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Virtual Tether Specifications

Virtual Tether Ordering Information

Qty. Part No. 544244PT 1 935239 1 544224PT 1 544229PT 2 935046 Description Virtual Tether Kit (Pistol Tool Parts) Backcover for Pistol Tool with IR reader Plastic Housing - Pistol Asset Tag Screw, 5-40UNC x 1 Inch SHCS

Tag Features.
A tag is placed on any asset or tooling the customer would like to monitor.

544245PT 1 544228PT-1 2 542940-41 1 544229PT K I T S 544246PT 2 544230PT 2 544232PT 2 543445-7 2 543445-25 2 544233PT 2 544243PT 2 544229PT

Virtual Tether Kit (Angle Tool Parts) Plastic Housing - Angle Machined Screw, M4 x 0.7 x 16 mm Flat Head Socket Steel/Black Asset Tag

Ordering Information Part Number Active Tag Performance Frequency Range Typical Battery Life Typical Range to Read (Presence) Environmental/Physical/Power Operating Temperature T Environmental Rating A Length / Width G Height (w/ Mounting Bracket) Weight Power (Battery) Regulatory Approvals United States European Union ATEX Option

544229PT 6,35 - 6,75 GHz 1 year @ pre-set blink rate Indoors up to 100 m (328 ft) -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F) IP67 4,0 cm (1,57 in) 2,0 cm (0,78 in) 20 gm (0,70 oz) BR2335 FCC Part15 subpart C (15.250), ICES-003, RS-220, and RSS-GEN for indoor use only CE, EN50371, ETSI 301 489-1, ETSI 301 489-33, Draft ETSI EN 302 500-1 V2.1.1 CE 0035 II 2 G Ex ib IIC T3 -40C Ta 70C

Virtual Tether Kit (Sensor Parts) Tag Sensor - Programmable Sensitivity/POE Ethernet Power Injector Ethernet Patch Cable - 7 FT (about 2 m) Ethernet Patch Cable - 25 FT (about 7,5 m) Mounting Arm, Tag Sensor Power Cord, POE Adapter Asset Tag


Dartwand Module - programs tag for blink rate

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Virtual Tether
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Virtual Tether System

Virtual Tether Specifications

Flexible. Lean. Modular.

What is Virtual Tether?
Virtual Tether System (VTS) is a solution that utilizes Ultra Wide band radio frequency technology, think radar / GPS to locate and monitor your assembly tooling, including assets and product as it flows through your facility. Easily integrated within your existing plant wide network to your tooling, assets and product. Standard with our Cleco range of products.

Qualit y Assembly.
Key features, Benefits and Values.
n Easy to install, utilize existing plant wide network, no special setup / configuration needs, low cost to implement. n Simulation tools for the design of your VTS application/s. Simplifies setup, no special engineering resources required. n Drive the system from your Cleco mPro400 Global Controller or from a PC, no special hardware required. n VTS operates on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) only, not impacted by other wireless products, reliable. n Accurate location in x, y and z coordinates. n Tag battery life of 1 year @ max blink rate, lower operational cost to maintain. n Sensors and Tags rated to IP67, can be used indoors and outdoors, no special / additional equipment required for outdoor use. n Enhance your Error Proofing requirements: - Eliminate the need for Bar Code Scanning or manual product identification by the operator, improves productivity. - Auto program selection capability with your smart tools, ensures correct operation applied per application, enhances quality and productivity. - Eliminate scrapping of parts, saves money. n Flexible virtual work foot print, adjusted accordingly per application: - Simplifies line rebalancing, move the footprint virtually and not physically, lean. - Eliminate need for hardwiring of the assembly footprint, reduces cost, lean. - Process optimization on the fly, efficient, greater productivity and quality. n Standard accessories, to add tags to your Cleco products and non Cleco products, flexible and economic.

Reader Features.
Readers connect directly to the Virtual Tether software running on the PC or Global Controller (GC). The readers gain can be controlled via the software to increase or decrease the area of coverage.

Flexible Assembly.
Complexity in assembly can be found in all industry types, whether it is a car, place, motorcycle or washing machine: The demands for greater flexibility are a constant that all manufacturers face as they strive to reduce the cost of manufacturing and deliver first pass quality. With market demands constantly changing, manufacturers look for greater levels of flexibility to enable a more rapid and efficient means of change, without incurring high costs to production and quality. VTS solutions address this need.

Quality Enhancement

Production Flexibility

Cost Effective

Process Enhancement

Modular Error Proofing

LEAN Manufacturing


Ordering Information Part Number Description Performance Frequency Range Antenna Gain Adjustable Range Tag Throughput Daisy-chained Capability Environmental/Physical/Power Operating Temperature Environmental Sealing Length (w/ Drip Shield) Width (w/ Mounting Bracket) Height (w/ Mounting Bracket) Weight Power Consumption Standard Power Supply Ethernet cable Communications Ethernet Configuration & Diagnostics

544230PT Reader - Programmable Sensitivity/POE (-10dB) 6,35 to 6,75 GHz 6,5 dBi 1 ft (30 cm) to 100 m (328 ft) line of sight Up to 2.000 tags / second Up to three additional units -40C to +55C (-40F to +131F) IP67 (Dust & Direct Water Spray Protection) 27,9 cm (11,0 in) 17,1 cm (6,75 in) 10,8 cm (4,25 in) 2,6 kg (5,8 lbs) POE 802.3af (37-56 VDC) 802.11af PoE Injector, 100-240 VAC, Up to 100 m Also commonly supplied by Customer 802.3af network switch Up to 100 m Ethernet cable 10/100 CAT6, IEEE 802.3af compliant Direct connection via Serial Port, RS-232, with adapter cable Telnet/ Secure Shell 2 via TCP/IP Ethernet interface