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2013 Exhibitor Packet

10:00am 8:00pm

Through the use of traditional and social marketing initiatives More Than Hair Central Floridas Natural Hair and Beauty Expo will reach hundreds of qualified consumers. Dont miss this opportunity to showcase your products and services! Rates Regular Booth Rate 10 x 10: Corner Booth Rate 10 x 20: Informational Booth 10 x 10: $300 $500 $200 (Only five of these booths will be sold) There is no selling of any items at this booth.

Booths are sold on a first come first serve basis. All Booths will include: 1 Table w/cloth 2 Chairs Company signage Two entry passes 50 % payment deposit must be received to select booth and confirm/hold booth space with full booth payment received by September 25, 2013. Exhibitor set-up Friday, September 27, 2013 5:00pm 7:00pm or Saturday 7:00am -9:30am. All set-up must be completed by 9:00am. Show producer has the right to refuse setup after 9:00am should prior arrangements not be made. Exhibitor tear-down Saturday, September 28, 2013 8:00pm 10:00pm. Exhibitors much not begin tear down prior to 8:00pm. For local entrepreneurs and small business owners booth sharing is allowed: up to two companies per booth.

Company Name:_________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ___________ Zip: __________ Company Representative Name: ___________________________________________ Signature:____________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________ Cell:___________________ Email: ______________________________________________________ I am participating in More Than HairCentral Floridas 4th Annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo 2013 in the following capacity: Exhibitor Vending Booth Corner Vending Booth Non-Vending Informational Only Booth $300 $500 $200

List the type and a description of the products/goods that will be sold or displayed at your booth. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Exhibitor Wireless Internet

BROADBAND WIRELESS Smart City offers business-class 802.11 a/n 5 GHz only exhibitor internet service throughout the Orange County Convention Centers meeting rooms and exhibit space.
REMEMBER TO OPEN YOUR BROWSER To utilize advanced services such as VPN or corporate e-mail please remember to open your browser first to complete the log-in process. DO YOU SUPPORT VPN? Yes. Most VPN (virtual private network) connections are supported**. If your computer allows Internet remote access into a corporate network, then you may connect. If your company has a VPN, you should be able to run your VPN or secure tunnel client software. Please note that due to some corporate policies these services may be restricted or require additional support from your corporate IT professionals. IS MY DATA SECURE? Wireless transmissions, by their nature, can be intercepted very easily. Our network was designed for ease of use, and data is not automatically encrypted or password protected. CAN I USE THIS SERVICE ON MULTIPLE DEVICES? Yes. Wireless accounts use e-mail address authentication. Only a single session can be active at one time. CAN INTERFERENCE AFFECT MY WIRELESS CONNECTION? Yes. Wireless service is inherently vulnerable to interference from other devices that transmit similar radio frequency signals or that operate within the same frequency spectrum. Smart City cannot guarantee that interference will not occur. Wireless service is NOT recommended for mission critical services such as presentations or product demonstrations. Please contact us at (407) 685-2000 for assistance in locating the right product for your booth. WHAT IF I HAVE SERVICE ISSUES? Should you have problems please contact the Smart City help desk or call us at 888-446-6911. Please note that this service does not include on-site support or configuration assistance.

1 Day for $79.99* 3 Days for $159.99* 5 Days for $239.99*

HOW DO I CONFIGURE MY WIRELESS CONNECTION? Set the network name (SSID) in your wireless configuration utility to Exhibitor Internet. We do not recommend using automatic settings or using the network name ANY.

Be sure to set your TCP/IP properties to Obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP).

If requested, choose Infrastructure mode rather than ad-hoc mode. Turn any encryption (WEP) off. You will need to access this service with the login and password created when you make your purchase.

*Coverage cannot be guaranteed. See terms and conditions for more information. **Compatibility may vary and on-site support is not provided for this service.

Main: 407.685.2000

NOTE: We cannot guarantee specific booth location requests. We will do our best to confirm a space close to requested space chosen if available. Booth spaces are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Booths can only be held once booth fee is paid. Please mail completed and signed application along with payment to: Chase Ford Productions 2875 S. Orange Avenue 500-500 Orlando, FL 32806. It is understood that this application will become a binding contract upon acceptance by Chase Ford Productions, Inc and is subject to the terms, conditions, rules and regulations which constitute a part of, or are included in this application and contract. Terms and Conditions Reserved Rights. Without limiting any of the provisions of the contract or the contract conditions, it is specifically understood and agreed by the exhibitor that Chase Ford Productions, Inc reserves the rights enumerated below without incurring any liability to the exhibitor or releasing the exhibitor from any of its covenants and obligations under the contract: 1.To change the hours of the expo 2.To change at any time prior to the scheduled opening date of the show, the dates of the show (provided such change shall not result in a reduction of the number of days of the show), the floor plan, or the location of the show, and to determine the suitability of all exhibits and demonstrations. It is further understood and agreed that the show management shall have each and all of the other rights/reservations contained in this contract. Booth and Product Display Booths can be occupied only by the exhibitor making the reservation and contract. No booths can be occupied in whole or in part, for any purpose whatsoever, by any other person or persons without the approval from Chase Ford Production Management. All efforts to advertise, demonstrate and operate the exhibit must be conducted so as not to interfere with the rights of other exhibitors and visitors. No exhibit will be permitted which interferes with the use of other exhibits or impedes access to them or impedes the free use of the aisles. All business activities, including the distribution of circulars and advertising matter, may be conducted by exhibitors and their representatives only within the booth area assigned to the exhibitor. Violators will jeopardize their request to exhibit in future shows. No exhibitor can display in his/her booth any products, equipment or merchandise of any kind that was not included in booth contract description. No exhibitor may offer for sale or sell or give away or distribute in any manner, any products, equipment or furniture, unless the exhibitor of such products have also taken a booth space directly through show management. Any violation of the above will result in removal from the exhibit hall or hotel. All exhibit including products, equipment and furniture must be confined wholly within the booth space as shown on the official floor plan. No use of any purpose whatsoever may be made of aisles or any other space adjacent to the booth reserved. Chairs or seating will be limited to the capacity of the measurements of booths and will not be permitted in aisles or passageways.

Cancellation of Contract by Exhibitor Cancellation of exhibit space must be directed in writing to Chase Ford Productions, Inc. Refunds or deposits will be made at the discretion of the show management. There will be no refunds of payments or deposits for cancellations made after August 1, 2013. Refunds that are due will be given within 30 days after show date has passed. Failure to Exhibit In the event that the exhibitor fails to exhibit in the space allocated to him/her on opening day, Chase Ford Productions may make such use of said space, as it sees fit, without any liability whatsoever to the exhibitor who shall remain liable for the payment of the total booth price due under contract, whether the space is resold or not. Use of Audio Equipment/Video Monitors The use of loud speakers, amplifiers and/or loud music which interferes with another exhibitor shall not be permitted. Control your video monitors and sound system to avoid annoying your neighbors. Video monitors are to be restricted to your area only. Show management reserves the right to require sound systems to be turned down or shut off and monitors removed. No loud speakers, music videos, or music of any kind will be allowed in a one booth space. Small, low powered sound systems and video monitors are permitted within the large booths and must remain within the confines of the booth only. Insurance and Liability Exhibitors are required to obtain Comprehensive General Liability insurance with minimum combined single limits of 500,000 for bodily injury and/or property damage in any one occurrence either during transit to/from exhibitors location to the Orange County Convention Center or any time during the duration of the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo and all installation and dismantling periods and Property insurance with a limit sufficient to cover the amount of the Exhibitors property at all time during the expo. Insurance must be provided upon request of show producer. Neither Chase Ford Productions, Inc nor the Orange County Convention Center will be liable for damage done in your booth such as malpractice, or any loss of exhibitors property through fire, theft, accident or any other cause. Chase Ford Productions will provide security during the hours the exhibit hall is closed for overall protection of the hall, but it is understood that all products, equipment, furniture and furnishings of the exhibitors are placed and exhibited at the sole risk of the exhibitor and show management assumes no responsibility of any kind. It is suggested that the exhibitor remove valuable samples and moveable equipment from the booth reserved overnight. Exhibitors are expected to maintain personnel in their exhibit booths at all times during the show hours. All merchandise and portable exhibits are to be covered during non-exhibit hours. Acts of God, Fires, Strikes, War, Terrorist, Etc. In the event that any outside cause, such as war, fire, strike or other emergency prevents the Natural Hair & Beauty Expo from being held, the show management may retain such part of the exhibitors rental as shall be required to recompense management for expenses incurred up to the time such contingency shall have occurred.