & FITTINGS. Carbon & silica. asbestos products. precision aluminium foils for Food.

com . FOURESS SAFETY 9077 PRODUCTS FZE Sharjah safety4u@e 06-5573799 06-5573798 mirates.haapan 04-3314315 3314295/332 en@fortum. N SERVICES BUILDING MATERIALS. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS FOSTER WHEELER FOUNDATION ENGINEERING 26702 Abu Dhabi 02-6443362 02-6444196 Engineering 2526 Dubai 04-3474060 04-3474069 fugro@emira tes. Design. SAFETY & Manufactures & SECURITY Exporters of EQUIPMENT. SERVICES. SAFETY CLOTHINGS & ACCESSORIES Innovative ENGINEERING Technologies.FORTUM MIDDLE EAST 9395 Dubai 04juha. Project JECT CLOTHINGS.c 2010 om Finland's International SOIL Soil investigation & INVESTIGATIO soil testing. ae FRAME & ASSOCIATES 36906 Dubai frame@franc e04-3318080 04-3318090 mangement. Safety Shoes and SAFETY Uniforms/Coverall. OIL COMPANIES. Structural PROJECTS/PRO Design. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE. Energy & Chemicals Company OIL & GAS AND ENERGY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT . MANAGEMENT Calculation Notes.

Construction.FRANKS INTERNATIONA 12388 L Dubai franksme@e 04-3472253 04-3472753 mirates. SYSTEMS: warehousing & SHELVING/RA storage. cargo SERVICES handling agents. ae FRASER DIVING 24902 INTERNATIONA L LTD Dubai 04fradiv@emir 2679951/26 04-2679952 ates. transport & STORAGE 79667 FREIGHT INTERNATIONA 11745 L LLC Dubai 043430060 / 3387868 04-3430075 CASING / TUBING. CLEARING & removals & FORWARDING. CONTRACTORS . UNDERWATER Underwater SERVICES. SHIPPING. CKING . OFFSHORE Inspection and GENERAL Pipeline Repairs. CEMENTING/G Oilfield equipment OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES Air / Sea cargo CARGO services. clearing & FREIGHT forwarding. Diving Services & DIVING & Equipment. dangerous AIR/SEA. crew OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS DIVING & UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT. packaging. REMOVALS. rental & casing COMPLETIONS.


CARGO Land SERVICES Transportation. CLEARING & purchase order FORWARDING. Land transportation. mobilization. management PROJECT systems. management REMOVALS systems.FREIGHT SYSTEMS CO. PROJECT warehouse FORWARDING. Sea Cargo Services. General FREIGHT Merchandise SHIPPING. Cargo Loading & COURIER/AIR Unloading CARGO Services. Packing. AIR/SEA. buyer consolidation. Ship TRANSPORTAT Management & ION Operation. logistics CHARTERING. rig SHIPPING. Storage. Air Cargo Services. LTD (LLC) 50965 Dubai 043355455 / 3141220 / 04-3348652 info@freights ystems. & distribution. projects & heavy FREIGHT lift forwarding. Cargo SERVICES. removals. CLEARING & Refrigerated FORWARDING. Warehousing. . AIR/LAND/SEA Airfreight & Passenger Charters. Freight Clearing FREIGHTWORK 5514 S Dubai 04-2044444 04-2044555 Air & Sea Freight.

ae General OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Packaging & OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Instrumentation. Import / Export Consolidators. Project Cargo Forwarding. Break Bulking. International Air / Sea Freight Forwarders. Warehousing. FREIGHT SHIPPING. Customs Clearance. CLEARING & FRONT LINE CARGO LLC 20479 Dubai 04-3964443 04-3964483 frontlin@emi rates.FRENCH INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY LLC 32925 02Abu Dhabi 5546384 / 5547938 02-5546385 jrfitech@emi rates. CLEARING & FORWARDING . Mechanical. FRONT LINE CARGO LLC OPERATION CENTRE 0 Dubai 04-2851125 04-2851138 FREIGHT SHIPPING. Electrical and Fabrication Jobs for various Oil & Gas Companies and Engineering & Construction Companies. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. Oilfield Supplies and Services. ae Spare parts and after sales service for liebherr mobile & crawler cranes. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE . SHIP BUILDING. marine & offshore cranes. earth moving equipment. Manufacturers of weld surfaced HEAT TREATMENT. CRANE. VALVES BUTTERFLY. Full range of CNC machining. valves. FUCHS OIL MIDDLE EAST 7955 SharjahSharjah fuchsme@ei 06-5572210 06-5572208 int'l Airport m. fze Marketing lubricants. coating process and a full range of comprehensive engineering solutions.FRONTLINE SHIP 2540 REPAIRING LLC Dubai cranedxb@e 04-3241030 04-3241046 mirates. MARINE & OFFSHORE REPAIR SERVICES. FUGRO MIDDLE 2863 EAST Dubai 04-3474060 04-3474069 fugro@emira Geotechnical SURVEYSengineering. HYDROGRAPHI materials testing & C & heat treatment. . SHIP REPAIR FTV PROCLAD (UAE) LLC 31714 ftvpro@emir Abu Dhabi 02-5549303 02-5549305 ates. greases LUBRICANTS and speciality products.

Rig Positioning. . ae Hydrographic Surveying and Seismic Hazard DANGEROUS Shipping & General SHIPPING trading. SURVEYSHYDROGRAPHI C & SHALLOW. SURVEYS AERIAL. 38066 fujitsu. MARINE SURVEYS. Weather FUJITSU SERVICES (FORMERLY ICL) 7237 02uaegeneralm Abu Dhabi 6335200/63 02-6338724 ail@services.FUGRO SURVEY (MIDDLE EAST) 43088 LTD fugrosur@e Abu Dhabi 02-5547810 02-5547811 mirates. Geophysical / Geotechnical Studies. AGENTS. GEOPHYSICAL FUJAIRAH MARITIME & MERCANTILE 259 INTERNATIONA L LLC Fujairah 09-2228242 09-2228543 rameshkv@ mmi. Environmental Studies. Oceanographic Studies. SHIPPING COMPANIES & AGENTS Fujitsu Services is a leading Information COMPUTER Technology SALES Company INSTALLATION specialising in & SERVICES systems integration and SHIPPING AGENCIES. Marine Inspection Services (ROV). ROV for Drilling Support.

vinylester and polyester pipe systems. valve servicing. pipeline composites repair. ON-SITE MACHINING SERVICES MACHINE SHOP SUPPLIES. .ae FURMANITE UAE LTD 4352 Abu Dhabi 02-6270026 02-6272250 enquiry@fur manite. on-site machining. OILFIELD SERVICE Manufacturer of glass re-inforced epoxy. on-line ball/ bolting services. MACHINE SHOPS.FURE PIPE INDUSTRIES LLC 29205 02Abu Dhabi 6270008 / 5510777 02-5510666 epiauh@emir ates. On-line leak sealing. MACHINING SERVICES FURMANITE UAE LTD 0 DUBAI BRANCH Dubai 04-2831535 04-2868649 FUSION METAL 48927 WORKS Dubai fusiongg@e 04-3330184 04-3335128 mirates. LEAK DETECTION/SE ALING. ESSEM HOLDINGS : On -Line Valve Servicing LEAK DETECTION/SE ALING. pipe freezing. in-situ safety relief valve testing & setting. hot tapping & line flange/joint testing. ae Machine shops. ON-SITE MACHINING SERVICES. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES.

GLASS REINFORCED CEMENT PRODUCTS. AHMED MUBARAK (GENERAL 26572 TRANSPORT & MAINT) Abu Dhabi 02-6448881 02-6455731 gtm26572@ hotmail. T. PIPELAYING/CONS TRUCTION . CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE .com Manufacturer of glass reinforced epoxy & vinylester pipe system G.FUTURE PIPE INDUSTRIES FACTORY LLC 29205 02Abu Dhabi 6270008 / 5510777 info@future02-6270009 pipe. General Contracting. FIBREGLASS / GRP PRODUCTS. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . Industrial Buildings. M. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS . General Transport. PIPELAYING/CONS TRUCTION. Gas and Oil Pipelines. Road Construction. MACHINE SHOPS GALADARI ENGINEERING WORKS LTD CO 0 LLC . MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. com Owners & operators of MARINE 8101 galfar@emir ates. .BARGES. barges. JACK.a Abu Dhabi 02-5543500 02-5543600 e@gacworld. DESALINATION PLANT DHABI BRANCH GALFAR ENGINEERING & 72218 CONTRACTING WLL EMIRATES Abu Dhabi 02-5559700 02-5559711 gthtadh@em irates. Abu Dhabi 02-2666408 02-2662151 ae / gw@galadari grp. project cargo & salvage operations. specialists in marine contracting. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: m Engineering & Construction for Oil & Gas. power & Desalination Projects . UPS & WORKBOATS GALADARI ENGINEERING 355 WORKS LTD CO LLC galenem@e mirates. landing crafts & crane / Abu Dhabi 02-6336111 02-6334111 ssnair@galfa remirates. Petrochemical. DESALINATION /POTABLE WATER MAKERS.

net. ae 04-2675878 04-2675879 GALVANIZING SERVICES 0 Dubai . rig moves. HEAVY CRANES. & lighting poles. CRANE. HEAVY EQUIPMENT GALVA COAT 8485 galvaind@e Abu Dhabi 02-5511188 02-5510188 mirates.L. total project management. ae GALVANIZING Hot dip galvanising SERVICES.GALLAGHER INTERNATIONA 2159 L Dubai info@gallagh 04-3241313 04-3243059 er-uae.C) 6647 Dubai galvserv@e 04-3470916 04-3470633 mirates. GALVANIZING SERVICES EST GAMA SHIP REPAIRES (L. HOT DIP GALVANISING.400 tonnes lifting capabilities).com Heavy lift expertise (cranes 20 . specialized on/offshore lifts. hotdip galvanizing & painting. Surface

Gasketing GASKETS / Gaskets & Sealing SEALING Products PRODUCTS GARLOCK MIDDLE EAST 1518 Dubai 04-8833652 04-8833682 garlock@emi rates. etc) . Compression packings.GARLOCK (C/o Smith International 24983 Gulf Services Ltd) Dubai 04-8836248 04-8839438 sigsfsd@emir Manufacturers of: Oil seals & bearing isolators. ae .net. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. nitrogen. GAS & EQUIPMENT FACTORY LLC 9051 hasouneh@e Abu Dhabi 02-5541741 02-5541715 mirates. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. Manufacturers & suppliers of medical & industrial gases (oxygen. EXPANSION JOINTS. MECHANICAL SEALS GAS COMPANIES. Braided pump & Valve packing. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES.

REGULATORS COMBUSTION CONTROLS. GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. PUMPS & PUMP Lubricants. Pipes. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. FITTINGS. OIL & PETROCHEMICA L 64287 ENGINEERING FZC (G.E) Dubai gope_me@e 04-2236367 04-2237559 mirates. PARTS . PIPES. CONDITION MONITORING. LPG Tanks.O. & PIPE Insulation Material. DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEMS/SALE S &.GAS EQUIPMENT COMPANY L. GAS TURBINE TECHNOLOGIES 2685 SpA Abu Dhabi 02-6266448 02-6266449 gttgulf@eim.P. Fitting. Motors. EQUIPMENT.C. ae GAS DETECTORS. Gas Detectors. SERVICE GAS. Casing & CABLE Tubing. Pumps. Flanges. DRILLING Drilling Equipment. ae Valve.L. Oil & Water. ACCESSORIES. Valves. Solenoid Valves. TUBES Generators. 3376 Abu Dhabi 02-6732626 02-6732627 gecollc@emir Trading of Equipment for Gas. Chemical. Regulators.

CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL .2653661/02. VALVES CONTROL CORROSION CONTROL & Corrosion REPAIR TO protection. Exhibition Centre on 4th to 7th December 2006. DRILLING GBA PRODUCTS 4116 CO LTD Dubai 0404-8815565 8813954/881 6230 DRILLING PRODUCTS. HOSES & FITTINGS GATES 43284 Abu Dhabi 02-4486347 02-4489641 GATES MUSSAFAH WAREHOUSE 0 Mussafah 02-5543770 02-5543668 sales@safaro il.GASTECH 2006 62357 Dubai 0404gastech@ara 2651623/02. e. equipment/furnitur STRUCTRES &. c/o Safar & Al Baharie Oilfield Services Highest quality vibrator and rotary hoses worldwide. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. CALIBRATION. HOSES & FITTINGS. Marine CONCRETE.bianpublicati 6345404 6345407 AGENT FOR MENA ARABIAN PUBLICATIONS Where the Commercial and Technical Gas World meet at Emirates Palace & Abu Dhabi Intl.

OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS.shobak 04-3310444 04-3310053 i@geeam. Load Banks. Power management Protection Relays systems. Dubai hayel.100MW. DIESEL GENERATORS. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE GE INTERNATIONA 11549 L INC. com GEARHART (MIDDLE EAST) 71443 LTD WLL abgAbu Dhabi 02-6266563 02-6263232 me@yahoo. Measurement while drilling.8 MW.GE ENERGY RENTALS 17850 Dubai 04-8873744 04-8873745 Rental of Generators 15KW . geological consultancy & software. HV & LV Transformers.20 Ton Air Conditioners to 1000 Ton Watercooled Chillers & Accessories. AIR CONDITIONIN G. mudlogging. PROTECTIVE COATINGS CORE ANALYSIS. Rental of Climate Control . LV & MV Distribution & Control components & Equipments.c om ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. Transformers. TM2500 Mobile Gas Turbine Generators 22. LOGGING CASED & OPEN HOLE . OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL GAS TURBINES. CORING SERVICES.

BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL AUTOS 3773 Dubai 04-2225732 04-2272937 Dealers in MACHINERY & Machinery. b. GENERAL ELECTRIC 11549 INTERNATIONA L INC GENERAL ENTERPRISES COMPANY 363 (ENGINEERING DIVISION) Dubai 04-3310444 04-3310053 Dubai gecouae@e 04-2224131 04-2281703 04-3470445 04-3470343 GENCON OVERSEAS 55809 Dubai Building Materials. auto TOOL Spare parts and SUPPLIERS Building Materials. Advanced seismic SEISMIC services. GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS GECO-PRAKLA 16940 DubaiJebel Ali DubaiJebel Ali 048836143 / 8835303 04-8836295 Advanced seismic Leading Chemical company CHEMICALS & CHEMICAL PRODUCTS WHOL &. ae General trading GENERAL TRADING .GECO CHEMICAL CO LTD 1145 Sharjah 06-5346467 06-5342244 gecochem@e im. OPERATIONS GECO-SUPPORT 16940 SERVICES infogssl@dubaiw 04-8836143 04-8836295 esterngeco. Mechanical & electrical services.

ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / Fabrication & MAINTENANCE Erection of Storage . Abu Dhabi 02-6663316 02-6664119 genint@emir ates. FABRICATION Tanks.GENERAL ENTERPRISES COMPANY (GECO) 363 Dubai gecouae@e 04-2224131 04-2236575 mirates. 7 ERECTION OF STEEL STRUCTURE. home SUPPLIES FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS & FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS & MAINTENANCE Fire & Gas . survey GENERAL MONITORS MIDDLE EAST 61209 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8815751 04-8817927 . ELECTRONIC General trading in EQUIPMENT & GENERAL INTERNATIONA 46750 L EQUIPMENT GENERAL INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTING 22559 ORGANISATIO N (GINCO) Sharjah 065335140 / 5335271 06-5333863 gincoshj@em irates. Wild REPAIRING. Alarm Equipment FIRE ALARM Suppliers Fire INDUSTRIAL. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL &. EVENTION SYSTEMS &. Fire Fighting. ae COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS. FIRE Detection Products DETECTION/PR & Sytems.

net. LUBRICANTS PETROLEUM Supply of products PRODUCTS & services to the MANUFACTURE oil & gas industry. Commercial Vehicles. .GENERAL NAVIGATION & COMMERCE 5563 COMPANY (GENAVCO) LLC Dubai genavco@e 04-3961000 04-3961308 mirates. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. fire fighting foam & oil condition monitoring. GENERAL NAVIGATION & COMMERCE 751 COMPANY (GENAVCO) LLC ABU DHABI GENERAL PETROLEUM SERVICES 46711 ESTABLISHMEN T (GPS) Abu Dhabi 02-5544611 02-5544622 Abu Dhabi 02-6418500 02-6411461 bjgps@emira tes. MACHINERY & TOOL SUPPLIERS. ae COMPRESSOR S. spare parts & BP lubricants LUBRICANTS. minerals. petroleum. industrial & marine engines. chemicals. environmental. Analytical laboratory inspection services. ae Sales & services of construction machinery. petro INSPECTION RS/. GEO CHEM MIDDLE EAST 5778 Dubai geochem@e 04-3359466 04-3359227 mirates. water. LABORATORY food. TESTING.

OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES .gray Abu Dhabi 02-5553844 02-5555086 @geoservice s.GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH CORP . 2959 GEOSERVICES S. Dubai georgiadubai 04-3377655 04-3377656 @emirates.DUBAI 16759 DubaiJebel Ali grcdubai@e 04-8835989 04-8835897 mirates. DUBAI BRANCH 33780 Dubai dave. com Mudlogging & Production Services. ae Manufacturers & Suppliers of GRC Amerada downhole LOGGING pressure & CASED & OPEN temperature HOLE gauges & memory production logging systems.n et. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES GEOSERVICES Mudlogging & Production Exclusive Building CONSTRUCTIO for Mammut N/ Buildings Systems.A.cook@ 04-3366216 04-3355068 geoservices. CONTRACTORS GEORGIA CONTRACTING 29367 CO.

gaskets BALL. fittings. GERMANISCHE R LLOYD 8015 CERTIFICATIO N (GLC) Dubai 04-3328842 04-3321819 Marine & offshore Stockists of Pipes. MARINE SURVEYOR. QUALITY Assurance. .net.o rg Certification & third party inspection.ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-5540181 02-5540179 GERMANISCHE 915 R LLOYD glabu. Quality. FLANGES. CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS. GERAB NATIONAL ENTERPRISES 17719 Dubai gerab@emir 04-8836666 04-8836663 ates. VALVES valves. hire of Atlas Excavators & welding GERMAN .GULF ENTERPRISES 9394 LTD . etc.GEP FRENCH COUNCIL OIL AND GAS INDUSTRIES 4036 jeanchristophe. Hydraulic equipment/service s. SURVEYORS MARINE. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS GERMAN . CRANE.GULF ENTERPRISES 5937 LTD Sharjah 065314161 / 5314100 06-5314128 gge01@emir ates. flanges. ASSURANCE & Environmental CONTROL Protection system certification.le Abu Dhabi 02-6335057 02-6331693 / hello@dree.dhabi@g Abu Dhabi 02-6792313 02-6793310 ermanlloyd. and studbolts.o rg Business CONSULTANCY Development for SERVICES French Industries.

net. VALVE SEALANTS/GR EASES GHANTOOT HISPANO DECOR (LLC) 26157 Abu Dhabi 02-6323469 02-6346567 ghdecor@em TRADING CO. SWITCHGEAR loadbankil. Ghassan Shammas General Manager 050 7645660 12872 Dubai 04-3470226 04-3470002 dorman@emi rates. Actuators and Control Systems. loadmodule. ENGINEERING/ interior decoration. DBXL. CONSTRUCTIO furnishing. LUBRICANTS.Valves. contractors & CONTRACTORS manufacturers . CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. The ultimate source for your switchgear Distributors of GEMU . 1836 Dubai 04-2821100 04-2821595 aga@emirate s. capacitor banks. N/. ELECTRICAL cubicon. LV busway systems. CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT. loadframe. WEIDNER Hot/Cold water Pressure Cleaners & Vacuum CIVIL Concept designers. LUBRITECH Special Lubricants & Coating .

GHH BORSIG TUBOMASCHIN EN GMBH (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 m Air Conditioning. Sponsorship & representation of companies dealing with government departments & with supplies & services in the oil & gas industry COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES GHISAR 29065 WIRELINE EST. trucks & unit. turbines. diesel engines Splicing. supply of cables. spooling systems supplied to client specifications at good rates. ae AIR CONDITIONIN G. spooling & wireline services. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. 24 hour service. Abu Dhabi 02-5540650 02-5541498 GIBCA GENERAL INTERNATIONA 2570 L BUSINESS & CONTRACTING ASSOCIATES Abu Dhabi 02-6260222 02-6277227 GIBCA AIR 23138 CONDITIONING Sharjah airconditioni 06-5332925 06-5337195 ng@gibca. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS .

OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES Structural steel STEEL & STEEL fabrication FABRICATED engineers and PRODUCT erection SUPPLIERS INDUSTRIAL Industrial cleaning GLOBAL ESSA COATING EST. & surface LINING-TANK preparation. OILFIELD Gas & oilfield INDUSTRIAL supplies & services SUPPLIERS. FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL. Trading in TRANSFORMER electrical and REPAIR & engineering goods.GIBCA AIR CONDITIONING 2570 ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6260235 02-6266483 GIBCA PETROLEUM SERVICES 2570 Abu Dhabi 02-6272326 02-6277227 tmosleh@em irates. GENERAL TRADING. MAINTENANCE GLOBAL ENERGY 17490 TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Dubai 04-8813414 04-8813417 getl@emirat GINCO STEEL LLC 22559 Sharjah 065335140 / 5335271 06-5333863 gincoshj@em irates. ae ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. VESSEL. SANDBLASTIN G/SHOTBLASTI NG .net. 3629 globessa@e Abu Dhabi 02-5554890 02-5554386 mirates.

Oilfield supply MARINE & vessels.GLOBAL GULF SUPPLIES 72893 Abu Dhabi 02-6779637 02-6778540 ggs@emirate Foreign MECHANICAL Companies. GENERAL Fire fighting CONTRACTORS CHEMICALS/M Projects UD/MINERALS/ Development. Rig OFFSHORE movements. Offshore logistics. ae . EQUIPMENT. Mechanical. Importing & OILFIELD Exporting of EQUIPMENT Electrical. marine Contractors & Charterers. SERVICES/EQU Search boats. OFFSHORE Operators & VESSELS Management. Tanker berthing. MARINE (Fresh water. Ship . DRILLING Representation of FLUIDS. Gas. SUPPLIERS. Oil-provisionOFFSHORE Oilfield suppliers). Oilfield PIPES. FITTINGS Tug Owners. IPMENT. Terminal handling. TUBES Equipments and & PIPE Chemicals. GLOBAL MARINE SERVICES 550 Sharjah oexpress@e 06-5724383 06-5727719 mirates.

SHIPPING AGENCIES GLOBAL OFFSHORE 4375 INTERNATIONA L LTD Sharjah 06-5285415 06-5284086 globalme@gl obalind. GPS system Integration. Offshore Pipe Lay MARINE & and Construction. Marine Support MARINE and Cable / CONTRACTORS Pipeline trenching . DIVING & UNDERWATER GOIL provide. IPMENT. ANICAL CONTRACTORS / NAVIGATIONA L AIDS. Trimble Equipment ELECTROMECHANICAL CONSULTANTS Trading of . Global Positioning Services. OFFSHORE The Full Range of SERVICES/EQU Diving Services.n et. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Shipping agency (clearing & forwarding). SURVEYING EQUIPMENT. electromechanical ELECTROMECH components.GLOBAL MECNUMATIC 27914 mecnumatic Abu Dhabi 02-5554733 02-5554548 @emirates. GLOBAL SHIPPING COMPANY 2022 Dubai 04-2821141 04-2821385 GLOBAL 73392 TECHNOLOGIES enquiries@gt Abu Dhabi 02-6266272 02-6262559 echbmg. OFFSHORE and burial. .

gmcustomers in shaungm@s 04-8838346 04-8838359 engineering. Our inhouse testing facility specialises in calibration of pressure gauges. Consultation & Heat Treatment CHEMICAL INJECTION EQUIPMENT. setting of pressure relief valves and hydrostatic testing. ae INSPECTION SERVICES. Australia and Africa. Non Destructive Testing. Our reputation is built on Quality. Welding. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS GMA ALSALMEEN QUALITY CONTROL SERVICE 33229 gma_sal@e Abu Dhabi 02-6331544 02-6333407 mirates. . N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING). repair and hire of chemical injection pumping units has made us a world leader in our field. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. service. 18348 Dubai Our expertise in the manufacture. sales. Workmanship and ENGINEERING LTD. Far East. Third Party com East. PUMP HIRE. We are the largest company in the United Kingdom hiring chemical injection pumping equipment to www. Europe. the Middle ahmnet.

com BOILER SERVICE / Ship repairers.GMMOS GROUP 4613 INC.gmmo 04-3241433 04-3241027 Repair. Tanker . REPAIR & MAINTENANCE . SHIP BUILDING. Ship Building & Ship info@gmmos Repairs. GMMOSTECH MARINE & TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC 52730 / Dubai 4613 04-3243200 04-3241619 info@gmmos tech. electrical & voyage SHIP repairs. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE . sgroup. specializing in MARINE tanker & VLCC REPAIR repairs. boiler. Vessel Charters. REPAIR. Dubai Oil & Gas Fabrication. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES. and Crane Hire. BUILDING.

chartering of all JACK. Steel CONSTRUCTIO structure N ERECTION / fabrication and site MAINTENANCE erection.C. . vessels. Areas of Business: Marine offshore construction ae Is ISO 9001-2000 dedicated to serve mainly Oil and Gas industry in the fields of Electro Mechanical Projects and Marine Offshore Contracting Services with highly qualified Management and Staff. construction/erecti MARINE on. barges. Industrial dismantling. SALES: diving support TUGS.GOGAS GULF OIL & GAS L. above and under water. The TUGS. INSPECTION Mechanical SERVICES. 7539 Gogaswll@e Abu Dhabi 02-6393848 02-6312716 mirates. Marine CHARTERING/ offshore SALES: contracting. Piping fabrication and site .BARGES. salvage and removal. MARINE types of marine CHARTERING/ vessels: tug boats. JACK supply boats.BARGES. anchor handling. Disposal of plants & equipment. Specialized inspection services above and under water.

GASKETS / Structural Steel. SEALING Oilfield Unions for PRODUCTS.L. FLANGES. Sanitary MATERIALS & Electrical Accessories. INSPECTION SERVICES. MUD Tanks. UPS & WORKBOATS fastener@em irates.BARGES. FABRICATION YARD 59722 Abu Dhabi 02-5546766 02-5546849 GOGAS GULF OIL & GAS L.L. UPS & WORKBOATS CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE .GOGAS GULF OIL & GAS L. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS. Valves. for Pipes Fittings.BARGES. DRILLING Importer stockist TUBES Clothings & & PIPE Accessories. Flanges. JACK. Safety PIPES.C. DUBAI 13912 Dubai 04-2666251 04-2662781 CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE .ae Suppliers for all Kinds of Building BUILDING Materials. INSPECTION SERVICES.C. FITTINGS GOLDEN BRIDGE BUILDING MATERIAL TRADING 55852 Dubai 04-3384282 04-3393421 GOLDEN EAGLE TRADING 25550 COMPANY LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6732123 02-6732087 . JACK. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS.

ae Non-ferrous metals. Screws.TRADING LLC 51931 Dubai 04-2274433 04-2212419 info@goldenf alcon. tubes & tube fittings. oilfield machinery. Equipment. & BOLTS. SHIP STORES ship stores. NUTS bolts. SHIP SUPPLY Importers & Exporters.GOLDEN FALCON . in Hardware & Hand Tools GOLDEN TOOLS 42520 TRADING LLC Dubai gttmn@emir 04-2238240 04-2279758 ates. Anchor IPMENT. GENERAL TRADING GOLDEN HARBOUR 13840 Dubai 04-3241481 04-3240325 nafees@emir ates. OFFSHORE Nuts. Stud SERVICES/EQU bolts. MACHINERY & TOOL SUPPLIERS GOLDEN HOUSE 28473 Dubai 04-2243898 04-2243998 GOLDEN METAL 55858 TRADING Dubai 04-2287365 04-2287367 fastener@em irates. Suppliers of All MARINE & Types of JOINING & FASTENING Stockists and PRODUCTS. SHIP STORES.

plant /SUPPLIERS. CRACK General and REPAIRS. LTD DUBAI BRANCH 2811 Dubai 04-3241642 04-3241019 dubai@golte ANICAL electromechanical CONTRACTORS works. Dealers of machinery for MACHINERY & Aluminium wood TOOL working workshop. PVC ELECTROMECH lining. fabrication. equipments. maintenance hiring SANDBLASTIN of compressors & G/SHOTBLASTI airless spray gun. steel REWINDING. NG.GOLTENS CO. SUPPLIERS sheet metal and engine GOTCO 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply. .co m GOURI TRADING CO LLC 8217 Dubai 042821090 / 2821072 mcntrade@e 04-2821619 GOPINATH TECHNICAL COMPANY (LLC) 3055 Dubai 04-3331471 04-3330097 tvgnair@emi rates. STEEL FABRICATION c/o Stevens International (LLC) FISHING Fishing Tools and TOOLS & Down-hole Related SERVICE Products. ELECTROCHLO RINATION OFFSHORE/ON SHORE ELECTRICAL REPAIR Blasting & SERVICES & painting. ae BOILER SERVICE / specialised repairs ELECTRICAL of offshore and REPAIR marine SERVICES & installations and REWINDING.

OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES . MANPOWER SERVICES. ae GRAND TECHNICAL 65770 SERVICES LLC DUBAI Dubai grandtec@e 04-3444997 04-3443919 mirates. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT & MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. Instrumentation material testing laboratory to the oil and gas MANPOWER industry offshore TECHNICAL and onshore. STAFF electromechanical. 70742 Abu Dhabi 02-4450747 02-4452787 graceful@em irates. generator heavy equipments parts. SPECIALISTS. technical MANPOWER manpower services Oilfield suppliers. LABORATORY TESTING. ae ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS Specialists in /SUPPLIERS.GRACEFUL INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT EST. valves & construction equipments. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS GRAND TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC 55280 grandtec@e Abu Dhabi 02-6217474 02-6217471 mirates. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS.

drill collars) and / info@atosuae. DRILLING PRODUCTS GRANITE CONSTRUCTIO 842 N COMPANY 02Abu Dhabi 6770080 / 6770050 02-6774729 gccho@grani te. ship life extension programmes BOAT MANUFACTURE RS. steel fabrication.Series drill stem products (drill pipes. RIG/PRODUCTI ON EQUIPMENT DESIGN/. heavy weight drill pipes. CONTRACTORS .GRANDWELD 24755 Dubai 043241707 / 3243702 043241706 / 3241250 / 3146 info@grandw Civil building works & concrete repairs GRANT PRIDECO 54301 Dubai 04-2996446 04-2996424 jbyou@grant prideco. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS DRILL PIPES. .com H. DRILLING Ship building & repairs. RIG REPAIRING. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. rig conversions.

PVC MOORING 43890 Dubai greenwaytra 04-3557535 04-3557525 ding@hotmai l. mooring ROPES.GRAY MACKENZIE ENGINEERING SERVICES 32393 Dubai mail@gmes 04-3241380 04-3241384 middleeast. VALVE MANUFACTURE R. plastic TERMINALS. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. Check. FORWARDING Producers of Ductile and Grey Cast Iron Valves ( INSTRUMENTA TION GREAT OCEAN SHIPPING SERVICES FZC 932 Ajman 06-7474008 06-7474009 goschart@ei .ae Ship Brokers. Pressure Relief) Manufacturers of Portable Houses. ropes. Float. provision of calibration. Non-Return. Irrigation Hydrants. VALVE SUPPLIERS GREEN LAND TRADING CO LLC GREENWAY TRADING LLC 5223 Abu Dhabi 02-5554075 02-5542099 gltc@emirate s. servicing & maintenance. total instrumentation solutions.c om Turnkey. Fire Hydrants. PROJECT project forwarding. ropes GREATER CAIRO FOUNDRIES FZCO 261347 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8872602 04-8872603 gcfjafza@em FLANGES. Vinyl flooring. PIPES. Air Relaease.

ae Dubai 04-8815166 04-8815136 grunfos@emi rates. installation & maintenance of MARINE & OFFSHORE Supplies all Type SERVICES/EQU of Drilling plotting and copy Fire Protection material. fire detection systems. Etc. perimeter protection. access control. EQUIPMENT. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS .net. SUPPLIERS. Support systems. Water Pumps GROUP 4 SECURITAS EMIRATES LLC 31859 Abu Dhabi 02-6816770 02-6816771 group4@emi rates. SECURITY CONTROL EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS GROWMORE STRUCTURAL 3282 CONSULTANTS GRUNFOS GULF 16768 DISTRIBUTION growmore@e Abu Dhabi 02-6775696 02-6785819 mirates. Tool MARINE Replacement Parts PILING and Repair / CONTRACTORS Testing all Type of . Structural design. Uniformed guarding services. FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL. OILFIELD Gate-Valves. Pipe Hangers. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &.ae PUMPS & PUMP PARTS GUIDE OIL EQUIPMENT LLC 18830 Dubai 04-2617774 04-2617179 guidoil@emir ates. Equipment.GRINNELL FLOW CONTROL ME 61355 DubaiJebel Ali salesme@tyc 04-8838689 04-8838674 ogrinnell. Mechanical coupling & fittings.

freight forwarding. SHIPPING GULF AUTOMATION SERVICES & OILFIELD SUPPLIES (GASOS) 203 Abu Dhabi 02- 02-6276150 gasos@gaso sauh. Baker Petrolite-UK . air/sea freight. local transportation. distribution & warehousing. Suppliers of equipment & engineering services to the Oil & Gas Shipping agency. international moving. ships' supply service. Ruston. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Alsom Power (i. P&I correspondent.GULF AGENCY COMPANY (DUBAI) LLC 2404 Dubai dubai@gacw 04-3457555 04-3457202 orld. EGT). GEC.e. Axelson / Dresser Valve Division. Quality Assessment: ISO 9001:2000 Standard by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Environmental Protection Assessment: ISO 14001:2004 Standard by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance SHIPPING AGENCIES. Axelson / Halliburton.

IT and telecommunication s. LLC Dubai 04-2858784 04-2852945 gulfplas@em irates. and on & offshore oil & gas fields and installations services. cleaning services for the buildings and MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS.GULF CLEANING 1188 CHEMICALS & EQUIP CO. INDUSTRIAL CLEANING ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS / Clean heavy duty degreaser is a specially developed alkaline aqueous micro emulsion designed to remove dirt. specialized and technical services related to the maintenance and operation of the petroleum projects. grease and hard carbon deposits as well as dirt that clings to it. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS . MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES. Specialized and technical services related to the maintenance and operation of the economic and industrial projects. GULF COAST PETROLEUM PROJECTS TECHNICAL SERVICES 25087 Abu Dhabi 02-6419944 02-6419943 maleco@eim .

ABU DHABI 984 Abu Dhabi 02-6443133 02-6443642 Dredging. DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEMS/SALE S &. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS . survey & reclamation hydrographic & shallow geophysical GULF COBLA (LLC) . GEOPHYSICAL GULF COMMERCIAL AGENCY 46962 Abu Dhabi 02-5553456 02-5559632 Trading of National GENERAL . SURVEYSHYDROGRAPHI C & CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES.Oilwell & Mission TRADING Fluid King products GULF COMMERCIAL GROUP ENGINEERING SERVICES (DUBAI BRANCH) 1017 Dubai 04-2820800 04-2828108 sales@gcges.GULF COBLA (LLC) 5708 Dubai 04-3241023 04-3241632 info@gulfcob la. SURVEYSHYDROGRAPHI C & SHALLOW. SERVICE. GEOPHYSICAL DREDGING.

com GULF COMMERCIAL GROUP IMAGING SERVICES 47257 Abu Dhabi 02-6456822 02-6456483 sales@gcges t. Level DISTRIBUTED Measurement and CONTROL Calibration SYSTEMS/SALE Equipment. Toyo. Flow Metering. Commercial Agencies. Flow. Field & Instrumentation. Photocopiers & parts. FMC.GULF COMMERCIAL GROUP ENGINEERING SERVICES 46144 Abu Dhabi 02-6442999 02-6440876 sales@gcges. Trade in Electrical Appliances. S &. SYSTEMS Roxar. SERVICE. Navigation / Telecom Systems. Lovejoy. CONTROL Control Systems SYSTEMS & Pressure. SERVICES. Exclusive EMERGENCY representative for SHUTDOWN Honeywell.(ESD) Smith Meter. Maintenance of Office equipments. Entek IRD. Natural Gas & ELECTRONICS Oilfield Supplies. Frequentis. . & ELECTRONIC Equipment & Spare parts. Type EQUIPMENT writers.

BARGES. CLEARING & International FORWARDING. GULF DEVELOPMENT 1788 SYSTEMS LIMITED Dubai 04info@elcome 3241333/32 04-3243465 .co. FREIGHT 41796 GULF EAGLE SERVICES LLC 52378 Dubai 04-3323331 04-3310015 gulfeagl@em irates. JACK. SURVEYORS MARINE DANGEROUS CARGO. SURVEYOR. SOFTWARE/IT SERVICES. ae Marketing & support of integrated hardware & software COMPUTER NETWORK SOLUTIONS. UPS & hydrographic & MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: Chartering of TUGS. survey vessels. CONTRACTORS GULF ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING 1162 ESTABLISHMEN T Dubai 04-2282151 04-2285961 . FORWARDERS. oceanographic MARINE surveys. SEA/AIR CARGO TRANSHIPMEN T SERVICES Electrical & ELECTRICAL plumbing services. freight forwarder & FREIGHT tourism.GULF COMPUTERS 12866 Dubai admin@gulfc 04-3392004 04-3390083 omputers.

ae Bunkering. ELECTRICAL 74092 Electronic & household appliances. ELECTRICAL MOTORS. . ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS. TRAILERS MFRS. GULF ENGINEERING HEAVY VEHICLE BODY 18099 MANUFACTURI NG FACTORY LLC Al Ain gulfcoen@e 03-7824450 03-7824454 mirates. ae PROCESS Manufacture of EQUIPMENT Commercial Bodies DESIGN & for Vehicles & MANUFACTURE Allied Services. SHIP OWNERS GULF ENERGY TRADING EST 16094 Dubai 04-2233050 04-2630827 gulfenergy@ hotmail. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. oil trading and Shipping. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES. . BUNKERING. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS GULF ENERGY LIMITED 4066 Sharjah 06-5280000 06-5280222 gel@emirate ELECTRONICS CO 2133 02gultec@emir Abu Dhabi 6772600/67 02-6782501 Dealers in industrial electricals & electronics.

Dubai 04-2853854 04-2854063 mirates. Fabrication STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS ENVIRONMENT AL Treatment & Drill PROTECTION. ae Marine DIVERS' Accessories. Equipment and FISHING Boston Whaler TOOLS & Cuttings & ENVIRONMENT 02Decontamination gulfenv@emi www. .net. Abu Dhabi 02-6318044 6318007 / facility & Radio rates. OILFIELD Monitoring. SERVICE COMPANIES GULF ETERNIT INDUSTRIES CO LTD 1371 Dubai 04-2101234 04-2851935 geidxb@emir MACHINE SHOP & Heavy Section FABRICATION.L. MACHINE gulfengg@e Grinding & GENERAL 8842270 Active Norm. CONTRACTORS Decontamination & .GULF ENGINEERING INDUSTRY 325 GULF ENVIRONMENT 44903 AL OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS GULF GENERAL 19247 TRADING Dubai boatggte@e 04-2620812 04-2685299 mirates. L. SERVICE. Machining.anieua AL SERVICES. MACHINING ae Structural Steel e. Milling. Diving EQUIPMENT & & Fishing SUPPLIES.

GULF INDUSTRIAL GASES CO LLC 9210 02Abu Dhabi 5510616 / 5510717 02-5510818 gigc@gic. Nitrous Oxide. Hydrogen & Refrigerants. GAS PRODUCERS & SUPPLIERS. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES GULF INCON INTERNATIONA 49970 L Dubai 04-3975400 04-3975408 gii@emirates . ENVIRONMENT AL Hydrolytic tools and Suppliers Oxygen Gaseous / Liquid-in-Bulk. Recruitment. Acetylene. MANPOWER SERVICES. Tank & Cyl. Abu Dhabi 02-6772666 02-6778743 ghrdc@emira tes. Nitrogen Gaseous . Maintenance. in Bulk. Tanks & Equipment HUMAN RESOURCES 44400 DEVELOPMENT CO. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS .ae Manpower suppliers. Carbondioxide. Argon. NITROGEN SERVICES .ae GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS.

GULF INDUSTRIAL SERVICES COMPANY (GISCO) 46625 Abu Dhabi 02-6265750 02-6265710 gisco@giscoa uh. Engineers & Technicians etc ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified by Lloyd? s Register Quality Management. . instrumentation & manpower supply in specialized workforce. INTERIOR DECORATORS. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. supply. commissioning & maintenance of electromechanical works. EQUIPMENT GULF INSECTICIDE AND 6222 DISINFECTANT EST. installation. INTERIOR DESIGN/DECO RATION. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. air Conditioning. PEST CONTROL . Cleaning. (GUIDE) Abu Dhabi 02-6336654 02-6332256 guide@eim. General Maintenance. Pest Control & Management Technical Services.a e CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT. desalination plants. tank fabrication. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS / Design. fire fighting & security systems. Interior Decoration.

MARINE REPAIR SERVICES. anti-corrosion services. LABORATORY TESTING. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of oil lubricants for automative and industrial sector. maintenance & repair. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/ GULF MARINE MAINTENANCE & OFFSHORE 4613 SERVICE COMPANY DUBAI . .L. SHIP Marine & offshore construction. structural.L. 02Abu Dhabi 02-3241433 3241027 / 3241397 info@gmmos . piping & pressure vessel fabrication.GULF LABORATORY SERVICES 16811 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8816108 04-8816579 State of the art laboratory testing & providing analysis & quality control assurance for petroleum products including octane number testing. blend studies undertaken. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE . Member of Al Dhahir Group. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS.C. GULF LUBRICANTS 261001 Dubai info@gulf04-8830885 04-8830882 lubricants. LABORATORIE m LUBRICANTS.

Underwater works. UPS & WORKBOATS. ae Distributors & Stockists of Oilfield BEARINGS Bearings & Supplies . Pipeline anchoring. MARINE CONTRACTORS . ae Manufacturer of Mausers. Sand blasting. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS. Salvage.L. Welding. MARINE ENGINEERING GULF MAUSER (GULF DRUM 17207 CORPORATION) LTD DubaiJebel Ali gdmauser@e 04-8817672 04-8815963 mirates. Blasting & JACK. Non destructive Marine chartering.GULF MARINE SERVICES W.L 46046 Abu Dhabi 02-5559430 02-5553394 gmsauh@em irates. Painting. DRUM MANUFACTURE RS GULF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS & SUPPLIERS 2605 Dubai 042821124 / 2859517 gdmauser@e 04-2821922 Soil investigation. Survey. Well testing.

LIFTING GEAR GULF OIL MIDDLE EAST LTD 5401 Dubai gomeluae@e 04-2223016 04-2277951 mirates. drilling fluids. Lifting tackle such as Shackles. machine shop & ae Manufacturing. marketing & distribution of LUBRICANTS lubricants. ae Fishing ISO 9001/2000 certified greases & speciality products GULF OIL MIDDLE EAST LTD JEBEL ALI BRANCH 17068 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8836081 04-8836080 Blending Plant LUBRICANTS DRILLING EQUIPMENT.GULF METAL WIRES 19848 INDUSTRY LLC Dubai 04-3240904 04-3240604 gulfmetl@em irates.1/2" dia. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. ROTARY EQUIPMENT GULF OILFIELD SUPPLIES & 54014 SERVICES Dubai gosdubai@e 04-3472747 04-3472332 mirates. CHAINS. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. . Steel wire rope slings up to 2. Chain slings and components. etc. tools & equipment rental. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. supplies. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. Hooks. Wire rope for crane and general purposes. storage & haulage equipment.

GULF OILFIELD SUPPLIES & 9278 SERVICES ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-5559426 02-5559618 DRILLING EQUIPMENT. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. CONCRETE PRODUCTS. .net. gprecast@e Abu Dhabi 02-6714441 02-6714443 mirates. GULF PETROCHEMICA 45565 L SERVICES LLC GULF PLASTIC INDUSTRIES LLC 5046 gpstechno@ Abu Dhabi 02-6777424 02-6780044 emirates. Warehouses & . FLOW CONTROL Ras Al Khaimah 07-2447124 07-2714895 GULF PRECAST CONCRETE CO. PIPES. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS CONCRETE PRECAST. ROTARY EQUIPMENT Oil & gas related services & supply OIL & GAS COMPANY. ae Precast Building Systems for Offices. Industrial Buildings. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS. 44495 LTD.

mild steel. D/PORTABLE STRUCTURES.L. PREFABRICATE D/PORTABLE STRUCTURES.GULF PRECISION ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL CO. ates. PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO Abu Dhabi 02-6674491 02-6674215 USES. rebuilding. com Doors & Timber PREFABRICATE Supplies.L. non ferrous metals also shearing. W. Wooden Sharjah 06-5387993 06-5385513 USES. static machinery. GULF PREFAB HOUSES FACTORY LTD 6058 GULF PREFAB HOUSES FACTORY LTD ABU DHABI BRANCH 41093 PREFABRICATE D Specialists in Porta BUILDING/HO gulfab@emir www. remodelling of heavy mobile.gulfab. Carbon steel. all kind of repairing. bending. .com We under take manufacturing machining fabrication of stainless steel. 9778 Abu Dhabi 02- 02- gulfprecision @excite.

Motors. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS GULF RESOURCES 61283 DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION DubaiJebel Ali gulfcorp@em 04-8835520 04-8839925 irates. . ae Manufacturers and GULF ROCK ENGINEERING CO. SHIP Suppliers of SUPPLY. Mist & Cooling m Stockists of: Industrial Valves. Ropes. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. Drums Handling Tools & Equipment. Power Tools & Equipment. Trading in petrochemicals and minerals ELECTRICAL Safety Equipment & ae Drilling & Blsting. Pumps. OIL SPILL CONTROL EQUIPMENT & SERVICES. 6427 Sharjah gregroup@e 06-5311195 06-5311422 mirates.GULF RESOURCES 2991 gulfresource s@gulfAbu Dhabi 02-5554700 02-5553434 resources. quarrying & Demolition DRILLING CONTRACTORS GULF ROPE & PLASTIC 21422 PRODUCTS LLC Sharjah grpprope@e 06-5323725 06-5321373 mirates. Oil Spill Treatment Material.

contractors for the STRUCTRES &.com Air craft warning lights. ELECTRICAL telecommunication EQUIPMENT . oil & gas application. .ae SHIP CHANDLERS GULF SOLAR POWER CO LLC (Member of 47142 Emirates Holdings Group) GULF SOLVENTS 61093 TRADING FZCO GULF STEEL INDUSTRIES CO. Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473 info@danwa Manufactures of Steel Bars. security lightings Trading in Chemicals CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS STEEL MILLS DubaiJebel Ali 04-8839291 04- gulfsolv@emi MONITORING & CONTROL GULF SCIENTIFIC 17010 CORPORATION Dubai 04-8815270 04-8816778 gsc@eim. hazzard warning LABORATORY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS GULF SHIPCHANDLER 3448 S LLC Dubai 0404-2855500 2861024 / 2861025 gulfship@em 9054 Abu Dhabi 02-5510098 02-5510301 glfsteel@emi rates.GULF SAIL ENGINEERING CORROSION SERVICES 8856 Abu Dhabi 02-6774449 02-67648441 CORROSION CONTROL & Corrosion services REPAIR TO and water proofing CONCRETE. LTD. specialised CORROSION industry.

EDUCATIONAL STCW95. ISO & OSHAS Certified Centre and Approved by UAE Govt. IADC. GULF TOTAL TRACTEBEL POWER CO. .GULF SUN TRADING EST 33263 Dubai gulfsuns@e 04-2830098 04-2830097 z Abu Dhabi 02-5541220 02-5541716 enquiry@gts c. VALVES DOUBLE BLOCK & BLEED GULF TECHNICAL & SAFETY TRAINING CENTRE LLC 25159 gtsc@gtsc. ae Industrial Valves for the Oil. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Independent Organisation of it’s Type in the Middle East. Oil Companies in the TRAINING & Gulf. 52862 Abu Dhabi 02-5627027 02-5627075 DESALINATION /POTABLE WATER MAKERS. VALVES CONTROL. Petrochemical and Chemical Plants and Power Stations. POWER GENERATION. GTSC is -INDUSTRIAL the largest. Gas pipeline Onshore & Offshore Applications. VALVE SUPPLIERS.

Trading in ball & roller bearing. 225 Sharjah 06-5724201 06-5724711 guluae@emir ates. Parts CONTRACTORS and development and ferrous & non ferrous GULF WORLDWIDE FZE 17047 Dubai 04mvora@emir 8818990/88 04-8818161 ates. Port OperatorSharjah and Khorfakkan TRANSPORT / HAULAGE GULFTAINER CO. customs clearance DISTRIBUTION & haulage. supply FORWARDING. international freight forwarding. computer BEARINGS. hardware & VALVES software BALL.c om Manufacturers and Suppliers of water WATER & Waste-water TREATMENT Treatment PLANT & Equipments. 23042 Sharjah 06-5341090 06-5341904 gwtuae@emi rates. warehousing & FREIGHT distribution. LTD. .GULF WATER TREATMENT . auto spare parts. Third party chain WAREHOUSIN G& 17576 GULF WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS 17047 Dubai logistics@gul 04-8812418 04-8811705 fworldwide.

net. gulmarme@e www. Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. Pipe Repair. All Sub-sea Intervention and Services. Pipe Stabilization. 06-5695555 06-5695335 Free Span ae m Correction. TOOLS. WELDING EQUIPMENT GULMAR OFFSHORE MIDDLE EAST LLC 2533 Sharjah Sub-sea Engineering and General Contracting Company Providing full Services: Sub-sea Engineering. CATHODIC PROTECTION. DIVING & UNDERWATER SERVICES .ae CUTTING c/p PCT Group Ltd. TOOLS Automated welding CUTTING.GULLCO INTERNATIONA 1518 L LTD.gulmar Pipeline Integrity. Tie-in. Deep Diving. CORING SERVICES. Trenching. ROV Survey & offshore. Gulmar Owns 2 DPDSV's "Gulmar Falcon" & "Gulmar Eagle". Member of Saipem for Middle East Projects. and bevelling WELDING & equipment. Cable Laying. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL.

Portable eye wash stations. Plug m VALVES Valve. Gate MANUFACTURE Valve.gwcval VALVE www. GENERAL TRADING GWC VALVE MIDDLE EAST FZC 8885 Sharjah Regional office for GWC VALVE INTERNATIONAL VALVE INC / m FLOW METERS. . BOUTON COMPANY USA (C/o Al Mazroui 5526 Flowtronix Ltd. L. OILFIELD emergency INDUSTRIAL washes.) Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 aft@emirate HAIMO INTERNATIONA 17256 L FZE Dubai haimome@h 04-8814040 04-8814060 aimotech. Dual Plate BALL. 06-5573252 06-5573262 gwcvalve. Globe salesmeast@ R. Ball Valve. VALVES Check Valve. .GUTAL TRADING EST 12881 Dubai 04-2680477 04-2629236 Commission agents. WELL TESTING. Actuators and Actuated Valves.BUTTERFLY Butterfly SUPPLIERS. H. eye SUPPLIERS Check Valve. ve.

HAL 61481 CHEMICALS FZE DubaiJebel Ali halchem@e 04-8838657 04-8838913 Consulting engineers & architects for civil. road. CONTRACTORS . ae CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS GENERATORS .Sideloaders for loading & unloading 20’/40’ Containers to the Suppliers of SUPPLIERS OF Reconditioned and RECONDITION New HALA TRANSPORT 34337 ESTABLISHMEN T Sharjah halahe@emir 06-5343325 06-5341929 34338 Sharjah 06-5343325 06-5341929 halahe@emir ates. TRANSPORT marine works. HALA USED HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRDG Rental of forklifts up to 20 RENTAL OF FORKLIFTS. . HALA GENERAL 6561 TRADING LLC Dubai hala@emirat 04-3348595 04-3346408 es. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. ED FORKLIFTS HALCROW INTERNATIONA 46024 L PARTNERSHIP Abu Dhabi 02-6790804 02-6785422 hipauh@emir ates.

hallinm power tools. Construction. underwater DIVING & services for UNDERWATER offshore www. MARINE & Maintenance OFFSHORE Services. Member SERVICES/EQU of IMCA Member of IPMENT SAIPEM for Middle East projects Trading of hardware items (grinding fasteners). arine. HAMAD AL OWAIS TRADING EST 374 Dubai techalow@e 04-2211399 04-2211058 (A branch office of Hallin Marine DIVING & Systems) Full UNDERWATER range of ENGINEERING / 06-5260447 06-5260448 enquiries@h allin. POWER TOOLS SUPPLIES. POWER TOOLS. CONTRACTORS Inspection & . ae .HALLIN MARINE PTE LTD (UAE) 42451 Sharjah enquiries@h allinuae. anti corrosion coating.

net. www. Preparation of project brief & Conceptual design of hotels and Commercial buildings. ENHANCED Thermal bbgest@emir OIL RECOVERY desorption. Time & Quality control. AL Environmental & PROTECTION Safety engineering professionals.HAMED ESTABLISHMEN 47214 T GTC A Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group Waste ENERGY oil recycling. Total / SYSTEM. & Recovery ENVIRONMENT vehicles. AL Explosion ae CONSULTANTS prevention. CONSERVATIO Sludge treatment. ae PROJECTS/PRO JECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES . N MATERIALS. Tyre Abu Dhabi 02-6789000 02-6788688 hamedest@b ENVIRONMENT igroup. Waste ates. Bioremediation. Project development. inbuttigroup. HAMILTON PROJECT MANAGEMENT 53874 Dubai hcmquick@e 04-3211134 04-3211135 mirates.binbutt Value Engineering. Rescue .com recycling.

OILFIELD Hose Fittings. networking TA component. Suppliers for your HOSES & Hydraulic FITTINGS. INDUSTRIAL Tubes & Tubes HARD SOFT TECHNOLOGY 0 Dubai 04-3968484 04-3868488 amjad@hard softtech. business / JOINT HAMRIYAH FREE ZONE AUTHORITY 1377 Sharjah 06-5263333 06-5263555 hfz@emirate s. FISHING TOOLS & SERVICE Infrastructurally COMPANY developed free REGISTRATIO trade zone with N& seaport offering FORMATION ideal location for SERVICES. EXPLOSION PROOF FITTINGS. VENTURES. Requirements. We SERVICES. IT PROCESSING solutions & service SERVICES providers . SERVICES Computer COMPUTER/DA pheripherals. are located in over TUBES / 200 outlets all TUBING over the World. Fittings & Other PIPELINE & Hydraulic HOSE REPAIR Components.HAMLY INTERNATIONA 25626 L Abu Dhabi 02-6765769 02-6767349 hamly@emir DRILLING EQUIPMENT. EXPLOSION PROTECTED HANSA FLEX HYDRAULICS MIDDLE EAST 114987 Dubai 04-3476176 04-3476172 workshop@h ansaflex.

electrical FLUIDS. (Malayasia) Boilers . power ELECTRICAL transmission and CABLE distribution ACCESSORIES. Bergemann Chemical Cleaning Soot Blowers. Your ELECTRICAL gate way to ENGINEERING. Boiler Boilers (UK). com CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ Suppliers of DRILLING chemical. Dubai 04-2734005 04-2719285 sales@haris. testing solutions. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS HARRIS PYE GULF LLC 21763 Dubai 04-3241535 04-3243585 office@hpgul f. Survey & Clyde Inspection. & Boiler Mechmar Automation. equipments.HARIS AL AFAQ 8141 BOILER SERVICE / Industrial & Marine REPAIR Beel Boiler supply & Industrial repairs.

HELICOPTERS CHARTER. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. . EQUIPMENT ENVIRONMENT AL PROTECTION. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. HELICOPTER OFFSHORE OIL SUPPORT. Battery monitoring BATTERIES systems. HAWKER PACIFIC PTY LTD 16784 Dubai administrato 04-8818259 04-8818261 r@hawkerpa cific. ENVIRONMENT AL FIRE & SAFETY LLC 33347 Dubai 04-3471999 04-3471818 HAVEN FIRE & SAFETY LLC ABU DHABI 9554 Abu Dhabi 02-5547940 02-5547950 safety@emir Helicopter / Aircraft sales & support Fire & safety engineers. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. EQUIPMENT BATTERIES HAWKER BATTERIES HAWKER ELECTRONICS 47142 47142 Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473 Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473 Industrial Batteries. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS.

OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. Biocide. ae . OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT HEADLINE ENGINEERING FACTORY LLC 9838 Abu Dhabi 02-5510444 02-5510440 admin@hare _uae. Cellulose based Polymers. Manufacture of Structural Steel CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS.HAYTAK FZE 17165 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8815586 04-8815589 info@haytak. API Drilling Starch. com Largest Manufacturer of Drilling Starch in Middle HEADLINE TRADING LLC 14079 Dubai hsedubai@e 04-3392323 04-3392700 mirates. Cementing. Drilling Foam.

MANUFACTURE industrial. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL LABOUR SUPPLY SERVICES. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. . Freight Forwarding. Full Supply Chain Handling.HELLMANN WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS 27974 DubaiJebel Ali Specialist manpower recruitment services. RS/SUPPLIERS container. ae HEMPEL PAINTS (EMIRATES) LLC 47006 Abu Dhabi 02-5552279 02-5553379 hempel@emi rates. CLEARING & FORWARDING HELMUT MAUELL 3486 Abu Dhabi 02-6224411 02-6224455 sie@sie.hell 04-3409794 04-3409793 mann. Heavy Lift Forwarding. FREIGHT SHIPPING. Telemetry. hire of technical & nontechnical personnel. instrumentation process control systems. RECRUITMENT & SUPPLY OF MANPOWER HEMASCO INTERNATIONA 5748 L hemasco@e Abu Dhabi 02-6713371 02-6713372 mirates. GCC Manufacturers of paint & coatings PAINT for the marine. Project Forwarding. ISO 9001. offshore & yacht.

encompassing damage. ae (An ISO 9001 Accredited Company) Marine Consultants. Naval architecture and detailed engineering design of ships. loss adjustment. Bunker insurance. claims.HEMPEL PAINTS 2000 (EMIRATES) LLC .org 04-3241828 04-3243112 / dubai. H & M SURVEYS surveys. Surveyors to the shipping.lawren ce@henders ongroup. offshore structures. marine & offshore industries. investigation. marine installations & ports. HENDERSON INTERNATIONA 24992 L LLC Dubai . Cargo surveys.hender son@hender songroup. Condition surveys. P & I MARINE surveys. Marine Superintendents and QA/QC service.SHARJAH Sharjah hempelae@e 06-5283307 06-5281491 mirates.

Vitrified PVC. Lighting (Indoor. & SUPPLY. Suppliers of cable COMMUNICATI Accessories. Lighting fixture & CABLE Street Lighting ACCESSORIES. PE clay pipe & fittings.E pipes & fittings. WELDING. & fittings. PP.V.V & H. CABLE & PIPE Decorative TRANSITS.HENDERSON INTERNATIONA 377 L LLC ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6717137 02-6717137 MARINE SURVEYS Manufacturing of & trading in PVC pipes & CABLE Electrometers & MANUFACTURE Transformers. Outdoor. ONS Distribution & EQUIPMENT Control . P. TUBES GRP pipes & & PIPE fittings & AC pipes FITTINGS. M. PIPES. Poles). Manufacturers of cables (Power cables L. HEPWORTH PME (LLC) 2345 Dubai 04-2894670 04-2894621 HESHAM ELSEWEDY TRADING CO.V). 25484 Dubai 04-2626605 04-2626608 kyassin@emi rates. ABS pipes & fittings. Lighting Accessories & Conduits.

ae HI-FLEX INTERNATIONA 561 L SERVICES HI-FLEX INTERNATIONA 0 L SERVICES ABU DHABI Dubai 04binfacom@e 2661813/26 04-2669063 mirates. 46669 Abu Dhabi 02-5559178 02-5559179 assif@emirat es. steel & flexible HYDRAULIC metal hoses.HIDAYATH TRADING CO. 69066 ae FABRICATIONS . Grades in Sheets STEEL 2B. Trading in PIPES. TUBES Stainless Steel & PIPE 304. 316 & 316L FITTINGS. STOCKISTS (STAINLESS STEEL) HYDRAULIC Hydraulic hoses & COMPONENTS fittings. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL Stockist and SUPPLIERS. BA.L. HOSES & stainless & SERVICES. HYDRAULIC HOSES & FITTINGS Abu Dhabi 02-5559165 02-5541559 .

force. installation and maintenance. Power & Process industries during construction. HiForce also provides a unique combination of first class after sales services portfolio including equipment rental. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. LIFTING EQUIPMENT .net. HOSES & FITTINGS. turnkey on-site services and workshop repair facilities.hiAbu Dhabi 02-5513100 02-5513232 ae Leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic tools with a comprehensive and unbeatable product range for the Oil & Gas. EQUIPMENT HIRE.HI-FORCE 9722 hforcead@e www. Marine.

Fire HOSES & FITTINGS. EQUIPMENT HIRE. . Al Moayyed CONSTRUCTIO Contracting Group N/ Electro Mechanical CONTRACTORS Contracting. OFF/ONSHORE CRANES . HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. turnkey on-site services and workshop repair facilities.HI-FORCE 17012 DUBAI BRANCH DubaiJebel Ali 04-8836012 04-8836021 hiforce@emir ates. LIFTING EQUIPMENT HIGH LAND GROUP ac106801 Abu Dhabi 02-6767732 02-6767735 uae@almoay BUILDING MATERIALS. Fighting. HiForce also provides a unique combination of first class after sales services portfolio including equipment Leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic tools with a comprehensive and unbeatable product range for the Oil & Gas. Marine. installation and maintenance. CRANE Electrical INSPECTION & Plumbing. HVAC. Power & Process industries during construction.

drilling and FIXING firestop to the Security & risk management consultancy advising & assisting Oil & Gas. All rooms have satellite TV & private Balcony . hotel located on the beach in Abu construction.HIGH LAND IMPORTING & TRADING 41120 Abu Dhabi 02-6746644 02-6746700 hilndsrr@emi rates. 202 Rooms include 16 suites. 49 villas. an executive floor & club room. located in private gardens. The best ae HILTON AL AIN 1333 Al Ain 03-7686666 03-7686888 alhilton@emi rates. marineworks JOINING & industries. HILL & ASSOCIATES 43659 (MIDDLE EAST) LIMITED Dubai 04-2115447 04-2115101 4480485 HILTON ABU DHABI 877 auhhilton@e Abu Dhabi 02-6811900 02-6811696 mirates. Dhabi with its new Hiltonia Beach Club. GRATING gas and CLIPS. CONSULTANCY SERVICES HILTI REGIONAL OFFICE 16792 Dubai 04-8835376 04. FASTENING PRODUCTS 350 Rooms delux and executive floors. Oilfield Service FIRE PROTECTION Fastening systems.+971-8info@hilti.

ae HIMA 27547 Dubai 04-3438299 04-3438599 187 Rooms and suites fully equipped with kitchenettes. sound reducing enclosures. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. HOTEL minifridge. Extra comfort at the new corniche floor with executive floor facilities. ae Electronic Control Systems HIMOINSA MIDDLE EAST 18515 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8873315 04-8873318 info@himoin sa. 29 channels TV. Down Systems. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN Flow DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS.HILTON CORNICHE RESIDENCE 6677 Abu Dhabi 02-6276000 02-6270099 corexflt@emi POWER GENERATION . GENERATORS SALE / HIRE. (ESD) Emergency Shut Diesel generating sets. lighting towers. diesel generators spare parts. ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT HIMA PAUL 27547 HILDEBRANDT Dubai hima_dxb@e 04-3438299 04-3438599 mirates. DIESEL GENERATORS.

OFFSHORE SERVICES STEEL Steel Fabricators FABRICATORS and spares & reconditioning of compressor m VALVES HONEYWELL MIDDLE EAST LTD 45595 Abu Dhabi 02-4432119 02-4432536 INDUSTRIAL Process AUTOMATION automation control SOFTWARE. & ENGINEERS Sale of HITECH MARINE ENGG SERVICES LLC 53458 Dubai 04-3476833 04-3476844 hitec@emirat es.hoerbiger.HIRSCHMANN ELECTRONICS 61162 MIDDLE EAST (PAT-KR?GER) Dubai 04-8817726 04-8817728 patkrug@em irates. measuring LOAD systems for INDICATION. INSTRUMENTA instrumentation TION PROCESS products. 17153 DubaiJebel Ali office@hsme 04-8814567 04-8817123 .ae HI-TECH STEEL INDUSTRIES 8054 LLC HOERBIGER SERVICE MIDDLE EAST FZE Dubai hitecsteel@e 04-3384433 04-3384959 mirates. MARINE ENGINEERING. ae CRANE. onshore & offshore MARINE & applications. INSTRUMENTA TION . training. OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE COMPANY. service & CONTROL. LIFTING Load indication & EQUIPMENT.

C & Valve refurbishment & calibration of VALVE control. BATTERIES. Marine SURVEYSGeophysical. ae HORIZON SURVEY COMPANY (FZC) 9126 enquiries@h Sharjah06-5573045 06-5573047 orizonsurvey SAIF-Zone . Power supply battery systems. HYDROGRAPHI Oceanographic and GEOPHYSICAL. . safety & REFURBISHME stop valves. mobile power ELECTRICAL battery systems.SHARJAH Sharjah 06-5726143 06-5726165 INSTRUMENTA TION PROCESS CONTROL HOPKINSONS VALVE SERVICES 17123 DubaiJebel Ali hopseng@e 04-8836827 04-8838595 ROV Inspection Surveys. automotive batteries. Offshore Survey and Positioning.HONEYWELL MIDDLE EAST 6043 LTD . offshore & in our workshop. ae HOPPECKE BATTERIES 3945 Dubai hoppecke@e 04-2853653 04-2853309 mirates. PRODUCTS. on NT site.

Acidising. chemicals / mud / minerals / drilling fluids. HARDWARE WHOL & MFRS. .net. Armstrong USA steam accessories. chemical refining. D type. BOILER TRADING 120866 Dubai 04-2734125 04-2734126 hotlinegulf@ yahoo. boiler upgrades. cleaning products. DESALINATION PLANT EQUIPMENT. Air cooled etc). BOILERS. Desalination plant equipment. Hardware whole sale & manufacturers. Shell and tube type B. supply of boiler spare parts. retrofits and boiler rentals. SCR HARD METALS. waste heat HOUSE OF 2196 CHEMICALS LLC Dubai hochems@e 04-2855150 04-2861312 mirates. CHEMICALS REFINING. Byworth UK firetube boilers. Barriquand Heat Exchangers (plate type. O type). ae Distributors for Rentech USA water tube boilers (A type. HRSG. HEAT EXCHANGERS ACIDISING. HOUSE OF TOOLS 32845 Dubai 04-2828213 04-2828321 hotool@emir ates.

oilfield services Co. manufacturing & construction of process Kuwiat. thermal oxidisers and safety flare 52028 2540 HOWDEN 3TS INTERNATIONA 17753 L HOWE-BAKER ENGINEERS INC . UK manufacturer of incinerations. ae Manpower technical staff specialist. CONTRACTORS . agricultural & civil TRANSPORT COMPANIES . materials management. ae HRTCO GENERAL LAND 111040 Dubai TRANSPORT 04-3322271 04-3322281 hrgco@emira tes.USA (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) Dubai howden3t@e 04-8817227 04-8817995 mirates.. mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates.HOWARD FINLEY AL KHALEEJ 7876 0202hfaksqd@em Abu Dhabi 6270638/55 6267339/555 irates. General land transport: shipment to Yemen. Oman and the nearby gulf countries MACHINE SHOP & information technology development & implementation. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES SAFETY AND PROTECTIVE WARE CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. Engineering. machine shop & fabrication.

CUTTING TOOLS Oilfield supply & general safety services. AIR CONDITIONIN G. ae . ROKING/CLAI M.HSBC INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED 24912 Dubai 043242600 / 3242700 04-3241727 inae@hsbc.c om INSURANCE BROKERS. HSE SERVICES LLC 4191 Dubai 04-3392323 04-3392800 hscdubai@m gtgroup. BUILDING Extensive Range of MAINTENANCE Tools and PRODUCTS. PRODUCTS/EQ SAFETY AND PROTECTIVE WARE. Insurance Brokers INSURANCE/B & Consultants. Equipment for CLEANING Hire. OILFIELD HSS HIRE SHOPS 50283 Dubai hss_hire@e 04-3407400 04-3407401 mirates.

K. 5526 fixed cutter (diamond) bits and slim hole bits for the worldwide oil. gas and geothermal industries. . (C/o Al Mazroui Flowtronix Ltd) Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 aft@emirate Emergency safety showers. HUGHES CHRISTENSEN ABU DHABI 7621 Abu Dhabi 02-6773200 02-6763498 HUGHES SAFETY SHOWERS LTD. Oasis engineering services provides performance analysis and corresponding design of drilling systems to optimise drilling performance. eye wash OILFIELD stations & EQUIPMENT decontamination SUPPLIERS units.HUGHES CHRISTENSEN 6875 Dubai 04-8082200 04-8836487 A Division of Baker Hughes Hughes Christensen is the leading manufacturer and marketer of TriconeTM roller cone bits.

C.fraserl arbitrations in 04-3320007 04-3320008 @fraserlegal. roads. Pipes. linepipe. Brass husainal@e & S. waste water. 23713 Sharjah International Legal Consultants specialized in Oil & Gas contracts and hugh. BUSINESS CONSULTANTS .HUGHFRASER INTERNATIONA 9117 L Dubai HUSSAIN ALUMINIUM CO. LEGAL CONSULTANTS .com Casing. Furniture ae & Hardware. Fastners 304/316 sales@petrol 04-8814672 04-8814673 and buildings. ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES RETAIL HUTA CZESTOCHOWA (C/o Petroleum 17319 Pipe Middle East) DubaiJebel Ali CASING / TUBING HYDER 2774 CONSULTANTS Abu Dhabi 02-6333400 02-6330746 CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. API 5L/5CT & coated pipes Engineering consultancy for infrastructure water supply.S. S. .L.S. Rods.fraser www. Steel Section 06-5420101 06-5423478 association with com Ledingham Chalmers and Hussain Lootah & Associates. ports. L. Importers & Stockist of Aluminium. Angle F/BAR. tunnels. bridges. for Ind. CONTRACTORS . egal. S.

Services. Blowout preventors production chokes. 9817 Abu Dhabi 02-5546777 02-5547880 tequip@emir All types of Engine driven and Electric motor driven power packs suitable for Zone-1 and Zone-2 applications with Third party Certification. HYDRAULIC WELL CONTROL 1518 INC Dubai iftikhar_ali@ 04-8836464 04-8836034 hwcesmer. Snubbing and SNUBBING Hydraulic UNITS.HYDRAULIC POWER UNITS c/o Technical Equipment Co. ae Manufacture of Tubing / Casing premium connections and CASING / Drilling premium TUBING Well Pulsation Dampners. . HYDRIL 23724 Dubai woodhous@e 04-3472300 04-3474642 mirates.C. Workover WORKOVER.

com Hydro Marine Services is a comprehensive U. DIVING & UNDERWATER SERVICES. NonDestructive Testing. Oilfield Services.HYDRO MARINE SERVICES 41021 Dubai 0404-2217798 2213909 / 2239183 hari@hydro marineservic es. HYDROTRENCHING. Trenching.A. based operator for underwater and Civil Engineering services.E. MARINE CONTRACTORS . ROV Services and all types of Sub surface works. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. with a section dedicated to specialised coatings for any substrate.

products and DE-MISTERS. services . water blasting. repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment and AIR systems. Pump ON sales and Rental. of hydraulic oil. . Centrifugal pumps. FLUID PURIFICATION & CONTAMINATI ON HYDROLINK COMPANY LTD ABU DHABI BRANCH 42730 Abu Dhabi 02-5543720 02-5543721 info@hydroli nkgroup. DE-MISTERS. AIR FILTRATION. FLUID lube oil and PURIFICATION process fluids in & Refineries and Oil / CONTAMINATI Gas fields.HYDROLINK COMPANY LTD 21327 Sharjah 06-5280801 06-5280830 info@hydroli Hydraulic Engineering Products and Services. FILTRATION. HP / UHP. Filtration FILTRATION. Compressed air treatment and filtration.filtration FILTRATION.

DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. SWIMMING POOL HYDROTECH ENGINEERING ABU DHABI 53022 Abu Dhabi 02-6446170 02-6448270 DRILLING CONTRACTORS . Pool & Fountain Division: Design. DRILLING CONTRACTORS . SWIMMING POOL DRILLING CONTRACTORS . DRILLING DIRECTIONAL.HYDROTECH ENGINEERING 20441 Dubai 04-2673369 04-2672735 NDRC Division: Specialist in Thrust Boring / Directional Drilling Works. DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. ae HYDROTECH ENGINEERING SHARJAH 33070 Sharjah 06-5345528 06-5345529 . Supply & Install complete Pool & Fountain Equipment & Accessories. SWIMMING POOL DRILLING CONTRACTORS . DRILLING SWIMMING POOL HYDROTECH ENGINEERING AJMAN 614 Ajman hydronet@e 06-7436285 06-7422094 mirates.

HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING . power packs & cylinders. pumps. motors. chrome bars. HYDRAULIC CONTRACTS & SERVICES. valves. Rental Services: offshore/onshore piling & handling equipment IHC/ICE GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. HYDRAULIC CONTRACTS & SERVICES. Hydraulic Supplies: cranes & accessories. cylinder tubes. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. ae Design & repair of hydraulic equipment for onshore & offshore applications.HYTEC ABU DHABI 8616 hytecauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-5542127 02-5542629 mirates. hoses & adaptors. HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING HYTEC INTERNATIONA 3107 L Dubai 04-3331399 04-3331405 hytecint@em irates. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES. vibratory hammer. tail Manufacturing of hydraulic seals.

MARINE COMMUNICATI ONS ICS TRIPLEX MIDDLE EAST 45235 Abu Dhabi 02-6276763 02-6276765 sales@icstrip lex. Safety Control FIRE ( ESD. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) Specialists in SYSTEMS. Hydraulic Wellhead INSTRUMENTA Control Panels. TIONPROCESS CONTROL . Dubai 042728933 / 2723505 04-2728744 hitek@emira tes.HYTEK OCEANIC 28529 TRADING L. SUPPLIERS.C. OFFSHORE SERVICES QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL.L. BMS) DETECTION/PR Critical Control. EVENTION Turbo Machinery SYSTEMS &.ae MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE ICL DUBAI 30945 Dubai 04-2680130 04-2627278 icldxb@emir ates. QUALITY INDUSTRIAL ABRASIVE POWER TOOLS. F& Control and EQUIPMENT.

Scaffold Wooden Boards (Normal & Laminated). Aluminium Mobile Towers. SCAFFOLDING.0mm Wall Thickness (Black or Galvanized). (C/o 47142 Danway) . OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. GEARS IGRANIC CONTROLS. (C/o Danway) 50048 Dubai 04-3473700 04-3473232 sudanshan@ danway.2mm & IBC SCAFFOLDING Specialist in Scaffolding & Shuttering Services. control centres. Sale and Hire of Soffit Support Heavy Duty Scaffold System. Abu Dhabi 02-5515471 02-5515472 badee97@ho tmail. 3.K. Scaffold Fittings (Drop Forged & Pressed Steel). U. Scaffold Tubes. ELECTRICAL Supply of medium EQUIPMENT voltage switch SWITCHGEAR gear and motor &. CONTROLS. Access Scaffolding and Props.ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473 . Ladders (Wooden & Aluminium).IDEAL BUSINESS 45207 COMMUNICATI ONS EST. SCAFFOLDING PLANKS IGRANIC CONTROLS.K. U. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. Wall Form Work & Tying System.

ALIAS Ltd. Supplies (An ISO MANPOWER 9001:2000 TECHNICAL Certified STAFF Company). SERVICES. Dubai 04-8819033 04-8819034 TA @eim. MANPOWER Manpower SERVICES. HVAC ANICAL Landscaping and CONTRACTORS Irrigation /SUPPLIERS. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. Civil ElectroELECTROMECH Services for PROCESSING Power. GENERAL imeco@emir General CONTRACTORS Abu Dhabi 02-6444700 02-6440445 information STORAGE & management.image. SPECIALISTS .ae Maintenance & . Fabrication SERVICES. COMPUTER/DA imagegrafix www.IMAGEGRAFIX 61425 IMATION MIDDLE EAST FZE 61375 IMECO 46527 COMPUTER SALES Engineering INSTALLATION Software and & SERVICES. Contracting. support@ima products and DATA Dubai 04-8818008 04-8815998 tion. COMPUTERS / Data storage ELECTRONICS. and Manufacturing SOFTWARE/IT Petrochemical.

LLC 20376 Sharjah 065437992 / 5437991 06-5437994 imo@emirate IMPERIAL ENTERPRISES LLC 7825 02dataimp@em Abu Dhabi 6447795/64 02-6444350 irates. Water Solenoid Valves Electrical & Electronic Controls. Pneumatic actuators. SHIP REPAIR. Welding consumables & accessories. HYDRAULIC PUMPS. oilfield equipment suppliers. Industrial safety 47796 Supply. install. design. painting equipment & spares. maintain Pneumatic INDUSTRIAL. Distributors of Elcometer Products. sandblasting equipment & spares. Electronic Sensors. SANDBLASTIN G/SHOTBLASTI NG EQUIPMENT IMPERIAL EXPRESS 50254 GENERAL TRADING (LLC) Dubai 0404-3475600 3474856 / 3474559 BUILDING MATERIALS. TESTING/COM PONENTS LIFTING EQUIPMENT. REFRIGERATIO Steel stock holders N EQUIPMENT& merchants. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT. HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSIO NS/DESIGN SURVEY/. Gas Springs. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. STEEL SUPPLIERS .IMO INDUSTRIAL MACHINES TRD. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT valves & fittings.

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION LTD / TRUST GROUP 41598 Abu Dhabi 02-6720030 02-6714373 iwadi@trusti Supply. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. TELEMETRY & COMPUTER CONTROL . Design & Engineering of Turnkey Solutions of Automation. TELECOMMUNI CATIONS. INSTRUMENTA TIONENGINEERING. Control Systems & IT Systems for Major Industries Such as Oil / Gas / Petrochemical & Power.

com ICG is the number one Woodward recognized retrofit company of controls for rotary equipment like gas www. We offer endto. We have local presence in the Gulf with our Woodward trained service and commissioning engineers supporting you on 24 hour / 365 days contractual standby basis in order .icgfrance.end solutions for upgrading of HMI and DCS systems including generator protection and exitation systems and vibration monitoring applications. With our Woodward. steam turbines.INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS GROUP 203 Abu Dhabi 02-6266802 02-6266284 icgme@icgfrance. HP compressors Turbo pumps and diesel engines. with our predictive commissioning maintenance and service of program. Application to help you out on Engineers calamities in above supporting you mentioned controls with and support you installation. staff of Project and Application .

54191 ae INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC FZCO 261086 Dubai 04- dubai@indsci .com COMBUSTION CONTROLS. Worldwide leading manufacturer of portable gas detection instruments and fixed point monitoring systems to detect and continuously monitor fixed concentrations of combustible and toxic gases. WELDING / 04-3675919 pkhoury@ind sci. . ae INDUSTRIAL GAS PLANTS 4273 02gasplant@e Abu Dhabi 5554040/55 02-5555124 Turbine Controls. Oil & 64287 Petrochemical Engineering FZE) Dubai gope_me@e 04-2236367 04-2237559 mirates.INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS GROUP . Industrial DISTRIBUTED Supplies. CONTROL SYSTEMS/SALE S &. Oilfield & MONITORING.GOPE (Gas. SERVICE GAS Manufacturers & PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. VOCs and oxygen levels. suppliers of WELDING & medical and industrial CONDITION Retrofit.

WATERPROOFI NG MATERIALS MANUFACTURE RS INDUSTRIAL WELDING 3763 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT CO Dubai 04eigco@emira 2660775/26 04-2664168 tes. suppliers of welding & welding equipments. refractory. MIDDLE EAST LLC 4710 Dubai 04-2828271 04-2829240 iws_me@emi rates. painting. rubber lining. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS . cutting tools. 3433314/17 ae Stockists & suppliers of industrial welding materials & equipment. supply & turnkey contracting for insulation. safety clothing. tungsten carbide products to oilfields. ship supplies and other industries. engineering. SURFACE PROTECTION MATERIALS INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (ME) LTD (DUBAI) 12346 Dubai intechdx@e 0404-3437151 mirates. SUPPLIERS. CHAINS. fire proofing & scaffolding HOSES & 60649 INDUSTRIAL WELDING SUPPLY CO. surface protection. FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL. REFRACTORY.INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (ME) LTD 43503 Abu Dhabi 02-5543777 02-5543677 inchem@emi rates. Importers and Design. INSULATION CONTRACTORS &

Kuwait. Kazakhstan. sand PROOFING blasting & OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. 0 MIDDLE EAST LLC . . acid FIRE proof lining. Iran. PROTECTION electric heat WELDING SUPPLY CO. Hot. refractory INSULATION. Jordan.JEBEL ALI BRANCH DubaiJebel Ali 04-8835579 04-8835563 HOSES & FITTINGS. VOILP INECO LTD 35482 02Abu Dhabi 6325946 / 6313315 02-6315544 ineco@emira tes. Satellite Internet. PAINTING Operations In: CONTRACTORS Bahrain. Saudi INFOSAT 29650 Dubai 04-3550686 04-3550687 infosat@emir ates. engineering/ceram PAINTING & ic fiber lining. fire proofing. rubber lining for tanks/equipments/ pipes/vessels. cold & acoustic insulation. Qatar. industrial painting. tracing. FIRE Scaffolding. UAE. Wireless. Mapping. training and software. satellite imagery. Marine SHOP & & Oilfield FABRICATION Companies Structural INFRATECH 8382 Abu Dhabi 02-5554497 02-5544310 baseem@em irates. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. WATER TREATMENT PLANT & CONTRACTORS INMA .GULF DEVELOPMENT & 4560 CONSTRUCTIO N LLC Dubai 04inmadxb@e 2857272/28 04-2857512 mirates. aerial photographic survey.INFOTERRA LTD. 5464 Abu Dhabi 02-4456170 02-4456210 info@infoterr a-global. GIS & geoInformation services. . A professionally managed Machining & Fabrication. Storage Tanks. 54432 ae Distributors of plant. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. SS. Geological interpretation. CS. machinery and equipment. Workshop providing Services to Automobile MACHINE Hydraulic. Piping Works in MS. PLANT HIRE.

INMA .fu jairah@inspe 09-2281195 09-2281197 ctoratefujairah. ISO CERTIFICATIO N. CONCRETE PLANT SUPPLIERS. Petrochemicals. Environmental. Occupational Hygiene analysis INSPECTA INTERNATIONA 30071 L CO Abu Dhabi 02-5513266 02-5549595 INSPECTORATE INTERNATIONA 771 L LIMITED FUJAIRAH Fujairah laboratory. Urea.GULF DEVELOPMENT & 798 CONSTRUCTIO N LLC (ABU DHABI) Abu Dhabi 02-5548080 02-5548082 COMPRESSOR SUPPLIERS. LABORATORY TESTING Analytical laboratory services and inspection Petroleum. CERTIFICATIO INSPECTORATE INTERNATIONA L LIMITED 49400 (Formarly BSI INSPECTORATE ) Dubai operations@i 04-2852666 04-2844451 nspectorate. Food. CERTIFICATIO N. ae ANALYSIS. Water. ANALYSIS. SUPPLIERS NDT/Quality Control/Assurance N D T (NON Services & Third DESTRUCTIVE Party Inspection TESTING) Services. CONSTRUCTIO N EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY. Sulphur. ISO CERTIFICATIO N. LABORATORY TESTING .

analysts. cargo & marine MARINE SURVEYS. MARINE SURVEYOR. suppliers / sole distributors of RS Components (UK). components. Health & safety com & equipment. tools Dubai 04-3433444 04-3437788 s. CABLE ACCESSORIES. tools Abu Dhabi 02-6444022 02-6444099 rates. Stockists & distributors of electronic / electrical / mechanical imeadh@emi components. THIRD PARTY INSPECTION INSTALLATION S MIDDLE EAST 5253 CO LLC INSTALLATION S MIDDLE EAST 46869 CO LLC ABU DHABI Stockists & distributors of electronic / electrical / mechanical ime@emirate www. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. Health & safety WATSON GRAY 290 UAE Dubai 043364917 / 3364918 04-3364916 Petroleum & petrochemical & equipment. CONTROLS BUILDING MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS. CONTROLS . BUILDING MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. CABLE ACCESSORIES. suppliers / sole distributors of RS Components (UK).

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. Offshore & REGULATORS Onshore. refraitory services. ae INTEGRATED PETROLEUM CO. pigging. CABLE ACCESSORIES. chemicals. fire PROTECTION protection & PRODUCTS. CONTROLS FIRE Insulation. Gas Valves. TUBES LPG Tanks & PIPE Consultation for FITTINGS. Gas PROCESSORS/ Detectors. 4458 Sharjah 06-5344595 06-5344396 BUILDING MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS. GAS Regulators. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &.ae INSULCO EMIRATES 103 0202insulco@emi Abu Dhabi 6778880/55 6771391/555 rates.INSTALLATION S MIDDLE EAST 5253 CO LLC DEIRA BRANCH Dubai 04-2716600 04-2716671 ime@emirate s. SAFETY AND PROTECTIVE ducting. SUPPLIERS. .net. Installing of Gas GAS Equipment & LP DETECTORS. 53855 5399 INTEGRATED GAS SERVICES 33961 CO LLC Dubai intgasdb@e 04-3242828 04-3242929 mirates. WARE Solenoid Valves. SUPPLIERS.

L. W. INTER EQUIPMENT EST. SERVICE Plant Maintenance COMPANIES. 9779 interequ@e Abu Dhabi 02-5546600 02-5546646 mirates. Refurbishment of MAINTENANCE Storage CONT. PAINTING & Scaffolding ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS Overhaul & . & SERVICES. OILFIELD Chemical Cleaning. CONTRACTORS Pipelines. ae INTER EQUIPMENT LLC 9004 Dubai intereqp@e 04-8816000 04-8810100 Abu Dhabi 02-6446800 02-6447136 admin@iscco . marine equipment & supplies Stockists & distributors. importers & exporters.L. engineering. ae CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. CONTRACTORS .INTEGRATED SPECIALIZED 44884 GEN. . vendors & procurement agents of quality products. CO. & Installation. PAINTING CONTRACTORS Oilfield Equipment VALVES Suppliers Your single source of oilfield. Industrial Painting. construction.

UPS & WORKBOATS.BARGES. ae BOILER SERVICE / REPAIR.C. JACK. HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER JETTING. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU . which covers all aspects of exploration. repair and MARINE CONTRACTORS INTER OCEAN SHIP REPAIRS 3322 LLC Dubai intocean@e 04-3241166 04-3241800 mirates. gas and related industries throughout the Middle East and India. 80926 Dubai reception@in 04-3240606 04-3243516 tergulfmarin e. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. production.INTER GULF MARINE L.L. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS. MARINE CONTRACTORS BOILER SERVICE / REPAIR INTER OCEAN SHIP REPAIRS 1344 LLC-FUJAIRAH Fujairah 09-2228667 09-2228669 isrfuj@emira Inter Gulf Marine LLC is a Dubai based Owner / Operator of a fleet of specialized vessels and barges to support the offshore oil.

ROPE INTERCARE LTD 5628 Sharjah 06-5345500 06-5349991 info@interca re. UIPMENT. marine & offshore service & equipment. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. filtration. MATERIALS.INTER POWER MARINE EQUIPMENT 6043 Dubai molly04-3967831 04-3966912 dsouza@hot mail. hoses & Diving & underwater INTERGRAPH MIDDLE EAST LLC 24294 Dubai 04-3367555 04-3367076 maswad@du bai.ingr. manpower. COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & SERVICES. DIVING & UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT. plant COMPUTER/DA asset & TA information PROCESSING management SERVICES. COMPRESSOR SUPPLIERS. BUILDING Service company. Plant design. trading in cleaning CLEANING products/machines PRODUCTS/EQ . MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY .

tool room services. EXPLOSION petrochemical. PROOF marine & power COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & SERVICES. EQUIPMENT spares and service SWITCHGEAR providers to oil & &. .net. SHIPPING AGENTS Suppliers of ELECTRICAL equipments. COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SERVICES. SHIP pipes & fittings & CHANDLERS. gas. PVC compounds. PIPES. com INTERGULF OILFIELD & MARINE SERVICES 41733 bwayintl@e mirates. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. Abu Dhabi 02-6816334 02-6816335 ae / intergulf@int ergulf. generation INSPECTION INTERMARINE SHARJAH LTD 705 Sharjah 06-5282889 06-5282895 imishj@emir ates. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY DANGEROUS CARGO. SERVICES Owners & OFFSHORE operators of VESSELS offshore oilfield support vessels.INTERGRAPH MIDDLE EAST 0 LLC ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6273800 02-6271686 INTERGULF LIMITED 6131 Sharjah 06-5029000 06-5285720 empol@iffco. (Empol Division) TUBES & PIPE Manufacture of FITTINGS.

HACCP). AIRCRAFT Piaggio. Boeing & INTERNATIONA L 52291 CERTIFICATIO N SERVICES Dubai 04-3933343 04-3934047 icsasian@em irates. CERTIFICATIO Inspection & N. Third AL Party Inspection. Training QUALITY . CHARTER & Metro. 18001. Onshore. RENTAL Lear. Falcon. CE ENVIRONMENT Marking. Gulfstream. Dornier. INTERNATIONA L AIR CHARTER 54366 PLC Dubai 04-2996868 04-2996869 sales@aircraf tcharter.Lead Auditors ASSURANCE & Course. Jetstream. Beech. ISO 14001. ISO Verification CERTIFICATIO Offshore & N BODIES. Certification of Management Systems (ISO 9000. Citation. CONTROL Management Systems & .net. CERTIFICATIO OHSAS N.INTERMARINE SHARJAH LTD (DUBAI OFFICE) 2801 Dubai 04-3434190 04-3432424 OFFSHORE VESSELS Specialists in Executive & VIP Aircrafts for Worldwide Charter By Piper.

SPARES. manufacturer of new boilers & also stockist for items pertaining to various types of boiler repair.icedubai. Exhibitions. manufacturer & CHEMICALS supply of various REFINING. heat www. boiler spare parts ECONOMISERS like. burner BOILER systems. stockholding of certified boiler tubes. Dubai 04-3405996 04-3405994 mail@icedubai. com . SERVICE / boiler tube REPAIR. chemical cleaning. cleaning. ultrasonic BOILER thickness gauging. boiler residual life Marine & Industrial boiler-tubing.INTERNATIONA L COMBUSTION 75350 ENGINEERINGM.E. EXHIBITIONS / (Organisers : Arab FAIRS Oil and Gas Show) INTERNATIONA L CONFERENCES 29884 & EXHIBITIONS LTD Dubai 04-3355001 04-3355141 info@icedxb. economiser tubes. endoscope surveys.

INTERNATIONA L 2621 DEVELOPMENT CO Abu Dhabi 02-6222444 02-6222005 idc@emirate s. GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS. TUBES & PIPE Project REGULATORS .INTERNATIONA L CONSULTANT 100 CENTER Dubai 04-2211111 04-2210210 Division of Salim H Salim Group of Companies MANAGEMENT Management CONSULTANCY consultants to the oilfield industries. The One and Only Gas Co. COMPANIES specialised services. REPRESENTATI equipment supply ON OF & services. Certified ISO 9001-2000. Medical Gas Installations and Oil & Gas Field Equipments Supplies. PIPES. INTERNATIONA L GAS 3376 SERVICES EST SERGAS Abu Dhabi 02-6732626 02-6732627 sergas@emir ates. Natural Gas Specialized in LPG. GAS

GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. FLANGES. stud flow control products. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING) HEAT TREATMENT. INSPECTION SERVICES. flanges. tubes & pipe fittings.INTERNATIONA L INDUSTRIAL 50584 EQUIPMENT CO. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS HEAT TREATMENT.6130 SHARJAH BRANCH Sharjah 06-5281804 06-5281806 INTERNATIONA L INSPECTION SERVICES LTD 41233 ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6225820 02-6225830 . valve Stockist of pipe & pipe fittings (Carbon steel & Stainless steel). PIPES. gaskets / sealing products. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. LLC Dubai 04-3332707 04-3332717 iiecllc@emira tes. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING) INTERNATIONA L INSPECTION SERVICES LTD . INSPECTION SERVICES. pipes.

all types of fabrication. hydraulic systems in cranes & winches. machining jobs and oil tank cleaning. and others.E. QA/QC. INSPECTION SERVICES. Eddy currents.INTERNATIONA L INSPECTION SERVICES LTD. 5427 'A QUALITY COMPANY' ISO 9002 Dubai 04-3241955 04-3241957 inspec@emir ates. HEAT TREATMENT. hull thickness gauging of shipping API Storage tank repair of heavy duty INTERNATIONA L MARINE A932 ENGG.L. C. (class approved). N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING) MARINE ENGINEERING . third party inspection.Tv. heat treatment. M. approved by classification societies for ASME pressure vessels. electrical m Non destructive testing. Marine engineering. 23 SERVICES WLL Ajman asadabbas7 06-7425788 06-7425787 @hotmail.

drilling & DIVING & UNDERWATER Diving exploration. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. OIL & GAS COMPANY. nondestructive EXPLORATION testing. barge PIPE & pipe laying work INSPECTION/S ERVICES INTERNATIONA L OILFIELD GENERAL 5 SERVICES (IOGS) Abu Dhabi 02-6275678 02-6273439 iogs@emirat es. .INTERNATIONA L METAL & CONSTRUCTIO 25156 N COMPANY (NOELL IMAC) Abu Dhabi 02-5553975 02-5553364 imac@imac.a e Manufacturer. marine &/OR services. offshore & onshore oil & gas field construction etc. CRANE INTERNATIONA L NAVAL 46718 WORKS Abu Dhabi 02-6720140 02-6780026 inwnet@emir ates. installation & maintenance of cranes & port handling equipment. plant & manpower Services to oil companies & gas plants. SERVICES.

Protective INTERNATIONA 3789 L ROTANA INN admin. PROTECTIVE Offshore and Yacht COATINGS. . PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS .ae Drilling & oil exploration. Industrial. DRILLING HORIZONTAL DRILLING CONTRACTORS .ae ISO 9002 And 14001 Certified PAINT Company MANUFACTURE Manufacturers of RS/SUPPLIERS Marine. DRILLING INTERNATIONA L PAINT (GULF) LLC (ABU 245 DHABI BRANCH) INTERNATIONA L PETROLEUM 42028 CENTRE jason. INTERNATIONA L PETROLEUM 9211 CORPORATION (IPC) Dubai 04-3380465 04-3392941 ipcd@emirat es. HOTEL . PROTECTIVE COATINGS. Full service TRAINING & international EDUCATIONAL training centre for -INDUSTRIAL technical training. DRILLING CONTRACTORS .finley@ 04-3472491 04-3472339 international paint. OIL DRILLING OPERATING International Rotana Inn is in Abu Dhabi with 115 Rooms. BITS.intern Abu Dhabi 02-6779900 02-6721897 ational@rota Abu Dhabi 02-6216860 02-6216855 ipcc@emirat es.INTERNATIONA L PAINT (GULF) 290 LLC Dubai INTERNATIONA L PETROLEUM 26676 COMPANY Dubai 04-8817775 04-8817828 atintl@emira tes.clark@ Abu Dhabi 02-6720166 02-6782548 international paint.

gas. Trading . for Mathy Universal high performance INTERNATIONA L 3565 TECHNOLOGIES Ajman 06-7463774 06-7463775 OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. for All Industrial Lubricants & Liqwob Universal.INTERNATIONA 1344 L SHIP REPAIR Fujairah 09-2228667 09-2228669 isrfuj@emira BOILER SERVICE / IMPORTERS. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS INTERNATIONA L SUPPLY EST 2360 (ISCOL) Abu Dhabi 02-6664004 02-6666156 iscol@emirat es. LUBRICANTS. HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER JETTING. MARINE CONTRACTORS . MARINE ENGINEERING INTERNATIONA L SHIP REPAIR 3322 .DUBAI Dubai intocean@e 04-3241166 04-3241800 mirates. .Export & Import. government departments. OIL & GAS COMPANY. EXPORTERS & STOCKISTS. ae Supply of materials to all major

com 04-3474008 04-3474009 itsllc@inttublarservices. Pipes / Drill FISHING Collars. Supply of Tubulars . Drill Pipes / DRILLING Heviwate Drill PRODUCTS. ladders EQUIPMENT. Steels Suppliers.INTERNATIONA L TOP 44291 PRODUCTS (INTOP) 02Abu Dhabi 6769307 / 6769386 02-6769308 intop@emira tes. EXCHANGERS. INTERNATIONA L TRADING 592 CIRCLE Abu Dhabi 02-6674777 02-6674477 itcauh@itc. INTERNATIONA L TUBULAR SERVICES 32585 (MIDDLE EAST) LLC Dubai its. Suppliers. CASING / Specialist Drilling . EVENTION cable trays & SYSTEMS &. Fishing EQUIPMENT. HEAT Fertilizer Trading.a e FIBREGLASS / GRP Safety/fire/detecti PRODUCTS.Rental & Sale. Tools. on/equipment: FIRE FM200. Architectural Glass.middleeast@vm. Oil & Gas Fields PIG Services & LAUNCHERS & Equipment RECEIVERS. Major Rig DRILLING Equipment. NAVIGATIONA L AIDS Company Representation. Tools. GRP glass DETECTION/PR reinforced plastics. Third Party TOOLS & Inspection and API SERVICE Threading. Medical PRESSURE & Laboratory VESSELS Equipment.

REPAIR overhaul of motors SERVICES & & generators. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES. RECYCLING SERVICES. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. ELECTRICAL Rewinding. REFINING COMPANIES INTERSEL FZE 18092 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8833661 04-8833662 info@emirat es. bank hire upto GENERATORS/ 17432 7458 CASING / TUBING. S.INTERNATIONA L TUBULAR SERVICES 43172 (MIDDLE EAST) LLC ABU DHABI tmAbu Dhabi 02-6391577 02-6391774 its@emirates .net. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS INTERNATIONA LE DE TRAVAUX ET DE 73077 MATERIEL (ITM) Dubai 04reception@it 04-3439796 3431221/343 mdubai. A division of Pride International DRILLING supplier of land CONTRACTORS and offshore drilling rigs. TRANSFORMER offshore. INTERSUN FZCO (Intersun International 148 Sun Group FZCO) DubaiJebel Ali 0404intersun@int 8833950/88 8833027/881 ersun. FISHING TOOLS & SERVICE. Load 7377 Drilling Contractor.

technical assistance.INTERTEK TESTING SERVICES CALEB BRETT 4660 Sharjah jnotman@sh 06-5387036 06-5388803 arjah. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. maintenance & operation SCES. .net. INSPECTION SERVICES IPCO-ABU DHABI 3568 Abu Dhabi 02-6444220 02-6444226 bsi@emirate Inspection & testing.calebbrett. Military and Fire Fighting trucks from NUOVA Ma Na RoItaly. Hook up & construction. TRAINING CENTRES. CONTAINERS. commissioning & start up contracting training of Aviation refuellers. EQUIPMENT IPEDEX PRODUCTION LLC 4899 operation@ip Abu Dhabi 02-6272519 02-6271250 edexme. hydrant INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE . Tank containers. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &.

MOORING TERMINALS. general cotracting & construct zon of industrial projects investment in civilaviation. Dubai 04-2682277 04-2684447 iunc@iunc. IRSHAD 61 Abu Dhabi 02-6333500 02-6333567 ISNAAD 46121 02Abu Dhabi 6029000 / 6029500 026029010 / 6029478 Offshore Services & Chemicals CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS .ae Providing services & development of Oil & Gas sector.IRAQI UNITED NATIONAL COMPANY FOR 74997 INVESTMENT & CONSTRUCTIO N LTD. tourism media LOADING ARMS.

COMPUTER/DA PROCESSING business process SERVICES automation.isother East that Ex stock or Ex mill. company in USA OILFIELD and the Middle SERVICE isofzc@emira www. office mk@itqan. Total solution provider: networking. drill pipe (OIL COUNTRY supply. TUBING. 04-5260446 tes. tubing. FZC. We INDUSTRIAL hold ASME certification for U. 42355 Dubai 04-5260445 ITECO OILFIELD 17622 SUPPLY MIDDLE EAST (FZE) ITOCHU 11302 CORPORATION DubaiJebel Ali 04-8811667 Dubai 04-3350033 ITQAN AL BAWARDI COMPUTERS 51526 Abu Dhabi 02-6767666 Specialist in design and fabrication of Shell and Tube. CASING / Casing.ISOTHERM. General Trading 04-3350101 company. ERP application and personal training. Surface Tubes for REFRIGERATIO various N EQUIPMENTapplications. UM stamps and National Board Repair stamp The only EXCHANGERS. . TUBULAR GOODS).co TA automation. 02-6769595 .ae m-uae. Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers and Pressure HEAT manufacture its PRESSURE own Enhanced VESSELS. OCTG info@iteco04-8811668 line pipe.

co m . J P KENNY (ABU DHABI) LTD 7312 bryan. engineering.ITQAN AL BAWARDI 22079 COMPUTERSDUBAI BRANCH Dubai 04-3354200 04-3354100 Design and Engineering consultants for on pipelines and facilities in offshore. onshore and subsea structures. FEED reviews / optimisation and innovative design. route and positioning surveys. EPCM.smith Abu Dhabi 02-6260030 02-6261939 @jpkenny. Also specialist activities in integrity. Primarily Pipeline related from concepts and preFEED studies to full FEED.

to handle any offshore oil and gas development project. Middle East & India) J. we ensure top quality facilities are completed safely. manage.epic@m development OFFSHORE www. RAY MCDERMOTT. Ray McDermott offers a full range of field development solutions in-house. on time and within budget. SERVICES/EQU build and install all IPMENT project facilities.J. with safety experience and SERVICES/EQU dermott.jraymc 04-8835100 04-8835486 cdermott. our proven quality and safety . subsea facility. 16961 DubaiJebel Ali (Regional Headquarters.A. proven N ERECTION / in-house MAINTENANCE resources. MARINE & jray. m project IPMENT. Accredited to ISO 9001. Spar or FPSO topsides. Whether it be a fixed or floating platform. anywhere in the world. we have the knowledge. management MARINE & expertise to OFFSHORE engineer. . By integrating product and performance quality. CONSTRUCTIO technology.

JACQUES WHITFORD 54799 Abu Dhabi 02-6260876 02-6267736 uae@jacque whitford. SHIP BUILDING.Dubai Business Hub 17000 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8812222 04-8810128 mktg@jafza. MARINE ENGINEERING. ae . planning and permitting services for health. Jafza . MARINE REPAIR Docking & Undocking and environment. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE FREE ZONE AUTHORITY JADAF DUBAI 5642 Dubai 04-3242424 04-3243232 jadaf@jadafd Engineering.

Sand wave dredging in open sea.atiye ul. Pipeline middle. Rock dredging in open sea conditions.V. Dredging of shore approaches and trenches for offshore pipelines and outfall. Dredging treatment and disposal of contaminated soils. recovery and com cleaning operations.JAN DE NUL DREDGING LTD. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. DREDGING. JAN DE NUL 45625 DREDGING N. .com / replenishment. Abu Dhabi 02-6267234 02-6271984 DREDGING.janden 04-3355547 04-3355356 dumping. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Oil h@jandenul. 28805 Dubai Capital dredging and maintenance. Specialized alternative dredging methods to reduce or avoid environmental impact. Beach bassam.easto stabilization and ffice@janden protection by rock ul. reclamation.

CLEARING & Freight forwarding. CEMENTING/G ROUTING. JAPAN OIL DEVELOPMENT 2659 COMPANY LTD (JODCO) Abu Dhabi 02-6345612 02-6336695 Shareholders in operating oilfield companies. 33197 Sharjah . OIL COMPANY. JARZEEM CEMENT & GYPSUM PRODUCTS 9365 Abu Dhabi 02- 02-8833215 jarzeem@em irates. JASPER TRADING JAS MIDDLE EAST 28198 Dubai customerser 04-2955992 04-2950421 vice2@jasua e. gypsum products. General Trading & OILFIELD Oil Field Services. OIL COMPANIES. REPRESENTATI VE curbs & interlocking tiles. FORWARDING. SERVICE COMPANIES. CONCRETE & PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS.JANANA TRADING CO 2502 (C/o BP Middle East) Abu Dhabi 02-6721400 02-6787220 khabce@emi GENERAL Supplier of ae FREIGHT jasperdp@e 06-5339782 06-5339783 mirates. FREIGHT FORWARDING. concrete masonry units.

BELTS. check & ball valves. Pipe Fitting & Accessories. 333 Dubai 042214588 / 2240258 jbrupa@emir 04-2220496 ates. Hoses.L. power & petrochemical industry. Spain. Oil Seals. Safety Items and Stockists and Suppliers of Bearings. Largest stockist for gate.JBRUP TRADING CO.a e JDO EUROTEC LLC 58058 Dubai 04-3434809 04-3434709 jdoeuro@emi rates. Sales & Marketing of JC Valves for the oil. STRAINERS.a. Lubricants & Heavy Equipment Trading. CONVEYORS FLOW CONTROL Rubber Products. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seals.C. s. gas. ‘O’ Rings. Industrial Belts. LUBRICANTS. BEARINGS. . globe. VALVE MANUFACTURE R. CHAINS. VALVE SUPPLIERS HEAVY EQUIPMENT. Hardware JC MIDDLE EAST FZC 41625 Sharjah 06-5263271 06-5263273 jcme@eim. Regional office of JC Fabrica de valvulas. Chains. Industrial Transmission Products. L.

Pilot Cable. Speciality Cables. Telecom cables. (Indoor. Lead Sheath Cable for Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Industry. Lighting Manufacturers of cables (Power cables & H.JEDDAH CABLE 25484 COMPANY Dubai 04-2626605 04-2626608 kyassin@emi rates. ONS Electrometers EQUIPMENT (Electronic. Ground conductors CABLE & Wires). . CABLE Decorative MANUFACTURE Lighting fixture & & SUPPLY. M. CABLE & PIPE Overhead & TRANSITS. Single & Poly Phase) & Transformers. Lighting Accessories & Conduits. Control cables. Street Lighting COMMUNICATI Poles). Outdoor. Low smoke halogen free cable. Suppliers of cable Accessories.V. Distribution & Control Equipment.

Agricultural Engineering Services. ABU DHABI 51731 Abu Dhabi 02-4466012 02-4466013 jengan@emir ates. Project Engineering Services .JENGAN EST. PEST CONTROL DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. Project Engineering Services DIESEL ENGINES & DUBAI 255 Dubai 04-2833112 04-2833115 jengan@emir Construction Engineering Services. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. DIESEL GENERATORS. Agricultural Engineering Services. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. PEST CONTROL JENGAN DIESEL Construction Engineering Services.

penetrants. JL-21.e: Z-50. JLME supply SUPPLIERS. drill collars. OG-H. JLME also blend environmental friendly pipe dopes. coatings etc. wire rope/chain & open gear lubricants. Kov’r-Kote. regional agent/distributor & stockist of various drilling lubricants/thread compounds for drill storage compounds. sealant/grease for VALVE plug. Kol’r-king. API Modified. degreasers. Marine oilfield supplies OILFIELD SUPPLIERS JETTY TRADING 0 Dubai 04-2727650 04-2727623 jetty@emirat . gate & globe SEALANTS/GR valves (for EASES wellheads). casing/tubing i. anti-seize. KoprKote. Z-60.JET LUBE 3374 (MIDDLE EAST) 02ysheikh@alm Abu Dhabi 6776335/67 02-6784638 76797 JLME is a Licensee. Enviro-safe OILFIELD etc. LUBRICANTS.

CONTRACTORS . MACHINE SHOP SUPPLIES. NORGEN . ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS JIJIBLA TRADING LLC 19349 Dubai 04-2227045 04-2227098 jijibla@emira tes. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. "BECK & CRESPEL" Stud bolts & fastners.Pressure & process WIKA. Instrument EPC Contractor: Engineers & Constructors of Refineries. Gas Processing Plants & Petrochemical Industries.S.FRL Units. "TYLOK" . "BAND: IT" Strapping and All oilfield requisites. "KYOWA" Test pumps.S.JGC 28543 CORPORATION Abu Dhabi 02-6211138 02-6210332 jgccorp@emi rates. MACHINERY & TOOL SUPPLIERS. CUTTING CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . OIL SPILL PREVENTION EQUIPMENT . valves & tubing.

JOFFCO 18244 Dubai JOHN CRANE MIDDLE EAST 61099 DubaiJebel Ali JOHN DIESEL 5643 Dubai FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. Personal SYSTEMS &. PUMPS 04-8839510 04-8837766 mirates. Fire Protection and Prevention. Specialized in DIESEL repairs of all kinds ENGINES & of engines. & PUMP ae injectors for SURVEY/. FIRE DETECTION/PR joffco@emira EVENTION 04-8836556 04-8836558 tes. ENGINEERING Manufacturer & Supplier of Fire Fighting HYDRAULIC governors. esel. industrial engines. Fire Protection Engineering. injection pumps. .johndi 04-2850266 04-2850532 chargers & NS/DESIGN rates. fuel PARTS. engines and MARINE marine engines. turbo TRANSMISSIO jddubai@emi www. Pump set Assembly. TESTING/COM earthmoving FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL MECHANICAL craneme@e SEALS.

together with relevant support industries such as finance.doshi@ www. Rated "A" by Standard and Poor's DMCC is . a strategic government initiative has been created to establish a commodity market place in Dubai. logistics and insurance. Diamond & coloured Stones and Commodities.John Neil General Manager 48800 Dubai The Dubai Metals and Commodities Centre (DMCC). DMCC offers a unique opportunity for participants in core segments of Energy. Indian currently the only Subcontinent UAE free zone and the CIS. Gold & Precious Metals. The Centre aims to attract key players throughout the entire value chain of each of these industry e of business irresistible premises in proposition for addition to all international other standard commodities. tilak. free zone benefits .including 100% business .a offering ownership DMCC is an 04-3903899 04-3903897 dmcc.

LIGHTING FIXTURES WHOL & MFRS. safety safety helmets... JOTUN ABU DHABI (LLC) 3714 MAIN OFFICE & FACTORY Abu Dhabi 02-5510300 02-5510232 JOTUN UAE LTD (LLC) . workers uniform.JOS HANSEN & SOEHNE (GULF) 2840 LLC Dubai 04-3377777 04-3377570 jhsgulf@emir ates. working .net. COATINGS PAINT Manufacturer & MANUFACTURE distributor of a full RS/SUPPLIERS range of high . paints. SAFETY CLOTHINGS. PAINT Manufacturer & MANUFACTURE distributor of a full RS/SUPPLIERS range of high . COATINGS Deals in coveralls. POWDER quality decorative COATING. PRODUCTS carpark barriers & access control Building products. marine & PROTECTIVE industrial coatings. JULPHAR GENERAL TRADING LLC 3782 Ajman 06-7433290 06084689140 juipharq@em irates. MAINTENANCE overhead cranes.. marine & PROTECTIVE industrial coatings.MAIN 3671 OFFICE & FACTORY Dubai 04-3395000 04-3380666 Engineering: supply & installation of BUILDING garage equipment. POWDER quality decorative COATING.

rig SUPPLIERS.JUMA AL MAJID 156 EST Dubai 04-2665210 04-2695867 GENERAL TRADING K. Export: export HEAVY heavy equipment. INDUSTRIAL tools. Obar Oilfield Services L. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT KABANA W/S EQUIPMENT TRADING CO.L. LLC 40438 Sharjah 06-5423102 06-5433448 . Ajman 06-7423182 06-7423667 krsoil@emira tes. drilling support OILFIELD services. OILFIELD 4795 EQUIPMENT TRADING F. equipment. Group Company Suppliers and OILFIELD service providers EQUIPMENT of oilfield SUPPLIERS. safety gears. camp/caravan RIG manufacturing & REPAIRING supply. SUPPLIERS. rig refurbishment services.S.

refractory works. GASKETS / SEALING ae materials / oil and 5511976 FITTINGS. PRODUCTS. PROTECTION fire proofing. kostshj@eim Sharjah 5313099 / 06-5313427 HOSES & .KADDAS OILFIELD SERVICES & TRADING COMPANY 3808 KADDAS OILFIELD SERVICES & TRADING COMPANY JEBEL ALI BRANCH 61486 KADDAS OILFIELD SERVICES & TRADING COMPANY SHARJAH BRANCH 6409 5313299 FITTINGS. GASKETS / SEALING Import & trade of 02PRODUCTS. infokostco@k www. field of hot. REFRACTORY KAEFER LLC 28803 Abu Dhabi 02-5544511 02-5544525 kaefer@emir ates. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS Product supplies & FIRE contracting PROOFING services in the MATERIAL. gas field services JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS FLANGES. cold & FIRE acoustic insulation.kostco. Dubaisalesdxb@ko HOSES & 04-8832008 04-8830554 Jebel Ali stco. iron and oilfield Abu Dhabi 02-5510051 5510488 / HOSES & ostco. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. scaffolding and INSULATION. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS .

ae ENGINEERING MACHINERY WORKSHOPS. But Weld Fittings.kalhou 04-2229927 04-2229938 LOADING ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY SYSTEM BUNKERING Supply & engineering of loading arms for transfer of liquids from liquefied gases.KALHOUR TRADING KAMPAC OIL M. BOAT MANUFACTURE RS.C. STUD BOLTS KAMPAC OIL M. Bitumen. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS.E. oil products. Crude oil. Gas and Petrochemical Industries FLANGES. .com Fittings. Gaskets and Stud Bolts for the Oil.L. 61396 Dubai 04-8871502 04-8871503 kampac@em irates. Valves. CRUDE OIL. Refined BUNKERING.) 29508 Dubai Stockists and Suppliers of Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. Forged kaltrdes@em www. BRANCH 0 OFFICE KANON LOADING EQUIPMENT BV (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) Dubai 04-3970905 04-3971164 mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. (L. Forged irates.

Safety Products & SAFETY & Industrial SECURITY KANOO GROUP THE. EQUIPMENT. VESSELS Shelving SHELVING commercial & COMM & IND industrial .ae KARA TRADING 56145 CO LLC Dubai kara2000@e 04-2226480 04-2226674 mirates. ENGINEERING.DUBAI 290 BRANCH Dubai 04-3352900 04-3362353 safetysales2 @kanoo. Safety Products & SAFETY & Industrial SECURITY Products.KANOO GROUP 245 THE Abu Dhabi 02-5553737 02-5554366 safetysales1 ae BREATHING APPARATUS. pressure . tanks. SAFETY CLOTHINGS & ACCESSORIES Specialised BOILER engineers in SERVICE / mechanical REPAIR. EQUIPMENT. PRESSURE EQUIPMENT. FALL Power & PROTECTION Desalination. SAFETY CLOTHINGS & ACCESSORIES BREATHING APPARATUS. CONSTRUCTIO heat exchanger. N/ fabrication. EQUIPMENT. Structural steel. CIVIL KANOO METAL WORKS LLC 25257 Dubai 04-3338013 04-3333832 ballash@emi rates. CONTRACTORS piping. FALL Power & PROTECTION Desalination.

CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/.co m Leading manufacturer of Hammerseal Tank FLOW Unions. . Fluid recovery FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Air-O-Grip CONTROL Unions and PRODUCTS Hammer Sleeve Couplings.KATCH KAN LIMITED 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply. KEMPER c/o Stevens International (LLC) 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 m DRILLING EQUIPMENT. ENVIRONMENT c/o Stevens AL International (LLC) PROTECTION. SPILL PROTECTION Ground Engineering. CONTRACTORS . ENGINEERING SERVICES KELLER GRUNDBAU GMBH 111323 Dubai 04-3355283 04-3355278 keller@emira KELLOG BROWN & ROOT 46588 INTERNATIONA L Abu Dhabi 02-6763635 02-6761962 Engineering construction & project management.

Communication Cables & overhead line Conductors from Worldclass Suppliers. CABLE MANUFACTURE & INSPECTION SERVICES . Oilfield tubular inspection & maintenance COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS KHALFAN TRADING & SERVICES 742/198 Abu Dhabi 02-6734433 02-6734434 KCL deal with Electrical. third party CABLE ACCESSORIES. CABLE TRAYS KHALIL AL SAYEGH GENERAL 4272 MAINTENANCE (C/o Tuboscope) Abu Dhabi 02-6260180 02-6260184 tubose@emir ates.KEY INFORMATION 6856 TECHNOLOGY (KIT) Dubai 04-3989999 04-3988440 kitmktg@emi Authorised Distributors of Saudi Cables. AIR CONDITIONIN G KHALIDIA CABLES AND LIGHTING 46446 Abu Dhabi 02-6674545 02-6663422 kclauh@emir ates.

quarry. fusion bonded epoxy CIVIL coating. plant hire. FABRICATIONS . ae KHETOUT AL MABANI 26901 Sharjah 06-5552901 06-5552902 kambmt@ei m. MACHINE SHOPS BUILDING Marble & Granite. PRODUCTS. ENGINEERING asphalt. scaffolding. roadworks. WORKS 7150 W/SHOP Sharjah matharu@e 06-5328739 06-5336826 mirates. ENGINEERING KHAYTAN ENG. reckliform. KHANSAHEB HUSSAIN LLC 259 Abu Dhabi 02-6653964 02-6653069 Civil engineering & CIVIL building.Concrete Products GRP & Fibreglass. joinery. MATERIALS. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION.KHANSAHEB CIVIL ENGINEERING LLC 2716 Dubai 042857251/28 04-2857539 58255 Civil Mosaic. Ceramic FIBREGLASS / . .

ae KING HOISTS 1518 Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. . Storage Fire protection KINETIC ENGINEERING 48639 Sharjah 06-5345758 06-5344162 kes@emirate Design & Fabrication of Pressure Vessels.KHOORY ENTERPRISES 3773 Dubai 042225732 / 2227839 khoory04-2272937 e@emirates. auto Spare parts and Building Materials. Safety Materials FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. C/o PCT Group Ltd. STEEL FABRICATION NOISE LEVEL MEASUREMENT & CONTROL KIDDE PLC 30791 Dubai 04-3372498 04-3375088 lisamann@ki ddeme. Electrical and LIFTING manual hoists. Pipeline Works. PRESSURE Dealers in Machinery. beam clamps. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection. SAFETY AND PROTECTIVE WARE. EQUIPMENT beam trolleys. Noise and Vibration control products KINETICS MIDDLE EAST LLC 37670 Dubai 04-8801554 04-8801664 kinetics@emi rates.

integrated DWM / DF services. EQUIPMENT HIRE. Equipment Hire. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. drilling fluids KIRBY BUILDING SYSTEMS KUWAIT 9201 Dubai kirbydxb@e 04-2868963 04-2868964 mirates. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. Building Electromechanical Contractors / Suppliers. building maintenance products. POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT. ae KMC OILTOOLS 1779 (CAYMAN) LTD Dubai 04-8838236 04-8838920 admin@oilto ols-me. SOLIDS CONTROL EQUIPMENT KMSCO 61240 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8836772 04-8837166 special product lubricants Manpower Services. filtration equipment & services. Solids control services. waterwell drilling equipment. drilling waste management. Welding & Welding Equipment. rock drilling. MANPOWER SERVICES BUILDING MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS DRILLING EQUIPMENT. LUBRICANTS .net.KINGDOM ELECTROMECH 28637 ANICAL SERVICES Sharjah 06-5346400 06-5346776 jfk@emirates .

Portable gas CUTTING cutting equipment. . TOOLS. ae Tower intervals for PETROLEUM refining. engineering. PRODUCTS. KOIKE 1518 Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. TOOLS CNC gas & plasma CUTTING.ITALY (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 cutting machines.KOCH GLITSCH ITALIANA SPA .ae C/o PCT Group Ltd. chemical plants & REFINING relevant basic COMPANIES.

SISTO. kubotal@eim Trading in pumps. Condition monitoring. VALVE 04-8830455 04-8830456 KSB. AMRI. rods & liners. Valves (Std & Hyper) Pistons. Manufacturing of PUMPS & PUMP ksb@ksbme. . Support SERVICES. Health checks. R. ae om services: Complete OILFIELD workshop SERVICE overhauls. packungen. 04-8872744 04-8872745 . Field COMPANIES service & MANUFACTURE ae GIW. S & GAS Cross-heads. pumps & valves PARTS. Technical reviews. TURBINES. Piston rings & rider rings. COMPRESSOR Specialist coatings.KRANZ COMPRESSOR COMPONENTS MIDDLE EAST 1518 DubaiJebel Ali KSB MIDDLE EAST FZE 18315 Dubai DubaiJebel Ali KUBOTA 17440 CORPORATION Manufacture/Suppl y/Repair: Complete packings (Std & Hyper) Sealing rings. kranzme@e pipes.kranzWhite Metal ENGINEERING 04-8839703 04-8839230 mirates. Complete packaging. Redesign & upgrades.c Bearings.

PROJECT FORWARDING CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. project cargoes.abudhab Abu Dhabi 02-6320300 02-6320301 i@kuehnenagel. global network. FREIGHT SHIPPING. CLEARING & FORWARDING. exhibition & personal effects. PROJECT FORWARDING .com Oil & energy cargoes. FREIGHT SHIPPING. CONTAINER & CARGO SERVICES. CONTAINER & CARGO SERVICES. CLEARING & FORWARDING. KUEHNE & NAGEL LLC ABU DHABI BRANCH 0 info.KUEHNE & NAGEL LLC 22577 Dubai 04-2825551 04-2865851 uehnenagel. warehousing & CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA.

fittings.kurvers. PIPEvalves and specials LINING/COVER + tubulars. Offshore and pipeline supply in OIL. piles. GAS. TUBES & PIPE beams. gas cutting & welding s. List of references available on www. gaskets. PIPES. cans. TUBING. ING. 04-3402955 04-3403178 nuts & bolts.KURVERS MIDDLE EAST 49078 Dubai K?RVERS PIPING is an experienced partner for Process Sandvik carbide cutting tools. pile sleeves + linepipe seamless and welded. coating and lining. shapes. plates. Material involved is OILFIELD pipe. EQUIPMENT flanges. vers. CHEMICAL and POWER Industry CASING / since 1966. info@uae. FITTINGS cones. engineering equipment. holecutting KUTHBERT TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT LLC 149 Dubai 04-3931657 04-3933482 BOILERS .kur www.kurver SUPPLIERS. water softeners. handtools.

A. We can supply Skilled Manpower from India. Nepal and Sri Lanka.calkins@ Abu Dhabi 02-6767815 02-6712199 . KVAERNER OILFIELD PRODUCTS KVAERNER PROCESS SYSTEMS 74854 Dubai 04-3945401 04-3943480 richardb@em irates. EPC & Supply of valves and well-head VALVES equipment.Onshore / Offshore.E. EPCM contractor. including 47825 Abu Dhabi 02-6767815 02-6712199 kead@emirat es.A.KVAERNER ENGINEERING A. detail MANAGEMENT engineering. Pakistan. Engineering for the ENGINEERING onshore / offshore CONTRACTORS oil & gas plants . We are Registered ManpowerManagement Consultancy in 47825 bob. Bangladesh.E. ManpowerManagement Consultancy Offer Guarantee Manpower from Overseas Respected Sirs. PROJECTS/PRO feed.M. MANPOWER 105082 Abu Dhabi 02CONSULTANCY 02-4280173 manhire@g mail. Supply Oil / Gas Process Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry . feasibility JECT studies.

PUMP HIRE . marine safety equipment sales & services. oil terminal & petroleum ports management & operation. submersible pump hire.lamnal 06-5172222 06-5749090 oilfield supply mnalco. marine consultancy. lamnalco@la www. POLLUTION CONTROL bases. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. pollution control equipment. general marine & engineering services & diesel generator hire. ship to ship transfers. pilotage. harbour towage services. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE.LAMNALCO GROUP 5687 Sharjah Vessel owners & co.

oil terminal & petroleum ports management and Vessel owners & operators.LAMNALCO LIMITED (ABU DHABI) 61 Abu Dhabi 02-5549494 02-5549495 lamnalco@la mnalco. ship to ship transfers. PRODUCTS. pilotage. marine consultancy. marine safety equipment sales & services. harbour towage services. submersible pump hire. DRILLING c/o Al Baharie & PRODUCTS. Safar Oilfield GASKETS / Services Full SEALING Range of Gaskets. pollution control equipment. general marine & engineering services & diesel generator hire. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS LAMONS GASKET COMPANY 43284 Abu Dhabi 02-4486347 02-4489641 .


EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION . Landmark offers a broad range of consulting services that enable customers to optimize their technical and business decision processes. DRILLING PRODUCTS. production. CONSULTANCY Landmark is the leading supplier of software and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. DATA STORAGE & INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.lgc. The company’s software solutions span exploration.LAMPRELL ENERGY LTD (c/o Al Makamin Commercial Projects EST) 41233 makamin@e Abu Dhabi 02-6223535 02-6223636 mirates. business decision analysis and data management. Visit the Landmark Web site at for more information. ae LANDMARK 27736 Dubai 04-3036363 04-3036364 amokhtar@lg c.

SERVICES forwarding. transport. AGENCIES CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. DRILLING PRODUCTS. UK & USA EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION CARGO Clearing. Italy. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . ae LEAD CONTRACTING 31516 & TRADING Abu Dhabi 02-6779112 02-6779114 leadcon@emi rates. Electrochemical & CONTRACTORS Pipeline . AIR/SEA. weekly FREIGHT LCL service from SHIPPING. to Dubai & SHIPPING Sharjah.LANDMARK ABU DHABI BRANCH 29324 Abu Dhabi 02-6761745 02-6725924 LDS LOGISTIC DISTRIBUTION 5599 SYSTEMS LLC Dubai 0404-2822888 2822815 / 2822636 ldsdubai@e mirates. Germany. PIPELINING/COVER ING . CLEARING & Spain. DATA STORAGE & INFORMATION CONSULTANCY SERVICES.

ship repair. SHIP REPAIR & MAINTENANCE LEEMA MARINE ENGINEERING 21159 & SHIPPING SERVICES Ajman leema00@e 06-7442199 06-7442188 mirates. REWINDING OF MOTORS. drilling equipment. COILED TUBING OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES FABRICATION 7 ERECTION OF STEEL STRUCTURE. marine engineering. Home automation & MCC B’s. coiled tubing ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS . Manufacturer of Low voltage electrical accessories Switches & Sockets. CONTROLS. Industrial plugs & sockets. ae Oilfield equipment suppliers. ae LEGRAND ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES 61415 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8816178 04-8818145 legrand@emi rates. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. pumps and pumps parts. oilfield service companies. mechanical engineering. marine & offshore services Machine shop & fabrication. ae / Abu Dhabi 02-5511152 02-5511137 leaders2@e mirates.LEADERS OILFIELD EQUIPMENT 41971 leader_s@e mirates. VDI & Nurse call system. steel fabrication. electrical repair services & rewinding. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS.

LEOPAD DUBAI 114992 Dubai LLC 04-3972568 04-3972578 dubai@leopa d. motors. LEROY SOMER 17034 DubaiJebel Ali emirates@ler 04-8838650 04-8838651 oysomer. brake MOTORS. . OIL TOOLS. non sparking AC ELECTRICAL Motors. gear ELECTRICAL boxes. high Manufacturers of precision instrument & oil industry equipment. variable speed Manufacturer & Supplier of all range of SCAFFOLDING scaffolding products (Tubular scaffolding) Industrial AC/DC motors. alternators. INSTRUMENT LESKER TRADING COMPANY LLC 7428 Dubai 04-2661925 04-2661929 General trading GENERAL TRADING LEUTERT (C/o Proserv) 16922 Dubai 04-8819799 04-8819788 proserv@emi rates. temperature AC ELECTRICAL motors. flameproof AC motors. soft PRODUCTS

GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S . GAS PROCESSING EQUIPMENT LIFTEK FZE 41850 Sharjah 06-5263853 06-5263851 info@liftekfz e. Pharmaceuticals & Water Treatment Industry. Dosing and Metering Pumps and Packages for the Oil. Petrochemical.REPAIR Sealed SERVICES & Compressors etc. Chain Slings.LEWA HERBERT OTT Motors. Wire Rope Slings. ae ELECTRIC MOTOR REWINDING Repair / SERVICES. Safety Horness & Cargo LIGHT HOUSE ELECTRIC 120 02Abu Dhabi 6773742 / 6726131 light_123@e 02-6720667 mirates. GAS DEHYDRATION SYSTEMS. Gas. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. Overhaul / ReELECTRICAL winding AC / DC MOTORS. Round Slings. Manufacturer of Webbing Slings. 18326 GERMANY Dubai 04-8833184 04-8833185 lewadxb@em irates. ELECTRICAL Generators. Semi. DESALINATION /POTABLE WATER MAKERS. REWINDING.

Fire proofing and Refractory works. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES LIKPIN L. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS / Industries. . MARINE & subsea survey. SERVICES/EQU construction/diving Project Engineering & Contracting in : Marine Accommodation. CORROSION Oil & Gas and MONITORING Petrochemical & CONTROL.BARGES. MARINE LIKPIN contract & CHARTERING/ project manage SALES: using their own TUGS.C.L. to Power. MARINE CONTRACTORS . 27902 Dubai epc3@likpin. INSULATION. Cathodic CATHODIC Protection services PROTECTION. . Hot. Water.LIJAN INSULATION 84801 CONTRACTING LLC Dubai 04-2674966 04-2675477 lijan@eim. Dubai based JACK engineering & project management group. Cold. ae LIKPIN own/operate/mana ge vessels used in the offshore BARGES. construction ENGINEERING industry for CONTRACTORS offshore pipelay. /hook-up support. com 04-3291267 04-3291286 info@likpin. OFFSHORE ROV support. Cladding. Acoustic Insulation.c om LINDE CORROTECH INTERNATIONA 85795 L C/O AL SULAIMI GROUP Dubai corrotech@e 04-2694989 04-2692381 mirates.

stair treads. logistic services. ae LINTAS FREIGHT & 49025 LOGISTICS LLC Dubai 04-3988425 04-3988415 lintasfl@emir ates. STEEL work. vertical S& caged ladders. CARGO SERVICES International AIR/SEA. household & FREIGHT personal effects & handrail STOCKHOLDER systems. custom clearance. .net. SERVICES.LINK MIDDLE EAST LTD 16846 Dubai lmedubai@e 04-8816750 04-8816250 mirates. CONTAINER door to door SALES & shipments of LEASING.L. MERCHANTS. GRATING support steel CLIPS.C) 233 Dubai 04-8801125 04-8801163 lkmel@emira freight forwarders. protector gabions. panel clips. CLEARING & FORWARDING Manufacture of grating panels. concertina barbed tape. FENCING high carbon wires. galvanized & SECURITY PVC coated wires. welded mesh & palletainers. barbed Security fencing system. heavy duty "safe grate" trench LIONWELD KENNEDY MIDDLE EAST (L. CONTAINER & air. sea & land CARGO transportation.

Power LOUVERS. Engine Spare Parts. wachem.LloydP Abu Dhabi 02-3973286 Detection.. ACOUSTIC Ventilation Fans/ ENCLOSURE/A Flame Proof COUSTIC equipment. 3973284/5 s. Wastewater Treatment Plants. drilling INDUSTRIAL industry. Acoustic Enclosure / Systems.LIWA GROUP 29861 LLOYD POWER 33962 SYSTEMS LLC CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ Chemicals. Alarms / ALUMINIUM 02LPS@emirate ower. CHLORINATIO Reverse Osmosis N plants. HV/ LV RESPONSE. . Acoustic Materials. SUPPLIERS. / Cont. fertilizer. DRILLING equipments and Transformers. Dry BLOWERS & type Transformers. BLOWER Water Treatment SYSTEM. water treatment. Filtration products. petrochemical OILFIELD plants. SPECIALITY CHEMICALS Diesel generators. Equip. OIL & instrumentation CHEMICALS for oil and gas liwagroup@li SPILL Abu Dhabi 02-6334446 02-6334436 industry. Fire SYSTEMS. c/o PCT Group OFFSHORE SERVICES LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING ABU DHABI 0 Abu Dhabi 02-6272942 02-6271773 FREIGHT World wide freight SHIPPING. quality & environment management certification.LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING 29677 Dubai 04-3973973 04-3971711 dubaimeaa@lr.) Dubai pctme@emir 04-8837585 04-8836530 ates. INSPECTION SERVICES. cranes. CALIBRATION. CLEARING & FORWARDING . MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE COMPANY. INSPECTION SERVICES LOADWISE (LOAD 1518 INSTRUMENTA TION MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA AREA MANAGEMENT Ship classification surveys: Offshore and industrial inspection services. LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS 31510 Dubai i04-2831233 04-2831244 log@emirate s. Safe load indicator LOAD systems for INDICATION.

com investigation.LONESTAR TECHNICAL SERVICES 8817 Dubai Chemical analysis. ae LUBRIZOL INTERNATIONA 6000 L INC Dubai 04-2720545 04-2710611 MARINE & OFFSHORE Suppliers of Marine SERVICES/EQU Fire Fighting. metallurgical evaluation & testing@lone www. physical testing. . Survival & Saftey SAFETY & Equipments and SECURITY Servicing. r-lab. EQPT. INSPECTION SERVICES LOUIS MARINE GROUP OF 4078 COMPANIES Sharjah louismar@e 06-5434589 06-5432591 failure 04-3243888 04-3243682 star-lab. hull thickness surveys and NonDestructive Testing (NDT). ENVIRONMENT AL SURVEYS. environmental testing. FAILURE ANALYSIS. analysis. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT Development & manufacture of chemical additives designed to LUBRICANTS improve the performance of lubricants & fuels. ENVIRONMENT AL POLLUTION MONITORING.

net. Lifting OILFIELD equipment and EQUIPMENT Non ferrous SUPPLIERS. LIFTING Oilfield equipment EQUIPMENT. valves. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS MR DEVELOPMENT 5406 & COMMERCIAL CO LLC Dubai 04-2664280/ fifco@emirat 04-2693910 2664041 es. flanges. metals. industrial FLANGES mechanical & Electrical contracting and Facilities Management Services & Maintenance.LUNAR DRAKE 1600/50 Dubai & SCULL (L. patented products. suppliers. HUSAIN & 1816 BROTHERS LLC Dubai 04-2221046 04-2232500 afb2211@em irates.L.C) 237 04-3313123 04-3310989 lds@emirate Pipes & pipe fittings. AIR CONDITIONIN G. SHIP STORES SUPPLIERS . ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS .ae M.

Representation & sponsorship. TAYLOR STEEL (DUBAI) LTD (c/o 1518 Oilfields Supply Center Limited) Dubai mtsdubai@e 04-8838252 04-8838253 mirates. Alloy. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. GROUP OF 42181 COMPANIES MA AL MAZROUI GENERAL TRADING EST Dubai 04-2221184 04-2289949 mkoil@mkoil . general services. Pressure Vessel. offered from exstock and new mill production. HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING. ae Suppliers of Steel Plate to the Petrochemical Industry for Over 40 LUBRICANTS 2151 alfandi@emir Abu Dhabi 02-6320620 02-6317158 ates. MacGREGOR 9667 (ARE) GULF LLC Abu Dhabi 02-5541690 02-5541601 HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES. Structural.M. Wear Resistant & High Yield Steel Plate in Carbon. HYDRAULIC PUMPS . Stainless and Non Ferrous grades. trade agencies. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. STEEL STOCKISTS (STAINLESS STEEL) M. HARD ALLOYS.

& Suppliers to oil. HYDRAULIC PUMPS MACHINERY PEOPLE TRADING CO LLC 50567 Dubai machpeop@ 04-2952991 04-2952192 emirates. HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING. CHAINS. gas & petrochemical companies in the gulf & other products / . survey. CABLE ACCESSORIES. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. MADOS 45290 Abu Dhabi 02-6744364 02-6744365 MAF 60811 SECURICOR LLC Dubai 04-2894289 04-2894290 . parts & component supply. BUILDING MATERIALS. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES. testing. repair. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS SECURITY GUARDS & PATROL SERVICES COMM. design.MacGREGOR (ARE) LLC 30029 Dubai 04043241335/32 3241271/324 41292 1290 MacGREGOR cargo access equipment and hydraulic transmissions.

MAGENTRON INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS TRADING 20008 Ajman 06-7481253 06-7481254 gopal2@emir ates. EAST. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. Stainless and Austentic steel pipes. INDUSTRIAL REPAIR SERVICES. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS OIL & GAS EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION MIDDLE. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE MAGTECH INDUSTRIAL EQPT. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS. Nuts. Gaskets utpo 24" and Above. OIL Bolts. BW and Forged Stockist and suppliers of MAGHAM DUBAI 8144 ESTABLISHMEN T Dubai 04-8816156 04-8816055 Oil exploration & production. Flanges. Valves. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. . LOAD INDICATION. SUPPLIES 38332 Dubai 04-3408535 04-3408545 info@magtec h-uae. PIPES.

Safety Eye Wear.ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6452447 02-6452248 info@magus dxb. Fall Arrest Systems. Safety Footwear. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT MAGUS INTERNATIONA 53558 L . SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT MAHY KHOORY 41 & CO Dubai 04-2666300 04-2661642 Trading & manufacturing. Skin Protection. Head Protection. Respiratory Protection. BREATHING APPARATUS. GAS DETECTORS. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. Ear BREATHING APPARATUS.MAGUS INTERNATIONA 37536 L Dubai 04-3393903 04-3384037 Manufacturers & Suppliers of: Fire Protective Garments. Gas Detection Equipment. GAS DETECTORS. Eyewash Stations. Uniforms & Industrial Workwear. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. GENERAL TRADING .


GEARS ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT ION. Ajman 06-7422620 06-7422620 malibute@ei m. LV switchgear. distribution boards. Heavy lift transportation heavy lift & project shipping. main switchboards.MAKTOOM AL MAZROUI GEN. / 04-3970099 04-3970088 tankssales@ mammut. CONTROLS. ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR. Worldwide specialists in heavy lifting and transport. 12838 TRANSPORT MAMMOET 2297 Dubai mamgulf@e 04-3331252 04-3331366 . Building Systems: Manufactures of Pre-Engineered Steel Building & Polyurethane Sandwich Panels Industries: Manufacturers of all kind of Tanks including Tankers. MALIBU TECH FZE 21144 Abu Dhabi 02-6661282 02-6665636 Non Sparking MALISCO SWITCHGEAR 22624 INDUSTRY LLC Sharjah 06-5321125 06-5321105 malisco@emi rates. HEAVY CRANES. Safety Products. HEAVY EQUIPMENT MAMMUT BUILDING SYSTEMS/MAM 28414 MUT INDUSTRIES Dubai sales@mam mut. control panels. ae ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. motor controls.

TUBES Internal Epoxy & PIPE Coating Facilities. FITTINGS Manufacturing Range For LSAW 16" .net.60" & HSAW . lashing belts. Also Manufacturer of Aluminium Extrusion Profiles. ae Manager 14675 Dubai basudescon 04-2653651 04-2653264 @emirates.) Abu Dhabi 02-6766126 02-6766048 aft@emirate s.n et. Approved By Major Oil & Gas Companies. EQUIPMENT complete range of full body harness & ropes.K. LIMITED 0 Sharjah mangroup@e 06-5724626 06-5724616 mirates.18" . Manufacturing API Grade And BIS Certified Longitudinal & Spiral MAN U. CONTROL .80". ‘Man’ has In House 3 LPE / FBE / CTE & Manufacturers of lifting belts. Two manufacturing facilities with total capacity of more than 1200 Kms. INSTRUMENTA Process TIONInstrumentation & PROCESS control systems.MAMMUTTEC SWITZERLAND (C/o Al Mazroui 5526 Flowtronix Ltd. Representing man industries (I) LTD. LIFTING round slings.

net.MANNINGS (SOUTHPORT) LTD (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. ae Thermal & environmental engineers. com Geographic / technical date Acquistion automated mapping orthophoto production GIS implementation. ENVIRONMENT AL SURVEYS COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES. ae MAORSK SEALAND SERVICES INC 50720 Dubai 04-3326200 04-3326700 Shipping lines SHIPPING AGENCIES MAPS (UAE) 5232 Sharjah info@maps06-5725411 06-5724057 geosystems. MANSOORI INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY (MIS) 287 mis39795@e Abu Dhabi 02-6339795 02-6339794 ENVIRONMENT AL CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . GEOLOGICAL CONSULTANTS .

professionally MARINE & managed marine OFFSHORE operation company SERVICES/EQU complying with IPMENT. SALES: provides the Part of ETA . UPS & Supply of varios WORKBOATS types of vessels used in the offshore sector.ship sale & purchase division A BARGES.MAR SOL 31966 Dubai 04-2971912 04-2970147 imarsol@eta snp. .BARGES. internationally MARINE accepted CHARTERING/ standards. following services: JACK.

Electro Electroless Nickel Plating. Hydraulic Repairs. Hard Chrome Plating. Polishing. Development of new business opportunities in the gulf region and the middle east. New!! Customized Coating Contracts Offered. Phosphating. Passivation. Engine Parts. Decorative Platings. Anodizing. Mandrals. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES. Crankshafts. Chromating. Rollers. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE . Actuators Cylinders. CATHODIC PROTECTION. Hydraulic Shafts. Machining.MARAMI METAL 29327 PLATING Dubai 04-3474765 04-3479908 mmp@emira tes. INDUSTRIAL REPAIR SERVICES MARATHON INTERNATIONA 9204 L PETROLEUM LTD Dubai jwhakkinen@ 04-3097033 04-3310941 marathonoil. Refurbishing and Reconditioning of mechanical components Such as: Valves (Ball. ELECTROPLATI NG. Gates) Pistons. Machine Parts. com OIL Steel/ Iron.

Boats. Tug Boats. anchor CHARTERING/ handling tugs. A leading marine & offshore Services company. MARINE SURVEYS. providing MARINE & Multipurpose OFFSHORE Maintenance SERVICES/EQU Vessels. detectors. SALES: crane MARICON CONSULTANTS 932 (PVT) LIMITED Ajman 06-7470391 06-7424692 maricon@em MARCAP LLC / AL BAWARDI MARINE SERVICES 30175 Abu Dhabi 02-6225100 02-6223005 info@marcap . landing crafts & JACK. fire FIRE nozzles. hydraulic PROTECTION rescue tools. UPS & offshore WORKBOATS operational equipment CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT. fighting & GAS protective DETECTORS clothings.MARBCO TRADING & TECHNICAL SERVICES 7654 02Abu Dhabi 6270898 / 6273593 02-6267941 marbco@emi rates. TUGS. MARINE crew Breathing BREATHING apparatus. BARGES. gas APPARATUS. supply IPMENT. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. TANKS INSPECTION . fire PRODUCTS.

FABRICATIONS commissioning. 3370754/55 ae MARINE & AGRICULTURAL 4058 SUPPLIERS Dubai 042262747 / 2262220 04-2262039 FISHING TOOLS & OFFSHORE SERVICES. MARINE CONTRACTORS Machining.MARIDIVE & OIL SERVICES 44992 maridive@e Abu Dhabi 02-6712205 02-6712767 mirates. Marine. ae Marine vessel charters & underwater contractors MARINE & OFFSHORE CHARTER OPERATORS. MARINE & . motor cycle SERVICES/EQU spare parts. real IPMENT. fabrication. MARINA ENGINEERING 5529 Sharjah 06-5337076 06-5326852 marina1@em irates. testing & fishing. ae MARINE REPAIR SERVICES 322 Abu Dhabi 02-6423336 02-6423533 med@masoo d. SHIP CHANDLERS MARINA SHIPCHANDLER 32624 S Dubai marinstr@e 0404-3378730 mirates. estate. Shipchandling. power OFFSHORE tools. POWER TOOLS SUPPLIES MARINE & ENGINEERING SUPPLIES CO LLC (MESCO) MARINE PRODUCTS & SERVICES DIVISION 5352 Dubai mescodxb@e 04-3247014 04-3247133 mirates. erection. BREATHING APPARATUS. marine & heavy industries in the Middle East. PRESSURE VESSELS MARITIME INDUSTRIAL SERVICES CO LTD INC (MIS) 4596 . gas. operations & maintenance services to the oil. ae Providing engineering. power generation. project management. construction.MARITIME INDUSTRIAL SERVICES CO 11791 LTD INC (MIS) . H2S SAFETY.MIS Head office Dubai miscoltd@e 04-8837040 04-8836484 mirates. FIRE PROTECTION fabrication. Also offering offshore drilling rig repair & modification services. PRESSURE VESSELS . BREATHING APPARATUS.Sharjah Fabrication Yard Sharjah 06-5285345 06-5285820 misnet@emir petrochemical. H2S SAFETY. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. safety.

ANALYSERSPROCESS CONTROL. analytical N. CALIBRATION. spare parts. SOIL INVESTIGATIO N . software. Corrosion monitoring & control. navigation. SCADA. CATHODIC PROTECTION MARJAN OILFIELD SERVICES 6688 02Abu Dhabi 5553331 / 5553388 02-5553705 COMPLETIONS MARKETING CONSULTANCY 8344 & TRADING Dubai 04-3431212 04-3430609 mctcorr@emi rates. communication. Land and marine GEOTECHNICA DREDGING. MARTIN MID EAST LLC 54182 Dubai mmedubai@ 04-3476242 04-3476231 emirates. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL GENERAL TRADING MARLIN OFFICE SYSTEMS 50579 Dubai 04-3354561 04-3354378 marlinof@em Specialised in office furniture. dredging L and site INVESTIGATIO investigations. . calibration services. ae Instrumentation. CORROSION CONTROL & REPAIR TO CONCRETE. STRUCTRES &.MARITRONICS 6488 Dubai maritron@e 04-3247500 04-3242500 mirates. ENVIRONMENT AL SURVEYS. GEOTECHNICA L INVESTIGATIO N. .PORTABLE. ae DREDGING. GAS TURBINES MARUBENI 3465 CORPORATION abuadmi@m Abu Dhabi 02-6219622 02-6219623 arubeni. MACHINERY transformers & & TOOL telecommunication SUPPLIERS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &.MARTIN MID EAST LLC .corp. s equipment & STEEL trading in oil CONSTRUCTIO products. N PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. ENVIRONMENT AL SURVEYS. Suppliers of GENERATORS/ machinery & steel TRANSFORMER products. cables.ABU 70734 DHABI BRANCH martinme@e Abu Dhabi 02-6731657 02-6731671 mirates. SOIL INVESTIGATIO N GENERATORS . com MASAOOD JOHN BROWN 322 info@masao Abu Dhabi 02-6418814 02-6418815 odjohnbrown .

WELLHEADS & VALVES MASAOOD OSBORNE BEARINGS 30703 Dubai 04-8833310 04-8833538 MASH TRADERS 51300 MASHREQ INTERNATIONA 25018 L LLC Dubai mashdxb@e 04-2693048 04-2664930 mirates. ae 04zenart@emir 2661900/22 04-2977892 ates. c/o Stevens International (LLC) OEM and Aftermarket Break Rims and Break oil TURBINES. Manual and MASTER OILFIELD 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply. CONTROLS. Manufacture of Surface Chokes. Leader in Choke Subsea Chokes. VALVE MANUFACTURE m . pads. GAS TURBINES Repair & Manufacture of BEARINGS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. CHOKES. white metal GAS 39246 Dubai MASTER FLO VALVE INC 4118 Abu Dhabi 02-6329150 02-6321276 gariki@mast erflo.MASAOOD JOHN BROWN DUBAI 11931 Dubai 04-8836319 04-8836486 CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. CHEMICALS/M Chemicals & UD/MINERALS/ Chemical products. Severe Duty Control Valves. seals & deflectors for turbines. VALVES CONTROL. DRILLING FLUIDS Warehouses & building materials.

OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS MASTERS CRANE COMPANY LLC. HEAVY EQUIPMENT. 40681 Sharjah MASTERS CRANE 6739 COMPANY LLC. LLC 57623 Dubai mteasger@e 04-2271617 04-2279226 mirates. 8763 . Cranes Ranging from 7 Tons to 400 Tons Capacity.LLC.MASTER TRADERS CO. ae mastheat@e 06-5432279 06-5423707 mirates. Built with the Latest Technology & Highest Approved Safety Standards. LIFTING MASTERHEAT INDUSTRIAL CO. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. HEAVY EQUIPMENT. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS . Sharjah 06info@master 5282111/52 06-5281110 scrane. hire and Sale of Mobile Cranes with a Complete Backup Service Across the whole Middle 85134 HEAVY CRANES.ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-5554828 02-5554868 HEAVY CRANES. HEATERS. ae Electrical heater HEAT EXCHANGERS.

HEAVY EQUIPMENT. Directional DANGEROUS CARGO. FREIGHT FORWARDING .DUBAI BRANCH Dubai 043330017/33 04-3331982 31933 HEAVY CRANES. Freight Forwarding CLEARING & & Trading FORWARDING.MASTERS CRANE COMPANY LLC. Jacking. FREIGHT SHIPPING. ae MATAR STEEL WORKS 37968 Dubai 04-3383807 04-3387837 MATRIX 7674 02Abu Dhabi 02-6343969 6325188 / 6325088 matrix@matr ixuae. Sand blasting commercial & industrial STEEL ERECTORS MATAR ENGINEERING 30710 CONSTRUCTIO N matareng@e Abu Dhabi 02-6339961 02-6337448 mirates. Cathodic FREIGHT FORWARDERS. 50097 . OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Micro Tunnelling. DeDRILLING Watering. Protection. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. Pipe PROTECTION. CATHODIC Augur Boring.

PROTECTED Explosion proof marine surveyors. EXPLOSION c/o PCT Group .MATTERSON CRANES 1518 Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir CRANE. MARINE SURVEYS. PROOF Electric and FITTINGS. LIFTING EQUIPMENT MATTHEWSDANIEL SERVICES (BERMUDA) LTD 2472 mdauh@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6347440 02-6347449 rates. manual overhead EXPLOSION travelling cranes. versions LOSS Loss adjusters & ADJUSTERS.

MAXTUBE 17319 Dubai 04-8817712 04-8813354 info@maxtub e.MATTHEWSDANIEL SERVICES (BERMUDA) LTD . OCTG (OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS) Cleaning. Installation of FIBREGLASS / Duoline® Fibre GRP Glass-Epoxy Liner PRODUCTS. MAZROUI BRENGREEN 4717 Abu Dhabi 02-8731032 02-8731075 mb6@emirat Janitorial CLEANING services & PRODUCTS/EQ gardening. CORROSION MONITORING Supply & & LOSS ADJUSTERS.DUBAI BRANCH 27503 Dubai mddxb@emir 04-2820021 04-2820023 ates. MARINE SURVEYS. UIPMENT .ae CASING / ABRASIVES. WLL 4518 mazhawi@e Abu Dhabi 02-6341116 02-6338553 mirates. MDS . MAZRUI ENGINEERING PRODUCTS 70121 Abu Dhabi 02-5555883 02-5555884 adminauh@ ae Electrical switchgear manufacturing. CALIBRATION MBK ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT TRADING CO (LLC) 22418 Dubai 042628293 / 2668293 mbkdubai@e 04-2625412 mirates. SANDBLASTIN GCOMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL. .DUBAI 8361 Dubai 04-3350300 04-3350210 mdsdxb@md sale & implementation of software ae PAINTING & PAINTING CONTRACTORS .ae MDS COMPUTERS 7899 Abu Dhabi 02-6274000 02-6273399 mdsauh@md suae. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. AIR TOOLS. site preparations & power systems.MAZROUI & HAWI PAINTING CO. System integration.

ae COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES . implement & support enterprise software solutions (Enterprise Assets Maintenance Systems.WELD TRADING CO (LLC) 2854 Dubai 0404sales@mech 2239885/22 2236254/221 weld. MECHATRONIC S INDUSTRIAL 19104 EQUIPMENT LLC Dubai mechtron@e 04-2674311 04-2674312 mirates. COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SOLUTIONS 7899 Abu Dhabi 02-6268444 02-6272744 mdssol@mds uae. SHIPPING LINES MECH . EProcurement & ECommerce transactions) to large Accounts in the Middle East region. welding & WELDING industrial EQUIPMENT equipment. COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & 16763 6764 Steel stock WELDING & Promote. MEARSK SEALAND SERVICES INC 50720 Dubai 04-3326200 04-3326700 Shipping lines DANGEROUS CARGO. SHIPPING Business Management Software.

net. SERVICE blasting. ship sale and SEA/AIR purchase. Industrial Rope Access provider to the Middle East region specialising in NDT inspections. Managers. CARGO international TRANSHIPMEN forwarding. Dubai 043525300 / 3521928 mega2000@ 04-3519797 emirates. FORWARDING. ae DANGEROUS CARGO. SERVICES. maintainance. NVOCC. and high pressure ROPE ACCESS cleaning. A cost effective and flexible solution to all of your access problems. equipment & WAREHOUSIN suppliers. ae . OILFIELD MEGARACK TRADING EST 61589 Dubai megarack@e 04-2828737 04-2828446 mirates. G DISTRIBUTION & STORAGE. painting COMPANIES. FREIGHT Charterers. Ship . CLEARING & Shipping agents. INSPECTION repairs. MEGARME 6396 Dubai megarme@e 04-3967884 04-3967885 MARITIME 24603 SHIPPING EST. T SERVICES. SHIPPING AGENTS SHELVING & STORAGE EQPT & Shelving & Storage SUPPLIES.

FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. EXPRESS / COURIER SERVICE Abu Dhabi 02-6269282 02-6264376 . TION FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL.MEGARME ABU DHABI BRANCH 0 Abu Dhabi 02-6262251 02-6273386 MEGGER 8141 Dubai 04-2734005 04-2719285 sales@haris. Haris Al Afaq CABLE FIREPROOFING CONTRACTORS & SUPPLIERS. fireproofing & refractory works. Your PRODUCTS. ROPE ACCESS ELECTRICAL c/o. ae Insulation. INSULATION MEISEI INDUSTRIAL CO LTD (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. Manufacturer ACCESSORIES. MEITCO INDUSTRIAL 41706 CHEMICALS MEMO EXPRESS SERVICES LLC 0 ABU DHABI OFFICE Dubai 04-2276791 04-2276499 meitco@com . gate way to INSTRUMENTA testing solutions. distribution ELECTRICAL equipments. com INSPECTION SERVICES. of electrical power ELECTRICAL transmission and ENGINEERING. OILFIELD SERVICE General Trading Chemicals.

MEMO EXPRESS 13001 SERVICES LLC. repairs & pressure METITO (OVERSEAS) LTD CHEMICAL DIVISION 47881 metitoad@e Abu Dhabi 02-6333942 02-6332257 mirates. SERVICES. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE DESALINATION /POTABLE WATER MAKERS. ae Water & Waste water treatment plants. ELECTRICAL MOTORS. inter-city. WATER TREATMENT.ra 04-3331148 04-3331480 o@meteldxb. Dubai memo@mem 04-2118111 04-2118113 oexpress. METEL TRADING LLC 8735 Dubai shashank. Sunstrand gearbox exchange. . couriers. MEOS WORKSHOP SERVICES 16975 DubaiJebel Ali 0404-8835262 8835519/026787678 Oilfield & marine workshop services. machine shop & fabrication facility. EQUIPMENT HIRE. Navaid stocks. van m COMMUNICATI Motorcycle ONS messengers. Desalination & demineralisation. DIESEL COURIER inter-emirate. CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS METRO MAC MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ENGINEERS 13485 Dubai metromac@e 04-3247777 04-3241048 mirates. ae Providing quality products and services to marine and industrial customers. CONTRACTORS Pipe laying works. GAS DETECTORS METSO AUTOMATION FZE 17175 Dubai saileash.BALL ball. ae CIVIL ENGINEERING/ Contractor . CALIBRATION.laak hani@nelesa 04-8836974 04-8836836 utomation. butterfly and segment m Manufacturer of soft/metal seated high performance VALVES . Telecommunicatio ELECTROMECH metroabc@e Abu Dhabi 02-6277277 02-6277722 mirates. ANALYSERSPROCESS CONTROL. ElectroN/. Cable laying ANICAL etc. mecganical works. MG TECHNICAL 8327 ENTERPRISES Dubai 04-2275949 04-2238131 .Civil CONSTRUCTIO works.METRO CONTRACTING 27720 EST. .

Environmental LABORATORY Services and TESTING. OPERATING products & COMPANIES. Solids FLUIDS. SUPPLIERS International DRILL PIPES. services. Safety.M-I GULF SERVICES LLC 2851 Dubai 04-8837042 04-8837139 info@miduba i. PROTECTION. Laboratory / OILFIELD Analytical EQUIPMENT Services. suppliers of oilwell OIL DRILLING drilling fluids. PROTECTION.c om MIDAS SAFETY PRODUCTS 26464 TRADING Dubai 04-8871095 04-8813787 info@midassafety. Industrial Work PROTECTIVE Gloves and Road CLOTHING. Equipment. VENTURES computer. Safety HEARING Products. contract claims GAS Personal Protective DETECTORS. joint JOINT ventures. UD/MINERALS/ Drilling fluid DRILLING Oilfield services. Waste AL Management. Control ENVIRONMENT M-I OVERSEAS 4076 Abu Dhabi 02-6717646 02-6717997 MICROTECH MANAGEMENT 50798 CONSULTANTS Dubai 04- microtech@t radearabia. REFLECTIVE VESTS . CHEMICALS/M Drilling fluids. Management consultancy.

Pipe Repair Clamp. Equipment Parts. HOSES & FITTINGS. Pipes. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS. Tubes. INTEGRATED MFRG. Consumables. GAS PIPES. MIDDLE EAST CONTROL SERVICES 37888 Dubai 04-3388555 04-3388987 mecs@emira tes. REFLECTIVE VESTS GASKETS / SEALING MIDCO LLC 8559 Abu Dhabi 02-5542144 02-5542762 midco@emir ates. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION & CTRL.MIDAS SAFETY PRODUCTS 9535 TRADING .ae Valves. Fasteners. Safety Items.ABU DHABI BRANCH akhlaq@mid Abu Dhabi 02-5544482 02-5544782 assafety. INSTRUMENTA TION . Fittings. HEARING PROTECTION. Hoses & General Trading. INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL.

CABLE ACCESSORIES. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY . PREFABRICATE D/PORTABLE STRUCTURES. CONSULTANCY Supplies and services required for a diverse range of industries.MIDDLE EAST ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SERVICES CO (MEISCO) 519 Abu Dhabi 02-6442600 02-6442387 mideast@em irates. Cold Store panel Management Development. which include oil & gas. MIDDLE EAST MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH CENTRE 31960 Dubai memrc@emi 04-3328737 04-3328868 Fixing accessories. CAMP ADMINISTRATI ON & MANAGEMENT. CHEMICAL MONITORING SYSTEMS. modular building system. Training & Clading system. CONSULTANCY CRANE MIDDLE EAST INDUSTRIAL SHOW 3222 Sharjah 06-5770000 06-5770111 EXHIBITIONS / FAIRS MIDDLE EAST INSULATION LLC 14225 Dubai 04-8801600 04-8801700 sales@meiuae. STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS. water & electricity and the industrial sectors in the UAE & Gulf countries.

SCRAP METALS .ae N COMPANY MIDDLE EAST SCAFFOLDING LLC 43537 Abu Dhabi 02-6779559 02-6779558 scaffold@emi MIDDLE EAST SCRAP 0 TRADING . SCAFFOLDING Sale & hire of scaffolding towers & cradles.MIDDLE EAST PETROLEUM smshig@emi 411120 Abu Dhabi 02-6788321 02-6784459 CONSTRUCTIO rates.BULK SWITCHGEAR/ MOTOR CONTROLS LOW VOLTAGE 22984 Sharjah meswgear@ 06-5388173 06-5388643 emirates. Specialist contract services to the oil & gas Oilfield Surplus Pipes and ae Building Materials Offshore Cranes Oilfield Equipment Suppliers Oilfield Services Crane Inspection & Testing .ae MIDDLE EAST SCRAP TRADING 33283 Sharjah panmetal@e 06-5420711 06-5423886 mirates. Dealers and Exporters of Ferrous and Non ferrous Metal SCRAP METALS Scrap and All .ABU DHABI BRANCH MIDDLE EAST SCRAP TRADING SHARJAH BRANCH MIDDLE EAST SWITCHGEAR IND LTD Abu Dhabi 02-5510610 02-5513455 0 Sharjah 06-5349397 06-5349398 SCRAP METALS .ae .

Chemicals & Equipments for Oil. Supply of Pipes. Sealing of Gravity MARINE & Lines. / Drainage Lines OILFIELD using Trenchless EQUIPMENT (No-Dig) STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS MIDLAND STEEL ENGINEERING CO (L. General Trading & Investment. GENERAL CCTV Survey. STEEL FABRICATION. OFFSHORE Rehabilitation & SERVICES/EQU Relining of Sewage IPMENT. O & M of Sewage / Drainage Network. Valves. ae .L. Gas & Water Industry. Leak TRADING. ae Oil & Gas Field Services.MIDDLE EAST TRADING & CONTRACTING 851 CO (METCO) WLL Abu Dhabi 02-6263900 02-6263223 info@metco. Technology. Cleaning. Fittings.C) 27694 Sharjah midsteel@e 06-5343239 06-5343249 mirates. Marine Equipments & Services MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION. OILFIELD Installation of SERVICE Vacuum Sewage COMPANIES Network.

MACHINE SHOP SUPPLIES.L. cutting tools and metal cutting h-me. 37500 Dubai We represent some of the world’s prestigious suppliers to the metal cutting menon@midt www. MILESTONE TECHNOLOGY 25537 Dubai miletech@e 04-2664440 04-2629368 mirates. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. ae Manpower. workshop equipment.MIDTECH ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS L. MACHINERY & TOOL Middle East for machine tools.midtec industry in the 04-3391146 04-3391147 ech-me.C. IT & Training. CUTTING TOOLS. TOOLS CUTTING COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS. .

MILLENNIUM HOTEL . Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Sevilo’s. Cristal & Citrus. With guest facilities including 325 luxurious guestrooms . the Millennium Hotel caters for both corporate and leisure travellers alike. Standing on Khalifa Street just opposite Capital Gardens. a magnificent Grand Ballroom and a HOTEL diverse range of culinary options.ABU DHABI 44486 reservations. whilst being situated in one of Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious locations. Abu Dhabi 02-6262700 02-6260333 abudhabi@m illcop.of which 64 are Suites and 16 are Studios. A striking mix of understated Arabic and contemporary Making its mark as the Capital’s stunning 5-star business lifestyle Hotel. coupled with a distinctively warm and welcoming . Marakesh.

CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. TUBES valves. petrochemicals DRILLING PRODUCTS. TRADING LLC 55680 Dubai 04-2268052 04-2268051 mishkat@em pipe MISHKAT UL ANWAR B. Oilfield Chemicals India GASKETS / Major suppliers of SEALING all kinds of MIRRA INTERNATIONA 24297 L Dubai 04-2292248 04-2292974 mirra@emira tes. gaskets.M.P. FITTINGS. Valves & OILFIELD fitting J & B .net. MJB INTERNATIONA 11931 L Dubai info@mjbinte 04-8836319 04-8836486 NUTS & BOLTS. PIPES. LLC 7133 Sharjah 065421630 / 5432453 06-5433416 minar@emir ates. PRODUCTS.MINAR TRADING CO.M ? INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Trading oilfield DRILLING chemicals & EQUIPMENT. & PIPE stud m . Pipes.

muds. PREFABRICATE D/PORTABLE STRUCTURES. gas field. STEEL FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS BUILDING PORTABLE. . MACHINE SHOPS. Stainless steel & Aluminium Petrochemicals & concrete mix. TOILETS/PORT ABLES MODERN EAST FABRICATION AND ENGINEERING 60291 Dubai 04-2858884 04-2850661 mefab@emir ates. portable/ chemical toilets changing/green rooms for events turnkey solutions for all kind of events/ exhibitions military installations. stimulation. ae Suppliers of oilfield chemicals. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS FABRICATIONS .MODERN ARABIAN 4273 CHEMICALS LLC Dubai modchem@e 04-3977588 04-3977589 mirates. offshore/onshore containerised modules. Lease/sale of prefabricated/port able buildings. PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO MODEST COMPANY LLC DUBAI 5741 Dubai prefabs@mo 04-8814786 04-8812786 destcompany .

R. Tools. ALBAHAR) Abu Dhabi 02-5554200 02-5540061 CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .A. PLANT HIRE. material handling & power generation equipment.albaha 5433555/80 06-5432555 Other Leading ahar.AL AIN BRANCH Al Ain 03-7825060 03-7825035 . EQUIPMENT HIRE. DIESEL GENERATORS MOHAMED ABDULRAHMAN AL-BAHAR 15354 (M. road building. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. CRANE. generator rental & service. Plus more Also on Rental. CRANE. Construction. Trusted Caterpillar 06Machines and dastidar@alb www. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS. ALBAHAR) . Supply r.R. parts sales. marine engines.A. DIESEL GENERATORS CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . TOOL & EQUIPMENT RENTAL MOHAMED ABDULRAHMAN AL-BAHAR 441 (M.MOHAMED ABDULRAHMAN AL-BAHAR (CAT 6038 RENTAL STORE) Sharjah The Cat Rental Store The Cat Rental Store Rental 06644 Brands of Construction Equipment.


net. UPS & services. Hardware. CONTROLS.MOHAMED ALI ASHOOR 25548 TRADING Dubai ceearson@e 04-2229686 04-2216035 mirates. Ship Stores. MOHAMMED BIN MASAOOD 322 & SONS mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. SAW/ERW seamless line pipes. .BARGES. Gas. Water. Power and ELECTRICAL the Petrochemical EQUIPMENT sectors. Building O & M &. Complete SWITCHGEAR EPC jobs. ae Trading and Chartering of vessels. ae Trading and supply of all engineering products related with Oil. ae Ropes. JACK.MOJIL GROUP 14526 Dubai mmggulf@e 04-2957888 04-2956904 mirates. OFFSHORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS MOHAMMAD AL. BUILDING MATERIALS MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS.

ae MOHAMMED HAREB AL OTAIBA 310 Abu Dhabi 02-6225700 02-6220032 ANALYSERSPROCESS CONTROL. sports OFFICE & leisure FURNITURE & equipment/applian EQUIPMENT ces RETAIL. office TRADING. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR & Food service GENERAL MOHAMMED OMAR BIN 3555 HAIDER GROUP OF COMPANIES Dubai 04-2821191 04-2825115 Real Estate OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS .MOHAMMED BINGHALIB ENERGY ENTERPRISES LLC 7141 Dubai 04-2672270 04-2672264 energy@emi rates. MOHAMMED HAREB AL 5009 OTAIBA DUBAI Dubai 04-2691575 04-2697465 mhao@emira tes. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES.

downhole tools. DOWNHOLE gate valves. TUBING. oilfield HOSES & equipment FITTINGS suppliers. SUPPLIERS Oilfield equipment supplies. ELECTRICAL Supplier of pumps.MOHAMMED TAYYEB KHOORY & SONS 4664 Dubai 043146146 / 3476999 04-3479929 tayyeb@emir ates. butterfly valves. drilling equipment. marine EQUIPMENT. engines. fire protection. ELECTROMECH generators. tubing. CONTRACTORS compressors. . fishing tools. solids control equipment & 8311 DRILLING EQUIPMENT. safety equipment. DRILLING lubricants. ANICAL welding sets. MOTORS. drill CASING / pipe. & fittings. & offshore. /SUPPLIERS. RS/. pumps & Mohan Chathath Manager 050 6251487 8278 Dubai 04-2233311 04-2226579 dxbfuel@emi Fuel & lubricants PETROLEUM supply for PRODUCTS commercial & MANUFACTURE bunker. GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S MOHEBIMIDCONTINEN 40462 T OILFIELD SUPPLY LLC Sharjah 06mmos@moh 06-5323779 5323776/533 ebi. hoses TOOLS.

hydraulic oils.MOHIUDEEN WOOD WORKS 2853 CO. Kuwait.L.DUBAI BRANCH Dubai moodydxb@ 04-2284808 04-2283843 emirates. Saudi . INSPECTION SERVICES. ae Saw Milling and BUILDING Timber & Plywood MATERIALS Trading. MOMENTUM ENGINEERING 62424 Dubai info@momen 04-3974115 04-3974556 Worldwide quality assurance.C. ATF coolant/antifreeze. ISO CERTIFICATIO N greases and m Motor oils. ISO CERTIFICATIO N BODIES. (L. QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL . Bahrain. DRILLING CONTRACTORS .ae INSPECTION MOODY INTERNATIONA 47754 L moodyuae@ Abu Dhabi 02-6261300 02-6261811 emirates. DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL MOODY INTERNATIONA 1142 L . Oman & Iran. gear oils. quality control. ISO 9000 certification & training Registered Office: Abu Dhabi. Branches: .) Ajman ashwood@e 06-7437032 06-7437294 mirates. EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION MOMIN OIL INDUSTRY FZCO 61292 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8819717 04-8819725 momins@em irates.

CLEARING & FORWARDING. tubing. CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. Clearing and Forwarding Agents. COILED cementing. well TUBING stimulation. FREIGHT SHIPPING. services & down FISHING hole MORAIK DEVELOPMENT & OILFIELD 0 SERVICES HABSHAN Habshan 04-8831013 04-8831212 CEMENTING/G ROUTING. nitrogen FILTRATION. Daily Groupage Cargo Service to Jordan. REMOVALS MORAIK DEVELOPMENT 4395 & OILFIELD SERVICES Abu Dhabi 02-6336900 02-6336335 moraik@emi rates. TOOLS & SERVICE CEMENTING/G ROUTING. COILED TUBING Sea & FISHING TOOLS & SERVICE . Acidizing. Removals & Packing. Oversized Cargo Movements by Road.MOON STAR FREIGHT LLC 111886 Dubai sunfrght@e 04-2974720 04-2974730 mirates. HEAVY LIFT SHIPPING. ae Reliable Cargo Movers by Road. FILTRATION. Kuwait & Saudi Arabia. coiled SERVICES.

RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS . SHIPPING COMPANIES & AGENTS. . CABLE ACCESSORIES. CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY MOSTAFA BIN ABDULLALATIF 44 LLC Dubai 04-3536421 04-3532174 mbaled@emi Management Consulting. Company Formation. Financial Consulting. IT Cable Supplier. TRAINING & EDUCATIONAL -INDUSTRIAL FREIGHT SHIPPING. CABLE & PIPE TRANSITS. Shipping agents/freight forwarding/charter ing/oilfield marine transportation/proj ect & heavy lift transportation/offs hore supplies/air freight & Accounting and Audit MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY .MORISON MENON 31616 CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS abudhabi@m Abu Dhabi 02-6772727 02-6773737 orisonmenon .com MOSACO SHIPPING & FORWARDING (LLC) 50766 Dubai 04-3527667 04-3518724 mosaco@emi rates. CLEARING & FORWARDING.

com EVENTION . MSA range of products covers a wide spectrum of safety applications including BREATHING Respiratory APPARATUS. Systems. Ear and Face EQUIPMENT Protection. covering the safety markets in more than 120 countries. MSA Middle East in Abu Dhabi. Portable and Fixed ddleast. UAE is the regional office of MSA International. Head EQUIPMENT.MSA MIDDLE EAST 46338 MSA was founded in 1914 and since then has grown to become the world’s largest company dedicated to producing safety equipment and systems for workers safety and industrial protection. Eye. Fall Protection and Mining Equipment. MSA operations are supported by 28 International subsidiaries. www. FIRE msameast@ Firefighting.msami DETECTION/PR Abu Dhabi 02-6333926 02-6333962 emirates. .ae Gas Detection SYSTEMS &. set to cover the Gulf and Middle East countries.

(calculation. design. MTI M.MTI MIDDLE EAST 1518 Dubai kamel. fatigue life calculation.c 04-8833508 04-8833509 om / kyassin@emi rates.E. training courses (crane operators & A part of the Norwegian MTE Group. LIFTING EQUIPMENT . INSPECTION SERVICES. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. etc). repairs and NDT inspection.yassin @mtimiddleeast. HEAVY EQUIPMENT. ISO 9001: 2000 Certified. etc) & HSE consultancy. drawing. mechanical engineering. is a leader in third party inspection of cranes and all kinds of lifting equipment (onshore & offshore).

net. ae MULTINATION AL QUALITY 29461 CONSULTANTS Dubai 04-3329538 04-3329634 mqc@emirat es. Pilotage. Shipping MARINE Agency.BARGES.L. 7220 Dubai 04mubrship@e 04-2660160 2694963/265 . PAINT marketing MANUFACTURE seigneurie. IPMENT. ENVIRONMENT AL CERTIFICATIO N. and many others. JACK. MARINE SALVAGE PAINT . RS/SUPPLIERS PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS CERTIFICATIO N. Towage. MULTI COATINGS LLC 0 (Dubai Branch Sigma) Dubai sigmadxb@e 04-3380545 04-3380539 Sale & CHARTERING/ Purchase of SALES: Shipping Vessels TUGS.MUBARAK MARINE L. 2569 ae MULTI 46468 COATINGS LLC Abu Dhabi 02-5547666 02-5547866 mcpaint@em MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU Salvage.WHOL Paint & manufacturers and MANUFACTURE suppliers. sigma RS. PAINT and freitag MANUFACTURE products. UPS & WORKBOATS.

NG ae EQUIPMENT. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. transportation (flat aetec@eim. equipment rental. OILFIELD dubai@mima www. Ajman Tankers services. used oil. LTD. storage tanks rental for offshore purposes. .com for the offshore oil a.a trailers) sludge. dealers of all kind of waste diesel. OILFIELD 06INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Steel stockholder SUPPLIERS. TANKER & 06-5421877 06-5421278 e waste liquid VLCC REPAIR disposal. & gas industry. drainage disposal.MURAD OIL TRADING CO. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS SANDBLASTIN murzello@e G/SHOTBLASTI 06-7471527 06-7471528 mirates. PIPES. 27094 Sharjah MURRAY INTERNATIONA 61225 L METALS ME DubaiJebel Ali MURRAY INTERNATIONA 6488 L METALS MESHARJAH Sharjah MURZELLO METAL FINISH 21078 SYSTEM PVT. SUPPLIERS.mimasi 04-8834486 04-8834507 pipes and sections INDUSTRIAL sia. vessel tank cleaning. for steel plates.

contract diving. UPS & WORKBOATS. CABLE TRAYS. TUGS & BARGES . street lighting control cabinets. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. LLC 4282 02musandam@ Abu Dhabi 6424471/64 02-6425257 Sponsorship and representation. subsea maintenance & inspection. supply of materials. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. also provides office facility and public relation. Schneider Electric franchised panel builders (ASTA certified). Charter of offshore support vessels & jack-up barges. CONTROLS MUSANDAM ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 24183 .MUSABAH TRADING 26143 Abu Dhabi 02-6213322 02-6218496 binmarwan@ hotmail. SAFETY CONSULTANTS /TRAINING. JACK. Gas & Petrochemical Industries.BARGES. fabrication & engineering services to the MUTAWA GROUP OF COMPANIES 46100 Abu Dhabi 02-5552800 02-5547855 MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS.

ae GASKETS / SEALING Oilfield equipment PRODUCTS. & services for oil & GENERATORS gas. ae NABORS DRILLING 50563 INTERNATIONA L LIMITED Dubai 04-3314350 04-3314360 nabors@emir ates. SAFETY CLOTHINGS DRILLING CHEMICALS. valves & MY OWN MARINE EQUIPMENT TRADING CO LLC NAAZ INDUSTRIAL TOOLS SUPPLIES COMPANY NABIL AL SHAIKH SAFETY EQUIPMENT TRDG CO LLC 6839 Sharjah 06- myown@emi rates. Oil & gas drilling.PORTABLE. ae NUTS & BOLTS 65266 Dubai nshaikhs@e 04-2272862 04-2273299 mirates. bolts & nuts supplier 6335 Dubai 042283668 / 2227990 naaz786@e 04-2275717 mirates. Industrial fasteners. DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. .MUZAIRA TRADING EST 749 Abu Dhabi 02-6721973 02-6721021 muzaira@em irates. GENERATORS mechanical SALE / HIRE. Safety Accessories SUPPLIERS. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Stockists of all kinds of: oilfield & industrial items ANCHORS such as pipes & pipe FIRE PROTECTION Specialising in EQUIPMENT & Safety Clothing & suppliers of .

Power Onshore/ Electrical. CONTRACTORS Sewerage. CONSTRUCTIO Instrumentation N/ Control.NAEL ENERGY & GEN. VALVES NAFFCO SECURITY & 22749 SAFETY CO LLC NAFFCO SECURITY & 17014 SAFETY CO LLC (JEBEL ALI) NAFTEX OIL & SHIPPING 8138 CORP. REPRESENTATI ON OF COMPANIES . HOSES & FITTINGS. Mechanical. PROJECTS/PRO International JECT Company MANAGEMENT Representation. Water. Project OILFIELD Development. HOSES & FITTINGS. SERVICE Equipment Supply COMPANIES. Sharjah 06-5432411 06-5423538 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8815653 04-8816229 Sharjah 06-5572296 06-5570497 NAMA DEVELOPMENT 44183 ENTERPRISES Abu Dhabi 02-6341433 02-6345044 namauae@n amauae. ENTERPRISES 2045 Abu Dhabi 02-6776757 02-6776449 ilias@nael. General Trading of Petroleum Products OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. SERVICES. VALVES BUTTERFLY. & Services.

net. ground water studies.C. oil & CONCRETE gas. Pipelines and PUMP HIRE Consulting engineers. flow meters.) L. concrete CONTRACTORS repair. Testing. MANPOWER NASSER GENERAL 25442 SERVICES EST. water supply. PIPE Pipeline Cleaning & INSPECTION/S Gauging. power & CONSTRUCTIO N water. oilfield equipment and marine equipment. Hydro ERVICES. Manpower supply MANPOWER & recruitment 31735 NARMADA PIPELINES 65713 TESTING (M. LLC. PIGGING. specialists. . ae NARIMAN TRADING CO. Dubai 04-3325226 04-3325227 nplt@emirat es. Dealers in all kinds of petroleum pump. PRESSURE Dewatering of TESTING Pipelines. tank truck PUMPS & PUMP PARTS autoparts. Laying of EQUIPMENT. PROTECTION/T REATMENT. roads & bridges. TECHNICAL manpower STAFF technical staff SPECIALISTS. designs. structural CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. Pipeline Pigging. maritime. Abu Dhabi 02-6788866 02-6786696 raajan@emir ates.NAMA MOTT MACDONALD 47094 namamott@ Abu Dhabi 02-6262966 02-6270734 RECRUITMENT recruitment CONSULTANTS consultant. (local & overseas).co. 6103 Sharjah 06nariman@em 5331749/53 06-5339409 irates.

ae District cooling & air conditioning. HOTEL. contracting. industries support services. management.NATIONAL CABLES INDUSTRY 27472 Sharjah 06-5311888 06-5311577 n_c_i@emira tes. NATIONAL CATERING COMPANY 44626 02Abu Dhabi 02-6674710 6674607 / 6674608 NATIONAL CENTRAL COOLING CO "TABREED" 29478 Abu Dhabi 02-6455007 02-6455008 gmail@tabre Drilling CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY hotel CATERING. AIR CONDITIONIN G NATIONAL DRILLING COMPANY (NDC) 4017 Abu Dhabi 02-6776100 02-6779937 ndcisc@emir ates. DRILLING CONTRACTORS .

SHIP OWNERS NATIONAL IRANIAN OIL Oilfield DREDGING . Supply of Instrumentation. Boosters & Test Rigs. Dredging OIL COMPANIES.NATIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES & TRADING CO. GAS DETECTORS NATIONAL GAS SHIPPING 2600 COMPANY LTD (NGSCO) Abu Dhabi 02-6271400 02-6274305 talmenhali@ High Pressure Pumps. Specialist Manpower Services & Technical 4892 The "NIOC Control Systems. gas and petrochemical industries for over a decade.E.A. LLC (NEST) 53234 Abu Dhabi 02-6440006 02-6440008 nestco@emir ates. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE NATIONAL MARINE DREDGING COMPANY 3649 Abu Dhabi 02-5516000 02-5516500 nmdc@emira tes. (NIOC) 2965 Sharjah 06niocshj@emi 06-5726616 5727652/572 rates. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Gas shipping ANALYSERSPROCESS CONTROL." has been serving the procurement requirement of the oil.

Wilson Rigs. Hitec. COILED Dreco. Wheatly Gaso Pumps. Bowen. sadeesh. Griffith DRILLING Vector.c 04-8838776 04-8838795 agopan@nov Ross Baylor.natoil. Gardner Denver (less Pumps).sad Skytop Brewster. DRILLING Harrisburg / EQUIPMENT. TOOLS. IRI . NATIONAL PAINTS 5822 FACTORIES CO LTD Sharjah npfcl@nation 06-5340111 06-5340222 alpaints. suppliers and service & repair providers for: National Oilwell. TUBING Continental Emsco. Tuboscope. DOWNHOLE www. PRODUCTS Speciality Tools. om . SERVICES.NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO 61490 DubaiJebel Ali Manufacturer. MD Totco. Brandt. IPS and Tech Power. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS . Elmaar. Mission.Ideco. Wolley.

Quay Walls. DRILLING DIRECTIONAL . (NSCC) Abu Dhabi 02-6440340 02-6448196 info@nsccme . Jetties. shoring. Harbours. DRILLING CONTRACTORS NATIONAL SERVICES & 856 CONTRACTING EST. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. Marine Piling. MARINE CONTRACTORS NATIONAL PETROLEUM 2058 CONSTRUCTIO N COMPANY Abu Dhabi 02-5549000 02-5549111 npccnet@em irates. Water. PVE Vibro Hammers Rental/Sales. Horizontal Directional Drilling (Oil & Gas. drilling & marine works. PEST CONTROL CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS .NATIONAL 31592 PEST CONTROL Dubai 04-3242342 04-3242347 natpest@emi NATIONAL PILING 45001 COMPANY WLL Abu Dhabi 02-6457550 Pest control services. CONTRACTORS . Shore approach). DRILLING CONTRACTORS . Foundation Engineering.

com CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/.net. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS . (NSCC) DUBAI BRANCH Dubai 04-3978577 04-3978533 info@nsccme .ae NCT MIDDLE EAST 17071 Dubai neslihan. DRILLING CONTRACTORS . DRILLING DIRECTIONAL CONTAINER & International CARGO freight forwarding SERVICES. CONTRACTORS . com Plastic raw material supplier.cop 04-8817771 04-8817293 son@nctww. CLEARING & international NATIONAL TELESYSTEMS & SERVICES (NTS) 46787 Abu Dhabi 02-6763500 02-6762929 mtsgam@em irates. AGENCIES Secondment of specialized electronic staff. logistics & FREIGHT warehousing. relocation. SHIPPING. project forwarding. MANPOWER SERVICES NATIONAL SHIPPING GULF AGENCY 377 COMPANY (ABU DHABI) LTD. SHIPPING shipping agency. moving & REMOVALS. LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6730500 02-6731328 abudhabi@g acworld.NATIONAL SERVICES & CONTRACTING 60081 EST.

DRILLING EQUIPMENT. ae Engineering. PIGGING NEIBAL GROUP INTERNATIONA 44344 L Abu Dhabi 02-6272333 02-6266619 neibalgr@em irates. MEDICAL SERVICES/MA NAGEMENT & SUPPLIES .ae COMPUTERS / Pigging operation. ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Engineers & general traders GENERAL TRADING NEW AGE COMPANY 4396 Dubai 04-2664000 04-2664044 newage@emi rates.NEEM TECH 5657 Dubai neemtech@e 04-3351333 04-3353800 mirates. environmental. Air quality management NEW MEDICAL CENTRE Corporate Office 6222 Offshore medical ENVIRONMENT AL PROCESS TECHNOLOGIE S &. EQUIPMENT.a services / Abu Dhabi 02-6332255 02-6332256 nmc@eim. ETP. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. safety management and technical services. Package e management and supplies.

. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. HEAT EXCHANGERS PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO USES NEWFAB LIMITED 1018 Sharjah 065332129 / 5332056 newfab@emi 06-5723241 rates. CONTROLS NEW PLANET INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT (LLC) 182878 Dubai ashrafaamer @np04-2298121 04-2298141 industrial. neoserve@e Abu Dhabi 02-6343646 02-6327227 mirates. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. wood treatment & kiln Manufacturers of prefabricated buildings & joinery products.NEW OILFIELD 46006 SERVICES EST. CABLE ACCESSORIES. UPS battery chargers. Importing and trading of heavy equipments. Suppliers & stockist of a number of commodities specializing in the field of Oil. earthing systems. fuses. Gas & ae Cable & cable m NEW WORLD HEAVY EQUIPMENT SPARE PARTS TRADING 31606 Dubai 042276151 / 2276188 04-2275972 primeco@em irates. street lighting cutouts. DBS


com NIKAL ELECTRO MECHANICAL 41155 CONTRACTING Sharjah 06-5626237 06-5610634 nemcon@em irates. HEAT EXCHANGERS. INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL AIR COMPRESSOR S. AIR COMPRESSOR S. BOILERS. boilers and specialists in air compressed blowers and vacuum 300 NIPPON OIL COMPANY LTD 43212 Abu Dhabi 02-6314991 02-6310151 Oil Company Representative ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. BOILERS. HEAT EXCHANGERS. INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL OIL REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE NILS & ABBAS TRADING CO LLC 26564 Dubai 04-3390044 04-3388732 admin@nilsa bbas. MANPOWER SERVICES Trading in industrial automation NILS & ABBAS TRADING CO 42284 LLC . .ABU DHABI BRANCH 02-6815555 adminauh@n Abu Dhabi Ext: 312 / 02-6936212 ilsabbas.NICO MIDDLE EAST LIMITED 1518 Dubai 04-8832929 04-8832959 nicoworld@ni couae.

company Manufacture of perfabricated BOAT housing & MANUFACTURE fibreglass SURVEYORS MARINE. oil MARKETING marketing COMPANIES.C. TANK MFRS & SUPPLIERS Abu Dhabi 02-6263082 02-6263083 NOBLE DENTON ABU DHABI 27510 OFFICE nodent@emi Abu Dhabi 02-6440739 02-6455358 .WHOL & MANUFACTURE Paints wholesale & NITCO INTERNATIONA 279 L L. SURVEYORS MARINE. drill TUBING. NITCO INTERNATIONA 2012 L L. ABU DHABI Sharjah 06-5343230 06-5340564 nitcoint@emi MARINE SURVEYOR. NOBLE DENTON 12541 DUBAI Dubai ndadubai@e 04-3317952 04-3317607 PAINT . ae Marine & engineering surveyors & consultants MARINE ENGINEERING.C. CASING / casing. RS boats. MANUFACTURE RS. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS Trading in bunker.L.NIPPON PAINTS LLC 27349 Dubai 04-3471477 04-3472112 allaith@emir ates. OIL NISSHO IWAI 761 CORPORATION Abu Dhabi 02-6337400 02-6345649 nissho@emir PAINT manufacturers.

Steel fabrication. marine engineering services DRILLING CONTRACTORS . NORTHERN 46958 TECHNICAL LLC Abu Dhabi 02-5548000 02-5548008 cctc@cctcau h. noble786@e Abu Dhabi 02-5513400 02-5511262 mirates. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. ae CASING / TUBING NORDIC ENGINEERING 27048 Dubai nordicen@e 04-3310999 04-3310466 mirates. AIR FILTRATION NORTH SEA SPECIALIZED TECHNICAL OILFIELD SERVICES 41721 northsea@e Abu Dhabi 02-6655349 02-6655918 . OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. 3422 BREATHING APPARATUS. GAS PROCESSORS/ Air Filtration. ae STEEL FABRICATION NORHT SAFETY 4352 PRODUCTS 02masoil@emir Abu Dhabi 02-6267666 6262106/627 ates.NOBLE INTERNATIONA L LIMITED 73811 ABU DHABI BRANCH NOBLE MARINE METALS CO. 47563 WLL Abu Dhabi 02-6271377 02-6271399 Offshore oil and gas drilling. ae Oil and Gas Services. Exporters & Importers of All kinds of Steel Pipes & NonFerrous Scrap Metals. GAS

Major UD/MINERALS/ 5590953/55 06-5590261 mirates. OASIS CONSTRUCTIO 1170 N EQUIPMENT RENTAL Dubai 0404-+971-42686790/80 2686227 06004 Generator hire. & industrial OILFIELD products suppliers. FLUIDS Maintenance Products. Caterpillar OASIS OILFIELD SERVICES & SUPPLIES LLC 7968 02Abu Dhabi 6211885 / 6211896 02-6215303 oasisoil@emi rates. . Specialised in Cleaning & Maintenance CHEMICALS/M 06oasischm@e www. Water Treatment.oasisc Products. Tank Cleaning Products etc. Marine & Industrial Chemicals. EQUIPMENT GENERATORS SALE / CHEMICAL MATERIALS TRADING CO LLC 6974 Sharjah Dealing in oilfield.a lines:. DIESEL MECHANICAL Oilfield equipment EQUIPMENT.Marine DRILLING 97498 ae e Chemicals. Scale & Rust hemical.

ae 5118 Manufacturers of dewatering / centrifugal and piston pumps. Timing Belts.OASIS PUMPS INDUSTRIES 8807 Dubai 04opi@trinitygr 04-3335118 3335119/333 oup. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. . PTFE Rods & Sheets Ship management technical services CONSULTANCY & marine SERVICES consultancy. BELTS. ‘O’ BEARINGS. Chains. OBAID ABAYED 33857 TRADING EST Sharjah mzahds@hot 06-5430943 06-5430934 mail. Oil Seal. Marine. PUMP HIRE. ‘V’ Belts. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. CHAINS. CONTROLS. to oil. SEALS OBAID HUMAID AL-TAYER 2623 ENGINEERING DIVISION Dubai 04-2825000 04-2825008 Manufacturers representatives. Automobile and Other Industries. Sprockets. OASIS SHIP MANAGEMENT LLC 31640 Dubai mail@osmad 04-3523242 04-3525379 ubai. Stockists & Suppliers of Bearings.

Oilfield Suppliers ELECTRICAL 0606and Services. SHIP 06-5325566 06-5322633 mirates. suppliers of provisions. medical. GASKETS / 06-5344110 06-5344220 mirates. deck. oceanoil@ei www.amwaj 5572040 / 5572099 / Tradehouse GASKETS / oceanrbr@e fender systems. Riser 50 / 80 88 Division of AMWAJ SEALING Group. services for oil & gas sector Rubber FENDERS. oceanprl@e bond. ISO 9001 Certified Company Rubber CORROSION products & MONITORING & CONTROL. . stationery and Safety etc. Gaskets. PRODUCTS. group.OCEAN OIL FIELD SERVICES FZE 8574 Sharjah OCEAN PEARL SHIPCHANDLER 22627 S LLC Sharjah OCEAN RUBBER 6607 FACTORY LLC Sharjah DRILLING EQUIPMENT. PIPELINE Shock pads. COATING & Polyurethane INSULATION products. Anticorrosion SEALING ae linings. coating. cabin. CHANDLERS ae electronics. HOSES & FITTINGS Ship chandling. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. FENDERS. TANKER & VLCC REPAIR OES EQUIPMENT (UAE) LTD 75971 Dubai 04-3240112 04-3243472 Oil & Gas Hardware Inspection and Audit Company INSPECTION SERVICES .mail@od fjell. Dubai 04-3519785 04-3519756 dxb. PIPELINE COATING & INSULATION DANGEROUS Providing Logistical CARGO. Solutions for the SHIPPING Petrochemical AGENCIES. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS.OCEAN RUBBER FACTORY LLC 0 ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6715006 02-6717809 ODFJELL DUBAI C/O SHARAF 576 SHIPPING CO.

net. X-52 suitable for DRILL PIPES. Casing. MATERIALS. Distributors & wholesalers of Seamless & Welded Carbon Steel Pipes (Available in stock API 5L (PSL1 & BUILDING PSL2) Gr B OFFSHORE MARINE TRADING LLC 33297 Dubai 04-3242747 04-3242717 off_shor@em irates. Fittings & Oilfield Equipments and Building materials.OFFSHORE ENGINEERING & MARKETING LIMITED 16804 Dubai 04-8833998 04-8833838 offshore@em irates. Round and Square steel tubes. FLANGES. sour service). Black and TUBULAR Galvanized GOODS) Rectangular. SHIP STORES . COUNTRY Flanges. tubing and OCTG (OIL Drilled Pipes. OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Marine Electrical MARINE & Agents. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT.

oilfield service OILFIELD company. EQUIPMENT. Branch of Offshore FIRE Electronics Marine. & services for Oil & OILFIELD Gas fields SERVICE onshore & COMPANIES offshore.OFFSHORE SAFETY EQUIPMENT 782 Sharjah 065439026 / 5439027 06-5439028 offsafeq@em irates. 18001 : 1999. OHSAS MATERIAL. . Group) Oilfield MECHANICAL industrial SANDBLASTIN Tanklining. G/SHOTBLASTI Mechanical NG FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. spares SUPPLIERS. Equipment EQUIPMENT. Stockists & FIRE Dealers. PROTECTION PRODUCTS We are certified with ISO 14001 : FIRE 2004. ISO 9001 : PROOFING OIL & GAS CONSTRUCTIO 53266 N COMPANY LLC Abu Dhabi 02-5500300 02-5500400 uae@ogasco. Fabrication. Survival & EVENTION Fire Fighting SYSTEMS &. com OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 28180 Abu Dhabi 02-6340600 02-6329491 chandy@etaascon. Deal with Surface PAINTING & Protection. EQUIPMENT Equipment. INSULATION. (A Division of MANPOWER EMCO-ETA-ASCON SERVICES. Scaffolding. . DETECTION/PR Safety. Fire PAINTING CONTRACTORS Proofing.

MOTORS Electric Motors and Shaft Couplings. ELECTRICAL Centrifugal Suppliers of Bearing.OIL CENTER RESEARCH INC 915 (C/o Ali & Sons) ascom@alAbu Dhabi 02-6723900 02-6723901 sons. drilling Chemicals. Oil OILEX 4330 TECHNOLOGIES info@minoxAbu Dhabi 02-6342555 02-6348562 maschinen.d e Specialized technology in the treatment of pollution. mud. ENVIRONMENT AL PROTECTION. Liners. Expendables. HYDROCYCLON ES OILFIELD BEARING 1518 INTERNATIONA L LTD. CONSTRUCTIO N ENVIRONMENT AL POLLUTION MONITORING. Roller Pump BEARINGS. ENVIRONMENT AL SURVEYS. CHAINS. oilfield equipment Supply of specialised electrical equipment to the Oil & Petrochemical industry. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. . OIL ELECTRO LLC 28371 Sharjah 06-5625617 06-5625024 oilect@emira tes. RIG/PRODUCTI ON EQUIPMENT DESIGN/. Dubai 04-8835266 04-8836780 obidxb@emir ates. Pistons.

Equipment and Spares for Well Services Companies and Oil Companies. Oil & gas industry OILFIELD supply & CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/ INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL. VALVES BALL. OILFIELD SERVICE OIL & GAS 14808 Suppliers of Oilfield Chemicals. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. OIL-PS (OILFIELD PRODUCTS & SERVICES) 17469 Dubai 04info@oil8814031/88 04-8814032 ps.OILFIELD TESTING SERVICES 0 Abu Dhabi 02-6393848 02-6372716 HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER JETTING. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. OILFIELDS SUPPLY 1518 CENTER LIMITED (OSC) DubaiJebel Ali 04-8836800 04-8836431 osc@oscdub OILSERV 8436 Dubai 04-2824555 04-2824489 peraj@peera j. MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES. . Cementing / Stimulation / Units / Tanks / Connections / Hose.

PIPES. Construction. Welding & Safety OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL Drilling Equipments. GAS DETECTION & MONITORING SERVICES. GAS DETECTORS. Tools. FLANGES.OILSERVICE 7370 peerajad@e Abu Dhabi 02-6445577 02-6448088 mirates. WELDING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES. Chemicals and General Items. CALIBRATION. Hose & Fittings. HOSES & FITTINGS. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS OKI BERING 17589 Dubai 04-8811271 04-8811274 asaedoki@ho tmail. ae Petrochemical Industries. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL. fixed gas detectors etc. Valves. OILWELL EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CENTRE 26507 Abu Dhabi 02-6413393 02-6413394 oilwell@emir ates. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. . portable gas detectors. OLDHAM FRANCE SA (C/o Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services LLC) 32393 Dubai 04-3241380 Gas detection Worldwide wholesaler of welding. Instrumentation. Hardwares. safety & industrial supplies.

Aluminium Oxide & Blasting Equipment CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY Network & Infrastructor Ship Owners. ae 04-3067777 04-3067263 hariki@dubai .net. Distribution of information technology products. Glass Manufacturers of Copper Slag Abrasives (OMGRIT). Steel OMAN CABLE INDUSTRY (SAOG) OMNES LIMITED 25864 Sharjah omancabl@e 06-5743558 06-5731039 mirates. Trading in Garnet. Coal Slag.OLYMPIC SHIPPING CO LLC 3607 Sharjah 06olympgrp@e 06-5727363 5723429/573 mirates. 1088 ae OMAN 17392 ABRASIVES LLC Dubai 04-8839394 04-8839395 omgrit@emir ates. Ship Managers. Hiph seas bunker BUNKERING suppliers oil traders and Shipping agents. 9376 Dubai ON LINE DISTRIBUTION 17124 LTD Dubai info@online04-8839888 04-8839353 dubai.slb.

Electrical Motor & Generator Rewinding. Cargo Packing. PUMPS.BALL Land Transport. Fabrication and Machine Shop. REPAIR & SERVICE ORBIT VALVE 4488 Abu Dhabi 02-6786781 02-6782293 mroyce@orbi tvalve. VALVES .net. .net. gas Marine Services. Freight Forwarding (Sea & Air).ae Manufacturers & suppliers of oilfield drilling chemicals. MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES Dubai 04-8833195 04-8833196 ornhpl@emir ates. Static Balance & Field Balancing.ORBIT MACHINES REPAIRING 51243 Dubai 04-2699396 04-2699397 Specialists in Marine Electrical & Mechanical VALVE Manufacturers of MANUFACTURE high integrity R. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION. Logistic Services ORBIT XPRESS 86546 Dubai 04-2679718 04-2679723 ORCHID GROUP 26919 OF COMPANIES OREN HYDROCARBON 18159 S MIDDLE EAST INC Sharjah 06-5625585 06-5624877 orkidint@emi rates. all kinds of Rotary Machine Horizontal & Vertical Dynamic Balancing. ELECTRICAL MOTORS. ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICES & REWINDING. VALVE valves for the oil & SUPPLIERS. Cargo Services.

CLEARING & FORWARDING FREIGHT SHIPPING. Gas Exploration & OIL COMPANIES. ORKILA TRADING FZE 17190 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8819393 04-8814616 EXPLORATION &/OR International Oil & PRODUCTION. CLEARING & FORWARDING Manufacturers and Suppliers of speciality SPECIALITY chemicals for CHEMICALS ORIENT TECHNICAL 984 CONTRACTING CO. LLC ORIENT TRANSPORT COMPANY LLC ORIENT TRANSPORT COMPANY LLC ABU DHABI 37325 Abu Dhabi 02-6454462 02-6454461 otc@emirate s.abudhab Abu Dhabi 02-6320300 02-6320301 i@kuehnenagel. BUNKERING. ORIENT PETROLEUM (CENTRAL ASIA) LTD.ORIENT OIL CO 6790 LTD Sharjah 065282299 / 5282569 065282560 / 5283111 oocshj@emir ates. . EQUIPMENT. OIL MARKETING Diesel gas oil & offshore bunker supplies and supplier to the offshore merchant vessels. 112404 Dubai 04-3304445 04-3304446 opcal@emira tes. Freight 29462 Dubai eleanor@kue 04-3390297 04-3390320 Development REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE. Abrasive Blasting BLASTING & and Coating PAINTING Application. FREIGHT SHIPPING. stimulation.

5260 Abu Dhabi 02-6729200 02-6729203 ooes@emirat es. UD/MINERALS/ Oil & Gas Field 4613 Dubai 04-3241335 04-3241271 otecpioc@em HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES. VE OFFICE OVERSEAS OILFIELD EQUIPMENT & SERVICES L. Importers & Exporters. Components EQUIPMENT Devices & Systems ) Chemicals & Building Materials. EVENTION Materials. Safety. OIL Oil & Gas Business COMPANIES. Installation & Services. Fire BUILDING Fighting. Electrical. TESTING/COM PONENTS Onshore & Offshore.C. HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSIO NS/DESIGN SURVEY/. MATERIALS. Development REPRESENTATI Office. FIRE Mechanical DETECTION/PR ( Equipments. DRILLING Laboratory & FLUIDS. CHEMICALS/M OXY OF ABU DHABI LLC 73243 Abu Dhabi 02-6995600 02-6995601 . SYSTEMS &.L.

handbooks. Telemetry & Computer Control. technical writing and communication training. net . Training manuals. user guides. MIDDLE EAST 37705 Dubai 04-3400722 04-3400733 info@psime. Automation Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications. HYDROBLASTI NG/WATER JETTING. TRAINING & EDUCATIONAL -INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION PACIFIC CONTROL SYSTEMS LLC 37316 Dubai systems@pa 04-3211185 04-3211186 cificcontrols. SERVICES. and services of high pressure water jetting equipment. NEDLLOYD 29926 Dubai 0404-3933424 3931826 / 3931764 Container shipping CONTAINERS company. procedures. proofreading. com Sales-hire-parts. TELEMETRY & COMPUTER CONTROL. PACIFIC CONSULTING SERVICES 30729 Abu Dhabi 02-6780099 02-6713099 conpac@emi rates.I. PRESSURE VESSELS DOCUMENTATI ON & TECHNICAL WRITING. EQUIPMENT HIRE.S.

Maintenance. ae PALADON GULF 23166 Sharjah steve. .bainbri 06-5747498 06-5726515 dge@palado n. Building of Yacht / BOAT Boat. PIPELAYING/CONS m PAN ARABIAN ENTERPRISES 26286 panarb11@e Abu Dhabi 02-6733363 02-6733353 MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE COMPANY. HYDRAULIC Valve Actuators & TRANSMISSIO Control Systems. TESTING/COM PONENTS Engineering. MANUFACTURE Refurbishment of RS. Maintenance Specialist Application of Corrosion & Errosion control CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. PIPELINING/COVER ING PALM MARINE FZCO 18681 Dubai palm. NS/DESIGN SURVEY/ PIPE LAYING. ae Pipeline construction.PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY 1409 Dubai pacitech@e 04-3244646 04-3241818 mirates.marine 04-8830777 04-8830818 @dpworld. Yacht & Yacht / FIBREGLASS / Boat GRP Administration PRODUCTS. FABRICATION & INSTALLATION . SHIP REPAIR & MAINTENANCE HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS. Welding consumables & packaging. clearing. land & sea. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT PANALPINA GULF LLC 52725 Dubai 04-2868887 04-2868881 info.air AIR/SEA. container SHIPPING. heavylift shipping. SERVICES transportation . cargo services CLEARING & (LCL-FCL).net. CARGO rig mobilization.PAN EMIRATES GENERAL 9363 TRADING Dubai panems@em 04-3243949 04-3241037 irates. project FREIGHT handling. HEAVY LIFT expediting SHIPPING. services. shipping. . PROJECT warehousing & CHARTERING distribution. Freight analpina.

ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES Manufacturer of & LIGHTING. PANDUIT MIDDLE EAST 17021 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8816669 04-8815749 panduit@emi PARS OFFSHORE CATERING SERVICES 8574 Sharjah 065572040 / 50 / 80 065572088 / 99 pocs@emirat Panduit are manufacturers of Electrical and Communication Cable Management products. CATERING Machinery & Tool Suppliers.PANDUIT INTERNATIONA 500537 Dubai L CORP. These include Cable Ties CABLE and accessories. uae04jg@panduit. Drilling Products.c 3616933/36 04-3908830 om / 25436 csemea@pan . Power connectors ELECTRICAL and Terminals. Stainless Steel COMMUNICATI products. Catering. Printers. EQUIPMENT Wiring duct systems. Electrical Products. Safety ELECTRICAL Lock Out and Tag CABLE Out solutions. Cable ONS identification and Heat Shrink products and complete Structured Cabling Solutions. Air Tools. ACCESSORIES. Hoses & Fittings. Oilfield Industrial Suppliers. ACCESSORIES. CABLE ACCESSORIES. electrical & wiring ELECTRICAL accessories.

ae Welding & cutting equipment. Power Tongs. ABU DHABI 70029 Abu Dhabi 02-6263830 02-6263580 petco@emira tes. OILFIELD SERVICE Oilfields Supply Center Ltd DRILLING ENERGY SERVICES BV 1518 Dubai 048834227 / 8835269 048834981 / 8834980 peter. airtools & c/o Stevens International (LLC) Break Out Units. and Bucking Units. LLC. 1518 Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. Ata PCT GROUP PE?A 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply. Trading mechanical electrical instruments chemicals & building material OILFIELD SUPPLIERS . winches & material handling equipment.roden @pathfinderl td. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. SURVEY DOWNHOLE & SUB-SURFACE AIR m PEACOCK ELECTRO MECHANICAL TRADING CO. LOGGING CASED & OPEN HOLE. Jar Testers. EOT cranes.

net. Cat.PEARL DIESEL LLC 2169 Sharjah pearl005@e 06-5344412 06-5344413 mirates. Injectors. All type of Diesel engine works. c/o Stevens International (LLC) COILED Coil Tubing TUBING Products and SERVICES Services. Transmission. Authorized agents for Monark Marine (Diesel) in U. Hydraulic Pumps & Motors. HYDRAULIC PUMPS. Denso. ae Specialised in all kind of Fuel injection pumps. System house to polyurethane chemicals and m . PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. DIESEL ENGINES & INSULATION 107 02alrubaya@ei Abu Dhabi 6271141/62 02-6272001 m. Dealing with: 72000 Heavy lift transportation HEAVY LIFT heavy lift & project SHIPPING shipping.A. Bosch PEARL INSULATION MATERIALS INDUSTRIES LLC PECON PETROLEUM ENGINEERING 8375 Dubai yacoob@emi 04-3338398 04-3332407 rates. Zexel. Motor rewinding & Electronic jobs. PEDCOR 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply.

ae DE-MISTERS. DEHYRATORS. gas. PEERLESS EUROPE 61363 Dubai 04-8811613 04-8811614 mbovey@em irates. on systems Designers and Suppliers of a wide range of gas and liquid filtration/separatio n equipment and pulsation control equipment to the oil. trading COMPUTERS / in electronics & ELECTRONICS. BS EN/ ISO 9001:2000 NQA accredited Quality System. 24666 Calibration. fire & ELECTRONIC detection/preventi EQUIPMENT. GAS METER SKIDS .PEERAJ GENERAL TRADING CO LLC 8436 Dubai 04peeraj@emir 2824555/28 04-2824489 electronic ELECTRONICS equipment. power and offshore industries for over 60 years.

Consulting engineers multidisciplinary including corrosion & environmental protection PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. Suppliers of Tubulars & Accessories. Suppliers of Casings. SUPPLIERS.Full inspection service undertaken on all supplied tubulars. Tubings accessories & float equipment Consignment stocking programs available . PENSPEN INTERNATIONA 46562 L LTD Abu Dhabi 02-6792526 02-6780913 mail@penspe / 04-3291534 04-3291294 jimmy@pem cosupplies. Tubings & Line Pipes Casing. ENVIRONMENT AL PROTECTION . CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL.Full logistical management service.PEMCO SUPPLIES MIDDLE EAST 8714 Dubai sean@pemco Tubulars and accessories for the Oil. Gas & Water CONSULTANCY SERVICES. from supply point to rig site & returns Buy back program for unused tubulars .

PENTAGON FREIGHT SERVICES (LLC) 53526 Dubai project shipping. PLANT & EQUIPMENT HIRE. GENERATORS . CLEARING & Plant hire PERFECT TOOLS 37580 Dubai 04-3395363 04-3380971 Tools and die makers .ae PERFECT MACHINERY & 28311 EQPT. rig mobilizations CONTAINER & CARGO SERVICES.) FZE 61398 Dubai 04-8817016 04-8816935 pfme@emira tes. RUPTURE DISCS INSTRUMENTA TIONINTRINSIC SAFETY. clearing & forwarding. PLANT HIRE MACHINE SHOPS PEP INTERNATIONA 61363 L Dubai 04-8811613 04-8811614 mbovey@em irates. PROJECT CHARTERING HEATERS. TRADING & HIRE LLC Dubai 04-3333721 04-3338674 pmedxb@em irates. HEAVY LIFT SHIPPING. GENERATORS . FREIGHT SHIPPING.HIRE.PORTABLE. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL. Jebel Ali Free Zone warehousing & pentagon@pf www. sdubai. heavy lift shipping. air & sea PIPE SUPPORTS.pfsdub 04-2869960 04-2869477 PEPPERL + FUCHS ( ai. PRESSURE VESSELS.

a CONTAINER & member of CARGO Denholm Logistics. Ocean HEAVY LIFT Freight.2861090/ Shipping. SERVICES.PERMA CONTAINER 23966 (UK) LINE LTD Dubai prasantha@p 04-3555488 04-3593200 ermacontain erline. PETER HUDSON BUCKLE & 1924 PARTNERS Sharjah 0606phbshj@emir 5724491/04. . Charter. Warehousing. Air FORWARDING. Project CLEARING & 2856037 2856038 Consulting. Yard storage. Air/Sea SHIPPING. International Freight Forwarding. PETRASCO 74635 Dubai 04-8830118 04-8830180 enquiries@p etrasco. Road PROJECT distribution. experience. 30 Years WORLDFREIGHT WIDE OILFIELD SHIPPING. civil & CIVIL structural ENGINEERING engineers. GCC CHARTERING distribution.

Supply tubes for heat exchangers and boilers. ae PETRO MIDDLE 802 EAST petroeng@p Abu Dhabi 02-6212140 02-6333422 etroeng. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS . PETROCHEM MIDDLE EAST FZE 17028 DubaiJebel Ali info@petroch 04-3329192 04-3329200 eme. Design and construction of Boilers. VALVES BUTTERFLY. Supply of valves. Chemicals distribution.PETRO ENGINEERING POWER SERVICES 96234 Abu Dhabi 02-5559921 02-5559931 info@pepsua Specialist in Air Filtration systems technology for gas turbines and turbo machineries. BOILERS.a e OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Material supply & services for oil. ALLOYS NICKEL. OILFIELD DEMISTERS PETRO GAS (AGENCIES) 4488 petrogas@e Abu Dhabi 02-6447556 02-6456271 mirates. AIR FILTRATION. OILFIELD SERVICE Oilfield Suppliers & COMPANIES. gas & water

INC Jebel Ali enquiries@p 04-3304445 04-3304446 EXPLORATION &/OR International Oil & . drilling DRILLING fluids & FLUIDS engineering services. Sale of surplus used / unused project materials.c om PETROFAC INTERNATIONA 23467 L LTD Sharjah 06-5740999 06-5740099 epc@petrofa c. Suppliers & manufacturers of oilfield & CHEMICALS/M production treating UD/MINERALS/ chemicals. Engineers & OILFIELD constructors for SERVICE the hydrocarbon COMPANIES industry.INC. Production Co. PETROENERGY Dubai112404 Suppliers & CHEMICALS/M manufacturers of UD/MINERALS/ oilfield & DRILLING production treating FLUIDS. Gas Exploration & OIL COMPANIES. Sharjah skulavoor@p 06-5070450 06-5562897 etrocommerc PROJECTS/PRO JECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES PETROCHEM PERFORMANCE 34657 CHEMICALS LLC Abu Dhabi 02-5559104 02-5542524 ppc@petroch PETROCOMMER 400 CE.PETROCHEM PERFORMANCE 17284 CHEMICALS FZE DubaiJebel Ali 04-8839980 04-8839049 ppcfze@emir ates. drilling OILFIELD fluids & SERVICE engineering COMPANIES. chemicals.COM. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE.

SYSTEM. tubing. DRILL / Abu Dhabi 02-6661500 02-6658999 sales@petrol comuae. CASING / TUBING.PETROLCOM OIL & GAS SERVICES 3540 info@petrolc omuae. PRODUCTION. LTD. LUBRICANTS PETRONAS 7 Dubai 04-3554766 04-3527558 rizanis@petr onas. production and EXPLORATION manufacturer / &/OR supplier of Oilfield PRODUCTION equipment. equipment for the ENHANCED Oil & Gas OIL RECOVERY Industries. COILED Services & TUBING supplies of SERVICES. OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT EXPLORATION &/OR Oil 3402 Ajman 06-7435166 06-7437166 plogco@emir ates. PIPEdrill CHAINS. Offshore & SPM MARINE & PETROLUBE OIL & GREASE CO. SEISMIC EQUIPMENT. PIPES. TUBES / TUBING SERVICES PETROLEUM PIPE MIDDLE EAST (FZE) 17319 DubaiJebel Ali sales@petrol 04-8814672 04-8814673 eumpipe. Lubricants. Seismic Exploration. collars & LINING/COVER line PETROLEUM 504506 Dubai GEO SERVICES 04-3369630 04-3369640 pgsdubai@p gs. .

INSTRUMENTA TIONDOWNHOLE. Sample bottles. mainly for oil and gas petrochemical. HOSES & FITTINGS. Also equipped with a mobile ‘HOSE DOCTOER’ van for onsite jobs. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL. marine and general Specialised sampling. ANALYSIS. ae Oilfield suppliers. analysis and metering services for oil and gas / condensate OILFIELD equipment & spare SUPPLIERS parts PETROTECH ASA 1518 Dubai petrotech04-8839893 04-8839918 uae@petrone tt. Suppliers of high quality industrial . LABORATORY TESTING HOSES & FITTINGS. LIFTING EQUIPMENT PETROTECH ENTERPRISES LLC 5311 Dubai 04-2622211 04-2622233 sales_dxb@p etrotech. LIFTING EQUIPMENT / SLING / TACKLE. Multiphase metering systems.PETROPROJECT 7833 S GROUP LTD abbacare@e Abu Dhabi 02-6660554 02-6668036 mirates.

refractory works & fire proofing.PHB GROUP 7497 Dubai 042861080/28 04-2861090 56037 4623 Ajman 06-7464501 06-7464502 pemco@emir Oilfield equipment OILFIELD manufacturer & EQUIPMENT supplier SUPPLIERS Specialised in offshore & onshore engineering . INSULATION. FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL. OFFSHORE . insulation. REFRACTORY PHOENIX ENGINEERING & MARINE CO (LLC) PHOENIX ENGINEERING & MARINE CO (LLC) .net.AJMAN BRANCH 1684 Sharjah 06-5561611 06-5561511 pemco@emir engineering CIVIL ENGINEERING PHOCEENNE MIDDLE EAST 16866 DubaiJebel Ali 048835448 / 8833500 phoceeme@ 04-8833501 emirates.

net. ae PIH SERVICES ME LIMITED 62574 Dubai sales@pihme 04-2679989 04-2679585 . Pipeline Crawlers. 04-3362646 04-3362515 ates. QA/QC.phoeni cable trays. Tank Floor Mapping HEAT TREATMENT. . cable handling devices. CABLE TRAYS. INSPECTION SERVICES. NDT. Digitization. cable components. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. PIH SERVICES ME LIMITED Alkhaja Pimex LLC 42766 Abu Dhabi 02-6455657 02-6455653 HEAT TREATMENT. Pre-heat & Post Weld Heat Treatment (Sales & Contracts). cables. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS PHOENIX TRADING 33805 COMPANY LLC ABU DHABI phonixau@e Abu Dhabi 02-5554121 02-5554122 mirates. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES.2000 Certified Company Supply of electrical products. CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY. instrumentation cables. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CABLE MANUFACTURE & Third Party Inspection. CABLE TRAYS.PHOENIX TRADING COMPANY LLC 6473 Dubai ISO 9001 . INSPECTION x-uae. phonix@emir www. MGCG explosion proof electrical products.

ae CATHODIC PROTECTION. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING Chemicals PIPING SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS CO. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN Shutdown (ESD) Maintenance. FLUIDS. GENERAL PLANT ENGINEERING 4118 CONSTRUCTIO N UAE LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6349999 02-6318181 amalak@em . .ae PLACHEM INTERNATIONA 21263 L TRADING CO. CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. PIPELINE 17319 SUPPLIES GULF Dubai info@pipelin 04-8819663 04-8819665 esupplies. Dubai 04-2217950 04-2217952 infodxb@plac emco. HYDRAULIC HOSES & FITTINGS. SYSTEMS. LEAK DETECTION/SE ALING PIPELINING/COVER ING. CONSTRUCTIO Plant Maintenance N ERECTION / & Mechanical MAINTENANCE Construction. 12788 Dubai 042857100 / 2854010 pipesyst@em 04-2851877 irates.PIPELINE SERVICES LLC (PLS) 4500 Abu Dhabi 02-5554513 02-5553993 mail@pls. PIPES. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS.

cold applied tape PIPELINE wraps liquid epoxy COATING & coatings for INSULATION. reinforcing mesh. DATA STORAGE & Energy INFORMATION Information and MANAGEMENT. Tanks. RUBBER ETC c/o Delta International CATHODIC Building Material blasting & painting plates. LLC Anti-corrosion INSULATION.PLASTIC POWDER COATING COMPANY LLC 6071 Dubai ppcpaint@e 04-8835125 04-8835391 mirates. TANK Polyethylene POLYCON GULF 8501 LIMITED Abu Dhabi 02-5540360 02-5540361 polycon@emi . COATING PROTECTIVE. fittings and plant piping. Water Storage PLASTIC. ae / 04-2728244 04-2728249 moinuddin@t ycoelectronic ae Powder coating pipes. anti-corrosion works. PLATTS 73360 Dubai 04-3913170 04-3918005 kate_dourian POLYKEN & POWERCRETE (TYCO ADHESIVES) 41599 Dubai delta120@e mirates. onshore and PROTECTIVE offshore pipeline. Price Assessment. ENERGY CONSERVATIO N MATERIALS. COATINGS weldjoints. POWDER COATING.

MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Technical Manpower Supply. Electrical & Electromechanical Works. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES .net. ae Prefabricate building & interior design.0 ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6779903 02-6779904 PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO USES. Oilfield Maintenance. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. PREFABRICATE D/PORTABLE Marine Services & PORTLAND TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC 6968 Sharjah 06-5723636 06-5723663 porttek@emi rates. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS.PORTACABIN 27045 Sharjah portacab@e 06-5386303 06-5389313 mirates. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. PORTLAND TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC . MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. ELECTRICAL wires. POWER ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT CO. Design and manufacturing of Detuned capacitor banks. PRODUCTS ligthing. PRECISE POWER AND CONTROL EQUIPMENT 73684 Abu Dhabi 02-6413390 02-6413371 ppace@emir SWITCHGEAR/ MOTOR CONTROLS HIGH VOLTAGE .ae Electrical instrumentation. Import/Export of Electromechanical HV/AC & commercial installations. including cables. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS PRAKASH TRADING CO 778 Dubai 042695666 / 2696677 ptc@emirate 04-2625699 s. accessuties.POWER ECONOMY MIDDLE EAST CO WLC 6072 peme@emira Abu Dhabi 02-6426529 02-6425257 tes. See 0 CHESTERTON (GULF SHIPCHANDLER S CO) Dubai 04- POWER TRANSMISSIO N GULF 376 Abu Dhabi 02-6767628 02-6767629 ptgulf@emir ates. INSTRUMENTA TIONENGINEERING. INSTRUMENTA Electrical products. mechanical. Supply of Switchgears from Low Voltage to Medium Voltage (Upto 33KV). POWER Providing engineered solutions to power quality problems. POWER TOOLS SUPPLIES.

DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. moulds. tools MANUFACTURE & plastic items. CO. LLC 28104 Sharjah 06-5343132 06-5342979 haritha@emi rates. DOWNHOLE SURVEYS. BUILDING MATERIALS. DOWNHOLE TOOLS. TRDG. DRILLING EQUIPMENT . com Manufacturing PAINT dies. MATERIALS PRECISION DIES & TOOLS 8597 MANUFACTURI NG CO Dubai 04-3472989 04-3472128 info@pdtmc. LLC 40063 Dubai 04-2229795 04-2240036 bestbolt@em irates. PPR and PEX Pipes & Fittings. JOINING & FASTENING PRODUCTS.farzadnia@ pdts. RS/SUPPLIERS PRECISION ENERGY SERVICES 2146 02Abu Dhabi 6747333 / 6747222 02-6747373 Manhole Covers and General Hardwares. Safety Bolts. NUTS & BOLTS.PRECISION BLDG. Providing Technologically Advanced Equipment & Expertise. Nuts & BUILDING Building Stockists and Suppliers of Joining & Fasteners. PIPE SUPPORTS PRECISION BOLTS & BUILDING MATERIALS TRDG. A Safe Operating Environment & Quality Service to the Oil & Gas

com EQUIPMENT Engineering SUPPLIERS Service. . HYDRAULIC Hydraulic EQUIPMENT & pm@pmduba Dubai 04-3330806 04-3332843 Equipments & SUPPLIES. Down Hole Tools.premie DRILLING Abu Dhabi 02-5544407 02-5540734 Equipment and middleeast@ roilfield. garry. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. DOWNHOLE SURVEYS. 17370 PRECISION MACHINERIES L. DOWNHOLE / www. DRILLING DIRECTIONAL.L. premieroilfiel OILFIELD Applications d. i. DRILLING EQUIPMENT PRECISION ENGINEERING & TRADING 31842 PREMIER OILFIELD RENTALS LTD 268 Vacuum Pumps. Tubular @premieroilfi PIPES. DRILL Supplies. Oilfield Equipment CASING / Rental: Drill Oil & Gas Well Drilling EQUIPMENT.C.PRECISION ENERGY SERVICES DUBAI 261212 Dubai misimpson@ 04-3626362 04-3989666 precisiondrilli ng. Handling eld.noble TOOLS Pneumatic Fastener Tools & Accessories. irates. Vacuum Equipment and petsales@em PNEUMATICS Dubai 04-8839549 04-8839566 Vacuum Services.

pipeline composites repair.S irates.PREMIER OILFIELD RENTALS LTD DUBAI 74986 PRESSURE SERVICES) 4352 PRESTIGE ENGINEERING WORKS 28056 Oilfield Equipment Rental: Drill services.berr Handling Dubai 04-3315110 04-3311959 y@premieroil Equipment and field. installing & pipeamirtha@em Sharjah 06-5349951 06-5349952 lining / S. on-line ball/ Fabrications. Tubing.almasa plugging. General CLEANING Maintenance. Tubular graham. in-situ safety relief valve testing & setting. On-line leak sealing. pipe freezing. valve servicing. DRILL PIPES. Applications Engineering CASING / TUBING. hot tapping & line amps@moiss www. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. LEAK DETECTION/SE ALING. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . PRESTIGE GENERAL MAINTENANCE 25315 & CLEANING EST Abu Dhabi 02-6267590 02-6269320 Industrial INDUSTRIAL Cleaning. bolting Abu Dhabi 02-6272682 02-6272681 .ae ood. HOSES & FITTINGS. prestigegm@ yahoo. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. on-site machining. flange/joint Down Hole Tools. MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES BOILERS. Boiler Manufacturing. Sandblasting & Protective Coating.

PREZIOSO GULF 4669 COATINGS LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6451044 02-5546555 prez@emirat es. PROTECTIVE coatings. SCAFFOLDING insulation & OFFSHORE & OILFIELD Oilfield Equipment EQUIPMENT special .net. offshore/ INSULATION. COATINGS. PAINTING & Painting PAINTING contractors CONTRACTORS industrial. PETROCHEMIC AL PRIME OILFIELD & ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT LLC 9738 Abu Dhabi 02-5543833 02-5543890 primeoil@em irates. SUPPLIERS .

Superchill Australia. Mesan China / Close Control Units. Power G. France AirFrance. .Canada / Auto Flow Control Valves. Dealers in Acoustic Products & Designers of Sound Attentuators. Source . ae Mechanical. AIR Denmark / Diesel CONDITIONIN Generators. Agencies held: Air Handling Units & Fan Coil Units.UK / Bus bars & Cable Trays. Electrical or Plumbing Disciplines Involving Industrial. Canatal . King Air-Taiwan / Fans. Solid Air Holland / Variable AIR Speed Drives.PRIME 26736 TECHNOLOGIES Dubai vasu@primet 04-2695692 04-2696793 echnologies. King Air Taiwan. EAE Turkey / Uninterrupted Power Supplies. Commercial or Specialized MEP Projects. Danfoss Denmark / Variable Air Volume Units. CONDITIONIN Danfoss G. ACME-USA / Cooling Towers.

ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. DRILLING m PROARC (C/o 1518 PCT Group Ltd. PRODUCTS. Welding machines MACHINE for MMA. Cutting. adhesives. . plastics. Welding SUPPLIES. TOOL SUPPLIERS PRIVIK 18123 CHEMICAL LLC Dubai info@privikc 04-8833980 04-8833981 hemicals. TUNGSTEN grinding & CARBIDE finishing abrasives. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. equipment and MACHINERY & (C/o PCT Group INSULATION Chemical raw material suppliers CHEMICALS/M for paints. ae AIR CONDITIONIN PROCUT ENGINEERING PROCESSES LTD. UD/MINERALS/ construction DRILLING chemicals.) Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir Tungsten carbide ABRASIVES. FLUIDS fibrreglass. inks. burs.PRIME TECHNOLOGIES 33824 -ABU DHABI primeadh@e Abu Dhabi 02-6338477 02-6317319 mirates.) 1518 Dubai pctme@emir 04-8837585 04-8836530 ates. MIG & SHOP TIG.

Pressure Piping.PRODRILL ENGINEERING 17240 Dubai 04-8816697 04-8816940 prodlme@em ae Manpower supply to oil and gas industry. Fabrication of Pressure Vessels. PROFAB STEEL MANUFACTURI 50102 NG LLC Dubai ProfabME@e 04-3450054 04-3460056 mirates. . MARINE Licensed NAVIGATIONA Manufacturers of L REPAIR Tri-Flo Mud & Solid Control Equipment and AB Pharos Marine Ltd. FABRICATIONS Structural . International MANIFOLDS. Storage Tanks in Carbon Steels. Stainless Steels and Copper Nickel. Specifications. MACHINE Fabrication to SHOP & Oilfield FABRICATION. Navigational Buoys and Channel Marker Systems.

spray painters. structural NG/WATER steel fabrication JETTING. INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL. commissioning. INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICES. PAINTING & supply of skilled & PAINTING unskilled CONTRACTORS manpower for electro mechanicl work. repair. calibration of Electrical Test & Measurement. concrete protective CONCRETE painting. info@progres siveAbu Dhabi 02-5555491 02-5555480 technology. INSTRUMENTA TION PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY 44358 SERVICES EST. Trader & Contractor. CALIBRATION. installation. Process Control instruments. Abrasive blasting and protective coating contractors offshore and onshore including tank lining. specialized HYDROBLASTI coatings. and erection.PROFESSIONAL S SAND BLASTING & 776 INDUSTRIAL PAINTING Abu Dhabi 02-6656416 02-6661486 alphonsetk@ hotmail. PROTECTION/T protective. blasters and other technicians.c om . REATMENT. decorative and CORROSION maintenance MONITORING painting and other & CONTROL.

lifting equipment & fork lifts. SECURITY CONTROL EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS . LIFTING GEAR PROLIFT INSPECTION SERVICES 1518 Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. C/o PCT Group Ltd. INSPECTION SERVICES.K. Proof load testing. inspection & certification. THIRD PARTY INSPECTION PROLINE U. CHAINS. swing jibs & A frames. Winches .PROLIFT 1518 Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. LIFTING c/o PCT Group Security Control Equipment and Systems. electric & CERTIFICATIO N. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING.air. cranes. Electric & pneumatic lifting equipment. 13865 Dubai altauraf@emi 04-2271940 04-2222871 rates.

Oil & Gas sampling. Testing & Supply of Wellhead Control Panels. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Procurement. Services: Pressure testing. Assembly. VALVE TESTING EQUIPMENT. PDS Systems. ESD systems. PRESSURE TESTING EQUIPMENT. proserv@emi www. High Specification 02propurch@e powder coating & Abu Dhabi 5553854/55 02-5554710 mirates. Autoclave Engineers painting systems 47690 ae for all Industrial & Marine Structures. EExe junction boxes. Valves test benches. Oil & Gas sampling cylinders. Chemical Injection Skids.PROSERV MIDDLE EAST AS 16922 PROTECH AUH 47139 Manufacturing Design.proser Dubai 04-8819799 04-8819788 Pressure Test rates. BOP / Wireline control panels. High pressure engineering solutions. Engineering.

Telecommunicatio n Equipment & Related Spares. ae . SANDBLASTIN sandblasting & G/SHOTBLASTI steam cleaning. fireproofing. PROTECTIVE COATINGS PROTECTOL DUBAI 10257 Dubai 042857182 / 2859303 04-2857880 protctol@emi rates. After Sales Service of Telecom Vehicle & industrial rustproofing. industrial & marine applications. PROTECTIVE 37674 TECHNOLOGIES Dubai 04-3402495 04-3402496 info@protech me. automobile mechanical/electric al & A/C repairs. thermal insulation and blast mitigation. Specialised in IT consulting IT security High performance protective coatings. Established professional team. NG panel beating & respraying/car valeting & servicing.PROTECH. quality products & customer services. Installation. LINING-TANK quality standards. PIPELINING/COVER ING. PROTEL SYSTEMS 34060 Dubai 04-2276322 04-2276323 PROTECHT 500505 Dubai 04-3670240 04.084 480913 wafic@prote cht-me. CONCRETE PROTECTION/T REATMENT.

Shock Absorbers. maintenance & PRUMATECH 29015 Dubai 04-3512202 04-3512161 An API. Rotarty Subs. services of plants & related software. Consultancy in materials & maintenance management. Lift Subs. Casing Scrapers. Stabilizers. DRILL PIPES. and ARNCO certified licensee for REPAIRING AND MANUFACTURING of Drill Stem Components: Drill Collars. Tool Joints. Wireline Make & Break Units. DRILLING DIRECTIONAL. Drill Stem Subs. DRILLING PRODUCTS CONSULTANCY SERVICES . Junk Baskets.PROTOOLS (HUNT OILTOOL 9709 INTERNATIONA L INDUSTRIAL COMPANY) Abu Dhabi 02-5513234 02-5510553 info@protool s-uae. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. Pup Joints. Hevi-Wate Drill Pipes. TENARIS. Rotary Kellys.

ae Manufacturers of HV/MV/CV. instrument & control. Skid Mounted Oilfield Units. ae CABLE ACCESSORIES. Drilling Contractors (Onshore / Offshore).net. Total Solution for Restoration & Water Proofing of Metal Roofs. INSULATION . rubber / OGP onshoreoffshore cables and accessories. Modular Buildings. Steel Framed ‘Fire Safe’.PRYSMIAN CABLES AND SYSTEMS 72125 Dubai dubaioffice@ 04-3457870 04-3457101 prysmiancabl esme. PT. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. fire resistant. Rig Owners. APEXINDO 9681 PRATAMA DUTA apexindo@e Abu Dhabi 02-5544233 02-5544373 mirates. Knock / Door for Export. Potable Sanitations. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS DRILLING CONTRACTORS . EQUIPMENT HIRE. GENERAL TRADING. CABLE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY. subsea. PUNCH LTD (JAFZ) 61419 Dubai 04-8814786 04-8812786 BUILDING PORTABLE. OIL DRILLING OPERATING COMPANIES. RIG OWNERS PULSAFEEDER (DANWAY) 47172 Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473 A 60 Offshore modules.

om Project Logistics Management. Freight oil&governm Forwarding.PURE HELIUM GULF LTD 16848 Dubai 04-8816001 04-8816323 helium@emir ates.c istics. Bulk Fuel Transport. WAREHOUSIN G SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS. SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS. Sea and Land). argon gas.J.pwclog Project Dubai 04-8818121 04-8814345 wclogistics. Third & Fourth Party Logistics.C. om Project Logistics Management. Sea and Land). WAREHOUSIN G . Bulk Fuel entsector@p www. Transportation (Air.c Forwarding. 42284 Warehousing. PWC LOGISTICS (DUBAI) LLC 17713 PWC LOGISTICS (UAE) P. diving GAS gases. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA . PROCESSORS/ liquid argon SUPPLIERS distributors for middle Liquid & gas helium. Freight oil&governm Forwarding. entsector@p Project Abu Dhabi 02-6815555 02-6817744 wclogistics.S. Third & Fourth Party Forwarding. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA . Warehousing. Transportation (Air.

repair & maintenance (IRM) of offshore. Project management. QGM GROUP LLC 8628 Dubai 04-3241135 04-3242241 admin@qgm group. including. TRANSPORT COMPANIES. Equipment for Hire & Sale. Also SCAFFOLDING Manufacturers and & FORMWORK Suppliers of all kinds of Scaffolding & NAVIGATIONA L AIDS. Inspection. Drilling rigs. Scaffolding and Formwork specialist SubContractors for Contract Scaffolding engineering and construction for the offshore/onshore oil & gas industry. complete upgrades.QATAR NATIONAL NAVIGATION & TRANSPORT CO 5824 LTD (SHIPPING & LAND TRANSPORT) Dubai 04-3526162 04-3529774 qnntc@emira QUEBEISI SGB 37656 (L.L.) Dubai 04-3479998 04-3479963 .

CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. Suspension Cranes.stahl. CRANE. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. Distribution Panels for explosion proof applications. Mono-rail Chain & Wire rope info.d 04-8835855 04-8834685 Junction & Control e e Systems. STAHL MIDDLE EAST FZE 17784 DubaiJebel Ali R. EXPLOSION PROOF FITTINGS CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. STAHL MIDDLE EAST FZE MATERIAL HANDLING DIVISION 17784 DubaiJebel Ali Switchgear & Electromach Division Intrinsically safe components & Remote I/O. info@stahl. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. Hoist 04-8835855 04-8834685 Hoists. RADHEAT MIDDLE EAST LLC 20963 Dubai . CRANE.Switches. Panel assemblies & System Integration.QUEPET LUBRICANTS 11841 Dubai 04-2668006 04-2668004 quepet@emi Lubricants LUBRICANTS R. Portal.a www. EXPLOSION PROOF FITTINGS HEAT EXCHANGERS. Semi-Portal & Jib Cranes for Standard & Explosion Proof Applications 04-3333292 04-3333207 Radiators & heat exchangers. Single & Double girder EOT Cranes.

net. WORKSHOPS. for paint. gas & power STEEL industry. textile CHEMICALS/M and food industries UD/MINERALS/ (flavors & colours) DRILLING and leak detection FLUIDS. Navigation and Automation and Land Communications. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS.L. . spray systems. water heaters.a e Sales & Service of Marine CHEMICALS Trading Chemicals REFINING. CMap. COMMUNICATI ONS SERVICES. COMMUNICATI ONS EQUIPMENT. WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT RAFCO TRADING CO 2548 02rafco@emira Abu Dhabi 6311351/67 02-6315211 tes. LTD 2409 Ajman rainbow@rai 06-7437739 06-7437740 nbowchemic als. Comrod FILTRATION. RAINBOW GENERAL TRADING CO. ALING Specialised ENGINEERING engineering MACHINERY workshop for 20820 Water RAINBOW MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL WORKS L. LEAK DETECTION/SE colours. 8467 02Abu Dhabi 02-5559932 5559726 / 5552684 rmech@emir ates. HEAT EXCHANGERS. Thermal FABRICATION.RADIO HOLLAND BV MIDDLE EAST 4592 Sharjah 06-5744144 06-5749998 info@rhme. Communication.

RAIS HASSAN SAADI & CO LLC 465 Abu Dhabi 02-6446747 02-6445750 rhsbjm@emi rates. marine contractor. projects. forwarding. . sea & air freight. door / door ISO 9001: 2000 Certified by Lloyd? s Register Quality Assurance. vessel operators. insurance. barges & tugs. SHIPPING AGENCIES. diving & underwater services. warehousing. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA RAIS SHIPPING 2176 AGENCY Dubai 043520039 / 3521515 04-3528857 Shipping agency. freight SHIPPING shipping/clearing/f AGENCIES orwarding. LCL groupage. trading. tug & barge owners. SHIP CHANDLERS. surveys hydrographic & shallow geographical. marine chartering. Chartering. offshore supply. CLEARING & FORWARDING. clearing. FREIGHT SHIPPING. transportation.

net. ELECTRICAL CABLE RAMSIS ENGINEERING 3684 Abu Dhabi 02-6744747 02-6747477 ramsis01@ei m. Fire Fighting & Safety Equipments. LLC 5239 Abu Dhabi 02-6760650 02-6760449 rajabuae@ei m. . COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES. FLANGES. Electrical Wiring Accessories. Offshore Oil & Gas Field Supplies & Services. Chemicals. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING Oilfield contractor FLUIDS. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE HEAT EXCHANGERS. Export & Trading Building Materials. Process Plant. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS RAMPCO INTERNATIONA L TECHNICAL 28286 SERVICES (LLC) Dubai 04-3210033 04-3210044 rampco@emi BOILER SERVICE / REPAIR. & Onshore. MACHINE Maintenance SHOP & Services for FABRICATION. Manufacturing & INDUSTRIAL Supply of Process MAINTENANCE Plant Equipment. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS .RAJAB TRADING CO. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. / ugsest@emir ates. FIBREGLASS / GRP survey etc. RAS AL KHAIMAH PLASTICS EST 838 Ras Al Khaimah plastics@emi 07-2445777 07-2445425 rates. RAS GENERAL MAINTENANCE 6055 LLC Dubai 04-3350404 04-3351198 rasengg@em irates. INSULATION. General . DANGEROUS Design. GAS PRODUCERS & SUPPLIERS RAS AL KHAIMAH 434 NATIONAL OIL COMPANY Ras Al Khaimah 07-2277555 07-2287333 rakgas@emir ates. oilfield supplies c/o Union Gulf Services Est Heat shrinkable sleeves for coating of pipe weld joints. OIL COMPANY. manufacture & engineering in glass reinforced CATHODIC GENERAL TRADING. rugged purpose built GRP workboats for diving. PROTECTIVE COATINGS RAYCHEM (TYCO ADHESIVES)ABU DHABI 46800 moinuddin@t ycoelectronic Abu Dhabi 02-6777388 02-6776886 s.RAS AL KHAIMAH MARITIME & 4888 MERCANTILE INTERNATIONA L LIMITED (RMMI) Ras Al Khaimah 07-2282877 07-2223646 IATA travel agency. Inchcape shipping services. bends. PIPELINE COATING & INSULATION. SHIPPING GAS COMPANIES. Sealing sleeves for preinsulated pipe joints. shipping agency & technical trading agency. rescue. TANKS. fittings. GAS PROCESSORS/ Oil & natural gas production.

Manufacture & repair of electric submersible pumps Manufacturers of premium quality drill bits . DOWNHOLE TOOLS. Derricks. PDC and Impregnated RED WING INTERNATIONA 4352 L REDA RAS AL KHAIMAH LTD Abu Dhabi 02-6267666 02-6273422 518 Ras Al Khaimah 07-2668111 07-2668112 REED-HYCALOG 46112 Abu Dhabi 02-6337321 02-6337242 .net. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS SAFETY CLOTHINGS SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS AND MOTORS BITS. DRILLING PRODUCTS RECON CHEMICALS EST. World Wide Service Technicians and Accessories for both land and offshore. DRILLING EQUIPMENT.Roller Cone. m c/o Stevens International (LLC) Custom designed Rig Packages. Paint & Construction Chemicals Safetywear. 62569 Dubai recon@emira 04-2950034 04-2950624 tes. Substructures.RDE 38500 Dubai sales@steve 04-3479499 04-3479488 nssupply.

net. PRODUCTS.REED-HYCALOG .L. Vessel Operators and Managers. Manufacturing & FIBREGLASS & Distribution of FIBREGLASS unsaturated PRODUCTS polyester resin and WHOL &.dubai@r eichhold. DOWNHOLE TOOLS. Towage & Salvage. BITS. 16911 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8835215 04-8835887 info. OFFSHORE Marine Vessels SERVICES/EQU Oilfields Onshore & IPMENT.Roller Cone. DRILLING EQUIPMENT. SERVICES & Airconditioning. ELECTRICAL Import.DUBAI 54461 BRANCH Dubai 04-2997800 04-2997801 Manufacturers of premium quality drill bits . Refrigeration & MARINE & Electrical Fields. Trading & REPAIR Maintenance Co. allied material to . REGULUS SHIP 33799 SERVICES LLC Dubai 04-3342820 04-3342821 REICHHOLD INC. Offshore. the glassfibre FIBREGLASS / reinforced plastic GRP industry. PDC and Impregnated Diamond.C (RASCO) Abu Dhabi 02-5555624 02-5541007 AIR CONDITIONIN G. DRILLING PRODUCTS REFRIGERATIO N AIRCONDITION 3900 ING SERVICES COMPANY L. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES regulus@emi rates.

Nonstructural Steel Work like Hand FABRICATIONS rails. FABRICATION. Staircase. Jobs Undertaken: Fabrication and erection of industrial and warehouse sheds. Foundation Bolts. STEEL Stainless Steel and FABRICATION. Brass STEEL Grating. STUD BOLTS Hot Dip Galvanised Products. Machine Shop RELIABLE STEEL TRADERS LLC 23720 Sharjah sales@reliabl 06-5332611 06-5332721 esteeltraders .ae Marine propulsion MARINE systems. . Storage racks. Gates etc. including Roofing and Cladding. Platform. S& MERCHANTS RELIABLE FABRICATORS LLC 16648 Dubai 04-3332399 04-3332354 relfab@emir ates.REINTJES MIDDLE EAST LLC 31449 Dubai reintjes@emi 04-3243770 04-3243775 rates. Fencing Accessories like . PROPULSION engineering repair SYSTEMS services. STEEL Steel stock holders STOCKHOLDER & merchants. STRUCTURAL Tanks etc. Clamps.

ae RIGID CONSTRUCTIO 7987 N GROUP Abu Dhabi 02-6321717 02-6343050 RIGID CONSTRUCTIO 3523 N GROUP ( DUBAI ) Dubai 04-3474707 04-3474007 CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE ABSORBENTS. ENGINES & PARTS Construction of factories. CONSTRUCTIO offices. APPARATUS. FILTRATION. container lashing. warehouses. hydraulic DIESEL Exploration & OIL production COMPANIES. REPSOL YPF 10984 Dubai 04-3329430 04-3329431 REZA OVERSEAS METALS TRADING 29421 Sharjah 06-7425334 06-7425336 reza1@emira tes. N/ showrooms. BREATHING container seals.RELIANCE ELECTRO MECHANICAL 41160 PLUMBING CONTRACTING CO (LLC) Abu Dhabi 02-6743440 02-6744001 ELECTROMECH Electro mechanical ANICAL & plumbing CONTRACTORS contractors. Sales of ships AIR anchors. car shades. chains. /SUPPLIERS EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION. CONTRACTORS recreation centres.

ae 50776 Dubai 04-2214650 04-2225840 Representation of international oil & gas fields supply & engineering companies Hardware wholesale & Third party inspection and quality control services.n et. REPRESENTATI ON OF COMPANIES BUILDING MATERIALS CATHODIC PROTECTION. ROCHEM TECHNICAL 6591 SERVICES (MIDDLE EAST) Sharjah rtsme@emir 06-5723762 06-5726773 On line & off line compressor cleaning systems for gas turbines .RIMAL ENGINEERING PRODUCTS RISING STAR TRADING LLC 5280 rimalad Abu Dhabi 02-6332267 02-6339338 @emirates. INSPECTION CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. PIPE INSPECTION/S ERVICES INDUSTRIAL CLEANING RITS INSPECTION & 28286 QUALITY SERVICES Dubai inspection@r 04-3210033 04-3210044 its.

RELIANCE ELECTRIC.rockwe stringent quality SYSTEMS & radubai@ra. ockwell. Brands: We also deliver DISTRIBUTED complete CONTROL Automation SYSTEMS/SALE services through S &.com . SERVICE our superior valueadded services and expertise. ROCKWELL SOFTWARE AND DODGE . processes and CONTROL www.ROCKWELL AUTOMATION 51022 Dubai Our products are designed for superior reliability and to protect the customers automation investment through the most advanced ISO compliant CONDITION manufacturing MONITORING. SERVICES.r 04-3311814 04-3211816 llautomation testing available.

clearing. STUD BOLTS 25054 Dubai 04-2222732 04-2223495 rolman@emi rates. Service and Sales COMMUNICATI of test & ONS measuring EQUIPMENT equipment. crane & foundation works. purchase order and event management. BEARINGS . expediting RIG MOBILIZATION S. LCL+FCL Calibration.MIDDLE 29968 EAST REGIONAL HEAD OFFICE Dubai info04-3242300 04-3240303 dxb@roli.ROHDE & LIESENFELD INTERNATIONA L . CALIBRATION. warehousing & distribution. ROHDE & SCHWARZ EMIRATES LLC 31156 Abu Dhabi 02-6312040 02-6313040 rsuae@emira tes. rigging. web-based on-line tracking. project cargo sea & Bearings. FREIGHT SHIPPING. CLEARING & m Freight Forwarding air. CONTAINER & CARGO Manufacturers of quality and engineered products. ROLLSTUD MIDDLE EAST INC ROLMAN WORLD TRADING CO LLC 18348 Dubai rolsme@emir 04-8830717 04-8830718 ates. vessel & aircraft

process control. external T (NON pipeline scanners. Network Management. EMAT. INSTRUMENTA TION. carrying various PIGGING. ERVICES CAD Engineering Services.ROLTA MIDDLE 500106 Dubai EAST FZ . ENGINEERING SERVICES INSTRUMENTA TION PROCESS CONTROL. ae PIPE inspection INSPECTION/S technologies (MFL. tanks & production plants. ROSEN MIDDLE 61408 EAST FZE Dubai RosenDubai@Rose 04-8814495 04-8872032 nInspection.LLC 04-3915212 04-3918684 roltame@rolt a. high precision navigation and Eddy C . Intelligent pigs. RONAN ENGINEERING SUPPLIES (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaod & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. net Inspection services & products for pipelines. INSPECTION tank floor & wall SERVICES. eServices COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING SERVICES. N D scanners. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL. DESTRUCTIVE robotic tools TESTING).

co m Roxar is a leading international technology solutions provider to the E&P industry. Reservoir Simulation. Roxar creates value for its customers through its Reservoir Interpretation. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL . supplying reservoir management and production optimization solutions. INSTRUMENTA TIONDOWNHOLE. Reservoir Modelling. 61385 Dubai christina. as well as Consultancy Services.sam 04-8836606 04-8836326 uel@roxar. ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY SYSTEM. Well & Completion. Production and Process solutions. EXPLORATION &/OR PRODUCTION.ROXAR LTD.

ROXTEC MIDDLE EAST FZE 17832 Dubai A subsidiary of Roxtec International AB of Sweden . and a flexible production range are Roxtec trademarks.c com electromagnetic MATERIAL. fire. telecom. Easy installation and maintenance. . marine/offshore. Top quality. Roxtec’s unique multidiameter technology and adaptability concept allows for your present and future needs. fast dependable service worldwide. low longterm cost. Our products are built to protect against CABLE & PIPE dust. absolute safety and complete reliability are assured. gas pressure. water. TRANSITS.Roxtec is the world’s market leader in entry seals for cable and pipe penetrations. GASKETS / explaining our SEALING expertise in the PRODUCTS. and industrial areas. om interference. FIRE roxtecwww. vibrations and PROOFING 04-8839655 04-8839654 me@roxtec.roxtec.

Central Gas Systems Installation of central gas system for domestic. GAS DETECTORS. ROYAL JET 60666 Abu Dhabi 02-5757000 02-5755222 info@royaljet CENTRAL GAS INSTALLATION . GAS METER SKIDS.24 hrs. royal club fitness centre. transportation. ROYAL DEVELOPMENT 42601 FOR GAS WORKS DUBAI Dubai royal001@e 04-2622800 04-2622101 mirates. ae AIR AMBULANCE. visa arrangement. Aircraft Management. industrial and medical. internet business facilities. GAS METER SKIDS. FBO / Ground Handling for Executive Aircraft flying to Abu ROYAL DEVELOPMENT 30058 FOR GAS WORKS pvtgroup@e mirates. GAS DETECTORS.ROYAL CROWN 7085 HOTEL Sharjah 06-5561333 06-5561177 rcrown@emir 14 Pass) coffee shop. swimming pool. ae / Abu Dhabi 02-6323236 02-6337267 royal001@e mirates. HOTEL CENTRAL GAS INSTALLATION . AIRCRAFT CHARTER & RENTAL . ae VIP Aircraft Charter on BBJ (max 42 Pass) and G300 (max. room service . Air Ambulance / Medevac Flights.

ae Manufacturer and market of ammonia & urea Manufacturing of rubber insulation pipes for air condition. 46030 rwtuvgis@e Abu Dhabi 02-6715225 02-6762376 DRILLING EUIPMENT & CHEMICALS REFINING RUWAIS FERTILIZER INDUSTRIES (FERTIL) RWTUV TECHNICAL INSPECTION SERVICE 2288 fertlmcd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6021111 02-6026800 mirates. PUMPS & PUMP ae .net. INSULATION OILFIELD EQUIPMENT We are major suppliers & stockists of oilfield & industrial RUTLAND INTERNATIONA 17902 L Dubai rutland@emi 04-8817668 04-8818469 rates. Inspection services and industrial training. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS INSULATION MATERIALS COLD & Manufacturing of rubber insulation pipes for air condition. 2435 Ajman rubber@emir 06-7434176 06-7434197 ates. CHEMICAL MONITORING SYSTEMS. SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS AND MOTORS.RTE INTERNATIONA 30072 L RUBBER WORLD INDUSTRIES LLC Dubai 04-2829725 04-2829723 rte@emirate s.

"O" Rings & suppliers of oilfield equipment. belts. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Equipment and OILFIELD Provider of Various INDUSTRIAL Oilfield Related SUPPLIERS. S & GAS sponsor of OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Supplier of Oilfield SUPPLIERS. hydraulic seals. LIFTING EQUIPMENT S. N/ CONTRACTORS . DE-MISTERS All types of hydraulic hose AIR COMPRESSOR Oil Field Supplies & S. bearings. companies.S.R. brass fittings. FLANGES. CONSTRUCTIO general trading. A. 8661 Abu Dhabi 02-5555999 02-5559722 qubatec@em irates.S. Services. 17230 Dubai 048833696 / 8833525 04-8833815 ssoes@emira tes. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT & SERVICES FILTRATION. Salem DirectorALI & SONS CO LLC 915 Abu Dhabi 02-6723900 02-6723901 ascom@alisons. filters. Services Business COMPRESSOR consultants. AL QUBAISI TRADING EST. . HOSES & FITTINGS.

EQUIPMENT. carbon HEATING brushes.oilfield. sbgestbr@e Abu Dhabi 02-6337480 02-6346551 mirates. DRILLING EQUIPMENT SAFAR OILFIELD SERVICES 43284 Abu Dhabi 02-4486347 02-4489641 SAFAR OILFIELD SERVICES MUSSAFAH WAREHOUSE 0 Mussafah 02-5543770 02-5543668 sales@safaro il. Thermocouples. bakelite. vehicles & spares . CHEMICALS REFINING. technical. re-export to difficult areas. CASING / TUBING. Belts BEARINGS Abu Dhabi 02-6220825 02-6223374 OILFIELD Oilfield Equipment EQUIPMENT Suppliers SUPPLIERS Purchasing agents. DRILLING EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION. CHEMICALS REFINING. FOR TRADING SAEED AL RUMAITHY 28463 OILFIELD SUPPLIES EST. Insulation SYSTEMS & Material.SABANA TRADERS LLC 28610 Sharjah 06-5431185 06-5434910 COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS. ELECTRICAL fuses. ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT SAEED & BROTHERS GROUP OF 46333 EST'S. ELECTRICAL Heating Elements. cover all areas of activity . ae Bearings. CONTROL. CASING / TUBING.

ae . DRILLING EQUIPMENT FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS. and Fire Detector OILFIELD SERVICES / AL 43284 BAHARIE OILFIELD SERVICES Abu Dhabi 02-4486347 02-4489641 sales@safaro il. Fire DETECTION/PR Fighting Systems. Spare re-export to difficult areas. FILTRATION.oilfield. Offshore & GASKETS / Industrial SEALING Equipments. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING EXPLOSION PROOF Suppliers of FITTINGS. cover all areas of activity .com Purchasing agents. technical. parts and MACHINERY & Consumables. Fire Alarm FIRE Systems. SAFEER INTEGRATED SYSTEMS 47366 Abu Dhabi 02-6679444 02-6676633 sis@emirates . Marine. CHEMICALS REFINING. Systems. office. vehicles & spares SAFE FIRE ENGINEERING 138 Abu Dhabi 02-5547750 02-5547730 SAFE TECHNICAL 4832 SUPPLY CO LLC Dubai safetech@e 04-3243240 04-3243786 mirates. Oilfield. EVENTION Security Systems SYSTEMS &. TOOL SUPPLIERS Total COMMUNICATI Communications ONS SERVICES Solution Provider. ae CALIBRATION. CASING / TUBING.

FIRE ALARM automatic DCP & SYSTEMS. Marine ae Automatic fire detection alarm systems. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. inspection & certification of fire alarm ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Suppliers of LV SWITCHGEAR switchgear / &.SAFETY CENTRE FOR FIRE EQUIPMENTS 412 Sharjah bukhitem@e 06-5685666 06-5685005 ae SAFETY MARINE SERVICES 40269 Sharjah safetyms@e 06-5433900 06-5434500 . EQUIPMENT. CO2 extinguishing FIRE systems. ae SAFETY ELECTRICAL TRADING CO LLC 3494 Dubai safety52@e 04-2666410 04-2697862 mirates. DETECTION/PR automatic fire EVENTION hydrant & sprinkler SYSTEMS &. STEEL SUPPLIERS SAFIN 54421 Dubai 04-2996199 04-2997988 safin@safing ulf. FIRE DETECTION/PR Lifting equipments EVENTION & Safety SYSTEMS &. CONTROLS. equipments & EQUIPMENT. LIFTING EQUIPMENT / SLING / TACKLE Steel Trading. LOW VOLTAGE. control panels / SWITCHGEAR/ components / MOTOR cables & CONTROLS accessories.

ae SAHARI GROUP OF COMPANIES 0 .com CATERING. BUILDING MATERIALS Dubai 04-2284331 04-2284221 AIR CONDITIONIN G. BUILDING MATERIALS . Petroleum Services.SAGER AL MULLA GENERAL 240 CONTRACTING EST Ajman 067438958 / 5342777 06-5342888 sudhinkumar @yahoo. Electro-Mechanical Contractors. MANPOWER SERVICES. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS SAHARI GROUP 687 OF COMPANIES sahari02@e Abu Dhabi 02-6444622 02-6447480 mirates. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. Airconditioning Parts & Accessories Supplies. LPG Supply & Installation.DUBAI BRANCH Building Material. AIR CONDITIONIN

vehcles icluding cars & trucks & omega lubricants. Re-tubing BOILER and expansion of SERVICE / heat exchangers for tube sheets. PLANT grooving. diesel & gasoline SUPPLIERS. CONSTRUCTIO construction equipment.TECH INDUSTRIES FZCO 18283 Dubai saitech1@e 04-8834206 04-8834208 We are specialized in: Manufacturing of heat exchangers and pressure vessels. We also provide components and spares for Oil & Gas industry. ae SAID AL SAGHIR GENERAL TRADING CO LLC 21121 Dubai 04-2281188 04-2281170 omegalube@ hotmail. Services EQUIPMENT. Earthmoving equipment. and boilers. CNC DESALINATION Machining . .drilling. plates and steam MACHINE drums. DRILLING engines & used EQUIPMENT. HEAT tube support EXCHANGERS. used & MACHINERY.SAI . drilling N EQUIPMENT equipment. Machining SHOP & & Fabrication of FABRICATION precision items.

( . Non. quay walls. sheet piling & civil work. Hardwares and Building Materials. Specialized in civil & marine engineering. Garage Tools. Stretch / 04-3241581 04-3241521 saifee@saife eship. MARINE & offshore & land OFFSHORE construction. IPMENT. rock ENGINEERING works. CIVIL construction. BUILDING MATERIALS. Ship Spares. ships' deck & engine room OILFIELD stores OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS SAIFEE TRADING CO 3316 Dubai saif81@emir ates. MARINE CONTRACTORS SAINRAPT CONTRACTING 661 CO LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6264005 02-6264008 sainrapt@em irates.uae @saipem.Sparking Tools. SUPPLIERS general hardware.) 2869 Dubai 04-3377340 04-3344287 sajco@emira tes. DRILLING contractor in the EQUIPMENT. Industrial Tissues. DRILLING CONTRACTORS International main .L. Power energy sector. SERVICES/EQU Safety Equipment.C.eni .ae SAIPEM 1802 Sharjah 0606-5284140 5281193 / 5283045 saipem.SAIF AND JASSER TRADING Oilfield.

military SERVICES.A ABU DHABI 47117 saipem. SERVICES/EQU . hotels. COURIER/AIR exhibitions and CARGO fairs. transportation & heavy lifts.SAIPEM S. designers SAFETY & suppliers of CLOTHINGS & corporate fashions ACCESSORIES.P. Construction. etc. sectors. for airlines. SAFETY hospitals and other CONSULTANTS corporate sectors.eni . TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA SALEEM JACOBSON TRADING LLC 7086 Dubai sales@salee 04-3393400 04-3393932 mjacobson. project forwarding. /TRAINING CARGO SERVICES Specialized in AIR/SEA.uae Abu Dhabi 02-6313300 02-6313301 DRILLING CONTRACTORS . land CLEARING & FORWARDING. FREIGHT oilfield equipments SHIPPING. and materials. MARINE CONTRACTORS Safety wear PROTECTIVE products for oil & CLOTHING. constructions REFLECTIVE & manufacturing VESTS.c om SALEM FREIGHT 44256 INTERNATIONA L Abu Dhabi 02-6277333 02-6262669 SFIUAE@emi rates. DRILLING Onshore / Offshore EQUIPMENT. MARINE & Onshore / Offshore OFFSHORE equipments. gas.

CHAINS.C. belts. Manufacturers and Distributors. BELTS. BEARINGS. CONDITION MONITORING pumps. SAMIR ODEH (FAG MIDDLE EAST) 9129 sosdhabi@e Abu Dhabi 02-5542887 02-5542638 mirates. sprocket and couplings. seals and condition monitoring. BELTS. L. CONDITION MONITORING PUMPS & PUMP PARTS SAMIR ODEH (FAG MIDDLE EAST)-DUBAI SANA MARINE SERVICES 0 Dubai 04-2821762 04-2821778 52657 Dubai 04-3243214 04-3243219 . Security Seals and Closure Products. Dubai 043474026 / 854 salis@emirat 04-3474027 es. CHAINS.SALIS PLASTIC 30761 CO. ae Suppliers of bearings.

Specialized in the Construction of new CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. gas & Chemical Terminals or Tank Farms. CIVIL ENGINEERING. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE SANFRANSISCO TRADING 4063 ENTERPRISES Dubai santrent@e 04-3241331 04-3241772 mirates. PRODUCTS.SANDS CONTRACTING 33263 CO Dubai 04-2822316 04-2869502 sandsco@em irates. Suppliers. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS . CONTRACTORS . SEALING Marine. Petrochemical & MECHANICAL Engineering All type of Industrial Civil works especially for oil and gas projects. GASKETS / Oilfield. ae FLANGES. Construction of Turnkey ‘PEB’ Projects. Certified Builder for ZAMIL STEEL.

methods to the OILFIELD most sophisticated EQUIPMENT advanced NDT and SUPPLIERS. Welding Equipment. Gaskets. NDT N D T (NON and Consultancy DESTRUCTIVE Service Products. X Ray Generators. Consumables and Transducers. Pipe Wrapping Tapes. Pumps. Inspection & NonDestructive testing. We also offer complete 9563 Specializing in NDT Equipment & Oil Field Supplies. Coupled with the individually applied Santco offers a comprehensive range of Inspection. TESTING). maintenance inspection and Analysis packages that encompass . Thickness Meters. Valves. Lab Equipment for Oil Industry.SANTCO TRADING COMPANY LLC 26193 Sharjah 06santco@emir 06-5561516 5561517/556 ates. consultancy methods and techniques currently available.C. The services range OILFIELD from time-tested EQUIPMENT conventional SUPPLIERS. Digital Ultrasonic Detectors.

Electrical SAT ENGINEERING & SUPPLIES LLC 49078 Dubai 04-3402155 04-3403709 satindpr@em irates.SAPPHIRE ameenmohsi 105169 Abu Dhabi 02-6723443 02-6775958 n@hotmail. stainless steel & aluminium. BUILDING MATERIALS. SASOL MIDDLE 61089 EAST Dubai sasolme@em 04-8817856 04-8819040 Paints. AIR CONDITIONIN G. FLUIDS Specialised ENGINEERING industrial solution SERVICES OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS CHEMICALS/M Trading in UD/MINERALS/ chemical and DRILLING chemical products. .c om Doors. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE SAS HARDWARE & SAFETY EQUIPMENT JFZC 17211 Dubai 04-8816300 04-8815379 sas1@emirat CONTRACTORS .net. BUILDING All Doors available MATERIALS in steel. SATCO INTERNATIONA 80648 L TRADING & CONTRACTING Dubai satcoitl@emi 04-2698955 04-2691791 rates. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. Gates Operators.

SATLINK 1642 Fujairah 09-2281664 09-2281665 atintl@emira tes. VOLTAGE. engineering & trading. MOTOR CONTROLS LOW VOLTAGE . overhead HIGH lines. SWITCHGEAR/ Installation of MOTOR 11/33/132 kv CONTROLS cables. contracting. transformers and SWITCHGEAR/ switchgears. & Communication. COMMUNICATI ONS EQUIPMENT. COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & SERVICES SCAFFOLDING & SHUTTERING SERVICES 18015 Dubai 04-8812524 04-8813183 SCAN ELECTROMECH 31599 ANICAL materials ELECTROMECH including cables. EST.V. & Safety Equipment CABLE TRAYS. CO. ANICAL overhead CONTRACTORS transmission lines /SUPPLIERS. uaeinfo@scaf ftag. networking. SCAFFCO SCAFFOLDING CONST. and L. COMMUNICATI ONS CABLE MANUFACTURE Suppliers of H. sub-stations. LLC Sharjah 06-5338924 06-5337460 scan@scan9 53. SCAFFTAG SAFETRAK 41851 Abu Dhabi 02-6343196 02-6329356 Scaffolding & Framework Professionals. consulting services.

BARGES. Denmark and Kellett & Singleton. port captaincy.SCAN-TRANS CHARTERING LLC 37933 Dubai 04-3384400 04-3384114 dubai@scantrans. . barge & offshore supply vessel contracts. emphasis is placed FREIGHT on project. Dubai focusing on cargo and vessel interests in the ABNORMAL Middle East and LOAD South Asia. bunker broking & trading. Scan-Trans Chartering is a shipbroking and ship operating joint venture between The Scan-Trans Group. port & general agency (in the UAE/GCC). panamax segment. IMO & CLEARING & dry bulk FORWARDING vessels/cargoes. Active TRANSPORTAT in the coaster to ION. BUNKERING. General maritime services offered include project consultancy. heavylift. tug.

ae onshore / offshore gas and Oilfield Services / Skilled Manpower Supply and Training for technical MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS .L. 28324 schemes@e Abu Dhabi 02-6766465 02-6766463 mirates. MANPOWER SERVICES.SCHEMES ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY L.

Japan and Korea / EEG Office Cairo covering Egypt. New Zealand and Papua New Guinea / ARM Office in AlKhobar covering Saudi Arabia. CHG Office in Beijing covering China.SCHLUMBERGE R TECHNICAL 9261 SERVICES m Data & Consulting Services. Bahrain. Well Completions & Productivity Geo Market Offices APG Office in Brisbane covering Australia. Dubai marketing04-3067777 04-3310433 mea@slb. BITS. Information Solutions. Qatar. Drilling & Measurement. and Phlippines / BITS. Reservoir Evaluation Wireline. Well Services. Malaysia ACIDISING. Integrated Project Management. Jordan and Syria / GFM Office in Abu Dhabi covering UAE. Sudan. Oman and Yemen / ING Office in Jakarta covering Indonesia / INM Office in Jakarta covering Indonesia / IRM . Kuwait and Pakistan / BMP Office in Kuala Lumpur covering Brunei.

Industrial Control and Automation INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE . Electrical switchgear manufacturers & order processing centre. CONTROLS SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA 29580 schndauh@e mirates. Industrial Control and Automation Products. ae Manufacturer of Electrical Distribution. Electrical switchgear manufacturers. Modicon. ae / Abu Dhabi 02-6339444 02-6316606 aeabudhabi er. CONTROLS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Squared Telemecanique. Manufacturer of Electrical SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC FZE 17192 DubaiJebel Ali schndfze@e 04-8836581 04-8836371 mirates.Schn ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR. Industrial Control and Automation Products Brand Names Merlin Gerin. Manufacturer of Electrical Distribution. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 17192 Dubai ae_gulfhq@ 04-8836581 04-8834462 mail.

smith Abu Dhabi 02-5544004 02-5544161 @scientificdri ELECTRONIC electronics & EQUIPMENT & mechanical SUPPLIES engineering REPAIRING.SCHOELLER BLECKMANN OILFIELD 61327 EQUIPMENT ME FZE Dubai 04-8834228 04-8834022 sbmdxb@em SCIENTECHNIC 325 Dubai 04-2666000 04-2666176 scitech@emi rates. ELECTRICAL Suppliers of PRODUCTS. downhole tools & DRILLING directional drilling DOWNHOLE TOOLS. DRILLING Supply of EQUIPMENT. products. SCIENTIFIC DRILLING (Middle East 9325 Operations Headquarters) geoff. DRILLING PRODUCTS. equipment OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS. SURVEY/TESTI NG/COMPONE NTS . DRILLING ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT DOWNHOLE SURVEYS.

.co. Systems & DRILLING Memory DIRECTIONAL. Anticollision or Parallel Drilling.brow n@scientificd rilling. SCORE MIDDLE 261906 Dubai EAST 04-3946337 04-3946337 SCOTT BADER MIDDLE EAST LTD 16785 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8835025 04-8835319 info@scottba der. A Technology company specialising in High DOWNHOLE Accuracy Survey High Accuracy Surveying Memory Logging Guidance / 04-2959779 04-2959778 sonia. MagTrac for Blow-out.W.) SURVEY/TESTI now available in NG/COMPONE the Middle East for NTS anti-collision or vertical re-entry Manufactutrers and distributors of unsaturated polyster resin gelcoats and allied products.D.SCIENTIFIC DRILLING (Middle East 26725 Regional Headquarters) Dubai douglas. (Gyro M. Production Logging DRILLING Tools.fernan do@scientific drilling. gMWD PRODUCTS.

ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS . LV/MV/HV control monitoring system. CIVIL ENGINEERING. Suppliers of instrument cables. flow indicators & switches. pumps. Suppliers of oilfield equipment. cable trays. water & air analysers. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS & . gas/fire/flame detectors. orfice flanges & fittings. steel conduits & pipes. pipeline fittings. molecular sieves. steam traps & strainers.Scott Dunn Marketing Manager 4330 Abu Dhabi 02-6342555 02-6348562 des@emirate s. Engineering & drafting services. CALIBRATION. valves. secondment of technical manpower. heat tracing. control panels.

com DIVING & UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT Hamworthy HP Supply and compressors. Scubapro scuba equipment.SCUBA DUBAI 51753 Dubai 04-3317433 04-3310680 info@scubad ubai. housing. . maintenance of Ikelite scuba equipment underwater and high pressure lights and breathing air camera compressors.

net. BARGES. BUNKERING. Management of ships & operation. A leading marine & offshore services company.BARGES. ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT ION. Specialists in marine salvage & towage.L. Tugboats. General Trading.Dubai Head Office Dubai seaeagle@e 04-2868610 04-2868613 mirates.) . Transport / Haulage.SEA EAGLES SHIPPING 41611 (L. JACK . Shipping agency. Catering Contracting. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS. RoRo Ship.C. Shipping services.ZAYER GROUP OF EST. Worldwide container & cargo transportation. Marine Chartering / Sales: Tugs & Barges. Owner of / Barges. Cargo vessels. Fuel suppliers. Landing Crafts. ae Al . Bunkering.

lifesaving MARINE equipment REPAIR suppliers. ae SEA SAFETY ENGINEERING SERVICES DUBAI SEA TRONIX MARINE SERVICES 0 Dubai 04-3336371 04-3336372 MARINE & OFFSHORE MAINTENANCE Marine safety SERVICES. ae NAVIGATIONA L AIDS .net. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT. marine OFFSHORE & offshore SERVICES/EQU maintenance IPMENT. services. equipment MARINE & suppliers.SEA SAFETY ENGINEERING SERVICES 8779 seasafet@e Abu Dhabi 02-5554338 02-5559718 SEA TRONIX MARINE SERVICES BRANCH 0 Sharjah safetyms@e 06-5748833 06-5748838 SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT NAVIGATIONA L AIDS 34128 Dubai 04-3242100 04-3244344 stronix@emir ates. SERVICES.

SEAPORT INTERNATIONA 2080 L SHIPPING COMPANY LLC Sharjah seaports@e mirates. FIRE DETECTION/PR Representative EVENTION Office SYSTEMS &. Operators of MARINE & Marine Crafts / OFFSHORE Chartering / SERVICES/EQU Brokerage / S&P / HEAVY SEAWAY MARINE EQUIPMENT 42075 ESTABLISHMEN T Abu Dhabi 02-6216912 02-6216913 Marine Offshore DOWNHOLE & SUB-SURFACE. Bunkering / SHIPPING Clearing & AGENCIES Forwarding / Agency / Ship Repairs. EQUIPMENT. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS . 06-5285488 06-5283233 ae / seaport@emi SURVEYING EQUIPMENT BREATHING APPARATUS. FABRICATORS & ENGINEERS DIVING & UNDERWATER SEATRONICS LTD 71908 Abu Dhabi 02-6733435 02-6734377 seatron@emi rates. Rental & Sale of: SEISMIC Manufacture of STEEL trailers. Oceanographic and SURVEY Survey Equipment. SEATRAIL LLC 11406 Dubai 04-3332222 04-3432200 seatrail@emi rates.

ae Fire protection. oilfield COMPANIES. ENGINEERING maintenance of Abu Dhabi Inter Continental Hotel Marina CONTROL SYSTEMS & ENGINEERING SECUTECH PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY LLC 27900 Abu Dhabi 02-6329111 02-6211441 SEDANA TRADING 1919 Sharjah 06sedana@emi 5330551/53 06-5337368 34631 SEDANA TRADING 8430 DUBAI SEENEEN ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL 46757 CONTRACTING LLC Dubai 04-2895666 04-2895600 Abu Dhabi 02-6656501 02-6656504 . OILFIELD EQUIPMENT & SERVICE ELECTRICAL High Voltage / Low CONTRACTORS Voltage Electrical . Security Control SECURITY CONTROL EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS GARAGE. ELECTRICAL Contractors. safety & security systems & equipment. suppliers of marine MARINE accessories. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT SECURE MARINE & OILFIELD SERVICES 41680 Abu Dhabi 02-6668439 02-6660890 marine@emi SUPPLIERS.SECURE ELECTRONICS & FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT 138 Abu Dhabi 02-5547750 02-5547730 seffire@emir ates. Garage & OILFIELD maintenance SERVICE equipment. & technical service OILFIELD & supplies. FIRE PROTECTION Sole agents for Tohatsu marine outboard engines.

east Abu Dhabi 02-5555855 02-5552392 @oceaneerin SERCK SERVICES (GULF) LTD 5834 Sharjah 06-5582607 06-5582734 info@serckg ulf. HARDWARE Fasteners. Joining. critical risk CONDITION assessment. Quality assurance. Power JOINING & Tools. radiators. Flange" EPRS INSPECTION FASTENERS INDUSTRIAL. & CONTROL.SELL FORCE INTERNATIONA 26102 L Dubai 04-2272100 04-2278789 sellforc@emi . MONITORING. heat MONITORING treatment. FASTENING PRODUCTS. nondestructive HEAT SERVELEC LTD 7611 Abu Dhabi 02-6328811 02-6320432 ene@emirate s. Hand Tools. repair of marine & MARINE & industrial heat OFFSHORE REPAIR exchangers & SERVICES. SERVICES "Multiflex" Umbilicals. SCADA SYSTEMS. "Smart Services (ME) LLC) 4074 middle. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS. RADIATORS. TOOLS HEAT Manufacture & EXCHANGERS. TELEMETRY & COMPUTER corrosion/condition CORROSION monitoring. RETAIL.

net. valves. CALIBRATION. representation. UZUC & RainSOFT.SERVOTECH INTERNATIONA 7124 L Dubai 04-3331693 04-3331531 servo@emira tes. Calibration. TRADING. International OILFIELD Equipment. Also EQUIPMENT representing as SUPPLIERS. SETEGI THERMAX 46942 SYSTEMS L. INSTRUMENTA SERVTECH 60963 Dubai 04-2672334 04-2672335 sales@servte ch. Al Mazroui group Specialist in combustion technology gas heating solution turnkey projects AIR using exclusively FILTRATION. CALIBRATION. TIONplacement & PROCESS manpower. . Specialised INSTRUMENTA services for control TIONinstrumentation. canadian know COMBUSTION how & Maxon CONTROLS. ARIO. sole agent PRESSURE different VESSELS international traditional supplier to the oil & gas sectors.C. Abu Dhabi 02-6333968 02-6333958 setegikk@ei m.L. TRADING AGENCIES. Like REPRESENTATI ON OF Trading & agency COMPANIES.

electric motors. winches. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE . sludge removal etc. demucking. Computer Hardware &Software COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & SERVICES SEVEN SEAS MARINE SERVICES JEBEL ALI BRANCH 17007 DubaiJebel Ali sevenseas@s 04-8837919 04-8837653 evenseasgro up. Overhauling of diesel engines. valves. SEVEN SEAS ELECTRONICS 5592 Dubai sse@sevense 04-3530279 04-3537754 asgroup. INSULATION SHIP SHIP CHANDLERS SEVEN SEAS SERVICES LLC 17007 Dubai services@se 04-3471711 04-3471811 venseasgrou p. SHIPPING AGENCIES . steel & piping works. ae Supply of Electrical Equipment & Entertainment Systems. SEVEN SEAS SHIP 7440 MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS LLC Dubai 04sesmar@sev 3241277/34 04-3247223 enseasgroup 71711 . tanks cleaning. COATING PROTECTIVE. supplies and Shipchandling.SEVEN OCEAN BM TRADING 14706 Dubai sevenocn@e 04-2242955 04-2242956 Repair/ Refurbishment of living accommodation.

Bahrain and Qatar. REPAIR Specialist Service Centers Located in Abu Dhabi. suppliers of provisions. SHIP sevensea@s bond. medical. Manufacturers of Control Valves. stationery & safety etc. gas & mineral SURVEYOR.severn Support Services Abu Dhabi 02-6712287 02-6712251 SUPPLIERS electronics. manpower. Saudi Arabia. Engineering and VALVE Aftermarket MANUFACTURE glocon@emir www. fuel 2896293 SURVEYORS analysis. Dubai 04-8033333 04-8033444 evenseasgro engine. glocon. SHIP STORES up. cargoes. 04NDT/HT/Q&Q on MARINE Dubai 04-2896282 2896292 / oil.SEVEN SEAS SHIPCHANDLER 5592 S LLC SEVERN GLOCON LTD 3374 SGS SOCIETE GENERALE DE 12993 SURVEILLANCE SA Shipchandling. . Independent INSPECTION inspection SERVICES. VALVE for Control Valves REFURBISHME and Choke Valve NT. MARINE. cabin. VALVE ates. Actuators and Suppliers of Specialist CHOKES.

exporters & order suppliers dealers in: General hardwares tools & building materials. CLEARING & FORWARDING. SHAFANA TRADERS 1121 Dubai 043242134 / 2222422 043241674 / 2226641 shafana@ei m. SHIPPING AGENCIES SHARIFEE BROS. SHAMAL SEA & AIR FREIGHT 28722 LLC Dubai 04-3970616 04-3973440 shamal@emi rates. LLC 2 Dubai 042222504 / 2237157 / 84491 04-2223756 shacollc@em ABRASIVES.SHABBIR ENTERPRISES LLC 7957 Dubai 042225401 / 2283877 Shabent@e 04-2279290 Sea & air . ae Ship Owners and Managers. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU BUILDING MATERIALS. SHAMROCK MARINE SERVICES 1290 Ajman 06-7470078 06-7470970 ajmar@emir OILFIELD SUPPLIERS FREIGHT SHIPPING. BUILDING FREIGHT FORWARDING. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Freight Forwarding. safety equipments to construction. SEA FREIGHT SERVICES. SHIP OWNERS. Oilfield & marine order suppliers ABRASIVES. Clearing & Forwarding. CO. oilfields and marine.

net. BLASTING & PAINTING EQUIPMENT SHARJAH AIRPORT AUTHORITY 8 Sharjah 06-5581111 06-5581051 AIRLINES . steel-shots & Manufacturers & dealers in copper slag. coal slag & garnet abrasives.SHARJAH ABRASIVES TRADING CO 21226 Sharjah raja@emirat 06-3241400 06-3241213 es. all blasting equipment & allied accessories Administration ABRASIVES.

ae CEMENTING/G ROUTING SHARJAH FUELLING SERVICES COMPANY LTD 4225 Sharjah 06-5581007 06-5581359 CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. PVC pipes. SHARJAH CARBON FACTORY LTD 7092 Sharjah 06scf_uae@emi 5420662/54 06-5432284 rates. 2083 Sharjah 06-5695666 06-5683171 scidcho@emi rates. decoration. DRILLING PRODUCTS SHARJAH CEMENT & INDUSRIAL DEVELOMENT CO. Manufacturing raw material for drilling. PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. no Personal & Corporate taxes. AIRPORT 8000 INTERNATIONA L FREE ZONE Sharjah 06-5570000 06-5571010 comdir@saifzone. FREE ZONE AUTHORITY CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. grinding of all minerals. blending & refilling of any 23754 Providing Investors with: 100% Foreign Ownership. OIL Marketing of Shell MARKETING petroleum COMPANIES. Manufacturers of cement. Lease for 25 Renewed for Similar Period. SUPPLIERS . products & PETROLEUM lubricants.

SHARJAH NATIONAL LUBE OIL CO LTD 1575 Sharjah 065283435 / 5285455 sharlu@emir 06-5282366 Manufacturers of lubricants & LUBRICANTS distributors of GRP products. OIL COMPANIES. SHARJAH OXYGEN COMPANY 800 Sharjah soc@emirate 06-5336481 06-5330942 TUBES specs and upto 80" & PIPE pile Pipes with wall FITTINGS. OIL REFINERIES GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS SHARJAH OIL REFINING CO LTD 5635 Sharjah 06-5263400 06-5263600 sor@emirate s. ISO 9001/2001 and APIQ Manufacturer of industrial & medical Oil refinery. thickness from STEEL 4mm to 19mm FABRICATION with steel grade upto Manufacturing spirally welded carbon steel pipes from size 12" to 64" to API 5L PIPES. SHARJAH STEEL PIPE MANUFACTURI 20610 NG COMPANY LLC Sharjah 06-5311671 06-5311695 shjsteel@emi rates. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE. .

MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. AIR COMPRESSOR S. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. SHELL EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION 11677 INTERNATIONA L LIMITED Dubai 04-4054400 04-3293311 Regional representative office. suppliers marketing & management consultants. oilfield and marine equipment. SUPPLIERS SHELL ABU DHABI 46807 Abu Dhabi 02-6333620 02-6333640 Corporate representative office. spare parts and construction equipment. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES. oil and gas production. material handling PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. oil & gas production & trading. SUPPLIERS CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS. HEAVY EQUIPMENT. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES. .SHARP LINE TRADING 72359 Dubai 04-3393547 04-3393548 massk@emir ates. MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING Industrial.


SHELL TRADING (ME) 16968 PRIVATE LTD DubaiJebel Ali 04-3316500 Trading of petroleum products. Air Sea and Land for all African Ship Repairs 21619 Dubai 04-3241627 04-3243610 . lubricants & chemicals SHELVING 4813 TRADING L. ae CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING CLEARING & FORWARDING SHERAA AL EMARAT CLEARING & FORWARDING SHIPCO 4540 Sharjah sheracgo@e 06-5395544 06-5395445 mirates. SUPPLIERS BUILDING MATERIALS. ae Clearing and Forwarding. ENERGY CONSERVATIO N / 04-2287388 shelvmg@e mirates. PIPELINE & HOSE REPAIR SERVICES FREIGHT SHIPPING.L. CASING / TUBING. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. OIL MARKETING COMPANIES.C Dubai 042287475 / 2287476 shelving@sh elvingtrading .

Office OIL MARKETING COMPANIES . stevedores. CONTRACTORS & SERVICES Fire protection systems. sea & airfreight. 32872 Showaauh@ Abu Dhabi 02-6215335 02-6215375 emirates. BUILDING contractors and MAINTENANCE services. chartering. materials and air MAINTENANCE SHOWA SHELL SEKIYU K. ae Shipping TRADING & LIGHTERAGE COMPANY (STALCO) LLC 464 Dubai 04-3934666 04-3934888 SHOAIB EMIRATES TRADING EST.K. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS SHOEB FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT TRADING 25007 Dubai magroy@emi 04-2612250 04-2630879 rates. REPRESENTATI Middle East Liason VE OFFICE. 25331 shoaibem@e Abu Dhabi 02-4456655 02-4453990 mirates. maintenance BUILDING OIL . building container depot facilities. air & sea consolidation. building PRODUCTS. container handling & leasing AIR CONDITIONIN Maintenance G. coastal SHIPPING AGENCIES vessel management.

ae Inspection INSPECTION supervision of Oil. EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM.SHREEJI TRADING CO (LLC) 2839 Dubai 04Shreeji@emi 2282221/22 04-2283397 rates. etc. EQUIPMENT. INDUSTRIAL Hardware & tools. Safety products. public address. ELECTRONICS Fire alarm systems & ELECTRONIC / MATV.55472 DUBAI Dubai 04-3362216 04-3362082 sibca@emira SIBCA ELECTRONICS 46944 Abu Dhabi 02-6774861 02-6782009 sibcael@emir 75833 SHRIJI GENERAL TRADING LLC 20802 Ajman 06-7481280 06-7481281 info@shrijiua e. DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. . REFLECTIVE VESTS CHEMICALS/M Supplier of drilling UD/MINERALS/ mud bentonite. materials & OILFIELD industrial SERVICE equipment for the COMPANIES. FLUIDS COMPUTERS / FASTENERS INDUSTRIAL. Gas & QUALITY Petrochemical ASSURANCE & Industries. SICA 1518 Dubai 04-8834106 04-8836529 sicadxb@emi rates. DRILLING barites. CONTROL. EQUIPMENT SIBCA ELECTRONICS .net. FIRE access GAS DETECTORS.

SICHEM C/o Sigma Enterprises Complex 34077 sichem@emi Abu Dhabi 02-5557104 02-5542524 rates. boicides etc & basis for detergents & oilfield speciality. compound bases for corosion inhibitors. certified ISO 9002 Lloyd’s Register No. PAC’s. line pipe & TUBING drill PIPES. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . water treatment. gas & water pipelines & related facilities upto 60” SICIM S. TUBES & PIPE Drilling muds. Design. SIDERCA MIDDLE EAST 27581 REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE Dubai 042725394 / 2725395 04-2725392 Manufacturers of seamless casing & CASING / tubing. manufacturer of CMC’s.A. 47061 Abu Dhabi 02-6448847 02-6448849 aburla@emir ates. maintenance & industrial chemicals. OIL & GAS COMPANY. construction & installation of oil. LRC 180547. modified starches. .

Pharmaceutical OILFIELD Industries. ELECTRICAL electromechanical. EQUIPMENT. ANICAL maintenance CONTRACTORS works and /SUPPLIERS. piping. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS CALIBRATION. telecommunication equipment. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL SIEMENS LLC 2154 DUBAI Dubai 04-3319578 04-3319547 EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN Manufacturers & (ESD) Providers of SYSTEMS.SIEMENS LLC 47015 Abu Dhabi 02-6393666 02-6393444 Power engineering & installations. instrumentation. Process INDUSTRIALAutomation and PROCESS Safety Solutions & CONTROL. TIONPetrochemical. PROCESS Chemical & CONTROL. Instrumentation INSTRUMENTA for the Oil & Gas. ELECTROMECH erection. specialized service ENGINEERING teams. lighting installations. Mechanical. SERVICES SIEMENS PROCESS AUTOMATION 47015 Abu Dhabi 02-6393666 02-6393444 SIGED EMIRATES 26213 Abu Dhabi 02-5515165 02-5515164 . data processing systems. security systems. INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL.

4281 Dubai 043241417 / 3241750 04-3241708 sigma1@emi rates. SHOP & machine shop and FABRICATION.SIGMA ENGINEERING EST. fabrication MACHINE machine shop SHOP supplies. industrial supplies. MARINE ENGINEERING . MACHINE ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS Engineering . oilfield

SIGMA GROUP (SIGMA ENGINEERING WORKS CO. 16C & 16D. Flanges. Sigma are holders of API Licenses 5CT. 7. Accredited to ISO Equipment. 6A. Pressure Vessels.L.sigmag Cameron CALIBRATION. ABU DHABI) 3555 Abu Dhabi 02-5510400 02-5510771 Purpose built workshop for Refurbishment of Oilfield Equipment . .C MUSSAFAH. Valves & Chokes. Sigma is well equipped to perform fabrication of Structural Skids. www. New Manufacture of Cross Overs.2000. 6H. Sigma CASING / has CNC TUBING machining facilities for manufacturing API monogram ring gaskets. workshop for BITS. X-mas Tree. L. Spools. etc.Blow Out Preventer. roup. Sigma Workshop is Cameron approved AIR TOOLS. Sigma Engineering Works have facilities for performing high quality painting works. 16A. Tees etc. and are holders of ASME U &U2 Accreditations.

L. BITS. CALIBRATION. Piping & Machining : Equipped with Balancing Equipment. L. CALIBRATION. DUBAI) 11401 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8830077 04-8830282 Sigma have recently opened a facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone for fabrication of Skids. CALIBRATION. CASING / TUBING SIGMA GROUP (SIGMA ENTERPRISES CO. BITS.C) SIGMA GROUP (SIGMA ENTERPRISES EMIRATES) 3555 Abu Dhabi 02-5510400 02-5510994 11401 Dubai 04-3455333 04-3455880 AIR TOOLS. BITS. JEBEL ALI. CASING / TUBING AIR TOOLS. Oilfield supply division AIR TOOLS. CASING / TUBING .SIGMA GROUP (SIGMA ENGINEERING WORKS FZE.

Lloyds..) 3555 Abu Dhabi 02-5510400 02-5510253 Quality Control Inspection. Germanischer Lloyd & Rina).(ABS.L.75m) & Preheating. AIR TOOLS. Lamination & Thickness Measurement. Structures & Pipelines. Liquid Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Inspection. Ultrasonic Weld Inspection. & M. Post Heating & PWHT.C.F.SIGMA GROUP (SIGMA SPECIALISED INSPECTION CO. Tube Inspection .. B. Remote Field E. Electrical & Instrumentation Inspection. Eddy Current. Hull Thickness & Rig Surveys . L. Corrosion Mapping (B & C Scan) & Time of Flight UT Inspection. Hardness Testing & Coating .L. Welder & Weld Procedure Qualifications.C. Weld Inspection AWS & CSWIP.BITS.V. IRIS. BITS. Radiographic Inspection _ (XRay & Gamma SE75 & IR 192) on Plant. Heat Treatment (Furnace 4m X 3m 2.

tools. marine paints and related products. consumables. 04-3241380 04-3241384 ae . warehousing. aints. MECHANICAL SEALS. distribution and sigmapcm@e sales of Communications equipment. PACKAGING MACHINERY SIGNODE CORPORATION32393 USA (GRAY MACKENZIE) Dubai mail@gmes. PROTECTIVE COATINGS SIGMATECH DUBAI 13924 Dubai 04-2669566 04-2626728 sankar@emir ates. EQUIPMENT data / voice recorders Packaging products strapping machines. ONS marine electronics. COMMUNICATI Wireless System.SIGMA PAINTS SAUDI ARABIA 52781 LTD Dubai Manufacturing.sigmap 04-3380545 04-3380539 mirates. ae protective coatings. PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS . decorative. Vioce

Nickel alloys.Fire & Gas Systems. Abu Dhabi 02-6788998 02-6788668 DCS. ae Advanced Pipe and Duct Fixing Technologies. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. Unified Control Systems. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS. Safety & Control Systems Designers & Integrator . Aluminium Dubai 04-3336356 04-3336331 mould material m (Alumold) in solid and Hollows and Drill collars and Kellys. ESD Systems. SCADA hdubai. STEEL SUPPLIERS CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES.SIKLA (C/o Aqua Gas) 56790 Dubai aquagas@e 04-2674383 04-2674393 mirates. Tool www. SILVERTECH ENGINEERING LLC 34123 SILVERTECH MIDDLE EAST FZCO 45436 We specialize in Oilfield grade API Alloy steel. EQUIPMENT .net. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. 13 CR.silvert jai@silvertec steels. Burner Management Systems.

net. PARTS. Butterfly Safety & Control Systems Designers & Integrator .net. air cylinders and air flow SINIMMAR TRADING EST 24490 Dubai 04-3394545 04-3392261 sinvalve@ei SIRE TECHNOLOGY 53620 Dubai 04-3552500 04-3552550 sitetech@em SUPPLY Cabling .Fire & Gas DIESEL Specializes in Fuel ENGINES & Injection Pumps. EQUIPMENT MACHINERY & TOOL SUPPLIERS SIMCO INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY TRADING 7281 Sharjah 06-5323424 06-5323422 simco@emir ates. HOSES & FITTINGS Selling pneumatic valves. Unified Control Systems. DCS. UNINTERRUPTI Eelectromechanical BLE POWER contracting. Burner Management Systems. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. Security systems. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. ESD Systems.SILVERTECH MIDDLE EAST FZCO DUBAI BRANCH 17910 DubaiJebel Ali stmefzco@sil 04-8837070 04-8837060 SINGH DIESEL 3394 Dubai singhdsl@em 04-2670238 04-2671393 irates. Conveyor systems. fittings. SCADA Systems. Machine Tools. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD) SYSTEMS.

ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR. motor SWITCHGEAR controls high &. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICE COMPANY 0 Mussafah 02-5555300 02-5555655 SKIMOVEX BV (C/o Mohammed Bin 322 Masaood & Sons) mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. . SYSTEMS Bunkering of fuel SKY LIGHT SWITCHGEAR IND. Fully justifies CONDITIONIN the slogan "Built in G the Gulf. voltage. FIRE ALARM Security Systems. CONTROLS. &. . for the World".SITE TECHNOLOGY LTD CO. Transmission ENGINEERING Distribution CONTRACTORS Engineers. ae HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING SKM AIR CONDITIONING 6004 EQUIPMENT Sharjah 06-5347347 06-5349292 sales@skmac. 44942 fadibadran@ siteAbu Dhabi 02-6326900 02-6320478 ELECTRICAL Electro Mechanical EQUIPMENT Contractors. Liasion agents for supply of light crude oil. CONTROLS. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Switchgear. Power SWITCHGEAR LLC 22535 Sharjah 06-5337856 06-5337860 Manufacturers of Central HVAC Equipment in the AIR Gulf. gas oil & lubricants.c om SIVA FUEL BUNKERING EST SIVA FUEL BUNKERING EST MUSSAFFAH BRANCH 46870 Abu Dhabi 02-6268227 02-6273240 sivatrd@emir ates.

ae ELECTRICAL Trading in PRODUCTS electrical materials Dorman Smith. safety & relief valve testing. ROUTING Cementing and Production. onsite machining. CLEARING & FORWARDING SKYWAY TRADING LLC 72946 Abu Dhabi 02-6336564 02-6315503 skyway@emi rates. Supplier of Oil field chemicals.SKY SEA FREIGHT 5239 INTERNATIONA L Dubai 04-2666571 04-2668450 antaf@emira tes. valve management service. SUBSEA CLAMPS SMARTECH TECHNOLOGY 54090 Abu Dhabi 02-6777558 02-6717141 smartech@ei m. Warehousing & Distribution. COURIER/AIR CARGO SMC-WELLUBE MIDDLE EAST 61238 LTD Dubai 04-8811102 04-8811103 wellube@emi rates. and switch board Nissad. Transport & Project Cargo valve lubricants & sealants. CEMENTING/G Stimulation. OILFIELD SERVICE Air . LEAK DETECTION/SE ALING. pipeline repair clamps. hot tapping. Leak . Accessories. HEAT EXCHANGERS.Sea Volex assemblers. FREIGHT SHIPPING. Clearing & Forwarding. Shipping Agent.

co Onshore Terminal 04-3240404 04-3245455 bai@smit.. BITS.du www. smf04-3097916 04-3097917 m Market. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS BARGES. Geodiamond Premium Petroleum Drill Bits.SMF INTERNATIONA 9204 L DUBAI LLC Dubai SMIT TERMINALS MIDDLE EAST LLC 52091 Dubai Oilfield supply. DRILLING EQUIPMENT .dubai@ Drill 21446 1613 Smith Tool. DIVING & UNDERWATER SERVICES. Diving. Stabilizers. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT SMITH BITS 4983 Dubai 0404bhuffer@smi 3321381/33 3322975/332 th. com Drill Stem Safety Valves.smit. NMDC. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. international. HWDP. A Smit Company Offshore Contractors & Terminal Operators. Salvage and UWILD of Rigs & Vessels. Manufacturers of smfi. DIVING & UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT. m ROV & Marine Services for Offshore & Civil Construction. Marine Turnkey Services to the Offshore & company.

com SMITH BITS JEBEL ALI 24983 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8833629 04-8837075 SMITH DRILLING SYSTEMS LLC 37586 Dubai 04-3476665 04-3476625 gladwell@em DOWNHOLE TOOLS. DRILLING Directional and DIRECTIONAL.SMITH BITS ABU DHABI 47080 Abu Dhabi 02-6720720 02-6715520 sbrooks@smi th. DRILLING PRODUCTS . Horizontal Drilling DRILLING Services EQUIPMENT.

net. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION. FABRICATION Gaskets & Packing DOWNHOLE Downhole tools. rental. MILLING TOOLS SMITH INTERNATIONA L GULF 24983 SERVICES LLC FLUID SEALING DIVISION Dubai 04-8836248 04-8839438 sigsfsd@emir ates. Saudi Arabia. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION SMITH INTERNATIONA L GULF 24983 SERVICES LLC DRILCO DIVISION Dubai 04-8836268 04-8836502 drilco@emira tes. Machine GASKETS / shop & Fabrication. machine shop & fabrication DOWNHOLE TOOLS. Offices Operating DOWNHOLE in UAE. DRILLING EQUIPMENT.SMITH INTERNATIONA 47080 L Abu Dhabi 02-5553700 02-5552939 drilco@emira tes. MACHINE Tubular inspection. Kuwait & DRILLING Oman Downhole . tools. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. SHOP & Lifting GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS. SEALING Tool & Equipment PRODUCTS.

INSTRUMENTA TION SOCOIN INTERNATIONA 3997 L LLC Dubai 04-3335455 04-3335477 socoin@emir ates. Inc. Supply of industrial oilfield / Abu Dhabi 02-5553700 02-5553055 rduperreault @smith. CUTTING (A Business Unit of Smith International. FISHING TOOLS & SERVICE SMKA 1200 ELECTRIC (LLC) Dubai 04-2821065 04-2821874 smka@emira tes.SMITH SERVICES 47080 amalcolm@s mith. DOWNHOLE TOOLS. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . OILFIELD SUPPLIERS .) Manufacturer of downhole drilling Traders in ELECTRICAL electrical materials PRODUCTS SNEF ELECTRIC 46388 FLUX Abu Dhabi 02-6727119 02-6727137 snefauh@hot projects & Electrical contractors & instrumentation. remedial tools and fishing tools services for the oil & gas industry. DRILLING EQUIPMENT.

net. Manufacturing & Distribution of civil building materials & chemicals: concrete admixtures.SOCOTEC INTERNATIONA 42782 L Abu Dhabi 02-6211844 02-6217993 socotec@emi rates. injection & foolrig resigns. waterproofing membrances. SODAP EMIRATES 71779 sodapuae@e Abu Dhabi 02-6222301 02-6222801 mirates. INSPECTION SERVICES. civil engineering technical assessment and audit on existing buildings. . decorative facade mortars. adhesives & grouts. CONTRACTORS . ae Technical inspection services in the construction. joint concrete repair mortars. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. curing agents. protective coatings. Planning. Environment. Cooling r CONSULTANCY Water. /ENGINEERS/.ae COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES. GAS TURBINES.f . SERVICES. 25963 Dubai 04-3360009 04-3365112 Gas Turbines Driven Compressors of Generators Manufacturers. SOLAR TURBINES EUROPE S. EIA.sogrea Maritime & Port 04-8872690 04-8872691 e@sogreah. Global positioning systems. HAZID. GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S. CONSULTANTS Petrochemical. jorge. HAZOP.A. Sales service & EQUIPMENT mapping & design software. CONTRACTORS www. ENVIRONMENT Safety & Numerical AL and Physical CONSULTANTS Modelling. solarlub@em 06-7437474 06-7437667 LUBRICANTS irates. surveying sokkia@emir SURVEYING 04-3368539 04-3368549 instruments. .SOGREAH GULF 18271 Dubai SOKKIA GULF 4801 Dubai SOLAR LUBRICANTS REFINERY LLC 2986 Ajman Consulting CONSTRUCTIO engineers for Oil & N Gas.

FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS . Survival info@solasm www. EQUIPMENT. EQUIPMENT. BREATHING APPARATUS. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. Gas 04-3241804 Detection and Prevention Systems. Safety. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. EQUIPMENT. Specialist in Halon Conversion Systems with Friendly Fire Fighting Agents. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS SOLAS SAFETY & FIRE 3215 PROTECTION SERVICES CO Fujairah 09-2281307 09-2281308 SOLAS SAFETY & FIRE PROTECTION 49373 SERVICES CO LLC Dubai 04-8853096 04-8853097 (Civil Defense Approved) BREATHING APPARATUS. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &.solasm Fire Fighting. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS BREATHING APPARATUS.SOLAS MARINE 25445 SERVICES Dubai 043241700 / 3242001 (ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED COMPANY) Major Suppliers and Service Providers of Life arine.

CasedDOWNHOLE hole production TOOLS. LWD tools. install & maintain security systems .SONDEX 18485 Dubai 04-8873456 04-8873457 sondexme@ SOUND SPECIAL SERVICES (SECURITY) 7814 sss_secu@e Abu Dhabi 02-4480068 02-4481516 / LWD sensors WIRELINE including TRIM SERVICES induction resistivity openhole tools. logging. Direct recruitment of Technical & MANPOWER Administrative SERVICES. manufacture and supply of wireline DOWNHOLE logging and MWD / SURVEYS. well LOGGING integrity. ae Design. RECRUITMENT Petrochemical & CONSULTANTS Construction . SHUTDOWN Sector within the MAINTENANCE GCC countries SAFETY & SECURITY Development. Water & Electricity. supply. MWD HOLE. SPECIALISTS. cutters CASED & OPEN and tractors. staff and MANPOWER deployment of TECHNICAL contract personnel STAFF to the Oil & Gas. SECURITY SERVICES & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS SOS RECRUITMENT 46445 CONSULTANTS Abu Dhabi 02-6267700 02-6267720 sosadh@emi

Safety Equipment. Manufacture of FIBREGLASS / fibre glass boats & GRP products. Leading British/American restaurant franchise operators & equipment suppliers. construction sites meal delivery. labour camps.L. ae . 44145 southern@e Abu Dhabi 02-6776999 02-6788864 mirates. CATERING industrial units.C. PRODUCTS SOUTHERN GULF MARINE IND. Diving WELDING & Panel Fabrication. EST 60027 sgmarine@e Abu Dhabi 02-5543017 02-5543318 mirates.SOURCES WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT CO. hospitals & schools catering. Amron International Offers turnkey services in catering and life support services for remote desert and offshore oil & gas fields. WELDING Welding and EQUIPMENT. Distributors for SAFETY & Commercial and SECURITY Scuba Diving EQUIPMENT. LLC 50203 Dubai 04-3241143 04-3241157 SOUTHERN FOOD & CATERING SERVICES L. ae DIVING & UNDERWATER Exclusive EQUIPMENT.

PREFABRICATE D Prefabricated & BUILDING/HO portable buildings USES. TOILETS/PORT ABLES SOUVENIR BUILDING 41376 MATERIALS LLC Dubai 04-2241807 04-2241936 skmoi@emir ates. Importers SUPPLIERS. Rapid OILFIELD Classic Safety INDUSTRIAL Shoes. BUILDING PORTABLE. SUPPLIERS. Miller (CE Marked). of whole range of SAFETY safety footwear for CLOTHINGS. Construction. D/PORTABLE STRUCTURES.SOUTHWALES TRANSFORMER 47142 S (C/o Danway) Abu Dhabi 02-6451472 02-6451473 info@danwllc . Oil and Gas Industries. Black OILFIELD Knight (CE EQUIPMENT EN345). (timber & steel PREFABRICATE frame).com GENERATORS/ TRANSFORMER S Rapid Ultra (CE Marked).net. ae . SPACEMAKER (EMIRATES) LLC 53365 Dubai spacemkr@e 04-3384603 04-3384574 mirates.U Sole). Concorde (P. Manufacturing.

service & rentals of geophysical instrumentation. provision of well OILFIELD engineers. SERVICE supervisors & COMPANIES specialist personnel. INSTRUMENTA TIONDOWNHOLE SPARTLINK INDUSTRIAL (LLC) 20796 Dubai 04-2673833 04-2673603 SPD WELL PROJECT MANAGEMENT LTD 18227 Dubai 04-8814022 04-8814236 enquiries@sp dltd. . well TECHNICAL project STAFF management. Electrical ELECTRICAL switchgear trading. and SPECIALISTS. INSTRUMENTA TIONCALIBRATION. Supplying quality well engineering MANPOWER services. ELECTRICAL Switchgear EQUIPMENT assemblers and SWITCHGEAR manufacturers LV &.com c/o Stevens International (LLC) Sales. SWITCHGEAR.SPARTEK SYSTEMS LTD 38500 Dubai craig.fraser 04-3476900 04-3477479 @sparteksys tems.

46833 Abu Dhabi 02-6765001 02-6767989 smc@emirat Water SPECIALIZED MARKETING CO. walls & windows. technical & administraion staff. W. Mezzanine Freezer Shelving. RECRUITMENT & SUPPLY OF MANPOWER. Cages. WAREHOUSIN G DISTRIBUTION & STORAGE . ae Design & fabrication of offshore living quarters. Steel Core Sample Rack. Cable SHELVING & STORAGE EQPT & SUPPLIES. Binning. Fabrication of fire doors. TANK MFRS & SUPPLIERS SPECIALIST SERVICES RESOURCES 3917 registration @resourcesr Abu Dhabi 02-6442868 02-6447736 ecruitment. RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS .SPECIALIST SERVICES 2752 Dubai specserv@e 04-3472646 04-3472148 mirates. LABOUR SUPPLY SERVICES. Cantilever Racking.c om Recruitment & secondment of engineering. Mobile Storage Systems. Conveyors. Trading of Architectural Products. Pallet Racking. SPECIALIZED ARCHITECTURA 73693 L SYSTEM Abu Dhabi 02-6790700 02-6790703 sasauh@emi rates. equipment shelters & accommodation FABRICATIONS modules to SOLAS requirements.L.

. SUPPLIERS Compressors. Building Material & Consumables. Petroleum CORE Consultancy. Siad M. Petrochem. PROCESS Process Controls & CONTROL Calibration.. Drilling Products & Equipment. Gusti. onshore. Reservoir DRILLING Modelling & Services & supply for the oil & gas industries: ANALYSIS. Trading & PRODUCTION. Marine. Core &/OR Analysis. Sectors. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Pumps. I. GmbH. Mechanical Equipment. EXPLORATION Rock Typing. O. Gears & Spare Gumeta Filtration. APV GmbH. Supply of oilfield INSTRUMENTA equipment: TIONInstrumentation. Power Gen.SPECIALIZED TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT 45481 Abu Dhabi 02-6716464 02-6716417 ste_1@emira SPECIALIZED TRADING SERVICES 43278 Abu Dhabi 02-6795633 02-6794637 stsauh@emir ates. Characterization.

SPP PUMPS LIMITED 61491 Dubai 04-8838733 04-8838735 general@spp pumps. VALVE MANUFACTURE R. CATERING. Belts. Laundry service. CAMP ADMINISTRATI ON & MANAGEMENT. Pipes & Bearings.Oil & Gas. VALVE REPAIR OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. CAMP ADMINISTRATI ON & MANAGEMENT. CATERING. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. Camp Importer / Exporter / Stockist . Pump manufacture. Janitorial service. SPINNEYS ABU DHABI LLC0 DUBAI Dubai 04-3555262 04-3555269 SPM FLOW CONTROL 1518 PRODUCTS INC. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. ae Flow control Catering. Recruitment & Labour supply. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS SPN SPARE PARTS NETWORK LLC 85063 Dubai 042276613 / 2276619 04-2242890 spnet@emira tes. Housekeeping. VALVE REFURBISHME NT. PIPES. Agriculture Industries equipments & Spare Parts Full Range of Oil Seals.SPINNEYS ABU 243 DHABI LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6948000 02-6948010 csd@spinney s. Dubai spm3948@e 04-8836368 04-8836485 . CONSULTANCY SERVICES. CONSULTANCY SERVICES.

CONCRETE PROTECTION/T STANDARD SHIP SPARES LLC / STANDARD TECHNICAL SUPPLY LLC 13297 Dubai 04-2677786 04-2675800 sssdubai@ei m. marine IPMENT. Precast/Prestresse d concrete. Steel fabrication Storage and Materials Handling System for the gas. Concrete Repair. Workshop & Plant.SQUARE GENERAL 46575 CONTRACTING CO LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6650660 02-6655380 square@emir ates. Supplier of MARINE & industrial & marine OFFSHORE equipments to the SERVICES/EQU MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT FABRICATIONS STALLION MARINE ENGINEERING LLC STANDARD FABRICATORS LLC 20985 Sharjah smeco@emir 06-5347555 06-5342567 SSI SCHAEFER 37600 Dubai info@ssi04-3400077 04-3400078 7432 Dubai 04-3331818 04-3331325 stdengg@em irates. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. and shipping OILFIELD General BLOWERS & BLOWER SYSTEM. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS . GENERAL CONTRACTORS CONTAINERS.

net. 32456 Dubai info@stanfor 04-3241336 04-3241924 dmarine. RECRUITMENT & SUPPLY OF MANPOWER. JACK. STAR SERVICES 2333 02Abu Dhabi 02-6424888 6419008 / 6423600 star2333@e mirates. UPS & WORKBOATS STAR ENERGY RESOURCES LTD 16811 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8816733 04-8816548 Terminal for storage & blending of petroleum products. ae Recruitment services specialised LABORATORIE SPETROLEUM. LABORATORY TESTING STAR IMPEX BUILDING MATERIALS TRADING LLC 37031 Dubai 043474977 / 3404777 04-3473949 PIPE & PIPE PVC Pressure Pipe FITTING Fittings SUPPLIERS LABOUR SUPPLY SERVICES. laboratory analysis.L.BARGES. .STANFORD MARINE Vessel Charters. starpaul@em truck loading & distribution of petroleum products. MARINE CHARTERING/ SALES: TUGS. RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS .

OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS STEALTH TELECOM 7755 Sharjah 06-5571625 06-5571627 sales@stealt h. Filter FILTRATION. FILTERING Suppliers of 210 ltr MATERIALS & Steel / Plastic SUPPLIES. DRUM MANUFACTURE Manufacturers & Wireless communication solutions. TELECOMMUNI CATIONS .STARLINK LLC 24167 Dubai 043330189 / 3332695 04-3339397 starlink@emi rates.

L. Major repairs for floating and fixed roof tanks. Refurbishment of turbines and boilers. MECHANICAL replacement of CONTRACTORS pipelines. Fabrication N/. gas and ENGINEERING/ water). INDUSTRIAL vessels.STEEL CONSTRUCTIO N 3922 ENGINEERING CO. Pipeline CIVIL (oil. etc. Fabrication and erection of steel structures for power plants and oil and gas Specialized Welding. Tank cleaning (internal and external). Process CONSTRUCTIO piping. .ae 01011 1012 Major services provided: Fabrication and erection of storage tanks (fixed floating roof type). 0202sceco@emira Abu Dhabi 6346334/55 6321131/550 tes. L. and refurbishment CONTRACTORS of pressure . General civil construction work. Major MAINTENANCE repairs / .C.

Industrial & Marine suppliers. Power Tools:.BECK STEEL TRADING CO LLC 5606 Dubai 04-3471511 04-3477247 steeltrd@emi rates. ULMA. TUBOS. FITTINGS Stud Bolts & Nuts:. ASK. LAME. Black & Trading house & stock holder of stainless steel flat products with direct access to the prime & second stocks of the European Major Mills. .net. PIPES. METALFAR.M. Forged Steel Valves:. PETROTUB. Forged INDUSTRIAL Steel Fittings:SUPPLIERS.G. Forged NIPPLES & Flanges:PLUGS. Stockist for: C. Oilfield.S. Pipes:SUMITOMO.STEEL PARTNERS FZCO 17530 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8872270 04-8872271 steelfzc@emi rates.I.BONNEY FORGE. TUBES Buttweld Fittings:& PIPE BENKAN. MEGA..E.Dewalt. O. FLANGES. OILFIELD M. NOVAHUT.

PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS .A. PIPELINE COATING & INSULATION STEWART & STEVENSON PETROLEUM SERVICES INC 41744 wrmartin@e Abu Dhabi 02-5540052 02-5540058 mirates. PIPES. STOLT 255 OFFSHORE S. S plate. Sharjah 0606stoltoff@emi 5285206/57 5285785/573 rates. P. .net. sections. Stonhard. STEEL IMPORTERS. High FIRE PROOFING MATERIAL. OFFSHORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS . & PIPE pipes & structural IMPORTERS & Import & Re-export of Oil & Gas machinery & equipments. Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas supplying equipments & services. Q/S.E LLC 3034 Dubai 04-3470460 04-3470242 stoncor@emi rates. TUBES V/B. Fibergrate & Fireproofing materials. MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT.STEMCOR 37324 Dubai 04-3310306 04-3310363 stemcor@em irates. DRILLING EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE .ae 36444 5665 STONCOR Manufacture of Carboline. ae Trading. FIBREGLASS / GRP

CONTRACTORS STORK POMPEN BV (C/o Ali & 915 Sons) Abu Dhabi 02-6723900 Pumps & pump parts PUMPS & PUMP PARTS STORK WESCON 636 INTERNATIONA L BV Abu Dhabi 02-6327678 02-6326857 Construction & STORAGE SYSTEMS: SHELVING/RA CKING .net. Engineers & Contractors.STONE & WEBSTER INTERNATIONA 4722 L INC (SHAW GROUP COMPANY) swaduae@e Abu Dhabi 02-6728833 02-6728838 mirates. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS STOR-MAT SYSTEMS 12113 Dubai 04-2894154 04-2894188 stormat@em irates. ae Design supply + installation of storage & material handling systems: pallet racking. MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM.

FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS .L. geotechnical instrumentation. hulls stress monitoring. structural GEOTECHNICA L INVESTIGATIO N. PRODUCTS.strains load cells. ae COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES. INSTRUMENTA TIONINTRINSIC tall. EXPLOSION Fothergill Fire & PROOF Welding Blankets. Products and services include mshaw@stra www. strain and stress determination. MOORING TERMINALS STRONG GLOBAL 56447 Dubai twstrong@e 04-2220500 04-2271080 mirates. mooring and berth management systems.C 3256 Dubai ISO 9002 accredited company. Specialists in all areas of load measurement. 04-2951447 04-2951448 install. pile testing and crane weighing.STRAINSTALL MIDDLE EAST L. Harris Gas Cutting FIRE & Welding PROTECTION Equipment. LOAD INDICATION. stress in risers.

SUBTEC MIDDLE EAST LTD. SERVICES/EQU offering a IPMENT. API & ISO 9001 5073 We are a leading DIVING & offshore UNDERWATER construction. OFFSHORE support services to GENERAL the international CONTRACTORS oil & gas industry. comprehensive MARINE range of CONTRACTORS construction & .com SUBTEC NATIONAL CO. pipe RS fittings & flanges. 4375 Sharjah 06-5285415 06-5284086 globalme@gl obalind. .com SUFA LTD 16814 DubaiJebel Ali 04sufa007@em 04-8815284 8816689/881 irates. SERVICES. diving & MARINE & underwater OFFSHORE services company. diving & MARINE & underwater OFFSHORE services company. comprehensive MARINE range of CONTRACTORS construction & .distribut FITTING ion & stockist of MANUFACTURE valves. We are a leading DIVING & offshore UNDERWATER construction. 2407 LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6412840 02-6412856 globalme@gl obalind. SERVICES/EQU offering a SERVICES. PIPE marketing. FLANGES. OFFSHORE support services to GENERAL the international CONTRACTORS oil & gas industry.

ae Composite Trading. . COMPOSITE HOSES. WELLHEADS & VALVES. STEEL SUPPLIERS COMPRESSOR S & GAS TURBINES PACKAGING MATERIALS. REMOVALS & PACKAGING. trays & internals. IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. HYDRAULIC HOSES & FITTINGS OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Export. ae SULTAN AL TUNAIJI TRADING EST 4357 Abu Dhabi 02-6267635 02-6267638 satte@emira tes. Commercial Agencies. Import. Hydraulic hoses & fittings. SULZER BURKHARDT (C/o Ali & Sons) 915 Abu Dhabi 02-6723900 02-6723901 ascom@alisons. SULZER CHEMTECH 915 Abu Dhabi 02-6723900 02-6723901 ctmerak@em conveyor Pumps & compressors. Representation. PRODUCTION PACKERS. 8006 Abu Dhabi 02-5541470 02-5540068 SUTEC@emir Structured packing. IMPORT & EXPORT SULAIMAN PETROTECH EST 18326 Dubai soeqtrad@e 04-8833525 04-8833626 mirates. Oilfield & industrial suppliers.SUHAIL AL MAZROUI TRADING EST.

Stainless steel & PIPES. New Vam. Vam FJL etc. cross overs. flow couplings etc. ERW & SAW Types). ACCESSORIES. OCTG accessories like couplings.) and standard API connections as well. pup joints.SUMITOMO CORPORATION (DUBAI 11340 LIAISON OFFICE) Dubai 04-3214343 04-3214342 Marketing of Sumitomo range of casing & tubing (OCTG of Seamless. Specialists CASING / in Supply Chain TUBING. . OCTG and its accessories can be supplied with premium connections (Vam Top. and Line Pipe (Seamless. Resistant Alloy OCTG / OCTG (CRA) materials. OCTG Management of (OIL COUNTRY OCTG and high TUBULAR end Corrosion GOODS). TUBES special alloy tubes & PIPE and pipe. ERW & SAW). Services FITTINGS can be provided on Ex-Stock (OCTG only) and Ex-Mill basis.

ULTRASONIC INSPECTION Division of BREATHING Maritime Industrial APPARATUS. safety PRODUCTS. Calibration & CERTIFIED BY DNV ISO 9001 CALIBRATION. Services Providing FIRE fire prevention. & emergency H2S SAFETY. (Mecair/Goyen).ae Authorised Service Center for Fuel Nozzles (PARKER).SUN POWER GEN SYSTEMS & SERVICES 2828 Dubai 04-3395055 04-3395066 sales@sunpo wergen. GAS TURBINES. Servo Valves SUN POWER GEN SYSTEMS & SERVICES ABU DHABI 51839 Abu Dhabi 02-5547535 02-5547534 SUNBELT H2S FIRE & SAFETY 11791 SERVICES Dubai 04-8836182 04-8836478 sunbelt@emi rates. Check INSPECTION Valve. VESSELS .net. Relief Valve. response services PRESSURE & consultation. (MOOG). ULTRASONIC Pressure Gauge. Reverse CONDITION Pulsing Diaphragm MONITORING. CONDITION MONITORING. GAS Valves TURBINES. PROTECTION fire fighting.

etc. supply of Heat treatment spares and equipment on sale / hire. HIRE. EQUIPMENT fitters. FABRICATIONS and specialized technicians for offshore jobs. GENERAL Specialist in TRADING Complete New SUPER DOLPHIN TRADING COMPANY 8402 superdol@e Abu Dhabi 02-5542401 02-5542405 mirates. Dealers of Volvo and Scania trucks spare parts. sourcing and supply of specialized spares. . marine and Industrial sector. providing highly ENGINEERING skilled technicians SERVICES. Brakelinings. marine mechanics. tools and accessories for oil and marine sector.SUNTEC SERVICES LLC 94638 Dubai 04-2680131 04-2680141 suntec@emir ates. welders. viz. ae Undertaking Technical / mechanical Job contracts of oil.

GI. Cutting. ae Prefabricated buildings.L. CONTAINERS. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. joinery & aluminium fabrications. W. cabins. STRUCTURAL Aluminium and STEEL Fittings. PREFABRICATE D BUILDING/HO USES SUPER SUPPLIES CO. Water Jet FABRICATION.SUPER FAB 6737 Sharjah superfab@e 06-5343555 06-5343636 mirates. . semi permanent & movable BUILDING MARINE & OFFSHORE Suppliers of SERVICES/EQU complete range of IPMENT.L. accomodations. caravans. Steel Products. 44791 Abu Dhabi 02-5545786 02-5551787 imar@emirat es. deluxe type protective coatings. STRUCTURAL STEEL TRADING. fire rated villas.

Nuova Fima . Filtration. Today the firm is recognized as the largest and most reliable source for Engineering products throughout the Middle East. SubContinent & Caspian Region. Racor . Exclusive Distibutors for: Parker Instrumentation. Fluid Connectors. As both a stocking distributor and manufacturers representative. Super Technical has built a reputation for dependable quality. FILTRATION.. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS & SERVICES . FILTRATION. Hydraulics. and rapid delivery.. experience. Most orders are shipped the same day they’re For over thirty years.Measuring Inst. Seals. HIP . Solenoid Valves.Fuel Filters.High Pressure Eqpt. .SUPER TECHNICAL 2828 ENTERPRISES DUBAI Dubai 04-3387111 04-3383101 sales@supert ech. Super Technical’s inventory is available immediately. Sandvik Tubings. Pneumatic.

com SUPERIOR OILFIELD SERVICES LTD 41156 Abu Dhabi 02-6446070 02-6455538 superior@su perior. NITROGEN SERVICES SUPREME ELECTRONICS 13728 Dubai 04-2279608 04-2889736 supelec@hot mail. Repairing and installation and engineering of all kinds of electronic equipments CCTV. Security systems. We also undertake installation and annual maintenance contracts for our ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. COILED TUBING SERVICES. ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT . Coiled Tubing. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. AIR FILTRATION. ABRASIVES. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. CUTTING TOOLS.SUPER TECHNICAL ENTERPRISES LLC 47425 02Abu Dhabi 5544300 / 5559090 02-+971-43388799 sales@esmat co. Nitrogen and Logging Services. Digital and Analogue satellite systems for hotels and Oil well Stimulation & Cementing Services. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS CEMENTING/G ROUTING. Intercoms. LOGGING CASED & OPEN HOLE.

SURAYA EQUIPMENT 46123 ESTABLISHMEN T Abu Dhabi 02-6741296 02-6741297 sysquip@emi rates. SUPPLIERS. service company. thermal SERVICE treatment COMPANIES solids SUPPLIERS. pressure INDUSTRIAL control. completion fluid GAS PRODUCERS & Suppliers to the oil SUPPLIERS. control equipment OILFIELD rental. TIONsolids control CALIBRATION. OILFIELD instrumentation EQUIPMENT system. & gas industry OILFIELD SUPPLIERS A Smith/Schlumberg er Company Drilling waste INSTRUMENTA SWACO ARABIA LDC . environmental OILFIELD projects. General trading imports & distributors SWAIDAN TRADING CO LLC 1200 Dubai 04-2948111 04-2948998 GENERAL TRADING .(DUBAI 7623 BRANCH) Dubai 04-8837247 04-8837140 swaco@emir ates.

net. REMOVALS. FREIGHT SHIPPING. CLEARING & FORWARDING. CLEARING & FORWARDING. SWAIDI GULF GENERAL TRANSPORT EST .ae SWIFT FREIGHT 50177 INTERNATIONA L LLC Dubai 04-8819595 04-8819400 info@swiftfre ight. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. Multi Modal Transport. Removal Services. Intergulf & Middle East Trucking. CLEARING & International Freight Services.SWAIDI GULF GENERAL TRANSPORT EST 3508 Sharjah 06-5340444 06-5340999 sggtuae@em Logistics & Supply Chain. Overland Transportation. TRANSPORT COMPANIES. Specialists in Heavy Lifts. FREIGHT SHIPPING. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA. FREIGHT SHIPPING. Clearing & Forwarding.DUBAI BRANCH 0 Dubai 04-3986638 04-3987925 sggtuae@em irates. TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA . Sea Freight. TRANSPORT COMPANIES. Ware Housing CARGO SERVICES AIR/SEA.

SUPPLY TUGS. the Offshore Oil & MARINE Gas Industry. UPS & DP SWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORE 8127 (DUBAI) LLC Dubai 04-3212022 04-3212803 info@swire. BOATS.Sales. MARINE CONTRACTORS SWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORE ABU 984 DHABI) LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6779397 02-6740953 .Sharjah Airport Branch Sharjah 06-5581363 06-5581311 info@swiftfre ight. 50177 Operations & Customer Service Center SWIFT FREIGHT INTERNATIONA 0 L LLC .com Dubai 04-2844401 04-2844402 info@swiftfre ight.a e MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU Marine Services to IPMENT.varghes Abu Dhabi 02-6771450 02-6790060 e@swiftfreig ht. WORKBOATS.BARGES. SURVEY & JACK.SWIFT FREIGHT INTERNATIONA 47359 L LLC .Abu Dhabi Branch SWIFT FREIGHT INTERNATIONA L LLC . CHARTERING/ OPERATORS OF SALES: TUGS.

sales & service of switchboards. A full service Oilfield Supply Company. INC. OCTG (OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS). SUPPLIERS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Petroleum products Manufacture.SWISS SINGAPORE OVERSEAS 60757 Dubai 04-2222720 04-2276376 ssoedxb@em irates. DRILL PIPES. ae CASING / TUBING. Dubai 048872248 / 2249 synergyd@e 04-8872275 mirates. specializing in Equipment and Parts supply to the regional Oil and Gas CONTROLS SWITCHGEAR EMIRATES 2146 Sharjah 06-5329855 06-5394436 SYNERGY OIL & GAS 17851 INTERNATIONA L. motor control centres & associated products. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE RS/. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. Training. Commissioning. Lube oil Blending controls. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. CONTRACTORS . INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM CONSTRUCT 9325 Dubai 04-3350303 04-3353129 system@emi rates. PLC-DCS Systems Integration. Tank Gauging System. and maintenance support. Field instrumentation. Inspection.SYSCOM 20340 Dubai 04-2674556 04-2670427 syscom@eim .ae Turnkey Construction of Industrial & Commercial Preengineered Buildings. Fire and Gas Detection Systems and emergency Shutdown Systems. SYSCOM has the capability to undertake turnkey contracts for PLC Systems. Engineering. Supply. Pipe line leak detection systems. Telemetry Systems.

GALVANIZING fabrication. MACHINE works for SHOP & industrial / FABRICATION. STEEL mezzanine floors.SYSTEMS ENGINEERING LLC 6484 Dubai systemse@e 04-3470828 04-3470868 mirates. car parks. ae Structural STEEL WORK: Design. FABRICATION. space STRUCTURAL frames. . commercial / buildings. staircases. erection & cladding SERVICES. Pipeline Repair TDW is the pioneer in Hot Tapping and Line Plugging Techniques involving line intervention without shutdown. clamps & couplings. Batching /Cleaning Pigs. Black Diamond composite wraps. Services : Hot Tap PIG & STOPPLE fittings LAUNCHERS & and services. Closures. WILLIAMSON S. MECHANICAL Assessment and REPAIR Rehabilitation. TDW offers complete Pipeline Integrity Management Solutions covering HOT TAPPING Pipeline & PLUGGING. Pig Passage Indicator. Middle East Office 9082 Dubai 04-3373506 04-3378353 tdwuae@emi rates. Pig Launcher/Receiver . . SERVICES. RECEIVERS Magpie Pipeline Inspection.T. Preparation. PIG Products & DETECTORS.

LIFTING EQUIPMENT Sharjah hercules@e 06-5343888 06-5343227 mirates. CRANE. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS TAMSA MIDDLE EAST 27581 REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE Dubai 042725394/27 04-2725392 25395 Manufacturers of seamless casing & CASING / tubing.TAER AL SAHRAA 2046 GENERAL LAND TRANSPORT TAER AL SAHRAA GENERAL LAND 4756 TRANSPORT SHARJAH BRANCH Dubai 04-3475465 04-3475470 Heavy Equipment hire. TAJ AL MULOOK GENERAL TRADING LLC 51688 Dubai almulook@e 04-3475588 04-3475537 mirates. ae TAIWAN TRADE 5852 CENTRE Dubai 04-3969353 04-3968541 Trade promotions: promoting the two GENERAL way trade between TRADING UAE & Taiwan ROC. HEAVY HEAVY CRANES. LIFTING EQUIPMENT CRANE. . HEAVY EQUIPMENT. line pipe & TUBING drill pipes. ae Suppliers of Chemicals and Plastic Raw Materials. HEAVY CRANES.

OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. CIVIL ENGINEERING. ae CIVIL ENGINEERING. . LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6714700 02-6714800 mail@targetc onstruct. EXPORTERS & STOCKISTS. CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS.Civil. Industrial. Electrical. Sale of Marine Products. Marine Construction. CONTRACTORS .net. LLC BRANCH OFFICE target_s@e Abu Dhabi 02-6767946 02-6767947 mirates. Chartered Barges and Tugs & Landing Craft. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS TARGET ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIO 960 N CO. TARGET EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIES LLC 37188 Dubai 04-3337703 04-3337701 TARGET INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS 3501 02Abu Dhabi 6785580/67 02-6779965 85580 Oilfield & allied industries importers & suppliers. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Manufacturer of abrasive cleaning equipment. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. IMPORTERS. Mechanical.TARGET ENGINEERING 960 CONSTRUCTIO N General Contracting . CONTRACTORS .

CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. CONSTRUCTIO N ERECTION / MAINTENANCE . Secondment basis QA/QC Inspection Services at vendor’s works & Field/Site (On/Offshore). etc. Quality ServicesThird Party Inspection & Expediting Services of all Equipments in Oil & Gas. Electrical & Instrumentation. Technoquality Evaluation & Auditing of TPL is ISO 9001 company engaged in Quality Services and Electromechanical EPC Contracts.TATA PROJECTS LIMITED 47662 Abu Dhabi 02-6795565 02-6792234 tataauh@eim . EPC Contracts. NDT Training & Evaluation Services.In the field of Civil. CONTRACTORS . Mechanical. CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . Consultancy Services for QMS (ISO 9001) & HSEM (ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001).

ae TAYSEER INDUSTRIAL 26256 REQUIREMENT S CO LLC Dubai 04-3333867 04-3333970 TEAM SAFETY 28066 CONSULTANTS Dubai 04-2828868 04-2865265 tscon@emira tes. NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING MATERIALS &. PRODUCTS. CHEMICALS INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE . textile & concrete SPECIALITY industries. PRESSURE VESSELS. HYDRAULIC Hydraulic hoses & COMPONENTS Adapters& SERVICES. Maintenance of HYDRAULIC hydraulic HOSES & Machineries FITTINGS FIBREGLASS & Supplier of raw FIBREGLASS materials to paint. PRODUCTS fireglass. Fibre glass and FIBREGLASS / construction GRP industries. plastic. foam. MFRS. WHOL &. ae TAWAZON CHEMICAL COMPANY LLC 52161 Dubai 04-3368230 04-3367357 info@tawazo LIFTING EQUIPMENT. Polyurethane.TAURUS HYDRAULICS 40447 Sharjah 065431750 / 5421265 taurushd@e 06-5421262 LIFTING EQUIPMENT / SLING / TACKLE. SAFETY CONSULTANTS /TRAINING .

MANPOWER SERVICES. BUILDING electrical MATERIALS equipment. wholesaler. valves. Manpower supply. agricultural equipment & supplies. electromechanical. CONTRACTORS equipment hiring. ae Supplier. /SUPPLIERS. STAFF SPECIALISTS CATERING. services.TEAM TRADING 1358 CO LLC Dubai teamtrad@e 04-2954777 04-2955567 mirates. CATERING. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. retailer & stockist of building materials. labour MANPOWER accomodation & TECHNICAL catering services. MANPOWER HVAC & associated SERVICES. ELECTROMECH ship heavy ANICAL fabrication. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS TEAMCO INTERNATIONA 23595 L MARINE SERVICES Sharjah 06-5342777 06-5342888 TEAMCO INTERNATIONA L MARINE 28124 SERVICES ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6328268 02-6328243 .


Maintenance & Repair of Welding Consumables. Workshop Facility for .com Welding & Cutting Systems.P. TECHNICAL & SAFETY 46100 DEVELOPMENT BUREAU tsdbsafe@e Abu Dhabi 02-5552034 02-5547717 mirates.M. TECH INTERNATIONA L LLC C/O AL 3390 SULAIMI GROUP Dubai 04-2694989 04-2692381 tidubai@emir ates. Industrial Fans.E.TECH INTERNATIONA L FZC C/O AL 41902 SULAIMI GROUP Sharjah 06-5263637 06-5263638 infor@techme. Stockists of fittings & & PIPE flanges. WORKSHOP SERVICES. Abrasion Resistant CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS. Welding. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT.Fabrication. WELDING & WELDING EQUIPMENT. PIPES. FITTINGS Sea survival huet T. TUBES pipes. CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS. SAFETY TECHNFIT TRADING LLC 32186 Dubai 04-3331716 04-3339716 techfit@emir ates. ae . Coating.S. Pipe Construction & Maintenance Systems. WORKSHOP SERVICES.C. first aid & CONSULTANTS advance breathing /TRAINING apparatus.

ae Quality & Professional work of Wrought Iron & Cast Manufacturer of all kinds of hydraulic & pneumatic seals. Balustrade. L. Grills Etc.TECHNICAL DOORS METAL INDUSTRIES 35578 Dubai techdoor@e 04-2672707 04-2672708 mirates. HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS. motors. Complete line of oilfield services.L. pumps and motors with most advanced computerised testing Repairing and servicing of hydraulic jacks. HYDRAULIC PUMPS . 9817 Abu Dhabi 02-5546777 02-5547880 tequip@emir ates.C. Trading in hydraulic cylinder tubes. HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING. ae TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT CO. chromebars. Gates. HYDRAULIC CONTRACTS & SERVICES. pumps & control valves. engineering services and thermal metal spray on piston rods. Designing & Manufacturing of all kinds Electric Driven and Engine driven power packs.

ae importers and Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals. INSPECTION SERVICES. Certification of Cranes (LEEA). Company Evaluation. Third Party Inspection & Expediting (Worldwide). ae TECHNICAL INSPECTION BUREAU (TIB) 25986 02Abu Dhabi 6261737 / 6272560 02-6261753 tib@eim. QA & HSE Consultancy In ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 & TQM. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS CALIBRATION. Building Materials and Watches.TECHNICAL GENERAL TRADING 3505 technet1@e Abu Dhabi 02-6422933 02-6422686 mirates. An ISO Certified Company 90012000. Specialised Training in HSE Safety Systems and Scaffolding. Spare Parts. etc. QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL . CABLE ACCESSORIES. Loss Adjustors & Arbitrators. Calibration. LOSS ADJUSTERS.

N D T inspection & (NON nondestructive DESTRUCTIVE testing services. Threaded shipping & heavy engineering Manufacturers of Construction Fasteners & Bright bars. Electro plates & Hot dip galvanizers. U bolts. oilfield MARINE & & marine supplies OFFSHORE and services. MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS. Products range: Anchor / Foundation bolts. HEAT TREATMENT. TESTING).TECHNICAL MANPOWER SERVICES (TMS) 100 Dubai 042210000 / 2236441 04-2210210 Manpower placement & contract. GALVANIZING SERVICES. LLC (TOMSCO) Abu Dhabi 02-6678566 02-6678563 techoil@emir ates. Hex bolts. ae ALLOYS. maintenance services for onshore. TECHNICAL METAL EST 1098 Sharjah techalow@e 06-5424243 06-5424440 mirates. rope access OILFIELD services. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS . LABOUR SUPPLY SERVICES. Washers. RECRUITMENT & SUPPLY OF MANPOWER. INSPECTION Oil & gas general SERVICES. NUTS & BOLTS TECHNICAL OILFIELD & MARINE 47434 SERVICES CO. SERVICES/EQU specialized IPMENT. offshore oilfields.

TESTING). marine supplies & general DESTRUCTIVE engineering goods. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS .a e HEAT EXCHANGERS. costruction and other related industries. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR &. INSTRUMENTA Manufacturers. process.TECHNICAL OILFIELD 2647 SUPPLIES CENTRE (TOSC) Abu Dhabi 02-6734042 02-6734041 tosca@emira Supply of material to oil & gas. CHAINS. N D distributors for T (NON oilfield. petrochemical complexes. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS TECHNICAL PARTS COMPANY OIL & GAS DIVISION (TPC) 337 Abu Dhabi 02-6732200 02-6730464 munni@tpc. PIPES. TIONrepresentatives & PROCESS CONTROL. AIR TOOLS.c om Instrumentation. marine. power plants. piping. CONTROLS TECHNICAL PARTS COMPANY 5071 DUBAI OIL & GAS DIVISION Dubai oilgasdivision 04-2137844 04-2869327

L. EQUIPMENT Electrical SUPPLIERS Accessories. OILFIELD Power Tools. Sales of Generators. Repair DRILLING and Overhaul of all EQUIPMENT. Drilling REFURBISHME Equipment. PUMPS & PUMP Rotating PARTS. ae Workshop Services. Compressors and Truck Mounted Cranes. GENERATORS . COMPANIES. OILFIELD Pumps. API 6A NT & 16A Approved.C. GENERATORS SALE / HIRE. VALVE Equipment.PORTABLE. Downhole SERVICE Tools. Building materials. BOP’s. MACHINE SHOP & FABRICATION TECHNICAL RESOURCES EST 23360 Dubai 04-3241860 04-3402454 techres@emi rates.HIRE. Types of Valves. TECHNICAL TRADING & SERVICES CENTRE L. GENERATORS . Welding Equipments & Hempel paints. 919 Abu Dhabi 02-6328402 02-6328406 Dealer :TECH SYSTEMS Pipes & Fittings.TECHNICAL PROTECTION & 811 MAINTENANCE COMPANY LLC aswansg@e Abu Dhabi 02-5545257 02-5545258 mirates. Hardware.

MANPOWER TECHNICAL STAFF SPECIALISTS Consulting engineers. The Technip Group is the leading European Engineering & Construction Organisation. 16100 com CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES.TECHNILINK INTERNATIONA 24902 L LTD Dubai technilink@t 04-2679954 04-2679953 echnilinkint.c om MANPOWER SERVICES. Petrochemical Plants. In the Gulf. Gas Processing. Main fields of activities are Oil & Gas Development (Onshore & Offshore). EPC (Turnkey) Contractors. CONTRACTORS . Cement Plants. Oil Refining. Technip has the largest engineering office with over 1000 people in Abu Dhabi. MARINE ENGINEERING . TECHNIP ABU DHABI 7657 02tpauhmarket Abu Dhabi 6116000/61 02-6116111 ing@technip. Power Generation & Water Treatment.

TECHNO STEEL 0 Abu Dhabi 02-6772550 02-6787992 adh@techno gulf. Offshore Safety. Industry. MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM. Consumables and Equipments to cater the needs of Oilfield supplies. FABRICATIONS . SERVICES/EQU Navigation and IPMENT.C. Dubai Telephone : techno@tech 04-3477832 04-3477784 nogulf. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Dubai 04-3479133 04-3476304 TECHNOMARIN E EQUIPMENT 24293 SERVICES LLC Sharjah 06-5314278 06-5314240 tecfibre@emi FABRICATIONS STEEL FABRICATOR FIBREGLASS / GRP POWER TOOLS tecnostl@em irates. Marine Equipment. Material Handling. Suppliers and FIRE Maintainers.C Al Markets diverse range of Industrial Fire OFFSHORE Fighting. Fabrication.TECHNO GULF 13847 TRADING . TECHNO GULF 43948 TRADING L. Lifting.L. PROTECTION Marine and MARINE & Life Saving. Precision Measuring Instruments etc. Workshop machinery and Consumables.

cables & INDUSTRIAL fire protection EMERGENCY systems LIGHTING SYSTEM OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS.TECHNOR EX PRODUCTS 16922 Dubai proserv@emi 04-8819799 04-8819788 TECHNOSERV TRADING (A Member of the 8436 Peeraj Group of Companies) Dubai 042824555 / 2824666 04-2824489 peeraj@peee raj. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT FIRE PROTECTION Lighting & earthing DRILLING EUIPMENT & SUPPLIES. EEx de control panels. band-it stainless steel ties & telemechanique EEx products Trading in oil well drilling equipment. TUBES Oilfield Equipments & PIPE & Building FITTINGS. STEEL STOCKISTS (STAINLESS STEEL) .i junction TEE DEE TRADING EST 19623 Dubai 04-2666083 04-2666084 tddubai@emi rates. Structural PIPES. spare parts. zone 1 & zone 2 floodlights. materials. heavy Manufacturers of EExe. Importers OILFIELD Stockists & INDUSTRIAL Suppliers of : SUPPLIERS. security systems & equipment STEEL STOCKISTS (STAINLESS STEEL) TECON LIMITED 2924 Abu Dhabi 02-4434737 02-4436949 teconad@em irates. Materials. offshore

SYSTEMS. Thrusters. Alloy Steel. INDUSTRIAL Petrochemicals. SUPPLIERS. INSTRUMENTA TION PROCESS CONTROL. FITTINGS.TEIGNBRIDGE PROPELLERS & 17065 MARINE EQPTS. ENGINEERING. Gas. communication. Pipes. commission & maintenance of fire safety & security equipment. REPAIR Propeller Repairs SERVICES. CO Dubai teignbridge@ 04-3240084 04-3240153 emirates. Sterngear. Stainless PROOF . Water. PROPULSION Steering systems. MARINE . Aluminium. Ductile Supply. Control systems. install. including ReSHIP REPAIR pitching and Balancing. OILFIELD Oil. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT TELECTRON 2946 Abu Dhabi 02-6795333 02-6794609 mail@telectr on. Fittings & CONTROL Accessories for PRODUCTS. SUPPLIERS FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT & TEKELEC GENERAL TRADING EST 577 Dubai 042670728 / 2670991 04-2670729 tekelec@emi Manufacturers & Suppliers of MARINE Propellers. FLOW Valves. Communication PIPE & PIPE and other FITTING Industrial Projects. MARINE Exhaust systems. SUPPLIERS. Cast EXPLOSION Iron. Sewage.

PAINT MANUFACTURE RS/SUPPLIERS . ELECTRONICS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT SECURITY CONTROL EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS CONCRETE & PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS. SUPPLIERS. TELESTAR ELECTRONICS . GROUTING. TERRACO UAE LTD 10218 Dubai 04-2850999 04-2852299 terraco@emi crack repairs. grouting.TELESTAR ELECTRONICS 27183 Abu Dhabi 02-6322785 02-6330241 COMPUTERS / ELECTRONICS.ABU DHABI 29881 binbando@e Abu Dhabi 02-6455559 02-6455558 TERRACO UAE LTD . CRACK REPAIRS. waterproofing CRACK DUBAI Dubai telestar@emi 04-2225583 04-2225584 WATERPROOFI NG EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Paint CONCRETE & manufacturers/sup PRODUCTS pliers. ae .

ae Drilling technology. TESCOM PRESSURE CONTROLS 16922 CORPORATION (C/o Proserv) Dubai 04-8819799 04-8819788 proserv@emi rates.TERRACOTTA GROUP INT'L 3105 Abu Dhabi 02-6266288 02-6266220 teracota@em irates. CIVIL ENGINEERING/ CONSTRUCTIO N/. pressure up to 15. TEXAS MANAGEMENT 15054 CONSULTANTS Dubai tmc@emirat 04-2661009 04-2626770 es. DRILLING CONTRACTORS TESCO DRILLING TECHNOLOGY 34256 Dubai kstesco@emi 04-8873735 04-3446990 TRANSPORTAT ION AIR/LAND/SEA .ae INSPECTION Manufacturers of high pressure regulators for industrial & high REGULATORS purity applications. technical training. Management consultants and auditors for ISO 9000 / ISO CONTRACTORS . inspection. International operations. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY . surveying & feasibility Contracting & API & Quality management.

water treatment plant & contractors. industrial cleaning. 5960 Sharjah 06-5433195 06-5421355 info@aigco. L. industrial. THE ARABIAN INDUSTRIAL GASES CO. pest Airconditioning. NiCad battery suppliers. . GAS PROCESSORS/ SUPPLIERS THE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 15059 & METAL STRUCTURES COMPANY WLL Al Ain 03-7215848 03-7210652 timco@emira cleaning products/equipme nt. INDUSTRIAL CLEANING. CLEANING PRODUCTS/EQ refrigeration equipment. all types of TRAILERS commercial vehicle MFRS bodies & Engineering & STEEL manufacturing of FABRICATION.THANI MURSHID EST 49 02Abu Dhabi 6732584 / 6732043 02-6731498 tme@emirat es.L. AIR CONDITIONIN G.c om Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial gases.

net. Power & industrial SAFETY & projects SECURITY EQUIPMENT. FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT.THE KANOO GROUP 245 kanooad@e Abu Dhabi 02-6774444 02-6773161 mirates. purchasing contracts . SAFETY CLOTHINGS & ACCESSORIES Stockist / agent for spares. SAFETY CLOTHINGS & ACCESSORIES BREATHING APPARATUS. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT. FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT. SEALS industrial supply. ae THE KANOO GROUP-DUBAI 290 BRANCH Dubai 04-3933633 04-3933636 THE MACHINERY PEOPLE 50567 Dubai 04-2952991 04-2952192 BREATHING APPARATUS. industrial hardware. seals.

THE MIDDLE 807 EAST TRADERS Abu Dhabi 02-6427200 02-6427371 metra@emir ates. suppliers THE PETROLEUM EXHIBITION 270 Abu Dhabi 02-6260817 02-6260256 THE TRADING & INDUSTRIAL 5291 EQUIPMENT CO (WLL) Dubai 042821454 / 2821033 04-2821483 tieco@emirat es. STEEL playwood & STOCKISTS general items. The Exhibits EXHIBITIONS / Portray the FAIRS Various Stages of the Oil & Gas Industry from Formation to Exporting. equipment & MACHINERY & STEEL CONSTRUCTIO Importers. construction SUPPLIERS. STEEL of steel bars. CONSTRUCTIO N EQUIPMENT Trading & MACHINERY. (STAINLESS STEEL). . TOOL SUPPLIERS. ADCO and ADGAS. N PRODUCTS stockists. The Exhibition is Jointly Sponsored by ADMA-OPCO.

Research Council. FIRE Lloyds Register of PROOFING Thermal Designs’ fireproofing systems have been certified by Factory Mutual Research. Alberta MATERIAL. Southwest Research Institute. FIRE Sintef of Norway PROTECTION and TUV and used PRODUCTS on all major oil refineries throughout the world. FIRE PROTECTION UP TO 2000?F .THERMAL DESIGN / KMASS 61363 Dubai 04-8811613 04-8811614 mbovey@em irates.

. Accredited to ISO 9001:2000. AIR CONDITIONIN G.L. A. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS . we operate with full quality and safety procedures in place on all contracts.E. Middle East.C. thermosh@ei ffshore.C. established their offshore & Industrial division in 1998 by merging with an existing offshore company with an experience of over 20 years.THERMO L. Offshore & 48636 Industrial Division Sharjah Thermo L. they offer their clients quick mobilization combined with efficient and professional services. Catering to the offshore business in the U.thermo Africa. CONTRACTORS .com the Far East. Europe and 06-5536749 06-5537594 m.

SALES: TUGS.BARGES. CONTRACTORS DRILLING CONTRACTORS THINET INTERNATIONA 30324 L THK INTERNATIONA 52815 L Abu Dhabi 02-6811070 02-6811470 thinet@emir ates. thermometer for MARINE petrochemical / oil CHARTERING/ & gas applications. ae Maintenance & repair of GE gas turbine components & complete service package for COMPRESSOR rotating S & GAS equipment. USA 13485 Dubai 04-3247777 04-3241048 info@metro mac. UPS & WORKBOATS Building & Civil Engineering Contractors. INSTRUMENTA THOMASSEN SERVICE GULF LLC 427 thomgulf@e Abu Dhabi 02-6270954 02-6262066 mirates. Intrinsically safe MARINE & temperature OFFSHORE monitoring SERVICES/EQU tapes/electronic IPMENT. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. after TURBINES sales service & supply of genuine parts for Thomassen compressor & GE turbines. .net.THERMO Dubai 04-3439796 04-3437377 thkint@emir Drilling Contractors. 51327 Dubai speedy@Thy 04-2824424 04-2825313 THYSSEN FRANCE S.short & long term. LEASING & CAR RENTAL THULE RIGTECH 247 02admmigen@ Abu Dhabi 6273131/61 02-6269661 admmi. SHALE SHAKERS THUNDER TECHNICAL TRADING CO.) 13846 Dubai thundert@e 04-3476162 04-3476323 mirates. (L. ae Supplier of downhole drilling tools to the oil & gas 23502 Shale Car rental & leasing . OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS DOWNHOLE PIPE & PIPE FITTING SUPPLIERS . Middle east marketing operations of Tianjin pipe DRILLING EQUIPMENT CASING / TUBING THYSSEN GULF 4015 vmogme@e Abu Dhabi 02-6788780 02-6788790 mirates.THRIFTY CAR RENTAL 2622 Dubai 04-3370743 04-3345364 thrifty@emir HYDRAULIC HOSES & FITTINGS. ae 048833799 / 8833968 TIANJIN PIPE 17537 CORP (ME) LTD Dubai 04-8833899 tpcome@emi rates.A. Manufacturers of casing & tubing & linepipe (drill pipes).

Coil Tubing / Slim Hole Drilling. INC. LLC) Abu Dhabi 02-6277702 02-6277704 tiebo@tiebo me. Dubai tdwdubai@e 04-8816400 04-8816428 mirates. ae MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU From shelf to deep IPMENT. UPS & WORKBOATS. and Resistivity. JACK. TIEBO MIDDLE EAST (C/o GIBCA 2570 Petroleum Services Co.BARGES. MARINE CONTRACTORS Directional Drilling. OILFIELD Well Planning. DRILLING Inclination at bit . SERVICE Wellbore COMPANIES Construction Management. Measurement while Drilling. safely & efficiently.TIDEWATER MARINE 24981 INTERNATIONA L. water supporting MARINE the offshore CHARTERING/ construction & SALES: energy industry .net. Casing Drilling. Gamma. Horizontal Drilling.

PACKERS TK VALVE LTD (C/o Abdul Jalil 6644 Industrial Development) TNT 15321 Abu Dhabi 02-4449666 02-4494882 042853939 / 8004333 042860923 / 2861109 Manufacturer of pipeline ball valves VALVES .BALL for the oil & gas industry. Global Express. TRANSFORMER REPAIR & MAINTENANCE .ae Liner hanger & LINER production HANGER. rewinding.TIW 4352 CORPORATION tiwauh@emir Abu Dhabi 02-6274364 02-6263752 ates. supply & PRODUCTION services. Logistics & Email. ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICES & REWINDING. COMMUNICATI ONS SERVICES Dubai TOJ ABU DHABI 46711 Abu Dhabi 02-6418500 02-6411461 Repairing & servicing of electrical motors. generators & transformers.

pipelines. PIPELAYING/CONS TRUCTION. PIPELAYING/CONS TRUCTION. TOLEDO TECHNIC LLC 34943 Dubai 04-2668084 04-2653572 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . ae Electro-mechanical contracting company in the field of oil & gas. POWER GENERATION ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. storage & distribution. water desalination. POWER GENERATION . power generation & instrumentation and building services. ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. 43542 Abu Dhabi 02-6448700 02-6449028 info@toledo.TOLEDO ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL WORKS EST.

ae TOLICO TRADING CO. LLC 47845 Abu Dhabi 02-5546694 02-5540982 tolico@emira tes. electrical & mechanical equipments with distribution network & storage facility. Safety Clothings. oil & gas fields such as HV & LV cables. water proofing materials & .ae Trading division of Toledo Group which addresses the industrial. LLC .TOLEDO TRADING EST. ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES. INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICES FIXING FLANGES. Welding and Welding Equipment. 43643 Abu Dhabi 02-6449400 02-6449028 trading@tole do.DUBAI 39015 Dubai 04-2238048 04-2274856 tolico@emira tes. WATERPROOFI NG EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS FIXING SYSTEMS. HOSES & FITTINGS. HOSES & FITTINGS. Stud Bolts. Reflective Vests. Scaffolding. FLANGES. INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICES TOLICO TRADING Building Materials. Valves Suppliers.

HOSES & FITTINGS. .net. Valves Suppliers. HOSES & FITTINGS. Scaffolding. Stud Building EQUIPMENT Materials & SUPPLIERS Agricultural Materials. INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICES Welding and Welding Equipment. INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICES TOLICO TRADING OILFIELD SERVICES LLC 7510 Abu Dhabi 02-6770111 02-6787126 tolico@emira tes.TOLICO TRADING CO. Electrical / Mechanical Equipment OILFIELD Oilfield Supplies. FIXING SYSTEMS. Supply of Airport Equipments. Building Materials. FIXING SYSTEMS. FLANGES. Reflective Vests. Safety Clothings.SHARJAH Sharjah 06-5610554 06-5610664 tolico@emira tes. 20640 LLC .ae TOOLSA TOOL EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY HIRE/TOOLSA TECHNICAL WORKS SHOP 8098 Dubai 043476641/2 04-3476643 TOP AGRO SUPPLIES LLC 52396 02Abu Dhabi 6713585 / 5543341 026769204 / 5543365 topagro@em irates.

Oil & Gas.TOP OILFIELD ENGINEERING SERVICES LLC 5391 Sharjah 06-5346191 06-5436714 toes@emirat es. OIL DRILLING OPERATING COMPANIES 52069 tornadof@e Abu Dhabi 02-6664110 02-6669929 mirates. ae Dubai tornad88@e 04-3316630 04-3316620 mirates. process control. INSTRUMENTA TION PROCESS CONTROL mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. Ship Owning / ae Instrumentation of PUMPS & PUMP Pumps PARTS OIL COMPANIES. REPRESENTATI Representative VE OFFICE. Trading INDUSTRIALPROCESS Instrumentation & CONTROL. OILFIELD repair & fabrication SERVICE of oilfield drilling & COMPANIES service equipment. ae TOTAL 4058 Abu Dhabi 02-6986666 02-6440500 . Dubai 04-3391351 04-3391352 team@team dxb. office in the Ship Repair. TOPAZ ENERGY AND MARINE 12068 SAOG TORBAR FLOWMETERS (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) TORNADO ELECTROMECH 4326 ANICAL WORKS TORNADO TRADING & ENTERPRISES


Flow OIL COMPANIES. Detection & EQUIPMENT. Fire SYSTEMS &. Suppression and H2S SAFETY. office in the U. OIL DRILLING OPERATING COMPANIES Manufacturing & Marketing automotive. H2S Safety SAFETY Personnel CONSULTANTS Services. INDUSTRIALPROCESS CONTROL. REPRESENTATI Representative VE OFFICE. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS.TOTAL AUTOMATION MIDDLE EAST ( Industrial Automation & Process Control Equipments. greases & speciality products. Marine Control & Automation Equipments. Gas EVENTION Sales and Rental FIRE services of Safety DETECTION/PR industrial & marine LUBRICANTS lubricants. FIRE PROTECTION Fire Protection Equipment & Materials.L. INSTRUMENTA TIONPROCESS CONTROL TOTAL DUBAI 117782 Dubai 04-3443678 04-3448236 TOTAL LUBRICANTS MIDDLE EAST 52288 Dubai 04-2945800 04-2940447 tlme@emirat es. /TRAINING . Oilfield Equipment Suppliers.A. Instrumentation.) 37256 Dubai 04-3475678 04-3471615 totaldub@em TOTAL SAFETY 29056 LLC Dubai 04-2678829 04-2678839 tsidubai@em irates.

gas & utility storage tanks. Monitoring and Control Systems Hardware and Software. TOYO KANETSU KK (TKK) (C/o Mohammed Bin 322 Masaood & Sons) Abu Dhabi 02-5627027 02-5627075 tteom@ttco m. Trading Supply and Services. mbmpest@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates.TOTAL SIRRI / ELF 25888 PETROLEUM IRAN Dubai 04-3347002 04-3354985 TOTAL SOLUTIONS 31771 Abu Dhabi 02-6773347 02-6772797 solution@ei m. Safety and Environment Consulting and Oil and gas drilling production development of onshore and offshore reservoirs. ae GAS DETECTORS TOTAL TRACTEBEL 33026 EMIRATES O&M CO. Fire & Gas Detectors. TANKS . FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &. EQUIPMENT. Measurement Instruments. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. CCTV.

Abrasives (I PRIX) and Air-conditions. Safety Harnesses. OIL COMPANIES & Oilfield supplies. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES . Tools. BOXES ALUMINIUM. SUPPLIERS Building Materials. Towers and Access Scaffold. AIR TRACE TRADING 3128 Abu Dhabi 026774991/2 02-6772776 trace@emiat es. Boards. PLATFORMS. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS Sales & Rental of TRADEX LLC 8508 Dubai 04-2282168 04-2222179 sales@trade Trading in Welding Consumables. Aluminium Boxes. Seamless & OILFIELD Welded Pipes. Hole INDUSTRIAL Cutting Machines.TQT MIDDLE EAST 18118 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8834100 04-8837772 tqt@emirate TRANS ATLANTIC 44320 INTERNATIONA L TRADING Abu Dhabi 02-6771888 02-6771882 hpttuae@emi rates. ACCESS Tubes Fittings. SCAFFOLDING Aluminium Mobile & JIULI G. Ladders. and supplies. DIESEL Stainless Steel GENERATORS. GENSET Diesel Welders & Power ABRASIVES. PRODUCERS. CONDITIONIN Spare Parts. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Oilfield services SUPPLIERS. Lanyards.

FIRE PROOFING Check. VALVE SUPPLIERS COMPANY REPRESENTATI ISO 9001 & API 6D/6A Approved Company Manufacturers & Suppliers of Valves & fittings . safety equipment. fire fighting vehicles & equipment. Supply. Gate. company representation & sponsorship & information technology & etc. Control & Steam traps ISO 9001 certified company. JOINT VENTURES . ae TRANS WORLD OIL SOURCES 7060 EST Abu Dhabi 02-6778112 02-6778114 trans@emira tes.Ball.TRANS CRESCENT TECHNICAL 582 EQUIPMENT CO LLC Dubai crescent@e 04-2734194 04-2733245 mirates. VALVE MANUFACTURE explosion proof light & fittings. project consultancy & coordination. commissioning & trading Oil & Gas related equipment. Globe. Plug. EXPLOSION PROOF FITTINGS.Valves type . Butterfly.

FREIGHT Transera has been SHIPPING. Fabric . and is one of the HEAVY LIFT world wide leader SHIPPING. Fabrication GENERAL & Erection of all CONTRACTORS types of three . PAINTING & dimensional PAINTING structures. Space CONTRACTORS Frames. SANDBLASTIN G/SHOTBLASTI NG A NEW ERA in transportation Specialized in transport/shipping of oil and gas AIRCRAFT equipment and CHARTER & mining industry GALVANIZING SERVICES.TRANS WORLD STEEL 73564 BUILDINGS Abu Dhabi 02-6742440 02-6724668 twsteel@emi rates. . materials. Design. www.transer established in CLEARING & canada in 1985 in moving PROJECT industrial project FORWARDING cargo including oversized and heavy lift equipments. TRANSERA INTERNATIONA 54391 L LOGISTICS FZE Dubai 04-2995015 04-2995016 cyrilg@trans era-intl.

SUPPLIERS. FORWARDING.SHIPPING. . OILFIELD Warehousing. SERVICE COMPANIES. OILFIELD Gas storage tanks. Slurry tanks.TRANSOCEANIC .ae TRENTO 3792 Abu Dhabi 02-6768585 02-6766554 sales@trento -group. Irrigation water tanks. Settling tanks. DRILLING RIG MOBILIZATION S Oilfield and COMPANY Industrial REPRESENTATI purchasing and m TREBOL SUPPLY LIMITED 17438 Dubai 04-8871611 04-8871622 trebolsp@em irates. EQUIPMENT. Project Logistics CLEARING & Management. SUPPLIERS Portable water tanks. FORWARDING. EQUIPMENT Supply base. Digesters.a PWC 56753 LOGISTICS company Dubai kamals@tran 04-2990456 04-2990458 soceanic. FREIGHT Forwarding. Tanks for oilproducts. Abnormal Load PROJECT Transportation. ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT Freight ION. TANKS Sewage tanks. Logistics. Dry storage. Aeration tanks. . Agency / OILFIELD Manufacturers INDUSTRIAL representation.

INC. "An CHEMICALS ISO 9001:2000 Company".net. Machinery Equipment. Dubai ProfabME@e 04-3450054 04-3460056 mirates. Supply of Oilfield Chemicals. FREIGHT .net. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS MECHANICAL TRINITY MECHANICAL SERVICES LLC 8807 Dubai 04-2850025 04-2852136 tms@trinityg roup. MECHANICAL REPAIR SERVICES TRINITY GENERAL TRADING LLC 3674 Ajman trinity@emir 06-7466022 06-7464932 ates. ae DEGASSERS. Supplier of DRILLING Drilling Chemicals FLUIDS. Foundry and Plating. Reconditioning of Automotive. Processing and Trading of Industrial Mineral CHEMICALS/M for Oil Well UD/MINERALS/ Mining.TRIANGLE SHIPPING AGENCIES (LLC) 8612 Dubai 043535703 / 3533633 04-3535708 tribrokr@emi rates. CLEARING & FORWARDING TRI-FLO INTERNATIONA 51336 L. TRIMEX INTERNATIONA 17056 L FZE Dubai 04-8835544 04-8836410 trimex@emir ates. and Specialized SPECIALITY Chemicals. Professionals in Providing Specialised Shipping Services to the Oilfield Industry in the Gulf.

Pipe cutting & FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS TROTECH CO LLC 15041 Dubai syedna52@e 04-2860683 04-2861682 Power Generation NUTS & Bolting MIDDLE EAST LIMITED 1518 Dubai 04-8832234 04-8832235 tmel@emirat TRI-STATE OIL 7621 TOOL 02Abu Dhabi 6773200/55 02-6722483 10240 JOINING & FASTENING Petrochemical & PRODUCTS. SERVICE TRI-TOOL 1518 Dubai pctme@emir 04-8837585 04-8836530 ates. TOOLS bevelling CUTTING materials. . chemical cleaning. TRIZAC ABU DHABI 4434 Abu Dhabi 02-6330552 02-6330557 trizac@emira tes. SPILL RESPONSE. OIL & corrosion control & CHEMICALS ship supplies. FISHING Fishing tools & TOOLS & rental tools. STRUCTRES &.ae C/o PCT Group CUTTING ae CORROSION CONTROL & Oil & chemical spill REPAIR TO response CONCRETE. STUD BOLTS.

Millwrighting.TROUVAY CAUVIN GULF 16954 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8835848 04-8835997 sales@tcgulf. Industrial Valves. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. com Carbon Steel pipes and Fittings. HEAVY LIFT SHIPPING. Heavy CASING / TUBING. NUTS & BOLTS. TTS INTERNATIONA 51905 L Dubai info@ttsinter 04-3435672 04-3434945 national. Repairs and Parts Supply. CHOKES. BUILDING MATERIALS. TURBO CHARGERS. MARINE SALVAGE TRU-MARINE ATLANTIC ME LLC 38395 Sharjah atmarine@e 06-5263966 06-5692167 Water and Building Industries. Instrumentation and Control systems. MARINE SALVAGE ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT ION. ae Turbo Chargers. LIFTING EQUIPMENT. HEAVY LIFT . TTS INTERNATIONA 0 L . CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES BEARINGS. Projects Package specialist for Oil and Transportation. VALVE SUPPLIERS ABNORMAL LOAD TRANSPORTAT ION.ABU DHABI BRANCH Abu Dhabi 02-6334483 02-6314479 ttsauh@emir ates. Marine Loadouts.

MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS & SERVICES . etc. MACHINERY & TOOL Oilfield tubular inspection and maintenance services. PIPE INSPECTION/S ERVICES TUBOTESTQUALITY INSPECTION 4352 SERVICES (C/o Al Masaood OISS) Abu Dhabi 02-6267666 02-6262106 marylmasoil @eim. Generators. GAS TURBINES. Abu Dhabi 02-6264522 02-6265245 turgen@emir Oilfield tubular services. Consultants for Power Generation in the Middle East. Pumps & Motors. Maintenance specialists of Power Plant Equipment like Gas Turbines. third party inspection. THIRD PARTY INSPECTION TURGEN INTERNATIONA L TECHNICAL 45809 SERVICES & CONSULTANCY ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS /SUPPLIERS. VETCO INT'L KASCO 4272 Abu Dhabi 02-6260180 02-6260184 tubose@emir ates. INSPECTION SERVICES. in Power / Oil & Gas / Industrial Steam Turbines. Commercial Agents and Suppliers of electro-mechanical equipment.

Training N. ae Third Party / Vendor / Material Inspection & Certification. in Specialised ENVIRONMENT Engineering AL Courses. Inspection / Certification & Training. Lifting CONSULTANTS Equipment / Fire Protection. RBI. . RCM. ASME. Quality Assurance CALIBRATION. HSE CERTIFICATIO Services. ISO 22000 / ENVIRONMENT OHSAS 18000 AL Certification. & Safety Expertise.TUV MIDDLE EAST 46030 rwtuvgis@e Abu Dhabi 02-4478500 02-4478600 mirates. CRANE ISO 9000 / INSPECTION & 14000 / HACCP

Quality Assurance CRANE & Safety Expertise. Third . INSPECTION & ISO 9000 / TESTING. Member of T. HSE N.TUV MIDDLE EAST DUBAI 79123 Dubai rwtuvdxb@e 04-3456431 04-3456373 mirates. CALIBRATION. 14000 / HACCP ENVIRONMENT ISO 22000 / AL OHSAS 18000 CERTIFICATIO Certification. Lifting Equipment / Fire Protection. Training ENVIRONMENT in Specialised AL Engineering CONSULTANTS Courses. Party Inspection ENVIRONMENT Services and AL SURVEYS. ae TUV SUDDEUTSCHL 45117 AND MIDDLE EAST LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6767600 02-6762224 tuevs@tuevs me. RBI.V NORD Group Third Party / Vendor / Material Inspection & Certification. ENVIRONMENT AL Consulting CONSULTANTS Engineers. INSPECTION SERVICES. RCM. . Inspection / Certification & Training. Services.

. TYCO ADHESIVES CORROSION PROTECTION GROUP-ABU DHABI 46800 moinuddin@t ycoelectronic Abu Dhabi 02-6777388 02-6776886 s. (a) / ugsest@emir ates. wraps (c) PROTECTIVE Powercrete : COATINGS Liquid epoxy coatings (d) Anodeflex : Cathodic protection of tanks and pipelines. Raychem : Heat c/o Union Gulf Services Est Corrosion protection coatings and cathodic protection CATHODIC supplies. shrinkable sleeves PIPELINE (b) Polyken : AntiCOATING & corrosion tape TRAINING & EDUCATIONAL -INDUSTRIAL.TWI 52721 twimeast@e Abu Dhabi 02-6270750 02-6270424 mirates. N D T (NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING). WELDING ae Local training & examination in welding inspection & non destructive testing at all levels of CSWIP PCN CSWIP/BGAS ASNT certification schemes. . KTM. Sapag. LUBRICANTS. FCT. Raimondi. FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS. Penberthy. Whessoe. Fasani. VALVE MANUFACTURE R BUILDING MATERIALS UB EMIRATES LLC UGA . Hancock. Yarway. Electricals. structural steel & sanitary ware. Cable Keystone. Neotecha. Valvtron. Hindle. Klein. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS UK INDUSTRIAL & 22997 MARINE EQUIPMENT EST Sharjah ukiem@emir 06-5432829 06-5432839 ates. UAE ENTERPRISES 2082 Dubai 04-2821260 04-2821006 Manufacturing. Importers & exporters of bulk building materials. OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Dewrance.UNITED GENERAL AGENCIES 20827 Dubai 04-2822999 04-2825744 CABLE ACCESSORIES 46447 Abu Dhabi 02-6266277 02-6266299 hq@thomasb Oilfield supplies & OILFIELD service SUPPLIERS Suppliers of Industrial & oilfield equipments and Distributors for Lubricants.TYCO VALVES & CONTROLS 61213 MIDDLE EAST DubaiJebel Ali abremann@t 04-8833599 04-8833620 ycovalves. Winn. Products sold: Agco/Crosby. marketing & sales of Tyco valves & controls products.

ae Engineering & Oilfield services / Equipment supplies. Oil & gas supplies OILFIELD & services. OFFSHORE GROUTING. OILSLUDGE TREATMENT UNI PETRO 72547 Dubai 04-3436061 04-3436062 unipetroleum @yahoo. SHIP BUILDING. (UNACOMM) Dubai 04-3458823 04-3455819 GROUTING EQUIPMENT HIRE.FUJAIRAH UNA COMMERCIAL 25567 AGENCIES EST. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE SHIP REPAIR & MAINTENANCE Fujairah 09-2228550 09-2228551 unacomm@e Abu Dhabi 02-6769922 02-6766950 UNI-ARAB ENGINEERING & OILFIELD SERVICES 46112 02Abu Dhabi 02-6273400 6275764 / 6270715 uniarab@emi rates.ULO SYSTEMS LLC 23263 Sharjah info@ulosyst 06-5314036 06-5314028 ems. .com Offshore grouting & technical service. ae OIL & GAS COMPANY. SUPPLIERS COILED TUBING SERVICES. ENVIRONMENT AL CONSULTANTS . MANUFACTURE Diesel Suppliers. GROUTING. RS/. UMC INTERNATIONA 70 L UMC INTERNATIONA 259 L . CORROSION MONITORING & CONTROL. SERVICE COMPANIES PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Diesel

radiator coolant UNION CARBIDE (EUROPE) SA -DOW CHEMICALS 16943 Dubai 04-8074200 04-8074300 Chemicals trading CHEMICALS & manufacturing.UNIFLUX 61363 Dubai 04-8811613 04-8811614 mbovey@em Building and Paving Blocks. Inter locking Manufacturer: exporter of greases. Greases. HEATERS CONCRETE & PRODUCTS Manufacturer & Exporter of : Lubricant Oils. battery acid. Kerb Stones and Production of Readymix concrete. car shampoo etc. drain opener. brake LUBRICANTS. OILFIELD SUPPLIERS UNION CEMENT NORCEM CO 170 (WLL) Ras Al Khaimah 072668166 / 2668140 072668635 / 2668313 ucnrak@emir ates. CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS UNIMIX 11091 Dubai 04-3387816 04-3387735 unimix@emir Selling Oilwell Cement to Oil Industries UNION CHEMICALS 40319 Sharjah almehdar@e 06-5336975 06-5335857 mirates. Distilled Water . Battery Acid. ae UNION CHEMICALS AJMAN 2715 Ajman unionchemic 06-7437722 06-7435069 als@emirate s. Coolents. distilled RADIATORS water. Brake LUBRICANTS Fluid. HEAT EXCHANGERS. lubricants. REFINING CEMENTING/G ROUTING.

. SERVICES. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Surface GALVANIZING preparation. Sealights & Solar Garden Lights. Oilfield DRILLING Equipment Lubricating oil. Suppliers. Drilling Equipment OILFIELD CARGO SERVICES Manpower AIR/SEA.UNION CHEMICALS 2715 FACTORY UNION GLOBAL TECHNICAL 85348 EQUIPMENT LLC Ajman 0606-7435069 7439502 / 3 global0@emi UNION INDUSTRIES LLC Galvanizing Division 30231 Dubai 04-3390703 04-3381510 unigalv@emi rates. Painting. Cargo MANPOWER services Air & Sea. BOAT MANUFACTURE RS Dubai 04-2670330 04-2670307 UNION GULF SERVICES 46800 Abu Dhabi 02-6777388 02-6776886 ugsest@emir ates. Shot G/SHOTBLASTI Blasting & Greases Inflatable Boats. 729/ BS EN ISO SANDBLASTIN 1461. Dip Galvanizing on PAINTING & Mild Steel PAINTING Structures CONTRACTORS conforming to BS . Hot SERVICES.

water UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING treatment & FLUIDS. a Multiapplication High Quality and Economic Pipe Systems. resings. . cleaning CLEANING chemicals. Uponor for the Multi-layer Composite Pipe System Unipipe. UNIPIPE (C/o Aqua Gas) 56790 Dubai aquagas@e 04-2674383 04-2674393 mirates. EXPLOSIVES adhesives and fiberglass.UNION TRADING CO LLC 1286 Dubai 04-2690343 04-2625129 uniontrading @belhasa. ae UNIQEMA MIDDLE EAST 17916 Dubai deepakdiddi 04-8811650 04-8811652 Oil & chemical absorbent. PRODUCTS/EQ solvents and UIPMENT. industrial CHEMICALS/M chemicals. degreasers. ABRASIVES.c om Oilfield Chemicals. raw materials for

sales & DIVING & service of offshore UNDERWATER survey electronic EQUIPMENT.UNIQUE SYSTEM LLC 20904 Sharjah 06-5314433 06-5314499 unique@emir SHIP CHANDLERS . EQUIPMENT HIRE. GASKETS / SEALING PRODUCTS UNITAC SHIPCHANDLER 890 S CO LLC Sharjah 06-5282552 06-5281225 unitac@emir ates. COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & Shipchandling SHIP CHANDLERS UNITAC SHIPCHANDLER 26012 S CO LLC Dubai UNITAC SHIPCHANDLER 725 S CO LLC Fujairah UNITAC SHIPCHANDLER 10341 S CO LLC Khorfakkan Dubai 04-3938017 04-3938017 Fujairah 09-2228633 09-2383086 SHIP CHANDLERS Khor Fakkan 09-2385909 09-2383086 unikor@emir ates.

hospital & domestic CHEMICALS 7636 Dubai 04-3331563 04-3331077 paunch@emi Manufacturers of all types of CLEANING cleaning & sanitising products PRODUCTS/EQ UIPMENT for industrial. .

ABSORBENTS. etc. passive cooled shelters. air conditioners. petrochemical as well as water and power industriesheat exchangers. silencers. heaters (fuel / gas fired). gas. tube bundles. equipment & material supplies for oil. paints. pipes & fittings. mooring equipment.UNITED EASTERN PETROLEUM SERVICES (UEPS) 7615 Abu Dhabi 02-6272737 02-6270048 ueginfo@ueg . gases. nitrogen / EXCHANGERS inert gas plants. towers. desalination plants. UEPS is a subsidiary of the United Eastern Group and its main activities comprise company representation. EXCHANGERS. water & waste water treatment plants. HEAT columns. instrumentation & control. manpower supply. joint ventures. catalysts. hydrogen plants. . sponsorship. pressure vessels. BOILERS. cables. UPS. insulating joints. valves. air separation HEAT plants. adsorbents.

marine cranes. (LLC) Dubai 04-3436061 04-3436062 unipetroleum @yahoo. Industrial lubricants. SUPPLIERS Sales & Service: Diesel UNITED INTERNATIONA 72547 L PETROLEUM UNITED MOTORS & HEAVY EQUIPMENT CO. CRANE. DIESEL ENGINES & PARTS 22804 Dubai mail@utdmo 04-2829080 04-2827740 Rental of access Machines & Construction Equipment PLANT & EQUIPMENT HIRE. Marine lubricants & Greases) PETROLEUM Trading of PRODUCTS Petroleum MANUFACTURE .net.UNITED EQUIPMENT RENTAL 37 Sharjah 06-5340800 06-5346968 info@uer. diesel generators. RS/.com Manufacturers of high quality multipurpose grease & All types of lubricants (Automotive LUBRICANTS lubricants. PLANT HIRE UNITED GREASE & LUBRICANTS LLC 2685 Ajman 06-7436521 06-7439709 ugl@emirate s. details of UPS CARGO 04-3391939 04-3390835 ope. the UAE are FREIGHT conveniently SHIPPING. but also the flow of information and funds that move with the goods. UPS has become an expert in global distribution.UNITED PARCEL SERVICE (U. Fujeirah. UPS manages not only the movement of goods. more local level. Jebel Ali. Dubai Cargo .C. 26026 Dubai Founded in 1907 as a messenger company. On a we call it COURIER/AIR "Synchronised CARGO Commerce".com m Express services in SERVICES. available for you CLEARING & via our call center FORWARDING on our toll free number 800 4774 or visit one of the drop-off locations conveniently located in Abu Dhabi.A. At UPS. COURIER/AIR nth2jxt@eur www.) L. Today UPS not only delivers more than 13 million packages a day but also offers capabilities that expand far beyond those of a traditional package delivery company. .E. Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Rd).L.

com UNITOR SHIPS 0 SERVICES LTD Dubai 04-3241435 04-3451825 PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MANUFACTURE Petroleum RS/. Explosion Proof ELECTRICAL Fittings. Electrical &. Equipment. marine OFFSHORE repair services & REPAIR corrosion control UNITED POWER AND 52445 TECHNOLOGY CO WLL Abu Dhabi 02-6328055/ uptc@emirat 02-6349095 6329077 es.UNITED PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT 2975 CO LTD (JAPAN) Abu Dhabi 02-6780822 02-6780833 upd@emirat es. Cable EQUIPMENT Manufacture & SWITCHGEAR Supply. Gas Turbines. products. EXPLOSION Switchgear & PROOF Controls. industrial MARINE & suppliers. . SUPPLIERS. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. CONTROLS. FITTINGS SAFETY AND Ship Suppliers. & SUPPLY. PROTECTIVE WARE CORROSION MONITORING Chemicals. CABLE Generators / MANUFACTURE oilfield & CONTROL. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES. UNITOR AS 12089 Dubai 04-3451435 04-3451825 dubai@unitor .

BUILDING MATERIALS UNIVERSAL EXPRESS 825 Dubai 04-3525050 04-3522365 UNIVERSAL FENCING & SAFETY LTD (LLC) 5102 Dubai 04-2668440 04-2692774 bhap1@emir ates. Dust Collection Systems.UNIVERSAL BULK TRADE LLC 51336 Dubai 04-3450054 04-3460056 ubt@emirate COURIER SERVICES. rockwork. Swimming pools. Rebar Coating Powders. ABRASIVES. Powder Coating Surface Preparation Equipment Supplies. Container Sales & Conversions. . FREIGHT FORWARDING. Overhead Conveyor Systems. COURIER/AIR Wholesale courier CARGO SERVICES. epoxy Blasting Automatic Wheel Blast Cleaning Machines (Wheelabrators). AIR FILTRATION. POOL structural repairs. BLASTING & PAINTING EQUIPMENT. SWIMMING laminated timbers. Steel Grit & Shot Supplies. landscaping.

UNIVERSAL 4399 TECHNICAL LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6269370 02-6213758 unitech@emi Trading. engineering & Oil Field Supplies & Technical Services UNIVERSAL TUBE & PLASTIC IND LTD UNIVERSAL VOLTERS LLC 16879 Dubai 04-8835966 04-8835675 utpind@emir Manufacturers of Automotive. LUBRICANTS Industrial and Marine Lubricants. GEOTECHNICA L INVESTIGATIO N 25513 Abu Dhabi 02-6338920 02-6211538 uvarco@emir ates.UNIVERSAL GROUP OF COMPANIES UNIVERSAL LUBRICANTS FACTORY 4399 Abu Dhabi 02-6335331 02-6211957 univrsal@em irates. surface geochemistry and heatflow geochemical . Plates & Steel Sheets AIR CONDITIONIN G Subsurface GEOLOGICAL & ANALYTICAL UPSTREAM PETROLEUM 72678 CONSULTANTS Dubai 04-3433429 04-3433473 info@upc. SPONSORSHIP /REPRESENTAT ION 6527 Sharjah unilube@emi 06-5320131 06-5336161 Manufacturers & Exporters of Steel Pipes.

ABU DHABI 0 Abu Dhabi 02-5542881 02-5543887 OILFIELD INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS U-STORE 38500 Dubai trisha@steve nssupply. m/ 04-3479776 04-3479488 bobby@stev enssupply. . SUPPLIERS. and m c/o Stevens International (LLC) The Self Storage Solutions Provider .ae ELECTROMECH ANICAL CONTRACTORS Safety products. SAFETY CLOTHINGS. 24-hour access.URUGUAY TRADING CO.Provides personal storage with various sized units at affordable SELF STORAGE prices.L. tools. Totally climate controlled and fully air-conditioned facility. L. 21197 Sharjah 06-5331886 06-5332486 uruguay@em safety.C. hardware building OILFIELD materials. . URUGUAY TRADING CO. INDUSTRIAL oilfield products.C. Full service SOLUTIONS storage facility for PROVIDER security. /SUPPLIERS.

ae Sales & service of AIR air conditioning CONDITIONIN equipment. LTD 34826 Abu Dhabi 02-6727323 02-6774081 mail@utsken t. G UTS CARRIER 6735 DUBAI OFFICE Dubai 04-3965455 04-3967311 CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/.com Engineers & Constructors. CONTRACTORS . ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS . ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UTS KENT AIR CONDITIONIN G.saleh@ca rrier.UTS (UNITED TECHNICAL SERVICES) 277 Abu Dhabi 02-6774400 02-6722012 utsinfo@utsc o. . COMPUTER SALES INSTALLATION & SERVICES UTS CARRIER 3977 Abu Dhabi 02-6724243 02-6764098 dia. COMPLETIONS. CASING / TUBING.

Tieback Engineering. Rigless Well DIVING & deliver practical and reliable well conductor systems. Offshore & Onshore Hydraulic Hammers Acteon . Rental UNDERWATER Riser Systems. UNDERWATER Intervention & EQUIPMENT.UWG LTD 1518 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8836162 04-8836808 sales@uwg. Cementing CUTTING Centralisers. Riser/Conductor Analysis. Slot Recovery. Drilling & Petroleum Personnel. Pre Drilling Templates. Underwater Camera Systems. an Acteon company. Well Severance DIVING & Services. EQUIPMENT Riser & Profile Brushes.c equal measure . TOOLS. combines structural engineering. Jetting & Circulation Tools. Wellhead Supply & UWG Limited. Hot Tapping Services. drilling engineering and subsea operations experience . CASING / Conductor and TUBING.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT .VAHLE MIDDLE 18137 EAST Dubai vahleme@e 04-8833874 04-8833875 mirates. ELECTRICAL ae Crane electrification systems.

Cable Trays Offshore Water Heaters (Calorifiers).TRONICS 172121 Dubai valves. Cable Glands. Submersible . Instrument Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings. Marine Valves Flow m Ball / Gate / Globe / Check . Plugs / Sockets. PUMPS & PUMP Control Panels. HVAC Valves. Pressure Vessels. Sounders. Instrument OILFIELD Housings. Level Instruments.All Types. ESD Valves. Ex PARTS. Ex Proof Lighting Systems. Sewage Shredder Pumps. Valve Manifolds. Instrument Cables.contr 04-2087632 04-2087832 ol@gmail. Beakons. Instrument Valves. CONTROL Valves . Control Stations. PUMPS Proof Junction & PUMP PARTS Boxes. Heat Exchangers. Sun INDUSTRIAL Shades. Ex Proof SUPPLIERS. CONTROL. SS Pipe Fittings. Pressure & INSTRUMENTA Temperature TIONGauges / PROCESS Transmitters.VAL . Double Regulating Balancing Valves. Bronze Valves.

Hexagon. Ferritic.K. Martensitic.).com Stockist and Distributor for the Gulf Region of : Round. K500. Channels. Square.VALBRUNA GULF FZE 17285 Dubai 04-8860200 04-8860201 sales@valbru nagulf. Flat. C276. Wholly owned subsidiary of Acciaierie Valbruna S. 600.A-Italy. 825. Hexagon. STEEL B348 & F136. SUPPLIERS Accreditation : ISO 9001. 926. 20. STEEL 660. 904L.p. Duplex. SUPPLIERS. 80/20. High OILFIELD Nickel Alloy: Type INDUSTRIAL Alloy 400. T?V. Cares (U.2000. Angle. Precipitation ALLOYS Hardening & NICKEL. STOCKISTS 625. Wire and Reinforcement Bar in : Stainless Steel : Austenitic. 37/18. (STAINLESS Titanium : Grade STEEL). British Nuclear Fuel. Germanischer Lloyd. Det Norske Veritas. .

TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. EPCM. DREDGING Reclamation.VAN LEEUWEN PIPE AND TUBE 47144 MIDDLE EAST LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6271840 02-6271244 psg@emirate CONSTRUCTIO N Consulting CONSULTANTS Engineers. . Breakwaters. valves & pipe fittings. DRILLING & gas well drilling Supply of pipes. DRILL PIPES. /ENGINEERS/. . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING .net. DRILLING PRODUCTS VECO ENGINEERING 45570 Abu Dhabi 02-6346640 02-6344503 vecoauh@ve co. PIPE & PIPE FITTING SUPPLIERS. EPC. VARCO AL MANSOORI SERVICES 27011 Abu Dhabi 02-5552668 02-5540012 dmclean@va rco. DRILLING OEM Project CONTRACTORS Service for the oil . VAN OORD ACZ MARINE 18057 CONTRACTORS GULF FZE Dubai 04-8802304 04-8802307 dxb@vanoor d. PIPES. industry. PMC for the CONTRACTORS Oil & Gas Industry. Offshore Pipelines. Certified ISO ENGINEERING 9001-2000 by CONTRACTORS Marine and Dredging Contractors Dredging Works.

THIRD PARTY INSPECTION .ae Engineers and Contractors for the Petrochemical Manufacture of high performance. Cement Bulkers. VEKAST 2850 Abu Dhabi 02- 02-5757326 Safety ExpertiseHSE Training VELATH ENGINEERING WORKS 6268 Sharjah 06-5342797 06-5341647 velath@emir chemical. Flat bed / TANK MFRS & Low bed VELOSI CERTIFICATIO 62726 N SERVICES Dubai 04-2289070 04-2289071 velosi@emir ates. proven sealing SEALS technologies for piping applications. ISO CERTIFICATIO N.VECTOR INTERNATIONA 29658 L Dubai 04-3556966 04-3559299 vectori@emir ates. Manufacturers of Tippers. Food Grain. Edible SUPPLIERS Road Tankers for fuel. Third party inspection services. ISO CERTIFICATIO N. certification of pressure vessels and offshore structures.VELOSI CERTIFICATIO 427 N SERVICES ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi 02-6712400 02-6712401 velosi@emir ates. Computer Programming & Software Trading and Trading Services to onshore & off-shore oil & gas fields. switchgear Manufacturing. Electro-mechanical engineering & contracting. CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SWITCHGEAR & VERGER ET DELPORTE UAE 5629 LTD Sharjah 06-5432436 06-5434139 verger@emir THIRD PARTY INSPECTION COMPUTER/DA TA PROCESSING . ELECTRICAL CABLE ACCESSORIES.

VERGO ENGINEERING EST. Plastic Water Tanks (Vertical. Car Parking Sheds. STEEL FABRICATION . BUILDING MATERIALS. Shower Trays. CIVIL ENGINEERING. INTERIOR DESIGN/DECO RATION VERIS INDUSTRIES US VERTEX TURNING & ENGINEERING LLC 1121 Dubai ngthomas@d 04-3473700 04-3473232 anwayllc. Power monitoring systems Pipe & Structural Steel Fabrication. Machining & Repairing of Equipments. GRP Panel Tanks (Insulated & Non Insulated). Septic Tanks. 45068 0202vergoeng@e Abu Dhabi 6459110/64 6456112/645 Waffles Moulds Domes & Minarets. GRP Ladders. Flower Boxes etc. A/c Trays. Fibreglass Cylindrical Tanks ( 8522 Abu Dhabi 02-5541063 02-5554563 MACHINE SHOP & m rashid819@h otmail. Horizontal). CONSTRUCTIO N/ CONTRACTORS . Horizontal). Hot Pressed Panel Tanks (Insulated & Non-Insulated). 56245 2750 ae Manufactures & suppliers of. Under Ground Water Tank Lining. Chemical Tanks.

VALVE MANUFACTURE R EXPLOSION PROOF c/o PCT Group Ltd. manual & EXPLOSION air hoists. VICTORY INTERNATIONA 1518 L PROTECTED explosion proof MATERIALS. FITTINGS. distribute fire FIRE protection PROTECTION products and PRODUCTS. Electric. FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION Design. LIFTING Grooved piping system for the utilities. SYSTEMS &. Dubai 04-8837585 04-8836530 pctme@emir ates. LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT . versions available.VICTAULIC MIDDLE EAST 17683 Dubai VIKING ARABIA FZE 17531 DubaiJebel Ali 04-8871780 04-8871782 vikingfz@emi rates. services. TUBES & PIPE FITTINGS. manufacture and EQUIPMENT. petrochmical industry and victaulic valves.moham 04-8838870 04-8838860 med@victaul ic. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT VIKING LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT (ME) 13448 Dubai viking04-3243555 04-3243444 Sales & Servicing of marine safety equipment.

corrosion assessment and survey.VINCOTTE INTERNATIONA L LTD. non destructive environmental impact studies) safety consultancy (HAZOP studies and risk management). PIPE INSPECTION/S ERVICES . training for & certification of ISO 14001 environmental management systems. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY . Abu 4788 Dhabi (Head Office) Abu Dhabi 02-5510041 02-5510930 vincotte@em irates. inspection & certification of cranes & lifting equipment. environmental protection services (risk Third party inspection. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. training for & certification of ISO 9000 quality management systems. ENVIRONMENT AL CERTIFICATIO N.

VIRGO VALVES & CONTROLS LIMITED 0 (MIDDLE EAST OPERATIONS) Sharjah 06- OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. SERVICE &.co Gas/ Hydraulically m operated Valves for Oil & Gas. chemicals treatment programs. specialists solution in water sewage. PNEUMATIC CONTROL. Petrochemical Services & Pneumatic actuators. technical services. PIPE INSPECTION/S ERVICES Manufacturers of Ball Valves (Floating & Trunnion type). SUPPLIES .virgoe Shutdown Valves. dosing turnkey systems.VINCOTTE INTERNATIONA 50346 L LTD. DUBAI Dubai 04-2975085 04-2975086 aibvin@emir ates. Equipment. CRANE INSPECTION & TESTING. Automated / www. VALVE SUPPLIERS VIVENDI WATER GULF FZC (VEOLIA WATER SYSTEMS (GULF) FZC) 8206 Sharjah 06-5570703 06-5570704 WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY . plants. VALVE MANUFACTURE R. ENVIRONMENT AL CERTIFICATIO N.

Sharjah sandhish@w 06-5263564 06-5263089 ahanenginee ring. Alloy Steel piping works. DIESEL ENGINES & sales and servicing of diesel and gas engines for marine. STEEL Stainless Steel & FABRICATION. MEP Engineering Designing/Drafting . STRUCTURAL Vessels. Surface protection & Fire proofing for steel members. offshore and industrial sectors in the gulf and worldwide. Carbon. CHEMICALS/M UD/MINERALS/ DRILLING FLUIDS WALLACE & TIERNAN 247 Abu Dhabi 02-6273131 02-6273587 .ae Manufacturing. ANICAL Design. MARINE PROPULSION SYSTEMS WAHAN ENGINEERING & 41672 ELECTROMECH ANICAL CO. Fabrication CONTRACTORS & Supply of Steel /SUPPLIERS.W?RTSIL? GULF FZE 61494 Dubai 04-8838979 04-8838704 wartsila@em irates. Chlorination equipment & system dosing pumps. Mechanical/Structu ral Steel Installation for desalination & ELECTROMECH power plants. Subcontracting for Project Execution. Structures for FABRICATIONS Storage Tank & .

PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT.SYSTEMS &. Drum Handling Valves & Handling Equipments. Chamber Pressure Sluices. haloEQUIPMENT carbon) FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION Specialists in Fire .co m Manufacturers of Double Flap / Butterfly / Shutoff / Flange Check Valves.WAREX VALVE GMBH (C/o Gulf 2991 Resources) gulfresource s@gulfAbu Dhabi 02-5554700 02-5553434 resources. FIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS . (inert gas fire FIRE seperation FIGHTING systems. VALVE SUPPLIERS WARNER SAFETY 32804 Dubai 04-2690708 04-2664007 warner@emi rates. ELECTRICAL MOTORS. Protection systems EQUIPMENT.

WATSON BUILDING MATERIALS & TRADING CO LLC 4806 Sharjah watsonco@e 06-5343556 06-5343503 c/o PCT Group Ltd. LIFTING load instead of EQUIPMENT. c/o AL MANSOORI 3374 SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING LLC Abu Dhabi 02-6778547 02-6784638 ysheikh@alm ansoori. wire EQUIPMENT and WATER WEIGHTS is a UK based company. NG/COMPONE The highly NTS engineered and certified system allows a safe.WATER WEIGHTS Water filled proof load bags are a unique and simple product specially designed EQUIPMENT to provide a test safety equipments. Dubai pctme@emir 04-8837585 04-8836530 ates. MATERIALS chemical anchor. bolts & nuts. practical and economical method for load testing. hardware tools. . weights for all SURVEY/TESTI forms of testing. general order supplies. WELDING & Welding WELDING electrodes. ae WB ALLOY 1518 PRODUCTS LTD. Building material. traditional solid LIFTING GEAR. BUILDING roofing screws.

WEATHERFORD BIN 4503 HAMOODAH Abu Dhabi 02-5544100 02-5542215 Oilfield supplies & tubular . helium operated leak detector (hold). casing patch. expandables. OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. whipstock. power tong. fishing & rental tools. NIPPLES & PLUGS WEATHERFORD COMPLETION 0 SYSTEMS ABU DHABI wcs. joint analysed make-up (JAM). water blaster. liner hangers. products including LIFTING GEAR. completion tools & wireline services. air drilling. TUBULAR SERVICES WEATHERFORD COMPLETION 4627 SYSTEMS Dubai 04-3125000 04-3409142 COMPLETIONS. internal & external pressure testing. INTELLIGENT Suppliers of well WELL completion COMPLETIONS.quoteme Abu Dhabi 02-5544100 02-5542215 @weatherfor d. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. DOWNHOLE TOOLS. thread cleaning. casing crews.

specialized rental tools and equipment.K. liner hanger systems and expandable technologies. make-up and testing of tubulars. 36261 7076 com WEATHERNEWS 2222 U. fishing and re-entry services. Cementing products. wireline logging Coordinator CASING / TUBING FISHING TOOLS & SERVICE TOOL & EQUIPMENT RENTAL Weather forecasting and WEATHER studies for the Gulf FORECASTING the Middle East SERVICES and around the world. .ae Handling. 3125000/88 3409944/883 weatherford. drilling services.WEATHERFORD OIL TOOL 4627 MIDDLE EAST LTD Dubai 0404wotme@me. LTD. underbalanced and testing services and geoscience services. Dubai 04-3442291 04-3447879 ordubai@emi rates.

ae WEIR VALVES & CONTROLS 17154 Dubai 04-8836396 04-8836126 wvcme@weir valves. Oil PARTS & Gas.WEBFORGE MIDDLE EAST 18641 DubaiJebel Ali webforge@e 04-8873346 04-8873347 mirates. ae WEIR ENGINEERING SERVICES CO 11419 Dubai 04-8838581 04-8838595 wesdxb@emi rates. VALVES BALL. manufacturing & CONTRACTORS construction of .net. . GRP.BUTTERFLY. WELL TESTING Manufacture Pumps for Power Generation. ae Supplier of all Types of Gratings GRATING Steel. VALVE TESTING WEIR PUMPS LTD (C/o Gasos 203 Bin Hamoodah) weirpump@e Abu Dhabi 02-6271714 02-6272793 mirates. Stair GRATINGS. Handrail STEEL System and Heavy SUPPLIERS. /ENGINEERS/.com WEIR WESTGARTH LTD (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) mbmpest@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. WELDING INSPECTION. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS Engineering. General Industrial VALVE MANUFACTURE R. Water PUMPS & PUMP & Waste VALVES . Treads. VALVE SERVICING (ON LINE). CLIPS. Equipment Duty Drainage Gratings. process plants ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS .

& Industrial OILFIELD Equipments. Stockist & Supplier OILFIELD of Oilfield. Freight forwarding and Airfreight. Sewerage Plants O & M Projects. CONTRACTORS Electrical Motor / FREIGHT SHIPPING. SERVICES Mechanical & Electrical Contracting. . Marine. SHIPPING AGENCIES WEST SPACE TRADING ( Workshop Services.) 28694 Dubai 04-3331141 04-3333137 westst@emir ates.L.C. EQUIPMENT Building Materials SUPPLIERS. Rewind & WORKSHOP Overhaul. Overhaul of High Speed Rotating Equipment & Turbo Machinery.WESCO LLC (WEIR ENGINEERING SERVICES) 4752 02Abu Dhabi 5554436 / 5554108 02-5553688 wesco@emir WEST STAR SHIPPING SERVICES LLC 6027 Dubai 04-3974400 04-3974666 wss@weststa rdubai. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS. BUILDING MATERIALS. ELECTROMECH Oilfield & Industrial ANICAL Machining. CLEARING & Shipping.

perforating & completion Catering & camp mut. defining geological conditions that could be favourable to the presence of hydrocarbons.WESTERN ATLAS LOGGING SERVICES 8786 billwhatley@ Abu Dhabi 02-5510240 02-5510082 bakeratles. CATERING WESTERN GEOPHYSICAL COMPANY 44610 Abu Dhabi 02-6333589 02-6333548 SEISMIC EQUIPMENT. Innovative products for drilling profitability. COMPLETIONS. Working mainly for oil companies & corporations.western WESTERNGECO 9261 Dubai DRILLING EQUIPMENT.slb. LOGGING CASED & OPEN HOLE. DRILLING PRODUCTS OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. principally employing seismic reflection methods. SEISMIC OPERATIONS . MUD m MFleming@d 04-3067777 04-3310436 ubai. services. PRODUCTION LOGGING SERVICES WESTERN CATERING CO 45651 Abu Dhabi 02-6440458 02-6445440 wecater@em m Division of Western Atlas International Open & cased hole wireline logging. SEISMIC OPERATIONS WESTERN WELL 31832 TOOL LTD janwillems@ Abu Dhabi 02-6275080 02-6273350 bakeratles.

com ae. co-ae. & rewinding REPAIR & submersible SERVICE motors. BIRAGHI ELECTRICAL centrifugal pumps REPAIR & ROVATTI vertical SERVICES & support@wet Authorised repair PUMPS & PUMP centre for PARTS. Suppliers to the oil gas & energy OILFIELD related industry for SUPPLIERS turnkey Main Supplier: BIRAGHI POMPE E FONDERIE SRL ROVATTI A. Main ELECTRICAL supplier of MOTORS.WESTMINSTER GULF 53029 SCAFFOLDING Dubai birdcage@e 04-8801799 04-8801792 mirates.turbine pumps. ae OFFSHORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS .wetco. & FIGLI POMPE S. LLC 1831 Al Ain Sole Agent for PLEUGER submersible pumps & motors for offshore/onshore applications. 03-7219935 03-7219938 REWINDING. WHEEL INTERNATIONA 24775 L LLC Dubai 04-3371270 04-3360551 . ovehauling pumps PUMPS. SCAFFOLDING & SHUTTERING SERVICES WETCO WATER ENGINEERING TRADING CO.

Additional services hsalman@wil www. MARINE ENGINEERING. Inc. well control. contingency planning. engineering and training services. relief well designing and risk management planning for well ll.WIKA MIDDLE EAST FZE 17492 DubaiJebel Ali WILD WELL 74986 CONTROL. 04-8839090 04-8839198 Chemicals & remote seals. PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE GUAGES. Worldwide provider of modeling. calibration & servicing of measuring instruments. Repair.wildwe 04-3311077 04-3311959 include well dwell. SEALS FIREFIGHTING & WELL CONTROL SAFETY CONSULTANTS /TRAINING . Dubai Manufacturer & suppliers of pressure and temperature gauges & wikame@emi transmitters. SERVICES.

INC Abu Dhabi 02-4486347 02-4489641 C/o Al Baharie & Safar Oilfield Services Electric & pneumatic chemical injection pumps & skids. Ceramic and Waste Transfer Applications. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. PUMPS & PUMP PARTS. AIR COMPRESSOR S CALIBRATION. Acids. SHIP STORES. Polymers. Petrochemical. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS WILLIAMS / MILTON ROY 43284 INSTRUMENT COMPANY.WILDEN PUMP (USA) (STANDARD 13297 SHIP SPARES LLC) Dubai 04-2677786 04-2675800 sssdubai@ei m. CASING / Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps Suited for Chemicals. Manufacturers of compressors. WILKERSON CORPORATION 16922 (C/o Provserv) Dubai 04-8819799 04-8819788 proserv@emi rates. air filters & regulators. .net. Oils. Solvents. CHEMICALS REFINING.

net. Engine & Spares. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS CONSTRUCTIO Contractors of N ERECTION / Aluminium & Glass MAINTENANCE CALIBRATION. HEAVY Industrial Diesel WAREHOUSE Mussafah 02-5543770 02-5543668 sales@safaro il. .ae WINGS HEAVY EQUIPMENT & 11686 MACHINE SPARES Dubai 04-3241610 04-3243230 wings98@em irates. CASING / / MILTON ROY INSTRUMENT 0 WINGS MECHANICAL SERVICES 53547 Dubai 04-3241342 04-3241665 wms04@emi rates. Services of Marine MARINE and Industrial ENGINEERING. FABRICATIONS DIESEL ENGINES & Marine and PARTS. Diesel Engines. Federal Mogul. MARINE REPAIR SERVICES WINDOW PEOPLE COMPANY LLC 30014 Dubai 04-3384745 04-3391422 window@emi rates. FP Diesel HEAVY . MARINE & Onshore and OFFSHORE Offshore SERVICES/EQU Overhauling IPMENT. INC . CHEMICALS REFINING.

wellhead. testing and insitu machining. bushes. gears etc. .net.E. (ON LINE) manufacture.5 mtr Dia). MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. Mechanical Repairs . Wear rings.Manufacture flanges (up to 2. ae Marine Pipe Fabrication & Installations.Overhaul Service of Diesel Engines / Cargo Pumps / Gear Box etc.all over the port in U. on site shut down.A. Afloat Repairs . MARINE ENGINEERING WOOD GROUP ENGINEERING SERVICES ABU DHABI LLC 7312 wgesauh@e Abu Dhabi 02-5553045 02-5559303 mirates. Steel Renewal. Hydraulic Repairs Overhaul service of Hydraulic Motors / Cylinders bops and rotating VALVE equipment repair. ae Specialised in all types of valve. SERVICING maintenance.. Machining Jobs . Sand Blasting & Painting.WISDOM MARINE SERVICES 7749 Ajman wisdomsb@e 06-7439602 06-7439605 mirates. MARINE CONTRACTORS . FABRICATIONS .

COMPANIES Pressure Reduction Systems. Renting / Leasing of Well Testing Equipments. Engineering Generator switchgear synchronising. Check a. VALVES Trees. VALVE sales@wom Manufacturer and Supplier of API 6A Gate Valves (Magnum Gate Valves) and API EQUIPMENT 6D (Dual Seal) Ball HIRE. Services Include Repair and Field Maintenance Projects Management.CONTROL Safety Preventers. Actuators & Controls.womus Valves Blowout MANUFACTURE Dubai 04-2995933 04-2995944 me. automation control WORLDWIDE POWER SERVICES 88453 Dubai 04-3244877 04-3244868 wwps@emira tes. R.WOOD GROUP PRESSURE CONTROL & ENGINEERING SERVICES 7312 WORLDWIDE OILFIELD MACHINE ME 32478 Middle East Regional Office Manufacture and supply of Gate. Xmas OILFIELD Abu Dhabi 02-5553045 02-5559303 Tree. Manifolds. Wellheads. Sand SERVICE Extraction. VALVES Wellheads & Xmas BALL. Control and . .

Consultants offshore & onshore (oil & gas) facilities.D. (onshore & offshore).D.WORLEY 44169 ARABIA CO LTD paul. Technical PNEUMATIC Products. ONSHORE & OFSHORE OILFIELD SERVICE &. CONSULTANCY SERVICES WS ATKINS & PARTNERS OVERSEAS ABU DHABI 7562 admin@wsat Abu Dhabi 02-6271500 02-6270999 kinsauh. flush I. XL SYSTEMS 62022 Dubai ehramage@e 04-2996446 04-2996424 mirates. BOLTS. Provider of proprietary threaded large diameter casing and conductor pipe (flush O. CONSTRUCTIO N CONSULTANTS /ENGINEERS/. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS .co m. Electric TOOLS. SERVICES. ae .ae WURTH GULF FZE 17036 Dubai 04-8834229 04-8834303 wurthglf@em WS ATKINS & PARTNERS OVERSEAS 21538 Sharjah 06-5571666 06-5572816 wsapo@emir CONSULTANCY SERVICES. & Pneumatic Tools WORKSHOP & Trading in NUTS & Hardware Engineering consultancy providing multidiscipline services (technical & project management) to the oil & gas. connection) Abu Dhabi 02-6324144 02-6313923 @worley. CONTRACTORS . INSTALATION.

Diesel Tankers. Heavy Equipments. STEEL STOCKISTS (STAINLESS STEEL) YAS INTERNATIONA 6628 L 02Abu Dhabi 6414111 / 5511554 026414200 / 5510077 yasgroup@e mirates. SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT. ae Stockists of Stainless steel sheets. SCADA). Coils & Pipes STEEL FABRICATOR YEREVAN STEEL 19387 CONSTRUCTIO N LLC YEREVAN STEEL 2436 CONSTRUCTIO N LLC . globe & Water HEAVY VALVE MANUFACTURE R .ae Steel Fabrications Sharjah 06-5335767 06-5330997 yerevan@em irates. Plates. 316 L and 400 Series.YARA BUILDING 22280 MATERIALS EST Sharjah jhindawi@e 06-5343235 06-5343920 mirates.Sharjah YOKOGAWA INDUSTRIAL SAFETY SYSTEMS BV 322 (C/o Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) YONEKI VALVE COMPANY LTD JAPAN (C/o 322 Mohammed Bin Masaood & Sons) Dubai 04-2671340 04-2671364 yerevan@em ae mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. FBLG. Hiring EQUIPMENT Compressors & Supply of Diesel. ae Valve manufacturer gate. SCADA SYSTEMS mbmpesd@e Abu Dhabi 02-6771688 02-6770840 mirates. ae Industrial safety systems (

AC Ducts. and Intercom System. ae Assemblers of Meter Cabinet. Control Panel etc. Building Management DHABI 45218 02Abu Dhabi 02-6212452 6219261/627 2905 WELDING & WELDING Industrial. Intruder Alarm System. YOUSUF ABDULLA A/C INDUSTRY 13339 Dubai younuselectri 04-2674540 04-2674595 cals@hotmail . LV Power . CCTV System. Access Control System. Oilfield. Manfacturers of condenser 32857 Dubai 04-3477069 04-3477076 ZAHRA TECHNOLOGY LLC 10239 Dubai zahrasec@e 04-3474422 04-3474761 Marine Welding & WELDING Safety Products EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES ZAKER TRADING LLC 55197 Dubai 042236536 / 2238040 04-2272102 dazak@emir ates. Capaicitor Banks. AIR CONDITIONIN G SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT ZAHRA TECHNOLOGY LLC . EQUIPMENT.YOUNUS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EST. radiators. Video Conferencing System. Public Address System.

N/. UPS & Equipment. reza@zakher Abu Dhabi 02-6725278 02-6725253 marineintl.ZAKHER MARINE 32452 INTERNATIONA L INC. BUNKERING. engineers.Marine OFFSHORE Chartering Sales.Ship Owners CHARTERING/ Bunkering . OIL COMPANIES.BARGES. civil CIVIL engineering. WORKBOATS CIVIL Building ENGINEERING. ENGINEERING/ construction CONSTRUCTIO contractors. Marine Contractors MARINE .ae ZAKUM CONTRACTING 72618 & REAL ESTATE Abu Dhabi 02-6741612 02-6741613 zakum@emir ates.Marine SALES: & Offshore TUGS. construction. ZAKUM DEVELOPMENT 46808 COMPANY (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi 02-6050000 02-6789448 Oil production. REPRESENTATI VE OFFICE . CONTRACTORS maintenance. SERVICES/EQU Tugs. Services JACK. Barges IPMENT. Oilfield Services Co MARINE & .

SEA/AIR warehousing. air FREIGHT charterers & rig FORWARDERS. SHIPPING. Clearing & FREIGHT forwarding. CLEARING & FORWARDING AGENCY 7370 Abu Dhabi 02-6445577 02-6448088 DANGEROUS Oil Excavation. CARGO container Fire & Gas Detectors ZENATH OIL DERIVATIVES 7113 Dubai 04-2713006 04-2710976 zenath@etas con. TRANSHIPMEN T SERVICES peerajad@e mirates. GAS DETECTORS. EQUIPMENT. moving. HEAVY Transportation & EQUIPMENT Heavy Equipment. ZAMKI CLEARING & FORWARDING 0 AGENCY SILA'A BRANCH Sila Telephone : 971-81+971-818723285 8723290 ZELLWEGER ANALYTICS 52196 Dubai 04-3458338 04-3458778 zelana@emir . industrial & CLEARING & household FORWARDING. ae FIRE DETECTION/PR EVENTION SYSTEMS &.

Transits. BOTTOM HOLE Oil Field Services. SURVEYS.ZENER ELECTRONICS SERVICES 389 Dubai ZF MARINE MIDDLE EAST LLC 26093 Sharjah ZPEB MIDDLE EAST FZE 18072 DubaiJebel Ali COMMUNICATI ONS Sale & Service of SERVICES. 04-8836142 04-8836140 mirates. SYSTEMS. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS ACIDISING. SCADA SYSTEMS MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES/EQU IPMENT. marine & www. 06-5747074 06-5747174 mirates. ANALYSIS. Wireline logging.zfENGINEERING. Drilling. Marine propulsion MARINE zfmarine@e ELECTRONICS Equipments. Marine Electronics COMPUTERS / .net. 04-3522880 04-3524410 Navigation er. PRESSURE zpeb_me@e Equipment Supply. & ELECTRONIC Supply of Cable EQUIPMENT. offshore MARINE ae services/equipmen PROPULSION t.Communication & marine@zen Geophysical CORE ae Services. CORING SERVICES .

FORWARDING. Heavy Lift CLEARING & Shipping. Removals & HEAVY LIFT Packaging Globally SHIPPING. REMOVALS . FREIGHT SHIPPING. (Commercial & PROJECT Residential).ZUHAL SHIPPING & CLEARING CO (LLC) 55581 Dubai 04-2623075 04-2662851 zuhal@emira

Contact Person Premjit Regional Sales Manager Djaffar Hadji Area Manager M. Ahmed General Manager Mahesh B. Pillai Managing Director 3977366 Mangaram Managing Director .

Mahendar Asarpota Executive Manager 050 6217305 Boelo Lussenburg General Manager 0504526485 Frank Baretto Operations 050-6533642 Saiju Mohammed Service Manager 0506543561 Marcel van de Rijt Sales Manager 050-4550468 Pierre Leretz President & Head of Process Automation (MENA) Alan D’Ambrogio Business Development Manager .

Hans Callenfors Company President & Head of Power Technologies Div .Naji Jreijiri Company President Head of Automation Faraj Al Jabra Region Manager Middle East & North Africa Ivan Morgan Director of Business Dev.

Len Woolley District Manager 050 4419588 Paul Hassart Sr. Sales & Service Engg. 050 6215810 Christine Bond Managing Director .

Abdul Rahman Alqamzi Managing Director Noushad Kakkotakath Office Administrator Abdul Zahir Managing Director Mohamoud Hleihel Commercial Manager Ashoka Managing Director Abdul Aziz General Manager Moezz Dhiaeldeen Ajith Antony .

Abdulkarim Hannawi General Manager Joseph Aoun Senior Catering Manager Muthu Govindan General Manager P. D. Thomas Director John Ruston Managing Director Richard Peckover General Manager .

Graeme Shirreffs Regional General Manager-Middle East .

N.H. Khoory Chairman & Managing Director Khalid Abdullah Khoury Managing Director .M.E Shk Hamdan Bin Mubarak AlNahyan Chairman Mohamed Ibrahim AlMazroui General Manager Fritz Hofbauer Managing Director Jamal Mehio Managing Director A.

S. Al. General .Qubaisi Asst. Deputy General Manager (Operation) 6043615 . Radhakrishnan Manager Mohammed Abdulla Sahoo General Manager Cyrilles Hujsmans Asst. A. Asst. Manager (Operations Mohammed S. General Manager 6043600 . General Manager (Technical) 6043616 . Gen..

General . Fackrell General Manager A. General Manager (AS) A. General Manager (Production) A.6266066 Hassan Al Marzouqi Deputy General Manager +9712. E. Al-Mazroui Asst.H.6266055 P.E. K. AlMarzouqi Asst. Al Suwaidi Asst. Ashraf General Manager Ahmed Al Mowafi General Manager B. Yousef Omair Bin Yousif Chairman Rashid Saif Al Jarwan General Manager +9712.

Edward Najjar General Manager Ashok Pillai Project Manager Samir Ramadan General Manager Abdulla Talhamy Finance Manager .

H. AlDharif Asst Genera Mgr Operations Moh'd S.E. Kubaish Asst General Mgr Shared Services Ali Al-Nyadi Aviation Division . Yousef Omair Bin Jamal Jaber AlDhareef General Manager Taher Al-Amri Asst General Mgr Mkt & Sales Khamis A.

Mohamed Ansari MSG Manager K Hirano Snr Supervisor Admin-Gen Services .Mohamed Salem Aldhaheri General Manager Matar Al Hosani Finance Manager Adel Jebara Albufalah Commercial Division Manager Capt.

Al Badi General Manager Khalifa R. Al Darmaki Deputy General Manager .Ali S.

Nada Awadha Managing Director Operations 5336481 David Heard (CBE) Representative .Moideen Manager Habeeb Ali Director Mrs.

Saltzer General Manager . Holliday Chief Executive Officer W. S.Amr Ahmed Okasha General Manager Negm Nasr Executive Manager Lawrence E.

Al Mukhtar General Manager Mohamed Salehi General Manager Vahid Fakih Office Sales Manager Raed Elhaj Branch Manager Tours Bhaskar Akela Sales Manager Mahmoud Moharram General Manager . Engineer Rumi General Manager R. Gurumurthy Opretions Manager Mohd.Salem Saqer Al Mohairbi Proprietor Capt.

Mgr .Iyer Sreejayan Manager 050 6215605 Hector Patel General Manager Rajvi Patel Director Scefano Mancini Business Segment Mgr Gerry Ryam Middle East Reg.

Lawrence Technical Sales Manager Maggie Lewis Sales Coordinator Arthur Lear General Manager Brian W. Kuruvila Industrial Sales Manager Shehzad Ahmed General Manager .T. Bell General Manager Cherian K.

Jaideep Singh Managing Director 0504284694 Cowas Bajan Managing Director Craig Langton Commercial Manager Gulam Hussain Sales Representative Hicham Store Supervisor Mohamed Shaheed Sales Supervisor Joseph Sales Supervisor .

Harish Sherigar Managing Director Pramod Kumar Sales Executive .

Darren Bailey Pump Applications Engineer Hamza Adamaly Managing Director .


Vassilios Dimitropoulos Managing Director 050 6252692 Costas Mutjuris Technical Director 050 4509917 George Sunil Estimator 050 6546802 Mahmood General Manager .

Mohammed Shafee Sales Manager Gopinath P. Sales & Marketing Andrew Gooding Engineering Director Ibrahim Afanah Plant Manager ADIPEC 2006THE 12TH ABU DHABI INTERNATIONA L PETROLEUM EXHIBITION & Randolph Taylor District Manager .G.

Abbas Nuruddin General Manager Zahid Adamjee Managing Director A. Sur General Manager Sanjiv Advani Sales Engineer Kadam SA Instrument Engineer Philip Reilly Managing Director Fayek El Khoury Group Managing Director Victor Thanikkal DirectorOperations .C.

Bashar Al Khalidy General Manager Aref Saqer General Manager .Rashid Bin Aweida Owner Dr.


Robert Denehy Director of Operations Robert Asker Director of Maintenance Capt. David Butler Chief Pilot .Christopher J. Brown General Manager Capt.

Srijayan Iyer Principal Consultant Laxmi G. Coordinator Sunil Kumar General Manager Rajesh Director Raed Siddiqui Director Jacob Manager .

Colin Cavé Sales Manager 050 5517529 Munir Al Issa Sales Manager 050 4819024 Phil Burns Director Nasr Hussain Business Partner 050 6508188 Bdruddin Manager 050 4980709 .

Rajeev Manager Mohammed Badruddin Technical Manager .Abdulqader Saleh Albanna President & CEO Fuad Saleh Albanna General Manager K.


Ishtiaq Ahmed Head of Certification Omar Whiteheard Managing Director .

Robert Chad District Manager Luis Nazareth Area Manager Valérie Grimmeisen Marketing & Customer Relations Manager Ranjit Velandy Sales Manager Claude Nemer Manager Nigel Bahrani General Manager Don Keenan Depot Manager Mark Stewart Sales Manager .

Juma Saif Rashid Bin Bakhit Chairman .

Mansoor Ali General Manager Capt. M. Bin . Bin Abdulla Al Noaimi Director General/ Customs +9716.7470111 Ext.Sheikh/Moh'd Al Nuaimi Director General Ali Fahmi Marketing & Sales Officer Rishi Somaiya Marketing Manager R.I) Managing Partner Sheikh Mohd. Wilfred Jackson (M.N.300 Sheikh Mohd.

280 -6359450 .210 4825962 Joseph Eugine Administration Manager 7470111 Extn. Hisham Ahmed Saleh Harbour Master +971-67470111 Ext. Ismail Finance Manager 6509163 Kumar Vadivelu Accounts Manager 7470111 Ext. Capt.Hameed Ibrahim General Manager 7470111 Extn. 200 6259180 M.

S.230 -4877226 Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Noaimi Chairman Aju K.Operations +971-67470111 Ext.Mohd. John General Manager Neil Harvey General Manager . Riaz Noor Senior Manager Marketing +971-67470111 Ext.270 -6248516 Syed Khurram Irshad Manager Marketing +971-6Capt. Mukherjee Senior Manager .

Haytham Akkila General Director Mazia Darafsh General Manager Hassan Atka Celik Managing Director B.2225105 . Menon Sales Manager Aijaz Sohil Managing Director 050 6368148 Hatim Zainuddin Managing Director +9714.

Muhairy General Manager 050 4441885 Pierre Zayoun General Mananger . Manager Shamsuddin Zia Sales Manager Fuad Najjar General Manager Naresh Jain Sales Manager Eisa Sadallah Al.Hatim Khan Admn.

Yusuf Hamid Managing Director 050 6562153 Ahmed Salem Al Mansoori Chairman Butti Salem Al Mansoori General Manager Abdulla Al Thookhy Admin. Manager Abdu Rahman Business Coordinator Yunus S. Broachwala Managing Director K. M. Ashraf Sales Manager 3332210 . Pavithran Finance Manager P.Bhatia General Manager M.

H. Sales Engineer . Wadekar Sr.Faisal Poonawala Branch Manager P.

Mohd Ali General Manager Irfran Ulla Malik Asst.General Manager .


Marcel Mascarenhas General Manager Salem Al Jabri General Manager .

Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager Zillay Ahmed Managing Associate Keith Lobo Business Dvpt. Associate Ahmed Khan Managing Director Nur ul Azim Administration Santosh C & F Coordinator .Khozema Manager Managing Director Ali Bakhshanden General Manager Vinod Kumar Manager 050 6533941 Osama Elnaim Managing Director Gary Blagdon General Manager Johny Lal Asst.

Sajeev Manager 050 6137285 R D Powell Manager +97150-6223528 R D’Souza Office Manager Nasar Mohammed Director 050 4591446 Shabbir Operations Manager +97150-7691283 .

Rotana Hotels Karim Al Ghazawi Resident Manager Francis Sales Manager Rizwan Sajan Managing Director 5544720 Anis Sajan Partner Pawan Khanna Vice President Mohammed Akram Manager Rizwan Sajan Managing Director Anis Sajan Partner Pawan Khanna Vice President Mohammed Akram Manager . V.P.Omer Kaddouri Gen. Manager & Exec.

Sami Khoury Co-owner/ Managing Partner N Moje Manager +9712.A.6346666 Hafiz E. Manager Ibrahim Abu Zayed General Manager +97150-4510012 .

Ghulam Qadir Raja Managing Director +97150-6260475 Mohammed Al Fandi Al Mazroui Chairman Ghanem Al Mazroui General Manager Dennis Dorairaj HSE / Operations Manager 050 6465130 Hesham Ali Hassan Managing Director Fayez Ali Hassan General Manager +9712.5554150 Khalil A. R. Mohammed Finance Manager +9712.5555580 Hayathulla Abbas Director .

Masood Ali Kahn Chief Executive Officer Asif Naim Sales Manager Muhammed Khalid Chief Accountant Fuad Naim Khan General Manager Mohd. Shirazi Sales Executive Mazhar Mahoon Sales Executive . Behram Sales Manager Mohammad A Al Jamea Managing Director Abdullah M Al Jamea General Manager Hatif A . A.Barghouti Sales Manager M.

Equipment Shivaji Chaturvedi Marketing Manager. Yanmar Kamal Husain Marketing Manager.Civil Arif Arikat Managing Director . Parts & Trdg Terho Wilson Managing Director George McArthur Laboratory Manager.Tony Stemmer Managing Director Mahmood Wahab Marketing Manager.

Farouk Moh'd Khair General Manager Carl Munn Business Development Manager Shiv Kumar Nair Market Communication Manager Philip Mathew General Manager .

Khan Deputy Director K. Eswarakumar Chief Financial Officer . Khan Director General Amin T.Talib M.

Khan Deputy Director K. Khan Director General Amin T. Eswarakumar Chief Financial Officer Abdul Nasser Director .Talib M.

Pai Vaidya Asst. General Manager S. Raghavan Commercial Manager G. Nettar Commercial Manager Bob Rogers General Manager S.Abid Ali General Manager Husain Al Ghadder General Manager Edwin P. Kamath Sales Manager .K.

Diab General Manager S. K. Hareb General Manager .A. Al Hamar Chairman Abdul Hadi General Manager John Nycil Mendes Managing Director Roney Mendez Estimation Department Joseph Louis Nigli Marketing Manager Mohd. Karunakaran Sales Manager M. Al-Habech Marwan A.M.

Saleem General Manager . Al Harazi General Manager Mohd. A.Mattar Saeed Al Hassani Chairman J.V. M. Nair Managing Director S. (Daz) Wilson Executive Director Ian Jennings ChairmanMonition IntlUK P.

Tom Sherriff General Manager Tom Sherriff General Manager Mohd. Nazeer Supervisor 050 4970930 . Ashraf Mohd.

Ayad F Said General Manager Mohd Ibrahim Technical Manager George Saliba Manager Technical .

K Manager . Maha Noubani Asst. Hamd Operations Manager Jalal Noubani Owner Ms. Al Jamea Proprietor Sathish Chandra Sales Manager Venu. Merhej Executive Director Saher M.Rames T. General Manager Moh'd A.

Sabapathy Manager Operations & Technical Ali Hasan Mahmood Managing Director E. Sudesh De Soyza Marine Superintendent Adel Musfafawi Managing Director Bunder Al Junaibi General Manager . Al Rowdaw GM & Partner R.Khalid Al Shamsi GM & Partner Waleed M. A.

V. Samuel Managing Director Zahir Pasha Business Dvpt. Manager Kazim M. Al Khafajy CEO/Managing Director K. P.A. Abdulla General Manager Biju John Project Engineer Thomas Vinod General Manager Anil Kumar Sales Engineer Ramesh Tourani Manager Kamlesh Pritmani Sales Executive Mohammed S. Al Khattal General Manager .

Peter Prakash General Manager Rasheed Director Salahuddin Sharafi Managing Director O.C. Philipose Managing Director Leejo Philip Managing Director Saju Mathews Sales Manager Varghese Managing Director Jolly Manager Yunus Khan Branch Manager Moh’d Haseeb Sales Engineer .

Omar Al Masai General Manager .

Mohamed Awadalla General Manager .


Director Walid Haffar General Manager Rajmohan General Manager Philip Joseph Managing Director . M.Basheer V.

Mohammed Siraj Managing Director Khaldoun AlHussayni Sales Manager .

Sayed Yaqout Field Service Team Steve McConnachie General Manager 050 6610594 Ram Saran Divisional Manager 050 6416798 Steve McConnachie General Manager .

Joe Fernandez Fabian Louis AL MASAOOD OIL INDUSTRY SUPPLIES SERVICES CO. (A M P S .AL MASAOOD Caje D’costa Sales Engineer 050 6943846 Arthur Sumanasekera Abdulla Safar Mahmoud Dache Asif Iqbal Saleem Raza General Manager .

Branch Manager . Saed Assist.Fahim A Khan General Manager Mohammed Khaisar Managing Director Mohammed Sadiq Manager Aziz H Ghaddar Operations Manager Ammar H.

El Shazily Sales Manager Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head. Agha Managing Director 6722397 Khaled Mandour Technical Manager Riad M. PPE Marketing & Sales 050 6420286 Akram Hammoud General Manager Abbas Ossaili Manager Oilfield Division Ahmed Al Haeeb Managing Director Ahmed Habib Habib General Manager .Basel M.

Bhaskar Administration Finance Manager .Mohammed S. Al Melehy President Refat Hassan General Manager Ken Swan General Manager Vasu E Transport Supervisor 5553481 T.K. Bhaskar Administration Finance Manager Ken Swan General Manager T.K.

Mohamed Qasim Financial Controller Salim Al Moosa Chairman Sanjay Tripathi Dep. General Manager Wassimcharara General Manager Bhaskar Raja Managing Director 050 5535875 Sundarajan Sales Executive .

Mufaddal Nasir General Manager Obaid Ghanim Al Mutaiwie Owner Barrie Harmsworth Managing Partner Roy Thomas Marketing Executive Aijaz Ahmed Khan Managing Director 050 6508095 Muhammad Nawaz Managing Partner D. Kim President K. H. Yun Vice Pesident Khaled Hamed Executive Director . H.

Farrukh Shahbaz Director Admin Ch. Bhadran Managing Director Mohammad Ashfaq General Manager . Anthony Pereira General Manager Naveen Jerome M.Ch. Tasleem Pervez Manager Projects J. P.

Al Shaker Sole Proprietor David S. R. T. Roberts General Manager G.T. Good General Manager . R. K. Vijayan Managing Director T.J. Radhakrishnan General Manager Saeed Anwar Hussain Managing Director A. Joseph Construction Manager Ebrahim M. Alawi Chairman M. A.

Azzam Lazkani Marketing Manager D. Manager Norbert Monis General Manager Dr.John Nycil Mendes Managing Director 050 6513794 Joseph Louis Nigli Marketing Manager Imtiaz Ahmad Admin. Mistry General Manager . Hamidur Rahman Director Finance and Accounts Dr. M. Kassem Alom Managing Director Mohd.

J.P. Garg Managing Director Wael H Awad General Manager Mohd Anwar-Ul Quasir General Manager .

Wassim Charara General Manager Sadanand Kulur Equipment Manager K. Alaie General Manager A. N. Sami Feroze Operation Executive Idris Macaval Operation Assistant Babu Divcaran Document . Das General Manager Capt.

Harish Annaswamy Marketing Manager Tarek Al Sharif General Manager Joubour Namoame General Manager .

Khammar Managing Director .K.R. Dhar Managing Partner Khalid Hamdav Area Manager M.J.

Sasindran Managing director 050 6456096 . V.Ahmed Moh'd Al Saboory Managing Director Kamal Ataya Chief Executive Officer E.

Prashant Mayekar Manager 6277340 Khalil Khouri Principal Fadi Assaad Principal Shareef Mustafa General Manager Ghulam Hyder Sales Manager .

Al Marri Owner Abdulla Essa Al Mulla General Manager 3370680 Gladwyn Allen Project Manager Jose John Sales/Marketing Anis Manager Farazdaq Sales Manager .Ibrahim S.

Rajan Administration Manager Abdul Shakoor Operations Manager Kabir Valrani Executive Director B. (Trucks) E. Alexander Managing Director S. Suresh Babu General Manager .V.G.S. G. Khandkan Manager (Sales & Application) Thani Al Shirawi Executive Director Samir A. Salamoun Sales & Marketing Manager.M. Suresh Parts Manager Sumeet Valrani Executive Director K. Barkur Sales Manager T.

Fernandez General Manager Mohd. Abdulla Ahmad Director . Ali Saeed Ali Ameri Managing Director Joaquim B.Padam General Manager Dr.

General Manager 050 6118219 .Jose A. F.

Haitham Younis Manager .K. K. Joseph Director Jay Prajapati Group General Manager Noman Sura Managing Director Prasad Sales Manager Eng.

Farooq Managing Director 050 6500348 Saleh Faizal General Manager Vinod Rahman Marketing Manager .M.

Conroy Chief Executive officer 050 6420407 . Hisham Kashani Manager Alan R.Nasir Hamdan Chairman Rizwan Ahmed General Manager Tahir Mahmood Managing Director rebecca.

Joseph Salloum Regional General Manager +9716. Stuart Regional Operations Manager .5581129 Joseph Estephan Deputy General Manager George Haddad Operations Manager Joseph Salloum Regional General Manager Hani Abdelnour Area Manager David Derrick Retail General Manager John W.

Robert L. Banks Managing Director George Koshy Operations Manager Carmilito Zabala Diving Supervisor Robert Banks Managing Director Marc alvares Admin. Manager George Koshy Marketing Manager Boris Santosi General Manager Maryam Shafi Sales Manager (Industrial Products) .

Nabeel Kayali General Manager Ibrahim Plant Hire Controler Gavriel Christou Managing Director Stephen Young Group Sales & Marketing Director .

Venugopal Manager Engg.Marios Pctrou Regional Director John Aves General Manager V. Services +971-26271098 .

Shabbir Saifuddin Managing Director Mustafa Shabbir Marketing Manager Ali Asger Saifuddin Sales Manager Ramesh Ramchandani Business Executive Financial & Controller M.M. Usman Sales Manager Marine Sanjay D'Costa Marketing Manager Rangan Prakash Gidwani Sales Manager .V.

Bhagwan Punwani General Manager Raj Kripalani Director .Spearing Technical Manager Ashfaq Sayani Sales Manager Easwaramoorth y Managing Director .Sales Omar Hindawi General Manager Maurice Cregan Marketing Manager Victor J.

Ronald D'Mello Administration Manager +97150-4553715 Abhijit Chowdhury Divisional Manager .Jebel Ali Elie Sarji Managing Director .

H. R. Malakotipour Managing Director Capt. H. S. Karanjawala Marine Manager Tony Crossley Workshop Manager 050 6280045

Elie Sarji Managing Director

Biju Thomas General Manager Raj Administration Officer C.M. Shenoy Director

Andy Marshall General Manager

Harjit S. Gouri Director 050 6453816 Dabhi Senior Manager 050 6590482

Ayoub Aljabri Recruitment Officer Mark Wallace Regional Manager

Nabil Alalawi Managing Director Adel Baobaid

Dave McKerchar 050 6458724 Paddy K. V. 050 6581383

Walid Al Hazmi General Manager Sam George Finance Manager Mousa George Mesho General Manager Moutaz Mesho Project Manager

Fayez Ibbini Managing Director Vijay Kumar Director Ops.

Andre Termat Resident Manager Henri Dechartre Deputy Resident Manager Rajagopal Sankaran Project Manager

Jay Bhosale Managing Director Eimund Sletten General Manager Jos Jacob Sales & Marketing Manager Ramsi Sales Executive

Assaad Abou Naoum Managing Director Mohd Muneeb Ahmed Sales Engineer

Joseph George Operations Manager

Rodijuma General Manager Khalfan Mubarak Al Huwairib Managing Director & President Jamal Khalfan General Manager

Tuan Suan Ong General Manager

Kim Andrus General Manager 050 4460017 Ted Dore Operations Manager 050 8124055

Robert Emmers Middle East Manager David Woodward UAE Manager Ali Hajian Managing Director +97150-4553283

Abdul Karim Al Mazmi General Manager

Dr. Ahmed Zohbi Chairman Dr. Izzet General Manager Surendra Factory Manager

M I Mohamed General Manager Muhamed Siraj Administration &

Hari Krishnan Sales Manager 050 6535789 hari@amzonein

Silvio Bresciani Middle East Manager Bernard Montaron Sales & Marketing Manager

Hussain Fuad Operations Manager

Hamid Hafiz Sales Manager

Cdr. Mukund Lele General Manager 050 6283687 M.K. Das Operations Manager James Hurlbut Middle East Regional Manager 050 6223857 Calum Brown Business Dvpt. Manager 050 6428089 Kevin Black District Manager Glyn Edwards Field Manager Ckinniburgh Chief Executive Officer

David Kiernan Regional ManagerMiddle East

Khalid Murad Managing Director

Sandeep Anand Managing Director B.K. Anand Director

P.M.A. Bashir Managing Director 5555000 Rajen GM Samir Anton Qubrosi Managing Director K.A. Qubrosi Director E. Gonsalves General Manager

Clive Frost Director 050 6312192 Bessel Vandervliet Director 050 6269163 Chris Young OPS Manager 050 6126765 Ken Campbell Projects Coordinator 050 4815470

Muneer Ramahi General Manager

James Goulding Managing Director S. Singh Sales & Service

Mehernosh Deboo Director

Khan Managing Director

Gisbert Selvey Manager Mrs Khalida Al Qatami Chairman Ghassan Al Khonaini Vice Chairman Khalil Shahin General Manager S.K. Paul Manager, Furniture & Decoration Division

Sulaiman Naim Managing Director Ramesh Subramanyan Sales Manager Kimihiro Shimozono General Manager 6651474 Capt. Akihiro Shimozono Operations Manager 050 6429580 Eisuke Shimozono Logistics Manager

Musallam Maktoom Al Mazroui Chairman Christine Bond Managing Director

Rafi Kallatra Managing Director Izzuddin T. Mohammed Operations Manager Umer Nizar M. Abdah Finance Manager

Serhal B. Dargham Catering Manager 6277554

Stafford D’Monte Manager Ghassan Merhebi Chairman / General Manager Anas Mikati Managing Partner

Paul Sudhakar Sales Manager 050 6501908

Mohamed Murad Managing Director

Sumeet Valrani Executive Director P. Samuel Cherian General Manager

Mr. Koshy Vinod Director Mr. Koshy Santosh Director

L N Gokuldas Director Rejith Kumar Marketing Manager 050 4558019 Nandu Bhatia Managing Director Nasser Al Omira Manager

Karim Fares General Manager

Faisy Kuriakose Business Development Manager

Dirk Valandegi General Manager

Cherian Varghese Managing Director

Sohan Roy S.K. Managing Director 050 6324357 Anu Raj Administrative Manager

Saied Manshae Managing Director 050 4501052 George E. Cutting Managing Director

Sadashi Matsuo District Manager/

K. V. Varghese Managing Director 050 6466267/62872 41

G. D. Ghouse Managing Partner G. H. Tanveer Sales Manager James Bannon Sales Manager Reju George Business Manager

Naji Jreijiri Managing Director

Andrew Virgil Area Manager

Singh Gouri Surinder Managing Director B. L. Nahar Financial Controller N. V. Gandhi General Manager

B. K. Babu Managing Partner +97150-8409889

Habil M Husain Managing Director

Chopra Sales Manager

Kabir Valrani Executive Director

Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager David Knox Sales Manager

Said Ateeq S. Al Khameeri Chairman Yaqout K. Al Khameeri President 6272522 J.P Laurenti Managing Partner

Pierre Leretz President,Head of Petroleum & Chem., M.E & Africa Paul Rix General Manager Corrado Conti Mktg. & Sales

Wong General Manager +97150-6264022 Eric Thong Operations Manager +97150-6267281 Bill Wong Managing Director .S. C.

com Syed Faiyazuddin Area Sales Manager 050 6616273 . wakrim@bh. atlascopco.Driss Wakrim Branch Manager 050 4422038 driss.

Kamran Torjani Managing Director Jamal El Abki General Manager M.Sales & Estimation Sonia McGuire Group Marketing Manager Eimund Sletten General Manager Jos Jacob Sales & Service Engineer S. Raghunathan Operations Manager Ali Ashraf Manager . K. Batia Managing Director Harjod Singh General Manager .M.

Farhan Shaikh Business Development Manager 0503845670 R. Kabra General Manager .G.UAE Mark Goodworth District Manager Dubai & Northern Emirates Zoran Dragacevic Managing Director Ijaz Anwer General Manager .

Jabour General Manager Shamil Mayel General Manager Sharma Sales Manager .K. Kumar Sales Manager Salem K.Masood Froutan Managing Director Abdul Rasool Froutan Director K.

Ian Hunt General Manager Michael Rennie Onshore Operations Manager Stuart Walley Offshore Operations Manager Steven Smith District Technical Engineer Luc Bolle ME Region Geoscience Manager Ole Engels Geoscience Account & Marketing Manager Bassam Salim Onshore Operations Account Manager Jose Blanco Offshore Operations Account Manager .

Jan Willems Region Manager M. Rodolfo Marziani Region Business Dev. Mgr. Richard King Region Operations Manager Ian Gray District Manager Middle East .E. & Mktg.

Keith Gill Vice President Alan Legg Region Finance Controller Nigel Meany Region Technical Manager Paul Schuh Region Sales Manager Jim Coghill Operations Manager .

M. Manager Graham Neish Marketing Engineer Magdy Said Operations Manager .Mike Sim Region Manager. Ken Brown Area Manager Mark Davidson Engineering & Mktg. E.

E.Mark Lewis Region Manager M. Brendan Rowan District Manager Ashraf Kammoura Account Manager Andy Todd Regional Technical Manager .

Graham McCaig General Manager P Sathish Rao Executive Director K Chandra Sekhar GM (Production Development) Mukesh Bhatt DGM (Commercial) Chozooishi General Manager A O Sewailam Administration Manager .

Capt. Valsan Director & Technical Manager +97150-6284513 Maray Director +971-505513721 Prasanna Sales Manager +97150-6986110 . Marinus van der Zande General Manager +9714. Tair Manager +9712-6150095 B.3944775 Lance Gilwey Shipping Robin Rodricks Manager Freight & Logistics Fadi H.

Atalla Hussain Bartawi Chairman Nikolai Norman General Manager Christophe Bouttin Shipping Manager Hector Patel General Manager Osama Al Zubaidi Director Ranjan Roy General Manager Ranjan Roy General Manager .

Gas & Chemicals) . Bseibes Director A. (Oil. Alkhaznadar VP & Busi. S.E.Ashraf Methyin General Manager Freddy Farid General Manager Moritz Klein Resident Manager Elie A. Dvpt Mgr.M.

Michael Bovey Manager 050 5517202 .

Bassem Salhab Regional Manager Middle East & Africa Nigel Finzi Managing Director Remo Lui Branch Manager .

Jahan Branch Manager 050 4564383 Capt Wahit Hossain Master Marine MNI Lead Assessor ISO 9000(UK) Ramanujam Cheif Executive Parimal Banerjee Regional Technical Manager Hamoud Bennegadi General Manager .Karim Dummar Commercial Manager Sh. D.

Venugopal Manager Industrial Haroon Azmi Sales Engineer Instrumentation Shi Jicheng Deputy Regional Manager Zhang Atian Marketing Manager .Tahir Saeed Managing Director Shiva General Manager Moh'd Rashid Aldaour Managing Director Bassam Nazzal General Manager Rashid Mohamed Director Jon Avis General Manager V.

Manish B. B. Bhatia Director . Bhatia Director Gyanod K. Sharma General Manager M.

Ahmed Ali Sales Manager Mohammed Sales Representative Ali Hussain Sales Representative Edward Najjar General Manager Ammar Al Shakhshir Factory Manager Edward Najjar General Manager Hafiz Shafei Factory Manager Abdul Karim Manager (UAE) .

Mohd Al Bustani Sales Manager Faizal Al Amiri Manager Ghulam Qadir Raja Managing Director Hussein Shahroori General Manager Kamran Ahmed Director 050 6539134 Ifran Ahmed Director 050 6451028 Suhail Fareed Operation Incharge .

M. Salman Ahmed Managing Director .

Pushparaj Bolar Marketing Manager .

T. Kassim General Manager E. Daniel General Manager +97150-6129384 Michael P. Daly Managing Director . M.Fahad E-Ajam Manager M.

Faris Al Mazrouei Director Nadeem J Sait General Manager 050 4445176 Vaseem J Sait Business Development Manager Muthu Govindan General Manager .

Shashi S Managing Director Khalid Bin Sidra General Manager Juma Saleh Suhail Chairman .

Michael Bovey Manager 050 5517202 .

Rajesh Sales Engineer Azeem Abdu Sales Coordinator .T.M.


Gordon Ross Manager Paul D'Cruz Director .Sales & MarketingGulf +971-47028262 .

Admin. PPE Marketing & Sales Babu Lonappan General Manager Nelson D Souza Sales . Manager 050 6535806 .Scott Gramlich District Manager Dubai Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head.

G. Sundar Cargo Manager V.Pradeep Menon Managing Director Haridas Kondath General Manager P. Rajendran Branch Manager.Jebel Ali . K.

Arif Sayani Managing Director Samir Khawam General Manager Harish P. Bhatia Shipping Manager Sanjay Managing Director .

General Manager .Claus Laursen General Manager Vinayak Shenoy Transport Manager Lasse Wolff CIS Manager Fouad Ashkar Managing Director Reda Ashkar Acs.


Iain Millership Managing Director Alex Hughes General Manager Sunil Nayar Sales Manager Sunil Nayar Sales Manager Joe Saddi Vice President Peter W Beaton Managing Director 050 4524066 .

K. Abrahamse Finance Manager Laurent Marie Managing Director JeanMichel Goupy Area Sales Manager/ Bourdon-Haenni David Dalton General Manager Ahmed Al Hamdani Area Sales Manager .S.J. Ploeger Desk Manager A.A. Vakanas Director/Genera l Manager 050 6411413 F.

Finance & Administration Manager Butch Ford Project Director. Manager Projects +97150-6682608 Sharma Vinay Manager-Trade Fairs & Exhibition .Sukumar Commercial. Shiyas P. Bowen General Manager Lubricants G.P. General Manager +97150-6514104 Menon P.B.K.J. Iyengar Marketing Manager Samar Badri H R & Administration Manager Bob Palmer Regional Manager Frank Voswinkle Sales Manager C. Middle East OPS.

Bob Britton General Manager Steve Hodgkins Sales Manager Elias Manasseh Managing Director .


Phillip Doughty Managing Director Samuel MacPhee Training Manager Vikas Natu Sales Manager Middle East .

Neerav Managing Director Ravish Malik Manager Logistics 050 5519895 Eng. Eswar Sole Proprietor Siddarth Balachandran General Manager K.V. Ramakrishnan Sales Manager . Mahmoud El Ashri Managing Partner James Hay Manager Jim Power Service Manager 3241384 G.

Desmond D’silva Manager (Middle East) Siddarth General Manager .

Santosh Administration Manager Samir Ramadan CEO .Jhony Mackenzie Managing Director Siobhan O’Reilly Recruitment Manager Ian Mack General Manager Balasubramania n Manager Scientific Divi.

L. Abdulla Regional ManagerMiddle East BW TECHNOLOGIES MIDDLE EAST (C/o AL MANSOORI SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING L. Francis James Byrne Managing Director Patrick Fallon General Manager .Masoud H.


Richard Furnell Executive Director .

Almashibi Sales Manager Sheikh Yunus Sales Executive Naman Okaily Marketing Manager .Deepak Chopra General Manager Vinod Kumar Operational Manager Mohamed S.

ME & Africa Sunil Premchandani Sales Manager Walid Saab General Manager .Harald Bernhardt Business Manager .

Mohammad A. R Business Devt. .

Tod Grubin President Craig Jones Regional Manager Kevin Corley Territory Manager Moussa Sakr Area Manager .

Moulene Serge Area Director Laurence Smith General Manager Gopal Rao Project Manager (Ops) .

Majdi A. Shahrouri Managing Director Rajinder Singh General Manager Dan Asher Managing Director 050 6512579 Alan Simpson General Manager 050 5598620 Ewan Dunn Operations Manager 050 5590716 Biju Jose Accountant 050 3429462 Murtaza Lohawala Accountant 050 7572852 .

Robert J. Brown Regional Manager Middle East Alan D’Souza Area Sales Manager Jacobson General Manager .

Gulf & ME Sherry Wazarab Sales & Admin. Manager .Mohamad Adili S. Engineer Qutaiba Managing Director Albert Pansin Regional Director .

Errol Sequeira General Manager Richard Wilson General Manager .

Area Sales Manager ( Bahrain & Iran) Ernie Chedotal Managing Director Hosseinali Tabriz Managing Director Baboo Toona Manager Castrol Marine Division .Richard Wilson General Manager Francois Saab Commercial Manager Bassam Al Awar General Manager Arif Abbas Marketing Manager Ali El Zein Sr.

Middle East . Sales.Tanveer Siddiqui Regional Sales Engineer Thomas Widegren Managing Director Steve Knott Vice President.

S. com M.Steven Knott Director of Sales sknott@cbiepc. Balasubramania n Lead Assessor-MSC Services Sami Ghandour General Manager Victor Jarrous Manager. Finance & Administration Barry Evans Operations Manager John Barrett Plant Manager Chris Reid Rov Manager .

Perraud Services Manager Salehittal Director .Duncan Harding General Manager Hatem Kamal Area Manager Mohamed Moghazy Sales Account Manager Jean Gil Contreras General Manager P.

P. Pradeep Engineer Lisa Derbyshire Secretary Mohammad Aqel General Manager .Mohammed Kassim Manager David Derbyshire Managing Partner T.

E. Dhabi Malcolm Taylor District Manager Kumar Bhatia Manager .Ken Bebak Region Manager M.


Business Dev. Manager Neil McArthur Managing Director Fardan Al Fardan Chairman Djaffar Hadji Projects Manager .Neil Henderson Intl.

Gehad Diab Regional Manager Alf Olsen General Manager .

Mazen Shaheen Station Manager Vivek Pandit Sales Manager Mohsin Owais Managing Director .

Sales Steve Coulom Middle East Sales Manager Hua Shiming General Manager Jin Yuning Chief Representative .Mahendra Patel Managing Director Ajith Kumar Manager .

Zhao Li Yun Chief Representative .


John R. Ellis Managing Director 8836800 Jose Vellara Finance Manager Mark D’Souza Workshop Manager .


Neiboel Managing Director R. Hageman Engineering & Project Manager .Ajay Menon General Manager Paul E. H. Rizk Resident Manager Ing.R.

Jayant Shitole Managing Director Ebrahim Osman Managing Director Bilal Ebrahim Osman Director Cleetas Antony Managing Director Basheer Ahmed Operations Manager .

Sherin Lawrence Manager Marketing Roopesh Fernandez Sales & Marketing Nick Holland Jones District Manager Yaz Belhmer District Manager Eng Ali Ahmed Ghafan General Director Hussain Ali Aziz Managing Director Tomingo Sadloc Technical Manager .

3377238 Stephen Cornelio General Manager Kiram Kumar Maintenance Engineer Sunil Jaitly General Manager Micheal Mack General Manager John Rowley Marketing Manager George Moussa Resident Manager .John Cornelio Managing Director +9714.

Robinson Int'l Manager Jonathan Silver Managing Partner Alec Emmerson Partner Vikas Natu Regional ManagerMiddle East 050 4559509 .

Penny Managing Director Michael Krach Technical Director Tony McQuaid Contracts Manager Commander D.M. Mathias Managing Director 050 6450498 K. K.C.S. Rajan Operations Manager Christopher M. Nanda Proprietor Harmeet Singh Nanda Marketing Manager .

Daniel L'emaillet Manager Patrick Sauzedde Sales Manager (Middle East) . P. Sales & Mktg.Major Juma Saif Rashid Bin Bakeet Owner Tony Faddoul General Manager Bertrand Tertrais Manager Dominique Magrez V.

Ayman Khattab General Manager Ihab Marketing Manager Eng. Emad Bitar Technical Manager Tony Alam General Manager Abdulbagi Moh’d Salim Finance & Administration Manager Nicolas Barakat Operations Manager .

Bharat Bhatia CEO / Managing Director Mathew Ambat General Manager Bankim Parikh Finance Manager Tamal Gupta Marketing Manager Mahmood Saleh Awad Managing Director Fakhri Issa Commercial Manager .

Ashok Pillai Project Manager .

Account Manager . Jilla Managing Director Mohammed Sr.Ahmed Sharaf General Manager & Vice President Farid Asfour Vice President Samir Khoury General Manager D.

Vice President Mohammed Adeib AL Khouli General Manager Munther Helwani General Manager 6722739 Zuhair Rabia General Manager M A Mateen Khan Deputy General Manager .T S Kaladharan Chairman Ahmed Al Rais Sr.

Jihad Baziri Branch Manager (AUH) Chaouki Gebran Manager/Archit ect Lara Farah Interior Designer John Alford Managing Director Yusuf Abdul Hadi Managing Director Majdi Melhem Manager .

Carlos Marques General Manager David Sonzogni General Manager Sanjeev Tambe Drive Systems Manager Ashwani K. Sharma Managing Director Major Kesavadasan HR Manager Ravindran Nair Proprietor/Partn er +971-506223941 .

Samy Manager Middle East Doncan Harding General Manager . Samy Manager Middle East Samy N.Mike Royce Territory Manager Samy N.


David Sonzogni Senior Manager Jehanzeb Khan Managing Director +97150-6597206 Jehanzeb Khan Managing Director 050 6597206 .

com Dave Bowen Business Development Manager Jayakrishnan Managing Director . ozer@corelab.Jehanzeb Khan Managing Director 050 6597206 Ercan Ozer General Manager ercan.



Mushtaque Z Bachne Director .

Jilla Managing Director Tetsuo Fukumoto General Manager Tomoaki Honda Manager .Nafis Ahmed ManagerConstruction & Chem. 050 6410429 Steve Wroe Managing Director Thomas George Managing Director 050 6579062 D.

M.J G Booth General Manager Steve Horner Area Accountant Allan Good Director . Region 050 4506925 J T Kidd Regional Manager .E.

Kheir HR & Administration Manager Water Hall General Manager . Jafar Chairman & CEO Ahsan Ullah Khan Director & Special Asst to the Chairman Paul Keighley General Manager Hind O.J.Ebrahim M. Al Shaker Sole Proprietor Hamid D.

John King Sales Manager Ian Blount Resident Engineer Issam Sharara Vice President Mamdouh Zaki Operations Manager Sam Taleb General Manager Bill Scott Operations Manager Niranjankundar After Market Manager .

Mamdouh Zaki Fathi General Manager Stephen Cummins Managing Director David Summers Branch Manager 050 4541635 Anand K. Cherian General Manager .

Srinivasa Madhavan Regional Director .


M.H. C. Hong General Manager Khalfan Khalifa Al Mazroui Chairman Samir Gomaa Project Manager P. Goculdas Managing Director C. I. Sultan Chairman L. S. Pillai General Manager .N.

Eng. Khalid Al Khatib CEO Mohammed Assaf Sales Manager .


Greig Olsen General Manager Antoine Bouin Sales & Marketing Manager Robert Beanland Managing Director George Mathews Finance Manager .

Vivek Balagopal Technical Manager G. Pillai Technical Manager 050 6285764 Suhail Issa C E O Tom Kelley International Operations Manager +97150-6244937 Steve Conniff International Sales & Service Representative -6543985 Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 Ajaz Ahamed Managing Director . R.

A.W. Shabib Managing Director Teddy Gonzales Manager Ashraf Kazi Director Finance Shantharam Shetty Manager Amarijit Singh General Manager Khader Ahmed Hankir General Manager .

Arnold Almond Director Bruce Livesley Director Bernd Nordemenn General Manager David Muller General Manager Anwar A. Sawaya Marketing Manager .

Dept.Shk. Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi Chairman.of Seaports & Customs Issa Juma Al Mutawa Director General of Seaports Yaqoub H. Abdullah Administration CEO Syed Abrar Ali Khan General Manager Mohammad Fakhoury Sales Manager .

Mahmoud Iraqi Managing Director M.A. Saleem President Afroz Saleem Vice President .


Michael Reed District Manager Colin Holloway Station Manager +97150-4846561 .


Tony Halliwell District Manager UAE Adel Al Mohmood General Manager Pascal B. Hokayem Rig Incharge David Wild General Manager Mark Parsons National Sales Manager Neil Kuschel General Manager .

J.K. Shringi Project Manager Randir Venugopal General Manager P. Narayanan Sales Manager Ranjit Menon Sales Executive . 050 6579025 Mark Elliott Middle East Manager 050 4503087 Syed Medhi Ali Khan General Manager Arif Sayani Managing Director R.Babak Afshar Vice President Business Dvpt.


Anil Hire Operation Manager Mohd Rahal General Manager A.Saeed M.B. Khoury Managing Director K. Darwish Managing Director . M.

Zia Ahmed Director Jenson General Manager Werner Wiedemann Technical Manager .

J.Nooruddin N. Managing Director .

Mohammed Atef Al Ajjeh Managing Director .

Khaled Elfaiyoumi Sales Manager 050 3171968 Raj Raballo General Manager .

Arnaud Van Den Eynde General Manager Dhabi B. S. Ramakrishnan Middle East Finance Executive .

Saleem Bulhali Manager Tony Cranny Regional Manager 050 5526104 Sebastian Fernandes Accounts Manager 050 6567597 Lachlan Logistics & Utilization 050 5518930 .

Hadi Marketing Executive Zeina Sales Executive Ali Ahmed Al Huwaidi Chairman S. Ms. V. Ramani General Manager .Giles Heasman General Manager Marketing 050 4571296 Magdi Hanafi Regional Marketing Manager 050 6245204 / 5856289 Manoj K. V. Shahela Abdul Razak Sales & Marketing Director Wael A.

Arvind Sawant General Manager Colin Baskins Managing Director Farid Mohammed Ahmed General Manager .Sales Marketing Jon Vail General Manager Technical .

Pazhaya R. Abdulla Managing Director Abdul Jaleel General Manager .

Joao Macedo Commercial Director Kris Kubow New Building .

M. Hameed Contracts Manager Branly Nassour Chief Engineer Water Ronald T. Al Tayer General Manager Abdullah S Obaidullah Asst. Manager - .S. Martin General Manager Clive Gonsalves Sr. General Manager A. N. Manager Finance & HR Riszard Rzepa Sr.S. Praveen Sr. Manager Service Delivery P.A.

K. .Abdul Aziz Khan Executive Director M.H. Al Sayegh Deputy Chairman S. Luqman General Manager William Way President Khamis Buamim Vice President Laila Kazim President’s Secretary Mark Keener Vice President Business Dev.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem Executive Chairman 3903804 Jamal Majid Bin Thaniah CEODP W 8040502 Ahmed Butti Ahmed Director General of DubaiCustoms 8040506 Mohammed Sharaf Managing Director- Vimal Sahityani General Manager .

Glen Gardner Manager .

Salem Obaid Managing Director Moh'd Karanib General Manager Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head. PPE Marketing & Sales. +97150-6420286 Grahme Mcaig General Manager Ian Gordon Director David Crook Business .

Ian Mack General Manager Russell Jones Deputy General Manager Ian Mack General Manager Russell Jones Deputy General Manager Duncan Rogers General Manager Alias Sales Manager Daniel Gontier Manager Middle East .

Al Ojan Al Qubaisi Chairman Ahmed Abdul Dayem General Manager . Kemp General Manager Varghese Mathew Senior Telecom Engineer Ghurair Moh'd M. PPE Mkting & Sales Malcolm H.Hassan Sheikh Engineering Manager Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head.

Al-Said Commercial Manager Ashok K. Sharma Group Sales Manager .Mohd.

Ramesh Kalra Business Development Manager Moh'd Unni Sales Manager Duncan Dirrick Dy. P.General Manager K. Ramesh Area Manager Middle East & India 050 4592351 M. Jameel Venjara Manager Mohamed Raffi Sales & Marketing Manager .

com .Hassan Al-Araji Managing Director 050 6228418 alaraji@ecooo.

Wael Alashkar General Manager Kenneth Carter General Manager .


Jacob K. Abraham Operations Manager Saif Al Shafar Chairman K.S. Grewal Managing Director Lalit Karani Executive Director Ashwin Bhatia Managing Director Rajiv Karani Technical Director Vinod Kishore Manager Rajiv Karani Technical Director .

Basutkar Business Development Manager .UAE Prakash Wagh Area Manager George Oommen Managing Director Caron Gledhill Director of Sales & Marketing Madhavdas P.Moh'd Rashid Daour Managing Director 2665210 Gaber Fouad Khodeir General Manager Alex Cambell General Manager Ramaprasad Manager . Nair Director Vilas K.

Colaco Sales Manager Ben Grib Managing Director Oneal D’Cunha General Manager . Gunna General Manager Filipe A.Brian King General Manager Richard Martin Sales Manager 050 4542162 Drago Dolinsek Resident Manager S.

Yogesh Pathak Director Ritesh Pathak Marketing Executive .


Junaid Abid Ali Executive Director C. George General Manager Mohammed Ismail Asst. General . I.

Rakesh Saxena Ismail Housani General Manager Lina Chaaban Marketing Manager .

Sunil Kapoor Vice President Samir Kumar Project Engineer Hani Harik President .

R.K. Manager . Kulkarni General Manager +97150-4530093 Bala Murugan Project Engineer Ammar Z. Kakaa Sales Manager Ahmed Buhari Marketing & Opts.

Hamidi General Manager N.Colin Alston General Manager 050 6444405 Bernad Kelly Factory Manager Ravi Kumar Finance Manager Eng Jamal Ahmad Hussain Managing Director 050 4828100 Eng Sami Al. Moane Manager .J.

Hussain M. Al Midfa Deputy General Nasser Al Noudi Manager Partner Vijaya Kumar Sales Manager . Surkari General Manager 8846455 C.HR & Admin. Sultan Managing Director R.H. Cooper Finance Manager Rashid Al Shamsi General Manager Mohammed G. Jamal A.R.S. Al Falasi Deputy General Manager .D.


Nair Sales & Marketing Manager Faye Taruc Human Resource Manager .Abdalla Dalab General Manager Ranjith K.

John Marketing Manager K. V. N. Nageswaran Manager Projects K. Hegde Resident Manager P. Somanath Manager Chemistry K. N. Sivakrishnan General Manager 3451878 V. Somanath Manager Chemistry V. Hegde Resident Manager Ismail A. AlHousani General Manager . Nageswaran Manager Projects Moh'd Saleh Artang Administration Manager 3451163 R.G.NDT K. Viswadas Manager .

Yaghoobi General Manager Maher Sanadid General Manager Gary Sinclair Managing Director Ian Green Operations Manager 5543050 Paul Collett Reservoir Fluids Manager Iyad Al Ansari General Manager Rangaraj Marketing & Sales Manager .

David P Short General Manager Capt. Henry Rawcliffe Operations Manager John Gregory Technical Manager Jeremy Bray General Manager Said P. Bustany General Manager John King Sales Manager Middle East .

Intl. Sultan Chief Executive & Board Member Tayyeb Al-Mulla Chief Executive .Hussain M.Shipping Ian Waller Managing Director Fawad Mahmoud Chief Cad Engineer . Refining & Marketing Yusr Sultan Chief Executive .

Sultan Managing Director Ahmed Yassin Vice President . Devt.Abdo Kayali Director of Bus. 6907899 Hussain M.

Arshad Recruitment Consultant .S. P.L.Shk. Issa Director Hameed Ibrahim Director Ghassan Sahli General Manager Bashar Mohammadieh Marketing & Sales K. Tariq Al Qassimi Director B. Bhaskaran Manager 050 6615753 P. Issa H. Narayan Director Capt. V.

Rida Asst. General Manager Capt. Gurdeep Singh Chartering Manager Ahmed Ghanim Al Ram Menen Senior Vice President Cargo 2033400 Peter Sedgley Vice President Cargo Commercial Operations .William Wigan Managing Director Ghanim Saeed Mattar Al Suwaidi Chairman Ali M.A.

Jassim Saif Manager Cargo Sales (UAE) J. D'souza Managing Director Fouad Bardawil Chairman & President Riad Natour Branch Manager Anil Varghese Operations Manager Tanwir Supervisor .L.

Fahad Mutawa General Manager Munir Al Hilo Administration Manager Capt. Raed Saleh Operations Manager .

P. Batra General Manager Iqbal Sheikh Manager Ajit Dixit Branch Manager 050 6147417 .A.S.

K. Anwar Basha Executive Director . Agarwal Sr. Sheikh Majid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Chairman Faizal E. Executive Director A.H.H. Kottikollon Managing Director A.

P Selvam Marketing Manager Ibrahim Daniel Managing Partner Nisreen Raad Mechanical Engineer Abdulla Al Hamid Managing Director Ahmed Mattar General Manager 050 4416495: M/ V EW-1 .D Patel Managing Director Nilesh Shah General Manager P.P.

Robert Goodwill Manager 050 6134780 Suhail Issa C E O Buda Mokerjee F & A Manager Sultan Al Midfa Chief Executive Officer Abdul Aziz Sales Manager John Roper General Manager Mohsin Aman Executive Director .

Dragan Jelkovic Resident Manager Terry Wills Managing Director Julie Zuilkofer Administration Manager Eric Kavanagh Regional Manager 3593784 Lars Larsson MENA Regional Manager Ayesha Aga Office Administrator .Dr.

Max Takaloo Managing Director .

Mas Nohara Regional General Manager Kurt Montgomery Supervisor Technical Service Ahmed Ebrahim Managing Director Farook Ahmed Director .

Lama Forjakh Vice President Saif Al Ashrem Managing Director Nusrat Bait General Manager .Hany Amer Vice President Eng.

Regional Manager Shivdas Environment Engineer .Anass Al Chalabi Regional Manager Indranil B. Safety & Quality Manager Sameer Gidwani Director Sanjay Gidwani Director Jagadish M.

Neil Venter Branch Manager Colin Gorton General Manager Kim Henderson Branch Manager Colin Gorton General Manager Mark Henderson Managing Director .

Phil Finlay Branch Manager Colin Gorton General Manager Mark Henderson Managing Director Micheal Lewis Middle East Operations .

Scott Weatherill President Nayef Abu Chahin Sales Engineer Kelvin Bruce Managing Director Ajay Seth General Manager Royesten Gomes Sales Manager Colin winning Operations Manager .

Jan Anderson Sales Manager Saji George Chief Controller .



Sampath General Manager .P. Nair Managing Director P.E.

Hidayathullah Dy. Salahuddin Managing Director .Hameed Salahuddin Executive Director Matheen Ahmed Sayeed General Manager S. General Manager Syed M.

Sales Biju George Account Manager Muhanad Jawad Account Manager Leonardo George Account Manager Ravindra Sandrasekara Account Manager .Ziad Hamaideh Sales Manager Abu Dhabi Eman Abbas Account Manager .

Ishtiaq Ahmed Sales Manager .Raymond Korban Regional General Manager-UAE & Oman Rita Kiwan Marketing & Sales Specialist Grace Sabbak Administration Support Officer N.Al Ain Rana Helmi Sales Executive Khaled Al Kaabi Sales Executive .

NEM Shareef Abbas Account Manager Fahim Raza Account Manager 3434443 Mohd Aslam Ticketing Office Executive 3434443 Arif Pasha Account Manager 3434443 Eman Alqeram Account Manager 3434443 Shaz Peshimam Sales Manager Dubai 3432794 Airport Duty Manager +97150-6662857 Airport Duty Manager +97150-8180162 .Hussain Nalkhanday Manager Dubai.

Bath Chairman J Sharif Partner . M.Thomas Cleophas Director Capt.W.

Andre Huysamen General Manager Thomas Mathew Commercial Manager M M Shafi Product Manager Harry Wright Managing Director 050 6248829 .

Khurram Abdulla Business Development Manager Sabiha Majgoankar Operations / Administration Vijay Kumar General Manager Karen Ambrose Senior Manager Corporate Services Mohammed Abrar Operation Manager Ian Clarke Country Manager John Farr General Manager .

K. D.S. Edroos Managing Director G. Yadav General Manager Oilfield Supplies Division Shiraj Edroos Commercial Manager Samir Edroos Marketing Manager .

Mohammed Amin Marketing Manager .


Sales & Marketing Lilian S.Fasahat Ali Khan Deputy Director General Michael Müller Director . Fernandes Group Project Manager-B2B Shows 050 4556998 Taghreed Khallaf Group Project Manager-B2C Shows 050 6269783 Frank J. Kemnez President Daniel Mcdermott Chairman & CEO Yonca Tokeas Executive Secretary .

Shabbir Zirapuri Director Mark Turner Middle East Operations Manager .

Parvez Merchant Chief Executive Officer 050 5591501 Atluri Mohan General Manager .

C. Panjwani General Manager .K. Poojari Manager Harry Moraes Chairman Freeda Moraes Executive Director J. N.

Patrick Richardson Regional Manager Kishan Kumar Managing Director Bupesh Gupta Director .


Kurian General Manager #1 . C.L. Goculdas Executive Director Anil Pinto Regional Manager K. Goculdas Managing Director M.N.Abbas Fakruddin Managing Director Mohammed Al Omair General Manager Choukri Dahlan Manager Abdulla Juma Al Sari Chairman 5022273 Mohamed Osman General Manager Shiraz Babrawalla Sales Manager L.

K. Rahiman Managing Director Asim Khan General Manager . M. Abdul Rahman Managing Director C.T. Siddiq Marketing Manager Iqbal Sajwani Head of Marketing Sohail Mujtaba Dy. General Manager 050 4814635 A.

Aziz Attarwala Owner A.Watkins General Manager Roy Supplies Manager .

K. V. Sugathan General Manager .

Shaikhji Redihi General Manager Roy Varghese Commercial Manager .Mohammad Asif General Manager Mohammad M.

Tony Isaac General Manager Colin Burger Commercial Manager Andrey Kamnev Operations Manager Lawrence D’Souza Sales Manager 050 5657118 John Walter Director .

Groenewegen Managing Director Chacko Thomas General Manager .N S Rawat Managing Director Naveen D’Souza Manager Power Systems Debashis Chakraborty Asst. Manager.

Steve Nicholls President Middle East / Africa steve. nicholls@emers onprocess. Nazir Bakie General Manager . com Pankaj Dayal Financial & Admin J Anthony Pereira Managing Director Peer Mohd Production Engineer Anwar Al Mulla Managing Director Mohd.

Rizvi Managing Director S.S.H. Hasan General Manager Colin Gorton General Manager Mark Henderson Managing Director Mark McClure Business Development Manager Khalid Shehadah General Manager Maqsood Kan Manager Marketing .J.M.

Lee Scollay Regional Manager scollay@flowser ve. com Ian Marshall Manager Samer AlNabulsi Base Manager .

Douglas Robinette Middle East Marketing Manager .

Obaid Managing Director Ziad Haj Omar Operations Manager .Abdullah Mohd.


Manager J.T.M. Williams Senior Engineer Thomas Koyat Managing Director Mark Beuini Managing Partner Philippe Tartagin Partner .E.Reima Okkola Corporate Vice President . Representive 050 6448457 James Woolley Reginal Sales Manager Nick Willet Dep.

John Wheeler Region Manager Wayne Hall Operations Manager Nick Jain Finance Manager Gary Hunt General Manager Roger Martin Operations Manager Mary George Managing Director .

R. George Operations Manager . Nair Manager 050 6422760 George V.M.M.

Martin General Manager 2044400 Clive Gonsalves Sr. Manager Finance & HR 2044402 Riszard Rzepa Sr.David Philips Managing Director Warron Jacob Regional Director Ronald T. Manager - .

Joseph Rosso General Manager Hanaa Ahmed QA / QC Manager U. Krishna Managing Director .

General Manager . Manager 050 6251266 Maarten van der Harst General Manager Nick Willet Dpty.Bernd Wittenberg Managing Director Sascha Brandmaier Sales Representative Kay Wittenberg Service Engineer Yaseen Jaffer Managing Director J. Dewar General Manager Asif Rashid General Manager Shakil Iqbal Khan Area Sales & Mktg.

Brown Ramesh Kavsreri Manager 2228542 Kenneth Wilson General Manager Gerrymarr Country Services Manager .Mike Dravitzki General Manager Kingsley Ashford.

Ahmed Rasei General Manager Ahmed Yassin Vice President Ahmed Tamim General Manager Khairy Ahmed Operation Manager Jojo Joseph Service Coordinator Giresh Managing Director .

Ahmed Yassin Vice President Samir Gerges General Manager +97150-6423616 Charles D’Souza Contracts Controller .

Saleem Materials Manager Abed Elghanihalbaoui General Manager .Christer Nordblad Managing Director Bengt Olsson Technical Director Mark Delaney Marketing Manager V.J. Attari Machine Shop Manager M. Baria Operations Manager Arun Goudar General Manager Zahid H.

V. Pires Logistics & Coordinator Sonia McGuire Group Marketing Manager Fathalla Ikhdiar Managing Director Nael Samaan Deputy General Manager John Gregory Technical Manager .S.Arti Wartanian Manager Malcom Almeida Logistics & Coordinator T.

John Office Manager Abdel Kariem Hassouneh General Manager Faris Sadi Hassouneh Plant Manager .Mike Murray General Manager Marvin De Menezes Operations Manager Gareth McMurray Production Supervisor Henry D'Souza Administration Supervisor Stuart Phythian Director Middle East T. J.

Pillai Sales Manager .N.J.Mohamed Damak General Manager A.

J Mathew Project Coordinator Rick LeMonnier Managing Director David Muller General Manager Anwar A. Sawaya Marketing Manager Ram Kini Managing Director .

Hayel Shobaki Regional Manager ME / Africa Tony Jreige Manager Technical Support Qaiser Khan Oil & Gas Projects Abdullah Algobaisi Chairman Ian Green ABG General Manager .

Robert Heslop Manager Danny Hanny Manager Hashim AlHashim Managing Director Prakash Managing Director Zain General Manager Hakimuddin Kurban Husein General Manager .

Ganesh Finance Manager 050 6357719 Jimmy Jacob Project Engineer Mohamed Awad General Manager Colin Hedges Manager Middle.Hakimuddin Kurban Husein (Hakim Sarpanch) General Manager Ismail Khan Finance & Administration V.East .

Sales 5544966 Saeed Al Suweidi President Saleem Mitri Vice President Rajiv Bahl Managing Director Pradeep Gopal General Manager . Gen. Manager Majed AlQedrah Manager .Sharief Khalid General Manager Ossama Akkache Asst.

Shajahan District Operations Manager 050 6428768 David Mitchell District Production Manager 050 6622492 Rob Sinkewich District Production Manager 050 5594861 .Euan Crombie General Manager Soxee Alcantara Office Administrator Verghese Eappen Chief Accountant Nabil DGM Alistair Gray Operations Manager 050 6145653 Madhu Raman District Technician David Cook District Manager 050 4453263 V.

Q Sawant Senior Surveyor . Fahim Office Manager .M. El Sherbiny Branch Manager M. Azzam Area Manager Middle East H.Abu Dhabi A.Jean-Christophe Le Hello Attaché Commercial Nazimuddin Mohammed General Manager Saifuddin Mohammed Sales Manager Rudi Eller Director Richard Eller General Manager Ramesh Gopalan Hydraulic Sales Manager M. Azzam Country Manager A.

Ramakrishnan General Manager . Managing Director J. K. Joaquin Carreres P General Manager P.Ravi Cherian General Manager Thomas Philip Sales Manager Salvador Carreres P.

Talat Mosleh Proj. Manager Petroleum Services Division Sheikh Khalid Bin Saqr Al Qassimi Vice Chairman & Managing Director Amin.Klaus G. Dagostin General Manager Middle East Ghisar General Manager Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qassimi ViceChairman & Managing Director Dr. Baidas General Manager . I.

Eric Johnson Finance Director GIBCA John Tchakmakian General Manager Naseem Akhtar Manager Moh’d Behwashy Marketing & Projects Manager Thomas M. M. Manager . Technical Manager Philip P.Dr.Talat Mosleh Projects Manager Col.

Gianni Argenta Managing Director K G Sreenivas General Manager Mehran Ilkhani General Manager .

Hari Nathwani Manager Dick Porter Vice President Aubrey Evans Operations Manager Aslam Javed Shipping Manager Ken West Manager GPS Sales 050 4430403 .

Mario Sciacco Manager .

Ramirez Chief Estimator Joseph E.Richard K. Mathew Sales Manager Sonia McGuire Group Marketing Manager . Teperdjian Chairman Elias Nassif President & CEO Les McDonald General Manager Avedis Teperdjian Executive Vice President Sonia McGuire Group Marketing Manager George Tzallas General Manager A.


Hatim Ali Managing Director Moiz Sales Manager Xavi Thekkath Managing Partner Deepak Padmanbahan Sales Manager .

Manager Shaikh Shabbir Huzaifa Director Mohsin Mufaddal Operations Manager Dileep Chanchlani Owner Hatim Ali Managing Director Mohamed Nami . Unni General Manager Sham Dhing Finance & Admin.V.Terence Alva Managing Partner V.

Gopinath Nair Managing Director Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 Radhakrishnan Director Jagjit Gouri Director .

Marketing Executive Ajith Kumar Marketing Executive .Thomas Mathai Managing Director Suresh Menon Managing Partner Anil Kumar Managing Partner Rajesh M.

Sales & Estimation R. Selvaraj General Manager J. Tatevossian Managing Director P.B. You Region Manager . K.Jamal El Abki General Manager M. A. Raghunathan Operations Manager Ali Ashraf Manager .

General Manager Marita D. Sales Engineer . B.Nalfleet Stuart King Area Manager Nalfleet Jamal S.James Hay Manager Engineering Services Rajesh Nadgauda Sales Engineer Packaging Suresh C. Sales Coordinator Ahmed Al Ashram General Manager Mehdi Ali Shami General Manager Kumar Sales Executive .

V. Abdul Azeez Director Jokob Lochte Marketing Director Rashid Khosravi Babadi Managing Director 6520844 .Petrisha Office Manager Rory Mallon General Manager Harpreet Singh Technical Manager C.

Ken Business Manager .Dry Cargo 4042360 .Captan Dan Managing Director 4042250 Dinnadge.

Talal Khalaf Managing Director Yosef Almaraikhi General Manager 050 6232224 .

Krab Plant Manager Salem Mattar General Manager 6721292 Masood Khan Deputy General Manager 5553457 .Hendrik Jan de Kluiver General Manager A.

Tariq Hourani Branch Manager 050 6414583 .

Sarabjeet Kaur Director Farouk Najia Managing Partner Ramy F. Nabil Rehman Manager . Najiya Regional Sales & Marketing Director Harish Kumar Operation Manager A. Grewal Managing Director Mrs.S.Raju Mani Managing Director Kuldip Ghalley Director Administration & Personnel Prasad Nair General Manager Sales K.

C. George Marketing Manager . Mani Sales Incharge Raaj Sales Engineer Vincent Fernandes Managing Director 7824456 K. A.Saleem Abu Hamza General Manager Ghanem Al Suwaidi Chairman Ahmed Ghanem Al Suwaidi General Manager Tag Elsir Mansour Marketing Manager Ahmed Al Khaldy Group Financial Controller G.

Vice PresidentGroup Bussiness Devlopment Munir Fares General Manager Abdul Rahman Sales Manager . Omar Ashur Chief Finance Officer Imad Makhzoumi Sr.Subhankar Saha Business Manager 0504521093 Sanjay Metha Chief Executive Officer Saeed Aljabri Environment Coordinator Dr.

Hussein Al Baidan Manoj Rajan Sales Engineer Toy Jacob Accountant Tariq Al Khalil Company Manager Jamal Alaina Sales Manager 050 6615016 .

Anil Hegde Manager .

D.Y. Teperdjian Chairman Elias Nassif President & CEO Les McDonald General Manager Avedis Teperdjian Executive Vice President Sonia McGuire Group Marketing Manager .S. R.V. Mgr. Rane Quality Control & Laboratory Srv.H.R. Perera Senior Chemist Sheikh Tarik Al Abdullah Chairman Rabih Barake Marketing Manager Richard K.S.

Shetty General Manager Deepak Bhatkal Sales Manager . M. Mandviwalla General Manager Salim Sultan Sales Manager 050 6448091 Samer M. Khalifeh Operations Manager Sajid Raja Plant Manager K.Abdullah Abdul Jalil Al Azeem H.

Y. Hart Sales Manager 050 4506393 . Raju Business Nasr Megahed President Mohammed Younus Plant Manager Rafique Nasir Sales Manager 050 4527411 Khaled Shehadah Ayyad Managing Director Trevor R. Idikula Managing Director K.

J. Khan Manager Samir Koblawi Executive Manager Dinesh Jacob Sales Manager .Ammouri Boubekeur Drilling & Fishing Operations Manager 050 6412325 Eyad Abdullah Operations Controller 050 8131142 Mohammed Al A.

Abdul Latif Adnan Tayeh General Manager .

V. Moin Office Manager Lars Liden Managing Director Jonathan Cottam General Manager Peter Pip Exploration Manager K.Tony Ayoub General Manager Cyril Thomas Marketing Manager R. Mashayekh Managing Director S. Muralidharan Sales Manager 050 4823627 .

Wahib Afyouni Managing Director Mrs. Ibrahim Finance Manager Dr. Nadia Abu Hijleh General Manager Mahendra Patel Managing Director Cammandu Hector Manager .Mushref Ali General Manager Moh’d H.Operations Amen Sayed General Manager Hossein Moghbel General Manager 8838780 Madhu Nair Manager .

Milad Zakharia General Manager Prateek Verma Sales Engineer Mario Nahas General Manager Chris White Business Development Manager -8179427 Violet Da Silva Sales Executive +971-506143023 Mohamed Baobaid Sales Executive +971-506422537 Pirre De Praw Executive Managing Director .

Manish Vora Managing Director Nishant Vora Managing Director Barry R. Coughlan Director & General Manager .Hatim Ahmed Ghanoum General Manager Mr.

Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager .

P. Sathiapalan Manager P. Sidhartan Sales Manager Ajeev Thalappillil Operations Manager 050 4948301 Leslie Mendonza Sales Co-ordinator Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head.M.G. PPE Marketing & Sales Ma Jun Managing Director Gokulnath R General Manager 050 6446513 Daniel Sequeira Sales Manager 050 6567113 Rajan Naik Engineering Manager .

Bahij Yasmineh General Manager Kamlesh Gurbani Sales Manager Shindow Finance Executive Mathew Abraham Director 050 6508028 Clayton Dharmai Forklift Rentals 050 6369246 Ravi Vanam Sideloader Rentals 050 6269074 Mathew Abraham Director 050 6508028 Atul Joshi Sales Manager 050 6269073 Ian McLennan Regional Director Sarmi Madasamy Resident Engineer Edwin Willis Resident Engineer .

Kelvin Woodhouse Regional Manager 050 4811543 Juzer A P Managing Director .

Shaffu Managing Director .Namir G.

P. John Marketing Manager Eng. Ali Amjad Manager . Rashid Al Leem Director General Valentine Hohepa Area Manager 050 5584376 Mohd.

Manager 050 6415497 .Malcolm Jordan Managing Director 050 6518428 Peter Coveney General Manager (Automation) 050 5503138 Per Christensen Technical Manager 050 6257397 Biswajit Bardhan Business Devt.

Gerry Boux Managing Director Premlal Engineering/Sal es Jyotish Sales Engineer Gayeravan General Manager Paul Giles SNR Vice President Helicopter Group Alan Parsons Vice President Aircraft Sales .

Allan Mekailian Vice President Operations Ghulam Hanif Finance & Admin. Manager A. Puri Chairman .

Archana Dave Business Dvpt Officer Nasir Syed Business Dvpt Officer Steve Mayne UAE Commercial Manager Gordon Barnard Oil & Gas Business Manager Abdallah M. Farag Regional Manager Paul Wright General Manager William Murray Branch Manager Martin Gregorek Technical Sales Manager .

A. Naval Architect Lawrence Andrade Financial Controller . Henderson Managing Director Uday Moorthi Senior Surveyor Unnikrishnan Sr.Wilfred Thomas General Manager Andrew Allison Technical Service W.

Mike Massie Robert Hughes General Manager Amer Bel Hasa Director Alan McKeown Sales Manager (ME) Tim Perkins Technical Sales Manager Kamel Yassin Country Manager 050 6626342 .

Salman Ahmed Managing Director .Asif Hussain Sales Manager 050 6990411 Abdul Jabbar Sales Executive M.


Jai Shankar Contracts Manager .

Iliyas Campbell Managing Consultant Bruno Beck General Manager Mike Flook Strategic Business Manager Jean Welti General Manager Ayman Fathy Director of Sales Mohd Hamza General Manager .

William Costley General Manager Jon Lee Regional Manager Govindarajan Technical Support Engineer Govind Rajan Manager Tech. Leininger General Manager Ernesto Sainz de Baranda Regional Manager . Support J.

K.K. Baghel Operations Manager Doney Punnose Sales & Marketing Manager Joy Kallumkal Managing Director Jules H. Gulikers Managing Director Danny Fournel Sales Manager Middle East Hussain Al Atrakchi Regional General Manager .

Yazdi Daruwalla Regional Operations Leader Vishal Goel Operations Leader Mohamed Serry Regional Sales Leader John Griffiths ManagerOperations Horris Burgess Workshop Superintendent .

Narendra Pandya Managing Director Sylvia D'costa Group Manageress Peter Rodrigues General Manager .

Prasad Workshop Manager Andrew Steer Managing Director Claus Zoellner .B. Reddy General Manager C. Vijay K.

General Manager Corporate Rakesh Mathur General Manager .Robin Harman General Manager David Harris Asst.

EHO Operations Raghu Krishnamoorthy Region Controller Dale Straub Region Engineer Clive Rayton District Manager Emri Zein El Din Area Manager Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head.Alasdair Shiach Region Manager . PPE Marketing & Sales .

Jacqueline Pike Client Relations Manager Ali Asger Sales Executive Sean McCrory Director Rod Stewart Managing Director Roger Howard Technical Director .

P. R.E. com Phil Volet Operations Manager Brian Cole Sales Manager . Marketing Manager 050 6679968 Mohamed Akbar Sales Executive 050 5870203 Iftikhar Ali General Manager .Afsal C. Region iftikhar_ali@hw cesmer. Administration Manager 050 4456188 Ranso E.M.

Guy Barlow Managing Director Hari Krishnan Marketing Manager .


Philip Deeb General Manager Khaled Deeb Commercial Manager 050 4519179 .

Jan Hooftman Director Dirk Van Veen Senior Sales .

A. K. Sivan Marketing Manager

Paulina Ancheva Marketing Executive

Raymond Joyce Sales & RTS Manager

P.J. Joseph Divisional Manager

Ryaz Abdullah Marketing Manager

Elias Salloum Managing Director Ibrahim Salloum Executive Director Iyad Nabulsi Operations Manager

Jamal Fedda General Manager 050 6466238 Zaki Khan Sales Manager 050 4828512

Thomas George Managing Director V. Jacob Sales Manager

Asif Iqbal Director

Issam Wadi Director Ibrahim Habash Automation Manager Muhy El-Ayouhi Sales Manager

Mohd. H. Almana Owner Akram Attalah Manager

Pierre Khoury Regional Manager

Pavan. J. Singh Director

Pavan J.Singh Director Ashok Kapoor Executive Director Abdul Mutaleb Al- Zamer General Manager Robert Braganza Sales Manager

Ahmed Mohmed Hassan Ghazi

Gragg Clifton Managing Director

S.A. Raju Director (Sales & Marketing) 050 7752353

Alex Irving General Manager

Mohd Baseem General Manager

Samir Aweidah Managing Director Mohyiddin Sukaik Commercial Manager Mohamed Ramadan Service & Training Manager

Mahmoud Elshehry Managing Director Ali Jassim Operations Manager

Giles Roberts General Manager Dr. Hariram Laboratory Manager Stephen Robinson Operations Manager Anil Ganeyan Operations

Giles Roberts General Manager Allen Aitken Operations Manager Christopher Tye Operations Coordinator

Saimi Halou Technical & Project Manager

Mohamed Halwani Area Manager

Mohd. Al Syed Commercial Manager

R. Ganesan General Manager R. N. Krishnan Sr. Accts. Officer

Zafar Iqbal Managing Director Zafar Iqbal Managing Director Shafqat Ali Sales Manager Industrial Eqpt. Divn. Mohan Kasargod Sales Manager Oilfield Supplies Division

Clement Misquitta General Manager Gary Grose Marketing &

Viresh Chhabra Managing Director V. Mhambrey Technical Manager

Molly D'Souza Manager

J.H. Colley Chairman

Mohammed Al Aswad Regional Director 050 4478282

Naji Sayegh Sales Manager 050 6428010

Adeeb Yawar Director M.R. Vinod Sales & Marketing

Martin Oliver Middle East Manager

Hugh Courtenay C.E.O. Elie Abdo Business Development Director Catrin Hughes Business Development

V.S. Pathy Operation Manager

Anselm Godinho Managing Director

Salim H. Salim President 050 6444461 Faysal Urfali General Manager Salim Shaikh Manager-Oil & Gas Division Hassan Bouran Manager Power & Water Division

Abdul Hameed Managing Director 050 6550287 Abdul Nadeem

Tom Sellors H.S.E.Q. Manager

Roger Kay Managing Director 050 6413296

Rajan Higher Technology Supervisor/Mari ne Supervisor Binu Operations

Mohammad Aslam Managing Director Asad Abbas Manager

Friedrich Hofbauer President Jamal Mehio Vice President (F&A) Manfred Siebert Factory Manager Brian Muray QA/QC Manager Capt. Omar Aly Ezz El Din Managing Director Capt. Ramy Aziz Managing Director Capt. Magdi Fahmy Branch Manager Rashid Bin Aweidha President & Chairman Zayed Al Qubaisi Deputy General Manager Ali Abdulla Al Samahoni Manager Of

K.R. Bell General Manager G. Finley Sales Manager

Jason Clark Area Manager 02-6775890

Mustafa Eideh GM

Linda Ramadan General Manager Saad Ramadan Purchasing & Finance Administration Manager Pravesh Obhrai General Manager

R. C. Yadav Technical Manager 050 4892163

Adel Khalil General Manager Nabil Khalil Sales Manager

A Al Raheem Hammad (Pilot Engr.) General Manager 050 6334324

J. Debare Managing Director C. Fernandes Divisional Manager

A. K. Diab General Manager S. Karunakaran Sales Manager M. Al-Habech

Gholam Rastegar General Manager Thomas Albin Operations Manager

Gholam Rastegar General Manager 050 6554911 Thomas Albin Operations Manager 050 6561337 Neil Howie International Sales 050 6575490

T. Keenan General Manager

Jim Wood General Manager Shane White Business Development Manager Keith Burley Workshop Supervisor

Hassan Gozel Director

Mike Neti General Manager G. Shantilal Operations Manager Ravi. T Laboratory Manager Faisal Seddiq Al Mutawa Managing Director 050 4479944 Tajudeen Kassim Asst. Manager 050 6212396

Jean Corbier General Manager Rose Q. Swan Administration & Resources

Dr. Foud Al Zubaidi Chairman Dr. Anas Barbouti Managing Director Saad Asfour Deputy Managing Director Khalifa Al Gobaisi General Manager Mohammed Al Bahti Technical Manager Darwish Abdulla Al Qubaisi General Manager Jasim Mohamed Khamis Human Resource & Admin. Mgr. Radwan Al Joundi Human Resource Manager

Waheed R. Khan Manager 050 3018891

Bart Duyndam Managing Director Les Byrne General Manager Nishikawa Manager Fadi Darwish Chief Executive Director Tony Sparks Chief Technology Officer Kashif Rahman Quality Manager

Ihab Sahili General Manager

Bryan Smith General Manager


Mak Khan Area Manager Margrit Muskens Environmental Scientist Hamed M.Mattar Bin Lahej General Manager John Murphy Operations Manager .

Bassam Atiyeh Regional Manager 050 6506966 .

Ahmed M.O J. Fujii Asst General Manager Admn. Manager R. Varghese Operations Manager M. S. Dader Finance & Admin. Pradeep Lal Managing Partner .E. Bashar Al Shakhshir General Manager Ashok Thomas C. Al Muhairy Deputy General Manager Faraj S. Oguro General Manager H.

Elvis Fuller Manager Dirk Peterhansl Managing Director .


Karan Division Manager Firoz Isack Sales Engineer Nofel Karim Sales Engineer Abdulla Jengan Managing Director Fadi Ganoun Division Manager Suresh Kumar Division Manager .M. K. P.

Adel A Baobaid General Manager Mohd Al Mashibi Sales Manager Sheikh Yunus Sales Executive 026778547 050 4436751 Angelo General Manager .

Akio Yoshida General Manager P. Badri General Manager . Coordinator Qaizar F. Joseph Resources & Mktg. T.

Walid Al Khatib Chairman Richard John Managing Director Theodore Dean General Manager 050 6546944 Ronald John Production Manager 050 6546530 .


Haitham Dy. General Manager Erik R. Aaberg Managing Director Arve Hermansen General Manager Commercial Mian Muhammad Ashraf Director 050 6264989 Muhammad Ashraf General Manager 050 4978216 .

Juma Al Majid Chairman Khalid Juma Al Majid Vice Chairman Moh'd Rashid Daour Managing Director Abdullah Rashid Al Majid Director K.S. Pillai Director 7425185 C.R.S. Rajan Pillai Operations Manager S W Butt Managing Partner 050 6269973 .

Ramneek Datt Operations Director .

Abdul Karim Operations Manager Abdul Sattar Sales Manager Alois A.Elswood President Herman Suelmann Area Manager .

Janardhana General Manager Munther Hilal Director George Ghantos Director Feriedoun Rashidi General Manager . Ajit George Sales Executive +971-506519305 N.G.P.

Engg.Rod Martinez Operations Manager Bobby Stevens Area Representative Aziz Khan Managing Director Craig Muir ME Director Operations Neil McMillan General Manager. Sonny Santos Finance Manager Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 .

Nair General Manager (Operations) Khalfan Rashid Al Suweidi Chairman Reji Chacko Sales Executive Fareed Sales Engineer Suresh K.Mohamed Yateem Chairman Nasser Al Janahi Vice Chairman Masood Al Janahi Managing Director S.K Operations Manager .

J.Abdulaziz Hussain Khansaheb Director Tariq Hussain Khansaheb Technical Director Keith Ridgway Executive Director I. Gordon Group General Manager Abdul Aziz Khansaheb Director I. Gordon General Manager Paul Ainsworth Commercial Manager Joginder Singh Matharu 050 6336483 Usman Ibrahim General Manager .

Arif Khoory Managing Director Ms. Liza Mann Office Manager Rashid A. K. Aziz Abouseda Managing Partner Fraser Rankin General Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager . Lohani Managing Director A.

Azavedo General Manager 8837723 .Jolly Francis Managing Director 050 6263788 Amer Atef Regional Sales Manager Kamal M. AlSultan Chairman Phancho A.

Waeal Al Ashkar General Manager Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager .

Neil Winthorpe General Manager Muto Regional Director .

Farook Alzeer Managing Director V. Vaidyanathan Financial Controller Andy Macfavlane Branch Manager .

Joachim K. Meyn Managing Director .

Geir Holmen Branch Office Manager Richard Bainbridge Project Manager Bob Calkins Sales Director Bahurudeen Mkt & ADM .

P. Fokkema Finance Director D. D. Orme Managing Director M. Anderson Operations Director .

P. Sawaya Marketing Manager . Orme Managing Director Rick LeMonnier Managing Director David Muller General Manager Anwar A. D.

Tim Lamprell Vice President Oilfield Engineering Doug Benson Manager of Production Systems Steven Lamprell President Peter Whitbread Chief Executive Officer Colin Jones Vice President Commercial .

Walid Haffar General Manager Alex Lanuza Business Development Manager .

Noble John Managing Director Marwan Zein General Manager 6779225 Issa Sabbagh Project Manager .

S. Leema Managing Director Mohammed Ahmed Yahia Area Manager . C.Rashid Al Shukeily Managing Director 050 4461094 Hamdy Madany Technical Manager 050 8134123 Mr.

Guru Regional Manager David Sonzogni Manager Elias Ibrahim Farah Chairman Karam Elias Farah General Manager Eimund Sletten General Manager Jos Jacob Sales & Service Engineer .

John Alexander Manager Renny Jose Sales Executive Mohammad Younus Managing Director +9712.6779912 Chandran Manager +97150-6133495 .

Emmatty Manager Projects M.Lijo George Kuttukaran Managing Director Anil S. Shourideh Managing Director Firoz Jariwala Executive Director Karim Muhsin Managing Director .

P. P. Sri Marketing Manager Wilson Ambooken General Manager David Tait General Manager / Director .

Salah S. Al Shamsi Chairman Suhaas Paradkar General Manager Bindu Sarochand Sales Manager .

A D Muncer Area Manager D A Leonard Industry Bus.Dev. Manager Basem Obeid LRQA Representative John Philps Surveyor Incharge Fraser Rankin General Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager Anil Nair Director Kawalan Anand Customer Service .

Kumbhani General Manager M E/Africa Sales . Suresh Operations Manager Madhu R.Ali Abbas Managing Director B.

Tabari Executive Director Gareth Lucken Engineering Manager M.Khaldoun R. Roy Managing Director Nabil Bahreinwala General Manager .M.

Andrew Webster Chief Executive Ben Jones Commercial Manager Mutasim Kanoon Managing Director Ghanem Al Mazroui Managing Director .

Ram Chandani Managing Director Ashraf Kazi Director Finance Bill Trotter Group General Manager Tariq Al Rida HR & Admin. Manager .

Mohan Narayan Electromechani cal Engineer John Caps General Manager Craig Lighbody Finance Manager Asad Khan Sales Manager .

Mohamed Khoory Chairman Abdul Hamid Khoory Managing Director .

Dirk Vanlandeghem General Manager Jasmeet Hakimzada Director Harmohan Hakimzada Director .

Robin Koenis Commercials Manager Siamak Motemavelian Marketin Manager .Kiran Pinto Manager Hemal Dani Sales Mohamed Ali Khawas Managing Director Momin Mohamed Ali Sales Manager Willem Dekkers General Manager Ing.

General Manager 050 4630213 Lavin Mansukhani Marketing Executive 050 6360675 Basu Sil Manager . PPE Marketing & Sales Jitendra Vaidya Dy.Mohammed Amin Nathani Managing Director Joji Varghese Head.

Waeal Al Ashkar General Manager Hilal Al Mansoori Chairman Khalid A. Hissette Business Dev. Baobeid General Manager John R.L. Ering General Manager Claus Lasse Olsen Operations Manager Rolf Becker Managing Director J. Director Gabriel Khoury Director .


Dr. Hakkinen Vice President & General Manager 050 4506216 . Joseph W.

Surveyor ..Ali Shanoon Marketing Director Abdulla Mamoo Sales Manager Samer Qiblawi Managing Director Sameh Adnan Commercial Manager Mohammad Tariq Farooqi Ch./Engr.

H. Yadav General Manager Andrew Wagner General Manager .Tony Martin General Manager Sajid Munir Marketing Manager S. Edroos Managing Director G.D. Dubash General Manager Ali Khalifah Moh'd Al Fuqaei Proprietor Ramesh Ramchandani Business Executive & Financial Controller Usman Sales Manager S.K.

& COO J.Peter Convery Executive V. Special Projects .P. E. Hardwick Vice President.

V.Fawzy Barakat Asst. General Manager Habib Rasool Senior Services Supervisor Peter B. Sreekumar Manager .E.O Charlie Grant Sales & Marketing Manager K. Gaskin C.

Teruhisa Osaki General Manager Peter Calahan Resident Manager .

Khalid Shipping Manager Mukrim Habeeb General Manager Srinivas Garikipati Regional Product Manager 050 6141956 Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 .Gordon Park ME Director Manish Rajpal Finance & Administration Manager Rbert Mena Technical Supervisor Capt.

Asgar Shakir Partner Christopher Davison Partner Scholl Fernandes Partner Ahmed Ghanem Al Syed Ashar Alvi Branch Manager .

C. G. Kuljith Singh Branch Incharge V. Mohan Managing Director Habib General Manager Najib Hamra General Manager Anton Kattan Manager .

Fraser Rankin General Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager Robert Sands General Manager.Loss Adjuster 050 6418794 Steve Harris Loss Adjuster 050 4812426 Mark Leonard.Loss AdjusterRegional Engineer 050 6617629 Michael Butcher Marine Surveyor 050 6680145 Melwyn D’cruz Accounts Manager 050 6713514 .

D. East Marine Manager 050 4426935 Clive Sheared Marine Surveyor 050 6226568 Shaheen Jameel Naval Architect 050 4424934 Jon Warren Marine Surveyor 050 6540571 Rajeeve Nair Naval Architect 050 6681431 Mohamed Darbi General Manager .T.

S. Sales Manager Ali Awada Senior General Manager Sami Abi Esber Group Executive Director Roger Kakhia Commercial Manager .Zeid Hawi Managing Director Philip Wilkes General Manager Karl Vaughan Manager Colin Davidson Regional Sales Manager Irfan Ahmed Manager Munaver A.

Bhatia Managing Director Jyothi Bhatia Manager Tejash Shah Sales Representative Mufadda Sales Executive Stanley Daniel Managing Director .Gaby Matar Managing Partner 050 6222172 Hazem Ahmed Division Manager Poonam Datta Managing Director B.R.

Jacob Managing Director George Yazdeck General Manager Malcolm Farnham General Manager 050 6445395 Billy Harkin Business Development Manager .John P.

Huib Den Ouden Regional Manager 050 4414890 Kurian Project Manager Abasiah Managing Director Hussain Hachem General Manager .

Grewal Managing Director Shashank Rao Sales & Marketing Manager Omar Zoubi General Manager Mohd Wehbe Commercial Manager SMJ . Hamdan Maktoom AlMazroui.S.D Vice Chairman Zuhair Shehada Managing Director Andrew Gooding Workshop Manager 02551137 Saju Paul Workshop Superintendent G. Ph.Hussain Hachem General Manager Musallam Maktoom AlMazroui Chairman Dr.

P Chakraborty Operation Manager P.John Samuel General Manager K K Kutty Managing Director 050 6447165 C K Ravindran General Manager G. Tahvanainen Regional Manger Claude Rodrigues General Manager .

Rod Jones Managing Director Hazem Al Shafie General Manager V. Shekhar President & CEO 065333016 .S.

Akhlaq Ahmed Sr. Sales Executive Mansoor Mohamed Partner Habeeb Ahmed Partner Sultan Bin Salim Managing Director .

Fernandes Group Project Manager-B2B Shows 5991182 050 4556998 Sabah Noor Sales & Export Manager Shaker Al Monchiry Director .Dr. Ahmed Fathldin General Manager Lilian S.

Jaya Kumar General Manager Scott Gregory Div.S. Manager Barry McCabe Branch Manager Mohammed Mohideen Managing Director Allauddin Chughtai Managing Director .

Nizar Mohamed Managing Director .


Molne Kandil General Manager .

P. P. Gordon Park General Manager Brian Waddell Business Manager Douglas Galloway Manager Ian Bell Business Unit Manager . Kutty Chief Executive Officer 050 4524223 Mini Thomson Office Administrator 050 5985573 Nooruddin General Manager Ali Hiader Manager .sales & Mktg.R. Mathew Partner C.Bino Pappen Partner 050 6348635 C.

Prakash Bhatia Managing Director 050 4524241 Jose Samuel General Manager Mohammed S.S. Khimjee Director / Prefabs . Khimjee Director Jabir M.

G.A. Dastidar Rental Services Manager 5141494 .

Abdulla Al Otaiba Chairman Mohammed Al Qubaisi Managing Director Basheer Kadavil Director. Rahman Al Hakbani Managing Director Mohd. CAD & Human Resources .A.

Pradeep Shah General Manager Mohamed Sales John Ho Vice President Wael Al Askhar General Manager Abdul Jaleel Spares Administration .

Hareb Mohammed AlOtaiba Chairman N. E. O.Hareb Mohammed AlOtaiba Chairman Sunil Prabhakaran C.A.Khairullah Marketing Manager Mohamed Omar Bin Haider Owner & Chairman .

T.M. Khoory Director Alexander John . Khoory Managing Director Abdulla M.Tayyeb Khoory Chairman Moh'd M.T.

Sali General Manager B. Director Gerard Finance Manager B.Ashraf B.M. Larsen Managing Director Abdul Wahid Director HabibUr-Rahman Cheif Chemist 8814451 John Chester Regional General Manager E. Mg. Burns Senior Inspection Engineer A Braley Senior Inspection Engineer Suresh Nair Quality Assurance & Certification Manager . A. M. Aslam Sales Manager James C.

Sunil Marketing Manager . A.T.

Zeid Qadan Partner Biju Nair Business Development Manager Frank David Fernandes Managing Director Omran Mostafa General Manager .



B. Rajan Principal Consultant 050 4568038 S Valanarasu Administrator . Rahman Jawaid Financial Controller Benis Kaanan General Manager Fareed Chief Accountant Norman Newyln Operations Manager A. J.Jumah Obaid Mubarak General Manager Ali Naggar Operations Manager A. John Sales Manager PCM S.

Jumal Al Nabuda General Manager William Hamilton Regional Director Tariq Qureshi Regional Manager Adam Latheef Manager .

Rashid Al Kindi Director General Khalid Abdul Masood Public Relation Manager G. Viswanathan General Manager Sales & Projects Abdulla Mutawa Chairman . Radhakrishnan Managing Director K.

Nair Managing Director 050 6466297 Mustafa Manager 050 6240048 Shk.Al Muhairby Managing Director M. Abbas Ali Sanwari Managing Director Laurence Boyd Area Manager Middle East . K.

Ilias Abdo Executive Director Khalid Haque Contracts Manager Khalid Al Khatib Managing Director Friedrich Czaufal General Manager .

Krishnanachari General Manager Syed Anwar Hussain Managing Director Shaikh Chand Basha Sales Manager D.S. Surendranath Business Development Manager Rajan General Manager .

Maher Al Smam General Manager Salam Akil Marketing Manager Hani Abdel Nour General Manager John.W. Stuart Regional operations Manager Dany Safi Managing Director Yaslah Hassan Procurement Manager Abdul Munim Saif Al Kindi General Manager Jean H. General Manager Onshore . Normand Asst. General Manager Offshore Abdulrahman Bamajboor Asst.

Al Kindi General Manager Taya Eldha Al Menhali Commercial & Administration Division Manager Mozassary General Manager Ahmed Naji General Manager .Al Taher M.

P. Gopal Kanojia Technical Manager .Salim Sayegh General Manager Mustafa Suleiman Executive Manager V. Sreekumar Sales Manager. Marine Divn.

Tony ‘O’ Dunovan General Manager Elias Azar Area Manager Alaa Issak Finance & Administration Manager Khalil Khouri Managing Director Issam Khoury DirectorOperations Nidal Khoury DirectorCorporate Management .

HDD Khalil Fakhoury Contracts Manager Reji John Director Technical Ronald Lichtenecker Managing Director Sunil Kurup Business Manager Logistics Gilbert AbiMerhi Chief Executive Officer Jeroen Leenen General Manager Naresh Bhambhaney Finance Manager .George Assaf Resident Manager Qatar Mohammed Al Kaff Operations Manager.

Narayan Manager Middle East Moh'd Omran Taryam Director Shah R.D. General Manager B. Shetty Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer . S.R. V.

BR Shetty Vice Chairman Sanjay Mohile Manager Aamer Ashraf Managing Director Asif Ashraf Director Prakash Kumar Marketing Manager Jaffer Sales Manager Samir N Khoury Director Bassam Ghaleb Production Engineer .

Datta Commercial Manager . Ashokan Office Manager 050 6297199 Anjan Mitra C.O.E.Curt Satre Managing Director Ali Sohaiki Asst. Managing Director Bernd Panzer Operations Manager 050 6294789 S. Sazela Fazelbhoy General Manager Ranjit K.

Gladwin B Mendez General Manager Capt Deepk Mathur Operations Manager M. ElAccad General Manager 050 6571303 C. Radhesh Sales Manager 050 4559140 Mark Marriott Service Manager 050 6563119 Bassam F. P. Ajaj Regional Manager (Abu Dhabi) 050 6554253 K Masuya General Manager Yugo Abe Manager . John General Manager Tibursius John Personal Officer Jens A. P.

D. Wells General Manager . Tsuchitani General Manager 6345647 Kenneth John Bellamy General Manager A.Rajan Chawan General Manager Y.D. Sutton Managing Director Dill Johnstone Manager Vincent Lawless Head of Engineering David Sutton Managing Director Capt. J.P.

Kapoor General Manager Ahmed Tamim General Manager Zahi Haju Sales Manager Mahmoud Hassan General Manager H.S. Manager Al Mussaif Moh'd Alheraiz Director C.Charlie Yester Division Manager Hans Hilhorst Drilling Superintendent M. Kler Managing Director Gaurav Sethi Sales Executive . S.K. Ameed Managing Director Michael D’Silva Admn.

Muralidhar Sales Manager Power Systems Anju Oommen Rental Sales Specialist Sudharsan N. Sales Engineer Reny George Sales Engineer Mousadek Soussi Managing Partner Glory John Sales Coordinator .Venugopal Menon General Manager Ashfaque Azad Area Manager UAE S.

Manager (Claim) Munir Ahmed Director 050 7241957 David Pollitt General Manager N. Sampat Sales Engineer C. M. Bopanna Sales Engineer .Arif Sayani Managing Director James Joseph Manager Sales Captain Jitendra Misra Managing Director Shankar Asst.S.

M I Mohamed Managing Director Muhamed Siraj Administration Manager V John Sebastian Managing Director Lijo Abraham Operations Manager 050 6465099 Noordeen General Manager Sajjad Ahmed Product Manager .

OCEANEERING OIS (WLL) / SOLUS EMIRATES (LLC) (Formerly Oilfield Inspection Mark Ashwell Director of Internal Sales Glen Ashwell Operations Manager Gareth Burrows Sales Manager International .

Humayoon Vivek Kannan Asgar .

I. George General Manager Pradeep Kumar Sales Manager .Butrus Salem Managing Director Maher Eid Technical & Projects Junaid Abid Ali Executive Director C.

Ramzi Abdulkhair Sales Manager Alistair Gordon Manager Middle East/North Africa S. A. Mebarek General Manager Vasu Kotwal Office Manager .

Manager Nabil Atta Manager (Gogas / OTS Division) John R Ellis General Manager Tarique Abbas Manager Administration S. Pallister Manager Engineering Services M'hamed Benamara Managing Director Abdellatif Hasni Director Vinay Arora Managing Director .Ahmed Idris Deputy G.G.

3241380 .3241380 Ramesh Chhabra Workshop Manager +9714.Vinay Arora Managing Director Ahmed Kareem Al Zabi Director Mohammed Asadullah Sales Manager Middle East Region James Hay General Manager +9714.3241563 Sanjay Sales Engineer +9714.

C.Roshan De Silva General Manager +97150-6286570 Ravindran Finance Manager Sanjay Sachan Sales Manager C.NIBU & Auto ID . Roy General Manager Ali Hariki Network Solutions. Manmohan Deputy Sales Manager A.K. ME Manager Keith Rich Managing Director Venu Menon Director .

Tahir Mahmood Managing Director Mike Royce Territory Manager Jailan Batche General Manager 050 5593228 Anurup Kumar General Manager Amir Ahmed Purchase Manager .

Kumar General Manager Crisbal .Yahya Ahmed Suliman Director Saleem Akhter President Ala Noor Senior Technical Officer 050 6627589 Farook Al Zeer Managing Director Andy Macfarlane Branch Manager Y.

Franck Roussel General Manager Neri Eustace Operations Manager Ahmed Tahsin Sales Manager Shetti D. Scott General Manager .P Marketing Manager Ibrahim Abdul Wahab Managing Director David V.

Seetharaman Finance Manager S.N.G. Travasso Operations Manager Janeth Japa IT Specialist N. Thomas Managing Director Nigel Mackenzie Business Development Manager . Balaji Regional Marketing Manager Ryan Cornelius Managing Director B. Mukherjee General Manager Peter Barlow Senior Consultant Astrid E. V.Michael Wallbanks General Manager V.

A. S. Khan General Manager Steve Bainbridge Sales Manager Saqqaf Marketing Executive Abdullah Al Haj Chairman Ajay Kumar Finance Administration Manager John Newman Engineering Manager .

Kumar General Manager Rene Wernli Managing Director .M.S.

Fady Iskander Regional Manager (Data Comm. Products) M I Mohamed Managing Director P M Muhamed Siraj Administration & Marketing Manager .

M Gupta Business Dev Manager .Mahmoud El Kady General Manager Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 Dr.R Gupta Managing Director M. R.

Feroz Saleem Director Yacoob Hassan Executive Manager Moh'd Rubaya Chairman Das Kakodkar General Manager Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 .

Sur Deputy General Manager Michael Bovey Manager 050 5517202 .C.Vinay Arora Managing Director A.

Sean McCrory Director 050 4567996 Iesgray General Manager Alan Jackson Senior Resident Engineer (Civil) .

Manager .Sales Vijay Advani Managing Director Joshy Accounts Manager .Michael Bovey Manager S C Sanu Regional Manager P U Menon Asst.

Kumaradevan Engineering Director Kevin Buchan Director Business .Prasantha Dissanayake Line Manager Peter Hudson Chairman Peter Jackson Senior Architect T.

Mohammed Hassan Senior Engineer Ali S. Shraida Technical Sales Manager Nasser M. AlShamsi Chairman Jamal Zaher General Manager Yogesh Mehta Managing Director Nayar Venu Sales Director Vasi Hooseini Finance Director .

O.Blake Semcow Director Operations 050 6122053 Marwan Zein Managing Director Aba Jambek Director of Operations Paul Stanislaus Manager Logistics Neeraj Agrawal C.O Greg Lynch Chief Operations Manager S. Ash-Kuri President & CEO Maroun Semaan President .

manager Rizan Ismail . Ainan Business Dvpt.Mohamed Abdulbaki Chairman Noel Mazumdar Manager. Sales & Terry Visser Vice President Peter Duthie General Manager Ehtesham Khan Plant Manager Ali Akber Managing Director Mohamed F.

Al Dhareef Managing Director Ahmed Hussein Sales Manager 050 6143205 Ian B.Mohamed A. Holtaway Operational Manager +968 9410802 .

Simon Director K.Peter Hudson Managing Director Stephen Taylor Engineering Director Paul De Benedictis Finance & Admin. Chidambaram Director P. Simon Director K. Director Paul Hockings Mechanical Services Manager Christophe General Manager Leri Lachemi Sales Manager P. Chidambaram Director . C. C.

Alan Everett Managing Director Jim McLintock General Manager Andrew Fisher Group Operations Manager T. J. Philipose Area Manager T. Philipose Area Managerr . J.

Guy Grelaud Managing Director Mohamed Habbouly Director . Bhatia General Manager Hossain Salehi M D & General Manager Saemi Financial Manager Ali Abdel Malak Vice President Projects & Services Manager .Sales & Mktg. Stephen Jones General Manager Rashid Ishaq Sales Engineer Flory Villanueva Office Administrator C.

Willi Diener General Manager Eleanor Brodie Deputy General Manager Franclin D'Souza Production Manager Kate Dourian Middle East Editor Glen Carey Gulf Correspondent Sanjay Mehtha General Manager Amarjit Singh General Manager +97150-5825604 .

Adnan Abou Sweid Managing Director 6286869 .

Manager Graham Mc Caig General Manager Gordon Ross Asst. D. General Manager Dilip Krani General Manager Kalil Sudhir Sales Executive Abraham Loney General Manager Philip Sales Engineer .G Radhakrishnan Managing Director Micheal Hill B.

Sheriff Director K. Bansal General Manager .M.Harish Nambiar Managing Director B. Shelly General Manager Obaid Al Tayer Director Abdul Aziz Moh'd Khan Director Abdul R.K. D.

General Manager Micheal Fernadez Marketing Manager Garry Noble Operation ManagerMiddle East 050 6667563 .Lars Tokola Asst.

Graham Berry Director-Middle East 050 5523606 M R V Pilliai Managing Director Somna Secretary R K Suman Rana General Manager .

Pierre Dalsozrtto Middle East Manager Alexander Jikerjian Administration Manager M. Parveez Sales & Service Engineer . Hussain Managing Director A. M.


Mohamed Saleem Sales Engineer Vikram Bhatia Director Naren Sachan Andani Sales Manager Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager David Knox Sales Manager .

Niels Espeland General Manager .

Saleh Al Harthi Managing Director .

Fraser Rankin General Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager Fraser Rankin General Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager W J Williams Engineer David Knox Sales Manager Shahid Khan Managing Director Michael Pedersen General Manager .

John Turnbull Painting Manager .

Workshop Supervisor Mathew Engineer Jisha Engineer .Amir Adib Managing Director Wafic Yassin Director Ian Michael Widrose Manager Basheer B.

I. Srinivas .

Suleman Operations .Giovanni Caradonna Regional Sales Manager Tom Roberts Accounts Manager Pascal Ibanez Division Manager Aboo Baker Product Manager (Abu Dhabi) Jabir. M.

Anand Mehta Chief Executive Rahul Naraw Business Manager Philip Logistics Sanjay Mehta Director Walid Sinno Business Development Manager Walid Sinno Business Development Manager .

Miller Contracts Manager .Hamad Al Hitmi Manager Gautam Mukherjee Marine Manager Tony Bromham Technical Director Chris Walton Commercial Director Bob Byers Business Development ManagerProject Barry Cahill Regional Director Craig W.

Alam Aleen Quraishi Managing Director Rory Anderson Managing Director .

Kamal Rafeh General Manager Ayoub Rafeh Assistant Manager Akram Jamal Marketing Manager Rabih Kontar Sales Manager A. Rasheed Chughtai Director 050 4516962 Hesham Nouh General Manager .

Roberto Alvigini Managing Director .

Mohammed Managing Director Louis Nicholson General Manager . Mathur Project Manager . E.U.K. A. R. K.

George General Manager Ram Beddy Director S Ahmed Moinuddin Regional Manager. ME & Africa 050 6670902 A T Mathew UAE Representative .Manuel Terreiro Manager Inchcape Shipping Services Francis D'Silva Supervisor Ahmed Essa Al Naeem General Manager Taher deghayes General Manager K.

Bobby Stevens Arae Representative 050 4564692 H. Shetty Director Ahmad Tamim General Manager Scott Anderson General Manager Cyriac Job Operation Manager Mohamed Taha District Manager Paul Teasdale Optimisation Manager .P.

Mir Manager Saju Anthony Operations Manager Kevin McClean Managing Director Jawad Jamil Akram Technical Manager .Mike Critchley Regional Manager Trevor Brooks Area Manager Imran Asghar Managing Director Mohammed Adeeb General Manager Zahid H.

A. Wagner Service Manager James Mendonca Partner Venugopal Construction Mohamed Managing Director . Nakhdjavani Managing Director D.R.

Omar Al-Eid General Manager Willy Hermandez General Manager Aashiq Asariya Managing Director Gul Vaswani Managing Director Inder Vaswani Executive Director Shyam Bhatia Branch Manager Rashid Memari Marketing Manager Nada Fehmi Sales Engineer Moawia Al Khawaldeh Sales Engineer .

Ghassan El Solh General Manager Wissam Hajjar Sales Manager Zohaib General Manager M. Sharifi Managing Director A. Rokhsari Inspection Engineer Renjit Louis Technical Sales Manager . R.


K. Ram Sales Manager Akram Muazzen General Manager . Calibration Engineer Ajith Menon Sales Manager Ryan Mackay General Manager P.Jonathan Percy Regional Manager Middle East Peter Ballin General Manager Vaseem Ahmed Sr.

West Waeal Al Ashkar General Manager Mohammed Jaarah Vice President of Rosen Middle East Vincent Brughuis General Manager- .Rajesh Gianchandani Sales Manager East Pranav Pandya Sales Manager .

Roxar Software .Blair Shimmield VP.


Atif Al Jazairi Managing Director Hassan Nafeh General Manager Akram Taffal Manager Capt. Tillmann Gabriel CEO Ammar Balkar Director of Sales & Marketing Bilal Yousuf Director of Maintenance .

Vougioukas General Manager .Yasser Khawajce General Manager Mahmood Shaikhani Managing Director Marina Kobeleva Administration Manager (Sales & Marketing) Saif Al Ghafli General Manager Ahmad Ghaleb Marketing Manager P.

E.O & Executive Director 050 5539083 .Dipen Sarma C.

A. Khambata Partner Abdullah Khambata Engineer George Eapen Sales Manager Seena Rasheed Product Support Manager .H.

Sami Kadri General Manager Imad Faqoori Managing Director Ravi Ramachandran Sales Manager .

G. Gurnani Managing Partner Mohammed Bashir Managing Director Seethi P General Manager Felix J Edias Regional Manager .Bakhit Ali Al Shoq Managing Director B.

Mukundan A. Managing Partner Prem Chand Tiwari Project Engineer +97150-2014783 Varghese Oommen Project Coordinator +97150-4793093 Santook Singh Project Foreman +97150-7466120 Eid Bakheet Al Mazroui Chairman Mohd. Al Mazroui Managing Director .

Kamaljeet Singh Managing Director Said Sughair Managing Director .

Jasser Managing Director Hasan Najmuddin Managing Director Moulene Serge Managing Director Busani Base Manager .Simon M.

A Ferrari Branch Manager George Jacob Managing Director Dominic John General Manager SALIM H SALIM ENTERPRISES & GENERAL TRADING (SHS) .

Murtaza Ali Panjwani Managing Director M. Chagani Manager Sdikh Kurumbath Accountant Engr.A. Khalil Ibrahim Senior Technical Sales Engineer 050 6149455 Mohanad Odeh Regional Manager Munawar Khan Managing Director .



Charles Alexander Sampat Kumar General Manager Sheen Panicker Commercial Manager Mohammed Khan Managing Director Zafar Iqbal Khan Business Development Manager . Jasser Managing Director Somaraj Sales Executive Dr.Simon M.

Noel El Haj General Manager Gopinath P. Regional Manager George Aziz Managing Director Raymond Aziz Project Manager .


Abdul Kalam Managing Director .


Gulf Abdul Rahman Regional Manager Sunil Parkhi Business Manager . Country Manager . Roshanlal President.Sunil Parkhi Sales Manager Nahala Al Mazny Communication Manager K.

Coordinator 050 6524230 .Robert Beanland Managing Director Easa Saleh Al Gurg Chairman Saleh Al Gurg Vice Chairman Ishrat Siddiqui General Manager Geoff Smith U.A.E.

Brown Business Development Jim Kay Technical Manager Sasi Kumar Area Sales Manager J Makeerer CEO .Douglas M.


Alex Philip Shop Manager 050 2554679 Stevie MacLeod Workshop Manager 050 4554704 Stephanie Davies General Manager 050 4547627 .


Ramakrishnan Marketing Engineer Suraj Kumar Manager Oil & Gas Shashi Kumar Engineering Manager .L. Basheer Operations Director Nidhin Electronic Technician K. Raghu Manager Pradeep Kumar Administration Manager Tore Helge Nes Service Manager Mohd.

Ilkhani Technical Director Hussain Manager Susan Murray Middle East Manager Gillian Mc Allan Office Manager . Baghaei Executive Director R. Afshin General Manager M. Taransari Managing Director F.N.

Al Hameli Managing Director (Owner) Oswald G. Saoud General Manager Karim K Daniel Operations Manager Rafic Maadad Branch Manager Mohammed Sabry General Manager .Sam Kadri Manager Sultan G. Rebello General Manager Harrild Senior Sale Engineer Ziad E.

Mustafa Saasa Managing Director Mel Gosney Operations Director John King Sales Manager Middle East Peter Howe Area Manager Arun Krishnan Operations Manager .

S. Dodany Director P.R. Dodany General Manager Aijaz Nawab Sales Manager Mohammed Binghalib General Manager / Director Khalil Al khouri General Director .R.

Shams Managing Director 050 6529285 Venu Gopal Manager R. Duggal General Manager Jatin Das General Manager .

Capt. Peter Machado Group General Manager Ian Webster Managing Director Dawood Abdul Financial Controller .

Anand Iyer Head of UAE Operations 3977153 Lambert Jackson Managing Director Capt.Charge . . Shah Managing Director Snehal Shah Sales . Wilfred Jackson Managing Partner B.Shabir Roshanally Proprietor Yakoub Sales Manager Shabbir Bahrainwala Partner C.

Raj Mathivanan Managing Director 050 6462952 Aurobind Padiyath General Manager 050 6359107 Trevor L. Alexander General Sales Manager 050 6264502 P.T. Kumanan Asst ManagerDomestic Sales 050 6265793 M.Natarajan Asst Manager Sheikh Abdulla Al Thani Chairman of Civil Aviation Abdul Wahaib El Roomi Director of Civil Aviation & Tourism Ghanem Al Hajri Director General .

Hussaini Sr.Ashok Varma Commercial Director Jumana A.3035301 Raed Al Souki Aviation Marketing Manager . M & S Officer Ohanes Badashian Managing Director Berj Zakarian Sales Manager Quentin D’Silva General Manager MECAS +9714.

Shafquat Hussain General Manager Iqbal M. Krizam Plant Manager Prem Krishnan Chief Accountant . Sajwani Head of Marketing Abdullah Al-Sari Chairman Majid Al-Sari Director Mrs Huda N. Abu-Latif Finance Administration Nada Hussain Awadah Director Jamal Alami General Manager Ibrahim M.

Mohamed Defrawi Managing Director & General Representative Raoul Restucci Executive Vice President.Khalid Mahmood General Manager Dr. ME. Caspian and S Asia Andrew Vaughan VP Technical Mike Grieve VP Regional Support .

NE Africa & S Asia Martin Trachsel VP Middle East Gulf Munir Bouaziz VP Eastern Med.Mike Mitchell Regional Manager Charles Watson Executive Vice President ME. Quentin D’Silva General Manager MECAS 3035301 Mike Lumley General ManagerAviation (MESA) 3035255 Hussein Al Mahmoudi External Affairs Manager 3035257 .

Danny Leek Supply/ Trading Manager 3035296 G. Gopakumar General Manager Harish Kumar Sales Executive Steel Division Salah Ali Mohammad Executive Manager Raju Nabinyar General Manager .

Capt. Mansoor Yasin Abdul Ghafoor CEO Nasser Abdulla Chairman Noor Al Deen Manager Mushtaq Ahmed General Manager Kuniharu Iijima Representative & General Manager .

Lontel General Manager Pascal Cuvelier Area Manager +971-505037920 .Ashok Bhatia Managing Director Kamlesh Bhatia Marketing Manager Bhatt Kirit Managing Director R.P.

Abdullah M. Mazrui President Marwan Zein Managing Director Angelo Burla Resident Manager Luis Acezedo General Manager Yves Walid Regional Sales Manager .

Mebarek Managing Director J. Sanchez Manager . A. F.Joachim Kundt Director Simone Walter Facility Manager Sina Shekachi Sales Manager S.

Malik Managing Director .Zahid M.




Arno Meister General Manager Dubai Ajay John Sales Manager Protective Coatings Nicholas Lawrence Marine Sales Executive Leroy Dias FTS Manager Ibrahim A. Mannan Chairman Sankar Narayan Managing Director Ambili General Manager Rajesh Nadgauda Sales Engineer .

Muneer Ramahi General Manager Tarek Shihada Financial & Admin. Manager Mohd. Manager Jawad Dodin Managing Director . Jai Kumar General Manager 050 6246528 Zulfikhar Ahmed Sales Manager 050 5502061 Carl Mathais Accts.S. Majzoub Technical Manager S.

Jawad Dodin Managing Director Issa Ahmed General Manager Vir Singh Managing Director 050 6250071 Yousuf Shreim Managing Director Fahdi Samara M Managing Director Andre Kikano Manager .

Ahmad F. Al Khatib General Manager Chander Bhalla Managing Director Humphery Widdas Sales Engineer Ali Jaber General Manager Ali Mallah Sales Manager Mohan Gurnani .Fadi Badran CFO nicolas@sitetec hnology.

Syed Abdul Kader Director 050 6984055 H R Murli Manager Global Operations Venugopal Managing Partner Abdul Razzak Kouider General Manager Moh’d Baker Kharsa Marketing Manager John Allison Director Operations Shaun Gray Operations Manager .

Lou Elliott Regional Manager Andy Hendry Regional Manager Middle East & Caspian Steve Brooks Area Manager. Southern Middle East Hani Helou Regional Controller .

Steve Brooks Area Manager. Abu Dhabi Silke Horstmann Customer Service Supervisor Riazuddin Rifaie Logistics Coordinator Kenny Fernandes Logistics Coordinator Rod Smith Chief Executive Glen Gladwell Operations Manager Vijay Mohan Admin & Finance Manager . Southern Middle East Emri Zein El Din District Manager.

Jyothi Vareed Senior Machine Shop Supervisor Mike Murray General Manager Gareth McMurray Manufacturing Manager Cedric Dias Sales Supervisor .

Manager Najmuddin Jeewakhan Managing Partner Gray Furtado Marketing Manager .Alistair Malcolm District Manager . E.M. P. Rene Duperreault Operations Manager Mohan Manghat Manager Pankaj Patwa Chief Accountant Thomas Philip Showroom in charge Soman K.

Claude Julliot Middle East Manager Ziad Khoury Resident Manager Badih Saikalli Sles & Marketing Manager .

John Operation Manager Zair Nadeem Sales Manager Elias Ghrayeb Service Manager Jasper Powell Sales Manager .Jorge Trindade General Manager 050 6445837 Jose T.

Manager . N.Jayaraman K.

Viswanathan Branch Manager (Oil & Gas) Mehar Debbaneh Admin & Finance Manager .Duncan Troup General Manager 050 6568284 Chris Roe Support Engineer V.

Ahmed Ezzat General Manager Humaid Darwish Managing Director .

Madhok Managing Director Aman Gupta Marketing Manager Den Davis Director .Sudarshan Sales Engineer Sunil K.

Craig Fraser Business Development Manager 050 4552646 Bobby Stevens Area Representative 050 4564692 Roberto D.M. Uy Lab Supervisor 050 5504417 Varghese Eapen Office Manager S. Ghanem Managing Director Clive Smith General Manager Alistair Davidson Operation Manager .

Philip Bond Managing Director Colin Forster Project Director Philip Bond Managing Director 04) 3472646 Gaby Awad Managing Director Joseph Saba Managing Director 050 6410100 Balachander Sales & Projects Executive 050 7811713 Julius Salaria Technical Engineer .

Fadi Bsheer Managing Director .

Rizwan Shaikh Manager . Keen General Manager .Sales Steven R.Sami Suleiman Group General Manager Samer Suleiman General ManagerOperations Murdolevy Division Manager Steve Morrison Base Manager Glen Emslie Service & Rental Coordinator Engr.

Nassar Odeh Managing Partner Geoff Wheatley Regional Director Jolly Fransis General Manager Lawrence Mendonca Managing Director .

Elias Nassif President Sonia McGuire Group Marketing Manager Sudarsan Choudhury Sales Manager Nazar F. Clark Terminal General Manager S.J.R.V. Khan Corporate General Manager D. Manager . Rane Laboratory Manager Bobby Paul Managing Director Mohammed Al Qubaisi Managing Director Basheer Kadavil Recruitment Div.

Lounev Chief Engineer George W Ukrainsky General Manager .Kunal Khanna Director Alexander S.


M. Arbabi Manager .A.

Joseph Khadige General Manager Michel Nassar Accounts Manager Joe Hanson Managing Director Peter Quantrill Operations Manager Blany D’ Cunha Product Manager Carboline / .

John Tredger General Manager Mohd. Naren Simone Business Development Middle East Ali Bin Khalfan Al Dhahry Chairman Ramzi Abul Khair Sales Manager Maher Hussein General Manager Kurian Varkey Project Manager Lawson Spedding Managing Partner Brian Burns Sales & Technical Manager Sonu Titus Sales Executive . Al Muhandes Manager Dr.

Abdul Aziz Ajam Area Manager .

Alistiar D. Thorburn Commercial Director Aubrey Evans Operations Manager Abdullah Jan Sabri Chairman Shawez Sabri General Manager . Thorburn Commercial Director Aubrey Evans Operations Manager Alistiar D.

M.Godwin D’ Souza Director U. Rao General Manager Sumit Mittal General Manager S. Pohani Marketing Manager Ramzi Abulkhair Sales Manager Ramzi Abulkhair Sales Manager Murthy GCC Area Manager 6726698 .K.



Sunil Malhotra Managing Director Juzer Khetty Branch Manager .

Ibrahim Abou Sweid General Manager Mohammed Irfan Sales Manager Mohammed Imran Sales Engineer .


Akhtar Managing Director .Nari Odhrani Managing Director Kamal Safa Managing Director Mohd.

Prem Valsan Managing Director Bob Pantermuehl Regional Manager Simon Tyldsley Area Operations Omar Saeed Al Naboodah Managing Director Samar Roy General Manager .

Ahmed Salami General Manager .

Nigel Lace General Manager Greg McNamara Technical Manager Simon Bennett Marketing Manager .

Rajesh Somani Managing Director K. D.K. Managing . Acharya Managing Director Sandeep Bengani Asst. Gupta General Manager Ahmad Shahin General Manager Dr.

Fadi Chehabeddine Managing Director Naji Chehabeddine Operations Manager .

D’Souza Managing Director .J. L.


Anil Kumar General Manager 050 6468969 Saji Samuel Manager 050 6356316 Su CherngChuan Director 3967814 Tu Fu .Han Commercial Manager Amal Hanna Executive Secretary Ajit Sanyal Secretary Irfan Mulla General Manager Gabriel Monti General Manager Adrain Salle Sales Manager Hesham Reda Regional Sales Manager .

Manager Chris Perry Managing Director Abdul Rehiman Al Mulla Managing Director Mohammed Al Salahi General Manager .Ayman Taji CEO Brendan Larkin Div.


Mathew Sales Manager (Paints) Rohan Aranha Sales Manager (Paints) V R Krishnan Sales Manager P Lakshmanan Accountant Saleh Nuseirat General Manager .B B Pillai Manager Oussama Ghandour Managing Director Ranjit P.

Abdulkarim Maklai Managing Partner Amin Maklai Managing Partner Salah Al Jallaf Managing Director Mohammed Al Mulla Managing Director Thanveer Ahmed Marketing & Sales Coordinator Surendran Accountant Rajesh Mavila Kandy Marketing & Sales Manager Shaji K. Project Co-ordinator .

TME Mark Vossen Mg Director Jack Overkamp Director.Dinesh Meleth Marketing & Sales Manager Rajeevan N. Project Coordinator Age S. de Vries Director (GCC). Abu Dhabi .K.

P. Singh General Manager Abbas H. & Admin. Manager Firoz Jariwala Executive Director Sekhar Iyer General Manager Sadiq Manager Fahed Al Mutawa HR Manager Victor Smith Operation Manager Munir Alhilow Coordinator . Khalil Acc.S.

Siraj Ahmed Marketing Manager .

George Administration Manager Inam Ur Rahman Marketing Manager Ramzi A.Sunny M.J. Abdulnour Managing Director 050 6214283 .

Alamoudi General Manager 050 6132737 V. Salim Managing Director Zuzar Director M.Salim H. George Varughese Sales Manager 050 6421874 .

Gupta General Manager . Aswani Asst. K.M. General Manager 050 6155796 Fawaz Nassir Project Engineer 050 5696958 Deepak Chopra Managing Director V.D.

Kabir Valrani Executive Director Amit Mathur General Manager Rakesh Tekwani Sales Manager Jaffar Ghulam Managing Director Nadeem Jaffar Finance Manager .

Gary Hunt General Manager Sridhar Iyer Regional Manager (Middle East) .

Aftab-Hasan General Manager Fahim Raza Branch Incharge Karam Khorram Managing Director R. Kudva Director Romeo D’Silva Managing Director .

V. Sur General Manager Hussain Mushtaq Branch Manager .Eimund Sletten General Manager Vinay Arora Managing Director A.C. Nair Sales Manager Franklin Kidangan Sales Executive .Abu Dhabi K.

Sreekumar Pillai General Manager K. J Roy Technical Sales Manager M Manoj Kumar Managing Director 050 4818554 Emad Kobty Managing Director Ghassan Kobty Managing Director V J Anand Business Development Manager .

Maimuna Office Incharge Goran Widstrom Chairman Sharat Kumar Acting General Manager D. D.B.Ahmed Jasem General Manager J. Pilly General Manager Ms. Lewis Factory Manager Imad Abu Saleh Sales Manager Ahmad Ayyash Managing Director Imad Abu Safah Manager .

Saleh Al Dhub’ai General Director Ahmed Al Jassary General Manager Adham Al Kad General Manager Eimund Sletten General Manager Jos Jacob Sales & Marketing Manager Sami Elemara Managing Director Geraldine Quizon Marketing Executive .

Rao Sales/Design Manager Amer S. Huneidi Chairman Samir N.Virendra Gulati General Manager Jerald Roff Greyvenstein Service Manager P. K. Khoury Deputy Chairman Walid El-Kouatli General Manager Talal Yousef Market Development Manager Hani Tannir General Manager Farid Ismail Deputy General Manager .

B. Ramchandani Managing Director .S.Yusuf Kanoo Chairman Mishal Kanoo Deputy Chairman Maha Kanoo General Manager. UAE P. Ganapathi Financial Controller B.

Hajjaj General Manager Aziz Abdel Hadi Sales Manager . Rao Managing Director H. M.Ramdas Kamath General Manager S.

Michael Bovey Manager .

Pierre Siquet Division Manager .

Alnajjar Technical Service Manager .M.Ligesh Marketing Manager Sami Matuq Regional Manager Raad Sabih Deputy Regional Manager Peter Hertog Managing Director Pat Morata Project Manager B.

Rahul Singh Manager John Aves General Manager V. Venugopal Manager Industrial Godwin D’ Souza Director Nigel Speedy Regional Manager Wulf Piterek General Manager Abdulla Jan Sabri General Manager Xiuqin Deputy General Manager .

Larry Harford Vice PresidentEastern Hemisphere Andreas Rosener Operations Manager Ashraf Munir MWD /LWD Coordinator Hussein Gomaa DD Coordinator Ahmed Gaber Operations & .

Emad El Sherif Middle East Regional Manager Tamer Saleh Regional Sales & Service Coordinator Samir Saleh Service & Sales Engineers Fisal Sallam Service & Sales Engineers Mark Pell General Manager.Gulf Saeed Al Suweidi President 5549144 Mussafah ADDCAP Hani El Dakrouri General Manager R. Domingo Workshop Supervisor .

Matar Managing Director Fuad Abu Ghattas Operations Director .Jack S.

Ali Al-Sadiq Managing Partner Ali Al-Sadiq Managing Partner .

Abdulaziz Malik Sales Manager Ali Al-Sadiq Managing Partner Yassin Momin Sales Manager Emad Abd Al Misseh Girges Operation Manager 050 6449417 Ram Managing Director Ravikumar Sales Manager .

O. & Tech.E.Terry Midgley General Manager Cory Marion Workshop Manager Gary Mackintosh Engineering Manager Anjanmitra C. Manager . Kurian Project Co-ordinator Akram Salamah Executive Manager Philippe Roy Chief Representative Loic Laurandel Deputy Chief Rep.

Henry DELAFON General Manager 6986262 Bruno DARDE Operations Manager 6986273 Frederic MAUBEUGE Development & Planning Manager 6986293 JeanPhilippe BRUNEEL Finance Manager 6986335 Sultan AL HAJJI Deputy GM (HR & ADMIN) 6986321 Dominique Grepinet .

Jacqus Souplet Regional Director Vanessa Hirani General Manager .Michel Hourcard Vice President M E.

Dominique Barthe General Manager C. Geronimi Dorood Project Director Malcolm Milne Managing Director Philippe Coenye General Manager Waeal Al Ashkar General Manager .

Aqil General Manager 050 4410950 .Wajdi Mansour General Manager Fouad Oweis General Manager Shabbir Hussain Sales Manager Vijay Kumar Sales Engineer Joher K L Sales & Marketing Mohd.

Al Muhairy Chairman Shukri Tawil Group General .Sethu Kumar Marketing Manager +97150-6513648 Matar H.

Fakher Darwish General Manager Derek Ambridge Director (Operations) Cyril Guth Middle East Regional Director 050 5584966 .

Kamal Sidawi Managing Director. Ahmed Hujuj Technical Manager . "Bear" Michaelchuk General Manager Tatiana Ford Admn. Manager Dr. Hasan Abdoh Marketing Manager Eng.Middle East A.

Marketing Manager Arif Sayani Managing Director 050 4520613 Shirish Patel General Manager .Middle East Raju Kutty Managing Director Priya H.Robin Rodricks General Manager Peter Hoare Technical Sales Manager Maggie Lewis Sales Coordinator Madhu Koneru Executive Director Naman Kumar Manager .

Products) Khuzema Zainuddin Managing Director Azad Sales Manager . Thomson Sales Director Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager David Knox Sales Manager Ahmed Bin Khalaf Al Otaiba Chairman & General Manager Majed Kanbar Sales Manager (Chemical & Indl.G.

Wong General Manager Naung Hla Thwin Operations Manager R.J. C.W. Knaap Managing Director Peter Knaap General Manager .S.

P.Suresh K. Finance & Admin. Manager Ahamed Tamim General Manager Shawky M.K. Abdul Aziz Managing Director . Operations Manager Muhamad Ali P.


Manager .Hadif Al Mansouri Managing Director Salah Safah Marketing and Admin.

Tony Whitaker Manager Middle East 050 6426453 S Ahmed Moinuddin Regional Manager. ME & Africa 050 6670902 .

M.Steel Division Arvind Variath General Manager Sameh Masry Managing Director 6277782 Tariq Mughal Manager UK / UAE 050 6463902 . A.Arnold Bremann General Sales Manager C. Kasim Sales Manager S. Satish Manager . K.

W. Kameha Marketing Advisor . Lee General Manager Simon Doran General Manager J.S Sehweil Managing Director.H. CEO Ibrahim M. Jaca Diving Superintendent Martin Abram Managing Director Basil Al Jarah General Manager Mohamed Razwan Managing Director Hamid Silawi Operations Manager N.

Manager Joseph Sakaan Area Sales Director Christer Eriksson Marketing Manager Ahmed Al Habeeb Managing Director 050 6313004 Ahmed Al Habeeb Managing Director .Michael Bovey Manager Khalid Bakhit Managing Director E R Menon Sales & Tech.

Habib Hassan Managing Director Hathem Darwish Managing Director Saeed Mohamed Al Qubaisi Managing Director Tala Director .

Majzoub Technical Manager Deepak Diddi Reg. Manager Mohd.Muneer Ramahi General Manager Tarek Shihada Financial & Admin. Manager Philip Corderio Sales Administrator .

P. Ahmed President C.K.Dhanapathy ManagerFinance & OPS Alwyn Carvaluho Chief Accountant Shah Sivaraman Operations Manager V.K. Praveen Operations Manager .Yahya A. Prabhakaran Managing Director V. P. Satish Director R .

Abdul Elah Saleh Managing Director / Owner .


Murad Managing Director Mohd. Tawbeh Business Development Manager Mohd.Mohd. Al Radwan Managing Director Krishna Das General Manager .


Riyazul Hasan Zaidi General Manager Naseem Akhtar Director Knut Heum General Manager Knat Heum General Manager . Oshima General Manager S.Y.

Brian Wilkie Leading Director Mark Shoerrin Operations Supervisor Geoff Jackson Regional Sales & Marketing Manager .

Ramachandran General Manager Jeff Hume Managing Director Ted Amrine Geophysical Ops.Mohamed Shabeeb Al Dhaheri Managing Director Ibrahim Ahmed Ali Managing Director Faraj Al Khalili General Manager Mohammed Shabeeb AlDhaheri Managing Director Anil Taurani Managing Director Sandeep Israni Office Manager C. Manager .

M. R. M.P. Moosa Kutty General Manager Mohamed Anees Commercial Manager Bobby Stevens Managing Director 050 4564692 . R. Moosa Kutty General Manager Mohamed Anees Commercial Manager P.

Manager .Attab Khan General Manager Micheal Syntt Finance Manager Dia Saleh Sales Manager Applied Products Imad Richani Business Unit Manager Patrick Leahy General Manager Thulasidas Nambiar Financial Manager Richard Leonard Business Dev.


Fiazuddin General Manager .


Luciano Bonomi Managing Director 050 5599064 .

Fadi G. Abbosh President & General Manager Stefano Raciti Business Development Mgr.Louis Ghaleb General Manager Jan Schaart Area Manager Capt Deepk Mathur Operations Manager David Mclean General Manager 050 6157320 Hussain Sheikh Workshop Manager Elliot Benham Service Manager Abdul Jabbar Inhouse Sales Manager Dr. .

General Manager +97150-6673407 Got S. Operational Director Prabakaran Managing Director Praveen Marketing Manager V. Chandra Sekhar Country Manager .Neil McKay Business Dvpt. Managing Director +97150-6420108 Larnicol V. Manager 050 6509442 Adam K.

Chandra Sekhar Country Manager Pierre Camus General Manager .V.

Sam Taleb Managing Director Abdul Rahim Partner .

Diwakar Sales Manager Per Buchholtz General Manager Samson Daniel Chief Accountant Eric Perera Service Manager Kevin Momme Sales Manager .Rami Mohammed Middle East Sales Manager Fraser Rankin General Manager Iain Martin Technical Manager David Knox Sales Manager A.


George ManagerFinance & Administration 050 6577528 .Ishtiaq Ahmed Head of Certification Avnish Gupta Regional Manager +97150- Alok K Srivastava General Manager 050 6542649 Joseph K.

Venugopal Manager Industrial .Mikael Lindholm Area Director Patt Adland Area Sales Manager Sandhish Singh Administration Manager Irfan Shaikh Finance Manager John Aves General Manager V.

Tony Ayoub General Manager Cyril Thomas Marketing Manager .

Al Mashibi Sales Manager Sheikh Yunus Sales Executive Lloyd Drose Marketing Manager John Nycil Mendes Managing Director Fraser Rankin General Manager James Robertson Commercial Manager David Knox Sales Manager .Adel Baobaid General Manager Mohd.

Manager Harald Bock Region Manager John Moffatt Area Manager. Gulf Central Steve Burnett Operations Coordinator Kevin Wilson Senior Field Supervisor . Gulf Eastern David Nowowiejski Area Manager.Anass AlChalabi General Manager Moidu Abdul Rehman Finance & Admn.

Davenport Regional Manager 050 4503829 .Ramzi AlHeureithi Vice President Anass Al-Chalabi MENA Region VP Franz Flesch Operations Manager Stephen J.

William Ilagan Branch Manager +97150-4553527 Gordon Wingate General Manager Brian Edwards Sales Manager Deniis Hardy General Manager Waeal Al Ashkar General Manager .

Aranha Managing Director K.Samir Al Gharbi Managing Director Tom Duff General Manager Ian Wikes Workshop Manager Barry Kirton Pressure Control Superintendent Joshy Allessu Finance & Admin. Sainulabdeen Managing Director Martin J. J. Prabhakaran General Manager .

Business Development. Graeme Sales Manager (Middle East) Michael Fleming MEA Manager. Marketing . Ismail Haggag Area Geophysicist.Bill Whatley General Manager 050 6114926 Bassam Salim Operations Manager 050 6225434 Rick King Regional Manager 050 6215673 Nabil Adra General Manager Farid Bedwany Resident Manager Dr.

Kevin Director John Branch Manager Sanjay Engineer Salah Eldin General Manager Mahmoud Mekawy Projects Manager Salim Al Moosa Chairman .

Marvin General Manager Sujit Salian Finance Manager Hameed Salman General Manager 050 5591459 .Anthony D.

Sawaya Marketing Manager .Jabir Rasheed Managing Director 050 6454723 Shabbir Rasheed Sales Director 050 4516764 Hussein Rasheed Technical Director 050 6243195 Huzefa Rasheed Marketing Director 050 6512604 Eimund Sletten General Manager Jos Jacob Sales & Service Manager Rick LeMonnier Managing Director David Muller Geeneral Manager Anwar A.

Mohammed Ali Service Manager .George Daoud Managing Director Mohammad Matloob Siddiqui Marketing Manager Eng.

Somy George Managing Director 050 5203607 Douglas Danks Operations Manager 5553045 Ext. 207 John Bright Sales & Marketing Manager 6260030 . 205 Steve Chadwick Workshop Manager 5553045 Ext.

Frederick Bortoloni General Manager Brian Taylor General Manager .

Paul Crooks General Manager John Fowlie General Manager (Acting) Keith Fay Business Development CONTRACTORS Naseeb Al Sabaffi Resident Director Ghassan Assaf General Manager Eddie Ramage Regional Sales Manager Middle East Tom Rasmussen District Manager .

Hindawi Managing Director 050 6351461 Shawkat Ahmed General Manager Herman D’Cruz Marketing Officer 050 6623009 M.Jamal H.Tadani Managing Director H. Tahmasian President M. Iwanabe Executive Director .Tadani Managing Director Waeal Al Ashkar General Manager K.

Varghese General Manager Samir. H. Sajwani Assistant Managing Director George Oomen Managing Director .Ahmad V.S.

Al Suwaidi General Manager Omar Al Ameri Asst.Maher Kseibi General Manager Saif N. Manager M. Gen. Gen.C. Ohta Manager Business Performance . Manager Business Unit Helal Al Mansouri Asst.

Vinay Arora Managing Director Shahid Khushnud General Manager Raju Abraham Operations Coordinator Mustafa Siddhiqui Regional Sales Manager Bohari Executive Director Narsh R Bhatt Marketing Manager .

Badri.A Sales Manage Malcolm Rodrigues Sales Executive .

Hamid S. Lodhi Managing Director Syed Tahir Ali Manager Removals .

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