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AUGUST: Teachers can use

SEPTEMBER: Give the Fall DRA to OCTOBER-APRIL- As students MAY: We give the Spring DRA to
information from the pass-up folders identify instructional strategies to improve as readers from our identify instructional strategies to
to begin teaching guided reading focus on and support, and gather instruction and their practice, focus on next year and support as
right away. school-wide baseline reading data. teachers should move children into well as to gather school wide reading
different levels. data about student progress this
From the Pass-up Folder: When planning to assess, consider the year.
 Spring (May) DRA Test: Will following:  If a teacher wants
show the student’s instructional level  Last Year’s DRA: What was verification that a child is When planning to assess consider the
(guided reading level) and the the student’s last DRA test/score? reading independently she can following:
instructional opportunities targeted What were the instructional strategies administer the PM Running  Your Observations/
for this learner. being emphasized? Were there any Record Kit as needed. Anecdotal Notes: What have you
 PM Running Records: If teaching issues or patterns to note? (See ACS PM Administration learned about this child as a reader
available, will show the student’s  Last Year’s PM Running Guidelines.) this year from recent guided reading
independent level (the level she can Records: Were there any PM RR to lessons and each student’s
read independently- without support) show the student’s independent  If a student seems to be independent reading behaviors and
as well as if/how the child made reading level? When were these reading at a GL Benchmark other in-class anecdotal notes?
progress since the last DRA*. given? Level (See ACS DRA  PM Running Records you
 This Year’s PM Running Administration Guidelines) the administered:
Begin teaching guided reading. If Records: From the information in the teacher can “break the cycle” 1. When was the last PM Running
the child seems to be at a different Pass-Up folder and from your and administer the DRA at that Record given?
place than the previous year’s data observations of this student did you level to identify instructional 2. What was the score and the
indicates, use the PM Running use a PM RR this year which next steps.* information gathered about the
Record Kit to gather information to could/should be analyzed prior to the student’s independent level?
allow you teach. DRA?  September DRA: What was
 This Year’s Observations the student’s last DRA test/score?
Anecdotal Notes: What have you 1. What were the instructional
learned about this child as a reader strategies being emphasized?
already this year from guided reading 2. Were there any teaching issues or
lessons and your observations of her patterns to note?
independent reading behaviors and
choices? Test each child according to the
ACS DRA Administration
Test each child according to the Guidelines.
ACS DRA Administration

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April 22, 2009