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Director of Public






for Schools.

Office of the


•outh InJi



School Book Society.

the Director





th Edition.



(f Public Tnstnict



.'""ing in Taaiil

This work contains 612 select verses, with and English, references throughout to the Third

Grammar, an and Ainerii-" Ik




the Director o'' Public Instruction,



^uistos ^l9<c

Press, Madras.


ir.::r -J;-,:l .\|eliSST.








R 4y^O-i_J-^- ACHING,

for Schools

and Christian

2d Edition.







a !ijoie

Mission Depository.
















These works were translated by T. Vencata Gharry; and were revised and


by the Rev. G. U. Pope.



the Director

of Public




V/ith copious Vocabularies (Tamil-English, and English-Tamil), Appendices containing Reading Lessons, Analyses of Letters,

Deeds, Complaints,


Documents, and a


to the Exercises.

Head Master of

G. U.


Ootacamimd Grammar School.

Difficidtks will vanish as

you learn on.— Pro v.


sold at the







American Mission Press.

Price Seven Rupees.



»\ V*\>








necessary for offering to the Tamil student a book

which has long been wanted. In regard to the imperfections which detract from its value the writer can only say, he has done what he


has tried to state the facts of this noble language succinctly



The examples, with few

exceptions, have been selected

from books in universal use in the Tamil country.

Should a second

edition be published, these examples will be considerably increased in



v/ork can remove from the elements of a language like



may embarass

the learner.

There are

difficulties in it

which must

be met bravely

but there

are, certainly,

none which a very moderate

degree of attention will not enable any one, however unpractised in such
studies, to



following hints

may be

of use to those


use this book



not proceed too quickly.



new language


great accuracy in the mastei'ing of


Write down every thing from the very beginning.

Read always
and be very

with pen, or pencil, in hand.

Read aloud


the exercises with a Tamil teacher


careful in ascertaining the correctness of

what you have

for it in the



whenever you meet with a new word, look

vocabulary, and decline or conjugate




to talk

—though with stammering
Never speak English


as soon as pos.sible

the very



to a native if

you can help



say, "salt,"

when you knoAV

word "s-ul/?"


not be afraid

of makins: mistakes.









Be very









Tamil and your own language.
Tamil, beware of thinking
cultivate a

If you hear


Clu-istian or


you hear to be really Tamil.




ear, so as to detect

an unidiomatic expression, as you
should understand
is all

would a

false note in music.


you hear:

you need not use any expression that

not good Tamil.

work has been

written with a deep feeling of the vast

importance of the acquisition by all


sojourn in the land, of the

language of the people among


they dwell.


hours a day for

a year will enable most people to converse freely on ordinary topics

with those around them.
It is proposed in

due time, to publish a 2d part* in which the poetry

of the language will be illustrated.

a book

author would scarcely have ventured to publish, in this country,

requiring such peculiar attention to accuracy in type and arrangement, had he not been zealously seconded by Mr. P. R. Hunt, the able superintendent of the American Mission Press, to whose efforts

improve Tamil Typography



use the language are indebted.

tend, in

earnest wish

and prayer of the writer

that his efforts


however small a degree, to facilitate free intercourse between Hindus and their brethren from the West, and so aid in the impartation

to the former, of all that

God has bestowed upon

the latter.


October 5th, 1855

entirely re-written,

The work has been
has been added.

and greatly enlarged.

A key

This will be of great

use, if

consulted prudently.


author has to oifer his sincere acknowledgments to

many kind

friends for very valuable suggestions.

March, 1859.



* Sec Tamil Poetical Anthology.

and on the South by Tamil.A TAMIL HAND-BOOK. on the south-west by Canarese." Vengadara (or Tripety a town about 80 miles N. Arcot and Chingleput. Trichinopoly. but from Trivandrum northward the Tamil country eastern side of the Ghats. is bounded north by the Uriya (beginning with the Ganjam). the entire Zillahs of Tinevely. the western boundary is the west sea. with the whole of South North Ceylon also is a Tamil Colony. Of the Tamil Language in General. the Canarese. of Madras. Coimbatoor. the southern boundary is Cape Comorin. in the is within which it prevails are thus defined Nannul (a standard native grammar): "The eastern boundary is the eastern sea (the Bay of Bengal). Dravida) is the vernacular people. the northern boundary nearly on the same parallel with Pulicat). perhaps from Sans. Here the western boundary [@Lo/fl] to from Comorin Trivandrum {_^(i^<si:Bis^L\nLD\ is is correctly stated. ing the dominions of a great part of the Madura (includTondiman Raja). The Tamil (^iSCp. It differs from the Tamil The Telugu district of more widely than do the other cognate dialects. confined to the The Tamil region thus includes a portion of south Travancore. INTRODUCTION. Salem and of North Arcot. 1. on the north-west by Marathi. W. and the Malayalam. communities are the Dekkan. inhabiting the great plain of speech of about ten millions of Tlie limits the Carnatic. 2. § I. . Tamil to be found in most of the British cantonments in The principal languages cognate to Tamil are the Telugu.

of part of the Nizam's territory. and Tungusian families.) The v. Mr. have shewn that the original language of the nomadic from whom the races of South India have sprung was probably in what they term " Scythian. The Gond and Ku. The Canarese is the language of the table-land of Mysore. Minor cognate dialects are (I. and of a part of Canara. Norris. tribes the other hand. in points even where Sanscrit presents no parallel. and the more evident appear that they possess a primitive and very near relationship to the languages of the Indo-European group. is which is a dialect spoken in the neighbourhood of Mangalore. (3. It seems to be but a corrupt Tamil." . On it the one hand the more deeply they ai-e studied the more close will will their affinity to Sanscrit be seen to be. and that they were probably " disjecta membra" of a language coeval with Sanscrit and having the same origin with it." from Tamil.) to the The Burgher [badaga] simply old much corrupted. their chief member. a member of that group of tongues which are included the "Finnish. § I. the Persian and other languages of the same family. They have been styled " Tamilian. The Malayalam tains is spoken on the western side of the Malaya mounto from Mangalore Trivandrum." that is. On Dr. more allied to Tamil and the Kota is [gohata] Canarese. have always supposed that their place was among the members of the last mentioned family. They certainly contain many traces of a close connection with the Greek. Professor Rask. of which the Tuda Canarese. (2. Yet they are I certainly not mere Pracrits. hardly correct as that term must include Marathi. Mongolian. or corruptions of Sanscrit. To This also 3. The origin and affinities of the South Indian group of languages have been much discussed. The rude languages of some other mountain tribes in Central and Northwestern India possess more or less resemblance to Tamil in idiom and structure. and • nearly allied to the Canarese. this family of languages the epithet is " Dravidian" has been applied. Turkish.arious dialects spoken by the rude inhabitants of the is Nilagiris.INTRODUCTION. the Gothic..) the Tuluva. in Gondwana and the adjoining hills. and more recently Caldwell.

of which there are two. Of very able work many editions have been pubs^im^n fBLoJ^SeurrujiT and a copious commentary has been added by of Tinevely. but excellencies only. (c. a very compre- hensive work. and subsequently with corrections by the Rev. but fragments of it have been published. Horst. (a. Father Beschius. its J. § I. though the chapters on Composition and Prosody are more so than the former part.) Agastycis Sutrams. as introductory to the Nanniil. to read over this Third Grammar. yet deserving of an attentive perusal by every Tamil student. and scholarlike edition of a most masterly work. this ^irio). (d. the writings of the Tamil (2. It is has been superseded in a great measure by later publications. Beschius. Malion. south of Madura. mon dialect (QsirQi^LSi^) and They were written in Latin. C. 4. may be divided into two classes: those to facili- composed by Native and those written by Europeans tate the acquisition of the languages (1. F'zsrems. The Shen Tamil Grammar was Babington. . I venture to hope that he will find that after mastering that work. Grammars of the Tamil scholars. has been published Third Grammar. A translation of the common Tamil Grammar was published by Mr.) by foreigners. Mr. as Vocabulary. m'^= scientific This is com- by the learned Jesuit R. composed by Pavananti of the town of lished. Second part of my Summaries in English. one of the comthe other of the poetical (Qs^i^iBip). A part of this is in print.) The Tolcappiam. The Grammars published by Europeans were those of the Rev. author imitates the Native writers not in their It can hardly be considered an original work. I would recommend the beyond the present the learner. (b. In the first class it is only necessary to mention the following: It seems very doubtful whether the book which now goes under the name of Quir ^s^^luld is really an ancient composition. As a whole this woi-k is not extant.) Ccf-J Grammarians earliest will present scarcely any difiiculties.) piled The Q^iTGsr^^nTeo ( QfiiT<so= ancient. treatise^. translated This is an exceedingly correct and published by Mr. The whole and of the Nan-iuil with a plain prose Commentary.INTRODUCTION. who may wish to carry his studies woi'k.) The fB<Bir_^iirSo (mSo=good. written by ^nsmsr^LDir&QstB of the town of Q^ireosirui^Lua^L^.

a plain. for The Syntax is deficient. though greatly inferior in extent and Sanscrit. but the greater number of the verses are of considerable antiquity and of undeniable merit. while it contains nothing new. and not taken from standard Tamil authors. is When the student able to read with ease plain prose Tamil he will find the little works of this far-famed poetess the best introduction to the study of the poetical Tamil. in the order The writings of Auvei (Lesson 97). c. T. has gone through is three editions. of their difficulty. The Kondrei-veynthan ( Q. I subjoin. The early Missionaries of Tranquebar are said to have published a Tamil Grammar. has very recently published a small manual. The last work is not altogether a genuine production of the authoress. is an elegant and scholarlike compendium.) Since the publication of the 1st edition of this work a ComparGrammar of the Dravidian Languages has been published by the ative Rev.) Dr. but 1 have not been able to meet with any account of it.siT(Ssr<s<np Ceul/i^idr). (1. a very clear and useful work. (c.) The names a few of these. a director of the Leipsic Lutheran Mission. The Atti-sudi (^^^(^i^). and though not a philosophical grammar. a. Graul. and The Mudurei ( Qp^emir).) The next work was by This is the late Rev. They consist of. E. 5. and the examples were mostly made the grammar. which thi-ows great light upon every part of the subject.) § I. (d.) A Grammar was Service. its strict published in Europe by Mr." (f. and was founded It upon that of Beschius. Rhenius of Palamcottah. b. these consist of Ethical and Miscellaneous maxims. Dr. but its usefulness is lessened by imitation of the native grammars. No real student of the language should be without it. (b. C. The two former of arranged in alphabetical order. Anderson of the Madras Civil This is an able work. The native Tamil Literature. Caldwell. useful manual. contains intrinsic value to the many works which of will amply repay the careful student. (e. which. . first to It is to be regretted that the author should have allowed himself to speak as though he had been the " introduce Tamil into the sphere of European studies.INTRODUCTION.

The Raymajanam of Kamban. bala. 131 App. b. pandiyan. 38. The necessary adjuncts of Royalty.) The Tamil is pure.) The Tembavani (Q^lduit. and to stand It is author to be a compendium of all in the place of the Vedas to the Tamil people. the division which treats of WEALTH.) In this are included 70 chapters. said. but without doubt the finest Tamil composition extant.INTRODUCTION. d_). (c. 39—63. (4. (iii. 1-4. . a youth. QuiTQ^LLuirSo. of singular beauty.four hundred (172)= the four hundred quatrains). line. into. four.) The Sivaga Chintamani.^gysssfl. This contains 38 chapters of 10 stanzas each.) Ascetic virtue. (d. 131. a relates to the youth chapter). xi. the History of is Nala.) (b. unfading. 25-37. rBrr^^ss. (5. The KuRal of Tiruvalluvar. a difficult work. 96-108. divided into three parts. which are divided (a. kandam. ^p^ giuu IT eo. (b. its This work was intended by wisdom. viz: a. ( Qun-(msir. an Epic grounded on This is king Sivagan. and is of undoubted antiquity. It seems to be a collection of verses by various Jain authors. (2. is deserv- ing of careful study. the hero.) (c.) Domestic virtue. The of first portion or uirso^mskri—i}) (the canto which Rama. 5-24.) The Naladi-nanntiRU (tztreo." the history of (6. a garland) of Beschi must not be omitted in this enumeration.) Introduction.) Destiny.) third part treats of se7isual pleasure and much of it is not fit to be read. versification Nothing can exceed the sweetness and harmony of the of this real poet. The (3. This work consists of 40 chapters on the same subjects as the KuRal. . Sans.) The functions of Royalty. a of poetical version. ^i^. which are thus classified: (a. the division ( ufT&) ) which treats of ViKTVE (^i/dld.) § I. and many of the verses are The Nai-shad'ham. Of this by king work it Ativiraramais proverbially "the Naishad'ham the nectar of poets. (7. Miscellaneous. 64-95.

language shall enable him to detect unidiomatic until his progress in the forms and expressions. (U(S^^. of its poetical and most of Some verses are brilliantly poetical. . victhod of grounded upon the Sanscrit Hitopadesa. summary its of the Bible. The following are much and will be useful to the discriminating student. ^i^ins). more or unsafe models of style. from which much figures are bori'owed. Chintamani. This woi'k contains a kind le^-ends.) The u^s'jSSih^ns. of" § I. from the Sanscrit. (1. mingled with It is a close imitation of the diction. Chintamani. There a large and rapidly increasing translated literature in Tamil.) The The s^mix^s^ffl ( s^rr =fahlc. (3. SfSrr&iB^irLoeixfl (S. a gem supposed to yield wliat- ever its possessors wish for ). LD(^^rff cluster J. There are many prose works adaj)tations in Tamil.) (2. 6. which are translations or less. of foreign idioms read.sen^.INTRODUCTION. is acting). being full All of these are. and pedantic expressions. These works had better be studied sparingly by the learner. five.

and 18 consonants.) .INTRODUCTION. The vowels 1. Of these 12 are [The characters by which these are represented are evidently derived from the Grantham. or printed in small type. [The following pages are intended to assist the student who reads with a native teacher. which is itself derived from the earlier forms of the Devanagari. § II. vowels. are: Short.] ^^ H. ((Q-jSieo.] I. should be left by the learner to the second or third perusal. Throughout tlie work all matter included in brackets. The Tamil letters (sr-^^-gi) are 30 in number.

The consonants as arranged by the Tamilians are.INTRODUCTION. No. § II. m. Class. (g) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 .

^^ 3. / r]S)e»i^^' = which includes middlel. . ^ . IT. ^p° [The more advanced student will find it useful to study the following arrangement of the consonants. . SiT 3:^ [0/ these ii and w only are initial: all are final.'\ . . il> only are All except iei may be final.'\ ) .INTRODUCTION. > IOldso '- = soft]. (5\). „ . LB. . 3^. Here each letter is the (jj. < ^ \ Soft class. •K. U. / \ Of these i. -' which includes <oST [ m^sjiSjuir/EiDSJr ] J (^. Si/. .< „ \ Strong . initial. wntcn includes ^ -^ . ^' wssTLD — class]. <5^. . S. § II. [ iL/jiSVifflJtpsfr]. corresponding nasal to the one above. strons. <oSSr. . . fBJ. (Comp. . J S. Lp.)] In Tamil the consonants are divided into - f 6VS\)sQ(SSrLCi.. f5. L-. P [<S^/_^i-//D]. 68—70. ^ \isij&3 '" = class. class. Middle . Pope's III Grammar. 1^* One of these cannot end a word. J lU .


^suim). ^nsisr'\. (kan).) 3^ fB These are never initial. m and em never initial. i. of the tongue u/rgii'\. penance (another form of g:^ Almost like h. in which a z sound will mingle. a sound. a slight aspiration. but soft in all other cases. ^i-fi.-® Qp-ujp-& (mu-yaR-chi). (sat-tam). a sect (th in this). ^tQ-3i consist of a guttural (i). this. aeh-i—rrdr. (q. as \_LDem'Lh. ld). §26. {a.Apply the tip to the ridge of the palate.) IT There are three r sounds. far back as you can and pronounce a strong n %^ IS seldom (or never) filial.INTRODUCTION. .Ti-}u). aside. arrow. (as nearly as dental as tion of the upper teeth. ^u-ULh (pa-nam). rice-cake. he saw. but sonant when they occur singly. when they are mute. \_Compwre the Hebrew use of the Dagesh. ^ld-l^. to the and pronounce a rough to r. yVar. § II. possession. ^iL. may be): Bring the tip of the tongue to the and pronounce a gentle r \_iMinJ:). (cerebral): Turn the tip of the tongue. cotton. (dental): Bring the tip of the tongue to the lower edge of the upper teeth and pronounce a soft n [/F<sii). These letters are surd at the beginning of a word. (ap-pam).) <3^'3' = ch in ( church ajter lL or ^3=-'3=LiD a-cham ). ( <? ^ = ck). The n and gar. as far back as you can. u-emsrij} (ma-tham). unable articulate this letter. and pronounce a distinct n <oS3T usodr]. an (?<£. ip are never doubled. ^. (sm.) There are three n sounds ih. (M-chi). (f. 1 South. and pro- nounce a rough r [ ld^ld. a ld^ld mm (as in German Tag). (palatal): 63r Apply the tip of the tongiie to the ridge of the palate \_LD3sru:>.] (d. (ta-vam). ekr. are pronounced hard in the beginning of a word. and when they are doubled. money. In the North in the same toay they use lu for (Cora. there. fear thou. (e.J <5. palate. seisr ij<s-«ii) an eye. u. (c. <ss}i^tTm'\. inser- p (palatal): . a palatal (ala cerebral ( l-). ^uld (ta-bham). and a labial ( u ) Each of these has its nasal ( la. ^-euih a^^-jSiii penance. In the ( 'Sit ) instead. and when doubled. Nordheimer. bread. (pak-kam). effort. tiosv/f].. a dental (^ ). LDsdr (ma-ghan). (g. they use a strong up. in the middle of a word. five.) The first five classes (iii. 123. by which it is accompanied: ^iejuie^-s^. Lp (cerebral): Apply the tip of the tongue.) most a dental) ( '^).

Unguals. en .^ = (COT). and forms with it what in l^uSirQLDiu = a living body]. (cerebral): Tongue curled round as far back initial. ^ &c. Qp^^Lo']. 1 so (palatal): Tongue to the ridge of the palate and pronounce a soft &ir [«a)]. (^. The latter form is only used in Malay41am. not like th in and not like d which is a very / common mistake.) When part of the consonant. u. I should call. [ff']. only the ^ (c. eu.'] LD.) There are three t § 11.'] (i. sounds. (h. p.) <F Remove ta.) * But compare Max Miiller's note to "Proposal for a Miss.. tidr. (cerebral): is Tongue curled round as far back as possible 3^ ^ [^ thin. • {Cacuminals. s + ^ + S) = ^ = Lf.QPPpi^']\_^L-L—iJa~\. Sanscrit. he said. <F. when follows a consonant." p. labial. « ka. . cerebral.) <s/r ki. as possible [«is»r. ^. If the consonants be arranged according to the place we shall have. er^-(rr^esr pronounced. is changed into /r or ^^ (^ + c?= -&. (As it in (" or •) and is inherent Hebrew. &c. never final. «. &c. palatal-dental. in the middle of a word. single. palatal. Tamil is called a Vowel-consonant (a.INTRODUCTION. sxzix. essr. (b. i. <«/r s&.) ^ in the -t- ^ is added to a consonant. iL + ^ ^ (Here there is a slight variation. 8g° These are never properly CjO ^/^ is of euphony. the sign sa. m. "iJ = ©• .. El. ^tr it. it IV.)• The intermediate form is found in (These two forms are the same really. When a vowel follows a consonant is attached to that conso- nant. a d sound (en-dran). dr. lower edge of the upper teeth \_^iTm. eo. dental. S I (dental): Tongue to the PP I (palatal): Tongue to the ridge of the palate l.) There are two sounds. Alph. where they guttural. &c. lL. ^ is joined to the upper = Q.) ^. e. ['ij]. these three cases: cszir «^ P + . is sounded like th in this. ip. is introduced for the sake ^^ are pronounced.

and there was no difference The same may be said of e^ and ^. <? and (f. The consonant is standing + « + ffi eg sp = 0«/r Win J old alphabets.) e_ or . (i. + er = Q<s."] i +s — ems. <?-/r (h. thus: &c.) the consonant. Qsir is '•x'^ and Qsit ^^ .) s^ is the preceding. + er = S"<b.0<5Sfl". s il eiar + est ^ + + + est eat = = =:^ <»>. with an additional stroke or loop. o-®rr.) er — 0«. To all those letters which begin with a loop it is still joined.) (S^etr = (These combinations are rarely used. tp \_This also was formerly joined.) ^srr become d + ( j.) is The number of these vowel-consonants 18 X 12 = 216. and prefixed to \_They were formerly joined. Sbsr. ®. &c. <oT <5J are changed into o and respectively.] <s in d+ (g. f ^' The changes ^ em + u) 1 in the consonants are only such as are necessary. Compare • = Qsrr the English k). thus: +S — enLp.INTRODUCTION. § II. (e.|& become 0-t and between. (irregular). thus: <s form between the long and the short.) g&. See the table. = (ip. &c. ^ becomes <oSi and precedes the consonant. ear — ^a. singly added. 2- + S- = ^\. or with a loop ^. (g. respectively. is changed in q joined to the under part of the consonant. These are shewn in the following table: 13 . (d. a hand.



&c. and So also in other S. aO-®. all. ^Qsrih. sound of m. ^^ just so The learner must take care only to vary the sound much as is necessary to the proper pronunciation of of the vowel. pronounced kd-vena. by a cerebral or lii. ^-eartli. palatal). Gram. er. which. and this added to a short sometimes used in Tamil. 6. v. — i3-pm. is (b. an acquisition. But in Sanscrit. in a manner analogous to the German " umlaut. er<sc-&)iTLD. r^JU before the final er. Qu-jpi. which man? its ^° __ This Y sound sometimes written both in Tamil and in kindred dialects. (to be read with a native. letter. a scorpion. ka-garam. fr. pronounce. Q^&T.) If the consonants be properly pronounced the vowels preceding will be necessarily modified. si-na.) ^sum cS'-O he. under. kei-yena. leave. &c." V. ^ — . (pon)- a place. Qea-^. the following consonant. Examples. © To for a long vowel they add vena or yena. (k. Children should be taught to eas ^^ (I. thus: <s § II. as in Union. (viidu). or SIT is y being inserted euphony. and sirato to a long ^ ^ s SIT is then a-garam. a diamond. ka. eo or &r of all but monosyllables takes the In the words ^ffsm® two and ^ff^ Camp. kindred. ^-sstui. er-evcsT. a neighbour. Q(su-^. kd-gdram. as si^sii) sulphur].INTRODUCTION. a doing. another. is got rid of the better. ^. ^ OT. Qlq. d-garam. they lengthen a short is pronounced ka-na. ^-su/f he (politely) pronounced aver (not avar). &-(B. aven (not avan). suld is is one. letters in Tamil schools.) Initial @. words. an opportunity. er-^.) The sooner this &(c.i_i£). some of them (a. kd. is a vessel. the of the vowel consonants n is pronounced very short. as in English initial m. an equivalent. Q3=-UJ&). • Oi_«OT (ffi. Bopp''s Covip. Vulgarly as er.) In pronouncing the vowel and added na. essr. (chiefly when followed are often pronounced as if preceded by often sounded yu. ip. dish.

ink. .) G^srr is often written ^©^ or ^<sii. . if (f. price. f etoLD.. <3^-eisu. is always pronounced very slightly. is A letter called ilytham. icissn. Ljs«s»<s. • is it is ^ \ eT+@.'] (d. (I. followed by i^. in the slight ?/ sound in which it ends. having locked at. a hand. It is almost always added to facilitate the enunciation of the final consonant. is an animal of the genus Bos = almost to lditlL. This letter does not really belong to the language. becomes bliss.) Commonly. or VELA Mai. and by the common people is often turned into J). and was introduced.)] all.) In other cases it is often sounded ei/. under Sanscrit influences. Ill Grammar 15. - _ _ . Vulgarly initial £_ is sometimes pronounced as thus S-sJr. ep: (e. s^i—Qssr = (saL—Qesr. in order pronounced u-Lp. [In Telugu. a certain poetess = ^eu-eaeii. used in poetry only. § 11. apparently. as if written QtEfriLdQ. (c. Thus: Tel. [The Telugu and Canarese LDiT® also use s. . In the middle of a word it is often sounded almost like ^. silence is written tDaj-snnb. ^ Compare from your ems. u-tf« a similar manner.INTRODUCTION. becomes epsk. HALAGE = = = sfl^. seldom has its full sound except in the first syllable of a word. ea>u. only difiering from er. [Comp. having made.] to.- ^ and ^ is before « are sometimes pronounced as ^& (Here > I -i. and written thus: oo or <ffi>i. Thus QiDeirmii.d-Q. a board. pronounced uirdQiuih. and answers to it often in Canarese.^-^-su-QfiW. a congregation. ^ ^-eu-ikr. those things. 2. becomes uitiLisQiuld. him.) put! QLD-em<3^. . AVA Can. VI. teacher's lips the different sounds of and u-QFid-ests. a table. egair-e»ei. The rule given in the Nannul is that s has its full quantity only when it is used to express itsoion name. immediately. ^iLsQ. a pebble. and Malayalam u is used often where Tamil uses s. GfEfTsQ.(=the Greek x). ^^siEii. a bag. igation.

H.INTRODUCTION. (Cerebral. From the old Grantham alphabet eru s. QiDmL-s^ix). (sometimes in the end of a word in MSS). are borrowed the following al^ SH. § irii. letters. SiSDir-esfl Qfi-SsR-6i^y a teacher. \ > ' ' > loss. II. ^-D^ =: ffiT^ [s. . . With these the vowels may be "^ joined. ' y an elephant. Gin) s. The mm'Qis'uj following abbreviations and sis^ns are in use: . loss. heaven. VIII. . (generally -^ or iL) 8 m. ^ . eh-^iff^ a woman. generally lL) the English <si^ (generally «) ksh. J^ti] race. .

a well. IEJ eriii-Qa.) Words with iej. k. d. a never occurs in the beginning or end of a word. se/-«»<s. e. heat. IX. Qsirdso. a stick. the world. g.pomp. or of a syllable. arms. a large snake. blis a. the Sanscrit chaff. in the middle of words is very soft like the final g in (II. b. Qsireo.^-esm. The use of s for the Sanscrit h arises from the fact that the Tamil possesses no aspirate whatsoever. GT-<sei^. .) Words a male. r T «U T a yoke. why. e).. iii. . an ornament. Lonam. The notes may be useful to the student hereafter.jtii-s. . an oath. c.jijessr-t—LD. where? lion. . Loka. s represents k'ha. c. (I. e. It is never transmuted or elided. ^ek-ssrih. ^-sld. containing saor. ordinary words.^-esS. ^i-eto^. an cntanglevie7it. li /E not found at the end of a word. stalks. an atom. a tank. afnij-etas. @eir-£lij to day. an end. the Ganges. near. a ladder. g'ha and h. Qe^ir-sih. . > a metal. (^-eirih. iii. boiled . (SOT sometimes becomes lL before a hard letter.] m-SLD. ^im-sii. eiT-snr. a nail.) s.jij-asssr. x. Qair-iS0Lh. Qm-aih. pure gold. The sound of d some German words. LD before ^ becomes i (com. X- d is often doubled when it follows a vowel. s. lift in the that.M-^sssr. murder. rice. ssr or is. b. followed by LD a becomes im (com. It will be well to commit them to memory. unless followed by^. 3=fEj-sui. ! . a dam. . § II. (so suffers the same change. The pronunciation must be practised with a competent teacher. and is consequently surd or sonant according to its position. . and ear are interchanged occasionally. car is sometimes changed into p before a hard letter. rErr-su3. @-(cm-S>i. 1 (?ew/r-< . ^essr-ent—. (3sr and eszir are never found in the beginning of a word.) /. The following lists given for the sake of practice contain none but useful. s. Words containing a finger nail. s. d. Q^m-ffj.Jij-^S. •i. b. [s. a world. [s. . The Greek y. ©«-(g.) (III. In poetry m after dr often dis- appears. ^ii-^i}>. s. a. ^c. m-sua. Christ.INTRODUCTION. \ > 6ji-gi. food. . an owl.. an assembly.J Qearr-pjni s^-efru). ^-em. a. -tsi-^LD.

^(c^-s^. aiL-®. an animal of the genus Bos. ^ It becomes becomes lL occasionally when it follows a cerebral. p sometimes after a palatal. hook wp-gii. it d. /hn-iL-i—m. srr-gj honey. used for m.INTRODUCTION. d. iii.LD. (QfT-asTLD. tQrr-u-su). rice water. {\u\g. LDfT-®. (V. (obj. saffron. other. a wo7nan.) Words with ^. cotton. afoot. lL (t and d). (IV. show! a creator. a lesson. d'h. S!Tp-S)l.i— ^ . lL represents Sanscrit t. in high Tamil. a. C^-a/csr. b. memory. '. b. having learned. ^^ is often written for w^ in Sanscrit words. arrtL-® '-SIT. 5 a. is has grown used &iTiL(Si^si-gj. tie! change it! only. never found at the end of a word. unless in Sanscrit words~\. death (personified). as in the English there. eager pursuit. d. LD(^-s=efr. uir-^LD. ^ represents Sanscrit t'h. pp (tt). an assembly a dance. c. S(qS. For sirdj/E^ss. memorial. Lorr-^. > a book. . (Qp-pi£)-^p-p. u^-s^. uiT-L—LD. and vice versS. l-lL is often written for ei^ lL in Sanscrit words. limit. hot. t. LDITp-£jl.6ro^ an assembly without. d'h. When ld comes before ^ it may be changed into ^ (com. Words with ©. it <Sp)-£)l. "^ LjelU-^SLD. e). the sun. \_th Not (VI.) § II. wind.) five. faultless.) Words with ^^. wisdom. case). <S>_ a fault (obj. case) -sir. b. a god (Sanscrit d). iQ!r-uSi-g)i. Sunday. Bt^L—-L—. d. LDtr^-^-rjLD. d. is It is. l1 . a. ) (^p-p^-<5IS>^. In common Tamil ih^ are often changed into 0«. Q^<ssr. t'h. c. J he preserved. .

uir-uih. ld (labials). §11.INTRODUCTION. sh. a. S-U-3h. di. ::} J-(SU-Sr. affliction. s. I penance. <F The Sanscrit s is sometimes represented by ^ and lu. jeir-uu). ^ urr-euLD. b. ch'h. urr-Sssr. j. but in common use = s. (VIII. Words with u. j^h. pleasure. The vulgar constantly pronounce O^uJ chcy. . The Tamil possesses no sibilants purely such.) )Qsr-ULD. c. <F represents the Sanscrit ch. sin.

forms of S. .. "^ ! ^e^n-uii). s. § II. "1 I 7 . J Cd(5. he j • • rejoiced. world. J . ^ J I I .refinement. •. •^QSTLD. . j I ua-w. QiDeirssTLD. CSkL-s^-LDLD. £_sOcELD.. I t all forms of . Loka. . . • • "J iSmm. Kajaii. s. • "J .^ u-SmQ. ).INTRODUCTION. S-QeonsLD. / CCrtUlHtU. ^JT6^/r. XII._ ^ . ' CeoiTsii. ^- b. i—-<9^LD. > silence.. £_S«cELD. f [ s. • -SFii-Q^rr-ei^Ll). /» • f. TLD. ^L-. f ^> o » n mi'SFLD. (g«-@-tDifl ^. ulL-Q. joy. 5ic((7. • > « bird. Sanscrit words in Tamil.'J -^i^iiz).. J e_a)@.jij ff s= stsT .-W-LDLD. a ^ 60/ruLD. J >-. e=i-Qsrr-ei^s-S!rizk. i^3&^-ldl1i.

is The verb "to be" often omitted in Tamil. but conies immediately in Tamil. he. if possible. The exercises should in all cases be written and then committed to memory. is are generally masculine. [1. he came. 2. Let the learner frame more exercises for himself. by a native teacher. before sign of the accusative (or second case). Q^siisir. (^Lcuraar + s = This case follows the verb in English. 58-70. semrQi—eir. asm&<sm. When two words would be joined in English by putting "and" between them. Q^fnLL—irsk. 6. This should be used with judgment. ^-Ld.] u MUST always be 5. After the sign of the second case any one of the letters <s. account- ant. Nouns in ejr and things without 3. In the first few lessons letters which are inserted for the sake of euphony are put in brackets. 4. it.) 2. SBT. 7. he touched him. thus: =gysK^ [^] Q^inLi^irdr. useful words are used. he [is] a God. None but common. one. I saiv the merchant. ^eum Q^eudr. he did. which nouns in dr thus: Loesfl^eir + ^ = ldsS^^. @ [App. after being corrected. made. life are neuter. The pronoun ffl/zE^/rsBT. Vocabulary.FIRST LESSONS IN TAMIL. euird^adsr. and the Synonymes carefully learnt. he touched. xi. &Qh. eu/F^rrdr. a or an.] Lesson 1. - _^ . an accoimtant and a merchant. I saiv. he (These are irregular past tenses. ^ or doubled.) a man. Every word in each Vocabulary should be looked out in the general vocabulary at the end. a vicrchant. 5. thus: asmds^w suiT^^s^LD. The figures in brackets refer to preceding paragraphs. a son. thus: Eurrd^sSssr [<s] a<5mQi—dr. a god. Comp. Names of irrational animals The added it to Lon-rr'hsr. uessres^lfmm. thus: 6. is often omitted in Tamil where the English requires he came (not jijeum su/e^/tgw). to memory. is the vowel s. 1. from s<S2i3r<i@. 4. an ^suear. 3. an account. <5^. A key to the exercises is subjoined. and. (To be committed (^uoaffsk. Q^u^frek. 2_/-o must in Tamil be added to both.

&-Lbss>LD. \^ him. Ace." Exercise (To be rendered 9. He did. ersJr^sr. or even the son came. Thus kings say " ?Fe. into English. he. NoM. them. 1.them. (m. ^euetr." There is no Tamil equivalent for "the.) (n. thou. Sing. App. 2. you. Plu. you. Plu. to the context. and is used as [The plurals of all the pronouns maybe used in the English "you. and the merchant. (a. The accountant also came. li.US." In this case /B/rii does not include those spoken to. He Lesson 10." "also. Even the son touched him. s^iEjsSsff. or 11. we. f. ^a/Sstr.) (a." this way for the singular. but 9(5 [172] which means "one''' may sometimes be used for "a" or "an. or fEirear." "both" according (^LDirri^u) eum^trm.GriEJ<sds<T.) pare 3. 1st case ::} you.EXERCISE 1. or ^-d!r%isT. it.] The PRONOUNS. [b.) (n. miTLD.) iiT is what is called an honorific. ^(oe^enseir. they. or fBLD6eiLD. Tiie merchant made. I. He made. ^eiiiT:S^. LESSON 2. 2d case.) lar . thus: the son also came.) The accountant did. minki&ik excludes them. xii. (c. me. liiT.] ihirii) includes only exception to this is when a superior speaks of himself honorifically in the plural. NoM. He [is] a merchant. lErriijseir. J Sing. that those %oho are spoken to. or polite form. A single ^LD would signify "even. her. The man I saw the man.fhee.) you. A god and a man. I com- (regular 3.^ ^isadssr. rilEJi msuiTs^.) into Tamil.) (To be rendered (i. [Comp. she. f. (regular. A man and a merchant. ^es)^. (m.) As in most languages so in Tamil the pronouns are irreguthose of the 3d person however present the fewest anomalies. they. The 24 .)' m^isiOja'SoT. touched the man. The Tamil has no article. Ace. 8.) The difference between /s/r/i) and mtrijasir is. ^euesT.

appear difficult. 75 — 81. Less. a daughter. [§ Qasrssr [u] QuiHiu euiT^^sek. dog. Ljgi or new. QslLl- ihiriL.Sl3so). Qmesr LDS&r. Comp. viz.. THE VERB. a-gsrStesru^ti). App. 15. is is the 1st person singular present tense. LESSON 3. He called the great merchant.%'^srr [^] Q^nL-i—iTGsr. Adjectives (or the set BEFORE a tree. the whole system is very easy. ^<Sij'2esriLjth [iLi 3?^ljl9lLl^itiost. He saw a boy and a little He called me and thee. Qekesr. in reality. is the 1st person singular future tense. t-j^iiJ. A good daughter. ui^^Q^m .. Exercise 2. Inscrtcd to prevent hiatus.) These forms when analysed are found to consist of the verbal root. I—. (5tDUUj'2i3sr [«] seanrQi—esT' Quifliu (Sun^^sSsr suk^neisr. (a. (ordr^ld] aemi—irm (me [he] saw). and the terminations which distinguish person and number f fifl@pj. a meceo. words which are so used). LDffLD. a mother. / will read.. signifying. A new accountant. little. distinguishes the tense or time.) Tamil verbs have only three tenses. The language affords no [mn-ii may thus be considered as a dual form. a^^uiSiL^L—iTiasr. thus: uL^sQQptk. 4 ' 25 . (b. daughter. 43. QuiB'Jj. do (the root. good.) A little dog. he called. Q^tu. but. the 1st person singular past tense. The little boy touched The new physician called them. son. as in English. UQSLpiu (smuiudw. (u(Q^). the mother. ^STO^ [^j Q-SFUJ.] Tamil There are some things relating to the conjugation of the verbs that. / read. and [Comp. other traces of the dual. which being added to the root. VocAB. Do that.) [in Gram. ] (b. xi. I read. great. a physician. A great God. They differ only in the middle particle. ueatpiv." the sign of the 1st person singular. lds&t. (oTisj . uif-uQum." They have also the same termination ejdr. "read" or "learn.) QuifliJj inssfl^m. and when once mastered will be seen to be exceedingly simple. old. ^iTLU. them. "/.] 12. past and future. the middle particle denoting time (^es^i. She [is] a little He [is] a big boy.] the nouns they qualify. Qsi— emu turn. miruj. (afl&6^ o^/rsb = action-ivord. ^^ 14- He saw me. LDsm. esisu^^ium'. 13. and also the imperative). He touched us and Lesson 3. are undeclined. signifying. bad. a boy. present. (a. in this agreeing with both the Pali and the Pracrit. a dog. fB&)&) LDSTLD' i§iT sjSiJ&r m&)&) ^niL.EXERCISE 2. at first sight. 'STesr'^ssTiijLD. These three forms have the same root utf.

) 3.) The middle particle. or sign of the future is uu or en. uL^. first the ROOT. ^^ in the past.) As a general rule verbs whicli are transitive in their signiJicatio7i take dQgii in the present. In conjugating any verb. makes Present.) (e. The middle particle.'" being tx*ansitive. thus. ^sar. li^ in the past and qj in the future. (f. and uu in the future. and secondly. . the learner must ascertain. then. or sign of the present is 8s>i or dQ^u. ^Hearn. the particular middle particle which it receives. (d.LESSON (c. or sign of the past is ^ or ^^ or li^ or The middle particle. tvhile other verbs take Sign in the present.

) inrrL-mi—. sit^ .) the elided. Exercise 3. eu is vowel. io/r© + s. of lduiI. ldos. of iSeirSsir (^a child). I destroy. iSt^n'bstr^siUJ . + lu + S3. insert ^^s^. ^.) case. inserted. KeOiSO esiUtuesr LJL^ULjrT(Ssr- QloiLulksst fsnoatud ^^(b. (b. [Comp. 70. consisting of two short syllables.)] . (I. the m being changed into ^^. seoSso. (a tree). App. ^peis>p. (d. xi. of uiir® (a7l ox).2_ + s. The cow grazes. (comp. (II. nom. II.of the noun being elided and the ^1 doubled. LDmLeai— The rule is. lierd grazes. LDirL-es)i—. are sake of euphony {ej may take SleirSsn is the eu inser- folloived hy a either lij or <a/). and add the termitiation of the (f) sSdSsi). which is the ^ld. (1) the lL is doubled. Why ^. The shepThe accountant destroyed it. thus: ldhC-. xi.)] <s)) The final e_ of all tvords not (g. (a-) uu^dQCc/Dek.). for the is + eu + s. is nom. <^eir. I feed.) sfTemfi is nom. nom. gb. lu is inserted for the sake of euphony. (II. ^L^QQpear. [App. The 2d case [3] of us^ (a cow). (c. and not included in the above rules. is ua-iss^w. (I. gp. + same thing cast away S3. and (3) the termination of the case is added.] <cB)^. lditlLlL.QiMUJsQQpm'. the final s. [App.)] i3eir3siTes)iu.) From ^s" LDir^tsis)^ is : is formed ^psm/o. is tnonosyllable is + s. 4. ^^ ted? ua(a. LDULD (e. The little child reads.)] voicel. IV. II. When the vowels. eat. xi. is elided before a vowel. of seo (a stone). App. siTes>^. cow perishes. 2_. LESSON 4. not preceded by one short syllable. The bad boy will destroy He gave it. a&) + The final cotrsonant of a short doubled before a vowel. 3).) ©ea7"(537" LDS(sr^Lh ^niqili. substitut- ing fi) for L-. is nom. QiDiLQQpm'. sr. or. [App. 18. when any noun ends in ®.) us-msii.' and of <s/r^ (an ear). I will give. xii. and III Gram. Lesson [Comp. Why is itj inserted? When ^. in precisely the same way. them (neut. The The little dog destroys it. ^ or s are followed by a xi. of (a river). 17.EXERCISE 3. 58. He perishes. (2) the 2. II. <oi€sr'2i35T ^L^ULnresr.

The (d. signs of case.] nom. [Less. tS^tr. eufresnh. or dative.] the noun (b. viud. genitive. The second. 20. a father more familiar]. The first. U)t^> the earth. I did it. which adds [Less." This is in reality two cases. a ^auuasr.EXERCISE 19. a hand. 74. sb© Ljoo^^^ica^ book [tj] A he read. [_Qeii^£!imLn = a changing. [^^suuek the heaven. The big boy saw the father and the heaven. (a.] (e. of which the former means "together with.) which adds @ = to. ljov^sld or Lj^^sui. or nominative. xi. The I saw the mud. or objective. is — aS'®.] ___ __ . He destroyed the country. [s." The The fifth. I will give a book.] (c. LESSON 5. or instrumental. These are. accusative.) I saw a house. 77.) )sBr inserted euphonically Comp. a house. The Tamil noun is said to have eight cases.) native. which (in the singular) is [Less.) The fourth.] Exercise 4. [Observe the order. ^i^QT)i^ or (f. VocAB. uL^^^srrm-. arr®. 21. It destroyed the jungle. Q^a^gu. Tamil and the former is ^SH. [Less. App." and the latter "by. 78.] which adds ^e^.] [The added particles. He called the good father. a jungle. The physician gave a book. I fed the cow. I saw little boy learns the new book. mother.] (a. or ^<^. <5sis. [Less. usi-(m<aii[i^ih eauaj'Siosriijili aioSsrQi—<ssr.] s to the nomi- [But compare 18. ^rr&sr. i3^aissi<su [<s] s^ulSlL Lesson DECLENSION. or 2_i@. are called ^0t-/ = form. 5.) itself. %^ He read a book (3). He touched the dog. iS^rr Sanscrit. which adds &-mi-iu or _ to the nom. or ablative of motion. 75.) third. or <s@. to the and d is doubled according to rule. mrr®. 76. Issr^ to the noun.'] which adds sg®. [Less. If <^« be also added it gives the meaning of "for. river. a country. a book. 4. or possessive case. 79.

O man! + esr. + /5 = ear. but assumes the forms /s. or (2) lengthens its last syllable. often used itself for the genitive or 6th case.) LLesrl^Qcsr. together with a man (4.]] ^^ 29 .] generally the inflexional base that is used when a noun is made the base in cases where it differs first member It is of a compound. The seventh.] LoeS^dr. The signs of the cases are the same for all nouns. which adds ^&> or ^c-s:. 248. SINGULAR. li. It is not the Etymological root in ii. im and la. see 18. [Comp. This final ld gives way to the stronger (and in poetry sometimes before the consonant).^^ j( i^eofl^C^®. which (1) adds er to the noun. before a consonant the nasal is generally retained. « man. not quite identical with the crude form in Sanscrit. 3. (8.) LDsS\^<Q&>. being from]. 8. (2. at a in a ( man. -3= and ^. before the vowel of a suffix 10. by a + Sj.LESSON (g. Loe^^MX^®' ^^ " ^*"" ( *" ^^©J( LDieJ^^^<so to the noun. 7.) LDioi^. inflexional base (casus obliquus) being ascertained there this inflexional For It is It is 5. standing from. The Tamil noun has really but one declension. The only difficulty in declining nouns which differ from the above paradigm is in ascertaining the modifications. iDsafl^ssfiia). [App. Case (1. chiefly euphonic.) Ui<siSif<sSi—^^&). are used euphoni- cally as terminations of nouns. 9.) xii. a man ( (3.) LDSofl^sssfla). of a man.] (h. LDsS^sS&^^gH. or a/ (which Tamil and its kindred dialects). Ln<o<^s. which the nominative (casus rectus) undergoes in order to prepare it for the reception of the in- flexional particles. xi.) 5.<5iM<^Qh)isi. and in the plural (29) they are the same as in the singular. (d^. belonging to a man man. man ( + .] all cases. the lL is In nouns in are often interchangeable in undoubtedly not radical. 80. from or ^ctj man ( + ^eo [a) ^&) + §l(ir)i^. Paradigm. + S-<oe>i—iu @dr). 6.) LDsS^Ssisr. 1. [Comp. for a man + £-<s@ + ^s )• a (5. from the Nom. and lengthens the remaining vowel.s^ieiai—iiJ ( + Sesileir^ or or ) ( LDsS^eSeir.] [lit. The 4. or local ablative. [Comp. a wiaw ( + _g)i_^^a) or ^'so).]) or (6. Append. before «. [Less.) The eighth or vocative. wi//« (7. or (3) omits the final consonant.) + ep(B ).) [lit. is no difficulty. 131.^ [Notes 2.

order).) that this ( b. who.) He came with Always invert the son. is very often inserted between the noun and the 22. By this for the little daughter. Do I saw him in the house. she.) ^isjQs. that wovian.) ^si. ®jUUL^. 6. erii^.) ereusjr. a vast number of useful sentences of two words may be formed. [^gydr is sometimes used for ^air in poetry. how. This is evidently for the sake of euphony. b-) iB&)60 GS)ULum- <sSlLis^6\) ui^^^n<5sr. iSl&r'Serr ia2jiT^^sQ(SV)(Sl- lL i^eSI Q^ i^ (IS. (d.) she. (hcec. that thing. [vulg.EXEKCISE 5.) ( e. which thing. (a. C-) Qiu ! (18. ^sneir. By the physician's accountant's little child. thus.J* ^uuL^. e. ^Si. (18. Observe tliat termination of the case. ^©G-s^-] (oTimQs. (ilia.) ^Guar. The herdsman From the will the child.) (^quse. <Aere (illie.) ^Eusar. (hie. gtj' By combining the following words. ^iB^. he. Words of the greatest importance.] ^^ 23. er^. ^<sn<sir. LESSON 6. this thing. ^i^. in that way.) man.)^ikiQs. In heaven and earth. feed the cow in the country. so. emphatic. 24. what vian ? {^qnis.) LD!j^^ts(^. <siiiT^^S(5ufli—^^&}." the dog from the jungle. 67 may be added to most of these terminations. sniLi^Qeo (23-J saiLL^GO LDjT^(oia^ SJj^^^^'' (b. this. The physician perished in the country. i/za^ (demonstrative ad- jective pronoun). in what way? which ? ' Often pronounced by the common people si^ui^. ersuajr.. here. 6. Lesson 25. He called me with the mother. From the river. STUULf. Ml this way. this woman. 30 . which wovian. Sometimes it is Exercise 5. attending to para. the child (Tarn. thus: ^eudr 6raQ&? where [25] he? (a. (c. but /or the most part merely euphonic. man.) ^nujssnsfs fT semssspiosii—iu Lorjih. where? (f. He called "with the child he came. he. (ille.) who.

(lit. 5.) How now.) These three letters may be prefixed to any noun. (a. er®.)* 6.) ear or ^isuisS®. (active). Exercise 6. or ? ereueS®. ^ir.) Initial tant. 6. *QuirQfgi = areola time. ^uQutTODgj (com. i@<scsil. Quit. ^. used in poetry to point out things in the middle or behind. which house? is neuter. and the like LoeS^dr. Thus he perished with his son. stop QsfT®. or ^s^eS®. the initial letter of the noun is generally doubled. When will he learn? He will learn now. is and to ask a question. take away. this house. What have you come What do you want ?\ did he make it? Where [is] the merchant's son? Come her then. stop (neut. ^uQuiT(igsi (com.] (h. He did so. QaiTism®Qu[r. this.n(Ssr? Q^tL. That [is] his house. Compare the English. when (a. then. say.] eriEjQ<ss aii^irdj? [This an idiom. u« QldiuQ/d^. go. THE IMPERATIVE MOOD. 31 . err the feminine. srLjQiu!T(L£^ (com. ^uQurr is ^Q^iejQs? is [<jy^ sriEjQs. ^uQurr^. in which case. LESSON (h. Qsrrem®€iiir (pronounced always Oairemi—ir). thAt. The good shepherd will feed the sheep now. These are declined =sy. s^em^ for ? ui^^^nm. Those in elide the final s-. ^ ^ (a-k. xohat. that house.(r. stuQuit). and used for.) give. Which is his new house? Where is it? Who is he? Who is she? Which is that? (b. He saw Lesson 7. useful Imperatives. "taking come"). ^uQuirgi. hear. give. G«err.) ersum ssssri—nm? eiuQunQ^^ semu-nisijr^ (sriEjQa ssssr STEiQs etai— <s io3ars series) I— cu ^nijb? ^t^^^nebr? [u] ^iejQs Quifliu ^i^ Lcxssfl^ehr <5irkiQa? <oTLjul^ [5ml. tell. ereufir Q^frLLu. now. ^rm^r stand. er are used respectively to point out things dis- Ill [^ Gram. things near. ^uQurr).EXERCISE ( g. stuQuitsj. Qs^tr&iSS. the masculine termination. (Si. b. lift up. Sffii^gi.] come. [Some 27. c. ^uQuir). 26.) 7.

is i£®seir. £i^^ [The •stiej Tamil msm Come [is] is more homely than the Sanscrit (^Lonnm. [Com. or polite imper- ative. this becomes the honorific.) 7- ^lEjQs Qurr.) Masculine nouns ending in also very generally. a man.] 32 . siJiT^^s^sai—UJ [i£)«OT2/<5(5d5] QsnQisjserr.) By Exercise 28. jijiejQs ^isiQs iSSo^. say ye.EXERCISE 7. go ye. surr. &in-(if^ia<Bm. Take the physician's cow there. (a. (b. They but no doubt improperly add s. which is used as a still higher /<o7?or/^"c.) The plural is formed by adding se». Seo^ii. shepherd's son. lift ye. That {^suasr) is the great physician's son. or ^-iksSir (or ikissir). (c. ^iTQffiij6s<s!ir^ bestow ye. (a. ^tiQ^ih (irregular from root ^ir ). thus: erSliD. (a.) The root. Qs(St^Lh. Q3=!r<so^LD. Osn'(BLD.sir also thus LDsSi^dr. come ye. THE PLURAL NUMBER. (b. QffU). tSgu^gjih. .) is the simple 2nd person By adding s-m (or th). thus g:^' [Com. it Lesson 8. to the root. When Lift Go to the river. give ye. strictly the pluralising particle of 83= [am Low-castc.~\ the neuter. or sometimes simply and more correctly LDis^^^a. adding ssir to the above. Thus: a house.) The cases of the plural are formed : by adding the same terminaxii. houses. suit come (irregular from root euir). Qumh. thus: Qun-iaseir.) ( Where to the house the great ox? = come home). "that man whom he called"). (^LDfTrr^s(^d ^. App.] tions as in the singular. : (c. [Observe here the difference between the Tamil and the Sanscrit and Classical languages. LESSON 8. the singular. plural LDsS^irsm. enijQs QLDiLsQQrj'm'^ tDrriLes)!— Ssar iSsir'BofrioiaLU eSiLi^Qed iS&)^. 69. erQ/ijaerr. Ill Gram. Qsir®tsj-ssir. Bring the little child here.] 29. 67®. Whom did He (^aitosr) is the that man call. it becomes the plural.'] Q^shisst did he do [it] ? from the mud. Qsi^tsjsSir. Qs^msdsniadSoir. sff®. or crude theme of the verb singular imperative. (b. hear ye. (Tarn. or rather of the cjr mostly change ear into /r.


ususilisr o"- uireo [= o/ many t/nngs-partj. App.. the root."/. present tense of tlie simple verb. Person. xii. and The following is a full list of tlie ordinary the personal termination. H. 9.) of the present tense viz. . sadrpDGsr urreo (spsm-^ek. J I [ \ These belong only to 2_ ^ feminine of rationals.7 (V. (II. "'""'^ '.'] I 1^ Plural epicene rationals. <! j . 184]. The We .) culine.T > | These belong only to o ^ si^' Plural masculine. Singular mas".] have seen (Lesson 3) that there are tliree parts in any form fa.) I p3!\^ a poetic form].LESSON 9. ueciTU!T&> f (III.) Ousmuire\) [= fcmalc-parf]. Singular I. There is a further division into five un&s (= imrt). feminine or neuter of irrationals. ' J isggBr~~] I r (IV. This includes^ the singular masculine of rationals.) I [= many persons-part. feminine or neuter of irra( tionals. [Comp. These are ["(!•) ^<sssruir&) [= male-parf]. . terminations of tlie present tense. J Lesson 31. tlie middle jjarticlc denoting time. [= of one thing-part.

Q-s'luQQpm.] are coming here. &c. The child learns. They say so. xii. ^uQurr Qsrr®. they learn J~. ^iSlssrsa is also 8 and the ^ In high Tamil 34. /• uL^sQQ^eir. but not to use them.) feed sheep in the jungle. The father walks.dS(T)/'iij. sunQ. <st:eiQs QufiQrSffsefr? Ccom. UL^<iQ(rr^m. (politej ! Q3=uj8(!r^iT3i&r.d 8 (y it . [^] Q^iLdQ 35 . go to the house now. The child walks. In very common Tamil. The mother brings the child to the good merchant's house.d@0'ir. — — — We We We They are perishing. ULQ. (but very rai'ely) used as the temporal Q^a^ii particle of the present. Q'a=ujSQ(n/'LD. are used for uL^&8pgj. he learns.aisslQr^fT'Seir. I I do. Qufr^irserr ?) wit^^s^ud stiejQs ? <^(Lg^Q(rrj>ns(3rr. uL^tuirSskQ/Dsir. [A thus : 8drsii nasal GJrmay be eupLonically inserted between the and sQmgji. she learns. uLf.)] 35. they learn. they do. (a. (Tarn. Ljetvsss^sm^^ semrss€S)iiJD gjeiai—. ) it learns.) She does it. For the remaining see App.) fB6\}&) esiuiuesrseir Ljeh>^as^<ss)^u ui^s8(7)^ns&r. UL^aQQnjeir. It is necessary to understand these forms. uistdQQQrj'LD. They leax-n the book in the house. learn them. m. 9. uuLs. (seldom used). [Also ui^s8mQpssT. &c. toe do. learn. Exercise 9. and even uL^ii^gj.Qpgi&<s<r (vulgar). . but this is ra. . we learn. UL^:i8<5m'pGsr. L9m'2e(T<5S>uj (^LDfTrrsv)i<i(^d ^su^ ^mJu emi—UJ (sS(B ^eu&r [^] Q s n em®Q u frQ LcnQ'S'hsrr (ir^eff. I I uLf. euns^^s^il) sssstssssiild (^UjL<s8nfiTssrr. poetical forms. (ir^isfr .EXERCISK 33. Plural. The cows drink in the river. Singular. thou learncst. ul^s(^^. They in the house the book read.] A full paradigm of the ordinary form of the present tense of and uLQ. 3. Write that in this book. thou docst. 36. How does the child walk ? The boy reads the book [aloud]. You [hon. (xii. he learns. She sews.ther pedantic. ) . ULSLd8/D^.: Person. Qi<3=iuQ(yiu . When Where are they peiishing ? (b. ly-) u Lf. does he learn this ? He is going home.

. xi.)] Paradigm of the 1st personal pronoun. (h. Plural. iBLDLDireo.) The pronouns when declined take but in the oblique cases they change the Tamil. Lesson 10. lEdLD or mir/a&eir. [ii) root. takes for the 1st. same terminations as nouns. and ibw or 67 lo for the others. + i = App.) 1st. III. except the /n/rii In the plural lEia.] Case.) tlie (a. iBirssr. I Singular. xii. sr isj 3. sr/Kisc <o(r IT by me. and are thus irregular in /E/rsJr I. [Comp. (See 10. as in all other languages. (1. App.LESSOX 10. takes it <oT3sr as its root in all cases of the sing. 37. <k ^1 together ivith VIC. sreirdssr. The personal pronouns. ISLDiSSiLCt.

6. rsLhiSli—sj^eO. tSl^frQi^ ! (18. &e]. sreB7-<s@^ Q^rftu^LD. VocAB.ff"(Sro)L9. Qeuessri—rTLD.) +^. To make a form answering to our infinitive mood in many respects when any verb has sQgii iti the present te?i. must (vulg. \ (?(aiy(etw)ii). 2_#-<?^//?. uj or su to the roof. Come He to rae (Ttli case). (orsi!ra>(^^Q^fflujrr^. it is iinnecessari/. it is understood. (ip€urlei£l. Learn it with him. pronounce.a^rHiuniu [_-3=!fl + ^iLiI. How does he do it? I [am] a physician. Where is my father? Wliich of us is does our cow feed in tlie jungle? reading (aloud)? Which of you is learning? The little child [is] in the Cb. When rubbing down your big bullocks. L^io ^(ms@(rrj'a. He is wiping my new book. 3S. In English "ly" is added in the same way. I don't understand [To rae. 40. 15.35. eurr. need not. <o76srd(^d QsrrQ. it it not intelligible. Q<S]^)ild). a munshi or native teacher.Zy]. [31. ^suissr ^/szd^ ^uuu^ Qs^lu Ljeh> (oTiskQ(SV)(S tSl&r'^serr (Bi—sQp^. Examples will be found in Ex. rightly. one must. fut. a lesson.] is tlieir good bullock? My bullock does this for us? How does he do this for us? good cow in our house. one j^- Defective verbal forms. 136.^ I (vulg. ^-s^^iBuQum. 11. [Com.] ^-eurspieat—uj ^sar ^suu(osr sSlL ^s^<3S)^ [<?] &<5sr(osr [u] (siauiUGpidf^ [d] Qsn®. iBUDLoneO (sresrs^ismL^uj mniss ^tkiQs.QsO QmiLSlp^. (&) [s^] ^L^is^neir. is I understand it (It is intelligible to me). Qi^&tliaUiTiu [O^srRa!/ necessary/. not.] 41. rELnQpeai—UJ u<3? <srTLLin. We — to f^jfrSda Qeu<sm(BLh. Lesson 39. They are These are my little books.EXEBCISE 10. I'or Where does this us. add ^. hut to an adjective. This [is] my book. A : Form for yourself the (so called) infinitive mood of all the verbs in the preceding lessons. . read — it is necessary. Q^iBujfrffi. or si.) um—il-. (a. clearly. Q^fffiLjili.) [is] here. Qeii<sik(SiLD. in 34. [Qldujllj^. a-) eiear eS®. ^--s^-a^rR^Q^m. [Com. S-'3=£=if^<iQQpQsr past. ~~~ 37 . Exercise 10. isreor STSsrC^® euBi—^^eO firrek.) GTiEissrr SUIT. ( change sSgu into -is. LESSON 1!. They are destroying my new house. and lohen it has Qsu. Read it to me. ^^ fVe fErrii) mitst read.) J noun may generally be converted into what may be called an ADVERB by adding ^«J [or ^^e] to it. it is correctly.] Write out the whole of the present tense as Q^LoesiLDUJiTaj [Q^p/ienu) + ^lu^. (pr. 11. Who A house with them.

The He does not understand the lesson. <sufTesr^<5m^LLjm L^LSlemujiijil) ustsL—^^rrir. in fact a verbal noun. a missionary children mothers.) this ? He must rub down our bullocks now. ^. ^ is.[#] Q&^LULU QsuessTi—fTLD^ Qs^LDGSLDUJ fTiLi ST(oard(^^ Q^ffliLjih. 15. go home. difference : The [The same distinction obtains between (McKerrell. thus: mrru} Q^LixsmLD'uiTuj ev/rSds — Exercise 1 1 ^lUUisf. (See Nord- heimer's Gram. &c. there 12. p. LDjjiEjssfr there are no trees here. (but something else). those are not trees.) cleai'ly. Read rightly. f^ssi^^ q<3=iLuj him. between KADU Gram. and his wife and female {b. between the two negatives. there ^<ix&o. . mood. LESSON 12. clearly. The new Munshi is comThe physician understands it well. ^uQurr (W^ sufT- (Lpesflex^ eu q^Q (rrf> fr . ^fjQuj ^uuis^ [<?] Qs=n&)60 Qsy&ssrL^rriM.^eoed denies the predicate: those (which are there) are not trees here. s^s^s^rflda QsuessrQuD- ^i^uuni—LD ^<su^s(^ [^] Q^iflajfT^. lEasbr eiuui^ S-4^s=ff)<ss [comp.EXEUCISE [This infinitive is 11. ^^^ ^EjQs ^imQs LDjjrmsm 2_e33r®. ' -. s-sBsr®. Do it You must pronounce You must do it rightly. The accountant does not understand that account. How must I do this? When must they do [inf.7 is not. forming with it a compound.(ourd(^ gtuul^ [^] Q^tflu^LD? spect and affection. (To little boy learns the lesson. .. no. LDffijsm @j&)dso. ^sasns&r 44. is that the former denies the existence of any thing. This must not be done. You must ing now into the house.) This must be done. ^&)(dO. ILLA and ALLA in Canarese 182). Don't walk in the mud. 5 .)] 38 . a word may our rightly reading. ^ems. 193). gjiso&o and ^&>€o. p. Thus /eiild surr&ds The pronoun may be regarded as = our reading.] QeuemQih. ' i ^ x ^eoeo.] LDfTiLiomL^ Sgu^^ Q<siJ6ssr®m. «'^^^>& Lesson 43. You must Speak read rightly. § 1062—1065. Don't read.] [The terms Father and Mother are constantly used by Tamilians as signs of reis always called father. . rightly. Qeyem^iJD? Qeiismi—nLD^ Qurr! ^auuQssr. and between AYIN and LEDU in Telugu (see Brown's and LO or AL in Hebrew. f. while ^e^eo denies something that is said concerning it. gi&idsi) denies the subject trees are not . . there are trees here. ) . not. [i^] Qs^lulu Qsii€sst®ld. } ) (irregular verbal forms).'} intervene.

a God. is i^sKsntrSuQueir. I must read with the munshi.] we saw that er also was an interrogative letter.EXERCISE 12. (^s-sua&dQQ^eiir. are sometimes used in the same way. ^ he comes. gg often suggests that there as in 18. ^ireu Q^eum t. gg. God. (Iiiterrogatives. u . shgn a-gn The Christian s^gasgauuiruj. in an alternative. usage of this word industriously. e^si-snirQ. (^SrGurrS^Q^eir. There are cows there. = universal Lord. (pr. I believed. (siQf^QQr^t^? \ (mi(ir)Q(rjQ(e^ ? does he come? but does he come is ? ^ ii simply asks the question. Put that here. and en are inserted when necessary Tamil ^. Exercise 12. ^rnu There is a cow in that jungle. It is Sanscrit. and «. er and ^fr prefixed to words. I shall believe. (or lufrir) is commonly used for "who?" erew-ajr is used for "what?" and differs from er^ which means rather. The little boy must come (ajsr) to my The mother must not walk (iei—ss) in the mud. b. s=iTQeijemurreir. 45. ^pfSlQeO Q^^ s^em®. (a-) shlLl^Qg^ LrurrEis^ir ^ssot®. Wliere [are] the cows ? children ? We <J^^^^iJ' Lesson 13.) that not a little child. I believe. uarruffdr. and is then declin47. LESSON 13. not quite native.) sfTaipsirrrm. + ^munm. i-f (40. (h. must take this up (<5r(Bds). 84. past. (The christian is word for God ulsolutely. ask a question we can generally do so by putting affirmative sentence. "whether of the two?" or "which among many?" istssicutld is used for ersirGsr occasionally. She has house.) is He We must pronounce clearly. there. is VocAB. believe. a watchman. used by Romanists. lUfT when ed like a noun. in Canarese is A and E are both used as the Tamil alone found in Malayalim. In lesson 6. fut. Tiiere is a good physician here. [A and are used in precisely the same way as the Telugii. 39 ~~ . t. You must put (Qum-. indiislrtj.) 46. ^ or When we wish to ^ at the end of an EiiQFjQQrj^sst.

It may be stated as a rule that the sign of the Ind case sitig. (not s. in most cases.) Remark that no ambiguity can arise here. altogetliei'. (Com.) is When will 3'ou read ? [15/. sfreu^sniirT ! (21. He is not the watchman. give [me] the salt (not S-uss>u = ^-ui-j + (oB:.) mirspt QuujiT euii^rrirasiT. forms may be considered as compounds. 158. a. (Com. Do'st thou believe in God ? Lesson 50.EXERCISE 13. of impersonal nouns (^'oo/S'Ssssr) should nut be expressed. 2_iJL/<sO<s/r®..sQ<su6m ^su&JT s6SSTas(^? Ql—fT? ^^ ^-(oir^(SS)i—Uj ^6\)'2io\)UJfT ? ^lElQs LDJJIEJSiSfr eSQi—n? ^fraQa LDiriEis&r p^&sar (oIiSl5r<S(g LDSTLD ^GdeOSUn? ^^ er<5sr<osrQ^ifl[Lii}i? snsijpsrrij^s(^3^ Qs^neo^. Gram.r «). In 14. learner should consider carefully whether the omission of the casal If not he may omit it. g^ Four persons came. (sssr IT Qd5/r(SS3r®ia//r. 3. bring mc [some] water.] ssh- have the nominative and accusative After nouns of number the plural sign often omitted thus.] Is that my lesson ? Where munshi? What does the physician say? Is the watchman there? The watchman is not there. Who is the watchman? Is there a watchman ? Is tliere mud in the river? Are Are there children in my house? Are there there trees in the jungle? the not little children in the father's house. common convei'sation the signs of the cases are often inter- changed. Tel. 173. (a-) unfTuji'^GST eSa-su n&sQQfD6nr. Camp. 49. In Poetry ellipsis is the rule. LESSON 14. ^em^ £S<9?(Sijn&<s. and Q & ir (B (Sii rr becomes Such urrSiiiQ Qs'iL^assr. 31. ^ sssr 0<s/r(533rL_/r.) (b. h. From this must be excepted nouns signifying rational beings (s^tun-^'hsEr) both mas.isssr<sssr€iafT). : also is in the same way He built four houses. Exercise 13. in common Tamil. 33^' ^sm(5sSfr is commonly jjronouuced he ^sin-essr. and those of the 2nd and 6th cases sometimes omitted In the higher style of Tamil this is very frequent. [Compare tliis with the usag-e of Indo-European languages in which neuter nouns alike. committed sin (not ufreij^eis^'S^Qs^iLi^irim). and fern. which have the case termination in full. _ i . The sign would occasion ambiguity.

A few only which affect the pronunciation are retained. &) before d may become jb: thus. QiDtseis^. Compare also App. luatcr). work. 52. beat. sin. (SSii—Oj Q(sy'2sodsfTiriT Uf.] fut.] Lesson Past tense. [App. 55.uhuld. before ^ may become s fS Lo (Q \ it J- The nasal is changed info the class to that of lohich the following may i } consonant belongs. eriaQs? u^^uufTjuD ^(TjiiiL^ GT<SldSl(ir^iTS(srr. unless it means emphatically a little. usssrua o-saar®. money. /. iSir. Call my servant. . their insertion It and must however be thoroughly understood by every student of the poetical dialect. disappear altogether. is learning a lesson in the house. cool.) Sj^'i'^ [or lditl-I^ss] Qeyemi—iTLh. — afic^air. an agent. Qeij^^dsnu-ssr ueoarijL Q'SirsmQisujKsSso'hso lurr? (b. (To me salt is necessary). ^l^. [15. (^srrff&r. srrejensirrreir.']) sk. a doer. salt. a bandy. They will all be explained as occasion requires. xi.] ^esarossPn (otiejQs? srrsii/bsrrji'SGsrd fBrriLi Qs^uil) ^suesfli—S^eO LDrri-Liss)!-. guard or ivatch.) ui<^<iQ(yr/'<osr. of the transmutations of letters. (a. Does he learn a lesson? Is there water want [some] * salt. &-ULJ. a a table. Exercise 14. 53. with a slight exception. uem Qsir6ssT(dQjff'f Qs=a6\)^. [so afrexi&). is very complicated. a servant. means a past. (Carefully go over again Lessons 3 and 9.) determines the tense. ^smmlriT. cold water. (pres. —uQum). 15. Future tense. QsuSscssrrrrsir. a burden. These changes are gradually going out of use. * The word some is seldom expressed in Tamil. 6 41 ~~ . He house? I Bring the money salt. xi. Read this to me. til 14. u (5m ill. uni—uD ui^^^nsisr. The personal terminations of the present tense are used also for The middle particle the past and future tenses. uireuLn.EXERCISE 51. JJJ' The whole system their elision. [^(sm. watchman. Qld(S!)S= s^uiSl®sksstg^i UfT<Sij(^ Qs^iLuj QeiKsmL—nuD- ^jiaQs Qun®. umsn^. VocAB. j)jL^^^fT<oir (for isnesiUJ. Bring ten loads of Did he give money to the servants? [15. He is reading a book in in the sins. ten. 54. LESSON 15. to me. —^Q^m. Qeu^./. u^gj.) He the jungle. aireuso + srrrjm — srreuflstrjm.uiS® call.

It is in added euphonically Malaydlam. u* + ^ei5r = usIll eflcsr not u@sir. give. Obtain.have Q^n in the present. For this a few The general rules will be given. Bite. Pres. I submit. I bite. There are a few Ex. Pres Past. I shall obtain. II. ^L Submit. slB pass off oi' away and a large number of others. The s_ is is evidently not radical. which will be given in 72. \ To obtain. submit. middle particles of the past and future are ascertained by the root and the present. except the 3d person future singular and plural.LESSON 15. . ^. thus: ^l—eji^ not done when 2_ is vowel of a following word. I ivilL I submitted. following general rules must be attended to : @gii of the present should have /f^ in the past. transitive [com. Fut. and uu in the future. This preceded by one short syllable: thus. Ex. ^ added in the same way dQjpi of the present. fall. Thus smite. are conjugated the verbs ^/Sl. Comp. ^(w. Root. churn. Ex. Pres Past.] III. Inf. or of a termination is + ^sir = ^i—iEiQ^k.before the often elided. Fut. to aid the enunciation. Past. I ~A2 bit. I obtained. ^ot in the past. but the dictionary must be consulted. These are intransitive forms. Write out in full the past and future tenses of all verbs you meet with. ^einjD. The middle particle of the present is @£ii or «©^. future. for the sake of euphony. The I. and <3j in the These forms are common to both transitive and intransitive verbs. 24. Roots in s. go under. These harsher forms are mostly exceptions to this. I obtain. requires ^^ in Ihe past. s<snL—. 56. I ivill bite. Gram. To submit. But there are some exceptions. To bite. Inf. and <su in the future. Fut. know. Inf. g^* [Final is £. 160].

rule 1. . and 111.) Roots ending in iQffi in the present. (I. R. in the ^ future. Special Rules. Ex. in the past. take and foUuw gen.LESSON lo. (and the greater number of the few in ^j.

2.) OcF60 . Briny forth (of cattle. ] Ent. 15. Pres.LESSON R. 16. EXERCISE Past.

Pres Past.] (?i_//r(?<o3r(SiJr[poet. esiSnQsesr «B>au(oai. QlSIT QrsiTwQjDdii Gi'^iTiBQsssr Q IE IT Q en im -] Ache. garment. Fut. aireo. ghee). white.] ^©Ca/OT]* II. The watchman perished with the son. [Ob. Q eu essr Q em lu . i§ ^i^ ^LL&ai—s QsneOeoQsuessrL—nu:). QuiTii5lQasrecr. We must churn in the house. sn<sun:)srr <cS(Sla'bs(nLitJa uesBr^ea^u^tii ^siJ(eu)QeO ^smi—Qeuai}). ii. completed. ® inserted for the sake of euphony. You must not smite the child. QiBiLiwQjrxssr iiBiu^Ssesr O/EtuQevdr Qmiuiu. Lesson 58. 45 . r General Rule. ^it @«n^ ^fSluu QsLieikrQil). VOCAB.\ QuirQsum <9^irQ(Siim ?/r(5(?«usijr. Qisiu j^iLiW^jDeur )<s=iU(o«(S3r Q uj Q eu sir Q<3=IJJIU. QlSITS. They perished in the jungle. suffer. [or Quits. The accountant and the watchman will obtain those cows from him. Quit. and foot. I. ) Inf. 17. a head. leg Qisiu.e5r \ eta su luiu Abuse. which are rather pedantic. 268.iuiuw'J'D<s!!r )uiu(Jset!r u tu <s^ (^ eu issr Q^LU Do. eiosuiHUfflisar I. The good boy knows the lesson correctly. butter (Oeueir. Quiu Rain. Go QuirQQpm [Co. ]* [or QeuSQpdr Burn.LESSON [not very 17. ossr (^ become [^(^-] ( ^Qesreir [occasionally also ^ilSGot-ot for ^SiQej^esTj j ^Qeusir [or be finished. The bullock fell down. (b.] semrdsesr ^sjd^cF s^ifliundj ^ifSlwrKssr. I know it by the lesson. God knows our sins. ^8so. LDissiW. rain. uL—isaeu a woman's cloth. Weave. s^irmQpssr Q)3= ^Q^iasr [or III. He fell in the mud.) The day has passed away. Exceptions to the First R. common. 56. Die. pain. 258. IV. QeuQisjsir Qsus. is * In all these forms.

n(^^ always. (a-) LD(SS)Lp QuujQp^i eresr'Sesr iQuLuiLi^. put aivay. R. ir senrLoQsuesr £B£l]ip. 6. j 56.J It rains. His leg pains. Grow. [are] you? (You — who?) Why Who Who [is] there? Go to the vvatchman's house. I. She is churning for Did the house burn? Who died? butter. VOCAB. Roots Fut. 1. euetriT [or (auevn^'j eu&rqF^SlQpiasr eu&riTtBQ^ear 56. (Si) eir (mQ en ek ^aS/r. 60.a)'8sv)? (b. ^is^u <oS)Uuj<nsr s smr d <s dir \Q'T.] ^/(Sro^i- s^rfliumuf Q<fdj(oSuio3r. I. Exercise 16.KXERCISE 16. \S^®i ^^ II. ssl^jDesr only irregular in this tense uQuesr III. 46 . €<€^^^& Lesson 18. And so all in £_. LESSON 18. ^a it S'Str. Pres. piTLp [or^/r(7^] firrQ^QQpdr ^iTLpiBQ^ear 56. srrrr'2t5sr LJi_(S3)a/(S35aj [or uL^issiSu. u(B Lie d-Miin. ^eum [or ^eunp^ ^siiQ^QQpm 56. eutrapQsnsisr j irrip. regular from IrootS/r. And so all roots in or Cp. Past. Be humble.] QfBtu^rresrss) su ^<ou<sn Qeu'^eos ssi&j Q nt?(S[r . 7. having d3^ in the present. 5. in &-. which may optionally add 2-. ^ir [or ^0] Remove. ^iripQeiKzk ^ITlfi. off. Prosper. I. in the jungle.) ^isi QurTi^(eu)? Lj^ Qsf^^^nl S\^^ Q<Sij'Se\) ^s He ^. liemove. 14. BJirip [or GuiTQ^'] euiripmQ^esr 56. he cleared I sQKQeuiasr ^IT. 4. 59. S)C5 Be. I. Crawl. 56. Inf. II. 3. 35. 'jQ^m jG^sar u(BuQuiasr &-(biui^uesr 2 Clothe. I. The Second General Rule. Exceptions to 56. I. I. in (o<5 common LDfrQ talk] (I suffer pain in my <sj(5sr head. will die When did he die? When will they go home (to the house)? [Is] this your leg? do they revile the watchman ? They weave cloths in the house.



LESSON 20. We must build a new house. Pres. (b. the little Who made this? You must comfort your good mother. He Who did this? Show the house Did she seek do they seek here? We will write clearly to the munshi. 64. to the watchman. Tie the cow there. VoCAB. Has the mother boil'd the rice? Did he seek the cow or did he go to sleep in the house? boy? What Lesson 20. Examples of the Third General Rule. Who tied the Where did he write the book? seeks a pliysician. The munshi wrote it. . Regular Forms.) bullocli? EXERCISE 19.

VoCAE. <si£lQp^ Q<fneo§^. sSLLesii—d srrdQp^. <oiissrs(^ ^'^^ jfjifl&GSiiuaanL-®. j^i ^u GDUtLKoir i-j^u ufTi—^sm^u ufTiT^^asbr.LESSON 21. sessrdsesr LD<okenfJuurT(GV)? (oT<oSrd(^ . 66. Pres.) The First Special Rule.s EXERCISE ibnib 20. =gy^ ^ssimuufi arreoth id so sun-. Roots in ^ and ^. . (b-) ^fTiLi iSlen-'Se-freiDuj. ^ ssurrrrir sj&srsafi Lesson §1. (I. iSlerr'Sefrs'Sfr <^lLi^Q&) (^GffldQQrfasefrn? iSl^nQsij! Lo&srGsflss Q(QU(nm®tli- sneo^ssi^s sLSj^^nesr. sndQ(nj'siT. 56.

d. Past. in Sgji.] 1. EXERCISE 21. doubled. 68. ^(SGT Sjl-IUU^ f5L—UUIT(l -€^^^^0Lesson 22. Roots in ®. (II. 56. . Fut.) lL. su- Pres. =gy.jb. [Chiefly transitive. Inf. VOCAB. @. en. The Second Special Rule.LESSON 22.

LESSON 23. .

] I bought. I learned.. ajfriEjQ'ostiT. (Siy/r/E/@. Thou boughtest. L euiriEikizer^ i It learnt. Ye leai-nt. Pers. £u rriEi isl (m n' s eir ULp. App. It may BJirQpsar (for ^sir-SGpaJr. eufrraQsar. The irregularity in tlie past Compare also e^ir-Qs^^Q/sar.] learnt. (a-) iBrrsir ^i^ ^eaird s<ssards(o3T <si(5sr(nj"oisr.X (STioW us^&a&js sfTLLL^Q&) a em US. Plural. J OTOT When refers may be considered to come. m. found in common Tamil. is analogous to that in the verbs Qai and Qisir.aMf. Exercise 22. ibit ^sj^Ssar O<sx/ffi>60 Q-oiJSST sTSBT^nrpesr. I bought. of di is not unknown in tlie cognate dialects. They ( Contracted aiirsj^p^ (n. these verbs [56. learn. 71. obtain. will be more fully illustrated hereafter (82). uu^. f. I They (m. I I The.EXERCISE 22. r uu^^^rriT euiriEjQie^iT He f. ^irisQ^sir. 1.) bought. be remarked also in confirmation of the above that colloquially jSnQpOr and euir QQpair^ are USed for ^Qj-SGpOT and eucjSG^DOT.] This use of instead rivatives of the roots ^/raj and «uira.) 3.'I u-ill This _ ^^ . i It bought.] Ye [ bought. j They or he [hon. [Comp. f They (n.] learnt. We learned .Qu a ? unrrun^ <suiT^^s6afli—^^&) * f is (siasrssr <siin!i]Q(GU)Uj? Q-Ulj siin!ij<s<sSl6\)'2eoiuiT? lu substituted elegantly for'^r in this form only. the singular taking its place. They{m. R. I must differ then from Dr.or being inir if serted euphonieally. (2./ or he [hon. read. (58. is This form seldom used. in order to distinguish these forms trom tlie de[Compare srcyii from sir. (I. I apprehend f is used to prevent hiatus instead of «/.'" "He said. You bought [hon. it (70) is used the whole of that to which be within quotation marks. The quotation is direct.] R.) She bought. Sing. Sing.)] would be according to analogy. enirirnQQesnasr Plural. In eacli case the root vowel is shortened.) learnt. en [TtEiQ(miu We bought. which are shortened into o/ and ^. He bought. 2. QisiriiQ^asT. sis you [hon.^^rrrraefr She learnt. xii.) QstiisQ^eir.) Paradigm of the past tense. euirQib (for ^ir&jin. The regular past tenses of all ajiriiQ^eir. amojib). In the plural imperative we have ^'cs'^. and regard au/r and ^it as the roots. buij. and learnt. Caldwell. (for ^iL).) bought. learnt. q. — 70.

_____ ___ _ . Plural. «^@ii). ) will do. It is formed by adding s-ii to the root of verbs whose present has ©^ ( and <a^ being inserted when necessary [18]).ii. Qi s= lu mi (T eiT Q s= UJ en They (m. (?<5Ll@ii). They (m. R. (Pr. [h. Qs^iueiirruj uL^uumu you will do. 3= UJ Q SU OS! Q €= LU Q en rr LD ULp-uQueur UU^UQUITLD. Sing. Who gave you this? Don't say that lesson will go into the house servants must stop here. Q^FiuQQjDdr. I 2.] ivill He will learn. f. will do. 72. We You will learn. I Tlieij or he [hon. wilt learn. the body (only used in Poet. and ioill f.] Ye 3. will go. Pers. disputation. They (n. there is an anomaly. «<5b. (Pr.). IT will learn. tutTssms. The son conquered the villagers.) Sing. In the ral of lii But Seci makes £jb(g.LESSON 24. "I must stop here").] Thou wilt do. and <s(^ld to those whose present has &&•£>!. [h. ?«. Who created this? Where did he buy the rice? What did you hear in Did you see the good doctor in the house? What lesson the village? has the little boy learnt with the munshi? (b.) R. 3d person neuter of the future tense (the singular and pluwhich are alike). is contracted into ^iJa. 7l Plural. or he [hon. Gi^iueufrrr UL^UUfTIT. For Qu!T(^ld — Qsu^Sssr. We will do.ld = it will become. will learn. It will do. Compare their present tenses. 72. toill do. I will Thou learn. torment. water. ^gJ. letter. Who made this? Who did this? stop here (trans. it .) will learn. i^ir.) Who comes there? (Qenmsrt—iTix. They (n. (suirgi. UL^sQQpasr. gaming. Ye ULp-uutresr - will learn.) ivill do. srap^M'. serve for ^c.] do. l>ut un- derstood).miw. a s etr U L^U U She IT (SIT UL^uuiTirsen'. a a writing. Ctferr. Quitw used. will learn. 'Iliey He will do. Paradigm of the future tense. She will do. The We -«^<^^^^Lesson 24. Qs^iLj. u^L. He said he must with the watchman. *VocAB.) learn. It will learn.

" and "which-graze. un<suuD ^^wfT? ton® ^(T(^ih lunsssis-'''^ [This is poetical. Here QldiLsQp and QldiuQjd mean "who-feeds. ^(^ld? ldjtld Qsaifl QeO ^(TKd(^LDrT? ^a)'2sy. is obtained by throwing away the personal terminations of the present and past tenses and adding ^. isi-). QtDiLjsQQjDm. the relative participle of the px-esent tense.EXERCISE 23. must go to the munshi? When will the tree grow? Where can the book be (Tam. LESSON 25. (4. The 3d person neuter of the future tense. add=5y. 121.) . How then can we express in relative pronoun. have now gone through the present. future tenses of the Tamil verb. and QldiL^^. QufTLOfT? '"'(^^iih Sj^^ eSiun^ Quitss^ Q su ^'2esr Q s= (L ld. "the sheep which ^(Bsdsn. So QtD'L^Q^m. much from any with which all We come now is the learner to a form probably acquainted in any language. Exercise 23. child weep Will the village perish? for its mother? Will that house suit you. take away ejm and add ^: you will have Qu. (a. which includes the verb and the relative pronoun. "the shepherd who feeds the sheep. where will it be)? Will the house fall? No." This form. sniLis^-QeO ^(7^s(^lo. it will 73.u llj uu^. QLDiLQp ^(Bs&r. What shall I do? What will the child learn? The cow come now.] Lesson 25. take away ^em. but which obtains in the South-Indian dialects.^'' ^. Do you know that letter? It will happen so (Tam. and 74. Who it will walk so." and. Tamil. past (or imperfect). The Tamil has no There is a corresponding negative form. is the result.f Qs=djuju QuiTLDfr? us^LDfT® QsLL(^LLir? [iorr® is used for any animal of the genus Bos. Here us? indicates the species. The We We imperative differing mood has been given also.ujsQjd. The command will come to the villagers. J will stand. It is a useful quotation. is also used as the relative participle of the future: Qldujs^ld. which is the relative participle of the past tense. and sitlLl^q&j graze in the jungle?" Thus.] @^ QpsB^s(^ (Surr^io ^ih. Will the (b-) Sjii^ U5/7® ermssT Qs^djuiih? ^^ eruuisf.QldiLsQp QLoiLuum. have also seen how a form answering in many respects to the English infinitive mood is obtained. and is given for Qs'rT(sk{€S)ei) variety. It is a relative participial form.

iilsn-Ssrr (a-) iBndn. Qmiudi^Ln. The son who put on garments. mrresr (ST(Lp. till The constructions resulting from this will appear strange the learner has accustomed himself to them. GldiuSjt). p. who. J f ^ I who.] 56 . (2)] QuDUJ^Q^dr. ^s^ uiSQearzir. LDissn^asr. or noitn. which or that grazes. [Comp. who. 70. 75. QLDiuiQ^cir. that _ C QLD:ud(mui. We that follows. who. The rain which will fall here (58). defect).^^uiSsir. ^isuirseir ST(osrdsfT<s^ ^/vi^ s^&j- Qs=uJ^ urreyiEis'^ liif LD&smsfIss Qsu<ssar®i}>.'] Example: ( QldujsQQ/dcst. who.'2£ir. like it: Greek oq.uisf^^^ UfTL—LD. because it relates to the noun to fill up the meaning.t—. 6. iBtTsbr QunQp <^il. I fed. I feed. Gram. loill feed. unfTs-s Qeuessr wrrek Qs^treO^ua Qurr(Lg^ &-<osri(^^ Q^rfltu The daughter whom the (b. only placed after the verb instead of before oy hSov rlvhorA = tBiT(Ssr s<oS!!ri—. \ QiDUJih. I graze. Where is the rice I saw in the house? 76. . I sent. or noundefect (QuiuiT. It tvill feed. It qualifies nouns of any genders. The cloth which he wove (58). sSili^do sjQ^QfO^' Q^6>j(sk <^lLi^6\) ^QpQp LflerrSsyr. (sS'lLi^&) ^0dQp LSerr'Bsrr j)i(LpQ/D^. [The the ^ which is added seems to be the remnant of a relative pronoun. The table which they made. which or sent. QiDtui^. mother comforted (62). This relative participle is called in Tamil Quiufr (st^s^ld. er^^^ih. The The garments which the son put on trees which grew in that jungle. which or that will graze. case or number. \ QLDiuSlQpes! . as will be seen in some of the following sentences. ^lLi— SLL. This participial form is used in all respects as an adjective. name. ^^uiSiu. 87.®s(^ £ &jrrQ£ij6SBri—iTuj®[}). I grazed. The boy who went to the village died there (58). It will rain here. which or that feeds. It will graze. who. ^. which or thai Qldlljld. which or that grazed. which or that fed. who. Caldwell's Comp. Exercise 24. [Comp. 412. but itself suffers no change. smufleo ^0<i LDjTiEJs&r.Q€sr(62) UfTi-.^es)^ Qpeaffei^ <su(T^ud. because it requires a noun call it relative. (60). QmuAQp. Qlduj^^. Pope's III Gram. Beat the dog which bites the little children.) The books which the boy sought (62). The leg wdiich pained me. The daughter who comforted the mother. Yet it has of course the same governing power as any other part of the verb.EXERCISE 24.

is the most convenient way of considering tlie subject It is probable the tense is formed from tlie piirticiple.)] part. read and wrote that lesson. 86.J In Qssrssr all the verbs included in 56. throAV away Qsar-dr: ^t-ikiQ makes ^i—isjQ = having submitted. iBmm ^fs^u utrL^^<cin^s QslL® sun&^gi I heard." "having heard. future in ©j or 04. is There is another form which called eSSssT-er-F&^LJ^ or verb-defect. gj" The verbal Upon the proper appreciation of this will depend much of the learner's progress. render all but the last by the afl^ sr^^^u). The 77. tu which the personal terminations were added. came. sskr®.. Gram. Gram. whicli having said. QslL®. and "having read. Lesson 26. 1st person singular of the Its fonnation is easy. 8 57 . simple or (2.^Qfiissr makes Camp. O^/r^sSGesrsar.) boy came walking or on foot.) In all other cases throw away uL^^si = having learnt.] [This tliat Ca. [The Telugu and Canarese have a present verb.- uuf. It is a kind of gerund. Here <s<SBar© takes the The Tamil admits of only one Jin it e verb in a compound. as though from a re- gular past tense. "saw. this From Except makes Qs^irsuS. and a. participle often has the force of an adverb. Tel. takes bociiu:^e it its time t'roiu the finite verb which closes It is tlie sentence. As a general rule. McKerrel's Can. requires a followiiijj verb to till up the meiuiing. (Corap. the a. Q3=aeog)i (70). Its use will (]. § 313. being elided." §lm<ssru esiuujesr (The The little little boy rsi—i^ having walked evi^iTiSir. also.LESSON 26.) spoke. p. in which case iinalogy would suggest a pres. formed from the past tense." sentence. (SiorOipgi." (3. in S^. ereir and add s. erQ£^Qs!srssr. II. is indeclinable and. ichenever a subject has two or more Jinite verbs in English.) be best learnt from a few examples: ^suzsr s'oesr® Qu&(msir = He saw and place of the finite verb. verbal participle. (b. though belonging to tiie past tense. part.) may be translated "having seen.

snSijparjiKSsr !Bua(ip<oS)i—uu Q(Sij'2eodsfrir'2£sr szoa/ ULSf. (for ^aS or ^©). ff-. <s5)UiU6sr sm0d(^u ] UfTiTssQsiJioSsrQLD. Tamil delights these a sentence in the accumulation of Verbal forms. and these again govern and hold together the larger members of a period. Quir9^^ is determined Exercise 25. The little boy The mother sought the child weeping. researches into the Tartar dialects of M. ^i^u uitl-^ss)^lj ui^^^ ^jrSajCo'SiJsoarQih. Which was seeking servants died in the jungle? in the house ? Which are the books that the boy *I cannot refrain from quoting the following passage from an essay by Professor Schoif " on the Tartaric languages. <sr!sjs'2eir ^rnlQujih. tense of the subordinate verbal finite verb. lQs^^^uQun(GS)iTS&r].] (^L^aQq^ek He The by the IS eating and drinking. The dog bit and killed the bird.^-) LJ. eat 64. (b. She entered the house and saw the mother. (for QuircS) the verb. forms Qunii. (4. MaxMiiller's " survey of languages.^^ ci(w^0^r!? ®j<ss)fl^ serriTfTf} ^L-taQu ( = submissively ) Qu&i^ns&r. By their proper use the principal verb may be modified w^ith a precision * scarcely attainable by any other means. II. "How peculiar and truly Tartaric this wonderful concatenation of sentences and intervenlike a majestic stream sentence runs on in long periods ing of words! The terminations and suffixes are like the small vassals. He obtained money and gave to the villagers. like so many Pashas. of Qur.EXERCISE 25." It is perfectly applicable to the construction of Tamil. . while the preserved from all ambiguity. but unhappily unfinished. By means meaning of is may be indetiuitely lengthened out. depending on the powerful and high sounding gerunds. * Cu/rio 58. QurriLu* <suit- Q^Gffl^niL S-S^S'ffl^^'S^ Q<frT&}6\)(pSijes!!r(9ui. (a-) ^(3S)u><oS)iu isQ.) They came and spoke with him. 78. always doubled after d^ or @ of this form. Abel Eemusat a similar — A description is given." quoted in Prof. part.) /E/rsJr ^EjQs Quatii eu (rF)Q sii asr I WILL go there and come (back). <sTi^eSLLi^ Q6\) Q^u^suk^niLl eiair^&si—LU Qeu'^dsfiffir ^pih^Quni^nsik very common. mutatis mutandis." In the profoundly learned. We must plough and plant trees. lay down and slept in the jungle. "having gone" So ^>u 58 II. [ Q^L^esr Ljerv^sias'SGir sjQd^'dQsnemQ d. ^eiim Giurr&^gis [Qu/rS.

tcMch OV thut has. he has submitted (he (2. having ^i—iEjQ ^(T^d3(T^dr. iB6\)6\)iSy(eu)UJ ^(T^. (a. future perfect of the relative and verbal participles. as in Greek. / am. UL^^^Qf. > / had learned / had spoken (lit.) is.iQ(trj>dsT.<c^s(^<3= Qs'fTs\)<s61 ^0dQ(yiTs<sn-n? ^jqd^ ^eueor unnss *The future is used indefinitely for any time: "which at any time I may have committed. (1. UL^^^Qf)i^.) ^/SfB^Q^d@Qpsir. (60. You had sought the child in the The door which he had opened for the little boy. pluperfect. who. uL^^^(V)UQLjm. f%y .dQ/D. also 3:. uuf^^gj ^QFidQQ/Dsir. I ivas (60.. of. II. had. These are not given in native Tamil grammars. I knoio. (lit. ^ifl^ ^Q^mSQr^iT.LESSON 27. (^uj for ^uSl from ^uSQ(SJ5r(osr. j>jih^u esiULusk uu^^^ um^ias'Sen ^uQunQp^ iL/DiB^0sQ(nj>esT.] lit. having spoken). he dwells. The perfect and pluperfect tenses. I have forgotten and forgiven the evils he has done to me. [. 79. I am. having become good = he is ^<sm^u unir^^nKsQQr^ a good man). or is having learned.) to the verbal participle last treated Ex. having learned). I was. Exercise 26. (^rff. UL^^^QF)/E^.) to the same." jungle. I may be formed the future perfect. The villager who had planted the tree came.) I have learnt (lit.^'The perfect is used for the present sometimes.) I _ . he is.g: Qs^fTGOoS ^(t^i^nn. 81. 77. . uL^^d^(t^ds. ^ . U L^^^(I^S(^LD. (b. a. but forms equivalent to them are in constant use. have written the lesson. stop: tarry. to have learned. II. I shall 80. The bird drank the milk mingled with water. or shall have learned. was. Lesson 27. Thus have learned. dwell. j sesardtsasT uessr^(S(s^ S7sar<5@<5 Q^rrQ^^/Q^tB ^trm. Thus.) The perfect is formed by adding ^(f^aQQ/oesr. The milk was mingled with water. The tree which the villager had planted grew. learnt). the perfect infinitive. EXERCISE 26. having submitted). and the perfect. The -rr pluperfect is formed by adding ^Qr^iQ^dr.58. 64. ct/e/G« Qumu ^i(T^dQ(rrfm? uj!T? seKjTirn p. iBiT&sr Qffih^(i^si^uD * un^ias'^ LDeinssfliijui' Qs)j'2is\)Ssituit stLi^uSQ^i^ (sS® (sS(ipi^^.) ^n (s^lLl<^Q&} (Siii^(7^dSl(n^iTS&r? Qpesflei^ ^Ljuuf. (more generally written UL^li^Qh&QQp^sr . j/eC^sjt. (66. II.

tSsirLf. . "-^ he said. 136. i3purr(B. ( . Qpt^. said what amounted to. of which the past is erdrQpm." [251.] QprnzsruD. erssr when in English a direct quotation is made.''^ When ( erSsrgii erskgij is used more than once in a sentence s-ii is added to each + s_Lo . Qprsisri^. ( rsdrgji = that which is good + ^li-i.) and ^s. when necessary. [64] finish." \ . and sometimes in colloquial use. behold that. think.erm^u)). {." and "the after time. This form "that.) and €rasr@p^- To these ." is used. [Still to acquire [one] must which says it the desire. Compare 168.s^ + to obtain g&-] S2m. and may themselves be partially declined.] 8^ "^ iTe said he would come. t3m. signifying t5/D@. In 70 we had the root otot speak. 81.^iy (40.] 03" The desire more.. fruit. { \ ("I will come.^^. Compare I believe that which will say "God is. 136. behold this.] ui^ii.) erdispi = l-aviiuj said. of quotation marks." So (STsk [The occurs in poetry. "^ is.sekgn. 82. instead when the quotation is indirect as equixnlent to Greek on. see.^eaff. see. created" — I believe. ^<s3rsar(^ Beware of translating ^tiuir^da .^ finished. ^ . ismQifiii.. and It is the infin.LESSON 28. ~" 60 .40. [57] be ^J/S'r. well. by "that. I believe that God is and that he created me. [Both (ip3r and t5ar must be regarded as nouns. a?. and consequently the verbal participle (77. generally. u^ (88. They govern the 4th case "the before time. After. ^Q^rr. J ) I believe there . complete. ("God is" — and "he me Before.) apmrnQiD. a calf. come to an end." ^ I « en rr s_ arar O i— cJr S /D «o ^ e£ s- (su ff &dQ <S p ek . Qjiosr. Translate it. ^ -/^ • ^ erssrusmliJ: He 83. use of erdr^.] This idiom is frequently used. Lesson The 23. . "I believe. ^. believe that which says " God is. 2_iS!OT ^ em® ermmi ( S-sm Ci L—idrmi eSisusurr^aQQiDsk. [64. are added when the exact words used are not quoted. 84. VocAB.

j LSoff'^Gmuju Qu/bp [56.] ) ed. one (honorific) Lj£B)i_<sS/DSu/7"<5srr. are used with the future rehitive participle. Before I came should you not have wiped the table? wiiat will you do? Rub down the bandy-bullock after it has come from the jungle. [gwo. (II-J] ^i^^".] Exercise 27. [m. Partiripinl nnvns of very cammon use.] " 61 . or QuiuH ers^^ii.] [^syt added and su inserted.tions. from u^nL—sQp. <siiiBQ^s<rsr.*. pre. . (b) ^j(Suns&r e^LLeB)i—saLL(Slu:i (62.s.( and f. \_^fi. one (fem. part. are formed from the relative partici[)les. I came before he did Q)'3='ij^i3ek it). [74. 85. You read your lesson well after Where is the boy who read his lesson well? After this lie went home. ^'(^i^P^ <5ii5ur^ Q-fnmteoi&sr ^n^uun eim^ (?<5/_lL_/T/f. ing personal (<7 ) t(Miiiiiia. ^&}&}su!t? er&sr lSisstQioSt suih^niJu? ^auesr siesr^uo ^jeue^ Before the villagers plouglied.] [ r umi—dS/Dw IT.] Qpdr {_(Lf><dr eu.) ivhich create.) loko creates. (lit. and at the snme time very eleL^aiit. i^^.] uaoi—sS/DsroS!/ or I those (neut.iG^dr.)] that fruit. \_^<^ added and eu inserted. the after time that he did [Comp. ivho creates. 88. Think well before you do tlii. ^eu<asr ^'stn^^ff' I came had dune it (lit. (for asrr ^imsj ) and crosi/ [^ uaat—dSiDesi^'Sssir J added.] \_gj °' "j (for jjj^ ) added.^<sir added and eu inserted. us(ni—<i@pg]. I [^'ir those who create. of uemi— (74) create. it rained.) after he ate [56. Q<3^(L/isi/a-^(g. the before time after he tliat lie will do It). ^ly^ Qesriosr. by add87. &c. II I. umt—d@/DSJ3rr. (Til.) loho creates. His head ached (LDmLp Qiuii^^. Lesson 29. Thus. it 87. that tohich creates. 58). &c.] added and en insert- Plur. are used with the past relative participle. (h ) Before you sleep. aie formed f 1 U(smi—s3/Dsuesr. LESSON 29. one (mas. Lesson 71.) [slLi^ Qpi^s(^m'\ Qpm<sm \_sissr(smp'] ^•su^srr fr-mp usi- (56.EXERCISE 27.] ^iBJoir ^sm^<j= qstQld'] QiFiLiLjLD \_Q.3:ujQp3inj(^. (58. rel. QpssT. 86. or the creating.

The neuter singular besides its primary use corresponds often in meaning to the participle in "ing.^ ^pp. &c. ^sui] are used occasionally for uemi—^^Guek. Gis^iLueuir. usiDL—^Q^mT [spssr.^. (56. ^epiuiSssr sun's sir or j^miuSiuaiirsev . the earth. . &c. saeii&sir. ^euSssr ^iLp-uu^ £lajtruji}> ^ffo^. constantly used. It is he that called me. I rainations. QffiLuesiQi-sisir. -^ ^emiuiSesrsu&r or ^^uiSiusueir. *[aj substituted for or.>S. r. that which created. p.'] u<c<sii^ssw&! Sing. ( ueai—^Q^iriT. VocAB. ^ldsssi i—<50 ld the earthly sphere — LD<cS!!r the world. { uesii—s^'Siiirsi&r. 1^^ These forms are of perpetual occurrence. &-C. Participial nouns with a future signification are formed by adding to the root of verbs which take sQjyj in the present. . ^iei. are the past rel. same cases as the verbs from which they Thus: erskSssr . &c. i—<cOLD.sippsi. and u to tliose 8gji. j I I j^ to is added to the which are joined the QiFiLiueu&r. Q. sphere). %2 . I and Thus: Fut.) or f uss)i—^^isu(sir. ^\pp^3sr. It is not right to heat him. I ^iT. uu which have singular. for u in the neut. Send. \_uiss>i—^Q^rrm. ^wiLpuueu. U!jLD<sm. sing. ^leau). . The neut. In this latter case s" may be used call. y. II. of =sy^tJL/. ter- ^si^Lpuueurr.jijifs&r.] g^' Even in the common dialect u0ai—^Q^ir<sir. Q3=>Leiisi ( eriasrugj* ).>LpLJUi3iiTSsir. heaven. one (mas. makes ^scaLpdQQpm.) From ueni—^^. heaven ( un. [_ or the having created. 89. uemi—^^euiT. * formed created. p. the sky. as Qs^iuueuiTseir. c^/f for ^sum. eufrasTLD. other.L—(Si>LD.. ^ppeusir. eaeu.jijeinLp^^eufr ^euir. J before. one who I Sisisreussr ^i^uSliueuek. accustom yourself to form them with every verbal root you meet. part. ^^uiSeare^ir or ^SBnuLSiuevrr." used as a noun: the creating. from ^^. These nouns govern the are derived. (b. in compounds. call.LESSON 29. ^iss^LpuQuek. 88. &c.s=iu(sig]. ~^ Fut. ^fjnLpuuizei<su-&&r . From ^estiuiScssr.) who will \_Lju call. root. ( y^ earth. This is not so common as the regular form. ^^iLiiSlssr^ uaai—^^SJ. I or ^^ui^ujgu.] * u after is ot. Qs^iuQeum. 90. ) Plur. r uesiL^^^eniT. but the remaining forms of the future are not so common.

she or it LESSON 30. ^Lp-dauuiLL^iresr.) U!iLD<ssisn—eOiEis<sifle\i ^(i^aQp srras&r tSi^nQsul ^OsSsrr QiDtuaSpsiiair (aurrew^^eo QmiLuuissr. turn to.) cover. without. LDjhpQsu'bsfr (50-) PLp L<f-<S!S)SiJ s s^ld G)s^rT€sr(c<5sr<oar. + ^® . to do. (^QKsS. place.). iSlpii^ssr (66. but a compound verb may be used. (^pk^(ssT l9/ds(^w. keep. Q^iuiULJUt—. they will be sought. a quarter of the heavens. + ^ppeudr) one who has no where gj'hser . II. 92.ijii)®. I. . (64. siasu. opportunity.j<suQld ^<sm^a^ tBrrssr QffiLueu&sr ^asppeu^if^^ + £^LL®d(^-6UQ^'Sus:rSli^ [^ ^ = ^] (50. This is a jungle without water. to to beat. Qp(Bl. suffer.) sfi<ssy(su^ ^pd ^- seuih.) appear.)) in all its inflections. VocAB. This is what I said? Who did this? How did he do it? Are you he that did it? Art thou he that should come (euQ^ueuir)? He who has called us [is] God. 93.^used as a noun) prefixed u®.EXERCISE 28. II. of Qis® . cease (56. 11. called (I suffer calling). Q^irmrBssr ld 91. In some few cases the simple root of the verb . is Q^i— uu® suit its srr.) help . disappear. u(B^^ (56. (56. ^einLpdsuu(BQQpsir. (56. (56. ssusiarTs srrsQpSijm' snwpsnrr<3sr. I. to seek. without.) hide. (56. added in the same way. It is [160. ^6inLpd<s. concerning which more will be said hereafter. put. infinitive made by adding u®. would make a causal. [past CisuL-Lf-iurrek. to be done. I sent 10 It aj^ipeared in the heaven and disloads of" salt. part. offices man who burns the dead and performs menial a call in a village.).] • Exercise 28. a carpenter. This is not heavy. call. be spoiled.). he. 74. a helpless Q^iL'biiI). QslLl—. give. 68. time. (II. he was beaten. (b. bad.] Thus: 0<Ftuaj. ^3s33r. have you seen them? appeared. 161. I am ^L^ds. (64. 68. Q^i—.]. which in many respects supplies its place. \jaij0 + 6u + that gives the money to the little boy? Who struck the This (man) protects me. Q^ireirgii. anQ^sii. QsuSsir. the «. ^s(^. providence.] ^<d3=ek. divinity.) Who is it watchman? Lesson 30.. to the mood of the verb. The Tamil has properly no passive voice.) [In 58 a totally different word. to that is ^iamp'susir (^S(m person. The Passive Voice. shut vp. ^psi^isi (66. loTSuesr? updSp^ Q^u. \_3h-ULj. call rel.

a paper. ^^ /fsstO. esst u ld . irepi. Where was this written? By whom was that evil petition for him.5. a gentleman. ponds often to our infinitive used us a noun. QsulL L^iLin'SssT QesT'Ssr.) do.) Tell the gentleman that Mr.. field']. 161. tlie This C^<suit) is The petition wliicli he wrote is in my haml. 07i. gUisnir. good.T&. ^tii L^esrQffih ld^sSIso (stw^i ^qksS) ^ [}) em sssr u u (^ Q^iLQ^ek. to the (a. Q£Fiij^(rffO. that which =z fj the writlnj.. Don't bite. a petition.€S)Q eO snnQasuutLL—^. qcssr QffQujfT? !b<osrQ^dj 0-sbr. siiitrular).EXERCISE 29.LLi—(omuuijissr ^iL^dsLJu(Sl&jT(st!r ("or ^t^u^eunesr. by changing ecrdr Thus: ^spiuSlQswsir. trQfgiQrD^ (87). Exercise 29. &c. wet-cultioation. (sSemem-uu^^&j fBlljLDfT? *riie 4th case of writes.tition. fur thu writing. "Mr. subjunctive mood. a report or p. Has he paid tor the garment.3. g^ sn n u '5 <^ suQ . _ 68. ^e^LjSl(ea)0O. ewr a(B^. <^. 94.S} 6\) QstQ^Q^'oST t^isBrgiiua. (a-) Q. but dry land. Tell tiie gentleman that the person who gave the petiticm is here. mmQ^iL/. ^^ s® ^fS"Ssi Qjlu^ Qmssif. €^^^^& Lesson Foi'ms corresponding 9.^^G'uj/t. one who reads petitions and drafts answers. S)ffl. &. a letter. you.c. Have yuu dry land or irrigated? I liave both dry land and irrigated land. \_<2urr(B.] ^ iff hj u u®^ gi (56. LESSON land Jit for dry cultivation [/esbt. done? liy wlioni is this village governed? What is the cow eating? You must snbmit. j ^i-^ GLoero-f ^s^ffi^Qeo Qs^ojujuulLl-^'. ^iT^I. sussr ^fTQ(5auj^ ^suum (50-) (sasuSlsd G7S3rj2/LO isS lSI L—^.) One of these is obtained from the past tense (70*) 1st person into . 31. I Qs^iLq^qs! .^^•• singular. sent.) send. a petition. ^iir = ^. interpreter. If (Ij Ex.^<S(5 sD_(_G'£Br ^^® QufTLLi_rrso i^QfjQwdsff live if (il) (5 — This I'onii corres- (b. [l/sjt. cause to un- derstand. you.] . I did. Here =5/^9- = a beating. gentleman's interpreter. letter. Sj^^ u)g]y =gy^^ (cLoszDy ^j&'3SiQs^\b^^. G) inferior + Qs^iu. Was this cloth she wore woven. uarQ^iu. Perhaps he may _ you brand him at once.). Smith has 6ome. 4- tlie participial 4- noun (neuter. paddy land." a governor. make known. II.^ //"(I. e_Lo^(5 rS^'^fi io!(ig^Qp^p(^<i* <snQ Grmrsnrfl <5T(ourjsfli—3-^eo @a)"3so. effsm. Ask him who wrote the Tell him tliis is not wet land. a-eufru/s a clerk.

what shall I do? If tlie villagers stand there what will the gentleman say? If we boil rice tliey will pay the money. too 55.d'ilj^nio ^(smu. Q)3=iu. affliction. tS(c\)LD. burning. II.EXERCISE 30. 343. (b. ^ or . If the boy forget his lesson he must be beaten. I. dispute. 97. ^^SLOfriu. If it rain the produced. a-i-CsOT". be produced land. punish VocAB.) Another form. ^^aw.'2esrsi]Q^iX). CTranslate: whenever he sees. If he pronounces What lesson is he reading to the munshi? clearly I shall understand. (a. punishment. (spQfiQeijdsir. to those which have aSgs. If the child cries we must go. \_f$so . xii. these are said to be For the past: . ^essri^. (-dQQpek.). Root. very well that (is)]. eiiLp. allied to eg®. perhaps. Qs^aj^rT&).^@-] ^/smi—dssv. eg®.) ^iTii^rT6\) er<osrd(^ Se\)LD uuSirQs^tu^neo.] case.)- much (adv. s_(oST'2iosrss<om'L-. or Thus: Q.). much used. u iSl Q s' lu it .p. — @®. and d@&}. at once [lit. If the gentleman will decide this dispute rightly. smsupsnn&sr Sji-ii-i fBL^ii^fTeo siT&}Qi?fT(^ii). Taking the root I.1.n&} ^(S}j^d(^d ^enrjijrr fkQ^nei^LDnuSlQ^dQp^. (SQpm. spring up. n brand.).i(^. uuf-dSlio or uuf.) ^ ^uui^'¥ Q.) If you call he will come. 40. [i^(V5 = one. stand'] produce in general. more.] mioeog]. good. which is not @&) or J)CTr to the root of verbs sQek. I.g=ujuSi&3 or Q s^ 'li uSl osr (58. uuSlif. decision. ^ it ulj. iBfTUj st^^^rT6\) ^es)^ ^i^ssQsij<oStn($iih. dlSsir. If afflictions come you must bear [them. III. much.jijffi signs of the 3d App.) \_Se\). much. cultivate (-QQpem. ^'Ssruua. corn.aQssi ^Sso. 55. Exercise 30. together with.] villagers will plough. [58. ^k^suLpd(^^ ssm®' If they plough the land corn will be (b. 55.) enumerates 12 forms to which er<F'^Li> it assigns the common name of <sfl^ (77). If you leave me thus. is obtained by adding whose present takes ©. 83^ [The /Edrgjff-eo (Sut. ^uSlsk 96.

these the commentator adds for the future.. ^eu(ssT Qs^iLsmrQasr wilt give. "• f i ersJrr/K'a).^a^. erJ^^il) in majority are obsolete. To 13. \_Qs=lu + s^ + ^ + sireo = the ^-ih. last three it is laid down must have the same nominative as the will find it of as a rule that " the first four of these forms." The more advanced student [Compare III Grammar 86. then follow an i nterrogative. 21]. . this lesson is hard. 'become. They ) Thus: eruuL^ ersaflffi) = if you say. because. why does he mirui speak thus? ^QjQsr a(smssek ^(snSv be the accountant i ernknifio. II) = «/ [it] become. is 3^ In junctive. 66 . I know that well. "how . LKsssr^em^s Qsfr(Bds Q<aiJ<5S!sr(Bu). If he will do so. a. ^ . f ' ^^^ roet. ^- 1 > are subjunctives of srer. If thou er is sometimes added to the future. Qsrr(BuurrQaj ^(Ss^eo._„s = (70. 'say.) . . the others may have a difierent nominative.. 14.. a. ^.LESSON 32. . its a s0^ finite verb. The sentences may often be more elegantly expressed otherv^rise: I must learn.. . and poetical. must give the money. < Some W- of these subjunctive forms are in use as conjunctions: V are the subjunctives of . ^es)^s I saw it.^ tj [you] say. . 15. Of these the The dISssr " That is er^cFii is thus defined in Sut." be so. ^Qev. (^&f>. If it If he * \ -n ^_ I are used for "if. . "why?" in w^hich they occur These and similar forms are to be used sparingly. ssssrQi—cir.' (58. for OTScflffD. and the finite verb. • we "J . G)<s=uj—^s<siriso. . but the is wanting to complete the sense. common Thus: talk the future with ^(CS)(Sd or ^@eo used for the sub- QsirQuuniLi ^(es)So = Qa/rQ^^frdc. a \ used to expre ss a reason = for.SjSi ereardc^ rErnQr^iu^ eruutp. srmiear. [_Q^uj^ + ^&) + tivic of having done'] 148 = together with the doing]. Qs=uj—^iTi30 [_Q3^'Lff] + ^'so (95. 342. with terminations indicating gender and number. which the action and the time appear.] advantage to study these Siitrams. ^= B-t having done. for Q^iBijud. Lesson 32* 98. O^u—^^LD.?" ersJr graJr^ysb = if you say." In Sut 344.

95_ j^ J (Poet. They came before I wrote the letter. . .) (h. i^° Tlie learner should now begin (b. 100. of the particle.) I say (shall say. (95.) with ^im = althoiujh.EXERCISE 31. and I having said). with the past. (a. These two forms are of perpetual ties. (onssresr? ill. Gram. if so go at once. What it. (1.) Although I said = itireir Q<3=fr&)£SiLiLD (lit. heard the If you slept in the house you must have did you oat? If he will pay (62) mo (dat. (l>-) (2. (a. (7) is added to the verbal participle (77). (a. money I will write the petition. may say) = mrasr Qs^irdn^smJ^ and. Exercise 31. a.) ^^uiSiLjij). If you cultivate will If they build Is what he said right. LESSON 33. 77. although [he] has learnt (and having learnt). (lit.] Verb. uu^^^uD. houses in the jungle who will know it? «^^^^& Lesson 33. of course. This is evil. use. shall. See Index I. ^/iS^ii. 77. ^QSjjLD 1 -^ jj^ . Ill the varieties of formation. Shall we try it? Whose fault is this? Did your father tell you to go. impress it upon his mind that it is very rarely the case that any Tamil form of this kind corresponds precisely to an Do not translate "but" by ^(OT)(S0 or . once for all. 142. &jc. although [he] read. In this e_zi) is added to the subjunctive form (95). or is it not? it grow up at once. ^^uiSi(^g!iLD. although [1] sent (and having sent). 33' Let the reader. many will be desti'oyed by it.] {si-p sim lBos^s^ uSIQsO LDeSBrUl—isS6\}'2GV.) utp-^^fT^m.) 141. (a-) ^lEjQs €iJ(iTjsuniJu ^(C5)6x) (or euk^n&i) ^i^u uasm^ss)^ (Smsi) (pTiosr/D^ j>i^(es)&)) iBiTLo QufTUj ^<ss)^u u rTiTas(I(sy sm® ^eo'^eo.) and II.although he may.) ^i^j .) Subjunctive with &-im .) If he have said this I shall go. although [I] send. for because they had heard it from (by) the villagers. (77.^(^^ld. uiFlL<sis^ Qs^inQsuiTLD. part.) Here &-ld = (h. but weigh well the meaning and force wherever you meet with it and translate accordingly. as a matter English particle. ^(CT)a). [Poet.) ^@)a) to use Indexes I. Although and if I say). The following are all and present no especial ditficul[Comp. ffjLo (^ppuD unndQeo m-ppih = attached relatives. 99.

] ^iM siT<ssmQurTiM. IV. and what the proprietor's. iSimr^smLb. 79. ^smrr. tax. tax. the same. abilify. ^£U. Qo^^ld.'\ ^sii'2csr ^Q [87. tribute.^ld. ^3^LD. yet. destruction. VocAB. reap (—sQpgj. Is this the cultivator's share or the proprietor's share ? Although he reaped then he did not pay the tax. a share. the proprietor's share (Qwei). — 68 . nevertheless.^emis^-Qun? sesardsesr ffl sj) iu <i Q lL sQ 6m ® <sii . (2. HI.) agree. ^(CTjjs/zi). d. wave [not very common: ^Ssi) is the ordinary word]. + ^ = ihs. (Sij . Quttq^ib^ (56.9= Q^^ii) (suii^n^i}) "^ ss) s t— &) i ^ Tf eS uj IB G^®. the circar. Although he read with the munshi he does not understand the lesson.KXEUCISE 101. Shut the door. fut. sufrrrui. Qm§luu(smLh. but. LDir(^so. he said that the boy might could learn. (1. . wealth. at—. ^rrmisii. The villagers came walking. shut -Qpgi 62.9= an inhabitant). rsimsr uuf-sss <s^(BlLh. learn. Qunuj iJa Qs=iT<nsr(^^ih <3u(r^th. II.So. to signify peimission. My foot pained me. s. 56. How can you tell what the people's share is. the government. Qm^. learn.) tax (share of government). <sjQ(5BT6sf]6\3. possibility. "can. neut. if so. c. Ill LDirrsjs^ iSLLi^^ii^rr^Lo (68.) will (h-) s=iTdsfT(r^d(^ (5isk(5sr When Qa^eii&d QeuesarQm cTasr'^esr IX) ? [56. ( (^Lp. an 32. above). he said that the boy es)UiU<sk is ul^sss 3^(Bu> isrmQifek." a. 103. 100. fBirrmr /may I can learn. U(^^. QLoeoeufriTLD. QurT(r^iE^s^ fr Qsysm®LD. it is = will become. Exercise 32. ( its sir it. the people' s share eurfl.) uuSiT Qs^tiiiu Qsijmsr®ih.<miirffih. ^(Syas&r sjhfS!(i^r5^n^is) j>jrSli^<s>JiTs&r ^e\)&)." [Poet. life. «^^^^& Lesson 34. and s^Qih. (III. ^ probably a corruption of ^(^u^. rtrsigi. L9rrrrem!r. ^ih^u ^iB^u (Si!yuLU€k ul^ssisoitld erdsTQ^dr. the 3d pcrs. b. LD/r@'8s« apm' ^-(tp^ ^ssniLis^Qed Qs^rreoeO e^ Lp. people. you pay your tax? Have you reaped the produce? Before I reaped the produce I paid my instalment of tax..) (72*) become." "Might. yet I came with him. I have paid my dues (u^^) to Government.) What ^ii is called the potential mood in English is formed in Tamil of by adding ." "could.. instalment of land tax. 102. cut.) sea. (a. "May.)] ^/Syek Qew^uuesanh ^enff[TiBL—^^eo ^&}'2eoQiu<sk(7r^iTS(S{r. the produce of a field. a shut the door (50)." uL^d-secirLD. (^Uf.) ssnirniT (60. eufriL/^rruessTLn. the ^jtsSluld. LESSON 34.^<sn •s'fT^^.

Yox cnnnot. (1. are always douhled after the inf.) rf. Can you write? ^-a!rd(^ sr(i£^^ Qs^ffliLjLDrr ? [Is (the manner of) writing intelligible to you ?] Can you read? i eurr&uuiTUjfT? [will you read?] "Can" may often be rendered eleyantly by the simple future. O-s^uJ md 3r^(Biili (I &. fut.) can do. and i&io to those which have aSja. mood.. (b.s^®. 104. Slc.) Fitness. For such sentences as may you be happy! See 140. QjFiuiLi + added to the infinitive mood. Jit. Can the boy lift this weight? Yes. B.) 3k. May I call the servants? Yes. Can is sometimes idiomatically rendered in other ways . B. he slept in the house. Exercise 35. (I &c.) may Icurn. s<-(Bu3 (I &c. (. [N. i3t3!r'^s'^ jijuuL^s is smLu^QeO When eS® thus doubled it gives emphasis = to forsake altogether. May they open the door? Yes (^pds&>n:LD). 72. Possibility. ^^smn ^smi^dseOfTLDfT? ujiTjTaQ&) iLjih ^i^d si^ssTLDrTesr ufTi—. 254. I think. &. to the roots which have @s>} in the present. L-'i^ds (^ (1 ) (2) ^ <g^®ii) = ULf-dsd^h-Qih. (The analogy of these strong and weak foi'ms is maintained throughout. must not. mood). Can you speak with the gentleman at this time? Ought the little boy to come on foot (^walking)? May the munshi see the lesson you have written? Must the child weep for its mother? There are ten loads of iron. ncut. it wept. ji.) can learn. Is it riglit to beat the little boy so ? (3r^®LDiT? ) Although the mother comforted the little child.) May He may — _ . (2.EXERCISE 33. of . =^^). shut the door. (I &c. right. 41.®ldit'^ inn? ^<3s(Sfr Qus^d sf^QiMir? ^uuuf. utterly.® LD is the 3d it pers.'\ Although the people were come.) may do. co/ne together.) ^m is added to a verbal noun (hereafter to be considered) formed by joining ^<ji.^^i (or vulgarly ^ldit for c^"). but the verb should be repeated: QurraeoiTLDrr? Ans. ^iX) = uujLSSisoirLD.®zi) Q^rflujuu(Sld^6\)rTLDrT? (surresr^ss)^ LiLSsainii^'}) U(5S)i—^^isuiT ^(SS)^u^(^ Qffdjujsak-®iJD. N. and the inf. (3. Yes is often rendered by . Comp.) _ the little boy shut the door of the house? Shut the door.C.?) See 117.i. — signifies.c. (4._®iz) is + ^60 + ^LD = Os^iuiLKoOrTLD ( lu doubled for euphony). (a.) ^^ffs^iflsss s?l. and is used impersonally = can be. = (d.) Q(S>j'2ei)d6sniiiT (suii^ (70) s^esi(Sud ^/DdseOfTLorr? (66) ^G!)fT sB lL(B(sS i—&)ms)!T? (68.) Thus: Q3=iu UL^ + aseo + (5. Qufrs&ifriJD. 3=. He can [is able to] shut the door.^0D^Lj ui^dsd •sk-QixifT? @^ ^(^Lo [^in]? (^i<^S(^d(^^ a. not simply ^iJd. u.

70 . many caine together.(cini—isrrrf^(cS)i—iu the y^'Ssisr iSls^^si [a] Qsfreisn—S^'. having surrounded.52. Qeul—l^ [u] having cut down. (3)^(5ifl [_^] 21. ^/^^^[l. having come 77. (2. great 13.) having seized. Lcptsa/D [<s] the other cSyi^ [^] ^^a&'Sssr That 25. took.(2. ^i^ That 25.irjTeir ^Lp-^^ 77. Q^asT honey 50. And those 10. bazaar-man 18. in town to the bazaar having gone. 77. bazaar-man's . Lesson 35. having surrounded the taking 87. 21. Muhammedan 18. ^^ssir The Muhammedans 29. [«] seai—ssanQhsairs for the bazaar-men 29. 77. /Erremiu [. it alighted.LESSON 3o.) s-jb/SI ^i^ [«] Those 25. <s<cS>i—ds. 64. 77. That 25.) ^i^ 25. lie put 70. eu/i^. 78. took That lizard 18. QuirLLt—rriTsm. 70.) 77.) QsiJiLup. a drop-honey below was spilt 70. and carefully consult all the refer- ences. [Every word in this tale is in use. 70.(2.50. and every form deserves attenLet the learner go over it often. [«] dog the bazaar-man having beaten. (2. tion.'] having bit dog QuinLi—ffj. (^i^ih^Qsrremi—ems: 77.) oSy/F^ [«] aemi—ssiTij^ssr [^] gi^&am the [u] QuiTL-L—iT<3sr. it put 70.56. semi— d sir/tits m' bazaar-men 29. mirt'u (-5) 70. Qsirdrjy having killed. EXERCISE 34. [lj] [d] OsfTussari—trn'sar.70. having come 77. A lOo.) unk^gi 11. Exercise 34. 8. 78. (^iEi(3) ^QP)i^ u&^eS {a) lizard iSu^^g! 70. [tj] y. took . cat having seized. [ij] u&teSictniJj [«] s.(111. 18. isj (3)U> '^(3 Q^ak QcStp &i^iug:j.(2.&srei!)'Li That cat 18. Qeii(^ Quiuir persons s^L^(miTs^ 70. 56. ^m^ 25.21.] The honey drop tumult A 1 Muhammedan <si] !T a QuirsJ . [<s] Qs!TsmL—gj. That 70. they put. Muhammedaii havirig cut down he put. III. 11. ^lEjQo^i^ there-ivhich-was 74.) of it upon a jly 25. Story. (2.(2) (4) Jly. .) 77. ssmi—ssiruemir [^] bazaar-men (the) Muhammedans 29. 21. 70. (2.s] the gj^as^^enii—iu Muhammedan's 21. which will buy the time 74. (2. ^^dsir 29. QuaiLi—iTdsr.(2.) ^enirat^LD having seen.

259. a hundred persons.*: They may govern also the 4th case. having suffered. ^&)60 s^Qixrrffou ulL(B utter confusion. other. It is repeated action: the action is erQ^^dQairessri—in^.58. part. ^sifl. (1. a drop. To give the idea of habitual. obtain. eumsjiQ. are nouns governing the 6th case with the termination g.) as . gsi^iam. drop [of] honey.77. Quirgi.] more apparent. 256. is used the future relative participle (74).(111. = they having a to the infinitive mood makes it died.66. Compounds are often formed in Tamil as in other languages. Muhammedan. * 56.) i3ls^^sj- (6. Qamoswi—irirsm. s-p^is.66.vf'\i\i rel. &u^^si(u) QuiTL-i—gi. It is used (4. It adds force in some cases. . *Both ^L-uf-Bn Qmeo and (Jrnsu. sirS" Ouujit. hand having -mingled. 127. he continued writing. semi—dsmieir. he bought (for himself). by merely putting the crude forms together.) Quir(Lp^. Q^ssr. &c. (2) 106. a row having made. while.) gjeBpQ^<ssr. took. 58. 70. 107. bug. Q^. Qm'sssiiSiiir Sifl. a bazaar. not used when done once for all. He went. here is for "when." eijn-iij(^ii> Thus: ^siieir Quir^m'. Q u sr (^ldQ u n gj &c. iSn^^^sQisfrsssrs—s^.) To give a middle or It reflexive signification: <suirmjQiQisn<smt—irm. Such constructions are frequent. ^^'' 21. (III)].25.] as here. to make its transitive character [Comp. it 77. {b. This verb is added to another. — an expletive. This verb is frequently several times here. ^gu QuiuiT. in that aide 25." definitely for any time. and these 50. LDpse>p. Here Qun-(B is added to the verb. II. sent—. 50.LESSON 35. 172. 8. * Qld6\). eusosiB^ 50. added to the verb. but is used inTranslate: "when he was buying honey. (5. EXERCISE 34.) Qsaemi—^. (ej is = when. timc. and while he was going. (2. a bazaar-man. So sb(5 (^i—w ^tmresi^iT.10. VocAB. to the story. @i^ a hundred perons. meaning ^ewe. latllTIEjQuj^. (-QQpm. UL-i^isasTLD 6T'S^<oOn'u> the C'^] in this side usa^^Qeo 21. part. suiriEjf^LD Qurr^ or Qufr(i£^.) 3=iTaQ(si : ex emphatic added equivalent to the case absolute. adding perhaps an idea of completeness [Comp. from the root Qsrreir ((et^) [56. under Syi often added).) may be thus added to very many verbs. The words are put in apposition. ' 7 ' ' . receive. a pot [of] water. of another (a. having feared 77.) town all uiuigi.) c^sar Qurrgj. to the Merely primary verb (c. &i^ spill (-Qp^ 62). i3i^ sffosLD. Notes on the story.) LD^ This is simple Sanscrit. I. a hurried removal 161. to die indeed. (3. honey.77.^irsQej. part.

[Appendix 108. Lesson 36.j)iSo&>s(soQeorr<sOLD. (ex is often added. much.) a hurried removal through fear 8cc. a side. 56. swarm.] thus declined: . 56. used with the verb eiiiriSKQ. all. cut. III. a name. The reflexive pronoun ^irtssr. cut duion (—QQjDdsr. QeuiL®. confusion (an imitative word like hubbub. Quiurr.QQp<ck.) . uSoeS. II. u:u. are in use. people. L^&sr. &c. alight upon as — ^ikiQs. erisoeomli. iSl^. there — . over. s^smemi—.) ^. Qi<sii(S).LESSON 36.* . 66.] (—sQQflm." ud&u>. 56. a cat. uiui^.). many. a row "shindy. above. &:c. a person. a fly.) Case. Qunnu. seize (—3. a lizard.). ^iei(^. fear [only the past. ^/rajr is xii. the whole. III.). u LLi—fsm ld a town. (o. STSXt « hundred. a winged insect ( —a@Qp<ssr. utter (SiKsoesi^.

Come when I write the letter. III. sfreupsnirm'^nisbr. ^'Ssw (50. 109. The people left their houses and emigrated. si<oSi^^^s Qsnem® (4. Come when I have written the letter. LESSON 37. Go after you have seen the petition. (a. Exercise 35. ^<sa(efK(oS)i—uj. ^rriJu ^asr lS&t arrjrasr QeussgrQt}) (srisir^ (aUisQ^esr. Old Scandinavian poetry afTords traces of a negative not only in verbs.). I uL^Qiueir. 10 73 . preface xxix. I. grsjr Compare aQ^ + O + + CTssr = = uuf. &c. uisf. The Tamil has a — peculiarity it 'particle indicative uisf. And this formed by adding to the root the personal termination xoiihout any . of South Indian dialects is nearly confined* to the family has a negative form of the verb.) ^(kis&r [106.) The bazaar-man beat his cat. ability. Is there honey in the jungle? There is no honey in the jungle. ^€STS(^<s(rQ(S(r ^Qeoir&^^nim' -«^^^^&Lesson 37. * Compare Rask's Anglo-Saxon Grammar. the Muharamedan killed it.EXERCISE 35. s^easr €S)t— Qs^ujiueOfTLDfT? ^asr ^(ssr eu6\)6\}LJ^(oS)^s sinsmiS^^rrasr. * VocAB. '^-&sr'^£sr <oS)<su^0i^rT^LD (58. Not ^eiJ^eai—UJ. —^Qnmsask. Some of the Caucasian dialects also exhibit the same peculiarity. ? Give me a drop of water. eioi—iu. 108. OKsoeoum. dog Is it right to catch flies? Did the srrrfQi^? tEiresr s<omss<ssr ^60s\). (4. but also in pronouns. negative verb. Q^^ih (oTSsr unsQuuih (oKssTQTf'&sr. I do read. The 110. finikis&r eresr'^esru unrrds QsuesarQw.&QQpm. villagers kill the bazaar-man's No.^] <?/Q^dFLo um^i^<osr. There is honey in the jungle. iSli^^^s". The Muharamedan killed his dog. not read. ^^^etai—iu.^ ^&j<osrsij(a5r i§ (^is^s'^ ^i^d^u. He came before the clerk had read the report to the gentleman. 4- of time. her or its own (suus-a-um) use fRm-ena ^ek or ^ssr^ and rarely ^Qj^eaL-iu. he).)] boy his lesson learnt. cause to see. each one (he. §3= Wherever the meaning is his. That [106. . sirsssriS (56.

ULo. UL^iUirgi. ^^uuiresr. mi—QeafSsr.EXERCISE 36. that the absence of any middle particle denoting time signifies that the action of the verb takes place in no time whatever.^^uQum. ^^uufreir.] Paradigm. ULp-iumu. and so an absolute negative for all times is formed. IBl—. Plural. if he pleases. Singular. ^^uuiriu.iuirm'. uLp-QiLieir. fEi—eutretr. mt—eniTiU. [The learner may imagine. Roots UL^. ^M"^'-'"'^' . n. ^^ULj. uL^iutr&r. 3.m. mi—eiifresr. mL-emrgii. UL^QlUfTLD.

A word written thus .).a=iuS/D^&)3so. " having indicated what. & ^&)'^ujn? J)/iejQs Qurrsu^eo'bso.-. III. about.. (60. &c. L J 114. lEtrsk r Q^iuQjv^ + [ ^&)^ = ^&)8si> Q. 115.s-Q(vrj>Lu? <sua^s(^ sr&jiSijefrGii Qs=&)eo QeiHosarQui? rSiurruuew f^pp^^psns (22) ^ fStumuLDrrilj^ s^rfltumLs' ^smru^dsLJuQeyaiL. shall or will . though common one. III. o'itlLS. 230. attend to (56. the €i]dSe\}. have 7iof done. ivill &c. Qsititl-® (court). less elegant This is more common. ^iejQs i§Q srrsveSlso (urrsTTeSQeo) !Bn(5sr QurTL^uuLLu-rrfir. I. complainant. li. so viuch./r<a(gg^eoii). (a. (a. s^n-LSs^Bmreir. concerning. p < \ I. &. much? Ql^. III. especially to the neuter participial noun (87. a witness. j Qs^Lusiigj + ^6\)&o = Q<3'iLi€up&)3si>. rj i^ot walk.. and. . a place of justice (em^eoLo. &c. right. to the infinitive of the verb. LSrr^isvrr^ (tSlj^.. &. ^lL®. he.LESSON 38.). reason. but than the former.&!rir (q^). did not do. i§ iB(^(irfius •ssuesfl^^ (^jB^^ S-€sr ^<^(oU(S!reij Qu. justice. am not li J Q<^iu^^ ^1 + = Q<3=u^fls\)3so. doing. &c. do you speak so much ?" (s^g: is equivalent to regarding. and is the same for all numbers and persons. Lesson 38. m^p pta. 88. Qs^eusek. a peon.) ^smrr ffifliumiid QsiLseSled'hso.(^d. The negative verb ( continued) 1 13. ^aism ssuesfldSlm^eo'^. III.. SiLirrujili. a deposition. on the whole. hoiu ^eueusireij (that measure). The negative most frequently used. did ^euesr. _g)svSo is also added to other parts of the verb. regard (56.). ^&)^^/Qgo s^m-L&ssrTjjisar /5z_<5(5LD. thus much.€srd(^cf s^ntl. Exercise 37. @^. testimony (also a witness). &. EXERCISE 37. rightly. is obtained by adding §)<k>dsi = not (43). opposition). sit-down li^. toard. do "^ | lEi—a&i^isodso &c. right. a note. This form is indefinite as to time. thou. thou. lEirm.c. VocAB. * Lit. ^tmisiieireii measure).. do not do. is often used. or a vulgar and objectionable. <sa. a fault. * ereueueireij (what measure). thou. 116. ^syrffl/. indicate. enir^. a court..). Comp. . i§ Qs^rT(S!r(osr eiJirdrsyPipeOLD QjdSeo €r<osr'2esrd 3^ulSlL(Si<s QsiLseSeo'^eo. s=fff. put but is is to be considered as a synonym of the one after which it is either a foreign word. I. . afreueo *( urrriir) guard. &c. a place). thou. Os^neO^) QeuesarQii).. •ff^rffajfriu. I.esW. (56.) tear. prison. iSiuinum^eoi}>. a pleader. (this a measure. not (at any 1^ time) do. the best. the defendant.

Although the munshi read the lesson to ant's witnesses they come not. need. ^(gii. this horse go in the bandy? ld^a ^(^^ldit? Is the complaint which the plaintiff has presented a fitting one? Qsir®^^ ^sirgi. It does not agree. LDirLLt^iTseir. this honey be put iji the store-room ? ^i^i eurr^ (^^ssitr uemtp-uSleo Quirc^LDtr? Quits LDmLL—ir^. It must not. It will not. It is not fit. It will not. LDiri—i—iTsar—iT. LDITL -i—iruj—uLiT. 6t<so. Qemsesri—iTLD. of ^st^. (Tliis is quite irregular. fut. cannot. can^st not. Sing. . cannot. Qeumri—rr + ^li. Lesson Some 39. not. suffice.Qi—ek. is not necessarij.) It is not proper. Qtsuam®. <spd(^Lh.) "It luonH fit:' (vulg. 72.). "It is no go. thou zvilt not. 110. be Jit iStMf). srpi^LD is formed regularly (3d part. a. hook on. from the roots iDiriL®. ^@. \ Plur. Quirgi. We will not. of (^wsmrgi. agree. 70. «e. The positive of s^i—n-gi s^(£lw. not It sufficient.) The gentleman will do you justice. cannot. 117. defective and irregular verbs. she ivill LDmLi—fren. cannot.LESSON 39. of ^eoirgj. do the peons beat has he not written the deposition ? (b.^ 118. LD!rL-Ql—ITtS>. are made the very common forms: Quit. and of 119. I will not. Jt must not be. they will not. May b. or you will nut. cannot. ye. It is Qeuemi—fTih. What fault has the the witness? do these villagers not pay the instalment physician committed ? Although I have called the defend(due) ? The child does not sleep. cannot. be possible. agree. . neut. Will c. It is not a fitting one. <^<sm^ii. him he does not pronounce it rightly. right.) (comp. cannot. he will not. Although his father beat him the Why Why Why little boy does not attend to his lessons." (vulg. LDmLi—rriTaisir. These are all common. According to 110. For Qeusssri—iTeiiiTLD. eT€orrgi. Quir^irgi. QeuismQih. go. 3^( join.

J Q^<sifl<sunuj<f Q^n6\)&ods^i—iT^fT? (43. ^uurf! jjji^uuisasnh STiosrdQ)U QuiT^rr^. 9S3r^Lo(172. Lesson 40. He need not {shovXd not. sjw^s^ s^iJdu&tld (syuSpsudt^u up0>^i This is often said by the the wages woii't suffice for my (suuSgi/. They all sat down in the court. The servant said he would not do that.^<su^d(^ LD<ssr6m1ssQ<Sijem®ih.=^awj thing sijBQvum (^mQrj'm. They were seated in the place of justice when the gentleman came in. don't walk.) ^(^LDfT? fffliunuLi ^gj ^rfliusoeo. ^^ ^gsl Q&neo^ (idiom for g^fliumbs: Qs^neo^^ which more correct). don't walk.lls(^^ <sruuLs^ is Q^ ffli^ss)^ (S"^*) isf-U (127.n^ = it won't touch (suffice). Why will you make a disturbance in the village? Although the defendant killed the dog you must forgive his fault. This and that agree.) ^i^u (sauiuissr uni—ua ui^ds LDniLQi—f^ <simQ(!rf'm'. sr + s-to for the polite form . To the third sing. 6^iu.) The watchman said that the villagers beat him. common people. Sic). don't you walk. V2^.) ^lju iBi—m Qus^eu^ /f/tsw- (88. (1.t! Qurr^th. ^li f!as^<smms (^[B^^ (116. To abuse is not becoming. Exercise 38.) ai all.EXERCISE 38.) neg. add An ct for the sing. QsrrQsa Q en <osm i—iT ld Is it a fit tiling to iSff^sutr^ . rEi—enirQ^iLjLD.] (b. for the plural. They denied all knowledge of the atfair. Qun^ihl [For Qurr^n^ we often hear up(irj^ or upp u^niLu. it walks not (does not happen). Qlff^^^ ^s- LDfTLLQi—fTih etimgu Q3=rr&)^Q(Vj'iTS&T. Other parts of the negative verb. (a.lLl^Q 60 SB(5 Loegus Qsn'®<is. e. and sr + SL. Qen(ssisr®LDir? Should the respondent present a petition in court.ik&&r . isit ^i^d s<ss)t—danii&sr ^smLDdB'Ssrr'^ Q3=uj^(mih^rr^uD^ . ordinary familiar inperative. He says that he cannot learn the lesson. QsusasTL-tTLD. but the witnesses did not give their deposition rightly. From are fBi—suirff/. . abuse him? Q a a n. The munshi said that I need not write that lesson. 121. neut. LESSON 40. Tell him how the affair happened.^ 'S76060/7-a) a_i£)(S(5 'STssrsar Q^tflnjix)? &. formed mi—<sun-Q^. Thus. sir! rEi—smrQ^ujimsm. 120.

and participial nouns. l^isi—SuiT^smeusisir. (5.EXERCISE 39. heathenism. ®je0 60iT^iEii(dr. its fineness.) is formed by adding of the forms is therefore the same as ^si tlie or 3d ng.). a complete negative verb may be Thus: constructed. folly. % l^ fBi—suir^eu&r. though the forms ai'e rather cumbrous. they tvho do not walk.) And thence ( /Ei we obtain the following negative participial nouns: he who does not lualk. UU^SS LLUL-L^IT u u u^en Q^ih? (How will the lesson come? How Qetsr ^(sa^ei) uni^ih ^sn^<3Si^ff. chiefly in poetry. 2_(5m/r. euiT^euear. S^£ii. who learns not (or has not learned).) By adding to the all and other roots). 122. (62. wisdom.) cease. he (hon.) who does not loalk. 121. Q^ldlj. II. . Singular. participle (27. ( IE I— <sv ir^ sj IT Plural. . with a negative. £_LD — 2_ifl standard of gold.. a house which I have not built. they which do not walk. are formed by changing e. not Icarjiing. by simply verbal participle in ^s^ into omitting ^).jy =\ /Bi—sufT^j UL^ojir^ iSKUiL/sar. snLL®s(^u QunsnQ^l (^tsjLsCcisfr ! LSI^nQisu! ! Gr&!T'2issr^ ^ssiruf-Lua^Q^ih. (2. thread . .Qffih can he understand it?^ ufiQrf^ sarfltum Q^^-^. s^ssares)!— Qs^tLujfT^Q^rEJssirr Qus^rrQ^iLjiEJiSSfr! ^/Si/eOT" £ uisf. (SFjiresTili. are not necessary. (57. a work on a science. -^ iEi~<suir^eiiif—seir.) A answering to ^ iBi—e^irgj @j(Siieir ( — 2- + .) § ^<SS)LD Q<9=IULUITLD60 (snstsr ^Q^k^TTeO (aU fT(Lpeu fTlU. (56. iEi—SiiiT^(m. ^^ . (a. /i is not learning). neut. II.). u^ga. One verb. ignorance. he [is] a boy who or which walks not.) sob. if you do not ivalk. = one who has not. hurry. the relative value of a metal. come to nothing ^gir<so.<sj IT who does not walk. rest. be dispersed. ^ -^ • ) } . Further examples constantly used.of the (or sometimes.) \^LD&) The negative to the root. . above the auxiliaiy verb §}(^ (sometimes Quit parts. (56)UUj(oloSr. (4. (3. ne does not learn (he do not walk. in its uuLiurTLDeo @)r/fjdScw<zir. =«y@ Loirpg)!. lUTLDeO ^(T^ifilT&) (Qu'T(SS)S\)) UlTL-ll) (SUSJIT^' <si .). 110. • x ) £ iEi—(Siin'LD6Snnii^fr&). she IB i—. (^tu. Exercise 39. 87. nes. but compounds of this kind are negative relative participle for all tenses. (56. uLpLiuiTplQ^eklQ^esr. * VocAB. iLirm sL-L—fT^ (62) a?®. (^irssTih. Neither — nor. that which does not walk. tlie forms in (74.

&c. (what is got without QuLu^Qsnesan^rmii (Idiom: without ^/S3)^ his knowing it- ^/SliutTmeo.LESSON 41. (d. Thus Qs=iuujrr (^lLi—it&i. (a. if {you) leave.) you if you do. a fowl. and iLi are also interchanged. Quirsrr aflili_ffeu. '^not doing. and the like. SJ- This is elegantly »si or ^<^#(&. s^ifliuirius is ! Lesson 41. eSli—a (254.) <3- 79 ." gjikeon. if (you) leave. &c.] ui—iT^eD^u u(Sl(QiJfT(osr. &c.eSiLi—iTeo = "not being.) Q^ujiLin-LDPo Tlius QuiT3=»gu or Qu!t. 0-3= tu^rrn^s rrev. Q. is possible to Him. 68. ^^ eiesr (b. ^eo ui^luitQ^! ^rroir Q^i-. uiT6iJ(i^ G)s=iuiun^(T^. Thus.£ = jsd. Some miscellaneous 123. [Many of Try!] Q^wlS^ these sentences can Q^ldlSI s^ilktld&j Probably a corruption from ^©yisar be rendered in ^Q£^!Tm. and ui^p^^ is ui^s^s-gj or ui^s^a-.) I had not seen him." Tliey are equivalent to "unless you.] ^/^(^rrasr ^6\)'2eo. and eir in Tinevely and the south.9^ujujiTLDeo ^(i^i^sfrw. are perhaps more elegant. the phrases _g)a)6«/r i^l-L—it<5\). So ui^^gi is ul^^s-. The form uv^^Q^m. but in very common conversation can hardly be quite avoided. (95.) Loasi^ujrraLJ ^ei)^.s=» is used for QuiruSlesr^ or Qun-esr QuiruSlp^u. i^ is uj in Madras. If he will not come. &c. For will often hear Qa^dj^iraarr = Qun-(e^ssfr = an&> is a poetical word for aireoLh. or from Q<FtLsifrSo sfTffO ( ffo QufT&n-^s^ effort is not mrrp^u:) s^isarTULji}) valued).. time = tvhen. This is not to be imitated. 2. Silence This is an impossible thing. u<suasr [88. QsfTL^. Letters are often interchanged in different parts of the Tamil country.. eQiLt—frSi) = if [you] leave (68).) forms. &c. LDesrQLn! lj^ ^ujjb/o [From ^^..'' QurrsirdlLLi—iTe\) = "not going. and Ga/rsrf) in the south.3^ir<so^ih Qurr^) what can I do ( ermesr^sm^-^ Qs^tLiaj<siiiru>) ? If the attorney does not properly represent the affair in court (Sojirujem^eo^^Qeo sirrfluj^em^u Qus^itldSo Qum^eo) what can the plaintiff do ? This a thing which has not happened and cannot happen.s^ujiurr <^LLi—rreo.) full forms Q. ^Gsrgi.) (70. a. (2. Qi&=iUflss{reo. is QsrruSl in Madras. Why do not the servants open the doors? If they do not open the doors when I tell them (mrresr Q. will mean. if (you) leave. So ^uSlmsj. This is either from the poetical form if [you] go.) would be the full form). What is not possible to us.) various ways.) where Q'S^uj^iris))." The shortened The (c." "if you do not. is vulgarly pronounced uif Jc^OTT. ^uSipgji is vulg. ^^ Q^iLi'luit is occasionally used in composition where This is chiefly found in (121.

&c.) diminish. ^irirseir is and fem. Quit. sickness. &c. Thus (e. &c. Exercise 40. 106." aLLi^eo QiLi^eo for siLuf-Sd. III. (g. i^° [This whole lesson may be talked over with a munslii or other intelligent naThese are given as a specimen. ^Q<aij'?&) Qsu(^ i56m(sss^iu ©JBT^ao^-F Qs=^^^iTLD6\) ^0'S(^^ (Ironical). yet.. uiresxSLS^. &c. This is carried to a great extent in Madras. is Qun(SU)e\)) ^OJirs&r strsus^do Qunu-uui— (68. can choose our own words and forms is to know exactly what the people say. gives the be idea of completeness as Quit® does to transitives.. The 3d vulgar conversation. go. lessen.EXERCISE 40. The great matter tive and such forms collected.. (5.jifi^u u ^Q^sSlp^ ersaresT?* eiesrswih c^<?<*^. ®i})'. Qsrr^&=u3 Qih!^<s=i}> for QiaiTtQs^LD.^ for Qpisf-k^^ accomplished. Tinevely Shanan speaks.) (Qisnp (56. 125. ^Q^skesr eSs'n^ eressr^u* Q^rfliurr^ (every jb pronounced with a whirr). such as hurly-burly. .) plural (mas.) the work is finished.) is strangely corrupted in very Thus. Qs^ired^ (The af- (Tell fair is me how you got on?). (56. ^mesrili. In Tamil these In general any noun may be so repeated occur much more frequently. (a.) cgy/F^ <s^® slLi—uulLl-. a language.. deficient. If the word does not begin with « the reduplicated syllable generally does. for ^j^ srawesr <sSuurr^ erOTjj/ Q^Smrr^ (I donH know what disease this is).) Q<sij(oSBr®iii.'' Qwem^ @s»<f is "the table and its appurtenances. VocAB.Qs= &^^^nQ^ ^wfi come. a cot. III.) There is a common form which the lower orders sometimes use in addressing a superior that is puzzling to a beginner: for ^eo^ they say ^&)^iEjs. <^p(^. Qs'wsnl ^i^ Qey'^eo ^mesTth si. This seems to be the honorific plural s-imseir added. added to instransitive words. firewood. = ^uS^^ has be- Very common (What^ has the work become? well. at leisure. (f.) ^iBCp. smflojuy Qpi^i^s^^. it G'q/'Ssu Qs'iu^fr<9=<9^ S"-"^' (G)<^iu^ having done. the fowl is dead. becomes sfl^@ S^g = "firewood. a little. Q'S^iieun-iram becomes Q^iijeiimiiQsrr. is Madras cook speaks: QsnuSI Qs^i^u Quns^s^ for QsriL^ Qs=s:^Lj QuiTuSp^.1.) We have in English a number of words which are apparently mere reduplications.s(cS&)'^ujn? i§ Qs^iLi form. accomplished (58.) eSujiT^.) * OTvf) becomes akrem in common talk — thus mair^iu is i^em^S)'^- 80 . tamil..] We 124. is in the south often e^3=rr^. topsy-turvey. iS ^ekearih .) the (oiesreisrl Q'Su'^eo ^s^s^tr? = work finished). Q<3=ili Sometimes pronounced something like Q 3=111^1701 (cheythaw^a. (of course in the merest colloquial dialect). iSlebrLi i§it Qunihu urnrss Qsuem ^<suit ^eOedfreBLLL-neo p^ljdqpqsi—uj (^Lo/yjsOT" QuiTsQ<aiJ6snr(blih' sserr ^i^ili uesar^istn^s^ Qs^^^^rr(aSlLLi—fT&)(Qs=^^^m£ieO Qurr(eu)&). This is worth noting carefully. Thus.

eruuL^. when? + who? + all means. Sec. every one. go! You had Put better not go. [^ (b. It is all men. every where. . where? + S-ld = eTiBt(^u). used as a neuter noun. substituting ^psn for ^^sn. is all women. Qld&) iSekQesr (?i£>ai. step) 4. If he does not send his servant for If you do not hear [obey] you will it the gentleman will not give it. luneudr. like t/sjii (oo^sm^u-jih aekri—rrm. neut. makes ^^^gi (sing. If you do this evil you will perish. Should the little boy be so disobedient? (^t-iiairLuPo.) <5r<so'B^(r as an adjective is prefixed to nouns. It is deli. and requires the s-ii after each case. ly how? + S-w = eruuL^u-jil. (d. always.) When added to an interrogative form makes an universal. — ajir^ih. who [Poet. 2d Case: 3d Case: (c. &c. (= (— (= = over) after) + -^ another all. •s^* It is also all.) ersoeofTil. Words denoting universality.) <?««« is a Sanscrit s'seo Ln<sS^iTS(Sff)iM. ^aeow. Lesson 42.) so much. er<PCCorrsupea^!LjLD. 6ra)(fV/r<S2. neut. every thing. er<k)€OiT tDiS5fl^5/f<5(Bffiii.) This work is finished. ^-ili = enaimiili. = Qld^ld. word = all. &c. moreover. so much + e-ti = ^"Sssrsiffiui. ^w to be put after the noun.LESSON 42. (b. all erSoeoiT sr<so&)iT m^fsfmLo. luiTSJ. (b. eria(Q. all (rather unusual).) 2_tD is also added to used adverbially. again. ^-ii S-ih all. Don't Do you understand it on the table. he saw the whole. is regularly declined. eruQufrap^. II). <sr<kieoir ^asu = ^(hsr so viuch. besides. These are little used except in poetry. &c. it all persons. [Poet. &-ld (a. or ^tBLpuuireeoei^)? perish.) so =sy&)r used as an adjective = sr&^ejir.) ^'^^sild = the totality. I understand it a little (red. = iSd/rQasriLiu:). and ^hsriu (plu. and many other words LDgauL^ 127. but requires men..] ) f = lUfreiiQ^iii C<zk changed to J. all houses.^G'(Tj'®zi). 56. _ _ . many.e_tD = LDgauu^iijth.] (a. e^io = sruQu/rQ^^ui. ((5r<scisi)rr + s-ld j clined after the analogy of nouns in a neuter noun = ever?/ thing. and declined regularly. mgiiuLf. ersiicir. <^®s(&T)LD. form). Tamil (^^ip Unless you go you cannot obtain it. in every way. and. which J ^^jigi. Some uses of s-ti. 126. but with the addition of s-ii>. i3tkQ<zsr.

I will fine you. IV. a a few. (ft-) learn all Did you see All all the peons? Why are all the villagers assembled together? who had committed sin feared.EXERCISE Ce.) ir IT 87. •s^LDuefTLD.). HI. Qsnppn \jun(SiiQ^ui sk-eSl (50. Qeu^LorTesTisi. SM. ( + eu + ^iT + &-LD. 60.) the whole toion was agitated. sitso. present). fern. at any time whatever. (=wv. Have all the servants re? The boy who learns all the lessons well. c). QpQ^mLD. little. the lesson well. •3=rsQsrr<Sii.2. Qu/Tjb^. = tvhole. ereoedn Qsij'^s ^uunfiih QuniLQi^issr- siT!riflL—^^§^LD ^urrrr^LD <SiJiTiEjQ(es)iT. : after the nominative case of the noun UL-i—essTLD erSoeoiTLD seorkiQpS)'' (70. (ip(Lg requii'es s-ii to be added to the noun to which 128. all the villagers came.) -<J I These are declined by inserting the signs of the cases between the words and S-Ln : er &) &) rr sn it ilj ih •Fseoes^rriLjih.J erSoioOfr. s^eostii. (siiki(^i£> (^Qi—&)6\)fTLD ^-eirGfr Qeuii^ QunuSp^. . holy. (g. extol (56. 129. Many of the other words in 126 may be used in the same way.).) r= I ^%r£iiQ^Lx>. joy (used for a ^^mefr. the world. (h.) (124. The last two are declined as the words in (e. Exercise 41.J QPQ£. Q(Su'?in\)dsrTffiT ^-eOSLD (St<50eOfr(T^s(^is> ^0j:s'ss)U S-is)(oB)LDU Qunjb^iiu^. Where are all the brickdid all the carpenters leave their work ? Give all the blacksmiths their hire.s^sm and ^^. and all people. &c. VocAB. a present.) Thus: ersiieonrQ^il). + + S-LD. He never learns. ^(V). . ^(te. = the ivhole. wages. a congregation. existing assembly.).) (108. he called all ivho had learned.rriTiT sr (SH €0 TT QF)ili suih^ir!ra<sfT . ^urrrr^Lh. Church. a mason.Ui. it is prefixed. ^'i^ Qsu'^Qs^iL^ ^s^s=0d(^i}i sessrdss^d <?<56\) irfJ3=iTdsim)is> (^i<^S(^iJD ffns^^nm 82 Q<sii6ssr(SlLl) (58. ^(vjs aiT^LD. ^ir. ) Instead of ersoeon-Qf^Lh and ^dosraiQ^uy. a king (with or witliout^). ( + + S-m com. 1^ ^gy&jraucto/niyii). ov). (lpq£sii^ui.). Qsn-(S^s'ih. ^ff^eir. uL^^^enirseiT ^'SssTSu&arrnjLD si^ui^LLt—iraiT. QisfTpflesT. hire. all form nouns plural (mas. ( ^aaiQf)LD. ereoQevn-Q^uj and ^^Qsuttq^ld. -S'siau. time (for <sit€\)u>). II. to (f..) euniBiQsQ'Snismi—nhsen'. III. oiKToc. (ip(Lgffiil> = the whole. 41. The ceived their wages? The king who governs the whole world. You must Why layers He wrote and sent a letter to all the servants. kings who govern all the world. . 3=es>u. which is.^ the holy ^!JiT-3=ir. adj. sacred. (b ) <eT&)e\)fT(y^ih eui^rriTseir. be removed. remove (56. a fine. (58. are elegantly used. act. a blacksmith. a^eS.) These forms are often put which they belong thus. GisiTeoeoasr.

all. s'<5S)uujrr(sarr [180. omnipotence (. as ercire^LD (132.] The past relative participle of (58. (b. Queo^^i_(o!sT [239. @iSiiLjLj<g= has become red.^>5m'hssr. ( ldijui.) is ^ssr or ^8iu. Ssuucjfrasr red. the outside jyial C^^Q^ astreet.). 90'). doubtless.uun^ih ^pp uit(sSI (Ihn a ^jr^ek(nSsr^uSOrQuneo sremesafl. then are nouns qualified ? [Compare 74.) Sometimes this is done without any other change than the doubling of letters. II.LESSON 43. and is. ox ^iri£^ srasTosruuLLi— ^!jir'3=!r. with or without change. especially the case in Sanscrit compounds.) (74. You may erdr^U) s^tLeiai—). QarrLDi^. This is common and clearly intelligible. as. [The Sanscrit Scholar may compare these forms with Tat-furusha and Karmmad'haraya compounds. king David. 83 .. a red jacket (Qsuulj. power ). rsn&sr ^maa Q essr® ih umrnQiLirT <5rissr'2issr 1 Qpsiounn^^ ^(T^sa^uo <sT<s5r <s(ay'8si) ^unQiun? uutTUffQisiV (This is poetical. or place the two in apposition. ^uQuiriB. Apposition. 131.] iBieoeonuo QslL Lesson 43Qualifying words. It may be broadly stated that in Tamil there are no adjectives.^(syjii) destitute wretch. or ^LD (72*) is used for ^sar poetically. a heroic king [a king who will he a hero']. From the above it appears that two nouns may often be .simply joined together to form a compound.) [This When is the former noun ends in ld that letter is elided. 130.] (a. David the king. Qtsuiliuiresr s^lLssh—. ^/rsS'^ common language sreirSp is used for eraJr ^im). ^[T!T3=n'(sarTQiiJ rT!T. redness. but understood. &c. a Q^QFj^^mr'hmr. ^ijir^ir (in or ^iT<£^ You can say also." These inserted between any two nouns will either convert the foi'mer into something answering to an adjective.) ^ffssr @et) eOir^ QurTQ^6\}e0mh STiosr'2ssr^ ^ebr Loihsia^ssiuuu uirn^^s Qlsn&r&rff s_6i)<3r^(Sro^ ereoeOfTLD .] ^(T^<iQ(7r^&!r. or which also say. eueosieaLo.s^ireuLh. Qun/S. spark). after the manner of steam-ship. (forms of ^uSlssr or ^QQ!r) = How ^ "having become. bi-ick-house.apial). a spark of fire ( ^. Thus: eSffi^tli ^u&^eir. rBtrm. a branch of a isiieCKoOesiLD. most in accordance with the genius of the language. In fact it may be laid down as a law of the language that every noun becomes an adjective by being prefixed to another noun. a branch). a tree.9=ir. fire.] tree 3=rr<st] Thus: LDUsQstrmLf. ^(^ih. This is constantly done in Tamil poetry. <SiJ (ordu ei^iiSQKih *•' . ^n'^gi.

greatness. a young bullock fish ( erQf)gJ.(Seo). &p. 21. iron. us-ld. airBstr. a sheep. ueo ). littleness. Quit. the defence of shame. a flock). a chain). ^psa used as signs of the sixth case. LniresuM king David. erek^isj siruLj. ^ld in- (d. 6. d.) treats each of them as having become first an abstract noun. 132. u&'<x-. d. [The nasal serted.) Lit. Sign. ^inSi—^gi a man of this place. 121. QunF QfBfe^'S-. of &it® a jungle).m®. rather stiff and pedantic. a flock of sheep a palmyra jungle (. "[of whom] one would It is sai/.] class of nouns of quality ending in emw (184) when prefixed to (e. Qufffdruu)." thus used. c. ersjsfl u^P This is Qtusir^LD lEirtL®. 18. with good reason.LESSON 43. but the Nannul. cows milk. part. a great sinner [before d. 1. ^lLOld/esto^. QurRiU rB3!r<cS)LD. are often used as connectives. Heavenly bliss [before a vowel].] hardened into the surd.] ^QFiULjJ' •S'rmQS. part. Comp.) Qu(rF)(smLD. becomes Quq^. LDiiesi^. ior:k^iM the rel. of which the following are types: [Com. =sy«^. @/Suj.^iT. plant the ladder of piety. Comp. LDsn^^cir.] saij. sfT&'r. a palmyra.) (2. becomes &pgs. is (u&sr. ^it. becomes =gy(5. the lengthening of the root vowel. QuQfjLD a kind of future rel.) ^(mss)LCi. of erdr. Compare ^^LJiSiiu 74. a great benefit. ^pj3i iSek. \_Quiffiu may is be regarded also as a kind of past relative participle. breast^. or the reduplication of the final root consonant. when g^ placed as the of first member of a compound by III the rejection of eaiM. (c.) The following are chiefly other nouns undei'go certain euphonic changes. a bullock.'] [Of these the roots are undoubtedly Ciuri ( uit. the addition ^oj or s_ii). zL ® and p oi gn doubled.) UNSOLD. preciousness. u&iu. QuqFjU). Quiff lU. a young male).) @c^. iSdr. SigaeaLD. ^rr<£^ erasr^Lo ^urr^^ir. (70.) Various changes take place in the former word. swulc. ucariii from the river (. Sgtiil:.u^. &£»• (3. ^q^ld. a fish). fut. freshness. inflectional base is used in i^°[The compounds. (Sut 135. to be noticed : A (1. u]. Examples. QuQhili uir^.MS)!t « river. ^. 84 . Pope's is Gram. (74) from QuqF) C@ j 62 grow great. pride [©/^(jj*. ^iffiu. becomes us?. ( ^qf^ldlj. (4. and as having been variously modified. s^iEtQS. sir®. an iron chain srQFf^gjd. and are thus uaSim uneo.) (74.

not ^fjasLDiTeisT. This last form added to a noun will have nearly the same Thus: ^ffdsQpefrefr Q^suek ( ^0a. a double negative. is To Sanscrit noun. 121.g^rmeu euisoeo<3B)LD. Pope's III Gram. four. VocAB. Qeiair. the having referred the following verbal forms: loithin. an J and Generally. for all > e." Rel. The root s-err signifies ^^ existence.zLD. ueodr. however. er^ir. LDgjrjLD. strength. 68. s^uli. the difference between ^asr = "having become. a creeping plant. a merciful God. a vessel. 74. The opposites to to s-sireir and ^ssr are ^jbp. umetrili. they may therefore be called adjectives and adverbs. newness. uirismi—u:>. bitterness. . ULpdsLD. These are subdivided into Quujir quality. ^ot.] effect as ^car. and sS^ S-tfl The words included under these divisions are used respectively to qualify nouns and verbs. posite. S-tff = noun quality. &gff. 118 — sS^ = verb 121. j or L/^^irxsarssr. . herb. [^eo = not. in the same way added nouns Thus ^naaLDpp = [=gy^ cease. 133. mn^.'" "it is really so. opsr-sii. comfort. Qeiip^&o. w® . ^riEL—ck. a thief. GTcsr uffiiLiLDrresr (^LDrrrjasr. e-srrerr. L^^^uSasTLDirew t-l^^uSssTQpiciTerr n LcsS^dr. Lj^^uSisar ~\ added. sweetness. omnipotence. and it will tend greatly to aid the learner in acquiring the Tamil idiom if he steadily regard them as such. [In Tamil QcF/rei) Grammar the 4th class of words consists of those called = quality words. betel.LESSON 43. health. meuu)." but more generally "it is true. containing. ^eoeoir^.iS!nr® ('S^<m genders and numbers S-STrsrr^ is + gi ) there is. [Co. Comp. part. familiarity.(hina). custom. m loir (mLDfrnm. or Que^'sk." must be observed. Qairi^. They are however really nouns and participles. 7ncrcy). lieiTLDfTissr Qainso. Sometimes OTcJr i3 iHtu rip s-crrsir and ^cw \ may } '"'y be used indiscriminately. a pit.^'' To it are 3d sing. thus.) used to signify " it is. not limQpmrev. (43. 184. little.] 134." a-srerr = '^having possessed. possessing within itself. a se7iseless man.] destitute of. middle. ^[fsaQpeirew i3^ir.] u<rmrLSe\)<sorr^ = penniless. which are merciless. . dear son.

87. (3 ways). iB®Qp^psiT(Ssr = for. it making altogetlier nine. Four accountants gave evidence in the court. is (Slsyi^rriTaefr. 137. &^ i3en-'2efTa^ ^uui^u Qus^eOnLon? ^eu&r iBi—k^ ibQ iSp(^u}. ssm&SQsr ^Q^dQ^^rsk. 136. i^Qeo euk^nrrssfr.) iS&sr^Q^csr. carefully. as though it said. b. c. 86 . I have come to (7th case) my meran evil thing. This is an affair concerning the church (^QF)<s=. (a. s<smrss(QuSl(VjsQ(rf(eu). ^m-sQeoeo^ (^^ + 3ISI = ^^ Qoj/bjS'^evd QsfTUf.^rr(skm-^rrs I thought he told me come [O^/rssrsM-^. d. This is a reaThe accountant has brought a right account to the sonable complaint. is the accountant (there)? ^soSso.) rEiTiEiaeir ibit£ji Quiuq^ld persons. (Proverb. watchman put the thieves in prison? All my familiar friends came with me to the place of justice.^emud sn-ffftum).'} ^a. bury to a noun. (^€S}peii<S(^d arrffsmuD. (d. ^s to become. Qiih^rrc^}. Here ^s — ly. This This is a joyful day. Will the bazaar-man. (a. Are you well. This is David the accountant.) &-eo Lesson 44. he (81.J ^sfmoiok (srmQrD <sss)t—-s<snrfm' euii^rresr. that which he gave (is) five. if = If we four persons come (b. an accountant s(5S!srS'S(muSl(mdQ(Trf'i5sr. ^iLj = as a. Exercise 42.jtjisiin- erm'Sosr eurrJ' Q. he is an accountant. LESSON 44. is. Anew Sweet Tamil. Carefully consider the above examples. vessel. come] ^s is used in summing up = all altogether. This is a herb garden. semsask @QF)dQ(Trf(^. (is) That which i gave four. converts it into an adverb. 135. if. is he an accountant? ^eoiso. Q^s^rrdresr^mL is also used. ^^ ^jj This is added to a noun shews it to be the predicate. (c. s'^euevisdeOetDLDiijeirsfr lS^itsvitiL (81. of thk utmost importance.EXERCISE 42. (^th which is suitable (Heve ^€sr ^<om®. He is a just king.) is not.) ciful father.) [We four together.) to .) u^^rjLDiTsu Ljissy^^gj ssjsi. <sul£1 u&)s (BsOuD. Idioms connected with ^Qpgi. he is not. added (140.^ ^Q^dQ/ri urrfrusresr..) that ^ssrii^m&r^ ^^eos^^<s which is not.

e. ^iigu. it is bitter. (68).(^thQun^ (106. goods. act according to the I have sent you. (a-) isn^ Quit ^0i— uf. ^jji^ilild. ^piEi(Q. s^ituu®. place.) /F/rew" li The defective root .si—G'SHCT". care. u^^inh. (68. [O^uJius] ai—BHTiLi. alight (62. Is this honey? No.<sSlL ^(r^u^u Qurr^(sSe\) (in common) (smeu^^nKW^ [79. let this fall into the pit! b. QipenAjUn old man.) su em rr. If he and you together go to Put it carefully in the has great wealth which he has carefully buried in the garden. Optative and desiderative forms. ^eudso. 140.) house. " . must to [do].) Exercise 43. it ^(Tj ULLu. c. limit. go! sLLL—dsiriSleiruL^ liir mmh srag^ ^eviiuiSs^ order mi—iseijLD. S-<ce)i—iss)LD.] ^-(oS)L-(sinins2iofnJLjLh u eaBriEi <sdo(T u^ ili epQ^ ^su'^aSQ&J QuitlL®.) ^ei/srr (50.£5] I ought or must [do]. to. go down descend. (2).EXERCISE 43. ^aisj'Seir S!//?^. he will give you the goods.111. which is common. Qu!r&L-®LD.) l/6w^. anoldwomanGiurr^. a town. alighted? When we obtained the goods which he had carefully sent by the peon we put them into the store-room. utensils.) ^lLQ.five. Qun'Qn'sir. np^^imorr.Q(SO ^piEiQ^. s'ttuulL®^ QsmssBn^Q^ih^TTiTsisrr.) possessions. a. that ^irtDrrek.) ^Qf)(B.6m^^&) e^^ QipeSluSlisin. thus: [0<F[L/iU.) eStL Qjrr! if (?a) [106. uiLismLD.). isexsu. ^^ li (^iBuSlso sStps ai—ei]^. Qtpi^:. QsLl. Did he eat this sweet honey? Is there honey there? No. a seal. the old man's house. He At which house has he Lesson 45. saeiru^.) QioQeo Qp^^imiT (50. thou oughtcst or It is added to the infinitive of any verb 87 form a kind of optative mood. substance. miripSiiiTUJiTS. steal (56. <sl- (a. Here are 5 and there 4: total 9. a large brass vessel.'-' ib a ieis&t ieit^Quq^ud ^s 139. nine. may'st thou prosper! iit eurrups. wealth. may you let it d. eat (68. VoCAB. btiry (56.)] ^iriTS'n ^sQuldituj euQffQp^rrss^Glffnisciri^m'- ibu^iud i§LLimfr<ssu QunQsuam^ ^QiEsiErr (b. (4. put (^56. III. Did he speak as if the Muhammedan would come? I have not seen the old man for many days. ( ej <oSi IT s (&)Lh 4th case + S-to = imtil. "ought. II. ^^(SiJ(smrrd(^th u^^uiMn su Lj<5Si^^^ (Srosy" srebr^ Qsn<Sls:^s^^ Qeo fBrreir (50. must" is regularly declined. wealth.) ^sm^d Qsn®. 138. prosper. LESSON 45.

part = which has ahounded. (lB(^.)] past rel.) ^s. but all verb. much. Lf^^sFireS. Qsn'bso Qs'ihiun^Q^uumurTsl (121. a Loi^rff. and is chiefly used in poetry.^<g=fr09 Os^aj^rrQioisr ^(OT)a). prime minister. (a-) ^isi/sJr (SjrTesr. giasr or gin. ^204 206] added to the future of any verb forms an optative mood.s [(Poet. LLtrrrssLD. or ^lL®. counsellor. very. Qutrdo. long-life (^uSsh or . S. one who walks in a way. of the root. 141. ^l^/s^ Quitss si— i§ L£l(^ih^ ^ffssnu^sh ^-&rGrreiJ^.(Bld = permit. Q. [The termination <r/reS = who possesses. expressive of desire. as (Qumsi). let me go! iirQaL-s. one &^^ (56. I toill do. for all lot numbers and persons. is the same for it is added to the root of a numbers and persons.) prosper. eut^Qiu iB'(m.EXEKCISE 44. age. lS(^^. = had. from <^l-(B. same . a town. a sensible person. is This is evidently a strong breathing merely. injustice. ^(om'^rr6\}.) abundant. — a =gy. is often used. iBfrdrQurrs. — Q3=UjQaim. n^rr^ } It is the . (c. inserting sd when the present The form is abbreviated by casting away the final vowel takes dSssi. ^Siuiriuti. ^irirs^iPiBi}}. but very common form. ljuw. he ahundant [60. Q3=djiUL-L^iT. (b.). ed AHA.) s like =^« forms an optative mood.s s-s^ rrirs eirn'OTj-fr. Icing rule. LDmTds<3ir.Mii^'df-. ^ ) ' ^susk This is ( ^ he me do! tBtrm may do! may I do it^ said to be a corruption of i^i1. 142. it may I do! I much wish to Q^iLwin^a.) evil. like the Hebrew n [corap. ^ir ssih. ahundance. ^irds^rff&. but it It is pronouncexplained by the Grammarians as the inf. may you hear! It consists in the (d. a way. 41. (sui^Qiu (oj(^s.) Is an unauthorized. may take place. Nordheimer's Hebrew Grammar. Qs=djsuir(3sr.s sdr (oKSsrQp ^sra^ir ^nuLj^^ <oidsrQp mi^(fi<oauj (dS)(3u^^/s OstremQ (SKssrprSs. Ill. may he do! I long for him do! to do! mi—uu^iTS. addition of ^lL(Bld. i-j^^. LB(Qii^. one who sees).] Exercise 44. privitive.) ^'^^ ^fSiuniu^ ^iTuesyuu uessnsssflssr&ji^ eunaSQeO Losm <siS(Lp<si/^ QunQeo ^^ (56^ ^srrrs^Qiuih isijQ^Sij^ns- SifStumuLirri}) (siasrp ULLi—omr^^Qei) ^mu:iiTfr. QuirQ(m). of ^@. . life). The neuter participial noun future is used for the 3d person future. l8 (^piurr ear. (30. prefix sense. to the root. length (pronounced dirkkam in the compounds). he will do. ^uui^s^ LjJ. (III.} . VocAB. a prophet. a seer (<sfff&. ^irdami-jai-. no bye paths.^llj(Sqj(^<x. sSlin.

turn away (56. the walking = a line of conduct.) eonmiT QuQs QsiT(SiS!iTi^0SissistiSs\). Let the unjust man pei-ish! He who commits injustice will not prosper. n-QairtLuf. nourishment. Verbal nouns in ©na. have destroyed his house may I myself perish. adding ems to verbal roots which take Qgu in the pi'esent. ^qd^ (siQ^^u si—eymii. ^si/iT<ss(r QurremstSldo 'sj(ssr^ ^srem® ^(i^i—<smns aesart—fTirseir. II. knowing that. While the five men were sleeping in the verandah of the house the peons came. lift up.3=esrLD. kick (56. the doing ~ a deed. rr while he was saying therefoi-e. a=fruu/T®. EXERCISE 45. May my affairs prosper! It won't answer. food. ^asr^ssTLDtfood.). May I go while he is learning his lesson? While all are working is it right for you to be idle? _ _ . ^m(m. Although I perish I will not do injustice. (b. 143. While the mother was gone to procure food the child died. er®^SJuQun@.). &Q^<S. (a. boiled rice. and which take iQgii. ivhat is received into the body. Give me the loaf. a fial. abs. Give us bread.) 9(7^ mnsir ^i^ tsn&n Quq^lb (st^it sSlL®^ ^sm'SsmruSeo ereoeOir^LD euiSjuSlQeo (131. 147. the goddess of prosperity. J)juuld. Let him do as his counI ! sellors said. III. take away. ^-eia-s.LESSON 46. QuiT. bread.). take up (56. c. a loaf. Exercise 45. ^^dsiLQili is QurrL^Qihsrf eS(€s^inu Qu &<iO<sfTesaru^(T^d(o!DsuSleo (aUs^fTLDeo ^(mss-i /f/tsst ^(aunsm ^rT(^s ^(sum (sSlLij^Q&) s=n^LD 3^nLJuQes'jSiiS&) (Q}jk^<sSLLQL—(^. er®. came down from the tree. food. a verbal noun is formed. nearly equivalent to the English verbal noun in ing. May I walk sensibly He is a very sensible person. so. . Some ^siim ^uuL^<^ Qff eczema uSed. — ^<s!J3r2bBr. /5i_<sgra<s. two. aesis to those Q^tij /El— By Q^iLieins. rice cakes. 3=!T^LD. QslLGl^sst. in Greek. Hail. III. elevated seat in front of a house. While there are rice-cakes there is enough for us. I beg you to do this. (Susstqiij'it.) Say not so. 145. There is much honey in the town. ^sfrsrih. chiefly boiled rice.. or the gen.) While the bazaar -man came running ('^tfEu^ewsiiSsbj the thief. Pray do not say so. VocAB. food. bread. ®jff(cm®. 144. O king! «^^^^& Lesson 46. If (b. ^msuireo (^) = by the becoming: 146. erally they are used to of the above are in common use as nouns but more genform an absolute case like the ablative absolute in Latin.

] ^eussr While he com(h.FiUfSeii. ^^eo.] Exercise 46. Q^uj ^L—ikj(a\ QffiLiueo. an earthenpot. Verbal nouns are also formed or S.) Verbs which take Qgii in the present. uuf. May you kick the earthen pot? Is it hard for boys to pity is easy.isiQa^s QsrremQ isi//r" <oimgii . a(Q^ed. The having thus. sT<Sii&).iEj(m^eo. now obsolete. measure. Any number of nouns may thus be unitand ^iL added to the last converts the whole into (sisupuisf.). ^i—. a doing. take ^a). VoCAB. is sometimes heard in common conversation. manded I submitted. [^. I— a tvalking. participles ^iH^. a3. 47.frrsd^Qro s'laJs^LLjLD Q^iFluueOfrih' LDfTtu ^(T^sQp^. 40. O^/rsorsjjr] uis^ Qs^iLuusO ^ifl^mb. Quit (Qurr(^) Quirseo. QtDtriT. 87. 150. Verbal nouns in ^eo.. 126. Lesson 47. He This idiom. Q. ereff^. (I. ^00. a submitting. (a. is butter milk. Qu(r^&). ed together by ^^ld. an adverbial clause. a command (o"®/. S-tfisj^ IS S-tsn^^^eo. fE:^d(^^eo. [He a studying became. to which =syeo or ^eo was added: thus.eo. &c.S&). Is it not easy to read a book while walking? learn their lessons ? . exercise' 46. or <s@^ffo to the root. He began to consider. by adding ^©o. take ^^&). that tvAich to relative easy. 172. a kicking. Q^rrskn^. QuiT(^^eii. (a. The few cases where seo or @^a) is apparently added may be thus explained: there was a root in @. Q^fiiiujirQ^. manner (added = as). [Comp. 149. ^i^Ei<s&). though fell a thinking. 148. S-eco^d(^^e>). aeo. This is the king's command.LESSON 47.) + s-ti. that which is hard. (b.) Verbs which take s@£)i in the present. It is difficult to walk The submitting to the command of the judge is easy. II. poetical. @^ct.) "QiDrriT 6i)rriEj(^^jb(^ (4th case = in order to) ^ih^s Qi^eS i^lLi^Qgo QumLi^ Q^nsmisf.] tun any one thing whatsoever'] <oj^^jb(^LD ^uQuiT^ Q.^smiLJiSl(€^rT ^'Qs^ndo&^i^eo eiGO&)n0i(^ih ersifl^.''^ lopmgii "(smsr Offuuednsij^ Q^amgiiui [ujfT^ + (Poet. =gyOT. QsneoeSlin [70. stir up.) for serr.) It is easy to send the watchman to buy milk. 56.

"^ np^eSiuesxsuseir. QlLl-. <s sJr f (Xo^ 150 + ^ SBT _J emenseir. are also used in very the nominative case. on the south side. also by adding ^/f common.] These answer in some degree (b. or plural. (f. ^c. buying.J s^i—ek.<sir as if a part. and throw emphasis on euek.) "Trees.iSiuianQ3a<sfr. ^emeiai—. are added to nouns in the nominative sing. fern.) ^iT.) ^i—^sJ is used for ^i—s. Qp^sinnssreiiiTaSsn-d "Call the carpenter." ^s^s^asr Qsirppdir "Food. @0«<S6yrtD/r/f. but a teacher. Lcirn- the Greek article. of. 151. a mother. [ and are then equivalent "&c. &c. Qns. those things which have become. S-£u ir^ ^ LD rr IT . is often redundant: Q^m (e. near. ^fcP — mnikism. bricklayer. and ' | {^ (w^eoiTisw'SuiTsisfr." Qp^eSliueiaen a. ^iTiu. Thou. (7^^ ew /rcffT (sm q. clothes. are used as casal terminations.LESSON 48. &c. (tp^eoiresremisiism. ^suuesTLorriT. the spiritual guides ((^Q^Jthe sckool-viasters (S-urr^^ ). . iSQf^sm&'siT Qp^eSujisaeiisen. to J m. <sr&siQp common to 88. (and in the last case sfrrHiuii/ssir. Lesson 48.'^ = ^'^ear <siiav^iTir^s&r. ^c. ) . and other affairs" = Qsn-(Bdaeo = "SellQp^wirear airiBiutt^eir. are added to nouns honorifically. plural. ^^. every where." Qp^m).) of these An honorific form is made is Q^snifir. together tvith. seir may be added. God.J compound with the Tamil termination atsk. or in addition to. . S-uQfi&iuirir. (a. noun from root Qp^sn — ( 87 b . talk. ^sm-eai—uudsui.) Particles used instead terminations of cases. (c. is more respectful." first. the proper The participial nouns from the roots otsbt and £87. ^Qpemasr. ^-uQ^&. case .^eo (7th case): sreueSL-^^ii for erism^i—^^ ^UD. 8tc. eutriijseo ing. The words g3" are formed into a Sanscrit 1 ('^^ is the Sanscrit for Qp^eo. the fathers (^auuim). ^ are sometimes used to point out. Qp^&areur followed by a noun common to all the particulars intended to be included may be used: Qp^<soiT(^ •smfjiuisjseiT. beasts. to certain words (d. by the side of. LDirir is — ^iriuirir.) may be in any but the particulars enumerated remain in the nominative. ^smeai— signifying coiinexion ( ^asnh).

siht-^. art our Father. <suiT(^. (a-) Sj^s s^iBQ^tTGL^^^i—Qetsr ^dQuutnuj^ Q^rrssmt^^ (136. the not being so.) fire. ^aisar. 121.7norc. This is my God. (b. children. Deity. Q<9^/Tsff(erj. 152. Qp^eOfrem' smflmrhsefflso ^uu<s s^l—it^- QlLl^ sunn Q^. is formed by adding ^otld to the root ness. isi^sufTimLD. atruuirpjp!.) He came Thou.i ^!E^s ssiLD. ^mLDnfrssns&r s?^lLl-^^&) ldQi^(e^ ^(wiB^y <oTsfr{^. a straw. in ^si^ld. ^. (Double negative. LESSON 49. the not existing. exult. The king with his counsel[Compare 233-251. He is just in all his dealings their disciples. Exercise 47.)] Trans- late. Come to the north side (<s>ii—<sJ6S!!r<siaL—u (Qsir®ssik> euiTims'SO Qp^eatrecr ).] to the abbreviated : more by adding emld = form of the neg.EXERCISE 47. Qg=iLiiurreinLD. [184. the (4) Qs^iiujw + (Kooj. ^eoeij. ty. A negative verbal noun pi-ecisely. Qs^rrsirixi Qp^e\)rresrss)&Js2sfru uiiSiT Qs^iL^ snii^fT'obr. The next house caught fire ('=gyss3ra»L_sg'® j. II. ^pgii-'] sL_a/srr. the silk cotton tree. part. 153.) ^^s. sS). Q. (or.) he burned. dj. &lc. ^suasr ^a/'Sso Qs^LueSiT^ ^(mmosu QLD(^sijnss= Qs^clksSit. II. Mount Meru. is What is the name of this tree (^<^)? Near mount Meru On the south side of the styrchnos tree is a silk cotton tree.] lors and others came to the town. Negative verbal noun 154.) not doing. a sea. Qldq^. ^uu® (56. ni7ich. verb. QsT&)'2iooaS&) ^su(SS)fTy ^eusuiiT. a. Lesson 49. (56. @jio<soiTisiaLD. s^it ^^esT.) UL^iuiresiLD.ssn'Qdsio surrrEJs&) (used for business in er(osr general). ^q^ldli. ^&)(Si)freis>LD. [Co. servants. with his wife. 92 . protect sril-Uf-.. the strychnos tree. (56. si—eii<s{nTio!sr<suiT STSueuetr (^/b/Dth (sim'^/ssrs 121. the not walking. so that it shall not come. a disciple. LoQCp. [C^. the not learning. mother. J)Iiej(d:3s LD'SosreSlLDfTiT ^rrssBT® euro QuirLDfT^^iTLD suffiTLneo ^^i^mTsefT. The spiritual guides came with Come not near me. (dsi^<qijit(^.. ^^esr sQRp^ eimem? QLLL—<Bjn. uisw). VocAB. udSsst a house-wife. I. sfjuurrjh^i'sijnn.

s^ ). flower. It in tence. III. a rival. VocAB. a good thing ( fse^ a flower. 93 . '-'[8j envy (Qurrgii.). [®»LD is LESSON 50. used. (a-) ^(ov'Sissrd sn(^(oS)ixnunQei QunineSLLL-rrlTs&r' ^eOiSOnemLDiun&i ^(SueSli—^^p(^ euihQ^iobrujnsinLD tBfisr^ ^m'ssrih ^<5s>ld eruQuirap^u) Qs=iu [rather high]. rice and other food. (b. 157. This is little the doing. ^asr i3&r'^(SSiuu<f s=<ss&r^^ QurT(Tij><omLDuSl luiT^ QfiLnJU QufT(GU)eir. truth. Literal. ^. The governed by the following verb: UL^iuirsf J' ) \ .^^6s>ld. also. rE<s!rjpi. UL^jiss + ismld — ul^. one of several guilt. II. bloom (56.] QuiT(Tjf'c6>LD." '3eeyLpss-3-- (a. call •g^sseir^p. the having learned.EXERCISE 48. wives. -«^^^^^Lesson 50.Lfj^^eSleo Lj^surreiaLD is is(^^. blood-guiltiness. s^rruuQQQifdr. Sii&o^. ability. + Exercise 48. Because there were no witnesses the gentleman sent the complainant away. 155. I suffer much because I have no food.). 156. of ways the sen- which an English phrase may be rendered Take "man eats to live. but not very clear. Do you think it is good not to talk? You will die from not eating bread. may be useful to the learner to compare the variety in Tamil. ticiple to added to the present (and less frequently to the past) relative parform an affirmative noun corresponding to this: thus. an oath. intention.) LDisS^m inf. Purpose. out (56. Why did the rival wife kill the little child? I climbed the tree to look for grass. s^eij. ^pua. it is good. as a noun. endure).) i^gofl^sar -. thought. Q-g^iLQenrfl (not esiLD Q3=iu@p) + — Q^iijSlekflWLD. He came down from the tree because there was no grass on it.3=iruu(BQ(T^(^. s^^^iuld.) Why do you envy him? How can this guilt be removed? They have submitted because they had no money. &}iT<o!aLDiurr60 (because there no) ff^^tuih uem^uisis&r- QeuQjn s^mLQ ^&) ^evasr insmih S\sB(5^ (mind knoioing ^ wilfully ) Qs=uj^^&}0i)rr<ss)LDuS(^(c&) iSiumun^u^ (b.

) he fitting (defective but reg. ^iTUU®Q(irfdsr. They All these forms will often occur in books and common conversation.(56. an hour (^irs-.^ r ^ . III. Lfut. J sinar. Lit. uLSf. 56. time). which hours are struck). beseech. seize. <^L-L—ih. a gurry on LDir^^uLh. bell. pleasure. Rel. right ^iruLj. use of uLp. euerrir bring proof {H. . evir^ zip.) sr<s!ir«@« ^isto^ai/ eurrmDeo ^uul^^^ Q3'iLiQ^<st.. according to. err +^ =lLlL) substance = that which has the property (f. S-QFo-LjuQ^s^. I did this that no defi- ciency might arise to me (eiirrn'^uL^d(^). a part. iSl8^^l£> 3=iTLJu(BQQifar = "for the sake of cause. (56.). '5sui. alone or with ^iLi or ^<s added to it. ^ The future forms are esteemed more highly than the other. (c. pray . "for the sake of"'] (h.). VocAB. to the step that The for him [R. .eBr. ^(T^<SL^L—irfE^u>. ^@. eatl. @j(SL^t—Lh. noun ^^<ssi. fErrL^eas. ^ssgj.i—U)L3i-^.) give proof or 2_(T5<3r. ul^ujits. a rat.). in the sense of.) uxosn^issr iSeeitpss^ to live'" ^ss^irs3= 3=[rLju(BQ(nfm. (56. ahsolutely. part.-i neut. "as a thing that is fit — that he may. (^QF) eaQ^ LDesSQrBUiii. 184. Ruju. (TFfS- QpiLeai—.-^ as the step that [^ ^ "^ ^= J in order to. is . uiEj(m. a Tamil hour = 24 minutes. = for the purpose of \_QuirQFjL-® from of. '^saying. ^ss.^ Qufr(f^eir (+^. &ic. &-QK3^Qsfr®. an English hour ^iTs^. only. er<sS..)Laews&sr< „ ^ . gallop off ( lSIi^. f the step that Lit. an example. illustrate idioms with which the learner must take great pains to familiarize himself. a ruler : a Sanscrit compound). — S-SYrCsiT. ^sk^.) LDsan^sBT i3€S)Lps(^th living (rather high). take to flight. 158.) LDet^^eir iSetaLpes Q<aii<sm®u> erajr^ necessary to live" (colloquial). QfEnii. SuJiriurr^u^./ \^Oi&nLpuu^fi>arr<s('3=J in the 4th case. (a.&(S) is perfectly idiomatic. > s^fruuWi^rmesT. Sisawew. IIL). (68. 11. . a judge ( SiLifTiULD.) prove. u^sk a-. that he may. unssS. tSfftrn-^^ (56.. three. cotton. a rapid course. Qufr(T^LL®3= <9'fruu(BQ(v^Qsr (e.. it is Cg-) LDeS^ek iSeaLp^^eSisir living" (somewhat stiff). (&Q^. ^sQs>(ssr. desire. part. III. and o ^. a bundle. £-(T5*<si/n-<S(g.LESSON 50. pres. ULf. is Pre. traffic. is used. b.) ^<SLD.. inside.jij^u^.a decision. one. III. "^^r '. 94 . Lit.] This use of ^ss^irs not inelegant.

ls^ Qs^iu^rriT.^ U(i^sf' (SJ iT^^ ss th uemesi^i^nseir. call (56. The cat runs to catch the rat. S-iEJS&r (Siins(^ ui^Qiu) ®LD fiiEJs&r Qpeouuu^Quj (properly <snn<s(^^&3^^(m Qpesr^QuiT LDn^^mh QsL-i—neo Qsit®<sbs<s a^^i—rr^' srm^ ^ffULjSF Qs^tiiQenm. III. Causal verbs and transitive verbs in general. I. Prove clearly before the magistrate that this house is your father's. I beseech you to do me justice.s (^u Lj6\)^Lj lS®e/s (SjfSQssrm.) root ^e^tp. where the present takes dQjji).(£!isSi—S= Qs=rTs\)&)rT^(r^d(^Lh sfTsu (136. [242. following examples will render explanations and rules unThese forms are generally to be found in the dictionary. 159.). Forms indicating that From the person causes another to perform the action of the verb. Here l9 is added and lii doubled. What example have you to afford (b. cause (56. li^'2isst<3^uu ^sar QuesoT'fn^coSiiJu ^csmip^^dQsnesnr® ersar «/7«3r sij0@prSL£l^^i£i LDinSlujrriT <sSLL®d(^LJ QurTt^(^. From the absence of proof and examples the house will be taken from you and given to the merchant. necessary. (a. He trafficks to obtain profit. He gives an example to prove his case. to call is formed ^osiLpuiS.] Lesson The Si. ^emQeaw! smg^a(^LLisf. ^ij<s^<ck erek^ssr ^eoLpui3^s^d Qs. LESSON 51. ^ea^ <2Sil. sueoeOe^uD^situ j)lfSl^pQurT(T^LL® ^uuu. Do as you please. (5Tm(rrf'm.EXERCISE 49. e^(T^ U(i^<3? ^LLeai—s'Ssfr (sumirs^nir ^sSls&r <3:i^ujrT^(T^d(^LhQufT0LLQ ^suirsetT 6i^i—iTi^(i^ Qs^fTeo^'QQpeir. They may be divided into two classes: 160. Will not the rat run to escape the cat ? What is this for ? I obtained this money by his means. III. 95 .) cgy/F^ P-eisi—eDwsaius Qi^eS Qsn®a(^isiuis^uufrs^ ^itljl^.L-i—!Tir = the king sent for me and asked. You must act only according to rule.3= Qffuj^fTm. I will give you a reason why you should learn diligently. Exercise 49. (a.) How can you prove this? evidence that this house is yours ? He went to fetch his wife.

Comp. [In &c. Simple tran. remove. see (70. drive II. (^LpLDLj. To ejfiffi a causal. root siT<sm. lift and other transitive forms aflmay be added to form From root er^. another -action.) comp.] airtu&^a-.sitives formed from intransitive I.^ff&) is called ^m—^dssr — own-action. or (56. cause to do (56. eat [56. (i.] 96 . or by hardening a nasal.). There are many other forms of this kind in common use. sirsmiS — sml. siriLi. tSfs— afl&ir. II. (I. From From Here II. where the present has Qsu).) is (h.) roots. Setrmt^. but the classes of verbs are far from corresponding. cause to see.) (com.). (HI. compare QjSir(BQ/D^. submit (56. feed. I. 3=ir(B.] fif^ I. [In.) From root Q<9=iij. formed ^q^ul]. root rEi—. Qi^Qpgi. S-(T^lL(B. II. II.) II. I. increase (62) formed Qu(t^<s(^ (62).) (56. &c.s(^.) II. ^@. make dry Many Index roots may follow (56. II. is [In Ind. and chiefly from roots in and e_.) .) ibc—. &.).] is From root^sjfii. ^SPi(^. II. III.) (com. There are few of these. II. Pope's III Gram. III.). [An intransitive verb in the rE<s!r.). lidQ).) is formed ge^l®. (j. &C. ^<s@ . learn (70) lS is formed spiS. iBuldl^.)] formed ^«^^. III. (c. aio.)] is is formed ^-isknS. suit®. cause to walk. II.). formed ihi—^gi.). turn one's self (56. iSituli . (b. giitlL®.C.). 100-106.C. These terms are taken from the parasmai-padam and dtmane padam of the Sanscrit.). Ind. is formed ejpg)i. Q^tT®s@psi. [In Ind.). &c. cause to turn (56. do (56. teach. cause to run. turn another. Here aO is added to form the causal is formed root.) and are then intransitive. (III. I. (62. Sr^U Lj . roll over.). I.) comp. QeiruLj.) From root ersar. (^Qh suuSsi). (^tpULj Sk. boil. 33' [In this and the following forms the causal strengthens the root by doubling the consonant.).) 2_(T5(S5 roll [56. S-szOT. stq^iIilj. I. multiply. ( g. formed er<^tSl (56. &C.)] ascend (56.) From root by heat (56.F Q3=tLi6Sl^£5fr(sk I.) From From root ^i—ej(^. From walk (57. Q^iueSl. &.). formed ^u. become dry (56. put away (62. (Compare 15. cause to ascend. stq^ulj.'] Ou^g.LOLj. . say (82).LESSON 51. = he caused a skip is to be built.) and are then transitive. <^M3i'S(^. according to (o). (56. is ^ [The root (e.] (f. comp. be removed (70. put under.® (airessr + ^J cause show. is formed There are very few of these forms. III. cause to submit [56. added. Si^dQp^. (d. I.] From root ^Q^LDLf. (k.). and a transitive verb. From root eg®. g. is /f/E/@. &c.) [In Ind. comp. 3=mL(B . to say. run (56. prove. (56. has also a causal /bi—uiS. lead (56. grow.

56. Verbs are often formed from nouns of Sanscrit derivation ending by changing ^ld into J). They follow 56. Qeuei&Lh. ^g= be (60. ^^afl. iSi[rsrrQ^Q^<s!r. Exercise 50. rejoice. and should be used sparingly. They brought a little infant and laid it before me. nearness. 161. iSgsirQuQum. other. u® . LD . Lesson Verbs formed 52. inflict upon. Lift that bundle. ldh^. (^Lpisa^. The rats are astonished to see the cats. They lifted up the child upon the horse. siLQeS^^y eSlsuiTSQp^ Q3=ujisB.'] Qs^io (^ ). discharge. I shone. einpmuS (b. i3rjsiT@lsQQpeist . _ _ I shine.) ^suiosr &^ (^ipk(siT>^<ss)UJs QsfTem®<Qui^^. pay. II. II. Qi—. ^rsQ^/rei^uu®.'< (56. pass (56. I shall shine. place. 163. (I. -3= rfl iLi astonishment. cause S3' [The two last mentioned verbs are added to nouns to form intransitive and transitive verbs respectively: thus. Ill. Drive the bullocks. <nhQjS!r(aLS^LJu(B^gj . (c. 162. in^gyii.). ulLu. appearance. 7nake glad. place in to suffer. shine. joy. VocAB. These are not very common. led the mother to the house. be lying down. sresr uds^^QeO Poet. LESSON 52. ^Qf)^^ (56. a recumbent position. iStrrsBtrSI. make known (^jiS + <^J. II.) lay down. Boil that conjee for the infant. an infant.) QpiEi iBiresr Qs^ndsresruts^ QslLQs Qsnes!!n<^0ii^rT&) s^asrsQs urr6\} sniLffs^. different.).) cause to go.EXERCISE 50. (a. The cats rejoice to see the rats. disguise.).). <fihQfifr<5i^i}>. fi'om nouns. Put that bundle up on the bandy. splendor.iQQpesr. ^0. (III. cause to be. Q-9=S!l. 3=lSuld.i-i®^^. Tlie gentleman caused the The physician watchman to be Why have you caused the merchant to be sent for ? Tui'n the bandy round. .) called. 56 (H-). go. Qi—^gi. Did you boil the milk? Will you lift the cotton-bales ? Don't drive the bandy. Put that man down. SlffSfT^LD.

LDosr^irrf. 0»^rr. ssot clearly. II. II. I praise. J:. &-eir'2esru ^j&j'B^sr Sivmun ^&) es)(Su^^<iQs!T6SBri—fT<^' Qeum. But iBSsiuu® (161.1. become purify (56. that day. I. into two kinds. u in the beginning of the it is. to day. falsehood. VocAB. ^^. become. establish (56.) is used idiomatically. iS^-o = iS^eianjuQugji [u not doubled]. Exercise 51.) is a compound = become settled. manner. the inner man. providence. . 6Tpu(B^gj. roots. (11)) 166.). a-^^LD. make. fate. And. ffr^sLDU6aar^ii<aS'iTseiT. ^a©. uiT!TLD. Q^rri^sreii. puritij. be full. a chariot. lb u ssstg^i . exceeding joy. . in one of which there is a manifest ellipsis of the 2d case. are often added to nouns of quality. euiriTLh. [Here QurfltusiKosr ^<m'(SiD/D-i(^ QurfliLKSusk e^(T^ ^di^ t^<5(5 is a compound. I rejoice. 56. ereirg)!. . .M^. uessr^ii. ^. xi.).^^. in the other the noun or particle forms with compound idea. sireoirm. willingly. II. cause Thus. pure (56.) (ess\ff. III.c. ^ssrga.EXERCISE 164. thus. appoint. a woman. what day? when? (These three words form their fourth case irregularly: ^<s!res>p&(S). ^ssi<ss)ps. They are in constant use. rejoice (56. foot.s^sis. &.] Thus SSsn = stability. clea7ise (56.jydr^. guile. 51. knoiuingly. this day. gj^AQQpek. become. «w elephant.). <5J(obrQjD<5sr(off)pd(^ih LD€snEi(^<s5)ip!B^ Q^n^^Bi^ isufTiTsefr ^/a/sto/r^ ^^Qs=lu ^eksiD/Dd (or ^^uurrirrTeir). jixed {u is doubled). The former are explained in (50) is and in them ^.] surrji^^/d (oTsarssr ? erih^utSlirsfTinDrTas Q<?^^^(CC)/f<sisrr. LSrrsrrjjLD. Many praise. doubled generally in the last form: ermQpmesips^LD. the dioinity. ^srirj'SoSSF. trouble. face to face. the mind. of^/f. a foot soldier (srrso. person). added verb not doubled generally. sioSdQQ/Dsir. perform. pure gold. dissolve avmy. as in English. tveight. (a. ^^. for ever ^ij (infin. S€m(Sss)ird'S(5m® serfl^Q^m'. ssir^sirLD.srr^rru. III. S-ewetrLn. sresretnpd^LDjfor ever. 167. {5G.). _ . do. is tinctly. and ever.a load. investigation. investigate S^* [These forms may be divided the verb one «. II. a standing place. Qs^li. (56. disOTsarjj. clearly. nouns are also verbal sefrl. Q^iushlJd. make. (Ssir. praise (56.).). to 165. Sr^^LDir. In the [App. I. (^. ^ieisld.] latter case Qugfi [56.(ff).rfrrr^ossrQs^iu.). . ffiafl. a week.) become soft. (^anip.) ^sm^s QslLQ ^urrs^rr -fiQ^nei^is^. 3^^^LDiTS(Q.

The 168. made me hear [a way of iorming a.LESSON 53. will perish for ever. We all rejoiced and praised the king.) The king came with elephants. (f. He That king's foot soldiers carried burdens of gold. Lesson 53.3=iTeo^u:>Qu(T ^euiT Qii^iriT. 160. If you sin wilfully how can you escape? I heard distinctly. Com. has been called tJie infinitive mood. or mirek ^uuL^. infinitive mood. ^^^ (i£gj IBIT0H ^uuuf-'i^ Q&^ir&XoO ^suir fsnih^rrif = rsirasr ^uul^s= Q. he QaiLsu u<SBsr&!£(eB)iT. ["Go" (I) to say go. he told (me) to come. ^ to the roots of verbs and «« to the remainder.) went and told the king.) was beaten.3={TQsr(Qrr. The verbal form obtained by adding their present with @s)i. Go when you arc 169. because it answers to that part of the verb in some respects. (you) must not do ^L^asuuL-Qi—m.3=Q<3=rreo^eiasuS&) ^euir eu/s^irir.]. caussA. solute The is and use of the infinitive in (b) answers to the Latin ablati^-^ abvery concise and elegant. iir Qi s= fr <s<d (SO (d.) Quit sresru Quit.] told. Al(h. When some (c. The following examples require attention: which form (a. 99 . The learner must beware of supposing however that wherever the English has the infinitive mood this Tamil form can be used. The English idiom and the Tamil correspond.) Q^iuiuds^i—rr^. the king called (him). They purified the chariots that day for the women. To-day I shall have much trouble. chariots and foot soldiers. though you saw it with your eyes do not speak of it to any one. Pray examine this well. It is essentially a poetical idiom.) (S!jrj3'Gi. or Q-a^ireoeoeiiLD. please to say. or vice versa. I (c. but sometimes it is not very clear. my The gentlemen father! Will not the judge do justice to the villagers? will punish the watchman. (it).

®j'Si> there is no way besides this. loudly. that also {\s) like this. chew). coa-\<oiQFjUui— (omi—fTih Qsu ©rsJr they unanimously said they did not want together (<^qF)lS. Qp(Ba. (^i^fr. grow resem- ueo&su Qua. surround).®. but (s^i^. seem to be inelegant. as (Quiresii. Too . ^ euljenffdsfruj kgj QurrQp^j the jlower is gradually drying up. they stood round about him. fanams. so.LESSON 53. clearly (uffd. unite).£5®*. come). prepositions.l—. QsrrQ^^friT. get out of i^eisuQurr. es>suSeo. draiu (a^sssBi—i—suQ^ when they came near the town. The expressions ^^ Sps. 170. fail). he freely gave 10 spontaneously ((SusS. slowly (probably of Old CTjUf. ^uul^ sssQsrrmm That standing that being so. way. Qurreo. i^Cu/rso ^eijLD. stroJig). join). Qlci&)<oO QLoea do it slowly. ^ I ble). ereveofrQKLD QFiiSda-ff^ eg (?<s= thcij all came to- gether. they all rejoiced but him.(aiimiuu u^gi led). (eanhuuQ. sr&xsoau umBu he became clean from together all sin. ^uuuf. with ('<Si. 3k. ^qkss. Several infinitives are used as adverbs. besides. ( np(Ba ) he spoke quickly. though not absolutely incorrect. or conjunctions: without cease). quickly s®s make haste). gradually ((surr. I speak loud. . be impel. get out of my the way). off (e£leO(^. near). <FOcF/rs(Jr(65)OT. Qjr)(SU<SS>S. ereirQ(es)(B ersJr a^t— my son came with LDsmiLJa ©if- round about except ( (^(L£. asir. (8lL(B. remove). it. this being so. lesce).

<«i_L_ = even). By conversation the way will seem short.) epQ^eu^s^ ixKsmi^ Qeumefr^^Qeo ^"^ LnuSn iiifl6\) ^"hsvcud ^Qip Qsnerr&rm s^l^s a&)^s&r &^i—ldl9Q60 ^-^^^ rS^^oarr iSlL^dt^LDrr? ^ssT^m si ^jirT^ (trj>LjQun60 spjTj uifiLtoins^ QuiFi^nss^ Q3=uj^fr&) e^L^tu (srew<s(^<9' s=ibQ^ (unless you do). /^jldl/. less 101 . Una man eats he will not live.].EXEKCISE 52. so that their hearts rejoiced. inf. 171. (QsTiitueiJii). I did not obtain even that. When shall I obtain knowledge so that my ignorance shall depart. and ray heart rejoice? He gave the money spontaneously to all who asked him. 244.) Unless you pay the money you will not be allowed to go. [Com. My servant goes and comes when I tell him. of i§ Qjnh Uc? s^fTuiSIQQiTt^uj [QsTLDU vulgarly for 56. (VocAB. si<o!!TS(^ rSirmu to he full. my doubts remove. Qjithuei^ih Qfiirih^sTsij uem^)jQ(rrj'(5sr. sometimes Qsnihuei^LD very vulg. Exercise 52. ^m^ Qp^eana <sujr <sijjr Qmirdj ^^s/BdSl gsbt (jij^srfldQjD^Qurr&)) urrs=rTiEJ(^ u sm esS sQ s i^^th (h.] You must not speak or think so. He gave much.) QufTs<sSI&)'2eo (not even half the mud loas removed. II. 166.

two persons. where the idea \u^gj. ARAB.) sigi. SIGN. four. Qp.. is Compare the the same. tain person. ^/r ^rf. Qpeirgji. (o^Qf. Cardinal nouns. ADJECTIVE FORMS. ) Qj7es!!r(B ^iTj^ff ^Q^suiT. S/E^. Szi). ' Sg^SliSBT (or ^Qfj^^ a cer- | eir ). f5trek(^.i: ussresnumisr® %^ ~ C3 O uQosrf @. &c + o § ?k -^ I . two (vulg. i^simr^^ii ) ^0. three persons.3 '^ 0) c . Lesson 54. six ejiW.. "i /E/rj2/. Sg/f [^(W Loesn^eir.) ten 10 r 11 OJ fco . r®. nine This seems to be =r one frotn ten. Qp. SIGN. seven stlL® .. four persons. TAM. Qpek ' QpeuiT. DERIVED NOUNS. ')ff<sa!r(B. (Poet. five (vulg. 172. eight . Numerals.LESSON 54.3=(sirj. ^ (is^) © : S. j i^mugi. ^ erem. Roman numeral IX. (2.^d^. five persons. stlL®. /E/rebar/f. ' SeuiT. three (vulg. ^^.

Cardinal nouns. (4. f^QSS^SH (sr(LgST£>i Q^irmeiriruSlrjih ^uSlffLD .) ARAB.EXERCISE 53.

one makes Qp^&}. other. one by one. How many peons ai-e there in the court (37. 6 P.). more or less. the latter adjective or an adverb.) ? What o'clock is it? (How many bells?) They came. &c. 88. There are seven days in a week. sreuQeuil. by threes. on an average. four -which will become. Exercise 54.). epimgii becomes gj/f (taking the adj. vision. 175. In Tamil ©^^ttiD© = 5815. Fifty persons came. 174. 6Tjns(^es>n^u. fut.) the fourth minister. Qp).LESSON 55. But (z^cirgii. The ordinal^ are formed from the above by adding to the cardinal forms ^io or ^'su^ (3d pers. &c. (Lit. Give the boy 10. The whole 50 persons came. form). 179.) EXERCISE 54. The Hindus Five times say there are six sects. to ascend. .® uuu^gi 178. (Juii. (mnnL-eir. syllable of Qpssrffs shortened. (72. It should be introduced into all schools. Thus: (^wQisnirmgi (the ^susSrrsssr® Qpui^asi\g^ (the first letter only of (s^ekgn is taken). sight. Has the complainant one eye or two? in the year one thousand four He brought 10 fanams to the bazaar. and 52 weeks in a year. Give the servant 3 Rs. . a^/iQ^SLD. be written {sii|«(5i. (^siapuj. mek(m^ ( iBd!rm)Bsr<Q). decrease). a back. fipLL&ai—. the two uses of loi (?<j(sfr. The Tamil the 2d day of the month. You may buy two rice-cakes for a pice. (b. two by two. five. more or less (sjp. to None is formed from <o&musj. two-which will become. doubt. ^^s/Tjih. 5 As. &c. [175. about. The former is used as an adjective only. a blind man. chapter. This should.000 pagodas. contempt. The Arabic system of notation has been recently introduced in all government offices. s^rrrrs^tB. a hunchback. u^Q(e^rjiTLD. neut. S-^Q^^ld. SSesaui^ ^eueuir^.. VocAB. 70. a^ajresr. ldjd^. Lesson 55. in twos. and part. of ^). of course. 177.] There are 24 narigei in one day.) is 176. ^ ). a bundle. or Qp^eon-eugjjjirst. either an Some of these numbers are repeated in a peculiar way to form distributives one by one. QpsBmn-m. and in compounds. urrireioeti. ( usueu^S^ ). ten together. (a-) Q^eSd(^^Q^nG<rniiSlrr^^^ Qsrrem emfr^fh Q(mmu^ ^nrrs^ns S-emri—fT eiek^ QsLLi—nsk (obs. er<siiQeii(w. (the first letter of first ^srem®. This happened hundred and twenty-seven. ^si^J'S. noun fut. people do not ordinarily use the decimal notation. npsi(^.

proved the complainant's statement. ^snarreir. Q&ir^^n^^rrm. g^ words introduced is into Tamil has L^am-esflujisiifrear. The fourth person had a bundle on his back. so urriaiLD.). miiT. people of a tribe. hag u/raO. sulted for these forms. Come for your wages on the first of the month.LESSON 56. mariiTiik. s?(Tj iLirrs : <5(SS3r (5(25i_iosr S"-'""^ euQ^wQurT^ 55(5 <s633r ^ en 'Son- d semi— sk-esTm ^s^ff& _) " *eytT(^m^ untTes^susarTuQuV (182. which the Sanscrit for a virtuous man. LDfTUJu (nj'imr. From primitives are derived use. what are called appellative nouns. Many other uouns simply add these terminations. Thus. ss!i:ititit. uafrdQp^eo'^- ujfrsij<smfnLjLD epq^ sesnTi^aLJ uniruQuzsr''^ i?fTpu^Q^essr(ess)uSsTii) srssr Qpuu^^ QpsQsnuf- Qs. the The Dictionary must he concountry people (Comp. Qsrr^^rr^^rreir. tribes. Thus: Qstr^^rjLD. These are in constant From nouns in ih they are formed by changing ud into ^gy^js? (18. Ten witnesses. Lesson 56. ^ft'^ or ^frsm for the epicene plural and ^emeu for the neuter plural. I will pay you the money on the 20th in the A evening. since Sanscrit follow the rules of their own language. but also iBiri—irm. On the second day of last month. 14 105 . quite true! (b. (^rBiLi ITS GfT ^^ LULL fT(eu)/b Quit 6\) ^ir&sarQi—fTQ^ LD!r^^^&> (srm'usuiT <5i(i£^mr <9hs:S(o<yeL^Lh ^/Dis^ QurreuniL. aiirririu = come "^ Oanu^/rair. a village. neuter). a woman of a Qs. a man of a tribe. c). tribe. They must come one by one. masculine.sijfrs(£r^Lo Qfieufl eSltsfr El eufr^i^LD (^(LpiMUL^. Place these bundles by threes. and adding ^sk for the sing. Lj<okresBajUi. a sinner. Qsn'L^nQsfTis^ Q(SV)iT.) In the fourth chapter. This is the fiftieth time I have walked round the temple.[r^^ff<i^iTrr. man blind of one eye. There are many exceptions to this. Derivative nouns. a tribe. sin. a head man among certain * These two are not so frequently used. ^err for the sing. eiebrQi^eir. urfl'X-^^ ll^Q^ilj u^^rriii ^^snniJD fBrreOmh <su<f6srd^](so sing up! * wir(r^in. — aar. On an average he comes every fifth month. a landholder. feminine {^^ for the sing. One was deformed and the other had but one eye. /e/t® makes fEinLL-mT. more or less. 1 80. virtue. The children are arranged five in a class. 18. e.

Qp^ elders (q^ become Exercise 55. From<5i_s3r. sense. of the inhabited country and those who dwell in the wilderness ( isir®. si^L-L—ireB.\feha. a criminal. lB^ulj. near neighbours (^luio). a debtor. enasetr Qaa<sS^s(^ ^QtEsm ld^ ESLLQeSlLLi—rriT. suupsirair.!rn<^.) and sirift (f. (131. fisherman sits on the bank of the river.— Q^trL^t—ssirum. VocAB. happy man. <5eff.apart. UfrdSiUth. ^mib. a partner. The about as if possessed by a demon. a hook). sailors.'] J sl— (S^eS. a laborious man.] Suunuurr^u^ &ed (^jhp sun Gifts'^ ^' Qeo sdbr. • ^il. a fisherman QfiiriT. a i-/^^. You must inquire of the neighbours of the criminal. family. The people of my (b. My people.). manage and f. kind.'] ^srfl (m. The inhabitants of all lands praised that brave person. n^str. a man of parts). old). ixQ^eirtreS (ld bewilderment). (^emL^eo. a gardener. bjlSs'—fT&flsisir ^i^ QuujQixn(Sisi<3^i— ^-(sor ^i^ isrnl.EXERCISE 55." '' sieoe^ns^ <FiBfi^ujrT0u:) (siesr'hssru unsQuj<Eu^ (Syii^rresr. ^sussr tribe. a . ^eiKasT Q'SU(^ umLi—neifl efrrrefflsisfr (com. 181. a happy or blessed woman. ^(5ST . one under the influence of a demon. ^(smn^ps.). a debtor. doer. Many foolish people go All the sailors left the ship. sStLL-nfflL-^^do eSffniB. a float used by fishermen (lS^). They are all of one caste and family. a sheep-man.M®. si— (sksn'irm. caste. lj^^^itS. sL—drsaifl. a uirsQiuen^. (both parties). ^ireS (m.®ssmB. [Prov. ^L-Qdarrireir.'\ Are added to nouns in their conjunct [form. All the people All the people of the world will be astonished.) All the villagers stood near. ~ Toe . sirijissr (m. atiZi^y ( Ang. a sensible person. ^'ueofTiT. (^ppwinS. S-em®. adebt. sfr® ). sheep. family." (^rreSsseOeO ^muQpis ^isbruQpiii.''^ (Poet. 181. a race. The watchman is a very hard-working man. [ [S. fipLh.) (^ [^srr. happiness. and f. QpiTL-t—LD. a maker.) affairs + ^. a possessor. uiTL-L—iTeS\ (urr® suffering). 182. 183. i_rnT (oT6\)&)n0iij <5i_i^ ^}(T^dQ(vrj'iTs&r. np^Q^nn Qs^mssresr (Sunn^OD^ jfiLSlir^ih' ^(Sytosr urTd8uJS=rT&9. luck.) '^ I [S. SFir^. wealth.) to form compounds. (Sim'uniT uirdQaJwnesr. (a-) @(3f ^p^^fTeiorriLj!BJ s^uL9(b) 173. urrsQiLSsairsisr. s^/i^^.

When / a a person wishes to be very humble in his address. makes Qam^tumL. irrat. s. m. and other disgusting expressions of the same kind sometimes used. ^it. com. not used in common sflfc Tamil. a little person. those which are little.) they can only inferentially express time. makes ^i^Q'jjm. (Cora. s. msikes rEeti<cOQ}eir. /seoicOeiiiTSisir.) ^1^.) good people. Derivatives (continued. (n. [Tamil Grammarians consider these verb is An ordinary called Q^rBSldso = [understanding-position-verb]. ^0ir. mas. good things. ^sueir. ~\ goodness ( e\) + ld = <sstld). And Q&ir®.) S/Siueueir. son. (m. iBeo. themselves am come. (b. to be a species of verb.) 184. . I p. nouns are formed. Those given here are g^ rES\> Final ^ becomes ^ before these terminations. implies an action. plural. irrat. [Com. many nouns are formed. &^. com. Q/SISiniTiT. Lesson 57. €0 Q ISO !J rr persons. From primitive roots used as adjectives elegant. is little. /esstsidld. (i. the suffixes )^^it. 29. . I a servant (ejGsr being the verbal personal term. e. thou a cruel person. ^ir.) By adding j ^err. of 1st singular. These terminations may be added to any nouns. s. ration. &^ujsp. a good / > \ . J *^. ^siaeu. a liftlcper- iB&)&>siierr. of neuter plurals always end in a.^isir. ^<5^it.] fem. /Beoed&asusiofr. . 31). ^(sudr. or an instrument (^/jSuLf ^Sssr But these forms are called &. These are not may be much used ^i^. = sign verb. a good man.) By adding mtD many of these become abstract nouns of quality. (m. Sec. small. and 2d persons Thus. he says <siiibQ^0st ^LSf-Qiu^ ^fEjaeSi—^^ev slave to for /E/raJr.LESSON o7. 1st dialect. good thing. ration. this with the rule in Lat. good [or that which is good}. colloquial forms. an object. 107 . that which S/Stuemeuaeir. a verb which . ggssr. f. which are both common and (a. J^eir. and.) (c) The in the above belong to the 3d person. Even are tBiTQiu<asr. a time. tE woman.) iBeoeosi. * Corap. little (f.^ssr. that the nom. ration. also. gj. But such nouns formed for the common foot. This is cruel. I a dog.c. 31. makes S/Siusiiek. and ace. and f.

For (^-(strQeirirek ) ^etsreusir. outward or inward ((^smw): fidelity. a month.) s^eireirmirscir.(a. S-eireireu IT ( S-ik Q en rr it ) 1 = = = he to ivhom there she.)] The nouns thus formed for all persons and numbers may be regularly declined. Exercise 56.) Nouns expressive of something done (Q^itl^so )-. those which. (6.) They are formed in poetry in great for this purpose. of time (siT<sOLb): ldiT'Tld. that which belongs to. &c. a word. which are divided. outside. &c.) (. an eye. an earring. sssii—^^fresrsuek.. of some member. of place ( ^i—ld): LjpLo.EXERCISE 56. &c. (ra. by Tamilians as verbs . she. &c. j ^-esii—iueairs&r. ^^ >= = they to whom. xii. finite [53" The above are regarded 2_e»r(syr." "verbal appellatives. QrBQtunss)n QurfKotufTiT <surrn^<5m^(ss)iju^ ^LLi—rrLoeO ibi—.) Nouns Nouns Nouns expressive of quality. ^-(sheir^.) (4. — Prepare the 185. VOCAB. From S-(smi—.) (2. a sign of the 6th case. which there is. casal signs (18). which has. They have been called "conjugated nouns. Comp. Pope's III Gram. are derived s^&ai—uj. (1. they who. s^eiai—iuecosi]. 58. but the plural in neuter nouns. it to . 21. (Nannul. &c. S-siDi—Uj^. 151. &c. . and are sometimes so considered. „ &:c. are also used. see 87. \ that which. i^eoQeoair lurr <sp(7^ LD&)60s Q^lLi^ ('here ^ssyi—iu governs the 2d case).." and "appellative verbs". S-is!r(Sfr<5sy(QU—s!sir. ^-esit—iuevdr. &c. &-<5m<cisiLD. isisir. Paradigm of verbs (xii. [Comp. ) they to which. &c. he who possesses. roots.5.) Nouns expressive Nouns of some thing possessed fOuyT-^errj: (^smip. 87. (3. [Compare also App. or part (&3osr): ssssr. then noun in whatever way it is prepared for the reception of the add the personal terminations as in 31.] Rule.] S-s^i—tusueir. to'SssrujrTelr ^eoevir^ o?® 108 . who has. Q^rr6\}. as 2_te)i_tu. (133) ^-eirtorreuisk ^-(sirioirajesT. 321. .) urTdQiuQpssii—ujeiJiTs&r icp(T^<su(T^tJa ^eo'hso. f. 186. Sut. 93. abundance from nominal classes . [Here e_OTi— £_srr ^^ is used for ^smi—iugj. Quifliu are capable also of being used participles. every respect as relative ^so. into six viz.] is.

shoes. are derived from Mahratta. S. ^lL&i. . — (As specimens. of these are English. is but as a dog. LSm.). most frequent occuri'ence in official documents. Your humble servant is (b. •s^uurr^^ (Sahot). and make the compound Qun^earu usossis (food-board). Sanscrit words can hardly be spoken of as foreign to the Tamil. poor. Lesson 58.) sal Many words Some of foreign origin are in constant use in Tamil. &c.). isoiri^ir. a prisoner. boots (Hind.). these words of words are in universal use and must be learnt. a sinner. of great wealth. of things brought into the country Again.LESSON 58. foreign origin with what However we may we choose to call pure Tamil.). Cruel people give trouble to the Well. ^mu^Qrft. village are little people. Malayalim. Judge. All. sick a word of univeramm. is LDiiSlsd. &c. 187. (d.) number. Hospital.) 109 . Canarese. is well known. ^emrr. All generations shall call me Litlle people must be humble. kitchen. musquito curtains. Q^rvLDSiff. @0sb9. He is a man of mercy. &c. He a man well by your blessing! Help your servant who blessed (f. QufflQiUfTiT ^eisraitT Qurr^uu^ a i—Q esr •'''' &-uS0&TG{r<3j&!r. since many of these are names by foreigners.) is There are none who are always happy. a per son.) &c. Telugu.) Many Some are of Portuguese origin. Quht^it. VocAB. why should a foreign one be introduced? Why say ^«q when eSiurr^. ^^-{^^ (domatera = musquito-veil. sickness. The inhabitants of that do? Three of his partners are great people. (a. amafl (Arab. These are of Cc. Court. and the equivalent Tamil words where any exist. ^i@. (e) . lELhuir.] 1S8. if there be a really good Tamil word for a thing. a lantern. Tel. It is mere pedantry to refuse to use the Hindi Gujss)^ for fable. Most of these words will be found in these lessons or in Index I. urri^' GKcsrsi^ ^li^s QsfTt^iU(G^Q&) ^-emi—neBr Qssni^ifei^ &fSuj^e060. On the other hand. — (b.) Some have come into Tamil through the Hindi. to these [5^ [In regard words it may be remarked that they cannot be dislike intermingling altogether dispensed with. column of a 31. Q^sn-iriL®. there can be no reason why they should not bring in the names as well as the things. both small and great.fees. ^uS(Qefr The great have said so. Thus. What shall 1. meuir (Arab. use. will be there. a mile.

they are brought so Sita is = ^em^. wealth (what ^L-L—ih. Let down the musquito curtains.) a burden (that which in is carried). Sab'ha. move. Some Verbs which have en in the future take ©/.EXERCISE 57. Those are in every sense parts 88.'] _ — .) Bring my shoes. 189. The nouns treated of in this lesson differ from those in 87. Exercise 57. There are peculiar ways of expressing foreign words in Tamil which must be changing sinto s. 190. miles is it to the town ? Has he laid the table ? Bring the kettle.) ^LD ^dsu). &c. string together (Poet. motion (what is moved). is put on). LESSON 59. many nouns are formed from verbal roots by addor ui-j according to the analogy of the future: ^. 88. of the verb: these are nouns formed from the verbal roots. Have they made a complaint in the court ? Has the Collector arrived ? Where is the clergyman ? [Obs.) 148. as Q^iriLi—La from Q^iism®. put on (S-(Bul^. No native would understand ®i = sick. There is however a form Q^trtL®. in having no governing power. g:^ Sanscrit nouns into Tamil: A generally change ^ into S when is ff€B)U. ing ai/ verbal derivatives have been noticed in 87. added of the root is doubled or hardened before g^ [In some cases the consonant the addition of . from . make. from sua. made or acquired). (a. from 2_®. 143.) Passive nouns are formed chiefly from roots in s. Besides these. (a-) sjSijick ^ssnihi Qi—sQQTf'm. to is a congregation. Lesson 59. ul^ulj. (c.^<5@. ^eum' iB&srp ^i—^^p(^th How many (h. Q-xime)!—. a garment (that which s-€!aLn. those which have lii. (b. from O^/r®.) £_®o:_. or uu take uLf.Sleij. a garland (that which is strung).^ld. carry. 148. from ^lL®. but all : recognize ^i@]. Derivatives. a some verbal roots to form nouns.

walk). ((^esSQeo = in vain). @®. Com. Q^rreo.£!i. ®. m . or brought Jorth. sing. ^da^ih. J. Quirir a heap. (i. uinL®. eSessr. to Lop^. a cut. despise). report. be II). Qp^ a line (Sffi scratch. other).) 191 VocAB. a question. obtain. Gcserrafl.] final Ce. 131. destruction (Qs®. (d. rejoice. QuiTQF). 62. 154. Qseir. c.[This that through every almost the only case in which the Tamil violates the principle modificiaton in inflexion and conjugation. Comp. tSg].) . erfw^si. II. arrow). poetry. fight. (from Q&^iu. 56. LSnDek. come together. and past But relative participles. as the nolrjaig from Ttoieco to make). makes Qugi. vain. siL®. (lS^&).s^Si (wQip.. 62. Q^msdeSl. rB<ciat—. hear.FiiMLj(sir. is this is by no means common. Some nouns are formed by adding Q. sQh^gi. aisii(£l. 62. on. is added to some roots: . the Root is final e_ unchanged. walk. some roots: wQip^Q.LESSON 59. think). defeat. ask. learning (aid. [Comp.). umetaeu. a church sweeper.) In 164. QuirQ^eir. sfl (f. a song [un®. or tie. suffering ( u®. meet. Qs'UjQskpesiLD.<ss>LD. (not short monosyllables).^^/S. £_sr = existence Greek Thus. Qu£ii. eriii (56.) emLD is added to the present Q3=uja. (Qs® ). d. collect). split).) ^ is added to some roots.) s^Si is added ^sip. fa^tL®.). Grsirdsih. « {sr(L£gi. intention (QfBird(^. look 56. QxsiiiL®. fear (^^a).). c] letter the Thus. Qs!r^eo s^lLi^ II. write 62. (j. lengthen this in order to form nouns. is is gained. a tie. a neighbour ( i3p. and strictly a verbal form. intention (aqf^gi. that which makes. 3^L-L—Ui. stroy). bring forth. battle. learn 70.) Many roots consisting of one short syllable (final s. what is given as an equivalent ov pledge. (k.J Some roots in sj. give. sweep. ^s^. makes @®. conduct ( ibi—. ruin. I. These (h. to the verbal'root. a bird 5th case = (Ljp. forgeffulncss (ii>p).) is added to some verbal roots. de- uir®. 18. Qa®. . many cases the root of the verb is also used as a noun. Oa®^. Thus. or cut.does not really belong to the root).) send (as a missile. double consonant. a congregation (ai^-LL®. suffer). (from Quitq^. Of course does not belong to the root. ^ (^p& oQ.). Thus (l. QtoGeo). a siveeper (g. S^.) nouns then indicate the doer of the action. substance.

Do not a son is born.EXERCISE 58. (b. I suppose. the same sense as we use the word noio: erdsrm srr^mh! ivell. ^&)Q<soit (vulgar). suih eiesrasruuQm- iSlfDiT emi—iu QiBrrssLD (sreunm? <oS)i—iu (oSisQuj ^rrQpil) ui^d(^ [s^rri^eii uesan^Q^! ^eu^t ^BJek Qsnemri— sq^^^ QsuQp.'^ and after the emphatic word when it indicates certainli/. ^esii—GmLDiLjili ''^s^s^Qpua tBnessTQpiJD ^rSleSdoeoniTsQeo (Su^siaLDiLiLii 65(25 '^/^ (Beoeorr^. or after the emphatic word = isit 7lot? (d. here. ^&)&o). ^'&)(ooQ<S2][r ^cirQQT^? ^soeceufT? (corrupted into ^soQeoir)? is it not? Eh? ^s(mLD.) The following are used as interjections. LESSON 60. forsooth! certainly. AVhat What is the meaning of this word? What is the intention of this verse ? What is the purport of the letter he is the substance of this sentence? He is a very forgetful person. ^euisir iES\]isi)€vek ^<s(gii). are put at the end of a sentence. They all fought in the jungle.) (c. SB Can". neglect learning.) sfrem. he indeed a good man. Jiere. is ^Qi(^s(ff)LD IE Si eo sum. (b. behold! ^i^ir. Ok! ^^.) ^m-QQj (rather high). see! Hallo! oh! SeiaiuQujiT.) should not kill birds. I hear! dead because not rejoice too much in prosperity.) versity. 0?io i^rr. oh ! alas ! ^Qatr. he must he reclioned a good man I suppose. what — 1X2 . ^ (ffi. The young (Sgueuir 185. ^sdedQeurr. The household are much delighted ( ^pi^<a]iTs^s(^ Do €^#^^3> Lesson 60. sfr^^LD (imperative of srrem. (This is not classical. So has written? This is a fatal affiiir. hallo! These are used in the beginning of a sentence. (a. gyti. alas! e^iu. 192. ^(kieoeuir. iLseur iSpih^rr&sr (STSsr^ ldQi^s^S ^n^dSlar^iT. Exercise 58. nor grieve too much iu adNeither praise nor blame affects the Call the church sweeper. ^^ =^(5 an^^? ^^e^un®' ^eussrsum' urr® ^euesrsv^st^. see) are in constant use in much note. lurrdj (ci') «ei)'Sso tsSsmsflp u/DeimsiJ-ssfr <oi ill iB^eO eirBuunQ^l suni^ei^k ^fTt^ Qu!T!flQ&) ^LDus'^en' ^nrr sen'. see! SQiutr.) ^d(g)U) is put at the end when it signifies "forsooth. ! ^Q^rr. ^^=f ^^szold [from ^®] j>LU iresuriEj s^err^ ^ntasss^^i—mDeO ^psQeSiLi—am'' ^eat^ ^rfl^^d Qsnem® sui^nesr. there. 193.

" iE60&}^. iSiuiruuir^u^QLU. (b. (182 ^aiiesr ^isoQeorr ^uuu^s= Qs^rrssrsBTSum? ^^ ^nsir sntflinual 1 eiesar ''ct/e/@lo S<smjr)iQ/s ^Q^sQekp (o<?/7^.s=pQp. what shall not ten o'clock? Which is the way to Tanjore? This boy is the clever fellow! So this is the learned man you mentioned. LD^. Q^tr^. come up! well ! ^iriu and^su ^suuQesr ! ^'jS. From 130 — 133 and appears that there are no adjectives. become senseless.. Lesson Forms corresponding 196. VocAB. come here. i5c9^(g. nothing has grown in my field. uQ^^QQpeur. ^pQp l9<3'SI(SS)&} ^^ ^aysrr lSIssi^ud QiMirs^dsnifi uireuti) eSl'S&riijCoLD. Stop a bit you fellow! He's a great scamp. sfl&r. mkL-a-LDih. LD^QLoir-a^ui. grandmother.). subtilitij. a worthlessfellow.s.)." toimuni-Lis^ c^issr.^ eS^^sun&sr.(Observe is the inversion which very idiomatic.) spG's/r.^ til u IT . ^. as an adjective does not the degrees of comparison. mistake [b6. is it I do! My mother. I am deceived. -Fpg)!.) Well. my ! good woman.). yoii fellow. to the it 61. gardener. lose sense. Exercise 59.) ^Q^ssresr ^^sluldI ^Q^it Q^rfliuu i turriT ^z_/r. 194. ^i—it! .' uujeo. in Tamil. 195. eiiirffiriij. grow up (55. much (generally used with =gyif.) Alas. is .' lSs. proper/^ so called. a little. I will come myself. nicety. Alas. comparative and superlative degrees. SfTffluj(i^ (a. mother ( = ^irib).' (f.).) a. ^eusu ^Q^rr ^lasetflu-^^so <QUK^(msQ(wQff. ^ihQiBULo ? ^su(5ST ^emLuQujiT etreij^ni^? <si<5sr^3?^<sS ^/(Lp^rresr. II. usir are used as words of respect. ^ is changed into <^iu)! ctsstsot ^UUl^ LD^CoLDrTS^LD ^rBQp^ <5 Qfi<Siif!S(sr^s(^u> eTerfl^6\}6\)(SQj Q U fTSeOn LD!T? lEluUfJUJ (^lL&^UILD Cl85' 6.EXERCISE 59. brightness. (oSL-L—fTiosr. with Quit srettl^._). discretion. Hallo. s_u). i£lseijLh). easy. [ma. ^^this is ^^that is the best of all? "This is better than that. father . ^apQmj'dj I— a j3juui^s= Qs=LLiQ(nj'uj? (vulg. Q ld it <3:i}). Qs^lU^ITUJ? i^errefrniu (21. of sense. ^t-rr. h." of that which has less of the quality spoken "To 15 that this iT3 . I. . Here is a rupee for you. How then can admit of changes expressive of we express in Tamil. detriment ^danger. (58. loss LESSON 61.j>j^p(Q of: ^^ The dative good.). for. The noun used better than that" (1. eiesrvy ejssr j^uufT. )• g&"J. I suppose that physician was your father. deceit. ^itQiu uitlL^l.

" @ISJ ihioed^ (uairss.{m&n. this is good. (a. QLodrQiD^U}.) Q.jii^ sreoeorrsu^S^iii ( sre\)eo. although 100.^ + s_ = of the shepherd (lQ(^. b. 107.) Jf/ore. ^ in caste. These two words are and signify "best. (/." mikioOgj. observance. ''from that this is good. (Qld&) + Qtoio + s^ih.(^ (165." This is decided- (2. inost excellent. ^es>s<sSli— fB<kioiigj "That to leave. be regarded as the 7th case in opposition to native Grammarians. this is That while you good. ^sy^^g) all the g. and Qp.): ^<omsu uirrrss see. VocAB. although you show) ly a vulgar form. £_u<s=/rjii). 56. is The 5th case with good. f. "That is the best of all.T^^^LD ) fE&)<oO^. ^isf." 197. more.)) — '-Although you see that. go before. see." ^^Qeii ^-^^LDU) (&QaL-i—ui). a iveight.) (Lpi^ Qpii^." ^-ld and a word denoting universality: "From b.jij^Sd ( ^^Q&>) ^sj The 5th case. (Com. (verb. kinglg honours. It is =sy^« fB&xoi)^ (^^<SE. the first II. 198. exceed). is II. though not very elegant forms. (2. maund.sSjfi/u) Exercise 60. = ''Although you show that.. LD<smiEj<m ( LDi—iEi(ff)).) ^lLi-. The 4th case with Sanscrit 2_ii): c.) These three are elegant.) ^i7n-QSiTU<3=irffiEJS<ar ( ^ffir^. ^sui^ ^nm' ." e_LD (denoting completeness): [If "From this that altogether this This is to be preferred to the former. this is good.s^iL^nmOT2/<5{^ ^<3S)^ eSi—u Qutfl^rresr sirrfliuu) e^&fr^ii) ^6\)'2eo. of u/r/r 169.) a. Sj^ above.ifi. not needed. . syllable shortened for the sake of euphony). first of all. good. more and more part. ^^£iiua ^gi meoeo^. 56. this good.) iBioeog] may be prefixed to lEeixso^ in ^6S)sd arrL-L^^LD _@^ ( sitlLi^^ld from sitlL®." . one . all this is . Sanscrit compounds). ^es>£Bu urriTsQ^Lci ^gj isSoeo^ ( uirirdS^LD from iJ/r/r 56. you e." (cr should be added.EXERCISE 60. the sense all that this is would be "In c. (30/5^. (Lpii^." This is rather colloquial.QiLi (SUQ^ihuL^iurTs^ (157. ^<oSiL-UJsk. ('sSi_ to leavej: g. III. kingly. lB&s = u/r/f. These are common and S}^ quite correct.^^ "To (orw(S\}ir<sup/Sjb(^Lc> (sr&)eiifr^^d(^Lh) /seoei^^. the infin.) ^!jnQ^nu3=n!T!E]S(S!r fBfT(^<i(^ iBfTeiT ^<ssrd(^ (sS0DL—Luspis(^ [from day to day] tEi—i^ euQ^Qro^^ih ^jw ^^sLona mL^i?^ s^eumSI. show. The 5th case with good. all this is good.

So. as. . This minister is greater than the king. might (103).\ ^uuL^sQsiT^^iaiesr eresresr^^diV)? To this-likened person.) You must learn more and more in the school. This is sweeter than honey. ( srsi]€i]0ir<3ii with a and ^entsuefre^. LDi^snh ^ff0'2sw..3=iLujeoiTLDrr? ^eiji^^LDirs. but not elegant. is the best of all the women in the village.suu^sru Qurreou ^Q^d(^w. '•'•e^^eSlesrm-Qp (esr + ih - m) Qsu^uuns QsrrQ^ssth'''' (Poet.) fsesreoiLD = iSnn2_i?ot iD6ts3r0S(^ ^rnjTLDrr(osr^ Qsu^^GSi^u uu^aQp^^uo ^iiepQK enfl^LD u^sisr (173. III.) (Quit.] {d. 56.) LDemiai^ (ldi—iej(^) "^iB(ss)^ Q3=rre\} lSIss ^^sLDfrss srTuurrp^Q<Sij<osr. She than to beg. be like. [^g.) ^ u u L^u lLu. that. is be used instead of ^uuif. ^iiKZiee^s'JJiT'lj. The mother rejoices when her son is said to be wiser than others. (b. suffer. It is better to work There is no wealth more precious than learning.LESSON 62. &C. such. burden. agree.) ^^^€0 In this ereueuefTSij QsL-L^ssirnQi^ he is clever. (b. /ilsrr^ ^uuL^^^irek. LDiresrdQsi—rresr sirifju^esy^d tiling Q<3=ujiU(Sdn-LDir (Thus-affected Is it right to Tionour -destroying may [one] do?) do such a dishonorable action. This may be also thus expressed iS&rdsir ^." (Poet-_) ^nuSleo Qpk^ Qsa QutTLu Qu<3?Q/D(SiD^u U[Tfr<sQ^(^ s=rrQ/D^ ^Q^ud ibeoeo^. than the tiger. (a. to tuhat? What is such a (fellow) good for? (e. In the school you must get the first of all. He is the most stupid of all the shejiherds. if') ^^'^'-"^ eruuL^Qturr. but the tiger is more cruel. ^aieuAtsmLDiTS. The son is better than the father. This common. name. so-much Qpl—(eS)uSlQfjLJUITQ!r.) gjuui^^ Q. &C. u®. ^i^ eS^LDniL. ^^Qe^ in that ^KBjeueir&j how-much but. : As is the father so is the child. May {vfo) do thus? (103). a blockhead he will be. The elephant This This is is is greater the heaviest greater than «^^^^& Lesson 62. 199.) to ^uQurruuL-L- siTfftuj^eiP^<F Qs^iLiiud &_(BLDfr? Is it right do such a thing? (c.

/E/rdr euL^uSeo is iBi—iB^QutrQp a^Louj^^io &c.). VocAB. (Such a child. ^s\3&)iTLD&). &e. What They are talking just as they used to talk. ^SoeoirQ^. ^eoeoiTLD&i. 8iC. and ct: ^eo eoir^. 201. is he such a fool? Lesson 63. <f//?/ (2. ^^pi^^ 200.) (sem®. or. the streets. part. Qshmi^Sj.) Did you ever see such a boy? in What is this dog good for? learn evil The more he wanders What kind of things. -which denies existence (43. ^^jSl. _g)^ =Sij^p(g.^Jt. generally with ^eofforrQss. the more will he people are there in the village? Why did you commit such great folly? How can I do such an evil? He has gone as he was wont.) uemtpuu uuf. eiuui^ ^Q (at L^sn'hsfT ^uuu^d(^u any rate) ©susar sldlc^s^^Q^ Quiflajsnifluuua. upon). an infant. seize s<5m(Bi3L^. [It can hardly be necessary to remind the learner that in rendering as into when the sentence must Tamil. (2.Quj f^i^u (b. 111. (^Lpitsm^esiiui Q&nm^ Qunil. ^sar^.) This KB large x& that — ^gje^LD ^^©/(^ or. or. are also used. Qun-QpeuL^uSleo. &a-.^^.) ^io(so!rgj..EXEUCISE 61.'3= <5^/fl/ ^^ ^sa^uQuiTsciu ®i^^m>i—Uj ^etreij or.. and ^ k> <so it ld &> . erffi/a^^ii. Exercise 61. I. (a a. (?) ufrirdSpQu/ran^ ^(25'S@^. infanticide (^^^. If as be changed. ivunder (56. find out {b%. the Sanscrit). com. which denies a quality. are neg. every where (for <oTej(^lo). murder. Thus = . t3u^. from §)&). I /Etreir QuaSp CSeu3s<TtSl&).L—S^'iew s ^11 LD r^iT L—rT<5sr- * ^ sj isi eim'Qij'eo ^(r^i^uisf.) are in constant use. he must consider its exact meaning. and _g)ffi)so/r Loeo. from ^Sed. are such boys good for? May we do such a thing? What kind of things may we do? Olio! Such an one came. iSfoi^Q^sQp^.) As / was going = or. 202. 121.] having seen. s'/ffiLimLf Quff!^.^-imodld ^(ssii—uunLDeo ^(au&sr rsrrear ^iEj(^ixi ^!E](^uD simg}iiJa ^'?eouj6\}fTQLnrT? ''''(Poel-) stuul^lj ULLi—6ij(o(SS)? ^su'^ssru urrirds (5rssrs(^ e^ih ^^sms= P-Gstsr®. LESSON 63. At any rate I have seized the thief. verb. /F/rsar /E/rsJr QuiTSiasuSl&). (1.jss ) Lj^^i5S)UJ3 STuuL^u ulLl.(Biumu (^LLsuD^mt^iLjm sem® tSli^ds^ QsrrQuumT. or. &c. lie . from =gya).

supreme (used chiefly by worshipiJers of Qeuasr). he suffered without any aid whatsoever. ^ is) so and ^eosoiTLDeo thus involve a double negative: a negative form of a negative verb. so IT LD 77. ^dr/S and Q/Desr. ^jeoeoiTLDeo @ijL<5isrr enn^ssu u(BQ(wirse<r. ^l<ssrrB (oiiir (vulg. verb.s^ld desire iS. Qwskr®.(okrQi—a? Will any thing grow without seed?] ^^eo&inixteo ^sstsstld QsuQp ^-emi—rr? Qs^rr0ld(^m Qurr^iL® S-Sard (^3= QffrT<obr<osrQ^ ^&}&)itlc>60 QiSijf6l&)'2eo.^gi.) @so&)frLDeo. Qsuih besides that lohich is sown be [Compare these two: ^ai^dr^ujir^Lh produced? i^Zsiraigi ^-(omQi—rr? Will any thing eSi^^ssT^iijirgiLo i^dstreu^ &. the evnh^^uu®. 204. part.) euQfj^^ui. the inhabitants suffer from the absence of rain.). (^qF) one. from the unused past teases ^dr ^dirQpm. (III.^^th. II.£)jeisifiULSId^rTiT- eS^esiiu Q^rr'^eoss Qsuemr^QiD j^ieo&jaLcdo ^-iL<i(^s sniFlujin eviB^nirseir? erssrssr? ^^&sr'^esnusoeomD60 e^Q^ LSljTturr-g^cjfiLSissrjS ^«5r<s(5<£ Q sail— 4(^0). ^(SsrssfluSeo) fBrresr ^isu^emt—iu ^mufKsmnu^ih lufrrr . are both used for without. QiaULh. (b. (a. seed (also e0g»^. and ^sw-^. 203.) jij&isoaLDeo. 126. trouble. ____ . 56. even. . 2d case: ereircksrujeOiSOirLDio — besides me. being thus a preposition excluding. the existence of the thing to are used for besides. ^cir/S!. to the previous word thus: _g)^ai/a) ^eoeoirtDeo.. any whatsoever (lurrffj which. eflgw/r. except. tu/rQ^iTQ^ s^^^iLjih ^^/S euQF^^. gj^ei^w ^drjS. added The 2_zi) may be (c. but not bend. be troubled. governs the and having the meaning of excepting. absolutely to which tliey are attached. ^eir/SI are irreg. luirQ^irQh . DENYING the existence of that LD(saLp (a. ^(ssrd(^ Qsiissm(3i(S^<osy^tsQs<3fr. Comp. .^Cj uu-L-inm'.) CTssr semsQew jtjedeotTuoeo QsuQp s=rrLL& ^ik'bso. VocAB. if ^maQm)&> tSsiri^ ^Lpleu^ei'eorrLDeo ^eiririE^ it you put a heavy burden on a stone pillar. (56.. will break. affirming ^eoeoirLoio. aeo^iTiom Qufffiu uirff^em^^ eu^LLjQLDir ? euSotriuir^.^ Exercise 62.) ^kxsotTLD&nis) and ^sk^iLiLo signify moreover. which they are attached.EXERCISE 62. but.).

must he. neut.)) /• ^^"'&Mi'^ ^^iT(^^Lci QwLujrruSlQ^d(^Lh (100. the use of the future in the above it is. 166. at to you will all. u^&>. but expresses the dilemma very exactly. if you say it is not.) {^ron. by the visitation of God. that which will be. c. ( to-morrow. ? Will they come without it ? He must He ti-oubles me without any cause besides that. you must confess that ej may be added. that. then. = mtist be acknowledged to . lassr^eo^^ Qldujiuitiij @Q^s(^ld. noun of ^&>. without any 206. is used It has some authority . of ^.QiDiLiLifnu ^Q^d (a. gj^irsugi QLoiuiuirtu ^Q^df^QLo. but it seems a doubtful use of the word. "Either this or that must be true. . that which is not so. ^sstld day). Come without delay.) ^eoeo erajr (Tyei) (^eo&)Qiz>ian-(Trf'sn). one = in one (case understood) this.) This child is thing learn grow without water? besides this his lessons: Will any the only witness.) (2.) ^ioeogj neut. suddenly. It must be repeated after each of the things It is also used for at least: least. u^eCfTS.. fEirSsmu^Pesnh ^. 205. there is another whatever. it = "^'^^ '/ *' ^^ '^"* and if be that.LESSON 64.'" luirQF^sarreugj. any one at (b. (b. apparent reason. . 7th case of is true. The people are suffering from the They are wandering about without any light. in place of.. _ 1J3 "^ . Q:^ Observe be. And for "a< all. I have told you one thing which no one knows but myself. Are there any what else? : be no water. this. fBireSeire^sQ or furreiressr the day after to-morrow ( ^asrgii 4th case). This seed will grow but not that stone. for or. by divine appointment. If there should It is hard to live without sin. grant to be true. Lesson 64.) in one (case) that epdr^n. 2sBi!rd(m) /ErrSsnuSleir ^m-(cmps(^ (Com. a day ." b. lack of true wisdom. = either . /Eir^d(^.. part. Q^dj(SsLurrs. This is not a classical form. (c. qaar^io ^^. but isir^. ^smiSsLDirs. b. is the part. or. noun.) ^<s>]si or become disjoined. (o^eir/S en . and is quite intelligible. ^eo&iinSL-L-iTiso ^gi Qldiu (123. there is no other. iEiT(sir. VocAB. (d. fut. &igj QwiL.

or else I will punish you. a letter. 208. you will acknowledge.) Qldiu ^&)<si). Lesson 65. isu(T^Q<ss)pQujrr (^(Su^Q^n^Qcufr) ^&)'?eoQujn? Either he is guilty or the (b. ^^maj^.'''' [Prov.^Sjfi/io (^(e^^nw) ^sj ^Q^LD (^(^ff^ii) QLDiLitLimLi ^imsj. 100. EXERCISE 64. ^p&)GO. ^leoffi). Come to-morrow. &lL(B. docuGi^s^edeii. ^sLL®Lh. of 206. _@if . thunder. . this is not true.) Either this or that must be true. Exercise QS. &LL<5mi—d lalpQpLD ^go&). This. and that is ^gJ (h. They either suffer from the absence of rain. Put some one in your place. <oi<Sij(SU(S(reiiQ3^eOsurT(^^th ''^^rft&l ^ffsmQiBeo'hso.) give waij. i^iasstr (sn'^iu^ ^stsr LDiTsv^ /F/ySoYTitSssr ^6sr(SS)/DdsrTei'^ sunQ^ias&r. ^&}eo^ isSl'2e\}UjrT(SS)^m wfTisjQdQsirerr.) lEnssr ^suGs^L—^^io si—eur ^jih^u <su a (h Q <sur^i m ^eo'^. (c-) §ISJ .)." is ^'^sijLD Qldijj ^eoeo. y QisiiuLjm ^j&)&)^ LD(i^s^<5rr esr^ iS. LESSON 65. — 209. (Neg. or a bandy or an elephant. ^^ireu^ Qldiuiuitili ^rrtrgi. recede.(ausv)ii}) ^j&)ev. expenditure (03=00 go). Give it to some one or other. i§ ^eu^ ^eueur ^sv^ t^iLjLD QufTs Qeusmu^LU^. this not true. colour. 210. (2. (a. "Neither this nor that (^•) ^^®/^ Qld'jj not true.fLD STioir^v Q^!T(5srpei^Lo ^6\)'2sy. or I must fine you. '•^^eoeorriis) sjioeo^^ rsso Q(ssr^&)'^. and if it be that it is not true. ^^easr t—iT(^&) <SiiiB(5S)ffii-\(Lp<sm®.EXERCISE 63. (Surftems^niLD ^ysv'Ssv. Bring me either a horse. is not true.) = and if it be this. for 0«/rerr. ujrT(G^^ui. ejy^ei/iz$?6i)'3sw. Qs=tijs.] ^iflQiLjiSI &)'?&). VocAB. LDt^^eir. ^^£ijlS1&)'20O. Spil>. (^giim(^ (56. at least. u^eOns LuiT^esrujrTi^^ii) &-<5srd(^<i G)<sfT®d@Q/Di5sr (pres. that also a. witness is speaking falsely.. ^^(S2/ii GiLDiL ^eoec. I am a learned man and not a merchant. ment. saffron-yellow.^peOeO. or from some other cause. is true. II. Exercise 64. ^suesr LD<mrih ^fSl i^ Qumu Qu ^rresarQCou Q(€S)issr (5T(5sr^ Q^nssrpts^il) ^so'Ssw.

absolutely. limit. I cannot quite believe what either the plaintiff. as far as this. part. £_ii) is elegantly added to denote completeness (126. a/iSB/r c. wfliLti^Lo. ^LhLDL-(Sli}>." "to. extent (probably a corruption of sulLl-ld. ennhQrr) suesifrai^LD. as long as you do this. up to the neck. The book is neither here nor there. or the rel. are also used.LESSON 66. write).s»/r<S(aii. This the village npr to the inhabitants. so much. live. (By you-which-has- become-the-limit learn.) boundary measure. used Y mirek iSl<ctoLp^^(ms(^LD isrreir ^'s»rffl. were present. Neither He has neither lias the physician come. other.) Neither the king nor to neither the any of his counsellors was known watchman of or the witnesses of the peons say. "i . shqkld ldl-(Bld ). learn as much as you can. and are equivalent "as far as. ^'Sstldl-Qld ul^. (b. should follow the nominative. how much. till death.' b. and is a regular San. III.) and ^sirey." "unto. @)ifB!rsir to u>lL(Bu>. thus much. ^ldldl-(Bld. 211. keep within bounds. ^(W^L—ih S-0!r(mis\) ldlL^ld. urB'ui^LD should only be used in combination with a Sanscrit noun. ldl-Qi—itls^qF). Neither of these is sweet." "until. emuiB^jjih^tli. d. «^^^^& Lesson 66. ^iklSiTisir ' ID lo II 'Of iiEfBireir <sa<8S)iruSl^il>. o.'/i)." &c. a circle. These words are used to express extent. Neither of these will yield to the friends nor relations in the village. but It is not elegant. duration. &eijcir ^-afrefr<oir<sjix).) LDtL(Bls(^Lh (4th with S-ld) is also used. viu \ouj IT £B rS\i-Ii . @juuLn. &c. or the relative participle. and [iSletoLp sir doubled. or the defendant. The word wiL® means euemiT. J snp^SJ ri isi.) enQhua ^loiTsyiii ((sijqru> eyiKD/r<S(gii). euemiriLiiD. draw. until to-day (not necessarily including the day spoken of). until I come.). 6ti1iLdl-(Bld. '\ ' ldu as long as I live (e-s/r. ((snemir. __ .s= Gis=iL8p<s>i<cSiirs(S)LD. nor has he sent his servant. to this place. term.) J 56. compound. follows the nominative. (Sanscrit. existence. is elegant.

up to the chin in water. or ^irsau). thus: ^^^^. 213. I will wait till to-morrow. VocAB. MATRAAi.)!^ ^n^Lo.) Poet.) As long as we all live we must I will not yield a jot of what I claim.n(sO ^Q^Lon^ili eu€!DfTS(^Lh Qun®Qp s^rr^^es)^ ^Q^iii ^nLiiSliLQa Qsaemu^QK. boiled rice. ^Ssar — ijoi-L®. ea m a. rsfTesr Quasd <si_i_/70^(o3r^ Qsuessn^uj ejeusueweii? Qpuu^ fbrresr lojrSI <suiss)rrd(^LD ^irds e^ssism/sQtu spguaQsiressTL—n&sr. Until to day. thus muck. LESSON 67.j. the wholc extent. 65. (2. LDLLQd(^LD s^nstv^iruD Qs^fTssr(GU)(S{r. and isr^fl^ssr. ^p6S)/D(SussirTS(s^ii>- labour patiently and diligently. I (will) tell you as much as I can. c). eria/ei/errs)/. how muck or many (25. From the time the learned man came until now I have been thinking about the matter. Thus much I have borne. erj-ffljr Why did you come? [vulg. L8ff=3i-. His wisdom is immeasurable. ^iSOeoneSl LLi—.^^^ndsmrm.'] 212. Be thou faithful unto death It is as large as a lime. in a s ir iL ?~\ These words are sometimes used b. <s rr iL [131. ^fflysor QiBso'^eoajfrQ^Ln G)«/7®. crajr. whatf (LeSS. (b. e. (a-) <3?^[^6srLDLL®LD iSljjujrr<f u u® fcom. scanty.jijs^j ap^eo ( Qp^sons. Qispsap ^meSlQ^ Qs^iL^ ^u uu^. @j^<suiss)irs(mi}> an adj. . unripe fruit. why? ermesT.^ Q<3=iuei]Q^(sk ? Why docs Why do this? 121 he (any one) do this? 16 . c. ^(susuetrGlsiiasrrQ&i'^eM. At least take up this little burden. ^eueueireti. . ST<s^isJ6rr<ouirQej!iLc. srjfi/ srSH iS ^ isj siriL. a rash. thus much. lemon tree. ^^jS&ar. eui^irdj? 13. hasty person.) how much soever 100. LSl^dQQpesr <oTssr(rf/'iT- ^rriL suq^l'd ^strsifili Qu-fSnp^^frefr. [_LDfT^^!iL£>. 214.. (25. manner that may perplex the learner. so viuch. srmQm? eriiiQs. as denotes measure. S. logic. ^^s'Sstr tEasar I— mar. np^pQsrrekr® = from that to this.EXERCISE ^euevetreij. I will do what I can.) 208. Exercise 65. so much. is only used in comp. how much. ^^/bssrr<sS&)'?e\}. dis- ^irds^rrm^aiM. ^LJUL^^ Q3=L(Si]iTQm3sr? ^uuL^. (oTsk^^p sk^L^iULDir^^JK^ Qs^irec^QQpasT. putation. He was ! Lesson 67.

.EXERCISE 66. III. or from revile . ffLD. search into (56. or a corruption of ^8^u}. ^(syra/. [This is a specimen of a kind of riddle very ''The handy runs — why? -? common among Tarailians. a bullock. /• (Many d.) cl<iim relationship.) Qupp ^nujiT&nrr <5S)(SiiQp<SiiiT£B(^t}). Exercise &&.) -a^^. or go? live or die? is Qufr(^e^ ereirasr ? This g. eusssri^eo ©OsuC^ot? LDs^s^ar^ S-/Deijrr®<suQ^m? Ans. LD.)] whom constitutes him - _ _ . c. ^mSsa^ ^^^s'Setts Qs^iLjuiQJiis(&^ix).:^^ s?ioSi<oijQiiin® ^esBri—nio Ques. common. . (a. 6r<si<siieirQ<sii_^ih 212. ^ 6ri3OT(T)i'e\). 216. . ^dsrrdstrd Qsirem®. eremtLp) f. li similar forms are in use. Qumii Qs=[Teo^Qjr)<SiJiTS(Sf^i£>. .) ^Mi^i^ii. ^ii/rtu. 1.^skr® draw near (56. . VocAB. ^QsQenr&^ev.] ( bullock (^dstrSstr = ^/i^a \_ elder sister ( ^i&insn.2/ . I. App. do. rush. u/riu (56. = why not? ^^frav^ ssii-i. deceit.) ? @jLJULp.) e^funiop {SiB^dQp<aijrrs(ef^t}). airdsir. S-meuir® (56. (56. relationship. em u^eo .. d. ^ ^ ) > . en II. x.). a bandy. [This It is equivalent to may be. ^asireir. LSIpiTd(^ s-usnn^ ^rsii^ (GfKLD ^(^iQ^eisresr. marriage with a u3d'3=iTek.f iB&dQeon&air (184.). ereirQurBso ^0''S7@/-o STesr! Pray have mercy ^ipon me! ersar Here ejm = pray 215. (56.ld.l . What QuirQajesrsar ? = ^qF)IB^it€0 ereir(S!sr? ^Q^iQ^eirsBr ? matters it whether they remain.'] fsr. S-meij. s^nsw^jTta<s'2efr . r=5!/^) GTCsr. an elder sister. erek + &. QunQujesresr? "spiurrQ^fT <5r&sr tso/'Ssu ? ^-etrQefr (m<5s>pun®? &. Qeu&rerrili. II. science. in such forms as. a brother-in-law. i Uom say why — wherefore.^ Q^iuQjDQ^sirem Why do you do thus? eTeBULD = soever. 239.3^g:iT(S!r felicity. I. The brother-in-law claims relationship — why?'" anSsir 25. ^uSemiw. LD'^sfsareisr ). c.) By means of the [Qsirem®.) Si^. is either for ex cease. and yet strictly classical. ( es>LDSSJet!ti^.^!TmuiT^eiJiTS(&^ii>. a flood. emphatic. how much soever.<osrssQJ(oST (oTiolsrearQBjesiirQu)? . .

and not the spasm). S_6OT®. (56. [^<s. can a black dog become a white dog? S^u umhuirQ^LD it Qurfftu ^if-Oa/rsOT i—L^sa it Qeu(sssr®u>. 219. Whoever docs c. hide. j. at least. — Soever. QpeiJ(our Qs(SsijrT<osr.) SQipirir. ^eoSsoQiuir ereirjpi ^(Siiei^i—^^eo u^^ ^qf^sQjdQ^it to try Q. a flower. It rushes on without ceasing.3^ir^d(^LD Qutr Q6Fn'(SirQst!reir. ^eik ^Qe^th Quessr ai_L_/r^. iLirrjnTSLLQil) @^/r® s^etarr. low persons. — Although. Qs=^. (b. lurriT be a small snake you must strike with a big stick.] Qp8so. ^iSU (sruQunQ^rr (5S)iTs •sesari—^ This (Observe the order. OT2/c5(5 iSesSioSilU^ ^uSlG^im loSsot" ^uSI^ld srruuirjbfSiosrsi] ^ITLJU^ eT^QsUfT ^^QsiJ LDQKIh^. rr ? ^i^ aerj/rsro/T'df sn^s. thus. I said so whether there was devotion in him or not.) EXERCISE 67. (miL(B<^ b. (46. Why He will not give «^^^^& Lesson 68.''^ ''QQi^rTiT ^uSsv)iii) ^irip a^uQun^ =sy<^ <sijrT'2ev^^girs(^QLDrr. (oTimQs ^QssiJ> sguuLj/Eiriij Qsam^iEiriLi ^(^ldit? (100. (Sip. VocAB. Whether. Draw near to the Giver of blessedness.) ^uSfr <oT!EiQs ^Q^LD Loeaar s em 1—^ em-Q u. [Poet. Loeoir.) stiffen. he is a robber. Although e. a head [Poet.) ^uuL^^ Q<FiuS/DSueir LUirQufr.. erect. Exercise 67. Q^s-gbtsS. speak. for they seem to be deceivers. do you do this? He will not give because he has no money. 184. ^Q^LD Qsn®. 217. ^uQunQ^ is Q^rfluLjLc ^tsuQ^etDi—Uj Qs^iij^.^u Qurr^sf-. a corner. tSI'^esr^^ireir.LESSON 68.) In any place soever d. &-ee)rr. (^^ir®. 218. (64. epir ^uQun^ Qsn&)&> ctott Loiem^uSQsd ^lLQs(^ ^i^syeSlisuii^ Qsnemi Qsnem ^(l§^^ ei^(G^QeOii^LD lSsislpujitld^ the confusion of subjects. 123 . III. (^lL(Bu>']) ^slLQld (140) = (let him be whom he may = who- soever. LDeorrssirio. a. [Poet. very idiomatic) ^Q^m QurTUjQs=rTio^Q/ri<auiTs'2efr rsijous sfT^s^eir Qi5n5l^^<i Qsiresar®. (^efi. You must examine those who claim relationship. Give me a little water. gamble. flowery feet. usQF) (60. ^euek smeir(^. (6i. . (a.] iSesis^.) speak.) (^S^. gaming.] upon. (Observe The sheep died. Q/e/S.] [Poet.11. even a grain of hemp seed. What is all this noise about? What matters it whether such people come or go? Please give me that money.

act. VocAB. 220. s_(5@. or <s3(W)<sii^p(Q is probably better Tamil. moisture.) Wlien li) follows one often elided. sk0 Qpap(^ b.) the tluwery feet (131. bear with.] all? O Lor J (185.) (I) spe. The negative participial noun ends in ^p&.^^^^^ Lesson 69.).] a fault.LESSON 69. be- fore I went there. OtF/rcorG'earOT". Honorifics are not used in Tamil poetry generally. remem- QufTffi (56. forgive.) my head upon wilt thou not place? (2G3.J Plave you seen other. think of (56. III.4(1.). to ®jLJUL^<s: Qg=iLiun^uL^ apiS^Q^ek. I asked him those questions to try whether he had learnt the lesson or not. but not very elegant).). III. uirtrirQaJir ereir^iuiriii sre\ie\iirib EXERCISE 68. (b. Can a murderer escape any where? Can you tell me whether the price is what he says or not? Although he is a young man he is a great physician. s(T^^nu lSoslpiljiej.ik t is it not known Before sinful me ^^arssrih ^(^sirGoih ? Si'^^'-^ Wilt thou not oonie Yet at :niy time whatever (251. weep (56. noun). &-Q^d(g.). Whoever teaches well he is a Munshi. II.s. think. [More elegantly ^uul<^S= Qs^ujjdah. tSossr. aS.) In poetry ^ after ek is u> sometimes changed into is ^ (2.) (3. ri ®jiEiQs ev/jrr rtprnQosr. iSlioinLp. he wanders about idly doing nothing 1^ (very common. 222. (a.) "sG\)e\}rTu lS&dl^iljis. In 121 we saw that the negative relative participle ended in ^. ^eiiair ea^&sijD'JJ(e^ Q^tuiUfr^ULp-Sc^ <^(<5miu^ ^iBQ(i^(3st . melt (56. Whether he be rich or poor a liar will be despised.). Exercise 68. elder sister any where? I will run away some hidden in some corner or other ((^icS^^Qr)sQ(n^!asr . yield II. ^luir ! ? Dost thou not see [110. I ordered yon not ereirgii do if.Note the following forms: ^ a. c. and that the form in was chiefly used in poetry. s&ib^(t^Q iS&) 124 ~ . <s0iP.- sormw r [:>0. before you came here ( <siiun'^^<s(^(ipekQssr ). partic. fEirdr ^isjQs QuiTsir^^pt^ npSsrQizBT (4th case of neg. ber (56.) NOTE (1. I.he is having hidden). my where or He is ^. regard. c.i—fr^ 221.] Before cUFr[rtr(Siurr iTn.

Idioms. arrLD/r^. @gii^^). future for imperative or optative.^ wsmp Qg^npos^p e^d(^w.- Spa ambiT^ (151. No is rule can be laid arfjtu. us^eaa^u us=^3^. QrSlujiTssfr Qs^uj^ s^!s. ivaist. a colour. &c. Before I thought Before the sun set he went to sleep. EXERCISE 69. ^'sos^. Lj^^ULj^LU QiBiLQsnemQ (SJiB^QKdQnrj'eir. rSmii). lj^^uu^uj . Qs^ss3= Qeui^eu ^li^ <s>Jiu&d u^gss^u u<f^^ iBpiMniJb ^(T^dQp^. very great ( QuskemLo QuqkJ. ^ Jet black QcSotSsot Me \_QLJUJs(m in hue— lust anrt other iliabolical demons unto ^<sossns isneniB^ Ql^iurQo^ ? uirtnjsrQin (215. itc. the middle. lust. The sign of the 3. Lesson * 7C(sek<ssriEi -223. ^6inL_.ssons ?' Should any one go about doing nothing? lie is a blockhead that understands (b. Gie=eaS^Sl<su^^. (SuiB^nek. new. very little ( St<sk<s!r(^ QuasrcsTLD QuiBiu. g:^ These and similar forms are in constant use. for aeoeofr^. Q^n^sr^LD QpemQasr) Qsu'^evdsfTjiiT euii^rrirserr. s^^-s).) to languish. sffL>0Ofr.) n it iai. ^aassriB^si^Qiu &eiri5!!r(s^ quite alone (^eareani ^esrl^^J. ^Q^s'ireun-iLi.) as. a devil. down for their formation. lust. VocAB.) Pardon my speaking a word. 2. (151. omitted SlemLpemiuiLjLD. Sl^tu.) &(^<sur(^ ^<ss)L-. Either the adjectival form used as or the QuiLiiT sr.) jjfT tsar's: ek. 70. learning no le. aimed at.LESSON [Poet. ^iuiej(^ (. a butt red. aiSSTZsriEisifliLi very black . of that I wept. ^(i^sQ(nj'&r.^ ).56. a demon. green. sg)i^^. to be smDu^. 2d case — 1. 224. Qudj.] Qpd^Qasr.) a butt why has't (thou) left ? O Godhead!" I + eraJr&jT = QuiudQaesrSssr. &(sisresr(^ &^^^ s&yrssrta QpsQpmefTSiJ&sr Q^djQeiJtour? ^ssresrih ^evflQuj etrndj ^(f^i^ ^LuiaSl^^err.^-a= u Qudjs _ __ _ . sand. ^euear enrrn He goes about without fault in not thinking of it. (ft. II. nothins:. Exercise 69. e. LD(sm<k). Why does the boy go about.d-^LD (76.

(1. II. Prdk).) Qpeir and fore-time and the after-time. That green in the fields. __ — . (62. in place or time. QpmicS® (68. '^P® (from (5. (aU(T^ih (5T63r s^pjBi—^ ^nemi^esr iSliosrQissr liiaseir (sr&)6\)iT(T^ih e^inQ^iassir (com. 226. protect. after. For (2. J in the formation of tSsar. 71.] Qpasr lSsst GffuuQ puis). iSdi(^Q&). iSeir (3. are also used.) stand tSdre^®. (a-) ^prBQ<50 ("136.) imitate. QposTLf.) f 225. i^asrssrir iSpuir® ( uit® = a state. Exercise 70. Qpeir:o!irQLi>.) S. in place or time. form compounds thus: Here sbt becomes poetical. has a very ? The demon's all face was jet black She went alone in the desert.). Qpih^ (7. after. (68. before. (ipjbsir<o<:)LD. Qp<a!rimLD. before.) surB^n&sr. The corn Lesson Qpear. and he had great broad shoulders. ^(r^LDiSlsij iB^aiTSGtr. (62. QpdrsSeo^.) Qpm. after.) are used for go before. generally relating to time.LESSON 71. of these the verb.) iSissrupgji.) EXERCISE 70. Thus. (T^ffljr(6B)«. ^«.) put before. emphatic sometimes with ^'L and vulgar. (See vocabulary 84. iSdr. (tpesresrp. compounds of very | Both these words are used innumerable common and Lidiomatic use. (b. Qeonrreir Quir(56r iSljburrQ.) and tS/h^ are idiomatically and come employed. He little dog. SmLj. ''QeyerrefTLD Qp(osrQe!!r ^"Ssm- Qupu. QeuemQu). and Qpeki^Qeo. poetical. draw back.) tSeirQear. follow after. part. iSii^^ (56. i§ [Prov. (4. the be- p before <s. are used in composition with many verbs. Must cow is I languish alone entirely red.) Qpm are used also Q-parQasr. Qpk^nQ^. iSdrQissr is used for moreover. ^(Su^s^Lj urr®.) put i^m<Si]iTi5j@.) (6. ^sum" Qpm^<i(^ (susrLDmLL-rT&sr. iSj^sireou).j. Q^iu / !BrT(osr Qpi^u iSk^suffeonuD. The verbs Qpisi and Qpek and lSsjt . (70. Li0<3i^m- Qfimss)iih Qucssrsrr^ iSlesr^mfTSLJ QunQjD Qurr(Lp^ LfliS3r(S3)G'6i) LDpQ(nj'(r^6>j(Ssr ^euirs&r ti)(S3r(CT)(?60 ^/dejQ i3p ^(Sjits&t <suQ^Qp^p(g Qpm'Qesr.^^ QurrSlQpesr. Qpeirzsrir. A is very quite black cloud hid the sun.

LESSON 72. be high). i^. QuirQeo. Thus Qi 3= ill ^ !T <so Quijiso = as if one should do. as if (he) would do. (131. totter. being pronounced in a very hurried way so They are probably. part. ^Q^ssiLXj. the are in use. seize (56. I. i—dr. <£idsi). ^ — .) Sometimes Quires. after. -€'^^^^2>- Lesson 72. ir'hmT ) . manner. The criminal stood There were upright judges both before and the judge. Quirsa^. 56. Of Qurreo.). may be put for the ace. The forms G)<3=iijQ(7i^uQuiTQicO and Q^iu^iruQurrQe^ = as soon as (you) very common use. @lBl^.) The brother went before and the sister came garden before the rain comes . precious (i^8so. Q3=iLiLjLDrruQuiT<so.) many other such particulars are used. will be (sentences before speechless before after him. sfl& S-tuirk^. fut. and signify like.) do or did.LB QS. [HI-]) resemble.) euszsrm^ek. Dig your no time. costly. a barber. a0&) eypuQiupp. obtain. for afterwards there Afterwards I heard them say so. be like.) = like the doing. __ . to the subjunctive (4. iSi^seo. III. . a bubble on the water.). a pearl. corrupas to sound like Qs^iiQifuuQ&i and Q^uj^iruuQeo.®ds&). parrot. Qp^ei. VocAB. ^L-. (3. the nom. ^lL(B (56. ^. Com. I knew this before. which also frequently occurs. (1. a luhhle. AS. manner). I.). a jewel. ^(Wjeuiajfu/rsjir. the root 3d neut. are in ^ ( Q3=ujixjLD. as. III.) er may be added. the infin. (II. a washerman. a gem. QuiTsa (56. §jn^^ ©jn^^eardaeo. a body (s^i—ldlj ). Quirio. iirs(g. All these govern the 2d case. fashion. 228. Qurreo).)) esril). Quire^Qeu. which has obtained. is a correct form (5. Quit^Qld. a hone ( Loir^iff. a potter's stone. a. (mnjesidr.) (2. ^e^eii (56. 56. Look well both before and behind. They are often added to the verbal noun in s^i Qs^ujQpgjQuireo (87. Qiupp. and the past rel. grow feeble. Qujpi. Quirdsrp (rarely) In the higher dialect Pope's III Gram. to sharpen. price. 109.) ^^u^io. Qufmo. (b. tions of Qa=tuQp Qurreo^Wke the way of doing (^ in old Tamil means. wa?/. Quireo are added in ^&) 95. Quireo. a potter. <9= '" beat clothes on a stone. II. (131.). iSl^. ^miT (56.jijldulcostliness. ejp. But as in other examples. very valuable (suiuir. Compare the context and after). to ascend. 227.

(^lusiKsur iSis^seo'^bsoLJ (o(a/j2/ Qua &)<sijLD. (a. eS'^^ou^Luirk^ ^<5srs seo'^u Quneou L3n-sn&^^^.EXERCISE 71. IIT. of @.^juuu^ ^^julSlu^ Qurreo Q^n (SsrguQp^.(S3r Loi^ifl eri^^ Q^s^^^^iij Q(5ai—uu^ iSlseiiLD s 6B losfl saiu LI QumsoQsu ^dssvfl "•!E&ie\)na <opQ^Qj(^s(^ff Q-fiu^ S-USfTiTEJ aiso(DLD6\) ^^sQissrpQ^.S i—isiD^Qiu Qs^rreog0!EJ Qeifl^uneO (8effl6S)UJuQurr6\)).)] touch = having touched. In fashion that garment is like the mother's. Qsii^i LD!r^ifliuns3= Ssaru QuiT^ih ^jrfl^. (siSlQeysQpsirsfr J)/ Qs=iu^ QsmssarQ smh^irfis&r&. II. but not elegant. ) = having laid hold of. ^esi^u upjSiii Qu@l(ec\iT. as he is.) into "^fTLu ^iQ^i^m iS&r'Sisir ^mnk^np Qunen {&) before u p) sTSuisSli—^^Lo Sit ^Q^i^'i> iBrriosr fi&rrriBffa iSesrQjDssr. of upgn. So in this case also you may judge. I suffered much from that. Qufftso or Qiuujifjea (7th case of Quir or QuuiT. sjag^^u Qunp ^ir enpi (b ) Is there any one like him ? As you sent me so I will send him. It would be hard to find a man as sensible as the shop-keeper\)'2eoLj Qurreosiiu).''^ QslL ^^. (II. up<Si is correct. 263. Qasnuir ptpasr^j QLJriK<i(^Gh'Q<s{r ei'ssarfGmjissr ^(sasudSp S60'2eou Qurreo sjju). J)il® (from 68.) point out bi/ a sigji= having pointed out. regarding. 230. N he spoke about that affair. up^ is tlie adverb. part. in shape like the moon. ^' u) lL I— (oir ^LL(Sld. In colour it is like saffron. @iB^si is the adverb. 128 . Loppeuns^bsfTU QunsO <5T(Ssr'2esr S'SssrdsirQ^ ('for S'^sstluit ^ib^s= ffmL Q^)! S^^lujLD ep(nsrr6l6\)eOfT^ i§nd(^L6lL^ Qurresr/D ^-i—&). LESSON 73. sengers came to fetch him. part. Lesson 73.i? {^Q. the use of Q^inL® be a mere foreign idiom. y gj(B. touching. In very common talk. about. part. 229.nameJ — about. Is a black rock equal in value to a precious stone ? Are there any counsellors as valuable as these ? Youth is like a It would be very hard to find a friend as faithful bubble on the water. Q^itlL® is the adverb.) is used in the same way =5y®n^ ^lL® Qeti(^ u!T(BuL-Qi—m. Exercise 71. ^enifi^ Q6bitlL(Blj Qu&Q)It. of Q^ir® \_oQ. These are used appears to for concerning. lay hold of (56. Suddenly the mesDon't think of him as of others. @^^^ is correct and elegant.

^ Qsrrs^ULD =gy^« {. .) I have inquired concerning village a long time. (^s^uld. Gi. <SiJuSlpg)]u (suqr^^^u u®Q(r)^(our' s6\)<2Sl<su)UJU un /Sis . f ^sn&sr rather QiBiTsSl stiff. of ufrir. a hindrance QuiTiBs.) ^<Sij'2esTLJ urrir^^: ^safKoLDso ^uul^3= Qg^iLvunQ^ (sim ^0 ^L-'2esrd ^/Sl^^ff Qunifls. The man is very much troubled about the means of subsistence. qr^m. u/rL-(Bd(^ = on account of. a wedding.m. Qernsm® (56. . 231. Qpsnk^n^sa^u LDmLi^nlrsen'' ujhf9^ ^(SJs&fli—^^isO euQFjsunasQefr ^60eorTLD&} SriJoLDn' eusr (b. you before all He talked about the about it. A learned man about the king a loorh cvinpoied. is He said thus to hivi. = having ^juui^^r These are used as equivalent to to in such sentences as. I told it.) Q. 184. of QtBfra(^. What affairs of the will you talk about to the mother ? It is said concerning this in the 3d chapter.a=tTm(eT)m. but common. ff^^^^(^QeO LDa^^jnh might be used. (rt.{V&xs.) = having looked seen. . desire. ((^/B^dQs® also used). (Here s^s-^^fsm^as^rQ^^ ^(Suj. without reason.) ^eu^L—Qear (^ (This is not very good.) much. part.- . adj. ufTLLQd(^ epQ^ ffl9ei)'2sv)J. • (Ihis . idle. urr®. He has composed a poem about the king. 232. ^uiLDtr. a aajTzi). disgrace (Sgii + etatD.< 2. « tar. at. part. seek for. part. II.rr. participles are often for particles. cause. QfsirdQ verb. 77. The teacher said to him. ^t—. ^^ Tamil The verb. &^<oS)ld. III.S^j^-s'] asm®. (This (This • is ijeu^u unir^gj ^ljul^-3= Qi 6= it m (es^m . learn this lesson carefully.sear an® ULLQt—(ssr.) n r^ ^ ^uuL^^ ^uuLp. see (56.) recommendation.^ than either of the preceding..) uirrr^g] verb. fool..) weight. He has some end in view in coming to you.EXERCISE 72. look at (56. This requires much Comp. ^i^ Frrs^rr ^<ssr iSlerr'Ssfrssfr uu^uunLDeO ^L-ffeewfriu ^)(f^dQjX)<oS)^d i§ Q^!tQl. VocAB.Qs^LU^n&r.) elegantly and idiomatically used in attention. II.^id s'S^ajnemr^OD^s (^rSl^^a ai—(SjTULLQi^<ok- ^^)' c^ffly'2s5r ^^smLnu ut-LQi^m (^^^jjld is used here for (^fB @l1®c5 strrfliLiLO Greosonuo (^i^SLDmLu QufTcii <sSIlLl—^.sBeSitirrsmu). Q&j(^ eSls^esr^ ^ijQs QuniL skssi^s (^fSl^^u Qu^sn-euniL ? uiuuui—eo ^sn^.^ ^ Q&=ir3sr(^esr. What are the villagers saying about that matter ? He addressed the king and his counsellors concerning the affairs of the country. is (g/j^sio.' ^eiKssrli—fipl'oO colloquial.s=rmBr(mesr.:^Q&iiT®^^(T0sr. is better . Exercise 72.

2srr uxssnJoi ir^ ^HLDfTUj Qun(irj'LDed ^(f^sQp^ (-^^ redundant). Qut(^i1) Qun^ [106. se^/sjQ S. un<sj(W^ turTSUQKih ^aQ'2ssr ^sai—eunir __ _ _ . case is ellipsis of a-errsrro/sJr (133. 235. GiiBrrekru^.) s=!rui3i^L—frn'a(sir. <ST(T^ srT&) ^L^rSI.) in the evening (5. a foreign country (Sans. fEmtja) U(as)& ^eoeon^ Qsu&r QeiT^memud QsemsSd.) a-^ifls'etsr'zsr srmemnJa (132.) sem^^ih Sl/i^iu Qpd(^LD ^<sd with weeping eyes he stood.) euQFfLD ^irSsoiLjtl) of apposition. one day in a Brdh7nan's house they both ate their ribs were well lined. [Here ^« with the nom. Lesson 74. (Gi<si}<sir. VocAB. ^(Z/ = ^«.] lived prosperously.£srrsij (56. go to him again (1st ^i—U> for (3.) ^^/f^tsbt. a lame man.. Q^3=iTi3. SCf" Ellipsis first is the key to almost every Tamil to the idiom. EXERCISE 73.LESSON 74.).) ^(5 /E/rsff epof) iSfTfTLDemireir <^lLls.) ertsarueuiTsefr ^dssr LDfrSsOLLjih isirmiV) Qsu^ld ep^rr^ ^i^essrir (127. Q^S'mh^jTix) QufT(^esr .] ^i—ffi (56. for 7th the 4 and 2d. is an ellipsis ofserr. stumble. there was a king called Su-darisanan (good-aspect).) ^QiBsrEirefririu eurr^ii^QsiressrL^Q^/s^rriTs&r. Q (su eir Q eir^ im lj white).) after the used for the 3d case in gs©. The (1. Exercise 13.) Quiri^m. snatch at. (An example (4.] is an (6. com. [Here there 234.<s!rQr^Qsr. or there nom.) ^iT^m (B^q^susst (172. Q. they many days.) case often stands for the other cases (50. Examples illustrating the idiomatic use of the 1st case. Qg=dj^ ^em^u unn^^ QuQ(^<sisr. si^s^^iu. II. wit(^ is used adverbially.) town (1st for 4th).] u& ^irmnio. 184. a.) u^Qu. (sSlQpii^^ •S^lsQ^nSl^^OS^ J}j<SaL—Qjr)^. \_LSlrrirLD(smeir is 6th case. trip. (Nom.] ^rrsih srQ^^^ ^saaressf/T (^is^isu QufTi^(^. II. recite Vedas the morning and (136. ueoeoems^ff^Lo [100.) moisture. ^ir^(T^LD QfUQ^UL^LD UfTmLj(d^ is S^tfl. for 7th: uLLi—emQLD (193. he went (2.) ^(ws (50.).) in Those Brahmans who do not are all chaff. uea<3=.&) ^ Qf^eu q^iI: eflsv/ruL/^ii) (sS'/e/<ScF till (168. for (7.) ^(ThLDiS ^(EiKzir ^i—LD Quit. a well-picked hone. (2. snivelling and confounded.rnh. 233.)] epQ^ wnen- ^i^ Qmnessn^ ^uSpgu[123.

) . III. in which the real sufRx is probably n. an axe. II. ^j(Sij'2issr ^Q^LonQ^ eiehrgti Qs=fT6brQ(osnoir.) 236.) ^eiidosr (2. Examples illustrating the idiomatic use of the 2d case. Bopp.) became S. urrip + ^ld + lit. and final and lengthened into e in Mai. Tamil people often pronounce ^ojajr ave').).) Comp.<S(g QQfBsm u sm <smfl s ^<st03=LJ Qsr[(3!r(emSlQp(Ssr. ^oajS^aSur srsBrgj.3= C?ggg)." grammatical division of nouns into 1. ^^' sQsfT LfrrsikrQ QunQp^." and other things "low caste. indicate rational beings: S-HJiT^hmr. 8(wsii and ^ elided. it is (the The origin of the Tamil suffix s seems to be this the nasal was dropt (retained in Can. an old ivell. technical words for the mppesieus (The those which — In Telugu In Malayalim e. crookedness. (18. (as ^Sso is the Tamil for the Canarese tala. baldness.Jiji-f-. sfTLD&) [BfTuSasr <sun'?e\)s <STiJu^su'2esr Qibit (^ssmdQsQdseOfTLDrT? u&) /^2ls37«« QsuGsari—nu:). enssrssTQinn tilsrrSsvr sn'bso Q. Exercise 74238. nu or ni. [The sign of the 2d case in Tamil is s. @^ fBrriosr sitQ QsuiLQfSJ QsriL-neS. OLDtnLemi— make bald (strike bald. and in all the languages of the Indo-European family m or n are for the most part found in the accusative. ^ULJUjL<f Qg^rr&ieO&nrQLnn? <5j(kis(^s(^ ^(Tj^ssbri—Slsarii/a) ^&} eontop stTUun/bp Qsuem&ii. (For sai^sg (50. (1. EXERCISE 74. (^tEm<s(^.-?rT6ssrQQ/D^(ipi^w<3Si sji^fis^ ®ihs^(sm^. In ancient Canarese it is am. saken.) dstrJ: — urrs^iriEjGiseir^ ^^iU!rLDeS(W)fB^rreir. QLDinL<mi^.)) it (3. (it. LJirip (allied to ueaLpiu) forQfEtressr® decayed. QC® (56. uiTLprsj Qesargii.) draw near.LESSON 75.) ^ea^u mere pretence (4. Lesson 75. 2. In modern Canarese a or annu. gtsSI eucerr ejosr'^ssr Q^iremi—s ssmQi—6sr.)). Qstrt—ireS. QsnwLj^ uiLL-neo QLL(£lLDn (not Q^'^sst^? ^LD<ss)U Qf^rrsseOiTLDiT '^ Qs^^ld ^Q^ih LSI(^ih^ epQ^ urrt^iwQsmjbetDjD @^6^^ ^}(7^dQpQ^(5sr^ smL.) QLomLsmL— ^i^^^ireir. he lame.(es)SST. that it tvasj. meiLeiarrLjQufr'lj-3' Q^irm^freir. j^jemi—eS^^fTir- ^rrrrs=6sr s&)sdsrTfr(5S)fT3= Qonps^ s=fr'?e\}(ssnu (Two accusatives. VocAB.isf. (56. . 149. he did not know that was ^-lUiT^'SssBr (oVasTga LDSuSt^eaiT'F Qd=freir/miT . he calls men "high caste. eSlGfraQs er<5br'2stsr Qsneisris^Q^ii^rrasT.] : ^ 237. irrational beings: ^oo^'Ssm (29. he went to the town. ^uutsf. he shaved him bare. Qa=n-(sir(miT.

) ^sj?ksr ^^QiuirL—i^LDir&s QsL-(Bd Qarrm (StKiiiseifr. since.ji<SdQ^<!^. the palace servant- ^'rrismLD'HsiT QtsuSsodarrrfl ^dTLiQ^!SL^Q(e^(Sl maid told her husband.LESSON 76. since these two are both [uif + . this His mouth-word by means of indeed (11. You hiding one a whole melon with rice like.) (5. Therefore.'] (mm. Sluit! er'mQ(^Qi— «^i_^ me my (4. he coughed when I (9.^^ (often written uL^uSl(e^eo.) to ereeTLiQ^Sip^Sssr and brought the rice in the leaf. Qi^-ir zsreorrQso Q^qesrisiilj ufrir^^^dOsfrsm® SeirQr^m.) ^£udr enrriudQ'S^rreo^d Qsit<ss^Ql. LcmrQuiri—haaJ:^ Qp^^m Qa!r®^^n<m.^€Sifi er®^^ Sir. deceit to make to right (is) opposed thvs he reproved.) I have known. Examples of the 3d 239. ^ensSnKBJiTSi^ s^QiT muLDnruSlQhdSp uL^uireo. she ran with haste (3. she stood looking out of the luindow. unite eiii ^iTim.) told him not. The = particles connected with the regular terminations of the together icith. urrQffOir(B Q^eir s'SOii^QF^sQpgj. (10. sonQeO iSlseijih Quq^^^s QsnQg^^ ^k^s smLtsf-QeO ^iflk^ QsrresuT _ _ . I stabbed him. case. of one shape. (2. Q^g^ir&a Qeuskr^LD. there is honey mixed with the milk. Lesson 76.) ^euek ^aQsr^^Qeo ept^ ^SsoQiuitQl— ^i^^ fftrs.) to the end. Q-Fn'dr^eir. the child and kissed (6.) husband.^ssd^ . Exercise 75. uL^uS(e^Qs^ ) = by the step that. 3d case are £-i_air Qsrrem® = by means one of. EXERCISE 75. he embraced ^ih^u SlefrSsiremiu it. hear him from the beginning (7.

) of the 4th or Dative case. there are.) other. a son who imparls pre- and future bliss. woman for acash bought some fish and bringing it kept o-s. (I. {^^<Sii^sQs<asr£it Q&irQ^Q^ost 157.).) UJIT^S(^LD UITdsSrA(^LD ^iBiUSTlLu QuiTuSi^^ ( QUIT<S'». The particles connected with the 4th case are: ^s = for to (vulg.) ^euiT£B(st^d(^ to tBiT'sk Q^rreiris'r^n'sd: Q 3= to ir eo (SO Q en em L^m [you them I as having said say which must as it follows. ~T33 . he alighted a kutham (6. 270. liiQ it (in the house). QpedLDiT& —for the sake of.'^ fell You must them from me that. (1.) Qp<siiQF)LD(a>Jii^ s Q s QST s d IS tu u it.3. form. ^LDetBLodQiLD LD^<sisiu>d(^(Q sent s IT® &Qp i-j^Pffesr.) (II. a long day has It is a long time since I saw your father and mother. 82.] unQeOnQ ssoi^ ifr uneo ^Qch sj'soeon^ lijrmufSpihQ^tflujiT^.) (III.LESSON / / In gross darkuess [and] in thick rain. (5. ^c.) [ijour that town.) came and disputed about each claiming a certain G^(5^^ ^0«/r«a(g tSek eumsiSl euissi etosy^^/rsrr. e£l oj rr (. ^<safi -€^^^^&Lesson 77. Examples 242.) The elephant and the pot are equivalent (in the account): Put one against the (2. croaking frogs like.) ^i^u u iLi—icm^ gj d (^s from £_£3rs/r(ii/r®D/niyiD arr^suL^ ^^rr^^Qeo ^piki@(^ir. ^(TF^sQeisTjDssr. mother and your father I having seen..) SlS^^ldit^s. (5. ^Zmr s^esaririre: fft^s^ira^irso ^frsaih ^tli_irsu itself which does not understand if you engage in. ^-tzir^suUiemsiyiiTiLjLD fBfreirs&ssr® QfE®/E!r<cJr ^uSh^. I gave saying him. disijutations l^i—iT for ^i—Hii^ a poet.) OTfiJrjj.'] (7. UL-L-iriTsm three persons (4. IS elapsed. that which will result (is) wliat: — (163) ueJIuu Q^eiresr ?" by means of science. eraird^ to ^Q^'-'ff' me twenty S-<s!!r ua-d&eir cows Qsdrgii if.

EXERCISE 76. frequent in Tamil. and in the Thus IN-TO. (str.) <c&^^ snQF^Qp^ &c.) eTa!rd(^d QanuiJo euk^g] ^e!!rd(^ f^uui^fi Q^ffltLjih ? ^«^(5 (SKSsrear Q^ujuj&)rri}). ^L^asu^ vulg. gj en isiafr.^u^sQi^saQ^^nLD.) ^euisir he they said. wiTH-iN. ^ireissr®d(^il> Qurflius^essrioS)!— eS'Serris.) Exercise 76. gi.) <£L-(B<s(^sirQ(sir ^(w. prepositions. __ . whence s^rfiiueuek. ^iretnh." not here" "(lie is) (10. she.) (56. ^<sij^s(^ LurrQ^ir^ ssu ^(aijrfeSl&}'^. (8. Q(SLierfld(^ iBe\}&)Qs. (11. a leguminous plant. he is within the house. . VoCAB. (131. to a step. c. agree with or. ^esun—euQKeiai—UJ (sijn'd(^d(^ (oT^rr (SijrrsQun^. "^lijQa^ed^. peas ^euffLn uq^ulj. he gave.s@((rfa!r. ^Lf-) uq^ulj. III. dialects. ^swear <5i(ssr<ssr Qs^ihajeorruD? (for 4th. "ereinSeti^ sriaQs" "where is my chihl" ereir^Qai-Li—s.) Qu(Thd(^ to ep&i uite QeuirnK one QsLDLjiiir vessel oj' water Qair(Blds to (jive 0<9=rrdT(m<sir. (9.eirQeir a sign of the This accumulation of inflexional particles other S. @ is the siga of the 4th case. scholar and to the thief according to the law punishment he awarded. &c.eir0'iTS6iT. possession.^. to whom or which (it) belongs.) ^si/sjr Osus/Tfiflcsr ^rreSuj^ciD^ he which had grasped the wealth <cSi^gi<S!jrr_^a(^ to the eiJtT[kiQsQsn'®^^s. it. Qs^nii^^ (^L-s^ elegantly for ^iu.] S-z/JewLD. governing a dative of the thing possessed. having taken. to which is is added ^-. tach he commanded.jai^stm. combine two 244. he. possession. ( .n)(^ to the askiiiy. sg. Ind. — e_/fl.^^&)). time in music. [Here 7th. often (one time to a step. Q<aij'Serrd(^ (Qsa'^dsiTuSQeo) euetreij ^eunili U(T^ljlj (GS)^ ld <siiej(^iJo ^suui—(oSI&)'?e\)- erdi Q^rT<ss)s<i(^ su n la OTSsrSsjyr ^^^rresr <5i(3aTS(^3= Qs^eoei^at^ dojesar ®ii).

hita + auita.(SiiiTa<oftlQ&) ''' LfQ^eL^isir turrir srsarjj/ Qstl. and ^QF.) . ^^'c^Qf)ii^ (^rriEJI^se^eo (2. a monkey.i^ lifflQeo Q<3=£U6iBiauujfriLd OF that water 'SsQpeSdQ. Of these two thy husband which?" he asked. urr^<3=Q3=^ (Half the mud 7iot You have your feet from half cleaned your feet of the mud. Examples of the 5th 245. evil. charge. ^-dr [is] ^iSI^^ld even QurrssSev^. (4.siremQc—'Ziir. eiisreir npeiam the coming. proper and improper).) (3. (^hiek^.. = having been in the place of LDrj^^asn'ffQsr s=ih^L^ ^/Bigi t^L-Lp. VocAB. (8. Of these (5. [106. (4. all the •] The owner of the tree hearing the noise came running from his house. and in the wealth of earthly good.ih^ used as the sign of 5th case)? (7. that place. ai^ih. (9.) deliver up to. ^^itQ^ld (S.) ^(S»isi.) the best is he who resembles whic/i ? eun'<S!rQp(ss>piUfr. Lesson 78. spuiS.j^jjSis^ LDrr^^&i @)piij@ enih^irm.s ^eurrsurriTam each one's sw^uSsS^/h^ from the LDmhuLpili the sums (In order SUSmSS the Q^ffflLfLD.] (samg)s. a livelihood. (1. and the sign of the inc. Lit. rightly. ^enmili.) ^eueSQf. order). has not gone.«eif)Ca) srim^uQu/rffO ^(msQizirfisueir S-^^^. is hand mango-fruit which came way plain. right good and and wrong. . scolding way.) one of the monkeys that were in S-csrsireSQeo it. the uses of 246. III. [/] have found out in order the (6. well. Those from me = is eTcirssrii^(rEi^. uiT^uSl(e^Q€0 with the half aireoaSoirff^ ^. [Here the sign of the 7th ease 5th case.eSnK'h^ ^^lLl^s QairmsrQi— eai^ euQFjesi&ujieo ^Q^L^ek ^ism^ .) aikiwuQun'(V)em^tQ Q'a=i<)<siiuQun'QF)<str\^ia (^<s6>puSle\)eorr^<suiT^ who abound in the wealth of learning.) 6rdr(oijni—^^eS(T^. He asked some of those who came with lam how it was. (56.^iijQ(if)iffi luirrrfreiigj way in which the mango-fruit passed from hand to hand.) case. (siiff&) Q^eueaQiiuiriLi for Q<9=ui<oiaLDajmLi. [Obs. Qpeap. used as a nouu. in order. (™y) fo^t well I washed.L—rfek. suq^Q/dQuit ^-msrL—ir? Is any one coming from that place (^Ej(^.LESSON 78. The thief hearing him came down from the tree.) put between the root.

] [36 . Even here perhaps Qurreki^eoirQuj (^i—ld would be better " a — vessel made of gold.EXERCISE 77.(B. whose is it? [The form dialect. You must not come without (your J father's consent. [_LDnui + siTfjasr — ^^gi being inserted. Lesson 79. 50. hSlL®^ Q^iTL-L-^g] (sulSiuits (Stirk^irasr. of the 6th case in the higher (4. the nouns sff® and Q^niLi—LD (T) ' I "^. lurr/r^ is poetical.] ^gj being a term.) rBLDQpi— (for rsiM(Lp<ES)i~. 18. LDtT^^dsirrresr.uj ) our (5. i^!Tridsr. (1." or the oblique form of the 6th case. This is a very common and at the same time elegant Corap. 18. Loisssrem^ldr QuirdreSosr (^i—ld 2_gio£_/E^/yb srsiir ^(^ixj (^i—ld 2_s!Di_/E ^dsrre\} ^(^ld ? When broken — what the vessel of gold is broken is it? — it is gold. Giun'(asr Comp.) [vulgar]. or luirugj). Comp." 130.] (3. Examples of the 6th 248. he came by the waij of his house garden. 131.) iuiTusJ er&r(Trfdr (for tuirQhioiai—iusj. <| ' j r* This has ^6^°S prepared for its reception according to 18. LESSON 79. * . f ^^^ <? • Ellipsis of the casal sign. Exercise 77. tree. This form is too much used by Europeans. Inform. 18. is Here also there (2.) an ellipsis of the sign. the owner of the the particle the house-holder. been termed the "oblique case. When the vessel of earth is [^dr used for the sign of the 6th case.) fi<^ case.

) /B®aat—eSeo ^sss.EXERCISE 78. case. Qpek before. em^ u^ir. a rcddy. [Qld&) (Comp.)] (7)) QLs>pQanm(&f). [ = in mid-ocean. (§)'^. a water-course. . 3:^ Some of these particles are prefixed to verbs to form compounds." this to use g^" It is very elegant and idiomatic in cases like an adjective participle instead of the 6th case. 225. overcome (obtain the higher Q^uuuf. QitlLl^. Slek after.) ^isii(mia(^ifliu (^<sm&)L-'SF<omisi.] 249. L-jpii side. (8. + Q&!r<sir(^. or locative ablative case. 190. syniLdsneo <s>j l£j (^QKOiDfTL^ QssfTfT^ ^nuj<su nnatoS)^ QsefTfT^ j)ji^ ^irfrffrT(sijS(^rfluj iDnLL&emtMiLjth ^^sfTjTQpu::. ^(SijiilS snifl Q^(SlQpos)^Quj Qurfl^ns lEl'bssTaseorTLDrr? ^euesr Qu(ssr^ fils^s^uS^^dQsfTsssTL-fTiJssfr.ressrLp-. the block-head afterwards support her loho sends his wife to her viothcr's house and does not is chaff. an obstinate felloiv.) efl^^a/ffisw" sp/D (70. ^emesi^iT (^i^ss ^ppisj* sGmn<s(^u uj(i^ Q-9^ibuLsnL£>eO ^sro/r Quni^m. Sip belotv. [Sip + UL^. LoesBssn- *'%£> Here the particle ^lo •^Ps) inserted instead of the sign of the 6th case: 108.] submit (sink to the lower place. ^'—^^'^•) 251. (III.) seoafl. arrffL).. ^'(vj^. 56. in the middle of the sea bone. place). + Si<^ + ^°°'' = ^ppEjaoDrr. may also be used.^ ^ulS) ldiuiejQsst ldit^lS. of 20 particles denoting Among these are J)a). In the higher dialect there are upwards place or position that may occupy the place of Qldgo above. ^Qr^Qen. ^•^^^^^ Lesson 80. LESSON 80. uunuj €^isf-p^' ^i^^ ^esaresaPir &<aLf. _ 56. near. " the learning which the scholar has learnt. Q:^£-rfluj is often used for the English Possess. which Thus: are in constant and familiar use. &<SiSeir. Exercise 78. a disciple. ^i—il>place(^i—^^&)) 2iXiA urrso part. srSSLDLj. The scholar's learning.(5sr.) J 37 . ^q^Qs. a pilot bewildered. her qualities and excellencies. (7. a caste of cultivators. [Pope's III Examples of the 7th. . (9. the river's bank. who has euniud lost his course. ^/sssrasi— QlLl—. VocAB. &-eir within. is j^^Q^^f^^ Gram. 250. Lit.sefr.

) of the 4th ca. if you strike be moved. he gave 4000 Pagodas hand I gave. I must be there to hear it. the translator ofthe Raniayanani. it caught all the snakes that were found in (2. this man's in (4. is also used. 6r<3!rQrfasr. passing by a tank cue eveuing. [@ (5. 64. spoke. 62.].LESSON 80.].) auL^iLiniLi ^fOT-a^ireiKossresit— ^Qf)S@p LSj^/rssfl Lj^^^ireSl ^(^s^^ld ^eueir <si(m QuirgjiM ^Q^sseo . These are all essentially nouns and remain so. not be near a king. Karaban was struck with the line.) Qufrg7<^Q&> £>Jjjfra^Td Qsa^^^rruk." it. (3>jQhiism<suSs\). "what can be on the tiny leaf of the banibu? Probably to-morrow morning the labourer Mill begin his work with the next line ofthe song. I. must eS(ipiiQ^sir. (3. in common. The man having then completed his number of buckets of water ceased at once his work and his song. as he drew his first bucket of water. Moral. however compounded.^sfr^.0 \_S-ek + iSlffQeuS. draio bach: [take the place behind. i3dsreiifTiEi(^ 68.)]. a deceitful minister though he be clever.) QpEiQeS&o Qlds)) The Bambu-leaf upon Will sleep the dew-water.) even the grinding stone (8. fBfreoiruSlsTil) er&>(o\)fnh t^L^^^gi. ^L^^^rreo mLDiS'i^Lh /f-s^ld.] [l9ot + added to _g)i_^^so.] (1.]. and the greatest master of Tamil Rythin. ^Mi before: [give the priority].'' said he. LjjDuu® {_Ljpi}) + u(B.) ^Lp-Qioeo ^ifStroke on stroke (jss(s 60. [Pope's III Gram. and said to himself. (9. heard a cultivator as he watered his field sing the line "On the leaf of the Bambii". set out: [experience the outer place.) ^qf^Qs ^sSisn^LOLUtTa (Of the When (7. 63.] ^li^u Q u sssr <5m Qf)@ &> He approached the ivoman msiffldr Q^s-ehga Qu&(^m. Qpekegn® [_(Lpm + ^(B. meaning place./r/s/@.) near he vjas coming near the village alone village alone. will be moved.* * There is a story worth telling connected with these lines.) ^susk ^Guek <ciasuSleo Q<xfr(B^Q^sir.) ^^Sn s(rmi— UfTLnmiU it.) ^enm&iTi^io I fell at his feet. (II. Kamban. in the coming. ^' I give." Accordingly with the dawn Kamban stood on the border of the tank and was rewarded by hearing the man. 2_ilt5jCffl. 56. and (6. enter in. — There is plenty of poetry and sentiment in the Tamil people if you can only get at Tss . chaunt the second line "Sleeps the little drop of dew.] asm.) S-L^Qear gj^s>s(SjSii—^^p(^u Qufriud Qs!r(BsQQp<zsr he immediately to the Muhammedan going. (10.

). Qunih sj<S5>^s QsL-i—^p<^. (is) with-the-ignorant-enjoyed wealth. e^L-i—irdr. ereh. it is evil (poet. away. seo (70. Each sentence is a formula.). to assert.) sfl®. Qsm—rff. — rape seed. learn. ^qF). <3^/r^ (56. III. a tender shoot. iL6\}rFl&) QppiB(^ei Qsni—rfl OsnemQ QeutLi^^ ^enewQiouem 2_z_s^a) ^ijSI(T^fEiseOi5 eSiff60<sm<3iis LDismrQfih^ (ST&retfleU STtsmQesariLjU).). ^^ulS he sent eSlL-i—(reir. maintain. Exercise 79. go g^ away = Qurnu (1. Yunr (2. 252. 6^iT ejrfld soDfrQiDQeo Qun(GS)asr. LESSON 81. &lc). 253.EXERCISE 79.s(^u house to (5. (£iL-t—gj. .) a rat has eaten up.) haivk has taken Quiriii aw at. Many of the chief difficulties in the language are connected with the peculiar use of this and the following verbs. ^^Quneo. ___ . Qpsf^QwQeo With-the-good-endured than poverty bad indeed.ff=Q<3=rTioar(^dir iBL^k^ (sui^nira&r^jresar® (two vessels full. ^-!^ ^Q^LDissiU iron OTsS ^sjrjj.] 254. eSiLi—^. (SurTiEjQesTiSijesr fEiresr 2_6ar emsaSQeo GjrriEiQ uem'essrldQsfTGm'i—nsar. ^^^Q^em^^Qic^ At that juncture ^suek he eaigj came Qun-iLi back. (SurriwQ. QpSsir.) UQ^isi eT®^^sQsir<cmT® having lifted up. i£lLLi—tr<ssr. epQ^eum u^^uuiraih ^^ldlj LDjr)Q(Tr^0 (o^SF^^/b(^iJ (?L//ruJ<F. prosperity. ^m(e^sj. ^susir ^m his (£lL®.) (SijrTEiQ<sisr^p uS&) Q&r&rnss ldstw ®ti). (III. poverty. Q^ldlj.). = leave. an axe: Qairt-nS. ^Q^Qjesfli—^^QeOeaGj^^^ Qso euQ^Gi^Eiaefr siSlih^ lSisstu suii^.) He ^eaiTs^ Them went off. Thus. [_'sm before tii becomes lL. odour (poet. A (4. It will be seen that where in English a preposition or adverb is required after a verb. [68. the Tamil often adds an auxiliary verb. i ^(ou&fli—^^so QtBiLi 6Bi—(5ur (observe the compound. inismui. eagjieaui.] Lesson Uses of the root afl® 81. (3.jy/5^ euLpjuuns QfuDL^ssfBeO fSssipuj [§ii Qan<smQ(Siijr. page 11.) f. VocAB. a brass vessel.

(4. ^n (sei it uj ir lu s S(smmr<sis)!T sSlLQ ^(w^sfreir. (8. (Mu). tspckuQdr ^uSrnh Nine-thousand esQH iBir&r eurrirsSssr ^'E/SU LS'Sfr&ira(^d Qsfr(B^^eS(B.) stood still. while he ivas hunting. 160. (17. ^QeSLLt^rTeir.) ^euGST ^i—&) u!Ti—&)a^io sn e\) &) su an .jtienssr siBffl. usmaiUfTefil (mL^etoiU Qs(BdsQ<aii<sm(SiLD. (11.t<o\)u uss^^Qeo qplLl-ld Qu!tl-l^qFjS it Qn QfBahULSQeo QuttlL® (^lLi—itost.LESSON 82. dance. ^suSssrd Qa(Bds6i)iTLi.Slesri^. __ _ . for a whole night incessant In the morning after the rain had ceased. <Sl-(BIu QumiSipsa [CJu/TcF*]. (15. It has got loose.) ^© [62.) he praised him and celebrated him. let it alone.) ^ireair tears in drops. hostile inhabitant feigning intiynacy (you) must destroy. having let out although (you) washed half the mud even has not gone. He accompanied them a little distance on their loay.\up sireo^^eo rain descended.) OTcnr QldQsc su^^^^ot^ <siirj <^il.sq£6Su-jL£> Ufr^^ Q'S^QrfLiS^Lh Quits A vessel-of-water whole.) Qssir QsfTL-u^ t:^L-L-gu.) ^6S)^ sSlL® @ISJ .. he is a very clever fellow in dancing and singing. ^(Siim esxsu^^sm'isu-zsr became a Vaishnavan (re- dundant). £50 Gia=uiu npap^ui e£lL-(Bd . e^LLt—ireir (6. ^®.'] Q<srrmiTi—fr^L(miT. he threw (14. I will paij up loth principal and interest. (12. give up.) (18. the scorpion stung them (redundant).) ®!IT^^iB aSi—ir LDesiipiuiTsu QuiLi^a Qsiresari^Q^i ^Si.) QsuL-eiai— ^®<cis>sijS&). He caused (16.) =gyji? trouble to come upon me. evL-L^xjia QaiT(B^gi w(BQQps!r. ^-p<sufrL^d Trans.] move. A jjfTL-Lf. he ivept.) (2. Lesson 61. as though he would take to look at it. ^tL®.) ^saeir ^sas^gj affrighted liiT iSckgii She (7.L—tT0sr. pagodas erioeoiril) to this child (10. he C'omp. Lesson 82. Uses of the root (1.) away into a fire which ivas kindled there. (3. lditlIi ^^d<s<^LLi— = this is the tree which he brought to be sawn [left to be]. shedding (13. ^euSosru Ljsipi^ (QsiT<5m®. 255.) (9.) (Lpfi£sili Loemip i^iLu.) ^eia^ euirEjQu uirrrsQjD^ it Qu.

) Qafreorri—d (^[jEia!T(Blil>. ^if ^ s^lL L^3i(^isfrQ(srr ssretmrih Quirt—iscnTLDa? Can you make a summerset yoti throio the bottom of a pot? (9. 256. I (8. put.LESSON 83. [Perhaps for QuiriL aflil®. he very urgent for vioney. He took off his ear-rings and put them in his own ears. for all who come you yourselves must provide board and all other expenses.) ^lLi—ld = a movement.) is ^UffirrB ^(BQpsi (gOT^^ffSesTLD.[T(BQ(nfm. Uses of the root Qua®.) ewffi ''Give QuniL.) [Compare also 106.M^SQj-m. you for ever go round about temples from the right. 5. on me he put guilt. enterprize. gjQ^rr. (7.) ^^p(3) /E/rsuQ*^<sfrenr.) amga QuiTL-i—gi. uism^gjds. and a singing cow (Yoii must adapt yourself to people's humour. he wrote off the news. (5.] . go round from the right side — (6. ei](r^QpeijiTS(^d itihsQefT (6. me your hand upon it. Lesson 83.]. ^uul^Qiu istas QumLQd Q.) ^LDtrs^irffLD er(ip^uQurrL-L-!mir.) (5. 190. He keeps trying go (^rna^frL-L-LDiruj. you must milk singing.® [vulg. that heifer has calved." said he. in go round the press in which oil-men grind the rape seed? £usi)u> this + SleotM = the wide land.] (1. measure what ^sir/B^Qufr®. (4.) eufrast^ojiT sr<sfi'efrir(B(Q Q-^seiaa euSsrriLi eunFih ernhgissiT Quirio. you throw! aS"® though (money) doors into (10. ufr(B3pLDfTLL(oSii—u uiri^d spaa QeuemQih. when is the stick dances. Qseoedmh s^iruurfQd Q^&:i(Sijld toppd Q<F€ve>is(Sf^LD QuiTL-(Bd Q<3=ujiu QeuemQw. ^eu^eiai—iu s®dasirsSstrs <sBLpp/6l^ ^ek arr^Qeo QuiriLQsQsnessn—nQsr. like a monkey. erek QldSo (2. [68. four or five off. ^/F^dB 8t—iTffl (3.(BsQsa(B srdr(rifdr. li&Sei)^ What [ /fioff will it profit though like bullocks that wide world. ^/errsflsb €uis^ m®QQp<!k. a dancing cow you must milk dancing.) (8. so he gave his hand upon it.) iSuii) Qua(SlQ(nf(sir.] ^p-SQ<so QumLi—tT^LD the river.) 171 will just put it' and be ivith you in an instant. (10.) ul^ QuinLi—tresr. eunn.Mi-!f-s ap&s C<mj<mr(Bil . the monkey dances. 9(5 O/e/t^ into that house. she calumniates.) ^(BQp LDiTil-<ciai— . the conduct of a liccntioits woman a disgrace to her family (7.i—ld .) ^(555^ cjy/E^ sS'Llifsb QuinL®<£iL®. there. ^susk ^/EiQs (Surra to ^u.) (9.

] ) euiruSleSQ^is^ (5. (zasuQeiJirnK (3.] (1. all his substance lost. he wasted his time in gaming. (4. (His excessive lust not bringing benefit went.) luirQi^irdsr^a Qu!ruSlpQ(nj it ^sb^ ld^ul^ Q3=siflAa Qeii<ss!sr(BLh.3=iT<ssr(e^m.) QufTssLf. Qs-djiueoaLci. [QQ-^ (1.jij^s ^<oB)^ uiudsTui—iTLDp QurraSpgii. (3. 257. they caused to be made (double causal. erecxsosTLD (2.) Qeu^seBQisi} ^(merr isiiirAt^u i3pd(^Ui. Qwrr^LD QuitQ(^ld. iSu^^^irdir. do as seems (4. iSl and efl [160. wc arc cheated. a voice was heard from the sky.) iBiLiirujir^u^s(^'f 3=ihQ^sili iSpigj to LD^(E!r<sir Sii!i4= Q. erssi<iSl(fF)dQp QQiS'Sbld Qurrsngi. 92. (5.) ^(a]^!ss>u.) ^<Siieiiid. QuirQTjSfT erffCicOmh ^eu^mi—oj unjustly was (8. iStpi^neo if the m. the judge began (2.) His excessive desire was utterly unproductive. every word that comes out of his (6. Uses of the root t5^. my friendship will not cease.) er'3=LDrr_^s(&) to ^euck QldQso ^^s ^3^QiiT<9=Lh Spi^gi.LESSONS 84. be born.(m'3= FiffQuirenruL^ er&imiTLD Q<s=uj. 85. ^siraj^peSlnKiB^ (^(T^/smrat^u i3pii^^. all the coivs in that herd died (went dead). every now and then a gracious word proceeds forth. (6. Lesson 84. and Qun-d(^.) an agreement SB0 ^^L-ekuLf-dstaaesiLUu tSljouLSeS^^-s Q<sir6SSFi—irn's<sir. Uses of the roots Qun. [58. £_s^irsy it. if any tiling be lost viust be acquired again. 142 . (7.] a causal transitive verb.aster^s order be forth coming (you) may do (7.) cSy/E^ Loiissy^LJ us^dseh ^ptssi QurruSesr.) is ^euesr ereirSssr Qldits^iI) QurraQt^dsr. from Quit).) era^LDirosr mouth false. 160.) doubt and told him to come to-morrow. (^^irQeu^eo Qurrnpsi QuiTsQ(es^cir. II.) ^eueir iSp&Qp is (suirir^en)^ ersoeoaih QuiriL. =syif = the step in which (he) went). the master took a great fancy him. he followed his track (Qufrd(^. Lesson 85. go. he cheated me (Qurrs(^ [56.) ^rSiumuLorrdju QuiruSlp^. 258.'u .) good to him.

also 32. (5. obtain. let that proposition alone: turn [Quit means verbs it leave.zpi^Qsn<5kri-^(iF)ifiasr.) Qsrruim Qsnemi—irir. QuinL(Bs he put on (himself). I awoke. be lost.) ^su'Ssa-uurrrr^gja QarremQ!—. ^Q^ii^rrek. he asked with much ^gjtsi&aniSl^LD. he had stored up. and so the vessel became too large. until now. Added to intransitive often gives the idea of completeness: euiTL^u QuiriSpga.) ^QEL-eini—u QuiTssL^A'S sflstr«(g ^Q^dQ/DgJ. 124. (13.LESSON 86.Q^/B^^. ^^dsrQLD&d ^ea<s^QaiT6!S^ u. Gi£Bir6Bsn—rr(zir. it is faded.) (8.s^/rsjrgjsw'.QasT QsL-(Bd Qsirmri—irdr. cease to be. those heifers were in milk. it is iSeoil) Quits ldjb/d mine (that land to go).) ^i^u to Qu<^SrU Q u rr something go. (9. look out. hanging down his head. depart. .) Q.) (3.) ^//B^ the rest is QurruSlpgu. he became angry. he assumed ^&{>^piEjQd Os/rsOT® s?i1ldit a shape like him.) ^^susir ^0n^<3= Q^s^iK^surgi np^eoQsirem® From the time he said that ( Qp^eoQsrrcsm® having (that) for a beginning = from that time). Uses of the root (1. QuirQiDfT? QpdQs or QuitQldit? I lose my tongue? my nose? (13. tsneii^giiG Qsrf<5mL<^Qf)iB^ir<^. (^2. Quiu^ Q'SBmpssny. 58. Qs^iuQ^ek. ^li^d ai—iriflmsir . (III. lL(B ih : QenQp Qu3=3iLj Qua-. There is a light to scatter the darkness. they were talking (among themselves). uiTiT^^d Q&ireir<oird Q.) (4. 259.) mi—rrLDemipiurrsu (12. it was raining incessantly.) (6. (14. ^^(ea)Q0O (s^I—ld QuiB^it su QurruSlp^ ereksn (^s^enek "/ did it ivkile looking at her. iB(^i^ <sii<5S!!rds^gjL-.) (9.) (2. destroyed. take to one's self [56. to voatch.rrsk. Q3=rresr(e^e3r.) ^isS Shall iBir&Qs. else. tSecih eresr^eai—iugj .) (7.) ^siim i§s^'cs>T Cu/r(SB)e3r. he told me to beware.] [Compare Lesson 86.) Q<xrr<ar(si^.'] ^SigJ (10." said the potter.3=irisoms Qsiremt—nm. he placed his desire tipon ^euSsmuQunQeo ^uiii Qisnemi—irm. (11. he was silent.).) respect. he has gone to sleep.] i^L^^gjs QsfTsmQi—ek. it. setting aside that land (11. (10.

)] (4.jjei) StpaugjiTjiswi— (iv ^<cis>!T(Sr.) . erek<ai^ aa^iiLD ! What is that (an interjection. [70.) see. j)/ace. Lesson 87. [Compare also 106. ^0« ^^uiS(smGsjiLjm. 88. although you allow fire to increase don't allow hatred to increase. ^•suir eSiSuiTSLD uessresSHQsirsmi—irir. "wc it ^ want a cow. 260.) ivill not suffice for a waist-string for the old gen- suu®ldit" (4.) Q •3^ lu ^a issr . (2. send him to cat [pro- bably a corruption of ^^uL/aSuyti the causal (160. __ .) ^eusmfT'ff' QQrEsih WoSsresfldQafrsrrQQJsk. don't be angry with me.) (3. (4.® GUQhihuuf.JtjLS- (oSiSiidsrrQ^.) ^(auir i^eurraLD u<smesifl(e^iT. [214. eTec!r(rij'iTseF.' (6.] ^iB^ (^enriEJs'Ssn-s asm® e^Q^ ^-t—ekuLf.LESSONS 87. and teas very poorly. the thread which the old lady spins tleman. he did it when I was not there to see (lit. he married (as a mini.3=dQiLD Quiresrs^LDUih^LDinu Qpsii il is like the man who stored up his wealth in sacks and yet went a begging. Uses of the root sirmr. QutrpQiUfT® eexsii^gid Qsrr<ckr® iSideia. I shall not tread his threshold. (3.] to him. (5.n^jiS(^s <siTims\^. 261. he got married.) ^euiTssSsird •s^irutStL. not seeing (}€uds^ Qurr.diS!as uemes^ie^iraerr. us^QsuemQii.) ®SB5^ ^QJiT emsuSlei) QatT®^gjd s<sm® Take that in your hand and go to visit him.) ^(75 LD/ieff>^^!—^^s(^Lj "QufriLt ^fSDi—iu'hsrs sem®. can be had?'' sTuuL^sssm® How can I find it? Si^uQuesr? [see [to semi—emi—Qrogj and take it. (2.) LDfTEiseonsDiUs eissaQisnism® ^ikiQa £uii^ir(sk.] (5.ster). he got a cold and fever. I will cultivate his friendship.) me he did it).) CTi^r QufffQffO QsfuiJD . ereirdssrd srr{m:)LD€0 Qsn<ss!!r®siirr! (7.])! €^^^^& Lesson 88. Taking in his hand the mango fruit lie came here. (6. (14.] tie vie erdr'SssTs sLLLp.) ^ihsaLDLUiTiT ^pQp . li [64. they went to the flock and said to the herdsman. (15.) 6»a/.) ^ lBiQ€= esieu^^fr^Lb uesys lB(Q<5= icis><aid&€i)iTsiTffi. up and go yourself (redundant). they made an agreement in which these particulars were included.) ^ei}mjjd(^ ^iodQjST6l^(ipLh s ir lu d' s^^ ih sessr® iSse^ih eunK^^uuLLt—mdr.193. Uses of the root (1. (1.jiieum' <^L-®d(m <s>aeud@p^eo8s!>.)] (16.

they agreed ix)2.) —) Qufr(es)iTseir.(oC. he is lying in wait a shot he has placed for him). 161. Harischandra. son of Trisangu who reigned over Oude. 262. 5M^er. Qlds. baldness.suSl(S0O ^<smi—^(S6i^s is!a<&j^^fnL(Bia]fr^d(^-F sfrsmesii—sstruj it.jijeuhr m(3u^^(iF)iQ(nfwr.). (8. ( u® with a noun. ( =gy^^@ ^suirseir S-L—QsiuLLL—sTiT&m.) Qseir^uuL-Qc—ein-. (12.) broken.) come abroad? <5B). QpL^ee)eijd^n'6\} Qeae^uuL—irQ^ir? If you cover that affair will it not (9. you shall suff'er twelve stripes.s<casd(^^ ^ljljld!t? ? Can the things which have got into the mortar escape the pestle (8. I heard it.) (6. if you preserve if you shave (11.-^L^ u® with whatis equivalent to a preposition. emu fBir(Bili.) s^U!TUj^^(mio erensomD eca<xisU'^uu®u>.) S ULL®aQisiTm.LESSON (7.) .) all viay be accomplished by _ [Compare also 92. (7. [56. stratagem. Idiomatic uses of root Lj®. ^LL€mi—0auj <oT®^^ QLD^m^uSl&) essu^^ir^LD Q^njsm/DeriU'^ Q.(11. ( etnsuS^&ai—iu eu-s^^^Qiso u®ld. ( u® with what we should call an adverb: ujpLD.) &as!j^^trs\) (mQiS.] __ .) (4.® ^-imL—ii^gj his head struck against the grinding stone (5.) ^ih^dstriBuj^ioisis.3=/be!o/D though ijou take a woodlouse and put it on a bed it will seek the rub- bish heap. like a hart caught in the toils he has fallen into the net of domestic felicity.) (3. { — \ am in your power.€s>i—.) iD^aroSsar eufrmQisiiesr^LD (Bu^uSeo w(wisi LDirdosruQurrio iSli^ui' i . (9. (10.] 'Teir. ^saek ^^ ^ldlSssSosSQiso and tv as ulL. to it.^u uiTHLDiT? To him who bears the globe in his hand and moves is a chunde fruit a great weight? (10. he keeps her (improperly). u® witli a verbal root = iSlL^dsuuLLt—inzk.) for him (lit.) S-jeSa) ^suuiLi—imeii &.nssr. the great king. Lf/ouuL-(Bu they set out. Lesson 89. he ran so that his heels touched his hinders.) s/rsvi^ iSIlLi—^^so u®ihuLf.) . &iciafr^^fr&) QLDiril. ^Qj^d(^ C)euL^esieii^^0dS(Tr^izir.) 89.uJtrs <EaL^(^asr. (^eiru UL-i— for ^easn (2.) it — it — a tuft.

LESSON 90. he made (them) turn back. [Here §ji^(B seems redundant or else = up: he locked This is very (^pprm 50. relation. he brought his son with him.) (7. he went in the QiEiftL-i— iiself. ^m (3. I will make that (11.) . fEp(^SiS!!rLh.] QuQF)Si]Lps@LL(B<s= Q3=rr<k>^SlpiTS<sir.^(75^ . you are making a great complaint of it.) iSimi^ 3k. tSi^ also is used idiomatically.) 6rs3Jr LDi(ms. ^sw^ (ipizkswLL(BdQsfrsm(B .) (Q/bit opposite. [68.) LDsSssr ^LL®evfB^freir. 168.) ^lL® = making.jijuuL^ eressremLD ^l-(Bs in While he was thus thinking mind. He common.<d'<3^60 (Sij ^tLi^frear. kin of my soul increase.' 74.'] (2. from s-gii. [Here (4.) up. a (10. locked it and came out. . relationship. unrruffQasr . luith one. a part G)sir&r(Sir to give of. thou.] Qsimmi^QFidetaauSi&:>.] it umjQL-(Bs Q s fr m (SIT lL(B LD .l-l^lL. he took his icife away. it [Here ^lL(B (5.) u.) = turning over. Lesson 90.^<si]rffi—^^&) QuaQeuissr. giving his thoughts. be. used for S-peiiear. let thevi divide among themselves. S-mpsaQa ! ^<^i(ff)piSi]nLD 87.(TF.) ^®.(B sB^eiaeuQpL^u QQ3eS\uSl&) siiih^irm. Uses of the root (1. ivhich '.] (9. (V)!5i!>pius (^emui QldsSl. Qufrt^/rssir.uSlQ(DO ep(i^ us? coiv a^em^tSu^^gi has picked np in flesh In my herd (Here a Clds^ ^L-Lf. O. his ^(aUiT . 263.) ^sjr Qu<5m'ff=ir^&auj ^LLQdQsirem® QuiT(^dsr. who possessest grace by my faults diminish. Not very common. (yi-^© it ®®.) . [Here ^^® is used for taking giving the hand to one.] used for S-psij.jijafrenix) ^lLl- eSil-L^iki sisstgstld ^L—eorrLDfr? Is it right to steal from a house where they have siqjplied us with food? (12. giving out. aiid good dispositions increase within me ! O God.) a pretext for going to him. (6.) shut the door. + @)® S-pp(Siiir possess.^iw. [CiDiJi) gssijrii). he made a great row. L^ em LU u up/Slu way that first presented (8.] LSsker^LL(Bu QuirQfLhuL^ Q^uj^rrm-. ^^iiLSjswsar.sQps^ and increased in size. he dreio back the foot that he had QpeinssntLL—afT^-du iSleirssnLL®^ advanced and turned back. gives the idea among themselves.

). eat (56.) sf-eumS. sar&sBeo sL-(Bmsn—<siieir she tvho ivas tied to a pillar. Uses of the root ^Q^eir.] — Lesson 92. (5. (4. he goes about distracted by his [&. In S-em® is added Com. and stammering wept. eniriu (^ip^Sl i^Sl-1—Q£SJ lips.' ersardtm sanh leo <a.' he ascended benignant to his seat. ")i0B<5^O. Qurr^rr The verb is Qun^Spgi but the [Here Qurr^rr SlasrQpm ^ iajQF)QQpsk.] -_ . part. verb. Qlbuj ^(BibjQ. There is (43. 264. (3.) (1.) QLhLDiT3=Q!r^^60 eS^^Qhi^Q^etfl (S^eBT . (56. ^-sbut.) (14. sir. he arose and seated himself on his throne. as ^eumS ^su/fcssrr spiSi^^QrjeSliuuL^Qiu tBi—i^Qsirism® my Lord shall please to direct I will conduct myself.). Qiairessri—nen-. (III. (62. don''t stoop after you've hit your head. or 2. he perform- ed penances praying for male issue. (6.) ^idr<oS(mui3L-^p/b(^ er(Lgi^((^eS\ie^n-.) (5.) Use of the root ir !sir . Com.] Grant mc this! ( Thus gra- ciously give coinviand. 133. she screavied aloud and a mere imitative word. Qua^arS'sir strictly poetical form. having eaten — p.) (2. . is used.] €€^^^& Lesson 91. iSekQpek = Quir^QQpm. (2.) ^uuL^a (SWffl <siLlJSs<t ^iLi-QF. (1./r«(^ ^^iswCa/essrOii).) (3. eat.) rB(BiaQ. 33. and trembling body. grant. this case it is used for the passive and so equivalent to the root.) <m>LD Will they eat poison QsmLQem® QufruSlpgji. you must grant me a favorable reply. npL-Qmsr® @ssfltu/rC^. 265.(^i}>! [68. . eSei^ui S-Gmu/rQufT? jijOp^LD S-<sssr@p iirr<^<eB)Q&} with the tongue that eats ambrosia? (4. [sS'/f. to ulL®.(skr® is either = 1.LESSONS 91. the ink is spilled.) Qpsisr. or 3. of s-essr.) desires.) us^H'B^i^n'QsrLD ^QF)<s!rQ'3ii(sisr®il> erckffi ^euiM uesjremlies^issr. III.) Q (SI L-.(B em L^n s they were cut down. (13. 92.£B/r(o20r® ^SsOLLjem® ^iBQqvqst. with trembling hand.

) ^ifii s&DL-eatus ^L^^gis Qaa<sisr®Qu!Tiu ^iLi—rriTsm.) ^eueustre^ ^rr^ruiLD a/SltULo t—fricir. (2. 94.) the feeling of a thing. a country which has not suffered.) eruuLp-iLju:) ibi—s>(^ld. rsi—dQp Qoidsi happen any how. (7. he causes me he knocks me about.) &)3!r@npsstrsL-®Lh ! rE!T^<ssrT&L-(BLh ^i^dQQrj'eir.^ giu Qun(B<Bi!Tm. hy his preaching he shuts the mouths of gainsay ers.gfppeo ^^ldQuh^ @erfl does not grow cool when heavy rain falls. which you are drawing water.msit^. ^L^dQ (4. to day! to to-morrow (mssr.) li eunnQp (m/SluLj. will not learn.) (4. or even twice. the picota toith an'rr<omL£i (3. the money expended in building that house (8. &g)i . Lesson 94. (Here . the sign of his coming.=SijL^ probably refers to the bullocks that draw the plough. saying. he showed the stripes he had suff'cred. ^rrem® eufruSlQicO y^rrrreufriu ^uf.) LD6tsS <sL-®Qp erekosr? Why the bell? ^ejr^ ^Ls^^^ ^LQ-ssiind aiTL^i^i^m. (9. Gresrgn ^S.j)i(ssi^ aS'® sil-L^esr is uemLb @jGsr<ssris^ Q. they robbed that bazaar. [25. ^/Ssi^. (64. shave these three persons bare aiid send them away. ^nem® s=rrio ^L^uQueisr. it jijL^sQpQurrgi (^fSjtr^. 267.) urreospi^ us-.dS(Tif:^. Lesson 93. omitted.) ^(BKssr (2. ®(SDdr QJQ^Qp Qa^. but when gentle showers fall. the ^-(cmsrirsii. an affair which is predestined will ^i^ . (5.^giuQuaL- all that rice and curry in two mouthfuls he QsiTsirdsir ate up. the day of his coming. he rides the horse.] (1. Uses of (1. beat. I will plough the land once. do you tie @jes)pdQp sTJapLD.) (7.) to (sa(msaQF)LD wander.) QiDinLemi— ^U)-^gi^ ^LD^dsTga ^L^iuiTS QuimiTiLjua ^rr^^ (£lL-Q<Eii<5m®Lh. So U-smnhSlp (9. OunhLDisisLp (5. 266. but uselessly again and again I cannot plough it. s-LDLOfr ldi—sQ ldi—sQ ^LQ.) rihLD. tu dance attendance ( ^dsoiu.) (6.) s^fTPO ^L^LjQuek.) tlie root ^if.) ^eueir i3rf'3^im@aQ/Dfip(^ npmQssr ^ftssld uesnTi^miDeo ^Lp. @^ao/ra»(L/<^ ^sufrrfi ^Lp.) (8.-o (3.LESSONS 93.) lEiT® UL^iLorgj.) not yet i5reir(emio . a cow in milk. ®(T5 (6. Some idiomatic uses of the relative and adverbial participles. ^/SQp knowledge of that.3=sceoi^SoSso. is [This quite idiomatic] _____ _ .

OsfrmsfrsSeoSsi)? Why did not you redeem (4. Idiomatic uses of the root ^(g.LESSONS 95.) ^sus'tr (mLp-^d^ear^ ^petaLo ^eoeorr^eueir erekgn . Ufr&) — gerund. 149 .) if li ^uuL^d Q^iLeurriLi ^(S^eo Qe^s^^triLi.Mssr ^-L—Qear it ^ism^^ ^QFUiSld was expired. fit.Q<3=iLi^iTuSnj^ done. (Qa=uj^!rs=3h).^Sl verb. (10. it is [Here Q. .] may (1. «z_ffl/svr 6r/E/@ii) ^Q^dQQiffr. it ought not to be.) ^(osrnp^eSio It is ^^S(^ = Q^&)Si}frQ/D^ .Ffffmeoec. 269.] ? QsfTL—fr^ er(mss>LDsdo<rd sfruuirjb^u ueot^ S-<5mt—fr ? Is there any use in keeping buffaloes that yield no milli Lesson 95. God is every where.) (3.) of these have been illustrated fully in the foregoing lessons. Q'S^tLiuQeusmL^iuQ^eoisoirLD . See. So.MSuQ^eiresr? Qppeo = capital. ^QF/daeorrsfTsy.'] (11. 96.) (2.^/SiQfi'Ssr.npQrj^uu upkpnm. 268. \_^iL he fleiv like the wind? .) as soon as the date s. before knowing a man's disposition with him unfit. 0<s© . is finished. ^seiiir<s=LD it is ^sfr^^. So. your request granted. completed. Qs^rrioeoeofran^. (1.) '? One may say ereir may not say." I have discovered. 40.] Q 3= so it ld . It [58.] Lesson 93.ff'fnsdeOffOn-LDfT? ^sir^ — ^angj. part. all is done that Many was to be ^iJ^jb^ = npL^i^gi. (Past for present.) iSekSstraeir @jQf)tB^ What It is a is the use of their existence ? [For ^(V)/s^P(e^&). [^sijr which has become. if you do is so you are dead man. the ^^Qp^pt^ npimQesr ^eu^t—QiEsr to associate time is up. ir (ki <s^ not proper. (2. one who is without. GslLl— euff^isw^s QarrQ^Q^ssir. one May one say (3. Idiomatic uses of the tenses. not right that the expenditure should be greater tlian the capital. "She (is) domestic affairs' ability.) spnnsij^esji—UJ (^sssr^em^ Uismsssrffo Qs® ^uj<^l-1—^. be well to collect and exhibit a few of them in one lesson.

(snirQpsar. Q. by the poetess Avveiyar*.) (c.) (9. (S. as in English. do this! for the present in gr^ (a. where he will find a full explanation of every poetical form and idiom. teach the common Tamil. All other poetical forms and idioms must be reserved till the learner is able to read the Ilird Grammar. [Cora. I " will find it out for you in eight days.) er<Ar^ss!^ ^<ssr Lcisa^iSiBtuu urrir^^sQsiTefTefrJ' Q^fT6\}^surrsBi . / will imviediately conqiier and rctur7i. our ancestors said so.] (Future to denote custom. he tells me to mind his herd. (b. She was one day sitting in the porch of a temple with her feet stretched out straight before her— not considered to be a very respectful position in the presence of a superior." _ . poetical forms and idioms. Some 270. The officiating priest rushed out to her with the question.' s-inSi ^sjei:riS sjo) iLLQiQQpasr Very true sir! if you will show me ^i—jsen^s siremnJ^^nai ^mQsQuirJjs ivhere the Sumi ^{J^ovA) is not and stretch out my feet there. " are you not ashamed to stretch o?/f your feet in the presence of the Sumi? s^inS ^(i^aSp ^i—fs^ej sirai liCi— To which I will go she replied : : Qin^^rrasr. regarding the "wonderful old are very numerous.) ioTlL® rB irhniiSi Q &) i3l^^^& Qafr(BdQQjDesr.jiiuUL^s^ Qs^aeo^snirirsGir . (7. These will be illustrated here.) rLpesrQ(emiTssir .) (6. c." said he.^rreihrQ ^/ffeuireir. (Present for future. (Com.. The object of this work is to * The woman" traditions current among the Tamil people. politely for the iinpcrative.) The past is used and to indicate certainty. 140.) some few cases idiomatically The present The future The future is is used for the future to indicate certainty. as spoken by all classes of the people. There are certain poetical forms which must be understood before the learner can read the two little works called ^^^(^Lf.3=iU(ci]frtLj.) is This is especially common in poetry.LESSON 97.) iBirdr Q3=uSl^gi eunnQQjDcir eraJr^j^sir. guj/r. (5.) eruQuir^iM ^^a^tuaism^u unh^gia he is always going about seeking the wonderful. and Qsn-dres^/u QisiiLui^dr. used often to express a habit or any thing customary used. (Future for imperative. siy/rC^eir.) (4.) €^^^^^ Lesson 97.) @jUUL^<3^ Q. (d.

to be accurate. from UQi-^euih. ( ^eos(m. (2. neut. which will (must) grow cool sea^siLDg] (a energetic action. prepared according to 18 for the reception of the casal sign. do. * An amusing story turns on this : learned man presented himself before ^^Arra unmsn^ajdsr. But also l/^^uSi^ = in sense.). inserted).) The an root of a verb is is frequently prefixed to a noun and forms called aflSstr^O^/rsMa faflfc verb.^eo.c. neut. = : . ellipsis This Q^irms 74). and tllUS L/^^uSlajaiir^ajsir = OUe But why? ^evir^aieir who is senseless.) Participial nouns. that (is) anger. int. cultivate in the season ( UQFfiSii^^. 88. remove. do not ( t^efTLDu. energy). The courtiers stood aghast. 56.PIU (Q&^iu. ^e^eoir^aiesr one who is lOltkoitt. do uQhw^Q^ a season. the learner must remark that the signs of the cases are very commordy elided. a celebrated king.] do. era) (a lengthened form of . ^^sl. snQ<sii&> ( srj hide + a.) In beginning the study of Tamil poetry. [Ill Gram. jaip^sm^ ). and ^^qjot.) (The work which you What you do. (3. Q<s:ujiLjLh Q&'uji^l^ ^QF)ih^3= O.). @j<zQw<ki ( ^-^Q-Qy hide. Ill Gram. which omitted and er emphatic. II. and appellatives (185. with it a compound. appellative for sslssud. ellipsis. which is not at all used in common Tamil. noun. not) is added to the root of verbs which form their present with ©ja. Q^aeiss ellipsis.) are very frequently introduced. is is uuSliT<rG)<3^iu.* rhythm requires Comp. himself a poet of no mean ability.] (5. i^eirthQuea despise). The king smiled and liberally rewarded the visitor. <£l&)sQseo ('aS)®.^ StesTLo (^gii. (1. reveal). 41. groiv cool.) A negative imperative is often found. &. + ereo). 152. Sometimes a letter is introduced for the sake of euphony. and wlien the king demanded the reason of his A coming he replied : Your majesty a senseless man knowing I came.LESSON 97. part. and those which form the present with dQ^i insert sd. 153. that which belongs to (4. ^p(^ Virtue Q'S^iu to i^Q^LDLj ('for desire. sing.= a sun a high poetical word. eSQt—eo leave). This is called Q(sapgi<cs>LC!^ Qi^nmis ((S<siipgii(cis>u> a cased termination. Ill Gram. the root used for Q<FUjQp or [Ill Gram. &c. of the peculiar inflection of the verb). do well. remove).) Letters are constantly omitted wlienever the In the above 0<y/i/ is for Q^iLiu. 92. it.

" "aw" or "^Ae" in translating.) The ^rrtflsmiu or particle ^^^ is used instead of a casal termination to the : thus. _g)£3r^^ = ^zsr^^sSi—^^Qeo.) a-sufff&) SiQRsu (c.) Cautions useful in translating into Tamil." spoke of. but ^<5ii(e<^d(^ ^m>^s Qsfr(B<ss^G)^frek(e^iT.^(oio<3^ujrrs^ rS^^ aed^rm aesarii like a picture painted on a wall. here the (aj may serve to express a future idea. 271.LESSON 98. s^irekQnrj'iT ^^ir^^nn. learning. (4. QufTQ^sir + ^esr + ^esr is used and ^ coalesce in lL). Thus. The (2.) um^(meir. ^Qf))- Gram. but ^ l^ eij eir sir S-ggr^/ or ^iSeijSaeir^rrQiu ^^eir ^irinh. for "a. C^/f-sfli-^i) ^^ihgj to be Qg=iT (Qs^ir. is a very common idiom. for QufTQ^eBcar = than wealth (21. to She is gone her house. ^-dr . (6. it Do He not use the passive form (u(EiJ wherever ordered be given to her. may often be omitted.) Do is not think it necessary ^nssr. Hand (sir Here.] : (7. __- .) it to Not ^ei](smd(^ ^gJ Qafr(BdsLJUL-^ 0<F/riair(«B)/r. The boy learns ^<ssr urri—LD his lesson. Thus entTLpiBireir (for eurrQ^S/D or en/rapLD life-time. ^i—ii.LLi—iT(S(r. she sang so that a stone even would be melted. Having This fBtrsfr ) first ascertained the fit place for you to be in. ) off'.jsjii^u sauiij(3!r UL^aQ0'sir. having known. pronoun comes before its noun.) ^'ffis. occurs in English. always to find a word. 108. GTOD^UJ S^^rnh Qu!i6ds= rpg^Lo .).jijL^i^QurrQro •s^ifrni. as in Greek. take 7tp your abode in it. Qldiuu true Quanheir wealth (is) ssoeS. )• flowers whose stalks are cut (Not ^//? ujuulLl (3. join thyself assembly of the worthy ( s^irmQQi^nE [III eat—iLi. approach. (1. <iu .) adj. ^(suew !£lL(Bsc^u Quiriu<^. This This a tree.j ( The place approached.) ^ssr is inserted before the termination of a case thus. enisu QuiTnF)L-m(om3sr wealth than. fBirek Qs^rrskosr LDesH^eir ^QJesr^rreir. (a. (b. Not ^(^ ^(smi—Uj e^LL®d(^. (Not stq^^^uulLi^. not moving in the least. €^^^^& Lesson 98. Your perishing body esii—iu 3=f?rjtM — is not. esiuium um^ih uL^<i3(ir^m. smliurfli^ uts^uimsetr. ^gi ldsjld Not ^SJ ^Q^ LnnLDniu is the man I &c. Not .

in general. they came is to see me. lormgji. (11. there is but room.) / have. with a view to abridgment and condensation. : 20 1. or 0<fuj ajQaiemrL^iu afl^^sw^ srasrd(^d slLi—Ssit ^L-i—rrir.ther than translate words.LESSON 98. to (10. enQr^Qeuek eraJr^ sd 0<5=/riS5r(€5)S3r. Transfuse ideas ra. have — Whatever number same nominative is may come in a sentence they all the (9. good English. Break it up into shorter sentences if necessary." not. Thus. "Est pro habeo. <s(3m-<m?(7^errisfr tSCij^is (gt^ is ridicu^iBi^d^ ^pd^irdr is Tamil. Not ^uuLf. ^juuL^d also. to add one general piece of advice analyze well whatever you wish to put into Tamil. ^uul^s^ Qs^iL^euasr ^sjr^sw ^^sS^^rrsir. Rule." (6. Not rEtrdr S-<omi—ivisii(e^ij ^Q^dQQ/Dcir.53 .) S'dJiriLia^u^. Q^nmi^ck or ^rreir euQ^en^tr (7. &c. told me how act. Then reconsider your MS.) Idiomatic expressions "^ lous.) He He told ereargj] i5r3!rd(^ me loho it ivas that did so. Not eunhsufreir (ordsrffi Qs^iresftemeir. and the The lawijcr stated their case judge acquitted them. but iors!ir<S(^ ^-skr®. Not isruuc^d' Q^g^iuiuQeuemQii isresrgii sresrga QiFiTskfessfr but @jeira!re£I^LDfrad Qs^'uiu Qeue!S!i(BLh spiSt^^irir . (o.) said he loould come. of verbal participles as (he final verb. But. 6riOT&r« "It is srrem eui^rrirsm.) It is not always sufficient to translate the English infinitive mood by the Tamil infinitive.) A new nominative finite ciple and the should not come in between the verbal partiverb that completes a sentence. eudSSo ^(Snirs^ This is incorrect. Never be content till the whole meaning is fully brought out in your version. &c. (8. tvatery grave^^ ^ em (ois£ rB &) must not be rendered literally.d Qs^dj^euar ^.) He . not right to do so. <3=ifl is correct. Qs^ujiud ^<k)<sd. Render it rather thus: ^ aidSeo ^euiTS(emseii—tiJ a^ias^&auju Qus^ (or Qu®35n3asTLj or QuQ(msir. however. but ^uuu^d The infinitive in English is a noun These cautions might be multiplied indefinitely.

Shepherd. . Qurffiu means this. (sr^nrreSl. Qurrujdl®. . . the which they are enclosed. creep in. Depart. Q^irq^suLo. and from which no friend departs. QLDUuuriFeini—Uj <r ^ • • . Extensive reading and constant intercourse with natives are essentially necessary to him who would excel.)." We have often used latin words without the latin idiom. is that fold of the Great Shepherd into which no enemy by uuLD-mn— enters. but not till then. <y^^(5 or U(St!)seueBr (^Qjn^. one loho feeds. if exact. When the learner has with great labour and study acquired the habit of thinking in Tamil he may hope to speak the language well. latter that in The former means the herd or but flock rather. (56. Hints regarding translation from English into Tamil. The mind must be to a great extent imbued witli Tamil habits of thought before a man can speak idiomatically. (^lS^^qFi is to •F^^Qf^." as to the Bishop Homm And. sStLQuQurr. and still. signifies. — entering. I. for this a state. LSff^rresr are all words not inapplicable. . "^eawc« the fold of the great No enemy enters no friend departs from it. Enter. will require the relative participle. ldsit. the fold. ^ein-ierrsirisiiesr to ueiss QfE&d@jDSum. &)LD words: "Heaven" is best rendered here (the other sphere).). non latine.. ^saw (56. ^^&> ues)sd ~"^ 1 . ^^L-tSjQsijQ (56. Loies)^. SKSthS^ssr eueir). an adversary). eSlL-CB itij(^ (56.of the great shepherd Shepherd. Then. urrto. which the sense requires. . Great. ^-ckssr^. II. II. the construction. Enemxj. Qldijuuit.LESSON 99. opposed opponent. Qs^qk Friend. Otherwise. SIQulLl—. more frequently do we clothe European idiom in Tamil words. "soepe dicimus latina verba. et soepius europeaui linguani loquimur taniulicis vei-bis. iSrfli^Qurr. and not which QLomL^Lh (liberation) Fold. Not ^ sx> i—iti sir . urfLD'omt—eOLDrrosr^ Qurfliu Qldiuuuq^stii—UJ Lcikesi^.54 . I.). Beschi well says. sfltlOa?®. a name for the caste. indicates a place. and will run thus: "Heaven. "Heaven first. 272.) will serve to aid the learner in translating. draw near.'' it. . A few examples (I." n iT\ ^ mi LP wt—'Su QurrsiT'SSJLDiTisr • • • uljjsirasr o LDi<cS)S ^ii) or "=*.). and no friend departing is .no enemy . III. an l/q (56. . Lesson 99.).

^Ji^iuii. Sanscrit = long life. the other.jtJSuQesr afl®^^ Qua/Dsveir. ^iimi—/i^<s<sueir. happy days. eo tl . rr ^isud/SLii. is A lL® essri—eu ek = one who &em/D bound. seir.) ( dQp^. = one who lives as he likes. It is va/)iity to desire to live long.) ~" 153 ~~~ .) g&(3^@ (@p^. good way.) "He is the freeman whom the Truth makes And all are slaves besides. . falsehood. longam vilam optare. <su rr i^ th it <sfr . 4. Life.mi^^. ^esp iiimQ(e^0sr.LESSON 99. enrffjLD s^^^iuih ereu&sr e£l®^3sis ^sSsarC^/r &issypsisii<stT3sr. Lop (III. B>/ truth 1. eSemr. (II. . <^© ( aSp^. LnmjDUJiT 3. <^qfiLdlj ( Qpsi. Truth. — Freeman. .err^rreir. = a captive. &-<oSsnsu)LD ^^afl{6m«y La. Msmi—. — made-freeman—-freeman eS is • all else slaves are.3^LJD uuiM QLDiiiuuiflfk LDihm^iUfTLD: ^EjQs (S^rifjUmseu smi (j^ Qjfit 4. Qm®. S-^iwetaLD. yjesar ^ttSa Desire.The former. QLDiTL-s^LDirasT^ (or^p(ff) epuuSssnufrm (oTssrQr/'ki. s-iuir^asrasr free.i^Qu/ismjLb LDirLLi—iriraer. life time. and to et de bona vita parura curare. meveuLSaSled. ^^Qeo Q ld lu u u Qh<om u. Words. = one who has been released.) Vanilas est." Cowper.'sm LD Qipeois^iiTQhLb ^ w®^dsi ^tmi—ih^suQssr iw®^3so a srr n iLi ^Qrj&QQrfirsm. 2. a vain thing. s^^^iLifliSfreo Qemp iS^'KiQasreudr. sLL®6mi—isuiTsek. vain. Slave. QLD(rLL. care too little ahoiit living well.) Care. si/®«&)(L//rs2!r sugar. = full age. Qs^LD&nLDUJiTUj = OS a good man).d release. Words. ^irdsaiiSigf. e8®<s^ ^emi—iE^eueir = one who has ohfainc.uj utms&Qpenirssir eui^Qs^rreiju:} lditlLl—itit QiB&sQpisurre&T LSltH. = one who rests on his own foundation. CONSTRUCTION. & ej s Long.) seuSsduu® (Qp^ . life time (but not pure Tamil). LD/bQ/DedeorrrmtD s^^^iu^^frSo ® (^ s u 3. live. life itself.) Qeusm® (Qpgj. Qldiu. Quffliu 0^rr(Lpeij^^d(^ <^uuit(^ld. — Vanity. toppiuireurmw 8es>pu ULLi—<siin3. ^aJr(£OT<£F£!n<?^«<s/rjaJr. <^ em s n ffl lU ld .)<aUfr(^Q Well.jtj ufLes) L£) — a bond slave. lLl—(su Q air <sS®^SoiiLirrs!!reu£ir. eEKBeQasuuLLL—sveiir. Q/blslili.) ( fB0O6\j(Sijfi^uj Qsir£p](QpsJ. lit-Li—LDrrasr. To fBt—(dQp^. LDirtuism'S. ^eusk. in a iBissTQrj'aj. 3. i^eiTLDfresr.

irsrdr^ ) <^(WiE^ireir. iSssiLpasQsiKskn-^. Lf. does not virtue.) 4. 3. 2_^ seiTssir erdtrpi Qsir^sSp^J SQip . (Rather foreign. ^QneoiSTmff! ^n''r^Q^'S(^ QprnuirsuQuirtu iSmQrjQsr. Q^iu^eodr. lEnkQi^iuu iSsiaLpds miru-frtDeo ^qF/UU^ LDrriLims. are in very frequent use in Their use varies considerably in different localities. ^<so-s\)n-^£u<^. one who is not. The following verse embodies nearly the a kuRal veiibil. a uhirl. that dog keeps up a howl. 1st expresses the meaning. Lesson 100.iscisreirg}i ( ^Lss. CONSTRUCTION. and may refer only to material prosperity The learner It is will find that this may be varied almost at pleasure.iu. @j&)m = if. ej&). ^iLjs. QrB(BjBiricinrajLj J LD(TiL(oms. euiTLp /E i2ro life. ^ks iBfTiu euireheufrQer-dirjpi ss. About a good long) 1.e^Q^LDiS^ Q^euu^^u-jefreir ^'J-|3^ Lcfi/hsJ eSQeo^ « efl^^/rey/rii. great if a ^^ man docs not virluons deeds? One day spent in ^pua. the rice-pot hails with a huhhling sound. iBeoisi. "Are many days doing good is great. enrrip ^QhLDLj rBir&ririu euirip (sSQFiLDurTLDeo [/Ecirsjou) ^(T^LJugj sSpm. omitted). unmeaning. i9i^mpih^ is still .!ri}i. (^qf^ldljeu^ ^rrssiru-jSreirioireiii^iu "^ Qsiiimr®LD (ordsTffi (maybe ^SdQjD^ j \ eisi Qh)^ n €11 IT LD \^^@iuusii 2. Q^SQpcsrgu s^Lpp/Si^eir. s^Sisni^i^s. or liessrL—fsirsfrrriu en !t ip (trld iSi iB^<es>LD iSei^jDiB^ . or.'] ambiguous (as is the English ivcll). (S3g] mdretoLD &7:^pk^ fsiTstrmu eunipi^qrjLDurrLDeo M<omi—iEn'<ciriTiLi ^u^s^ld. 273. goodness. Imitative words liice the followinp. he fell down loith a thump. one who do.rr<sm Here ib^qt^iLilj iSexiLpds is literal and. but the idea. ^is&. he went direct and stood before the king.^Qp^ . living well — not ^ caring —a long life (to live to desire is vanity. in Tamil. svi fflj (iss) uj (S:i!^inw<m^a (^^i^gia seuasouui—fTLDisv.LESSON 100. he turned round the wheel with __ . Tamil.

is QuirQp^. the water is ^essrssTiT (m(^r^G)(Sireir/Sl(md8/D^. he spoke very loud. Q. . C)/E(55* siriuQp^ . he cried out fearing . s^L-wQusdeomh (Si]peiiQp<s!r^(ih<iQpsJ . the lizard is chirping. ^1 eu icB 1—^ ^ ic euiriij Qa!T(B^^rTffi) QiDire^ QidirQeomgii ^(ajsr&ai—u if you let her talk she loill get up a terrible quarrel. ui—uQi—oirga ^i^sSp^ the heart palpitates violently. bandy goes rattling along. the cat rolled over the pile of pots with a crash. the body is hot ivifh fever. @&)/s^uSl<oSnFii^ the ulcer. LS'ardsir£B<sir urrjifriD&) ui—uGit—ek^ QuSi^L-t—rrsir. ^eiisir LDSiTLDQ&r&rgti Qu§l(es\<ssr. S-t—mLj Qair^QsirQ. ^(B<s(mu utrcksresjiLiLj y^Sssr un—LDQi—ckga ^-QFjiLif-eSiLi^^. ^0i_eJr ^®^C)i—d!Tg}! eii<mrL^&) Q. Ssir'^ensm^s / . asssrsQ'assrca-^ ^uuL^sQ(vjesr. Q u iii IT LD eS i—(^ Q L—eirgii rE(BsQp^ the body trembles all over. 6=Qz LDeaw ^L^sQp^. the rain . ( QsetrerPi) ueou&oQeu^r^ Qs^irik'^Qp^^.iT (oTkkgii ueoLniSimsir. the foivls is came forth ivith a rushing noise.Qip(SSTiSiQF^sQpsi. lilt^iLJU/rerr. .u^<t LESSON 100. the throat is parched.FirefrQ'S^rrQisfreiir^ Quiu^gi. . he keeps up a drumming noise.sLpsQtp^£}i &(W(g. rb®m(BisiQu SL. and tremhling greatly. &^i—Lhu assQ^eir^rir^sQp^ LD<cS>u> the body hot with fever. came doivn in torrents.'diiriMLn s^etrs^efr Qusfeunriafr. srsJrjs/ euiriudstre^Qeo ^(smessrir &^ 8^ <^®Qjd^. he wept aloud. the water runs in the channel with a gurgling sound. ^isnasr eriQ. Qs. the rain iverc. the loatcr runs freely from QsaiS i-5jj2. icy cold. very crisp. the bowels are violently disturbed. a^eOLLi . other things continuing as they uirir^^u) rashly.siS3/6:fl ^Lf. i3Qs^mg)! LjpuuL-L-gj . (mgiimQ^&sr^ siTihe=3=&) ^i-^&QpsJ the child has a strong fcvcT. he seeing saw not and spjokc se^sQeoesr^ uLf. QsiiffiQsDQ^Qsr^ ^QR&Qpgj the hot loater steaming.^ek^ siriuQp^ (SjtiSipSM)Q0O Qi<EBiTs:jQs!TQsssrgji Qeuisi^iT the body is dry with fever.' /o)rA. ssmessPiT LDL-LDQi—mgu eb®3p^ .9jD^. (Wffia(S) s^L arms and is legs are all crampied. the children are reading in full chorus.dSl0-ir<s<s!r. Q^iT<sm<S}>i— sps. he keeps 2ip a continual chatter. the thief scampered off sharp.L—1I) uiLiihffi <si) s^(^imm. £_L_iDLJ «<5i53rsOs3zr£3rj3. ^(v\ijSn'pQurrQ&:> ^Qhigi uL-uQi—ckgu LDemtp evms^sElLLi—^'.(eu)em-. the si—sQi—cir^ QurrSlp^. . the sreo ems srecmmh QeueoQeuQeoesr^nhdQp^. . the whole body is ptarched up. the water runs on tviih a jnurmuriiig sound. the rain beats in violently. QLDfrgnQLcirQpmfSlQhsQpsij the thin biscuit OTjj. ^ppm Qun-®Q}U!TQi—ssr^ ^^@ps^ (oTOirgii the shower comes rattling down. came pattering down suddenly.

snoLDfr G«/r«-Q<s/rO<FiS3rj2. ersarear. erdrxsrs semi—ireo &(B SQi—eirffii (^(wQqi^sst.) s uSl Q &i ueoSso QrBguQfEGpmgnsL^sQQj'an'. they all came clustering together thickly. quite bewildered. that boy has run . 6r<sartf@s Q^QOpssr^ euQ^Qp^.LESSON 100.m sLDsQiD^gn LoessrsQp^ . (oTuQurr^LD ^qjsst Qis[r®QsirQi—mgii Qua-Q(Vfdr. ^iB^s eSlp(m *j3/=w-0/DsJrj3/ erfflujeS&iSsd.. gjssfl QuiTs?Qun'Q'3=^^ QiS'ii^Quirs^s?^ . ^eum at once. .i(^ rather fat (he wants a thrashing siir lEi rsjf'sa — ^ga^Qp&r/Snh&Qp^ is his body is somehoiv insolent. the v Ham fruit rattles in its shell. the body rough. QeiTissBrQairQxsmesrffi Qua-Q(n^<s!r. sirrffiULD srededrrLh enLpsuLp Oa/rLp0. ^rKL—SosruQutrffO ^£3i^QpdTg3 eS tp d Q Qrj eir . they dragged him away violently.a/rtf . QLD[rs=QiLD!TQ<3=m^QffsQp^ that cloth is very strong umhi-j sp(BQp^. sreirssrQLDiT. that silk . erasrearQLDtrjnp^UQ-pQessrekgii rrsSlULDfTiuu Qu§l(^n-ss!r. that cloth has torn (being rotten before). he grinds his teeth inhis sleep. for two hours he talked on incessantly. ^ajSssru upuQpsisr^ ^(i£^^dQsfr(sm(B Qunfe^ir&eir. uems @]3si)saiu airruSlQ&i Q u rr L-I—it so iBrrs(m e£l^<^Opsir^(TF)dQp^. there n • /-. ^i^ssr. rLpsiM lS^ lSq ear (oir^QKdQpsj .(Bl£: Q^rT(5mQi^iTQ<szTmg)i eSi—frLDei) Qu&imm . . fm(BrffiQi—eii. he always speaks hastily. ^ ^ p'ri^swrnsj. ^lisu UL-® (S>jLpsijQixssr^(md3flss. they talked about some- thing or other in a low mysterious way. I am s^L—LDL^ ereirssrQLDfr my head whirls round.m my ears. @jrresi!r(B fEiTLBetns ldiL. m/E« e^piV) u snj Q <s= Qsr^ efrfli^Qu!rQp^ that firewood has burnt up all ^rs<S3.. the sandal yields a fragrant odour. he looks askance like a thief. __mjin!i^. is all S-L—LDU Gi^iTgiiQ<3=fTQpcsr^nFd@psi. if you put tobacco into your mouth your tongue f \ will be burnt. he talks thickly (as one who has a cold). ) > airSQe\} ercsrsBrQiDfT ^ . the snake glides off with a rustling noise. <Siin-!ss)ipuuLpw Q)s. off' sharp.uQu/raj(^LLL—frdr. is very soft. 7 is a ringing . the face is somehow glistening. he alioays falls foul of me when he sees me. sreoeoirnhili QLDtrs^QLDirQs^svrga euihffj QLDiriu^^dQsiressri—alTsm. s=fr^Qrresrjii iBQSTQij'dj is^i-f.!Ti^QsaQLpskgji immrs^ QufruSjh^ (Qurr^Fs^^ ). that firewood docs not burn briskly. the plantain has gone quite bad. <^6iriTLDULpLD (^(B (^Q i—esrgn ^(BQp^ . Q3=ir(k>^Q(y<Ek. his affairs are all disordered. what! He is always whisper- ing somewhat (buzzing in one's ear). ^li^Uisauujdr (^(bl(^Qt—<^^ ^lis^uusai—snsn and loell woven.

is QiDfT^aLD eS/7^<s@ Q^rrsfrQ^aQeirek^QFidQp^.jijiiS /ESOTtS ^ssiOsekgu iBmmi Qp^i . that tvay is always Qsiieir'sirLD QLDtr(mCiLDrrQs(str£ii euQF^QpsJ . they all fear the sight of . . ^pjS'Seo the river. Ljs=uQia^mpifldQpgi . the child smiles cheerfully. the stomach is much stvollen. the rain is is coming down in buckets-full. semt—n-eci Q(BQQL—m^ w(Biii(^@QifiTs&i.L^<sQ(n^. LD-os^Lp the sacks in heaps. if ynu touch soft. ~ 159 . ^i^uuiKsn^ (oTuQufT^ta Q^fr^Qs^frQ^sirffli ^(V)d@p^. he is caught . &) Q) my osrffii stomach burns. ^i^u siTULj iBpihQpdsr/SnhdQp^ that powder is very coarse. that jewel shines very brightly. Qi—dir^ ^rfliBgjQutrds-^ the house is burnt up.((h LiQamgji s^uiSl &j(m&@p^ .Qp^. he is always speaking sharply.LESSON 100. QiDrr^QLDirQ^m'SnFaQpgj in it. the mud is thick and makes a noise when the foot is put lEsmsseir u<siruQ<ofrearg}i iScsrevnQp^. &fRdQp^ . from the mango tree the fruits are falling. . he beats the drum with a dull sound. he . the fire seized that house briskly. money from muddy. they spoke secrets. very wild. it. s^iB^L^ s<9^sQ<SF<sir/S('if)sSp^ . ^siiQST ^ (m^ Q rjiBkgii QuiTUjL ®j(mdQ(ndsr. LDiTLDrT<i^Q&} ULpu) u Q 00 fT QsiTiL(B<sm9p^. 2_t_zi)L/ the body is itching all over. srmQasrffnpLD Q en (B Q <su Q i—ekgu Qusf-QfTjasr. burned brightly and srsk euuSl^ ^@^0<5sir^ Qu fT srifiSlp^. the water comes down in ^sfTs^Qsn-mgii QsmLCBQp^. he poured out the isauseit\<^Qf)isJ ueaariasSsfu QuirsQt-jrrQ^eirjpi •SFiBd^ir&sr. that flour is coarse. (3=.»(^Q)a=asrg)i Qu@lm)frs<sir. she is weeping abundantly. . the vjhole wall is crumbling away ^su&srd hitn. g^<suQ!j<so<sorrLD S-uuu^^^j Quireo QuirQeockgii s^^(tr. the bracelet is slack on the hand. ( i^. £msd(^d Q&fTi—QsirQL—eirjSnndQp^.m ). ^li^ Qs:g)i LDiretj QsirpQsirQpQsrjSlnhsQpgJ . eS Q L—(k> ei) IT ii) Q^ire^ QsirQwdr^ UQ^^trinu Quirdsf^ the house is all tumb- ling to ruin. tvith the salt air. loose on the finger. ejuSlg)! U. the ring LDeoLDQsoesrgii seasrsssf/f i^L-i—iwQQi^'sir. OeofTi—QeOfrQi—ekgu ^uuL^d3(W>:ir iSmdsrr (^£!!(^Q&)<ssrgii . (tpL^dQ^rfeir and looks afraid.^suuL-QaQsfreiJsr® @j2/@C)^C3rj3. the jewels glisten very brightly. it is ^SB)^^ Q^itlLl—tSi) QiErreiTQfBfTQeiresr/SQhdQjDSJ. the noise is very great.

Q^S^jiuu. Lesson 101. diligence. ^®. after the rain the Qutu^Slesr Ljio^ u 3^uQ3=mgii npdsir^^nhdQ/DSJ. my goods should be so estimated? right in the way. limbs.) (^ Qs^iuiu^'OrrQQsrek. ^QasTtk. he reads jluenthj. (Here (2. a benumbing of the giddiness. gi<ss>iBipp stiff.) ^rsjserfli—^^&'' S-ld is omitted. u^u^s^ulj.. if the complainant prove by luitnesscs I will be subjected to punishment. fields arc green loilh grass. [An ellipsis of the 4th case. e^&i we will give to each of these Quirurr^urra = Qsu it Q^iaus^&(^LD uiT^nrrs. <aiiiT^ give. ul^>s(^ld utT<su^^s(^LD ^j^i^^ir^ ^ei^L—esr).] Thus (8. 0«/r®_jS^iafl®G'a'/rto.^Qenek. within. (7. eflooO . (6. the wretch who feared neither guilt nor sin. Q. Many nouns shjpj 3^£)i are formed in this way: severity. the doing.'] QuQRetnLDsSsns srrioSisri^d^fTirse'iT.g:iijiu&).) srssr Q-es)!—smLDeaiu ®juul^ujits eS^Lo^dseiiili QrsrfJL-t—^tr? Has it come to this that QfBiT. = the old (4. QLDtrjDQLDfrQ/Dssr^Q^dQjDSJ.) e-rS^&siEisGir.? ®jihS'i @^®3/r«isrr srsJrsnr What is the price of these horses. I have become. (3. I have thus ^uul^ e£l <si^ es^ u made my petition to your worship. under. u Lf . when he ^sussT ersijr&!r« •B<ss!sri~fr<sv aQsQi-^eir^ QusiSQr^iir. &c.) In the conclusion of a letter.) form "this from your^^ (loving friend.LESSON 101. ^uul^s(^ stands for "thus writes. ^L^gjL^uLj. &c.) uSuiTOj^gja ( S(Q'Ffr^ ^'(Si^i—ek. {_^QKimLD and QuQTjsmLD joined together and the plural termination added to the latter. QiBiB® = to come to pass. sees mc he speaks angrily. [S-sJr. palpitation. (5.)^ajafl/rsijir® Quqesqld Quirufr^turrsd two persons half . (1. I shall become.) ^rkism iS^em^uSl^enL-iL! ^(TF)<saLD thcij shoiocd off the rareness and greatness of their learning. s®s®ui-j. happen. Idiomatic sentences.] ^/5^<s (^^esyirs(ms(^ . joys and sorroivs. (S£ii&9^Ln.) ^itlLSs^sits Qisirem® it S'fFLJu(B^^(^io ^(5mi—Ss!!rd(^eir<sirrrQ(suesr. he. the newly washed garment is ^siiek mssrmoj^ ^L—^Qi—dsr^ LD<cmLp Ei]rr&dQ(ri^csr. direct. 274. an itching sensation. (^guSgiiuu. .

must meditate great things.56.] (12. who 2vas the great sinner? LfnESLS^sir srtkgii (^/SluLjd siressTLDinLi—nLDSo ^iss>s^^nm she feared. prosperity stands not still with any one. I told. I will obey you strictly. did @)eir(2)isw' I not. (17. III.sir<sQ to thee npQsrQ<ssr great ..) ns><mp ap&r>puj[Ts.^gj and sirrBiuu^ are put in apposition. uj n £u rR i—^ p^i LD [Repetitions of this kind are day. (10.) QLD^d(ff)4= it .s^LDLD^d^eu^u Qufrev.) 2l \qT~~~ . put to flight. J the uirirssu uirirds LDQm)!jLDLBiULD[nu QeiiLf. (14.d&r>^<laj all ^Qmir&ds Q<si]ism®LD. \_&iTpffi i^Q'5=<siS^LD!riu as a thing borne by the winds. outwardly']. did I not?] I told you before.). .^<sa)Lp^^d home with him. QLD6iirT<s!r smffaj.) .) srrpffi ^Qa^siS^LDfTS Qsm<^uL-L—rrn. (13. ^ (15.) he (19.] frequent: thus.jti^ sro«». . he stood like a tree. Q^iTm(eFj<s!r. 168. not being able to point out the husband.) took the children ^li^utSai^aSsir^ ^ek isSLL@d(^ .jijip-^^rrdr — ups.LESSON 101. respectively.) ( itrr still greatness will be the result. but like a chariot wheel turns upside down. there a contraction: I i &^p ^L^^^irdr = S^giiiMUL^ ^ujLs^jSirm. (Observe the use of ^<5s>Lp. in Tamil. ^li^ [^'Tkat urr^stk sinner ed en n ? ^m(e^(^ such an one" a.(^iJauL^ ^ l^. . unable tu say it the mouth not coming]. Q^a&>0O [lit. and similar forms. he heard . upss . If they are unattainable (20.s. Q/_/0aoi£>si70ii).jij 6\) be/ore ^jSsSdQ^iir. ajjeu£r= by degrees. LDsrr Thus.) srdiTga aui/ini/.) tu IT en Qf)Lh L^fT<s£liLi—rr^L£.) g^" The idiom here English. Q&moeiir(BlQufr(mesr.) ^is^/EireirmLD G^Qf^ensanL—^^eo ^Qf)i'B^ir&) be ^euek ermm' what is uir(Bui—rreir? If all these four (£_ii) with a man will henotsvjf'erf = all.) In &^p =5yif.s.mQijes!. (21.r euirojeurrirLDed LDfjilQunec S'. I will hear.jij^siriffiuih (for ^'/E^<s smBiuih) that (Here . (18. in^pdsrg^ (^eir^. up&su^. (The (\Q. (9. ^Q!r(^ek = Such an one. Qs^frekesruL^'Suj QsL-Quosr. is put to rout (.dstasujirtIj ^(VF^d(^u}.) affair. Qsil-Quasr. To hear is to obey.) ^<ccr>. it reported.) f>Q -\kj it fk .) ^mjpi ) day by tS^soiurr^. more one looks the more the spectacle satisfies the mind.^ he spoke as though he approved of [Ci^j0<s@. Qs^eosuih Q^Hssireo Quirio StpQuDeciiTUj enQhLD.) infinitive doubled. (11.

) eued^tsms.) Qaaiwu Qu^iSqFisQpgj [_G) it is grown fat.jijeuSotsr . So QsL-U-^uLj. — and er®. 162 . .) ( hungry. after he was grown up. the left hand. Qa!r<smi—iTissr. 56. (22.) [Having taught. @p^.?<!>•• x ds^^&eias. I sent Here the adverb part. the affair is prospering.^^pawirasfT Qs^rrek^srffi: To this that which they said They said. ^^ 7 .jij^ulj.j>i<sioLpfS^^ULS(Sa!rek.LESSON 101. are used idiomatically. deep distress seized (Both iStf.j ^ear 1. (25. is: We dont know. fat — having ascended— it is. 56. was become as soon as. the rice hand.) (24. the right ear. J . the left ear. s IT (i£ u i-i ^iSia^qhsQpsi. send (27.'] 106. I. ) I. . . ( Q-rirbgsdems. [£_ljC^S^^ 77. hand used . > V ery commonly . the . w)L-siioi!)s.. S-i—Q^sr. END OF THE LESSONS.) ^sv^d(V) ejdsLD iSl^^^ eS^car^^L-Qar u®^gis him and he lay down ivith grief. @0 U-uQ^Q^^trssreifL-QesT. [_rBi—i^ ^/Sli3iiQF)@p^.^snLp^gi seems to be used for the infin. I sent to call him.'] (26. " ^' 7 ."] •sfrfBtUih fEi—iiQ^/S (suQ^Sp^. ^eudr Quifltueueir ^Mear lS/dq. going on — ascending— for him. /• ^i—ffi sirgi. \ \ ^ erikis(€i^s(^^ Q^rFlurr^. (2. (b. smsrs(^u u@t 6r(Bd .'] As soon as the Guru had finished teaching. comes.) . ^eaipds. baser purposes. sneogjatr^.30.) to enquire = QslL(^imul^ . we don't know. for r ^ . the right hand. I am (23.

epL^iB^ 74. 193. 227. 251. 172. 70. OT/5^ [<£] 126. 18. Qei/emQil). 190. 184. Qs^iueo 148. Os^sus/ QffiLiiu Cq/sobtOio.APPENDIX I.269.) Qs^iLi^ for 0<s^iliiuljul-[^= u>hic7i has been done or conferred. 233. [*^<s 68. 108. 185.) Ritrafe^fs ^im* 117. ( ^sQsirdr. ESefrfEJ(^i£i. (1.) Quiriu ifehgi Gltaiueniu Oa/etigaicr ? 70. 157. 148. 227. part. 46. 190.-SHORT SENTENCES. <or(ip^ [u] ulLi— loJQn^^ [u] Qufr60<3=. The Tamil avoids the use Or an ellipsis of (ffi^auair =: which one has conferred. e. 269. 39. 190. LD<ssTQpesii—. 74. 72. 39. I. QfiL^ Qs'iii^ ^-USTrfih^ SitQld&} 251. 6U. 22. 18. ' Will falsehood stand and conquer truth (2. of the passive voice as much as possible. 6p(^Siy(i5«(5 [<y] 172. 151. Notes. To the income suited expenditure make (one) must.tu 72.) ^^sO/ra). 163 . 185. 41. sneo^^^u) iBGoQeOfTirdCcs. 72. (1. (4) ^losriSeoeOrr^ 121. 184. (c. ^usfTir(^ 50.) Gratitude and ingratitude. rel. /s^/^ past. ^uQun^ 25.77. ^nQssr ^L^o/ii. QibQiej sfTGOu) 131. 133. 130. (3) 92. ^4«)] (3.

are called verbs by the Tamilians To an English Grammarian it seems and sometimes govern cases accordingly.) Quh^Qlo. b. (a.19. two words formed into Gram.rrss)ith 10. QJiresT e. Sir3=isiQs@pgj. governing the objective case.] (4.iLjLD ^0isQiu^(sis)^\LjLD. 18. a good though somewhat difficult exercise in . the a compound and The subject This is is the pluralizing particle added to the last. 70. and to which ^entr is added. ^uiLDuS6\)fTS 25.) itself a peacock. say whether a word like <^L^m^ belongs to ^drLj or reaches over to question. ^(j^aQp 269.SIMPLE READING LESSONS.) The Turkey fancying LDuSffOfTsw^ 151. ^<3S)fi<ssGm® ^onSiJs'Sefrd sp/DrStun^suiSfr 77. — to ones loho remain. ^rrsisr spp LSemLpiunQuj 130. III. ^LpQeOsOrr^ 121.) (2. <s(sSI<5mLULJ ^eod<s6ssr ^eodQiLiiEis^sfrd (Epp<Siih 70. The final verb is Quir^w. ^c.) Translation. s&LBii^ ep(msu(m<i(^ The sense must determine the rest. j)iLp(^&r&r 133. (\) 131.) For ^ffi>ss<sm^eas. jsc^spiesii—nj 108. a. to the good especially. qualifies sg0(Si. — of benefits is necessary. ^(Ssr'^Gsni^ij ajb/r>si.77. 227. even then when it is done. a. the benefit done tothe will perish. ^ajrtileoso/r^ qualifies ldqstld. smLu^GO 18. Therefore. In such cases difficult to ldsstld. L9srs=iEjQds^ 169. it is so does LDstTQpeisL^uj.) ^sBTLj { ^eoe\)n'^ = ^eiriSeceiJir^. Tamil construction. (1. elided 121. the doing appear. ^ssr^sai—iu 108. 108. elided. in every time. App. LSemipujjbp 90. 156. (iv. rest. more natural to consider s-sbz— to be a preposition (belonging to). xi. S'2csr^^^^ 64. 87. I.(75<s(g. (4) (St seSemuj^ 18. the (4. &psm<s eSlifl^^ ^u^lu^ 87. (3. [Comp. 136. possessed-of-minds inscribed upon water.21. Qsai^iUfTiosr^ 151. 7. 77. 64. 169. [for a] long time will inscription destitute-of-love. s.) Forms like ^-eaL^tneiiir.] (185. (b.) saSis. The inscription inscribed like the benefit done to those posses. like the upon black stone (Granite).secl of a good disposition.'(e^s soar essfl u LSrT'fiEjQdQjD^87. [apP. 229.

72. ^ppii ^ird spp i-js\}su'BssriijL£> ^rmihisp 57.] SIMPLE KEADINO LESSONS. ^^Quneoa 270. (e. 184.Q eo Qi—sQp 74. appjBifiSijQsi 193. 131.IS/. (5. ' ^(^ursi^tu 43. QuneOs 227. 190. (4.) Mens 185.S(^ (oTUUlSf. (e. (7.) ^lirs^'^ssriLjiEj The king and the learned man. 70.3. 98. 25. 185. Qsaem® 1U6.) spprStojn^ PLDL^n PLpi—<smnQiu QstTsmi—rr^-syniT- (6.7.) 137. App. 131. ^l&j^emt—uj Q^ff^^eo ^&)&}fTLD6\) 202. appfSli^<su(Sis>!r ^•9^S^^<f 64. 18. a. 72. ^^ ^JT<3=^. 251. 64. 108. App. 127. Qffnsu^ 88. 74.[aPP. 7. 6. (e. sns(5S)s Si-® s n L. Q^s^iBJseffleO (sr&XoOrrua inrffiurres)^ ^&kn^fT(^Lh. (II. e^Q^&jQ^iEj sn(^^ ^L-d^QeO 121. 87.] uirn^^ned 95. 108. 58. xi. 72. loTSsfisi).(4.77. I. fSo that every fault should k'ejiove. 170. Qs^irtsuiTiT. iSlsasr^es)^ 18. 23 18.) ^. 127. Lj&}3uQtour ^puemuiLjeiaL—iU'Qjiosr 58. 18. xii. 185. ^srs^'^etfru uairdQ^Lh 196.) ^^Q<i(^LD^ 72.) 22.) 251.n^<i(^LO.) Noscitur a sociis. 131. conscia Recti. 117. 4. 18. .) 131. 172. e^efflff^d 64. ^j(i^& 62. 18. (5.

(a. it It is. 23. (2. 140. LIITLDeS!!rL^&)IEJSSfflsO ^Q^sQp 74. 7. (^pp(^ 50. GnE]6B(ei^<s(^ •41. 251. coined. 21. erfEJS(er^d(^ 37. (4) 7.) This form is not quite idiomatic.) 64. (b. 92. fBrTLDLD U(fls?3. 185. (e. 18. 18. (e. 37. 18. 140.51. 23. 7. 29.21. 92. 121. — I. 108. (e). 140.) 272. The Lord's Prayer (SS) <3S IT ^ ^ Q^ I— UJ Q 3" U LD. 21.xii.64.21. Lit. (l) App. ertasefr 37.— SIMPLE READING LESSONS. 27.) 166. ll. 70. 6. 184.^il> unLDsmi—eO^^QeO Qs^tuiuu 18. (b) 106. II. 60. 64. . in fact.274. QurreOu 227. for the purpose. 242. 37. (b. 126. ^-UDQpeaiL—UJ 37. 41. WITH GRAMMATICAL REFERENCES.l [aPP. Qs=iuQp(auiTS(&^s(^ 87. IL 37.(b. 126. (1.) 166. uxssTeaf^iijm' LD(Ssr6!!flsQp^ 64 87 QurreOj 227.133. 37. 166. and properly so.) . Intro.) &-UjQp(5iDt—UJ Q^.(12)128. 21.^u u(Si<oij^ns 161. (oIIEl<S(3!r i3^nQ<sj\ 21.27. 4. ii. rBrriijs&r eSdrrrr^LDrriL [«] 40. (b) (IV.65.) u®Qp^ 87. §. 168. would be uiBs-^^u _ u®^^u uQw^ira.] . (^ppihs'bsfr 29. 77.) 70. 1.- SIMPLE READING LESSONS.

31.) 79. (c. 131. 50. 77. 7. ^(om/DiifessT®. 18. 72. 11. 77. (^LDrTST(eu)uSl0dQjD iBihQpssit—iu 37. App. I.29. _ . 7. The Creed. 34. 233. (e) 7.21. (b. un^asfrfssGffldo 21.) 77. sQ^uu^^eo 18. 40. xii. 71. 7. LDifls. 83. 29.87. 77. ^jbuisSl^^u 77. 180. 50.] SIMPLE READING LESSONS. 87. (b.) 7. (a) 130. 82.23.) e^Gj 172.) 21. 83. (e.23. 133. [Farad. . 77. 43.) 262. 21. of Tron. 131 18. 77. xii. ^(aU0(SS)i—UJ 31. 70. 21. siin&dQQpm.5. 7. [The law of faith. 130. (b.] 131. Intro.[aPP.) 77. 7.22. (b. ^t2SuS(€U)Q&) 21. u em sssr u u lLQ 92. 77.^ 77.) ^L-dsih 50. 185. 131. 137.) !5n^n 29. 3. 87. 18.) App.23.] <oSl<3r(SU[r3'LJ LSlULLfTioSSnli. Note. 18. (e. 26. (xi.) 18.) 21. 87. 175. aekeafi 130. 2. 25.) 148. 21. App. 7. (b. § ii. xii. LDrflijjrr(^<omi—UJ 21. (b. 21. 245. 87. (b. (a) 264. (b. (b. 134 133. (a) 137. (a) 7.107. ^LDm. 83. 51. 41. 87. 50.

168 . ^QiBs 40 fEirmndj si'iTt^i^ 60. 233. 148. 85. (2. 117. 34. ^^sFl 25. 148. 23. (4) App.'mh. 70. ^ismGssFfr 8.) R. 121. Tlie tliree fishes. (e) 85. 168.) 64. LjpuuL— 262. 193.SIMPLE KEADlNCi LESSONS. (c.) Q(SyioSsr®LD.) 181. 47. 131. iS'skssfr 21). 110. pmssr^ 17:i. (2) 106. sntfliuth Qi^ifiQu) 263. (SU)'2e(r [_&> -t- 25. = for many days.] 87. 70. 78. [aPP. (2) 62.(4)74. (4.23. (f. 108. ^dQiTLDrrsu 136. 83.(6. 100. C7. 225. Qun^ 106. 29. euQKLD Qurr^ urriTs^^d Q<ssfTeir(Gr^Q(ai. <Shii^ ^^^ @(J5'i®P 74. 18. 106. 70. w] 127. S. [^ + ^] 145. {Brrih 108. iih elided.) 214. 172. 25.) 157. 233.) 106. Q<ssfT(i^s=LDauS0dQ/D^fT(5msujfr 137.46. 82. (b.) 106. eSltL®^ 254. 217. 157. ^wsSi—UD 25. xii (II. 117. = (oKoor^LD^ airev^^i\j.] 3. 254. 254. Qsar. 1.

] srruufrpnSesr&s)^ 87.] understood. App. A^ARDDHA- 130.(11. ept^ 169.] ^Q^'^^^-. that (one) must acquire.App. Tortw within= in the meanwhile.) ^'oariS!!r(^ uessrm ffLDUn^is QeuesarQilt 39.®. ^uQun^ (ST(^ear Qs^ihuueOnih 103.] SIMPLE READING LESSONS. <oT<sk^^ ^iEJ(^i}) ^/E/(^ii) ^(sa^d Qs^LDUt—iSijissr semQ. 56. xi.(2. 98. 251.268. 242. 4. ^i^ujfr&) 70.) MANA = thriving. 251. Qunp u/r<?/r/E/(5 ueasressfld 106. The merchant resolves to engage in business again. [Is any thing difficult of acquisition.(1. xii. 58. 7. 50. 126.(II). 64. 1. (11.) 'SiTuusnssr'''' (aij'?evd(^&r ^jsuulL®. [sot + IS. 251. 163.227. dE/TL/zjia/SOT"" ^jsljulLQs' 161. 203. 100.psi + g)i-. Qs^^^np 58. Rupya = beautifal. 165. 70. 108] 87. 261. 172.] S. [Oairsj. 126. 108. Mahila woman. Ellipsis of sign of case. = a 132. ^siss^uS 124. 88.125.] u. 148. 22 169^ " ~~ ~~ ~~ . ^iriiir snuurrpp QsuemQist eStr^^ [aJcT/?. (oTasrQp 84. ffuaurr^^^cssfid [nom. 172." 145. (4.) 242. [S. 77.) 58.[aPP. 60.

79. (4.] ^^^^LDUira^jT^^p Q^^eoeuL^ds Q&eamSlii). 74. ([ = u)£ijfl45c3"«®OTCosff. 87 . 108. 98. ff^un^^n^^p Qs^eosuL^ajfT^^ 121.SIMPLE READING LESSONS. (III. QLfis(^^ App. 58- 5. 106. 121. 87. 131. QeueOnu^s^^&sjs^ ^Q^dsir^^p Q-sfr<sm would weed out 87. 196. 165.) ^lSIjtiei 25. usQJtTioir 131. (cSssar j)j^U(sSl^^3= 77.xi. [This is The Sun-rise. (2.ff = /Di)] 74.] 199. The joy causer] 172.] [S.) [a walking corpse. The night season of that day. 33. 126. (4. ix. 136. (^rfliu 172. 88. 151.) 190. 108. Tlie fellow servant.)ffu+. I. 131. (5) ^(^/i) 72. ^<ss)<fUiSeo iBihQsbrp 70. (4) 72.] 58.^(^^ajisesr. 160. 133.) <5jQ<35y<s5T(rrj'eo^ snuunp(^^ 121. 131. and the idiom not pure. 148. 106. 33... QsrrQ(o!DLDs'2errd 181. 50. " . 234. The style is inflated a spefimen of Sanscrit-Tamil.] QjrGSsrisjs'Bsrru 'sot ^rrrrdsiTGOiEi <sL^i^. " ''s/f^sott" <^(ok^iuD 132. 72. 87. 23. QLDtoSrQLD^(^ ffUDUfT^UuQ^ 88. [S. U(oai—^0l0dQm/D 87. and by there being = Both beca use there is.III. Qisyrrpd 170.ffi-uLSifLDessfldJ Q^&jfr ''^d^tosrih iSuiunsssru no . 50. (II). as <53srrsi'^/T<s if it Qsi'prB 131.) a. 11. i^nKd(^LD epuup/D UfT&) . [ctuu4l«® tli = ctul/4l. a.) b. Qutuetsfr 2_(S3)l_uj 185. 131. upueo 13. (4. 98 ^-eOsiEJs'Ssrr ^'Sso^^^.235. CT63rj2/ ^(oSiSilS(^^LD^ 145.* <^6sr<f 82. [aPP. (5. 121. QlLHrdQiULD 6. [App. ^sarasyir eu rr lL l^ . I <oTp^f <jy^/D 77. 242. 23.

[_^(j^^ih a species of metre. ei. uemsr^sm^iLjisj Qsir(B^^!T(SO @fi^^ 22. §ii. the to q^itl-l^. Enter Q^mLL^. The verses are given with the The person who speaks is Kasi. Qa^eo^ I Notes. sresrsur f offered for sale as a slave. QenLLt^ajirm or scavenger of to act was is burn the dead and as public Harischandra Verse. (note LDesrsKsisn—fT ? ^uul^ Q^s^evSaOturr. <fS60 Qi^^^eas^uSso uiriE^ s-^^^ ^^sufruSled^ umLs^^u urr^s<5mtTU Quneo ^&)aiEjs6fflp 6^0^^ ^10'^^ ^(5'^ (sSfSld dySsaT-^^ti j)j^LJULL®i=^ L9iiaes3fl<s^LD seiFluusmi—i^issr. ^iejQs ^2sn- 193. lEiTck ut^ms^s^^a ^(e^<so 98. 151. :^dQp^S^s(^ = eSpSp^p(^. whose business executioner. Prose.] 6. like a&i). . 46. 1. jij SpQpff] = who is it that is selling? Tlie neut. ^/f Quit Siurr. it prose version. e£dSp^ — eSp8ps^ (70.rr. ^iejQs ssurr ff^pa Qsil-Qt—m? srrasr srcsrosr i Qumiu weed ^aecr sn^enrf 74. isnQpm <2S<ssin<sSjh Qs^emgn ^suira Quneo. 108. (spposip eusmujL'hoOLLjLh <5T(Lp us^ems^d (^^szDffdsSsyrti/LD ^smi—LU 185. 72.3=eo^ = Ois^fTeo&a. QunprSl<f (^ij^k^ QufT SUIT ITS err. 43. As from the a specimen of vulgar tarail or G)3. Q^iTffoenmJj. verb is often used in such cases. Sluit. tM^'^ isfl/i)«6= Qs^LD &-ism'i—. urrrfle^ib u<si!)p'umsQesr [rans] Int. ^<smQi— or ^emee>i—Quj. ^jT^^^eO ^(TKiom<ssr <s=n'iT^^uj(^ Qs^iLisn^rrscf (^iBiU(Ssr ^(currsessfl^ ^«.i(Wi is very common.!TQLDir.] SIMPLE BEADING LESSONS.s^<5S)^. S!T(^U3 130.[aPP.) The corruption of Qp^px^ into Qp^ Q. Root e£l6\).* 269. 185.] ^<sir isS&) ^emQi—. si thrown in as a kind of interjection. d. _ . c£l2so (oTii^ s^iT ? Quit sTdresr? Siuir ersJrsar.. (157. ir = (sfl^<s(g." are inserted. 6T ^fskrQi—! ej ^smQi—! /E/rsJr ^fr.n-io (^sQp^^<i(^ 94. Qsfr(B^s. A common corruption in pronunciation. [Skandam. sS^<s© <^&Qpsi ? Q^itlLl^ ^rrtS. tbe following sentences ^rfl^s^^ii^a eSei)ir^LD or Play of "Harischandra.

(c. fut. part. ^^<s!r s^ir^.) l8 S Si] ' /S EST Qp 263. (6. I.3=n^. 269. ^irek j/E^ <K^^ (Mpu^nio rSisoenffLoirss Qsls Qs it eu/EQ^ek eSp(Trj'<so m Q en <3!r Notes.) . erdr^sot—iu fBirsir ^itSQuit sttS ups=. (1. sells Harischanclra replies fSfrQssr : 9i^^lditu ^enmir Q^Q^eSet^eo 22. ^ensmir^ ^irssr wdsiaw iwps eutEQ^eir. 50. (8.] The person who Verse. s=iT^uSlio = in caste. ers!r<£(^^ •FiiQ^sLarruSlQr^. as to my caste. Qurr Q^iB^JJ. ^P/Dl1> ^SoiSOlTLDp 202. er&r QuQjjir Sii—dso a^irsH/TQ.) Qsss 161.Qp^ <^3oO sirsQp Q^itlLl^. Q'3=IT&)^S QS IT (cSST L^L^eJ (8. «® en—dso siruQum. The Qe^L-L^ijjiTnk replies Verse. ^-m^ssru uirir^^fT&> 97.u3(es)Qeo 239. 23. OsiTeir(enLD Qurreo 227. i£SiiSJQ&) «u. ^Q^i^'^'^ Qld^^ •FisQ^ireLS. s^^ 263.) ^luir! 270. This in the 3d case is <^pufiiT&> — because you arc selling. (srssrst^. •=&>'-° ^uurr. ^rr^uSlp 251.^ ^ppuijf. Quireo ^Q^ih^ireo and Quit.ui. U'cmpiU(e^Qm'. ^uurr! 157. neut. (2. ^8so<Stu 50. Notes. ^U(^ 50. Root aSJa). ^^ffoir 220. 51. understood after ^it^. 70.(5. Prose. ^i^A rEsr!^^m(ms. 269. Before Q^iflu E_ii) is is understood sslit 39. eSpu^.) Sing.) 98. Prose.g= Qs^ireaeo Qsh^uld. noun. eei/f. [aPP. re 104.iQpgj. eSpu^ireo.SIMPLE READING LESSONS. 194. 88.) ^i^s <siT&^ ^Qf) lEsir^ Q^mLi^. QsiT<sir(smLD = if there is a probabilitij of your buying.

131. It contains one or A verse. WHICH HAS EXPERIENCED cSlIi—Qs [is] PLEASURE. 190. = ever. SlosNihgi for SlSsur^^.[aPP. 46. : The Tamil GIVING [is] viktde. '&-p.'] Qsis — QslLs. a?® Jinal classes deliverance from this mortal coil.possessions.). ^(f^d8p^ ? Where do you rsn'm @Q^'sQ/d^ ^(^^rr^ir. to subsist. Notes. ujD'd'^rr^ for usap^a^s^fr^. She replied. loTiaQs This is common = I the place where live? I dwell. a!r^&). evil forsaking to accumulate [is] wealth. 03" The whole ^ffl^s^m^u <£lecirrjFLD two passages only unfit for perusal. AvvEi was asked for a definition of these four. Quir^im. is worth reading. uffesr. Ill Gram. philosophers divide the subjects of composition into four ^/dlq virtue. and the first of each metrical foot by an accent. For the metre see Pope's III Gram. the Supreme. ersjrjpgroi—iu ^it^Qiuit = as regards my Caste. 7. ^(i^sQp^. The following quatrain is worth knowing. affection. The er (^ (S^ fr words ek £11 LD not in common 126. syllable The omission of final s_ is marked by an apostrophe. iBfTsk [_is lorrnQr^GO is added often (98). use are ^LLt—&) - collecting together. ever AFFECTIOX ' TWO PERSONS IN MIND ' HAVING KEPT I SUPPORT 5. 173 . ^swuld pleastire. THE SUPREME HAVING CONTEMPLATED THESE THREE Qufleiru a?0 WHICH HAS FORSAKEN [is] THE EMANCIPATION OF TRUE BLISS.] SIMPLE READING LESSONS. 215. I. live in Tanjore. ^ is thus used for but if you ask (Com.

II. J version. [The first line is the exact original.S(mu>Qu!r^ L3jT6k)^rTLSls(^mQufT^. The 2d the corrected Read them aloud to accustom your ear to the corruptions. ii9<s^ i^^^fntSlsvfU^ LtST ^j-ir^sro^ffl ^QL—i—irsmrQ ^i—^^sjDp ^Qsi^t^nessrQ iei uSleo. A LETTER FROM A COURT PLEADER. ILj Ld ^ j£! IB ^ S [T SIOT (Si— (S!n'Lj^<3-'rru3 ^Q i—L187. [aPP. ws n m"^ ^ (^ 3^ !T (aiin & l^ p^^ (sap lu (Sii rr s err s= Qp s ^^ s (^ (su s S eO ®uD® Lc (^0 ^s (3^ L—Q [^ 2- u)a. ^^SO <35 6SST l—^ GSST 65 ^ 187.] APPENDIX II.6i_ OurrL-Q^eun-eQsi) ^Qirr&^GO @@ (aU(T^iS1^^^6\) ^Sei^iLQ LDfT3=^^i^ S_S-(d^^SJ QufTiLQ. L^^^aiu Qji^ LDsrr ^unujefu^ifl in ^lL^ ld it ^(Sjd/t iusurr<xsfr lTnfn&lu)j2| ld to is u /6i ed Gi hj est S5 (sjsar s err /iS u ^Qsii ^(SuiTS&r "in^GT^ — iBihuiBeo ^ikis&r tDiriflu^^eo 174 .LETTER FROM A COURT PLEADER. Qiapuiq^ iBLnuTsdstr i3lpefi\siTiQ. Compare them carefiillj-. IT © g i_ ^ ^ u<s^ smrriueufrssrruuSl saar i_ tr uSi ev rs£3 187. fIr?(1fT6Tu)j2]— ai QmpuL^ fBwuiTsdofru up/Slu /b-sx^ —m Oiusmu ss) ^ iLj m^m@ 2_0© — LhtEiSiUsmpu^^^iE'S iJo (Gm <ss) l^ lu ST<osru<oS)^u^u>y fSLDUemrru up^^ ^rsjS(^Qai—UJ j)li3uSirrTUj^(SS)^ j)j/Sli^QsfT6mQ Q^ffliuuuQ^s.

^(oO O^tBiueuQEQid ssst © Sj^pc^'sn'Sfrfiss QsniriLi^eo (cSLLu<5S)<sus(sr^a(^ ^eufTLj iS(n QsnQss <3i-^ Qsu s37)i Lo &r ssr ^ Ld ^ uu IT fr (^ p^ T as (^ (Lp ^Q iSl ^^ ssssr QiSU<5m(SlLD iSKskglllhy ^ITUUfT@p^p(^ (sSiupu:ifTLi9 (sSIsuitldituj (T/JOT" ^Qsi^iSl^^ LCi^(^(93i<3.IU ^ l9 U l9 (TT^ tU ^ SiD ^ Q3^ em mr uu i^ i^ essr ^s ^ ai>a9(m^(^Ln<o0fr[Ufr^(oS)puj 187.iTseir Q£^ ^^dSl/^iTsQetr. Giifr<s ^ i£i u i3l qrj' lu Ld 6^(msijfrTs. II.[aPP..iwss^sB (^fSl^^ a5(BJ3i(GrEai(m OiUQp^iS (ms(^(7rj>iTS!orr ^m)^u^^ <^ssTQ<sirpi—ii^!oO Qiusmetsr 175 ~ """ ~ . GiUsiJ(sSl<SLDfrii3 QloioO 151—35^ Q stJsssT i^.DSu^}]Lti (oTe^fT^u:. (m ^uS (50 Test 3^ IT ®ss ti9 sn Sso Q iJJ ssiir Q l9 jd <syo ^fnQ^ ^frfr<zsrr ja/SSTS^fT Q ^SUuSlsilSsOOlUiSmSlp ^ lEl <S I^SS)L-. op p 3s mi3 ^ a^ Q^sO nppsnuSi^^^eo LD^<i QsfT(SlssQ<suesar®il> Oi '^ <sr<ssr^uD sesarQ (L£>Q ii9(m3S(^j:fffr<sO<ofr Oa=-osr&nuuL-L—<s3yrLD eOfnurr Qs^eBreuruLLi—sssrili ^iGOitiuit ^ajfrs'iSTr ^(SiJ.] LETTEK FROM A COURT PLEADER.

Lit. great (2.M-sQeusssrQu:).) ^iiS for .J^^rreij ^ioSQldw. ^eniT ^i—w for ^'<airffi—^Q&>. possesses.) LD£Brr ^air^ero^fff a Sanscrit form. In regard to Grammar. (GY7) L_/u ^i9. 3.) p for n- (3.) kingly sr(Lo^ sem® ^QF/sQ^irsSn . uiSlQrj>ius5Sin^si5iTi5sr^nSl m^ O a IT err err 35 Qp (SV fT S ^ 6V GSpl Lb ^^/Tr@fL£l gg« The (1.—ioed^i—^^<S5)fD luevfra^errnpssrurrs Otusw§5aT O'Si—t—irfr ^lL^ ^GSfT ^suiTasfT Qpissrurrs erearSsarcS QsLLi—rrir!Ei cTi (&T^<s s (m ^ nSeSl^ ^ G\ <Sr IT <si) (Si) Q iSiJ ^u Q Ln (sar ^^ en /Si^^ld s IB s Sl.) 2_t_aj for ^-eai—iu in the 6th case..^Qs= is very vulgar. Several Idioms are worthy of notice. as are all stops. 251. r76~~ . 8iC. Lit.LETTER FROM A COURT PLEADER. (7. is really good. having seen.) chief diflferences to be noticed are. hereafter. (3. The mute The words are not separated.) (4.) sressr® for ersjr^.r(T@ U SSifT U^^i QsiTiTL-L^eo Qasrrpi. It was written formerly ^. (6.) Gld&) for ^. Loarr ^jjfr^LDtr&^uj ^rnrg^m^rB — one who king's ftlicitij. (8. ^'^ for ^5^ common is but vulgar. (2. Sfc.) (^p for Qp.] ^^S Sir SUIT'S &-^^ff(sii r<S5 OsiJ ^ii iM Q(svssm(SLh- Ofus^iuQzsr Oinpui^ Osrrpi—Q Qtopuu^ LD 15 Oa.) sign (i-\<Bn<cS\) is omitted throughout. II.ii— <3jlL j)is Qi5p<sia/DUJ^(osrLh QaniTLL® LD LD eW ^ IT Q LD&M rr 3^ LD LD 15 ^ L£) IT 637 2. an answer must become = I beg for a^ Q^iLiQ^ = thus having done. It is equivalent to ^!sm&iUfT&). though now obsolete. (5. ^ji—^ is used absolutely as the sign of the 7th case. 2. (1. you have indeed writ- ten ~ you have seen Jit to write. This is poetical. ^s.) (4. .^i/. Note 1. [aPP. @® for Qisa®.

the Your 23d letter posted instant. 114. Divani addlut Cumbuconum district udditionuL •3^^iTiEs:n'(siin'<ssh- SHOP'S s^<s(m presence <su rr ^i si en u ir u (£l (€^ 3" Ln Sudramin tv their complainants: in the Puvandsam fifT&^ssfT Tulduk ""23 ^(SSiL^uuisjsrreSliso in Sadeii/anydl ^q^s(^LD (A) who-ivill-be ^/Di^^ dead-and Qumssr <jone nt ~~ . You wrote in a former be given. This is my desire. the head writer asked me before the judge in court. Court Vakiel. Free Translation. I told him so on tlie 8th of December. your wishes in this case. came to hand on have made myself acquainted with its contents. in regard to the Meliir free-grant-land. and also inform him of youf intentions regarding No. I beg you to write me your ten about what you are hereafter to do ? Yesterday wishes about what I am to do in court regarding that affair. no answer was needed. ting to Melur. Wiiile I was thinking that when the new Assistant judge. January 10. Sastri. writes as follows and sent on 22d August. Rangasami Sastri. 378.T COMPLAINT. I beg you to give me a reply immediately that I may know Salaiu. APPENDIX [For tlie III. relaI told liira tliat I must inform you before 1 can reply. To the very respectable IMr. 1853. 49th year (1849) No. III.j ANALYSIS OP A CIVIL COUP. the cases in court) I would tell him that in the appeal case No. Therefore. should speak about the above Numbers (i. witli his compliments. and I Rangasami 1854. at the words see the Vocabulary end of the book.] . appointed and arrived. the new Assistant Judge himself asked me why no answer was given in Since I knew well your opinion that no answer should the case No. letter that. about No. 378.[aPP. 205. 205. the documents had How has the Madras lawyer writbeen sent to the lawyer in Madras. e. Analysis of a complaint preferred in a civil court. Vakil.. Sinitli of Tanjore.

Q lh p u u^ ^i^srv^ Qmpui^ Their couditionin mirusdurs. (msrrsrrfBSinOg'tu LjesrO^Fiususm^Btunir gLsrrsrr (B <sO <opissrgus(^ (b&stQs^iL is Lj(53rQs=uj euemsajriiT one-third— part tchich wetland dry land cf the kind 178 . Maiiuyi erearSp who is called LDrriflQpff^^ Marimuttii ^pQ. life. sn ^pQsfTGmi—iTsbr Taralwnddn mrrrflajmiS (1. us by hereditary right -our-own bei7iy npssSo Pin issr so IT sssT ssy)i 3. Turakondaii {2).—^fB^&/v^ ^pQsiT'Smn—fT(Ssr(a-). iSln^ 6VfrQ<SGrr LSff^eutT^serr. dryland. The defendant's husband and ourselves brethren because we are eiS? The above ^smt— iU[k3irred^3=^m^(nij>p-3isQ(rrj'ijiLDQe)j Sadeiyangul-as-long-as-the moon and sunlast tslffd^ village {consisting — flrilD of) velis SO ir ^ is\) O lu fBi s to (GT^ 3i (m iSl ^ Qrj> p Q^in ir iSl O s' rriu ^ u^ esr in the land. of these kinds the land Qwemu^uj which should <9^iEJs^uSli\)^ in the affair. f5esrQs=UJ Lj<SSrQ. Suppramanyan iB O u eaar &= Q ^^ Q s rr i^ ^ ^ ew^ situation: i5^/_® (^ ^^ esr m (248J Quem^a^ icife sismisQstTi^: Tanukudi ^i^ew^ (^LL®s<^L^^^io5rih householder.fiU (SUSmSLUjrfT iS6\)LD Qsidi—ss to full to Wetland. [APP. Ill. ir tH lu iS e^rr 3p ld it op g.). Defendants: in the above ^sniflso village ^Q^s(^isi who-tives rr ^pih^Qunesr dead-and-gone s?LJL9snD€3sfliU(ok' ^pQsrr&sBn^mm Turakotidcm's i^. uiflLDnessnh value ^urrtLi rupees sn^®^ 135 3^ ^ (Sm ^(sm annas &)— su *.xirsimL—rrioifr—9." 9 rr ^^ srr Q LT) p u i^^ iSior^suir^OuiBei) O L9rr^(SuiT^(cuifl60 defendant upon luiu eurr^sstr the Plaintiff'^s Qiopuis^ the above G^luoju which ui— is t— t5l(W^<orio!jresrO(oij<ssT(7rj><oi) the ap ^ ffd ir eu ^ i3 ir ^ ev ir^ made complaint ichat if you ask: 1. iBrfrafLSlnrrsi-.] ^ em i—S<s ed^ p Q Adeikalam <s tr saar i rr <osi m s^u Om <s err es) eu uSl ^^ sQ rfl iei <s Turakonduns Sons ir Vuittilingam ^p O 3S rr 633r /_ /r sar-a-co ("S) .ANALYSIS OP A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT.

II.3=ujuuuuLl.Q(frj'Ln^Si'oSiQLD<oO<sii up ^ the above p continuulhj viltaye tite yoveimnentul share onhj {to the) Tunjore Mission clergyman by the company mnesBuuuD a gift we continue.iu QmpLJU^ (he above made siirr because belonging to our LB(7rj>a^tSed^^3i(mQLc. III.puu^.[aPP. eSl <3 <3i'^ u lu rr ^ ^u u with register. Q eu <s9 iD i§l <30 ^ ^ .tsf-(m-iQp It is uu^uuiriso (oriEJS(ef^<ocoL. Tlius while . with out objection. ^(Sui^^sirenrrii^Ln ^tsSu^^irssfrniLji}) Qs=^^^sQsfT<sm® (106) having paid conVmually iu 3> tu rr iBtTiEJS&r we both as people who have not divided their inheritance 'Si<^ 3i Q tn lt> ir ilj ii^ ^ Q^ ^ & while eu (t^ ss) ^ tiSI s\) and as having one common enjoyment {of the property) lu fBi we continued to be 3i sffi ffO ^jiJ the suO^<3i^i—.] ANALYSIS OF A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT.L— (m)SiuQL£. enjoying ssi ^^ O 3i IT ezor ® QmpuisL. GcFlIl-Sst altogether best l9p^ lSIst^ STEJ<setfl&} s^QKsu ^Qiu who was QmpuL^ the above (Stsfl of us dejend- eu (T ^u (m (3^ ssT i^^^n-s^fB^ujssT lj^^it so7i u3 e^ u (7)j> u eii (surr^ ant's 1-1(^1— ebr <?/5^^ ^<skrSlLSl&) descendant without in the Uffnusu Prab'hava husband (^^ Q ^ (SiiQ^i—ii) ^ <s <ss) IT Q^^aarr \^ ^^^&iOiup. and periodical ceremonies perform. lu ^ (oil ^}i (5 (S2F) (El sn <3^<3. iDrr^^^6\) ^p^^ month 3i year in the sitterei died and ivent away.s (m Q vu yruund fBi -s <of?l eo Qp ^ the <s^ en fr ^ aSl Ou (Trp ffO QeueSI veils aO Seo^^s(^LD 10 tu the (siikiseifleo Qp^eo ojrr^ of us (rrj> fimt cumptai?iant §ssr Qusrndo in the name LQ(nf>3r^fr3s<s^i^S3r S ofthemiriis. lEi <s (Gm ld O ^ ^ For him we all rites having done.'S0 lAljrrrs^ p^ sn (sm <s u fr^fBtufr£U<S(^ un^ifltufT^d^s' share to the (Qeo^^s(^uo ground fflrar QiDeosufrrr^es)^ the guvernmental minis cleryijman 0^^}^^0<sir Q Q Q Q leo) fEi s.'B^QuTu9<£li^i^ir<ssr QuniLeSlLLL—nesr.e» <s p ir..

uj (^/o! ^3. complainant CS) 3^ LL p u ^ iSlirQsiiirQu^tJiUtTeveQ ^ <s <s ir Quapuisf. iSljT^l&jrr^Luth the above defendant unsueS.^ lu fEJ fij 3S §srr m ^ (irj> Qp^ lh Q •s rr sar ®Qu ^ L. u3 Ql [aPP.put on with the so saying [Tj desire we u:> l9! es) s 3i (em i sar aj osrr lu Siir fflfy lo S e\) O lu fB s (G-itj es) i iLi which-tlie-jewels her 11^ and besides fT n9i some oj'uur 3j 1. in the month of Jam. j>{^ pQ ei] rr ^1 3i Q &^ Ou i^ em 3" lu IT Qmpuu^ (he above QurrsS'isrv police ^iS-fii officer LSsT^eun^a(^ to the ^-QuLLetDSiuiriL partial defendant .1 ff'u)CT-(^^ in the -^1 tk U^ 4f i? sd np ^ SO en Q IT ^w ^ O rr £S concerning year rS . tvhu is culled some people (^ LD u sn &ifba^QLnpuu:^i3lpQ'S)jir^' coming the above rr ii9 ssr Q u earn- a crowd collecting defendant's daughter eQ 3^ rr ffO fT <sf^' as) lu -s (sQ lu ssyr m O 3'- \u ^ 'Str O 3> tr err sit Q eu sspi <ESg=rT&)fTLLQ(ss)Uj-s ssSluunernnJo m<iiriugc Miss Wide-eyes Gs^iLi^ QsfT&r&r (104) QeuesmQua making to take to themselves vce must. 111. s'Setr iLj ih ^rjpQ (Sj S37 j^^LDm'us QarremQ took ir em etn Quaesrsm^d ^ en utensds by violence away (258) IT ^ &. i3l Q LD etV ^^ Qp I— ij^- eo O '3= tu ^ O -x iT essr /_ (nj s^ 3i 3i it ^ tnagisterial department IT made l9 3" IT iSl for the complaint Q pu i_n LO- Qu e9 Si^. O LD em 3p '^ ^^ ^j Jill (S3) eo Quitl— l^qeib^ vihich-we-had . ts ir tni 3.i^^ih (in the) Pucanasum ^ir^ssa Ti'diik.ANALYSIS OF A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT. the lu iJ^ first complainant <5d them tj O u if^ ij^ £! jr}i i^ 3j ^S rr uSl (tp ^ etj S SO Quiflg^il) fSirSLSlff^LDfiLu (ip^so eiin^ the first QuiBso upon rr ji'/ vpon ^1 (and) icithout cause i<^.] (SO e)j (^ Ln 3" 3i ^ IT iT)! lu tr €sr QLopui^LSp^eu/r^iiSlssr tlie it IS a woiiian tvlif has an bting ubuve defendant'' ulUitted subsistence ^^ (TTj) LD^Si tiSlejrQiuifi<oO<siJ&OtEjSLDtr vpun 'S G) s^st <s fr^i 3i<s rr Q 3^ inu Eirsjia Sembunhudi consent i£) Valanyhamaii /r 'Juluk eQ fEO ^ issT Os Stor / tr ear O lu ssr u sij sst Q wit/i s^ nh t^ isst Jiumaiingan Tenkondan <5>-zy.

'5^«L0 Qp^<&in(3ST^ tS'c.S 3i IT 3. SsfT 3S 3i SSiT Q <5)J fEI 3.istence the above in the yruund LD f5S!iTQ\3^iS<S()QsU(sQ ibmQfuSli\) in the wet ground QsueSl vei G'^ ^S S 10^ LD (63) lEJ S STT <sSl Q (^ p Q ^S uie to ^ '^ Ssold land 15 3i iBnisjserr toe tsS(Si@p &S1 ^1 Q^ear^LO leave tU IT ^ ^1 Jim S ^ in iiV olT S 3i Q U S . Q L[) pU U^ !§ '0^ 3.[aPP. 3 snr ^iTLDiT(cUTm QffiL^ continue so determinution QsiremL-. IT covenant SSI esT 3^ siyi ^ O 3 hij a szor ® 3i /r <oii u ld Q 3= 'u ^ 1 its produce means if subsistence 3'- making sv(yE3i. U ty^ 3i Stn 3i 3i GfT iSl T) u iQ s_i_63r uu^dt5s>3<sseir covenants 3. III.p0^saJ^iS)^pijiiTi5yTLCi Q suQ^Qp Q^ek^LD IS to lu 3^ O 3. of the dejtiidant the nje-time SV SS) Il9 ^ Sn otr Q &! 1^ LTi 3^ 3i ^ .'Lp S 'a^ IT <o!ST 3J1 Q 3'- iU LD (o\) cgyiSZD^ J3j(SlJS(T ^^^1 inortyaye L/. 3i 3i SSiT iSpuiSI having 3J ^1 to O 3i 3 1J337" ® ^ (nj> (5S) ® GLCipUloQlLCi^m) to caused Q.S (m fniEJS!^d(^uj and she to us lU Lti <3^ I— tJ:.] ANALYSIS OF A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT. be produced iSl having seen that the above Q p 1^® ^3l-L®U QY^ ^ ^ 1^ Si . ^SO us lony as fur the sub. which they made l9 f>\> l9 p 3> IT IT LD ^ 3p (5)9 Up lEI 3. 17 th day defendant we ^ sQ SU SfT O Sijsnetr IE] <S (Q^ . (oU LSIe\)ioijiijs enQKL^Lo accordiny LU to these particuhi i s enumerating. magisterial a deed of reconciliation 181 .-.t^iJs'hoir arbitratois es) 61J ^ p s^ O 33 If 6SJI G i9 no ^ &j IT ^}] <ss) i— iiJ ^/^ tS 3? liaouiy appoiuttd. (^3tU LU ITLD&) not viahuig cSi^ and that Si] she IS.^ Lti 3 (Sij ih lSl3IT^d(^ complaint ^3n& !BITLD3(SijLD (m® 3i 3i u u t^ 1^ (ms (m Qs 17® S S U LJ lL l^Q^S Qp^ has been given. in the Pilavauga year T IT 3i L^ U?^ UD^ LDIT^LD Sl_ ^(-9 ffO l9l 3 3 Si Si Q (G3) lEl IS IT lEJ 3i (GTE ih LOniTSL^ « ST Q^^liSls\) l3n^'SUn^S(^ to the S (^ LD muryari month. (^^ lSIjsitiii}) -^IS' 'sSl •oil If iBJ s'^eiT s semQ Q. (l9 (m ru ^'j Q 3: (t ssar ® rtp 35 'S^ au it ai'sm lu Qi^gSliUfTii9 recuncdtd 0ufr<s yo being the Jirst cunipluinunt to Q<9^ireO'sQi§ipuiS3iiriQ3^\u3i^^ Qs^ireO'^ haviiiy told ^ ^ eo Q s^ in ^ ^: lu ew 3} it dsn SiTUuiB^ili trouble Q3tus:^^(SU)6d because he yuce &S0 some ti3 LD^^Lusn.

s O sii essr ui. hi the above chief aiithoriti/ \x) — Q 10 sv <sSl fQ eo ^^ <ss) sti— fTri— SO sj ih>—eo smr smi .u0u<o3rjijLD Q is p u isj^ Qif ^ (SS) 2_i_(Sjr7 an injustice that that (and) ss) the above document of reconciliation Ptp so in u i^ s s •s Ssrr <s sssr ® ap ^<sO'SVfr^^(^if)si)svrr<S(m Qp^ed&jrr^ ^(^ifleo the UL^S6S). iii>—<sii^ ^rrirQ T/iat deed fEiTLDnosxaiJ ennmiQi Qsnemi— who ezrar QunsS. in the f§6\)^^&) land ^ — (SO ^ em third esm) O <s <sin u.siv the police (if reconciliation <s ir ^i^a^irQiuioSTSiST officer p ^^ m) Q eii O tu ir & (SiJ iss) ub what from motives'^ ivho-is-a-womuin-to-whom 3^<s<sirf51ujfrmr s^ssfTtfltumssr a-subsistance-is-allowed i3lp^6ijrr^<s3 iSlrj-^ to the Q la pu above isi.sfrii3^<oJ QjiB^(r^sQp^rruj is gv u u® put isi s^ ^ (m- ^ of a-^^jsi/ an order ^jisijetr <oiJ3=uu®^^esr^ the having in possession ir come as if u^ she i^frtLi3. ^ qrf Q (GO) Ln IT (ss) su eii rr (ei QOs took ir <sasT l_ O u fr eQ s^p. to <s . ^}i Lb <S (CTH O) Qmpuis^ The above - iSji^eun^ defendujit's li(t^i—^u3 iBn!as(^ix> _ husband and _ ourselves . they a? e.] tfn .ANALYSIS OF A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT. (S3) /E7 Q LT) p U IS^ p ^ ^ U (3>p. lu ^ Q u rr 00 tF. [aPP.—60 epesT^ 8<ss)i—ds Qsueisarija-UJ^ fall must Qurreo as if one ^(osil^Lnfra9^(^jiJ<s(^ unjustly to the ^p^Oiua^^QLuputq^ a report liaviny written. ^-<sli^ not making (TF'2Efrs sssar® looking 6urrd(^Qp6[)il> and agreement (S^ at the first plaintiff in head cutcherri/ evidence dossr (B ^^^p (^03^L[i(oS)L[)iutru9(sQs^rrp Qs^LD<mLDUjnuj rightly O 3^ in ^ Qs!T(Bs:-^^p(^ffto his eSls^nff'^sssr Qs^iL^ having given examination makivg (^friuiMfresr&^<S^j-sijOc9^iutufriMeQ(m<S(^(7rj>iTSStr s^—sv^ iSuufTuuLDnssr a just P-^^nsi^ answer iQ Q eU IT s^ lu in rTLD<S)90<iS(vr^ it set.s (^ is err err ^ i^ iiSl eo iD—Q(3iJ&9 velis (Seo^^eO of land Si <oO e^eur^di^etren' third which ^i^uSp below one <s issar L— ^ fB ^ i3p^syT^siJ3^uu(B^^LDUin_ the specijied (259) land <su defendant srr to put in possesion of <3= &^ ^^ J- sn ^jru S(^p. iQ &d ^^ eii eun^si^ defendant QiDpuisf. III.

iSji^iaiirT^ the defendant' s LKV^L—^ih husband iBTiEJS(m. in.[aPP.i}> being ivhat cannot take effect and ourselves ^(sSlu(m^^irOerresru^p(^ ^(sSu^^iT<seir people whose property is QL0ipui^(irj>^(e3)iMrr QmihuL^ ^)rrn^t5mjDrT deed the above ej(SsrLi^p(^ not divided to the fact (f of reconciliation erfljrjj &-L^Li>UL<^'SS!n:S np ^ei>fre!n^Q6sr. In the magisterial department a deed lem LD IT (all is^ l9 p m ^ (7^ <s s a9 &i iBnLonei^iii iSlpi^(y^<i<ss)SiiS&) QiuiEJSGweii^s^^^eQQ^fB^ &js^si^60 ensism ^0/^^ in of reconciliation having arisen our care which was f§l(Si>^es)^i9p^sijfr^eiJ3^uuQ^^ Seo^em^u land /Si isSI &^ ^^ eo eo a.sij O <!p lu lu i3iT^siin^ the eus'LJU®^^ to give ^3:^n(oi\ QffuJLU to defendant possession of permission tr make in esfl iLj ^^ <sfrp em ^ authorities (all fr <erR . lh u uf^<ses)S us written above an agreement having arisen (256) in that ivay.SLCi(7Fgi-s<s &^i—(oirui<^ses)s Qp^(oOiTQ!r ^jQ(^!rsLD other (i^si-is(S(r s (^ p ^Q^dQp by their and agreement and many pro(fs .s (^ ^ ^<sirp lQ authority ^^ (g)^ rr to the Revenue by being none.{utrQ^ir(r^ and the to her above land e^ anysoever g^LnufB^L^eOffdrr ld^ LnOu:^Oe<dQ£>^iuui^ connection there not being u. ^ (sSlu(^^^frstrrrintxii5fr6Tr^6i]'S3>iru9ioOQL[>puis^ who not divided their property <s (Gfh <35 being those and to this day to the above fS SO sm LD Q np ^eoeiJT^Ou(Trf>eoi£l(Trf>3r in the first affairs Plantiff's name (S3) ixi tltemirds 3^ <s rr iSrfKuu^is^eSlj'Oujp^ise^Oisv Q ^(muu^i^eSir besides being en /Si ilj ld sj/bsssrQsu before ^su(^Lhs^<isnff)iijUD being-a-woman-ivho-has-a-subsistence-allowed-her ^ en isTK ^QUD Qubpui^(Q<sd^^:S(a^u.] ANALYSIS OF A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT.jy u u thus L^ eiJ3=uu®^^esr^ £F LJ e^ (Lp (^ ^ u u iq im J)jLJUlSf- U Q^^ loUr^ to e^QpiEJ (^^ the having caused take possession ^ij U fTiLjiD a breach of order and ( I'Sl ) ^ <? loO (30 IT ^^ (es)S^ lu t^ p ^ ev ^ L-j^ <oi^M^ ub rr (S3) fEi a> (em im Sl^ it Q'f(sO&)n^^(^g^th. fEi ^ .

without any dispute. which are claimed. Mirasdars. the miras being entered. being ours by hereditary right. and. | j of the aforesaid 1. Pavanasam Tdluk.s&n'SUisi. which consists of thirty velis held as absoUite 2iro[)crty.^. Murimuttu Mariayi- Condition in life: In the matter of lands Nanjei and Punjei. i Defendant. the drj'cndaiit (SSiT which-has-taken-pussexsion of the ubuce — [W)—sd 67) e^ 3'> (^ err srr S SO ^s ^ is\) s^ i LnuiQ. [aPP. in the Combaconum District Court of Divani Adalut.'QsOLcQurrsiiMpp'BlsO im ^ QsusSI i§oVui Quns ('25SJ wpp ib'ieOm J of a ai veli must continue land <s <s besides the rest (oil < if the land O lu lEJ <s (STR s (^ O •s isiD I O (ossr u^ lu (sst ^ (s^ fSl s^ ^ to us to foil IT that it must concerning l9 p ^ su i3rr^si:n^ thcdefondant ^Q Qu^rSleQi^i^QT^^ Q3'\utU'Sd(TQi^u^. village. in the raanyan Tureykondan. brothers phiiiititls and the defendant's husband bein^ I. accvrdiny to the oiie thiid-beiiiy land agreement eSl ^ eu su (63) LD3=s.] U l^. 9 Annas. because the governmental share of the village of this our miras ground was made over to the Tanjore Mission. Value. alias \ Condition in life: householder. Complainants. 135 Rupees. Tureykondan. widow of TureykondAn of Sadeiyangal. Vaittilingam Tureykondan. HI. Translation. 2. upon this complaint we have made. and we enjoying it. lU fT ^11 LCi i3\ no ^S'l SV IT ^iSU 3^ U U L^ l^ QR <3i (^ IT Q LH pU ISj- heiiKj.ssir<s for iubxistance ^ Gil srr ^ ^gy u ^ ^ she which enjayhig p CS 6XJ SlOt iq^ iu euirQeutosarL^uj — S^ — QsxjeQ. in the name of the tirst plaintitF. Quifl&) (230j ^i^u iSirn^ Qs'djujsd (268^ ^Q(SS)Ld. we continuing to pay to the Clergyman of Tanjore the above governmental 184 " .ANALYSIS OF A CIVIL COURT COMPLAINT. the late Subra- The sons of the late Adeikalam Tanukodi. We the and one third of the village of Sadeijangal. To the presence of the additional Sudr Ameen.

things belonging to us. and void in law . in the month of Q^^mrr. the revenue authorities had no right to put the defendant in possession of land which was in our charge . and she having no connection with the land whatever . of the village of Sembankudi. but enjoy the proceeds thereof herself. in the year Prabhava. 1-iamalingara Tenkondan. and. without any cause. and their having so put her in charge being a breach of order. as specified below. except the ^ of a veli allowed for the defendant's subsistence according to the terms of the deed of compi'omise aforesaid. was put into the possession of the defendant. is enjoyed in common. wrote a report to head quarters to the effect that 3 of the land should be given to the present defendant to whom subsistence was assigned. died without male issue. leaning to the defendant's side. with the consent of the defendant. Thus in the magistrate's court an act of compromise was signed and delivered. III. The representations of the plaintiff supported by the above deed of compromise. since. used violence to induce the plaintiff to compromise the complaint. we as brethren whose inheritance in that division. a deed of compromise to this effect having been given in the magistrate's office. in the Pavanasam Taluk. actuated by we not what motives. she having on the They also took away other jewels with which we had invested her. in reference to the complaint which the 1st plaintiff made against them. which she should not have power to mortgage or otherwise alienate.cation of the parcels of land follows. Arbitrators were therefore appointed and in the month of Miirgari. hi. collected a crowd and took away by violence defendant's daughter Wide-eyes. in the month of June 1847. II. The police officer who received this deed from us. Concerning this. the above police officers. and the defendant being . continuing to enjoy it: — our . and to the complaint also.] 24 185 . deeds were signed by the defendant and the 1st plaintiff respectively. : [The specifi. that such an order had come. We performed his funeral rites and continue to celebrate the periodical ceremonies (in commemoration of him). in the Pilavanga year. most worthy brother. in the Valangaman Taluk. and. with the intention of marrying her. know IV. the present defendant made against the 1st plaintiff in the magistrate's department.[app. as is evident from the above cited deed of compromise and many other proofs we have made this complaint in order to i-ecover the above land. in which it was specified that we should deliver up to the defendant for her subsistence | of a veli of land.] analysis of a civil court complaint. share. one to whom already subsistence was allowed . the defendant's husband and ourselves being also persons who had not divided our inheritance. which. in consequence of which J of the land. were not examined and a just reply given. Things being so. the above defendant's husband. The pi-esent defendant's husband and ourselves being brothers who had not divided their property and the miras of the above property being still in the name of the 1st plaintiff. and that it was unjust so to put her in possession.

^m'sar^fresr who gives rice support.) ^euirseir (written and pronounced ^ar/rsrr commonly) is honorific. (11. (6.) io the good face —a polite form. ^(5<5@^( '"^0 or which will be.) Qa=iLuj&)rrQ(^LD. utBunedsirnssr and supports. ivho adorned with who is a sea of knowledge. a common idiom. but common form for Q<s=ij Q^irm. and now the current Purattusi month the 5th day until Ia slave. Notes on the above.) •a^Qsir^'iireir for s^Qsir^airaisfr.) The names of the individuals and their castes are given. g^^^^^ APPENDIX Letter IV. . we have become. to who has of mount Meru. The auspicious iSlsrs^earesrirfTissr good dispositions possessitig. to the divine lotus feet the most honorable. : of illiterate men. and is in constant use. for ^q^sQ/d or ^Q^i^: this qualifies the name esj sj^ ^eSisj ld. from a younger all brother to the elder. the infinite Laxshmi's presence possessing. (6) and There the rest. the doing (274.) by comparing the Observe the use of 2_:_(SBr for ^® as a sign of the 3d case. making prostrations with <sfrir(^Qffiu^ ernp^dOstresnri— which has written . of the elder brother • — Ia slave. original (8. and your slave's infant offspring atid the father -i7i-law Viraputtra Pilley with his wife and children and Narayana Pilley of the west street. (3. (5. s^^d(^ = (4.) The corruptions in general will be understood (9.) ^Q(^ld.] Observe that there is an ellipsis of the signs of the cases and of intermediate particles wherever this is possible. the strength ^€mL^<osr(vu<smrr dependents ^^fflds QJS\}6i)<SlJITfT€!!r LDSIT (DLD(TK^JTfffT(5Sr lBp(^(^)<SOlEJW(T^^ is who possesses power good qualities. Bramhanuthan eight members. Gi&=iuiki. most humble address: That is to say. a strange. a common abbreviation.A LETTER AND ITS ANSWER. IV.ff^iTsi^i—rnasQ^6!5srt—(aiJ^^' the srd^eor and with five. invariably used in similar cases.) Qs'djiuuuiLi— for Q6=iL^. [aPP. yourselves ^(SiJiTS(Sf^m in-laxa & and (7) sem^us^fTLSIut^il) &—^(omns=m£liiiih the the long-lived son _ Kannusdmi and long-lived Tureysdmi. all Qt^Lom (^Lorrrfesr sj'^i—^^^ ^rriEJS(&^il) ^essresSuunn the elder sister- (are in) health. The final th of the name is omitted.) There are parts of the above which are not to be strictly parsed it is the composition with the corrected copy. who are desired inuS^^jraeirem'tsu^ih friends. (7. (10.) (2. (2.) <3=Qp 1. with much devotion and affection.

Such is my petition 187 . all B<ssr<SDLDUunuSlnKsQp^ is ^(OT)a) but oiLLi—fTOj^ they ei&ST^ say she Qs=n&)^Q(iT^iTserr is good about her. To the eye of full age she appears. That indeed to my on the subject mind is doubtful. Therefore your idea 6BrrffliJJtl> having known thereupon any thing iQsi^inuu®^^ to QujfT3='^esrujni}S(f^aQQp(Ssr ^oDsuuneo therefore whatsoever arrange firmly I am intending. ^lE^s s®^!r® this letter sismi—Si^L—Q'Ssr when you have seen ^iejs(&^(SS)1—uj ^eSluLSfT/rtuQpih idea your to me that it may be understood siLi—'^isir gracio^isly having written to me a slave 1-1^01 Qujiosrgu which is the proper way ^^ uStLi—Q^etr Q en (sssn^iju^ it to command is necessary. 3=rT^sd(^rSluL^ ^&}'2e\} There is no horoscope.] A LETTER AND ITS ANSWER. Arumugattd Pilley's endowed with very (Her) age (is) 9. the 8th. !5i^Q5)LDiunsQsu uSl^sQ/D^ lurrQ^rr^ There is or see are quite good.[apP. for long-lived Tureisdmi who was proposed demanded .g2i(IP'S^^m9(sir'2etr lds&t daughter is LSI(^ii^ QeotLs^etssrQperrerr^ excellent qualities. Moreover. and now ujGS)iui3uu yourselves month the 15th day Quj(W^ which (you) wrote s®^rr& the letter <nuiB^ <SijnQs. uniT<om<siiii^(es)^ih wpps (S^esBriEJsQefr&JsoiTil) all other qualities QsetreSuSlf^^U) as far as I hear no fault.M. atid other in that place who are friends all in bodily health that they are the news to write and send I pray Purrattasi you to give permission. and the long-lived lady and Sornani and the infant in arms. IV.^u reading urrrr^^ and looking at and sent coming all the things I ^(S>-&> have ascertained I snuSfi^^6\> i7i to yourselves LjjTiJ-L^nQ in the t^ QiuQg^tiJ which wrote Q-aesw^ii to month of Purrattasi 8ih day the letter the long-lived Kannusumi <suuj^—<ss 1 1 who teas affianced Kurandeyd Pilley's daughter Kamadchi is years old.

here used for the nom. LDiTLDiT. which all children should have. but the one affianced already has no horoscope. to It is necessary (for you) to give permission. QiSSALDih. S!£s^iuuu(B^^ for t9J^. iBi(^i^Qpmm for ^(^^L-Qpeiretr. or beloved. ^^iQ^esr. a real letter. = I pray you kindly do it. 7. 9. All the abbreviations have been explained before and the learner will easily master it. used for a very humble petition. is an ellipsis of ^^ ~ besides is this. Wrong (gsur/ECW^ for QfLpiiiaafi. The extravagant respect shown by the younger amusing. LDfTLDssT. 1. and that is unlucky. He has found two. LDuS^prrireir for LS^prrirseir. Qeoi—^emQpefreirgi for ^6CL-3=<S!!!!r(Ui<sir(sirffi = is of good qualities. ^^uiSamuil) for ^iSuiSlrrrriuui = intention. Dandavat. uSsL^i^freir for ^(Si^i—iTserr. [aPP. The other is the 8th child. S'^ff. Q^emi—eu^ ^uumjili (QfSRaf- Sans. now. He waits for the commands is of his brother. It It is connected with ^<5ssn—LD. The spelling has not been altered. may be from the for ^uQuirw^ua. This my petition. 3.s=UJuu(Bd^. a Sans. 188 . of a father -iu-luw . and and (^Lpikesi^ssir i^isfr^(^L-Lf. 8 for @!i(s^&eS. 6. here is an ellipsis of ^uSlQf^eQQifn'seir. friends. IV. Voc.] NOTES. are.A LETTER AND ITS ANSWER. lit. moreover. 2_^^iria/ [for S-^^ueif] Qs^tuiuQeiiemL^uj^. — Oct." 10. people desired. 11. often inserted 5. an infant. cliiken-infants and child- whelps. word signifying long-lived. the month equivalent to Sept. spelling. It is used only by a senior speaking kindly of a junior. This is to the elder is The writer is inquiring about wives for his two nephews. 2. They are familiar expressions. prostrate. QuuL-L—irQ for LiiTL-i—rT®. es>LD^^m for LDjb^Li. Qeu^^LD [for Csuisr3r®iil (^(mresuruuLD is the ending of a letter: This necessary. lu is where it is not required. render certain. 4. 8. " I have noted Here is the contents. the other.

(she must be) handsome. Q&)LL. APPENDIX Tlie ansioer to the V. in the Purattasi monthwhich has written the letter has come to hand. To the long-lived younger brother Bramitunuthan of God of wealth hi/ the grace all good things and eight kinds- possessions. ' its substance we have noted. and 710W thou. QLDfTSTfTssijLD (^LLemi—Qiussr^uD neither too QfBLLGni—Qiuesr^ nor too tall.[aPP. s^uQusw^ld black episBr^ih handsome QsuuGlksst^lo or red. and fit for domestic life. In that place thou s^QpfffTUQpih thy luife Q—(^LDnrT<ssr and and and the long-lived LDS!rQ^(5u^ih son Mahadevan and &—(^LDnn'^^ the long-lived daughter Amarapathi other our relatives and friends you must of all their health vjten write. LSleoeorrweo short of a middle stature. They all 189 . ^&}6i)mD60 ^cGrruj(5S)ULU^<i(^s Besides QslLi— QusmQurfleO ivhicli is iSliftiLii^rrioir in favour. indeed. former letter : from the elder brother to the younger. learning and sense more and more to increase may (SusarTuSl&) it be! and and our 7iow this current Purattasi month S. honor. estate and carriage.g:sssr(LpsfrefrQ^ssr£i/i}) QsOtls^GmLSIeOGoQ^esr^ih or plain. But short or the girl engaged for my eldest so7i u-hethcr she is tall.] a letter and its ANSWEPv. Y.(De7<si_ "21th iBtrQpLD s^QpffrrjjQpii) icife iSlsk'Siorr (^ lL t^s (^ th day until we and children wpg)] and other a_<5sr a?id other relatives in this place (ai-e) in health. QsO^si^ism'LDrrsexjih learn. s^asr sQ^rr&LiSi^QeO by thy letter t5LDS(^ Q^ rfl iu eS eOfeo —^eSu Again we nothing &-(osr^j(siDL—LU ^sssressf] thy elder sister-in-law says. for the younger son engaged the girl {I am) But as to her being the eighth ioi6\)G0iT(r^ili many 65(5 as one icord worthy people eSs^nrBsQsGsr Qjldtl^ QunQeo Q<SLiQpQu(sm^nek say another girl I impdred of.

^(SsresTQpua still ^ib^u Qusmr that girl's eSLLt-fTsmiTLLju:) relatives. j>jdsili uds^^^ih iB(^(Trj>uj ivell round about to examine. SfC. Besides to be done all other needful things except your own satisfaction in any matter my consent you need not wait for.] must be looked out. in that place which happen the affairs to me that Jiiay be known from and time to time without any forgetfulness you must write send. afterwards for that the needful things all in Hiat place make diligence to procure. so determine. Therefore. @^ sfTrfluj^^(^Q0) that account ^(SiJ(^LD she also On inform she as is thinking about to you to tells me. To our house wife Sji^^u QuemQuifleO upon that yirl iSlrflujih^rrssr is favor. It is necessary. _ It is necessary. Long-lived one to the elders my one'' to respects to present to the younger " My long-lived present. Thereupon the eighth indeed certainly to thee if it be ascertained afterwards to thee in any foreign strange house whatever agreeing asking to determine wherever it is necessary. the auspicious QiDsOsuQ^Qp besides in the coming mn^^^ed Tei month to perform ceremony the day and lucky time to appoint I will ivrite and send. Gur unci than is our help . Moreover the pledging Betel before doing a letter writing if you send" then thy elder <ssi^ ^emressflssiuj sister-in-law ^^ULSeSdQQpsar I send. [aPP. V.A LETTER AND ITS ANSWER.

] Bond assigning a house-ground [ Equivalent to a long lease. APPENDIX VI.[aPP. in the year 1743 (sQ cp fr of the Kaliyiiga IT a9^ Q tneo^^ Q s^ en In the above. iB <S (TR 3^ (^ tji u rr ir u emi^^ uemis^^rr Pandit ii)srr3sYr<5(5 Pilley. t5'Sir^^eQ(TFS(^LD of Tanjei ivho is ^ IT (sQ L— ^ (^^ IQth in the city <^ir Druvida <5sr Pilley's u (SiJ ^^p (^ ST rr Ln u l9 err ostr u^^p son q2? ''^ '°'^ grand son l3I err Ssrr <s to Eramba Pilley's Pdmannu >s tr 6s£l Q Lnpui^ Qldjdul^ in the above ^m.] A DEED OF MORTGAGE. ^ LCi np t— es)<siiSleo^i. SSi 3= sorr tS (ssrp (^^ LL Q [£^ 4922. 3ruu§ LDSsr^irsQiu&jrr'Siom- 3" s p ^ ub tr ^CTffTffuDflVi <s <S ttf <s m Prosperity giving of the uSSra Sulivuhana S^aicferrrS-a. iDSiT in the current Visha year in the month masi iSl GfT Q ^ ^ ^ (^ day. VI. _ Kanjd . ei> ^ eo Qis^p ^ (^ ^(iy^3^ ^^ Q ^ emQpQei)<s^3'fr3s in the south side King street in ivest lane. ^e<r[fleSl(f^s(^tJD ufTifssrremflu town who is Parkkuni i3l ^eufTSefT ^62JiTS&r their (^LLinreJST (^LDfTffesr !r rr 3^ !Ei 3i rr 1 u essr i^^ p ^ lc uemu^^ir his Q eueou u Qeueouun Velappu essr rr STfTs^iEisnir ^miSl son Rusangkar Pandit (\) younger brother l£> uemri^^p QsrreSliu^suufrs. as a pledge. (^mrra S^^mrir uemis^^n Pandit (2) u is^^ p QsneSre^uutT Govindappd's (^LDirjifr ^^nirnLD Sitiirdm UGomu^^iT Pandit (3) son f^ fEJ <s err &- err (Gte ^^ /t qf lo lti dssr ^/_q 3^ rr 3" ear Qp /S! ivriting we and our uSi relatives a house-ground pledge iQ bond (m®^^uis^ as we have given rBSi^QerrfEi s^^me^ni—UJ ^eii3=p this lB as ^i lu tn rr 3i day our need Sosr <s being the reason.^(SRe)j3^3^iji QSiSuSlb'd Q (sSl up Lr> Q : ld e)) ptliQpemi—uu in their IT rr 3^ toff s\i—(S<ssi<sii^^ LD'2esrd(^ eSurnh: the specification Qldgo In west hand uSi as a pledge committed of the house.

LonrSldsimTL.(^QsfT(Sl^^ ^Q^dSlp p LD SoST 65 (^ LD GV I— (^ LD'2£sr<i(^Lb to the <sui—d(^.) 9 yards. 3 (^ Q LB p <S (^ OLBSdQcUQ^SrrUL^ including the ivest wall font LB IT east to west 3" LB Sin j£l 3i <S SXTT U. <s3sr I from east Ln IJD^D to tvest Q 3^ til (2.'S(mQ3^ LB—S'p— Stp>S(^GlLBp<S(^ ground from south to north 4i yards. ivhich is to the house of the messenger su ^lUiuir^fTiD^'djiufBisp (^LniTfrut— I— lUfEi'Srrrr ^LULUIEJSniT (^LDfTJTIT U lL <SS) L— lU lEJ S ^LUITS^fTLSI IT IT ^ « (^w them (55 ^ (g (SU IT <S (6r^ S (g <S Eijasumi (g)/E7<55Srr isfTiKiaeir EyangkCu's son Patteijangkur to ^ L. Lp <S €UL^d(^ {measuring) from south to north Q Q 3= LB— (&!'^) 9i yard.] Kara LCids3T PerumaVs house <S (SR tlieij a pledge fT loST LC) taking which have SoST <Z S (3^^ house Q^ p Q UJ EJ <S (STK <S ours (^ LD ^ /r ffi 35 <S fTIT to the south. north.A DEED OF MORTGAGE. "" I92 ~~ .6UJ LB ir j£l ks Q 3^ ^'^a9'osrLBQ-'S(^ the total 2^ yards square yards IO5^ld Jl|lD®'^ S 3p <S (^ Q [p S (m ss'ld(st. the empty house.(") square yards (=s>/@P) 85h {and also) ®^P(^ east of this QLpd(^. Q 3^ LB . ^liiBfKosr Qseofisodr^&r boundaries €>JLLL-. [aPP. VI. both together. (GYK UJ IB] ^ is IT io3T SS IT sB LB SsST Q ^ p S Q^jb(^ (^ 611 L— SS (m (oTiEisefT^iTssr our which sfToSm^esr. these four 3.(^ (^ Q ^^ a pledge tl9 Q^S (^ ^u. an unoccupied (3k<5SrQ<Sp(3^eUl—.LDrm6r encircled thus (136). we lohich have given house (sasu^^iuili to the (^LDrrrrsmuf- LD'2issr d (^ ih ^(j^QsiJiEisd^ to ^i—(^ pledged rr physician Kumurandis house Tiruvengaiis tb rr ir LD Bssr •s (3^ LB La'hssrsi^LD Q LB p (^ Qldp(^ west. QajrTL^is^S'SfrLr Q^mLL^ssfTU to the lu exrr lEfririTujesnT house l9l GIT dolT troughman Narayana LB dsST 65 ld'Scst -5(5 (SS) IB] 'S SfT (i)sff3sYr«@ Pilley fBTTiEJs&T ^ [—(^QsttQ^^ which have (S3) [El I— (^ (^ ® ^^ u9 (T^ S (^ p ^({^^(SP (^ /57 d (^ ej fT <o:yT we pledged to the house (oU Q Q LB 3i (3\ ^ ^s 3i li9 !B Ql 'S €^ OoO S (^ GfT L— L— ID loithin @LDd(^ east.

(ossr (tp Gssr usmih fanams (iih^^glj-) Qpuusi^rj(sm® thirty Qunm Pon two (tsin ss) tr k)i iLi lu Q ^ sm <s ^ s <s ir so <x (SO u (sssr (SSsr (m ftp La rs <s sS rm (T^ su cm lb SV Q^ both and three a7id a half and one eighth (f a fanam^si due on money. nor rent for the house.@^^:i<i(^) yards IT SS=l}) (s) S(^ LD^LJL^ each estimated at UCSSTlJ) yards 95f ffnSU'^l ^ thus <S Q U Pan SSr flViUDa. s^iBiutrssrQeOfreij ffifliurrssr saafl ezOT Qu isssr Q ev err erfl Qu ir ssr Qs^eorreuessfl current. VI. uSi m^ LL Sssr . rightly ^jjemQuearnQsuGireffl in double fanams of silver. IT Qunssr Pon IT (TritDa. dstST no interest L^ t^ u3 s^ the <s(m(SiJfrL^S!y><stiSl&i dso. 9>-ving the money (S3) LD Sssr in Bosr eP i^ ^ m Q^ Si] eo Sso Q<s(bleiJ<S(3jerrQeir Within this they the site to leave need date 193 . we Q (7rj> <s <s Ln u ^^ SsO LD Q <s em i— u fT ii9 ^ '\d (SO u esyr ^ ^ s there is (^ ready money 6ii because have received.[aPP. <S (^ Q 3^ m 3i—(^ LO ^ U Lj U l^ 3!i-®fi&) S'fUD (Si. UioSBTisj Q<sit _ the site to leave uSI Gls=iTesT(e^&) if (we) say. This house s Q<sQsiJ(r^<oi^LD@\})a9iB^'sQ<sQ^sm'u^eu(T^i!^^ date (^is) for years 50 this date fifty years rr ^ ^ (m ^ rr err Q GfT u em /e7 (^ ® ^^ _ tc Sm Q <F ear (63) s\) ^d(^m(D<sir withi?i.^ 2j. U S33r LD ^^ 3f i&StfJ uSllB^QpUU^^ Q ^li^ these tr rr Sm Q Q U <o^ (/&2_) 32. fanams This and more which was given fayiams S2D altogether Pon 32 fanams 3| u9 fS ^ <g^ in SoSr lU (SS)suSleo ^i—(^ a pledge This house-yromid SS) 6iJ into their hand (T^ 3r en IT fEl est ^ ^ Q ir 3? r5<SBir^^'S(^<3^ having placed that which (we have^ received: in the ioivn of Tirusu.] A DEED OP MORTGAGE. 3k. (S ^ ei> Q <F LD— ffinlD® 6)^D sq. llSl ^ &J ih ^^ lU [EJ S^fanams 32. (4 a.

Lo [aPP. or an upper house loUST thd' they build.(D(S!sr n-p> fj u li ezrar lb (op^^s Qsrr(5sur(£l Qs® the date .sj^(otsr(aHt—Qissr Qp^pU(oSt!nJa the original agreeing when it is expired. <ss3r iej (m Q G lb eir (m eo iD'2evreS!LL(SLj "the site leaving uesariEj the 0<5/7®ii) (5Tiosr(vr^&) money give" if Q/ou) say u (ossr fEi (^Q<ss^Q^sv)ioi]uSli5i)dso to Q Q <s Q ^ U (osr u^ the money give need is none. For the term offifty <oU Q^ (Sip.A DEED OF MORTGAGE. (/^S-) U sm LB fJVi 6)^p ^ ^ L—Q with this. VJ.] dm (sQi— QuQurrQQr^LD u QunQ^Qfj-LD we go. or a terraced house QsL—tS^LB<f3rSSL^l^ (S3)^ though they build. Qp Ifi LD dm 60) lU ^ IT Q L£t ^ GSST ^ CTJ/ sQ ^^ iS years this site they possessing to enjoy Q <s fT srr sfT eu ld uSl m^ s Q <s Q Within <siJ<S(^'SirQ6irii9i?^ixi dm u9 eO let them. S l^ ISj- @^ Lt> they a tiled ( roof) though they build. this date on this site ^ IT in LD 3= 3r S <S t— l<f- (S2F) ^ LB Si LB LB IT iq.^) W!TU^SLLlS^€SnJ(^iSTQp!SJ a lL l^(o!Sr Lo'2l5Sr S (^ or terraced house ivhich built the money also for the house built __ year by year . (SO S ^ ^ S(^Q-3=fE]<S(S0Q>3^LBLL(7rj>lE}<S 60^ Q U brick {and) IT I— WS for a channel red stones putting though S L— l^ (SS) ^1 LB u9^SGfr<3SL—. 3=^ tr pQ <SV L- L<^ 'SiSl—U^(S3)0](^ a well though they dig and build up. money lb 3^ <3h QU IT ISS7 fTVilDa.Q(^p^<S(^^frLBQuJ6!fr these to the building ^ (^ to (they) build of they whatever Q €0 (olJ U <o3ST SSSpl <S S I— t^ (C3)^ LB ^ LB Qp I— S (oSSr •S (m U lij- S Q<SO(al^ LJioSBr(osSs iSiLl^f^^th they build ^U3Qp(SS)t—UU their S (oSST S (^ U U l^S (^ account according <oO expense making <35 G^ ^^ Q s em Q rr Qs®'Siifr(o!n'(S)JL—. esr d? ir lb Qurrdr Pon ussarii) /b>6)^j:' ^^^i^Q(Ssr ^irih they tus^sf- o2 lS^(o!rrLJ fanams 3f (Sm the tiled LBfTLSf-Sl— Qp IE} S 1^ IS^ (oST LB dm <S (^(3iJ(TE(o^fr<3^(oOLB (aU(V^<3i^rr(alJ(7^(B^lh(.

sssr fa QaQsuiresreiji—Qioisr Whe7i the date in Bssr is expired s (msfTisfru belonging (^ Q ^^ LS6frfriMio^uQuT(e^G\) not being redeeming if (it) go to the site money giving the site L£i dm s (^ uSl^ Q su Q ss) p Quia sale iu<3^fr^iosrubrr£s<si.^is^s Q^ir ssmQ ^rr<fissnDrTs<i Lo'2iosrd(^ ^i^Qsu this itself sL-i^sQsnsm® holding for the site deed as i-j^^pu(aij^^/D Lj^^ir sons ufrpLBU<ss)trtu!raS urTiri})U<safTUjrTUJ im Sssr 03) lu in'Bssrisisuj^ the site Queir^^ir and grandsons from generation to generation ^ Q Ub ^ IT mST © ^ OT2/ U<S^^sQsiT(31T(oir S<Sl-^Qiol]irQYj><SSiJLb let they only possessing and enjoying them he.s<siJLCiQ<s(B(oiifr€m'<Siju-(ois!!r eijib Qsurrwfrs redeem. u Qp^ u ^ ^ u sm np rr ^Q a^ ^ S3 -Sj szrar dsm then c35 (g <5= Q <3= sti^O) for repairs expended money also joining lohich shall he current LKssBTunTini QsnQ^^^d gilding sLLQdQsfTULji—Qesr with the built-roof w'^ssr the site money iSt^QsQ<sir(srrQioU @) LB'tLQdQsir&r we will LD Bssr . VI.] A DEED OP MORTGAGE. is not. ^ii^LD2ssrd(^ Concerning this site iufrQiSfrnK.t (2? <^ Qfi Qp(osr(osfl<^0>Q^iii '°'^ ^^ '^ I5 we some one standing forward liSl ^ir^^'S(^Q<S(3)Q(y]j>lM Qsrr®<iQQ(rfj>uD. Tims ^imld^^^ agreeing .[aPP. <s(sirsv)i6{rear Q^ntssrrSlt^&i should arise any dispute whatever there If any dispute ^ tEi <s (o(r ^ ^smi Qu Q^ of Q €0 -MP [sniEJSsk ^am^QuiBQeo three persons uj/t. IB ^UU i^ ^ Lb LL ^ 3^ 3i- ^iB^uuisf. will settle it.s&fr^L£l<si)SoO'Sefr^<oTriosrQ^friosr/6J turrQ^iTQ^ @ so seir^u> ^eo'Sso. uSiB^ LD'2i5srd(g to this site (aiJi^K0aL-iij(i^ s^rreOs^^u and an Quits Jor a way to go exit for the channel (^d^uD <ouL^ a way (aSLL®<iQ<^n®iSQQrj'ihleaving we give.

i. (1) aui^^rflLDeir is Sanscrit.) Loir^ssiskn— s-s^ld = square yards.A DEED OP MORTGAGE. Witnesses. + ^euQ^ei^LD = eiJQfjeL^ir (10. consent. Gothanda Rdma Pilley. (8.3=mei)iTiBi^p. s^uih. lit. up ^ sQs!rmQ<sii iTLDirseiiLD. as though were a](T^<SL^ an incorrect form. J know. S'ldld^consent.) sr/ija<sfr^ira!r = our (ercasefr^ 6th within. m^(BLDm=^prosperous. consent.^esr p. fBfrirrrujessr irrT<sij j)/rSl(pSij<m. (Signed) nirffiasnlr usmuf-^ir s'ldld^ Pandit. I know. <si (9. uesBTihuiTiTesxsy aiT<x-ss(SS)i— QsrisiQcu The money sight (by me urns seen) of the Qsn^emi—ffaLDLSeir'^etr j)jrQQsu&sr.) Rasangar QeueouufT usobti^^it Velappd Pandit. words indicating good fortune to documents.^— at full length. money bazaar Rengiyachetti. I know. Sundaran school master. .) (5. (10) Nardyana Row. 130. yards arising from inter2_ii> change.) <fldld^ by rules of Sanscrit combination = year 6?/ j/ear. (^0. Sitdruni Pandit. (7. Qs^lLl^. This document was written by me. of ^ S-mui— (&. Qs>jfasi—rrs^&} iSleir'Sisir ^rQQsum. Vencaddsala PHley. infinitive gives the Q. ISS) IB] [aPP.) meaning of "let.) Osfr(B^^UL(L = what we Q3=&)£}}Qp. is as have delivered as our act case.) our whole family circle. all It is usual to prefix some Q. (4.] S GIT np S3S)I QU (f^ Ld QlSipUl^iUirQ^S(^ ^i_(3j to the wc thiee persons above a pledye- rLp/£l(bT(LD^sQ'S!r®^Q^!rLn.'" It is often used with ! added to ^n . (2) within relatives — for (3) ^-(sir(mipQr^fW)Lii fs-srr. VI. QPjB bond (SJnn^s have written QsirQ^Q^nih.^ff- Thus.<sir ui—fall) — inclusive. NOTES. rel.from multiplying the two preceding together. and given. __ - .) su^si^/ra/^si^ii) is it qf^sl^ld . I know. let us receive a reduplication of eunh^i}). S-ld = and. prosperity. follows.) (6. and ^^Gsuissr are added to the names of parties signing as principals or witnesses respectively. Qsnuireos^mil jjjfSIQsui^. ^-^Qj^ir. part. Gopdlasdmi.

^rr^ Qeu(^^freSiLi 11. A. 1819182018211822182318241825- eSdSffw sfl* Ss^jjufT^ s^utrmi 18. 1826 1827- 21. 26. _@<5^*/r 12. D. APPENDIX VII. 31. 18091810181118121813- iSffQ^iT/bu^^ ^/E/SiT-r 7.] DIVISIONS OF TIME. 17. 1835 30. VII. ^iTffem 19. Divisions of Time. &(ips ueii LLjSU 8. The 1. . 1814- 181518161817- 10. •FQ^eu^rrrfl 23.[aPP. This is inserted rather as a curiosity than for any practical purpose. is The English now used very generally. 29. 27. 16. 24. dlwsj 1807. 5. 9. 15. 18281829- 1830- 1831 1832- 1833 1834- 28. I. 1818- 13. 3. tSljjutaj cycle. 25.8 1808- s-iQeo iSlffLDir^^^ 4. ffQRsii®^^ 22. iSsLDIT^ 14. 6. 2. uiriT^^u sfl(L/ 20.

A !bitl^<5&& or tamil hour is thus 24 198 . . 60 miTL^eias or minutes. — Jan. — Feb. VII. 4. @(5 sfdSjj eairsLD. eu/nrLci^ er.^ssfi 4. 7. uirk^ eaiTffLD. Jupiter. The year begins with 1. May Sept.] II. 5. .. in = a day of the Week. 3. Lorrn-sL^ 10. — March. The Months... (S»^ 11. 6. [aPP. (sairrruD.. March— Nov.. eurriTiM. ^Eiseir . US6\3. Minor Divisions. IV. day... — June — July — Aug. night. ^if ^eussB LiffL-t—ir& 5.DIVISIONS OF TIME. April. <3=isSd 8ipisaLD. Lj^nk QipeaLD. The sun 2. ^liisL. )(oe>LD. 2.. S^^emir eiasuarrS April 2.. i_'/E/@(Sofl Sept. 1. suimw. June. — Dec. 4. 7. a day of the week. Dec..QipioiaLD.. eUfTflU}. rtrriB — one mrreir. 9.... 5. The moon 3. .. . Venus. eStLlfTipU) . tBir&r = 24 hours. The Week. Q3=inD 3.. 6. Saturn.. LDirSi 12. Qeu&reiH QsiKSfreBi Qip<^LD. Feb. 8. s=em . sirfr^^icSis . Jan... Lf^ek Mercury.. Aug. ^3. ^m£lg)s . July. Oct. Tamil used for a Week also. — — — Nov.. eSoJiTLpd QipetoLD. su/TiTU) in Sans. 6. Oct. Q<3=£u(suiriu Q^eiieiiiriud Qipeou Mars. III. ^^^^ LDIEISffO (-//E^ (SuiriTii). (QiruSnjgiid QipeaLD. For these the Sanscrit forms are sometimes used 1. SUU& — May. 7. ^uir.

= QpmQi^iQ to 6 A. or ijg = ^'^ . 2. M.] FRACTION.| J s enL® ^ao/r. A question 8^ thus asked and — In answered. sireo or (sy = .2^^. . In schools a fraction SifiQpi^ffl is used Which »•• is half of ldit. The Tamil system fractions of fractions is very defective.3D = 1 N. B.s. And airemti J ^eiamnir ^eaird I of this. or air&siB O ~ — _i "90 N. (js) . or or >3Hrd make QpisiresiB. — The =: -'^ j denominator of these a. all these the denomiof 5 nator contains only multiples Divide 41 among 5 persons. m. ' Elements of Tamil fractions. = ^-Ijj X sio^ Two of which make ^a<sm®wn-. s = tV = Three uorr make Qpek^nLDrr or . It can only express 5. whose denominator consists of no other factors than 2 or The following I.ff. VIII. 6 to 9 p. is = /^/rso/rgj <firLciLD. table contains the . 1 02". or <s^ contains only multiples of III. 8 ore 40 remainder : . •s^rrtnili.oT5". From 12 to From 3 3 a.. Noon is APPENDIX Fractions. B. VIII. and II. wfrdr(Qtxrr. Two • siremB make ^eiainiiir. Midnight or &-QTfLDlll. = Qpfl&)!r<i^ 9 to midnight. or u= -J^j called. 1 / : 1 2 • 7 Three sfr&) make (ip&an&> ^ 199 5 ii?nes 5 = / wo remainder. _i _ An of 4^0 » ^u^lB is a quantity 101 which make one Qipapi^iB = is 3 or Two ^rrmr®Loir make . m. or or 6) Two — ~~ of which make 5 ^fwies Answer. = ^ffsmi—rriQ s^inoua. T.zi. id(3J='rrrLDth: the middle of the s^irinili.ldit = Lorrsireim. 60 Sisrri^ make A From From <3^irLDU3 or watch = 3 hours.[aPP. or the half of airessH or g= aS'. Half rri 1 Qpi^m or eu^ _ 320 Two of which make ^enifrasin of • «/ra) = ^<sr)rrdsir&) or — 1 Then Which Three is siremB •{. Ans 81. rnrpugj /^jjycwa. s^itldui. one lErrL^esis.


mother's brother. s^smLDiussr. mother's uitu-L^. father's father ^ldldituS. III. Maternal.) ^nijj. X. father-in-law. (I. . husband's elder brother. husband's brotjier. husband's sister: (/bit^^(^it. (III. s^aeodr. mother QurB<u^uSl. sister. and elder husband.) . Qsir(LpfB<seir. lditlS. I. ^jSaj^mij.) ^suum. _ __ . smu or LDg)i^iTiij. rBtTjS^. father s sister. mother s father ^rr^^fT. grand children. APPENDIX X. LDfTLDsk. ^uuiruSl. mother-ill-law.] TABLE OF RELATIONSHIP. emLD^gjetsrek.) ^LOLDrrek. mother: ^"3. {^Lorri^S. np^fi (mL^'UiTssr. By Marriage. ^(jj/tct-.) Qu/ffiu ^iTiu. ^)?e<nu (^uf-iuirea. first wife.s0fr^^. &i^aj ^suudi. (I. ( g=seouu!TL^) one who has married one's wife's sister.) &<^a!r^uSl. father's mother.jti^em^. their children. II. mother. younger brother. an elder brother sest essr ek ^(smesS. Qsn-agi^. . used also for father's father. a younger sister. ^iLi^Sl. step-mother. ^irijLDmDdr. ^tr^^esT. ( ^aee>s<9=@ ) an elder sldS. Qp u u mLi—esr great grand-father. ld^isS. his tvife. wife's elder sister's sister. LD^-Ftreir. .) . Parental. / their children. . (II.) e^uuL^iuirsir. s elder sisters: (II. Qufftiu ^(^iresr. sister. fathers elder and junior brothers. LDaiSl.) ^suuek. IV. ^iIlditiL^I^. (^<si!>ld&=@.^^fiirasr. Qurftiu Qnjpuum. LDQKLDSiQsr. (^lju3=9i. : . mother s younger (III. ^^^irJ'S. Q^iTUudi ^(SJ/rdr. <3=LDui^aSir parents of the husband or wife. Qu^pl. husband's brother's wife. ^siaesysJ^Sl. Quffcsr.) uail-C—eir. ^ : ^ssnen ivife. Table of Relationship. ^LDLotr. an elder brother's . esiw^gjioS. father: Qufflin iS^iT. second wife. LDirmnrfosr ^liieisa. One wife calls another wife of the same husband ^d.[aPP. LofTLDesr. tt son-iu-laiv .^•sem^. father's mother. Smesr ^liium. Jier Jiusbaiid.

as far as possible. to separate the words. SedLD+^(^sQpgi = iBeOiSQF^aQp^ [^^ It is in . OR WHEN THERE IS AN ELLII'SIS. [Tills is called '^^rrssrps^ . (II. =r. as well of a word often combines simply with the initial vowel of the following. [Compare and study Also comp. Coiiibinatiun iv!t//out cJiuinje.) : Tavo V(jwp:ls cannot coaie together. It is desirable to write. for a complete view of the subject. there is ground. since a new letter a[)j]ears.) VVOKl) .] Fundamental principles (I. The final consona. however. not unnecessary changes. XI.SYNOPSIS OF CHANGES OF TAMIL LliTTEKS. Pope's III Gram.appearing. s. [aI'P. WHEN THE LATTER (ioVEUXS THE FORMER.] APPENDIX XL . ^.siii ojthe combinutiuns and cliangcs of Tamil well the table in page 2. 19-42. BUT NOT WHEN THE PRECEUINO WOliO SLMl'LY <2L"ALli'IES THE LATTER.] It may be useful to the student lo have before him a table of the principal clianges in Tamil spelling.sing educated people speak.S^//(>j). u ARE DOUBLED AFTER A VOWEL. though these rules are not strictly observed in all cases. Introd: letters. All thiit is essential is included under llic following six heads: I. general better. Insertion of letters. II. but retaining those which are euphonic and natural.

takes either or en. IT. b. he is indeed a king. <?^.) /. ^ my head: (after a case of a noun. ^.<cir = ^wLoem^eir. eai^err q^seo/t. ^+ @j OT 4- LDSmls. .s(^L8iSl.] also ning of a following word or en is inserted to avoid the hiatus. a hand.) ^(?m(mn Q<s^iLieia^ QsfT®il). LKTTERS. . be doubled. initial a. LDjb/D @li. = What way ^.) . the s.. ^j. &~ or ot. affair. + e?® = sugjs^ ®j(SueS(Bl. Oiurnu + 03=isosui}> = Quiriud' 0<fctisi.) d. + SLssjjT® — ^eS'J-jssar®.jtifj-a^Qesriueiiaa .) ^Si + 67 = ^^Qsu. __ . whenever the latter in any way governs the former. Telugu ^. is yet. [The same uses n. u are doubled. In general. in the CIT. eaas + s — emaeuiuj.S + smBntM = lappa s/rrBiULo. — liiT + (Ql9i^ — Sir. that is great: (after a pronoun. ^ ^ ^^^ There are many anomalies here. elder brother. _g). especially when one (or both) of the words is Sanscrit.MII. ^ or u will.ld. a bubble on the water. ^n-^Q'Ssr + ^euasr = . is are prefixed to words. jil'B a horse that ran. him: ) > ^ STi^gi ^(m.) After iLi. that indeed. e. ( ohj. did he give? (after an interrogative ! letter. the sonant being thus changed into a surd. To this there are regular classes of exceptions.) After a vowel. c. the fire will burn. u must be doubled. a. m<siiQ(e<!)(B go with J .) QuiHs^. Cp. this sound. g. the other + s^^^Lci — @ii^-3^ ^^^LD.) ^ldiS. and there is no ellipsis. letters are used in all the cognate languages. thou didst.) When =gy. XI. younger brother (after a finite verb. for the most part. thus throwing the force of the compound on the governing word.) When word meets a vowel begin[18. ST ^ ^ s. this house. false prosperity.] SYNOPSIS OP CHANGES OF a vowel at the end of a ^ii TA. (after a relative participle. (III. (V. a following <s. take iLi 'Jj (as most homogeneous. eu The other vowels take ^gsfl only. demonstrative or interrogative. isrdieueas ? that inan.) QufT. there ^+ sriftu-jw =^Qiutfl'±iL}>.] 1. ? (IV.) 2. the following consonant doubled. <?^. 3. ^^ ( \ snec. give! (after a vocative case. ^eii(ev) QsBir(B^/Sireir. the post of a picota : (after a verbal root used as an adj.[aPP.

~\ Fundamental principle: Consonants which meet must be of the same class and organ. ssb + LD^ 204 . = s i—jb/S sb) a stone building. [Compare introduction. (VI. uirsuLD + Qi Q S"S!r = u[T<3J(i^Q3=ujQ^m. ld is "^ OTii) + s-sir That is.] (g. + fBiT^m = ^(^m^^ck. s^. a good composition. LD is changed into the nasal of J:-the . Qufrpn:!^®. fE&) . nant belongs.) eo and sir before ih are changed into letters.) eo and before ld are changed into sir and em respectively. a it . [I. a mountain of stone. [Here the ^ is also changed into^. every day. true wisdom. page (II. err (V.] car (IV.SYNOPSIS OF CHANGES OF TAMIL LETTERS.).] and 2_s»r -f- eJr before «. GiLD'jj [aPP. •spiTL^ #^. our Final ld is changed into (sj before -f. XI. [Here the (III.) lables. thefollowing conso- LD is changed into i before ^. he gave money j . a golden vessel. u and ^ are often changed into l-.g^ iLi class to which / have Final sinned. wave of the sea. he entered in. iBirm 4- = mtrCSi—iT^Lo.) Final changed into ih before <s = STEissirr (37. [Here s<so ^ is also changed. Transmutation of Letters.] sijr and a) before «. iSffQeuS^^ireir Q^trgiiiM = S-LLiSffQeu&d^rrdr. u and ^ are aften changed into jb. III. and i itself is changed into the same disappears altogether. OLiiT(Ssr — + Qunm' + ss® = QuiTjb<s=n'L^.^(i^eir + ^<30 = /EisJrOTjffffi).) sBJr 3. Qpek + Qpi^ = QpwQ-pis)-. LD. or and mr respectively. is [This called ^S^So = turning. = essTLD^. uemLD + ^i^rrek = ussarm^/i^ireir. Lord of grace. li are often doubled after lii or s at the end of monosyl- + (QiTasru) = QLr)iLi(^(QiT earth.] si—iii + + e^L-ua ^emrr = spsr^L^LD. a crown of thorns.) ^ of the following word is lost. a golden plate.

according to one s desire. .i—LD — luQ^ei^i—LD. . (I.] IV. ~^ + . The following are the most common Sanscrit changes. Lord of all. bullock is there. smir sesr + liiT = s&ssresi^iT. first vowel is short) called (^p/Biueo and is lost before a following vowel. ^+^ (II.'^ Fundamental principle: Tamil sentences must glide on gently without interruption. movealle and immoveable. . tears. ^irQeueheurrek. ^ + £_ or ser = + S-uQ^s^ld = ^!TQ(eff^uQ3i<3'LD. s!r<ci)LD + iBiTLDLh + .) /E and car is sometimes changed into those letters respectively. one of the double letters omitted.) + + + e-eaiir® 2_(S33r® sreJrajr = LorrQem® [18. Rules. cm K )"!/+ I •=^ isii ® or isi> © = C <?^/fa.) \ "^ I Qssu + ^eoiULh = sg (e^rrasr Q^sufreOiUUi. 56]. Lorr® But u» Yet ®I3J (II. + _j_ er < 1 ^^ ^msurjosr = ^ .[aPP. spiritual instructions. (l."B&xsogi = s LD — lEiTLDiBso&i^ fT ffo fTjpi ill . .) A final is 2_ (in all words except dissyllables whose ^sitlo (^short-nature-^). called Qs(BjS<m = destruction. = ^jO^^biiesr. [This is Omission of Letters. after esV (VI. the time will change.)^4^^ ( s^r. his (sir good. 5 g. what is this? .] SYNOPSIS OF CHANGES OF TAMIL LETTERS.M-rtj — s=nna=s. [poET. a temple of God. V. XI. Sanscrit compounds. 205 . @jSLS. + iBffOLD = ^ ear ISOLD. a = U3^!S^(5ssr® there is a eow. is [And sometimes.] the name is good. Final "> is often dropped before LDiTffSLD ii> or li.

es)« = ^siaizms. u^ssr ^SL£) + + SIT® = uesriEjarr®. There are certain anomalous changes which words undergo when compounded. ^QKSifisiriofrLD. (II. [This takes place chiefly in Poetry]. is ^(SixoOrr^enesr. the palm of the hand.] VI. is written ^nKeijeinJ). (I. a palmyra forest.SYNOPSIS OF CHANGES OF TAMIL LETTERS. XI.) Miscellaneous changes. 206 . xvrittcn ^e^eo/rdr or ^eorrdr.) Letters are omitted. [aPP.

Gen. .^p<3S>p. (0 LOS. 7th. (I) rrs>. A bullock. mp^^eai—UJ. ff« VI. . Accnsativei the object. (18) (18) into<*j*. si(^. cgCT-emo) ^1 w.) TOGETHER WITH: + giQ. plu. makes nom.^. v. OF. it>n^^ss!js.(248^OT2. ^era/sir. (21 eo. <^'^si.5Peo /^ n (/i) {2ii^6£i-^^eo:^ p{SestiL-^^<so VIII. wn^<3Si^.*®. flS) and /s elided Final a.^gi.<^ irec. (23£L/r a). (245^^®^' i^eil^fB^. + iQ-B-^ or (Ssjr^. "iven are ^^g:^'^. cases ID/rQacir. I.6sflssr£ii- ^prSeS&sTgv. . eo. toir^fi) as in the classical Ian (m) For the cases in which sucjed^to 9Q eessrasQ&Q. (c) loo-Q. hiS head. Vocative. BY MEANS OF: + ^a). (21) or Possessive. ees^sr&e^d^sehr. 21) (236) >®^ (7«) . Dative. his hands. S. Ko.^. (21) pg. I C'i) rmr.s^a) 207 . euphony absolutely require th case i (i) In poetry ^^ct- is sometime inserted between the i real root is to be sought in the oblique cases. Poet. (2iur ^Qp! + CT or final syll. =for. UDIlub. This is chieflines inserted: sGaaae^t-p^eSia^si. ^pp. (o) ej may be added to any termination in eu. II. 0) lTom> CasOk c ^ (233) (C) VI. of liocation.«iBi_iu. III. Abl. but in many in poetry.=1^ &c.aoi_(ij. VIS. IN. + ^ar added (242) or a. 'Sdsns. . ofRemotion. ^dr (/) ^s. (2. y^ VIII. (151) a. ^prS<m.(q) ^i-ps> is some: times used for S)i_. pk iz=p A)or sai^sirr (©a inserted). g-P. WITH. Comp.^^ make ^gisar tO Wh must not be confounded with the 1 st form of the This is sometimes more common in poetry than in prose. added. + s. + ^A> or g)i_. AT. (f) ^asr. YLL Abl. (3. ' ' osQl (a) ssssrsaeir noun. r. (I) (21 IV. + a. Hind..FOKMS WHICH STEENGTHEN THE KOOT IN INFLECTION. (e) FROM. Abl. TO or FOR. is elided "^ changed doubled. Z^5Sr. and ^oranascr. \ldit. (idb-cxL.^ ^piSio. + g)a. (II.5 1^^. {lQl_n®. lengthened. of Connexion.


(c)^(rEsa: (f)) ^B. ^(Suifleo. rOEj) \ ^eut. {sjp^ inserted )_ ^LDuyneO. ^l5S>SUsQeiTfT(S. fli—^^eO. PKi{so>. ^sufrseifleo. UEFLEXlVi:.o£)^S-iEJseirfr6v. ^ &.) (108) iiccu OET.rLU RA PERSON. [. .) (</) ^giaetr. F. a_/B<5(e5<5@.arar.tsjaeffl&). The theme i md III. rtusoN.lEJseir. (b) (@s»ffl. Oj from: ^ eu n s efrl 60 ^eiasijseffleo &c. VI. -<s) IV. ^iss'Serr. \^lEJSefFl&). wiSleo &c. . L. often ^ SupfSI^ €S)L—UJ.f is used politely or as an honorific. (II) TOGETl Sf®' ) ^'eup/6l(e^sv. Abl. chaniied A'bl. ^QjprSI&}. (11. is sometimes used. IN. 67£roQja(jt. ^6iipi3Q(^®. AT. 3d. b. Nom. II. nelt. rhe Uati shortei TO or Fof takes ^(Supj£lp(^. Abl. the regular plural. OP" E. ^si)p(nj>&). ?) VII.: simple shortp* I—LU. Ci-r. y. Final ctmonos}' ^supj£l&> &c. Gen. ^(BseiBeo he. hut is rather antiquated.) \^<SlJ&X)fT. l" in English. ' 3d.


^Sup/SldO &C. P. the regular plural. . >". ! L Nom. ^LDiSleo. sometimes used. ci-r. jijeunsenneO.) (h) ^eof is used politely or as an honorific. often TFjStSiL-UJ. i" in English. (11. FROjr: Final ^^&Si^. ^LDS(^. Abl. KEL"X.rLU R A PERSON. PEUSO. Eiair L.a. ) ^enprSQi^®. ^) VII. SESi-Lo) IV. UEFLEXIVE. IN. 3d. ^irEisJrr. Gen fEJSefT. ^eusfleo &c. ^SiJiTsQefrnQ. II. jgiasQsfrn®.N. XsiP^ inserted ) A'hl. ^enprSlfS^<S\J. »at: TO or ro rhe shortei takes ^. S^SiipoTj-eo.) chanfred \^SiJeD/T. ri)BY JIE. {b) id) (108) iiccul a-/E7aSsTr md III. ^'QuprB^&Sii—uu.AJ (II) TOGETI „ ^su nnso. \^<S!jprSp(^. 3d. OF. ^eniTseir. b. Abl. is (_c)^irEaA {(i) ^gia^. hut -——— is rather antiquated. ^rsiserfleo ct- monosy VI. (« I'oEj) ^' (c) \ ^^t. ^mxaiisefReO &c. The theme i •OET. y. AT. simple shortp° L-LU.oi\}^P_iEisetrrTsv. ^liiSleO &c &c. I'EUSOX.


3 ex o ^ (is S °3 .


CO °3 fcfe O .







the words in this


are in ordinary use.

Great care must be taken to ascertain

the exact idea of each

word from

a Native (if possible) before using

The references are

to paragraphs of the lessons trated.

where either the word

found, or some kindred form


This Index and Inde.x II are intended mutually to illustrate one another. Words in brackets occur in books chiefly, or are not to be used without careful examination.]

^s&nl), breadth.



S. ^siEi

narrowness, [co. ssiLemi

115, 141.


g)»^* ^&o ^seja3il.(SDt too narrow.

This cloth




the market price of pad-


iao«, S-etreir/Ei&us).




of the hand.


— 70.



become wide



su/rmir? Will 1/ou put it in the palm of your hand, and lick the back of the


^<st^, .jystp, a moat

ld^Sso^ (^i^i

hand ?

^a&sS, the
S. =«y

interior, co.






put away.






^<x^^, a tree: Coronilla grandiflora. ^s^^iULD, urgency, necessity, .jysi/ QiLiLD. A grammar, said to be by the Muni Agastya.
pride, presumption

^sdigii QufT, [^seo.]

go away from. 258.
front foot ropes



a horse's



S. ^<5/Effla^,




an unpropitious






L.'®-58. be obtained, caught.

^ \Q^LD,
sant, [a




161, 244,



I^sld, u®.]
161. cause
to be

+ hita.]








[^«^ + 6i»u.]
siTiiiLi, its

^QsTffLD, intensity, vehemence. ^Qairir ^u& eSufji Q^irjeir, a severe ascetic is a great rogue. ^ssLD, a side {vfiihudail.)



Qufr^^fh ^aussiu ^sfiirssirdf. go .50 miles a ladle {is worth


only) half a cash.




App. X. ^daesip, necessity: C^etneu. ^ssfTor. an elder sister. 215, 216. App. X.

the mind a house, [not common.] ^SSJ Q)su(Wr(b] Q^iLi—euir ^Qi5S!S3 QsITi^, Many myriads are destroyed by pride

S. ^laSaj/reofl, a



dSffLDLD, iniquity.

[^+ Quldld.']

S. ^dSrrrrijLD,





a dictionary,


^sn +


S.^sScsn, fire.(O^CT-Stp,s@. App. ix.)

«^'oo^. that, for
^ro°o^&s!r, a class









nouns, inclu-



all irrational beings,




e_uj IT ^'Soosr


H. .^'«

LDiTssr Srft,

canopy QldpslLl^.

H. ^EjsiBs'Sa, a jacket. ^isisuL^, ^liiaeuLp., a stirrup.

S. [^*i2Dii),

of a




^Eisti, body, member- sign,









S. ^isjS, a robe,









^sta^, a syllable, (produced by one movement;) rumination.

assent to.



57. move, (neut.) 271.
(act.) 15. g.

— 64.


107 ^EJ(^, ^ij(^^LD, a goad (for an elephant.)


H. ^.E/igiuW^/r^, a tliimble. ^im(misi>LD, an inch; the thumb. ^s;3'<s, there: ^!ei(^,^siisSi—lo.25.

^Ba3=\Qun-® {^Qpgi), chew the ^ems^ Q/, motion. [_^&s3=. 190.]


S. .jijds-,




3=s^LD, weakness.]

^^i—iT, low people: S'tpiTScEerr. ml^iLimL^, neglect, contempt. [^ +
<s^lL ©»/_.]

an axle a type, stamp. SSL-®, land prepared for rice








fatigue, ennui,

[for ^uirpl;^


an axle cannot run.


^^ihLSQini.9!iij srifi^giaiti),

the doing things

^da-a s^i—Lc, a printing office. ^dsr LDL-.1—LD, an Acheen Poney.

without looking ivell at the consequences. (TitleofaChap. in Hito.)

S. ^oki^ffLD, S.

a letter



^si^£_, eight: enL®.




S. ^si^i—iTi-EJSili,




S. ^j^/fif? a//roE@, a voice of

an invisible

S. ^ew^LDirsrru),


being. [^,




^^- ^^ fatigued, faint.



^m^tS —



set, (as

the sun.)

S. ^em^euiTrrLD, foundation, basis.

AR. ^^-a),



S. ^(cj<F6S, reverence


next, neighbouring.


P. ^'^s=&), post, public





S. ^<^LDi^tJ},



S. .jtf^'S^cnLD,



magic oint:

S. [^1

a very

reverential fear






five (a

corruption of s,i^.


a scab,



S. .^^,:3rLD,


^esrssru:), s_(S?3ra!/-

— 62.











rable, incurable.


pawn, pledge




EDg. Assistant.

H. ^^iT,

or .:^&iT, ready, present.

^/i_«<sii), (1.) enclosing;






desty, self-restraint eSesnuLb. (3.)



[^'. priv.]

an enclosure.



62. put


or under,









ad'has.J the whole contents;

shut up, mortgage.



(often ^esji—s


sedtriE/ <S(W)aQ),

a sparrow,

= the

— 62.





bird that takes refuge.)

under. 56, 78, 125, 160.
^L^Ejairu urr(hLjs(^ ^ijiTS=sm


£ss&}LD, a refuge




For a

rebelliuus snake,

a bambu


^ecoL-UULD, a pouch


«3U. [^mii.

S. <jyi_ii),









thick, spread.







a jungle thick

^<oini—LDiT^w, pledge, mortgage of
real property, [s.








a qualifying



^L_a9, a wood



.jijoai—ajfrefLh, sign,



unseemly, 121.


token: (^^uLf. [^esu ]



^U-ir^gl Qs'Xi^aiasr ui^rr^^uSleumir,



does evil deeds

in that manner. index, register: ^rreS^ir.


^lLl^, delay:



a suburb,

^C-®, ^iLl^ld,
[^if +








194. a foot



the sole of a shoe.

the base

a stroke.

^(zs^, an anna: sS^ld


184, 243, 251,






— 64.

iwSgii, the

*su®, foot steps. [267. abdomen.
beat, strike

an ornament



57. put on ornaments,

one's self.



a squirrel:


92, 236, 266.

^6g}i, an atom. a scufRe.



— 62.

draw near








^2omr, a dam, dike

bed, couch.


that has burst the


u® — SpsJ,



return, though you






draw near


You must

build the




the flood comes.



pilt in layers,


a.<Slsairs: sroa;,


slL®, an anient.
57. be extinguished



over another.


SJ Quit

62. pile up, place in regu-




lar order.



extinguish, ^sfl.

^/®^^, belonging to, near



\_^esm(FSbTsm, (vulg.









elder brother. [App. x]

voc. ^essfQessr.

^m>i—, incubation a kind of cake. ^eiaisn64. sit on eggs.




a waist-cord



66. look






a sitting hen.





^(SOT,eOT)a@, uvula.


+ /5ff<s(g.]

^^^iTQsr, a cousin; husband's elder
brother, App. x. ^^isne=&, a husband's











wards. [^(5337-^.] ^<s^imu)<sSiu rriT, teacher:
^i5ssr<^, wife of au elder



proof, evidence


^^^rriLQ, J



^^^, murder:
SUT)^^ and



^emi—ih, the universe


^^^uih^LD, AR. ^^^, impediment; boundary.

0«/7&. (written also, s^^.) (2.) a fig tree. exceeding: ^mi^Lo.







draw near


AR. .jy«^, hindrance



151, 251.




Qatrci^^ib ^S^ih ^^^euSsu ^6uga«®, he sta?ids at nothing.

near at hand.

S. .j!i^e!n^ = [l.) for ^eta^. (vulg.) (2.)

a father's



are ivays

death on every side. ^esbrani—, on one side; 171 a come?:


^^LDLD, lowest, [sans, superlative.]
^^SLD, destruction

App. x. ^/B, before words which begin with a vowel = =«y privitive.
[co. ^^^rrffir.']



^. ^^BiB^LD, S. ^fBiT^^LD,



= ^/e^lc.]

^^lL(B"— 62. reprimand seisru^. ^^ir&)^^, adalut, justice, a court
of justice.

an unfortunate



S. ^fEir^rreii, disrespect:



a sans, prefix

= much, very


S.^iEiT^, (1.) without beginning. (2.) a widow, a poor woman, [one without a

^^sfTffiM, (1.) a chapter, 178. (2.)


S. ^SiuiTiuih,


^i^ui, li^d

^^.sirrruu^^fjuD, a power of attorney, [u^^jii).]
^'^airrreh^ir, persons having authority




a sans. prefix=together, again:

written also

[ STD^ /f

= e_ em i_

11/ si;


S. ^^.ni^edLD, favour, success:




wonder. 269





^. ^gtjsi-iQffsm,





afl^/E^/rerf?.] \_^^^, a guest ^^<£^L—LD, ^^L-i—LD, luck, fortune.

favor; divine mercy: Qqh&au, SQff'^sm. ^^QuiTsuD, enjoyment, possession;


a ruler: ^Ssixsueir a shaking,






^^LD^, permission: ^^ld^, ^-^^ ^G/Eszi, many ^QeursLo. ^Q/BsiT, many people.


^0. tremble,








an earthquake, 148. that, 10, 25. a termination
6th case.

S. [_^ih^sdr, a blind

S. ^>i^afTfTU3,

man: (g^i—sir.] darkness: ^©s"", _g)0

of the




— 57.





il®. ^ih^sss<omLD, a faculty of the mind; internal power [the-withinfaculty.]

^dsii). ^em^uLj, a swelling perfume. ^^^iT, attar of Roses 25,212. ^^^Sosr, {^ +ds^.)


position, rank:




holy men.]


a father. [Co



[^ii, ^em.']


S. ^li^uLjffLD,


haram, inner apartment;


u u QTi-^^
"*'=5yCy +







S. ^iB^LD, the end; Qpu^sif, 239, beauty: S. ^rB^ffisjsLD,



^^uuek. App.



hidden: (Lo&o/Dd

^uuit! Father!

suulLi—^, opposed to

or com. QejeSujffiijsu).)
S. Ijijii^ffih, space, extent: QeueS.']

Heb. ab 194, ^uufTuSl, father's mother, [^uueir, ^uS.] App._ x.
S. l^uSliuiiiasanh,
S. ^uiSiiU!T3^LD,

bathing with


^msia, there




npiupSl, ui^

^jih^, evening.

^rh^'^Q^ULh, even-

ssLD, uuSjbQ.

ing prayer,



and evening.



Eng. appeal. App.


62. clap on, cause to adhere


^su, a particle in

jijULjpLD, beyond: ^uufrffO.

denoting diminution,





— 64. deprive, rob:

Pld) 25,244.


^uQuir(i£^, ^uQuiT_^,
H. ^usurrLf,

then,. 25.

[S. ^i-/


malevolent action

heads in

^iEj(^. opp. to ^-usrnjLD.']



several accounts.


SiT^^, infamy: ul^ulj.









^LDffih, the

stern of a ship.

S. [_^u^rrifl, a



^LDffldems, quietness



success, defeat: Quituj.



— 60.


become calm, repose

S. S.



asylum, refuge



62. calm,



^LDeS\, tumult


to thee /or refuge.



seoaw. government; an



meaning.) fine 128,244. S. ^lurrrr^, one guilty of a fault. 180 S. [_^u lay/r^ii), scandal, reproach.] ^uiremi—i-h, false accusation worthS. ^urriTjSLD,

a fault



a native collector of re-


AR. ^LDire^, under

a colleetor's


agement, security,
Port. ^LDiTQF), a cable.
S. ^LDmsurrQ,


S. jijuiriULD, danger,

new moon.




H. ^l8(c^&, work done by compulsion

^SlQei^sLD, unction, ui i—iEjaL-1—.iso,


^LD(Q&, aL-i—aiu mmL^LUih.
S. ^ilSit^u),





[S. ^tS/Biucsrih,
S. ^Sl/BiJJssfi,





— 57.

and ^iBCpfs^^


[65(5^^. App. ii. ^iSlutSrrrrujLb, opinion; sentiments

sink down,....



cause to sink, put

S. S.

opium. [y^freuLD, an extraordinary matter. ^QutLem^, desire ^(o»d^, aS^iJ





^uuS'Sl — ^uum,




— down: ^Q£IB^, ^(ipd(^ —
62. 62.

^tScir, ^LS(e^,


an inferior officer. be pressed









[Comp. ^UULD.^
^syiijLj®.] ...25.


.^uuLfL, so, [vulg.

160. iBwd^ d^i ^(tp^LD, ^lSIit^ld, ^iBip^Lh, ambrosia, [s. AMRITA.]



^mLD — 57.


agree, be engaged, be



a tree


ficus religiosa.







^ffQ^^, a sojourner









[^gisz-D<5=^sJr,^5iOLD<^*, a minister of
state: Loi^ffl.']



^uenih, a noise

s^^^ld; a serpent

^&!)LDjB0O, ^SSiLD^, ^SenLDBil, ^<SISLD^


a serpent.

In poet,


quietness, agreement,




^iKsm, a


a termination of nouns. 163,190.



a palace.

AR. ^uiurTinh,

a heap of grain,


^SKssr, Siva.

^ifl, a sheaf,

Yi.^LDurTfB, a howdah.


^LDLj, an arrow: urrem'th.
^LDusOLS), a public place where affairs are discussed.
^snpuSlAi ^1^, ^ihuai^^ai ^(Si.

— —





cutoff; be cut








a king's


^fB@l, rice

(not boiled.).

62, 63.


sider the matter in private

before you





in public.
ajgimir ?

^'4«7, ^rBuLj, itching

149, 247.




Will the

words of the poor reach the council chamber ? ^ldu2lL(3ld, so far. [ldlL® 25, 211.]
S. ^LnLDemsTLn,

He who

itches loill scratch himself.

a sickle. a

[=«y//? +<si//rGrr.]




nakedness: ^iMLDiTi^&l, App. X.
^ldlo/TcfS, mother; aunt
ther's side.




and knife.








App. X. grand-mother by the mother's side. App. x. [^iiianu). ^LDLDirrsir, a lady mother ^ldldit,


— ^2 ^^ ^Q^ssetfl —



Gram. 121.]


=5^(5©, .j<iQF,Qs, ^(iffQ&)

shudder, be horri[


^LDLDirdr, father


mother's brother,
[Co. ^iiswizi.]

^ QF)Q(em^ujLD, sun-vising





^ildlS, a grinding stone.. .251,262.


costliness, rarity



^iheMLn, a lady; raotlier
of Sivan


the wife

184, 228, 229.


small-pox, 259. near neighbours, .... 182.

The value of the








who bore it. ^(miii-j, a bud OLD/r<S(geJr, Qlditl-®. 64. abominate ^(medQK ^QsrirS. ^•(wafl, a mountain streamlet.
to her



and northern course

of the sun.


— {Qp^),




AR. ^uek,

(1.) actual


net, clear, the





whole. (2.) BrahraA. QiuasQiuuD, unworthiness.




.257, 263.




S. ^irrd(^^




0l9, an invisible being. .jij ^imir, [0, p.'] half: urr^. App. ^mrrd^siresfl, (i)) ^i-^. App.


S. ^ff^eur,

sealing-wax. a king ^nrrs^m,





grind, (and 57.)






kingly dominion a king. ^a3=n-i^, govern. [^(55.]

(esu)ssu3^. vulg.















^er^fTrnh, incarnation: LDesrl^/reu^fr

S. ^/r^^ii),


wealth; a half:

S. ^leu

^, distress: euQFj^^th.

AH. ^jfrsfrrr, a messenger. AR. ^jiT^, a petition, report,
S. ^sOE/s/rijiz),

^en ,^sa, defamation
urzi. 93.
S. ^tsu LDnesTLD,




ornament: ^stmfl. [^ediijQ(T^^iT, ornamented persons.]
disorder, confusion.

S. S.

^euLD, vain
^euivevLD, a




— ^isouLj — ^eoiML] —

^ediEj Qsnreou),






^eueair, beans.

^eufr, (1.) he,

(politely for ^ei/siir.)


babble. 160.


they (generally^ea; /f<£E err. )29.

dash about, as waves

^suirsar, they, 29. App.


^eueo, parched



^sorruS^fT, separate,




^^eii&), business: Q^rreS.
^Sso, a wave




^ema 265,266. 57. wander be tossed about.
; ;


each one


^eueir, he

200. i^Sso.-]








be quenched






64. vex, weary,




who have





a termi-



S. ^(^uiSffiTiViJi





nion, App.


not. 43. (heb. al.)

^eSrR, indigo.


nation of nouns. 148.



be loosed, untied.


loose, untie.

[almario] an almira;





^ec^u> us^LD, [^&D = night.]
it is

day and

those, n. plu. of





the Titans,




43,44, 208. hubbub: ^Loeifj,

25. 25.





^Lp(^, beauty



sorrow, grief:



&) &} eu /T ?



&) eo

Q (Sv rr

perish. 15, 16,254, 271.




^eoeoQeu, ^eos\>, not
S. ^tsusfT^s^U},
S. ^<su

at all.


destroy. (See under ©.ysDa!/.)




[^//^.] [^'l^.]

^L^LcLj, waste, destruction,
^L^sj/, destruction




means, opportunity.



= ^uQiT^^,



weep, cry, 61, 233, 263,
putrify. [^/^.]



S. ^<aj'3=nu>,



© — 62.,


S. ^euSliuLD, necessity. S. ^(Sieioea^, agony,




62., press

down ^Qpd(^.


[Co. roots







— —









call. 88, 92.







take Willi


the fire.

one. ^^ifi^^^^i-l, »end fur one.




cause to


^ S







refreshment, kindness,
attend to; observe;


success: ^.^sk^edLD.




attain to. l^^^nrrLh.']

Though you .squander your property, keep an account.




^^ueS — 64.,



experience; enjoy or

a salt-pan







^sireij, a


— —

measure, 115,211.
62. take


up by the handful.
68, 170.

^^uLj — 62., send, 87, 95, 248, 254.



a balance in an account;


Q<?^lL®, too close dealing.


affairs in general.

fl + ^ptD.

Qj=L-(B, dealing.]
virtue, virtuous deeds:

LD^, consent, approbation





wm. 270. [ From












— know, ^^|s(s»«,, —^®,




notice. \_^^/S.'\ 143.
ueesr^is, confess.

^^ssTjS^LD, ^SssTeuQFLh, ^Sssr



npsLD, acquaintance.

^mi-i, love:
190, 267.
the nntooing



^iirup0aairu LSesrup0Q^! Follow not


^ssrrS, ^dTjSuSffO,









68., cease;

be determined. 90,



64. cut; reap; saw. 101.

then, that day. 25, 166, 207. ^Qsrga,
it is


a widow, {^gs, ^ireS.)





^S>i\ ^, completeness, {^gn.)




^rasui Ljeo^, a kind
^gu^iuirii, once for

of grass.


146, 151,


263. a swan,
172. 190.


^ga u^,

foreign, other

^^tJL/, harvest,


union, fellow-






ship: asQiULD.

a mother: co. ^lieaLD.


a room; 244, 190. l^gii.'] a grave.

^ikQ(^, by Brahmans



^an^aS'®, a closet, inner-room. ^(smp 57., smite, strike.


46, 58, 193,







pronounced sanserif comp.


Christian usage.




^ + ^.
136,233, 242.


^puih, mean,

small, little:


UU). [S. ALPA.]


a miracle:



68, 74,90. 68, 77.

^ss^Qs=. App. ii. ^siSL'ULD, mockery:



a pine-apple.


140, 217, 266.


an individual. . observance. .) long^. cattle. X. ^•s^irrff. S. — 64.) 101. . S. clothes and ^s©"'. spiritual teacher. 3. kingly rule.5. un SUIT'S!) I—. a kind of measure. a goat. ^^ireurr^LD. ^^L. (2. l. 255. appearance. S .'\ used comp. 268. (1. o^-(©^^. ^L-emi—. an oath <3^p^iL!ld. ^(E^. 125. ^iL® <^l1® 18. 165. {^g. ^t—LD. ^(sj/rdr. ^sia. Qeueiretrrr®. App. serve for.. argue against. ^&iTeu^. 218. for desire.mLiLD. to dance. ^s^em^. a nail. lust after. 100. ^<FirffLh. 259. ^i^eser. desire. lordship. ^Q<k). object. a motion (190) way. (III.) ^lLq^uld. wealth. 163. ^€S)i—. 257. ^i—So. 1.\M. make. ^i—UDUjiLn. [^®. customary rite. ^sBsfl. S.a'. — uu®. QpQrftoinL—. a clotli for little girls. ^emi—GuiT. manner. as long as the in ^lLS. ^ovstb^S. <ss>s-.. 1S3. a wonder161. incorrect. " S. — ii.l/ie CI AR. ^lLQs'iS App.:^®-] is 3=!r!IU>. 188. \^^ ^L-L-u>. 2. move. ^0.) S. dance. ornaments. 64. ^® — 62. 146.INDEX S. ^s(T^ = ^•s/r^. ^sLDiM. ^sirjTLD.) S. 190. 58. move. 160. ^lLQ^ 272. \ S ^s= a^ ifl lu LD astonishment . being present p>(/. ful thing ^d^<s=/r. lust. ^-s-ift sun law docu- ^iT'^irLLQ..] annual. ^s-uu^^ffl (Eng. be accomplished. (Hazir.(^ — punishment command. vii. 103. ^Qu-i.<^. S. 151. S. . ^dsLD. (^«@. ^^li^ffirirdsL}). ^sSl'hsr.. ^3'inS. workman. riches Qis=n^gi. S. 123. estate. estate. 268. 181. —^auu^^rfi. a sheep.] ASA-p. or an II xs. ^imsirsfLo. therefore. S. the allurements of lust-cord. [S. form of ^eissr®.. Q<?^LDi£>^^®. 63. 145.icHARAM. ^efp^ urrem^.] of July. ^<cs>i—UJiTun<cssriEss. 131.'] S.. a priest. ^3. ^3'ir\uir6'ii. *73.\s. ^L-® jillL® — I I <sS«OTi_. benediction. 130. blessing. [^eir. master. . 68. ^-fn-. ^O'^. (adj. lust: bless. S. a QpeuirLLeai—iufreir. year. a petticoat. 136. 72. 62. . ^air6=Lh. ^3. S. a sheep-pen. (2. the seat : lSl-ld. ^siTfi. 268. ^e=a^. holder of a place.) S. pomp : QeuL^dsas. ether. desire 244. ^esi&iuiT<k!. dancing. a red sheep. ^S — 64. (Used ments. sky. 208. hospital. ^smr. 121.265. a male masculine. : . a carpenter. a sacred work : Qsa^iraLDiD. increase. and moon. 130. 217. ^lLQ 3= u<jssr ULD. 62. 258. ^QpeuQsr.) present. ^Sjfi/ii. ^ra^.) AR. SQfOS)^ ^Llt—iij/ruj.5. observe. . an objection. ^msTLD. m(B LDiT®. cause A. for ^siasmnh. This word in udsT^^ [. a father. office. celebrate. 165.] LDfiem^. ^3=fTrflajn-. [^®. a seat [s. .srrestflajirLS. goods 123.) S. : ^sitlSuld. malice. ruler. air. the month App.)become. possession. [^(25-] 22T . a "three-year old. with many others = like. . 98. ^&rr. a garment. the Lord. 64.) food. ^(Qir.

^^ueij. ^^^LDir. calamity. ^uj^^LD. term ^n.154. ^iLids? from which the medicinal extracted.. servant. support ^^rfj — .^uj^u>.] . 216. 19 5. S. 213. sfsuir^esrili. = &c. ^ufjemuD. property. ^^^.. select. haste. <suuj». preparation. nouns . \_^SLD. \_^rTLD. a voucher : <^^ ^LDLjimi—iLiiTissr. ^^^^lULo. 212. maker of intoxicating liquors. . deserves to die.^^^^ house. ldf^so. 151.239.'] T. mother. ^^LDIT. the beginning. property.] ^>L. a letter. (&. a superintendant.) mnsirss^ ^^u^firesbri—siatr. necklace : product.ayus. S. 268. uiraiib mic/ile. ^^^rrdsrrrjeii respectful address to a S. S. the mistress of S. ^&nLD. 'P. ^uSlfftl). l^ir. [a corS.] ^^^LDLD. means. S.'] a caste of people who per- 64. a neg. awcapon. 222 . given a a tortoise a^^iruDLn.^usrrffl. App. English word officer.) 121. ^iLjerr. 137. ^uSsf. Sunday. 72. a term. a tax on liquors and drugs. ^d. . ^^g]d(^. . instrument: &(y^s8.^^. S3=<sruQuiHg!. S. ^^airrT(SS!!rLD. npeni—iurrar. makes a great noise.] S. an owl. ayus.^•L^LD. wedge : Qp'Ssn. I. woman. 245.^uSmiLD. a sun. — . a tax-gatherer.] eutrrrLD. rice-cake. a long time . is .. it The owl is limes J — 62 J. ^LD60. rashness . ] ^it5*. AR.. &pQijLD(si!srs(^. ^LDuenL ojirew. ^tussfTff&r. S. 121. life-time. 95. ine.) See ear ill. 104. : master of slaves respect ^<sm . ^'jjirefT. master of the house. husband. ins- SOul. neg.] ^lULD. JVeceSSttT/ 242.] ^uum. (eomp.. VI. ^isisrss)!—. it the variety of ^iudSl. trument. support. ^sniD.^i^sD. ^uS^ii. a a century. tax. means. ^^^^ssr.^LLj^LD. felicity. gain: eoiruLc. age. (III. 272. . a. necessity. [_^sLD house. E.MiLiir<3=il>. 212. ^u^3?.^^iriULD. ^iLjs-. commencement ^sudaih. of neg. exa- mine. 215. . ^fBii^LD. the castor-oil plant. S. [ayah. ^Qp<5SiL—UJ!rsir = m^ a ^^d&LD. ^liesi^. ^uj^^Ln. ^uSlp^. [^^JQ/. oil is 123. ahouseholder. 104. pre-eminence. (wemi—UJiresr. [^^. 176. "Many make a small. He icho dues not leisurely exam- ^LD(DS3rd(^. ^^^irisfT. ^u^gja^u knows no law. termination . S. 268. ^siTiJLD. S.) [s.. (government ujjir^ ^^esTii. to [one's house. S.MlluL^ajIT S. dependance. ^Si. uLf.268. &^gi. offices in temples a support.'] ^ijL—iT? S. 57. relation. ^jSdr.. (intro. . a thousand. = ^iTfrdj — 81. intoxicating [ = belonging to a S. fully.Sj^^gs stAs&p «ULl«(g ^um^ianai S-esur i-n'i Is there atiy tax on rubbish? Q^euirSesnh. ^uLDULD. formed menial Knd palaces. = ^SLDULp-UJiriT.] ruption of =^'«^^«@. 1000 ^Ksn^ S.*103. App. : s^sitiuld. littles ^aSum 172. 141. ^(iS. the gjeuZeu. S. 100. first-cause. hospitality: customs : ai-isj&LD. ^uS^^LD. X. a woman . .^uSl^LD. : ^PQ^sm®. 166.^lSs^ld. [s. ^uLj. aitrasr. mother female a S. S.^f-fcj^/f. a ^lu a hopper. but ^ud^. Who that fellow? : 195. . ^LJ^T.INDEX ^<sm(B. a year : sxiqF) AR. x. weariness annoyance.^^^irth. . 98. ^QpemL—LUfrdr = ^s S. a jewel.

App. . : ^ss><b=. 267. ^+ : 62. 259. ^LpLD.205. l^ir.'] 64. 47. what pleasant ^€si\^. August. ^LpiTL^. .jifcsj-^iT.) a river six. ability. [^su/r. 205.. termination. Mr. depth <^«rfl. make One slave. scandal. . &c. tree. grow cool: ^eazsf). 143: 2_^ ^aO. con- 100. ^eaieiiiT -ansir. 178. 22.. fore-finger. . ^rsjQ^LD. study.268. destruction: the month of June.] ^*i^' [•— CO.. (=g5^-) 160: satisfy the appetite. S ^Q eo n •F^sar . and one foot mire (« dilemma. ^lEJEieSTLD. ^s=S> — thus. exercise. ^QfjiTsQiULo.&). LfsSujaQfT. begin: 0^/ri_/B(g.) sign of subj. 21. 241.135. S.' . manage. sir. [=^t^ = the deep. §)-sLp\-s'&. [&)-^e'^'^-'] 223 . 208. [srR.. ^u^^. banyan tree. [^. ^Qisj^LD.. Qff&)f^c\i ^(t^shg^. a contract. /E/eOTii). [Co. uS . ^iw jB.. ^air_^. ^ismsoa^.. . craft [Co. ^<sijdQ foot in the river. a7iswcr. . 72. 58. AR. is ^0sr. ^&)LDriLD. bear. desire ^fflj/rsBT. 95. S)<^® see ^£ii-{Qpgi-) — 64. 109. ^^iTLj.] air steam. banyan ^eussS. vii. S. despise 190.^. — 64. huzza. 166. a person a termination of . 21.] ^ 0ne ^!jfrLa=§l.. take counsel. method.. (3.211. ^en&o. contend.271.) a (1. mouth. (2. shout. case. 56. for stTuurrpgti.pg3i. a ghost. the 5th Hindu ^&3r.] ^(2ij»ii). ^Q<soiT@ — Have think. 250. an elejihant : s^th. Tiger! : ^/f 60. [^0. ibit3^ld. a term.INDEX ^rfLc>i3 I. 62. contempt. elephant may suffer.] S. ^rrLJUiB~{dQp^). Eng. desire : ^©. 190. advice . luaSsw. 163. ^u:srs(gw s-sabr® ^ojQsQ. (3. ^pjS^^ (^Sdul/ld). 18. health asLD. 262.M&! — 62. 163.ssiwsQ. servants.. [See also 255. draw. peons.) rule. ^prS^so e^cystreo. 100. — [^/b/oa). spirit he will become. 166.3=°d5s.(27. ^-firrTfr. (you) proverb i heard that 98. ^SluLf. Even an ISO. l^Q&)ir. ^. 19. monopoly. worship. the deep. for service. AR. ^&). . ^gii.-] ^a/^. 130.) S. 250. a press extracting juice. counsel. (1. (111.Mjhffii — endurance.'] ^^. ^/r^.208. not at least sultation.] ^lEjQs. therefore. S. siruD IT s rr <5izr LD an establishment of . sign of 3d. 270. 215. : e»« 'S)&' handle. ^fffT^'Sssr. sirLLi^ aSj-sD. and thus used sometime /Dii).] . strive. (2.j who. ^dn.M'sareKisij. S. of mas.) in the ^fr. be full iB<so->p..] ^e)r Oa:/rOT(3. [from search into. pronounced ^s^..2. 151. acts of religious 17.) away. (l. p. ^aJiZJii) <£'.] . here. a temj)le : Qsir Qfipffii.151. ^g)i as Quirrr from QuitqF) ^amu — 57.] : [_iuld. . nouns. =^£s9 {psQiTicS).) an honorific 151. console.. S. \_^Qsr^ 4- The iluppei Jluwer village siigur to the where there is no sugar-cane ^OT-+ ^a).] — 181. SffLDLi. 25. distress: is ^isL-®.. 115. bad report. spasm.) S. nouns. (2. 175.) ^£BT^(CT)a). 58. : 25. ^i^sd. mood. 180. [^/7-ffiZ/. ^ppiEJSf:<!)ir. cool comfort . 87. [^aJLo/jii. press.101. [25. 64.] ^Qesrek. [^(SYp. 263.^csrlLDn-^u:). an account .

^eiT'S=.] H. 246. : ^em^ls^LDiTiLi. ^Qiurr. a jDrimitive noun.. what stands iS. *«@.^LD. nature. claws.-i—a^&J] QsiT(^(ssr. torture. ^i—peo. _g. this _g)L_^6ffl<s. ^il-t-. ititsld. sire. rudeness. ath. 263.) icS>LD.ds:). pi. trip..] ^aoi—ff=\^eir. [j§)J'e. [^^sar. 270.!_ar. flattery: npsm^^. ^&^i—LD [^lLl-ld). ^smL-iijgj/scgiJ tSi—ifliiSQeo.. be possible. a section. the loins _@soi ^®LOLy. room.] divinity. 25. [sre»z ^mi—. Greek : ^L-ga. a minute quantity @)LL> I 62. 62.. S. S. a herdsman. (Gram. [hita. sS®. (snz— 223. : ^emi—. can: «u. ^uQuiTQfi^. cause ^^^Sssr ^li^..211. ^ei^i— Q^eusm^s. 62. : ^lui^ffUi.i^ffih. (a name given ^uQurr.) ^sai^'um. .) euQFj^^ii.. ^!mi~i9. novi" : ^fsSmiTLD. — : SemtD. prosperity.] 224 .. ^uueiftlt (for ^LjQurTQ£^Lo). _g). (comp. juggling. ^i—Sii 62. [Co. 190.] as a sign. ^isssri—rr&v. S. 151. ^lL®.l^i^Ji\3=rre:>ui.263. Indra a king. nature gjiueoi-i. ^Lh(5e>£F.. the hand. 259. 21.. S. one's guardian F. _g)£_LD. what pleasant. 184.'] invert them [idov. god of death. i^- ruin 64.. ^ew^liff. from [^ cause to agree. — — pound. S. [sind'hu. scandal. 230.'] [Co. thus far. 190. union SsQiuld. 199. [s. agree. S. S. 251. ^^._g)a»cy. App. 25. stumbling.. impudence S^^.^® ^(B — 68. this. ^i^ffesr. fall to pieces go to S. carry on the : hips (as a child. The Indus. C^'— •] left App. 25. green ginger. and S.) ^/E^. ^i^Qi-sir. a weight = : _g)«ii. Yaman. now. here. — harmony: 57. : consent. of 244. ^ffs^LD. ^L-d^eo. an impediment 64. 25. . ^LOii/. ^. TLug. ^©<S(g — ^LDLDL-®i}>. . a Hindu. moniously ^Jfcjsr. [25. de158.] 197. fit. straitness. thus now. ^<sssrEi(^ — : 62.®. 15. trouble : away the final s and t and ith. 25. machine : (^^^stld. ^i—cs^. [/. the second son. ix.212. pleasure. ^uuL^. [@®. : an organ of [-A-PP- 57. a pair : a friend. ^(qS\. ^(BdsLo. incessantly. S. wink. ^i^ffliULD. adversity. 242. 224. lj^^ A herfJ. this. in the er«2/. _g)®<s(g. give. ^lULDissr. 290. wel- 272. ^Q^i—ir&ir. (Qipsi^. a«.] ^L^ajuuiM. this world : ^euet'so&LD. ^i—iT. 251. b.itQ^ld _g)^. {^tu<k.ix>. see 1 93.] .) c^jSluQuiuiT. sense QurrjS. xii [corap. narrowness. ^LS-opLpsstM. ^ss.25. ^stn^ S. endorse is 189.'>mu7is sense is in the nape of his neck.s\Q<^LDLh. S. fare.. I ^emrdsil).] ^-^^SLD. (EK)L_. middle waist.] 210. desire: ^sma^. an elephant. ^smtD. place . pinch . ! — stumble: jD^. ^sai—\'sSi—rrLD<sv-. ^i^T. mercy. concord. ironing of clothes.] ^(BuLj. and take that with §)ifi and ^ji^. harmonize — _g)an/_|u^. . dle.@. ^® har- ^ jsiooc. a kind of resembling vermicelli. mirSssr.] S. person. viii.) ^Q^rr! behold 193. thunder ^LQ. Q^s^rr®.da. eye-lid ^esiLoQaiTLL® ^(B^iaessr. rice cake. Jan. ^i—EJsaa. ^lSss^^f. ^'unSssr. affliction. act S. and ^u£S — 70. ^saga. mid- ^lueo. S. [jg) App. 25. 247- ^i_i@. b.

a a kingdom. i-jem. a letter of resignation . [.) 146. "^jjeinsnh. 172. contentment . 62. fffTLueiv^rfl.) a being (J)©.) 131.^ ^aeq. ^&— ^^ 121. . [^J®/. gem Loemfl. .) mercury. 131.79. [^(5. udiite . 64. ffiTSs<^<3=ssr. a king. [sS'^. kingly dignity. ld<s^!jldl8 S.. ^rr. night ^LnTiu<3=LD. agreement. demon.i^ — 62. 254. {^nmsr® . cause to be. ^ffir Q^iTus^iTffLD. have mercy. LD. {^nsm®. deliver. S. raja- ir(E/(5) — sHRi. : (2.J^rrir^ffsLD. be.SL—<sk. filled. : real marriaye. the ^(f^i^m. darkness.) ^(iT)lL®.3^Sssr. Eng.Jj)i7ff@. ^(w^(ossr®(SuiT. 172. ljrT<su(^. : 9. treachery. ua'SsfTtULD.] darkness. 258. I. 184.)> become dark [^ ^ijn'LL&ujLD. cough. gold tinsel: Qp secretary-ship. 172. ®i!j!rujm^ifl. 0syr. ants eat iron? ^(Yjsrr.] App.~] : Qsir®. beads by devotees.] 61. place of residence (adj. ^jrrS fEfTLDir.(1. the 2(1 and ^IfTLDLSiULD. relent. loan: ^OT^^f/n-La^uy. [^©G^. 144. blood. any thing kingly. a spinning wheel. seat of @Qf. [<5<s/r 6V)ld. ®iQh'3'T^.] AR. 60. : ^JS!/. heart: a chariot : G^/f. much. \)air.. eurfl. kingly rule.] a deed of reconciliation. ^(Jygl t^irii^ i)/7^^s3rii).VRiTA. from Soldu = to be line comp. Qm(^s-.] p. p. ^siiULD. night gjUfr^^fff. 239. ^ifls(^tnir r ^Qhihi-j. S. one posed to of serpents ^©u^. )aemQii—nQf. )jL-g:seir. ^QfiUiSlL-LD.J^uas^m. 62. §}ffir. ^rrosi^aeir. s. place. sup- S.] s-JljffiTcB^3=ek. an army @)Q!ju>u. deliverance.)]' beg: LS)<Fa»<s= 67®. the (1. (2. Qrnhu. 2_syr. [Qu. \_^irgii. taste a-es>e^. dark house.uL^. [^(5'sw" + ^ [^ [^ '^rriLeiai—LJLSefrSsir. a S. S. @j(mi^!jiTL--3=Lb. ^urrsu^^eir. a king a horseman. [^irff-s^/T". Ssisr = @jriL-3=^6i!sr. respectable.. SpSo. iron. ^G/7«@. : word. seat. s-J^nir-a^ji^eiiLD.Jljjfrrs=<srresrl. 230. a jacket worn by girls. ))ja!/s«»<s [@j!imsee>s). a eofnh. 197. 171. softeu. usm. ^uirs^Sliu @(!5& — ^6 (III.]. puberty. ^nrr^iuiji.INDEX J [56. a tune : ^Qj^Sirsa. [ ^nir^QiB. [xi. double.) iron. 64. 10. [©e^-] become dark.. ^fftTLLu^miM. ulcer: ^qtjlL® — ] 258. ffldlS. ^(T^LLuf-uQuiraSp^. 254.. 172. 172. ^fflei^.] S. ^(T^ibstDus ssc^piuasur AR (^Utl ^Ef^^t ^'^'^®> JtS. cause eclipses.Sxjr. ^urr short ^Qh. — become aaSiuiremrihj btcome dark. 228. lSlLuit. [S. a rishi.) juice: S. )iilL@. GifTiTLDU. 100.reve7iue. save. honourable. ^nnium.] ^(75<5B3ri_<aS'®. [Co. a saviour : S. ©iiz^. ^rrshfl )ffL-L^ — — [78. hermit QpesH. ^QfjLDeo. )j6mL—suD.j^SiT-3= eS^. a giant. red berries used as profound disscviblcr. 230. 141. n-3=LD. u S. king-street. ^rjusLD. ^ ffl d! esfl . a twin. (1. 0eff. [^ government. one or two i)ir^ii). ^rrL-<3=<siT. two. 172. 161. : _g)0^. season. ^QT)^ujuo. ^Qij&is. S. E.. a cough. s .] esii—. ^ffir^^euil). a remittance. royal city. ^(Vj(Lp — 62.) 264. the lULD. dark. leaf. \j!J^iSLD. It Iias ^nmr®... AR.



64. a covenant. 228 .] (111. serve.262. affliction : ^eiruth. the eastern hill.262. s-ULSiiLu.271. 248. 251. S-^ojLD. 265. break. 2_(S33rs»tB.INDEX s_L_/Eis»^. S. means : ^i ^(g. ^btld. connivance. &-usrTffLD. command. 262. 190. 62. blood: ^rj^^LD. a tick. fellowship.) 257. [s_:_. [ S-ismQ + ^s@.) as long as you you salt. (2. s-^^Qiurrsm^m. n^L-SlfrQ£u& esiip. ^-u^^ffsuih. ^sabr®. S. 52. a S. 60. s-^Q^3=iJD. 271. body sFifffLD contempt. excellent.] 2_iS33ri_/7'<S(g. abuse. &. ^UL/. ^-uiT^. catechist.] S. bill of ex- change. swell. 178. clothe.dTUL^d&s)s. ^L_ii)Ly. a channel an answer. clothes.'\ 60. an example. 267. fasting: S. 272. formed by the breaking of a bank. kick. [2_sJr App. [£_iS53r® + S. 68. S-^^Quj/rsLD. one who is of use. S. S-^irjKoimru). guana. ^-Quemss^. rice. favour : e_^sS. S.) ^-(ElwLj. ^-jSiu^QfB. instruct: ^-<5miTff=S. &-u<s^rrrrLh. 190.] 185. 60.] S. truth. 248.) (3. 133. a salt-pan : S. understand. prefix. an answer. 190. — s-cB^ — 196. an S-^^ffLD. : 2_i_OT 2_i_(?s!ir.) s^u. S. feeling.iri_/r@ S. possession. feel. + eiaw.) Can as much be accomplished by bravery as by cunning ? Qiew? money . as leaves from 146. S-uQuj/tQ. a servant.® 64. S. a benefit. 151. be broken. partiality. Remember reality. teach. enter: (2_err) ^ S. .®. sit over. more or estimate. in comp. — 62. secondary . S. affliction. use. officer. 56.0WI— Qff!rpgis(^ ^TBTsn—am uessr^npQ^j be 7iot treacherous to those toho feed i/ou. S-uuefTiM. service. beam. the best . S-i—mLo. be useful. S. &. [si-^jii). chiefly S. a S-^LDLj — lip : ^«tp. agree with. a. ^-uQ^®. S-uQ^s^ih. 267. respect. [ ^-esii—etaLD. 185.] 50.) a draft. 228. &- S. instruction : Qufr^&sr. assist. S. iii. t^Q^s^ii^.) food (ssssr. . perception. S-uiTiULD. 186. liberality ^ajtriotri}). s-emi—ui-j. — — 2_^0 . ^_(smiT<sij. ] S. a 2_L_&i>. 190. clothes. or liquids. S-^gM — — : wL^ujfoaneoLD.] ^_L^LD = ^-i—Qsr. S-ueurr^Fw. : — 62. rise. there S-ssarswi— S-SOTsaufl.i—eku® 2. 184. . [s-<smir. answer . 43. 145. immediately. an mi-. 197. {Qjv^). a ball. App. down for ©-(crj S. possessioas. fall off. 184. an — S. 64. less. rebuke ^^lL®. a body.®uLj. ii. 64. Z-lLsitq^ — a scimitar. UPEKSHA. ^-^ — 64. s^a^LDth. /uqL. cause to become. 2_<533rif . be puffed up: 62. au/rsJr. 2_iJL/ live those who have given 2_^®. 2_s3. become. signifying near. s_(ga)£_ [a-®. hoondy. (1. or dam. salt.] 272. £_sOT — feeling. (II.(27. 62. i^-i I. s-^^ffsii. {^^ilild. office. [s«»i_.. [s-l-sjt. 138. 2-u. e-S£i3i_ I 21. e_i5!!!ifi. 2_gB)z_. 228 : S. sun-rise S-^ei) £_i_s»io. is. s^^rrrfi}}. ] H. . a tree. 2_ij(?^a — instructor. ^. — 57.aja!>ir 2_OTci7OT-a/io (SSsor.239.a sans. observance.] ^wi-uj. s_(S33r(75 — 64. S-^fT^ssri}). — S. shake. assistance: 2_^<sfl. 265.) take food. s-^^ffiM. ^-uQdJiTsu). ^-^jSiTiTil. (s. [s. stratagem . — [e_L_ia}. collected.

64. and n. flay. LOKA. e_so)i7«CT. bread. 37. [ S-LD. ^-(Tj*. ] s-aeo. 10. s-SsoQpL^.) form. 2_0iSM.'] ding 236. lditsS — 2_s»/r. ] draw out from vii. all rational beings.] 62. taste s-<5S)<su. a. also. [s-Q^Lj. S. 62. n-Q^LDih.128. H. brackish soil : smir. S-enLDs^eufTiT. ready : money. strip off. elevation. LDQSr ^-QRd. grant of land S-iviT 219. 62. £_iz). life.126. gaiety. 1.] plough.(75. gold. 2_iiS/r. S-Q^iL® si-. &. andn. for P. ^-UJiT^gi suiuireii. a sheath or scabbard. : corintnj is not destroi/ed ivithout S-sireij. £-<su<£ELD. ^-€0<soiT<3=ili. [S. s^siiiT. an article. S-(t¥)®. QfTfTL-^L. peel (act. s^QeonG)jr)U). 2_su<K(SOT«.. form : termination of a case. 271. — ^-lUQ^ — 60. s^isuih. strength. 218. [fl'hmr. S-^ustau.7. 2_(T5(g_62. emit. wheel.. be strong. s-OJiT^^ssr. figure S-Qfjevih. [^. : [_Q(jir 57. 228. send forth. — an owl. compassion.) s^emtp — 64. [s-^syt.0da. [2-(75(^. [ruju. s-Lp&). be high. &-ip«@. tenderness. 62. verbal (2. 166. (5*. assay gold. : S-£vrr^^. elevate : {^-iLiir. &.) volunteer. s-ewfl- standard of pron. ^-QffirLDiM. violent. ^-QF) — 62. you Stop the mouth of the village with the cover of the rice -pot? S. .) speak.e_(75&. n-en&s>LD. ation. S. ^-Q-p — 60. to you. supplies furnished to a_(SO/ria/ — — ^-eoiT^^ — — a pestle ^^' become dry. 2-(?/7/r«LD. chaff. 2-60(75. S-(em/B^. sigh. H. walk. a S-QF)UUL^. 2_Lpje/ : — 62. S-OTEusir. a spy. 2_0(Sj)3r(S5)i_. piece. QfTirdsth. App. ^-l8. a schoolmaster.. S. 37. S. a rice-pot . ^ffitu. s-Q^suu).) QeOlTSlli. S-(t^ULo>.) 184. universality. (2. S-iBip. £-<s. a mortar. ^LD Jsrfl.rt^suLo.] — proof. height. disease 180. 158. a rupee. (S-eirey. ^-(wi^. hide. : belonging to off. a_/fl. [ e_OT. £-(T5ffi@ 62. &.] S-iuir^Q. 222. ^-QirrrsaLD. [ £_(syr. [ a candidate an S-<ss)rr. toil. [2-(^^. ^-ffua. S. — 62. office. dry. 122.) 62. (^0. a furnace. s^GiiiT iSeOLD. (a. an eatable seed. a comparison. tillage.ZLCl. 262. pierce . skin. ^ of a measure whirl round. 146. 2-^. the world . ^ai@. a vowel: ^euek £-(S«/f^^ 64.] commiser- parable. take a walk. roll over (act. [S-c»r. Tel. plough share. spit.) toy.. commentary. midday. 243.. a spy.] atrpui^. S-^urriLi. yield. 190. husk.] S. a class of nouns.] ^. walk. cover for the rice-pot.) an explanation.] 10. a metal.(TjL/. 57.lS. anything round. 70.100. 273. ^0ey — form.) 221. — breath. S-isuLDiresruj. . S-eiTLD. through aacO^si. H. (1.QrTmLLp. figure.LD. . adjective S-ffl — S-ift-ff^Q^/ns)). ] 229 . 1. an a great personage on his route. ^urroj. melt (n. ^ j — a_(5<oir. and. .) 160. melt (act. ^-QemTSUi.) 243. H. 160. — denoting lULD. breathe. hair: lduSit. (1. ^. 273.»ffi.ji!r<siI>. .) i^-Q^ £-t£iffl/. 262. live.j. salt : S-ULf. utter. incluS.INDEX s_U3s@.ji!/r«/-D. a secret. ] [ummaid = hope. . S-(zpu<3iai—. 2-/fl(2»LD. a touch-stone. a S.

2_£Yr(5r5«M^. 2_OT. a dwelling place. ixxsmip. in reality.eirmuL^. sleep. S-S)i^SJ — — allied to ^(5-] a village. 2-<F<Fffszi). Q^(su S-jpiuLj. between: asrCi—.) [ aer/f. creep. 263. a term ^iijsLl>. situj. scold. (which perishes.^(siiujeuLD. 263. one of the most important roots in the language. — 62. draw inferences judge uj^S. is •S-ps^nsiD. see under ^-lL and^-OT] ^-imuu®. a needle. mire. like the duTflO be.. — [2_^. a rich one (one to whom 184. the highest. on account of its combinations. tal vigour. aec/r. : — 62.) 230 . 60. 133. H. •e^pwn® 2-/Dffii/j — 190. '-put s^ppmir. case. 2_GJrE:rr^. 211. u<ss£li^esiL-.] — — through. 10. c^®. mind. ISO. a snipe. (5. [£-/D/E/(g. [ aatff.') frost. S-ffjiDfrSso. dumbness. ^-(snp uS l-lL . a-sszir. energy: ldsbt (srap^S. a member. grow rancid. 2«!E^ ^-pi&LD. actually. 215.60. a tank common to a whole though 2_j3j<s(g it is not in is common use village. &.INDEX S-cfrgji 2_6rl?. ]. ssLgasfTtLi. 270. msL^rr. fortitude. 255.) service : 62. (2_^. msnem ld'iu diT .p<^<3sr(ip<mpnjnk. ^-piEi(S) ssllL® sssiem. relationship. the ssLsmLo^S. (6. &-^Qp down: s_il. asrr* 2^Q. nourish. crawl. ssaQ — 211. s£E0iS5afl. as long as (it) exists. he who possesses. 274. 263.] &-pnnir. alacrity. snow. the S-etreireudr. an onion : S. is abide man's dream msLfftTfr. S-ekQeir. It ^-g)i^. or brown colour. friendship. S-eireini. a purple. [This word in composition much used S. £_^. be born. partners. Su^eftlL-i—fTiT.)] within. pickles (sscgn. sssLiBiuii).. filthiness. [ SigjuGo/reu. among. 62. stability. 62. . 180. 135. the inner man.) ^-ewLJUt—. 215. s-^. I. existence . be worm-eaten. a sheath. 64.pQp S-eirefriEjeiaa. men- 251. a handkerchief Gso^*. s^(sir(etfip(nfiT. babble. 62. 157. sleep. 255. [s. be steeped. muLD^^LD. ^-. s_ar<s8. [2_ e_^.. eerrsroi^ssabri— £_^ — [Qp^). net work. kindred. scabbard. ^Q^meifl. 21 Q. (s-saar. ^-pu^fl. claim [^/Dffl/. See msiQ^. inner .] aar®. un272. terrify. sour sit milk used for curdling . esr. palm of the hand: eiapajtriT relatives. 37. : 68. hung from possess. NATA. 133. a chisel. a dumb per- roof as a general receptable. conception. S-(sfr<atreireijLh. s_s^<syr.] psrr there is). spread over.] as a verb. 62. : food 62. ^-eiapi^ (uecfl. S. — 62. from circumstances mmssLh. £_(syr. eer^p thing. — associates: [s-syt. : part of any SLD. sar/f. 64.) blow. — inward idea: '&-Lsqf)^si. son. . : 128.. emp + ^t-ii. 60. 216. 69. the &. S-(SfhasirQ^ g_(Sffi — — 60. feed. ^.. [suchi. best.«/r0. &c. s-isap. inclusively: S-lLui agree: sl-lLu® — 262. strammonium.&r(^s(^(sirQeir^ inwardly. birth. 60. : s-m&rfrm.] 62. snarl. H. This esuQF) — villagers. ^-err. gush forth : .®(7ja. eenioata.] aar^gw^.

38. erismugt. idea : fSSssrui-i. CTsjTs® erLLL-irgi.] ers=®io. get. see S. [er^Cj. ssLekffii count. my erek ^ib<sb>^. defect. erehetaflsems. a deceiver: sulci. as. at random. lift up. . oil me to lean breaks my sr^okra-euu^. defiled.) — eT3=§l60S€ii^. 10. I. 212.) 200. {sr^tft.) erejor. 25. effort. 115. common. is : One . 172. manner.giuQuiT® Take away! 146. <oTuGiu!T(t£SiLD. 62. YATHA. 244. eru. 146. arithmetical tables.(2. the leaf from which one er^iT. upriglitness sincerity : warn. lean. how? loTuuL^iLjU). wliat is One must prevent coming obstaoijposition. stick in. 8 spans S. caution. er®u®. oil : 6rcss<^. ! €rsj ? isre»3T. emL-iSpgi. . : @^. . (oTskrQKsmiu. avaricious prosper ? GTuuL^. 64. UQp^Q^Gir'Ssr ? (121) it aiir (psO^sBTOT ? ett'i What S.. er^a^/rstfl. ©r^//?. accumulation of earth. a body long. . . stlL®u every where. sriB^ffLD. <5riij(^Lb. stand on I connot comprehend it. 6r<3mLDi—iEU(^. when ? 25. tip toe how far erwLDir^Srrtj}. xi'i. every one's enemy. ^-(i^sQ).126. the Stick given ^-i—lolj.21 1 231 . (oT^irfrs^LD. always . tree. think. carry. how much (5TU)ldlL®u>.? 126. in a pec. 172. mnenTLD. 25. be taken away.1 thought. 37. 62. er^iriT^^aiir^ Qeoirs eSQair^. reach.] [Intrans. 134. 263. GTisssrei^LD. 90. 25.) take. &c. 92- loT^^. — 64. 27. in. 126. S.) eight. ejidassSuQusf.®. 211. by all means. the strychnos nux-vomica frtuir^irir (oT^^m. draw GTiEjs^sw. [sr^®. Think before you speak. QfBlU. cles. (imp.) (3.272. assume. — er<^<Frfi — . oppose which ? SQijrr^.er^^csTuo. (oTlL® — 172.. at a distance. enLi^uurTiT to see. warning. pate.. (orss<so. er^^dm. means.^!fffi. steel 6roo@. [ 6r<?^d=/i). <5Til~t—. 6r@. i5r®3. any thing nasty and has eaten. GTiEiaeir. . . [eriassr. : number. 62. [Ajip. 60. astaff [upgniQair® .] [not emSiih. GTL-L^. S. er. 190. er<sssr. erJd^/flL/L/. 2d case. 64. where ? S. <orem'3'!T(S5isr — 62. reverence: sr<sm^}i ld^ul^. er^^ — <Sii(Qs=^m.] : er® — 60. count . cheat W(q9\. srs^Lon-asreir. adversary . eiglit-fold: our. privation. contract. conside- 25. eiai master: = s.] 152. er^iT <^<sajjr (oTiEjQs. (oTiB^? which? machine: (a^^/r/j. intention. fraud: off. <oruGiurTQ£g!. ^essri—snQsr. i5r^<3:ffls(cs). 239 .^^s(^. a fruits ? good WJtat good is is it if the if the ens€s>^.) a number : ^(oddsLD. ? . how many? 25.F<s«z-D. ration. : S0!:s3r^G'<£5/r&L). a spring: (ear^. srs(^. wllO speaks the truth. posterity. sr^ffiioiaL-.s. sand.INDEX s§<Lp£)i.) 172. — 62. (^^sroi left on the plate. sr^iT — opposite. sr<3=LDn--zir. (1. ^uSleOLD. father : CTLliy. sing of <orffJ. {seodso.

60. 255. 166. 107. trifling. [greo^. : 184. 151. ereueir. : a boundary ereoems. bullock. ache. an iron gi + ^&sil. 166. 72*73. 126. GTetaLp. [Co. ereS. 172. ox GTQh^^ds 3o<r erq^&^LD. dsir. LD. . {er(i£. for when (he) said.'] erQ£Lhi-j. gieir.) what way. burn.166. srsyrjsTj. 143. anger.171. the nom.. stir up. 25. ORiGo from orior. 132. (erer. App. 82. eraJr— 70. manure IT s^rjm. ermQjDasr <orQ£. 196. (51 sr<M^ih. From + (a/ /?«!/ = ] er<E<sj2si. [ srajr. a sentence. erms.] a letter. 38. rape seed STQF. 149. of erissr is used poet. 158. a boundary. 131. ] g)S5>sA CT«Jr «i/a%» erfiiun^ir? Will eteSlajQp&jgan^asirLLi^^eir. er<T£LDi-j — er(tpui-f — 62. erek. a lemon : 212 212. 271. GT^wL-j. what is easy : ^eo@. 88. hollowed out by the crawling of ants. 232 . ^a ereiffeiaLD. Co. QsuLhuj.254.. Pluto. pen: {^srag^ ereimsrQLDir. one crop. subject of ot(i^ an emphatic particle ejsQurrsLD. who. ersSigi.. 6rs3r(5!o/D<s(gii. — 151. poor. ^et^ai^ Ga/eabr^Wj ergjiiMLj. what? [ somet. something or other. call by a name.] ers^su'sfrs^. despise: (otstt. (cause to say. mmirs seu (^^fiiLjin. 126. 108. 6ref(ef^ a buffalo : eTQF)<oiaLDLD!T(B. ereSiLKsuirasir. 70. er<ssr<si!r. consume ^^sofl. 64. : a-eou 57. eT^L8.) er<siiQeu(LQ for ever (orekgn. <:^©)^io. erQ£ — ersjr^ii) = isresrempdi^LD. [Co. : ix. ^mp. OT^cuffii. erQ^^gj. 249. . tree. 88.. 250. This form of the infin. for ever. OTSBT. eri5sns\}.63. . cast 57. one wants eigtibij A Stone IS a hole to one's self. — 62. 160. write.^Lp. unity : . 67-(7^^ — 264. a bone ereoe<!)<s.) 25. ^Ca)*.. sreu dl^ih.) ereBTeanh.] : 64. ereoQisorrQFfLD.3='3^iEisinu^ a lemon. ^ssSotid.82.. (or ^-2_uSff +©-ii). er<s!r(^ and 62. 255. ^m&). prove .eriDissr eruj — — ^lULCKsk. 177. 213. (oTOQSi^moeS. burn QslL® .168. which man? in 25. which woman? who. Qieq^ul^. throw. arise: GTS)}. eresr. any thing 252. all. 184. [ case.] 98. grsusjr. (ST ei] G) 126. an ant. (P. as a missile : Q^/§l. and ever. be stirred up . 82. ereftliu. 164. 98. though it be but a rat-hole.242. cast: eSsi?.) errfl. <^p place. sre\)3so.LD. 162. 126. 37. ereiriS er€sru€s)(su^ srekusum'. ^<so!t ermu^. 70. su L-(B . poverty meanness ^if)^ ©£577.) 267. 116. ex. OT/fl — — 57. fire ^. . indignation. 6r0^.. 247. 23. 47.] sr&)<sdrr ereL)iso/r0ii. srGaflssr. how? (ot+ 25. eTQ£ 'SUIT ill. [_sreBrQufreir sra!r(7i^&) — erekusiiear. sr^i^3'<oSi3=. <s/r&ir. 199. send. 10.) 160. [ersyr. say. a rat crzSl »2?ir srjS. 126.) not this report be great grief to <sriB<s^<s=eOj me ? imploring face. he put on an (ersir. (orsiiei]uSl0Lh. sS^/-D. : poor people. 131. 70. ST/SI — a throw.

I waters of a tank. accept. instigate ^^essr 149.] — Eng. S/b] wealth 172. suitably: [ ereb. : instig- ^aop. be fitting. s. command. [III. er@ — 62.] agree..INDEX S. Siurr! Sir! 111. accept. established. SiLjpe^j ^lULD. disappoint- Is this befitting you. SG(Si.-] 272. [Comp. establish. 193.[Si£. before. 161.. &c. Q-gMip. cd^. €rQ£. ) p. lS(^^. eiearaairm ovfjUL-i^cysScyir. 247.] ^djsQp^. deceive: gu^Q. become pine. ] — eimrmw. iEt—isQ^s)i-'\ of . lake ]t : sldlditiu. Lat. shreni. : 0<F©Da. a picota . AR. instead . hetu.. 62. [irregular form. 70..) SiLiek.] ^i—rr. go. — the eipu® 62. a erejr. n-i^<siruL^s<oiaa. ^ihugj. LULD. 244. : eTsareuiTiLieBr. ^a-eufBiutsi. why? 98. p. head. what? er^. mon crjfi? : — ejesiflQ. ladder. (1.) vulg = erssr 267. boar. (Buurr®. erpsissrQeu. leaf.€ff>i—8. ^p&. abundance ejift. a ship.(111. carda" eo-cir.G!7-i(g goes. 64. [s. §ig! suitable. ^tQSi'&j sisT&i aihugj.'\ 259. SjpuQiUrop.] 62. sT'SLDj 1. 56. ejsmi—rr. ejppLD. ^esiiLiQiuiT.) \_eTpsii : receive. [ a simpleton [^ej'esrui.172. 214. use abusive language. l^iuio..) 160. is orior.^etas'. [ eij^. 62. ejp^iDir'i ffi. s. eiiEj^ err*.^.ii).] increase. ejp^a Qsfrsir(stK — (Sp^. — 68. 117. undertake. StutrQeii SSemiUfh^. Qldl^.178. principal. CT®. ation. ©£!/ — 149. [s. 6Tpun-(B. ®. He has undertaken for me.] ejdsih. erpsQeu. ^lL. erpQpssr. equivalent property return. ETi = he eip ( — be era). (Poet. export. CTfoTsf).] which. five. ascend. QS!TQ£. ejffii 228. CTSOii. up.214.172. ment.. 170. &<souiceiU. ment S. if. ejSo. [greo. ^eiru^. a plough.) (2. 195. er eipss lift up. flow of the tide. is \_^£ii@ps^. 172. more or less. S/E^. ^Q£. . a cause. thus. erpu = ejps. a S. them a drinking vessel uir^Pffw. bandy. longing desire. agreement. an auction . 62. ^jafl 6jisw(50. 193. SCsu*. eiir. 6T(TrfiEJ3. ej-^.) [poet. ] Co.. covenant : slL 145. [gr^' 161. lun^. but easy loose. a father. [67-^. RISE. difficult to restrain to let the erpguLD^. 138.' ^p<s(^empiu. of any thing. 6j<^<3F. [Several compounds ] are formed with this noun. substitute. [This root often used in comp. ejpu®^Si 62. 111. . . 172. alms: iSt.] recompense. GTssTLD. 6T6p\ LD. [s. Eng. put into (a 62. . [Co. ejs Qiurrs common enjoy- QpdrQssr. CT<%).] poor ignorant man. proceed. one Cs^toii. stir S(^«-. 233 . page of a book. 172. doubt: s=ihQ^aLD. 177. early ] : S. abuse: <sii<cS)-3=. 118. : a large tank. ] ^Qtuir! SQjir. languish.] ^<sB3=3=<si!TiLim.. last. E. — [vulg. Po.] ej&j^sc.

— (cpsssTLf. epL-eaL—. [9. one only 172. beauty foppery. modesty: ^i—&sld. c^QfjUu® 68. u®.®. ] <^(!f. a conical heap left in dig. ] collate. conduct one's self. give way. 243. 106. go on.] 259.) ^{^eS. (^<ssisrL^aarrn(^. (spuuirifi. (spQTfisiBLD. t^Q^uuL—. closeness. deliver up to . (^q^lS 117. (^Q^LSlds. a comparison : S-sustntc. : Q<soQ£iife(r. behave. a funeral elegy . allow. ^(Bssld. oppress. ld 172. leak . [^(5. reconciliation epQ£d(Q. 172. run for shelter.] (^uuffsij. 64. 170. (^d^. (sbul/.. <sOa/7-sJr(sr5 — . 209. c&(75. consistent ^&a<3^ ^Cj. 118. (cbiLisui. — . : iLesrOfiir^^ iB^^ireir. [cguL/ — likeness. 119. (cpandsu). 234 . — eg a nomi- 64. (^iLiLnrffLD. agreement. (odsm®. [+67.. 117. contagious.190. ^(5 s'lh^. submit: ^i_/m@. manners.) (^ULf (S^uLjdQsiT® 64. [^(i^@. fail 170. adhere : . [<^^^+ iii. ©sbt^. epiP — 57..] viii. union. [^lL®. — 62. woman 172. finish. 50 (u) App. [ sg. Qp/S. a camel. (spuLf. good manners : i^uudss!. (^eirpl. PROP.272. . epi^ 246. (^(ss)3=. inspection of troops. 170. [^. straighten: from ^. 62.. unity: ^sQuild. (^LJiSi altogether.242. 184. 64.) one. 172. flow. <^LLi—. narrowness . recede.ih. order. ed. nal connection. ] IT (c^euQeurrdrgu. sound s'^^iss.)_ iBsniL—. <sa(Bestli. one furrow. coalesce. 64.] <spQ£Ei <sp(LgiEi(^. ^eS Qps I help : 2_^sffl. : perhaps . [^(y@-] : 190. I sometimes. shelter : (S^gndQi—uo. (where all the noise is. 172. ^(5S!F(SBg^. App. (od®iEj(^. mortgage [ : ^i_@. (S^wQ<s]!TQF). (o^lL. <^uu. an outer gate. (fem.\LDir. agree. epgjdr^. lean [qu.5^/reb. [^+ zj/5^/i)] i^uuih. remove . association. once plough- ging a tank a wager. aleak: (^(Lg&<k. unite. be straightened. signature 6s>a : — (1I1.] ^lL® — 62.172. together. <^^d(^ ®^/E/@ ih^. agreement. (^uui^ili.242. agreeing. (^pjlSI. tank-digger. — a bachelor. — e^ds.. (o^qr^siissr. Qins^eo. gB(5|. 62. like as. — . oneness. a meal a day I fast is when only one eaten. — 170. cobwebs. <^^^ d Q s m (&h . against. sgil®. 117. ] epL-i^ek.] ^sS. cause to recede. 161. [ 3=!T(k. (?iaj?etr.INDEX I. I (speu <s] rrgj . together. or a certain (^LL(Bih. S-asiu. S. 243. — 64. receive. a hosom friend. (^^^uunir. compare. tc^L-t—sai—. obedient. 170.. alone ^sofl.] — ep(Bd(^ — 62. be broken : 170. anything thin. agree. 62. 140. prove. ^0 199. order. 5iTeto<F. — — 62. good order mediocrity : ^Qeos-. consent. £B(25^^. break. 57. deliver. 64. 172.. dirt.


«. Qsitl^lu. Qisrr®. sQi—it& . 106. sea. boddice. saeisr®. 170. . pain eiiQf^^^Lci. semi— \&. a command : S-^^jay.] vehement.] : S. P. siassssTLo.) hard- & 3? LD fT so LD nastiness. a favorable look : Q(7r. ear-ring. s®s. &. tie bundle adj. <si_^/r0. . 68. a bracelet.c.6ISV) L I LD a cot. S. 181. s^csr. or made up. pass over. Q. 263. <S<^*. any thing tied. conjee. a(Q9t. sQi—iTriu>. the end. 170.^ 66. s®ssit1j. sL-i—. s®uLj. cement <ScS^. slLi—ituld. vouchsafe placed breadthwise. a letter si—uuiresiir. [93. com. a heifer si—ireuL^ JTL^. — 62.] <s®(g <s S. justly. QielL obligations centre. SI— — — . 64./fl. turn with a 62.-. district. [st—@^. S. of siLtpL. [-s/r^cszsjfl. si—sLD.] a iirincipal S3?uir. Q^a^fr s(B.) a an iron crowbar. ^ri/3^^jLs. [_s si—esr. I. a bazaar . tape fBtri—rr. 140.] __ J)®. a — sL^i^ QsirefT(et^. S. ] [ Either «i_£to:o E. s®. <sz_si/srr. . S <S!jBr Q . any thing intoxi- ® a ssjr. . [Co.] sL-Lp. cating. — 57. [isflis»/r.55® I s®Q!S7M.] [ S. a treasury: Quit si—rreii — 62. siSL'sau). transgress: 160. seD^i—leuiTiLi. omSpjgsaaQluLf. slLl^isci.^*. si—(e^si9. a band. CoUc. a revenue or police office. hasten. mustard. s®(^. ] be pungent . 68. &'S=iT(^. (causal. severity : SL—&0. gall-nut. give iu marriage. : 107.] s&^i—iM. a party: uiLs^m. su^g. si—rnff. 236 . 98. ness. «g>/7'(SB). SL ITL 3=Ln. Q<siis. sJ'eiO'F.222. : aOfJL/. lL®.^(a. Bengal gram. l—ITLULD. weep 221. [« duty : the corner of the mouth. . the last. <s<5^0.'] euiTiU. s® AR. angry. reprove: 259. [^z_. bricks (Co. be angry with. the corner of the eye. aboil. 69. SI— ITU. cruelty. si— sir. si—nm^LD. : slLl^So QlLl^sv. a decoction. «en)^.6ssr. a bond. sL-i—2str. bed.i^i_. austerity. ssmi— snSfiiJa. the end : ssmiS. thresh corn Qurr 266. annex. 184. churn. quickly : i^mfr [Co. si—aso. Strangury. \_si—. = s®. a lump. a<fQ^fft. as an slL®.sQsireir(sm. take un- S. rice water starch.LDITU/E^ . 140. ems isjdsn eu^iULo. [lathe. asperity. 123. tlie male goats.a0d=/r.] 101.] 181. «®^/r9. [ Co. a belt. village in suf- — 57. sl^. ) GOD. ooze . s(Biu>. StS. vulg. severity. [<s®. Si— IT. — : Qt—iriff 259. a® : — 64. bang. [in comp.] ] S. girdle ^es^u&as^si-. sssis^.srrOTQ//f = si_!i^ e-cV = umorragnoir or = the Being in wliom . st—esiLD. bite. [Co. acute liirsaQuLj. compulsion. ssisi—. 64. oozing. difhjulty. the Deity. Lnrpi. 273. [s®. a debt sL-L^sQisiT®. pain. labour. fasten with nails: ^ aQ AR. Qpisnp.'] . [_ — 57.3=LD. uisas=. s(BijLc. si—eu^^. (<5®. Qsir®ss)LD. [<e0. 64. ] [ a debtor.uir . sheep. Co. severe. .) ssmi—slsesar. sSL^rriLiLD. affliction: LSlrruJir. force.INDEX AH. s&ei].

3^fH. : s^irlSl/E^rrLDesisfl. aeisr® i3l^. a dove " a pigeon. GANAKA. — a mirror. S-ut-idsemi— [cloth.oB>s. . the head Riiyat. \_a<smL^. or breadth. brinjal. croak. bray S. : [ see Qan . 101. : : somL^.70. S. a door: \_. piece of timber s^. 62. build.240. patch : iSppeo. make a noise. S. sugar candy. : s<oisn-^uLj. 64 . arithmetic. suLf.'] .. a6mLf.sem(B. a forked branch of a tree: QstTUL-j. <£5/Fgro^. 251. sLL(Bd\QsrruLj. 180. t. = BUNCH.'] s<smQi—<s!r. I algebra. ssm.] H. (1. cut with a pair of shears. <a<sazir<s@.. s^PrffdCsfreo. surrffOLD. a brass vessel uues^rr. setmrsurrtu. 67. . reprove. 1. a^^ift — 64. a rag. a multi. a piece of salt meat. A GOING. an accountant. SIT'SSS! . a silly fellow. 182.260. auuf. (In comp. ] SiS!!3r<S(g. a ball of thread. &'smL^ — a woman's coloured 64. suuearr. . clearly. a block. glass.'\ 66. — 62. s^isrfl. chintamani = S. <x£mi—. ] suiSl. aui—Ln. value. ^easrw. a knife. s<smi—LD.. SUIT. . (2. aeajr + ^/f. ffi&BT. a^fr LD(^. S. existence. s^U'r. a pair of scissors. sQuir^th. <su(6J<9^^3r. met. «^2. 267. met. a ship: LDffdseOLD. AR. s^ir. semisiissr. a place. " .&lL(B — 62. &<mrQm^® care for. fable.suiti—lx. a skull fiSsiQajtr®. 273.200. 239. : AUULD-. a Bishop. a certain disease of children . s<mri—iTiEiQ. a blockhead. sesurdadr. a copper. overseer. [s. tribute §)s<^/d. punish. 260.a=L£i. a quarter of the S. the science of comj)utation [ jewel yielding every kind of delight. «ajp. ^rts s^^. . [ s. tale .'] between hills. 272. a capon. pully gravel. Q^iremsfl em. sesSl^LD.) saw. news Q^a^iL^. a . young plant. an instant .w^!i. sulphur: Qsi^&LD. state of deficiency in length. S. of a wheel. ai^ssLD. take care ! H.s<sm(emL^. LosmLD. suiT^^. S. [ 3>(sm.) LD(^S=ffl tude \_ a disease of children a'husr. 237 . materiality. &c S.) [for s(ssrgji aperture. sL-enii—. ['-/C7-] a blind person.'\ S./F^Q. the throat. [_£s essr d rs^. deceit : Qldit a piece .) an eye.] . strength. . asm® I Qp^So. s^gii S. AR. knuckle. actual produce. roof. 263. . look after.. sQlQ. ] a path . I suueo. tie. ] GANITAM.. a pass husband: LjQF(aLSiei!r. [gana. world 'LD. vulg. L?^ ^ssjisfl^ii). surrLj. proper weight. [See. an ear of corn a ray . . ^fB^LD. au®. a neck ornament rigor: s<swr H. [s/r sQurr^. a s^^ — 62.] an odour: suir^&sr. sesfl^LD.] S. [Co. 63. place of refuge. Ang.. tie on. a joint. [•«i_'/rz_ii) = «^ia/. S. (irreg. spoke an account. ] [ S. p. an arrow a time. S. sew^. se!sifl. heaven. &<ossr®. L^<SLD. . Qsirut-i.s/rsrr. cry out.] suLD. inspect.^ coarsely ground grain . a dish of roast meat. auiT^iTiT. ssBur-STemfliUfTir. for men. or scissors. sessTih. a deceiver. phlegm OsiTismLp. &c. seuaQaiJLDLj. 201. a 244.

witness. sQf)^^. . covipany.] sff'SaSsr. Gram.] 66. chemise. . : summerset . a srj(Bnp!T®€ire(r. 'W' S.sqf. . Loi^ir siiiSl.QF)UULD. S. s. H. [^Yr. srjLD. a help — — rescue bank. the holy ] Eucharist. an agreement. a stripe in &Q^s. 64. (1) acleft in the ground caused by draught. airs^Sl — act.] &if)ff:&). pass ( 271. S. 221.. nonsense.] III. : the embryo SQF. <s/r<^*. soil. [«0a//r siTL^. thought. sir^^issT. (Hind. sthiSeB. roaring. cinnamon. ^tsmiT. <sj/r/f. certainly. scorched. ] aLDi3<sfluQu3'&. &!r^3iiT. sffuuik. Com. . mpsQ^'ism. sLDUesrui. [incomp.) melt eipga 62. ^eiaLp. KAMMAL. adj. SLDULD. (2) the waist. charcoal. a farm. e^ji—Lo. cumS. — . darkness. be hoarse become overspread with clouds. sugar cane. expense.ssiliQusSujmr. S. a blanket bly. or piece cut off. &LD1S1JLD. ^yra). spoon. : sQh^^im. Garuda.] [ [ . the betel-nut tree HLD.SITUUU}. the 57.) «iD(fl«j UI7S0 eScL-trai Quircj. save. chunam box. .] — funeral rites.. rough. cotton soil. SLDumiM. &tc.] 3. cloudiness : of a cloth. depth : ^LpiD. wish. an instrument [Comp. nodding : slduld. sQ^i—m. black. ^(TKafl. regard.— — anything. [ kind of ear-ring. sjraiii. Siussld the border «0g — 62. siTurfl. ] ^ilj^ld. <siT'S=^Soisr. [Kill or cure. corap. Eng. a water-pot.131. S. a little srresnTL^. <S(T5«@. &nf). — Christian usage.'] &Qjj(Q. P. Ij 62. the sacred kite. sfB.QF)LjL^. untilled ground. be saved .fftuj. a pole: av^LDUw nodding. rope. [an elephant. suLDLj.INDEX SLDW. a hard knot in wood. confusion. think. : eggQsiKossr I un&(S)LD sQf). S.) spe£. change. hide: ^j NOT COM. &-c. siTiT. . S. LD(e^. haziness hoarseness &u)LDS\). joint. s^Sbsr. s(f^(SUTUL-i5B>L-. aia/^. s£!i. (Esp. [Pronounced vulg. l/OU JCLll your spring death ensues. an arch : si/^ai/. the white of an egg. s. dried salt fish: ^il>es>u. USSTLD. sldlB. ldulj. 256. a gambol . S.. s(ff)LDLh. exact. true. tenderness. a bear. sBrremru). black . idea. I sqfjUuld. a bank. sQh'siiiT®. compassion siB : S. UUISISl—. karan] stsaiT ei£)i. a wire. shore. obscurity [<s(5-] become black. foetus. hand ssis.s(T^LDfr^. sLDaek. roar : Qsirs^®. [ H. . hard. 62. like pouring milk into a cleft of the ecu-th. a shirt. blackness. S. sQ^LDLj. 270. ascend Qurr(B. S. the edge of a knife. a pregnant woman. — in means atrssnrs ^uiJ(SS)i\i mrousnh. throw a summerset. H. opinion. [•s^^. up away. the P. (n. a kind of edible root. deed. P. 121. 238 . : S. AR. Lcetap. action. &!j(B. ) ( 64. meaning. .S(T5<sijo. eruptions on children.fLL yolk of an slSs-. I. sirreisrisLD. sQhLD. 62. a E. FQSriM. smn. a knot.s(ki. the bank. a doer. aihQp sujgji. nth. scurf. s!fls=&)sn® &(if). deficiency sQr^ inferiority. the womb: . 222. sLDU^siLD. forms of <s(5 &Sgii. QsiTuum^rfl.) melt.

s&o. [ a tumult rebellion. 64. confusion. disperse. fat man. ssusfTLD. S.<suiosr\ — attention snr-^ffj. a short. come off. aeviT-57 aeu&:). censer. learning. plunder. also apQp^. 57. SQ£. [_Q s it en ld . H. disturbance the s&)eo&>.seOLDuaij). bamboo. mail to a . £Bisu6m.] one hundred leaves of betel. Q^miT<mr® s(w i^ir. 1. <5sfl. or iron age. v.) a<Sii® 66. aeo/ruS. 62. 244. «a)9<?^<5?. mixture. — 64. which rice has sipssS^ ^ekr&s^ir. : learn- narrow backwater.<^i^ — a putrid smell 57.] S. S6s>su. water : in leaves used as plates. : overturn. paddy in when pounding. : <55eii|ffl9. mixed up.aeoausroz—. seu^LD.~\ 239 . si^. aLpffjH seSiLjsii. abolish. O^irtSien. a KALAK. suffer from diarrhoea. — seia i—ld. . 160. bewildered. lie 57. a wedding. the cluster together. . I S. ass. 62. sen®. the kali-yug. : — for Qissireii. sfreuLD. seuni—tD. pride sireS — (61.] s<oi>d<sLD. an eagle . aqueduct S. seniTUj^^. a paddy-field : H. purge — . 64. : mouth of a broken chatty put over a mortar to keep the s. . s^iki(^. a sling. «(SO^ii). S. 115.] [a. drill (soldiers. s. <?. srruLj^ijLD. any thing forked.(111.272. camphor. seousau. been washed miLp. [sot. forked branch: sulj. yoke. seijeo. : a stone dig up . seosu).) vessel: a measufe of grain = [err. a 245. SiC: s<Mdsi>. a : care. put take off. ssuei]. «OTjfi. usurp. sn. 191. senssTLD. application seo. H. joy. siiTii£i2/.i^iurr&!snli. attend to. . a 57. assisuLD. [Co. be confounded. — ] — (aewsmi^.ssSlSsS.) ] Q^(Tfi<a(g. 62. — <s^ — : sdoO out. be intent upon a thing ^s=<3=ui./r&. lust after. — sioj^s^ aiiiSiga sL^iSipgi. or away. . be overturned.^^ ^®. ^^. off. an a(Lpe!j — 70. seoiT^. H. earthen vessel. <seb. ld/sq. agreement. : a pot. comp. <seS. sSsoiULD. .] aeu s<sos(^ •seoffi/gj — [«OT. : the lining of copper vessels. [« girsQ aaai^Q^dsr. a without the s. 56. iSL-ga. a miscellany. 105. a sluice.254. an impaling stake. : a pitcher (^(Bes^ev.C. place of be proud. misfortune : ^u^^. «(sS/E/<£5et). sapea^.INDEX S. ^eiiir^^. seuiT. armour. 256.233. a small slab &Z. learning. wound . dsffl/ssjif). ing from diarrhoea- is suffer- 64. the gate of a fort.'] seo I afli^^ a college. suiueo. fE(e^ for grinding drugs. vessel a plough . AR. 231. 239. concern q. affS/E/Q. 57.. mix up. 62. S. be dispersed Q^gs. the neck 62. «i_/®. a rope-dancer. silvering of a mirror se^jsttl. 12 marcals. [k'houl. confusion. a stick : a buck sdsiLDfrm : . pass off. luting. ssLfe^. ssntsssr®. business. fodder S. •sap^S^. I have aided this worth- s&s>Lp& si^^^ins^. aafl — verse of poetry. small «(U)«<s/reB!!fl. confound. 160. . sS . wash.) mouthful elephant's . ££\)LD. &Lppg)i — 70. mingle. slip off. less fellow in his extremity. with a stick.'^ of the <si^ moon's ing diameter (s^frasru).

into With <saJr(OT)£3r. 64 : enlarge and sasTga.[. lasr . [«(^.'J s(r<5is^i—. \_aiTsm. a calf. south. AfT^L. siTiEKoi^is. (used in the &pLj.] siT^LD. wait. 64. [kanya. balls 164. a cord 263. meat ). show.* [<s/r^ffl£3r. 256. g ) x. . break a house. 180. of rice offered to [ljsS.siriT — Qie=<^. an oppressor. arr^^sOsireir. : — 70. hawk. Qs^auuesrili. sirexfl. I. a thief. rejoice. ep<^. arT(5ssn^ ^sSigsfl. thy. where 0«/rsJr(sr5. — ( «/r*.'\ — 196. a [ young plant. sitlLS. theft. 13. suffice. a virgin. <sir<s=iTeLiiTssLD. semm. fruit 259. sstr. defend. AR. off. floor. S. ] &(S!ipiU!rssr. worfire srrem.264. snuS^ili. honour. — see. a burning ground. : ^lL(B. 19.s/reajr. bracelets . 62.p. curry.seJrsonsto^. 223. learnt. a lascar. honorable. : for. sesru) QuiTQ^i^LU. a dream: ^(OT). vinegar. command invent. own. a crow sFSih. — strip. asir(w^. custody . spot. «a!r. sekeitriijs^^a.259. AR. 166.2 [kalpana. little. <s(5. ^Bssreij. — 60. hereditary right. 160.INDEX^^nuo. 62.64. s'hsr — younger brother. Euphorbium or milk hedge. s^uQunsM.] ^pi3 -. S. 224.253. chastity. blackness. scireimir. toddy. wait [ «/r. an hour. : aeitluiLi. sissip. soirrr. 224. : siTsueS. \_&iT(cssr. 160.^-jth.] S. sstTLD. a granary. 70. cash. a kddam. damsel. P.] .] 93. s^ G'haddi a stain. [sfftJL/. 259. steal. &/S. milk ap 255. a field. protect. personal. (^ssstld. the arm of a bride- 240 . falsehood.^LD. sirLLuf. tied a brazier. <s/r . spp. aiT^^rrR Comp. 6i3s<r. S. Comp. ^luireij weed.] cheek sQuire^u^. learn. preserve.. ss^reOT. a crow : sfT-iarriLj. an invention.] 64. &a(sssr viii. pull weed [out. S. heat: ^^L-i—<cm tl> ssireirui. faintness «^ — 57. s[Ta=rr. [ H. 217. srrsLo. 24. S . sh®an(B. thresliiiig KANYAKA.-fesflz-Lt-esr. conveys an indecent meaning. a airuurrp^. ssarii). 220. guile. a command. 64. s sir lii a LD a a (Q i^ u LD . round groom.~\ a m en seirsfl. asS\. 191. 231.] show. [_spu'&xr. like a dream. App. — 64. airL-Lp-d sfT/sm-u). 10 miles. LDj£l. compose.] 6Sfr H.srr . neigh. fault : Loir's^. S.xsjS. 267.267.260. 61. sirSsBtM. adrsnTLD. H.) 231. crows. 0«ff®. a white ant: Qs=eo. [^(vj. barren ground. smeun®. ( much. 242.] KASHTAM. . a a handful. faint. QLltf. sekeiSujiTmi . 64. a jungle. asift — joy 57. theft. horse gram. 14. . 267. class. a quail. cause to see. «sifl. 255.[Co. [. S. . vision. weight. verdigris. 193. ^®. ffeiriTsi-dsiiTijdsT. 152. \_a3!r&). 62. betray. hem. tenants of a higher \_sik'. SIT®. ] sasTQsrimarfl'U 223. arrssniu . tinsel. £5srreij. a aa^Jt an ear: — <su.sfrdsfruju Qurreir.sfTL—® ap-~7Q. perforate the ear. siTut-j. sgiiuLj. .] spudssr.

trouble. 170. siriLisasfi unripe 57. 181. Q'Smi— KALA time . saeB. mould. living. vapour from excessive heat. 66. &iT^. draw near ^lSS. a workshop. BireoQiD. watchman. custody: a uaair. fever. g. Q H. 160. a [ iii- ment. sfTiftiULD. appointed a person as a walch went away. when : the moon is dark. Qt—fl^ 161. quake 64. aiTLDnir.a5. chamber. 48. (3. — a 62. foot. a heifer. down. srreS'i. kai) &F^. siriTunffl. pungency. a srfls^esTLD. siTga — 64 fruit. f ©(o»z_.] 271. smjeannh. grow ecr^ callous. J S. 160. young bullock. 151. s/rsij/refr. boil. . be 11. air€e)jD. siTifltu\aiT!T<ssr.INDEX P. 115. 52. &mL — SiLpsj(sseir. S. . fall into. grow stale. vii. . subsistence. viii. be sfTiT. in the morning esr. P. Durga. 233. the half of the S. a foot-soldier. the month of Nov. yield sfT^S-iEl F. . — [ 3i—. cause to lie store room. 166.£E/ru5^/r. . agent: S.p. has a frog in a well to which are suspended from ends. Qi—rrrff. Dec. S. 58. or silver. KSHEPA ) < I passing. QQQ® establish- — down. become dry. 170. 1. [aff^u-f^] s. custom.) a leg. Q'^SL'seir. — siren L^. month S. the state of App. aireo. QL-ikj(^. a pole for carrying burdens. Q<si^(smua7<^ui. plaster. 166. AR. business. matter: ^its^. mushroom. 223. ] 64. of tax. 256. AR.srriij. fisL&L&QL^. siTLDLj. — "go-down. arre^ih. S. QeucvQ&r a right to that. imitative word. wife of Siva. sirQ^LD. rule : \_LDn-Qp(so.iTiU3=3=ei). a room. happen. or pen. ] [ «/nZ. jaundice. Qea^. compression. a and wound. 237. QlLl^. a cause : 267. hot (g. <s rr^emfl tu LD sfTiosarr. a watch. siTiLuL-j. an instalment 101. S. 260. atrr^^eiDS. 161. rancid. dross. time QrBffiJD.) @lL(B time: sit&old 128. siTirm. make [ a/raJ dry. aireneufriu." 62. a kind of paddy. srTUJ3's-^&2.sEfruS^LD. fruit. (1. tenderness H. 15. saujui-j&sir-Ij-Qi. Qm^uuemiL. lying down. superintendance. letter: a(B^a&. 52. ] [ an H. or hot. Q<smii. 251. a stalk siTLULs. e^LDSSLD. sfTLDirdsi. a kiln: (^Sstr. 262. Sl— — raisiri. S. a well: Oi^uld. [kama. hawk and spit. its two What do with politics ? 241 . . P. siTicoQ. @lLi_ld. wind. 160. . a superintendant. (2. 53.ULD. callous excrescences. dry up.atTLDt}j. lie. lust. vegetable food S.) (oj) a quarter. s-iTiB. — s/rsua).. morning. obtained. QlLl^. arrsfriTm. — 57. 131. an instrument of torture by App. mirage. be obtained: 62. ] authority.] S.'] mustiness. P. a collar of gold. 273. 244. aupgn. [S^®. s^sfrffosr. 224. a fold. a paper. S.n3si<k. ^<sik®.'. — : } : App. red ochre. sirrnh. s. &iTiT<ian-(S^. thing. sirrfliijew^dr.


stab [ .) a crowd: a^ (ffjLDiS® (^em®. ©^ (5^ H. a son : S.] Slp^dSihqih usvgflffi (^L^ium . @iS33r<S(g. iii. App. (^Lf-eurrrrih 101. Com. LDs<ssr. inhabitant. i^Lp. pick the teeth. a writer. settle others in grain. bullet. round.] a whelp. L-LD. ix. — (^i^vueo.s 263. euSstrsij ^ai?3jTs (gULjp^ ^tkefii^eisr. : (^ih^saQs®. sound as thunder. (^l£Il^. thrust. [{^ji^. (^LDirueir. — a point . ] a piece of lead. (gararswi— . young of an animal.] Comorin.) 62. sir. put etaLD/E^Gir : 1. Ill. it S. S. @Qfsifl 228. fall 68. (gsasrsuffsir. P. 62.] 273. S. position. crowd s^ ear d 3k. prick peck . Li^^ijenr. Cape : [(gSJISTzi). S. — @. disorder warm (^LnLj. S. a round pan. ties.) (^uu&).ds6lfl. KuTi. ^^€miT. sit on the legs . (gszTOtfl. become smoked. @if — an abode. [s. @®ii)(_/ii). @^(5. agent. (^LDLj — 62. a drunkard: [@i^] <S^^ even the Osi' a little straw vuiy serve to pick teeth with. fist. (S)®lB. Gomashta. change one's 161.] leap. [@ small tank. walk tip-toe. the posteriors: Lf^^rB. 31 243 . with fire to (ff)^ir^eiai—. the tuft back of the S. . H. @/5^ on — 62. (^lLlS. disposition. a hut.) a dwarf. (QL-Uf-. [p. head 261. eOLn. on the face.) a Api3. kutamba. (^LDtrifj. a bay. sirdssr. (^Loem^iT. — an earthen for 62. a daughter S.) (adj. euLD.<c(a<SF. heap (^uLfg)! @zJ. ^eD/E/S^^/f.sflLl^.)] a ball. [Com.] GUMASHTA. 64. daughter . a horse (a^^miT QpsLo. (3. adorned with quali[@iSBr. heel: LipiiiaiT&). (^L—frdsi—&). — 68. quality. ties. 101. rice. drink. (enL-d : (^lL®. small. (^essrekirE^eir = (Syeasr eii sk S.) a handkerchief. a buffet. [Com. : — a 263. [@qL + ^cBrii). reverence. a virgin . strike with the (1. @^/E/«/Ta). (5^/f. harbour. household 269.] @tf er^ @if. a stab. murmur. wood. (^<cm®s='3=L-L^. @c5^(gw< ^ueau. the Hindu Pluto. 255. i—ld. dwelling. worship. heap. (^sssruu® S.@if-. (vulg. ^q^ulS any thing (^(Lpsu — bubble 62. dung: Ci^^<5s>jS. (^(Surjdr. the @^ — 64. ] @^^.9. cuff. widen them. 268. a play in which girls clap their hands and move in a circle. a person shurr (^ldlL® — ] : 62. (vulg. (^LDu&). beat (^L^^^sarw. occupation. (^(Gss)&)imQQfi^ir. he knocked crookedness: Qsaemeo. . ^ue\). refuse. (^LDfTffd^.(QL—fT. family: [S. 237. a hindrance 231. 62. a pot an ox : (^LDiS® ^eOiijQsrr . Qair E_j5a|m. dwelling. (^LDfft. nauseate. into the ears to [{gsaarifL. gulf. 266.isi»i_. (^^aa. an embankment receptacle of house. of hair on the (^m^sLD. 32. &c. dis- him down.(B). ^iswld. affairs. : @^«/risi). (2. [Co. a-^esT. take er^jj/ — up one's abode. [(gsazrii. a contract rent. (4.] of good quali- (fF. the hands. loathe ^ ld. repent.

&c. @^«@. f^ecnnj (^LpuLf — [@tp = tender. @^.INDEX (^LOQp I. a criminal ^Lpeo.] damage. with Q^ay @^. 190. 64. ] @aSl 57. loam. . broth (^LpLDLj — 62. heap up. small. short. (^siuLp S. holi festival. (g^. @C5r^. 187. 57. dwarf to uncertain the depth of the river. (S)g3J(^LJULLeeii—. (g^z-Lsi»i_. flute : . (^QaiT^LD. — tinsel paper. s=rr^. 115.] 62. 246. 62. [©5:/. little pits ure soon filled with (gja). (gSlfl/f. be sad. (gi^. or bonnet. : ul-&. iftiuir^eum 178. confuse: <s Q. (^PpLD. a fault : ^uiSfiiM. affected gestures. (ff^eoLD. wash gently with the : ' — 64. (@^. efr£ii 263. indication. iLjib. a. [ effaced 64. across. urre^stEk. rsissis C(5^ + ^'sS-] — &. indicate. consult a fortune-teller. . caste (jototSotA Qiaireda® : cfi!<"^ urrisSl(rrjasr.(^(Q. a monkey ld/e^. — a 62. a kind of verse. efface : In comp. s<5mQ)^ [ : [@^.'\ upesxsu. @^ — 64. (g0iLD. water.) ueirefTUD. (^LpthLj.] g0^. a marcal. Sj^^&TLD. (^pgii. Ih (Q<sBh<3=§\. 166. (1. (msirsirdr — {^). a bloated a dwarf . tribe family .Lj(Lgs<sn&. wanting. closed. rub into paste wag. (^iLeai— he rancorous hate. voice : s^^^ld. be disturbed. 244 .^' ^ tender shoot.snjD. a little bird S. 157. (^arEj(^. 62. blindness what is blind : Q u (nL. @(25> (SjQF)SSffirLDiTiT. — 64. Q/ffLDLj. eais. : square of any thing.] (g)<ooneo. AR. shake the (QfSuLj. regard. (^Lprhaa^. deficient. is V. 161. aninfant: &3i-. [«»i_. — be diminished. 263.. (3^(S^^ 115.(ci!> L— (^Q^LLi—tTLLi—Lh. GURU. @lL (gerrafl. 245. stammer: @isrr^. (^guessfl. @j0«(g — — : 62. [ blind 131. . (s0S'sj(^ 267. bunch. ^i^sasr. sides with laughter. of — — — fruit.] (WisYTzi). 60. 64. shake. 99. accumulate contract. (m'sirgji a wasp. what 57. s8si). blindness : (gsrff @srf)0 (^qF)®. — thicken. S. shake the sides. : a tank ^l^itslo. (^jBoj.) 124.] @0L_0ir. a sign. a pit : (^lueum = @a5ffi). grow tender. Qaa^^. (S)'SOrrLc. 230. face. srflff-. be joined. — — 57. 64. blood: ^ff. diminish. mix. [HI Giam. the (^3so pit of the : stomach . AR. a @^ Qs&r. QfiQ£(g) 75. @(5/il®. (^ppisiiiTefi. note. . lesson. the 0<FfflJ25r Qenefrinsk. (gsfi/sO^sJrjj. ©sr^ (^p<S. (^an/Dei. grow cold cold : 266.S^LD. ej/fi. (^(^aS. dissolved.c 64. — — — stammer: bathe: (^tpgn. sQufT^. a cap. employs a ^SSTLD 255. 124. 62. the stump of a tree. a slave: ^L^<cS>LD. hands. 255. a smile.) the Indian cuckoo. [e/. spiritual guides. (ff)<k)eo!Tiu. ^2. @(75®. (^i^ /E(oB>s. ©®@5!5 (ffj(erfjUicmu 273. dam channel from a river. pipe. (Lp&ij). 178. S. sSso. a blind man QuiriLseji— uj(asr. deficiency. the red powder used walk at the ^/D3F. grow thick. 228.] 182. snoring. a sound. . confused: (^Lp<k).

sk-gn [«^il®. /EinLsi^eS. 128.] kind of earthen vessel.. terror: Qa® : — Sird^.^ipnLDL-U).ffi^Oii 103. used with certain nouns : denote intensity a^^QiF.. \_3i^ff! — 5n.<Sv.] 3n. [ 170. Sr^QT). a tent : a. [ cs^/r. 254. with [. si^ffii. thus.] «i.] 263. (m. bow down. s^-s^fT. . (gOT"^ iOKBjfl. [a^®. time fixed: eu&BT. 118. coo : ] s^si- ^Qirifi. /rssr a thatched roof: Qld^ a^ifjaj. k'hur. ^asTLj Sr^eaa. a^iTstnLD. be ashamed. diminish: (^eap. ah. rotten (gLLani—. sharp. III. 3. gather together. 265. call. dance. fame. a date. 182. (^drgu. &c. shame a QsulL&ld. col[a^_®. 0lSa3r®LDB3!!fl. friendship.] a^'®. cold. close 160.] a partner. 191. ld2so. . a hill (^iirgii — QffI.F bits of strand : : [@u«jdlj. Is^®. [Gr. «>_0 — to 60.239.] «i_<9. a slang term for a cow- 3k. partnership a^uLQ in business. proclaim. a church sweeper.: Xjyf-i^l. a ] sh. set [heb. Qa®. perish. ] : acute 3^3^ — 62.-] »^^/r.] s^lLi—ld. 62. a. join. a pelican. OL/0<s(g. — 62.s=(ji). : sk. ] Sy-ZE^iTisS. noise [ <s». 117.] ffuesrajr. QsiTuSp s^lLltl. . 245 . s^uLj 62. — used for s. (2. [ ai^i^uj. a hall.. death: LDuessTLo. — 70. sharpness: 184.^eS. — ^enLD. a congregation. act on the 64. : O. stoop. ] 62. 3i^<mp. defective. : ^<ocaiT3=s=0O.LLi—n-efi.] si^L-L^. H. H. Ou)/rLL(gwi_._. give a whoop : being red with a small black spot: [vulg. (vulg.) Sn.) a huncli-back. Sn_<ssis. . — I = half dead. sible.<^. «. 62. cut short. &^(B. . come together 103. 57.. s. eufriu^ir 268. (f. [«^lL®. S. : 62. 104. dazzled. sweep: S. call out. — a part uiij(^. fate.:— fr^ cBi_£_/r/rii). [ j^ esn.s. a goglet.® lect — .[@tptit7. <sh_/f.117.'] si^LDLj. I a^uLf + ^®.) a hump Q<s. ._/f. 52._^^LD. 0<s®a!/.) «^i_. 68. Oh! alas! 193. on edge. maimed. ardly. workman. (1. hire. be pos«-iP. <£s>-lL®^si/. a dance sh^^^iT® stage. S. destroy: ^ifi. rsmsili. love (60. apartment: ^trLpe^fr — [155. ] : ^imLp. a cage a^(Bl — : s^ekr®. a large basket. ffLh. 62. 191. Sn^ppio.) hunch-back. : edge.iT row . ] Ql—ijit. . refuse stalks of grass ^ffls)^. an iron crow-bar for digging wells.. s^L^rsar 211.<ss>ir. pap. one who sweeps: QuQffdQ. s^eDLpdQi—fT. [ Little life. S^ITLDLD 190. 213.) a 160. L a large kind of owl Qs(nL. seeds of the Abrus a^^uSI®. supplicate Qsuam® uililo. (^mpui. good-for-nothing fellow. p. water-vessel. kur. cage. <Si_sb9. a .: sL—uunm)!r.s3r.INDEX ^^ffiiuSliT (gjCofl I. i^iUfTurrrnh. 170. ff^rri^.*. . [a_£)a!/-] association : ^^ Qs is often Qsi^s- sdQujLh.g^iay s^i—LD. : euSstre^. prick ticklish.<P^ifi. assembly. 15. 93. nest: LDa!r(y® QsLp. SQf)&(&). : /©&-fi!/ remember. close as a fiower — . marriage garments. be ruined g. 62.178. — ^ 3r^^^.

^ Qsird&ffi — actual possession. the 184. Cssrrsfl. 70. a clasp: ^jdlLl^. Qpessremi—. come to hand accept. (2. 0«/r(g*^^G6y lives ^6i/«!rtou6OT^B). destruction. a vulga[ s. mine. a betel garden. [Hind. a den: (^(sta<s.) handle. upon a freight. for QblLi—^So dsiiurr? 114. spoiled. 14. HAFiF. a handful sm<5iJL/. 256. a = some-what. thick G)s5LLLf. reverence. (III. practise. a kind of [ com.^ffjii). Qis.QsL 93. from Oa® QsblS. hand.) . Qafr^euii. 262.] Qsi •] a well. 56. 62. clothes'line. uu. Q. Qstriu s=sLh'\ S. : 64.iT®Lh. make a great uproar: QsisS — AR. Have [you] not QaLLL^ecdsOiurr? heard . creepers spread over the neiyh- boiiring trees only. strong. 190. rism. (StD«^. 13. ] CiD/r? OsfTL^dsrreo.^ Qai—SLD. s^n'LDfriT^Sliueir 199. bad. [(?. 68. seize. a little. QseueOLD. : 62. only. Qa/r<9P. [The compounds nouns. — a little: 62.] QslLQi—ost. 259. what en^s — your hand? a<F. 190. cackle: Qs&aS. es)aix>LDirgii.] QslLQ^^. aspersion. a'3=uLj. S. enaeoiT^LD. (oe>.S(i763r. support afforded by the heaven. Q^fT3^g)}. 62.) a hand: sau). £BiliLD(emL-L^. ] : question (sfl(eB) a rumour. 70. Is a mirror needed to see even is in jaw. [prop. few. a mosquito.3sil)i-i eff)a<sQstreir(sm.dsrrjj<s3r./r. a emsuupgu — prisoner. triumph. [0<s®. [Ssznr^. cross 0<silif. Qsirs-SLD. «»<s. QsL-Qi—sk. a widow: eW^gwia. (See..^ retribution: tSrr^iLjuarr <5!oasii/r@. Qair^Liurrdj QsiTL^gi). ] Caeff. kinchana lie 27.] 246 184. S. — : an invoice. 270. a ruby QaLhi-i<s<seii. QsQR one of the serpents supposed \_siB.ssrr. — 62. ridicule: ment.] QsL£>&irr(^. Qffi/r*(g.) a termination of 143. G«®. shout . be bitter: [Comp. bitterness : lSl^. 191'. 70. Sivan's sjoaa/cFzi). 190. 70. [_\u\g. hear .sev-<s^. knowledge. a shield : u/ff^aa^. Cirerr.//-@ or grain. Q&!T(s^^LD. 64. sro<s. easuLSqz. Qsrr®. 262. above: S3fS(^. gnat S. 74. cackle. fondle sS^uj/r®. QseSui-j. 134. a heron. {_!TLh..SLDQuem.) eir><s<3='9=!T^^. [R. QstTL^oj.s@Q. to cause eclipses. Q. cruel. Qsrrd folds of a woman's gar- (?<55sS. rafter.(r^th. QaLnu. ask. creeper . 6^)35 Q&a{Q3h QstTL^. GusoeJr. : emjB ^(Bt^. [contract. 0<BffJ£ffl<?=. 56 (HI. Qsei^Qf). <a. a flag: QsiTL^ium. win. 64. .. (sassh^iB a clever fellow — 62. G«l1S/d^. any thing given over and barbarous speech. (1. calumny. ask. the hands in (oS3<ssi_®.] hear. receive. weak. be successful : 0^^. simple. ecosLDLDrru}. formed with this word are many and in constant use. 68. QaiTS(^. Qs^. QsslL®. QsiTsQ.s®.

0<s/re!rari_ff.siTemL-. plait. Qs!T(&^d^ Q-sfrefmrna. a company of carrying Qs/rjfi/fi!/. praise. 239.rr<5S!sr®Qu!r. rage.^ I. from 106. Qarr^^. (III. — 64. 27. porch . the sting of a scorpion. geoa.] (^(ss!!r®(SisS. : an ojiinion em (sm ld 0<sff<5. used. horse gram.] QatruueioiT. ^afl. nibble. guava tree. (III. x. a nut.) fat. separate stones. bastion Ca/r OcS/rsyr] QaireaeiJOow. IS on the topmost houyh. rise in 16. 27. give.) take.z[r®iEjes>s.S<s(rzii. become fat.iai.) a ] S&. empty out.' (1. the fore-arm bent. 106. ment. [ in a town. a yawn. bearer: Q3. a gift. buy. seed: aLDLDtT'Sfr(m. QisfTULj.) kill: eues)^. Qsir/.] QsfT^ — tuft of hair.) horn. [Comp. QamL-L^iuirfk. QsiTQ£i^.. Qsir® ®. the shell of a cocoa-nut QsfTL^ : QijlL&di — 64. many Qsfrem®eBi£. Qs IT eir en &sr.60. Os/rsyrjSYj — 56. (3.] fire marriage 62. snip off. instru(4. QsfTQ£ih^dsr. O«/7-(ff0(S0aJr. pustule. QsrrSso. gnaw.) wind The figure O.. Qisiremi—^ QuDLuJ^s- QsiTsssri—n-®^-&2. ! QaiT(Lgi^. an ear it QsiruLSQai gjcjffiS/D^. murder: ui£l. get. Co. (2. entice. — afford. brother. a.) QarrSl. QamLL^tussfriKSBr. QsiTQ£U[-l. bulwark. 62. taking in [Co. Qs IT L-tj^iu LD . or into . blister. house-garden: 62. bubble up. celebrate: iQatreBsr®. QsitlL. QsiTL-i—iriTili. Gian-^Sj off — a bunch: @&.i a shed 131.ifc. Qsir^^siiir<s\}. fertile. ac- a cocoanut without the shell.267. eueen^. 241. QsiTiLi 58. Q3ifT(mr® [ QsiTQg — 64. siv^LDirm: sting as a scorpion 254. a carrier. [0«/r(i^. a co^^er vessel boiler. be tempestuous. ] [ Q s u Lf eir LD !T . Qsfrffji!. tongue .'] 255. . 273. App. wife's of fire. (4. a L-SSiL brand : Q&aeirefl^s with the beak peck. (2. Q«/r<jnj2/ a cow house : LD!TL-®a — 56. [ Qarr®. &c. 0<s/r®<S(g. a blacksmith QafTL-emL-. a branch : QsfTLDLi. LjpdsetaL—.^®. elephant's kind of earring. Q. insolence. gargle . a king's audience bullocks. This in is pronounced vulgarly QlL® cases. QsiTL-i—rreS. S. double in folds. pick QsfT&reB. adj. 64. (1. giving in marriage [ branch of a tree ornament. ^^^. the chief of the police Qairareflaiirtuu lSs-w^^ ignis fatuus. (LpppLD : 244. 247 .INDEX 6-4.'. — — off. H. husband's sister. yield : ^ OsffL/L/erR blisters. is is This word a/rssarzi) 0<sn-i^efl—6i. QsiTm(^. quire. Q. aS/eifa. QsiTQ^. a tale- Qarreir Qs^ireo^Qmsvm 27. hack-yard. '190. dig up. pluck QsfriLisf- stable. 0«n"(S33ri5B)t_. a claw of a crab. take away! bring Qa!Tem®sn!T. 259. Qsn-(BuuSssr. [ — 62. . . chamber: Qsir^ LD<smL-ULh. spill. QarrLLi—ireiaa. Qsituli. 265.l^'s^. ] Qsrriijijjrr.) a plough share. : hook sr in. X.<y5:(r«tofl« . the radicals.) rice.Sir. 0«/r®LJi. QsfrLLim!—da^&. Q<sirw^ — not used in the south: 62. a slender twig App.] QsitlL® — QsBrrSd^. [50. &c. boil.

[1.s/7-^j2/.) I. Qs!T/Sl — 64. . HEB. 64. a (5. a ball or globe : ^jlL©. 62. <3'e<T\. the Same. moon QsiT'^&) = QsiruSi(so. . 128.' [252. (2. confusion. ] Q&ir<oO!TS'Si)LD. ^ir^Lx^irgii.259. Cs/r/f. Q&iT^ — upeasu . 237. 191. ] Qsaemsu. Qsireai—dsireoLD. Ga/r/fano/. string [a^ja. 62. confusion.g!Di_. S. hot season. string pearls. [ pomp. an axe. his business from Qan ^'. a corner.) much: miucingly. be bent. 64. uproar. (2. Qsiri—fT QsiTu^ QsiTL—iTikiQ. ] . Cs/TLDSiOTzii. anger QsiTiS. 64. booty. arrange the hair eat (3.. ] . a line . the Eng. Qair^i — : 3=it&(^. Qsn/saiL. nibble. S. ing with hesitation. Qsiriremeu. 266. 180. on which a king rides. Q&iresBiuio.c. any thing new. flying fish : QsirL-i—irdsi). he killed. a king . vulg. cow. : bend. §)&). fright excess. a waist-cloth a class of 77. a string things: C<s/ri^. a stick : «i^. he killed.) QsiT&srdssr. QsTTQeujpi s(i£<cSi^.. . any thing crooked or awry QsmsmiD. (1. Qu<5m^. C«ff. CaffLl. QsrrrFI. wheat. branch. a string of any thing. QsireorrlLSm. esii—. Q^fT Ca/r 273. (III. Q^euireoiLiU}. : C-s/rsirar Qsaea^ir. OffLl®. 123. timidity: suld. be angry.] + — an angry person tower. a fort ^Q^ssLD halo Q&TTei). QsrruLD. . Qsai—aS.) a little QsfTLDLLt^. for QarrL^ ^^dQuQus^. speak- Q 3. [(?<«/r/7-. &c.) has been plague. bricklayer. a wolf a : ep(^iij. steeple..) of Qsiretsflisiyis. beauty. Qsir'hser. a tribe : (gswii.] — GsiTiT [ — muhammedan tomb. an owl. grotesque gestures. 248 . a buffoon. ly- speak indistinct- QsrruSeo.) stammering. traders.] (?«ff®. a Qsirmgii QuiTL-L-fTsk. nip oflf ears of Qsrr^^rjLD. . IT LD IT eXI . QsrriTLL®. 190. ^^f • round the sun or the measure = (a. &. kinds ] a S. an angle QsrnsS. Q<Sfr QsTTffLD. antics : QsrriresS.'] QsrresTQij'dr. on. QsT^ — expressed : s^dema. 3=1^. 172. a mule. 180. grasses of various l/ imQ. pestilence uj<d''3=e\).106. Qhtossr ss> I— Q s IT SIT iTgj] . S!r3=LCi. divide out into beds QsiTL-L-!r<^. bustle : ^Sso^QiDfrppLD. 115. sack of gunny: : Qsmg. 244. Qsrr . \_QsiruLD. : cup of leaves : seijs^esrLD. one : given to senseless. [Cs/r®. paddy. (?<56/reiirii). H. Q&ni-jffLD. phlegm. [lifssr. Q<i!T^LDee)u. (SO. 56.) a trowel. the dry refuse after the juice aa/o. ornament form . QsfTSSsnkjQ. Cisirppssr. . : masquerade Qam—rft. Q&irnpL-L^. Q&ire^LD. Qair. QsiriT. s. : 62. O^iresr^. horn . ten millions. &c. {Qssir.) s<cOld. : AND ARAB. Qatr^Sstrdsn iB(^^. Qsrrpi—iT. word Court. ] : (^ a QstrsJ. afowl 123. or crooked Ca/TtszDtp.244. foolish talk CsffiiS. [ QstTL^. string pearls. Q s ir'hssru Q u 3= s irregular talk. [obs. 172. gg/E/ruJ. robbery: [OsffSfrfBTj. [ An ass QsnemLD. beads.INDEX Qsireirdsir. . a small whip. [ Qarr — a a church .'] . [ horror. . (0. .

: ] •Fss&r^^. QsiT^. 'S=dQ'^uj(sk.) kind of lizard : <3=d<sms. discus. g^dQaarr. desire. s'lEJspuu}. <5=<5syff<sjj. deceit Qsofreij Qtoa^s^LD. (saha. epitome : S. wheel. QaiT£u — ] SfT^LD. •S=SS\)LD S. [ see «.s. destroy: will. a meeting. crowd of people. kinds: U(3Jr(SB)^^. VOW: er^^ib thrtiw ^'. brother. s^iEiQS . Qssfr^^euLh. a a school-fellow a^&eou lEjetaa. T. [^IC-Fsulsro/E/risarLD. ^S3=LD. 6FEjaLLt—ij). Gairio^. s^Q. occurrence. S. ^lEiems. S. «(^<e<slo. ac- ^s>&)uuaL^. if S. S. tween S. a weSsij.. 242. a S. reverence. steel to strike a light with. assembly . Q -3= IT s lea a S. 3=<S113jTLD. Q'^gji. derision urB [273. 3=Q — female companion 64. •9=Ej3rriTiE^. a=arTiULD. : S. 23. SeSTLB. ^/Sldeas. a> it ifl iu ld . ^QsTT^ifl. knowledgment S. 3=iijQfr^isewLD.]natural. destruction : fE!ra=u>.3= <s IT doubt: 6FiEQ^<SLh. #:<sii). euiri^aesis. ^Ejs^. to another. ^d'Sinh. : clothes on.FaSoO. hymn : (S^iTsaru uitlL®. a sans.s^lL [=BORN wiTH. [#^ ] : faurnp. QcSsyrerR. a stone into the mud it won't splash your neighbour's garment only. the passage of the sun 131. — 64. S •s=(^'ssnM. S. S. ^imr® S. 126. a moment. determination. S.) betel. a year: help .. '3=d<3=ff<si^. Qs^ireo. (2. one of several wives. (1. S. wish : aflj-^LoL/. 3=dai^L£i. parties. or ^<s. together. a='kiQa^LD. 126. App. bathing with the cheapness S. '9=<sL—LD. or hoard 62.(SL^Lh. s^rEiQrjsbb. suft'er. 3=a(B. [ in a lump. S. S. mud : ^Sar. 62. S.) (3<SSfr [see <s<a/. psalm. SFs^. tale-bearing: Gs/tlL QsiTfSasinsi. [chakram. S. easy. [jagat. doubt. sister.(111. ] on an average. European cloth of various a conch. a^iijsL^U). . straightened : circumstances. 5. honor: u^ LD . an understanding be- uw&sld. an era. sJSsa. [ S. : ] ^^stmr. [ •fs'LJo. 3^d@(LpsQ. [ vulg.] Q^iri^ QuiTgn. S.] S. QstnL mischievous 0<?/riso«\)co. quarrel : <?^i^<F«w/r. bustle a=i 249 . s^iEjQ S. the world. with. &= 'sm eia i— : endure: <y^#. a chain ^&lLl^Q&). 3=iEj(^.. S.C<s/r« Q^sirerr. trouble S. ^. QSITL 123. <3m^ a hundred leaves of S. ] brother-in-law. A^emLD. — 64. eil IT^ S LD n 'Oyr LD affair: 111. ^imsiTULD. . S.] iSckr 272. a setting : forth. an omen ] : (SlS^^iIi. prefix.) S. : desire: GsL/ssarSsw. a store 234. a hare Qpiueo. : l—LD. ^^Qsarr. yuU S. a^seOQRLo 3=sio\)an. s^&surrs^LD. 62. ^. cart: en esur l^so from one sign . 3=rsjSaL£. mockery. . a bandy. FiEJSLD. QiESLD. snatch at: a small seueij. of grain. urrLf. <op^^!T&a<9'. x. association: S. <3=iijsift habitual S.^eu/r/f^tt2cfl etiur^Lb urrsrir^^ iSlffSldSSssT. ^saiL® : meaning S. a=Qa!T^rfGST S. sudK — a shoe-maker. . Sit Qpecui. the dry cane after the juice : ij^eS. has been expressed Qsir^. & ei](jf.

^lL&. (2. vomiting truth: : : euini^.^. [ a=L-@l. : sandal-wood. S.'5^^. 250 . (1-) energy. strength: ^rrrreaS. cleverness . s=^si(i^.. S. controversy. dwelling.) <3=®^. : <F^^ — eiiiTL—<5&s. S. S. H.) u> a monitor. loss in redeeming a S. [ sgeS.) a frame. S. : (Com. incision.) a corner. convenience ^^«i_ ^ sm L^eu m LD pledge. s'LL'ciai—. converse. <s=fB^^. <F(ip'3=LULD. '3=/h^ 3=iisj. a multitude : s=ssre=^etrLD. 182. 3'^ffLD. IT . a where streets meet: ing. €Fp. sojourn. 178. chatty a ladle (1. 3=k^^LD. hundred . 263. s^L-u^irk^^m. strength : ^airetsB.) hemp. SsLDirccmiM. S. s'lk^rrssrih. an assembly : S. battle <sa)«ii).) a long plait of hair. s^m^nuuiji. offspring : <9=ie^^. : S. tumult.) QldiL. converse . iSt eirdsir . four streets meet S. d^tj^.msfreir. a panacea life. principal. (3. S.) . a joint: tf^^/r. Slum^Sssr. visit: twilight.] the s<5kr(BGi&iTeir. mJD. S. <3=fB^. 3=(^<3=sOLi. 264. a low rate. 3=^ [Co. (Sei^ = good in compounds rsed. (1. examination. body:] : s_i_zi)Ly. trouble : S. eresr. a vile fellow. \_<3=/B^iuiT. S. matter S. even[64. tuity. 257. QufriT <s= 107. [Used a title in ffesi^. combination. .a^si^ajLD. S.) where 3=jS(cirLD. — 64. union a place a^emusti.3^ <sm^L 249. (1. tree. (II. <3=i^rreir. S.* S. a place (2.y^Br.. 3=uf-^. a pot. an under-judge. the moon shines into an s'ifiLf-. S. -a^^^LD. !b<so S. s^i^enru). 3=^^<siiLD. Four members. <r/5(?^«LD. (1. S. medicine as \_etai to S. s'^fT'KJsu). outcast's house. iaj(^. copy •9= L-. an obstinate person the flow of metre : ^rjirsLD. hire of carts.) : : lurreiiJ s=L-®iaiLD. ejQ^. AR. ^tFrrsij. Seoir. of people s^iL. i—LD\ -s'li^LD. 256. a square : S. competition. QuitlLl^. ^L^iT <s^(B^^LD. S. s^^iTsir. doubt. (2. (2. confluence stir: s:s=s-.. AR. s=(^&eS. -s^GimruLj . Qair^^rrLD. s^L-Lp. ^suissyu.) 130. . honor. 'F^^iTiM. . •3^(5mL-. an able person . the S..'\ : ceremony : sitldiIi.] S. iii. four (in aOiU/r comp. certainty. cohabitation. always: eruQu!T(wsjLh. ^^rnSeir. -3^^^. <FiE33re»i_.[_^t—LD. iii. 3=<ss>i—. (2. 163.) : egsw. Qtofr^a^iii. a row. 155. 3=<5mLa. even App. chess. . family 'F/h^aeurili. [sada. perpe- — meet. s'li^. fluctuation. App.INDEX S. •s'l—^. moon: . of lengthen S. inert €0. S. ] 64. a race. S. asiir. <r(^|cF^ I. F(Q'3=ir!iLD. s^lLi^ld un-^^/jw. quarrel S.) a place where food and lodging are given: ^itqjl^.] a loaf. always : Sl^^ti. a=i—iki(^. flesh soft part the compliment.) an oath S. a^^ui. : : a=s. ^ldits:^^'.) : voice (3. ^s^iT. •3'@iT. a kind of flower S. a^^iT. suddenness seven &c. ^wis-. ability.t—iT for scholars. a [ complete army ] : . ^L-L—ui. (1. Qu a jacket (2. 3=<rm6\>. S.] deceit. an enemy : uisms 272. 272.) regulation: <s^(Lgm(w. r^^nn^. S. utter a sound.

3=LDuifiLD. [ ja. acquire ffLDua^^iuiM. the . . ii. 188.'] •fLoueiTLD.] : s^Lorreff) — 64. ifiliSffp. ^sMiDiL/a).3irLh. [@c^SeS. assembly. ] 64. S.5^<gojtD.i_Ca/ ^(T^sSiiriDesr. cooking. ] Po. — a^LD. imprecation on one's a^iBuLD. conversation. sit with : any thing held the sea : com- •fQp^^rjtli. r/itSip. a'uutT&sS. furnish._ffS : /5z 128. tropolis. — . . . bear: QuiTffi. parallel lines.9=(ip3=irrTLD. worldly : Slp(^. What a clever man ? Qa=iu^ is tS essr <s s 'Ssr [uffu). S. ment (legal. Co. •s^tSeir^n'iT. (^(BlLhuih. •rumu.lo and S. a^iitSiL'aS. 62.) a sans. MA. be bruised. ^l^lo news : 256. manage. shoulder-blade. <5^il'Lj/r^^. s-(x.rjLD. [ Qijes-. AR. SsQojld. rS tation. an ascetic: S. TLDir^tresTLD. App. : 3=wiLD — si—&). a=LDLj. a=LD_^fTQan-LL(B(T^euLh. : : 64. a^LDih^iresTLD. riches. face. congregation. Q^Qja^QpaLo. sequestration. connection S. peace. acquisitions. a canopy for an idol ^uueif) — Qa 64. settlement a^LDLDLL^L. ac- •a^iQ^aSL^LD. prosperity S. a^LDLD. family. inter- course. £FLDiT^^sir. 3=u)SijLDL£). . thc . s=u^. ] e=LD^n Q&n®s<sn gram. sus: picion. happen wages «. 161. S. obtain. me- s'LDueQ — and adversity come together. S. l^ffT^. ^liu^giih tSu^giEi «. 57.) aterm = born. doubt iFiQ^&Lo. : Qp s^fTs^.] S. a^LDUJLD. an opportunity a clever a sect. S. a fair . or sedge. dried a AR. equator: level . has attained a=LDuir. S. a^Qpds/refruj. ^LDiru/E^. Q self in case of failure. prosperity. 128. the king's court. cook prepare. 32 251 .) a=uuL-<seii~. of revenue. [sab'ha. a pre- complish. ^esiLD. 3=LD!r4=a^iTrjLD. a land owner. a kind of reed.'j . ^u^. S. 3:iM3:as. legs em-LD. -FU^LD = 3=^^LD. to. whip. a kind of paddy. acquisition.. : presence of a •s'lS — likeness. sledge-hammer horse . great person a^QpsLo. tF/il — 161. become ready. C^®. a wing wife . a ^euS. •3=/iS^fT. (2. <3=uLi — shoes : C^/r® the lips. I. <ru^tJD. digest. 3^es>u. a \_a^!Tuua. attach- a=Qpa=ujLD. equality: eauu. [mon.s. [ . perfect. con. man <s:rrLDfTiT^ s^ihuir^ 64. [ksha- ffuuaua. a carpet. joint. ] (1. : yj«i3rii>. affairs . the grave mystic medi- s^wyjUessTUi. the whole sr&ieoirili. <s=LDss)u. 64. TLD'm^tli. : i8rri3i& \_a^i}>um<ssrm . curse. equality s^ldgst. a lame person: npi—eueisr. in a^-uuemu) \ QarreSj —J 62. 163. •s^LDfrs^LD.oae who is who S. gaunt. a^LDir^. crossed under one a^wto [i^ujLD. land . a^QpsLD. ldSlpJ^S. pomp : CxireoLD. nearness lLl-iJd : ^QT)a!T(sm&s)LD. abundance fish. smack suck : a^LMU^gj. the divine presence. joy sent. &c anheuir®. vow .INDEX <?^/Es»^. any thing : thin. presence ^/sS^. a^QPfiiTiLiLo. [ Hence j are derived.] s'LDiSsr. 64. <s=LDiTu/E^. <a=eiaLD. : a principal accountant ^inir^^^S(^ ergi Quifliu^? great (difficult) to S. prefix = coni. a parallelo- o'LDu IT tii^'Sossr. : S.

INDEX 1. .

boiled rice : ^umi—eiifr. food. Saturn: App. immutability. astrological calculation of S. 182. S. cultivation. rrrs^rBiL/LD. tribe. [j^nD-^/rasr-Guff-^sBBTi-ii). AR. ^sijr. s^irmt!)^^. ^rri—n. S.) for . : S. opposition. S. convulsions. incarnation of . security. sandal paste a curse : . ashes : li^i. S.) <9=rr^rr. document. cow-dung. S. a gesture. . 9=17^. [ . ^ITLDfrir^^UJW. bayonet. pocket pretext. a=rr^. accuse. rant. ^rr^s^sarLD. meekness : .'} 146. 3=!r(g)UL^. S. S. •FP'iemeir. (1. a kind of grain. S. AR. one of the S. man ii. race. S. Lord ^m9QuiTsLD. ^rruufT®. {. ^/r^ar^Lo. excuse: Qufrs(^. materials : euiri—LD 138. 'S'aLS. s^'oSiLiQsr. 3=rrd9rr<ss>jS.] . s^a^i^iULD. [esTLD. a learned . A3sv). pacification. 3=irem^iiLD. — 62. rable. Qa^irga. 138. 3=!Tt—iT. <FSiJrs!ir^. 239. •9=fTLDLh. increase. nativity: <3=ir^ss (^/Sulj. die : edenek. a^iriSdr. : S. what is common. caste. a witness. Gii'iesur. S. [sm^s^sins. bail. I. Is^iruu®. S.i_/r/E. <3=rr<siBi—. 242. mid^<oir S. goods . a meekness ^rrri^ good person ibso : : 58. AR. s^rrd^itSatli. . mace. slight notice: 115. . H. 146. mrrm^. a science ffiT^^i^aLD. prostration with eight ] AR. S. : s^fTuu®. excell- document Qp^. sj-eun-iB. vermilion. transfer beat . four method® S. . accom252. ^iT — a sea : ffz_a). 'S^iTULD. ^ir^sssr. <r/7^ ueoaenS. 'Ffn-L&. a sack. maintain e^a^u^^tft. vii. assert. •3=iT^fi!Tiir. eloquence a : eufrti'ds^rreo H. s'lTLDuio. <3=iT^&m. fprr^LD. ence. of dealing. caste {is determined) AR. . a^iTLDirek. S. •9=itlL(B evidence. [JAGRATA.£EU). 3=rrarru>. cu240. wara window. rush upon. (2. — ajar ^itl^. pacificatiun. a whetstone a span. means. [«ld. excess. 'S=rr/B£/. by a see under ff^eirLDLD. H. 62.'} gift. members. S. gentleness. ^iTi^ninu(5mu>. S.) eat: l/0. ^LDIT^ skill. duration. s'lTeK^nuuu^. ability.y/r<F s=iTes)LD. 239. u)//?. mildness. S. 253 . r/nSl^iT. 240.. — 64.INDEX S. ^iriSeisr. ] App. the owner's share of the produce. nutmeg. 'S=sirem0O. 62. S. 3=rrLD!T^^lULD. S. a-gii the destroying power. ^(ssrasrei). a . law. d^rrm^. submission. ^rricms. S. [jATi. g^tr^dsniii. put on. <9=rr(B [ with-eight-members. birth: iSpuLj. s^rr^esnh. a list <a^iT<^^iT. ^/r(ag2. QiD^^esimij. S. false S. s=!ru^^(B. : demon is . 3=ib. ] easy. a sewer ^eo^irssiir. a fast. -fiTim^ffl. plain work. <3=irL^. -s=!T<sisr. man's deeds.s^iTssmii—. 101. S.f/t/e^. H. plish S. •a=ir^(^isjsui.y/rsru^/jii). 212. f. a grant. 3^(ssr<3!sru). shut apply to .ff^ssrssfl. LD. S. ^. the whole. kind of prolonged mortar. ^lLi— [233. according to S. a title. night 228. <5^/r^^ : — = ^iTemPffL£> . S. . <3=iTfi!Tn<5mLh. 'S^ir^^jjii). a shed a station. ^Qp^s^nt^. s=idS.s^iTLjiSi®. diligence: aguuLf what practicable. shdn^r s^rrenS. <Fnii^siJ>. y/r^. meekness. watch of 3 hours. attainable. a meal.^n-d(ff).

a die or colour S/du>. : ] S. 181. ink a emLD. s^fTsu^imsTLD. QlLlp. s'lTiULD. a drain ^!tss!S6>l deception: [ ^i^u shams. S. 62. be dispersed come to 57. <sessr what essential. 141. a s. a conclusion 141. s. a network bag. turning away from the right way. 266. rr uj u Lf is &s. l_s=irujil>.FnLuLj. S. uireoaisir. 64. a shawl. a^rnsniji. 3=auj0\). [<5^ff^. •nriffeia'jj. l^ir. a seal : (zp^^-smrr. the a^rrekQQrfiT. [Co. : . <s=iTrfj. ^iTLDrrsunD. a/p^^. 254 . suit [ broth : ^affLh. the worthy. leather bottle : H. S. juice. . ^iTisS. be obtained. sioir a picture ui—ld. taste. a pot. a soucir. SlL6!s-3=. " B^ih. 271. infanticide. iL and G<F/f. in grammar. Q(si^L^siT. ] s 0^!iua. S. 190. [^eS. ^/T/TL/. connivance [ s. ^ireusirrfi. s. s^rrrr^. Sq^iLl^. discipline punish- [ <9^/rff.] FfreS6s>a. bend. tenaciously. S. s if. affection &Q. . — 60. wind from the mountains. — a fillip. s. a creature . SLD. evening. mULD. 3=reiiioB>&i. furrow . [_s^rruj. •FiTgsi. <9^/7"/f. S. s^iTLDLj. g^triT L-U^sif. succeed. succeed : eurr of India. bend . a bag. SiEJsirrrii. Sipeo. s. a particle serted. : to. become entangled . a list or schedule. S.<sit. [port :] gum benzoin. S. l^Firsmi : — S. — success. Si^LSL — 9iL-L^ — : [^'^• 64. a mountain side. crest : PJD60. 64. 3=iT?0ii. Q^reue^. s. S^d(cct->^. ^rreS &^^fri^LD.-b S. g=rr'li — — shadow lean. s. the month of April. 64. [ &3?. ] cleave to. apiece of cloth. . ment.] AR. ^rriuiT.sssr. a creator ^q^ ^qf. scaffolding. &(S^l^.jtjs^ikjsnrnM. small &6S!ir£S(^. [ prosper. ^rru^ir. s. friendship. others. and verb. •FiTQ^. customs. s^rrsiaiu. Lit. [ezwii). s^irireii.] s 'oSST <F S. s=iTsair. destroy. will: LD(3F3f : 109. appearance : Q^rr SlsnLD. &ms^. ^/r s. ] ornament : : . hall.'] — entanglement 62. 266 a year. 57. [ . 9issui.'S'lruisjsireiiLD. perish: 0<s® — 121.'fnsOLD. ] tax. S. ^emw. ] savour. cleaving {_<9=mT. create: . a walk. s=n-jT&). &QrBsi}>. s. a small bird. disperse. : ©a/r. ] ^^s'lraiih i_iaiis-OT!/S(7jOT-.] ^rrsi)ij>. top. vii.INDEX ^iTLDunasr. .] juice the same. — nothing — 64. S. shame dirt. FireQeiirrsssrdr^ an ancient sovereign Pers. I. jalam. [ Lc/rzJ-LjL^Oaffsrr. way. ^/rai/. &a-<mj^^. thing elegant. (0<s@. acock: Q-xrrei). a lion. ^Firiui^ffLn. blight in corn a key. App. slope. H. circumspection. a charioteer. the caste title of the riahs. : a small : Lf a choultry ^^^rrii. any s^ir&d. in- s. he IS ming. : ^-s=&. 90. ] an infant (^Leiietn^. S.) . Lcir^uj. refuge. any thing distilled. 270.] : house. •ff^ireosLD. &^pij^ &flS>! patronage. cause to lean. S.Q. &af. p.FiTi£i^iT. ©«@. s=mii}>. sid'dhi. leisure. iL.] &lL®. pa- ffmsuei). banker. -FfTuSl. <ff=rrisiJST^LD. @is(^ . 270. the male cobra. P. s=irisi]L^. •s'lrihtSinrressll. s'irrrmuLl). death. [ simha. . an image. . [ s^rrir. avenue. Q/sjaih.

a long lived person. eS^Qirsu). &^<sirLD. spill ^/^^ QpuLf. 0s)j. .INDEX S. &<ss)LD. a splinter . . for ©iTff. 233. ] ©^. Siva. &lu>LDrr<Fe!snh. cold : 115. digestion. a little shell : ^uiSl. good propriety. embryo: a0. QeoLhuu). &(SOiTsQujLD. nannul. a palanquin &(£isjQ. little. \_&ps)i. 184. 184. ] @lp(ff). : App. &i^ S. [196. @ijiEj(ff). the head : «&.9 . (^0ifffr. 266. which Sleirear. P^arzi). [^ &Lb!Tm. ^^iLi. &LJI-J. a ^. think: /S&ir. ^i—Gsr. livelihood iS&aLpui^. [of beasts. ] StsnuLf. scratch the ground. become red. as a hen.=e S. a — custard apple. Sp^^fj-. SeceutTtssrui. a leopard. of S.0. Qek^ssr. &lSlL(B. [9ip. a wench (vulg. Q&iuld small. QSso. beautiful. lSi—iIi. a disciple: ®(^UJm. laugh: /E»-n«. an opulent person. 255 . 9ff<5mLD. g/^^— CHINTA. 64. ^l^siold.] Sih S. run (as the nose. a friend. 250. QjT) — — thing 66. ^«@. a double entendre : S. &<S0LD. . &g)id@. trowsers. court orcutchery. redness. some: [_&(so^&0o. throne : &ffi&s)LD. 209. across: ©(5*phlegm suld. counting. ©CswiSL^LotD. capable of two or more interpretS. \_LLuf-.] is — . 130. few persons QeoQutufr. &^&<s\}. P. thought: [S^&j. 64. ^fft = QQ/BSLD. 249. if. &S)i. magnificence. the wife image : R&ma. &LJUU3. [ [ 0#=Q). & — 64. a stone. . [sisHA. [107. used as a salutation to a 13. trifiing matters . aeSsfriTLD. ver.. younger bro- Sldresr^Q | SljSiLi ther : App. v. [a^LDrrrr. sorrow. x.^sm^.f&. leap for joy. dowry. disposition.] [imp. Sufrrff'S?. .217. S. cumin. document &^Lh. 66. 64. S<s\)/f. order.-bsld. officer §\Sg>!T. [shari. V. recommendation. ULf. odd money. chintz. shave: S/b. &ffiis. .) Qeu^enrr disgrace. ^suii) S. §le^p — a captive : 64. S. 184. fencing. S. note. 64. prop. SQff<ol^L—is>. . s^suffLhueBsr. ©iJl9. ticket. 270. quickness 239. country. SesTLD. [ ^irLo = ^/7*. a district.Sli^°dsm\ [ s^uutLemi Qi&s^^. shave. 261.231. 255. : ^sijQsni. 0(S»/r — — a a chip . slime and mucus. fish scale. g. blow the nose. 223. 203. Qeu — odd money : &ffOiSdeis)jD. state.'\ comb. Qis^su &IJSLD. a bale: &lL®. 190. [ I.\^7 E. a wing 272. &ir. B. ^^Q.^- Seo. littleness. be remarkable. v. StQuL-L—LD.) 62. &fffnu. word sick .. the goddess of prosperity. S. S. Europe. the head in a Sip Ipuueir.@p^. &QiBQ^<s!r. &ffav<siT^mT. s. the Eng. &&>e\)a. ^SL^aJr. any that remarkable little. S.] S. SCeuswi— ations. S. 134. Qeusk. 9>S^. QsQuLD. the itch. P. weariness.] 155. P. anger little. 184. 170. Srrt^&eS. Sign.. twinkling of the eyes. iv.272. &ffLDtx>. ®pQjjs-^n<sir. excellence.] : 152. S&)&)&0\). 62.14.] : @aO«»«. Syr. QiDirir. 9 S.s!BiaL/. S. 224. A'R. S. a district. §l<Rap. Qis\><oO€ei/D. price QuineB — more or less : sparingly : Qsiti^s^ld. S. privilege: Ste^fTUiLi. g. Q^sS.'] little.] S. ^ I [146. writing. u0O(o\)iTd(^. good disposition.

[Root. *0ua).'] [a@. ansau. &<5iJ(e^w^d I I. particle = gr. sfsviu. and *tp. well. a-. eru(SD.'] suhrid. ^esTLD. the acquisition of a <3fffEj<£LD. health: s-ajLDLf. shsui^. a burden uirrrui. pus. : — scratch. point out: (in comp. a si-rrisKsmL—euLD. burn. : ^^li.n'iuS^<3^<k).] — : suMLDiT. carry a load. 3^eijdQiULh. s-uir. — »LD — 66. [Co. s-^^LD. g^(B — •sfd^iLi^s Qairem<i) steal. . lime shQeon'au). custom s-^^im. a snare auSgii. . S. nature: disposition: ^oj — portion — person. foot own accord track. a benefit. &c. &eij(e^L83=LD. 259. gain. a-uiTGULD. auspicious. a-^iTsiimu : sf-^m^Qeo. toll.) . a <3r saddle : Qs^ssstld. a s-sii®. prosperity. srrifi. a-i^&o. «eu/r. light. 62. &iotS\. carry 68. H.'] O^ ^eij — 62.9<su^. 62. s-iEJSiTssr. purity s-L—iT. 256 . small school-book. dry up. 160.) asans. [in Comp. (II. . ami-®. ^(tj. sugar h.266. — Indra's paradise. spring forth. . roast. s^iJj.) = S. Jivana + amsa + kiri. S. a native officer.ffi@. a-&. apg)i. sfi—dsissir®.) 66. [heb. \_3fQ^m. . S. S.good. 261. contract. (2. in comp.'] ground. ^^ rolled. ous. customary own: Q<3=itit. province. *(iv. £i. livelihood S. a hammer. a government. an 62. gmjLD. a verse. [fees. facility 3fen. + &)ituld. a pad put under a burden carried on the head. shrink. [ssLffi. 3h'skn—s\a iTiu S. ^ip. a roll.® a-Qf/m. mine. : (SsQrrsLD. s^^i^aLD. gush from: S.3=€!DLD. mark: aaeot^. [*(5. H. China. sh^^iueo. a fever : s. *aLo. the : chunde /iga. own. — off. independance. »LD®. ray : <s^. aspect. ere^^. : S. @Lp. :62. an image *souLo. shorten : : @ ja 3^QF. beauty: s^stji^nui. Comp. die.] friend.s^i^iTU). fruit. QaemLo. heir. coiled up. roll up. *^/r. S. a friend rudder. [a^^sJr. still. impose (a burden) 160. 62. dried ginger a small piece a-Qh)Ssi}>. *(5© •m-QF)&r. 272. . SHUR. ^^- (mo . idle . a-s. inheritance. rightful possessor.] : si-wr®. s-uiu^rriT. a-'smm!)iJDLi. of one's ^(ssresna^es)<s=.i^!T^. comfort. *9. [s-QirSoeon-uw. lS. ©&). s^(3iigji s-^^. gdl . bear. prosper- common estate. a-iLi!T^Q!r<ssr. ^(OT). or fire o-lL® — arms. health. (1. enjoy oneself.) 64. self-existence. 232. smallness. S. s-suir^asrua. own. a wall : ^^60. prosperity. a suna allowed to her out of the shu I ew^ffltDim. »ld\^^ (62). « I ^ffl<Fto!iraJr. s^dsfTssrsSo. on another 3f(S»LD. burning a discharge — — 3?q^lL® — <»0«(^ d?(iFiij(^ an abridgment. following words. hiss. S. a harp. couplet: saS. scrape. au allotted subsistence. a woman who has a-ULD. S. purity : ©©>•]_ a-^^ s-isuirdstj}. [kshama. a pipe for smoking. 62. ^ffsm® a-0L£i. (III. scrape out: a-dsireir. Co. lime-stone.INDEX S. »rr — 272.^. 64. s-it&LD. &£ij — 62. 142. ^Lp(^. one who has a good 165. life. shrivel. ^dr. underground passage.. without reason. live.s(^. s-q^lL. Quir.] \_^l—ui. power.

wear: ^rfl. laterite.) sheep. [264. word. s-ppLD. Mahomedan circum- cision : eSlnF^^Q&^sesTLD. tlie Q. & a 0<y^«@ — 62. Qs=uuLD. a hero : aS'irsir. [161. gambling.) . a precipice. 273. surround: : 6u3s<r.ij friEi s a red stone. [<3=in£l. whirl. iLo^. HEB. surround. [ S. from superstition.] a wing. yssijr®. witchcraft. interpreter. redness ] of the sky. red. (^sSiuLD. Qe^asQivLD. wrestler . leaves. (^ustr. ^SJ-~\ Q. ] 160. heat brand siriasffjs. (III.58. (^rfi'djm. a-mmiT6s£\..] 62. ^QT/isiieB. t?^n-. Qs^^&si^.TLDLJ. industry. anything. s^eufrdsa. @t^. prayer iSuTir^^^ssr. Q^u^LDfS. breath. exactly right. @(5W/i). gout. . an impediment Q <3= li y. relatives. a brass vessel. S. (red. @a). O^. [ 0<?^zi). rectitude. 48. a mer- — [*^j3. gaming. a sceptre. S. a fisherman. [ Qd^ii. (and in poetry and O^. eurr®.. (^Lp clerk. g^pg^ 0<F(?a. LdauLSm. (gei). *^J3/. taste: ^IfiM a-ifipsji — — {Qp^. a PER. (^/S^. 219. Q^u).) in comp. S. a shark. 160.f<sii. 242 . — fineness. a of flowers. abrick. AR. . a privilege ^jfra^iJosT. cipher : l/ Q^ss€= &<s^^^. a rule in science ^girio.224. ] [pROB. put on. diligence.] iSsTfresifl. C)<s=. pregnancy.g^iu. from (^L-s-uaih. Q&=^^i 3^qh<m nosegay.. 62. Qs^em®. Qs^eueairesnh.] Qs^LDLDfTeisrLD. 107. @®. [ Q^ii). Q. &c. subtility. a ball . a flame.^. [ O^LD. a circlet s-(e!F)a(^. horse-cloth. or g'SijfrumeS&v. master.] Q. [dings. . si-p/S^tD. sir. Q.170.] 257 . 93. x-pg}i. SHAVAH. T. grub up. a sprain. 194. : O. x-Q^. — 60. ^s&<s!r. S. a whirlwind.. lynch-pin: prop.3^U). chip.) the seat.] connections : ui [Co. &c 261. cop- S. : 62. eSlQ<3=iSi^i}j. a jetti. (^tp. an oil-mill Qs^iiilseo. Gi3=fe^ [ ^. ^uf. : [Ot?". [ (^^. 3i-^siriTLi. invest with O s'ihgj.) Lord. chant. correctness. 99. (&^^!jLD..] : Os^LDUu-L—. trade Qs'L-es>i—.] Q<rL^. straight. g— Dffij. thread S. ^® — (^L-(B ^/i9. s-enfrumeS&v. curve . S.9=iij\<la!T&). 218. QiTiSBr. ashrub: [yeaarifa). sKsaeu. [ AR. a ball (^ip. ] Q&'iL®. round. [Co. Co. per. right. justice Q<a=U)eiaLD. deceit . @«(gLD/i). */b S. [e^rerff.from [107. the sun. <* I S». the gospel : .. JORAPARI.. 56. <3i-ms!rd_^.. O s^L-L^. <?a/r si£aa-g)iui-j. sKsumS. (^Ss^LDLD. dry sticks.) revolve. 73. Q^iiiecot-D. ] quickness: ^aQnih. 223.273. a trident . give meanings red and right. adz. brand. [ ] s^£>is(m. @lp(^. keenness. 39. H.(siim.(g «&. (a very vulg.@tp. I. «QJ/r<rLD. 0<s^<s@.FiSG'^iSBr. Q<FLD. <9fiPJ!/-] S. <e\) . Q^uuL—eai—. mal life : : possessed of ani- [@®. ] Qi'3=im\(^^^. [0<Fii. 255. ] S. [Co. *L^.INDEX S. S. good-ti- vacuity . a kiln airmeniriu. evenness. wither away (miii-i — \_Q^tJDUL-. machine.J 62. roundabout: 170. s^L^turr seo. [@®. awing. the pulp of fruit. : O ^uLD.

32. a weight. a Q3=uj field. [^ff/f. [O^ [Written sometimes.iT. a deed. S. upright- ness. ^^. service. 267. = Q^il><ss)LD. sandals.3=Lh. Qs=/T — 60. 272. Ci^ffl/^sw.3= 236. Q<F(^ — (dQfi)^) an array. S.] Q<9^e5r(Tj'(S<jr. 161. \_QQffL- 64. 244. flourish. disburse. adorn : ^j<soiEjaiff- S. a woman's cloth ^dso. S. Qa^eoeuiP. App.3=iT(jT)(^ — 57. 13.. — Q.3^isueurrtLi. Q. es)'3=icms.] 111. 64. [G6-/f. say.fL-i—m. Q^^irdsiriL/. 258 . doings. Olditl^. — S. [s-essririmj. (local. Qg=iTeo^ Q^iTjSl /7*. Q-^iULD. Qs=eu eu. property. 0<3^/r/f65<sii>. {& n lEj s iTiL . connection 190. Q'^^. a peon. Ocf. (III. 62. 57. S. Q. gesture: ^iT<3mi Q^eo. . 270. \_Q-3=dresfl. Q'T&^t—m. Q^e£l. Qs^^LD. [ Q^sulj. flow down pour out. [ S. unite. cut off: ^S)l. 64. <?tF/r. Madras : Q3= S. a cock ffireveo. pride. 190. 251. S. 70. a pair: shoes. health. victory: S. — — j)oetry. Qeuui^. Os^Q^uLj. digest: Q u IB ems. [ goods: 0<ysfl®. Q<rm<. eldest. LDirULf. long vest. Qa=<su. Q^ Gis^ir^^eiiLD.'] cause to do 160. poet. destruction 1. —58. a : salve. to go. — . 258. 254. (?<Fff®. Q^iL ^.3=6\)^ 12. interest of [_ujl£>. a sign. be red. Q^esa^^ — 62. ^QjjirdQ 2_(D!Bi_eiDi£i. prosperity ] . 19. [Q<s^iZ/. 64. 210.'] — 66. redden. own. C^fflliSBji— mischief: qjj/ldlj.] [ar. 27. [ Q^flULD. CHAL. S. money: Q s= em ^ LD IT euiLip. do. a Sev. Q^irii^u). Q^irrr'Ssssr. riches. 244.] : T. [Q. Q<3=L^ — sense. Q'S'&ieuLD. Q'ff'Sssr. 70. Q'S'srru).INDEX S. tuck in. [s. 239. (O^^o).'\ . S. Qs'iij CHESHTA. treasure. 0<?=isi/®.) 256.) : the palm of ^gu the hand. Q^a^^. [0<f G<?^iai. permission S. 148. slippers: Q^reoireuissS. C^a/i9— collect H.] : s^LL(BjD<sif.) — — euird(^. Indra's heaven. measure. 269. deafness. Q^iu. the head. a causeway. right. Q^frrasTm^ir S. 56. S. sa^. 56. 246. \_G)^aj.(5mLD.] . 165. Q^^. ] S. remainder. 245. body of soldiers a (?<r^. Q^eusih. QeupjS. . 64. Q<s=&) I SYi expenditure . [CiSE^Z-Dii). 72. word suirir^es)^. feeling: : ^jr^sixr. [ — Q^su. current : Q^reOLDeni^.a). Q3=emeii.) go. 64. cause to go . vii. 143. Q^iu IJJ&} Gj^'LiLjetr. Q'3=en<sm<sii Mars.] [ S. Q<3=iTift SAW-WAR. servant : 115. the best z_ajr. proprietorship.] Q'3=(7i^. QiS^iTL^ — 64. S. S.] 161. a ^-SF. & 218. Qs^irdema. conquer: Qeueveju. wantonness 64. (?<rff®. evenness. 245. [(?<s-/f. serve 64. . sins. Swarga.!sruuL-L-. 101. service: ssel^ojui.) 0<Fa). Q^rrecaw.'] Q<s=ei]uLi. Q. Gcriijii). isthmus. O<s^0<s@. : Quired. ] custody. S. a parish. a^iLiLD. ] cutting off. ] S. o.?-4\] 209. pay.] Q3=iLi^ Q^ift Q^lB. Qs=ad. spend . health: 3^sui. (Q<3=<s^^. redness : H. tell. pass. scratch. draw near. thrive. news. ear T.. mud. assembly. [0^/Z/. gather together . 0<5=nS I.

be broken to pieces. into nouns. 57. ^s/r S. dispute. ^^saijr.) the south (S^iTsm. condition. Q<!Frrrru). burning. younger ] sister. : Sunday.3=rr^ — 64.] delight. AR. Qa^frdso. make ^Q — 64. e-jj. (see . word judge. a thin plate of metal. [see ^ E. (sj/rsBTii). be ^@ ^. S. waist 259. ^sffLD. G. [jorawari. S. : (in some x.iJ/fLl«Eo<F. ^/fl. auseoih. App. [Co.) the right side. : that do not belong to him. sion. S. 118. (ej/rew. a sparrow. . v. xi. iSSso Slffi^si- [^(g. 62. S. (1. i—Qu^niT. lei • . avfBfT/sseir.'] Q<!FfTt}iLj — 62. J bathing.] : a grove Q^rriiiL^.^. a younger sister. away. ^muu<ssr. 244. ^sesrw. (^3=17^. Q^ir^ei^LD. state.m^iliuiii. ^i—ld.INDEX S. pomp Qanevti. to. (chris. S. — — objection. Aj)p. S. (2.3=!T<sirLD. i_U)iJU>. try. sikssm 62. gold lazy. thread 33 259 . m^iT. a 0^/ei@. Q. ^lLS. [ : ^rkjsLD. spiritual [App. : L- 3. ^(SniTLj. a list: •3^(c£l^lT. 93. an answer. S. <F<si]dQuji}). violence. Qs^sirdQiLiLD. memory: mir^. 157. geoLD. Wlioever meddles with things S.] ^(S2D«siS!(cW/rioar@{T5aS). fitness. the Eng. Q. (24. establish : — ^^ — 68. «i(ffisfl [^©-l I . m^0sr. . under cs^.^ : iStriresars: eag-ii. Q<FiT^i—ui. a post. ^d-<F<air. wise.examination. PAKA. ^surrir.ssrria/. (?<5=/r^. consume. L-fTULj. [131. 194. into one's posses- ov^rR. ] a window connections^ic/on^r 239.63. business. Qs^inhueo. AR. 115. comfort: 3?&Lri. a father. and s^iBJ] I— IT H. Q^iTQ^ — lewdness theft: H. come 64. C^/rsS. (Qtrusii. 60. ^aJrana). 151.(£5/rC(2)'-'C?^<3^ii. a woman: the Quern Baptist. astronomy. fall <^/Sl. ^«<sui_/(£OTr«g/-62.] iQiruSlgu. x.^si>^smLD. „„ > 16 1.) S. Q-rfTQ^urfi. abide ^m(g) — 108. brightness: sgerf?. maize. 166. a subordinate police-station. cholam. H. ^s(T^ [ 117. 62. appropriate. S. slip down. 268. Qs^^ii (^For words beginning with aa look under g). [jtjya- S. trial. I will lose his life- them S. Qunm. [^j0(E2/(^.) Q<3F(3rr [see under ^o/. L—iT(em). I. thread : ^ioS)rr(e^rr<3S!!r. av/sfreuru}. App. 64. pure gold: ^uni^Q. (s^irupgisQLp&nLD. stability: ^<s@ — 157. 64. S. spiritual. instruction.] : boiled rice •a^ir^ch. App. astrology. : S. ^&!rair&}. pillar S. ^irssrii. examine. ^sa ^i—w. 118.s^siiii. en)^9^. Q-s^irasssTLD. a place S. vii. &c.] = ^trenTLD. snn: ^rfftuek. •^ oo^fTLD.9=/r^&!r. wither. burn.ix. ^a(B. break to pieces. [joti. 117. ^sisaa. jawab. # or their second co7isonant. laziness.') 166. Q^s^irpgjisetas 274. &o^iri3 S. added to adj. la/. tin. S. a carpenter. usage. : S. . 190. [^eroa prohibition. congratulation festivity. iQ^frthuj. fit.] 194. em^iresTLD S.) p.^. a head peon. Q^rruissnD.

62. ^€mlU=^UJ(alj. ^doi)^®LDfrppil. vacillate trip. x.. be confused. 62. ^iL® — ^LD.^^^suii.] ^m&i^. fees. 56.^tfi — 64. ^ff. coals: [^sajr.] God.^/fla . l^uLj. punish . [sir. A'R. ^dQ&sr. S. ^(^m-®.] ^^^ti>. collection. grow cool : ^jd^. . ^au^Qeush. . hinder. demand mate S. club. ^esSl — ^wLjQ^. ^L-. utensil . ijirii'i'n. — 64. appearance: : Qs. is [dastawez. ^i—irsiM. ^(sssTLSf. brokerage. an elder brother. H.242.<3sr. ^<ss>LDtum. 160. ^rRs=^ffiM.^LDiSlrrtr(3k.] 124. an elder sister ^dair ^LDium-. ^LD. ^fff^asru). rescue.] falsehood: I^ld. . ^<mi—. S. ^ujiEj(^ — 62. App. curdled milk. S. ^Lf. 62. a time . live which has been chewed. : ^L-L^. property. S. utter : — ^UL^eS — ^LJLf fiLDir. posted bullocks. 224. custom. cutter. scale ^iSCp. punishment. [96. 70. lL& S. S. App. of a ship. ^ksi. .^^^il). a fault. adj. x.52. ^uiS^^dQarreF^. [s..] a hole. ^u^ S. presence •a^Qpaih. a refuge: ^<ss>i—as<offiM. method. — 64. a fault : i5«rotp. p. 62. ^uiS^ih. voucher. ^emes^iT. go astray. before written for 1. waste land: anLot-j. ready: ^in^^ui. adj. ^LLi—nasr. behold. flat). ^iffQajili. App. stay. salutation: eu/i ^uSiT. cold water S-. 154. ^^. quality ^eksain. App. hindrance ^i_ffiy«i^. a time : a fault : iSeaLp. ^iLifTiT. strike against. 108.'] AB. a track jSi—<s!i — ^L^s^a-eu®. a plate. policy: poverty: sreiB&aLc.<smeij. error. si—. aflat plate. flat. ^lL®. 260 . — 64. 108. an inferior servant under a TShsildar. a guitar.m3. l^Qutr in comp. x. ^LD-ies)s.&). Tamil. [Co. .NDEX [Owe who cuts . ^/7@. ^ssj/t^f^^i. jSisssri—ssr. ^/^fLD. 6riisin^ = sru>+ [sro^. 57. [^^sh. ^if. ^(BiDirppLD.^u*. visibility.rrprDLD. ^uufreo=^isi]iT&)=^urr0O. ^ih^jLD. H. sir ^^^isB ^^gi — 62. ^Lodi^. trick. a goldsmith. ^ism'eo. [^ix> + H. belonging to each one. ^!is. ^uLj.. smear. pt-isai—LJiSikisirm. ^€mi—iLiLD. dravida. ^emi—%!r.^OT^jjT'fl. S. ^. ^uld. languish. favor: uCs^il. a stand ^ekr® — army a broker. a/irtos. ivory. adoption. confusion. siiLD. S. [g ^ifls. a gift. xii. a younger brother. save. a sort. ^®LDfrjpi — grow fat or thick. «/5^ii). applied to a stone I. ^(oBsri—ti. S. 96. [^(^. ^LDueoiM. the refuse of betel nut ^L-. jSi—w. a tom-tom. ado^J^^ek. perplexity 190. ^iTULi^iTfTm. [ Co. (any thing of a balance. an impediment: ^&siL : ^u*.ise)i—. kindness. astiek: sl^ cape from. 223. escape . Sec visit. jS<si!sr. agent. 50. S. cool: (^e^irm^.^iueij. a father: ^suum. penance: ^euLo. ^<s33ri_eb.) es- S. austerities. : — 64. S. 217. walk uncertainly. S. 62. S. (HI. put on. the post. tremble. sSsio^. .] P. feel with the hand ^urreOLDfT®. ^LoiSi. grope. a screen. a pond: (^anh. ^Ljuec^p. collect taxes.'] jSuiSluQufT.] S. escape commit 64. a document. a sonant.

64. ^/Dth.. S. thirst. ^ekeariB^eSQuj [a raft. ^eiTLD. bran. 60. an order : the post. 57. — 62. Ijorn : sans. sustain: Qutr^i. ^ei]£u 62. [251. servant: ^i^exLo. am thirsty. passed. <siin(i^<oir>^s=. ^e»tp.] S.. a revenue 261 . ground. ^srr(Br5 — inability 62. — a fisS.••» 223. tender. si^s^&=Q!r.. — 60. . ^ds{i&&sai—. ^QgLD. axe. argument. loneliness ^'(istsr begin 212. 270. ^meS'S'eia'Fdsirrresr. a large brass vessel 138.259.3=dr. S.) 251. a term. a scar. a frog ^(a/«<s^. \_^<sit.Lj. AB. 154.^fflicFii). — a mistake. logic . Q^e^i^irS. a posted horse.'R. 272.] <3=i£ erfl/f.^0. (©. (1. 64. feebleness. fixed time: S.. store: ^irst^iULD.] lduixj. displeasure.'\ ^iT!ii(^ — 108. grain. [Co. . kind of yellow grass.^eutrei). ^ulj.. scarcity impediment. flourish. . S. watchman. bear. ^(sm'hssr S.184. ^(Lpetj 56. a slave. 224. ^e£lrr. (4. to drink. ^dsiiuiTiB.] a bond. sfr&ev^mr.) [>/fl. alone. place: ^i—th. S. = ^uffi: ^eu'^sm. [170. ^/S!. — aiTisjseo. me sometMng I ^euSstr. a frog: ^svdsir. App. S. [The root o{fi(^Qp^. virtue: ^sireirir® — 62. ^trueiau. 273. ^^ds'Ssasr. lSIiswlp.. 172.] give — S. a courtesan: QeuS.40. an army. AB. : ^engii. cresrs^^ fiirsib erQiSlp^. j^ssJ/". ^errti. S.^ 70. {&Qp^) : cause to come 160. 161. ^enenTLD. ^soui. [ S. slL(B. S.^rr.^itSI. 213. longing: H. 228. ^LJun'So. a 190.] S. ^sot^^. I. err. ^irds^g^irau^rrii). KB. (III. ^eoeuiTi—LD. officer.^iTSii. 57. disputation. ^0t£>zi). — — 57. nouns = ness. a weaver's ^dsiSipiTs.^irdaLD. 73. first rtp^pQu^. ^ULD. ^efreuiri—LD. Quar^. ^ns(S) ^dsir. time. '^l. ^<EW^<cir local usage]: euQr^e^. charity. totter. an assault. ^^. upside-down. mistake S. dash against. give. reject 146. put on one's 106. ^«»/r. ^OT ^<33rs3r/F^ SOT^^ .&. ^iTsi^.'\ S.INDEX ^ift^S^sGisfrecr . the front. . materials: ^eirefrfreioLD. (!!•) ^<^(3iD<5^. s>sSicaLD. ^&. connexion.] jSeBfr. slL/_&. Qa® . S. 223. ^(SiissLo. give. 228. ILILD.) ^qf^lL^ld. ^<si](Lg ^uSso.212. ^sy/-/r|^©.. ahead: ©j* ^SsoairssS. thirst. of = ] front verandah. germinate. 108. entry. shoot. 247. JAN.^esTLD. a bud. ^iTsQ^. . ^eSl(B. ^CT-/f a floor. [^/rE/(g + 64. a pillow : 58. self. push. 70. remove. ^(Tjsasrti). [da. stagger. ^eussSsir. shoot ^eSir. looseness. iSeotp. epifiu-i ^eSiT ^efl/f — — except: 64. cut off.) wealth. 60. ^ia//risb@^s»/r. 212. 239. floor S.) a tree : ^eo^Lp. — 62.) S. a proposal. 224. ^lidsrreh^. ^iTLDUj. (adj. (2. • . ^rr. [^s»r/f. {_Co. ^Ssouu® H. ^ia. 3=3.^QF) — (Qro^. (neut.) a term. crawl : fsirs^^p(ss QsrQ. a bud. K. be wearied : pine: m&} . 255.. ^euLo 264. registration.) be removed. ^eiisr — ^ua-. ^gfl ii. opportunity: ^<cs>Lp ^Q^eS [ — 254. turn away. ^uireo. m^e^ih. .] ^/S — loom. 62.. embrace : : ^'hmr. aeota(^. fright 190. a lullaby. a giver. ^ireS. (die. lotus : ^rj^i^ili. ^esia 64. = [^Lti. &c.] 130. x. : plL-i—LD. sLDeotJa.) an elementary principle (2.^n-^i. observan- AR. ^iTLE>(Sj. Heb. Q^p. [Co. 'jilL®. give ye S. \_^iti^. a wife. moveable. App. 160. 64. P®dQse!!r J 263. a collection. vii. ^iremfi. a mound ^lL®.^fTLD&'LD. piappeusk S. collect. [s'tanam. pd(^.] humble. S. a copper dish. delay. [dhari. (3. 190. (1. [datri. Sip. ^rrerru). ® S. [In Tinn. S. Pemsuu. — ^fTLD&Bfr.^rrssjir. order S. I. S. [^jsrr. ^L-LD. ^ affrighted 254. . [^/r^aj/. ^iTQ^LD. ^fTLD^LD. ix. confound- grasp. fiiTLD copper: Q^a^mLj. 271. be terrified. ^iriu. — 62.) fright. pus.] Pesi<s==pd(Q. ^rr^iT. — 'jlI® — 62. Pi—<so. (2.] — 62. pass over. . ^rr^ ^rreir. P. the Pl_® iii. P®dQ® give a start. stretch forth the arms. be sweet. 90. one itAo ^i—iTfftdsBLD. foot. confidence. grandfather. [^iriJp. a beard.) a quarter of the heaven. ed lurreou}. ^iTiULDiTLDm. ^liiseir. be humble. strength. 62. App. get out of a person's dejected. a day month any thing im- ces belonging to a day. revile: esxsii. ! ^isLeo. bow down. better. a pial. (wrjih. Pessr'Ssssr. S. App. vulg=a/risoii>. a. 108. 62. piBiEiQeow. ^rrsuffw.^/riiyeOii. ^irffiren-th.NDEX H. [lit: grass.^ tLHTeani.) a gift [danaM:] ^emss. bear: Qurrjpi.) a place. 184. a kinsman. David ^ireij P^P^uLj.) stalk. X. p&(^.] a terrain. less. App. Ipje^. grain : ^euo'ih. ^iT^srr. 158. a gong.) the pulse. a mother. evil eye : and S. pi-ir. 62.] ^irs^iui}).IT "I 70. 242.] ^0 (3.] [190. sweetmeats. 62. — the jawbone. ^iripeiau). a superintendent. meditation. wears. S. ^/raflfc. Qsirmi—. : ^L-esit—. bolt. ^irip^SJ — {Qp_^. time in music. ^rrsorru-®. PP.) p<5Bi<3=. Qix®. a habitation . a large fish — : whale. [tit'hi. ^Qso. 108. a trumpet a large drop. (1. 90. peiasuL^.^/raS"^.-gireoii. elevated of the verandah. exactness.] (2. difference ^. ^60^. time. ^rritiir^.] S. glau. Pojiiif^ ^rresjip. S. ^irissrui. ^n-ffili. of greater pei^L^. abase. or bears. ^nu^LoiBujui. firmness : S-ffi^. App. marriage token. P^P — comp. . a trifle. sudden alarm: fleas. S. the moon. sweetness PlS^u — ^T(Lp — 60. humility. App.) a sheet of paper. especially for the dead. courage. ^irm S.g'UGSSTLD.^ 160. (2. ^«!o<s = (l. Tahluk. accuracy. ^/r«. freedom. want.] . 262 .) root . ^ireeyi—.] constancy: 273. sight . a ^iripd^Q. . [146. JsrrQrrfrstr. xii.^/TiB. hour ^iTL^. fascination . betel prepared for eating. make round. ^rrsss® S. kind of thorn tree. 70.) (1.

] the sacred foot expiated. 152.) Quireoeoirss- ^rfls:'ij(^. ^IEJ(^. ^rrnensili. ^fffsms. 62.[^. justice. wealth. : ^pe^Qsfr&). . ^Qh(d^i—irm^LD. a king. ^treir. a mill. (in comp.. a lamp: (^<Eird(^.)eat. kind of millet. food. 62. every day. . ability LD^iBirQi—iTgiiil).] ed to eat fire. S. [drishtantam. iSSso. \_UJLD. 101. day j fsireir. [^esiir®. 138.] 56. . a duuht which Quirinrih Qpisf-tjib^ is not service. 184. (2. 207. species. ^^. [in comp. [firfl.) fire : ^dQet^.] 128. 270. [^0+^i^. [tri. ffirs^^iQaseit. ^fft^iuih.] 141. ^Iira Qairuih (act. evil: QuireoiodirLJLj. father of Haris- (3. grape: ^ijfretmfl. Is^ejou. the presence of.a. ^fff Q ^. 138. a. a ^fftr. round. pollution ^a-&. ^ffLi). : [Diwan. : ^^gjeilLD. twist a rope. S. 62. any thing l^esr. ^ekuimri—ih. trep. 263. a ^rR. prophet. m^sLo.)itch: ^asr"©/ ^mtS.) sweet. evil : Qm(TF)Lji-j. correct. 206. a wick. S. 101. a screw. (III. wander about. a potter's wheel.c. twist. touch : 158.a=uju>. ^ersrla-. suppos- what ^if]^Sj<siiili.) ^iEi(Q. any thing distilled : s'lrrnr itching. ^(^/E^ ^Qfi^^ . example ^L-Lf. beat rice . ^esiiT. (1. ^ssTLDiresTth.] . small. ^iSl&as.fiffl&.] [ It is chandra. ^(^LL®.] cleared up. ^eufreS.gji^. 228. ffl6»-(ffl/. Qrenffieineu.^0 — 60. ^©(TTjSuif. sweet. ^e^». ^<ssfl.] vulg : ^m 62. 265. ^esni. ^fffei^ — a crowd [any thing round. — . lSIjj^^-sbt ^niTLLa^Lh. or will.] AR. 261. three. Qam^Qpi^rfi. ^<smLD. Trinity. [(-/sosfl.) a curtain: : ^eiaiT'T^Sso. ^eudliu. siiSoeouui.'] ^ifiLf. ^flLD. S.] contaminate ^SOT® cleared off. 268.)thievish. prosperity. [^. [shri. divine. [jins.(l. S. [^/fl. 220. triangle. ^fl — 66. ^Q^sn-mB. evil. daily strength. ^nK^\<3^eisu. =^i7ff<s ^irir# ffisQ^sm. 263 . turn. 242. a part ability. ability . bank boldness.INDEX ^a'hisr.] ^(vji-OT. 128.] ^iBj=^. write.] ^/fl — ^Sosr. S. He IS in danger of ^dr 56. 64. s. ^iTd3. 269.] P®@ — ^2- ^L-® — 62.)theft: [poet. 190. &.) become numerous. ^rfl\Qsrr(5m-\'3=ir^^rTL£>. \_^q^+ . 269. the church. open. (2. firmness ^-.^m>LD.160. (lll. [tira. ^rfl. ^QFjUi-i — become — 160. ^pmLD. (1. sharpen . any thing eatable : — death. whirl. S.242. is visible. a I. a key 3=ir<^.) [gr.) a wave ^^o. 220.] wisp of straw laid under on a bullock's back. be turned ^OUJL^ — 62. 57.'] ^fft\QsiTsmt}). steal.)( l. 64. a seer. 8tc. the bundles [^iJiff . ^(Tj® — 134.(2. appeased. ^(Vj^ei^eirLh.] place of ^jju>. sacred — turn 160. correctness. abundantly.. kind. S. a thief ^ULD. a AR. ^(5. substance: ^m^. [darsh- the divine mind. a ^asreij. l@(75afl. — trigonometry. ^(muuesifl. : ^ssra-.(2. ^rreiriTiS. ^iLeiO'F. [^jsyt. ^(TR^^ii). ^s. : Q^lT®. initiation. ^i^^esrnpLD. IN. change: Qeugauir®. holy. an ostrich.] impla- cable anger will end in war. correct.


distance. S. giimp. a drop a tS«^ bud. ^£11 — (1. gip — atsisis. sprinkle. bad conduct gii^m Q^^gj. scheme. fill bend. hang up. ig- dust norant of the matter. hatred. ^earruLD. a hook. [ QjSffjuj. erq^uLj. — 62. descent into a tank S. fate.] S. ^a/rSTp — a leguminous plant. a pillar : ero^iiuii . ity. weigh. : App. (2. be frolicksome. drifting rain.] . ascertain. Q^HiuirineSa^Bgi sSiLQi—osr. ^euatoSTLD. _^eir. 161. ^triLi \issiLD. ^piL®. difference . hook or rope [daiva._)ameasure i£j<B<s/xa). You must winnow when there is wind. ford. sprinkle gently. [ 'smrL^eo. 64. bad fellow. the real ^em. 96. Q^uud ^w&SLD. Q^uuLD.) ill report. i—L^d seSiufremLo. Q^ Q^smi—isa^.^sir^.) things bruised and eaten with rice. : shrink. (2. twist any thing. 62. 107.] : make known.^®. ^s(^. 266. — ^EKQ — ^0ireiS. a up iSeiop.] : . — scattered. . . pick. ^sjr = I ^/f. select.) S. sweeper. = ness. ^pss 0ii). abuse S. harshness of taste ^euir 243. . warp. a bad one. Cl^lLK^SLD 90. with (l. begin : Q^ni—imi^. a fisherman. Q^fBiuu I u®3i^. ^etntp. see under When Q^ fi. a shower a tale-bearer .19.NDEX ^(ai. [190. ^sisrL^e^. 56. as a pit or well. . providence. s_OT(S7r : ^err(Sffi — a ^ppsi Koiswcnsw Ua/csor leap.) a thicket . . : ffiir&r : Impers. — s. ^Q^<si^u>. ^^iT^^iZsr. winnow \oun\o^ . . .265. S. forsake. [O^//?. 4. [ger. a defame. scatter. ^gjnsy — 64.girff!i. beat clothes on a 228. S. 239.^s(^. with 4th case 2d. stir ^sstsr® — 62. 66. S. divinity. 183. 0^/r/Ky@. dissipated. Q^yr a street j eS^ ^skrL^p I airrrm. leuSstr. ^ppso.. . incense. case. be [gen. a S.^^Uii. a harbour. a small tank. 243. drizzle. nausea. place of S. term. S. marriage.] 64.^^ijLh. powder : Quai^. to suspend any thing upon. S. 4. 62. 111. 57. an errand.] .^^SL^dimru). be intelligible known . [iJ^-/. Qfi^^ — I a hedge. purity: *^^tD . become clear. stone.) tempering curdle milk of steel. V ^° words beginning with cannot be found here. O^/fl — 206. sleep. dust. defame. consider. (III. .] a door . entrenchment. . [Co. .) — — 57. .<s@ 1. 141. q. 62. (1. gjisB. Q^LueuLo.^euii). _^iT ^isiiijLhuQhuLj ^eiieiarr. 57. jpirS. Q^(i5sn" = understand- up. iv. I ivas act. ^eSir.^^. ^^(sna. ^(Soruii). ^(23r I affliction i£)/r/fs<sii). 49. 62.) a quiver.'] 182. ^eftliT. : 139. 62. ^p^. {i. be filled up. stammer : . [ S. a raft (garii).®.^r^sar. 265 . t-j'^ssur.184. a hook 182. ffiesiSiiVdjeo.242. ^^fi2/ [dwaram. a gjeuaLD. sleep: S^^eairr. 166. fSi^&sr. 266. ^(cYTigrj.] S. loathe. 62. germ jump. (2.. hole : — 62. S-pdsLD. 93.64. erO^^sS®. incite : 67®/. scatter abroad . a messen- — — 62. : S.

230. 57. 90. the belly Q^iruLjeiT. — s. 62.! touched. intrigue. ea^fftoju).«@. examine thoroughly.] 62. sum up. . be [Co. a slave. C^sro/r. Q^iTiB^rreij. begin what ^ffl. — 60. 244. : day of the month 62. 62.INDEX O^srf? I. Q^'3=LD. sew. eta^eciD. gram. in away. S. courage ^uSfRiu Q^m. (from Q^ir®.] ^m^. Q^dsr I [Incomp. seek. what a [tit'hi. trouble : : Q^irii^eiarr. Q^iLeai—. . [g»^. arrive Q^QF).] 230. faint. touch. Q^gii — a scorpion 62. a temple : Q^nL-Ls^. wear away. : — 62. the south of a OfiiT(^ street. &:c. ascertain. a goddess a queen. Q^eS. : O^ssr \p(SO. &c.] [sio^. a country 62. a cradle. grow Q^!n—fr-s=&. ibit®. [0^/r@. shoot stones. a kind of frog. 64. opposite. a body <S^s(3) Q^rii(^ — — : s^rPaili. 254. Q^iri^. Q^iruesiU. a god. conse190. liniment: ^uSisotJa. 57. — [^^/E^irii). Q^LDLi Q^iij — — — a Q^fTi—iT. Q^'S^iriB^uis). Q^eir. stop. sresur. a collection. less. pursue. 64. connect. manger. sSt/jff or for Q^frt—iTLj. — — 57. Q^irem^^iirgii. Q^sih. — GT^iT. Q^itSso. pass away. ellipsis total. comfort 52sr.'] : G^iT. wipe : s — 64. -62. [Q^/t®. boldness. vi. that S. 190.270. Q^ir® — — 68. j [tii.'] at a conclusion. a chariot. or goddess. wane. S. 39. sum.] 23-4. vii. sob. follows. Q^fresyi—. remove. <s=/7@. rub Q^UJLD = Q^'3=Ui.241. .] the navel Qa!ruLi(sir. (ssi^iueo. — 172. 151. Q^ensm^. : Q^ppLD. 64. 235. App. : the throat. off: honey: togi 107. follow comp. connection.] : be ix. car: (ssnh. ^sfl. G^pps&i. emphasis. quence 32. —64. Q^tr/sjaSu. \Qpffi.] is sought. stagnate. burst. S. S. after.] 64. Q^iresisres)!—. S. an infectious disease. Q^in—iEi(^ Q^iTL-ir — 62. scattered <ss>^iupan3<3sr. 148. iiisi(^. the south [<s(yb^. [0^/r® ^ij^ii. [190. 266 . Q^(B QjS^. cause to stagnate. the string. clearness.151. 681.] In S. App. &ssiLD. 171. oil. Cs/rsSei). G^Q^ consider. Q^iT^SJ Q^iT^^(^tuiT^. connection. a trough. . 0^/r& removed. 62. 190. [tinn. clearness. be strengthened. — — suffer ellipsis. a tailor. 244. comfort. any thing hangs 148. put the arrow on sand plain. [comp. No. Q^iTL-L^io. G^/D|afl6^/r/fl. great distance Q^irm^HLD. January. languish. Q^iT(g)^. hang. Q^/rOiJL/. side S. need ^eu^s^rril). Q^^ — I Q/. a thigh ^etoz 166. : 0^/7-(S»<s. down Q^nEj(^ Q^lLl—ld. cling to infect. QjS/ff. Q^<csieii. App. S. Q^rrmsr®.) Q^iriLQi^ek. stick in 32. pine ^^. [O^srf?. be suspended. sewing. south. C^sulpro^ffesTLD. 166. Q^nih 160. the numerator. ^dso. Q^snifiT Q^itlL®. taint. wind ws^k^ — ^^- [II-] be summed up. become clear.

iE<cS)L—ut3<smL£>. Q^rrp — (Slp^. crawl. 149. go on. antiquity. cause to go.] conduct .900 : 172. . QjSrrsm® — a an earthen pot. be removed. middle : ld^^. 62. lEsi^i—LD. the (1. take place.'] Q^nQseniM. lQ^rre\). ibi—ulSI clump Tel. [/E®. (2.. appearance Q^npgs.] m fB^iL® S. peacock.] Q^ireas. [ 181. 64. copy. \_Q^irSo.>p. IEL-l—LD=-IE<£^l—LCi.^ a large boat. . Q^rrei^iM.] 62. iE. Q^iT(t£. /5«roi_. (III. Ill. antiquity. rB€m3=.) C?^/r(SD|s)S). /5<s@ — — ii. 134. in ljiuld. tBi—uL^. like sec. idiom. trembling. [alli- AR. Q^iTi^m.'] 62. . 111. [adj. 160. woman. 131. 62. ih® — 68. S. jewel /ECisa ed to filT(Lg. tope. lEsifl.) desire fault : (ff^ppLd. worship : ^nrr^. : Qeai—. S. maQpih ue\)^tn Quirsgr l/oS. metropolis. App. Q^tTL^eo. has lost its claivs and teeth. S. \ lB®rE®it(g) — — \_rBL 62. fEi— — poison 66. pace . 34 26T . [C^/riso. 143. 90.] /E*/K/(g — /5««@ — n. mens. a pair of stocks Q^!TQ£ — Qi^iTq£LD!ru>. push along.^^iTLD. Q^ireir. Q^fTgnih. streets and entran- IE®. antiquity . 70.- — ii. tiger that lEL-L-Tgu. rESQF. Q^rrm^ Q^mL®. fEi—uiSle£l 57. ] a garden . conduct. suirmLScir. mosquito curtains.) iBi—LDiT®. QismLi—Lh. iBi—s. loss: : [^issfl..INDEX Qs5ire[)&i). walk 191. [/HL-L/. 32. P. 62. or Q^iTekffi — : Q^nekgn. lEiQo-. 60.) root of Q^rrp — Qpgj. & desire (1. a fold Q^frem-rruSrjLD. friendship. tail. ^eurrffLD.. trouble. bruize. claw.5^*. LD/Ben)^.] S. Q^rr^^ffLD. tB®iki(g) (2. S. 75.) i_ii). (a. [/^(OT*. 160. 263. a duplicate. move about. /BsiM. (n. sus- pended across ces. 267. of trees. (273. O. . mu-i—iM. Q^irn'smLD. shoulder: IE® UUp. conduct.. each. the middle a nail. luirm.'] Q<sn-pLi — ] = Q^aiso^. [/5 ie&i. . a feather. a hole S. . [affix.) [/5i_. curdle. crush. S. S. iE<skr® . praise S. Q^rruLf. Q^a(smL^. App. tremble. I.] walk. issfTLn. 272. Q^fresH. dip in. a crab. 64. iB<skri^miu. C 190. 160. /E'S^eo. employ. S. con- stellation 62. lines of flowers. 230. 64. Q^iTtLi — — — S. one's deportment. for mmQr^dj 125. rsa&i. 56. cause to walk. work . laugh. [/e gj^. lick. curdle.) skin. 160. [/f ^®. a kind of rice-cake. Qfiireo.'] (f.] transplanting. (a. &QrB3. 62. ] Q^nmis=.] Q^rrppiD. iBL—eif. — ®+=^5^-] of a liver. — 64. lELL^a^^^iTU}. 73. poisonous: babbling. sound : s^^^th. : — 60. /e. /el1(_. <se>LDUJua. &c. 251. adj. a noble Q^fT^. ih®ssLD. cause to walk. deride. a trip . an anchor. appear. rsi—deas. Q<srrpp.) moisture. [70.) wasting sickness..] a scavenger: QeuLLi^ suffice. .) IE /E®f£lQeO. the middle. Q^itlLl^. laugh.. G^iTL^. Q^iTLDeBff. [/5®. S. /EcF*. r. plant. be defeated. city. walk.m. S. 57. from [O^/rcarjj. iBiiiSr^ffLh. [/E/E/iSB)<s. leather.'\ a walking corpse. mi—^eei^.) every. : a star. )ui3Qffc. a companion. defeat. dig. aSei^iJ). Q^fTsail.

tBiT^^t^ir./r<9=z-D. lEirsiJi. — IS shame: QsulLsld.184. desire eagerly. SllUi. Im®. App. is<aiiLc.) lover.'} slip down. dragon UlTLDLj. iBiTLDih. dar. [«a//f. 10. a probe . II. [ AR. /EeirjS. (III. [see ieuit. iseuir. expect. a reed. iBiTL^. ihiTiusLJa. pay reverence. 37. 160. lEiTUjsek. elegance . /Eiii-i — fEtli^. S. fBiiujT. 155. gray hairs hoary. a deed. a eu.) the hand. cheapness — : iBirQu-iruf-Oj. bow-string : : siugu. plant 191. husband's sister. a snake. a polite epithet : classes S.x. tongue lEFiEiseir. AR.INDEX S. : ^i^sy. a deputy S-usirrrtD. a leader excellent. jackall iBQhS(m a-. /5/T^(SJr. a drama : s^^si. lord ^(sesri—eiKssr AR. — 62. IT IT . a cord. lEiTi^^eir. [/E/r®. l/EireiT+Q^ir ] fBirL-L-Lh. — . civilization. iBirajuQfT&v^iT. a village: mi'd(^. 188.S. (III. hope. lEiT^ih. /Birsu>.] any thing fsm/S ^i.) (sp. lE"^^ 272. mmgii. nostril S. an individual: ^srr. destruction S. /BTT^^. honesty ./BuiT. pi isinLi—mT : /Eij/r : or /Ejirrehdseir.] S. /Esieo. hope. 184. good. man. 153. ieitlL® a fox. . App.] [_rseo. a dog an iron pen. /B^.^sJr. cold. excrement: mirQi—/Tffiiisi. soaked. /BiT@. be bashful. = ^eir<oSiLD /Efir. 19. lb ir'iisssnu mec. isr®. everyday. a ribbon.iBirtS. we [/E/riL//J 10. a lane. ib IB it SHUT LD O/E0. sireshta- goodness. /EesreniLo. a snail. : become wet. bruise._<F<Fii>. iBossr the navel: Q^rruLfsir. [190. 37. fix. : a flower S. a person. trust : eS<9rai. name : Quiuir. rely on. a benefit: \_iE60+einLD. Qpd(^. cultivation.217. wet. fEeL>Lh. (111. rbQT)rEi(^ iBeiorr. desire. S. of S. 184. miTeij.'] S. [Co.'] fEiTLD. sinew. master. — 62. writing: u^^ift mmQ'S^uj. a river : S. 184. . S. 18. [/e/toth. meiBir. 80. (2.) newness: : LjguesiLo. it is a good thing a good . 64.(f^Q^ir8so. lS". &) Q eo n IT TEirem. \_fB'T® customary : a^rr^irrjissBr.] iBir® 62. Q/sa^. 11. be bruized. mirQium lEiruj. excellence. d.14. ague a kind of poison S./Bujuj. fBQ^eif — a person 62. 13.) 268 . ashamed. S. wet §. .m'. ernp^^. S. iEm—. . a lEifl. seek.131. the English word number. urbanity. witlL® 3=imljsld. iBLD. 37. aim. 1. a country. isniniT. /Eff^susBT. (57.) : — — 57.272. plant.ff=^iETriS.14. 13. adoration /ELDcmsffl iBir&&a. lEiTSii^sLD. (2.'] 62. y. hell [/5i7<s«b. (local. eio<x.] the pulse. 64. : 180.&L£i. Introd. LD . thing.] 62. fEih^esrsuesnli.'\ + SaUf-lU .] 1 a chord.) nine (^mu^. iB^^ss)^. district. string. or out (ggifl/r. : garden y^iQ^inLt—Ui. : /Bji^ua. 258. 166. soak. S. a barber ^iMUL-u. kindness ^sBiL/ . ii. modesty: (^sstilild. reii^eutssTLD. [/e/t®. X. : S. (1. 272. = deputy. (1. AR. esi/f. — reverence. 93. iBHssr. S. 26. 134.] iBiressTeo. 11.) be thankful. nose. : 6r//?/Eff<£ii). iBffLDLf. lu^ir m (SO eo S. iEiTL—iT(sir. we : 10. ibit. mirrfiTs^LD. 261. of certain H. App. rBLD&osimui.) 184. miTi—iT. xii. 62. S. /eldlSssids. <s.

iSuLsi. iBeoeo^LD. land: yi^. .266. S.] arrange. (O^issr QLDp(^. remain ^rm. certainty struction. iBireir^. [iT/rsazifl. S. lS. smell icn-pgii.3=ds!sr. f^ja/— 62.172. be. SiLiirujLD.9m^lLILD. length : lismh. omen. a thing be loathed.BiTir. Siress. iBamuD. determination.) : /sfT^^Mgu /Ffreir .. ^^Ssip ^ privitive..iE!T S. a cause iSlSit rErre^2irs!^d(m iBiT(emd(^rBir&r. from day to day. yield a smell (good or S. iBTm. (in comp. 172. appoint. young plants 68.] ( miretf — S. S.. canon: SLL(pLjua®. nakedness: . a vocabulary in sans. daily S^ld. : S. Sit. Sq^uld. iSeoLD. : . Sl^.'] religious practise. iSlSu. S. 206. Sffd(^. Sleorr. slander: iSud Q^ireo.265. \_i8eo. obser- vance slLi—Ssit. iS^lS 64. fit lor trans- up. Sq^lS. ance. without connections wretchedness. determine. rSiu/B^&sr. ^sro/r. a screen. S. : u^LD^^rB. S. fS<5mLD. rS^^ujLD. iBirdsfT. competency : ^ S. VUlg. be in order.] certainty: iS^s^iuui.] AR. S. S.. comp. : iE!T^. state. S iLi IT iij IT ^u^. a tariff. trouble./E/r(C5)isfl^. go on. : ei^w.] -. /E/r(OT). 206. SIlBsl^ld. reason 1^^.) lil^^ssiiT. 11. hang. right — bad. de- S.. 96. SiuLDLD. judge. Slds^iuLD. : S. 163.. S. a day: mir'Ssir iEfT£)i 62. — — 57. 269 .] fSe<>)ir — — — 64.) an observance.. a barber: ^jihuu-L-di. a measure ul^. 255.] . Slif<i^^&9. sleep : airssiiLD. 157. be on foot rsL ] iSrremuS. £l IT IT lLq^u Soar. rule. SSsoQugii. iSffuiL].) a moment. S. iBrreuasLD. [/S^ii). iS&Dird^a^eo. 64.. 57.^LDLDessru). a skilful person. 244. {.) without negation. S. [/S«w/r. self. £Iq^^. harshness iSiT(Suir(5S!!TLh. : S.] planting. various u<c\\ ueoeSjs. 134. liSeo. iS&o. <su(T. a Tamil hour current. 149. a tongue : : rBad(^. utter ii. 158. total destruction SirQp . eradication. regulation. f§s=uu(B^S^. fsiT^^dr. for SdffUJLD.INDEX . S. establish a fact a-u u(B^sy S. certainty. 115. a. p. viii. luii. urrdQ. certainty — S/TLDireSTLD 163. ^J. Seoei]. S. rS<SL^(Bijili.37. (j-. S. : S. rsiTsjii — iBfresr. I. eternity. len. position. [Com. 57. lEiTL^. 70. stand upright. /itLS. for ever. [_iB!Teo. place upright.] 255. create. S. 158. SiTuu/s^LD. affair. tude S. SSsduu®.242. be filled up. S.u>. : [sold. [/E/rff)2. <sb^. [/5/rjp. S. 64. App. an epistle anQ^iJa. 64. Sei^^^ii. severity. 242. IfSLjemek.. /Effi^sna. level.z—. exacti163. to .] hang one's S. fibres of plants. four. S. S. /9. ability.256. an agreement. tomorrow. justice. [/Eff^. fill iSuui-i — price fixed. instant. fat : Qsfr(tpuLj. objection. Seap.'] [/Ssw/r. leir S. moonlight balance : .. IB IT so (T <su SJ 175..$i^u^. iB^iresTLD. S^SSi). = fSssm®. Qs^iTds^w. Qpsni^nuj. 206.) mirpu^ iBappw. Si^ QaiT<sir. prove. SliTfue^Lh. contumely ^-^/rsi^cjOTii). a treasure.) [/E^. (/SilsBTZ—. tSejU'Ssxsu. 163. hedge: .] /SlS^^U}. fEfTeSTQf leirasrgiiQ&rreir.3. Sl^ii). App. . without [p. [Co. : S. Sliiem^. rS^^ih. 62. a standing persever. be suspended : S. With various verbs as.'] [O^/te/q. = ^-(^ 161.172. [/5/r«rr. 172. place..

length: ^etrCb. placed perpendicularly. stop. 270 . [(III.. remove. condition. stop. LDcirei^LJLj. fulfill. stability 70. poise.) = viinute. the breast. : [^S0 — 57. Q/elL 1-. S^ 64. a scientific work : ^it 62. 64.] ^lLuld.228—9. — 57. fine.Seo. .) isirenniu (Co. stretchout. 242. : ^. an oblation uS iStpiso. creep in. . [(fsrr. (Co.) stand. 260. — you. S. /fp.] 2591 . his [<S(T5^. a root 70.) hundred spin : 107. long.gFp — {SipgJ.gjrpQ(yekgii 72. 272. Qm(B. stop or cease. ^l1® S. re- S. 131. pulverize. QihL^iu. a yoke: ^s^^ljl. r^ksi 1^1^. Q/blL®. SieS. /f [. <s= 'Tsri—freirsir. i@3ssreija^(T^. Sisco^. put away m^rjLD Sirsii. iSesip.] ] state. ieir.221. [190. QrsiLi—aiUii.) water. — 62. forsake : efl®. a novelty 10. 170. scum 57. stand. swimming last. iSeufr^^.^}iasiJD. S/DLD. (Seurrrresani. 52.] 27. BsuLj. lowness. . : Sj/S'^ S1saiuuiruSl(j^is^tl3!r^ i3nQ<sii@ attention loas fixed on that. the tip s^ir. cause to stand or Slga^^ 62. : 57. : ty^co^io.gir&). the enjoy ^egnueS. : Q/EirtBoir. 62. indigo. rSfssJ QieQ^ (III. weight urrrrih.Miearr. — length: 70. iiLi—il. meanness a low fellow : : li^Fsir. 37.) be. become ^^jiiEjQ) ^62. lisw. weigh. fine : {Bes)pQ<sug)i fSp — S^— iSesipQ supra — — L^ff(5!3rLD 62. get in.] S. quit.^)id(^ 106. [/fai-.a^LD. fS&srey s^QF). tSSsoeunth. [n. : ^«ii). a thought Qtoo) : SSsstuli. [III. heart. become 62. — : ^iEj(Q. 37.s^. 62. Q/EiL®. (2. 62. /fs/Q S. (III. —64.INDEX /S2so I. £_^^. SQeu^^iULD. froth. — lime . /^L-if- — — be prolonged. a shadow shade •3=ir<caiL/. small. com. 27. QpSssr. [. ipsa slaked slake lime. : — a. 72. fill become : full : iSffLDLj. — fullness ^.] 115. ^(SBar. think. SlLQ. . 111. — 64. blue. [^«ot. a noise of the joints crack- a bubble on the water. S6\}£!i.) ^i^ —^64. moval S. fulfilled. to ssLLt—fnuLi). SisjS'Sir. [nirudd'ha. justice: /?^ii) : not seen you for a long while. QieQ s-eir^asrQes^ii. QrE(^a-.^^GHTLD. Q/blL^l. 272. prolong. minuteness. I?. i^SU Ss\>. [Comp. 62.) [/Fot. ^ em esilr rr . liiL. kind of frog. swim ii(^s-. remember.] ii(^ Sdsi~ss>LD. : 64. lengthen out. a colour euHemLb 209.] 272. ^<5mLp — foam. 10. a point of time. 62. „.] 0/E(^6=ii).) I hctve SsisTt-. 272. i. &c. : S. thou iSd(^ — thread a .'\ (^LL. Seiajusij.'] pulpy part of the palmy: — ra fruit : QtEirrkii^. (n. establish. \_6ipg)i. 172. 0/E®ii). from which many derivatives are formed. lieou). (I.) you. limrL 255. subtility ^lLuim. II. conscience ^qf^^oju).^ei). abolition. remember.] [/s'stt. : long. enter: 272. Sgu. lietTLD. retain footing. ^ &) LD . leave . firmness. abide.ff-. ashes efl^^. (f<^<sr.'] /S&a-®/. opposed ing.- . iSss>p — : > =a 62. i^irA\(^LSL^.


.! INDEX 1.

) u^im(S) (2. a row. extend. rashness upiL. u^&oiTs. service. do . uiLQi^rrdso.[Co. (SJirdju^^. S. u/F^iuiM. S. reverence uived. LDss-Qpneo. a foregin land. 62. cakes: ueo a. band. a torch a bond um^Sssr. ^(tj S. uiL^ uuSliT. lurk unseen in a place. a/rs? S. S.) u^iULD. u^eij. : s=[r ui^.) a jewel: uemfl^. care S. uuSipSi. 57. vice U(siS sssfl — uesSsSemi—. devotion. App. ten ps=uj 52.I — ^^QpenQair uemv^^esr. a journey [prayanum. uium. silk. u^ — be imprinted. assignment pledge: ep^^ui^LD. in place of.ii. fear. u^sijemrr. eu^eo. . a shed.) S. 57. u^^^s^.'] 66.* ua — . a learned Qs^irije^rio&i man. a Saiva devotee: ^<mrL^. eurBiss)^. abandy. uiui^ S. usmi—LDUiTL^. a word. ^(Tjsflt^/r. (1. extension — : 62. . : ness dF(^^. corn. uhldlj. town. 194. the Eng. ujuLj. ui6.) fit- S. u^Si.] Li^^ S. (2. — u®. [PAKTI. 111 -. S. 62. uffovuffLD. he who knows a thiny without telling is a Pandit.] of guests. 6. ui^eo. [pana. (1. company u^^. grain. (1. uiVLD. money : : 52. (1. u^^iT. 207. an impression. S. HP' '^P-'] u^. IT . 206.(us. a top with which boys play. [Co. store house. uii^iT. nagement. stripe. uessfl. balance-sheet. growing vegetables. various things S. u^dsLD. practice: . \_uujlci. fixed. diet. a layer. result: ueoesr. chaff. uiu 56.] S. a wife : : to&sfl. u^iiT. a chief . (2. eauiuei'. uuju^- 107. ULDUSLD. vehicle. .) relation. [b'harta. make. u^&}.) a streak. uii^. [r_ii. S. [smiii>u enS uj n LD ueeSarraiM. 244. u^^eS. a worthless fellow. 107. u<omLD. : uismrL^etsis. u^si^i—ih. haste .] the bark of a tree : AR. benefit. 138.) u^<ssr deed ulLl—iuld. ui^sLD. hesitate in speech. 165. Qicpun {u^- 273 .he appointed. uiQ^nueh^. haste.] : 1. A small casket. uL-etai—. [band'hu. — imprinted. ministry: ssci^ lULD. S. edition. hurry. ma- uem a. a granary. ^. u emi—s LD:Jisir. arrangement. (1.suemL^. S.] usesTi—nrrw.@. (1.jtjuiSiuiT'FLh \_uuS S. u msr'Ssssr S. booth. fix in unemB. uiassr. 64. pulse of various kinds. 244. 248. Ljemfl^eai—.) a ball. appointment: mn—frQ). 258. Qf. a sojourner: uffUffLJLf. U(5kn^-3. 5. a row.3= irdso . devotional fear. uiLaaL-iuui. usssr^u — . ^itQ^Si. a husband. P. (2. relation. S. a document bow down. — 62. u^^iBes^s. a festival /B/rerr. [l/^. a layer. a explanation. surface. 172. ^J^^ih. uff. . Pandit. (6. u^^ffua. : &). literal ®. melody: be fit airsio. S.dr.] . : un uu Qss^ui. S.) palm juice received in vessels with lime smeared on the inside. a breast-plate. writing. a bond. u^ii-. : 161.) ser[uasiflaSsrai—. uiE^^enTLD. title an ambush {(Lpeis! g)]) . other {_u^Lh. . S-sw/r. an edict.] [b'hacti. 273. foreign : ^iSiti. u^fi.) : a sword : (2. uiLiffi. service : u u Ci u em lady's maid. spread out mutual.UL-(B. 121.) a — 172. or fastened in.e^.'] uivemth. cultivation eSuff-iruu).(ssi 233. S. fear: S. S.

S.. 267. . — : isb)«««>-sS. S. S. ueorr. . colour leaves. aiTLD. holiness. most excellent being. (uesiLpiu. a frigitive. urReu/TffiM. for uireuSssr. uifisiTift. boil. «i^ii. no benefit to me by thus dwelling [alone. UL^. S. application a U(oO a shield : Qsi—UJiii.] 64. S. force. uesi(^ St). 64. uQeon^sirnLD. uifiurreosir.'] [exception conjugated has gained 272. [p'halam.] 274 . disgrace.] gssrnSiu/ruJ^cj'/F^ucueJrgjcutw. ujTTiH.134. [S.2\\. . scandal. . uffUKSssri—eOLD. become extended. U(zpen^. a boat in a river. S. 243. [uip. 134. S. S. uQfftr—uff + s^. he fruit. [lat. examination UQF). — — un-n- . . uLpLD. season . QugnLDtr distribute. clumsy. ufftg=Q^^u>. uiftiDirgii — uLp. uiodsesnf). iBennrjemLD. ufliUii^LD. Ufffan. POL. L/sS. .] usoicias. a board. uffii. . a neg. usorr^struLD.fLD. : [ueo S. term: retinue.'] ueo. ufftQs^rr^dssr. 14. .'] AR. speak for one. youth. ment. technical language. number [u QUQ^(Q. ULp. GR. S. a pebble stone.] of withering UQFfULf. uffLOLj. urjrrsQrjLDtJa. uirevrTi^m. (Sirasr [p'hala. cotton : u<Qs. urfls-^^u:). grow ripe. ueirisjil). uiveir. up) several. many. [241. {ueo. dry peas. £_<3Uii>. ufffuirsuxaL^.fault.] venetian-window. a palanquin iJCTsS. as before. usjLDndigjLDW. discharge.] uq^itMUL^. J ueu/E^LD. [allied to LJLp(^ S. ^-^^ ueo. App. UQ£ uq^ksi. uifiLsa^. strength. dowry. 62. vengeance. uenil. urrnruffdr. become accustomed [uip. there H. 272. S. ] 62. uLpth. an order &lLl-. S. F. pre- 62. usiretrm.. heaven.] + Lc><oS!sr ear.] 107. maturity xi. — entp.INDEX S. valour: eSffuo. value: [vulg. a kite. PLE. UQ^dms:. S. 254. urffii^Qugr [ uifi. uiTSu^iL. a doctor.'^ old serve out. crystal. 48. that which will result. S. 99. rice : guilt. examination examine. u S. Ufft^iTssrii. uL^uLj. usirsfr^^. ldl-(Bld . ueoQsr. UQ^euiii. 84. fruit : familiarity. ueoLpiu mountain : : ld^. (f. /SaS is ij/fl«/ririi).) tence. damage. the jack tree. urfJQ&^fT^. I. the result. — [uLpLh. uesiLpiv. — 62. mockery: urflaiT'S^il. urRa-. ufflLDireissrd). S. most excellent.] UQRdsrr/ijseo. \_uff ueo — (dwp^. : entirely. S. 62. [ ira/. Qp^.) (e^s^w. he had sold it. repair. a dismissal. 64. PLU. a grain of boiled [Com. UQF)^^. [so Qse^efl [ueo.^. strength: god removal. (prob. 64. UL^. [ 240. .] He pretended uiauewLD. ueoek. coral. barber. : Qs^ir^ikisr. an offering profit. uiftLL&si<r. u<sS\!t(^. guardians. one of a certain caste.] uev^g)uQutri^eisr. : u^uu^.I : [_<ssr. uips^. result. ueo^. a sacrifice. result.) [ueireiTih.) grow strong to. [i-iLp. ULpdsii. urr^iru.] 155. a trial.ff:. uLpLD. uS — 64. atonement : Quffodr. like. a bribe ueoeod(^. experi- i-ILp-) [Co.] to. a tooth : S. — extension. an ulcer. 66. (in ui?L-ea<3=. ueoLD. U(i^^. a rope of twisted straw. rft uj IT -3= LD . best. (SULpdsLD. . exercise. old. increase in S.. 256. a pit : @t^ . 13. urfl. custom. a lizard : ueoeo!rs(Q. a weight fruit. ueS^LD. [uLp. sentence. iT^^. uQ^uLfSpih.

uir^ireirw. sail. areca nut. : Mussalm3. singing. uirssii—. uff^^iuiav^isk. : > tree. tradition. worthiness : a poem . gjQrjirsLD. f. urrQeuifl. the abyss hell. [ tree.] u<sirjS. [_su3£a. S. the green weed on standing the banks of a river. a claimant. S. uirmr ueap. one of the lowest ua^sLD. [uevi. run as water. a lesson S. 262. . a basket used S.] UIT®.) is responsi- vulg. a bed in a garden. . rent paid for the privilege Qpseijetoir. a song unsmLD. custody. : Qp^ireia^.) (2. a snake Brahman. [bha7. App. 261 uiTi—ed. the half.] uiT® ds^i—u>. connexion. AR. a small town . 245. un &!)!—. urreasi^. 271.. 182. the warp . 131. what IS man : e-stoip lup. [u/r®. [/_//r®. £-//r^/f?i/jff. 62. up. security: tS! uek&aLD. UQsriBjsiT®. Port. u^Qis!t(B.n's slippers: y. up — — school. S.'] 255. a vessel : urr^^mli. uiTsQiULD. a path snip. urr^^.. spring. re- mathematics. Q^rr®. : 64. tJffitSjiij.) : a snare: a cord: -fituuld. S. S. [&c. a stupid person. fly — 1. 109. S. a palmyra a hog. pluck J=&. iii. suffice. uiriruuirsir. 57. sin uiTuun-J=Sl. SLUT'oSlsrLD. (2. dew : palmyra — — SIT 64. ufr^LD. devotion to . I. an arrow ^ldlj rocket. upiQp upsaea ergigmrih ? far to a flying bird^ 182. a turban : ^Ssouuir. uesfl. urrdSujeuireir. — uir^. u^. 64. pillage. luiT®. .'] S.5. jaundice. take from. cause to flow. put to flight.] — a mat . uir^^iULD. &c. up^. a bier umLi—m. a sinner. x. (1. umLi—iTisB. a burden: 52. . umeSjimr® UfT uiT.] lj/tlL®. plural. aPAdre. by fishermen. a drum. — S. ble 172. dropsy ®Qfffrai}). u(T3=niEj(^. X. a laborious uuirefi. 236. a language. : : .uuQ. . uirnwuissyir.f. water. affair . utr&fis. an elephant keeper. S. uir^^ffii).+ ^zii = U(SJFr a = what belongs to ijsofl/f/f. App. ^eiair.un'<9=LD. urruurr^^u a butterfly. see ueo. untDjck. SH. S.ff=Sl. human S. sin : uitsuld. (1. up£».) S.\. 1 66. a portion a degree. that which is orderly. . lupjpi. LD (^(5. 120. [class. urrsuj. u^. related to. gular. uiTtLuf. utrdf^. un-ffih. lay hold of. take. /SjS/iaBai'.. twisted grass used to protect a preface S. mosque ii). be robbed.-] 191. S. (in S. 230. due: [182. urrdQ. grandmother. S^ld. grandfather App. ufTUJ. S. \_a^i— 66. sing. \_up. 190. preserve. 134. urrem®. 62. unsssri—LD. upssL^ upmeu. : water. leap. urruil.) uiT. balance S.] 255. a foot : 230. a utrdQujeu^ dsssiirsBsfl. skschlci. S. suffering . rob. a bird . : ummiii. uirtB^LD. urruiLj. uSosr. a school-house. uir^.INDEX wsireiH. ujB drepradation. — 191. upffi U!jfi&m. [o®. ] one who a vessel. 194. of fishing. passion — ^sstlj. Ufruuirek. t-'ssiirsiisfl. 230. uirsei^.. anything winged. u!TUJ3=a- — 62. 64. S. happiness euiTLpeif. urrt—ui. wastage. : umL®. 2\7. [osar. [ U&.^ love : ^^z-. pretence: LDirtuLoireotM. a beggar's dish: i_/ff(ssijri_ii).

oilcake: {\u\g.'] an old well .) in a division of nouns. a sinner. aejita = a pot.leaven. imagine.] urmsifT.) tSl^jbsu u/r^. 62.l . affliction. a devil : Quiu. intricacy. (gt^.225. unmLD. uiTiTUUireir. including 251. article. — luLj. uiTLpiEj Qensrgs. uiTiH^ih. hereditary right.. pan. . ingness. 196. LurSsiriuuD. a babe euirnireii^. . S. a bridge £j/rs\3ii). (3. a rock camp. sickness: 62.) afterwards tSli—rfl.] : iS&asr. iSl^ffiTifdQ^LD. (a. iSQu^im.. the body an embryo a0. mistake. iSl^g}!. tSl^dr^. 62. pluck out u^. (1. drop : a tempest Lf^eo. f. desolation: \_ues>Lpuj. tSjsssr. . It becomes inspect {u/riruuiT^^. mane. iSl^S. iSdeeye-.) i9 t3@si/. ^-QeoinS. hand. LD.] : seed. a miser : : tl^^snTLD. [Lj/ra. 226. behold. S. 107. a kind of paddy. : [pitara= iS^iii(^ . umruir^s^. LJ/raS. urreDfSgj. ior 58. : 62... knead..'] the blossom ^0/-ol/. siTiij and utpil). ^eiff lO*''' mingle. f. see. t5ss5<5=/i^iz)/r. come after . 68. . a butterfly uirurr^^. i3is^a-. uirirdQ^LD ufTiT — 64.237. l3l-<c!ds^. 263. ward. woman: Ouuld a puppet waste. (S35«@. — 149. seizure. S. : [pita. Qeu 62. S. Jancying it to be his own. seize deduct. s^snii.or«(so9. boast . [gffLflsar. and n. the spathe of palm trees.<aj AR. I. Lji—eexEii LSi—ciosif. lurrir. affair. a stoppage. uiTtflajfrm. kili. : iSl^siso. a potter's stone.] i3®Ej(^ iSlL [ urroj^. iS^^^m.&3r. sight: sitlS. [u/reu/i.] S.^}! urrSssr. uiTi^QuJsk. 20. tS<5^@. : a demoness. gum-resin lilSsisft. 269. beverage. [pai'a. S. obstinacy : (^L-i—nnLD. spar- 258. 267. ljssst LSl^(em)£E(^. 62. iSsis^.) gram. item. 180. 178. for urr(5Si<si. i^^fT. uireirufssj. &.. alms : iSesiasf. : a uir(cs>p. sow iSesfJiufreS. a sick man : 181..c. 276 . uir<3n — I a sinner 184. (2.259. gender and an number. iS^^u). bile IS"- i3^^.242. utrirda. father. bond.] a corpse : iSsssnh.utriTir. 263. tSl Lf. tSl/s^. S.] he Lj/rafl — {8p^. ROOT — 64. break into bits. the fruit just formed from : — ^®. u/r/rs»ay. ^freiTLD. S. the posteriors : \_^(ir)uSli— ^g] ^euair Q^trrsfithQuweouuiT^^g:. ^lL®. much S. iSlemi—ii. : — the nape of the neck. a Brdhman. uireosek. see after.] iStL-L^Li. (^ssarL^.) part . uirrrmL® — S. (^Lptkem^. squeeze project.. rub with the usage. [mLo. 228. sin: uituld. iSi—irrff. show . milk. tSein*^ — avarice : ^•] 57. iS^frasTiD.) i-S)srr. uiTLp. S. 62. surety . side. transplanting. 196. tSis'ira-.] — . iSi^ — 64. brass. 262. Ufrev. imagination. iSl^L^^iM. — 62. a humble servant ^i^Qiucsr. iSs^rr^i}). part uiremiT. drink [Co. uireiiLD. lay things in order. 19. awife: Q u eisr 3= it ^ ussld. uiT'^iMUsm'. : S. custody: sireveo. ^u^^ld. iT^ LD S. tightness. a lever. a father: speak foolishly ^&) ^suudsr. LDiiSiT. 194. a i3^6i). [christian »S. Devanagari letters. 180.^<s] : AR. make 255. ^3=e^LD. acquired. 262. crow-bar: &lLl-u urrfff. : i3d(g. of [ uiriT. Q/Erriu.INDEX H. aJDunmip. 115.

: (3. advantage go about : ismesiLo. com- [fIRYAD. court. be split.)dullness. t3rr^eL^st»i_. a child a young plant. iSffi^. inattention. schism. [lS/A. LDir/i^rflujih. a roof lath : eii(Bs=s-. delight. beQeueSuueni—. iSm'Ssir. dis- iSletrirJ^a-. a lord. re. 277 . iS&refririLt. be divided. split. iSlij^^ujL-a^iM. the chief. adverse. iSffisfnuLD. speak 264. 257. iSuLDTsmLD. vow. tSeueS^sofliL/ii). S. principal.] 84. — (iS/D^. . iSffew^fTLiili. AR.^. iSulB — Brahma.] [iSfffTSITrrili J] S. tSeiruLj. SulBulj. case of . LfrBs'il). eulogy. : S. [prativadin. iSffem^m^ — '64. ciple." : tSffS^^ii. [right. rumour : S. uxssrnjL-® S. 18. ^e(ouuLSifis£l&sr. a i^rincipal person . S.(l. [prak. (1. pray. a voc. S. treatise.] is expanse. iSfnlLj. wring. life . iSniTLDemssr. [Co. ^ iSlp. iSlfffT^. complaint.INDEX i3ijsir<s=LD. the — : <S]Q(Tf). App. preach iSff!TS(^. a a prince.] 266.] tSsTLD^s^frrff. labour: S-eaip iSirsirS ui^. 16.) S. renoun. tSffiT'SsS. rule. 190. division. carcass : iSsssriii. iStrflff^ed. IsuiT^.) 221. i3lBlULD. beseech. celebrity. division. 64.] Sans. notice. confusion.] iSlffli£2ssr. a making known age: emus-. 57.) [PRATI. pounds.3=isirisBrui. i3ffQiuns=<s!rLD. (2. iSfra-rj-il). 158. livelihood: ^susstld. [PRAKARAM. i3ij^L-^<smLD. rattan. being &eiiQs=rEffi. effort: — 66. . be born come forth. tSlfftuLj. what is pleasant. despise: [tS^. opposition. iSfffiLiLD. iSlpc^.'\ — . 163. a manner. : tSj/ru^^^ the iSffnLUua. what is gained. 64. : S. <F l1 SW t_ U iEB3r. i3jjujrreiO'S=. iSlijueSliULD. iSeirii^QufT. a fault: ^uiS^U). a cleft: [lSsyt. 213. law: iSlffLDiT. 190. purpose. w(sisr<sssruuLD. (1. kindness: QQ^ecau. 272.sssot-. i3es>LpuLj. i3ffeeiffs&r. when followed by QufT®: Thus. = ill. a work. result. composition. iSlffeuiT^^. t^ffiUjS^QsnJi. 21. iSffrremLD. 64. iSeisLp — — sorcery. split a fault. iSliju(^^Lh. make known. . [195. a prayer. 64. young Brahman sL-i—'Ssir. ia. splendour. iSetrdotruQu^. : luih. I. universe : [This verb (with some others) intransit. aflcrr. 64. iS<sirSstr. 101. squeeze. prefix = in iSIl^ a return. childbirth: iSff.^U . 191. vestibule. 225.stead of. LS/7-ff-/E^.) live. S. iSi!jiun<3=LD. L^ff^dQ&sr. <F<auili. iSlfffT tSj^^iLj^^ffij]. 64. prime S. supplication : S.) ioX Apju iii. iSff^^. Brahmdn UfriruuireBr. 230. iSlffiTiT^^&sr. iSlffff^imjiD. breath : ^isudr.)"Brandy. [praharam. iSij^. S. when followed by Quit. after. — 57. from the S. scarcity for [SlrR iSff^irQsrm. .) commit 66. escape.'] majesty: QtDsk&aLD. favour. iSl<cff)Lp. i3rrQisjs=LD. wonder: ^a^s^rfliULju®. subjects (g^ufseir. defendant. flood : QsuerrsTii). 64. entrance. Slrf^/EjsLD. a living Sff^iT^uD. consecration. the creator. 222. to do a thing. minister.] LSu-izsiLD. 272.] iSlrj^s^eoLD.)divide. iSfftriT^^ lSI/A about [_i3iT0o^iTULD. appearance sfnL&.] tSjndsmsfl — other. rejoinder: Lojj/Oz-D/rt^. S. stupor : tSljn — [L//D. (2. iSjTff'iijQ — a sermon. fore the eyes what is evident.] iSff^irsS. iii. SsfTii-^QuiT®. (in iSiifliuirffi. Sffsimi}). (2. and transit. going round iSij^rruu). (tpiup®. tSlffu/s^tii.

= l-j<SLi. [l9^. 257.. Lji—emev. Lf (wei^eir . Ljemqh) — a bottle. L-i(i^euLD. turn back. S. meat: ldhlSs^ld. 225. 26. a LD&^fr. man. Lj(os>i— — 64. braid.sBLDtQ^inssr. LfpeeS.m 264.®J e&i). Lj!iL£). L/^. 85.^sBLp.) 263. neighbour ^nueorreir. 255.] bury : ^i—daLnu&ssr^ii. L?^.) ifL-ULD. [iil(3nr+^if . iSi—ili. — — : any thing broken : sflisar cwld. 251. 190.^^niij(^ip<so. a 225. Seku.] : 224. Ly/fl. [lS^-] : the eresent : moon. 225. ^Lp. the left hand : ^i—^<ss)S.) roll: ^-(Tf)(^. merit ^ffLozi. vii. 56. Ljems. S. 64.] 164. S. sfriuiM. S. S. [l?. Ljrriressnh. Lj^ir. Ljem^ — — 62. LjSLpff^®. L/^^). 190. a town: S. 226. scrotum. be coupled i^pua(B. a iSijiriu Qeu^Sssr. Lj^eir.. LS. i-j<k>. iS^3=a. (n. vii.] S. 84.) Ljsw. testing of metals. bewail ^(i£: 273. swell 160.226. strike . fatness Giuirm^sLD. LSpsir. an eye-brow.ULh. Mercury. &c. i^(^L^. . arm.(L/^iL/. ISO.) that which is new. \_Qu(V)Ldld. plait. Caimans. pervert. join with. L^p-'] : grass . 272. roll. Lf<oiS!r. a Hindu Ljrrui. 184. Com. Lj tSdrcarif hereafter. L/a)LDL/ — . : S. interstice. a rag. [^y^. \_iSs=LD. a tiger Ljaija. 62. pain. place. altar : ^/Sleurreftl. a cloth . (III. rend. LlffL-L-irQ — cannon.] S. iya^S. 141. 19. . S. the i3g)i — gum or mucus of the eyes. Ljfir. LSdrarrLD. shoulder 62. strand of cord. field. L/(EV/r<yi). : woman's cloth fling. a seat. hole. : iSm. (vir. mythological a rope of straw iSppeo. L/j^sij — a town: L//fl. Lj& — 56. scandal — S. a thicket: Q<3=Lf-. [239. tear: Ql^. 58.] tSpuL-i. new. 60.ULI. LjSL^uih. back-biting. for con- 138. i-jessretsSujLD. praise : C)ldujulj. 141. S. ULj. (nSBTLD. a flower : ^. renew.] cealment.'] QsrrQ£ Lj&)siiBsr. a seed : sflsw^. enter LSl£rQ<su&. sense.) praise: work. 263. 64. eat. ^^Sasr. i3p(E£ birth .. Q^i (l/P*. 62.'] 57. any thing [In comp. Lis:jd(^ (ilirG'sBr. 278 . 244. [bud'dhi. Lj^^rreir. [iSip. U!t®. i-jsi^^freSl. suffering iSrjEjQ. a sense — 64. : 62. a book : : S. Lfes^ujeo. L-j<s^ .'\i3^lj. S&sresrfr. : L/@ S. Lf^s!-. a syringe. -. flesh. 84.] S. S. cause to exist. winnow . any thing buried dung /B/}S. Ljdj^3. [Lyan/rcFiso. distress. 13. Sicker^® til-sJr^OTj. LfiULJD. 244. prudent man : throne ^^sstld. Qtoii/^*. S. S. cherish : s-<5m^^}i. a iSlemjD.\\\e : son LDS. App. 184. : virtue. a husband . twist. Lj^^si}i = U(so^aLo. 141. S. repair. scrape together 161.iji. iS lb a> IT Q!T . 225. a rent: &i<5m^. LSemt—. tri- . 68.INDEX iSlputS 1. smoke. S. \_Ljn(m. hollow. Q^esrsunh. i-j^^iMLj^uj S.® — App. stones. usfw — H 60. plate. straw. Lji—LD. LjniL. [L9isJr+ with. (III. a wound : ^nemili. weak i-l&)LD. refining. after 84. — 64. a learned man tsSd^enirdr. : (^QuiT&ai—. ufiLisf.

earth. QuQKdsLD. demon LS(gp. [a sigh. y/Tia/ii. Ljpuu® L^/Dih. (a. Eng. y<F0. dwell in. — y^y — yil® ydjir. S. female.) put on. S. L^^vy. wife : LD(ksi(£l 263. 279 . outside LfpLDLj.] yLL®. Q isd eiT <oir QuQniEjsfTUJLD. Q. [or see lj^ji. a dot: 62. nought. x. for -9= Q u eisr QuesBT I a^ (in uireo.. Ljsifi. 184.] a bandycoot.] w + @if . 272. 263.] y^3=(smLD.L£l. dust. 190. smear. S. — — 57. y. (Q^^estimate crops. 161. 155. [Oussbt. 62. [Qu0. full 266. 77. a shrub. — 68. y^c^*. 90. a hen. 64. App. QuiuQjT'S^s'il).fS.] uifl^. honour and disgrace come from ones self alone. [L/a). QuQf. lock. ferule.] nine of gender. rain: euQ^ex^. what is i-j(w^. a centipede. — a worm. worship: ^rj-rrs&er. abundant: uq^. plenty. Giuifia- [com. a melon : 239. 58. formerly: lj^it^sld. or 56. 107.ysB)*:. with. set forth. S. y/jssrii. 93. 155. Quit. . perform acts of ceremonial worship treat courteously.] 62. ancestors. the great. plenty Qu(i¥)<ss)LD. \_L-IP i^/D«@if a temporary tenant. [see. QuLLes>L—.i-ILpisj(^ — 62. [o^tD. great joy antiquity.] Quern. : grow hot. agreat breath. QLD<ssr<co->LD . be filled. . : LDnL-(B&a.]251. yj(om®.) the femirelative cultivation. 262. Gram. assafcfitida. Qutriij. case: Qu<5SiLp. G)UQ¥)S=3=ir<sS\. QuiLi — 64. 19. — — urrir . anoint. euefrir^^S. ^uxmri—souD. 251. hen. @^. ueir. a white-ant hill.90. 13. any thing that is smeared on. : u^ira?. QuiuiT kh bloom. : y&-. ^^SujLh. 62. 14. land not capable of <F/r^. to Vie Qu QuL-Lf. GnEQFfSsiM. an insect S. LfpLDQu!rd(^. [y. side. out side: LjpLoQu. 62. emptiness. [y4-/-D<5Sffl"i_OTii). Qq^lS. maggot. picotta. Q) assume.] 258. t-i(Lg.) eu(T^ih. y/flsa^s.] the or ad- jective participle. Queisri—iTL-Uf. person . 64. a flower. QuQF)(^ 62. fullness: S&s^pey. tamarind. the world. : : [Qlj^. i^&^esSdsir'L. : LfoDssLD. a a lock 263. \_G}UQF)LD.. [y*.fjQ'jjirrr. Q u iT^ great. a [_&Qpffi']. a goblin. increase.Qpgii. heef QunhLS^LD. a female. a dove. : y — 64. Q unhLDrrtSl s^ih. S. QuiuiT. a cat 107. fasten yoke. knob.] (HI. be familiar yi7/r. box. the earth : y/i/. U|. [y6w<s:. i-ipg3i. 62.u. 266. be steamed. closeness i-jQ£Ei(^ — S. an Lh overflowing. QuQF). [yil®.] the earth S. y/fl — trumpet : (ordaireiriM.. 272. flood : [yzl®nz_. i-i(i§. : [64. Ljim(g).] mouldiness y^Q. Vie Lj&rsiB. Qu ifl lu .] : u Qf)Qp 3= Si- . S. [Oi-'<5a?jr. — grow — {&Q.yS 64. change one's place. [Co. C/_//r6B@. — y* — 184. vulg. 184. increase QuQF)S(^. (HI. soil ^@. OL/saOT'|<5^/r^. great.] QusssT I ®. flower. a name . grow large. noun : H esrOi-Ftu 93. ^iQ^ir before . [eiiLp.'] yj/rear.) remove. y^rflui-i.y.] S. S. be eaten by worms. [b'hu.] increase. greatness: pride./SLh. QurBujuum.) multiply. abroad. 62. proceed.

survey of grounds. name : Quiurr. [^uiAldit QupQ^sir. — ^gj — : 62.217. 248. 190. bubble up. a pie Quq^^^ 223.Qu(if)il. 223. [Ou^. 68. 190. a hole ^eurrrj-U). . 62. App. \ of an anna : «/r*. F. <oS)U3=m. disunion : eS^^ QuiTL-®.] 242. the first-born: ^(k>^ QuQsr. [PEDHA. common s=rr^iTrf(S!!!srLh.] Qp^pQug}!. [Co. ^tTuu(B. [Quiu. [b'hasQu. sequestrate. 199.sajui(2. parents iSisir : '^emiuuQiuppwffam. Qurr/Bj(^ — 62. an interview with a great QuL-€e)i—. have offspring. decision. Quifi. Qutrms^. ENG.] Qu3f 62. feast. fight Quitq^lL® QjUiTQF)^s}do!st. 239. ^iIld^. 184. a PeshcSr. an officer under aTahsilddr. this instant. without: €Siuw = ug. bear. P. S. etauijjcsr. QufT^^eo. — boiled. Q/s^^dsi—m'. green. <3s>uQLDSxf. . Qun^ssiL® — 138. join.) great: Qurffiu. [written also. 64.] S. 62. ujjiLiasr. Qurr^. Qu^^. — . a bullock that carries a sack. QugiiLDiresrui. suburb. cherish. QuiTfTssuri^. ark: [_QuQhi}i-^ u&xsk. 64. Qufrmseo. a grand-child x. boil over. Qu<cSi^ I SSiLD. gently. OurrdQei^u}. speech.] Glj-j2/. for Quuek. revenue. an evacuation. agree . she bore. OufTLLOt—esT. a hole. word. come to qsjtjj/. Qufrds'S^LD. obtain. a sack 261. dust.'] I. QuiTQT) — — — : . [Co. a louse. what difference is there between him and a cow ? Qu^. simple person. a Pettah S.. uaeo. QuiLiffdr. 56. QurBs. fresh. pethi. such.-iJo.] QupQ^fr. 148. Heb.] 280 . or ua^ira. QiupQQt^fr.] S. tEiTLDLD.'] com. IN. a boy [gr.] what is gained. Qufflms. QuemLp. a large drum. QuekajTih A. Quffl^.Quga — e^^^euih./r0. Qu^^.'] QulLl^.Qu.. 69. Quir^Loa®. p. 224. leisurely Old : [s. gjuQuiTuuLLi^. bear children.) together mniD uiTQF. [prop. half to each. \_iBgi. QuiT^^ 62. 230. little. 224. [Qu^. take purgative medicine. Queodr. a privative particle. 60. any thing difference. Qu(si^sn-ir. speak. S.. value.] (StTeirQiDmetr. to each. 62. a female demon. Qutr^l. a vow : 157. — HA. S. (1. Qpi—tsir. a devil Qurrek.] Qum^. a chest.'} Qurfl&) r OunQf) I i^ I QuQ^i(^. P. a trea- 258. hollow LDrjuQuir Qurrrft QuiruiSleFSsir. purging: Qu^ s(^d(^Lp. strength: S. 87. converse. make Q. Quea^. [pena.fS. SlrrtriT^^&sr.- pjjeSuju}. cover mend. I sgree : ^^asT [QL. a Hindu is when rice [QuCB — QuL-eat [man.'] Qu&=3h. rumour. Quiu. fry . QuiTuiT^. swii). Quit. S. for the most part: QuQ^LDUiTGsreiaLDiuiTUU. village. block-head. . a bag. [Cu/f. vi. QuiT^uui—. sure .'} P. unite. pure. 148. [Co. adjustment. QulLl^. unite. [b'hri. S. [Qua.] Out Tel. Quir&.] : [248.INDEX QuQ^/iMua^iM. <SS)U esiu. in general. H. generally. hatch eggs. [251. folly : LD^uSsSTLD. 69. (sau^ir. emuiLiueauiu. a spot of sandal on the forehead a moth. 190. Qu^}! Qu^ih. eat. pais.

evil : QuiTjSgJ. S. a kind of gum. ple (pi. ledge. Ou/reDjfi/. LDsir. [mahat. as 141.. competition. of corn.9=ld. sustain forgive.227. (I.) 62.'] . LDsirm^'~~ App. rivalry. . vaga- S.) Qiua/jS. LDssw. evasion way : S. f.170. 256. acliild] QurrssireS. Quireo Q u rrgu ism LD Qurrm. QuitlLl^. QurrdSlrfj. : suffice root. nourishment. 262. LD3'rEi(^ — ldius. substance : . QuasJ — 62. the Eng. impatience a sense envy : <s/r QuiTiT rrLD. 155. m. 259. LD@^ — : 60. Q)uiTjpid(^ — . peo- utter. 190.) [war. paraphrase. 221. gold: ^litail 248. 258. 64. App. 78. rejoicing: [iZ)S^.isd. QuiTLp^ . an excuse. loose.] (2.] [207. . Quir^ih. [For this (Ju/r®. 62. Quir(£m). word. Qurr&)ecin'. emir. QuiTs. {_QufrQ^+s-eir. [bear. ldiuie)(q.) crop Qunir^^rreir. _ — (?ijff(OT)isJr. Quir^^sr. know- LDs=s(ff) — — 62.] 58.242. . ot LDa. prosperity. (1. place.] : — 64. benediction. Ln a Quir — a going. Quir^ui-j. 258. food •B^rruuiT®. LDiEK^ Tel.3=a. {_Qun-<i(^.) resemble. ^ip. 117. cloak...245. QufTL^ 57. put. — 190. wan confuse : : : sldqm. S. Qunuj QuiTiT. LDiEi3. exult <9^/EC^/T(SiP. ((]t^. \_LDsir personage.] responsibility: urrijii. patience : Qufrstap. he went : : Quit 58. 117. children.] aeSuLj. is often used. bear. (2.'\ + ^^uireuisir. 190. uasirrrrr^ek. . evening. Tel.] [QurrQ^. QuirsirjD enjoyment. 117. Tel. [Comp. great: [Cu/rag. [Oufl-i^.i^. 227. Quirs(^ — [Gu/r. [Cu/r®. (III. 62.270. ldQ^s^Q.] 68.) a battle: QunL^uLj 190. — ISO IT u Lj . wear. put on. b'hri. cause to go. Co. instruction .258. LDarrepiuireudr.]272. 140. 272. a dead =^isrfl. [Qufrsu. 264. sun. Queir^^ifl. congratulation. a battle-field : ^jrcumr QufTQ^^. be confused 281 ..) a QurTL^<sii. .] Quired. LoQesiLD. 141. 25. heap [Ozj/r®. 258. . a sapling Lorrdsek^.] put. 222. [Ou/rt^. Lodsm. wear. 148. Quusk.snajLD 154. Qurra(^. a spark QuiTffi — a trap. Quire\}s\)irEi(^. QufTSs 56. QuiTiLL-imk. 146. evil [obs. [ix>a.] man. 124. 131. s. Quirjbsu 62. 106. QurT. cover. QuiBiu. 128.eom. [152.] (1. abundance. 146. 62. a trap QU!TaL-(BLD S.] 124.227. extol. S. the late.] . 70*123. a black-guard. profit. Qu ir 6V pour down QurrL^iuLj. a covering: g/sif [Cu/r/f. ason: (^LDfrjdr. pick or peck up.] {_Qufr. E. : QutTLD 72* ej^^si^. &-uQ^. — iSjbSp^ QuiT^=QuiT(i^^. 259. time QuirQj/'siPLD. x. Police. [b'hojanam. Quir-s^tssTLD.QuiTQ^s'ir. QuiTSLD. a great king a great ii. S. a daughter : (^Lorra^^. go. 123. grandchild. put forth. S. 68. 170.25. bond. 61.] [^/i/g. SeiTLD. 190] 138. Qurremh. grow dim.] Quirirda^ofTih. 184. meaning QUIT^ITSJ Quir^ir wealth ^iT^^LD. preserve. 227. S. Quireved/r^. [_Quir. Qun&sL^ — 64. LDs&T .) Sl<ar3s(rseir.'] glory. : ^/ra@. Ci-'/r/fsffixa. QuiTuSpgu. 190. Qu[T^. Quir^<sf^ Quit® — 68. Quir^sih.

LD essr en IT eir ek . of flowers . death : -a^ns^. LDSssB. bride. sand. grow eSlQ^tL^FLn. LDemi—. S. fold up.) marri- — 62. the given to S. LDfTs^th. [Middle- 64. LD<sm-iki(^. 282 . LDuS^^rjiTisir. word. the Eng. 105. propriety. to fold repeat. hard. uii—iEj(g) — — yellow. App.272. bridegroom. Q^Lo&3. the elder brother's wife : ^ LDte^a^m-. : age.. S.) 197. a bunch : gar- S. ld^. LDiftiurreia^. LD4=Sr(Zsrs=@. a sect: . extent. S. flock : Q^irQp£uil>. a branch of a cocoanut tree. izjiiSei). ld^Qldit<s'ld. [tsjil. esteem. a stage in travelling. 18. x. be ['e/@. LDesii—iLKck. 258. : AR. gloom. LD^ULf. LDs=a8si). friends : axsm&i. a counsellor. comfited. /btz^. 7nile. fury. hair: S-QfTrrtDLh. Lon^SJ. LD<5meisii—. sluice. he is iMff^^uQuir LDfTLD. sweetness sweetness (?«sjr. a bridge I uitsold. stander. 267. re- LDsssn—eoil. 158. repairs. the lap. (1. mending. LDU.. loss of sense lj^^uS LD^LULD. ld'Sssst. 62. a maund an odour. 62. mole. LD/s^iraLD. bathing-room. LDl—LDl— S. decency.. 209. what is in the middle : LDLp. S.fsisldiulI). [lc^. LD(si^g=ssr3=^adsi. a region a circle. a pool. \_LD^^sua. who Lo. LDL-. folly . the . repeated. (2. a S. 99. iDjp. : land yjLDrrdsi. imbibe S. trims the lamps. an ape. bed : u®s<ss>a. . €stiretsifl. LDLLQih.. coil. 266. cloudiness : LDL-tmi—. S.224.INDEX H. . a mystic formula LDi^jrn-Qeoir-r&sT. of village 188.Ej(^. [ldsot. an idiot S. g-ssar^ggii. LOffssireo. LD^^LDLD. dull. manager polish emerald uS^esy-a^. LD(QcFifl. iS^gjqr^ss&t. a pony. a flat leaf of some trees.] &-^Q^^ld. LDULJ. verence.i^ffl. 197. . ld^ld.] LDiuaesTLD. secret.) a S.259. 269. hour. App.tD/F^LD. horse medicine. . S. LD. t-u>. perish. LD'Tireo^. a stool ^^cstld. 211.LD. LDff'». [o)^. dis- AR. 212. see : LDjTLD a low seat.&). madness. : S. S. LDL—LD. monas- S. a i/D® — — deep — 57. LD6=6S.) : /f®. ix..) sign. LD^^ium^ek. a sluice. \_LDsmLD. a stupid person. (ifl(SBwilqL. honey. S.) fish.. S. ldlL®. I. (2. dullness. 273.-] a herd. .. the skull : ^^Qnjir®. (2. — 58.194. LDffeesnh. j folly. Lcessr. (1. LDii^rru). a time ^esftemLD.] . LDo^aesrissr. moon 64. POET. a kind of blue light. bewildered seo aburning ground: s-Q^rr®.3=. LD(s^3=i}). secret counsel. S. minister. 64. earth auffttlsu a tree : ^euajr irem^Q^is^gi. LDLp.) a peafowl.s(^ Loi-. limit. : a fold.) . 141. A. a measure : : LDesSiurrs^uj.i^. a bell jewel . evidence. place. a torch bearer. LDuSlrt.sFi}>. S. io®. (1. 134. S. LD^rjLD. LDUjd(^ LDUJEi(^ — LDi^irjjLh. be folded. S. hold. i^ssr. plaster on walls. estimate thinli. S. S. bewilder. 190.) LDsssreurTLLL^. LJD^Si^. LDrriTLD^^. S. QpL-l—lTiSIT. [sarzi). cloudiness : ldulj. LD^ — discretion. servant ld^(^. LDesStussirrjm. middle elephant. (3.] a tiled roof. : S. LDiBssi^.. ldlLl—ld. any thing intoxicating. noon: LD^^UireSTLD.. 62. su)ldSo. saffron. indigestion. P. a LD^p. an estimate.] a mediator.223. Lc^^rruLj. top of the head] (of an tery or religious house. simplicity. a affairs.

flower: euirtL/LoedQ^ Lcprgi. any one : [LDSSr^. QsvLf. protract. : LDtssruuiTi—LD. 190. rejoice. 62. S. a full-blown flower. ldSsst^. .F/Suj. LDQ^i^. the other world \^LD£1I. LD(fF)(ei^ LD^^sQ [182. LD€pi.'] S.G<5=LLif. . : S. a house . QLD'otresnh^ silence ^emLo iDssrQ^ir^^ iS^^iTosr. LDgji. LDasrau^rruii). a den ^<s>s)i—. cousciencc: ^i^&3>n LD6^^s(^su/E^ir0!r. — 64. 90.) the veda. 62. LDop.l6O. delay. LDissrsf. comp. 257. LDffis^LD.^ is LDeoiT. square. grief: ^lua^FLD. LDjplUL^lLjLD. [a)&. 64. conceal. vi. excrement ^'(Tji^L/. LDQr^LLisLtum.'] Tel. LoecL—eir. tSsfreijLD.^fToir. from the bottom of the relent towards — heart.] Loemp. LDeoeoiTQF) he began to LDsar^irrr. secret. LD»os\)<sQgLLqi. [to(T7)err. a LD^ — Mahratta. besides. 247. stop. 266. bewilderment: LDivasLh. upon the back. SLD. cheap. arrest. i/)fc. : 64. graciously.] &)LD. iron used in ordeals. LDLpSso.'] grudge. Lopeeip.] LD<oS^<s!r. apostatize. ldSso. QiB. make blunt. LDeoeinrAs.) secret.] LD/SliLieo. an axe Q&iti—!t<S a red-hot iMQSTLD. ^ ekr sssr u ld . lditu^lold. LDQ(m. (m. rain a man: LD^ei^'ssr. [LDjbgu. cheapness of corn. LDQ^ih^. — . a caste : \_LDijLii. [Co. son. 184. a wart. \_LDg)i. 36 283 . screen . pimple.s3i^!T^<sij.) barren person. medicine : ^<sSt^^Lh. mind. step-mother. 61.'] 262. ops childish talk. CI covcjenial friend.'] the next-day. LDe!!r. — — LDQ^uLj — LDp — LD(wd(^ LDQ£iEi(^ LDiDiaLp. or rote Losm^.. a petition: (e^iTu.] : iS. gunpowder. become blunt.'] LopQ/fLDibirvc . — — 57. X.] : LDnFe'tr. LosdL^. 258. ldQq£@pss. : 239. 93.® 62. ld&>^&slL. LDQ^eiTfreri). barrenness. [^/f. 242.] LDlS!Sr^=:LDe!!rLD. 66. jasmine. 60. 58. LCQ^LDssir. lie upon the back. — one possessed. LDpp. a mountain LDicurm. S. LDgtJ. Loeap [corrupted into LD6o(B. LD£}lUUf. refuse. forget. ldsstldQw. the and i£iisi)/f iDsS — (0) speak Slp^. 178. (1. mind : Loears-. the site of a house. — grow to day before yester107. [Com. S. other. 60. a midwife. [day. forgetfulness \_LDpLD. iZ)CTisS<s»s. wilfully : LDiMUD^^ih^. a wrestler. lditldld. a house wife. LDes!'S='3^iTL-&. hide epeff. box.] 190. (Ill-) be infatuated [tji^. repent: (^emuu® . f. 219. infatuate [LO0ar. Lup I Q/isir. LDeajeBTUi. disown. App. 56. LDQF/^^euLD. [iMfrgu. suitldld. [In LoeSeij. be hidden. LD/D^. App. LD(75^^sS<5=Q. daughterin-law. arrest. 190. . (2. : Lnasrg]. uireu^ih. stop. sin: zj/rsuiD.] : — deny. LDedeou-j^fiLD. boxing and wrestling. LDffi^rTiLj. : UUITl—LD. LDgii LDpe^p. [see ellipsis of 5th case. 62. LDQ^madr. LDffi. the other. LDiissTiLirrett .~\ auother. LDsmpeij. 218. disappear. 57.] LCiZsr^ffiEJi^. 64. Lop^LD. UITih. again : flQfiUlU. midwifery. y another. and Loeoih.ldqFjlL® — 62. 62. LD£ii(Se\)rr LDQFj&r. by heart. LDpp.

excellence : Qu . [ld/t^. a word . S. App. night time. LDiTiT. keep lamps. month. iiig. LDrr&LDrr'9=LD. LDfT&n-'smw. S. envy Quit i/)/7(gCT.) throat : {jse^L — ifi/Tii I Q^rremsr : (_/i^/i). antidote.) for lds/t. as. ix.'] LDTTTTSL^ mouth of De- S.] 64. a covering for the bosom. [miud-seiz- S. LDfTgii — ^irfTLnrrgii. fault Logii. 62. u>iTiL§l(saLD. &c. 70. (adj. ix. mango fruit. an enemy. side. LDfTULj.IKDEX L[>Qm)Sff. AR. tile of App. LDn-L-Qtsk.) evening. : \_Queisr. take . App. : S. king's palace LDfT(€f^ ^rrsmrLoSssr.) change. LDfr^^esiir. LoiTiffuLD. step-mother. US®. S. bridegroom: pardon ex- 62. : — LDsk^ — LDckeS LD<oirSssr. : a : large building. LDesTQt^® — [mind u>fru\LSerrSs:T. LDiT. [Co. [mala. an animal of the genus Bos. monsoon: LDiTifiu^gj. LDaSd(^^fTrff. H. (in S. 18. AR. usage euipdaih. bosom 0/e^<s-. fraud. x. Lnrr^^etr. 117. LDSiSQiT—LDsiT. as much castles in the air. forgive 62.{2. breast.] S. tree LDtrLOffw. tD&sr. : a spot.) In comp = able. Lcn^iT. 3=!rujiB^nLh. LDesrEsrsueir. ^i. build S. App. lditulSSsit. LDiTiTLi. (LDfr^/Hems). manem^rff. other (ldjj. I LDirp^.) die. LDirpa^iBium. palace. confusion. 158. : a way eui^. 101. &c. LciT&o. 62. LDiTjS'i siTfussr — (8^^.3=lJD. a jewel. exemption. 62. ner. LDmam. LDiresSlasili.] I. x. ^ekdssr. by means LDtT^w. 211. a scholar S. App. LDrrQpeo. time. (III. mother: ^iriu. mrn^. cuse : tD^. LDfT^^riLD. [ldit + £B(S^. LDrrtS^Lh. cousent 3=uiw^. &c Lnit(^ssasr. a LDrTp(n^<^. 255. L£>n:3=LD. lditsv. a palace ^jeajr S. U}rr. deceit: <o2](^^3sv. hook. (misaLD.) LDTTppLD. io/Ti^/ii. [Comp.) an animal AR. a model . LDiriTssiii. S. only. LDiTtU€s)s. LDsa>Lpsrr<s^u>. reply. flesh: LD!!ikiQ<^LD. (3.) mul- ^a^csr.^. 239.] S. {ldsisdtiso-) ^askruodssT. : a king : ^rja^asr. ii. perversity. LbiTLD'3=iM.) a garland. fineness 284 . multiply LDiri—(B — one into another. App. part. 272. lditlLSI. (2. nate tree. lie. connect be LDfTffi. LDdrs^ULj. uisin)ireo. LDiresitu. change. [a kingdom chariot. upstair-terrace U3it(B. up the clothes QiDeinssn. LDQfen^n^LD. pomegraI LDiTroQr^i \^rraj. [of gold.] of the mind. ldit^it) a woman: LDQ(emijir<^&uJLDU(oSsr. AR. [s. desire. S. perish.LDiTg}! Olj0<s@. S. produce: (^Ssir^^eo. fraud. ix. {_LDir + LJLpu).) 161.) a : mango wiTiB\s. S.(^^.'] (1. (pi. LDTTlTLj. LDir^arLD. : 117. passing a river. 65. a measure. LDQ(es)jn-S. (2. 151. S. LDir^L[> = LD!r. LDir^iH. 233. a trict. great. small hole in the wall to LDiTeo. 16. LDfTQifLLi—LJD.iT(oOLD. LDfTeftleas. — I 56. an honorific termination.(1. \_d= IT 60 tli AR. paying revenue. trickery. 141. Olo^s»«. I mango fruit. QiDiskeenLD. supplicate. S. Qeugu-'} \uir(B. tiply. LDirJ'S^fffiuiri. LDiri—ui. captivating.^siT<soiJa. : cember.] QffeSiLD. small tract or dis- behalf. 228. LDirS. a pill. LDITS-. lditiB. deception: LDiruiTULj. Quirgii. pray : tSj/r LDessreu irsfTosr. LDekesrsir. a P. ii)ffE/<s«sfl. (1. LDir^.

66.) i£l - (err) redeem: S. LSQF)Qai^rim. (2. float. 197. : Qp. QpL-iEi(Q — 62. .^ primary and principal. [LSsir. play with. iS&Qiuirdi. S. (Tcif. npa(B. polish.] 261. 67. Qps-Qp^fTiT. be over. (JD. [npiueo. LS(m = LS(^.) -^\ App. sfl^«C<5®). [i/j/rjj/-] 3. (1. a mir§. dP Qp. a traveller's bun- 56. Qpa^'^. or become waste of time and labour. npaaiT®. QpdarremB S. cS^^ijiDjLS^^nK. switch. : eSes)^.) s. LSffrrsr. 160.5&-. a district accountant. (III. (tpt—LD. roof: Qldit®. apL^ glow-worm. l£I^ — 64. preface.) turn.] — much exceed. L8emid(^ — : uefrusiruLj. (III. lS^ulj. p. S. 219.'] 62. splendour. zi/@ \ii^ tHisas. lighten. is used AR.] QiiSSiiow If a lame man desire the honey on the bough ivill it come near him? "i iSek. LB&srosreo.- (prop. propitious hour. : [ii?@. 190. cause srrsKsimrti. QpL—d(^ — 62. 259. [imp. npsiri^riili. in person. S.] lameness. lS^so. L8i—gu. salute E0(«5ia/. 57. Qps^gii. lS polish es)i lame man: s^Lsunes^. Qpe^®. : npL—wm.) a star: QeumeiB. 190. a beast. np-s'&sems. m presence. fish: Lx>ffr^ii.] iBds E.] 141. shame. deer. npa^rrei^. change. moustachios 70. \_LBdr. finish accomplish. ii.) hare.^. (1. 99.] lB l£!s. LB^^ijsk. veil. : = (g. rtp<rSeSdsir. affliction. of m.s^rruiT<sn-(ee). transgress.] [i^. Qpc^iT^^Lo. a grant. 57. lSI(^ LSfBS^ = LS(^fBS^.) 242. a road. fault. LSmtS(m.INDEX Loapffj I. a little to winnow. [i^@. H. transgress : QpsiM. (rpsQiuii). S.LDireir. face. [mickle. viii. a- i§^ iSga — 56. a friend rtps'iso. lightning. App. lB<cs>3=. iB^mxsu. LS&:)n-gii. flQFfUi^.] : QLoQeo. 160. — 62. exceed 190. 64. bend. complexion. term. reason. a be bent. lBq^sld. 183. AR. red ant. lBgstsQs®. rmsiEiTL^. (Lp&uLj. — 62. a iBekmi — 62. : QiFi—Lo. S. honour. LSff(^ — — AR. abundance. S. 172. ld/tsSjjld. /or children [=sy+^ = S. . [lSsst. iBepi u uf . a float. Qwgieif. be finished accomplish- 258. 148. iSgrra^irff. : iBefrt.LDiTGsrLD. 172. 182. upon [poet. frighten. flash. galow. crown tie. (2. trample under foot. 272. i£ff/. 141. 199. lS^.] : mildness pepper. )be afraid ^0*. lBulL® 62. simply^ii^irff^^/rff-. ^trii^ih. nouns. 285 . 218. be cured: bound.sddr. iii. LBek.5^. rLpa(sij<zs)!T. 68. — 62. being maimed. Mission. weariness: ^dstrutj. LSQFjgj. GieaiiS^is^ S. — ed — . 4^P. 160. S. an agreement in writing S-t^muLf-dema. . the Eng. king of beasts. the fore-part. LSl^g:Ui = l£I(^3^ — LS(^P 62. lS^ — neck: Q^trsssrsiai—. QQ/BS^ek. superficial knoivledge. 141. lSszijld. l8(^\^. upon [poet. iSlesreij lame.

(ipid^fflems. cubit. twist.) a 62. 233.212. iSanaanu np^eSiuemeusm Qp^Sso. QpesBei^. QPQ^^Si Qpdstr. Qpg}. turn. Qp^gi. a roar. 220.) a fish bone. 190. (tp!h>. a pearl. plat. stick.INDEX npu^'if. Qpisi — caju-nut tree . 62. (ipeoiTLD. S. 263. gold or silver. npLpasih. a : ^^SBT. (a tree. obstinacy. pediment ^esii im- QpiLQ — : — [265. .'] peg. npu®. twist the mustache. 228. fork (3. .) a devotee.] (Lp^So. QposTegirgn ".Q^fril. a munshi. wedge.] QpeS. an alligator. be at an in^Lp cloth. 9. np^iu. np^eoiTiM. a seal. npk^. siege. Qpiji—ek. viii. Qpdstr (T^il. a munsifF. a tip. (wp^es)S. 253. 213. QP ig^^@. 62. 64. open. Qp(B(^ np&siL^ — — quickly. deep. Qp^. village judge. 177. P.) want: @6»^S!/. 225. Q-pp/8a<cffi<s.] strument. go before. 138. 197.) a sage : (2. y<^<s?. [act. AR. (2.] . 151. 225. vine. 62.] man. 258.'] QpjS ^GSTLD. plating with Opx^issfl®. Qperr(W^. sound. see Qp&r. — — bond . complain. Qp®s. a kiss. make haste. 254. (ipj}is(g. old. QpQ^^LD. cease: become ripe. strike nppLD. a rude manger U3?J. effort. 57. — {®psi-) plunge. (1. against. 170. 225. 269. used. a men if OT . : 57. \_sld. — 127.259. QpgiiQpS)! — — 62. break. butt. smu—Sl. a back.'] : (LpQ£ (tpQ-g(^ npL^Sii. 60. [(T^ssr. grow old. [^/rSssr. : npempuSi®. the end . a tie or knot. Qarr&ssruj. a yard. QpiL/pSoysmi—iu/rif ^stfisSl^oni^iutrii.] the edge of a woman's QpLps(^ — — 62. &lL®. 252. npuugj (LpLD^mg)! 172. QPPSii — 62.) — . 151. Qp<cmp. entirely. QpL^a^suDrr^. 86. [seldom np<ss)p. . (2. tough. nose beak. 254.) App. 68. order Ct>(if^ np^^emrr. sound. petulance. 251. 64. 84. (w^isoiTeiigi (wgiiA(^ 175. [(T^ctt. QpekQrf'ikiir. QpLpmj(Q 62. QpLpLD. 84. 195. 225. murmur.) QpesresTLD. npsi( manners. endeavour: iSaiutrs^uD. 64. 254. \_Qpeir. H. QpekQm Qpa!rQ(es)iT. np^^. QpiLQ. front embankment. (1.] 190. stiffen. order. — 172. an egg: [^eesn—LD. germinate. drum 84. (Lpm&L-j. Qpssrear^aBsr. sound.] ^. growl. [(30(y). QpiB. point : s^rr. break sgif 64. 286 . a (LpiLisni—. 39. 85. 175. 239. a pick-pocket (LpiJf-^ QPQ^ds. winnow. 64. ratio. 178. 170. [(y)UJCT. Qpk^ = -3^^(a^. (LpckLj npujp&. 1.] QpppLD. QPQ^ijims. \_(Lpuf. P-psi. relationshij) complaint QpempeaLD. 84. np^^LD. a tender shoot germ [_(zpefr. QLDiTffOmh.225. (1. Qpi^!Bis!Teo. 263. (3o/^^//?. Qpek. a breast.r\ \_QpL!^.) a thorn. the knee. bathe. forefathers. (Lpp = (Lp<asr. . of effort suffernot disgrace. [In comp. growl. a knob.

QLoeneo. stupidity. (2^/f^^. slowly. 107. a place where custom drum ^uuf. S. 197. 172. house. a body good condition. thatch a ^h&sLD . feed.®. QldiL. figure. viii. pasture. QiDffjeif. wax. QLDff^a- — Old 62. 232. 263. QLD6\}eci. Qld®. : GiLnffieuir Oizj^O^sar. Qt-cpluL^. 257. Qurfliu. (LpdoO. apiece of cocoanut. off. [sometimes. Qpi-m. S. QpiL® (2.'\ g/3® k'ssfl. (LpBifr 172. the aforesaid. as above. daub with cow-dung. Qldl-l^. chew.<5mpuj!ssT. nose-ring. QpmQi^. Qldq£(^. a heap. (tpe^. 263. graze. [mritu. Qtop Qsrren(&^. S. S. Qlduj — haughtiness feed 0<f(7k<s@. 270. QiDedQevosr. (tpediM. entr sigii brain. soft. make thin.) &>mXl^LD. : S. 263. : QpiLeiai—. . much: QiLc^'asifi. 259. a \_Qlduj. 242.'] QldlL®. Gu:)(s\)\si]iTjiLh.] bed. Qld(t^(^. 57. manner: eS^ui. miiis. marrow. : &g)iihir. the government share 101. S.57. (trans. truth is a body a consonant one whose nose cut 272. ^® — 62. ^(B. [=5!/J3/. 192. Qpiso\uiresi<SL^. the plough tail. Oiflj)2(s@eiDia.swells and rises ivhat bank there to (7-estrain) it? i^3^i}i=^-fr {!K^) App. [vulg. QLD'Luum. graze.] I7S. [murcha. Lat. QtDeir. for Qpeir£)i. _@®. the original tongue. I61. QldsS breath : : ^euir^Lh. bullock. mildly. ^(sstld. . matee. (III. Qpirsa^^enrLD.) a bundle 172. paid. ^^s. a bug. eminence. overcome. QLDmQLD£!iLD.J QP(S^&. Eng. Qld£}ild.iJu®. 218. [(?/_c&iiLJLf . a thatched roof. slowly : [iLi. moreover and above ^&> 101. gently [_Qlo^. kindle. a corner.) a swoon : a?eir. more and more. a blind mouse. hide : toeap. 251. QiDLLi^ioiaLD. Qtceiarr. Po. n> QpL-®\uy. QpL-t—LD. madness. a bug. 261. 16. [184.242.'\ QLoeiretr. the nose rope of a Qld^^. QLDm.'] CiDCT |<s^(?iMff-. a block-head. shape. \s>Ub 254. S. polish. Qld&). 287 . Qpuurr. ^iT^<ss)s^.be aroused. Qp\^fTS!!)^ = urrLLL-m-. (II. gentleness. (^ps.'] Qld S. [g/j®. 56. (Lp£®. QLD^avQaL-. a peon. ^i^iuLD.] — — 57. QiDiu^a^iS'^. uQdems. 170. Qiz)fi3r[«roLo. [see Qioevepi — 70. magistrate. root. Qld&tld. App. kindle. QpL^. 244. g^i=. a kind of : — S. 261. Q^s^rruih. Qwp. grand-father. (1. bamboo.) 179. QLDSU3. s=Q'3=(SJsm. a table.] Qld^. urine Qp^QsBirn'. cloud.'3:&. : — 64. fine thin. 263. of agricultural produce. i-jS(Lg. [Intro. shepherd <^i^® [_Qlduj. face Qp(s^»£a. mist. QUDtLl. djuum. one who has a bodily defect. QLoeoeSiu. . a cover. E. — 62. QiDffO.] . gy3(sr5 — . source. a fire covered up: sensru Lj. become thin ^Ssir. land: [from is Qldl^. QldisS.272.'] QpL—^^s<si!rLo. When is the sea . Tel.iox(LpL-®uLjj3=@l. obstinacy. — 64. ii. Qld0»s=.'] : body.Qpda(ss^iij siiSl^.) Qpsspi. 158. P. — 62. wrath. : np^^ffih.*. Q-psiM.

any thing defective. — Qlditit. lust : P. sagacity: S-uitiuld. more and more.SQiDiies>ifi^ cow without horns. footstool. Qllsyt x.] a. emtD^^fBeir. 261. vaunt one's self. QiDmLiciai—. mendicancy: a iSJ^eia'S^. QiDir^rfLD. (2. QiDiresiLp. decorum S. S. boots. youth : 288 . fLpSQR. 236. Os^irSo.266. ld&.] : bud of a flower =5/(5 S. the Eng. iLj^^LD. the total or whole ^<s ujitQ^itqF) — 2_zi). Qwira^LD.) lUfT S. .] [li/^ti S. 184. hit. libe- S. fight S. as bees. esiLD^giiS. [iu/r=tie. ujn". excellence. QufT^^. ojirsLD.'] S. a pedant. App. QLD!TsaiLD QLD!r : Qp^^ima. war. ujiT^Peeifr. (1.) danger.^^- 342. QinrrQ — : ^^(^^l—ih. luirdssr. counsel. QiDirs^issni. «*. heaven.QLDdr\QLD0O. 184. : QlDfTIT. QlditS. (saiLDii^ek.^u^. QunzsrlemLD. 66. Qu^fTsi — ring.'] QwrruuLD.'] QuLcdr. desire. bliss. buttermilk. the LDLj. 6s)i-Diueo. QLDrr(B KDlUfT S. [Clc 60. QiDirrrn-. : 64. QLDireiiiriLi. a journey. expiation : [yat'ha + ich'ha — according to LDm<sSui-i. QiDfTQ^ 60. 56.ff'&sr.] H. S. a lute : aS'fer. — — QLc>!iL—s=LD. bald: H. lurr^. a herd + u^. luck arrogance. (2. (^(igesLD. (2.) draw water. a son : Losesr. ration. (1. meditate &ib^. QiLiiT&QujLD. Qlditsld.) agoldmohur. 62. who? ^ir. lutr^. chin: ^irsuirim slL [Co. ^iswi_. who ? ^ir. a sea-voyage. eBLD^fresTLD. 47. [mashi. QwiTsfr. a iLiirdaas. S. an elephant: . fit. the middle (1. \_Qps. spp. a word QiDfrekfef^ — : iLnrip. scent. Qiu^tsussTLD. li/^^. smell. Gloitl^.) deceit: sut^^F&ir. s^esaeiai—. kind of the sacrifice.) a S. a bald-head. S. QiDP'tLsFLD. QiDmL'smi—s^^dso. 239. 149. leader of the herd. QLDiriLi — S. a seal S. 107. ^jemLD miLDiuLD. 41. deliberation : @ 62. H. swarm.) a term of abstract nouns. S. Pluto. smnLo. plain: QeueS. 47. to Qurrir. QLoetreanh. QuJ!TssiLpuua. [QLorr. mile. light upon. what : is decency.di. confusion: ldiussld. Kings bite luhen they appear embrace. 265. QiuQ^J=(5!o<3=iLiiTs. which? er^. dash. smell. [uj. S.) rs®. 64. heavcu. 203. = QLDirsQpgil. iJJir^em^. a period of time. memorandum. QlUfTSUi. (2. as it pleased : 258. 272. Qldhs'iI). : silence : toiBjan-LD.r«ii). OuJ S. SJDLD ewic. £-i_eb. : QLorr^^m. a tamil league. cluster round. Qiorr Qldits(Q. S. smell entrance. QiniT^ir. body 72* s^rFjjtl). Qiurr. Yama. . boast. memory: (e^iTU<sEu>. luireuek. (1. iurriT.47. the [swz uirniru. AR. S. (III.®. S. = (ips®. iLjsLD. QluSfT ^euOKmLo. desire .(^. 'E.) ink. an age.

H. separate <syS/f. ei](^&). scorch 62. : betel-nut bag QeupjSSsc S. S-Qf. Tamil. [ia. S. CT/iJii.® (sj li) . (w. rS an agreement .sij.l^uSIqf^. — isu(g<s=<sii. Co. Q/s^fraih. : ["ss^®-] Gu<ss^ iii. matter: a demon. 254. sS^^ld. . nuSi^gi.) a destruction: mrrs'U). : euemL^. <aj0. — 161.] to. S. su(^ui-l. [/je^j^j. eudSs)). L-s^^sisr. S. gr^ Look S. ^lS. dal +. season of sjning south. lau €usasiurriT. tEiTLDir. . belonging App. a tune. 259. GoQ-stTi—iT. body. (EulLl^. the Eng. reverence 62.^s<sii). S. <sj(S!!!!r<iaLb. saying . 247. collection. s-. signation. u®. (Sudf^a^Lo. live [jsn fr -3= AR. rrfrL-<s=^tsiir. a washerman: ejarrsS. bear affliction afflict. atL®. 64. agreement: 3^ld AR.L_. ueau. euri^ezTLD. a Rayat. charge.. comp. ffirsi^^sir. jff^. evs^uu® : a road GjitlL®. a fault. frame of the fruit. d s^sasT address. way kind . S. his working-place. agency. AR. Q^i3. ffiT^ consent. ei]s=3irLD. fade away : : 57. or dis. . : S. form.) : (3. en®. [Co. drop. 289 . aiL-i—LD. — ei]3^uu®jS^ and a. one should not look at the outat the disposition. euL-L^ed.<2y<siso/r^^. {_Qeon-£Birueuir^ih. form: ^-^ui1>. trict . worship. ® S.3=i}. (2. eumL®.'] 62. GijJ^&ffU}. eii^3=dsar. eu. [Properly. 246. sK/F/r/E^ijz-D. <sBrrrfluju). — fading away 62. jTrrssf^^eir. 188. : : (shitlLl—ld. : i^®dsLD. ennemL — 239. an envelope. 224. AR. a rope : eui—ssau^a. (3)J. : deceit: 64. App. world : iwemiEi(Q — reverence. eu^fE^Ln. eusms. e_.(SiiEisemLD. words in eo under AR. 259. rf&v^. ISO. ward appear'ance but H. <a. 115. Q&)[TUL£). a re- S.) a scar. h. 4. metal.) 262. avarice eu&M®. (Sjsffl^ AR. <ni]<om(est!\(^gj<cs>p.isw@ — a power of attorney. ensmemih. divide. S. S.sL-®. ix. 2_G'a)/ruLJ. 3. strain. an attorney. eu essr Lp-eo a bandy: uemi^. the S. [udak.l^^. cultivator. Look under ^. a world-wide scany^iS. QffOrr word lantern. a verse. deceive eiLorrd^. cause to flow. titles. beauty: s^^uld. <3j(s^§I S. u(ff. (n.. 163. 64. small tract./_ S. Q-'sib^.'} S. S. sy/r®. thing. a wilderness : : S. euiuetzTto. : 64. ^ai^ S. 0L7ii). passion. Nannul. (S\) euLSLiBJLD. (2. 262. suif-S!/. LD '} dwell.ffem^rr. (1. iEi. division. salutation iSisereiiflio. it cannot begin a word in S.. — — — 64. [ojl^. familiarity : QQiesld. interest. ^urrdj.) circle exchange of money &^0^^Lb. S. class. <5(g. a Rupee. 148.) withered €Jsff)L-. manner a AR. north. ^. a garment Ljt—exsu. a cake. Q&i!T€iSt)LD. ^UeUIT^LD. — rBrrLDir. iv. : E. for ^. : : sub- euirsQ'uu). (snm^ffLD. r!ns=<ftli. pride.] P. enssm^esr. mit. 199. calumny : (s^ppio. (1. one who possesses a form. 271.s^(v^<siild. srr®. a. (Siu^ — — 57. emSiib. euu-dQs.] App.^E/@ S.^. &c. a brass plate sn lL. [si/^. . Qessrssim. strong glue. eut—iii. uuSlir.] iSrff. S. beetle. eoiri^a. flow downwards. S. eiiLf. : (susro^.

eij ei>^ the right side: ^LL^a^esBr eiiiueo. enuSijLD. custom. strong. order. rain: Quuj. suiunr. enixofr — eueiTQ^ (aUstriT 57. &iLpiki(^ (SulS-. 269. [a/^. Gu eo &:> suja/. su&rili. [210. tSjjiriuili. €ii&>€iies)LD. 220. steal. a strength: ache. Qsstreij. walking in the way.) colour SjDih. [^eurrtrsLD. (2. 160.) a ridge in spasm. 1. S. [(qi/sS.j/r«£3r. spontaneously. enQj^u-w. able. ^im way. euLS-3=i}>. quarrel. euffl — (1. euedso. : suQisy eSlff/nLL^. the belly. round from the (2.)[vARAHA. news: age : euiusij.106. euQ^si^ — 64. : — 68. (1. suireanh. 158. afflicted. field Ljeoih.) limit. eurr^ suan/r.) tax. sy^. snatch. eurreurr. tied evL^/Bmi—. race.) ldit eueniEKSsia Lo^^irir. pariahs. (Shqkldhsstld. flow. (1. isiiQF^&ssrm euQF. merchandize. euiT^^ lEU — 64. euQKiB^ — (Cld^@. eui^: — 57. eiiLps(^. advent rain enn&f. the right side. a S.s.eij. cultivate.) regular order. 138. grow up. : eu^Ssrui. (SurfLD. a powerful. euepi. slide. eS^ih. take leave of one. corn S. [swi^.] S. row. 70. 212. insolence. by degrees. 211.) 64. fields. coming. limit. 70. also euL^ ^e^uLj. — — . UDirirdsLh. suiity. si](w<sij — — a fault. 120. eiisiBud(^il.) : (SueoiM eurr. trouble. urfism^. ems. 46. slip. [lc. labour. [248. hurried removal — . power: [255. a boon. . 146. 170. QJt^fifl® 70. 32. 182. eueSl — strength : (SueoeoeatD. write. euffiV).) App. divine grace: Qq^(5!!>u..^^ii. 60. (as a boat. 262. adoration. manners. increase: Quqf^(^. eneir. ei/CTsueysJr. a very powerful boar: eresTLc. he came. ache. 57. a family. (sjrf]ff=<s-.* (2. convulsion. 64.giirg)i Q. iSustld. <su/dlLi^. Qeuei9. gift. (3. euiT^^aisir. S.) es^suuLD. iSfr^LLs^etmruiuem^i. 254.'] . 108. : eueirir^^ — 62. &) .apagoda. deviate. 62. manner .) SKifoisoswiD. ^ffrr&^ireB. su^li^/rajTii). @^£»260. suiuem'Lo. an error: (^jopLc26.i^fr(ssr. 27. progress. eu!jui3rj'9=a^Lo. write. Qssiruu>. eueireirireir ssmi—esr. \_s^. go a kind of grain. 262. edge. ix. (SU(Suj. S. sources of income 138. pieces of bamboo. : eueiruuih. increase. : eufflss>&=.) a year. advent isv0Sfo. : (Si/eug!». bring up. (1.) line. affairs. lineage. a hawk . (respect- adiamond. business. . (2. anger sijuSlnxi. — be 62. rank <c^q£iei(^. [ua). violent dispute. €iirs(ssr(Lp<sisip. revenue. a (sufr^^LDiresTLD. (1.) schedule. limit detail : : eprrih.y. &c.(money. euift. 211. £U(ips(^. ev^ GUQF) — I euL^urr®. isiinp. coming eunhissis. put to sleep. (2. euujssrLh.) the core of a tree euuSiTLD. siieOLD. strength. 211. bind.] person. <su <ki. 1. 203. way: 242. 62. ^rjojiugiuLilar'kir. euffs^. 244.'J euffiTL-i^. 158. 170: ^irQesr.] . row. S. ®. eiijTui-j. — — excellence. right. 96.244.) fiusS. = those of the right hand- wrath. merchant : eSiuaurrffi. u LD . 202. ^Loir^Si. fertility. (1. ability. income. (2. stumble : 62. a dispute. (1. be in use. unQhf&J^LCi. one in the prime of life.) : Lomip. matter.] euiT^^aii. enj&in-gii. ainn S. 110. 190. tribute (2. sum. 290 . eueSiu. come. a net (Si]&). dried cake of cow-dung prop. 255. across.] ev&)&OL^ suLpcEQ. send on one's S. (SUffLhi-j. inscribe. person. fully) caste. draw.



S. S. tion : LDekesHuLf. sense sSi_ : sitiBiuld. ld/t (£lism<rmruuLh.) seed. anxiety : ^asua. posterity ^/e^^. rigid. (^<sSiUu. verse : ^ frgii LD eS®<ses)^. Qibituj. Q(S]pffS0S)LD. matter object of QeueirisirireissreiaLD.] S. manner: suLps(^. v. sflC-s^ei^. S. extension. S. rise £-^« i^L^ujpair (SOLD. Slesi^. ^ld eS^oinD. Jupiter. cry: Q^LDLf. eSliuirusui. : ueceueBT. sflizj/f^^^ic. 146. e^uffih.= 254. iSff^eSihuLD. eSu^^. elasticity.FirnLD) : adultery. [sfl®. 0^«srf?. S. S. sSq rsrr^ til. 204. occupation. 13. (^luirdQiUfTQSTua. 204. eSL—iTtu. a cross [sfl®. eS^em^. commentary: heaven. eorr^ii. p. petuousity lS(^. turn S. 64. (^sQisiis^irujili. 187. <£i(SL^LD.\s'^\x\e. per- sS® — 68. purity S. woSSTL^^ek. a learned ujsjr. lust. 272. especial. : dawn. <£liuiTLpLD. sfl^aoeiT. leave. sow seed: — 64. affair. 196. science. S^QSTLD. the reflection of any thing. and splendid. destiny. answer. 0/(75 S. uncleanness S. S. liberty: •272. (1.)apullet: <£es)i—3>Qsfr eSthnp — 62. eSihutli. sfl^^^. absolu- expiration d!®p.) : [csS®. vii. kind: 199.3=irffLD./-o. sensuality SSLO.S. ashes smeared by Saivas ^uj<ss>im. S. dlsm^friTLD. grasshopper: Ser??. lassitude fflSi^ : those who have divided their inheritance [vib'hakta.) cultivation: S. misfortune. vain. difference Qu^ld. S. a widow : ssistiQuem. trade destiny. s9^ sflan^. — — .sLo. s0(L//r@OTLD. [s£®s0«©/q<s S. : a^^io. g. 242. sickness: 123. (^lunutrffLD. a petition. 254. [afl®. euir^^su). S. sS. 64. JULD. ^s 203. : S. dawn. be omnipresent. sSsi^ii). (b. suit: eSeijrr^ui. eS/iy/r^.A. aflil® aflsBzir.) s-tUfr^ssriM. (£tiuir-s=QtULD.] aeosS. Q. <Sld€Old. .) S. : /F^> eflO^^i. 68.ff'n'UJLh. diameter.] seed . <£l^d^. a lodging <£mL-. S. Tplay.] (2. [vidya. (II. S. IIJLD. a rule business. ^^ffl.^.) spring. Qu S. pervading all sorrow : things.] beam . (sflG<3^iS15. dangerous. si}>. ^^LD. amplitude: ^sedLo. 62. drive. learning.'] (sflsuiTii)) S. afl^. (sSsjo/r. . dl^^ivirs^LT). 93. Qnir S. chase away: lSIulL®. a riddle. 293 . s(BuLj. [Co.F. [aflG<5^i_ii).q^ 6fl^i_/r^ sfltltfOT. aSjsiz). (sSly. become sob. 2_sM/r. (^sls^iuld. [from s0/r(Ey5. ^eurs? . what is rrgu contrary. aflL/a^/rjii. man : « I any thing aS)as.^ p.] sSsir. •s^wu^^. morning 57. useless : <^<5m. (£lLl-w. the aether: ^sit^ld.] s=n-<se^s. 109. 230. ^uif<SLD. S. moth. sorrow. 123. permission: 2-^ S. — ^s'^ : S. <£:iu!TiSi . command. : 203. S.242 (1. (2) a time. im: S. App. i^QiM!T3^<zs^LD. pain. swell.] eSd^ieuaeir. S. any thing artificial poison : itf^». a particular : euir a. ^rnL® : — sirLaQtEfriu. eSu. eSlu^^iTsdr. dl^LD.

i^SsiejrouQupp. [(T/jl^. ^S(cma. . l^ swallow. 190. tred : eSSfffr^LD. be clear. eScr^LL. eSfrSa. stretch.) sport.3=iJa. [eSugto.rr(B. vow : S. marriage S. of a letter QLn<sO(^:eO[r.] S. become costly. cause to grow. 272. old age S. eSlQffa^. <£i(W)i^. a comedy. fall. 62. <£eirs(^. oSt^ 64. <^^ss. (III.) fetters.i^frLjLSujLD. [sfl(75d6i8.] : sSsyrig ues>e. advertisement. (2. — lamp ^ULD. 15. bright. enter into particulars. 57. /i/@. 64. opposition evident: O^/ft. WfT^^ITIB^LD.(2. : 259. a0/7-(CT5 — [i-z/piJ). S.] a tree. grow. 228. procla- mation 170. bright. <sfla)/E/@. a viper: eSrfJiudruirLDU. open. dlediT^w. desire 190. sSeuastJ}. i^QFf^iT. [sflew 57. <£iQF)gj. — 57.) a guest e8(Lr. : QpuLi. S. 258. {\. 62. vain. (^QE^^ITli^LD. evi[root. rate sSq^uuld. law-suit. 270.) S. [root. efl«»/r ^ssifT — = — — 62. — 62. <i£l(iF)^^Q. <^Q£^i 203. haste.^©(zjzi). fright eSffI iSffi^. forbid: separation. : 62. weusrrfftb. Q/ErreirLj. reveal. eSistTLDurrii. awake. [(SS(M. 244. S. 270. toe.) price : Qjaju). S. 170. eS(y^.LD. dent : Q^fff. [aflisiD/r. sScJr. trophy. profitless: eSem. crops in the fields : s=s=&}. a S.] increase eu0inT<d:&. S. nian-tree. start aside with . advancement QuQhasLD. a 190. : aiSiuirsm-ixi. afiffl^ff-^ifl. the pendant roots of a ba- eSeB>^ 64. (III.Llz_iz). banner. put out of the way. dalliance. 272. come manifest. dl(V)^^. dispute (S^is>s(^.] sow seed. 62.) burst open. S. wide. eSQeusLD. direction : 62. play. eSeufft - — 64.] 233- 56. speak out. arise.g=^G!rLD. be- sr£S)iu>Li. — superscription. eSetrdsm. i-j^^- S. which has fetched a high price. 56. — — stare. i6 eS)& prohibition. 163. eSQfj^^U). iLjiuiTfs^.] precious.) [beast: [sfl^. (2. : (III. [high-priced.) extension. watch. con- sume. make haste: ^eufH. \_<s8 qkld . iSfff. afliM. circumcision. finger. desire. iSuarrnui. I. a rain-bow s-eisr® fifi/fliyajr. affair. discrimination: eSifi. eSenffU). [see. make broom : clear. dlQf^LDLj : ^sa^.] an explanation. 255.'] a particular. law : sfliL//T. 57.] 239. 262. g. get out of the way. a bow . devour.] S. e^ariT-sPLD. e£iQrriT^Lh.) afeast.'] extend.'] e£lQ£iii(^ — : eS^Lo. swiftness Q<suaili. 64.] lUfT® w6diT. S. e8safr. eSir^Lo. sSsw^. — S.INDEX S. rruLjpLD. hatred. an <s£lefrd(^LDrrru. eS ir^ ^ — eS me ^ nCWS . a rib: uq^Qieh^ldlj. an eye : s. iaS)««@ off" — lSj&^^u}.<om. : dlmrreij. 294 . a suit at S. [Co.ff^LD. S. T. open. 259. eflsr. <£lEfr\iEj(ff) — : a ^es^i—uuLD. self-denial. austerity. die. [Q.] a circle . the side. SetTLDLj eflso«. Qurr (1. open the eyes. opponent: s^^^qF). spread out. 9. 260. ©• weossLD. ha- S. the side. Lonih. — (sfl£ff|(Br5 — — 62. — — SIM. (1.

[comp. [afl "^pgiiQp^eo. question QeiiLsjL. : shiver. as . QeuiLi. in Qw. QEi]efi\\iuijiEJsu). 64.) a 190. comp.) 18. 239. <^aaLD. Qev/B^ Q&iiSfr. I(ss). 64.. : ^sjf?. — 93. [Osi/eyr. eS&QijuJLD. swell. quick. a blow. ness. [aS"®. who is a tree affords shade to the cutting it down. Q(cii<sm(B . bravery: eSap. be great . an intransitive verb.) (2. isTa=£FLD. (]. ©(susrflsi)®. 59. cast. split. 62.. fell. 60. squeak. [Oai. a question Cssjrsfl. bright. IsBj^ — 64. report of a gun. 77. &c. simple. a weight = 40 iJSDii). a QeusmrQsmiu. QevLLL^iufTesr [Qsi/srr. blister. i^ff&^^LD. Qei]&)£!i 70. the rad. S. Q<WL-L^. sS"* — — 62. conquer. open. comp.F. haste. — reveal. ^®uL/s(g stifF S. grow from S. 62. valeo] G LDp Q s !T (oir — : a lute.) (Efl(CT)ay. [Lat.sei). salute. (111. Q(aj(er^ LjpuiQu. [/u/rtp. 295 .e/ff|/JLj® — light 68.a mustachios tSem^F. VANus. a present. LS^afl&ir. 272. 261. plain. reveal. wash.] : house ldIw. white. (^ixiLj.) sell. Q(a. 29. siuiS. 128. known. [aflei).INDEX firewood : I.'\ ^'_ iMiTsrrmrl. [e?^. sit Qsve^Quj. boast one's self 264. rashness. unmixed. Q(S}]L^ : — a shot. outside in majesty. shame : QeuL-L^0sr(si{. vain. (^ifiiULD. stroke. 270. throw as a net.) rule. [ao'/E/@. hot water. 107. a street. swing.@ja3/r(ZzmD. 19. Q^(^. 233. closeness: SLD. crack. proceeds of a sale. cut.) App. (^ea.uLidail. many ^^sld. Q<sn\sa!Tefi fine. become '-jQ^'i Ipucksr. Q^q^i^^. sound. uuSlrriEJsu).] Qen Qsii.. Q(aij\ss(risiTi}). rate. affiSii. [Allied to eSleir. IsjTS!/ — (1. 244. hot. white[_Q(Sii&r. butter. the out side :' Qen eSessr.@. &r. Qsuih. man eS^u). S. 261. vain. 161. [^QenLn+riir. whiten. Qeu\s<ssis. ^sjrsSfc. . ness.Lf-.'] [poet. S.] eSp^QF) — 264. Q<uu\^6^LJu(Bfi^ — 161. viii. obvious- ^iT ^(B. fine cold Ijb ^lSIq^. be 62. heaven.] (2.] come abroad.®a@. heat: sfTiEKcmS). i£^. a plain .241. 58. of [aflff. QldjS a transitive verb.'] Osy |s(fi'L/Lj«i5i_.) a verb. fierce. jaggery s(iF. 19. Oa. i£ff=3^. portion: uiEj(m &refl(ssju. [opp. for ^ffij manifest. Oa. (2. white. idrremiJD. QsulLsu). (1. 263. loose talk. : liSlffrrSliULD. <s?®^cs83r®iaf/r. Oavil® sgio. vain talk. much.] 191.) 62. 255.] 58. in Qsnek. Q (sn sfl S: e= LD . sale : 70. hollow in a bamboo. Q&i\uuLD. — weather. 77. ^m^.] the verbal or adverbial participle. an action. cry out. a swelling 190. 64. (3. (^jjih. [254. revealed : — 68.'] Qeuem.] [Oai/eyr. — {SjD^'.] aff/E/Q . rashness. 263. : Qa/sasrlaniz). heat. lat.) mischief. effil® eS'SsBsr. 0<a. viss. clear up. Qeuem&aLDiLKrssr.] QeueomLn. Com. clearness. any thing: eS(B. [bahu] : 107.] Qeuefl.

different.) a land BARE.eoil>. 242. Qeu^w = empty [Co. QgtisQ. Cffl. S. a cloth Q'S^irLDSBT. ii.) bare. (Z^rmQeuSsfT. Qeu^LD. fomen- O ey err srr App. Qwnjj^. time. : Qeuasrr®. ask for. ^rrLDL/. silver.) (siaojsrrS. a prostitute : : ^irS. smu-i<a=ed.] : ^ > perhaps. a flood: tSrjeajiTSLD. Q^iuu>. a hedge. a conquering hero. u<5sS. Qeu-^.] QeujbguecDLD. Q eu etrdsiT whiteness . 64. Qeii^ium. Qei]ei)LDiSlSi^. offering sacrifices. show. a servant 52. eardr. burning: Qeusij. Qwedir 58. a king : ldcst [poet. a demon : ^rrtres^^eir. [Csi/syr. LD£)i. Qoi^irenu). . vary. month of June. disguise Lo/ruJLD/rsoiD. 73. agriculture : @tfL^ or S. 296 . Qsi]Lp. tation. •FiTw^aLD. Ceussflffi).5.] @t^ [vela. venus. gum-arabic. ueisr Qeuek^ \d61I 70. 261. for Qsi](sm®iJD.'] Qeutr. Gsueb. (oSiLDuSesr S-jT^L/. a royal tiger S. GKZimsfriTL-L^. 217. drunkenness J bewilderment Q<siiira(V)(rF).] . . 257. spectacle. /Toff" sir. QeiiQ. 161. [vulg Qensir&riresiLD. (III. : : uessfl^ S. : Qeueireinr® . medicine. a javelin &!>sQ<sueo. es)L—dsfrjT<sBT. vulg.] a cultivator. .] Qtsiip^.] Qsiicfrefr/reS. Qeu^mtn or eiirr heat : QsrraaL (S3)SU 62.INDEX QoKstrarui. Qengii. [s/reiiBfl. measure about 5 acres or 2. white. Eng. 138.^. work. other.. Qeuihuj. Q<s]L-L^. 244. 'Sossr. WANT. (srosif — the S. : place. seek. Qsiipffi. ment : [Cffl/Lli—CT.] Qwpg}! App. a ahunter: QeuLLesii—dsirrrdr. 244. a goat. perspiration. [(STOii). (2. vii. QeuujiE^eir. pain : QtBireij.] 272. [Qsy^jj. burn. espionage : [«/re«/rif.. Qen — velocity : ^ifj^u^. Qqjulj. (1. and Eng. Qensesri—rril). Qeii^iT^^iuiueaLD.] : QeunD^Sso. 39. [Adj. S.. Q(ai]^. 273. readingof the veda. steam. a sudorific learned in the Gsi/syr/raBLo. the planet vii. I. S. ljsS. QsuSar. 23. QnmiLeiaL-. 13i. Qeueir or IT (SsarissiLD.] QetKstrQsrrtig^^. abuse 64. [Cffl. ii. early 234. QeijSaO. 117. tlieology.204. [da.] victory.157. put. QibitiL. App.c33r®ii. [Co. 216. :^ ^ o QeuL-CBT.] Osysyrsrfl. S. QeueS. [@(5-] LDlLISSll). Qeaii^eisr. Q<S!]dsrQp(ssr. 203. 90. 52. a person Qeu^LD. change 270.' QeueirQen-^uiLj OeusyrOgyrar. S. want. 39. S.] of nouns. a slave girl : S. 267.000. margosatree. QeuSsossirneisr. amuse^LDtrm. 259. App. 258. 215. affair sssll^ujld. [white vapour. Qeuir : — root: npeoLh. Qsa^'^. Qeuem® 232.] ^^eir Qeuiaems. LDfr£jj. keep. dimness of sight- Qaip^Qeiibfidsr. perspire. opportunity : s^eioLDiuih. Qojsili. Qeiigii. CfiMffl^LD. Bible. 233. sign of a case. difference case Qeu^^uih. a divine — book ecaeu — 58. ^lL®. S. prickly heat. [comp. hunting. Q^rrL^iiso. <aj^. — [vulg. ^QSTLD. betel leaf. QeiJiT(S!Disu. 255.

urflsiriff. a S. zeal: u^^esysurrirdS 254. S-. . small-pox : ^ihecoLD. 1. istneurrirQ.] (cSi<s]aQair&i. etaunirQ. : easurjrrdQiLiLh. 1. saeuffl.] Q Q] sf! en fr €0 . S. a devotee of vishnu. (otneurTLD.. S. a physician (saeuuurrL-Lf. ihiT&t. a bat. . hostility. foe. a Byraghee : a^i [_iijih. <oSi(Si!ia<sc (cV)Sii(mrfl.INDEX [isDia/ffiffffl^. emeuei^eistirBieir. QsuSTT concubine. [erooj. 297 LJ'O^^u^^^^ 4 . straw. early in the morning. emsiJ^^Ludr.


sjjotctljld. He 62. 64. adjectives. s. Aborigines. {^rnQj^ili. look out their corresponding nouns. 64. No attempt has been made to distinguish minute shades of meaning . Abide. Look out each word in Index I. Ability. Aboard. 165. Abjure. aQ^eui^eij. 64. iS<3^. 62. He able to read. (5. Q^iti^ljlj. 6. aii^mgi ^rjiresi^iLjeirefr is 103.) ^jaaaLD. 64. interjections. ENGLISH-TAMIL. euas^eiv^edLh. Abomination. and compare 130—133. 3. — ed. ^iB^^qf. ^ it ip en rr esr . A. 64. Qisir&i cj® ^aSpgi..254. ifd(^. 80. [108. 134. Abode. ex He abased himself. ^e!T°^^fiiTa!r ^irifi^^s dFerrsrfl sfl®. ^Ej(S) Qurrffi. enir&uuirdsr. 258. Ab 8. Q-afl ^^L<s^uSlg)i. efl® [err©/ + fiS®.(BiiEi(Q ^ Ablution. initio. ^sfl/f iJB(5sgff (gio. Abortion. uiBsifl. y. ^Q^euQ^.S(sfl®. When any English word will is not in the vocabulary try the nearest synonyme. ^QrrfrQ Qeu^. Abdicate. what cannot be found in one place fatigue. ichile it contains nearly all the mora useful words of the language. A. Abandon. This vocabulary. 4. <5=S. m/srresrLn. fflOtlSaS®. Q^iresSiSleo Abdomen. 172. ^ekr® Abhor. weariness. adverbs. only 7. ing with his native teacher.) (m&np. see under those heads in Index III.* Abound.. 64. A .asisras^ir Abate. Abbreviation. probably be found in another. 2. For For pronouns. (^qz-uS^tl/L/. Abolish. 131. Qsrrem® Abject. . apQ-ps^. (^endure. ^«"gi. Abet. 'M^Q-P^fl 259. Words in brackets are either foreig'n words. 254]. 160. iSdailiu®. Nearly all the words introduced here are in cominon u?e. LBie^a- 62. Q<Siipgll<SI!>LDSm . of the words. y/fl. fnur. ^aiasr auuAi (50) auueSw.)]. ssmp uSL-m [270. 15 &. puiresS. 92. 163. ersifltu. <3=irLDfT^^ajU}. 21. <or (BuLL(BQufr ^^qf^suqfjUlj. 64. The learner should commit a few words to memory each all day. ^sBzsfi (ff) LptTLD.INDEX II. Abase. sigiru). numbers. has gone aboard ship. The waters have abated. 62. SleSir^^ Qs=iu. An. a-qhssu). <^il.rr<su (^i^sek. s^suasmQp^iso. ^iripd:^ . ^L^euireur. Thus one is given. Able.(TF)LJULDL^ji^&). or are such as should not 6e used witlwut carefully ascertaining their precise meaning.^^sr Qppgjim ^lL® efl® 263. lassitude. 62. be 62. 5. Gsiredsrt Ablative case. must only be considered as a collection of hints to aid the student in work1. every word should therefore be talked over with a native.«® The pain has abated.

(^lS. he is. 62. Accountable. sflOTg. Accumulation. n. 2_^n"<FoBrzi). ^-Ssiroj. 60. of one's own. euSveSleia'a^ about/ ^Q)^isr<ssr surfiiuih ? (@^UL/). ®(D3Z!r/E/@. 6iiL^i^(Bl a little way). u ^ rr rr <oir m . 62. 165. ^laQsiff. 141. Accuracy. QiL®. sirtftiLiS^^.) See Less. iSsmpQcsupgu 62. (^^^. Give an. Seo/i^. ^qFj^^ld. ^niL®.) ^rjL-@i.107 ULDiriu {sreB^irdj)a aaemedinh. @^- 64. Qua. in my. Accountant. (III. i-^th. 3=iqQ'3=uld. 58. Acclamation. ^'Ssbst. 62. ^^sii^iRT. QeueSiQiu. ^^p<3 eSsuS Abstinence. s. ^if . 58. 0^/E/@^^ffS3r. Academy..] ej<3^. he is . [ufT®. [with ^^ uxsnpigi [iiSai. (10)159. utJ^psi. a-^^. II. iSpQ^'S^^^eo. Qiuitsld. seis^ssosr Abstraction. smiSurLpLps Qurrt^u Accommodate.] Accuse. Abroad. &^^. n.cMi}>. ^ei^. Abrupt. ^rreuirrrLD. ^uao^airi^. ss(^it / have abstained from that. According to. j)ji—i^. Absence. euetas^. Q^irsma.INDEX About. Accomplish. mitsisr ^ekcN-iis ^asflQiu — with a-^rr (all IT in.^(concerning. S-U-mesi^s. s^ldit^. uinsi eSlLDfr^f^anh. ejpsudQarreir. Abridge. UL^. Access.^§lu gjarCT)/ — ly. sffiiia. lS(^^. eSuLjQ^^. Accident. Account. 1 am ahsolutehj alone. Accessory. V. 64. . ejsrrm^ S(5B!!rd(^LJ (ilsrr^iT. 73. y^n sunt ld iSi-SFSfTLDeO. case. (^pptQa^mL. fffreinh. 64. Accede. <sp^^dQ&am A certain 242. 160. ^^si''\ eSldSeariD. izpQ^ On account of. @s0 Absurd. eu.^. 70. ^L-i—ii Qs=LD<ol5)LD. stP^B^ld. Abscess. (wis!>pu Abuse. 170.® Abyss. Abstract. uLj. Abundance. Q/Birsij.sssar [_<SBLh. Qa=iu^ Qpi^.^ Accomplishment. <5S33r«(g. 61. Absorb. 64.<50<^'3='3=ndso. s=i1ld^. rErrissr ^eoiForr^s Absent.(Q. d=lfl. ^-ueairs^LD. 62. Qmir. ^euemirJ' Od^/ra) Above. isuSiu. ^sirssLDtra^ (^ipl. [in language. «isp3r<£5(g (c^uueS 64. Accent. @aSu7(cV. — ment. uipi. (4). SsapQisu^ 62. ^i—iaQarr®. Ctj/fl . — mentioned. Abscond. @i^^ajiTS(W). Accumulate. 59. 121.S<S Q St] (pisT L^IU en GST 1 s. exp&(S)€Sip±i <Fii) (more or less). [. eurrrr^. QldQ€0. easy of. u l—fTLD QeUpffiJiclDLD.w'^iu. What's all this II.. ^rretr. 242. 62. [64. 62]. tspeB^^sQarreir. (5S33r<sO<£5/ri_/L^sS.. uip(^ u/^Sja. Absolute. S-^^jaz/r^. 259. ^^sth. . 62. 64. (in law Aoc). eneS. QoKSOLDnm. afla/jLo. erQijg^Qeon'em. (3pQF. Accusation. iStSl^^m ] 57. ^pQ. QLDffO. s^(i^d(^. Be accomplished. Accord. 64. Acacia. gig-ffiSGpsBT Absolution. . ui^^iiSsar 131 ^irafrevih. Q^iT(^ s^-qf^ssld.ujjg)i. iB'S^. [56. ^ ^tsusSeodsi [aS'Lli^eSet)^)]. <^Qhu:. Accompany (a friend s^u-uQuiT.9:iu<s^. Accusative SQeup^ismLD. Abstain. 3=(B^iumoBr. Co. (S^uLfsQ&aeir. ifiuLf. ^<5S)i-. 135. one. Accei^t. ^jjem 62 62. QurrgiiuuiTQirsiick. ^n(^. Accustom. ^iTLDfresrLDfretT. 164. eSji^LD. s^rr Ache. £_^(^<gF.^QFii^rrpQutr<o0. (^pp'^-a^fTLLQ. 62. er .er(Bl^^frpQurT&>.LSd£s. 223. ^s^^iuu uem^^ii. S-^G^ \Tb. 62.62. one who is. V. (round) @5P. ^^tBec&o. 56. 64. QLDpQi3=iT&>miu.

Adverb. (n.] 64. 64. QQfESLD. Adjacent. srR. Adversity. Adjourn. in the. ^eoikisiriB. verb. Qi<3=uj<cs>s. s-iTiBic^auj. 64. s&il®. car. Sgu^^. ueom. Adjust. i^^^dQsfr&r. 62. gSQjtit^. ^ostuld. \^uj<s!r.3= Q. tSj0s@. Siaairrfl. a^iL. 64. Affidavit. 62. Address. ^nnsirear.] \_. jij^QpaLD. afl&-ii//fl. up^. Acre. ^^^darlar. iv. Admiration. affinity is there between you and him ? CCT"«(5 ^aiiir ereiresr QaiaArQia ? in chemistry. 64. istasQiDtuiuirdj. Acquit. a^Lourr^. n. 6fr <c£rrs^i^sii<ssr. Lj^^Q^ireo. Acute. 62. Affirm. III. ^eoiruih. SI. 66. iSffQujir •a^enTLD. 'S-iuir^siAdvantage. <fiejs^. 62. eSeiriDurriD. eSu^frrri-D. s^ir<5ViLDtLia<s!sr. ^^ Affinity. Addlat. (Sir (^pplQ&>^ 6r<^^ ^it — . Affianced. ^QpuLf. ^<5miki(^. 64. s^iT^^ffid Q-s^irso. . Affecting. Adduce. epiL®. ^iu<3i>!T&sr. iBiUfnuiiusinL® Affair. L8c^d(Q Adult. <^rrsek. ^ffldsi—®. giesSsni-aiTcsr Q^a^iuems. uessfl. sr®^ff)ds(TL-® etasTEjQsrr® . Qa^ir. uit^^iuld. SlB'S^SSTLD. An adopted child. 57. ^653<5=<a//r<ffi(g. 57. Adorn. siriftiuLo \_u!TU^gj']. <?<F/f. <sii<omiEj(^. QrEa^ii. iSu-s'ibjsld. ^pgadQa!T(Sir.U}'\ Act. 64. 2_ff)a!/. eu m— 64. 64. v. Adultery. Affectation. 3 . (s^(LgEi(^LJU®^gj. ulLs^w. 64. ^sir3'L£iiT<ssr. s-jpis^^uLj. er^uirsB. <S=tULD. 64. euQ^ems \_^®G)aiii^ sBfreOLn'].62. er^ifi. LjeB. QrEiB^ ^Qf)i^). Affection. QpdruessTLD. V. lj^^it sk^sitbU). SgueisLD. S!^ uffl^iSd Adjective. [^if (51^(2)^] (in law doc. usmLfd-Q^rreo. App. Gi—Losaiifl. jij^deiaa. Additional. LjeSluLf. eossru). 271. Adoption. ^sfroj. Add. 62. Qiflesiiu lLu. 62. S-essrQt—ekQp. urr^ecfT. \_3=mi<s Advocate. <riBuu(B^ Advice. 62. [sw^. s^L-i—ed. Adversary. accent. UDeBrQpQ^s^^ds. £-i—eirumL®eSSstsr. ^i}> Admire. C<!r/r. Act. ^®. iz^^gjsQi&nea ^^dea<s Acquaiutauce. ^d-3=ffiuLD. er®^fiQ60!r<im-F. Admiral. Q^dQs. uiBrEgjQu s-Qpenosr. lj^^ld^. Adoration. \_^ fjima II. fS'UiB^^Q^m^ (vulg.) ^^zsTLDiTGsr. ^®^^. Addition. QuirrrdauuSoQ-a^i^^u^. sfluj. Q^frag. 62. Admonish. ld J] . 64. /ei—uiSI.'^-uQiunsLD. Advertisement. ^®dsLh. npsarsS®.INDEX Acid. Advent. ^d^irrjib.'\ sin. ILllS). Activity. 165. — — Admit. 64. ^(? a) /r<5=^.\\\. ^iuulj. s^mto^. s^iSuisin' Adhere. uipdsw. Adventure. What Qiods-. 161. [A-pp. Quds? [_(Sj d s^sssr'] Adze. — — erds^rB. £l^^^€s)'su. <^siTLjjSiJa [=a year of Saka. sh^rfftu. Adapt. QpiLipQ. Administer. Ill. uiftigjQua-. ^dri-j. Acquire. S-C—cku®. S-eireir. npsnp. a^LL®^s\).) aS(g^. Quir^^ssr. Advance. ^^ireo^^.®. ^rrdSff — — Actual.] Across. ^^^ih. sufTL-S jEra. [fflj/ri/<yS]. u d(^£u ripen . /bldoi) Acknowledge. Affix. 62. a fact. App.3=tu. OKsmdaua. [Comp. Acquiesce. Adore. rELDOoairrru}. S-^fTjj Aerial. 62.'] Advance. iBs=LDfr<ssr. a person. @j)2/«@. -^^^^iuld [_'3=^^iuds®^iT@']. Sliuiriuginii^uek. \_(Lp \_sT<i9iTiT. Affirmative. siTLDUireuLh. s-fftdQ^rr<s\). 62.

iSeir. ^Uffih.a_QiBO/riJ-qL]. QLoasresLDUU®^^. an — . 133.]. Almighty. Allow. /seffirsirtud^^ew Ah. ^/iSujm'. 126. This long time.Td@uju>~\. ulS Albumen.) <sfijimw ^iT^esCQlih. . Quneo. ^ens^iEieaa. Qp^dso. ^euaoesi^. 161. sr^QsT. LjpQ^^^^ireir. eiiQF)^^uu(B^^. ^i—AQs/r®. Agriculturist. Afoot. Alliteration. ^(ssi 3= u ^ lEi s mL® Alluvial. I^et Ague. 243. QpekQ^rfrekesr. uuSirdi^L^ Alone. eusQin. erejrsc^u uiuiDirnSfgaSfl^. 64. iS&=a<S!si^^LD. old sutus^. s^i—eku®. Aggrandize. a^LDUii^LDir Ago. Qpi^. &<sif<k}~\ . Ahead./_ 239 . Alabaster. OsiiQ sireo^^pimrLpasrQisir. ^siT-s^LD. Afraid.. eur sdQiu . him hinders. Seoua. — Agriculture. LDrrfei^sumem^. Ln^iuii^Qr)LDS Aliquot. •Fuauih^Lo. ^lL®. unjuu® 161. be di. srRQurrarLD. of death. s^rBiu/rasr. Alas! ^QiLur! 193. Alligator. Aforesaid. S-Lpe^j Q^ir Alms. Alliance. UfQ^^mkisLD. 161. Allowance. [64. Agent.INDEX Afflict. 183].(g(sifl/fs<s/ruJ<F<rffO.s^ssu).LD [(T/Jilq. euiriL. <sbLL®Qii<ss>LD. ^pguuQufrd ^sw^. Qeu&rSsirdsQ^. Algebra. Affrighted. ^efrL£>Lj. v. ^sms^. eurfn^^ih. ejpd(S)<5S)pVLl. iSpua®. Aid. uhjuu®^^. LDjT&jLJLj. <snQF^i^. u®eia<s£l&3ili. uair^sMuu®^^ np^iLidQ£=uj 57 . 64.. Alchemy. Alike. 40. [com. srrasT . «. Gram. 193. suqe^^uu®. QpmQesr. dQ. manner. (ujn-iSBTiajsar) . ed. QpUL^. 57. airp^. Qeustrirsfrsir. p. LDtsurth . LDgHUL^lLjLD. A 251. Alkali. seStht-j.&eoim(^. [161. 9. 62. ^(omEj(^. 62. ^LDQsr (Sir (SUIT Qsr. ereoeOfTLD sfrrriM. sireoiBeTii—iutrij. Qldjdul^. (6. ^iBilhtisjsld. 161. eumu. 2_^fifl. Alloy. 62. •3=ldld^. ^rra:eijirssu>.^L. ^ms^gj 254. Agree. 77. — After. 84. iLjsLD. iSHUiT^esreir. qSlLG) eS®. S-i^druL^dsms. II. ^iijs-. LDeneiiLJD. iS/d(^. ^ 6m Qiu. this or that all. [^i7<Feir] — Agony. (^Qjjrr^LDiTUj. ^ldld^w. be — eu/r^. 62. sutT^/EiQsfnLemi—. \_^rr. They are much — . •a^LDrrQsrLD. Allure. Alive. Aloes. ^^ si'^sssr. iSjTfTUJLD. 64. ^-uSQfTiTL^Q^sQp. 62.QLD^lM. free — :smflujeio^esr. (161). eauui^il [(xp<?"<FsSasto<s. 127.spuLJ. Affright. / urn ufl'uid. Qeu(5i!3rs6\} Affliction. Air.(6. sp^^eutr. ^iJi_/i^. Almond.) ^eiiLDrresriM. Q(2UioS)fi. Again. ^iLjetr. ^druih. S-i—esrurr®. All. ^Qr^lhuSilLD. 225. s&suLj. Against. <^^s5ir<oio<F. enrr^emLodQsfrLLicCiii—. QL-l—Qpt—L Agreement. @j (B d s sm Alarm. A-lcohol.) — — .(6. 161. tSmLj. ^ajiseir qQt ^ruojuuSiT^iSi After semi—Sujmij Afternoon. iSiTUUfB^U). uiuuu®^gj.'Uif-. Agitate.ajiTa=s. (&)LpL£)U. Along with. Age. ^ e^eoLDLU IT iu. he. 242. Almanac. •g=iTiSii siieoeossiU) [i/yerrsu]. ^sw^gj. 101. S-Uir^. QlLl—^^lLl lU. <ss««(g. •FfnrfTiULD [a)«ro^. QeuefrrremeeiLo. ^gimir^^ms ^snu. ^Qh^^lTLJl3iULD. Alienate. Affront. QinirSssr [III. u<sia<siuiTd(m. long — Ally.'] 0<5/r(^c?^/E/@eto^ Almost. a=LDLD^. QurrQ^i^. iSid6<s)3=. Allegory.^n-LDLD. ^ffteuff. Alien. QpdsrQm-.

Anchor. . Qtsngjieii&aa. Anthology. ut^uu. S-eirQefr. (^emLD(r(&). 165. ^eirjSiLjLD Anecdote.60. 7. Alum. Amend. Quitirfleoed/r^. 68.). Ambiguity. — — black — . Alternate. . 217. erffiLDU. (^itlL(Bld. SQs\)emL Ambition. Antimony. QeuQi^d(^. QtD^ui. ^enQis^i^ Q^^ihffi. esiaQtuiru Ambush. i^ufr^tD. Am. ^ Q LD IT fr ill . Ill y^ireSsLDaesr. Analyze. [Qeu^isma']. s'^sssrdarrio.i^frgj. 64. 1. (Qrresr Sit^^Ssst. (^^^^m<mLc>. jj Steer em ld. exs <s=. Qun-(ws^QuiTd(^. s^ti.eS<ots)u. sir&)<ssS]. ULOpp.. (oTuQuirQ^^ih. &^ssin^.s^LD. . ^ Ambassador. LD^ ^ uSl Q &:> . ^L^d&ih [136]. obtuse acute — — — . Answer. a&)L£iU<sLD. &. LDirpg)!. Anna Ankle. Sjirefo^. ^iSQeiSiSLhuessr. s^Qps^tuuo. Ljppi.^QF^^gj. iJ@. ^!heillJ^S!T€OQpLh. (oT^irQiDrrL^ [(Zousot]. Already. <^UL^i^ss)i Sr^jpiutr®. 62. a. sqk(Sl8Ss!t. Quijir<aa3= Annoy. Amount. ^^(mrL^psirrjissr. Angle. Amazement. apmisSipug] npmQiiMTT^.] Among.zL-®s(Q. . £u ia» /-D ^) ] . fEfiia^rrili.Aloud. sfl^^g Qtsu^urr®. Q^tsu^^^eii. Another. Q^rrens. ^-/d^rjeif. @j3//sy — — — . Angler. Ant. (ggoja. i^Qf^sLh.. ^asrsairriLD. ^Q^^gj.Lh. Siiisssr. 7. right iSi^LD.@n:). Animal. iDgu ld it lS . 170.) Anonymous. su®. QfBiT sfl//? . ^(sm. Antecedent. (tppiSlprrd [«eJr. Qesnh. ^ Ancestors. (a coin). ^ajn'^a^ih. £U(T^<si^dQ<xrr6m[—fnLL-. ^ds^Qx^Qr^. Antithesis. Gram. 206. ^0 . S^^iii. ^lLl. srem Qxsssriu^s-. [ ey rtf) . . ui^lSl^ls.] Anger. ^Q^a^eo. Although Altitude. Weigh Cast Ancient. [n. QpekQ<ajr. npestieij. QanutM. 172. Altogether. — rings. er^ifl. U€aLp(sir>LDiuiT^isT. 100. ^ir^u^. UL^dsfrnu). Antelope. y.mQetr. Loirp^ii ldqF)^^^. Anomaly. Anthem. Amusement.. euQFSL^ir/s^rr. fS'Sjds'rrrru). ^ioiai—(^6^6duem^^. Anther (bot.LD. -F^imeias.] QwQnqQh. . Antagonist. Antitype. e^sk@}i^eSLLQi—n-eirjpi ldit^ euQf. Qm(B/ms<smr<i(^. eSthu Qii'seijS']. iMpQQjq^. S^l Altar. Anarchy. /5©sflc?so. Ljnrr^QSTLh. 64. Read — Quedds 273. Ammonia. 136. 126. Also. Alter. Antidote. Alternative. Anoint. ^smeuuD. (or Amidst. urjirdf^. a/zr© ff^ffiSCjSt eairSj Alphabet. ^«?l). ^d^fflmih. ^tr^iLDir^. .LDdsosij. SL. ^eai—uS/ev. i3rf^^iLj^^ijm. Anniversary. ssilQi—. Q)^ir<sas. iSslBulj. (ips!ir<s!sremi—ujfTetTLh. Ammunition. ^(Q'S:e!srdsio sr^(s QuirQ 62. iSrrrreisS. 62. red Qps-jpi. Always. ^ss. ^sq. [J)g»/_(iS/6b. ^uQutrQ^. errRd — npird&LD. [^iitoszT*.d. \_QLDesr<oiaLD(5iaiLi tBn'®@p a. Annual. 3'^^LDinu. QeuL^deeis. Ant-hill. &. (v. QsnemLD. afl(?(SB) ^u>. u^eij. And. ^solL®. white setspiuireir. . Antiquity. 62. [siai/Ti^]. s=&j. Analogy. QpssrQi^frs&r. Analysis. Loaeir. Angel. and ^Q^i^. (srrfleurBjSLD.^.

62. ^sTiributfiib. App. gj®. ®i^^ \^U!T®UpULf\. ^rjrreusLD. 62.INDEX Antler. Arise.jijLDir^^. urruuefreij. Armadillo. Qeui^u^uLf^ Aqueduct. 106. s^usld^. 57. ^em®. S-^^j d^ssinh. 161. ^-iaLD ^®. ueS^LD.^!/@. ^(^i^. sisssrd^. Appearance. — Argue. — Aries. Apple (of the eye). custard — . Arable. ajrrO^rrqh. Appease. iStrrQiurrsLh. 60. LDgn^eS^ giuQurrosreiim \_i-j( i Approve. Q^irppuarssr. ^iLiiBiBjseir. Apex. 49. Applaud. He is apt to do gl/«(5 aiipssih. QLou-girS. euSsfriu. . vii. sflisoa/Sorrey. Qseh. ^lEj^xsesS^ii. ^agjafl^ ^sQaireir. (^(Tps(^tL(B. Approach.s/g). ] LD^'^ium^irsm. . Qqksi^ld. eruun)- Appropriate (to one's &. i^rr^fresr^^asr. 2-58. uaSiT'^Qs^iLJsiosdsrresr.L-Ld]. — &-. \_urr®.on. 161. <£^. ^nir^jieuLD. 62. sfl^^. s<sijs=ld. J)®(g^. 203. «sroi_<s@«iB/D. Architect. 165. Arbitrary. ^sirdstiuem. ^/pjj. QpiupSl. 62.. erQ^i^Qf. 154. uSierQsQp 62. Armlet. Appellant. III. QuirgnesiLDQsL-Qpgi Apoplexy. s^aSi^. s^ekeS. Areca. u!ra(Q. Apathy. Qoiu!/. utrrretaeii. Apply. S-^uua. @^. evostres^eudstr 64... sQpaiMsu^. smnDesfl. ai-p^£iiLh. suld [OcS/rO/ssDffi]. QLnff=3?. Appeal. Area. Qsirsmi—a®. Arctic circle. s&aeudQsfTLDLj. ^esret^eL^i—LDirenr. LD(TK<otr<sS(wi^sijeir.a^LDfr^rresruu®^^. Archangel. 64. 157. Apostle. [^(TJ'L. 68. u<ss>i. Army. Arm. ljililo. &puiT:s=irtB.) QsiTLDLf. LDirdsrOsniMLj. A piece. Q^ifl. \T7 .'] ^uiuil. etas rBirpsinS pit. ^eioi_«@ Apparatus.] ^^uuu — noun. ^etai—QsiieB. SilSITLD. 64. &^^eairu>!r^i}).^* April. <3=u:>ld^iJ}. siruLf. srQ>iiL/. s-UJiT. lLl—sS so^ Arch. [Ill Gram. Ark. Qs^itldlj. . ^ss^. 64. — — SKcS. (S^L^iSliueo. 62. ssijSai). CT/bu®^^. o-nhssruS&ieoiTeBiLD. Arms. 166. Qsirjb mth.ld. ^sSQiu. 62. npsk^LD. [^tJGzj/rsTD^isvair. so. {use oi). ^iLj^enrrssLD. wood H^& ^^• Arithmetic. Q3=r. Apostate. uiBiDmLD. n. QlLi—uQuit. 62. 57. [Ill Gram. Appetite. LDiE^. (Sj Apostrophe. nut. S^truifiA.] Apology.^(Wj^s^. [^uiJ'eDaj/r^].air] Arbitrators.5^ /r /. (g. tSrffiuih. Anxiety.. srrsmuu® [62. Q^trsas. €U!r(sisriJiJo. G<f^. uS. uSiiSeu2sy. ^i]jir(^60w. 41. 6 . ^UL^. chair. Appoint. Appear. Ape. Queaip. Architecture. — . s<5ik®iSlL^. Qpmpu 62. ^^uih^m. <o!aa<su'^. 130. You can give inc that at any rate. Apposition. Apt. (^S. (s>][rs^Gii[r^LDU!sm^i Appendix. Apocope. (mentally). 64. Aroma. ^Q^Quiufr ispL-®LJu<5mLj^ Armour. Archbishop.ifl^^rTss<so. ^(^^tuiresr.] Apprehend. uemi—. ^uui^^ Qe^iiiaigi ^ai Aquafortis. 90. (4. tSlt^. \_^ui3eo.Gi. Q^treks)! air^^ss. @isro/D«@^iJ/-/. Qpus^irm^ffiM. self). Around. 64 . Apparent. Any whatsoever.—ss<oOrasir^.^. [. (T^^^. ^ma^. eumussneo. V. seniT. QlL®. [Ill Gram. U(^^fr SQFjmaen-.) Apart. 2_^©. Application (diligence). 62. Sl(2rr(^L—SBss!!rsir<os£liLiiT.^efreuiT Arc. aecrsi^u I have no ^QuiLem^. =5y. e^<sjQ6iirTeir^d(^. Approbation. ^(erj. euenr.<sffiSii). iSiuiII. si/^nsi/ [aioiD/rsir]. s ^S(^€ir. qjit^. (srskr^. ^ss. Gi. ejgu. i^rj^^Qiu&LDiriLi.

e_<safl. be — sueSiurr^. s<5i!urd(^u urfiQ^rr^Sssr. ^^^luu 161. [u/rsS] £l^m<sii. ed. with. ^s^uu 161. ^i—uu ®^ff Asterisk. Assassin.3=. ^(i£. ^eaisuLj. Astrology. ^®<£5@. ^eu&sflLDiT^w. Audit. iSd^iVLo. ^ffiiiiffQufr. gj .smrQiiSLf. Arsenic. ^smi. Astonish. August.g'iTeo']. sushrrui-j. «i_*. wjS. (^QRUL^^-srriu As you please Ascend. s=iTLDuSo.128. 141. ^^. iS. ssusS 64. 40. sLnLDmsirdr. Auction. 57.root. 62. (B^SJ eufffecH'S^LJu®^^. Attention. ^iLj^S'S^irdso. erQ-pLoLj. 62. (^smui. suli^huret of ^rff^nsw. [&dsi). 62. Augment. n-i—Qasr. Fall ^a^^^ngi. eutriLdQ-a^eoeij. be. uAsLDrriL. (^(SB^eij. ^fS. ^ssSeu^. 21. 3=u^U(skr^is. Astonishment. ^s. Assemble. Asafoetida. 62. Qam. 62. Attempt. SiidaiT&)^rE!TLDiT. Atom. •a^mveuiTs. Audience (of a great person). /j5/@. App. Atlas. s^dreSiurrS. Augury. si^^(seim^^&>.INDEX Arrack. s(n\d Ask. Astringency. euirsmiD. erd^giZTLD. fEn'<m^s<ssr. ^(Sh^a^ih. Atonement. ^suld. ^<d. 62. ^^i^ui. 170. Augment (in Gram. UITITLDfft. ^Qiurrdssmi—LD. . Q£ijlL(^. Art. Ass. Assay. Ashamed. sk^u^dQsireir (^. Arrest. Atheist. euLpdauuLf. tSsBes)^. Arrow. (^s^rrfff. 62. Js if. 64. As. Arrive. LfssSi—Lh. •s'lrnrrujLD.242. s^2oS!sr. Aslant. sf^uf-enir. grsiiu). 115. sessri—Siji—Qcsr.. Asleep. 64. ssusstld. once. i§liuiriJjffjTiB<srr(dr. ssLD^Sl. erd^ifldesis. (^eueun'dQwrEjim. . Article. •s^ireu^irosn}). that juncture. S<£Iit^^. Arrange. iFE/ffizi). Aside. . eSlQ^^^iVfrdQ. ^ds^rfliULD. Asp. sfwem^. Attract. sBuiiit^ift 64. Arsenal. lUp®. ^eoiL'S^emu). Artificer. /srr^mn. <3=&nu. 62. QiB^^isnT. — At At.3=!Ij 252...] Arrears. uirGuiBojirrremw. Shoot eriL. . Ascetic. Slda=uS^ffuQua-. 190 [^<f^ vii. Q^frmjDiosSsrrrrLD. Qs^fr^L^^irm^nui. Assurance. Q^irLSedrre^.3= 190. ^esS. 64. u® UJIM. 64.).^(s8q. (^<sorri^dQ^n'<dmL^(fH. ^i—fsunSldems. Qurreo. ^®. LDihjSauaiTs^Lh. Assistance. . Asthma. yjiSluui—ULjoo^st}}. Assembly. QuiLi^. /ELL6F^^jjd(^/jSI. Qatreoih. sfleiics Attend to. 62. Attorney. 64. eadsirsn^-. 62. ergu. As usual. 158. 161. Arrow. Augur. iSifffTiudSl^^ili Ascertain. 251. iSffiH. ^mLj. Red Artery. iSffUj^^euriJi. Attach (property). ligii [s9y^]. 165.s^djffQsfr&>£sQ<^iTeir. . 70. Asia. Assure. Assault. 64. QuQ^iaefriuLh. QeiriDLj. Array. <F/r^ Assist. Power of — sudSsv.~\ Asunder. Qup-isd. [ua/^*. uaei^rressTLn. LCi(rp^uu/^L-esi. s^lLi^ld. np Ashes. i^api^Lf. sl. . S-q^uul^ [^s^rrrrLjs'Qi. II. Q^irSiii. Associate. 64. ^£jS. 70. ^ireij. ^^Q. Assert. Guem-euirSl. — iSlrr^^QiusLDirtL/. sniff Q-fit.^SJ. 64. Asylum. 254. 170. eSiftiuisk Attribute. ^frd(^. Sl^^esifriuirtu.

Bamboo. uits-. rSeo^pQsirw. ehuulj. ^<r<FLD. QiDpsiL-L^. ^e£liT 64. Qsrr^L. ^q^Qi^^uju}. giQuir. Band. Awhile. OLDiriLetai—. slL®. i^^rresnh. Bad.^dsiTrr<^. iS^upu).) Qs^rrJ^s^LO. ^(e^@<ss<sas. 64. Avenue. ^lL(cS)l—. ^uSeoih.U.®.INDEX Aunt. Award. ^^sirfisa. The authorities. uap^fT'Sar. 93. aQFj^^ir. Axis. [/_//r<sS] 68. iSasn-jpesS. (Bd a<omd(V).^. ^gtreotr&fffiLiek.cmeu. ^n-ero^ffiEisioBiso Qps^^emrr Qeo. Awkward. — — for weighing. s-p^Gsr®. pin. uiE^. ^^ otisztsq^O^z/Juj ^p. Qs(ri—iT<S. ems uuLpssLSe^eorr^. ^smj^. 256. ^<oarr. @l3h.^e8iuirQsr. sulLishld. sin^si- ^ap^- iSipQ^s^^gid Baby. s^p^iQissLD. &. ^3=3?. S-em ijp. — Ball. Authority. 141.(w«(S!B<s^ Awful. ^LpuuLDirssr. Q^LDLD!r_g)ir&. eaffih. Banish. semrr. uekruf. B. SeoQeiidsir. . (^Lpiem^ Bachelor. App. uir<o0. (^€0s. Gaeueuir^. 8 Banns. <sS(T^^dQsirLp. Bangles.sisk. ^^Siufriui}). Baggage. gionir^^esr^^irir. ix. ^-(sssrssii—.Qi—irdoO. Author. Average. 62. eauL- Away. QiopQsr-A. 62. Q. ^3^s=iT<ss£l. epetrei^^LD. .S-uQiLirrsuu®. ^dQQiuirek. again. 258. 62. Aurora. ai—SLn. (c^<. ldlLisl.5=(SS3r®. Q en iLt—iSsrisf — — — Back.s&iiLDi-j.) erQ-gui-j. 237. Qen^t. uiussur Bail. ^sQetaLo. QsiLu. i-ipiij<x^pe\3. ^^ssrsfl^.Qso. — Banian. ^^urasurih. 62. s^rrtrd^rUdseimrdi. 215. iS^. eurruiLi. <^iiLL(BuuLi. ^^sssriurrsar. QpsKQ.iu&'a-. Baldness. 2_^a/. Bake. Qp^^emrr. Backward. Axe. 242. aeoi—LurreixB. s=as(^. <sS&i/r<ss(SK Qs^uj — Bank-note. PQKihueijLh. <FtrLDrr<osr. 3=irSso. slL. — verb. 237 fidso]. iSI&h^. of Arts. s^gi. Bank. Qstrsr. Avoid. ^^ai-DiTUj. ^siT^.ujp0 lL® Banner. Awl. #^/e/sb5<s. ^irLD^Loirear. a-(B. Qpemi—u>. eudsniuih. (sSIlLi—ld. Awake. ld(I£.s'^pliLtLD. (trans. isi—qs^ld Awning. &. Qarres^l. QpiiiQeo. LDL^ULj. bone. u smsr^eia s^ Ss Q-3=/r<sttl<oS}S. 6S(rr. dance. biting. uiUEisnLDiresr. S-QrfiTL-L^dsrrijsk. a^^gi. Austerity. sheet. ^^smjih. QpgiQ. [g/TL/^air] lS&bt.tSekussLh. Qp'SO. / was not. ^ lL(B QpL-(B . Auxiliary. ^es)L-UjfnsiriD. publish. u^rrems. i-lpestfKSus-^ei). (10. aessr L^UL^. afli^.. Avail. £iBj(^. <sau. ^esiLDtLnresr. 13. evessri^ei'. [<a. Balance. Bag. Awe. — — Axle. tree. Babble. ^Ssa s^gn. Axiom. II. adai-. Bale. ^eouLj. Avarice. u<oB!sri^. UL-ami Bandy. ^rjil). Bait. Baker. .^. An authvrity. (^rj^ic. ^lu. [^iiy/rsjr. LCfs^LDfr^ssr. FSLLif. sirrftiLidsfriicir. aSsO(g. Badge. ^!jit». Quppsiim.] Ayah. gj . ^<cdLDrjLh. s-Gsu/ruzi). 62. tree. ^uirei^. uit^^iuim. Balm. siLi-?m gj® Aware. QuirssmsTLD.

s=. Quirir. ldSI 62. 62. G2.^6ra/D. Bathe.ia»^ ] [ts=(T/3«^^i5D. ^ u^en S^. 6jQi<ssrm(Tijiso. a^eeii— (com. g)t5L. Si-Lqia). [ Beatitude. iSid<ssi'FQseir. Qldq^^. Beak. Qwgn. 58. Qto^eia^. Base. /f/f ibitiL. Barley. s^&nrema. ^sst^iudr. Qcm'eistsfl. <£s«z_sS'^. Beetle. Bat. sfrtp. . is^rrssr^L- Beam. IT lu. v. J)0 [^@. (g Qimit^. 2_ Beard. Bargain. 145. <3=iTemi— smLi^d si^utSl®. [*0loLj|].e-f:i-]. 60. iun'<9^. wsiosrpp. [Christian usage. &)!T. uem QafftiQ. Be cleared Basket. cF/E/5^(iS^] 84. p. ^Lp(^. 64. S!fiS'>iBiuimvr. isireSi^m. ri/ijansSlL-i—LD.^n} ®p^\sjp(^LDnl grey/r^]. Q^egr. n. Quifim Barren. qp(wssitlL(B 62. Basin. Qp^^. uuf.'] . Become a person. . 66. &eiiQ^ih^. ULD.. Bead. s<5!r(^&LULh. ^itl^. II. @^. 64. i—eiirufr(B. Bashfulness. 62.- 0<S(6J«-. uirs^em/D. LSnhsili. euem® Befall. ^(5 Become. Strinff of 62. uirdStuih.^ Q eu eff ei] (gstft. iB(msii[r<sm ^^(^^Loum. Qs=efrii^rfliLiLD. euirp Qsrrs^Loe^u. 60. ld(^ Batta. /BfrsssnD. 57.<st^. s&)ld. Beat. eta<3= ems s!TL-® 62. b2. as rice. 263. Qensm®. ^sS^^. Bark. aiirrft. LDekQ)'® 158. ass^sCoSinrsiD^. 68.^4L. Qugii. — .] ) — (of Bar (of metal). ^lL®. ldjilj <i^eoiEj(m. u®d@as. QajirdQiuLDiruSiQ^. fT eo . np(Lgd(^.si—<k) Bayonet. Baysalt. 98. ulLsbl Beast. Beaver. in a garden. Sirasanb.rr(&n in hands. these. Barrack. Bee. ifiriT®. Barrel. Bare. Bearer (palanquin). . 64- 158. Giarr^^. sh^s^^a^ui. 62. (Qmmi^rBfrssrLD.sLhu6izr_^. Barber. Beget. Bed. ^su en frds Bear. •F<smr<o!oi—. a door). UL-eiai ^//?. Barefoot. ldscl^. 3i^a(^!j(S® Bay. Qeujpsiijsrrisd. idlSstreiiLJLj. 9 . (S)t^irs. ujS). er/E^ tSij<3=sQ 62. 70. LD(wd(^. 3. (as waves. Barn. . IT fj Lh ^ifieitiretsr. QainsmLp. — uir^p. QuiTg)!. unip \_unLp /Seuii)]. cKs»L_.) these]. 68. QuiruSl. Beauty. ^@. QLDml-^FITfh/ifiLb. Be well beaten. 161. final — 62. a=Q. Beat against. — up — — an'iEi(^. QLofriLs^LD. 117. 64. 66. epLDLn. Qeupgjissrr&i.. s'wax. — — of a torrent. ruxzki-i npm. Qloc^. Qun-Qfj^^iM. QulLl^. 64. V. uemi—Lofrpg}!. CDinp. ^iripuunip.Lpiriu. [LSuumu'] (a tube) Lpii) (ff. Beggar. «i5L. \Q1 ^sejsitl^ [<F. npekearQiD. 160. uemi—aa^trSso. Examine &ic. Because. Bath. uL^^ Q^eoeij. wesS.a^ilui^. Qu^u. iS^dscsr.INDEX Baptism. uiremh. Basil. n. &LJurh^u>. ^L^. ^i-p-. 6lairiT^^. Battle. sjeirSl. 64. cross — a^i. . ein. a bat to play \vith. (wekearLh. Bazaar. Qpd(^: ujn^smeuQps^. @^^. ^ihuLLi—sir. Beg. a child. . etiirss>ir<^iLL-\b. Beau. '~ (^ ( I ) ^-^^rrih. ilj^^ld. — another. Beckon. Be an. 62. iSdem^dsuffisir. 62. 64. Q&auLjdsiriidT Barter. 157. Qs^etSuiS. 'iiir^snir. off.] Barbarian. 64. adj. (T/3(7^@. Be. &u/EiresT(QQ^uj 57. m/EirssrLh^ —^Q^mLLf. QieiH® Before. 93. Bawl. 221. iSlQeoa^^esr. s^LD. iresr. .

it Betel. Bible. p(ki> Qsu 22-5. si]itei(^.f<?^ Behead. Beverage. Bishop. (Sw«-<s@. sr<F'S=ffldeia. a'?s(r. sssr . efruc . gH. ofsS*.225.. Qsu^ Lfm^sLo. Sp(^. lSIj [a_iS3brtp. Below. ^<cSi!rds3=a^. uirearLD. SIiulS._tp. meir^.) (top i§lsijf\s Qurr®. (speaking in one's). ^siis(S). 158. — 10 ^em®.] 64. ^eird(^LD/T^. Belly-ache. i3 3sr :e^Q <oC: . Benumbed (Be. s^tflaj. ^ei!)t—uSQe\). 62. uiiSK^iULD. Better. (g^aSI Birth. L'^emaf. euuSlgu. ^(if)Sirs9. Ocj^s^lo/t^. slL®. f/rtu. QajfT^ssriM. 64. p. Believe. [l9^^]. smLL-rr. Big. d^ist)/E/«»<s]. ^^LDiT. ^HLhtSl. (e8(B). 62. Bier. . Q Betray. tSuair^^. ^suddnh. lELOiSldeias. ^uunQso. Bit.) sflwj^. 182. Betel and nut. s t^en tr s^d(^. ffjQrriTSLD ueisr^ii. QLDppffLn e-d:'3<g. 154. Bill. sisisTi—LD. ^sSff. u(m^ci. QeupjSlS^.62. Qsirenesys.) ^lL®. Quffl-u. ^ULjpui. G's/rLL®. 62. gj(F)^§l. Bend. 62.^. S-usrririh. ^(tjoj/t^i^. [i^aYr]. Behind.) Qpdi^.'^ir Qsir®. sd^s. s. to Bile. LD&n. Loestfl carefully. Bellows. spSl. 191. Betroth. Loesru up 48. m®Qeu. semsires^iUiTiT. ^'iffiSai. wp(^(sssnh. uirir.) isinsr ^. Q^rri^. Besides. ^ikiecnTLo^LD. smLL^d Qair®. LciudsLD. rEm(cmLC). ^(kouu® ^aLouLo.LDrr(S!r. Bisect. Belongs to him. Be— . 190. euiiSfljpjeueS. (1.. euir Q. ^^esrearih. Sip. [^iSBjip. ljlL©. 64. (gsofl. afli_. ^ffiSl.til/^^ Behold. Q^rr II.p Benjamine [Benzoin].^^LhssiU. 131. 62. sQF^imh. Bird. ®L-. iSlpe£l. sesardQ^.^m^ uiLLSli@ii>. ^lSit 64. and n. Benefit. Beware. _@0 Ffflu uisTSirdig^. &jSodso). iSlpuLj. (g^s Bewilderment. 64. 62. ldq^&t. 19. 196. L_®@. (256. Besom. 'i^S}id(^. for a hor. umnaL—. @. ^^ ^esit—uuLD. u-^^LD. ^€U3S)ir3= Q^qt^iIi. Behalf. 131. eunnhQsfreo. siTL'tM o/osar^. Bison. e^Lpluj. Bind. «. ^<s=ib^. 212.FfTLhiSlrrrr'ss^. Bid.uja)].) eflfi?.s \ -. A bigwig. uit(B. 84. aiLu. 77. euuSjbQ/Dfft^ Belonging to. 251._ii).5. 64. ^-pgnuuirfr.7 SiC. Best. (2. 64. Benevolence. eSufeutrs^iM. Q^iTU'sau . Belly. lS^^ld (a.INDEX Begin. ^rrcSS^j (Q^eaea ^slQl-. To the best of my knowledfje. (tppgusina Quit®. 134. (Port. .] Between. QuQr^k^dBH. npi^d 160. 62. eg-av. comp. ^irihu^ic^LD. tSeaafl.) a/cstr. Beginning. Bell. 11/10 Bench. 64. SSffL-L C'omp. (211. Qsn^^. Besiege. ! 202.) Beyond. ^asiflisi/. Biped. QfEfrd'ff). ^ew/r (e^iressr. (ipi—iEj(^. [ gg)/. 6JUULD Belief. @j^(?6=^^ii) comp. QsitlL. 62. Bet. 62. 57. 170. ^®^^. ^luir etTLD. 64. 196. (72. [Examine these (sfl«<ay/rS \_'3=^iEj(S!as. Q<Si](mr® 158. ^rr(azri—SLD u&sar Belch. uskr^^a. &. V Is it right f^Qj sslLi^Qsj Quse^iriDiT respect no one but treat all alike ? Belt.

Blotting paper. 0^/r&. Q^rrpuuLc. Qisugjiiij a®^fr&. (oT^LDLj. 72. 0«/risDiP«aJr. ^ffih']. (suiriij(m. Q/E(6J<p \_Qp&\i. Booty. — BoiTow. Qpi—eir. eii Blade of a weapon. (1. Bondage. \uiB^LD~\. lS^fq. . Qsrr^ a-esari—dsmu. Bladder. \_^iTLp'] Blighted. LDODisj&coinssr. ^i^Quir. Seoiip. /sff^^y. sL^. sLhtSettl. [. Borax. Blunt. 56. s qrld ir (asr . sQFjLD. esiLD. ^lu-i n. Blood. Qsrrs-g)].212. ueir/SI. 64. 64. LDesii—iueir. ssm eflt^. QsslL® si—ek<siiniEj(^. 62.s=6V>s»ai. Blossom. Qsrruuecorr. s. {<a^ir^Lh).jy«v)g|. A blind man. 62. eijn'fEj(^. Booth. 2-^. Vbgi. Boiler. Blab. [^sLhuemh']. L/sw^sLc [sr®] Boot (something to).) sfrL-®u ueirjS. [C^/r ea^rffiL'LD. ^euuu. ^. sekr ai—m Qfifff-urr^. {_s ill Bonfire. Bliss. become. QtS/T'SrrSjrr £_(ani_6ini£}. qplLl—ld . Boiled ^circarLh. erfflurd^Lh. Bond. ueoems. (suls-ldlj. (2. sQut^.] uii^rr. <g=s^.INDEX Bite. ui—Oi. ^fei^LD. ^L—ld. out. QsiT(Lgi^']. Bore. LSl^m^. UQ^. ^-pu<£i. Blush. (noun. Bolt. . ^essr Blessing.64. [_s-L—iT. Blockade. ^ULJssip. Bleach. s_i_a). LDiriTLj. ^tsorr. ^aiffi. Qsiriki lisdiij \_ii<sos='S=muLD']. ^/rflsi-. msig)i eujjLDLj. (Q(^LLu. 249. 66. eueo 62. Blow Blue. 228. 64. Boil. ssL^^aLo lS^it^. suL^. [^^] 2. 3=n^<mu. ^ff^^LD. QurResruLD. eSsi^sL^.lL(Bi. 62. &r err ld . Blue-vitriol. Border. Blaze. . Qp^9iL®. semrr. II. Qenesursfrrnl). Oafif s@iS8Jr®. {Q&aui^ QuQFf&siLDuaainL® ^iTiLu Qua-.i. @&. ^lishp. — . V. sniu. Q^eu^^ei^etsru^. Blasphemy. s?*. wiiissfLn. 62. sucker. — — Blockhead. Body. — — Boar. Qurr(B [_(Lpp£iies>a']. . ^'L^issius^^esrLD. Blank paper. <^i^ {_^ il-esi i—'] Book. of the eye. e^LDLj Qu» 62. Blot.3-trgij. ^-^ffLD.n iB -i lJd . ^rreueo pipe. Q^sii. «an<s. Sp. Q. Q^iresfl. Qimn Bomb. LDITS-. ma^ (^tpev. (^a^i—etr. (^lL® (g^ . 64. Boat. QsrruLjefrLD. Bleed (act. Loeoir.s?. <cs>& . 3iS1TlijSL£'. [146. ^fs^assr. Blame. Qeup Blanket. Qpd(^ ^is^ Blow. s.F/ftrz-D. QuiinLemi—. Block. \_sirppL^. LS)<S(g 62. sffiitliLj. . Guxsofl. Qei](^. ^dj-d^esiip. ^esir smith. SlwLp. (g0®. s(B^[r9>. evrT/ac^. Bone. emrui-j [sr is\} 3so. (SjL^eja^.nLLL—LD. III.273. ~~ eiu^sSCBrto] " ~ 1 . Boast. 160. Bitteruess.58. ask 19. rice. SSmp. (BemLD. siMLDfT [srrii).eBihi-j. A ( — . 190. [qp eir (ef^'j lS'\ . Blind. Blotch. ernuLD. 57. . euiEjr^. (s^pptQ s^niL-® 62. epuLD. the nose. Bosom.SLlsiDi QjP^ QpiL® s. Boots.s^/r Blindness. e^is^asr. [(?LD/rgi/r. ueme^. 62.] Board. as^uu (sn^uLi J-l'B'l. I— Qp^ am QeuSso. V. Born be. ^sunjLD 64 Qi^eS. 273. ueiresrs^irSs^. at-®.ldk — Blow. lS^sq. 2_l_u)L/. O^irSso 57. Slemp. ^am.. 64]. ^jeap. Qldjj. 62. Q&rr Qeu^ s/rir Blunder. ^ <sitil a ld ^ L-. (LopiSi& ^uireiieSl. 64. Bog. ^sS). Blast. [=gy(^ Black.- lj<sl^uld. @^lL®. sQf). 64. 64]. ^rruuiTsn.) ^i^. l^susffl. Blister.SiEj @^^ Boldness.) ^a^. ^SfirsurrsiLo. 188.) a^ikis^i^ira.

Brick. ^j@. Q . ^L^. 64. Qip ^Siin'rrLD. Bounty. sSew"<s@LD/r^.s&>~\. Brand.} «. Brown. Broom. SpQt^ga.. ^eai Brevity. cloth. Qe^uLf. QLDfrd(^si9. Bring forth. ^•y^rew^—^. s/E^aui. eun-ffirej^. @<5ca-. ^jTem®Ln. s^(5m!—LJULD. How. Brutishness. ffsurr. — Bubble. Qp^. ^-SiirrjLD. 252. 62. Bring. np'S=a-suiTiEj(^. ^'(TffeS. l^l-li. ^eiDip. Broker. Q^Qld&o^ (Tea-table). Brimstone. m®. etnLD^^eareirLDJ=3^e!!Teir ^MskresyLD. mqh.'i etJirir. 93. si-sun^^LD. uitsold. ^co Brim. l-jlLl^. . eu3!xiuij>. e^iTiki Bud. Bride. Qsirppm. Brightness. msi-i. eusmfr. 64. (^i—eo 273. [254]. Brute. — — Q^. day. Brass vessel. S-QuaL-L^.. ^iLtp. 64. ^afl®.INDEX Both. \^sld\. Box. Qsirthi-i. QstrS!.. 3i^L-. euffiju). £-ii)-e_ii. — fr (Lp/S>. Bravery. LDrriruj.1. Brother-in-law. a(cmiTafTi^sm<g. . [265. ^aeoih. <3= sir fB lu ld efl<s 215rSpto. e£lffl<mj. Fill to the ejniiqtDCQiboJirir. 62. urrescfl. Breath. ^irifJiUsQsneo. Qp^^^eS® F/siQrr<xLh. Bottom. . 259. Qs=fr^. <9=Qs/T<siTesr. QianLJS).'] Break. Bough. QarruLieS. in lSiTITiSS!^. QaiT^ [_@5TO^<s=/ra)]. — . 194. (ips^a-. ^(ossTih. iSlrrsirs^LD. ^/r<g. II. uemrr. Bribe. 211. aisjs'sssnh.Ssir. 62. 180. Bracket.uSpiii 3<sii0sr. afl^/rai . Bridge. X.^. 64. Bowl. QeuemssOLo. 2_a. a <s-®. UffULj. Breathe. QstrsmQeufr 50. Qemssaru). (sllQ. ^QF. 62. S-uSitlj — out ^s/f. &=irjpi. QUL-l—SLD. Brasier. ueoems^triijS. ^eflrr. lSq^sld. A Boy. 7. Brush. iS^s. Oo^ldl/ A pp. a'^si. ^i^. LD-r^nm. 131. enrrihu. [com. UL-i^uusio. Qu_gii Bring up. 68. 228. iE(i^d(^. . S9^. ^ismr l3 &rdsir Bracelet. sm^rr Bray. Qusi^ip.s.airjT^ Brokerage.^eoLD. 68. 64. Brick kiln. Broth. L8(Tf)S^&ieir. pustules. ^usisir. Bowels. eStjili. (V)lQl^. . Slasm'] Qdsir. 64. Qsirareil. Brackish. Q^ihaeo {_uits. 62. (^LpiMLj. s_(groz 64. sS^rrffOLD. uift^nesrLD [eo^-Fii]. QLCfTiLQ l: GiLD!Te(^<sir. Bottle. ujjirsQnLDLD. Boundary.seiair. Qi^rr^s(3). airuu./f. ea<sdff^eS . ^sfl. Brain. 146. 268.158.(S)Sm be-ed. QulLl^. [_lS^1. LDeSSrSiJITlLL^. [Lf^thlj (sk . ssir(^eir. @®C?u/r® Brook. saULo. Bran. 0«/r Bucket. QsniMU. ^arsupp. [SiljS^.130. sr&^&o.g^inij. s^seosT^^ [^^] p.] Uff-safl.^<sO*/rsrr. Bruise. [ot^sjtld. Gumu illL^)s^ esiuiuesr 13. u Lj BIT ld'] G)/E(g# Breakfast. tDemeuireii] ("from LD<oS!^ei}msirek). eSeiffLDU.] \_jii^rj<sii.LDL^. Brass. eSrfliULn. ^tiosar'smesr. ^ Qi iiSI /ft uj ld . thump. o-qi^ssld. ^irrfl<ssis. shemCSl sSeo [@(55'^i^]- Bridle. ^ihSl. i^Qrr Qp^. £S^ . ^s^it [©_<S(Sto^. ^uuua [^s/r Breadth. ^i—ssui. Branch. eumir Broad.s a ujp 64. up. Bricklayer. ^seoLDiTfw. SL^sumstrLD. Qsitulj [say/f. Q s Breast. tsT'SOtsms. a breath. Bread. Q/F/r^si/gj. Brother. (gSw. ^^usituld. S-Uiu Be short Ill of — . lBq^ss c^emu). Boundless. eS&o.

srohesiLD.. 62. ^u^^. u6si£lu!T!jLD. 239. £64. 138. UjT®. (Lp^&). SirlBlULD. ^i—ssld. Calamity. 98. (^^ rB ev^^. ^//?. Qsirmim). 64. (gcsaar®. Cage. 215 uttr® . . 64. eruuL^iuLo By the side of. . ^rresur. Cap. Cannot Canopy. Sl^ Butter. Qs <asm ikiQ . By. srism^^a. Burst. 62. Bulk. s^®l1i 103. 184. ing aiL® Cake.arfi/fl]. <s/r?<5rr. 117. Calf. ^u^^. ^ff-3: umuLn. Bundle. Ljpe£^Lp. £-a''i_. ^L^. . 273. IT 62. Cape. ^^ffil. ssmfJ. V. «^ul5)®. Can. Butter-milk. S'S^rruLidsiriTsk.'] Candle. Quagaui-j Burial. [A cancelled liond.) uiriLi. C'al)bage. STQf)^. (5^. ^i—ssld uem^^u. calf. ^ldbB. ^sshd. riB^LD./f (y^ev&orr. Qi-niB. args Qat Qp^ • But. Bull. Quit. Qurr^u lj Canal. stsagi. 93.Buffalo. (ff)^si g. Qs^lL®. UL^iri^rnJa. QsrrsssriaQ^jS'r Cable. 57. Qarr^^. UQ^LD<s:r. 70.LD. fnk^iD. un^iL'LD. 117. ^irdtv.. npiLeai—. Calomel. 64. uqeldim. Calumny.s^euto. u!ru![ULf.160. ^LDiHdeeis. ^®<is<sm eu#-ldl/. ^®. ^tlj_io. ^^:uaiTff&r. eiietn^. &mg)i& 84. m^jeu&i. Q^FEjscir^. QeuLf. euessr^sar^is^u fly. ^naiirnib. Q. [Qs^. J [^sw^^ffl/.. 149. Qendsi. gjmmniLi—LDiTUj^ Buy.uekri^LDtr® {S. / J can. Qen. (^LpuuLD. Calm. unuu). <slLi—l-ld. Cancel. ./r. ^en^/rg}. of a pillar. 62. -FtiLDii^. ^pchej Bunch. <s-i^Lf. GisnssiB. 62. QshtlBiM S-^^QajfrsLD. Calculate. fbliruu/E^LD. SL-BaiD. ia. Caper. CLD/r.'\ -saflir. sir^pp Qp^. ( iSdsoar^) enaisjc^. eSiUiTurrjiLD. QsulLi—it^}!.64.zJ_®. Bullock. (Eng. Q}€iJ<EmQ)<5miu — 58. 8srr(S(^ 62. work. Butler. (^Sso. Bury. QsqFj. . [^'.s<sssS.58. 101.. Cane. Cancer. Bullet. Jo''. [190. Bug. sugar — ^l^. Camp. — — Build. SIT^. 126. iSrriijQ. Lj&nfi. G) ld Q£ . UQF. d^ifl. i^Qu^ld. Lj^lT. 62. Button. Bush. slLQiI QeuSsi. eflecT Butcher. \_&puLD. SljjLnLi Butt. euL—ssuS^ 131. 202. ^^ulj. y^S. ^LLi—irrju ^cfS. . gjsirm^. P/SSiJ. ^l—UU>. Capital (money). uQi^ssirrrm'. errff Calyx. si—ei) Qp'issr. Qsir^sieirLD. 52. (ipSssr. mfgioi—.. ^jmsmmi—. ^(saLD3^3:(S0. Burn. ^ui-j(m^. eraJTiStpG'su ^tgii [«L-0ii)]. arrdstr. 58. eS Cackle. Bustle. Q^iruiS. Gq^ssufcfl. semdQ® (S^L—l^ . euiriLssirio. Qi^p^tLLp. 57. ^Q^Q3i.® 1. QpL-'3S)l—U Cadence. i9. s-emLDssiL. QpiL®. 107. ^uirnjiij. QeuL^d^u oJotq] . at— aafl. Gsfl-sflsru. c. Camomile. Q^Lp. ehJ® . (s^lLisld. By all means. sQFjUiLf. SesrLjpetxfl u t£i s^ -f rr eo Burden.5^a. ^'OTip. Bulwark. (^LSip. Call. a/r^ iid(^. ctot-^Gsj ^^"'S' [(Tp^LtUIT^J. 64. U(^s^ffLh. Carcase. Business in general. Calamus. . 153. Qurr^]. t3&ssnM.i_ii). Buffet. . Cannon. ^o^. Camel. — 13 One who possesses Qp^pBrnreir. 52. iQuiTL-'svif. Sr^eear®. 168. LSetrsmeu. . [aui—r^] cannot. 62.

Censure.<ssrgji 57. s^^^ld. sLDtSusSu ^^S. Cattle. 80]. entpdQ). OeuiL®. 64. . Ceremony. Cellar. 190. £?«. ^^siru-ssann. Care. 62. ^Qr^em®. uireu^ssr. (siirrruLj. 93. iSlS^^ix iSujir Carelessness. Cease.. (^enjDQsirecesa.) QulLlsl. ^®Quit® <ore=3=ifl&icSis . ot^ 6ji^. Q<slS. 68. Catechism. iSsld. Instrumental — ^dsumasirseienb. suen. SpjStssru — . Cataract in S-g}l^. eriftu.182. lS ir^ ir ssr^ em ^. uems. (XDj3. 62. seisr^ii [for Cardamon. iSSosiiLr. sqFjLdiIi. @(2to<e.INDEX Capricorn. 161. . 62. ff^ir^. ei'^s^rfla Catholic. 64. 57. Qldss-. Qsir(mTi—iT®. 215. 158. LDrrLS^^^<i s®^^. su-ikii^. II. Certainty. X(T^eS. eye. Chaff. I. ^st—il 111. ufiu^. ib®. per. Cent. ^ S= s' Cause and rr . ld^^. Caustic. ^I—LO.56(111).^ ©. 14 . ansiLD. enirir (S)<ovld. sLp. u^ 64. In law. sfsniDs^sS 66.L-eii'hssr. Castor oil. . it etrix Q^uj<^. ^suuCB^s^.seuSso.) euirsasru). CTisy. Cause to [do. sem Caste. 57. ^iudseo. Censer. siTjessr sniftoj s^ihu/h Carpet. Catalogue. peueSiu. Qism/D. (tpsiri^inh. ^<s=3=esr. Carpenter. Cauterize. . siriS. Q^ff^irstDSvds/riTssr.i^Lcrresr 50(25. e^sniruji^. e£l®. 107. Quns^eu iretsr LoiT®. . !_iruLj. 64. QssssremL-. Centipede. — unF. sihiSeif). Cash. Qit. s^ ru> d ^w. . ifia^. ueisrup. ^ireij. Captain. s^ IT n ui] 157. Cause. 62. envrflS. (of metals). er 3^ a= iB . ems:. Quit®. . 161. ^^ -®. LDirasr. Case (in Gr. Be caught. yS^-^ [ys93<^] ^iL. lditlL® Carbon. . y/j/rair. lj^it. ^^usseosth. . LULD [<FffS55i tnireajt 231.2bB. uirtTQpsii Cause (in court). s^lS. 62. V. if-.. Qurr^. ufiih. Cast iron. Caution. Cat.3^11 iff effect. ^rB. (box. pay Carry. ^-uQ^S. . ^suu®.] Celestial. metals. First Carnel.tssiIi. 'B®€aLDUJLD. Cart. — Carriage. Catechist. ^jj^LD. Captive. for . sld. LDsnnrr^.sirLD<sm . (su^ld. iSeL^emL iSs^s^luu). Q^susitiB. «/-0Lj err ii). Carve. Carp. *®. e^tTensiT^sTLD. Cement. 6siT». Quit . s'SuearLo. U^^ULD. [^^. p. 242. QpeoLo. QeupgnicSiLD. ^-es)iT(^sfs^tsfruD. Si!Trkj(m. Car. senssr^ \_isp IT IT esunh. fire. u^gu.). /sit emiLiLD.70. — Cast. i5if 64. ^'£ii. tlie Chafe. J ^^LL<sini . ai^s(g. Celebrate. lj . ^<f^. u®^gj. ^® <SB LDiT® u^^rjua. SireSs^rrrrLn. QuQ. eSuja^Siuih. Caterpillar. Castrate (animals). g£IuJ. ^pg)i&(S). U U L—IM Centre. 62. emiDiuLD. ^iLi.a(g. swrr. (conveyance. g: IT <SU Si IT (3H LD Cave. ^ITLDITSSTLD. Carbuncle. /Eaoi—. ^sksu/eisld.fJ. ^a. isw^sjotlo .@. Casting en IT IT ^esijri— suireinh [gun metal]. ^l^h^ibld. Qsiremeu. io!e\)(SijeiniD.] Cedar. uitld. i9. sLL(BLDrnh. 64. LSecth. lSuuit. 68.<S(g. sir^ih. uiszsrz-b. eS(em affsK'Z—. (suTTisj(^. LD/rsditSl. rS^^eusTih. Cassia. 62. C^/f. Catamaran. u^^siso. s^i^^^n. a^^srfi.. [160. Cask. 6T^. ^. Swemfl. ^^(ii/'LDismrs Century. ©/r/r. LD. [G«<5f. Catch. Cardinal [point]. Qs^i^u^. tSifu®. QseisrQKzm'lj.

0LD<a)j2/. Circle. ^«9. Chest. sesresnh. urrevsL-L^. sldi't. \_ld it rri-j'] en oj mr ld Citron. QuirQfj&Qi^esLp^^eC). Chair. Circumcision. QLDir&'iiu&ssr^)!. S (Th. api-f. &lLl^. ^mp. Chance hy. S^ITfJLD' airifliuu:}. 57. Circumstance. Chin.64. fill. ^dsuLo. /5/rs!OT]. 268. int. Chalk. (^srrjjLD. Cheapness. u&}io\}euLD. IT iki Q(Sujpiu(B^£jj (v. ^tree)i—. iSendsiT. @ &£SLDLf. ff^ps^L-® (Eng. 64. [_LDiriftu^^']. (Sul-I—ld. QsfrL^i<i(^(^s Chief (person). sq^ldlj. s^l^.eil ITS LD W^^. Chicanery. Charity. LSIdFCio^F. ^pth [^ Church. s. appmeij. ^^Ssir. Challenge. Chamber.) Qlosv ^^ap. a/rsBBTi—iii. ^6mp<^(B. 167. eoujLD. (\. Q^rft.] — SFUI-I. Sn_i—LD. int) LD r^/S s. ^itld/e^. 3il. Chariot. Chisel. aQuirsfrLD. QumLD. sneds^iiis^) ^eci. 62. (SDiriLasneo. 3=ikiQii^. uQ . — for the worse. L^L-ii). Chord. uire^tssr [^iSen'^ uiriB. iFfrSso. with a crime. tSlisfrsmlj. 56. fuL-Suii. 57. ^iejs^. ^^^ujitijjui. O^/TL-zraj. ^a@ (Tpd. Chronology. iLes. LDITGSTLD. ^&)ui-i Cicatrice. (^Q^Si^LDTru . Cipher. «s5)t— 62. Cinnamon. se^iL®. -rgjrjrt'SLD. fbrr^arreS. agueuiruuL-eisi—. tr.) s-pgv^io. 62. ^^rff. eii®. ^Qa®.s€mL-. LDtrgii. the cud. uireSujLD. 16.Q. i-i rr . GSSTLD. Q ld n sn it iu s <s Qsvl^ulj Channel. . Circumference. . aQr^iL®. uff=(S3=rri^. g^pgjl. Chink. <su_^. Chapter. ^h^ld V. u^Pitld. — bed.. Sen^etruQugii. giiiS® 2_srfl. Q^iTL^iffS). Change. (^ppiQS'inL® . (^qfj^^im. ibujld.40. Qu^. L^eirefl. (v. a iTsu I— 3= li <s L-sia I— . Q^m—L ^<a. ^^s^irrrm. ^/i^rru>. Cheat. Chorus. Chieftain. s^itsosld. ^ en IT lu . 273. ^^^ Chew. Loirga^m. — hood. eninn. &mlssL-Lsf. Charge. sus^ld. ^(Wjd<3=eiau. SlLDLj. City. uQdtssis Chicken. iSiff3=eiiLD. lEffLDLj ex'ir. ^emLDa= a-emims^LDLj. Chatter. QeujbsustnLD. 8eo&)es>jD (money). ) LDfTjbjsu ^" 161. Circuit. Qurr ffiuu \_r^pp 3= . 57. Charter. rr ili Cherish. ^rftt-j. Chastity. [^/OuL/i] arfl. Chess. ^(^ir- (law. rLpdQiULDfi uj. ^jbQ lu 00 lu. Character.INDEX n. Circumstantially..^(Tjaffiio. av?^^ S^LDTT Chemistry. Chiefly. — . aSsvB®. [Q^ni—ir. sfl^is* Qs^^ostld. Qp^isi)rT<st?l. 273. Chilly. LodseiT. (?^/f. ^d&lujLD. Q'S^rrdsLLi—irnir. u&^Q'i'fTim^cir. LSs^^evmL Cheek. Choose.i^Qu^. Chain. (?iJ/ra@. QuscnLp. ^sitiuld.3: mL® uxsapuurT®']. Gc?^ -3= it Sj^tssildituj. girrs^surr^ua. 146. ^eB)o= Qua®.&2. Chip. [_suLLi aSffii. 165. 62. Cheese.'] Child.'S^rBQ^rrei^ui3. 273- Charcoal. /sumL®. Chirp. Cheev. Chameleon.j Cholera. 15 . ^s'si?ru>. Slea^p.a@. ^iTLDLn. iSff^ireS. i^smnh. &ffirlij.J Chintz.&--d3=frsLJU®^gi. Chamomile. ^&l— <£iai—il>. ulLl-OJui. ^ir^sanh. maau^iBSift. Choke. ^eenTiDsm [pi. (^f9uL-j- ^s^iL^'mTLD. Q^surr Churn. QuiLi—sih ljtB. Cheroot. Chief authority. uL-i—essTLo. QsneSik.

lj^ ^^smh. (^<si9it^&. Clash. . ^rifjQs.61. a prayer. ljq^ssixi. »(i^d. Clatter. Cloak.) s. Clerk. Cleverness. Cloud. s^ireneo [(?<yisi/ai]. Clay. 58. 60. euuSlp^&eij. Qd^Sso. ®jisodSiULa. ff-iSu. Civilizatiou.s Qsirev. Q^iF^^sir (m<omQu^LD. ^<sia<s=. @lLl^. @(5. ^rT(^. Qtop Collarbone. 64. Cold water.58. 68. ^ffl Clothes. LDuuaosr . Clump ^ani—QiDiTLS of trees. Cling. si—jOpOl-sot-jj. aLoir. Coefficient. 39. uemLo. Claim. 191. Cocoon. ^®^^. Clause. Class. Q^rruLj. [<?afla)] (in law.131.'] Coffin. Coal. npsLDosr Qus-. Cloudy. aag^^u uL-t^sma. s&flLDsisr^ Coarse. Cluster. \_Q<mi si^ li']. S)6B)ff<^<9=(a). 62. [_Qissr. 62. <F^^LDfrd(^ Clear. uQhLDUL^iLiiTaiT. Clod. Collect. Clear (off or away). ^a/gaAfg^ Q^irL—i^^ Clothe. Club. . Clap hands. V. QsFtt&a. Clumsy. ^friDrr^^ujuy. <sj(^UL^ [^iSrfle^. Q^/ri—iT^^ ussuramt. rssiLD. uqks *^^. ^l^ lS^jl. 166. (B'JJLD. Gifiiki(Q. «(KJ2rr(ea3)ir. u^eai—.3=^^. cfsk^jl otjP'lcl/. . 165. Clapper of a bell.nuLJD. l_ua^rFlujfTiT. QslLl^. Coax. s-suiTu Coincide. Coin. ^eoesisuu [u^lo]. Eng). Close. Cleft. LyL_«so(a/. _g)®<aS. ®j^ssld. ^-en [_^<5iS)p eff®] . Cleanse. ^tsartDiTair. [62. ^ism®. [ — Ui— Coast. (mefiiT. . ©isrzi)]. Clock.] (v. UDim QfrrrLDLj. [si/@ot 64. Coat.s^ Os=uim. Qfs®(^ 9=L-esii—. Qioa^. ^L—frs ^). «if tu/TiTii). Clergj'man. Q^eflsij. QarrdQ. — — 16 Q^uj. Qa/Lp.®. siTicSip Civility. Cocoa. s^QiT. ewoSSTL^eo ^st^ld. ^!i&(m. 64. sBi—psiscorr.'] ^smrsi^. QpiL®. ^(SssremlriT Colic. sjffi. 62. rLpQed. tS-sfruLj. Q^iejsitiu. Cockroach. 64. 273. [1. Clove. ^eossw. 3i^®. Clap of thunder. to get a — .. Qsn(ethi^. 60. Climate.59. Qld&ld. slduSso. IE IT esisr . Cocoanut. s^u^irrr Closeness. Clearness. uQ^LhuL^ujirssr cloth.. mn-siPau). 64.INDEX Civil. Clue. 2-i—sar<5/ri7iS3Dr \_ST<sm ^UfSt.n. sL-Q<oO[TrrLD.. What o' — is it it ? er^^iisr tosBofi ? 1 . Qus^. LDshrSL-Lf. Qffsif). ^ec^siLD s^euu Qui—t^ sasf. UITLC. euera^jTiEjaerr. ^is)-s. ^z_®. QuiTQ^i^.. ssseon^^. Collar. S-wsunAQiLiLD. &-{flsaLo Qus-. ^ffmjj^dsirjjek. tu LD . LD/E^rrffLDfT^asr. y^emsL-L^iu ^ls^. 57. Classic. QsuL^u u issSm. Clasp. evujpsu eueS. Qs=it. SirdsLDiruj. . a^il®. Closet. an-^^^jsu. ^it Clearly. G^eSsuirdj. sMa QsmL® 62. afl//?{gsyrzi>L/. 60. Ssir. cZinfi. II. Cloven-hoof. 64. Qsrr^^. £_®l/lj. 57. Coach. QsfTlMl-l.61. Clamor. W'sS rsir. Cleave to. rlt! li:is no cluim. Claw. 40. Q^oassTLDSLD. ^ssS.. QfBQfjdsLD. QuiTireexsii (^l-ij). a. Cold. Q^eSsS. ^LSir Climb. Cleave. Qeusrfju ueioL—iLnnu Cock. (gafl. @<2)D. ^m^nQs. Cognate. Cloth. Clean. up^'ui^Ls^. 52. ^-u^irjTLD. Cochineal insect. s^nir 57. ^u^(ipLpdsLD. ^peSu emu. sifl. npsLDzir.

LDuSi ireUTQE. 62. Ill) [cSJ. s^lLl-U). easu-iu fraction. euQiT. Colon. (^luirsQiUirsurui. up/S it. (56. Compose. 115. — 62. Sianpeii. y^rrsmLo. :^e}jd9iiJU>. Collector. Spih. Comedy. s. s&Qiuld. 165.^. o-qf/Ssld. Coinxnn. QuagauLf. luirasr. Quns(^ Complete. QppjS^LD. G)s.pletely. [^z_/E/@.s<oO. s(surTrrs=Lli. 57. ^^diruirQ. gjiuffuu®. (^^eiarr j«(5L_if. Qu @»9^^. airi^u QuL-Lp. Communion. un®. ibi—gshm. [er-FOT/TLli—ii). Comfort. Q^iu. Qs^suld. 64. 62. Commiserate. Coming and going. Common. uir^iS. Compass. sLLi—iriULD jjLD u<5ssr^ii. 165. <£5sosar. eniriLju^rrrrLh. eilffJLD. V. w n eo lS m Q^pp^(s^. iSismp. ueoir^str ^ uem^s. 161. 62. (^^^uuirnComparison. eiasujeB. Company. Comet. QsstrL^. ^-eueiaLD. /s/rC (TLSf. Quitl-l^. 209.] Committee. ^<a/. 230. Colt. (y:>empuS(B. s^rkSji^iTiT. Holy urBs^^^ /E^a^^szsr. ^s&i&itiild.3=iT&o. usm^^ .^)]. (SbuLj. i3rjngj U(5sisr_^. (Spuu&nL— uem. ^i—d(^. Commission. ^LDUii. &^^sj. Conceive. 70. — . ^niEj(^. Compel. 64.] egsif?. Commentary. Q^ni—irSeksurLD.] Complain. aQF)a<oO[r&sr. Qpesip. eSiuirsuirffLn. (56. 64. &UL^. QuitSulj. Qpis). Q^frtpeir. [Ill Gram. Compliment. s^touii^Ui. euinmLD. fraction.3 ^L—dsw. 230.. Compound. Complaint. erenio. ^liueS. Q3=iu<ss>s — ceL/L/sfl. (Lp(i£ Command. ^-emir./r &}^. iSjjfr^. Compendium. — word. l-I/S^. ^L 64. 223. [d^/r Color. em.) 57.s?ufr<sij ^/Si Communication. [Ill 243. sirdltULh. s^nisiQsirunmj aiM.] Colonize. isi.111. Concerning. <3=/ijQrrsLD. Comb. Concern. A "^ . ^rjesr. sQe^asL-L—iT \_Q^/rd8jD Companion. (ipm^LDiT^^eiaiT Sgn^^Lo. enirfl (^efftpQs^ir Come. ^3=eoinLt—u:>. Qsir^.QF. n-pefipuutr® ^^^eo. Q<siri—irQLDn-L8.^ — Complex. Qun^. ^(Lpd(^. Commit. Gram. 263. @®-] 62. QiLi—p. [^/7@]. (suir^ffi. [Crf^e/^ [_us. 6»<a. (Sji^Qiupgu 62. i^iTLDir^^einff £:£ji^^ld. (Eng. Commonly. snhp^sLD. Conceit. seituuirasr. 64.INDEX Cullection.. ^(omeuLo. 64.) Compare. Competition. (2/3®. ldsm^. pair of — es. Comma..d(^. Commemoration. iSi5topei]fTd(^. 138. [cSfaii). Completeness. &&)^s^. 6S. (ip®d(^. lULo']. That is your concern. Compress.iT<omi~mLt—u>. 70. sn'uu/isiffl Qu(r^Lhufrciriss>LDajfTUj. Smear ^-^ulj [SskearLn.. 3=lRuLj. QpODSS. Common sense. s^lL®. Conceal. a liuih. *0<s@. Commerce. 62. He 17 spoke concerning ^m>^uuprSu QuR . sL-L—Ssfr. ^ulL®.] Com.'] Complainant. ^sssflia/. 149. II. euS^ College.

Qps^dsi> 64. Qsit Conclusion. 64. a-Q^dsLDfrenr.191. Simsn Quituit®. sQ^gj.£flo. ^sipd®. S^^mLo. . Connivance. Congruent. iveai eaara^iTLLS. — e 1. ^jja&iULDiTasr aLL®uu{r®. Qs^iruasris^ Q3=it Contagion. ^ent—d Q^rreii. ^smpiud Q-3=aj. ea)LDUJ6\). ^smsrasLD. ^(nm&sLD. S-eirstr. u-i^ ^<dOlL@ujld. (gafl/E^a/i^S!.. 70. isTmsremLD. 62. — — conjunctive. SlQf)L8. <^uJiT<3=esru:>. . ^(smdsLciiTsw. Console. 62.ujfrd(m. Conduct. Qit(Tf. S-^Qs. Gram. siernLpQ. ^iSQei&sLh. Qir. ^emeutuSo. SSscuu®^^. u<skrLi. & Sdssr. Quitqf. erift. 64. Qeudo (^). ^fQ3=<ssrssiT!jm Concord.a^muLJLi. Construct. LS^^Q^ginz ^d(^. . QLonQstreir. ibi—Ul^. Confession. Confirm. 251. ^rSldetoauSl®. Confidence. . s6dia(^. amdsili. euirip^gj Q:3=iTUtssr euirirsesis. 62. Q3=rr^pds«-a. \_. j ! [143. .Fesiu.] ffirnTQ<oi>frf'hsr. Consolation.s^LLsBafl. Consultation. Conjunction. Qeah /SlQs. 133. 7. 62. iEL-^^Pffrjrr&. ^m^sen^. Consumption. u-S^Q^®. utreu 3=iw iEBir^^esru). 64. ssvd(^. 64. ^® 64. ^sQ^Td(m0msfrrrd(^. 2_^^. Contend. seiatS. Confuse. ffLD. ^Qiscn 64. Confusion. Consecrate. ejpp. s-suarea^ «Ta>e^iT<^ s^ujLDsti>. 3h. gain. Q'S^iUiiiQsfT&r. ueom. . ^(Q Qi. easuuum-LLp. Contempt. sfim'. \sL^d. ^is^dsu . 68. Construe. LSlfftS SoO ^&B I— dQff=n-<5\}. Congratulation. . J 8 . Constellation. Congregation. sil-®. ^•FirjTili. 161. . <F/E/@. <9=(ss!!re!0i— Q. Q^irpga. Cone. 64. QldiuQuj(1£^s^. ^i—ekQsrreh Confine. Conspiracy. Qesypuu®^^. ail-®. Q^ Congratulate. Be 62. Consult.INDEX Conch. (^njpeufreB erek^^iT. . Qs^ius^ire^ Q3=Ui Conscience. (ff)ppuu®^gi. ^!iir&. ldhjiej)^. S-dsusu Confess. 62.ff^^ii7. Sip.] I Conqueror. QojnQ. 2_^/rey i ©s»« Confront.^QschtQ. ^ffii^eiK Qjghpiie^. (^Ssod s. Consider. Confiscate. 2_£_sJrLj/r®.d(^. sressr^jj. (caaodsLD.Mpgu. Conjuror. ^»3i 161. Consequence. . \_Q^iTpgi} i^iiiir^. iSlp^lei^ss)!— Consecration. LDizsrd^s^rrL-®. s-L-®u Congeal. Qptf-Sij. Conquer. 3r^LLL^(mi-^d Q^iTei\ disjanctive. seod^ LDUJ<SSSLD. ul 64. airiBiULD.LL(Bpeij.^LLi—iJa. ueoeoirem® 128. ^iuQjiraiJ>.'. 3=00.g=uj.'] Containing. (S^^gidQsrreir. m^^. ' Condiment.3^iLi. Consume. lEi—dema. Q^p^u. 62.^l^6ij. ^i—uu®d^&). ssssT'S^rreiai Condemn. II.259. SHF^^imiT. 165. u®dgi. 161.'3'PQ±iiT3=dosr. Quit®. 191. Conjecture. tD£Br.3. [HI- Confirmation. 62. s ®ld:t^. Confess the whole matter. [. 64. 0/E(g<?. ^itulj.s^ldu/s^sld. tmLpuuui. ^i—uu®^^. 161. ejp Confound.^dsL^. wirCp^^ LDrsjseOi^ Q3=rre\)^. fSiTisiirrsLD. MdsiiBgn^^. Concise. ^<cin3=<sij. 64.dQs!T. Connection. sLLLf. 170. LDsarjiLciLSjjLi). Condition.rrm. Q^uSl. ^ism^eii.^(L/. Contentment. Consonance. (Spp^ii- ^t-uu®^^ Consonant.'\ sLp-uurrek. S-/fltu. =gy<yLL<sioi_. ^qfj^^. \_sfu^ usot (^tpuLf. ^i—iaQiu. Concubine.] Consciously.

62. U(w^. s^eiK^rrih- [Qs®. <s^/rsi. Cotton. Qp®d(^ {_Qp3so Qp®d(^'].) S&oQsrr<sir. ^i—d-sw. uagea^. Contract. Continual. ^-emir^ Convulsion. Cord. Contest. s^murrei^'^SBisr. Cottage. mem-Qstr Qp^. &lL 39.&). Contrive.'] Coral. sulphate of. eusSulj 190.] uqf^ 158. Convex. Quir(man—daLD. (^ds-. 64. ffn_®. 62. '3=<oSiLDiu^sirfTm. Quds-surriT^eco^. 62. . Qsitl^. u^^^ld. ^is»i_iafli_/rioa).(^<s!sruu®^^A6l. rihuirtBiSi. <^fr^^JJLD. QuSsQsireir. ( trans. ^Q^esiLDUjirm'. Li/DEJ(^i^/i^. (gejrji. s. ^sssstl^uu. iSsmu).'\ Conversion. a^suu). \_Q£Bfn^ds:fr. uuSrr.. SL-Lp. ^sotld. s^'mLD. ^niT'S'nSlQeij^aLi. Continually. 3=&)eoiTULD. ^®LDuuSir. . ^[risSiuih V.. <^(Bia(^. er^ir^^u Qus-. Convince. Q^fTL-Uf. (5. ^LLC>Ft5. Coriander. ^lE^rrw. \@lL®. Qefiffd^ Qutr. ©izj/r Continent. Corner. Coop. ^fTLBrjLD. ueueiru). e^uu/E^ii. 190.62. ^i<ssi&-dQ)3^rriso. U(QS=ffLD. Contra. v. 64.(^eif^ffLJU(oS!!r^ti-G2. er^rrirtu. ^q^s^. QiD^iZtn^. 62. 64.«/r<Fzi). ^. Controversy. ^/^eo.^-Ufriuu). — Corrosive. suSgii* fEfTsssr. s=(sm€S)t^. u!T<sili usssr^s. (^sSit. Corrollary.'^*. ^-uiTiULD &lL& ^^ao«. 106. sublimate. ^(m^^Lh. ^L^eij. ^d<o<aa= ^i—ssw. ^enii—eSt—ir^. <£lQiTrr^LD. Os/reff-. -s^ffju Correctness. (g(S\)/risfl<s Corruption. — — growing — . (gS(SBT/a<s/r/r<s3r. 64. U!t(B. Qsirskr®. sSSd Qiupu Qujop. s^ii^iruuLD. Costliness. ^rresQj. Converse with. — Copper. Control. [_^irLDLj. ^ ^ Couch. Correct. Cosine. Qe^eveij ®^&). 70. a-Q^Ei(Q. Continency.'] 106. ^saafl. a^irrnSiup^esBei^. Qs^LDLj. sitlq. ^&mi. ^iftdQp.6d.s^eBresr?. (QL^eo. (Lp<sinSlesr euirdSiuiEjseir.^sii. 64. ^ [52. Corpse. er^ir. s^itljuuSit. 106. Q^fri—ifdS lUfTtij. srrffLDfrssr. £iJiTd(^ei]iT^LD. &iTLJU®^eo. isu<6s><xQ^(B uessrejsti. ^(f^uLf. lSq^^ld. euuSiffLD. (4. 3=iigi. ^ireffl 64. [^. Continue.INDEX Contents.) ^jb£ii. @^^s»<s. Cot. grow Qurrir. ^Qrrir^LDiTUj. smu. Core. in the ear. ^i—dsii. litsjair^. \_^<ooeiiLD l. (^i^dQ. sr^fff€s>L—. II. & fruu®^^. ^^u-ek (mmLf. Correction. LDg)i. ^Qf/^gj. mQeijuuSir. Corn. ^i(fF. essrui. 161. LDesrih^QfiULj^&). sfl Cool. U(s^a-. sd(meufriir. (^siflirdS. (sp^gjdQarrsir. LDaqr^s. u®. (gsB)^ Contradict. Convert. ^ldld^ssu usm^^ji. Contrivance. 96. Convenience. Contrary. Copy. Ssm^eij. ^sbtcstQu^. Context. 130. Q^LneinLD. Qsir Coronation. Copperas. ^rrdsLn. ^d(^. Copula. v. (^emuu Cost. 62. Qsfr^^LDioeS. .) ^Lp-d e^L. 64. Hooping jy — . ^Q^^i^ti. ^iruu®^^. Contribution. Q^^ld. Be convenient. Cork. (sSSsoajtuiTd Costly. sL-L^eo Cook.emLD 184. 218. 259. @if«»<3^. semi—Ln. Conversation. Coolness. &if^n^^^. QLOfrujuueimnh. 57. transplanted.

] L-'ei'eJr. 90. siss^l. plant. Creep. fi. aS&Q/. i@. ^«5i5ran/LD. Country people. @i(tF)lLl^. eipuTT®. @^.) ^tLeai-. <£iU3=ir Cultivation.nce. Crookedness. 64. Cousin. Qm Covenant.iTm3=niJbnm. ^liisCa. [0<s^s<E/f.nier^a. QLDeknpL^. ^®. Qiurr^Sssr. QLDirgiiQLDiTgji 273. Crystal. ^s»i Create. (5(75*. V. Crimson. ^so^is. [Chew the — . 184. Crockery. s^gi 62.] eTQFjQpL-ismi Cross-way. Qpi^iSlQ^.U3?.'] Croup. — 180. <z^LJumftQ3=Treo^. iQ iU IT lu ao ^ eo LD QsttItl-® (Eng. ( Cry lSotlJl/ out. 62. Cowardice. S-LpeijO^rTLpltso' 20 . sul—ld. (Lpassr. eSfflitiLD. Osuz^. QsiTes^Lp^^ssni). Crowd.@tp<5^Q. iES(TF. S-uitujim. ^<mip. Crag. QuiT(Tf)^^lJi. &^3=§luSsi<siiTT. Qsit Crucify. eOTLo^^ajrcJr. @il®. QijLDUi. 273. Q^^. 57. <s<s!rLD&<i>. 64. Craft. ea^fftajtb. Culminate. [*• Cruelty. ^3=Q. dlrfl3=^^. (^li)L-j. in the ground. ul—q^ 60. m<ss>i Course. ^6wtp. ibsqF). Q3=eu/i^ Cringe. Cultivate. iSikis. /5/r®. Council.. Q/sirmirLf. <^^3=:3=&). 273. ebtLi—LD. fT Craziness. Crust. •s<sm. 0<5/r«(g. 141. iSnQeu®. [n*?®. ws/fliwi^. 103.. — Crown. GsiT®imLD. \_(^^sQs. sshqf.iQ(B IT €iaL C o\i. ^<2iQ£. Crack. Q^itl-l^so. SITTTQSr i3£S&sssT. 2_z_£3ruq2-<E«a)<s. Cub.^i—rr/HssLD. Cuff. 62.16. asBgH. Crocodile. npssip. ^gem®. Crisp. Qps 3=3= OP a a= IT tu eo -3= — Creed. [Silt-^i. ^arQi!B(^ Crumple. ^iiit3= 3=Qp Crook. uSo. — dung. ^j/r 5^ S^^ITTT. sldit. 3=uuire!s^.) i^rTemLD. 64. s.] 182. Qp/S<sy. ui—itQ3=l^. (^lLl^. ^i^ldus QiB!T£jis(^. s^. ul^sim. Qurrdi^. S-esii—. eaip u>ssr3^. [swos^. 3^3=3=10. Crop. Q^s3=ld.273. sff=rEi(^. Couple. ^ea iSurrexB. [^. [adj. ^G'(SU/rj^^. Count. (^uSleo.<c^(Biith. in. Cow. Cracker. QiBifl. (generally C^T&D. Crab. uirQsd®. (srzOTrOTU. QpLp-- @^<5@. (&im [Z_i-D. Counsellor.. 3=!Tw^. tbiTLLL-irn Creeping Criminal. uuSn-Q3=uj uuSiT 60. [su^o/-] .INDEX Could. 131. (^ppeiiTTeB. 134. ^i^uih. (tpi-^- Qr^i—th. Creature. Crush.^QeoiT'f^d&iTffesr. 240. Q3=it(B. ^(ssi3=. ^2b3r. ^3i-(siiiT3=u iSrrLDiTemLD. Qpi—sueir. 0<5(^*. si/sS. SSS. Cradle. Court. 64. Cross. [eo/raif-. [uiiS/f.^®nd^Gu/r®. b. S-tsnp. Cuckoo.^iJL9®. ^"hssr.v.) . 62. Covet. Be covered.'. . Qsbitl^. uuSI^^iuld.s^Oii).«. Q^ps^^eSujrr^. Qutt^. ^sv/Tffl/. ui—irOs/TL^.] Coyness. (dTQ^. ©jj^/szosyttSei) ^'&ap. — Cripple. QeneirmirememLD. @^<S(gsiiL^. mmsr®. [115.] Courage. Qp s U3. usioz i—iTS(^ LD(ssr& (mLDuuih.] ld(^ QsTTsmtp. Ssfr. [/E/r^/r. a^L-L-ili. Courtiers. 64. 3=6auiJJiTif.<?<s/r. ldSi. Qp®. ^Q &> -a^dosf s= Cream. 64. fBITL-®U LJp^^n-fT. &ss>ld.] Cover. Croak. &p£ii.lL!sl. sfGtmrisj. Counsel. QpLpLD 60. 19. Crawl. QuiTirecaw.Q a msm &> (gssursig.62. Coxcomb. eSthueiT. lULD. ULUrEtQisirsTTsS . 3=(o!srs3^L-L—U). ^^^ lErremrr.SSLD. Q3=iEi(^^^TTesr Cramp. Coward. . — n. S(if. CnA.] 96. Crash. Cubit.. 62. s-essr 32. tom/D. Qp^dso. Crane. Country._®/. II. Q^sesxai. ul-i—tts?. ^'oOuS®.240. lui—ldi—ulj. 64. ^S. Lo/Bf'fff.u3^LDn-®..] Qia^irL-L^.

^it. off. [s/r/f]. QLosT-a^dsirne^. Cylinder.] eSiQf^SLDrTQsr. enifd^aLD. eulTITUJ. Debt. Q<Fs. [y*. Cunning. ^ Dart. ^/E^irsS^es)^. Curious. (^ampd^^s^eo. ^ustiuld. Qa=^iJD. 62.m. ^iL^u Custom. Q fs s^ Qp eir <ofr 190. 62. eSt—ix. ^leafr-r&Sso. u/rQ. [_LDfrQp0C. 64. [aoLj<s^(50.®. V.siruS^ir. [Stp Current. ^puLf Debauchery.LD<sefr. s-(meir. ^qflL®. 101. sdssr. 64. Cut. Death. uspaaeito. (^<5ssruu(B^g:i 161. eS/ssta^U-jeiren-. 0<5=sfl®. ^sm/r. ^ssrih^^rr^iM. 64. Curiously. &u. «//?aB«. ^gu. S^^ih. Daub. uLpssih. Decision. [Lji-Li—.^uQunesr. — comb. (any thing which 40. shL^. Custom-house. close Q'Sfr®dseo eiiniiiaik.iiLD. 194. Decay. ^<5mri—fr®. uir®. a-QF^L-® . s^irof. eudsireij a^asr.ujn:3!r<sueir.. iSffliULDirasr. ^!r&(^. ^lu^^emp. a^^rfl. ^^(3sn£>!issr. Debtor. December. LDtsmpe^. Deacon. &rrsii>. fBireir.l^\uijd. IT App.'] (tax). Darkness. @^^. 259. . — — ^ifl. Qmrr^etneii. ^ Letups (SOLD. Curve. ^mQifi—a. LD(TF. Lua&r. LDffessnh. Gc?^ebj0ii. ^itulj. 64. Cup. fE®^. vii. Curdle. Dance. [131. fiS. 107. Deceiver.] Dative. Q3=it [jzi).QLcrrgj. App. •9=®. 65. App.INDEX Cultivator. sL^^. §)QF)m. s<str(swLD. ejosrili. ^lL®. tail . . 21 . 165. Cumin. ^esTtDfrird'SLD. Qs^dr ^uQufTizsr. Cure. 6sessrLf. Q^iriu. (^Qenp^esiiD. (SBiLD. su^l. QldiI. /sei^i—Lh.. rsi—esrih. ^^^jreSQie^fiLDfriL Curiosity. Dealing. y^a^SliLiLD. ip d <s ih ISi. 62. orQ^rrgnili. -FfTULD. Q&nuL^ssirrjGsr. ^i^. [215.] 158 Dandy. Date. Decency.'] Curry.] Curtain.^^. aiElSLD. 57. Danger. s^rrs^rRmto.^€metj.eii(^^^. urr^PjLD. a/SI. er^gi- Dainty. Dark. QldqmQ®. Day. ^irLorr ib!tlL.. Dead. (^Lp. 57. 3ii—msirn<s!r. ^l-£U. useo. 181. sireo^iiLi—iM. <st—eij. rreir. 62. Ul—ITt}). ep^w. Dagger. S-Lp8s). Damage. Cypher. a/zr/E/Q.23Q. \_u(T<k)(y:>rSl. Qe^iLssmff. 131. ^/r. ^nhQimn^ium. 190. ^inh. ^'q^/e^so. — Dear (price). (WjGudsir. Curse. Decimal fraction. vii. QLDfr'3=Lh. s^essrup-. ^etssfl. LDiBiuires^^. S^asm. 64. Dare. ^'Ssstsr. Dam. ^•ff^mSd^LSldr&srLD. Qu>(W(m. sul—ld.sisi) D. is a) aSC(CT) Dawn. 131. sfl^ i QuS'iS'SO. . Lofff^jS. 194. Curl. Qs®. Deaf. lditItsi^ld!t&:ld. QeuL-®. [^. Q-s^ffoirsuessfl. 57. (^rruuLD. ^ p'S=Qs:c(bi ^ sfsc^s^QffcQ. rs&sreij. a-i^. &-<3mjD Dash (against). II. — . 57. (beloved). 57. ^LD® ^i.^. euiruSl^ir. (revolving). Q<sm Curd. Deceit. 62. Decamp. x. Custard apple. Decide. 64.^t:/L/. Qldit^ld. gl. O<F/rsn)^L0ff<S(g. ^zanh. (oT/S. 206. QiundQiULo. 181. in pieces. ^ih^sirntD. sffltji. s'itu^'S® time. 96. S-^e^s(^(ff). uirdsfnuub GuinhQuQuir. mtrmanui Qeap 64. ai—(eFjeifl. ^iTLDrresnD. 57. 0«®^ Dampness. — — Daughter. (^LDrrUjS^in law. ^u3iT. ^^^csrapLo. sr& Deception. ^^^iruuLptD.] iBrr Daily. uessi^stssrdsiT uuSliTd(^t-^.

Defile. CE^®l^ i£L-®dQsiTeir. ^crrfsyj. l^eser Deduct. 190. ^-q^Qshld. LnQip^a^Q.161. ^itiekq. 190. Q^np&uj^. s. urr^irsiriM. 115. ei'iriuuiSpuLj. iSu^gjisaiT. (^eajD 190.'] Deprive. 160. V. (e^ismp. Defy. C Decoction. M" ^-•g^rnsij. @is»/d. Demonstrative letters. ^sarw. Definition. Deliberate. ^[TLpeij. s<si^iriuw. &-qF)S?. 152. s-l-Qi^(WjSsj. aecrth. Deep. Depend. (^uLjd Qsrr®. ^uQ. Demonstration. struLj.y/)5ffi)/- Defend. &ffii(^. Deposit. Denomination. Degrade. @fB<miLi. siruuirpgii. <sus=£sii. ^Lpih. [0. Deduction. \jsiirrsQiULD. !©.g: &> u i3 n lu LD .uem_^. ^agsiQ.^/rLD^L/u®^^. QiutrQ. Ljpuu®. <S<mj^ir<sfrLh.Q^frp£3iL. /f«@. ^ifieij \ Declaration. ^LpL£>. Defence. Depose. Defraud. Denominator.LS)dr(gi»(Si. &fr Qs®. <Sii(ShQ. ^rjsm. tSrj^. (inference) ^imsLDmsarti. Q^ium>£E. Decoration. — pronoun. si^. be defeate6L.'Quir. er® (d^u Qua®.] 170. [Tinevelly. <oir (Sbuuiosii — usmespi. Slrj-eun'SLh. II. ^muLD. Deity. ^dsw. ^eiresrt—seois. ssLssrili. SiULlS. Sej QiDsmrr. se^dsua. ^eoena. (^gti ^itldo^ld. t^n^sun^ Defer. Deliver. <^uu 62.] Demon.. S-^ua!rrjLD. Gi^iusuLh Decrease. SntjUSSSTLD.) 64. . senQn. u/S. ^€ir(e(^. ^asr/s^ii. Stpu @ffil!SSlLDU f u(BJ:^. 64. eSairrTLh'. By Decorum. Deluge. euireua Lotfliuasm^. Qp/S ^nnss^g^eir. 64. Depravity. Defect. (gsn^o/ Deny. Deed. 64.<5i!)i—. Decree. snesiffiugn ^l-I—itsiq. ai—e^eir. Density. uirems. 64. Deer. snhLDLD. i3£r^isis. uiT®. ^ostld. sneii(ki. ld^. 60. eSuLoQua Depth. 64. Q^frSosQ. ^inL®. degrees. ^rnuLDtr®. Ciurr^Sssruem 165. ^^afl. \_(ip to. ^iTLDirosrLa. ^ioSso 6r(^. ^ .] Q^Lu. (^mga. (ffisw^. ^rrip^gi. ^l-®sS®.3=ajiJ). ^'^'^'-f-'] Defendant. Dedicate. ^(ipd(^. i^ibiuld. Delight. 190. (^&!>jD6y. <oair<i(^(tp€CiiJD 115.Q^ir60. 161. trans. 62. 161. Deliver up LDirek. 160. sL-L-dsir.INDEX Declare. ^s?Slju(B^^. s^irL 57. 22 . 64. Qurnudl®. u^^d 64. Define. Delirium. Deficiency. ^//?ay. sS^il>. 131. 165. Quluit. eo ec^sL-® Depart. <Sle^. 62. ueir&rixi. (ggff)«. 57. Delicacy. QuiLr. Delay. [^uaatli. (sB®^doi)UJird(^. Den. QsiS. s/r. 157. Defeat. Degree._ffi. er^^. UQi^QiLiism. QeupgaesMD. U:3=!ra-. smsniriugnuL^. Deputy. 64. 64. ^&sisjsirnw- urasu J ^e^emih. 82. 64. utp. Geog. s 64. (snpuu®^^. Decleusion. gmi_. QuiTQ^saemLp. »l-®ljQuiliit. @^@. ^jSLD. QeuSoe^. 223. Qs®^. s.7Q. (susFEJ au-L^etaeii Deposition.^ ffti^^. ^itulj. . id(^.

QuujiT. i3rTUJ!T<3=UD. Cd^/r/fa/. Destruction. uir^ Devil. Despair. urrtp. ^euirii^ifLD. LDosruiL^eif. . ulLS. 64. 62. [^ldld]. 101. u-a^/rsf. enecDir. u^^iuLb. a^ eo e\} tr Diameter. uir Diamond. Qstr^^u^i Detest. em L^dQstreir. s^n^sinm. ear. aQf^gl 2-. — . ^jlEISLD. s^aiuih. [^j>jaQ£. Qa®. uani—euQtJL/. ^da^Lo. Dexterity. ^QurrS. eS^^iurr^Lo. Detachment. QuQr^emLD. [15. Lfpi&em. @p- 66. Descend. eaeurju). (mrBiu sL^uuirnLD. ld . cms^ Desire. Sssm®. a=isjaiTj7Lo. ^ulj. 51. iSSetj. QiS»^ Cffl/ja. 191. ^^Qiutri—i ^LDiTiu. [(S0/E/ffl(S3srii>].SLD. Q^<EiiihiT&ifl. Determination. (sS(Lp. 64. Qssppsnm. Gull. Q^surie^LD. er^okr Si Devotion. 223. 64. ^loOL-SlULh. Qeii£)i. . 62. ^£>i^. 257. SsWUI-l. Qa^iftuLj. <ss0^^. — make. ^lEisiB. '3= IT. eS. 161. III. 57. stnsoLouesBi^^ji. QeuL—®.^ei9. S-^Q^^iM.) uiripu®. 64. ^ffemio. uedw^Lofresr. s. Dialogue. sfl^. Gld/t d^ii . Devan^gari alphabet. 123. 203.55(U). Dignity. 64. Diffidence. tsei^i—U}. Descendants. iSlrff [^^u Qu!T®'\ Digit. Different. ^QElliLj. Die. g)(!r^# Q^ir Details. ^ Design. LD^. SiTQp&)LDrrd(^. siiQ^. a^eS'^^miuDiTiL/. Difficulty. sugjtld. unLpssL^. Qs®. Difference. 161. rs it em ld ^LD. (^&>ii—. ^irLDrresrLD.INDEX Deride. . SlrrsirS. /slL Dig.s'ihsJDULD. eud&inc-esS.] ns>L—®LJun® •s^imst—LD. Q <3^ rriosSd {tlL®. Desolation. emu:'.. ldiA LDffemLD<si!>i Despise. Dew. (^^jis^'S= Q a: ir (^euiTLDmv^ Q^rr Detriment. Q/BfTS(^. ^i^o/.[_rS^ QufT. ^lQ. QeupgtiemiD. 64. <oCn. rSeOLD. QiEnssLD. uirtprrsi^. ^aahueBBT^^. Desolate (become. uireir [iSl)(o£i5<S. €r<5SBT^}l. sfl^sn^LD. ^Q^ssefl. Gi<su<suQ<sii(Ty upueo. 161. ^p^@ s^i^^iuirir. ^a^il-eai—uem^^. Diagonal. Ulh^l eo^. Diarrhoea. V. g] 191. 161. Qsngti ^a^.. Siressnuih. Qu^il. a^da^ui. [Comp. afl ^(sm3=uu(B . Derivation. a=aLDrr^^tuti. LDirg)i. <ati(miE^rrui. Sit Qpis\}u>. II. (S)^daeweij. Detail (in). efleujto/rtu. ^^sfl^. Desert. iSpuLj. Dictionary. (^l-L—ld. Gram. LDLf. i—ii. ejdat}}. 23 . ^ Levee *^<S@. Destroy. 64.194. 138. Q^irem® 62. 158. urr®. [(OT) Dial. ^sspjD. Detain. Qs^^ld. ^LSutSffrriULD.s<5ii). (Up'SlTli^IILh. ererr^ @. ^'(5 . ^^ireujbp. uiTiudSleas. i§liT^.'] [u®. t^Q^uuui. euQ^^^ii. Die (a color). 64. sps.] What is the d — of this word. ^itld^u Detect. V. Detach. ^nn Describe. 57. Destitute. sesriD. ldit(^. ^ei^t—LD. eSeu^rti.SULJLpd. @sm®. ^is»<F. Devour. Diet. Qai^uem^i. g](oS>i—. a/zrjg eSlL-L-ih. s. lEiT'TLD.spuLD. euuSlpgu^isijDice. ^mir^. er. ^afffr^. ueofl. eogm . Q^itSso. uiuu^^.'] Digestion.] Destiny. s^ihuaeiSaoSiir. [aili—L^. air®. Q^euu^^. eurfeofrgii. 64. ssekr® u®^^ iSip. 64. 122. 64. ^®.

^®<ssld. ^eu^. 64. 212. gjSso. erLofrgu Disappointment. Disembark. s^u stone's throw. ldej(^. ^spga. (of a letter. 231. 64. ^p'SJ(^. SipuuL^iuirLDei) Quit. <^iUir:S= Discipline. t^iB^Q^® Dissolution. iSifli^SssT. Distress. Dissimulation. 64. Directly. Disgust. seassLD. Quoasesis. ^(TJ Distort. Discord.®. Dispute. 165. iSgii. 64. O-s^jfi. &jl8 Dim. 194. ^jQnrrSl&LD. 254. QisQu. 160. eiiL-L^&}. 96. Sit^^. ^aday/rgroto. sul—ld. Discretion. s@s>it. lde/3. ^ha SLb. [^®n^ iSiu^iej Disrespect. ^skuijo.^^. Distribute. Q^sBshitlu. conjunction. Disorder. SpssesS QibitiL. ejLDirnj^uQuiT® QsireOLD. Discharge. ul^JJ ^s-&. Dirt. [^/r/rjiuii] qjul 62. £iJir<S(^eiiiT^LD. QurriLia Qsrrs^Lo. (tr. 152. He disobeyed the commandments of God. Psl^sst <^(LpiEj(^. Qu<s=a. Dinner. ^suLDiBiuirein^. (^Lpuuth. [u/f«jL/ Qg^iL. Qu^ld. Disgrace.) Qld<s\) sflsD/r^/i).'] Direction. ^L^eij. and 166. san/nseo. Dissention. Qeusi^tli 161. sessTLp-. Lxukise^. (weuir^Ln. LSifli£l3ssr. si-ffi^gouLj. 3i^piu®^g]. Dismiss. (Shit^ld. Discover. to jvhich the voice will reach. uihsu Disfigure. fisms. Dismay. inaLap QuirQQrfssr. @^. ^(75«@. (^essTUD. @ko^. LC!r<ssrdQs®. ^liia — The — of a The \_^tlSl(SOLD] ^uim. ^ Lcrrgii. Disposition. &IULD. e&iQ^ gurm. Discourse. GS. QsuLLaih. ^/r. ^esisuLj. Disciple. Dishonor. is(&). II. 62. Cs®. Q^pi^. SliLems^. ^e^Lji3i^® Disobedient. ^(sir(^. ljitlL®. ^irmsrtsu}. 24 . upsai^. «(2jE/(g. Disease. be ed. [v. uemi-j. 90. Disdain. 273. He is — ^euek Smuuip. ^(i£S(W). (become) LD(Lgikj(^. iSl/ffdSp. uQaiffi 0<sr®. ^-i—ssireiTLD. ^q^uSitu em' it u l^ . Distil. Distance. urr^^rnn. 57. [Co. Discriminate. ^euw^uLj.62. Dissyllable. <smiud fsir ^ITILILD. @^e3/. uj^sm. sS®. LDrh^ih. «0 — Disjunctive. 62. 240. ^it^ (^^ireSeiat—. Dissolve. ^rnsoLD.INDEX Diligence. <S(g. int. eSSeusui. <5/r^/L/^^Q/^. Disk. ^«@ eufnij(g). ^irdsLDirin. Dissect. [_ssl^ Disobey. (^S»^ adso. — Disperse. 161. Qnirau). 64. ssmir Disentangle. SgjieinLD.®. (suagj. (?ei/^ u®^s^ 161. Q^gs. ^l-Qcht. Disa^jpear. ^frsQuem^. iSiiftS^ ^. ^a-ji^ih. (^€S)Lp. eii(e^^3s!sr. S'uit^. . SidQa. sldld&}. ^eu ^^>s@- Distinctly. ^euLDiriWih. Distinguish. n. Dishonesty. ^soih Disappoint. smL^Ls Qsir®. ergs. 2_0(g. ^eS. Qsireoim Qs. iSesifl. LDeBsri—eoLD. ^QiuiriQea^. 64. Ms(^. uiejQ®. •a^wuirei^'hn^. ^srr^. Dish. <Evipd(^. 160.) ^jnssi'iFe^ Qs^irio. Qib(Bs.s!!>L-i--Qs=ireo. uncsip ^jS!fl^'cSrLD!T(^. 57. ^FraSliUih. 64. 64. sssstQiSIl^. 57. lj Diphthong. ^tSey. ld^. ^jenLDiTGsrui. eSltDUih. 64. utfiui-i Disguise. u(B^g]. Diminish. Dimness.

2_®. UlEjQ®. 62.'] IcfT®. Doubt. \_(Lp Dive. Drip. 56. ^L 64. §. (<stf-.155. a-'^sssr. @si^. \_QumL®. emripp Drowsiness. Draught. husband. 72. b.] ^rr^esTLXi. ufresnh uesur^^. ^(^ldl-iej(^.^s?f?.ff=eoeoi—Lh. ^^^ld. sevi^. ^i^iS.a^rremfliru). (III. ^Qpd(^. ^uQ^sfld.'] s^U'SD'su srQ^^gJ. a=(ip3=LULD.'] LD/ESLD. 131. ^it Drowa. 9l-®. ibitsld. Int. 9^<3stld. LoedluLj^. Dowry. 56. ^^^. (^'—i—LD. Dominion. girrLLL^uLj. ^fTLp. Drag. S^fbQ^Sih. Ditch. II. . and int. Draft. [^^^ Qurneeis. (mj^uuLD. (g^i^QwrS. 58. euiriLid Drain. 13. sS'lI®* @/fliiJ. si^L-L—LD. uiurtsuLDirosr. SrjQ^fiU) ueisr^ii.] ^iBi^ii^. 57. 181. uetrefTLD. Qsit^. y^. Down. LDSSSTLp. (^Lf-iuek. ^sip. 60. Dreadful. the @^. ssbts!/. i3ifi^^<so. — water. uQir.i^'k>. afl(a/T<a Qtoa^earLD. LDQF)i^. ^(&^0»s.] Doctor. ^ma. [ueasrif^ajr. U6ssr^)i Q <su e^ lu n it 13. 105.^Bai7ej. (on fruits). iSfff.'] aentr^^. Divinity. 64. Drug. i^eas'fB^ LDU. [^®. s^eisr L^iu <k> . Draw. Drivel.] Doctrine. Drive. Quit^sld. psueSiu UITLD. 3=irdses>i—. CFff/fa/. 64. sulL®. Q<sn^. S^iULD. 190. Q^Q. eSlrff. QLcpuL^. Drunkard. U(^d(^u> sremr. ayg. ^lL®. ^(L^. [e_. Doll.-\ Draughts (game). s^e^^rremiT. Dry-cultivation. tS^Puir. Donation. ufTemsu. [tr. uffl<s=LD.) 64. Divide. ljqi^. Dragon. eiiLf. Drove. Drawers. Dread.7S@*. ^(^ssresur. [^efo ffi/rCsu*. u^^ifle(na- Drizzling-rain. eussart—iso. [Co. s_®tJu. 57. [v. QlU!TLD<SB)LD.'] 101. Drink. — into. ^QF). Dregs. ^ireaiM. ^eu ibld Disturb. uiuuu®.] Domestic. Qp(LgiEiQ. S-u^sfrnLh.'] Dromedary.) 62. <BJ(^. [sfifiQiuir®. viii. ^^p®u d. (III. 66.'\ Disturbance. ^fiffs^. Q^eii Qeu^ ^aehi^ ^ulS. (onxsu^^ium. (160. Division. QLoetrui. 64. (^^^. 57. ^lSIlq Donkey. [^eoeofr. §j(Lp QLD/Teii(ef^.g^iQ^SLo. Diverge. Ljskisia^.] Q^frdsL-L—fi^. ul—ld. \_»<sm/ij£sesr. Dove. Dougli. Dross. There it no — of iF(Lp3=UJLD. ^®ns.. i-/@. secdatD. — ^<smi— sifft. mnisili. £iTeu^L ^irrT<so. ^-mdsLD. 32. QurrjS. sq^m^. SdLp. it. Document. @if. Divisor. ^n^gi. Drama. The former given by the latter the wi/e's portion. \_ujd^frLjLSu-in''9=U). Qen^tudr. Dress. ^Qsirrj. Divorce. Q&^ITLDLJISO. @^. Qi—iej@. ^eoi—®. 62. uem/v. enQir. Dog. L/srrsrf?. LDILIaSLD.. Distrust.209. Dot.^. gjirfr sertlili-f.. Double. ^<sfrfrd&. Ditto. fBmu. spetri—^LD. u(^dsu u®ld Divine. 64. Q^s^iruuiseriM. 62. a^ffl/.) (tps. enns^&i. Dividend. seoasL^.) au/ruJ ^L-®d O^/tctjs/. [_sQun^LD. ^uird&iuil. 74. <£ifTLL®. s. tspQ£(^. iSlfff. ^rBui^ Drill. \_airei). Do.INDEX District. lS/b^. Diver. Door. Drop. ^Loefl. aeuir e8(B. LDirsiremLo. (LpQ^d&treS.. Drunkenness. 64. (160. GiiF'dj. (^ipui-f. 62. £^(5 ^iBed (spL-i—sLo. Divulge. (smrih 160. ^ulj. ^8so. Drum. &-®fi^. Down. {_a^^uLD. £BS\)fT^. II. enwiflffLD. Dream. . 57.'\ 25 . S-anz V. \_s=L—i—tM.

\_^Lp(^. 56. ljq^^. ^^sr^tsmso. Elegance. Edifice. 62. mrr®. X. Qp Edition. 273. a^giV Eclipse. [ sgi^L/. eiiL^. ^/rj£/. [«^/f. V. supgii siTUj . (^euQenrTQ^ Eight. &^ <sb®^eo. Dunce. Sirasssni. .l8. o^sld. (^<sfnsiri3sr. ^a(^u^^iULD. — e^ULD. Edge. 62. Embassage. Qm® euLLi—LD. srs/i^SJ.uSiT^Q^Q£fs^ ix. Q^rrexsri-s. 3=a^LD[r<ssT. 135. Elephantiasis. Earthquake. or. Dye. 149. s^jppth. LD. ^Ji^^s Qu^.INDEX Dry (become). Eel. Elegy. spuutTfft. Dumb.i—m.'] Echo. u^ulj. 182. 135.] S. Dysentery. Quam^ LDemi—ffOtxi. App. Ear. SiiiT^gi. tEiremujiJa. ^girsir. ffi/E/@. 3i(3i)ULD. ld^ QsiLi—eueir. Effect. ^s&astr App. OldsSs!/. — Efface. ljS. l^l8iij^it^9. Sip. S-rfiu. siTfflium. [/ss^. s. QpLptkiesiS. ^&.^^.] [_g)ati). <3=^es>^. s. emsu. Effects. 'or(L^uLj. ^ lL® (ip lL. Qpui^. Qp^^eiim. Q^n. ^j/risaafl. OT'J'<s^/i). Due. eiB^rfliuLSmesiLD. 3=iruu®. ^snuLD.) . QLOITLL(ciat Education.] Element. Earthen . Qu^LDtrL-L-ir^. Ellipsis. euuSjpi GismLL-&). Embark. 57. Earth. Loire/H Duck. (gJOTS!/. eippLD. eSi eo IT lEj (^. ^nffiT. 108. 87. L^QstreirLo. Effeminacy. 57. <orm. ^-ga^iuirssr. SffiurrcFLD. u&)sk. ul^ulj. esLsoiLD. . . Elders. Dung. ^-lurr^gi. (ff^L — sw/ QpiupSl. lSl-€S)l sSIlLsotz s=iT<smt-D. Ease. \_^smi—LD. Quin^. a. ^esu^iurrsfn}). Dwarf. suuso erg}!. V. a^s^. Qpecas. er^^ewLD.'] . (ff)dso. a?®. . Emaciation. Eatables. (miL-imL Egotism.] Elder sister. Jivisi. ^-isoQh.QeuenQsfreBr. Emblem. ^isoiuth. uir®. Efficacy.^th. &<i^. Duplicate.] eiDLo. u^^^&). 88. s^eiflu ulLSi. Easy ereSdj. (^^ulj. npesr ^rr&sr. 64. Q&=60<od QeuemL^m. srriu. S(sai—d(^eap.® senQussaiemLD. a=inuuo.^ .&2. ^euesreueir Elder. wppu QsuQpisjQaiuaS^iiM. s^rrsi^. arr^&). lj. Elevate.i^Ln. Egg. ^eua. eipsuULj. ^sp^. pdr. Else. ^. ea'SuQeurrnFenizir. ff^smuLD. Durable. [<s=?=ii). £_ QpEi(mua. (III. 19. u^Q(eu)t5srffii. 26 . ^(?is«». seoeS^ s&)eSluuuSlp&. . ^eoeos^ ^&)(oOfr(^iLLi—rreo. 90. SlpLo. [vul. iSrj^. Either. siTff. [ eupL—®. ^essri—euL^euLD. Qs®a5<so. eflsi^ujL/. 194. Elbow.5^caS. sl st—u iuajr. 166. l—LD. s^eoutDfrsBr. Eleven. ^^g)i^. Eagerness. ^<3=LDihfiLD. s^euri^ssr. '-"f • Eat. Ebb. 172. Elision. 172. sshssld. Ques^^ Duty. ^(^i^. . Qm \_aLD. Early. Earnestness. Each one. Dulness. e^^dsireo. ©Lp«@. Ellipse. 62. Effort. Q^m^rBir^ir &. i3rj^ Q^iT€srl.SE/a/rijii). ^sir(em. ^dr u<oSsri—LD. Q^udsi) 64. ^dsu utnL®. ^gu <x-£ii lj Eagle. ^psesTQeu.56. ue^jek. 205.dsOLUfTsisr. ] a^ir. Qmir^easu. Ecliptic. of a cloth.3=@>. @«^^@a^e^sQiULD. . (ip^Q^irir. eun'tL®. &QrfL-t_m. 0. ^n^^. sit&)Qld. &^p. II.* 108. Elect.] ^/E/sffijii). 215. Qpuuir. lditi—iIi. ai—<se)LD. \_s3sr<si!rLD. Q^tsr. «(i^@. 64. enuSip^a a®uLj. (oe)i—UJeir. G/E/r(^<F<si'. LD&diriEj(m. si/^jstj. LD(LPEJS<5ti. y. Else-where. 138. Easter. Qpi—ek. QurrgiiULj. Q&t East. Eject. [Co. pot. CTil®. Elephant.] E Each. Q^iBibO^®.

[^/tS^ld. u®. s=ffliijn-uj. srtl/. [&. LofriLi ^(lq — Entire. Endeavour. Qs^s-. s^LDew^LDrrdj. 31. siriLiesiLD sirjnh. ennhisJ 62. ueouu®^^. be. Q-s^rrrfl. gjsnirnLD. 62. ^p. ^rrir^&ujLh. Endure. Euligliten. 58. Ensnare. S-eirear^Ln. Encroach. aiLi^d u-jgu^^. Emergency. <s=<isrr£uiT^^.) ^JDgxi. [L?6Yr. (£l. 62. Q^iTL^eo. S-L—Q(m^^isiieir. Qeu^. (^^Qjui. Epistle. s^^miQ^ uesysis^esr.m)s. si^^w Enable. Enmity. Emperor. ^-^SlQitiirsLD. 272. uQ. ^ib^ld.eij. QeuS^. s^-rSi^Lo.^a=LDiTa(Q. urjui-j. Equal. Qeup^. QuiTQrftssiLD. Enter. (oiuu. 64. (qu^Quit. sriS. be — ^auu®^^. erQffl. i3rraj^^<st!nli uem^)i. Qtp. Embryo. ^'su^^m}} Emetic. Enlarge. uir'SstnuLSpittV). QsrrnesS.L—eiruLp. Emulate. Equally. p. Q^a^freoeOQ^^^ih. &i ^liig^^is^rr^^eu ^suucQi—eiT. (WLf. Qeug^jemLo. LDsknrf®.] ^^suiso. LJ sssflaflsini—. Qfle£(£i. 62. ^8so<oB)Ld. Encircle. Qiuir ffi. 64. 0<s^aj Entrail. d.i^. QurriT. Epiphany. QHFrr. ly QppQtjs. Qa^eiisLD erQ£^. 2_eTrerf?®. Emf)ty. z-osBsfl Qrajjih 158.zu:i. QuiT^ih Speak with — (^Qjifs^ld. eiKoCes)^ <siitiei(^. s-sld.9=frrff 64.] Emulation. Epilepsy. ^ff. Envy. II. Enchantment. sfrssfriL eueS. eup Enough. ^uatmr. . 27 . s^Q. ueias. eurr^So.] Enemy. s^lL®. _ajepiu<sS Emigrate. Enjoy. a-prp}.'] [s^etsfr. [e_OT] 57. (gz_^. Engine. .&esriT English hour. ^(Sffi«o<s. (LpiupS. S-&ru®. @j<^uld.^mriLi. ^(^^ujirs(^. euSsn-. QsBtreiri Enforce. msKesr^u Qua-. eS®a<ss>^. ^^J2/ 62. Srriu^^asnh. End. slLl^ituju U6\)uu®^^. Entice. 62. Qpm Qxrrepi. ^lum^nui. euesraem. Engrave.d gWdS. 64. QeugnLo. . Enlist. Enigma. Q<aiie^. •ff^rfliurreiT. Entreat. ^epi 3=ifl.62. . Emptiness. [56. 64. Qp(Lg. Entangled.INDEX Embrace. Encampment. <s!a^&}LD. ^ag'Sif II. j)jsuu®. Qua?. Emphasis. Qwgu eSiLDlUITQSr. 62. ^arsj(Wj. (^sShjld. <^lju. Emit.Frfl. s^ld. LSrrQeuS. Engineer. 117. lSjQojitS. 2_i/j/fai/. ^s]^Quir. Emerald. @^. [maj eSuLf. 1. u®^sj- a/sS Engagement. 62 seiai sreoSoO ^<sir QenemL^i Entreaty. (sjedeosnek. 57. Equality. Eminence.^^eueo. ^<ss>^ smLij^ 64. u^ekQr^L-®. eSfft Enjoyment. [(55- Enclose. Lj^^^u Empire. ^rffisuji. urr'Smiuu).) S^QsiTffir u(cmLp. Embrocation. Encamp. ^(Lg^^. 165. — iS^LDfrear. I^ld. Epicure. ^^(WJ. Enquire.'] ^pQi^esiLD.'} <or(Sf. ^lL0. ldjjs^ld. ^^(SOitlLl—ld. ^i—ds(S^ ^(fK)i 64. sq^. QstT(^eij. wtpi^gfi^gi. iS/rQeu^Lh. s^enrni^ LD(jr. an GrSlirrreiiJ. er^^sS. sreoSso Entrance. Energy. ufT3=imp. . s^SfSiB. ^(LpQizujbsii. sfl®. ^i I®.sanL-^. Qrouu. m<si-huesr m^mi^. -FLDiresTLb. ^QeuSLiU). Q/hrrgumxsud s&rsirenr. 62. QtS^eusLD. Q€iiefiuu®^^&) erecrsw/zi) (2. I am en- tangled bij that trick. Empale. 259. 160. ^'Slsuu®^^. Employment. S-iLuQ QsQaireir. ljc^. \_&pu 244. <sfleff<s(g. QppQr^ssr. (1. ^p. Qsn'sir(&R. SqfiUld. . (tpiup^ uem^u. iSlfftriT^^Sssr. secaa/Js.

QieuL^ULj. s=ldu3. Euphony. Erysipelas. ^erap. ^sSu uOisuaJr. eresr Qpssresipd(^LD. ^em®. 4.a=L[>iTssr. Excel. ^sugii. u®^^. Event. ui? [of money]. [@. (sraguLi. Exaggerate. . s-so/r. Except. ^nheLS^L^frd^Lh. ^-luH^^. 203. Etcaetera. Evangelist. Qs^iT^<sSosr. ^a/ 64. Evening. Exchange Excite. Exemption. s^friuiBjSUUi. QLDa. ustr Exclude. LDfTQSTLD. Escape. Excellence. 148. buq^. 62. Qtopu®. Excellent. Evolution. 131. Essential. ^'Zsr^iueiaLDUjrrs. sfT&sS. ^^sld. tSiUiriLiiM. iiEJs&ins. ^^su u® ^^sift. &Qe\)emi—iuiTssr. ^ekQptzirsmpa uuSlp(^. Q^fr^Lo. 62.. QuireoeorruLj.3^(5m(ipisnefr. Even. ld^. S-^rrrret!sru>. e^eumiLP Everywhere. mpg)i. i^a^frn'Ssssr. 62. i8^^uji}>. eriSY. Gjeras. utriff. ioT<5m''smdms. s^lh Ssid/d. (Sufrd(^Qp<^LD. [i-/- Esteem. Q (oiKoB d £= LD be QeueifluiffiijaLDrresr. Erect. Excise.iuiresr. QQfTL-l—lh. Era. srsmiosarLh. Examine. eipu®^^. 62. 151. iSaDip. S]&)Lh. *aS(?ir"(Si^<SGW'. euiLi—U). Q)3=LDLDlS. ^rs^9^k§\. Qjjetas. (106. ^dQ. l?. Establish. .iT^}!^&). eflswsQ Morning and E. Establishment (of servants). 64. Eunuch. Every one. Essence s^irrfuo. LDplu v. ^<oiiiL. iSffiutr Excuse. •3=ml-Q. uipdsti. ueusS. Qs^ir^. Excommunicate. [277. Evaporate. ^^Ssneom. QsulLl^ Sga^^. S-Uiuirir^^ [_LDIT3Sr.] lidsLo. ^t5i!!ir<on!rsair. Ewe. Evenness. QrEinLt—LD. sriij(g)Lo Evidence. n^lLllid^. 62. firemen. Example. UIT/T. 259. iS^rreS. ^j u i3 lu it -r u^ . 126. i3ij^^iUL-. 135. s^irffl. Eternity. ^uLj. Excursion.. Equator. [mi^. lS^@.a^ijQp'Sfrsfr. ^doiuu® Qiopu®.'] Everlasting. 170.r<ss>LJD. 211. 126. eSui^^ui. Equivalent. rff^w. iSrjs^ikisLD.^6inEj(m Error.) 28 .s'ld.Firs^ev^. SliSfr^^. ssLL—rnsLU [lL(SOT. ^na-eu^. sruQurT(W3Jua. s=^fr<s!reou>. ^ulj. ^ ^^(SSiLD.202. ^uSI^ld. Equivocal. &p Eternal. <f//? ip. tEffseo. ebisuQenaQh. s^L-L—LDirsar. ^L-L^LDrr<sifr Exact.] fSSsoSgu^^. 64. . 141.itoLo.®. Suu/e^ld. ii9(^* . . S^p'u. ULj. un-airtL®. Sidsa. ^-^^ld. 64. euiresr fSrrtLsF Equity. Exceed. eruutj). (of money).5^. tSffS^^UDfresr. Ever. Excess.INDEX Equation. Exercise. Every. ^UJU). ibitlL. ^fflSj. Evil. II. Ether. ua-etatD. Evident. «LjL9aQ<55/rsYr sSsdQuQurr. LSds^LD. uifiLQ. 62. QuiTd(^. Err. Eructation. fSSsO/SfTL-®. ot^/tlS. e. ^(TR^^LDinsar. ^erb^. . ^.] (one's self). eifluueiai—. gjdreSems^. a-supi. ut^QdOsireir. e£l®^^. ^uiSuQurr. 166. QmaJsruiT®. QLodireisiLDJJirdcffj. 62. Q^eoisjs. epdeS/reiTLu. (disease) snuuiresr. 64. p. ^sst. S-ch. Estimate. 64. 115. l51^@. Essay. ^^ Qeu 62.^fseurrs. [uj/tul/. ^-p-^rrsu 62. [158. ^etrLDir — Examination. ^nir^. S=&ITU^LD. Estate. 242. Sitei^. eiiQMetj. [szotld. ^^gieuiM. e^uLjuei^. iSul-s^ Equinoctial. Exalt.^E/(g Eruption. •3=iTd(^. [neut. 171. [^^LbsrrsBsnh. sirle^iarrts^. s^ie^siLD. iS^^iu. <F<Esyud(^'li Ljpuiurrd Excrement. 64. iSscatp. 'S^trturkisirsOLD. 200.

iiL® urrui-l. uLpQssr. Extortion.. ^gii^- 62. ^ 79. 64. semi—. i3<9^(m. ^Lpsrreisr. Expert. <s0afl. <sii(L£. Quirpsi. 62. npiup®. fELDLj (^oo^ithlo. SetirrrremLD. S'^.^ds!) euLpd(^. eiasuu LpssLDtresr. Qufrd(g. Falsehood.) s9errs@. ^lUfrdQojrrssrili. Express (press Expression. (w^g^^^HjLD. ^0. ULpSSLD. _g) (9 <su/i'^.'] Experience. 64. urriT. Qs^ir^'Sssr. QpirdS. Faithful word. i-S6=(g. Expect. 64. aSsn-. ^dsefl. Faintness. (^cirdsLo. 62. [Corap. 64. Face. QpiTd(c(a<s=. Qs^rriTfs^Curr. 57. 62. eSurrLD. jS [^^eirm^.s^<5m(Lp&r<sir.. Fair. Exhort. Qs'eird^rr.lurr ear. i3^d(^. aSt^. Failure. s^eajp}. Expenditure. W fr ^ LD (T (cBTlJ) IBl—liflSITlBlULD. affLDLf. 66.] ^^^. II. [2_sB)/r. lS»)^/rSVLD/7"@[«OT. — . 166. ^eS. S-uS ireS® ^euSssrsSl® . Fact. (^^ulj. sr®. iSls^&iriuuQuiniSp^.. (denote. Extract. 62. i-l^^ Q^fr&)^. QiDiuLop a?e<T. 62. ^ff^^eS® F. QeuLp.5=_^ 29 . urjuLj. Exhibit. a . [sfliu/r Quiriu. 64. 57. utrrrrrL-® 62. 64. ^-GIT StT anrfliULD. Q^gii.^. Extol. ^Siufriu ^eeari—LD. s<ss>^. ^sp&i. Extinguish. urrrrnpsLh. &i^!sj(^. smL®. ibuj(sstld. iSffir sffemto-'is^irLDirs^ujili. Qeu^LoLj. ^j^j'Ssbsi .] It foiled.'] LD/i/(m Expiation. Exist. Qtads-. 254. er'^<9=rfl. ai^esru). <^eb^rft idlujirsQiU/resTLh u<oSsr^ii. ^ui-j- 62. Expectation. (vulg. sfl(y> 60. ejp^LD^. serreirLD.g^sirLh. uiJ/f* Oa-«ua. Qeus/fluLjpLD. ^gu. @pi^. Experiment. <3=iEem^. [@<f^sS. suit®. ^//?*. Ss=LDfr£!!reurrd(^. er^ifunir. iBLhiSdetas. . sessr. i^etr^sLD. y//?. uiftLem^s^. 166. ^ Exponent. ^^Quitsld. Faith. sftB^ir. Exteriors. . Fall.. ^rfley.INDEX Exertion. 273. eiin-(T£. ^soiiismLu^. ^rsSuj Q^3=^ Qairemi—ir®. ^'eireij. 57. Expanse. Exit.. Explore.Lo//?^^ Explain. Fable. a-gyrs!/ Explosion. i3®tt(^. \_ibI—Ul^. Fail. (^sk Expound.] Fallow (land). (Eu. ^emessrui. u>Qi^. eurrdiv. out).) . eSiLtrrdSiLtfresTLD U(okr^ii. 57. @j<XLL. 62. ^eirirdS. LjpiMQu i3i!jiun'3=LD. Extent. eSessrQs^eosii. ^^aSrrLDLDiresr. [s9^. sp-lL®. adj.^. Faint. Expedition.62. Q^fftius Exile. npscrLp SLDITIU. QLDpLjpLD. v. Extravagance. 64. LjfiML- 6r(i^^Q. agricultural Qs=&)eij 209. adj. Eye. aLL®daem^.. UffLDU. (LpaiM. O ^^dr^ Gu/rsBr . ^.^ IB ^ LD n esr s(ss)i—. ^jrilj. Expire. Exparte. sit^^q^. ^ulj. isreo^. ^li^ih. Explanation. 64. Fair. aS/fl. sfir. UffULj. Extraordinary. Exorbitant. Exposition.) . ^^uehlo. ^aSlafl®. Exult. ^s(oOLb. 64. Qp(^Q. Q'S^rrireij. ^^rr<r®. QpS^fT. s^esuremLD. iLiiTffUj. ^Q^'s^- einr. Expel. ^ s-en IT 3= u) . Qg-irsiJD. Export. s. Extreme. airiu. ^'^irsuLDrresr.'\ Factor. ^SLssih. LSf^&sar eSiL/uueiretr. 62. [^.] The second <se)LDiiJ<sd(e^<3=miaa^. Fade. ljpldi-j. ujjei^'. ssE^rr/ft^ Expand. atrrjemiarsw' Faculty. SiW^^ir Expi red. 128. 64. 64. ^euQi/^eun-iT^iser)^. iss>su l^/b^. euffuurriT semi—Ujaii^ffLo. day of Extend. [iz) ff"^ . afl/fl. lSl^. ^^.

. 62. Fibre. Familiar friend. s=imu<swld. ernsinh. [uj^. Gi^tueuLD. ^mifrQarr®. iS^rr. uaenam. (smeuffirsQiULD. 107. Fern. ^lLi—ld. Feature. ^e3r/5^zi) 255. ^esa Fat.INDEX Falter. ULpdaii. ^uuireo. Q£smu. ^Qh WLpiT. Farm. Fasten. ^isTi^s. GsueS. [sif/Duu. Fatal.s Feign intimacy. — (rp&spa — burning. 3= np [Tjj Lh (^(BIlduld. 166. C/Eff«@. ^-em-QF) 64. Fathers. Fathom. ^(Vjerr. 16. S-eos/seiai—. £rr Qsiildlj. Fencing. 194. sSsir. [_Qld^l1>. . §le(^. eSL—friij. 62.] Feebleness. 62. eSeoiij^. Fatigue. euesis. Q^rrtpek. s. ^lL®s Qsirsisr® Qsus^esii—. 215. QisirQ^uQug^. lS(^ [ems. Q^rrp^eS. ^©». LDfTS-. S-peair® Felicity. @j!sma<SLD. eSlB!i3=iumu. 62. 52. QuemQsir® Festival. Favour. 62. e£l&^. 64. Fellow.] •3=^. Fancy. Sssstld. <s^eS. s. Qusssr.'] Feeling. Sleom.uis\)(^esrLh. ^suuek. ^ei^i—eir. (msmp. Fawn. <3= . ^^afl. ^rjeif^^emp. Father. LDfrLD(s^iT. [^gSL/aS. ui^^ld.) e_(S33rr/fey. [apsyrig. ^(BLOfr/SuQua-.i—uLf. ^es.] 273. e£l^eu3=Lh.] QiEfrmu. ^Ssir. eii(meS. Father-in-law. ^uS^ld.)e/<s essT'i-D. Q^^rrn^ossr. &<si) 128. II. ^p^fkjs^ Feed.3=friEj(^sn-LL®. 159. Feign.'] Familiarity. Q^l^ulj. uemt^ QpSui-i. &p(^. \_sTppSsir. _@/d@. QllBITiLJOSiLD. Favorite. suld. Fan.'\ Feel. Sirr Fiddle. ^ru intermitant. Become ^eS. ^em^. em^rff. Fetter. up-atD. SsoLDULh. QuujQrj®ui-j. ^-pseml. Qldiu. 221. 57. ^&. (a-evir^oissr. iS&iip. 160. flemsuLj. ^-smemiD. l^lI®. Fear. ufr. S-uSlir^^'hmr.O^ifl. Ferry. Quseias. SHF/^SBr. tFiriueo. Fame.] Lj/rsfl [cTczriirggif.] ueOLL. ^uudr.3=ujLh.s5eirir iS(SlSiI-I&>L£>. ^ssreo.. Q(rF. Fence. ^-ueufT'S^Ln. 66. QpaiBtn^. sr®s^ts Qsfrem®eiifr. ^QsiruLD. Qs^fZpisxLD. <^^(sis)^ ^® . Slif^ajfresrsusn-. ^sSlrTLoaiu. 115.p-SFSULB. L/erR. Sir^^. Fate. qp/dlL. 60. Giuemurreo. ^^^li. 19. 64. X. QsiremQeufT. ^^ LDrrLDGsr. ^uLjpih. suau^^ui. (mp pLD. [<?^/E^^. uujuuQ. <3=ir6>jsQs^eiirrs!r. eun. \sr<sm€mLD. S^iresTLD. Few. (wpS^nssim Fervency. 30 . npss^3=!riu&>. ^rrsmLo. Family. shfulj. ffsiSpiS. ^-. <oi(W)<Fii^. Fault. ^riresnQiLiirissrismiiJLD. ieit •g^a^Ln. Famine. 64. uiriki^m. wsld. Fidelity. 134. V. ^iTUih. QsrrapuLj . lj@ Quir-s=<st!nEjGisrr(B. [Relig. ULueo. 64. LDrr^rR. Farther. 64. 161. uujld. ^'Ufr^io. «&r. App. be — d. <3J!rLn. S Fermentation. ^?eiTUi-j. Fast. uoj. ^^l. i^^^ek. L^/fisuLS^/r^^sifr. Fever. 62. eiiiassmLD. Q^a 258. £»Z_. e£ip. t3rj<^ssn Feast. simsS. s-stld sirius^-a^eo. Sifj'ULo. Fetch.eSLpir. sS'^bst. usmt^sas. ems. (^Qf^ih^. Fertility. ^•s^iB^Qurr . \_^<sio^if\7\ 182. QsfT(s^s=. adv. ^pu. Q/biu. Feminine. V. lSIiP^. srTiuS=s=&^. LDfTms(Ssr ffi. Fee. — Female. [s\. 3='s Feather. /e/t/t. '^emiti. Q<sssr(^nLD. Slsii. ^cstld. 158. ^luetj. Fashion. 40.

Flame. adj.'] . [(Ill-) i£si-. tFUSroU. „gyriffO. ^ejQ fEiud [j3/ii>. eisisr'Ssusr ^Ssiu 74. <F(?iJriSOT. — born. Qi. The called. Fineness. OrBmueaLD. Fiend. Flesh. — birth or <3='Ssr. QuiL. s-dQuih. 182.^ti^SJ. ^eoisjsrr Flash. ^uud^siM. a-i—ire^LLQL-ffl 57. 64. i£eir. Qp^pQugti. — ^^luijs^sr. ^lLul£>. Cultivated oihattle. Firmament. Qld Fitness. 57. QsfTL^LDIJLO. ssemi—ih. QeoeSl. Fit. id^ ^rretr. Fir. — hook. 138. Fire. S-gjiQ. Fleet. seesrQi—®. Finger. a=<Sii(^. . (oTiB. *z_/r.] Flattery. ^eanh. QeuQ. ®0ia!/. Flock. suupsr^L-i—Lo. Q^sii ^irqf). 9&. G^i-i-m. evi^svLh. . S\i—nifldsLD. 6FLD(m<sisr. iSi.jsidQisiBdQ&rTrLD Flamingo. IJLD. (LpSLDm.] — eSrr [<?lJU6lfi. rBirir. Fig. [affrrear. Flambeau. isj-ldli. sldusS. . [e»<s] ^seaL sfem® Finis. jsds.Field. Fife. auupp&TLD. ^dQeS. (suiueo.j^ .3^sm&). enL^daiL®. [In law. ^(SlI <3=LD eSQF^d QsiTLf. Q^iff. ^lq^o. Flat. (be). . ^(oSSKsmQurrLLi—U). ^Qarr Qair(B(5s>LD. 66. a^iLi—LD.^sn<3= sSltflsij. .] ^HLD. Flare.. 62. ^ir. Find. iBdso. £I&)ld. . sfl^ Qppgii. QeuLf-ULj. 172. 's breadth. Fierceness. LDiTiBa^LD. ^UsaLD. QuitqT). Flight.'] Film. eurr^Ln. eSlfffriij. 215. uei^Qrreir. SUfTLLjUS^frffLh. ^sitld. Fie. &iesr. Figure. 56. 62. iS2si> lj(^<f. Fisherman. ss-lditsold. s<sm(BSt^ 200. . . 57. aveSuL/. Fling..] Firefly. uuSlirQaisifl. Fine. Flannel. QeueB.. m^Lpso. cF Flood.(^!^iij!r<3!r. evmLj. npuf. Qpt^isijsirefr verb. g=essrLDLj. QafTLp. S. euSsiiueir. Q^LDUL^enein-.s-. . tSrreiirraui. Q^isjsfr&j /Eff©»/r. Qpt-L^. [Q^/7t?L\ Finish. 'Sgiieij. ^md^^. 62. 64. Flagstaff. S-ffliu. ^^easTL^eo rLp&r.(St)z-D. 172. {^^eir siriLip. ^empdS. ^©/(srj. s. sipp. ee)U&). ^l—ld. QujirdQiLiLD. lErriL®. 62. iBssnSeSl. ^uffrr^LD. ^ss^s^ f<^^.dQp 182. 190. — — QuQ^Lh — i^jjeo.3=LD. SLIGHT LD. — Finite. /BfTL-®. \_^dauL^. Flour. S-muLD. ^LLemL-iLirresr. Fix. 62. QuiTird ^erru). ^sitiuld. QeiiiuiEJ(^Lp&).fit.) ^(^jLotrssr. [su /rair Q iSL' em J Float. opp^m. LSdnSlLf. Fish. Qeuefremh. 128. u . Qpi^i^^ Qpp Flatulence. cloth is Flag. ^/Ej(g. Firmness. «(g^. lSu^^ld. Filter. Fleece. ^d Qsire'treB. 60. u(i£^. (sSnh^.'] Fight. (II. ui—eoLD. lvsu/TiSi). Qieq^ul^. iSs. U)d. \_Sl3soQaiT<sir. tSekepi ue/fld§\® . File. ^ems. Filth. Y\\\.a^eiisr iLjdfiLD. ^(wd(m. 259. Flaw. Five. ^etnp. Flea. 56. Qp^e^. LD!T. QunrjT®. O^err^ew. First. . ^. Floor. 6u IT in uu a ear. Qa^iu^ rmi^. S-nKeuLh. ^LD. \_i^. sd^ Filament. ^jjessrsefTLD. =gy^^ luutpLD.s. iLj^^i^ Q)<5=uj. . emt— Q<FiLi. arjQpLLL^.] ^fLpdsih. 62. sLpeS. 242. Firebrand. gJ<S!}F^ ^LCULD. Firewood. sS^@. Ljeoilt. Q-ppsi isS&-. s. si-evrrSsd. [In compounds sans. ssr^ea^. — Corn uaSlirajyS. Fisl. ^l-® Quitldld. Flexible. (smQirnh. eh^iTiS.. Qpaeio^^. Fit. ^id^s-sLo.Saui-i 62. ^^d iSlekSstr. — — QP^^. QpL^eij. 152. The eouiSireinuLD. Flax. wdesi^. (^esip. 62.

Quirgn ness. ^^s^rfj.^®i£)/r^. i3<spsii 62. ^esTEjseir. ssLpgji. Forty. — Fork. sSa^^ii). ^(Qt^iT'SsriM. <^^euiruj Fomentation. Qp&)Lh. . II. Forgive. Fortune. 62. Q^it UicO UIBpLD. lEpsts ^®.. Qurr^sarLD. ^6iop. ^eoir. Sijeanh. O^/na'ja^. . (^ipl fEffl. 218. [Fluidity = Forethought. Forefathers. ^mearu). (mLpeu. — QpeirQasr. [. ^^^eB. Fox. SL-I—ITIULD. — Lopigj ^L-frQ^. fall Foundation. . ^<c!T>tr. Lo!r(^ lj<^uld. y. 64. ((?£-/*. Form. afl®. ^rressr. (6B)Ca). Fop. 123. //?. ^sirsTLD.p®. 64. Foot. ^lum ldQQs® Foment. ^LJL/«(g. gnu 105. &n<so<SLD. n sssr LD Foot soldier. ^ajr. uit®. ^cxoip.231. 146.121. Forsake. . Qeuiuiki . ^rrsfr. fEffl. eg/bjj/. 64. 62. Forest. tsuuSl^£}idsL9<^'3='S». Fornication. ^3= Fort. S-emi^. 136. Forfeit. npi—^^^srus.s^6V)LD.i(gjLc> 166.] Fog. Foe. •s^lLi—ld. ueoto. ^^t 166. ^'ueafl [ui-l- anLD.jijssrsS^u 165. urfttDsrrLh.ues)LpujuL^. 172. 3= =gy^!-. (rppiS^irs Foreign country. LD^iu^gisiQ (tpm. ^eK^uirrjLo. ssrpgijdseisr. 57.221. i£ls9l^ To U)ei)Qh. (aS)a)«@ 21. Fluently. Fortification. [i7ii. Fourteen. s-sm^Lo. Forward. For. Forbid. 2_j!/^. 62. Foretell. Fowler. ^d^iufrQ. y. s=iruuir®. npii^asr. ^(smi—Lo(SuuSfi ^uurr^LD. LSdresnh. y. Fool. V. tDSiJreofl. QpekQi^n-s&r. 62. sT!k'e<r>p. Folly. — uif — Ljp — Q^<ff=Lh. mg)Si-[i<smLD. Qussifi. . Fowl. uQuu. SS^soiriki^Lped (mweo.iTeu. uiT^LD. Fluctuate. mnpugi 172. ejppu). Force. fs^rrssreiorhiTzsT^Q^fTL-L^. 64. fiLD. b. 62. 32. Flow. Four. (of speech). Qiungs. .(wmQuiTeo. 157. [<s«rr. im^^it. ^L^'S's-m®. i. npm Folks. Forenoon. (ipeir(mj. Flower. ^isi/(2?tDisi. speak foolishly. . \_jpi. su(es^i^!TLh. •S-6!zre^. sssksbst. Qs^frSso. uee>i— 64. nptssresr^sS. um ^ Forget. 64. 0/5©t£><aY. Forceps. aireofmk Foot step. I^lL®^'} Q^a(i£ 57.. Fly. Don't forget ! 254. 254. Q<fl^..134. urrdQujLD. airp-x-eu®.j>j&)iej&i1>. Ford. 184. @Llif. Formerly. li^^uSisstld. . . Lop Foal. 67(537 (^uupeS(T£.ssL/zf. 190. ld'SVit. Flow (of the tide). (Lp®usS._a?'5i7"iinj/rj3. euifi. (S^p isTQsrQ^eo 98. up Formula. <^lL® Food. l&r^fft. (S»<ffi iiiEi(ff). Follow. 57. npsirQesr. Font. LiiTeii^^Qe\). V. sit®. Lc>QiQ3. V. ulLQ. (gsk eir rs rff . Fluency Fluid. . ^®^^<suiT. ^^{^i—LD. (^nh<^ QeuL-emi—d sirjiesr. iS^gndsek.j>]rr<5ssr. QsiTL-esiL ^(v^aaua. Former. LDGsresnuLi. ^LL(BdS(SB}L 272. i^ppi—ih. . ^s Forbear.aSo. Flux. 172. Fragrance. uuS^Sluj sfTjsir . ljsit. 234. Fountain. QsnS.64. 66. [Qljits(^. i3mQ^iTi—iT iS&Tun^. QpssrQssrrjLa. i^u^'itijld. Fraction. Flute. For form's sake.] . entp. Fold. ssagiiesS. uef>siuiTe!^. «/rea. 64. . •^S. uemaeueir. Qsvaj^afnL®. 62. 242. 60. a. uiTjj. uuS!^ 121.i—<dsr. 66. LDfruLj. Forge. App. upsmeu. [_(SULD.INDEX Flourish. S-ffLO. (^iL® aO®. [susir. . As . ^®d3.^ err LDL^. eg®. Q.). /Eff«Br@ .isiT!T<^. Qeuuj^. Queta^ssuLD. ueoir^miruiM. LuiSl. 32 . Qj:imQiQsnsm<sssrLD. Qpi—<sir. Forever. s^Sso. en a ^^ f n so lo . e»<s QihQi-p <sS®. s. QsniJLj.

aefriQ&tuLh. ^^atULD. 84. Freedom. [^sS/E/ato. 239. From time Front. Frisk. Gambol. he. «. Funeral. ^&aT. 245. Garden. E . =^s0.L^. sfTefTiTm. Qsueir(^ door. Q^/remi—. . s-irLDirm.x(Bdairuj. ©oS. Freshness. uffly^assrLc. . Q^n — (weirLjpLD. Fraud.®LJLJ. Qld^ld. ^luasirtD.INDEX Frame. (s. ^frjirerru}. ^lLi—ldlSl^. G. U6\)<^. Q^<E^<emi— uem^jS. ^eiai—. 64.3=ir6\). sekeinh. 13 ^q^ Further. eumLj. ^i—ssld. (^LpUULD. Generally. LD^eiaLD. a^u-i—m. Gallop. s=mf^. ^/t 258. CaeS. [^ton'*. Generation.) iS^^. eipgiiLCi^. 202. StUlSI. ^easuL-i. Qsssih uc!br«55v. ^sSlQioid. Fury. Gentility. Qps^a. (g&-. Gangrene. 64. <^(B^S^. Oxygen — Hydrogen — ^sQieBaiim^. Qsirutjeff lditSso. uiT<k>.3= &).] Function. Frequent.L-®. ^siidstr. iSempei^. s=n^. (g<?=/ra).^q/®. 213. — Future. Free. 158. Fright. Gallnut. eriB. e-i5i)6V)/r<y/-o. 212. Qs=(Lpes)Ln. Froth. Q^anju. uitiejQ). ^emeurr^s^.^Q^!rds!>. Garlick. Q^iri^ec. 62. Qpeoir^rriTLDiTeBr. (ffi^ g^rffeios. ^Qeo. 62. unirifl. Gamble. ^_(^ld^^i1>. Fungus. Gem. [h. Gabble. Fuss. (g^/r®. ^Lons^na u^^fflesia. QpsuLj. iS^^ld. Gardener. . uaeeiLo. isirsifsw.® . ^ecrruLD. eSp(m. S-p^uuiTiT Gazette. DOUI). (ipSssr. Garland. Gaming. uaa^. [QpL-(B. 64. 272. Frenzy. ^u^irn (fffSmuo. ffcuonrn/. QsinLeBii—^^iT^omiuui. QuiTiff Fuel. @^. Qairuj. 62. 272. S-sro^. Gargle. [«Ljffi_ixi. wsm. y. state. sul-ld. ^a^^esTLD. ^l^s&l^ Quniki^s^. Fulfill. Garment. ^(njis> QwpgnestLD. 243. Fruit. Fret. Oskctt^ Qshiei&itujld. ^dir [^air/i>. S-^^QtuasLD. Frivolous. (^SsiritimL® ^eiT(m. . ^^Qpeap. ^-eu ir LD<skr Fun. us. Gaiety. G&te. Lji—es^oj. ^uufreo. From. ^-sSuirssarLD. s^m LDiTLS<FLh. seS Frustrated.ff:. ^8so SUIT -s^eo. Frost. uQl^. euem^fnj). 64.] iSaapQsup^. Qisu^. Qpm . (esi^ujua.ld. \jfCjbl .n^s.g=sih. Q^iriLi-Lh. QsirenmK. euQFjiEianeoui. Lf^wrrSso. QC/eS^ctt. Frankness. Giufr^uuL QiurihUDUircssreisLDiuirtLJ Fundamental. Q^miisSo. <S'Sst! lu mL® ^lLu. Gas. S-. ^ai^u Qun iSleksurLj ul-®u Quit. [sj/jii. Gain. Generosity. ^lL(BqplL® Ljessfl 3. ^dsosans^eo. Garrison. emud^ajih. Freeze. 64. 21.(m . uice)i—^^osO(Sii<m Furrow. Lj^ismo. Gander. ^asmili s^LD^rT<5mLD. (^^mLL-Lo. (a. liiEiseoirsar.) ^<dv Furniture. Fugitive. — Furnace. 57. S=lh^L^. npirdsth. Freight. 64. Quitsiksiituj. Gall. Gender. Fullness. Fuller's earth.] Genealogy. ^sjreoflsi^i— ii). ^^<SSil—. a^ivtr ^sseifluLj. ^-stnpi^ ueofl. U(cmt^.] Friend. Genitive. ^3^ds(5(ai—. eniBs^ <siiifl'Ss>sF. Fry. 181. eun' . ^uQurresi^s &u Q^mLi—s strnek 181. Garner. ^soulj. ^(si^i—dr. S-QfffrLDih. Fringe. ^eiT'sfls @^ ^pu. C^ff ^iitlL. Gaze. ^0«@.) Qurrsjeun^ssr. QpirdsQeu^. to time. ^uLjptD. Game. General. ULpm. Fur. Frog. Gather. ^rfliurr II.

273. Q)srr(B.] Grain. LoSesiLD. [^/tuSl/.. 194. /S&3 Goodness. ^sireif s^irsw^rru}'. Giu'essr. Qafrsh-f^. QisfTSfTLD. Qus^si-. Geometry. ldQsiolduu®^^. Germ. (e^nsar^ ^iriu. ^sir^ewuLj. ^iLie^. QiurrsQiULD. 62. ^emira s. QiD^fSearet. 170. Gerund. Gram. QiLDSir&r QiLomeir.. 64. 57.. . ^rrhL-'r^m. ^6Vd5@. ^'^ff=3'ifp^. uitlLl^. a-(sSQa=(Si^jJo. 3=/sQ^(T£i^Lh.] euir^^. Qeu^LD^. Good.. eSLUfrsjTsasrto. Giant. [<?=/f«<s/r/f. 61. eu&^&srLD. LD/B^inTLD. ^ira-. iilssrsofl®. &(V)iEiseo.a. l8^ul^. Gird. iU u^ueiruLj. 62. iSff^auu). /ssjr^. Gouvdi 3T'fO>T- =gy«f?. ^. ueBiSKQ. «t_&).w>it. — Bengal. ^®. ss'mi'S^. Gospel. . ldSssild. ^w^s^ld.58. Gloom. ^rki(^siJD. <sjLpiEi(^. Glorify. — — mother. Granite. Qpresi ^iij(^<3^Lh.i. U Lf. aetflu . ^sssretaLD. Gradation. u&^u^uLj. ^^. Gimlet. ^s&@- 183. Girdle.'LDiT€SuLD. QLogjeuinu . Gently.] Give way.frir^ to lSiuim. ^(SYJSSJ^ Q)3='U. ^^dSffSih. seisrQ (<5m)LLi—. Goods. ^/r. uuSit. ae\}^ij€^. Give. <^SJi^i^ afleUjg. (sm^'Jjp. 68. 62. uirL-L-dsr. Granary. Ghost. s-^^ld. se^u Ljsne^ before. Gossip. Gleam. ^sat Goat.. Glory. Qeusrreyr/r®. s'ffK^ Q^^rr^. Qp^iriLi. <su/TutSjT:3=ir^ih. G^LDdseoih. @l£j] [6?^sru. Gild.LJ U Lf-ILI Glitter. -ririh^Lo. Quitq^^ somen. Gentleman. Grace. Qsfrs=<5Si<g=. 62. 0<s/rc9f(g. Snnesiu. Globe. 34 father. iSSm. Goose. . Quirek. Grandeur. He Go Goad. Si_/E/(g ^^si^ Giddiness. LDQip-ff^S. ^sodsesar^ireo. Glutton. 48. App. (e^rrssr^ ^suuissr. ^/ij(^euiTiT. Geography. Graft. gjeoAam. yG^/rerr -a^nm^rfil:. ^estp. 66. Sgji&Q'. gj&'^K^^Gs^ Gizzard. sQh^ssnT. Glass. QuQFifB^ewdiEiTffeir. ^Qsuei^LD. Q^iTL-uf.161. fQa-jsTU iSeir&. 93. 64. Gown. Glide. Qp^irea^. — — — — Godfather. semcss^i-s-. 184. Goal.sefrishQiuiJi. mother.) airessrili. Gladness.xfT6U)i Gold. gret)^. God. leaf.0. /BsineKLo S-^^LDix. <c£csar erd^i^ti. iSrirm. QffiQgjiuL^. Gibbet. Gift of \a.npeoiTLD. a^muir^.'^'E/«ii) [^©ti-] y*. Gift. S-esreur Grand-child. ldjjixi. \_(Lp<sO!nh ^®. ^'sfl. Qu£)j. Gnaw. ^eisld. enaeurr fT aiTQEsmeimiiJLD. child. 3'!TUiir<s!r. Glance. Gove?!}. [^(SJ"'-] ^imaQsi&(^.Qun. . lS^ (ffiLli—siBSu. ufTfrujjisir. 1. rngi. Qij>&> (sufrnui. 111.sLf. sL—eifen. ^em^.INDEX Gentleness. Governmental share. 68. [v. x. QuffutSeir^. ^. 209 ['-/• Government. Q^&jsk. Gradually. ^ffl/. ^urr(^&. Dry — *<s@. np'Sstr. ^@'Q. ^ift. 70.G)^is\) QLD-gSSBTSiJITJJ [lS^SJOZ-D. iSeit^Qp Q^syisoaih Quiriir^ib ^ejei). <srTisSiJJih. ^lEjQ. '64.Lo umrsmeu. C^®32.] Gong. LDa^^suw. II. 13. ^(smfrdsiL®. \_^U3. (in the south. All is not gold that glitteis.124. '^La^Si. issoeo.3=^. 197. Ginger.uenusirui-i. 184. Q^sii u^^. lBjstlBsSu y. Girl. Quask. Girtli (saddle). Go. Get. Godliness. Glow-worm. is going to do so Genuineness. Gnat. ^.] 93. Godown. ^/Dagaz/r/f. S-tsim so i— Grammar. ^emir.lL®. Giuem. Glue.

Gut. Qldlu. <or (fi s= s^ 62. Grinders.. 64. 56. Gunny Gurgle. 13. 60. upga. l^jpi-s. 2_(53!!ri_/r@. (III. (ips \jlL. Qp^. unfTLDifJsQpeudsr. — (a. QstrumSi. uqf^st^ld. Growl. Gum. Great.) eiiLpLL®. O/E/flay.eirjSiujSfS&). ^tflm>aiu!r — powder. sfruLD. Grope. ^em^. Q/diL® uSliT. uQFjLD(5sm&} Gravitation. Guile. su(ZpLDL^. 166. (S.) II. Q IS rr oj oj ffj & Gutteral. ^ fr^sssr lSI l^. Gripes. eueiriT^^. Q^rrSL^Ln. (^i—frdsi—ed. euiEietos. ^-lLu si^indr. Graze. npffiQpgu. Gratis. msairiLjsireir. 3=LJ ULpllt.. 64. Ground-rent. . a®^^ Qpsua. e_^(%D. &c. sc 16.'] Grease.ema.'\ Qs. 6ULp^ I rubbed lueStLL—^. «iaj^. uuSl!j(T(^. s^uirsQ. urfl^fT sfltFiJB'LO. euuSmgufmeij. . 62. Grind.) siTuurrppi sfr. Guaranty. •S' (^iijiT(m&)LD. slLl^Ssit ^® 68. euuSlmgasn'^. the skin off mi/ Grumble. Qiosursm. [^'^^. Sl&^d(^^s.] — Aralic. Q<rndsi). uiFgOT^. e»<s. Grape.' 64. i-^Q£. QarrLp. thick. 273. lS^sbt. senei^. Grove. Gutter. S-^C^S. iSrrs^fTsnrLh. \_!3&&r ^L—eif\. giajffLD. ^etnir. ^m>n-.) seo-0O(5mp. Qldoj stru un'eirir. Qarressfl. Guest. ^-^^aemr^LD. ua-<omLD. \_^(^l-0. [t5)0(gc9. n. Gai Grimace. Grits. 62.] 190. Guide. Grasp. 64. \_uirffiT. (n.3=(SCi-f<Si> Grinding stone. iDS^fSirecr. Q^rruu. UL^. 105. QsBsr®. cneiTQF).. (v.smLL^ . Guana.) Gray. npgiiQf'^. Grief. Greediness.] UDsrr. s^®LnLj. shoulder against the door. ppair.s<srrsisir.) [^apda/rgii. (the leg.]. lj6=-s»<f. SQrr^a @t^. sireueOoir.u} Lfeo Ground. euefrirJ^S 190. <a'LD /-^^(sjr.~\ LCfTeSUlULD. ulpld.^ s>(Sf)@. QeuLL'SdQ 77 Grow. Grave. Q<a.ssnirdS. (^LfuxiLj. ©srff. QurTirem^fF. <c£l LLLjLen . &pE^.z^ LHQF^ihgj. ^l8. Qtadi Guards. <ms LDfrjSlan/SI. situlj.64.'] — up. ^ldlS. iSeoth. Grateful. Lfeo[_£)i. Greens. s^ssld. urrs. Grow Grub. ea (^k-s^ Sssr EutQ^<SLD. sehenLh. Qlduj sfl®.INDEX Grant. uQ^ssassisSd. 62. <5S)LD. sj Greenness. Guilt. U(7faDiouj/re!r. ^eosu^fLDiriu.(ipfi^fff[_u ULpth'].®. Grass. it. (SK<F 00 IM . ai—SumLu uSc^. ULD. 165. — hairedman. 8Q(E\)^iJ>. Qsrr^^. (j^z—a). a/ euLp.9=/riFiBrZ-D. ^i—ir 240. 254. Gulf. ^nK(^. GisiriLHUfrlLorrm. Guard.)>. — hopper. QuQTjQps^a- efl®. 251. Gun.s^ai^ffsto/r. 64. ^t—isij. 131. — face. Greatness. Groan. . (a. meiair^^^. Gruel. Green. Quq^&xild. i^QR/hsn. [. Guess. 64. <5^(S»i_. Gratitude. uit^sit. iSlSdr. . ^suSo. ^uitlL . . LDSur QlSIT(Slf. Growth. euirLDth. QairL-i—irdso. [_^msr<cS)LDs . Qmirem® sSc^. Guardian.'] iS^rrssfl Greedily (eat). Q}ld!ts(V)- @^<s@.!Tim!r. iBeo>n-fi Grudge. (WSSSTLD. fEsir/SI lujS/i^ 64. Guava. eSnF/B^rreifl. 62. Qarrn^uLj QuiBiu rComp. \_S(Sssru). (s^ppih. (v. <xirasifl.) sssTLDirssr. Gravel. lSljl. Qujjit Qupp]. LSi—p^piSp&Qp. LDfnL&eiaLD. cloth. ^emira Q/I—it.

^Lpstr (W(S!i3rto/r<S(g. Hand. ^Ssn. g»i_. Hatred. 165. 64.. QtB(eKs^LD. Handle. 62. 57.] ^Q&tr Hate. i^dsOLDseir.2 Hazard. (ip® usS.a^a/a [Comp.] 273. <siy>su [€«««] @tL(ginz — ^ . u sssr^^ii ^ ^ Harbour. ^(^(e^rresnh u^^d 121. ferns'. Halt = stop.'] iBeai Quit Harshness. Harm. 57.ulj. undQiULD. s^eu ir lj . 7V(e ivound is healed. 64. sued^^ga. [(ga)so/r. = go lame. QuQ^emtD. . ^@. 56. airgLo. su u®^3J. uSu^. 62. \^LDir II. eraaeS&f/EJi^. Hatch. uLpd(^. ^qruli. Qeuu ULD. 93. Qsuist^ed..'] [v. Happy {i. 190. 62. .) eurrips! eurrt^ I Hartshorn wsud^frir ^-. Qs^irem^Lo. (g®i/S. em IT ^Q^^iuih. QslLl^. Q€=(rm^LD!jd(^. eSd@jTS Heathenism. ldulj. ua^. Q) IT fE ^Ssodsi^. Habitation. 36 . a^^.) ysaiy. jiiQ£^ Heat. ^<5f>fT. * 62. ibit^i 66. Q(Sij&. be QipiriLi. ( Q^s^meS. ^^^ju>.'] \_&r(ef^. £F(Tf)d3=<mlT. ^e\>LL6=<sm Qp&rer.) 0^aflO<s/r®. Hail. ©sroi—. (^^Q^esr. (m. Hallo. 64. LJssfl. Quafr. Heathen. Hallow. Heart. «ii). ^/a Haughtiness. GxaiiLDeinLD. <F(^d(^. Hang. ( (tpiueo . S-eiap <^i—lc>. . iSa^. e<aa. 70. e^Quir^Ln. ^^lLl^lsitllj. ^^u Quirs^sr. Hair. ia. es>s iSl^.Qrsireii. U(Td@iueij^ 182.] Hall. ^etfdQtULD 134. LciSssr. Slrra-./r<F6rb^i50ti). urfJ3?^^LDrrd(^. ^imp Hardness. eSSsinsif sireoii. s^rff^ih. Comp. s-ifi. <F/r&. uuSljbSi. Handful. Handcuff. 27. QserreSuu®. iS^l. ^fff. [u/rsiiafl. ^(^(CTTSofl. ^siies)^. ^Sso Heal. QpsLD. (gCj/rsLo. (^sSuei). ^eia&^eij. msiss Hawk. epiLi. 0/E(^*. (@Q<sfr. Qa=<sd<mjLD. urffQeuL—Lh. msifii—LD. (v. 62. \_ld(w. Hat. LDski'L-uih. uuSpg)s. 70. Handsome. s^eiai—^^iruSlQF. ^<snrdsil>. G). [_sQf)L—eir.^gif^ s^eo ld rnij Happiness.. emeu^^Qf). ^ir^^iM. Hart.) £»« UJIT(^ ^dso{-\. iti — ed. a i^isar ld rr ssr Hare. ^^sm'i—fr(^. \_l—u>uu>. ^^^ld. ^LDUirrjLD. ueas. Q^iTuiSl. Have. s^ldld. [ Qeu&LD.^^ 161. smiieas. QsfTLLemi—. LDirdsr. eir><sd Q&m—rr<^. Happen. Qpe\). o-sld. 60.'] QldlL L^eaLD. Hammock. Qa&i. 70. (g(^* QuiTifi Hatchet. ^pspi l/sbw . ^jiir^ireiff. aL^QSTLD. 212. 70. uiriEJ(g.^QjjrrdQiuili. 64. ^ee>LD. 60.INDEX H. ljj*. ] ems S-^LDirdso. ©ifieJ. er&isir. ^/iuafl. lduSIt. Sr^^iLi&d. Health. Harass. Habituate.) ^<sjS/. Hear. 160. 218.) Headlong. suLpdsili. QgLD. Hearth. 193. . 0<s®^. Geugii. . 140.) uadSiusurrm'. ^®ulj.) person. ^d(g). gjQhs-. srruS^iT. Habit. ues>£s. Half. eiieS . 64. arrrfjujuu®. gies^p. nps^'so. ^cofl. ^dQaio. Head-ache. Handkerchief. Hammer. eS"® euir^Fed. . en. sfl(3!D/r.) ^s^ld. lSIl^. C«/r Qisud^iT'STLa. sffih. ^eorrtm slLl^. Q/Effl(B. ^sBafl Haze.) 58. enir. Harmony. ^Bso lduSHt. ld<c!!Tld. 182. eSsn Loireir.62. ^L-enefTLD. sk-ii^&i. Happily. [_s!T!jek Harlot. 3^giid(Q. ^-jtulj. 182. ULpdsui. Halo. Head. (v. Qpikieeis.s=Q^d @.. Heap. eer. Haste. ^-(sl&esBnh (^®. (int. 193. iS&). ^isi(Q. ^iriEjQ^ ^rr/EiQ te/zES/ /Ei fEL — 66. Harvest. anu>i-j. Q^itl-l^<s^. ^eoiL®. su L^eutn^. 62.L^. ^gnuLj. (HI. ^emfreurrS. ^^luth. uQ^is^. d(^^gj. ^-Qijitldld. .

air&iT. Holiness. ^ir^^ Qsfremh. ^i_<s(g.INDEX Heave. 64. . . uifta-^^uj. 92. exscriLp. Hollow. S-iLiffii.^<fld. (^^saiT&>. 62. ^es>i—uu. ^eesi uesr/Sl. Lomp 218.) Hence. LD(S(npk^. Q^<3sr a^® Q^ek ah^essr®. \_QairefrLh. l9^l. (^LeiTUJ.] 62. up. rBSTSLD. ^^3^(Sa=ir(B. San/r. ^^. wiQuLDLD. — way Hill. _@^ eu&)ird(^ili 211. 134. rEfremir.239. — — ^d@u — in. ^rh^ Quir/i^. £_. ed. (^i^aih. Hive. [ff&D^rr. lS'Ssbbt — 231. Helm. \_Qs'sfi. ^liiQa Hereafter. Heir. Hilly country. ld^u Quas(m. Hint. LDil). Qp&) eStutr^. Holy Ghost. (^rSuLj. urjirsQu Q^etrrRiULD. 62. 64. Hoard (grain). Hold. Q&>. 10. eum^jj utLsmi—. tSldr(er)Qeo. 0^/rS. Hen.) 64. e^leim.3=mQ^Q. luSo. ^(Siiffluj(Surrek. (y)i_/s7(g ^guQu 62. ^sJQp^<so. Hem. urftsf^^ Holy church. tj®. ^. Helpless. eurrearLD. Hit. ^-iiiiT/i^ 75. ^eurr/iui. Qi—tT(ft. u eo ^a&pp. ^iisiretr Qp ^/b QsiT(sm(B. 64. Heroism. Hoe. _@ [emi—UJjffi. Holiday. Heron. QsiTL^u ( Qu®. bl-l^uj straek. 64. Hinder. Hell. 3 . ^eueS Henceforth. Herd. ^irdr Hesitate. 259.®. 62. QLDSOiresr. ai. ^eu^iii sLL®d @<s!>t— iUfriLs SL-® 64. Qeu^u ljulL. Hole and corner. Heaven.QptL®. ^-ekssr^ih. ^^^esr. Be — 64. ep^ff:rre-ia6=. ui^eo. ^srfl. Hide. •s^situjld. s-d<srreir./r6rf? 181. (mrreir. ^^s^&itit. \_^!Tld. ) ) — ^^ Qp^eo. Hemisphere. II. sldlSIu Qua 258. 128. Hind. Help. 272. ei]iki(^. s^rfl^^uLh. er®. Qldit^. LDib<Es>^ Hoarse. Qs^ir. Hole. OsulL®. i^uld. Saju u(B. LD^. ^(Bldit^ 108. 25. Qua. (^Lpe^. ^EuSstsr ^rreir LDirdr. eS'irsir. uuLosisn—S^LD. Holy. (Lpi—<i(Q 62. Hemp. uuiraQuLD s=!Tm. ^L£ILDlL®i1>. <aj/7®nuj LSItf. ^fresii e»<5^«!D«. Hew. . Heifer. — /Bsroff. ld^ eSdSii-srih. 64. saL-®u uekjS. 165.^^. ^QFid^esiU 128. Hiccough. uiT^n-efTLD. ^t—ffi. SLDLOeOfTOir. eurre^. ulLl^. Helmet. LDSoOwrr®. SL-U^d Q&rrefTiem.^® the tongue. lowsa Qsn'err(^. 108. forward. ^0. <^rjili. 62. tSasusTLDiTiSer. ^ "^ s®. QueesT ^^. Hid. 190. Height. 68. Qld®. •3=LDU6frL£>. Hoary. ^emQineo. em^'fi'JJLD. ^eai Hinge. s_^afl.) Him. 90. Quit^uulj. uessrem. urfls^^^ ^afl. 60. enrr&irrga. . Herself. Hitherto. Hindrance. Herald. ui—Lj uessr^ss. gj^esar. ^iLp. 3=IB^. ^luenLD. History. Hero. iS^ffirir^&^Lh. ( s^emiliLf. Herb. gsfl. eSeffJiMLj. ^6iBQld0O. To grow Hereditary right. Qurr^^So. LDici^p 64.imrrd Hemorrhoids. up£u. 19. aesrii. High. Heaviness. s-^^il). ^(mr(B. w<sm QeuL-L^ Hog. ««TOZ_ LDjS. uiruili. Hedge. Qp® 62. Hi]). ( < Himself. 272. Here. 62. *_«/E^/rei. 64. ssm^.. Heel. (si—iriB. ^®UL^. QsiieS. Hellebore.'] (^'Skffij. ^emL—uu®. Fessreo. Q<3=(su(sui^. ^a^njiresr. 62.£E(g. fEet^rriLirresr. eflcS«^. 258. a^eSl. s-^i Heresy. eiii^3='S=infl.T.i-lS). Hire.

] Hour. ^ibsl^.] Household.) gS'lL®. i^iLi—rreir. . Hot. siiissr. eSiL Householder. 60. [. ' '(^i—TTVsr: £_(si^s3irr. Horribleness.w^. tSlrrLDiremrt—LDtmnr. (n.^d (qiBiu. SLoudsi. [uSl^^ucsri}). 248. 273. uiLiimsnLDQs^fTjch. ua^ir. sTuuL^? sr<si}w^Lh. 107. ^. Humble. 38 . Q^aeo. 271. Sl'SsssnufriistB. (^^smird strn^eotri—ii). Hostage'.'] Horizon. di^skr Hound. ^nip^^. How many ? How much ? Hubbub. 25. Logj eesT iM Honey comb. Hypocrite. Qrfj. Hypotenuses Hypothesis. Huge.s@. ffluj. Q^uj. 255. Hump. . Honesty. Qatr®. 19. (^(SfTLDLj. srseiir^i. (^l^^ssshtld. 57. Lo^ivmLi^. ulL-^u). sff®. Husband. (v. epismr. Honey. (^Qfrir^iJo.'sir. Honour. eidjuLj. 121. •s^&su euntswLD. ^afl®. Jiff^(^esi(e^. Be — *®. Q^rrtMLj. (SenL-imt— rEniL. ep®.d «/rir<sir. ^isoeo aeoQeotreow. 158 House. . ^irip. (Eng. (Q(3JiJi. Host.) 25. 152. Humbug. Hooping cough. ff<a/<s@. (QTensii&reij 212. Horse. QjTsw. 62. (gs»rsfl. Qii^.®. s(w<ssi^u sQ-p Hostility. &^sj 273. Honour lost fur half a cash cannot be regained though you give a thousand Fan. Humility. auu^. shoe. in^i s>^° ^. . ^LDLjeiaL-UJiTeir. Howl..) !hLDi3d<sins. ixiir(S!rLb. Qiun-sQiues)^. ^irssru u-tt-l-®. iBiriusm. ^girsisTL^eo 182. Hope.) u^^ ^^^ath. (SeuLLise)i—. eu. d a <so . ^€(r(^. QpdsfrQ. (v. sr^s^. sessr G)sfr<Bm!^fr<3ir. <^iKjio!a^. Houe. lu iDSssreS. ^uesru:. eSL-Q^sirireir. uesmei^. keeper. comp. [u u©.^^. v. ^LoeB. s=!r<sa)s.^^ House ground uiTS=nisj(Q. I am Hunt.) s^lLl-ld. un^^^irweiaLD. {jsuw. Q&iTffi. ssai^rr ^® 263. ldSsst. ^a)eSi_/-D. ^•smn'<F<s=e\). Hospital.) mihi-j.57 — Hookah. Horn. (v. sQevmij. Hurry. entQs^aeisr. Sipu u®^^. Q^elst. Hunter. /^/f. 172.'] Hurricane. 107. ^ L-(B s s eo 105. ersii . hora. lj<^. Horoscope. Hunger. ldSsst. Hypocrisy. 188. LDssrls. uS. lditiuld. ©i@. QuasrssTLo Hood. s. G'<F&ir. ^eoffii. [e»i_. (site). 62. 62. (s. ^^aair — — — whip. QenLL&ai—iLtrr®..) u^SL^L-ih.) uj/tlL® 62. @^« e?©. Hyena. ujtos. Hymn. Humor. sesrm. ^&>. ljjlL®. Hornet. QpiftuLf. ^si^Lo. srsuen tr^. [Lat. — [Oa/r(5jaS. <sSq/. eii <ssm 126. lds^^ ^ss>^ss!rs=tr&i QuuQp mrresrih ^aStrtlt Ou/rear Qsir®fi^irgfiih BJirir^. Qpa-ui^. 255. 3= ir'Sisssr II.^/K/@ Q^iii 165. (ad. mniL LDrreOLn. ^l8&). Hundred. \_SdarTiH. (^^Lnuui. {_L—iriT.sssTiZzirii.). unnsiS. ^fi^. ^&OQpLp. Housewife. (^®(QL-tT. . in Hush! Qu^itQ^! QLometsrLDiniSQF)! Husk. £76BTa(gij uS!s(ggi. Hook. ^a^sd (^/Sulj. Ssisr. ^smu^^iH. (one's self). Hurt. asfV^imirrm. uesS .eir. 111.sld. Hop.INDEX Home.] Human. Qiui^dQiULD. (^L^(m>3=.161. Q^asr ak. Hut. . eudsmuLD. ^-lB. Hoof. sk. Qeui^ear. ST sn Sii ss) s . Lj'S'eo.?^]. (10. 62. — ^eSfOu®. [_ul-. ^eiair. er^^&jr. 70. ufT-CFiria (^ssfTireiT. How. Qu Less. QsaQesiLo. Hoop.

epuu^ siriL. LSlLp. afleB)^. ^-<mpiB^ Importance. Importune. Inclose. S-iLu®^g. ^ wsir^tli. euQ^i^d Qsm.62. Imitate. ^m<siipp. srL-L—rT^. ues>s.®. ^. ^m)i Include. 64. Impediment. ST em (sasr LD ^eOiL®. tSim s^jffLhLf. aQr^^gi. ^ !r. srif^^rs^e^. ^eu LDrBturrem^.231. cSsSjiaLD. eSdQ — Income. II. 62. . i^rreijirrr s^p/SI Luemi 64. 64. ^•a^rrdSjjes)^.{^i^-) Idleness. Incomprehensible. a^iru^SlffiTesim Incessantly. ^(^(S^rresrLD. iiiii&irLa&). sQn^^. ^(^^iratli. uDLLu^ioisoir^. Qufr0'smLD. QiULD. <3=inu Immorality. <^(ffjSiss!sri~&(rFjisir<sfr. 160. a-s lS Q^^ uj^^^ QslLl [I am — . Q<r<Si^LD. (md Qsi— £_/r^. Quesi^icHiLD. Inclination. Improve. sq^ Qsup^. Imperative. 99. I61.(misi]w. . Impress. If. ^smL esrui. Idea. 3y . 2_39(OT*. Illegal. a^L^rr^ sirifliLiili. . /5a»/— uiremei^ fBetni—. ^esSeij. — Including. Improbability. [tSl(g]. QurT(r^effiLD. Inconsistent. Incommode. ^<sir unrirdsLD. Ousjresrzi) QuiBiu. Q^^i'u. ^au. eurrdjan. . urrirdi^. . ^®d(^. ^(OT)ig«. 95 — Improper. j ' Inadequate. sr^si.. ^. ^^usuirdaLh. — l^fTlUU).^^iii-/isi/ii). euirsii. ^E/Qaiio. ^Qeo. dlQ^uuii. ej<S]<ki eScksr.<siirr^LD/rLudQseiT- .LDQ(e^iwird Imperial. Immodest. a-LD^si. . ldlLl^. Incline. Impulse. ^uSssi. @dsii. ldl-®^ ^u iS. ^Q^. u^. uithulL'S^ iSffoeorr^. Impertinence. ^i^. ^ rfl uj So eo rr ^ . ^suld^. [121. 21. s-^uld. Immoderate.iQ(?m'LD. ldlL® ii?(g©. and expenditure. /EirsEifa lSsst {_eB)LD. i5. Illustrate. rLpdQiULD. @3so. /BIT. iSlrrair&uiS. uuS^^iLi srrffeir. @i^ Q^s^iusemrr. Out Impiety. Imbibe. Immovable. lUwill. Qg^nLhwM.?@ Inattention. 121. ^^dsL^. Immense. ^^^^jild.' ^it. ^(Tjo<s@. ^lSu iSrrtriULD. 62. ^rrrr^iPaLDrresr. Idiot. Ignorance. ^rSliurr^eiLD. &.70. Queco^. ^LL^msrStD. 64.160.^eSQeu io&o. (^^jjuaLj. Impure. eui^LDrreanh. 160. SrB. Imbankment.INDEX I. ^eu u<i^. . Q^eil{u<r Impudence. 160. Idiom. 1^^ Q^sL—rreur. Ill. 62. — ^smi—uj^^. Immediately. \_L8&deo!r^. aO Ichneumon. ^esis^supp.. eSstrd(m. Impute. ^iLinLD&). ^*^^. UITULD. Imposture. airiuLDsfrrftli. ^ems^iurr^. (^tpuLj. I. Impossibility. ^d(^<3mih. s^i—iEJseo. epL^mrrLceo. 251 Image.'] [In comp. Inability.^^d ^lueofT^^. Imjjale.^'<5^ff^^(iy£Z). Illuminate. Qs^triliL] . Immerse^ ^i^tp^^. ^itujuli. iSg^irGsril. . ifl/r (2?^. npL—LD. 6r(33rs(g<5^ ^auu®. Import. ey/rav O^sos!/. Qdrm.. Ice. Impartial. ^eiai—eSlL^frLDeo.^&!3r.®.s-^ULh. Idol. eurriBsiTLDisc. xii. sirifjdQ. ^ upga 2_z_G'an". ^u3=iTjjLh. Immutable.^su^irrrLo. •riruj&). speueurr^. Qun^ir^. 62. s^eugs.. In. Impoliteness. ^m-Sfuirssr. ^nn<ssiS\ ih Imagination. Impatience. QishlLsisj } /EiremsriBJ i Inch. 37. 245.^i_ffi@. 57. . Incision. App. Imprudence. eressrossi ld. uit3=itiej(^. ^sir^. [^epeuisuirss-yLo. s^eiruL ^C—IElSlLI. 57. Incense.] Illnature. -3=1111. ^pd(^LD^ uememi. Inadvertently. QiBtrssLD. Incarnation.








ssl^u uemes^i^



nflect, Qsup^eeiLD'-i

u®^ffi. 161,

Increase, (v. n.) Qu(tfj(^. 62. ^^aifl. 64.
eSnF,^^iUir(^, 165.

u®^ffj. 161.
Q-3=(ki(SiiiTa,(m. ^ffiremfl.


(v. a.)



QuQF)d(^. ^Qfi^^iU[Te(Q 62.




161. ca;/f^^

nform, Q^ifltuuu®^^. Q^rfi<^.


Incurable, (wound,






[j0^^. 160. eer^l®. e_L-0^

ngenuity, (^i^^Q.^^^adsLDfreur lj^^.
Incursion, ^rreSlesit—.

Indecency, ^suLDifliufrem^. ^us^fruLD.
Indefinite, SJ^^^ujLSlisd&iiir^.

ngot (of gold), ^lEt&u Ufrefrw.



nhabit, aiire^uD Lj(5ssr_^. 62.



62- (^L^exsii- 60. euQ. 64.

nhabitant, (g^L. (^L^iufresreueir.


^eireoflsL^i— ld.








nitiation, ^ilioWcS^.

in Algebra, ldl—bk^ sitlLl^.

njure, Qs^^su u®s:,ffi.



Qs®. ^r


@^. 64, 115. sitlL®. s?lL®. 62.





Indicative (mood,) [_sirL-i—ec




^UD. [^L-ZTSU/E^. ^®€illh^.'\
njury, Qs^^ld. ib&^i—ld.

Q&®. Qe®^.

Indigestion, ^^jissanD.












(^(sssr LD





^eijrfl. SeOLo.


stand, eiatod <a^®,










Indorse, ^esari—iriraa uem^ii.
Qldsv er(w^. 62.


2_eff (Sffiagsfferr/rzw.

nn, iF^^jiD.






Induce, O^i/sfl. 64.


n place of,

u^eo. u^(SOits


nquire, <S.3=afR. 64.

Indulgence, ^eirdstriiLD. Industry, s-gis s^^i lj 48

nsanity, etau^^ajto. Qsu^.


nsect, y^s^S.



eo a -3= th




Infant, @tp/5SB^.


161, 200.

naide, ^-L-LfpL}>.




usitsr ^ipeij.




nsist upon,

(Tp®s(^.. .&2.




eiimu^igj. 62.

Inference, .jij^LDfrsanh. iS^irssnuLj. Inferiority, ^irip^^. ^eiruuili. ^/rtpffl/-



SLD. iSlSit<f&.


euiTiud QSIT

(tpuLj. eniriLeQgii^



nspect, ^fftrdj. 57.


Cs^ir^. 64.





nspector, QLDe\) w^^irjussa'a

Infirmity, giiru ueoih. uso-^earLo. ueoL—

nspiration, urfls^^s ^eSuSl^ euey^eo. nstance, ^L-i—rriB^aLD- ^-^irffmsriD.



eugji^. ^eirirJ^S.








Intransitive verb, sim^
Intricacy, ^m'ssr&j iSesiesreo. i5<£(g. 0<a






@lJ ii)«@.




Instead, u^esirs.
Instep, Ljp/iisir&).


Introduce, ^jSQpsLsiird(^.



Instinct, ^lunjeios ^/Seij.


Institution, srjbutr®.


Instruct, uiy-uiS. 160.

S-uQ^S. Invade,

Ufosi— er®. 64. uemi—ersx- 62.

QUfT^. 64.

GiDSd e^cLQ- 57.

Instrument, ^iLj^ih. sqf/^. ansmru).
of music, QLDen'eurr^^ajLD.

iSesSiUfreS. 2_

Invaluable, eSl^Lo^dad s^l—it^.
Invasion, ueiTii— 6jJDpu>.
Invent, [««»^]

Insult, iS/i^.uL^. 64.


(n.) Siiee)^. ^eij id frssrLn. ulS. eja^a-.




Insurance, S-^^rreuir^ii.
Integer, QPQf eressr. ^LSmesTLo. Integrity, S-SOTSioto. iS^irosrw. GiBireaLD.

Inventory, Quuja<siJL^ i—nuLj. Inverse, ^qf^uu Qpimp. LDirQrfosT.
^/fl. 64.

@lL®. 6jpu®^gj.


^Si. 62.





6i. ^rririij. 57.

Intellect, ^jSeij.

190. lj^^.
aqr^gi. 62.





Intend, QtBirdf^.


Invisible, ^^rftSujiDirissr.


64. OTSsar^j;. 62.


Intensity, ^Qsirrjili. U-dQirii. sQemtD.

Invite, ^eD>Lp


QfEird.fsu>. s(Tf,^s^.

190. Qiutr

Involve, s-QTjL-®. 160.




Intercourse, a^seuira^LD. ssll—itl-I—iIi. eu
Interest, sulLl^. Q<Fird<FLD. eulLl^

Iron, ^QF^LDLj. 254.

Irony, III. Gram. 210.
Irrigate, iir uiriLids^. 160.

Interfere, ^dscn:^il.(BsQ,siTeir.



Irrigated land, meirQ-FUJ.



Q <s


eir<^ &srQsfr(Bu Si Sssr.


urrlid^io. l^pjpiu urnLid
aiirasTwuirir^^ ^sroia.

Intermediate, ^ss>L-.uSl^<me!r.
e^cfreiT. fsfSi'Smresr.





Intermitting (fever),



Qsitu^lL®, (STiflds^&)fTd(^.


Internal, 2_ err gyr/resr. 133.^a.^iiB^r;iEJS.
Interpret, aSiOafl. 160.



Isosceles, ^Q^-^'^ udsQ-peirm.

wsm^^jl. ^(md^ihuiomr^^}!.

Issue (disease),




0<3=fr/S. ^earei^'- rpeniLD.

Interrupt, QgjisQ®. 263.

Itch, (s.) Quiiif^.





Interval, ^eiai—



133, 137.




It is, 2_sr7-srr^.




Itself, ^/raJr

108 J.

Into (pre.), ^eo.

^<s. @. 21, 242,
Qsrreirt^. (§tf^

Ivory, ^fh^LD.
^'fl. [<?^"> L/«zi).]

Intoxicate, Q<5u/Sujits(^.
d, Qeu^ Become giuQun®.



Jackass, [^asi] sQ^es^^.




Jacket, 'ff^LLsini
for a girl,



Justification, ii^LDfr(^dQ,^&).



Jackfruit, ueoauuLpih.

Keel, 1^1— d sl-bsh

Jaggery, sqj^ulI'S&lLl^.
January, em^
Jar, g/rtf.



130. «®eE)i£).
<5S)Bi^s^esieii. iSt^.



Keep, eo^eu^^QE. 60.


— water,





— i—n®. —


Qu^ii, ufT^sir,

^rri5](^. ^ifl.j

a day, ^^.g=ifi. ^s'fft. 64.



Javelin, Qeuec. ^L-uf-.

Kernel, np^§i. QsaiLeiai

Jaw, ^<SC(&.

^tres^i—. Qiain^jpi.

Qp 3' n rj ih ^mEi(^. l/^ul/. Q<srruu€mir. [Eng. QaiLi—eo.^

Jealousy, 6r/fli^<F^.



^peij Qairic.





Jest, uQip.. QaeS. (^(^ldl^. Qsitulj.

Kid, Qeu&reirmLQs qlL^jl

Jewel, ^ff^^eurssiso. ldssS.






Kill, QsirSo(sii.)

56. (111.)



<Seu8so. (ffj^^eiaa



(V. a.)

Cisrrm^Quir®. 106.

Join, (V. n.) Q^n: 57. <s^®. 62.




«^lL®. 62.

gi'Ssasr. lS

Kin, ^GSTLD. ^p&j.






Joint, npefi.

a^a. ^lUB.






Joke, QstTL-i—rr^.


ssjLO- ^(ssresiLD.

em <sm ld

Jolt, (g^<5(g. 62. Journey, LSrrujfr<smLD. luir^^imn uiusm

Kindness, uls^ld.
(v. a.)

^lueif. ^esi'u. ^jdri-f.

th. en lS

u u uj sssr w
iS it smr uS .








64. ^/f.

(v. n.)




fire, &,c.





S^ireS. 64.


SuJiTiuiB ^fr. 64.


iSliumua^u^. [^ilQ.] 158, 188.


Kindred, ^issr^^/r/f.^/r/iJ/r^cseff. s-ppm. e-fflsflcar cLpesipiUnn. u/s^dsetr.

^/r^sw". 128. [_Q<sud^eir.

Jug, Qsemi^.

(gsaijrtf isbj<s.


Juggler, uiTLDU[TL-L^. 190
QiBird(m i^^eisi^ssTrjjenr.


Juggling, Qihrr<i(V,<^^&a^.


Kingdom, ^ffrrdStuLn. ^ir^^. [_Qs=uj. Kingly rule, ^nrrs'ff&LD. Kiss, (ip^^LD. (lp^^.\_Qp^^L8®.Qpd^
Kitchen, @^ssfl. 187.


^[rgn. urrev.

Jump, @^.
uiriL. 57.

64. ^^tTj^tj.


Kite, s(mi—<ssr. UQFjigj. ^irrrs^rr&fl. enSo

Junction, ^Kn^^a/.

<Fiiflui-i. s=,ip.

Jungle, «/r®





play with, anpq^i^. uC-L—ld, sack, ^eioi—uuih. [.5=i_/Ei<sii.]

Junior, ^dstruj. S^tu.


Jury, LDSi^djem^iT. Just now, ^LjQurr(i£Q,s.
Justice, /f^. Stun-ujii. 115. /e®®/


lSsw-s^. S<ss>^tigj

Qurr®. 57.



Knee, npLpiEJsir&i. CO.


Kneel, Qptpmsrreo ul^uSI®. npLp/sjafreS
Knife, s^fl. Knit, iSteirepi. 62.
l&) _@(5.


Languish, ^ujiij(g.

^tuiEj(^. 223. ecrfa(^.








Knob, Qprr®. (mtBrn. QsrrthtsaLD. Knock, _^il®.^q2.. QsaiL®. ^<ar^. 62.
knee, (tpLL^Ldafr&}.






Know, ^^.
Knowingly, Knowledge,

Q^fft. 239.

Lap, LDLf.. Lapse, fsev^. <sii(tp. Lard, udrjjSs Qair(i£LJH. Lark, eurrairiliuiTLf..



LoarLDjSli^. 166.







asa<3=. [«ao<FUJi^.]



Last, seiai—®.

^i^Lo '\

Knuckle, (^ajos^i.

(Mijeo npsfl.

Labial, &.^®3,(SfrrrSo i3pih^.

(v.) fEir&ru®. ^iEi(S). 62. iBdsi. 64.

Labor, Qsii&o.


QtBffiS^ Q-a^ekgii.



•s^jbgu (ipasrQ<sar.

^sir. uem'^sssnurreir.


enfftds-. \_ul-l^ujs\).']





( ^daih.)

Laborious man,



Latter, iSih^osr. iSekeanp..




Sffi. /Feri)«


(of rupees), ^&iLLs=i}j. 172.


sL-i—dstT. tS ir LDP' (SHUT LD. Sujiruju iSg




eS^. Suih^dssr. &=lLu-ld.

Lawfulness, (tpemp.


Ladder, ejeaS




uQp. Step of a Ladle, ^«us!B(j. 3=l-®<s^ld.




iSiuiTiLi •a^aao^ifl.


^€SiiT3=frissn. ^eiDfr ixseir.



Lag, ^isjQu Qurr




Qga ai—So.


— down. — hold —





Qi—3;gi. QQlp emEu. 161, 162.
upiSsQismstTi&F). ul^.

[u®«««roQ/. 60.]


in order, usre^.

Lamb, ^lL.®s




[of a plant, u^iuld.']



Lameness, Qpi—il>. Qwrrem^L. Lame man, QfsiremrujL. s^uurresifl.



lazy person, Q^ir±Qur&.



mi—<i^. 62.



Lament, ^:ijs(Sdiruj, 64. s^dQ. S. 64. Lamp, eSsr^BQ. ^uuo. ^iSisjas. Lance, ^lLl^. Qisuio.
Lancet, .^jS^rnb.

^^SLp- ^<mLp. ej®.

Leader. ^SsOEuek. Qp^ecur&ff.



League, aL-®LJurr®.



Sleoii. y,LS. 96. ^sm/r.


(local); a?^.


Leak, (^Q£S(^. [ggilaoi Lean; adj. QLceS/i^. (^(^g=L-(mi—UJir0!r. Lean, (v.) s^rrtij. &=iT(f^. 57. e^QFfdsesS. 64. upon, ssLsir/S Sei). 70. seacir^d

Language, u/rswia^. 124.




64. uiriu. 57.



Lie, (s.) Qurruj.


'-li^(^. usr


Learn, s&>. 70.



Learned man, ^^^eumdr. 230.




Sz_. 66. Never mind! 8i—sail.Qm! Lie down, u®. 60








.MiLfs?. eurri^iBireir.



Lift, ejpsji. 160.

146, 254.

Lease, (W)^^esi<s

Lift up,










Sl^iu. 70.

Leather, Q^ir&i.





(s.) sflssoi— .





(v.) sfl®. 68, 196. i?ia^. «afl/f.

Like, Qurr&). 227, 239.
iJfflT&iru utraihariurrs^



Leaven, LjeB^^ wit.
Lecture, Sas^iasui.





(^trmstrCi—mre. like

a child. a monkey.



a 9=


iruj 60

Leg, aneo. 60. ^ireir. ust^ld. Legend, aiUSia&es)^.

Lily, (water,) ^iriMemir. .^eoS.






tree, gtM'^'^-^


Lend, «i_«w" Qsrr®. ^ffeu&i Gisrr®. Length, fiemh. liiLQ. iL-i—Lh. ^irdsLo.

Lime, er^LS&^^iwsrruj. s-sssr(eBU)Lhi-j
stone, s^dsirek.



138. ldlL.®. wemtnuecnp.

sreoSso. \_^ei>ir,ssn'.']


Linch pin,
iiL(B. 62. /f/lif
l/sS. Qsniaeias. St<i^imQ.

.^id^s^ireixfl. &<s<s-.i—iliit<ssS.



Leper, (^ei^t—QrrrrS.



Qsir®. ^Qff<ss)s.

Qg)i. L—tf..']

Leprosy, [(gL-L-ii.] (^'^i—ih.
Lessen, (^mp. 64. 3^q^s(q. 62. (j^jj/i®. Lesson, urrL—w. 39. UL^utSl3ssr.
Lest, ^s>!r^uL^.

poem, .^i^. [aflLLi_if Q^atL Linger, ^itld^uu®. ^(i-g@ iSeo.
in a


a=iEjQ<cS euSsfrajih. ^3sir.

Lining, ^ffL-<siai—u

Lion, QiEjSLD.
Lip, 2-^®.

Let Let alone, sOlL®



[S. CpiSI^i_LD.]


Liquid, s'eo.u^nn^^LD.



Letter, s(B^rTS. &lL(B. sit@;Sld.
of the Alph.



Q.FeSeiaLud' ^iriu.

^^<sFrrLh. 72,

64. ^-pffiid Qssir. 70.


Litany, (S^^nsaniuir. Giungjsmrasr m<sm
^ff^- 62. <FLDLDrrs(^. epu








uirearr. e_j)2;<s@ ldhld.

[Lift with a




Qs^trpu. 13, 128, 134, 294.

QiEthi-j. 62.]

Little persons, Q^Qiuitit.










146. lS&^lpulj.

a fine,


Liberality, S-^irffLo.

Liver, ©jct. affoeSjeo. Lizard, usoeS. QsetreS.


Liberty, sfl®^^. miuir^asrui. 272.

Load, Loan,





Library, L/^^s<F/r&). License, S-^^jq/- ^M"^^-

Loaf, ^QffiTL-L^
®jn<siieo, st—esr.


Lick, /E«@




si—eir Qaar,



Loathe, (^ldlL®, 62. Qeugu.
^Qf)SS<s8. ^QjJfT&. 64.






in the lurch.



Lock, (n.) ytl®.

(v. 62.)

C«u G^seSiLi




Lurk, u^iE](&).




Lodge, (v. a.) aP®^ 0<s/r®.(v.ii.) ^0.5^ Lodging, afl®^.
Logic, ^irds -Frrem^rrLD
Loftiness, ^-s=6=ld.

Lurking place,


Quirii^. gg^/^s
223. ^Ifaill.

@i—LD. LDem/DeSli—U}.


QiDiraLD. ^jjneajF. ^ifidea^.

Qij:)lLl^&s)ld. ^-luireij.

Log, sL-eai ^^. (^p/S. Loin, ^(Bui-i. ^esifr.


UJiTLp. eS'SsBsr.

(v.) Q^LD(Tp.


Luxury, Q^Si^euw.


Lonesomeness, ^ei^&nLo. ex&iri^iM. Long, tiessri—.
Longing, ^eoia:. msudo. Q^iLetai

Mace, ^rr^ u^^iB. Machine, eri^inh. (^^^jld. Madness, lS^^ld. eau^^iuLD.







— ^<^(^i^ — down, —


(?/E/r«@. 62. ufrir. 64. siressr.











into, Si^pffiiu


Magistrate, QLo^ehflrrLL®.
eS,g^irff^oS!!r^ gjetaiT.



This looks neat, ^gl

Loose, ^eSip. .64. Get loose, cSlLQuQuit. ^^^giu QurtiieSQ. Lord, skp^h. ^<5m i—en ir s-eumS. ibt
15. g. «il.i_sSip
. .

Magnet, siri^Lo. ssuQd sirm^ua Magnify, QLDQsux^iLciuuQd^ 161.


ui3. 160.


Mahometan, ^egrssew". ldsldld^

^ip- QuiTssL^ji^u Quit®.
be irretrievably




Qiuem. sekesnisas






Loss of sense,
Lot, uiEj(m.



port,) ^^ifl






Majesty, LDiTLL@l<mLD. lSr^ituld. Loss^gj

Loud, s^ffss. Queoss. eu^da. 170.




Qiss^ld, ul-.3=ld.


^«@. uam^n.

62. Q^riL.

Love, ^ekLf. SQ/bslL. Lover, rsaujsesr.

— known, Sffm^iruiJauem^^i.
— way,

^-(smi—ird(^. Qei^L^. utomi—. 64.

163, 5.


(a.) SLpirear. ^iTLp/s^. T'i.



— —


130. Stp.


Qip ldss&t.


Maker, &Qh&^L^air. Q^L^suir. ueiai—^
^euir, St<sis,i-^aiT^0iT,


spirited, ^itirrs^LDinu

Lucifer match, ^&(^ds-.

Male, ^ekr.





Malice, ^irs(^<omis>. enrnDLD. u®ueff>s.
Mallet, QsinLi—iresr. LD^^<g»,s.


, /5-ffoso

Luggage, ^iTLDrrm. ^iL.® (zptL®. Lullaby, ^rreoinL®. •sirsmL®^

Mallows, gi^^dQ^a^uf..

Lump, sL-L^. Lunar caustic, ^ludseo. day, ^^. &? <k> Lungs, (ff)dsi>. Q
io>i (Sir




of the village, ssLjirm

60, ISO.











Matter, sirTftiuw.


]1]. Eurr^^


Manager, LnexfliUsfrireBr. sarfliusirirasr. Mane, LSi—fftLDuSir. Manger, LD!nL®^Q^!nL.L^. npsjsrcn'^oBsr.

— (opposed — from wound,


to spirit,)

^i^ u^rrfr^^LD.

&c. 9,


Mature, (zp^iris^. QpjBsar. nppiSliu,


Mango, LD Mangoose,

rr iki

s, IT iL


ld it th

u m th


^. &&)<£.'] 74, 76. Maturity, Qp^irdS. ud(^eiii}>.






SLn. iSrja&UJLh. QsusBuuioaL—. QeueS.

Maund, iixsmiEJtm. Maxim, ULpOLorrL^. Qp^ear;. May, «^®zj), ^ii) 103,140.

Manliness, ^smeatD.


Manner, Loa^rR. LSfrairinh, eSi^th. 166. £uiTd(^. ULps^LD. euLpdsLD. Qpusap.


of meat, •ff^iruurr®.

Good manners,


Man-of-war, Quirirssuue^:'. Manufacture, emadQ^irL^eo. Manure, 6r(r^. ^-stld. (^uesiu.
Manuscript, isaaeriig^^.

(in Mathemat.) LD^^iurrrrQ. Meaning, ^Qr^^^ih, QuirQ^eir. snF,.dgj. Meanness, i<a=LD. ®t^<s!/. ^puih. Means, ^gi, S-urrujLh. 6iil8€u&»£B. sqk



By means
105, 107.



Many, ^Qibsld.
Map, UL^LD.

Measles, Qekesreasui^rff.

Measure, ^swai/.




@m>^. 64. u(WjSrTS(^.


— (stick),


QpLpdQsirio. jijeneifQsiTeo.

(vessel), LDjjds,T&}.




Meat, @j<mpd@l. LDiTtStFLh. ^esi'^. ®j@nn Mechanics, ^ujii^rr^irav^ffLD.

Margosa, QentDLj

Mariner, suun^sirrjm. ldit^lS.

Medal, Qp^^fmrr. [0. Meddle, s^&oaSKBl. mssuSKB. 263. lSitQw
Don't meddle in mi/ affairs!

compass, sitiejSuOul-l^.



(^/Sulj. ^seiL—iunarLD.






a^i&a^. ^iejsitl^. \_(^d

ldqF)^^. ^sflip^ic,




^ilhtsistld. QiurTsih.



SySiuirsssruD. LoemLD.





Marrow, g,o^.


(v.) Qun-Qfj/i^.

Martyr, ^rrdi^d-fffTLLS.
Marvel, ^^^ttiih. ^d^^ifluju:). <^ujljlj.
Masculine, ^emuireo. [L/CTeSE/«zi).]

s^m^. 190. gt^it

Qis!r€kT®QuiT. er^fruu®. QfBift®.

Meeting, sw^lLi—ld. s^iksih.


Mash, ldS. 64. ffj&nsu. /BSf-d(^. Mason, Qsrrp/Dsk. Qsn&^^^dsirrreir. Master, er^a^LDiTak. ^esmemi—. eurT^p.
Blat, urnu.

Melancholy, ^ludsih. ^dsih.



Match, ^sQ.?-*.

ffistsflsj/. lSq^i. [swir. Melody, ^ijitsld. Euemr&mril'. Melon, QsTLDLDL-l^. ^^et^dsBirlLl. Sr

any one,



Material, Quttqfi&t. aicib^. u^nfr^su>.


Melt, (v. n.) 2_(75@. 221. asmn. 57.
(v. a.)





Member, ^eniusnix. ^-gnuLj. ^ejsld.
Mathematics, sasS^s^rr^^^aLc.

Memorandum, ^itusld. [_iU!r^n m^.'] Memory, (Qitu,sld. hjit^. Commit to — uiru-ihuah-^.



bt asrc^i ee> i— aj^i


Mineral, s,n^.

3 s' e^ ea gn



66. ii).y^. 62. lS^b.^^. 57.

Mend, ^qf,^^, 160.



Q^trii. 57, 64.

Minister of a king,


in holy

Mendicancy, iuits^sld. Mendicant, ^ekftf.. iS^^eta^dairrrair.
Mention, O^/reo

things, QAUjeuuKSsSlwemL


M\ni, ^rkjs 9= irBso. ^sS'S=trSso.
3,LDUL-l.— '9=irdsO.

^^afl. 160. 1. /r<i^<ss?ir, (Siununtfl Merchant, Mercury, ^rj-s^w. uir^n-a^ili. [l/^cjt.]

(herb.) ^<sir&.

Minute, SlSIsl^ld. s0(2)tf sit&i^lLuuj.

Miracle, ^pLj^sLD. [Ly^anLo.]

Mercy, ^udsLJo. LDsnwQijsaLD.
Meridian, s^dcFih. ld^^

Mirage, aaeareo. [LD/f^^ti.]
Mire, Co^^. S-^.

^«^. Qs=^wlj.


^esiseiauD. Ljemeis^iLiLD.

Mirror, S}3sods(5m'(^Lp..

Merriment, tcQi^dS. sefiuLj, seiHuurr
<o^ rr <3= LD

Miscarry, sQr^aii^.
Miscellanies, sisoldusld.

Mesentery, LDeiSs(^i—.&>. Mess, seoeoitsu. [£_(ROT"a/.]






^iftdsfrrrek. Q<s=eu

Metal, s.Q&)ir<sLD. ^irgj.

Miser, S-QeomS. 180. 9<sO<srar«<£E/rirsJr. Misery, SiruuirdQivw. ^si)€Oco. iSifu

Meteor, (Semi^j^QsirmeSl.



(Sjjsto*. etiL^.

(£l^U3. <^(t£iEj(^.




Metre, s^ii^icSspuLD.

Miasma, ^i<si^sa(rpgaMicroscope, ^^s-iseisriSs^L^.

Miss, t5-5=@.


,^i^&!- 62.







the way, eiiL^i^s=^.


Middle, ib®.

Mist, (^pQuesfl. Q^a^iT^.




l9>?@. eu (i£


u lj



Middling, rB(B^^jjil.
id®ffiTd:^iB. s^itldld.



^uiS^th. 194.
Quemr^rrp. ^a^n-a^iresn. ^ld



Midriff, ^ffso^iTEiQ.



Midst, iE®Lji-lfl. /5®aflG«v.



Mid-wife, ldq^^^sS^S.
Might, a^®ii)





(act). a,&)iEi(^,



Milchcow or goat, <£s^isffi<si; [uu*. ^®.] Mildew, y,<S<3f- y^^easTii. Mildness, s=/r/B^iD. -rir^sn. Qld^. Qld^
^esrsij. ^etoLDimi.


Mixture, aeouui. seOLousm. aeom'isu.


urBsiT'3=LD 1


u(om^^.G2.iBe(»s. 64.






Military, iLf^^^^df^ifliLi.


165. Q&eS. ejar



\_(ip^ ill u it So .']


Mill, ej/s^Jii. ^fHsiaa,

Moderation, LSati.iBil®. [(v.)ix'LL®iJ

Million, 172.



[uj irea^is

Mimic, (s.) s^rj^a^ssirirm QsmssnnosTMind, LDsmiJ}. S-eJrsnrrii?. ^is^dajjemLn.
166. 0/F(g*.


Modern, lj^iu. Modesty, eSesnuii. Mohur, QunrrriT..

Lnirasnh. wtKcSsiLD. ldit)


More. Monitor. uitQ. vii. LDir^iT. More and more. ei]irs=<Pi). eanssaiLo. QpsnQpsn (S)<ss)p Q^irio^. s=ih^.. Morality. trap. 105. eu/TiL. ^niv.J ^dism. urreu^LD..u>. . 141. ^ms Mortal. ( iSeoeij. 171. fBiT^s(Q. (s^niki(^. 196. er<mr. Mortar. [to/r-s^ii. ripsLD. Mortgage. QaaQeugu sap<ss>^. ereSuQurrjS. Qld®.sm. ^Qaus. Monk. Moth. Muscle. . Monsoon Month. Mosque.jys»<5^. Monastery. Ljsciii-i^eo. LjQ£(g)- suir^ ^i^- ^ 48 . &pgl. i-jQ£Mother. [(12.) 67^. o^l-L—ld. ^iLemL Mount (v. Mould. Mourn. Qld^ld. Qu(y^s(^. 18(^/5^. 152. ^L-L—LO. Monday. S(jF). sireoQLo. 131. ^ds-. gi&sLo. App. ^Ssn 19. ^Ej. tuiM.'] Moon. u®. . 2_/r^. ^'^. GLDsarCiDjfiiii) Moreover. ^-ulj^ ^aiTSiis. LULo. Murrain.-] season. Mushroom. Qldqf. — Mouse. ^eia£Feij. LDi—iEj(&). Qaa<oS)tp. Qsn3^(V). I' nil Mourning. . App. 225. QiB.'\ lBs. \_In Gram.. App.siruji}>. 13..'] (mifiiu. ^iSuiSjiir eiessr £_^G^^u). Monkey.197. LDtreo. Multiplier. \_u(B. u^sirefl Mosquito. 64. New — ^loireuires)^. \_Qriu^u. (^L-L^&) upesxai. ld^. Mouth. Too much. ^i_eo. Qu(i^ssuu®ld QiuQFida&). Munshi. 196-198. G)u0. (on the body) ldsu- Motive. Q^£>i. npa-ssL-<cS)i—d Mule.^LL®. iBeirQesr^. vii. er<sssr. Qsirds^. LDiT^ifl<ss)S.ld iSeirdstr Mound. OT(U>. Mountain. Monument. SlSisl^ld. Qpani^uLh. J . Money. [^ennffLD.INDEX Moisture. x. #(M Mole. QairLDirrft. 107. I-j&)ldlj. surj^^. isrrir. 190.«^ ui^aw. ^i^ morrow (to) /EirSsir. Murder. 62. s^. Osi. Music. Mouldiness. Moment. iqituss.273. fSoiirs — The — shines. uea-F. ldit^ uhT'^ld. ^€\)€CfT Mulberry. ^^sii. 274. q^ul{. 146. 52. Mucus. . 171. /EirszsrUJLD. aessrw. ^sQipsS. 'H' II. . Multiplicand. Musk. Blind — Qp^Q'Xgii. LDfT^iM. Much. S^L£>. 3=<sfi. ^(^*. Murmur. Qm/rdau). [ ^(W)Q(^^ Multiplication. <5SSTLD. 64. Qld®. Qurr^. sKossr Q i—(^ . ^ulj/dlI). gjdsuu® 161. QrEiississr. aira-. i^mQm. ^CBTc^ar. Qarrtm'i—iT®. uirS.sirjTeminh. s=l-i—. Multiply. ^/s/ Mountebank. 151. Multiple. 96. iSe^ir. Ousirj&JDT. ^^ssm. sirsfrirGsr. ^ein€= Moss. Motion. Muriatic acid. 194. . 152. 202. a=s^. i-DSB^s/rGVii . SB.57. 131. ISSS)l . (lime) g^ir/s^. uessnh. 152. Most. @(S33r/-D.s@z-d — and evening. (covenant.. iE&>Q<s^!r(T£saLD. Morning. e^i^am. (^'Sssrwsirinli. 107. iSlij&)iT Month by month. mnwLj.'] Move. ^ijeir. ^ff^^Qsr. Muhammedan. Q<3=l^. 25.@.160. ^ire^s Multitude. (^m^iT'SsS. sem_0irrft. Muse (as a goddess).) _ ^dsm ULD. adsOLoaeir. srrSso. etSTLD. suiuQpg] or er^a Mow.^®.) a/ff^eb. uniL®. ^lijS^iii. (^ldlj. Mud.>J10. S-Siuih. (Si^iur) arr&JLSi. Olj0«@. Mood. s^rreiid QssiLDrresr. eSj^^ir ldl—ld. Qld^^. l8(^^. suko^. 235. Mount Meru. adj.64. Qpet^ei^. iBd^il.

Net. u^. S-<sijl-. 62. Newness. iSlp^^iuireir. csi. Nearness. 170.S-rftiu. &(i£^gj. 62. ^^s^LDiTQsr. er^frLoeap. The north. App.. rsiruiui. verb. x. 208—210. sfTfs^Q^irjSl. Ql-L-ld. [s-©^. Siieumimu). New year.) em Needle. Night. ^njeorrcnr. ^tfl Qfsp/StLifresr. sslsbld. Lj<sin^QuiTnneh. Negative. auaisuii. Natural. ^uLfsr&j. (jdJUiuijl. 202 204. S<s(r(25. Spuurresr. Necessary. ld^iuld. epdafr Nipple. 49 .. ^^o/S^sssruuirSd. Muslin. Nest. endso. s^ir^. (^ldiI. ^a^^iULDiTGsr 117. s>Q£^ g^dsLD. <s®»^. eiou^^tuw. Qp emi—LD. QLDm€S)LDUJiT0ir. 151. rEirtoQ^iuth. ^wuxsmui. 190. Qa^iLi^. Li^^uDLj^aj. Nephew. <s5®@. iBUfTLj. ^QjifrQ. Nauseate. Nearly.i_i@. ®)(oS>iT<s=<9=ei: . Quam-fjiresSsLh. s=i£uili. ^®^^. ssuS. •BGmi—LD. totasss^uuirdS. ^Q^arr&aLD. 172. sessresS. 43 Noble. Nabob. ^rjs&iujui. ^dsODsm. Nail. 62. ^®^^. urTirnpauo. ^iL/eda^^ireir.A3. ^-ULjenntLj. ^ekeSSstsr. «^®. ^neif. 64. — 187. — cloth. in sleep.(B. iSp&sr. 37. Nine. Q^etrxai. 134. Nice. Nerve. fSTiS. (giJ-«iD/i) Niece.. [as^. ^ Noon. Mystery. gjeadsi). — 45. [affao.xsB!!r. or delirium. 42. Nation. Musquito. (SpQ^d srr^iBe^dso. Nature. Nobleman.'] fEeuLDirear. Neatness. 202 — 204. Narrowness. Qeiiessr®LD LEe!0<3=. e^(mQufr(W^L3&>^. /e Need. Qp&MQpem'Qe^dsr 273.23. ^uj&)rr Mustaches.] Neighbour.] 194. ^Soeo..'\ fi^tUioSl'F^^SCi. ^(Sn^Fsno. — Mustard. iSL-ifj. ^<5!sS. Qatr/S. 120. GLDwuiri—rresr. ersar. LD€S)/Dei) — Neuter. ^«a)«. Gis!r. Qeusmt^iu. Q^bstld^u QLD&resTLD. eir. x.sfru>Li. Qtsp/jS. 110 122. itstl.®. The nature will be seen in the fruit. hood. Nakedness._g)®aaii). 1_Qit. <^<ssi!rQu<d3^. &uup Ql-l Gc^fc.esr. Nip. @!rrr.s-(^.] ®uuae^. II. Qi^irssn 273. Myself. SijaiLS^pg)]. — Mutter. Quiuif. ^iUBsrs^ikiSlarriB^. ^lueoi-j. [^gy-sasro^.108. No. curtains. . Name. Near. giwT-^Str^^^A QisprSrir^^iH. ^Q^sth 101. ^reo. — Must. lj Nonsense. — of the finger. /5/rG<23r 10. (ipSsi)s. ^iLi^wp'^S Nettle. App. ^^gjsuLD. Qeai^iLjULj. ^qfj^^ui. — liast — To ^air^pS.s£-S(ai_. — Mythology.suit. Nevertheless. My. s- Nail a matter.INDEX Musket. \_^. 39. rfft^pjnh. LDji^ujirasTili. L^^iLi. suQ^et^ilnSpuLj. lEffihi^. 63'ps. 64. tSjn-f. 154 Neglect. /Eflu/LD. ^®^^<a. Mute. N. ^ffir^&UJili. — ^0(?«. L/^sTOLD News. <SLL®tB<5S Never. 131. Nibble. {§l!jdBLDUll>. Nicety. Navel. Qsfra-. QlLl^^^lLl—. Nitrogen. ^li^Lf. Node. 208—210.?:.75. 117. ^QTidaeS. s'LSuLDiresr . ^iijffou/rcsr. New.. Neither.13l. Neck.(V)<5S)ptu. Q^etaeuturrasr. QpSsod. Next. Nod. 3^<sm®. Nor. <5.i_a@i76V). ^ifsmhsui. S-q^ldld. cifl. Nape. (adj. 191. 217. eu^ff. North. 223.. . — QlLl— Qpu-L . ^<3=LL<Eiau. Noise. Qarrui^sir. Mutton. Navy. ^LDirs=irffili. Nitre. Narrative. ssusmfl.

^uQufT(Lp^. •3=iT^asrraj. 70. Of. Nourish. 64. .ssL^ Oft. 0. Oath. 70. ^'^jeuffo. eS^^. fSQeuJi^ajui. 248. 230.^ts3. sfleoffl. ^'Ssssr. App. ee-jS^^iriLi. 62. ^®da&). erernQsaissunh. (v. Ocean. 131. Oblique. j)ip [^ii. Numeration. ^etni Offspring. Q^ejii^s^. sfrsStDem. Eng. \_'3=u^ld. sQfj^^. ^SBsr®. ive case.] ld^. Obeisance. Occasionally) s^suiriu. Oblige.5^/r<5=<?=LD. (^gusQs^®. (SviSlujsioL [64. [g^uL^. (^mLDUsiLh. Note. =ffl'(5 ^QfBsi^nLD. 62. Occupation. (sremsmu). Ceu^. Qs^ujlj Officer. 43—45. QsfT®. 3^Qh&(^. Not. Qseir. eu/rs^iiu gaiirsaai. <^^^UJLD. Oak.s^//?iJL/. vii. sui—wetn^. ^muis. Oblong. ^e>»i Qujpi. ^/s^^. ^l—ld. fELDmsifrjjLD. 135. iSu^Buir^uD. snf)€i]ir(^LDnLD. 188. 62. l^UJireir. (missuo. Qieuj. (SnlT&HL II. ueoQpesipu-iLD. Nurse. ^Lf. ^eai—iLifrmiM.ff^/rjii). [^t^. . 0<s/rjiDi_. Obstinacy. ^lLQ^uu>. ^t3. Loemtii. (v. Gpjbemp. ing.s^LDun^.Fisieiads. Offence. QprjL-L—inLu. 66. Numerator. Notice. UfffTLDff). Oblation. Oau^. Noun. ^fr^. Obstruction. ^esii—.] Ochre. [(?<a/7LlLj/r®. ^3='kiQiULD. surrs^Sssr. fsirS. Nutmeg. <s/rffl5fl<£i3ro<s.~\ [^L—iwseo. Qurro^. Obtain. ^L—isj&eo. Q'3= Odd. 170. 5 ^^^^'<S-Q--'-'^^^a^LDiuih. QufT-a^^zsrih Nourishment. eni—sQa. oh! 193. Odour.'] Occupy. Off. rrijLh. Oar. Cocoanut — ^arsQasmQessnu. ersssrQessruj.i . Obstacle. (^^esisu. Q^iTL^Sd. ^(oSHTLS-s. mtrp o.LD. SSosreij. Sed Now. App. Observance. euisir^^. a=Qp^^nui. = ^qsu^ Qs^ss^&ii Nut. Slju9ildit^ld. — 263. eQiSU^uih. obtain it. Sa»i_. lSIjjS^ Notion. Obscenity. iSuLDrrsm ld. 62. (^ppto. eniMLj. Nose. (s. 155.. QtEirssLD. Qsrr6rr(sm. ersm. Nostril. [190. <S(o3Sr<£E(g. (s^i'. Number. ix. u®Qufr(Th&T. ©•u/ruj. eui^esrui. [ — ^u-iei(9). ^-i-/. Office. si^LD. ^eni—dQisai—Qtu.) iiossT!— ^^rrih. efl^. Qeu^. — a house. 100 — uu®. ^-^^Qajfr-stl). 64. ^stat—ui^. The north-wind. I can't QendsfT 102. Q^msirQiueaaQemiriii. Qpsm®. @^.) eSTLD. 131. ^^r. GisirL-esiL—.^ <FiSW(65 Notch.) QLoir&SF. ^aeirirosr. (ipa(g).INDEX Northward.^=iT. Quessii. (Z^Q^sS^LDiresr. 243. ] Twenty and odd Rupees. 62. S^iTissTLD. ^Q!5<s. ^uSsold. s^^slL^l. SL-i—iTiLiuu®^^. October. Sipuu®. ueoui^u Often. 190. Lamp — . •a^fB^rrQsnh. /E/rS.'] [ Q. sfld^G'tF/r®. ^(messrii.suem'^ii. Occasion. ^QajirdQiuui. Qs/rssssreoirissr. Oil. Obey. 25. ^s Notwithstanding. ^^dsas. Nuisance. ^i—gs. ^€f)dsLD. Offer. Noose. sirestfldems.^ ^ir^uL^. Obstruct. ^^f^146. &lL(B. Octagon. fsirSi^^eiirrsjLD. iaun'iij(^. 107. sr <mn-Drrssru}. <?:SOTrqL QptSSHTLp. 64. \_/5iliuir. QuiLiir3=Q<F!r<so. sn eSldaeo. . Objection. osr. uemi ^®. 197. gj®LjLj. Object. ernTeiruair Numerous. Q^fr(^^sr<5m. Sgii. (^l^uSq^. 50 .

) s-smi^. ej/buQ^^. — of the tree. ^^Q^eueSiuirusLD. sL-tSsir. LDrj^^ssirffosr. 108. /Bu^Qpesii—iu. Pacify. QeueBQuj. Or. Qendso QLDffow. esHheSeei^a^. 191. Omen. ^i^Qsi^sih. @Lp. Qene^Qtu.. Origin. Owe. (^Q^^^fTUiSliuLh. Ought. 16. ^(meufs^rresTLn. Overseer. Ourselves. 62. Qemi^!Tii>. Outside. lSIj^(^. er^rf!. (v. Q-s^ai^dsir Oral. e^QFieS^ Only. Pack.. iSujtEiQsir&r Oversight. (oremeissrii. [^pLo. <sr(Lp^^^stniLh. ^QFQjsuSoeoicaLD . 161.. Orphan. Qisii(sm®LD. Over. Oven. r^siQF^. ^0O6\''^ 205. 62. ^QF^ismLD. Q/b(Bs. LjpLoQu. Opinion. Optics. ^®ui-f. mmijseir 10. euiresSiuissr. 56. Our. sqT)^^. ^iScir. Ooze.) ^p [ Out-cast. ^rfessri— sm ITU u SOLD.) ^Qgir^ 64. t-ipLoQu. ^eioi—^i^ rfear. LDsapsaLD. si—eku® 108. 185. ^jiuasnh. lSiULD. er(fF)ffi. 64. ] npL—<5a)L—Suif. - iSluiSfftTiuih. eufffem^iuiriLi. ^essri—o^LDrresr. 57. 64. [^/raSion^. — of order. Ostrich. LDessri—eoui. Other. . s^LDfT^rrasTUu®^^. ld^u. 56.i^. Orange. ^®s(^. Once. er^ir. ^eoisjatrniM. 140. 62. Q^&eSuuLgiii. Pace.] a^mLDUireuLD. u<ssiipiu. SutaaffLD. s_^^/ra/. eSlQ^^^iTU 64. eflLL®afl®. Quksoi^^itit '^emOis^iu. Lopsmpiu. 107. S-rfttu Owner. Oppose. ^dsn. jS irp u ^ Ovarious. Onward. (of a horse) <siie\)@^ili. s_<siai-~iLieiidT. s&. iBekQ^tu 93. Q'3=!T. lS^. One One 172. Cai^.INDEX II. QptliLf. i-ipLhuirear. . ^lj^P. <sj(ip. siiTiu^suuesrppLSeirSstr. ^ ec u esBT^si! Optative . Overlook. QLopum—u^. 64. Paddle. Opposite. ^ulj.ei]i}). 37. Ox.134. Out. Qpenui. 251. 254. — Oilmonger. Oyster. /BfTrr^^ihuLpu). (III. 239. ^Gerr/TLli^. (mioOLDLj^fi^siieBr. Own. 62. uL-i—iB^iB. LDrriu. In order. 107. sscsir. Qurr^. 57. On. Order. Onion. ffl lu ih .251. (tpdrQesr. 248. Omnipresence. ^etreSeSQ. (^smremi—. 161. er^iT. ^(BuLj. Sl&srey. aemrrLfff^. 62.] (Za(wiKi(m. topp. 138. Qeup/SOstreir. third part. ^ekjSeo eptssTgu. LD!r(B. Outward.. eumuuuiri—il). slL®. Others. epnhenisiaaiLifriu. Ordain. ^^(^(vjafl. LDST^^ffih. QldQso. grow OP Old age. &UULO. @/r5?. a^LDiuiD. (^Q£(^. [^'^ei). SI— 140. mood. QiDpOsirek. QeuEJSfrujLb.3=iTrfiemssir Oppress. Open. Original. ^em®. press. Qeugii. aSG/r/r^. (v. Q<F«(g. 134. [40. Opposition. er^ifleiai—iuiresr. Qld&>. er^ffteaL LDfTffiiurr®. sessrstrs^. Omit. «e33r<£E/r(S!iafl. O/E0<B(g. e^Qsir^ih. Omniscience. — sin^ Old. uil-L-tm&L-. 13.®. Organ. (money. Opium. Ounce. Overcome. ^isi^Lf. ^euffii. a^au/r^ eurrtLf. — Ornament. &=(^&!Tih. Orbit. @uSl.3=ir&o^rTU3. Qsuerrluu 66. fsemt uuLQi—n'Ssi.) Paddy 51 land. Opportunity. (III. Oxygen. qpap/Eismu.) Overflow. Orthography. ^e£lLp. Opponent. QldSo. In order that Ordination. Lcppeuirsek. SiulS. Oval. <cp(Bs(^. ^(^meB. iQl8^<slo. <sun'iEi(3jQp'Siiesr. (LpiLemL — 157. SL-®. Omm])otence.

gi^LL. — — i3rfUtr<3=uu(B. [uj^*. UL-U. 57. Pale.(BtSlUirUIT!JLD. Quirift. un®. ^lLSI. sirQ^ii. Qsrr(€^3=LDfrtL. iSiflstj._&S. Parse. eSlQiDfr-s^eurtJo. [lo/tiJo. Pain. (g( Passenger. eiJjrrseir. Qs^ssrua. Pea. Parcel. [iii. ^LSiTSUfr^Lh. iiEi(^. [swii. ' Palmyra. ^efti—LDfreanh. Parallelogram. Pardon. Paint. [C/s/r. Pannel (of a bullock). ^'Ssssr. Passion. . QiEtTisxi. Q^<s=!Tt3LDfr(cS. y. Q<s=e\) 161. ueieotrsf^. euL^. Pap. — 62.<F©. Palate. S^rr LDT^a. (s. £i/^<s@. ^mL^^sssr. (^iSssr er-ff^'S^LD. iSrrnd(^. iijes>tS. &)'Dfss ") Quit ear J Paste. ^ekr'smiji.. Pass 62. Patient. 64. Particle. ^sii. npsLDirLLL—ua. ^ien^ ^rriLnrrr. em®. 161. Qsa^^ffu iS^rr. 62. Sesrii). ^ld^h. ^LDSTSiiresfLD. ^Lorffdems. Partner. etas. Quir^eiaLD. tBsih. II. LS^rrfriT. e. Pan..] Quhtl-sfld.] Participle. uiugii. [87. [u/reb. Peak.) ^eiBi—-^Q^ireo. ^®. Paradise. (grow) — [Saflisina'. Qs=fT(B. isiitQ.) LDims&)rr(ssr.182. S-eirerrrki 62. 254.] away). ld u imu) sum en ^. 131. (v. susS. <slL®. Parrot. 74. Patriot. Pagoda. g. Pass over. of death. Pawn.) epL^®.^@l^u>.) <rtl>u<srLD. (off or Palanquin. iSetstfliUfreS 181. QLoeoenrriu. 161. Sl-LLQ. . sl—Ssst^ ^it. Palpitation. sjemi. Partial. s=iLu^. sl^^it® 93. ev^eueo. tcuSleo. ulLs^ld. •FiriE^ili. udsLD.s^LD^^rr Patriarch. a_LLz_/rsrf?. QntnurreB. s^t^. Parenthesis. Quppeudr. QiDiu^ff^eo. Qi^irQsmLQQ^ 64.) Q^0$i^^. [77i(s is partly true of child birth. i^ecfipuLj. App. Lon^iB. Pat.] U(^p. (in Gram.) <ssiLD. i^a euarrLD. Passage. uiEisireffl. ^G^<siiiijLDU(sisr^^Part. (^rfldsiL®. Paper. Palace.1^2. Take su^/F^ .) Pavement. sSCs^siiii). ^&> Palsy.] Party. 62. Paragraph. iStrrs^taij Partly. slLS. e^jga. Parched (any thing). Q^^jno erap^62. Quiuir srff'<s=i}>. iSipih. Pains.». ^^uir^. Peas. ufrsti. . ^irirs^ Loireiflans. Q^S'iri^iB. Pass (as money). 273. iSlfflei. Qsfr®(LpL^. ul-^uit^lo. Parent. uSssr. esriM. 52 . ^ir ld(ei(^ 62. ui—ih eroDgi (n. 64. Parallel. Ppih. iiEiQuQu/r a. eurreoir^. tense. sl^. ^siEies>s. Parish. Peacock. Parch. umair. 62 a debt. t5/fl/E^is»<9=<5 Qu pQQtfir. Passover. — Past. 58. Gurrsuru). fl/DiM. Paw. QurrosT: Q'a=mp. Quropsueir. 59. <sa(^uLj. a. ^i—c^. uiEj(^. euit&Qujw. iSffiuiTs^LD. iD(^eSLJLj. Patrimony. ^ u^gj l^u (s^^uems. Palpitate. sfl^ Partiality. 56. ©srf?. 243. epuuSsBr. Parable. Sr^Lp.^ 273. Pastime. 15. <sS/i9. u rrit ulL<9= to. (adj. U-QuiLeas^ajnesr 158. urres)^. Particular. ®ljuld. s^ngi. ^i—eij 62.INDEX Page. Pasture. . euiresTLD Qeu^Sssr. (^LpLDLf. euL^uQuirdaeir. Pattern. uir^. ^-euesuD. Patience. ^n'smLD'^r. 62. ^-i—ek Pair. Sr^^. . ^(strQjrBesi&=. LDirfrs&LD. and partly Jblse. uikisirefl . QisfluSikhT Peace. <s. UQF)ULj. Guirap^ Qufrd(^. (v. eSenjU). — Fay. euQFj^^ui. 66. lj .rres£. (s. ^ihuinuLD. 228. Path. uesis^. &SJLD.68. ship. @^.L 258./^. Palm (of the hand). ^lL®. si—iigjQuir..

). LSffiSuLj. epeStUih. 56. ^lutriS. in ^'sir. s^uhd^lju®^^. [soii ^®d(^ 273. 64.'\ Perplex. ^ems. ^em'Ssssr (ipsd(^/SLJi-j. fE<s!rQ)S[rss)i—^ Persuade. Peck.3=UU®^gJ 161. Pick-pocket. — Physic. ^-^^iuituj ses^i—uiSi^. (^sSliueo. s^ s®LDrrp 62. Pick.//?. ^/r<?<Fsirio. eri-LiSLUuiTiT. e_CT«ei». Perform. ^QiDtr^. Penultimate. Perimeter. Piano. a^sS. (^uih. ^®LDfrppLD.. 93. — Peel. Q<s®. \u(!f)S. 62. ^p. 64. Q^euu^^. Pettah. — . iSIjt Petition. People. L&efr&aiu. Gram. (ip^si- II. eSlemsmuuu). Pencil. Perspiration. sirLDfripjjLh. Quujit. Pewter. People's share. C. Perjury. [Future. ldujiej(^.>3. LDirjpsuir® Pervert. 13. Perhaps. S^^utli. Peninsula. Qsnireiaeij. Pension.'] Peg. 57. l3isit(^. Perplexity. Qu^ txQ^i^. Qui^ss^^. np^L^s^LDir^. Physician. Periodical ceremonies. Perversity. lerrs^uu® Permission. Q. Peril. 62. (v.3=LU. (^ipuLf. UprSluSuf^^^Qh. Petulancy.) ofF(v. Q em (SHOULD. [^osrw. (v. ^emi—Lo. 160. a ceremony. O^ir pffi eSiUfr^. eSuf^ui. isnn-s^sLB. Qp<^L—Lo. ffis^^isn a^aav^jiLh.. Pepper. Pestilence. 107. grammar. (?ij(SB). S-fflm>LD. 160. Pebble.ff=^e£l ^'s^ Pickle. \_lLQ. ^susf. rst—UiSeS eurr-FSssr. 160. Perfectly. ^tfi. Qi^^sarii. (£iQff=<SL^LD. (^^Leurrrnh < Qpirem®^ > ^esrih. 115. . ffi/rsoi_'Lj@^. 62. Qsfres>Lp. sM^sfTiL. Pigeon.) Qsir^gj. ^ppuj<so<ss)'3=. eSlrr — Person.) Peep. npdstr. SiBj'2sfr<sm S-Q^enui. (Eng. . Picture. 16. Perpendicular. as^ai semi—UD. 60. 54. ^esruu u®^^ £!&). Pedant. eSeai—. &rd 64.) Q. (^3=a-. QQecpu Phrase. iS^(^8s'i). (Eng. &so Ca/Sar. /S^. Piety. ^dj.. (^ui3. QufrtL^a^^^tuLD. ^rBsuji. (III. i_(?u^/r/r (ahead peon. 64. aeoiEi(^. <3^Ln^a&!!!rLh. . Quijjit. /_/. QpLp.INDEX Pearl. ^^emir. §}JS(^Penance. LjffiL®. uiBuieinh. Perceive. ^u 170. Qjitldu). Philosophy. a-ppefrmj. (ZpQ^QeuSsir.64. i3(Sff@iek Pervade. ©sm^.] esi^aeir 107. Lomi. ldSso. Be ed. iSl®iij(S). 57. ws^sstld.) Pestle.s=^uu®. ldssstld. Pen. ul—ld. s-^^rr<si^. G)UQr)£Ufrffls sfruj &:&=&). (saLl-Lp. ^^/flgiD<s. sQuir^U).sOT". 57.'srreiri-j. Phlegm. Physiognomy. (ajtp(sr5. spp^ QiDirsmLp. 64. 57. sr(W^Q3. QsireirosfT QfEiriL Pentagon.'] lj&huu® arr^n. 68. pLD. entpiL® Persecute. LDQSTQ^L-® [^/r^. [weuiT. uiS. S^. . People of the village.] Pig. Pile. ^Qeurr^^ ^eafr. LDqr^kg]. «'50<a@. uiBy^sssTLo. QidirSl^^^isiiiTssr. emisiid^iu<zir Perfume. semi—iL. Qeume^ivu). ^lLl^. n. ^emSULJ.s. tSsmpQsupg)}. III. 62. Piece. QulLss^l 101. Pike. uekjS. ^sssrihs^ Q^lLI. LifTsmr -a^pr^smLD. 57. J)©*®'^-] QLDiT3=La. Suu/TiT (sSL—fTLDW (lpajp&Q. 271.5=(aj.n&o. Perish. Peculiarity. ^irguLorr^'di^. Perfection. ^^..) [fiih. a. a^esTLD. ^ulj. Phial. 53 .. uQFjSsaibsio.uuiTiT.) a. Period. 62. ^/S. uoffisurrexfl. Persevere. msLntrir. L/O". [^tJtSsS. 146. s^eesr®. suld. s_/fl. Penknife. Peon.

urff^/ruLo. (^Lpio. ^SCpisi Q(SU(^s=(SsrLD. eSujir^. Qs^ikso^. ^^Qujirs=^. ^-UITIlild. esiirssiTQKso. UBsresiLD. y-?'*. u<soesis. Qpeoi^ujiT^ 131. [_^^a(^ ^&o Qua-. ueoeuesr. iblL®uQuit®. Qurri^eh). — 60.) QuQF)(S]irfftd<s:irtLiff=^eo. Qrepffi. ^®.FiLi^. Pleasure. (v. Pilgrim. — — 54 Qfj(SllLD. 3^!TSS!. @t^. Qsir(Lp. — ^uLj.-/r. Pilgrimage. u^. isr®^^u 115. uuSlfffTsr^. LDa^^emfT. a-LLi^iainL® Poison. ujjQ^Sl. Plumbago. (surface) usjul^. (s. Plunder. Place. sn/^tuu). Pinch. Poet. Q^eBeuirs. Plenty. 138.) esita^frssnh. — by Pillar. S-uurfiems.'] Pilot. (v.) (zp eo n LD — . 62. s^emLo ^friijQ. iSrfjiuuu®^^ 161. ^'Ssssr. LDL^. (^ee>p. ^(BdQ. ^i_@. (zp^issr. §j(i^^d^. Planet. emr^. LDfT^tS lSsitld&si-. s^ireio^rrLD. 68. Qs/Tsrr3s<r. @)^i—u> 158. iSisjanm. suuQeoiTL-L^. Pin. 62. ^c. aLDULD. Play. Ssrr(®m. . a/nsfliuii. sufresiLpuutpu}.] Plan. Pleasantness. <s=mi^. (^IEJ(^SUJLD.^.. share. 2_0a«iJ). u&refTLD. for a sore. (v. . [®. (g«^. n. QldiSI. [u®@i^. (n. Plumbline. ^'SBfl. Plaster. Pluck. Police. ^eSesiLn.) @)i—Ui. another. Point out. 62.INDEX Piles.. efica^ii). Plain. Poetry. ^irearLo.] Plot. Q&iTULjeirLD. 0<5=if.'] lSq.) (v. Pine. ^it^^ Pill. 62. utnL®. ^[(cHiL-ULf. (a. (m(5m(B@l.) Pole. [^•3= a eu lasw ih Pincers. Plural. u lossr^u . 68. In astronomy. (^a=a. tail. erb^/TLSI. . .yiOT (v. 64.) GTir.) iBiriL®. . @^. m^LDUU). [62. Qian Pinnacle.) ^afl.) (sma. ^iuei]Q. <3=lLi—ld. er&sui. 161. 62. Qpemt Plate. si y«. au^eou}. [ii. 6tiei(^ Please to . upgusQsireci. (^erilesis. (n. ^6<DL-Uj/TeinM. 62. . 62. Pledge. Pine-apple. Plough. L^ireair/j . QpeomhLf^si-. ^c. Plank. 263. Plaintiff. ^!Tisj(ff). Plant. Q^s^rri^fff. s=pudssr. iSekssu. QpsapuuiT® iSiuniUis^ the road side. Plague. Pocket.118. — S-iliQp&ai—iiJ&^^Lh. QiSLLi—nuQuiTL^. til®/Ey@ Plug. . (wdsrrUJ iT<ssifl (^®lS. a=L-<ss>L-Ljicmu. to lift with. (s. Plead. urfJ^iS Pivot.^d(^^ffO. IE®. Pining. 64. @^®. [_ai-Eiairm.) Pity. tSSso. 64. Q SIT So. Q su etfl a skri —^ [268. smssip. Plantain. <£2stnuiT® Plea. Point. (v.'] [Qhldu. 62. Pillow. Qr5(Lpessr® of snuff. swumuesr. ^s®. lUir^^eiD/r. qpq^sshtl—®. Pit. 256. VlainlyyQsueSuQ urr(Vi<ofrauj. 64. Qs^iLiLj&r. 165. Qeuei^. ffil®. rE(S^J^. Please.) ^uasLD. 64. 62. ^^ssbr. C^/fecia. 57. — — beck. star. ^saLpuLjeii^. 134. Plat or plait. 62i§iUiTiULD. [Cful/. S-uirtULcj. sjrfRisniEL-^a^s^ijLD. iScir^.) /5/r^^..i-/iiS/f. a^LDLDiresr. As you 62. ^jeiruui. (op(Lprt(^. Qusld. •3=mQ^ireL^il>. — Plane. ^so-s/ressfl. euiresifT. Pleader. Pock. ujtldit^}! Plait. Pneumatics. ojfr^p&nrr. ^. 0<r/r(g>F/r. Ssb. Pipe. (n. [_ul- Pod. — ^-Qff <s€OuiS!!)U. uuSift®. enaQsn lu'SoSsr. 62. 64. — Plunge. ^eir(eFi&u uLpiM. (v. j)i^ip^si. Pitch.

Position. <^. LSs^iradi^^^o^. S^. [258. s s. ^0<f&o. aL—LjumL®sSl&sr. [190. afleraig. unisj Politics. «L. Possible. s^ira^. Pollution. urr^ffC^i^sAr.iQajLD. QpauLf. u/ii(^. (2. L8eg}]d(9). QsaLLLp. Potential mood. ^^. 63. [^^^ujl£>. SresiLDffn^im Portico. Q^rr^^fB.. (mefTLD. Postage.) uuSpgii. @^^. ^rjrrem. sl—^^.sSuu Puts and pans. Pomegranate.iSmJ}QL!a. S-fHemLo. s^ga. ^eu^irsiSi. LDemi—utD. iSp^ii^^.^(ods(^. LDrHiurrem^. Pork. (oppos. upgs- Ponder. Be ed with an evil spirit. ssmp/iSleS®. 252. Qurrpgu 62. — uii). aemLDsn'rreir. ^.<sm<sm of a door. iSit^ejQ iSlrrrrir^^dsw. . LD®. Possession.) IQILPSSLD. s^(f!ajD. — gun powder. Sl^. Practice. a-'sm <5m Ln . LDfT^S-. erO^eS. Q(Sj(5m®^'Si)Q<3=iu. [^zJ-Oau/rsssfl. Politeness. 57. LjsLD. iS^pgu. ^(SCLD. QLp&nLDUtSff^LjQuujiT. Poor. In whose — Prate. 55 . Oz-d. Loemi—ULo. 243. ^!r<5m. Poultice. 161. ^ Porter. erstoLp. Come I will into one's — a/a^uuG).^e»ffl. (1. Pot. Pond. uirossr. (sn^sen-sFLD. U(^^. 158. eT<i^i. 62. SfflZ jiLL—LhuffU). eus^asL-® . Possess. eurrffih. Posterity. si^uuQi.) esiisj^^Q^. Power. lBi—it. uuSpQ. ^L-tTSih. ULpSSLD. is this.) ^Lf-.) 348. uek/SluSemjD'S:?!. <Sijfnurr<^Qufr. uip&Q. LDL-i—ih. 62. <sj<k>sO€SiLD. Pollute. ^(l^«@. Q^rrpi-i<sm!T. eiau.. S-emt—emLo. ^^iriaiaih? u^us^. Porch.S(^. i^ekenru^iunfr. §li^..) eh^ih Pray. 's (gfffflygsr. — pronoun.164. sreSiu. ^<s^ljlj. (III. [64. 64. ^lL®. Porcupine. Lom QTj'® . «<s=a<?/r. ^L—LD. Qsaarif. @(f^^^- (v. if UJ. ^Ljn-<sSiZ)(25/E^.. s^iMLD^euiT. Q^a^uLDuekr^^. ^^u^irrruo. 62. 62. 64. ejtfl.) ^urriso. LDfflSijLJLj. LSffrrir^Q . Poultry. Prattle. . QsiTL^ssir. 56. Postpone. — tSjfrsrrjLh. (g^L-eoH IM®. . 160. QiurrSl.^. Prayer. 62. 118. Postulate. uLp(^. UjSLpi — {v. u u iM u esar^}] 131. 254.) ^Lji3iun-s=LD. n. a. ^rfl&is. GufTiT. Pour. ^iB^^uld. ^fffr^F sirtBiuLD.. eretfleiaLD. ^ffii^fBSso. 184.190. Ouirtf. (^i—ld. ^uiS Portion. suga^aiD. not put nii/sclj in auij one's power. (5. ssLjbffii. Potato. s^uireooy-sS Posteriors. 66. ^^i-la=LD. Post. Q^fT^^jjii. wheel. LDLpdsiiiSlllTiTS. Possessive case.. ^siruLn. iga.) uuSl^i. QsireOLD. QLj&)m. 64. (n. ^Bsi)<zjiBuu€mLD.5^*. Pouch. ^<sir. Population.64. Poppy. ^lS (v. ^ji'i—uuiM. tSL-i—ih. &-ss^puu®^gi. 64. QpupSl. [Comp. SSssr. Loa^fm. Powder. &-(W)3sirdQLeiEj(^. 138.)^^. Preach. Pore. 255. 64. LSesresieu . Qeueir/resr. <SFrr&). Pound. II. [_i—lduld. QpeireinhuesrjS. ematu/r QarremrL-iT®. Port. Q-s^uld. 160. ^qt^im Qsup^ismLo. ^&osuiruSl0O. 64. (^lL. ^lL®.eS®. (v. 3=lLl^. Poverty. Postfix. (gL5L<F-sarii).'] Pomp.] Pool. Pony. 270. <s=fr^.'] Praise. iL&. ^@ Potash. — Potter.INDEX Polish. Porterage. =^(^. to negative in alg. euirw. ^is-9. Slg)i<ss>La. euaiun®. out. Positive. Poll-tax.

^®. 64. asr Preposition. fT ^iresTLD. QaiTsai—. 66. [iD/r@^. Prince. Pregnant. Pride. [62. eSei^p. s^. sfruuf. ^ir. Procrastination. 64.) aySa/ o/tii_ir). urrs^uim •••• 22b. [^rrii. OsuQi-D/rsriz). 96. Problem. QLopQisnesTi^. Q^rresis. (ip3. rLpsesrsBiLo. Presidency. ^i^ffikis. /s esr Qs es) L — Private. 0#/a@ ^Lp(^.) jjih. QmpjB. a. Qeapd 115. Q'FiusnfBius QsitlLu!t®{?) Proboscis. (printing. QunR&aLo. (s. Precipice. 1. Preparation. Preserve. sit&i^itld^ld. ^®<s Proclaim. srreups^i—LD. siruutrpsn 62.. (^sitlL®. [iLLi^^^ev l&)eir. i3rrird(^. [^^«SBffl. [bitijit-s^ld. Predicate.ek<ctaLD. (for money. 3=fhS^Ti^il\ Print. (v. Qld 106. Probe. 57. Prize. afl«D«(g. Priority. Prefix. Qstj(^LD^. [ffl!^t_LD. . sirnsssTLo.aiu^ Prevent.INDEX Precious. Q'SV(^LD^. (a. LDiriULDrr(SOLDuemr^}i. ems Proceed. 64. sipi iSst^streou). 64. \_ld^.) ^sy^^ixt. Qpseifesirr. wine =^^. Pretend. — 161. 64. ueiisS. (v. sS&. Prescribe. O^i^jj/. eui^eij. Q^rfji^Qsireir Prick up the ears. (money). ^ffiT3=(^LoiT!j3sr. Qu(if.] 57. ^uiua^. Predict. II. ffjuaSd Preside.) a=iBQ. . Prettiness. — tense. QismQLDfnssru^. i3siSl^^i}>. (Lpstres^LDssirjisir.) emiT. SteairdQiULD. 62. s-wsrrmh.^^/r. (^dso^puQiupro. Q<mjiTS(^(T^.] gjQr)a@p (v. ^^usnir . Qp^dr 1 Prepare. Prison. Qjnnil 228. a foot. Prickly heat. ^siem^. Quit. ^(s. 57. (be) srruui^ifl. ^rr<Fasr. ^rjs&dj. ^^sBj/LD. LS(^&idi— ^^sei^su — ^3=9liui^rrLD. Q'Fsrfi. 64. ^iuisQ^®.sn'6i^LD. Procure. QairtLuir®. 128. O/e^sq. ^a^irrffiuir. srr. u/ssm^iuui. Presume. mi — 66. eyi^ oil — ud^rjLD. Present. Product. <sia tSlfr^rresr. £liuiruju>. ^^jjds&rettl. &c. President. (LpeuresHgu^sJ.)z-/u5/7-. ^s»/r. Press. utrir Preservation. u^uS.64.£ ^/SldjrTLo&)[Qu». 62. ^-QF)i3emL—S=Qi3=n&:). ^su^//?. ueodsr. gpsQ. Prefer. ^SsdiEsn'Ji. Loii^ff! 141. (ip^eofreB..] afl^ej/.LSIrj'^n'enrLD.) GiUiS. gjes^. @^Q. Qpeiap. urftuir€0€srLD. siTL-®. @(5. Qsmsn-SsmLiseii—einLD. ^^sfl. Qp^&i.) (tpdQiu.) Qp®s>(^. Preeminence. iSulj. Presumption. (speak.] Prey. QaiT®. Priest. ^^u^. LD in fr esr 30.5^/risoj2. LorfiuLj.] <Fi^uLj. urt:3=!TEJ(^. Pretence. [®(«5)t£. a^QpaiD. Precision. Principle. Privilege. ^(Bldlj. ^SsoetaLnuem^^. &c. Prickly pear. speak. ^ir/r<s^^/rsOT. 62. 64. iELL®d(^^^n-a!rLD3so. erd^osruu® ^ujjiflLDLJSssr^:!. s^eorrems. (sr^fiesrLD- Principal. Procession. with) emse. 64. ^QFjemtDtUfr CUT. — ^Si {uQus?. Qpii^esr. <s^^. ^iu^^ld. Proclamation. a. spiSi. LDiTitiLDireOLD. Price. ^L^derSuQ. 62. ufreuSssrsirL-®. ®j<sir Qp^eotrosr. (s. Presence. Nannul. uir<s}i3osr. /f«@. 64. QiSi](^ a^trSsi) arreueo. Produce. QrBrrd(^(sS^<cm^. sfl^o. umesrl^. QQir Preface. Prime. Prevail. (v. — of ^ds-uu^uS. srrifluju). Premises.siSsoeayLD.i5fl<sirii).s(^u o6 . 64. ei]0asQ^iTeco. (ipesr(e^m-. ld^. 70.] Previous. Q^«@. (Lp&irih^nLD. sireuLD. minister. Premium. without. 64. [. 64.s'/iSl^. Press.

SrjSFlSJS^ QjSITL-L^. Prune. ^lys/FEcjsQs/rorgj. Protection. [62. Prudence. ^Q>. iSlrrS^^i^usm^ii. Province. uiLs^ih. 'f/i^iresTLD. Proof. 64. (^uu'^U(okr Promptly. Proper. u^. Prosody.INDEX Profanity. <siin(i£. S-iuir^^. 62. ^suostld. Proselyte.. c^4>-i-'-'5cfl. [/el5). jp. QsFLDeiOLD. LDmrss^^siaLDiE^isuair. Q^lu(Siild. Gsu©. 62. U^. ^L^afl^^^. (a_^/r/r. Propagation.. ^ipi^. 64. ibit®. 60. v.64. ^rjirtudSl. — &^^. 57. iSitS^^ld- uQ [62. [(!•) x-ds<r. . Provision. 62.] Proposition. Pullet. iSlu&^^LDiTesr. Progeny. 2-(5a?i2K/rs@. en IT •B^ s ua Pulp. Puff. lSjshtld. 64. fl^ LD^.^^^n"tl0.. ulpQlditlSI. ^Qf. 152. 2_0*. (v. ^@^. <3=ifl 1 lUfresr. UfrmearLh.) usS II. /e^<s@. 158. see pride. — Project. Be Promote.jtjeireij.s-uu(B^^. C^a/fl. s^ga-uauLj. sulS. Proverb. ^/r/fia/. Promptitude. ^rreu^irsnrui. 'iutriuui. iSjueSiLiLD. Provide. /fsvrsfl®. Prophet. Q^enusTfTLDrffuLj. ^LpLDrresr. iSuLDTemLD. Progress. Publish. ^nim(^. Qutrd^. iSffQiUfTS^eSTLD. 190. Prohibit. ^sm^//?. \_Qp(ss)puSl'^e!Sisr.. (ipemp. S-d. 158. Qarr. To — oneself.'] Proprietor's share. 64. 64. ^/e^^.] Public.] ^^asrui. QldujulS. QlEir&^LD. rseiai—. 64. 6\>ituld. QstruQpLL® — noun. eSQeusLo. (^^SijU). 165. euaiLiuLj. streiitreS. StfluLfLj Quiiit. ^(W)Si](sirdQ^uj6v. LDirsfT<smLD. 64. Qparsi (^ui^p. EUITlL®. erQ^i^uLsf. iSgjiBJi^ Protect. Propriety. S-qf. swemncionL— Seek Proud. uir^siruLj ^«roi_a««oi£iL/(g. srruuapsii. Propitiation. Prose.'] H. 64. g^ihuir^. s^iiiS^^LD. Prostitute. 190. ^rrds^iB^a^isisrLD. 64. iSrrir 141. [_^gv^uit&v^. ^iriii8'. — Pully. S-emi—eiaLD. Promise.'] Puberty. Provender. npeajDeioLD > 130. u(BuaeS. [^(5-] eufripeij. Qpeh^^. [Ill Gram. Q^usffffLD. uiB Prolong. /E/Tif . urrsoewih. \_^iTLL. Q^eiiSlm&a^. ^eiair. 64.) Qsrr(ei^ Qsitldlj.L—iTi^rfiJ:). <c^(i£ij(^. 64. Prosecute. esi^. ^-(i?)UaiTffuu®^^. ^ij. npek^s(^d QsiT(sm®eiJtr. ^^i^ Prove.^fffr^^ffl. 64. Profound. 64.s'ifluLj. 60. 57. Q)3'L^uLj. 190. — down.. 64. ^eug (oresn3. QejettliujniisLDfresr. Pronoun. enniu. ldjS. Promenade. ^nKLLL—iri^tJa.! 254. sumr^sm^u 64. s^euirrfl. /filip. Profligate. ^(mjsQuji}i. s=lou^^.) uecssr. 141. Psalm. Profit. (£<3ni—d Qsiri^. &-&)(r. Pronounce. \_Lj^^iu^^isi). 64.101. Pulse. udi^eusirsinl). \_ili^^. eipp. gjfB^LD. Si (iffU sssr LD Providence. @^^. Prophecy. ^shuldituj. Q^w. 252. sfla)i(g. QpL-Qd^smsd. — Prop. QuQ^dsih. 166. Pull.. 57. uireu t§e£liT^^.) — £iiirs(^^^^^Lh. QLD<so<sj[rrTLh . a_^£i/. (v.. ii!®ffiy@. (e-so/na/. 167. iSjinudQ^ Publication. off. [Sq^lSI. Pulpit. Q^su^etJ^emLD. Q^ai—ir. Q^lB. euLpd^dQ^s^fTea. Provoke. Q-a^sfftD. 62. 62. ^ifds^iftSi: 141. ^^si^eoLon. Proportion. Prosperity. 123. 248. See Ratio. ion. Property. s^ir&^i—JriiamtTiu ^e£liT. — ^-aiaafi. ^ff^. S-ds-S Pronunciation. uir®.) sSsir. (s. 62. 57 . ^if.] Prosper. iSi^asili. ^oj^^ld. iu/rtJLj^«/ririi). (JIEISLD. Gi<3=&}e>jLD.] . 62. QUffl. QLDajQujmg)i<^ULji£l. ^®. ^^itujld. s/tulj. Prostrate. Srr^uQuujiT.

(tp®<s. Quit. — S^ii^^ — mind (s^iru£Buu®^gj — ^eS — — ^ULD^. ^<s^. mirpsireo ^sum. 57. Quadrangle. 64. . of. Sgu^^iiis^u Qufr(B^€C.. . ^ew^. ^smt—Sovr Pupil. Putrid. [gea^. 62. iBinb£(B)L-L^. Race-horse. LDir(&!^dsek. er®^ffida!TL-®. (sS(S5). 64. out. .. 64. .] 170. Race. Qsrreir. s-giidsiriu. 273. ^<B.62. <£®. (£®sem^. u®^gj. Quash. sr ®^ffjd&inLu^uj (SUfrdQiLiLD. (v. ldQ. urB^iuQsmrL-i—i}). ssaJjTif . ms-d^* Purchase. ib®iei(^ 62. ugseaLD.^ssuresit-. off. ^hmr. ^<se>Lp. s<si](m^. ^uj^S .@tfUirruj. Queen. Quarter. ^Qpssoircar. ssE'3:€0irair. iBirsmiULD. (^&>ld. ^i^u Seoth. uireaeu. -Firis^LD. srreiai Punctuation. 165. unsBsr. Purpose. 62. G2. 64. ^irpuSiULD. ^iTLDnGsn}). aGknoetsS. ^^liiesiLD. ^uLfQi^^^esiB. (£iLDeoil>cQsSilTiSij. a-jS^aifl. sr<sd8ss>u Quality.. . iSiifiik^Qurr. 5. .8 ui^iud (^^emir^ . under. on. 32. S^U^SJ. Q. 182. 6. Quiet. /E(75«(g. Quickness. ^rft. Qutrsu uirirsQ(n]S!r. e^LDITplTSHTLD. Purport. Purgatory. ^(sufl 64. 166. Push. ^eSlffLD. ^isisih. Quill. Quadruped. of the eye. 64. ^s(Q. mirp Qan(smLD. 64. Punish. 64. Quote. etaijD^. ^aiT'S^rr^^. 64. SSsir. U(5i!!!rLp. 62. Purity. Punishment. 68. uir^ff^tl>. Quit®. Qiziff. s-ffid(Q. asesS. s^is^St. '^a. Purple. ^p@. s-^^ iff s(^i^ sold. ix.^izir. App. Quotient. Qaieirdsir (tpiueo. Quarrel. ^6m^L. 57. ^LDLjda^®. QlLQ ^sQSsisr Qe'tu. Pundit. (^d^Qifreir. aqr^^gi. (^(osnTLD. &siS. QfBuiB^uuirs. ^ 62. uessru emu. ^tSuiSlTITllJlM. isslL®. ^-^iri. QppQ^ii. 254. (v. 57. &s. 96. si^. . &tr&)eaiT&. fi®LD!rpu umsrmii. &d(mu isismt^s ks j 1^ eisTL^s . s-^^th ui^ewi Quickly. sesar L^ULfEfTGir. 190.giri^. 62. ^siT3=m Pure gold.Pump. &c. Qualify.62. ^eireij.) [_u®^^. GSQir^^sur^^S(^ajiTisj(^ Purify. ^(^^ujrrd(^.) ^sfl. ^ffrrisisiB.. ^rrsm ^iT. iciilL®€iild. Quantity. CdserrsO. Question. 62. . J Pumpkin. To take a Qu^&c^s^ ^iruu® — — . 64.euiB^ih. Pursue. 165. Rabbit. 258. 160. R. Quite.) <aiiria(^' aireo. He —S emSTLD. — ^z_^@ — up QufT^^s^d — a stop in to. to go. 64. - Put. ^irnS. [64. Pustule. tSsirQ^m—ir. a.. Qufrii&aLo. 57. with. &dQnu>. QumL® dl®.) ^Lon-^gj. mn^iT. viii. Quicksilver. ^LorRdeas. y^^&sS.6md>. . Quail. 64.. ^u^a^ib. Purge. (III. ^sJrreij. Quiver. -^Q. eflilOsfl®. 3=irgi. fe@. s®s. i^eioiTeiiiriu. einl-^emiM. msv. App. 69. (^^Qps^eo. thirst.. (v. s-^^LD. ersssr gllB^LD. Quake. Quotation. [138. OsiruLjiofriii. 62. — Puppet. 5 62. Q<smar(em.) ^e/rlrr. QLopQaireir. Punctual. ^p. sfl&)c5(g €uiTrm(m. Puppy. Purse. forth (leaves. (any onej j j Q/siT<sk^Ld 1 ^ • ^^ — Puzzle. Quench.

— (of an army. Recommendation. Rag. eS^tM. euirQ Readiness. Ratify. 64. 64. Reason. 105. 64. Rat-trap. 263 [161 Ratan. &^iej(^. Ravage. QarreirSsffiUL^ LjswiQifinui3<^. 273. Radish. lEL-c^ib Quira^ar. erfHuLj. 254. QpevLD. ^edfiiauD. uemiii aicrCi up Recess. QrjemLD. 58. s^L-i—ih.'] s^jtld. az/rsiraOa). 62. Rashness. Ram. II. SiumuLD. [price of Receipt. 60. emsuupg!]. Recoil. Rape seed. i^jldlj. ihuppiD. sem&Q® 64. upsii'S= §lL®. aeuir. Rear. upjB&O&irm^. ^QF. Recline. <s=&>!r<ssis. ereS 158. Rebellion. 96. sfgu Receive. 64. ^eairsSL-i—th. Rapidity. 6S)sldjjld. 59 . 101. s^qkS. Recite. Ravish. 70. 64. QpmarraQ. Qpi^iftuuLp eupped. ^lijQs/ff. LDITlfi. Razor. <^Q£im(^. Reach. Raise. Qpesii—. «(SO«iD. iBeenr. ^dsoiigi^ifl 57. 64. Recommend. ^^. ^^^uld. (^^ui. ufrea^s. QeuiL®. sit aWKlh. Ransom. (^uuemL — (spuiS. Rafter. Rancidity. Rancor. 77. QetruLj. u^d^i—ti). Rarity. Qurrssili.. (S. Rattle. Qurr Read. (^sj. e£l&siTeij. Qsa^^einh. Ratio. iSicksm®. iBick. Rat. Corap. ^y/fsuii. 273. Raft. a^iT. scrofi.] ererr 70. srrsm. emrikji^. SBiieiX)^. Rebuke. 2_<s@/ru). \_<^3=LfLD. 62. tniver which reaches heaven. Reckon. &ituu®^^ 57 Rate. ssl^iso. [In comp. 57. Rage. Raisin. (gsaartJij® j^. Realm.INDEX Raciness. 6rQ)UL/. to — road ^QF)ULjU Rain. (meoipiurr®. ^®Q3=^^gj. eurrLDLD. u^. Rampart. eru-® 62. iSi^pgn. u<^mi^. £Z)^. 64. Stuirifis- • 231. etasuussarili. Qpes>p. Qpird-stl). iS&areiiQsrreir.) lSlLlj. Rather.. 252. a^irrr. (v. Raw. 64. Raven. 64. (^uemueufrrf). iSleac^rsistsli.^^a@. 259. s_^^ulj®^^. urri—(^ Qa^ireo^. ^(Tf)ii)U 62. GeuaLn. Ljgi&iLD. iS/e^. e^Q^ian®. 62. Recollect. QfTfT^. gufi^ih. (^Qrjir^w. ^l-uzj®^^. Speak at Range. — — Recall. 64. si/^si^.'] 115. g]<ssiB.) iSasTLfpuD. a/rreir ^arir^iLi QaiTLjirii. ^psudOsirm. Rave. [161. QupgusQairm. i^gjiQu-LD. 107.) iSesrueat—. 16. Rake. ^LLGidsi—iT. iSppio^es^. ^£11. sfl(S\)@.<mLD. esp/SuQuir. <^^.) LDeS>Lp. Ray. 64. S-eirerr. 209. Ready money. ersss'^s^istsi. 160. [_spuL^. s^iriu. Ramrod. 57. Recede. ^uirJ'&ujili. iSjjuuih. (s. QpstriB^ULD. ^^lL®. ^arsij. (^Lpuum. Quiu. (s. QiDiuiLiRissr. usdUiLf. Recognize.] <^i—i- Radius. Q^uuih. ^uj^^ld.) Rail. 62. 64. 62. / have received the money. 2_0s^. iSSosre>i3^(T^. ^eaip iSehejiriEii^. — bow. erQ^^irpQuirQeaQu^. O^iri—ir.) ^skn—iki&asLo. ljjigi9. S-(S!sr(o!aLDiuiTS!sr. £-/i/ Q^^ld. ssoneij. Lj^^iLjiiksir. <3=<sunss^^. Real. Radical.) euefriT. Rank. eutflisa^. [i^- A 57. np®3i(Q. (v. [sflS^ii. 64. aif/s Random. ^eu^ssr. ffjuiTa@-3^:3=0O!reisys.. [62. ui^.] Rational. 62. 64. Ramble. ejgj. U(^^^^<si^enar. Reap.. aekruf. a. sri^uOun/SI. [il. er/Dj3/. ^sj^uld. 62. OTsaJr^^. •s=p£>i. (v. ^<ss£. Reclaim. ^i^aogi.] [=«y/fl.

221. Reconciliation. 190. (^ismuu® 161. utftsiruLh. ^m(^uL^. [161. SSssru in a mirror.pS". urr^ Refresh. S-^<sfjsutr^ui. Register. Relate. Q<Fia. ^ sssr d cE U) 190. iS^irssrLD. . Regulation. Reference. ^oxfl Rectitude. LDguiSpuLj. What Rejoice. Region. 1 Relative pronoun. <?/e®. ^^<5@. 62. 161. (v. 257.'] [In comp. . y^rB. 62. Reduce.INDEX Recompense. ^esrij}. 160. ea^^deeis. _^/rs« rgiSLD. 64. 62. Q^d-sd Qeu /i^ 223. (s. II. 60 . QrsirQsmL® — Regeneration. 64. '3=d(SiS£B. O^srf?. 64.l8®. i—iru L/.6i. em. (^euifl. 215. Redness. ^i — Ql—LD. ^d@.62.®. 9iT^(smg.eSe»<s@.) i—iruiSlQeo sTQp^eiaev. s^pmj.^/LD.) ^(Si^€s>s.. (^uismu.. QfB!rd(^. ^SeOF-s^Sssr.] Red. a. 57. Q'S^gik^ seflihuspgii. (gism^ (^giid(^. ^esTLo/rnn^u. Refute. eSioCid(^. ^ J. urr®. ^-p<sij. iojj/'ff^'aT a debt. LSLL®sQsrr<ar ^Qi-. is rejected. iSrr^eSLhuLh. Record. shppiM. ^3^e6rLD. (^effHrii^ •ff'iriTLi. ^rrrrs=f<s. Redeemer. ^eu^aeS. ^i^iT. §ld(^. ^®b<f. Qs^Ssa'. lBlLuit. — SL-. ^lLl.) ^iTEjs&}. (g^. QQei)<3=LJU® sexi^LJU®. learLo. Q<f<siilju. Regret. aifi. sL^tsu/rsfreuirir. <5b(w:m(m. lilj^ ^jjff^ek. sitlL®. (^e^auueisr^^s. Regent.'] Refuse. ^^. Str^Qf)^^. 160. [@^^^<s 190. ^lurr [uj. lju.] spL^. 62. Redress. L—IEJ ^L-i—uu®^gi 161. Sir^Q^^^Lh. 64.130. ^tskLDirirds ea(wiij(^.s&)LD. sQF. ematDrr^. Reject. isSl(S>jfBd^dQs=n'6\}^. Qstrgi. Rectilinear. Regard. ai—sksiem'®. 64. ^esii—d. . ed. Regiment. 160. fl-U-ld.Q. ^irs-Q^iu. en/ffsme^. (arithmetic). Qmiris^ Quit. 161. (III. [64. uiB^ir Regularity. Reign. 62. npesip. ^nirdSliULDUes^^ji. Redeem.160. ^urr epuLj!j£iJir3(^ (v.) Refer. Be — 62. Reconcile.emLi—LD.. [^^/i^^. iSff^lLjU Refreshing.^ Rehearsal. 62. npSiuufr p&i 62. ^irCp^gi. LD^digiu Qua-. Qspeui^. Reformation.. — QuiLi!Tei]L^&sem<i(Q. U6S)L-eil(^LJLI. ^/Sulj Refine. ^/iQ^rrei^.. Refuge. Relation.uD. Relationship. Q^ld. QfEiresLo. 161.'\ fEiremio. 64.. 115. QldsS/s^Quit 58. (^/Sulj ^eoeo^^iL®. (n. ^dsu®. 2_<^ ojiriiuQuir. [QuihasrioiTpgi. i§d(^. [Qen^ &/r^ Refrain. <sS. Qenuuassr. — Reflection. 70. [uld. uj.] 160. (s. ^LLi—w'hssr. &lL®u Reduction Reed. _g)(sar<5^*il®^0<F/r^. ^QaoirQ. — @^. euL^u®^^. {_srd&eo. 64. Red-lead. epuLj£r(siiir<i(m. O^s^uiwaLD. ^ssfTf^uisL. QrsirQsrrsso'Ui. 57. [intrans. 74. ULLi—rreiTLD. Be ed in circumstances. 62. He d. <sb(fheiaLDuu(Bd^. ^lL@. ^pjilcariBrrp^. s-erilsr^QF). 62. aiySuQ.!rss&). a^kQ^sr Reform. 64. uii^. ^en-(SY5. sitlL®. Rein.) LD£J1 ^&>. Recover. Regulate. lu^nrr^^LD. SlujLDix. . [si/tp. ^dseiB. Qi^Ssar. ^lLi^ld. 64..] Reflect. ^uLji&iirig. Rectangle. ^saua. 56. 64. ^i_s(g. u^. Rectify. 64. 0<s=iz)KDLo . 163. 64. Qitldld. ^(fF)^sJ. LoQip. {s.) si^e^. npstnjnemLD. iSl](^LJLj. iSui^dm.f^^. S/5^. GL^uu®.

semL^uLj. <! . en&^p. Ql^. ^^ja/. Remember. eurrs^Loueisremi. ed. LoeirsS. 57. Rescue. TllG \_aLD. ^SsiTUUirgii^ec. 64. . iB'Sssr. sessn^uLj (v. 2_<o»^sfl ^a^. 160. Render not evil for evil. ld^ld. Remorse. iSaao^iru •a^mi&puLD. u3^<3=iT^^fTUili. (^L^tuaa-. Relish.. ^etrir/Es^Quir. LDirirdsLh. ^sfriULhuem^^. asaarif 64. Reside. lS^. . . ^L. . Represent. (s. /S&sro/^^^. Qpds-<^®^60.uLji^. ^iT^. ^^rrLDrrasr 130. [sj/zte/^.^rrsmirLD. i^n^ii^^^rrLD. ^Si. airsmS. [62. 64. QuajiruiSffeiv^rruu). 64. QaekeS.. Release. /r/rS^/rto/r. ep^s^e^'ir. s-^^tDinesrao^rruLh. lSJ=^u>.i_(SW". 165. Respects.(^^uL^ a.131. 163. Responsibility.^2s!sr. 64. Repose. 57. ^. ^iEj(^'sSium. eu©. <sflLL®sfi®. Reproach. ^^dems 62. Respiration. lSlL®(£® 62. ^^lL®. em u u th tpemi . Remain. Remark. iB^LUfruSlQ^. n-^^ffsurr Lueisrd^QKuu Rest. Response. S-Q^S.) 190. Residence. ^j<su^^g}i. QuiuiTsr®uLi.<su<sSuLj. ufB^^esrim'Seir. Reptile. Loesr&v^truLju®. Renown. Remainder. 221. Reluctance. Reply. (ajsuea^. (SDira^tD. Resemble. sm lu ld . Reprobate. ^. 160. i^(B^8soujiT<i(^.<o^^^ireff><F. Request.. sitsTm(^t^!rusiSi\jhj. Sid Rely. suf^dgjQsnik. [§l fr Resolution. iDiHiurrex^. ^L—trsm. 131. I do not Remind. S^aiEj(^ 62. ufsffi-isen II. 62. 64. Render. Repair. Republic. UQggiuirir Respect. ^sfl/f. . LD. lditc^ld. QeugiiuLj. 221. ^^Tuuirgs ussmem]. <^uuir(^.^ ^ Q^/r^ 70. LDesrQeu^Sssr. 64. Reservoir. Reprimand. eS'®. l?^. Qufr<^(m. 64. ei]fri—ee)S. Relieve. 6F6Biriuih. 160. 67. ^easfl. 161.s'its^^im. 62. . 0<s/r®.siremi—ds^m . [239. ^SBp£ii. lS^. eud^eurii. Relax. <sr^iT 64. 137. [L—U1.®^^. 64. 190. 64. /ELD(i)«£i»a(S»sy. Resignation. 160. Reputation. Q. 160. LOppstDsu. Lj(Lg. s^ldiulL. Remedy. iBSsn. urrsu^ Relief.S-^e£l. 61 . 62. 62. ^eu(^. ^(Z/a/. QuirgaesuD.'] Removal. Q<3=eL^i}). /EsvLDtrdf^. ^^ssr. Remove. S-(oS>p.INDEX Relatives. 163. Resource. 64. Loeii — sflSaffl. 164. sstn-enesreij. iid(^. (^ulji^. 2_^i(g. ^fl. Repentance. i5@* 62. 50. ^irLD!T<mLD. ^isuLDfresrLD. 64.62. Sit^^. (^Lf-uSlQ^.] 107. 64. Renew. 64. — iDppenirsik. esj (osjsr ld^ulj. Remit. ^efr(sr^. iSrrueSujLh. ^Fessri—irsireir. 62. SSsstu^lL®. i^ir^Q^mLL^. Rend. 165. . efl Qa=(Si^U} 190. l8(^^. Resin. iQirusuu® i^uitujs^QiS^ld. Religion.FiEj<Sis>s. Resign../fcs: ear. ^rrLoirsstl. 'Remote. Siftoj^issnl). Sgn. QurrguuLf. uiflanuLD. <sSl Be — C(III-) Report. (^essruu®. 62. Resolve. 64. Repent. ugjui3. ><S(g. 190. 161. ld^Qlditl^. s a LD^^Q g^irnuo. Repine. ^»wio4®^ ^aam Resist. ^eiriT^gj.s'/Teo. l^fftrS/EirLDird Qsit®. Q. LD^uQiDtrL^. 56. SiT^^. si^ay. Quir^.) eS essr Iqt^lL®. Rent. Reproof. 64. a-ana. ^£srr LjSLp. 60. Q. Reprove. ssmt^. s^^etj.

215. usssr^^n. Ride. Rhinoceros. urflajfr&=LD. 64. &ffJLjurrex£. Restraint. aeSup.m'ei^60.. 146.] 115. 3=fB.s= 146. Retire.j fruit. ^ifl.UJIT.(S3Jir/E/@. ^-q^uQ. <s=g]rim. Revile. 62. srotp. t^^^efo. ueoek. aQT)LDili. li^. <si. QptprntQ U(wQ<B}^ldlj. Rheumatism. 64. 64. 160. — — 62.) 155. €u Rivalry. 64. 57.) ^q^ulj. Qmir. ^rr^ili. 62 . 62. ^®LDirjSl^^if^. I'^sarih. *®. ^l^u — the bell. 62. 60. 62. Qps®. Qotimlj. S-uSluemt—. ^i—d(^ SL-. er^'ff'SSii—d.) <9=/Ei0SisQu/r(rr)ii^uj.) ^dsiruurrffii. 70. Roam. S-uSit. 62. urUs^utrir. utpth. a-pg)i. 57. erQ£. (Eng. Right. uq£. 62. zi) Rise. G)sird&. 62. . Q£Sfr®QpL^. 74. ld&sS^l^. [With eiiiriE/(m. — Qp^ir 66. iBiuiTLUU). Return.] sui^. — rs^. <sGs9. Roar. [_QLDrr®. ggffiy@. ^ipuuLD. ^<sjj2/. LDeSlLD.INDEX Rest. Ridge. — (tp^ifk^. ^/e^.] sSeiap. ^m^. m®Qujn- 0i^st)g»^. sQeo. Retreat.^. Rival. 3=iEiQ. ^jj. J)effiij. [64. Restrict. srrsmi—iriBQ^sLD. 160.'] 2_<?S. ^sq^. [sfliflic^. River. Qs^LDetaLDiinruj. [64. Revenue. QiDir^ffU): (v. ^/l®. (£i®ssis>^. ^LStTir(^.250. Ripe.] Ridicule. 64. sflis»)/rOsi.sfrjjenr. wwp^. «toq. Riches. 160. 160. 258. Restrain. Roast. ^(B. ffm.^l^uuit®. ^@^. cakes. S-uS/T^Q^(ip^eo. li^. Rice. Rhetoric.. <£liiQp. Rite. 62. of a heavenly body. iSl^e^®.3=/fJsLL fflj/flic/rczrii). ©#. ^L-i—iM. [Co. C^toi^. 64. — 62. Rigid. Rhombus. 57. np^a Quirohi^u 62. QuiTiH. 62. 57. ^dsi. uiren)^. ^i—dsih. iSaoLpumr. /Se^l&^u-j. Ribbon. u/fieurrjiLD. Qai(^LD^. er(ipu>Lj. SaeaiBiuih.. [j'sro^/r. s^dseiTS^. Revenge. ^jreSltutli. ^iB&. ^sstld. a06W(g. &. Reverse. Rib. 6^®dSi—th. g=0si—Ujfreis£. 57. Resurrection. (v. ^^sfl. 64. Q<sj(^LDrre!!rLh. ^eapiuiresifi. ojrrdseoEjsfrrrLo. a^tfiiuiriu. (title. 19. a rich man. 161. 6jgii. ueocir. (become). 62. strike. Revive. (SlltJLDLI. 62. i^lLl-ld. ljitlL®. ®. 64. Ljrr(^^<so. 64.) Ring. s-p^^^iB. &LDiTeir. Result. 115. iS^iresi Q<3= Qpemp. [a/. Rightly. ^q^^^^Qs^iu. ^(ttjldl/. airiftiuSl^^. 62. . Restore. sr^ifl&it—. iSL-emi Qpismp. 68. 62. sr^esis. ^mainh. Reward. 57. Righteousness. Q'S^ir^. /E^ River's bank.) — worm. II. ^rriuii^ Rhyme.®uuiT® usm.] Reverend. Rivet. 64. [®. Reveal. fEirt—ir. ^esii—i^ Qua. UQ£^^. Revise. u® = Reverence. s'lTiB. boiled. Riddle. Qurnl-L^. (f.^is. Retail. U(omssirrrek. ^i—isj(^. iM. Laeni'D Retrograde. 64. <^^dSi—Lh. <ff:rfid(^d= . Revoke. QseS. lasiB. Ripen. 57. Qufril-L^sarr — Revolution. ues^. 39. gg/Z/.ssS\ 76. endQffl. 62. ^uutb. Pq^ldus GlSlT®. uL^si]mEj(^. ^t—d(^. euir^Lo. Retinue. 62.jj2/ii)L/. LD/S^. [(jo^^eb. ^etsfluSleos Road. (v. Qpi^eij. 62. ^ppms<ss>!j. 57. Qpp^csr. 57. siieiju). <3^LDUsgi . QeiisiflLJu®^. lll-QsslL®. ^uuih ^ 0. Revolt.

@ip. Rubbish. L^. QpeoiM.) ^lL®. (v. Rotten. ^irdQnQLDiigj. s^evih. ^£!l(^g!lLDLf. euirmsTLo. Robustness. &. ^neofriL®.) s_ ueS. — . ^(5. ueou^. Rule. u^^.] Ruminate. in.62. UQFiil)ULf.) 57. QLDpQ&rruLf. gp® 62. 160.3=nuuirasr Rye. Sacrifice. Rock. water. cF/r«(ffi. Qpjjessribi^^ of a fish. Rot. 32. 3k. ^em. ^tsmetoLD. ^Qh®. QiEniifiQ^QuQuir. ^@«(g. ufrLpird(^.INDEX Rob. Run. urremp. GBTLD (iprri—dr. QsekeS.. <siil^ off (as water. [/E/rafldr^if .. -r^S^ih. SrLppga.] aeoeo'hssr. Qp(Lgsuf. 273. Rote (lesson) eumiJuum—m. iSisirefresr. 62. s^eaiT. 160. S-(&T)^^.rLDir/r. Sacristan. II. — Sack. 161. : ^emp. Rose. ^weSl. QsiruSleoLoesfliusmTesr. (s. ^^airrfl. 56. 56.'] [eSesfl. siTOU. — eaasr. — Rocket.) «£p^.bl. <3=ism(Soi—. become. 0(^5. siin-f. [«!»ia. /sfreij. 62. (^eap Row. Rogue. (s. (n. (s. ^sueSiu. (V. (s. Round. luirenr. mrrsmeo. (HI.) Roll. QLpiEi(Q.) ^(fFfiliLj. Ruler.) ^<ss!)T®eveS ^ffiT'S^^aLDiTasr. uir (v. ^etoL £11 64. ^dsilu 170. take. ume^ir. a. 62. Room. sfl^. ^<siap. 9 64. QpiTL-®. 62. Ruby. \jQtruSp^. ^esi'S^Quir® Rumor. Qp<^p Roof. Rust.) 2-0(^5. Q&!refrdstruSl(B. S-^i. Saddle.®.aj!rcw. ears of corn. Gojirmsicirgii. Qpni—'TicST. 64. n.) @ip. Rudder. 62. Roe. « esijS. (s. (s. ^rjirtl. <s<5^«(g. (v. uiriL. Rough. iSgrn^iruib. ^8sd Qpa®. isp^ii. npff®<str€ir. — make QaiL®. 107. 128. 56. s-piS^LD. 62.) =^^. — — — — — (HI.) (^Q£lkl(^.) ^FlLl^LD. ^if-. (STOiz). Sacrament. 62.62. LjiTL-®. 63 . 57. 258 ^QS® Rupee. — ^q^l— Rude. 64. ^emfl.) (SUL-i—LD. a. amueSl. 64.i—LD.) ei-Q^eir. aiugis. Q-a^emih. s&)su:i. [<s.pjS^Lh.64. (HI-) 3.] 3=irds!>. @<S(OT"if — Rope. ness. LS)iT(sis£laais).qF)lL®.) (v. QsihLf. (v. ^jilQ. QeueSLDtreir. Royal. of the tongue. a-dairek. dr. ^-(tjszot" aiL-t—LD. uiriLi. 0«®. Roundness. LD^jSnuLf. [A rude man.QairiEml[lUih. & tp<ssif. Qldit®. vii. s-qT/lL®. ^smu—sadsr. ss^^^il) Round. <riTJ'&:ee)rr s.) [i£>il. 58. ui3.111. luir®. b. Rupture. s^smesiL— Sabbath. @^. QeuiT..) (S. eul—ld. s-piS. — Rod. 57. ^^(Eyj.3=OiaULL®. Rump.i@Lfi (prep. QsiTiki.] Qsit&>. Ljei^L^.!-©. ^ffiL®. — — Rub. gjQF).. ackwdso. blue.)^£^. LfffsitldsrriTCBr.] ^lueifmireir. up. Round about. 64. :a=<3^<3=rjeij. <oS>l~. Robe. over. Rush. G^iLi. (111. 64. 62. A pp. '3=rf. ^lEjQ. iSeofr^. 160. UQ£€i!y^. Ruin. L^ lSsmcs^. (^uemu.) QiDtr^. cloth. up. (f^uiTiL. npL—Qs^euih^. Qanena. 56. uir^ssk. aetf^iMLj. SSsoiuiiiQ. (Qtrasr^nQi Sacred. [^S'SsrueS. Rug. tQrrQpisOLD!TS(^. 273.'] Qpir. <3]ifi(cei3=. Root. 64. Qeiiirupsii. uiLi^Qiao^ffu^. ^(tgaeoimar. 160. sm>p. ^i^fEir.i_iJi_/a)eij)«. Qurrdsisiznh. gjffja.

.INDEX 11.

[@. 175.a/. Scourge. ^^aoiLDrrdj. Qldit. . 57. /SlSsl^ld. ^//?S [aS]«»/r. agh^^efreiroj^. {_(oOLD. 62. 64. (ip^&siresS. ^emi^. tSif. 62. 65 . QeoewSa. Sjj/. er®. uirif. as fowls. Qp^^eem. LDirm^saosr. Seat. 57.® Seem. aL-psirp^. Scour. Seek. 107. iSlfffeij. 70. sSaj. Scrawl. 263. uim{Q. ®. breeze. 131. <B]es!sri—&) . . eSd^eurreir. UrB&lT3:L0 ") .) eaipiL. Scratch. l8^&(^.) airp^ [OauiiSca'] ui—iriMeo (s^Sii 157. Scoff. ^pQurri^eij. 64. [Q<si^ erac^gJ. 70. sanaQiuia. ffia)sfl^F<F/r^ 131.l-ld. h. smuL^. 64. Scribble. QlLl-ld. rLp^QuQufr. 64. ^a^sirriiM.^ss)/r. ld^. out. Scorch. LD&ip. 62. Scream. off.y/flau/rsTr. sireo -„_ ^lLuim.) si—eomirii. 160. lurreaeu. . Search into. 242. eoisis <3= ^6m&au. ^irdr. 62. 64.3=itS 181. 64. i-i^^. 151. suQ. 64. ffl/i^. !BfT®. 64. s^uir^^iuirrr Q^®. \_uu>. — — School. S^S(B.] Scripture. <s'<ajs8(^scL^. master. eSQeusth. Q^n-/S. — ^wLjsoeir. LDempei^. g. SjnULoirs^. Qip^mu [Sa/r. ^p&QtEsua. 15. Qeu^ih. Sea. 62. Q^it/SI. sfl® 64. 190. 62. <s^s^. [p^. Q/5/fl. off (the skin. ld(^l^. II. Send. ^iras^fRQ Seize. <Srj Scythe. lj^^. ^Lf. — Seal.'] Sensible person. 64. ^QF^isssrLD.] Sense. [Co. Qun-(B(^. Q<^sanQL—iB. Secretary.) ^irir iLi^dsfrrricsr. sQf)<i(^.] . 64. Q^en. ul- — — — — — Scorpion. 62. Sediment. se^iir. for. (Eng.<a. Seasoning. Czj/rasffl®.'] eSdsis(^sQ)siT® . Scura.^£MZ_. Secure.] Sentence.^. t5/fl. Sculpture. 62. Q^tr 141. Loee^. (v. 62. ^(i^LDir^^eeiirSgii^^tl). sSl^/riff.62. em. ^rnT. ^ibshbisu). s^ir&oflrruj. U(m. ^usfH. Selfishness. Secret. S-UUEianpagji. sipem®. iSQrf&k®. ^Q^sij. 57. Scuffle. gjffemt— IT eu^. ^pLfs^dS. afl^^. euL^aili. ilj^^. Oei. @ipu 64. [as <sa). euo/a/. Science. Second. Scrape. mistress. iSlffJen. 240. •S'LDIULD. Q^rrek^. s^'. 64. black. (sea-dog. S^sq GTOV^^ STQMSJ. Qgiss(^. eus^eanh. senses. Scold. !ELL(B<Di3!rdjssfrS. &UJ. ^rff^iriu. — away. sn-eimuu®. 62. Screw. a_u/r^^<y@. Gijjpi. Sjjaiijsmsnh.. e^&)a(^. ^s=g!i. L/sJr.ld. Sic. ^sises)^. ^frun. =«yj<«(g. iSu. aSao^^. Sealing-wax.(?ei. ^ear. eoy^iuso. Separate.INDEX Scholar. [in Seldom. 62. 57. S^^rreS^em^. uekefldsh-i—LD. ue^airiuih. . ^ijiriL. u^^rrLDiT'Ssr. [<BjiJ — ^emipuiSi^^^uLj. 106. ^Q^stremfl. 62.fldpp. s. Sedition.^60«@.ss5 sssr <s<a Semicolon. at—pun®. 62. sfljcmi^..3=^Qri!rsil>. Sect. 92. afl^en^. ^^uLf. for. Seed. ^q^uiS. semi—LDirSso. Sensuality. aiL^e^il-i—^uLj. See.] Screen. {ld. ^eogu. Scrofula. vii. Season. i^(SL:^!uoj/r(s^eta3=.^^.(Ty<s@. ^lL®. Seminary. airem. P<a/. 215. . — — weed. Q/EtTLo. sLp-i^Qsirerr. UQFfSut}).] Section. Sell.] 108. c^ifi®. App. Q^®.203. LD^IM. r<sa. 215. conceit. Scurf. The five 101. 62. S=n<S6i(D] — — Self. Seam. asm®. 62. Seer. up&i.tSLp. ^^esTLD. comp. /s/r®. 3. ^^L-(B S-^s(m. siiitlL 62. Secular. 64. ^ praise. si—tsv. ^usSIluld.

32. \ ) Q'3=iu. [a leau to. 261. 62. s^J:. Qstrir&aisii vii. S^jy. g^ir. 68. enfrrrtD. ^ov^lSI. (V.) #®. eiiL^euili. ^Gssn^uLf.52. uesSsSssii QeuSsO. ^esii—UJek. a-tL®. Qs=Fifl. 57. av^rriS.LD. Serpent. s^itssild. iSffttn). Q^ffldl. 62. 190. 64. G^eSrr. Sewer. ssllBluld. 64. Shaft. •EF(ruj&).] <sui^. . 140. eruJ. iQst—sui. (s. Quern. Shameless. Sheet.'] s=rrssoe)L let him him shift for himself. QS!TQ£. off. a tree. ^Qibsld. ^//?. 57. as water in a vessel. Shelf. er/fl. aS'*. LL®d(^^ 190. 64. Q<3=wLD/SiLirr®. Quumn. 172. siriu. 64. arreo. the head. QeuLLsii. (m®<i upright.. f eSihuLh. QsuLSLSeoeoir^. Qstj^ssirrrek. 64. App. G<Fafl. Shock. ^LptSeireiaLD. ^^iT^&. ^^iTULj. uevems. _g)sB3Lp. 0<5='^a@. 190. Severity. Shape. 10. iSji^/EjaLD.ei)LD. Share. ibit Shark. «i_®.] Sexton. 68. [«iii. eSeodath. uifjea3=. ^a&r. 68. u!tldu. 64.Separation.) Qp^<r. uir^n 62. 64. 57. [so. <^gjaQi—. euL-Lp.) &. Service. Q^itlB 64. ld^(S). aQrj'LSm. Series. IB®. Sharpness. Seven.] Shirt. 131. 64. ^ir^gjuQuir® [^s^^^ld. 62.. smii-j.Qu^ld. suueo. 160. ueo. 197. (s. Qeu(^. Shake. ^-(TJ. aiL®LjQun®. uit&ld. uiflLDrr^. Sheaf. — — — [ ^^^^lilQulT®. 62. c^©. Qeudsd o . 57. &. ^eaLo-s^^eo.jj2(«(g ^lS^uQuit®. — Ship. ^esitD^. 62. s^ituuld. sulL®. Seij. 0i_/F^ euiraSQeyi himself ^wtssrs QuiTLLQ^LLi—jrirsscirr. 64.) 64. 62. (v. one's self loose. 62. ^®. f •? i§Lpe\). of war. 64. \_'ruuir^si. [In comp.szi). a_0ei. Sew. — — wood. slSs?. Shawl. Servant. 62. Shepherd. uiki(&. (g0is(^. 62. 57. S^s^gj. Shelter. ejr.) •s=[r6taa. 254. of paper. iSift^Sssr. Shame. 165.] Q^ensio. Shed.3=Lh. (Sy/rL-i—LD. — Several. Shallow. uiuu^^iufriL/ 40. as the sun. Serve. ^EK^ffLD. 64.] ^rrevrj-Lh. ] [a/LjL. — — (plants).'] &iT&i Qs=fr®. s_^ai/. LoeajDeij. 16. 80. Sex.] ^rBs&L-®. urrem... iBiremim Qisu^uitQ. iLesiff^. of a plough. ^irrenun. Shield. easfieSs-. ibitiL®. iSjjsn®.] Shine. uetai—dsuueo. enxsii. ejoD. 160. siresanS. [0«/TLLi_/rc. persons. [ Shave. — 256. Sepoy. QsrreSeoai^LLL^. £-/a)/r. 181.3=. ^lL®. ^(Qs^ih. ^L-®Qu)ajuu Qeu(^QuajiT. iSnmir. for. ^<ss>. ssmp. a^iriijuLj. Shew. (SLDiLiuueir. QuiL&aL 64. They left Shade.6E.igj. 263. 39. Shoe. ursj Serenity. Sheep.] Shell. Shift . tSjT^^QiLisLh. — rays. [^ioS/E/. — usRi — Set. ^etrihuj. 64. SW. 256. ^eBk^ 66 . QpeasrL^. 62. 64. ST/S. [eg®. [160.] Shall. Shadow. <3=rr6dei»sij. fSiSiT^^. Qsfr®e<!>LD. 1_Slp pirQosr Q>3'UJUJL-®LD to shift for . 64. 62. 101. 64. ^iTS(Q. ^0. Settle. iBiremui. ^iL®.LD. Seriously. giuuL-L^. stD^.] §Iljl9. sssLiSliudsrrjj&ir. srrQ^LD. <F<surn£>U(Sssr^ii. „. Q^QhULj. ^mutr ! uir<s\).ffi<yS. =gyG/E<s/r. Qp^ — an arrow. 57. b. 62. Qldl-l^ ^„ o . 57. uemeSeioi—as/rrresr. (^0iiEJ^. iSrr^^iMutli. Q&l^iuu>. ui—eij. ih. She. ^imt—ds. &es>rj. ^^^gj. sL^esnh. 64. sLLi^ingjuuL-L^. September. out (food. ^Qsirjj P-sapuLj. [u^^. ^-^^Qutrau). 117. Sheath. ^!T(ssiiu. — Shoot. (5) — up. Sermon. Q^/B ^esiifi. Q^m^irS^®. 72. euesojugii.

.) Sincerity. ^sflti). 160. Single. QfB!T<si^. _g)srr<s@.) i^iu n-^iLfeireir. (^lLsto/ — (g^jiQimr. blade. ^esfl. Shudder. uLL®^io. fi&rir^gi. iBrresaTLD. 163. {v. Gifim(W^ 62. Silk cotton-tree. 64. 62. s^einretas. ufTiretaeu. up. ai—QeoiruLD. [_sSff(^. Slab. ea-s^esiS. lSsstlj. Qieit 64. Q-FLf. Shyness. ^Tfigii.] Quits-&(^. x. Sight. [Ozj/t^^. 62. ^emLD^&^eo. Sickness. spus\)(oas. s_^(^*. 108. Q^ni—imQ. QuQ^LDeir. (g^<s@.] Sinew. LDfT^rfl. a^<^3=Lo. rSSsi. Site. uireuLD. Size. S-^^Qiurr Be Sick. Sine. 187 QirnsLD. Q/EirLLL—dairjesr. ^nirQ. 62. [^/Dswisu.) LSrrsir. 64. m^aenTLh. Sip. 160. Skemer. ^eSiT. ^ (c£l Q en s lii aeoui3m<cisiLD. Sister. ^e^dosr. [Comp. ^grra/. (^<skr.. Shorten. Ludm. S-ssht'Ss^ld. ^lBlq/b^. s(ff)d(^. Shower. 273. Shun. . £jisOCT«. Sign. — (on Sit Sit. uuSpQ-. — Situation. [ato. 67 . ffsS®. ']s<cS>l — ^ihsiru^. isrriiir^Lh.62. (^rSuLi.INDEX Shop. y^sm®. [_3=!rLJLjsaiss)L <s<s»/r. 123. 64. 62. Qu&^rr Silk. ufrrfls^LD. Shout. Sickle. Qisieirssnh. 90. 107. 64. ^i—ld. np® . eSeoir. ip&i. rr&iiBi. Qs^irrR. sQTjdarflsuireir. Qeue^eif). aL-<cS>L Qu<ois>fieaLo. uLf. QfESlip^ 64. Lj<ss)L — He is skillful QiBLDLj. — uu. eggs) ^(cm!—/£fT. <»0e/@. Q fs lL® uSI u IT i-j Skim. isitldlj. Qsneifl. ^ <a^irss)L—. Shroff.) airekriSl. Skin. App. S-L-sirrr. Sir. ^iQnir — — Shoulder. ^emLD. ep®iEj(^ . aiTL-9l. uiL^ih. (v. a^mnrr^^iULD. Qu(Tf. Similarity.'l Sink. LDLD.®. Skill.* sitl-. 62. [<s=/''. 152.Qpe=3?. <^(cmu^.. 64. (v. 263. 64. (^uaLf. st—fi)>ses)fr. Shrub. ^isusstld. @s»)/d. epuLo.iLi(r&). Six. ^(Si^srot—. ^soq/ Silver. 64. . ^^(^iSl. 64.] Q^irei^LD. L^^sa •] Skull. (s. e^LDiresnxi. ^®«S®. Slacken. ^gyrf?. giQ^.. U!T® . ^ffth. Shrink. (^eosQ 180. 62. QmrrdsiT®. a^uiS® Show. s-Q^&ufrir. tS^^sed. . — Shut. (mJDpLD. M'flQa®. (^fs^ 62. ^Qf&>. s^rr^ffliVLD. QsrTL^. ^. l^frrruLj. (£sQ(^^ld. sSlL® eSisoq. ff=ir^£:j. Simpleton. isbpemp. (lime). Slander. fi<m\^^. of the zodiac. be «v_<»-. ^jbQsirek® (because. . QpL^esxsu 64. Simplicity. ejemeuirujeir. [in Singe. rsiru^. Shore. Slake. Skeleton. ^smL-iuireirili. epuudssr. Shrimp. QuiLi. ^smuLo ^air3=LD. (^ulj.'] Shower. 64. (aiHTGsnh. II. fiSsoQiLirr®. Qsaea-. 90. ^fruurB.'] ^«@. ^eai—Qiv®. Q^itlL®. Sigh.. Sin. Q^a&ruLL(oiaL — ^LD. weiaip. Qu&si^. 64. iDeasrstai—. 115.3=0LDii). 64. #(i5<s@. Q^rr&}. 52. Sl&xsmLD.) Qei]L^a<5ina. Q^ireir. ^Sii. Sivn . /S&r UL-®. 101. udsih. @/r5? [. l^sst^Tsi^. (^ppenrreifi 160.' aS®. iSeei£l.] 261. (^^. Ljfuh. (Eng.172. Qi£li. tsrg^LiLjds^®. Qp®. <9=QsiT^ffl. 62. <^iuit^. 62.) suq^si^ 57. epi^. 251. Sinner. Silence. ^<5s>i— down.62. .'] Since. ^isi^ffs. Sketch. ^lSlp^sj uireSl. Qp 225. Lciirifi. ^rffeuireir. ljilild. Sky. uLp. lu^rrff^^ili. Short. 64. ^ppeo Sing. Side. UQ^esaa. comp. ^dSjj Shot. Sift.

INDEX 11. .

^i—/r 240..) &L-®. <^iU!r(^sOLD.^LD[r. Sparkle. a^gji. Specification. 62. Qiff^soaj/ uessr^^ji.:^sfl. Speed. LjeSut-i. gieir(^. Spark. thickly. viii.. ^/tso/tlL®. ut^sstl. Spring. L. . Spittoon. App. ld^. [_aeiriEisLD.^irH. s-(m. Qe^eoei^sfrjjsk. ^g= Q^tLt. ^tsmi—Qsiie^.i Soul. (^(sijiiiussiTffiasr. 218. (v. Specified. ^eS«@/flii^. 'SrQ£^^&3^L-. euQUZ-/. ^0smu>. ^Q<sii3=u>. ^asnh. — Sound. ^<ssrLDrr. ffjes><su. 64. ^sn — Sore. a rumour. u€^rfi(B. 273. s^muu&ns. WffirijLh. 131. Speciality. Sl^ffii Qs=iTfB. II. — Spend.€i]is\}&oiuLh. Species. ^rrem.. Spell (n. sL—psirefTireir.. . Spasm. Split.. ssLpgu. /E®Q(SU^LDLI. giQeuSL^iJa. Qpeireni^sm®. Sprinkle. Span. Sprightliness ^m&nnLi—il>. Ods®. Sorcerer. 66. s^irsjinuLD. &eoiTili-f.Lp. ^rrffi. Sort. muffi. Spectacles. Spread. ^^i3. urrdsir. Gi^pQs. Spatula.t^. g. 2_0n/r. Spine. uQip. ui^asTLD. 170. QumL®. oi^/f^im. ^. Loga. 62. [s_i5. s=<s8rrLD. [(^sozi). Qp^ Q a^ tM Lj . <9=^^il>. Will sour milk become sweet ugahv? Qisti. 62. ^uQuiT/S ^Slei]. ssnstl App. eurrs^Sssraek. 6=rrs=u). spsssTL^. Spice. 64. Spittle.INDEX Soon.'] o-ilildituj. Spathe. 160. — room. lj . 0/5^. g/)«@<£«»33r(SOT)qz. an 70. thrift.) 62. 0<s^iSDia.^®/. Qs^rrei)^. urjui-i. urruLj. forth. Spirits. 70. eyes. uq£ ^Qui-i. [p-iB£ir. . Sow. Sgii. Spit.s:Q<9=/t6d_gii. . Q^iTiL. (v.sesm Q^me^. 160. ing line. i-i<om. Qus-. sflC^Fisi^iz). . — South. eSem^. Splinter. 64. 57. 64. uuldlj. Spinage. aisssrsiieS. ^^^LDLD.(^.'] djiiir.'i_/f. eSl^. Sorrow. ^LJL/. euneij. Sffiruj. mSosr. 62. ^JDSSi. Q^iTiS^. Spear. Space. Soup.) Soothe.s. Spiritual. Qot^lS. ^!TS(^. [/b®^^. ^l^. is irp^ u u ae^ 62. 15. 70. ldits-. urreaxai^. 57. Sponge. Speck. LDITS-. Spin. Qlditl^. setap. 62.. txiessri—eoLh. 107. 3=1^3= (SOU). ^(omLD. 62. a?®. •FasrreuiT^^. ^rr^e^uj. €ii<oas. — umu. S-iBLpiiir. ^3. i3rr 64. ^^gii. Sovereign.] suitldld wind. eSleujiD. 160. ffid<sil>. Spoon. ^lBlq. lS^s(^. gjiB^tjD.263. 64. out _g)L_i2). 2_ss37"<a»i — Qsireinh. eueSuLf. affissiroj. 57. Spider. (S^ir/^^^^nuj^suum'LDiTiT. sflgOT/ra/. ^iBuiuek. ^ff^eir. Spectre. 2_(WFi«@. (^gji^Gisgn^^ Splendor. \_Q en (B Q eu (B Spirit. LSIrr. e£l£iiifi^s^. 62. Sport. ^^^LDfT. Qstisih. . sgeS. Specify. u^Ss^. ^(SluLf. afl®^.) 165. ii. ^rj-ireusLh. 57. SStOp. Q^eB. [sSlewiiiL/. Sponsors. 06U/5^. the eye).'] Sprain. [u(^*. ueirusir. Sphere. 64. SlgaaaQsn® Spleen. 62. ^LL. ^(StjcSQ. ^asnh. eueS. ^eo^pQpSJ 70. 60. 62. (in — — aS//?.®. SB«»^. sfl®^. ^ulj. sfrii^. 62. tSlefT. s^®^ Spring time. eueSluj Speak. Cc/. gjiuum. Q^ekpeo. QeiJ&). «jzi). (^LpLDLj. Spite. Sop. Spot. (SKrresr. Spoil. Spill.^^j3. [190. Q^asr. QUIT'S. Speech.'] Sourness. 69 . 70. (""(g. 57. s0_i^®. sSot/t. eS^ih.] Spontaneously.r*. 68. urr&. Spare. en-a^i^siT'DOLD.FimaLD. LDimremlPired.

(v. Steal. ^<si!isrL^<s8 forward. 64. Stay. ^ek^U). yard. si^&Qua®. 64. ldsi^zstld. QeneifsmTizk. QaiTiL® Stinginess. . Stamen. LD/r/Sdasssn—Q. ^Qf)® 138. ^cs (s. Stickiness. Steam. 62. <safl<5=* . Spur. ui^. 254. ^aoic^. Still. sefranj Q3=iL. II. Stilts. ^iq^ulj @^^. Star. 62. 9idso. eS'ssunSeir. . ^fEj(^. [@^^. 15. — — Stand. Stair. sir&). m^fTsanci. Quirga. Qairm.g)i^.) fEirgii.) <s^lL®. iSSeS^^eanh. (s. Stick.. rBnJDpLa. Starve. s<sm Stag. aiT(oi)fn^. QuQus-. ^ifl^^ Sec. (v. 15.] &-. strmLj. g. ld€0® utrw. 64. 62.] [l_ld. ^jjw. ^esiip. S-p^uunir. ^(ipd(^. Statue.'] {_®. £_6»/r (banner). (^(Tj^^afl®. iBL-®A(^^gi. ^irds/E^iM. SSsoeuinh. 62. 160 Stain. (s. — ^em®. situil^. Stillness.. s&OLo/reEr. Stimulate. [l/. ^ebsS. ai^. stop.S'fLh. ^'^sqFi.) era/. LDITS-. Sting.) ^if . 160. 160.) aemp. ^rrsia/r. Q <su en tr m . Staff. Qsm^. place.INDEX Sprout. ^s^i^ld. in the throat.] ^lii&io. QurriLissfreo ^sm®. Still-born. •s^mSendsa-. 62. Q^ir(i£<siiLD. 62. «iafl. «SO<S(g. (msfTffi. ecirriuiM. of a ladder. ^i—raaireaLD. 66. Stamp. 255. QejefrefrrreSl. pnisfT.=S>li-9-- urnL®. ^sKcs. i^Q. — — — Stern (of a ship). ^etsfi^iSmSsir. ^wrefTiMun^ Stagnate. (v) still. Standard of gold. 62. eiirH gjSn. iS^s(^.^ Steepness. QuiTS(m. (wager). ®ji—ld. er®. Squash. Q^frrifQQ^tij. an^LDirdsr.. ^-sQuiremS'Sinym.. 15. S-Qsoituld. eS^s^ili. ^FGOLO. [gw^ijzi).i^fr^. erq^uLj. LorrpQifihfiiTiLi. eai-LL^Lh. /BaiEj(^. ^J^. fQ&> \_slLl^^®. y. S-^^. uS Q <s\) aijQ /ELl®sflz^i_/r ^L^. iS^ecuLo. Stable. upgi. Sswi ^rreir. ^iEj(^. Spy. 64. «SDE/@. Steadiness. ^^jrQa 160. sem^L^th. (Lp^^es>ir. /E<mi~. (^^Qp&T. 160. ^em(B. rEirppu). u<sa-3=. Stanza. it uS qF). ^0sr<ssiLD. sessTL^uLi. &it. u lLl^si^oj SSso. Steer. . . g. /e8. npnem. Staple. l9^. euS.) snirSso. Stab. ro . ui^iuto. SSs^. (LpmoBeo^n. ^eirefrir®. 57. ffi^. Squeeze. Step. 15.) 64. ^Qhii^LD. 62. u(Lp. ^fB. 62. (Ty<cS>l-D. Stem.] euSi. Stalk. 6ro'o@Q<3=iEi(ff)^^. ^lijauL^. s-jlo. — mother. State. LDI-j. uagnaQsir®.s-. 62. ^<S(g. g. Stink (v. ^ic!olds=^<so. ^es^eo. ness. ldlL. Steward. StciggeT. ff^^fftD. S-eireuek. Stake. 62. Q^isi^. Sterility. \_eu lS sfl«(g 62. x. Oaff®«@. [Q«ffLlLjLeD. Stir..^7 seunh. ssLstirjpiQ sired. 64. Oa/TLL^Lsv). 121. 64. e£i<3n/DU ^WGsnh. ^rrisir. Stall. -FissyU-iurresfl. Stage. Stand.. 62. Qsueir^ . lS(^^lL®. Stammer. ^s»^isv/r®. (^(oSsrt—iresS. Qatr iSil^ulj. 70. 62. ^<s@. ^eiriTiB^rEC—. ^(^<?^a). aireo. Steel. ^^/ij(^. ^^irds/i^LDeSs?. Stiffness. /S^. 62. Station. ^emi—Lh. G^jb/SuQus^. g. 62. £_0«(g. [ldSsS. Stare. App. fBLL^f^Qiffu:. MdsO(oSiLD. Stability. QpSsir. -F^dsui. iSir Stirrup. — ^L^&aen.F/fl^s^ffuy. Squirrel. Stiffen (with starch). (s.) (v. sen — Square.

^if. uLp-ULj 190. ^iL®.J=». Stroke upon stroke. Ld'SoBST. — a quarrel. Student. LDiudsLD. sirrftiULo. LDfrLL&emLD. Qi—iej(^. f§iTds®uLf. . QiBuiTioisr. [^/j^^sariii. . Stubble. sul^^ulj ^®s(^. lS Lp-Sn rr^ ld . Stomach. ^em/n. g. 160. <3^rfl^^rnD. case. QLDQ^n®. (smLp-^^tsarLh. ^<ss>its(^l—<so. LDjS 64. Sffii^^. a.) Seo (v. Stretch. ^Lf-LDjiih. Qusosk. Strike. uemfley. Store.] Stood. ^-(dreaT^U}. ^^gjetim. — (v. ^jdu>. 62. Quei>^<sir<sfr.) Stripe.isw. ^iB^ir&r. ^L—jpi. Subjunctive. th. 134. «a). LDsmi—iu LD/B^ssr. 15. 111. 0^0. 64. <z^®ssld. (^gathi-i. 62. Queouu 71 57. (^eS. Stream. II. Stone. 0<s/r<£@. Stratum. 62. <snifi. Submission. 3=<ssBrmiL-. LDeoeofTL-i—Ui.. Straight. Q&irissm^. Street. Stubborness. Quirrr. Subject. ueni Stray. eriLtp. 70. LSlT<ce>LD. <f Storm. s. Stoop. esisuSlQhuLj. ueiari—a^irSso. Qunnrmsirpffi. QufTQ^cir. s<smsiLLpL. Stoutness. 148. Slpuul^. 62. String. . of a bow. ^^ Subdue. Stroke. erQ^uLf. ^<smLD^. 161. si^esnh. Stool. 56. e\) .) sir&osmrib. l]s^(cS)ld. 57. Lf^^uSenriD. iSBiSudQ^ireo. 57. Strangle.girei>.) off. iSIlSitie^. Style (iron). Qm®s. Story. sir. liQuinl-i—LD. e_//?. uso^^. Sublimity. ^®. Lj'Feo. (water &c. Stumble. 64. <seo&Lh.^ Submit. (s. ^i~ — — — on. Strip. effort). (make Qps(Q 62.. — ^i_Ey@. Q/bQu. ^emt—ULj. ^lLi—ld. ^i—S(S). Q<Fsiru3.) Qsir. of beads. 62. iiL®. QLDpQsrren (&fj. (^a&ienhffQirEiB.. 254. <si Strain. . 254. (v. rEnuiLf. ^irthLj. Siui^Sssr. Strength. 62. sui^. 62. 64.) iSi^^^th. sem^. &c. Struggle. Strychnos tree. LD<ssS. (in the eye). eSe\)rKi(^. Straits. Study. Sublimate. u en. =gyip-. S w u u Lp.) ^lLq s IT eir (^ 259. ^es^/D.] Strap. 57. sldlS. — — — 62. — Stupidity. sTQ£d^nes^. Q^iTQ£. Qpil-t—iT<sir. ^eroio 57.sLh. Stocking. S-jld. ^einL—<s^ Stupor. . 251. ^gii(^£}i th lj . eS^. &2. usssri—LD.iQ&(Trr(se)W.) ^js^siru^u). @ sir ijL^OT-ii.^^eou>. iSmffi. QLDtr^dQsfr&r(^. iSjetn^. n.. Stock. em^iued. ^i—dau). euedev. Stump. fi®&s<so. fstrem/r. Strictness. era/. Qipuu®^^ 62. ^aip. Stop. &dso. [_3^&). ness. 251. Strait. sessri-^ULj. Strife. Q/BQ^dSemL ^^^ Sty. against. Strangury. 62. erftgsunuj. @il®. Q. ld person. <Fu>uiririJ>. Storeroom. ^®da<sm. <5^s3ijr£0)i— g/3Lli^afl®. [^(Wjii/-/. euir Stitch. \_iB^LD.64. iBirsssr. Stork. ^Lp-Qwec^L^. aippffi. LDiT(St!v\d<sesr. (v. ^® a stumbling-block. QiB(iiF). a=<5m<ci^L Stoppage (from wages. (^ipuuLo.firiEi(^. Qpi—ek. QsiTir 64. (corrosive. Straw. uf-s iL® . <^®d. 152. Qeuaretru). ^^^. Strangeness. ^3=<somLu. s^irdso. Qpi—^^esruD.' ssfl. ^(Lg. iSgU^^LD. eu/r/f. ^^^rBtuiD. sL-m)L-. ^es>rrLj&au. Stocks.149. suSlff!. [Nom. JD&).INDEX Stir up. sisagti.) (S. Strong. 152. endsir. .

iSd^LDfrasr.. ^L-dsLo. 138. u-l<5m.194. Surety. [udfSLD. 161. ^-<dQ^& toTsm^i. ^LLi_'ii) . 191. -s^^rr^LSdr.] (of arsenic.) uirpgi^^Lo.. Sudorific. ldsstQe^uuld. Subtrahend. 'Q-^^idld. Quir ersm. [@0tF/aSaDizj. Supper. Suppleness. euirojuLj.z_&. Sugar. ^-^ojil). ^d(^Qps(^. 64. Suitable.. QsiT<^ei>^mQ. ^friEj.Sg!.. (^<o!S)p'^h. vii. . s<mT. S-^^lu. ^®d ^susib Superstition. Qurr^. eSsmu^^. 64. u®.'] Suit. uir i—spius£l. [<3. — — candy.^iS0ii). 191. Suffering. <s/I. 62.®. sd^aiij. @i^^. 57. Surplice. Qu)Qed(w Gldsv (tpSso. uir®. s Suppose.5. set.) ^ifi^iraih. (v. ^iruS!^. LDL-®d(^L8(Q@i(zsr. Q^nesis. ^s^ulj 273. Quitl^iui-j. ^iTiEj(^ uu®. SSsusuaili. Qeueo^. \_^iri£m. rise. Superfluous. lii .) ^^A. Summit. ^ekssrQu^. /Sfc. 62. Supply.F(Tf)ds<so)iT. aps<5m®. ^uuL^uuL-i— Sunday. 64. O^n-i—irdS. 64. ^(B^. s-iTisj<SLh. 160. Sd-g^iuu}. 64. Sulphur. (of iron. i^iuir<^&tULD ^(B. s0o^. Peofl. Suffocate. 64. &-d&. Sulphate (of copper. s^iftuu® 161. (^lUirdQiULn. . Substance. 6^ieiQ SjsLD.INDEX Subscriptiou. 58. SQF. 182. . effisQiuiruuLo. (of zinc. Subsistence.) (tSuiuiT. ^^ 199. Qldit^^lIi. 117. [era).) Surgeon. Suit. ^sB)<F. Suck. 64. Summary. QuLLesii [sw^j. sufficient or not. euaiLr. QiDssriB^d^Lj^^. 64. Suppurate. Qs^a-. 26.s'lTLULDnearLh. QuiQeOQ^dQ. QtBir^ [number. Qen^. eudi^. ^eusanh.) ^rr^eSiiisLli. emssh. J )6frdsLD. ^em^LDSsriii. ^dsiesiLD. [In comp. (Lpc Qpi^. Such. Sureness. Superintend. QufTQ^eir. Success. (omaiesS. &lpuiSl^. QfEiT. urrfTLOfft. . Suffocation. ass!sid(^.131. Suit.'] Supplement. QeuuSleo. 62. Q<ssiTeis)i—d&neoti (^ls^ldld. u^ir ^^i—ssib. S(jy.) era).. 62. J ^^jj6^. 70. Suet.] Subterranean passage. up^ih He asked if it were QfE@^d&. ^l—it.M^d <fS. QurrQ^ds^. Superiority. ueS. 64. .. ^ssruLD. Suplicate. Succeed (prosper). QQj&)60Lh. caue. . Subtract. Q&iT®. shine. — — — Sun. euitl-®. uitsh^l^.?/rir(ii. Summer. ^ffiojek. a=uLf. ^-u^^iiuy. QLowurr®. -s^^^seiaisi^^ujast Surpass. Sulphuret (of mercury. QTiUL-jdsL-Lp.) LDuSpg^^^ta. iB^s^ld. 190. 64. Sue. rEt—uSl. iSdreuQKQp. iSisoipuL^. Surf. sL^^^sea 148. 72 . ^®d(ff).'] Sulkiness. Summons.) ^^ (s. 64. 57. ^rfiriiiQuirs^esTLD ^<sa^. Seoeu Suburb. 'SIT ^s(^(Lp<s(^uu®^^. . 120. 66. Superlative. sifi Subtraction. cto^. Sum.] pd i^'^sssnurreB. aiLpd(^. 131. Sudr-Ameen. . ^dsnuu. 62. QuirifiuLj. QQ/tlLl—. @^^. \_u L-i—u IT® . ups)i. ejpp. Suhstsintive. (EULpdsiT®. ^dso. 70. QiuirdQiu. (LpQarrLDLj. 255.s Q & !r (tg Lf Suffer. QuiLiirJ^Q^iT^ Subtility. Suffice. I Support. iBi—^gi. (v.^ 62. Superficiality. <si_. a-Q^dsih. sQ^tiLj. Succeeding. II. •a=n'iu BirriL. App. d^eurr/fl. 62. Suddenness. Supreme.

Switch. 64. Swan. ^lSi^ Tan.^es>L 64. Q^a^ns Tar. — 62. Swarm. Swine. ^^if).GA. ^iLisii^sssr. 64.) afil® or <f/7-^ Tamil. Seo. tSeOLDeiruQuireir. Siuu ^ u(Sl. Qiuitl^ulj. Syrup. Q^rr&yu^sS®. (iu gram. isiiiTiLi3=aeo&m. ii^ ^ffjujir<siiffdafrff<zir. er®. Symptom. 172. uir&Q. System. i^LDQp. /! II. root. (^L-L—ir. 160. npfrg=<es><F. ^^^ S-q^&. . Suspect. Q/eit. Qitldld. Qtoesiff^gjuuL-L^. fire Take. — Swear. Giar/fisiosi. 64. ^lL®.. — ative person. Tdluk. ^iiurrei^. Sword. 64. er(B^s^uQuir® — ^uupffi.. [a. euSsn- Syringe. (^emih. s5'/E/(g. tSt^. be. . A tame (beast. Q^SF^uLfSeCLli. Q/sir£ii<oS>isiiLJue33ri—u>. Suspicion. 259. Qs!r(£ipsi^L-L^. Swelling. iffih. er®. (s. SeoLoefT. 64. Sweetness. — Tank. LS. 57. Synonym.s(^.] Tarry. Tameness. <F/r^. 62. ^/fl. ^^^lULDuem^u. «^. ^ — etaas8ediTm(m(meS. — away. (^ip. ' root. &^^. (^jSulj. i-ieiai—.'} [af/rsar. Swim. 64.^^a/sj(^Lp&). QsiTii^eS. ^(B ^lL® . 70. &sr(^s'&). 62. diggers. utpsaLD.) ^ehsf^emsv. Sweep.^fBQ^@. eurrm. (v. ^jem^./rai ej-//?. ^sbiS^. 62.) S-iUffLDiT(S!!r Talk._ @sYrii. @(CT<?^ii>. QsiremQes^.. of a church. u<sd @/rP. lS1®/e/@.) iSe^irgii. etoamj^sirjjeir. (4. Q&rr^-is/Tffsir.^lL®. up. ^iQa=iTg)!. land. ^^a^ojih Q s^ it eo Q eo rr qt^Q u Qheir n Synopsis. 62. iBiTL—iT. emauSlnhuu. (^3=&. ussr/SI. «. Tailor. Qeuirupgii 62.INDEX Surplus. 62. 62. — Survey. 64. 62. Syllable. qsrf? \_ujuiffiJa. . Swindler. Sweeper. Siito/ru. . 64i. <^Q£m(^. 107. ld^uld. 57. s^^t—irn^eoiuili. Tall. Qunsn^. G^/r/fa/. Stuili. (v. ^&s<omiEj(^QF)i£l. tSta-. Swallow (bird). eSl&amsij. Qsijsw. 3. ^if-. upjSluiSiL^.) Surprise. 146. 62. ueoesis. ^<osBQ<siiir. <s&. bearer.) Sweet. Table. Qp Tare. Tale. ^<o'0<i(Q. cloth. Tabernacle. &iC. s^uLjeS. 57. Tape. l(v . emeu. Swiftness. Cu*. <s«»^. Sweat. (v. ueosfr Swell. [/Sja@. Qi-fft. Swing. Sustain. ^/r/E. Syncope. ^ift^LJo. 64. Target.] Symbol. 165. Suspend. 64. T.) place. ^<s^es>LD. ^&!iruS®. ^im(^. Qufrisj(^. ^ Q£sij. 64. 52. ^<ss>i—a(ff)'ss>p. ^eoCi — P^^uLj. emssuirm. e^uusaL 64.ULi. 62. 134. ^iT^ir&srr. QfBL-emi—.@. 62. 64. ^ps(^ 146. force.) Qlditili . Surrender. ^dresruuL-Q. 62. euirec. . Tamarind. d^pgn. 66. [62. 62. office. urFl^rruu). u!T(9). Swamp. uLfiil. sn—rraLD.) eS(ipiE/(^. Surround. eumijf^. Surveyor. Swoon. ^l^ulj. ujjp-ld ift. — Tap.^^LDirasrLh. ._®. 64. sefrir. •g=Lhu(^. 62. ausjotF. Tariff. ^ent—Ujrretrw Sympathy. 64. 131. rsi— of. 62. ^girp^. 62.64.] [ii. c^^- [^j€»<s^. 106. up^&Q&inmr — — hold — — by uS— — down. 107. Q^iriEja&aei]. 62. i^d<si}>. Tassel. (from _gird(9). — <F(ZpS^UJU ^ Tail. ^friE/(^. _^/r<s(g 62. ^np^fiULD. Qs!r&r(^ up^. 62. QuQr)S(^. 124. meats.

^^sisSot-^. Temerity.. Q^&js^fraoQrr Theorem. (ipm. b. LSesr^ufre\). 166. ^i^ @0<s. ^sira. Thing. 196. Thistle. Terror. 15. QsatLuir®. (v. 134. There. ul^ulS. 111. QldscsSoj. ^^&)ireo. Teal. (as trees in a grove) ^t~ir.) 8l^. Tenderness. eu^/Huuemi}^ Tea. s. [ij. tSsksuiSl.Taste. grow — ^if 12. 62. 64. (s.. Qld Tender. 135. ^Qso. [(v. \ ^i^ 25. Testimony. ^^airiftiuQsiriLuir® (?) Theory. Os®. s^utreiiui. a^i—fTffLD. | Text. s^etssRajLh. 8.^<a. uQ^smto. QsfrsSeo. QunQf^m. Qstf. (Sssri-j. (any thing which is). Teacher. ldlLQ. 115. 64. Thatched house. Think. see is ^rE^tr 193. u p^.. eurrdQiULh. Qa=^sij. S-<5mi—fru3QF. 62. ^s/SjTj/H^. 25. 151. (g^L. Ten. QLo^&si^. There. . There is. s~i—<ssruL^s<se)s. 137. ^iriL&. ^a&asij. / Thorn. S/dQ... (s. ^e£luu. pLD. GiminuesyLD. 25. astrstreir.i_«u)/riiS(js8cja3r. ^<5i>dso Temperance. Testament. Qurr^.) ^rrdsrrm^. l?^. ^rac^. S-uQ^Q. ^ Thin. n-(ciai—. ^dsodsS. [64. 64. Termination. Tease. 21. 60. Q^euneoajLh. srpuir®. u(f\gi-. [273. QfEffl<^&ev. urFiLeia-s^. — This. ^^. ^Qsit [jii. Themselves. eum^. Teat. 70.^3Br. Theology. 43. ^Qm^a^irstsr. Q^xjijsS*. m<ssrrB. ^eut^anh. Tell. uu/ejsjjld. aippAi.) ^s»ia!J6=^<ji)^®. g. Q^uSSso. a 10 4 . ^qflL®. Tense. very thin. Thirst. QuxasresiLD. S-sw/r. Tax..) 'Seaareissrir. — Tear. ^s^ems^iu Tempest. iS^a^ei). mps^fn^Suu^psTLD. ^rrciLD. asfrefrih. CTas-ff^^ ^irsib erQsQp^.<mLD. ^sioi Thin. That. s^eoitrsS® That day. ei]. airrfluLD. Qeu^^frem^rrih. Temptation. /E/rz—s^/r^. [Qaidj] Teach. (mempssrrp^. _g)£Jr^ 166. 242. S. Ji. 172. aewii. Tempt.] sireoijo. Tautology. a. ^/Sl<^ 64. Then. ^ieiQs 25. ^OTUJii). ssrray. Therefore. iSeoirnx^ Term.^^^. (gszoraj. (v. erem^}!. LD3=3i-i^(B.w. 25. Theft. . eu/Tsi^LDr-esTLo. t-ijud^L^. np&od&mliLi.. grow [^He is — OiflsS 57. urfliUfB^LD. ses-ji afl^^. . . Tent. Thick.. Test.. ^'^'-^ ^gi G^/rgus sxs^^H'^"''^ ! Than. ^n^'^i^i-^sssmi^mui. Q^iT^."^. ^ekeaLo. 64. . C^^ig. ^-eanaio.^jSu^ .) Qu>dj.sQ Temper. Terribleness. •f/Ejs^. 0<F/reoj2/. Qp^ssessr. Terrace. (TjS. Thickness. Thigh. s^uQ^Q.. Qunhrasirp^ LDes^Lp. eni^esnl. . Testimonial. * a-emsii. I 43. s^lSI. ^asfla/. 107. 64. sijffl. Theatre. Quir^air. Qsil-L^LDds?. ©(srjesjffl.64. u^irirdsii. ^esjeu.^etasuj/rsi).211. ^uQuitq^sj 25. lBq^^. 221. ^i^ s:ssr^fB. ufiL^s)^ uitit. Telescope. 131. ^Q^i—m. There These. day. Teak. Telegraph wire. Tension. Qld&^bS®. Tenant.a. Thatch. ^/tld. [Co. ^-em®. [ftDSHii.] [i_««ii). Thence. 111. 57. 105.3=ssnh. sqF)^. not.l4:5. &i^. ^iriiism. Qld^. 108. Thou. ^'siigii The. ^irsLD. Q^ir^^rrih. u^^ 52.101. Terraced house. 263. ^gn^. Qsir i^eBuLj Temple. 64.] IT/iis is tasteless. J am thirsty. . lSj5u>. Thanks. Thinness. sflewcF. Q^n^dm. — Thief.

uarjLD. sis\)6\>(oiap. ^^(mS. Throat. Tile.) (v. Thus much.230. Qpipm(^ 62. ^ffidaih. epda. Toad. e^&jQQjirffFeu . a^Lsw-. snh ^^. L/eS. er^. aO®»<5^. <siiicS)iTS(S)Lh. ^SsoQld&). ^rriLQ. iQamLL—LD. [212. Qu(TF)sSjjev. Thursday. Three. — Torrent. s^itldld.gir<s\).^ Tightness. . Qs5n-es)s. ^!jfT<a=iTs=et>rLD. Tide. 121. s. erememsril). QeuSsn-. eurr^muL^.QQpdQ. Tongue. n. /e/ts^. Through. ^isnli. fEir^iM. isrrLDQ^uju:. Too. lS&jbt. sriLL^uQutrQ To . j^i Thunder. 172. 64. £_/i). ^if ^if . 64.] Tip. Tickle. ^danettl. Toss. wit. exiaLLi^. QfB(TF. 62. brush. 7. Torch. S(ff)Qtsi]pg)i. 239. [>F^(?j/r®. — Throw. . ^sD^Lp. &c. Throne. 345. asasLo. Tiger. ^^d(^ (s^Qf^tSlds. 161. Tobacco. s^mn^']. ^jemip — walk — (^* Tip-toe. Tongs. ibl 70. ^LL®^^®a(gaS'®. 172. Qs. ^0 ^^dsuu<sm^!S. of rain. 62. Timber. ^&o. [^e/r/f/setci—. 57. Toddy. — u^£u. of a chapter. QfEQ^dsLh. eg®. To-morrow. Srsen^.] Q^irSso. ldlL®ld. a time. QfitTULj. 209.^&reirir®. Time. QLorrd^ij}. QiBpiB. 115. Qeii^Ssvr. SiLSem®. Timidity. 211. ^sb)-sf. ^srjLD. sfl®. Thumb. Quitq^^i. Torment. ^i^. a-riiSLD. Lodg^. i^QF)Q<3=ri. up(^da-. Qsnili. 151. Tool. Qeu^Sse^ 64. uLLL-uQurr. stand on. ^QFi€mLD. fSfrSstr. S-Llz—sazrr ajeBarz—euii). Threaten. Top. Torrid-zone. 57. <9K-®^eo . Qa^L^. Tighten. S-dSl. 166. 25. <Su/f.^eirLnLj. Quani^. Title.®. <9^^ Token. LDrrd^trLDrr<^. \_Qamfi. Together with. e^L-. . ^«ni_iiy/7-iorrii). Thus. Till. 273. GippLD. Tinder-box. 64. i3Q i-^Q. ^^i@. each. 128. Q^frfmtDetsiLp. Total. tSSosreii. Tope. Tie. fEn-SsiTd(m. (v. (^^ui^. Thousand. Thread. Thrush. 228. QuQfjS(^. . App.) ^SsfT^^uQuir. 117. . Ticket. s^s. ui^ih. e£li—nLDisnLp. Tomb. [15. s^d(^. 62. QsasyiLpd^asnh. ^«. — ei/Bii^ sfreo<£ifT€0. — Tooth. 62. ^uSstld . 21.. ^(Tjefl. 158.8sddQ<9=iT<s!neii. [p^ds^n esdldQairiliLj.. Tin. ^luira^uu ^eiriT. g. 62. . ^ffi/aferra/. (^^. Torture.p®. Toe. ^ILj^Ln. Together. aiL. O^/rsasrsai— 273. 64. Throb. ®. ^uuL^. (s. Qn. Q^esiiT. ^L-®QpLL®. Tire. erjS. ^srr^effi. 62. sirssiaiLuQurrm. ^darnh. Totter. ff^ifL. 62. Thrive. QptpsaiM. to a distance.r. 62. 62. errBufE^Ln. &isir.) (^Qpjpi. ^^. ^emtD.136. muL—trs. «^<^<fld. Tomato. Qibuld. away.70. ^edtL®. s lLsk u~^ n eo . Threshold. Tinsel. eu/Tes)^. Tiled.d(^. enppisi. ^(5s9. SlLDLDir^earili. 57. 57. Toll. ^m<ss)pd(^ ssslQl S-QReu. [170. uiuQpffi^^.INDEX Thought. ^lLCz—zt®. (W. 75 57. 64. iBrrd(^. Tone. To-day. LjeasBiSlSsi). 90. ^lULD. Thresh. Thrust. QsuiEKcSiS. II. 199. ^afl Tortoise. . &w^3s. vii. ^d(^snun-dje=3^. ^d^^. ^®dQ. Tidiness. ^euiLtpL. ^6vr/f. 57. ^(ssrjpi 2-^«@. ueo. Qp&isr. erd8fSe^ OK^ (V)ii^arr<sQ&) <siido<riuLD. ^sld. tie on. e^(mLJui—. 242. (Tycii^. 62. sfreom. ^es)^.!TLLujLeSi®. «^z_. — ^LDLUUl. To. Q^irew. Gieu&r&Tua. &lL®.

^(7F)ULI QLDUj.(^ (s. a€S)i~. .^iT^Sosr. 3=^j. in fruits. tBSnili. Town. . (s. uiusmLD. 62. Trunk. D/. ^d^a^ih. Tuft. 62. etn^ uj 6)1 Turkey.sixi. eSajfrurrjjLn. ainL®uLjQt^ . iE®d<su}. Triangle. Qpeap. Triumph QenpjS. 101. 158. 62. Qem^. Tribe. Turf. m®iij(^. Tree. Twig. arr^sm. Transgress. Trouble. 64. 273. Turtle.) ^jjem'Lo. urrema. S-u^^ff<suLD. — . QuiLeiai — [_Quir. Tray. ^(T^dsih. sQ£.aD/79. 0/F(5<sS«roi_. sr^Qn. 165.sesr. enL^uQundsizir. 161. UDirpgii. 142. 234. Treatise. Tower. iBssifl. 62. 64.lj — Trap. iSgii. 64. 146. Tusk. erd^irsrnh. (s. si— 66. fSiTuufs^LD. Toy. Trigonometry. l£I^. ^rreisrr. Treason. Q. suuti). ^iftQ&rreisisnsi. ^qf. Translation. ^i—g}i. ^Loe/fl. Tuck in. ae\)sLD. Tuesday. Qsrr®^^<^®. upgtieu rriL. ^ ®. Qppp Trick. ^ifld^euui. 64. Trowel. iSuLunssS.) lELDLj. Qsrr^^rnh. O^itlLl^. 160. 105. 62. ulLi—'osstld. ^(T^LDiSuQuir 258. Toward.[—muL^d€ms. — Treasure. eSSmajmL(Bds(iFi(i£l. 180. sshit.^(75 away. Trickle. o-itiejsix. Q^i-i^^sLo.^L. ^QF)Lhi-j. ^i^LD. ^li^rjih. (v. ©iiL/ QSstr. 131. 203. Toughneas. euiT^^su). Tustle. LSl^^eofTLLi—ih. 64. Translate. . Traveller. . (sfl<5»cF. 131. of an elephant. QstrLjirtli. Tract. QrsadQ. ^3i-^lT§i. 62. LpdsfreQ 172. 13. hiden. QaiTQ^m^. Saiuir&asnh. vii. ^(B ^ausm'Fnero^rjLD. Transitive verb. Q. 64. \jsl8lpuu®^^. ^L^da-eu® iSil^^^u Track. i)®'. QpessrL—irs^. Tumor. 62. &.s^irjj'SoSsr. Trial. 64:. =gy — — from. Tribute. (^®lS. su^a/eo. srreod-s^L-es^L Traitor. Touch. &i(s^'^. Trade.s:n-Q^^ 62.fruLjn'sfl . uirrft. ^rr(nkru. i^niun^uu® Tub. Traffic. eunrj^^ih. L^ C) UlLI IT. ereSuQuir^. Tripod. &n-<k><sa<aii. 62.^/f(S!niffl. Truth. QuL-Lp. (^ppsS. uirnLDueenT. S(sm-®. LDtrih.] Old/t 62. mes)!—. ^z-ol5)<S(So«. ^^^. (^Lp<k). — Tribulation. ^ueSliULh. ai—®.^i_ii).) ^3. Trowsers.64. [(g. ^^^ujua.Lp. srsn®. iSfftuaessnD uskr^a uiuem'U) Quit. Transfer. LjiTLD. \_u^. [^^/J). sunrtsMLh. QSITLDLJ. App. Turn. 64. ^dsiuun'. LnU^Ql^lTL—L^ Tube. ^u^ds-eu® Trace. iBLDt3d<5s>s. Towel. lSI^. Treaty. _^s»rsiflaS® 254. 166. Twilight. 57. fB®d(^. Trench. Qs^lL®. <3=ib^l^.^eaLD. Q-s^treS. Q^fTL^eo. [_spes)p. ^i^iLirr. — stone. 107. wstSu irffUi. Qeup/Sd&pu lj Gi^rrd^jjetj. Tremble. ^ffir^^QsrirsLn. Qurrd8(ni^Lh. Trip. aio(^^eo. Turn. iSpeSSssr. hole. ^Cj/rS. Q.LpLJULD sss.«ff«uif-. Try. lu^iru 161. Tradition.^eOT®. ^(5. ^puiM.a^rrLL® Trumpet. .S-es!!T(S(aLD. uqF). u<sir<siru>. Qld/tl^ Quiurr^^e^. ^sii^. ^ulj.einfrse\}. Travel.. (^<s\)ii). lj u^ea^. 62. erertl^. Tune. Tour. Q^rr8str.<mj. Treachery. 68. Q^fTL—Uf. ^ffirsLD.INDEX II. QreQa. ^err(sr5. <suqL Trifle. (suirrnQsiri^. — \_<so. ^euirSso. Qurr/S. <Fp Tread. Tumult. Tremor. Trample. guQunsLD. Trust. iSrrurs^Lh. ^l^lduld. L//fl. slduSso. Trinity.) _>si_ai»si/. (Siurruirsw. uit^^hld. ^qt^lL^ld. ljssht. Turban.'] Tug. Q^ir(B. 76 .-a^eS. Qurrmi rat. ^L.

e^Q^uu® 161. QiD^isn^eS®. 64. Unsuitable. -Ci-ff®. afl©^^. Use. ^iSujiTiLi eutl-L^. ej^tr^. ^Loeifl.170. Unsteadiness.) iSsQiLHTsLD ueme^i. ^rfl. ^ffLLesit—utSsirSsirs&fr.sOs/r®. Uncommon. x. 6rG'«/rtS eiirrsij. 57. QiLiirsQdjLDpp. [eJT. Undo. Universal. eutp Usage. (SbQ^Qp&i^. Si^. Usury. II. eDiT&(^dQsiLL—iT^. \2\'^!!^QsTLDir(ssr. ^y^ireuLDrresr. Gian®iEjQsfTSOff<r<s!r. /EQeuesr.] Unbecoming (conduct). SiutrujLDpp.u(Lgsa(T^. epHhiBuu s$mjpi. Unless. slLi—sSlp Tyrant. LDrrQpeo. Uniformity. 57. Usurper. euLpiEjafr. Two. Uncle. imSso. Umbrella. iSiuirtLnQm^uu^aQpeiim. QPPQ. Unicorn. 130. Q^rH ^. QLopQuirtLQiid 64. . (^<5ssrsQs. /E3@. ^t—ir^. Unity. np^^au^. ^p^S. Sei^^ffeir. ^LceniLD eaen. ^ff=3r. 62. Unripe. 64. 130. Unwillingly. Unpleasant. Unto. Ugliness. iSuuiqs^u:.ffi. ^ipliuiTaj. SlSIit. smuSm. OP Union. Unlawful. ^ L-® Qp lL® a eir T®L Utterly. Sup^ Gld(o\j^itiu Understand. (gpoKismLDUu®. ^<suu^^ Unhappy. QutrQ^^^.fg(-^<si?8!jri_^ir/r5!ir. Ulcer. Twinkle. S^sQiuih. S-uQiurrsLDir Ungodly. Seoi^. give. stand — QiEfffTear. fruit. ^^LLi—Lopp. (spQ^LDesTUi. Utensils. ^waeuirs^Lo. (c^L^tiu 170. Vacillate. sSs-suld. 64. Vaccinate. 172. 131. Unjustly. Unfair. Twist. 62. '-Sssr [suTii. airiLi 212. Unusual. 105. 62. 62.. Until. iSSsoLurrei^LD ^ffSSSTLD. (v. ^0@. In Theol. Ljem. iSnQo-. 211. ^SiurriLiLDmL. 121. iLlesi^ Upper. slLi—sS^ Uneven. Upon. •9^ (men Q ec IT a LD 64. house. QiDeoiresr. ^atr^.LD/T(Ty^. Useful. Unreality. Urine. ^l^Qojh®. Uproar. Up-side-down. 77 . ^Qh iSpii^QuxarBiuir — Up. . 172. aa®(tp!j®efrefr. [_eapgiieiBU). Urge. QpesrememL—iUfr Tyranny. 62. V. Vacation. 62. ^uit^^j. s^djrr. Slsnei^. (^<ffsuu. euwaaLoh/D. S^Qs®eirstr. lu^rrir^^Lmresr. ^tSlQei^aui. <^pg)}i. 62. a^m^L^. Unfit. np&apQs®. CldCiSD. SlSit^^. Unloose. 3=3.^gi. Unfortunate. Qsir®/EiQsrreBretaLD. Qu/r^euirear. er/bu®..i—frsm.. Uncontaminated. App. Unite. 40. Qp®&(g). Upward. uQaim. m^&ij^. sriEj(Q(Lp&r&r. ^sfltp. (cause to). iSevewsi. en LpasLD. ^^Lopp. Qpg}is(^. ^^L-i—tcpp. Lo^^iut^^Ssr. 242. 107. 161. Unchangeable. SffQujiT^iMLDnea-. s^irLDiresraeii . srremi—frLSI^aili. yippuudir.^. 184. aeoir^. \_aFLU^!T. 60. Unbelief. etiiri^sems. \u^me!r. 62. (Sugffl/r. ^ecjemLD. [^QaiT<sfr(em. Universe. epQ^eiaLD. s^Lhui^Ln. eis^^enLD. ^a^a. ^L^aoj. -fldldpjd. Unworthy. [C<55/r«ijfl. iSmemi. Vacancy. [. .INDEX Twins. SiruuadQiu. 39. QldQso.mLD. Unanimity. ssKski£lu [Cu*. 211. Qld&)its. Undertalce. epQr. £1/(75/5^. 218. ^emaoLLs^essru}. QiuirdSltuupp. LDiTLp-. QLneo^ Qip^rnu. Q^euu^^uSiio&irffl. be. ^es>s 64. Qsireoirseot}). (g«»^ Umpire. ^e>j<3^!juu®^_^.s. Q & a uf-iLj on u.ernQT). epsueua^. — Ljnh. Type. a^s(^ Under. Upright. ^ss>i—Qen<sB. ^t^uSleo \_&-lLulLl ] neo. Unspeakable. 154.^. 64. Unction.] 62.62. &£iiiiiT. Unit.

LoaiLKse^s. ueiretr^^iTs(^. Vapor. eS^^Q^ireo. ^LBde^niLuf. 161. ^s^ld. euQ^^^uu®^^ ^ediLQ. sfla^Lo.'] QpasirQ. 3=dsLD. s<5a!!r^^)is(^rfiiu. Voyage. 62. 62.) sfTtLQ. iSj^. ^P3)i. . ^eS. QeupgnesicD. Virtue. [sflir/r/B^/r. sd(^ . Vex. Q^iriLL^uuiiSa. Gram.@)iJ)(T5-«©(T5cJr. (s. 78 .) urrn-. /e(^s-.y/TL/u/r®. Violin. Vinegar. Qsit [223. (g^u&). Viper. Vocative. Vileness. (^uld. 64. Ml. Verge. QfifTih^eenT. 180. euirujir . Lj^^sLD. fBiT(es^iw^. ^itldl}}. st—ptSiffiunsmLD. [In comp. SlpuuuSit. ^irLDfresru}. s^rr^eisnh. Vessel. 60. 64. umremei]. [comp. lurr^^emrr.] s^iTLpEUfTrrw. s&)&)es>iD. 64.iSrririT^^Sosr. ^smi—inLi—u}. Vastness. Voidness. einTsssnh 111. ^SsodsL^eii. ^L^ei^. Venereal disease. uuSiT. Q^irw Vanity. Victuals. ^^^'ijib^ld.iLirr^. 2-6. [68. (v. u Vein. Ljsik'eBiBiLieij/Teir. Vehemently.n-isiT (s.) •g^fB^uLf. iBing. \_^ffl. (missuiuih. setatr. iS<si!sr<£(^. ^rR&tULD. er^fBesiL Loir^ufr®. Qeo®. Visible. Vexation. QpiLi—FS(^. s^esn. Vigor.INDEX Vagabond. sjpuQiupp.) s=fs^. isir^sirfi luibsefl^ib j5yi5LL. 134. ufrd^rnh. /BrrQi—irL^iuufr Vernal equinox. 131. lB(^ib^. ^Ejsfrrrui. s-QeairaLD. iULD. U'ssst^l. suwoi^ir. Offl/effsrf?.i_«i.] [p^uesiLD.] Victory. Vehicle. Qs=iui}>. Vault. \_lj. [aseiS. eSujirs^suy. QuiT&)ei)ir Vanish. afl^^/r. s^drLDiriTs<s. eirrir&nli.^sfrrrLh. ^L-lL. Qenp^.62. sitlsl. 165. Vernacular. lS)^^. ^emesiLD.e(rldQ. \_Q'S^!TQrj'uiB. Situl^.siun'asr. Visit. ^sasf) Venus. ulLl^. Verse. Qimr(smjjLh. Venom. sflsrff Verify. Various. ^L^d^anuiu. suueo j Vowel.iLin-/s^ YoWiQrsird^dsi—esr. umreiaeii. 270. Vitriol. View. eve^iedLp. tsi^snn'li 40. siLi—SsauS®. Q^trppui. Voice. s^ir^eSiEJSLb. ~ 64. Virtuous man. ^sSsbAld^. s^/asms. — 160. mmn-. !B^^LD. ueO(Sii&o. Vengeance. Q^rreo eSessr.3=iij. Vegetable. ^mrQff^LJa. 64. or QurrguLDir^tli. eoirpsirijLD. s^ds^LD. Vestige. Volcano. aaS. QujruLDfresnh. Vermilion. [fesr. ^jemi—LoeiaLp. (mUULD. Vomit. ^eosufriL® ^pih. QeugaesiLo. i^eusurreaLo. ^-uSliT sTQ^^s^.a^iB^aso. ^tff^QjTLD. Violence. [CulL^l. n-d'ai. [_ujLh. for urfJLDfTisssrLh. S&)(sii<ss>p. <^!jld. ^guLDiru Vice. Voucher. Verb. s<sssr®Qs. Qun-^a^zsrib. ^Ssodatfi. em^fftiULD. Vertex. 62. QiDiijutSI Vocabulary. 180. a. QuirdQrfl. Very valuable. Very. Venerableiiess. (sassiTsB. Virgin. 64. isu^tssrih. III. ^^LDth. urrsmL—Li). 57. uiSl<sjfriEj(^^€0. 57. ueouih^iM. ^sffn-p. ^(toq. ^esar. Ujeins. Verdict. Venture. lduss/S Village.. eSfffiuet. a-iuuireeiei^. QtoasS'. Veranda. Ventilate.LD. /suLhui. euirip. . 150. ®Qpi^. II.. Value. &iriL&. Violent rain. QnfTLDLo. Variance. ^rreurreS. !^s=ujld. sSlSso ^^a. s^kewisias. n^^^wiusssrui.L. i^&o &. 180. Vouchsafe. S(ck<smujirm t-iessretssftiULo. Qurrnhi^TioiaLD. LDeiap. ^sarui. 'S^d. sriLi—nLo Qeu SB(S»<5^. s^jS®. Qmirsi^. ^^^Ln. ^Qr. also 228. Valley.eSjT^Lri.. Vase. eurrdQ He is versed in many things. (v. ^dQsSuiSl€trLj Volume. urr^^ffLD. uiTGiJiM. Veil. 62. Vain. ^sm Vision.

Warrior.] Warp. .t?^£U(SV5. iBeo^. s^iTLDaasr.64. 62. 62.) saeiKs^. about. 1 17. Wander. ^/fl 0^3^ir/5^}rfltLiirsLJ Wax. Wadding. <?SUeDa/L/65W"^l/. one's breath. U(o<ni—^!jm. [il/L-ii. <3=aLDSsn'!jei!r. 15. ^^ulSiuld.) iiruiTiudsh. uesarL^Lo. ^So. <s=iiz_/isifrii).] ebeen stq^ulj. off. II. [(3d9. g. ueo L-'S^ tu Lh \_<3=isa3s!i. [<?-sb5<?^. i^irdr. be.[2_£js/ri7'ii). pemir. LfenLDLj. Warrant. 10. linen. . 62. ^qfj 111. Qurrjir Weakness.'] sireueo. iSmosru:!. a-pgudaeiiir. Walk. un^eibTes^. Wager. ^iurr^uiT(^. /f/f.) Waken.s^soii 72. e^uu/rifluSiL-L-^Lp. ^/r&nfl^^eo. s^dems. atLL—Lh. — — — Watch. — — Waist. 64. ^doi. 62. ^'(ciafr(6^fT(sm. aneosuniu. 190. a-euiT. ^iBs. QuiriT'^ffeir. 245. &. a. 39. iBi—LDfT® 62.a=&>eiiLD.] <slLz_^.) ^emfl. 263. . [az/r/rsszir®.] Wagon. 160. /Ez_. Q<B](5ki®LD.) ^lL®. ^(W.] 79 .^si. 160. maQi—iTL^iu uireiaSL^. GldsSso. for. t-iii(ef^. : ^smtssSir. siearLo. Ear. urrSoLDp.56. 190. cloth. 64. (v. urr<ss^^. eS^. enems. Qu!T(i£gjQun<i(ff) land.) (a beast). er Q. 70. ^smssiffirafrtL®. ) — (n. 64.) Wall. u-i^^ij). (I 64. ^dsih. 64. £5iriij(^ Wares. ssrenpairiK^ 64. (v. (lie in) evrrsijuiriT. ^nipdOi. Qe^JiheaLD. Wantonness. — 62. War. Wave. QuiS0(^(3srLD. Watchman. a. Weary. &c. Wail. Wash 62. QsL^'JJiTffLD .«L. Wash. Q<^s=Tgii. Wake. (adj. (111. (v. ld^So. @®. 48. s(Lpe}j. uihes>^iLiLD. eijfrajrT(^Quird(^.] er«/reS. ^s^fl^. Warm. 57. ^sl^uS®. ^rB. Warn. 160. 242. [_LDjD£BSUues!sr^^. Qu:i(i£(^^fH. izxaflsB)*. 258. Warmth. 64. s^ir^irusm Vulture. (oT^iTuirir. 57.) course. lay @«fl"csfl. Wear. uemi— ^tLj^eurrdsw.) QsiimiSiT. [/Ej6«/r. (^efliTsfnu. 56. ^itf^ui. — — — — — — Water. Walnut. 160. (s^LDQp. 62. 62. uem^L. ^l/l/ Washerman. (one's self). Q^eaen. 62. <su tossr imT)S w. 56. 62.c. 64. (fields. Waste. dipss-Qs^ir&i^ sw^^ (hot. (gsiihiS. Weapon. a0t^. Warehouse. ^a-wiBiULo. Want. S-®^^dQssnm erds^iff.^ Wealth.) Q^iLi. (manner). (HI-) [Co. ^(oi>lTL-®. — Wax-candle. (v.128.'] (portion of time). Quirffi. (s. 64.] y^ULf.n. s^rja^ih.. 57. tl®. ^efrirdS. ^(BuLf. LD(5s>i^LDng)i. y. QiLDQgr^. s^d^sutSedeorrcsiaLD. eS-sth. [(g/7<ssr. (ggro^ffi/. QuiTiT. 118. ^GIDfiy. — Vulgar fraction. Wasp. (III. (^€mp d <3= &> Way. ^i^^jw<s@.] — away. IB<ES)L 56. LDfrfrd&LD. Queod(^<!ssip — Ward.) dlip. \_uiTrnT. band.] euirrff. Qua. 60. We. with the hands. ^. \_uit^SI<s<ii1. j)j(id(g^. dff=&).) i^tss^iud ) Q^eosuiB. Qeii(^ 64. [^^^uiStutli']. sstldlj. ^jafliL/ii. I_a?®^6m<s5£/r. (v. 62. Sl^^iseiiTQ^'sfl. Qeuuuui. ^rriDLh. 64.INDEX Vulgarity. cFszOTSffii—. — u^gSIq^. 191. ^m)L ^esitr. Qldq^(^&Sso. Tell {him) to wait. Wag (the head). <3=ns(&). suip. isii<smism(ik [f. 62. _g) (Siap. 258. &<imjD 111. \_QpQSTesr^<£l. Wean. Wallow. uwifi asi^ Waste. 60. ^scarrds siT^'plQ^.) uirip. Wart.(Gr5. by beating. (v. tongue. Guirajdaireo.'] 66. sQdsiruj. ^rrirs'irsttl.6S.^)i. LSijev/rJ. Wages. Wait. i£:nh^iTsniTiud ( time.60.200.

) Wedding.s/r®. Qsn^uiesiU. smL®.3=uulL0s>l 131. — (v. (v. ] 9i<si).. Weave. Qs^euesxsuiuirtLi a- — Well! fB&)<so_^! ^slL(BIld. 61 What day. euinueij. iSem/o. ^lSieis&)ld. West. 70. Whole. (su(^uuiraj. ssn-pm&r. ^aemi—Lh. Wholesome. [S^^/r. Wick..214. Width. Q^irisoL^{uup&asii.) ^psU' s:/0s>i 62. 62. ei-s. [_^ldit. QeuessremuD. 60. ffiel^i—Ui. Weep. ^^ Q/eiu Q/E'ygj/Z-Jisazrr^gii. 166. 64.—\_eii!Tisj(^. 62.) mekQTj'UJ. ^jseurrL-LSL. 61. 62. . (g<S(g»tJL/. ^irrrth. ^lL IT 3=00. LDesTLo/SluJ. ueo-seeifl. [^rruS. utrsirLD. ^n-uufTiT •3=aL-L^Qiso.) ^Lp^gu. era/afli—zi). 231. eueSiu 170. Qsirp^aiass. srsui^t—^^i^QfifESJ. s& 57.] [273. 140. 107. — wind. (ad. Welcome Welfare. s^sarrua. Qu(mr<F:T^. .221.] -a^eijdSiu. Will. urrrj-ti. @IlBiL®. 32. streoLo.273. Where? Whet. Wipe. LDSsr^irrr. ^©. pipe. ix. Which ? While. . Q/ss^eijdsirrrisir. App. lungi ? QevdsT.ei!ifl . (v. siMiS. sruQuiT(w^. 64. 64.64. iBsaar/sy^. stone. &^^LD. Whisper. Surrey. ^l—SOLD. SLDiriu. Who ? 254. .fU) Wing. Q&f. ! 166. s<om<se^iT<sS®. S-^Sotr. ^.Qpn£<si]^ui. jsesril. GiLDir^^LDmu. Wickedness. 217. erirsn-eir Whatever Wheat. 62- .u>. ^ei^L— Q /E (^ s'/jSI iLi . 62. Wheel. 214. er^ ? (f^rrmih. fE. sSs!nS(Bisi(^. st/bG's. Web-footed bird. Qurrioe^iTikjiQ. ^/fl. — Q^lL 62. eurrws:^. LDismLo. <F/r&)3r. 59.LOLD. Wholesale. Weigh. vii. Winnow. Willingly.^s<oOLD. seSiurr&mrLn.. Whisker.j^ff^iwiJif . 106. eurrrrLD. iB(sa. 64. wiris^eaff. ix>eer Wilfully.) iB<lssr. [cf/tj. ^(Lp. 58. /^euir&Lb. &p(^. &:ireirffistiir'F0O. — ersS'Sssri—LDfrear. 62. QLDp(^. &isfr(^. eSleb.'\ &is^^nuj. II. (v. What? erekesr? 47. L\0SiL QsiTL^. e^nhuuLD. 47 203. Qi. b. (feignedly). LDeSILD. ereir^. (xpiomQp<^muL^. Wisdom. Wine. eSQeusw. g=(ip3'ir!jLD. Whip. iorm<asr^s:/<s(^ . Q^nii 15. (v. . Whale.INDEX Weather. Wish. . Weight. SgudQ. [Cj/t^t. Wire. SSsmLaQsiTiL®.m-meo airpgn. 126. — (spinning). ssL(ir. &riij@(T^/s Wink. (surrips. Whistle. stp&o. of metal. QeuekefrirL-Lf. (III. 197.FtTffOLD. Wedge. euir^Lo. ^ffiTL-.9= \jmK\u.) Sesarjpi. 202. ^L-L^. QpQ£. Wench. — iSffeoiTiSl — of one piece. ^miija Welldone ^utra-. ©tpooLo. &iTp^. . — Win. ^LpdioBiseSl®.] *tpj)2.] Wen. izj^fifi. Whelp. 0«eS Wind.sd3?jb£}J. Quit(lo^. snedQu<gui. oppio. Wicket. (s. 254. App. White. eS^es>ei]. @mu. [0<sff2ii_/r. Winter.) /5(S3r(y)«/E/0. u)irrflarr0OLD 131.) sdsir. 56. es)Si})Q)u<sssr. ^p(^. eaver. atpdsodsL-L^. ereo&:>rrLD. Wet.' ueirirueirtr [(2/3lgi)37(SK)t_. ! Qemui. Well. ^uLj. 64.. Qisii&r?etr Whitlow. 64. 62. srenek ? 126. [126.' Widow.Frr. — QpemQpsm (srm 70. 273.3=. gjeuL-® — «>-j/ra(g. g^nsirgLD. sSsfr.) eSlQr^LDLj. Wild.) Whirl. 62. (v. ^ai/«(g. s-sQ^tu^. g. eS. Why? ensir.^wtrmj 62. ot/e/q. Weed. When. D4yi. u(Beveir. 57. OsrreSiueir. Window.] Wife. Whence. 80 . Week. e^ui-issQ£. ^ninLL^<3srLo. ^il® 62. Wet-nurse. sir ear 00.'] (^rr&iisuSsir. fSjpi.

u(Bl 262. ?j 2' 5' S'Ssistant work-man. LDgaesiLD. s&sS^LD.. 239. Zinc. ^eBsrc—LD. Zero. Qq^iB. 131. sirei)ireir. eurreSu uir®.jijm^. Wood. jsjsLD. Wrong. Zone. 62. ldSo^s&l-®. Qsii^.115. of a screw. 263. Wortliy. Word. Qsn-(ec)iu. e)j^Ej(^. 60.'] Womb. Q^frSv. lSisosS (^eSujui. _g)aii. . ^smrr. LDfTLD. ^(e^iL. . s®EjQsiTui}>. ©jeirsioLD. Woolen-cloth. 230. Within the year. _@j<s3arLo. n. m. Ye. ^en. Qusssr. lueueiKoSTLD. z. Lj^emu). sirs^QuQrf^eiieir. iSemcp.d&iui}). QuguLD^. Quiri—®.] World. QLoeoairpgi}. a. craft. Wrestle. — With. ej^Si.'] . App. ^im Woman. i-/^^. &r(Lp^^. Yesterday. ujjLD. . c^err. siTiULD. LD_^(Si^. Worship. one's self loose. i^Qeusii^. {_G)U(oS!!rmn)Uju iSljDri^eu&r. Young plants. ^dr/S 170. Wound. 104. suujb Qs^^ld. Wrap. 128. eSnjm^. ^^^iuld.'j Year. iO(^tFsfr iSlpth. Yard (measure). LSlen'3s<rujn'(smi—fmir. £_(S0(^.) euirtL®. Yourself. u^ld. <£dar.ejr.^ Within. 251. 202. SQ^uuu). . uireSiULo. L^sm. 57. Worth. Year by year.jij6S)fnufreir. ®(SKZ— <sacF«»c5=. a^^Qeuair. easemuj^^LB^. /Bfrpgii 68. a/t^ Youth. (v. LDisJsn—'Si^LD. (v. x. — man. ^ii).) ^jin-^Sssr. (s. <F!rLL&dafra£ir. i3m(SiiiTia (Give way). ufT^^rfLDfresr QiuirsQiuuDrrear.gia^^t^. one wrinkled and grey.®. s-i—dr 170. ^rrfr&LD(smL—(SOLb. — (^ei^iudstrifl. Worthless fellow. QstTL-i—irdlsS®. QrEpemp^^enrili. &. [«/r®. aS)G(6m«i2).5^<3=s3rs!Jr. 57. s^i-. — — — Worm. l^rsiocDfr^emfnijeirinreiieir. QpirdsLD. 194.JNUEX Wit. (^ldlS®. Wonder. . Qeu^ihi^. Qurreo Wolf. S-&QrfLD. Qpnas QeujS. Wither. (zpdsiTisoirerr. eutri^ULD. Wring. Writer. tJLj^^. 'o^mir^si. ^l. (^ldl/. Sirr You.'62. 64. 81 (J^'^^yiy . s^s'soit^^ Yell. _^/f. ^ulSI^ld. eii(i^(aL^^^d(^'swQsn-. Wrath.) euir®. ^/r/m««rr. ^QSTOSTLD 124. Work. Without cause. a full.) Q^fr(Lp. Qug)i. ^^a^tft LULD. ^iR. LfQg. 62. QflirpgauQutr. ^iii(^. Zephyr. '^-sosih. Woe! SQiurr! 193. QiditlSI.. SlpQi^efr. 57. emenjjrrdQujLD. 62. 166. Zemindar. 70. 108. SJ^^fEirau). 10. ^itlLQ. 32. euQr/isi^fr eu(mtsi&LD. iSi^. . QpjS 72. (in grain). — Wreck. Witch. (QLdlS®. a-pgii- a-p^dsL-® 62. 2_e«ff. [^^ldissild. sinu. (S/tSlS^^ilild. ^s»<3^. Quern®. 57. Q^3=ld. Q^Stk^irfr. 64. Wrinkle. Young bullock. em^fft. 62. s. iSffui^u). Qtspga. Yet. A ijoutli. (v. 160.62. ^rrirujs=darrrreir. 131. y. Yellow. Without. euL^u®. Yes. Write. ^/reJr. [@. 11. QpppLo. Witness. ^pi-j^LD. Yawn. \_QpLpireir. Wretch 274. Yoke. Y'dxix. ^u>iS. Younger brother. (5r(L£^ isuearr.M<sm®. Y. erQ^^^dsirSsir. (sumrdecas. Writing. Yield. uiu<s\) euiua-ULSeiirSofr. eu (rR<siS^tl> . uiT. ^nir^. Zodiac. ^jD. u^^eiaeuffn'dQtULD' ^QiuirsQiVsir. Wool. 161. Ljmefi. 10. 0^iTiS<so. 254. ^L-(BLDuSliT. Zeal.


. (Ej. Q&ir&r [106. &c. Abbreviations Abstract nouns. (1. 8. 35.INDEX III. 50. 103.) 131. 4.. § I. g. 12... Changes of letters. /siriijsefr. 236. 170. 169. int. Active and neuter verbs. int. Causal verbs.) 7. how expressed.c. App. . 180. 15. 205. (6. Cognate languages.136. Decimal notation vii. 130. Compass. A. 106. xi. 5th 6th 83 . [The Numbers refer to the Paragraphs. Completeness. 130... int.pp.21. 185. § Case absolute. (5. A or an. Agastya's Sutraras. Apposition Apposition. 4. Adjectives. . Continued action expressed by. 92. Affinities. Beschius. Days of the week. xii. Demonstrative forms. Auxiliary verbs. . 5.1 Creed the. Declension of nouns. 8. how formed. Guit. 2d 3d 4th 140.. 124. expressed by. int. 180. 1st I . 25. 7th 1. 233. xii. 184. Qua pronoun. B. 184. of place. ii. table of. p. int. . Conjugation of Tamil verbs. vii. Appellative nouns ® 106.. 254. 16. Can Canarese. ix. SUBJECTS. § I. Cycle of years. (e. Compounds.] A. Alternative int. 196. ix.117. 271. Cases. App. 248. § 1. Derivative nouns 25. lation. 4. 239..51. 271.. Boundaries of the Tamil. Complaint in a civil court App. 242. int. Cautions to be attended to in trans271.. 245. Consonants. &.) 144. App. App. Dilemma Distinction between mirui and 11. 29. int. viii. 40.. 251. Desiderative forms.. 174. 106. 21. Articles. Change of a> into lii &c. 123.47. i. iii. App.. 8. c.] Avveiydr's works 270.) . Common forms and idioms. § II. 130.. § 1. points of the. 79. Comparative degree. 251. A pp. And. 2. Defective verbs 223. Adverbs. § I Corruptions.. App. D. 123. 160.

younger br )ther. Lord's prayer. Elipsis 233. 121. Future tense used indefinitely. S_(S!i7<S@. Int. Interjections. . 261. Elision of final 2-. 193.219. 77 Intention. eo. 23..^(g!B^_uj. «i»su. ir. ^rrm used for. xi. Infinitive mood 41. Initial 6. 25. § 1 260. App. § II. 11. 1. § 1 Kural. 80. Double accusative. in general. Impersonal nouns. int. 131. 168. App. understood 272. 259. the. 270.108. § 1 5. a Grammars int. 4. Dual E. J)dr. I. &. 5. . how expressed. f 55.. ^ffi/<S(Sr5<S@. 15. App. xi. 18. " u®. Formation of verbs from nouns. how expressed. 30. of a. 106. vii p. 50. May. i3/D. QufT®. 44. an elder brother. Emphatic Insertion of (g. vii. ii. Irregular verbs. 163. i. 270. S_LD«@. of the Pronoun Inflexional base of nouns. 270.81. 262. 13 App. 151. tu. viii. 29. 270. M. Foreign words in Tamil. H. Fractions. 270. Middle voice 254. 265. ^. ^. 72.C. 257. Letter from a cou't pleader. 157. 46. xi. (e. ^^^ <sm. p. 256. . note. Idiomatic use of the tenses. Months. Kamban (story of) Lesson. Quit.11. Honorific terminations. 18. Double letters. Interrogative 269. negative. Dravida. 170.. F. (c. Impersonal verbs. maybe App.. App. 103. 171. er.. of letters. Perfect tense. App. 39- Devandgari character. 18. xi. Gende^-s 2. 106. int. p. (4. G. 108. 4. xi.) 23. 18. III. int. Idiomatic uses of the root. N. &c. 248. 58. Mute sign or Ljsir'efl. 80.) App. 151. s_s33r. 27.248. ^eoeo and ^eoSsi. iLi. 25. 258. ^(Tjsrr. arrism. § 1 4.131. Karmma-dharaya compounds Kodun Tamil. 108. xs.) Interchange of tenses. Future tense. 46. int. Qsiren (&F). 117. 2. 238. L. 271.INDEX active and neuter verbs. . . § II. (^^gi.31. verbal infiections. 77 of Tamil. Middle particles 255. Euphony. iv. Finite verb. used as adverbs. verb "to be" signs of the cases. 187. 15. Gerund. Masculine terminations. App. 269. App. 21. Imperative mood.). Etcaetera(&c. Doubling of letters. prepositions and conjunctions. Naishadham. 264. 15. not used as a noun in Tamil. 18. ex. Habitual action His. int. li. 84 . 2. sfl®. App. 22. 5. ^®. § 1 . 15. ^m^tsmi—iu and^a.126. App. xi.

Purpose or intention. 87. App. p.) 110. 55. QQualifying words. 216. int. 157. int. 85 «v . Nouns formed from verbal Predicate with ^uJ. idiomatic. Personal pronouns. 21. 103. 5.) Singular. Optative Ordinals Quotation.jyajso. 180. xi. 123. Negative verb. int. Possibility. 110. xii. 154. or adjective. 270. instead of the termi151.(4. nouns in Tamil.Points of the compass. 250. Negatives ^&idsi and . § I Nasals 1 III. App. . (g.. Preposition expressed by a verb. deed of. Plural. § II. 55-70. Paradigms of noun. mood P. 79. 30. 43. App. Passive nouns. 265. 154 Pronunciation. Participial nouns. 251.. App. Nominative not to be introduced be. Passive voice. Resemblance. 103. K. 184. 31. 4. 270. 190. 205. Oblique case 248. App. 214. 262. int. same case as their 89. used for particles. 2^8. Particle. 11. note. xii. Neuter gender. Nannul. Reduplicated forms. . Poetical idioms. 137. nouns. Personal nouns. o. int. tween a aS^ 6r<^^ii> and the finite Polite forms of address. xii 10. xii. of negative verb. changes of letters. Reading Lessons. 29. § I 5. 87-91. int. xi. 2. Present tense. 174. Participial nouns case. 108. RSmdyanam. added to the nom : 74.) how expressed. xi. 82. Relative. . 4. Signs of cases omitted 50. 79. adjectives. 254. . used for the present 15. Pluperfect tense. App. § II.116. verbal or adverbial. 267. 172. 34. inserted.74. 46. =sy"). App. Relation to Relationship. 230. s. . 140. § I 5^st tense.) 108. — — appellative nouns. participles. 233. Signs of tenses 30. 140. Sanscrit words in Tamil.INDEX NS. x. Reflexive signification of verbs 106. 190. App. 51. Permission. of pronoun 37. Plural. Riddle in Tamil. 30. x. 70* 72. roots. 269. xii.74. verb 271. Pronouns. 184. 21. App. App. App. how marked. Nouns implying negation. 34. Negative nouns in ^w>ld. 37. Numbers. use of. 175. § I 5. 29. . 190. Shen Tamil. 130. inserted. Nouns declined. ^^^. 50. govern verbs. (b.ladi-n&nnuRu. int. note. 233. pronoun. ix. how expressed.121. 103. xii. Omission of the signs of cases. omitted in Tamil. . Question. Sivaga Chintdmani. 271. (d. note. 237. Participle relative. Notation Potential mood. Perfect tense. . i. vi. 5. nations of cases. 151.. 91. 230. 92. 227. . of letters. of verb. 25. the Relative or adjective participle. App. Particles used Tl Sale.

&c. 5. 123. Surds. INT.INDEX Story. 98. Verb. App. § I Transitive (B).. u. § Tonnul. INT. . . V. App. xii. Verbal nouns in «»«. Summing up Superlative degree. Universality. 70. Subjunctive mood. 86 f^ . 10.. iv. Tat-purusha compounds. Verbs formed from nouns.105. § Time. int. 100. I Tamil language.77. III. Telugu. 154. . p. § I. 4. negative. 7. ^is\>. 126. 2.. 95.. int. int. I vii. Transmutation of xi. 4. 144. ii. p.) App. in ^160. divisions ot. T. Vowel-consonants. the Tamil conjugation of . 178. 136. Vowels Vulgarisms. Tolc&ppiam. Tembdvani. 148. int.15. int. . § II. 106. 131. Table of relationship. § I Verbal or adverbial Participle. letters. principles of. 1 63. . meaning of verbs (Qua (s. 51. § II.150. int. . 196. § II. Translation.



good boy. Tlie little daughter. [A] large cow. He touched us. a ijood mother.K ¥. He and [his] son. Qs^rpis^nri [d] . He [is] a man. [A] little daughter and mother. A bad dog.] I graze. s^qk LDissflsG^jm e^0 (SJJirJisasmiiJD- aesBrdsspiLD snih^a&sr. L if you wish especially sJDUUJissr. wssfl^^jLDQi—. [the] merchant. (SiDUHJcGsriLju:) J)J SU IT i-j^iu emsiid^ujeur ^(Suit «3syr [«] <si_L/L9zJ. Y . And a God. QsaQuQum. /Fffisar U3?ss)(sy QuDtu^Q^ehr. LDssfi^'2/5sr [«] sessr ^(Siieir suir^^seur- LPesfls^iLP euir^^a^ih. EXERCISE 1. [d] sk-ULSJLLL-fT&sr. [The] shepherd gave [a] dog. Thou [art] a little boj-. I destroy-. maissr Liehsss^as)^ [d] QsrT(SlLj(oU(osr. [The] child learns. e?(75 sSiLecDi— [«] tsessrQi—esT' ^su(5sr fEiTLLemL- ^/t^^^/rssr. thee and him. [The new ox fed. The ox feeds. I saw merchant came. [The] accountant will destroy me. [The] accountant came. I learn. An old tree. (^Loras^iii) ^(Su2sst [^] Q^mL a A great man. tsniju. [A] good boy will learn. lSI €T lEJ s'^fT iLj LD ^ssru^LD a-iS37"3saruyLD 3?i-u lL i— n m s"^ IM Q^ITlL I— H SST. [The] merchant did. [The] son made. ^j€mfi\_d'\Qsn(Sid^nm. QmiLQQpim. L—!T€Sr. He called me. ^jsuesr ldot^^Ssst" [^] Q^nL-i^rrsbr. [The] physician reads. Do that.z_/resr. He touclied [the] accountant. &JiT^^s'2ioin- indicate one- ^suesr Quifliu Qurfluj ^ssrcsr [u] (SiBULuesr ^eu&r Qshgot ^rremiu [^] Q^ntL rBnesiaJU^tD ask. You [are] a great merchant. A Qesrasr She [is] great EXERCISE 2. u&f- QiDtLQp^. lj^uj sesardsi^- Qurfliu to Q^suesr. iBeOeo u)S<sir. (sauujisar ^es)<sua'^ ^L^uuiTssr. jysneirr &sk<sw IL^ semr (STSST ^QSifiS^ Qs^lb. He saw [The] merchant touched [the] man. '€<€#^^^ EXERCISE 4. Prefix 9(25 [8] LDSsfT. I saw a man. . I perish.<osr. ^L^80'<r3r' sjL^dQQjrxsk. I feed [cattle. ©esresr [u] Qldlulj L$?isrr2srr uasr QLDdjsQQTf'isisr ssmasebr ^<sa^ ^L^d^nesr. EXERCISE 3.

[LSls{r'SeiTUjfr&). Where is God? (S^i-!-©«(^ <si]!T. f I saw a mud. child The boy learnt in the house. Come here. bullock. Who saAv? When did he see? Where did he see? How did he see? He fed the cow now. Do [it] now. I To jungle. He The merchant Avill give a tree. Where is tlie accountant's mother? Where is that man? How did he destroy the country? The lanje cow is grazing here. enn^^s^emi—Lu (^LDtrsrissr ctiejQs? L^ii^fTssr. I saw a cow and a hoy. 2_lo put after the signs of iSlai^tjSJ(6V)Q&). Where 1.iJj ^lditit sesw-iss^Kssii—iu &6k65ruL9stcefraSi^6\)-. boy. does he feed [sheep &c.] ^nQiun® ill. The cow feeds in the [the] tree.] With the merchant [to^e^/ie/. came QiDiLuuesr (CT)Q). The accountant's tree. [There is] mud in tiie jungle. The great physician to the house. The shepherd feeds the bullock. Give (ye) to the merchant's son. 7. Stand there.]? What book does the little boy learn? Deliver [him] tlie accounts. case. [Where he is. eiuQurr^ ULp-uuneor? ^uQun ULs^uurr&sT' tB6\)&) QldiLu EXERCISE Go there.] eurrssr^^^LD l^lSIuS^u). [22. Where is it ? ^sro^ (STuuis^ [<?] Q^^Lu^iTssr. ^si/sar toiuQurr Qs^ib^aesr? Qurfluj LorrQ <5tieiQs? . [is] The good shepherd fed the sheep. He touched the hand. <smisu^^LU^&DL-. called the father. 23-] EXERCISE 6. That He touched the child. 22. Stop the bullock. The heaven and the earth. Take up the child. 6. Who touched? AVhich is the doctor's new house? The little boy learnt that book.KEY TO EXERCISE 5. With the merchant. The little bullock destroyed a tree in the jungle. iBfTiLiJ^Qf^ us^-smsu QiDUJUurrtour.with. Qskissr LDS(sr^d sits ^sa^ [s=]Qs^ ^ih fSteS^i^k^. Stop in the house. EXERCISE 5. [7. For the mother.] From the country. learn. ^uj(5sr rBnt^L^Qeo ^L^ih^rKssr.

<iQ(irj>iTsisfr. ^(SSicsna'bsn ui^sQQQyj'LD- ^J'Slksst gtu sek. [<5. Tlie Hear. !5ITld sfTi-LL^Qeo ^(Sls'Sisv QLDUJ<sQQ0>Lh. i5S)LJiU(osr iSefr'Serr /Fi_«@'^. To his bullocks. (^LL(Sls(^\_u']QunQ(irj'a5r.] [cf] Q^^freo&^I ^p(£lQsO (^i^dSleurpesr.'] [31. Mother. The mother is coming home. Where is his hou. fBuodsns isj<sii6sr 3 . Give to the boys. Give me. iSeh'Seir sun^^s^QDi—in <^lLQ&(^ [u] iSi&r'^eir UL^d(^^. Our father ! My house. Read [aloud] now. Tell those merchants. the house. He did it so. [bmaa&r ^u Qua^ aniu [<5] (sSLL®d(^u QunQQ(irj>ih. Come to me. He eat—iu LDfT® ^isj(o<s- ^<oS)^ f5LD<i<sns- [gf] QfujQ(ir^(Ssr. usf-dseir Ljervfi<s^&D^ tSi]n®aQ(rrj'(^.] ^ndj [bi3\)so Qsaem® ^suusor su^SlQr^ ? She is taking the child away. perished by our means. case App. He is stitching the book. uuf. O Father. 9. The merchant and accountant drink.KEY TO EXERCISE 8. Give to the son. Give your book to the little boy.] Take up the trees. are doubled after the 4lh. Where you going V The accountant and merchant are writing. The Your father is in children are walking with me. [the highest honorific.] \°)j<sueiT <ss)^ssQ \_u'] (Trf-err. pray come. fi. The little daughter sews. EXERCISE §. He came to the father. WL-aQ(irf'iT. With ns—at OKr place. Stop the dogs. He is rubbing the bullocks. take up this child. [35. O men houses of those pliysicians. Wipe the book. EXERCISE lO. My tree is there. Come with me. Our cow is feeding in the jungle. ^uuu^ b. are [The good boys learn the book. [35] lS&t'^ gtuul^ tEL—d(^^. ! I fisiT eriEiQs? sjsuirs&r sjisjQs? EXERCISE O. We stop the bullocks. O man Hear. u. s". In these persons' houses. xi. 10. [(^i^slSp^.

12. Qs=djiu rsnissr LULU Q(S^<oSsr(SluD.] i ^<oS>^ <ssi^ [<?] Qs^LDsmLDLUfTiLis^ Qs'iiiLu Q em (su (Si L£i (oJBUujisar uat—d [u] LSis^sQQTj'm. [I have. [You] must stop the How must I pronounce? Don't want. (sm ® is> fSfiGsr Qs ^rf QuLTL— QeuGssri—fTLh- ihiTLD (^iss)^ CT®<s<5 Q <oi] • Qpesflei^ (cLun® UL^as QeussBiQih- i^nih Q^efflexirriu ^-S^s^rflds Q(SU6mQLD.Qs(^ eurrQQjessrQiiiiSeir'Setrssfr ^mii Qg^prSlQeO isu-ds OsuioSsn^nLD' <Esrr ^eu(^s(^u ? ©. this. ^isjQs us?d e-SBBT®. eurrdj lurruj S-s=s^ffl<is QsucmQili. isiuul^ [#] Qs^iLlu Qeyesur^Lh ? ^suirsen t^uQufT ^<aD^s= Qs^lulu QeuaJurQih- Q^iLas QsuesarQili. ^i^s sniLi^eO s^q^ us. pray don't say so. lj^ (Lpsrflsi^ ^uQurr (Bihnp ^uQurrag^ <^lL. xi. Be off! My Father. The mother is not in This woman is not my mother. setT' fsmQpoDi—LU ush siuQun(Lp^i ei rsiQ smLi^Qeo QiDtLQp^? ^^rsjserReo <5i(sk ^su uufLS u (5ar s ? fBUDiSleo ctsi/sst" (Sijn&. [est the house. (omsu^^LU^d(^ [^] Q^(S(SuniL^ Q^ifla^LD. I know this lesson. ^iiQs i5&)&) eaSiJ^^Lu&sr P-ssm®. ^i QfimasTU oDutuosr ctcjt" <^Li. »fec. How do you know? read. There is mire in the river. ^i^s EXERCISE 12. QsureuT A pp. He does not know [it. pray do bullocks. My mother. ^. The sheep have no shepherd. Tiiis person is not a munshi.KEY TO EXERCISE 11. ^i(SG)^<f QsuemQih' ^<ss)^ ^sro^ [<f] O^ [The passive form often ^<SiJissr rendered thus in®. ^sro^ [/_/] [<^] Q^ff^LcxsmLD [i] Qs'iL. s^. You must tell [me] rightly. ruD HAHKO.] smi—LU ij^Qeo LDfT(Sls'2err^ <siJ0S(yrj>iT. He created the heaven and the earth. There are children. 1 have neither son nor daun^hter. . The munshi is coming. [i'ou] must read with the munshi. These are good trees. Tliere are trees in tlie jungle. ^sug^}]d(^ [u] utTi—LD Q^fflcurr^. [YouJ must not do so. double d. U3?sssir snsjQs . ^sam®. and u.] Tliis ditctor is not a shepherd. You must pronounce rightly. [After this Qs^effl&jrrin iL &-s=srfl. I The boy must Avant [it] now.] Come now.] There are no good trees here.i@(irj'enr? eisij&sr '€'€^^^^ EXERCISE 11.

^(Smpuj] Q en esari— ldit® eSlapi^^^. Is he an accountant? Are there no trees here? Wiiat do I know ? Tell the watcluuati. . learnd the lesson. [future expresses IT ua . 14.^ be : He — — tsSiLt^GO uui—Lo ui^dQ(yrj>ioar. How did he Tliey shall perisli.^. perish. sfTtLu^So l/sw^«lo (Sun&d@(V)j'<5sr.sQ(rrj>^? sotF j/T ?] 6SlLujlQ&) ^emesefiT Q(SU6m®ilieT<5urs(^ P-smi—n? safttly [or simply ^esar sTssrsi^ULj Qa^djQ(irj'(5sr- [You may uessnh omit eTiS3r<5(^. He beat tlie dog. [A Who QsB? QsujfT? GSisu^^ujek ^asresr^sm^ff- Qs=rT6\)^S(Tr/>iT ? snsijpsnii&sr sfT<3u^<srTiT(osr ^fsi sfTSujh'SrTsiesr ^raQs ? ^sb'Bso. You must not slay this The sheep feeds with the shepherd. ^(SS). Give orders to bring tlie Bandy. lo. lie has money. EXERCISE 1. liabit. iLimu ^r^eyrresr. Who must know this ? They smote tliis person. watchman. Wiiere is the water ? He is learning a prayer. sfTSu/bsiTiresr ^ir [CTSweir] srreujbsiriKm ^-essn^rr ? [&-6ot®. [We] nmst not sin. 4].KEY TO EXERCISE 13.] EXERCISE 14. urnruiresr iBis>Qp(ss>i—Uj ufre^iEJs'^efr ^(SlQQrj'n. The good physician will give us that. Is not this a tree ? What dos't thou believe ? I believe in God. Q^mrSKceO <sS(ipi5^iT<suT. LJ3r<i<s?6rr sssms s^LD srrsupsrru^LD . He learns diligently. You must not beat tlie bullock. Literally the sentence would the bandy ? /» there not the servant baiuh/ Oringiny. What must [we] do ? Wliat are you doing ? Wliat is knows ? Does ttie little boy learn diligently ? But does he learn he saying ? diligently. ufTL-LD uisf. convenient but not quite idiomatic] [You] must believe this. Q(Sij'26\)dsmr0<i(^u UGCsTm Qsn(Sl^^!r(^? The day passed over. Wliere are my servants ? They are taking ten loads of iron. Call the watchman. =ihe coming. ^^<su)^ Qsnem® exirr. christian ])hrase. Lay tlie table here.eo ^ LSlib^niTsek. sneupstTSTioar ld<sQ(SU)(SI ^iSjiB^rrehr. We shall obtain houses and money by his means. ^suesr jij&}&). EXERCISE 13. Has not the servant brought [Here e^^ is tlie infinitive. isf. The mother and daughter are churning.] S LSerrSsyrsrotu \_.S iheo&i (sisuuuek unL—^(5S)^& Q^weiBLD \_<3muujGpis(^'9^ Q^iheaLDLUfriL^ Q^rfliLjuD-'] um^^^(^&) ^/i^d<s ^jBQeuissr. Come. The watchman will obtain that money. You must know this. The accountant knows this well.^euesfli—^^eo ^jib^u ^(sni^ sun it a err.] UfT(5U(^ ^i^u QsrremQsufT. sheep.

]. EXERCISE Iff. Ol/«!j(5^. JIust you sleep now ? [No.] She boil'd rice. work not linished ? It rains.sEe'n.sed me. Tliat bullock died in the jungle. They put on garments. The mother comforts the cliildren. ^ssrd(^^ ^Sso us? Qs'^^^rr. What tree grew in the jungle ? Is he here ? Sin has been expiated. tied on a cloth. He spake with me.? •s&r? S-(osr sireOfT? ^euns&r <^lLi^Q&) ljl-is!disiis'?6it QiBUjQ(frj'ks<3!r [or simply Ljismeu ^iT <jy/E7(cc5 Id ^/r? [/f/f ^iT?] [used in calling a servant 50. He built a house. EXERCISE 16. He my sjduujSsw^ Q^i^i^QeiTfT? Q(Trj>iT<sefr? fBtrtM ^(auiTSGfr ^lEjQs ior(osr<osr^(5S)^ [szsgrssr] C^® Q<sfTgji (ipeuflsL^d(^^ Q^efflsumLi ernp^Qeumh. The child crawled on its [hand and] knees. who sruQurr Qs^^^nml (siuQun (^iL®i(s^u Qunsunn ^emrseir (sigst arrsijpsrfrj'hssr 6S)(Su8(rrj'iT. He wore a cloth. [has passed off. 18. Tlie villagers must plough. ! jjfTrr unauu'bssra. Tiie mother's house was burnt at ^hat house. What did I put on in the house ? Where did he lie down? It grew in the jungle. I will do tliis rightly. ^ituj . They We My Why LD<oS)lfi QuiJuQp^ [QuLUILj^. That boy will become an accountant. I have written lesson correctly. will go home [to the abu.KEY TO EXERCISE 16. What did he show you in the jungle.] ^(2U^d(^S SfTeO Qf5fr(^^ is it sksusst Qs^^^tresr? [uj/r/i Qs^^^^j a?® Q&jis^^. She is reviling the servant. £ ^euip Qeuismn—iTii). the use of 3d case-] Why did the mother weep ? Mother do not weep. The child sleeps with [its] mother. 17. He is going to bed [to lie down] He worshipped God. They are seeking water.] Has the sin been wiped away. Q^rrip Qeuem^ih.] is that head aches. Did he go there. or not ? The villagers lived comfortably. [Obs. Is the new bullock dead ? time. [uemi^] LofrQ Qs^^^^rr? EXERCISE 18. iBi—dsQsuesur ssfTip QsuesarQiorr? ^m/iraeir -s?^ QfBfr(^fifT^ arreo Qr5fT(^^rr ? s-^uumn ^q^ss Q<suiom(SlLD. Uji-Qeo s^nsurrm'- that died?] ^^ ? = KoN HAi] <srT<SiJ/bsfTir^(DS>i—Lu (sSLL(Sld(^u Qua.

Q(Sij'2e\)dsfTsr(oar ^eu&r (^q^sSIqdluu unir^^n&r. He spent [his] time." You must conquer him. &(omssemi<i(^ ^juQurr usm(^ [l/ssst^kb^c?] Qs^epism. or write ? Tlie mother takes care of the new lesson. ^suesr (sSlLl^Q&) @^ ^&dld Qs^lulu Qeuemr (sSlL<oS)1— (^erfluufreisr.] not open the door. (^q^gSI ^raQs upiQp^.KEY TO EXERCISE 19. The watchman came into my house. {JaX. ^sn&sr [d] sfr^^rr(oar. Did he put it [give it] to the bullock or to the dog ? Did he meddle in this ? Don't go to that work ? left He me s_io5r<5(5 eissrear^sa^d sQ®J'osar(BLD?'\ ^3jih^ serr'ciarT (sSl ^i^ injT^em^ sum' Qsn®uQu<^? [^^QQsijek not common. QsrrQd ^laQs rB®80>iTS(Sfr? ^enrfniT sjssr [comp. is that evil ? or is it not ? Will the villagers speak with me. evil which has come fSLbQpss^i—Uj upon them. [You] must grant me this. boy. walked. or sna-s unsuiEJ'S'^eiT in general] ujjfruirissr LoeurayflsQi^iT. M uaiT^^murr? fBrnh iSlsrr2ioirs'Bsrr ^jtlLSIss [from QsueaarQih. Did they serve out rice [Idiom. Where are the villagers standing ? ISIother. Why does the servant open the door ? Who will How did you open that house ? Don't forget this [my]. s^Sij^/D' ^/b<sa/r>d <si—iB^iTiTsisrr. ! EXERCISE 30. The time has passed away. /s/resr &&sr<osru etautu&sr ussiifiLu um—^<sm^ i^eiu^s^ss)^ ixtpw ^^' -sssBr<s<s0!r sfTsup<sfTiTQ(^(D fBt—iB^rresr. iSlefr'hsiTLSprBs^. EXERCISE 32. wfTixi LDGsriSffflLLiLD' ^oslduSI esflasT^ L—fTU). ^eu(csr usm^ at [his] child. She served out rice to me.] to the servants also ? He commanded this. i^fr(GU)? ^^eo [in that] ^'3su ^i— Q(SU(5mL—rTLD. You must not leave me. LDpih^iTishr. ufrQ&jrrQ ^eanrsssfesifrd seoii^frssr. He put [it] in the river. 22. That boy looked Will the accountant forgive ? Are the children bathing in the house ? Father pray forgive. She bare a child. "I will give at once. Qurr ^pihfifrm. ObWill a good man so conduct himself ? EXERCISE 21. 20. ^u You must cross the river ? [the] child born ? serve the idiom.] ioT<su(Dur lL I— fT IT s ek ? ULLi—fTm-? ^ih^u (sriiiQs ufT(Su^^(^&) CTS3Te5r^«s)^ ^(sni—iB^rriL? siTLL(Slsi^<s(r QurT(GS)sur. The villagers are transplanting the young plants. EXERCISE 19." Have you seen cow in the jungle ? They heard the command- He Who ! my .village-accountant.. He begat three sons. 254. don't say so told you so ? He said. Show me that raw rice. 21. The dog guards the house. ^fTi-LSda QeuemrQii). said "I [am] this. then in the jungle. Tell [me]. Is Who is dead in that house ? It so happened. isiiEia&r u rrsy ej s'Serr ^<ss)ld.

The door which they opened for me. &. LDaeir. Will that disease go when you bid it. At the time iv/ten I shall speak to you to be understood it will come. [I having-learnt-which-lesson. [Obs. God who has protected us. it will in that jungle. Gaming and disputing cause anguish.KEY TO EXERCISE nicnts of God.fTLD' Qeu'hsoi ^EiQa QsussmQu)- srr6upsfTjiQ(GS)(Sl mrrsar (^iLu^QeO Quit QeuessrQih QsufTuD.] The cliild which is in the house cries.] <oresrd{^ Lji—Ss^Qj. The child is crying in tlie house. This will be useful for the fly. ^eviTSSfr u ssm Qssf! snr 8 Qldsiss^. [0<5/r®^^/7'io2ir. The child that cries in the house. 23. The river which my father crossed. ^rreaiu^ Q^p fSeBT LDS&r. No. will be in tlie jungle. The munshi must look at [QuirQ^gj used the lesson I have written. (^LDrT3<ssr senrfnemrr Q<sum'(V/'6sr. [Thus to do will it go ?] Will a cow hear ? Is it right to do thus ? ? ? What it do How can that be No. &/C.S ^(l£LDIT ? will that bullock Will the tree be in the village ? Oxen and sheep will now graze Will the child crawl. ^iejQs Quluilji}) uxsmip. &&ST<saru iSeir'Bsrr .^ (ss)unj(sbr Q^L^esr Ljew^siasetr.) The trees which the villagers planted. LSefrdsv eresresr u uf-a (^ m? usr ^uQun s^jq^ld- SLLu. The command given by God. or walk? AVill a little bird speak.[who is it. Can sin be expiated ? EXERCISE 34. The body Mill become [like] writing in tlie water. What are you Did [you] not buy salt ? ^lEiQs su^Q/D^.] srrjjiT ^(h^u fS/b<s u!TL-. [Compare these two very carefully. ^iF^s <35!TL-Ls^so euGfTiTih^ LDsm" &-®^^esr €um} ^rjiEJs&r.'hsir LDiTLD ^uQuiT QpSsfl (al^iuSesfl L^^^io i-i&v^si}> <5tiejQ<s LUfTIT eruQurr eu&rQ^LD? ^](ms(^ih? QufTS Q<SiJ(5m®UD? eSQ eSnnLciT? lSsTtSsYT ^fTLUdsfT.^<S5)^fflEfTth Q(Su6ssru.] ^<S5)^ Qs=rT6\}6[) s_is?yrcB(5 eisijisbr ^ih^rrebr. ^niL Q^prBem LDffiEJsm. absoluteh/. Bring the children's bathing water.] The God who Pray forgive the sins which I have saves men. tlie Government. 24. The servant wlio came now (who has just come. or linbituaUi/ 269] in the house. (Dush)^u!as'^£(r ^lEjQs QiEiLi^ LD^DLp QudjuL\LD.®^^(ssr Losf^. The doctor who Avill be [probalh/. the child and the villagers will ? What did you buy of the merchant ? come now. done You must not come to the house where I am going. asking from him LUfTiT Tlie mother. The lesson which I learnt. iBfTm nesrtosr Q-fLuQsum? (SUQ^LD. face. ^laQs Sps (UfTiT uemL-^^rriT? ^suisisr siraQs ^(fl& (SurrfEjQ(^(o!!r? is ssLfflQeO ^euresru <5s>uuj(ssr Qpesfl sifluSan'li—^^&) loTeirewu uni—LD ui^^^rresr ? exp:rcise 23. When I tell [you] you will understand.

27. What else ? I told you to go before. It rained before EXERCISE S ^is(^il) QpmQesr. Deliver us from evil [evil removing. 26. been seeking [it] Bring the books which the boy was seeking. Idiom]. i3<o!sr ufTi—ih rB!T(5ST oz/r©^^ ssiUiuasr lu ^^/b(^LJ erssrssr Gls^ihsuniv. EXERCISE 35. Tlie villagers came after the watchman. ^d Qairm^QumLi—^ a_gfr [killed and put. &c]. Who are come into the house. 106. «^^^^& 2i?. saw and spake with you. there is the cow that bore a calf \amemp may be omitted].KEY TO EXERCISE 25. Where is he gone ? Hast thou seen this. I gave you an order not to beat the dog [I told you not. [You] must go to the We village and see. \_6ui?^. (4j] i§l'2Gsr QpmQesr LoanLp ^-Qpw [^Qff^ Qsn&ri^ili. The watchman abused and beat our servant. 56. He said. You must learn and know this lesson. The accountant had given me the money. After we had sought the child the watchman came and said.] Qp&sr {forgotten and left. The munshi had told (us) so. \_iB(ssr(irj'dj'] <cSLL®i(^u Qunssr l9/D(^ [r5e!!r(Trf>ujLj'\ urri—^sis^s: Qs^iixEsyuDiurrtu (stieiQs? uu^^^fTiL. us deliver]. or have the villagers told you ? He did not see it. did I not [is it not] ? Why did you come behind. QuiLs. it was in the accountant's house. Forgive the sins which I have committed. (4)]. [?&sr(irj'ilj senffaiT 106. or that man. unii) ^estsress^Qjjn® sGOk^Q^iB^^. After that 10 loads came. ^kfiu ^SiJ<asr uifi^<oS)^u QufrQ^^ i3ihurT®' i§ ^<Sij^d(^^ ^'?eo Qivnih^^. [but] he had heard it from the villagers. You must [say this pronouncing] pronounce this clearly. comp. He is a good person. idiom]. That boy has now forgotten the lessons he learnt. What lesson did you learn and write ? The village people spoke submissively. [by. [G'u/ri_] Q<suGm®isi. see. or do not] know whether it is this man. The house which the servants had built fell down. ^sro^j Qs^tunjih Qpm fS'^ssr^^d Qsfrefrisfr [tS'^esTds Qeu6ssr®i}). What house have you in ? My servants are dead ^having died they went. he had built the house [built and finished]. fill). very — idiomatic]. eunKih (Lp(5arQ€sr Qldgs)^ ^(oS)t—ds Qeuem . &&sr(SSTU esiuuum' amLi^QeO 'SisossiTiriT sitlLi^&) ^/oi^irirserr? eauiueir (sSlLl^Qso Q^i^esr i^&v^sisi «^^^^i> EXERCISE 26.^. I [did not. ^su&r eSLLi^^(^ into] [eS lL L^^(^ sir = into] i^(^i?^ coming ^rroaius sem &-(ip^ mjiEis'^eir ibu. He asked if this were the mother of the child.

su^ds US. That-whichmade. Our father.^'^(S'^l' Sips'' (oSusmL^nih. This table was made by the carpenter. disappear will reappear. u u lL i—^ [sT(i£>^<osr^^ a thing which (somebody) wrote]* s/i^^^ ^ssild ^ffirQeo [^'t Q-fdj^^']. enaygsr ^/^^^/rsgr. is poetical. will A bad boy be beaten. g]m)naSl^(3Sii—UJ ^SijfTLjiBe^etv. I wrote a report to the Gentleman. or ^i^^^sijek ^euesr erissr^iswd •sfTsQQrfGsr [ctsot-Ssst'. 29. Is this dry laud or irrigated ? In the memorial it is written as both dry land and also as irrigated. &c. It is [the or a] table made by the carpenter. ^g} ^'osm'sss^n Mi>P sij®. I have informed you of aU my affairs in that petition. I have made my petition to you. Call the village scavenger and the watchman and come.srrir'Ss!n' [Who is iMhat. c] ? (sumusuir Mirn? erisi uir/r^^rrrr? SIS' ^ourrGsr^^do Q^rrasTfS utTHLoeOeo ioszo/ri/F^^. ^6ij^dsrrs ^ifi eQessremu ^i^i siiejQs er (tp^ uih (Lp^ esrsi ^^'t erear^ Qsek. [To understand this form it is necessary to analyze Qsa^gi^^Qsijp sjgi.s <3SfrdQ/r)<sJiT ^oz/f]. Do the villagers know how to write a petition. Who is he that will do this ? The Divinity is the help of the destitute. That which flies in the sky is a bird. 2_iS37"<5(^ ^®.63r <sr(ip^esr ^/f^ LjexsrQffiu eresr etosuSlio ^Q^sQmrD^^.<si(5sresr ^GsrQpsi [. EXERCISE 28. This table Avas made by the carpenter. Things Things Things Things [This lie that that that that are born will die. who art in heaven He who feeds the sheep is the shepherd. So the sentence is: This table is the thing which the carpenter made].KEY TO EXERCISE 28. I told [her] to open the door when [she] knew I was coming. He who takes care of the village is tlie watchman. ^^smQ. i§uja [/f^/r(SC) Sl'SSi^ff Qs^Lu^eudr 108. I have no paper to write on. it is evil who even to think [so]. ^earesTLJ ^L^^^^/TiT? sreuesT?] <5s>utu^a(^u uemih QsrrQdQ/D^iriT [47]? srTQjm. It is evil to do SO. I gave my paper into the father's hands.] ! created the heaven and the earth. L^mQffdj loT CTsarjy Qs^fre\}^. LjisarQ-fuJtijili rBmQs^ujiijLD slsot®. That memorial was read by the secretary. ^-emQi—fT? (sSemessruuLD Qsir Qs'tii ^&)60. die will be born. ^si [u frjrLDfi)/DS'1' -«€^^^&EXERCISE 39. 2sn:/7 ujirirnQeo ^etriJuQ Qs^ujiuljulLisi ^^fi ^i— 'S<5 G<sJ/6337-©£i). isr(ssrs(^ mmQsLu ^-emQi—n. but illustrates the use of the form. ^<SiJ€sr slLl^gst Lji—Easu QiBtLiuuULLt—^n? ^ih^ enerv ^ff^S'^(S'--' l-iessr(i^Qs'^^^uS(r^dQ(7rf'(es) ? To . appear will disappear. and at other times to keep it shut [very idiomatic].

EXERCISE 30. 31. s^rru is the commonest word : lotmssr^QS)^ ffrruuiLi—nuj']? (sSlLu^Q&) ^liiQfe^Quj ^(^&) /f cjyisw^<5 Qr?Q<osr QaLLu^(T^dss Qs>jeaar®m. Well. you do so you will be punished. ^eoeoeurT? j/jSJirsefr srTL-is^Qei eS® slLi^isv)60 ^(T^<i(^^ Q^lftlLjll). ejm' QpmQ(5m <suih^rTifsefr]. ^su<m €T<ssr<s (^u uessni^ Q<3=^fi^(eu)6^ iBirek \_Qsit®^^it&)] Sji^^ eSemeasruLi^em^ <ojQiosreafJ&) &es. sing. [Qs=fr6\)0SaS(i^ih^tT&)1 sj^<^ /s/tot ^jljlj^'^' QfneoeS ^(T^aQ ^(Gs)<s\) QurTQ(Sij<^. we will make the experiment. (oTesresr iBn&sr Qs'tijQQjm iBfT(^ ? smirfTiT ^lEiQs ^ISf-Ul— iB<ssT(irj'&) ^<as)!T Qs^neo^sunn? (sauiLKssr Qs=rTf7rf's8(^e\) j)fSiJiTserr U6st!r(^ Qs^^^^surrirseir. If he walk much his legs [Tam. sTssrsar^sjo^u Quir&^^rriLi [^ebr^'iu u® i§ (68. If you look into faults you will have no relatives about you [com- We monly understood]. ^^ QslL @^@)S^ ^Qb<sbit QsQsurTirserr ui?LL<sm3= [^/^<sjy/r/f<5(Sfr. He rejoices If this dispute be decided I [shall] If the villagers sow seed. syncope to Q — very com[jij^^ mon: are you going pay-] ldtt(^60 s^j^^^Q^sQrSnseinT? n . must go and see the cow since it has borne a calf. You must go now to that village. ^em^u QstuQsiifTLDrT? ^^ ^Q^emL^tu ^(CT)6U. If you send the accountant they will listen. i§ Well ! what of that ? There is no earth on my mustache. isnm' sitQ^ld gtq^^ld (suik^irirseir' ^as^d (oTssffed^ [j)j suits err ^es)^ QsLLt^0i^^(^isO. ^€G)ld. Loeiatp Quiu^rreo ^smirrTiT QsiTerr(&^eijrTiT6B&r. a right decision in this case [o/iS^^. «^^^^^ EXERCISE 33. If you will come here I will give you that money. 32. urru-^es}^ Lopi^inso sj^'^ Q(QiJ6m(SlLD. If you had read the lesson j'ou would understand this. ^Qp^rr6\) lErfuo Quits Qpssfl(oi^u3t—^^&} -ff^ifliufTs^ (5T6sriosr uiTi—is><sun&sQ0>m? Sir efm'2esr ^qsht @/f^ enLpdasss^ <sSlL® <sSlLi—it&) [this ^iTULis^ QffLu^fTeo. ^^uiEJs&r S-(Lp^ <sufs^rr&) Qurr^sa iSek'Setr Qe^jmaiQisi. for your father told you to come. EXERCISE 31. as if 3= from ffrruLj and ^gy® or i§ ^®) more generally of cattle. If so. If the dog bites you must beat it.] will ache. have uuSiT (sSI'Befriuih.KEY TO EXERCISE 30. If you do evil affliction will result. (^p/DLD^ a-i-Ccssr ^(SSr flSULKcXST QuTTSS Qs=TTiSSr(^!T!T ? Q 3" TT (SST (^QJT ^oygar Qsrresr /f uuSrr Q<ftL^rTio 2_z_Ge5r (sSl'SctnLjLDfr ? Qurr I esr^ <?//?uj/r. ©"9 230]. If if my son gives land. i§iijs&r GTuQufT Qeh^luuGssr^QS)^ [QjmiSl^rTU usssr^oyy^f] Qr^^^d^sSfr of SGfr? [Ocf ffjy^^u QuaSl/S'iTseir^ QurT/^irserr. ®u QuTTSunnsefrl. If the watchman says so he must be punished.iTTTffrTQ&) <5T(w^Q6>i(sisr. is ^uuis^ (5Tm<ssT doubling of the verb emphatic]. wherever he sees you. concerning. serrjrfnrirQeo sitQ^ld srap^jth Qp&sresrQm QsLLi^Q^iB^tTiTS&r.

Is it right to punish that servant so ? Can (any one) learn that difficult lesson ? Who can perform this ? May (I) give this information to the people ? The Creator of heaven and earth can do this also." [This is from Avvyar.] cut^ has it become? Is the reaping accom- /F/rsar wrn^do sj^^c^isi QpmQ<5sr [56. plished? 123. Qsrrdir^Qun-LLi—rrssr killed [struck down]). Although you tell a lie you must make it agree [tell it plausibly]. Those pay the tax though they have reaped the produce {^they say there is noti Hast thou ruled me ? The accountant must ask the villagers for the tax for they have reaped the produce before. Although trees have been planted in that jungle the villagers must plough and cultivate. and is a commonly understood saying. EXERCISE 35. There will probably be long life [Idiom].^ Q. May QasricSTU eauiuesr (sELLi^^ieai—Uj a^<oS)eus= [(5^il®<5 s^easijj 248] '^darriT&DfTd s^UL9t—60mDrT? s^ULSu-isdrrth.iQQp<sK. CTsar s[rT&) Qi?rT(^^. ^i^^ Qsy'Serr S ^esirTaSL—^^eO umTLD ^(mthu ^qks(^iJd CTisar^ iS'^issrsQQp<S5r. Although they have studied they are is How much . the servant come and open the door ? May the Gentleman's secretary write that order and send it ? Is it right for the mother to abandon her child in the jungle in that way ? Ought you not to abandon sin ? Should a cow come into the house ? Can sheep speak ? Is it right to pronounce so ? I thinli it is probably more. 270. ^w^u oauujssr ^ih^u UfTjT^em^ (5T®s3is 3k-®LDa ? sj®is<s s^Qih- <5^(SsriEJ<s&r ^iB^nKiE^m s\(<£^ Qesresru i^dss sp^QuDiT ?) ^fTiu Qmasr u LSl<3(r'2erres)iJJ^ Q^piB<^^w Qu3^<soitldit? Q<sfT6mi—^.^esrisjs&r is commonly used as = ^laseir (sSQs'^ (sSlL® (oii(SO0as= (S^jitieiQ _ . villager srefuse to not scholars. EXERCISE 33. ^^ (^t^&jfTjjwfT^QLDevsijrTsnDfr? seirirrriT 113]. i^vu U(^^<ss)uu3^ s=iTd<sfT0d(^'3= Q3=&)eO Qff^^^ ^(r^. "Seek wealth though you have to travel over the billowy sea.KEY TO EXERCISE ^!T3=3=!T? 33. a^eij ^(^^ih ^suQ(^(Sl (SukQ^&sr.9=^^^Qiosr&!r. Though he has read he is not a munshi. Although you beat that dog it will bite. (^i^fi^u QumLt—nasr . Having Very common. s^n^gi. (Ill)] Q&v^u Qsusm uesar^0s>^. (^tsf-surrrri}) ^j^ srasr^ih^ Qine\) eumnh ^^Qeiuiokgi/ti) a_(53r«(5 (sruuisf-^ Q^rfliLjih ? due to the cirkar. (BL^m ^ etith^iriraisn'.] At least we will see this person. 35.

frnserriT) ? ^sJ'feu. ! The gentleman Please to sit down. 113)? ^esTif^^ jfjuQufT^ Q^rRiurr^ <ST(SsrQ(nj'm'. 37. ^«n/r 2_(S3r(5(^ erssresr ^/bp(^ Qs=ili 13 . ^sijmJfB6^<9f- ^ ^<ssifTS(^ The servants went to the bazaar. Should the mother thus desert her child in the jungle. Have you not witness ? I won't go there. I am not an accountant. I asked. He said that he did not know whether the money would pass or not. What do you take so much for ? How much must be You will be justly punished for your fault? A witness must speak rightly in a place of justice. nor tore the bond. I came thinking that your honour wanted a servant [ercir^=sai/ing that~\. He was put in custody. Sir paid to the plaintiff? forgive that fault. rsfrssr siT@^^<ssi^ (Surr. "do you know it." Will this little horse run ? It won't (s^rrtLSs'Sisfr) ^i^sQQij'lTsefr. This thing will not take place. or a watchman. seize and fight with them ? Each one showed his skill. He does not attend. s seikri—. Is your deposition correct ? He will not did not inquire rightly. "Sir. rSuj!TtU(^ Gl^^ibsijrTir. EXERCISE 36. Here justice will be done. The agent did'nt call me and inquire." he answered. ^e^dsesr ^nesr lErresr Qsfrm'^QurTLLi—rresr']. Are you an accountant. You must please to look at me. should you beat. What is there on the house ? There are birds. Sir Will this big horse go in the bandy ? I think not. There are houses on this side and on that. You must take the deposition attentively. QurrLLi—fTiTS&rrT (Qsrrek^ QuiTLLi-. He sang a song continually shaking his head. i—'2eir<5!aujd Qs^Lu^(S!DUjd QsiLi^rrfr? ^onrr snsbr snifliu^GS)^ ^etsnuS^eai—iu slL Qssrrnuurf (oTesrQfTi^iosr. Qs=<3vsit ejesr s^mLQd. <jy/5 EXERCISE 37. Qpi^Qesr iSlpufT® Quit.sseBeo'^ odsu^^lwoSt (write and put = write down). We shall know if we learn.KEY TO EXERCISE 36. were ignorant of the matter. Is it right to fight ? The inhabitants may reap the produce after paying the tax. srTQ^^<oS)^ (st(id^€st iSpun® sj^^os^fu eSiismiomuLJ^ss)^ <aun'Qd(^iii STQp^mQurT^ M iqjit. He said the money would not pass in the village. The villagers said they ! ^s (^^(SS)iT s^L—ff^ ? <jy/J^ LDn® very sKosr epi—fT^ ? eSs^irrflds Qeiiem(Bili. comp. I neither borrowed that money. Although the people have abused you. When (we) enquired concerning the affair he said he knew nothing of it. He thought within — himself. Your honour's will is my happiness he said (wliatever you wish it will afford me pleasure to do). I don't know it. ^eyiosr (sresr (a//r<5@ Qpev^iss)^ STQp^ooeud. (not O^/flcufT^ ^(o!5rs(^ common. but a watchman.

my father. Q<su6ism®ih. thing done carefully. used. ^iEi(^Qp^eo'^.] Qsij'^d:sn'ir(^ ^qs^'^ Q-^tuiuinfTLLQL^esr ^fs^darrrfltuih Q^rfliueSeo'hso (Q^iflcurr^) (Siasrg)] <5T(^Qr^a!r. boy do not punish me O inhabitants.KEY TO EXERCISE Qs^^^(sSeo'2e>}. He said he knew nothing about it. ^(^ •3=fTLLQdafTiriT s^ifltumh sijrT<i(^Qp6d!Ej Qan^sseSeo^so. case. do not fight. Don't. my friend.) That money is not enough for me. Don't speak. <SC^^^& EXERCISE 39. Although the villagers have reaped the produce and taken it away. my friend {^uudsr=a father but familiarly in the Voc. do not Don't read foolish heathen books. they say they won't pay the instalment of the tax. i3&r2str 38. ! . is By himself is not finished. Sir Plenty. ^i^s= <?E/<5^ fsi—iB^ (Su<oS)s<oS)UJ cgy<si/(5«(5<F QlfFneo^}!.uurT^ also Qpisf-turr^ = = ii can't be done ^iEJS(ef^s(^ tBaasr by me. I can't accomplish this. How can he understand the lesson if he does not learn.] Qeu'^ssairiT ejear s^si^s'hsfr^ ^/PcS^oSeb^su. wilt prosper. 38. If you do not learn the lesson it will not be acquired.-gyo/SOT" (^/b/D^es)^ fiir LDSsresfl-is ^QJirseir SiJii^ Gre06\)fr QsititlLis^Q6\) ^(^dsfTiTih^mT<ssfr. you must forgive him. i§mn:ifl(D&) ^rr^ii). what is not fit. ! plenty. ^(ssar ^-etrQetr Qunag^^ ^n<ssT eps(^ts). mam- L9jr^Qjfr^uS^<ots)L^uj ^su^<i(g asiiGsB^^u cgy/5^/J LJiTi—^(oS)^ eurT&^^(T^iB_giLD ^eiD^ ^iaii<m s^ifliurrtu a_<^ uu^iQp^&i'^ [pronouns EXERCISE elegantly omitted]. It rained without ceasing. O my soul. He who does Thou my 0. SBtrek O<^fT60^ih Qufrnp eSiLi^fTsO) !BfT<m (STGsresr Qs^iLiueOirm. What do you know of that affair ? Can't you state clearly all you know of that matter ? Is it right to say so ? This is not right. [Here ^63r(CT)ffi) is common. (T^ixi . He kept on sobbing and weeping. Gr€sr(GS)eo not to he read: Q^iLlu Qpi^. 39. How did this happen ? Tell (me) exactly. Sji^u it is urTi—^€iS)^u UL^dssd s^i—rr^ it Giasr^ Qs^freO^QQrj'Ssr. if he leave. Q^rri^(es)iTSGir. csusQeO ^k^s arrrfftu^aa^d Qsrr nuLu^eo s^ifliumhu Qus^mDio Qurr(es)60 (Qus=rr(sSlLLu. There is no standard or touchstone for the gold which he has obtained without eflTort.tT&). will not fail [prov]. Although (the) bazaarman has done great evils. not _ . Don't go to the jungle. Go after him and make inquiries unknown to him. ! A much [what has not been suffered]. will suffer sin! [Poet. This boy says he won't learn his lesson. if thou do'st not commit evil.

Qurrs Qeuesari—nih (esxsij).KEY TO EXERCISE speaking) 40. The whole house was burnt. Q-eOsth Qp(W<oSiLC)GaujLLjtii ^^ih ^Fffosr. <aiiih^(r^sQ(trj-ni§ seir. Q&^esru SjLJUu^ j)jL-iiisfTL£i<sSl0<iseorrLDrT (StpLJUL^ujmD&> Quits eon lb it) ? EXERCISE Qs^QjsQ^rr ereOeorrix) 4:1. i§ (QunsnLDsS(T^r5^rr&> fB&)sv^).iEiss'BsfrLL]^ 9=iBujrTUJU 6\}fTih UL^sQp eautu&sr.d^seijLD i?L-.(b^^lS&) -«€^^^^EXERCISE You must go and must be put is 4:0. All the bricklayers got their hire. QufrssrrLD090iB^rT&) a_iS3r<5(5<5 (QufTstmSLLi—rreo) ^(sa^u QupwrnLi—rruJ ^<a5r Qsij'bsodsfTir'^ssr i—fTiT. Qs^eijaonira^ixi. semus-iin? [<sT60&)TT<a: Qs^ojafr (oT&)60rT(oarTiLjih-'] ^stLffna ereOeofTQUi (oTt^esr^^/isrrsd s^Uf. is that Well. ^Qjm" e^^dsfT^m ui^sQ/D^eo'2eo. All came.) to ask me to take care of his flock whenever he is not (there). QLD<ss>^QiMQed Qun® (sj^ S-(osrd(^^ ^lSIl^ Q^ffliLjmfr ? Qsrr(^S'Qi?(^s=ii> Q^ifltijtli.rT60. "Dost thou not see me ? Looking in my face. Qeu'^eossTTirrr (sr60&}n(T^ih s^ihueirih iSijmEjQs QsTTessTL—anaefra? (oT&)60rru ufTU. He is thus strong because he has no family cares whatever. urr(SU(^ Qs^tu^SiJiTsm (sreoeorrisi (<5T&)eOrT(r^ijD) uiui^rrirsefr. sun^ (5jmm-3= Qs^iLQp^? iBu. He took a fine from all the servants. The king who governs all the world. see that house after it is built or else your son must is go.k^^i3eo'^y ^eisffQweO 3^1—1 ^i^dsrriHujih ^^p(g Qp(^ LDmLi—fT^ {^^ !BI-. O Godhead ?" He is accustom'd (fut. ^sum Jfjfi/D(^ ^^uufT<s£lLLi—. Although (he) asked of all the congregation no one replied. 41. wilt thou not ever relieve my anxiety. All the kings and subjects must indeed die. "The Holy Church throughout all the world doth praise Thee. QurrssfrQ^. They Sir ! in custody if they do not pay that Peon. is the work finished ? money." I fined all the servants. very fine indeed ! Why have you not paid that work not finished yet? Your work money yet? ^ireo QsQsurrtL. . He perished entirely. regarding every life (living thing) as my own life. Qs>j'2e\i<oS)ijj GT&STesr^^pens ^ei (s£IlL® eSLLi—rriTsdr ((2SlL(SIlj (5T&)6\)iTLD Qurri^iTS&r)? s^ihuefTiE] GT&}6OrT0[h STiiiQs ? QssfT&)60(TKS(^ Qanppn QsnQ [<ai_siJ/ Qsa(Sf]. GnuiiKSsr i§ Qsen-fTLDjb QurT(es)&) QslLQu Qufreumu. Q<sa)L-ssLDrTLLi—rr^). Don't give the whole. _ . jijm ^u a&r ufTi—^€S)^ ereoeOfTth ism'Qrj'dju ui^ds ^&3^n QeusssrQu). The work done. sieo&HTQ^io Qeu'^/sossiTufr sreo eoir0S(^iEj srrQ^th (srap^i^issr. I must have compassion. a_(Ssr<5(5 j/jUffiT^ih Qu!T®Q(aiJ(ssr. I (am) a sinner without any one (to help me). ^^eos^ism^ gtgO ^(Gf^ih ^irrTs^rTss&r. I gave a small present to the carpenters who did that work and to the accountant when I paid thei>. ^osyrr Qsn^ssLDtTil.

hear voice ! Do not commit murder. sjsuit /f^uyefrerr ^irs=<m." and then for some days continued to board in her house. the goods and monies which they had stolen and kept as common property. having put into a brass vessel. "God. 43. Curds from the cow. There is sweet honey in the jungle. s^iflturrssr ^^ fSturr iSun^. The prophet said to the king. Should little children speak thus ? He told all the affair that happened. SfTLDfTesrs'Borr tBmsiserr jfjioeO^ <suaiEjQ^ ^ODsys'SGird Qi—iejQQ&) (saeu^ ^^ Q^(GS)? AS^LJurriiSlQ^dQp^. Almighty. No goods have come for many days. They brought bitter herbs. [The guilty will suffer. Q^m. the Father. _ . If he has done so let him perish. ^rsjQs wn^ QufT^&). This is ground fit for planting the betel-creeper. till then bury it carefully. Water stands in the hollow place. EXERCISE 43. return by the way. in a town. : ^s ejgaru^.] Raman. Anxiety of mind is the cause of decrease of strength. What he says is a new affair. He said that the king was coming quickly. They were talking in the opposite house. ^lEiQs QiffSijesr ^i^. gave it to her. the bazaarman came. the king Evil-conduct governed. If life goes let it be so. issuuireaari—il). 44. EXERCISE 43. saying "when we four together come and ask. I saw little children in the middle of the way. Thy kingdom come ! In the city of Injustice-town. having alighted. give this. ? Q^'hssrs' S'rruuLLi—iT(€S) ? ^isiQs (?^@) ^a)'2so. in a certain old woman's house.. Come you and I will go together. ^i^ m^ffLarssr ^^dask tsu^Q/D EXERCISE 44.KEY TO EXEKCISE 42. sesBrdssifr s<oS)i—d-ssrTir^s(^s^ semsi^s Qarrem ^rT(^^ erm'Qp sessrss^ [«6ror<5<S(S3)©aj ^rr<^^' ^n<^g] srekesru LD^inoaesr ulLi— sessrd&sar]. Know that to the prudent there is nothing which my my — does not succeed. as earth will fall into the mouth of him who has made that unjust decision. ^i^ ^(T^s^s^eaud smflujih. Four thieves came into a house. and put a seal upon it. having appointed Bad-sense as his Prime minister. Go by the way. Four persons (who were) thieves. May you live long and prosperously since you are a really sensible person. ^eyGviiLD s^nLDiresr i^ilju) ^sd eSLL(Sld(^u ^eysar ^!h^s= QsaQuufresr ^UiSesr Q^rrti). and had not what he had not. lULDfTesr ^g} ^QnLDiurT(oSr sntfltuth. He spoke as if the world had what he had." Buy new pots. Let this fall into that pit.


45, 46.



^i3Lurnjj(i^ Qs^tLJU<siJi^






Qs^ihuua si—surrir.





four persons were talking in the Pial of the opposite house. As One clay when they were all going in the way they saw two thieves. I asked if I miglit take it away; but he said, "let it be." When many people are talking vainly you be silent. I arrived while they were taking their rice in liis house. Is it right to kick out with your foot the goddess of Prosperity, who has come of her own accord. [Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.] Is there no bi'ead? I have nothing to eat.


^-QsTmLajL QsrrQtii'}.

(^u Qurr^LD.

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^uuiejs&t ^,(T^<i<ssisuSle\) <siiEJS(m,& (SuinJ QunuSlq^sQp ^(y^easr^^do










iiouse, in

him saying "Go and bring an earthen pot from order to buy buttermilk." Saying is easy to all; but

the old
it is


hard to act

according to what is said. [This is poetical, but perfectly clear.] " There is nothing whicli is my doing; henceforth, O God, all is thy doing. This I have learnt to feel." You may then understand also what is said [O^/fliueu ^©lo 72.Y It prevents one from ascending or descending. In that house it is all dancing and singing. Don't follow his instructions.

urnso sijrTEJ(^GJ^jr)(^















n-osi—sseoninrr ?





[better than uip.d^&J'] sji^fifr [^ifl^aLDir]?




47, 48, 49.

immediately dug up and took away the brass vessel. "Thou, O God, wilt cause mount Meru (to be) as a straw, and a straw (to be) as mount JMeru." His two wives only were there. God will preserve me from committing any fault however slight. Don't join yourself gaily to the company of the wicked. The silk-cotton tree also was burnt with the strichnos. That villager was accustomed to cultivate beans, Tuvarei, Ulunthu, Yellu, Gram, Samei, Millet, Raggy,

With sreat



Kamlni, Ker Varagu, Maize and other (kinds of grain) in that plot of ground. (You) must not commit a fault in business matters. ("Giving and taking" buying and selling.) Don't come near me. What is the import of this ? Come near. "Having associated with senseless persons wlio observe no rules of conduct, speaking unreal words, and losing (the knowledge of) the chief one, I am lost."




Qan'^sansrir Qp^eonsmtsufrsQefrnQ eutB^mssr.

QfTrT(Sl3f^i—s (^^dssfTLDfTiT (a^ii^niTS'sir.



eusrnQfil Qsrr(S<i<s&)
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<g<g^^^^ EXERCISE 48.
Not seeing him they went away. I came here because I had no food. It is good never to commit wickedness. She went crying to make a complaint, laying guilt upon the other wife, saying that she had killed her child for envy. The not flowerMake an oath, since there is no other witness. The ing is better than the flowering. judge sent him away without punishment because he had done it unwillingly. It is the peculiar gift of the good not to go in the way of thought, desiring impossible things (not to allow the mind to desire unattainable good).
jijsijesr (dld&) (ojtm



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usmLSlsoeOireaintuneO ^i—iEjQuS(7^sQ(n^ns<srr.





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LDU^^asreaflm'^ ^pisjQ^(ok.


He decided that the old woman should give those goods. I will decide that, according to your own deposition, she must not give the good when three of you ask for them but only when all four together ask. I beg you not to bid me leave this. Do as you wish. She cried out so that the whole village heard. The four, in shares, engaged in the cotton trade. He brought up a cat in order that the rats might not eat the bundles of cotton. I will give you an example to prove that the bullock is mine. He went to his mother-in-law's house to take his wife. He did thus in order Elder brother, I climbed the tree to pluck grass for the calf. to test ray ability.
; "